Newspaper of Evening Star, June 13, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 13, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. ?. WTO Uit?r Beading Matter on Every Page LtrgwlCirciiiUiiiitheDBtrict WASHINOTONCITY: randat i?, i*ry?. The New York Sun seem* willing to grasp anything that offers to supply * KhMtlon tor it* co I am mi. without the slightest regard to truth or justice, but in iU late wholesale slan ders upon the character of the womea employed in the l>e?arta?nu at Washington it overdoes the natter by the very extravagance of its charges. It uiaket the reckless wwruou that the Department* at Waching ton are tilled with courtesaas who have been appointed at the so llciation of Senators, members of Congress and other influential per.??on.*, a ad it i* further charged that theee women are not only of doubtful virtue, bat that rhey are totally un qualified for the place* they till. It declares that the Treasury Department, the Interior Department and the Past 1 Mice Department *? coaid any fair day torn out a regiment of fe male* who*e private life is iCtndilout.'' This ip what the New York Sum says of the large body of respectable women?widows and daugh ters or patriot soldiers, mothers seeking by t; it nest work to provide bread for their little ones, daughters for their parent* and for tlieir litUe biuthers and sisters dependent apt>a them?for of these classes the l>a!k of the fe male employ* Of the government are made up. Now, that there are occasional black sheep amongst this large number is no doubt the case, but ?e sincerely believe that the proportion is eirailer than with the same number of women <ongTegated am where eLse in the country in any industrial pursuit; and infinitely smaller loan with the same number in fashionable so < lety. The fart i# that they occupy s-> con spcuoiu a position that every fruit or slip is ) fctty sare to be noticed, and there ate alw.?ys ti^iiatit and censorious ottcs enough ready to punishment upon the delinquents. As regards qualid atior- for their position we l-elieve it is conceded by the beads of depart- , incuts that they do their work as well and in some respects l?eiter ttr?r the male employs. In neatness of execution, <? ? deftness of hand in the mechanical operation* ot t:?e Treasury ami Printing Bureau they are superiof to men; and as clerks they do equally satisfactory work upon much less pay. We l?e!ieve that it is a fact, that a number of the female clerks wbo have lilted themselves hy special training in com mercial colleges, or lilt e school*, for their datie*, liave shown them?'Ire* competent to revise the work of le*s qualified male clerks. The cruelty ?>t these charges is manifest when iti8rem?m l-ered, as above stated, that a large proportion of these female employ-sot government are |.?or w dows and orphan* who have uotUiug lett them Lut their reputation. t It was stated in Wednesday's Star that ?Ji'<!ge Noah Davis, of New Y'ork city, had de cided the "habitual criminals act" recently 1 meed by the legislature to l.e constitutional. It may be added now that the recent severe sen t? nee* nt thlevf s by Recorder llackett and the arrests under the aboved inmnl act are driving the dangerous classes from New York to other citie?, and the ?*!'* kindly *ugge*ts that thev take refuge in Washington. That is a good Lint tor the law maker* of this District to act on. While our legislature is in ses sion why can't we have our "habitual criminals act-.'" Our police often *|>ot well known N-'w York thieves here, but are compelled to wait !<>r some overt act before arresting them. Let u* frustrate the kind intention* of the Sun by passing an act similar to the New Y ork law. The jiersons to whom the act applies are profes s otial thieve*, burglar*. pick|>ocket*, counter feiters, or forgers. A person within either of these descriptions may be arrested in either of two modes. First, by warrant issued by a police magistrate or justice of the peace, upon com plaint on oath or affirmation, showing that he or she is a disorderly person within the act. (Second, by any of the police authorities "at any steamboat landing, railroad depot, church, bank institution, broker's office, place of public amusement, auction room, store, auction sale in private residences, passenger car. hotel or restaurant, or at any other gathering of people whether few or many," whenever known to the officer making the arrest, to be within either of the described classes, and if such officer has good reason to believe that such person is at the place where found for an dntawful purpose. Jn such a case the officer is justified in making, and it is his doty to make, the arrest and take thepettanbefore a magistrate for the examina tion required by t!ie statute. At the review of the militia of the District yesterday the different organizations showed themselves folly up to military requirements in the matter of soldierly bearing, excellent i marching, accuracy and promptness in exe cuting the various evolutions, and neatness of uniform. It struck some who were preseut, however, that most of the organizations are too small, many ot them being far below the min imum in numbers, and that the companies should be so consolidated that each company i would have the requisite number of men. The plan of consolidation is generally distasteful to many officers, for the reason that in consum mating it some of them must necessarily be thrown out. In this case, however, we don't j see why the plan should meet with much op position, in view of the desirable results to be obtained It would be no disgrace, but rather a credit to the d:?placed officers to exchange t!?eir strap* foe -tripes, or to even be content * th the position ot ?? high private in the rear rank." ^ The negro m.nstrets will have to cease warb Lng the d:tty. "O. It's nice to be a father," If the mania tor par-icide continues. First we bad wang Walworth killlr g his father, and now we have two more cases of a somewhat similar character. In Middletown, New Y'ork. on Wednesdav a drunken dentist knifed his ''governor," bat for what particular