Newspaper of Evening Star, June 12, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 12, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. PtWfcke* lilly, lu4ayi nicptcd, AT TUS STAR BUILDINGS, Atmhm, Mr. Ill* St, Hi imnt nil nwira waai a. m. tir/WAvr, - ? - TBI ifRNINl# STAR I* *ry*4 6> carrier* to laetr *et?re1ber* ?t Tf*i?iT? f?* w?|g,or Fo*t* foil Ca?? r*k BosTH. O^pie* U IM Olirft No C**T* ewck. B/ IRail-tfcrM MUtl, #1*1, Ma months. ?3j?; om year, TBI WRRRLT BTAR-Pnbltsbe* Friday-fl* IfNr. ?nnvartabiy is advance. In both canes, sod Mot Ion?*r tnaa paid for. of HwrtWt (knhM on appltoMlaa. DRY GOODS. A laksim; reductions In !h? frirf of PROS I.OOD1 ! A" the Ol* Prlca jj'ore of B O fl t N Ir W V L I E , 101* *nl 10-Jrt S-v-nth street northwest. ln.u.e:i?r it>?k f Drwt l? (*l< reduced to l?S CRNTS 1'IK VAKi?, On th-'r r>-n!fr f_ _ ? I? i- 'f.I BEMNANT3 0F U 1 k!NDS OF DREVS GOOIS.onthe rs?uant ?rniale*, at my rvsr half f*/r? \n DESIRAB1 EGOODS, AT LOW PK*CBS, op?-n Ir* d%?ty. _ j?-ll-tr w I^ITl -tLI SELLING OFT ?r AN ENTIRE STO^Ti OF DRY AND F'SCT GOODS AT COST TO CLOSE BUSINESS V- r?ll the ?!t?nti'?n - f t*e rcmmilT to thissste, ??fcuih toetaiuiue ouret?""k, a* >ur aimiM " M the -dock <iatckljr. The ?t~ . k e?>n-ists ?>f eierv article generally kept in #r?t 'Ih? dry ?orxt? H ????? inl a* every article in ?or t> .u?' I* b? aglit by an experienced aud close fcayer l<?r r??b, a aiauy i I' L t- can be picked uw. 1 OOO <io*en Green * Daniels SPOOL COTTON at tfrii* p-r do?en 3?M?p- nn. - 1 BLACK Til BEAD at 50, SO and 70 cents per |?>nn?t. A large stock of EOSIERT. and all other article* in proi-rti >n. f>n l?i!l? oxer J'^'arrodit of three m^nth* agn.nst apjroved interest-bean eg ntM will ??? gr. en i ?lli ?'n andwave money at the RED FRONT, 7Q?> 7th rtrwt. j?lo 'in _ _ BEHRKND BROS., Proprietors. JJK1 OOOlri TO SUIT TUB POPULAR IDEA Of CHEAP GOODS. A beantifai '.ine of DKESS GOODS at extremely low prices. Swim, Victoria and Bishop Lawns, Bit 1st an<l Liners At low figures. White B- d S?rea?Ss from ?fl 24 to $??cheap. White Duck, suitable f..rt)>)ii' wear, at JSc per yard. White, br?? a aad l(nrtd Limns and Driila freni 23c. t" ?1. Linen Handler (liitfi 7Ac. di'im. Flsnriel* and blen. hod and nnM-H' ti-J Cottons ?t reduced prices. Fur bargains in Dry Goods call at EMoRY BAXT?R?*, j?5 tr H'iO Pennsylvania avenue. JIOPl LAH UOUK T ii k arcade: COMPETITION V ? hi E V ACKNOWLEDGED T11E BEST AND < HE\P 1ST SI ORE IN THE DISTtlOT. Oar stock of DRY GOODS I exery re?p* ct c< GOODS EVERY DAY. At this MtaMUhomt i.t lr 4 rati CimI tlie I ttest iu wearing jyiatcl sjiliblc lor epniig and inn nrr s^ae* n. DR1.S3 GOODS-f *11 c'a-we?. l?'?MK?Tl''S is large vatiety. OCR GREAT SPECIAL TY LLAMA LACE JACK R.TS and POINTS. All the,ii"tellies in Si N SllADkS and PABaSi L? E!i<?'Uit *--? rlineiit f RIBBON3, Pers"U.? tfust ralae their dulUrs a;a4 cants *h >ald t>< t tail to caii at tins bouse before purcUasii.4 'ni-r^mher ?VTli K ARCADE. 4 A1 7th street, between D and E, nofllls>'st IKI'LIk ! CARPETS CARPETS! c Owing to the biickwardneaa of the Maton. and basina a larger >Utk J Carpets on ban 1 than usual fori. ? year, m- -IimII, fr-ai MONDAY, June %i, make a g-nerai reductiou in pric* on all CAR PET S in the house. Oar styles in English Tap??rry*, English Ingrains, American Ingrains and lu.ilatn>n B' osaeis caanot Ik emc?-lled anywhere. A large -u<k WLate and Cneck ILdttuigs in store M low tigures. * iii-i w Shades is all color*, and Fixtures to sail. N 1 m fair opporturn? f r housekeepers to pro cure a nice Carpet tor a Utile money. WOLFORO k SHILBIRO. B3l tr 4517 7th street, b- tween D and E, 8. W. BARtiAlHS IN DKY GOODS.?Aadrosc"gglb Cvtt n, 17c , Watn.H?tta, ., Mew York Mills, fllSbe?tin> Cotton in 8-4, 9-4, aad MM; Table Linen, 7uc.: Towels, 91 M per doi^n; Black Silk at B2.2?. worth at 75. Paraaols,Mc. to ^?;Doylies,7ac. C-r dozen; Black Alpacas. ZSc. to |1; Victoria awn. Sr.; Lining Cambrics, U,v., prints, 8c.. B>-ached C ttoa,* All klrula of dress goods at the lowest market prices, at BRODHBAD ? CO*S, ml2-tr I'iWl F street, between lJth and Lith. 4iQAK HALL" CLOTH I NO HOLES. TO OUH-PA1HO.VS. OktZllXU : Ficdins l y psst > xp?rience that nothing has ever B*et auJ tilled ih*- wants .1 K great a pioportiou of i?r 1 nstcmers as our FA>IOlS 911 SUIT, nit ALL WOOL til 81''T, ocm SHR I'MK ?11 SUIT Weha?e nadethe m> st nnpar.tlMxd pr<-r*ratloni t. suit and tit everybody in OAK HALLS univcr sail) known specialty. THE POPULAR fll SUIT. The season 1 npeniag Intel will be sbort; we mean to make it **.hnrp and decisive." To better secure that end, we have MATERI ALLY REDUCED ALL OUB PRICES. OUR HANDSOME STOCK MUST GO RAPID LY OlR GROANING COUNTERS MUST BE RID OF THEIB WEIGHT SPEEDILY. We are severely In earnest when we say that our n agniftcent and universally adaptable stock of MEN S, BOYS', YOUTHS .AND CHILDREN'S FINE, COMMON AND MEDIUM DBESS Bl'SlMBSS. FATIGUE AND WORK ING SUITS AND SINGLE GAR MENTS 14 ill be positively offered at price* as nntt ensure ??.ecy sales by placing tbatu within easy re ash 1. Bespectfj SMITH fc CO., OAK HALL CLOTH I EES AND TAILORS. Mi Tth Strkbt, next to ParkerV N B ?Those looking for BOTS' CLOTHING shouM call at "Oak Hall." F S.-FRENCH, ENGLISH aad AMEBIC\H GOODS for Custom Work. >4-9t* 1873 eBA!,I> 1873 09 SUMA1EK STYLES OP BLACK ALPACA COATS, DRAB D ETB COATS. DIAGONAL MOHAIR COATS, FRENCH SERGB COATS, LIGHT COLORED STBIPED ALPACA COATB A. ITKAI'9, the ilathier, 1U11 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, tr.j3 *r B< tween 10?h and 11th streets. JOMM 6. REISIMKrT 1CB CBBAM PAVILION NOW OPEN. Families and parties supplied at reasonable terms. jet 3a?* K<? 613 4H STk^ET 3?; T?W?IT. ^"AlBBANKS LETTER AC ALES* Bvery size and style, at very low rates. ? THE UNIVERSAL FAMILY SCALE. 0^09 TUB POCKET BETTER SCALBS. We bare en hand and always ready to sapply any and every style aid kind of LKTTER SCALB at the a.aaufactnrsr s lowest rates. Weateoa full l>?e of Commercial aod Banker*' Btatk?aery , Blank R^oks, Cash aad Ds?4 Boxes. RICHABD B. MOHCN * OO., mTl tr l>ia Penna. avenne, coraar lUh *tr**> jc a ft a t A ItoHB. THE M ABYLAND PBBBSTONE M * M. CO IS MOW HMAV Y To MKCK1VB OHDHH8 tOH STOMb, MTU ML kAWkU OB KOVUM PlMMXSiOn. Apply at Coapsny's . Bee, COBNBB K AND 4?tb STREETS, Back Creak. ?iM-tf C. W. HAYP1.1, Fre.tdean 'JpHB CHIBBSB TEA BOM II* S19DI ? ?t Md n>, m?*m oh. tkan eesr. Be iwak I* par L BENJAMIN J IB*! LIMB: UNI I BIST WOOD BURNT LIMB at ?1 pw bariwl, ?*1 flic Idcrauo $kt ?? ? ' ? : V?*h 41-N2. 6.312. