Newspaper of Evening Star, 10 Haziran 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 10 Haziran 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. hUkM Silly, Iul?li ""fW, AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, rltttla At?m, tor. Utt K, m inunt ffii_ iwffirn jwin, 'Bsa sitrss TBI WBBBLT BTAS-PuMHhed rrid2~S'?5 I year. VIifirttUT In advance, is DOW *<Hi ?" ?apaper sent fencer paid tor. __ WTRatesat advertletngTnrnt^wteqnwHnatfoo-^ T. A PTES' G00P3. 801 BELT*! MELTS! ?01 BELTS! | KUKSIA AND MOROCCO LEATHER B K L T 8. IN BLA< K. RKD AND BROWN, with G.n, Steel, M-d Oa.diMd BucW^ received ttoeda; at DATlJ', "01 MARKET SPAUE, ji Comer 8th street. huT>ictoa*K k, |w PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,** Has er mdantly <w? hand a fise aeeortment of IMPORTED BONNETS, STRAWS. CHIPS, rLOWERS. RIBBONS. AC;, ?II r,f the nevre-t denies. Ladies CAPS and CO! F FC RES j?H? recetv* I nic tr_ IF EAD AND SAVE YOUR MONET. Ladi't who have Hair Swttchea that hare^^ed fr< m n<t can fi*T? ?i. m Mttnrwl to their natiraJ shAiit* '8 p^rior niHoo^r. ^^ htf? ???ry lArjf? UT.rm' t of fl "nrlS very Ion. nM HvitcM Trr7 Now is the ,nJ* MADAME ESTRENSHair Factory. ?ear O etreet. *** tr IV OTICB.-Bn-rains *r<> now bein? offered tn IN MILLINERY Ml FANCY GOODS, ?. E * CO., .n.? 7Q7 Market Space, j^TAMPriPJ DEPOT ? IT S?v*:rrc Smn, fcMVti Opposite Patent Ufllce. ^ELLIS' J orr I KLL1WO OPP I RT CCST, TO D1SSOLTB PARTNERSHIP, the entire sto-k OF THE NEW TOBK BAZAR. 441 B?-veutli street, near E. m+r* 'T NO HCMBrO. AilES ^HrH BTABOH Is tts beet article in thewuti Jfr doin* "f Ltn?nm fiedta It imparts a bentti.ful gloss to the fahrte War by all Or vtri. * BLEBHAM A CO., Manufacturer!. ISO \fe?t Lombard street, ?et>14 IT Baltimore. Maryland. PIANOS, Ao. ALA1.UK LOT OF NEARLY NEW RUE SECOND-HAND PIANOS, >,*1 different factories. now on hand attd_^|^ .mwl Jor sale or rmt ? SMI WBiMHi roon. at BEICHEN BACH'S PIANO WARE?WJ?, t i t 11th street, above Pennsylvania ar<*tw, A get ey for Win. Ruabe A C4.*? and W ai 51c CatLDiuk's PIANOS. Second hand PIANOS taken In part payaeat foi ? Piaan*. m8-tr CTSTAV Ri'HN. PRACTICAL PIAXI I MAK UK, termor.j f .reiuau for ft . Liihte a Co.. toner f r Stemwaj * D-f MM an<! late tuuer for V eti^rott A W., T'tnerjll W? ' aid r^pairt-r t.f PIANOS ai.-l ORIjANjv No. Bew Fork avenue. Orders l"ft at karr ? Jewelr] Bt re, 6"i9 P^Loeylsauia aveLne; Na:ro s Drill Bture, c? ro-r p. nttsy Ivauia stenss and *h street Br?^Dthal's, *01 Tth ?trwt, corner of P, will mew with Hieutiua, aud sntislactlun gnaran toed. ?*? If Jr. LCCAS, 114* ?tb strevt D. w.. l^MMr a?4l . htimMOf of fNa?"J o*'f fpOt rj*! ders received at Thompw.s'i corner Ifthst atid N T< rk ar^. ; Getty's, Rr*Ue, near'll Hi OoTiir~sp, Uev>r(etown; aod M-xtes', cor. 7th and Pa as. Pia&oa and other lusiromeaU packsd and moved AH work rn?r?nte^d. mhM ly ^TIEFP'S PIANOS. uDsapaaaed in sweetness ol tvue sod eiceileuc^ of ni.ieti, low prices__^^^ and essy terns. G. L. WILD A fiRO.JBIH AlieMe, 4'iO llth street, n-?r aorthwe^l til SY1 corner P- un?j ivaiiia areuus. dealers In Pianos anil ||n?icsl Instrunents cmeially. Tumi ? ?ii?1 Repairiua, and Varni?hir.g ree.-Me fsithfnl sttentioD. *p!7 tr ScH0?AC?tt ? oo^ MA?Su DtLratA SRKAT EtDt'CTluH u rfticxa. tnstnunenta, which, on account of their M nartcrtty oser all others, have to afew yar-_^a^^ bee Oie 'br Ibost p- puisr here, as wt-ll ss sl'.||9HM over the country, can be had now for the fol-"l" S~ ewer the conntry.san be had now for the fol I |f>t< uMi MM GRAND PIANOS from S<?t.. $lHfl *?m^VAWs?>TaBOSfre? IFlJo lffl^ the beet instrrment ovt^are invited to^saL 1A1 _ cVright pianos froui jwu, mm. GRAND PIANOS from Jtrt to J1 ifft. Persfcns who wjeh to save ft on #100 to |M tn | and compare for themaelvee. Piaaoe for rent. PiaM enchanted. Tulnf si>i R^patrim properly attends^ ?o. OARL RICHTEE, A?ent, dtf-tr 934 Pennarlv?eta aveone DfSURANCE companiesT T- HE Etll (TABLE Lire ASItRA.ItE SOtlETV. The tn?ire?e of this Company hae for year* been the largest ut any eimilar iMtitntion in the world. f. BEYER, ttmiu Agent, mna ij Mi and ttfi 7th street. W_l. JOKER fe C?< ? Ao ill7Uilri(t,iw P-O D-ptrtm'nt, Represent the fuUowinc sprung Fire Insurance C4>D>P?MHI' ^ THE UARMAN AMERICAN, OFT* Y . ? Cseh Capital. * 1 ,OUO 00V THE ?EBCHABTS. OF BEWARE. N.J, BtS tr Cash A?t?. S476.749.1T CvKEAT WESTERN FIRE LISl'RAHCI I COY1PANV. CASH ASSETS ?30S,?'4T 691 OFFICB, b03 FIFTEENTH SiKEET, orrosin TKEAitBT anraktmixt. all Si. B. W. BATES, Agent. THE CURCUKA5i FIRE I.1SLRANCE PAN T OF THE DISTRICT OF C0LCMB1A, Oriawiztd Am* In, If) capital ? BI00.00P. OFFICE No. 1451* PENNSYLVANIA A V EN I B, tOvks m.lbi m Data Sioan.) JOHN T. L EN MAN, Fre,ldent. A. H HIKE, Vice President. J. T. DVEK, Secretary. Dhktoi?:-Wb Orme, H Clay Stewart, Ohae. A. J J as. L. I?rbuv. Edward Droop, Jahn T., Michael Green, John Bailey, A. H. Herr. ap4-ly Are yoc inscredt IF NOT, APPLY TO THE OLD Ii?co*ponaT?D it Co>?**?? in 1919. 0?ce in the baikling of the National Bank of tks JUpobiic, No. 706 D street northwest. Bo charge loc Poikici. Utrntmt.'? Dr.Jaa. 0 Ball, John Party. Dr. J. M. Brodhead, J. Eeyworth, Jae. 0. McGolre, Henn Brviiey Joa. H Bradley, O. H. Wlltberner, W. / McDonald, V. F. McOutre, Dr. D. B. Clarke, ?. 0. OP Til D18TE1CT OF COLOMBIA. OA0AMZMV A VU VST M, 1ST*. ?**a OjPITlli. #1*0,S?9 once tn fhefhsrd*s Batldtan, Bo. MS . _ MOSES EELLT.Preetdent cu. w? SIT" "" "W. S.Tom. Wm. W aB, Char lee Just, |IM?! LIME! UXEI BEST WOOD BCEBT LIMBst R1 per barrel delivered to nil parte of the erty. naw, nrf-to "ItS |hEL1CIOCS OEEAMS AND ICES 1/ Always on hand at the newly refitted Snlooai of HEN BY ALBEBS, Confectioner and lee Cream Manufacturer, ?Mcof Bo. 101* Mtti st , het E and L. '|1BB ELLIPTIC YOEB SM1RT ta pronon nca 1 b* theasande of wearers to he tT tton of elenaace and comfort. The ctKtinaenahteaBetofit any form, with ahaotwte precieton. la the l WELL. Bo. 499 9th Waahtngtoa, D. C MOW OB BXM1BITIOB, ft- hon ? Whlkl sgi lioii- AID IOCTHS sri-r* a specinlty thh ?? A. DTEALa', 1011 F?. ???., nea? f!)e fmim S tat V-. 41-N2. 6.310. WASHINGTON, D. C., TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 1873. TWO CENTS. AMUSEMENTS. FIKST VISIT ?? WASBIJCTO*. HOWES' GREAT LOS DO I* CIRCUS AMD Saifrr'i British IHrnajprit of Trained Aaiaalt. lorn DATSONLY, ON THB LOT, SIXTH STREET, NEAR PENN SYLVANIA ATIKI, Jaif 9, T?f?(l?r, June 10, We<? Jane 11* and Tharaday, June 14. Fir** introduction to an American audience of the stur-trJ' Uf Pariaian artist, MLLK. DOCK RILL. The diverting and eccentric humorist, RONS. KENNEBKL. Tbe Clown whu never Speak*. Wog the first <>r Ills school ever seen in America. WII.LIAM H MORGAN, The Wt>rld Challenging Hurdle Rider. The Irilliaot Fren h Athletes, known throughout Rnrope aa the ROMELLT AERIAL GYMNASTS. The Wonder of the Menagerie. FIVE ELEPHANTS IX THE RIftG. performed by the a< coniplish- .1 z??'gra^tier, Mr.0? K berta? the moat wonderful exhibition of W. m Beaet Training and Brute Sagacity ever witness MOLOCH. THE INVINCIBLE, ENCOUNTERS FIVE BENGAL TIGERS IN THEIR DRN. M^NTANO, THE CANNIBAL, W rest lea ?