Newspaper of Evening Star, June 11, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 11, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR, j ? CD9IIIB11 Inw II, ItffS. LOCAL NEWS 4 iiMlfMH t?f*K ?'?pt. Otto Weber, of the Fimt Controller'# #fc? bf resigned. TLere were iui cam of smallpox reported to d?v. The ra?e of Kenblmg agt. Class? action for libel???? given to the jwry In the circuit court this aftetnevn. William H Fletcher and John W. o-borne. of this city. have "rn?t received patent*? thetormer for a window srissb, ami the latter for a speed **The bo<lr of a drowned man was found to-day in tti? Ewtoa branch, n. ir tbe naval m iga mrwe. ar.l tbe coroner is holding an In.juest this afternoon. Ye?t? rday afternoon, some laborer* engaged in cutting and stacking (raw in the Smithso nian |iM?d?, came ncross the dead body of a colored infant. Walsh A Vneen were to- lay swarded the con tract tor furnishing coal to the marine barracks for thr nest tsc-al year. T. Kdward Clarke Jk Co get the contract for the wood. The five-mile dash for vino a side, yesterday afternoon, at Pmev Branch eouise." between Hoop*-r'? hor?e Silas Kicb, and Chamberlain's mare Ked Bird, was won by the latter. I?r. Joseph I'.orrows was accidentally struck and severely injured bv a street car at the cor ner of !?th and K street*. yesterdav at tor nc in. Officer Sutton conveyed biiu to his house, 921 ? street. The ?trawl>err? festival for the benefit of St. PaTu k - new ibauli opened last evening at Mars>nic Temple. The arrangements for the romtort an-1 plea-tire of visitors are complete, and an evening can be passed there very pleas autlv. Yesterday afternoon the Washington city Hi bernian benevolent witty No. 1, accompanied by a <leta< hment of the Marine band, turned out to the uumber of about 250 members, to at teml the funeral of their late brother, Mr. Mor gan V.laniL A new weekly paper, in the Interest of the brewers of the country, (who at their recent convention !n Cleveland. Ohio, subscribed the needed funds.) will lie- started in this city in a few weeks, to l>e ca'led the Wnthingt-* Pi>me?r. Mr. L. Sehade has been appointed tbe alitor, and Mr. Win. Met/ger the general manager and agent. A fashionable audience assembled at St. Paul's (Episcopal) church. Alexandria, yesterday af ternoon to witness the marriage of I>r. J. W. H*\ne. assistant surgeon U.S.A., on duty at Foit Foote. Md., to Mi* Mae S. Ashby, dankli ter of K. S. Ashby. es?t.. city auditor. The young couple started on a bridal trip north on the >ew York tr^in last night. At a speeml meeting of the members of the K street baptist church last evening, resolu tions were adopted reluctantly accepting the resignation of their pastor. Kev. Dr. Jutten. to take effect on the Mil instant, and expressing the.r sorrow at severing the pleasant relation ship which has existed between pastor and peo ple tor several years. They compliment him on his energv and success while here, and wish him proti-erity in hi? new Held ol labor in New York city. An incorporation certificate of the Columbia land improving company was tiled in the office ol the recorder of deeds yesterday. The com pany has a capital stock of #100,009, in shares of ?!'? each. The c<>r|x>rators are Albert Owen, O. Perry Jones. Jihn A. Lltidsey. James H. L. Eager, Oaniel Welch. N. F. Cleary and J. B. Wunderly. and the object of the company is to purchase. bold, improve, and otherwise use lands lor agricultural, mining, and industrial pursuits. inl *r Health SHALL ri'X-THICHOLZRA IS .HE W1?T-SAS 1TARY Rtr.rLATIOSIil. At a meeting of the Board of Health last night. Mr. Langston, from the committee on ordinances, n^rt.^d that he had conferred with tbe cbaruian ofthe committee on health of the Hou-e of delegates in relation t > hill No. 12. and certain amendments to the section per taining to the duties of the coroner had been suggested. On motion of I>r. Bliss, the chairman was authorized to recommend such amendments U> the section a.- h?- might deem expedient. SMALL rot A?I> OTHER 5 T IS A XfE*. The health officer submitted a report ol small pox cases for tbe month of May, showing the total namber at 1>n!; also, a synopsis of tbe health office for the week ending June 7, show ing nuisances abated. 367; dead animals re mo\ed. .V: marine products inspected, 9noshad, 3S sturgeons. 45.f*? elams, ^0,000 crabs, 190 bushels of oysters; condemned, 1,3#) crabs, 1,0)0 rlams. is bushels oysters: unwholesome rood condemned. aw; pewnds of corn beef. iWiij Cunds of bacon. :?? hog joles, 14 |>onndssf aot l. 16 pounds of i>ork, 15 pounds of beef, 10 pounds of veal. .5 bunches of rnrtdishe*, 2 bushels of cherries, I bushel of tomatoes. 3 bar rels of peas; number of snimals impounded, 46; redeemed. 33; amounts received tor tees, S6,tior, lor feed, 75 cents. lis also submitted resolutions declaring the following premises nuisances sad ordering their nbatement: No. *19 6th Mrest northwest; No. 17 6th street northwest; Nos. 1711,1716 and 1718 11th street northwest; No. 1*1* Vermont avenue ?orthwest; at the corner of 4k and C streets onthwest: frxme shanty in Jackson allev. be tween G and H and 1st and North Capitol streets northwest, frame stable in the rear of No. 316 I'itk street northwest; Msryland avenue, be tween 13th and streets south w;?t; No. 1M7 11th street northwest; No. *41 I street north wrest; Nos. lt>45, 1? 13. 1?41 and 1UU 11th street northwest. Xos. i?4!?. l?ni, 1W3 and !??*? 11th street northwest. Jtb street, between N anil O Street* noithwest; N street, between 1st street and New Jersey avenue southeast. No. 1617 Vermont avenue northwest. A CHOLERA IStjCTRT. I>r. Bliss offered a resolution that the presi dent of the board be requested to communicate with the health board of New Orleans and other cities along the Mississippi, to ascertain the character or fatality of the cholera prevailing there. Adopted. SASITAKV REOCLATIOJf*. Mr. I-angston submitted a resolution declaring the alley running from B street to 7th street northwest, and opposite the Center market, in the city of Waahingtoa, a nuisance, and direct ing Its'abatesaent. Adopted. I?r. Cox submitted a resolution that the com mittee on ordinances be, and they are hereby, instructed to confer with the Board of Public Works In regard to the importance of securing suitable legislation bv which the constructors of tenement bouses and other dwellings for the p?<-r i-hr'i be so regulated as to introduce into the const met .on of said buildings such sanitary arrangements as will effectually prevent the common evils resulting from defective space, ventilation, drainage, privy uceommodatien*, water supply, Ac. Adopted. o Tai JmE Trrm of the Cairn* al C<>crt? Tke Jury Liit?? Tkrtt Murder TrutU.?The fol lowing jurors have beeu drawn to serve the June term of the Criminal Court, which w.U be convened on Monday next. 16th inst.: Gramil Jurjf.?JohnStahl. Benjamin J. Cham bers, William Clabaugb. Kdward Green, N. C. I>raper. H. B. B>rd. William N. Croggon, Kd. M. New meyrr, Anthony Kberlv, l*orsev Carter, Frederick l?onglass. jr., James E. Miller, Tho*. Evan.-, Theophllus Bray. John Henderson, Ru dolph Eichhom, Kobert W. Bates. Charles P. Pe-rson. Charles A. Appel, James G. Bowen. Ueorge W. I>onn, Henuis Ca.lagban, and L W Ouinaad. Petit Juru Geo. Hergling. John W. Allen, James Bechct, Kichard H. Barnes. Thomas A. Brown. John Gormley, (ieorgeG. Corn well. H. K- Easl>y, E. E. White. Hansen P. Carter. Geo. Beits. Joseph K. Casrtn. W. P. Alexander. Her man Biau, John Brown, Alexander Lkslge, Thomas Bruce. I.ewis Kettler, Jehu J. Cook, Henry Oreer. Thomas S Burr, John K I>ale, W a Barry, George W. I?uvall, Zachariah Hagan. ami James A. Pl?*mlng At this term it is probable that Henry Young, charged with the murder of Joseph Hahn; Sam Kafner, with the muroer of John Abel Tucker, and llichael Kane, with the murder of his brother John, will be tried. Th? Ciacr* aid Mexacbrie now giving Krformances at 6th street, is. In some respects, e best show which has visited Washington this sesson, and the managers deeerve especial credit for one thing, they da about everywhing pictured on Lhsis and adverttsementv wbiehisagcM deal MtlVKUian saving: "We didn't have/roem tor that oth^X.nt;" or. "f great baresark rkler has a bad ed mis:" or, *Mlle Kumarouse has acctdent;" or, ??Our performing el Inst week," to all or which a bovs respond -Tee thin." To-nighl morrow afternoon and evening are i the last chances to see this shew, whl what it profosaes to show. The grand pt ?ion wlfl go to the navy yard to-morrow, j a XJ Equity riiuonv wit t ourt. Judge Wylie divaceed Charlotte E.^Mc Cov from the bonds mt rnatrimnnv with John McCoy, and gave nefMMer the riant to res ft me her maiden name of ftllev. Petitioner states that she was married if respondent la Septem ummvh mamaa m responoent is Septem ber, IMP; that suhee^wsnL y he contracted hab its of Intoxication, and. atter abusing her. In 1 >ecember.jgtl, 6sasrts 1 her. Mr. T. A Lam bert appeased for petitioner and Mr. H. W. Ga Taa Hon Bobbowbb -Washington Harris, colored, was nrrssasa this morning by the de tectives on the ehnrge of lieing the party who, for saeeral weeks past, has biaeu engaged In going from house to honse with n note purport n# tk# APtieic taking? it mW ThaUas ^ 11 e taking of f75 worth from St Joseph's Asy Inn*. ? O Axomaa nosh lot of theos elegant 23 cent red cheeked mattings resolved at Welford A Bhill ----- lively iMtiag mt PakUc 1* rnili'f h TBI I HA BOB O? FX AVl>?A DIiryciATORY HB>4>LIT|OH_AM 1*VW>TIHATI!