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, JUNE 12, 1873. TWO CENTS. _ . - * ^ ? fii * ? - AMUSEMENTS. FIRST VISIT TO WiSIIIcm HOWKS' GREAT LU.1DOM CIRCUS AND Saager's British Mrai(frie ol Trained Aiiaali. rorn days only, ON THB LOT, SIXTH STREET. NEAR PENN SYLVANIA AVENUE, MtBdift Jiar 9, Tuesday, June 10. Wfi ?rxlay, Juir 11, and Tharadaf, Jnur 13. Timt Introduction to an American audience of the stupendous P iM*i?n arti*t. MUE. UOCIRILI. The d?verticr and eccentric humorUt, MONS. KENNEBKL. TheCTovrn who never Sprain. being the flrrt of his school ever s?en in America. WILLIAM H. MORGAN, Thr World Challenging Unrdle Rider. The brilliant French Athlete*, known throughout Europe as the ROMELLI AKRIAL GYMNASTS. The winder ot the Menagerie. FIVE ELEPHANTS I >i THE RING, performed ty th<? accomplished z<>ograplier, Mr.C. ?L berta?the no?t wonderful exhibition of Wild Beast Training and Brate S ??*rit v ever witnessed. MOLOCH. THE INVINCIBLE, ENCOUNTERS FIVE BENGAL TIGERS IN THEIR DEN MONTANO, THE CANNIBAL, Wrestles wiih and overcome* a pack of nin- fero cious n>ena?, or Grave R><bt?ers. ? ENTERTAINMENTS AFTERNOON AND EVE NING EACH DAY. DOOR* OPEN AT 1 AND 7 O'CLOCK. One honr's tine to see the W lid Beasts in tbelr dens. Admission ? fcO ChHdren ander 10 rear* 84 THE GRAND STREET PAGEANT WILL BE REPEATED ON WEDNESDAY MORNING, and will take a different route from that of M ->u day. OlB/o.l OB It?lht?? ItiwH 496 J aad Sal* I ?3? T" 8* * HARERITERS, l?? 8t 43* fth Street, between D and ? streets, eight _ doors above Odd Fellow's Hall. ' Choice Oil Paintings, Engravings, Chromes, ?e. Also, largest stock Paper Hangings. Window Made*, Pictures, Frames. Picture Oords and Tas "SSXkVci??:" Pleaae remember Haas and Htnnbar. Jal-Iy * A * LL KIND* OF CAST-OFF WEARING AP PA REL can be sold to the vary beat ad\ antage by addressing or calling on JU8TU, ? 19 D street, between Ith and 7th n. w. Votes by aiail promptly attended to. Cash paid, fll /VLDGOLD, 8ILYEB, BRASS, OOP PER, Etc., yJ bought at fair prices for a Hew Yerk house. Household Furniture bought and *?ld. Votes by mail promptly attended to by ACGENBTKIN. 1408 Penney Ivanla avenue dS-lr" LADIES' GOODSb MISS McCORJIK*, yOi PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,' 'Has constantly on hand a fine assortment of IMPORTED BONNETS, STRAWS, CHIPS, FLOWERS, RIBBONS, *c , all of the newest designs. Ladies CAPS and CO! K FURES jmt receivtd. wt ir f^EAD AND SAVE fOUR MONEY. Ladies who have Hair Switches that have faded from us can have them restored to their natural shade in superior manner. We have a very large assortment of Ml Carls: eery lone and handsome Switches, very cheap. Now is the time to buy at MADAME ESTREN SUair Factory,618 13th st., near G street. aH-tr JVjOTICN.?Bargains are now being in MILLINERY - and FANCY GOODS, By I. LENZBRBQ 4 CO., ?a tr TOT Market Space, ? TAMPING DEPOT ?IT SlVINTH 8T1BBT, _fehB*tr Opposite Patent Office. WELLING OFF I 0 BELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock 07 THE MEW TORE BAZAR, ?41 Seventh street, near E. ?aiT-ty HO HUMBUG. STARCH BHAMHL Is the bast article ia the world for doing up Linen or Moalln. It tm parts a beautiful gloats the fabric. Far sals hyUl Grocers. (OBIHAM A CO., Manufacturers, 1M Wast Loaibard street, ?14-ly Baltimore. Maryland. NOTHING RESERVED. fipradeitei Peremptory. Fuitivt. OUR FORCED SALES OUR FORCED SALES Or ENTIRE 8TOCE OF ENTIRE STOCK HOW GGIAG ON. HOW GOING OH. WE ARE OVEESTOCKED AND MUST REDUCE, AND WILL SELL At *10 a #1* Salt, ?t a 13 a $** Suit, at S^Oa fill Bait. T"0 MANY UOOVS TOO MAN * GOODS MOST BE SOLD. MUST BE SOLD. AH 8 SELLING HAP I OL Y. AKE SELLING KAt'lUL Y. TEN DOLLARS, FIFTEEN DOLLARS,TWEN TY DOLLARS. Ill Suit et^f lO, t?? Bait at $1?, i*7 Suit at 940. ttOJtk&KR VAT IONS. NO KESEH VATI OX 8. ALL WILL BE SOLD. ALL WILL BE SULV. ALL MOS1 BE*SOLU. ALL M VST BE SOLD. IN BOYS' SUITS WE OFFER THE SAME INDUCEMENTS, f i for as #8 Suit. * ST for a *J4>. $10 for a ft*. CALL AT ONCE. BRING THE BOYS. ELY BARGAINS. r ASH ION ABLE TAILORS, aCdr OoBiatm Tw m? D Bwnrs ^JAEPETS. CAEPETS, CAEPET8. NEW STORE' A LA BOB ASSORTMENT OF CAEPETS. OILCLOTH. MAT SbtbYte St. I TING. BUGS. HATS, Ac. 0. O. D, CARPET HOC8E. Persons famishing please call and examias aad yoa can buy th?w? at Hew York prices, at the c o d. carpet hoom, al?la H4 7ra h.. ?bt. I a E J ^ O T I C E . WILLIAM T. McCUIH, Couaty Constable. Debts Collected Prompt Bet urns. Co 11 action of clalau of all kinds respectfully solicited. 0tBce with jus tice George W. Hsup*man, southweet corner 11th and G streets northweat. I Bap ) n?lf ? CACHES, EATS or BEDBUGS i L where Gle at worth's BXTEBM lATOEts assS. For sale by ETd i. For sals by R iMAN, SET Psaaaylvania ave., aad J. E. SAVAGXPennxylvaaia between loth aad Uth Hard IVOW oa EXHIBITION, Tat, leatirely new,) hi gats, at k. STRAUS', 1*1 buttons ?11 l^EAREUS * CO., r, _ OetlClANS, a ?laaM u MchsSia - . SPECIAL NOTICES. fiaard I'kolm. It la wt 11 kii<>wu that if a preper p-th- Iv l? Infan ta: ?' taken in a caae o| Asiatic Uh?kra,ur -vfii < h"lers M<>rbn*or kindred c> niplatn:e,th puitnt ia mnch rtlinH. aud it hipMiw not unfre.jueiitly that such tin" ly doses prove .f incalculable service in an nlt'tzate cure. I do not wish to b? understood as not to.r?U in a phyaician at the earliest pos?iM.- moment, as each a caarse ia imperatively necessary; I n? eometinies a physician ran not he In 1 at a moment's notice, and it {? for audi case* that we now prepare NATTAN'S CHOLERA SPECIF IC, a Mrorg, active. and efUcleut remedy, calcu lated for auctr ca^es as be re stated, and which every well r inducted family sbon>d have on band or im mediately procure. Putin* 1*4, while the cholera was raging <niite severely in Brooklyn, N. T., I waa employed there, and it * a-? f mm! that this Sp?eitic did (treat sen ice, l.elng mnch better than Saaibbs' Mixture and Son Chol?ra Cure, both of which were trifd. It will also give Immediate relief and rare Cholera Morbus, Colic, Crampe, Dyeentary, Diar rhea, and all diaordera u?nal at this I'Mn. full direct iona accompany each vial. To be had only of ARTHUR ff ATTANS. Druggist, jiS-tr Corner of Sd and D streets aortbwwt. Batchrler's Hair Dye la the beat ia the world, the only true and perfect Hair Dye: no ridiculous tints, no disappointment, harmless, reliable, in?tan - tan ???his black or brown; at all druggists', anil 10 Bond street. New York. fS-eoly EXCURSIONS, Ac. 8 ELECT AJI.MiL E\ClK?lO* OF THE YOU NO CATHOLICS' FRIEND SOCIETY TO ST. 1NIG0ES, POINT LOOKOUT AND PINEY POINT. Steamer Lady of the Lake wiM l-ave her wharf, foot of 6.h "treet, on SATURDAY, Juue 14. at 9:3u o'clock p m , return MONDAY. at ti o'clock a. m Single ticke ? , SS; tickets admitting a gentleman and lady, fS Ticket-are limited,ami to be obtained from members only. State-r<? ina fan be secured at Jamea Lackey's, No. 603 7th -treet. jll 3t J^EYPORT EXCURSIONS. On and arter FRIDAY. JUNK 13, 1375, the elecant aud favorite etraiu r K K V - PORT will Commeace her rexilar TUESDAY and FRIDAY EVKN ? 