Newspaper of Evening Star, June 17, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 17, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. ti mmt i?M i7, tan. LOCAL NEWS No iiMiol null pox have been reported since Mrtatef. Tht Board of Health taring condemned the Mluuw tree* in the ground* enclosing the f.irtuUy* Mansion, thev v? being cat down. To-day the wilt tun la the ease of Michael ,cbar| Mac* our ln*t:-B F. Butler, two-stor^ Kane, charged with killing his brother John, w*r* before the frond Jury. 'i'he tilth time of o champlenahip sede* be tween the Cord Baltimore and Washington cluho took place on the < Mympie grounds in this city y? sterday. and resulted in a victory for the MtinMre dob by * score of 7 to 6. At o meeting of the Young Men's Christian Association, last night, Mr. F. H. Smith was unssiino j?ly elected a delegate to the inter nation convention, to be held at Poughkeepeie, V ?.. on the ifth of July next. a Slullinfton sends us .?<???? Mirror tj fidkn for July. From J. C. Parker we hove the Allamtic Mvntkiy an?l Drworr?t't Mirror tf Ktu^ion fur July, and ApyUton't Journal for June 21. The r* earner Key port leaves at si* o'clock Uiis fttiiing lor the forty-five mile trip down the river and back. These excursion* are most deiightlul, and are immensely beneficial to tbo?e who are exposed to the sun during the day. They return by eleven this evening. The second commencement of the collegiate department of Howard University takes place at the First Congregational church, to-morrow evening. The graduates are C. N. Otey, of Kaiiegb, N. C., and William J. Simmons, of Borilt-ntown. S. J. At a meeting of the Pennsylvania republican association last evening, J. >1. Wilson, William McMUbael, K. B. Kinney, W. W. Burke, and Hon. J W. Uouglaas were appointed to repre Mnt the association upon the occasion of the transfer of tlie ground in the Fairmoqnt Park of Philadelphia to the Centennial ommbsion on the 4tfc 01 July next. Tm Xiw CAvr-mrriso Otor*i>? A ? nieii meeting of tbe mcmU" . of the >'e ttodist Kpiscopal churches was held yesterday afternoon, at the Foundry (M. E.) church, for the purpose of bearing the report of the com mittee appointed to Inspect, select, and pur chase certain lands for camp-meeting purposes. There was a very large attendance, nearly everv church in W ashington district being rep resented. Kev. I?r. Lac ah an presided, and having stated the object, I?r. Howard read the report, stating that they had inspected the tract of land in Maryland, which had been pur chased in view of making it a camp-meeting ground, and also a location for picnics, Sunday school celebrations, Ac., and that tUey had found it in every respect not only suitable, but desirable for the purposes for wbich it was In tended. It ww abundantly supplied with pure water, was convenient tc tbe Metropolitan branch railroad, and finely shaded. He further stated that the tract. j6? 'acres, was purchased at *23 per acre, one-third cask. and the balance In one. two and three years, the deferred pay menu bearing t> per cent. Tbe ground* were V.i\ ai les from tbe city, a&C were '*00 feet above It ia elevation, and for I'sUy one-third of a mile it was touched by rail. 1 lie books were opened for the subscription of *U>ck, and in a short time 330 share* were disposed of. The stockholders resolved themselves into a joint stock company, to be known as the Washing ton Grove .\?*oeiatun tor tbe I'istrictof Co lumbia and tLe State of Maryland, ai.d agreed that the capital stock ol the company shall he tsj??,ono. d'vided into I.OQOshares, at a share, and that all ilenouiinations would be allowed to become subscriber* to stock, and share the ben efits of divine worship with them. The tallow ing were elected ofticer- of the association for the ensuing year, viz.: president, I>r. F. bow ard. v.ce president, Wia. H. Woodward; secre tary, fvlward F. Simpson, treasurer, J. A. Kuff". Before the n eeting adjourned, it was decided to have a grand anion picnu on the 4tliof Juiy, by way of inaugurating the camp-grouad. Kisrt.T of a SriT for C ?rss*L Fee? ? M .<*?? (Vtitsf f?A T'riiet f-r ?.?Pi K'? i- r- L? Yesterday, in the Circuit Court, Judge Hum phreys, tfce case of A. K. Browne agt. Margaret She.i?action for counsel fee*?-w?s tried, Mr. W. B. Hawes tor plaintiff and Mr. F. Miller for defendant. Tbe piamtili sued defendant for SI."00 i with a credit of *150)for services in the cs*e of Mrs. Shea, who. It will be remembered, killed Officer I?oyle it I December. 1*71, and was tried on an indict me nt for ni?rdt?r iu April, 1*7-'. and acquitted, Mr. A G. Kiddfeappearing with Mr. Browne for the accused. Mr. B. rlaimcd tha* he wa? engaged in the case from the first, ami that his seroces were worth at least as much a* was paid Mr. Kiddle. It was admitted that the services bad been rendered, and the ^nestlen for tbe jury was as to tbe valae. A number of members of the bar were exam ined on "his point, among tbem W. A. Cook, S. 1. Phill ps, M. Thompson and U. K. Elliot, who testified that tbe services rendered were worth from *300 to ?l,0ou. Mr. Kiddle thought that $444) would be a lair valuation, and Mr. J. H. Bradley. jr., thought that as Mr. B. was a young man *1A> woald bare paid h;m. The jury took the case at J o'clock p. m.. with instruction* to brii g in a sealed verdict, and were out until 10 o'clock, when they signed their verdict, which it i* understood was a compromise one. This morning, on the meeting of the court, the ver diet was opened and entered lor *??, making a total ?f >? f Giost Eicnnnr in SdTTB Wasiit!?o to*?T't Spirit* nj ?t M'.nt'in sM ' ftl''y-? ?>n Saturday ui*ht last, a'.iout 12 o'clock, l!*? ?Utobering TfeMeats of 1,*. street, near H street south, were awakened by load screa<us from a house is thai neighborhood occupied by a fam ily named Cull. Tbe men of the neighborhood (?ome armed > were soon at tbe scene of the ex citement, and entered tbe house, where they found Mr. Cull and a relative of his deceased wife, wbo is acting as housekeeper, ami others ?t tbe family, all out of bed, in a high state of excitement, telling all wbo came in that the ghost of Mrs. Cull. ^who died'juite suddenly about ten months since, with the spirit of her little child ( who died a week or two ago) in her arms, bad been flying about the rooms, having ascended from tlie yard. Futile etfoi ts were made to <iuiet the scared family and to dissuade tbem from the belief that there was really a ghost about, and every now and then one of them would scream ' Look out! dodge your beads! there she flies!'' Finding that rh? - ' cit? J inmates of the Uous* ^ . * **" sua.led that the not be per ?ive aiw? ?* B-osts were purely imagina ?