Newspaper of Evening Star, June 16, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 16, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. fikHiM tally, Iu4*yt AT TBI STAR BUILDIXGa, 01 mm na imrim etrui AAii?#MiAvr,r " - tun NTBNINO 8TA? I* aar*ad t oarrtara to ?Heir n?rtbrn tt Til lllll rt> W1M, or Vuin ISr ,<7z? jst. ?EtJSss t&vrssi UN, OM Itu.ll. TUB VIUL1 BTAB-Patollrtad rmaf-fl* IfNr. B^" Invariably In advance. In both caaas, and DRY GOODa 'J'll CK MUVIETEH CP! DRY (iOODX DOWN! LA>T IUAME THIS SKASOS. O r I9L .?! ' "?roir r>-i? ?%le o' Sprina *n<t S-jm n,? r tt. >.-* ?"n bmk* MONDAY, H'?:U . ust , and c bti&ue until July fit. 1871, ?bai? ail DRY GOODS |rti?fT Dre"? ??---<ia.) in th? b"fl?e ?hall !?# w?*h it !????'<? at a w .D.!?-rfn! nfritco. L?li?i fhinl it <.ni4-r i' rimmMdcct,niH thi?, ihs laat < H' rt'initi of the ?ea?- n. T?.* DRESS GOODS, LAC* JACRKTS. LACE ri'l V T- PA R.ASoLS. ?*l thrr g ???d? yet ii?ud tir tht a>' ?t iitritUVe k>uU etrr ili?p! lyM it this ?pill I* riir.nwioi with oar 'tork of Pry Good*, w t Rri n th?- ?-o ad I" "r A building a magnifi cent MrrtlKnt '?( ch-ice CARPETING, at *r'-a*"y redar-d prt ?a. r aipr:?n* all m*k-? of F< r? . .. ai i \meritan :t ?i uf*. tare; OIL-CLOTHS. A larK- *t*k ? f MATTIS'i in all width*; Whit* Mattti ?, low aaJUc., an-1 fhtl, terj fair, at Be. On baud of WINDOW SHADES aid FIXTURE*. g-n<ii (.fr the Arcade. WOLFORO k SHILBKRO. jfH T 4tf7 7th rtrwt, Mwn D *?d E. 8. W. ALARMING REDUCTIONS In the price of DRESS (>OUDS ! iBLJi.f l?. ?t' ?k rrdotnl to 1*>? CENTS PER YARD. Alec. larice lot of REMNANTS AT JUST BALr PRICB. WJ >arJ?So??t PKR'Al.ES r?*dn.-cd to JOr. B*r?antf in WHITE GOODS an 1 LINENS. NEW GOODS EVERT DAT. itS I. Y O.Vfc PKH t. A**nr* for it-nt. Dtmnr?ft'* BVDAJI A W Y L 1 E , j!3 tf 101"?ar.d ln-^U 7*h ?r-et i?rth*?tt, ? T I C L . ~ N P081T1\ELT SELLING OFF OK AN ENTIRE STOCK OF DRY AND FANCY GOODS AT COST TO CLOSE BUSINE1S W- (all the ^tt?ii!i'-tj ..f the rOMiniiait y to ?hi* ??Ie, e?ln ie-ib<-40ng deatf-r* to exana!iie t?ir st---k. ?<? ? ir aim ;? * ? d:-p * > f t!i" ??<>ck?inirhlv. Tl?e m< t k coi - sta r erv article *<-n--rall'. kep* ? tint ? i <ut- 11 > t da U >nanf? a lid i-icrir article in *ur I. i.-- i- '< ? t-> ?n np^riMR'nl and cl<?" l?i;er f.>r ra-> ,ur?at many J !? L :? can a-ck-.l iip. I MO t. srn t.-f?-a Jt D*ui?-U SPOOL CUTTUS m> :?? ier 4o*?n. 3?U f in "t BLA' K Til UL AD l>), ?*.' and 70 c??l? p-t i? A !arg. at <k?f llOSl EliT . and all othor arti lea In pro,Mtiaa. On tiu< o?>-r f 1-" a credit of threo m- tith* ?PI ?nt?r-?: t" ihtk n- t<-a will (it mi i ,il ? - i: atHl?av?r liulit > al iht RED FRONT, 7 0t, ;tb Ftrcrt. j*1?.3im BEMREND BROS , Propria.ira. RY GOODS TO SC1T T11E POPULAR IDEA OF CHEAP GOODS. 1) A traatifal lime of DRESS GOODS at evtrt M ?Ttcrt. S? iw, Victoria aa l B >h' P Lawnt, Batiat and Lii^ii* at low fiwrn. White K *?! Spreads from 9 I B to *4? iheap. White Du> k, suitable for boya' wear, at IBc y*t rar-l White. bro?m anl floured Lu.*aa and Drill! fram S^. to *1. Lineu Handkor chi?fa 7<c.4otPD. Sntutiier KlaBtieU aud bli-aclud and aublea< b?d O ttona at reduced priors. F*r kargiiu It Dry G"od? call at EMORY BAXTER 9, jefrtr 11'jQ Pennarlvania av-pqe. 1>ARG\INS IM DRY GOODS?Aadroacf?f? I> tort' ii, 17c.; Waaiaatia. JUr., New York MiTla, lie . Mteeimc C4>ttoB in 9 ?, #-4, and HM, T%bU List-a, M.: Toweia, f 1 ? per dozen; Black Silk at Bi-?. worth (2 75. Paraaola, Sue. to %i, Dojllea,7ie. f-t d?ra; Biack Alpaca*. Jtr. to |1; Victoria Lawn, tic ; LidHic Camtiiep, We.; print*. Bo.; Bleached C 'tton,8c. All km* of dr?aa roode at the >tjrk?i, at BMBBlAO ? W oaaraet prtrea, K BIKOHIAD ? CO S. aU lr 1MB >?unt, betwweo lth and 1M. BOOKS, STATIONEBY, A?T \V??*K; A STORT OF EXPERIENCE By " Loalm M. Akott. author of "Littla Woman." CC EST IONS OF THB DAY. Br Dr. Jahn Hall. MAY Br Mr*. Oliphant. PROTECTION AGAINST FIRE. Br Job. Bird. L, lewre H or Serlea?H-ro Carthcw. Undet U? Cmii?iA.d Tree. At BALLASTYSfl 9, jM-tr ^h street. u'rBI ABIRRaN ODD FELLOW,"for May, 1 price 23 cecta, received and for ml* by BTockXAX A SON Ac^sta for Diatrict of Co Ininbia, *3l*?9tb ctreet aorthweat. coraer of 1. Alao all lb* new Bo> ka. Perio?1rala, Ac., and a fall aa ?ortBent of Stationery, Pfciurea, Pictara Fraruea, Be. m?-tT |^1?T OF NEW BOOKS aT ?HlLLIN<,TON ? BOOHSTURk, CrsTtn 4S Stbekt and Pbx^a. Artan Old Kenataftoa. Br Miaa Thackerar. Tba (>id C?auU?a. A ?nc;?l to "Lord Hjpa'i ChvK*. ' By Mr*. Aan 8 8tepk*-na. ?jitxiaHtea op Southern Indian*. Above Teoipeat and Tide. Paacar-I. By the aatkor of "Sttathm'ro" aad ?'Cmlrr Twi Flan." The Other Girl*. By Mrs. Whitaay, author - We Girl*." A Fair 8ai >a. Br Jnatia McCarthy. Mew Mos^diee. for April, 1873. T or* M--ii of Great Britain. A journal >f aauoa Inf and instroctiTa literature. 6 >i of England. A yoan* fentl??an,t joornal of v rt, fan and literaian. A i ai with Charles Dickens Keaelm Chillingly. By Buiwer. Fane Ballads. Uy Will. Carlstoa. I Illnatrated.? A laririittol BLANK BOOKS, PAS . OOKS and miuBANDlM BMiKS. NoTB PAPBR, LBT1KR PAPBR, and PLATING O ' tha very lowest pric-a. myt-tr J^OTKI. OPENING OF A BIW PTAT109BBY BTOBB _ ABDBLABR BOOK MAMCrACTOBY. Flrat claaa ad fair prices, for oaab. LITHOGRAPHING, ENQRAVIRG, PBIKTIBtt AND BINDING DONB TO ORDBR Tha pabtic an taritad W call aad exaatne oar aH Mock. BEN. V. FBEN< U, Oader Batlonal MotropoUtaa Bank, aud next door to Jay Oooka A Oo.*s, sajj-rt W ' _ D. O. 1873 >?**">? 1873 or SUMMER STYLES OP BLACK ALPACA COATS. DRAB D ETB COATS. DIAGONAL MOHAIR C?ATS. FBBNCM MR RGB COATS, LIGHT COLORED STRIPED ALPACA COATS A. STRACS, tke ClaiRler, 1011 PBKN8TLVANIA ATEECE. irM-tr Betwean IQth and 11th atr>-ta j.?M ?. U??i. ICS CBKAM PAVILION NOW OPEN. Faauiaea aid parti*a anpplird at reaaoaable terms jfl hi' No. 613 Oi 8TRHI Kucthwcu. 2^a ? at A IIBHK. THE MAKTLAND FBBB8TOBB M A M. 00 JS MOW MkAVr TO MMCMIfM OUDKMS ?OR STOXA". tlTHhR SAWSU OM kOVUU AflMMMSWX. Aptly at Cvaysnj a gBr*. CORNER K AND *?rn STREETS, Back Vraafc. ?M-tf C. W. MAYPM5I, PrwMut. !V0T1< E.-Oa aad after WEDNESDAY- Juae IN UtA.the Coach will rufrua Nm^JAB, V rk aTaana aaid 7ih sareat to OtaawoodHHD^K NOOV7 *TLSMa^DNgHPlVuEL?"r BOWEN ?***? ?* A. STRAUS', 1*11 .awi ? SUMMER RESORTS. C T L ? H HOTEL, StopAerdfteten. J'frrfcn Co**.'*, Wtst Virtmii, )Oiac. one imi ?nTTri?M Situated cm the southern I auk tf the Potomac. oae hours rid?- mm Kerneys?ille, on the Bal tissor<* and Ohio Rsiir"sd. where a majr-' meet* the trains Fin* scenery, b-sl'tl - climate, a delightful niBB'r reeort. Opeu foi arc mux dati 'B of b< arders. Term* moderate A'l-irees EDWIN BO WEN, Proprietor. jU 4t j|oTltBK IIH.E A LI ?f*PHn?S, V A. OPEN JUNE ?