Newspaper of Evening Star, 14 Haziran 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 14 Haziran 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. fiMfck?4 tally* Sufefi Wftti, AT THE STAR BUILDINGa, fti ithim mi nvsPirn nvai * A fritMrat TH1 EVENING STAR ta tarred by ewrton to ?elr sabcrlber* at T**C*:rr? ni wni.ot Fo a ri pen C*i>T? r?a Oo^taa at tha fcoaayaar.BA. wa Oairra UmooUm,?iMi raw flULT BT A ft? PtMhM Frtday-flJC araar. ?TUt?rW>li taad'aac?,tn hath ewaa.aad ? Ww Mat lot|w that paid lor. DRY GOODS. Alarming REnrcTioss Id ta* prif* of DRESS (<OUDS ! atnak rninrH to 1?S CENTS PER TARP, Abo, larp? k>t of REMNANTS AT JUST HALF PRICl. M?*S ?? yarda Saeat PERCALES t?ino?d to *>r Bargaire in WHITE GOODS aM V, I N E N ?< NEW GOHD9 EVEKT PAY OMLY O.XE PMCZ for Mm*. IHmtrtu** Paller*?. B O G A 51 A W Y I. I E , - ISIS?4 IMt Tth ?tr??t northmy. j\ o t i c e ; POSITIVELY SELLING OFF OF AN BSTIBK STOCK OF DRY AND FANCY OOOD9 AT C08T TO CLOSE BUSINESS * * rail tit* ?T*~rti'->n of the cnmmaritty to this sale, -specially rervetiuc dealer* to-i amine our ?t?? k as uw **?"?' ai*p?ee ..f the ,nicklv. The sti-ck cowists of ???0article*-a-r*lly kepi in first tlaas try ?t~ e? H >!ia?'?, and a? ?e. ery article in .>or hooae ie Vwi?ht by an experienced and elnee buyer i SKn .* JL-4a can be aiok~l uj. ?tVSEit ?7d?>?,n * Sfo?*? COTTON a?T,JJVSmL BLA, K THREAD at 50,60 and ?o k of iJU8IIK* *nd all other articles id proportion. .1*." ?*? *cr<*,t nf thr~ months a*a;ost approved int-r . ?? -I,.-ariac notes will be riyen **** m,mV7 " the FRONT, _ B*I1 ?rar> RRQS .Proprietors. |)R* GOODS TO SUIT THE POPULAR IDEA OF CHEAP GOODS. I< ? ?r*eVfUl 01 I>?*?8 ?<X>?3 ? extremely 8wi?e, Victoria aad Bishop Lawn?, Batiat and ?Vm^o a?LVL*':r w. yrtVle J*- 1 fr m 2..T *f!r h"%p- ^ '".V Dnck. ?nifaLle far boy* J r?it P^r land. U bite, trowo ind figure*! Jh!rf!T-*i Pr Cm '? ,u.?1 Linen Haudker d'y.1>-?gqMMr Flannel* and bleached and unbleached C ttona at reduced prices. For btrfuui in Dry U> od* call at . . R*ORT BAXTER S, J** H*'2> Penn?ylt ania awnn?. ? FAKGAIH8 IN DBF GOODS.?Androec>*?gin Y t.|ttoa, ?7c ? Wanwutia, AnNew Fork ITiIl*. Jc .ttbeviing Ootton in 8-4, #^4, and MM- Ttble J^ai. mTtc'p*1 *rrBlack Silk at #i 28. W"rth 75, Pvraao]*, 3?v. to J9. D>ylie?,T8r ?*r doc- a; Bin k Alp-*-**, 25r. to aj; Victoria ^**n< & ? Litiina Otnibrica, 10c.; print* *c Bieartied Cotton, rii-. All kunla of drrae ^ood* at ihe T?*??? ** bkodusad k ws, F itreet. between Uth and I3ih. BOOKS, STATIONERY^. \\ 'i8^* A.8TORV Ok' EXPKKIENOE. By * Lcui?a M Alcott, author of "Litil^ Wnn -n Uf BOTIONS OF THE DAY. By Dr. J,ha H UI. "AY. By Mr*. Ohphant PRO TECTION AGAINST FIftK. By Joa. Bird. GrlrJ^rJldHT^.^ri^Hrr0 , Wh"W U"'W ** Ai BALLANTYNE S, _ J,1,r 7th street. "THS AJtAKlCAN ODD FELLOW,"for May -T,k &'*?J* ,Ci1?' *I?L_f',r ??'? b? ? . .t SON. Ag^nu for Dintrirt nf Ha. northweat. Corner of I Also allth^new Bo ka, Ptrmaicala, Ac., and a full aa ar-rtinent of Statu nery, Ficiurea, Pictare Framea. mgtr |^IST OF NEW BOOKS AT SHItLllGTOS-S BOOKSTORE, Ooascm is Sirket iso Pun. Anm By P" Thackeray. ?Ss'r?"' "'-,m ??? Artiqnitlea of Bocthern Il.Ii?d* Above Tmui pe?t aad Tide. < tSr?"T-oBFl? "Whor 01 "St,WhnK>re" ? wv gVJiT'"irU By *"? Whl"?^. wtbor A Fair Saioa. By Jaatin McCarthy. Kew Renediee, for April, WT3. ??I"* V'l" A jonraal of aaoa ln< and i: at rr.ct 111- literature. B-->* of BngUnd. A youn? gentl-man'a ioarnai of ap-.rt. fun and literalnra. A Day with Tharlcw Dick-na fxnelm Chillingly. By Balwer. arm Bailada. By Will. Carleton. < IllnatraMd.i A larae rtock of BLANK BOOKS, PAS OOKS ^"/^MRANDCM BOOKS. NOT* PAPER LETTER PAPER, and PLAYING 0 ' KDS.atth* aery pnc^. myt tr J^OTltl, OPENING OF A I1W 8TAT10RRRT 8TOR1 AMD BLANK BOOK MA?l'FAOTORT . Flrat claaa aoada at fair prices, tor cat LITHOGRAPHING, ENORaVinG, PRIBTLB6 ^ AND BINDING DONE TO okDKR. Th? |QtUc art lnrltad to call and eiamh?ov mm* "OC*- BEN. F FRENCH. Under National Metrrpohtaa Bank, ?? _ ?td next door to Jar Oooke A Oo . VaMluto*. D O 1873 ftfcA%D 1873 Of SUMMER STYLES OP BLACK ALPACA COATS, DRAB D'ETI COATS. DIAGONAL EOHAIR COATS, FRENCH SERGE COATS, ? LIGHT COLORED STRIPED ALPACA COATS A. STRAIS, the t lathier, 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUB,* *>Ta tr Between 11 h and llth atreeta. JOHN 6. REISIM6ER. ICE CREAM PAVILION NOW OPEN. Faaii.iea and pwtlaa anpplied at reaannat.le term* Mo. 6U 8tm??t Boctiww ^AIRBAXKS LETTER SCALES! ft?ery alxe and atyle, at very low rates. THE C M\ ER>AL FAMILY SCALE. THE POCKET BETTER SCALES. ^ ?" "d alwar* read* to anppir am and -very and kind of LETTEit SCALE J tfca toaanlM tnrer ? lowe*t rates Wa also a full line of Commerrial and Rankers Stationery, Blank books, Caeh and D<eod Boxes. msi tr IOl5fp HABD "OHHIl A 0O., ?wl-tr 101* Penna. aTenoa. oornar Uth atraat J^aTaTA S T O M E . THE MARTLAND FREESTONE M A M. CO IS HOW KtJUY TO MMCSIWM OKithHi VOR STONb, tITHth SAtTKO OH EOUUt hlU SMSJOM. Apply at Covpany s office, CORNER K AND S*TH STREETS, Rack Craafc ?>?-?f C. W. HAYPE5I, Frealdeat. ?1AJUJ1 TBI GOLD tflOTACLIi om s?. ? R. HBMPLEft, opciciaa, Ma ?tr J1JMEJ UMEl LMMM~t ?m>r WOOD BURNT LIMB at SI aer barrel delivered to ail ?>rta f the city **r TUOMAS FAfaftY. VXk Mr^, a ear La a>?im. aorthwaat. a?d J. E SAVAGa. Feanayliania a*e., between 10th and Uth Hard Mo. 1SST PlIHTLUIU A? ?aai - ~ l^VE lCft ! DIlMOLUTIOft I BARGAINS BARGAIMS, in FAftCY GOOD! AND NOTIONS, at th? M?w York Baaar, 441 7ti Mies*, near ft. to settle the old Una. *-*??' J. n. TOUftG If J. MftlBftftGftft. r* ifaffnrtol.F I nsif, g o?.J MTTA1LOM AMUSEMENTS. g A 9 E BALL. LORD BALTIMORE vs. WASHINGTON. MONDAY. JUNE 16th, 19tS, 4:14 P. M OLYMPIC GROUNDS. Admission il i CfutB. It* Til* 9ERMAN AMERICAN CLUB Will under th? leadership of Profeeeor A. Necker. A SACRED CONCERT, On grSDAY, Jone the GERMANIASCHCSTZEB PARK*Gales Woods,I Irabfn and Mi Mr friend* admitted. it* f |'H E BEST RACK OP THE SEASON WILL 1 be trotted over Piney Branch Track, Mt>NI>AY, June 18th. KJ, 4 o'clock p. tii., between the follow! v> ell known Ttorses: H U. Mtd lit ton enters b. g RamMer. Chaa. R>pp?r enter* *. g. H>neitt J< hn. A T. Wtiiting enters b. g Charley Hayes. Por a jirw of (3M. O-ntlenien can rest assured that this will he a lively conteet, aa each horse Ha* a known reeorj >f J:tO. and it ia th<- intention of all that the best horse must % in. Admission, AO cents. jeM 3f AMOS FOX, Proprietor. | TUHo.l ?? EltlkiU*! INiwN ?M I aad Sal* I ?3V "?? uui'imn, 43* 7tb MreM, between D and ? streets, eight do<>ra above Odd Yellow1* Hall. Cbnlea Oil Paintings, Engrav lngs, Chromoe, Ac. Also, largest Mock Payer Hanging*. * ind?w Shade*, Picture*, Prame*, Picture Cora* ud Tu ?ela^&iunJiaUs, Ac, la the District. aP*TKRM8 CASH. Pie?