- ' oey being unwilling to remain in tbe ^ouse alone, otber <iuarter? were temi?orarily provi<led for them, and thev all retired, leaving tbe house in possession ol the spooks. OtttTnunse the Old Casai Dit<-w.? Tbe fine improvements now being made by the government under Oei. Babcock on 7tu, l.'tU an-: Utb streets, between north and south B street*, is a subject of much congratulatory comment by our citizens. Fourteenth street, between tbe points named,is nearly completed, the rarriagewav paved with Belgian blocks, and the footwalk* laid with North river blue ?tone flagging. Gas has been put In. ami tbe street is herearter to be lighted. Twelfth street Is now undergoing tbe same proce*?. an 1 soon the old canal landmarks will be completely ob literated. the prominence* where the bridge* irtood leveled, ami tbe curbing and footwalk* extecded across the line ot the bed of the canal. What i? greatly needed Is a few ?reet lamps to light up that ?pace, as it is a rather dismal walk on dark uightc. Cio?i Alt-*t?i El?cth??. ? The recent araaluates ot Colombian College met at the Law Building last night for tue purpose ot organizing an alumni amoc'ation, Mr. K- H. Tfcayer in tbe chair, and T. H- Janvier secre tary. Amotion made by Mr. Wb it taker, that ? comm ttee on organization, consisting of one from each class, be appointed, and to report oo the same a week hence, was laid on tbe table. E. C. I tiger soil, Matthew Trimble, C. P. llar anon, and E. P- Berrv were nominated for the ?residency. Tbe third ballot resulted?I nger so'l A, and Trimble SI -an<4 Mr. Ingersoll being declared duly elected by the chair, tbe friends of Mr. Trimble accused tbe tellers of fraudu lent counting A scene or confusion followed, and finally at W? o'clock tbe meeting adjourned, pending a motion appealing from the decision of the caalr regarding tbe result of the election. Tub Sp'-iBT**m's Clcb held a meeting last evening to consider the subject of revising the rBM law* of the District. The bill introduced tbe Boose of l>elegates on the Utb instant by Mr Trimble, entitled ?' a bill to prevent and pnniah unlawful bunting," was unaaimously endorsed by tbe club as a proper means of ac complishing tbe devired object. Messrs. Alex ander. Tap pan. Mien and Harrington, the committee that pre pa ml the above-named bill, tare also prepared a bill in relation to the dog law. which was discaseed, bat no definite con clusion arrived at. BmMie permits have been issued as fol etable. South Capitol street, bet' SMtt; E. Joascher, two-story brick dwelling, 3d, between D and E northeast; M. Mulley. one-story frame, 7ih. between 0 and Mwachii softs avenue do ; H. Garrett, two-story frame, H. between Sooth Capifel and Half southwest. Sarah A. Grant, one-story addition to frame, 8. between ftth and 7th northwost; M Nolaa, ? i n-Mcry frame back-building, O, between Jd and lj| southwest. A Bow IV Uaioarowa?J. R. McConnell es>|., has lMbtated salt againef Ernest l>icb m-:. or I niontowa, D. C-, for s 'eged trespass and forcible ejectment of Sam ?el Hurrdl, a yearly tenant ot his. BuriU acioausd Dich anan in several legal procassss brought against him. an* tbe latter during ButUPs abseace, pat his wise, children, aad furniture out ot doors. Bar nil appeals to the courts. Barrlll Is a witness against Dtchman In a divorce salt catered against him. Rial Estate Sale.?Thos. E. Waggaman, real estate broker and auctioneer, has sold lot 21. ia square 21*. to llenrietta Adams, for Third L?*tete?*ve AmtmUly. COCMCIl..? Tbe Council was opened jeetarlaj afternoon with prayer by tbe chaplain. The Prwidfnl laid before tbe Council a communi cation from tbe Governor, ladodif certain claim* for advertising and printing, wLich were referred to Ike comuiittea on claim*. Council bill He. a. for tbe relieff of tbe Mvntoff Jt?. I>n ? Beck and J. O. Brent, trustees for Harr A. Arnold, wae read a secoad time and referred. Hcuae bill* in raUtion to tbe eaie aa<) rent of stall* In tbe Bastera market bonae, aud for tbe relief of J?g?ee Miller, were read a eecoad time and referred. House bill* exempting from water tax all manu factories which are ran br utaua power la tbe Dis trict of Columbia, and creatine tbe office of ateam ?">?ler iaaarctor for tbe District, ware read a Brat time and laid ever. mMr. Browne submitted a cotumanication rrom A. B. Clarke, a clerk in theoSca of tbe collector of taxea. protesting against tbe red a tioo of clerical force or tbe reduction of salariee in that office, re ferred. Mr tiulick preeented a petition from Bmmart, Donbar k Co., wbich b> seked rffentd to the claim* romniittee without reading; ao ordered. Mr ttaiick presented a petition fr >m Bev. T 0. Aodiaon. J. B C. Coffin, Bober: K . Elliott, aad Waiter 8. Cox, asking tbe passage of an act pre ecribmg tbe inaliAratione of roTUa ik ii icuru cukn rani?n meetuigs; which wan laid over. Tbe bill provide* that in any Crtsh of the Protectant Episcopal church now ex I off la tbe District,or hereafter orgaaized, resi dence witbin tbe limit* of tbe pariah shall ao longer be prescribed a* a aaalificatloa for voting at parish elections or other business raaetiajr* of the pari*b, or for buldini office In tbe same; bat any male mem ber ofthe congregation above tbe ago of twenty-one years?ay be admitted to rote at parish me-tings, and ?ball t>e .justified to hold offlca in inch parish, wb<> shall own or lease a paw, or part of a pew, iu tbe pariah ch?rch, or, in rase tbe pews are free. ? ball be a stated worshipper in tbe cbarcb, and who ?hall have teen entered ou the book* <?f the parish, as required by said act. and shall have com plied with tbe other requirements of said act. or with such I other c. nditiot s aa a majority of tbe qualified voters of the parish mat hereafter adopt a: a parish meet ing called f.?r the parpcie: P'orntt'i, That in th ose of a newly-organized parish all male members of any church or congregation In communion with the Protestant Bpiecopalchlirch in the Distriut ot C< lniiibia, of fnll age, and uniting in the orn inida tion of such new parish, shall be qualillsd to vote at tbe first election of veetrymen thereof. Sec. 2. That hereafter vrattle* of the Protestant Bpiscepal church rball not be obliged to meet on any Mated days, or at any particular place, bat only at stirb tin?>s and places aa they may nad most coa ??-nient. and if any vacancy shall happen in vestries after their election, or any person elected a vestry man shall refuse to serve, then the other vestrymen aball have power to appoint a person or persons, as the rasa mav be. to serve until the next succeeding elect!, n. Ai.d any parish, by a vote of tbe majority of its qualified voter*, ma>, at any parish meeting, provide that the wardens of sucb pariah shall be elected in tbe same manner aa vestrymen, and lie members of the vestry; and vestries shall have power to make all rules ami regulations respecting the temporal government and support off their respective parishes not inconsistent with public law. *ec. 3. The vestrios now existing shall be regarded as legally constituted, notwithstanding irregulari ties in their election or defect of >jualin ratio as in tbe voters by whom they were elected, aud are bere bv coafltmed In th'ir offices until the period ap pointed by law for the next election of \ entries. CHARITT. Mr Biley. from the committee on health, asylum aa?l charities, reported back Council bill No. 44, mafcicx appropriation* for certain charitable iustl tutioim ji the District out of the market-bouse poor rand. Mr. Thompson moved to amend by reducing the ?um lruti J2(UH1 to 11^00 for tbo Columbia L> ing- in Hospital.stating that it woaM be provided for in another b|?l ? a<r?ed to. Mr. Gullet moved to increase the amonnt to the ProvMence Hospital from 3U0W to $I,i?JU, stating that it tbe best conducted and most useful iwstP tuti'-n of the kind in the District, by long odds; there was bardlv a day paaaed hut there was gome roor unfortunate admitted into it, as could be seen y refe.ence to the city press. Mr Brook* %,'reed that it was a useful institution, but there were others just as useful. He thought the hospital was very well paid bi appropriations from Congress, as wen tu by most of tbe inmate* or their friends * >lr. Thompson said he would !>e glad to give th^na all. even much in?ret! hd is proposed in the bill, but itviu necessary to retain a portion of this mar ket bouse poor fnnd for tbe pur. haae of fuel during tbe winter months. Tbe anietdment was not agreed to. Mr. Browue moved to strike out for tbe W iie n't-Christiau Association an 1 insert jfl.ijuo, but subsequently withdrew Ui? motion. Mr lirownem >ve to strike out f.