*T, 1*73. This favorite and celebrated Watering rlace will offer additional sttracti n? tnis ~?aeon. 1 f r, a .. afnitic nt B?ll Boom, tiU'-' Billiard UnetM, B '*ling Alley for laillei-. and for tenth rueu, an.! a sup-rb Or j net tiroiuid. It will be kept ia a style c t surpassed au> uh<*re id Virginia. The wat-r* of th"*e sp-cia! Spring either <-nre or greatly relieve most ca??-s uf ScrvfnU, Incipient Coi.euniption. Chronic Brocbi'is, Chronic Laryn fitie. Cnronie Pnuetaonia, Chronic Dyspepsia, hronic Diarrhe a, Chronic DisenterV. Th?y are also a great Talue in those artecti>?M which are pe culiar to the female constitution, and ae an appeti ier,a tone and a general restorative they are, pfr hap-. niirtvalled amongst mineral water*. The Proprietor has provided f r the lawn* .?nd ball-ro >m a first-class hand of music, and in genernl all the source of amusement and recreation usually found at our l ??t summer r?>*"rt* will he at the command of th*- en>et? at BOCKBR1PGE ALUM. The place ia within from eleven to thirteen hour* of Bi--h mend. Washington, Baltimore, etc , by rail, all in da} light. Paaetngera leave the car*of the t'beea peake and Ohio Railroad at G??hen Depot, and new and elegant stage coache?, passing rapidly over a smooth and level road of only eight mil"?, set down the visitors at the Spring* to tea. JAMES A. FRAZIER, Proprietor. Dr. J. 8. DAVIS. Of the University, Resident Physician: A. R. DOOM, Office Manager, 8. M. Ml'LLEN. Office Manager. ?y The water for sale by COLBMAN A ROG ERS, Baltimore. Descriptive pamphlet* sent free on application. je?-lm* Y'ATTOM. ?This popular and very h?althy ?am mer reeort, near Snicker'* Gap, aad A . ? A surround, d by the Bine Ridge mountain, VcMV two boars' ride by rail of Waehiugton City, is now open for the reception of fleets, season W3. Improvements since last year: Fine piazza in front, bath-room, as ice-bouse fiUeo, a piano in the bouse. The bail 1ii g? are 4tone, consisting of large airy n*?ms. Beautiril m >nntain scenery. Those wishing to en^y the cool breeze* of this elevated region m ill address, A. O. WRIOUT, Round Hill P 0.. Loudoun Co., Va. ?X" Kffrei,c.-? at liOt K ?tr<*t N. W. mll-lf \\Efc-T END HOTEL, AT LU^iG UR.1V H. 31. J., WILL BE OPENED ON THE 19th OK JUNE M A ppitcatfcns for room* ran be trade to P. M HILl'KLTH, No i'J Broadway. N"-w York.or by addressing FBEflll'KV A IIILPKETH. Pri.pri<-t. rs, Lot.g Branch. OK". O PRESBl KY, D M. 1I1LDRKTH. m<15 Jnn l> LADIES' GOODS. 801 M ARI E GOODS, 801 Received this day, Drab and Brown LARQB LINEN FANS, M and 22 inches; BLUB SUN UM BRELLAS, RUSSIA and MOROCCO LEATHER BELTS, FAN-HOLDERS and CHATELAINES, lu new and nov l style*, at DAVIS', ??01 MARKET SPACE. jM-3t corner 8th street. miss Mccormick, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,'' JIM constantly on hand ? doe assortment of 1MPOBTBD BONNET#, STRAWS, CHIPS, FL0WBB3, RIBBONS, Be., all of the bmc? deaign*. Ladies CAP* and COIF VC1IS joat received. uig-tr REAP AND BAYS YOCK MONBI. Ladles who have Hair SwHches tbat have faded fro* can kav* them restored to their natural ?bade ia superior manner. W? have a very large aaaortme-1 ef B1 Carls, very long and handsome '? th* tiE3? to bay at A DAME BgTBBN 8 Hair Factory ,61? Urh st., >artQ street. aM-tr 0 TICK.?Bargains are now being red la M1LLIBBKY ~ IS FANCY OOODS, Br B. LENZBERO ft 00., W Market 8pM?, ^TAMPIBO OBPOT ?IT Sivittb Opposite Patent Office. WELLING OFF I O SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO D18BOLTM PABTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THB BEW YORK BAZAB. 441 fifiventh *tn?et, near B. marT tr NO HUMBUG. "L^miCH STARCH BBAMBL la the beat article la the world for doing np Ltneu or Maalla. Ik tmparu a baaatifol gluaa Ut tba fabric. Vor iftle br all Grocers. BUBMHAM A CO , Mannfaotnrers, 1M W?rt Lombard street, )aaM-lT Baltimore. Maryland. METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STOR*. more new goods :i THEY ARE ALMOST GIVEN AWAY 1 LOOK AT THIS LIST : Children's Sun Bonnet* and H-tts, 50c. " Marseilles Hats, very pretty, *1. " Lawn aiid La<*e Hats, Bl. 14 Plaid Mosltu Aprons, cover entire Jroes, 9UC. " W bite Droagss.croesbarred tuusiin, 91. *? Bnff Snits, Jjl. Ladies' white and r< lored Border Aprr>us, Sc. " Ruffle and Plaid M.u?liu do , A0c " Percale and White Lawu Skirt WaisA, SI. ?' Full tucked Skirt*. ?1. " Pufled and embroiderad front ChemKe*, $1. " Tncked and embro?dere?l Drawers, SI. " T iw keii and Lacs do . Six . Boys'Calico Waist*.SOc. Ladies'Scotch gtvgham black Sun Umbrellas, ?1. " Lisle thread 1-but'u balf GHUaUetGlovtrt,lSc. " Leather Belts, Bkc. " Morocco aad Im. Bn?stan B' lts, 8uc. " Oxydl/e<l and Gilt B?lt Chains, Sk'. " Wou4, Painted and Linen Fans, Be " Fancy, Wood and Bilk do ,a#c. ? Black, white aad col's Bilk aad Vicaaa do., M. Childrens' tae Line* Handkerchiefs.3 for 9k. Ladies' bemstitcUed Linen do., 4for %l. " line Gauaa Vests, 91. GenU'Ao. U bhirts. 91. " Light British and Lisle Socks. " Striped Socks,! pair for 9l " ?l*ch and Fattc> Silk Bows, M and St-.. Ladies'Bias Silk and Friugod Scarfs, fc*. . Bui pleat and other styles Baffling for tfc Extra large and fl?e Damask Towel*, J for 91. Splendid Bath tag Towels, 3 and 4 tor 91., Ac. .Ac., Ac. If yoa aay consideration for your pocket books, yon will not fall to call oa 1 SOc. per yard, large ami * the nock, K SIM SBYBBTB STBBBT, n? y?NWB aveaoa. P 1 have aow on haud my naaal full stock of CRO^CBTat 91M, 9SJP. 94?o,94aad9t. C an aad look at th< m. j?4-tr ^AIBBABKS LETTER SCALES, Every ftlts Aad style, at Tsry low rates TBI UNIVERSAL FAMILY SCALE. THB F0CKBT BBTTBB SCALES. ?* aaaafactarer's lowest rates. t full Hnr of Commercial and Bankers , Blank Books, Cash aad Dead Boxes. KICHABD B. MOBDB A CO - 1*1* Penaa. aeeyaa, coram Uth ?> corlcT' "*?? ?? ?,oWW "?<> ' SPECIAL NOTICES. Guard again*! Cholera. It is w?ll known that if a proper reaiedy Is tn?tan liifi n?