Newspaper of Evening Star, June 9, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 9, 1873 Page 3
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STEAMER LINES. Am HUH LITIS .VCA1KR9. f**il frmi Pi*r *>, North Riv*r,_N*w York. FYPWY WEDNESDAY AND SATrRDAT. Tbe mi dib;-'Uikim ?n !)l'?a>ri of tbi< Iiii*- w? an*urpa*e>d for elegante mad f'-ti ? rt Ctbii *tate rO' ma ar? all CTi op, ? d rk. thu? ?<-wi t r-^1 Itrlitf ti.J *?*t:'*1 .n BATES OF P188 VOI TO GLASGOW. LIVBBP?H>L.OB LONDONDERRY. Smt tumwiTt, Wt4. lUn-mm Gold. CirrfDi y C^bh-*.. ? t'? and |N $71 nad $44 C*bir. tickets ??curing b-st nco< mmodat1ona_ ?l?. *130 Steerage, currency, 9?. at** r?t MlMfr fr. n any *e?port?r railway mat I. IB Great Britain. Ireland or tbeOontinent at AATB* *- LOW Aft BY AST I'THKl BIBST-OLA** H** r r r>-?*?eAprSeic HENDERSON BBOTHEBS. 1 h *>lic? Grwi, N. Y : t?0. CAMM A('E. 14)13 F *t. t w.. or WILLIAMSON B CO.. 1T#5 Pena. ?*? nee u.w.. Agents. Wa?hic?ton. wt t,tb.s.Jn> IV** IXPEE8B LINE VIA CAHAL, PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDBTA, ?* . WASH INGTON AMD GEORGETOWN, P. O. ? AILIMO DAT*. Frost Pier I. North Wharves, Phil %1-lal.i- WEDNESDAY and BAT TBDAV. at IBm. Fron. it Water ??!???,0*or?Kowi?, D. 0., TUBS DAT and sATCRDAY, at I? a. m. Th ? liii> miiifdi at Philadelphia with"Clyde^ Ir. d Lino" af steamers for Providence, Boaton and New P ? and States No wharfage in Boston by tat* In.- O F HYDE. A?ent for D. of 0. V 5! P CLYDE A CO., Philadelphia. F A KE1D, Alexandria, Va. WALK) A. PEARCE, *4 Congress Street, Boa fO*!. ??"Preiafct" delivered br Kno-j's Express Ord*rs lift a t ti-neral Office, ?>?;? P?ntw> lv aula avenue, or at il>r ?i.-Miicr wharf will be promptly atlend-d to. apt ASHINQTON^N^BFOL^B, BOSTON. AND Th* n? Iron Steamer LADY OF THB LABB b?vit s r turned her regular trip* to f> rb K.aill leave her wharf, foot of 4*1 s?r?t, every MONDAY and* THCK^DAY, at S p. m , touching at principal Etrav Land--ae. fnr?rt1ji? at Norfolk wtth Steamship of trie H a id M Llrve for B- ston and Prorid-noe Frem?' *> "uld be addressed "care of Lady of the Lnkf *'-? Norfolk." Branch ticket office at Hbos1* Bip' t'flre.MJ Pennsylvania aeenne. T ?" ' BOTCH. A*?-isf, 4th street wharf. li.fSEY CLAGBTT. Gen-ral Ag*3t. r>t< r:*rt"? Stcre. e< rrer Uth ??. and Pn. are >Akli ISC TKI BRITISH AND NOBTH AMERICAN ROYAL HAIL STEAMSHIPS. BET w K fcN NEW YORB AND LIYERPOOL, CALLING AT COBB HARBOR. FBOH NBW YORB ? J*?a W ed 31 ay ? ?( _%Ved...Jnne 4 "*i t>i ? ?<! .Jnnr II ' A ??? ri. . V ? '1 Jnn- 1* ? hn-mma .. Wed_ Jtiti- 25 Bleaoer* narked tana * do not carry ateerafe paa 9?nfera A 3d ever j fc Hewing WEDNESDAY and BATUB DAT fr- tn Nt-w York. Batb* Pama?B.?Cabin, #40, f 104, And |1X a ki. at?>nln| to accnmmodatloa. Ticketat. Par la, #14, f?d, additional, i li.- .Lf;> ticketa on fat rah la B(??r'*?'. fSO. cnrrencr. p. . tickets ?r'm Liverpool and Qneoaatowm. a:.-1 a! r "f Europe, at loweot ratua. Throngfc fci1 ? : arisen to B-lftat, Q'wtow, Havre, A 'twerp %ti?l otoer p> tnta on the C- utioent and for Mot.: I'vur^a porta. For freiaht and oabin aaa bhbi , arr > at the Company *b office, No. 4 Bowling ti-tL. i r-teerage peeeage, at Bo. ill Bra ad war Trin-;* RnitdtnB IUA!> O FBANCBLYH, Agent. N-w York. OTIS BIUELOW. Acent, St>-.uu> r Uffi' r, 1-?11 Pa. aveiine, novlv 1 r Waehinarton, D. O. Parthia. Bat_.. May 31 Srtmaria Snt__.June 1 Aby*Binia-Sat-...June 14 B?tavia_ Sat lane 21 Calabria. .Bat?? J>iue Id Efc' UANT B LINB OF sTEAMBHIPB. BBTWBBD WASH1HOTOH AND HEW TOEE. rvi H?r-*ru* the Bne Bteamahlpa B O. ENIGRT aa4 JOHN GIBBON will aoake regular weekly ^gaa 4/1 pa between NEW TOEE, ALEXAET-^n^k PR1A, WASHINGTON and GEOBGE-'BHi TOWN, a? followa:?I?ea?e NBW YOBE fron Flat M Ea?t B vet,every SATURDAY at 4 P. ?? Laart GtORGYTOWH every FRIDAY at T n. bb? aag ALEX AN DRIA the aamaday at IB m. For full lofomtation apply to E. F. A. DEN HAM, As*nt, t (kce and whan toot ot High street, George t> wn, or at Ua ooraar of 17th atreat tad Maw York ?renne J r?-iehtB delivered by Enoxl Ex pre**. Or d<-r? left *< General Office, M.I P-nnajrlvania are r.n-.' r at the ateamer wharf will be promptly at Banged to. lell-tf J. W. THOMPSON. PROPOSALS. IV A\ ^ l'A\ OFFICE. W *.h is.;to!?. D 0 , June 4. K3 S-ait.i Prop.**)!-, to l-e ?-ndor?ed ?? Proposal*.'" v 11 I ?? r-c?-ived at thia offl> until 1*J m. the 1'Jtm i a \ ? \ .1 !i I ? 1S73. f?>r the below^f-?< rib id <' >al. to I- it*>u i ? >1 tree of eBp?ae?- to it Governmental the f l!ii*itg numxl Navy Y*rl?: f i KK A1" STEAM BNGINKEBING 1'-' f i - Cumber'.And Coal, N?>> lar-J, Ports ni- <ith. N H !.??? - ( un<l>erland Coal,N.tvy Yard, B.?*ton, Mar*. l.ut'Jt' > Ciiml?riaaU Coal. Nat\ Yard, Norfolk, Ta 2.14* t ? Crnil>erl?jid Coal. Navy Y*rd, Waahiiig t'B. D C All to l ? of the Terv beat tiuality Cumberland C *1 TV ? Mr*, tor to pay the c >at of inspecting the <" v! 1-1 -r-d at tbe Wanhington Navy Yard. B'dcer- nHi?t *iate in their bid* th- time within w!i:cli tli' Coai can be delivered. Reep<>n?il>le ae cnrit> will I? re-iuired for il% prompt and faithful delivery when *ward?d. Bltnk forme for bid* to t>eh*da:thi* ffifc-. The right la reBerved to re ject ant b:J t ton.-id-red advantageonato the Got < ?: r: Tlie ab Coal i? to be delivered on the wh?rvea at th*-a^?eral S?*v Yard* into carta provided by the Government, and will be p*-d for according to the we.ght of the said Nary Yard'* ?ca!e?. G E THORNTON, j6 3? Pav Inxpector C.S.N. Jpkc i i -ALS FOE Fl'ElT Dllf AITBMT or THS IVTMTOt. i Wi>i: VbTO*. May k'th. li.'l \ l> al> d Pr> p"*?l? ?ill be received until 111 o'clock r: . PKIDAl. Jttli-- BOth. Itffl, for forni^hins Pael fvrthi- Iv-parinieat and it??evfr?l Bur-an*. vi/ F r i>'lie hnndred aiid fifty i 94>>tona,(!M) pouixla t. tli- t..n,> l>eat -inality of Baltimore Company Ne. 1 W hit- A-b Anthracite Furnace Coal. Al?o. four lniLdr- d ai d fifty (430) t n- 12 J? pounds to the ton> l-eet .|i alitv ot Shamokin Cowl, ecif And stove aire*. The al??v- c .al on" l>e delivered within sixty i4m) day. fr^m I be date of the contract, and ?t>red m th* wnnlta < 1 the Department in a satisfactory manaer, 1 ' psni-w fnrai-hing it will l>e paid. Alan, t?ei t> five ,25? cord* well ewnil baker's Pine W o, -I, ?f t he b-nt ijnalitv. aed fifty tSU' cord. I-eat <)ak ? d, well *-o*< ned and aoiind. The above w -It I- c<.rd'-d at the Departm-'nt building* as de*i d Th?- wl?>le t.. b- inspected, weigli-d.and Bi'nnril in ace rdance with an act of Congreae, ap irovej.lul\ llth, 1"C0l C*rtiftcateB from the *hip p--r* rn-.K- l? -h >wn to the Superinteiideiit. cert if* I tig t ?: t!. coal lie 1 iv-red to them (the contractors) i. ti e kiiid r' -,nir--d by the Department. The to I* will #Ve?e4 in the office of th* Snp-rintend-nt in the yr' *? i < ? of -nek bidder* a* may rhmie to attend. A b ?ti?t ?ri ry l-ond will be r--<inirail of the an<-ce*sful |.T.blet? f't th- faitbfnl performance of the <- intraet. Th- riaht to accept or r-ject any or all bid* Is re served t v the Department C DELANO, Secretary. C-?H1LDBEB"S HOSPITAL AND DIbPENBABY / (SO4 A Strut. N. W., btwm St* mmd ft* *u. teupp- rted by Tclnatary oontribntiona. H <splta f.