reason the te .egraph fails to state, and in Dt atur, Illinois, on the previous evening another young hopeful (lis? intoxicated), shot "hisold man" because the latter remonstrated with him, that is ??s.i.ved him." It Is consoling to know that in this case the wound of the fata- r is not danger - o- s. and that the young ruffian ironed for his *?; me hy putting a bullet throvjh his own d> jnken brain. The Baltimore American vest rday pub lished two communications concer :ing hydro phobia, which it says are from gent, meu whose intelligence and exp-rienee entitles them to be heard upon the subject; bat, as usual with expert*, these two do not agree. Dr. Hill wi .tea that the disease cannot be communicated froia one human subject to another. The saliva ejected by the patient is harmle**, mil his bite is not to be dre td ?d. He M of the opiaios that rabi'i is frequently spontaneously developed in the caniue and faime species, while the other i or respondent cites Youatt as authority for the statement that hydrophobia is never spontane ously developed, but always proceeds from the bite of some rabid animal. The southern journal* also denounce the late outrageous verdict in the Dr. Wsst caas. a Dover. Delaware. The Alexandria (Va.) Oat cttf that "from all the evidence that has been published, it would seem that the killing was an atrocious nurd r, and that no sack ver dict should have been r ode red " A correspondent Inquire*, apropos to the Dutch war in Sumatra, the way to pro nounce "A Chinese." As food a way as any D to *lo it with a sneeze. f3?BQCAL LODOK. Ho. 17, K. Of P.-Ths ILy naalrn ar<* ?srn stli r*<iQ??t*i to attrad thr fit stat-l ?? sting. MObDAT, June IS. WTt as bo-iacas of Important-* will b* < onsi<t?red M??u rornsr Bsw Totk avei ne 7th -"set B order. %|T*_ Blows, B *? I ftTBAWBBBBY ABD FLOBjU. FESTI l al MIT) n.ght this wssk, sacept S*:urdar ?t lbs fifth Street Baptist Church, V reiata M.L. an I <tT street., ( Bsv 0. C. l?s.) Admission. wests BBW DBCB BTOBB, Be. MM Pimnuiu A D? setter niOtXAL AlllOMlIMIAL. In inr?ri to tbr gurfiument oil, threO a li atf Bullion ?f (oVd were bid for In We* Toft je?ti tdav at rates ranging from 119-90 to llf. 91. A nrrnlatlff Borrargt vu dtrtlopM in th.* York cotton market jester.lay an J eeverai f .ilarea are reported. Jay Cook* a Co _ Bww'i StlTt. c ? ???.ion... ?\ ti\ i *?' f R'i.Utl. 1?-. 17'. | A? ??'?.UM ??. r . Mi I 1-1 19 ? ! V0 4 Maw I?mK-r?ft*T c in.ia *?V UK. ? ?*a, Ml IP ? I I *-???, im -W Currency ?_ ? m-sjaa. A Jly.m. 20 I?w fin i^?Uu Ajiy_r BiLraoM. Juue 13.?V .uiuia sixes, <taM ,iij? ?'?( Virginia' . lo l id fj -<1 ay BtLTlMia. J'ins 13 ?Oo?to? buoyant. In* mid dlir g?, K1 'ir 'lull >u4 uorlitui il * fceat daUWhite choice, 01 M4991 ft; f?ir ?n prim- do , 01 roftafl #?; choice unb?r, 9 I M^|l M, * ?<! to ?rtme rn), #1 7i*<S$l tM, mgaiD to do , $l.i?xu$l fc'. wlater tr-l ?iMt?ra, ?1 MA?l.a?; mrfi ir ted weet-rn, j|l ?et<*)l 50. C ?rn steady ? white southern. M; yellow southern, <S, atixad wratsra, U. Oas very dull?eonth-rn. 4 w??T?ni nnxad. C. do. white. 4d--54> Bye dull, ? ' "JO Hey dull ?n.l lower-Pennsylvania |1M||16. Provision* dull >?r.d n miiia! Western butter in f or demand?g>od to ch >|ce, H'SJl Whisky ?jti.-t, KiS. Vtisar utchetiget Siw Tori, Juno 13.?Floar dnll an ) dronpiccTl V heat iiuict aud heavy. Corn dull sul uiu hang --t. N F w Ti'BI, June 13?Stocks Bc'lve and string. II"n>>r ?t-?dr, 4 O-'ld steady, 18.^. Evchang" I i>?. 8'i; shor . 10 ?n?.Tnm?lit? unint. Loaiokjt June 1.1,11 a ro.?Consols opei?e?t m for money . and ? . f..r arc B">nd? of lttta, oi l. p:., l3?~.W? ej 1 ut?-l ?--t. 10 40 rt, ?'ii aew tivtw, b>\ Krie,49S. Lr>st>n!?, June 13, I p. m.?Consols for m -any, 9vs. llandu oflM,"ld,tf'i; lSi>7,9JS'. Paris. June IS -Ki-nrw Sri franc-. L<-stun, June 13.3 p. m ? Erie.SH. ? Pari*. June 13 ? Rentes M Immm *i centimes. Losi.oa. J nne !3,5 p ni ?The weather in Wet, but f a\ .>ial>le to ilw crop*. Ta<* rate of discount f >r t'iree (norths bills in ??p-n market I* 7 lfip-r oeut. b?l"w the Bsnk of Bn^lnnd rate. Consols closed at f??r m?>?i<*v, and ff ? for account. B ?nds of Ix-s.oM.W*, ; lstS7. tt\ , W-40 s. WS; V* 89H; Enc.4:i'?. mmm , U THE WEATHKI Y tl rKPtlTKtM, Ojhc *i fa>'/ S'tnal M \i>Hi>aroM, June 13, UTS, lo .t) a. id. \ 8tsof?ts mi thr.past Tvi'tJtTV roca h.>i r- ? Tne baromrter ha* risen over Ne? Eu^iaud w h r? it ih hitfh- ?t It has fallen from T?-nne<eee to the lwiie? the I I west heius! now r-titral north of ?nt"ni L?ke tnperior. Cl<oi<1?- weather with rain has pre vailed over th" aoiitb Atlantic state# I'artlr cloudy ?? ather a i; h ram area> over the salf states, and fr- tn Pakot a to northern Wi^ooslu and upper MicU itan. Clear or par'l* cl"ii/ir weSth?r lias otb-rwi*e c- ntlnued at the a. ntlieast of the Rocky M >un t-?ii??. ProbaFilit:**. ?K"r Xew Encland, falliog her oineter. winu? shifm.^ to g- iitle aud fresh "aatarly a:nl soutbctly ai d >erj geberalh clear weather are pfhable. T "t tlo tviil'1] < state* and lower I *ke ra *i in talline barometer, eisiu?tenjp?r ?ture and clear or partly clit?id> weather, ejeep* increa?ini5 cl<>udi tt> sb ai <1 fre?h to occaett-nally l?ri?k southeaster!v soniliweaterly wiihI* fi>r the latter, and possibly lirbt tain from soul hea-tern Virginia |<> New Jersey Furtlie ui iter lake region clouoy waathar and rain areas l<nt follow ed by rising baromater, not tberly ? we^terlv winds and clearing weather to-night. T-r the n-rthweat. norlherlv t? westerly winds and ?,-neralltr cb-ar weather. For Miasonri. Kentucky, T" iine?*ee. an<l it"Utheri> portion of Illinoia, Indi ana and Ohio, partly cloudy w-ather. K >r the ?? Tit It Atlnntic states partly cloudy weatlter, an-l If:lit to freeh variable win is. with probable raiu areas on the coast durin* the day For the gulf states I ffht to fresh wiivla p-n*rat|v frotn the ?<>t|th e ??t and southweat. and partly cloudy weather with probably acrasiotial areas of ligh' rain. M rnitiK t? b-ciaphic's fr. tn Texas. Kansas Mi li /tat>. Pahota. R- ky Muuat;?ins, aud Pacific cjastar< partly niissing. l^S?.\NY|HAKDWBITINO can be impr .ved br a course of leaeons at the Basin?