Newspaper of Evening Star, June 10, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 10, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR CROMT S. MOTES Editor. Blading Matter on Etmj Page Largest CirculatioB ii the District WASHINGTON CITY: TTTHPAT *??' ">? I87> Niw that the Territorial Legislature 1* con ?ij, r ng .-onie amendment* and modifications of t*ie health laws of the IHstrict, we think it * ? tin*' time to throw out the suggestion that we C tasot perhaps do better in such matters, than to follow as far as practicable the lead of gov ernments and states in which vital statistics and hygiene, bare been for years the subject of careful study. It strikes ua that in the proposed act there are anumSer of incongruities, which if it is desirable to have the law o|>erating or pas# d, ought to t>e avoided, such sections as propose to interlere with the established p act ce and duties of the coroner. And, also, the section that groups together the practisi ng physicians, the midwives, the undertakers and the keepers of sat-itariums. making them ap pendages to the Hoard of Health. It is a noticeable fact, that in the states where public health and vital statistics are most efficiently studied, the duties of registra tion and the dutic* of health officers are in formed by dirterent persons, and are separate and d.-tinct departments. Great Britain his ht r registrar general, who publishes annually a most valuable report, embracing facts relating to everj class of the population. Sbe ha*also a health officer, who holds a confidential relation to the privy council, and who makes reports from time to time. He also organizes commis sions of expert* to rei>ort on special diseases that may api>ear or prevail in any part of the kingdom, their causes, and the bestm*leot preventing their recurrence. Massachusetts nod Khode Island, the states holding the lead in health matters in the United Spates, have each a registration officer separate ai.d distinct from that of the health officer. The oiheT states that occur to us now that have state loards of health are California, Louisiana, Min- ] msota. Michigan, and Virginia. Many reasons * ill suggest themselves to those reflecting upon the subject, why it would be best not to com plicate the duties of the board of health with , that of registration. A record of the number of births, deaths, marriages, and other statistical data desirable, should, of collected, and their preservation be confided to the care ?t the registrar. * ? New York city is becoming thoroughly alarmed at the deplorable sanitary condition of its streets and byways, ami is calling loudly tor the elim ination of the pestilent exhalations arising in different portions of the city from all kinds of rotter, nes** The Wi?rM calls attention to the docks as white-1 sepulchres and depositories not only for the contents of thousands of sewers, Put for dead animals, offal from slaughter houses. refuse from the gas-works, scatterings from the dumping docks, and even human bodies. This Is but one count in the indictment against the health authorities Gas-works, B'aughter-houses. cattle-pens, fat-trying houses and bone-burnir.g establishments are In opera- j tion in thickly-settled portious of the city, and adding to this filthy streets and alleys, and the Wrfu thinks New York is ripe for plague and pestilence. Strange to say. the city authorities are apathetic, and are making no adequate cSorts to cleanse the city. In the trial of l?r. West at l?over, for the murder of a colored man, a large num- i tier ot witnesses were produced to testily as to the prisoner's insanity, that being the plea of the defence although Dr. West denies that he was or is insane, and says he killed the colored n;an in self defence. In rebuttal the state 1 railed over twenty of the most prominent and intelligent men in the community who testified to their belief in West's sanity. Under the cir cumstances it will therefore remain with the jury to decide the question of the prisoner's mental condition at the time he committed the murder. It is pretty safe to predict that he will l>e acquitted on the gjpund of insanity. It was reserved for the devilish brutes who, tinder the name of Oregon Volunteers, butch ered the captive Modocs, to show that it is possible for white men, having the boasted ad- | vantages of civilization and Christian influ ences, to rival and even surpass the ignorant savage in deed* of treachery and cold-blooded murder. It is fortunate for the good name of the American people that, under the decision of the Attorney General, the other captive Modocs will be tried by a military eoart, as it is evident that in the hands of the white savages of Oregon they would not have had the faintest Semblance of a trial by law. The London correspondent of the New York I Craj.kit says that there is something in the rumor that Mr. James Gordon Bennett is about to start a daily journal in London to be the ?'Z#fraU" of that old fogy city. The story is Chat Mr. Fitzjames Stephens, "the most power ful journalistic winter in Kugland * is to be the editor with a salary of ?3,u^ ? year, and that the expenditure for news and telegrams is to be I on a scale to astonish John Bull. The New York Court of Appeals having unanimously decided to gTant a new trial to Stokes on the charge of murdering Fisk, the lnghly respectable criminal no doubt felicitates himself on the accuracy of his predictions all along, that the rope would never press his neck. Lightning don't strike twice in the same place, and it is pretty bard to convict a man ot murder even once in New York city. The scandal about Henry Ward Beecher seems to work well as an advertisement for that divine. He preached in Boston Sunday, and the church was crowded, the papers say, ?'almost to suffocation" by an assemblage made tip largely of women. ????? ? <?? ? ??? The recommendations of the superintendent Of assessments and taxes, printed in our local columns to-day, are important, and should re ceive careful consideration. STRAWBERRY AMU FLORAL FBSTI - W^y VaL svery night this week, except Saturday night, at the Fifth Street Baptist Church, Virginia avenae. between ?N and 6th streets, ( Bev. C. 0. M-ador s.i Admi?ion, W cents JflHI f^STBAWBEBRT FESTIVAL?The Ladies of the Metropolitan M-th<?ll*t church, tie. rretown. will bold a STBAW BERRY FESTI VAL ia the Lecture Bonn, ..f the church, comment it.* WEDNESDAY EYENINt;, Jan* 11th, and r?tiU?aing each etrningof the week,* ice pt Satur tar- jlO-3t* festival and kntkbtainmbnt at WfcSLfcY CHAPEL. corner <rT ftth and F ntiTet*, TH1? EVENING -Mu*tc, Floors, Fruit , Swings. A beautiful F' Britain in the room will (E*.*e aii additional attraction to the envrtainni 'nt. A<fini**ion. hi rents. Proceeds for th- tenefir of tlie Babbaih School. JW * P-~3?SkS l? 55 CRNTS for beat *nd 5??i-4t Cj ph--r 1^ for new P *tal Card*. Telegrams, Jte. A (MM ran nae it, but no third person can ui ike it out. Ho* 4*41 Washington. D C J** ShoTICB?T?> THE STO<~R HOLDERS OF THE HARMONY BUILDING ASSOCIA >? ?The ftr*t annual meeting will be held at Vtilaon's Hall.aoathweet corner of Pennsylvania KiNe and 19th ?tr-e?. on WEDNESDAY EVEN JNG.Juur Uth, at S o'clock a m. )-+-*? W H WETZEL, Secretary ? |K3?A STRAW BRRRT FESTIVAL will be held at ODD FELLOWS HALL, on 13th street. Between C and D streets, br the Sons and Daughter* ?f Conference of Asburr Chun h, for the aupport of She 9* spel,on WEDNESDAY, Jane I1 A lmoi n. SIS cents At which time there will be the character afBlae Beard. Come one, cosse all' J> ?t ir3? WE, THE CltDBBSIONBD OEOCEBY ILy ??chants, sgreatoelnMomr respective plaraa ot^s'tness at half paat aeven <7H> !