* remember Bam* and Bomber. fl ly* All kinds op oast-opf weabing ap PAKEL can be sold to tb* v*ry beat advantage by addressing or calling oa JUSTH, SIS D street, betw**n Mb and 7th n. ?. Rot** by mail promptly attended to. OMh paid. fU I VLB GOLD, SILYER, BRASS, OOPPBR, Etc., v/ boagbt at fair price* for a New York boose Household Pnrnitare bought and sold Note* by mall pomvtly attended to by AUGEN8TBI3.140S P? nsylvaala avna* SB-ly* FESTIVALS. I^ESTIVAL.-The ladies of l*Tit STREETiS. A E > M E. CHURCH will hold a FESTIVAL in a large tent, near the church. for three evening*, commencing MONDAY, June 16th. Admission, 10 cents. It* l/ISTI V AL?Oa the loth ami 17th of June a I FESTIVAL, PAIR, and PICNIC, will be li-M at OA KLIN'S SPRINGS in aid of a Catholic Church, to 1>? erected at Kail* Church, Fairfax. County, V* Trains will run to the Springs. Admission to the Gr? amis and Festival, 2i cents; Children, naif price. Tournament on the laat evening, for which an extra char re cf as cents will b<- road.-. jel3 it L1 A I B AND FESTIVAL r for the BFNEFIT OF TRINITY CHAPEL, A' l'ol"mbta School Hon*t, A'tint'on. Ya., Will be held until Saturday Night. Stages fr-'ni 14th street and Pa. avenue each eve ning at 7 o'clock, returning at 10 p. in. Fare 25 cts. rouml trip. jell St LADIES* GOODS. 801 SCARCE GOODS. 801 Received thl* day. Drab and Brown LARGE LINEN FANS, 20 and 22 inch.*; BLUE SL'N UM BRELLAS. RUSSIA and MORtH CO LEATHER BELTS, FAN-ilffLDERS and CHATELAINE.", in new an<Tnovel styles, at DAVIS'. *?1 MARKET SPACE. jU-3? corner 8th street. BlISS MCCORMICK, 905 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,' Hm constantly on band a fine assortment of 1MP0BTED BONNETS, BTRAWB. CHIPS, PLOWKRB, RIBBONS. Ac., all of the newest designs. Ladle* CAPS had COIF PURES just received. mi tr EAD ABD BAVB YODB MONEY. a R1 Lndl** who bay* Hair Switches that bay* faded from us can hav* them reatnred to tbelr natural shade ia superior manner. We hay* a very largo assortment of tl Curls; very long and handsome Switch**, vary cheap. Now Is the time to bay at MADAMK E8TKKN 8 Hair Factory,41813th St., ;G street. *J4-tr |\J STICK.?Bargains are now being of*red In MILLINERY and PAHCY GOODS, By B. LENZ BERG A CO., t-tr TOT Market Space, DBPOT ^TAMPING SIT Btvim 8VK1BY, febll tr Opposite Patent Offlce. JELLING OPT I O BELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLTB PARTNERSHIP, the antlr* Mock OP THB MEW YORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near B. marT-tr NO HUMBUG. k*LAI>IPKENCH BTABCB BNAMBL li tb* beat article la the world for doing n* Linen oi ttualln. It Impart* a beautiful gloasU lb*fabric Por aal* qo-f Manufacturer*, ISO West Lombard street, )aal4-ly Baltimore. Maryland. METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORK. MORE NEW GOODS! I THEY ABE ALMOST GIVEN AWAY I LOOK AT THIS LIST r Children's Sun Bonnets and Hats.SUc. '? Maratilles UaUjer; pretty, ?1. " Lawn and Lace Hata, SI " Plaid Moslin Aprons, cover entire dre*?, ?0c. ** White Dr*M**,cros*harred muslin, gl. " Buff Suits, SI. Ladie*' white and oolored Border Aprons, 25c, ?? Ruffle and Plaid Muslin do., Wc ?? Percale aud White Lawn Skirt Waists, fl. " Full '? Puffed and embroidered front Chemises, $1. " Tucked aad enibroidere.1 Drawers, SI " Tucked and Lace do.,80c. Bo fa'Calico Waists, SUc. Ladiee'Scotch giaghaiu black Snn Umbrellas, 91. " Lisle thread 2-but 'n half GauntletGloves Ac. " Leather Belts, Sc. " Morocco aad Im. Busaiar. B-lts. !Htr. " Ox)<lized aad Gilt Belt Ohaius,2Sc. " W'Hid, Paiated aad Linen Fans, 25c. " Fancy , Wood and Silk do., SUC. 11 Black, white aad col'd Silk and Vieaua do., Childrens'tne Linen Handkerchiefs, 3 for 2Sc. Ladiee' hemMitched Linen do., 1 fet fl. fine Oaux* Yeats, |1. Gents' do. U Shirts. SJ *' Light British and Lisle S-*cfcs. " Striped S"cks,4 pair for SI. " Black and Silk B ws.V and flOc. Ladw s' Bias Bilk aad Fringed Scarfs.AUc. Bo anient and other Myie* Baffling let the neck, 25 an<1 fOr per yard. Extra large and line Damaak Towels,?/or 91. Splendid Bathing TowelsJI and 4 for $l^r?tr.,tc. If yea have any coa*U*ratioM for ysur pocket booka, yon will not fail to call oa METROPOLITAN MLLAR STORE, SIS SEVBHTB STRBBT, P. 8.?I bar* now on hand my asual fall Mock of CROQUET at SIM, S3J?, ??Ad,f4aad fS. Oome and look at them jet tr COl>D IXJET ^ AND FRBQUBBT EXERCISE in the op*a air aad sunshine beiag th?- beat pre servatives of both physical aad aeatal health, and 0 UNUciit ustlul^-s* and LONGEVITY, thoaaands of aenonacome from far aad near to vttit 1 I WHITE, tb* well known Chiropodist, Ho. ft3S lAth street, opaoatte the United Slate* Trea* ory, Washington. D C . /or relief fram Corn*, Ban ion*, Troableaoase Ball*, and other diseases of the feet, aul advta* a* to rauable Biting th<>e*. Hi* treatment generally give* immediate and p*iul??* relief, atal even in extreme case*, if none bat eaita bleshoesare worn,ofttae?ec*e a perfect care. The feet beiug U?"d ao c- nstantly need occaMonal aM*n tion, and aa there U danger la tampering with Cora* or Bunion* by asing a knife, raior, or other atMuil IW Ie aapliaaev*, the majority of tbe intaSigent por ti> n of the commanitf visit the practically exaeri en^ed Chirop<>4iM In erder to better insure safety scoaaasy of time, comfort, and hesdth. jeT ^ 0 T 1 C ? . ot all kind* rM^*cUiUly solicited. Offlce wMh Jm *??hwwt ooraer 11th aad G Mreets aortbweM. | Bsa.I ?fa \t WOTICR-Oa aad afl*r WEDNESDAY, June 11th, the Coach will ran from New York av*aa* and 7ih stress to OleawondQflS (-?*t*n *v*ry WEDNESDAY A PTES- CE I *99*. fiV?VSLI * fOWI SPECIAL NOTICES. Guard against Cholera. ft ts w? It known that If a proper remedy U I net an taifeuslv taken in a caa* of Asiatic Cholera, or even Morbai or kindred complaints, th patient i* winch relieved, and it happens not unfrequently that ?ucb tim< ly doses prove of incalculable service in an ultimate care. I do not wish to be understood as advising not to call in a physician at the earliest possible moment, aa such a coarse is imperatively necessary; I n' sometime* a physician ran not be had at a moment'a notice, and ft is for such canes that we now prepare RATTAN'S CHOLERA SPECIF IC, a Mroivr. active, and efficient remedy, calcu lated for snch cases aa here stated, and which every well c 'D'!acted family should hare on hand or im mediately procure. During 18M, while the cbelera w?