** t' M rtting department open all annniier. jl'?? Iw 1^* V. M. C A , COUMCVVtH AJiD D STRKET' rfR<TLATISO LIBRARY REOPENED. MARLY 2 OOO NEW BOuKS JL'ST AOOED REAPING ROOM FREB TO ALL. Daily Prayer Meetings 12:15. 6. and 3 p ni. >ABBATM 8F.R\ I0B8 : H I )' Lesaon at l: 10, in Liucoln li til. led by C m missioner > f Indian Affairs. Service at Lincoln Hall at 3 p. ni* j^-13-tr 1V-S?WB. THE L'NPERSlliNEP GROCERY Me chant?.agreetoalaaeuurreapectivepU.-ea otTu'iuess at half paat seven |7S> o'clock p. m. from the 9th day of Jmie to the 1st day of October, 1373, excepting Saturday nights. 11. E'iAN. JOHN G. ATLD, W H H. CIS8ELL, W H.WYLII, W I'.FOHLI, S W. STEELE. C. 8 O HARE A SON. W. H. 8PIGNUL J: CO PAI LIS THTSON. J'lHN POWLIN'i. GEO. W CIS9ILL, YEWBLL Jt OSTRAN WILSON 4 8CHULT/H, PER j? 5t* lle^kREMOVAL.? The undersigned have this day U^r removed fr>-in corner of B^w Jersey avenue aiiu B street sooth to their new tkorer.?>in and Warehouse, (southeast corner of same atiuare.icor ner 1st and C streets southeaat. Onr Increaatd facilities will enable n? to supply on r crstomers GBOBERIBS, Ac., promptly, aau at prices an low as elsewhere. niaygM 3m GPLIf K ft B RO frS^SCHEIICK 8 MANDRAKE PXLLS.-Tbeae pill* are composed exclusively of vegetable mcredienta, and altkoogb they entirely supersede Of- use of mercury. do sot leave any of its in oriotw effects. They act directly upon the liverf and are a valuable rtwdy in all cases of deraagemant result imt from a diaordered state of that organ. Liver Complaint, Bilious Disorders, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Typhoid Fevers, Ac., Ac .all succumb to the free use of Bchenck's Mandrake Fills. For sale by all Druggists and Dealers. mS-tr ir~S?GEORGE W HAI'PTMAN, JtMta tk* l>>^y Ptmct, attends to all kinds of Claims and Le Kaibusinaas, southwest corner of 11th aad O streets northwest. Hfllf S"?ja ffis^vfusrissr'&isss , a fnt doors saoth of Odd Fellows' Hall, ?ssa ta K. A. Bmo? BawTW. i. Bwa ROOT AMD HERB JII0E8, flJi per Bold bf B.C. FORD, 11** Pa a vs., aadbyDrug * W | Propruton, (U B.C. FORD, 1 DESMOND * Philadelphia offamlly who raoairea all her phrsical atisagit Kf.g srsii w case she will receive the propar care, as fa the other she will linear Months after months, not thinking worth whiSrto aaa a physlcian about rf. until nature, exhausted, gives out, and aha is carried to the grave, when a little precaution to propar time would have TEES of Dr. 1.. G^BEET RAM -They are a safe aad Infallible reaaedy against malaria, dysaapaia, ooa tiveneaa, WMonsnssa, headacbea, taornli^, ricknesr and all coasplaints peculiar to womb. Thaaa Bit ters, which are eotd by all druggies, are, to bomb Quenaa of their vtrtua and mo5; a?raaabla ta^a. th medicine par msUsw for ladisa. JM-tr E CTLEB HOTEL, ^Arpkerditottn, J-Jtnon Countt, WtH fcttaia, Situated oa the southern bank cf the Potomac, one hours ride frcm Kerueysville, on the Bal-A^A timore and Ohio Railroad, where a stageVMV meets the trsins Fine sceuery, healthy JJUHJL cluuata, a delightful summer resort. Open for the> mmt datioa of boarders. Terms nio?l**r?t* _ Ad-lress EPWIN BOW EN. Proprietor. j!3 4t sonH MARIE GOVIH. Received this day. Drab aud Brown LABGI LINEN FANS. ? and 21 inch**; BLCE BUN UM BRELLAS, RUBMA and MOROCCO LEATHER BELTS KAN -HOLDERS and CHATELAINES, in new and novel styles, at OATH*. 901 MAEEET SPACE, jU-M corner 8th street. IRC WOR EE. F VEBT CHEAP AT NICB0L3' LITTLE WORLD. 7th str??t, between B and T streets. jfli-tr 8TABLI8HID 1941 , ? JOHN a. baithil, S1EAM UYICR AXD SCOURER, No. 114 Foob^a^b-a-halp Btsket, (Ona door South of OuluBisatioa Mali.) E s'ssfls sv^.T.'srip^tii sssas performed in my Uae, aad I will guarantee satire satisfaction both to rwgard tothe saperior saaaar lu w hich my wort is parforaad aa wall as in m charges, 'il l will he vary Moderate ? hich and greaaa sa inf the bholt Ce?t lessen' Eid Olovaa I betas taken apart, fed without cl " leaMn's clothes cleansed without shrinking, cleansed at the shortest notice, jell 1? COOLING n'OROS. ? - ? HE COMFORTED?C HEKIl UP. hEAD THIS ANNOUNCEMENT AND 11E HAPPY. Mummer Clothing IN immlnse quantities SUMMER CLOLHIKQ AT EXCEEDING LOW PRICES. *l? ** 50 S* 5* AO ALPACAS, bKUGEHi sEEBSUCK*B3, LINENS. Ohk DOLLAR TO ElVE DOLLARS. IRAP D'ETES, duces, FLANNELS, M'MS CLOTHS, STI.JVtti DI AW OX AL PI.A IX. LABt.EST STOW, RKST STYLES, LOWK$T P8ICE.V WHITE GOODS WHITE GOODS. WHITE VESTS, WHITE PANTS. WHITE 8UITJ. YACHT CLOTHS AND LIGHT OASSIMERES. EIGHT DOLLAR SUITS, TEN DOLLAR SUITS, FIFTEEN DOLLAR SUITS ? #1? % 1 ?? j I** $2(1 TREMENDOUS STOCK EXTRAORDINARY INDUCEMENTS" UOY'.S MM IIEK COATS, SCMMEB SUITS, ONE DOLL AH TO FIVE hollars. ROY S WHITE I."OPS, BOT'h WOOLEN GOODS. FORCED SALE FORCED SALE. NO RESERVATION. ALL WILL BE SOLD. AT LOW Pit ICES. COME AT OS'CE?MAKE BARGAtXS. SS.A.SX.3C BROTHHRS eashioxaele tailors. Jr|3 COBNEB 7th AND D STREETS. 500 BL?oHr^iSbP7,ACH BLOW p?TA??a ?w. JNO. W. LUMSDON, 809 9th street, opp. Ceuter Market.* SV.V^?SL%;%PJ?!V-ToS".Df.V. BOAD COMPANY for the )r??r commencing i87t 'ut- "t&frrfi' Ut' M?> 1. Bj balance on hand ......?1,766 ? May 1. Tolla for the rear ? <n* Bent tor Toll Houee No. 3< lo mo.*.11 au Caeb received from B B. M >ore, clerk, l>eiog balance remaining on completion of Norwood branch 539 57 t u .. BXPBNDITUBE8. *7,301 76 To Bunda cupelled during the year ai 4m> in ??*? TS" ?>?> Bonded Debt.....:?* Iti * Rent of Toll Hooae No. I Z, ?? Wood for Toll Houae No. i. ??, J!J! Brpalra on ? miles of road........? 3,i $ Unclaimed dividend* called for during tiii pScKS&EE?EF- sis tegs ? ??s Fmx?sr?sx*nxp~-~ s s Toll Houae at Hand, 8,?V . . J5 "} U S Internal Seven n?Ta*...Z: v 2 H. O. Hiffgine, rent of room and Director*' Diuuer . 27 (Jq L F.S'?"?> Jof loving Toll Hou*.-??! 15 mi Printing andI Statiauerj ,0 73 Pont indent Expcuieo 7 .Jj Balance on haiij.^?. .... 4?> ? n .