>r the Cen tral Free Ill-p- unary. Mr. Kiley was opposed to it and evp!aiti--dthe Te?tamonnt of good efleeted by thi* organization. Mr Browne contended that tbe District rutkeg pro\ison for turuishing iiHvl.cin-s t? tbe piyr llvi-h its regular war.I ip- tbecarie*, aed liecould me no i?t <?.! rea-on to make appropriations for pri rsie organizations of this kind, fr-m wbi, b they rt ceiie uo leportr, and ki.ow very little about. Tiw an.eti>ln:ent was n t agreed to. Mr. Culick moved to rtsiuce the amount for tbe IixlustrUl 11cme School from 02.UUU to el/W: nwt agreed tn. Mr Tb<?iP*on moved to ?trike out $5/x*. for the Fre.ilmeir* 1 <?pital, and iusert > J?'<ou, aad tbat tbe lifterencene retained tor the poor fund, *o be ex Dendet tinder tbe direction of the Governor during the winter Biosiths. The amendment was agreed to tod tbe bill pas?-d. Mr. Thompson, from tbe committee on finance, reported back H. D. providing for the collecti >u A delinquent taxes, witn a substitute, which was Dade the special order for to-morrow. The n otion of Mr. Golden to reconsider the rota Vf which Council b*U Bo. 40, to punish mtoxica ed p?l>ons and regulate tbe sale of intoxicating liquors, vae taken up aad agreed to, and the bill read a third How and passed. TBI ArPHOPSUTIOIf BIT.L*. Mr. Tbonpaon introdnced a bill making appr ^ Ki'tioo* bo tbe salaries of officer* af the District ?f Columbia, also, a bill making appropriation to lefray theordiuary and contiugeut expenses of the (nverniiient of tbe District of Colombia and pre tcribing the iiaiita tl?ere?d; also, a bill to pr-..\ ide for lettciancies in aa appropriation to dsfrai tbe ex fenees of the g'>rernment of tbe DiatriA of Uolom >iafor the fiaval ) ? ai- ending June 3U, is".' aad 1473, tnd ai;til the exi'iratfc'ii of the flrsi quarter of the urrent year; ail of wbfcb were raad and laid over. Idjoarned. II01"SB.?Mr Brewer noved tbat copi.-s or reeo uti i. of tbank- to the Cabinet ofll.-er*tvr larui-itung rolnmes of tbe Btatntes at Large be trau mitred to bem; agreed to. Tin xr\r CODE. Mr. Dyer introiluc'd a joint resolution providing or a c.,rulWt*ion, withoutcutupensation.tur ih- pur ?o?e cf r. ?isi:'g the report of thecomuu?i n author zed by act of December l9ih.UCl; which wa- read a Ir-t time The areaito'!1* of the resolution recites tbe ?rocee>hng* under the act, and ? Wh>-r- a- it ia appa eut, upou investigation, that the said revision is ?rrone' u* and incomplete in icl^ortaut particular* ind requires careful examination ani cvuaideratiou efore the same can be safely adopted and receive ?ri per I-gislative authority and sanction:" There ore, be it resolved tbat Walter D. Davidge, W. 8. ox. W. A. Cook, John J. Johnson, Baoch Totten, lames Q Payne, and B L. gtaotoa be created a com Dission to serve with, ut eofnpensai^D. t?> axamine, ?evi-e. and correct aaid revision of the atai^M**, witb mtbority to employ a clerk at not etc edlnf ? LW fft m. nth, and appropriates 9M0 to pay the ox >en?es . **w irtixta*. Mr. Trimble presented petition of property otfn ?rs askiug tbat a change be made in tbe manner of ??aes>ing tbe c-*t of special in.proveuicuts on corner lots; referred. Mr. Browns snbmittad reardution, which was Mopted, requ< sting the Uovernor to iuforiu the Hi use by what authority tbe B iltimore aud P >to nac railroad occupy Maryland avenue, beta ecu Jth ind lutb streets. Mr. hmoot introduced bill to supply deficianri.a In ippropriationa for the ye*r ending June 4Kb, 1;73, [or District efficee; referred. Mr Campbell preseated a t tition f?r tbe opening >f au alley la a-uare 447; refe. re J. Mr. HcKnight introduced bill prescribing the ?tanner in w hich duplicates for tax sals certillcatea lost or destroyed, shall be iaaued. Also, petition of M. Pab?t lor relief from exceasi\e taxes, referred. Mr. Trell introduced bill to allow cattle, in charge ot a keeper, to graze east of North Capitol street and north ol ti street north, referred. Mr. Herbert presented a petition for opening an alley in square w>&, referred Mr. Vermillion pr~nented the petitiou of W. 11. Bart*>ur, asking to be compensated for damages Joue his property; referred. Mr. Uulse introduced bill to pay the ordinary and nntiDgent expenses of lit* Dlstlict goveruiii.ut; referied. Mr Brown snbmitted resolution requesting the t^overuor toord-rtbe proper officer to reaaove sb -tmctions in Washiagton aud Jackson street*, ClHoDtcwn, !? ferred. Mr. Wail intr diice,! bill to pay indebtedness of l ie c? linty scbo?ds, authorizing tne issuing of (Silltl in bond* draauig intetst at IV per cent, therefrom; refe-red. Mr. Taliafero offered a resolution requesting the Board of Public Works to place gas lamps on Vir ginia avenue, froM4>? street to the canal; adopted. Mr. Hunt presented the petition of Bobert U. Can pbell in reference to tbe ?atermain, also, la trodnce?l bill to pay lor tbe surrey of tbe Potomac channel, referred Mr. SheptietM presented the petition of the trust* ess of the Lutheran church, corner of 4th and P, asking to be released of the payment of special la i referred. flltKlil. Mr. Snoot, froia the committee on way*juid means, reported adversely on bill to incorporate the Na tional American Publishing and Maaufacturing Company: committee discharged. Also, bill appro priating |?IJM for cleaning and repairing streets, avenues, Ac.; read a second tima AW<>, reported and asked refcrsnas to comHtee on laws of bill eg eaiptirg wagea of clerks, aectiaaic*, aad laborers fr?m atta. Imienu; so ordered Also, bill for tlie re lief ?f John Mavton Berry man: read a second tima.1 Also, joint rsaulutlon transferring tbe balance of bonds af the Chicago relief land to the admission era uf the sinking fund; read a second time Also, Council bill to authorize the commissioners of the sinking fn-'-i to Isaae certiflcatea for Uyiag water mains, read a second time and laid oeor. Also, Council bill aadiorixlag tbe leaning of water bonds to pay a deficiency la trie appropriatloa tor laying water-mains: raad a second time aad referred to tlie c? moiitte.-. f the whole. Also, substitute for bill making appropriation for the construction aad com pletion of ]public buildings, raad a second tiasfTjJt - , - .? -Joan. |1. appropriates f !7?aM far tne construction and com pletion of tl>s tutiowI** pnbix buiiding*. For a suit W""01 offices, f}&.uw, which buildiag shall iaclade a large hall on Pennsylvania and avennea, betwaan Mb aad bxh streets rl for tbe ptrpoae of oannleting the 7th street "t 'if the r. ~coran market, the O >veraor ia an tbacoswmittea on appro-?rfntkitM, repattnl s bill to repair the Anacoatiaacbool-hoass; If-L.aj^tLl'at^to0, bill to reimburse Th? Board of Pabtic Works for money expended ia re pairbig pumps, cleaatag and repairiag streets, aad ak... ? k. w tbeWbfcW. ^ ad^CoMMil bi<l te author lis the oat m^t'ofaajTSnw l/.SiS'S. IS.WW.HW VI Sfle*?? V ? WiIU v BipP ^mbiaatt^MadSr^rea^^ecoa^im^^SS bTIl to balld one^if MLyU's^atj Also, bill provtdlag for tbe erection off a new Are alarm telegraph; raad aasaoad tims. Mr. Hnnt. from tbe committee on pollea, reported bill to rernlaM the i aanlag off railroad trains aad eagtaea on tbe streets aad aveaaas ia the city off Washingtoa: read a secoad time. Also, bill for the pr< teeth n off liceasad horse markets, read a second biU ia reUUvA U> Jtvage* ?f r*y rted without reeemaeciation, and laid so the tails . Mr. Wall, frtm the committee on laws and Judi clary , reported bill in relation to iunruc* cam fa ult*, road ? second bK*. Mr. Tallafero, frost the oor.imlttee on chariti-s and correction#, reported bills to -stablish an in-ln< trlal home for *u?