-*e to children nndar M years ef aga. Dlspeusary cper da:!y , Sundays escaped) fram 1 to By. m. farniaked BTBtaitooely Conanltlng phy en ku?. P * J C Hall, Tbomaa Miller,0. H. Lie? ? P. Johnston, nod Grafton Tyler. A irml't t*b 'uu*?s Tims Ssrwies Dr r A Ashford, Brnrtcal, Tnaa'y.ThnrB'y, Batf Dr 6 C Bueey, MeJkal, Tnea'yi_M-ndny, Bafy. Dr W B Orinkard. Eye B Ear,MonT,W?d'y,FrV!y I>- Vk >* Johnaton, Medical, Mon'r .Wed'y ^r"dy. L J I'avls. Secretary .James 0. Esnnedy, Prsflt dent, F B. McGwire, Trsanrer. to wbosn aill oam mvnicntl <naainy be sent; Pnat OMoe Box 4BB. MB ? IB VOIMLEIl PKCTORAL 8TRUF. BOB COUGHS BHD OOLDB aOLV bl ALL U&WMVISTB. ? ?*?ll# ^tLEI S WHARF, feet V 4ia and f mmu. TO CONTRACTORS AND MERCHANTS Carp es of STONE, COAL, _ . HAY, LI MBER, Be., discharged from veasels and stored or delivered at the sh <rtest nottca nad lowest rntea. aS ly 0 Y. ArLEE. WELLING OFF AT AND BELOW COST.?A B Bi.e ??<tment of nil U-scriptiooa of la-1 ^ do-, r l?? ??' and children's, aad alao of] ??litl*-tr? a'a BOOTS. SHOES, OA ITERS. Be , Willi. *old at and b-l iw c >*t in "filer to rl.we vu ne** John angeemann a son, fi.X- lm No. 419 7th et ,opp. Odd Fellowa' Hall. j^OTlCE OF EEMOVAL. CBEO I ???*? leave to inform bis customer* and the pi.J.; . KeueraJIv that be has removed his #w. Byaa, t |To -t?i PENNSYLYANIA AVE /Jfil MK.un.ier the National Hotel, where heAUF i-'iJjT,*.* tu* ?tuck of GOLD and BIlTiHi ,4LS American make, JEWELRY and DIAMONDS, which he will asll at great bar gains I'd 14 karat ti.M Watchee. from ?? nn Jir?*. oa monthly inntitin?Dt?. No trouble to .to w rn ,4s. Watches and Jewelry nantly ZTPu'lr n the Ma* and number. E. P^aaaylvania nvenne, nnder National *|MII* I>TOGITENOTIOE, That the subscribers 1 have .btaiaed fnw the B^pr^ Omrt of tbe District of r lain Ida. S..I4i,lt . .VclL Ve^T i.Jl! testamentary on the s*rs ??ai . 'Tlnv y YOl-NG la*e of Waehington Sowmy. |{ <' d! c-*?eo Alt perwne bav?n? rl.ia, .V- JT, dec-aeed ars bereny warnenteexhibr the ??me wita IIh- vouch- r? thereof, to the snbaenbers. on or t^t 'r" the 31at !-i? of May neat: tkev mar HktrsL b. law be exclud-d tr im nil benem s tbeaaMmta'e <i,v? nmter kjds ^ _jJ mJw* WM A YOCXG. \ Execntorn. UST? A fB loaa busi mnt* fill. tolesnle and retail istiVE^U. BANKERS. ()Ti?BieiLOvr, " Banker, ?43 D STREET, KEAB SEVENTH, Pari INTFBEST ON DEPOSITS, titkN OOL LICTIONB, Mid truitcli all kutiM coaatcMl with Banking. . ggMf A Nk I Jl O MOUSE j. m. nciir * c o., !??? PKNNSTLTANIA AVINUI. orPoeiTB WILUID'l BOTBL, WASHINGTON, D 0. ? per ewt. tnitrtn paid on dtfontt. Cowrttow mad* everywhere. B Deposits payable on 'dwiiil. Pay of officers la tkf Army cvb?d ia apStr W. MOOHKAO, ? Broken ?a. 939 Fenna. an.i ???? I, Washlagtoa, D. 0 ?pwlil attention ai vea to iDTNtaat eeuat lUsa. Invites attention to securities aovMortd at trio* ?kKk will pay IB to 1* par cent, in amounts and of length of time tosuit investor*. Bafe, reliable, profit s&f&rasfcsftfiiis" u ?-? Befers by permission to Lewis Johneon A Oo., Washington. D. C.; Moeee Kelly, Eeq., Cashlar National Metropolitan Bank, Washington, D. 0.; Hon. J. M. Bred tie ad. Second Controller, Washing ton, T*. 0.; Edward Clark, Esq., Arshitect 0.8. Cap ital ,_Wmbunion, P. 0. mar17 to t'HB NATIONAL BANK'OP THE BBPDBLIO (Cornr rot 7ih and D streets,) OPEN f BOM IB A.M.TOI P. M. d*lT W CHA8. BBAPLET. Oashlsr. German amebic an bavinos bane, No. tli StvtSTH St*(it, Urr?U4 U* Saak boara: 9 a.m. tola. a?. Bat onlay ? open aa 418 p. *.,10 receive deposits only. Interest paid oa deposits. Collections mads aad ?xchange firalaM. JOHN HITZ, President, A. EBERLT, V. Presl, W. F. MATTfNOLY^c .O. E. PBEBTlSB.Oasbf aov?-ly T"E Banking Honae, No. 1?U7 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite the Treasury, PATS SIX PEB CENT. INTEREST, Btfins tkt >inl af Edrk M<mtk. PATS FOUB PEB CENT, oa buaineaa account* from date of deposit, imi at Dtrant bearing I aad 4 par oeot interest, available anywIters. ?IAS BRANCH OPriCES iu all large towns and Cities of the Ssatb and Southwest. Bank Aowt.f a. mtc if. m. Open Wednesday and Saturday nights from 8*6 to I ?>Ylah, to receivedep-srtt*otly. Call at tbe B?ukor ?and f?r_acopw of tbe Charter wad Br la?-e. j!8-lv JAT COO EE * CO. BUT ABD BELL FOREIGN EXCHANGE and IBBUB CIBCULAB LETTERS OP CBEDIT for Travelers, ?rai lab l* in aay w? *f ?Aa wld. Oar Drafts on J AT COOK E^MrCUL LOCH * CO,, are Caabed la aay part of E.iaLAitD, Ilium aad iroTlAXD, frit q/ rArrrt. mayU O,' ASHINHTON CITY SATINOS BANE '? Canur 7tk strut mnrt Lenmnas itiaiw, PATS ? PEB CENT. INTEBEST OH DEPOSIT Interest commences from date of deposits. Per-??its can ba Bade and drawn i?t will. ?rfe-tf J. A. BliPP. Treasurer. RAILROADS. B. |P ALT1B0BE AND OHIO 0 RAILROAD. , - On and after SUNDAY, Jooe ? 1-73 trail.* will leave V A&lll^GTON CITT aa follow*, via : Baltimore and Way Polnt*~,.....~~?J?1 a m. Baltimore and Way Points. a. m. Cincinnati Express, vie Metropolitan BR...7:? a. m. B<..ton, New Tork and Philadelphia Exp...8:00 a. m. Baltimore and Way Point* - ....8:45 a. m. Baltimore Fact Express, without *tope......?48 a. m. Baltimore aad Way Points. 12:0J m. New Tork and Philadelphia Ex prese.........10 8 p m Baltimore Express, without Kop*...?. p. m Baltimore and Way Pointa.......?_. ..A:40 p. B Winchester and Metropolitan Accom. ......'AW p. m. Baiuuoif aim W a> Poiut- ?5 P? m. Cincinnati, Celaaibas and St. Louis Exp_...8* p. m Philadelphia Express. fi t*) P- ni Baltimore Way Point* .7 45 p.m. Boston.New Y?rk and Philadelphia K\p...f !W p. m. Baltimore and Way Point* 9:B) p. m St Louia.Cinriuiutti and Columl>?* Exp ..9:B) P. m. KKOM BALTIMOBE FOR WASHINGTON. Leave at ? JU.5 2U. 7,S, S:1A,9 U and 11 15 a m.; and 1:45, 3:?, 4:.H?. 6:31. ?:4U. > 4" and S:M) p. m. FOB ANNAPOLIS. At 6:?5 a. ni. and 5 p. ni.: l-nt not on Sunday. FOB NORFOLK. At 1 i& p. ni., hut not on Siindav. BUNDATTRAINS Fr- m Baltimore?The t:2u a'opping a* B-?lay and l^anrel only, the S:9> a ni and 4:38 P m., stopping at B?-lay or'ly; the S p m., witli >nt stop<; the 8 a. tn.,3 2t>. R:9?. and 8:5*1 p m.stoppnic at all stations. From Waelilnrt >n ?The 5 and 8 a. ni., 5.7:45 and 9 H> p. m. train' stopping at all station-, th- 1 M and the 6 p. ni. at Belay only; an! the 8:30 p. m without FOB POIXT OF BOCKS AND INTERMEDIATE POINTS. At *a m and 4-PO p ro Returning ' ive P >int of Rocks at T:wva. m and 2 U a ni., ar- ..ik al Wash inirton at 9:35 a. ui and 7:1a p.m. Mj 1 x al trains on Snaday. Through tickets to the West can be bad at tbe Washington Station Tirk?t Office at all h->ara of lbs da\ ; also, at the Company s office, Peaasylva nia avenue Paseeng'T* purrhaeing tickets at the Atenne office, can there arrange to have their baggage caltrii for and checked at their residence, taken tn tbe depot, and put into the baggage car. F>>r New T'*rk. Philadelphia, aud B ?sU>u,si-e ad verti?eiiient of" Through Line." TH08.B SHARP, Master of Transportation. L. M COLE, General Ticket Ag -nt. GEO. S. EOOBTS, je2 G-neral Agent, Washington. rpilkol t.H LINE BETWEEN WASHINGTON. 1 PIIILADKI PHIA AND NEW TORK W*<Hi*bTos, May 3S, 1873? M'?ob. Train* between Wusbirig-nn and ffjj; N 'W York are uow rua aa foliowswi^BA^Tag^ftga F??B NEW YORK.witboat change of cars. L aie daily (except Sunday I at 8 a. m , 1 05 and 8.5? p. m. FOR PHILADELPHIA. L- ave daily (axc?pt Sunday > at 8 a:m., l?5 and 6.DU p. m ON SfNDAT. Leave for New Y"rk at 8:20 p.m., aud Philadel phia at 6:00 p. m. Sleepii g cats for New York on 8 50 train only. Thr< ngh ticket, to Phil tdelphia. New York, oi Boet.'ii ran be had at the Station Office at all hour* of the day. See Baltimore and Ohio Railroad advertisement for schedule between Washington, Baltimore, An napolis, and the Weat THOS K. 8H A BP. Master of Transported >n. L M . COLE. General Ti? ket Agent. GEO. S. KOONTZ. Ag?ut. Washington. BP i^db.oanVwiabbiho.