Newspaper of Evening Star, June 11, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 11, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. riMkM ftftlly, Iu4iff At TBI STAB B ULLDLNQS* rli in mniK mi iiftfiFB *om a. m. u"MUAvr, TBI IT SHIMS STAB la aerred by IMrNKi:i?natTlM uil FU WlM,or f?in Fon C*fT? rift *<>ith. OtBiea at the mudut tw? Cmti Mrt. Bi mail?tkiw ?rattba, 01JI; ?x moo the, ??*; on* year, ?|. TUB VIULT STAR-Published Friday-flJI a J* VIbtvIiMi lctd^>M?,laMk< loag?r than ?aid for. i of advertising fnrniabed aa i AMt'SEM ENTS. riRST VISIT TO WASBI1?T?1. HOWES' (.REIT LUSDOS CIRLIS AMI liufr'i British Mfiuirrie a( Trained Animal*. For* it\ys ?nr, ON TBI LOT ?I\TH STREET. NEAR PEN S "?Y I. V A N1A ATUrC Nlaarfay. Jiiii' o, Taesday, Jane 10. Wed mr~4<*y, j urn* I I, ami Tharaday, Jane 1*4. First i if" drcrir.n t - sis American audience of the ?t?r> i 'l "?" P*M?i?n *r?i?t. 3ILLB. DOC BRILL. The di*ertn>* an 1 ee-?rtrte hmaorfst, MOS- Kt.NNKRKI.. The Clown wH-i n?v?r Sp afce. t <?(?? the tirat of hi* ?thi" 1 fTir??ii I:i Am -rica. WILLI .11 II .MORGAN, Th.- Vk?r!l l' ? ; engine Hurdle Ruler. The Irilliatt Fr*-ntli AMilet?-s, known throughout |tn' ^p? ?? th ROMEI-Ll A r RI \ L GYMNASTS. Th? w? tm' ? i*ftk* >(??? FIVB tl KPH V>Tb I \ THE RI.1R. f?rf< rn>f-d t.jr ??, .1. cmplish -4 lair'ipher. Br C. K k?-rt?-llif n??i w ir>rt<-rful evhililin of Wild B^??t Tramina null l;r ???- S i*?.-itv ever wltnese.-d *OL"(l?. THE INVINCIBLE. IM Ol NTRB.'* FIVE BENGAL TIGERS IS THF1R PEN Mi ? VTA NO, THE t ANNIBAL, Wre*??es?iih uthI oifn 'ii*- * pack of uin? fero ei?a? Hvenae, av Gr K I r-er?. ENTERTAINMENTS AFTERNOON AND EVE NINO EACH DAT DOOBf Of EN *T I AND 7 O'CLOCK. Out hour ? time t. ?*?? the Beasta in their Jen?. Ar1mi??ion AO Chiidret: uud- r JO year* TUB GRANP STREET l'A?;EANT WILL BE REPEATED ON WEPNESPaT MORNING, and aill take aditf^rem route fr na that of M >a _"ja>_. ;9 ? O?*" I ?l El?l?iti#i \Bl?l OLBBo.i ?Bb I *n ki t and tola { 43* MARKRITER'B, 'TTH BT Ma. Wh diMi, between D mod B atr??te. alaht 4oors above Odd Fellow* Hall. Cbotce O'l PalBtmgs. Erigravluga. Chromos, Ac. Btoc, >arge<? ito<* Paper Hanging*. Window Shades. Ptrtur-e, Frames. picture Oirda and T? ^KWf&iS.- '? DmrM > wnibtr Name and Bnmber. jel ly* NO El'MBl'G ? L. RiCE will mj ? fair caeb ir:c? I. r an> kiud of Ladi-a'. O-ftn' an-l Chil dren *? !*ec*nil'bai)d C! :hn.c. B ...U,Suoee,Ac. 8*3 7th street, between F aad G, ?->uth. Hot# t-y mail pra^rlT a?teud?xl je]9 ly A LL EIND* OF 0A8T-0FF WEARING AP PARELcan be ?old to the rary be?i a>n aatue addraatlnf <>r calliug on JL'STH. ? I? D itreet, between ttb and 7tb u. w. mall promptly attended to I'wh paM fl3 Bote* by LADIES' GOOna .fir MlbS MttVRKJlE, PENNSYLVANIA AVENU1 Baa rr catantiy on hand a fine aaaortnent of IMPORTED BONNETS, ETRAWi*. CHIPS, FLOWERS. RIBBONS. Ac., all 1-t *he rawest iHiKM. Ladies CAP^ aud COIF FI kjl? ,u-t rweitnl. ma tr J^EAP AND SAVE VOI R MONEY. Ladlea who have Hair Switcbea that hate faded tr m na can have th. m restored to tUatr natural ?hade m aua^rior manner. We haea a very large ? ft < ? ? ? - - * - ?. ~ ... a?r watiliri . f? r OBVV ? ? TJ Iir^V aeaotULe: t of At Carlejeery long and handsome Pw.trhee. very cheap. N..w is the toae to l>ny at ? APAME EST REN S Hair Factory .blO Uth ?t, Bear G atreet. alt lr fyOTICB.?Bargaiaa ara bow Mug o9*rM> to MILLINERY aad FABCT ?H>OD9, By B. LENZBERG S CO., B-tr t>T Market Space, AM Pi bQ DEPOT ? IT Sin<iii Etkbst, febS-tr Opposite Patent Offlca. HBLLIB?OBF. milliaorri AT COST, TO D1SB0LTB FABTfiTSRSttiP. 441 lOBCllBCe "JgEasi&zsff, r?wL?b}?\\ lanM-tr itfSz! NOTHIXO RESERVED. Ffrw^iy. fnitivp. OI R FOR< ED PALES OIR FORt EP SALES OF BNTTRE STOCK OF EBTLRE 8TOCB Jo* ss::s OB. OB. ?B ARE OVERSTOCKED AMD MUST BBDOCB, AND WILL ttfcLL At Sib a (1> Suit, at BIS a IBS Halt, at ?*? a ? ST but T*'0 MJM Y UOOJNS TOO MJAI > t.OODs MUST bA SOLO. ML ST MA AHS SKLLIMO RAFIOL Y. AHM SSLLJJiU HAPIOL V. TEN DOLLARS. FIFTEEN DOLLARS,TWIN TT DOLLABS. ? lb Suit at ?1?, Salt at Sib. ?S7 Suit at 9WV. no H tStR TATIOXS. no RMskh ya tiojis. ALL WILL Bh SOLO. ALL WILL b A' SO Lit. ALL MUSi BK SOLO. ALL MIST BH SOLO. IX BOYS' SUITS VI OFFER THE SAME IBDCCBMEKTS. ? b for aa |? Salt. ?7 for a f IS. ? IS for a Jib. C ALL atobcb. BEING THE BOTE. BL Y BARGAINS FASHIOHABLE TAILORS, mv-n Q?im Ttb aw 9 Iwttw (JBYSTAL CHANDKLIKBS. Wa call attention to cur asaortaieat of terj tie Eafct E>GL1SB CRYSTAL CBANDELLKRb, M??Wtb DIRECT 1MPORTATIOB, aid ara cffereS at aary low prices. at. w. salt, im. a c?., jewelers, jeA?t ll>7 pebbbtlvamla avbbub. I IBE! limb: BEST WOOD BOBBT LIMB at ?t per banal, u, mi wmM.m >. - t ?iir ?APIA A' WASHINGTON, D. C., WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11, 1873. TWO CENTS. SPECIAL NOTICES. Gaard again*! Cholera. It to w?ll hn< wn that if aprcper r?m?(tr i* in*tan tai eouslv taken in a rase < r Asiatic Cholera,or n eu Cholera Morbus or kindred < ??nipSaiut#, th patient la ninch relieved, and it bamnn not unfretiu-ntly that ?ueh tini*-lj doses prove of incalculable service in an ultimate cure. 1 do not wi*h to be uuderatood a* advising not to call in a phyniciau at t!ie earli-st possible moro?-nt, mo ?uch a course is imperatively M c< ssary, l u' im?? a physician ran nott>eh?d at a nomrLt'i notice. and lit" for such cases that w*now prepare NATTAN1* CHOLERA SPECIF IC, a strong. active, and eilicient rmMj, calcu lated for such (mm a* h?re mated, and which every well c >ndacti-<l family shou'd have on band or lia ised ately procure. ihirln* 1SW, while the cholera wa? r.ig.iitf .|iiite feverely in Brooklyn, N. Y., I was employed there, and it wan found thai I hi" SpeclSe ?in! grtal n-rvice, being much better than N.|UiM>a' Mixture and Sun Cholera Core, both of which were tried. It will also give immediate relief and enre Cholera Morbus. Colic,Cramp*. D> sectary, Diar rhea. and all disorders usual <\t thin leas n. full directions accompany each % a). To he had only of ARTHUR NATTANS, Dnvgist, j?9-tr Corner of U and D streets northwest. ON THE BREAKFAST, LUNCHEON, DINNER AND SUPPEB TABLE, Lea k Perrlna' Wtrrrilrriklrt Sauce 15 13DISFESSABLC. JOHN DUNCAN'S SONS, New tVrk, Oct 18 3a*'ly Agents for the United State*. EXCURSIONS, &o. t^ELElT AN.IIaL E\CtK?iO.\ or t?? YOUNG CATHOLICS' FRIEND SOCIETY TO ST. 131GOKS, POINT LOOKOUT AND PINEY POINT. Steamer Lady of the Lake will leave her 'vusrf, foot of 6ih ntreet, on SATURDAY, Jiiiie 14 at !):CU o'clock m , return ing on MONDAY, at <? o'clock a. m. Single ticke *3; tickets admitting a gentleman and Indy, ?5 Ticket-are limited, and to he obtained fr- in nitmtiersonly. 8ial?