>v taken in a case of Asiatic Chopra, or even Chvlera Morbus or kindred complaints, th patient ia lunch relieved, ud it happens not unfrequMitly that such timely dceee prow of incalculable service ia an ultiaiate cure. I do not wish to be uaderstond m ad* mini: nut to call in a physician at the earliest po,*ible mm.ent. a* ?nch a coarse ia imperatively necssary; ? nt sometimes a physician can not be bad at a Biomt ni'i notice, and it ts for mrh cases that we ?oW prepare NATTAN^ CHOLEBA SPECIF 10, a strong, active, and efficient remedy, calcu lated f< r sucn rases an h?rr Mated, and which erery well c >n<tf>cted family should have on hand or im mediately procure. DnringlfM, while the cholera wax raging quite se\ er> ly in Brooklyn, N. Y., I wai employed there, and it was found tnat this Specific did ?rreat service, being much better than 8?inibbs' Mixture and Sun Cholera Cure, both of which were tried. It will also give immediate relief and cure Cholera M<rbu?, Colic, Cramps, Dysentary, Diar rh< a. and all disorders usual at this feaajn. Full direct ions accompany each vial. To be had only or ABTHUB HATTANS, Druggist, j< 9-tr Corner of Sd and D streets northwest. Rttokeltr'i Hair Dye la the beet ia the world, the only true and perfect Hair Dye: no ridiculom tint*, no disappointment, barmleaa, reliable, instan taneous black or brown; at all druggists', and IV Bond street. New York. fS-eolj FESTIVALS. fr<AlB AND FESTIVAL for beneAt of GOB SUCH CH A I'EL,corner 1>* and L "Teetn south west, HOBDAY and TUESDAY EVENINGS, June M and 17. Everybody come. je!6 >t ? A DIES FESTIVAL?Ninth street M-thodist Li Protestant Church. ?n TdESDA Y. WEDNBS DAY.THUBSDAY EVENINGS, in the H til over Douglass Moore's papering establishment, f. h street northwest, near Pennsylvania avenue. Admission free. j-H-tf T'HE LADIES1 BENEVOLENT SOCIETY are 1 now holding a STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL in thebar-emeut of the Church corner 8th aud N streets. They wish to call attention to the elegant supper which will be served each evening. The d' ltcacie* of the season provided. (Bep.| jeI6-4t* If ESTIVA L ?The Ladies of the SECOND BAP r TIST CH1BCH will give a FLORAL and STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL, for thebenertt of the Cfcnrch, in the new Washington H-ill, corner 3d Kireet and Pennsylvania avenue southeast, for THREE EVENINGS, commencing Monday, June 16th. jel6-3t* EXCURSIONS, PIC XICS, Ac. 'I' I. O. O F. I HE CHOIR OF THE I . O. O. F. WILL GIVB a grand family excursion TO N A NJ KM'JY CREEK.60 niile-^ 1' * i. the river, on FBI DAY. J ULY' 4th Theconimodiou*ct'-amer?'E'prees" has been chailartd for the occa Ic.n. Ti'kets will be sold by ^mbsrrip'ion only. For mtlCTlniseafutureadvertisements. jli-2t yy \shi>* ftt HtEt/ejTpare. A srand PICNIC will l>? giv?n by the GERM A.N BENEVOLENT Assot I VTIO.N for the beit'-fli of the O li r H A N ASYLUMS, at the WASHINGTON S< IIUETZEN PARK, 5e\eut h-streel road. Mondn y, J line 10,1*73. w II be givetl foi the best Sh '"ting and Ten pili rolling. )3 3t J^EYPOBT EXCURSIONS. On and after FRIDAY. JUNE 13, W3, the elegant and favorite stoanier kEY PORT will commence h*-r re<ulai TUESDA 1 aud FRIDAY EYEN- ' ING excursions down the Potomac, leaving wharf foot ef 7th street, at tt o'clock p.m.. retumiug at II p.m. During the summer ol 1572 the-f excur sions were largely patronized by many of our best citizens, who found in them a cool and pleasant es cape from th" h'at and dust of (lie city. N >; effort shall be sparul during the < oming snminor to make them plexjiant and agreeable In every rospect. De tectivea will be stationed at the boat to prevent the admission of any improper t haiarters. intoxi catiug liquors suld. Music, daiicinif, and refresb ?i fcvi wm monta on board. Fare, single tickets, A l; l^iy' aud gentleman, 8150. Apply to M'M. LI. BYLB8 Agent, 609 Pennsylvania avenue. nUl-Im AMUSEMENTS. 4\KB OF TBI riNmiOBCHESTRIONSinthe * f cam.try can beTear.1 at Mr. BCHWAR r- wL ^i>fi*KG'S. 4t>9 fa. avenue. TbU instru UH meat was imported at a cost (if reaents an immense orchestra, with drnms. cymbals, and chimen oiaplet" Concerts daily and nightly, and bar properties of the Itnest character. The nab !?? are cordially invited, free of charge. je!6 lui r|'BE BEST BACE OF IKE SEASON WILL 1 be trotted over Piaev Branch Track, MOKbAY, Jnue Itkh. 1473. at/ i o'clock p. in., between the fvllowtng vteil known horsee: _ H C. Middleton enter* b. g Bamblar. Clras. Hopper enters s. g. Honest J"hu. A T. Whiting enter? k. g.Charlej fl?yw. For a nurse of Gentlemen can rest assured that thia will be ? lively contest, as each horse ha-< a known reeordof t:*), and It Is the intention qf all that the best horse mnsi wiu. Admission, M cents. ieU-lt* AMOS FOX, Proprietor.^ ?xi ??.a'ass" }?*?? ' MARSI^Tl " I*, lltrttMMt, Mwwa 1) lad B MM, doors above Odd fellow*! Hall. Oboioe Oil Ffetotiugs. Engravings, Ohromos. Ac. Also, large* stock Paper Hanging*. Wlfidow ?'?"l r?|?cr anui^iugi. ?hades, Pictures, Frames, Picture Cords and T? Please remember Bame and Bomber. W ly* All kibd? of oast-ofp mbabino ap PA BEL can be sold to toe very boat advantage by addreasin* or calling on JL'STH, ? I? D street, between tth and 7th n. w. Botee by mall proasptly attaoded to. Oaah paid, fll OLD GOLD, BILTBB, BBAB8.00PPEB, Btc., bought at fair prices for a Bew Yerk hua??. Boose held Furniture boagM andaold. Botes bp mall promptly attended to Bp AOOBMSTBIN, 14?B Pvansylvanla avenue dlt-ly" * * A M> ^ TRAVELING BAGS, ? IN GREAT VARIETY AT VERY LOW PRICES. ?ARNESS. sriess of our own make, and everything appertaining to the Saddlery , H ?i n-en, and Tmnk business.Fine Harness aud Trunks made to order. 8"le sitentsfor Hill'scelebratedCONCORD HAR NESS and COLLARS, * knh we are selling at Con cord prices. Concord Harness room in secoud story of building. B/"BE SURE OF THE NAME AND NUMBER. LITZ dt BRO., 497 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, jell -1 in Next to National Hotel. WOl>U FEET O AND FREQUENT EXERCISE in the op<n air and sunshiue being the boat pra nerv atives of both physical and mental health, aud consequent usefulness aud LONGEVITY, thousands of persons come from far and near to viait I'R WHITE, the well kuown Chiropodist, No. Hi 15th street, opposite the United States Treas ury, Waehiugton, D.-C., for relief from Corns, Bun I ions. Troublesome Nails, aud otiier diseases of the | feet, and advise a* to suitable fitting shoes. His treatment generally gives Immediate and painless relief, and even in extreme case*, if none but suita ble shoes are worn,often effects a perfect cure. Tha feet being used so constantly need occasional atten tion, and as there is danger in tampering with Corita or Banionaby using a knife, racor, or other unsnit able appliances, the majority of the Intelligent por tion of the community visit the practically experi enced Chiropodist in order to l>?tter Insure safety, econoasy of time, comfort, and health. ja7 ?1AMIH TBI GOLD SPECTACLE, 9RIT M, It H. HEMPLBB, OpUclaa, | 1MB! tIMEl LIMBI BEST WOOD BCBHT LIB! at ?1 per barrel, *UTered to ? bafoaad a e., between IM aad Utk Hard ?M4a* K??slis ? gfe.eui,* ianl?-<g 0 T I C ? ? WILLIAM T MrCCIT* CouatT CoMtabl#.JMMl Ct>Ur< tfiX rrtidiW RhIutub. Ui!l?ctloo of ClIUM of all uwli lesp.. Uuily elicit d. OBca wtth jas tice Gee>i ge W. H .uptmwi, ?oatha?rt ccni?rllth and G *roet* northae* I Bep } m?-lP N A vLT-E'8 W IA BF, 'eci %f %~h ?