Newspaper of Evening Star, June 14, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 14, 1873 Page 3
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BANKERS. Til II6BLUW, ?43 D STREET. Klil SEVEHTH, Par* I*TK**8T OH Dir<>?T8^m*kw^OOL vttk iMkiw Afi-lr BA j. a Mi nt * co., ' !??? HIVITLTAIU iTINDIi ornmrrm willasd** iotil, WA8HIHOTOH, D 0. ? mt Mat. Uuwttt )*M on <Ur?tut q>ll?rti? Md? *t<rr?k?r*. Iv|4itbl* oa <????*. P?r of offlcm la the Army cnl?d h apd-tr Jr. IIODHKAD, ? Broker? 939 Pnni Boo* ?, Wa*tegtaa, D. 0. fiatlal given to IwWwl ne?rttl?. Invitee ktuntoo to eecoritiee Mow Affered at prioaa which will pay W to 14 per cent, in imoiuta and of laagth of timetoault inveatora. |Wf, reliable, ?r??8t RWrtnar^ifSr * ??? Befen by pemiaaion to L.ew1a Johaaoa * Co., Waahinxt.a. D 0.: M ?aea Belly, Beq., Cub Mr Batior *1 Metro poll tat. Bank, Waahington, D. 0.; Hod J M B redhead, Second 0ootrull?r, Washing ton, B C . Edward Clark, Ea?., Arabitact 0.0. Cap itol, Waahitigt on, D. C. marff-fcn 'I HI HATIOBAL BANE OF THE BBPCBLIO M. (Corn* rof 7th and D afreeta.) OPU FBOM 19 A. M. TO 3 P M. 9*17 1? IHAg BRADLEY.Canlik^ I'ERMAN AMERIt A.I BAFIMttB MASE. V* No. 919 btrix-TH Stxxxt, Orr*rut taa Pft'+t* Dtfmnmmi fcowr ft a.totf n. Satnrdayi open an I*1.? !? ? ?to r?c??u? ouly. Interval paid oa dep,?1ta. Collection* made and axcbAMf1- formatted. J0BMJ3ITt. Preaident, A. ERERLT. ? Pr?an, W F MATTIBOLIJSoc.C. S. PKAHTlSa.OMb'r aovAly T HK IHtEDMA STB SAVI1US A*D 1 _ TBIIT (unPAMT. Sa&ktst Bom. N?. 1 ->u 7 P.nwiflTioii STenae, op^aite the Treaa.,rjr, PATS SIX PAR CENT InVeRBST, Imtrtit fiurra.t Ikt a/ Hark Motllk. FAYb fOUA Pk 14 CENT. on bnaiQfti acc from date of deposit. ?It**** Ort\Ar*Us V U**< 'U bearing ? and ? per cent. , ... Jntereet, available anrwhrro, HAS BRANCH OPFK'ES In all large towna Cttiea 'i tbe S?nth and & nth# -at, ... />?* Aawr*. > a m to i r m . Wedneaday and g-ttnrday nlgbta frun 4H to I *? re?elvedepoetrtonlT. Call at tbe Bank or aoa H?r a copy of the ?har*e> and Bt la>a |U It J A* CV9KK * tO^ . ?t * ASt BELL PORBIGH IZCHAHOI and UQVE 11 aCCLAR LETTERS OP CREDIT for Oar Drafta on J at ocoke. Mcculloch a co,. LoHDoH, are Caabad fa any aart of EaaLa.iA, Ianaintaad econ.a>o. fr? of rWra. may Id WASHI*<?TO* CITY BATIN6B BA.1E torwar Tik itrtu mmd Lawumm arwMM, PATS 9 PBB CBMT. INTEREST OH DBPOSIT IntereM coaiinen^tw from date of deanatta. caa be atda auj drawn at will. "T* tf J A BCPP. Treaaorwr. RAILROADS. IPALT1BOMB AND OHIO I> RAILROAD Or. andafter St NDAT.Jnn- 1.1? ? ril wt"T:WU1 le*?e UASHI>GT0Ji CITY aa B%itl?ore and WayPointa Jl fW ? m bftliiax re and Way P .inta HZ. ? i ! m ( laciDuati Kxar<-?e,Tia Metropolitan BB...7 JUa Bi ISf? "J P?Hadalphia K?p...8?a. m .iiu riiinueipniift tip. * *?)* r*itiHK>re and M a> F^mu * m galtim??re Fm*t E\pr< m. without irt#pa. 9 *5 ? m Baltiaiora aad W?> P ?uu n*lm f;'* *?rk ??d Philadelphia Bipreea Zl -? p m l>altiKoreBxpre?a, without Mopa s Jl? p m l!ail inn re and War P,.u.t<. i j, J ?tmn Accom. '.lir. 4 .10 p. rn * Lultuucre mid Hay pi?int* * ,a. D m Cincinnati,Calnii.bna ai.dSt. Loais"jEx- ^ rtui.r^B;^,a^~ - 15?s lUHiu. re Way Votf S ^ ^ ? X ?ton.Mew fnrt and Philadelphia Bxwl^iW p. m Baltimore and W ay Points * ?, j. o m BC. Looia,Cincinnati and Colnmbua Ktp...|:#i p. m. F???M BALTIMORE P0R WASHINGTON l:?,3?,4:?,5:ai. ? ?>,M:?<andS 5np ? FOB AHHAPOL18. At 915 a. as. aad 5 p. m ? hot not t,n Band^y POB HokPOLK. W 1.05 p. m., bot not #ti Snn<lay. m ,, BrSDAT TRAINS Wrt rii Baltimore?The 4:1) atoppinf at B>-!ay and "???'t; the Hi. ta. and 4 30 p. m , stopping R^Jaj oely; tbe S.3U p. in., without ?top'. th>- S a. B'jS-W. Sr*>. and M;ju p ni rtopping at all 'tatione. Pru? M aehingu.n -The 5 and & a. m., t. 7:46 and TW a. m. train* atopping at all station*; tbe !.?? and if.Tia'' m M only; and tbe &.BQ p. m witbuat FOB POINT OF B0CK5MND INT1RMEDIATI 4 * "? m Betnmin#, leave Point of ?f/*a. bj and 3:lf a. m., arriviaff at Waeh o^Sidar '10 *?(1 1 " p'm" *u ,oc*1 f*iaa Tbroujl ticket- to tha Wert can be bad at the W aablnctua Staii. n Ticket OfBre at all ho?ra of the day; aleo. at tbe Cuapu> '? oflce, 499 Penaaylra nia ateuo^ P^^f-ri pnrchaain* tick eta at tAe A?eoae office can ibere arranjre to have their J>****9* caile.l for and check*! at their re?t4enoe, to Uta depot, and pot into tha bacgaa* car. For New Tork, Pti:l?^9ji,h:i, and B??ton, s* e ad ?erUaerieat of" hr n?k LiaT" ' tij08. B PHARP, Maater of TranoaortatioB k M COLB, General Ticket A*ent _ 0*0. 8. K0OHTZ, f* Q?a#ral A**"', Waahl^gtoB. r r H BO I OHLIKEB ETWEE f WA8BINOTON, A PHILADELPHIA AND NEW TORK. Tra,?. K?w !^*aTO!'' M?I 2"' W?-Hoob, Tra'i* between W aabiD^on and p? **1^ *** **'W ruB *" f"11"w* r^t FOB HEW TORB. wlthont rk'ur* of cara. (aaeapt Sunday) at d a m , 106 and FOB PHILADELPHIA. ^ beava daily (aacept Sunday i at 8 a:ai.,L<J6 aad 0H8CND%T. phVtVt"loo, mW ?>,rk ?* 8i* 9 m '?Dd Fb'I*lel ?leepir.? cara for New Tork on 8:30 train only Throaah Ock-t. to Philadelphia, Hew York, or an b? bad at tbe Station O&ce at all hourt r adyertlaeajert L7cTh. ^d oTet^!!:,%~hin?,ont B"ltlmort'- Aa iHM8.OL8.H^r^T;^7^?n,,r>rUt,0n CEO. 8. KOONT2. Agent. WaehlpgtoB. mV ALBAABDB1A A WAilHIwa.? TON B. B. ZSjUUi aid ?XthTBI Al EI AKDRIA a PBEDEBIC&SBCBO *. 1. Omar a/" ? ?d 5^ 3^mu. ?J 1L T,,a,n" ?f '4,T Al*"tar<?rfa A* io^.'w.:??, 7, * ?'1T- ,* M ? 'i ""??v 1 ?, 3, 4. S. 4. 7. ?. p n?. BundaK ' r "" r' v>thl'r trlUM e*C<rf/ 6 R T/5in^,lirwLAiT* * arrlr* aa foliow?r 3 i U?- *? m- li v- i-**- 3J3 a ? Si ill* !i?- m and ?.n siidlp d~1*' *" "<L'r trains daily h;.,C0Bn?ct tr?M on Waab "^fABTIOO Aoc< amodattoa leave* Waablnatoa 1 * Bonday. waaaingtoa gtLTlHUU^D^rvuuu "*.?ikmU b itrmu, n. TaAB*A8i rfwTf.*0? I TBAUS ABBITB at a?a ? "Ji*08*. MWASUINOTOH. i**ltNiagara m ^ j?asas? Weatera Eip., li t* a mB^{/eetern Bib dMly.eir.MHonaay. | daily. * ^yWexce? a*^A" Is !? t C^'nwtl E? . lixi. dsily, except Sunday. P* ?*J AC- J 2S P H? , f*BrtV ?? jxtdp!-'**-'"??|?Jr,'t13ss5isJa? 3JI p. si . Cincinnati Ex- daily i^TTn"i?<?iauoB. freat^Jaily.eacept Sun- 10.m p. ? Socthern Bx Sifi ?? ?., onnaartat Irwie with tralM |h,Im ?aritatro 7jtU a. m. and 3.a) and A 33 a ? Maying ?.Tr^si-.-ss23'riSK^.j?^?ra bon.WM* MM Of 91,1. HNM Ud srt=3' jaagyaSs 'a^iSlVliiJ'oJSSS vMcigaOmb^ fUn Franc too ,aeiaU potmto aortT BCfllWftt, v?K, aiu) ?fiiithrf^l. ^ B 8 Tor?q.o>* ^ TO^T^ ttoVraVi^^A RorT11 1872 SO TMS SOkTHWEsVIHiOTH. AMD SOOTH* JPratna laara aa foii<^r T' ' *? " Baltt?ora ? f:B a. m. " ? m p. ? ?}?? 7 43 8-09 p. W^JL2SiKC5i? J*9C* RiItT/ JVLl c*. "La^3CL Pml*# ajrf ?fSUo^^d w-21. ,_.T ? jyferk. aB*aa 10 Waatara Bad Oaatrat . tha I a a. a Aafly. axeapt Baadav _ Maaa O-iaaBctioju - ? ?omo'w^LTi*^ 10 ?iabaju m 1 by ibja rwata caa ba proa* aad PenaayL af fch arwt aad P - H?el. where BD t. T0CBO, ll B*."" ?IW. IUIWMU U. glftfltT ft"JSAU,?525:iS'. GROCERS. P ft. O UiRE * ftO*. WHOLI8ALI AMD EITAIL GBOCBBS, ISIS 7th STREET IOBTHWUT. (Between II ?nd H ata.) MS W Bt'TTBB I HEW CHKBSBl IS IS IS 16 II II It II HAMS. 8UGAB CI BID HAMS ISc. PU LB. IS 1C 16 1? IS IS DOOLSY"S YEAST POWDBB. GBAHaM flour oat hbal. Hecker's Whntwi Grits, Hecker*a Farina, Bye Flour, Barley Tapioca, Sago. Maaioca, Buryea'a Corn Starch. Wax Candles, Oroaa * ?Itrkwtll'a Pickles, Col man'* Mustard. Sticknay A Poor's Mustard, Olive Oil, Sauces, Sal id Dressing. CINCLHNATI 0LB1BB SOAP. Darjr?a> Satin Gloaa Starch, Baker's Chocolate, Cocoa, and Cocoa Shells, Broma, Prunes, Currants, Rami as. MEDICINAL LIQUORS. Old Port Wine, French Brandy, Holland Oin, Biatkherry Hraudy, Fine Old Whisky, California Brandy, C. 9. O'HARE fc SUN. te*> tr liMS 7tt? ??. n. w.. between M and N. pLOli R! RECEIVED B1RECT Irow tha Mills In YALLEY OF VIRGINIA. Ill sell to families in cents per barre less than usual prices. Prices of SUGARS and TEAS all marked down, CATAWBA WINE. n?t received from Pleasant Yalley Wine Company. ? * a gallon. 