--ro< in* rau be secured at Jimes La b'-V-, No. bOi 7tli-Irevt. jll-St EYPORT EXCURSIONS. K t?n and after FRIDAY. JUNE 13, la?3, the elegant and favortte -tr.iiin r KEY PORT will 0 her regular] TUESDAY and FRIDAY EVEN- * INO eicnr-iona down ?he Potomac, leavuc wharf foot of 7th street, at 6 o'clock p.m., returning at 11 p.m. During the summer oi 1872 the** excur sions were largely patronized by many of our bent citiz ns, who fouudiu them a cool and p|e:i? tut en cape from the heat and du?t of the city. N ? effort ?kail l>" f|*red during the coming summer t? mak them p!en?ant and acreeaMe in every r'-*p*i-t. D? tertit m w ill be ?t?tii,n?l af the boat to p'ei .nt the admieaioa <.f any improper itiwim. Ho latoxi cating lienors void. Music, dining, and refresh ment* on board. Fare, siDgle ticker*, * 1; lady and gentleman, J1 S??. Appl) to WM. n. BYLE3, Agent. <>??? Pennsylvsntaavcnu*. m31-lm jjpfCCRSiONS~TO ULVMUA?! Office of th* Potoviac Ferrt Company, i Seventh Stbekt Wharf, J Washisct?>>, May 21, 1373 \ On aud after June 1 Uie sieauier WAWAsET can beiharteretl for Kxcur*it>nn to Oly mont on Montla>e. Tueedays, Wed neMlaynai.d Tlmrtday*. Thesteamer in now in complete order, having been tb->rootrhly overhauled laat winter, bbe ha* a fine, enmundious aaloon on her upper deck, and is in every respect adapted to the excamon huainee*. The Potomac ie n< w beautiful, and Olym mt in ?pleitdid condition, having been thoroughly repaired and the ar -nnds put in good order. For charter, apply at ofhee of Pot.nuac Ferry Coaipai.y.foM of 7th ntreet. m212w FESTIVALS. SILVER SPRING. (Mr. Blair's Country Seat,) T II E FESTIVAL ON THE l'JTH Offers a convenient and economiral mode of np<'nd ing the 4ay at a beautiful place iu the country, iu good company, with fine ma?ic, vocal and inttru inental. All the d>-licaci?s of the season at com mand. The trains leave Wa'hington at ?? and )? i m., 13B1 . nod at 3 and ( p. m.; returning at 2,1,6:30 aud y.JU p. ??., making the trip In ahont 9> 111111 a:35 csws ike round trip; two children tlLder 12 for one ticaet. |?hron ARvpi.l. ) jelo ft j,' E S I I V A L Tho Ladies 1>eIorging to the Conrregal in of HT. MARYS CATHOLIC CHURCH, Upper Mai lb .ro'. propusa hoWii.g a FESTIVAL in THE WO'lDS ad> iniag the re*ideoce of the Canu?Ute Fathers, J?' ?r tLis >U!a?. ah . THC^SDAY, Jc*Eia.l?73 Yaricros ainus-meots will be provided for the day kj4 evening eiittrtlitipitpt. A ten fehft Al will ?>? raffled, t J which the reualiite number r { chances is not yet takua All tho rsfrrsluneots of the season will be "tip plied in abundance, and a band of ma?ic will be m a.tmdance. "Die proeoed* will be need for the benmt of church. Jut public are cordiaily inviie<lte ai?< ?*!. mai eotd SUMMER BESOET& I^OriBRIDCE urn VPRIXGS, VA. OPEN JUNE lWeMK. Ttiis favorite and celebrated Watering place will offur additionalattractk?athisaeaooa. lti~ iosmmw* a magnlftc nt Ball E>ia, flm*-' lilliard Rotnus, Bowling Alley frf lmliw?^^ and for gentb-uien. and a orrperb Oro.{uet lir..uau. It will be kept iu a style not surpasaod anywhere in Tirginia. The water* of tliese special Springs either cure or greatly relieve most cases of Scrofula, lucipieut Consumption, Chronic BrocLltia, Chruttic Laryn gitis, Cnronfe Pnnemonia, Chronic Dyspe^tia, Chroaic Diarrho-a, Chronic Dyseutorv. Ttk*) are also a great valMia those affection* which are pe culiar to the female constitution, and as au appeti ser, a tonic aud a general restorative they are, per haps, unrivalled atnoagat mineral wafers. The Proprietor hac provided for the lawno and hali-roon a firstclsaa hand of uiuslc, and in general all tbo source* of ?numient and racrsaiitta usually found s stsuttaBgjiit&i?" icks i* within from eleven to thirteen hoars of Rn h m< ad. Washington, Baltimore, etc., by rail, all in daylight. P>a>mr? leave the cars of thorhesa peaks and Ohio Mailraag at Oosbea Depot, and now and elegant stage coacho*, aaaaing rapidly over a smooth and levslroad of oi.fy eight miles, set down the visitor* at th* Sprfngs to tea. D, J. h. ii*K ?ST The water for sals b? COLEMAN A ROO BRS. Baltimore. Deucrintire pamphlta *ent free on application. jet lsa* VdTTOJI.-Tbii popular aad vary 1 mer reaort, aaar Snicker'* Gap, surrounded by th* Blue Rfciga taunat two hours' ride by rail of Waakil Cu^T, to bow opae f?r tka r?eepUoa af lo7i- Improveaisata tone* laat y*ar: f id* p&asa la front, MM-raoai, aa kw-hoas* ftllee, a plaaoTTthe honae. The bnililngs are stone, coaatoting of large airy rsoaa. Beautiful mountain scenery. Those wishlag t* enjoy Uw cool breast* of thfc etovatad r.. !? d will uddrsas, A. 0. WRIGHT. Ron?g Hill P. 0 , Loq*>?a Oo., Va. gyBefereaoa at UW F street N VT m3n-tf y^EST EXD HOTEL, AT LONG BRANCH, N. 4., WILL BE OPENED OB THE l?ra OF JUNE D. M. HILDRETB. ?aH-Uaa*M VOUND FEET ABB FBBtJUEBT S5 in the open air and sunshine being servmtives of txith physical aad b?e{i ERCISB the beat pra t physical aad aodal haalth, aad f naei.r.rnt uxtuiiiea* a?>d " ftofi LONGS YTTY, the ?anda of person* came from far aad DB WHITE, th* w?U haowa C i'H Igih mmm, oapo*lt* th* (Jd> urj, Waaktagtoa, uTc., for raitot ioas, Troublesome Mall*, aad sthsr to feet, aad sdvtoe aa to suitable Suing shoes, treatment generally gives bam ad tat* and pi relief, ana sten m extreme casee. if none hat bl* ?hoe* are worn,ofteaeGacta a perfect ear*. Tka feet being need so c*ato*Btlr a*ed sasapional att*n t ion, aad as there to daager ia tampering with Coras or Buasoas by aaiag a knife, raaor, or otbsr uasuK abl- appiiaaees, the majority of tks iatelligeat por i of t>.? conuuaaity visit the pcaetlaalty n|ari enced Chiraaodist la order to l>ettsrl_ ^ , **y ofUm*,c*a*fort,aad health. ftlf gUEin TIB GOLD SPBOTAG4.BL u* ??, MBMPLBB. SSSfc BOa-J EVENING STAR Washington News and Gossip. I .sternal REvawrB.?The receipts from this source to-day were f 2*7,504.0#. Secretart RaiE,*Arte expected to return here trciu Went Point, N. Y., next Monday. Gov. CAvrRKLL, of Wyoming, hu been ap pointed 011c or the commission?rs to negotiate with the northern Sioux on the 17th inst. Skcrktakv Robksob was at the navy-yard to-day engaged in the Polaris investigation. He expected to conclude it this evening, and will prepare his report immediately. Mr. O. C: Fox, of New York, and Mr. Wm II. App!eton,of New Hampshire, have been appointed principal examiners in the Patent ?.?ffice. The soptuern claims commission his *u? pended oral examinations until the second week in October, and will then resume them and con tinue nnt.l the middle of November. Gn. Georce B. Williams, special financial commissioner from Japan to the United States and Europe, arrived in New York last night in the steamier Aljeria. Tub U. S. steamer Tallapoosa, from Washington, w ith the Esqnlmanx brought here by the Frolic on