<t) C??M?1T Tlt APPOINTED. A regular meeting of t?ie Hoard of Trustees of Fabric Schools ?ki held at the Franklin School building last evening, Mr. E. F. French ib thr chair. On motion of Mr. Randolph, the sub-board of the Second district were given the privilege Of filing at their ne*t meeting a statement reUave to tne missing analysis of Chan. H. Otrrand.of the grammar school of the Second district. Mr. Kardolph stated rial the prize was awarded to the Tlnrd district, when an examination of Master Ourand's analysis might throw the urize in the Second district. Application* for teachership* were presented from Mr?. Mary E. Calhoun, S. I). St<?wait, of rievdand, ?.'hio; W R. Souxbeer and C. L. Woodruff. Newark, N. J.; Mm. A.Id.-on B. Po !aid, Worcester, Mim ; and Miss A. Jeuny Yosey. Superintendent Wilson presented an abstract ol rej-orts of May, IK73, from wh'ch it appears that the Bomber cf pupils on the rolls the last day Ol the month was 6.756. Decrease for the month, 347. Average number of pupils in dally attendance daring the month. 6.417. Number of vacant seats in the First district. 278;Seco..d, 34: Third; 1?total, 29. Number of ea*es of corporal punishment in the First district,20: Second. 9; Third, 8} Fourth, 22? total, 58; ir.? crease for the month, is. Number of pupils dismn-scd in the First district. 4; Second, 1; Third, 2; Fourth. 5? total, ti. Numl>er of pu pils suspended In the First district, 6; Second. 2" Ttird.6. Fourth, 12?total, 26. THI KISDALL ARD KIHO SCHOLAR-SUITS IS (/OMMr.IAB COLL BOB. The superintendent submitted a sealed report from the committee appointed to make the ex aminations for the Kendall and King scholar ships. The committee on prises and examina tions opened the report, which, after giving the individual average of each contestant, made the to'.lowing awards : K.iward L. Scott, of the 3d district,average ,K7.the Kendall scholarship; Walter McFarlui d, ot the 3d district, average ?61, the !?clio!arsh1p. KBtrt T l>F Tnt EXAMINATION OF ATPLICAJIT8 FOR T BAC H BBS fill's. . Mr. Kardoiph, from the committee on teach ers, reported that at the *>>mi-annual examina tion ot candidates for primary teachers' certifi cates. held at the Franklin building. May go, 1*73. the following were successful: EmnitL. Bond. Mary L. Shields, I.ucy M. Wood, Ella R. Nevitt, Mary McArdle. Anna B. Milan*. Susie F. Porter, (trace G. Poole. Sallie E. Talbert, ItoUrta Freeland, Annie N. Dutton, Ada II. Wlliey, Mary K. O'Brien, Fannie C. Snvder, F.IBe Rodier, Ida E. Rei**, Isabella Haliday, .lulla S. Kelly, Susan R. LeBa*<iuet, Elizabeth H. I>admun. The committee regret to have to report further that during the progress of the examination of candidate* tor secondary and intermediate cer tificate*, held the same day, the several mem bers of the committee became fully satisfied from observation and from the admission of most of the candidates, that they had either fiven or received oral or written assistance, pon the detection or such general prompting, in violation of known specific regulations, the committee and the superintendent unani mously determined to suppress the entire ex amination. which they accordingly did. The report was adopt* d. *AL ABIES. Mr. Randolph, alM>, from the same commit tee. recommended, in accordance with the sug gestion of the superintendent, that M it-ex Laura M. Bland, third district, and Margaret A. Sheck, fourth district, be placed upon the list of teachers receiving the advanced salary; adopted. ?' Mr. Hart, from the committee on aeconnts, reported advereely on increasing the .-alary of the janitor ot the Jefferson building to si.umo l>er annum. The board agTeed to go into the election ol tcachers at their next rtguiar m-etin^. TUB OriSAHD Ml'** AOAIX. Mr. J'etrick offered a resolution rescinding so muck of the action of the board as implies that ' Mr. William Guinand wilfully delrauded the schools by not giving the proper weight of coal. On motion of Sir. Harris, the resolution was laid on the table. Mr. Hart said be was scrrv that circumstances made it his duty to otter a resolution looking to the virutiration ot* the board f rom the ui>or* Hons ot one ot" its own members. He then of fered A DBBrSCI A TOBY RESOLUTION, reciting that, whereas a member of the Legis lative Council recently asserted in debate that he was informed bv a member of this board that "fraud* was creeping into the board, and that member* thereof are guilty of ??fraud," or word* to that effect; and whereas, subsequently the same member stated that he had written a letter to his informant, requesting him to fur nished him with some of the facts to substanti ate hi* assertion, in reply to which he received a letter from said trustee, in which he claimed to have given hi* Information In a private war. and not Intended to be publicly u*ed, and failed to give any fact* to *ubstantiate the previous assertion; therefore that the board denounces the action of said trustee as cowardly and in famous, and that he is no proper person for gentlemen to associate with. _ *A*B OF THB TBr?TBB. Mr. Harris sakl that his colleague (Mr. Hart) had oi:iv anticipated him In offering a resolu tion on this subject. He had asked Mr. A. K Browne, the member of the Council referred to, who his informant was, and Mr. Browne de fined to furniah the name or the trustee or the h-ttrr which the trustee had written him. stating that it was marked -private." Subsequently Mr. Browne further said he had written to hfs id lorn i ant for evidence to substantiate hid charges, and the trustee had Called to produce snch evidence. He then gave the name of the trustee as Abraham 8cott, of the third district Mr Browne al*o stated that if the board called tor the letters by resolution, or If a committee ?as appointed to Investigate the matter he would then exhibit the Jettc. He (Mr. H.) an derstood the charges to go not only to the ex tent of chargin* fraud on members or the board, but there were intimations of black mailing to secure the appo.ntment of teachers. Mr. Wilson thought the board should make haste slowly in saen a matter. responsible inside asnormtDithebsiid. Mr. Hart said ha hrd not taken the trouble to trustee gave the information, nor whom he charged with fraod, for it was imuia tertalwho the Urtorman^was; maybe be who he will, he deserved the application made In the resolution, and for saying fa the resolution that thetrastee was not a pioper person for gentle men to aaoeiate with, he (Mr. Hart) held him self personally responsible in and outside the board. Mr. Dntin had no hesitancy In declaring the unfitness of the accused to be a member of the board. Mr. < hamplin thought the rattter should be referred to a committee, and thai it waa not a proi>er subject to dlscaas at a public meeting. Mr. Dalin said that If an investigation was wanted, it should be had. He was unwilling that the sub-board of his district should wait until the general board bad taken cognizance of the tact. He had hoped that some one would go to the Governor and lay before him the facts and ' RBL1EVB THE* OF *rCH A* ASSOCIATE. All the innuendoes and insults against himself he had passed silently by, but he believed that he (Mr. Scott) was the only member of the board gnilty of fraud. Mr. Scott hopedItheInvestigation would be held, and all he desired to say was that he was ully prepared to meet it. AN IMVBSTIOATlBU COMMITTER. Mr. Stuart offered a revolution that the reso lution offered by Mr. Hart touching the charge "f rr*nd ?n Of some or the members of the board, as made by one of its members, be referred to a special committee of three, with instructions to Investigate the matter and report ?.tl,e3ct?*t 4 special meeting of the board. Mr. Woodwar.l was not In favor of a month's d*lmT- He had not made a cent since he came into the board, but had lost fully ?*,000. He hoped a special meeting wonld be held Inside of two weeks to act in the matter. Mr. Wilson wished to know if the matter was rwallv worth all the proposed trouble. If the sab-board of the third district h ive , . a tITTIB FAMILY FTGHT, 1** them settle it between themselves. Mr. Rhees thought the whole thing of an in vestigation a iraud, and it was ridiculous to bring such charge* against aay member of the Mr. Scott wished to aay that he had never tteSSSSl aQy5h*pc aa*liu*an*mem ad^Jtod?i0l,ltton ?f Mr" stulkrt <u then "theinvestlgadng com mittee Meters. Harris. Patrick, and AlLee. Th* "ifETROFOLXS PAVISO COMFABT ABO Hu% ton, a Mil against the Metropolis Paving eom ^e^hwihccoiuit. The 6m sets forth that lnOctober, lglO, the respondeat bo in-?in?^7?.T"*.'?"T"* m'T*^ ^th the fol ii^ Clephane. R. B. Mohan. * Smith; that the oapital ws* $200,000, divided late two thowSsd^h^. >wd that -? , ? mm snareHf "3d ??kHn^DMn jw^rtbed to 120 sh^M^t gaged in the buslm s^^f mrfin?