Newspaper of Evening Star, June 16, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 16, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. 1 MONDAY Jaae in, 197S. ] LOCAL NEWS ladies' Festival, '?th-street .Methodist Pv>t*st *nt church. Sn advertisement. (,'tt'Uin K. A Ryther Is <]uite ill at his resi dence . in Kast Washington. a in invited to a notice in another cc Id bid ot a festival held by the ladiea of tbe 8?cond Baptist church. The work ob tne new wwfcni market house, at tbe corner of Jlst and K streeU northwest, is l? DfOfTflf Tbe sloop-of-war St. Mary's, which has been recently dismantled at tbe navy yard at Nor folk. will be ?ent to the Washington navy yard to be converted into a steamer. In tbe Police Crart to-ilar George Peston was Charged with tbe larceny of two stoves from tbe residence of the Peruvian minister on the 3d ii.stant. and. after hearing the evidence, be was Sentenced to jail for wt days. Tbe Board of Public Works have directed that the blue stone pavement corner ot 4* and C streets nortbwext be taken up and relaid, to conform to the grade of the C street wood pave ment jnst laid. The old volume of Harris' Entries (under the Maryland law), which has l>een in use by the clerk of the eonrt since 182$ (and how'long before no one knows) in empan netting jurors, was to-day laid aside, a new one having recently teen procured. From .1. Shillington we have the Popular ard Franl Lftlie't Lo-ly't .Vaga m- for .Inly; fron Kervand ?V Towers (Wash ington agents for the Leonard Scott Publishing Company's reprints') we have the L>-mUi* <juar fer'? Rerifw for April, a fine mimler. The second anniversary of the'l.incoln mis sion. I'nion mission, and Island Institute Sab bath schools was held In the First Congrega tional church yesterifav afternoon. The exer cise* consisted in singing, reciting tbe Lord's Prayer, and reading the Scriptures in con ???rt. Damon Conclave. No. 1,S: P. K., has i-IecMd and installed the following-named officers fo;, tlie en?uii g term: Commander, Geo. D ce; v,ce rommandtr. Jasper Scott, herald, J si ah T. Ford; recorder. Wm. M. Stella; treasurer. Jn?. M. Hinkle; guard, Jas. Roach; senunel, J. P. C hardier. Owing to the fact that extraordinary demand* Lave recently been made on the Congressional printing office by members of Congrestt who aesired to have a large number of public docu ments printed and sent off before July 1, the appropriation made by Congress to defray the expenses of the office has been exhausted, ami mt>?? of the employ** have been fnrloughed until the 1st of July, when the appropriations for tbe next fiscal year will become available. The anniversary of Uie minding of Howard anlversity was celebrated last evening at the Corgregational church, In the presence of a large number of visitors. Prayer was offered by Rev. Dr. Rankin, and Gen. O. O. Howard delivered an address on "The Plan of Life." Mr. Frederick Douglass then introduced Miss Mary Carj-eiiter. of England, who In a few re marks complimented the colored race upon the ml vancenient ot their people in this country since their emancipation. ? The HrsTiv.Tos SriT auaixsit thkMet- ] jm-poii- Pivine C<'?pa*y on Saturday, : Judge I*a>chal, in the case of Huntington ag't. { the Metro|?olis Paving companv, tiled excep tions to the answer ot tbe defendants to the bill I of plaintiffs. The exceptions are that several i ot the interrogatories remain unanswered; that the defendant* fail to state what contracts were entered into; also the sum they have received on the same, tint they claim the plaintiffs intestate is imlebted *2.i44.1?, but this catiti>t be set up by way of answer, and thev ask that that part of the answer which ?avs"That -aid Ga-saway, | by h>s communicatio ns to the public press ha.- ? endeavored to produce the false impression i that the said company was organized and ha- I been conducted for the purpose of fr ?udulently seer.ring contracts from the District govern ment and thereby making larj;e profits which were participated in by prominent officials," which statement is . in;-ertiu-riT and scanlalou-i, l?e stricken out. and they further ask that the | defendant be compelled to put .11 a fall aud , suf;cienf ansuer. ? Istebestibo School Exercise* A large I and interested audience listened to the closing ! eaercites of Mrs. G. M Condron an<l .Miss A. Tolman Smith's younj ladies select school, which were he'd In Calvary Baptist Church Saturday evening. The programme consisted ot compositions, selected reading and m i?ic. The music was unusually fine, while ail the literary selections were well rendered. Tenny son's "Lady Clare." by Alice Clapp, was the most remarkable reading ot the evening. The essay "Two Cities," computed by Miss Fr auk Lake, and tbe beautiful valedictory, by Miss Lizzie Brewer, showed that young ladies are trained in careful and intelligent thought and graceful expression. Diplomas of graduation were presented to Miss Lucy Crl*tcnd<n and Miss Lizzie Brewer by Rev. l?r. Parker, after which General John Eaton, I*. S. commissioner of education, closed the exercises with brief but 1 exceedingly interesting remarks. Arrest or a* Allb^bp Hoes* THier? | Detective McPevitt and I.t. Skippon ar res led a man named Henry Sackett on Saturday night last at a bouse on 13th street, charged with horse stealing. A short time ago Mr. Richard Cropley, of Georgetown, left his horse ami buggy staading in front ot bis store, when it is allege^ Mackett came along, and jumping in drove oft' towards this city, and when in the neighborhood ot the signal office, on G street, being hotly pursued he jumped from the buggy, mounted a sad 1 He horse near by, and made away, escaping arrest at that time. On Saturday evening he came in from Virginia. and after riding about town went to the house where he was arrested, lie was taken to police headquarters, aad on searching him. preparator\ to locking him np. the officers found ?1.S6 and a^gokl watch ami chain on his person. To-day. accompanied by Gen Henkle. he was taken to the Police Court, and gave bail in *1,M0for his appearance. ? HriitY t> tri New Fire Alarm Tblb graph?In consequence of the explosion of a coal od lamp in a dry goo. Is and millinery store on 7 th street last night about 8 o'clock, the store was set on fire. Fortunately the Diuei were ext.ima>sbed with but little damage from the fire, bnt during the excitement some thief stole ?<o from the money drawer. An attempt was made to turu in an alarm for the fire from box t?3. but as one or two occos.ons recently the attempt was worse than a failure, for C was sounded instead of til. sending the firemen in a diflerent direction. Thie relying ou our used ap fire alarm apparatus may "yet lead to a dis astrous couflagaratioii. It would be better until we have new wires arsl alarm t?oxes to sound the bells l>y hand or carry tlie news to the engine houses. Key. D. B- Jvt?ej?,oC the K-street Baptist Church, preached his farewell sermon before tbe congregation ot that church yesterday, and will leave for New York in a few days to take eharge ot a chnrch !n that city. During the ministration of Dr. J. over seventy persons have been added to the membership, an<l he leaves the church in a highly pros|>eron? condition. At the close of the morning services a beauti fully engrossed copy of the resolution* which | were adopted by the church on Tuesday e veiling j la-f were presented to Dr..fatten. At rhe close j Of the evening service the ord'tiauce of baptism | was administered to two persons. | Pp.o B?