board, arrived at New York yesterday. Commissioner 1>kimmo.m>, of the General I.and Office, arrived at Salt Lake City on Mon day night. He was received at Ogden by ex I "elegate Hooper and a committee of Mormon magnates, who chow him every attention. President Grant and family arrived at W st Point last evening, and will remain there till Friday. Gen. Sherman left here for the militarv academv last night. The diplomas will be awarded to the graduates on Friday. The Treascry has redeemed all the out standing three per cent, certificate* excepting the amount of *30,0C0. When the first call was n.ade in November, 1X70, there were outstand ing forty-five millions. Naval Orders.?Second assistant Engineer H. K. Khoades has been ordered to the .Juniata to relieve First As>istant Engineer B. F. Wood, who has been detached from that vessel and ordered to the Yantic. Asiatic fleet. A DisPATCH.from Topeka, K?ni.i?, says tbe ri ports in circulation that the case ot ex-Sena tor Pomeroy was presented to the grand jury and the bill of indictment ignored are entirely untrne. The case was never presented to the grand jury, but will be prosecuted by intorma tion, and iiot b> indictment. Col. Abvbr Docblbday ha? been relieved fionXlutyas a member of the general court martial ordered to meet at Kinggold barracks, Kv.. tor the trial of Lleuts. Clias. L. I>avis, of the 10th infantry, and Henry F. Leg?ett, of the 24th infantry, and Capt. F. M. Crandal, 24th infantrv, has been detailed for duty as a mem ber of the court in his place. <ikn. 8< hoheLI> has telegraphed troin liead nuarters. in San Francisco, to General Davis at Boyle's camp to appoint a commission on the spot for the trial of the Modoc prisoners. Tom, a Piute Indian prisoner, having attacked the guard at Fort Alcatraz, the latter tired upon and killed him, nntiing six bullets In his body. Oregon papers denounce the massacre of the Modoc prisoner*- in unmea>-ured terms. Appointments by the Pbbsident?The President has made the following appoint ment*, and forwarded them here for record ?fosepti G. Moore, of Mist, M Trinidad da Cuba: Walter Watson, first lieu.",n*tl? Wre nue marine service; Frederick A. O'Connor second lieutenant do. do.; Frederick L. Rock wood third lieutenant do. do. rottmntUrt.?Tames E. Dein, FishklH, N. Y.; IHniel A. Beckley, Bloomsburg, Pa.; 8. C. Silsby. Idaho city, Idaho territory; Robert P. McKnight, Yirden, 111. PUOMOTIOWB TBKOCUU GOMPITITIV* Et am inations. ? Commissioner DrummonJ, of the General Land office, has written a letter in response to an inquiry from Mr. J. B. Thomp son. chairman or the examining board of tne Interior department, as to the working of the civil service rules in his bureau, tn which he says, that in his opinion the head of a bureau who conscientiously administers the atl'irs of an office, and keeps a clos* oversight over the tame, van judge as to the ability and qualifica tions of his clerks, and det*;mlne who amongst them areentitled to promotion letter than any board ot examiners wlxse derisions must be based on the readiness of such clerks to answer certain questions. The commissioner remarks that it was said of a certain statesman that he could give twenty-five different names for a grindstone, and at the same time could ujt grind a chisel. After giving his reason-* at length the commissioner eoncludesby saying, that while competitive examinations appear necessary in cases of original appointments, he believes the rules requiring such examinations for promotions should be revised or revoked. Sea* 'em te Alaska, or the mauy ideas advanced as te what shall be done with the Modocs who are not to hetried by the military commission, there la one view which meets with much favor among army officers, and that is to send the whole gang to A laska. The Semlnoles were a constant source of titrable tn Florida, but since they were transported to Arkansas, fifteen or twenty years ago, they have been quiet. The trans portation of the Modocs to Alaska would have a beneficial effect, it is argued, apon other ho*, tile tribes, and serve to keep down any trouble some spirit among thea. Seme very severe measures must be adopted a punish the unruly Indians, which at the same time will have Its etlectasa warning to other tribes. There are the Sioux, for instance, a powerful nation, em bracing many tribes, and having probably eighteen or twenty thousand warriors. They now roam over some nine hundred miles of territory from the Be publican river in Kansas to Use British possessions, and should they get on the war-path it would require thousands of troops s'd millions of money to snbdue thea. Tbb CabAl Rates ob Coal?Yesterday morning the announcement that several other coal companies were about to follow tfee exam ple of the Maryland company and reduce Ha freights en coal to tl.iiS, created considerable exefteaent among the boatmen, many of whom express the determination to turn out their stock rather than accept the reduction, whll others ?ucreeled the application or s blast of rock powder to the locks, as they said the canal was of no further use When boatmen oankl no longer make a living on it. During the day, however, the companies about to aaks the redaction consented to ship at the old rates, #1.35, Iter the preeent only, notifying their aen that nnlea these rate* Were paid by all shippers the redac turn to a uniform ntm would be Bide. On tik? understanding boats were loaded and yetfar day<* business was up to the standard of the tewtotk~?Cnmi>?rlamd Jfm. Wi. MASS TvAIM'S Suit to restrain SL A. Lack from publishing a book bearing Mark Twain's mMf ft f "I?* before Judge In grahaala New Vork ywtarday, bat the feel sion was reserved. ?9-The trial or Wagner, the 1st* el Shoals munderer, commenced at Alfred, Me., yester day. ?7?Tbe steamer Tburiugia, bearing taa re mains of Um late Minister Orr, arrived at Mew [ York yesterday evening. KTTwo brothers, Hiram and Edward Law I renoe, were snfiseated while repairing the gas works et Sastport, Ms., yesterday. mtr At the annual races ea Ascot Heath yee terday the Prince of Wales stakes were won by Kaiser, ami the AscotUakesby TThlaa. ?7-There was a heavy rain and thunder storm 1 at SI. XiOuis on Monday Bight. Several hom*s were struck by ltghtuing, and considerable I oantage done to streets. KTJmige Benedict, of Sew York, has sen tenced I>r. *. Juliana a year's imprisonment and te pay a tne ot <W. <or sending obscene printid aarter throagh the mail. KT Eight hundred dollars were paid for a box re? the foundUngeflUia benefit ance at the Academy of Music, bew York, on Thnrsdag. The auction sale of boxes netted fiTAStraan Joha Klcbols. of the Eighth ]L*. A nation was madefor a new