8. B. BACON, 70S Market Bpaoe, mar* between 7th and 8th streets. THE TRADES. Hwingate, coy TU ACTOR ANV BUILDER, Corner 7th street and South Carliua avenue. Will contract for or superintend the construction of public or private buildings. Orders {jt job work solicited. Ordera left as above, or at office of R. w. DOWNMAN, No. 'J, Intelligencer building, will receive prompt a'teution. jll lm PRACTICAL PLl'MBING, GAS-FITTING A*D tKW ERAGE promptly attended to, on reason able term*, by JAM KS F BRIEN, No. 609 Louis iana avenue, near Cth street, north side. Residence, Id street northeast. Specialty, TIN LINED PIPE always on hand. mil tr A WMIMGft. JuHN C. BOOAN. T13 Market Space, Manufacturer of AWNINGS, for Stores, City and Country Residences. TENTS and FLAGS for sale or rent. AH NINO MATERIAL of all kinds for aale. Bole A Bent for the owly genuine MILDEW PROOF AWNING MATERIAL. apli tr pLL MBING AND GAS FITTING. Tbnee desiring to have their Plumbing and Fitting done in a neat and substantial manner, and on reasonable t- rms, shonld leave their ordera at 113 Pennaylvani* avenae, Capitol Hill. Work w at ranted. Bii7 bu* WM. ROTH WELL. CUNNINGHAM, UATTKU, 1011 F t>i, bcivkeeii lutn and 11th, M. oas the pir-a^art) to ?nix<uuce tnat He n? received r-a .he Spnug'St) Is of Br-tedway BLOCK, and prepare to furnish New Oats i??lr to urrtur uii^ .hem or r_?x?lei otd styles; also, an assortment of F?lt Hats for sale, on reasonable terms. fMr A >*Mines, ruua, tents. M G COTELAND, 64 3 Louisiana a?enue, one door east 7th street. AWNINGS for Stores,City and County Roetdenoaa rtrMtrrJu in style and finish. FLAGS and TENTS for sale and rent. ROOMS DECORATED. All Canvass articles mads to order DANCING CLOTHS. seg-p H. TUBTON, 0AHP Ey TkR, B OIL HER. an CONTRACTOR Orders for Honae Carpentering, Jobbing, or Oo r?ctor*a Work speedily attended to. Shops and Office, janS-tf lttb atreet. below B at. northwea . ' J. REAL ESTATE AGENTS. JUAN BOYLE. FRANK BARNUM JI'AM BOYLE A CO.. REAL ESTATE ANV NOTE BROKERS, No. WI4 1Mb atreet, oppoeite U. 8. Treasury. FOB SALE?A handsome HOUSE on I street, Bo. ? 13. A new lane double HOUSB, corner Slat and H. HOUSE Bo. 1010 Massachusetts avenue. HOUSB No. Mt id street east, for sale or rent, fur nished or unfurnished. A COTTAGE in Willard's Row: price. SIJUO. Severn! small Houses, from #3,100 to #6,000; small cash payments. Ws have several very fine FARMS, Improve# and unim proved, on different railroada running from the city, for aale at low figures or exchange for city property. SUO.UOO feet of GBOUND tn various aortloLn of tba city for aale M low figures, on easy terse, or will exchange for productive improved property. ap?-tr ("* EO. TBUESDELL A CO., I HEAL ESTATE BROKERS, HA 7th atreet, (over German American Savin Bank.J Special attention given to RENTING, COLLECT ING^ PAYING TAXES and NEGOTIATING LOANS. Refer (by permission? to?General Be*j. Alvord, Paymaster General U.S.A.; Jamea 8. Grinnell, Chief Clerk U. B. Patent Office: John Fraeer, Arch itect: Hon. F. P. Blair; Hon. J. W. Donglsss.Com misefoner Internal Bevenue; Wm. B Mosee, Furni ture Dealer; C. B. Prentiss. Cashier German Ameri can Savings' Bai k. Col. John M. Feaeenden; Hon. John Hitx, Consul General of Swltaerland. aJSfcn* A RAILROAD AND Reftl blatt HortgAgs CiBklMls 1l tta 7 Jt Gold Bonda tba Northern Pacific Rati r?ad Company forniahee to the public an Investment yecnrlty which combinsa the ready negotiability, tba son lenience, and the high credit ef a first-class rail road bond, with the solidity and safety of a real ee late mortgage oa land worth at lesat twtos tbs amount oaned. They are offered at par In currency, and yield ? HANDSOME PROFIT to thoee exchangingf-S)e. '? The bonda are a Brat and only mortgage oa tba road, tta equipments and earninga, and also on a and grant which, on the completion of the road, will average SJHU acree to each mile of track. They are tasued in denominations from f 100 U fl^JUU Coupon, and #100 to ftlU,UU0 Registered, have thirty years to run, bear an interest of 7:30 per cent. In gold, and are EXEMPT FROM UNITED STATES TAX to the bolder. The semi annual Interest en the Registered Bonda is paid with GOLD CHBCES.aent to the poet offioa addreas ef the bolder. All Marketable Stocka and Bonds received tn change, without expense to the investor, at their highest current price*. JAY COOKS A OO.. b a n b e a ? , Washington may HE BBW BAT10NAL MARKET. FRESH, BALT and 8M0KBD_MBAts, <* all Kinds and of. the beet qaallty, turniehed in the beet style:aleo,GAME,POULTRY, FRUITS,and VKGETABLES, in their DII1C,?UU VSVS lADliSOj ?. saonxu be procured at thia Market. arC-ly BOBT HYATT, 4I? Uth at.. |? a SAAB.?Bargains tn LADIB8', GENTS' aa tS CHILDBENtT UNDERCLOTHING Jfgg. ? found at Women"! CbrMUaa Aaeodatk*, Jndlciav EtMb. "aoU-l C^BlLDEEM'ft HOSPITAL AMD D1BPBHBAET j N4 M Strut, y. IF., bttwmm M mi kAsU. Supported by voluntaiT oontributlona. Hospita free to chl_ opsa dsily ( Medl ' sicians, Drs. J C Hall. Tbotnaa Miller,O. H sraiann, W. P. Johnston, ami Grafton Tyler. m f ModicaJ, Tuee*y^Monday, Sat*7, ,Iys A>ar. MonV,Wsd|y ,Fr|dy. [of,Msdlcal,Mj>n^>sd> JrM^. ^f?aratary; Jamea c. Kawnewy. rraa? Dr. 0. < Bueey, Dr.W.B Drinkard. _ Dr. W. W. Johnston L.JDav " _ QUBT8, CBOI Prseervsd or Bnaaa Braiding done. Ornamental Hair Pearl, by Mrs. FBIBjMate ot - strest, nsar Ivaorthws^1 deat Grant, Mra. Admiral Ooreoraa.r Notice?That b. s. juste, m p twsea Mb and 7th atreeta aortbweat, * T ",l1 SECOND-HAND CLOTHING j)? WORMLEY-S FBCTOEAL 8YBUP, MR COUGHS ABD COLDS SOLO B1 ALL VRIVV1STB of^U VOUTH'S iriTJ In Scotch and diagonal, vsr I nobby, at A STRAUS , I0H Paave., nei Uth atreet. a* AUCTION SALES. wtcu oats. 0 clock p. m.| it! toat certilli Dieca or nirral Af fssattjassajsss nfszsJtTiSi f MXty-Op# {661 )JitArinf M faa| fr**nt hv im ejitlelffitCV* IeVvw,lich M*iJ enbdiviaion is re ?w ? ??c* of the Surveyor of said city with vXSSlL 0DO-thirt CMh; balance in ?, |J and 1 *"!?**"u* !?t*'ri*rt aDd aeeared by L n th' premises. AU conveyancing otiiu ?!"? down on the daf with withal a 7!* ar" ?"? complied with Within five days after the day of sale, the trus W rvvnm th#1 right to resell the property at the [h 'li0011 (Wwltini pnrrhM?*r br adrer wiSgin^tTn cSVT iD ??me MW,p^r Pnbl^' d to TMKaVfJx8ALw" J?J.VALnADL* IMPROVED Ifelf""" **-* "J-AV.W ? H???n0IcitJ,ori,l*t' ?"arlnu dat* No K77 tJl\ \S' 40,1 ?,ul> recorded in L'ber uv.uj 1a ' J63, oo6 of th? 1 and rdcorda for ^ThvT' n tonnty, 1U ,he Di.tricV ..fTolumbia ri^ir "ti'' f if 6W ?2ki.