Newspaper of Evening Star, June 12, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 12, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. ckmbt a. mn Edit?*. Beading Mittar en Eiery Page Largest Circililiw ii the District WASHINGTON CITY: THriDDAT Mmmm !>, 1IB. TW flicker EdaealiM *f W?m? Reference ?u made in Th? Stae a short time since to some remarks of President Eliot, Of Harvard College, at a late meeting of the American Social Science Association in Boston, In retard to the higher education of women. Wendell Phillip, Prof. Raymond, of Vassar College, and others advocated the same col legiate coarse for males and remales, bat Presi dent Eliot look the liberty of differing from them, and said that the system of educating boys and girls together is on the wane; that at GberUn (? ?hio, College they began by admitting girU to the college course, but that the inju diciousnrss of this was noon demonstrated and the result was the establishment of a separate coarse for females. President Fairchild, of Oberlin College, seeing these statements in print has written a letter in which be says President Eliot's assertions are at variance with the facts. He says it is true there is a "Ladies' Course" in the college, which Is gene rally preferred, bat that the regular collegiate coarse is still open, and th ?t the number of females who take It is increasing yc:ir!y. Ha ?ays: '?Several of the professors have given their daughter* this course. ami other- are arranging to do the same. It is regarded as a question of health aiul taste for study, and there seem* to be no more apprehension anung us in regard to the succes- of a woman in this coarse than of a young man. A young woman U just a? likely to leaJ the classes as otherwise. * * * A few days since 1 was at the University of Michigan, ?here ladies have been in attend ance lor two or three year*. One of tUe prot'es .?ors told me that almost all the professors were opposed to the arrangement at the outset?now not one." Further testimony in favor of the views of President Fairchild comes from Albion acade my, in Wisconsin, where the sexes have beeu educated together for twenty years past. A letter from that institution says that the acade mic register shows that the average scholar, aliip. on a scale of 10, for twenty year* past has been?girls &13, and boys I.7J. The writer per tinently asks: "Can this superiority on the part of girls be accounted for by President Eliot's assertion that the male and female mind are not alike?" He believes that the amount of work required of a college student is not more arduous than the ceaseless routing of factories, the unvaried stitching of needlewoman, the cares and re*ponubilities inseparable from the oversight of large millinery and dressmaking establishments, and says if this talk about health means anything but the sheerest mock ery, let there be included in the proscription the factories, shops, kitchens and school-rooms where women are drudging out their lives iu ill-paid labor. The efforts of our government to effect tha return ot the Kickapoo Indian.-, now in Mexico, to the United States, is doubtless a source of considerable surprise to many in view of the trouble, expense, and lo?-? of life sustained yearly in paciSeating the savages of the far west. The matter is easily explained, however. The Kickapoos formerly lived on a reservation in the United States, and. being natural thieves and depredators, emigrated to Mexico some years ago, alter having picked up enough of international law to know that they could raid Texas from their new stamping ground when ever they chope to do so, and, crossing the Kio Grande. would be shielded from punishment for their outrages. In connection with Mcxican banditti they have continued to make these raids almost monthly ever since they moved across the Kio Grande, and it was on their last predatory excursion that Colonel McKenzie, goaded to desperation by their insolence, forded the river with his cavalry, and, pursuing the robbers and murderers, cut many of them to pieces in their own camp. The government simply desires to get these Indians back on their reservation in the United States in order that hereafter they can be kept under the eye of the military and promptly punished tor any out rages which they aiay commit. Possibly the late drubbing they received from McKenzie will shake tXeir confidence in the power of International law to give them immunity from punishment for their outrages, and induce them to accent the overtures of our government. At the recent Brewers' Congress, at Cleve land. Ohio, the fart was prominently developed that the beer interest in the United States is one of great magnitude?even g eater than that of the distilleries; and that we tirink more beer than do the inhabitants of the entire North German Confederation. This will doubtless surprise mary, but figures "cannot lie," and they show that in Germany in ls?; the con sumption of beer was 21.23 quarts per head, and that in the United State-* last year the con sumption of the same beverage was 25.47 quarts par head. It is trne there is a difference of six years in the dates given, bat it is unlikely that Germany has caught up with us yet, as her Imputation increases bat slowly, while oar own is augmented by millions every few years. Among other statistics brought out at the con vention were the following: In in? the North Germans consumed 4,7+2, 281 barrels of beer as against about 5,h?