-4 , DEBT or COMPANY. *7vW1 W Ort?tan?img Bundt'd Deb* Ai feu m Unclaimeil DOidend* *430 5? Due for Stone delivered 41 *. T tjl w^hTngton bo^ib? 81 ro eBh OFER'BRS OrVlliToMPA^1116' A^JaclP Hr'I(lr'if1, DrrSoijab^Sird^g, ?I*'k,ou CaaheH, Charle* Abert. Phil. C. Biley, John A. Baker, WASHINGTON BOWIE**Trea^?1*' Office, Olaey P.O., Montgomery conuty, Ml It FOJi.Sftiifc.MH FEET 4 4 CABOLINA 5?c?njV.h*ud' aud 174 SMALL * nan w .filf C?H. Apply to BALDWIN A BEO.'B. lit and D itrwti. lellit gggpRACTICAL TRUNK] MANUFACTORY. EXCOl'BAGE HOME MANUFACTUBE! Tli UNKS BEPAIBED AND COVEEED. JAMES S. TOPHAM * CO., _ HARNESS, SADDLE AND TRUNK MANU FACTURERS, No. ?? SEVENTH STREET, Next to Odd Fellow*' Hall, ? large and choice atock of good* in their line, kind* ofeU1 UUr "WU D"",ofmc,ur<'' con*i*ting of all w ittl Fsn f" *d r?/?JJ .SATCHELS, FINE SOLE LEATHER TklTNK?t LAPIWJ'DBiUh TEUNEtJ aiii VaLISES, 'iplLV.0.^ B'follS!*"' aAB(l?M. CABBIAGE and BIDING WHIPS, *c. Rementher the Old Staa4i? je? 4?a 7th atreet. ne?t to Odd Fellow*' Hall. ( ADIES WHO WISH THB1BDBEB8BS MADE riVy "hortm notic*' cheaper than any place la the Al*o, an APPEENTICE wanted, colored. 1331 N etrewt.corner 14th. jlj-lt* JttlBPH J. MAY'S PA BIS KID GLOVE DEPOT, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. reduced for all Color* and Black and White. jell-St 99 j||#c. LUTTRBM,. C. A. DCNNINGTON ' LVTTRILL ft DLNNINGTON. A^tU.^ra aad CmalaHu Merchaata, ?1Y La. Ave., bet. 9th aad 10th atraeta northweet. ?UeaUoB given to Ut eala of Bel ^ataU. aM^a* WANTS. WA?T*r?A WOMAN to *wk, Irwn Ml ?K? gw^tl hnn?"w >rt II <i?t K" w>-ll r'ooflij'TiH-*). A pp!y 1141 Ma**ac huseltii ??inm? It* J ANTED-lpnMid??tel>-4 UIKL for the Oal bry. JOHNSON'S, 909 I'-muylvanis avs b<*t?cfji frh kn1 9:h str*-**. ,U 1 r" w WANTED-A Praimtant QERMAlf Of*L ?ad > '? geneta! h ins-work in A iiijU1 fauitlv; antt come aell reconiin-nd*d A ?>??< h?im? car be ?? rm-d by applying at toil tth street mr lnrt-i, b-i?rwi U Mid V street*. .'H?* \V ANTED-By a res p.-ctaf>U Girl, a ?l+U\ v' TI0N to do general housework. App'v at 7 10 oth str.?et. I>et G ftul II jell St" W'AKTKD-1.000 I ads COAL ASHES; 7 5 *? f>"4 iKH ; ?i(M ?175 p'r day : pay ???r/ two weeks. Apply at once at corner of 17 th and L streets uonhwxt. jt<l! Ji' \i"ANTED?laim>M;atelv ?Bv a gentleman, a v? g >o<i.?irT KOOM. with BOARD, in * pni at? family hi 'he c?-iitr?l poition >f th? city. A'llres* "R?otn," Star office jeM 3** \\* ANTED?3 ? HOMKS ud CARTS; steely " work ?n?l pi inpt pattnent Applv the wotk ,?1?t street anil Massarhn-etts are. n.->rtliWMt. jelS 4t* U. U. IIARE A CO. \Y7A?TED-T > R"". ? ? "?? il row BRICK *? HOUfrE. with all m ?l*ru impr:iti?'iiti,ron Tenant toTreasnrt Department and hor*?c?r*. l>y a family of three alnlts. Rent nit to fxwl %0H) peryear. Address G. M. C '., Star office. Jell A* \\*ANTED-A Von-iit WOM AN, t> l7. gei-ral v? housework for a small family; one wh) can rome w>U rec uiimeiulMl .is to qualification an t > t aract.-r. Apjil\ at 4 1 If street northwest, from t la 8 o'clock p. pi )i'H 3t Y%" A NT ED? lumit-.ii it e I y ? S-n .t*i CANVAS vf .-KK-- for a firs- cla-- Life Insurance Corupa ny. A spletilid upportunity for active m *n. Applv ? No. 903 0 stre-t u >rthwest, from 5 to 3 jVlock l> UK J I I V A NTED?Thr- e n-nllenien and their wiv?a to vv occupy a iar*.- Unfurnished HOUSE, n-ar Alcxamii ia, dutMig tin- *illnm<-r Every convenient* t. r In nsekrerii z Apartmentsr?-f.iraie; ceol,large H-.i at i cm (I- ii < f vi k' t?M< - ii' I H"?ir?, cai biate v .iter near the door; living will not $2?.in cluding rent; cara for Washington ev.-ry h >urtv?r 10 Cent-. Fur particular*, addretta P. 0 box J*7 ti, Alexandria. j?-ll it* TTntVM'-A WOMAN to COOK, WASH. aod IK<?Nt r ?? ittuall family; alx>, a Ml'RSE f-T oiih rr.iId. at I n*? < -it., frir'ng |nd. ave jell 3t* IVANTED?Imuii diately?A COUP JOURMKT >? MAN BAKBKR Apply ,-Jtf 3 N. .1 av-.b-t. B and V Htreet>> uorthweat. jell J " W A N XKI' T W O GOOD ?KKV 4NTS," t OOK vv w,il U?/USfc MAID. Apply 1V09 IS:h mrn-i in rtI.wert, v? 1th reference. jell 3i* > ANTK1>?A ?.OOI? fKUVVNT t ? do ~plain co.ikl'ot. wanlniiir, ami ir->niuit; aNo, 4 (?! HI. t-i ntuae:good re'creact reouired. Apply at 47 1 Mary lat.i avcuoe, betwe?u 4>* and l;h it*. jell-3t" U'AKTED-TIm^. steady. W HITE W OMAN. to dc> general Ii .tt-ework in .1 family of ttir.-e; c. od r>?fer? i ce 1. .jit? r<-d Apply for three day- after 3 i>'?lo;k at 1330 N Y. aveuue. jell Ji* \\* A NT* D-lmin^dtJiteir _ THREE FI R>T v? 1 LASS CABINET M AK E RS; n-ti- but c >tu I i-tent aim ex pet ieuced liati lr need apply . J W. M< KNIGHT, J' II 3t 14-J7 IVmiHvlvaiiia a\nine. WANTKII^7i\ first rla** IRONER9, EoTR vv \\ A&li KbS, and 2 hands for tlutini, all ?u line ?nrk, (-1 ;rv~. I.aili?* drewtitm, etc ,( WASH INGTON HTEaM I.Al'KDRY. **14 F nfreet opp ?ite Patent Office. W^ ashing c%ll -1 f.?r ana Lelixered,? nly one dollar per month. jell-.'lt* W"ANTED?EXPKKIKfiit'ElM ANVA?i>ER8fo " nell an article neetled hy eveiy h-'dy; big n < n? ) to live men; *1?", !?g>-u's with a few d<-tlar? to t. nki h nn.all fortniii-f.,r tln-tiM Ivi-Hthm entnm -r. ( i'l at 17 39 "G"street uortbweet, between 4 and 6 p. til. jell St* 'ANTfcD? In exchange l r < 1TY LOTS in the M.lit.tli? .I Chicag 1, Ji\12J. hor-ses, < itlle, -I ' ep, or anv k'tid of farm atock or iinpl'-in n(-; alio, a good Piano, < arriage, Wagon. .ll'AN BOY L.E A t O . j' II wlm l>04 1sth nrr.-et. \'V" ANT l.D? W e h?\ * oust.'tners for t wo h ituee, cs v v fullowe: Om-<>u Capitol II1 iI, $t,U0Uor %4AJU; 7 r Sr MM With good lot. Will pa> il^Mtnk, I slat C". 1.1, at il 3 years. Al?o, a lioiue 7 t > :? ??>? 111-, ? i?b-p' north 'f Pennsylvania avenue, ah vit 63 M. Will pav one ha'f cash. JOHN B WIIKELER, R al Ei-stat" Broker, 11-St 1416 Pennsylvania avenu". w w *\ ANTED?A c.-uipeteiit WOM^N? whit? pr>' vv ferred?to cook, wash, and iron f >r a small family ; r*feii-iicea reijuired Apply toOOl I street not lit went. W'AKTKD-WET Nl USE. Apply at if street north*t ut, between 3;h and n str<-?ls. A lao. m GIRL from th>- country not over 1J. for gen eral housework. jj-itr* W ANTED?A WOMAN to co>k, wash arid iron, vv G >isl rtferences required. Apply at N >.tllb E -tre?