><e p?b da> of June t. the l* day of October, MS, excepriag Saturday n??ht?. n?vv II EGA*, JOMl O. HALL. vr.l h'cissell, w.iTwtlie, f /iSIK ??. it VKp/K?co. ^AI'LCB THV!*ON. jnM WWllBO. CBO. w CIS8BLL. J (WILL A OSTBAN V 1LSON A SCHI LT/E. DEE ?THE BharD <?F TBCSTBES OF PCB LIT BCUOnLS will meet at th* Franklin olBuiMuig 1UESDAY EVBNIXO.Jaae M, ? A. F. FABDOM. Secretary. EBMIVaL.-I be UTMieeaif bmI have thia day HI i ' fr? a> corner ot New Jerwey avaaos 4 B street tv thtlr ??w Storaroom and arehowsaw s<.>nth?ai4 corner of earns sqaars,)Cor * let and C streets sontheast. d farilniee will enable n? to snpnly GEOCBK1BS, Ac.. prompUy, aad at erLK'E A 1U imTiTi DlOflROU, , 14M Fiosnvsiu A The Wall street markets were quiet fewer (1 aj Gold ti* dull, ranging from HTj^alH, and closed at 1t<\a11T\. Morey continue verv at undant, call loam being quoted at 4a5 jwrYent. per annum. Tbe stock market was somewhat unsettled, with frequent fluctua tion*. although not to aay great extent. The feeling at the rloee waa fererwh a ad generally unsatisfactory Juy 0t^!tOo!ntfM?hSra!B!to|>i Bar But't- 8tWt. fin. WtUrt. c a.ra.un. tt\ bp. i iwjntjf&M ? ws.iaw wi v, | AWsjaAjy.vjik *w ? it v% t-?SJa*jr,mjn3 ti ?-?*a, vsm. ?* is* ! w-w-i ?! wi u\ Siw lull?Fiast Boabd. ? s>>Jan.Ajiy,i?. SDX, A?>'s, 1881 17S ?-?%, l*M. J:1* ? AT*, ISM. J? ? ?'s,Jan. A Jty.m..?'4' ft-Sb^A*. B JlrW-Ji;, 10 40's US American Gold. 17 S Currency ?"*. lis ??W flTM 14 f BaITTHOAI, June 10.-Yir/iuia?b, cld,?\; do., C. nv lidatsd, 56'?, West Virginia'*, lo\; H >rth Car lit.* a, old, 3'S ???J |i day. BiLTTIoll, Jan# 10 ?Oottou quiet,bit firm; low middlings, Flour ?ery dull Wh?at dull. Corn iiui-'*?white southern, 70*71; mixed wfttrrti, SC.V Oata dull?southern, ?(4a0; western ni<M, 47 it.*. do white. 49 iSO By# dull and unchai.ged. 11 ay nuol arg'd. Provis-on* dnll. M ss p-rk n :ui r Lard doll and a tanal. g\?? Bulk meats n niual, sh>uld*-rs, 9'?; rit *i<l-s,riH; clear rib li ies,8\s9. B tcon?only a limited job l>H.g demand; shoulder*. tl*. rib sid?*. 9\, c|??r rib s;d ?, 10. stK'*r cured hanis, l?*l(j W.-*t?rn butter firm and unchanged?receipts light. WhUky qui >t, N. Surar firm an I tnged. Nku Tork, June 10.?Stuck* dull. Mmey firm, KaH. G Id quiet, 17\. Exchange, long, 9, abort, 1<IH G'fteri m*nt? dull atid steady. Losi)os,Jii"f lo, 11 a. m?Consols op -nod at Qi'i for money, 92', f..r account. B >nd* of ISH5. 9P,; l-*7, . 10 40's, new fi v?, ??S- Brie, 4s l?. Loxdok, Jnne 10, 3 p. m.?Cousola for money, 9f. Brie,***. L<>stH>>, Jim" 10, 4:30 p. m.?The an omt of onl li.'U C'Oie into t)ie i(auk of England on balance to day ia A 225,'<TO. Frasxfort, June 10.?Bonds, for issus of 1:63. THE WEATHER. War Dfpastwkist, (tjkr, of c+trj Sirnil OJirtr.i \\ A-HISGT05. June 10.1-CS, 10:10a. m. ( SVNOPst* Fill TIIK PA-T TWrSTT-MCI Itol'KS ? The lowest barometer on Monda) in .ruing over wateru Wisconsin and ea-tern Ijw* hai tu .yt?d eastward to Lake Huron, arc mpanied by fre^h to ^ri?k wii d?,clnuoy weather and areas of rain from M i??ouri and Teiint ^eee to :be upp*-r lakes and lak" K ie. <; nerally clondy weather, rain area* and light to Iresli eartterl\ to southerly winds hare con tinned over lb. ^nlf state*. Clear or partly cl"U.|y weather over tii" south Atlantic, middle and New Ireland ?tate*. The bar>meter ha-"risen over th* northwest, wi-b licht to fresh and brisk northerly to westerly w ir>da, and clear and clearine weither. It is hiithest over the a nth Atlantic stat?* and Da kota. V. r* he ?y ruin fell during the night at8t. Lotus and M.-bile. PH.'BABiLiTiEs ?For Ki'ir Koaland fallirg ba rometer, centl.- to fre<h easterly and southerly wind*, and increasing cloudiness, with rain areas t'-Di^'ht are probable. For the middle states cloudy weather, c? ntletofr.ah,and occaaionalbrisk, south erly t<- westerly wind- aud rain area*. For th? |.>w?-r lak. region clou.I) wuather and rain, with fr.sht -brL-k winds, T.eiing to tlio southwesterly ar.d northwesterly, and clearing weather to-night. Tr< n> Missouri and the Ohio valley northward oyer Minnesota and the upper lakes rising barom.-ter, northerly to westerly winds, and clear and clearing wi-ather. For tbe south Atlantic states light to freidi sotitht H*t< rl> tosouthwcsterly wiii<I* and clear or partl> cl oid) weather For the gulf states east of the Mississippi, Tennessee and Kentucky con tinued cloudy w eather and rain areas during the dai will probabl* prevail; but the majority of the mornins telegraphic rep-irts from the wtfst, gulf ?tales, Indian territory. Kansas, Hocky Mountains and Pacific coast are uiiasing. >A STBAU BEBBY FB8TIVAL will be held _ MOKDAY, TIE3DAY and WKDNKSDAY KTtiHTS. June 9th, loth and 11th, at Odd F- llows' Hall. Ka*> Y?ril, for the buLutit of the First M. P. Chnrrh. Ea?-t Washington. jef-3t* oToTf ?COLUMBIAN ENCAMPMENT Ue-y No. 1.?M et at near hall, oyer Hall's store, 7th ? treet, 1 -etweeti I? stre et and Loui'laaa avenue, on WELNESLAT EVENING, June o'clock. je? It W B MrLE sN. S rib--. n-j3?STKAWBEKBY FESTIVAL ST PATRICK'S NEW CHCRCH. TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY EVE NINGS, June loth, 11-h and lith, .9 4t AT MASONIC TEMPLE |Vs3? YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTUM ASSOCIA TIOM. CttntT Or* and U strut*. CIRCULATING LIBRARY reopened Over 1,000 new books just added. BEADING ROOM, free to all. DAILY PUA Y ER MEETINGS?11:14, ?, and9 p. m. SABBATH SERVICES: BiMe Lesson at 4:J0, in LINCOLN HALL, led by C nm.issioner of Indian Affairs; THEATER SER VICE, corner of 11th and O sts., at 8 p. in. ui27 tr * jpS?SCHERCK'B MANDRAKB PILLS.-Tlme pills are composed exclasively of vegetable ii.gredients, and although they entirely supersede the use of mercury, do not leave any of its in;tirioua effects. Tbey act directly upon the liver, and are a valuable remedy in all caee* 0f derangement reunit ing from a disordered state of that organ, Liver Complaint, Bilious Disorders, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Typhoid Fevers, Ac., Ac .all succumb to the free use of Bchenck*s Mandrake Pills. Vor sale by all Druggists and Dealers. nij-tr GEOROB W HACPTMAN, Jutttu of the Pratt, attends to all kinds of Claim* and Le "bnsinees, southwest corner of 11th and G streets northwest. mayM-ly fa* men tub karlibbt asbs to the present day, Scrofula has been tbe bane, and. a* It were, tbe cms of mankind. So terrible and loathsome aad b?a at some periods of the world b history that a person knows to be infested wHb it w?i:ld not be allowed to mix wltb eoclety. Hapylly in our day tbe disisss Is stripped of Its terror by tbe use of BamaAIta** Boot a>i Im Jvicn.aal the victim of Scrofula, Clean, Bores, Pimples, Blotches, Tetters, Ac., oaa be rsstorsd to sound health | _ ^ ^^ BOOT AND HBBB JUICES, ?1JI per battle Bold by B. 0. FORD, 11M Pa awe., and by Drop gists. DEBMOBD * OO., Proprtstors, SIS Bads Street. Philadelphia. mayW-ly How sad Itte tosea?youc wife, a mother orfamlly who requires all her physical strength to fulfil her household duties, aad ad her moral ca Cities to accept the responsibility which (alls upon , to see her prostrated, losing every day her strebgth, feeling badly without being able to say whyVbut yet suffering enough to be nttorly mlsera able i This stau of weakness and lUbultT is mors fatal to her than a severe spell of sickness, for Is that case she will receive the proper care, aa in the other she will linger months after months, not thinking worth while to sss a physician about it. antii nature, exhausted, gives oat. and she ia carried to the grave, w hen a little precaution in proper time would have spared her life. To prevent, to core, nothing caa compare with the LONG-LIFB BIT TERSof Dr. L. GJBEBTRAM. They are a safe and Infallible remedy against malaria, dyspepsia, ooe tivecess, biliousness, headaches, morning sickness_ and all complaints peculiar to women. These Bit ten, which are sold by all druggists, are, in oog quence of their virtue aad ssoet sgresable tsata, i medicine par rrrsfi?rs for ladies. S?DB. A. PBATT, Graduate of Ohio OoUsgaof ' Dental Surgery, 411 Ith strast, hstassa D PLASTEB AND CBMBNT.