* raiting quite severely in Brooklyn, N. T., I wss employed there, and it was found that this Spacific did great service, being much better than Squibbs' Mixture ar.d Sou Chol-ra Cure, both of which were tried If will also give Immediate relief and cure Cholera Morbus, Colic, Cramp*, Dysentary, Diar rhea. and all disorders usual at this seaajn. full directions accompauy each vial. To be l*d only of ARTHUR WATTAN9. Druggist, je9-tr Comer of Id and D streets northwest. OMTLIE BREAKFAST, LUNCHEON, DINNER AND SUPPER TABLE, Lea * Perries' Worcestershire laact IS 1JIPISPKSSABLK. JOHN DUNCAN'S SONS, N<*w foth, octlfi Saw ly Agents for the United States. Ilatrhelar's Hair Dye is th* best is th* world, th< only true and perfect Hair Dye; no ridiculous tinta, no disappointment, harmless, reliable, Instan taie. us black or brown; at all druggists', and 18 Bond street. New Tork. f t-eolr EXCURSIONS, nc NTC3, Ac. 'P I. O. O. F. I HE CTIOIR OF THE I. O. 0. F. WILL GIVE a okanu family excursion TO NANJKMvlT CREEK,fio miles] down the river, ?n FRIDAY.JULY" 4tm. The commodious steamer** Express" has beea chartered for the occa Ion. Jitkflu will be sold by .**b*mptioH only. lor particulars see fnture advertisements. jll-2t yy AS?1>?T?S K IIIETZEX PAH?7 A crand PICNIC will tie given bv the GEKMAJI BESEVOLE-NT ASSOCIATION for the benefit of the ORPHAN ASYLUMS, at the WASHINGTON S< HUETZEN PARK, Seventh-street road. Monday, June 16,1973. Prizes will be given for the beet Shooting and Ten pin rolling. 13 tt |^0R T11E GREAT FALLS. On SUNDAY MORN I NO, the 15:h,a boat will leave Cotivrn-Sh strtet w harf, George- _ipw? . tow it. at 6 o'clock a ni. for the FI3H - INQ GROUNDS, and will eontinue to?***^*"* make daily trips during B.ias tithing season. She can be charteiud by faiuil) parties at reasonable rates. Boat will leave <; RE AT FALLS at 5 o'cb>ck p. ni. Fare each way. -iO cents Apply at H. P. GILBERT S, 91 Water -tre t. jeliat* J. C. JOHNSON, Ovacr ^ELECT ANNUAL EiCUKllON or th* YOUNG catholics FRIEND SOCIETY TO ST. IN1GOES POINT LOOKOUT AND PINEY POINT. Steamer Lady of the Lake will leave her wharf, foot of $<h street, on SATURDAY, June 14 at 9:3u o'clock p.m., return J lug on Ml'SBA Y, at 6 o'clock a ni ? Single tirke ?, *3, tickets admitting a gentleman and lady, ?5. Tickets are limited,and to be >bUined from members only. State-rooms can be secured at James Lacker's, No. 606 7th street. jll-.1t CYRANO FAMILY FESTIVAL I Foe the bsnefit or ST. DOMINICK'S NEW CHURCH, Under the auspices of tne III 11 DING ASSOCIATION, Ou MONDAY, JUNK 30,1*73, AT THE SCHUETZEN PARK. An excellent Band of Music has been euzaged. The C .iMiiittee of Arrangements have been presented with a beautiful Diamond Ring, valued at glUO; also, a Sewing Machine. The Ring will be given to the gentleman, and the Swing Machine to the lady, who di?poaes of the large?t nurnl*er of tickets. TICKETS, FIFTY CENTS. Children accompanied by their parents or gu-ir dians will be admitted free. mP-lawtf J^EYPORT EXCURSIONS. On and after FRIDAY. JUNE 13, 137S, the elegant and favorite steamer KEY fORT will commence her regular! UESDA t and FRIDAY EVEN ? 1NG excursions down the Potomac, leaving wharf foot of 7th street, at 6 o'clock p m., returning at II p.m. During the summer ot 1872 these excur sions were largely patronized by many of our best citizens, who found in them a cool and pleasant es cape from the heat and dust of the city. No? effort shall be spared during the coming summer to make them pleasant and agreeable iu every respect. De tectives will be stationed at the boat to prevent the admission of any improper characters. No intoxi cating liquors sold. Music, dancing, and refresh merits on board. Fare, sinele tickets, fl; lady and gentleman, *1 SO. Apply to WM. H. Br LBS, Agent, 809 Pennsylvania avenue. m31 1m SUMMER RESORTS, j?UTLER HOTEL, Skipkerdstoten, County, Wot Virginia, Situated on the southern bank of the Potomac, one bonrs ride frim Kerneysville, on the Bal- a . . A timore snd Ohio Railroad, where a siajfeVifmV me- ts the trains. Fine scenery, healthy ]?|U climate, a delightful summer resort. Open lur tne accommidatloa of boarders. Terms moderate. Address EDWIN BOWEN, Proprietor. jI3 ?t gHENANDOAH ALUM SPRINGS, OP FOR BOAR VERS. |f<. A Alcm, Chalybeate and Sulphur Waters;?^BX mountain air; supply of ice. Address A. J. MYERS, Orkney Springs. Sh?nan doah county, Va. jio eo2?? J^OCKBRIDOE ALUM SPRINGS, VA. OPEN JUNB 1st, 1973. This favorite and celebrated Watering place will offer additional attractions this season. ItT KMrtenae* a inagnilc?nt Ball Room, flnel iiliard R'mius, Bowling Alley for ladies, and for gentlemen, aixl a superb Oro<iuet iirouud. It will be kept in a style uot surpassed anywhere in Virginia. The waters of these special Springs either cure or greatly relieve most cases of Scrofula, incipient Cot,sumption. Chronic Brochitis, Chronic Laryn gitis. Cnronie Pnuemonia, Chronic Dyspepsia, Chronic Diarrhoea, Chronic Dj sentery. They are also a great value in those affections which are pe culiar t<> the female constitution, and as an appeti zer, a tonic and a general restorative they are, per haps, unrivalled amongst mineral waters. The Proprietor has provided Tor the lawns and ball-room a first class band of music, and in general all the sources of amusement and recreation usually found at our best summer resorts will be at the command of the gueats at ROCKBRIDGE ALUM. The place i* within from eleven to thirteen hours of Rich mond. Washington, Baltimore, etc., by rail, all in daylight. Passengers leave the cars of th* Chesa peake and Ohio Railroad at .Goshen Depot, and new and elegant stage roachae passing rapidly over a smooth and level road of only eight miles, set down the visitors at the 8prin?s to tea. ? . ? JAMES A. FRA^IER, Proprietor. Dr. J. S. DAVIS, of the University, Resident Ph|sicisn; A. R. DOOM, Office Manager; 8. M. MI LLEN. Office Manager. W" The water lor sale by COLEMAN & ROG ERS, Baltimore. Descrijttivs pamphlets seat free on application. je9 lm* healthy stun ted. A VATTOHi-This popular and very J mer report, near Snicker's Gap, and A A surrouaded by the Blue Bida* mountain,VAAv two hoar*' ride by rail m VMhluton City, is now open for th* reception of aceste, seaeoa U73. Imnrovemeots aiaee last year: Fine piazza in two bo?rs" City, 1873. _ front, bath-room, an ice-house Olleo, a piano in the house. The buildings are stone^ consisUbg of large airy rooms. Bsaatiful mountain *c*a*ry. Tho** wishing to enjoy the oool brssass of Mus *Uvat*d region will addrtas, A. O. WBiaUT. Sound Hill P. 0., Loudoun Co-, Va. %JTReferepcM at 1909 F straet B >W. sriB-tf WEST HOTEL, AT LON? ? RANCH, N, 1., WILL BE OPENEfi ON TBI 1?TE 0 W J OHM T RUN Mo, SATCHELS ^ TRAVEL I JIO BAOS, IB GREAT VARIETY AT VBBT LOW PRICE8. tABNESS. iriM of our own make, aad everything appertaining to the Saddlery. HarnMS, aad Traak business.Fine Harnsas aad TrunksmsOs Sol?*ag*nts for Hill's c?l*bratedCONCORD BAB BESS and COLLARS .which ws are sell lag at Coa cord Mice*. Concord Haraoss room la saeoad story ?> Or THB NAME ABD BCMBBB. 