<?hiii"3?M* hand red and eighty m L?.i ... include lob-liita C and D of I H li'LIil* ?ubdi*i?ioD of said original lot'four ft ) LVhi^YJy* ?;* handled and eight^n^^' ?n,.?n"l' *' wit. B^innir "y.V the ?^ald nr"/j Vnllt>' at ?ht< n,,rth west ?rne? varrilv a? r?ll(running thence southeast f.'-jsfe: syenue; thane* northea*tw?rdlv along the line !i Mid avenne U feet 4}, inches t,.?h.-northwe.t c"rn^ ^ ,b* ?Uceof b^in* iM ^o gether with tho improvements thereon. beaaid'aM>"mlTnf i??"''i'r? C<k"h' of which SlOOmn-t mil ?i. i ***''". balance in equal pay meat* in Tnu WVt'i&'lT' ?nd- W"to*r nf.'hvwith raV.Ml -? eight per cent. per anontu, t ?! J. nnMl paiil, from day of sale LTlT/ fW,? tn ** "'CM on th. *evanT?? ,~"^'*'"t,on of ,h" trustee. Con tyAnting and rftcordin^ at purchaserc.wt t?i? .wa ?-"= M^^Ssw a- - - vrj^&as&ix^ J. B eod luttkell a DCNNINGTON. ?? Auctioneers. I*Y LATIMEB A CLEABT A... i h An^ne*", M><i BeM Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and Uth St., Star Office Buiidlnga, iVYiIBffis. **>*? "8SE2 dfr^,trr!L"ff"r f "r "*,e ?' P'lMic ?ar:ion, in -C l?.h *r,"rT"'-",U lS SDHMDAJ.Jun. ^ a A i V??S:' ' o cl??rk p.m.. Lots Nofi 4? fion^f !!L .- ie? *nd Mamouly'i snMivi Hon of orismal Lot No. 2, Square JI'i. 5li *?rh lot ba? a front of 16 feet 3* incite* on N<>w f/et^ana'lT.-V" 'th an "erai{0 1,1 pttl of "bout laj Terp!,: One-third cash; balance ?t6 and!2mint(i? with ihterent at 8 l-r cent. D-f-rred ji'i??.ta to beaeenred by the notes of the pnrcbiiser and h v h ,t h" WW- *?*>?? on eaTti lot wDeneold. < onveyances at purchaeerVicoat Title Ulli'nh' Special aixl general ta\.? pail A pIM of the property can be ae?n at the oilico of tte auctioneers. K k. WHITE c Kl (iCNE 0AKU8I, WM K MATTINOLr, . . . AMlini?etof Janie# G. h.i-l *r jriH LATIMER A CLEARV. AncU. B ^ WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. o. 1001, northwest corner 10th and D ?ts Twmmtm M O" WBDNKSDAT, the 11th Instant, at fi ah?nHP m.VWe "h"M on *h" premises a handsome thr?*?^torv Brick HorsK1 v,m ^m^1'; ''^krboiW4??'- with all m ^Aum Nonaaoli0 feet dot,pto * Pablic ???>?? Boini house Tenue: 92^00 cash; balance |, 2, S, 4 and 5 rears adeidof tm?Von 8.h"r c"ntIiu,er,!"t ""cured Dy f - ? r?? on tbe P'?nl*e? ?<>ld. All convevan o[fftie dra, of iTle?" ^ the parchM*r" ?*? down ji d QRIKN A WILLIAMS. Aactt. ?^THK ABOV1 SALIC IS POSTPONED OV account of the rain, until MONDAY, June l-t> 1I73 tune hour and place. ' 112 d t.BEBN A WFLLIAMS. Ancta. PROPOSALS. J)ROPOSALS l"0R^ POrtT-OFf ICR JENVSL Post Orrici Dkpaktmknt, / Wa.hisotos.D.0 , May 14,1<03.( pealed Proo<iaals will he rece|v<>d at this Deoart SrTJVi' TUESDAY, the lVthdayof/Tne, tUlM^nd,tk hIIL: r f,lrni;hin*. >? "?< h -man Kines ana at sach time** an may reaaired. th? f.?i lowing described Po?t Office Envelope-, for a period to wit- Colun,eDciug on the lit day of July ,uj, FNo l0rirel3JA^4tETTv.KBS AND B?TURNS. qif?red annually , /^jo^So ??^^r re ,uK?nS^.^nche,iMtimMeU nnn,b? "? 8,?'1< br 9 inches; eatimattd nnmberre qnired annually. l^fio,ouo. No 4, size 4X by loH inches; estimated number re 'jtnitxi annually, sou,uju. v ?rVB.^,?^8TKKID PACKAGES. ** m' ,0^ fnches, estimated uuiuitr to quired annually,4 CU04JW). re The estiniatea given are intended a* a enide to r f J'e Departiu*-lit may require more or less ?I- kind, as tte service may demand Bi(Umuat be made for each kind of Envelope (of Bcial and registered packages* separately, and the contract^ ?,nXeiwanTd [ur t*c!i kind to tiie lowest respoiiaibla bidder. humpies of the differ Tit sizt-s an?J styles of Enrei ?^l7be'furinsJ 'i>Ke'b,,r ,W1"1 blank f-rms or bidt, ^iiit*TUird As~ist The Envelope. liiitoiTjrictly conform In si*e, anal Ity of paper, gumming, and make, to the samples, the gumming on the ffap* or lappets to bo done in ttie le-at piaaner by hand. Tiie Euv.lope* nm^t be banded in parcels of twenty-flve, packe<l In strong pasteboard or straw boies,secnr. ly boond with linen or cotten cloth on the corners and edires, each to contain net Imp than KO of sixes Mos. 1 and J, and not less than 100 of the other sizes, or otherwise, as rn^nm.0 th** boxes to be wrapped in strong manilla paper and proDerly sealed, m as to bear safe transportation by mail to postma-tern. When re quired to be delivered at the Depart ni nt, tiie wrap C'm^er OetTr^ W'lb,the Jis< retiou tb? M hen 2JAM or more Envelopes are reouircd to fill theorderofa iKistmasier, or when larger lots are orderedtobeseut to the Post Office Department, 2?. ln prong wooden cases an f properly addresst d. but when le-s than 2.UUU are r. qnired to be sent by mail proper labels of direction rnuMt be placd on each pacaag-; all to be dono by - f<? trai tor without adilitional charge. The Knvel .pes umtt be doliveml in nuch quanti ties as may from time to time be required to till the 7or<,f th" Department, and be .k^rtd.tIifeS ?' tb,*,P,"'t ?? the city where the w!Cepted bidder resides or at this Department, as the Postmaster General may direct, free of cost for pa< king, labeling, and delivering; th?wh >letobe "r'JtT '??????-<?*??>?' a??l .upvrviaiau of an a?e|,t ol tbe Department All the Envelopes Qereln described must bear such printing as the P.>stmaster General may direct, and the registered package Envelopes will be re quired to Im- printed in Vermillion or some other ap proved brilliant col^r. " The Postmaster General reserves the right to re *n<' *" bids if in his judgment the interests of the Government require it. Each proposal must be signed by the individual or firm making It, and be accompanied by a guaran tee certified to be responsible and sufficient by the Piaster or Cnitaif States Attorney where the bidder resides that the bidder shall, within ten days after being called upon t. do so. exe. ute a contract to furnish promptly, and in articles as ordered, the article or articles awarded to him,to be accompanied by a bond with approved security, iu a penalty of '?** than twice the contract price of all the articles estimated to be furnished by said bidder, conditioned upon the faithful performance of the same. Proposals unaccompanied by aach guarantee will not be considered. The Postmaster General reserve, to himself the right to anno) the contract it Judgment there shall be a failure to perf.ri f. hfully any of it* atipnlations. or in case of a witiul atti-iupt to impose upon the Dep.irtiueiit Envelopes inferior to sa sies. Tbe failure to comply with any one order nndei ilie contract will operate ae a forfeiture of the entire praalty of the bend under the 17th section of the act approved A tin net W, 1443, entitled "An act legalizing and making appropriations for such necessary objects as have bee a usually included io the general appropriation bills withont authority or law, and to fl* and provide for certain incidental expense, of the Depariment^and offices of the Gov ernment. and for other," < 0. S. Stat at ee at Large, % ol. 6. page 2M,ror the i> >.tmaster General may,in his diacretK'n,direct the purchase in open market of such quantities of Envelopes as shall be necessary to snpply the deficieacy caused by suck [ailure, and charge to tbe contractor