Newspaper of Evening Star, June 18, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 18, 1873 Page 1
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THE HVENING STAR. r*kH>M ????, ?????* n?rft, Al TDK STAR BUILDINGS, Mia Aim Mr- uik mu i ni mint mi nrcrint civm wirs *ki?sc: asrss ?U BNIM, |1? ?B* T*?T, ??. TH? WillLT BTAB-JNNIM rrt?er-#ijr E SUMMER REPORTS. I T L I I hotel, i-,.pk*lfitHrn. J'f -na C?nty. Weft Viffwi*. SOMC, CD" Jail ?'U Un lUr ?- ated > n the ? r.thern Van* cf tbe P . tomac, o?? , r*iiit|pa E rrn?f*?UI*i utb?B*ir Ob.< K-w'.t ^!, ?h rt * . -r . - F ? ? ? 1 r ., health) _ * i.ate. a itfliiiCTil >otisrr nw(t. Opou ti i ii.a. Mimi ' f b? ar>!?r?. T ru # m ?!???*? _ _ .... / ..:r? ID* IS BOWKS. Pm?riftor. jM 71 pill kBK(T)(-L ALIT1 $PRI5bg, V.4. % OPEN Jl'KE 1<T, l?Ilt TUikNHMMMMNMIVMta| ?l?<* will iT i andilia?IHtai li MlkkiMM. It r ? a? < a !? ?. ni> H t l B "'To, fine' I i-- K -n-.H ?>'?'? *!!??'. f ? 1 ?* 1??1_< 4t I ??.;p>rt> OT" jU?t B ja.i'i i ? I ' r Sept :u a stile not surpused ?nswh-ri in Yi'ttnia It- water* of tb' ">r?ri?l either sir- or t ??'lT relkve ru' ?* c a*--? .f Si rof-tla, lactpient l mnr rt? >ii. C'liuBii Brochitie, Chronic t .. C* : ni Pt.fisn o?t?, fhronic Dy?*-psia, ? m. ate' ?. l'br"nic Dy*>-??t?ry. Th~y are a ?t. at taln-m th ee arT -cttni!* which are p.' f ai to tb*- female c?>n**itati >n. and ae an app?-ti *??. ? t"-t w ?r<1 a re-'ral restorative they are, a?*r cfrivall?1 aiu<M!Zat mineral waters. Th*> i ? r t as f r the lawn* and ball-r^-ni a r r-r ? ls?? band of mwlc. m.'l in general all the ? crr-? <*f miiiwwit a::<l recreation ti?ti.illy f >itnd a* -.r t-s? sntnmer r rt* wl'l N- *f the c mmat 1 i f tb* *ust? ?t K<H'KBK[|XiK ALt'M. i* ? tMr fr Tii *lrv?n to thirteen boar* of Rtoh i ? U ??in net'>? . B ?lnm* re. etc , by rai . all m tfa '?bt. I'imhh ? leave tb* car* of the ? h*?a |. <k- hit?i Ubt" Kajiroad at tfMehes D-p>>t, aa<l Dew ai d e!. ?-?nt ?t?*e < .-acbeB. p?-?hc racily OTer a ?t 'h ai.d ie\el r a^ ?f eight tail?*,*)! Joaa t \>itow a? th* ?rr:B|? m t?? JAMRS A. rRAZIER, Proprietor. Pr. J. ?. I>A V18. <'f tlf L'ni?er?lty, Ke?i lent I'"t lrian. A K DOOM. Office Manager, 8. M. Mi LLF.X. Office Matager *S~ Th- aater Ii>r ?3e by COLEMAM A EOG liJj. Ualtiniora. I>-?. r-pti\e p?m|4?i' *s *?nt free on application. ,lf?l?i* a ATTO.V?Tbi* popular asd (?ry healthy turn 1 r>-? rt. n^-ar B: icker'* ti?p, audi" < d b> the Blaa *Kl*e otoitutaiu,^ |M b> ur<" rida by rail of * ihiMtfJ - l ? i p?