Newspaper of Evening Star, June 13, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 13, 1873 Page 1
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mm 1 * ? THE EVENING STAR. mmm ????> ?m4?n nm?, AT TOE STAR BUILDINGS, iliuli Avwm, ear. lltk HL, ni miM nil m W1 <7KH I > O STAB l? by carriers to y ' AbcrH?nuTiiCii?? mi wiu.m Vain ' L'XM* PB* C-plee X the ? QlltT f?? CX!TT? NCh. B/ Mil?UN* ????!, 0140, fit Booths, 93 00; on# yar, ?? THB VIIKLT 8TAB? Pufclisbed Friday-?1 M ft few. B^InvarlaM) in edt *r^~, id botfe CMee,aitd K> pap* mmt longer thai paid fur. i of advertising (IrntiM n eppitoatlcD. DRY GOODS. XLAHttlN'i BBPCCTIONS In tli- price of RREX 4.00DS ! In.?? tut' rttk rMnfid to IS!, CENTS 1'CR Y ARD, Ahw-. Isrir<- lot o4 FE.MNANT9 AT JCST HALF PRICE. J ?*?? \ arl? lin<*t PF.R'AI.ES redif-d f' Ji> B ir.*n.? in WHIT K GOOPS in I LINKS*. NE? COOPS KVERY D\Y. fKM.YONK PHH K. 9f A-'n ?' for ,\tm' B 1M? A S 4k W V L I E . 13-tf I01**a-ij lOiO 7*h ?treet northwest. V ?? I I t~ E . Kit IT1\ ELY SELLING OK F OK AN ENTIRE STO? K OF I>HY AND FANCY GIODi AT i tST TO ? LO-<E BUSINESS w ? i nil th- atteirioo of the cTiHTannity to this sale, ?-p?? tally i?|ir"lni <kalrr< to mmiuf our ?t--* k. ??'in iimiot') "I the stock ,a:kl> . Tu~ ? rk e^n-t?l- if >vm ?nlfl- <fB'T?ll) k?pt in first < !<?? dry ivali {!? nees, and ae every article in <>nr I use ib b? oglit I.) an evperienced and ci?-se l-nyer I r c*-h, a (nut a.any J '1> Lota c?n be sicked <ip. I ???? t.ifn ?lre-n * Daniels' SPOOL COTTON a* *c?iits d???en. p?>ni.<U "f BLA' K THBEAD at 50, *0 and 70 (< Kt? per p-'ii ??]. A large?t.?-k of HOSIERY and all other articles ?!. proportion. On bill* or-r .?!??? * credit of three months against ?, proved lnt?-r- >i brvUn notes will ''egi* en. < <!t*<>on amii;oe money at the BID FRONT, 70S Tth -treet. .? lu 3m BFT1RESD BROS . Proprietors. J|RY MOODS TO 8C1T TUE POPULAR IDEA Of CHEAP GOODS. A b?-antiful lino if DRESS GOODS at ettremely !? w price-. Victoria as<! Bishop Lawns, Bunt and 1. n?-i.s at l< w tienres. While B- I Spread* fro;n ? : ? to #6?cheap. Whlt? Dock, suitable for boy*' ? ear, at 25r p. r *ard. White, browu ani figured Linens and Drills from 29c. to 5 I. Linen Handkar chiefs Ht.dotet Summer FlmneN and Idea, h- d at I nnbli m M Cottons at reduced prices. For t argents in Pry Oi'v?l? call at EMORY BAXTERS. 5 tr 1 'I'-Ml l.i trii% i>T^inie |>vriUB T II E ARCADE! vomrsTiTiuM v n 11 n o ACKNOWLEDGED THE B^ST AND CUEVP ktT S1URE IN TH'i DISTRICT. Oar (lock of DRY GOODS ettry rr?p* ct c-mplrte. Nr.* OOODS EVERY DAY. At this e?taM??hai*nt can IItmI the litcij f jilrs iasranm apparet soltablu for ?pim^ a4.-l ? ,'? nwr i REsS (iiJOlSol all clashes. IKtJl Ksl ICS >a Urge i atiety. Ol"R GREAT SPKCIALTV LL.vMA LACE JACK UTS and POINTS. A ? tt?- d in sl N SHADES :?nj PA R \ SULS E>-k iut ai^ortweut. i RIltBoNS, l>r?.'t.s that ?aJtteth?"ii dollars and cents sSioal.! i ? tail to call at tUi? boat? beforv purchasing (Ut "L<lumber VTHE ARCADE, 4<l? ?th street, br' wrra D and E, ??>mhw >--t ' 4 AKPILTS": t AKP?T? CARPBTS! Ovine to tlis backw?idn?as of the seamo, and lining a larurr stock'>1 Carpets < n h tii 1 than it-nai I ?! the time of year, w? >liall, fr m MONDAY, Jj..e J], make a geberai red act ion tu price ou all CAR I I.TS in the boo?. Our styles in English Tape-try". Elijah Ingrains, American IcgTains and Bru*ela cannot 1-- ncelied any*here. A iffe stock White an ] Check Mattings in store at low ngures. H indow Shades in all colors, and Fiitnre^to STit. Sow is a fair opportunity f'-r housekeepers to pro tnrc a uics Carpet for a little money. WOLFUHD ft SlIILREHd. r 31-tr 4^7 7th street, between D and E, S. W . 1?AR?.AINS IN PBY GOODS.?Aodroscog.ii, > Cotton. 17c.: Waiusatta, Sic.; Maw York Mills, 1. ..Stieetiiig Cotton in d-4, 9-4, and 10-4; Table Linrn,7Ur , Towla, ?1 M per doi. n, Biaca Silk at f 2 14 ?. rtti #1 75, Parwoia, 50>.to m*. Dot lies, 75c rr Uosea; Bla< k Alpacas, 25c. to .$1; Victoria ?WD, tic ; Lining Cam!>rics, loc , prints, 8c., P - ached Cotton, Sc. All kinds ofdr^sa goods at the I- > ??? market prices, at BBODHBAD A CO'8, l 12 tr liOi F straet. between 11th and 13th. 1878 *"**" 1873 OF M'UMEK STYLES CP I LACK ALPACA COATS, DRAB D ETB COATS, DIAGONAL MOHAIR COATS. FRENCH SERGE COATS, COLORED STRIPED ALPACA COATS A. STKAIS, the Clothier, 1VU PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'B, i. ) 23-tr Betwsen 14Kb ami 11th streets. J OHN 6. KEIM \bEH. KB CBBAM PAVILION NOW OPES. i cities and parti*-s supplied at reasonat le t?rmi. , I ha* So 613 ?.*< SrititET Sqcthwk?t. til FINK BOOTS. SHOES, f|| ^ ASD HAiTEKS, AT LOW PKJCHS. ITRASBIH8EK BHO.?, ? ?0 SkVBSTS ITIEET, BXTVTBXS I AXO K, ha*e dow oo hand a full line of BOOTS. SHOES, WAITERS, SLIPPERS, and LOW TIE SHOBS, ? ladies, gent's, and childrrn s wear, which th-j ? 11 >*U retail at wholesale prices. <'hildranS and Misaea Colored Shoes, at maDDf^c tnr?r?' prices La.<iea' low price Gaiters sad Slipper* f^r hr>nie c 'I.!. rt. a specialty. Lad es' Slippers, from SB cents to $J. La-iies' Gaiters, from $1 to S3Ju. Gent s Boots, from BS 50 to Srf. (VatS Shoes, from *1 SB to #?. F. it? call and ettanone, and y?>0 will save U pet c-.t eTBASBl'RGBB BRO.'S, Kll liti 9ofi Seventh street |. A1EBA>KS LETTER SCALBS. Kv ery slie and style, at very low rates. ? TliE CKIYBBSAL FAMILY SCALE. IM TUB POCKKT BETTEB SCALES. >? e l-ase en hand and always readr to supply any aiM every stjle s,m LETTER SCALB at ibe maaufat turar s lowat rates We aiet- a full lin- tf C'>mmemal and Bankers' b atioaery . Blank Books, Cash and Deed Boxes. RICHARD 8 MOHCS A OO . _ B..'l tr I0I?Penna av?uae, corner Uth street < a A at A S TOMB, ~ ~ TBE MARYLAND FREESTONE M * M CO IS AO IT ht-AOY TO KKlhlVM OHVkKS t'jh STOAt. klTHMK SAW BO OH KOUUH VIMMNSIOH. Apply at Coapany '? office, C KNEB K AND i"TH STREETS, Beck Creek. n.*tf C. W. HAVOCS. Presidrat. ?l!tT *IX>,V RCBBT LIMBm fl per barrel, fciivered U> all parte'jf the city THOMAS Fa HIT, 10th i ???f U. avenue, tni i GILMA*, SilT PeanaylTaaia ase.; ~ Xl. 8AY4GS, Fciifioylraoii ? tttieea Imh um! lltb fl?rd ?? im piv>>ilutia Arrniw 1 Genuine Brazilian Petble Spectacles. laalSU THB BROADWAY OOAT and VIST to match it JB nil the rage at A. 8TBAT8 .the OloUuer, l?l 1 . 41-N2. 6.31$. WASHINGTON, I). C.. FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 1873. TWO CENTS. amusements. i kKi.AN ICS' IBT. IBIS ?\ E>.|NG, * O'l LOCK. Sirs! ai-p-arauce of ORuAN,Calvary Baptist ma - m ? ? TO CI.? I"C t) MILLS <*h<T vocmliKti. L0V1TZ, of N-w Y- rlr T:' kets. V ??x,r.?tt,? aud B tllantyn-?>, 7 5 cento. Number : ,n.u* .1. It* f|'HK BEST RACE UE fME SEASON WILL ? ??'' trotted ..ver Pinev Branch . Tra<k Mi'HUAT , jilt;* 16?b. 4 . I k f ?? " li t:i ; f il.iw iug*" *e.l!,i, mi linr..-. 11 t! "id.)ent*r? b e Rsmtder. <??r*r enter* a. g H r.est John. A T V hillrt Mitf r? b. t. Clwrl*) Hayes. For m r? M- of A .'Oh. G'ntlt.ien ran rest that this will b* a In. rm tut, w ?irh bun? ha- a known rreorit of 2* ?r4 t is ih?