or contractors fifty per centum of the price which it shall be found necessary to pay for such articles. Bids should be securely enveloped and sealed, marked" Proposal* for Peat Offic Envelopes,'' and addr> seed to the Third Assistant Postmaster Gen eral, Poet Office Department, Washington, D. 0. ~ . J0HH A J. CRESWELL, 17-l>w4w Poetmaster General. UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE, W ash IK* TOM, D. c.. Hay a. 1873 On the petition ot MABY ANDREWS, of B.rn ville, Pt-nn., administratrix of Abraham Andrews deceseetf. and Harrison Ealbach, of the same place, piating for tbe extension of patent granted to the raid Abraham Andrews and Harrison Kalbach, on the 3Wh dav of August, UM, for an Improvement in H> ri7outal Whetis: It is ordered that the teattmonr In the case be closed on the 29th day of July next; that the time I .rulin g arguments and tbe Examiner's report be limited to tbe sth day of August next, and that said petbion be beard on the L3(h day of Augttet next. Auy person may oppoee this extension. rf tiw K. P. LKOGETT, GonifHrioaer. AUCTION SALES. bats. L'? wJj^EhiSSr" Boe. Wl and 994 fa. aveuue, corner of lib TOUjfgjrs calk of valuable tinonn stasnjussf^ ??? "*? ???'? ? ?iiar^*4s,42? rtss-KK: ... .? vu? va ?mt- hi r??pi ii j wu aiv?1 V>1 I % UW 1VIO Q9J of Jan*, A D k?J. a* 6 o'clock p. m., *11 of Lota Hos. M aad 100, In Gilbert'* iwoH?d nWtrMoi of .Square numbered six hmadred and NTMtHn(Vt). in tbe city of Washington, with all the improve ments thereon, Mt( two nearly-fiaiabed Dwelling H?>wm, frontiug on m rt h I street. T>nm of sale: One-half la cuk, of which |M0 trout be p*:d on each lot at sale; the deferred pay - menu to be rule in ill and twelve mouths after tar of kale, with lataraat at ten par cant, par an nam and secured by d>-e<l of trust to the sattafactioa of the Troutee. Terma to be compiled with wtthia at! daya after day of sale, otherwise the Trmtoe riiatiw tbe neht tc resell the property, after one weak'* notice, at the risk and cost of defaulting purchaser. All conveyancing at purchaser'* cost. J M. CAFBBTOB, Trustee ?30-d W L. WALL A CO.. Ancts RT LATIMEB A CLEARY, D Auctioneers and Beal Estate Broker*, 8outhws?t corner Pennsylvania avenu* aad lltb st., Star Pace Building. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS. #ra Byrirtneof a decree of the Supreme Court ??"f the District of Columbia, pa ?ed in cense ^^-No. J,t?6. glade et at. vs. 8la1e et al , I mill ?ell in front of the premia?s. on MONDAY, the 16th day of J tine, 1873. at 6H o'clock p. m , L?t St and SU f-et Trent of Lot Sf> bv the depth thereof, tu Square XI L"t It ia 6u feet front, ami will be aold ia thr?e parcels of 2u f*e4 each. This property is situat-sl Pierce street, between L aua M auJ l?t and Mew Jersey avenue, hortnwest. T'-rma of aale : One-tbird cash, ard the balance in 6, 12 and 18 months, with elelit per cent, interest p?r annum, the purchaser to give Ilia n >tea f.?r the de ferred pay meuta. endorsed to the satisfaction of the Trustee. A lien will be reserved on the property until final payment ia mad*. A deposit of gkfcjwill be required on the sale of each lot. If the terms of a:ile are not complied with in si* dare the prop.?r?y will be resold at the cost of the d- faulting purchaser. All conveyancing at the co?t wf the purchaser. K 8 DAVIS, Trnatee. je4dAds LATIMEB * OLEaRY. Aucta. SJY B H WARNER, J B?al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7il9 7th street, between O and H. tbtstee's sale or property on Sth i-TltEET CONT1NI'ED. JUhT AMOVE BOUH DAY STREET NORTHWEST, AT AUCTION. yb By virtue of a deed of trust to Dmiel L Eaton, EjUtrd July 12, l?71.and duly retried in Liber "?9 , folio 199, and also by adheres of the Siipt '-me Court of the Diatrict of Columbia passed in Equity cause No.3 Jltt, Docket 11, substituting the under signed Trustee in place of DenM L. Eaton, de c. a?rd. I will sell. at pnblic anrti n. In front of the pren:i;>?<i, on MONDAY, June 16. li(73, at b o'clock p ni., west balf of lot 41, in Jwane B. Hay'a anb diiiaion of Mt Pk-aaant, a? n-corde.1 in Liber J A 8, No. 229, folio 511, of the laud records of Waxhiiirton county, D. C. Ternm to be niMte known on the day of sale. $ino dow n on acceptance of bid. If term* of sale are 'i,.t c. niplied with within fire daya after sal a, the Trua t<e reserves the right to resell the pro pert t at the ri-k and rost of the d> fanlting purcUaae-r. Convey ancing at pnrchaaerV c.*t. GEORGE W. 8TICKNKY, Trnat-s. j.3-eoAds B. H. WABNKR, Anct. 1)1 Til OH. E WAOGAHAN, I) Keal Estate Auctioneer, 41? 7tb streaC. TEBY VALUABLE PROPERTY,91J,ON llrn, BETWEEN 1 AND K STREETS, NOBTU On MONDAY, June lbth, at 5 o'clock p. ?m., I ehall -.<11 on the pretnue- ??> >ve-met: ?tioiied part of Lot 21, in Square 213, fronting tJ fe-t on lltb ftrect. T rnia day of aale. ? j!2-d [Rep) TH08. E. WAC.OAM \X. Anct. BY TUOS. E. WAGGAMAN, Beal Estate Auctioneer, 519 7th street. V*LCABLE UNIMPROVED PROPERTY ON bTH STREET, BKTWIEN P AND y.NoRTU W EST, WK8T .^IDE. Sim MONDAY Jnne 16lh,ni ?> oVIock p.m., I "hull offer at public auction the abov<-pr^ erty, having a front of is feet 6 inches ou gtli atieet. T'-tma on day of ?ate. _j 13 THQ8. E. WAGGAMAN, Anct. [>Y B U. WARNER, t Re?l Estate Brok?r and Auctioneer, No. 739 7th street, between G and H sta. By virtue of a deed of trust to me, dated N wr. ^ilflth. 1871, of recards in Liber No. 661, folio 169, ?^one of the land record for the county of Wash ington, D. C., and by direction of the party secured thereby, I shall offer at public aale in front of the premises, on TUESDAY, the 17 th day of June Inst., at 6 o'clock p tu ., all the right, title and interest or S.J. Fague, in and to a leasehold for ten years, from J.tnuary 1, lafcl. granted by the trustees of Colombia College, of lot No. 29, of subdivision of aonth college /rounds, renewable on certain con ditions, aa will be seen by reference to the record tli> re< f in Liber No. 6iltfuli< liV>w '?f the Land Rec ords for the county of W aahington, together with the imirov^nients there.n, being a nearly new two story Frame House, sitnate on Uth street, near Boaac ary. Terms of aala are; One-fonrth cash; (of whlcb SSUMtistbe Immediately paid,) balance In three, an. Bine and twelve months after the day of sale with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the property. All conveyancing and recording at the C"?t of the purchaser, and if the terms of aale are not complied with in ten da>a after the day of aale the trustee reserve* the rif* " *' at the risk and cost j6-d ' the right i'ri'rrim ,ii" i"*1 CY JOHNSON A BARNES, Auctioneers, No. 6?3 Pennsylvania avenue. TRUSTEE'S BALE 0F~TW0 BUILDING LOTS 9 By virtue ?*f a deed of trust, dated October 11th, 1871. and dulj recorde-1 In Liber 661, folio 70. on* of the land records for the county of Washington, D. C., and at the request of the party secured thereby, I will aroce,slto sell, at auction, to the highest bidder, in front of the premises, on FRIDAY, June StOtn. at 9 o'clock "p. m , all of Lots lettered K and L.inC. Stott's autsiivisiou of origi nal Lot 1. in Square 6fM. Theee lota have a frontage of ab<'Ut 36 feet on 1st street east by a depth of about 60 feet.