*>,4o0 barrels consumed here. The number of brew eries in the I'nited States for the fiscal year ending June 3W, K'i, was 3.041, against 2,^)0 lor the preceding year. The amount of beer and ale made daring the year was S,0iitf,9tS? bar rel*, against 7.139,.40 barrels lor the year be fore. The products of distilleries is estimated at aboot t-ty.ouo.ooe, and of breweries and malt houses ?t>7,723,158. The Delaware jury that acquitted Dr. West of the murder of the negro Turner, on his own declaration that he acted in self-defence, will wake up to find themselves famous. The press is already elevating them to their proper niche Of fame. The Baltimore American says: ?'The whole country will be glad to know that the learned judges before whom the case was tried are not responsible for this outrageous ?erdict. The rulings of the court were emi nently fair and Impartial, and the charge of the chief justice was singularly clear and forcible. The most stupid jury that ever sat in the box could not have mistaken the law of tbe case as laid down by this able judge. Senator 8auls feury'* Hue speaking did not warp the judgment of the court. Proles-or West will now be tried for arson, and no doubt he will be able to show that the fire resulted from spontaneous combustion, or from an explosion of the exhilerating gas of which he claimed to be the discoverer, or pos sibly that poor Cooch Turner's ghost returned on the night after his murder and applied the incendiarv match. We firmly believe that I?r. Isaac C. West will not be convicted of the crime of arson." fS?MEMBERS OF THE TEMPLE OF HONOR and kindred rgaui nation* are inUted to att^edthe fnneral of Br"ther Johx T. W:li.iaM?. at 3 p ? To MORROW, fr m rMtd?K*,eora?r of Virginia ?<<???? aixl nth great soathwest. It* ir"3?THR REGULAR MEETING OF THE BARILI MUSICAL ASSOCIATION will b?h*ld at Marini's Hall. Estrs?-t,<>a MONDAY, Mth instant, at 7 M o'clo<R. M-mbers. together with thus* desiring to become members for the rs bearsal of Mercaoante'a opera .,f "Veetale," mre rsunssted I" be srowst. as the pan* of tie- opera will then be distributed. L. I OAS EOS. Chairman. H F SMITH Secr-tar> It* p-^sTOCNO MEH^S^RISTIAN ASSOC IA fWsirkl mmd b ???<?. CIRCULATING LIBRARY reopened 0*srlM? new books just sdded. KIAMNG ROOM, free to all. DAILY PRAYER MEETINGS?IS:IS,?, and 9 p.m. SABBATH SERVICES: Bible Lesson at 4:J?, in LINCOLN HALL, led by C< ma>issi"ner of Indian Affairs, THEATRE SER VICE,eoen-r of llih and O sts.. at S p. m mg-tr ipSHtcafeNCK'S MANDRARE FILLS.?Thses U?y pills ars eompo~d e veins! vely of vefetable li.gredieats, and although they entirely saparsed* the Me vf mercury . do a<* leave any of its in.urions effects. They act directly apon the liver, and ars a valuable remedy la ail cases of derangement result n.g from a d>? rd> rrd state of that organ, Liver Complaint, Bill, us Disorders, laUis-^i n. Sick Headache, Typhoid Fevers. Ac., Ac . all ?ucctunb ts the free see sf SchenckV Mandrake Fills. For sale hi all Druggists and De?!-r?. mS-tr ITS^RORGB W. HACFTM \M, J*ftses of tU F'f, attends to all kinds ?Sf Claims and Le rai tnsineSs, soothwsst corasr sf llih and O streets Borthwset. ma?tlly anion i row DRCG STORE, Is. im> rwsin**iu Avian, I Watari. MS-ty FIMARt'lAI' 4MB The Wall rtr^t Dixkrb prtwntrtl na *i>e. iai feature yesterday. The stock market ik ut *b?t irregular, but cllrnl st-adjr. wiUioat an> specially inUrestineder^iyi o ? J'* ? I ?, , C\ I -B ?-?'?,tan vs 17 HhJ?Ui,*av? ?i) ?s!W. M MH htw lull-Ftm?T B?aan. 0. 8 ?*?, 1ML ?', ? M sJau AjIyjaM. *i-, to ?*? n'? Ani-rKU G\4J hi'. Currency It?.?. Il'? lew f it* . Ii>i U. O. V ?? HUM! - ? * m>'?. iAa ? M*S, MM ? MS ? ?"*, MM 15 . ? Vsjan. A Jly.'M.a) 6M'sjaa. AJly.r ~ns ?iiTiacti, June 11?Virginia iIim,cooaolid.i ttd. V> ? ; WmI V.rginia''. 10 bid to-day. BuTiaoil.Jiiutli ?OotM.u and buiyant, l.-'?Fl? iir steal? and in improved demau I W lw*l i|nlr< mid st-ad) ? umber, Corn?white sou tiern, dull, uo. yellow southern, active, ?3. mixed we?:em, ,n ? t. W. Oat* lower an 1 in fair den.and?s. u'hern, 4*(a?0, wlTn mixed, Wftf, do. whit*, 48 >50. Rye dull, Hsy. dull? Pennsylvania S JIMSJ? Provision* dull and nominal. Mess pork, i7\fifl7S. Sugar cur*d hatns. 1.V16. Lard verv dull, 8% ?SJ. Western butter steady, 2u<!?ti Whisk) MS- 8ug?n ua Changed. _ _ . _ . . Ntw Tor*, Jan* 12?9t?cki firm and strong. G< ld at* edi , 16V M >n??r fa r, C?i IicbUI", long. 8T<; 'hurt. 10 tfovfrr.m *a*a doll and steady Hew Toll, J?u* 12 -Flour dull Mid ti avy. Wheat nui< ! ani h-avjr. C >rn unchangsl. L?m*>>, Juee 11. 11 a ui.?C m?iln opened at MS for money , an<l W^.13 for acc oint. B >nds of 1865, old. W?7. lu-WV, 83H, new fives, Eris, 49?. LoMMit, Jane IJ. no^n ?The rate of di*comt in tli- Btnk o| England h?H been reduced one per cent., and is now aix per cent. Lomios, June 12, 2 p. in ? Consols for account, ti\ B*nd* of 1857, S?r?- Er:e,4i?'.'. I'lAMfiiCT, Juuf U ?B 'uds, >5 ? for issue of 1?. PAR'S, June 12 ? Rent's 86 francs 3S e *nti;nee. THE WEATHEK. Win DKr*KTVK.?T, ttfic* 0,f ClUrJ UltHtl Ojfirer,l A-.HiNt.ros, Juue 12,18"3, lo M a. tn. \ Synopsis fob tub past Twssn rniK hovks ? The lowest barometer, ou Wednesday ni .ruing over n- rtfc. rn N?-w Ei gland, has moved eastward, fol lowed by rising bar* meter,light to fr-*sh uorihwest eriy and nortliea-tterl* winde, and clear weather over the Now England and middle states. The high est pr> mure now extend- from Like Michigan to Lake Ontario, wiih light o fr-?h uoriherly and eaaterly ?iod.", and jel'ri'll) fl*-?r weath *r from Kintncky to the lakes. 01 ndv weather, with raiu areas, ha~ preraiKtl from V:.einia and T? nn*>e? ' ? to the gulf. Thi- pr?*-nre has <.iinitii?!i*?<l, with fresh ai d brisk easlerl> to aontherly winds over Iowa, N' bra-ka, Minnesjta and l?ak >ta, with tain during tin night over the nartlM'ru portious of Minnesota and Dikotu. Profabil.Tie> -F >r N*? 1 i<tit to - northwesterly a;rd northeasterly winds, and gen erally clear, cod ?eath?r are probat>le. Kor th< middle states ai d 1 >wer lake region winds veering to gentle *i<d fresli easterly and sou.herly, an>l gen erally vb-ar w. atlier. For the south Atlautic s*ate? I'ght to fre-ih variaM-, rlondjr weather and rain areas. Fr >m ToiinehM-'' and Missouri to Ohio and the npp- r lake region w inds ve?*rlngto light and fresh southeasterly and southwesterly, and gen erally clear wea*h?r,e*rept over th<? northern p >r ttoiis of Michigan and Wise-ii-in. where clou ly weather, rain areas and brisk w inds will probably prevail. F>rth' uorthwest, winds Teering to south westerly and westerly. For the gulf states ea-t of tin- M :-si-j>ippi weather, with rain areas dn ring the dax ; but th> majority of th? morning tele graphic rep. rt? from the gulf states, Dakota, B >Cky eioiin'ains ai?d Pacific coast hate itJt yet been re ceiveil^. |V-^? A STATCI> CONVOCATION OF WASH INOTOM B A. <'II A PTEB. No. V. will be held at their Chamber, M isonic Tempi-, THl'BS I) A Y.June l' 7S o'clock r m. Members are re.|oet.t?-d to be present,and a)! K A. Masons in good standing are fraternally invited By order *f Chap ter. CHAS. I?. CAMPBELL, jlltt Secretary. 