-t, between Jd and 3d. j4 Jw W AN TED?A TENANT for part of House No. vv ^-j7 K ?treet nortliweet, w ithin live minute*' ? ilk of Government Prtuting Olhi-e. It has gas and v> iter, summer kitclieu Rent m-Nlerate. je4 WANTED?IIOI'SE PAINTERS at FEN v v W I< 'K's Painting E-talilishuient, No. 46 Jef ferson street, Georgetown, D. C. Noun but worlmen need apply. jeS %V* ANTED-All p<-rsons ?lio have not yet ai*en >? the improved WHEELER A WILSON SEW - INO MACHINE to call and examine it before buy ing any other. It is simple, nolselese, iwift?makiug l^iaistitches a minute. No shuttle used, and there fore but one tension required. Will last a life time. S.dd on monthly payments. P. J. STEER A SON, Agfiita, 461 Penna)lvania avenue, near 4*1 street. my311m* WANTED?All those who valne their sight to 11 know that tha best "ONE DOLLAR SPEC TACLE" in the country is accarately suited to the eyesight by H. H. HEMPLER, the Optician, corner 4ft etreet and Pennsylvania avenue. Depot for Thermometers of all kinds. niyl>-ly" W ANTED? A GIRL that can come well recom v v mended; can call at 933 New York avenue, to do the cooking, washing and ironing of a small fam ily. Apply from 8 a. m. to 3 p. m.,or 4 to 8 o'clock p.m mtf-tf VV ANTED?Immediately?Families or persons iu vv need of flrat-classSERYANTSof every deacrip tion, male and female, to call and get supplied at

once. Servant* also can get good homes and beet of wages by applving at the Eureka Employment Office, to Mr*. LOUISE C. BUTLER, ?0T 11th atraet, near K. ?141m WANTED?Every one to Know that tha VIUTOR SEWING MACHINB haa its nmdU uif m imi. the meat perfect shuttle la use, reating In a cradle; needle bar and works of atael. Agency, 469 Pennsylvania aveuue. Also, Branch of Mme. Dam* oreai's Pattern Emporium. atig3t)-ly T. W. 8PICEB, Agent. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?A SATCHEL csntaining suberriptioa ? looks, 7th street southwest, between B street aud Maryland avenue. A suitab'e reward will l>? ghen if left at 613 7th street northwest. jelS It* LOST?On Thursday, 12th instant,mu or near Mar ket Space, a BED LEATHER POCKET BUOK. contaluiiig about Ave dollars. The Hixler will be suitably rewarded on leaving the same at the Star office. . jel3-?t C- I A REWARD.?Lost, a white aud liver V 1 *1 POINTER, with len fore faug on, lower jaw broken oil". Tlie above r?wards ?ill l?e paid on hit being left at 1133 luth stnet. jel3-.1t* C* T, REWARD? Loat, on the loth instant, a black aud white BETTER DOG; answers to the name of'-Chase." The tinder will^X^nC phase return to GEO. M< HENAULT,^^* * southcaat corner of tlth and D streets north west. jeLI-St* w I " REWARD .?Loat, on tue loth instatit, on J l'a. avenue, or ou one of the Navy lard 1 are, a GOLD CHAIN aud LOCKET, with name, Ac , engraved on the side. The tinder will rsceivo the above reward if returned to 7 13 I street south east, and no questions asked. It* OST-OH THE 11TH INSTANT, A PAIR OF 1 GOLD 8PE<'TA<'LE8 in i*-athwr a s?> case. The finder will be liberally re warded by returning the same to ALFRED JONES, 31 IT K St., or Feed Store, Centre Market. jeU-2t* TAKEN UP ASTRAY-On Monday, Jnue 9th, 187."5, a COW and CALF The owner can sj have the aame by coming forward. provingVLjJ? property, paying charge*, and take her. 1> U MRS MARY HORAN, j?113t* No. 110 K street northwest. BOARDING. A ROE FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH BOARD, *06 II street, betweeu 6th aud 7th northwest. Gentlemen preferred. Jel3 3t* ONE LARGK NICELY FCRNISHE^ second ttvor, south front, with BOARD,at 1111 II "trfet borthweof. jelS It* WCnnEK BOARDING AT RKD WOOD, A DK ligbtfnl comtry seat: IS miles from George town or Washington; west aide Rock Creek. There is a pavilion, croquet ground, a variety of fruit, Ac., ami a daily stage to the Treasury, corner US street and Pennsylvania avenne, arriving at 9 o'clock a m., leaving at 3-90 jp. m. For further particulars, apply to llri. BROOK, 911 Mth street northwest. jfrtw* A FEW FAMILIES can be accommodated with Rooms and Board for the summer in a delight ful and healthy location,3*milea from Washington, by rail. Enquire of JUAN BOYLE A CQ. mlfceoM Furnished rooms for prrmaNehTqI TRANSIENT BOARDERS; atao? TABLE BOARD. Bll K street, between ft* and Jth north mtmt- mil-It bat . Ok and feh sta. Oyyats called for aod ratwwat L1 free of*^ck^,?lKuMio' EldST tSw '?'HE ELLIPTIC YOKE BHIET ia froAoa as* A by thouaanda of wearers to be the aarfett tlon of elegance and comfort. The syauai oC cutting enables me to It any form, or deformity J with abaolnta preciaioa. in tha matter of ma terials and man afact are, aapertenoe enablea me to guarantee entiresatirfacUon. J.W. BRK WELL, No. 4R0 Mi at., Waahington, D. 0. ml4-tr ^l'HE FAT MIM will raMoa to learn that tAay 1 caa be fitted aad suited U> all imaginable stylm of Oaaatmere and Flannel Snlta at 1. BTRAOO . 1011 Pannava., near 11th m ail WO HUMBU0.-L. RICE wHl pay a fair caa price for any kind of Ladlea*. Gents' aad C hi drea% Secead-haad Clothina, Baota,Bhaaa,Ac. ?< !?S2!?vft??J9? ""?{i.y o>sur.iss^fi^s.%ts OOD LAGER ? If yo? wa?taglaaa offrash aad cool Baltimore LAGRE.ato* at the baaament l.ortheaat J*?tW? | FOR RENT AND SALE. F'UI BENT?Unfurnished BOOM*. CI 1 I> -tr?t eor-bw-si j^i.t *? L-OR RENT-firiGK* Ror$I. 7 moim, Juif J. ? ?? ? H ? ll ? . IiCJ Apply fr >m 4 toT p n. . 941 Owrwi i?l? 1 ? Is1"-'? RENT ?F<or aBfurni?h??l BO0XS on sec * "*i 11 wr.riluM* for h "iwk? in.i, with u v ** kfeh-a i'?ll IMO K ?r -i. jeU ><' you iilf -Very comfortable HOUSE. ?S?1 Jr winr^2 ?.i"V""n<1??" Apply THi>3. *? "??wAMAMjIII Jih ?trM jr|j X y"l MUT-Twt^un Frim^ HOUSE, M*?* * ?'""'?.btw'Mi Nnrth street .?ST.aveuUe Ai plr second 1 ->r. *> J'U-fc* ?>? B KURT'S l^'i? y P?in)r|*?ni? ev**iiU'?, >ver , H.aj?kiiiP, FRuN T Kuom on Becond It^r, iDinislifdor unfurnished, suit at. Is f..r ? Doctor or je|3 2t* fcH>B 6ALE-LOT* N v .1. 4, an 1 ?H, * narthrMI corner Ea?t Capit >1 and ?ih sts Will rxrh^M*. for improved property. Inquire 306 East Capitol at reel. _jeU3t* L'('R RENT?V?r?- desirable H0U8E, l"?'ja I * street,*?!iipncM( n?^r %<i<i i*" Apply to TUOMAS E WAOOaN AN. i|?* 7tb street. j-lj m_ F^OR RRNT?Large ai d airy famished ROnMS, * ith stationary w a-twan.i . I>a'li momii Hot ?-d c 'Id water); location cool, dehghful troe?. grass iu [Ti1' '. Lafa>ette Square. B arl uext d ?