*?if?f?P>I>y M" t Mute ?2 >*Ttn* ?*w?ts. Bad by wrth the Board of PabUe WorklT^d I lev i d that they are able to deolarea divided of 40 nor cent, on Uie face of theitoek andhl? appointe>l a eommirtae to divide sach dividend dend on the stock of Huntington, thev hsVi refused to pay It ander various pretexts. toe has beea api^dnted to divide ?5 per cent, of tho ^oek 1b approved accounts against the Board of Public Works; aad that it tsexpected that on closing ap the affairs of the I* ,<*mC ??r? be divided swioaf stockholder. They deay that thev ore eatitled to aay dividends until the indebtedness of Haatlagton Is paid. COCSCIL ?Tup t'cnreil m?|?nr4 ye-tci-Jny aft-rnoon wtth prayer by Bev. Dr. Owen. The President UM tb? Ceanstl a coBmn nwHtton from tbe s uperintendent of taxes and at < ruli'toii to a recrgauiititon ?f that i ffice.t published in the local colnm.o* of Tut Star ><*teiday ,) r? frrrtj tothe committee on finance and, with P'KM eccomaeiiyinar, ordered to be printed. The President also submitted * communication from the Qutemot, iack#ikf the report of the ac tion of tlw lolii-f commissioners is rdtlint ta tM condition of rtrttin station-houses; referred. The following Council l>illa were severally re? 1 ? second time ai.u refeired to Appropriate committees: Bill to provide for a deficiency of appropriation fur Uyisg the 36-Inch and other water maim directed by a. t of Ccn^itee; to *quaiise taxation fur paving Penii*) 1%auia arenue, with other portions of the city: ittthorlilng and eqnaliriitg proceedings sup pbnentary to execution* npon jndfwient* received in the Supreme Court in the District of Columbia, to supply lb* deficiency in the fuuds of the count) schools fcr the extinguishment of the debt for con structing anl furnishing school buildings in iuo C"?Bt?; making appropriations fur the public schools in tlit1 county for the fiscal year eu.iisx June I*7t; to punish intoxicated persona aod regulate the ?ale of Ints-xtestiag lienors. B- u.-e bill making appropriation for Improve menu and repalra in the District of Columbia, and providing for the payment there-f, approved July 10, Ml, waa read a first time. ? RETRENCHMENT,4C. Mr. Thompson introduced the following, which waa read a first time, laid over and ordered to be printed: Wliereaa In hia lata meeeage the cJovernor Informed the Legislative Assembly that "it ia quite certain that consijerablereduction can be m ?4e in tbecleri cai force ?nd e\pence* of th? executive office* and other department*, the labor of conducting the gov ernment being much less than it wa* 'luring the pr cese of ita organisation and establishment,'' and "esrnestly calls attention to the importance of keeping expenditures and appr. priati.-ns therefore \? it bin the llmi a of tlie well-ascertained revenue* of the District;" therefore, Bt it tMntttil, ire.. That the Governor be, and is ier?ty. authorixtd and requeued to mak? snob re ?lactions in the number of officers of the I?i<tri -t of C< lumbln, and also such redoetlor< intbe *jltri*s of said officer*, and such other retrenchments of official expenses, a* in hi* judgment a just rejjar I for the public interest mav require, and th?t the said reduc tion* ai.d retrenchment b? m: |n as sock nracUca kk' after the lat day of Jnly, IK. J. The President laid the Council a c >mtuunl ration fn in the B< ard of Pnbli" Work*, a*kin<c that provision be made by the Legislative Assembly f>r tlie completion of the sewerage of the city. Also, another from the same source, asking that the board be reimbnrstd for money expend 1 in cleaning the streets, aTenue*, repair of rumps. mar kets, nnd? rpinning of markets, Ac. Both communi cations were referred to the committee ou sewerage, drainage and distribution of water. AI-o,i>ne from the same, inciting a statement of ? he B. ard of Health in relation to the sanitary con dition of certain portions of the city; referred. Tit* WATER MAt* URFICIEXCT. Tie special order, being the bill authorizing the commissioner* of the sinking fund to issue certiti rates t > pay for laying water-mains and providing for the assessment for water maitid an.I Are plug*, was then taken up. Mr. Thompson made a statement in explanation of tne necessity of the bill, in which he gave a brief history of the act of t ougress authorizing the aiiuediict, and mbsn,ju?ut legislation b?th by Con gress itnd the corporation aathirit es, and concluded by saving that In his judgment there appeared to be u< other way to raise funds to carry on the laying of water-main* than by isbning of certificate* annnally ?> needed, as propo<e?l fn the bill. Tilt dennand for pnblic hydr ant- and fire plug- was so great that it absorbed the water fuud nearly a- fn," as it accrued. The Chair asked if it nas proposed to make the District responsible f r the ua)ti:etit of theje cer tiorates. Mr. Thompson said it was not, but made the prop erty benefitted by w ater mains resp n-ihle, in the *;ime manner as special asse^-meat* for street itn pr<n ementa. Mr Boker called attention to the second secti >n, * hi' h authori*' * tlie e of ccrtifiotes annually for futnre worV, and retoarked that he r mid see no rea son for anticipating future work in this way. Mi Tliomr-on explained thai there waa now un collects! and due oxer 9I66.UUU for extending these water main*, ar.d It was impossible t.' depend <>n tho water revenues for means t.. g > on w ith the work. Mr. Gulick moved to strike out in the 3-h suction the words "as prov|d?d by act of Congress;" agreed to Th< bill ?a> then read a third time and pa.wi< d. Thi bill as passed authorizes the issuing by tho com?is?ioners of the sinking fund of register-d coupon cei.ificates, designated "water fund c?r titirstes,''not exceclingin ano mit ylS?,or8.37.being the amount of aes. wments for laying water mains liow uupaid and overdue, in de'iomimiti >ns of .'?5ij1 .?loOand 9SC<1, pn> able in four Years from date of issue, and to t*ear interest at the rate ?f eight p -r centum p< r, pay aide on the lir??da> s ?>f Jau narv a!<d July of each year in current no.tie? of the I tiit-d Slates, said certiflrates to l?- ??igned by the C"n'HissioBer* ef the sinking fund, '?oniiter-igm d l \ the wa'er reeisttar, and r-gi*t. red by the regis ter of the District of Columbia; the sale* <>r th? lid certificate* shall he rnadp at not l**? than their ptr value, and ttie moneys r?reived therefor shall be de posited to the credit of a special fund for the laying of water main-, and shall not be drau n orus'-df.r any other purpose whatever. Thee mniKsioners of the sinking fund to make a monthly report to the register of the District of the amount is-ue>l; tlie f'gister to make record thereof, after whion th?y ?hall be a lien on the property assessed for vater-mains. And to insure the ndemptmn at maturity, the water registrar shall d?p<>s|t in such bank ax the commissioners of *he sinking fnird may designate all moneys received by him; the Collr ctor to do likewlae, aticli furnl te b?' used exclu sively for redemption of said certificate*, and pr<> '"I" * p?'nalty of not leas thau one nor more than one thonsaud dollar* for any officer to iasite check ?r warrant on said fund except for the purpose n*fii< I. That to defray the eipen^ uf laytrtv water main*, *c.. there shall be lavit j a apecial tax of one ?nd a qnerter cents per square fo->t <>n all grouud mrdiiig oj any stieet, avenue or alley in which a Water main may be laid, said tax to ba paid in four ?final installment*, said installments to bear six per atnt. interest until paid. HOC8K OT DELKGATK8.?Mr. McKoicht pre ?anted the memorial of Bobert Strong A Co.; re farrtd. Mr. Cam II called np resolutb.a appointing Job 1 ? ?Murray a member of the market C'iinni*?i <n. l^Mr- ?