trial, and 1 10? defendant was released ?a bail. rmo? IKW OEIKAIB TO CBIC1M. [EikUorial Corrrspentltnte qf Du Star.] Chicago, May 28, 187J. The ('Mgrcnionil McnrnoBiiU having Hn ished their mission at New Orleans, Inspected the sand-basa, visited all the oemeteries, snirfed all the diverse smells of the garden* and gut. ten of the Crescent city, given an eye to ttao bullet hole* ia the Mechanics' Institute, and an ear to the conflicting stories of the Kellogg men and the McEnery men, until life was dreary, concluded they wanted to go home. A special train was provided up river, by ? bich a portion or the party were returned to St. Louis, aud another portion (switching off at Cairo) were taken to Chicago. The gain in time by railroading over ste?mboating was il lustrated by the fact that the tilp from New Orleans to Chicago was made hi 47 hours; and from this time should b<3 d. ducted a wait ol 3^ hours at Cairo, aud the time lost in lite twenty miles trip by steamer irom Columbus, (Ky..) to Cairo, a* well a* in the transfers from the ca to the stiiimUat, and i>oni the boat to the cars again. A 1'ARTIMI. At Cairo we parted Irom Col. I>wyer, who as leader and organizer of the expedition had safely and harmoniously conducted his happy family of democrats, republicans, liberals Chicagoei*, St. l.oirsites, Cherokees, and news paper men through many thousand miles of known and unknown country. In all the per plexitier ot managing the tranxportanon, com niissariat, and general comfort of such a mis cellaneous crowd, Dwyei's sunny /"ace was never once clouded, aud the party unanimously raised his rank successively to General by land and Admiral on the Gulf. More to the puriMise they eurpr-sed him at New Orleans with a gen uinely-felt token ot regard in the shape of a costly Biiver service and other valuable gifts for hiniMlt and Mrs. Uwyer and Master l>avld. At i~r? also parted from the genial delegation ol the citieensof St. Louis who were on the trip Among the?e were a number of the active; basi ?,e/1 01 St. Louis of the new school, who bid tair to wake Chicago up to the fact that the l.akc City has not all tTie live men of the West. ' >t these tr.iv be mentioned Congressmen stann ard and Wells, and Messrs. Geo. Bain and \V C. Buchanan, and James B. Kads, the accom plished engineer, who has solved the problem ot bridging the Mississippi at St. Louis 1 he representatives ot the pressor St. Lotus, the young Knapps.sons ot the Knapp proprietors ot the St. Louis K'l/ubliean; Mr. Crane, of the I'rmix.rat. ami Mr. McHenry, ot the 77.,? .? s?ruck me as notably unassuming, gentleninnlv! and intelligent young men; speaking well tor the press status of that city. A HEW DAVT CROCKKTT. At Grand Junction we left the rou^h dia mond of the Congressional party?the Hon. Wm. Crutchfield, the newly elected member ?'rom the Chattanooga district. Since the days ol l>avy Crockett, Tennessee has always man aged to bave at least oue mountaineer charac ter in Congress; and Crutchfield, the latest, is said to resemble Crockett more in originality and style than any or the intervening line. He is a bunburnt, wiry little man, with l'oxy hair and whiskers, and though, by report, of considerable means, wears the cheapest of homespun suits, a good deal frayed at the edges, and with a pair of heavy well greased cownide brogans that were the per petual despair of the Pullman boot-blacks. "e "?t only * mighty hunter, like i.rockett, but is moreover a shrewd busi ness man. He built the "CrutChtield House at Chattanooga, which was sold during the war tor Sti5,M0 in confederate money, and lh'Vrocef^ Krudent'7 lurn?d at once into real estate in the shape ot valuable farming land. In the same prudent way Crulvhheld Crested Confederate money as fast a* it came Into hi r?w' ^ba<^?' wtich?0" ^e advance of the 5? ?t .f 150 per pound In greenbacks. Knowing the country And the people thoroughly he was of great strvico to General Sherman as a scout. When he was put up for Congress nobody supposed lie st.rod any chance of being elected, a* the l>;*Tict went democratic at the previous election i?v some o,000 majority, but his neighborstook hjiil ot him and elected him by about 1,300 tuijorit v. tBiTcaytei.n'6 speech. Crutchfield, by his quaint remarks nnd racy narratives of mountaineering experiences, had made himself vasUy popular with the whole party, and when he left the train, at Grand .Junction, it was oonceded that wo could hare ? better spare. 1 a better man." So there wa<? a general demand that he should make a parting speech while the train waited, and he mounted a platform barrow and proceeded about as fol lows: ? Gen tel-men:?We air about to part after ?at ing traveled about a good deal hyar and lllar; . meet you next winter over thar at Washington. My friend Hyne (of Ar kansas) give mt some good advice how to keep fiom beln' sea-sick when we war dowH

thar on the Gulf. It #war to lay my head back, anj tool up. I think, ay friends, in these mo-<??-ler times, that will te a good thing to do when I get to Washing ton . 1 Tremendous applause.] Gen-tel-men . e b?Te ba*u through a great country. Napo leon Bony-part truly said, whoa he threw down the pen alter deeding lx>uMana to the Ameri cans: "Thar's the heaviest blow Grenf Britain ? ver got!' [Applause ] Gen-tel-mc . I wiah yos could have gone up home with urn. I am the little dog in big rve up thar. I have got the smartest old woman, and the finest brats you ever sot eves on. We've got the tallest moun tains, ana the best whisky you ever sampled. [Applause.] Thar is Lookout mountain, from which you can sea tonr states-Tennessee, Ala baeia, Georgia, ami the dronken state. Gen tel-men: If ever you"?here the engine gave a snort and the train moved off, amidst lond cheers for Crntchfield. HAS CHICAGO WILTED? Oil this trip we had been lately in the atmos phere of St. Louis, and through a country trib utary to or allied with that city. St Louis is the city at the fatore, and even of the present. Chicago has wilted. Chicago has gone the length of its rope ami must now stand still, or go back. The Chieago men are a set of kiters. Sell Chicago out to-morrow and her assets will not realise lire mills ea the dollar of her indebtedness. Her Potter Palmers, who are building the great flashy blocks in Chieago, are building them on borrowed money. Every thing in Chicago ia done on borrowed money, at ruinous interest. It is a babble. It can't last. Chicago is away off to the northwest, out Aide of legitimate business growth. The great inevitable business center of the West, and of the nation. Is St Louis. Her assets are solid, dollar for dollar on her Indebtedness. No kiting In It. Leaial Chicago