Newspaper of Evening Star, June 16, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 16, 1873 Page 3
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BANKERS. 0*l? IM.KLUW, | Bank* r, ?43 D milT, RBAB SEVBRTH. r?n IKTkBEST OK DEPOSITS, make* COL LECT lOKS, and Irasycta mil hwataaae soanected with BMkinir ?>< 1> IIN? MJ9 C?k J. M. HtlM ft CO., 18?S rUHITLTAVU AVISOS, or roam viluiiI hot si., WASHIBGTOH, D.O. ? Mr ml. musts* nM m dapawU. OllliHiM m4? payable on tiMirt Pay t? sMrera ta *hs Arir r??Ul IB advaaae. api-tr J*. ISODHKAD, ? Brokar> 949 r?u are, Booa I, Washington, D. 0. > ?It?d to tar Igiltea attention to MC?ritlM lotHund at pricaa which wiH wMloU yar caM. ta smounm and of length of time to suit investor*. Ssfe, reliable, profit able and emspt, making tk?a la srary r a* pact VI BUT if ASH R BCC BIT IBS. Safer* bj permiastoa to Lewrts JotaMi S Co., Waahinrt. n D. C.: Moses Kallr. Ba?., Csshier Matioaal Metropolitaa Back, Waabiagtos, D O.; floa. J.M Brwdhead, Second Controller. Waahlng ton, D.O ; E twnrd ClarA, Ba? , Arahitect O. 8. Cap itol, Wsab>ugtoa. P. 0. mar 17 Am r|'HI rational barb or THB republic X (Corn, rof 7th and D street*,) OPEH rBOM !? A. i.TOIf M. ?fori? ly CHA9 BRADLEY, On?h1*r. ERMAR AWERIt AN BAY 151 OS BANK, So #14 bAVAMTH StAAXT, I Urrottt* Urn P?t- '&*? " G Bank boars: la.a.toi*. ttlBp.m.. to receive deposits only. later eat p*i<i oa deposits. MMM? made aad "ixchm* femiahed. JOHNHITZ. President, A. EBFRLT, V. Praat, W.F WATTlKOLTJJac.C E PREHTISS.CaahT ??<?!> J AT COOKE h CO., BANKKR8. BUT AM' fILL FORBIOff KACHAHGE and ISSUE CIRCULAR LETTERS OP CBBD1T for Ttar?l>n, iratMU a m? part <tf tJu worid. Our Dr*f:? on J AT COOKB^MrCULLOCH S CO,, ara 0arh?d In any part of B*sLA!tD, Ikila *> and Beon.* n i>, <kt cAartt. mayl8 'A*HM?TOS CITS SAVINGS BANK Q?w 7u itrttt and Ijmnttmmm nmu, FATS 6 PER CEKT INTEREST OH DEPOSIT l?t?r<* c nunracM from data of deposits. peno*ite ran tf siade and drawn at will. ?rfc-tf J. A. BUPP. Tra w RAILROADS. ItALT1MORE AHD ohio I ? RAILROA D On atd alter SCN DAT. Jane 1371, ir> in will leave WASHINGTON CITY aa fullowa, rtx: _ Baltimore aDd Way P'iot? ? a. m. Baitiaiorr a.*i w?> P .luta ^ ?._..A 4# a. ai. f'tsclnnatl Ex?rea?t,via Metropolitan BR...7:30 a. ra B ??ti'ii,N- ? I rk and Philadelphia Exp.. J tv a. m Baltimore ar.d Way Points.^?. 8:48 a. m. Baltimore t,<t Express, without atopa .9 ?6 a ni. Baltini- re at 1 Way points? 13:00 in. New Tork and Philadelphia Express. 4 U6 p. m Bait IB)- .r- Express, witl.cnt atopa 3:30 p n> BaltinH'te atid War Polit* ,, 3 40 p. m, Wincheet-r ar.d Metropolitan Accota. 4 ? P. m. Baltimore ard Way P'?iut? b \K p. ?! Cincinnati.ralnmbns and St. Loam Ex ?ir?M']iC''pt Sstnr>li\v...? 3f p. in. Philadelphia Exprea? ? ?6 'V p. m. B?ltlBir-rr Way Pi iut*. ? .7 46 p. m. r.> ?t. n. Kr? Y rk and Phila<lelpbia Exp..,1* Mi p. m. Balt'a??-re e nl Way Point" J.I1 p. ni St Lonia.Cinrinrati and Colnnii>us Exp .9 a' P. m. PROM BALTIKOBE POK WASHINOT??S. 1 eare at 4:3D. S 2l'- 7,f, S15.9 15 and 11 15a n>.; auJ 1.43, 3.?. 4?.?). 6 tu. and 9 M p. m FOR AKNAPOLI9. At ?:45 a. v and 5 p. ni ? bnt n<-t on Sunday. PUB NokpoLK. At l:j6 p m., bnt not ?n Sitaday. SrHOAY TRAIKS. Pr >m B ?'tirtiore?The 4;>t moppinf at R-lxy and I artrel ?>?>ly; the 5:*) a. ru. and 4 3# p. ? , "topping at K*-lay o> l\; thf h .1) p. m., without Mop*; the8 a. n> ,9 JV. 5 31, and 8 J?J p. m ?topptng at all otnti mi Pntn Wxehitigton ?The s ?o<l & a. m.. 3.7:45 and >:Jlt p. m. traiu- M< pping at all ?tatioae; thf 1:<S and the e p. tn. ?t Relay only; and the i:Bt p. m without TUB POINT OP BOCE9 AND INTERMEDIATE POINTS. At ?a. m and 4.30 p in lu-tnrnintt, leare P int of Rocks at 7V, a ni an?' J If p m., arrlvins at W ngton attkjsa. ni and 7 16 p.m. Helical train* or StiartaT. Thri'iigh tirhets to the Weat can be had at the WaaUiii4ton Stati< n Tick?t Orf.ce at alt h mri of the day; alao. at the C*>a>pany*4 r fflcr, 494 Pennsylva nia aveaae Fuwnger, pa'Chaeiug ticket* at the A^raae cflre, can th?*re arrance to haT? their (?affaffe ,alWd for and checked at their residence, taken to th< depot, and put iri'o the bae^xc- car. PorKew Y. rk, Philad^lpbU. aod B-iatou,*-* ad xrrtieemant .f " Throngh Line." THOS S SHARP, Mater of Tratwpr rtation. L M. COLE, Ornerxl Ticket A cent (aBO. 9. E0OMT/., jet Oearral Agent, Washington. 'PBKOI i.H LIRE BETWEEN W ASHINGTON. 1 PHILADELPHIA ARD MEW YORK. W*?hiigto^, M il X, 1571-Roob. Tra'na be*we?n Wanhingi^a anil New York art oew run a? f ?flowp.^IB Ti xix: M P0B HEW YOBE.wltboat rLaage of car*. Leaie daily < axcept Sunday > at 3 a. tn , 1 08 and *' FOB PHILADELPHIA. Lear* daily (except tenday) at 8 a.Bi., ljUSai.J t.Ud OH SI ND%Y. Leave fer New York at 8.30 p.m., and PbtlMfrl phia at ? up p m. Slaapiaa car* for He?w York oa 8:30 train onlr. Thr n*h tick-t? to Philadelphia, Maw T >rk. or B?m< b ran be had at the 9tation Office at all hoan of tba day. See Baitwre aad Ohia Bailrwad a.lTerti*ement for achednle b-tween Wa>b.a?ton, Baltimore, An aaaolia, aad th? We?t THOS R SHARP. Ma*t?r at Transport at ioa. L M. COLE. General Ticket A*? nt. BIO s ROORTZ. Agent, Waehing ingt a. mP . '"""JXaMj amp ALBEABDBIA k PBBPBBICKBBCBQ B. B. Local Traine leave fr^ Alexandria aa follow*:?8.7, X P. W, II, a. m , 12 a..on. 1 S, 3, 4, 5, 8. 7. 8, p. m.: Pa. m. aad 7 p. a*, daily,all other train* daily except Sunday. L-<al Train* from Alexandria arrlre aafollowx:? 3J3.7A3.9J3. ?.33. In .43. 11 ?. a. m. HAS. 1.33. 1..33. 3A3, 4JB.8.33. 8 At. 7.38 8.3B p. m.; 8.33 a.m. and 8 ji p m. fr.iai Alexandria daily, all other train* daily exr^pt Snnday. 'Traiaa aaarked thna eaaaaet with train* oa Waah lacton aad Ohio B. K. QOABTIOO AacommodarioB learw Waahln?toa IM a. at. daily, aicajt Banday abm* ? *? - - 1M a. at. daily, **cejc Soadar BBBAT BorTHEBN EX PRESS, rta Bkhmoad. laarea Waahingtoa 11 *> p. m. daily, azoapt Banday Throash ttckatatoall potata Boats aad Njathwtai for *aia at Office*, comer lJth ana and Pennaylra nla ar*aa*. and curaor Ith *treet aad P*anaylvaal* ? bar* pa?in A, ra aaa leave order* fur hadaace to b? aeckad at ail hotala aod raaideacaa throat to deatl ?V* TOCSO, Oanl PM*en*er A?en? jy38-rt BALTIKURE ASD POTOBAC|Xr^M> railroad, 0*p?M tm I(A umd B ttrtttt, 19. IT.** 11 ?' TRAINS LEAVE FOB | TBAIHB ABBIVB Al Baltimore WAfiHiMuroN. iJB a. m., Kiacara Exp . 4:?3 a. m., Wartarn Exp. daily. , daily,axeept inrjdiv. MS aja., Baltimor* Mai., 8J> a. m., Mail.daUy, aa daify, | ceptBaadar. J1 a. m., Weat em Exp., 11 US a. m? W aatera Exp.. dallf.arrrpt 9r.nday. daily. 1.1&P.0I. BAfMrnote Acc., 3.0J p. m. Ciucianati Ex., daily,except aunday. d?tly,except Sa'idxy. 3-38 p. m.. Baltimera Ac IS p.m.. Pacific Sxpreta. aaad*tiu?,d*U|,na-| ?iaiiy,except Banday. cept Bm?uaf Stub p ai .AocoawaodaUoa. 3 39 p. m.. Ciikclunatl Ex- daily areaa^taily. except San W:4u p.m.. Southern Ex 2f" .. fee**, daiiy, except San f J8 P. m . W-ateru Exp .i day datiy L ] Trataaleaving Waaain^v>a at4A8and 10 38 a.m. aad I 3i) P m .e^ ti. <t at B< xrl-xrltb Ualna lor Marlboro', B*.'Wte 7 JS and 11:28 a. tu . aad 4:83 p in ar riving al M?rtb<>ro'8:18a. m and 13:13 aod 5AS p m Traie* arriving at Waahinftoa SJ8 a. m. wad PA aad P-4B p. wi.. nuas?ct at Bowie with teal a* laarlnd Mar'bcr j' 7:'*1 a. m. aad 3:40 and 5:33 p. m. Paaaeuger* leaving their oner* at TlaRM OOcaa, corner of L3th atrret aid Peaaaplxaada a?eone am northweet corner of Sixth street and PeaM/lvanis aveawe. cwa have their baggage called for aad check ed at hotel* aod reeideacee to ail po4am Borth aad Waat. Through ticketa to Ciociaaati, Colnmbna Tndianapclt*. Louisville, St. Ltai*, Hew Orlewiw. Chlewg". Omaha. 