-Just landing from schnuuer Red Backet a00 barrels New Tork PLASTBR and 400 barrels Rosendale CEMENT, and for sale by WM. GUINABD,6<i3 Louisiana avenue. jelO St* PIANO FOR RENT FOB ONLY ?4 PEB month, as the owner has no use for plain case. 6* octave. Or will sell un|HIH| monthly installments. Address P. 0. Bjx'II iv i 69?. It* /CARRIAGES ! CARRIAGES- CARRIAGES' Vy I have now on hand tbe largest and, moat complete aaeor'ment of Pan> I Car riages, Yictoriae, Brett*, Jump Seats,? Jenny Linds, Top and No-Top Buggies, Pony Phae tons.Ac.,Be , ever offered in the city. Also,two second hand Clarences for sals cheap, to make room for light work. Bepairing promptly attended to. BOBT. H. GBAHAM'S, New Repository and Factory, 410-414 8th street, northwest. jlO St* ^ HEAP SUMMER SlLKiT SO pieces superb quality of striped Summer S'lAs at 91 per y ard. f >rmerly sold for 81 AO. Japanese Silks at 45. 80, and Rcents per ya:d. B/"All other Dree* Good* reduoed In pries. JOSEPH J. MAY, j9-M 939 Pennsylvania avenue. AT SHL'BTBB'B je7 4t 'Ji CENT OOCNTBB. GOOD LAGEB.?If you want a glass of fresh and cool Baltimore LAGBB,stop at the basement ortheart corner 7th and H streets northwest. je?Sw* JOHN H ONTBICH, Proprietor. WELLING OFF AT AND BELOW COST. ~ fine asecrtment of all descriptions of 1 * i V OOK li je7 COST.-A # close busi d es', misses' and children's, and also centlemenb _ BOOTS, SHOBS. GAITBBS. Be , will be sold at and below coat in order to ness JOHN ANGEBMANN A SON, B.aa-lm No. 41B7th st ,opp Odd Fellows' Hall. ftl rlNB BOOTS, SHOES, f?i ^ BHD " OAITEHS. AT LOW PRICKS. strasbubgeb bbo.i, *?6 Binm STIIXT, ItTWIIJ I aad K, Have now ob hand a foil line of BOOTS, SHOBS, GAITBBS, SLIPPBB8. and LOW TIB SHOBSL ckildrea/s wear, which they s"' SlTepsii.'ttom ? cents to M s'Gaiters, fram B1 to tlAl. will sell retail at wholesale prices. Children's and Misasa Cwiored Shoes, at Manufac turers' pricea. Lad We' low-price Gaiters and Slippers for Gent's Boots, from G-nt's Shoee, from win save ? per """WHESL ||AT, OATS, 8TBAW. thave in store, A iarfs supply of Hay aad Straw, Ich I am i eaatsg at at extreo?elT b>w Sgaree Duelers aad buyers will Sad It to their advantage to give me a call, as I am datermlned to eell at a grew reduction, to curUUI stoch. Also, in More, ten thau Bi lea m >u C >ro,which and Straw. reduction, \a tunuiaw a. ?u sard bush- Is Oats41 ve thnimsnd buslwls will i<e Included la the sacrlSca oa Hay i f IUW(I jsidt 999 7th Snet south wast. N POSITIVELY BILLING OFF OF AN ENTIRE STOCK OF DRY AND FANCY GOODS AT COST TO CLOSE BUSINESS. We fall th- attention of tta? community t o this ?%!??, especially requesting dealers toe* amine our stock, a* our aim is to disp?>se of the stock quickly. The Btock ennsiata of mn article generally kept in first class dry goods Houses, and aa every article in oar house is bought by an experienced aud el"ae buyer for (?)<,? gr?at ixar.y J.b Lots can be pick?d up. 1.000 dosen Green A Daniels' SPOOL COTTON at .v cent* per dot en. SOO pounds of BLACK THBEAD at SO, 60 an* 70 cents per pound. A large Mock of UOSIEHT, and all oth?r articles in proportion. On bills OTer $100 a credit of three months against approved interest bearing note* will l> > given Call toon andaave muey at the BED FRONT, 106 7th street. ji 10-381 BKHRENS BROS., Proprietor* s HENANDOA1I ALUM SPRINGS, Of EN FOR ? OAK VERS. M Alcm, Chalybeate and Sulphur Waters;J mountain air; supply of ice. Addre?s A J. M YEB8, Orkney Spring-. Shenan doah county, Va. jlO e?2w* IN TI1E3UPREME COURT OF THE DISTRICT or OOLUMHU, T?? J?H'. 1873. IIkmhetta P. Pkitkr. Adtn'r of Alexander L-e and oth-rs, r?. Malcolm Seatoji and other*.? Equity No. 928 William B Webb, the trmte> appointed by th* decree passed In this cause to make sale of the real estate in the proceedings therein particularly men tioned, having reported tetlm court that h- sold Let I,in suuare 410, to Charles Ii Chnrcli, for S~0S.>?; Lots 2, 3. 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8. in sail square 410, to Charles B Church, for $4,1.172; Lots 9,10.11,12, 13, 14, ai*d IS. in said square 410, to Charles II. Church,for ?4 M2 Si'; and Lot IS in s?id ?iaare 410, to said Charles II Church, fir ?C4S; and that tte purchaser ha- Complied with the terms of sa]<> us prescribed by said detree: It ia by the court this 101 h day of Juno, 1873, or dered that the said several sales be, and the sam" ara hereby, ratified and confirmed, unless cans- to the rontr-ry thereof be shown on or before the fir-t TUESDAY in July; provid -d a copy ..f this order be published in some newspaper in the city of Wash ington once a week for three wwks before the first Tii'-day in Jul>. By the C >urt?A. WYLIE A True Copy?Test. It. J. MEIGS, t'l Tk, jelu t.3t by L P WILLIAMS. Ass t Clerk IN THE SI PRIME COURT OF THE DIS TBICT OF COLUMBIA. WlLItSM S Ht ^TlSGTO*, Cashier, vs. RoBEUT J. Waleik,et al.?Equity docket, No. ?. Henry C. Swain, the Trustee appointed in this cause to make sale of the real ? state in the proceed ings mentioned, having reported to the Court that he did, on the 2Sth of No\ember, 1S72,sell part of Lot C, in square 630, to T. T. Crittenden for $162, to John O'Leary, part of L>t3, in square 630, f>r .*512 52, and par* of Lot B, In th> same sqnare, to said O'Leary.for ?478 S?; and that said purchasers have complied with theteruisof said salo aa required by said decree. It ia by the Court this 10th day of June, 1873, or dered that the said sales be ratified acd confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof be shown to the Court on or before the 2,1 <tnv of July, 1<7:I, provided a rpv of this order be published in some newspaper published in the city of Washington one* a we?k for three weeks, before the said 3d day of Julv. 147.1 By the Court: A. WYLIE. Test: ?R J MElGS,Clerk Uy L. P. W1 LLI^MS, Ass't. Clerk. jelo-t law3w rjrHIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE,That the subscribers 1 have obtained from the Supreme Court of the Dis trict of Columbia, holding a special term, letters teetamentarr on the personal estate of JOHN P. HILTON, late of Washington county. I>. C., deceas<sl. All persons having claims aeainst the said decease*! are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscribers, on or before the 6th day of June next: they may other wise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under our hands this 6tb day of June, 1873. JNO. T. GIVEN, CARBERRY S. HILTON, jlP-tu.Sw* Executors. BOAliL OF PUBLIC WORKS, Dhtr:ct or Cotxmbia, Washington, June 7,1873. Notice is hereby given to all p- rsons h iving con tracts with the Board of Public Works for Sodding to suipetid opera: ions until further orders. ?