Newspaper of Evening Star, June 11, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 11, 1873 Page 3
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GROCERS. t'.1 OHABB * ?0!?t WHOLESALE AND BIT AIL OBOCBBS, mis 'tv ITUIT N0BTHW1 (Between M tad II Ma.) KEWBUTTBEl HIW CHEESE) BAMS St GAB CI" RED HAMS lBc. ?B LB. W *? >? !? II 16 DOOLEVS Y It AST POWDEB. CEMUM fLOCE. OAT MBAL. Beckera Vbntw Qriu, Hacker's Farina, By* Flour, Barley Tapioca, Sago. Maoloca, Dflryniloni Starch. V t* Cai.diea, Cruaa A Blackwell'a Plcklea. Col ? Mu*ard, Stick aay * Poor* Muatard, Olive Oil, Saocee, Salid Drariat. CINOIHB ATI OLEINE SOAP. Satin Gloee Stareh. Baker's Chocolate, Coti>?, aad Cocoa Sbrlb, Br >ut, Prmnea, Currants, Baiaiaa. MEDICINAL LIQCOBS. C>M T rt Wine, French Brandy, li l!?t..J Gib, Hlarkoerry Brandy, Fiur UU W hiaky, California Brandy. C. S. O'UAAI * BUN. '' HI3 7tk at n.w., betwaeu M aad B. a ?? i R : hbChirttt uiKtn Jrc-ni the Mule la YALLET OF VIRGINIA Ui aei> to fam!ll?? to rent* per barre leas than ttanai price*. 'nt" of SCGAR3 and TEAS all narked down. CATAWBA WISE. ret ->*ed from Fleaaaat Valley Wine Company, aw a gallon. 8. B. BACON,TB* Market Spaoe, between 7th and fth atreeta. t THE TRADES. FITTING a.xo attend***! to, on re&? <u? auie t> rm-, by JAMES F BBIBN, No. ?0? Lauls L^i V.""*.0*'*h ???<j north aide. RoaH-nce, ??,rthr-t "Wlalty, TIN LINElf PUB aUaya op hand. mil tr AW *I*VB. ~ Ji'HN C. BOOAN, 713 Market Saaea. Blauufa lurer of AUNISUS, lor Storse, City and Country ftmidHiC6f, IESI.x and FLAGS for aai* or rent. AW M> G MATERIAL "f all kiada for aale. b-.te Ajr<?ut for the only g-nuiue MILDEW PROOF A WNIWQ M AT K RIA L. apttt" J>LIMBINQ ABO OAS-FITTINO. Thoee deelrlng to have their Plnmbimt and Oaa JTiltu ? il n?> in a aeat and aufevtantial mann-r, and i'i -fJ?% "able terme, ahould l<H*Te th?ir or<l?rt aI 113 P? siimj | rania aveuue, Capitol Hill. V<>ik warranted. . ?'g-fc?* WM. BOTH WELL. Ill CI Nf?INGHAM, HATTBB, 1?1. 1 Ol 1 F Street, between Ba and Uth, baa th p.~arura to announce tnat ha haa received fa the Style of Broadway BLOCK, and la J prepare to furniah Hew Hata Made to order on'^ ' ,i*odel fW atylae; alao, aa aaanniui ul of B'lt H iM for aale, oa raaa 'nahle terma. f 3-tr ^ ? NINOB, rUfi^TKNTI. M. O COPELAND. 043 Louisiana avenue, one door aaat 7tn AWN (AOS for Storee.Clty and County Residences ?a ?jr it strle and flciah FLAGS a:;-} TENTS f?r sale and rent BOOM'S DECOBATED All C ilia article made to order. D*I < ING CLOTHS. aex-tr J B TJ RTONT " fAHPEMTKH. bOlLUkB. an OOBTBAOTOB OWr? for Hoaae Carpeatertair, Jotblaa, or Oo taev r . W rk apaedilr attended to. * Bh< p? a>d Office. )ang :> li.h Mreat. keiew B M. aorthw eat. PROPOSALS^ 1)KOPOSALS FOB POST OFFICE ENVEL OPES. Post Omri PtPttmtvT, i w UIIMTOS, D. C . May U, WT3. i B-al. I rrot-'ieala will be received at thia Depart sr.: i? } oaj- ar, c. mmencing on the 1st day of July, LJ73, BOB cmciAL LETTERS AND RETrBNS. "7r "n* 1 V* luc,,w?; eetiiualed uiuut>erre Q'ureu abuuall>,S4M)uwu. ? .. '?* * '' 3i,* b- 6'' 'icht-a; aetimaUJ ntuaber I ?i ir*d . i '-all . .7X' UW). N . 4 bi 9 iachee; estimated number ra 0?vr? i tLi.naIlT.l JSU^uu. 4. ?iz?-4>? ty k'.^ inches, aatlmated nomb-r re Quired aai.oally, aaD^wu. M a*-.Ea5itiil?I?l*I> PACKAGES. ?.2r St.y )o , idchoe, estimated nnmw.- re Qi^riMl am oally ,t.tuo, ui. nuiu?-r re a 1",T"n *r* '"landed aa a guide to Bidders The D- tartm^nl may rti^iiire m re or I*>m ' "J h k'nd, as Ine service may demami. B.<.* b lift be ma<lt- for each kiad of Bnrel^Mfof. a ol the differeat aiiee and atjlea of Bnvel e^ r Y'lrad, tether with blank f.rrna ,.r hi.ii, !'?** ? rp"**top "PPlicaUo? to the Third Aaaiat ?tit r -^tmaiiter Ga-nrral. at?1** B-.v-l -pea mot .trlctly conform la air.-, qua! My of ndaa, and make, totheaaiapl'x. *heraHa.iuc on the llapa vrlappeta to be done in > " anner tjr hand Tlio Baralopee nin-t b>? ? illl'i t*%rc*{s ?t twen'j -Bve, packed in atr >n? [?*,?*raw boiea.arcnreljr CSSi with liaeu ?r oofT.n rtah on the cmen aad ed<-s. each to cont j i n->t l>~? thaii 2Ui Jf sit^s Jioa. I mil f, and * - h# of the <>ther suea, or uth^rwiaa aa 12X K,:, *>r *raj^Kjd in afr*nj Oiax i .m p tp^r aad properly sealed, so aa to Lear n,rr??; tT? * SiiiT,, L ? !fl,T"r~ll? the Department, the wrap ?iug n ?t bv Ji-peoeed ?iia, m tbe diin retion uf the r *tr i?ter Geueral. "* lne ,-4*JUor ??re BaT?>lopea are required to flll Ihe crjer of a postmaster, or wh-a larger Iota are ?v '"heaeat to the P?t Ofllce Depcrtment i-'J. *."*? >* '? wooden can an-l P- ?f r y a<1.1rt-*eed. hat whea leaa than 1M are re jc?r-d t". b. aeat b) mail proper l?b?le of directi .n J .p. Lv.- p..tcard on each aackag-: all to he done br l.V-c-'-tm'-f r>T without aiUUi nal charge. The L-.t^I jp?s mnat b^ d?-liv-re l ia auch i?ant| t.- ?ar r,*y from tune tv Have be repaired to till th crder* ef po?tma^ara or of the Depart??at. and be oeIiier>d ?*i h* r at tb* reft offlca iu tht city whHn* the at k^iier re^fee ? tW-D?^rt ,Ln7, ^ ttT kiZrXZZ 0v0* rV -V 1"??. frSTof c ^t f" Aia*. labe^juf, aad dHtrerlng; the whole to I* ss.'srisysssr Bn?l IU picka^ IuvhIo^ win b* re Sr'.VodVr'h.rut'c^ V' '? TU? - - i,eueral ri*err?< the r-rht to re I'Vh ? VJ 4,1 fcltd,i'1" hie j i.ilgment the h?tar?t? .. . -n-ameat n-^iure it. t r , " by?>- individoaJ IT."., . r i"V > fc" ?cr?'ak>,?"le^ ? guar an 1 r_-p t?il4e and *nthl ieut by the F I ?'"?ad Ntai ? Att rn-r ww, Ik. S2?' hy each rnarantae will The P mm General r^erre* t? himar'f tt?A 2k.**} ?>n*'^l.the c.-ntrai-t if ir. Iu? ju lament there ?? di ia^.f? *"^rn' fclthfullr any of ita riP? .iJ? '' 'T2l: , ? wilful att>-iupi t-? intaoae H ?,.4,*l'?Paa iaferinr to oitnp|i-a. t' *r J*>C'?n.plv ?itb any oo? ordar dh t^r thn awuiufT* *t?f +* * IvrifitnT* of t!?^ #?alir Bj- .alty of th ? I-H..1 under the 17th ?ecti -n ..f th- act a ,r ?"L," 1 AuruatJi, 1-MJ, entitl-d - At, '.I!';'"7'!'* ->nd m?mi1|1(ipr?p,:Mi ,u, f ,r such ??'- B"*ral appro^haMa t iTls V?thlu? "a.' t'horlty^.rtteS.1 Mi ay, l i,i? d s> rethn. 'direct ?!!){?'' ?' ""ral Hiarksa ?'f auch .inami'tiee of KneeT.p^' ae s'hall'bS Tii^e^e. to -arr'T The d^rl. nrT^W b^-L-h failure, a:?l i haritj to IL- cowracchr <>r cvn*ra(4orw Spivr? ",to" ?rim^s i.e sSSl P ^maetarG n ?x?i, 1 uat Office Depart meat. Wuhlntt o. DC. 17 lav?w JC'I1I, A?J ('"?VLL, * Poatmaater O-'i^ril Pi BANKERS. 