8TBAWBEBRY ANH FLORAL F ES f I ? VaL every night this week, except Saturday night, at the Fifth Street Baptist I hurch, Virginia a\?tiUe. b< tween 4S ami 6th streets, (Rev. C. C. M- aib>r's.) Admission. 10 cents. jelw-lt STRAW BERET FESTIVAL ST PATRICK'S NEW CHURCII, TUESDAY, WEUNESDAT, Till BSDAV EVE NISliS, June lmh, ll'h and 12th, .?9 4t AT MASONIC TEMPLE WE, THE UNDERSIGNED OBO< EBV Me chants,agr?etoelose?>orrespective pla?' *s otTn^iness at half past seven <7S> o'clock p. m. fr .m the9ih<lay of June to the 1st day of October, HM, excepting Saturday nighis. R.EGAN. JOHN G. AT LD, W H H CISSELL, W.H.WYLIE, W P. VOW LI, 8. W. STEElE. C.S O'HARE A SON, W ? H SPIGNIL A CO . PAI LCS THYSON. JmHN DOWLING. GEO. W CISSELL, YKWILL A OSTBAN WILSON A 8CHULT/E. PER J? 5t* REMOVAL?The und<*rsign?st tiavy this day removed from corner of New Jersey avenne B street sonih to their new Storeroom and Warehon-e,(s.?ntheast corner of same square,I cor ner 1st and C streets southeast. Onr increased facilities will enable ns to supply onr customers GROCERIES, Ac., promptly, aud at prices as low as elsewhere. may* 3m QFLICK A BRO How aad It U to see a young wife, a mother orTamily who requires all her physical rtrength to falflll her bocaefaoid duties, and all her moral ca Ccities to accept the responsibility which falls anon r, te see her prostrated, losing every day her strength, feeling badly without being able to mj why, but yet suffering enough to be utterly mlsera able 1 This state of weakness and debility la mora fatal te her than a severe spell of aickneaa, for tn tkat case she will receive the proper care, a* In the other she will linger months after montha, not thinking ?pared her life. To prevent, to atrengtben, to core, nothing can comaare with the LOaQ-LITB BIT TKRS of Dr. L. O. BERTRAM. They are a safe and infallible remedy against malaria, dyspepsia, coe tlveness, biHonaneaa, headaches, naurniqg aickneaa and all complainta peculiar to women. Those Bit Urs, which are sold by all druggists, are. In oonse uuence of their virtue and most agreeable taete, the medicine par ucuUmcs for ladies. JB-tr I ."OR SALE?3,000 FEET ii CAROLINA FLOORING, second hand, and 174 SMALL CEDAR POSTS. ROUGH. Apply to BALDWIN A BRO '8.1st and D streets. ie!2-2t Ladies who wish their dressbsmadb cheap call and hear onr prices. DRESSES made at the shortest notice, cheaper than any place in the city. Also, APPRENTICE wanted, and a QIRL > to do hous-work: must wash and iron. 1331 N street, corner 14'h. )HH* Jo?E4*H j. Mai s PARIS KID GLOVE DEPOT, 939 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE Price* greatly reduced for all Colors and Black and White. jel2 2t STABLIBHED 1?.?1. ~ JOHN a. ?arthel, S7EAM VYER AUD SCOURER, No. 114 For* AVb A-HAlf Strert, (One d>or South of Col^nuAtUru Hall.) E i I take this of informing my friend.s, pa trons, and the public iu g-aeral that, having recent ly enlarged and refitted mySTOREaud DYEING ESTABLISHMENT with all the modem improve ments, t hereby making it complete ia all ita details, equaled by few and surpassed by none, I am arepared to perform ia the very beat manner and at the ahort eet notice all work intrasted to my care, and I re spectfally solicit a call from all who may desire work p? rfurne-d in my line, and I will guarantee entire satisfaction both in regard to the superior manner in which niv work is performed as well as iamy charges, which will be very aaodorate. Ladiee' dresses cleaned without being taken apart, and greaae spots and staina removed without cleans ing the whole garment. Gentlemen's clothes cleansed without shrinking. Kid Gloves cleansed at the shortest notice, jelt-ly J^Jpbactical trunk MASH FACTORY. ENCOURAGE BOMB MANUFACTURE! TRUNKS REPAIRED and COVERED. JAMBS 8. TOPHAM ft CO., hARtiMSS, SADDLE AND TR USE. MANU FACTURERS, Ho. ?2? SEVENTH 8TRBBT, Beat to Odd Fellows" Hall, llav* a large and choice stock of goeds in their line, all of them our vwn manufacture, consisting of all kmde of LADIES . fine sol: ' aad GEBT3 SATCHELS, jlb LEATHER TRUNKS, ' DRBfcS TRUNKS and VAJ LADIES' DRBfcS TRUNKS and VALISES, LA P ROBES, a superior stock of all kinds, FINE BUGGY ar l CARRIAGE HABNES9, SADDLES aad BRIDLES. CABB1AGB and RIDING WHIPS. Ac. Reaseosher the Old Rtaad? j, 13 43i 7th atreet, next to Odd Fellows' Hall. L"'? w. Oa the petition of MARGARETHA MAIDHoF. of New York. Hew Tork, executrix of H ilUam Bocli, Br.. deceaaed, praying for the extension of a patent graated to the said William Boch, Sr., on the .?thday of November, 18M,for an Improvement in Water Closet Baaine : It is ordered that the testimony in thee ass bsclossd on the 2?th day sf October nsxt; that the time for filing arguments and the Examiner's report be llmt - led tc the 7th day of November neat; and that said pet it i os be beard on the 12tb day ef November next. Any persua may oaaess this extonstoa* j. M-tbJI M. D LEGGBTT.Oosamlssionse. P THI SUPREycCOCRMTBOF THE DISTRICT HoWtn* a Spsetal T?ns. J*nt lltA, UTS. In the case cf Wiliiatu A. Gray, administrator of JOHN W. 4?RA Y, deceaaed, the ailministrator afore said has. with tb? apfrobati ?a of the Supreme Court of the District 4 CvlMihia af-Tta?i4, app luted Tl EsDAY.ih* Stbday <d Jaly^..D U73,for tuefinal e-ttleaientand distnl nOotwof the peraunal estate of Sd dSaaed, and of the assets In Wl, as far as the same have been collected apd turned Into a<?ef: d^^d*1are'ti'tUTo atten^Rth .theU claim ^135 SSWi t?5S 55?1Kk<V ?JT j~d a coav of this order be pah nihil oacea n'- * ' "?* la Us Star, pn?vwa? to the week for three ? ?^ulbV i. WBB8TBB, Begister of Wills Pfjre Goons AT FOF VL+1R P RICES. Lockwood, Huffy & Taylor, 6-J3 PENKSVLVlKIIA AVEJIUE, Aro receiving larije additions of new an.1 desirable , Go<xis In each <1 i>artinent, particularly adapted for the season, at price* to suit the wauts of all. LADIES'DRESS DEPARTMENT, Irroad Floor. 100 BROWN LINEN SUITS, at $7 00 loo " " " at..._ 8 Jou loo 44 " " at 910 00 100 " 44 4* at #11.50 ?JOO ?4 44 44 at ?15 t" .*30 lOmUHITE LA*N 44 at #400 lOO 44 44 44 at Si 50 10 0 44 4 4 44 *? - ? 5 6.SJ 100 44 14 44 at 8^.00 300 44 44 44 from $10 to ?33 50 100 COLORED 44 ?' frvm $17.80 AO WHITE LAWN WRAPPERS, $5 50 to .?2n u? 100 BATISTE POLONAISE and RtDINGOTES froip. $10 to $'.? 