>*<> Pi blu ???Mr. James S. Barker, proprietor of the Kenebec Ice Company, has aeiit a request to the Board of Public Work* asking that permission be granted to promote the cause of temperance and gratify the thirsty public by piacinf in front ol his premises. No. 1513 Pennsylvania avenue, a gigantic water cooler, to be kept constantly filled with water and a superior .[Utility of Kenebec ice, for the gratuitous *se of any ami everybody. There quest has been granted L Kbvkxth street is now i?eiug cut down from H street to Ne? York avenue to conform to the new grade. Three old pumps?one near the southwest comer ?t New York areptie, one near the southwest corner of I street, and oue near ".he northwest corner of H street ?are to ho taken out aad the wells filled, as all the houses on this street are supplied with hydrant water. The statement tn a morning paper that this street is to be pared with wood from D to Boundary street, is without authority. l.Essons m pEEwctt?By the aniiwinee ment elsewhere it will he seen that Pr?fe?sor Miaon, the well-known teacher of French, will begin his summer oourse on the 17th inat. The p? pi to of Prof. Masson have the exception al advantages of training by a thoroughly ac eompll^ed teacher, who is able, by hit native knowledge of the language, not only to learn them how to read it ieently, but alim to pro nounce it accurately. ? a An OacaBoraiun representing a first-class niTbc*tra with drums,cymbals, and chimes, has bca* Imported trem Germany by Mr. Henry Schwartsenberg. 4?k Pennsylvania avenue, at a cost of and free concerts are given dally ami nigbtiv on If. giving all a chance to hear who de*ir<- to do so. See advertisement under amusement head. A Baby Lett to fT9 Fats?Yesterday morning, a colored woman found a colored infant about three months old in n sand bank at 16th aad Boundary streets, where it had been left to die by its mother. It was tempo rarily cared for bv a family named Frailer, living in that vicialty, until other arrangements can be made. Covtuact* have been aimle by the Board ot Public Works with Tompkins A Ruckle for tbe construction of n si a-foot two-ring barrel sewer on O street northeast, from 7th to 9th stmets? also, tor an intercepts* ditch on Boundary street east, from 11th to^lHh streets. Real F/tate Sales?Kerby, Deat & Co.. sacfioneers, ea Saturday, sold Iota 14,14, aad 17. in square 16. and parts or lot 12 in square M, u J. Li Hill fox _ SCHOOL? First Ih'trvi.?Ktlc lat?imill tt? Ko. S, Mri IIIth E Hilton, teacher, was examine-l to-day by Trustee# Btrrtf, Hart IM Baailolph sad Super intendent Wilson. There srs U ptistls OT the mil, aad U were present. Nearly ail w II ha transferred to tbr idtui'?l grade next year. Th? award* war* ?- follow#;?Medal, Harry B. Mciiabb, dialotuas to ?k1ne\ Holllngvworth, Harry Dillon. Johnson El iott:Wm CWln.Ckirlet latK, Cbarl~< Catch cart, Getrrse HartweH, Frederick Benjsmiu, James Mr Anile, Henry Barclay, Joseph Barclay. Rob't Fenwck and Jsmee Cowen Third i#??frirf ? Intermediate Bo. 1, (female.) Walla* n building. Hut Lncv B. Davis. teacher,was examined this alferno>n by Trustee* French, Allan. PnHn and Scott. The medal w as awards] tn Mary 4? Jonea. aad diploma* to Mary C. Jones. Cornelia Dodge, Nettie West. Lillie I'rua, G-?rgt t AJdia. Cecelia Donghtv, Annie H?rrirgton, J *annett?* Garff. Blanche Jordan. Belle CarrJll. War) H<lrae? Ahaie Taylor, Ma Hauler, A lice Stromberger, Leonella Trutchell, AlfVida Tfoiras. ?'ity prise w U spelling. Cora R Ober: eity prize in wrltinr, Nettle I West Ft ire* awarded by tbe teacher to tho?e who ? ere perfect in spelling. Belle Osrroll, Annie Har rington, Nettle Bcarff, Mary Jonea, aad Nettie Jef fries: for drawing books to Nettie Wed and Nellie Abbott, and for sap-drawing to Alice Stromberger and Alfrida Thomas The Oeraaaii EB-dal wa? awarded lit Mr. D. Belke to Mary 0. Jonea, and a premium of a haiidaonie book to Cecelia Doughty. There are forty pupils oa the roll* of this school, and B will be pruaK'ted. Intermediate No. 3<male), Wailach buildiag, Mia Marv G. Kelly, teacher, was examined this after noon by Trustee Scott, assisted by ' ther members of the sab-board of this district. The me1*1 wax awarded to Elbert G. Benson, aal diplomas to Ed ward Chandler. J. Kntter 8tal. up, Hiram A Drury, B Wall <t Martin. Samuel Tbom, George Gulnaud, Charles MrNelly, Avery Brown, Cavour 0. Bohrt-r, Eoward T. Toner, John Woodflt Id, John M< Xallv, n.arlea E. Saxton, Samuel Miller, Marion T. Cawood, and Solomon Degen. J. Butter Sialcup receive*! two hand-< tn- books at a premium for iteritorioua conduct during the year. This achool received the flrst pri?? of its grade in penutauship. Uarry W Mo? Iricli ;>eing awarded a three months' "clfolarvliip ia ; *ie Washington B- <m-ss L>y Mr. H C. Spenc . the prrsUI* nt Tlie iniini?er oi pupil- op the rol is SI. and of (bis number *t are to I.t pmniotnl. tv rik Dtxtrirt ?Male Intermeliate No. 3, Mhs M'rfeie Fumpbrey teacher, was exannrej at 10 r> clock to day by Trustee ttL?e. Ttaers ?r? 39 nan es of pnpils on the roll of tliia school, and 36 sc. pits art- ready for transfer to higher (trades During the past school term Mine Pumphrey has transferred 47 pupils. The promrtness with which the children snswered all ?tuestion* was a feature of the examination to-day, and the examining trustee expressed himself well plea-ed with the progress naiiifntil. The merit roll was as follows: Medal, Edward Boland, Diplomat?Brower Spransey, Rich ard Losnao, Lewis Fredirtck, Frederick Ritter, Frederick Graham, Thomas McQueen, (ieorge B*nm. tieetge Taylor, John Ks-mu, Win Vesaey, Tin ma* O'D^nnell, and Wn. Reic. W'm. Byan re ceived th? second prize for penmanship Femsle Intermediate No. 1, Mrs. Mar ah Wise, teacher, was examined at luJU o'clock to-day l<y T'ustee Wilson, assisted by Trustees Chum pi in, Crook aad At Lee. Mr. John B. Thompson, princi pal of the male grammar school, a as preseat, with several teachers of lower grades, and aianv friends and paretits of the pnpils. This school, standing ia rank as It does next to the gramaoar school, is re garded with great interest by all a ho taxe a pride in our public schools. On the r?ll are the name* of g pupils, at.d all are ready for transfer to the grammar school. -IonId the number of vacaiiciea iu it permit. The children were all dressed in white, and the scene, as they marched into the main hall to the mnsic of a voluntary on the piano bv one of the young ladies, was very brilliant. A* was antici Cated. tie examination was a sure*" in all the ranches teated: the reading w a* |?rticn!arly good, and the other branches were fall} up to the usual excellence in this school. w hich stands ia the front rank or the Intermediate scho< Is of this city. Ia awarding tb<- medal. Annie Daily, Leila J Her ron, Fannie M. M-?ore. Katie Au.ler-?n. Alice I'ar roll and Annie Bowell were m ritorioo*. but the latter was the lucky one Diplomas were awarded to Katie Anderson, Kat ? Johnson, Mary Mnllen, Ella Williitms. Maiy Fitzhngh, Flora Hendley, Mary Magill. Matilda L'.udgnist, J ;nnie Stern, Ada Milburn, Anna Bxtei, Lfzue Whyte, M?ry Corcoran, Almira N >yes. Ida Davis. Ma Fa hey.Mary French.'Marv Depne.Blanche Hepburn, Kttie Hepburn. Mar* Fuzgerald, Jennie Dr^iry, A la M arders, Fannie Mills, Anne Grnbam, Ka" ie Dnnti. Su?ie Gedney. Marian Aim erm-n, Jante Dn lir. Martha Yonson and Fanny Slir-ve. 3eUa J. H<:v>n, Kannie M. Moore, Alicj Carr ll, Annie Daih y, Maggie U'Learv and Eva Ha/anl receive.1 (??Id meuaU from school mates ?od fri"n?N of the ?c h< x>l, the S r*t f.