843 D BTI1IT, NBAB 8BVBBTH, flU INTEBEST OB PBP08ITS, m*kn OOL LECTIONS, Md trained all bslasas owimM with Banking. M*-lf J. h. iqiTu * co., 1448 PENNSYLVANIA ATBHUB, orroeirx wuxaid1! iotu., WA8HIBOTOB, D. 0. B 0 Mr OMt. itUWfff ptld M d4p6SUi OWMttou mad* Mtrjrvbtre. Popouti putklt m taut. Par oT oCc?n la :he irnr cmM la adrawt. apJ-tr ? f. 1EOBHEAD. "? Broke r ? la. ?J9 Panaa. are., Boob a, Waahlagtaa. D.O. glvso to taveetmeot aatiilUaa. ivttee itUctioo to eecaritiee now offered at prices which will pay M to 14 par cant, ia inoaoU and of length of timatoaalt investors. Safe,reliable,profit WwriZAMftfcocVif iiwT Befers by permission to L??li Johaaaa B Oo., Washington. D. C.; Moses Bally, Est*., Cashier BaUooau Metropolitan Bank, Waahinfton, P.O.; Boa. J. M. Brmuaad, Second Controller, W ashing - toa, 9. CT; Edward Clerk, Ee^ t Architect U.S. Cap itol. Waahlngtoa, P. 0. mar 17 4m rPBB BATIOBAL BANK OF THB BBF0BLI0 1 (Corn* tof 7th aad P streets.) OPBM FBOM IV A. M. tOJP.M. decPly CHAB. BRADLEY, Oaahiar. PERHAM AMERICAN IATIKM BANK, u No. Ill Uitmti Brain, Opposu* Ms Fost-Qfci . Bank boars: Ba. si. to 4 a. a. Saturdays open an 41 ? p. as., to receive deposits only. Interact paid oa deposits Collections made and nchtoi* furnished. IOHN hi ITZ, President, A. BBBBLT, ?. Preet, W. F. MATTfBOLT3eo.,C. B. PBKNTI3S,Gesh*r eov6-ly T? "ffsavoS.piv,,!,M a"d Baoklag Hoaae, No. 1407 Pennsylvania avenue, oppoatte the Treasury, PATB Bli PBB CENT. INTBBBBT, /aurut Btgms th* first of Koch Month. PAIS FODB PBB OBBT. oa business aoooants from data of depoalt. iUMi CtrtxMaus of Deposit bearing 6 and 4 par oant. Internet, available anywhere. HAS BBABCB OFFICES In all large towaa aad citiee of the Beuth and Southweat. Bank hours, t a. ?i. Ia 4p.m. Open Wed need ay and 8atnrdar nights from 6H to I o'clock, to receive deposits only. Call at the Bank or ?end fwr a copy of the Charter and Br-i??? )13 ly COOKS * CO., BUY ABP BELL FOREIGN EXCHANGE and ISSUE CIBCL'LAR LETTKRB OF CBEDIT for Travelers, aratlaMa tm amy port of ths world. Oar Draft, on JAT COOKK^MrCULLOCH A CO.. in Oaabad ta any part of E5?LA(t9, IllUinaM Scoria Hb./rss of ?Wrs. may 18 WASHINGTON CITY BA VINOS BANK Com# 7th stntt mmd Loutsuma *v?wm. PATB B PEB CENT. 1NTBBBBT OB PBPOBIT Interest oommeueee from data of depoeita. Deposits can ba made and drawn at will. mjrifr-tf J. A. BCFF. Treasurer. RAILROADS. IfALT1MORK AND OHIO < I> RAILROAD. J On ar.d after SUNDAY. Jnne 1," 1-73. trwna will leave WASHINGTON CITY aa I II *?<*, vii: liKlMiuure and Way Point *....? 5:00 a. m. |iiltin > r-- and W?j Point? 6:45 a. ni. ( iacinuali Express, via Metropolitan RR...7 3U a. m li->*toa,Ne? Y>rk a-.d Philadelphia Exp.. "00 a. in Railimore ai.d Way _|:tia in. Ralnii'ore Fast Exprcm>, without st-ps. 9 *3 a m. Baltimore atd W .? Poiuts- ?1J:00 m. Ne* York and Philadelphia Expr?n._ .10:5 p. m Italtin.ore Express. without atop* ......... 3:o0 p. m lt*l!m>ore anc Way points ?. 3:10 p I . Winchester and SI- tropolitan Accom 4 U0 r. m Baltim rr and Way l?'-iut- ...5:00 p. m. Ciix'iniiati.CalnniliciiaQdSt. Lonis Exp 5 Si p. m Philadelphia Exprean tj irt p. in. R Wtimore Way Pointa. 7 45 p. m. R .atou.New York and Philadelphia fc\p...fS 50 p. m. Raltin.ore and Way Puinta 9:?i p. m tjt Loni?,Cincinnati and Co|nmt>ni> Exp...9 *J p. m. FlIOM BALTIMORE FOR WASHINGTON. L?-ave at 4:90. ft ?< 7, H, H:15,9:15 and 11 IS a. m.; and 1:45 , 3:30, C30, 5:9", 6:40. 8:40 and j:50 p. m FOB ANNAPOLIS. At 6:15 a. m. and 6 p. m.: t>nf not on Sunday, FOR NORFOLK. At 1:05 P. R>., bnt not on Snnday. SUNDAY TRAINS. Fnm Baltimore?The 4:Jo roppinf at B?Uyand Laurtl only ; the ft ? a. ui and 4 30 p in , stopping at Relay only; the 8:.T0 p. m., without *top?; the 8 a. ni . 3 M>. 5:30. and 8:50 p u stopping at ail <tationa. Froai Washington.?'The ft and 8 v m., ft. 7:45 and 9 30 p. m. trfiiiK ?t<>ppingat all ntation?; th- 1.1)6 and tlir 6 p. m. at Relay only ; and the 8:80 p. ni without FOB POINT OF BOCKS AND INTERMEDIATE POINTS. At Sa. tn. and 4:10 p. m Beturuinr. ' ave P >int of Rock* at 7U>5 a. ni aud 3:11 a ni.. ar- . .ue at Waab iiigfoti at 9:35 a. ni and 7:16 p m. Nj l->cal train* rn Snaday. Thrungb ticket.* to the Weat can he had at the Washington Station Ticket Office at all botri of the day; also, at the Company'? office, 491 Pennsylva nia avenue. Pannengera purcbaaing tickets at the Avenu? office, can there arrange to hava their baggage called for and checked at their residence, taken to the depot, and put into the baggage car. For New York. Philad-lphia, aud B<Mton,see ad vertiseuient of" Through Line." THOS.B BIIABP, IIeater of Transportation. L. M. COLE, General Ticket A seat. GEO. 8. EOOBTS, j?** General Agent, Washington. frUBOI OH LINE BETWEEN WASB1NGT0N, 1 PHILADELPHIA AND NEW TORE. Wa?h;*gto*, May ?, 1ST J?Noon. Train, between Wivhlnvon and) New York are now run a* follows, tit: 1 FOR NEW YORK, without change of cars. Leave daily (except Sunday) at a a.m., 1.05 and 8 50 a. m. FOR PHILADELPHIA Leave daily (?xcept Bui.Jay) at S a:m.,1:06and 6.00 p. 01. 05 SUNDAY. Leave for New Y>>rk at 8.50 p. m.,and Philailel phia at 6:09 p. m. Sleeping cars for New Y">rk oa 8:10 train only. Through tickets to Philadelphia, Bew Y Wk, or Boston can ba had at th- Station Office at all hours of the day. 8?e Baltimore and Ohio Bailread advertisement for schedule between Wasbiugto i, Baltimore, An napolis, and the West THOB B. BH A RP. Master of Transportation. L M. COLB. G-neral Ticket Agent. CEO. P. KOONTZ. Agents Vidiiniton. ntS7 Alexandria a washing TON B. B. JJID ALBXABPBIA A FREDERICK9B0BG B. B tf ? md Stxth Stmts Local Trains leave f, r Alexandria as follows:?6,7, 8, 9 H'. 11 a. m , 12 noon, 1 2, 3, 4, A. 6. 7. 8. p. iu.; ? a. in. and 7 p. m. daily,all other trains daily except Bumlay. L cal Trains from Alexandria arrive an follows:? 633. 7.33,8 33, 9 33, 10 .13. 11 33, a. ni. 12.? 1.33. 3.33, 333. 4 33.7 13. 8 33 p. m ; 8.33 ? m. an 1 6.33 p ni. from Alexandria daily, all other trains daily exeept Sunday. ?Trains marked ?hu, connect with tnuns oa Waab 3on and Ohio B. B. C ABT1CO Accommodatioa leaves Washlogtoa REA'T S''VtHK^NQEX^RE98, rla Blchmoad. iaavsa Waabiagtoa 11NI.D. daily, agoapt Sunday Through tickets to all points South and South weal for sale at Office*, coner Utb street and Pennsylva nta avenue, ai.d corner (th street and Pennsylvania ? ?ere passengers ?*n leave orders for baggage to be checked at all boteie and rssldaaoee through to deeti TOCBG, Genl Passsagsr Agent. )y36-tt Otpol esv. %th ond B strmts, |t. TRAINS LBAVB FOB TBAOT ABBIYB AT BALTIMORE. ^WASHINGTON. IB a. m? Niagara Exp., 4*f- Wsrtem Exp., daily. u daily,except Sunday. 6:63 a .sr., Baltimore Mail, 8:H a. m., Mall,dally, as dahy, _ _ ?cept Sundav 11? a. m? Western Erp., dally. 1.03 a. m Cincinnati Ex., dally,except Sunday. IB a m.. Pacific Bxprose, daily, except Sunday. MA a. m.. Western Bx?., daily, sxcept Sunday. 1:01- p.m. Baftimoie Acc., dail) , except Sunday. 5 B p. m.. Baltimore Ac commodation, daily, ex empt Sunday. 6 ? p. m., Cincinnati Kx |rysa^laiiy, except Bun 'Vifi w"tcr,> W4I/. ? ? ;, Southern Bx< jK?ss, dally, sxoept Bun li p m.,conaectatBesl leaving Bowie 7:58 and . _. riving at Marlboro' 9:14 a. m. aad 13:18 and IJt m. tm. Tralas arriving at Washington 8:38 a. m. and ?:M and 9:08 p. m.,ooanect at Bowie wtth trains leaving Marlboro*7:00 a. m. aad X48 and ft.JS p. as. Paasti.xers leaving their orders at lMHtSHMU corner of 11th street aad Peaaapfraaia i aortbwset ooraer of Btztb street aad Pas avenue, ess have their baggage called far I sd at ho tela r' Wast. Thro* > 1. YOUNQ. Baal Psas*r Agaat. jyVtf 1872 pebbbylvammboptm 1872 to TUB MOBTHWEBT, SOUTH, ASP BOUtB win. Trains NSW as follows; THB GBEA u~.. a. aa. iiS?ftj.Tii2!i4soa?