9an Franc toco, aod aU pototaaortA. asstfewast. weat, aad aoothwest. R 9 TtHhO.^^^'^Wtf I87li PEBNBTLV ?N?A ROPTB 1 8T2 TO TUB BORTH W EST. SOCTK. AH D bOOTB WEST. Traiaa leave as IsUows: WasSingtua ?J8 a. a. Mwltlaiar* IS a. a hk38 a. m. 1.-81 p. m " ID p.m. " MB p. m ? Ta8 p. m. - ?1MB 9. m THB OBEAt BOCBLB TRACK BOOTB. arnh iligaat Scaairy, Palace State-rosss day aad ?oWht ear*. wKA mi<iis mirovtaaats. Two handrwd sties aaved la VMtn sad Osatral HewYcrt. The MAI a. m. dally, axcept Snndax. aortkwaat. 41p.m. daily, aad 8.48 P. m.. except Soaday, wa*A. MaAS C-UMCtlOSi raroash froa BALT1M0BB to K1B?KBA aad PITTSBC RO withoal ehaage. _ _ Tickets by this roate can be prosarad al tSa oOoaa II ran ef IM atraet aad Peaasylaaia avaaae, aad aaraar of Mb street aad PeaaarWaaia areoae, under Sat tonal Hutat, where rallshta lafwrmaliim vtHBa givaa si all times. I Paas*sger?_ proewrtwg tickets ^at ? HD B. TOCBO. General mar 14-if THIS ISTOSIVS SOTH E. That the subscriber* have obtained frvm the Sapreme Coart of the District of Ootamkla, hoMing aopectsl tprm. letters teetameatarv sa the pera nal estate of JOHN M. YOVRO. late of W aehinga-s maaty, D. C., de i m, i An perwns basins Halias against theaaid j crait- are hereby warnea lo exhibit ths same, with the xoacher* ih~reid, lo the snhsenhets, on or before ths 31st day of May aa?t; they may otherwise by law he sxcluted fr.a? all benefit ot the sai l estate. u"? """ta jj-mjw" WM A VOVAB. :or?. GROGBR& c. fc t 'lAll * MR, WHOLESALE AND BETAIL GBOCBB0, 1X13 7m STBEET NOBTBWBST, (Between M IMIM.) NKW BUTTBBI MBW CHBBSBI BAVl iCGAB CUBBD lAU ISC. PBB LB. 16 IS IS 16 II 1< DOOLEVB YEAST POWDEB. QBAHAM FLOCB. OAT MlAlt. Becker '? WhmtM Grits, HnIwI Farina, Br* Flour, Barley Tapioca, Sago. Maaioca, Duryea'eCorn Starch. Wax Candles, Croat A IbckwtU'i Plcklaa, Col mau?* Mustard, Stickier A Poor1* Msstard, Olive Oil, Saucee, Balid Dressing. CINCIBMATI OLE IKE 80AP. Darya'* Sat to Gloss Starch, Baker'* C'hoc n Ills, CoC-.?, tod C>cs* Sheila, Br?ma, Prunes, Currants, Baisins. MEDICINAL LIQUORS. Old Port Wine, French Brandy, Holland Gin. Blackberry Brandv, Fine Old Whisky. California Brandy. C. S. O'UARE * SO!?, m*Mr 1X13 7th f. n. w., between M and B. p l u i n : KhChirk tt V1RECT from the Mills in VALLEY OF V1MOIK1A. ill sell to families 40 cents per barre Ions ttUh B?uai prices, Fricee of SCGABS and TEAS all marked down. CATAWBA WINK, net received from Pleasant Valley W Ine Company, f X a gallon. B. B BACON, T09 Market Space, rnirU between 7th and 8th streets, THE TRADES. Hwingate, COXTkACTOR AXD BU1LUSH, Corner 7th street and South Carolina avenue, W ill contract for or superintend the construction of public or private buildings. Orders f jr i"b work solicited. Ordera left as above, or at offce ofK. W. DOWNMAN, No. X, Intelligencer bu'lding, will receive prompt attention. jlllm PRACTICAL PLPMBING, OAS-FITTlNO a^D BEWEBAGB promptly attended to, op reason able terms, b) JAMES F BBIBN, No. 609 Louis iana avenue, near dth street, north side. Besldence, XXX U street northeast. Specialty, TIN LIHBD PI PB always on band. mil tr Awn i Pies. JOHN C. HOGAN, 713 Market Space, Manufacturer of AWNINGS, for Stores, City and Country Beak ences. TENTS and FLAGS for salo or rent. AW NINO MATERIAL of iJl kinds for sale. tj- le Agent for the onlv genuine MILDEW FBOOF AWNING MATER AL. apl? tr pLUMBING AND OAS-FITTING. Those desiring to have their Plumbing aud Qat Fitting done in a neat and sul>stautial Mid in reasonable terms,should leave their order* at 1' 3 Penns> Ivania avenue, Capitol 11111. Work warrauted. mg 6m' WM. K0TH> ELL. _ CLNMNUHAM, HAlTEb, 1011 If Street, betwoeu lutn and 11th, las the pleasure to annonncetnat he has received t- Spring St) !?> of Broadway BLoCk, ar t i-JL pr-parmtto furnish New Rat.* made to order un^ .hem _5?"V mcslel old sty les; els?, an assortment of Fn*t rnKs for sale, on r*asona>le terms. ft-tr M. A VISlfttiB, FLAGS, TCHTi. M. G. CoPEl.AND, ?43 Louisiana avenne, ons door east 7th street. AWSI&'Ob for Stores,City tnd County Residences 'srasrta* in style and finish. FLAGS and TENTS for salt and rent. BOoMS DSCOBATED A.I Canvass articles made to order. DANT1NG CLOTHS. *el?-tr J. M. TVBTOS, tARFh>TtR, tVlLOHR. a .id COBTBAOTOB Order* for Mouse Carpentering, Jobbing, or Oc ractor"* Work speedily attended to. Shops and OSes. jai-fl-tr 11th Streot. b-ilow B ST nortbwsa* ? PROPOSALS. P BOI'OSALS FOB POST OFFICE ENVEL OPES. Post Orrice Detaetmrxt, ( WajHi.vgtos, D. C , May 11,1873 S Sealed Proposals will be received at this Depart ment untfl THCBSDAT, th? IXrh day of Jims, W7>. a* IS oVIock m., for funi-hia<, in sn< b quan tities and at rack times as mat be required, the fol lowing described Po*t Office Envelopes, for a period of one year, commencing on tlie 1st day of J uly, 1873, to wit: FOB OFFICIAL LBTTER3 AND RETURNS. No. 1, size 3Ai by IS Inches; estimated uwub<-r re quired annually. 8,ouo.uoo. No.l,sis*3)ft by 6* inches; intimated number re quired annually. 7S0J0U0. Mo. 3, stse i by 9 Inches; estimated unmber re quired anattally. l&ujyui). Bo. 4, site " ^ te 4S by ltH? inches, estimatod number re quired snnually, 600,000. FOB REGISTERED PACKAGES. No. 5, size 9 by lu?, inches; tstimated numWer re quired annually, Tbs estiiatss given are Intended as a guide to bidder*. The Departm- r.t ma) require more or less of each kind, as the ssrvice may demand. Bids vast be made for each kind of Envelops (of ficial and registered packages I separately, ami the contract will be awarded for euti kiad to tbs lowest responsible bidder. Samples of the different sizes and styles cf Envel opes required, together with blank form* or kid*, will be furnished on application to tho Third Assist ant Postmaster General. The Bnvelopes must strictly conform In tice, qual ity of paper, gumming, and make, to the samples, I tbs summing on the flaps or lappets to be done in | the fxst manner by hand. The Envelopes must be I banded in parcels of twenty-tlve, packed in strong pasteboard or straw boxes, seen rely bound with linen or cottsn eloth on the corner* and edxea. each to contain not less than ISO of sizes M<?. 1 and 3, and not l??s tbsn luu of the other sixes, or otherwise, as may 1?-ordered, the boxes to b- wrapped in strong maniila paper and properly seaied, *e a* to bear safe transp< rtati'>n by mail to postmaster*. When re quirt-a to be delivered at the Departnie'it, the wrap ping may be dispensed with, in the discretion of the Postujaotsr General. When 1JJOOor more Envelopes are reqnlredto till the order of a postmaster, or w-heu larger lots are ordered to be sent to the Post Office Department, the) must be packed In string wooden ?*???? and prop.-riv addrews, 4. but whea less than IsJOu are r? qnlrvd to be seat by mail proper labels of direction mud be placed on each paikac*; all t<> bs done by the contractor without additiona' charge. The Envelopes must be delir-red In such quanti ties a* may from tints to tiaie 1st require,I to till the i>rd- i * sf postmasters or of Ilia Depart Sient, and U< delitered either at the Bust off cs in Uu> <itjr where the accepted bidder resides or at this Dcpa.iment, as the Psrtmastsr Gem-ral may dlrset, fre? of cost for parkias, laboMbg, and delivering; the ck de to be done under the inspection ami supervision of an agent of the Department All the Bnvs4.?