->ur tia^ed being ??anal with the one who re, < i\ ed the hr?t honor; Eva Hazard and Mag gie O Leary equally deservingexc? pi absent one d ly. T? "n?y-? lie of t he pupil*: were pre-entever* -.---i g of tlm number M Corcoran and Leila Herrou have been punctually present for >??ni years au<l J- rinie Drnrj for four y? ar?. Annie Dsiley was awarded CltlfltMe ft?r excellem e in pe unansbip; Flora Hendley, Kate Anderson atxl Aon e Dailev re<-eiv<d books from their teacher; Fannie M. Mo,ire, Kate Johnson. Marv Knock and Auni- Dailev re< eived haifls< me b<^oks from Prof. &olk?, teacher of lier n an, for application in that study The examining tiiMee aLd all the visitors present expressed them selves warmly in prai-e of the teacher. ? CSreat Crj aud Utile Waol. THE I I I!LIC SCANDAL 1? VE8T1UATKD? ??> FKACD CHARotD, BI T LXriAYAHAMK. On Saturday evening the *p?!cial coin unit tee ai>i*uinted l?v the Board oi Tnwteesof Public Schools held a meeting to inquire into the alUgation* of miamanagement, Jt.. made by Mr. A. K. Browne, iu the Council, on the authority af a member of the b>ard of trustees. Mr. Browse waa present, and stated that the substance of what had passed between Trustee Scott and himself was about as follows: When the normal achool bill in the Coun cil he met Mr Scott, wno, in conversation, estreated hir^elf somewhat dissatisfied with th - prevent management of tk? schools, and be s>fs?a* several transact ions in connec tion with the third district. He made no cha-ges of fraud, but said that there had been (according to his recollection) a reckless ex penditure of money, and hegare an account of several transactions inhis(thH third)district. Those etatements were not mac* in contideuce, and he (Mr. Browne) had referred to them in the Council. Subsequently be requested Mr. Scott to give him the statements in writing, and lie had done so, but marked "private 'on them. When he (Mr. Browne) was asked for the letters in the Council, they lielng so marked, he mused to give them up, bat. after what had passed he did not think he woull be justified in withholding them. Mr. Browne now submitted the letters referred to. In'one of tbem Mr. Scott states r? refer ence to the normal achool bill that "Such a school is much needed for the training of teach ers. Coakl the means be had to start a high school 1 should prefer to see that done; but the finances of the District will nor allow it." And he also suggested: "By dispensing with the tour sub-assistants in the Female Grammar schools *1,800 could be saved, and by dispensing with the German ?1.400 more could be save. As now taught in the schools the German is worse than useless. 1 am not opposed to the Oerman being taught in the schools wr te. But It should be proi>erlv regulated and properly tanght, neither of which is now done. When the time comes (and that will be when we shall have a high school) let the Oerman be taught iu the schools." The "private" letters are as follows: "Mr. Brofmt The matters I referred to iu mi casual interview, a few daya sinco, relate wholly to tbr sub board of the third di-trict. and should not be allowed to Interfer- with the pa?age of Ute bill new before the Council. 1 know Mr.ll.; well un derstand him, too; and can show, even to his eat is faction, that wrongful expenditures nave been made, and. too, in direct violation of the rale prescribed for the government of tlie sub-board. But as I pro Kt in a few days to sever my connection with the rd. I do net care to trouble myself or my friend* with tbe matter. I know when and where to app>y a remedy, and will, at tbe proper time, do so." '?Mr. Broimt: Bill- allowed, which 1 feel confl dent are far ia excess of what any prudent bu-uue-, man would allow or pay: 128 feet light iron fence ia fiont of the McCor mi< k Buildidr 9 "<S3 9U Repairing and setting up 17 stoves 00 W bitewashing fence aud rooaaa ia Wallach Building... 171 Ou Varnishing the d*eks and a few other things at same building, including an item of i) gallons varnish, at #3 per gallon 3ul 00 , Here are foar bills, and I feel confident Ui*\ lay man of sound ji:<Igmeut will say that $???). if not 47i?, would be a liberal sum for ih-.- ?h >l?. But these are not all. ' A M. 8." Mr. Browne was questioned by Mr. Scott, and ?said that he could not recollect whether the word" reckless"or "extravagant" w.?s used, but the idea conveyed was that there had been a criminal expenditure of money. Mr. Scott said he used the word excessive/' In answer to other questions, Mr. Browne said that Mr. Scott had not mentioned other members. The construction be put upo-i the conversation was that there were other frauds in other districts, but no cases wen specific. Mr. Scott made uo specific charges except as to his own district. Mr. Detrlck suggested that there was a dif ference between extravagance and fraud, and be was led to believe by the remarks made by Mr. Browne that gross frauds were being per petrated. Mr. Brown said It was bis inference from Mr. Scott's language that frauds were creeping *nto the board. Mr. Scott, however, did not men tion the names of any trustees. Mr. Scott then made the following statement: Feeling a deep interest In the normal school bill. I was anxuws to show where tbe money could be saved to carry it oa. I mot Mr. Browne and be asked me how the schools were getting on, and I said well, and expreeeed the hope that the normal school bill would pas*. He said the difficulty would be to And the mtstr to carry It ou. 1 immediately remarked a* to the sub-as sistants and the Cerr an, ard stated that there re bills <? expenses la excess of what thev should be .(Mr. Browne soys I said "reckless and criminal.") and 1 mentioned the bills nowhere, and said I had investigated them and had not mr^Jirt'd ln ^ sub-board or tn the genual board. I made no charge of fraud hgafiist any member of the board In any maa ner,shape, orfsrm. I simply said the bills were excessive, aatravanatithr the charge of fraud and corruption had never entered mr mind It Is probable that the coamiltteeVu ^eport the testimony only. 1 Raimoad Eluctiox.?By an order of tbe town council of Harrisonburg, Va., an election will be held to-morrow upon the question ot the town subscribing an additional t2S,ooo to the Washington, Cincinnati aad St. Louis Narrow Goage railroad. The conditions of this sub scription are, (hat the read he comssenoed iu or near the town of IIar^?berg, aad ran thence by the moat practical route to Brldgowater, thence to North River Gap, ia Augusta county, aud that the bends ho tahea by the oompany at par value, to become dee In sot less than twenty years, aad to hoar seven peCoent. in terest. parable semi-annually, aad not to be issued until the raflroad is under contract to the Highland county hag. C