T< rni- made known on day of sale. W. WILLIAMS. Trustee. j!2-eoAda JOHNSON A BARNES, A nets. |)Y THOMAS B. WAGGAMAN, D Beal Estate Auctioneer, >1V 7th street. CHANCERY BALB OF A VERT COMFORTA BLE DWELLING <>H *th STREET. BE TWEEN P AND Q STREETS NORTHWEST v*. Under and by virtueof a decree of tbe8upreme Ka Court of the District of Columbia, dated Jauua ?*ry 18th. A. D. 1873, and of a further decree af said court,dated June 10th, A. D. 1873,and passed in a certain cause in said court. In which Francis Moliun and others are complainants and Charles W. Perkins and others are defendants, numbered 3,891, Equity Docket IS, the undersigned Trustee in said CDtifenpointel,will, on the 87th davop Jti**, A. f? 1 fct b 30 p. m., ar-11. at pnblic auction, iu front ofthe premises. Lot nmnlien-d(13)thirteen, in Thomas Young's and Samuel Fowler's autxliviaiou of Square numbered four hundred and twenty-one (411), in the City of Washington, District of Co lumbia. The property la situated ou Sth street, b?fwren P and Q streets northwest, and is improyed by a very c< tt f't tald<" bi ick dwelling, throe atom a iu height, and baicoav front. The terms of sale, aa preacrtb'-d by aaid decree,are: One third cash, and th>- residue In two i-qin?l instal menta of 12 ami 18 months; t hs- deferred payments to bear interest from day of aale, (6 per centum p;>r annum), and to be liens on the property sold. $2S0 > f ( a-li pa) ment to be given at the time of sale, and tli? residue of cash payment to lie made within five days, otherwise the property will be resold at the c- st and risk of the defaulting purchaser. Convey ancing at purchaser's coat. GEORGE F APPLEBY, Trnste v j!2-e? 2w | Rep 1 THQ8 E. WAGGAMAN. Anct. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, aortbweat corner lwth aud D streets. TRUSTEE S SALE OF IMPROVED REAL E8 TA1E IN T1IE NORTHWESTERN PARI OF THE CITY AT AUCTION. II) virtue of a deed of trust, date.] the 11th [day of May. A. D. 1871. and duly recorded in L L'.ber No. 641. folio 384, one of the laud records for Wa-hington county, in the District of Colum bia, aud by the written reqnast of the parties secur ed thereby, I shall sell at public auction on WED NhSDAY, the 18th of June, A D. 1873. at 6 o'elk p. n.. in front of the premises, to wit: Allthet piece or parcel of ground, kuown and designated as Lot flft>-two (IS) in Leonard 8. Chapman's recorded ar.lsliviaion of original lofs Nos. 4 to II inclusive. In square three hundred and aixtv-four. iSSt,) in the cfty of Washington, District of Columbia, tin proved with a three-story and basement Brick Dwelling, with a two-story aud basement back building, with nxslerti improvements, location ou Rhod<- Islaud av enue, l>etv een 9th aLd 10th streets northwest. Terms: One third caiih; balance in 6 and 11 months for notes bearing interest and secured by a deed of trust on the prenoses sold All conveyancing at the c< st of the purchaser. $W0 down on day of aale,and if the terms of sale are not complied within five davs afier the day of aale, the Trustee reservea the rislit to resell the property at the rtak and cost of the d< faulting purchaser; by advertising three times in some newspaper published In Washington city. JNO. A. L M0RKELL. Trua tee. GitEEN A ILLIAMS, ,ie5 eodAds (Jtep.) Auctioneers. I B. H. WABNER, _ ^ Beal Estate Broker and Auctioneer, Tgy Seveuth sUeet, between G aud H. G U A R DI AN "8 SALE_0 F A DE81R A B L E BUII B l/AKDIAN IS SALE OF A DESIRABLE BUILD 1NG LOT. ON THE CORNER OF 44ti AND U STREETS NORTHWEST, AT AUOTIOB. 4ft By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Oeurt of Hptbe District of Coiumlia, I will sell, :?t public -"?-anction. In frc<rit of the premises, ?n THL'BS DAY.June 19, 1873, at 9 o'clock p. m , Let A.In snbdiv i?ion of original lot 1, s-iuare 13. frontiug ? fset o:j M street northwest Wy a depth of 106 feet. Terms: One-half cash; balance In 3 and 6 months for notes of the pnrrb?aer bearing eight p-1 ? u. interest from day of sale. Deed to be withlieM uatil all ofthe purchase money, with interest, is paid. Convt->anciDg at purchaser's cost. $luu down on acceptance ?YbM. >? ANN 'ANK CBKISTEBSEN, G'tarJUn. C.AORGB W. SALTER. Attoroey. j7 etWtd B. H. U ARE EE, Anct. BT BILLf.T A GATCHEL. Auctioo^-rs, Corner 11th and F streets northwest. TBI STEE'S BALE OF LOT IN SQUABB, HO. 731, OK 1st STB1BT, EAPITOL HILh. By virtus of a deed of trust, dated February th, 1871, and duly recorded la Liber Bo.Ctl, olio?9l,Ac .and by the written direction of t*uu wj wrinru uirrciiv the party secured thereby, I will sell, at public tion. in front of the premise*, on WEDNESDAY, tbe i ?th day of J aa*. A B , 1*73, at? o'clock p. m. I Lot G, of anbdivtsion of origiani Lot aumbeasd four,(4,) la Square anmbsew* sevea hundred and fkirty-on kit street, Capitol BUI, ia the city of WaaWagtan, D. C. Terma of Frte: Cash, and to be cam plied with with within six days after day of sale, Mherwl?ethe Tro>?re reserves the right to resell the property, sftai one week's notice, at tit* risk aad coat of le fsuiting purchaser. J. A. L. MOBRBLL. Trapse. J6 KELLEY A CATCEU. Aoct AUCTION 8A.IE& ftn AyrtKiKww1 IFiiSgSitSiSk B ArCTIOK *00MS. ?? on SATCEDAT AFTERNOON, Jaae 14 th ^ ? ? clock, vitiiin our Stlf?rootiui mm estatl- "Uewiee described valuable real Lot i, in square 566, *ituat?d on the ? >rth side of EV??.V5r.;j?" +*?? toMkeMt ^ *Klaar' **? roril?r ?' *h ?ad O _AU*.Lo<? 4.8.?,r,g, and JO. In sq??r* >. .1 J *?,tb Q 1 rtreets. and lUh and T?raw?fMlf: One-fourth cash; balance in three SS&S&' Si'ZxL ft Conveyancing at purchaser*' cost .W ** t*Qiiired on each Lot at time of *al*. If if Icttbi of Mt tro not complin with vithm' ti? day*, the right will be reeer*e.l to ri?t>ll the nroaer t rat the ri?k aud cost of | U-TTTlnlKiP**' Plate of th* ?rop*rt? cu Unco by applying t.. the auctioneers. ?? -fWHiu J7-4 LATIMER A CLKAET, A net* RT LATIMER A CLRAHT. " Auctioneers and Heal Estate Brokers SoCUiwsst corner P"nn*rlvania avenue and llth * ?Ur Office Bui'.diug. ' I*HK>VSD PROPERTY n? 'rtne of ? decree of the Supreme Conn at E ?.f ColnmhU.p^'tnTan^ N: d?r of June, 18T3, a> 6*. oVlockpraD?rtof iVs e??iJI>ar< 0 hsgtaiiing lor I^fanr at the n<>n h' f<^t sTnrhM it*"? ' ""'?"a* thence west U 172 ?1r .o\ ,nc<> ?"?th HS feet ? inches, Uea,? ***\ *i/vl 8 ft fifteen foot alle* VhenZ h??r ??**'. t? the place of beginning Th in.proTfmenti consist of two t?ait<? Mrk ,,1 1? ' f?nr '?? "'* *acb, and a brick stable with ? t ?. pr, '?'rt> i? located l<etwe?n be ?e?t streets and 0 and 11 street* north a.^SK S^fr-'hlN cash; balance in ?. 12 at d 18 m<>nth?, with 'ntereet at the rate oreight t?r purchaser to give his " otV. lei, ^ t< the satisfaction of the Trustee. If the term* of sale are not complied with in sis days the E J^K J *? -. resold at the cost of defaulting puribae< r A deposit of $1i<>will !?? re.jnir-0 at the timed sale. The stable will be sold separately All conveyancing at purchaser* co*t. >ei A**. r 8 DAVIS, Tro?tert je4-d*da LATIIIH * CLKAHT, Aurt*. |>T LATIMEH A CLEABY *' Anctioneers and B al Estate Broker*. Botitbwert comer Penu*ylrania areaU? au i Uth *t . Star Office Buildings. MUAJumitmicBre. pale, os #?ijs as Tt?. r?;z\*r,^v if*. the premise*, Lot? miml.ered ^ t,> 47. in .ub Ketween H S5*ftJPS' fr,).n,i,'81 00 10th?tr??t ea*t. LTi^T ? . d .I.vt? norfh- Theae lot* are f suit able dze for_bnildinr*. are adjacent to the fl -ire.