<-? m reln described most bear ?uch printing as the Postmaster General may direct, and the registered package Er velopes will be re quired to be printed in Vermillion or soiae ether ap proved brilliant color. The PoetniMiter General reserve* the right to re ject any and all bids if in hi* JU< gr.ieut tlia interest* of tlie Government reijuue it. Each proposal roust be signet by the individual or firm making it, and be accompanied by a gnaran tee -ertifled to be respousilde and ?ufti. iont by the P>?tmaster or United States Attorney where the idder reside, that the bidder stall, within ten days slter being called np>,n ts do so, exec ute a contract t? fnrniah promptly, and in arti les ** ordered, the article or articles awarded to b?accompanied by a bond with approved seem ity, in a penalty of not less than twice the contra.-t price of all the article* estouateij to be farni<)ied by said bidJer, conditioned upon ths faithfal jerformance of the Proposals nnacc imp.inied by inch guarantee will not be considered. The Pusiaiastsr General reserve* to b:m*elf the right to annul tha contract if iatos judgment there shali t^> a failure to perform f utlifully any of its st i pit I aliens, or in caae <>f a wilfttMOtupt to imp>se upon Ute Department Envelope*inlsrinr to ^sinples. The failure to e?mply with any one order ander the coutract will oprrate a? a forfeiture of the entire penalty (d the Imnd under the ]7th section of the act of Congress approved Augost M. UM2. entitled "An act legalizing and making appr >priat ions for suck necessary object* as have been u-uslly iw inded in the general appropriation bill* without authority of law, and to ffx aad provide for certain incidental expenses of the Department^*!*- offices of the Gov ernment. and for other purposes " ( U. 8. "tarnt.-s at Large, Vol. 3. pags Ml;) or the Pi-etmaater General may, in his discretion,direct the purchase ia open market of such quantities of Eavslopes as shall be necessary to supply the deficiency caused by -<iich failure, and charge to the coatrsctor or c<*itractors fifty per ??tamof the prte< which it shall befoand necesart to nay for snch article*. Bids sb4>nld l>e securely enveloped and sealed, marked " Proposals for Post Office Envelopes,n and sddr> ifd to the Third Assistait P-sitmsatsr Gen ?. M ?sc. ?-Ttly8?j V?'iaiSA?; 171aw4w Postmaster General. I>^ FSCTOBJLL SYRUP, OOOOHS ABD OOLDS. BOLU B Y ALL VMWVVlBTM. If" IW0T1CB?That B. 8. JOSTH, SIX Datreak, to ^ w*?? MS aad 7th sr*M aorthwsM, tSS i? AUCTION SALES. rCTCRI DATS TWO DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON WW YORK AVBBUB(NORTH SIDE), BETWEEN STREETS WBT, FOB SAI AWD *tu STRUTS WMt, FOR SALS W3M* for aale at public anction. in ""SDH " " Ifront of the pcunlsse. on WEDNESDAY, Jane ?I9th,187?, at SH oVlock p. m? Lota Noe. 41 and ?3. la Vhlte, Oarasi mad MaUtagly's wibdlvl ?ion of original Lot Mo. t, S??*r* Ho. IU Each lot baa a front of it faat IS iarban on Hew York nvaaus, with aa average depth of about IX' fv?t to an alley. Termi: One-third cash; balance at # and It month*, with iwtereet at 8 per reat. Deferred par to ha aw tired by the notaa at tho purchaser and a deed of trust on the property. ?30 down on each lot wbeaaold. Oonvyapos at purchaaer'* coat. Title perfect or no a?Ve. Special and general taxes pai l. ? plat of the property can beaeen a: the office of the auctioneers. B B. WHITE. BCGEME CARUSI WM. F. HATTINGLY, itaintrtof JautasG. Navlor. ATI MKII jell-d LATIMER A CLEARV. A arts. OY DUNCANSOM, BOWLING A CO.,A<icts., D Southeast coraar of fth and D street* northweat. B TRUSTEES'SALS OF IMPROVED PROPERTY ON So STRBBT EAST. NEAR PENNSYLVA NIA AVENUE, AT PUBLIC AUCTIOS. By virtue of a deed of trnat, dated September EM, WW. and duly recorded In Liber T and R N" 17, foiioatW, Ao., one of the land rec >rls of V aabingtoncounty, in tb? Diatrict of l'ol-imb:a, and by direction of tbe parties secured thereby, we tvii sell at pnblic aouti>>n, to the higlieet bidder. :u front of tbe premise*. on MONDAY AFTERNOON, Jane 30th,l:ff3, at 6H o'clock, part* of lot numbered fifteen. (1?.) in square nn in be red *even hundred anil alxty-two.(7JJ.) ae aald lot and square are lai I dewu and distingnUbed ?>n the pint t?>r plan of qaidcity. Beginulugior said part of lot a the ?outhe*.?t cor ner of said lot and rni Ing thence west ?igbt-flve. (85) fe?t. thence north twenty-?eren (27) f"et. thence east etehtT-five (8Mfe<-t, and thences mtli tweuty seven (27) feet, to th? !??*? inultig, together With the improvements, a two-story bri?-k boose. Terraa of sale: One thirdcaeh; tb?? balm cn In two equal iustaliiH-iiU of six aud twelve month* with iutereat. Tbe pu*cba*er to give notes -retired by a tie, <1 of trust "H the premises aold. All ronv*Tau< inn at the co?t of the purchaser. One hundr<-d dollar* down s< soon ae the property is sold, and if th? terms of the sale are uot complied wi:h ? ithin ten days after tbe day of sale, the trustee* reserve the right to resell the property at tke risk jind Coat of tie- defaulting pnrcbaaer. after ten day* public notice. B. B. WHITE, iTnnt*e? JNO. H. 8S?IMEMT j?-M d DUNfANWiN, HOWLING ,v ro., An. ts. t>Y GRKEM A WILLIAMS, Amthmeer*. L> Southeast corner 7th aud 0 streets. GUARDIAN SALS olTA FIRST CLASS PRI VATE RESIDENCE FRONTING ON K bTREET AORTH, BETWEEN 4m AND 5th STREETS WEST. ^ Br virtue of a decree ef tbe Saprom" Court ?SI of the District of Columbia, holding a special ?^t?-rm, pa?e~d on the JJI day of July. A. D. 1371, upon the petition ot Virginia McElfreah, giurdian to the minor children of Henry M<:Elfrnah,<l"Ce?>ed, I shall nell at public auction, on WEDNESDAY, the USth dav of June, A. D. 1-71. at t> <?', !, < k p. m , on tli? premlae*, bein? part et Lot numbered twru ty-two, in Sqnare numoereii fl?e hundred aitd aix tuen, haviiig M feat frout by 142 feet 7 inch<^ deep to a 30-foot paved all?y,with n fue pr-sfled-brick front Honso and baseni?nt,with ail m -darn itu proTem<>nts; water, Ac., in the yard, making afirst cla?s private residence. Tenns: One-lhitd caah: balance # ami 12 montlis. deferred payments to be *e< ureO by tiotna i?f purcha ser and a lien retained upon the pr'-mises, or the purchaser may pay all aa?h at his or her option. Cuuye\ aitcing and stamps at the cost of the purcha ser. jlw) deposit on the day of sale. And if tlis terms of sale are not ci inplied with within flvedars aft'-r th^ dav of ?al<> th<> (Inardian reserve- the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the d?*. faulting pnrchasT bv a>tv?-rti?ina three times In some newspsper published in W*?ningto?i ritv. VIRGINIA M< ELK RES!!. Guardian. je!3 d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Arnts. Y b H. WARNER, R'-al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 7!i9 7th street, between G aud II ?ts. TRI'STEE'S SAI-B OF A DESIRABLE TWO STOKY BRICK DWELLING. No. 7 rH STRhET. BETWEEN It AND 0 STREETS SOUTHEAST. Bv virtue of a d>-ed of ?rnst toDiniel L.Eaton, ? tat>-d ptember 2'J, 1S71, and duly rec-Tied in L'h r No. 668. f li<i 401, one of th - land record* for Wa?hir>gton, I?. C , and a *<? by a decree of th>* Supreme Court ot the Distrii t of Colurnbiu, E init> No. 3.177, Docket 12, nilxtitnfiiiE the und-rsigncd Trustee in place of l)?niel L. Eaton, deceased, I will sell, at punlic motion, in fron'? f tb?pre: >i*es, to th?* highest bidder, on THUBSDAV, 3.1, 1873- at 6 o'clock p. m . L ts sixte.-n aud ne\ -ub-en in Prout's fnbdivision of s.inare numbered nine hnndi>-d (9UiM. Ixtnnded ?" follows: Beginning at ? point one bundri-d ^nd 'dght feet three inch-s soulli from tbe point of intersection of 7th?treet e ?st with North Oai ilma avenne, thence north forty f*et to an all?-y: tb?