-4 141 ?. M p. Hflf TcrB. 10 WWterl 4B< T, _ lUi?5pp??*'0?i ?? miaqaba mm AUCTION 8ALES. rOTOKI MTI. SL^i3Hfesstsw CHABCEBT 8ALB OF VALUABLB BU1LDINQ LOW. _ A Br tirtm of i ijfcw of tkt Sapreme Coart ?Pof the District of Colombia, pa N< in caasi 3Cmo. 3,044. Wade st al n. Blade st al., I will Mil in froot of Ibe premises, on MONDAY, the 10th day of June, M73. at O,So'cloak p. as., Lot M and 10 feat front of Lot * b? the depth thereof, in Mqaare SSt. Lot 34ia 40 feet froat, aad will ha smdta three parcel* of a? feet each. Thie property ia situated on Fierce street, between L and ? and let and Bew Jersey ?v?i?r, inrtkVNt. Tar me of sals : One-third cash, and the balance ia I, It and 14 months, with eight per cent, latereat par annum, the parchaeer to (ire his notes for the de ferred payments, endorsed to the satisfaction of the Trustee. A lien will be reserved on the property until final payment is made. A deposit of #100 will be required on the sale of each lot. If theVrms of sale are oat complied with in six days the property will be reeold at the coat of t he defaulting pare li All conveyancing at the coat af the porch* B 8. DAY 18, T jci-dAds LATIMKB A CLBaBY, Ancts. PIANOS, 4e. ALABOK LOT OF NEABLY MEW AMD SBCOMD-HABD PIANOS, from different factories, now on hand and^^M^ for sale or rent on Ba?t Teems, to make'" " ' room at BBICHBMBACH'S PIANO WABEBOOMS, 4X3 11th street, above Pennsylvania avenne. Agency for Wro. Knabe A Co.^i and Wm. Mc Cammon's PLAN OS. Second band PIANOS taken in part payment for new Pianos. m>-tr fUSTAY BUHN, PRACTICAL PIANO VI MAKER, formerly foreman for P. O.^Ma Lighte A Co., toner for Stelnwav A Bons,l|^MB ana late toner for If etierott A Co. Tuner ?II ll 1 and repairer of PI ABO* and OBGAN8, Ho. 0 39 Mew York avenne. Orders left at Karr's Jewelry Store, 049 Pennsylvania avenne; Nairn's Drag Store, corner Pennsylvania avenae and 9th street: Rosenthal'*, Ml 7th street, corner of H, will meet with prompt attention, and satisfaction guaran teed. a94-ly Jr. LUCAS. 1149 7th street n. w.,Tbaeraatf ? tieguiann ofPiano* and Or fans. Or-^Wv ders received at Thompson's coruer Uthsl.|B|B and M. York ave. ; Getty's, Bridge, nesr?ll%Y? Congress, Georgetown; and Moses', cor. 7th and Pa. av. P ianoa and other instruments packed and moved All work guaranteed. mMHj S TIBET'S PIANOS, nusnpassed in sweetness of tone and excellence of finish: low prir>???s^^, and easy terms. G. L. WILD A BBO.Jb|H Agents, 490 11th street, near north west VII *11 comer Pennsylvania avenue, dealers in Pianos and Mosiral Instruments graerally. Tuning and Bepairitfg, Polishing and Varnishing receive faithful attention. ap!7-tr ^ioMACBBB A OO^PIAJOS^^^ GBBAT BBDDOTIOM IB PB10BB. These Instruments, which, oa aeoonnt of their su periority over all others, have in a few yeara^^^^ Becon e tLe most popular here, as well as aIl|BMB| over the country, san be had now for the foi-?'? *" ^l?fuAB^ITaBOS from IP! to #471. UPK1GHT PIANOS from ?400 to #744. OBAMD PIANOS from #874to #lg074. _ ersor.s who wish to save from ?100 to #904 la par chasing the best instrument oat, are invited to oal) and compare for themselves. Pianos for rent. Piano* exchanged Toning and BeMirityrpropsrly attended to. CABL BICHTEB, Ageat, dl4-tr 93d Pennsylvania aveaaa. REAL ESTATE AGENTS. J CAM BOYLB. PBANK BABNUM jtan boYle * CO.. REAL ESTATE AND NOTE BROKERS, Mo. 60ft 14th street, opposite 0. B. Treasury. rOB SALE? A handsome HOUSE on I street, N t. 913. A new large double HOUSE, coruer 21st and H HOUSE No. 1010 Massachusetts avenue. HOI ?E No. 996 3d street east, for sale or rent, fur nished or unfurnished. A COTTAGE in Willard't Ko* : price. #3,41)0. Several small Houses, from #3,400 to #Sjw0; small cash payments. We have several very fine FARMS, improved and unim proved, on different railroads rnnning from the city, for sale at low figures or exchange for city property. 900,000 feet of OBOUND in various ?tortious of the city for sale at low figures, on easy ems, or will exchange for productive improved property. apM-tr Jmbcl TBUESDELL A OO., u REAL ESTATE BROKERS, ? 1 ft 7th street, (over Oerman American Savin Bank.) Bpeclal attention given tw RENTING, COLLECT ING, PAY1NO TAXES and NEGOTIATING LOANS. B^fer(by permission) to?General Beaj. Alvord, Paymaster General U.S.A.; James S. GrtnneU, Chief Clerk U. 8. Patent OBca: John Praaer, Arch itect: Hon. r. P. Blair; Bom. J. W. Douglass,Com missioner Internal Bevenue; Wm.B Moses, Purnl ture Dealer; C- B. Prentiss,Cashier Garmaa Ameri can Savings" Bank; Col. John M. reasanden: Hon. John Hltx, Consul General of BwitaarUnd. alB-Ma* A^teiHr ?/?!afsnaaand 1Mbstreet, Washington, D. O., Vuiisiu Duin in LUMBEB, LIMB, CEMENT, BAND, Ac , As., Ma LUMBER BILLS cut to order on short notiea. BLUE STONE for Bui Ming, Macadamizing aae Paving parpoass dslivored In any part of the Dts trict BEAL ESTATE boagbt mi astd aad money to vested. To thia branch of the basineas I will hers after give my pars on al attention, aad will ha at ay oil ce dally from 14 a. m. aatU 4 p. m. mart-tf LIVERY STABLES. JB. OLOOTT A BOM, . BOARDING, LIVEBY i BALE 8TABLBB ? 16 8tb street, bet. D aad B, and Chain Alley, H between 1Mb aad 14th. Offlce, WiHards. Best carriages foraiabad. Bpeclal sare paid to tbt twartlng of horeee. dacg-ly Allison mailom, L1VBBT AND HIB1MG BTABLMB. STYLISH 0ABB1AGE8 aad OOACHMBM. 4ecM-ly 1394 E street north ARLINGTON STABLES.-B CBU1T, JB. G 8TBBET, Binrin ITtb and IBtb. Carriages by day or night, aad for waddlnas or par tie. detHP-ly r*ONGKESS STABLES, 1/ Pti ST BEET, Bnvn.1 D am M. H ?rees and Buggies for Hire, and a freak lulM a> good H< rses tor sale every week. jyll ly BICHABD VaMT, ??? WASH. BAILOBV BTABLBB 1390 B ST. _ CABBIAOES of the latest styles coastantlj on band aad for hire by the day or moath. Part tea, waddings, aad reoeptions furnished wMb he most comfortable aad elegant OariiaMB. Particular attention to boarding Horses, tat m for sale aad axehaaga. daelf-tf Borsee always 1 IN THE SUPBEMB COUHT OP THE DISTBICT OB COLT MBIA, HoMmt a flpwisl Term, Man VIk, 1873. In th* case ol Sarah Elizabeth T icker, executrix of JOHN W. TUCK EB, decM,the executrix aforesaid hae, witn the approbation of the Supreme Court <>f the District of Columbia aforesaid, appointed TUESDAY, June 17th, A. D. 15T3, fur the final sotth ment and distribution of the personal estate of ?aid deceased, and of the asaet* la band, as far aa the same have been collected and taraed iato money: when and where all the creditors and heirs of said deceased are notified to attend, with tbair claims properly vouched, or they may otherwise bi law be excluded from all benefit In said deceased's estate: Provided, a copy of this order be published once a week for three weeks la The Star pievlou* to the saiH (lay Tag# ? -M* A. WEBSTEB, Begister of Wills. 'HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscriber T1 _ has obtained from the Supreme Court of tha District of Columbia, holdiug a special term, let ter* ot administration 00 the personal estate of EVA MOHB, late of Washingtoa county, Dis trict of Columbia, deceased. Ail persons having claims against the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the voucher* thereof, to the subscriber, on or before tae JOtu day of May next; they may otherwise by law be excluded trom all benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand tlus JOthday^M.y^Etficx N*UJAHB. mil Administrator. '?'HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the sahserihar 1 has obtained from the Supreme Court of the Dis trict of Col<uabia,holding a Special Term, letters of administration, w. a., on the personal estate of BOB EBT P rOBTKB.late of Washington coanty.D.C., deceased. Ali persons having dalaa against the said decessed are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 90th day of May next: they may otherwiss by law be excluded from all benefit of.the said aetata Given npdor my hand,this loth day of May,187& LCCKETIA T1BGINIA [her X mark] BBLL, Administratrix, M. a Witness: A. WEBSTEB, Beglster of WilisjqB vS* I TBITED STATES PATENT OrriCB. U Wu*i.\?T?i, I). C., May 31, 1873. Ou the petition ofALVlN O. MASON,of Ohieafo. IIM., praying for the extension of a aabot granted te him on the 4th day of September, 1&4, for aa im provement in Machioee for Wiring the Joiuts of Clothrs Pins: It Is ordered that the testimony in the cats be elosad an the 0th day of August next.that the time for filing arguments and the Examiner's report be limited to the 15th day of August next, and that said petition be beard on the 20th day sf August nsxt. Any person may oppos*- this extension. ,-t wSr M rTLEOGETT. Commissioner. vj'OE PBOBLEM THAT wasBABILT SOLVED 1 "1 say. Charley, pardon am, bat mrartall ma h?w Is It yoa always dress so stylish, s.ndhaviag bat how Is It yoa always drew so stylish, a tr-derate lacomet" "Why. str ?base from A. BTBADB, 1011 nth " D B. WOBMLBYW FBCTOBAL 8YBDT, PaB OOUGBB ABD OOLDB. BOLD BY BIX DMV9918TM. AUCTION SALES. i?anu>. U' *.H. W4HJB. MO. T?? 1? "***?* Bapreaas Coart t XOCK0T tM MMIOM Tl. Jeihiiii K Ora . or I" tha cmm of ? .Oraea, Mo. Hi ' aacUoa, JE*?2*?2? ?? um'w,w' agjgj^&aja -sag? 2,i gent thrw-OMV^IS^k^rk fr<ifdT^i^.0* This E7C&J**?ifto?***' ? ?*ehaaie%Heaof about vMHuid ontajnet to crrttia iacmabrancee which will bo node knowa on the dor of sale. Term* for tbo amount returned above nM incum brances cash. If terms of sale are not complied with wiikin flto difi illvriilt Um troofrtv wilf ib# ?* ?t the risk im coat of thedefaaltingparehjMar #100 chaser*'* cost*. *cce***d *<? SSWSTI. ??? ""VjfViS&fgg RI LATHI* ft CL*A*Y, ?' Auctioneers ud Ileal Estate Broker*, Southeast corner PenurlrtDlt itwm nth at Star Office Building. *? TE?5i\?TTO\TK"*B"fTCTW()*IsDT* Wk'vKkti.rBo" rfS On THCJBSDA Y. the 18th day of June, 1373, ESonth* promise*, at 4 o clock, we Khali sell the ?H-above suburban property. the place contain* about twenty-three acre* of land, improved bv a mansion house, containing eighteen rooms; also, two c''?ir''r, .ai1'' hou**?i ?lth all the neowsary outbuildings There are seven acres of graeea ia b2?,rin*? *?"> P**cl:e* and other fruit" rnL^-\ ? ,h* >? """ of the finest in the District. Anv one desiring a fine couatry residence would do wlfto attend tbfs sale. esiaance Terms: One third cash; the balance in one. two and three years, with notes hearing interest, and secured by a defd of trn?t on the premises. Coaver *hner?^Mle ?"1 ?f tUe Purchaser. ?30Q down at jei d LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers. |>Y LATIMER A CLEARY, ? ??. Auctioae^rs and Real E<tato Brokers, southwest corner Penna. arena" aud 11th strMt Star Office Building. glreot' PflRABLK IMPROVED PBOPFRTV nv Km STREET EAST. OPPOfITE TUE MaRIKC BARRACKS. AT AUCTION MABINE S^^H??"\T,HI?RSDAT AFTERNOON, Jane 18, at J?, w *-iSfiiSh r&twhicU ?f^tt JwJK ^BrTck DtwWIiJ,5rrOVen,,,UU ""*?>?.*>?> Thi* property fronts fifty feet on 8th street east andI is immediately opposite the Marine Barracks Terms. One-fourth cash; residue in three eotial payments at 6.12 and 13 months, with DiHes^ewing dTd tru,rt on thepremi sts fluid. 6ICO deposit repaired at time of sale Con veysncinc at purchaserVcosT If the Urms ofsa?e rnln *?2? fil"'1 i!? .wl,h within six days, the right a ill he reserved to rendrertise th? property at the risk and cost of the purchaser in default J,* d LATIMER a CLEART, Aucts. ,j. LUTTRELL ^m(,?TH( R8DAY. June 18tli, at 6 o'clock p. . *i11 ,*f11 '",fr"nt, ?f the premises, to the highest bidder, two elegsnt Brick Hons** ** ??* 1 ? *nd 31? C street, l>etween 3d and 4S iI'llll??' .T?nt,ll?Mfeet ?n C street and ruining ^ r, l ? VV a ?>ot R"'v- "P?n which there are brick stable* running the v it.'i of the lots The bong, s c. ntain 41 ro.mis, with all the mod rn ?onve sn.^;^rr?rwh*oCle. *" Pr0I>flrt' WiU b" ?Jlj terms of Mie: One-thlrt cash, of which AIM on each bouse must l?e paid on day of sa!?: hafance in ?>. 12. and lMimnths. secured by a of trust on the pr. n1..?s. LI TTKKLL A DI NNINGTOM, _ A*Is Auctioneers, ?I7 Lonisiana ave. Ill G lit EN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, " Korthwertcuraer luth and D streets. TWO GOOD FRAME IIOCSES AVD LOTS BETWlVlf I'N KAST < APITOL* STREETi AT^AUCTION1 STBEBTS EAST, Un THURSDAY, the 18th inst., at 6 o'clock Ef Te 8l'14" fh<" premises. Part of ?*Lot 11, in square N". 980, being 45 feet front hV? n**01 . ^.p- "itb lwo Frame Dwsll ir g B< uses, a lib ba' -nieuts. suitable for privnte r. sidences, to ajiich we ask the attention of persons ? 11 want of c >mfortaMo h<uies,as th"y will bo sold p^it I>to the highest bidders. Title perfect l i'iti Sa*h- balance 6 and 12 months, jot tioiis bearing interest aud *ecnred by a deed <>f tmst ?n the pr< iiiiaes sold. Conteyancing cost of pr.rrhaseiv ftluodown on each house time of sale J< >1 [ B?-p 1 GREEN A WILLIAMS, Ancts! 1*1 B. H. WARNER, T..U??1 Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T8? 7th street, between G and H sts. WW OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON " ???T B?<N *?^m., a > nluable Building Int. located as above 21 feet 5 inches front on M street, by a depth of 19u All wooden Ke'S "'tfi'f 8 luO down en day of sale. ' This Is one of the best locations in the citf je4 eod&ds B. H. WABNEB. 78tf 7th st. 11^' JAMES GUILD. Auctioneer, No. 1014 Pennsylvania avenue. BEGCLAR PALE OF FLOWERING PUNTB ? KRANIUMS, HANGING BASKETS, 1. On TnUBSDAT, Jane 18, at 8:30 p. m , I S??,on ro??' ?4 Pennsvlvania avenue. 1 l0 ?t J AMES GUILD, Anct. mt Latimer a cleabt, p.. Auctioneers aud Beal Estate Brokers, boutnwrtit corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th at