* "I! mm ed to insert the name of a. G Brown; The resolution waa adopted. Mr. Herbert stated that the Gow-rtior, In an?wer te a reaolutiou making in.iulry aa to the sale (,f ,|e odorizera to acavengers by the Board ot Heaim, ha<l transmitted an extract from a letter of the board, stating that neither tbe> nor their agents had fur nisbed dtMMlorixera. He (Mr. Herbert) knew that sach d< odorizeis had been, and moved tixt the subject be referred to a special committee; agreed to, and Messrs. Trimble, Taliafero, and Her l^rt w?re appointed. Mr. Brewer, from the committee on claims, re ported bill for the relief at IT. and i. Acker; read a second time. Alao, adversely on petition of L. Keese and otbera of the Evangelical aaaociaii >n; ccniinittee discharged. Mr. Hnt, from the committee on police, reported bills to puribr vaitea and erect station houses in the 7th and 1st police precincts, authorising the sale of the central gnardbonae; ana to repair station hot: which wa -e each read a second time. Mr. Shepherd moved to reconsider the voto by which the bill t<> pav the salaries ot officers au<l em ployees of the legislature was pas- il; wnich waa agreed to. The bill was amended by inserting for chaplain of the Council fMU, a- d page of the Council f 80; re*J a third time and pa. ?ed. Mr. Tallafero introduced bill to reimburse the Board of FubUc Works for nicney expended by tiieta for the erection and re pair of pnmpa, Ac, as follows: For the erection and repairs of pump*, ?61 AM; cleaning and repair of streets, $382 355; raising an 1 upderplnning bouses. J150A ? ; raisiug and under pinning the Georgetown market house, Xeunt expend 1 on Weatern market, do rthern market, 412.UM.t3. Beftrred to comiMiUee op appropriation*. Mr. Wall, from the committee on health, reported adversely on bill to prevent the removal of dead animals unless covered; conjiii.ttee discharged. Alao, bill In relation to the condemnation and tilling lots below the grade; read a second time. PASSAGE or TUB RETRENCH 4EST BILL. Mr Shepherd called ap Council bill to reduce and limn the number of offices; and after a lung debate it wae read a third a third tine. Mr. Campbell said that the redaction of the num ber of officers was scarcely perceptible. He would however, vote for the bill because it c-utAinri clause* providing that certain offic rs shall be con firmed by the Legisla.ure and oertain others are to b* elected by the people. Mr. TriniLle moved that the bill be rocominitte<l: low. Tlie bill was read a third time ani pasaed. Teas Messrs. Berry, Brewer,Carroll,Cingett,Cox, L >ug, McBnifl -, 51 mm:>? , - -phenl, Siuoot, Taliafcro, yerrni.i: ... ... ?i v.iaktr-13. Hays?Messrs Chase, D> er, sua Trimble?A. beveral mm ben explained their votes. Mr. Berry voted ay* becaaM It waa an improve ment on the preeeat system. Mr. Clagett waa opioeed to the bill, but for the purpose of getting it before a conference committee voted aye. Mr. Chave voted no because he d.d not see any re trenchment in .he bill. Mr Dyer ?t??'- I fee the bill, ati'l voted no. >i-. Lo. ? ?e<l to the bill, but v..te.| ave because it n lie- superiuteadent of assessments and some other officers elective. ? _ V1MAXCIAL. Mr. loag introduced a bill appropriating flu,000, or so much ther of aa may be necessary, to nay the cout 1 actors the difference between the par value of the certificates of indebtedness issued by the Board ?f Public Works and the amount realized therefrom. Mr Chaae moved to refer the hill to tae committee ?? charities aad correction, lost; and the bill was re ferred to the committee on ways and means. The Speaker laid before the House a message from the Governor transmitting a letter from the Board of Health in relation to the condition OT sewerage in |h?Di??rict> referred. Also, a letUrfro? the Board of Public Works sabaritting an aecoaat of expend! tnreefor repairtag pumps, cleaning and repairing streets, nixierpinning bulldinai, ic.t aad asking an aMroprlsuJoa to ndwbarss the Board: referred. Abo, message of the Gaveraor iacloeing a resolu tion adopted by the Bea?d of Metropellcaa Police Commissioners ia relation to the erection of aew station-houses. srkCIAL ASSSSSMKXTS rok IXrkOT?tRST? VNDBk etD tearoRATio* cohtbacts. in relatieti to the rsMtieas betvt rations aad the preeent District j The opinio, is a I new District gover The first queetlu-i. " whether it is * Legulatare to auth'rise work the old governments to be paid for otherwise than as provided in tbe contracts, or two-third* to be paid oat of the funds of the District aad one-third by the persons ?>v? uing the property benefitted by taa work, as provided in the .vth section of the organic act,'' he answer* b* saying:?'? The legislative Assembly caanot nxsllfv or alter In nag respect contracts BMdebvtheold gov ernmeaU or the District or the 1st* corporations nt WasMagton city, Georgetown and tlie Levy C urt. H?uc?, tbe mode ?f paym-ots established by these contracts cannot be so changed a* to allow the Di trict of Columbia to aay two-third* of tbecoet ef the w?rk done aader them, aod indi virftiala benefited by the work one-third." After qnotftg from the urgaaic act, he ?avs that Wfcilr tbe abofftloo of the olloes was ab.olate, the repeal of the charters was coodltKnal, aad th? chat - *ers,?ere expreesly coetlcued In existence until 'he affiaies ef such corporations were folly closed. The enfomaisat of legal contracts In ravor of or -f's-t either ef theae g. vernmenta ia directly Included , ^ ? .?Jre." finch contracts, therefore, re*aia ia fall force according to their torass or stip alatleae. Heaxplaine that the peovistoa referred to ? ?* to Mafiic* with the decision in th* case of ef Public Worka agaiast tbe corporation ef Wpsftiagton etal. In that ease it waa not al roa ira to wMeh tt eajoiaaa from being execn?ed. bat onlj a close, la tsfmosi to paalog, which mvie after the of the act < I Fetruar) 21. 1871, ex t coded for twelvf ?< tithr w?U> {bef?tnre,?ud seem;.-.! U be devifnvd inicnmr. daring IIwC pertod. th< ea ?f the Board of Public W"rt?. ?ml to ?r? vent it fr> m e*er? Wine tbeccmtttrt over the *tr-et<, aveirnee, and alleys wh;ch C-ngress bad veea lit lt? c?.nfer up* i- it The act of February 21,18T1. ree>guues tin v?lM it; of lecal u ntricif u.*>lr by the fomwt *?vfr i ments?ia.<l dof* Don. It dlrecti/ juid pitalj pr? biWlt tk? riMIn; (nriroBr^t (rM in ivniiwr MinBlnf obligate cs incurred by tlie fvrnxf *uv - or fr.m paying ?ny m n?> which ma> be due or iIih n?der ?of r jntmsc ester u ted prior to June 1,1*71. For t>i? 16th section po. idan that the Pistrict government aball n?T<*r par, at sum* or become r*apoi<?tble for the detrs or lietdll t iee of, or extend Ite credit t ? or in aid of ary public or oilier corpr ration. association er individual. Be run : M It is tnereforeobTiom that to *ltrr the mode of |u;m?Bt< for impro\eut ut? o<miracted for ty the previous governments,?? aa to repairs two thirtls of the coat to be paid b? the Bre<*srt ? tvern ment and one-third by individuals, would be a palpable violation of the prohibition* of the 16th section of tM organic act. It would be in part an assumption and pa) mrnt of obligations of the former tfovernaients and of huMvidnals. which wonld admit of no justification or excuse. In accordance wiih thla prohibition in Davie et al. va. C?oh et al , coin ?notify called the four million cane, in which th* matter was fully diara<*ed. ttie court decided that ?the indebtedness of the " old corporation*" could not be eografted on the new, or the ' of the former be '? entailed ou the latter.'1 In no form or manner cin it be done. Liabilitlaa of tha citi-g . f Waehington and Georgetown and tha countr of Washington must he paid by ttiem, or out of prop erty within their reapectivegeegrsphlcal limit*, and the araonut tlue troin individual* for improvem-nt* made agreeably to the ordinance of th.-se govern ments cannot be increased or diminished by an act of the Legislative Assembly." The second tjucetion?"whether, wbeti wark wm authorized b> the old governuieuis, but iut cob trscted for or ordered, ami ha* since been ilou'- tut der ord-rs and airatig? meiits with tha Bo.ini of Public Works, the c.iat -hould be assessed au l col lected nnder the present or according to the old law*'"?he aosa-er* a* follows: "Nor can w >rk an tho ixtd by the late corporation*. p-ruiitted to lie done by the B >srd of Public Work*, or bv oral order* from paid in the propcrtiju of two third-from the funds of the DMrict and one-thlnl from the fuudsot individual*. By mere permission, or unwritten orders, the board cannot l>iuu ;he Dis irict for the payment of any som. li can only do so in the limited and special aedes de-iguated in the j7th Miction of the oru-anic a<-?, vir.:'By written con tract* made vutmequi'ut to legisla'ire appropria tion*.' And it i* one-thit>l of the cost of work thus contracted for winch the l>o?rd ran n**> *s against adjacent and specially benefited property." To the third Inquiry, "whether taves for the pay ment of del it* of the Id corporations can lie a*-esi eU ai d collected as p.ii t of the taxes of til; present go\ ? rbnient, or whether special taxi * ho lev ied for such pnrpoain," be an?wers: "Taxe* for the payments of debts of the old c. rporationa anil of the t ew g' Ternment shoul 1 not be < mhrace<i in t he same law. The liabilities of the one are not the liabili ties off the other: distinct in their creation, the taxe* necessary for their liquidation should be provided ft.r in ii iarate bills;'' and he refers to clauaes in i the law bearing on this point. The fourth Inquiry n*to "what is the line of dis tinction in general between the obligation* of the old go\ nl.- ami their payment and tboae of the prct.rut governmeut,"' is answered a- follows: "The general line if ili?tiucii"ii between obligat 'U? of th - old governments and their p*>ni nl and th -se of the present goTcrnn^eut is simply this: the laiteri* i in no respect liable for th9 indebt?-dii --*> of the for mer,?i:d cannot be renU< red *o b^ any legUlation of the Di'tric.; ard while the oxtatiu* governm -at niii't provide nieau<< for the pa>n.o?tol the ol>li;? tton* of the previous governnn nts, it can only 'lo -o in the limited tuode prescribetl by Congress.' I After quotiog from an opiulou of Chief Jasti ? Cartter as to the powers of the Piatrict government, he concludes by saying: -'Such being the charter of the government of the Pistrit of Columbia and its relation to the former municipilitie*. n> bill shonld be intr- tluctd into either branch of the Leg islative Ai -emblv, or be pa>.-'d by It. which pro poses to>^fy obligations created bv eith-r of th municipalities out of fundi of the District. T-?xe* which ms< have been erroneously p.iid can not tinn be refunded, aiid amounts cluiui a t ? be due on old central ts can nut be t Im* paid. Nor can auy otle?r liabiliths ol the old governments be tim*settl<-d