-nce ea?t on** bu!nlr?l ;iih! nineteen feet to an alley ten feet two inch's wide; th-n? e itl >ng said alle^ wiiitb forty feet: theuce west aloiigihH dividing line of l?t? fifteen und sixteen one hundred and nine teen feet to the piaco of beginning, together with the improvements thereon. Terni-: One-fourth ca?Ii; balance in six. twelve ?nd eighteen months, with 10 per cent, interest, ?ecnrt d by ? de. ,1 of trust on the property. Stump* and conveyancing at the cost of the pnrchvx'r. .flu dowu when the pi . perty is stmck Off. In case the t- rms are not coinpli?i with within seven day* after ?be sale, the nroperty will be resold at tho risk aud I Coat ofthedefaultia* pnrchaser. JOHN H. COOK. Trnst<-e. ! jell-eoAd* B H. WAKNEK. Anct. DY LATIMER A CLEARt, IF R<-al Estate Brokers and Auctioneers. Soutbweat corner Pennaylvania avenue aud Utb it.. Star Office Building. TRTSTEE'S SALE OF DBSIRABLE IMPROV ED PROPERTY ON D STRItET, BETWEEN 151th AND 13th STS. NORTHWEST. Under and by virtue of a deed ot trust, bear Elnt date theKtbday of October. A. D 1172. aud ^?dulT recorded in Liber No. 698, folio 4.A. et aeu., one of the land recorns for Washington coanty, Dis trict of Colnaibia. and by direction of th" party *e cmyd thereby, I shall sell on SATURDAY. July *, 1873, at 6*? o'clock p.m., the following described property: Part of Lot 16,in square No.tij, more particularly described as follows: Beginning at a point on tbe north line of said square, at the and of seventy-nine feet, *e>en and live-eighth incbe* from the northeaat Corner of said square, an l running thence aontb eighty-three feet four and three-fourth incites, thence due weat to the w estern lia? of said lot U; thence due north along the western line of said lot 15, eighty-three feet four and three fourths inches; thence due eaat to the place of beginning together with tbe Improvements thereon,oousistiug of a three-stoiy Brick Dwelling. Term* of aale: Amount aeon red by snid trust (134U);,together with expenses of sate, in casb; balance in 12 and 34 month*. The uotea of tbe pur chaser bearing interest to b* taken for the deferred payment*, secured by deed of trust on the preiniaea sold. If the term* of tale are not compile,] with withit: sit days fr^m day of sale the trustee reaerves t he right to resell the property at the risk and coit of ?be defaulting pnn haw i. fMt down at time of sale. Conve) ancing at pnrcha?cr'a coat. A. K. BROWNE, Trustee. j4-eo,tds LATIMER A ''LEARY, A nets. IJY RELLBY A GATOHEL. Aitctioneors, ? Comer 11th aud F streets aortbweet TRUSTEE S SALE OF^LOT IN SQUARE. NO. 731, ON l,i STR1ET. CAPITOL UlLls. SBy wrtue of a Jee.l of trui?t, dated I'fbrnary 4th, 1^1, and duly r<corded in Liber No.U<2. f?dlo?9i,*c , and by th? written direction of the part* aeenred thereby, 1 will aell, at public auc tion, ?? front of the premise-, on WEDNESDAY, tlx- IPtb day of June, A. D., 1873, at i o'clKk p. m., Lot G, of snlelivision of original Lot uumDered four,(4,)in Square numbered seven hundred and thirty-' ue,(7ai,) on 1st street, Capitol Hill, in the c?t> ui WaahiiiRton, D. C. Terms of Sale: Caah, and to b? complied with with within six da>s after <lay of sule,.4herwi?e the Trnstee reserves the rijrht to resell ihe property, afterone week's n.dice, at the ri?k and cast of de faulting purchaser. J. A. L. MORREI.L, Trnst -e. ii KE1.LEY A GATCHEL, A nets REAL INSTATE AGENTS. JUAN BOYLE. FRANK. BARNUM J VAN BOYLE A CO., KtAL kSTATU AM) NOTE HROK fc K.\ No. bVi 16th street, oppoaitu U. b. Treasury. FOR SALE?A handaome HOUSE on I street, No *13. A new large donble HOUSE, corner list and H. HOUSE No. 101V Maaaacbuaatt* afPfrue HOUSE No. U26 3d street eaat,for sale or rent, fur Qiihed or nnfornisbtsl. A COTf AUE in Willard'o Row- price. fl,800. Several small House*, from ?3*j0 to ?6 MB; small caah paymenu. We have several very fine FARMS, improved and unim proved, on different railroad* ranning from tbt city, for sale mt low figures or exchange for city property. MOoU) feet of UROUND iu various K'rtloij* of the city for kale at low figures, on easy nna, or will exchange for productive Improved property. apjg tr ( ' EO. TRUESDELL A CO., S HEAL hSTATh bKHKhHS, Hi 7tb street, (over German Americau Savin Bank.) Special attention given tu EBNTINO, COLLECT INO^PAYING TAXES and NEGOTIATING Refert by permission 1 to?General Bosj. Alvord Paymaster General U.S.A.; James S. Grinneii Chiet Clerk U.S. Patent Offlca, John Fraaer, Arch Itect; Hon. F. P. Blair; HoaJQ. W. Douglaaa.Com niwioaer Internal Revenue; VTn.B Moaaa, Furul tmre Dealer: C. E. Prentias,Caaluer German Ameri can Saving*^ Bank: Col. John M. Feaaanden: Hon John nIti, ConsnT General of SvntaorUad. aB-ta* HB PROBLEM THAT Was BASIL Y SOLVED *'1 say. Charley, pardon ae, bat pray tail mt how tea yoa alwaysdrea?ae*yliah, aM having but a moderate Tncoaaef" " Why. simply ksssiaelP T rhaae frvmA. STRAUS, 1011 ilia. ?ve., no* all 'MB BMW MATIOBAL MARKET AUCTION SALES. TO-MORROW. Br VM. L WALL A CO , Auett ue-re. * Original Hotm Mid Carriage B?* **r, Louisiana aveane. between Kb and 10th streets. nmmbttit^,?assaf0M" On TVB8DAT MORNING, Jvn? ITtk. 1S7S, commencing at 10 otloek,we will i?r, IflliD OjMHRTICSABLE HORSES, the property of the C 8. Government. Hold for want of ut. Tfrm? cash, la fl???raiwii( fnirl*. jl4 WM L. WALL A CO ,Auc?s. BY GBREN A WILLIAMS. Aucti >neer?. Ha. 1H1 nerthwest corner kith ana D its. CHANCERY SALE OeTeAL ESTATE IS TBI rv B TBI TRICT OF COLUMBIA jOEW. D. C. MCR r>OCK,) ABOVE OBOBOET9WN SALE TO TAKE OEEEH*A^VL?AM8,CKOMfB^?JSTS CO?l? r?'oVoE cirr"" D ?*""? '?*??? %7 virtae of a decree aasaed br tha s? ? ft.'* ?<?'^'vn 7S William D. C? M o rdocket aT, Z ^ ^ 2 ?vTt unction, at the auction roo?? of Orwn * Wilful ^Each of the above lot. contain* from Are to twenty The land is sitnate-i on two road* leadin? in?? much nearer to Georgetown. r*PWj The land is of e"o3 onVity, and nart of ?, u . land, all well wat. red The land iJTnitabl *f!^J' tiori ?"rp **?' a"d j?>" ? ve"h?airh,fl,,r*a" &&Si3Z % One lot will be eold with prml?>?e of tw.v ,.r , loft, on line ot lot soil * two or more osntfiitersisvis."14 **? ?**?? ninMi^Lu^ P":rn,u,n ?*'r ?nnB? ^m daTM. I" P?M' *Wh ?eearlly to the xrtti?fHrti.ia of the Ml?SlV V * ll"n ?nthe*ra^,io,M. or I be par. hase wone\ can l.<- p^.i i,i cash TV .1 ? ? ?horl*r titu* than as afor?-*a>d,5ti*aa.e rati of inki est. A deposit of AH will be reuuir-d of t;,J Jn?" cha-rr at time of sale. All convincing aug itaJEL at coat of pnfha?t-r PI at? of fi,? ?V i-?. 0 ? ?"P* e*hibited at th<> time of sal* P ^ ' w''1 JJ * ,1 ? M ATTJNULY. I iAMA^!iVid\vaihLtiBr^m - jI d*^ GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aurts |>Y LATIMEK A OLCABTt ~ i ?.h-A,,.cl'0,,'*T^w,,, Ba"' 'Mate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th st Star Office Building. *" n..e, by%ht^ fiet .W?''l?n M?"'?'-l"l?tU are STSj&ffi'S&y'S '? ?'-< M^.^tta^u^Tort?, -v r"iw^' a^tme and 3d street northwest. J-r?<-y ? ili. YuteV^t'^, Vh.' .5".T.v";Si .'Wsissifisssr1 t; ,,ri -i* d..* LAT1MBKR A**LKa''A.""\ur;s b1?"P^^ajsg^ ^OliTH. ?KTW*Ki( i ajjj, K 5iTJS ^ NrnVnir!"! A * iV'^ tr"^. loth day of **Liber If ' VO, folio re5"rdad in for WaahfnKtoB county i^th r.,:Ll?".U?"1 and by direction ofthe h..nVr Jf .? %l'"t public anew 'n, TC E8DA Y V^'i l,^U of Jmie, A.D 1871 in frV?? r AT* ,h': 1 *th day o'cl<K-k p.m. all tha r.?sf th" Pr?m???, at h ?Z'""Vi",g ","1 the ?laiJi'cify X "f t-'n, aud kn. wi and dMcriiJiJ ^ y . w ??hin* -tr wJ.t nnn.berTflK (?13)"in ^"1 ,of "**J rinhar BsnMivision of ?<i.ia?e ?'? au.l '?red and sixty-one (Ml > hafiSfl 11 hon" feet deep, more or wi.?,r\ iii ^../r,,r,t hy '? corded irthe Ofti,V ,Z'hT ?. h ^i'1 ""'division la re ?Ue iiupri>vV,ment? thf rent mh!0^ c,,'-w>?h l.rick dwelling honae. g of a two-?tory Wn^b's.f^^bia^t.^'iSSf? "J ?? ? ??J ? deed of trnrt on the nra2. ?*i..aDU ?>r /ii?_ 'j???.n"' ?'LuV^Tr.",::r