* intention of all that th? 1>M horw win AdaiiHinai.M cent*. J' '* If A MO!* FOX. Propriet ir. OLl No J Ob KxklklllM IHiw i ?H J and Sal* J 43V 'n Ht t _ *t f Ttb St MiHIRITEK'l, ' Sa. 439 7th street, between D and K streets, tight doors above Odd Petl^w's Hall. c folce Oil Painting*, Engraving*. Cbromoa, Be. Al?-, largest St.* a Paper Hanging*. Window 4badee, Pictures, P ramee. Picture Ooros and Tag afe3iEh?o2&'?h"** Piease rnnmb?rN?im and Bnxibw, )el-lv* A LL KINDS or OAST-OP F WEARING AP PAREL can be sold to tb? very beat advauta?s by addreasi:.f or calling on JUSTH, ? 19 D street, between Kb and 7tta o. w Notes by mall promptly attended to. Cash paid flj OLD GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, COPPER, Etc, bought at fair prices for a Mew Y*rk house Household romitnre benght andsold. Hotea by mall ?'? mptly attended to by AUQEBBTSIH, 1?0? Pennsylvania avenne Mt.iy' LADIES' GOODS. MI&S McCUHUItk, 90S PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE.*** Has constantly on band a fine assortment of IMPORTED BONNETS, STRAWS. CHIPS. FLOWERS, RIBBONS, Ac., ?fI of tbe newest designs. Ladies CAPS and COIF t I KES just receiv?d. mfl tr |?EAD AND SAVE YOL'R MONEY. LBUm who have Hair Switches that have fade<j riom us cjn have them restored to their natural ade in superior manner. We have a very large assortniert ot SI Curie:very long aud handsome X^es. very cheap. Now is tbo time to buy at MADAME ESTRSN'S llair Factory, bl^ Uib st., near G street. a34-tr '^OTICE.? Bargains are now being off?r<*l In 1 1 ftllLLlNERY A*.. and EAN'CY GOODS, Pr E. LENZBERG A CO , ???F TOT Market Space, ^TAMPiNG DEPOT W ? IT Sbvboth S.TBBBT, laMl-tr Opp"?tte Patrnt Offlee willing orr i ? SELLING OFr I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, tbe entire stock Or THE NEW YORK BAZAR, 441 S?-venth stre-t, near E. B.arT-tf NO HCMBCO ur AD1ES" Lt ERENCH STARCH ENAMEL la tbe best article in tbe world for doiuB op Linen ?i Xnsllu. It tmparU a bMotiful glow to tbe fabric Foi sale byall Grocen. BtUIHAM A CO., Manufacturers, 160 West Lombard street, :anl4-ly Baltimore. Maryland. o AK HALL" lLOTHI.Xfl HOLSE. TO OIH FAIROXS, UhKMlNU . FindiDB by past experience that notbtng bas ever met abd filled tbe ?auU tf so great a ?rop.jrUou of our i ustonif rs as our famous Sll SUIT. OCR ALL-WOOL. ?11 BUT, OCK SHRUNK ?11 SVIT, v\ e bare made tbe aiuat nnparallelwt preparations to suit and fit everybody in UAK HALLS uimer sally kaown specialty, THE POPCLAR Sll SCIT. Tbe aeasoniopeniNf late) will be abort; we moan to make it 'sbwp ajM decisive." .7? en<,j. we h*r? materi ally REDUCED ALL OCR PRICES . y-R HANI?80ME STO<'K MUST Go RAriD L) OI R OROANING COUNTERS MC"?TBI>" KID or THEIR WElliHT SPEEDILY. We are severely in earneat when we say that our magnificent and nniTersally adaptable stock <>f MEN S. BOYS'. YOUTHS', AVD CHILDREN d AND medilm UKESS" BISJNRUS FATIGUE AND WORE ING SUITS OAR W ill be positively offered at prices a< must ensnre ?peecy salts by placin? theui witbm eaey rt a?h -jf ?>? MaapectraOy. OAK HALL CLOTHIERS* N*) TAILORS, .. _ ??*<?? Ttm Stbk?t, next to Parker's. N- B ?Thos? l<K>kina for BOYS' CLOTHING ? hould call at "Oiik Hsll " rirl.T,K,,H!Si.U- "OLISH ai.ii AMERICAN GCOI'b for C ustom ork. jA-tfi" 31 etropolitan dollak store. MORE NEW GOODS!! THEY ABE ALMOST GIVEN AWAY LOOK AT THIS LIST : Children's Sun B?nuet? and Hats,sue. M trseillet) Hat*. Tory pretty, SI Lawn a? d Lace bats, ?1. Plaid Muslin Aprons, coyer entire drett, sue. White Dreaa??,rroMbarred maslia, *1. ?' Buff Suits, #1. '* * Ladiea'white and colored Border Aprons. 2& . " Ruffle anil Plaid Mu->lin do ,Wc " Percale and White Lawn Skirt Waists, Al " > nil tucked Skirta, fl. Puffed and embroideied front Chemise*, 51 ' Tucked and embroidered Drawers, SI. " Tucked and Lace do.. Sue. Boy* Calico Waists, SOc. Ladies' Beotcb giarham bla? k S> n Umbrellas, SI. ' Linle threa.l2-bnt'u half GauntletGIjre?,2&c " Leather Belts, ?c. " Morocco and Int. Kn?*ian Belts, SIV. " Oaydiied and Gilt Belt Chains, 24c. *? Wood, Painted and L<neu Fans, 25> " Fancy, Wo6d and Silk d"., sor. " Black, white and col'd Silk aud Vienna do., Oiildrens' #ne Linea Handkerchief*. 3 for J5c. Ladies' heniatitclied Linen io.,lfor A], " fine Ganre Vests, 01. G- i.te'd" U abirts.SL " Light British and Lisl? Socks. " S'riped Socks, 3 pair for fl. " Black and Yancv Silk B >wa, 28 and &.<c. Ladi'-s' Bias Silk aud rrin|r*d Scarfs, SUc. B xpleatand other stylea Ruffling for the ueck, 25 and SOr. per vard. Kxtra large and btie Damask Towels,3 for $1. Splendid Bathing Towels,3 and4 for SI ,Ac.,*c..,tc. If you have any consider at ioM for your pocket books, you will not fail to call on S. BILVJ OlCTHOruLITAX DOLLAR STORK, SIS SEVENTH 8TRMT, aaar Pennsylvania avsaos. P 8 ? I have now on hand my nsn il fall stork of CROgl'ETat $2 tu, ?3M, #4.Sti, ?6 and $S. Come and look at th- ai je4-tr Arctic soda watsmi ,T"t an* M^ruUnd nrtnur uaNBURY SMITH'S MINERAL WATERS I PERUVIAN OTTA^A B^sff?e?? rRKNCB arvl11NQLEY-",, Eitrnt "Wood Violate," "tppw Ten BaoauT* " W bite low," " Hew Mows H v^C. :,lrV's- B >u - iaet de Biarriti,""8oap LeUoca' and'-Glycerine " JHr *.,trru- w- ? ?*ad?a, lUth Street and Maryland av?e. j7 * ^JARPETS, CASriTB, CARPETS 0. O. D, OABPE^ H O^UlB B , SlVIMTH 8T NEW STORM! A LAMB ASSORTMENT OP CARPETS, OILCLOTH, MAT TING. BUGS, MATS, Sc. ,?sKjsrsvsnp? Mil and examine and '.ul ^ 0 T I C E. WILLIAM T.McCUI*. County Coastabls. Debts Collected. Pr. mpt BMurns. Collection of -'-(mi of all klaia reaaactfolly aollclted. Office with ju* xxxsjCtear- rcr" eoix ' F. *' Ui So?c^2Sr^V 9. S 0?.J AMT '"JIHhant TA1LOMI Matrofotttaa Hotel, (Sa Bro^J^Q Ik, Hi iwmtmt SPECIAL -NOTICES. finarH *;aia?t i'bolrrt. It is w? li known that if a proper row iy is instan ta: e- bub taken in a riff of Asiatic Cholera. or e\ rn * holera M-Ttus or Kindred complaints, th patient is much relieved, and it happens in>t unfre.jueritiy tliat ?i.( h tiu.' ly doees prove .>f incalculable service in an > ltiuate cure. 1 do n' t w ish to be understo?*l as adviHnpmt to call in a physician at the earliest p< vsiLIe moment, an *arh a co?r?e it imperatively n? ceeaary; t u? K??4iiiM a phyaician '?an not be kad at a moment 's notice, and it is for such cases that me ??? prepare NATTAN'S CHOLERA SPECIF If, a strong, active, and efficient remedy, calcu lated fi r such ca>ea an h?re stated, and which every * ell c inducted family shou'd have on band or im iv diately procure. During 18f>$, while the chelern ??? raging inite severely in Brooklyn, N. Y , I was t-.i.ployed there, and it was found that this Specific did meat service, bring much better than Souibba' M i x tfire and Sun Cholera Cure, both of which were tried. It will also give immediate relief and care Cholera Mi'ilu", Colic, Craws pa. Pymtoi J ,Dlar rh>-a. and all disorder* nsnal at thi* scasjn. Full directions accompany each vial. To be Lad only of ARTHUR HATTAN3. Druggist, j'9-tr Corner of Id and D streets northwe?t. ASHl.