1N() excurnionsdown th>t Potomac, leaving wltart foot of 7th street, at tt o'clock p.m., returning at 11 p.m. During the summer ot luTJ these excur sions were largely patronized by many of our best citizens,who found iu them acocl and plenum es cape from th- Iv-at and dust of the city. Ho]effort shall be spared dm the coming summer to nuk? tbem pleasant and sgreevble iu every respect, lie. tectnes will be stationed at the boat to prevent the admissi n f any improper characters. No intovi catii e liunois ?.tld Muaic, dancing, and retr-??b tier.ts on board, fare, single tickets, .?}!; lad) and tentlemnr, j 1 50. Apply to WM. U. BYLKS, A*ent,b0? P<nns> Ivania avenue. lin FESTIVALS. i; A I H AND FESTIVAL ' for the BENKFIT OF TRINITY CHAPEL, A! Cvlumbw School Hotis*. A'hn*ton, 1'/ , Wi.l be li-ld until Saturday Ni::ht. Stagea from I4tb street and Pa. avenue each eve iiinc at 7 o'clock, returning at lu p. iu. Fare 25 cis. roui.iltrip. jrUjt SUMMER RESORTS. ^HE:nANDOAH ALUM bPWNOS. OP EX EOK BOAtUXEKS. Alum, Chalybeate and Sulphur Waters; ni' isiitaiti air; supply of ice. A idre.s A. .1. MYKR0, Orkmy Spring-. Shenan doah cownty, Va. jln e.'2w* |JO( KBKlDftE ALl M ?PKI.\G?, VA. OPEN JUNE 1st, 1*73. place will t Urouixl. This favorite and celebrated Watering place will otter additional attraction* this season. 1(J~ pneeeaaes a magniftcent Ball Room, tiuel Billiard Rowms, Bowling Alloy for ladies, and for gentleman, and a superb Oro^uet uroun<l. It will be kept in a atyle not tuuMted anywhere in Virginia. w The watera of these special Springs either cnre or ?reatly relieve moat cases of Scrofula, incipient oi.sumption. Chronic Brocbtti*, Chronic Laryn gitis, Chronic Punemonin, Chronic Dyapep>ia, Chronic Diarrho-a, Chrouic Dysentery. They are also a great value in thoee affection* which are pe culiar to the female conatitution, and as an appeti zer, a tonic and a general restorative they are, per haps, unrivalled amongst mineral waters. The Proprietor has provided for the lawna and ball-room a flrst clasa band of music, and in general all the sources of amusement and recteation usually found at our l>??t summer resorts will be at the command of the aue?ts at ROCK Bltl DUE ALUM. The place ia within from eleven to thirteen hoars of Rich mond. Washington, Baltimore, etc., by rail, all in daylight. Paasengers leave the cars of the Chesa peake and Ohio Railrnad at Ooahcn Depot, and new '..A - ? a -? ? ? " * " Mild o**r a ?? ..... m an uosucu */'. 't % Ml elegaut stage coaches, pasaing rapidly smooth and level road of only eight miles, set down the visitors at the Springs to tea. JAMES A. FUA/IER, Proprietor. Dr J. S. DAVIS, of tho University, Resident Physician; A. R. DOOM, Offi:e Manager; 8. M. Ml LLEN. Office Manager. The water for aale by COLEMAN A ROG ERS, Baltimore. Descriptive pamphlets sent free on application. je?li* VATTO?l.-Tbie popular and very healthy aum ] mer reeort, near Snicker'a Gap, and i. . A surrounded by the Bine Ridge mountain, two hours' rid* by rail of Washington City, is now open for the reception of gueeta, season 1873. Improvements since last year: Fine piazza in front, bath-room,an ice-booae filled, a piano in the house. The buiHings are stone, consisting of large airy rooms. Beautiful mountain scenefy. Those wishing to enjoy the cool breezua of this elevated region will address, A 0 WRIGHT, Bound Hill P. 0., Loudoun Co., V*. F street N. W. m)l-tf "References at 1209 WEST END HOTEL, AT LO*? BRA.IiH, N. J., WILL BE OPENED ON THB IVth OF JCNB Applications for room* can be made to M. ? A D M. HILDRBTU. No. Broadway New York.or by addreaaing PRESBURY 1??HJ Braac" D. M. H1LDRETH. maU tJunell miVBI TBX MKI, IATIHCLS ^ 'Mil TEAVELl'.IO BAGS. III GREAT VARIETY AT VIBI LOW PRICES. HARNESS. A tnll stock of Bartesa of our own make, and everything appertaining to the Saddlery, Harnees, and Trunk business. Fine Harness aud Trunks made to order. S>ie agents for 11 ill's celebrated CONCORD HAR NESS and COLLARS, which we are selling at Con cord nricea. Concord Barness room in second story of building. ay BE SURE OF THE NAME AND NUMBER. Lt'YZ * BRO., 4*7 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, jell lm Meat to national Hotel. UUUND FEET AND FREQUENT EXERCISE + J in the open air and sunshine being the beat pre servatives of both physical and meatal health, aud consequent usefulnesa and LONGEVITY, th< naanda of persona come from far and near to visit iiR WHITE, the well known Chiropodist, No. iSA 1M. street, opposite the United States Treas ury, Washington, D C , for relief from Oorna, Bun iona. Troublesome Nafla, and other diaeaaes of the fee*, and advise as to suitable fitting shoe*. His treatment generally fives immediate and pain lees relief, aad even In extreme cases, if uone but suita ble shone are worn,often effecta a perfect cure. The feet beiug need so constantly need occaaioual atten tion, and as there is danger in tampering with Corns or Boaieaaby using a knife, raaor, or other unsuit able aapliaDcee. the majority of the intelligent por tion of the community visit the practically experi enced Chiropodist In order to Wlfr insure safety, ecoaomy of ttme, cowtfort, aad health. jef Arctic eoda watbr i lor A itrttt mud Maryland nrtuvt HANBCRY SMITH'S MINERAL WATERS ! yttk Urttt and Mary and ncenut. PERUVIAN OTTAWA BESB I lot* ttrtrtand Maryland arm ft. FRENCH and ENGLISH PIRFUMERY?Low's Extract "Wood Violets," "Upper Ten .Bouquet," "White Roee,""New Mown Hay, "OondrayVBou raet de Biarnt*,'"-Soap Lettuce" and "Glycerine," ubln'a and Edea Bztracta. W. E RENNAUGH, 10th street and Maryland av?ne. j7 |\IOT1CE.-On and after WEDNESDAY, Jane Uth, the Conch will ran from Mew. York avenue and 7?h ?tree? to Glenwoodl ( emetery every W F.DNESDAY AFTER-! NOON. |j*9-dt" 1 HUGUELT A BOWEN. riAMUl THB GOLD SPECTACLE, om ??, ? H. HEMPLER. jg^*'-' ?? EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. Internal Ri venvb.?The receipt* from this source to-day were >257, *91.82. Personal?Mr*. Hall, widow of the late Cajit. Hall, of the Polaris. in at the Arlington. Mr. John S. Delano, chief clerk of the In terior Department, is slowly recovering his health, but is not yet able to assume his official < utiea. j Miss Elizabeth Laud, of Ohio, has been ap| ointed a temporary clerk to assist the to pographer of the Post Office Department, at a salary of ?9?0 per year. The Japanese legatiob in this city have notified the Postmaster General that they have been authorized by their government to ne gotiate a postal treaty with the United States No propositi >ns have been made a* yet ou cither side. TnE followibg promotions have been made in the War Department under the civil service rules: E. A. Mclntlre, from third to foorth class; E. M. L.