\\ here streets are laid out for parking, however, the property hoklers will be permitted to tw>J at their own ex pet;?, should they deafre to do so,up.<u proper application at the office of the Board, By order of the B -ard. CH AS 8 JOHNSON, As-'t Secretary. j9-3t |Chronicle and Republican | tVOTICE TO ALL PERSO?S RESIDING IN i v First, Second and Third Ward, de?iring the ser vices of the Chimney Sweep. Leave your notices At boxes located as follows:?First bog, corner 9'h and K Streets; Second, Central Guardhouse; Third, cor ner 13th and F streets northwest; Kmr.h, corner 12th atreet and New York avenue northwest; Fifth, Hth and L streets; Sixth box, corner 19th street and Pennsylvania avenue; Seventh box,SOtli aud I sts., tquire Taylor's. Leave your notices as stated, and they shall be promptly aMended to on the first aud second day after living them. jej Jt* ANTHONY BANKS, S ip't IkRESI no- DS LF AT liH AND aa CENTS. 100 piece* DRESS GOODS reduced to 12^* cents. ilOO pieces DkESS GOODS reduced to 25 cents. Id in k Grenadines, Summer Silks, Liuen Lawus, Linen Suitings, at r?.daced |^(?*p^ j j9 2t 93(4 Pennsylvania avenue IVOTK'E.-Ou and after WEDNESDAY, June i_ v Jith, the Coach will run from New, York avenue ard 7th street to Olenwood < emetery every WEDNESDAY AFTEB NOON. [j?9 6t*] HUGDELY A BOWEN I OOK AT SHUSTEB'S Li je7 4t I as CENT COUNTEB t?QAK HALL" CLOTHING HOUSE. TO OUR PATRONS, UR EE11NU: Finding br past experience that nothing has erer met and filled the want* of a0 great a proportion of our ctutomers aa our FAMVl'l 111 SCIT, Of ft ALL-WOOL #11 SUIT, otr* SHRUNK ?11 SUIT, We have made the moat unparalleled preparations to suit and fit everybody in OAK HALLS univer sally kaown specialty, THE POPULAB 111 SUIT. The season (opening late) will be short; we mean to make it "sharp and declaive." To better secure that end. we have MATERI ALLY SEDUCED ALL OUR PRICES. OUR HANDSOME STOCK MUST GO RAPID LY. OUR GROANING COUNTERS MCsT BE RID OF THEIR WEIGHT SPEEDILY. We are severely In earnest when we say that oar Miagnlttcent and universally adaptable stock of MEN'S, BOYS', YOUTHS', AND GHILDBEN'S riNE, COMMON AND MEDIUM DRE8S BUSINESS. EATIGUE AND WOBK ING SUITS AND SINGLE GAR MENTS Will be positively offered at prices as must ensure ?peecy sales by placing them within easy reaah of all. Respectfully, J. H SMITH * CO., OAK HALL CLOTHIERS AND TAILORS. 7th SrKEgT, next to Parker's. N. B.?Those looking for BOYS' CLOTHING should call at "Oak Hall." P 8.?FRENCH, bNGLISH and AMERICAN GOODS for Custom Work. j5-9t* METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STOMt MORE NEW GOODS!! THEY ARE ALMOST GIVEN AWAY ! LOOK AT THIS LIST : Children's Sun Bonnets and Hats, 80c. Marseilles Hats-very pretty, fl. ? " Lawn and Lace Hats, SI " Plaid MtMlin Aprons, cover entire draas, UK. " White Dresssa.crossbarred maalin, SI. * ?? Buff Suits, 91. Ladies' white and colored Border Aprons, 25c. >4 Ruffle and Plaid Muslin do.,50c 41 Percale and White Lawn Skirt Waists, SI. " Pull tucked Skirts. SI " Puffed and embroidered front Chemises, #1. " Tucked and embroidered Drawers, SI. " Tucked and Lace do.,SOc. Boys'Calico Waists,SOc. Ladies' 8cotch gingham black Sun Umbrellas, ftl. " Lisle thread 2-but'n half GauntletGloves,Kc. " Leather Brlts.Sc. " Morocco and Im. Buasian Belts, 50c. u Ozydized and Gilt Belt Chains, 26c. 44 Wood, Painted and Linen Fans, 26c. Fancy, Wood and Silk do., 50c. 44 Black, white and col'd Silk and Vienna do., Childrens'Sne Linen Handkerchiefs. 3 for 16c. Ladies' hemstitched Linen do., 4 for SL 44 Sne Gauze Vests, #1. Gents'do. U Ahirts. SI 44 Light British and Lisle Socks. 44 Striped Socks,3 pair for SI 44 Black and Fancy Silk Bows.26 and 80c. Ladies' Bias Bilk and Fringed Scarfs, 60c. Box pleat and other styles Baffling for the neok, 26 and BOr. per yard. Eatra large and fine Damask Towels,S for SI. Splendid Bathing Towels.3 and 4 for SI-?*c.,Ac..Ac. If you have any consideration for your pocket books, you will not fail to call on HITEOPOLITin DOLLAR STORE, SIS SB TEETH STREET, near Pennsylvania a vans, PS?I have now on hand my usual full stock of CROQUET at S> ?>i S3 50, S* 60, S'aad S& Con* and look at them je4-tr JOHN O. KEItmalE. ICS CREAM PAVILION NOW OPEN. Families and parties supplied at reasonable terms. jet-Sn* Mo. SIS IK Stbkkt Socthwist. ICwAtc sobA>A?is I m hanbuey smYth'^'imra^watebS1! PERUVIAN o$\%2'mttryUVtdavtnmt' 10;>1 ttrett and Mar*laid area us. rBENCH aad ENGLISH PERFUMERY?Low*s JSES tsA'sate'isssrv ^Aissi: loth street and Maryland avenue. ,7 , OMtaty CoMtabte. Debts ?? Collection of sUiass icited. Office with jus wwtkwaat corner Uth [Sepj wair WANTS. \\* ANTklfc-A WBVaHT-m elderly ?T?-?o YY pr.ferred ? to4* general housework. Call at the Corner of 14th iM! E streets, H v 400. j 10 I * YYT ANTED?A TEN ANT,for iht*eorloirr?.*<; ?' snitable for housekeeping, at Mo. 1999 7th street northwest. jl? 3 * \V AN TIP-At Dr. r?|(V IIM I ?tr?at,"*a YY H n<* Boy. colored preferred; reforenens re quired Call between ? and U a. m. jV J * \VAMKD-b ? I IHi ectaWegirl,* SITUATION '? a* clianh- rtneid; willing *?? assist generally. l' q?*r> at 111 l> stye'. M>-?* lat and Id. jt? 1* W' A N TkD? t?ur first-class IKOft E ItS for shirts and Edies' clothing, at CATITOL LAUN PRY, F rtrfM, tnwni 9?h and 10th jlO St* lI'ANTtU-A GIRL, to du chnmberwork and LUrse; good ?xpi. Apply 310 Ot etreet HUlhveat.M*^* C and Virginia avenue. jlO 3t* WANTED?In a private family, a LAUNDRESS, rood references required. Apply A til4 K ?t?e t. HQ-it* %% AM kl>?a sobvt ami iu>iu?trivn? MAN, with ~~ S;0?ca<h, In the rag and old iron basinet Address BAG, S'sr Office, It* WANTED? La li?-? sud gestlenen to call and '? Kintnv work iK>ne at the WASHINGTON STEAM LAUNDRY,914 F street.opposite Patent Postal Card- and Price Lists Fry, jto .V* A\J ANTED?F'ft? n*"v m-'rt t'AKTS *ad twenty vY good t>HOYEl.RRft. W- will r*y ?ff regularly ? wire a month. J.E. ZUG A CO.. 11)13 K ntr?-t, at Canal. It YY'AN TEI>?T w<i gi?od dining-room W AITERS, YY male Apply at PHILADELPHIA HOUSE, It* 602 Pennsylvania avenne. \\TANTED-A white SERVANT, to do genTFil vY housewi-rk, liberal wucei will be given tj one ? ho cnn c.-nie recnim.nd-d. Apply at 6"J6 O street,(Inland,Inear7th ?tr et. It* \V ANTED - Iti meillately ? Four experienced YY DRESSM AKERS, al?o, two Apprentices; at No 1301 H street northwest jU 3T M". M. A E1TON. Wf ANTED?A 1?KK6>M A KKK, wli ? ia an expe YY ri'tr-d operator on tb? II Se?ii:g Ma chine Arp:> to LOCK WOOD, HUrTY A TAT LOK , 693 I'ennsv 1< ani.i avenue. jlust* YY7 ANT ED? B > a y.iuiig m?n, of t*o jre?ri ex?? * ? rienci> in the rrocery bu*ines<. a SITUATION a- clerk; a age* no object: in n ?t afraid ?>f worn; good nf.rences given. A?l lre*s INDUSTRY. S:ar Offi re. jlo-f AN TED? A SITUATION, bjr an exptrienc i Y Y nurs., for ladies, or any other sicknets: beat of reference*. Also,a young girl w ishes a Situa'ion a* child's iiiir?e Address 1019 F streat north *i-?t: It* YVANTED?Several LAI'I'S, to engage in a YY prohtaMe business Teachers who desire to spend the vacation profitably will And it to th ir ad v Hii'age to call Ht room t, Iutellig?uc<-r B'lllditig, jlu 3t* \\ ANTED?W RITINO. by a btdy copyiit. Ad drew N. C. J ., Georgetown, D. C jet 3t* \\~ANTEI>- AGENtS WANTED ?t No il6TTh YY street aontheast, pay* well; uo book l>n?inr-ai. Er.<i?ire after 4pm j-9 It WAKTID-C. G. E< E LOFF wantuFOUR BoYS Y? at the B <w1iofc Alley, Nj. liJl^ E ntre?t he taeen )iih anil 13(h jirHl" W ANT*:i)- A~C66k7WAIHER, and I RON EH '? at 631 1 tlroet uotthwest. Apply, bringing reference. j?H-5l* \VTANTED?By a c-mpetent COOK AND B\ YY KER ( mal-l a position in a li vtel. in or out 'if town, to cook p:ia'.ry,Ao. Apply 1613 6tli otreot aortliwest. j jrtlt' W'ANTED?B> aYOI'NG MAN an engagement YY or neriinihent rituati <n an copVMt; hit h?>l con?ideraLle e\|>erieiice. Aldrws COPYIST, city poet office, oi Star office. je)>-3t WANTED?A c'aip- teut NVOM AN?white pr< YY ferrei!?to ct-ok, wash, nnd iron f>r a suinll tannly; reference* reijnired Apply to t?01 I ?tre?t north went. je9 flt * W'ANTEI?A good SERVANT, t.. c..ik, wash YY ai.>l ironfortwoin farnilv; iiiant come well rec. miiiend**). Apply to <?AR0, <i(li L>>aMana avenue, under Natl 'Dal Dot?l j9 3t ANTED-Bv a YOl'NG M AN a -ituatiou in the Drue hn?itie?? ae clerk ; ha- had five \ <>ar? e*porience: *atii,factory relerence giv?n. Ad lresa