\(iTOJI M HlETZE^i PAKi. EXCURSIONS, PIC N1CS. Ac. w A grand PICNIC will b? given by the (?EH >IA.X BEKEVULEM \S*?( lATItfl for the beneBt of the ORPHAN ASYLUMS, WASHINGTON S< HCE1ZEN PARK, Seventh-street road Monday,June Iti, 1??J3. Prizes will be given fur the best Shooting ant Tea pin rolling. 13 3t ^OK THE GREAT FALLS. On SUNDAY MORNING, the 15 b, a boat will 1? aye C? l'Kr< ss str? et w barf, George I. ? i . ii 6 ? k a in fo- the FISII-J I SO (. hOU M>"?, and * il1 ? . ntinu- to* make dxiiy tiip? iinriog Hash ti-liing season. She can be chartered l>y family parties at re.*soiial>le ra'ew. B' at w ill l. ave OREAT FALLS at 6 o'cl ock p. m. Apply at H. P. GILBERT'S. 91 Water street. j* 13 2t_' J. C. .JOHN SON. Owj-r <ELE(T A.HJil iL E\C~IR|I01 I>r THE YOUNG CATHOLICS' FRIEND SOCIETY TO ST. INIUOES TUINT LOOKOUT AND PINKY POINT. Steamer Lady of the !. ik? will 1- ave h r wharf, ? t at t>h street, < n SATURDAY, _|i J t;e 1? it !? J'? '? I"ck p in , return R' n u <ti MON UA Y. at 6 o'cloi k a. in Single in ke % I; tickets admitting a gentleman and lady. *.v Tickets are limited,and to be ? b'ained fr in Bieinbers only. Mat>-r i ii ? can be aecared at Jaiue* La'k'-v' y ?>oa7'.h -tr-? ? n-f 1^ EYPO&T EXCURSIONS. on aid after FR1PAY. JUNE 13, 1S7*, the elegant and fayorite ?;? am r KEY 1 ( KT a II c mni'? ti.-r regular! 1 i KM'Af ar ! FRIDAY EVEN-r J NG eXMir-ions down the Put 'iiiar, leaving wlurf f t af7th ?ir-? ti o'clock p. m . Ntsr?in| at I H di, During the summer ot 1|J72 these excur -i us were largely patruniz< d by many of our best ci:i-/ n?, who found in then a cool and pleasant cape front the h'-at and dust of the city. N".effjrt si ali be spared during the coming summer to ni ik them pleasant aid a*.*ree*tl( iu every r<-pect. D> t< ctiv. ? will be stationed at the boat t?> p-event th * n Inii n of any improper characters. N'o Msxi cating il'inorn sold. M mi'1, dancing, and r?fr??h m. tits "i b<>aid. Fare, single tickets, SI; lady ami geiitb-man. SIM. Appl) to WM. H. BYLES, Acei.i.<><l9 Pennsylvaniaaveiine. mJil-lm l/F.STI V A L?On the |.i h and 17th of June a I FKST1Y AL, FAIR, ami PICNIC, will tc h !d at CA RLIN S SPRINGS in aid of a Cat bolic Church, ti Ite ere* ted at Falis Ohnrch, Fail fax. County, Y'a. Trait.s will ruti to the Springs A4tniatiu:i toth" ? Sr. udiIs and Fisti\al, is cents; Cuilln-n. half price. Tournaiueiit outhelast evening, for which an extra ' harge of 25 cents will b' made. jel'i I"?A 1R AND FESTIVAL fur the BENEFIT OF TRINITY CHAPEL, At C'llm/ibia S- inol Houf, V* , Will be h< 14 until Saturday Night. Stage# from 14th "treet and Pa. avenue each eve: nirg at 7 o'clock, returning at lu p. m. Fare 2S cts. rouad trip. jel2-3t SUMMER RESORTS. J^O< KBKIDbE ALl >1 SPKlXiS, \ A. OPEN JUNE l^T, 1*>73. This favorite and celebrate<l Watering place w ill ofler additional attractions this aeaaon. l'i" B-^e>*es a magnifiC' ut Ball Room, tiue^ i.iiard Roeius, B <wling Alley fc.r ladie*, and for g-ntlemeu. and a sup rb Or* <iuet Ground. It will be kepi iu a style n t surpa??ed any where m Virginia. The waters of these ?p>'cial Springs either cure or greatly relieve most cases of Scrofnla, incipient Consumption, Chronic Brochltis, Chronic Laryn gitis, Chronic Ptiuemonia, t'tircinic l?y-p?r-:a. ChroEic Diarrho a. Chronic Dysentery. Tie> are ?1-" a great value in thi-se affections which ?e p ci liar to the female constitution, and an an appeti zer, a tonic and a general restorative they are, p-r hap?, unrivalled amongst mineral waters. The Proprietor has provided f >r the lawns and ball-ruoin atirxt ilase band of mu?ic,and in general all the sources of amusement and racieation usually found at our beat summer nwrts will be at the command of the gueals at ROCKBKIDGE ALUM. The pi?r?, is witbin from eleven to thirteen hours of Rirh ne nd. Washington, Baltimore, etc , by rail, all in daylight. Passengers leave the cars of the Chesa peake and Ohio Railroad at Goshen Depot, aod ne-v and elegant stue coaches, passine rapidly over a smooth and lev el road of only eight uiilea, set down the visitors at the Springs to tea. JAMES A. ritA/IER, Proprietor. Dr. J. 8. DAY'lS, of the University, Resident Physician: A. R DOOM, Office Manager: S. M. Ml'LLEN. Office Manager. tHT The water for sale b> COLEMAN Jc ROG EKS, Baltimore. Descriptive pamphlets sent free on application. je9 1m Yr ATTON.?This popular and very healthy sum mer reaort, near Snicker's Gap, and/ snrroui.ded by the Blue Bidge mountain,1 two hours' ride by rail of Washington J_ City, is now open for the reception of gnesta, seasou 157.1. Improvements atnee last year: Fiue piazza in front, bath-room, an ice-house fllleo, a piano in the house. The buiHiug" are stone, consisting of large airy rooms. Beautiful mountain scenery. Those wi>hing to enjoy the cool bree/.ea of this elevated region will address, A. O. WRIGHT. Round Hill P. O., Loudoun Co., Va. "Inferences at IW09 T street N. W ni3U-tf uui) sum WRsT END HOTEL, LO.Mi BRANCH, 1. j.t v* ILL BE OPENED ON THE ltfiu Of JUNE Applications for rooms can be made to A . . A D A HILDRETH. No. 4J Br.^way fMI New York.or by addressing PRESBURY A H1LDKI^TI^^Pni|^r^etors, Long Branch. GEO Q D. M. HILDRETH. maU-t JunelS TRAVELI.IO BAGS, IN GREAT VARIETY AT VERY LOW PRICES. HARNESS. A lull stock of Hari.eaa of our own make, and everything appertaining to the Saddlery, Haineas, and Trunk buaiiie?? Fine Harness and Trunks made to order. _ S- le stents for II ills celebrated CONCORD HAR NESS and COLLARS, which we are selling at Con cord price*. Concord Harness room in second story lisr BE SCRE OF THE NAME AND NUMBER. LtTZ # BRA., 4UT PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, jell-lm Next to National Hotel. SOUND FEBT AND FBBQUBNT EXERCISE in tha open air and suuihiiie being the beat pre servative* of both physical and menial health, and consequent usefniness and LONOIYITT, thmcand* of persons corns from far gal new to visit I)R W111TB, the wall kisn ChlmpodM, No. A'Ji 1Kb street, opposite nry, Washington, D. C.,1 ions,Troableaome Nails, feat, and ad viae aa to treatment generally relief, and even In ax1 ble shoaa are worn,often feet being used so con ' tion. and aa there lad; or Bunionaky aalng ? able napliaacea, the major tun of the commnnlly vis eneed Chiropodist lu order la eocnowy of time, comfort, aw M OTICB.?On and after i* 11th, the Coach will ml York avenna and 7th streel to t emetery every WEDNBSDAI NOON. IjaMf) HU? gXAIOl Corns. i;n the P<T ?Ml SOLD BPBOTAMA UOYS' ABD YOTTH"8 SUITS a ip? utLflSS."* A~ eT*A?