100 WHITE LAWN POLONAISE fr..m $ 3 75 to $22.00 100 BBOWN LINEN POLONAISE and BEBIN OOTES from $G ou to $li.00 READY-MADE IN DER GAR >1E NTS lor LADIES AND CHILDREN. 100 do/en Ladies' Cotton SKIRTS, with six tack*, only.? .(H cents 10 0 4 4 44 44 with nine tack*, onlr ? ...._$1 18 100 44 44 ? with twelve tacks, .... .... 1 50 And a full line of PKIRTS, tucked, plaited aud em troidered, from $1 4# to $26 each, with '? im proved spring band." 100 dozen Ladies' Cotton CHEMISES, with edge. & cents 100 44 44 " 44 100 100 44 44 44 44 With ruf fle 1 25 And also a complete line of Plain, Tacked, Puffed, Plaited, and handsomely Embroidered, at prices frcm $1 62 to $3.25. 100 dozen Ladies Cotton DRAWERS, tricked, at .75 cents 100 dozen 44 44 44 til cents 100 dozen M 44 44 91 00 And also a large variety of elegant'y trimmed, at prict s ranging from $1.28 to $5. Our stock of FRENCH UNDERWEAR is replete wiib all the elegant designs In CHEMISES, DRAW ERS, NIGHT DRESSES, and DRESSING SACQUES. And Ire also mention a few of th<? many desirable Goods to be found in this Department : INFANTS' FLANNEL BANDS; FLANNEL fcKIRTS; Plain and Embroidered CAMBRIC SKIRTS; Plain, Tacked and Embroidered SLIPt; DRESSES, in great variety; CHRISTENING ROBES; SHAWLS, Plain and Embroidered; HAOQURS, LONG COATS; WOOL BOOTS; MERINO SHOES and SATIN CRIB BOOTS; NURSERY BASKETS; PILLOW 8LIP8; INITIALED BIBS, NURSERY PINS; POWDER PUFF BOXES AND PUKFS DRAWERS; RUBBER NAPKINS, LACE CAPS. ( HTLIEENi a te S Year* of Age; SKIRTS; CHEMISES, DRAWERS; NIGHT RRXSSRS; Cambric, Pl'4ue and Linen DRESSES; Cotton, Pf<tne and Swiss APRONS; SACQURS, in Cloth, Flannel and ?i<ine; SHIRT WAITS; CAPS; ? SUN BONNETS and STRAW HATS; Swiss and Bbiue OVER DRESSES. LADIES' DRESS Special Order Dtrarlaeab We Save every facility for making Dreaeeito order,and will furnish the material and trimming*, or only the trimmings in cases where ladies bare already purchased their goods. Lock wood, Hufty & Taylor, 683 PENNSYLVANIA AYE RUE, METROPOLITAN BOTE'., BLOCK, iellly WANTS. 7 ANTED?Two good DBESSMARER4 Apply at N ? 7 29 ItHh ?ireet. !t* vv WA KTlll-Br ? rmrtUW' Birl, ? SITUA TION to do shhthI h ease wort. App'r at Til 6'li wrif), bet G ard H Jrll Ji* %*/ANTED-Two go 4TIN ROOFBRS. at 1 306 '* l*ih street, nt-tr N . ir ' r. h bvxtib 11/ ANTED?Two 3?wi | Xukio" OP '' EKATORS M Mo. 30# 4 , .treat *"?? wfrt It* \\'A)j1 KD-l.0W> i ?<t? CO a L ASHEs; 7 5 ?7 fcodMEh, wage* ?1.78 P*'r day: pay *\er> two weeks. Apply at once at corner of lnh ?n t L at retu northwest. jfU Ji' W A NTED?Immediately ?By a gentleman, a g oO,?nv ROOM, with BOARD, in a private> in ih<- central portion of the city. Address "Room." Star office. jelJ-St" WANTElT-30 HORDES and CARTS, steady ?'"il and prompt payment Apply on the wot k, 21st street and M?aaachu-ett* av? no-thwe-ft. j<ria *i' o o. harb a co. \VA" TED-Jmitedla'elj ? A ?tout COLORED * " GlKL.t > ?aali lirthi-B and a**i?t in the kit.-h tn. hi A hTON llOl'bk, southeast corner of lkth ?:r. i ? hi New York avenue. Il* VV A NTKn?lVpr-rtWDC-d LADT CAN V ASSEUS; 77 article* entirely n?w; exclusive territory. small fortune t ienergetic ig< uu. Call at 1739 O street northwest, betwccu 8 and 10 a. ni .tor two days only. It* WANTkD-By :t Y >m>? Lad v. a POSITION a* ?? Copying Clrik in .in ? rtit-, or at horn ; or would lik' the position of b <"?? lu? p-r. Full) <? mi p tent for either. Addre*s Miss M 0.,Uity P-?t Office, It* II' ANTED-To R-nt. a ? or 8 r BRICK 77 HOl^E, with all m sb-m improv-moots, con vrnitnt to Treasury Department and ti ?!"??? car-*, by a family of three a lulta R-nt not to excad .$6-W perytar. Address G. M. C., Star office. j-llli' ANTED?A Young WOMAN, to~if7 general bonsework for a sinvll family; o:i? *8 > can come will rtc?tiiin<MMleri at to qualification and character. Apply at 4 1 H s' reet northwest, troui 5 to 8 o'clock p. m )i'H-3t WANTKD- Immediately ? S'-veral CAJiV\ J vv fkRS lor a firs'-clas* Life Insurance Compa ny. A cilemlid opportn'iity for active tn?n Apply at No. 903 O stieet north w? -t, from 5 to 8 o'clock p. in. j''!2-2t* \\l ANTED?Tim e g.-utleiu'-n mi l tii ir \> ives to vv occnp> a large I't.ftirnirli - I IIO(:sit, near Alexandria, during the summer K er>'convenience for housekeeping. Apertnient* separate; coul,larg.* > an) at.11 gmdrii ? f v g< tal- and II. * era; cat biate water near tbe door: living will not exceed 9?, in cluding rent; car* for Washington every hour for lOcents. For particulars, address P. O. bo* *76, Alexandria. j> 12 3t* W ANTKIi-A VVOMW'to COOK, WAS* llTand 1 RON f >r a small family: also, a NURSIC f-r one child, at 10* t' st., far'tin i"d. ave j<11 3t* \V A N TED? immediately?A Ot?OD JOL RN K * *7 MAN BAKBKU Apply,243 N. J. av,b-i. B ai d 4' ?treet-< northwest. jell Ji" VV^NTF.D-TWO GOOD SERVANTS, COOk 77 ai.d HOCSK MAID. Apply 100^ 13th ?tr<et northwest, with relerenco. jell 3i* W?ANTKH?A 0<?01> SERVANT to do plain cooking, waniiiug, and ironing; al*o, a GIRL to nurse-good re'erence nonired. Apply at 47 1 Maryland avenue, between 4>* and 6th iH?. jell-St* 11" ANTED-A footl.steadr, WHITB WOMAN, 77 to do general huiisew'irk in a family of three; emid ie<|iiired Apply for three days after 3 o'alo'k at 1330N. T. avetiuo. jell .It* VI/' ANTE D?Iipme.tiatel) ? THREE FIB^T 77 CLASS CABINET M AK F.RS; none but com petent and e\pel ienci d hand- need apply. J W. Mt KNIOHT. jell 3t 1427 P*>un*ylvatiia avenue. ^TnTED-Six first class 1RONBRS, Fol R W A81JKKA, and 2 hands for tinting; all ~ii fine ?nrk, (shirts. Laill*-* dr.'ss.s, etc ,) WASH INGTON STEAM LAl'N DRV, *14 F street, opposite Patent Otlice. \\ a-hing caihsl for and celivered, only one dollar per month. jellH* \\r AN TED-EX FERIEat El) ? \NVASSKRS to 7 7 t.ell an article nee*le<l by every body; big money to live men;also, agents with a few dsllars to make a siral! fortune for th? ms-lveg this sumne r. Call at 1739 l,G"street northwest, between 4 atid-i p. m. jell 3t" U7 ANTKD? We haw- customer- for two h niiee. as follows: < ?ne on t'apitol II ill, 94,UN) or M.W"; 7 <>r 8 roi.nis ?it It good lot. Will pay .% l,i??i c.i-li, bala' ce, 1,1, snd S year*. Also, a MtlMr t ? 