-ith and overcomes a pack of ninofrro ci"na nimw, or Grave B< libera. ENTERTAINMENTS AFTERNOON ANBa EVE NINO BACH DAY. DOOBS OPEN AT 1 AND 7 o'clfjuu. One h<mr'a time to see the Wild Beaata in their dens. Admission ? , so Children under 10 years THE GRAND STBEET PAGEANT WILL BE REPEATED ON WEDNESDAY "MORNING, and will take a different route from that of Mon . j6-4t "M?i "'.KuT , mar?riteh'a. ,T? M ??. 43* 7th rtreet, between D a mi 1 streets. eight door* above Odd Fells ?>a Hall. >la, Kinga, H ?JrTERMS CASH. remember Mane tad Ham bar. Jel-Jy" IV O HUMBUG.?L. BICFi will pay a fair caab 1^1 price for any kind of Ladies', Guts' and Chil dren a Second-hand Clothii ,g, Boots, Shoes, 4c. 643 7th street, between F and G, south. Mote by mail ir?B|tl! attended. jeRly_ ALL KINDS OF O.BT-OFF WEARING AF PA REL can be eold to the very beet advantage by addressing or calling on JOSTH, ? 19 D atreet, between Rh and 7th n. w. Botes by mall promptly attended to. Cash paid. TO NOTHING RESERVED. rnprewltBtei Pmmpten, Pesitiif, OCR FORCED SALES OIB FORCED SALES OF ENTIRE STOCK. OF ENTIRE STOCK NOW GOING ON. NOW GOING ON. HE ARE OVERSTOCKED AND MUST REDUCE, AND WILL SELL At S1U ? SIS Suit, at |U a q-jj Suit, at $W0 a ?U7 Salt. 7*"0 man Y hoodh TOO MAN V GOODS MUST BR SOLI). MUST BE SOLO. ah S bbltlno kah1di. Y. ARE SELLING HAP iol Y. TEN DOLLARS, FIFTEEN DOLLARS, TWEN TY DOLLARS. ?1? Salt at ?S3 Suit at #13, #47 Salt at S40. NO RESERVATIONS. NO reservations. ALL WILL MR SOLO. ALL WILL br SOLO. ALL MVS 1 br SOLO ALL MUST BR SOLO. IN BOYS' SUITS WI OFFER THE SAME INDUCEMENTS. ?? for an 8? Salt a 7 for a ?10. ? 10 for a SIS. CALL AT ONCE. BRING THE BOYS. BUY BARGAINS. FAttHIONABLB TAILORS, nig-tr Ooawam 7ti act P Bnun (JRYSTAL tHA.IOELICRS, We call attention to oar a^s^rtment of very ele gant ENGLISH CRYSTAL ORANDELIEBS, of the neweet patterns, and of the aoat ?rj?i*ite workmanship. For elegance of effect,brilliancy of light and bkal ?cawar, they excel all otherchandeliers heretofore BAd?. We hare already introduced theaa into some of the finest dwellings in tiiia city and alaawhere, ind per aor>a who cvntemalete building or reluruuhiug are invited to examine our atock. Theae goods are of oar own DIRECT IMPORTATION, and are offered at *ery low prices. M. W. SALT, BRO. 4c CO., JEWELERS, j<tf,t 1107 PBKMSYLVAN1A AYENUB. L'OR M4TU PATCHES, ISECIU.IS 1 AM TAR, USE TERRY'S MOTH AND FRECKLE LOTION, it is reliablm AND HARK. less. PIMPLES ON THB PACE, BLACKHEADS AND FLESH W OEMS, USE PERRY'S IMPROVED COME DON'K AMD PIMPLE REMEDY, THB URKAT SKiN MEDICINE. Prepared only by Da. B.C. PERRY, Donnatol ogist, 4V Bond atreet. New York. Hold by?U Drag gtst*. m?-t,th^-3m ClAMUl 00U> BTBOTAOLBi OXLV 00, M A1RBAKKS' LETTER SCALER. Every aiM and style, at vary low rates, b THE UM1YBE8AL FAMILY SCALE. 0*0$ THB POCEBT BETTBB SCALES. We bare m hand and alwsfa ready to atsjfly any tnd every style and kind of LETTER SCALB at be maanfactursr'a lowest ratra. We also n full line of Commarcial and Bankers' Stationary, Blank Book*. Oaab and Dead Boxes. RICHARD B. MOB OB A OO., mSl-tr 1014 Psnna. avsnos, ooense 11th street. btorr. THE MABYLAND FREESTONE R. A M. CO is NOW RBAOY TO bbveiwe ORDRRB roa stonm hither sawed or rough dimension. Apply at Company* oRea, COBBER E ARB *Bth STREETS, Rack Creek C. W. HAY RE IV, Prtildfal. ?? 4r SPECIAL NOTICES. Guard against Cholera. It is w. II known that if a arnper remflj li Iwitin taieooelv taken in ic? JAsiatic Choiem,er oven t b( leraMorbus or kind ^ complaints, th patient is n>nl .f* Opens uut unfrequently that such linn ly doses pro'va of incalculable service in an nltimate cnre. I d? not wish to be uMerstood as advising uot to ca4( jn a physician at the earliest possible moment, M ?rjrb a course is hnperatively necessary; but iin?n a physiciar ran not be had at a moment s notice, and ft is far such cases that we now preps ^ NaTTANT* CHOLERA SPECIF ?*i? ? ?tron?v, active, and pfllciest remedy, calcu lated for sm caces as h#re state#, and which every well c-ndr >ctwj fanniv should have <>n hand or im mediately pr, cure During 18K, while the cholera was rap- ^nite severely in Brooklyn, N. T., I was employ rd there, and it was fonnd that this Spseifii: 8T eat service, leing much b?tter than Squihbe' Mixt arr ai?j jinn Cholera Cure, l>oth of which were y*'' 4. It will also give Immediate relief and euro 1,1 olera Morbus, Colic, Cramp*. D>sentary, Diar y ra. ami all disorders usual at this um u. Full " irrrtirois accompany each vial. 4 To bo had only of ABTHUB HATTAH9. Druggist, . " tr Corner of ad and D streets northwest. ??tckfUr*f Hair Oye 1* tha bast In the world, the only true and perfect Hair Dye: no ridiculous tints, no disappointment, harmless, reliable, instan tnne,<na black or brown; at all druggists',and IS Bond street. Hew Tork. f S-eoly EXCURSIONS, Ac. K EYPOBT EXCUBSIONS. On and after FRIDAY. JUNE 13, 18X3, the elegant and favorite steanur KEY I'QBT will commence her regular] T I'BSD A If and FBIDAY EVES- ? 1NG excursions down the Potomac, leaving wharf f >ot of 7th street,at 6 o'clock p.m., returning at 11 p.m. During the summerot 1872 these excur sions were largely patronized by many of our best citizens, who found in them a cool and pleasant es cape from the beat and dust of the city. N?>; effort (hall be spared during the coming summer to make them pleasant and agreeable in every respect. De tectives will be stationed at the boat to prevent the admission of any improper characters, No intoxi cating li<iuors sold. Music, dancing, and refresh taentH on board. Tare, single tickets, ?1; lady and t entl* man, S1.M. Apply to WM. H. BVLES, Agent. 