Newspaper of Evening Star, June 13, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 13, 1873 Page 3
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o1 BANKERS. kT IB IIWKLUM, B ? b K ? r, ?43 D STBBBT. NBAB SBVBNTH. rin INTBBBST OB DEPOSITS, B*kN OOL Vltfe Baakin*. bHT A (I K 1 R fl HOOK B J. H. SQL ICR * CO., 14 46 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUB, OPPOSITE WTLLABB'* HOTXL, WASHINGTON. D O. ? wt CMI MUriO paid OB Collections aad* every wb<re. 0*p'<i;i p4ttbk ob demand. f?T of o?e*r? la the Army cashed la advaa?e. apBtr Jr. mevdhead, Broker, Bo. Pnu. ave., ?,WmUb|MiD.O. ?facta; attention (1v*n to tiTNtMit aacBrltia*. Ii'llw attention to MCQrlUwMwIlind at pricaa which ?ill pay M to U per cast. In amovati Bod of !*n(rbof iimrtonitinvestors. Safe,reliable,profit able ami pr->upt. H.ahin* the* IB (Ttrr rwwet FIRST CLASS SBCUB1TIES. B?frr* bf imvMob to L*wh JohnMii A Oo., Wwhiu<t?g D. C.: 1o*n Eelly, Bit., CMhiw Sttiontl Metropolitan Bank, Waahlagtoo, D. 0.; 3 >B J M Br*dbead, Second Controller, Waahing too. H 0.. EdmarJ Ciark, E?i , Arahitect 0. 8. Cap tlnl.W'nh n(t(.B, D 0. tuarI7Jm r|*HB NATIONAL BANE of THE REPUBLIC A (Cotbc rof 7th aail D atrtra,) OPE* FROM 10 A. at TOIP. H. deelM* CHAB BRADLBT. Gaahler. | ' BR.WAN AHUICAH UTIRflB SAKE, Vf No. *1* SsvmsTm Stxxxt. ttppmxU U* Fott'tfh - Bas* noara: 8 a. a. to 4 p. m. latnrtBri opto a U' 3 ?? m.i to receive depesita only. Ii.vrt<n aaid ob depesita. O* Uectiona mads antf furnished. JOHN HITZ. President, A EBERLT, V. Preel, W .r M ATTINGLT.Sec., 0. B. PRENTlSS.Caeb'r If 1 " H K FREEDMA.1'9 SAVING! AND TRIATCO.MPANY. ^aL&i-.f House. No. 1A0T P?nna> lvania aveuae, owoalte the Treasury, PATS SIX PER CENT. INTEREST, 1 ? ?.,*< Btfnt ik? hrst aj Bark *A Ie r Ol'B PER CENT, oo baaiaea* accosnte _ ? from date of deposit. ?**.? (fitMmft V Vtposu bearing ? Bod 4 per oeat. , jrtNwsa, available anywhere. dAB BRANCH OFFICES in all large towns and cities of the S?otb and Southwust. _ ?T Bmtk komi.t a m io 4 p m -.V*1'? * eduasday and Saturday nights froa SH to I 3 fl<k. to receivedep-<*itaonly. Call at the Bank or t-r a copy of the Charter aa<l By-law*. jl8-lr I AT C UORR * tO. BC I AND BELL FOREIGN BXCHABOB and 'SSFB CIRCULAR LETTERS OF CREDIT for Travel'ra. mmlatU m B?y pari *f ik* wvrUL. Our Draft* ob J AT COOKB^MrOCLLOCH B UO? i-*iv ,?1 la any yart of BsaLairo, Ibclaho and Scot . a 5 o, frt* a, chart*. may 18 WAMilRfllON CITT UTIRfli BAM IV*wm 7tk and LcmDiana ataaw, PATS ?? PER CENT. INTEREST OB DEPOSIT -rest commences fri* date of depnela. lKa<?tta csa be made and drawn at will. aih-*f J. A. RCFF. Treaaarar: RAILROADS. ? PALI IMOBE AND OHIO | I> KA1L ROAD. t <>? a-.<l aftT srXDAY.Jnne lJ I<73. k* aa will leave WASHINGTON CITT aa ( li ??,in: tf ?it in. i re and Way Poind* 5:00 a m. Bait ;*? re and Way Pi iuta 6 45 a. ni ! :i.? i-Uii E*pre?e. via Metropolitan RR 7:30 a. m r -? - N"W T<>rk a d Philaftelpaia Exp...8.<W a. m. i- ar,?l Way Pi.iot* ....8 48 a m B i): :. ore f a*t Expreea, without ktopa 9 46 -? m. I'.a'tir iv and Way Poiute.. ll.'JU m New Y<>rk and Philad-lphia Espreaa 1:06 p. n Bal' n re Expreee. without atopa 3 30 p in . And Way PolBta Ittp. D. W ii rh?-?t-r and Metropolitan Accom. r.a.1 1 if **'?l U'?w *>..'?? m. - ?. .. - --...-U ..I',UUI. | 4 VJ p. I',a.t i i*- and Way PoiBt? J:0W p. Bincitii <ri. Talnmbna and St. Lonis Et pi ???*xcept 8atnr>la- .8 35 p. m. rbila.1. ipb:a Expr?-?e 6 00 p. in. I'. .Ittlu r? Way p .int*. 7 45 p. ill j: ?t Y?rk and Philadelphia Exp...?:SU p. tn ftiui. ?? and Way Point* .9 A) P m St I.ot.i'.Cincinnati and Colnnitim Exp .9 to P. u?. ?B1?M BALTIMORE FOR WASHINGTON. L km ?* ? 1>,6 30. 7,8. 8 15,9 15 and 11 16a. tn., and i.?. i ?: ?? 4-3U, 5:20. ? 40. 8 ?? and 8 50 p. tffl TOR ANNAPOLIS. A' 6 45 a. u. abd 5 p. in.: bat not on Banday. FOB NORFOLK. At 1 ' tn., bnt not on Sunday. SUNDAY TRAINS Fr- n bil*imore?The 4:Jo atoppiiu at K^lay and Lmi.: . i I,; the 5 >' a IU and 4 36 p. m , vtoppinf at Rf ?i . 'ly. th?- 6 30 p m., with tit ?top?; the 8 a. lu.,3 21 .5 3u. and s.So p m ituppint at all ttationa. Fr^o Wn?)iiu*ton? The 5 and 8 a. m., 5.7:45 and 9 30P ti . tra;n? ?t pping at all ?tati"0?; the l.x<6 and thrfip :u. at Relay only; and the 8:6V p. m without Fo5r?'INTOr ROCRS AND INTERMEDIATE POINTS. A" 3a. m and 4 60 p. m Brtufnina. leave Point of K ? 7: 5a. in and I16 a m., arm IB* at Waeh iimToij ?' .' 35 a. m and 7:16 p m. Nj l?xal traiua on Sut><* it Thr tickets to the Weat can b? hail at the U aebr i >r.?ti. n Ticket Office at all hour* of the lay, a!" ?t the Coaapan)'a office, 491 Pean^ylta ma at-L - Pa*a* ng?r* parchaaing tlcketa at tbe A>enu offire, can there arrance to hava their bajraic raSnl for and eheckod at their residence, taken to the4<-pn,Mid pat into the bag^ac- car. F"rN w York, Philadelphia, and Boeton,ae? ad verti^pient of Tbr imb Line." TH?'S R SHARP. Maater of Traaaportation L M COLB. UnD*-ral Ticket A*?nt GBO 8. BOONTZ, General A*?nt, Wa-hiugt >n. rr IJBOI OH LINE BETWEEN WASHINGTON, 1 PHILADELPHIA AND NEW TORE WatkiKToy, May 16,1875? Noon. Train- between Wa*hmgioa and fX New Turk are naw rua aa follow, gfl?89a FOR NEW TOBK.witkoat rhancaof cara. Leax< daily i except Sr.iiday > at 8 B. m., 1:06 and FOR PHILADELPHIA L>ave da'.ly (axcapt Ban-lay > at 8 a.ia., 1 <6 an 1 6:08 ON 8CND4T. Leave for New Tork at 8:58 p. m., and Philadel phia ?t 6m p in. Sieepi'ig can for New York oo 8:60 train only. Throoffh tirk- ta to Phila^lelpbia, New Tork, or Boatoi. < an be had at the Statien Office at all boon of the day. See Baltiiatore and Ohia RailretMl adverti.?em*nt foracbedale between Waahin?ton, Baltimore, An aar^H. ?nd the WVat THOS R SHARP. Maater of Tranaportation. L M COLB. General TickH Afeat. CEO S EOONT2- A?rat. Washington. mX7 ALB&ANDKIA A WASHING TON B. B aMB i ?? ALBAANDB1A A FBEDBBICKSBCBO B. B. Com* a/ b MraU. L'-ca: Train* l*av* f..r Alexandria a* follow,-?8. 7, 9. ?. W. II. a. n. , 12 n.?'n. 1 2. 3. 4. 5. ?. 7. ?, p. m.; 9am ai.d 7 p. ai. daily,all other tram* daily except B'm ? 1. a1 Train* from Alexandria arrive aa followa-? ft it.; a?. ? aa. ? aa, a?.HJt. a n. MJI. 1JB. 2. O. ?? l? 5 33. 6 33. 7.33, 8^4 p. m., 8.33 a. m auKJI p au. fr ei AI' xandriA daily, all otb^r traiaa daily ca<cpt Sunday. "Traiaa a>ark?d tbua eocaact with traina oa Waab laaton aad Obio R. R. QtANTICO Acc<manodatioa leave* Waahlnctoa 'Ti.Ar'ii^^Srtxfk leave* W*ab i ngton " Tbrooab tick eta for aala at Offices, ntaavr^a.. aud o ?? rvnnayivanu ? poa* ?nera aaa leave orders foe bscnce to be ed at ai! ho tela Bad raaidaacaa tkriail to deeti HERN IXPBE88, via Blehanond ssa*s?ssjs, >~VT.T cor?w fti?d PtBDfflfftnii litlOL B B YOrBO.OsaTPn.iMia B?8. Jy?-tf BAL11M IRE AND POTOBAOi RAILROAD, J IMP*- m? ?:* aa*d B .?.?<?!? 19. ~ TRAILS i.PATE FOB TRAINS ABBITB AT ? ? lti more. washinoton. 'f * Biacara Exp . 4:IBa. a., Western Exp.. *:?arf " S " * Tm"IB Si f<Wiy f ax ?ai!y, I cept Sunday. B:Bs a. ia., W ostera Exp , llw*. ? ) Walton Bib daily, except Saaday. | daily. 1.80 a ai Baltliaore Acc.,!3 03 p tn Cincinnati Ex., dally.except Sunday. ) daily,exc-pt Sunday. 3A> 8- ac.. Baltm.nre Ac- 6:S p m , Pactac Bxpren. aoaaBkodatioB,dally, aa-i daily, except Snnlay. cept Sir-lay. ,8?p_ ?ally ? 8 JB p. B.. t .ncinnatl Ex |aaaa,iiaily. except Snn W-*tera Exp., W:?0 p. ?., Boat hern z? A. ptSoa Mi a. a. | Baltlaor* - ~ 638 p. a TBB GREAT BOCBLB TRACE BODTB, Wttl llefACt tf "* * i with '15.1 TcrB. ? tfM a. a. dally, i >. a. daily, aad 6 48 p. a . except Bata OoaaatTioaa BALTIMORE I LA Q ABA aad ID I. TOOBO, >ly UK FORE GOING BLABWBBRB exantaa the D Diafoaal Draaa Snlt for B17, i a ap^taity,) a^ coly toTa bad at A. STEADS* l?li 7*m *JT, Train* leavlat Waahtact^a at 8 88 and lo ? a ? aad 8 38 a. ? ,c cnect a Bowie with traina for Marlboro', ieavla* Bowie 7 38 and 11.0 a. a., aad 4:53 p.a . ar rt?*Bc at Marlbora' 9-18 a. a. and 12J3 aad 3-3S p ? 5,r?y.TrtD* " waaklB4*OB mm.rn.rniJA PENN8TLVANIA BOTTB 1872 TO TBB BOBTBWEST, SOUTH. AMD SOUTH c. GROCERS. S. O'HAAK k SOU. WHOLI8AL1 AMP BETAIL GROCERS, 1H13 7th ITBlIt HOBTHWBST, IBMvn* M and M at*. I NEW BUTTER I HEW CHEBSBl 16 1ft 16 lft 10 1ft 1? 