AMMONIA Star office,or city p>ft office je93t VVAKTED?wKT NI'RSi. Apply at SOlTL *? street northwest, between 8th and 9 n streel*. Alii .k GIRL from th<' country not over li, for g?n eral housework. j9-2w* \\* ANTKD-A colored GIRL t" go into the couu YY trj a> nur?e. Apply at once at 1344 10th street, betweeu X and 0. Must come well r--C 'ra mend-d. j?9 2t* UANTED?Light JERSEY SPRING WAGON .? with top; al?o, one pair mule*. Addreas, ata ting price, APPLEM \N A (Ml , j. 'J 3t* 30r? 14th street, northwegt. ANTED?A plac* for two y<>ang GIRLS of 16 YY yearn <>ld one to do chamber w >rk and plain sewing, the other to do ch?mb<-r-work and takectr* of childreu. Appl> at Ko. 131*3 16th street, north west. J?-9-3l* WANTED? By a permanent, reliable tenant,ft YY six or tight room HOl'SE,betwi-en 9th and Uth, Pennsylvania avenue and M street* northwest; water indispensalil ; moderate tenm. Address, with full particulars, VICTOR, Star offi-e. j?-Y-St* LrANTED?Inmediateij?At No 'Jl.'i >1 street -Y east,onefirst-clasaDRESSMAKER. Noother need apply. je7-3l* Y*'ANTED?A SEAMSTRES9 in a small family; YY one willing ti mske herself otherwise useful: good references required. Apply at No. 014 E street. je7-3t* IV* ANTED?.A BOY. 15 or 16 years old; one who YY has sonie knowledge of the drug busineaa pre ferred. Good recommendations renuirad. Address L. E 8., bt*r office. j?7-tt^ WANTED?A competent white WOMAN, to cook, waeh and iron for assail family; refer ences required. Apply at 1340 New York avenua, near 14th street, between 9 and 13 o'clock. je7-3t* YV ANTED-To BENT, a STORE on Pennsylva YY nia avenue, north side, between 1% and 12th streets. For a good location, a permanent tenant can he obtained by applying at No. 840 stre?^ tiOrthweat. je7->t* WANTED-An INVESTMENT for oue or two years for 14.000. This sum i? available at ouce if ?ecurlty and title are good. JOHN B. WHEELER, R-tl Estate Broker, j?7-3t No 1416 Pennsylvania avenue. WANTED?A suitable German or American GIRL or WOMAN to do the cooking, washing and ironing for a family of two liviug In George town, D.LV Go.k1 wages paid to a first-class ser vant. Apply between) and 3 o'clock p.m., at the Star office. jet 3t YVANTED-A WOMAk to co >k, wash and iron. YY Good references required. Apply at N >. 316 E street, between 9d and 3d. j4 2w ANTED?A TENANT for part of Houae No. S97 K street northwest, within fi? minute*' walk of Government Printing Office. It has gas and water, sommer kitchen Bent moderate. je4 VV ANTED?Immediately?At sTnrca Quarrv, YY LABOBEBS and QUABBTME3I; atoo.MEN experienced in sawing stone. Apply at Company^ Office, corner K and Wth streets, Kock Creek, or at the Quarry. C. W. HAYDEN, Preaident. j4-6t YVANTED-HOUSE PAINTERS at FEN YY WICE's Painting Bstablishment, No 46 Jef feraon street, Georgetown, D. C. Moue bat good | workmen need apply. jel WANTED?All persons who have not ret seen the improved WHEELER A WILSON SEW ING MACHINE to call and examine it before buy ing any other. It is simple, noiaeleaa, swift?making l,Juu stitches a minute. No shuttle used, and there fore but one tension required. Will last a life time. 8 >ld on monthly payments. F. J. STEER A SON, Agents, 461 Pennsylvania avenue, near 4* street. my311m* WANTED?All those who value their sight to know that the beet "0NK DOLLAR SPEC TACLE" in the country is accurately suited to the eyesight by H .H. HEM PLER,the Optician, corner 4^1 street and Pennsylvania avenue. Depot for Thermometers of all kinds. myl> ly" YY^ ANTED?A G1BL that can comeweH recotn YY mended; can call at 933 New York avenue, to do the cooking, washing and ironing of a small fam ily. Apply from 8 a. ?. to 3 p. m? or 6 to 8 o'clock p m. mlt-tf W- ANTED? Immediately?Families or persons la need of first-class SERVANTS of every descrip tion, male and female, to call and get supplied at once. Servants also can get good homes and beet of w ages by applying at the Eureka Employment Office, to lira. LOUISE U. BUTLER, ?07 Uth street, net E.' | alfrSn Y\TANTED? Every one to know that the V1CTOB YY SEW1NO MACHINE has its m-dU *!/-*+? ns<,the most perfect shuttle in nee, rertlag in a cradle; needle tar and works of steel. Ajrency, 40* Pennsylvania avenne. Also, Branch of Mas. Dsn ?"saif? W. 0PIOH. A?. LOST AN D FOUND. A1A REWARD.?Lost, a fine SETTER DOG. v 1 U Auswtr* the name of "8cotty."?^_* The above reward will be paid if left at^^MC this office. yelo-3t ?^ F^OUND? In the Ball of the Traastiry, a POCK XT BOOK containing a sum of money, the owner can have by applying of the watchman at the wist door, and pay ing for this advertisement. j?K>-3t* J- McMOLAN. ?? C BE WARD -Loet on Pennsylvania avenue or ?D loth street, on the 10th inst., a Gold LOCKET and CHAIN, with name, Ac., engraved on the sldu. The above reward will be given If returned st this office. jelo-Jt* f OST-About the let of May, a BLANK BOOK, 1J site 4x8 inches, showing the account be tween The Evening Star Co. and Green k/JfU/J Williams, auctioneers. A suitable reward'UJV will be given if retarned to this office. jfl 3t BOARDING. 1YOABDING.?Fonr gentlemen can obtain board, IP with communicating rooms, within two miles of Washington; location desirable; stsge running daily; reference exchsinged. Address "L. T. CV* Star office. jeOJt* OOARD IE FEIVATE FAMILY.?A yoniM D lady wants BOABD, LODGING and WARfT ING in a private family, where there are no ether boarders. Terms not to exceed M a month. State particulars to-'EOSA," Box 30? P.O. /?'OCNTET BOABD at city prices; cool house, V/ convenient to the ctty: ten trains stop a day. For further information call at the Mavy Depart ment, reom ft. jef-it* CUMMER BOARDING AT BED WOOD, A DE E5 lighttnl roui>try sent; IS miles front George town or Wsnhingtoa; west side Bock Creek. There Is a pavilion, croquet ground, a variety of ftnlt, Ac., and a daily stage to the Treasury, corner US street and Pennsylvania avsnae. arriving at t o'clock a m., Isaving at 140 p. m For ranker partkulars, apply to Mrs. BROOK, 91116th str-et Ipsslg FOR RENT AND SALE. I/O* MKT?A run HUl'SK OB P ?tre?t, r ni>4t 4th,ftv? room? Apply at B>. Ill? 7<h street. between Land ? *'eeta n.Tthwest. jit1-* * OK KnT-irtuU and BASEMENT. N . 101W F strewt northw-st. N???ii K*h ?aa 1 lib Inquire ft*. J. WALTER'S, lull B *tre.? F Borthwest jl<?-3t" 1RCNT-PImmb? UNFUBNI9HBD FBotlT F? _ _JOM8 on M?oni fl s?r, with without bwdi * itfr and |?< oa hiw I >?r. 434 I street north w ft. I'ffficmiiw. jl -3t* I.