-s __ a*D Al.EXANDBIA A FREDERICKSBCBG B B Unwf a/ B and Sixth StrttU. Lxal Trains leave for Alexandria as follows.??. 7, ? 10. 11. a. ni , 12ihm.ii. 1 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7, 8. p. m.: 9 a. in. and 7 p. in daily .all other tram, d.iil> except Sunday. L.?-al Trains fr..m Al< xaudria arrive as follows:? 6 .0.7.33,8.33, 9 33, MB. 11 A3, a m. 12.35, 1 A3, 2A3. 3 J3 4.31. 5.33. li 33. * A3, 8 A3 p. til.' 8.33 am. and 8. 53 p ii. fr^ in Alexandria dail), an other trains daily except Sunday. 'Tiains aiarked tbas eonosot with traiaa oa Wash lacton aad Ohio B. B. 6t ANT1CO Accommodation leaves Wasblngtoi f:? a. m. daily, sicspt Bandar. GREAT SOUTHERN EXPRESS, via Btchmood laavea Washington IKVp a. daily, except Suodar. Tbroagb tickets to all pciata Soath and Bootbwsat for sale at Offices, corner Utk street and Pennaylva nla avenos, and corner 8th street and Pennsylvania a here passengers san leave ordsra for tMgagi to bf checked at all hotels aad realdeacea tkroaga to dsatf Battle E. S. TOPNO, GeaT Passenger Agent. jy2B-U BALTIMOBE AND POTOMAC i BAILBOAD, J IMro* cm. %tk mmd B ttmu, it. W* A 8 trains abbitb ,al?. Tbains LEAVE FOB TBAIBJjI ABBITB AT BALTIMOBE. 4:88a. n ? Niagara Exp., Sally. 1:53 a.m., Baltimore Mall, o:a a. m., MaAl.dall daily, cept Sunday. 18J* a. m., Weetera Exp., lltfBe. m? Wsatsra Bxp.. daily , except Sunday. dally. l:0ii p.m. Baltimoie Acc., 3 U3 p. m. Cincinnati Ex., daily,except Punday. daily,except Sunday. 3J8 p. m . Baltimore Ac- IB sjb.. Pacific Bxpreaa. aoaunodatioa,dally, as- daily, except Bnnday. eept Sunday Mtia.Aoeaaaodailoa (?p. m. Cincinnati Bx- daily. areasAaily.eacapt Bun- 10:40 p.m.. Southern Bx day. (rem, dally, exospt Baa fM a. m.. Western Bxp., dar. la f m^CMasctat Bowie^S1tnjj^SfaTii-rlbJ? leaving Bowls 7:88and 11 boro ' riving at Marlboro' 9 ij a. m and *12^3 uS P'J?" ?*' Tralee arrivtns at wiiKT.JI? . 2 *** 6:33 P ?^Si55n?^S"l 1872 TO THE BOBTHWEBTjBOOTM, ABB BOUTB tears aa follow. i5:: ? |B^.??or. TAB a. mb a. m. I '? IM p. m 8:38 p. m. - M p. m ? IM p. m. i ? ?JtB p. m TBB OBBAT BOUBLB TBAOE BOUTB. ERA elegant Sosaory, PaAac* Btat* rusm Bay aal gM ears, with moSera improvements. Two hundred Bailee saved to Weatara aad Oaatrai Bew Tcrk. The MAI a. m. dally, except Sunday, aortbweat, P. m. daily, aad 8:88 p. m., sxoeft Saaday, weat. ? Tioim to BIAS ABA aad AUCTION SALES. ritlKE OATS. BT LiTllIR ? CLEABY, Auctioneers tul Reai Broker*. Southweet corner Pennsy lv ania >??Lue au<i 11th at. Star Office Building. _ TnTI IN UABE HO. ???. Bt Ttrt* of i dwrw of lh? 8n*r?(ii> ?R3 the District of Columbia, pass-d in c? ^?3,073, William F'enuning uh! others CHANCEBY BALI Or VALTABLB REAL 19 TATB IN B^UABE BO. AOS *" -- - i c >w-t of ease No. . other* >|tiD?t ScRtir and inkers, 1 will sell, in front of the erem ?, <? n TUESDAY the lTih day of June, '.JTJ, at #S o'clock p m , the north half <>flot N > I. f-?nt ing thirty feet eight inches on Maasarhnsetts ave nne, by eighty M deep m^re or less. Al?>, the south halfof lot No I, having a front of thirty f,-et on north 0 street, by ninety-two feet deep, n ire or leee, vith the improvement* tbereen. A1 o the north half of lot No. ?, having a front of thirt, f-et eight inched on Massachusetts avenue by eight '-five feet, more or lew. Alki the seuth pert of IM He 4, with improvemeut* thereon,baring a front ot thirty feet oti north G street, by one hundred fee? deep, more or leM. Also, the south part of 1<4 No. /. with the improvement* thereon, having a front of thirty feat on north 0 street by one hundred feet deep, moreorlees. Also, lot 8, haviur a fronton Masse rhusetts avenue seventy feet eight inches. by an average depth of ninety-live feet and a half; all In a "are W. This property is situated between aseachueetta avenue, north O street. New Jersey avenue and 2d street northwest. Terms of sale; One-third cash: balance in si*, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest at th? rate of eight per rent per annum. The purchater* to give their notes endor*ed to the satisfaction of the Trustee. A lien will be retained on the proper ty sold until filial pa) meat is made. If the term* of sale are not complied with in six days the property will he r?">old at the cost of the defaulting purcha ?er A deposit of #100 will t>e required from the pnjrha-er of each lot. All convey ancing it the ex pense of the purchaser. B 8 DAVIS, Trustee, j4d LATIMKRA CLEARY. A nets. Dr LATIMER A CLEABY, 1 * Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner ot Pennsylvania avenue and Elev enth street, Star Office Building, THREE 8TORY. FRAME HOUSE, No. Iti:i3 KIGHTH BTKKKT NORTHWEST, BETWKKN M AND N STREETS, AT AUCTION. A On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. June 13th, at o clock, we will sell In front of the premises. ??Lot k in Coyle's suh. of lots 7,8 and 9, to square N ? 424. fronting 1# feet 10 inches on the east side of 8th street and running back 95 feet to an alley, and improved by athree-storv Frame House,containing nine room* and hall; hydrant in yard. T< mn liberal ana will be mad- known at time of sale LATIMBR A CLEAR*, je7-d*ds (Rep.) Auctioneers. REAL ESTATE AGENTS. JUAN BOYLE. FRANK. BARNUM JVA1V BOYLE * CO., REAL ESTATE AND NOTE BROKERS, No. 004 14th street, opposite U. 8. Treasury. FOB SALB?A handsome HOU8E on I street. No. 013. A new large d<>nble HOUSE, corner list and H. HOUSE No. 1010 Massachusetts avenue HOU8B No. Hill) Id street east .for sale or rent, fur uisbed or untarnished. A COTTAGE lnWillard's Bow; price. BS/S00. Several small Houses, from #3 SOU to 96.000; small cash paymeuts. We have several very tine FARMS, Improve* and unim proved, on different railroads running from the city, for sale at low figures or exchange for city pr<p?rty. 9U0.MJ0 feet of GROUND in various portions of the city for sale at low figures, on easy terms, or will exchange for productive improved property: apM-tr EO. TRUESDELL A CO., * HEAL ESTATE BROKERS, 41* 7tb street, (over German American Savin Bank.) Special attention given t? RENTING. COLLECT ING, PAYING TAXES and NEGOTIATING LOANS. Refer(by perraissloni to?General Benj. Alvord, Paymaster General U.S.A.; James S. Gnnneli, Chief Clerk U 8. Patent office: John Eraser, Arch itect; Hon. F. P. Blair; Bon. J. W. Douglass,Com missioner Internal Revenue; Win. B Moses, rurni tare Dealer; C. B. Prentiss, Cashier German Ameri can Savings' Bank; ?"1- John M. Fessenden: Hon. John Hit/, Consul General of Switsoriaud. aZ3 Sm* U8T1N P. BBOWN, Corner N T. avenue and Uth street, Washington, D. 0.. W HOLBSALB DlALn IB LUMBEB, LIMB, CEMENT, BAND, A?? Ac., Ac LUMBER BILLS cut to order on short notice. BLUB 8T0NB for Building, Macadamising and Paving purposes delivered in any part of the Dia trtct. BEAL BSTATB bought and sold and money fa vested. To this branch of the busiunss I will here after give my personal attention, and will be at a) office daily from 10 a. m. until 4 p. m. marl-tf LIVERY STABLES. JB. OLOOTT A SON, . BOABDING, LIVERY d BALB STABLES 410 8th street, bet. D and B,and Chain Alley, H between Uth and 14th. Office, WiHards. Beat carriagea furnished. Special care paid to the boarding of horses. decC-ly I Allison nailob, j*., L1VBBT AND HIBING STABLB8. STYLISH CARB1AGE8 and COACHMBB. decJOly 13VI B street north Arlington stablbs.