1ft HAMS. Bl'OAB CUBED HAMS lftC. FEB LB. lft 1ft 1? 1ft 1ft 1ft DOOLET-8 YEAST POWDEB. GRAHAM FLOVK. OAT MEAL. Becker** Whmw Grita, Heckerl Farina, Br* Flour, Barley Ttfiock, SM", Maotoca, Durjet'i Corn Starch. Wax Can ilea, Cross A Blackwell* Pickles, Col umn's Mustard, Stickney A Poor'* Mustard, Olive Oil, Sauces, Salid Dressing. CINCIBHATI OLEIHE SOAP. Daryea'a Satin Gloss Starch, Baker's Chocolate, Coco*, and Cocoa Shells, Br>>iua, Pruues, Currants, Raisins. MEDICINAL LIQUORS Olil Port Win<", French Brandy, H' lUnd Gin. Blackberry Brandy, Fine Old Whisky, California Brandy. C. S. O HARK A SON, w.30 ir 1X1 3 7th at. n w., between M and N. i* L O II R I F litem v 11> oiRtn fro? the Milla In VALLEY OF VIRGINIA. ill aell to famillea fto cent* per barre leaa than usual pricea. Price* of SUGARS and TEAS all marked down. CATAWBA WINE, n?t received from Pleasant Vallej Wlua Company. ?4 a gallon. 8. H BACON, 70S Market Space, m *r? between 7th and 8th street*. THE TRADES. M A RAILROAD AND Beat Estate Bortgago C?hMiM> in ttaf JOO- ld Bonds the Northern faotto Ball road Company furnishes to the public an lnreeteeol security which oombinea the ready negotiability, the convenience, and the high credit of a flrat-claaa rail road bond, with the solidity and aafety of a real as tate mortgage on land worth at laest twice the amoanl They are offered at par In currency, and yield a HANDSOME P HO FIT to thoaa exchanging >?*. The bonda are a flrat and only mortgage on tb? road. It* equipments and earnlnga, and alao on a land grant which, on the completion of the road, will sverage SAW acrea to each mile of track. They are issued In denomination* from #10* U #1,UH Coupon, and ?1UU to ft 1U,UUU Registered, have thirty year* to run, bear an interest of 7Jt per cent in gold, and are EXEMPT FROM UNITED STATkS TAX to the hotder. The serit-anncal interest en the R?gi*tered B>nd? U paid with GOLD CHECKS. aeut to the poet offlc* address *>f the holder. All Marketable Stocka and B u4> received In change, without expense to the investor, at thai* highest current pricea. JAY OOOKB Om oo. WABHIBQTOB MT *J?HE HEW HATIOHAL MARE.HT. FRESH, SALT and SMOBBD MEATS, ot all kind* and of( the beat quality, furnished _ In the best stri*;also .GAME,POULTBT?>^^ FRUITS, and VeGBTABLES. is their at aa on yean be procured at thia Market. marC-ly BOBT. HTATT, 414 11th a>. ? ** W HACliflLDKKNr/B'l?NDEBCLOT^i'lSUNm2y *b round at Women1! Christian Aaaoclation, Jodiclar tSZJS ttSWBKS SST"S& f^HlLDBBM'S HOSPITAL AMD D1SPEHSART tN<? Stm.n. IF., 1MMB Sim mU klili. bepported by TolnntaiT contribution*. Hoaptta free to children under jf year* ef age. Dlepeiwary open dally (Sudan excepted) frem 1 to Ip Medicine* furnished grataitoualy. Conaultlng phr ?loans, Dr*. J. C. Hall, Thoaaa MUlar.0. HTUafc armana, W. P. Johagton, and Grafton Tyler. f Pkynttmu. wwiii. 7%?m ?/ S*+U*. (Wt071 B. McGulra, Braiding <? Pearl, by 1 ? Box 41 S?T(?5,'k? Corcoran,? ral Alkaa . Hair ?n. f BIBS, late of ~ I. northwest IW OT I OB?That H.S. JUSTH, SIS Patraag, to 1" tw?*a Sth sad Tth ati earn tortkwas, talk " SBOOMD-HAMD CLOTHIHO "Sj*a tkaa half the ooat ?f ready -mad* Mf OMS. SILK DBBSSBS aa*aelaitT. fel?-l' Ql. WO BMLBVS PBCTOBAL 8YBUP, roa OOOOHS AHD OOLDS. BOX.* Ml ALL UMfMn, Hy? ingate, COXTU ACTOR AXD BUILDER. Corner 7th street and S"iith Carolina avenue. Will contract for or superintend the construction of public or private buildings. Orders f?r job work solicited. Order* left a* above, .?r at office of R. W. DOWNMAN, N'J, Intelligencer building, will receive prompt aMenuon. jll 1m PRACTICAL PLI MB1NG, GAS-FITTING a^D bEWERAGK promptly attended to, <>n reason able termf, by JAMES F BBIEN, No. 6W9 li >uis lara avenne, near 4th atreet, north *ide. Residence, *** Id street northeast. Specialty, TIN LINED PI PE always on hand. mil tr Aw nines. JOHN C. HOGAN. 713 Market Space, Manufacturer of AWNINGS, for Stores, City and Conatry Residence*. TKNTS and FLAGS for aale or rent. AWNING MATERIAL of all kind* for aale. K le Agent for the umIt K*nuiue M1LDEW PRDOF AWNING MATERIAL. apis tr pLL'MBING AND GAS FITTING. Those dealrlng to hare their Plumbing ahd Qas Fitting done in * neat an<1 snbstaotial manner, and on reasonable terms, should leave their orders at 113 Pennsylvania avenue, C*pitol Hiil. Work warranted. rgim' WM. ROTHWELL. CUNNINGHAM, HATTER, , 1911 F Street, between Win and 11th, ba* the pi'aeuretoasnonncotnat he has recetvedr-m ;be Spring Styla of Broadway BLOCK, and i*^R prepared to furnish New Hats made to orler i ?hem or r model old styles; also, an assortment of Fel: Hats for sale, on reasonable terira. fS-t? ^WMl.n?S, FLAGS, TESTS. M G CO PEL AND, 043 Louisiana avenue, one door east 7th street. A W N IN GS for Stores, City and Ooanty Re?tdenc?* <tiK??ch* it strle and finish. FI AGS and TKNT$ for sale and rent. BOOMS DECORATED. AM Canvsas articles roads to order DANCING CLOTHS. seg-tr J I. TCRTOfl, ?AHPHNTtR, bVlLUkR. AZD UOHTRACTOR Orden for House Carpentering, Jobbing, or Oo ractor's Work speedily attendea to. Shops and Ofllos. jana-tf lit b atreet. below B at. north we# ? * REAL ESTATE AGENTS. JUAN BOYLE. FR-iNX BARNUM JI'A.I BOVLE A CO., RtJL ESTATE AXV BOTE BROKERS, No. 603 Uth atreet, opposite U S. Treasury. FOR BALE? A handsome HOUSE on I street. Ho. 113. A new large double HOUSE, corner Hat and H. HOUSE Ho. 1010 Massachusetts avenne. HOUSE No. S96 Sd street east, for sals or rent, fur nished or unfurnished. A COTTAGE In Wlllard'a Row: price. 82,600. Several am all Houses, from S3?u to 8tM0i small caab payments. Ws have several very Dne FARMS, Improves and unlm provtd, on different railroads ranning from the city, for sals at low figures or exchange for city pep^rty. SMS feet of QROUND in various portions of the city for sale at low figures, on easy terms, or will exchange for productive Improved property^ a|S-tr /'BO.TRUESDELLA CO . iS REAL ESTATE BROKERS, SIS 7th atreet, (over German American Sarin Bank.) Special attention given RENTING, OObLEOT ING, PAYING TAXES and NEGOTIATING LOANS. Refer (by permlasioa) to?General Beaj. Alrord, Paymaster General U.S.A.; James 8. GrinneU, Chief Clerk U. S. Patent OIBc*: John Fraser, Arch itect: Hon. F. P. Blair; Hon. J. W. Douglas*.Com miesixner Internal Revenue; Moses, Furni ture Dealer; C. E. Prenti**.Cashier German Ameri can Savings' Bank; Col. John M. Fessenden: Hon. John Hitx, Consul Ueneralof Switserland. ali-Sm* AUCTION WWM BATl! B1 ?"KASKMRitffSfR, TBUSTBB SAL* OF A TWO-flTOBY BBICK HOUSE AMD LOT rB"BTlB0OB NBW JER SKY ATBtfUB. BBTWBBB I AID B 8TV NORTH. Bj virtu* of a dead of trust, dated 10th day of ? HotmImy. A. D. 1870. and duly rec .rded la ?LR?r B<>. CSS, folio S1A, ni? of the land record* for Waahirgton county, Id the Diatriot of Columbia, and by direction of the holder of the note*. I shall ?ell at public aartiin, oti TUESDAY, the 17 th day of Jane. A. D ISJ, >a front of the pr?l**s. at ? o'clock p.m., all that certain aieo* or parcel of ground lying and being in the Mid city of Washing ton, aud Known and deacribad on the plata of aald city aa lot numbered lift-en (U>, In Davidce and Fisher* *ubdlvision of auuare numb.-red Ave hun dred and sixty-one (S<1), having SI feet front by IS feat deep, more or leaa, which said subdivision i* re corded in the offlce of the Snrreyor of said city, with the improvement! thtreon, consisting of a two-story brick awelling-houae. Terma: One-third caah; balance in 13 anil Id months, for notes bearing interest and secured by a deed of trust on the pramisaa. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. 