Star Offict Building. ' CHANCERY SAL* OF VALUABLE BEAL ES _ tat* in SQUABE NO. A ?wB r,y!r,Ue.of the 8npr*"?? Coart ot mV&P'&fil otColumbu, passed in cause Ma. mmT s J' Flemiiung and ethers acaiust S^nTf-r^i1?' I will frontofthejJwm TLE8DAY. the 17th day of June, 1ST3, at ?p" n' ,' V" norlh half of lot Mo. 5, frent - tiu^ bv'!'?V?? "'fht inches on Maa^husette ave A I f?-et deep more or le? Also the ?outn halTof lot Mo 6, h4\iag a front of thirty feet ?!L?0C.,!h?5M'bf I'i??^o feidiV!?ore or V? .2 l.e iP'ProiemenU tUereon. AIho the eieilt1in*i lo,JJo- ?' ,b:iTin? ? front of thirty feet ? i. ,n "?"??f1'husetts avenue by eightv-flve f. et taoreorle. Als., the s.nth part of fn So. 6, a it h impro\ emcnto thereon,having a front ol thirtr ftet on north G street, by one hu ud red feet deea mora or less. Atoo, the wnlh part of 1$xZlZft he imprii\enients thereon, having a front of thirty fret od n??rth G street by one hun lred feet dees S.??Z.??r. ? AIso',ot 8, having a fronton Mum ?Vft.?uer ?'?ht inches, bran average depth of ninety-five feet and a hair-all in 5'^h^Thi8 pro?*r,l ^tuTti WiJeiS Massachusetts avenue, north G street. New Jersev avenne and 3d street northwest. Jersey 0u,, thir'1 cash: balance in sis, '*, *?? *nd eighteen months, with interest at the rate of eight per cent per aniium. The purchaiera to givetnelr note* endorsed to the aatiafaction of i^?" ^1" f?i ? M"" wl" be '"Uined on the proper ty sold until flnal pay nient is made. If the termTof " If, D"t comphed with in six days the property will be resoMkt the coat of the defaulting purcha ^?r- A deposit of fioo will l>e required from the piuchaser of each lot. All conveyancing at tlieex i en-e of the purchaser. i;. , t ???Af' Trwtfls, Jill! LATIMER A CLEAKY. Aucts. BY ?M. L. WALL A CO., Anstioaeers, UA. ^ New Marble Bnilding, 000 and 008 Pa. avenue, corner of ?th itreeC TRUSTEE 8 SAL*OF VALUABLE IMPROVED I'BOPBBTY IN SQUAB* No 07 J. BEAR St ALOYSIUS CBUBCH ' n*A*BT " . Bl ''"J1* "LV1??41 of trr>nt' dftted October 23d, and d?Ly rt*or<>?> >n Liber No. MS ?fo?o 363, Ac., and b? the written direction of the P*ft' *ocni>d thereby, 1 will aell, at public auction, (ii front of the premise*, on MONbA Y/tbe 16th dar of June, A^ D.1873, at 6 o'clock p. m!, all of LoS 5L'.?r?^n .""'J," "tbdlvision of ><inare numbered six hundred and aeventy-Bvef675> nVtBtafh w'th all the improve ments thereon, being two nearly-finished Dwelling Houses, fronting on north I street. " Terms of sale: One-half In cash, of which AI30 n>u?t be paid on each lot at sale; the deferred pay ments to be made ia six and twslve months after day of rale, with Interest at ten per cent, per annum and ln,<l V? the satisfaction of the Triwtee. Terms tobe complied with within six days after day of sale, otherwise the Trustee reserves the right tc resell the property, after one week's notice, at the risk and co?t of defaulting purchaser All cenveyanchigat purchaser'*coet. . J. M.CAPBBTON, Trustee. P-30-d w! L WALL A OO., Aucts. BV B. H. WABNEB, ? Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer. No. 739 7th street, between G and Q sts. m Br virtneofa deed of tmst to me, dated No*. 18Ui, l#n,of r. ceids in Liber No. 6S1, folio 100, one of the land record for the county of Waah l?*"0?' DVC;' ?J*4 k/ direction of the party sacuretf thereby, I offer at public sale la front of the f,:KrttT7'1n tU*SDAY, the 17th day or June Inst! ? i 0wi^L> " ? ?? ^e right, title and intetast oV 8. J. Fagae, ia and to a leasehold for tan rear* Janua-y 1, 1Mb, granted by the Tiiffttsa ni Columbia CoOoge, of lot No. J?.of suNlivlsto* of SV.i^.cwl *M#ro,u,d,*r^IWMfble on certain ooa ditions, as will ba saen by reference to the record tbersjnf to Lllx-r Mo. 661,f >liol j|,one ofthaLanl Bee ords for the ooimty of Vr aahington, together with the iinirov>nier>ts 'here-n. being a uearly new two BoLndary"** Hou*?' 011 l^h street, near Terms of sale are: One-fourth cash: r?f which must be Immediately paid,) balance ia three, *'*? and twelve months after the day of sale with interest, secared by a deed of trust on the A" ^,,n?*y*'>cing and recording at the coet of the purchaser, and ft tHe terms of sale are not complied wiih in tea days after the day of sale the trustee reserves the right to resell the property ?? the risk and coat of the defaaltlagparchMsr. -1* d W. B. wkbB, Trustee. J^| 0. LUTTBBLL. O. A. DUNNINGTO* * LUTTRELL * DC HIV I MOTOR. Aactieaeers aad Caaaaalsaiaa MerchABta. 017 La. Ave., bet. 9th and MKh streata northwest *?<???? AttwrtoAfirw to the ?ale of Baal >^tl iniimiMoisoiMt ",EC8"" , f lT o T. AtL*?. AUCTION SALES. ~ timimn ffi'V VTinrjCfVlrfTiof">*Pnyr*?* Oomrtal SfefefrjRyagg SrSJTtLS1 li5l**i^*i^'rontc' t^? prmtM.ot WinVKS m&a 2l?l. Mri^r ?f J?*'l W5-M ? o* I wk p. ^L*"* ^"*h <* th* ?ot of ** *!? "ort5i '*? "oat by th? d-pth of the EgWgWWm,unpr >vad bjaneat twe^tory .vt7^;?^7?, r*?hJ which ?90 a?n?t be paid at to U months from day of 5JJS,'Jrti C r*Bt W*"*. and ?wqr?l hi the * Tf*Lrc*ia,CT' mlMl ? ree?rved lion npoo th? nnr ?T{ f. .. . *P* ceaaplled with within ?? t^VSy^Aiia-yr,. BT ?S"in?iWILLIAMS,Auctioneer*. *J Mo. 1001, northwaet corner 10th and D sts mi;??-?; 4Ao<?&&*?. the 11th Instant. at 6 VV o clink ?. B ?e (hail aril, on the prxmiMn. 717" Vk*?1d*?lm''Brick HOUrtE. with f i balldlM, with all modern im SS r i In perfect order, baring afln*8'able f*' Carriage-house. Lot li*tn| 10 foot 8 tarhm Ho"880 d?ep 10 * puW4c ?au'- Being hour , Ternis: |lj000ca?h: balance 1,2.3. 4 and 3 rears s?<te??^!f - ^P*"r r>pt interest and *ecnr>d by Hi ? ?. /u OD P?li" aoid. All coovevan - on fli^day of eele'1"* purchaser. 9W down -j?i? GREEN A WILLIAMS. A acta 111' GBKKN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, *-? No. 1 Vol nerthweet corner luth and D sts. neb?of\oWILAW- RO>"vnVcoir INGTOK CI TV D 8T"?t. IN WASH ?By virtue of a decree passed by the Snprems Court of the District of Columbia, in Eiuily George W Lin villa ..j al. vs. ?. .mam D C. IIunlock ?t al., we will ?ell, at pnhii, auction, at the auction room- of Grern A Willi ami northwest f ^ ner of 10th and P str-ets. in th* citv o# \\ aahington, D 0., on TUESDAY. 7h? 1?th day of .June, A. p. H73. at th?> hour of 6 o'clock p. tu., L h 21, 23. 13. 24,25. 3S, 30,31. and 34. of ->ur subdivision of *?%?" V a tr*ct'*i|d 'L'.nK ?'?a belli* in the co'iti'y of y, Mhinctoa, In tWa Di?triet of Columbia, called Jicot^ Philip and Jacob, and resnrvey on of the above lots contains froxu fire to twenty The land is situated on two roads leading h,t,> the Ridge road, and by tbej* roads to Ge.7r?,own ,ad Washington, and is ouly two and a halfuiilee from Georgetown. The new road about to b- iiiadM,!UM Board of Public Works will bring this property much nearer to Georgetown. property i Tl,'? }f oT *"od uoality, and part of it wood land, a!i well watered. The land in suitable for ax ti'on ??rP???. and is in a Tery healthy l.^a '* Pr,^,f,d on 8ai<1 ? ? ?ar?e naw rieUr Mill, in good running order at,d condition, with asasrs-?nys?,-u iJsafBJft issa*"" ?riin"" ?r A i"*, ^.r IJ'.'pro^-rtr to ( can |.,. ,, Green A H ilhntii- auction rijom. Terms of sale: One-sixth cash,"and the balance in thirty equal nienthly payments, with interest al th" T"lr"l V,nP.'