^OB RKNT-A FURNISHED HOUSE 13 r. all modern in i ver> d? mb|. loca'ion. R*nt low to a good tenant. Aillr?? B t 14. StarOftic*. Jio St* P^OR BENT?Large Sri *tnry FBONT BOO* Also, two <>n l?t fl'?or; g?a, atationery wash stands, bath, ftc , 704 8:h street northwest, ab>ve Patent Office. jlo-St* Ij*0B SALE OB BXCHASUE f >r city ?rop*rty A yVuMiit re?id-nee at Bladens^urg Dep *, H. tO R.l Inquire of I. W St'OTT. on the prem ise*, or to the proprietor American Hvuae. corner 7th trwt lad Pa.a>enue. jlo-4 * F'OK RkNT-A SUITS OK I N FURNISH k l? BOOMS, a sh >rt dNtanee from any of the D Mrtuentu, reiilr?'lj For further particu lata inquire at ADAM YOUNG'S Cigar S:ore, n?xt to Star OMcw. .'IP-it 1/OR BKNT-A gnrnished H<?U*E. 130 Carr II r flare. Cxpilo Hill, opposite I'ltpitdl Gr.>u'id?. Would rent In unite of room- if d?**lr?a. A ?pl?udid place for the summer ant fall Inquire on th? pr>-ai lse?. jlOSt* F'OB BENT?Two fnrni-hed delightful Smurn?r PARl.t'KS. flr-t floor, {routing south, airy. Cool, lirtllli) , very desirable A'?>, snullrr ro^ni-, tecend story. All sinte.1 f..r hw'ekcjwi or g o tlenien Everv convenience. 403 E etteet, two squares from Po?t Office j .0 3i* L'OK SALE?Three of th>-in otiitfiMb^ LOTS n I Meridian Hill. Thow bits have a fr.iot of 5?> teet each oti Brie street an ' their close proximity t ? 16th street extended, and their ttBe elevation make 'hem choice aites for suburban residence*. T-im ?.VJU in cash ob each lot, and the btlanr* in 6, IS, and IS m<>nth?, with interest at 6 per cent. Apply a' 1321 7th street northwest, between N and O strveia. jl0-3t* h^OK BENT-Second ?tor> FURNISHED BOOM Rent loir during tbe ninmier. R Terence re quired. W36 N'-w V- rk avi-mif. t?OR RENT?Furnished or Untumish-J ROOM* or Suite of Booms, with gas and bath Appl> at No. 33 B street southeast, oppjsite t*i ' Capitol Kronnd*. ai?o. Stable. jo t * I/ORS.\ L E~- A SIX KO<>M~BKIC KHOUSE in r good order, nearly new, vithin one square of market. No. 1421 S-h street, Hw-en O aid P. Pi ice ?'.2.310 Erq'iire on til'1 prenii-<*? ].' 31* f^OR RENT?THE SECOND STORY of a tine Brick H<*use facing north and ?>ath. Bath and closets on the same fl >or. unfurnished Apply on th.- premises, No. 3114 ' Pennsylvania avenue northwest. jMt* |>OB8ALBCHEAP-D ?irab|e building LOTH ? oti K street uorth?eet. Also, five sinsll fram HOUSES on Vermont avetma. between S and T streets. MAURY A BKO., B-al Estate and Ii.?ur ai.ce Brokers, 14*7 F street. j9 <*>2w rW'lil NT -KTr M * UK D, CM), ?f?i. IN r FriiNlSHED, ?7ft. ?*>. fki. 5<S; HOFSKS and STORES. S*'; STORES, 6 $?'? OFFICES, ?S0. 824. gao. TUOS. E WAOG\ MAN. 41W 7th street. |? 3t >0B SALE OR RBST-HOFSE. 7l4 21 -1 _ strep'; pi ice rent f Si' per month; t? sts.-s sion given June 1st; has ni'slern conveniences and furnace: key n>ay b<' had at No. 717 For turth?r particulars afpl> to GBO. 8 PARKER, 613 15th street. lun FHiR SALE?A nine-room ItKK'k, B" ten r-xmi BRICK ; 2 six-room FRAMES; six f.<nr room BRICKS, w?II located, with m >drrn improvements Must be sold. A bargaia can be had in th ? nbjve property with acc'-mnvxlating term*. L B. CHATMaN, Carpenter and Builder, j93t 11 th street, bet ween N and O. (,"*OR SALE-Cn. BLrILI>IN<i LOT on Venn >nt avenoe, between L and M streets. 45x115, ea^t front. One Building Lot on K street northw-st, between 15tli and 16th, 24x117; s?nth front; will b,? s.dd at a bargain. Alao. several Building Lots on 141 ti street, between O and R Kivepressed brick H< il'SKS 9 room*;south front, north* ? stern part of the city .with in ?1<tii improve ment* on long titn"; small cash pajuints, balance monthly. Also, ? pressed brick HOUSES; tw -story and bastnietit: H ro>ms, water and gas, la'r->be and ranee; nortl.eas'erti part ot city; small carh pny ment, and balanc?? monthly. One FRAME HOUSE, 7 rooms and haU; lot M < l*v lit), #5nu cash, balau<- #*) |s-r tu blh at 6 per cent ; uortTiwesteoi pxrt of city. MOULTON4BKAIHARD. 6?3 15th street, je9 1w* Opposite P 8. Treasury. LHiR RENT?PLEASANT BOOMS, facing the r Capital and Botanical Oardetis, on >1 street. No. 104. j7-3t* |>OR KKS"T- UNFUBM>HED BOOM-i, en ? suite or single, w th or without b ard, 319 0 street northwest. j7-3t* 1/OB RENT?Two or thre< Unfurnished ROOMS, first Hoor, with water and batn. Apply at 9J9 5ih street northwest. je7 3:* 4^0R RENT-HOUSE , corner 19;h and F streets, _. containing t?n rooms, modem iinproveui-nt*. Apply *t 1?23 Pennsylvania avenue. j?-7-3t* FH?B SALE?FBAME HOUSE, N . lWO? ?ih street northwest. b?H?een T an>l U, eight rooms,fine hall, good yard, Ac. Terms easv In niiireat llli**8'ii street uorthwnst. j7 3' /OR BENT?Large PARLOR an t BEDROOM _ on 3d floor, suitable for on? or two g-ntlem-n Also, other ROOMS, furnished and nufurnished, at 204 Vermont a*enne, corner I street. j7-3t* fOB BENT-A NEW HOUSE $3U P-r mouth, A seven rooms, slate mantels, French windows, at thnend ol Connecticut avenne cnr^. Inquire 624 Louisiana avenue, from t to 3 p m. je7-lm /OR SAL* ?Two six-room HOUSES; water, gas, _ bath room. tltlOor fliwicash; balance month ly. L. S (. HAPMAN, je7 St 11th atreet, between N and 0 /OR BENT-Very desirable furnished HOUSE, all modern conveniences,near Patent and Pjst F F F F F Offices. ?hio je7 it THQS. E. WAQGAMAN. 419 7th st. |. OB BENT?HODSB, No. 93<? I street north r west, between 9th and 10th, contains lo rooms, with Di<Haert< improvetnenu. Inquire on the prem jses from 4 to t p. U>. je7-Jt* 1/OB SALE?On Lon* Time?SQUARE-1094, at F a bargain. Also, Lot* in Squaree 1UM, tuM, 1063, 1057,1082. 1109, HIS and 1132, '?n < asy term*. >7 Iw- l'BESBBEY A GREEN, 020 F at. F^OR RENT?pleasant Furnished BOOMS iath? conBtry, about 3X or S Biilea, with or without H ard Splendid water and shade, Ac., the health ?? st in the District; stable room, Ac. Inquire at the Star ofllce. J* St Fob sale ob rent-no. 1209 io*h street northwest, PRESSED BBICK HOUSE. 7 rooms, gas and water, large lot. Possosaion imme diately. Rttit, f?> per month. Enquire atl 000 M street. >7 3t* 1/OB RENT?A SUITABLE ROOM for Society r ni^-etiiigs, on C street, between 6th and 7th northwest,(Red Men's Hall). For.terms apply to Mr BABThOLOM AE, on 7th street, between New York aveiiae and L street. j7-en|t F ;OB BEBT-STOBE, ISxSt. with large show _ witidow,and two rooms adjoining. No PO* 11th street northwest. Also,a 8Tf?RE N' 1103 Bat. northwest, with four unfurni?he<i K ?>ms in the same bulldlaf. Inquire at the Grocery, corner 11th and E streets northweat. je7-3t* fMtR BA1.E?Two new t'RAMfei. very neat and pretty, situated on Lawrence street, bet. H.h and 19th and B and S streets, oue square from atreet car?; in a crowing neighborhood; can be bought on long time. Apply to WILLKT k LIBBEY, Lum ber MerchanU, corner of 6th street and New York avenue. je7->w f^OR RINT-Three unfurnished ROOMS, snita ble for housekeeping; water and bath Also, unfurnished BOOMfc on first floor, 32d Mis?<-uri avenue. j?