Newspaper of Evening Star, June 14, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 14, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. ?HOHBY Raiding Matter en Erery Ftge Largest C\rtil?tii ii ta Putrid WASHINGTON CITY: j? h. um. ?a Bfkair ?T ur*. I?rtu Tl>e Information elicited from tk? Depsrf ?>< nt ot the Interior by a resolution sf tta? ->#n adopted on the 8th of January last. calling for lofwattion relative tt? existing dlUctltiM with the Modocs. is especially Interesting at thi* time. i> showing the origin and character of the difficulti?*reterred to. From the document? fur nished to the Senate by Acting Secretary Oow.-n it appears that the Mo<locs hare been regarded as ubUWmII) ever since 1?U The Government entertd into a treaty with this trtb? and the klamuth and Yahoowkin band* is 1884, when a reservation of 768,000 acres of land In southern Oregou *? Kt apart for their ase. Sometime before U?5. however.the Modoc*. acting m they asserted under the advice of certain interested white*, withdrew from the reservation and re turned to their old home near Clear Lake, sixty miles f arther soatb. la 1866 SchoacUin, who was thea principal chief, with a portion of the band, was induced to return to the reservation. butCapt. Jack preferred to remain on his old tramping ground. In 1869 he was finally io daced to go back on the reservation, but within three months a difficulty arose .between the Mo docs and the Klamath*, and the former refuted point blank to remain any longer. In 18.1 Su perintendent Meacham recommended the es taaliehment ot the Modoc* on a small reserva tion lying partly in uregvn and partly iu Cali fornia. but no action wai aver taken on his re commendation. In the sane year commission ers had a talk with Capt. Jack, and agreed to allow his band to remain near Clear Lake until further action. Superintendent Odeneal, who succeeded Meacham. *w not disposed to sump tion this arrangement, holding that Capt. Jack b\ hi* had forieited all claims to consideration. On the fcth of July last, General Walker. Commissioner of Indian Affairs, in structed Superintendent Odeneal ti re move the Modocs to the Klamath res ervation, and s?e that they were pro tected from the Klamaths. He further said in his letter that if, in the opinion of Su perintendent ?>deneal, it was not practicable to remove them to this reservation, he would like a suggestion as to where they should be located. In his reply, ?>deneal stated that the Modocs were "desperadoes,, brave, daring and reck less," and said be did not believe it practicable to remove them at that season of the year, and that should they resist he did not believe there was military enough to coerce thein. In the ?ante communication he said: ?? I think the most effectual way to bring a tout ? solution of these troubles and maintain l-cace is to take the head-men into custody, and hold them at some point remote from their tribe, untd they shall agree to behave them selves." I. I>. Aprlegite, commissary in charge of Camp Yainax, while he thought the proposition was woithy of serious consideration, said: ? But under the present understanding ? * * the arrest would no doubt be regard .-d by tba Indians as an act of treachery on our part, and might destroy their confidence in the Indian department to a great extent, and the military might be avtrse to taking any action while thev consider the agreement made with Capt. .lack b\ the late Superintendent Meacham id still in toree." It is a remarkable fact that in a communica tion to Superintendent Meacham, dated Feb ruary 17,147*2, Gen. Canby endorses the plan of arresting Capt. Jack and the other leaders, (which Applegate had spoken cf as "treachery on our part,") and says: ??If it could be arranged, it is my opinion that the arrest ot Captain Jack, Black Jim. Scar Kaced Charley, Boeton, and Kn-choaks. the medicine-man' would settle all trouble, and 1 am satisfied that, if properly planned and Dam aged, with great cautvrn. It can be done with ao very great risk and with a comparatively small force, oaly for the appearance of being a breach of faith on the part of the department, it could have no bad influence on the other Indiana.'' All attempt* to induce the Modoc* to go back to the Klamath reservation failed, and in one of Applegate * talks with Capt. Jack the latter made in at the following language: " / ?? w*H known and understood by t\r peopl* ?/ Trtkm, Cali/omta, and am governed bf their **(i?. I do not want to lire upon the reserva twi, for the Indians there are poorly clothed, sofTer from hunger, and even have to leave the l a?l HI hi ii sometimes to make a living." I'nder date of July 6, of the same year, Com mits'"?" Walker in a communication to Super intendent Odeneal directed him "to remove them ts the Klamath reservation peaceably, If yew possibly can. but forcibly If you muat, at the time suggested in yoar report, in Septem ber next. lew mU emercise yoar discretion abo*t snaJrtmg arrests of tV leaders, avoiding any unne cessary violence or resort to extreme measures." Subsequently Capt. Jack refused to meet Ode neal for a preparatory talk. To the messenger* Capt. Jack said: '?Say to the superintendent that we do not want to see him or to talk with him. We do not want any white man to tell us what to do. Ont friends and counsellors are men im Trekm, California. They tell us to stay where we are, and we intend to do it, and will not 20 upon the reservation. I am tired of being talked to, and am done with talking." In November, 1872, Superintendent Odeneal transferred the matter of removing the Modocs to the military , and in a letter to Major Green, commanding at Fort Klamath, said: "If it shall become neceasary to use force, then I have to request that you arrest Capt. Jack, Black Jim, and Scar-taced Charley, and hold thea in cus tody subject to my order." Major Green left vith thirty cavalry on the 28th of November last, on the day following a tight occurred be tween the cavalry and the Modocs, and soon after the latter murdered eleven settlers. In concluding la? communication or the 23d of l?eccmber, Superintendent odeneal says: ?? 1 have sufficient evidence to satisfy me that there area few men in Yreka, California,some sixty miles from 1-ost river, who are to a great extent, if not entirely, responsible tor the in subordination of Capt. Jack's band, and tor the present trouble with them. There are several fettets in existence which go te show that these n.en have jet.- laded them to remain off the res ervation. making them believe that they could hold the land they claim under the preemption law, if they would May where they were, but that kt they went to the re?ervation they would lose all right to it- * ? ? It is my experi ? ace that nine-tenths of t4* tr->ul>le xrtiA Indians in this .'"