-t railroad, and will be *<.|d on east term*, a* follow* ? ith'inter'e*}0,1,11 re*idue ?'fi. U. la, ?ud? m .utU*, The whole front* i07S f ?et on l(?h *t L \T1MEB A CLKAET. Aucf. |t? GKF.EN * >* II, LI A MS, Auctioneer*. ** ftu. 1001 nerthweat corner 10th and D *t?. 1 PnrTJv*. s.*yt BEAL ESTATE INTUE T Vk K' pAi'V< V: *;T 1 *K,? w N SA ' K TO I ; ftRierw A L t TIOJI ROOMS OF I I vil ifrid HM*8, noethu est cor I ?"ti!k C?TTAND D STKK?Td- '? WASU 1 ' C9fcr^>,.Tit,t.''u f " rter':v'''by the Supreme 2?c " rt of the District of Colnmbia, in Kiuiti -*--< Knse No. 2,764, George W Luiville et ?li? I W Milan) D. C . Murdock et ai., wh will -?*li ?t rtnMi^ I 1 ?nci|on, at the ancti 'ii room-?.f Green A WilTbun- I 1 Mor h?e*t C'-rner of loth and D ntreeU, in the c al Whshm^on I) C .on TIESDaT. the IJthday ef f u a'n S ? VVi ? >'iri/*r'>v,ock p '" .Lot. , hi, a* is, .4, ^5. jb. ?J.31. au<i 34. ?f ??nr "nibiiivi^ini (?f ? 'T '?"'1 lyi^^Hrid beliie in the c uuty >t W ft*hin*ti n, in the Di?triet of C.>lumbia ci?lie.l bt- iod Jacob, and relurvey ^! ^E?ch of the abore Iot? contain* from fire to twenty The Und i* *itnated on two road* leaijoB into the (i dge r?ad.andbythe,er .Hd* to Georgetown a?T W a-hinxton. a^.i i. only two and a halfn!il? f?,^ Lji-'.rLet''wn. The new r >;id about to b< niaiie by the B"*rd of Public Works will bring this proiLrtT much nenrer to Gexirgetown. property The land I* of good quality, and part of It wood and, all well watered. The land i* .mtable for m ion ftirpf*,es, and u in ? rery healthy luca There i* erected on said lot X a larcenaw I ? Mill, in good running order ai,d condition with I 1 Iruon^nVof ur,^dWllh priTi,?^ of two or more t A map of the property to be *old can be seen ?> I t 3r. ..,il Williams' aiirtiu room seen at I t Terms of sale- One-sixth ca*li, and the balanee in birty egnal nienthly pajmeni*. with interest at the 't"m per annum from day of sale luti paid, with security to the satisfaction of the J and a lien retained on the pr<i*ertr * >M >r the purchase money can be paid in castor n^m I i ?W5S?5f?8rc I; WM F. MATTIWGLT, 1 cHMiL;vLr,!f'iLLi jJ did. GEE EM * WILLIAMS. A net*. OT LA TIM EH M CLEABT, ~ S .,.*JlilC"U,'SWV,Ml Brokers, Jouinaete corner Penn*ylvaaia avenue and llth * Star Office Building. ' :UANCEBT SALE Or~VALrABLE REAL E8 ? IN SQUARE SO. ?bi Snnrenw Court of WilM.I *!11.'1 pa*a?l in cause No. I ? h-JJ5' William Elemming and ethers acaiust I ^ Si*^Tr?sn'4 t' froStSru^ViSr- I it?,8I>AT the 17th day of Jane, igrs. at I ? ni J1? north half of lot Mo. 5, front- I n *** 'r*7 eight inches on Massachusetts ave- I 3 Doe, br eighty feet deep more or lass Also the I It louth halt of lot No 6, having a front of thirt*' r .?t I a leV wiihG :irrLbT ' u*'h5ilf oft ^P??Vmrnt" Also the I I ^iBhMr,r i,^ ^ Jl0- ?' lll*T,n* ? 'r?nt of thirty feet I ? ' ?? rheso1 Massachusetts avenue by eighty-fire I (I r+t, nore or lees. Also the senth part of fot Ao 6 I e ^t on'n.rrtir<5#^.t!iierr0n,h*Tfnf ? fr"nt ?* thirty' I ? ncreor ll^1 ai by <ine hundred feet deep, | Il he Also, the south part of lot No. 7. with WoS'n h iz^r''K,n' h*TiB* ? fvont of thirty 661 OD north O stmt by om hundred fMt dMB I i; ?hn?ttr A,l,?',ot8' having a fronton Masse-' I d LTe^l? HV^linor*eVf12,> <,ight 'O' hee. by an I ? iverag? depth of ninety-five feet and a hall* all in I <J jonare 666 This property is situated between I t ^ ft,enil?' north G street, New Jersey I d >yenue and ad street northwest. jersey | _ One-third cash: balance in *lv, ??te r.f i .e,*hte*n ??h.. with interest at the ate of eight per cent per annum. The purchater* heTrnJ2rir "a ,0 ,he ?"t intact ion of w Jw ^rr.i ?Ai!,,n w'" ,r?tained on the proper Iy sold until final payment i* made. IfthetermTof >?le are not complied with in si* day* the property "III rrtH'Id at the cost of the defaulting purcha ^r. A deposit of fluo will be re^uirwl from the >njcna*er of each lot. All conveyancing at the ex piDf# of the purchaser. ... . , ? 8 B DAVIS, Trtj?te?, }*4 LAT1MKR * CLEABT. Ancrs. 1>V B. H. WARNER, ' No -rno?i*J_.K*lV<\Brok" *rA Auctioneer, ?e. 729 7th street, between G and fl. CHANCERTSALEOEIMPROVFDPROPBRTV I 1 V? N"KTH K STREET. BETWEEN l4rS t AND Uth STREETS WEST. I 1 B By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court, D. I ?*' P^E^'"th'-cause of Riley et al. vs. Grady I f ?t al.. No. 3J46, Equity, I will sell, at public I >"ctu>U>on *BtRi>DAT, June 19,1873, at SoVlock I ' ? u PrelJ?f"- parte of Lots 4 and 1U. I ! iii Sijuare J27, beginning for the same at the north- I A rest corner of lot 10, on the south line of north E ? 2>r?l; r',nnin* dl>^ '**?t 16 feet: thence south feet 7H inches; thence west la feet; and th>-nce sorth fc fe?*t 7>fjncbts to the begiuuing; improved J> a two story Frame Dwelling. ? - Terms of sale; One-third cash; the ronidue in two I ' *inal payments at 6 and 12 month* from day of sale I J *nh interest at 8 per ce it per itnnum. The title to ' ( -e retain?-d until all of the purchase money, with ia erest. is paid. If the terms of sale are not complind ?*'r??^?>?,roiu day of sale, I reserve 5 *? ^ r T.",'11 th* Property at the risk nnd cost If the d< faulting pnrchaser All at I , purchaser * co?t. A Ka? deposit on acceptance of l>j,j I ' r JAMK8 S KDWAROS. Trustee I ' j..Veo.?d* B H WARNER. Auct. BY GREEN *^|IIL?,AMS, Auctioneers, Ko.lOUl Northwest lwh and Dstreeti N W lf iK'Vl,""" ?15' r Hy virtue of a deed of trust to Joshua Whit ft e I Bi i iii i ii hmUJiia7cryg . ^?r<*ord?^in Liber 636, folio 1&3, one of the land f record* of Washington, D. C .aud by directi.m7.4 I r ;Le party thereby mcured, I wi.'l ?11. at pubTic a?c? 1 4i/rr^ to the iiigheftt bidder I 1 on THCHtiPAY, June 19,lfC3,at? o? n d. I . lot eighty-eight. (*.)In Joseph t. Eelley S recT.rt?^ I 1 tnlKlM i*lon of the west half of *<inare three hundred I ! ?nd sixty -five,,(?(*,> together with the improvements I 1 Bn!*'froSSr^** ?f * tW0 iU)r> ?"? basement ? ' Ttraw: One-third cash, aud balance in six, twslvs ?nd eighteen months, with 7 per oent. interest, pay iblesemi-annaally. If tenna of sale are aot com plied w ithwtthin five days after sale, the property tobe resold at the risk ano oost of the defaulting ?archaser Conveyancing at purchaser's com. One jeS-eoads GREEN A WILLIAMS, Ancto. |>T LATIMER * CLEART, I | p Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers. I I Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and Elev- I I c-nth street, Star Office Buildings. I I TWRLVE ?ASKS orWINE AT AUCTION ' OnTHl RSDAY, July 10th,at 19o'clock Htis'" .we ? ,11 sell, at the freight Dep.* of the Kg|^l>?lt.iiioi e ftL.i Potoma. ra.lroad, corner of MarylandI avenue and ?th street southwest, twelve cases of Wine, on account of freiirht amj Tefn!* CK?b p*rl'e* CciucernedjP'e?^? ^^ice. jelO-eoAd* ^"*LATIMEE k A*eU. BT JOHNSON A BARNES, Auctioneers. No. 698 Penns> Ivan la avsnae. 