has already reaped an the l~??essto be AeSved by her at railroad building. St. Louis, which fins only Just begun to tan the great country behind It. ami to throw on fits railroad tentaclee, has al readyjpvertopped Chicago la population. Who shall piMpaii the extent of Its growth when It }*** network of railroads branching out from ?t after the manner of Chieago? This Is the talk in and about St Louis; but cncAcvo ojr sr. iouis. At Louis has been 110 years reaching the growth that Chicago has made la rorty. What Chicago has done In the past she can do in the tare. She. can always kfcep ahead of 8t Unria. It's the old story of the lasy shilling and the nljable sixpence. Chieago eaa borrow moaey to create a ctty oat of a marsh; to build fbrty-eight railroads; to rebaild the city when destroyed by Ire; to baKd water-works, canals, parks, tunnels, Ac., dtc., aad can dor the busi ness to pay fcr all these things, while powder posted St. Louie, a eeatury old, Is just begin ning te talk about baltding railroads, and has never had public spirit enough to beautify Us city, drain it, or provide deeent water for use. st- Louis, a century old, is ashamed to publish a guide-book. It has nothing under heaven to show a visitor bat "Shaw's Oardea," a patch k bequeathed*to the city by one or its ex-pork packers. The St. Louw talks are a sbirilaai setTThey keep abed m^rn lags until the hens lay their breakfast. The tMablo with St. Loals Is that she thiaks she hat a river. She has nothing but adttch, froten up !? la samsasr. St Louis Is the Great Amencaa Mlcawber waiting te tan' ev to ran canals across the Alleghanles for her benefft. she has no vim, no self-re liarce, no go. She is so feeble and *1 nwltv that the bags the idea that she will be wmething If the can only get the national capital. Her business ideas are represented by such men as the dead-beat Ilea via. 8 be fctra'r got a larger population than Chicago. By a fraud she counts in all St. Ixxiis county as the population of St. Louis. We might as justly reckon all Cook county in ours. Chicago wilt ing ! Not a bit of it. St. Louis knows better. Why, St. Louis capitalists are to-day investing in Chicago lot* in preference to their own real eotate. know whether Chicago is wilting or not. We've got the trade and we are going to keep it. In ten years Chicago will be the treat distributing cUy of the country. New ? ork will do the whelcsa'e Importing aa<l the wholesale manufacturing brokerage, bat Chi cago will di*Uibute the goods. We re got titty railroads now, and we'll have a hundred in ten years. We have not only the greatest railroad sittem, hut the heat water system In the west. We can import bv water direct frum Liverpool, and return freight the same way. St. l^ouis talk abdbt sending grain to Europe by water without breaking bulk ! Why the grain sprouts before they are half way across the Gulf; sup posing they ever get to the Gulf by way ol their ilit. hot a river. We can undersell St. Ix?uls nght under her nose?at St. Joe, Sedalia, Kan sas city, and all the way to Denver. Chicago iiillirg ' Not much! This is the wav they talk at Chicago, and the np|>earaace of things here certainly gives rea son for the faith that is in them. Compared with the bnsiness stir here, St. I-ouis seems to be literally standing still, though the latter city is doubtless doing a large, quiet, safe business. But the "go" ot Chicago is wonderful. The fact that it has been rebuilt, as If by magic, in two years since its devastating tire, is known to the world, but only tho*e who see for themselves can appreciate how substantially and hand somely it has been rebuilt. Whether or not CbicagAls to be the great distributing city of the country in ten years, she has made preparations to do the business. The new mercantile build ings of Chicago have been described inany times, and I need not refer to them, but these are only "in a concatenation" with the grand new hotels, built or in progress, that are to ac commodate the expected rush of visitors to the coming citv of the West. Compare the new Shermnn House (the carpets alone to which <*o?t COO with the shabby leading hotel ot St. Louis, the Southern! And the Sherman Is to be dwarfed, in size at any rate, by two or three other hotels In course of erection. These are the Potter Palmer House, (to cost <>n!g !?'>, <.0?i,(H?0,) the Pacific, (*1,000,WO,) and the Tre luont. (-*250,000.) The new Sherman eot?t" about *'J50,U00, anil while retaining most of its old {?opular features has some added conveniences and elegancies, which, with its sui>erior;ty of portion, will doubtless enable it to hold it* own with the biggest of its coni|>etitor8. The private buildings In course of erection are on the same expensive scale. Mr? Thomp son, president of a street railroad here, is building a house on Prairie avenue to cost (200.000, which would see in to be rather "pala tial" tor a new western city. K.M.Pullman, (ot sleeping-car fame.) is having an unpretend ing little atiair of a house built in the ?rae neighborhood, at a cost oi *I-"V,000. and resi dences costing from $50,000 to *IW/W?, are get ting to l>e a rather common sort of thing iu the fashionable quarter of Chicago. Great care is taken in tin- new business build ings to provide agiiir?t fre. Several have sunk attesian wells at heavy expense, capable of throwing a heavy stre.wu of water over the highest building*, and with sufficient force to be usefully employed in working elevators to the fifth stories. Almost every large establish ment has its own tire brlea4e made up from its eniplo\es, w ho are drilled daily or weekly, and are fiully equipped with the best quality of fire apparatus. In addition, one sees on every landing In business houses, hotels, and private houses, the patent apparatus for smothering fires by the application of chemicals. Chicago is also doubling her water supply from the lake at great expense, and evidently means to take all |>oe*ible precautions against another visit by the fire-Bend. WA8B1SOTOS1AS? IS CHICAGO. I see quite a number of Washington faces here. Mr. James W. Sheahan, of the Triltmmt editorial corps, is an old Washingtonian,but has been here long enough in this city of the New ness to be counted as One of Chicago's own. He is, 1 find, greatly respected here, both as a wTiter and in private life. Col. M. B. Miller, formerly in one of the gov ernment departments, and who married a beau tiiul and cultivated Washington girl, is now Connected with the wholesale iron bouse of Hall, Kimbark A Co. Mr. Wilmer 8. Shepherd (formerly of tho Washington tfrni of A. K. Shepherd A Bros.) is established herein a very fine busiuess; and bas against keen competition, succeeded