49T PENMSTLVaNU B?iUv. ABU flUKVAS IA*Avft?UB, i SmIvmi EVENING STAR W&ihingtop Newg and Gossip. Internal Revexux.?The receipts from this source to-day were >351,06*^96. Oimil Shirk an and General Whipple returned here this morning from West Point. Personal Mr. A. B. Meacham, one of the peace commissioners, who is still suffering from the wound he received at the meeting under the flag of truce at the time Gen. Can by and Dr. Thomas were shot, is at the National hotel. Cadet Midshipmen Mi nn and Gridley. of New York, named In the recent telegram from Annapolis, as engaged in Ube assault upon Cadet Midshipman Conyers, have been ac quitted (after an investigation) of any active participation in the assault, though they were present on the wharf when it occurred. There will be a competitive written ex amination of applicants from other grades of the group, for the purpose of tilling a vacancy in the position of head of division grade three, group A, in the office of the commissioner of internal revenue. This examination, it is understood, will be before a new board, to be appointed next week. Naval Orders?Lieutenant Commander John Schouler has been detached from the hydrographic office, in Washington, and ordered to the naval academy. Lieutenant Commander R. D. Evans has been detached from the naval academy and ordered to duty as executive otti cerof the Shenandoah, European fleet, to relieve Commander F. J. Higgimon, who has been de tached from that vessel and ordered home. Senator Stumer's Condition has greatly improved within six months past, and to all appearances he is now on the high road to health. He uses but little medicine, since he sutlers no longer from pain In the head and spine as formerly. He sleeps well and without the use ot ana-sthetics, anil can walk abont, read or write, without feeling especially fa tigued. He will remain in Washington a* long as the weather continues co<>l and pleasant, hut will leave for his home io Massachusetts wheu the heated term sets in. The Search for the Polaris. Secretary Kobeson this morning stated tbat the steamer Juniata would leave New York the latter part of next week for Disco or Upper navick, (to reach the latter port if pos-ible,) in the hoj>e of obtaining some information of the Polaris and the remainder of her crew. Letters will be furnished Commander Br&ine to the Danish authorities at Disco aud fpper navick, requesting them to corporate with tbat officer in securing information of the mis sing vessel. Secretary Kobeson hopes the Dan ish authorities will be able to communicate with the Esquimaux along the northern coast of Greenland, and thereby learn some tidings of the missing vessel. In the meantime another naval vessel will be fitted out in the most complete manner for an Arctic voyage for the purpose of making a more extended voyage in search of the Polaris, If necssaty. She will sail from New York about the li)th of Julv if the .Juniata fails to discover any trace of' Buddingtou and party. The last expedition will be in command of ex perienced naval officers aud will make a thorough search. The Funeral ok the late Minister t<> Russia, James L. Orr, In New York yesterday, was largely attended. It was conducted by the Masonic fraternity. Ia the proceasiou after the hearae came the mayor and common council in carriages, with the Russian minister and consul general; Gen. Hancock, with Capt. Wharten ot his staff . Gen. Morris. Gen. Dwyer, and numer ous others About flftv Masonic lodges from New York, Brooklyn, and Jeraey Citv were in the funeral procession. The funeral services were at the Church of the Disciple, Madison avenue and 45th street, conducted by Rev. Ste phen A. Tyng, jr., assisted by Rev. Dr. Hep worth. The Circulation or Cotntekfeits?Sev eral counterfeit II^tv-cent currency notes (Sun ton bead vignette) have been passed recently, mainly on keepers ot saloons and cigar Mores, and it is suspected that a gang is engaged in passing these notes. A number of persons have been arrested wtthin a short time ou charges of passing or attempting to pass them, aud yester day Philip Parrel, alias Smith, wa<< committed by Commissioner Shields In default of bail, on a charge of passing one of them on Adolph Westheim, proprietor of a cigar store at No. 284 7 th avenue. Parrel threw a way a lot of the counterfeits when arrested, but thev were recovered?Y. Juur. Com., I3(k. A Cotton Claim Cape on Trial in B<w? ton?In the U. S. Circuit Court of Boston, ves tesday, the case of Gazoway B. Lamar, of New York, vs. Albert G- Browne and others, Wa com me need. The plaintiff claims that in Jan uary, 1?6?>, the defendants seized 1,?C0 bales of est ton. of the value of ?500,000, iu Georgia; that the same was Illegally taken, and. although the defendants have often been requested to re turn the same, they have refused to do so. The defendants, in answer, claim they seized the cotton as special Treasury agents or the Gov ernment, and as such disposed of it, and paid the proceeds into the hands of the Government, and are therefore not responsible. A Divorce Suit Ended by Death On the 3th inst., Margaret Day sued tor a divorce from her husband, James Day, on the ground of

neglect and desertion. Mr. Day at trial proved his wife had taken babes from Bellevue hospital and passed them off upon him as her own. After the beginning of the suit Mr. Day took to his bed and died yesterday morning. The neighbors are highly incensed against Mrs. Day. who notwithstanding her continued deception, was allowed by her husband one hundred dol lar* a month. On his death bed Mrs. Day hav ing endeavored to see him, be ordered the by standers to put her out?X. T. Sun. 13<*. Platform or the New Spanish Ministry In fhe Spanish Cortes yesterday an olhcial statement of the future of the new ministry was read. It favors the speedy demarcation of the federal states; the proclamation of martial law against the Car list insurgents; the liberty of the Antilles, and the suppression of slavery. It estimates the deficit in the finances at the ond of the present month at 2,800,000 reals. Seuor Muzo, minister of war, is a friend of Castelar. He announces he will pursue the same policy as his predecessors. The Catholic Benevolence Union of Vir ginia yesterday selected Norfolk as the place rot the next annual meetlug of the uuiou. The following officers were elected for the ensuing J ear: William Kilgour, Alexandria, president; I. Glenman. Norfolk, vice president; W. A. Walsh, Portsmouth, secretary; M. J. Griffiths, Fredericksburg, treasurer; Hon. A. M. Kelley, Richmond, delegate to the national union; John O'Connor, Portsmouth, alternate. Mrs. Victoria Woodhtll is slewlvimprov ing. through still in a precarious state. Her trial in the United States district coart, for sending objectionable matter through the mails, had been set down for Monday next, hut will be postponed. That of her