? hTuvrnkrT ? ho. 7S9 ? 181?', w/j^f^fdrln liKLr v tndKm'r^o!IV'A?*^ fA,r the coinfy of w'allh-' thereby, i shall"onrer 'at' r!nhii"'<'i'" P*?" <acnr??d prwnitie.,on TL'KSDA "thelTthaiTr'Hr i?ntof,he Colombia "coilejrl. .Tf lofSro**6^ ih*b.\ru*t^'^ ???nth college /ro\,J,?uhdirision of litiona, aa willba aw^i ifi. ' on cer<14'? con B"Uti<ary. ' feU??w? f?n 14th atreet, near ST.V. Ai?err" 23"} r ,T"s* ? saaa&sy wfep'? - u. h.? MU'i c? ?. KUv.:rixprr!""' yf- B * fc?B. Trustee. B1 k"oo* KOKTB, AT ALXTION T S^KKKTS tW?Trz??,n ^?rte':rb th.y^h'L^ ,,f a?-lswsw r.BKBN*t W|"!Lf AMsTa'?!?' IJ'V JAML8 OCfLD. Anctloneer, ' 1014 P?*nn?ylvania avetine. ?ALE 1^VaITmP^T8' ^S,0K. iaj' U 2,"^?* ' ",mjweana? ' Jf,, jl JAMES OCILD, Auct. B1 H W'ARKJfiH* R<*al Estate Broker and Auctioneer. Mo. UV 7th atreet. t>?t?.-.-u U ant 11 ata. CHANCERY SA1.K OE A TWO STORY BBK'K IIOl >K WITH HACK BTI LI?IS<i. ?'>?NT MN INC SIX ROOMS. No. 4 :<i? (?N THE NORTH till?E nK K 8TREKT. BKTWIKN 4t:i A Ml 6th STBKETS MORTIIUE>T. AT AUCTION. 4^ By virtn<* of a d?-i r<-?. pasnrcl on the lt:h day MVof Jnue,ls73, in ?*e Sapn mu (Joiirt of thel>is ? trict of Co^lnl^ia, in eunity ixw No. J8HI, D'Cket 11, tba nederalaned, will on t'* 3|tii Day of Ji jii, lg7.1, at fi o'clock p. ui . offer for ?ale the following dearnbed real ettate, ?itnate<l in the city of Washlncton, D. C , vlr: Lot lettere?l 0. in John B. Kibbey'a onbdiviriua of original lot 6, In square No. MS, frontiti( Ik 1-e< on K -ir.-ei n- rtliw -itt, by a ? lenth of 93 feet, t Trnin of ?*!>?: One hundred dollars down on day of nftle: one-third r*-h within ten davn; l>?l ?n< e in ? is an<l twelve at. atbs, with interest at ainht p?r cent per annum, arcured by d<*<s| n| trist np >n tbe preniisea In caae the terms of sale are not com K" d with the n operty will be resold at tbe riak coat of tbe d'fanltlnK purchaser. All convey ancins at the coat of theju?-. baser. 8IPNEY T. THOMAS,{ Tr_.lB#Mi SAMI BL A. BAPP. s Traeteea. jl3 B. H. WABN'EB, Anctioaaar. DY^ttRBRE A WILLIAMS, Aoctloaeera, D Horthweet coraer lgth and D atraata. SALE or SIXTY TWO VALUABLE BCILD1HO LOT* IN SQUARE 17*. OS '??? AND 17th AMD Q AND R STREETS N. W. SB) virtae of the authority coatalaed in adeed executed oa the 11th ay of J uae, 1873, and duly r(-corded, the under*i^aed wiB ?ffer, at public sale, upon tbe premiaea, on M9NDAT, th? 434 day of Joac, 1373, at i o'clock ?. m.,loU numbered from lto 42, Inclusive, and from Si to AH Id Inside, of Jobs B.Tnrtot)'asubdivision of aqnare I7f. Thaae lot* are very desirable for building porpoaea, being located la a rapidly improving section 6f the city, and the rronnd belnc high ted WMl located and the lota of convenient siae, as will ba anen from the plat. Tbe property will ba apld i# %aantit tea to aait purchaaera. Terms of aale: One-half hi?aah.of which a deposit of %25 on each lot will be required at the UMe * sale, the reataiader in o.aal instalments at < and 12 montlia: the deferred (aymenta to be secured by '? a? ? ?- a ?a * - - - *? cent., and deed of t met oa the property. If the par J rhaaen fail to comply with the terme within ten days after sale, tha trustees reeervathe right to re sell the property at tha riak and coat of sack tefauH log rbickaaar. All coBteyaming at Ur ooot oithe 9Pt ~ . V.- JOHN RIOOLES,/ jum 4S*r) a EMiTk VliuklM. Aacu. AUCTION SALES. this irmmM Br StIihrt.^tSSrow,: Boa. ??? ud Hi Pa *T??*?,{or*?r of |t gKMV.nfifwas' iBeedaf trasg, MMokorIN, duly recorded la UWr Mo Mi, ad hr <fte?rlatea direct 10a of tbe o^^sKiiistbsrisL^'A , ,*? o cl?A ?. a., kit of loa? tad 1?W, la Ollbert> rscoried ?abdirieion of Sqaar* numbered six hiiifi si ami wmny-lrxgi), in the city of Waahla^aa. with all tk*iaK*r* Km tbereoa, being t?* Marly -&aiahed Dwellta* 1 ?m. fronting on aorta I street. Tern of Osi>-hiu in cask, of which |||ti lit utivii * cuUiTi U Auctieneers and K?: Estat South waat corner Pennsylvania av Bur OflnaBaiMm Burt b* paid on each lot at sale; the deferred per meate to be mad* la tix an 1 twelve month* after day of sale .with luteieat at Im per rent, per annum and Secured by deed of trust to the satisfaction of the Trustee. Tenaa tobe complied wtth within lis days aft<r day of sale, otherwise the Trimtee rw?nw the n?ht to reeell the property ? after one week * notice, at the riak and co*t of aafaultiag purchaser. All .Trustee ?IM W t WALL * ?Q . Aucts. Brokers, -nue aud Utt at.. IB CHANCERY BALE Of VALUABLE BlILDING LOTB. Byrirtueof a decree of the Supreme Cvurt BW>f the bi?lt let of Columbia. pa sed hi raus ? No. S,0M, SlaJe et al. vs. S!vie et al . I w -.ll sell iti front of the pr>mK>?, ob MONDAY. the l*th day of Jnae, 1<7J. at 6*% o clock p m , Lot 9i and t I feat Trout t Lot IS ly tliedeptb thereof, i i Square 567. Lot 34 is So fe- t frvit, ami w ill !>? tul-l 1n three parcel* ?f a feet each. Jhia property i- ?iti;st< I ->o Pi-rce stieet. between L and M l?t and New Jersey avenue, northwest. Tuna of sale : One-third ra-h. and the balance in <>, It and 18 months, with eight p-*r veuLiuterest p-o nnnum.the pnrclia*r to give his no^^^rfthe d? t? rred [*? ment?. ci,d-rs?d to the MAflktl th Tiustee. A lien will l>e leserve^^JBTB^perttl until final pa< ment i-> made. A dep.? ol wi' l>e required on t hf sale of each lot. If th^^rrms of ?a'e arc tot comp'ied with In ?ix days the ^P?T -rt > wi.! l>e resold at thecoet ?>f th"d>-faultincput -hsaer. All conveyancing at the co?t of the pnrch*? r. K S DAY 18, Trustee. j<4d*ds LATIMER A CLEaRY. Aacta. Y GKEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. Ko. loot. northwest corner lOih aui T *t?. BT B _ VALUABLE PRIVATE RESIDENCE. tlTPO MTKUIS. Ml K KM AN > fB??N TIN<. OS I STREET NORTH. BETWEEN sfa AND STREETS W EST, AT AUCTION. ' U On WEDNESDAY, the 11th ln>taiit, a: 6 ?V o'clock p. ai , we ?hall eell.on the |w m 'M a ha'id?"TTv- three ?tory Btirk Ht)U?K. with a tine doabU l>a? k binidiikC, with all n Kl-rn itn l>r< ?-nient4>. in perfect <>rJ?-r; baring a fiif Stable ?n<l Carriage-bonne Lot Ic-ing 3u f'-'t i inch?? (ri>nt by 1SU feet deep to ? pnhlic alley. Betas houi* No 330 T?rm?: #5^i0ca?h; balance 1, f. S. 4aQdS year*, for not^a hearing 8 per cent interest atxl >?ecur?>d by a dead of traM on the preniiiiM a-'ld. All < onveyau theoiat of the purcbaaer. 6111 down on the day o> aale. jfi-d GREEN ? WILLIAMS. Aorta. ?#*TH* ABOVE PaLiTI? POSTPONED. OS account of the rain, nutil MONDAY, June 1 6, ls73, ?anw< iionr and place. jl2 d GKEKN A WILLIAMS. Auct?. B. H WARNER, ? R-*al Eatate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T3W 7th street, between G atid H. TRUSTEE S SALE OF PROPERTY ON '?rit bTREET CONTINUED, .lUST ABOVE BOUN I)AY STREET NOBTHWEST, AT AUCTION. eBy Tittne ol a deed >ftm?tt<> Daniel L. Eaton, dated .lulj 12,1370, and dnly recorded in Lib?r ?a , folii> 1W, and al-" > by n decrea of the B ipr<-me Court of the Diati let i?f fi.luniSta pa?.?e<t -q E.iiltr c tinw No.3.2u3. Docket U, *nl<Mtit utine the under M?n?d Trustee in flac>- of Daniel L. Eaton, ie c<.a?ed. 1 will aell, at pnhHc aucti >n. in front of the preBiiarfa,on MONDAY. Jnt.e IB. 1(P3, at t? o'clock t> ni., ?i*t ball i>f lot 41, in Jei>?<' B Haw*' ?ul> ;?ion .if Mt Pl'-a?ant, a* rec?>He<i i>i Liber J A S, No. 229, folio 3tl, of the laud roCord* of W?*li!nRt< u county, D. C. Term* to l?e made known on the day of fc.le. fW down mi >.