.r centum per annum from day of ?ale nntij ajth aecnnty to the satisfaction of the receivers, and a lien retained on the property sold ? or the pnrehase mpnev can be paid in cast or iid.,u' shorter tune than as aforesaid, at same rata of int< r" '? of ^ao will b" required of the pur chas^r at time of sale. All conveyancing and staaiins kj/i i a?*r- Plats of the property will be exhibited at the time of najp ' 11 01 WW F. MATTIMGLT, 1 m1HlI m1l^n,1ll,e< *-i"? J d*di GRKKM A WILLIAMS. Ancts. 11^ KKLLEI 4 GATCHKL. Auctioneers, Corner 11th and W streets oorU>wi?t TRt'STE*^ SALJt OF LOT IN 8QUARB. NO S CAPITOL HILfc. *tl, l?n of tru*?'<l?t?d February r iV S'J?nd,,uIytr<'cor<lt,d Liker No 432, foln?491,4c a and by the written direction r*f the party secured thereby, I will sell, at public auc !r iaiifT t t premiaea. on WKMNK8DAT. i nt o r*T A at ? o'clock p m rip'w^iPngton'I>rtc'tr^' CapU0' HU1'in ,h* ? TfUJ?. ?f ? *n(1 to be compli?d with ? ^'itlim six dajs after day of sale, ot herwite the Trustee reserves tlw right to rnaWl the propeHv after one week'a notice, at the risk and cost ifde faulting purchaser. "* UB ,, i?^-,VwliP^EtLI" Trustee. ?5 KKLLIT A GATCHEL. Anct? OT LATIMKB * CLBABT, J. A Jl?,,OD**>r*J?rMl Estate Brokers bontnweat corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th at Star Office Buildiug, " C"?a*cBBT SALE OF IMPROVED PROPEBTT ,Bv virtue of a decree of the Sapreme Court of of Columbi. passed in cause No fTT? f va. Blade, et al , I will sell in Lr?*,?f PSX.mi**2' SAtTBDAT, the Iith na> of June, fs73t at 6^ o'clock am, part of lot 5 in square No 454, beginning for th*same at the uorth ei?t corner of aa'dlot, anf running thence west 24 L*7Z!lZ',tbT? .""*19 feet"?nche.,"h?nce r.?Jrti?as f?i??,i,,Cti.' V* fo,,t ?He> ,the?ic. north 8S feet ? inches, to the place of Itegiuning Th.' improvements consist of two two-atory bHck bouses, four rooms each, and a i>rick "table with twelve alalia. Thia property is located between be^ wJSt11 streets ami O and H streeu north T^rms of sale: One-third cash-balance in g i? at.d 18 months, with lutt rest at th-'rate of eight per '"5 *5? annum, the purchaser to gh? his notes indorsed to the aatisfact ion of the fraatee If t?TU>? of pale are ool complied mith in six dav-tii property wUl be reaold .t tbo l^ofdef^lt^ purchaser A depcait of ???wil| b? repair* * "he time of sale. The atable will be aold seD*iS?iv An Conveyancing at purchasers cost. P?'~?y. AU je4-dAds LAT1MBB A ClVa KyTT^? b Southwest corner Pennaylvaala aveuue and 11th at Star Office Building. * 'in'pfnagaav'nV DESIRABLE IMPBOV fV K1>P*RTY OH D 8TKEIT. B?TWicaK liitii AND 13th STB. NOBTQWEST ?'? doed of trust, bear Ka ?"*? *'mte "" ^'"'ay of October. A. D IjJJ, and *duTy recorded in Liber No. 698, fdio 4S3, et iaT. SS^O? land record* for Washington county.Hu Ii. ?m <*'r*c,i"n the party se [J,1^ J!Iehall aell on SA'I UBDAT, July 9 pfonenv6'iP?^fkTP^',Uw " ilf /? . "art of Lot U, in amare No *m morH particularly described aa follows: B^gi'nnS? al^ point on the north line of aaid square, at the ?nd of seventy-nine feet, seven and five .ighth iochJfrom the northeast corner of said aquie, and rooalM in^hM *T?! ei5hty'three four and three-fourth i^. liT^ju j we*Jt0 wasteru line of said saidWiCnei?h?^.?^i eal.0?*th* w<*t*rn ???? of ofp ther^' 1 . J'SJJP' "?'* : Amount aecured by aaid trust l|3#Wi.tnffthsr with ezpenaea of aale. In cash balance in 12 and J4 monthrinia nobS ifthe^?-* chaser bearing intereat to bs taken fur the deferral raymenta secured by deed oftraat on the 2S2SS i .% term# of sate are sot conialied with within six days from day of aale the trustee reaervM t he right to resell the property at the riak ^^03 j4-eoAds LAT^jfet *B(PlEAI'tT'a "cU O* LATIMKB A OLEABT, if/ .. Aactioaaara and leal Eatate Brokers, bauLhwaat cotimkt of Pen a. avenue and Uth at rest. Star Office Building. ' TRUSTEE'S Si AkJ7 ? *'rfn-br Tjriue of a certain dead of trust, IB bearing data on the 14th dag of May, A. D. 1572, ??duly of record in Liher Mo. folio 2M, one of f%,he,.Dl?trict of^.lumbia, and to ,wtl*.?U. M public aaction, to the highest bidder therefor,on THURSDAT, the 19th ' *f June, a. I). 1873, at 6\ o'chjck p. m on the anHJ,'*4*' fci' nuinhared a^vaaty-eight(78), in E. K. Allen s subdivision of pa*t of ssk< naif of R,.amtl numbered two hundred and thiny-four (?4), ia the dty of Washington,togHtWwin,the improvetnenU ilJi'iaaAS'aES^ ^ ? ipj.?zip! x;\T?zr,rzs? with intereat from the day of aale, secured to the satisfaction of the Trustee. Oae hundred dollars caeh to be paid at the tiaie of aale, and if thetaraaa ?L"*,,'.freJ?"t complied with withia five days the ? after, the Trustee reaervaa the right to rsUil apon one week's notice in some newspaper printed aul S2!trf5? M^gm^S*0^ u;& ?* B' *0?T4.""*u"l0lf "" T ????" mTZZ&iXAS'.'.'ZiZ foUa M, aaa of the iaad records of th^a ?-I>wlH *?"onTUB8DAT, WS, IIA o^lath p. ?%' fa *4fara Mo.411 in the city of w2*Uig?on Tn 't'h" -tsssisf T&^siSVra'.'isr'oKS.r'" o2Sri?ffiiRfcTr~ BT Auctioneers Bonthweet oorner of Pennsylvania avenue and Kiev, anth street, Star Office Building. TBBBE 81 KlGHTfl M AND ? ? On Lot ^T^raia liberal anaVlU be **je7-dAde V4SJT . Auctioneers. tio?, lilPWli AUCTION SALES. Df LAT1MBB A CLBARY. Aactiaaearam4 l<?l I?iMi Imkwt, Soatbwart corner Peaaarlvanla i'i-om tU Uth ?treal, Star Ofllc* B?iMia?. A.DMINI8TBATW R'S 8ALB or PUBBTTUBB. fll fcMtllBAr'BflMIW. Jw 14*, ?? ? eieck. 1 will ???11 at Um Motto* r inn IP? Latimer A Cieary, the -ff-cta k* ?f 1 to the v?(m? oir Beoj. F WJkius.da Ceas, d. c?nt|>riifii( in p*rt ? yr'^'y- Port* and st.w,t , Bn?-?e. and ? *?b?tan<1?. J* *r2r"*?? ?!?*' *"d Mattr***, I. < Bntilige, C) lift Trunk*. PIM. .1 i.Im, kim) Crockery Ware, Kitchen Berim-ite* kr _ F. J HBIBXKQfK, AlV'niilrfttor J'? St LATIMER ? CLBtBV. Au,t* V ttREEN * WILLIAMS. Aartnarrn Bo. 1901 tartkvw cotm |M io| D Ma. an* ?J B _ NOBTH C STREET AT AUCTION A On MONDAY. tb* Itith Inatant, we thill *11 th> W>iinw. m ? o'clock p m . pert L*w Bo ?^I0, in Njuare Mo. CM, beting ? Ir ittf on D*l?? ere ?rninf, running back with the liae of ?'?rtkC nri*i lit hwt U Th? i* ? r .ru i tot. beautifully located and commujiu fOflTlOD. Tertra of aale On* 'Mrd < *?h. which tlW wtTl be required paid down a? tints >?f aa)*: balance In two e.jusl instalment* at 6 aiwt U mnnhs. f .r ? 4m l*?a?: ig i nt? r?t f,djt at sale. a deed gtvea and a d ad ??f truat tak'-u. All c^avryaactng at c<iat of p*irrha?* r. J? d GBEKN A WILLIAMS, A acta BT LATIMERA CLEART . A t>ctipi>r*ra and Koal Batata Broker*. Soatbweat corner Pennay Irauia avenue and Uth at , Star Office Buildiuga. TWO DESIRAI'-LE H?TlJ?INO LOTS ON NEW t"RK AYKM KiNORTH SIDE), PETWEEN atYiVti*? 8TE*ET* *"??