>r. * II l6th street j?tj w ?**?|"rn"?h-'J PARLORS atTl A CHAM BER> in a house with all modern " ->nv?. tii* tices, ai.d situated in one .>f tli? in-^tl-sirabis and plea?ant localities in ths city, at summer rate* No 1002 Massachusetts are . nearlOth?t. jl.13t* L'I'k kEXT-Thr.^-,!. n BRICK HOl>E. t-i ? rooms, water ai.d g*s. on I. tictr North rapid ?;rwt,ofp.?lt. Si Al-vsius Church R-nt Oioper ?>ti.lit in advance. Inquire at UISSON 8 Fancy M"t-?, illJI 7ih ?trwt northwest.* L'UK KKST-Vi rif handsome |i w It L I. I N (J - "'Jl' S street Hrtr1h?"it, near Sa'e Department pressed brick. aix room-, cellar, bath room, wat; r, gas,front w>rrh anl yard -f r >??<?? Fot ke? and terms. apply at OLIVER Bl'FOUR S," corner 14th and 8 streets. nt31 1m I/OR SALE?The oeeirable l/WELLINO No. WOT Mth street, facing Franklin Square, with nine ri? n s, bath-room, linen and water closets, g?. fix tures throughout. Latrobe stove, larc** ri-tr \ar.l, 4- Immediate p->iwean:?n. A "are opportunity t? olirit-.l t(.?n'iirH one of th -hxnd' -ii ^<i | .<-anon? in ] R W JiOWN>1 \X, 4 1 J ;:?, . I/UR SA I.K- A vert tim R|*IUI?INO L(?T on R ?tr?-et ?ortliweat, lKt?'*ii l.iih and Irt I.. t5xlt4 *<inth front. Tlim is one of th?- mo?t d*??iralile bitild ilie siten in the ri'y. Willb*- l of at a b ir K in: :i eold within tbe next Mdavo. TALLSIAIMIK A CO., 7 DM I) r* r>*?*t, 13-M National B\nk of Repubh,- buiidiu** 2 t.ack. . 112 .It" l^1'* J*' NT-ri VK ROOM8, 3 ti - i.t and 1 ?* ** y_h Mroot. Qm *Tii\ in h->q^ KICNT TWO PARLORS aojoinine Al? , a three niep|y fnrTii?h.-.|, at "?ll I ?tr<..>t li rthwei<t, between Sth and 9th jll-St* I^''R RKNT?To (J< nt|<.m?.n, tine ?girj ROOMS, without board, at 1207 !,? ?tre i, corner l-t ?tn 11 and New T"rk avemie. j12 e Ji* I^tfR RENT?Thre<-fnrnixh d RduMS, ? ,th Va?! water, aad bath room. Apph at No. 7 1 .? llih atrret, r?-tween O ;iml II, northwewt. i!2 3i* OR KKNT-A n-at BRICK V.1 hE .Hi:h ,ia11 1?VER A DAVIOSoN. 1 4.H | etiiiaylvHCi* avenue uortl.w-st, over Mil biiMi ^ prim More. jl2-St I^ttR RENT?A new ?even ro-ni HOOK >n niTli p?r?-et,on>- half square from tiie Conn etirnt av-nce rare. A an p?t month. Iui-iiro at 6J| Loi.iKiaiiH avenue. l:n 14*0* RENT?IHH SK. N<?. 92*1 stre-*t n rth W? ?t. between ??ih Bt?? jy ntain- Id room-. ? ill: modern improvenn nt?. In inire on tti -pr iu i- - ti i-in 4 ta p in jlJ ?i * I/OR KENT?Suite f Furnished KOtiMS, par: r ? and be^lro- m, suitable f r one or two sinvle Sent!* nien. Will be rented lo* f. r th*' ?n.'uin<?r n oiitli?, at 4 llMMIi stri et, used i r frotu tli<* ave ?"?? j 12 ?t* hH'L RENT?A few coi I, pi?-asant, a id liandiivnie 1> furuiolieil ROOMS,oh FranWIm R *r, to un e*< eptionaMe parties, > n ?i-ry ri'?.??until.- t.-rnis. Tl-e best of reler<*n< "? ^iveti and re juir d. Addr-m /, t uM offir^. jll-3t * 14,,)R RENT?A coi.veiiient a d neatly furnifih -d R< tOM iu a i entrnl lo< at ion. and a few inimr-'s walk fn>ui all the nrincipai d partni'-ut*. Will r^nt t a Rend,.man hl I wif-. r two(,.r onelsioKl' ?en t.eiu- u. Apply at lai** H wrr^et nor b? -?t. jll 3t* I^t'E RENT?On Capitol Hill, N**w' J*-raey ave nue soutbea-t. and in a n.. st d ??iral.l? lorati- n, ? very nice pie? brick basement I'WKLLINO, Containing h?v? ii rooms bath room and bay w iiwt .? J'2-lni HESTER A HQS, Capit I Hill. I4,C?B 8A LE ? M > rt le street, opp. mite 9?. AI ?y niu*' Cliiircli, Hie HOUSES, $3uu cash; ni><uth!y pa? - ni. ntsof ?26. HOCHE No. 19 B-treet, opposite ? 'uth-'rn -il" of Capital Park, extend-tl. !'? niis) l< auia avenue, LOT extending tl.r ngh square half square east frotu On pit I. A few bargains in Huntii Bton Lota. Loaus on reHl '-state. T SEATON UONOHO. j 2 3t | Rep.] illi Itli at., upp. Poit Olii''?. F"0R RENT^TiIaME" rDUDB, N >. 1?i 1 ..tu street, between M and N llorihw-it. In-Jiiire ot !? . B. LORD,Corner of 5th an l G street" north jell-3t* t^OB.SALE-A few s leet CITT LOTS in the A auburba of Chicago, at low figures, var>iug from ?200 to #600 p-r lot jell eolm JUAN BOYLE A CO., 6U3 15th at. FOB KENT?Large and pl asant ROOMS at ?10 per in*??ith ; alio, haiidflotne PAULORanJ BED EOOS1 on nf -nd floor. Tranaimt* caii acc>m m>slated. 478 Pennsylvania avenne, between 4>? aiid 6th wtreete.* l^nneSPT OB 8AuB?Three-atory press brick A HOI SB, containing 9 rooms, large cellar, water and gar; good location; 104 C atreet, between 1st and 3d, near Capitol and Baltimore d?pot. Inquire at No. 469 Washington street, between 4th aud 5th. jell-2w* P OB 8 A L B. Two beautiful LOTS, near Franklin Kqnare; all iaiprovamenta finished; each 24x138 feet, paved al ley in rear; the moat faahionalde location in the city, and in every respect very desirable. Will sol! at a teaaonable figure, and easy terms. JOHN B. WHBELBB, Beal Estate Broker, jell-e??3t 1416 Pennsylvania avenue. F'OR SALE OR BXCHANGB for city property? A pleaaant residence at Bladen*burjt Depot, B ? O R R. Inquire of I. W. SCOTT, on the ?rem iaea, or to the proprietor Anierlcao House, corner 7th street and Pa. avenne. jl0-6t* |^0R SALB CHEAP?Desirable baildmg LOTS A on K street northwest. Also, tive small frame HOUSES on Vermont avenue, between 8 and T streeta. HAL BY A BRO., Beal Estate and Insur ance Brokers, 14H7 F street. eo2w F^"0B BENT-THE SECOND STOBT of a fine Brick Honae facing north and sooth. Bath and closets on the same fl-ior, unfurnished Apply on the premise*, No. 311ft Pennsylvania avenue northwest. j9-6t* 0B SALE OB BENT?HOrsB, 7 I ft 21.t street; pi ice $? JJOiJ; rent 050 per mouth; posses sion given June 1st; has modern c<inv<,niencea and fnrnace; key may be had at No. TIT. For further particulars apply to UBO. B. PABB.EB, 613 15th ***** ? jt-Us FOR SALB?One BCJILDINO LOT on Vermont avenue, between L and M streeta. 40x115, east front. One Building Lot on K street northwest, betwe-n 15th and 16th, 2tilI7; south front; will be sobl at a bargain. Also, at-veral Baildiag Lota ou 14th street, between O and B. Fivepretted brick HOUSES; 9 roogi?;aonth front, northwestern part of thedtv. with modern improve ments on long time, small cash p?jrneuts, balanco monthly. Also, S pressed brick HOUSES; tw-story aud besenient: d rooms, water aud gas, I at rob- and range; northeaa ern part of city; small cash pay ment, and balance monthly. One FBAME HOUSE, 7 rooms and hall; lot 23't by 116. 