<-(? ptaiice of bid. It teruie of eale are not Ci tiiplied w itb within five d:iya :tft?*r aale, the Trus tee rer-erve* the right to resell the propertr at the ri-k atid ro#t < f the (lefauliiag pnrcha*er. Convay Miiiing at rnrcb^er'wc *t. GEORGE W. STICKNEY. T nstee. jea-ecAds B. H. WARNEK. Auct. I? Y GKl'EN A W ILL IA MS Ancttonocmr l> No. 1001 uorthaest corner KnU and D st?, \ ERY DESIRABLE BUILDING LOT \T THE CORNER OK DELAWARE AVENUE AND NORTH C STREET AT AUCTION. Ou MONDAY,the lBth instaut, we shall ??tl ?wo? br *\ * o'clock P m-, part Ji ?t N > ^*?10, tn Square No. 6*, baviioi a ir .ut ol iJf?' on D'l^n are avi-Hiie, rntiiiiiig hack with the line of north C street 124 feet I] inche- to a w i>l? alley. Tlisa is a corner lot, beautifully located aud Commanding position. Terms of sale : One-third ca?h. of which .?100 will be reunired paid down at Mbm of sals; bafinee in t?'oii|UHl iiietalntents al <> and 11 mo tit ha, for notes oearing interest from da> of nale. A deed given aiid a d'-od of trust takcu. All conveyancing at cuat of purchaser. jll d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. THOS. E. WAGGAMAN, Real Enlata Auctionoer. A1VI 7th street BY ' [Irwns^"a^d^'trWw/^oLVu s ECT. dtt Cn MONDAY, Jane ltorh, at j o'clock p. **f&Bl., I sliall i^ll vii the premise-) ahove-men -^-tion-d part of Lot 21, in Square ili, fronting ? fei t ou 14th street. T'rms day of ?ale. ,tl2 d JRepl TU0S. F. WAGGAM \X. Aact. THUS. E. WAGGAMAN, Real Eatato Auctioneer, i 1? 7th street. BT VALUABLE UNIMPROVED PROPERTY ON Mth STREET. BETWEEN P AND V), NORTH WEST. WEST SIDE. Stin MONDAY. June B o'cl<a k p. ni , I shall offer at public auction tbn above prop erty, liavlDg a front of I!> feet i lnche? on jth street. Terms on day of ?ale. j 13 TIIOS. E WAOGAMAN, Anct. BY B. H. WARNER Broker and Auctioneer, No. 939 7th atreet,between 0 and H. TRUSTEE'S SALE OP A TWO STOBY BRICK* DWELLING ON THE dOCTTil SIDE OK JEF FERBON STREET, IN DNIONTOWN, D. C , WITH EIQHT ACRES OF GROUND, AT AUCTION. By virtue of a deed ef trust from Benjamin F. Wilkins and wife to Daniel L. Baton aud my "*self. dated Jane 18,1370, and duly reoordod in Liber 619. folio 173. one of the land rerorda ef Wash ington county. D. C., I will aell at public aactlon, In fr- nt of the premise*, to the hlgh?at bidder, on WEDNE8I?AY, June 11, ltf73, at 6 o'clock p m., L"ts7u2 abd 7(0, ia th? aiUalivisloa of WW.odland. at Unloiitriwn, D. C.. oontaluing 3 acres 1 rood and liH perches, togpther with the improTenieqts there on. Thla property orerloeks tlie entire District, and the groniels are set with choice Fruit Trees atvl shrubs. It is a most desirable suburban resi dence. Terms of sale: Two-thirds cash; balance in six and twelve months, with interest, to be secured by a deed of tru>t upon the property; .a lot) d >wti on ac ceptance of bid. If terms of sale ar? not complied with within aeyen days after sale, the prop>?rty t<v l>e resold at the risk and cost of defaulting purchaser. ConveyanciiiK at purchaser's c >*t. GEORGE W STICKNET. Surviviac Tras'ee. jelo 2t D. H. WARNER, Auct. 0S~ THK ABOVE SAL* IS POSTPONED until WEDNESDAY, June I*s. 1373, same hour aud place. By order of the Trustee. jell B. H. WARNEit, Aqct. I3Y LATIMER A CLEABY. a> Auctioneers and Real Estate Br.?ker?, S utliueot corner Pennsylvania ave.aud llthstreet, Star Otilce Buildings. TRUSTEES SALE OF A VALUABLE BUILD ING LOT ON S STREET, NEAR 14th ST. NORTHWEST. SB) virtue of a deed of trust, dated th? *1 day of October. A D. 18ri8, ami recorded iu Libert and R, No. 3, folio 322, of the Land ?f Maahinctoo county.the subscribers will h*I1 to the highest bidder, ou the premises, ou TUESDAY, the 37th day ol May, A. u. 1873. at 4 o'clock p. m . Lot numbered 4,(ff>ur,) In square numbered ??. itwo hundred aud thirty-eight.) in the city of Washing ton. District of Colutabla, to pa> f J.343, with iuter est Irons October 3,1464. and eipeaeea. The terms of sale are: One-fourth cash,< of which 91u)must be paid at the time of the sale.) and the residue iu eunal sums in 6,12, 18 and 24 ui wttha. for w bich the purchaser iiinrt give notes, bearing inter est at seven per cent, per annum, payable aemi-an nually. aud secured by a deed of trust on the prem ises. An eanTeyaorrng *t the cost of the purchaser. If the terms are aot complied with within tire days irotntbe day of sale, the Trustees reserve the right to resell the property, or any part thereof, to the highest bidder on the premises, for caah.on tea days'public notice ia the "Evening Star,'' Wash ington city, at the risk and coat of tfie purchaser in default. ANTB. 1IYD*, (Tril-M1 JAMBS W. CORCORAN, < Trustees, afl 2aw!ds TaTIMER A CLEABY, Aucts. BW THM ABOVB BALI IS P08TP0NBD uutil THURUDAY, the UBth da\ of June, 1373, same boor aod place. By older of the Trastsss mM Saw Ads LATIMER k CLE ART, Attcto. HI B. H. WARN KB, D Real Estate Broker and Aactloaaart Bo, TBB 7th street, between G and H streets. y,y iUsVlT?[i?raKi7rCo4T^L "D 4k Br virtaxia dsarss of the Baprease Court of ?ft he Diagrtot of GalaaWa, laniiia tha cause of mnnir aad Hliaimaa vs. Jasaea M. Orases. No. Fiml fewFti T f: ZZ su-rr gant tiree-story praaa brick fro at dwellings. Thla propmy is aold to aatUr a mechaalc's Ilea of about f2j60 ai d raMsct to certala tocumbranoea which wHl ke made kaowa on the day ef eele ? for tika amoaat realised above aaid incum cash If |si as of aalr are aot com ? within In dan _r at the riak and coat dow n on each acce chg*r-icoaC tsr sale the property w 11 f be resoM ' Wtrahaasr. BMO pted bid. Cuaveyaaclnc at pur FBANK ?. DANIELS, Traatee. " e B. j WABBkB, Auct. HB ABOVB BALE IS POSTPONED aatil M ON DAT, Jun# 33, M?, aaaae tear aad place. . ? By order af the Trustee. _ IS B. H WABNBB, Aaat. IZBBBT ?la. (kstti AUCTION SALES. B t pvvcivioa. dowlino * oo . a?my*. WALNUT < DilBIB tl'ITI. TWO PARLOR SUITES. BOOB (ill. URIIfUT CllAlRv lc _ flh O* TCMMT RORNII0. Jm? ftd,. W. MiMum i M 10 oVIerk, ws will t?M. I* 10| front of our auction rwai, (Ik above 0 ?i? ' ^ ' A L<4 Vmci G .i? A Lot "(Brx^rtw. It PUBCANSOH. POWlIf I CO . ti?" 4 BOSWBLl-mrok?r?. lCt,,.neeen and Bj?E*?J V trgtuis ev*??' ll WWI o* ** w IS TALC ABLE BUILDING LOT OH X s fKEET BETWEEN Wtm AND IOr.4 STREET! sloUTH ?UT. IK >01 AU 3*9 ^ WiU ?e arid, on TCE8DAT, June 17. H7V Wti 6 30 o'clock p. ni , Lot 34. ID A.uar- .? Term*: Ons-f unli Itlk. balance in til ?n4 twelve month*, with internet at eight prr r?at All NiiiryMil-i at purchaaet's Ml Tifl? dallua 4<>wn at time of Ml*. If tarms *r o t {>>mj> l with witb.u live dti), resale at default lag purrhn ??i'? c.wt. ELLJJ^Oj^Aurta UT LATIMER A CLEART. O ImI E?tat? Broker* and Auctioneer*. S" cthweet c mer Pi-nwI'iiiiufPtnirtaJ lltb r. Star 0?ce BoiWiaf. VALUABLF UNIMPROYEP PROPERTY OR 1 UK NURTII Ml'tor NEW Yt?RK AVENUE. 1-ETWEfcN I*t STREET AND UK* JERsET AVEKI K. AT ACCTV'E ?OiTlESDA T A FTK RNOON. Jvrt- 17. ICS Kb 3?? o'clock, in front of the premis-e. w -hall sell tbe whol* >f L t S. In Sjuar ? '?J4. *4tua t?d utb-ti rth*M* fNew T>rfc ittcm. mwwi lr. stre,! a:?1 New Jerse? avenue, and lame-liaii ;> ad-olptrgL<? gatidrn. T-m?? it ?al? : Ow fourth cash; b*l*w? In t'ire* e.jra! pajtuent* at twelve e'ljHt <?ti nioDtbv nith note* l? *ring interest Ii4 a-cure-i *>? a Ax a of trn?t on the Mid C???:.h iw> at pntchaset '??*'; SUM h *n at t:m?of?a? jt ? "-3t LatlMER t CLEART. A? U F A BOSW EI.L A OO , Audi- Ti*frsitii-l R-ai E*tate Broker-. s nth' a?t cortT oi .tre^t su-1 \ irijini? ???'in VALI ABLE Bi ll DlXtt l.<?TS OS ?-t STKKKT WEfcT. BETWEEN VIRUIHH * V ART!r. AXD 1? sTKEl.T hOI TIIW 1ST. IS SQUARES 4?? AND ?J*? W illh* ?n|4, nn W EPNEt*UkV. Jnr.?