-twton, from second to third class; E. Bankes Brooks, from first to second. President Orabt aud party, General Sher man, Secretary Belknap, and others witnessed the cavalry drill at West Point yesterday after noon. There were mortar practice and fire works last uight. The diplomas will be awarded to- morrow. Conters, the colored cadet at Annapolis, with three other midshipmen, has l?een allowed the privilege of a reexamination In October. If he is then successful he will step up with his cla>*. If he fails he will be dropped from the rolls ot the navy. He will not go on the cruise hot will remain on board the Sautee. at tlie Academy wharf. The Release op Satahta and Bh; Tree Gov. Davis, of Texas, telegraphs that he will send Satanta aud Big Tree, the two Kiowa chiets. to Fort Sill, to be released, in accord ance with the request of Secretary Delano, hut hopes that the Indians will be held by the mili tary until alter he can make an official visit to Washington, which will l>e In a very few days. Naval Orders?Lieut.-Commander X Mayo Dyer detached from the Boston nary yard and ordered to start duty on board the Worcester; l.ieut. John F. Merry detached trom the Juniata and ordered before the Retir ing Board; l.ieut. George K. Ide det tched from the recruiting ship Vermont aud ordered to the ?Juniata. Chiep Ocartebmasibr, Military Di vision ok the Atlantic.?On the recommen dation of the Ouarterm aster General, so much of the order of March 28, 1X7J, as directed Major C. G. Sawtelle, quartermaster, to take temporary charge of the duties of Col. Rutin Ingalls, assistant quartermaster general, is re voked. and Lieut. Col. It. O. Tyler, deputy quartermaster general, has been assigned to duty as^ chief quartermaster military division ot the Atlantic aud department of the east, and in charge ot the depot at New York city duriiiir the absence of Col. Ingalls. Married ? Mr. James W. Knowlton. cor respondent of the Cincinnati Commercial, Chicago Tribune and Missouri Republican, was [ married at five o'clock this morning to Miss t !.i *v\^' KiUdle< daughter of Hon. A. G. Rid dle. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Dr. Hinckley, at the residence of the bride's father inthe presence of the memliers of the families ot the contracting parties. The happy pair left at seven o'clock tor Rawley Springs, Vir giuia, where they will remain for several weeks, ?iter which they will make a tour of the north ern watering places. M h. Rosier D., of Alexandria, Va , was to-day api>olnted a Special agent of the Post Office Department, at a salary of #l,6oo per an ntiiu and a j>er diem of &> from and after Julv 1st next. Mr. Beckley is a colored man, aud was endorsed by the leading republicans of Vir ginia, among them Senator Lewis. He was an applicant for the sj>ecial agency obtained bv H. Clay Bayley, of Fauquier county, on the' ^tli iiist.. and who was appointed at the request ot Col. Mosby. Considt i able dissatisfaction was caused among the republicans of the state bv this ap|x>i nt mt-nt, and the apitoiutap-nt of to day is doubtless intended as an amende. The Scandal about Senator Mitchell. Pennsylvania newspapers are still making vig orous efiorts to get up a sensation concerning United States Senator-elect John H. Mitchell, 2 .^f?.n,..The ?tor>' 18 his real naifle Is not Mitchell, but Hippie; that he formerly lived m Franklin, Penn.; that he was married to a woman who still lives there; that he deserted her, and afterward got a divorce from her bv Wing her ?00. Senator MiteheU has pub lished a card in the Oregon newspapers denv ing all of the charges, and expressing his inten tion o< proving their falsity by statements of *?? Important to Invantors Under the lato rulings of the Patent Office the use or the ca veat will probably die out. The law contem

plates that an inventor may tile a caveat in the secret archives of the department on the pav I Vfe?K?f do'1,lr"- This entitles In,U [ to notice by the office if at any time witbln a ye?/ inveDtor hies a conflicting appli cation. The fee nays the office for one yeir of watchfulness in behalf of the inventor. Bv paying an additional ten dollars the caveator can renew from year to year the contract for this service by the office. The present ruling of the office f that if the caveat is not renewed at ffi? ?f ",e year lt u ?^n 10 the Pub lic, and what the inventor supposes is a care fully guarded official secret, Is oj>en to any one who desires to see it. This ruling will take in ventors by surprise, but by prompt action on their part in renewing their caveats thev can proteet themselves. * y n Opiriow op ab A km y Oppicer ib Regard to the Release opSantanta and Bio Trek. The Interior Department is in receipt of a copy f * fr?m Capt. G. R. Sanderson, lith inUntry. commanding at Fort Sill, Indian ter ntor j, addreraed to the acting a&sistaut adj utant general ot the department of Texas, May 2, in which he says: " I am of the opinion that both K to was and Comanches are still on their proper reHrratkm?, and I can hear of no mar audi us parties having gone out. The promised release ?,Hj Big Tree may be the prime ? T? the,r I**cetul sUtus: but if, as re ported, the general government hesitates to ?hir?n^ the promised release of these men by Hi? l., 2-. (that being the time sil,) 1 think the Klowas will probably be heard from. It is certainly a mistaken policy to make such a Fn?2??r*f ,*n,<Ln0t *1?*''iU They anxiously look forward to their release, and have good reason to expect it. If the promise is not kept. I doubt behavior " P Pled?? of continued good Thb Mexicak Kick a poos?Epports Beino Made TO lBDCCB THEIR RETCBN TO the Ubitrd States?Messrs. Henry M. Atkinson ??? "Pecial commission ' **nt to Mexico to endeavor to effect the return of the Klckax^oo Indians to thei? iServa tion is the United States report to the Commis sioner of Indian A flairs, under date of Saltillo T 15111 had an inter view with Governor Cespeda, of the cltv named; that they were cordially received; and that at their reqnest he has appointed a commissioner to accompany them to Santa Rom, with instruc tions that he will see that no obstacles are thrown in the way of the success of their mis sion, which instructions are accompanied by a recommendation to the Indians, that -if thev think they can better their condition" he ad vises "j"? tofoto the United 8tales. The governor , , iT*fTd J? *n order ruling on all officials and citizens to assist them. The commissioners say that they have telegraphed the American Minister at tne citv of Mexico ;<to have instructions sent to the ^vernor from the proper anthoritiesof the Mexican republlVto assist us They were to leave on the aoth ult., tor Monterey and see Governor Gonzales, of ttJ.iecnre hte co-oi?erat.ion, and were to go (torn there direct Id Santa Rosa. . 