husband, Colonel Blood, and her sister, Tennie C. Claflin, will, however, then take place?A. Y. l'vrrtt~ pondent. Ax Exauuuox in Georoia I sham B. O'Neal was executed in the yard of the Fulton county (Ga.) jail, at half past two o'clock, yes terday afternoon, <IOr the murder of James Lit tle. ffe died protesting his innocence, and without a straggle. Life was extinct in eight minutes. The execution was private, and waa witnessed only bf a Um persons. An Insane Ma* Kill* a Baby at a Cib cr? An Insane as an attending a circus at Henderson, Ky., y eater day afternoon, killed a baby with a large elab, and Injured a number of other persons, sone of them badly. In their eforts to arrest him the police shot him three tixses. He Is now in afealmm. Another Buxeuxe Exact-nox?Joe Dun can, colored, was hanged at Parts. Ky., yester day, for the murder or John Haarkias^also ool ored, in April, 1872. The drop sprang at ten o'clock, and Duncan Call, but the rope being too long, he was taken up oa tbs sea (fold ana hang again, this time snecesafally. Killed Hib Brother?A man named Hen derson, living in De Kalb county. Ga., while trying at night to frighten a tenant on his brother's farm, waa shot aad killed by his brother. The brother la frantic with grief; SET" Bailer Clubs" are increasing ia Massa chusetts. VEdgartown, Mm., had a snow-stern on the 3d instant. VBoston absolutely forbids fire-crackers hence-fourth o'J illy. * ?7*"Local option cobblers" are going to be the favorite beverage in New York thisausamer. VTLeehiefffa desperate hand of this res in Pittsburg is a one-legged boj. TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB ? Thla in?ni?ii Diiyatc ASSOCIATED PR188 REPORTS. ? THE MODOC PEOBI (ifMnl Ifctim'i View*. his oriMoj or gen. davih' unann inten tion TO BAH6 THK PRI?ONIU^rTII U17ILTY BAVAGES TO UK HANGED OK SHOT IX ACCORD ANCE WITH LAW. S?* York, June 14?General Sherman had ? conversation with ft reporter last evening, and if mftde to ray of General Parts, concern ing his indictment of Captain Jack and the I reparations for hanging him ami some of hi* associates, "If the statement is correct there is no doubt thftt General Davis must have exceed ed his duty, and he would have been held re sponsible for his arts. He shonld be guided bv military rules and the law. We all know they are murderers; the President himself ssys they are murderers, and had General 1 >avi- shJt them while they were being pursued, 1 do not think he would have exceeded- his duty. He did not do this, and could not afterward* shoot them in cold blood. General Davis' report to General 8chotield may differ from that pub lished In the papers. Davis is too experienced an officer to do Anything thftt would bring odium upon the army or l?v himself open to military court martial for exceeding his duty as an officer." The General thinks there will be no difficulty ftbout DISPOSING or THK MODOCS rNDER ARREST. Those found guilty of ranrder will be hanged or shot; and, it it is proved that there was an agreement for a general uprising among the tribes, others will receive some punishment, as a warning to the Indians. He remarked, how ever, that it was a pity the guilty Modocs were not shot at first; then all this commission busi ness and expense would have been avoided. A< to the killing already of ft few prisoners, Gen Sherman says that those who committed the deed are low blackguards and murderers, who had nothing whatever to do with the army. From Earepe To-day, THK POP K RECOVERED. Rome, June 14?The Pope has completely recovered from his late indisposition. ES-V|VKEK ISABELLA GOING TO INTERVIEW THE POPE. London, June 14?It is said that ex-Queen lsaliclla is about to proceed to Home for the puri>ose of conferring with the Pope upon the prospects of the Bourbon family in Spain. THE EMTEROR WILLIAM IS A VERY WEAK CONDITION. London, June 14.?A dispatch from Berlin says the Kmperor William continues in a very weak condition, and that he requires absolute quiet in order to e fleet a restoration of his health THIERS AND OAMBKTTA PTTTINO THEIR HEADS TOO ETHER. I.ONDON, .1 une 14 ?The special correspondent at Paris of the London Hour in a dispatch to Uiat paper says an alliance has been elected between the supporters of ex-President Thiers and the radicals in the Assembly. Thiers i.? sald to have had frequent conferences with (iambetta since hisretiicment from the presi dency of the republic. SPANISH AFFAIRS. Madrid, June 14?Pi Y. Margall, president of the council, in the course of a s{>ee?-h deliv ered last evening in the Cortes, said the govern ment must first pacify the (teninsula in order to discourage disnticction in Cuba. Atade lnon-tration iu Barcelona yesterday shakers who addressed the assemblage termed the mu nicipality oi the city ??thieves," aud urged vigorous measures for getting rid of the objec tional authorities. The meeting broke up with cries of "Viva 1ft Federacion Social" and "Down with the municipality." CHCRCH AND STATE. Madrid, June 14.?During the session of the Cortes last night, it was announced from the ministerial benches that the separation of the church and state is a part of the programme oi the government. Nicholas Galmeron has been elected president of the Cortes. He received 170 votes. again?t 74 for Senor Figueras. The Miuister of Finance has submitted a proposition to the Cortes tor the negotiation of a loan of :?J0,000,0"JO reals and tha imposition of ft new tax. VIENNA PRICES CoMl NT, DOWN. London, June 14?A Vienna dispatch says the number of visitors to the Vienna exhibition is far less than was anticipated. The trades l>eople and inhabitants generally are greatlv d'scouraged at the absence of strangers anil the prices of living, which have hitherto de terred people from visiting the city, have been reduced. CARLE CONSOLIDATION. London, June 14 Resolutions confirming the terms of the amalgamation of the Anglo American, French, ana New York, Newfound land and London cable companies, were unani mously passed by the shareholders of the French aud Anglo-American companies yesterday. Dt*D. .lohn Camden Hotten, the well-known pub lisher and bookseller in this city, died to-day. New York ARREST OP WITNESSES IN THE STOKES CASE. New York, June 14.?John aud Thomas Hart aud G. Redmond, witnesses in the Stokes case were arrested during the night under the advice of the District Attorney. THE WEEKLY BANK STATEMENT is as follows: Loans, increase, S2:?5,G00; specie, increase. g'Jttt.dOO; legal tenders, increase. 91,089,0m; dei<osits, increase, S3,<>?5,300; circu lation, decrease, #31,400. BILL SIONED. Governor Dix signed the st.