*J t ttrmiM. TO OONTBAQTOBB ABD MEBCHABTS. OarfoM of STONE, dlscbargedtfrom Timk aad stored ar delivered at Jhajho/ar^oeaad?owa^r*-. ___ ?ttlMla* EVENING STAR. Wnhington Hewt md Qouip. Internal Rivwri?The receipts from this source to-day were ?52T.219. Sb'KiTART Belknap is expected to return next Friday. Ji Dot Bingham,of Ohio, hal an interview with Secretary Robeson to-day. Generals Sherman and Whipple returned from Wert Point on Saturday evening. Chassis are noon to be made in about twenty consulates, it in said, in or&er that Southern men may be appointed to them. A Catholic priest in Nashville, Tennessee, ha." received, through the coufesstonal, ami for warded, on behalf of a conscience-stricken penitent, ?100 U" Treasurer Spinner. A mubkr or ArpniRTMKMTK of female applicants who were successful hi the competi tive examination for clerkships in the Treasury department will he made to-morrow. The leave of absence granted Colonel Galusha Pennypacker, 10th infantry, has been extended four mouths on rargeou'scertiiicate of disability. The civil service hoard, of the Treasury department, will ]>robaVly be announced to morrow. These ap|K>intment* are made by the President. An examination for promotion is to be held on the 23d Inst. Naval Orders Lieut- Charles T. Forse has been ordered to the coast survey steamer A. 1*. Bache, and Lieut. Commander .1. Crit tenden Watson has been detached and granted six months' leave of absence lrom July 1st. President Grant has accepted the invita tion to participate on the approaching 4th of July in the ceremonies attending the transfer ot grounds in Fairmouut park to the commis sion for the exhibition of 1 ?7f?. Another new planet?The Smithsonian Institute received, Saturday a telegram from Professor James C. Watson, of Ann Arbor, Michigan, announcing the discovery oi' anew planet in 17 hours 16 minute* of right ascension south, and 21 degree* 4:1 minutes decline'ion. It has a rapid motion north, and is of the eleventh magnitude. Personai Donn Piatt, accompanied by his wife, sailed lrom New York Saturday for Glas gow in the steamer Australia, of the Anchor line. ????Pleasant Porter, a chief of the Creek nation, is at the Kbbitt iiou?e. ????Ex-Repre sentative John A. Bingham ha* arrived in Washington on business connected with his re cent Hj'i>ointuient to the Japanese nu?son. Gov. Jewell, of Conn., la e\peeted in W??li in^ton shortly to receive hia final instructions as minister to Russia before the anticipated de parture on the 3d proximo. ????Holmes E. Of ticy, chief clerk ot the Navy depart incut, has been called to Philadelphia r>y the death of hi* s^ter, who resided there. Convicted op Booty Frauds?A short time since E. I>. Burnhaiu, formerly of the 17th Massachusetts regiment, received addit.onal bounty, amounting to 9150, from the Paymaster General's office. Subsequently, by means of acids, he removed the indorsement of payment from his discharge papers, aud applied to the Second Auditor's Office fu* the same l>ounty which he had already obtained from the Pay master General. The fraud was discovered before the certificate was converted, and the case was placed in the bands of the I nited States district attorney at Concord, N. H., where Burnham resides. He was tried last week and sentenced to a year s Imprisonment and a fine of SC00. The Washington Treaty ?Secretary Richardson has issued a circular letter to col lectors Of customs, notifying them that the State department has served upon the Treasury official notification that the necessary legisla tion has been adopted on the part of the impe rial Parliament of Great Britain, the Legisla ture of Canada and of Prince Edward's I*Tand Vli Uie 9DC fcide. and by the Congress ot the I'nitcd States on the other, to carry into effect articles 18 to 25. inclusive, and article 30 of the treaty ot Washington, and that an agreement In writing has been entered into between Sir Edward Thornton, Brftiah Minister, and him self on behalf of the t nited States, that said articles of the treaty shall take eftfcet en the 1st day of July next, on which date the President'* proclamation will be issued announcing the same. ? ? Gov. Kkllooo Heard From?The Attorney General on Saturday evening last received the following dispatch from Governor Kellogg, ol Louisiana?" The purported interview pub lished in the New York 7V?'<un' of the 'Jtn, re garding the President's proclamation, is ucor rect. My requisition calling on the President was fally justified, and the President's procla mation has had a mod salutary eflect in all re spects. tn\c being paid more rapidly than ever belore in Louisiana. After providing for Janu ary ami February interest, we have over *450.000 instate funds to-night in the hands ot the Steal agents, and will pay March, April anu lune coupons early In July. The injunctions o. restrain payment of interest on five series ot bonds out of twenty:five. There is money enotigh to pay interest on all bonds in the hands of the fiscal ageuts." H?flai I hTl ihat. Bronee jewelry is one of the latest uoveltiee. The latest thing in marriage announcements

reth<Is thus: "No cards. No proseufe. No di vorce.'' Very brilliant jewelry Is made of the head* ot B:azilian humming-bird* set in gold. Croquet st/U continues in favor, aud sur reptitious hoops rtill entrap the feet of unwary wanderers on shady lawns. The most stylish young ladies in town have struck against the tyranny of the in.Hint rs, and make-tUeir own bonnets. A New York lady wears a set of Etruscan jewelry*made over a thousand vears ago. which is pronounced superior in design aud finish to anything ^present. Pearls rfcjutre airing as much as horses and babies. I ulfss they are constantly worn, they change color, and finally crumble to pieco?. This iSfiiot the case with diamonds, though many.New.York laities act as they thought it was A'. YnMmil. y Tut United States of Spain?It is said thaMtnor Castellar will pro|?ose to the Spaiach COfteathe division Of 8paiu and the colonies inio tl^ following federal states : Catalonia, ArragofN Jiavarre and Biscay, Valencia and Murcia. New^Castile, Old Cartile, Galicia. An dalusia, I'ppefeand Lower Estramadura, Cuba. Porto Rico, the Balearic Islands, the Canaries and the rbtllipplnes. Russian Sccutae in Khiva?The Ru.Mdan war office has received dispatches from Central Asia stating that General Werewkin occupied Kungrod, one hundred miles north of Khiva, on the 5)th May. The Khivan forces have aban doned the place. The general continued his march along the lineof the Ozus to Khojaili and kuna Urgent. The enemy are dying before him. . . A Sad Case?L. C. Canby, brother of the late Gen. Cadby, while on his way home from Indianapolis, where bis brother's faneral was attended, became violently Insane and has been put tn the asylum at Fulten. In his ravinga,while helddown. he calls on "Jack" to bold on, and tells everybody to "forward march." Mr. Canby is about fifty-three years old and ap|>arsntly In good health physically. ! " LiuttT Lodoes."