-6et* L^OR SALE-That DESIBABLR PROPERTY, r the reaid* nee of the late Commodore John II. Aulick,situated on tbe northeast corner of 1 and inth streets N. W. Enquire on tbe premises. Bo. 17 39 I street Je i-*t F)B BENT OB SALE?One of the most genteel and comfortable HOUSES in the District .con taining all m'idern conveniences, with large lot,cor ner 4th and G 8 B. Bent f 30 per month. Enquire of J AS. A. TAIT. Pennsylvania avenue, No. 221, between 3d and 4th streets 8.1. je 6-lin* OB SALB?VALUABLE CODNTBY BESI DENCE. about five miles from Washington, oonsistiLg ofa large mansion house, tenant houve. servant's bouse, henery, milk bouse, splendid well of water, a large number af choice frnlt and shade trees, and forty acrea of excellent land in a high suae of cultivation. The place Is well fenced and in tbe most p?rf<ct order, and will baaold for ?9.000 ob easy terms. If aot sold within a week a portion of tbe house, with ontbuildings and garden, will be rented cheap to a family without children. Apply to OB0 TBUB8DBLL ft CO , j> ?dw Real Estate Brokers, 414 7th at. SALE.?I b?ve one or two of those FBAME _ HOUSES on T street left, which I will sell on long time and .all cash ^^DOWNMAN, je4 lw Real Batate Broker, 41S 7th street. l/OB SALE OR BENT-FOB THE BUMMEB, r a pleasant BBSIDBNCE, ? room*, 3*. miles from the city, north, and four minutes' walk to sta tion on Point of Bocks B. B , with two acres of land, stabliug, excellent water, Ac. Apply at 1419 tj street. ; Je4-lw IB SALE?Baat PABT of LOT S, square 381, on L street, between Mb and loth streets north west, aonth front, having a two-story building and attic, with large back building; all slated; water and gas. The vacant ground on east aide of bouse would take a comfortable aide building. Terms easy and moderate upon pavaMot of one-third cash. For terms apply to JAMAS TOWLES, Property Agent, B strert northwest, between Ah and 9th streoto^Ollce I/OB SALE?Very deaitable BUILDIBG LOT I4 sale, on weat side of Utb s^eet. opposite Scott Square: * by 100 feet. Apply ?44* M atpaet. be twaep lkh aad Mth streesa northwsst. je3 4r I/OB r HO FOB SALE - TWO HBW BBICK H0UBB8, Ho. 409 Bstreet aontbeaatj7 rooms* bath-loom and cellars; alao. TWO FRAilB Hot'SEB on 0 street southeast; 7 rooms; bath room and oellara. ?3 000; for Brick House, for terms, apply to 44* 1 street aorthweat. ?B-Sw" pOt ftiL*-On long ttaae, with small oaah pay BnbL^tl aad35,aonare?K,l?h Part Lot 33, a??are 398,13th atreat, near B; SP.lOx ^Snb Lota 10, and weat H of 14, square MS, Mth aad Borth Carolina avanna. 34, aqaara M4; tax title. ?treat aad Rorth Carolina avaaaa &&&agpasiK'at-tM. Sevea 7^5a rmAMB HOUBBB, lata 14x100, i/OB tAL*-*wu frtAMi lota 44 feat r ???at and Mlaatdaap, aitaatad oaaonth side of jastss? ?vsv'nTci'vtt 24 3th street aoalbeaat. ? <?" )UVB and LO*, Ho. iU? G A. JnThy US Mt?*NaTSf^y ap. laaulre of t. f CLARK, Store, SoTlBtlS Pannaylvanta ave FOR RENT AND 8ALE. fj*OR KBUI?Mo. 14111 ?M two story, ?>!?.< krtafc tram, ** ro??, cellar, I ?th rv?,ferM porch aad rv4 >-f r?few doors fr<? Bittf IVptnarni. A?flf farur ai>d Urw at corner mk and 9 streets aorthwa* ?? !? L-u? e 111 t ? TV.- rrtyigaKD boises. r 13*0 |31fc O tb*H. ?Miijfti the Church A Bpipbany 1 nun moderate Appi i ?? the Wasa, o >tr?? jet l?j I. OB KkMt-A foar story prsas-brleh PWIl LING .tar H loafed on ?.*Mk *. k??weea l-i * U<X streato. <apitol H itl, Nlu (h?c*n*r h.? ??w Bd street. nortb aMe.coatatelag l*?h? roorrta, with *aUr, |w. Latrnbie. ran*-. dumb traitor, lath-n-oni and lanndry; wttb a?pl-? c.?al aad w.~?l bniiki, and ripKi ua ran ir. the rfar, a rara chaucr for ircvriu a i W) nice nnimrr ko in tbe very Not condition. Price $M per n> tit h HESTER A RTORt K'-al E?tat<- Kg-ft'* and Br kers, irnr tf HO l-i wrw< ~ uUm?t, Capitol HiU^ L'OR RENT-A 1-auMfnl .br.e.torjr PRESSED i BRICK UOl'SK. cutitafBiDf t-s rooat. bnM<l<a ?t?r? and collar*, hath tad pant-y roow, with (aa b* t and cold water, and all modern imeroretneot*. aid ? t:\ t it to sara a?.t mat k?H. V 1 -i-e aT.Vnr with- "? *tor>* *<?> 1 mm a ire HoLLIMil BROS , Hh a:?d O. or 1A01 tth atreet. m.?B4 tm L'OR KENT-At Vin 1Mb *tr~t. (Scott Plaee.l i Fl RMMikll) RitOMt. nd|1) or en suite. at ?nnai.r price* For people remaining ia t wa during lh? rammer this is a -piemlti larunin, Imux convenient U> hotel* and can. Wall ?liad'-l and air* lrn 1/OR RENI-liait ?vi?r.- from l?lti .lr.-et <-ar?, I a f m-room Dew BRICK HH(>K. tU per [???naion gneu the lai <4 June Imalre 6ii4 Louisiana atenm", Ww??i ? and 3. m\17 Iru I?"OR SALE-A fVll AKK ??1T GROINU In the n< rtbrra section of the < it) . with the sidewalks, cut bing, aud guttering all laid aad raid t r II -r? cart pass It Wilt m-II ch-ap and on longtime Aiply to Ut'lOK A ArPlSOH. R-al ^t?t?1e Agevts, M< 1401 Hew Tork avenue. c?rn< r .>f lath ? ?a| [?rate street northwest. | Rep AChroai 1 iu*> U I/OK HKVT?ELLING BOI'SE. witn pr~aa 1 brick front aa<1 p.arMe trimmings. N<> I >07 Kt ode l-Und aienue, Mtrf?n It'll and IBtb streets, | tl.e teetdeiice of the Firat Assistant Po?tuia-tcr G n . ??t<?l for the pact tbre. aitd kalf yeara Inquire I 404 14th atreet The aboie h<>u*e bar re?-entljr Iwfd pamt<-d out?i'fe attd grained aaluat iaaid' , and put m perfect ordor. luS lui | L OR RKKT?FCRKI81IRD ROO*!>: ft bark I parlor fnmiahed a* a B<-dr<w>in, and two fleaa a? t room*, back and front, on abroad ?tory, in an < lifr1My -h>cated Dw-liingon I rtreet, near 0th; will > he rented on r^aaonahle term* to gentleman only A<*<!rrae "A. J.," Hational Republican "Die. mlk-tf IRepT FOR SALE. t*OU ?ALR?One two horae < ARKIAOK nearly new. Addr>-?a APPLEMAN A CO , j9 it' 30- 14th atr-et n rth?e-t. 1/I'k 1>AI.M korai- power KMOIHB aad I hAW HILL; n<arlyn>w. ta?1~ b> Oarr t Bichtnond, Indiana, all in good ord>-r. AI'PI.K M AM A CO , HOC* ltili atraet northweat jV 3.* 1/OR BALK, CHEAP-A One BAT driri^ r IIOR^E, 16 haiMt* biKli, ceutie and a< uitd, and a tiae trotter. To bo ooen at HOW ARD'? Stablea, O atreet, between titli and 7tk. jy St' L^OR 8.ALB?A " Lawran. e " aecoad - hau l r t'OCPEE, irjp<-rf#>ct condl?ii>o. T" ke foand at AKliKKW JOTCE'B, corner of 14th and E atraet*, f'T ??oe week only. .1 fit* J^ODA WATER APPAILATUa BOB RALB. A great variety of White at>d tl?H Mart le t>Ol>A WATER A PI'A RATI H, at man u fart urer*' prirea and term*: aecond-band one* taken in es rhstnira. Silver plate<l Apparato* aad Steal Moon ta;na to loan, free of charge, by ?>i4-lm* PALMER S GREEN. Georgetown |> R1UE CLAT FOB 6ALB. D Apply t* DODGE A DABBBILLB, j!7-tf I4HT r - ^ PROFESSIONAL. < J. FRAMES, DENTIST. 413 13th atraet. above K irk wood H uae. He guarantees aa good work in app-'ar^-^Ka ance, tit, luraliility, an 1 pnrit) of tuatei ial^4^ai for 1mm niutie) than aay Dt-utiat in ttie^* LiJ3J city. je4 1> OCTOR HARTIGaM HAS RKMOVEO HIS office to No. IW10 F street nor liaeat. aJl -#w J AMES 0. CLEPHAMR. B. S. BRAILBT fLEPBANB A BRAILET, SHORTHAND WRiTERS A LAM REPORTERS Office?Mo. 11A C atreet, between let aud M. facing Indiana agerne. aihll ly ? OHB W. HAMBA, J ATTORNET AT LAW. Bo. 8 Totmg^ Law Bonding, det-tf WaabTngton. D.<T PERSONAL. ^LND Ud CENTS for th" heat and eaai-nt C> pher O for new P.mtal Card?, Telegram*, Ac. A child can ua? it, hat no third person can make it '>ut. B ? 441, Washington, D C. jK) PARTIES INTENDING TO lbavbthet ITT for a few month*, who destri to have ?uitable care and attention paid to their home or furni?'i"d r ?< tn.- during their abeence. can make arrang?ru"ut? with a reliable lad> , in a ant of a temporarr h>ni<', ty addreaaing Mr*. S.E.J .City I'.iet Office. It* ^J0 AND CONSULT MADAM DB UBAFF, the wonderful Beer and Clalrrorant; she to the the wondertol Beer and Clairvoyant; (he to the & venth daughter of the seventh daughter; she can be couanlted at Jlif Penaaylvaaia avenoe, between 3d aud 4S street*, for a*hort time only; ahe give* advice on all boaineea matter*: tella how to recover l'?t or ftolen property; tella of lover*, and even tella the name of the peraon yon are to marry. Feea 01. All letter* anawered promptly by iacloaing #1 and ttamp. Hour*froa* 10 p.m. aiM tw* " ^tatdvolbncb," OB TBB WILL CCI By ft all dtoMM are cared. N<> medicine* oaad, an no laytefoaof hand*. Taught by Mr*. J. B. EL IOT, 4TB C street aortkweat. ap7-tr MEDICAL, &c. C'ONBULT DR RBCCB, Mo. Bll I it h atreet, / l>etween H and I. A *peciali*t ot twenty tve year* practice. J4 >w* ElecTro magneto galvanic treat MENT for net-Ton* dleeaaaa by PROF. G. P. EVANS, No. 497 PennayIvania avenue, Bd Boor. General application*, Kc., aponge bath, 80c. mlB ?