9f^.A.vtVx> ?f Minnesota, declines to be a candidate for re-election. He has held the office tor two terms, and says that it has cost him 93,000 more than his salary to live, "which when a man has made what little he has by haTd knocks, Is not very aatlafectory." Repub lican papers of (testate intimate that he would have been renominated if he bad expressed the WIW) t I of^b!^krwSuS?t#,l,M rta#Dt0" tte dir,ity TOE TYPOS 1> corwnL. IulrrMiloul Typographical luioa. I Correspondence of The Star. | t?,? MwtiiAi, Cahada, June s, i>s3. K *nr7-al "w*rton of the Internati .nal Typographical l nion, which convened in tbi* Eii? "I Jun< *' *ljourn<*l on th* K-VJfW.P* Fr'd*7. ??? one of the largr?t ever inri', ^tre ^ing ^deiegat*s in attendance. (including Mewr*. Charles M. Robinsm. Wm K.' RaniWT. and Win. K. Mclean, oi Washing ton.) a large amount of business was tran a<t-d, anil the following is a svnop?ig of thi more important features of the convention: FIRST DAT. ?,vw convention was called to order at 12 m.. ! toj W. J. Hammond, of Sew Orleans, president *! n Collins, oi" Cincinnati. A.i mZSSLS on the P*rt Of the unions <.t Montreal were delivered by Messrs. Thos. Alt* *"dJ? Cr"'*; to which Mr. Hammond re "Iondid. After the appointment of a com mil! cre<Jeiitials and reading and accepting a nimler of invitations, a recess was taken. , " *?The report of the committee on ere den ials was read and accepted, and the con thi1 ?,rocee,,ed to1*he election of officers f,.r rresW?1nt'g^^'RWMCh. re*ulu>d M follow* i resident. Win. R. McLean, of Washitirtotr hist vice president, W. IX Kennedy. of Chicago' " ^nd vice president. W. G. Johnston, ot Trov! rniiin'. tfi'i 8 secretary and treasurer, John ass kc"u" * fetch the officer? elect were i u*talle<l, a vote ot thanks to the retiring officers passed and the convention adjourned till WedJSu?mor.ung Tuesday the delegates made an excursion in th? !'?n' 0n fhe ?ttawa river,returning late in the day much pleased with the trip and til* liospitalitv shown them by their host* the Jacques Cartier I nion. ' Ul( SKCOSD DAT?WEDKRSDAT. J ne various standing committees were an lertli^n i a";1 * ,a.r?e ""rnl*r of re^ol'foL o" at follnw'i r'rerr! , Resolutions were at op ted rwl?i .in,en^*rlnK thanks to the Vermont am^m in J T ?r falf-f,u* ticket* famished; appointing a committee of seven to redresent J? w- " p before the United States Cen IS Ji0,B"'iMion' with a view to participat ing in the fci(iosition At Philailelrilim in i?~r rescinding a resolution ado?* at !h? abolit?on o?rti t#?rBtl0-?g for the In I?? .??? Government Printing office. tTeal l nin^1!00"' on lnT,u,io" of the Mon tain and nn fn F^iT" ,ak/'n *ro"""1 the moan "waiting the I,un^r.v typ?,; ??y r?turriKh,ninty,.Ui,y t,? . , third DAT. i lie several committees retorted unon th.* matters reierred to them, and a ^atnumtlr wewr ?en! lnr ?fn U?k S were ? among * were endorsing the action of unioiis admitting females to membership, and that SoV5STe?%r ters be granted female unions; to furuish int?-r national secretary with names of all peri^ expelled; doing away with sub-lists; that^uW dinate un ons shall not charge fees tor travel ing cards; restoring the ArUuius Ward fund t.? err:fr,iaJnUte- Ve de?tU* 01 ftiteen metn A .^.?' ?ace ,or holding the next session. :? ?petition signed by titty pressmen of Wash f??r a union was j resented, and in response thereto the fol EtoS3&. 10 the cotl>titudioii wa. auopted?*1 he International Tyiiogranhical Lnioii may grant charters to seven or m^r prewmen, but not i^ue more than one charter to pressmen in any one town or hat ?uch charters bhaii only be granted hv zr.'nd a*?*- ? ^ ?Ip igiWa8.C0Dducted in tbe be"t manner," Weileassxr1 to tbe !*?<i ^a^sla dSf, cl "luon^inTe^rt!^^ saraaaftar-*8-' At _ FOCHTH DAT. i a^L' m.- }*** delegates took the train for ^P^-^tingTh^^Vdt/'VT.^UiK0.0!! order aV^Oa mtfatli,,tih? L'Uitln w^^"edt, the oldest ' the, Pfe-^ent introduce.. iue oiuest living Canadian printer Mr l> Wylie, wbo addressed the bo-ty in a few weP chosenrematks. Report ofcommZ onsUilIi: Ul.t O, co'S S?T k"?,';' daily newspapers be done bv the niece th*r JssvSSS* PfO" O' eards; striking from tli. .TM'oSr? is&tsr L 'is<,bzzz:,z sx prepare a series of resolut.ens of thffi ?^?h eJIM?hiM,n '0r extended them report SiJKl ;rsa,'?S 1 mention adjourned site d*. 1>*L Kiw York Drt Goods Markbt?The week under ieview presented but few incident* of noteworthy interest. The manatacturers agents-were unusually quiet, with the excep tion of tboee representing woolens for meu's wear, whose transactions were fairly satisfacto ry, if not qnite so large as the more sanguine of them expected. There wasnot the slightest in dication of a speculative tendency, and the distributors contented themselves with merely supplying the immediate wants of their trade. The jobbing branch, altbongh dull as a rale. Cesented as much activity as could raaaonab; y expected at this time of year. Cotton goo<i - have been in light but steady demand, anu prices are nominally hrm in first hands, thoagU purchasers of large lots could probablv make liberal terms as to discounts, Jtc., equivalent to a price concession, on various makes of bleac bed, brown and colored cottons. With the jobbers, price irregularities coutinue. There was a fluctuating market for clothing woolens. Dur ing some days the demand was almost brisk, and the clothiers took hold with a fair degree of freedom, whilst on other days their oi>erations were conducted on a very cautious scale; but, on the whole, there was a better tone to the market. The dry goods imports for the week were rather less than for the corresponding pe riod of last year, and there is but little change to re|>ort in the state of the market X?u> Turk Daily Bulletin. Th* TrEF?Jerome Park Races In the race at Jerome Park, New York, yesterday for the ladies stakes for three year old fillies, one mile and three furlongs, eight started. Tbe race w as won by Rate Pease in 2^o . The Jockey Club handicup, two miles, was won by Preak ness, beating Hubbard, Ethel, Sprague, Kolas, Pennockl b. c. and