*n Mid children: for ths wlief of B ?. S--I - * * * " " * * Georretown: which wsrs each raid a second time and referred. UISCBLLAMlor* BILL*. Mr Tallafero, by nnwimuM consent, l0trodgc*d bill to Incorporate tbe hnacestla and r*MlK ldl; r<>ad c mpany, with anth >rity to.construct and maintain a .street railway frotn llth ?tr**LT^; ?long H street to the Potomac river, up Wabsr street to 13th. to Ohio avenue, to llth street; re f*rrMl Mr brer, from the committee on drainage, re Grted a bill creatine a drainage and sewerage sys m In the cttl-e of Washington and Georgetown; r# ad a second time and referted to committed of tbe WMr *Wall. from the committee on health, reported till in relation to the regittration of deaths and tbe Interment of the dead in the District of Colombia, wtth a anbatitute for the same; l*Mo*er. Aleo, bill requiring permit, from the Board of Health for con ducting certain businees within the cltlse of Wwh ington and Georgetown; laid over. A too, bill to prevent the introdaction and spread of infectious ard contagion* diseases In the District of Columbia, laid over. THE COLOB QCBSTIOX. On motion of Mr. Herbert, the rulea were ses rended ard Council bill to establish a normal school for the city of Washington wm taken The ponding amendment, offered by Mr. Chase, providing thai no distinction shall be made ou ac ccunt of laca. color or previous condition of servi tude, was adopted. Yeas?Mesars. Brown, Cnase, Cox. Dyer. Herbert. Hulse, Hunt. Murray, Tallafero, Trimble, Trell, VerailUlon, Wall ami the Speaker?19. Bayt-M?-srs. Berry, Liggett and l>onc?3. Ab-ent or not voting?Messrs. Brewer, Carroll, McKnight and Shepherd. Mr. Chase, In giving his-vote. snid he recognised n< white or colored, for, under the law, all are.nual: and if he had children he wished to school he should ?end them to white schools as .? matter of right. Mr. Herbert endor?"d the sentiments of Mr Chase, but the colored schools were good enough for him He regretted to see that some gentlemen had left the hsll to dodge tbe vote on this bill. Mr Long called for the reading of tbe enuressed bill, and it went over. MLTILLiltPC* BVsiSK??. Jir Herbert moved that the bill to regulate the fees of scavengers be takeu np; agreed to. The bill was read a third time and passed. Mr Hulse offered a resolution providing for the nppointmeut of a committee of Ave, with the Speak er to exsmiue the condition of the Piedui >ut and rotomac railroad as to the progress in the construc tion of 11 he road, and at- to whether thet will1 be abb to avail themselves of the aid ofb-red by the District, adopted Tlia Speaker appointed Messrs. Hulse, Betrrx, Trimble, and Djar as members of such com ^biTtfieaker laid before the Ilonse ? tnes?age from theOovnrnor transmitting an estimate for a tele graah line for the Board of Health Iroin Its office to poTCe headquarters, the Washington asylum, and thecal I pox hospital; referred. Also, one iu rela tion to tiie Liu olu Industrial Mission; referred. On motion of Mr. Dyer tlie House bill "to provide for the appointment of committer to take charge ot THK Eel AIKrt OP HABITUAL DBI JIKABD was tak< B up, amended, read a third time and wad. IThe bill provides that whenever any person, re si.iibrf in tile District of Columbia, has any estate, r< al or personal, in said District, and is unfit. ft -in the habitual use of Intoxicating li<iuors,to prop-rlv manage or control the "ttme, tne Supreme Court of tbe iTist ict of Columbia, on tiie petition of any creditor >r relative of such person or, if there l?e i ie it lie r creditor nor relative in said District, of any Creon living in said District, and npon snmrnons ing rejulailv served upon stu b person so unlit to manage jr cautrol his property as aforesaid, com n.anding him to appearand answer such p"tl?io?, msy ord-?r a jury to be summoned U> asce-tait ? b?ther rtuch person he an babttaal drunkard and unlit from that cause tomanage or control his prop erty. Aid if th?-jury aforesaid shall retnru in th-ir verdict that sm b person Isau habitual drunkard and until to n anage or control bis property, it shall be the duty of said rourt to appoint * tu? lit p-rson to b* tb' committee of such person so d.<lared unfit to manage < r contr- l hi- property ae aforeaaid. That the committee, twfore entering upon th<- 't's cbarge of his duties, shall execute a bond with surety,to be approved by the court, to the Cuited States, in ? penal sum eutial to d"Ul>le the am 'Uiit "f the personal property and the yearly rents to l.? d.-ri\ed fr m real estate, conditioned for tlie faillif il performance of his duties. ? That HLch Ct>mniitTe? shall have r-mtr^l ?>r thf r<-.*l ?od Mich ImMtiiftl <lrn;?k ard He rthall hav* p ?wer to collnct all an?* to met drm kard, and to ailjnwt and setfl# all acc^uuta due from him or her, and may hii?* and -?i *d iL bU repretentaftivf capacity. It ?nail be th? d??> ofum h committer to api*l> the annual income of tlie esUt) ??f Fuch tal?ituai drunkard to the ^up^rt of n\:rh hntitnal drunkard and the uiaintenam e and eluca lioa of hie or her family. In all other report*, n-t e?pe?-i?llv provided lor in ihis ac.,the right" ana duti'aof romniittees appointe?l under its provisions ? hall l?e the sano- as the rights and dn'ies pr?-s< rib ? I by law for the conauittees appointed o^el lunatiss That the* Sapreioe Court of the District of Colum bia shall ba\ e power to sell the estate, real or p.-i sonal, of auy person o, a? aforesaid, fonn l to an habitual drunkard, in all c?-e? in which said court is now authorized b\ law to sell the real or personal estate of idiots and lunatics, or in which such -.ale appears to be to the advantage .>1 such habitual drunkard, or necessary for the pajiueiit of Ills debts, or for his ?upport, or for the maintenance and "du cat ion of his family Ard the course of pmceediugs to etftct such sale or sales shall be the same as iu ctum n1 sales ot the estate of Idiots or lunatics. That all contracts, agreements, or credits with habitual diunkard?, after the finding of the iury aforesaid, aud with notice of the same that such pei - son is uiifit to manage or control his or her property aforesaid, either by note, bill, b nd.or otherwise, shall be voids* against such persou d-?clared to l> unlit to manage or control his or her prnp?rty,as aforesaid; but persons making such contract- or agreements with tuob person as aforesaid shall bt? bound thereby. . . . That when any person for whom a committee lias been appointed, under th< provisions ef this act, shall become competent to manage hi or her prop erty on account of a reformation in his or h?r habits as to sobriety, he or she ma> apply to said court to have said c .mmittee removed, and the care and con trula>f his or her prope rty restored to him or lisr, ?nd the disabilities provided for m this ?ct removed. That it sh?ll be tbe duty of the court, wlieu ,?n> each appiicatit?n a? provided for in the foregoing gectioc :e made, on proof that SAW cammlttee has been untitled, at least ten davs Wore, of such in tend'd application, to cause a iury to be summoned to try the >|Uestton whether said applicant is a nt person to have the care or control of hit or Iter property; and if the rtaid jury return in their verdict that such parson is tit to Lava tlio control of sacti property as afor< said, then the coart shall eater au order fully restoring such person to all the rights and privilege enjoyed before -aid committee was ?ppomted; Pr.'vi'ltd. That stich committee so re moved shall be allswed a reasonable time to settle his sccount as such, aiul to paaa over the mone> or property In bis hatuls; and such removal shall not Invalidate auy contract made In (o<*l faiih b> such committee while acting as such: Provided iurth*rt Thai no application shall be sustained b?r ths re moval of any committee appointed under the pro visions of tins act until after tin) expiration of one k(ir from such appointment unb-es for neglect of duty or mismanagement of his trust ] CEORGSTOW*. kr.BerrvlatrC,:^ '"t" * c mrni^ion for the pure bam- and erection of steam and for otber purposes; referred to committee on fcP^he%ou?