609 Pennsylvania avenue. m31-lm f?XI<;HTh OF ST. PATRICK-IS THE IV FIELD AGAIN ?This ponular and flourish ing organisation will give a grand ex i ursiou to OIiYMONT,on THUHS DAY. Juno the 12th,1873. Ample po-' lire arrangement* have lieen made to insure good order. Persons wishing to have a fine day '? enjoy iu< nt now have an opportunity of so doing, as the Knights propose to make thia one of the best and most agreeable of the season. Boats will leave 7th Mreot wharf at H a. m.. 1 p. m.. ami 6 p. m. D 'n. li s celebrated band has been engaged for the occasion. Ticket" admitting a gentleman and two ladies, one dollar, to be obtained from any ot the member". Nr> ti< kets good unless stamped with seal of the Coni mandery. ap 21&je 9&10 ADDITIONAL NOTICE. THE KNIUHTS OF ST. PATKICK, in order to accommodate all who may wish to go ou their Ex cursion to Oljmonr on the 12th of Juue, have char tered the steamer Express, which will leave 7tli street w barf at 10 o'clock a. m precisely, stopping at Alexandria, going and returning. j9 2t J^XCCBSIONfl TO GLYMONT. Office or the Potomac Ferry Company, j tjc.vt.MH Strkkt Wharf. > Washington, May 11, 1873. \ On and after June 1 the steamer WAWASET can be chartered for Excursions to (ily mont ou Mondays. Tuesdays, Wed nesdays and Thursdays. Thesteauier is now in complete order, having been thoroughly overhauled last winter, she has a fine, commodious saloon on her upper deck, and is in every respect adapted to the excursion business. The Potomac is now beautiful, and Olymont in splendid cendition, having been thoroughly repaired and the grounds put in good order. For charter, apply at offlcu of Potomac Ferry Cent pa ii y, foot of 7th street. mil 2 ? FESTIVALS. ^T SILYEB SPBINO. <Mr. Blair's Country Seat,) THE FESTIVAL ON THE lslTU Offeis a convenient and economical mode ef spend ing the day at a beautiful place in the coantry, in good company, with fine mnsic, vocal and instru ment*!. AH the delicacies of the season at com mand The trains leave Washington at 4 and 9am, 1] m., and at 3 and < p. m.; returning at 2, 4,6 3U and 9:3V p. m., mwkiug the trip in about *i minutes?55 cents th - round trip; two children under 12 for one ticket. (t.'hron.ABepub.| jelu tt p E S T I V AL. ~ The Ladies lielo"ging to the Congregation of ST. MABY'S CATHOLIC CHCHCH, Cpper Marlboro', propose holding a FESTIVAL in THE WOODSi adjoining the residence of the Carmt lite Fath rs, near this \ illage, ou THUBSDAT, Jr*? IS, 1973. Various amusements will be provided for the day and evening entertainment. A very elegant Affghan will lie raffled, to which the requisite number of chances is not yet tak'-u All the refreshment* of the season will bo sup plied in abundance, and a band of music will be iu aitendance. The proe?*ds will lie used for the benefit of the church. The public are cordially iuvitedto attend. msl eotd SUMMER RESORTS. J^OtkBKIDtfE ALIM SPRINGS, VA. OPEN JUNE 1st, 1973. This favorite and celebrated Watering" place will offer additional attractions this season. It A . . A posbenaes a magnificent Ball Boom, fineWf!^V Billiard Boems, Bowling Alley for ladies and for gentlemen, aad a superb Oroquet Oroua<t. It will be kept in a style not surpassed anywhere in Virginia. The waters of these special Springs either cnre or greatly relieve most cases of Scrofula, incipient Consumption, Chronic Broebltis, Chronic Laryn gitis, Chronic Pnnemonia, Chronic Dyspepsia, Chronic Diarrbw a, Chronic Dysentery. They are a'so a great value In those affections which are pe culiar to the female constitution, and as an appeti rer, a tonic and a general restorative they are, per* haps, unrivalled amongst mineral waters. The Proprietor has provided Tor the lawns and ball-room a first-class baud of mnsic, and in general all the sources of amuseaaeut and recreation usually found at our best summer resorts will l>e at the command of the guests at BOCKBBIDGE ALUM. The place is within from eleven to thirteen hoars of Bich* mond, Washington, Baltimore, etc., by rail, all in daylight. Passemrer* leave the cars of theChesa> peake and Ohio Bail road at G<iehen Depot, and new and elegant itwe coaches, passing rapidly over a smooth and levelroad of oulv eight stiles, net .in?? yw ??u^ lOflUlf U?"l ? smooth and levelroad of only eight miles, set down the visitors at the Springs to tea. JAMES A. FBA/IER, Proprietor. Dr. J. S. DAVIS, of the University, Besident Physician. A. K. DOOM, Offlce Manager; 8. I" MULLEN^. Office Manager. k _rti IF The water for sale by COLIMAN A R0< EB8, Baltimore. Deacriptive pamphlets sent free on ayplication. je91m \TATTOM.?This popular and very healthy stun J mer resort, near Snicker's Gap, and*-. A surrounded by the Bine Bidge mountain, two hears' ride by rail oi Wadhingtonlfi^HT for the reception of guests, soaeoa Utty, is bow open tor the reception of caests, season 1873. Improvements since last year; Fine pUxxa la front, bath-room, an ice-hoase filled, a piano la tha boose. The buildings are stone, consisting of larga airy rooms. Beautiful mountain seenery. Those wishing to enjoy the cool breezes of this elevated region will address, ^ A. O. WEIGHT. Bound Hill P. O., Loudoun Oo., va. ?^Beferenoes at 14M F street N W. mSO-tf W'E&T END HOTEL, AT LONG BRAffCH, N. 4., WILL BE OPENED ON ffHM IVti OF J<WI Applications for roc? can be aade toi. ? A D. M HLLDBETH. Mo. A* Broadway,VAmI Hew Tork, or by adiresamg PBB8BCBT XhH s ?Ii.nfbvn ?-"-'ietors,Liong Braack. mall-UnneM A HILDBET^ Proprtet D*M. HfLDBETflT' <Ol ND FCET AMD FBEQUENT BXEBOI8E O in the op*o air and sunshiaoheing the beat pre eerv ativee of ho?h physical and meatal health, and ounseqnent nsetfulness and LONGEVITY, thoasands of persons eotne from far aad near to visit DB WHITE, the well known Chiropodist, Mo. 435 Uth street, opposite the United States Treaa ury .Washington, ?). C., for relief froan Corns, ku ions, Troubieeome Nails, aad other dlsnssssof tha feet. sod advise as to snitahls fitting shoes.' His treatment generally fives immediate ? v rT relief, and even In axtn " ble shoes are worn, feet being used so coastaaup aeea occasional atten tion, andaa there is daagwla tampering wtth Cor* or Bunionshy using a knife, raaor, or othar lwli ss yrsa'Jwrssrtji; s^ssarsrs: ealy tobesesaat A. STBACS'.lSl 11 EVENING STAR. WaehingtonBewiand Qonip, Internal Rbvbncb-?The receipt* from this source to-day were >223.339.80. Osh. Binjaxih F. Bdtlir was at the Post Offl ;e department to-day. Personal ? John W. Garrett, president of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, is about to sail for Europe to spend some time on a health trip. Mosbt'b M kb. ? Col. Chapman and Cart. Samuel Chapman, former officers in Mosbv's battilion. have been appointed postal mail clerks, each at a salary of ?1,200. Discharge or Tbmpobary Clerks?Four teen temporary clerks in the Pension office have been dropped from the rolls, no provision having been made by Congress for their pay ment. The Farbaqut Claims?The award in the Fairagut prize case confirmed by the Court in General Term on Saturday, amounts to the balance of the pri ze money appropriated bv Con gress, $128,000. and of this sum *31,000 will go to pay counsel, expenses of arbitration, Jfcc. Capt. Sam'l McKbeveb, of the 3d infantry, who had charge of the President's guard during the administration of President Johnson, is in town. He sails for Europe in a few days. Cap tain McKeever has just" received a patent for a n? w cartridge box for both cavalry and infan try, which is much praised by army