*'' hp wp FESTIVALS. EVENING STAR. Washington News andjQogaip. Most of the Washington correspondents are building palatial residences^?TWa. Star. Sk retahy Ri? hardhiiii will leave here on Saturday, the 2lst inst.. for Harvard College, to attend the annual commencement. Capt. Francis A. Hois, U. S. N., lias been ordered to tbs Boston navy yard as executive officer of that yard. Secretary Robeson was in disposed to-day, and remaine<l at home. His report on the Po iaiis investigation will not be ready before next week. Senator Frelinoiiuyskn, of New Jersey, and Representative Holman, of Indiana, are among those who have rcccutly returned .their back j>ay. Herb Kcrd voa Scblozer, German Minis ter at Washington, has arrived in Berlin, and a telegram from that city says it is not likely that he will return to the United States. Ilerr von Krause, at present attached to the Germ in le gation in London, is to be sent to this city as charge d'affaires. Personal.?Captain K. G. Pill, formerly con nected with the Washington press. is now the managing editor of the New Orleans Picayunr. He is an accomplished journalist; and the "Pie.," in his hands, is regaining the old repu tation it had in the days of Kendall and Lumsden. ????Miss Mary Carpenter, the English philanthropist, is in the city, the guest of Mrs. W. B. Johnson. Internal Revenue.?The receipts from this source to-day were fc.U2,:?".i4.4rt, making the total amount since the beginning of the present fiscal rear ?ylo,?7T,i<.V>.0.s. The estimate of Commissioner Douglass for the fiscal vear was ?110,0*0,000, while that of Secretary Boutwell was *H?s,0('<u*ni. It will be seen that the ag? gregate already is *77,a55 over the highest esti mate. The receipts from now to July 1st will be at least four millions more. The Search for the Polaris.?The U. S. steamer Juniata, now it the Boston navy yard, has been ordered to Disco and Uppernavick to search for the Polai i? and render any as sistance to that vessel >he may need if she can be reachcd. The Juniata is a wooden screw steamer of the third class, and is registered at ?28 tony. She is commanded by Commander BrtlM, an officer of some exj.erieuee. The v< s.m-1 has recently been put in thorough repair and can sail in a lew days. She will probahlv carry the Esquimaux* who were brought here by tl e| Frolic back to their native land. Should the Polaris be found and need further Mid, Commander Rraine will return h >re and Other vessels will go out with him to rescue her. ? ? Tit* Weekly Star, now ready, contain# a!! the news of the past week; more about the Congressional Kvur-ion through the South west?"New Orleans" and "From New Orleans t<? Chicago"?in editorial corresjondence; pro ceedings of the District Legislature; public school examinations; latest and best tales, poems, sketches and fashion items; together with Interesting local news, Washington news and gossip, agricultural items, household re ceipts, &c., &c. T'rmt: One dollar and a half per annum, in advance; single copica live ceuis, in wrappers, ready lor mailing. -????? ? ' holfr a Disinpk< tants l>r. Janes, of the sanitary bureau of New York, has published a letter on the subject of cholera disinfectants. He says: *-It is now generally, ii not universal ly admitted, that the germs of cholera poison exist in the dejections from persons having what is known as the 'premonitory diarrli.ea, an ailment so mild as not to excite the alarm of the patient. The disinfectant which I have directed tor present use is the old mixture, wldch hits proved so reliable on previous occa -ions, viz: 10 pounds of sulphate of iron, 5 gal lens of water, and one-half pint of common carbolic acid." A Mr rusher's Story A man nam-d Wa tz. charged with murdering Harmon H?d cher, 'be scissors grinder at Albany, N. Y., ha< ??4 nfetsed the deed, to which he says he wa< impelled by an irresistible impulse, and ascrib e the deed to his being affected by a --strong sen sation to execute soan* uncommon or unnaturai and inhuman juggle.?' It looks, very milch however, as though this elaborate''confession" w> re to be made the ba?is of a plea of "ernn tioual inutility," and as though it ha 1 been -oniewhat adroitly concocted for that result. <tkrmani/.ino Alsace and Lorraine.?It is probable that the German Parliament will adopt a reslutiou extending the provisions of the constitution of Germany to Alsace and Lor raine. 1 f this is done Alsace and Lorraine will be entitled to elect fifteen members of Parlia ment. None of the inhabitants who chose French nationality will be allowed to vote until they have sworn allegiance to Germany. The Maryland Editors' Excursion The association of Maryland editors, number ing between thirty and forty members, left Baltimore last evening on the steamer of the York river line for Uichmond, Va., ou their an nual excursion. Before returning they will vi*it Cincinnati, Louisville, the Maminouth Cave, Indianapolis, St. Louis and Chicago. The race for the gold cup ou Ascot Haath, Knglaiid, yesterday was won by Cremorne, beating Flageolet second and Revigny thir J. The betting just before the start was even on Ciemorne against the field, live to one against Flageolet, and five to one against Revigny. Seven horses ran. Threatened Strike in London There is a serious dispute in the building trade in Lou den. The journeymen ask an advance of one

half penny per hour in their wages, which the master-builders refuse to give. It is feared the dispute will lead to the greatest lockout ever known in the city. The trial of Yan Winkle Bogart, for the murder by |>oison of Ransom F. Burroughs, in Paterson, N. J., in December, 1>*71, has been commenced. Bogart was the alleged accom plice, in this case, of Libbie Garrabraut, who was sentenced to death, but whose sentence was com muted to imprisonment for life. Two "Glorious Fourths" in 'Frisco There is a wrangle in San Francisco over the preparations for celebrating the 4th of July Two committees have been formed, one com posed of 200 members, and the other of 30ft, and tliev are making preparations independently of each other. Rise in Virginia Real Estate.?In the last two weeks two hundred and fifty thousand dollars worth of real estate has been sold in Staunton And Augusta county, Va.. at twenty jier cent, advance ou prices six months ago mostly to Englishmen. Mark Twain has carried his point in the matter of stopping an unauthorized publication of his sayings and writings, Judge Ingrahan, of New Yotk,on Tuesday morning granting an injunction, restraining Mr. B. J.Tuch from en gaging in any such enterprise Ex-Prm1dknt Thiers, of France, his written a letter to a friend, in which he says be haa retired to private life, believing that party government is a mistake, and will only lead to fresh divisions. Thb Apache Indians, In Arizona, following the example of the Kickapoos farther aonth have gone over the border of Mexico, and one band of them la said to have besieged the town of Santa Cruz, in Sonora. Thb cholbba excitement in Memphia is abating, there being only nineteen intermeuts Wednesday, from all diseases, against twenty four the day previous. Ex-Empress Euoxnib has taken her depar tare from England for the continent by the way of Ostend. brother of Charles Dickens is a Jury man la the Tichborne case. ?TTht Harrisburg State Journal thinkstha te commence a libel suit 1* almost a oonfeasio of guilt, of impotence, or of malioe. g^An Iowa town had a "grave yard bee last week, to raise meney to put tta cemetery 1 order. 