?In addition te farmers' i granges we have now the formation of4' liberty i lodges" to recerd, the latter being directed against the liquor prohibition movement. The nucleus is in Jtaasachaaetts. though lodges are forcing in other States. There are ?.o00 active i members In Boetoa alone, controlling 5#,e00 votes throughout the 8tst?. Civil Rionra m Louisiana.?A colored woman in l/oulsianahas r?oo vered one thousand dollars damage against a steamboat company for refusing to grant her a aabln passage with accommodations equal to those provided Cor white passengers. The same law has been laid down by Judges Bond ?ud Giles, sitting In the United States cirsait court at Baltimore. Muedeb AND Suicide?Two oolored men, named Brown and Taylor,of Springfield, III., quarreled on Saturday, and Taylor was flogged. Taylor went home and got a double-barrel shot gun, retained to Brown's house, and killed him. Taylor Chen went home again and shot ffimsoif, inflicting a wound from which he soon died. VAn Iowa aiaagi has resolved that it will wsge a war against railroads, "evon to eater mination.^f need be." Tie iron evidently has [ tittered the farmers' souls. The Kcarrk for the Pclarls. The report of the Polaris investigation, in cluding the testimony taken by Secretary Robeson is In the bands of the government printer, and will probably be ready for delivery to-morrow. It will make over two hundred pages aud contain* nearly 25,000 word*. The mass of the testimonv U confirmatory of the l'act that the seperatieu from the Polaris was accidental. In addition to the .luniata. which4ia? already been selected, under the command of 0>mrn?n der Braine, to search for the Polaris, a detail is being made of officers to take charge of an ad ditional vessel, which is to be dispatched at the same time the .luniata leaves. It will be under the command of Commander J. A. Greer. an experienced officer and seaman. Both vessels will take different directions, and meet at some pi nit to be agreed upon by the Navy D?part roent. The Juniata is a third-claw sloop-ot war, and as well adapted as any vessel now in commission tor such an expedition. ?The Polaris, it will l>e remembered, was ? specially strengthened forward to enonnter the ice, though no additional labor of this kind will l>e spent upon the searching boat*. The commanders will probably be Instructed to go as far north as Is consistent with safety, proba bly to Northumberland Island, and to return homeward before the weather begins to get cold. Should they tind the object ot their search. they will return home at once. The second boat has not yet been determined upon. Both will be well officered with good and experienced seamen, and with sufficient provisions for their own and the use of the Polaris should slie be in need. The Trial of the Modoc Oaptiiew. No official dispatches have been received at the War department with reference to the court or military commission, to be convened tor the trial of Captain Jack and his band. General Sherman is of the opinion that General Davis will order the commission, and that a portion of the troops will be removed to Fort Klamath in Oregon, to remain at that post un til the trial is over. The remaining companies will be returned to various garrisons in Cali fornia and Oregon. It is probable that ten or twelve ot" the redskins will beexecuted. as suffi cient witnesses can be had on the part of the government to prove that ten of the Modoos participated in the Canby murder and three in the Sherwood killing. "The comml.-?ion will be governed bv the military code. whUh does not require the proving of malice on the part of the offenders, but mi-rely the establishing of the fact, that they were present and aided and al>etted in the "murders. The sentence will probably be hanging by the neck, it not being the impression auiong in litary men that a sol dier'.- late ot shooting will be accorded these outlaws. -??? CONFESSIONS OF HIE Modoc CAPTIVK*.?At a recent interview of the Modoc prisoners with Mr. Calmness. Black Jim acknowledged that he stole s-ls front Commissioner Meacltam and passed in that amount. H ?ston Charley said he had Meat-ham's pistol hidden under a rock, and would rtturn it it he had a chance. Mcacham s mtnoraiidum book was de>troyed by the squaws. Steamboat Prank said h.- knew where the coat and vest ??t Dr. Tlioin is w-*re, and thev could be obtained in ' i.ucaw l'lie reverend gentleman's gold watt a wis carried orfby Warm Spring Indians. Lieut. Cranston's ring was lost. The leading braves, including Captain Jack, said thirty or forty shots were tired du ring the massacre of the |>eace commissioners, and actively shifted the responsibility from one to another." All agreed, however, that Bogus Clinrley djd not participate in the niissa re. and t roiii tirst to last condemned it a* au uulair and unsafe proceeding. Kiot of Chikesk Worrisome* A Pitts burg social rei<orts a riot on Friday night at Beaver Falls between the Chinese w jrkm.-n in the employ of a cutlery company. The rules of the company forbid'the use of opium and prohibit gambling. A pipe taken from the mouth of one of the Chinamen at the order of Ah Pay. one of their interpreters, ?l< the Occa sion of a row and a cessation of work by the Celestials. After dark an attempt was m tde to aaeaaainate Ah Pay, who is charged by the men with swindling aiid mismanagement, but he kept out of the way. The excitement in the streets was finally quelled, but was k<M>t up in their own quarters to a late hour. The whole party was discharged by the company, and ex pected to pack Uitur traps and leave" tor Cali fornia. Maryland I"obacco?The Port Tol>a*co. Md., Times savs: "The continued dry weather of two or three' weeks past has been hard on the agricultural community. Tobacco plants are said to be abundant but for want of rain are useless just now, the complaint being that they are overcrow n. We have heard that some ot our farmers are pulling up and throwing away the larger plants so as to make more room for the growth of those that are not so forward. The earth, too. is so hard and dry that great difficulty- is experienced in properly preparing it" Wtr* MrnnaR iv New Yoi:k?Francis Gil len, aged twenty-three, a steam-fitter, l:**t eve ning met bis wife Ellen, aged nineteen, to whom he had boen married live months, but witli whom he liad never lived, in front of 3) Crosby street, New York, where she was walk ing with a frieini, and after a few moments conversation brought her up Broome street, near Elm, wncre he stabbed