9100 dewn on the day ol?ale. And if the terms of sale are not complied with within Ave davs after the day of sale, the tms tee reeerve* the right to resell the property at th<* riak and c<?t of the defaulting purchaser by adver tising three times in s >nie newspaper publUhed in Washington city. J. C. MrBELDEN. Trustee. ? je7--d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucta. 1)1 B. H. WARNER, 13 Real Estate Broker and Anctioneer, Mo. 7ii9 7th street, between Q and H. TBrSTEE* SALE OF A TWO STORY BRICK DWELLING ON THE SOOTH SIDE OF J EF FERSOM oTBEET, IN CNIOMTOWM. D. 0.. WITH EIGHT ACRES OF GROUND, AT AUCTION. ^ By virtoe of a deed ef trust from Benjamin F. fcTl? Wilkin* and wife to Daniel L .Etton and my **-elf, dated June 16.1870. and duly receded in Liber 619. folio 173, one of the land records of Wanh Ington county, D. G., I will sell at public auction, in fr-nt of the premises, to the highest bidder, on WEDNESDAY. June 11.1873, at 6 o'clock Dm. Lots 7ol >nd 703, in the subdivision of Woodland, at Uniontown. D. C.. containing 8 acres 1 rood and It's lurches, together with the fnprovements there or This property overlooks the entire District, ai:il the grounds are net with choice Fruit Trees and shrubs. It is a most desirable suburban resi-1 dente. T<rmsof sale: Two thirds cash; balance in six and twelve months, with interest to he secured by a deed of trust upon the property; $HW down on ac ceptance of bia. If terms of sale are not complied witli within seven days after sale, the property to be resold at the risk and cost of defaulting purchaser. Con ejancingat purchaser's cost. GEORGE W. STIOKNEY. Surviving Trus e?. jel) 2t B H. WARNER, Auct. feTTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until WEDNESDAY, Jane 19, 1373, ->ame hour and place. B> order of the Trustee. jell B. H. WARNER, Auct. EELLET A GATCHEL. Auctioneers, Corner 11th and F street* northwest TRl STEE'S PALE OF~LOT IN SQUARE. NO. 7 31, ON 1st STRIET. CAPITOL UILLh I k. R? Vint ? * - - - - - . ..??>. uarnuii IilLb. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated February >ltli, 1871, and duly recorded in Liber No. 632. -folio 491,.tc , and by the written direction of the party secured thereby, I will sell, at public auc tion. in front of the premises, on WEDNESDAY, tli*- 1 **th day of Jane, A B., 1873. at 4 o'clock p m., Lot G. of subdivision of original Lot numbered 1>ur.(4,)in Square numbered seven hundred and thirty-'ne, (731,) on 1st street, Capitol Hill, in the city >i Washington, D. C. Te'Bif of Bale: Cash, and to be complied with with within six days after day of sale, otherwije the Trustee reserves the right to resell the property, after one w> ek's notice, at the risk and cost of de faulting purchasT. J. A. L WORRELL, Trustee. _j5 KELLEV A GATCHEL, Aacts. |/ KKHY, DENT A CO., (imrr/il Aurtion'm an'i l\ Commtstiou MerrhnntNin. 313 and 313 9th STREET, near Pennsylvania avenue.?Goods sold at auction at oar rooms or any part of the city. Special attention paid to selling R-al Estate at auc tion. Liberal advance* on consignments and prompt returns.? References:?John S. Barbour, John Van Riswick B'>n. Lewis McKenxi* Windsor A Ford ?? on aiW Maurv ylO-lr PIANOS, Ac. A LAliGE LOT OE NEARLY NEW AND SECOND-HAND PIANOS, from different factories, now on band for sale or rent on East Tebmk, to makelTTVi' rocm at BEICUINBACH'S PIANO WAREROOMS, tii3 11th street, above Pennsylvania avenue, Agency for Wm. Knabe A Co.'* and Wm. Mc Cammon's PIANOS. Second hand PIANOS taken in part payment for new Pianue. mg-tr (21STAV KIHN, PRACTICAL PIAHO ? MAK HR, formerly foreman for F. C_^h^ Lighte A Co., tnner for St>-inway A Sons.BSBHI and late tuner for Vetaerott A Co. Tuner Ml 1" and repairer of PIAMOS and ORGANS, Mo. 63* Mew York avenue. Orders left at Karr's Jewelry Store, 0'J9 Pennsylvania avenae; Nairn's Drug Store, corner Pennsylvania avenae and 9th street, Rosenthal's, 901 7th street, corner of H, will meet with prompt attention, and satisfaction guaran teed. alt-ly Jr. LUCAS. 1148 7th street n. w.,Tunwamd ? Henulaiur of jPianas and Organ*. 0r-_M^^ der* received at Thompaoa's corner lftth st feapi and M. York ave. ; Getty's. Bridge, near'II 11 I Congress, Georgetown; and Moae* , cor. 7th and Pa. ?v. Piano* and other instrument* packed aod moved All work guaranteed. mhat-ly agents, ?W 11th street, near northweat>11 BV 1 corner Pennsylvania avenue, dealer* in Pianos and Musical Instruments generally. Tuning and Repairing, Polishing and Varnishing receive falthfnl attention. ap!7-tr UCBOHAOBBB * OO.V PIANOS. Cl PHILADELPHIA GREAT REDUCTION IB FBICSS. The*" Instruments, which, oa aoooant Of thetr ?? aeriorHy over all other*, har* in afew rearu^ Become the moat popular here, as well as all|>iBI| over the country, *an be had bow for Use fol-"? 1~ lowing low prtoM S Or A RE PIANOS from fsntoftn. UP RIGHT PIANOS fromAM to fftl. GRAND PIANOS from fSTi to f ljjri. Persons who wish to save from #100 to |SN to PW ehasinc the beat instrument out, are Invited to oall and cor'pare for themselves. Pianoa for rent. Ptaan? ^xctianged. Tuning and Repairing properly atUtodor to. CARL RICHTBB, Agent, dW-tr 93ft Pennsylvania s?eooe LIYEEY STABLES. JB OLCOTT A SON, . BOARDING, LIVERY d SALB STABLER 116 8th street, bet. D and B, and Chain Alley, B between 13th and lttb. Office, WiUards. Beat carrtagea farnlabed. Special oare paid to tb* joardlng of hor*ea. dee? -ly Allison nailob, jr.. LIVERY AND HIRING STABLES. STYLISH OABBIAGES and OOACHHBB derg?-ly 13'i? E street uorthweet Arlington stables.-r. cruit, jr. G STREET, Bitwiis 17th aitt) lBra. < arriages by day or ni<bt, and for weddings or par ties decM-ly C'ONtiKESS STABLES, / t*TH STREET, Bktwibn D l? B. Horaee aad Buggiea for Hire, and a fresh supply a food Horo** for sale every week. j)31 ly RICHARD VANT, Proprietor. WASH. BAILOR'S STABLES 139? ? ST. CARRIAGES of the latest styles constant!J on hand and for hlr* by the day or month. Parti en, wedding*, and r?oeptlon* furnished wttl ihe most comfortable and elegant Carriage*. Particular attention to boarding Horse*. aaC Horse* always for *aie and exchange decM-tf |J I S 8 O L U T I O M . W&sHiM?To.t, D. 0., April 1%, 1879. The copartnership beretolore existing between RIphouxo Youngs and Wm. H 8--ars, under tbf name and Orm of ELPHONZO YOUNGS A CO., I* lisaolved by mutual consent,the second term ot such :o partners hip having this day expired. The busl neae will b? continued at the old stand (Maaonic rsmple, corner 9th and ? streets,) by ILPHOBZO rOCNGS, who win pay all io*t claim* against aad :ollect all amounts da* said hrm. ELPHONZO YOUNGS. _WM. H. SBABS. Thanking my friend* and the pabllc for their lib ?ral patronage in the past, 1 would respectfully loltcit a continuance of the same. ELPHONZO YOUMGS. Having spent the past two yean vary satisfactorily nth Mr. Y. ungs in the above-named busine**, 1 aoald take thle op?~ " the public for tlx >mmend whatever lereata. I ?l ^OTICB OB REMOVAL CABO bega leave to Inform hi* customer* and Ihe public generally that he ha* removed his Bazaar to ffo ??? PENNSYLVANIA AVB NUB, under the National.Hotel, where siiTTfi IWELRY ??d,. saai?gs3 rv C__. Betel THE STPREME COURT OF THE DISTRKT 1 OF COLUMBIA, UOLDING A DISTRICT aw,ArDWVij;,TM?"?? To all irU may 'onirn, rrtrlimg: Notice i* hereby given that on the 22*1 day of Mav, H73, 307 tons of Carbatoue has b.-en arrested by the Marshal for the r*a*oa* In the libel stated; and that laid cause will stand for trial at the City Hall, in Ihe city of Waehlagtou on the nasi Mobbay op Jily next, when and where all perwna are warned to appear to show cause wliv coudemnatien should not be decreed, and to laterven* for their latereats. B J. ME|GS, Clerk, IN O T' C * DMS0L0T10S? KG.INS BABOA1M8. I. 9ARCT Q00D8 Is KUTIURH.MUMH.W Toffc hM.UI 7th "glV" *??"V .. T0D?a s-iaafifctfc AUCTION SALES. TO-MORROW. |)1 LATIRXR * OLBABY, ?J Auctioneers Mid Real Estate Rrokers, bouthwsst ?ornr ^Pennij^vM^a <ynn* ADMINISTBATRB* SALE OF FURRITUEB, A 0n SATURDAY* MORRIRO, June 14th, at at 10 o'clock, I vMI Mil M the Miction r > >ma W| of Ltllnirr A Cleary, the personal effects be || I longing to the eatMe of Baaj. F Wilkitts, de ? ceased, comprising In part? Rosewood case Piano Forte Mid Stool, Bedsteads, Bureaus mm) Washstands, Ward robes. Crib and Mattress, L't Bedding, Cbalrs. Trunks. Pl?tfd. Oluii and Crockery Ware, Kitcheu Requisite* &c F.J HBIBEEGER. A4a<nistrstor jellSt LAT1MBB A CLEARY, An eta. By latimeb a OLEABT, Real En ate Broker* and A act ion ear*, SottbVNt oorner Prnnsylvani* avenne and Uth at. OAce Building. HORSE, BUGGY AND HABBESS AT AUC TlfB. flV _ On SATURDAY MORNING, 14th, jL-T^Urs, at 19 o'clock, in front of our Auction *? Rnnai.vr (ball sell? One Sorrel Horse, One Toy Muggy, in good c >nditi >n, One Set Single Barb***. Terns each. je!2 2t LATIMER A CLIABT, Aucta. I?Y LATIMER A CLEARY. I* Auctioneer* and B'a! Estate Broken, Seuthwet>tcorner Pennsylvania ?r? and lltb street, Star Office Buildings. VALUABLE BNIMPBOVED REAL ESTATE IN DIFFEBENT SECTIONS OF THE CITY AT AUCTION-SALE TO TAKE PLACE AT OCR AUCTION BOOMS. UD >A TURD AY A FTERNOON, June 14th, 1)873, at A o'clock. within our Sale~ro.