UAROS or JCDOR MACARTHUR TO TO GRAH 3 ion. To-day the June term of this oourt ?n con vened by Judge Arthur. The grand and petit Juror* w$e ciJled. Twenty on the grand and twenty on the pStit jury ana we red to their "mtIo.A.Behrirwascheeen foreman of the grand Jurr and sworn, and the other jurors were sworn ee fbllows: Jfohn Stahl, B. J. Chamben, Wm. Clabaugh, Ed ward Green, N. C. Draper, WTfc. Croggon, L. Neomeyer, A Eberiy. Deraey Carter, F. Douglas, jr., J. E. Miller, T. Evans, R. Eichorn, C. A. Appell, 4. G. Bowen. G. W. l>onn, D. Uellagban, and L. W. Guinand. nrt .rrc>GR s chakor. Judge MacAithur addressed them as to their dutiee, stating that it was their duty to examine and present those who are charged with the transgression of the law. The dttrlct attorney would prepare all formal indietments. It was necessary that fifteen should be present at the session, and twelve are required to acquiesce in finding a true bill. It his been the duty of the grand jurors, for a few years past, to act on the most atrocious crimes, but the ermmnnity could congratulate Itself that the perpetrators had been brought to speedy punishment. Since the last term of this court the people had been shocked by the commission of anocions homi cides. It would be well that these cases are acted on promptly. We were not alone, tor throughout the country the commission of these cnmes seems to be epidemic. If we ever ex pect to free the District of such crimes, the cases should be acted on promptly, the perpetrators presented, tried, and if guilty be made to suffer the extreme penalty of the law. In these cases, however, they should act carelully, for it has sometimes happened that parties have been made to wrongly Buffer the penalty of the law. a i?f afterwards the guilty party was discovered. He then defined murder, and called their atten tion t? the statutes relating to gambliug. duel ling, and elections. Mr. Stahl was sworn a? bailiff, and then the grand jury retired to their I room. TJIR TAIL nOCKET I numbers M cases, of which 2 are for rape, \ for I assault and robhery, 8 for horse and mule steal I ing, 3 for forgery, "l for bigamy, 9 for larceny. 1 I for false swearing, 7 for false pretences, 2 for I burglary, 9 for assault with intent to kill, 2 for I passing counterfeit money, 2 for assault (appeal I cases >, and 5 for murder, as follows:?Abraham I Bowens, for killing Dennis Hawkins: Henry I Young, alias Charles Williams, for killing the I drover, Frank Hahn: Samuel Mason, alias I Samuel Kainev. for killing John A. Tucker, I Bowie Williams, acceesory to same; and Mi I cliael Kane, for killing his brother .John. The I last-named is committed for assault with intent I to kill. The following were drawn for grand I jurors to (111 vacancies:?George H. Oaddis, I Josiah W. 1 ?eener, John Cammack and F. X. I Doolev. And the following as petit jurors:? I John Brent, L. D. Means, Samuel Bacon, Wm. Lucas and George W. Calvert. DedlratiM mi IcKeadree Chapel. McKendree (M. E.) Chapel, which has been I rebuilt and enlarged, (as described in The I Star oPFrlday,) was dedicated yesterday in the | presence of a very large congregation. In the I morning there were on the platform Bishop I Ames. Rev. G. W. Hildt, Hev. Wm. KeTguson, 1 Rev. G. A. Hall, Kev. G. W. Cooper. Rev. Wm. I Mullen, Rev. F. S. Evans Rev. J. G. llenning, I Rev. W. W. Buck , and Rev. S. Kramur. The I services were opened by a short address from I Bishop Ames, setting forth the purposes for which all were assembled, after which the :wth hymn was announced by Rev. Mr. Cooper, the I p.istur, and sung by the choir, under the leader I ship ot J. N. Davis", accompanied by Prof. Sau ders, of Baltimore, on a large Estey organ pur I chased of hiin. After prayer by Rev. G. W. I Hildt, Rev. G. A. Hall read a portion of Scrip I ture, followed by an anthem by the choir. I Bishop Ames then delivered a very able sermon I from the words fonn<l in the 24th aiid 25th v^r-es I of the 2lst chapter of John. After the sermon I about thirty minutes was spent In raising funds I to help to liquidate tUe debt on the n-w church, | which was stated to be ?I2.Q00, the editlee co?t I itg *22,000, of which ?10,000 hid been paid. I The collection and subscriptions amounted to I s.V'OO. In the evening the services wtre opened I with j>rayer bv Rev. Mr. Mullen; alter which I Rev. I>r. Cleveland, ot Foundry Church, deliv I ered a forcible sermon from 1st Timothy, vi. 12. I Another effort was made to raise funds, and the I sum was increased by over ?3,0OO, making an I aggregate of over ?8,ooo fortlie day, leaving not I over *4.000 to be provided for. After singing I the Doxology the congregation was dismissed. I The Union Meetiso or Protestant I Episcopal Si sday Schools?The uniou I meeting of the P. E. Sunday schools of the Dls I trict of Columbia, at Epiphany church in this city to-morrow afternoon, at 5# o'clock, prom I ises to be an unusually interesting occasion. I The number in attendance will be about l.floo, I and as diligent efforts have been directed to the I preparation of the musical portion of the ser I vice, the Kev. C. 1). Andrews of Christ church, I Nary Yard, "being In charge thereof, the slng I ing by the schools will be of a high character. I The assistant Bishop of Maryland, Rt. Rev. I Wm. Pinckney, D. D., will preside (the Bishop I being unable to attend), and will b? assisted by I the rectors and ministers of the churches in I this district. Addresses will be delivered by I the Rev. A. B. Atkins, of St. John's, George I town; Rev. J. H. Elliot, of Ascension, Wash | ington, and Rev. W. F. Watkin*, Epiphany, I Washington. The choir of Kplphanv c&urch I will also assist in the services. An offeri ng will I be made for a missionary purpose. The .Sunday I schools from Georgetown ana the Navy Yard I have arranged with the Washington and I Georgetown railroad company for transporta I tion, the former having specially chartered a I train of 10 cars, which will leave Georgetown I about p. m., filled with children and Sunday I school teachers. A Mixed Up Case.?A few days since Jus tice Walter had before him a case which excited considerable interest among the colored people. Louisa Jones, colored, charged Frank Boll with being tho father of her illegitimate child, born on the ilth of January last. Bell having been recently married added more to the interest of the case. Mr. Hagner appeared for the defend ant, and Mr. C. P. Harman for the prosecution. Quite a number or witnesses had been sum moned for the defendant, but two only ap peared, and after the prosecuting witness had testified positively that Bell was the father of the "kid," these two were called. Henry Wil liams testified that he had been with the girl on the 11th of April, of last year; that he knew it was the 11th of April because he had been paid off at that time, and was then engaged in watching a peach orchard when s?uie of the fruit was ripe. He further testified that he had told Bell of this on the "day of the 15th com mandment" (15th amendment.) Wiu. Hans bury testified that he was with the girl on the 10th and 12th of April. 1$72. The justice re quired Bell to give hoods to supi?ort the child, but the defendant appealed. ? Good Samaritans?Last week the twelfth annual session of District Grand Lodge, \'v>. 