> |?. j at t?:3? ? rl-rk p m *art ft L<w SI. S ? fr<"2; ?l- .'iith Ualf <?f U'to "EM aud''V in ) S>?iiinri' At". T?rn ?: Ori?-lialf rn?h;balance in at* at?l tw'l\f | motjtli* with ?i t?n ?'rrfM. Ail< ju<f . !ifi<-?ng at rrit < f (Mirrhaa^r Kifty dollar* ?! n a' i timeofaal*. If tM-m?t?f ?ale ar? r?"t c.?mi?li-<t w'il. within I:t*? dan r? ?al' tl d-faultlng Mn !imi I coat. | M 3t | BOSV> k.LL A * 6.. BY LATIMER A CLEART, Aactionrara and Ron! E*tnt? Broker*, t>>nitbw?Kl corner Pernor Irani a aveune aud lltb atr-?rt, &iar OBce Balhlinc. bl ILLINC LOTS ON THE N A V V YARD AT PI BLI< ACi TloN SOn WEHNEftDAT AFTERNOON. Jane 1W. 1873. in front of tk> pr>tni?r?. at H 30 oVI xl, we atwll a- II L-4a 4,6, &, 7,8, H. 2t>. 2v and In ??innre !*?. fronting on SvMiih I atr-?H aitd lltb and IT k *tr??tB, aarh ha*iu? an a.erajie front of fifty ft-et. Tine uroniid ia el<gil>l> located and offer* a raie rhanr l.w pri-Dtatile luveatin.-ut, at it la l>o-ttt> ?-|jr to l>e aold t<? ?ettle an eatal?. Ternsi-: One f ortli eaali. th<- Italano* iu tbree e.jual parnieuta at ?i*.|wel*? and ? montha, ? itli nulni hcariiii mt?re?t and ae?''ired by a de*1 of tinat on the prentKi .eld. t'onr<(?anclnc at pnrcliaarr'* ( oat. A ie|?.*lt of n ill Iw re-mtixl on .Mh Lot at time of **!-. .1.-16-d*da LATIMKR t CLEABV. A Y JAME& iil'ILD. Aurtioueer, Nj. 1014 Pfuu't) Iraiila av.-nne. hALF OF TTBKITrBB. A OuTUl'KSDAY, June 1M n'clm k. Bl wr wul nU, at onr attru 'U i. ? lull W| P i ii>ilva a nenne, t lame < -t [i t / ? | New and h- .nd-ii?'id Enniitnre.r ?u?i<Ti ,j * ?.f Lour.fF*. L M'kiu* Gla-^"?. Ecenti >a Table*.i'lialnlxT ?ud Parlor W'alMl 9-t? A'-. ;? J AMES liOILP. Aurt HV GKEKN A WILLIAMS. Aactlone-r?. N' i'rtk?\tt corner l?xh aud D *tre??ta TKr^TPK S SALE OF YaH IBUI IMPBO\ KI> f"BO i'KUT Y AT ACCTION* ON VRKI EA?Y TEI Mb. BUICK DWELLING ON 11 slUEET i Nortliwt- t. No. *34. B> virtu- of a dee<l of tra?t dit<-d Jun- II. K3 lis 1 rcc^td"! in lib.-r )>49. f/.iw 3->>. of I he laud record* .rf VI a-ni'. _'toii i\ UOtx , District of 0." I ? UK Lia, biio )?> d ir. ion . f (lie parti a>^?tir<d ther?- I <l> . I wll a'-ll at pubiir auction, on the pr'-mi.e*. on THl'BSl'AY, tli- !26iIi day of .laif, 1"C3, a? 4 I o'clm k, t> m., all that pioca or parcel ><f eroutjd lU' ii citr, DiHtrict of C-Muniltia, krvlu'n d.-fc?ji^d a* ??rt uf lot C, in ikiuare sis, for aai<l ^art of nai l lot i. 3 tm-t w -wt of ?h- ? a-t line ol aaid rnimiiis tb*-nce a..ntli Mi feet, that, w e?t SI feet, iVlio* n >rth 1i?i,U> H *tre.'t, th-ii 4'tUfeer, to Ihe l>eclr.ninr. iniproTed hyathr <? -ion niid i-aaenient brick dweiliug of al>>ut l > T-1 m* of *ale: ?1 000r??A, halanr.^ in li, 18. an114 n>on'h*. on intereat a? H> p? r cent p-raumitn, pat abl< a^tin-aniinally, ?<>? nred by notea and de<<d >1 'ru.t en ihe jroeerty. $*iudown when th- pr- i>. it, ii (truck oil. All conveyancing at MNlMwrlC"^. irtheterniH of aale are ii<4 complied with within flvt> d?) a fium the da> of aal>', tlia triutee reaervea tbe rl*rlit ree^ll the pr-<p?rt\ at tb? riak and . <wt of the d?faultui( purchaser, R. P DODOR. Trnat<x?. 16d OREEM A WILLIAM*. Ami .. |> Y LATIMER A CLKART, I * Aucueueera and Real Eat ate Broker*, Soutbwext corner of PennayUania areU?e ani Kler eutb atre-t, Star Oflce Building. TRl'STFES' SALE OF DESIBARLR PROPER IT OH PENNSYLVANIA AVEMI'E Ki?T. BETWEEN t?i h AMD Tth BTREETb NOKTU No. <44. Bv Tirtua of a d--d of iruit, fxitstel hy II Richard W Binlf aud nife to the underaicn?d ^?Trnateea, July 31. 1371, aud rec orded in Liber b34. folio .141. of the land record* of Waahiojrt >n connty. D <J . a- th?- *ai<l dnd i* recti tied by aderre* of theSupr. me Court of the Diatru-t of Ooluutbia, ?iiting in *pecial tenu on the 6th day of M.trch, ICS, am! by auotii-r deer** .if th- ?a.d Court, paa^ed in <? neral tens on the 7th Jay of Jane, 1873. and npnn tne regueet in wrltinx of the Treamtt*r of tlia Searh Waabincton Building A*aociation, a* re.iuird by thaenid deed, we ukall offer f-r aal- npon tne prem i*e?, on MONDAY, - - o'clock j wit;B R * if ion of a f"rnier auUli?iaion of original lot C, in K.4uareST1, Uefi iuns on r< nB?y1ra*i* avenue at the H Utbeaat corner of **.1 original lot 6, and ranninf therce northwvefwnrdly along ?aid areno'- eigtit-en (181 feet, thence iiorthen?twardl> at ri|ht (Mw tu anid arenne etc btv fee* fonr and a <?Barter Lnche? i M 4 a ?, thence dne weal to an alley ten<10lf*et vide, thence alone ?aid alley ten feet tun aud a <jnart*r inches (hi HS*>. thence pH:ailel with aaid aTanne about twenty eight (K) feet to the north went r >rner (>f oririnal lot fire, and thence by and w-ith the east line or original kit ail (<) to the place nf beginning, with the miproTHtnent* thereon, con*i*ting of a three etory Frame House. Term* of Male: One-third in cash, of which flOU unit be p- id at the time of the eat-, and the re mainder iu c^ual instalments of 6, 11, W and tt month, with interest at 8 per cent, per annnni; deferred payment! to be eecur~d bjr the n-dea of the f'lirchaeer. and a deed of tmst of the property. If he purcbae.r does not comply -with the term* w ithin five day* after the sale the trustee may rewll the proper!> at the risk and coat <4 the defanttinc piiKhawr. All coaveyaucing at the cost of the Purchaser W A FKNW^K ,i Tra?^ jl?i ?tav 3w Ad* LATIMER A CLE A BY, A net* ,on MONDAY, the Tth day of July,MT3. at 6 >ck p. m .tbe following dearribed pr>*?irty, to AlltAat part of L<A 31, uf Samuel Leert inbdi B* tikEEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, No. 1001, Bortbweat corner loth and D its. PARLOR Kl'RKITl'RE, Cph-laterej In H?ir Cloth ai d Rep, MARBLE TOP CENTKR TA BLES: PA 1NTED f'OTTAGK SET. WALMI T AND PAINTED Bl'REAL'S. PAINTED BED STEADS, WHAT NOT LACE CTRTAlN AND CORNICES: WHITE BCFF SBADE3. WAL NUT EXTENSION TABLE; THREE OIL PAINTINGS; OAR. CANESEAT DININO CHAIRS: ONE TKfPLB-PLATED SILVKK COFFEE CRN, ONE CLOCE: UNION CH AIR. DHI OGET; HCSE AND COTTON TOP M\T TRESSES; FEATHRR PILLOWS AND BOL STERS. COMFORTS, BLANKETS, DINING ROOM CHINA WARE; MORNl\6 GLORY AND OTHER HEATING STOTF.S. LOT OF KITCHEN UTENSILS. Ar. ALSO, I j DOUBLE SCHOOL DKSkS, aud 1 SINGLE SCHOOL DESK. |9h On FRIDAY.the UOth in?t., coomieuclng \H at 10 o'clxk a. m , we nhall sell the arti< U* llfl|et!umerated above, at the resld-nr*of a ren f B Itteman declining housekeeping, No. 1713 H * street northwest, lmtwe>-n 17tli and 18th Termscaali. GREEN A WILLIAMS. j?14-d -Auctioneers. BY LATIMER A OLRART, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Broker*. Soathwaat corner of Penn. a*eons and lltb street, Rtar Office Bnilding. TRUSTEE'S SALEOF A COMFORTABLE TWO STORY BKICB OR THE WEST SIDE OF 13th STREET. BETWEEN W AND BOCN DART STRRRTS. BR1NU No. **??. ? I' nder and by ?irtu? of a certain deed of trust. bearing date on the 14th day of Mat, AD. 1S71. duly of record in Liber Bo. MB, folio an, one of the land record* for the Dxtrict of Columbia, aud to me directed. I will sefl. at public the highest bidder therefor,on THUBSDAT, the ltth i of sale: One-third cash; and the residne In two mih?: iuxtalnasnu at au and twelve montbs, with interest from the day of aaie, eecured te the sain-taction of the Truatee. One bandred dollars caah to be paid at the time of sals, and If the teross of safe are not < on' rHed with within fl *e day* there after, the Trustee raaervaa the right to r?ell up u one week 's notice in eoaas neaapapur printed ami pnhliah'd In the city of Waahiagtuw, at tha riak and coat uf I he 4r fan I' mT StawSw ' LATIMER A CLEART ,A?rt?. l|V OBBRB ? \ O Mo. IH1. COUNTBT LAN 11 AM POTOMAC WASBTN~ , On TUBPDAVTthe ?4tb"day oVJane. U7A S o'alock, we ahall sell lha ^ above pro pert \ . The plao* citaiaa ab ?ot 171 acres of land, la proved hy <twetiiug h.nne. two MMPWl hgnsea. farce be. a, atabling. Ac A ?arUty of soil ada?