-'resolved itself into committee of the whole on the bill making an appropriation to par for damages caused by the opening of Monroe and Auoednct streets, Georgetown; and tli- eominittee rose and reported It to tin* House, and it was passed. TH* TAX BILL, KIT. The bill Imposing taxes for the year ending Juue nth, 1874, * as called up. , , Mr Brown moved Its postponement for one day, awl stated that the taxpayers of the second dtstri.'t bad bad ? hearing in relerenceto the county tax,bat the ftrst ilistrict bad as yet had no heat ing. Mr. Smoot ur -d that there was ih? nacseslty for a postponement The bill bad been beforeth'* H'VUse Some days, and parties who were Interested should have appeared before He urged that they should work now in earnest to the eud of the sessi""i *** much remained to be done, and lie hop**d that there wt-uld be no necessity for an extra session. Ths consideration of the bill was postponed. Mr. M< Knight Introduced a bill foi the protec tion of park- or law tin in the Di?trlct of Columbia, read a secot.d tiiue, and referred to thy commute* on public works aad property. i ki The bill making appropriation* for the sinking fund and for th ? intere.t n the debts of the l?'Stri. t of Columbia and of the late corporations of Wash lngtot The oc and (.Georgetown, was passed. ing bill making an appropriation of $4,000 for the numerical b-iok tor the year ending June bff3, waa considered In co?omitt?e of the whole, rep rted to the Houae, and passed. The House went into committee of th ? whole on bib hiithi ri/.ing the sale of the Central guard house, i Mr. Long, in tbe chair,) and peiwllug the eon siderHiloi. of he t ill. It appearing that there was uo out rum pieseut?Messrs. Brewer, Clagett, Cox, I>ver. Hunt, Long, Morray, Shepherd, sin >ot. Taliaf ro and the (speaker only b?in? present? tlie comnutee roas, reported the fact to the House, and It adjournnl. 1'HB Tr*?- Th' Trotting at Pi?'y Rranr\ Court* fetterday?The race at tbe Piney Branch course yestcrdav evening drew out a large gathering, many of thoac in attendance being Udlea. The race was tor a purse* of 9&K), made

up bv Messrs. H. Mkldleton, C. Hopper, and A. T. Whiting. The entries were as follows: H. Mnldleton entered b. g. Rambler: O. Hopper s. g. Honest John: A. T. Whiting b. g. Charley Hayes. Messrs. Dorsey Clagett, David Brough ton, and Robert Strong were chosen judges, la trying for the start Kambler, who was driven by Allen Dorsey, struck and tore his <inarter se badly that tt was thonght best to withdraw him from tbe contest. This left John, driven bv C. Hopper, and Charley Hayes, driven by Ned Moms, to compete. The first heat resulted In favor of John, in 2.S1. The second heat was taken by Hayes in 2.47. In the third heat John was handlea by Dorsey, and won In 2.52^, Hayes behaving verr badly. In the fourth heat the horses got a food start, with Hayex ahead, bnt breaking before the Hist quarter was reached he allowed John to take the inside track and the lead, which position he maintained to the score, winning the heat and race in 1AI. The track was In excellent condition. Baviiiakt Frit?Tbe following communica tion and endorsement appear in tne office of the Board of Health: Dter Doctor The garbage gatherer for our ward doosnt blow his horn or signify his ap proach, and we sometimes -have garbage on band a week at a time. (He amy have a bell on his horse, bnt al dirt cartmen have that.) P lease speak to UN ofihger that directs the clerk that nudges the sab that scolds the man (John son, I believe,) that collects the garbage that tempts the (fees that annoy the women that bless our litres, and oblige J. P. Moui. Kndnrt'ment.?Morse, J. P., complains Quit? "The garbage that tempts the (Use That antmys the women that nlese our lives. Is not regularly removed by the cart that plies, Along the street where bis property tlofc; That the garbage gath blowsnehom, To signal his approach a night or morn, That his slops are untouched for ? week at a time; That he eouldn't endure It If " wy*.*t ????. Freely sprinkled o'er it from day to day. And waats the Health Oflloer with oat delay, Tt lend ? man there to Uke it away.' MM WHITE SCHOOL*. Wo. S, Mia* ?11? ? Oibb?,teKhM,w?> t> ?aM tbli m?rn tng b? Tro?t(H-? Hart i* and s nart. Th?r* ar- 49 supll* o? the r. II, all of wb >m ?ere #r<went, and all but three will be tminfermt to advanced grades. w. w ... uv Biwuann rci ?u ?i??rMi(? The awards we'" ae follow*: M'tal? Mary E Cha<e Diplomas- Ha1 lie M. Foster, M*^ Parker, Al bertine Redstone. Ella Bate*, Marina T. fterrin, Kate V. BrMf t, Viigiula Emory, k>r'ly T Owrner. 8u*anC. Noerr, Loutae W. Lenmao ifettt* Cattail, Emma J. L<>niian, Virginia Smith, May Ma*to, Henrietta Msnger. In* 1*1 M*ary, aod Sophia Alt mau*p< rger. The tpecial arite id i palling in the grade was a* aid 4 to Haiti. M. Fester, who was al-o a competitor for ?he icliovl medal, the contest between herself aad Mrry CUaaa, being ao clnaataat th- award waa made with gnat difflcaKy. Elirabeth Cat'ell won the An for penmanship, a three antthi scholarship in the Washington BuiaesrColtM*. Stoma IHsintt.?'Tbe examinations in Ihia district were concluded vmterdav by the examiaatioa of the Male Grammar school, in charge of Mr. Oage, is the Beaton building. There waa a very large attendance, and much Interest waa taken ia thia examination, which waa co mi acted by Tmataea Woodward and Randolph, Auditor Richard*, and Mr. Hunt, princi pal of tke academy bearing that name. In physical geography, university arithmetic. geometry. gram mar, intellectual arithmetic, natural philosophy, United Sl?te? hiatery, aad algebra the claaaea did remarkably well. Edward V. Beuton waa awarded the gold medal for arithmetic, which fell to thia m huol in the conteet with the other grammar sch?ol?. The medal in the contest with the grammar achoola for grammar, which waa awarded to the third dia trict tbroogh the loainu or misplacement of the analysis of one of the tcholar* beloagiog to the ?< hool, it is clalased belonged to thia school. but it did n< t get it. Bad it beeu awarded to the asuiid diatiict, it would have been given to Edward V. Benton. For tlie manner in which tlie contaatant* from thia diatrict?Charles H. Onrand, Jo*. Brown, W. B. Turpui,George T. Parka, and E. V. Benton? aoiuitt<-d ti emaelvea in the arithmetic contest, the tnb-toard of the district made np a aurae ami pur charted a haodsoate acarf ring for each The teacher* of the building presented William WiMk kf-r mith .1 aet of ali-eve button* and stud*, in return for bi< uniform kindnes* in playing th<? piano at the variou* entertainment* of tk? achool during the past year Cbarle* W. Lemon r.-cei? ed the German uidal The regular premium* were awarded ax f.dlowa ?M ?lai, Joseph Brown; dipl?aiaa, Charles H. Ourantl, Wsl lace F. Croa^nian, Miller T. Dun, rhas. W . L? -n >11. Edward H. Thomas. Thoma-i G Betta, L -wnd?a B Palmer, Rirhard L. G?M>?. Jam** W. l?awr"i??n James H Marr, Edward V B'litou, D. W ilker Howard, William ,1. Baxter. William R.