-? lrn FEMALB DISEASES of all kinda treated. De scribe cage ana eocloee ft, advice and medi cine will be gent. Addr*g* lira. Dr. THOMPSON, Mo. 44* Moctk Utk aUaet, PktUdetpkia. laaT !>? M adamb Wiyo^ rfiiaioiTm ai D MIBWiri. lilted on aU DISEASES incidental TO LADMB. Beaidence and Conanltatien Roems. 911 Kb *tr?l between Haadl. Rotxna,Board.Medicalaeteedano Ac., at roagonabto price*. Tapeworm removed wk bead in two bowa. Befar la paMaai* agitaaftl treated In Waabington. aoelt-7-a* HOTELS. u"*?" Tbto BoWkMbM will refitted aad finBM It contains aU tbe modern improvements bo? ami II WRMIW mu ??II I aa uaapi vv nanaw ? oold batbs, bells, and gas. It to aoaveatortty lo cated , being situated oa_ tke line of tbe W?bto?toa (Georgetown CBy Psasung* railroad, o' which, from tbe railroad and staamboa* piss the door every two ar tueeta of tbis bonss oaa reach any ot tbe pwbtta building* ef tbe aatirmai capital ar any B>?oa ai ainssmiimt. Br L kr ? plraaant rtrtr of a few minutes Pereena doing bastoeas along (Ms Has st lbs aaaal sa will Bad B to I - - - *tcpat tbto ||TB0BW HOTEL, ?a. TBB ? 8TREBT, Bbtwbbm tvm aire hi Bra yai IMPERIAL HOTEL, JAMES BTEEB., rsomiM Pbiiwtltajha A mm. y<HBBBWAJIT^HOD^B^^ ^ mmm. In tbe city fnrtaTsfi^|ieJts"artllbe carefully^roT^da?loc? Tba proprtotoc, E. BlfiHBBDB. bag BsisrmiasB ts ?e o. rpOMi DICK, AUD BAEftT. OB AST OTHBB MAM, *a"-vnhi"'#vfin"i v?*r ctinAi, AT tU BJI U "LITTLE WOBLD." \| OkT WOBDEBFL^^MTEMTIOB OB TMB J. Moses' Blectra-Oalvanic8PECTA-4 1. aor?,aM.%M. BrSINESR CHANCES. TOIAIlli.'t LT 1 uatacnn l?r< d Mil t*Wr. at W *"* ?rj? . In'areat ae??:i-annanlij PIIfBHT A OKEKb. 900 ? m?rt , ;?>?? )jooft biildibv lot> ?ok iis ?tkttraat. k-twaea kjj ?4' Iclat.d ?>m? a^ Km. It h Mrof I W t?4 O re?f? lUkXrMt.l * I (Utri.bHt^Maail K >rtk {?#""< atrwa? good T rim ???> Pr-rerh-ar )l*-* B. MWARBBB. ?:** <' ? Mraat ^To^k m>4 FITTt RBs -i ? ^ rilllf and BOTU'B STOBE aMI be.>Mrk^ ai d ?n ma?oi>al4e mi Oat. ai K i i?* ? * ??. la and ?t i. ii t t #k-i j# t MU-t dbs* now * ?ii'i4n> - T l^lf ilersK t?? ? ^ipHf?fc,to ? wmmminr m raasmnKa1 ?;iisjr*eas?hss!ir?s^| .primTSnn ' v: .. . ? ? - s' ? I In . ?er"r<? ? .| a*|.. hrikr kl'rr ? . r ,?f Pl< Km'K a P \TTf R*<?K. ?>??* 1Mb ftrM. K"aRE~~CH AKCE-F * kal?- at a a T-~ ? STOCK AKI> FI\TI kKs* 1 ??M t*h - M.>(> B"W Mm a|f ? *d ? <!?' r (?'ii f<>r *? I'llig ????? H ?? 1Vt. V> ?.b?ngtoa. 1> 0 Dug MLB At* |4K'. ? I N - ? ?i>J ? I \ r TV REP of a B ?* and ? t oraer ? f I4t l> at ar>d P-na-? 1? an <? a* nw 11 ??-?!. K>a*n- f..t ???ling. |?>..r b-al'ti. ' ?? the nt4rnUi'?l U llw b>ur? ol i> n an < f ?? r B B B. IIUMi lHlkUlN \\l.!MU* loi mN , .. I trUl *"'< tk*m for our tfii'h eaati. a ??! (to- !?? m- ** ? n | year* I ?M going to W'U. Call ami *??t a Ixrytln pfln. k ?ri h, jH6I <??i J' MiwH.llM.iti) T^?|J tftABTIKk lia?n?? UOl PES or "J a ? i * part f ?!??? clti ran S'?l ?"*' . ?? taiii ? t-n.p-'rar* l'K*Ua#a< *''^1.1 TP I'El L A CO , Im' B?M?7kr**'n' 'I4 ,l'1 "tr "* nijs> lai IB r ACbron I MONET TO LOAN t?* REAL E>T\TE-la fU;llX> BOfl ??? lltlH* !?? MUtt ? _ ? ^ a_ - - .1 A M k* E ? A CUII .Real E?? at- ? ? -ha* . , 7, ( ? lvf, *i,1 V -I- r ?ro 8 ?ra ?lr? TO L, AN SVfjTL.VBUTB B'*?l Batatr ?imI Imuran"- B- fcara. ti.O-tf l4?* ? flfOKEV COKSTANTLf ??N" II Mi lJ To LOAl 1"! uii real Mtal^, m ?iin'? ?.< ?>i t UiO. TRl k>I?ELL * CO., mil? In.* Bra) CMat* Br *?-r?. 41* 7i(i ?t ' ok SALE r >w hra?m? k H<>C'?Ck tar. a^uar-* ft.*m ? apit"! Turk. a?-1 ih? M> ?l!?ian<-? t.? tlw D-? K nU-rL M irk< attd rlo?v to tlx- Pmo?TIvatiia a??*an? a'rrwl m K. < ar?, ??'ll tot aled, Uia^ ho'i*?? ar? ???ll l-uilt, l?? rootu* rack, can, Imh an1 c<?M ?at??r, and ???war. Trrnwrwr. Intittln w (tir rr-?uM, II* C 4rNi a atlifaO. aSy !?? I. OK f ALE?Tha PT?H'k. ?OOI? W ILL arx r I IXTl RES of ttM- MUi.aar, ai.l Fancy ? t*. N". 101 Markrt Spacv, l?*t 7th an l Rh o -rtk ?*at. | OB It | E LEN/.BERii A Ott \ Al.l ABLB rABM EOB RALE OB H ( HANOI BOB PBoPBKTT IK TIIISCITT 4 G' H t.A T b A Hit A I > XC mrr-m t?| iuf?ri.? land, aaprcially ft Waccn; l*rsa n?? T -l-acoe Barn. I?wllin#. T?naut U.-aaa and oatbuBtui**. vinrrard of M C'larord craya ?litaa, la brartuc and tr-lliMid. IK af rr? ralnkblr tinit>ar, kalao< ?? aral-la and a rll fencivl. r.-ar Uniiira'n Station, i. U F ? P K B , Ui bpotc) h ai.i* < utit) 'Pi-tcr, walj B A. PlllLLIPb, arlT Sci IN V?l atrant, Ofurpluwii D O RARE CB AMCB to parcha*? a good STORE tat ? I'WELLIKO rb?ar. mar nrw markat, Ttk ?trvt-t, ho. ITU, Pru.giAuC. tam* aaay UAMtLToH A PEAR^B. mBiff T M C A Building, ftk auJ D * || O I! b E V O B BALE. Tha larga FOCE 8TOBT BOlfl. wttb threa m.-ry eitfn?i..ii. *| A E ?tr??. ri'-arlf n<-w. tw'mtf r -otn?: farnacajraa ai,d vator.vltk larira yard and mul l' il r>-ar. Tt.?- at p .prt> kaa koan r^.-ntlr put in couplet* rraair. and in vrrj c?.nt ?i.iont for ? largr, r^nu^l faanlr . or for a boarding bona* Vt III I* cold low. Irigture at Fr**?dmau'* Bank Tr-aaary. Paiinu l? ania airnw fa U-a4f COAL AND WOOD7 ^ l. tHCRirr_ \UioLEt-ALE ABI> RETAIL DEALER IB 4 UAL aVd \\ 4I4iO OF trt/vV MCSTKirTIOM. (Ifllff: Jt? PruMlliaiiitaifiiUf.kHirwti 11 and 4S atroata. l>-pot and Mill, 8iktk ?r?et aliarf, P. '?'?ia< rirer. Fair price and hn*orabl> daallnga my. In* Dcrlla $l Co., NEW YORK MERCHANT CLOTHICRk THE LARGEST VAKIETY OP GOODS, FOR GEN'TLIMKN'6 WK\li IN AMZIUCA. ALL THE NEW STTLEt AT ?iM-tr HI3 PEBBtTLTABIA ATEBCE 1873 1873 ?v SUMMER STYLES or BLACK ALPACA COATS, K>KAB r ET1 COATS. DLAOOKAL MOHAIR COATS, FRENCH SERUE COATS. LICDT COLOEED striped ALPAOA COET3 Kg RTRAT K, the Clathler, 1011 PENK8TLTAK1A AVEM E. ?|? lr Batwaaa Mkk and 1Uh j^|AKON!C MKGALIA. Wear* prepared to fnrninh ?aaotilc EuuiMBenU lor all Cotntnandariaa at FACTOB1 PKICBA. CHAPBACE, SW ORDS AND BELTS. _ ^ CCFPS, CAPS, and even article pertatolac ?? tb^ Order We guaranty all Suite aold to b<- r.-calatioa WILLETT / BCOPP, niaj K.1 lm VSA Prinlrauia annat. ^JABPETS. CARPETS. CARPETS NEW STORM' c. 0. D, CABPET BOISI, M4 Ksvbstb Si tclA A LABOB ASSOBTMEBT OP CARPSTS. OILCLOTH, MAT Tl&'Q, RI GS, MATS, Ac. taking pleaaa call ikd axamiae and iU t?aj tkf atHew Tork pn.?, at tae i- ^i^SKvf DAKBBCPTCT NOTICE -To all tke cr-ditar* DofWM BRADLEY. ELIHC KRAI'Ltl aid JOSEPH P. BBADLET, ?1 tke late Srtn of W?. Bradley A Soaa, who kava proved their clalaM, mi otbm la interaat Ton are toraoy aotiSed that the ?aid liaakrtifta hare, t>? petRiaa to tke court. eack applied for their Anal diackarfa, and that a keartag ld thair aeTeral petition* will be kad before tke Sa pretne Court of tke Diatrtat of Oolumhla, atttiU? >? Laiikruptc) . at tb<-offi. ? u{ J. Sa? lea Brown. E^ia ter ia Bankruptcy , on tkr_followtnf daya.rf, ft. Iieannf oa tke patitioa of Wm Bradley wiM be h<4d on tbe 19th t'AT OF Jrtt mL at U .< clora ai.. tka bearing at tke partittoa nfBIHia Bradley wWl be kHd on tka Mrs x>aT or >rv* Ilo'ci<*k m .and t li? baarlag oa tka pMitioa of Joaepk B. Bradley will l>e heard .n tka Sl?v ?atet Jin next, at 11 o'clock aa . when aaid creditor* mm appaar and Kb. w cauee if any t key have whv tb? pray an of aaid Teat? R. S MElOK, Clark. jet.l?J7 B> L. P. WILLIAMS. Aat Clerk j) I ? ? 0 L U T_I 0 ? . tMHWtM,#. C., AarB U. in jeraklp karatoiora exi?tingTe<we?a T|-. -,. -'^att.'SM.feBl.'TO. "t r 11k IOBK FOB LAB IBS' ABB CRIL DREkS' DRBSBBB AT ?. B MACRBIT ETAMPIBQ DEPOT, ?IT MB

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