*, ri* sal! ? We Will I ffer f?r *al? a' aaWk ao ti ??. in I'r -lit of the pr,-misv*, on V KDS ES|? V V . J >IWi,1-C3. .v \l-ck p.m. I. ... N .. ? aad 13. in V biti, Caritai and Mvttcigl* '# sul.Jm ?i ti of original Lot RT v J S-jnar ? Mo. jtl E*cb I * l a- h front of le f??et 3S lack * ?n N >w l ork aretwe, ? ub an average J?ptb of at> >ut l>? f?-?t to an all?-y. Term*. On*-third ca?h. balaac alC And II ta >ath?, Willi internet at 8 per cent. D^lrrieU parw-ut* to be MK-ort d by tli*'note* of tlia purchatMi and a daed of tru?t on the property. $3nd?wn <i? ea !t l it w h?-n ?<dd. Couveyani?? a' pnrt-ha?et'? c ??? Tltl perf?*t or O" *al<>. Bp.-* ial aad general lax--? paid A plat of tli- property can l.? *e -n at the ofllce of the auctioueer*. R E. WHITE. El GEME C Mil SI WM. E. MATTISGLT. A*?i?n-. ?of G B?v! >r ?'<?11 d I.ATIMKR .? CLK\BV, Aa.-ta. Ill B H WARNER, E-? K-al Estate Broker and Ao^ttoooer, No. in# 7U) *trevt, botweeu 0 aad U. TRLSJ.E.E.'S ?AlE OF A TWO JTORY RRIi'K CSJLLLJNGoN THE SOCTH SIDE or J EE ?TREET, IN DNIONTOWW d ' . ?^75,A?QHT A^'RKS or gboitkd, at ALiC i ION. eBv virtue of ?d?-d af tru?t from B-mi am n F aud mif^ 11 D*ui?l L Ett.u and mi' self, latpd June lo.lSM. ?uJ duly record. J in L:bfr 610.folio ITS. on* of th lan-1 record* of Warh ineton connty. l>. C , I will sell at public an<-tiou, in tj';''}', preniiw*. to th? liicbxit M4W,oa EPN ESIiA l . .1 nne 11, 1373. at ti o'clock p m . Lot-iu2 ?nd 7u3, in the Mit>di>iaion of Wt- nlilaud. At I uioiitvwD, D C., c >nt?itiiug ?? arraa 1 rwnl ao-1 1? > |>errli??-i, together with the m|iroTe;in-ut< th'i * "i, This property oyerlo >ki< the ?ntira District, atid th? ground* are set with eli de* Emit Tren and ?hrul>?. It ia a ni ?t de*|rahK-antririian resi dence. T- rnisof sale: T?o-third? caah. balance In ai* " / iuiiu. v ? "BlRIMyr in mix Mi l t velve ni<?ritli?, with mter^t t ? l?? *?vur<si by ? d>ed of trut - ?*- ? efpt-mee of I d> ed of tiuM upvu tkr pr j^erty; $kw down on *c f pt-ince of bid. If term* of sale at vu.jt coinp!i>4 ?itb it bin *eri-u day* after aale, t|lt. p-. p >rt > t .' I>* . j . ? ? III'' P- ' 'P'TT J t. HQ resold ?t tb- rt?k and cwt of d'fanltiiig pnrchiier Con\ e> iiticiug at pnrc|i?*erV r-?t. GEORGE W STICKNET. _ tynrvivinc Trua .?*, C M. WARNER. Att. POSTP8NEP until WILNEsDAT. June 1*, 15-3, i>stn* b^ut aud place. By order of the Tru*tee. .Jtil li H. WARNErt. A net. BY B.ll. WARNER. ?. _ ... .R-al Estate Broker and Auctioiiaer Ni-. 7'Jft 7th *tr?et. b**tweeL G and II at*. ?*~K i>**ibable two ST Hi BKKR DWELLING, N?. VO-* 7ril RnSSL.VTW?" 11ASD c 8TKKE" By virtue ofa d.-edeftruet toDmlel L. E?? b. S?|4?aibir 1S71, and dul> recorded ii. ? .p'??1! ??- *"? one of th?* land re< .<ria f ?r \? aahinrton. DC. and alae by a decree of th< bupteme wrt ol the Diatnet ol Colombo. E ioiri No. S.177, Docket 12, aubatituting tlia uod-rfUn-d TruMee in alaee of l?aniel L. Eaton. dnceaMd. I will *?ctiou, in frou* *4 tlx preniifH*. to tb.- bigbert bidder, on THl'RSDAY. Ju'y iith, lS73_at 6 o cl >ck p. m . L ?ts alxt?-n and *ey nt'-eii. In Pr"UT a n of aunare nunibered niue bin died (90vi. bounded aa foll <wa: B -ginmng at n |>..nt ope hundred and eight ftet three Inchaa wuth frotu the poiot of interaaction of 7th*treet e*?t with North Carolina avenue, thence north forty feet to an a It) . thrnce east on* haudred au-l nineteen feet to an alley ten feet two inche* wid^: tbenoa a! ju* aaid f. tej 5;nfh forty feet: thence we*t alougtbe dividing* liw? ot lofn fifteen mw??ne hnndred and nini to the ^)?c? of b^^her with tl?2 miprorenienU thereon. ? rn^: rtih; balance in fix, twelve ? id eighteen Moatiie, with lo per cant int?re*t. ?ecurid by a deed >f truat on thu iT ?pert> H.nmpa and conveyancing at tb* coat of the purchaser Alt, down when the property i? strnek off. In raw ib ?f rills are n.vt complied with within a*T*n day- after be aale. (be pr .partT will !>? r?aold 4 the riak and c at of the defaul ti ag pu re b aaer JOHN H COOK. Tniate. jell roAd? B. H WARNEK Ant. 11Y LATIMKB A CLKART Auctioneer* and Beat Eatate Brok?r?, BonthwoM corner Pennaylrania avenue and 11th ?t.. Star Office Buitdtuga. TALI AIILB BUILDING* LOTS FOR SALE, ON ?**T" STREET KA8T J W,U ?ir*.r f >r "J*"- ?? SATURDAY. th? y?'!? d?f of June, 1873, at 6', o tl^ck p m , fTj11 Pf Lota rum he red 54 to 47, in ?nb dniair n t* agtiAO tSS, fronting ?b lmh atr^t ^a??t tr.ween H and I ata. north. Thna* lot* are of *ult ??de .it, for bnildinga, are adjacent to the H-*tre? t tail road, and will beeoldon ea*y ternia, aa l-4i.iwa One-fourth caak reaidue at 6,13, U, aud 14 tuotuha, witu interest. The whole front* UTS feet on 10th at. 1* dAds LATIMER A CLKABT, Aorta. OT OREKN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, A> No. 1 <M>1, aorUiwaat ooraar kRA and D *ta. CV Aw!.Ea\,AKD FARM NEAR LAHIIAM STATION, OH BALTIMOUE AND PtiTOMAC RAILROAD. NINE MILKS FROM WASHINGTON, BTC., AT AUCTION. A On TUKSDAT, the *4th day of June. HPS, Montbe premiaea, at S o'clock, *re Khali sell the "*akov* property. The plat e contain* about 171 acre* of land, ta provnd by dwelling-h^uae, two tenement koa*ea, large barn, atabllug. Ac. A variety of aoil adaated t*finlt. early gardening, grain, Ac. Timkeraud uie >dow Und. with good water. Train* on Baltimore and P.4?mac Railroad t>% ?tation within ten minnta*' walk of h .u?e p.?t office, school and church in neighborhood. Maudiug crop* will be sold with the property. St<ck5impl?'meuta, Ac , it valuation. Term* : Oii' third caab; balance in 1,2and 3rear*, w!. b note* tearing intereat aad deed of trust en the propaftr. i?iTaiPRV,7i-r '?/'>r??'f>n aee A. a WIDDB a 25? \ fififj r betwein the kjura of 9 and 1 o'clock daily. i??*E*N* WILLIAMS, Aucu. j9-eoAd* [R^p. copy June 18 ) DY ORKEN A WILLIAMS, AoctV-noera, U Nurtbweat corner of Mth and D atreeta. TRUSTKK SALK OE A TWO-STORY BRICK NORTH BBTWKKN I AND K SYS. By virtne ofa deed of tmat, dated 10th day of KEJ , l * . V? 1??- aad duly r?cordnd in , Ji1^ Mo.alg, folio Sit, <?* of tb- land record* *V county, ia the Diatrtct of Columbia, aad by direction of Ibe holder of the Bote*. I shall Ml at public aueri >ii. ou TUKSDAT, the 17th day of June, A.D.WTS. ia front of tfce premise*,at o oVlock p. m., all tnat certain piece or aarcel of D* andi?'.?* mi*cltr <* Waahing t <?, and k?<>wb a*d described on the ?lat> of eaTd J01 ?f,eea <141, in Davidge and J1'!'**^"MiTiaion of ayuare nmibred lie hnn dred and aisty-one (SeiirhaviuA a feet front by US feet deep, mor^ or lew. which Aaid tubdtvUioa is re corded in the office of th* Survey or of aaid r itr, with * thereon, co netting ofa two-?tory brick dwelling iiouae. ' Term*: One-third caab; balance in C, 11 and M month*, for note* bearing intereat and aecared by a deed of truat on the pramiaaa. All convey eucmg atthecoatofthepurchMer. flOOdownon the day of sale Attd if tne term* of sale *re not eom?li<-d with within live day* after the aay of aale, the traa fee reaerves the right ta reeell the property at the riw and coat of the defaulting purehaaer by advar watsia'ffirta ?p*~ *? y' * GK1ENLLUtMtr A-S: B11^S|CAM|BOS.|POWLIMO ro<^. *??