by the superior quality or his work in carrying ofl some of the heaviest contracts otiered in Chi cago, including the plumbing. Ac , of the new Sherman House, the Tremoot Houeo, Ac. Th's speaks well lor Washington workmanship and Washington enterprise. Mr. Rankin, the architect. Is much esteemed here as in Washington, and is basily eugaged superintending the execution of Mr. Mullet's plans for Chicago's grand new Custom House and Post Office combined. . . Mr. Thomas V. Bryan, who is held by Wash ington as a citizen, though Chicago puts in tome sort of absurd ela'.mof priority title, has Iufct returned from Colorado much improved in lealth. Mr. Bryan bas several heavy business enterprises in Chicago, amongst them the '?Fidelity Safety Depository" on the same plan as oar Waahb?ton ??National Safe Depositary" en lftth street. It is one of the wonders of Chicago on aceonnt of its having passed un seats d through the hottest of the Great Fire. There are tome 2,000 vaults or recesses in this Dei>ository, and there are departments for various kinds of deposit*; tar lady's valuables, diamonds, laces, costly dreese#, Ac., as well a* for valuable documents, money, bonds, Ac. While I was there to-day several parUes of ladies, about to leave thenty for the summer, came in to deposit articles cf jewelry and wear ing apparel, in packages, or In trunks. N. Affair* at laassias. (CorrttpondUnct of Tkt Star.] Manassas. Va., Jnne 10,1873. Mr. John Hooe, an old ind much respected citizen, died on Sunday n.^ht at hia residence, "Maytteld," near this pis e, aged 73 year*. The crops in this neighborhood, with the ex ception of corn, which vras planted late, are looking better than at any time since the war, especially is wheat and gt ?aa looking doe. The fruit crop in this vicinity will be short, but con sequently of extra quality. ? Our town continues to improve, and under the act ot Incorporation we nope to have better streets, Ac. A number or new settlers, inclu ding two from the West, with their families, have, have purchased i ?xmr in this immediate neighborhood this spring, and several persons been here lately, examining town proper 8, with a view of 1 rchaslug. CoL Robert instil, lately a resident ef your city, and for merly an officer In the raited States navy, has purchased a residence here, and Mas removed Into it with his famib ? The Sunday trains from your city bring many visitors to this place, auAfer the benefit of your thousands of city readers 1 will state that a round trip ticket to Manassas may he purchased In Alexandria for tin. This, Including the boat and car fare, frem Washington to Maaamns and return would be tUft. There an many All farms in (the neighborhood of that can be purchased lew, and itraatall yearly payments, which wor.ld make desirable homes tor department darks and others of your city. 1 have a good Joke on Whiiiag, tho editor of the Mmmctt** Gemtlr, and also a justice of the X koovr it oft' hj ?w? vqmoaaI k V that In dealing out "justice" he has been apoeket edition ofWehstor'sdictionary, sapgtosing It to bo the New Testament. I sup At this writing wo have tho appearance of rain, which is badly wanted just new. ? Faux. ?7"Captaln Jack's conundrum?"Where are we I VA woman'* printing company is to be or ganized in St. Louis. 'A Milwaukee girt is an accomplished cabi in Gr< "One woman has set out 3,000 threat trees tree ley, Col. ?7* Hertford, Conn., had an i the other day. WKew Eagland 1c already complaining ot the want of ran. ?TThe Louisville Courier-Journal oalls ana's now diverse law the Philadelphia la to debt for t added to its WThe Baltimore pobce have Jnatl sr.3VferSttEMr ?7" Three boys and a girt Milwaukee's ceasas by an r matron last week. TELEGRAM TO THE STAB This ifltraml BUlMtckaa. ASSOCIATED rRKSS REPORTS. Tkf VifBM RipwillM. THI KVIDEXd AilAljUcT VAN Ml ?l* New Yorr, >Ium 11.?It U tUh-d Ukt the (fldrnct Vm Buren iml others con nected with the Vienfl* exposition will not he given to the public bv the Secretary of St Ate. bat will be furnobed Van Buren, tud be can do what be rle**? with it. The documents will be tart>i*he<l Congress at the next THE AM k. RICA M bKlARTHUT Of TNI EXro SITIOB. Jackson 8. Schulti ?rile* that the American department of the Vienr* exposition will t>e in complete order by the 15th of .luue. which can not be the cur with that ot' any other nation, not excepting England, which has the ad vantage of a corp* of workmm brought to Vienna to hasten completion and perfect that depart ment. The Austrian government, he >?*??, i-hou'd have taken another year to prepare tor the exjiosition. Not only are the ground* not finished, but all those facilities which they hail promised are Incomplete. New Yerh Note*. THK REMAIN* or TUB LATE MISI'TIR ORR Nlew York, .June 11?The remains ot Mr. Orr were landed from the steamer at II o'clock thismcrning and received by Knight? Templar ami a detachment of the police force and taken to the City Hall, whore they w;ll lie in state in the Governor s room. FRAXR H. WALWORTH was arraigned in the Court ot ?>yer and Termi ner to-day on the charge of having m.trdered bit father. He pleaded "not guilty." The counsel tor the defense are to arrange with the District Attorney for a day for the trial, which will be in about two weeks. PRE8IDEST (iRAKT ARD RTArr will attend the funeral si Minister Orr on F riday. The Henry Clay teal Ulae Dl<a?ter. LIST or THE RILLED?TEN MO FAH. New York, June 11?A special dispatch from Shamokin, Pa., says the following u> a list of the dead men. so far as ascertained:?.John Hays, outside boss, a Scotchman, leaving a wile and children: MikeMensh.of Pennsylva nia. a German, unmarried; Knery Migenskie, a Polatider, married; I.awrence Kogolski, a Polander, a man of family; Anthony Harris, a German; Wni. D. Kumhei'scr, a Germ tn. mar ried, two children; Daniel Powell, an Ameri can. unmarried; Nicholas Paulus, a Genu'in. The bodv of Conrad Durm'ie.ser, insulo 1k>-.?, is not yet found, as reported, but tlty thiuk he is in the old working. A German, name not as certained, married, completes the list so lar. Capt. iaek'a Little Mpeerk. TIE SAYS UK DIDS'T KILL ttktt. I AMIV. Naw Your, June 11?Captaiu Jack, in his int. rview with General Davis ssld : ??Bogus Charley and Shack Nasty J;ui called Gen eral Canby out. Allen I>avid, Klamath Chief, advised them to kill General Canby; so he did it. 1 am tell'ng the truth; ^lid not,kill him. I had it done, but did not d<^t. I don't lie. Bring the men that saw me do th:? thing. I want to face them. If I had my chain* oft 1 would tell all the men who did these things.'