9INW, at.v where north of Pennsylvania avenne, ab^>ut Will ray one-liaU cash. JOHN B WHEELER, Real Restate Bioker, jel]-st 1416 Penusjrlvauia aveuoe. W ANTRD-A TEN ANT, for three or four room-: t7 suitiible for housekeeping; at No. l**02 7th street northwest. jl0-3t" IVAlTIP-At Dr. Pope's, 1334 I street, a 77 Hou?e HO Y ; colored preferred; references re quired Call between 9 and 12 a. m. j9 3t* VV^ANTKD-Four first-class IRONERS f-r shirts 77 and ladn s' clothing, at CAPITOL LAUN DRY, F street, between 9th and 10th. jlu 3t* \VT ANTED? A GIRL, to do chamberwork aud 77 nurse; good wages. Apply 319 4l? street south* C md Virginia avenue, jlo 3t* WANTED?In a private family, a LAUNDRESS: good references requited. Apply at 614 E street. jlO 3l* Wantbd- Ltt'li'-s and gentlaiueu to call and ex 7* amine work done ?t the WASHINGTON STEAM LAUNDRY, S14 F street,opposite Patent . ppoeiti _ ... Office. Postal Cards and Price Lists Fr"e, jlo Ji* WANTED? In ii.i li.ttel> ? Four experieindl DRESSMAKERS; also, two Apprentices; at No. 1301 H street northwest. j 10-31" Mrs M. A E\TON. W ANT ED? A DRESSMAKER, who is an expe 7? rienctd operator on tbe Howe Sewiug Ma chine Apply to LOCKW0OD, HUFT* A TAY LOR . 623 Pennsylvania avenue. jlo at* \kTANTED?Several LADICS, to engafe in a ?? profitable business. Teacher* who desire to spend tbe vacation profitably will find it to their ad vantage t9 call at room 3, lutelligcucer BuiMiug, betw. jlu 3t* WANTED?A competent WOMAN?white pre ferred?to cook, wash, and iron for a small family;references required. Apply to 601 1 street northweet. jey6t* WANTED?WET NUR8K. Applv at

street northwest, between 8th and 9?n streels. Also, a GIRL from the country rfot over 18. for gen eral housework. j9-2w* WANTED?A WOMAN to cook . wash and iron. Good references required. Apply at No. 216 K street, between 2d and 3d. j4 2w ANTED?A TENANT for part of House No. 227 K street northwest, within five' walk of Government Printing Offloe. It baa gas and water, summer kitchen. Rent mMerate. je4 %M7'ANTED?HOUSE PAINTERS at FEN ?7 W ICR's Painting Establishment, No. 46 Jef ferson street, Georgetown, D. C. Hone but good work men need apply. jej \V ANTED- All persons who have not yet n-?n 77 tbe Improved W HEELER A WILSON SEW ING MACHINE to call and examine it l>efore buy ing am other. It is simple, noiseless, swift?making l^OUntltcbes a minute. No shuttle used, aud there fore but one tension required. Will last a life time. Sold on monthly payments. P. J. STEER A SON, Agents, 461 Penus>ltauia avenue, near 4* street. mySl lm* WANTED?All tboee who value their sight to know that tbe beat "ONE DOLLAR SPEC TACLE" in tbe coantry I* accurately suited to the eyesight by H. H. H EMPLER,the Optician, corner 4,'. street and Pennsylvania avenue. Depot for Thermometers of all kinds. my 19 ly* WANTED?A GIBL that can come well recom mended; can call at 933 New York avenae, to do the cooking, washing and ironing of a small fam ily. Apply from 8 a. m. to 3 p. m., or ? to 8 o'clock p. m. mtf-tf w ANTED?Immediately?Families or persons la 77 need of flnt-claasSERYANTSof every descrip tion, male and female, to call and get (applied at once. Servants also can get good boasea and beet of w ages by applying at the Eureka Employment Office, to lira. LOUISE 0. BUTLER, ?0T Utb street, near B. ate-2m WANTED?Every one to know Mat tbe V1CJTOB SEWING MACHINB baa tta nmdU ulfnt Mn?: the must perfect shuttle in oae, resting In a cradle; needle bar aod works of steel. Agency. 409 Pennsylvania avenue. Also,'Branch of Mme. Deaa orest's Pattern Emporium. angSOly T. W. 8PI0BB. Agent. LOST AND FOUND. LOST-ON THB 11TH INSTANT, A PAIR OP GOLD SPECTACLES In leather^^^^ caae. Tbe finder will be liberally re warded by returning tbe same to ALPBED JON ES, 2117 k st , or Feed Btore, Centre Market, jeli ^t" TAKEN UP ASTBAY-On Monday, Jane 9th, 1873, a COW ami CALF. Tbe owner caa__.w have tbe same by coming forward. proTingC-VP property, paying charges, and take her. Ik a . M^tS MABY H0BAN, ? jell-St* No. 11V K street northwest. VlA REW ARD-Lost,a fine SCTTBB DOG. Ol U Answtrs the name of "Scotty." TJie above reward will be paid if left at this office. je!0-3t l^OUND?In the Hall of the Traasnry, a POOB 1 ET BOOK containing a sum of money, the owner can have by applying of the watchman nt the wist door, and pay log for this advert isement. jel0 3t* J. McBOLAN. BOARDING. BOAKDING.?Four gentlemen can obtain board, with communicating rooms, within two miles of Washington; location desirable; stage matting daily; reference exchanged. Address "L.T.C.," Star office. je9 3t* CCEMEB BOARDING AT BBD WOOD, A DB O lightful com try seat; 1H miles from George town or Washington; west aide Bock Cfeek. There is i pavilion, croquet ground, a variety of fruit, Ac., and a daily stage to the Treasury, corner lift street and Pennsylvania avenue, arriving at 9 o'clock a m., leaving at 3*30 ?. m. Tor further particulars, apply to Mrs. BBOOK, 911 teth street aerthwest. jHw* IT'URNISHED BOOMS FOB PBBMAVBNT OB r TBANS1BNT BOABDBBS; also, 1ABLB BOABD.Sll E street, between 8th and Ml north wet. 13-lm 0. LUTTBBLL. O. A. DUMM1BQTOB * LVTTIIU k OUfUVIfVGTOn. Anctieaeers and Censnslaelea Merchants, 91? La. Ave., bet. Kb and HKb *ree4a oorthwMt. WSpecial and Pecoonal attenttoa given to the sale of Baal f state. fiOHEBV LOAB OFFICB, corntr ofltk V> mmd Nrw YerA sisiss, entrance oa Bew York avenue. Tbe most private loan office J In tbe city. Money loans* at the lowset mtej. _ of interest on Gold and BUver Watcbse, Diamonds. gbUejt^Ploted^Wye^Guns, PirtoU,,,Ladies and value. aH-ly got near 11th FOR RENT AND SALE. F'OR klNT-riVElLOOMS.3lr. nl and 1 ?>?c? . 4'J'J t rx tf,?t *?t'r in h '??? jli 1.* I/OK RINT-1KU rARLel' tuj >inin? \?n. r Ihr- ? Ik tte'l) (nrmOtrd, t( 911 ( ?i?*t k r b?Nl.N>rf?|!hiidllh jH4t* FOR Hi;NT?To G-n?l"m-n, An? larg* ? iry ROOMS. Without b-aril. At liOJ li* <tr? cern>r l-? street an* N-w York jil e v3i* KhNT?T'im> furnish >1 ROOMS," (n ??, water, end bath rn. ??*. Apply at No. 71 A II h street, t h?rx?n Q m>d H, northwest. jlJ-ti* F K RKNT?Two ROOM>, co-ntinniest ing, oil * Ik rd I ltV 11th rtri-xt, Wt??ri> L ?n l M, unfnrnish.d It" C"OR~RKNT-?TO!iE ROOM and ut rU'l> ..n I Pennsylvania it-him Wertern Uti n Tele graph Office, eon er llih street Mil Peun?> Ivan* ??mn*. l-eole F'OR HALti OR KKNl'-s n-at ? room RKIl K HOUSE with ball. DYER A DAVIDSON. 