-ti f .r th> recep-i n c4 iiMto, ???*? .a 1-7J IinjwtweitiIWe liwt yar: Fmrpiarra in ti 't.b^^-r' icr-b^oee Bll-o, a ptau~> ta the r. Th- Inil '?? r? ire ?t -ne, c D*i?fin? of ? r% roorr?. B-artt'fnl m "tiitain #c?niTy. Ttio* a h-T>? to en.-'V? tbe e<.?l breeze of thi? elevataj t- ?;? D aill ?l'lr?e?, A O wri<;ot. R ivl HH P. 0 , l?"UiV"in 0#.. V?. ?: ,, r ??tr'^-t N W \\ ?>T ?><D HOTEL, AT LO^U BHA.%4 H. 51. J., m ;lt. e*: ortiti) oa tue ivtu ok june ? Aip.kvt- ?? f r r<> rt ca-; t>? 'p.%d>- to ? . . A i >i hulnl.,'1. N... i-2 Hr.^laay , N ? t -*...r i ? ?.lr?iti i'i.K.hKI KY i^JkiLL .? K 'LI I?k TH. Fr rr -tori, L"'.x Brasuh. ?K ' ti. I lit.-HlH\, 1' M l!ILI'hKiU. maU'Jnnelf UIU| SUIU* LADIES' GOODS. Ot ?_ Jllbft MciUftUICb, PE^SaY L VAN LA AVk.NCK,' fiaa cotiata&tly on hand a fine *?? rtm-nt < ( IMPOBTEP BOSNET9, STRAWS. < HIP9, FLOVk EB8. BIBB0N8. Ac , all 4 tbe neweet d-?'rn*. Ladle* CAPS al4 COIP F1 RES jn>t receiT?d. nv5 tr LAV AND SAVE TOCB MoNEV. u Ladle* who have R?1r Switchea that bate fad*l Trim r.? cft< L.??e tlicin raatored to their natural ?t.a>> in pupenor manner. We b**a a?erj large ae? riaeit ?.f II Carle:Terr loiK and ban<1*ome h?iich*a ??r cbeap. Mow i? the tlwe pn bay at M AI'ASIE ESTRmSBHair Pactory,619 Uth at., atar.Q ?tra?t. a?-tr ^ 0T1CE ? Bar fan* are now being o^>red In ^ M1LL1NEBT aa4 PANCY GOODS, Pt B LEN/HF.RG A CO., ?S-'f 7#7 Uark 't Sfxe, ^TAMPING DEPOT ? IT S?V?.1TH Dtllll. WE-tt (>pp..?tte Patent OfBoa. WELLING OPP I f 8ELLIHG OPP I AT COST, TO DISeOLTl PABTNKBSHIP. tbe entire Mock OP TBI NIW YOKE BAZAB. 441 Seventh "ttre-t. near B. ?ar7 tr BO HCMBCG. ??I AD1B8" li PBBBrH BTABCB IKAMIL la tba beat article 1b tbe world f >r doing op Ltnea oy Hcatin. It tmparu a baMttfoi (toapU tbe fabric. Per Mia by all Gr x-era. BI BB HAM A CO., Mannfactnrara, ICO Weat Lombard drwt, a mU It Baltimora. Maryland. %|ETROPOUTAN DOLLAR STORK. M'-RE NEW GOODS!! TBET ABE ALMOST GIVEN AWAT t LOOK AT THIS LIST ; 1 tuklrnli Sun B unete and Hata, 90c. ?? M,?raei!l?-? Ilataoery pretty, }1 " Lacr B?ts, $1. " Plai<l Moallu Aprons, coyer entire dress, Mjc '? Wbiu Drewee.rrvaebarTed moelm, $1. ?? BaffSttib. (1. La.l"^" a hiteat l colored Border Apr->na,29c. " K rmeaat! P'm.1 M'l-llii do " P-rcal<> and WMIi- Lawn Skirt Waist", *1. ?? ?'nil tucked Bfetrt*. ?l P. fl?l a'id ??brt.fdered front Cb*nit?e?, ?1. T'i?