* **?%??* Of the correctness of the answer* I h*ve little or <1 ubt;andit is sorely of the greatest importance that the title powers ot the government ol th-- Dis trict and of its relations and duties a* re-pe^t* lite late corporations <f Washiurtoii and <j- orgetown and the Levy Court ho ci reiull* stadi' d and tally understood. Serious errora will he avoided, useless litigation be largely prevent d, thecomiu 'u ?o??d promoted, aud th? Di*trier ^orernment se cure ir c e -.led eont'deuce and achie%' new and im portant triuuiphr." yii?cei.L*XFot*. The 1I<'Use went into c inmittee of th < whole on the bill (II. D. SSI to velnibnr*e U .iut Jj \Villisms for los-e* BU-t til ed |ft the erection of the >ti s<h ?>1 liuil.ii' u ."lr, B* ewer offered an amendment in the nature . t n stib-tii .ite for tn?> hill authori/.iutr the siukin? fn-d< ? u mi?t"W?r* to is-n b stl- to the amount o! j*IUt?-'f : th'settlement of the claim. Without ttnal action,rh* coBimitte? rose, and cer taiu Matement* in reference to the to be print?d. Mr.Sni'tc-t ii troduced bill t > reltnbnrgi' property owners ?<n Peim-yUanta avenue for en e\ce*s of I taxes for pvvibu tit iMrigg cert motee <T IndebttMi- i ne-f, b?-ai ins if iuteust, equal to ilie excess pa.d !?> them, referred. Mr.gnio^t mo\e?l that SnO addition*' copiri of the report of the sinkinr fund b- printed-iturwl to. On Biotkm ot Mr. M* Kniisht, th-i Bouse re?o|v?d its< If into committee of the whole on the bill for the relief of P. D. Khiuehardt, and aftn- consideration the cow.imttee rose and reported Vhe bill to the Bonse, and it wa* passed. On motion of Mr. B?rry, the bill turning that part of B*reet, betwoeu loth and ISth streets, "C -ui insrce Place,"' was taken up and pasM-d. On amotion of Mr. Pm.*>t, the GiR fixing the name of the eastern mark11 as Carroll Market, was taken up and passed. On motion of Mr. Shepherd, the bill designating the name of "Kigg* stteet" for the street betwe"n B and 8 and 13th and 14th streets uortbw-st, w is taken and passetl. Mr. Trimble moTed to t ?ke up the bill repeal iut the law closing barber "hops on ?nnday. Pending this, Mr. Sneplierd taoteJ to adjourn; lost?yeks 2, nay s 9. No quorum voting, Mr. Tallaforo moved a call of the House; dl?n?- - -ft fr? veas S. na> s not couateil. On motiob ? 1 .... l.' the Bouse then < at a Ai p. ?i.) adjourned. kl Kstate Truttfert. The follimiug tratufers of real estate hare been filed in the office of the ttecor<ler ol DeecU) Since our last report: May 12.?K. W Parsons and R E. D.ty, trustees, to J. 8. Bigelow, sub*. 39 to <5, square SOI. !*4JWJ ?a< h: J *. Barlter to Anna Mtiray, snb. t'TJ, square J8J, gSJVW; J. Leonberger to J. W. Shsw. west part 2. square .18H. ?i7t>, G. A. Lane to J C. Mansfield, South half 27, square 76, 92,400; S. li. Day i > 0. 11. Poole, t.tibs. 49 toBI, wiuare JUS, $3,4<<B: O W Lln tilleto John B. Her re 11 and 1.1 Cbifds.subs. A to Di aquare H47, 91^77; James H. Oillis to M ?ses Kel ly . enb. hi. Sotiare 722, #7,000 May IS?F. Taylor to V. Arrick, part 19, s<juare #0, #12^00: T /. Hughes to U. burn, parr 36, ?icare 2#, #420; W. J. Cook to Juan B>vle, lots 1 to 3, square 3b, f 4,403; L.fl Martni to H . H. aud L. C. Talmadge, lot 6, Square !<?, BlS^t: Nora Clltot to Charles Hentlley, lot 1. equareSff, B84B;8. T. Brown to B. M. McLeod.sub. C>iuare M ?3,?00; P. A Vt me to Blisba Falconer, lot 4, square 23d, f S,7.'?; Jobti C. Noerrto Ro*tne Conkllng, subs. 2. 3 ?tid t, fuare M0, B4.K0; Uheu and Jones, ti nstees. to ?. . Donn.snbs F and Q, square 816, JlJiJO; H. Kil bonrn, trustee, to Sarah A. Gorham, subs. Soto 38, Minare 1B7, #19^iW; V. W. Jone*. tru^t^e, to 8. H Wells, part 14, square 13. 9330; M. Buriley. trustee, to Marjr K. Wright, south part 1.1, square SW, 91^8. May 14 ?C. P Bennett to B. A. Han, ?square 1S8. 9I/W1. KlitaN ih O. Todd ei al. to T. B?v?rlv, east half 4l,a<iuare 3u9, %*>36: John Mt'-arnsto B. H. Stelriueti, ?ub. 4, sijiiare at, 933*?. Ueorge 8 oft to W H. Piieher,lot 17, reservation l>, 92.900, W. B. Todd to W M. Pumphrey.snb W,square<l7, 9f?t; W. B. Webb, trustee, to George MattIngly, lot* 19 ard 20, square Hfl, 90,774; Henry Bradley to O. C. Green, snbe. 17 and 18, squareH73, 92.8uo; George Mattingly to John C. Fay, lots 19 and 20, square Mil, 91" 963; T O. Hills to K. J. Lewis, part 9,sorare 196. 91^JK;J. Feigai.d K DippeltoA.B. L Kee.w, trustee, lots 18 to 20. stiuare lij, . May If.?T Jackson to G. W. hn >x, lot 1, reser vation 11. ; Heirs of W. B Todd to G. Follan* bee, *nb.24, square B73, 92^72; A.Metzler to W. Heitsler, purt 2, square 306, 94,01)0, 8- T. Browu, trustee, to Mary A. Hopkiuit, sub. D. e-inare J6. ?3 6?0; G. Turnbtirke to H L. Dat idsou. woutb half 6, e<iuare 401, 933(10; F Klotz et al to C. N the, their iafereet in south half 19, square U9. ; A. 0. Smith et al. to same: do. 9MM; W. Thompson to A. B. Sheaberd, parts 26 , parts 26 and 7, s<inare 2S4, 911,000; G B. MlllentoB C. Cutter, part 14.*tjnare247, Al.l.'iO: _ Just to J B. C. Just to J. H. Gillie, sub. lo. s<iaare7SI. 974MU: W.M>ore to B. H. Browu, sub. F. square BBS, ?1,000;^ Notntent to B. N. Ora) , lots 192, reserva tion (!? 9&i4Sf. J- T. War<l et al. to K. K. Gray ard 8. B. Ktyes, lots 28 and 939. reeersatiou C, 91,430; T. A. Lambert, trustee, to W. B. Kdm >n?tou, *ub?. "6 to79,square 133, 81A20; H K Kaudall and J. F. Brown to George Mattingly, part 19. square lul. 91-4SS; A. B. Shepherd to W. Thompson, subs 34 and 3ft. square 2s9, 919,Ubo; D. A. McBueaandb. Brown to F. Howard, part 8, s<|U:i'e 418, 91-000 May 16?Susan Nichols to M. J. Slye, parts, square 928. 91.SOO; B. B. Whiten ai. toW. McLean. *?b. 40. syiare 514, 9?,B00; M. C. Fnshugh and Ann C.Carroll to John T. Leu in an, part 2, squaregSU. 93.119, C. C. Stevens to T. D. Singleton, sub. 8, square 315, #3,900; F. W. Jones, trustee, toW.H. Maker, snb. 66 and part 64, square 62*, 94,430, F. Moore to A. C. Washburne, undivided ball of 3 and 4,H4uare 729, 1. 2.? to lu, square NM. 2,3,12 to 17, square 768 and uioiety t to 14, square 923, 96400; J. M- Binuns, executor, to A. B. Shepherd, lot D, square 380, 91)<600; 8. Baclte to J. M. Dickson,subs. 6Ht<>69, square 196,(half latereet) 92A46; Heirs nf K. Barry to Q. W. Hatton.lot 13, square 1/163, #XS. Marni# op tbb winMJOAg Okxbkal Committee? Organization Computed?A Moo* lo Male Member 1 qf the Council Klectiee, <?e.? The republican central committee met last evening at Union League Hall, the preshtent, Joseph Williami, I11 the chair; J. T. Settle, secretary. Dr. Alfred Thomas, having removed from the 10th district, ottered his resignation as a dele nte from said district, which was acoepted. The perfecting of the organization ot the oen - trfcl eomasltcee was then proceeded with, and Mr. Albert H. Underwood was elected first rioe pftMsdeet; Col. Wui. O. Drew, of Georgetown, second rice president: Samuel P. Robertson, treasurer; Andrew Q. McGrew, oorrespoodiitg Henry piper offered a resolution looking to ?it appointment of a committee of one from earb district, together with tha president of this committee, to wait npoii Congress and urge that a republican form ot governmeut lx-. adopt. ad in this District, whereby die right of suf frage can be extended to all to elect all mem bers of the Legislature, which, after debate, was adopted. ?n motion of C. M. Barton. the renolntion by irb a committee was ap} ointed to conduct sn ?lection in the 13th district, at the last mect Inc of the oommlttae. was rectonsiderod. Mismn. W. H. Daw, E. W. W. Griflln, and Geo- ii B ?? ton were then admitted as delegates from tbe 13th district, and C. W. Bwaggart and C. Addi soti as niteruates. Mr. J?soase Johnson arged the app lintasnt of l)r. J. L V. Bowen as a member of the Coun cil, viee Daniel L. Smith, resizned. and mornt the ap|i0lstowst?f a wwHfw of fire tn wt't ?n the Prewdent ami Governor and lay the mat ter before them; adopted. Tha following sommtttv waa attpointad: ? XfMiti .lerome Jskntos, WiU*am Walker. Chai leg Mat stall* G. M. BnrtM, and SamMl P Puoerteon. Pmfcltr ?Hull EimiImUm?. >1 rU li'it'trl ?Friaaary Rv ?.(center of MHi uH y s'r.ei.., in a veryntomeaat aa4 Well a-Upted touel 1 im, i Mh? Marta Marsh iwkrr, vas r-iaartr.erf ye*ie.da> b> Tru?t*? Bkt and Btaaat. It fc?? t| PLPt> aid the evamiaation wa? satisfactory. The medal was a*srded to Alie* WatJ. and diH->?as to Mar> A. Alton, Ellen A ilea, Mao k K- .ra.KI berta L kr?9*itniM 1' ld??(d<, 8wtl> E. ?. nntfc. KMa I BMUt. L!llNi> tt>4?Ti ? It-r, C?l?ii:bia R Gardiner. Aui..c Peter*. Ma. , K. Henderson, and Kateg Hill. Pn? u7 Ho 12, Mia* Ellen E. Hamlet. *~t, wa* - \..i... ned b) Trn?'