143V Pennsylvania aTcon* northwest, over Mil burn's Druv More. jlt .tt I^OH RENT?A new ?? ven room Hul>K >u ?? li E street, one half (qutrr from the ?'om cfcut avence car*. #? p-r mouth. Inquire at 6j| Lonlsiai a avenue. je7lm P^OR RENT?HOUSE, If". 9*?Tl street n-.r?h west, between >*h and lo n, cmtains Hi rooms, with m?~t? rn Tniprovem< nts. Inquire on the pr-m ?sea from 4 to 9 p m. jis St* F*OR RENT?Suite f Furnished ROOMsTpar "r and bedroom, suitable f >r om or two sm<| gfiiil men Will be rented low for the su jimer ??outlis, at 410 Uth street, one door from tlif m> jll E?*oR RENT?A f"wco l, pleasant, a*1 hud* >i*e E ly furni?ho-l ROOMS, oa Franklin R t > un exceptionable parties, on verv reasonable trrim. The liest of rtftrecc"s given and required. A'<< Zi this office. j12-Jt* F|H>R RENT?A convenient and neatly furnish 1 ROOM iti a central location, and a few minute* w alk trom all the nrinripal d' partiuent*. Will rent t< a gentleman and wife or two(or one) single (<-n tleni? n. Apply_^t_221? H street northwest. j 12 .V, ? h'OR RENT?On Capitol Hill, New J-r?e> ave nue southeast. and in a iuo?t d* sirahle lor:iti< li, s very nice pre*. brick liwiront DWEI LINO, containing mti n roi ?* bath room and bvv wiml-w. Jl2 1m HESTER * R10N, Capitol Hill. [VOR SALE?M* r*le street, npp site 8t. Alij -ns' I Chun h, Bve HOUSES, slijcash, mu; h'.y pa* - nitntnif Sffi. B OUSK No. 1? B street, opp >sit?* Southern aide of Capi'.ol Pailv, extendi d. Pt lilisylvania avenue, LOT extending 'lir it?h square half square east from Capitol. A few bargain-- in Hunti' rt?n L-?t?. L >tn< on real eat ate. T SEATON llOjiOUD. J 2-3: | R'-p | 313 Ttli *t., opp. Pom Office. f^f?R RENT?Two nufuniiNhed ROOMS on iipp>T floor ot private house; $.*? p-r ni nth, aniianle for aeaniKtr< or two young liuli.-s ioclin-d t ? i-ctj omjr. 1441 L ftreet, lo-ar IStli. j^ll 2t* f"OR RENT-ERA M KHOCSE, N~1512 J 9tli Ntreet, between M ami N northw -*t. In iuire of K. B. LORD, Corn -r of i:h an I U streets n -rtli *wt. j-n-3t* L^OR RKNT?Largo and pleaaant Rf>OMS at *10 1 per month, alao, |iaii<1?oiue PAKLOR and BKI) ROOM on imt ii<1 floor. Traii?i.-ii,? can Ite accom inodated. 479 Pennsylvania aveDBe. hetw^on 4^ and Ot li gtre?-tn. jetl-tt* L^OK RENT OR SAi/K?Threo-atory pre?*-briok E HOL'SE, consaiiiiiit; a rooma, large cllar, water and khs; srood location; 104 0 atreet, between l?t ami 2rt, near ('ipitoj ai:d Haltimor" depot. It.'iuir at No. 4t>9 W ashington street, between 4th and StU. jelllw* fjH)R RENT-STORE and BASEMENT, Ko. 101O K street northweft, lK*t*Hfti loth and lllh street*. In.niire at J. WALTER'S, lol 1 E ntr..-t noithweat. jlo-3t* L'OR RKNT?Pleaeam L N El RN I#I1ED ERoNT E ROOMS oil aecomt floor, with or ? Ithotit hoard; water and ga-.on name floor. 435 I street norih weet. 8'reet cars Bear. jb-3t* t'OlTRENT-A Fl'liMSIIED IlOl SE 11 rooms; all nn*l' rn iniprove>i?ei.t!!, in a T?r> de< rable locatiou. R?*ot low to a ifood teuaat. Address Box 1 ft, 8iar Office. jIO 3t* POR RE NT-Large ai story FRONT ROOM E Also, two on 1st floor; gas, stationary wash stands, bath, Ac , 705 street northwest, above Patent Office. jliKk* F'OR SALE OR EXCH ANGE f.r. itv nr..p. rt)~ A pleasant resident ?? at Itla>l>-nsl>urg Ilepot, B. A O. R. R. Inquire of I. \V . SCOTT, on the prem ises, or to the propri. tor American H <uae, corner 7th street and Pa. avenue. jlo-&* L'OK RFNT?A 81 ITE OF I'X El'RN ISHKD I. ROOMS, a short distance from any of th'* D partn.entg, centrally h eated F ir further particu lar- inquire at ADAM YOUNG'S Ciyar Store, next to Star Office. jltKlt F'OR RENT-A Furnished HOUSE, 430 Carr li f la. e. Capitoi Hill, opposite Capitol Grounds. Would rent in suits of room- if desir?sl. A splendid place for the sumnier and tall. Inquire on th*t prem ises. jlo 3t* j'OR RFNT?Two furnished delightful Summer PARLORS, first floor, fronting luulli, airy, cool, healthy, very desirable. Also, smaller room-, second story . All suite,! for housekeeper* or gen tlemen Every convenience. 503 E street, two squares fr>>ni Pi*t Office jlli 3t* I^OR SA LE?Three of the most desirable LOTS on Meridian Hill. These lots have a front ot SO feet each i n Erie street and theirclose proximity to 16thstr< <'t exteuded, aod tle-ir tine elevation make them choice sites for suburban residences. T-nn ?5(J0 in cash ou each lot, and the balance ih 6,12, and 18 mordhs, with interest at 6 p r cent. Apnly at 1321 7th atreet uorthweat, between N and 0 streets. jlu-3t* t'OR RENT-T11E SECOND STORY of a fine R Brick H<^ae taring north and south. Bath and closets on the same floor, unfurnished Apply on the premises, No. Slid PtnnsyIvania avenue northwest. j> <t* "SALE OR RENT-HOUSE. 715 21rt stree*; pi ice J4.00H; rent IJfSO per month; posses sion givec Jtine 1st, has modern conveniences and furnace; key iray be had at No 71T For further particiUaru apply to GEO. 8. PARKER, til? Uth atreet. j$ lm I^OR SALE?Cue BUILDING LOT on Verm -at E avenue, between L and M streets. 45x115, east front. Otie Building Lot on K stre?t north* *t, between Iftth and 16th, 24x117; south front; will be sold at a bargain. Also, several Buildiag Lots on 14th street, between O and R Five pressed brick HO08ES; # rooms; south front, northwestern part of the city, with iie>deni improve ments on long time; small cash paj uieuts, bulance monthly. Also, s pressed brick HOUSES; twe-story and basement: # rooms, water aid gas, latrobe and; nortbeas i rn part of city; small cash pa> merit. and balance monthly. One FRA51E HOUSE, 7 room* and hall; lot 23'j ?>y 116, S2,.ti?i; .*MW cash, tialanee 930 j*-r nun'.h at 6 percent., northw e?ter n part of city. MOULTONA BRAINARP, 003 15th street, je9 iw * Opposite U. 8. Treasury. IfOR SALE-On Long Tine?SQUARE a ttargain. Also, Lots in Square* 10JS, lojo, lot.;. 