IS toe k wood in 238%. In the one mile and one furlong race Brennus won over ten competitors. In the fourth race, mile heats, Fadlaaeen beat Gray Planet In 1.47^ and 1.150 X. The Aiatt (Ertglitk) Racet?The attendance at the Ascot races near London yesterday was large and brilliant. The Royal Hunt cup was won by Winslow; Heine was second, and Oxford Mixture third. Twenty-seven ran,and the bet ting at the start was 21 to 1 against Winslow, 16 to f against Heine, and 25 to I against Oxford Mixture. The Ascot Derby was won by Gang Forward, beating Highland l.addie, and Au dred third. Betting at the start was 9 to 1 against the winner. The Mormor Crtsadb against Whtskt.? Another crusade against whisky has been in stituted by the 8alt Lake city government. Many persons have been arrested and tried for violations of the ordinance. Several, wbo wore sentenced and imprisoned, have boon released by the territorial oourtson writs of kabe*i corpus. and the city authorities have boon enjoined until the question of the legality of the ordi nance shall be Judicially decided. On Sunday. Brighaa Yonng, In the tabernacle, advocated total prohibition enforcement by the City coun cil. The entire audience sustained the proposi tion by raising their hands. Other Mormon preachers in ward meetings in the evening made intemperate harangues, exciting the mob ele ment. There is considerable excitement over the question, which Judge McKean will decide in the U. 8. district court. Murdered bis MiSTRBM~-Merritt Wheeler, keeper of a bouse of ill-fasse, murdered Fanny Sterlinc. his mistress, at Aaburn, N. T., Tues day night Wheeler was arrested. The coro ner will hold an Inquest In the case Immedi ately, and the accused asksa suspension of pub lic opinion till all the facts are developed. Tub Catbolic Bbbbticial Ubiob of Vir ginia assembled at Richmond yesterday, and was called to order by Wm. Kllgour, of Alex andria, president, who delivered a short speech. Nearly all sections of the state are repreeentod. Major M. B. Urell, of Washington city, was TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB Thlf AfYerBMB'i DtipatchM. ? ? ASSOCIATED PRhss REPORTS. Mori I ndfr ? t loM. OKAYS AO V*ATI??N* AililK?T TBI JAPANESE MINISTER? HI *C>'T Kfllill ?"* HARI KARI. BIT IXTEND* TO "PIOHT IT OCT OS THAT LINK"?IB EMOTIONAL INSANITY ?UAT AI LB HIM? Niw York.June 12?Amori Morl.-lifMif* Minister to the Inited State*. aceonltni; to a letter In the Tribut.r from Vwldo. rests un.ler grave accusation* preferred by his own coun trymen. Hi* uiiiiiwriuriit of the fundi' on ttunted to bis rare U said to 1* autpiciouilr looie. an?i hi* conduct toward* hi* own govern ment 1* characterised a* perverse. The letter u)>: "'There i* considerable excitement here in official circle* over Mori'* unaccountable be hatior and his probable late. Not only ha* he been very careless about money matters, but he ha* also disobeyed the most positive orders from the ministers. Certain instructions are K>?t to him to communicate to the Cabinet at Wa?h ington. Either he does not mention these at all to Secretary Fish, or else If he does tot ward them he alter* the meaning to suit his own views. It will be wondered that a man who can be guilty of such conduct is not recalled and disgraced, but it is not such an easy mat ter to recall Mori. Paring the last few month* no less than three Instructions have been seut to him. telling him either to resign or to applv for a leave of absence. He took no notice ot the request, hot the last contained a threat oi appeal to the American government, and he thought his time had at last come, so he for warded to Yeddo a request for a leave of ab sence from his |>ost of duty. This request wa* promptly granted, and an answer was sent by the reguW mail steamer. About this time the authorities- here determined to send an Amen can as postal commissioner to emnge the po* tal treaty between .Japan and America, Eng land, France, and Germany. Accordingly, ten days alter this written letter had been sent to Mori thev sent him a telegram Instructing htm to await (he commissioner** arrival ami v?i?l him in arranging the i?ostal treaty, and then take his leave of absence. Mori obeyed the letter of course, although the tele gram was dated ten days later, and wa* sent to contradict the contents ot the letter, and he writes to the department that he shall ol?ey the last ui.-trm.tion received troiu them. Ac cordingly he packed his trunk and started for Europe. One of the local papers a few days ago contained this item : "Mr. Mori has tied' from his i?ost of duty, and will probably pa?s the rest of hi* life under shelter of some European gov ernment. He will not return to Japan, as it is understood that he will he order.?d to commit hari-kari uj>ou his arrival. Many m-'n of prominence in Japanese politics say lie will not dare return here; while more than one who ha* known him |>ersonHlly at hi* |s>st of duty, say that he is really crazy. That is perhaps the best interpretation to put ut>on his very peculiar conduct. Mr. Yano Giro left here by the last mail to proceed to Washington a.? ve'retary ot legation. By Mori's sudden withdrawal he will probably become chargc d'affaires.*' ? Important from Europe T?-<l?>. *1 HUKATKNKP Ol'THftKAK IN HAUIUI. I.onpon, .lune 12?A special dispatc h to the London Tim** from Madri<i reports that the crisis in the government of Spain continues, and fears of a serious outbreak in the capital are entertained. The cortcs remained in secret session most of the day yesterday. During the deliberations a party ot armed volunteers stir rounded the palace of the cortes. A large bod? of armed police was concentrated at the col umn of 1K>* de Mayo, and detachments of troops were posted at other places in the city, in an ticipation of an outbreak, but their services were not called into requisition. The irrecon cilable press openly advocate an army revolu tion. The situation is very disquieting. PEAKS OP A CONFLICT. Eowdor, .lune 12?The following Madrid dis patch wa* sent from that city last evening "The irreconcilables are opposed to the forma tton of a ministry from the Kight. Bodies of armed irreconcilable* and armed partisans ot the majority of the oortes, respectively, occupy strategic positions in the eity, and a oonrtic't between the opposing factions is feared. At a meeting of deputies belonging to the majority it was agreed. In order to conciliate their oppo nents, to propose a ministry to be compose*! ot four conservatives and four irreconcilables." THE NEW SPANISH MINISTRY. Matrip, .lune 12?The Cortes has accepted the resignation ot Flegaeras' cabinet. At n