9TK mule la Pennsylvania saved a valuable horse for his owner by kicking the thief out of the stable. Price, the New York Herald correepon dent, recently imprisoned in Havana, was liber ated yesterday. WTbere is a eounty in Pennsylvania that has the small pox. potato bugs, and ratlesnakes, all at one time, but It Is not nappy yet. MTY.. A. Jackson, a painter In Memphis, Tenn., committed suicide because be feared ao attack of cholera. The (HDlnrrd HiNlnni. ?what <;en. .iepp. e. davi* savs aboitt trim. General l)?vii> hu bwii iDterii?*ed by * cor respondent of the San Francisco Bulletin, and lift* given his st?tem< ut a* to the Modoc war, and bis opinion as to what ought to He done with the prisoner*. The (feoeral makes the point that when the citizens desire protection tor their person? and indemnification lor their property they appeal to the United states; bat now that the war is over and the Indians cap tnrtd, they want to take their punishment into their own hands. He thinks Mat the recent murder ot' the tour Modoc* shows that the trial b> an Oregon jury would be a farce. In regard to their trial by a military comm;ssion, he makes the suggestion that the commission should be composed of officers of high rank, who had taken no part in the operations against the Modors, and that each case should be tried sejiaratelT. He thinks that this will occupy some time, probably six months, as well as com the government heavily, and remarks that as everybody knows the Indians have committed murder, he had thought to avoid this waste of time and money by hanging them himself. 1 he Getiei al also gave to the correspondent a declaration of charges which he had drawnand read to Captain .Jack, reciting all the crimes of w bich he and his tribe had been guilt v. and in t? 1 mtng him that he and the other chiefs would be hung at sunrise next morning, but before he could execute this intention instructions were received from Washington directing him to hold the prisoners until further orders. On this (joint, he said: While I was preparing a list of those I intended to execute, a courier arrived with instructions from Washington, "Hold the prisoners until further order*." Alter the exe cution I intended organizing a force for the puniosq Ot starting for the Columbia, and prob ably tor Lapnai, seeing aud talking with as many chiefs as possible while en route. I knew that the prompt execution of the Modoc out laws would facilitate peace talks among the Indiansol Oregon and Washington Territory, as well as California, and have a tendency to "luiet the Indians all through the countrv. "The Indians all know we have captured the Modoc* I and they will ijuickly barn the new* if the death penalty is indicted. The chastisement would result in mutual benefit to both the In dians and the whites. With the prestige the tn>ops Lave gained we could do great good bv such a campaign. J ?Affairs in Prince Oehr?;k Cotntt, Mr>. ifor?t Slfaltn;r?On Monday afternoon Sheriff Masters brought to Marlboro', aud lodged m jail, Hugh Taggett, a white man, who was ar rested 111 y\ ashington on the charge of stealing a horse from Mr. A. W. Kdelen, near llorse llead, in this county. At the same time, dim J llghman, a colored man, who was arrested in ashing ton on the charge of stealing and at I tempting to sell a horse, the property of Cha>. Hill, e*|., near here. Itoth the prisoners were delivered to the sheriff on the requisition of Governor \\ hyte on the authorities of the l?is trict. In both ca-es the promptness of the otti c?rs deserve commendation- On Wednesday night last someone enttred the pasture of Mr. Colliuswortli. living near Forestville, and stole a v< r\ valuable black mare belonging to tha' gentleman. No tra* e of the thief has a? yet leen fouud. J I -V"'?''n Thursday evening 1 St..lohn Walker, son of Mr. Zachar.ah Wal ker, living near ForestTille, in this county while enjoying himself with some of his youhit friends at the residence of Win. A Oliver, fell from a swing and broKe one of his legs at the knee joint. It i? feared he w ill be made a crip ple tor lite. On Friday night last, Mrs. Sarah Kidgway, residing near the sam-i place, wa~ very severely burned by the explosion of a coa! i?'it^Pi V? daj> f*?' *hiIe Mr Dove and Mr. I homas Brown, living near this plat e, were playfully wrestling together, the former fell and broke his leg. J.nail .\alft.?R. it. B. ("hew. PS'j., as trustee sold on Saturday to Wm. J. Sibley, of Wash' uigton, the tract ot land belonging to the es tate of the late Wra. Sibley, ot Bladensbun; district, containing l?w acres, for per acre ?Jlarlltore' Gazutr. CONVICTION A\D SlNTEKCI OF THE StF P<>lk, \ a., NriDiiEK?One of the most atro cious crimes committed since the w ar was per on Sunday, the 1st instant, near Suffolk, in Nansemond county, Va. Two ven erable ladies. Mrs. Jones and'Mrs. Dozier. the wife and sister of Mr. Deuipsev Jones, a leading citizen of that county, had been left at home while the remainder of the family went to church, only a short distance away. Wh-n they returned after the services t:tey were horri fed to And both ladies lying dead in the house with tin ir brains beaten out. The people aiscmbled at once to pursue the murderers. Suspicion rvii ujoii a young negro inan named .Jam U o?n After a hot chase through the wood* he wn* captured, and at once confess! the criu*- de scribing the horrible details. He wa* brought to trial last Tuesday at the county c?urt. When arraigned he at oiice pleaded guilty, and re peated his confession. The court, not withstand ing, proceeded to empannel a jury, and ap l>ointc<l him counsel, when he wa? tried the same as it he had pleaded "not guMty " The trial was begun at eleven o'clock, and at five minutes to one the case was given to the jury 1 hey retired, and at one o'cWk returned into court wdth a verdict of "guilty." The judge then addressed the pwsoner, and asked him what he had to say why sentence should not be passed. He said simply: "Idid the deed." He was then sentenced to be hanged on the 11th of TJ Illy. Affairs in Montgomery Cocxty, Md on? ryCuHnfy Agriculture Soviet*.?The an nual meeting ot this society was held in the < ourt-boiise Inithis place on Tuesday, the 10th mat., at wUicb time and j>lace the following were elected officers for the ensuing year:? president, Kliaha J. Hall; Vice P reel dents <?eo. E. Brooke, E.W.Owen. N. 8. White H K- W. Carter; Executive com mittee?N. IJ. Off utt, W. S. Brooke, Jos. T. Bailey, Jno. T. DeSellum, Them is H. Suter: Kecoiding Secretary, Kichard M. Williams Tr^'r^W^SSSi."' E'E Imjiortant Land Sal'..?We have been informed that our enterprising friend, Walter M. Tal bott. eni., baa effected a sale of 250 acres of the land known as the Cook property, to the com mittee of the Methodist church of Washington who intend using it for a national campgraund. 