-8?an?loir>, Henry U Middletou, Fiank W. Uoteler.aLn Wiu. Wal keeker. COLORED 8CBOOL0. Colored ?',h<?dc located I11 the John F Goo* I'Ui Id in* 0 street, l?etween 4th and Mh ?T??t*, were examined yesterday a* follows : N-condary No 2, Miss F. A. Martin, teafchet, was examined l>y Superintendent C<-ok. The meii'or if u* pupil* were Krnma Tinney, Ellen B.own, Catherine Jefferson, Josephine Scott, Mary C trrol!, Hester Mac. George Laudric, Catherine Martin, Mary Miner, Eliza Johnson, L uUa Mackrll, Mar garet Anderson, Ella Wheeler, Annie Parker, Sarah Jenifer, Vincent Da Vaul. and Aiiliam Jon<-s. Intermediate No. S van examined by thetearher, Mmh A. L. Foot, assisted by se.eral trurl?s. Tb"re were thirty-eigbt pupil* on the roll, all of whom were present and a number of whom will !>?< pro moted to higher grad.-s. Mary Holiday, William Martin and Hany Lewes deserve special inoutiou for having been neither tardy nor abseut during the /ear. Secondary No 1. Miss 9. I Fleetwood, teachsr, waa examine.! by Superintendent Cook. Tiie roll of honor wan at follow? B-ssie Shippeo, Jane Jackson, Henrietta Herbert. AnnieCole, Oeorgiaua Le*H, George Unwn, Charles freeman, J tin** Wilson, Rebecca bmitb, Mary Dudley, Maria John son, B?-rtie Page, William Carroll, Waltei John ?'?n, Fremout Clark, Irvin Sowall, Fi inklin Bewail, Eddie Colbert, Robert J >tdoa, Gsort Tay lor, Dennis Brooks. Clara Taylor, and S^douia Wa-bington. Intermediate No. 1 wa* examined by Mi?" M. A Dorster, teacher, asxistod by tiust-ee, yes'erday. Th<-re were thirty pupils on the roll, two of whom wit* uburnt. The deserving ones Wf-re Leonora Lanalette. Marr Wright, Maggie Lewi*, Agues Baldwin, Mary Ida KniitU, Mary Jat kson, Emma Bichard^on, Rachel Macoy. Henrietta Brow n, Jane Page, Slide Lewis, Jacob J hns.01, Fl<>t?uce l>'-?cliield?, Rosirnt Brown, Deuiii' Kdwueds. D-.vid B"iMi, Susan Pinkuey, Martha Dudley, Jan.- Giles, and Arabella Ridgeiy. Tiie Grammar school of thi* bailding wa? ex un ineil by >Ir* M.A.S. Cary teacher.aUo principal of the bMildiug, in th< presence of several trustees and many friend* and relatives of Ih" pupil*. Ti.e incntorions pnpils were Milton Parke, H^nry J.?hti *<?D, George McCoy, Einma Merritt, France Brad fopi, Virginia Bradf<>ril, Rachel William*. Anna Willianis, Marv Wheeler, Louisa Scott, Linton :t. Car) , Helen Kicks, Lucind'i Ilarri*. William Tay lor, (albriie Lewis, Krauces Brooks, an>! Jam^ Ciaig. In this gchool there were thirty pfipiN. twenty-Heven of whom were in :tttendanr-<. Th- ??* aniina'ioiis in all of theabo>e schools wa? Inghl. ? reditabie to teacher* and pupils. Urand Dlilslon Noum of Teinpcrancc. ORIUMZATIOM. A convention of delegates from oach of the divisions of the Sons of I'emiieraiice in the Dis trict of Columbia wu held yesterday iu the Criminal Court room, for the purjiose of elect ing o'licers of the (imnd Division, F. M. Brad ley, Deputy M. W. P., presiding. The conven tion proceeded to the institution of a grand division, with the following oftieerein the chairs: F. M. iiradley, Deputy M. W. P.; W. H. Arm strong, ot G. D. of Marvlandt M. W. A.; J. K. Bridge. M. W. S.; A. C. Constantiue, M. W. T.; C. S. Mosher, M. W. < hap.; J. T. I>cvine, of t?. D. of Virginia, M. \V. 0.; H. H. B. Arnold, M.W. S.; W.H.Chase. P. M. W. P. A char ter to open the Grand Division of the District of Columbia was then granted to members of Good Samaritan No. 1, Howard No. 2, Equal No. 3, Home No. 5, Fidelity, No. G, Federal City No. 7, and Veteran Home Division No. 22. Those delegates who were not members of tlie Grand Division w ere then iuitiaU-d. Tiie Deputy M. W. P. then declared the Grand Division cons Unfed, and dedicated it to Love, Purity and Fidelity. An election was next entered into for officers, with the following result:?G. W. P., J. L. H. Wit.field; G. W. A., W. H. Young; G. 8 , J. B. Dunning; G- T-, A. C. Constantino; G. C., W. B. Berger; G. C011., Samuel W. Veatman: G. S., H. Kllenhorst. The following repreeenta Hves to the National Division were elected:? W. P. Drew, W. H. Cha?e, (ieorge Savage, John .Johnson, J. L. Kldwell. W. Van Yicck. C. W. Denison. J. L. H. Wiutield, W. II Young and J. K. Bridge. I NUTAtXATION. The Grand Division reassembled at ^ o'clock, at Wall's Opera House, for the purpose of in stalling the newly elected officers. The hali was well tilled, and the stage was occupied by visiting brethren, presiding officers ot temper ance organizations in the District of Columbia, representatives elect to the National Division from the Grand Division, grand officers-elect, tud the reception committee. Alter singing by the odd Fellows' cbolr. and prayer, Deputy M. W. P. F. M. Bradley made ? few introductory remarks. The choir sang another song, enti tled " Forgive and Forget," atter which the installation service was begun and continued in accordance with the ritual of the order, when the newly installed officers were invested wnh the badges of tlieir offices. G. W. P. J. H. I Winfield was introduced, and accented the trust confided in trim. The exercises clotted ffith singing and brief addresses. Suit iw the BanErcftct Cot'RT?Re cently there was entered in the Bankruptcy Court a suit in which Wilder, Sons & Co. are the complainants and Austin P. Brown defen dant. This case is brought to force defendant Into bankruptcy the petitioners,being the hold ers of several notes given bydetendaut for lum ber. The answer or Brown has been tiled, in which he admits that he gave the notes, and when he gave them he had reason to believe that under certain contracts for paving be would realize from the sale of the lumber asuf ticient amount to nay the same. That the con tracts to the parties to whom be expected to sell the lumber were not given to the parties during the time he expected, and that before the notes became due the senior member of the tirm came here and he explained to him bis sit uation and be agreed that the notes should t>e treated as renewed notes, and therefore the notes are not overdue. He further states that the contract* with the parties to whom be ex. Gets to dispose of the greater part of the luin r have been awarded and in a short time to be able to pay the notes. Tub Aqcbdi ct Briikik r<- tk- Editor of Th', Star: Who are the director* of tho Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad Canal and Bridge Com pany? And are they responsible for the con dition of the Aqueduct bridge? I counted to day sixteen lamp-posts, five of which had lau terns, three of wbich had lamps in them, aud as these are very seldom lighted, the bridge is in a state of total darbies* on moonless or cloudy nights. On the Gwirgetown end of the bridge the authorities have alio wed the erection of a frame building, to be twed as a dram shop, to supply lawless villains the poisonous Said which they need to Inspire and sustain them ia robbery and mtirder undercover of the darkness so kindly furnished. Why Is such a man-trap tolled as that allowed at the gates of the capital city ? Hollywood. a School Awards In the hist two years, eight prize medals for proficiency in grammar and arithmetic have been awarded by the Board of Trustees of the public school* of this city. These have been oompeted for by all the gram mar schools, and with the following result: First district, 1872, Henry H. Grant, for arith metic; second district, 1*72, Sallie K. Ran dolph, for grammar, and Marv M. Rohrer, for arithmetic; 1ST3, Edward V. Benton ami Klla M. Williams, both for arithmetic; third district, Edwin L. Scott, two medals for grammar in 1872 and 1873; third district, 1)?7J, Susie E. Por ter for grammar. Tkmpkraiics Cnamcm uL A*??h iatio* Yesterday a certificate of im or potation of * The Washington Temperance Commerviitl