/-erin'mtencjf is brovjkt fcy m'ti-lir setnr yrhx'r m'n yirisf th-m improper aedtict and drnhnf tllfiily v\Lk them." This data presents two tacts: first, that (.'apt. Jack bad ie> d reason to apprehend treachery towards him by the white official, second, that he was secretly instigated to the course tha brought htm into collision with the government authorities by tl> -e very white men of Yreka, who have with interested bad faith egged on the cry for the ext rinitiation of the Modocs, and who, if the tr:?:h were known, very likely had a direct hand lu 'he recent assassination of the Modoc priaaiu x* It appears that Gen. Canby, as long a? sbruary. 1*72, indorsed a plan for the set* .r* Capt. Jack and other leading Modocs, that h admitted ?? migl<t have the appearance of bein* a breach of fa th on the part of the Depar.m nt." Commissary Applegate, while thinking t'ie planworthvof servos consideration, also eomeded "that the airsst would as doubt b ? regarded by the Indians as an act of treachery on oar part, and might destroy their confidence In the Indian Oepartment to * ,-reat extent.'' As all this " information " including the par trculars of this ?? treacherous" p an for the seiiure of the Modoc leaders by G?-a. Canby. was published by order of Congress a- long ago as January last, it is more than probable that Captain Jack was fully advised ot it; and this knowledge may have had something to do with his ova dead ol treachery towards Gaaby. Our respect for the aaemory of a brave and meri tortoas oAoer mast not blind as to the fact, ale*, as has already been Mated, ?? that at the very time Canby was negotiating under a d ig of trace, he was gradually brl aging his aaea into position, and waa, In short, vlolatlaf oae of the best known and moat imperative rales of hen orable warfare,?that forbidding the pashlag of Military operations uader the pretoctlon of a It will Uas bo seen that while ao palliation Is afforded for Captala Jack'si M/me caoK C*" ^ <*Tt* Wr I treacbeto?e"taa?ednsee? I* b seme sntisfue tl ntob* |M< to hold this opinion of a man who baa shown no much of the AM Io nian stjle of braverj in action, and difnilM i<'mpo?ure umicr defeat and UnpAdti| ij?? m:nious d at if. The hill to encourage squabbling among ths lumber measurer* (that Is not tto title exactly, but ripKW the effect tf the Ml if paawd) wae reported back to the Hme of DelegaSee I Ml tight. It proposes, instead of having Me lum ber measurers confined to their NtpMUn to trirta, a* at present, that there Anil be n free tight along the river front for patronage. It will make thing* lively, bnt why not apply the same principle to flour inspectors, scavengers, Ote., sad bare a dim all aroaml? * ? - ? * The District Legislature, notwithstanding the pressure of public business and the approach it g end of the seen Ion, again adjourned over from Friday to Monday. Why not bar? had tfce second reading of the code to-d*y? Ctpt.Jack hasn't quite fettled whether he will try the insanity dodge or claim to be a II' raid correspondent to taw bis lite. ? -EPIS IDAY, Y. tr-s?cnrRCH or re* stbanqbrs U-y COPAL.?0"r vices 11 a. ?OIIl- JI M. C. A. Building, Ptb ttwlUtU. S?atsfr-?e. 1. n^5P?f 6rh*I>RT CHURCH. 14th end G street*. U-eiy To morrow at II a. ni. Bev. Johi L*'* ? **. D. D ; at S p m. Rs?. A. J. Gill. S^nts Iret- It* iy~3?M> KENDREE M K C1ICBill, **<"? ku liviy ?<?! art*?'. hetirrrn 9t* mnd UM* "?'?? B Mr B Ames will dedicate this now Church TO MORROW a* II. ana Rev. H. A. Clkvsland will pr? acu at 3 o'ekek. It* ir^w'iCCH M E. CHUBt H -Proaching TO MURKOW by the Past-r, Rsv Rthaku liullis. At 11 a. m., subject .??Oont?iitnien';" at k p. di , sermon to young men, ''The advautag-? and r wtrilsof Christianity.^ It* ~MBS8RS7~ YIH ELL A 08TRANDER have declined to close their utore at *eTen<7',? ck. as published in The Star of this week. The other merchants will at the appointed time. It n?fAlSB.VTH SERVICES in WETROPOLI li^^TAK PRC^BT I ERIAN CHUR< H, 4 h an I H streets southeast, will continue through summer, ut II a m .ft p te Subj'-cts of afternoon service* will coincide uitli series of International Babbatli School Wssons. It* ft""=S?Y MCA ?Th? regular Motithlv Me-Unit of the VOl'NO MENU CHRISTIAN ASSO CIATION Will be bullion MON "AY EVENING. at 7 o'clock, iu T. M.C. A L-ciure Room N >mi nations for delegates to the International Conven tion will be th?- special business. jll 3t ?en.ble at 5 15 p. m jl4-2t* IV^80NS AND D\IGHT*R> OF ORPHAN RKLIET CLl'B will continue their fair during next week,comer of Masaachusetts avenue and Mn street. (Washington Market Hall;) proved* for the benefit of the two orphan children of Sir* Lai etiia' ?.?ho was murdered May llth, HI By order ofT.M- JANITER. President. It* rr-S?NOTICB IS HEREBY GIVEN, That the U^y" Ordinance uf the Board of Health relative to t h~ running at large of niimu7?l-d, the taking up, impounding and ehooting of the name, between June 13 and September IS. will be rigidly snferced from acd after th?* 16th instant. It CHR18. C. COX, M. D , Pres't B. of H. (K^THI MEMBERS or FRANKLIN OAMP. ILSr ho. *, Daughters of Lil>ertT, are re.jii<>?ted to m<-*>t at their ball SATURDAY EVENING, at 7', ? 'cb ck , to mak* arrangements for Sister HaLLI.n t,is'* funeral. A full attendance is required. Very re^pectfnllr, _ H* M. A. WHITEMORE, B-c. 9<v: BLACK IIAWK TBIBE, No. 137 I. O Uwy R. M ? I'K tri a?ii> Brothkx?: A full at tendance ts expected upon the n"Xt burning of th> Council fire, on tl?e ISth Sleep. H>?t Moon, G. 8. I> .1-3 Bu<itiees; Nomination of Chief* and Repre sentatives to t lie G C. of P. C. By order Sachetn: H* D G EICHELBERGEB. C. of R. >MiNS ()| temperance ?The Grand D< _ vision will be organl/.ed on MONDAY AF TEnNOON, .Ian- 16th. at * 30 o'clock, in Circuit C 'urt Rejoin. City Hall. El-ction of officer* at five o"cI?<k. Punctual attendance of m^nbers re .jue?ted. In the evening, at i o'clock, the offl'-.irs ? ill be publicly installed at Wall's Mew Op-r* H "i- . Address?s by distiegnixh-^d speakers. C ?rd? of adm:asion ran be had(without charge)of mem bers af the Order. W M.BRADLEY, jU to* Deputy M. W P. ON AND AKTER MONDAY, the 16th, to ? October lit, 1273, we, the undersigned, B?t and Sh?e? merchants of Washington, D.