0> T81VDIT, C Sl AU . uraea in JUiuer A V T?, [*? M on 7th street, and i is*. These Lots located, teawA wwji o* Os Bowai4 jtK^SpSia.'-i'fcsa ?. .w . .w JOHNSON * AUCTION Htm B T UHHIC f ALB or FLO VtitXtSSin** >wnm n KAMI" MS. WAV. Ji> 'jii'iHsa.r&r I?T W*. L. WALL ? OO 13 Original H Louisiana mmm, PEREMPTOBTSALE (ir iOWtS FT ORDER ArKH -n*? Q?ril>f ~ Mid or THE U. _ _ On TIVDAT ICS, c? at <>or B( VWfflV- I Ttti, I at IB o'clock, wa wtll Mil, ? HEAD or HBT1CEABLE H0B51 h? vrry*rty of th* C 8. n Kola for want of ??. T Jl4 , la Oof*r?Brtt f WM L *l ASt PAINTED RI'BEAUN P STEADS, WBAT BO-frtACBf COBB 10*8. WHITE ACPF 8 fund* ALL A CO., Aacta. PABLOE rrBBTTrBB. Cahistered I, HairH CotkatMl Bra, MABRLBTOP CBNTEB TA RLE*. Pa 1NTED CuTTAGE ?BT~ WALNUT P4UTBI) BBB CCBTAIB AND MIT IX TBI* 81 OB TABLE: filREk OIL PAINTINGS. OAK CAME BEAT DINING < t<airs, one triple plated silver COPPER CRN:0NE CLOCK . CNION CB AIR, DKCOGBT; HCSK AND COtTON TOP MAT TUBf-SBS; PKATHEK PIlLOWH AND BOL STERS. r'oMFOBT?. BLANKETS, DINING KO"? CHINA WARE; MflRNlNb QLOBT ? BP OTHER HEATING STOTKS. LOT OP KITCHEN ITTENSILS. Ac. ALSO, l? DM PI E fCHOOL DPSK8, and I SINGLE SCHOOL DESK tfk On FRIDAY, the 'J7ih iast., cowm*r.cing il. ?l 10 o'clock a. ni .???ball ???II lh" Mrt I* ??I *iii:ui?ral-d ?>?. % *. ai th* wkl 4 ? M I BltViran declining Hoo**ke*-|Mng. No. 1713 H ?trfi I torthwwi. l'H??n I7ik mi' l<th Trnn-cwh. OR). EN A WILLI AM>. J<l4-d Aucliun*-r?, ?V 1.1. WWII. B-?l E?tat* Broker and Auctioneer Bo. IsiV 7th ilrtM, UaalUiti 1IANCERY PALP OpTaLCAHLE REAL P8 ESTATE. rry Ry virtn* of ? d<-cr*e pa?"1 on the It'll lay T?o( Jim*. M73. ir Mi* Srpr-in* Court of Mi* l?i? ? -Iri<-? of Columbia, in rtn tf can** N ?? SSH4. )<>ck?t II. t* ? ued*r":gn*d, will on tli? tlrn Do >? Jt Ml, liSTT,. *1 ?? -'.lock p Ml .offer for Ml* Hi.' dlinwit't dwrilwl r*al estate, ?uuUfl tnlli?fitr f Wa?hineton, I> C . l it: Lot l*tt*r*d 0. In Jjhti I. K'lM ? ?ubdi?l*|oa of original lot ?, in mj iaiv |o 51S. T''m>? of ?*!*? On*hundeel <Vdlar? down o? flay f Ml*; ba'anc* in ??* and twelve m ?nth", ? iMi ,<\ rr**t ai *<rht p*r rent I?r annum, secured bv ? i i t trimt np- n the pr*u.iM*. In cas* th* t*r:n? fMl*ar*not c-mplied with th* p-op*rty will b* e?o!d at th* ri-k and r<nl of th* d -faul'i iff pnr ha??r. All conveyancing at th* cost of to* ?ur ha-er. SIDNEY T. THOMAS,/T , 8AMUBL A. R\PP (TnMw" .?IS B. II W \ KN'BR. Aoction?er Y GREEN A WiLLIANS. Auctioneers. [\ Northwest corner luth and D streets. ALE OF SIXTY TWO VALCARLE BCILDINC LOTS IN SoCARE 17*. ON I?th ABO 17th AND g AND R STREETS N. W KB \ irtu* of th* authority contained in ?d??d ?in-ntHl on the 11th ay of Jua*. liCS, and duly recorded, the undersigned will ??tf-r. at fihl ; air, upon th* premi**s. on M?*N DA Y. th* *31 day f Jon*. 1K7J, at A o'clock p m , |ot? numli*r*d from to 42, inr|ii?ir*, and frm Si to >M. iaclad**,of 'ohr R. TurtonV p?b.liv|a<on of maar- 77s? Th*?* tt> ar* \*ry di?irah|* for holldinc purp-**-*. l? in* '?< *to1 in a rapidly improving ircti'it of th* city, !;? I th* rronnd l'*ine hich tnd w*ll I >r*t*J and l>* Ivt-*1 < oin*ni*nt ?ir?. *? will h* ?**n from th* >lat. Tli* |>r -p?*rty wtll be sold in <i<iabtiti>? to Bait iiirr|ia**r*. T< ini* of Ml*: On*-half In ca*h. of which a d--p ?it f S2S on each lot will r*?jnir*d at th*tin?*?f al*. th* r*maind*r in *<inal in?talin -n?* at 6 and 12 K)Vha; tl?* dafcrrad payment* to !?* ?<vnr*d l.r ?t** of ill* parcha**r, t* aring inter*** at ( per *nt , and d*ed of truat on tSa pr party. If th? par luwern fail to coniply with th* t*rm? within tM ?\ ? after ?al*, tli* trirnt*** r*a*n* th* n?ht to r* i-ll tli* pro|>?-rtj at th* rink and r>?t ..f -nrh d*fan't ne rurri awr. A11 convey ancing at the co*t of tli* urchaaer. JOHN RICGLES,/ Tr? . GEO W. EVANS < Tr"-' J? d |B p.l !Y GUKKN A WILLIAMS, .ES./ GEO W. BVANS.< GREEN A WILLIAMS. A acta. w . Auctioneer", Southeast corner 7th and D atr**ta. ICARPIAN SALE oVA PIRST CLASS PRI VATB RESIDENT); PKoNTIN'J ON K h-T KEKT RORTU, BKTWKEN 4th AND 4th STREETS WEST BRf virtue of a d*?-r*a af th* 8npr*m* Con*t of the District of Columbia, holding a ?pM-i*l t*rm. p*?*.-<| on th* Hd day of July, A. I>. 1S71, poD tli* petition of Virginia M'Elfrtwh. cuiirdian ) th* minor childr*n >f Henry McElfr*ah,d?c*a?*d, rhall aell at public auction, op WEDNESDAY, he VAth day of Jun*, A. D. 1(373, at 6 o'clock p. ni , n th* premie**, b*ios part *f Lot numbered tw*n f two, in Square numbered fl?e huudrod and eii n, having lu feet front by 142 fa*t 7 ioch*a d~*p ?> a 30-foot paM-d alley , with * tin* pr-waed-brick ?< nt Home and ba*etn*nt,with all ni ?dern im roT*m*ntP; water, Ac., in the yard, making atirat |a?? private r*M<l*nc*. T*rn?a: One thiid ca?h; balance 6 and 12 m >aMia. < f*rr*d pavmaiiU to b* ?? < ur<?l by note* of purcha ?r and a lien retained upon the premiaea, or th* archaaer may pay all aaah at ki? or har optioa. olivet anciag and stamp* at tlte cost of the psreha er. .flu I dapr*it on the da* of Ml*. And if th* F^rms of sale are not complied with within flvedayx fler the day of sale the Guardian rea*r?es the risht >' r**ell the property at the risk and cost of th* d* tnlting pnrrhaser by advertisinf three times in Dme newspaper pul>lish*d In Waahingtoa city. VlBGTNIA M? EL KBBttH, Guardian . j*13-d GBEEN A WILLIAM 8, A acts. |PY DCNCANSOB. DOWLING A CO , Aarta., J 8cutheaat coiaer of Ath and D streets northwest. RC8TEES BALE 0P"?M PBOTBD PBMPERTY ON 3t> STREET EAST. NEAB PENNSYLVA NIA AVENCB. AT PDRLIC AUCTIUB. BBy virtue of a deed of traat. dated 8apt*mh?r 3d. 1889. and duly recorded In Liber T and R No 17, folio* 216, Ac., one of th* land records of >'a?liingtoncouuty, iathe District of < olumb a. and y din-cnon of the parties secured th? re by, we wil <11 at public acntion. to the highest bidder, in froat r th* premise*, on MOBDAT A PTEBNoON, Jan* Oth.1473. at 6H o'clock, parts of lot nuaibared ft**n. (U.I in ?iuar* notuliered seven hundred and xtj -two, (742.) as Mid lot and suaar* ar* laid dawn Ml dlstlnguii.b*d en th* plat tnr piaa of said city, eginninc for said part of lot a the ?oathesst cor er of Mid lot and rul ing tlieoca west eight-Ave. Si feet. thence north tweuty-sevaa(Mlf*?t,thenoa ist eightj-fiva (SIfeet, and tbvnceaoath tw*atv ?ven (271 feet, ta the beainainf, tognthar with th* iipro* env nts, a two-story brick house. Terms of Mle: On* third cash, the balance in two ^ual instalment* of sis and twel.s tu >nth? with it*re*t. The pu*rhaaer to five ailaa aecarad by a Hd of trust on the premia** aold. All couvevanctng t the cost of th* ?urcbaa*r. One hundred dollars own as soon aa the property is soM.aad if the ?rms of the *ale ar* not complied with ?ithiu ten ay s after the day of sale, the trustees reserve ths Ight to re?ell the property at the riak and cuat of i* defaulting pnrc*as?r. after ten days public otice. EE. WHITE. U JNO. H. 8EMMES.< 13 d DCNCANSOB, DOWLING A CO , Aucts, JY B. H. WARNER, . 3 Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 749 7th street, between 0 and H. BCSTEBTS SALE OP A TWO STOBY BRICK DWELLING ON THE SOBTH SIDEOPJKP KER80N STREET, IN CNlONTOWN.D.C. WITH EIGHT ACRES 0F GROUND, AT ACCTION. 