officers. Naval Orders.?Commander Q. C. Kemey has been detached frem the Powhatan and placed on waiting orders. Commander Thomas C. Harris has been detached from the command of the St. Mary's.which recently arrived at Nor lolk from the Pacific fleet. The other officers of that vessel have also been detached and placed on waiting orders. .IrooE James M. Thai hkr, Assistant Com missioner of Patent, has been ap(?ointed by the President to represent the United States at a convention called by the Fmoeror of Austria to meet at Vienna, August 4, for the purpose of discussing the subject of patents, and the feasi. bility of an international patent law. lie will leave for Europe on the *>th of July. Postal Treaties Ratified. ? The Po?t Office department has received official notice of the ratification by the governments ot Sweden and Norway of the postal convention recently concluded here between the l*nit<d States and those kingdoms. Information is aKo received tliat the late additional treaty with Belgium has been ratified by the B?.lgiaii gov ernment. The Polaris in ventilation at the nary yard Is still in progress, and is conducted by Secretary Robeson in person with clo.-ed doors, with every precaution to ire vent newspaper reporters from getting hold of ihe facts devel oped. Yesterday Herron, the steward, with the cook of the Polaris, and one member of the crew, were examined, but no new facts of im portance, beyond those already published in The Star, were elicited. The massacre of Modoc captives at the Lost river crossing, mentioned in another col umn, is denounced by every one here, and both General Sherman with the military, and Attor ney General Williams with the judicial author ities, will exercise every possible means to cap ture and punish the culprits. The Attorney General, who is familiar with the character of the people in the far West, expresses the ooin lon that the murder was committed by the ruf fians and outlaws who Infest that locality, and that it will be almost impossible to catch them. Ihb Practice Ship "Cobstellatiob" will probably sail from Annapolis on Thursday or Friday with the midshipmen on board for their annual summer cruise. It was expected that sbe would have sailed before this, but the delay has been occasioned by the examination oi the reports as to how the "middies" passed 'heir examinations. Some of those who failed will be dismissed immediately and others will be put back. Those to be dismissed of course *ill not go out on the practice cruise, and their names will be taken from the rolls before the departure of the vessel. Satisfactory Working op the New In ternal Revests Law.?Collector Friedsoin, of the 3d internal revenue district, New Fork, is here conferring with the commissioner with reference to the working of the new revenue law. Mr. F. is an experienced revenue officer, and he expresses the conviction that the new law is a great improvement on the old, aad when the commissioner's instructions are tally apprehended and carried out by officers in the various districts, the result cannot fail to be highly satisfactory. He reports the collections from special taxes in his district to be already above nis highest estimate. Supervisor McDonald, of Missouri, also re ports to the Commissioner that "the new stamp system for the payment or special tax has the eftect to make tax-payers prompt in securing license, and is convinced that under Its operation at least twenty per cent, more taxes will be se cured to the government than were obtained under the old law." Thb Postal Card Hitch?Manufacture of tke Card? Again Gving on at the Rat* of 500.00O Per Day.?Postmaster General Crenwell had a conference this afternoon with Mr. E. Morgan, treasurer of the Morgan Envelope company, of Springfield, Mass., (which has the oontract for printing the postal cards,) and Messrs. Hudson and Cheney, representing the paper manufac turing company, of Manchester, Conn., which furnishes the pnppr to the first named firm. There were present besides the Postmaster Gen eral and these parties, Mr. Wfci. M. Ireland, Acting Third Assistant Postmaster General, Mr. A. D. Hazen, who has charge of the stamp division of the Department, and Ma jor Petherbridge, chief of special agents. The gentlemen representing the manufacturing companies explained at length the difficulties under which tney hare labored, and stated that these have been almost entirely overcome, and that hereafter the department will have no rea

son to complain, either of the quality of the paper or the number of cards produced. Mr, Morgan stated that his company has bow ob tained a sufficient number of presses, and has otherwise so increased its facilities as to be able to again tarn oat 300,000 cards ot the beat quali ty per day, and that in a short time they wfll be able to produce 1,000,000 per diem. The printing of the postal cards has Men sus pended, but two days since the Morgan company sow in e need work, although of late, owing to the inability of the oaaepaoy to procure paper of the requisite quality, the number printed daily has been small. Requisitions for postal ?ara are being forwarded from the Post Of ?oe Department daily to Springfield, and from ?mumeee received, the Postmaster General believes they ? Ul hereafter be promptly tiled. AX any rate, he is willing to wait a while longer and -see whether the present company will le aMe to fulfill its premises, before revoking thoir oontract. Tjib. object ef Congressman Dawes' dspar tus# far Europe Saturday Js thus explained by the Apriogfleld Republican: "Mr. Dawes* reperfeed probable retirement from Congress grows out, net of any expected political ad vanoeaMDt, as saapeirted, hat of a flattering lastii? proposition from a foreign banking house dealing largely in Aaserican securities. The gnaeti? of Its aeeeptanoe is probably not rally daeldad yet?his vtsfct to Europe has to do with the subject?but we Are encouraged to hope that <he will remain in the pmbilo ser rice." > Thb GoeoAuw Mybtbbt A?aib.?The In tin the ease ?r Goodrich, wfco was round through the head in Brooklyn, N. Y., same tbs apo, will bo resumed ** Wedmw will testify gnitedthe ??May ?wt . MB li tb? __ hlamalf in the heaidisi three places. A Goal Mibb ob Fi*b?During a high wind eagnnday sparks frame dummy at the Liagan mines,nearHalifax. JUva Scotia, igni coal la the nt The in, up to late S eight,ahcarodno^a^as ?raksfi^.