*te supply bill to-day. SEVERAL HORSES DIED this week of distemper near Hempstead, Long island. PRESIDENT ORANT ANDiFAMILY returned to Ix>ng Branch this morning. THE PUBLISHER* OF AN INDKCENT PAPER called the Echo, in Newark, were fined fri'10 to-day. A GRAIN ELEVATOR and thirty thousand bushels of wheat were burned at Cresso, Iowa, yesterday. THE SHIPMENTS OF SPECIE TO-DAT were *3?3,435. A REWARD of S3,000 is ottered for the capture of the Hor ton forger. DEATH FROM YELLOW FEVER. On the 31st day ot May, F. W. Bacon.a m^ter on board the steamer Vazoo, running from New Orleans to Havana and Philadelphia, arrived here by cars from the latter cltv, and in Cort 11lid street was seized w ith severe pains. He was taken to No. 7 Kldridge street, where he was treated for jaundice. On Monday morning his retchings were followed by ft blftck vomit, and at 1130 a. m. he died of unmistakable vel low fever. The health officers were notified, and after thoroughly disinfecting the room and bvrning the clothing, the body was buried in Potter's field. ? From ( Mm and Japan. San Frakcisco, June 13.?The steamship Alaska lrom China and Japan arrived to-night. The steamship Cvpbreus also arrived from Macoa, May 6tn. The two vessels brought over 2,000 Chinese pftssengers, and advices from Hong Kong of May the 12th. The Chiaa mail comments severely npon the persecutors of the Chinese In San Francisco. It is stated thftt the working of ooftl and Iron mines ftnd the intro duction ot rftilroftds in Chinft will soon be aanc t oned by the government ftt Pekin. Yokahama dates ft re to the 22d May. The Japanese minis te of finance has resigned, and published a letter setting forth the debt of the emptre at ?104,000,000. They say the people are exces sively taxed and that the debt ta increasing yearly In consequence of new schemes of the government. Possibly the ministers may re ceive orders to commit hari karl. The palace of the Mikado is to be rebuilt according to Ku ropeaa plans. An ancient christian church has been discovered in the Interior of Jftpftn. The resigning ministers say thftt Jftpftn seems to be going ftheftd but is acta all v legging behind, and a n&tlonftl financial collapse may happen at any noswnt, and that they clearly see cftUmity in the future. The Car BmiMon' Boston, June 14.?The master car-builders' convention last night elected the following offi cers for the ensuing yew, and dissolved:?J. H. Van Hinton, of Pittsburg, president; V. D. Perry, of Hartford, vice-president; Leander Gftrv, of MorrisUaa. N. Y., secretary; A. Stein back, of Beading, Pa., treasurer. Maxwell, Out., Jaae M_Tvo-thiitfti of this village was destroyed by fire this i Chicago, III., Jaae 14?C. C.) furniture barat York Qass't Indianapolis, J? _ , ,, " ???4> f"?*?***?? Clem, w he has t been convicted ef the murder of Mr. aad Mrs. iourg, a new WiaL ThfcwUl to tf* fifth u*?. AMn la M DIVORCED pioi a urtoMia. St. Loci*. June 14?Mm. Fore to-lay 1M a K'tiUou in the criminal court for a divorce on her husband, Ja*. 11 Fore.who attempted t> marder her on the street two week* a?o. Mr*. Fore Is (lowly recovering from the woun.U received at the hands of her husband. [For* killed fete brother-tn-law aome time ago.] bnwlisb tics oojfPPL t* craroDT. John F. Cook, Enflirli nee coneu 1, in In cus trdy here for the alleged embesslement ot f1,800 from Thomas Graham AnU-Prehiblliaa Party la Ka?wrhu. ?rttt. Xiw Yobr. June 14 A Boston letter mv* that the new secret anti-liqaor legislation party has rapidly extended lodge* all over M??t chusett*, having nineteen branches and ???? active members in Boston alone, aud controlling 90,000 votes throughout the elate. ? Wall Street To-day. Niw Tokk, June 11 Gold o|?ened at 117, and ha* Mince declined to Ufi^.with business large ami animate*!. The import* this week amonnt to ??,!;l?*,oi;t. of which con stot of general merchandise, and ?1,21^8* ol dry good*. Foreign exchange is tirm, with a good demand tor Saturday. Too Maaw Ulerpillan. Mump his, June 14?Caterpillars have again appeared. In an adjacent county they are de stroying the cottoq. They ?r? worse on the North Misaissippi than ever before. Owing to the incesaant rains, grass and weed? aie also damaging the cotton crop. o ftaddea Death. Philadelphia, June 14 John ChiMs, se nior member of the tirm of Wilson A ChUds, wagon builders, died yesterday very suddenly ot heart disease. He was extensively known here and in New Orleans, where the tirm has had a branch establishment for manv years. o A Rained Certiorate. Philadelphia, June 14?A raised certiti .cate of the Pennsylvania railroad, from one share to one hundred. wa? discovered this morn ing. having been sold by J. H. Horton, at Jay Cooke's bank, in this city several weeks since. Progress ib J at as?Another mark of the rapid progress of the Japaucae in the element* of modern civilisation is the departure of Pro testor 1'avid Murray, late of KutgerV College. New .lersev. to become superintendent of edu cation, and to have charge of all the school* and colleges of Japan. The empire has been divided into eight districts, in each of which a college Is to be established. These eight dis tricts, again, are each to be subdivided into thirty-two districts, in each of which is to be a bigh'school to prepare students tor thecolleges And each of the two hundred and fifty-six high school divisions thus formed is ag?in to be divided into two hundred and ten elementary school divisions, corresponding to our common school districts in this country. Attendance on these elementary schools is to be compulsory as to all children over six years of age. femxle as well as male, no matter how high or low their rank in society may be. And thus not only to ?(?pan to have" an American superintendent of the education of her people, but her system of schools, colleges, &c., is substantially Ameri can, though in some imi-ortant respects it Is an improvement on the original, for the grading extends to all the various institutions, and entire unity Of plan and study is Insured from the tact that the system is national and under the charge ol a single super.ntendent or bead. Trial or a Postbasteb for Kwhezzle mkm The trial of Win. I. Boyd, charged with embezzling certain funds of the I'uited States while assistant |K>stmaster at Cumt?erlatid. *?? continued yesterday in the United District Court. Col. lxwdermilk, |>o?tmaster at Cum berland, testified to the facto connected with his discovery of the deficiency in the monev ordcr account last November,'and the ad mis stons made by Mr. Boyd concerning the same. The first point made by Mr. Boyd's counsel was that he was not answerable to the tTuited State*, but only to the postmaster, who had ap pointed him, and who was responsible for his act*, and could remove at will. The court ruled out this point, and held that Mr. Boyd was re sponsible to the United States for the faithfu performance of hi* duties. The next point brought out