* The Allen.loCMle Prlre Fight, St. I.ocis, June 11?The second depositor *>4(i0 a side in the coming prize tight between Tom Allen and Mike McCoole was mx-l?j last night. McCoole has gone lut> light training near this city, and Dublin Tricks will take charge of him in a few days. Allen proltahly trains in or near Cincinnati. ? Aeqaittal of Dr. West. Dover, Del., June U?In the West murder case the jury returned a verdict, at six o'clock this morning, of not guilty, on the ground of self-defence. ? The Expatriated Honk< sf Beta*. Loai>o*, June 11?A special dispatch t > the Daily .VfBi, from Home, says many of the monks belonging to the monaster lea which are to be Suppressed, will go to Bolivia and Chili. THE LAMPLET Hl'EOEK Slrholwn Seateaeed te be Uaaged. AKOTBKR CXl'ITIHO aCRXKIK COVET. |n the court at Annapolis, Md., yesterday Joshua Nlchokon, convicted of the murder ot hi* wile's grandmother. Mr*. Lamp ley. in Baltimore, was sentenced t? he hanged. N ich olson was previously ?hud as nsunl if he had am thing to any why sentence should not be pm*ed on him, and made a speech (reported In the Baltimore African) in the course of which ho said: "As scon as iHBoer Crone entered the cell he said to Me, 'Josh I Intend to aaks a state's wltress of von, and tor Christ's sake tell me the tooth,' and then in this very court room, he cot upon that witness' stand, and, in yoer hotoor's preesnoe and in the pcsscnce of the Jure and all who wsre here, he swere that he had hstri bo conversation with me, and It is for this lioof his that I am to die. Afterwards he came to me and brought me ? change of clothes, and English care me a drink ot whiskey to settle my nerves, and while I was changing my clothes preparatory to having my photograph taken, Crone ordered the others to go out, and then begged me to say where I had the money, so that he could find It and hold it up before the jury nndsarto them while be pointed tome, ?Gentlemen of the jury, that is the man who tohl me nil about this affair, and I do not want him hang.' 1 told him truthfully that 1 had never received a single cent, and 1 affirm the thing now, In the sight of God and man, and 1 can tace the grave with Hollohan and say it there. He tied,when he &a.d he gave me*513. After I had boen carried to the jail Crone came there and tried by all manner of means to bleed me concerning the money. and on one occaslou be advised me not to employ any lawyer, as he would only snmmon a parcel of witnesses and pot me to trouble and expense, and said it would be bettor tor me to confess guilt as an ac cessory to the robber*. But I totdthtm 1 would do no sue) thing, W>r 1 had taken no part In the murder and had not received any of the money. And alter all this be and Lugiiah, sad all of tlism, came here and swore falsely against me. They ore partners, and be Is English* barker In oil his gambling houses, and etther of them would net hesitate Here SLhohon became very excited, and was Sbout todtuounoe the witnm*** ui rather in appropriate language, earn Judge Miller, very kiadlv stmi teelingly. onto to bim. "Nicholson yon hrd be terabeteni tawn miking any perso nal remark;! concerning the witnuwes, as It will do you no good, and w 111 arouse each feelings as a man i:i your rituauoti ought not to ex hibit." Nicbolsr v??'If yonr Honor wHl allow me, I only went o make the statement so that the re porters ?&-? vs It to the public, and let them know the wheto truth." Judge Miller?"You can make feat In some other form, and at soma other time. It would not now be proper for me to hear yon abuse any one." Kichelsom?"Well, yew honor, I win not re vert to any personal matters new, bet will pro ceed with want i here to eng. Another nit nam has also -were falsely Mniart aw, and that le Mrs. Enp'Jsh,alias Mrs. Hurdle, and who never war known to he JKitrm gnphtk until my trial, because she and John ?**g';rti never were mar ried. SI e said that on the night of the murder 1 said things leeksd black for me, becauss the eakes Were oe the table, and she lied. I never said any tack thing. She has Mid she weald have me hung, and she has nearly accomplished her object. She wants to take my dear little children from me and their matter, and she knows she cannot get them while I am livtag, ard that is why she wants me out of the way. 1 am well aware, your heasr, that what I have said will not be bettered, hat a Jest Qed will hear my words, and He kaews they are true. I knew asy time a ahert, aad I hare no earthly hope, se I will pi spare to meet him. I kare doae. year hosier.* . Mid olsea then renamed hlsesat, and wiped tte drops sf pemplrattoa from his face with hie LOCAL HEWS f?t ??> n?rt??ini r*? Ttnt Ur*ie*T, AS KB uttt' bt raa urns. At the tern or the OUaiaal Coeit Wbu'h w U be rtiTWdn Mmto; Mrt, it la prohahir **? Hrny Young alia# W UUaana aiil be tfM, ?fi ai li iMrfarnt chat^ng k.ia ?iik Ihr Mnlrr <>i Frank Hikn, a Fm^o tw cmMj. Vl it will to N*<?b?**d tM Mr ?ev?ra) ?>*kt Ymi| wan Um in?>??>? mf Tom Wtickl, ?h? ??> L?iii-nl on Fmi?t Ixt ler the murder of Roger?.k' the peddler -l?oth . , .? ,.| irg s<'VHnitig ?elK aad during the .Jaytl y ? auwrd to tfn lk< oorrStar Jimmjj. Tki; utwally l4(?aw wrj IMia?M ami ??>?* BTinVatlvf.aixl \ouag kaiaM Uuked iml *1 not Ult to otkan Uiwi tau fre^iwi :ly tbemeplee* to each ether. Tom lo>twd trorn \ < u | maaar ttiai* ta eeaaertion with tb* cam*, tal Mi*tad ta# one af lk? guard* a fr? dtp brfore kt> "UkiBf ot " Uat be k*4 "yttmmered" from Young a full li!*tory of "ha ? iinlfr, (ixl the prc|?*T*ttoti hattD| thr>? t?tt> ia ka and, kf ?M)4 na* thing ta thaau. ana <mm day. while ta? Tha Stab, kr prrtfalfj to trad a tail arraiM at thr ca?e a* It had been worked up t \ the ?njr cGf**." Tha *u>rr w to tkr effect that he ??R| > inltnM to mm to Wwliikftm on i ha rridav Mauley wa? baaag ia Alaai?ln> Tor the aviltr of Moaror, Ike cm?- fc peddler. and make a raW. and on the day Mara ha prc|>?rr.i a ?? %My. by <?rra| a pteoe ot lead with the liitinc ol a iMjot, Uiai ha came to Waaimif ton on Friday altert^wa aai.i m? ? iwtind tha drover who hsd plenty of *ton , ?. and uu-lc up hi* mli <1 to get th? ru. and at'r* udtoariay hina took htm ai tOM the At mory lot ai.4 ?track h m with tie i ha had been making the de cesaed iK'llrif all the time Uiat Uc w a* 1 ak >i( h<m a near cat to the Aleaanin* tra n a' tba Baltimore aa.l Potomac (K|?it;| Th ?? after knocking the decraeed doaru lit- took tha"?a*|" and rnnde oft. That alter h<-teached Alsvaaa ?lria l.e dl*io*edof thf mone? and bad arru^ad It with the aomen a.* to how the\ ?hout 1 *w< ar, Ac. Viifbt appar, atly rea>I fVoiu the pa|?er a detailed ac.