>?. a.ff,,?p&ug9egffag-g.'ia: ^?at public auction, to the bighvat bidder, hi front Praw?i**a. L?* n in a^aare1 /*$. aitaate on Tenn*: Ouy-thUd oa*?; balaace in aU and twelve montfca, with notea bearing iutereat, aecureJ If tUJT&iVSSCOrt DCNCAMSOB, BOWLING A OO . Al BY LATIMKB A CLKAKY. . Aacttcaeera aad Real Bat ate Broken,' ^cthwaatcc^er IVnMylvmdaaee .aud lHhMreat, hall sail the foitovtBf deaenbed eaiaaMe real eet*|e; ML'J A, ia *Muar? SU, (itoated on tke a Irak aMhs of New York a\, Uwnu lac aUeet aad Maw Jar aey averiue nonhwaat. Part *f Lot 1*>, in equare WD, corner of Kk and Q atreeta *ontkeaat A 1-a, l^ta4, A.%.m,u aad M la *<i?are I la auaii ? aad 1 atiaaa, aad Utk aad ?af aale: Oaf -foartb caak. kaJaa? la tkrae ftt-aJ paymeata, at ?, H and U a?OVtha, witk uataa ?raring totereat and Mcur^d by deed of I CM >n the i uu win m n oa cicb bor at tnn# of aaia. If tb? teem* of Mia ?ra compiled with vttkki ata "M S, the right w ill. ke raaaraad to raaell tk* proper i mt the rUl arl ro?t of pacebMaer hi dafaatt. Plata M tk* pioperty c*u be aee r L, applyingto tb' anttloanfjn. J7 d LATIVBB ? CLBaKY, Airta EVENING STAR ?I iTitti, m i WNf* t? b o?t (it style Trt pr r>4?r? , P M?. i im m? H . tfflhai fu '?>? 11??j > ?k"Jp < Or thai a? '?>? ??,- ?ri4?. Ba km' Cipii'* Ja.k still s Una'. u4 Wfhm aosk-Jpoa kis brtti I (I- *h?t ''?nr??i?r tvad tkrr* t* an crown o? hair, l< ha? g ?e, M haa fl*d 1 And E< h<> Ad>I I mLi. I* ihi* N*ti -a a Whit* it grata ally things ob Ik* *4aaie*" W>* we* k???i In IM *Mi|> As s^asw, A lid folk* d IM <iwi B? U" ri*M* i? lh* u?, ?lit * trfarkrou, ntliil >a4?lia.r, a* Kir* MM fce*' *HI known W r? MX* she sai<1 thai afca know Wbera tba lajia* *u kid. Aid lk>MMMi<-M ??* Irno, Pne it ?miw4 that ?li<*did, Since *b<' led kiUiaai a her* ha was Mvw?Jkf bor^iio. o 14*01, aud-*:.d ' Then thar raarha.1 for hi. hair. Hut Ki'w."Kf tk- U* Of MtlinusloiVW I ?uiio*4ti-?i. ?uit; And I !"? >k? to |w irrtM, ?"? boor ho'-m a m?' aer, a pi i.r.rr m ??t " Hit Caplata Jack r.xa Aad ho aor. ?? It a too tfcla Such atatetr.enta a* IImw It 'a too tola to login There's a M'rfi* ind> /???( ajjlr you.O PUtfare, ?ltd >ou'r? giNk' in ?'I'* stole 8. bnti*. kin's Sj-taw la tha **ai alitt -tw li (Ml* >ittr r at Thai Loo* Jaak J >u w ot thrxurti. And >"? l.aroed Kj?i> Jm ? r?bdi n< an I hi *l?? and Ilia pari?>ua?? [?v. "Th'? (in. ill my hat 4 U a* an Id mo t?* f?? 'Gliafi the laa of Iha land. A' '< I Ci i?t<? II I* troa ' " And h* burn d In* lac* in hia kitaH aud wapt aa ho hid it from mow, *4Bot fniiYc triad and d Aud akelpH.*'* ) d n " A1.1 h- p?vaa?i and lw h-n.m. I ? Bin ab| thia r?ir,o- ? Hi* ?*? -UW 'caiiaot n?r i u?t 'in 4 Nation*. *nd cut ult like a roar In u* llo ni. Bo I *-k? without guil*. Ai ?t I trust* not In \aiu. If i In* i* tb- at) I* ia going |o rhtalti If bora1* Captain Ja< k at lit a Uv4n',aud K - <? wttk do akrla on tiia btaln ' * t. Trihint | B?rr Hint ?yi.lft* if but a You tuav hare board tliia l>elore. but tU?- fact that Vt-tiaonl k*? lbrae female rttgi- driver* mar be new. ?/""m of the beat dirtrtton* to follow for aucceto in norti'ty la tbia. "Talk to tb? voung ladie*. aud liaten irbeii the old one* talk to yoaT* ?^"Tbe following no'ico waa recently found l*n>tc<l on the door* of tbe Arkanaa* senate cbamticr: ".lob work executed with economy and diapatc):." mr A young lady wbo treat fro* the girt ol her adorer ??like a boautilul dreatu." returned like a niglitmaie a hen heaiaoied allot auj;l*et >onng female. ?Of A young lady told an admirer the ottier evening that be *a> like her oj*era glaaa. ? be ctuM,' i-aid *he, "I can draw vou out, tec tbrvngb you, ami abut you u| a/~ A l-artv of A men i* an UoardiTig-a^hool girla fUarted tor turope the other <U\, under the charge ol coui|-cteut iattrmllllama, tor a Bl teeti months' tour ot ol>M-r\atton. WThf young ladten of I.oniaUna, Pike roaa t\ . U\p?c \ tunaatic atld caltatbentc ciu?>. and fierlurm all tue bo>ieh athletic leau, tia|- re l>erformanceh, ami Miiuctaa.uU. "So genUe luib ot men admitu-d." M A K K ? EH, C0L<T,A7.KR-KO4 K Ok Ma* ?'h. b* tli? Kt J . llodaon, HKN K\ C ?'OLl'L A/.F. K.->f V a-iiiiiKt> i , r? c., to Mi*- AhMCK'i h.of N< rthi.uil.? rlai.d rouiitj , \ a. * FI?H KK-MI IEPI.KK <?n 'h* Hth init .hrtb* Kv l>t Paik? r. Mi Ml.n KK ? F i*H KK to >1 -a ANNIE 0. .-lilhltLtti. alt u! HaahiitdtM city. ? GRIMES. Ok tb<> inrniit^ of th-llth i:i?t . VVM Fkkl'kklCK inta t * ??? of W illiaiu a.iJ Paaliua Orim<-. 1 uioutb* ai.d 24da>* Funeral from tbero?dMK-a of il? parents. 17 4 Hifh ?reo?, Oa rjetoa n, D. C , & Tlr rsda) aflac liuut. at 4 o clock ? UNDERTAKEN |?ICHAB0 r. HARVKT, UNDERTAJCBK, (SartMMr is ItAKTMl ? IlikK, Mo *S? V > nwtia Sloth ai I HUT ALL tC BVK1AL CASEBAHD CA IT AHHOVlik, HAB R.C CABINET MAM MR AUD VHB ? IK KLBVKMTU ITUII, tOhMTVhM 0'^^ tiT" MAU' yyiuuM autun, c AMPET8, CARPETS. OARPBTd C O D, CARPET H O I Is I, A ? W STOH?' A LAROC ASSORT MART 99 CARPETS, OILCLOTH. MAT TIMO. RCOB. MATS, Ac. Peraoaa faraiakina ptnaor call and oxamtao aa4 jou can l uy thrm_?l N -*w V ork frlqaa^ai tb* Bill Im SstraaTM It raralaAina ?i??o^ call and on if tbetn at ?ow fork prica*, at "MiSffSmt 'HE MOST WOVBERPFL P1S< OVERT OP THE OEBTl'BT Or.S. 0- Arabiu Milk Cor*, PVR coysoMPTtott Curt* ordinary Coach* and Colds la a Utr like Ba<ii, also, Dr. t D Hovd'a Anku Toau Blokd PuriA?r, 1 ?hk> Is purely raoatabia, claanaaa lira afataas af all iBiporftir*, t-oild*U ri?M *?uara ap, and oiaks* pure, ru h blood. Por "O-iH-ral DobHtrr," "Lort Titaltti." and broken do an conatitutiona. **i ChmlJenlf lb A mi'm'k Oa.'icv" To And It* ogual. Every bottle t* worth rta aoiaht in rd<t Prica #1 pot bottle, or six botUos Ivi $i. Sold wboleaaleaad retail ay Chas. biori A Co., 4M Paauaylraala arai.a*. And at retail by Z D. O'Lhax.BRT Peaasylraaia aracno. W. G Inrt*TT,corner*. and SJ at. J. P. MiLacas A Co., near Treaaor) Deparuaoat. A I'svis A Co.ltth a ad L streets. J R. M*J?*, 7tk aad H street* J. H . Sroa*. 7tb ai*d L atroeta. P.M. Ci ABtr A 0< .,4S street and Penna are J. S. Jonm, *Sd and A street* suit boast. Tiltl A Co^FW 7tb street soutboast P. I? Sownsa, 4H and C wreots ?ootbwa?t. A. J. SrHsratBT, Mortb Caattoi and H streoti. P. P.HtckLlM, ?Bl CetiBsyluauiaare. aud At si M . R. Stoxb. eortier 7tk and O alroals. V ilfbbi MrLaoo. C-'r(i?to?n apSS wAtka* Thaaklag my trtends aad tba era I uironac* ia tk* aaat. 1 ? auticttacontCtaanaaof KBO I0TIM. Hartai aaaat tb* pat two yaan **rysaltsFagluillr srttk Hr.Totmja la tk* abooe aamsd l would take this opportunity te ikaak mr kisad* aad tbe public for their BainiPBgt,a>d cbaatfalli raa &Ssrr^>y?tiAi' is 0T1CE1 M S-tr * P. m. TOCMO OTIC* OP ? tARO _ \ismre^st. ? aoo ?lAMoIP?,*kldi\i at great bar trenbleto Sbowr 5"ks. Walakaaaad iay*tr> t Ilo, Mt Peuaajitauia ar?aaotaaAsr katu>&ai ?aid. A LOAM OPP1CE, 1CI, aarasr ^ f* wtd ?'-an? oa Mrv >%CU*kia>, Cat?sm ,aad a& i ^ . 15155: *?-?_ jscsl's wbgrr.T?m.ny fa gsy;

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