1057,1UU2.1109,1I1H and 1122, on easy terms. J.7 1W 1 RESBREY A GREEN, QUO 1st. 1/OR RENT-A bl'ITABLE BOOM for Society E meetings, 011 C atreet. between 6th and 7th uerthwest.iRed Men's Hall). For term* apply to Mr BARtHOLOMAE, on 7th street, between New York avenue and L street. j7-e<>3t* l/OB SALE?Two new FRAMES, very neat and E protty, situated on Lawrence street, bet. H-h and 19th and B and S streets, one square from street cars; in agrowiug neighborho'id; can be bought on longtime. Apply to WILLET A LIBREY, Lum ber Merchants, corner of 6th street and New Fork avenue. je7->w I^OR RENT-Three unfurnished ROOMS,saita E ble for housekeeping; water and bath AI*o, unfurnished ROOMS on tint floor, 323 Missouri avenue. jeb 4t* fj^OR bALE?That DESIRABLE PROPERTY", the residence of the late Commodore John H. Anlick, situated on the northeast corner of I and Mth streets N.W. Enquire ou the premise*. No. 1739 I street je 6-6t IVOR RENT OR HALE?One of the most genteel r and comfortable HOV8E8 in the District,con taining all modern conveniences, with large lot,cor ner 4th and G S E. Kent #50 per mouth. Enquire of JA8. A. TAIT, Pennsylvania avenue, No. Xitl, between 3d and 4th street* 8. E. je 6-lm* FOR SALE-VALUABLE COUNTRY~REST DENCE, about five miles from Washington, consistir g of a Urge mansion bouse, tenant house, servant's house, henery, milk house, splendid well of w ater, a large number ef choice frait and shade trees, and forty acres of excellent land in a high state of cultivation. The place Is well fenced and in the most perfect order', and will be sold for $9jW> on easy terms. If not sold within a week a portion of the house, with outbuildings and garden, will be rented cheap to a family w ithout children. Appl> to GEO TKUE8DELL A CO., je 6-lw Real Estate Brokers, 51> 7th st. FOR SALE?East PART of LOT 3, square 369, on L street, between 9th and loth streets uortli west,south front, having a two-story building and attic, with large backbatMing; all slated; water and gaa. The vacant ground on east side of house would take a comfortable aide building. Terms easy and moderate upon payment of one-third cash. Ifor terms apply to JAMES T0WLE8, Property Agent, H street northwest, between 8th and 9th streets. Office 011. jS-Sw IVOR SALE?Very desirable BUtLDIMG LOT for R sale, on west side of Uth street, opposite Scott Square: M by 100 fee*. Apply U4( M street, be tween Uth and Uth streets northwest. jej 4w* IVOR SALE - TWO HEW BRICK HOU8E8, r Mo. AOS B street southeast: 7 rooms-bath-loom and cellars; also, TWO FRAIRE HOUSES on 0 street southeast; 7 rooms: bath-room and oellars, 93 COO; for Brick Howe,for terms. Apply to 44ti I street northwest. mSl-Sw* JVORHALE-Ou long time, with small cash pay Sab Lots II and 38, square SM, Uth and V streets. Part Lot X2, square MB, Uth street, near 8; M.lUx ISO. Sub Lots 10, and west K of U, square MS, 10th street and North Carolina avenue. B?b Lot Rt, square M4; tax title. U.M by RO feet of square MR; tax title. IVOR r *tr >ALL. IVOR SALE-HOUSE and LOT. Mo. 1919 G st. E northwest; three-story Brick, comparatively new; Lot 18 feet front by 128 feet deep. Price very low; all taxes paid up. Inquire of L. ?. CLARK, Paperhangings 8tore, No. 111X3 Pennsylvania ave man-im 1EMT-FDRN18HED HOUSE?HOUSi ? N?. corner F and SWh streets northwsstl will be rented on reasonable terms. Immediate moS r^'?n 10 ?- *? ?ITTEMffoi'sB Agent, 1488 f street. . ml4-eotf yOR SALE-A BijCARE OF QROUNO in tan L?ortll_?lrP ^etia9 of tbe cttJ ? vtth the sidewalks, "for. Hon* "wmSP iSLra- jssir'S EihSM Md*.1" *TI "*_L" * FOR RENT AND SALE. L RANT?No. 14 #T ^ ?tre^ northw-at, (?,>? . Z0?" rreaaed I rick !r.?n?, ? X r->o?-.. <- Urn Uitir??,ir nt|vr.4?i,JuH fr.-e., fro <f? .?* lro? 8 aie I . par m u*. A pp\y for ke> ?M t? m.s nt c- m- r U'ti Bid 8 ,tre+f? n?r:h????. tijl I-m KS??f ?AI - Tw? t I Hi I -H Kit HOI !*?H, * 13*#-1J1? it stree?, --pp-wite The Chiith 4 Fplj I ?nr. TriBi* BH-d -rat*. Appt J at the hoi**, U Mim I Jr4 |^'iR ?*NT?A four-et ry yrw krtrk I>W|L MpQ.liMh I'futnl ? .tth ?\ >??? <? .-b W tplUI tiill,lwit>c fbf otut h <u<*? . ii .r?h ink, c* t w.|rr r??nu, I.!? Jr*,*r< *.*.*' Latrob.*. ran*. , dvnb <rii|?r, m J ; ?lib c-vai and ? .> >4 bunk*, and t?firi?ni >?m m ,he rear, a rare cluiict iut Mcuru c a very nice ?umuirr 1. ts--, tud in the ver? boat conditio. Prica *40 p-r m -nib. HESTER ? KfON, ,, . B*ate Ageiit. an4 Br -kera, rnj T i< I I 0 l?t iirH (x-utheaat, Capitol Hill. K'nii ill*Ir^ vV",lfnl 'hr' ?**??"? PRESSED ? ntill K Hdl ^K, c< ntatmns t -u room*, h.-Md?e ? e and eellar>, l ath and pant f rn.>m?, with ??*. bot and cold w?tfr, atxt ill iniproifm^utii, ?mi c?bt< i?l? nt to can nil? uarfcrt. W|? ?l< h mat Aw.? ?"r* ?^.lB,,uir* UULLIIHSK I'KOS,, 5i|| Hid 0, i>r iaOl m \ 24 1m K1Ab5 M&rn a. l? JW h t Scott Plao-,1 ? " KMM1KD BOOM!*, utiult ??r <?? mit*. at X"f-'ple remainins in toara rturln* tbe th..l. a aplendid loraoon, convenient to h.tek and car* Well thx-l-1 and wrr ml* I m REBT-riKMpBltl) lUHiMit a back ? Parlor furnikhed a* a B-drootn, aiiJ two al.-aa *.? ,Vr 0-- bmrk ?"* front, on a-cond atorv.fn an ellcibl) l..<et<,1 I>w elling on I ?t re?-t, near 9th ?ill be rented on re a*--ratlin term* to gentl-aiea onlw Addraa. "A. J.," National Republican?4B?r ? l9 ti IBop | FOHSALE. t ?4*;I~A pa r dark ir .I t;ii( (-1 - C A Kb I AUK HokSKti, ) ouiik ao'rlir% ?o?*. In?irt?l lmtl 4'. at. J?ii lai /C?-X HILLIAkl* TABl.KS KOK 8ALK T?..?liiall ai/.., 5v|.. TkI - ?? all tlie Mjtnr.?, m ?^ral aet? of B?'U. f , Cn?#,Chalk, ic. AHAllsoN>, Joj ? ?th street. jel ' til fALK fHtAP-A ?t \ ti-h * innt !* \RI' r BKiUV ai,.l IIARNE.^S Will i, a ll -y ??piirat'lj if .1. aiied. iioju.rv at 4V7 Ma- IrH i-aclinxtU aTeliUe. jlllt* cQ V l^'OB hALI?A P-ur ..f nw HORSES fr m, K?u r> . Hw.mf0""'/ ? ' Can be "f t, at *v \VAM1. NAlLOB'fc biabloa. No. 13** E rtfW ill ?? /OY jm DA WATKH APPAHATCB fUt BALK. a'^'^ rl i'i'Tr" ?r?l tHIPh |<? loin, fl>6 tif rlmr^r, b> ml4-U?i* PAtMKB A UBRKN, Q~.,XH .?rn Bbioe clat r?B ?alE 1 Af?il M .,, tt DODOl A DABKBILLB. JIT tT 14*1 r PROFESSIONAL. W J rKANKS, At* . DENTIST, 413 12th atreft, aUot? K irk wood H'? He Kuarautrea ag g,.o* work ap??ar aiice, hi, dui ?l uny, an. puutj ..t ujaurial eVtr "* U"-"u'y U',ui !><utiat tn u?e I vAS7,l?V 11AS REMOVED H IS office to Ro 1J10 Pntr?-<-tBor hw?at. tuSl 0* J AMES O. CLEPHAB E e. L beailet CLEPHaNK ft BRAil fv SHORTHAND WRITIB?*"" bkpo'.tirm Oftlra?-No. HO O street, between lat and Id fBcitu Indiana avenge. aihjii i > J Oiitk W. BANNA. del tf No. B T ATTOBNET AT LAW. Toniot". Law Baildia? ^ aabiiifton. D. O. PERSONAL. If the lady, who in company with J ?' 1 ''*? cir<?^^, ..1, Mondat tnwiit um S'h* ^,r|ll;<)',"t!"r conilinili irate with the gentleman ?no fat I*Mil. her and aaked her t . remain for the Wl"*w"lVe ^ tLankrull, received! IddJS. ? * jll'Jt* <4JkJTATL"volence," OR THE WILL CCKK *5 THE GREAf EST Dl"oVER* ?r THE WOBLD By it all dieekeee are cared w- -^n.i . . b> ? MEDICAL, Ac. ]\|RS. H J. FRENCH. OT PllIL\DELPII 1 t SiTh:, Reliable (Tlajrj ant Phf."'