-b. cbuit, jb. G 8TBBBT, Bitwii.v 1 7th and IBtb. ^Carriages by day or eight, aad for weddlays ot ^ar ONGRE88 8TABLB8, 8th 8TBBBT, Bitwiiii D alto B. Horses and Bngciea for Hire, and a fresh supply o? (Ocd Horsss lor aale every week. jyll-ly B1CHABD VABT, Proprietor. WASH. BAILOB<8 STABLES 1SSS B ST. CABB1AGE8 of the latest stylsa constantl} on hand and for hire by the day or month. Partite, weddings, and receptions furnlahed wttl ? tn meet comfortable and elegant Carriages. Particular attention to boarding Horses, aar Horses always for aale and exchange. decU-tf w R E HAVE JUST RECEIVED ?0 D0ZBB LADIES SKIRTS, WHICH WE ARE SELLlfiltl AT 89 CENTS PER SKIRT. bVCKWOOD, HLFTV * TAYLOR, ? ?J43 PENNSYLVANIA AVBNUB. se tr . Metropolitan Hotel Block. EAIj ESTATE NOTICE. After to-day I shall occupy the office rooms in the second storv No. 1410 Peunsy Ivania avenue, oppo site Willard's Hotel, and continue the Beat Estate ami Brokers' business in ell its branched W uh the assistance of my father, for twenty years bookkeeper of William M. Shuster A Bro., we shall be enaMed to give careful aud prompt attention to all matters intrusted to us. HOUSES FOB SALE AND BBNT, and vacant lots in every section of the District. LOANS ON BEAL BSTATB and alt other avail able securities promptly negotiated I can com mand at once, for good note-, well secured, from ?44Wto ??**?. JOHN B. WHEBLBB, 1410 Pennsylvania avenue, je 4-ecdlOth Opposite Willard's II >tel. A RAILROAD AND ftCBl but* lortfAfo C?bMm4. In ttafJROold road Oompany furnishes to the public security which combines the ready aegotiablllty, th* convenience, and the high credit af a first-nlMs rail road bond, with the solidity and safety of a real se tate mortgage on laad worth at ieaat twloe the amoaat They are oOsrsd at par la currency, and yield a HANDSOME PBOFIT to thoee exchanging Hi, The bonds are a fiast and only mortgage am thi road, ita equipments and earnings, and also oa a laad grant which, oa the oomptetioa of the road, will average BJM aorsa to each mile of traok. They are taaaed ta denomlnatlona from |? to tlvuoe Coapon, and SUB to Bagtatarad, hart thirty ysara to raa, bear aa Interest of T-JI par oant In gold, aad are BXBMFT PBOM UBITBD STATES TAX ta the I The semi annual Intereat aa la paid with GOLD CHBCES, aaat to "the poet odes i ef the r " aad Boada received ta to the Investor, at thsb I1RIERI, WABH1BOTOB pOHERI LOAM -OFFICB, ronssr ofJtk V mmd lift Yfrk avsnas, entrance on New , York avenne. The moat private loaa office _ in the city. Honey loaaed at the loweat raieQ fi of lataraat oa GoAdand Silver Watches, Diamonds, Plata aad Plated Ware, Guns, PiatoU, Ladies ami Oentlaaaea's Clothing, Carpets, aad all articles al *alac. aS-ly fEB HEW BAT10BAL MABXBT. m AUCTION SALES. to-morrow. HT prycAKsow. nowuno a vo., aoii,, " S^ut heart comer *h and J) *trs*ts north wuit. GIOCttlKS.ILIGHTLT DAMAO|?n FIRB AM) W \TEE. AT Al'CTroN On TDMDAT MORNING. Jurw loth m l0 o'cl^k. w. wil Veii ^or anctiou rootm a Jarcr* con ^ti^n JiUrocrrlef., 4c., stifhMy dMaral ^T% a?! .3 in*part?r*"BIOV'd to oar "t>r" for ale. W# naru 5>?n. Cofffw, Tftn. ?'?rCh, Soap*. CattAle*, Craikrrs, Flouts Dates, Brooms, Tub*, Nut*, Olive oil. Brandy Peaches, frmw. Pickles, ?vsterw, Mustard, Glnifr, Pepo-r, Choc'* ate. Sauce, Yeast pjwder. &e? *?"' Tl???toe?. Turtle, ?t 1***** ?l?d TubMco, tt-i.T 0",T,,,let ??f *? S*?racts, Ac.. Ac. w itb numerous other article* in the Grocerv lis* DUECANSOM, DOWLING A C? , J I Bep.) A artiOMtn. I1Y DUNCANSON, DOWLING A CO.. Aucts ? * Southeast corner tth and D streets northwest. NINETEEN B??jpAT * l^CTION4*11*0 COF On TUESDAY MORNING. Juw loth at 11 %Loc}i,vw? yifj within our taction roosi, 19 rack* of Rio R"*?t irig Coffee, about 3j.i0(j lit* All parties concerned will take notice Temiscash. DUNCANS ON, DOWLING * OO . - I ' | Kep. | Auctioneer*. lit GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneen, No. 1001 northwest corner 10th aud D *ts. SALE OF VALUABLE LIBRARY, AT PUBLIC ? AUCTION /t!F'- TUESDAY , the lOth Inst . at 7 o'clock frf. t ? w* ?hall sell, within our auction room*, a large collection of valuable Standard aud tT v?"'' "i* ^ror^f ^ e ??"??fate, in pan? Ji" i "r / Novel*, Cooper'* Novel,. Shakop-arcjg V orks. Muhlbach's Work*. vvvml. S11 r, Ma^aiine, from Volnme I to AAi III. handsomely bound. v ines'" " LjTing A*e' *n<1 "thor valuable mags BeeV Encyclopedia, in 48 vols. The Animals of C'otiffren*, from 17^> to 1s?i. , .'' r w.lth *u "'egant assortment of Miscella neous Literature. Term* cash J7 d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. RY THOS.EWAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, ?1U 7th street TUEsn/v 8t?h Pi.iMr. Pl BrLIrC AUCTION ON i ^ 10th day of Juno, at ?> n ?? . ?j? 9llio.*v''nD"i b-tween 13.S and J!,!"1!'' *"d. I"' Ii *lth th? Improvements, on** Mjare JS7 ? ",eI,ue aud 0 ?**?. ?? .?!!/.V"" P^^-'hird cash; balance in 6, ]j and 18 Slv Vf /.fi per Aft) to be paid on d?> ofsals. TIIOS. E. WAOGAMAN. Auctioneer. A ILLIA MS, Auctioneers " ftp. 1001, northwest corner luth aud Dirts. VALf'ABLE PRIVATE RESIDENCE OPTO dNk oYi" ^ *BNESDAY. the 11th indant, ar 6 ' J'*!' ' ,?e Khali Kfll, oil the premises, a handaome tnree-ntorr Brick Hor?K ?rot?men<fel*i?b!lkf b7iW12*' wi,h ?" ?n nlern im (?roirment*. in p< rfect order; having a flue Si able and Carrian- liouee. Lot being ]|) fe?t $ inche* No"aS0 fBt t det,ptt> * public li,,e> Being house Terms: ?2,000ca?b; balance ], 2, 3, 4 and 5 veaw [?witef ,b,"ar'"*8.J*'r '?f -??t and secured bv ? deed of tru-ton the premise* aold. All ronvevan on'fhe day oi sale'"f 82U0 2^ d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Ancts. |IY WM. L MLI, A CO., Anetioneers, f H<*w Marble Building, Nos. WOO and 00>l Pa. avenue, coiner of 9th street T rV'orVkTVA|lKESn,r? VAI-UASLE rMPROVED AlovIPlVchl-r1;hAKk bI-' KUB"^ #9j . v1,rJ"e of/ <of trn*t, dated October 23d, ii J? *' an'1 rt?Ly r?*?r<l'sl in Liber No. 6J3, ,?..t '"'A? ' a? the written direction of the party secured thereby, 1 will ??ll, at pul lic auction -fJune ?AO Un^Tf! ?? *?MDAf?tbe 16th day' ' I JUw, A I) 1873, at 6 f? cltH'k n. ni.. all of l*n?* Noe. uy and lui, in Gilbert s recorded subdivision of ill thee r555^Sflw,lV?,nn'^red i,U(1 wventy.five(675),