3, of the order of Good Samaritans and Daughters of Samaria, was held in this city. DUtriet Grand Chief, Thomas Davis, of Norfolk, pre sided, and there were 75 representatives present. W. H. Thomas, Henry O. Johnson, W. H. Brown, C. H. Marshall, G. J. Beans, J. W. Maine, John flL Green, and James H. Webster, were expelled. The election of grand officers resulted as follows: S. L. Nichols. It. W. I>. G. C.;R. T. Parns, It. W. I>. G. chief; Edwin Johnson, R. W. G. V. chief; W. H. Guinshaw. R. W. G. secretary. W. F. Cook, R. W. G. assistant sec.; K J. Homes, R. W. G. treas ; C. P. Pratt, R. W. O .orator; John Dillard. R. W. G., prelate : K . . rt Wi!*enson, R. W. G., marshal: Peter Mai l?w, R. W.D., asst. marshal; Lewis Willis, K. W. G., conductor; Joseph Reed, R. W. G., sentinel; John Stewart, It. W. G.. sentinel; Thomas Davis, R. W. (>., chief. After marching through the principal streets in this city and Georgetown, they returned to odd Fellows' hall, 13th street, where bountiful ref reshments were served. Tmk Ur.!" evolrnt Society of North I Washington, hold a festival in the Sunday I school room, corner of 8th and N streets, com I mencing this evening, and those who drop in I this evening, or any evening during the week. I will find what a nice supper can be served at I this time of year in Washington. The well I known ladies who have the festival in charge I will make It pleasant for all who attend. Grand Division Sons or Temperance? I The representatives of the divisions of the Sons ! of Temperance recently organ tied In the Dis I trict, are in session at the tJity Hall this after noon electing officers of the grand division of I the District, which will be Instituted this after I noon. The officers will be publicly installed at Wall's Opera Hense this evening. 1 Sm all-fox?-Since our last report two eases I of small-pes have been reported, one on East I Capitol street, between ir,tn and 17th streets northwest, and eae at 806 L street seuthwest. ? ?mm ?tv Tn Washington, Cincinnati and 8t. I Locis Narrow Gauge Railroad.?We have examined with much Interest the report of the president and directors, as well ae that of the chief engineer of the Washington, Cincinnati I and St. Louis railroad company. It is claimed I to be tho "shortest, the least costly In construc | tion, the suet favorable in gradients and the mcst productive to Its proprietors of any road between the Misslsslpprand the Atlantic," and as such it is hoped It will not fail to attract to it the capital and influence reqalette to make It the great three toot trunk line acreesthe conti nent. P. H. Borst, esq., the energetic president

Is actively at work, and has fhim in its final triumph. If inrtf Itahle energy ean remove the obstacles to Its way his success is assured? Kiektmomi Whig. An ?? ancient Christian oh arch" has been discovered in the interior of jfcpan. VThe new Spanish ministry has announced the separation of church and stale as part of the government programme. ?7"A young mi twenty years old, acitixen W I hev are selling a dnnk called "Froaen Trath" at the Plthbvg saloons. It is pleasant to know that a Plttobmrg man has any use tot IB con ?CIRCUIT COCBT, Mft Hmmphrrvt -To-day, Carter i|t. Smith, |l(i?W ??*'? aon anlt. POLICE COUBT, Jmdtt &*ll -To-day, Pat Bimii, Meanlt and battery o? Catherine Seaman, htswife, %awt boaiilokecy the Thoa. Leary ?ul DuM ? L)om, charged with mkSj*) ; U?n ami coot*, or .* <Ui? in jail. Asnea Anderson, larcnj of female clattuag Tr.<m Hannah Opp-abei Dani?l Smith, aaaaalt <>n Maria Win. Willians, ?<*tiv lar Wm. Smith. Mull ami mer; 46 daya In jail Jacaaou; ?*?, or 3U ?la> ? ceay; Su days ru jail. ? - battery on Adeliae Duckstt; MM) and casts. or k> da}? is jail. Wa. Butler ?ai < barged witb laroany of two pjatote, a ornate box. Ac.,from Cbas St#w*rt; he waa arr< *tt<l i toada for I ?p. an attachment 1 ordered forfaited. Oaorge Sprii.gaian, assault .?ft'1 II ry era, charged with foryn (f ajitu Ibr TM>t?d a few dayaa*o,ana placed anler hia appearance to-day. and, not ahowia* aebment waa iaaaed for him, aad bta bond* battery on A. 0. Bichards; ?5 and corta. Meyers,charged with forgery cf a note for ,w. v? tinned until Tur^day. L. Bpicer, Bach el N>e. Sarah 8ew<-ll,Charlotte Johr?>n. J.Clark, Tiller Cl.iwm, Tbos. Morrtartv, David Hamster .O oRrown, Walter fisher, Ji>ha W. Brown, Julia* Lee, John tainiieU aad Ephriam Daggett were fined far naiuji profane and indecent language. Qeorge Barber wa* fined f 6 for uaaooad meat for aale. Pat Bras nakan waa flned 910 and Char lea Hallory Charles Page. Wm. Ring and Charlea B. McHenry f 5 earh for naing load and boiaterona langaage. Mary Davis, M adorn Smith and (reorg* Waahiagton w . re aent to the workhonae aa vagrant*. Saaan Johnson was fined *90 for carrying a pistol. Charloe Sevat sou wm fined or JO daya in Jail for Indectit exposure. J. T. Marr waa lined fVfor carrying a pis-ol John Barch 98 for playing the game of ball in the street. Annie Davis and Jmh Daviawere fin^t ?S each for profanity. Th'-mas Kagan, a vagrant, wa* ?ent to the workhouse Dennis Beardon war fined 95 for indecent exposure. Tbi Ayt AKivM Cab Wrecked ?Omaha papers just received contain acco.iato of the partial wrecking of the train on th'1*! nion Pa cific railroad, ot which the Californi#wq>i*ritim car, which went out from Charleston. X. H., wa? a part, and of the loss of the SUO, tout worth of propagating tish intended for the rivers of the Pacitic slope. The accident occurred on Sunday. The train consisted of several passen ger anil one mail car, with the aquarium car between the latter and the engine. At Elk horti station, about thirty miles west of Omaha, a trestle work four hundred feet long ami aUout twelve feet in height, gave way, and the for ward part of the train began to sink through the bridge. The rear truck of the engine at <1 the cab sank first, which was soon followed by the tender. The fish car Rank through the bridge into the water below. The mail car was next, and of that the forward trucks only went over the edge of the break. The remainder of the train was uninjured. Road master. Carev, who was on the engine, was d row nod. When the aquarium car fell through the trm tle it sank completely under water, where it tipped over, and the fish escaped into the slough and thence to the Klkhorn. At least a million small tisb were let loose into a Nebraska stream. The river Is quite muddy now. so some of them will probably die. but the greater portion will live, increase and multiply, it is considered in Omaha a great thing lor the E'.khorn river, which is thus cheaply and magnificently stocked with the finest varieties of fish. Three tons of fresh water was taken on at Lake Michigan and Cedar Kapids, iowa, and three tons and a halt of ice at Chicago and Omaha, in anticipation of the long stretch of b:ul water country farther we?