^An Thb cbolssa In Memphis Is believed te be en the lacrrass although there la no marked In crease in the mortality staeo last week. The i at gl hi weed have * " - ity-tfat Fro gibls, neither ef them over twenty * 1 of land Ui end to amheataity ftMttli , All bat two of the girls eve graduates ef Saltern schools, end two of them are proficient hi agri cultural chemistry. > What la U kf D?w with the 1< 10m nicr points is the casb. Oar Modoc elephant la likely to cause more trouble before It is finally disposed of. Some persons who profess to know a thing or two are already predicting that neither Capt-Jack nor any of his followers will he hung. The Mili tary commission will be organised by General Schofield, and will doubtless try them promptly, but the findings of that court must be approval by the President, and then comes the tug ot war. The first question to be brought before tl e President by the adherents of the peac< policy will be one denving the legality of the mil itary commission|whfch is to try the culprit* on the ground that Gen. Canby was not killed as commander of the armv In the Department or Columbia, but was killed while acting as * peace commissioner, having been placed at th?j head of the commission by a special agreement between the President and Secretary of the Interior, with full power in the premises. He could have removed a commissioner if be thought it necessary, and was specially selected f?r this special duty. The Secretary of War, In the order announcing Gen. Cauby's death, date April 14th, says Re was killed "while he was endeavoring to mediate for the removal of the Modocs from their present rocky fastness on the northern border of California to a reser vation where the tribe could be maintained and protected by the proper civil agents of the gov ernment." Praee men farther declare that Gen. Canby was not surrounded by any troops when he was killed, but having gone oat as a peace commissioner, away from his command, met his death, and the murderers cannot then - fore be punished by a military tribunal, but only by the civil authorities. A* to the killing of Major Thomas and tho^s with him at a later date the military commis sion can take no cognisance of that affair, a- a state of war then existed between our troops and the Modocs Should the President over rule these objections, peace men will then pro pose, it is said, to bring the whole question be fore the Supreme Court of the United States by suing out a writ of kab^a$ coryui. The mas sacre of Modoc captives, noticed in an other column, has created some public sympathy lor the tribe. The peace men claim that the language of the order from the War Department announcing General Canby'sde&tii shows conclusively that he was acting as a peace commissioner, and they quote therefrom that portion which speaks of General Canby as having gone with the peace commissioners, " after which he seems to have accompanied them to a last conference with the savage chiefs in sup posed friendly council, and there met his death by treachery outside of his military lines." The White ?odors of Oregon. ItLOOPY MASSACRE OF INMAN PRISONERS. DispatcLes from Doyle's camp, dated Sundav, relate the particulars of an atrocious massaeie of Modoc prisoners, supposed to have keen per Ktrated by Oregon volunteers. Saturday morn g James Fair child and about a dosen other men left Fairchild's ranche,Cottonwood creek, with seventeen Mudoe captives, including wo men and children, and Shack Nasty Jim, Bocut Charley Techee, Jack Pony, ami Little John, llie Indians were In a wagon drawn by four mul's. At the crossing of Lwt river the party encountered a band of Oregon volunteer' Wider command of Capt. Aiser. The soldier* gathered about the wagon and questioned F*ir The latter told them the Indians were all Hot Creeks, except Little John, and that there were no charges against them. Fairchild undertook to push on to Boyle's camp, and tha volunteers retired to their camp near Crowley's. On the road Fairchill noticed two men ahea'l, riding to Rocky Point as If to intercept him. When the train approached the two men, one of them presented a needle gun at Fairchild, sav ing: "Get down, von o'd white-headed " "By what authority?" ?aid Fairchild. "By mine. 1 am GOINO TQ KILL TBI INDIANS and yon, too," was the reply. The latter caught hold of the mules and unhitched them, cutting the harness. Fairchild, clinging to the lines, leaped to the ground. The poor wretches im plored for mercy and begged Fairchild to save them. The warriors were unarmed, and knew resistance was useless. They were the coolest in the party, although facing inevitable death: but the women and children shrieked, groaned and wept piteously. Fairchild had nothing b'it a small pistol, ana six inches trout his ear was the muzzle of the needle-gun. He says tears came into his eyes, and he mingled his autre*, ties with those ot' the Modocs, in%opes the mas sacre might be avoided. He adds: "it was A TERRIBLE SCENE, ?n/> J "J1 all never forget. I shudder when I tbink what I saw ami heard. The tearful voice oi the women and children still ring in my ears, but the cowardly bounds were not to be balked.'.' A shot, and Little John lay dead in the wagon, with a bullet in his brain. The mules dadied ?way with Fairchild, who became entangled in the lines. Five more shots were fired in rapid succession, by which Tehee, Jack Pony ami Mooch were Rilled, and Little John's souaw was frightfully wounded in the shoulder. Avar ahead on the road, in the direction of BoyleY carnp, a cloud of dust was perceived, indicating the approach of a team. The murderers as pi ea the dust, and shortly afterwards were riding Sergeant Murphy, of battery ? ' 4th artillery, with teamen and a teamster, caiue up to THE SCENE O* TBI If ASP ACER. The sergeant took charge of affairs and re mained with his men on the ground. Fairchild. a teamster, and the wounded squaw with her two children, came in at 2 o'clock this mornin* Fairchild reached General Davis' headquarters and related his story. Trains, with an escort were at once sent to bring the prisoners, dead and alive. No steps were taken for the appre hension of the felons who performed the bloody work. It is generally supposed that the guilty Sartles were Oregon volunteers. Fairchild is ot kat opinion himself. The warriors killed were not charged with murder. Thuoe who know them best say they hare only participated in open fights. Every one condemns the affair as atrocious and without excuse. CAPTAIN JACK'S PLRA. An interview between General Davis, Captain Jack and Schonchin was held on Sundav. The Modoc chief says he was incited to his cruel warfare by Allen David, chief of the Klamath*. He also denied having killed General Caubv, and laid the blame on his boys. Schonchin told the same story. Thb Burning op thr Alrxandra Fal *cb IB London.?The total loss by the burning of the Alexandra palace in London is estimated at *3,000.000, on which the insurances amount toSU)0,000. The Are was caused by the care lessness of the workmen who were repairing the sine roof. No one was