meeting of the majority last night the following new miuistry was agreed upon : President ot the Council and Minister of the Interior. Pi ? Margall; Minister of Colonies. Sorni; Ministei of Foreign Affairs, Mueo; Minister of War. Estavanri Minister of Marine, Annch; Min ister of Finance, Ladu*; Minister of Public Works, Benot; Minister of Justice. Gonzales. The authorities are determined to resolutely sustain the majority in whatever measures they may adopt. Senor Fiegucrae has let! the city of Madrid. RCMORKD Bt VERSE TO M E KTSSI AX? IN K1ITA. St. PrrERsnrRO, June 12.?A rumor is cur rent In this city that the K hi van expeditionary column, under command of General Kautlaian, has met with a reverse. THE KHEDIVE IWDErRNDKNT. Cokbtawtihople, June 12.?The Sultan ha* iasued a firman granting to the Khedive of Egypt independent civil, military and diplo matic right*. Kew York STOKES' MATIKKKS. New York. June 12 Fully 15,0<I0 |?er*on* have visited Stokes since his confinement in the Tombs. Between two and three- hundred called yesterday. The occupants ot Murderers'Kow continue' much elated over the grauting of a new trial to Stokes. CHAHI.ES H. ADAMO, appointed one of the new board of comtnL Bioners at the Vienna exposition, sailed for his poet yesterday. COCKTERPEIT CtRRKNCY of the ten-cent deiiouuiauon ??? discovered in circulation yesterday. The counterfoil tr uu usually well engraved and printed. III KDEU IIIA I S. The adjonrned session of the court of over and terminer for Westchester county will be held July 14th. for the trial of Erbardt lor the murder of John Morrison at Melrose; Fitr patrick for the murder of his wife at Yonker and Lulgi Gartorilli for an attempt to murder Patrick Rog4P> of Westchester. THE TRIAL OP TRAM H. WALWORTH is set for Monday, the 23?i instant. THR WOUDHl'LL-C'LAKLI N CASES. In the United States Circuit Court this morn ing Judge Blatchforu denied the motion for ttie Betting aside of the indictment in the Wood hull and Claflln case on the ground that it is even more full than the previous one. The trial of MIbb Claflln and Col. Biood was then Bet down for Monday. Judge Blatchford stated that Mrs. Woodhull's presence at her trial was not necessary, as her counsel stated she wae Still i'l. nine tor oolt>. There were sixteen bids for gold to-day amounting to *3,473,000 ft jr 1W_:5 to U6.?l. PALL OP A WOEAI PROM A POL'RTU BTORT WINDOW. A woman named Susan O'Neill fell from the fourth story of her residence in east 18th street this morning and sustained fatal Injuries. Her husband, Francis O'Neal, was arrested on sus picion of throwing her out. The woman's skull was ft acta rod and she received internal in juries. She U not expected to recover. A Drajkee Wretch I'ato the 1 Wllh mm* Tws t'hiMrea. Hahiltor, Okt., June 12?This morning a man named Fields attempted to split open the h**d of his wife with an axe. She escaped iron urn nonse.ont not tteiote receiving a cat which wiU probably prove fatal. Fields then deliberately cut the throats of his two children, aged 3 and 5 years. Fields has been drinking kanl Aw mu ti_? MoRRterowN. Pa.. June 12.?Samuel Hick man and Albert Hickman, convicted burglars, escaped ftom the county jail last night by dig ging through the floor of their oell into a vault beneath and tunnelling ten feet Into the yard. They sealed the wall befqre the watchman gave the alarm. Two hnndred dollars is ottered for their capture. ? jtriladrlphia, Jriw li-Geirge L. Fulmer, a bar tender, was found early thii morning en ttepavwent in front of the Olrard Bank, in sensible from a wound In the head, apparently sawsirr * ** WoonerocR, X. B., June 11.?Three persons were drowned absat ive miles below this town to-day, while i CnscannATi> June _U?At Rashville, Ind., ot Jacob tftTk&eftrUe ?n Wall Xn Txn.JuM IX^TK opening nr <* M gold vu If, at ore wtitrk all aakee have Von ?t IMttllT. cnnM tmm the ratoa bavw been 2 to 9 for carrvTug. Foreign eaflhaBfa la firm at lOfHIffi' . aid 110*110 . ft* prme atarli**, *l*ty day Mill (IriHf Iter hwlw than demand More y Mttnw ?l<?n4wl to fcdf town on coll *1 ftwr and Ive. ?< om| prt?e paper at irw*. ind ?II llvd. cation*. both km ? beew and la Lon4o>i, are favorable for an cmwr money market. I n tbt Mork BVkrt then hw krn i general a-i - V?1K*. priTM kitiM h?a from % to 1 \ . At tbe mIvmm the MtM la dull mj ? - ? ? ? Tm Witwom rilHT-flfir Irn-tra* in Armticlni?A gentleman haa given 14a aonaa facta re'a'Jve to Ha |?eiar?wal aeiuatntanre with the Walworth famtlv. wIm* name haa taromf ?he (fit for much aera*?Maiairig ol lata. Mr. Walworth oaa the daughter ot ilea. Haniia, w l.linoi*. ahvK vxloa oaa the wife of Chancel lor Walworth, the father ot the mnrderrd man. SI* or M*Tew veara a|a. Mr*. Walworth, living uuVaptulv with her huaband. rrmov ed to l/OHia vi ile, bar I r lend a ka<uu pure baaed the oil /tut e>t?te. on the work V>uae rood, alaout two mllca from the c^ty?a beautiful es tate worth **>*? Here atie lived with her family, then ivnautln| of two yaung daughter* and Frank. a noble, ate. tionete, maul) boy ol about fourteen year*. About thnt year* after her removal "here, MarafteM Tracy Walwortk . her hnaSan.t. cam* te l^ uiarille and a reconciliation waa egtocled Here they lived together ua tbe mnet affection *te term* for marly three jear*, and here another daughter wa* l>orn, which died In in. tancy. Wuaalk became reatlve affrr a ie riod . and finally perwwwded hi* wtlla to artt her hear an.i (t"l a. k to New ^ ork with htai. Tbe eatate wasaold and the proceed* placed at hia di*|akaal. Alter the lamily removed to Yo k, Walwortk became unplea?*nt In hla de m< anor. and Anally treated ht* wife In a?ch a bt utai man iter that her It tend* came to ber ai l and i rot und a legal eepai at V.r. L. S. Hardin, a prominent lawer of ll*< Citv, I* abrotli< rot Mr* Walworth.and married a daughter ol Mr. John 1. Jacob. He lire* on the eatate once owned by hla aiater We learn that Mr. Hardin aoane werka ago received a letter from Manafteld Tracy Walworth. I* which a a- avowed the determination to kill Mr*. Walworth ami her aon Frank. Mr Hardin haa fone to Sew York taking thi* latter with him. t will be produced on tbe trial, and will doubt lea* have a marked effect?Lvrntrillr C* mm* r cuil, Jumt R.viaiico Shski' In VianiM*?Since the pur< haseot tbe woolen mill* here by a Balti company. Mr -lobn F Tarkrt has boea | ur chasing wool aa a preliniiuarv to an aarly re sumption of buaineaa. We hear that be haa paid out about *;W daily for thelaattwo week*, and all thi* wool ha* been crown in thi* vicin ity. Our land* are admirably adapted tor *beei> raising, tbe only hindrance being the dog. Mr. Fiauk