>iue, we -shall sell the following described valuable real estate: L?t 3, in square 556, situated on the mrth sid? of New T IK avenue, between 1st street and New Jer sev av enue northwest. Part of Lot 16, iu square 9S0, corner of 9th and O streets southeast. A 1m, Lots 4. 6. 8,7, 8, 27, 2^, 19 acd SO. in square !W5, iHiuuded b> south G and 1 street*, and 11th aud 12'li streets eaet. Terms of sale: One-fourth each; balance in three equal payments, at 6.12 and IS months, with notes hearing m'erest and secured l>y deed of trust on the premises sold. Conveyancing at purchasers' cost; .*5o will be required on each L 't at time of sale. If the terms of sale are not complied with within sit days, the right will l>e reserve! to resell the proper ty at the rick and cost of purchaser in default. Plats of the property can be seen by applying to the auctioneers. _j7-d LATIMER A CLEARY, Ancts. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and Uth at., Star Office Building. CHANCERYSALEOF IMPROVED PROPERTY. Bv % irtue of a decree <>f the Supreme Court of tea the District of Columbia, passed in cause No .064, Sladf, et al., vs. Slade, et al., I will sell in front of the premises, on SATURDAY, the 14th day of June, 1873, at OS o'clock p m , part of lot 5, in square No 454, beginning for thesameat the north east corner of said bit, and running thence west 24 feet 8 inches, thence south 85 feet 4 inches, thence eaM 21 feet * inches, to a fifteen foot aMey, thence north 86 feet 6 inches, to the place of beginning. The improvements consist of two two-?tnrv brick bouses, four rooms each, ar.d a brick stable with twelve stalls. This propertj- is located between be tween 6th and 7th streets and G and U streets north west. Tetnis of sale: One-third cash; balance in 8,12 at?l 18 nn nt lis, with Interest at the rate of eight per cent per annum, the piirehs-. r t" give hi* notes, indorsed tothe satisfaction of 'he Trustee. If the terms of sali are not ronipln-o with in six dav? the prcperly will b? resold at the cost of defaulting purchaser A deposit of ^lt>0 will he repaired at the lime of sale. The stable will be sold separately. All conveyancing at purchasers cost. R 8 DAVIS, Trustee. je4 d*ds L ATI M K R ,t CLEA RY, A net*. BY LATIMER * CLEARY Auctioneers and R> al Estate Brokers. Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and Uth St., Star Office Building*. VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS FOR SALE,ON 10th STREET EAST ?a We will orter for sale, on SATURDAY, the WII4ih day of June, 1873, at tt'? o'cl ? k p. m . "U the pr ini?e?, Lois unmbertdM to 47, in sub division of p.iuare 9U, fronting on loth street east, bet we' 11 H and I ?ts. north. These lots are of suit able ?ize for buildings, are adjacent to the H-street lailroad. and w ill l.e sold >n en** terms, a< follows One-fourth canh roeidiie at o, 12.18, andU mouths, m ith interest. The whole fronts 2n7li feet on bJth st. j?-dAda LATIU KR .t CLEARY. Auots. B B Y B. U. WARNF.R, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 729 7tb street, between G aud It sts. By virtue of a deed of trust to me, dat?d Ni?. J 18th, 1871, of recerds in Liber No. 651, folio 169, tone of the land record for the c unt> of Wash tngfon, D. ('., and by direction of the party secured thereby, I shall offer at public sale in front of the premises, on TUESDAY, th? 17th day of June inst., at 6 o'clock p ni., all the right, titl? aud interest of S.J. Fague, in and to a leasehold for ten years, from January 1, 1888, gr nteil by the trustee* of Columbia College, of lot No. 25. of subdivition of sonth college ground*, renewable on certain con ditions, as will be *een by reference to the record tin re?f in Liber No. 461 ^fdloldl, one of the Land Rec ords for the county of W ashington, together with the improvements therein, being a nearly new two "tory Frame House, situate on Uth street, near Boundary. Terms of sale are: One-fonrth cash; (of which ?5Unm*tbe immediately paid,) balance in three, six. nine and twelve months after the day of sale with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the property. All conveyat^ing and recording at the cost ol the purchaser, and if the terms of sale are not complied with in ten days after the day of sale the trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. j6 d W. B. WEBB. Trustee. Y B H. WABNEB, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer. No. 72V 7th street, betweet G aud H sts. TRUSTEE S SALE OF A DESIRABLE TWO STM:Y BBICR DWELLING, No. U09 7th ST BEET, BETWEEN B AND C STREETS SOUTHEAST. IBy virtue ofa deed of trust to Daniel L. Eaton, dated September 29. 1871, aud duly recorded in L'ber No. 668, folio <01, one of the land records for Washington, D. 0, aud also by a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, Equitv No. 3.177, Docket 12, substituting the undersigned Trustee in place of Daniel L. Eatou, deceased. I will sell, at public suction, in fron'of th? premises, to the highest bidder, on THURSDAY. July 3d, 1873 at 6 o'clock p. m., Lots sixteeu and seventeen

In Prout's subdivision of souare numbered uiue hundred (90U). bounded as follows: B -ginning M a point one hundred and eight ftet three inches south from the point of lnt? rsection of 7th street east with NorthCarolinaavenne; thence north forty feet to an alley; thence east one hundred and nineteen feet to an alley ten feet two inches wide; thence aloug said nllev south forty feet: thence west alongthe dividing line of lots fifteen and sixteen one hundred and nine teen feet to the place of beginning, together with the improvements thereon. Terms: One-fourth cash; balance in six, twelve snd eighteen months, with 10 per cent, interest, secured by a deed of trust on the property Stamps and convevancing at the cost of the purchaser. fllT' down when the property i? struck off. In case the terms are not complied with within seven days after the sale, the property will be resold at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser. JOHN H. COOK. Trustee. B. H. WARNER. Anct. I1Y WM L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers, O Hew Marble Building, Nos. 900 and ?0il Pa. avenue, corner of 9th street. TKUSTEE S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY IN SQUARE No. 67i, NEAR St. ALOTSIUS CHURCH. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated October 23d, A. D. 1871, and duly recorded in Liber No. 643, f, lio3S2, Ac., and by tfce written direction of the party secured thereby, 1 will Mil, at public auction, in front of the premises, on MONDAY, the Kith day of June, A D. 1873. at 6 o'clock p. m., all of Lots Nos ys and loo, in Gilbert'* recorded subdivision of S<inare numbered six hundred and seventy-flve(S75), iu the city of Washington, with all the improve ments thereon. being two nearly-finished Dwelling Houses, fronting on north 1 street. T< rms of sale: One-half in cash, of which |M0 must be paid on each lot at sale; the deferred pay ments to be made In six and twelvemonths after day of sale, with interest at teu percent, per annum and s?ured by deed of trust to the satisfaction of the Trastee. Terms to be complied with within six days after day of sale, otherwise the Trustee reserve* the ri?ht tc reeell the property, after one week's notice, ?t the risk and co?t of aefaultiug purchaser.' All conveyancing at purchaser's cost. J M CAPERT0N. Trustee. n.3P d W. L. WALL A CO . Ami*. DY LATIMER A CLEARY, II Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest oorner ^PeiuylvMiiaaviMiua and Uth at,, CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court Hpof the District of Oolumtda, pa sed iu cause * No. 3,044. Slade et al. vs. Slade at al., I will sell in front of the premise*, on MONDAY, tha Ifith day of June, 1873. M 6>4 o'clock p tn , Lot U aud 90 feet front of Lot S5 by the depth thereof. In Square 657. Lot H is 40 feet front, andwill be sold in three r(reels of 30 feet each. This property is situated oa terce street, between L and M and 1st and Rew Jersey avenue, northwest. Terais of sale : One-third cash, and the balance is 6, Hand 18months, with eight per cent. Interest per annum, the purchaser to give his notes for the de ferred payments, endorsed to the satisfaction of the Trastee. A lien will be reserved on the property tintil final payment is made. A deposit of ?100 will be repaired on the sale of each lot. If ths terms of ?s'e are not complisd with in six days tha property will be resold at the cost of the defaulting pnrchaaer. All conveyancing at the cost ef the pnrchaaer. je4-d*de LATIMER A CLEaRT^'T^U. THOS. E. WAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, ftlM 7th street VERY VALUABLE PROPERTY,#19,OR 14th, BETWEEN I AUD R STREET*, MORTH V? EOT. SOn MONDAY, Jnne lttth.M i o'clock y. m., I shall sell 011 the premises above-tnen rioned 1 art of Lot tl, In Square SIS, fronting B feet on 14th . treet. T< rms day ef sale. jtt J I Rep) THOS. B. WAGGAMAN, Anct. BT A tLRBV WHARF.feet af Masif TO COHTBACTORS AMD MRR01 Cargoes of STORR, OOAL. HAY, lUMRIjL Ac., discharged froai vessels and storsd or dakvered it the shortest notice and lowest raise. ?-1 f g 1. AtLRR. AUCTION SALES. IV LATnmt * CLEaBT, Ac-O- imw> aud BmI Estate Brnkm, MtbtMl corner at P?uurlrwl> ifigt aud Elev en*. b rtreH, SUr OAc* VaiMiti. THRU rnmr FBAMB Hors KIOHTH 8TRKKT NORTHW" 1*81. Bo. l?3? SffoS*' "* B* M AMD N 8TRBBT8, AT AFOWM M A On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, Jane Uth, at ?6)1 o clock. we will toll la front of ikf irwiiMi, ??Lot & in Ooyle's nob. of lot? 7,8 and ?. in square Bo 4M. fronilni l( ffd 10 InrhM on tk* **?! stde of 8thetr*??and running besk ? feet to aa alley. a?d improved by nthree-etorr Tram- Honee,containing niMroM aad hall; hydrant la yard. Tamu liberal ana wilt be m?l<- known at time of Ml#. LATIMER A CLBABT. lef-ddds ( B-r ] A actio- oers. ?PCHCANSOB. POWLING A CO., Ancfre, Southeast corner 8th aad D etreets aortiiweet. IfBTDAY AFTI-RNOOH, Jan* lSth, *73. at 5 30 o'clock, ve shall offer for sale, 1 at public anction, to the bigk**t bidder, in fr >nt I of the premises. Lot 9 In square 1400, situate oft 1Mb itreet M?(, between s -nth M ana eouth N -tteet', having a front of *3f-et, with a depth of 117 feet 6 iarhea. improved by a Fram- Mouse. T< rm?. Onr tbird caah, balance in ait and twelve month*, with notee bearing interact, secured b> deed of tm?t. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost A deposit of SW required at time f sal*. DCNCAHSOH, DOWLING 4 CO . jpft d Auctioneer*. 11 *13 B Y GREEN * WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, No. 1001 northwest corner 10th and D at* CHANCBRY SALE Off REAL BSTATBIN TH K COCBTT OF WASHINGTON, IB THK PIS TK1CT OF COLUMBIA (OF W. D. C. HUB POCK,) ABOVE GEORGETOWN 8 A LB TO TAKE PLACE AT AUCTION ROOMS OF GREEN A WILLIAMS. NORTHWEST ''OR NKB OF 10th ANB D STREETS. IN WASH INGTON CITY SI) virtue of a decree passed br the Snpr?rr> ? Court of the District of Columbia, in Ejuity cause No. 2.7S4, George W Linville et al vs. Willism P C. Mnrdock et al., we will sell, at rublic anction, at the anction room* of (ireen * William-, northwest corner of 10th and P streets, in the city of Washington, P C , >n Tl'BSPAY. the I 7th day ef June. A P 1<73. at the hour of 6 o'clock p m., L>ts 21. 21, 33.24,25, 26, S),3I, and St. of our subdivision of a part of a tract of land lying and being in t h? county <?t Washington, in the Pi?fr1et of Columbia, callet Friendship, bt. Philip and Jacob, and resurvey on Jacob. Each of the above lots contain* from five to t* enty acre*. The land is situated on two r-ads leading into th Ridge road, and by tln-ee road* to Georgetown and Washington, and ie only two and a half mile* fram Georgetown. The new road about to bo ma<1e by the Board of Public Work* will bring this property neim-t to Georgetown The land i* of good quality, and part of if wo vi land. all well watered. The land i* suitable for ag ricultural*. and is in a vary b-althy loca tion. There i* erected on *aid lot 25 a large new Flaur Mill, in good rv.nning order abd condition, with watercourse. Th- n.lll wiil be open aud "Object to in*pection to all person-*. One lot will be aold with privilege of two or more lot* on line of lot ?oi<l. A map of tlie property to be aold can l?e ? y>n at Gr,-<-n I W illiamn' ancti n room. T< rns* <>t *ale: One-aixth caeh, and the lialance in thirty eQual nientbly pa>iueiiU. with intereat at the rate of t'-n per centmn p>-r antinni fr-tm lay of ?ale until paid, with security to the 'atisfaction of th recei?el>. and a lion retained oa the property aold; or the purchase money can l>e paid in caah or upon -liortcr lime than a* afort iHid. at aani? rate of inter eat. A deposit ft will be required of the pur chaser :?t time of ?ale. All con\e> ancing and ?tamp< it coat of pnr<'ha?er Plats of the prop-rty will be exhibited at the time of nale. WM F. MATTINGLY. ) PHILIP A. PAKNKILLK.; Receiver*. V M J MILLER. S jld *d? _<;REEN A WILLIAMS. A nets. BY LATIMER A CLEART, Anctioneers and Beat Km ate Broker*. Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and lit la at.. Star utile* Buikiiug. CHANCERY SALE OF VALT'ABLE REAL ES TATE IN S^UAKK NO. B\ vir:ue a decree uf the 8upreuie C >*irt ? ?! [ the l)i?ti ict <>f Columbia, pa?*ej in t?u?e N ? '.T.l'T.'!, William FletniniDg and eth-r- against McN air and . tL, r?, I will sell, in fr> nt of the preui i?e?, t n TUESpA Y. the 1 Tth day of Jnne, 14.3, at bS o'clock p iu., the north half of lat No ft, frout ii'g thilty feet eight inches on Massachusetts ave nue, bv e'ghtr t' et deep more ?r l.-ss. Al* >, the south half ot lot N<> ft, having a front of thirty f--et on n- rth G street, by ninety-two feet deep, more or less, with the in.proveni--iils tneie n. Also tin north half of lot No. |). ha\ ing a front f thirty f -et ? ivlit incbee on Ma?sa< husett* avenue by eighty five feet, more or less. Also, the sout V part of T>t No 6, with i:upro\euivuts thereon,having a front ot thirty !? et eti northG afreet. h\ one hundred fMttaa, nion or lena. Also, the s..oth part of lot No. 7, with the improvements thereon, having a front of thirty feet ou north O street by one hundred feet deep, more or ie*s. Also, lot 8. hav iu$ a front on Massa chusetts avenue seventy feet eight in< Ue?, bv an average depth of ninety-five feet au 1 a half; all in -<i'.ari 966. Tliia property is situated between MiiKsachusett< a\enue, nortt f? street, Sew J-T?ey avenue and 2d street northwest T-rnis of sale; One-third cash; balance in *ix, twelve, and eighteen months, witn interest at the rate of eight per cent per annual. The purchasers to give ttieir note* endorsed to the satisfaction of the Trustee. A lien will be retained on the proper ty sold until flnal pa) nient is made. If the terms of -ale are not complied with in six days the property will be resold at the cost of the delanlting purcha ser. A deposit of |1U) will be required from the puichaser of each lot. AU convey aiicing at the ex pense of the purchaser. B 8 OAVIS, Trustee, jtd LATIMER A CLBARY. Aucts |)Y LATIMER A CLEAR*, D Real E*tate Broker* and Anctlon?er*. Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and Uth it.. Star Office Building. TR? STEE'S SALB OF PBSIRABLE IMPR0V EP PROPERTY ON P STRKET, BETWEEN lain AMI) 13th STB NORTH WEST. e Under and by virtue of i deed of trust, bear ing date the 29th day of October, A. P 1472, and duly recorded in Liber No. 094, folio 4ft3, et *?