-ount ot tbe*e thing*. and of Mcl >cY;tt and other detective*' going to Alex andria, arresting the women. an.T gettug from them stateanent* w to how tbev prom ?ed to i?wear oa the trial w hen It wi< exiled: and Wright elated to the guard that while be waa reciting tbia Ktorv Young* Uiv li nftkmad, aad be ke| t muttering, "Bow did they find that out *" *! If they have got that on me I'm gon? U|., ? "The women are here new. I reckon.** Ac., and In the languageaf Wright, "toed?4 tool owned up to all of it, aaid I we* petting it together a> 1 went along.,' Wrivht did not lim any encouragement, ami tol.l biaa that m-alfold araa not Intend ad for him. (Wright,) but tor tha marderar ol the drover. Th>-?tate m> nt waa not overheard by anv oi the gaarda, and ? an not be used on tha trial, bat at i> mora than likely that hlnta for one or faro mi??tiig lmkf in the chain of itidmcf mar he derived from it. ? leva I o-1 Ti e annaal review of the militia ot tha l>ia trlct of Colombia to-morroa afternoon on the ground)* of the Olympic haa<- ball dab, t<rotn ix? to lie a flue affair, and Uie tartoa* .?rgn?ura tiors are making preperation? tor a creuuable lit*play, and to appeau In thMr full <tr<-ngth. The tfoopa will appear In briga<le atxi the rav airy? tha i'reaudent aUoar.: ami th. t.oveeear*a t.uard?under the command at < ?:. iMifty, will be firat lnapectt<d a> . , ewed. att? r which the Infantry, and< r the c.tmmaal of t'ol. W. Q. Moore, biigaib' cnrmin l-r, ? th t apt. l>e Motto, Adjutant General; ? ai ? nn K. I Fleming, aide-de-camp, and I?r. I lUrti t:an, rtrgeon. aahiaataff, will p.<-? n review, and adreaa parade will follow The grauada w ill be open to the public with the e> > p?ion o' the grand atand, on which will l? aiovernor ( ooke and hia atafl?Col. A Welwtor. A. ti. and < li:ef of atafl; Col. J. I>. Bat lu-i.. Surgtsm^ Col. Wm. Wall, A. I>. C.; Major .? V. N \ anden 1'Urg. A. D. c.; Maior \ it B Fudit, A. 1>. C.; Major Ku'hard Harr njrton, .liidge Advocate^and the a<ii>ioriiie> ot th" l?ia trirt. Including memler- oi the l>egiiilatiara with their faniiliea, to whom tick t< w.!l b?* Uaurd. The aeat> arlll accomo<Ute abiut l.'^n (?er.ona. aixl gmtlemen a<-coB|>aBied by Itdte* will Lave the preferenoe. The ardaai paaittvw. ly prohibit any |<eraoua other than thaae la un iform on the parade ground, u all will be needed lor the evolution of the troop*. The full Marine band will be preaewt. a Kate* op i xnti t aivkd and CosnacArn Coot* at Poi.ici Hbath^cabtkba?The tenth auctionaale of pr..|?erty taken by the Metropol itan iK)lice rematuitig in caalody more thaa aix month* war held at headuiaartrra to-day. i( war largely attended, and the price* were gen erally good. Ill many inatance* up to the fall value or the aructo*. There were ;M0 lota. anA among them were alaaaont every coneei vable ar ticle, not a few of which have been uaed ia tM commiw-ion of nmrderoua doadn. The cleave* with which.Tenkin* killed hia wife *a* ?old for a mere aong.and the Enheld rifle with which Ilaruty WiMda ahot Cheeaemau brougbt at,2C. TLere were in the lot 30 pi*tol*, M all pattenfl and mkr>, and the razoradid not auiul>er over Jf, the falling eft being doubtb ?* ow tng to thg entorceaaent of the law afaiaat carrnn^ -u n ineUuaaaata. A nearly new paah-cart, with aprings, aaa aoid lor KJ?. There wa? bed clothing, bad*, loungea, and other bouackc* pfcag good* In varictv. A ahroud and tare *kirtfl were put np, and #1 ?aa bid, at arhi>-h the lot huag a a til it waa louaad that la ane *hp there ara? a gold atud, whadi it took a raae and wag sold at *2.90. _ osonta op thi lw>*?i?or frntrWont*^. Im-pectwr C. W. Cunaaiaagbamhaa beaai diiaikad by the Board of Public Work* to aaatify tlae eom tractor for the 15th atrcet pavameat that th? carriagewav on that *tiea t, between Pennayl vaota avanue and New York avenu<', need* re pairing. ami that it niuat be attoaaded to without delay; alao, the contractor far laving The foot walk on the corner ot Penu*yivaaaa aarenae a?4 ll?t *treet nortbwe*t that it mn*t lie r?|?x<4. The board haa ordered a fifteen-.njh pipd ?ewer ta be laid on l*t atreet weet, from Mary land avenue to the government aearer running to the canal, alao, a ki toen-iaeh pipe aawor on the Fouth aide of Maryland avanae, from let atreet to the canal on r>d ?treat weat. with tba neceeanrv manhole* and trap*, the work to b| commenced at once. ? UrtLDivo raaniT* were indued a* loliowa to-dav?William Pagan, frame addiuou, two atone*, corner 1Mb and P atreeta northwsat; Je*4e White, two-atorv frame. P atreet, be tween 3d and , ewatkweat; a. P. .iotinwn, two two-atory tramea, Boundary, betaaeen liUa ami 14th, northwest. rr.EWCB Lots aw? PATBtonaii.?The <lan? annonnrine that a ywwng lady or rank recently took tha vail in a Pan*iaa aannery, tliitika it proper to " revaei a tact" which it evi dently tlunka too good to be loat. liar t<*tlaar'a chateau, during the war, became the head 3uartoi>of aoaaae twenty Praasiaa officer*. One ay, oa aitUng down to dinner, "ana of them ao far forgot biauelf aa to cla*p the voung tody around toe watot. Mia aaah ap a ioaig knife and stabbed him to the heart she wa* ar retted, but released in a day or tare on the order of Prince Prederic Karl/' Another atory ia that an officer who fought moat gallantly at Met* area aeaat a pa Mb ear to Germany, and hile there fell in love with and aaarriea a eraaaa girl. The ether dey he returned to Paria, and went to his clab a* a*ual, hat to his surprise he was immediately expelled oa tue ground that he had married ia a Prumian fam groutid Turn WalwoRTB TtJtuEvr.-Mra. .lalia M. Holme*, ot th# Heuster ITouse, Saratoga, Heads the lollewing mystertoaaa missive to the >'<>w York Sun: Tha intimate friend and confident of Mrs. Helen Hardin Waalwerth, f knew the herrtble facta whtoh led ta thia fearful tragedy? facts which I shrink from rsrealing eat of re gard for her delicate reserve?facts so ap idling and uateodarable they araat make a perfect re vulsion In public se ad meat when they eoase to be divulga-d, (as they ?ast beta the coarse of the trial.) aad ateale Jastaee demands that edibsrs ?hoaid be careful not to poiaon the publie mind with a map of tostiaMay gathered In hasurrom unreliable DistbbnscwW Aooinawr?The Pert Tehee oo Titoea,?ays.pae day last week, Mar Bryaa town, two *ons of Mr. Jaaaas |. Montgoaaery. in attemidtof tojamp a berae they were rtdiaag over a reaaee, were ileiaatly thaaaa to tha ground. Oae of the boya caoeived lnjoriea from which he died the day after, aad tha tohar atoortapato yoaag aaaa. we toarw, w aaw lyaag dangeroaaly u and hia death ia aapectod at aay acsttff Wombv MBBRaa* of U*** nngrag Ihwa oeliefs by (nartttfj aaah' day far the jaext Ive paaaa. Taaa coal tbahb ler the past week haa ruled ssis SSTJU .S", - ply f?t aa Aproa fair ah

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