<sj lo frntt, parly gvAe nlng.gral n. Ac. Timber and Traiaaen Rallfain and Ps<*mar Bail road aaa* mm ion witMa tan minntae* walk ad h<>?ae. Post <^^?g<wp*CwI7>te'*.oU wkh^th* property "eWrSrrsssi^wiK'.: i,tan ) Syears, wtih note* bearipff tiiawt aud a-*?d of trnat on the ''ylr Ai'fdhW information a-e A C. MIDDE (tiMKF. i^B * *1* F suvet, hotvmn the notirsof .,, *?u.| j?-mMi I B*p-fr->px ioae U i EVENING STAR. ~ ^ U>f?r? t 4ICI ?r *p %h*?f (a her ItmttDf at Fwat *?? Vuf,ataT jk jryasi1 ?s~ Thie ?u --- "P*kaa. ****.?< *P. Wbea en* af the deck hand ah* a?* ? >#k? mt. ?T?m the J7m7T-^ *y turn it antbe .wlr T betLT^IuT the order fro* thec*..t-.m T^.TLT.,.-?* . : ? c*<>t?". bat that funr owe word* r? Hmtm'. Mh* tarn thT^a over-turn it arar ?- A rMc rrem StZLtt Impreaafec. hat a voice rroa ih??i ..... ?f*t?ab harrowing Tbc captain thaueht the ifctn* worth looking into. a ad wfer* i^.l^ MttvtMdwfud ?Kto, t*? eMftrb a he lad aecreted thrmerlraa tor the catena. ef *Z Ca|*. Aatheaoattkmafthe kMUllMAM^ m? caaetrt> ted downward with hia rom, .*. ton* weight on top of him lt mar be r? ?d.i? imagined that both nmfAot barbed In |H?rw? m*?- ymi th'rx * uarterT*^' r*,t ?", ?*J *? ^ k to ther a. J aitlt! 1' i^|TC L,r?-?^ ?rn?ge (M at r?W \ i?!T . , 5*1 ',Ur# al tb. be?|<ita ol the hilLllA pMlfc A ?'?? bed I,ar.g.-.f ?TT Y,*F*rrrl l* tk* *??* * i . J ""f' *'? pTNuuncnl Jm.| fh? jj '"*' ??'?tun*. IMMW, deelred lottTMM ^ ? 'K"*"' I. a lid Im OlirlM >1 (tir , |,M{ and h,-afet ,d the ? heet an.i atlrm, t .: kit tnial !??,. rat ma. bu without e*ooe.~ Ho ikrU. ?,','"',l *? !??*? ** ** ?"?Tir?.biltwt t * tt4* I t*nn.. -gaetric nere.e. mm! |.?m4 ? *?rong cuririit ???nii rvaleaf leut aaromie. Bawa aft*? h aw at reepiraUau a, pr .?,t r? mnutr* the .??WIM |.?Uati?.n wa* rar.>Krt?Ma . L* rV '^u* a* I U* toi gu. t>?4 to be drawn out with | to >nvf , , for the I t. A few ??n.e? oi b'ood w,re?h taia.-d tr?.m the medico-cephaiir rem. the dilated pupil* coi.'ractr<i. ilia ot lifebe lt T*** **Hl ?**rr ? lew drop. of ? icohoi were given. miiacnlar coutia -t'on? be came viable without elect rw-ity. >?tni'h re turned tw tlie feet, the |>al?ati<'ti ia the c?i.<ti.< a?t?rW re\ oiuuenoetl, and the p.t.ent waa MvM, V hkat ? > IV r From ^ntae etw rietice autl t <? little oh?rrTati<tu. we ha?e |?m ?'I? 'IV*. N?u"f eJ ?bai the |n^? ?..rn ??, BeMnoM ran hLkl alaaat t.w Uk aafcif. for the of wheat culture can I* ni?Jt more |*o&iable be a liboral u?e of * ?Undatti cbaru. tar, 5*2 v.rAC t^wVer tiae rl.r Ian I. tl W Tt ?*,y B'"*n u fbat lliiae cl?l b< 1.1* now turown out a> ? \*t* UimI# ran ma<le to yieW more by ?urb trf?t metit in l roinrtiou to the outlay, bat w<- ara conduced wftb i ro|*r caUure and a judirioa* at j.nation ol the abore-aaention?.l nuuurm tbc> will, m ax-jiet of yaar?, abeo!au>lr i>r.>duoa nioie. acie tar acre, an 1 at the mm uta. be in an imj ro* utg oonditioa. ?itii u Whij. Mr' L*R to <*trter with the new* nr Mr. I?arw1r. and of eour-e the potnt ol hia arrrrnent reel* upon bin great ?T.e.-iait? Un be aM?ert> In an Int. re?tii.^ Mrina \? k,' * wblrb he U now d. Ilrerln/ i? tha barrier between t emt Buj niJt? wblle be admit* that one form of lawui? the emotional?ench a* eriea-b. .-ommon To and me a, but rational *|^ei, ^ th<- pnnwute * of man alone. The aae af emotional iMcuaaa *"'t o"frequently retained by tho?? whom tm. !?r ^r? T> b?" deprived ol all |M>?rr .m' rational -peerh. The r.?t* word* are our M rational beit.*. while no trace ot them, or ativtbtnc rorr.**t?OT..tji, ? t? them, l.a* eve^ been dieeovered among the unuit advanced ot a pea. * ?9~A ( InrinnaU man alio i? to n > t?i ;>>i ri. <1 it. Keptetuber. lib around iMturt ,Um? M>a*|tet hi* eat tra.nod to it. ?*- Among the attract mm tor the coming <ea >on at Xfthont will be an eeen do/-i. .?? thn llarrar.1 |<ote?aors. ball ?l whotu, It i* gaar ?nte?<1, *hall wear gla??e* ami !w bald. A Nevada naper r?|iorta tbat the mtvant ftelena nave *trui-k tor a ?, two eilk drciKa. and tbe privilege of the i arlur every Sunday. nt "??beille pni.l?.,e. i prodamation a*kmg dni|ri;ii>t* to turni.l. all L tTtll,V,"Ml'l# ,0.1 "<??'*?< ekolera mndiciwea ^ tii the t>Htoe. a Tut to charg?? tliem to the c Ay. ?^-.'oah Billltig* fay* "Fu<- work* tiar.l all SSliff d^'' tdoL?nn-T r?e? to K..1 tir.-.l at.night, g.t* up the neat morning and begin* where ahe left cph." * 'cgma ?y NotwitUat tiding the fact that the reeent tornado in Iowa blew the leather, ofl irwa |M>u.trr,we bare yet to hear a *mgle i.Ktan. o of a woman* losiug her talac hau St L ?? t Item/*, rat. *zi?zn?s"z?i 'T.iiz vrr.4 :? "**.' '*?*- Hpreb bio. iMn >nn ssK'^siEsryLss- ????> *f"J?Bre r?Q one <* flip-flam ant a COOJ offv- inquired an old 1 wl? ot an sSwniahaS dry good* clerk, in Saeanrnxh, tba otu?r tat *f el? lengthy examination terrified dark Or d^covered ahe a anted a palmetto r? , ^ little fellow at t'onneauteuu: p?n put hia linger between Uu ball and M(> of an' inverted iron aettle. aad whan hi* h^rr^.rotlier aat down on the kattle. the tender fl t.g-r wm amputated with neataam and ?''Star Oaro, Wia., a cold dlmt*r? .. _ pgr?t4!d; 11 ?? "*'d 60 be very ahaadant al??ut ***^y faet below the aarthce, having been brought to light ia a cutting far a railroad There b> oonaiderabie atrial rauroa*. *"*w ? ?x>naiaeraDM excitement, and onelor iTrTKfm'r " U hare made h^I bw landaf ,M*n,tT by refumng aiOO.OOu tor ? abbiib. a?!ARs;a:?vi c,ciu* wftxjfctafc bibb. ? At Milan. Italy. HAUOIC. r >aac*at da-jabtrr of Hear Admiral Th?odorm Bail-,. U. ruDcfJjtt chap*l of Oak Bill Ormetar,. *T4TJ?nTw*day, iuae 17th, at 4 ? h. Cam ana Cb??b J a. m tTeST v^r fri^ada to the ram^terv. ' Wl<l lRmh8; IiLtbt Ut* ?? JOSBTH WIL LIA*8,Mi?g.,; *.,? ot B H O and Blira l.r... | Bailiiti re Md , bk ! M -in pMa.TeM.,pa?eraab?aiece?? 1 ' Mooda, June Inth, at I ?'cl,v k a m 4-MhtHf A Mali* >a anl Fiinrtal will tak^ place >a morrow,at I ?'< lock a 3*. ce^fo"! 5i?''"?*aaal J r?J." WM fB, Ro 1 l#?h ltr?*#t . h?*t u . *?t| I df|(j T ? TALBOTT Oa tin- Mth mat , W ILLIAM l<?HN j^M,agHllm^i,tba.eoaotHarr> B ane ?ai> TaJ Kadlv w.. i> tin parmt- o>r tl?-?, ? J*1 h?th tf'J-d thw '?tli? hw, Tboti ha*t I.-ft u* in thf b>'M<it i , Thoa w ilt tN-ver mon-rrtaru t?en^. hot not f?>rg tt^ti. ? IIV J an vN<, r S i,rt "V J ''IM' * T H A k IN K H Ml t?>i Ol FLB1 , a H" of thr k > J ..-ph m ?l"1 d <a*hi?r >4 the aia J ha il'iJax-* Ufflr? , of U^.rgatowa, I). C. li.t- rmPut at Ur<-*naofd c-m^trr , ?Va V >rk. undertakersT K HARD F. UAftVKT, TTX^TDr (Sar,.,^, u tlAHVkf t MAKK.? Bo. *34 V Btasar. betweea Bint* and *A"TALLtC bUKlAL CASES AMI) Ciklifa ar mr, ^ootmai. a*rl SHKOVUS. MAIt'TS, ?. |J It'MAHU W. BARK Bit, CABINET HAM AM AND ONI1AM.TAM.mM. ?1? BLBVBBTB BTBBBT, >?ar ? tOKNlTVAA V/gifaAlNuM MAVMAMM \\ IUIAB BACBBTvi UNDBRTiUEMK, Bo.TS* Tra Stibbi,BxrwnaQ an BJ THhL2 obtaln?S\y * ^h *1 Tkr ?to?:us daceaaad. Ailarr*.>ii" ta\ii^g ciakBMaaaiuat in* aa*a ^T? &?' ?ar,.3 to aihlbeSa aim, ? one bet a thereof, t? the eahecnl^r, oa ar betora the Ita awe of Jane next.' taar war ataar by Jaw be asclaaed from all ? ail ot tm- aaM ?""^'rair^r |* TUBM'rMMBOl^TjTor T*BDUTE.OT TVIrt Am* tf Jvm*. UT1 W F.Corraau. a Go., ra. Daaiai hat-BI , k .M i( l#Mfe ?szz,?. rw WSIFJL'A1!!!"-4. Srsr-H, I Tkltkk yrllciC ?? lk? SSi i.^r" n "raasfsrssi

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