91JUI; A5UU cash, balance ?3U per uiuntb at 6 per cent.; nortnw.stern part of city. M0ULT0N A BltAINABD. 603 15th street, Je9-Sw* Opposite 0. 8. Treasury. F'OB SALE?On Loiut Time?8QUABB 10947at a bargain. Also, Lots in Squares loi8, 1'jJO, 10H. 1UC-7,1J82,1109, 1111 and 1127, on easy terms. je7 1W 1'RESIIREY A QREF.N, 930 F st. t^OR SALE?Two new FRAMES, very neat and A pratty, situated on Lawrence street, bet. 14.h atid 19th and B and 8 streets, one square from street cars; in a growing neighborhood; can be bought on longtime. Apply to WILLET k LIBIiEY, Lum ber Merchants, corner of 6th street and New York avenue. je7-2w E^OB BENT 0B SA LE?One of the most genteel r and comfortable HOUSES in the Pistrict,con taining all mtxlern conveniences, with large lot,cor ner 4th and 0 8. E. Bent SS0 per month. Enquire of JA8. A. TAIT, Pennsylvania avenue, No. 331, between 3d and 4th streets 8. E. je6-lm* PAJlT ?rJ.L0T s- we m, <? r L rtnwt. between 9th and Itfth streeta UQrtU west, soil ? ^^jjMif, two-rtory baddiog and attic, with large . *ckbuilding; all slated; water ?jH gas. The vacant grouuu ou e^t Ch?" of bouse would take a comfortable side building. Terms easy and moderate uronpayment of one-third cash. For terms apply to JA1IE8 T0WLE8, Property Agent, B Mreet northwest, between 0tb and Kb streets. Office oil. jS-Sw P?R?ALE-TW0 NEW BRICK HOI No ft03 Bstreet southeastj7 rooms, bath-loom Mid cellars; alao, TWO FBAMB HOUSES on C southeast; 7 rooms: bath-room and oelN.s. #3 S?0; for Brick Howe,ror terms, apply to 446 1 street north west. mSl-1 n * pOB SALE?Ou long tlae, with small caatTp^y~ Sub Lotafl and a, square 904,14th and T streets. jjPart Lot a, square ?, lltb street, near 8; M.ltx Sab Lota M, And west % of M, square MS, loth street and North Carolina avenne. Sab Lot M. square M4; tax title. 15.ip by m <e3 of saaareMft; Lax title. >, lots 14x100, no ? and B street railroad. KENDALL. LOT. Ho. 1819 O st. ?B-lo or OBOUNU in ttw ?ejjr ? wttb the sidewalks, IMS tad Mid for. Hone tu-.s stan tlog tea rooms, besides mm, with gas, HOLLIDOB FOB REXT AND SAUL I F?m 11 kt - T?" soross, 13)19 1319 U t h? Oban h >f Epiphany. Tern** m ikni*. ArP7 ?* he*'. ii ?< rest jM im rr'OR SALt-Ver? deeirxble HCILDIBG LOT f* *.le, -f ?*?( ?f IHk XrrM, oppoait* N Ht Sjuii'.Bh) K?'fret Apfh 1141 M street. be llih titf li:h uroru MnbvM. {?! <** L okktMi-A fav ihtj ?r??i-V~ick~ DWIL > I ll>(i.liD?l) l." ate,! <m ? .iik <f, l?t ?im ?i sire. in. <apitd Hrl.b?i i* Ikr ( *rarr Iv ??e ?rt-i Sd ?ue?f, norh aide, containing fw~l?e ro?tn?, with ?at<r, *H?. rang?, dumb waiter, batl -ro* n; *nd lanndry. wfth hhU c->al Mid ???] kniika, and ttywiuiit > ard in the otr; a r*r? f t ?curing ? ?w> ?w nanmi bo??. UiJ in tberer/ M codJiMm. Mfi %?> p-r m >ntb. HE9TBB ? RYOB. Real E?t?te Areata and Br .k<r?. B.jg-tf 1 IW 1-1 ?'?>?lt??-ai, Captt-vl Hill. L'OK KENT-At VIS lStli ?tr??t. ( 8r Kt Pine-,I ? FlHNlsHED Bt'OMt. iiiuH.i * N ??M?. at Minnur prices For rwatmui la t >?? d'irtnc tb? ?untnier thi* i? ?ipl?odiH I <rati>u. t><?iug c- MMiirut to hotels aud cars. Well ahad *1 and ?in. ml* lm L\?H BENT?FCSNISHK1> BOOMS a bach ? Ftrlur rkrnbM w t B?dnxi?, Ml two pi am r.HWM. bark ul front, on second story. in ta eliKtbly-l.?aied Dwelling on I street, near ftn; will b~ rrnt?4 om rrwmtbti trrnlc gentlemen only. Addr^j'-A. J.," National Republican. ~ nil?tf I Rep.) FOR SALE. I'OB SALE?A UrieBNULUH THEODOLITE. ?|:h J in?h li>tir.?u'al and < ertical limb*. I*? im> h a< lii> inati<- t< Iwrojw Will be ?'M lo? by art>l> ? ii ? t M . T P. Ji'BD AR liin.iranee Agent, ?13 7th rttiTt, opposite P.wt Otb<-e )1S St C~ 'HCUCH OKU AN ruRBALB?Tli" OB'i A N l> it >? iu uw in th<- N. Y A?enu Presby'erian I' nrcl i#off?'r?'d f .r ??!<? at a low price. Tit* in ?iii:iih-iiI baloi"! "ii'. m*.i ? bv k l-ii, aud ? in con order. It I- ???id t? iiuk- ?? tor a l?n?r ?r-i?n, aiMi application eb< nld t>- m?>i? at ..uec t ? .IAMBS B. FllCH. Trea-nry. IIOM I'nik. ?><?.,(>?; Tr'a?ui r. jl.1 M (Clir.A H P | F ifdman'* B>nk It-v.ld'ig. (. UK SAl B- A pair dark ir-nu-ey CAKKlAt-E HORSES, yonns L-wV a* uiid. lu?ui at litftl 4>?et. j-im .i ?*? ?ll LIAKU I ABLFS FOB SALE ' 'la.' wniall ?!/*?, 5 I" T?bl"?. Willi : I _ ... , ( v ? ? av'- -"* ? M ? . _ ,? ? all tli>- Kivur*-#. ?o???al fT ( ? t lira,( balk, Ac. AUaMSON"S. ;<OJ '?x? SKhktriH. jri;4t h'OB^FALl CUICAP-A *d)'. Ji > >nn? M\UK. 1(1 OtiV aud liABNIM ? ill l>? Id ^ _ M j .ial. li it ? 1 ? mi."d. ln<jum- at 4H M?- "i MihimlH n< i*?m ill ii* *? ? W' l'A WATCB APfAWATCb FOB BALB A great Tarlety of Wbit^ and T.-nriK?"1 Mart.le boi A \V ATEB APPABAT18. at niaaufartuw*' pric*? and trrtun; w^ond-band <>u. * tak*-u in ?*> t I hi.bc bih?r piniM AiT*'a'u? aad SimI Fouu taiiia iu loan, fr?? of . barter, by n.U lm* PALMKK & UUtE>i. Go'tirtowti. BICK CLAT FOB 8ALB. Apply U B ? DODQB * DABBBILLB. ^'7 rf 14*1 f tsr.-M PROFESSIONAL. w" J FK\KK8, 5^. DENTIST, 413 IStIt ?trwt, at> ivf K trkwo?xi H-iaae. II i:iiitr>ii!rriiu K<"jd *?rk iu app- >r ?m I*,lit. 'lui itl in} . an pui it> of inat-v ialf f. r l. -i iu'jIk ) tliau au> p.-ntist in ti>" city. J?4 nOt.TOH Ii Ahl 1'iA N H AS BEHOVED MIS iffiiet." K 1210 Fvrwtnur bxvt. mil in IAMBE. S. BKA1LET ilefhakk-* bkailev, bllOKTUAMi ^ KITfcKS X LAW UKPURTEKh I fl if?Nu. 1J0 C ilrnot, Ik'I?mb l?t aud U fiu 'tig Indiana a' aildl-ly I^Uti W. HAKNA, J ATTOBHBT-AT LAW. Mo F ToutifNi Law Buiidlkft, i-J tl Wa?hit<ftoo. D. 0. PERSONAL. \\'1LL TUK FABTY WHOSE NAVE IS ?? nor M)rtl?-, and |.?>k au F -lt.-*-1 . ar ?i Judi ciaiy l^utrt- |..i Cap'tol Hill, about m ?>. m. Tl<ur>4ay, pl*a?r ? ud tb?;r addna* to ? KIBK \\ IIUI?.'' Star . Hire. jelJ-lt* IF THE LA1>Y. WHO IN COMPANY WITH htr parrft-at tli*- ciirua, >>u Moti U> ui?lit,will five In r aiUii-wvr c-.iniiiiiiiiratr wuli !li g- ir Inn an wb..?at littdii*-li?-r and aak*-d b<Tto remain for tlir r, it< * rt, it ? ill bf tliaukfully r.-ceiv.-d Addr.-na K W . flnr < lb. ?? Ill St* '?