killed, as at first re ported, but several persons were injured. The supply or water was scarce, hence the rapidity with which the fire was spread. Within a hair hour from the time the alarm was given the en tire structure was enveloped in flames, and one by one the great domes by which it was Mr mounted fell in with a sound like thunder. The large organ was destroyed, but some valuable pictures and other works of art were saved. ? There were three deaths in Nashville, Tenn, from cholera on Saturday, and the epidemic is now established la and the neighboring city of Memphis. Unless speedily cheeked, it will very likely asoend the Mississippi and Ohio river*. anil Invade St. Louis, Louisville, Cincinnati and Pittsburg, , From the latter city it may extrad to those of the Eastern cities that ham neglected theord? nary sanitary regulation*. The type of the dis ease is said to be comparatively mild. Tbb Sunday Liquor Law ib tbb Quakbr City.?Another attempt is to be made to en force the Sunday liquor law in Philadelphia. Oni Saturday the proprietors of ail the taverns and beer saloons In the city were nettled to cloes their establishments yesterday. No at tention whatever seems to lave been paid to toe nottlcatien, aad ft is probable that we are excitement the question.?PMt. L*4j*r. la WaB KA WALL SWINDLE WBS street, New York, yesterday, conviet named White being tempt to pass on the St Nichols Bank a Osaged rbech on Henry Leavy ? lea (tor S30Q. It h alto stated that an Individual named Dtx has been forging checks on New York bafts in the I name of gTh. Grlnaellft CO,aad ] on country " A BIBGULAA RPiDRxic broke oat la h I towa last week. Kvery wit* in the suddenly att ^ " ! leather! t la tae indignation of the witb a whip her gm r ?be stopped to converse la the a young gewtletoa had an antipathy TELEGRAM TO THE STAB -? TMla Altera?Plipitchw. ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS. Civil Uirhta !? M?-w T*rh <lly. LB?TER WALLAt'K'f DRFBSSE ON THRCHAROE or iiCLCDivu coloiju) raui-LB nunk New York, June 10.?The counsel lor l/WUi Walia< k, against whom lour suits have been bi ought for the infringement of the civil rights bill, hare put in their answer to the complaint made by ex-Ju<l(e Culver in behalf of the col on d men. Mr. Wallack net> up the speeUi defense. through his counsel, that be owns an I conducts his theater as a private business, an<l that he has sold and will sell tW-kets, at his own discretion or pleasure, to different persons at different prices, and that when persons apply to him for tickets, lie sells or declines to sell, as he s? e* fit. He farther claim.- the right to revokr any ticket alter it has been sold, and to rescind any contract entered into relative to admitting Sersons to his theater. It is admitted by the dense that Wallack's agent sold colored men tickets, but this was only done under the supposition that thev were for the use of other people. Wallach ssys his refusal to allow the plaintiffs to enter his the ater was an arbitrary one, as was also the re scinding of the supposed contract, in managing his private business and in directing who shall and y ho shall pot participate In the pleasures of his entertainment!, atui claims that the col ored men were not excluded because of their race. In consideration of this, the answer closes by asking that the complaint be dismissed. Th.? answer was not sworn to, although the com plaint was, and ex-Ju<1ge Culver declined to receive It as answer until verified, and returned the papers to the counsel for the defence. They wt re m nt to him M&in yesterday, within which it was stated that Wallack declined to swear to the papers, because by so doing he would sub ject himself to a suit for felony. In excluding these men from his theater he committed an act, the highest charge against which Is a mi* demtanor, consequently tie can't be indicted for felony. There is a sect ion of the code which provides that when the complaint is sworn to, subsequently the answer shall likewise be veri fied. Judge Culver demands that the code shall be complied with and until it is done he will not consider the answer valid. If the counsel for the defence continue to refuse to swear to ther answer, the case will be taken before a judge by the counsellor the plaintiff and a decision l>e demanded. FrtMe's -Plj.Tall" Uchlalloa Vc teed. MAYOR ALVORD DBCIDES THAT THB HEATHEN CHI NEK HAVI RIGHT# OfT-lDE BAttBAKIANS " ABE tOFID TO RESPECT. San Francisco, June 10?Mayor Alvord to night vetoed th< notorious "pig-tail" ordin ance of the board of supervisors, requiring the heads of Chinese prisoners in the county Jail to be shaved. The mayor takes the ground that sueli puuistment would be infamous, and that it would make unjust distinction iu violation of the terms in our treaty with China, as well a* of the laws of the United States. He also ve toed the ordinances requiring the Chinese laun dry men to nay a special tax of ? 11 a quarter for each and every Chinaman employed. The action of the mayor meets the approval of the majority of our citizens, and even those who are op{>osed to Chinese immigration. a? th< course of the municipal legislation concerning the Chinese had taken the form of persecution. Stskr* Sett a Mew Trial. Ai rapt, June 10 The Court ot Ap|<eals.hv an unanimous opinion, grants a new trial to l?. S. Stokes, who killed Flak. GROUNDS FOR THB DECISION. Albany, Jane 10 The Court of Appeal* were unanimous in their opinion granting Stokes r new trial. There are two opinion written, one by Grover and the other by Kap patto. The charge is held to be erroneous on the point that the law presumes murder from the fact of the killing, and calls on the prisoner to mitigate or Justify. Also, there were erron in excluding proof of threats by deceased to kill the prisoner. Also, an error in permitting Mrs. Morse to contradict Jennie Turner in collateral matter called out on the cross-examination ot Jennie, namely: As to whether she left Mrs Morse's against her wish, and because the de tectives were said to be after her soon after tin homicide. There were other points discussed bat these are the principal owe*. r Tert ] TOUPO WALWORTH INDICTED FOR MURDER IN THB FIRST DEORBR. New York, Jane 10?The Tribunt says that the grand jury hare found an indictment against young Walworth, the parricide, ot murder in the fir?t degree. It is not settled when the youthful parricide will be tried. FRABK L. TAIN TOR, THB DBF ADLTIBO CASHIEP. of the Atlantic Natioual Bank, was taken be fore Judge Benedict this morning and pleaded not guilty to the new Indictment round agaiiu-t him yesterday. He was then remanded to prison. RORBIBO THB MATL. Thomas Maguire, a letter carrier, was caught by a no lice officer this morning in the act of robbing a mail bag in an alley way off Hudson street. He was sent to Ludlow street jail. BariM Ctutor a ralliM Wall. Wooksackbt, K. I., June 10?The walls ot a building which was being torn down fell in last evening. At the time it was supposed that no body was hurt, but this morning the body of a lad named Xavier Paul was found under the ruins, and is now believed that a man name<i John Sheffield is also a victim. Fire al'liSwell. Lowbli., Mass., June 10 ?A Ore broke out in the pickery of the Lowell corporation cotton mill this asoraiRg. Ths fire was soon extin guished, but the damage by water is heavy. An employe named Ross was badly burned. it Grant Usae Is West Poist. New York, June lo.