1 he ground is to be laid off' in avenues, and, in stead ot tent*, there are to l?e cottages erected a ??gn'Acent summer resort '?.r tl?e.\le"'odl8t church of Washington city 1 his is to be done at once?Sfwitvom ftRKtr Arming?The J?4iiir<(, the official journal of Constantinople, has recently pub lished a statement concerning the ordnano-and the prospective armaments or Turkey. Within a tew months the Turkish government will pos sess 1,000,(>00 of the be?t breech-loading rifbm The fortifications of the Hellespont and Bo? Shorns are both nearly completed. The forti cations now being constructed in the island ot Crete, as well as those at Sinope and Varna, on the Black Sea, will interfere seriously with the designs of hostile iron-clads. They will mount 1"0 pieces of artillery, consisting of 300, 4%), and tiOO-pounders. Four hundred canuon are beine distributed among the forts of ltoumania and Anotolia, ot caliber from 12 to 72-pounders?all ,re?ch - loaders. Turkey will soon have 1,000 pieces Of artillery, as effective a- any known. an?l tn? government is ?rocting a new arsenal at Macchka. All this preparation woulW indicate a policy of singu'ar breadth, decision, and energy for a "Mck man." and Child Dbown&? Mrs. Michael .snowman and Mrs. Lewis Black and r c*11'"' age<l three years, were crossing a small creek Itom LitUe Deer Isle to Pumplain ?It i ?h l^1?' v.C8ter? when ? squall cap sized Uie boat. Mrs. Snowman was rescued by some fishermen, but Mrs. Black and her child were drowned. End of th* Excitement in Madrid. The excitement which has prevailed during the past few days has subsided, and the city was calm yesterday. The armed factions which were posted at different points hav e been withdrawn all parties having accepted the ministry formed by the majority of the cor ft. Wedaesdav night Pickpockets do not enjoy life in California. An old ? bull-whaekor" felt a stran?e haid to his pocket there recently, and, pulling out his penVnife, with a blade thit weighed awfond!cut off the man s hand at the wrist andthiew it after him, with die advice to " put it in whisky, where It wonld keep." * Tbw seconds in the Montecai-McCarthy duel at Richmond were refnaed a writ of habeas corpas yesterday by Judge tiuigon, and are still in prison. ?TLewiston, Me., has Daniel Pratt and the IMS* Cleveland gtrls answer "yon bet!" when is proposed. all alive, and the other four doing well. l^The police ofCaire, I1L. are altar a ghost whose walking costume consists or a stoveniDe hat and a pair of doable-soled boots. VA Maine court has lately decided that a railroad ticket is good for siE years if not used before the expiration of that time. TELEGBAJKS TO THE STAB Tkk iftcnMB*! Vlipatchta. ? ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS. ? Thr DiMiairilohMl Ualhrrliff M *?' Mat. rm*f?**TATio>- or nirLOHA*, rrr. West Point, June 13?The examiuat on of thr graduating dans of cadets was ootiduded to-day. and at 11 o'clock the whole c*|? turmcd a square In front ot the library building to wit net* the pr?*cntation of diploma*, which were awarded to the graduates by tue Secretary of War, according to their clas?, standiug and rank. As ea h name was called the cadet stepped forward and received bit diploma Previous to the distribution of diplomas General Belknap make a speech to the cadel.*. ? hich wm attentively likened to throughout by all present. A large number of civilian* were present. .After the distributiori^tieneral Sher man gave the cadets a short characterisec ad dress full of good advice. This afternoon the cadets will receive their liberty, and by night fall most of them will have donned their citu /ens' clothing and departed for other and Af ferent scenes. General Sherman and patty will return to Washington thi* evening, aitd to morrow the President and hi* family will return to Long Branch. Secretary Belknap will re main here until Monday. The Medoc I'rlMHtfro. Sam Francin o, .lane 12.?A dispatch from Boyle's Camp, dated dune 11th. that the M<n1oc captives will l>e taken to Fort Klam tth. where the com una* ion will nit to try them. Some of the wounded soldier* have alreadv been sent to Fort Klaiuath. It l? generally I thought that Bogus Charlie, Hooker dim. ShackiiAsty Jiui, and Steamboat Frank, who volunteered to aid in the capture of Captain .lack, will escape punishment a* murderer*, but those who are not tried for murder will be forwarded to Fort Alcatraz, in San Francisco harbor. Major Jackson's troojis will start for Fort Klamath this evening to prepare for the reception of the Modoc prisoners. A dispatch from Jacksonville. Oregon. says General K?s*? and the Oregon volunteer! have just arrived. They deny that the massacre ot Mi*t.>c j>r'>?on erswas committed by Oregon volunteers, and declare that tlie\ bad other aa<l better ot?|H?rtu- , nitles for killing the prisoners it they Lad de sirtd to do to. ? ? Wall NlreH To.ilay, N evv York, June Li.?All sales ot gold have ; been at llfi to litthe opening price having been 117, and it now toeing IW.alli. On gold I loxnathe rates have been " v to tor carrying Foreign exchange is dull and 11: m. counter 1 rates of leading drawers bemg 10"' > lor j six?\ day sterling, and 1^-, for d?- ( nmi.d with busiuess in second hand> Money continues very easv at 4aX on call loans. ? and mercantile paper pelIs at T for approved names. Government bond* have l?e<*n s*rong. but inactive. Southern state bonds at the board were strong tor Tennessee's and Mis souri'*. OI<l North Carolina's sold at 27 ^ In j the -tock market prices have ruled lusher than I yesterday; Wofan Cnton Telegraph h*\>! ; been the trature. advancing to wl, or 2 * from the lowest price ot the morning, and 4\ j>er cent, from the lowest price of the week. It IP very well understood that Cotum'slore Yanderbilt holds a large share of this stock. and report savs that he caused theadvauce. ? I' mm Kurope To-day. BOCHCFOHT TO BE EXILED rdOX FRANCE AT <>*< K. Paris, June 13 The government,ha? de cided to immediately transport lie tin Koche tcrt to New CiMllMi tiii vemdohb colt**. It is announced tliat the Minister of Finance will prosecute Gustare Courbel for the recovery ot the sum expended by the government in the reconstruction of the Vendouie column. M. Oourbel was the chief instrument of the com mune for carrying out it* decree of April 1"., ordering the demolition of the column. Kew York Mote*. VINERAL OK THE LATE MINISTER ORU. New York, June 13 Forty-three lod^e* ot Free Masons, seven commander*** of Knight* Templar, and several chapters of Koyal Arch Masons, besides a company of cavalry and the Tth regiment,will form an escort to the remains of the late Minister Orr, this afternoon. BRUTAL WIFE MURDER. John McArdle, a drunken brute, of Wil liamsburg, upon tieing urged hy his Vite to give some of the food he had ordered from a restau rant (tor himself) to his starving children, last evenir.g. beat her brains out. He was arrested Baiei4c. PiitAnrtiRit, dune 13?Samuel Beers committed suicide this morning by cutting h's throat. (Second Dispatch ] PhilaDfei.ruia, June 13.?Samuel B?ers, wl.o committed suicide this morning, was a tltrk in the tax receiver's office. He was over powered by the sun on Monday last while view ing a military review at Landsdowne, and has been delirious ever since. He served in the ltnh cavalry duriug the war, returning as captain, mid was a member ot tbe Orand Army. He was a man of fine social qualities, and highly esteemed. ? Lyaeh Law ia West Tlrglaia, Wheeling, June 13?On Wednesday a masked partv broke into the house of lohu Jennings. chi -f ot a gang af robbers, in Wetsel county in this state. Mrs. Jennings seized an axe to defend her husband, when the |>arty tired, killing 'ennlngs and fatally wounding Mrs. .Jenning'*. The lynchers left a written notice to other members of the gang to leave the country. KallrsadBina?h-u|> in ilergeaTEMfl. Trenton, .lune 13 ? T*o trains on the New York branch <>f the Pennsylvania railroad had a smash-up in the Bergen tunnel. A door fell oft the freight train across the track, and tbe engineer got down to clear it, wli-jn the Mid land train came along, and ran into the freight train. No one was seriously hurt. Trains are delayed. Tbe wreck is beinf cleared. Wife Murder sail Nnlrlde. New York. June 13?A Ualeigh despatch >avs:?In Yadkin county, N. C., Saturday, John Halcombe, a young farmer, deliberately shot dead his wife, on her asserting her intention to leave him and visit Salisbury, and then put a bullet through his own head." He was wealthy, and verv jealous of his wife. ? Fire In Citselauntl. Cincinnati, June 13.?An entendre lire occurred ou C-'inm?rce street, between Yins alio Walnut stn ets, this att-rnoon, entailing a lohs ot about ? I4.U09. Th? lire, originated in a shed contaiuinu benzine, adjoining the store of Alexander McDonnell & Co. r?M of a Xarderer. AcBru*,N. k'.f June 13?Albert Eugene Perry, who esc p-.'d from jail in this city on tbe 11th of Jam -try last, and who killed jailor Fields in makir ; his escape, wa? arrested eight miles from Owe ~o last night and again lodged in jail. ? The Ki.amokin Disaster, rt'IIRAL or THE VICTORS. Si:w York, Jane 13?A Shamokin despatch states that the funeral of the victims of the late disaster yesterday was very largely attended. Tbe sulphur in the mine Is now nearly gone. The Fr?llc Agi Fort Momot:, Ya., June 13.?Passengers by the Lady of tbe Lake from Washington, re* port the I'nlted States steamer Frolic aground about twenty miles above Piney Point in the Potomac. ErrACLA. Ala., June 13?Ex-Judge John Cochran is dead age sixty years. Two Jebssy Boys Ecb Orr with <2,000 and Purchase a Yacht?The boys who ran away from Jen :y City on Saturday,It trans pires, were a son of Dr. Theodore F. Morris, a son and nephew of T. C. Brown, a ad a lad named Beardslev. Young Morris, who was em ployed in tbe c Ity Bank, corner of Pavonia avenue and Krio street, was sent te the Second National Bank t<) draw *2,000 la small bills, for the accommodation of parties in the upper part of the city in paying off their men. With this he raa away and joined his comrades, when the party vent to Nov York and bought a yacht of Peck A Co., foe *550. They U?> went to a tai lor's near hy aiJerdored a sailor's salt, aflor which they want on their M < hare been taken So secure tfces for their clothes?K. T. Tim**, lift. 8fl?* cm THE MorirrArwa?TWe is a plen ty of snow, more than anal a* this f the mountains and an i? ? piles still reasaia in the sun" i when they call feet cl "drTfMOfjU deep, 20 Mat wMe, and so l?nf la rear af the ProCle House, and la t? the dining-room. And uke there was a drift, la?t week, 15 feet deep for a half mile along the path. Ear' y rial tors to the mountain regions will need winter clothing.? Csset rd (.V, fj.) I g&Ht, J*# b ttm?? ft* pMMf. A HBHHVPSHH ^ **?rf ft*' 1 w? ??? f f? i inter ii Tik Stab fer grasabler* Hert iiur trwrmmtm ami rnaMr 1 reside In tk* iMMMt* A^'lblw txwd ?f Scott Square, a pleasant and healthful place vl resart at Uu? aeassa ? the year M I t o* mKl( amnsa?* actaalU h? >w ia who r? aort to it cbkdf at ni|bi Froan tbNt tan to twelve a>rl night this ?sm tc he made a render* on* an1*portmg ground tor rrruin (tnoat nhsdo not live In the tw|k borbood. lheaa are I learn ehieBy deasemic KnanU, male and traalt, with uli grown hm? aad girls who ?per?d an hoar or two there in rede ringing, ha aching, lond talk'ng. .V To y?arwtowtlwwniinaHt. >ndr?,?rtallT U? those who or* in |kw health. aod arc light ?lee|>er*, this a matter ol aoate oenetsieMce. Person* whose houses ahnt upon theajiuit and ?leep wtth open window* arr the prmripa] sot ferer* and remonstrant* I hare mm M poln-e tit ad.|iiai ter? to rwai'lua at thi* ??p? and hare frequently s??oken to the potior men on that '?eat about It. I Lav had abundant p (hat it shoald he abated bat there is no ia^irwve meiit. i propose now to tr\ what pnht.e oam l A>nt wtli de. I want farther to raise the It quiry ?lu ther it i* the duty ot a policcstan to nppma the harking or a dog on hit o?net - premise*. when he t* btrkln( tnitoa*ly Iter ati t.onr an?l wahm( all the echoes and hah e* oil the aeigh t?orbood. and causing maav |Md people to wish Inui in a Nad place. We have no I protect ion here against tin* nnisaace which i* IMnion ?iie iii our pert Ol the -it* II >y many dog* and mm, Mi MiMr, n?e then rights in violation ol tl.uvcol ottier*. at<1 how -tlipid and indolent etiun the tieraoe police men about it. M ?im Aa<>n. Ihe t hllilrea tnd Ihrir tHne pe<ii>?. ft l"Ar A.m'.irtjf Ik* SffT?Sir Kix>? '?'g that you are ailing to furnish tatiaraaattou to the public on nil matter*. I womd rewc fully inquire. through von. ot the Chief or P? lice, whether any law forbids children riding i>n the ?ideaaik? with their velocipedes. and n not. by a hat authority the police order tbeia t.? the ?tre?t, where they ate liable to be ruu otei at anytime by pas*'rig vehicle*? Hypah'i?*i. mg this. or giving an answer thereto, vou a.11 oblige, not only the children, who do not a -li to be lianisbed lo the mi reef. where their live# are endangered, l.ut their | a. fata. Very icapciUatly, A t*'-n?caiBBB. - ? - Hekr liRiKKtno ta <? Herman* in Uif I luted Mate*. and those A ricans who affect a fondue** tor lager be*-!. m't drink it as it I* drank In Germany. Th rush into a restaurant and gulp down"two oi ree giass. - ami move on. Here a Herman \er tlnnk* ui mushing hie glass ot beer ii lew than ten minute*, and to drink it a out eating something at the same time, even i it is oni\ a crust of brown bread. In fhct. a tier man in the Father I arid In constitution allv oppose t to dwiiitf anything in a hurry. an.: eepei la to drinking beer with "rapid *peed. I he consequence ?