her five times in the breast, two of the stabs piercing the lungs and causing death w tthin eight minutes. Gillen was arrested and admitted the stabbing. K LEPTOM ANI A.?W. H. Day. a VOUIIjJ SOU Of F. O. Day. a prominent merchant of St. Louis, was arrested on Thursday en the charge of grand larceny for stealing a pair of ladies' bracelets from the house of a friend of the family. The brace'**? --ere fouud at a pawn broker's office, ?uere tiuy had been pledged by a prostitute, who says that young Day gave them to her. It is said that Day has boeu in s milar trouble before, and that he is regarded as a kleptomania by some of h.s friends. Fatal Accidkht?The Wiucnes'er vVa.,l I News says: "We are sorry *o learn the <?eath of I a fellow-countryman, Mr. Cornelius Child*, re siding on the Marsh, ou last Monday. He was aged In hauling logs. a. id in loading a heavy on his wagon, had t: <en oft" the wheel In er to get the log in tl ? proper position. In attempting to raise the ragou by means of a jack-screw, the log rolU loft', striking liim on the bead, killing him alp >st instantly. ' Death or a Promise >t Citizen or Rich mond.?Mr. Darid Saunders, of Richmond, Va.. died, after a painful illm as, ou Thursday even ing. He was a gaember of the Council tor near ten vears. and was scvet il times elected presi dent of that body?at o:ie time, since the war, officiating as mayor of the city. He served i i the Legislature one term, and filled other posi tions of trust aud respo isibility. * Edwin Forrest's Kstate. ? An official inventory of the effec's of the late Edwin For r> st is just oompleted. id shows the total valuo of goods, chattels. creu>t*. &e., to be *220,3t*6. Among the items are jewelry, books, pictures. A.c.. 1,389; houseboU. furniture, pictures, Ac., at Springbrook mansir 1, ,*44; wines at Broad aud Master, *250; kcp: ities deposited, ?lt?,|03; cash in fidelity, >?,2V;. The Same Old Stort?At Zanesrille. Ohio, last Friday evening Dr. Lewis learned that Thomas Smith, s married man,hail taken bis daughter In a bng^y and left town. He fol lowed, overtook the*u^ shot Smith, through the longs, and then beat him so severely thafhei* not expected to live, l^ewis has bee'n arrested. Suicidb or a Mcuoeekr.?David Scott,who, with bis brother, w is sentenced to Imprison ment for life for the murder of three inmates of a house of ill-fame near Windsor Lacks, Conn., in January, 1^72.committed suicide at the State prison in Wetherafield. (Joan., Saturday. Tichbobnk?A brilliant f uture awaits "the claimant." The fame of the present trial He* between acquittal and a disagreement of the ?, and In either case his friends will propose for a seat tn parliament, to represent one of the metropolitan districts of London. Tin ntor prospects in California are en couraging. The Bulletin, In o long article, says: In all places nearly an average yield is Cmlsed. The scope of oountry covered hy reports comprises the whole grsin-growing ?"?i of the state. The ncbber or cholera raTintTs In Memphis la increasing, hut the disease yields more readily to treatment than daring the past weak. There were tweaty%ne interment- yes terday and twelve on Saturday. 8 alb or VtnotatA Labd?Messrs. Wh??- .' & Varna, land agents at Manassas, said last Teek 2ffl acres of land in King Oeerge countv to C. V. Bunce, of Brooklyn, N. Y., for *2,Att Disraeli trusts that the wisdeat of parlia ment will remove the I wihll Jtif iMmI wrnf the franahlae from a bensehold or property quail fl agon when held by a wo?a. Mr Hiram PowMBB U compelled to abandon his artistic labors by a chronic, and, it f " incurablf bronchi*! affection. TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB Tkk ilKrMMl MiHtchM. O ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS. Xr? York YELLOW J ACE. New Yore, ?1 ud*' 1?>?Tbe Sum says that four other persons in addition to Bacon whi?*e death Is already reported from yellow fever wore at tacked on the ?teamer Vazoo en route trom Havana to Philadelphia and thi* port, and that two of them died and were burled at sea. the fact* being hitherto kept secret. Vewels from Havana and Very Crai are now subjected to a most rigorou* quarantine here. ASOTHIlt tJ*tTKI?ALI(T *RR*OH BY RH> KKR. The Mara that Beeeher prca-hod another uuiveisaiist sermon yesterday. THK (I.iVI TEADB FL?>1 R1HHIKO. Sir Bartle Frere report# that .Ki,(?)i*T*>n^aM annually exported from Africa and ?oia into slavery. A DOMESTIC TBAUEDY. ilimer Curtin while diunk earlv tr?rr>la? morning quarrelled with hi* wife, when a young ami idiotic brother of the latter, interfered ana struck Curtin with an axe fatally wounding him. THE REPORTED SEIZfRE I* BROOKLYN, YES TERDAY, of fourteen copper still*, u>0 gallons of mv>h, and articles for tbe manufacture ol illicit whis L, pro*es not to have oeen altogether correct, e revenue men thought they could manage the aflair without the aid of the po'.tce, aiai made the seizure; but the m?b pelted them with bricks and stones, and the illMit distiller* coolly procured a cart and drove olt triumphantly with the still* and other property worth pre serving. Meanwhile one of the revenue oftloers made his way to a police station, and asked that his associates then coutined in the aban doned distillery tie rescued. the trial or victoria woodeii.L and Tennie C. Claflin. for libeling Luther C. Challi*. was te have commenced to-day, but has been adjourned until the fall. SOME MOKE SELF-DEFENSE Ktrtland, who stabl?ed and kille>l iMift vma grc-Kgery last night, was arremted this mui uing at the depot of the Second avenue railroad, on which line ne was a conductor. The prisoner claims that it was done in self-defense. THK TRIAL of SHARKEY for murdering Punn, an alleged gainMcr. was begun this morning betore Recorder Hackett. The court-room ?as crowded, and much inter- | est is manifested. TWO Jt'RORK were obtained in the Sharkey trial up to half- i past twelve?M. Newessan. a m<'rchaii;, atui A. Coleman, a carj?enter. Since the court of ap- ! I?:i!s' decisive decision on tlie constitutionality of the new jury law. providing for intelligent | jurors, delivered by Judge Grover, the criminal j lawers have abandoned all further e>1urts to break it down or override it. a fatal beat it?. A party of driiuken men beat Kdwird Kcr nan totally in a lager beer saloon in Brooklyn last night.' Edward Palmt 1 wht arrested lor being one of the party. l ive SiiudHy Eirunlunidn Droaneil. Mom i'elikk, \ T..'luiie A paiufiit drown ing accident occurred at 4 o'cl<K-k jesterday atternoon in what is callod Numlwr Ten, Iti the town of Calais, a dozen miles from this place. A party of about tweidy person* of a!l ages were out u|>on a small poiid lor a pleasure ride, using two boats, which were collided t ogether. One of the boats immediately began to til 1 with water, and almost before the party were aware of it they were capsized. Five i>ersoiis were drowned, viz: l.alayette Fechout and wife, aged about 50 year/, and a daughter, aged 5 years; the widow ot Ama?a McKuight. aged about ?