*t. all the preparations for the rest of the journey in perfect order. Mr. Stone lias been ordered'back to Washington with his two assistants, to take a fresh supply of shad and make another attempt with them to cross the continent under the auspices of the United States Fish Commission. A Terrible Tragedy The Kinstree f?. C.) Star of the 11th instant learned just as the paper was going to press of a horrible traced/ tli31 occurred in the neighborhood of Johnson ville, in Williamsburg county, on the loth. The particulars of the aft rav are very meagre, but as nearly a? can be ascertained it seem* that .lames McNamee, Stacy Britton and William Haselden, three white person*, became involv< d in a light, In which the first two were shot and killed by the last named. From a passenger whoarrivea in the city yesterday we learu that the two men who were killed went to the house of Haselden. sti old ruin, who, with his wife, livei son' <li?i"iT'iv from the village. Arrived tlif-re, it is all y d. fli-v male some demands to which HaseMen would not :b"-ede and which brought 011 the altercation. Hs-elden armed himself with adouble- barrel shot gun,and tiring upon the intruders, killed one with the contents of each barrel. ThkIHkeof Eimnbcro and the Czar'b Davghtkb.?A Loudon letter to the X. Y. World says: I have reason to believe that the marriage' of the Duke of Kdmburg to the daughter of the Czar will not comae#.* At least the course of Prince Alfreds love does not run smooth. Since his return be wean anything but the air of a happy lover; and to a friend who ventured to ask nim how the affair was go ing on, he displayed aa anger that boded no good. The trouble is, I am told, that the voung lady does not wish to accept him, and that her parents, for reasons quite satisfactory to them, are not displeased at her reluctance. Never theless the match may come off, although 1 doubt It. Not ip She Knew ItI?Thursday night, about half alter nine, a large crowd assembled at the First African Baptist church, with the expectation of witnessing a marriage ceremony, but a far different scene was witnessed. The couple made their appearance and started up the aisle, wh?-?. ? c umber one arose and in formed those arudiMi her that the man waa her husband, and that she had something to sav about bis marrying. The would-be-two-wifed man retreated in as good order as possible un der the circumstances, with his intended on his arm, and the crowd, who seemed to be as highly entertained as If they had witnessed the cere mony, dispersed?Richmond Whig, Uflj. Tint Cold SrmitB Weather tntaces a for mer resident of Chestertiekl to report that "on the 11th of June, 1837, there weresnsw^iqualls, at intervals, throughout western Massachu setts, during the day, and at night ploughed fields In thehlll towns froze s? deep that the crust of frozen earth would sustain the weight of a man the following morning. Fruit and many classes of wgetation were ueetrov ed. in many of the L>wns 11.1t a bushel of ripe corn was harvested the following autumn, and farm ers found it difficult to provide seftL for their next planting." The Sen a Ctbe por Khetmatism The Dubuoue Telegraph says: A carpenter iu this city who has been troubled with rheumatism for a long time, yesterday discovered a novel and simple cure. He was sitting in the sun, and as the warmth seemed to relieve lii* acute pains, be bared his leg and left it expoaed until the heat had almost blistered it. He says the rheumatism is all burned out, and he is entire ly cured. Two Stcdbnts Drowhid -Two young men, Caleb L. Haddock and Frank Yost: members of the-Oxford Literary Association, of Philadel phia, on a visit to Wilmington, I>elaware. 011 Saturday last, were drowned in the Brandy wine whilst bathing. They were about eighteen years of age and neither could swim. ^"Beautiful "bull-dog tights" will drive away dull care from the minds of the Saratoga visitors, this year. ^*Kock salt is used to compel exuberant youth Ut respect old age in Missouri. It is ad ministered with a shot gun. l^They call It "naivete" in Scranton when a young lady, while waiting for ice cream, play fully places a spittoon on the table. < Connecticut last year granted one divorce to every eleven marriages, the whole number of divorces being 404. In 32! cases the wife was the petitioner. Devils n Co., NEW YORK MERCHANT CLOTHIERS THE LA RGBS? VARIETY OT GOODS FOR GEXTLIMKX'3 WBAB IN AMERICA. ALL THE MEW HTYLE8 AT mtt-tr 1113 PERHBYLVAVIA AVBNUK. r|,HS ELLIPTIC YoKK SU'lKT Is proaonace --S r me to fuarauloeentir*satisfaction. J.W.BK WELL, Wo. 4*0 Kb at.. Washington, D. 0. j^|JOTLUTTBCLL. C A. fctttfElEdfQl * LCTTRELL ft DCHNIIfeTON. Aaetleaeers aad CammlasisB Men hnut,, SIT La. Ava., bat. iih ami lMhatreals uaithweat Bjsslal aad Personal Mtentlonghan to IW aale of Real Estate. adt-sna* pTirHKC FRUIT JARS. A lar as j>^? approved kinds. WEBB A BBYBBIDOB, OM FsIUwb' Rall,7tb street. ^nrBETioiieFraE ry,ap?w2toh Matertal Mtfrtb vts. .ecM* GEORGETOWN, Tbb Late Ommi Wimi?At* meeting of the member* of the Corn mud Flour Ex change held this morning, for the purpose of giving expression a* t? the loss oastained by the Mociitioi, li the death af George W*???, evi. the pmidcat l>eing ibml, Wm. H. Tenney, esq., wu called to the chair, ?mlT. C. Wheeler appointed secretary. Bfro'utions were ananimoasly adopted regrettihg the .leath """ 1 most estc in. " of one of the most esteemed members ?t the m sociation,aad expressing heartfelt sympathy tor the bereaved family. Mr. A. H. Herr, of the firm of Heir & WeU-b. made some feeling remarks, la the course or which he said that no man strove nwreia cerely, or harder, to do hi* whole duty toward* ?od and hi* fallow aaa than the deceased. Seriotslt b T*KP ?This morning a u boat brought to Georgetown an Italian l?oy?a street fiddler?named Joseph Pannelli.who waa found 70 mile* ap the Chesapeake ami Ohio canal, aad who on Friday last was badly in jured. It appear* that the bov has run away onee or twice, aad having on taistrip become tired out aaked to be brxmght down. In coming through the locka hi* lea was caught and badly crushed. On his arrival here he was taken to the Station, and Dr. Appleby having been called f^uiid that mortification had eet ia, and hi* leg would have to be amputated. Hi* friends were inform* d or hie whereabouts and his brother had him taken to Providence hospital. River Nkwo?The garner O. H. Stout, from Philadelphia, arrived to-day with a full cargo, including 1.174 pieces of iron pipe for the Washington Gas Light Co., and a large lot of railroad iron for the Metropolitan street railroad. The Colombia arrived, al?0, from Baltimore. with a miscellaneous cargo. The fC'iooner Maggie arrived from Port l>epo?it, with 150.000 feet of lumber for Wheatley Bro?., and the schooner Fred. Walton, from th? Ken nebec river, with a cargo of ice for the Kenne bec and Potomac Ice Co. Also, the schooner Koxana. from Baltimore, with 3,000 bushels earn for M. Young, and the schooner Thorn*? P. Morgan, from Alexandria, with 500 bushels wheat lor Hartley & Bro. The steamer L*dy of the Lake cleared for Norfolk. Grain Trade?The canal boat Andy John son arrived to-day, with 3,300 bushels com for J. *?. Waters. Thi Grekx Sprino SrHrirr/.EN Park is now oue of the institutions of Georgetown. The " Knight* of Terpeicliore," a new social organ ization, have a pic nic there this evening An ArriAL TO the B. or P. W?E'itor Sar: Bridge street, from High street to the Alexandria Aqueduct, Is still in a terrible con dition, although work on It was commenced more than a year ago. It Is a leading thorough fare into town, and its present condition is com plained of bitterly by residents aad business men