|C., agree to dose our places of l-usiuess, at 7 .30 p. m , SATUB DAT excepted: T. 8. GABTBELL, FRANCIS PROTT, : c. r. COMMIKS. JOHN angbrmanason H C. WINB80R, H BL BN8 A CO., BOBT BALL, 8TBA8BUBGEB BROS , C. I. KINO. J. M. JACKSON. Itf | p^3?T0-MUBR??W? BKAUTirOL AS A 1 1^7 BALMY 8CMMXB DAT, TBI Sl'KDAY MORMIIie 6AZCTTB, Tbs favorits Vamily Journal of the Metropolis, will greet its aiways (ratified >UJ)U0 readers with critical contributions from ths sharp pens of Oordella, Mignon. Faith Licbea, Pastoria, Hattie, Sprue. Lena. Truly Rural, Jacques, Mrs. 1. I. flutter. Jake Hay, D A. Straher, Addison Deat, William B, pbax.Siasen Scraggs, As., Ac., besides racy edi torials, livsly Stories, latest Telsgrsms, live Locals, 4 toT1TH* GAZETTE will be a delightful issus to m?rrow. D"a*t fail to read It. Business men mast not forget that for paramount reasons the BON DAT GAZETTE is tbs very beet in the District of Ootambia TS BBCBITBD UNTIL ~ TO-NIGHT. U? fV^S? AN YJH AND WRITING can be improved by a course of Isesons at the Beeloess College. W riting department opea all sumaser. jU-lw irS?EQCAL LODGE, Mo. IT,*. Of P-Tbs members are earnestly rsssesM to attend the next stated meeting, mob DAT, June It, WJ, as Ceinsss of importance will be considered Meets rner Hew Tork avenue aad 7th rtrwK. Br order je!3 3t B. B. BBOWN, K. of B. M 8. C^*TC0RNBB ?th aWd D 8TBBBTS. C1BCFLAT1NG LIB BART BBOPBNKD. NEARLY a.OOO new books just addbd BEADING BOOM TBBB TO ALL. Dally Prayer Meetings 11:1*. ?, and 9 p. m. SABBATH SERVICES : Bibb- Lesson at <:>, in Lincoln Hall, Isd by C <m missiuter of Indian Affairs. Service at Lincoln Hall at 8 p. m je!3-tr ?BBMOVAL.?The nndevslgned have this day removed from corner of Hew Jersey avenue B street sooth to their new Storeroom and Warehoase, (southeast corner of same square,) cor ner lat and C streets soathesst. 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PBATT, Graduate of Oto Oaliage of pzyzssi* sczry HarMMTHB KARL1KST ASKS TO f tbe preeent day .Scrofaia has been the bans, .as It wsrs, tbs cans of mankind. Bo terrible I loatbaoms bad besn at sosse jsrtods of tbe worlds history that a persea known to be Infected with B w<Htld not be allowed to mix with society. HappUy in oar day tbe dlssase Is stripped oftts terror by tbe nee uf BaMaaiTan's Boor an* Htu Juicbs. and ths victim of Scrofula, Clears, Sores, Pirn pies, Blotebes, Tsttsrs, Ac, saabs restored te sound bsaUk l1'KooVaND HERB JUICES, ?1JI per bettls Sold by 8.0. PORD, 1I0S Pa ave., and by Drug gists. DESMOHD t 00., ProprMore, 818 Race to fr.lflll TO LAD LBS. How ead It ts to sse a young wife, a 1 ly who requlrve all bsr phrsiaai strsngtka <? miDii her household duties, and all bar moral ca pacities te atwyt the rssponaibijilty which tdO^ay strength, fseling toidly withowt " " why. bnt yet suBsring snougbto abls^ This state of wsskasm and AsWUtv Is mors fatal ts bsr than a peseta spell of slcknsm. far In tbsd caas she will receive tbe proper oars, ss La tbs sttor She will Mngsr months wtsr months, ant thinking worth whits to sse a physician about It. until Mian, exhausted, glees out, and she Is carried te ths j when u little pre. spared her Ufa. 1 nothing can compare wii TERS sf Dr. L. tf.BBRl iS? m DBUO 8TOBB, Mo. IIW PintTLVAau A Jj'Et IT JAMB. FRUIT JABS. A large a ?sort meat of tbs most approved kinds. WBBB * BBYBBIDGB, jli M Odd Fallens' HaM.Tto street CftH BU8HBLS PBACM BLOW POTATOBS. t)UU For sale by JNO. W. LUMSDON, j?I3 St* BOB Mb street, opp. Osnter Marhst.1 111 0. LUTTBBLL. 0. A. DUNJUBOTOB ' LVTTBIU,? PDIHIR8T8R. Auctleaeers and '?'? Msrekwta, 817 La. Ave^ bst._8U a^ Mto unm nstt?I. sato^BenTBstate. dHm* taaaui much urttenient on the cotton ;e in Hew Yi . _ i erk, >nd tt *m reported ytr ? terdat that ac Trial more failure* wilt soon be wnotnMd. There wrmi, however, to be a gi n? rai impr?Inn that the worat U o var, and that M pule will ensue. Cotton Mterdir morning was again slightly advance*)in price, baft K was thought that freah impartatiaus would arrive in the early part of next month, aad that the present effort to create a cor will be frustrated. a eat Seearltif?i Jay Otokt * Co. furnish the followi 114 to day t stu'i. 8el''t r.s.ivwi s<< far-. i*j ms 17 1, ar?, i.?? m\ 171, S ? ?, HS6 tv? 5 ?Vs.JnAJy,??.?*{ *>'? 5 ?'?,Jii.tJy."S7.11S J., *?'?tJuAJy,*i?H? Jt\ MV?T* U\ U* Naw York ?First Board I*. B.6>, 1W1 ??S r sr*. is6i i#\ 5?'?, 1861 ?..16't t-anv. mb j# S 2UV, JanAJIy ,T?. >1 S-Iu'b, Jan*Jl> .*7 Ji*g ? ?-,JaaAJly,19H. 30'1 N?V It American G >ld MX Currency 4's US New Fives 13 Baltimore, June 14.-Virginia aixee.old, *. do. cojbxoUdat'd.K; West Virginia'-. 101* bid to .Jar. Balt:M0RR4 June U.-Oouun quiet: low mii dlit'M. lb\ Flour quiet and steady, and un cliangid wheat dull?rjmmoa to fair red, ,$1.1tm ? 1.60; winl?r red western, ? lfiotqtSlM, sprit g ie<l w??(?rB, fl Wi|I M. Oorn steady?wtlite t?>mhern, ?8; yeil?w south rn.41. mited western, firm? r. Oa'I dull?Routhero,47(it^O; western mixe 1, i5 do. whi'e, 48. Rye <jui-t, Ut'tffcJu. Hay nnchan^l. 1 roTHtui rtul! and r<ninml, nnrhmi^H) eru hut;*.?-?o< d to cl.olc?, l*?sa> Whisky n >mui al.SSH. Sugar firm,It New Ton*, Jane 14,-Money Srm. i&*. Gold li< avy, 16V416S G"?.-t nmenta dull aud ?t-ady. Mew Tori, June 14?Flour dull. Whiat quiet ar.d hea^y. Corn n?n iu;>ll> unchanged. lo>MS,Ji:nf 14.11 3?a. is.?Consolsopened at 9I'? for money. an<l OS's for account. B <nd* .>f 1W, old. 91', : lsfi7. ??_; lu Wn.itS; tie* Uvea, rt?.?S. Brie,.it>. Frankfort. June 14 ? Bond* 96 for issue ol W.J LoSboN, June 14, i p. m. ?Consols closed at ti ?, for u.? n?y, '.ij". for account. B?n<ls of M6,old, ?T*. ai la, SOS. Par is, June 14 ? Rente* fit francs 75 centimes. ? THE WEATREB. War Depart* hut, Ojfir, q/ (%t?r stmn! Qfirtr.l Washington, Jnne it, M73, lo ? a. m. ( BTNorsts mt the fait TWK!tTT-roua hour* ? The b?r< mei?r has very generally fallen from the <Juif and Atlantic coast to the lakes, being lowest o?er lowei Michigan and lii^lict over New lim. land. Kaln areas hate been r? ported from Mi "hi - Sin :ind northern Wisconsin, nr.d from Kansas, iseonri, southern Illinois. T-nnrssoe and North Carolina, southward to thegiilf; also, during the night fr?mNorfolk and Cai>e May. Clear weather ha>uenerally continued over the uortliwest, wi h M;iods shilling to easterly and southerly, and over New Ct gland. Partly cloudy weather u uow r? porteo from the Middle -tate?, with northerly winds fnan Virgltdato Cape Cod, and southerly winds oyer the lower Iske region. Probabilities.?For New Bnaland, fallin? I.a rometer, northeaateriv and sontheasterly v* ii ds, increasing t? brink on u?e roaat, and iacreas irg cloudiness, with rain over the southern portion during the afternoon, and over the northern to night. for the Middle states, falling barometer, cloudy weal her. rain arena and fre?h to bri.k n- rth < ast and southeast winds. For the lower lake re gion, fresh variah e winds cloudy west her and rain hreaa. Fr< m Missouri to the upper lakes, south westerly and northeasterly winds and generally i lear weather. From'Tenge ?ee to Ohio, winds vecringtowesteTlT,with clearing weather. For the south Atlantic and gulf state*east of the Mis<i~sip pl, sontl.erlT to westerly winds, generally cloudy weather and rain areaa. Fortb<> northwest, dimin ishing presanreand southeast and southwest winds 9 WATER COOLERS AXD ICE PITCHF.E3, Of the B-st Make. WEBB A BKVERIDOE. _ Odd Fellews' Hall, j^*'3t 7th street ^RCTIC SODA WATER, 10th 8T. AND MARYLAND AVE VI4HT, KISSEMOEM