-)., one of the land records for Washington county, Pis trict of Columbia, and by direction ->f the party se cured thereby, I shall sell on 8ATUBPAY. July 9, 1873. at 6X o'clock p m., the fid lowing described pr< peit>; Part of Lot 15,in square N '.M, more particularly described as follows: Beginning at a point on the north line of said square, at the end of saventy-nlue feet, seven aud five-eighth inches from the northeast corner of said *<jnare, and running thence B^Pth eighty-three feet fonr and three-fourtn inches; t. nee due west to the we?tern line of said lot 1ft; thence due north along the western line of said lot 1ft, eighty-three feet four an-l three fourths inches; thence due east to the place of beginning together with the Improvements thereon, Consist lug of a three-stoiy Brick Pwelling Terms of *n'e ; Amount eecnr*d bv said trust (IJ3^?w?, together with expenses of *ale, in cash; balance in 12 and U months. The notes of the pur chaser bearing interest to b* taken for the deferred payments, secured by deed of trust on the premises sold. If the terms of sale are not complied with w ithin six days from day of sale the trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and ost of ihe defaulting purchaser. ?1M down at tun -of sale. Convej ancing at purchaser's coat. A. K BBOWNB, Trustee. j4-eo4ds LATIMBB A CLBARY. Aucts. 1>Y LATIMER A CLBABT, 1) Auctioneers aud Real B*tate Brokers, Botthwest corner Pennsylvania ave. and 11thstreet, kStar Office Buildings. TRUSTEES' SALB OF A VALUABLE BUILD I/SUffl&Sfr.- 8TB?"T'"** *T S By virtue of a deed of t ru*t. dated the 3d day of October, A - P. MSB, aud recorded in Liber T aud R, No. 3, folio 322, of the Land Records >( Washington county, the subscribers will sell to the highest Didder, on the premises, on TUESPA Y, the SiTth day of May, A. D. 1873, at A o'clock p. ro . L >t numbere,) 4.(four,) in square numbered 218, (two hundred and thirtv-eight,) in the city of Washing ton. District of Columbia, to pay $2,343, with inter est trom October 3,18(8. and expenses. The terms of sale are; One-fourth cash.(of which l$lu?mu*t be paid at the time of the sale,) and the nsidne In equal sums iu 6,12. 18 and 24 ni >nllis, for which the purchaeer must give notes, b-'ariug inter est at seven per cent per annum, pavable semi-an nually, and secured by a deed of trust on the prem ises. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. If the terms are not complied with within five davs from the day of sale, the Trustees reaervs th-? right to resell the property, or anv part thereof, to the highest bidder on the premises, for cash, on tec days' pnblic uetice in th> " Evening Star," Wash ington city, at the risk and coat of the purchaser in default. ANTH. HYPE, I . JAMEb W. CORCORAN. < Truces. *21 2awAds LATIMBB A CLEABY, Aucts. W THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONBP until THUBSPaY, the 46'h day of June, 1873, same hetir and place. Ilv mder of th? Trustees m*i 2aw A'ls LATIMER & CLBABT. Ancts. BT GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. No. 1001, northwest corner loth and D ?t?. COl'NTBY RE8IDENCB AND FARM NEAR LANHAM feTATION, OH BALTIMORE ANP POTOMAC RAILROAP, NINE MILES FB0M WASHINGTON, D. C , AT AUCTION. On TI ESPAY, the 144th day ol June. 1573, pja on the premises, at 3 o'clock, we ?haR sell thd **above property. The place contains ab -nt 172 arre* of iand,im Cjved by dwelling-house, two tenement houses, ge barn, stabling. Ac. A variety of soil adapted to fruit, early gardening, grain, ?e. Timber and meadow laad. with good water. Trains on Baltimore and Potomac Railroad pass station within ten minutes' walk of b~>u?e. Post office, school and church in neii{kWrBood. Standing crops will be ?old with tb? property Stock, implements, Ac., at valuation. Terms; One-third casn; balance in 1,tendSyears, with notes bearing interest and deed of trust ou the property. For farther information see A. C. WIPPR COMBE. Oflce VIS F atreet, between the hours of 9 and 1 o'clock daily. GRBSN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. j9-eoAds {Rep, copy Jnne 18.] BT VSS&mVSilm. Brokers, t corner of Peon, nrenoa and Uth TRCBTBB'8 SALE OF A COMFORTABLE TWO 8TORT BRICK OR THE WEST IUDB OF 13th street, between W AND BoCN 1>ABY STREETS, RE1NG Mo. BM4. * ? Under aud by virtue of a oertain deed of trust, bearing date on the Uth day of Map, A- D> W72, duly of racocd in Liber Eo. MB, fSTio 2SA, one of the land records for the District of Columbia, aad to me directed, I will self, at public anction,to the highest bidder therefor,on THl'RSPAT, the lOtb day of June. A. P. UTS, at OH o'clock p. m. on the premises. Lot s umbered mimtw ligfct iffl, in B. K. Allen's subdivision of part of east half of Bqi numbered twe hundred and thirty -four (281), in city of wt city of Washlngton.tofether with tbe Iniprore < nsieting of thro M| Brick PweHinc, being Me 89M 13thstreet northwest. Term of sale: One-third caah; a?d tbe reaidne In is of aata: nal Tn7al nterest It rt ion m 1 _ ______ cash to be paid at tbe time ef sate, and if tbe terras two equal InaTalmenta at six and tw<lv* months, witb Intereat from the day of sals, secured to tbe satisfaction of the Tiae8si. One hundred dollars of aale are not complied with within five 4ay? there after , the Trustee reeervea tbe right to reeeU upon w #*a.. J.A ?-? - a cost of tbe defanltinjt nnrchaeer. m^.7 T?aTWERE* C LI ART, Aucu. AUCTION SALES. DT LATHI KB * CiliBT. n licbwuw Ml BmI Irnli Broken, DottbMtl **< lM HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. WHISEIE* Bp., AT AUCTION. A Oa BAT CRb AT (TuBorumi, Jaae 14. lH laT3. co?ing at 19 o'clock. 10 frM>t of M|'<?r nctt?? ivnai, w* aiiill h(I th< following If |?nlck? * Walaal Bep Pariar Sottas. W i!nm MkrMr T >p fbarot-r Hat*. PaiiiltUC Uif' rirnlur*. H*ir and Haw MuinHiw. Pillows aad BM#n, Ou? *?4 W(Od IWt Ohsir-, ?xterwion and Khor Dining TiMm, Martd* T?? W?liiii?_HWHi*rti, Refrigerator*, Tin Safe*. A< Oooking ud Hn ing K?*m Tt B IS Alio, One Herring Firrprool Safe, (>?? ?" Top Bwit , Single H stress. R<sb?. WMa, ?r , Oa- W? Draft Vinli?apl *e. Auo On* BrM I of Superior Old Whisky, Brandy. Rum. Gi*. Skjrn . Port. and Mad--tift Wim Terms clfh UTIMER * CLEARY, Auftt. T THOS r. WiMAIAf. Real Estste Auctioneer, 41* 7th street. V*T.UAB1 K UNIMPROVED PROPERTY OK ??tk ht?m:t.b?tw(ik p and q. north WBT. ? MT S!I>I SOn MONDAY. Jut ? l?th,atB?'cl s* p. m? I ?ball oger at cubi c aucti >a the ah?> pn^> rrtv. bay itig a fro at of 15 feet 6 iuche- on 4th Terms cn d*y rf *ale .13 THOS. K WAOGAMW A net. Y B H ffARNT.B, K *! Estate Broker and Auctioneer. No. 7** 7th street, bet wt?en Ua&tU sts. CHANCERY HA LE or VU.UAULK EEAI. rs ESTATE m B? ?trt??iifajp. r>? |Mm) on the l!*h day W I Jud?. is.3, iii the hupr. ? ?? Court et tfci- I?i> ? triit 4 C lumbia, i aase No. JfcM. D? ckrt U. tl ?u?#enr,*B?d, will n th iini P?i ? ?t J< \r , HP. *t ?? oVlock r m ? "Ber t- r ?ale the fol'ow tog d ?er:h?1 re?t eats'e. situated 111 the city of W*?hit gton ,P.O , ?lf I/O letter* | O iti John R Kii'iwy't ?aMhidix of txiniul I 'tl.intioarc Ho. M.S. Terms of sale: One hundred dollar* down >a <*ay of sale, balance in i* and twelve m uths,witli in terest at e)c?i? p?r cent p-?r annum, ?e-"ire4 br d-e?t ot trr?t njvin the pr?tnl*?s. In cawthf t?nn? of sale *re n"t Mnflisd with the p-op*rt? will b* resold at the ri?k and cost <>f the d*faulMng pur chaser. All conveyancing at the cm* ot the pur .lia-t i . SIDNEY T THOMAIM i>AMl *1. A R\PI' \ ?'**'*??? j 13 B .11 W ARNER. Aacfl?ii?er. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aaictloaem, Northwest corner luth and D street* SALE or ?I\TT TWO VALUABLE BTIl PINT, L??TS IN SOUARF 17? ON I6tm AMD 17th AND Q AN P R STREET* N. W SBi ?irtn?' of the authoritv rnttsilM In ad*ad eircnt.-d on the lltli \y d June. 1S73. anddulr rerord?d, the anderstened will .>ff< r. at nultlic upon the prninoos, on MHNDAT, the tfrtl dajr <>f J one. 1-73, at A o'clock p m , lots na'uber?l from 11" 45. Incl'i'lre, and from 6i to *1. tni-tu'lr.