<TATUVOLKNCE,' Ok THE WILLCl'KI THE UBEATE8T PISCOVEBT OF THE WOBLD. B) it all dfsmae* arr enrrd. Mo inwdirlna* onad, and lo '.ayioxonof band*. Taught by Mr*. J B EL IUT. 472 C ulrrH surtkniM. apMr MEDICAL, &c. M KS H. J. FRENCH,OF PHILADELPHIA, _ _ ibe c*-l?-braied K?-liabl? Clairvoyant Pbr"l<*inti ana T-?t M.'dium, lias l.icated at tOlSMrwTork>- Oilier boars?10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eu*a?.; n.n t* ran lx- made for evening*. jell-Sm C"^oNifLT DB BBL'CE, Mo Oil 14th atreat, / U-twreti H aud I. A specialiat ot twenty Ave year- practice. J4 1?" a r ? I <Ti T i7* Kumlmrt* .iaV a\d Mi?viri, can be oooanltad on afi DISEASES INCIDENTAL TO LAD IMP Mesidenc* and Oonanltwtlan Bn . 611 M bataeeu H and I. Boom,Board,Madical attaa Ac.,at renaonaLla prtoea ~ head in two Boon. Bat? _ _ ...? traated in Wanhtn?trm. ?v?-7?* INSURANCE COMPANIBa. Tub eqlitabl* jlifk mitAMi SOCIETY. Tb*> l>u?ineaa of thi* Company has for yean be?a the largeat of any ainular inatitntion in tha world. W. HETEB, Gkmial Aom, m?)B-ly *03 aud Iti 7th traet. ?. JnXEB * CO., ? ifi. ill 7fA >lre<t,lpy f. O Ri I recent the following airong Fir* luauraace C< tntaniea: THE GERMAN AMBBICAN, OF N T . Caah Capital. $ 1.000.000 THE MERCHANTS, OF NEWARK. N. J . niH tr Caah AeaeU, >176,141) IT. pREAT WESTER* FIRE INBURAJICB U COMFAMY. CASH ASSETS. #906,4X7 ?? orric'B, 60J riPTitMTH htkbbt. orroeiTB TIIMI IT DBPaBTMBirr. jiill-Jra B. W_ BATES, A??nt. THE tOIUORAN FIRE 1NSIRA5ICE CUMPAKV OF THE DISTRICT OF OOLCMBIA, Orcaatred Ami lft, UT1 capital OFFICE Mo.l4?? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. (OVKK MlLBCBa'a Dbi'b Biobb.I JOHN T. LENMAN, P real dent. A. H. HERB, Vice President. J. T. DYER, Secretary. Dibbctobs:? Win. Ome, H. Uiar Stewart. Chan A. Janiee, J a*. L. Barbonr. Edward Droop, Jahn T. Lriiman, Michael Qreen, John Bailey, A. M. Herr. ap4-l> Abe you insrbedf IF NOT, APPLT TO TBI OLD FRANKLIN INSURANCE COMPANY, OF WASHINGTON, D. 0. _ _ Ibcob pobatbd bt Oomim is 1918. Office in the building at the National Bank of (Ml BepnbHc, No. TO* D street northwest. Ho charga IHreaort.'?Vt. Jaa. 0. Hall, John Pnrdy, Dr. J. B. Brudbead, J. Key worth, Jaa. 0. McGcira, Heai Bradley, Joa. H. Bradley, C. H. Wiltbeiwer, W , McDonald, F. F. McGnlro, Dr. D. B. 01 Ae, M. i ?n?-ry. HENRY BRADLEY, T charles BEADLET.Bacmarr. i DISTRICT OF OOLCMBIA. OMVAHW A0UU8T M, IBTf. UABH CAPITAL OCet In Shepherd's Bnlldinf, Bo. ??' *BAla BTenoa. MOSES EELLT.Pn _ _ WM. B. TODD, Ytoo BAMCEL CROSS, f S. BUM. ""-"ir, Qso.F A. B. ' JO*, DICE, AND MAEtT, OB ANT OTHEB MAN, ??TaM?aRsr of chaay (BBf, C.| I-tr " LITTLE ^TOBLD. GELLING OFF AT AMD BBLOW COST.-A p Una aaaortment of all deacrlptioM of BOOTS, BHOBS. GAITBB8. Ac , ? Mb WH1 u MS-lw Ho. 41B7tB?t ,o??. Odd FaBown' 8ku. H 2? AT. OATS, 8TBAW. Dealers and bnyao will Sad U totkafr ad*aata?a to su^iJRSSSSk. u business ClUNCR* f'O" ULI-i tint , jr. T. ? it* air?f?,|MN ' rrstatf', eM Ian i r , i! ? ^PsaBP ?vr. ? ,, ??? r??WrM lu? krt, (hu, Will ? It i.*,..r~?an<t r?M t?,. r-^ ? ..." . ' I ... A,*, .. j7<t I.' ?> " A I >" n ? ?"V P. KB"* *. ?T ^ "** *'??* trM.m. m4 1'ifM.k* . ,, r^^?^t251"255 * r-T. II ^to 9MMMP. kM artpnl ?b-t n,? la<. ?*w MiT#.... HorSB* and LOTS at * out , u A r?JA,f\*2J5?"? AT L,,w rHi -K -W. ?"VKsii>*ic*. 'vT.'iT' BlSi a> rar whTL*'" ?1 ????* f>.'??.? - sm. r:r: ^^?w,;rh-r,i".,5b * ^ IS <>. * IJOU P *"*' k *?-. " W I OM. I j. I n,?.> ?r t. at ivoi * * ? ' I?ABTNKB iitlTU-i,!,.. a, r m f| ?mt,. t . r %?., K?t? -?i r.n. ,. ? , r?M?r6 prr . ,!t f , ^ ' I It \ y I I K * "l i m ?* ??* ?M .U ,., \ 1 0N A > It* I.OiS AT I ? ? ? It k . K? ?> v m *'1 rtoMamrft, AHt ... r O M ? t?* li.rr'*'"*' rM'?? ~ ? ?? |> 1 Kf CH All E j.0?K-?lL* AT * UUiMIN THE si h ?ih> I I \ Tl BEt* ..f at lot- Crraw ad.I ? u?. , r, l". m' ??.^V* I t . .,tlTT m ? "M> Briiii? ?U 1, o. :i. -H ??* I. "K hALF A tir?t i \** B t R t'<M \ TK K > ?i ! " t.'. i ir'wrA!'"1:< ?m. ?! ?! 41. ?tr ? ' * ? ? 'IV' LOAN .HI \ 1 II 4g| II?I ? ui.Iikun.t. r..t r~?i .? J? it.?m ?*.(, ? ai.iiuallk FulkMit" '' . _ ? W-.ll K atrcFt. ?"BKU a ttKCES, l^B'iiLk-A l>B. ?. *Ti7i; k L^.u,wvr,ur x;.r.;;; - ? v '^^4 K A Kli CHAKCC 9 * 6... M , I STOCK ANI.MXT. KK* tfA". T- Ui-li.* a ?.hm1 ? S? >tar|.wT -??-? ?}? '?' ?'"r .'.wv* l-^^er^sigsie ,'i'?; ?tr?N|?. |i?i||,Kf ivaiiHgti) for .-airi na . ,k T1!!, ,.UM"' Ar|l| at fj aia >'? ?*r?t ni.rtlm^t. "V IIAKlItt hatme HTM Sks ..r l iTrv . . !?> | K. |. triMc | \|'?SET TO Loan ON KISL H*"r KTK?tm i"l rum* and <>B tlnii t? anil " "? JAMES K W Al t;II Kaal Rtato ?r k*r t"5? I* C r IVI ai..I ? ., ? j llpi^ ^|ONLY TO LUAN ON *?-*ITK!*TaT* ? . _ M M'KV A 11 Bu D ?-?f B-two ai.d temrait.- H >k?r., 14'i7 |* ?tr*<mt m*2fs?2SEEf5S!35F?rw?a L <?B ?sALl?F-ior iir?t-(i??? bBK'K H<Ti'm?T ? tv ?' fr.-m < P?rk 'a^'^-'i^^J't Z'l"* lih ni* '???>. h t ant ?,!r? ^.yjy' .y SSeS"* *,J^u,r' -u 311 ?traat : i1 ?HVALMi|Trf,^TM^,f ? OOMU ? ILL and W<Mt WH ) Mm&MX ?V5A?.? wl. ?7_-? '"?? ?ni^or UikI, r*ciaTir 1^ ,17- T trelli^j * rl""'"1 T*?. ?? t>?arl!t4 aa4 ..m - .1 # 57* tinitwr, balaitc* arabla p r k" t^T].u"Tr w '" ^V'yVn r,r,?' R Alfw K0!1! ^?L?*lrc,1~ ? I"*4 STOU Mi SJ"i5L,VW u;* t ?.atggL COAL wood: (; 1~ ??ciirr, HHOL?8AIb.AAND^.TAMonfALE. *?"? 81 -?r^" a^. _J[*?_Klcaaad boporabl> d^allny, ln|. ^ hotels. esaa*? pyzHi fff***?*.' rtda of i r?* mi untaa ||tao*? BOTKl.. ?o. 0 BTBBBT. S*lwH> fn aso Sth Bruin. pH* IMfKBlAL hotel, JAMBS STEMS. PramMr. flOlCTIM ruMTLriRu Arilt|| VwllNTOI, 0 c> I (to Um pabUc for ( loctM h ^S5?Jsa.wa-s?ffi-r ft! wmnt* ^ tfc? ooa ^DUIftl?d,ft|iC MX ?n jutxiatloua. . Tba ctortN ara ,05 aU KQoaU w'tU bT -.SiH; Ca a EBB ITT MOOSM, ^^sBiMaTOM. O. o. Devlin Jk C^, NEW YORK MCKMaMT ri HERS the largest vakiett or GOODS FOB GENTLEMEN'S WE Ait IX AMERICA. A.LL THE NEW STYLES At mn-tr m? rKwwTiyAHA atbmpm. &2mmuc bbsalia. ' prt>p*r*4 to fomUh Ma?>ntr ? ,-w?r btaUCuiiuuMtorMit EACTOBY PBJCBS CBAPBACX. SWOBDS AliD BBLTS. mm* ...? . ccrri, caps, mm 0TW7 art trie KUtWig to Um osh. W? (Mraniea all SuiU aoM to b? mnlatiM. ?W?? ?7ft^U*aJLCa?^ ^ EW DBB16BS fob UAD1BS' ABB OMU. DEEMS* dbbsses AT MBS ?. I. MACBEBS stampiso depot, MOif W01TOK1FUL mtMTio^>r"^B

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