y W asbington, with all the inn prove JJ l' thereon, l>eii,g two nearly-finishod Dwelline House*, fronting on north I street. T?-nr.*of?aie: One-half in ca?b, of which ?100 be paid on 'ach lot at sale; th-deferred pav Ii'ents to l>?made in six ?nd twelvemonths after day ??! ?aie, with luterest at ten per cont. per annum and Tn-'-tee Terr? ^ V? ?he .at^fact"on of *h ' JV , Term* to be complied with within *i* d ?v, after dav of .ale, otherwise tke Trustee re^rvM the 'f"' Property after one week's notice, at t lie ri^k and c<i*t of defaulting purchaser All cenvej aucingat purchaser's co*? " ' AM ?v,H J M. CAPERTON. Trustee. -n30tl W L. WALL A CO . Aucts. IJJLLATIMER A CLEABT, ?*Tr Auctioneer, and Real Estate Broken, Southeast corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th st . Star Office Building, THE BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RVimwpv CALLED DONBARTON IlAI I 5iri-?T?n TK A'a'llYTOWN BoV't CT^O*IndT? "n THURSDAY, the 12th day or June, 1373 Ho i the premiss, at 4 o'clock, w? shall sell the **abote Hubiirhan property. The d!j&c<* cmitiint nbout twenty-three ?reV of la^. lSi^ovM bv^ niansion house,containingeigbtean room,- also two CoOifortable tenement houses, with all the nec^ssarv outbuildings. There are seven acres of crapes is besru.g, pears, peaches and other fruits P H^t rli.\ V,rvU' 1 ,"'u*e u ?ne ?' *he finest in the wjld'do wA/l7tr?&&'Mr C?Uatr> ru9",en^ secured by a deihd of trust on the premise*. Convev rirnel* Jllle 'he purchaser. 8>jo down at J'2 d LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers. UY LATIMEB A CLEARY, Auctieneert and Real Estate Broken, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and Uth st Star Oflfoe Building. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING D . . LOTS. fi .f m?I ire*?i decree of the Supreme Court Iv.. ?.f Columbia, pa sed In cause . , Slsde et al. vs. Slade et al , I will sell in 'font of the premise*, on MONDaV, the 16th day of June 1^573 .at 6S o'clock p. m.,Lot*iandi f^t front of Lot fe b\ the depth thereof, in Square Mrceh orMf.2^.?, 5-V' *"d wU1 he sold in three r""i isfrarsii Pirsrawam J-rsey avenue, northwest. " aew I ? T:rn'! '.I *al* : One-third cash, and the balance in J'!* "1^ {8months,with eight per cent, interest per am.urn, the purchaser to give his notes for the de Trvstee*' Allien *wMIth,\5M,"f'M"t'on * the ? 'i 1 n w " he reserved on the property intil Anal nayment Is nia.|e. A deposit of *1 wWiM be required on the sale of each lot! If theVrtJM of fre not compli?d with in six days the property ||Y LATIMEB A CLEABY, i Auctioneers and Real Estate Broken, Southwest corner Pennsylvania ave.and Uth street, iStar Office Buildings. T?NaT|BfR?-(LF A VALUABLE BUILD NORTHWEST 8 "REET, NEAR 14m ST. SofB/wT'l!r ?f dated the M day ', ?, ,968' and recorded in L.berT Wuh^? 4, folie 30, of the Land Records of Washington county, the subscribers will sell to the oW'ler, on the premises, on TUESDAY, the ??*[r?ni October3,1K8, and eV^ensSr' .Z?1 **"*! of sale are: One-fourth cash, (of which ? laumust be paid at tge time of the sale,) and the residue in equal sums in 4, U, 18 and 34 month* for at aivenP^ rtr/ "** *,v# no*<*' tnter per cen.t: ??r annum, payable semi-an nuully. and secured by a deed of trust on the prem '**?. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser f*5" n?t complied with within live day* f 1?y of ****' the Trustee* reserve the ri?tht hUltUTt i i!S ' or *"7 P""1 thereof, to the d? XuKticS iTttr^hni^r& <rn?lX?i ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until ^CESDA Y^the 84tb day of June, 1S73, same hour and place By older of the Trustees ' h<,ur H8 iawAds LATIMER A CLEARY. Aucts UYB.H. WARNER, ?o T?7th ' "iopES^ "MJ Tui'toiVaVinE8!!!1? I irtue of a decree of the Supreme Court nf b 1*tl^ci0J1C?l',,nl>lA? paaeed in the cauae of SSbScTuV.fiS ^?saayaaMftSSBSS tTKT/j'-,0Kd LIT**" ? mechanic"* lien?f abo? iii !?. subject to certain incumbrunct^ which wil! be trade known on the day of sale b Terns for the aa^unt realised above said ineitm. brail ce* caah. lftenns of sale areno? r-on, ?i?ISJSPi. *,,h?n live dav* after aale the property wlITbe^esolH at tbe risk and oost of Ih-defaultim ------ "y1" *""?0HDV.'ia.Trrfy R* TH?8 B. WAGGAMAR, *<*! Auctioneer, SIS 7th etreet. CHAN( ERY SALE OF IMPROV&.T) &?>, mm ~ ttgfcfyl0o?^ ^cbapcery cause A". XJST, Hun PAT' *** UjjiR. June, 1873, at ? o'J?o^k ? et d. In I?*I, the 11th Any of June, M73 ita ?T3CSC. , Y*rms; ?70? caah, of which tMM heealdai SrS12?. .W?.IW the AUCTION SALES. THIS APTKRMOOM. THOMAS R VAWAMAK. Real E*ate Auctioaeer, 7th R(w4. By Virtus of a 4??d of trio fr^a Charles JY. Gordon and wtf? t< John D. McPherson, lrerorri>-<1 in Liber MB, f>4io 394, of th? land re?.-rris for Wwhiift^g c >uMf, tn the District of Columbia, I will, on MONDAY. th<> Mint dtr of j April, 1873. at 4 o'clock p. m , off?r for sale. at pub lic auction, in front of the jrimwn, the property tncriM in ?u<l deed. to wit: I?>t anmber-d 17. in Bqn*rf No 1*. with the impro' eiuenta, Mn( f"er rrajae Htox? Terms- f>ne-thlrd ra*h; the balance in riv and twelve month* from it*r of sale, an.I secured by pur chaser V n >te? and deed of trust upoa the premises. Convey anting at purchaser's cost. J.D McPHERSON. Tm?te?. ai90eoft4s THUS* E. WAOGAMAN. A'-.ct. B^POSTPONED.BY ORDIBOF THR TRU8 tee, uutil MONDAY, June S o'clock p ra. J D. McPHRR80K.Tru.4tiw. irleoAd* THOS.K.WAGQAMAH.Aact. |>T r A BOS WELL A CO., IP Auctioned* ant B-al Broken. Southwest corner of 4)* street aad Virginia avenue. VALf'ABLR BUILDIHfT LOT? IN "UNION." OR *th STREET. BETWEEN M AND N STREETS AND 4* AND bin STREETS SOUTHWEST a Will be told, at public auetion,on THURS ^5 PA Y. June ft, at 6 o'clock p, m., unless pru i ^^ously sold at private sale, Lot* numbered |s 44, 48 and 46. in Bqnare 902. These lots will be ?nMi Tidrd to unit purchaser*, and are within hslf a - 11.i >? of the atreet railroad. One of these lots i? improved by a three-story Brick Hoaw. Terina of dale: One-half cash. the balance at 6. It. awl IS month*, with interest at 8 per cent. ftlOO down at time of ante. If term* are not complied with within Are day*, ressi* at purchaser's cost. je4 It BOSWELL A CO . AucU. UJ" THE ABOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED nutll MONDAY , Juue 9th, same h??ir and place. f, 3t BOSWELL A CO . Aucta. BY QBREK * WILLIAMS, Auctioneer., Northwest corner 10th and D streets. YALTABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY FROHT IN G i?N A STliEKT HORTH, BEI WRRN I?t AND 2d STREETS EAST, ONR SOCABE EAST OF THR CAPITOL. AT AUCTION On MONDAY, the *?th distant. at 6 n'rl *lt p. BC3 tn , we shall sell, on the premise*. Lot No 2>. in ??square No. 738. hating two good four -story Brick Hoiiseo. with basement; all partitiou wall* built of brick; exch house containing < ight rooms, aithgis ?ad water Ti'ntu in ad? known on the day of sale, jl-d GKEEH A WILLIAMS. Aurt? B GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, Ho. 1001 uorthwest corner loth aiid D ?ta. CHANCERY PALE OP~REAL ESTATE IN THE COINTY OF WASHINGTON, IN THE D18 TRICT OF COLUMBIA (OF W. D. C. MUB DOt K.) ABOVE GEORGETOWN. SALS TO TAKE PLACE AT AlVTIOH ROOMS OF GREEN A WILLIAMS. NOBTHWEST COR KER OF 10th AND D STREETS, IN WASH 1NGT0N CITY ^ By virtue of a decree passed br the Sqprsme WPCourt of the District of Columbia, in Ejiuty cause No. 2.7<U. George W Linvilleetal vs. William D C. Murdock et al.. we will ?e||, at public auction,at the anction rooms of Green A William", rorthweat corner of 10th and D streets, in th<-cit> of Washington, p C., on TI'ESDAY. the 17th d*v of June, A. D. KJ. at th" hour of tj o'clock p in., Lot? 21, JS, 23, 24,25,36,30,31.and St.of our subdivision of a part of a tract of land ly ine and Itelne in th?' County oi Washington. In the District of Oolunibia,calle<1 Friendship, Bt. Philip and Jacob, and re^urvey on Jacob. Each of the above lots contains from five to twenty acre*. The land is situated on two road' leading iuto th? liidge road, and by th'-se roads to Georgetown ?od Washington, and is ?.nl> two and a half miles from Georgetown. The new road about to b'-made by the B ?ard of Public Works will bring this property niuch nesrer to Georgetown. The land Is of go,>d ijuality. and part of it wood land. al! well watered. The land is suitable for ag ricultural purposes, and is in a very healthy I ki tion. There is erected on said lot a l:irg? new F! mr Mill, in RiwkI running order aad condition, with water course. The mill wi.l be open and subject to inspection to all persons. Oue lot will be aoid with privilege of two or more lots on line ot lot sold. A map of the property to be sold can be s"cn at Gri ' ti A Williams'auction room. T-rn:s of sale: One-sixth cash, and the balance in thirty ?