* that we do not ?ee men here with great, huge r>aunehe?, a* at borne. en pabl< of ^walioa ing ?? keg of beer after *ttp|>er They wldoui treat one another, but vil down to the table*, and although they drink together, each man |>ay? for ahat he com-umo*. aliether it l>e beer or food. Tin* of lt?elf i* a great pre ventive ot exce**. a*, it a half doren or a doceti were to hi doau to drink, at wtth u?. ea-h man Bug treat in turn, and thn? mi or a do/.en glaaaea be gu/zled,wbethet tiie\ want it or not. If our temperance friend* could Inatitute ahat i* ralb'd the " hiilck treat" into our eaeh man paving hi? own reckoning, it would b<-a long m< t> toward* reform iu driiiking to e*ce**. In "?liort, l??'?'r in t?crmany m a part ot each mail'* to?*l. He takr> it a" a *ii?r?'iiancc, and tnd a* a Mimulant f. f. m // ?;? im, , -t M>nc(IN. 'The Kpi avui Ni x" Autix. Some week* a?rn the id tor-oii* Kdi h 'i'ltoratn, alio alter ti.-*-* Iier*eli a? "the e*ca|x'd nua,*' w^? an noanoed t*> NX hk at a public hall in Toronto on conventual life, and a tew <d the l'ro:e*'air clergymen were in laced to tiirthcr h.-r m uiev makingobject by gHing notice*from their pul p t* ot the forthcoming lecture. The re*u!t a Mated in Hie i ? lobe new*pa|w-r of that city wa tt at ">li**< i tioimati appeared on the platform under shameful, and her lec ture. altich both in manner and nutter wa?, - ? tar a* it went, objectionable in the higheat de gree. collaiwed alter twenty minute* heroic content witu -ut?eriiiiuce?l mental aaphyaia." What 1* precisely meant by tin* we do not clearly aaderataod. Whether it i? a delicate way of *ayiiig that the lecturer a t* d: nnk or inaaae each t< aocr niu?t .iudge tor hiiu*elf, b>it the tiIoIk* i* a t>a|*-i ot a\owedly Protestant *>mpathle*. ahile it i* candid an ! high-toned, and it certainly ha* not intended to e*.t?g? rate the *hanM lulnei?* ot the affair. A Mwt Ot TRAMoih Mi uder.-Iii .ler?e\ Cit> yesterday. Nathan Iti itton, aged rweatx a resident ot WIIMaambaigh, X. Y., ntt recentK a workman for the I'enutylvania railro ml com pany. wa* committed to aaai*. the reault of an inquert in the ca*e of .kolai Adam*, aged Jl, a bom he *hot dead at a very early that Jay. According to the te*timonv liefore the InKice, Hntton had within a few day* lett the *-r\u*e ot the company by tea*on of hi* own utiruline*-, and had in <Mti*e?)ueiic? a grudge again*t hi* foreman, McCann. At the 'ime ot the homicide he wa* drank, and wa* looking for McCann w ith >|uarrel*ome intent, when h< liMppetied to meet CKdhier, McCain. * aioi-t tnt, ami threatened him with a revolver. Adam-, who wa* a friend of Britton, and had lor *ome time l?een trying to get him home, re mon*trated, iirittoti auddenly turned on Mm. raying, "Well, then. 1 will ?howt you,'. ?nd tired the fatal shot?X. I". Jvur. Com., U/a Tint OriUTK' Si it.?Mention ha* been made in a vague ?ay of a *uit brought by Mr. Henry C. darrett, "the op. ratic agent ot Mlie. I'anline I.ucca. to recover the muu ot *1,7<k) for ?ervice* r?*ndered a* an agent to M.-??'lara lx)ui*e Kellogg. Mr. darrett cla m* that ht negotiated lit i contract* with Mr. Maret/.ek at. I it hers, and that he it entitled to the payment in 'Uch care* allowed. On the other ban.I i? - ietiied that he acted a* agent or manager, M> Kcllogg making her own contract* with Mr Maretr-ek, and receiving no managerial aid fhatcvir from Mr. darrett during the operati. ??'On. for the rea*ou that he act?*l throughout ?olely in the interest of M. Lucca. Thi* suit threaten* to ventilate anew the managerial trouble* which a tew month* ago broke out in interview* and paragraph* all over the coun try? .v. r. w?rht. i5?. ABKBT AMU EacaN or AM ALLEtiBft Mt"KtiEKca.?The colored man, Butler, who i 'uppo*ed to have been implicated with -Ta. k*on md other* in the killing ot the late datne* Seo leld.andwho, immediately after the murdor, eft hit home for |?aru unknown, having re :nrncd to the county al>out a week ago. wa !>romptly arre*ted by an officer of the law who. kith an a?*i*tant. xtwrted with hi* nriaoner tor :.eonardtown. Buth r being allowed to ride hi* ?wn horse to relieve ainl facilitate locomotion, [turing the journey, the officer dismounted u? ?at a switch, ami the prisoner immediately took nlvaiitage of it. dashing awav at ftill*pecd. Though vigoreiiMlv pursued, being mo intel on -he fleeter hor*e. Butler escaped, and he i* now it large again?L<^marutv%im i Md.) Hta o?. UtOSIA* VICTORIM OVBR THE KrIVAM - The column* ot th- Kunman expclition agani<t khira, which started from I>jt?ak and Kasa it sk, ertected a junction at Chalaat, April md on the LTth of April a Khivan force at tacked the Busman vanguard near Chalaat an t i sharp engagement took place, during which wo Kuman colonel* were killed. The Khivan rere finally defeated and retreated preclVi ately. On the 11th of Mav the vanguard ot iie force marching again-t Khiva from the ?at: under oommand of Ueueral Kaufman. cached the Amadaria river, where it met and ?ut to flight a body of 3,ViO Khivan* without he lo? of a mtigle man on the part of the Ku* iaii*. General Kaufl'man continued hie march oward Scharakhane. A *fvarLAR mkhical ca*i occurred lately it Portsmouth, N. H. Mr*. E. 8. Kmery, while fashing, felt a sensation iu her left eve. which he said sounded to her like a w itch running iown. Soon the eye, eyelid*, and left cheek ?egan to swell, until the lid* were bevond the Eebrow, and the eye bevond the lid. H yslcian treated her for' errtipela*. Sou ye brow, and the eye beyond the lid. Her >lin*cian treated her for" eryaipela*. Some aye after the eye begaa to slough and wa* re noved, but the mortification went on uixier the ompres*. and four days after the patient died, lie medical men pronounce the ease one ot !?oplexy of the eye, raased by the breaking of blood Teasel, mortiheatton enMiag, and alti uately apoplexy of the brain. PaoiwTABT 8istibi ot Mbbct?Theln westing religious ceremony was performed at t. Mary'i Epiacopal charah, Biwehlrn. yes erday morning, in the admuwon of fear womea 3 the office or deaconimts. The four caadi fctet were Mlaaee Marv Newman, Fmily -ooper, Thayer, ami %mrnr Fliaaheth, wboae erm of probation was renewed. The eAeeat eaconew is similar to that of Catholic SMter* f Merry, the former being received in the rder far three rear*, wtth the option of renewal, taring the past year twelve candidates ware dmitted to the order. It tm mwpeead to bwiid hospital tor them. tulaoMTWlMR air. used for that purpose?A*, f. IVati, Ut4.J |?'1>clp."?It is stated that J ? l.t Lr."-lt is stated that tMsisttf "Lnlm," ho doe* the flviag Imp at Klhis**, New Yerk, rer whoa half Us citjr is craxy, aad who iaad trtised as a girl, Is a boy. The gentle youth said to have ismarfcsd the other day: "The d man hain't get Btsre than a year or two ore of the* 'Lala* baataess. I'm gwtt^M a ouatachc anA ain't near as pretty a* I was, son" is Oelamhas brevity far tha ITA maa whe rens a icooragesthe crowd . 11 show which cTytaH VAb English jsrr asnsasd the ealatafa outhfai Lakes out of a man's leg by a 4a/ at N he ad red aad fifty dollars. young ladies who ftwqnent "Flirtation alh" at west Point ate exercissd over a threat r Cadet Smith to take a young colore*! lady to ic cadef hops. '

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