-. of John It Tnrton?? saMiti?<on >f wjn^r- 17? Th?*-' lots are rery d'>s?rable for t>nildine purp<?e?. b>-in* |orat> <1 io a r >p*dly improving S' cti>n f th- cltv. anJ the itroand l>eitgt high iuiI well located and tlie lota of i nnvenieot M**. M aill b>' >wn frrnn tht> plat The pr pt-rty will l?e sold iu ^n.iutit ?? to ?uit purrhs?*rs. T<mi? .>f sal'-: Oiie-h:?lf in rn?li. of which a d>-p*rt of ?J.s on ??acb l?-t will b* r^iniml at thettm--f -ale, the r>'meitid<-r in e.|ual iii?taltin*nts at i ami 12 Bowk*; Mi" ieferixd parn^ats t< l> nnm I*y ti t-? of the pnrc'tas' r, hrtrif iut-reat at 6 per cent , and de?d of trust on the property, ff the pat chiter" fail to cnirlj' with th" terms aithinten da><? nfter sale, the trrtst?<Mi r??er*e th? right to re sell tl:e property at the risk ard fat of ?nch defanlt ine purchaser. All couvfjantin* at th- coat of the ; purcliaa-r. :V, .1 I R p | G HE EN A W ILLI AMS. Au-ts._ BY ULEEN A WILLIAMS. Anct1.?aer<, Bui/th -aat corner 7th aud P streets. I crARPIAN sale or A first cla-s pri \ATE RESIPENCE PROSTlNti ON K bTHEKT HORTH, BETWEEN 4r.t A>P Jrit I STREETS WEST ?By *ir?u^ of a decree ?f tb?- Sttpr?me t.'ottrt i of the Pistrtct ot t' luttibia. li dding >-j??- 'al ! t-rm. pa>s'^! on th<-J3-I day of July. A. I> IS7I, n|w.u th.-p4-titloti ot \ 11 >[:m* M> Elfreoli, gutrdiati to the minor children f nenrf M Ilfr^h..l?r?w?). 1 oliall wll at piil-lic uttrtjnn, ?n W KI?N l'SP \ T, I iht- Kith day "f June, A. P. I-CS, at o'clock p m , on tin premise*, being part ?*t Lot num>>*r< d twen ! ly two, in Bgnare nualisrM fl?e hnndre.1 md ai* t>fii, havniK At feet front by It! fe^t 7 incli^a d>'ep to a 3n foot pa\ed alley, with a line pr.?a?>l-l.ricfc Trout H'?u*e and Laaement. with all tu ?d?rn mi proTi nients; water, Ac., in the >?ard, making atirst cl??s private re?id"nce. Terme One-third ca?h; balance 6 and It months, inferred payment* to I* ured by n >t?* of purcha ?er sn?l ? lien retani"d upon the premises, or the jimkMM may pay all caeh at hi? or her option. CoUTej ancirg and stamp* at thf C"<t of the porx Sa ser. .?!?? dep. ?it on tli day of ?ale Ana if the t*nu? of *ale arr- note mplied with within Are days *ft> r the day of sale the Guardian reserve* th* right to resell the property at the ri?k and cost of the de ranlttDg purchaser by advertising three time* |q lotue ij? ?*(???per published *i> Washington city VIRUINIA M.'EL EREKJI, Cuardiati. je!3 d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Am w. B YPrNCAKBOM. BOWLING A CO .Aucts , Southeast cotaerof 9th and P streets northwest. TRLSTEES SALE OK IMPBOVEP PR<?PKBTY ON 3:< STREET EAST. NEAR PEN N SY L V A - MA AVKNCE. AT PLULI' ATt'TIOB. ^ By \irtneof adeed->f fast, dated Septemb*r IB Al. isiw and daly tecordad in Ltb^r T and K N 17. f dios 21tf, .Vc , one of the laud record* ol Washington county, in the pistr ct of < ol'imb a, and 1>? direftton of the partlM* secured thereby, we wil sell ?t public acntion, to th* hi*h?<* ?o<ld?e 'n front of the premise*, on MORPAT A PTEBNOON, June :iOti,.loT3. at 6S o'clock, part* of lot nnaibered ffiHU. (1A.I in *<iuar* uumle-red seven l>nndr*.1 anil' rixty two. (7t2.) a* said lot and s?4flare ar* laid ta?n "Ud dLstinA"i*hed i n the pi it tor plan of saidclty. B' gini in? f >r said part of lot a the scuth -ast coi ner of ?aid lot and rot ing thence west ei*ht iee.l t5i feet. thence north twent*-<u>vea (V) feet, th^nca -set eighty five (OR)feet, and theuce* >uth rwnnty ?eren (27) feet, tx the le*sinning, togHlier with the improy, no-tits, a two-story brick house. Tetms of sale: One third cash; the balance in two 'ltial instalments of six and twelve m <nth? with uterest. The purchaser to give notes secured by a leed of trust on the premises sold All conveyancing st thefo-i of the purchaaer Oae hundred dollars lowu as soon as the property is sold, and if th* terms cf the sale are not complied with within ten lays after the day of sale, the trustees reserve th* right to rs?ell the property at the risk and cost of the defaulting purc*-a**r. after ten days public notice. B B. WHITE. # Tr-?\*-* JNO. H ?EMM?S,<Tn,w** elSd P! N? ANSON, POWLING A ? O . Ancts. BV GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. No. 10*1, northwest corner luth and P sts. VALUABLE PRIVATE RB8IPENCE, OPPO SITE GEN. SHERMAN'S FRONTING ON I 8TBEET NORTH. BITWEIN 9u AND Id STREETS WIST, AT AUCTION. - Ou WBDNEfePAY. the llth instant, at 6 o'clock p. m., we shall sell, on the nremis**, a handsome three-story Bilck HOUSE, with i hi.a double back buildinf, with all intern lm ?ro\ entente in perfect order; having a due Stable Mid Carriage hou*e Lot Iwiuf %) feet 8 inches Front by 130 feet deep to a public alley . Being house Wo *80 Terms: St.OH* cash: balance 1, B. S. 4 and 3 years, or notes t earing d per cent interest and secured by i deed of tiu*t on the premises add. All conveyan cing. Ac. at the cost of the purchaser. down in the day of sale. jft d GREEN A WILLIAMS. AucU. ?/"THE ABOTE SALE IS POSTPONEP. ON mount ot the rain, until MON PAY. Juue 16, 1*73, aiue hour aad place jl2 d GREEN A WILLIAMS, A nets. KI B. H. WARN Kit, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer Ko. 7 U'J 7th street, between 0 and H street*. HAMERY SALE OF VALUABLE IMPBOVEP PROPERTY ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF K STREET. BETWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AMD FIRST STREET BAST. AT Al't'TION. ? By virtue of a decree ol the Sapr me Court of the District of Columbia, paaand iu tlie cause of Tucker and Sherman vs. J allies M. Onnes. No. JB66 Equity docket 12,1 wilt sell at public auction, n front of the premises, on THURSDAY. June la, 873. at 6 o'clock a m , Lou Nos. 3(3. 227. lis 29. 2*). 211. 231. 233, 2M. and 236. ia B. F. Git lert's recorded subdivision of square <73. tnffet'ter rith the improvements thereon, consisting of e|?. rant three-atory press brick front dwellings. Thi* iroprrty is add to satisfy a mechanic's lien of about J230 and subject to certain incumbrances which rill be'Biade known on the day of aale Term* for the amount realized above aaid inmta iranc- s cash. If term* of saie are not complied with i it hi i. fiy dais afur sale th* pr >p*>rty will be rueoU it the risk and &>st of the defaulting purehMer. |MI lown on each accepted bid. Coareyanciug at pur liaser's coat. FRANK G. DANIELS. Trustee. m21 eoAds B H. WARNER, Auct. BTTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED uitil dONPA Y, Juue t(3. WT3. same hour and place By order of the Trustee j 12 B H. WARNER. Amt BY GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, No. 10*1 northwest comer Mth and D Ma. t'ERY PESLBABLE BUILDING LOT AT THE CORNER t?F PBLAWABB AVENUB AND KOBTH C STREET AT AUCTION. ?A On MONDAY, the lAth instant, we aUall s-ll H^on the nrciuises, at ? o'clock p hi., part Lor N . ^^?10, m S.taare No. MS, having a front of S3 feet ?n Delaware aveane, running bark with the line of lorth C street 124 feet 11 iachesto a wide alley. This s acom.f M, beaatifall) located and coowuaadiag >? tftitiou. Terms of aale : One -third cash, of which 110) will >? required paid down at time of sale; balance in wotijust 1i*talmeats at < and IS moaths.for notes ^arltig interest from day of aale. A de-d given and i dead.of trust taken. All conveyancing at coat of "?U V*' GREEN A WILLIAMS, At DY LATIMER * CLEABT I) Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, C?nffnr "pSkot TWO PE5IRAPLE BITLJ YORE AVRNUf 4th ANP Srit AT AUCTION. m Wewiliiffer for sale at public aoctl??a. ia ?llr. i.t of the prewuasa. an VI EDNESDAT, Jaua *l^h. Ifl, at OS oU?k p. m., LJtiBo*.? ind 43. in White. Carust and Mattiagty^ suUitvi )loa of original Lot No *. "s?iuare Na. ?l? Bach lot has ? front af it) fe?* ?** tache* aw New fork avenue, with a? ateraga depth ot feat to an alley. . _. ... Terms One-thirdaaeh.ba4ne*as?4andlB LE BUILPINO LOTS ON NEW l8TiiK??SlK,r.IK with iaterest at 4 par oeat. Deferred p?a?m- its to he sec ured b?tho ?te* ofI Us purchaser aad a teed of tru^t on n?e pr. party, jsojon m sacj W ? ben soki C"H?ve?aares at purrhsasrS peat Title perfect or no aaV. Speeial aad gaa^ral tasss paid A plat of the propmy c*a be aeea rn Mia o?ce of the aact i oarers X B. WHITE tt. ?. ?nii ma A**|gD'esof J*:o. ? 