-President Grant and others, from Long Branch, leave to-day for West Point. _ Mrs. Woodhtll's Condition?Mrs. Vic toria Woodhull still lies dangerouslv ill at her residence in east 31th street. She* had a re lapse at 3 p. m. yesterday, and at 3 o'clock she was attacked with a high fever, which contin ued through the whole of the night. A mali cious rumor was in circulation yesterday to the effect that Mrs. Woodhull was only shamming sick, for the purpose of having her trial, which is set down for the present week, postponed.? X. T. Star, 9th. Got. Walbbb of Virginia.-The Richmond conaspondantaf ths Petersburg Appeal says "A rumor exciting considerable interest'in lou.nalistic circles fi to theeflect that Governor Walker expects to take editorial charge of a well knowa Virginia newspaper as soon as he is freed ftwm the duties of the gubernatorial office. There are those who are already advocating electing Governor Walker to the United States Senate in plaooof Levis, whoee term expires next year. Colovbl John 8. Mosby I found at Wash ington .and soon ascertained that he was making fignt against leading Virginia radicals, includ ing Reabers of Congress, ever a vacant office. Each worked hard; but Mosby, solitary and atone, came elf victor. His friends hers claim alma, came off victor. His friends he that while supporting Grant he has no ths radical managers in Virginia, and tl have as little forhim. "We shall see < shall see," however, to quote a sage si > lore for that they , a what we Man Bark a.?Wm. L. esq., has said the atari banks at this plaoe to Philip Tabb. eeq.. ef Howard eoanty, for the sum of 943,500, and the deed (br the same has been dnly recorded. The deposit of green marl la these banks Is apparently laexkaosti bto, and the quality of the same, after careful snsjstsby Ihobest eheasMs ef New York, has been proasanesd very superior?MarlOon'. Mi., Georgian. _ wiMJAx Pamw Dmiis, a Dublin ansthsr My. Tor hfi ftcktoaass Mr. Dealing hasbeeaiMM by a Jnry to pay M* Mo Mallaa jEOW. - "4 r. ? ^ tarn! Ths lsss li at toast half a ml'ilon aT ilsJlawa LOCAL NEWS twiMiEm a*? Tim racrosar nacopBTarcTtan r>? tw? riwn T *VSTEM OP MAklia TAX iUIMHUT*. The following ctmmnnicatloa of tn? w|iflB tendent of Mn-'wnxnu and Uim wKwd by the Oovfraor to Hbt. and which will be II. ttrd to tbs l,egtslatar* this aftrraOon. tains some important recoaimendauona a* M proposed rflormt in tb* method of lu menb- in tbe District of Columkla, by which, It w claimed. tb? cost of making the same cm l* materially rHtM: Ovrx i ??r m r"* A?*E*?M??rT* T?ir*.# ?A>liKkn'S,D.C.,Jwrl<M. ( Hi*. I l.tir ikr honor hr>r*Hk to nkaH lor ro? ??? n uid cttatOcratioa a 4 raft of an Oct aatMut ator} to tkr nMlti( whn h ( ''*f> ?M r nW'tk' wrawifH" ?< K"?"tT l? tlia Dsrtrw?, au4 atoo a ?tat> uout tilnl>iltu| Mk c ?l ?( ulu at tli* pc.^ent law* in relation!" ?ut.-h asa-tnonaot*. ttrf aii<?limalr?4 tk* mffalli vm m4w Ik* p. aed tai- U?u*) art. A ron hti*"" ?"? th?? IIW ?1 action ..f ?. m fr-aa tn-?- now incarre-1, . r about a K* cral. ol tb- rrwriit ?-?*1 Bat IM addition to this acon.any 1 aia > <nfldent tbo pf ?? po*ed lav woald al?n materially io< tease the ef llc fiiri of ttiM ofltco. I'i4wtlu- pirwat *> ?wm tb- . I*rteal ram-tinaf Ibr i M(?ini lnalt#<<( the I. <arj of appeal* t canao an My WiiiW of al..Mi th"U?ai>4 four liaudrod ml I ft) M? dollar*, or nearlx .??< half of the antire e st .if thlt bureau, including stationers and oth- r c<>?tinriitl I'll** tb.- prop.?aed art tb* mww>m an- ??i?<i?l ta p. was ato ?I. ri? al abilutea, w bi la l ain? prop? rl> utilised would -mplv their .-atiro liar ami realise lh? *?? ins ? * ibw Ivc ture, tut tbu* a ? lam*] I-rc? wowld alao be ut>> tain.d ad< viuat- foi all ?m t t'lK^ and preaaur. *, and familiar with th* taxable nropert* a* w n .a w itb the rii ord>. an ad? antase of t ^u, ? alamo t'.e ta\|<a>. i aato ibr itovert tin-nt In thi* connection. I l< av? tc MlI ? v >nd || defence ?t the priu< ial. sutdinp the system imnii rated uud.r i?w admini-tiatt >ti, uam?l< . thai 4 annual aMxn?no*iit*, In reference to the e-a.:.-* ua dor tbo Into corporation*. The n<?>>nt ?)?<>? furniahea annually to ttia Lr(i>lili>t i<*nnl'l| a clo*e]y appr nutated ?a*t? male of the total valae of all tavaMe proper*. a* a dtnit' basis to regulat* the i ale of taxation for ?-a a c. Uveal y oar Al* .from tbo commem?:u.-uB ot tlio V?l year < ndtn* Juni- W. Kt, tlia i'outr-1 lor will . icr) year In> tnrtn*h?4 mth tb o?a< C am> ant <4 Uin dao fot and during aai<l Aaral >oar( proparnl In ouocopy '.f tbo dualirato tax t< la w tm b all ta?o? art- accurat' l) fuottd M?<i i bar?od t? tli?- evil) < tm'? off. a. tin* procim Bfxuro* an ac ttrtK-j- and -oatr I. ? bwh al<<?<- la wnrtb mir?tailho rubllc tr-aoarp than tha aiuoant of tbo nitira c ?t of auimal aaa>?? tnoiit?, which bocotnaa aianif^al when it t* r?mi>a baro<t tbat for aaany roar, prwodlac r-'?r adanuia* trntion tbotai iKMtka of a*..' of I bo lata corpora tl"D* had novar boon balaucod and . -uld n >t I -, an 1 C- nnrti* and l?o%fC?'?rt '?ta 'iKh^l ibo tat rat? aanarn r.-tijoctnroo, witbont actnal ka->?lod?a of rxou an appr< ktaat? ialu'' <4 all tb< property to liotaxod. an<l in tbo dfr of * no olllror. n<4 axon tbo niavor bad art) inforniatioa <4 tbo r > I or prot ablr nnldic raxonne ba> <>ud what tin y c..uj loarn fr- m tb<- i-ank rahiblt at tb>- and of oa h yonr. It i? truly not aurprialiw iliat oach ivcrMdiiif a i iulni*traiiou of tbi* city f-uud Ka>-lf "ocuik?r<4 with a hHtxy J-ht.with ut roa">irro whatM-r tn ligiililalo domand* npon ih-nt o*. > pt b\ tb- 'nn.lttn pr tea*. All thoaa ax 1 la can l? a? onlod only by a continuation of annual awaomont*. Tho ptoaant aanoaamout of pt- prn l a? n >t oxcao4 aoxont) -flxo por < ? nt T It* t ruo ? aluo, y ot th--ro art mil i-mr irr^aularitioa In tbo xnluatton whn b pro*-ut in? gaital l?- foatnr^, aIttch ait- caunnl If fb' proa?-nt tnd'pond<-nro or anxrorvtfnty id ih?' 1' ?? trict aa*oa? r*. win will dlliar tnxiowa, nano-ly in i Im- . onal ru? ti< n >d tbo in m "taali talar,' aa u*o4 in tho pro*? nt law; banc* amo piwm. if ft |x*rt> , uid o*?