<jual monthly payments, with interest at th rut? of t<-n per centum p*T annum from day of ?ale until paid, w ith security to the ?ati?faction of the receivers, and a lien retained on the property sold; or the purchase money can be paid in cash or upon shorter time than as aforesaid, at same rate of inter est. A depoait of ^Bu will b?- reqnired of the pur chaser at time of sa'e. All conveyancing and ?tanip ?t cost of purchaser. Plats of the prop>-rt) will be exhibited at the time of sale. WM F.MATTINGLY. ) PHILIP A DARNEILLE.; Receivers. WM J MILLER, \ jJ-dAds GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Aucts. T GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Anctloneera, No. iOOl, Northwest corner 10th and D street!. B TRUSTEES BALE OF VALUABLE CNIM PROVED REAL ESTATE LYING AROCT 100 YARDS NORTH OF BOUNDARY STREET, AND FRONTING :*'i3 ?>'? 100 FEET ON BOTH 7th AND 9tH STREETS, N. W., EXTENDED. By virtue of a decree of the Suprem" Conrt of ?Nthe District of Columbia, in the case of Hoover, *^^guardian, vs Hoover and other*, No. 2,7SS. Euuity Di>cket U, paused on the 96tli day of October, W2. I will sell, at public aaction, to the htghi-st bid der, in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock in the afternoon of MONDAY, the 9th day of Jane, 1^73, Lots 4fi, 46 . 47 , 48 , 49, 30. SI, 02. of a subdivision of part of Mount Pleasant, recordod January 19th, 1863. in the land records of the District of Columbia. Terms of tale: Ten per cent, of the purchase money to be naid at time of sale- the balance in three e^nal insi aliments, one in ten days, one in six months, and one i 3 one year from the confirmation of aaid sale The last two instalments to bear interest at the rate often percent, per annum, and their payment to be secured by ade?^rt oftrust on tli* propertv. Convey ancing at the coet of the purchaser. In default ot the pa> ment of the first of said thr?e instalments, the Trustee reserves the right to reel! the property |? on the terms above mentioned, at the cost aaJ rist of the defaulting purchaser _ LYDIA A HOOVER. Trustee, trr d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. BY KELLEY A GATCHEL, Auctioneers, Corner 11th auu F streets northwest TRUSTEE S SALE 0Fl0T IK SfjCARE. NO 731, OH 1st STRIET. CAPITOL IIILb. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated February with, 1871, and duly recorded in Liber No. 632. ? folio491,ftc ,and by the written direction of the party secure<l thereby, I will sell, at public auc tion, in front of the premises, on WEDNESDAY, the 1 **th day of June, A. D., 1*73, at ft o'clock p ru , Lot G, of snbdivision of original Lot numbered four,(4,)in Square numbered seven humlrel and thirty-* ne,(731,) on 1st street, Capitol Hill, in the city of Washington, D. C. Tetms of Sale: Cash, and to be complied with with within six days after day of sale, otherwise the Trustee reserves the right to resell the property, after one week's notice, at the rUk and cost of de faulting purchaser. J A.L MORRELL, Trustee, jfi KELLEY A GATCHEL, Atiet?. Ill LATIltftR ft CLEART, 19 Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers Southwest corner Pennsvlvania avenue and 11th St., Star Office Building. CHANCERYBALEOfTmPROVED PROPERTY Bv virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, passed in cause Ho ^?3,066, Blade, et al., vs. Blade, et al., I will sell in front of the premises, on SATURDAY, the 14th day of June, 1873, at 6'i o'clock p m . part of lot 6, in square No 454, beginning for thesame at the north east corner uf said lot, and running thence west 24 feet 8 IncheW thence south 86 feet 6 iuches, tfeeQce east >4 fe?t * inches, fo a fifteen foot alley, thence north 46 feet 6 inches, to the place of beginning. The improvements consist of two two-storv brick houses,fonr rooms each, and a brick stable with twelve stalls. This property is |ocat?-d between be tween 6tli ami 7th streets and G and U streets north west. Terms of sale: One-third cash; balance in 4.12 and 18 months, with Interest at the rate of eight per cent, per annum,the purchaser togivs his notes, indorsed to the satisfaction of the Trustee. If the terms of sale are not complied with in six day< the property will be resold at the cost of defaulting purchaser. A deposit of fluOwill be reqairetf-at the time if sale. The stable will be Sold separately. All conveyancing at purchaser* cost. R. 8. DAVIS. Trustee. je4 dftds LATIMER ft CLEABY, Aucts. BY LATIMEB ft CLEABY Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Soathwest corner Pennsylvania aveuoe and Uth it.. Star Office Buildings. v TBUBTEE'8 BALE OPDESIRABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY OH THE SOUTH WEST CORNER OP MASSACHUSETTS AVENUE ABB ITth STREET HOBTHWEBT. , By virtue of a deeftaof trust, dated Augast the . 19th, U70, and duly recordta in Liber Ho. 421, 'folio 433, being one of the land records for the county of Washington, in the District of Columbia, and by the written request of the ?>/> v wo,.m p. oi., um iigaiivmi o? I mirvy-seven, 01 Spaulding snd Wilson'* subdivision of original lot ene(l), in square numbered one hundred aad fifty eight (188), as recorded in the office of the Surveyor of the city ef Washington, B. C . improved by a nearly new two-story Frame Dwelling, and situated on southwest corner of Massachusetts avenue and 17th street northwest. Terms of sale: One-third cash; r^idm'in six and twelve months, with interest froas day of sate. De ferred payment* to be secured by a deed tif trust ou the property sold. All conveyancing at cost of par chaser. ftlOll down at time of sale. HALLET EILBOURN, Tru tee. mC-eoftds XATIMEE ft CLEABY. ftnets. LATIMEB ft CLBABI. Beat Estate Brokers aad Auctioneers, ?1 corner Pennsylvanis.avenue aad Uth St., Star Office Ballding. TBrSTEE* 8ALE OP DB8IBABLE IMPBOT ? PBOPBBTY 0B D 6TBRET, BETWEEN rH AHD 13th ST8. HOBTHWEBT. Under aadjhjr virtue of a deed of trust, bear BT Under aad by virtue of a deed of trust. I ing date the SNkdar of October. A. D 1S72 duly recorded la Liber Ho.498. folio 45>,et soq., one oTthe land records for Washington county, Dis ilambia, and by direction of the party se eby. I shall sell on 8ATUBDAY, July 8, trict of Columhi cured thereby ii. :"^V"ur; f ?? en oatubuat, July a, W73' the following described pr. perty: Part of Lot 15, la square Mo. 998, Bora pat Ocularly described ? foUoira: BegtMiilc fta puiat on the north line of aaid square, at the aad ?jventy-ataefeet, seven and five eighth inches frc the northeaat corner of said square. aad running thence aoath eighty-three feet lour aad three-fourth inches: tbeaeeTae wsat to the wester u Use of ssid lot M; thence dae aorth along the western line of jaM^jot lA,^e?itf>ty-ttoae fost^fow^Jhrjw^wths of'al hree-stot y^Bric^DwelUag. Terms or sal*: Aaoaat secured by aaid trust AUCTION SALES. Aft JAHK* BiriLP. Aurt , D N->. 