0 hi;1>r LATIMER * ULEAtr, At.'t EVENING STAR A Sotbl |rg4iutt*(.-l vrtttr m> tft? Ch,. *?? - - l^sirvtr. of UHttilla, i| ^Mdirlt^ ?k?fk auf ChMUu r*?af >en kt?? far dancing txtk nwnd i4?*Hr* "ee. ??4. I* mmMtng ?ko?< foe ? r*Mf *? I Mr fact in* each crooked patk*. hs | wwtt'.j ?o.:g?at? that th. t marry nrvrnfily ai I eighteen He mv* "Im th* (trl? marr? ?i eighteer. and tke evil w?l die onf. ki.iod |.y new tftfrtMW and V>\ bono* 'alfl.tod I k??t wtiM?rnr?ftra"<1 " Tw? U a pr^t? gout kin. for in bom caae* fb? v??ng oli v* r rnt>M ? I J u-aa If COP' bndding forth attar a mw4 I require ton Mark cluao tttwOw to tllw ? mother to wkrrl lr tke wliptuoai menanra* af 110 St o is*' vtitiM. There ??, kmv?r, ati j ailkrw who will continue to w*l<t in ? ^'rof iimI bahiee. Thev generally btf* nnraee and totdmna to aM thei ia tfcatt awitonto the soo!?? gj_Bi Or aim a?? >a? at tke uo?t remarkable il>e tration* of the mj?Urk>u. liar that separatee the deadly and the wkaloLnae la nalare m given ia the Kagliah Medical Tr?a>. which xttlrt that tbf poteon of tkf oekra tke Ml venomous of Uit Fast liuli* art prat*, haa h?M chemically analysed. (Wing tbr following ro *ulta tIar\>on. ??-. uitruoeu. Ll. oxygen. fc, sol pbur, ?*., tbr rest hvdroge-i Tkta I* exactly the (V|Hposition of beer yea?t. Tkr latter ta uMd in manufacturing tUr" -1*0 of IMa, bread, the former w *0 leadl* in it* natuie that when taken from tkr snahe aud preaerved. and afierward injected undrr th?' ?iin of annua**. .* I. X *? * ? - . - ?- ? '?* ?*?! Ul iTHIl it In i man ml lately fatal. Tkr laboratory of na ture ia far nnfc wonderf ul than that at tkr hu m*0 chemist?A". F. <M ?<-rwr. A T Rtriuia A^i'Atim.?The I)'iviiis car wh!cli Irtt hu*. 't# lor t/allfoi n.a laaC *e k, contained sixty full grown black I-era sixty bre. ding catfish. sixty fiill-gvown yollow percb. twelve full (roan Lorn-pouts. twrira g'a/s eyed pike. fifty breeding erla. l.omi tw ' striped lu- fifty yearling pcrck, seventy lar^e lobsters, on. barr.l young (*e lect? d* oyster*, beside* which 100 tMo Hudson r ?or shad were taken or at Albany. aud -oniea hat lea* than loo .OH' ainall CtU we* alaoe fotm-TfJ. There we* a large .juantitv oi *ra v at. r on board for the hen fir of the loliatera, oy?tri>. and tautog*. Tht? liaf in. lu.b> eleven Tatlrtireof A*k not native to ralilorma. Tm Flowii Miaaioai Tbe Mi<a of l?r. Itellowr" ckurrk kavr for ?e\rral rr*r? Itrra rngiiurd in tkr work of ?ti[>r>lviiig ttir ko?pitala in the cit* with tlowe?> iliiring thr aiimmrr mortTia. The* mrt e?^tierdav a<<nnn| in the Siindav wbool room 'of All fcoul"- I'hnrob. ia Court k a venae, to receive contribution* of flower-, and to prrjiare thom for diatnliutioM. Tbe flower* are distributed bv trie ladle* per ?Or,ally, once a week l?nrui( tbr month of .lune. however, when rti*? are very plentiful, tbe viaitation* are made twice a week Tka minion Im not denoralnat onal. and the co .|M?ra tion ot all ladle* lethaukf ully welcomed.?X. 4*. Cop mrrce. A IIioh-Pkk'bd Kia* ?Mr*. Jane W*rd. *twt 4^. aife at an e>-a**iaiaut Kunenuteudrnt rf tbe Greenwood t'em. terv. *ur<! George tlaia gee. aii|^iintendent of the "tabor department of the crmeterv in the Krooklvn city court. Hho > omplained tbat (iamgee attempted to kiw her, and bad at variou* tinir**howri her other atirn 1 ww of adiftaidef lit nature. tth? wantcM ?.r..o<HI darnu.s. Mr. tiamgee i* Ni year* old. H? d? n ed tl>at be ev?-r attemptod to kiaa krr. Mea. Ward teatiked in her own behalf, and minutely related tbe detail* of tbe attempted ki*?ing; l ut the jur> could not be eonviuced. and *to? .o?t tbe auit?-?V r. .v?a, H>k. ATTrumn Parricit>b a*i? Srrctt>? ? Fred. Hecko. living ia l>e.-aiur. 111., went h una Tocday evening after a three day*'dtbaucb, ????' wa* invited to take a ?eat at the au^cr t*l>le by hi* mother, vrhercujK>n he comiueiicd al>u?ing b?T with vile laiijfuagc. Hi* father ren onMiated, and toid bini be murt . enar or have the houne. at which be drew a revolver md *hot hi* father in tbe face. Inflictir.g an u> Iv t>ut not daiigeroil* wo>ltid He then fired a ball into hi* own brain. At la*t ac? .m:it* bn wa* in adying condition. Two or thrkb h loui oiRi.a here are <im*e *ick from swallowing hearforane flower*. Tftrir lemancr wa*. tbat whenever ikey *w?llowed oneot theae flower* whole, ami then etMenaej a wi*li. thev would have it gratiftr.1. Prnwic acid in tbe flower* made tbem quite aiefc. The romance wa* voted a humbug?Arfcea* (<??.? Tr I'from. SlLf-SAl uiKii e. ? Boy ,to ladv TL"il<ir) "Teacher, there ? a gal over tiiere a wiukiu' at me." Teacher?"Well, then, don't look a* her'" Hoy?"Hut If I don't look at ber ahe II wiuk at m<du body el*?!" a single public improvement bo naninl that wa* not vigoroualv u|i|?ae<l when it wa* first suggested? *y~H. ardstown. III., manifest* it* lor?t option in a municipal appropriattoii ot ?!,uuO for Ui? erection ot a distillery. ?^Alexander Heron, flaidremer, ot U m lw, Scotland, met hi* death bv falling three toot i rom a bale ot jute to tbe Mdewatk. ?S7-"New Ckicago" ia what thev call it m?r It i* to be hoped tbat the morala of tbe old citf will be improved under the new. A Virginia gallant recently wooed, won aud wedded a maiden fair, all within hall an bour of hi* first introduction to ber. B*~An observant man of tke world remark* that when a voung widow reaumea tight coraeta it ia to show ber admirer* tbat ake ia ao laced. fMn Matilda Gage pnrpoar* eahaaativw pal liceloqaence inOatmria V.,to win tka *\mpathy of all potential Jurymen for Mia* Ai thony in ber coming trial. WAtlanta ha* tooled with the spiritualum buaineaa until It has raieed a medium rn tba shape of a baby fourteen month* old. tbat wntoa messages I rom tbe spirit land. Win old gander attacked a two-year-old l?ov in Montreal, a day or two ago, aud ao frighten* d bim tbat be was thrown into convul sion* and died. WAn ingenious poulterer ha< taken a bint from the lowaeyclone and invented a powerful be: lows, with wbicb be blows tbe feather* oil chickens instead of picking them WMr. Fuller, tbe editor of the Baltimore Amen. an. writes to his paper from I?r?aden, that German mothers wean their babies on beer. ?7"Worches*er, Mass., thinks it ought to have a board of tra 1e. Portsmouth. N H . reapouds. through the Chronicle, tbat it ha* one tbat it will aeI. Cheap. ?7""Hand*ome coffin, plate, bearne. an4 car riage for $a.'' ia tke announcement of a New York undertaker. This bring* funeral Usuries within tbe reach of the |>ooreet. WA Pittsburg coroner make* no charge where he sit* on a young man who parted hi* hair in the middle.' He says that hi* personal satisfaction is enough witboet tbe tee. K7-Three incorrigible bachelor* in Indiana have made up a puree of aiooto procure asllyer tea-set, to be awarded the ugliest woman on exhibition, willing or unwilling at the Knox county fair. ?^?A Brooklyn sea-captain, just returned from a tour of the Holy Laud, exj rewe-1 him *el! disguMed with .lerusaUm. "It i* the mean est place I ever visited! There is not a drop of liquor in the whole town fit to drink." HARRIED, HTITIS-rClAST On tlir ?tk of April,by tke R?-? kr N rn*. Ur J S !?TITK8. t Baton. Ml, l? NARf K. DTL AM T, of U'askiugton, 1> C UNDERTAKERS. I^ItUAKO W. HAAVKV, . UXDBRTAJCMX. , Muo.t tm M HAKIM # MAH Ho W hrssn, bMwaak h iota and MMTALL1C BURIAL CASES AMD CASJLMtM tf srsr? dtxroun marl ty MHKOCDS, HA HITS ?? f^lt k&AAD W. BAkftU, CABINET ?!!(( AND C> UBHTAKBB, ? IB KLBVBHTB STKBBT. nanr * tOKMTVKB Ot ALL KIM VS MAVM AM A BEPAIBSV wkn 11*1.1 AM MALB.KTT, Was K/UflLI BOLVMO atonrlirotolots*if "Whr r j'rTiriB*i fiai IhT.1"- A' ??1 nnss oae.'JZw jj K ? ,Vr;r? r,V.cT vrr ,a~ to *5* r,Ca^V*Ai?? S^ss*?M?rsg^wr5r-*'K?? s-.Vcu?"?s-,sfiS3.yi?riBX5r ?sa Y -? 6^raf

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