-u antlrr aoriion* aro aa?>-?ao<i fall net. i . valno and otbor* nmcb l>? low thr aaiua. Tlo act now propnHK I aim* to ot>xiat< a'l *.)< ?? ii r. kulai itn-* and aa<-niin? ln< ooalaMMtaa, >* bl> t axon th^ moat earnoat Mlaf tl?? l?.ar>t al appo?'a cani.ot r? nitd^. ia tbi*. tbat tb- rap rintond-nt h*a ttinrli m. ro an.|4o ot<i?<rtanity to *up*-r?i?? at 4 MH?lil? tbo actoDa tho an*. and that tha conati.nt nipari- n uf similar caao?, ,<n.| inter* rhati^o.-f t-\ porlourr* ani>nc th<-ni~lv??, wb*-n in mutual <' nta< t and in lull topai to all ifOitrAi.niiat imk.u harnion.^o di?<rguik 'iiuvi and <fl<ct tint moat difli iM? riaul:*. Thor< ar?- otbor aori >iti ahj.-rtion* to tho alia-i donniout <>f loatly M-o?ui<t >.im ?Ui> li por hapothoatrot.fitat U that lunns tho ncprvacbitad fiwyoara tliorowill l>o a rapid and atoaly riao ia our roal tatatr uiarkat. w hi. b baa n >t nowrly y.i row btil it* ???ttl"d xtandai I, and iu all tila' i- loawoe will arcriif to tbo pnl-lir ro\on?o n? w?il a- t , tax pa) 'T* if tho proaaut aa laamont aboald b* a.< lfw<i5| to bt- stationary f-tr ? m-' toara, bof.?a a i othar aaooa.mont w.tnhl to- ordotod. boeau*a tha iti r. in p. ft- at.ito of i>iiI>Ik impr. ?omouta uiuat a'.d will cau>r, lot aono tiun >t*t, auddoi. and li- avy in flation of pri- >?? in ?.?!<> and groat 'It-pr- ?-i.>u it other ar< lmn?, all of which w -uid liai* to bo ig nored Ity any p-?tp >n? ui? ut of anunal ??niaut?. I would thorrfaro oamoatly and raapoctfu i> rt*. ? ti mend that yon will advocate tbo furthei a<ibor> oiroo to the ay atom of annual aa??-M?iu. ut* until |li? District ?hal arrive at a f iut w ben tbo c -m ploti it ?f tho puhllr -niprioofttetit* in all direction* wi'f ha?o aettlod tl? talma to a f-tuwwhat permanent l>a?i-, and I bog leave to at at a thai, In o-ulintit anch Mifge*ti .na, I only repeat tliowiaho* of th^ tax pa>era,whaar riawa 1 ho. had full opponnnur toaa< ' rtain and have car. fully in^attad into,au.t I am confident that tbo plan proponed will ni-ef wtilt tlte ntiivoraal approval of pron?.rty.boldera. Yorj rtapectfully .your . l.-d onr aorvant, H A. 11*1 L Superlnteudfiit. tbb t>Karr of xtit b.lL tel. rrtd to ia aa follow*: b? tfenac/ed. f<..TIiat tliar* abali l>o *pj. ml | aeven aaaaaaorauf take* for the P.etrict -if Colom bia, who thall annually M*ea* i uudor tbo dirxdoit of Hi.- anperintondent ut ataoaamentf and lates) alt real or p. r*onal property now ar h -realter mad* taxable. The component!on of eacb ato?.ir ?tmll l>a ?ftaon dollar- p-r Pro*-td^1, That in addition to the aerx i. aa roitiiii a* ia nutAiuc tbe asaef-iuont. it at.all be tb* duty af aaid aeaoaa.>r? to perform an. b clerical or >tb"r dutioa m mny i.? rt.|iilt?d by tb< auperintondmit of aaaaaantfiita atnl ' i<fr lata*: AndJtoriil it/tirfbt,That two of aanl i a?^a aball be roakfent* of the t > untx Wa-hinfftnn, ?ne *1 all rt-mde in Oai^-fetown. aud lonr tn tbe cup ol Wukiuitng. r*Ti\iATr? po* trrionuriaw ro?i ured iti aflice . t mp rinteud-nt ut tnnwiont? and l*\e* uml-r the prop.H>ed bill rncwn??l?d to tbe L< ffalatlxo Awienitdy: Salary of auperlntend. nt of WMtaaaaiant* and tasoa, #SvWW, <?o ctork, wh* ?ball petfurm lb? dull** formerly re^umd of tbo tac eh rk, and *u.-b other dtitie* a* may regitirad bf aaiii >uperinta p-l lit. 82J""', one cleft, wbo shall f ' I. tn, n. L > lei leal dutim a* ma. ba repaired ia tbe office of *up>'rhiteiidekt of aaa-wmenta au.l tas oa, *nd alt- act aa aecretary of the board of appeals, *1.'Wi; (the remaining clerical dutiea to no p-r r>nn..lh) tbe aaaasaora, in ad.lition to tbatr dnittf IB Iha oWce of anporintentfent of i?s* ut* anif taaee loitbehM-al year endm* Jane ?t, l*7J ?Bal arr of snperinteiidont >4 apeeaam.-uta au>l t?ae?, 53 (Mi; one clerk tn bis <>ico, f one d" . #!>?'; tw.nt) two naaaatora. at ?4Ui each. #tJMv. Uanpo rary elerk* in office <4 au|-i mtcud. nt. ?2.vx>'. c- n tinnent -ip. ii??*. 91 derirnl aorvlcoe rerder.if in office .li li-trict a*ae.> r? fr. in October li. liffl, to February S. 1-C3. #J7J, aalary of two ? lerk? makinc duplicate Copt.-* of tax 1. .ok*. I t' tw. la>-e.?i, at 04 perdav. ?3K. aalary f f'oi' I rks or-parinc tax I. ? h- lor ttacal year eudiut June ? each, at ft per day each Sl^ae rnakinf k <t ho<k, total. |K.fll. bkc arin LAf"V Amount of appraptiationn rauuirad nnder praa> nt law. axclnslxa of oxponaea of .ard of appeal . far JM, aatimataa nnder pmpoa"d art, oxdnalxre t ? x |? n*< s ut Iwarluf apieal>, |I7MN. redaction ?< expeuat- under prop<a.od new act, f 8 JM The WM Inrder Trial. " DtVlLIBH IHOmCITT*' OP THB AtKTHIO IBBAJIITY THE PLIA OP TBE DBPE\<*E. Tbe trial of I)r. Isaac West fbr the murder of Henry Turner, colored, was continued at I>o ?er,l?el., ycftcrday .aud Hon WtHard Saulaburr. tor tbe defeuce, argued tbat Weat to ituane, an f ^looted from a large number of authors on tho subject of aanity aod insanltT. Tbo case wilt Kibably go to the Jurr bj f bursdav evaaing. e I>OT?r correspondent of the New York Times says;?" There are three element* in the case, powerful in I ?e law are. that speak strongly in faror of bis acquittal; West is a Mcthodi?r, a democrat aud ajtlate uulu, wluU tut victim was a negro."' Tbe same correspondent says ? The facta brought out in evidence by the state show this crime has never been excelled in the devil ish ingenuity displaced in its conception, and the nearly successful efforts for Its concealment. Weat was proved to have beea a boy ef BBBre | than ordlaary promise. He graduated wu\ credit ia Dickinson college, and alcePWAr.f studied law and medicine, without learning mach of either. His distinguishing traits since manhood have been indisposition to work, and vanity. He was always on tbe lookout fbr a '?soft'' place. He tried various employment*: at one time collecting curiosities for a projioae I museum for public exhibition, and finally wound up with a patent-medicine show in Bal timore. On tbe strength of his seu-repated success in that city he went about the ooun try boasting and obtain! m ere. he could. Tw* yean age he Dover on ? visit. Hs was credit where to dressed like a dandy, and egotistic to a degree. He was regarded as a Claude Melnotte by tbe village girls, bat his aspiring thoughts soared highland concentrated apon tbeZLaughtcr ot Mr. Je&ia Hay, a wealthy^ jected, but when assured of a that Weat had Inherited la St castles la the air, and ^^JsJy rears acw ??red his life fw'tttm an? la Balttaaire to Dover. Bete he i qualntance of aa ignorant Oera bled him la alas, aad Mad to bribe him to come to his office. Failing la this. Tar net was inveigled there aai body was skiawad, and the bona, aait, general hs asade a coal lenc the hilCnjla self of a crowd of

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