1\, virtu* of a deed af trn?t frotn Benjamin P. Wilklns and wife to Daniel L. Baton and my self, dated June 16. l<Tu. and duly recorded la >ib*r 619,folio 173. on* of the land records of Wa?h igton county, D. C., I will aell at nubile auction, ta ' nt of th* premises, to the highest bidder, oa WEDNESDAY Jnue t? o'clo. k p m i<>ts 7*4 and 'US, in the s?iMOision of WoodUud, r Cniontown, D. C., eontaining - acres 1 rood aud I?j P? rrhe*, together with the improvement* there d. This property overlooks th* ?ntir* District, lid th* ground* ar* *et with choice Emit Tre**s ud ?hrubs. It is a m >st desirable suburban r*si ence. T<rm*of sale: Two thirds cavh; balance in sit lid twelve months, with interest, to be sheared by s i*d of tru-t upou the property; ft l"0 down on ac rj.tanceof bid. If terms of sale ar* not complied 'illi within aer*n days after Mle, the property to ??* >-*old st th* ri-k and cist of defsulting purchasar '<>n v-yKkciug at r"rrbaeer'n co*t. GEORGE W. STirKNET. 8urvivinc Trus ea. jdCSt r. H WARNER. Auct. ?y THE ABOVE SALS IS POSTPONED until lELNl^DAY, Juiie IS, USA, samj h -ur aud lace. By order of the Trust<-e. jrll B. H. WABNEil. A act. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, Bo. 1001 northwest corner 10th and D sts. BRY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT AT THE CORNEB ul DELAWARE AVENUE AND MOBTH C STREET AT AUCTION. m On MONDAY, th* 16th instant, w* shall ^'11 Q?on the prnnises, at ? o'clock p m., part L?' N?> 10, in Square Mo. <81, having a tr ?i,t of S3 feet n D*lsw are avenue, running liack with the line of rrth C street 124 feet 11 iach**toa wid* alley. This i a corner lot, beaut ifaliy located and commanding taition. T< rn>? of Ml* : On* third caeh.of which * W *111 ereyrir*d paid down at time >f sale, balanc* In so ? ijnal inktalmeat* at ? and 11 moaths.for wKfm earing interest from day of Mle. a deed givea ami dead of truat takea. All coaveyaorliig at coat of archaaer. jll-d OREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. Ul ?BWA?Ji Mo. 7?# 7th atraet, '?ROBERTT?^o"n WjBUftintS ^gs\KivSU?usT"iVAHCA?,T0L ABD m. By virtue of a decree of the the District of Colombia, Court of . ^ .?T_ la the caaa* of Tin ker aad Shrrmaa vs Jssnea M. Oram, Mo. jg&. Equity docket IS, I will "sell at pa bile a act too, ii front of the premiass. aa TH U BSD A Y, J aaa IB, Sfrf. fcSlHT: f & art's recorded iubdlviaion of aqaara ATS, together rith the lmprov?lata thereon, coaaisting of ele rant three-storj prwa brick froat dwell lags Thia iroaerty la aold la aagiafi a ?aehaeich Ilea of about (S3M aad aokfaet la rarf hi taa?hianms srktch ???*?????ttaasS; ?u ,r,?. par. k B.' kS?Aaot JSSR By order of tha T nr ^ yABBBE, AaaA. ?ilTbe? Terma for tha a iraaceacash. If nthia Avs days a it the risk and ea Iowa oa each ace r*acaat. EVENING STAR 1 ??< ?*?? I d* not at uBi, b.^*. 5k.; v - ? iMtaHri^ tn*b?L,n^^ *?? e*tS ?w be M U> B?M tt antll th.y l*a?r the ca? gggaxasg?ayjj'j=.*; SSK??astr ""* "w #n t corner. Th? noUuth* riB mK.. ^wm^SSSss ^afas* S^dSE&SS wt??i the debertire will ai'imar kit b??? ???Pctohim' %"4 OMn*^^i'?v! i^ursrSsa utts tsr&z&zz -vSr^si'&r. Aa-Tic*!. ~C- C- r ? "? uL'jyj^'wy^ATw g?r, r1trhw ^ K^2?y ;r S.\E? !^b?X1^r?.T.Lh'B,r *f wtiieh ? " Tbl? dir^^.T^k e V" ntu>r ?"*T i P'* q< penrta Oti the fact that ?iti>( baa the facnltr ?f roiHlfnriiir and thfrrhr .i r>.i?>_ neerW .11 the r*~a f"**?K'ta ?? n balk The colder t& " i'.' ^" I* c"? *r "r t? ronlain three tw.,; At eNintrT temn^rttiirf, t Tint of water will afcarbonic arid ?%* and M>m,i ft"?. fTaw capacity u nearly uC. bS y r**1nclT1f the HBprratan lo that <>r ice Heme. water kept Ir the room a whilr la ?i>?r for nee. u4 aliould l*> on?ri re T Vr ,T '* hM become warm or not And fw'M-MWf r*a?..n the water In a pumt? STbJSm W \'Vn M" 1-ro.S ,,.?"M. 1h? atitrh tiaa Mood in a ioi?her over night ?? not flt tor coftec water In the morri " Impure water i* more in;?irtoua t.. health than i?rar* air. and ee. ry | . r?>n ahojld i.r.? the meana of obtaining rroh, i.uxc water lor all doniotK- imca.? /H., /.<??. with Utimii>4t.>k? The tn\# < rat,-, in K?rl?.,i have coB^lttM noV wrr.*.. H mon.rn to prieon Tor mol.wtatlon and tntiia - Ution under thr criminal lav n?nendmei,t art. n.. U.H ' >V",r'r" *** h~" d-nraaed in ! ' i **.? 2 ther a .-re i?. m ' "i " trade anion. wkorrnpon their wlr<? ? ith i*l? k?. arid prvvrntnl a .-on|de ?d m.-n who " ^C?l hra far.uer (Vom pring ta rVi ?r ,h?? th?* ?' atrurk he ?nrn. S^yen of tl.rm ?<rr arnror -rd ta niTi J an to ?**??' lm|>ri?au ?^*Ninrt?rn barren, wre ?umm<>nrd brfore Le jK.lirr court t.i Kirbmon ! M?nd?t Sal.hath**' ^?"e,,iUK " lWe,r ?b<?|* on tli? V-Krntimental voung men at Rrowneorltle. Trnn. irin?t that it U ini|>o<?thle to talk lorr to m<?!h /t heHf h""',,th ,,,?? tr^ ?"<1 ?n the Bi<x)tiii|f|it. owing to the IntertxMttton of the ater|.iliar*, that even craal l?etire?-u , lawi^d l:aiio.? and Itratin^ hearto. iabiied, ?n ,h* ???????* ?r ?b?ith 2At*nl<i UltttonT Mr MILLUM ? ?IB. 'tlEMl LLFIt Ofi >i!.)?>, June |j ?i < M ,r .M .tiKTttl'ril.i .m k f I aj a. ??atteni.ui|..r,ac^ l?m..n?lw 1,4 Tlia fniia-ral ?ill take |>'?. .? t- -tn< rr-<w Niindai I ?\.|iiii,*, June I**h, at 2 o'riuek. tr iy ? t? r.-^i l-n. ? dbrr parrMe. N >. 7 II 7th ?t.^t ? r h?aM Tal . v1l^7?.Tir/r.!r Uf ,b# ?" r -l- tf.'l, .?V".A L uSmbt tfl In' w ^ * '"ti'ilr ~ f i n 111 ,f V -mc*fm) be tliv Ailent ?IuimInt, P* ift ful n the fiavf no l< ?; . !i,u 1,0 ,u',r' "flit j?lii our iiamhor. Thou no n.ttre our ?otig? ahail ku ??. Pearert mother, th< u I,?m |*.ft ?>.. Here thy l<*? *c Hniiv f?**i, 15? l'" ?"*' *h?t hath bereft u>, He ran all <?nr anrrowa h<al b< p> tt' meet thee w hen the day of |tfr ? n^j Then m beaten ?fth>oy to gr.'t thee. n here n<- lar- ?HI toar i? ?h?d May abe r<*t in ?''} i :x' 1 zi? ,'rxsa; sta.'j'.T'sy ??? ""?<u ?>"" ^ AJTE.!lS ?r,i|??nrday .ll,e Ji.-h inata.if. afUr e.r"5h'S^?: <iXOkUlt BATIKS in tli* riftb Bik funeral will take plare on M -ndar th-Uts KsrA-r15 c ,rrh" lr?*et. b"?'ryH"wn UNDERTAKERS. ? ICBUB r. UAM.WKT, i Hkoint m HAh TMY ? N4M,) ? o ?j| r 8t*E*t, batwaaa KtuU. and MKTALUC BVklAL CASUS AMU CASK BW? 9t "*? iucrvtMa, *>t11y aUkOVVB, HABITS, #a. [{>?M*kD W. liAKtt, CABINET MASKS AHU OHBKMTAKMA. ??? KLBTKHTH BTBBBT. naar W. YVKHTVBM 0/ALLmfirs? "AVSAM, ^ IUUM MACI '? TltTritTtin,Bitvni4 ant Ha ?pM-lr U*m iai GMfcati of au r- "ue\a\'r.p,i\7.Ltfiv:uv"' ?? Dr. ? D Hown'a Arabian Milk Cure, >OA CONSUMPTION. "urea ordinary Congha and Cul4a ia a few hoara Uke Basic, aUot [>r. ( D Hcwe'a Arabian Tonic Blood PnriAor, A hicb la purely learetatole. cleans tne a)?ea 4 J^'^^rsjssssi:_u* ? UJ CkAilrmtt tkt N'nt'fk {Varar?" To Bud Ita eqaal. err bottle ia warih ua ?eiKfat in *>ld. Price ? 1 per bottle; or an bwtUea for S*. Md ? Loleaale and r< tail ny",* C*" 490 Pruu1 L. D ?'L*as,0*T PennaylTMia avenue. . ?Gi-I>rr,l,!TTj fenn ave. and 21! at ? P BlLH'EK ft(j4i.,Bear Tn^?ury D^Mna.aat, * D* vi? * Co.. I4ih and L elreeta. J B- Majoa, 7th and H alre.^. J. | bTOKE,7tb and L atreaU. V Oo.,4>a atr*?tand Pvuna are J. 8. JoKB?, XVI and A -treeta a >urht aat Ta?eb A Co., llll 7ih at reel ** n T h f at. F. D DoWLiSa, ?VaadOatreetaaouthweet A. J. ?< HilHIKT. North Caaitol aud U atreeU P. P. 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