was that there were twe clerks em nloyed in the post office, both ol whom might have had acccss to Mr. Bovd's desk. and an at - tempt was made to get before the jury the fact that one ol them had been accused of a dishonest act before he went into the post office. The court held all evidence touching the general reputation of those employed In the post office to be inadmiasible. The case will probable last two or three days?B*ltimnr' American, UtU. The Nobthwood Mcbderer.?F.vans, the North wood murderer, new in the New Hamp shire state ptlson for killing bis neice, Oeor giana Lovering. still *toutlv protests bis Inno cence of that and all other crimes laid to his charge. When first taken to the prison he asked ing would be permitted. The eld sinner pro teases to believe that be will not be hung. He tell the warden that his so-called "confession" was put in his mouth, aud that he is the victim of a conspiracy, a much abused man, whom the Lord will not permit to be hanged. As the time for his execution approaches, however, he may change his mood somewhat. When li? comes to realise that there is really no escape tor him.he may make a genuine confession Meantime, he appears to enjoy good health. Thai* Peddler#.?We noticed some time ago that the Illinois legislature had by law prohib ited the selling of "prise packages" upon the railroads of that state, and we are g^ad to see the management of the Pennsylvania railroad com pan v nave issued instructions that will go still farther to abate the .nuisances of railroad travel. The conductors on all train* run bv that company are instructed to see that these hawkers are not allowed to otter tbeir commo dities in such a manner, nor with *uch fre quency a* to incommode ot annoy passengers, or to permit the sale of immoral or obscene publications, or of articles that will soil or In jure the upholstery of cars or the clothes ot passengers. Passengers are also r<-quested to report any violations of these regulations that may come under their notice. These are ex cellent rules, aud aught to ?e eulorced ou all our railroads. Whites abd Black* ?The New Orleans Herald learn* that there i? i movement ou foot which contemplate* a political organization in that city, wherein a large Lumber of white cit Ixena agree to enter into a combination with representative colored citizens on a basis ol mutual pledges of recognition of certain de mands or each claaa, with a view ol e fleeting a union of the honest and patriotic of both races to reform onr state government aud secure good law* and honest administration. No par ry intrigue or management will effect auvthing in furtherance of this object. We must hon estly turn our backs upon ? je past, and com mit to an eternal oblivion the stubborn ancient prejudice* which now are at war with the fund amental idea of onr democratic system. A Maw Who Wabts to Kill Stores J a me* McOiven, a well drcNsed man, wa* ar rested at the foot of Duane itreet yesterday af ternoon for drunkenness. While on his way 'to the Tombs he was very demonstrative and cried. "I want to shoot Stokes; 111 Idll Stokes the first chance I get. He may escape the hatter, but be wont escape me." J usticc I tow ling sent him to the Tombs for 10 days. He to ?aid to have been for a long time in the em ploy Of the late James Flak, Jr.-,V. T. Star, 1*A. IThedbsceht or bab.?Figurative party?"So long as 1 am a man, aorr, whjtf does it matther to bm whether me great -grandfather was an Anthropoid ape or not, eorrY" Literal party? "Haw! walhar dtoagweeable for your gw*e gwandmofcer, wasn't Itf ? Punch. Owbto Jimmy?Visitor to umma: "(have aome sad new* for you, my dear: your doctor, Mr Craahbane, died this morning." Jimmv (one of sla): "Then we shan't have anymore An Iowa man has named to vlgoroa* ?uder the hallucina tion that they wen tobacoo. ..yA. P0!??* ***** fewer ia Delaware eatimatee thai the peach crop of the preesnt ss^cruss asriss* - * of place. The editor aaid "the the bill over the ~ WThe family motto of Marshal MacMahon thtawillhoMtracerhta milia tethenresi ?Indicate that there to ? Faarwe, a Mkctium. imVioMiu . Tru j?vi ago Maurice H. CbriaUe >ournrTe>i * America, and fbaed empfoy i* Lm4 A T.vlor'.. ARm In mr?* faltbfal aarvtea, en fwrommendattoa af that Arm be began traveling TOr White. Rom 4Co , ? Ilk vhtaMraaaa* Morr h<> tM*4 thii country he fell ia tove with a blae-eyed. r?y mM of tmelee yeate. and aa parting the two bound tbtBMlTM with Mlcuin ion to b*c?at nan and wife. Maarlee did no* bear tram her during tie tea year*' ahaanoe H>- worked bard and laid up a miu little fortune. L?*t Satur day a !rVnd told nim tfcat ? yrmng Kngtlshwo. man wa* ia tbe gury Hmm *Wn immc ww Came Liajard. Mavrtet haafc ml and found his l>etmthed of ton tmii ago a beautiful. ac compllebedvoung ladv Her aged father *u with ber The old vowa were repeated Ra h written to ttw other. hut the letter* did not W .ib the tatboz'a a, K?Tm ?arned that night, aad they now live in Montgomery atraet. Jeraev City, mm rr K"' Tiin-u.*y.'or" charming w? illTS?1!r ro"*t,r* to a* from there Vt OapM ban CtbereeetaMUbed hi* inviaiM* and laavttable feaaorahip and the bigger bor. and etna ' '*klu? leaaonaTn tbe learning of Wr'C!L ?honW h4TC de. voted to tbe etody of the three K * wan waited ! prodart?on of billet-doux, sometime* of *** I1**-?. '? length. and (uaultrd ??> doui.t wth manj Aba! not ?n^ toS* Mr. hno ?.onId. tb*1 teacher of tlx achool not ?be*e mn( and Idle dreeem.' * t< mpted to eatabliah a More aaeetic and we ?nay aay. monkish rale. Tbla reeelted in a per. *onai eaateat betweeu the b.gge*t hur, wbo wa* too chivalroa* to nball to the indignity of a flogging, and hta tear ber, who *w t.Ki oonarlenttoe* not to try to five it to him. 1 be reculU were diaaetrua* to the cause ot com mon school culture The eve ol the pedaawuo was placed In mourning Tbe lovely litOeTadirs flew out at tbe window* ??Tbev read nj more that dry;" and the arbool committee ia looking out for a teacher ol biter maacular development. BniriniL Krrarr or V?intKi Pxa ??Aa Italian profe*anr baa made aome rrr^a*T<** modicaJ reaearcbea. reaulting m tbe discovery tbat vegetable perfume* exer. i*c I Mittttl; health! ulititlac rice on tbe aiaoo jjbere, converting Itt oxvgen into otone, ami that Increasing lu oxidixmg influence. Tbo ewaencea found to develop tbe largest oaantitv ol ozone are thoae ot cherrv, laurel clove* lavender, mint. juniper, lemon*. fennel, ami bergaaMt; thoae that give it in amaller qeaatl tiee are anise. nutmeg, and thvtne. The flow er, or the narriasus. hyacinth, mignonette, he liotrope, ami lily of the vallev. d. veloi. orone in closed vessels. K Ion era destitute of?