Associa tion" waa tiled iu the office of the recorder of deeds, with the following oflicers: A. 0." Con stantine, president; Charie* New ha: I. vice SreMdent; A. A. Wheelock. chief of bureau; ames T. Powell, secretary; ami R. C. Gill, treasurer. The obiect is stated to be to carry on a mercantile business and enable its members to Curchasc family groceries where they will not e brought in contact with Intoxfearlug liquors The capital stock la $200,060, divided into shares of 9M eaote. _ Buildibg Association?At a moetlng of tka Columbian cooperative building and sav ings association, held at United Aid Hall, on L street, between 10th and 17th streets, last nigM, ninety shares of stock wore subscribed for. with the representative value af *5.400. n?relllaff M WW f* COXriKIIICI or A HfRtHMTATIVI OF TH BOARD OF HALT* WTTB THE lOitt) Of rciuc wotu. *fr. I4npt?n, ifpwntinf the Board of Health, was before the Board of Publio Wurki this morning in oonfereBct' upon the ?uhWt 01 U?e resolution adopted by the health board on the 10th instant in relation to the contraction ef tenement house* for the poor. Mr. Langoton Presented hie Tiews, and, in reply, the Board of nbllc Work* gave assurance* oi' their r<K>pera tion In any practical measure which Might be devised by the Board of Health in relation to the matter. The qwestion of the power* of eKber board to act wan discussed, an wan alee the rale* of the building commission, but noth ing definite wss agreed upon. _ Hr. Shepherd xuggested that the Board of Healtfc might condemn sach house* as are unlit f?r habitation, and order their remoral in a given time. Mr. I,anr?ton thought the bntlding regula tions now in use by the Board ?T Public Work* were faulty in a legal point of view, and thought a new definition should be given a* to wbat constitute "tenement house*." He was informed.that the Board of Public Works would consider any amendment which the Board of Health might propose. ? No Cholera in Washington.?Within the riast twenty-four hours there have been reports n circulation that cases of cholera had occurred here, bat the officers of the Board of Hsalth on examining such reported cases, found that the rumors were based on cases of cholera morbus and similar ailments, and up to this afternoon it is certain that there is not a case of cholera in the District. Dr. Cox, president of the B..ard of Health, to-day, in compliance with a resolu tion of the boatd, addressed the following cir cular letter to the health authorities oi New Orleans and other southern cities: Sir. Desirous of procuring reliable informa tion in regard to the progress of cholera in your city, I respectfully request answers at your earliest convenience to the following queries: 1st. Does cholera exist in your city? M. It jo, bow will It compare in severity with former epidemics? 3d. To what extent does the disease prevail in your locality.' 4th I>oe? it yield readily to treatment? 'If wo, wbat method ot medication and general management has been fonnd most successful? *sth. What hygienic measures have been found best adapted to your locality as a preventative or moditier of cholera? Anv other points of special inter, est connected wt'th thi* subject will be thank fully acknowledged. Want th? Metropolitan Street Rail road Track Eitixded Eastward. ? A delegation of citizens from Capitol Hill, repre senting the resident* of the eastern section of the city, called npoa the Board ot Public to-day to urge the extension of the track of the Metropolitan street railroad company to IttU street east and so on to Anacostia bridge. They were informed by the Viee President that so far as the Board were coneerned, no objections would be ottered, but that it was probahlv simply a question as to the willingness of the companv to comply with the wishes of the peo ple residing in that vicinity. The Board were disposed to assist them iu accomplishing the ends desired, and would do so it occasion ofered. ? Stiieet and Skwkr Work.?The contractor has been directed to complete the work on loth street southwest at once. The water registrar has been directed to lay water mains as fol lows :?A six-inch water main on Boundary street, between 13th and 14th streets; same size on ?th street, from (j toK streets. The con tractor on SJd street has been directed to push the wxrk to a speedy completion. ? ? Base Ball?To-morow afternoon the Reso lute club, of Klizabeth, X. J., and our Wash ington club will play their first champion.-liip match oi. the Olympic grounds. As these clubs are evenly matched an exciting contest may l?e expected. See advertisement. THE COrBTB. MIMWAL COl'KT, Judtt -Tv aay, Johp M Lough and R. E Tli-n.(?<??.t. .ipp ,?!g ti"in P lice Conrt, indguients for defendant i>t agreement. Charles H Finkllng. asaault si 1 bat tery.< appeal:) ple?d guilty and tineii #2.V Patrick H<*khi?, nAsfiul!; nolle pr<m. Alice .1 hihhou, hIi*h .?? i.?h, keeping a bawdy h<>u*e (appe.d from Police Uonrt;) *ni!t>; uiofon iti of jm]ffru*[it. JM'lttr H 'mpk<, ys ? Briv n act. Shea; veidiet for plaiuHff, fslo. Thorn** Mills a?t. the Orange, Alexandria and Mana-sas railroad company?Brown* and Hawe?f?r plaintiff. Merrick f'Z Tft* plaintiff. a color d man, was employed by the W ashlngton and Alexandria rail road company as flag man,(to go before the train* entering and leaving the city,) an* while so em ployed, in March, 1K72. the defendant hating the right M rnn tram* over the W. and A. track, was knocked ?? wi. and injured by one of defendant > jra-n*, ? hicli, it is claimed, was the result of care leasnes- , and he had hi* foot so badlv crushed as to rnpple him lor life. He claims fl0j*?i d .mas ?* The ca*e occupied the afternoon session of the court. GEORGETOWN. The rAYjjtr: of the sidew alks on 1st street has been stopped, (lor want or bricks, it is said.) to the regret of all dwellers in upper George town. Can't something be done to forward this necewary work? The public school examinations com menced here to-day, and will continue a week. Kivkr Kiwg?The steamer John Gibson ar rived to-day from New York, with a full cargo ?t general merchandise, ami the steamer Goo. H. Stout cleared for Philadelphia with a mis cellaneous cargo, including 250 bbls. flour ror Sew York, via canal; and the steamer Colum bia cleared lor Baltimore, with a miscellaneous cargo. Grain Trade?The canal boat Seneca ar rived to-da\ with corn, rye and flour, consigned o T. C. Wheeler, and the canal boat C. F. Wa :ers with 2,(UK! bushels wheat, consigned to Geo. Water*. CITY ITEMS. Pure Soda Water from steel fountains, at Cougblin't, jth and F streets. An ?ioHT-8TRrr Tuft Soda Water Focn rain , been used one season; also, a Counter, I'umbler and Holders, for sale at one hall of ost, and on easy terms. Apply before Wodne* lay next, at Wright Bros., .th and F. 2 TiN-ttNCT> Steel FocnTains forsoda wafer ire better than copper; the water Is purer. Try t at Coughlin's, 9th and F street*. Hats!?Hats! The latest novelty in Straw Hats for young nen just received to-day. The neatest, coolest ind lightest straw hat vet introduced. Call and lee it at Willett St Ruofk's, 3 903 Pennsylvania avenu*. Th* Pcrest Soda Water Is that from rteel feuntalns. Coughlin has it at 9th and F itreets. DTSFErsiA is a Hydra-headed Monster, Tom which nearly all "the ills the hutnan flesh s heir to" originate. The Peruvian Syrup, a protected solution of the protoxide of Iron, is a ong-tried and well established remedy for this listressing complaint; it hat cured thousaud* rhen other remedies have failed. 