- ? Ham* Tlie *ch ~ l ia Mi the building Corner of t?i and 1 streets northwest I an.I la of the s*< ?a<l grade primary. It ha* 44 pnptl*, and moat of them will be Iraatfwml t? a hi c her schotd m September. which fact *hew- that theyl have been at wort d'vrmc the tear. T!>? m^tal was awarded lu Maggie MaSer, awd diplomas to Heater Linkea*. Annie V. Cruvi. Xarr Kricbelt, Clara Eettnnr. I*al>ella M. Donglas< Kattie S-well.EI!* M. Tnrton, Mar? A Moor*. Jnwu? Crntckatt. Mary Spaatdiiig. Mary V D-akme.. Nelli* Hirarh. Annie Car renter, Bva WUaati, (harlot- A. Rane-I otg. Hi-tile Clemet.t* aid Emma Cherry. Female Intermediate No. 1. Mine F.tanle E. H cover tear bar, wa* examined by Trnateee Hart, Stnart, and Harria, and *urer1et*oderit the preset ce of a very large namher of friend* of the pn pi la This school haa ?? pupils. and, a* n*nal, it paaaed an excellent examination. Mi~s Ucover is *lwav? ia tke front rank Th* hoi, .rs were ?wanted a* frllwui: Medal to Miss Henrietta Hell Erin, dipt ma* to M.?r> tkmprr, A life Y-atman, cuira Haupttnaa, Fl- rence Hazard, C ra tt .artr, Florence Jewell, Sal lie J>ikiiM>u, Mary VS ii??n, Aiuelia Urlaiuili, Pauline Garner, K'?a llnrt. Belle M urpbv , Mat Wocdworth, E.|* A rout I, May Al-i am*. Ma> Hoarse,]Badie Sli eld*. I,iua K >wlee. Li, lie Penniagton. Helen W alt. f mute Beeves. Evelyn Perkins, Artie* Clampitt, Leah bpaner and IMlfeWaifk. Mii Alice \ -atman had aI-> won 'he tiret prtre in the competitive examination tor penmanship in thl* grade, ansl wa? re?arded ?>ika scholarship in the Busmen-college Mr Ityrenl .rth. the teacher of German, or ese uteri a book to each <>l the f- Ilow ire ycunjc ladies, who had sp-cUlly di? tii kuirh'd thenaaetres in the German claa, via Mi-a?? Emily Garland, Henrlett i Heilpri". >1 >? Co?r< r, Ai nie Marah. Boea Hart :tn4 Lillle Jack-, a. Srr<n,l Ihtfrirt ? Male 8* < ondary , Kc. I, Mlee Caton, wan examined by Truatee* Woodward, It in dolph, Detrick and ex-Truatee MrL-lUn. >.-ter dav.ard the hich ropntatlon of thi< aoh x>l wasfnl|> ?UBtained. It coutaiua 62 boys,So of whom were present, and 42 will betrao-ft rr d. Th- ir< in ht? were awarded a?follows:?M<?ial, banmelO kirb*: I) pl< maa?John T. Howard, Henry W. tip'ee^er. Join Brennan. Bermau r. Birheb-r, WiHrarK. D'-d*c, Lewi* Koehler, Adolph CI nee, <?eor?- K Randolph, John B. Oolumhus, RuricC. HeiW r^er, Willnr T. Nash, Bot ert P Lu k. ?. John *"at?li, Charlee A. St..lpe, M era in 8nell, James M. K<l>er. Mi ? Sufie Ccllii.a' a< bo<d, Heoondary No. 4, H street, between 3d and 3d. nis examtnnd b\ l\?s t"ea Woodward and Rand< Iph an'! Mr. MrLelljta. There war-afnll attendance;the whole sctao?>l b.inr preeent. Filty-tliree will be tranaferred The pre mium* were awarded as follows: Medal?Kl!a Sheriff. Diploma*?A!ic<- E. Brown, Carrie V Lane. Msecie B. Miuoi. I.<?a N Ola-k, Car lin 8 \ olgh. Knitiia B. Gill, Mar> K. M' Graw, Lillie E 8lentC, Ektelle Lilibett. P"i? A. Landtoigh, L'llian A. Hiiiihee. goNi K. Spoilthw.ird. Ella M Toutig M?fgi* w?gner, Lena B Either, L >uiea Ur?ret >ii, Anna E. Steel, I?abel Bodeers, Mary 0'C<<nn<4l, llarrie: L. Wblte, and Roberta Ciwinf. The foi l 'oniDB were honorably mentioueJ: M ?ry Kn->?n. Kate Barrett, Pinkie Willin-neon. MHg<i.- UiV.bH, Mary Forsyth, Oertrnde Stewart, JaueRnd, Vjui netta M( Klire?h, B< l>e?ca Lapoi te. Female Primary No. 12. Miss Goulrich, waves- 1 auiii.ed hi Trnatee Woodward, in ibe M-ti.?d-ro.>hi corner 6th and F atreeta. There wer?51 pnpilstthe e? tire liiitnber) preeent. and 46 will bei trat>~f rr-d Tin- prxniunia were awarded follows: Medal. I.*na Silver. Diplomas, Virginia H Camma.k. llenhik K Parsona. Clara Lm he, Mai > B U "t>erts, Ada Detwi-llei, Ooidina Walla. h, Francei Black, I'auline Gerliart. Ada Frahrentbrurh, Anita Laa ke> , Alice M. Hill, Pauline Baam, Amelia Litten, Lilly Law rence. Bom Ann Grave*, Fl -rencs T. T otrey, H'len Sherhnrne IL rton, Minnie M. Jorio, Annie H Cnrtls, LenliGapin. Male Intermediate No. ]. Mias Adele Tait.iatiio Seat<>n I nildiii-- wat- n>amiu'-d hy Trustee* l>-i rick. Bandoiph and e*-Tru*tee MrL-IUn. There were 40 of the 42 aclo-lara preaeut. and '? will b? transferred. The examination was fnlly as >ood as those of previous yeais, retlectiuc cre?Iit u|?intii? ten< her nnd pupils. Th<- premiun>~ were awarded as fcllowa: M<ilal. E. E?er*tt Ri-??r. D'pl >ma" Thomas W McKnew. Walter H. K1 >prer Hvrrv K'opler. Fred. W Kneesi, H irry Skipp.oc. John L. Frnree. William W?t-.n llarr* J. Fiulev. Trench M >ian. Edwin U. Bur. h. Wiliiam T. Btl Edwin L Frnaee. Hairy S. O. B. Moor James II. Pofjuimaii. baniuel <i. Wi'ac Harry S Martin and Cliarh h T. K1 pier, ^l-nti n- d fo e holarsliip, Edw ard H . Patterson Ci irle- M? y? i> WilUs Fowler. William H Coheu aud Frederick Sparlinif sttetidarire. William Ileaar. Mis* Prat her, loca'ed 1 n Judiciary Square. wa? exauiine<l by Mr. W xtdwarJ. There are 44 pupiU, ouiy 2 of wlioni were ai^ent. ain! >5 will be tiat*f'-rre?l. Ths preu:iums wi>re it warded us follow*; M"lnl. Eli/.xbeHi M S.ipivr. Diploma*-. Clara ti IU-inliaro, E um.i I. Helmaen. Knima Q. K arr. L'Ui-; 1 \ T ? ji--nes. Kliz v T>>pti%iu, Ida M.M::<ldox. Clara V. ? oIi.-n )i|s (, Pra-ter, Mary Eatto. Mawit k Harlow . Laara V. Sears. Estella Drai.v. Ida M. \W-it ti. M^tiMii X-*wni?'ver. Nellie Walker, Fannie Govdaian, M.ati! >I.Geir and Lncy V McGoire. Thud IH-trirt ? Secondary No. 3, <ivs'? .' coruer of Mh B'n-ei and Virginia avenue *ou:ne.?- , Miss A. P. Rowland. t?n< her,wa* examined yeaterdar.hy Trnsteea Duliu and Allan. There art :J2 pupils in the *cb?d, nil of wtnm areto h- |MiHttd. The medal wa* awarded!-.- Mas -n P. WeTi--r, and liplo ma-to fie<irce E.N-rrria, Joseph Eit-tti. He|l..-rt T. Gerden, Philip 'Nicholson, J >atph M. Wells, LontsC. Otterl.ack J?hn F Ma^iT is, William P. Mattiwn, Abner F Dnnnirifrton. i antes T B-*? ke,t, J sine* T. Harrison. Joseph F Bel*?li i haugh, B >b't 8'ore? .and W.J fainter. Secondary No B, <male,) Cranfb bnildiog. Mist Alice Oulahan,feaclier.was ?*x?riinei| bv Trnst^e Freorh. Th* modal was awarded to Georif- w ood, and diploma* t? Harry H. Jones, Qeorre Hour.* Emmerich, Rtcttard Gtarehrnok, Edward Hinwrx^d Geortre Leacaivt, Edward KiM>e> , Frank Br.iwa, Wm. Bell. B?ti..amin Cbampiun, Samu.-l Auiw<? 1, Ge?. Buff, Wm. Cl? menta, Thoiuaa Tallin, Arthur Bsw lings, Hean Baxter, and C.<<nrv Dean N?ccijdar> Mvi. 4, (festal*,) Wallarhbmldinff, M s* Mary Morgan, teacher, was examined i>> Traatee Hr,,ii. ?-sist<-<J by Mr. JahnHitz. ^wlae consul gtu ernl. The medal wa* awarded to Bertha Kr?v, ai-l diidcinas to Lavinia Watson, Elizabeth C--ok, L^.iit-a Neurath. Adela Lowe, Je*?t< F Grant. t|ar, 1 AvMtiis. Ella ftaoe, Uertrnde A. Bitr, Florence W il liaii;*, Rcsatnia T>?ner, Isabella'Barr, Su,ai: It c-k, FH* Conner.5>*nra Williams, and Alice Maah. 1 fourth Ut + rwi? Female a-condury No. t, tacrtit b> Mtsn A dans, in the Jefferson hnlldiug, was ex ati tu'il ye*V rda> by Trustee Wilson, aad. In all re*pects, the *ehoo4 matte a favorable tmere vion upon those who wilneaaed the twl. Mia* Adam-, haa been teat hiiu nineteen yeiu -, and has nlwa? * l.e?B ?tncesalul. She has the names of it) pupils ..M h?r roll, and 41 of the number are ready tor tranW'* r. The uicdai waa awarded to Mary A ken, and dipto maato Isabeila Binnlx, tirxlo Smith, Alice Be-|, Hannah KaOaban, Antfe Cqagfr, lb>sa French, Eva Walker, R.nia Hammer,JEary Hickey, Bm?m Fontain. Ada Taylor. JnHa Handy, Mary Bmai; wood, Bllsa Duleman. Jnlia Keppler, Boaa Ketilee, Lsura Allisos, Sallie Popkins, i atlierlne Mart on, Marv Keerwey. Blla Yeatnan, Ella Opnenheimer, Bertha Sievel Rebecca FnkL Sophia Bild, G -n-va Winatead.Ltx7.icDonaldson.Mnr? Aiken,aud Addie T une were equally merit or iwie for the medal but it ? Hsdeiide.1 in favor ?f the former; the latter re ?<i/eda medal from tbeteacher. Marv Cronin re eel* ed the spelling medal. Male secondary No. 5, tangiit by Mi-- Ril*v, wa* examined by Trustee Crook The awards were Me<?| to J. II. Miller. and diplomaa to Frauk Davia, JJ m Sajer*. John Srhleet, Charie* A'hr m,Ge.>rce MrVnntoi,* m K?ll^>. Ownhftw^r, Ja^, w illiniiMs Wm. Mite bfII. T1h*D48 Krnak ybforo, Charts L. Miller, Knott. L I* Wilaon^J. M. Be**e> , T Si-xton, H Miller. A Fr Kttson, wm. Whlfley nnd John WUUev. Tke xsv-ll Ing medal was aw arded to Mortimsr Yeasev Miss Eilev liai S3 scholars, all of whom will be transferred to higher grades of schools. Mb* Riley to a good teacher, and wa* complinionied by the examuiirir trustee and parent* and friend* of the cUIUren. TUB COLOKSb SCHOOL*. Secondary Ho. J, Bowen building. Miss Mary E Reed 'e^cker, waa examined yesterday b> Sup rin tendent took. Of the fnrtv pupil- iu the acboai th' foliowir* deserve especial mention :-Mnry C de, R.