*rl ame develop it. and thoae which have hut flight perfume develop It nnlv in amall .,aanti t'ea. Reaaoalng from tboae tact*, the nmrfwir reoummcDde the eult.vation of tlowarw in maraliv dUtricU. ami in all place* nitrated with ?"'"J*1 emanationa, on account of the pt>wertul oxidizing influence of ozone The inhabitant* of aach region* ah on I<1 he aava, aurround their houaea witL t^t> ot the moat odorw Doweri KbwTobk Theatir Partiica. ? A lady in vitee a party to early dinner, and then of! they go to tlie theater, after dinner, in full drraa. uaual w>ml>re-clad audience fairlv brilliant with ailka and Jewel*, and head* which are the pride ol hair dre*aera and the m%rvcl of the uninitiated, who regard with wonder and awe the myatenoa* atructure ot hair, flower* and leather, that adoru* the head feminine * hen the wearer i? in t ull d re** i>r eiae. if tbe dinner part) i*di*pen*ed with,the theaU-r come* fii*t. and at tor that a jolly *up|>er ami Hentv of fun utiui ever-ao-much o'clock in the morning 1 hat I* the way taahionaide Now \ ork i* amu?. tag itaelf nowaday*, or rather nowamght*. atid the new fashion i? ? *ucce*a. At the lirand opera boaae la*t ni^ht there were no I em than *i?ot theae partiea.tbe large*of them number ing about fifty. Tbey were in dinner to.letf*. and occupied aeat* in the centre of tbe houae. H'T.rr ,^he ?*ally large partie* of the kind that have been given, but ao *uocemtul where they that they may be *et down a* an es tablished laahn.n? Lsttrr /mm Sew Turk. Kij^HTa or Cniouii Pm>rLs ?? Tiurtt*. a the AIL ol May W ill am M. .lohtiaon (ool ored; height an orcheatra ticket tor admiaaton to the Theatre ? omi<iue. He wa* refuel a>l Diittanee, the doorkee|^r telling him that there wa* a i-lace reserved for colored |>eople. aad If be wi*he?l to avail hiui*elf of it he waa at liber ty to do ao. otherwise he would Lave to leave .lohnaon then left. ??n Monday JuaU. e Daw ling. In the Toml>* Police Court, on the fore going statement. i**ue,l a warrant for the atre*t ol Mr. Hart, the proprietor of the theatre Mr Hart waa not arrested until veaterday morning.' ur'a n '^jT*1" ??"" "la mmmI Mr. ^ illiam |>. Howe, admitted tbat .lohnaon had been reluaed admittance to tbe theatre,bat claimed that Mr. Hart had a perfect right to ?*P 0?t anyliodv he saw at, as bia theatre wa* private property. Mr. Hart gave *>*> ball to anawer at the General Hewdon*. A Tali or Tiku h> h?iol Mora?Thoae interested In the cauae ot education will be pleated to read of an incident which recently ooenrred at Oaftard, K T. Three lad* of a pla catory turn abaented tbemaelvaa from Hehool in ?l ueat ol bitoa and nibble., bat the next morn ing, each being certain of a tiggoiag by the school-ma'am, put on three pairaoi pantaloon before aecking the tempi* of Wraiag. Tbo dav wa* warn, - ? ' wind, Cogging i and then, with a abort lecture on t?e iroprQi.riT ety of rnnninr away, they were dtsmlmsd fna treble and flabby condition, all three aaiwiiij that a dogging would have been preferable to tbe wearing of triple paiiialoeae in warm weather. _ Yot wo WALw.>BTB \ ISlTXIl IV R<HM<<TKR. i outig Walaorib .till maintain, the remark able c?m|>osure which characteriaed him alter the shooting of his father, and seems to be wholly unconscious that he ba* committed any crime, showing no atgn. of either remorae or tear. He wa* yeaterdav visited by bia mother Mr*. Man?tield Tracy Walworth, who haa juat returned from Saratoga. The Rev. Clarence T. w a]worth, an uncle, made his dally Mr* Walworth entered tbe building Mulling, and throughout the converaation with her son which laatedtwo hours, did not manifeet any feeling. She had a bo<]uet to adorn the cell of Frank, for which he aeemed to be very grateful. The Tialt cheered tbe boy considerably, and he waa in a very jovial mood the remainder ot the dav A. y. Su?, KWA. ' Railroading ik thk Kurthwi<t. Bi* marck is the name of a new city that has juat come to light in central I>akota It ia 452 mtiea west trom the head of Lake Superior, at Uu luth, and ia on the line of the Northern Pacific railroad. A thousand mile* beyond Bismarck on the Miaaouri river, 1* Fort Benton, at tbe toot of the Rocky Mountain*. Tbii. the .ppe? Mlaaoun river practically *ervea, for the-pres ent, as a wettern extension ot the railroad Goodt may now be shipped bv rail to Bismarck,* and thence by *learner* on the river 1 ,(*10 ml lea i" IBe.,,to?, u in the same longita.l^" at Salt I.ake. on the Lmon Pacific line, a liue ol ten steamers i* alreadv establiahed to run on the upper and loaer Mivaouri and tributaries iTM-onncction with the Northern Pacific rart t'OinxTtoa or Colorki. Vornii tw Bal timorr?A *omewhat turbulent convention of a portion ol the colored voters or the city waa held at tbe l>ougla** Inatitute laatevemnc The convention waa really called tor tbe purists of giving authoritative exnreaaton to the vie a-* of a number of colored politician* concerning the distribution of offices at the custom hou*? They are of opinion that the claim of the ca?-' pie whom they represent have not Mm ..r,wT erlv recognized. It happened, however thLV Hj? fen tie men who are entirely aaUsfiad with the custom-houae management got poaaeaaion of the convention, and although thev war* in the minority, thev managedT efl^tTT^' jo urn meat before the tenti meats of the majont v hook and line. Mr. Tbo* Chal mers, of Hoi yoke. Maaa , has demonstratad the contrary. Diacoveriug that cantwred aha.i contained in their maw. ?SdiL!?Kartlficiml "vlik* It. and caught ^ than l.lunihad it,w._ A secret leaked out, and fly filing for Ibadu yy WM Holvoka. A oomm^S U^ut haal ?-d ViuJI l?5 ?^tgff'.Sgr ^ ?g? z played paUently and tenderty. ?The girl Agrtea Shandlev who nearly killed Oaalaga A Mo, . Spaniard, on Wedueaday night, la her attamai to prevent hlx throwing ber from a third Mary i see a u if me iciupie oi learuiag. laaaay rarm. and ao wore the boya. They per. 1, li<|ueltod, ooxed at every pore, but no ng came. For alx Lour* they ?waltered. window In Wooater street. baa been to await the reaalt of hit tnjartaa. She admlta striking the Spaniard, bat am aria that i in aelf-defenee, aa be waa eadearerbm _ ber out of the window. Aldo waa aot la i the arrioua nature of his injuria* MMMt. iiia removal to Bellerae Hoapttal, where he 001 lies ia a criUcal oondtttea, aad little bopea j entertained of bia recovery.?.v F. Atw, UdL VLittle boys eat waat hava begun falling iato kettleaol baillag Map. ?7" New read lag af aa oM posea aad woman m '' (FA Cincinnati paper )mya a < doctor nearly loat hia life iaat week hf"Ma tell ing of hit diamond pin on oae of hto fart. Cedar Raplda, Wla., the advent of a party of' laa ?La? a a .^J?t ly a alow, aged *?, ia Tbe Cal. aadly aaeda ' KFA Loadoa jne pake oat tbe eyea of a lady ? Keanghtto have a ot the ?*"** U?M throagboul SETSi&B^? %

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