1*14 Fnityltuit (*?!??. pal* or noviiiio rum, ?w? (.EBAMrMC.H4Kr.IN*; BAOKIT?. Ac., ftr K*. OaTl'EM?AT. Jwn* !?. at * 3?p. m .?? auction room, 1014 Fenuev I. aula avenue W It JAMS* UriLD. Anrt. BT Anrti??r>i< 1*4 |ttl Iroknt, conxr rmiM) Ivama aveuae uJ 1Kb *t., *?i Office Buildings. VALUABLE BMLMkTT LOTS FOB BALK. OH l?t i FTBBET BAST We will off. > far sale oa SATTBP AY. th* WI4ih <la? of .n*r, liCS. al Is o'clock p m , ^^?Lota t. timbered Ml ? C. in ciMiilii ?n o* *-juar* MS. fronOngon huh st rui lumrwn H and I ?ts. north Theee lot* are of niitblr ttir (<>r Imilitinr*. ? -<!?r'ii i? - tkr H?m4 rmilrowd. ?d w til be ???Id on term*. a* follow: Onc-f.xiith caeh teeidue ?t 4, It. IS. and *4 m >nth*. with iriictn*. Tb* vkoU front ? K', M oa V*h at. )<l dl'h LAT1MEB A CI BA.BT Am t? |?Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Awflowwn, ?> Ko. lHI,aorU??<MrMrMUM4D?. tOrSTBT RESIDENCY ASP FARM NEAR 1. AN HAM STATION ON lt\LTIMOKE AND poTOMAC RAILROAD, NINE MILES FBOM W ASHINGTON. D C . AT AIVTION On Tl E*I> A V . th- at ?tli dav of Jnn?. ICS. IK ii the preini*** at 3 o'clock, w -*ball ???II th* prop, it lb' place contains about 172 acre* of Und, !? !>;? ved by d?> n*e. two ten-uient ho?t*es. btgvtera.ataMinc.Ac. A variety ??! eoil *t%p'?l l ? trnlt, mtIj |w4miK> grain. Ac. Tmbrr aud mud"* In: ctli gie-d water. Trsineon Haliim te ii<l Potomac Raiir ted pas station witnm ten niitiniix' walk of h >im. ful cilhff, and church in b'idiborkn-il. Maiding cr. r? ?i-l b* >ol.l with the pr perty S'--ck . implement*, Ac . at * alnation. Term* On* third ca*h, balsno- in 1.1 and 3 y*ars, with t; 'ten tearing tniere?t and deed of tru?t on th propert\ . Ft further infometi?n ?*? A (1 AIDI<E i CMItE. I'lfiff Wl< F i>tr.?e?, bf(?e u th* uours of !? and I o'clock dailv. GREEN A \V II I 1 A >1 ~. Auct*. | Rep copy June 1* I |?Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctbmeere, I) Northwest corner of utb an I D strset*. TRUSTEE SALE OF A TWO-9 TO BY BBK'K IH?l>K ANl> LOT r RENTING ON NEW JKU HI AVENUE, BETWEEN I AND 1L SIS NORTH. Il> ?irtue of a deed of lrn<t, dated loth day of No\mtI?t. A P. ISTO. and duly recorded in Liber K US,f<dio sis, >n< >f tli - land r >r-l* for V a?hiuKt'>n county . in the I?ft riot of Columbia, and by direction of the bol-lar of th? u-te*, I ?hall *?11 at puMic auctt a. un I7thd?y of June. A.D.1A73. id front of the preaiMr. at o o'clock p.m., all th*t Certain pi.<e or pttcel of (Mind lying and being in the ?aid city of Wa*liitif ? t 4i, and knovr and deacril-wd on the pla*> of mil cit> aa lot nntuber.-d fifteen (18). in Dtii<lg? an! Fibber's subdtt mion ??! a<|iiare nnmbered ti?* hun dred and Mxty-oue , ftiii I, h*v'tig 22 teet front bv It". f'*t deep, more or !<??, which -aid nuMivninn ia re corded in the ..(Arc of th. Surveyor of *aid ciiy.with the imt?TOTetnenla(h'r?-ou,c u-intlng of m two-tory l.rick dwe|||ng-li"ii?e Term* One-third ca-li: balance in I. I! an I H inoiitlMi, lor note- bearing iiii-reti aud aecnre4 by on ? he pi?mi?e?. All con*evaucing at the c?t of the pi rchaaer. %!?*) down on tit- .fa> < f?nle. And if th* term* of ?al< are ted ? ??upli.-d with within flv ?? dar? afler the jay of ?ale, the tru tee r. ?er\e? the rigSt to r"*e|l the property at the i !?k and co^i of tb< defaulting pur-haeet I., a^lv-r t'?ing three tin.e* in ?. nie n-w iper puldi?b>tl in Waabingtob cuy. J O. M'KEI.TlEN. Tmatee j?7 d GREEN A WILLIAMS. AnCa. By latimbb a cleakt. Anctioneer? and Real E?'ate Broker*, boutbweet corner Penna. a> enne and lltb streol. Mar Office Building. TESIRAPLE improved PROPERTY ON stbeet east, opposite the marine I5ARRAOKS. AT At'CTION. On THTBSPAY AFTERNOON. Jntie IS. at ?CT b>? o'cl'K'k, we ?ha!l ?ell, in front of th i<i enn ** m e. Lot ii and ???in h i feet 10 incline of Lot tl. in e . withthe improtetueuU thereon,con MMihg ot a Riicl. Dwelling Tlib property front* fifty feef on SMi Mre.-t ea?t. and i* immediately opp-?ite the Mar'tie Hatra< k? Tertn*: One-f urtn cash; t -?m1ii- in t ??^iiaI r>a> Dimto at 6.13 and ll month*, with note* le-aring nter< ?t, mi l wcw?4 I t de<>d of tru*t on th*-premi *??? (-(jld SlU' deposit re mired at tune yf *ale. I'm Tcyancineat purclia**-rV coat. If the ternia of aale are not ? <milud with within nit day*.the right will b?- r??er*ed to readvertine the property at the riek Hudcost of the purchaa-r in d? fault j.t <1 LATIMER A CLEABT. A".c:*. BY R. II. WABNEB, Real K?tate Broker and A'?<-tion?er, N". ? U9 7th atreet. betweeu t? and H M?. By v irtue of a deed of trti?t t<> nie. datnl N ?? ST 18th. 1?71, of reco d* iu LiNer N ?. t?l. f .li l<?. S^-one I the land record lor the county of Wa*U ingt< ti. D. and !?> dir.-cti?u of the j>*rt> ?ecnr-d tin telo , | *b?ll offer at public ??le in front of th prein . on Tl'ESDA Y . the lTth d>t of June in?t.. at ?? o'clock p in , all the right, titl < and interest of S.J. Kaeue, in and lo ? leaaehold for tan year*, from J*nua?> 1. 1S6p. granted by the tru*te?a of Colnn bia College, of lot No. S3 of aubdivtuion of ?outh college f round*, renew able on certain con ditionr, aawrilfb* ?e? n by reference to the record ttierer f in Lli>er No Ml .folio 1st, >ne of the Lan 1 Rec ord* for the county of W a*hington, together with th* tnproT>raent? there n. being a nearly n?w tw? *tor\ Frame House, ?ituate on U:h atreet, n?.<r B"iiii< ary. Terms of wale are: One-fourth ca*b: (of which (SUni'i-.tbe innie.iia,ely pud.I balance In three, ?ix.niio and twelie month* after the day of?al* with iijtereet, aecnred l>\ m deed of U*uat on the property. All conveyancing and recording at th" co*t of the purchaser. Mid if the terau of *ale are not con.plied ?ith in ten day* after the day of aale the truetee rewnre* the right to reaell the property at the n-k aud coat of the d-faultiug nurrha*er j6 d W. B WEIIB Trmtee. Y DPNCANUON, I?OWLINO A CO.. Anct'rw, Southeast corner tth and D street* aortliweat B FBIPAT AFTERNOON, Juna 13th, l**? i 30 ?'cl"ck, ??? *liall offer for ??!*, at public auction, to the higti*?t bidder. :n fr >nt f the premi-eo, L 't 3S iu s<iuare I.'*10. situate on I2?li ?tieet eafct. between * utli M and aoiith N ?treet*, having a front of tf feet, with a dep'h of 117 feet 8 incbe*. imprortd by a Frame H?uae. Tern*: Otis-third ca*h; balance in *ix and twe<ve niotitb*. with not** bearing interest, aecurvl by deed of tra*t. Convex ansing at t>nrcha* T'? co*t A dep<-*it of #Si> reouireA at time of sale. DCSCANSON, DOWLINO A CO . je5-d Auctioneer* BY Ll'TTBELL A Dl'NNINGTON, AuctioL??n, SIT Louisiana atetioe, VALUABLE SALE OF BEAL EST ATE?A RARE CH ANCE FOR IN> ESI MKNT. ? On THCRSDAY, June ?? o'clock p. m.. we will sell iu lroat of the pr-mia*a, to the hipheet tedder. two elegant Brick H >u*ee. known as 31A ami 919 C street, between Sd atid C% n<>nhw-e*t, fronting S4 feet on C street and rui run* back 141 feet to an 13-foot alley, upon which there are brick ?tahle* running the width of the lot* The bmst-s c< ntaiu 44 rootnn, with all the modern ?..n?e niences. water, gas. Ac. The property will be aold ?e??ralely or as a whole. T<rm?of sale: One-third cash, of which Alio on e*rh hon?e ?nnat lie paid on day of *ale baTaa> e in 4,1J, and Is months, secured by a d?*d of tru?t on the pr.mice*. Ll'TTBELL A Dl'NNINOTON, jeS-dAd* Auctioneers. ?1 7 Louisiana are. LATIMER A CLBABT, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Broken, IV bocthweat ooruer of Peun.avenn* aud llib street, Star Office BuiMinE. TRrBTEB'S6ALEOF7cOMFOBTABLE TWO bTOBY BKIt'E ON THE WEs>T MDF OF 13th STBBET. BETWEEN W AND Bols DABY STREETS, BEING No. 