along the line and country people and others who hare occasion to ride, drive or walk over it. Won't the board hurry np the work and deserve the thanks of all the' parties inter ested? G. T. ALEXANDRIA. Ikcbndiart Attempt During the absence Of the family of Mr. Henrv Coven, who were at the circus last night, an attempt w as made, by an unknown person, to tire that gentleman's house, southeast corner of Payne and Cameron streets. People passing by saw the flames, just as they were beginning to spread, ami extin guished them, without occasioning any general alarm. A lighted candle had iwen placed between the weather boarding and the plaster ing on the lower floor, ami a space of ab.i if one foot had bsen burned when the flames were discovered. Po< k*T9 Picked?The watch chain of Cap tain 1>.G. Meade, of the plains, was cut while that gentleman was purchasing a ticket at the circus ticket wneon last night, and his pocket picked of a valuable gold watch. A lady had her i?ocket picked at the same place yesterday afternoon of her purse containing a small sum of money. Thk rtBrCTOR." of the Washington City. Vir ginia Midland and Great Southern railroad, at tlitlr meetingin this city yesterday, unanimous ly electtd William G. Caxenove, es;., vice president of the company. Thk receipt's ok fish at Fishtown during the season just closed were st.OOo herring. 4<*),noo shad. !i0,'?00 taylors, 35,<*>0 bunches of rock and perch, ::00 sturgeon, and 1<K) large rock Coietfe, 14i* >n*t. CITY ITEMS. PiKHi'R JawKLav Store received some beautiful styles of plated jewelry this morning, at No. 457 Pennsylvania averne,"near 4 _ street. Worsted Sac k Coat Siits for fK English CassimeTe Sack Coat Suits Vor 925. Handsome articles just opened. Gso. c. Henxixo, 410 Seveath street. Aw Kioht-Syri p Ti it SouaWatip. Fock tain, been used one season; also, a Counter. Tumbler and Holders, (or sale at one-half of cost, and on easy terms. A pplv before Wednes day aext, at Wright Bros., 7th and F. i Excursions, Church Fairs, and Picnics, can be provided at short notice with Soda Water, Ginger Ale, Toalc Beer, &c., in founts and bottles, which are leaned free of charge bv Palmer & Green, Georgetown. G,lC.eo3 ' Hat*!?Hats! The latent novelty in Straw Hats for young men just received to-day. The neatest, coolest and lightest straw hat vet introduced. Call and see It at Willbtt & Kuopp's, 3 MS Pennsylvania avenue. Dtspki'?ia is a Hyuia-hiadid Monster, f rom which nearly all "the ills the human He-h U heir to" originate. The Peruvian Svrop, a protected solution of the protoxide of Iron, is a long-tried and well established remedv for this distressing complaint; it ha* cured thousands when other remedies have failed. ? Multitudes or People Kbquibe an Al terative to restore the healthy action of their systems and correct the derangements that creep into it. Sarsaparilla* were used and ?slued, until several Impositions were paWned oft'upon the public under this name. A^tr't SartaparUla Is no imposition. m,w,f&w. The Question Settled?Those eminent men. Dr. Jas. S. Clark, Physician to Queen Victoria, and Dr. Hughes Bennett, say that con sumption can be cared. Dr. Wistar knew this when he discovered hi* now widely-knowu fiaham of Wild Ckrrry, and experience has proved tne correctness of hi* opinion. oo3 My Kingdom roa a Horse?What the purse of King Klchard could not then procure, ail cau now purchase #>r a seng. The Centaur Lini ment win not raise the dead horse of a king, but it will cure a lame one, and?more than that?It Is the most remarkable thing for swellings, stiff joints, caked breasts, stings and bruises, the world has ever seen. A man ought to sutler with the Rheumatism who has not tried this liniment. ?*,eo5 Take Carb of Your Valuable*?Call and examine the lire and burglar proof vaults ot the Safe Deposit Company, corner of New York avenue and 15th street, for safe keeping of securities, jewels, silverware or other valu ables. Kents from ten to sixty dollars per an num, according to size. No business man can afford to do without them. Take warning frum the Chicago and Boston firtt. Children cbt for Pitcher's Castoria. It regnlates the stomach, cures wind colic and causes natural steep. It is a substitute for castor oil. 4,23.eo& Powd's Extract cures rneumattsm, burns, piles, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains, scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, colic, lameness, braises, bolls, wounds, neuralgia, hoarseness, diarrhtpa, ana all hemorrhages, etc. Pond's Extract differs from all other advertised preparations in the fact that it is a standard medicine, treated of In medical writings, and knowa to be a cure for theee diseases. m,th,*,tf The Singer Sbwibu Machihb sales of 1872 were *219,W<0. 4,12-s,wtf Sipferers prom Corks, Bunions. Bad Nails,etc., find Immediate relief at Dr. White's establishment, No. 535 15th street, opi?oslte U. S. Treasury. The treatment often effects a perfect cure, even in extreme cases, if none but suitable shoes are worn. to Tubco-Russian Baths; also, Medicated Va B Baths, for all skin disease, at Dr. Shedd's, E street. 5,20,6: Tbb hftmoBAX it a tii Maw York aveaae and lRh strwst. m 6 per eu . _ ??*. Saturdays, ? to 4 asd C *1 MO.MUg ?flA BUIJBBLB PEACH BLOW POTATOES. dUU For sale, by JWO. W. LCM8D0X, jeia-at" 80? 9th urest, op?. Oeatsr Market.* ^ BW DB81UNB FOB LADIES' AND CH1L DBBhS' D&XBBEI At MBS.?. M. MADRBB8' ITAtriM 1MB POT, m'S-tr HI Tth mm*. 1 TUK HEABE6T bOUTB tpthoTtsaaaBzasst I .Kiari'iU" *?? " Ai0r- '""S1 k * - -L Fl.rc GOODS *1 if . ? At FOPIX.I* PRit't:s. Lorkwood, Ifl ?23 rE!?MiYLV?^IA Are receiving Urc*- addition* of new and desirable Goorietneaeh d>-rs*rtiaeot, particular!., ?dartrd for the -e<non, at price# to rait ib? want* of *11. LADIES' CRKM DEPARTMENT, Irrtad Fl??r. 100 DBOW'N LINKS BCITS, at *7 M lOO *? ? ? at # 9 A) lOO ?* ?? " al. ?MW 1?0 " at flSM) 5100 " " ?? at f U to ?*? 100 WHITE LAWN " at. lOO '? " ?? at flN 100 ?? " " ?r fi.ST lOO " " " ?t fvOu 300 " ?? *? from fit) to *3Abv 100 COLORED ?? ?? from ao w nirs lawn v BArrr&i ? s?> ?*< JOO HATfiTK POLONAISE ad) RKDINGOTES from ?1U to 100 WHITE LAWN POLONAISE from $ S ft to. _ .tti lOO BROWN LINKS PoLOS A ISB ai.d BRUIN GO TKS iruot mi to %IHjD0 LADIES AMD CHILDREN. IvO doti-a L.?lie* Cotton SKIRTS, with eis tucke, only. W c? :rte 10S " " ? with nine tuck*, only... f 1 18 100 ?? " with tweWr ?wke, __ 1 >0 And a full Hue of BKIBTB, tucked, plaited and eui troidered, frotu ftl.aato S2f each, with(*iaa yrotfd ?fr<?| land." 100 do/en Ladies' Cotton CHEMISES, with *dB?. in.i ? ? ..88 cent* 100 " ? *? ?? 1 ttu lOO " " " - with mf Ako a complete line of Plain, Tacked, Puffed, Plaited, and hanloomely Kmt>r*jider-1, at pncee 1 roc. 91 62 to |JH. lO# dozen Ladiee Cottoa UBAWEBS, tnck*d, at ? ? _ ? 74 ceutc 100 dOKMt * ? ?* ? ? 1: t ?? lOO do/en ** ?? ? (1 00 ALo a large variety of ?lefantIf trtmnie.l, at price* rau gin* from fl 26 to fa. Our etock of FBENCH UNDEBWB AB in replete with ail tlM eJ e^aat dee iffh In CHEMISES. MUM EB8, EIGHT DBEBBBB, and HKMUM SACgLES. for mriHTv W e mention a few ol the man- deeiraMe G^jda la be f jnnJ in this Depart meat : INFANTS FLANNEL BANDS; FLANNEL BKIBT8; Plain aad Embroidered CAMBBIC SKI KTS: Plata, Tticked and Embroidered BLIPk ; DRESSES, In great variety; CHRISTENING BOBES; SHAWLS, Plain aad Bmbroidere.l; SAOQCBS; LONO COATS; WOOL BOOTS; MEB1N0 SHOES and SATIN F.MB. BOOTS; NUBSEBY BASKETS; PILLOW SLIPS; INITIALED BIBS; NUESEET PINS; POWDEB PUFF BOXES AND PCFFS; DRAWEES; EUBBEE NAPKINS. LACE CAPS. FOR CHILDREN. Year a ?