> years, and l.ydia, a daughter ot W E. Tobey, aged 15 years. As many mire were taken from the water in an uacom*cious state, but w ere restored. Wall Street Tsdlsy, New Tore, June 1? The week opcas on quiet market?. At the Stock Kacban^e, gold sold tirst at U6?, tLen at 1M>^, ami since at 116^'al1?\, the present price being llt?x. On gold loans the rates have been flat to 4 for carrying The monev market is extremely easy, witu call loans 3a4, 'and prime 6o to HO-day mercantile paper 6^7. The government bond* are steady, but inactive Southern state bonds at tbe flr*t board were dull, the ou'y sale having been *1,000 ? Tenuesse"* at , Talk about repudiation in some of the south er ii states is discouraging dealing* in soul uem securities of every kind. The sto.k market o|>ened steady. Telegraph, St. Paul and < Hiio's declined a traction after the opening, but have since recovered. A Family Hardered In Thflr Be<1?. Balfast, Ml. June U?.-Alinon I. jrdan and his wife and child were found murdered in their beds at Thorudike, eighteen miles iroiu here, this morniug. '?The Slaedebb L'fos Mr?. Walworth. Under this caption a correspondent of the New York ?un writes as follows: In the /Wy Graphic of June It api>eared a letter from Saratoga, in which the author gives "the sub stance of the rumors, as they are flying absut, not vouching for their authenticity, t>ot merely stating that thev are generally believed bv those who ought to know whereof they ?qieak.'' 1 contradict this statement, and can vouib ttor the trnth of my tacts, which I hope m%y prove an antidote to the poison so maliciously circulated. The letter writer states that the mariiage ot Mr. Walworth and Miss Hardin wa* opposed by Mr*. Walworth on account of religious scrupies, "she being a strict Catholic, and in the eyes of the church their relationship by ber new marriage was such a- to forbid the forming of closer ttes." At the time mentioned none of them were Catholics. Mrs. Walworth and Mi*s Hardin spent the winter of 1x5'- in Washington, where 1 saw them daily, and it was after their return to Saratoga in the spring that Miss Hardin became a Catholic. Mr*. Walworth wa? bap tized bv the Right Rev. Bishop Courov in Albany"! < April. 1H8B, fourteen voars after ward. M si Hardin wa- married July 1<L\ to Mansi eld Tracy Walworth, and Frank Hardin Walworth wa? born August 17, 13.13. So the la:amou* falsehood that hs wa? luru three month* after tbe marriage is fully dis proved. The M ?wachucktts Liquoq Law?The Boston Journal sav*:?The state constables have here? -tore mainly conlitied their seizures to liquors found upon premises wLere the liquor Mas retatVi by the glass. A new move has been m uie. anu the svstem ot seizure* is to be enlarged, <! we may judge by the action of the constables -n Wednesday. who visited the fam ily grocer* store of J- C. Talbot, In liorche-ter, and toe k '. large quantity of choice wines an<l brandies ? Id to families'iu that section, who, for manv .cars, have been depeudeut upon Mr. Talbot lV> articles of this kind for cooking or medicinal {?nri'Qses. The Bi cheb-Tiltoe St aedal?I'liC New York Grt.ihic has it "from the hlihest ao thority" : :*at Plymouth church will take no steps iow..rd investigating the charges against Mr. Beec'ior, nor towards ealling Mr Bjweu to account for anvthlng be may have said con cerning his pastor. And, furthermore, that neither .Mr. Beecber, Mr. Bowen nor Mr. Til ton w ill '? ike any I urtber notice of the disagree able scandal that has beeu set afloat, and with which tl.elr namet are more or less directly as sociated. PBrtV!mmT Railroad Officials?"Tom" Scott, J udge Watts, OoL l.uil, and other prom inent r. lroad officials visited our town yester day. ae -ompanied by a corps of earibeer*. ou w>ur of tsspection over the evtennon of the Vs'rley railroad. Thev proceeded to PoweU's bend, oa the Potoasas, in a special train, and in thr evening returned to this iflace and thence to Harruborf. They expressed them selves satisfied ana determined to push the coaapl tton of the toad to Marti ash arg at as earlv u day as pocttonhte^Us??rs/s>sw Ml.) OvUf- . T?r Jkbuee Pabe, S t.. each ?Atur lay resulted as I'oitows: Purse oftSOO, mile aad a quarter, three vear olds, won by Survivor over Ax others, In Ire*; purse of fooo, mie and three auarte*, MMos, won by Mate over Hub bard fh 3.00 v; Westchester cup, a swoepeuks of 964 with fl.Soo added, K mile*, wow by Wanderer In 4.09, beating True Blue, Bessie Lee, and Peaaock's rult: the #600 prise and a cup, threo-foarths of a mile, was woa by Ophe lia over Whitehouae la 1 24; the hurdle wa* won by \ illags Blacksmith la 2.234 "wer Victor. WA Chicago paper tells of a couple who aaarried la that cfty after three hoars acquain tance, but doeaat explain why they waited so o C7*Dnriti| a i mkea brawl which took sls? last evening in a Jew York drinking saloon, a aaaa of w ropata, who bmo Hi imm, ires 0t I t^wSvttatwUi! *1^ I nri|>rrlr4 t?r?fln^,r,i M ? Tbe trial of Wm J Boyd. late ald.'rl*',?-' T**"t*r *? Oamb rlaad. . h?r|.sl with ratwt. allng aertala ma la belonging la tto moner or !*?* wa* cantia u^ lr lk?J1 nit*! Stttoi ilMnd ooart on S ?t nrday Tba cm* tw* ? wddoa M to?*t awe*, peted tura tn favor af r%e icr?H The K> ? i A*?frlc^a **>K Th* proa?x ution pr| n<-t Cl!2i il^CJCT? Trtu?" *at-m<nt bv Mr. .Irt ... ???aaar*. i-c.t. to which h? admita UalOBtto iHi.or ktanember IT2. .* balancing tbe book* tLrrt was a .MrifiM-r ot *-'t4.i- .?. toe abusfe be tw MconattMf to Col. I-o*d(rnill, tb( that he ha>l made up the deficiency bv paTtr^ ai .??>. a?h, and (irlif ka 11M# fnr Hw balance. thr* ?. signing of thia |?n?r were Mr. ^eb*r, Mr. L. K rech'ig, ant Col. H. J. Johnson. editor of the Cam borland Now* Karb of tbeae gentlemen *" eaammed Mtotti rircnatstaa-e- an.l or whk-h the paper wa? signed. atnl the.r J**-*0*? eatab. .alteid the following poen?? . ir? ? rumor la U?e romm IT *v prejadlda' to Colonel Lowdernrlk. groa tw .u? ot the reported rtefaloenon at tbe i0.1afc.-r: a' J* they met llhl?priTlt? nf y ? bere tbey talked ov?t the matter. Mr H-v J f??*i ?*aj Mr. Boyd admit tad tbat (he twksthowed adeCcienct a* stated. bat thai be ?eleaal? pvoteeted tbat "be did not ki>.>? what bad become of the money. that Colon. I lx>?-|.-p milk desired a written atatement trx>? v.. orkt ll??J ** ?* ?l r"tPon*:,,le tor the t i-.|> 1ST?. *?rr** *?x~ M~d??*'??-? x?r V?**. 't??intended n. r?l *..?