'J204. ? Under-atM by virtue of acertain deed of trnst, bearing date <>n the Ufh day of May, A D 1<7J. duly of recoid in Liber No. M. folio ski, one of the land record* lor the District of Columbia, and to me directed. I will sail, at public the highest bidder therefor,on THl'BSDAT, th* 19>h day of June. A. D. ItC.t. at 6L? o'clock p. m , on the preniiww. Lot numbered seveotv-eight <7S). iu E. K. Allen's snbdivlsion of part of eaat half of Square nuiubered two huudred and tblrty-four (SMI. in the city of Washington,together w ith the improvement*, consisting of a two story Brick Dwelling, being N?. (1144 l.Mli street northwest. Terms of sale: Oiw--third caab; and the reaida* in two equal instalment* at six and twtlve moutbs. w ith interest from the day of sale, a*cur*d to the satisfaction of the Trurtee. One hundred dollars caah to be paid at the time of sale, and if the term* of sale are not complied with within live day- there after, the Trustee reserves the tight to resell up< n one week * notice in some newspaper printed aid published fu th* city of Washington, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. A THOMAS BRADLEY, Tnistee. ipg StawSw LATIMEB A CLEaRT. Aurt*. ItY GftKKN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. 13 Northwest corner lutb aud D street*. TWO GOOD FBAME HOUSES AND LOTS. FBONTING ON EAST CAPITOL STBEET, BETWEEN Sth AND ?th 8TB<XTS EAST, AT ACCTIOV. m On THURSDAY, the l*th inst.. at ? o'clock ^?p m . we shall sell, on the premi-ss. Part of ?MLot 11, In a<iaare No. ?U0, being ?4 feet front bv 96 feet 1 inch deep, with two good Frame Dwell ing Houses, with basement* suitable for private residences, to which we ask the attention of peiiw in w iat of ?oeifortaM* homes, as they will be sold positive to the highest bidder* Title perfect Terms: One-half cash, balance 4 and lSuimth*. for note* beating interest and ?? ur- -i by a d---: of trnst on the pn mlae* sold. Goavejatx ing co*t of purchaser. ( Uudoww on earll bouse time of sale. j7-d | Bep | GMH A WILLIAMS, Atnts. BY LATLMER A CLEABT, Auctioneer* and Baal Estats Brokers, ?oathweat corner Pennayivaaia are. aod 11th atraat. Office Buildings. ~ TED BBAL fSTATB ?IONS OF THB CITT TO TA&K PLACE AT ^ On SATURDAY AFTEBNOON, June I4tb. MKJ.ail o'clock, wit bin oar Bele*ro,?i*, we ? uhwll sell the following described valtaMe real estate: Lot S. in square Hi. sitnated oa the north aid* of lew Tors aveime, between 1st street and New Jer acy avenne northweat. Part of Lot 14, In square MO, corasr of Mb sod G Streets southeast. AI*o, Lots 4. 9, S.7, S, S7, S8, V sad M. tm square W6. bonMetl by soath 0 and I atreetsf sad 11th and lr h *treets rut. Term* of sale: One-foartb cash: balance ia tlirsa eqaal payments, at ?, IS asd IS aoatbs, with notes Iks ring iuteieat aad secured by dead of trust oa the premises aold. ConveyaaciaA at wrhaai rs' coat: will be nealred oa eacbLot aTtlaseof sale. M the terms of sale ara net cos*plied wuh within six days, the right will he r seer* a J to raaaU th* proper ty at the risk and cast of purchaser in dafaaO. Plats of the property caa be saea by applyingtd t|j, IBftiMMfl jf d LATIMEB A OLBABT, 1 EVFVTNO RTAlu V I *7.,0*r ?**<??>?*? named ?an?? .If X,. ?7.i. ?of r>1"1^*i^rT^o?1. z rtttmturg. and ?.??rii,0, ?.--^ rn JT *? ?? arrealinf Mia 1 tod ley. u?. wife J J-15 Mil n+l+r at her ,*a,den/4 t. m\uZZ^ without legal anthwrM r. an.1 Ml coraif-llit, J h-?" "V?~i?" orer to Ihc. bond* aaU aS. to 7oir rfReraMe .mount ?!?.?*? <feteft:m. * ' '*? Tin r.iv?RMni r K*?t w%? iat>n?i.ta?d in our cable rmrmii, thai the ir?? manufacturer?. of WolvertuMr^don Kuf'aal ar* l?|?rnnC iron ore from the 1'aito.l Ht.ww Mf ^ hl?b Prt,* ?* K??liahorw. *>?*an? that at prcartit pri?N Uic A men ?] mJ Mra?* It? cb^per than rben own. II strange that ?c ebouwl be to un W hld l n(i?nj |n the iron aaatket Trt thi- I v>4? very ae ought comTtojT "-"rnTn.^'-in" "T'I"* ,o11 *> Hntrato i,S 7rut"*?* ?ith which the Cuntnl KCaiu<kiii l<ne The captain or Jllr New \ork ilijpi, btvittf lateftt ruarr < i *?k?.? v?.T. u, uhr u ?if>h;m CTSTtiS? 2 *** B**J?ted. but on going to take cnm M" .hip waarrt'lT !,(r ?.a |ir tn oneot hi* brother captain*on hoard Iron ah in ho Irariwd that though the comnam hJfi ? ^ .'ection* to hi. taking hi* ??"'AtoJr!?.^ wei* not to tru.t him wlt|. the ,h,'p , * TBU-K Mkh I.AHLIi' Vli.NT Prav ? tioof New VorkV belle* ?,%. .lirfingtiiabed her ?lf m* a "woman of biiPinc* ?? Her father a htoker.liarlng become hinkmnt. ahe went I'llUUilly to each ot hi* creditor*. and hr h.v , . . * ?"* k>?'*n ot!. The that ahe if about to I* admitted to ??rtrtii-r a? a bank rupt, , Iwy ? ? cwerer. entirely utiiounded. ?^?The l'..rrw?.%rcjTi.! Ilallfat. Xara Scot .a "'i^Trw"1 u" ,o*n ?*W:i,,,n *m . fn l<'gi.lafara ha* i.vm.1 .... ] *V''r0i'r'*Un? '**^3 to put Uir "??. tiiutel tm?*k in rfi? . ^ Hawaii* Triliuvif atfark* an.i #><%? SK5K; : irr ?; a how man .duty at a lire. *,,w? ti? M? ' T>*,r-<"'??. in hi* alv?-r V ,wr ? w,,?. W*>he ha? ? tu >n. y rnoajrh to burn u|* a wet uinle 9* ? ?ssywrvsrtai urrnrr:b';4 tarn Kj.ace on which u? play baec bali. ' ' " '>M Moinc. mom tii trave her inorpliiiie to cur? lnni of che?\ mg Hfcar u .Mm now p. one in a b*-d. ? """or,M ?? ?h? Pcrnan Shah I. cav cred with diantoiHlh and irtiriaw m .i.e. to the xalue.^jjwti.tM.roB,,^ 1 cti w'ssrs.isr.t?^^ Ei;li-VJr :A'? Iw r#CrtrtJ ?'roUj lUr trca. hirou-. Mu ctfl'l/lTi1 '?>' the Nf I oti> I ,.m(v. rrat kiiMlly ainl |>alroniziiif Iv, **whm ran iin?k? more iioiNi- and leu. nunc a rh the wame i oh thc *n,\l\*rr*, itiHtrunient. than ??.? ,u>lll la o? ?:e0Mh or,l0une ^,":CU'1 tL" '" ^ married. ^ Tli Jm* A8i? ?" *??.!?* E?* Mr. t?wn,t* MAKOARBTB T H( Im\* '' mmh. WaS,',???> ,. a iLfcUMk.Mk ..f U aahiuctoa. D I ? < ^ i Bm pfl u?? r ?IE|>: r- f '/<3k w i l u aV a nic r8n' ?,"??,!. juu* ?V? - f L.ur'n" ^UK h >^ Fun?-raia ill take |>lar.?- m H .ndar Jun. t i... Sto'sil ilntr.^, n .nb Jiir' r,,Kl'ufr *'w? /;?th.^h"f rn,vrj^r,r<i:r^ ^ d.?rh lo%ed f.r nnrr ? ..ritiy of a' ->a Iar|\ prpcofjout, inarKwl for nr ?. n? f' ? ^iince", thJ'nI,1;; iTwJrVi* fro,n '*nh *" ^?5?5TJ5r3 OILNOKI In Alt?x?na, P? , Jqdk ?rb ici ^ cot,-uu.pti..n BKHI. CA h. let Al "ft ,f ? ii,P ?Ai ie, and Jane titer of th^ late Boi~.rt and K11.. yszd te:- i^3??r: Hie toberal ten ice will he b id at the at in-law, J .?ml ? m^Uu if' l'< nnt) l\aiiia aveiioe a- utbe.*! inM.i t, at 10 o'< I.H k t . whirl. Vu , j**! ' "?'i further n*. dice, after ? liiib*!"* rmnaiM ?> ill he carnad to Baltimore for mtei ment rB?i/r mor* ttuii ?le?Me < opr.| | Haul ? J "lili ?AM*riiV,i/fc',SL,r*il,*"f,h''^*'h * J"n*> .?? ?'"?"??'^^StS^iSTSSL'i'^S <;iice. Ko MO- B ?tt^t n. rtbw^ bV^! ., TTa 3d ?treeta, at 1 o'clock, on tb? lot I, iuatarit ? N I L A N I' Ot! thi' Hi !i I nut b'iI *? M InUAN KILAMD. i^ t height ear Bia Mineral a ill take place ou Tu?adat ^tten"j? at 1.J# t. . I.ick, fi .>m bia late reaideocc I I t ? ijlt J?r. et nort ha eat r > ienda of t be t^.lr and bera of Hibernian Buciety, No. I. air raaw.rM.7i?. invited to attixd. raapect!?Ur 'li?-9th inatant. at th- reaidenc* Ri BIkIok "tf'fr *r Amuf> R>?????. JAMCh H. J* DinnON, of IbdiAtii, a^etJ ^ reari <11,1 n A*wm He leave, a widow and r.nn? dT^eht^ Vnd uu?ir -' l^1* * *'M? th?Ht uregiarahla Hi? fnaeral tak>*. place fratD the ah.^a - - -- ?l 2:i4> o clock tbu ?utrao<*ii. Friaii<l? %r?^ invitjui to atund without further n.Hice. ((tdlal^Mu! papert pleaoe ropy ) uaianapoiia !uThri IT* NTbI?unS!:'^l*"" ^?r*' fpo? "? ???' re?, 1etie, ?'.. 40? 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