*ettaB?lme*.Emma CosUn. Nelson Smith. John ^?f1*, George Conner, Lcttie Smith, Daisy Colemau ai d Bailie Johnson Intermediate No. 1, same tmilding, Mra JvneE Clark teacher, wa* examined by tke teacher, assist ed bv Trnateee Jebnaon, Kyder aad Lewia. There are 31 pttplla on ths roll, and of these the following deserve especial mention for attendance, dewhwmi and frieroTt?ent;-Jfnlia Whitrley, Sarah White, Julia Washington, Martha Brent, Laara Bailer! Joseph Barnes, Sidney McLain, Charles Smith and George Hewitt. Secondary No. 1, same building, Mim Louisa A Smith teacher, was examined by Ti natee Vaahou. There are 37 pupil* on tlie roll, of which number the following merit saecial commendation:?Julia Am DbU** W"h'n5l0P' Isabella Oontee, Nannie Gibson, Carri. Campbell, AnnaCotin ami Mattie M' ard? Gran mar No 1, saae building, Mie* M. B. Briggs teacher,(also principal of the building,) waa exam ined by the teacher, asaiated by Trustees Johoson. Pepe, Lew ia aad Ryder. The pupil* deserving of special mention are Clarence Tippett, Mary Waah ington, Lir7.le Neal, Isabella Boinhy, Kate Parker, Alice Johnson, Annie Brown, Florence Brown, Charles Fersuaon, Thos. White and Stephen Minor. THE COVETS. PBUBATE COCBT.?In this cottH, on Tnesday, the viU of ths lata Rliaa J. Capsrton, of George town, waa tiled and admktsd to probate and re cord, together with codicil, both bear!ag date of Janaary a?h, 1872. She b-qoeatbes her real estate, together with was family relics, to her children, aad har personal sstate to her haebaaa. Wm.Qanton re now need his right to administer on ttbe aetata of Admiral J. R. Montgomery, (J. S. N., and Id ward Temple was appoiatrd ia his stead. rpOLIC* COURT, JmJ$e Bmtll.-To-day, John Si alter wa* charged with larceny of various articles of value from Edwin L. Blastoa. He waa found ia ttv office of Mr. Btaaton last night going thoagh his papers aad desk. Ofllcer Clements arreted hhn.and oti hto person found a meerachaaai pipe, postage stamps,silver watch, Ac.;Mda\*ln jnilT Charles H. rick ling, assaalt <* Henry MaHory, colored; ^|D| A|piil. MS. A.SP MBS. MBBS ILL'* 1.ITVLB MTtf. Margaret M- Merrill was charg-d with aeeanlt and battery on John B- Merrill, her hn->b^nd,who stated that it wa* oa last Satnnlay in hto owa h -use eh* at rack him with her fist. Be had some books which she tried to take aarny frotn him, and, not getting them, she caught him b. the c??t collar and *trnck htm with her lis over the head some fire tin ea and on the shvoider hind*. Which gave him a pain clear tbroiflh to the bone, whtak be still fett. lie w a* njt quite certain wb<4bur if was on 8a?ur dav . <*t Tliaisday b??t; Mere Mr. M t r 111 was alxmt too make a diagram ofttee room wh-r < the >?aalt took place, bat aamal far daf ace 1 la i.^nt It nnneceaaary. and Mr. M. procaaded to a n 1 be the situatioa of his boas* aad Use difTereat apnrtmsataln i', staring that it waa oa tbeground t'"??r. Be to?h noH of a book in which he kept bis act <-ant*. but not a Word was snuhso b\ either before lark. Be not koti si 1 in ai mad ths snail Be got hatd sf the tws>k am! rot away from her as *o?hi a* be oould BM seines Wm at rise thresh In.Id of tbe door1 to f*t tbe l? ok frciu hiai usl be j- rke<l away a* aan ae s??i bis and halloed, but not ?ery loud. Mrs. Miller, W ho was lit tlie aasetn nt of the bowse at the lie I, te?ifi>d that Mis M-iriil was sick at tlie time tbs - so nit waa ntJegsd to have knew made. Mi. Merrill cr?ta* ?|tie?rt.-tied the trimes*. bat no ha??- fart wa- elicit* d Bere |Ir?. Merrill nivds a si*'' nienl to tb^ judge, ??? i'MrtKat she was very sick *h?t ay ai.d did lo-t strike b^r ituvbai-d at all. Mr. Vb 1 < asked to at-k* a ? ateno-nt, hat the jna<* tiet?* ?< Ubjaaveeevry, sid said drfaadaat t'sM kite bo> d* tof eee tbe peae#. Mr. Meet ill said that waa al he aant?d?lie ?aat*d the ?ritil*t>i "f going hi* h> isvnaejc. ahtssnd ta sal-ty. Mm. Mjk-rs ri?ve israopat fiun4* la the saat n| BUM ta k?wp>iba 1 (tCt lu cl'lxens of tha CaUad Stakes, h?K gaare es iwr'att) to J-ba H Mfrnll, brr fcuat ai?]. sn 1 lb* ifnl Oi llf*r left tMSOaP* ' - s** rr*Ttfi*Kt>. Mitui4 Mart Hoil.?raw, um'l uriWllart ? Mary <>lhi)? ?tth ? C?<1* pot. n?r 1?B fM rfreae to the "mfxe *??' *tpg : kV it bad . ?d ?i.e r. af? froia tl*? acrn.??*#?.t? *r?e the ? ff-eie <jl M. TW joUga ih rvtw ? M?t ad? ?|ee snS dtawiaead the raa^ .Vhert Qi-i rg* l?< mas anti IwiM Sia?l T, eraM lar^?.tT <4 a ?i4a ? ?*sr (*'1' rstor, \ au!<xt at fT*'. hel<'t?g?n* to Th *. t?. Tin? I* awarsrtist tWets irar? other boys et.a nect~< with th?a tareenv and?h. ?n? *eaa >.? p^nad nrsil timber * itn.i*<-a rouM procured. MtfS. Kanbeu Baker v a* bu>-U l-r ke> p.iiA ? * ici.'its -1.?f. alilch l>M a boj aifci stt*eked severi!.*!* rs F -m th- le-tiniciiT H ?aa abnvn that Bafc.-r h ? n ?WHf4 b) K <*??l that the animi v a* a <l.?n*- T?n? one, ami had -aken n !w?ur?ti Iwf it li">l u. flurvl $!,. tDd th* 4?f ?' l- t-4 ta be killed acis-tr HWM Hnr>! r*?i. Allee Jonas. alia- J an I |>Vtt .1 >Hs _ *i?f rkarg"! w ll. k> ? rins a Lieut. Frkloft u?tir>~d ttiat tn i,m? w( tba <n?tn ? ?s J tmeen, that ah- ha.l b**? 1"tig khoarti l>\ thai ns-i.e. IMeodant's cunM-I'W". A. B. W il liama m4 Fi?nk Ob"a-f*M4?dIkM her l?m? <>i m>t J' hi,-iwi. t>nt Jobm. A Witt H ?>i 1 i w! ? bo WliM tbat he (Tlh-nl the rent aH (it kri ? Vcrtr* tr th- riMir of Alice J htis-n, bi ha 1 d war a em'Ud her Alice Johnaai., and ?b?- had slwav? awawer.-dt? that nam. ? had never kn-->wn b?-r t?> any "tbr nam*: there M n*?rr been a'iy qn?~tlon be t??*n tb'-Bi aa to k<t iuik-. The jitdn held rbaf *hee r*cM|*? bad be?-n r??- a Id th* came f Altr* .loltneon, sad iefer.diMit had .akfc-wl il^.d H, ?b< taosi b' IkM by that nam*, tmt if atii-thlr>t; wa> d? \<?a?ad durirc tl? h*arr e to chan^ hia Blind, .l<<?u<lai.ta ?h. ?iMl barr tha N-ij. lt ?<( H. L- -?t KrkMI tiflifl' t (kit h>- ?a<(* tb* arr^-t oo th* It b uf Hat un<b-ran unbr fr aa Naj?t K? n at-dv; #?( in tbr back vay.and arri?t?j Vr with wirral mlifff. Ivll malf aiiJ ft?ii\lr?. ?* fotrM ? ?"ii aji tiai f?l Maty J bna- ii. and a inati n. Tbon a* l*utton in a rooan by th*?? ??i?*a. Up?? ?ir? *a? Carslit* tjnnth amd < "h irl< ? Morri- in<<iw>r<?>i?i. a b?'d *a? in th?- r?x?i. Tb*rr wcr? aar?>ii n .11 Hi tli* h' iia* En.uia BriHiln ati i R>>*-*rt J li: ? 11 ?lipa<<< out and (t't aaay, bat tin* r*-t ? t? taken to the atatiuu-h-'Wa*. Tlw bona* ba 1 born in hi kf?-f 1.* <-v?r "-in- <? tt?- atreat M?aai* L> *ia. En nia B'tMifea ainl Robert J bn?>", Ih tlie l *are* fVi-ut r-K>m t^<?*tlier. Men Smith taatttted tbat ha littiia tli* all*>; >?>tb af the ?l-'fend' anti aa Uil*| ttier* durinv tb<- *aat four or *?? tnoiitha; had ?**n R l-*rt J' bti? u .re<iiieiit1y drive up with his ?rac?!' ai d e > in tbi? h aaa b nb day nifht; had a*en hint the d ??.?*?* In rnwher; hat wei b<?th ?hit?- and colored men Mid w.g - 11 K in at.d ot at all bctir* day and rifbt, had a.fn a ?hit<-man. aboiu he kuea 1 ery ??ll.tco there ? ith colored ifirla; bixl a*en a* many a? th'ee c u pl. s go ,here .fi* after the otiier; ha t made no c ??n rlaint acainet th* b"tt?e nn'tl a lad* named Mra. Marl ? want ther* one nitht and rreat-d a cr>-at barring h<-rdangh'erto c- m* awav at d hw* taith her. Thin created a great .li?t irL aii*??. Th* cirl e? t nnt a difTer?ut way, and ran out the alley at the other e'id. Rober. John <?B ?? th. re at the fine, and wittie?? ran him. Wltuea* bad l>ee?? in th* hotia?- with afrietid of bia; ha.! ae*u over adoreti different woim go in there dav and t. Al"'?r h'-arinf t4her wittiena a, tkw C urt <li?? harc' ' .1 ha?T . and P'i-d AlioafM. GEORO ETOVN. iiivEK Nem *?The *ft>aunrr (i?*r;ia arritred to-day iioui V lntoti. N. w:tb So.flOU leet of IimiiIk r, ki.<! the at'huot er Ci >l?>u arrived ..-om Norfolk with r^.nf} fe? { ot rtuubcr and tbiu^lef, *l??i: lie &clioou?r N nuelt>s troui Nor folk with loo.cfiO feet of luuler, all to the Whratley Bro*. ttitAiw'TrADE ?^T*e canal boat Nettie Gta haui arrived y*^3r<!AV at ertio<>n with 1 .'.a*' hueheN wheat. ra? bal'? of bay. am: !???? ba of luillfeed, consigned to U orge Watera. Hale* ox *Cm aik.r t3-dav wer?? 4,o<?o bnabe'a ririine red wheat at fl.tfS ij -1.75, ac t 1,900 liu.-l.t!- da at SI. CITY ITKMS. Pnici?v .lewelry store receiv 1 ? ante l?eaut - fal ?t\ lee of jewelry to-day. No. 457 Pcuu<i)l vaina avenue. Si MMKtt C'ASMMKitK, Dtab l>Vtat, Nun'l Cloth, Al|>acra and Linen Suit*, very clie?p, at Human <& roxV, S7 7ih atrcet. Exccukikr, Church Kaira, and Pienica, can be |>rovided at t?bort notice with Soda Water, Oiacer Ale, Tonic Beer, &c., in fount* and bottles, which are loaned free of cli.trge by Palaitr & Green, Georgetown. i,ti PEitrviAjt Sybi p i'hia valuable medicine hat> been Mlently making it* way into public favor by the nunleroua rtmarkable cures It ha* !>erformed. It* Mugn'.ar efllcacy I* owing to the protoxide of iron which in this preparation re main* unchanged, and t* the only furm In which tin* rital clement ot health) blood cau becu,? plicd. li, the |Kior 111 anV nche*. the rich man's bUs*. i* i'o iad in Aver'a Medicine-, att ,r m Ituitlm search among other remedies. A y> orvl to the wise 1* antWcient. iu,w,t?V w. The QrcfiTwa Skttlkw?Those eminent men. Dr. Jas. S. Clark, Pkyaiciati to yu<e 1 Victoria, and Dr. Hughes Beunett, nay that co<t rumption ean be curcd. Dr. Wiatar knew tnia arheu be discovered hie now widelyknoan Haltcm <?( WVd Ch'rry. and experience h.ia proved the correctnea* of his opinion. eo3 Mt Kiw^tki* roa a Uokkk What the parse of King Kfchard could net then procure, all can now pnrch&*e for a *oa?