Ac., 1?th 8T. AND MARYLAND AVE. PERL VIA 51 OTTAWA REER, 10th 8T. AND MARYLAND AVE. Jli-'r W. E. KENMAL'<;i|. LOPING OUT A LOT OF PERE VERMONT MAPLE SL'GAR, 6 POUNDS FOB ?1. D0NT DELAT. ELPHOMZO VOl'NGS fc CO., GROCERS, MASONItf TEMPLE, J'14 Corner 9th and F streets I'HIRMOMETER TP! DRY GOODS DOWN! LAST CHANCE THIS SEASON. ,w,,n'0,11 "?J? of Baring and 8nm ?rCaadawlU con aaence MONDAY, 16th last , and continue until July 4th, 1473, when ali DRY GOODS IToIT!!?, P-ry Go<^,'> ,n the house ahall be sold without reaerve at a wonderful sacrifice. Ladies ahonld not, nnder any circumstances, rnisa this, the laat opportunity of theaMWon. ' w JACKETS, LACE POINTS, PABAhOLS, and other gs<>ds yet on hand araiiftt attractive kind ever diaplayed ia this la conjunction with oar stock of Dry Goods, we offer oa the second Root of oar building a macniti ^ cent assortment of choice CARPETING, at greatly reduced price*, comprising all makes of Foreign and American manufacture: OIL CLOTHS A large Stock of MATTING In all widths; White Matting, low aa3Dc., and Check, very fair, at 25c. aiSVl'xTFhxs.'"tOCk ?' WIND0W SHADES *y Remember the Arcade. WOLFORD fc SUILBBRG, jel4-tr 4ST 7th street, between D and 1,8. W. |K THE SUPKKMK^OU^TOK TH* DISTRICT Alfxa*dei Humes et JuHn IIl'MKs et al? t. ?. 2.757 Equity Docket 11. iJJ ,T?.0W?'ed ^ loth day of Jane, 1873 that the sale made by Richard T. Moreell, true tee in thia canee, on the Md day of April u front by the depth of the lot of lot No. lo in aquare No. 816, in of Washington and Dktrict of Colombia with the improvementa, for ? 1,7*5, and by aaid trua "t to this court, be, and the same la hereby, ratified and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary be Bhown on or before the second day of July next By the conrt: , a. WTLIE A trnejcopy-Teat: B J. MEIGS.Olerk. jel4-?Jt By L. P. WILLIAM^, Asa t flerk. LMRE WO RES. " VEBT CHEAP AT NICHOLS'. LITTLE WORLD, 7th street, between 8 and T streets. jel.?-tr J?STaBLISHED 18 4 1. JOHN 0. BARTHEL, s1sam V YhH AND SCOURER, Ho. 114 *!*?;A-HALr Street, (One door South of Ooloiuxatiou Hall.) Itake this met hod of informing my friends ? - froM' * Public la geaeral that, having recent ^STA ,kJ and D YEINQ thJrJif1*? modern improve nerafcj making it complete ia all ita details equaled by few and surpaaaed by none I am wnunJi to perform In the very WmiiiiTlld STtCTJ^T eat notice all work intrusted to my care aud i^l! a call from all wVrk > removed"" ithouVcTwIas sales' drees SB clsani and greaae spots and ata Iri tw whofe giinniil. cleanaed wUhout shrinking Kid Olores cleaaaed al the ahorteat notlce^sirTV (^PRACTICAL TRUNK] WAXTFACTORV. ENCOUBAGE HOME MANUrACTUBE! TRUNKS repaibed abb oovebbd. JAMES B. TOPUAM * CO., harness, saddle and trunk manu facturers, Ko. 48A IBTBVTI STIBBT, Beat to Odd Fellows' Ball, 2fJrf ?jM?*-and-g'>lllc<> "lock of goods in their line, kinds o| " maaalaflure, consisting of all; IKSSwafKisa. - ?I ?! BIDING WHIPS, M RtBMBkrr the Bid Btaad jeM .?? 7th atraat, na*t to UiJ FeUows' BaU. P1BB WANTS. WVHTi.??'??EXPERIENCED DET ? ?ALEn*AW with good rohrtuMi Address Bo* M9. G ? sefown, D. V. )> GOODS ? Addrss rowB.D.O. jell 3t* WAAltl)-T*0 WAITER* ud TWO BBUi BOl<. A naif at the M* *4 ST. CLOVW HOTIIt. ? at Mo. ?. !KB. VL*AfeTIP-lM?liaMt-A IIZ9R SC' ? MAM f?r aeio-ral jioas4Vork. A Mi J with nfrnmn to 11M Now York ?r?nn?. jth ll* EE;ANTED-A STEADT C,t*L >T to 7V do chamberwork and assist? ?9. 47? P nu Dlvanfa ar? nue.* W A NTED?At No 10, ColuBibia it root, a lilKL 77 to general h"ii?owurk for family of throe; must be good cook, washer and Ironer. It* U'ANTEI)?Br a r?iyortabl' whitegirl a 8ITUA ?" TION to do housework fjr a ?mail family; ??> 1 refeienc-. A pal> corner 1st and B at re -t* north WABDHoPSB. It* Wilt \\T ARTED-A ronof (iIRL j white! as ehvinber " maid, and to wait on t*Mo; (ho,! flret-ol??* COOK, accnttomed to a Bearding Hotc, good wagoa. Apply at 1lOI I7?h stioef. It* V\taNTB1i? Br a yonrg girl a situation ?a " LAUNDRESS or CHAMBEBMAID, or to assist In WASH IKG and IRONING; has n? ohjec t.on to going in th" country. Appli 1 109 3d street, bet wren L and N T. av on no north wot. jel4-tt" YV ANTED?Br a rata and wtlo, at> .ut ?ul H ?? I SU KMJHUi ROUM9ln anaist fauii.v. suitable for b> uaekeeptng. with pleufy nf fard r. am. Adriress,giving full particulars and p'.cr,C. s., Ptar office ieU-3i* WANTED?Immediately?A G1EL for the Gal lery. JOHNSON'S, *09 Pennsylvania ate nue, between 8th and 9;li stre-ts. jll >t* IE,' ANTED?By a young, healthy white woman, a 77 SITUATION a* wet nmse. Wo ..biertion to tho country. fan be ao^n at N-? S. Baldwin'* H >w, between 1st am) Sd and I? and K ?tr-eia. jl.Vlt* \V ANTED-A Pr.teatant GERMAN GIRL t >d ? 77 gt-tirra) honse work in a *nii?II launl, ; nin?t c -nio well roct>nuii**ud?d A g *?d h >mo can b- - cured l?y apply iiig >.t 3014 stieet ut r'h* e-t. brt * r en C ami V ut roots. ? 13 .1. * \V AN 1Kb?1,?00 i ?1? COaL A>HE3;~7* I 77 guodMEN; wages 41.76 p-.T day; pay ever. two weeks. Apply at ouco at corner of 171h anl L I ?treet? northwest. J-12 3'.* WANTED-^i mnt'-iilately?By a gentlt-niiuw a good, airy KOO>1. w;th BOARD, in <? p'lvato ! fsmily iti ib'-cntrnl port) ?? the city. Addr?--.i j "K?ciin,'T hi?i oflice. jell-S:* \17ANTBD?SB HORHES aud CARTS; ateady ' ? actli and prompt pa* tnrnt Apply uti tin wotk.Slnt street and Maifitrliusctts a\e. iiordtw.tnt. J<12 4t* O. O. HARE A CO \VANTEI??To Rrnt. -a 6 or ij room HUlOK I ?? HO!>E, with all in.?l>*rn lmpro*<-Bi-nta. I venient to Trea?ur> D'-p-titnu'tit and borse cars. I?? 1 a family of three a lults K?nt nut to esc?o<l AfcN) poryear. Addresa Q. M <" . Star office. jell St* 1 \Vr ANTED?A Yo.iTig WOKANTto <lo gon?ral " honaownrk for a small family; on? wh.i ca i i come well roc >if niendod as to qnalifa-ation and character. Apply at 4 1 11 atreet tiurthwest, Ir.'ni fl to 8 o'clock p. nK j<13 3t WANTED?Throe g?*ntl<-iui*n and th?'ir wi?e? to occnp> a largo L'nfnrni-h-1 Iidl'SK, ue?r Alexandria, during the snmaer. Every c.>nT?tn-n> e for housekeeping. Apartmentsaopiirare; ctiol,Ur;i > aril an.1 gntd<-n < f t? b> tsl-l - anil flowers; cal birte : water near the door; living w ill not exceed lu 1 clud.HK rent, c*r? for Washington every bour f ?r 10 cents. Fur particulars, adjruw P. O. box 917 6. ; Alexaadria. jell .It* i \0? ANTED?We bavecuatoBiers for two hi use-, a* It follows: One on Capitol Hill, $1,UU0 or .ft.So. ! 7 or 8 roonis with lot. Will pay 9 1,U0U raeli, | bala> ee, 1. J, and 3 your*. Ah", a Imuw ft j S ri). , j anywhere north of Pennsylvania avenue, abyut ; iJ-ACU. Will pay one ha'f cash. ' JOHN B WHEELER, Real Restate B k-r. jell-St 1416 Pennsylvania avenue. \kf ANTED ?A cnipeteat WOMAN?whit* pr It firred?to cook, wash, aud iron for a aiuall family; references required Apply to 601 1 street niTthwest. je#6t* \vTNTED-W FT NT USE Apply at *??? L Vv street uortliwest, 8tn and Vn etr als. Ale .a GIRL from tin country not oyer 1*, for gen eral housework. j9-lw* \VANTED-A tenant for part of Honse 5J ? t* S1517 K s'reot nortlrwoat. within Hve mlniitea' v. alk of Governnient Printing Office. Ii bas gae and water, summer kitchrn. Rent moderate. j*4 WAHTEI^POUSE P a 1 N T E RS at FEN * * W I<'K7s I'aiulitig E-taMishm?tit, No. 46 J? f feraoa street, Georgetown, D. C. None but go.