( Af; SKIRTS, CHBMI8E8; DBA WEBS. EIGHT DBESSES; Caabric, Pique and Linen D BESSES; Cotton, Piqne and Bwiaa APBONS; BACQUES, in Cloth, Flannel aad Pique; BHIET WAITS; CAPS; SCE BOB NETS and STEAW HATS; Swla* and Pique OVEB-DJ Special Order ltptrtieat. We hare every MMtr tor making Pi en < to order, aad wUl furuiab ike material and trtauuu ladiee Si or only the trimmings la caaee where ladiee Bare already purchaeed their foode. i : i < 04) , ,-1 ? o? . . a t <i -i *? J 9 , j 1 1 t I . ** #li rfl- ., t 'J 1 : .' ft I ? ? . j . ! ? ? " UckWMi, Bally a Tarter, a ? : * f.j- - .* **4T~M'jtTOy- ?' ' ^ : ?' -* > u ^ ' ?a ? 5 i - ? m: * . sai riiMnrAiu atuvi, 3 ?? f ?<' tTiO' % ? *i liUl ,'4vA?!*S iM.t ? * ?BTE0PCUT4M ROTBL ILOiTK ** GEOBfcETOW* IBYErmEMHTS, sricui ROTIi R.-? h-?r DMT Utf 'D? f- r n CltB JijultMU ?k' ? ?.? ^ iiu?r ]ld |w >n HI ?? |JT THOMAS DOW LINO. Aa?.; rittiwbt i two m<h:? ind A OnTl?UI>Ar.iif Illh.u?'>1 k.l ..| Ci-U.nM?prti MnWUnm.Wn* llirh Hm1i4 Miwt>. k Nr?-?|itrt * ?d baaa n>M>? Fra?e H~ Ti l im On^tbH* Ulh, beta are ? m4 It m-->n*fca, rtk mterert, mnM hv ? dead <g tru-- a the ?r??*" mirim ?a<-t. '|"DB FALL RLBH I* OOMllKi. Th* |I mi ln?c. warn day* la th* heaa ;i-ne f.<r iut <*ork Se, Ia4l~ aod real* 1'iinj <i ?r r>l u< U uter G< <?* at ?ty, U>?a, '?? ??<>xTm Mi- qn avoidable dele* IB th* of during ? Ml t rn?t o( hn<'(M w ?* f'K? ?' fall. ) ?*r ill b' met Ir i haiial ?* " !|^1, and Mr<4ull> k*r< ?*> if Pktniw ?<*i'rai?. T*i lata invariably CO D. WNIATLI*. rKMMiom *TkAm ur~r";.*w"Yj?o stove. />? ksTAKl i?HM k*T 4* Joffwwa WrH, #??r*?t''?n, P O. Oflivoynt rmwT't ? ?i. u?til??ii??i <-H>-tr |^Y THOU. DOMLlhG Ant'tiuom.Ur .. towa. tbi>te>:bs\le or Talc \Bic im' k ?vki> rlK?rBBTY AT At < TIOK, MTl k T AD OM F I KM STEEET GF.mRGETOW S. B' >'r*n* of a ?l*--d < tn?i. AiM N ?? ean' -r ? At h. IS1 rw..' ?? f ^?tbe land record* ?t ? aekingtoa Oftuut? DC, and ty dir<-< ti 'ii t1 |hf lan j ?'jnr?4 tti?o k> & < I 1 ? * ? -? * ? - ' ? ? .11 ?'l> a. anblir a. :i n , rh^M-ami. ? f7?" KEBDAF.Snne I*' 5cs. r m that pi.rr or parrW .f m.-und ats.t pt-? ? ,., ?e?rgeaoen.D i . ki, ? n -a tL< p i.'i. , *? .r |?ian h*rtN-f, *n i it* l*Mi?i?n?. *? mil t>?*inr ?w%i *? f 1 t? i<:uil*fffd on? htiiwlr#**! ?f*<1 \ U1.' ,??? ?? linn 'r*<t ?n?I HjM.i |(tf i, ttfii1 hutidr^I ?!>?) imi i lul Iii.a Kui. i 4 ...,l ? I ( i A aa . ku * ri 'ilkffi M plan llinw f, an I it* addition*. ?? an-1 l>*in? in: mk dreg _ . _ _ I ami oil# huuJr..t au1 I-<.. ,1, >. in B-*t Ha? - -? l-t.11 ? ti to i.. 'i-i'oii.i'ontklnnl u the I Trllowinc d. afripii-u. i. .a.' 'j: H rtrmai n Ftr?? *?r**t, ninety, , *'! feet eaat fradkn k and ru mii i im UfiM "-mi nr?irtr ?".t jr M, Tli*fir# mrth ttOn"1'?1 ar><! ?hit-' ?''t. Hi I l?*t tw ?2lr> I--a.liag to Fr?l?ri l> aliiiK, iu. ,.??? ?? *t n ? atdall>> tm. nt) wtni? f?*?l, all! thM.o* '4ia huildrnd ?lkt>-<l?l.l iwt t.ith* t' ftlili'K "U Cipm ibr ?i?N?,<hi lk>' -?>l- I aaid ?ti*) iii (h<- twi said ? i it II* j i a*t<tumm at liut otm { 11. iai^> . ( t>ia -??'?*? ai th? ?< nh of -??i? a>1 t. Tffan, l> yrwilM li^ mi>< dtnl: a it h I" l? r cm. Iiil?rm fr. a. K<>? xniai kitk.KS. t an >><?? art t H tkc r?p#tix ?if I !.i? ?ai- im < a?li. I ? ? - lad ?ad IlimitU.MciHal ki *uim Umm iaif m1? ?at at. J a it?? J of tniat i>n th? property. Iff* <1 -n *h?* tin pr?-|?rtv i?atrnck iff. lTth? ???ni? f -a)?ar* ??. t cotupllrd w ith viPiin tiv? dat a, lh<* ' rwat?^a r*a*r\?? In* ric> t t?> r?-?llib* proper*v ?t ib?rat ^ and co?t of th?- d. faoltiuc pnrcha-*r. i)n?\ r*octn^ . at rvitliwrtciM*. K. P. Doijr.E. I T'Mtw? ,.ew d iu?ma> Dom Lnia. iwt |^XTRAOKDl*AET B\RoAINS ; A DSV O'X'IVI. PI <'T and Striped Gr-nattiit??. * Bllk".atiU> . ?<>riti7Sr. Bfautifnt (;?? -dn for fitting*, at V. S7 aa* Victoria La? t??, fr ii Sue ap. .?? B?tl?t and Litifti Mliun-. all ?kadM; v^n t?- ap Strip**! and plaid Wlnti Fn-nch Ortiidi' ? Black Alp*< a* aud M h* r?. a ?p- . laJ-r A larp- <lnck . f G 1? loi M<-ii'? ^nd B >y *?u Lulu*' and O^nta'tianz-- I'ud'-r V'-ata. Call and t>uf rra! U *ai u* t BKKJtNIV M'UM K. ""W 'f 1?I B' ltff ?tra?t,0?>v<ali??. STEAMER LINE8L WASH* O. JV'tV EXPLESb LINK % 1A CAN A L, itrvtn PHILADELPHIA. A LKXANrm. V* , INGTl'N AHD OEukuKTUVlM. l> ?a'L:.\?i lara. From Piei I. If -nl. M"l?ar\^a. P:.i! k>1 Ija.ia, WEDN'Et-DAY BAT URDAT. ?! IK tn. From ID Water itmt.Oiotflimk, D 0., TL'ES DAV and BATCUDAT, a- 1? a m Thia Iim cnniHli at Phi alt-lpblawl'. "C'fd?y Iron Line" < f ateati" r- f r Pro* ili.c#. B ?? -n ad H?"? England Btatea. N" wbailaxa iu U-?t??ri bf thia lin? ?. T H TI?E. A*?nl f 't U of O. M M P CLYDE A CO., P' la.lo.p~ia. F. A KKJD, Aleifcfdria. Va. WALDO A. FEAU' t M C '.pw J'r et,B? toa. ??"Fralpht* d?-li<-ere<1 \j E?<??*'? Eipr ?? OrrlT* left at Getirral tlffii . ?>?:< P-UI.*> l\ai ? ? awnue, or at the wUarT trip bf pi .ia?.ilj aUeodj4 ' I I ? to. YV ASHIHGTO^M^KriaK. BOST''S. AHD ' Th? BM Iron Bt^.-r LADT OP THE LAEB bat inf rearmed ter regular tripa to .f*k Sorfok.wlll leav# h? artarf. Im* ?f (th afreet, every MC'KDAT ? TH CK6DAT, at ? p. ? . t. k bin#at principal IItw Lkudil(*,optik*r1.iif ai H <fdk wltS S*. ?ju?hip ?( the H. and M. Line for B<?1 >a a?d P- ^tdotK*. Freight ahoaid be addr> aa?<1 "rare of Lady of th* Lafc*. via Norfolk." Hrauch ticket o?ce at Etprwai OB?,OOJ Pauniltaali areane T M. CBOI CH, Agent w. DORSET OL4GET' c lOrCH, Agent gth-atr?at arfearf _ - REET OLAGRTT, Gea ral A?-ot. U Plaafa Bkoca. a.?rver lgth at an 1 Pa. ara. INA>B LIU. IfOTICR With the view of diaainnthia* the claanre. .f eo|||. alon, the Steamer- of thta Line w:H. h-n-efortb, take a apeciftetf coarae f,?r all *eaaooa of i >>e *ear. On the Outward Paaaag-- *r >m yuaea?t ?a to Nt Tork or B?at<> waint M<ridian?t Mat kl Lat , or nothing to the north of U. On the Hoaieward P?aaag.-. rrnaatfng the Meridian of H> at d3 Lat .,or n'hiug to tha aorth of dS. pVIIAU LWE TH BRITIBB AHD RORTB AMERK A| BOTAL HAIL 8TRAH8UIPB. BBTWEER BEW TORE AVD LITEUPOObi GALLICQ AT OGRE BARRUR. PROM REW TORR 'Al| ni . W id. Jniie M B?ia< la Bar J in- Zl '?Ma W?A..JatM V Oalabrta. .Bat Jm.. k ?Jaaa WaA_lu > 11 Parthia bat ..lily 8 "Onba J?I> j. i Sanana?tat July II 'Brwrtia Wed. Ju'- K I Abpa?l?la - Ban... Jul) It ?vary foliawli* WEDREBDAT aad 8ATCR DAT fnnBi-w fork. ,a< ?? ?Ul?. its ticAata on for, 9to? rage. R3u,cnn ) UcAata I and all parta of Euro pa, at towaat ra?aa. Ttuvogh btlia of lad lag givaa to Bnlfaw, Olaagow. H*<ra, Ant a err aad othar aolata ua tha OmUmoi and fg HadMtnaait porta. Par httlkt aad eat ?o aaa aage . apply ad the O^pany^ <>???.*? ? B afi^ Qreec, for laaraja paaaage, at Ra. Ill B<-adw?f Trinity Buiidlmr. CRAB. ?. PRARORLTR. Agaat. *ew York. GT1H BIGELOW, Ag ot. UBw.kll D at neat nonna?f, gov 18 1? Waabingt -n, D 0. %I ERCHARTR LIMB OP aTRAMAHlPe wabrutoIoFard rrw tora ? O.UU>tHl J^I$iei$BORwW Mfghatwaag REM Of ITU BM aad ??? Tort ^ BV'Preighti delivered by EbOTN Smareaa. Or NvMt at Oeneral Office, BBS PennayU ania ava ?**<<?. ?* ?aamw wharf wiU ha promptly at 4. W. TBOMI RAILROAD ARD

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