- The Centaur Liui ment will not raiae the dvad horse of a king, but it will cure a lame one. and?more than that?it Is the inoet remarkable thing for swellings, stiff joints, caked breantn, stings and braises, the world has ever seen. A man ought to saffier with the bheumaiisai who ha* not tried thia linuuent. 29,eo3 SrrraaKBA prom <!orks, Brxtoss, Bad Nails, etc., hnd imasediate relief at l>r. Wliite'f establiahaaent, No. S35 1'th street, opposite L*. 8. Treasury. The treatment often effects a perfect cure, even in extreme cases, if none but suitable shoes are worn. u Poiro'i Extract is Tor sale at wholesale by Chas. Stott A Co., 480 Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggist* everywhere. t,w,f,tf Tn Sinn Sawmu Machine sales of 1872 were *219,too. 4, TrRCo-FrasiA* Kaths; also, Medicated Va por Baths, for all skin disease, at Dr. Sbedd's, 5o3 K sUeet. 5,20,C: Tn Biatiokax BATWoa Dana, aomsr m? New York avenue and 18th atreet, pays ? per cu per annum on deposits far each calender montb. Banking boars, iMi Katardaye, ? to 4 and 6 te a. ?7t3,i4tie Wiixooz * tim's Hawino Macktwb. Tha oelebrated Basaar Patterns. Agency at Chas. Baum's boopskirt and oorset factory. 7th scrt>et, Inteliigeneer Building. utM Tei comnin at large a^practate the as? MneB* of 3ingar's Sewing Machine. l^ y ?eaSg^H^4?t>*lr*<l uQAk MALL" CLUTHIXG Mol'll, Bora', Ot ft StLetaooMs Toith?' Cbowdkd Daily with Sractin. aid Thromg* op Bacxa Bi vers, wao CBiiuaEiiK'ili KarifLT Fittiw Oct ix ok Clothik?. 911 8c:r?, Mtm ss ?ometbix?. Beapecttnllf, J. 11. Smith A Co., jef-M* "Oak Hail. METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORE. MOKB HBW GOODS! I THEY ABB ALMOST GIVEN AWAT ! LOOK AT THIS LIST : Children's Sun Bounota and Hals, AUC. Marseille* HaU-v-rr pretty, CI. Lawa and Lace Hats, ff 1. Plaid Moalin Aprona, cover entire drsss, Mc White Dresses,crossharrad muslin, #1. M Baff Saita, fl._ Ladies' whita aad ?.?h>Si BoitJej Ai r. RSfir^5Ski!r??.?>. ?? Tacked aad smhreldered Draweca, 91. ? Tacked and Laea do,.IOc. r^Iea^^KgJ^Wack Sna Umbrellas, #L Whl Lis "tlirSa J-bUt'a half Uauatl?tGlovea4?c. T,?ath?r ,a" Jrnci ( _ , Tucked and Lace do., aoc.' Boys' Calico ?rT^1 ? ?. ?. -a a aswii UnUUtlOt " Leather Belts, Mc. " Morocco sad 1m. Baasian Belts, buc. " Ozydteed aad ?Ut Belt Cha*aa.Me. ?? Wood, Painted aad L?e*M Pane, Mr " Fancy, Weed and Silk dn .aec. Black, white and eolM Mk and Tlenns do., 'tae Linen BaodkarehtaM, S for Mc. ?matitched Linen do., 4 far #1. krittah aad Lisle Seeks. [ Socks, S pair far fl aad Panev Silk Basra.M aad Me. MKTBOPOLITAN MS SB' sHs#tr -,.? ?EOB?rrowi ABvtarjsr.i ,^ * f *,.V/? ^5f AT ?*4ca CIy ??? *?? . .. "" 7 * ' rgrt. ?i . aill hi.'., ? ?TKAWBKKK^ ' k-!i VAl. in th. I,. ?. K" -m T_theg(jari h, ,????., in* ? tDirr?iT KTIMK. Jif 1*%. and continue t'etti ewnii.g .f tli*- ?e^k, etfr - day. ' * B? TUUMU bu? Lisa. AM., ?wrrt??. rEBEEPTOKT P\l?? or A. TWO KTOUf ?\D ti^MKltfiT PKAVV HorVK. M?. *. thik5 STREET/aIAICWU* Ut TrMP* V,J?n? I Tth. et ? "VI. .-k. I wtll toUm k**""*. "ti ?'"??< ???? I1<(<I Vknfl flrMi, k k<-?t tw? et r as I 1-aeo Tiient Frtat ?'??< . Tern*- Ow-Wrd ewt* ; belaare f tad 11 w*M. -?nfc uitere*. ?iar*d li} ? dw4 of ir-: t , u ib* "ST*- T*??WAS IM?*Lf!ir * |Mfi fall icnii bom Ma. Th* rr iih> Iock, wwrai a|ev< u |V I * far xuj work, w, Mi?> h4 cent*. Mm in > n F?ll "IfJt ?nil Winter Goode 4oopa, thn?. by et.xutrt 'a?- >?? at "triable delar IB 'ba ilKWIul <4 t?rJ< r? ilirnur enrh a roe* of Pn-tB.wa aa ?e riyail t?> ha? i Nl1,?onr (i?4? *'!? b? nieelt loan*! ?>c r?- d| ami carefully k'P< for ai\ omnia*. ird-^ir.'. CLirn* *<i4*r?l? T-riu? fmarUl'b C. O P. ?. H. WHEATLEt, mumvm stuam oykinu t*n metr*. ism KSTABl ISHMK.ST IV Jrft*rmm * f?H. 0*w|H',*i. D OHwayaffKiTS ? i owtilmmM. .?-H?-*r |Jt THO*. DOVLISd Au<il?tf*r,0 TBrhTir. J SALS OF VALl ABl.E IM!!:?V?:T? PROPERTY AT AT? TlOlP. RlTcATkH OS IlKhT bTREET.GEORGETOWN. tB\ *irt?e of a da*. <1 t linx.4aM S rrailifr 1Mb. Kl. reoordt>d iu I.U?r Mr, t.'lt * t-1 n. <4 the land rec?>P*a of Waehinct ?n Cm?1| . l? ai d It dlrwliui of tl-? <?-ir*d tha-'.t jr. m Wftl *ftt at public *nrt|..? ..i the m fit?' *EI> NtM'A! Juiw l?th. l< ? oVI.-ca p i , all that piece or parrrl ,>f ground and p<-. ? '*?? ia Uea r(Ho?l. D. t' . know i, -n tbe fiMlr plat r p *a tl>er?*of, aD'l ita addition*. aa aa<l l>?in* parta f lot* numbered o?? hnndr.-d and e-?t mi, , JiJT '. hun dred aitd ei*nt, (lit)oa- hundred anil mw atxl one huii?tr>'i aixl t'n.i llol, it R-*ttr Hi* kiM addition to t*o>irst>u>?B.c<>iuaiit?'d *ii:htn tin f- ll 'Wtnf *i<ni<Hr: II*?ftTin<nc >.i Flr?t Mroot, iiix-ty., *i) t?o. ??at Ron rrr4 i : r*^?t and rnuMiwa Ihniw -??' tw-twy a> ? ?n if' M, tli^p<-?- noitl! .??v hi;'i lf<l a'td ?nt?-?>gn'. f-o* t" allfj l< a.tuiL- fi Fr?lfiiri atr^rt. l|ia>r' > ?t ?>? ? aid all. > Ui'litT tftMlS |m?, ?imI llwuo nXlHi on# hundrt^ ?i vij eu'it l?*t l"lh? n oa Firm atr"? I. ala... tl?f aiaUi*. ?? Ihr n< rtli -?d? ?'t ?aid a:1') ItlW ro?r?i aaid pr?nna-. i c I ho ? aat< ixdhkI ktU um ufilrukil of hi i< k ?t ,<t tli? Hltk aM?- of ?*id all. \ . T>naa.t> prwiWil l i fail with Id r ei lit IuImmI tr<-iM N.???ii*i *ah. l?7J. *? K<*tii<*r o i'I: thv rxoeeiw# of thia to < a-li. Itoia >c? in ? an,', 12 iiK.Mha. orrnifxft . 1*arttitf >nt< rat *o4 a do??l of tr<ia( ??o th?-pn-oerfjr. ?.Mm 4?wa ?h*? tlo pr, p,ri> i??trock ?i#. It the ??*rn:? f - ?l? ar? ???I r,inp]i#,l with within Wv? da??. tb? iruato^o n?fr\f ih? rutiitto iaarllito?' profwrtt at 'it# riak and ro?t cf th. >l?*fontuiii; par- htxr. t n?r)oiiCtDS at putchaan^cr-t k. r ih?im;e. (tr, P A 1?AHNE1U!.E 5 Tr j?10d Tlli'MA" |K>UHNQ. Aaet^ Ii*XTKAORDlKAB\ BABUAiKA lk DKT J OOUDS. Plain and Striked Oronadinea. j it pa ? ?*? hilk?.atNW .w.TthTV H Mutiful Uo'4> for SoHin<t?. at X. V nod t>?*. Victoria Laaita. fr?^n A><' up. Pi.|H^?,Mi ? v?e. B .mk1 and 1-iTi. ii toitiuv a'i ?kailn. ? rj i-ap ('ripJ and platd Wht** Fr^tKh (irrait4i ? Black Alparaa and H ifcotr*. a?p?i?iti A lar?? *uck of G" d> tor Hi-n'i ?tw1 R >j a> ar L lie*' and <?^nt>' Uanna t*nd<-r \?a|a. Call oud buy r> al larcai-ia ?.t REMJAMIN HlLLrB, miMr !?! Bri^?? ?ti?ot,GA ra- town. DRY GOODS. F BEN< II rui.\Tk.l> OliUiNDIU AT HALF PRICE. Jitat tMltr pVreurh pri- ' d OB OA>'I>IES t tlif ??T) Iincrt .u.vllt) in U.. <. Ui CEKTS I KK VABP Aim. l.nrinV flw Bl?<-k J?i!k aud W ? I ?;RFN V IMNl!*, in plant atol natia ?;np.?, rat.tin* froiu 75 ? ouSf |?( J aid up. piece* P( BE SILK BLA< K t.KKN \ MNi> at %1,+itb a?d oi> , a',1 Ulo* ih? f <? elar priee. USE I'BirE OWLT W. M. IHtlTKft ft BROH., jT ? ?1> PEKKSTLVAS1A AVKII'K |jUV GOODS TO SUIT THE POPt'LAB IUKA or CHEAP GOODS A t'-autifoi line of DMKati OOODd at extremely lot* price*. Swiae, Victoria aad Bi*hjp Laawna, Ba'iat and Linena at low figun?. WtiMc B.-d Spr ?d? Ir w f I JBto #??chewp. Wliit* Pack, >011 aid' t'-rboja' ?e*r, at Mc per yard White, bruwu and tlxared Linotta and Drilla froai Sc. to f 1. Line? H andfcor cblafa 79c.dor.fii. Bontuar Flaaurla and l.l iarfcoi and *ihblearb<4 Oottona at reduced priioa. ?** bargain* .n l>ry Uwod? call at EMoRY BAXTER'S, }*t tr !??!> P>nn?ylj-anla aoiiM, THE AKCADE: COMPKTITlOy UgflKU AChSOWLEIiCiED THE BEST AVD < UEAP EST BToKE IK fEE DISTRICT Our ?ock of _ DEV ttOODM la every nwpaet enapM*. SAW ?OOl?t?JE\ ER? DAT. At thif eotabllatuaent Udi*o can Bad the latoal atykoa ia weariug apparel auttabit lor apiiug tad ?ummor aeaooa. DEEMB OOOOB of oil rlwweo BUXU1ICB ia large vai laty. OCR GREAT 8PECULT V - LLAMA LACE 4 ACkBTS and POIS W. All the notoHioa ioBCM SHADES aod PARAHJL0. Elegatit aaooruuent of ElRROSii*. Poraoaa tbot aroltie their dollar* aiid c^-uta alwall aot foil to call at thia botue before pttixltaotii* aloa* tbrro. Beai.-iaber ?/'THE ARCADE, l<1 7th atraot, betwwi D lad E, aooth?.<at. C'ARPETS '. CARPETS ^ CARPET>! Owing tc tbe bookwardaaaa of the aoav n, oaf teviiig a larger atockof ( arp^ta on hau l than naool for the uaie of roar, we ?tail, from MONDAY. J no* M, Moko a aeaorai reduction ia price on all CAE* PETfi is ifc# boiwc. Our at? lee in Enctiali Tapeetrra, Eocliali I train*, Amoricaa Iwrtka oad lnalati->B Erueac ia ? anaog be excelled aaywlaere. A large atock White aad Check Matting* in ?lorg at low ngurea. W ido.'W bfaadea ia all c?(or?. and Filters t> en It. Now ta a fair opportunity for aoooakooper* t? pro* care * uice Oarpot for a litt le money. W9LFOBO to IHILBlKH, ma t* 4ST 7th etraot. b*<weeo D and E. B. W. UARGA19B IE DET OoODS.-Aadr ^.*gia D Cotton, 17c.: WMuaotta, UK .; Mow T >rk MiTlo. Ur iHiawiiix '- ?* ~ " ' """ rr BI^WcottSiTS- ATiYnS-of^Kr^ttj ? AODR BAD SlCu 1S#< F Wroet, lietweeo 11th and lltW.S lot fal .au fraw; a tew iilema Lai Bkawla*tkatfprtoe. EklOET BAXTER, >k-ly !??> Penney leoaia -DM. |TAlEEAkkS LETTER SCALES. Every aire aad etyle, ot very low rate*. mr TBE TSITEESAL FAMILT ECALB. ' 09* THE POCEET EETTBE SCALES. ^5'^;r J"? ui&.'i -i'tim-i tbe ????*! f*i*l'? loweet rote*. We alao * full lioo of P ?i?trrial aad Bankor*' Aa -?* ? ?' * "*? *" * _ line of O* aiawri? ?? Elaak Book*. Coah aad Deed Bona. B>ntr .B^MOEPB SME*CA ItSBB. TBE MAETLAXP FEEESTOBB M * M CO IS HOW KKADV TO MKCKJWM OhDEkS FOR STOfitM, K1TUMM BAWKB OM HOUQU DIMENSION. 00 EE EE E AED 4 ?-tf c' f? >ETmWe fw?U**k

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