-l worknreti need apply. j^2 %Y'AhTEI>?Ail persons who have not yet ?eon >? theimprov.d WHEELER A WILSON SEW ING MACH IN E to call and examine it before bay ing anj other. It is ?ilnpl>, noiaelMa, awift?maktiit; l^OU ?titches a minute. No atiiittle used. ai*l there fore but one tension requited. Will laat a life time. Sold on monthly pajmenta. t. J. STEER A SON, Ageits, 461 Pennsylvania avenue, n<-ar i<i etreet. mySl lm* VVr ANTED?All those who valno their sight to know that the best ?'ONE DOLLAR 8P?C TAILE" in the country la iw-enratelr anited to the ejesight by H H H EH PLER, the Optician, corner

4H street and Pennsylvania avenue. Depot for TlienBQBieters of all kinds. my 19 ly * ANTED?A GIRL that can come well recutn mended; can call at 933 New Tork avenu'-, to do the cocking, washing and ironing of aemallf*n Uy. Apply from 8 a. a. to J p. m., or 4 to 8 o'clock P m-ir WANTED?lmiaodlately?Families or porsonain need of first-claaa SERVANTS of every daacrlp tloa, male and female, to call and get supplied at once. Servants also can get good bones and beet of snat: Kfif.'si-i'.'sfffisifift'isrj'sss: BMP I. " ^ ' ?the FIUTOB nmdk uU m \1TAHTED? Every one to know that 77 BEWLNO MACHINE has its a hm: the moat perfect shuttle la ?aa, resting la a cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Ajrency, 4tV Pennsylvania arena*. Also, Branch Of Mnse. Dsai oreefs PaOwa Emportaa. angSS-ly T. W. BFTOBB. A|ait LOST AND FOUND. TAKEN LP ADBIFT?In the Bastern Branch, a E large keel-bottomed BOAT. The owner will please come forward, pro re property, par charges and take ber away. HEBBT THOMPSON, It* H street, near Ba?rard*s Paint. 'T'AKEH CP ASTRAY?Last Friday, crossing the 1 Navy Tard bridge, a dark bay MARE, rv badly used: hair aked of. The owner asy *wtl have her by prorln* property and paying cbaraee. HENRT ROB1NSOB, on Burnt Bridge St., Eastern Branch. jl4-tt* OBT?A SATCHEL containing subscription books, 7th street southwest, between B street and Maryland avenue. A sultab e reward will be given If left at 613 7th street northwest. jelS-lt* LOOT?On Thursday, Utb instant ^n or near Mar ket Spare, a BED LEATHBB POCKET BOOK., containing about five dollars. The Under will be suitably rewarded ou leaving the sauie at the Btar office. jelllt i j O RBWABD.?Lost, a white and Uv tj? 1 Yt POINTER, with left fore fang on_ lower jaw brokea off. The abov e reward* lit * * ? * ' ** w ill l>e'paid on hi* being Toft at 'l 133 luth Street. jel3-3t BOARDING. T ARGE FURNISHED ROOMS, W ITH BOARD, Li 606 H street, between 6th and 7th northwest. Gentlemen preferred. jel3 3t* f kNE LARGE MICKLT FURVISHED RUoT, U second floor, south front, with BOARD^at 1111 M street northwest. jfll-li* RUMMER BOARDING AT RED WOOD, A Dt O ligbtfal country swat; 1>? miles from George town or Washington; went side Bock Creek. There Is a pavilion, croyuet ground, a variety of fruit, Ac., and a daily stage to the Treasury, corner 1M, street and Pennsylvania avenue, arriving at 9 o'clock a. a., leaving at S'SU p. m. For further particulars, apply to Mrs. BROOK, 911 16th str<-?t noithweet. jS-Jw* PERSONAL. WILL THE PARTY WHOSE NAME IS not Mj rtle, and took an F street car at Judi ciary Square for Capitol Hill, about p. ib. Thursday, please send their address to "KIRK WOOD," Star office. jell-it* " WiTATUYOLENCE," OB TBB WILL CUBIT O THE GREATEST DISCOVERT OF THB WORLD. By It all diseases are enred. No mwdicinns oasd, end no iayitur on of hands. Taught by Mrs. J. R. EL IOT, 47S C street northwest. ap7-tr PROFESSIONAL. U J. FRANKS, ?. DENTIST, 413 13th street, above Kirk wood Honse. He guarantees as good w ork ia appear anco, tit,durability, ant purity of materialKsfMaa# for h*sa money than any Dentist in tbe^*? '' " city. je4 Doctor hartigah has removed his office to No. 1'ilO F street nor.hwest. mSl-4w JAMES 0. CLEPHANE. B. Z. BRAILBT CLEPHAME * BRAILET, SHORTHAND WRITERS A LAW REPOBTEBS CBc*-Ne. 110 0 street, fcrtwua 1st and Sd, facing Indiana avoaas. mbM-ly JOB* W. MAMMA, _ .0. fV ,f1'J?IPT10 TOKB SHIRT b ti'rl/ feSSM ?SSn "rVIti cutties enables >n with aLaolirte prec.i^.^jnth?^ terials and ?anafattuis. nsTrE rapeiieace >. J.V.BI (toa.D.O. mU-tr will far a fair cash JOHUM BUG.-] any Y^w ~-.-ZTE2 SSi.'Xrt Bll^at STRAUS', Cha Clothlsg, 1011 Psaaa. ass . 00D LaOBR ? If yoa wantaglaasof fresh aud co^BalUsaors> L-'.GjB.stop at jbe basement 533T * FOR RENT AND SALE. L O?>MT-ni? Hri? MOONS. fu'n..hd r r iMmkM, 14) M it(?M northweet; aJ?o, STABLE fu rnt. jit <;? ?'0H llxf-A Ikrfr KiiOH, tniUbi> tor a F to?'a Office or Beal E?tai-, also, tine BUlK HOUtltor sate hitirr at 911 I r.h wi. ,H-?* Fob EENT-oaa aeaiy fa-n .h..i booW ?????? blr f >r o*a or two gentlemen T< ms f>r r?ue, |l for tiootta. Kv.lltl Mi?ai:hiit?IU tffol". hf 4ween9-h and 14 h*r?-et?. ill-: * F'??k SALB?A ?reli-t>iiiit i? ?ur* Bklll HOl'lf,** P itTM. t"?wwn 6th and 7th < rwti nor litM L t 22'3B Will h? Sold I- w upon tp plyingtoDUMCANSOM, POWLING A CO t'l >pd D >tr.'timHiwwt I'll F-Ull SALk-Allot pariof?v{< ARa ??> *???. on Ia?4 Capitol aitd kMh Rtr r? ?-?*. adj >i n' r g , Lincoln Park, one *qnare front I be aire ?: I utli' r LOTfilnritW iu ?|Uvm M a* I tli. .* rp: v i to M. BALDWIN, eatuer K at Ca ani i<> a I stre. t? east il?< * t L'UM HALK ittt KU V-a ooaay cvi i .tuk >n t r genteel order * r ? a* Mt P ? i, ? irixtip.lMaloUr, Water, vCT? l, <Mrni!?n I to ci y; al? . n--ar bora cms*. Pries 837S0. In i;nir? of Dr. BKIKUiat Mt.rle* mt, or 919 K j utrcpl Dunhwrat. jll-it* FoR RENT July lit, BRirMt HOUSE l?14~B ?tr?e? south* eat, opposite Smithsonian; lu Noaa. good repair, Latroh- rang-, bath, h>t and rod 1 water, c?Har, Ar. Hiw can now b- ??u For further Irfortnatl'm apply tc H. t>. BARR 1346 r , siren northwest. jl4 St* L'OR REKT-A tlir*e story RRI< K H?>r8?. 5?I? j 1 G street, between id and M itrcui nortnw.e*. (niitaiutDt s iM<niii,crllar,kitclirn. vttf, <m. ?li1 ' l>th rw n Ii.quire ti'tt dvic. m at t'i} d 4r?ft. b iwrta 4th and 7ih. of T. W. Ml RPHY. BLACKS* 1TI1. WHIKLWHIUHTand PAINT I SHi'P. with > machine,on U ?tr*~t. t???? -n I <*li ar.d 7th street*. ne ir Pstent Office. A tim-f1*-' bn?ioi* . siai .1, and will b- rented to a g< > <4 tenant I at a reasonable rent. Apply, >n prennees. to ji4-4:* T. W Mi;KPIfV. j L OR SALE r at PRIVATE 6A1.I I 'PROSPECT HILL," th" residue- of the late .1 it Roach, in Alexandria county, Vreim*. Tbie pla?e c main* a'uu< 224 acre* and I es ti?*r tin end of the L tic Br:dg?, on <onth side .