6 Pond's Extract is tor sale at wholesale by L'has. Htott & Co., MO Pennsylvania avenue, ind by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tf Take Care of Yocr tml Examine the fire and burglar proof vaults >f the Safe Deposit Company, corner of New fork avenue and 15th street, tor safe keeping )f securities, Jewel*, silver ware or other valu ables. Rents from tan to sixty dollar* per an. Dtim, according to size. No business man can irtord to do without them. Take warning from ')u Chicago and HosUm firtt. Children crt for Pitcher's Castoria. It regulate* the stomach, cure* wind colic and causes natural sleep. It is a substitute for castor oiL 4,25,eo3: _ a Pond's Extract cures rheumatism, barns, piles, uloer*, toothache, sore throat, sprains, scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, colic, lameness, bruises, boils, wounds, neuralgia, hoarseness, diarrhoea, and all hemorrhages, eto. Pond's Extract differs from all other advertised preparations in the fact that It is a standard medicine, treated or in medical writings, and known to be a cure for these diseases. m,th,s,tf SrFFXRERS FROM CORNS, BUNIONS, BAD Kails, etc., find immediate relief at Dr. white'* establishment, No. 635 15th street, opposite U. 8. Treasury. The treatment often effects a perfect cure, even in extreme eases, if none but suitable shoe* are worm tr Tcrco-Bussian Baths; also, Medicated Va por Baths, for all akin disease, at Dr. Shedd's, 903 E street. 5,20,6: DctIIi Jl Co., WW YOKE MERCHANT CLOTHIERS THE LARGEST VARIETY OF GOODS FOR GKXTLXME2T9 WEAK LN AMERICA. ALL THE HEW STYLES St uu ipmTtfu ateeoba ??????????????? f1jte goods A* rorri^mh prices. Lorkwood. Hafty k Taylor, pen5hvivt<<ll? avmrc, Are rkn(in|i lure* iMilifmi of w? iirf Mritile G?x*j? hi each ?? porticnlarl* ?4*pt?-lf?r the mm, at prior* to rait the want* of all. LADIES' dress DEPARTMENT, Second Floor. at at 100 bbown lin kn scits. at 1w0 " " "at 100 ?? " ?? at too " " ?too ?? " 100 mhite lawn 100 " '? 100 ? " 100 m " 300 ?' ?? 100 colored " ..f7.00 * w ,.*wuu 4mr ,.?16 to s3u t*u< *6 m at f6j; at ?s*? from % 10 to ?33 .6" fr*?m *17 60 ?0 whi19c laws WBATrlBS. s?50to $30 oh 100 BAlSrE POLONAISE aud bed1ngote* from flu to f2u 100 WHITE LAWN POLOii A1SK tr m ? J 76 to ? ta?t 100 BROWN LINEN polonaise and bkl>in COTES from ?...? 6 00 to fie .a' I .?0 dozen L:tdia?' Cotton SKIBTS, with sic tucks, only -? ..w cents 100 " ?? 44 with nine tucks. <'llx? MX www ft 1 if too " 11 ?? with twelve tocka,....._........... ? 1 40 &ud a fuL line <>f bkikts, tncknd, pliilM and em broidered, from si-41 to #25 each, with '? un proved spring li?nd." 100 dozen Ladiea' Cotton CHEMISES, with t<lge cent* 100 " 44 ?? 1 uo 100 ???*? m with raf fle 1 36 Uio a complete line of Plain, Tucked, pom, Platted, and handaom.-lf Embroidered, at pricw from #1.63 to |1s. 100 dozen Ladiea Cotton LB A WEBS, t ticked, at ???..75 centa 100 dozon ?? " m 06 < euti loo dozen mm m f 1 00 Us? a large variety of elegantly trimmed, at price* raiifring from $ I 26 to $5. Our stock of fbench cndebwear i? replete rith all the elegantdeaigne in CHEMISES, DRAW EES, niqht DBBSSES, and dressing iacuues. FOR 1RFARTS. Ve mention a few of the many desirable Good- to be found in this Departs* at : NFANT8' FLANNEL BANDS; TLANNEL SKIRTS; *lain and Embroidered CAMBBIC SKIRTS; ?lai?. Tucked and Rmlroidered SLIP*; >BESSES, In great variety; christening ROBES; SHAWLS, Plain and Embroidered; ia0qubs; l0n0 COATS; WOOL BOOTS; IEB1N0 SHOES and SATIN F.mb. BOOTS; 4ursebt baskets; PILLOW SLIPS; NITIALED BIBS, nubsert PINS; POWDEB PUFF BOXES and PCFFS; DBAWEBS; RUBBBB napkins, LACE CAPS. FOR ciiildreh. 3 to 9 Van of Age; SKIRTS; CHEMISES; DRAWERS; NIGHT DRESSES; Cambric, Pique and Linen DRESSES; Cotton, Pi?jne and Swiae apbohb; bacqurs, in Cloth, Flannel a?l Pm?; BHIBT WAITS; CAPS; BUN bonnrts and STRAW HATS; Bwtaaaad Pime OVER-DRESS bs. LADIES' DRESS . special Ordef Depnrt?e*u We tare every facility for making order, and will furniah the material or only the trimminga In lto lsckwsh Haftf a tmjur SBS femmrtltar1a 1tbige SBOWiSTIWl AftTERTlHEVCVrS bw&",r.^sarjs*j~ai? ?"? to?to?l*ao... 'kwaaao* | wX.Ml- ?? *"? 'w n< Mrtirf at <V ?l PIT MuiN ?trMi. I- KEf?< VljP PBI? E*. to i?i o. Aucw. Ml ?i4t ?? 1 ?>fm .. . _ * THOM *P PR ilR, . *'? ,w UMII Brfcl^ A?va ?i4?, |{T TBOMAD MVURC.iM i ?***?,. rl?5*?I'itT?t4yL,if *JW? "TO** **:> IS VmT t*.?"?'II ? ?? H ????*, bit 11 I! ih ? ? ? v' yyr"^- "**' tw*-^?rT Tr?*? Ona-tklr4 caak; l-ala*** ? M M ?w.hl Wltk tutrfart. ?*-?*** by * 1??4 tlx >a tb* THOHAB POW Ln>Q, (m. 'j'HI FALL ECBII IS OOM1EO. TW r>r "* f t>Oj|, ??r? tar? I* the km ibaa r.<r ?J ?wk. I t' dli I rifif IB I oBr {r4 | ?ml M I'.ter G >4< at ??ao ??????. b? a?<?4tf? tfe *?< liable d>-la> In tk a*?a;toa c4 ? rim .faring jaik a raak of >*?!???? ** ?? ?nn.-rt U> ka?r tha fall. jr?ir foo4? will I* mi?l> d*u4 ur r? i r i aitd rarafullr ka?? f?r ai\ a*>at*a. * I kargea ta.?v r at*. T. r?i? i..T?r tab I; 0. 0 D W. H. VNlATLIV. rkSMJCM 9TKAM UYklfiV J ft U BCOOh. 7*9 **TAR^ISNMK*T. * *? Efra*. (Uorw>t<rw*, p C ?P? ^ ? ? aatiT?m>aat. >*to tr |{T TBOS. DOWLIKOJwto^B^j^.,. T?''*WA?t" intr ?vri> MRM BTREEtVeoRUETOW*1 AT*l> 051 tflaiih iirr??.T.Vy!1'f Rw?4>-r term rJT2^r? ?. i? S ^ 3? ilkW,<? l?lfl* tt?l<1lli<ltl tO U?S?I f*?f, ? |, ,||fto?.,a?,1 M-if I If .. ???-?? re? < ~ c&rU svv^s. **?.; e vzr: "t"b,H-n" ?l?* ??rt'i abfa ^ T m bnt ??*?*?!.?"?*n/ of bMok ttak&a'^Z lh? Bvith ei.le vf **id *11 > narF"r: 2 ?v* isr: s^r arrru. ?.?;,.*. c<tt<pli,'<l with wttnm nre lav* th.- ir .S ? lvt?rr. ?W risl.fto r..?||?h- rmMt*r ?t ?nd co?t of Ik- d-Uniii, . i.rrlifc.fT b" r'** ? ra-fb^mcn^ *" ?>nr' B. p. i>onoR, i _ r V l?*HN C1LLI.( -"l* * THUMAN ItOWLlSia. Aiet. EXTftAOM>IMA%(?eiMAm W OEr 4Plain end BtnH ??????? bilk-, at htr , ?r> rtk 7?r '?atifiil Gt> 4* fur rtutrii.i* al ?, Victoria La* na,(WWbbc ? ' BatM M4 Lien 8?n?imr? aTl oh Blark Alpi?r?p and Hotiatni. ? ?(w?, imtr A of Qim>4ii for iM ?*yi V iinfi n (? ?. .. __ omv<*u> STEAMER LINK. A**!10!1 L,*? ?rCA?IEM< - K\ luv Nortl' ti"?r,N-w for* tLIV^L 'o, ULAbOU? , Li\ lkr<Ni|.,(iK LOKrwiNDKRRr ? H'?./ ?''trf,r*.*, ClI.lML . -a - ? <'W-?rT, Cabta r^TTr n't icXrta iiar a mm ^ 11 *? fa?t tavtwiidatioiM. fljn. ?<?, mpcrtiT*-, corrt-n^v 4 %] ?? ??????? I'H^iSSiVias^L$&}?? J\EW expeem une via cabal. mil.iiiri tun ?vl,*,r* ? -rcu lStSSLX fffttifci* nfc ?*? EuiJ sTS2:r*?? ?C255?^?--' - ^ Str,fc?ta- y*1foVT^'^'C ^WALDO A. peaece. ?? Oon*to? ?r??, drllvarty) bj K??S> Ir?r?i <<?-*- ? a.'Lg?g'.y?>. Wi. p-nn.,rrr a^? to ?*?*?^er Vua.-f trill be pruaiptlr atiawl^ Kazsriz ? ,fLa^d ?. LiOf fi?r Boston and rffifhl nboild bf? it dritiMl >kcBr? nf Le6#a vfB HerfolkBrtock ttckot ofl aiU Pltit^ Btora. comac Mtk 1. mm* Pa mv. Q C ? A * ? LI *B. " BOTirg *Pr4i'- <* ?<??? UL-.. IK ABO link. Tit EBIT1BB ARD HOBTB AMAk UAE eotal mail btbabsbIps. SETWEXB BBW TOEB ABD LITRXPOOIm callibg at oobb babboe r?OB HEW TOBB. tAlg>na-y>q. Jn? lri Bala* ia...__ltot__J qua SI ?*<?"??.d j.i. j| ... , "f*' -0**"* - ??, tlto, BMI R??TnS! .S. .^rssisi^ea Eetara Ucketo oa fa> TaUa toma>V^H LlTaryoot and ) Tul. Mlla of ladinggi^u, "LirUT JS^.wT^SJSi Antwac? aod otSac aointa or tfca OouTitcut tai jar w^ap^y atthr^Hai^^Sf*, B^ I^C 111 ?^35f c?A.^BABr.LrB,?^, ?7jro^ Oflic . 0*3 1> ?trwt uortiiwnit. X"? ^ Waakn.tq.Hi, P. fa. NEBCBABTB LIVE VP ?TBABAI1PB inwtn tAMlWm ABP BBV tobb. iSWiStSSSJ^Sff POB MOTH PATCHBE, fRlCBUI 1 AN* TAN, USE PERRY'S MOT 11 AND FRECKLE LOTION, IT JS KMLIAhLB A*O HARMLESS. P1MPLEB OB TUB PACE, BLACBHBADS ABD PLUBW0BB8, USE PERRY'S IMPROVED OOMEOOKB AND PIMPLE REMEDY, TUB UK MAT SklM MKD1CIMM. ;S?St3W..V^V^,aTt,,aTS3: >wa. ?t4k^Ja TBB BBOAPVAT OOAT mmA TBET taatook ? aUttorapl A. BTEA^\ttoOWitoto,ml

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