Kudu of CluctarrtUld told u* tuat be cotiaidered sheep culture the moat profitable i mplov #? til In Virginia. He la engaged large lv. He put* Ida lamb* ,tn early aprtngi on the Sew Vork *tearaahip at lticbiuond. and they are *|?ecdily Laktn to that market where they sell for per bead. *1 cover* the coat of con veyance and commraaion for aelling thn* net ting liim *7 ch ar. Hi* aalea ot wool are alao re munt rati ve. Tbi* i* an t nu rpriae that atari.I* in\itltig'.y ojh-ii tor thouaaud*. and we tru?t Ibi day ia near at hand when the hill* and dale* of S|?otsvlvania and Stafford will be white a thousand docks?Fr<-4. niiiimn II'm:. BrroKTCn Tkrkiblk Arram at Ct i r? fts C. H., Va?It ia re|?ort?d that on Monday last, aa Franeia Hrvan, colored, waa walking lit one ol the principal atreeta ol Culpep-r C. II , \'a.,?itb Lia daughter. ag? d about tr year?. twe white m< u naiued .lameaon and Wilham?, made an awault on the girl and atiempte.1 to carry ber off. Her lather reaiatad: when Wit. liani* drew a kmte arid cut hia jthe lather'-) throat from ear to car. The scene foll-iwing was indcacribaMe, the injured man'* blood spirting over hi* territied daughter, who freed beroelt trom the clutchea ot her would-be cap. tors. They in turn, for fear of the eacite.t crowd drawn together on account of the uc c u * - rt-nce. decanip<?*! from the village, and at la?t* aeiount* bad not been arreat>-?i. Tb* phyai cians say that Krran'a mjuriea are ueccaaarily lata). | The Mvkmcrko t'ornr t?* liiam o"< ?As already re|>orted in tbe Time*, au t has Ix-en mniuicniol by the woman whoae. companied to tins country, and clairua to Ik> the wile of, Carl Vogt, the alleged rnurd :rer ??f tbe fount de Bianco, near Brit??els. to recover from Jacob tiroaa worth ot liondade laiaiu-dwith him by Yoigt at the time of the latter'* arrest. Mr. Grose w aa Vogt'a counael, and iu*k< s defence to tbe action that, the bond* Iterng r laim<*d aa having lieen atolen from the premi*ea of the murdered t'oant" he delivered them up to the Belgian t'xMiuael, througn tin counael. Meaars Coudert Brother*. The caae came before Chief Justice Ingraham. in au preme court, cham1>er. veaterday, on a motion to rater. Tbe motion waa granted, ami the caae referred toea-Judpe l>eoiiard. to take tewtiriMiny ai>d report hu deciaiou iheroeu .V. F- T'm-t, lit*. HtA?K Vitbol pok Wmaar?A colored matt employed to clt an out tbe cellar under a photograph'gallery In Kichmomi, Va., the other dtv. came arrow* carboy* containing a liquid which he Mi|ip>?ed to be wbiaky. and helped 'ijatead of whisky a wallowed aom * con.-ider?tlc quantity of vitrol. Ha waa aeiaed with a violent illneaa, when a doctor root ed and all the aattdotea known to tbe pro faaaioa a.1 miniate red The noor creatnM.... ujc UMiurn oi ? ?* ***"?*? well. fera the torture* of the damned, but may got ThkMordk ai McCabtrt Im ci ?f>nTuea day.tlie aecouda in the late Mordeeai McCarthy due. were again brought bet ore JuaUee Wnite, of Richmond, tor examination, but owing to the condition ot the aurviviug principal, the com mot wealth s attorney auggeatod a farther poet |ioiK-meiit of Uie caae until the 19th of July, which bciug agreed to, the caae waa continued , and the accuaed were again remanded to jail, but an attempt will be made by their counael to procure their releaae from priaon by writ of Labeaa corpua. A Rtravob HALt-ciBATioR.?A luaatle waa discovered on Saturday wandering about Union Hill, Jeraey City, dreaded in one af the at ate lunatic aaylum uinforma, and it iaaup$>o?ed that he eacaped from that laatitution. Hia deluaion conairted in the belief that he waa to die at C o'clock that evening and chaage Into a mule, and he waa therefore anxioaato get back into the couutr>, where there ia plenty ol graaa. &. I'. Star.Wk. Thi SwEn*?aoaoiAH CoavRnrioa?The general convention o< the Nee Jeraaalem Church in Cincinnati Tueaday elected the fol low Ing officers tor the enautcg year: Kev. Tboa. Worceater, 1? 1? ot Boaton, preaident, J. Young bcaumon, ot Chicago, vice preaident; Kev. W. H. Hinckley, ofSew < trleana. ami Franeia A. Oawaon. aacratartea; Nathan Hebart, ot Sew York,treaaurer. After ap|>ointing coin mittoea the conveu'ioti a?lJourned aiaa die. Colored Gramuak S? bo<>l in Baltihobb. The board of achail commiaatowara at Ita ?eet ing laat evening adopted the report and resolu tion aubmttted by Mr. Phillip M Saowden pro- 1 viding for the eataMiabment ot a grammar ticbooT for colored childran. Tbe contemplated colored achool ia to be under tbe name rulea ami regulation* aa now govern the achool* for white children ol the aaaae grade?B*U. Amtt%c*?, ll/A. Tube* Cbilobbv Blow* Cp witb Or* rovrpBB? At Strubennlle, Ohio, Taeaday. at the bonne of a miner, named George Kdmonds, a can of gunpowder, weighing one hundred and twenty-fire pound*, exploded, killing three children and fatally wounding another. Tbe can had been placed In a cupboard, and in tbe abaencc of their parent* the children aat hre to it. Death pbom tbe Kxplowiob op a Coal Oil Caw ? About S o'clock p. m. yeaterday a girt aged 15 yean, named Annie Norton, e'm Bed in the family of Prof. Toary. No. 114 : Eager atreet, waa fntally harmed by the ckploaion ot a can of coal on, while lighting a lire. 8he lingered until about 8 o'clock laat night, wbeu ahc expired in great pain? .B-i.t, Sum, Wik. Thk biuku Pa&ia muaa, Bowie* Brother* & Company, through their Trlgaiaa in bankruptcy, will to-day propoae to their creditor*, in meeting at Itoaton, to make up their grow aaaeU to PLU.MO, which will be more than ftfty cent* on a dollar, and they In dicate they will re-enter bualnem immediately and pay toe balance they owe wrhem they can. ??Tub Betteb Govbbbihit o? Ibblabd." Earl Kuaaell haa Introduced a bill In tbe houaa of lord* for the better govermmemt of Ireland It aboiiahea the aAee of lam lieatemaat ami U,*?Jroiea af eight Jurara la twelve ?hall be auffleieat to reoder a verdict. Stabbed hi* Fatbbb patallt?Dr. Lewia E. Merer*, a damtiat of MniMm, I. T.# while 'drunk taat evening etabbed, it la amp tioaed fatally, hia father ta the branat aear the heart with a aharp InaUumenU Meyer* la 1a MBtoiy. TH* CBOLBBA IB TBBBBaaBB.?I twenty-four intermamta from cholera, la Bem" Phi* yeaterday, against eighteen on Tuaeday. At Saabville there la aa abatemeat in the dia Sbot Dead ib Mabkbt mott, a batcher, waa ab< lag In Cincinnati, while the ?th atreet atarket, by W c purtiea quarrelled Friday eight laat. Via lad: that the Ma of ilty. 7*The Rev Br. Ratlege, af niiwto. haa laat watob.hat hia palpU by hatttag at >uel A. King, the M la in ha apiatoa ?a

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