( Ai liag f,r Tut ti pike, at f.s Intersection with th? Alexan dria All the land i? ?f th? b?-?t jnall'y f >r pnrp< *e?, and the B >tt<wn Ls'^.oath- ?nal. C 'Bi prifcli cnbotit 12t acr-?. is MR1< K CLAY of th.- b??t de'crii'ti^n. Tbe jniproTemctita are a larij^ an-1 *ul.?tan'tal ltri k M ui-i -n llnitM an l Out-b'iildiujta, K.irui H ?-<?, Barns, BuMw. A>-. Tiie land ban li.'cn iaj<l off in paic< l?, tud w ill be ?old in |c?? to enit pmrrar m. For fuithet information itian<r* of CHAbLES K. STI"\RT. or ?. FKRUCSON BB\<'U. jelt-lm* Al- xmidria. Virginia. L'OB K> NT- ti-luruiBlf.a EOOMS, ft 11 I?-? r-vt r DortbweKi. j-lSSi* F^OR RENT? Pnrnlohed Hor*K. 7 n. m?, July 1 to S< pt<n)lH-r? , 1S73. Appl> from t to7 p in., W41 O rtri-rt northwu. j--H 3 * LViR KKNT?Four uD(urDi?hi<d KtMINii >n w r ond tloor, ?"?tabie for h >n?fk ? pine, with it** of snrnwr kitchn. Call 17 SO K ?tr>?t. j?lJ-ft* F'OR RENT?Verj cotX>rt?bl? bTT|'se. 4 1 "? K Mrwi. ten rix-ma. ?at<-r and gag. Applr THOS. E. WAG0AMAN,aiW7th?tr"Ht. kU ? L'OR KKhT-T?'i ?t'it\ Frame HOI'SK 1 < hna--'t? avt-nu**, b?-twe?*ti North Capitol rtrm-i ai d K>*?- Jerat-r avenue Apph seconddo-vr. at j' 13-Jl' Mi s. BARRY S. I/OK BkNT-Al #1.1 Penn?Tlvaula avruo , ?er r >1 Kcmktns. KRoNT ROOM on (wcor?i floor, furnish*d or unfurnished, suitable f .r a D x-tor >-r Kenlist. j?13lt* ITOB SALE-LOTS N > ?. 4. and 4. ?.jiiare 7|T. r uunbi-aat cortM-i Ea<t Capital an i4'h st< Will ex< lisnge for improved prcperty. Imjnir<? StO?> Easi Capitol street. jelS 3t* 1,'Ofi KKNT- Vi r> d.- rable IHtl SE, 1*24 I street, nioderii convcalences. near n>*rV?t and c?i?. Apply to TUOMAS It. WAOQAMAN. il9 7tb *tr< ft. j-H tt FOR PENT?Lar>{V a?.d airy furni-li-d ROOMS, with statiot.ary wa-hstand*, ba*h-r?ont( hot ai d eld water!; location cool,delightful tree*, eraas in front, near Lafayette S?nai> . Terms Ui -d i at . Heard next d> or ?11 M:h -tre?>t. ;-U M h'OK RENT?Nicely-turn is lid PARLORS "aud CHAMBERS in < house ? ith all ui'?i-rn r nv. - nieiicea, and situat'-d iu one of tho uioat .lesir:i!tl-> and pleasant l-w aliiies in the rity, at summer ra n No 1004 Massachusetts ??e .near lOtii st. j IS 3t* ,LM>K RKNT?Tli tee-atory littl* K Uul>K. ten r rooni", wat^r and cas. on I. n-ar N'~>rth Capitol street, opposite 8t Alojsias Church. K?nt ftip-r m. ntli in advance. Inuuire at UlBSON'Si fancy Store, 944 7th street north weft. j-lJ-.Ji* L'Olt KENT?Very haulaotue l? W EL LING, r IIOI 81, No. 1487 8 street northwest, tint S'a'e 1 ep.viituetit. presa d brick,ai* ro-nns, cellar, bath room, water, gas,front porch isad yard of rose*. For key and Uraia, apply at OLIVUl DUFOTR'S, cotner Uth and S streets. ntSl-lta |?0R"8ALE?The>l>niruble UWELLINO No *07 a IJth Street, facing Franklin Square, with nine rooms. bath-room, linen and water clo*?ta, gas ft* tnres thronsboQt, Latr >b? atove, larca rear yard, ?c. Immediate poaaea?i?n. A rare opaortnaity is offered to aeenre one of the handsomest locations iu Ihecity. [jeU6!j B. W. DOWNMAN, 414 7th st. t'OR SALE-A very hue BUILDING LOT on K -treet tiortliweat, betwean 1Mb and 16 h. iixlK, [south front. Thla if on'- of the ?n?t deairable buikl inaaites in the city. Will b* dlapoeed of at a bar gain if told withia the next 10 lava. TAL1.MADGE A CO , TOSDrmt, jtU-ll* Batlnftal Bank of Republic building. I^OB RENT?FIVE ROOMS, 3 iront and Ibaek; r 444 4th treat. 9aa aad water in house. jU 3k* L'OK RENT?To Gentlemen, flue large airy r BOOMS, without board, at 1907 lit atraat. corner 1st atr'-et and New York avenue. jl8-a-?3t* 1/OB RENT?Threefurnish'd K0OM8, with gaa. r watar, ud bath mom, Apply at No. 71* Uth ?treat, tetweaa G and H, north west. jil Jt* 'OBbB^kLC 0B BKKT-A n-<M ?-r >oni BRICK nArC* W l.ii - - ? - mm s. wi nni? iv IB. with hall. DTBB A DAVIDSON. 144B Pennsylvania aiemte aorthweat, over Mil burn'a Dru< Btora. j!3-3t E*0B RENT?A new seven roam HOTSE on lutli r atraat,one half aquare from the t'onn- cttcut avenue cars. *? per mouth. Inqoira at 644 Louisiana avanne. je7-lm FOB BBNT-ST0BB BOOM and OFFICBS on Pennny Ivania avenit? Western Cnion Tele graph Office, coriier lttk atraat aud Pennsylvania avanue. j U-eoJw L-ur reKT ?Hut#*, So. 92S1 atreat nortb r weat. between 9th atx* 10'b, roatalna 10 rooms, with modem ImprovemenU. Iu^nire on the prem isea front 4 to 6 p. m. j!3 3t* FOB RENT?Sulta of Furnished ROOMS, parlor and b?dr??m, suitable for one or two alngte geotl nien. Will ba rented low for the summer a.ontlu, at 410 ll.h atreet, oae 4<>or froiu the ave nue. jU 3t* 1/OB RENT?A fewcoM, pb-aaant, and handaama r ly furniafced BOOMS, on Franklin B>jw, to na dtceitionable partiea, on very reasonable terna*. Tl?? nest of references given aud required. Addraai Z, this office. Jl3 3t* FOR RENT?A convenient and naatly famished ROOM in a central location, and a few minutes walk trom all the principal departments. Will rent to a gentleman and wife or two (or onelaingle geg tienun. Apply at 1419 H street north weat. jM3t* li*0B BALK?Mvrtle street, ?pp>>site St. Al ?ysiua' 1? Church, ttye HOUSES, ^Juucash; monthly pay ments of ft 25. UOCSE No. IV B street, opposite aoathern side of Capitol Park, extended. Pennsylvania avenue, LOT extending thr ttgh rqnare half square oaat from Capitol. A few bargains in Huntit aton Lota. L^aas on real eatate. T. 8EATON DONOUO, j 2-Jt (B< p.] il'i 7th ?t., opp. P<>? Office. IjVJR RENT OR SAtiB?Threa atory preaa brick IlOl'SB, containing 9 roomi, large cellar, water andtraa; good location; 104 C street, between 1st ami 3d. near Capitol and Baltimore depot. Inquire at No. 46V Washington street, between 4th and 6th. J?ll-Sw* F^OR SALE 0B EXCHANGE f >r city property - A pleasant residence at Biadensburg Depot, B. A 0. B. R. Inquire of I. W. SCOTT, on the prejii iaea, or to the proprietor American Hooae, corner 7tH street and Pa. avenue. jl0-4t* t^OB BENT?THE SECOND STORY of a flue A Brick Hooae facing north and aonth. Bath and cloaeta on the rame floor, unfurnished Apply oa the preniit-cs, No. 411A Pennsylvania avenue northwest. J#St* Fob sale or rent-house, 7ijT is street; pi ice 94^100; rent $00 per month; poaaea aion given June lat; has modern oonveuiencea aud furnace; key may be bad at No. 71T. For further particulars apply to GEO. S. PAREEB, 613 Uth atriet. j?-Un LOK SALE?Cue BUILDING LOT on Vettu >nt I avenne, between L and M afreets. 4f>\lL5, east front. One Ballding Lot on K atreet northwest, between Uth and loth, 94x117; south front; will be ?old at a bargain. Also, aeveral Bnildibg Lota on 14th atreet, between Q and B. Five pressed brick HOUSES; 9 rooms; aonth front, northwestern part of the city, with modern improve mentaon long time; small cash payments, balance monthly. Also, f pressed brick BOUSES; twr,-story and baeemeut: 6 rooms, water and gas, Lat robe and range; nortbeaa ern part of city, aiaaU cash pay ment, and balance monthly. One FBAME HOUSE, 7 rooms and hall; lot 23.'t by 114, ?2 JUO, RAilO caah, balaaee ?30 per month at 4 per cent.; nortbweatern part of city. MOULTON A BRAIBABD. 