.aii aiid T>* Hediunt. I.m located at lUUN> w Y rk avenue. Office hours? lu a. tn. to 7 p. in Jueur* n.entw can l-e niade for eveninga. (??ll-Sm CHSS?b1^7V^' - i "n b?re^r. EINFNT<f'MAGKET<i galvanic treat I fVwJ'jJrn'"** br PROK G P K>AnB, No. 4^7 peUna> lvania afenne, td flour rnU^ei^1pllcatlou"'160 ?< bath, 60c. ^AH D18KA8K8 of nil kn^i? trntod jj'' a.s^isarvaarja sfftsst^gg No. fedl> Nottb Uth treet. PhHadelphia. imrJJ iyl (if ADAMB WILSON, ? - _ - . . # K4uemu4 f HTIIV1 AN AN D 1'BWIII can be oonralted on all ' ClfflABEP lil'IDENTAL TO LADIBi. Bekidence and ConsnlUtiaD Bo?iu8. ?11 M ftTMl between Band I. Room*, B>ard, Medical attendar.oe treated 1b Waahlagton " morSTm^ INSURANCE COMPANTR^ Thk eqi,ta"oL"eltv.e AMlRA^E The bnaineas of this Company has for year* been the laigest ol aii> similar institution in the world. '? BEYER. Gkxkral Acevt, tna>a-ly and iOi 7th street. w 0. JnXEft tt C'O^ " * >0 I 7'* orr P. O Dwtm*nr, Be present the following strung Fire Insurance Companies: THE GEBMAB american, OF N Y . TBI SSBCBAST.5S Witt Tj'?? Bia tr Caeh Aafets, SA7b,y4?.IT. QREAT WESTER^IRE INSIJIAIICS CASH ASSETS ? ?306.4*7 6a OFFICE, b03 FIFTEENTH STREET. orroSil* IKtaslKT LtriKTMIM. ml3-?n R. W. BATES, Agent. TM* CORCOS^5r*W insci^"c> OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Otfmind Ami ut, Capital 8100,000. OFFICE No. 14*# PENNSYLVANIA AVtNI'l lOtu Murii'i Oir# Dion.) sa~v o? A M YOD UJBCREDr -- oaii."S?M?SfJi?.?LPS."*!1'* I?*? *ga?L???jgggf T'^'gBB'atFf*" -or TBI DISTRICT OF OOLCMBLA. OKUANIZBU A MOST M, 187# OABB CAPITAL-, 91?,099 ^^^sST?1'lV SAMUEL CROBS*fc5w2^DI)' ^ON . DICE, AND HAtRY, OB ANY OTBEE MAN, Will find of chea? .LiT*Lcim uRLD" Ho. IgMBEV IK ?ni[HTRBET s\ dies' NOTIO^JBi^VJ^^iEBY. nJI tr ? -LITTLE WOELP." 4T.A*I> BELOW COWT.-A fine aaaortment of aU deacriKionB s# U-. ' aad children's, aitd ako ?f| BOOT#, BHOES, OAITBB#. Ac , be gold aft and below coat 1b order t ?a-l, no.&*1?bj?*o?teV? OATt, BTEAW. " ?'.?'T ,,wlj?* Bap aad Straw, aim off at extremel* low Igmtm ntagelo :sr i.wkicb wmm wwm m ikhmaih hiMa (l?r J** ?-r^JuJSt'SXJL IJ 1 - -- ? BUSINESS CHAXCKS. P'L'f f-* U?OC.K?T STORE. . 4 ftiid Ff&iirii! iolng t i ,?jtiaa. i, 1V01 ?S afreet. !???? I9AKTRKR W AMTrD- A ? . (,h !r"*> |14W3tn (hn.lo #\'eid an K?t?i it.K 1 BtMii ?? i. ? pat im 71 p*r f nt. r?i t?4 Jl-Ilt BILRB. 11V Mb airMl ??tb< hi , i><t*? n 7S xxi? 9 rn. a, \|U?R> TOLOaN at low K \ir."UN ?TkTt i*l claeaatcuritv AM'-r O 8 .* ' ?????* d * u ci ?gnr 1? ?i JivrfV.* *,T *, ??U?- THE STor*. 2 , * ? V; ^?? * f'? ?? *?4 <' ?Y <cti u r. *? l-'Mnn. I^ntr. aO.r ' ? 'J ?r,,M *r ri-tovt. jell ? ? I^OB (Talk?a ?r?t !??? Bar i.ot f??. i* end r .?i..1 . ,.i n , , ., r,L*Vv?L": *'abbia??b u DRITRR t*a??le Iwn.cmm P a..., a. ii?> nu4 4', ?!?. ? t /. II ?: f^O LOAM. jtlv ., . , ? tit.iuc tin l> |??| tv%! %i ||t ? n'?ini i ftiitioft t> riitMskt) A tfRSEft* ? ^ ? Iff* I . j||| |( ijwp HI HDIBtf L<'T> ?,,k j?a|.k ftfc atrhetwreti Kh ?l. I?ian<l u- ?? ,1 k .? <? li afreet. |Hi*m * .nd U ?*r??. Utto Mi.-t. M?"?ii fc-n- I a;,.: R ,?!, |?-al. . I at, | N'.^th 'nr--V L'rati t noil Tf-rr>? -??> pr," "?? bboarku^ ^ h *'*' '? ??*? ? 'II 4i?p .. f an e?ercetfc |. ...,r m ?wuf rtiaitu ?? Tfc. ut. th ^ ?7l P.HJVS2?*,*rT' ???VOBOt.M. ca?. 11 VroiV**Ki.Vri il l * r. . - .AfcI r,XTI KK" f??' - *' ? lit. i. : ' \'tdi.?r -t or. ?? b , " ? i i k- , k1*1! 5 li^i'.V *11 ? ? :m\ ? it KRP of i H ??l avM tt i % h o - ,? . SETi.f ??h i tu-1 *. ? **' "* f"' <" II : |r. !?<? .r h-?'i|, *?>,. ? . Mw^indkr%l?(i>?4 b?4??a?i ti>* l?v, v| ? ? . f {)AKTtu tMniic Hui >? L<7rV <aii fiiMi fi' ha.-t. . i ^ ?r?l>l??li)GtO TUI'tA \1 OKIT T(? loan ('T* RKAL t5T\TE 1. i."I ?un ? ai d "it 1 auit. *'Al"?H. Rfal Entato Rr.,k?r, * : r '?s ?' ?' ' f ? ? , r >? tii ( MP Hill, \| UM V Ui Li AN (i N R K \ L KM ATR i,? ? . _ HACRTARRu" _ K"'aJ R'taif alid Iu?uran<-c Hr.>k?r?. n,,S tf M?T r atrnM AIUNRV ? I'Kmamlv t?K Hand to lor si ^ rwJ Mute, iii *uiit* *u ,, , . . TRI l>I?KI 1. % CO ITp In. lUal R?t?tr B, r.. iu;ih4 |/<'K ^ALR-^'llr hrwt-clM UKl< K HoI'mm - T twomtmmrm trim C^t?i r.rk. aM Yb? 2L' ^atr^ dMat r* tr thf n?-? F*?t^rn M ?rk~t, **1* 5^771 *1? fWMf'jMl* atcrmf -? r ?t LJL ? m<*" IwiltJ; Itiiw bi'Uxxa at? ? rll l uiil t?a T.'^r. ;:fr f". /"?? ?'-1 ?** ?-'l JJf itiV? I/oTTiLTm ' ,N,Ulr* ?*' pr^uaaa, i 1 v r ?tr?H t 1 x'tiLkr>T,tr.hh? ?WOD-friLL ani 5^ * ' KES ol tbr Miiliu^) a lad F anri Blra |ajt-trl K UNrUKKO A 0? )!* tsrlsj*; r3 agsf' sS?&{!-n: vri 1 I h Waat q... ,r<H>,a a. D 0 Ko.IlI*. PrkJ ISMr" n*tf v m * TBAR^.R, M C A. Bniljiii^. >ik and Pat* || ul'M lUk till. The I arc* BOFB BTOlTr nt?rFB wtih thr? COAL AND WOOD~ L. kHERIt p, WHOLBSRL^A.n^TA.^.L^ ISI Office: Ka'r pnre aiad howoraMe 1>&tinga my jm ^IflTOL I11LL * OOO AND ( OAL T AR D. A BETVl EES 2v AND 3;>. KOUTUBAVT. The nndi r?)pti?^l b<-r? leave to fnf rm hi* rn?t .m '?"^-reaKl-nto ?! Cartol Hill-an.l tb. J'mI.? SaL1 *f?Si branch WooD AMD d^i in L h it'aLd Uti' fuh, u"lI? ^Cv" A" or" "24<s'"' MAKI.OW hotelsT u*10" UWTlLfcHf?V*iow'''D w ssz**' ^T^3Sr . k.??k * Uiraa Blnutea Tba gssa^sajyrts a?2r^?=? fJTBOB* HOTEL, ?o. ??? 0 BTEEBT. )?? ? BrrwEH. rT? 4 yUB IMPERIAL BUTEL, JAME8 BTKE8. Pr rAoHTUI* PcHMTLralfU 4U WAaRlMToR, p o, feguxfsrttLgs^jgyts MiMMdmiI. vhkk Im ?rotnlaaa tUU ba rMuT^! T^BB BRTAJIT HOPBB, C^SLfcf!!*?! ^ ?n^ tlJ. hoBa, cm. <* tb4 tBtbecitr. ' tumbiij iuemtai bomm The routn* aral emulated. aiMld ouDiniudati<ibt. f<n^iJJ>Srt22i,r*i" *r? Mm' ^^7??ZJL?lLBAKl>* 0 0. VlLUfiD, BBBITT BOOBS, WMBBWBB^rb. DeWla 9l C?m THE LAKOEST VAKIETT OP GOODS FOR GEN'TLBMZX'S WEAK IN AMERICA. ALL THE NEW bTYLE# AT mu tr ma PEKMbTLVAKU ATEBPB j^|ABOftIG B KG ALIA. , *? foruleb Baaonlc Batilamenia Wr^C.^,U^r>~M *^CT0BI FullX* ? (or ^ CBAPEAIX. feWOBDB AKD FBLTW, and erery article peruinlac to tRa o?tr CAM' We euarauti* ^ BW DEttlOBb BOB LADIEU1 RBD CB1L DBERB' DBEB8EI AT MBS O B ?ATBEB8' BTAMPUTB DEPOT, ?lT7tRi |^I??T I'ttlBflflL IITtoTIOB OPTHB duttSZj'jti: sff "ktaO^o ^ ?iA?r w**? aw>*' traftgttetfafeflSg* Material 4?c7-lr oftvlwa WWRWIt IW^I ?JBU.UlOtRkft ftBUfAB I twSi

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