/<?:,> ?., If" from l*jttrion? aaapicioa; an I, lwtlr. tbat up to the time ot the diecov+rv a4 thia deficiency Mr Koyd'schar irt< r wa?? :ho it reproach, an.1 tbat he Mead plain * a'i i !.?.! >, , extravagant habiu Tbe tMteoti? o. :h - ? t ?" ot aboai are (eatlfixen oi i> h ?? ?? reapectability. ha.1 a laort mat bed efle, . a,,*0?kr Ciiwin uiTu rar Mt. tR ^-e U>VSh h;L?* Kr"Uy* ,br "? ' - wi, II ?r^fi "? "IHta tbe Nk1v .. ? * Creek, on booth Rircr, in a par' a.l? "'"f ? ?'"-*- I*re xy aaiiuid helotv the jarr of in<|uei> thet<'?;i. mony wa? auUtaaualfy to the eite^t. tt.*t ?! ? mother of the decease* ? ?crv v .. , * wotntn, tvid in the hmUit of uMMrrirWllv jn^ her wi. firittf htm mmrtr *? sutr fti la.-hea ata uate. ^ hat oa th, m< i.,?t . ,h^ Sly to lu. dC ./h? ?? have to hiidt itb, flblie called at tie Im?um ut a tiel#h *?? aon, and aa!!d,thatt( woald kill blm and nend h tu to hka lather. It i> rumored with what trutta arodo not know, that at the in.,,,.-* the mother waa aaked to lay her hand upon the bodv a and when tbe did ao, tbe gUH|,ed' lorth onfdoasljr. Tbe coroaer'a J arv revdored a to diet that -oa the M of Jane. i<s. at H an!Z t reek. upon the (armof Wilaon Well#, tbe aai.l n? M Gri-en wa? drowned, and that the\ .1j , ?n* (ir?*n of Ik- ntf the ca'uae and do re? omaend that tbe aahl Aelia bebeld -'J""'" 8 be ... a? oord .Jy li. ?. ^ lodged in Jai'. ?>u iL:ir*ifi ii?t b. T^b?ma# McCuUou^b.eoant-ri ft toe *<vua.-d' r. ?^?U,en,Hl?V,ll"r VIU" U^Vint U?e' ate a writ of knbrat ?tj.i , direct'-i t? the sherlrt. commanding him t.. have the i.^i. .T ^.d Leila betore h7 |1UWK ^ ^ ^ u n .^ht be inquired oi and duL-rw!^ or noi'eri Wf Impt.*OUIlli l.t b< ? ?.. f n1n,,*r ?f * 'tne-e* ha v. ,7^?, XTtffk. e ^ * Makbiaoii BT Mrrtai. Oox ar a* V, ITH..J r C'Mtao*! -la the . ' i "s lH?nitell Kaokiol : . I t,\7 helore;.lu.l? Moaaoll, the u J., u* in the Brink lev caaejuai . u.- . ?? .r i , ,H Wit Hrunt?the eatahliahn- lit v: ii< r ?* bv mere content and withe r e, r. a.- v. Iii t t. , case the auit ia lor the adm.-a-ureuii ?t* .i i?ir. r the plaintift proletviug to I,ate K.-.-i t!.,-nU? m?rr*11,n"**? ,u> *? jfJP ebe rlaima dor r fiitli |_ t Imi.inni. AoootdlBf totb. te?tiro..t.\ l , iuet ???i.eli at a we.ldin|f .1, , -ue w?- >r J? rnaid, and be lor aorne tiui- ? a'U-l < I, r n >iae y * <?ne day ber,. t . chowed him a ring which h. t i ? im * nolicoattrwtMtherniary?araa h r-. e^i : ? !>he live<? aith him par: ol the t.ui I- V fflftg ? *?toraard ai other plac'oe the couple sometime.- paa^iaf aa Mr. and Mr?' leTrVm. ?t.ot,"'rti'"^*" Mr and M ?. D.?n nell. Itonnell aexcaae to her relative* tor the aaaumeu nam. w?a that he waa Lraid ? a hail crar.j aieter, to ahom he had pr<>mieed to leave property. On the aide ol the dclen laut? it ww maWl tbat there wa? no marriaS ^ kind, bat that ?he waa ball miatreaa *n.i wh?.o ?i vanl; that hia treatment ol her w" .uch ? ssr^-.v v. " *u?-rw ?? * Mr?M!!7*LA.?l,'"PW*TI" Suitob TO mt RDrR A WHOLI Family?At Hui^ia New Hampablre, Henry .leweu, twrntvUT* veara oC tfjtl ** fort* hl* '-ft wib 'T ?' Chnrleii Wood. Miaa Wood rejected laa ofler ol marriage, and her parent* alao oppooed It. On baturdav aornlug .lewctt vtaiWlMim Woo-I pn?i?.l ftvZ SUPrl; ??-?b?oter. aimed at he? k J ^ . The ball otitered her lorebe ol limt 'T*. w?l Iodised under the akia* M *.? wyl ft'lapo, tbej^. Mr. W^d ^-55 with tbe aata?iii, when a fearful lite and death ^trugg e etiMied, in whieb lewett attemi.tod to take Mr.Wood'* life. Wood tlaauyovercame Jewett and cruabed him to tbe floor, wU.-eunon S^hnTrr/'lt^L ? ** LU ?*n hp'l<1 A,l i u .li In ^ "element of the moment Mr. W ood dragged him out of tbe bou?e by th? heela and left him under an ai.nie tree tjd e l>r. Smith nrobed JeweU a wound u> the depth incbea. and saya he cannot lire. Wlule he had bia ?enaea he aaked rorg^venea* for what mJIa-.Ti ?TS T*ar" ?'**"*'? married a Mitt bmitk^ bat the uiarria?e wae an unhappy ?,'e> ?ey toon separated. Mi* W.wd'a woond ha# been probed to tbe depth ol threo lucbet, and although ahe ha* her aeu^ex her recovery la doubtful. The Indication, are that it wa? Jewett'* intention to murder ttie laiuily. Th* sew DiarovK?tE? ik Kotpt will a-il plauaihUity to Wendell Phillip* ,re ot. ^feiiiV^i^rU' 11 uov ?I'l*1"* the smelting of Iron waa carried on m Kgvpt from Mr, Cliarl? Vincent, In an Knglitb acienttfl. toarnal. neta forth ?omo new (luta In reference to thia anhiect In <i.? ?epulcbrea ol Thebes may be loua<l delinea tlMaa of batebora aharpeinng their knlvea on S'. w. V' of iron attached to their aprona. The bladea ol tbe kniroa are painte>t i.lue wbfch tact prove* that tbay were ot *?e-|, tor In the tomb ol Kamowa J,n. thi* color it u^*.l to Indicate^ateel. broiiaa being reprexn-od by An English geiitlemanhat recently dm eovered near the well* of Moa?., by the Ke.f Sea. the remain* ol iron worka ao vaat that they mutt have employed thouxanda or work !?*?. ?oria are to be found the rn.-.w ol a temple and ot a barrack for the ?u.dier< protecting or keeping la order the wJrka?, Vt^_^"*,KV*A" w"? BtLirvEa he ia yrut ****** * Hi'sbasid.?.lobn Orogan laa \ew arker about *. the tou ol a gr2i?r. He waa wall educated, and a vear or two ago took a tiu. *.!?- i ^Lll*.'n '"Oudon, it ia report^ .r.i. d"*' Cre*u^ * genuine aenaMtion hv pnnging at ber Majesty* carriage, while drlv ng through Hyde Park, with a vfewof ?*!uting her royal lipa. John wa> promptly aetse.l by the guard* in attendance, and locked in Jau but it waa soon discovered that be aa* m-atie' ISiT*^ !^"r.,rfWl to hi* in thi* country a r sjk- grHSS' OreatBiuain?A. r.UrraUUth. J > ol r1T"^0rr.A"r> r"L**D -The Journal de Fkiroaee meatiaat a rumor tbat tbe Poi* in fauluterview with the Kmpreta of Kua*ia said Si?215^ !??va toruirili a peat du?y, and i add re** myaelf to year evaltad li.telle. r and your generous heart ? 1 must s|?eak of Pa Mato1! af1?" wiablag to intorlere in Oit Oneaiion of tbe government of that nttian but oughtto demand of rour Malewtv tbat re ligioaa liberty be grants to It. fba{ litmt.?, a im ai y-te i? desired bv God. aad la ?>of oni. the right of tbe Catholic people of Poland t?u' >? i?_<h_iSi SSTSLSU empire and dynttty. ' Tbe Pope laald to hava dwelt apoa thia aub _* **"?? r*P|y. promised to trans rJi^SSffL "P* ?? tbt bmperor, and to plead the eauae of rolifioua libei tv for Ute Poliah church. 5 ?at a tom-cat of ahip owner* la theme of a novel which Char laa Baade la oon structing with hia little tclaaora. ?7-I>r Hoi*ea being aakad by avoung pbrai -The^T^leao^C^a^c^ ayaOaaaral Oar to We?t . j-? ? ?.. in New York for an attempted fraad aa (kt pcumon a?ency. WTha NattMUU Divlaioa isfffssrjis.! ShSvk?S^=^

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