603 Utb atreet, je9 tw Oppoaite P. S. Treasury. FOB BALE?Two new FBAMES, very neat and pretty .'situated on Lawreaca street, bet. lS.h and 19th and B and 8 streets, oae aquare from atreet cara, in a growing neigli>>rhood: can be b u*?u on longtime. Apply to WILLBT k LIBBEY, Lum ber MerchaaU, corner of 4th (treat and New York avenne je7-lw" COB" RENT OB SA LB?One oTthe' most genteel r and comfortable HOUSES In the District .con taining all modern conveniences, with large lot,cor ner 4th and G 8 J. Bent R9U per month. Enquire of JA8. A. TAIT, Peunaylvania avenue. No. 481, between Mjyj 4th atraeta >. B. je 4 1m* FOB BALE?Baat PABT of LOT 3, ?qjiare 36?. oa L street, between Ith and RRh streets north wa*, aoath front, having a two-etory baildiag and attic, with large Dackbuildinc;all slat->f water at.4 gas. The vu>u>> * ? " ' uou ta Would eaay and For t^rma JS-iW .?*? *T?; Alto, 7I *jO,?Sj?"HoeM8 o?? FOB BHNT AND SALE tMuian Hotsn, J ofMit* tk? Cborrh of Eppkaar. T'fen mod rat*. Appiy at ihr hcW.OnrW jr4 2. fi*OB BALE-On : 'Be tin*, witb aaiall < uh pt; * fch Uf It >n? k ?|nro ?. 1Kb ui.1 V i JPKl Lot a. M. lAb HTM. umr 2- Itlt ? .*"b L5^_i*. and ?*? H ?f 1?. ayoarr *43. loth B>rUi I'v^dt. are??i *t*?* *i ^o*r? *??; tat mi*. t?fi??XTTu^ tM ,uu . >v? ??* fwyWAii aonn, iot? u?m*. ?93**r,i *'"< rw?t. 1-rtw.eT! 4 ?%1 B north oae Ml SAO fro* IM r??tT.?i mr-? raiir..?d lra> J HO 1 KENDALL PO* MLB-BOL9B u< LOT. Ho. 1S1SO <4 M? wjnlw*, tkr*rj.t.'r? Brick, M?MrMi<*lr ?** ? V** " |J"* W W fw i???. lTT<-? v rt 5i7J.fi1t*5" **** ?? of L F. CLABK. P>p*rbufttfi 8uir?, RvTVlNI Pean?>irania at* k*'!*. . fw *^ preaaknck DW KL .yO.lMb k<Mi*d <t> auutk *, kot?wt 1* f0- *^,"tr*rU- Capitol Hill, twine t:>* c >rorr hua?* ?I nortk ?tdr,c >nt*iniB( twelve roam*, ?.'.'I* 5V* , '1 r ?'**?? dumb waiter. kS&TTLrf ?*!* ?"?*? ^ ??1 w..od i ' ? ?M?C?yard in the r*Br, ? r*rr r r*"*7 nlc- anirmcr h >??. and b*vt cjt)<1itK>D Pric? |||) p* r ju -nth BETTER A RTOB, E?*Bt* Av~?tt. aud W'T-tf no !?? - ni?>??.., Capitol Hal L'OK SUB>A ?giAKi: Of UBOt BoTm~7k? a nortkrrji arctionof ;hr city. with tbr .i.t-u alk?, ? cur bin*. and gyvtt rinc all laid aa-1 paid f jr. H r?.' I oara paa* it. * ill ?r!| ctr?B ?>d on I .n? tiny aIPm 'k IAVL * ADDlSuB, k ?i Ac?-nta,N.i 1401 Nrw York avenn*. cortirr <>f Itth ?trert northw. ^L , Ke? atJhron \ m* ( F B1}'irVEn?ir*,,l!tul.1 E^-aiary rUKS*KI> * Bl. ICh HOI SE.cotit&lninc tro rv >m?, w ?<?** B?.d cellar*, tatband pantiy r.? u??, with um, h'<t slid n Id w urr. ?i>d all m<>1?ru iupro*?oi<Mita ?r.i ? ( ut. i:i< nt tf> eara and u.a k ?. VI 1?. |, ?' V "r -Ith. u. rtorr *<*? Ingoir? UoLLII>OB r&Qg., ath and O, f Till atk?trax. m>St im ^?'B KENT?Al *1? U?b iSmtt Place,I ? FlBMkUED kOOXil, aiulr or ra suit*. ?) Miii.iii<r ptic*a. For p^wpl- rvtfiaiuinc tn town durlDc th?-Miii.m?T thi* i? a?rl?ndi<l I ?ci.>n, hfn. fomeuifti; to ti.4eia ai.d cara. W?U ahad-1 ?i,d *"? ?l?-ln? F'OB bkNT HhMSIIKI. llorPE-HorsK hv. bUO, coriicr F au<l at:h <trr--u> n?rtb?>-atj ?l!l tw? r. at?-d v* r-an- n^Me |.-r?i ? Imm-MiAt.- v *? T,u'.? .^.TS0- *,,*1> lo C E BITTKMIOOE A(<ril,l4IIJ| f Mr^t. n>l4 ? >tf |TOB BENT-rUBHIHUBO BOOMS: ? back r Parlor fnrviakwl wa B*d-o.>m, and two al.-M ant rontn?, bark aiid froct, on kt rnd ?t.?ry, In aa ?? IS'M) l rat~rt D?riling no I itrr^t, now ktL; will ke J??t?d on rt-aanalle t^rmatc e?-utli'r,en oi.I* A mT53"^" ^-?MMBtlonal B^pubtiran nfflre ? '? tf I B?p | FOR SALK. ? HOHt>kS, troBi tkr CAOBtrf, tnr Mir mm I*a?v Urble prior.. ?t tk. Pvraey Uotoi Bia Try Hr>. <itb? r 7i1j aiKl | atrt-rta. jlt-X* F??f.^L,r,A THEODOLlTiS. Z-kT il'.?. . . aod >rrtical !imb?, 1? inth BrhroMtlC t?,Irrc. pr? Will w4d low \.f ?r,,|. 7,!! ? . P? JojU>AMj Inawrance Agent, ill 7tb Mrr?*t, oppoaii* p.?| OCirr jls .* (t 'Ill'RC'H ORQAM FOB 8ALE.-Thr OK JO >. ?,lo1wi'"JJ"' i? J'" *.? '? Prrab) rvrtan CI nrcb U off-rrd for aalr at ? |uw pi ,c?. Tlir in fctrunw-Ht id a CooU our, m ule br Brl>?u, au<l m in con.pletr ,.rd. r It i, a'ol.J to u.?l. wa> Yjr a IJr Ji-r ? i^?u, ami application b-m?<lr at ..nee t.. JAJ'ES B. FITCH. Tr?a<t,rr. Jit* rn.r * ? 1 "Jr" ?1* r, .'??<?? |tlir. A H-p.| kr?<dn.Bn ? Bank H nldniir. ?4 SALE?A pair <>| ir<>B ffrrv rx CABKIAOE ll(>BSKt*, rounr anil amiid. Inquire at KPI 4-? at. j. fj ln /OS BlI.LlAitn TABLES FOB BALB? Two-tnaM mrr, ftxl,. T?bl"?. with all tlir J l&turta, mrrnl ?H?of Bal'a, 4 ? ADAMaOK'S, JO- ?? ?hrtf<?*- | jr IS ? J^ODA WATEB AFPABATl'B FOB 8ALE ?* w *D1 TrBneaarr Marbl* ^ A1EK appabatl S. at tuwnnf?ctar-r>t' pric?a Bijd u iuia. a?o?MMl.bwMt our* t?k-n in <x taina to l?u, ftw of rharc*-, kjr ?>14-lm* PALMEB AGItEEJT. G?.,r?. town. BBICE CLAT FOB BAJLB~ Apply k DO DOE A OABBBILLE, 17 tf l?*T r rtrrM. MEDICAL, &c. ]\1*? H: J- FBEBCH. OF PHILADELPHIA. >1Jril wllii .B*U?kk Clairvoyant Phjrticiaii , ,e*tod ?' 1013 B'-w Tork avenue. OMc? koura?10 a. m. to T p. m. En*a?. niftiln cm beaadt tor r\'-alng*. j! II tat /JOK8I LT JjR^ BBLCE, Mo. ?11 |?h vr^rir^T.- A o? twrmr Ore /**'* F>tUCO. j4*Sw* EHf?7?<V,,A0,r*T0 OALVAXIC TBBAT ffrAyt??Uyy* ^"i1 f*or.a p 57. t' . PfBiulruU Bvenaa, M floor 0^nr*l^?a?^U?Ba,*c..apon?e UU.,Mc. Ql ?" kiuda 5S5! D? *__*t:v.?*.c? M*. *?*?.?*; ad*tew Bad m~ti ihr^/? ,Vr JHOM PBOB, Ho ?4? Boetfc mk rtraat, PbHadrlphu. jBng Ifj UFEnanmss*. * " * *1 W 1 * ?* sste Ac., at r?BBmn|ila ke*d Im two tB W INSURANCE OQMPAMTEft TH* ^^I'TABLE^IFK ABBLRAftcl bulwo of tkfa CotnpaBT hu for v<an Kmh tk? iBTftM ot any ainnlar inatitntioB in tka worldT I. HETXB, OintiL A?b?t, mayB-ly Ml Bad HI 7th itrast. VV *? ioREk * CO^ " " V ? ?,, ,f1 ?fT?* ?*?< e o Ot<vtm<M, c^f toUoWU? ?"<>?? '*? Cwrnuce the oe&man amebicah. of n j., ? TBI uicUAauSSt'tifciil-Tfr Caati Aaaeta, t?T^.T4V IT. Gr*a* w*?;HMrR* uwcaAMc* CASH ASSETS. 9300.4^7 Ml office, 003 fifteenth 8TBEET orr??iT* treaihi dxpaetmbxt. Hiis sm e. w. bates. jhk corc 0RA?m? mscaANCB of THE DISTBICT OF COLUMBIA. Orgmmtttd Apnl Im, I87j. CBkllBl.... f 1TT rrtt 0VFICE Mb. 14B9 PEKKSTLVAMA a'tc\rw l0v? Milac??? Jtit Bturij CBl i?HN T LEMMAH, Prudent. m^lT ' C John Bailey, A. q u?rr' INSURANCE. " HEYER ft BISHOP, IBtaraact Ageata, Ho *0? SETEETH STREET, WAaaix?Ton, D. 0. L0KD0N ASSCEANCE COEPOEATION iOr iramred 171^-the vld?at Imt?m Cw.' <0f r.jD . Pan) in the world.) ^a&MirAy?, Ta.w a-??. ?' HABrroat., . V/A?H aeea AffftA NATIONAL F1EE INSCRaNCE 00MPANF Ca.h A??kt* ?'.HA"'^D' ,#s|. ' TRADERS' FIRE^ INSrEANciTcOMPANF, C*'H AMITI,(l)IT'tlir.l. Rf.WlBli,) B600 OOB national FIRE AND MARINE INSUEANCE Ca*h A^mpainr' 000 IOI ITi?T?AV??'.A8MT8 FOB EQLITABLE LIFE ASgCRAMCM SOCIETT Ca.m tH, dec*j?.tf DISTRICT OF 00L0MELA. 0KVAH1ZMU AM VST M, 1ST* ?"a o*"*"?= n?m BAMDEL OBOM* ?IRWTOkS g&p S fttlSrtSIS ^ y? . wtaaaB' Bad chtldreo'i, and alao offlflffl rloBBtSr. "-'issa, will b* told at K..?r/At?ai^'rVo^'a^ M""" EEBAtIA tJ&%jxss?& ttMtsrPjBBr* CHAFEA^<oM)# m BELTB. ?ad BTory articU partaialag to tka OiSr.0^*** 25v&Zgstr. [\ BW DEBIOBi rot LAD IBB' ABE CEO. DEEBS DEEBBBB AT atBE. B. B. MACBEBB' ITAMPIBB DEPOT, tt BIT ft* BUSINESS CHANCES. |?Aft SALE?A ?? ???'HTIofm I nj t atr**4.Ra? ' rrennd . ..tda'aad fm pat U- LATIMEBA<L?.ABI A? iH * r?. Ar . Ht?r ? <Wr> K iMI.ic M 1* Bl M J? HlNOK -LA *>? %* 1 rT\ ? > TI Btt A *? f I'gollihir^ . ?HI ? 14 lt>M (h4 rx( t h? pr?in P ----- ? in mwliateU. Apaif oh peaaMa?a. |U >" ? B% ATRTtN r DBOVK, 0 mer <-f *??* a* *-?'<?? and Fifteenth ?'?? T" ? laifr 1 ?Nt H<.'l>kh. rwi'U ?>> p?t ? Itoa |>A tv m< wrvnl (ik?i *>*t II u* t. On* wh >le>**ar? ?t GBor.tD and LOT* ta ? t M*?a ? f ?k? rfn MOrSB* and LOT* at n.>.w> r>W HAL*?A UBOCEBT RTORE. W O -l WI>;urirtn?r<*.4?>M ??>-?4 I,. ' quire ai 1 ROt *H nrw< _ .11 to UAKTIIBK ?ARTID-&rii<* m 1 IromBl^MRt* Blaaa.? hmImImmmii i Reaii K? ??<?? r?*in>7k per <*??? ? ?rt mh) "m -U K >?u t<' r-?p..i ?ibif ??n? <m applicant t.< Al.EX M I LH8, tit* Jth atraat ???!( beaei , b--?... b IS tint ? p i. ill ** HaMR CHAMCt roK *\LK AT A BABCAIN-THE Hfx ft *??: I 1 \TI BBS i?f an I' ? and < lalaN,d?n.(N ranihal >??!??>? I?*air-aft-r > |> Mrnltta ?U 'i. *.?? ?. j.-il *? L-OB fALB- A ini'r* B VB ?Ol MTICK. ??i ? imi t- ?. Dtrnl r vicl.t "I 4> >ut H 1 i ( Ai?o,<1 til.l.- *et t'ABBlAOR IfABNEStf (. W liklt'BK. Nnrt* Bi<?is .?'>?? r-nn?*l? ??*?>.. m *i.d 4k, an r|H> LOAW~Jl.Lt ?"i (1 ?HM?. 1 uilucuhlnil r<?l (?(tlr, ?< kl p r ?? I . m t mii >i,i.nk.W PBrMiBkT A AaRRRN. ttfcR ? ?tre, | | , L'vll MLB- A l>k(U *T??Mt..* will di-p .? f B h*H t V "i -in' i, i ,?a. I ? owe t>it?iii<?? Tt>' mdr* Ri<tii>. th ?? (? ?Ti i??* ?T w I More ulwtoiwT Addirw* "HI l>k(>tiCN."Ci i Pw< j?A** KALR ( UAKl 1 I ?? ? a Utitiia T RT<?Ch AMI- RlXTl HES ( . t.r-i ? k -II ?!- n. ? lttiaftri<iri A'?4t. -?t i>f?- - K )Kli. WwhiKton, l> O ;wi tl L'fB ?MJ ? ? > t v II A vwlc ? ?>; ? III I r fRK1 > ? A ?I>?'I FAkM 4 <>n$ ?>??.!? rr xr.l. ihi Ti k ?!r*-?i r"*d. r ?? m" 11 <lv> n?n? l^ttT ? ottrt l ?? ?ut .? ?-? uiM l?|* * I> ABTIBti ha? iim liUl>A9 or l.nTM ' m ? a ?l.> pert <?! IlirCUl 1*11 Bixl p'l-. h?m-m ?>t.1 t. i? i. ? i. ? p..r?r> I<im bf MPl< t*lli><>R'l rm t* I BLL A i"U . B ?l B?I*|I'.r A?r?. iU Tlk atrtw. u iy lui | i Jk<hr 'ii | Mokbt to loHTo* BBAL ESTATE^ 11 nn* i>n tlitf ?'? ?ult. JAMES E ?AI Vill. I4"?l B-.?k?r. n T? Im Vi-r 1W?i ?r<1 R -utu ? ?l> stair* \|U>A\ TO LUAK I'M UK vi. RKTATB .'I MAI KT * HUO . B-al E?tat? Aud luaatanr- k' .k?r?, ii'S-tf 14HT 9 nrw MONFf ?'<'S?TaBTL\ I'S llAiOtO LuaB uli roal MiMr, lli auin* lo?n I tifcO. TBrKM BLL * CO., ? ?17 hr.* k.'?l BrAm, tllftk* LMB KALk-fMr tai?M BBH'B HoUsk , I ?*? ?iu*rM fnB Oarlml l*?rk. an<l ihr *?u f iliotAucc t>< tli* D*a Ibun Markrt. r ? arxi rtmw to IIm> Pftw) Irani* ?r??? I ? ran, well l<H ?l?da lliwr bnam *f> w>ll t?aijt, u? r.??!]?? .?ch, f?, hot sixl r<?id *?im, iti'l ???<?. T'-riiw <??-? I-i ii i>i~ r*"i1ni>. I I " _f_* 1 multml.' ~* a? 2 m" k- l.K ^ALE-Tiio HT1KJB. (H)OU WILL a>i4 r V^1X1 I ktb .4 tlM- Mill?ti-TT m* rmmcf Btor?, N<>. 191 Mark* hpMce,fc?4 7th aixl ?h?a Bortk |ML |.c3 tr 1 B. LFNBBBM B Ob. a1.1 aklb Vabm r?-?i Sale <>k be" I CliAMaE FOB fBOFEUTV Ik THIH< ITT A O ii ki T BAKU AIA -? xrw ??| wmoot laid. M>p<ciall) lor |>I ?>'(. . ia-<? new T<4?cno B*ru D?flllii|. Txkkul U"*? a ad oatbawdlmi^: \ u.?-> ard of hi C'.m . rd uraj* >mw a l .-an i ? i d tr?-liia*-<l lot ?> IK iilul lf timkar, baiaii. ?? a-al ? aud v || f. i,i <^1, i.-ar Ouiw a't Stat 'ti. "ti K T * I' K B , IU h|? U> I* tU( ?-.'UlilJ . Va PrtM, wblr ?S.*k?. B. A. I'll I LLI PS, ?l>17'3ni IOC WmI RimI, tfriiri<tu*i, D. C. RMaBB r II ANTE <? rirrhAB* ? *<v?i t>TOBK and ? llWELLINQ choap, n--?r km narfcrt. 711 ?(?>' kv. 1? U. ? ' " ' , ?*?'?>. !'rn.? ?a?T HAMILTON k rBA BNiV, n.>> tf T . M O A. Bo'ldln*. tik D ?*? COAL AND WOOD. f LkHERirr. Ii. ? MUOLF.SiLt AKD RETAIL nEALKB IN ???%L AM> ROOD OF El AAV DtSCKlhTin*. OBmi pxnmflniiii M?-?n 11 ?? | IS *irr?U. L'M and Mill. 8ixtk a;rw<t abaK, I'otniiiar rfa?r. Kair prteeaedMkWlMljlBBp. RBI*' ^JAflTOL 11ILL WOOD AND COAL YARD. A ST., KET? EES! 'Ji> AKl> )? KuBTUEAST. Th* otid^raiirvd I?ht? I'-arf to inf irm hi* rn - -ra-rwideiiU 4 Ca?i|.,i H.ii-aud tte_a?tnc ?-a ? iki(i*lailwbat ? t?runr?7woi?u AMI) COAL YAkP o? A yrn-l, Ih-IrmlU Mid H n n-rk ?w?. ?bwf cm k- f .?n1 a oid a>">< rtm- nt ,4 tha vrr) brat gradm "I I.oil. W... ?1 aud Ou?l All ur d?r* prii.ptly and (aitttfuli; Bll^d W B MABLOW HOTELS. U*""* Tkk B<M kM b(w aawlj rattoad aaB ?aTa? VtLta mi lad oa tka Una of tha i Otto haaN|K tha railroad tad 7 two or thraa adaataa. Tha aaa raach aar at tha laWa ?ttojaa^oMdtal or Mr plaoa <* wtBtaaTfi toRakahtatM*M M4r || TBOMV MOTEL. Ma. TBR 0 BTBBMT. ' trm arb Bra i pH| IM PEBLAL HOTEL. JAMBS STEMS, fr^rwM PkoRTlRR PswMTtTARU At WuBikarnB, d. a to the RdbUc for i ih* peet^the^Proprtetor ?atat>llahm?et, TiF71*" p 0. VILLABO, V' KfiBITT MOCBM. WABMIMOTOM. O. 0. PIANOS. Aa. ALABOE LOT or VBABLT MEW AMD toECOMD HABD PLAMOS. fioCi diffr-rrct factune*, now oa band a..' for aale or re&t on E*?1 makr'Il 1' ' root at BElCUEMUACBIi PIANO WABEBOOMS. 4*J3 11th ?tr*?t, above PemnarWatUa avoaa*, A(fncy for Wm Kuabe A Co.^t and Rn M. Cammoij i PLABiOB. Second band Pi AM OS tak*n la part pafaat fr n*-* ai? tr f^CSTAT Kl'UM, FK ACTUAL FIAXJ U MAKKM, formerly formal, for P. C Liable A Co., tmwr for SuiDvajr A (u#<.RBHI and lat* tun?-r lor MjtaaroCt A Co. Tiiarrni" Md reaalrerofPIAMOS and OBOAMS, Bo. ? SR Paw I"rk arena*. Order* latt at Earr'a Jawalry Bt?re, Mt P*anaylrMla aranaa; Malrn'i Drue Mure, comer Penna; h arna aiiaaaaad Rh atraat: Mowtitbal'a, ^R1 7th atrer< , rora*r i4 H, anil isaat with prompt attention, and alia taction raaraa aBt-lr Jr. LCCAS. 1149 7tk atraat a. w.-XWararad ? Ktrul?:or af Ptaau mmd Oriau. Or Sara racaiiad at Tnumaaoa'a corner Utk at IHM and M. Tork are.; Oatty Brtdfa, aaar?lf ??? Ooti^reaa, Oaoigeloaa; and Moaea , cor. 7th and Pa. STIEPP'B PIANOS, naaapaaaad ta tone and Mcellencr of Bnlah: low prlcea_^^^ and caajr teraia. O. L. WILD A BBO Jb|H Afeata, ABO lMh atraat, near northwaat?fflTl diTtic r P> nnaylranla aranne. dealer* la riauua and Manual lnatrnnM-nta aeaerallr. Tunina and Bepatrli^i, Poliakinc aad Rarntohlac racelreTaltbfbl attention. apI7-tr gCMOMACMMM B ?BEAT MMD0CTIOM IM PBiCMB. aartorKr rrar afl other*, hare ta ato? yean? over the ooantry.aM be bad hvwlkr tBaM^^^^ ?SS! I^OTICM or MEMOVAL. CABO t?|i leave to it,form hta will keep a Sae atocA af ?OLD aad WATOMMS, Pwtaaaad American ataRe, J] and DLAMONDS, whtcfe he will sell at gain* Bolts U karat GoM W atchaa, fr. war da OooS* cold oa atoathiR iaauka of talaraat ja Ootd and fcjrar Vatcha. I wnaa^a OUthu7T6*S|?aia. and" aU arikc^at

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