-*e^ %nd TOrtr- fdered Drasert, 51. " T'-.cked aiid Lace do . its. . P J" <?ltco Waiete.SOo. Lai.'! Vntch iitpwm black S?nn I'mbrella*, ?? l.i.|? thr-a/l .-t.iu'a half GauuttetOI >Te- JSC. " Leather B^lt?.29r. '? M'>r?jce.. Bti.l I'?. Bi?ian B-ltt. SOc. ?? (itMitol ?)?< 6<lt B"H Chains,Mr. '* W<ad, Painted and Ltnen Pans.Kc. *? k'.tacy, Wood ace4 8i?k d >., SU-. '* Jli' k, ? hiu- auu u I'd bilk a:id Ti 'nna do., rr ildrena'li?e Lir.ej. Handkerchief*. J f?r 3fc. L?.i??' ben>atitc)iei| L.tien d<*.,kfwr SI. ?* flae GaiTT* V-?f*, Jl. C 'le'do. I Mirtr. |l ' L:sht Br ii?h and L'?l? S -ckp. ?4 Striped eks, S pwrr fir ?1 ?? Blark a" ) Paiirr Silk B'>*?, S9 and SOc L*d B.a-bi.fc and Prl:>ired Scarfs. a?h:. t xpl- at and otb-r style# B'.-ffl-a? for tbe neck, S3 ai^: S/C per rard. F??ra !a'?e ami lt?? THttask T *?U,)for fl. Sr -Lilid Batbiux Towdp.S %r..| t fjr Bl.?Ac.Ukc.,4c. !f y n ha e any c? ?*tdaratk'M fcr J^ur yxkcl i . S_- ? >ou will aot fail to call o? B. BILVBRBBRO'8 MCTHOPOLITAM DOLLAR ITORB, ? IK 8BVBBTH 8TBEET, rbuia m P V ? 1 bBTe now on hand mr ttmal fall stock of t b ,V|l T. T at }t JO, 30, t< ?, *?aad ?3 Gome at-: I. ? k at tb'ni je4-tr ^AIBBANES LXTTEB SCALES, E.?-ry tize and style, at eery |o? rate*. pjr TBE LJiiVBBSAL FAMILY SCALE. r<i TUE POt BET EETTEB SCALES. *t r tare an haed ??d always raadyto riM ly mar hi : esery style and kind w LETTKB SCALE M tue aianuTactnrer's lowedt ntWf. *? ale., a full line of C- PltBWf lal attd Banksfl tiatKMri, B.aai Eooba.CaaB aal Bead Bum. BICUAED B. MOHCB A CO., a-Sl-tr 101? Peana. aseooa, cornar llth street ^tLEES WHAEP./wy iuasif HriM. TO cohtbactobo abb mebchabt* Cart ?? ot ITUlEi COAL, MAT. LBMBEB, ffie., dtacbarfed trvm tmmU (ad Mored or dallTarad d ?sb' rtaat Botica Bud loaeat raua. aJU Ip ? T. AtLII. IryiAir k DISBOLCTIOB ! tEGi BABGA1ES. BAEGA1XS, ta FANCY GOODS AND NOTIONS,at tb* Maw Turk Basar, 441 7lb *<r?et. -ear E, to aettia the okd firm *4-tr J. B TOCNG 1'HE BEABKbT BOl'TB to tba Vlantta Espoal* UwB&lke V<tf * *" BT1UOr'1911 ^ SrBELY WOBDBBB EBTBB CEA8B.-AU Stjua ta tore* dtMreat ~ . ....I ? . i i , ,t m m ? ? ^ ? i ? ^ ^ * \SSt. 41?NS. 6.317. WASHINGTON, I). C., WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18, 1878. TWO CENT SPECIAL NOTICES. CitirH a|ilMl t'litUri. It N w?ll known that ifaproper remedy is iw?t*n ta- ec.0?n tak?n hi a case of AatatK Cbolera,or eyfrt < helera Morbus or kindred complaints, th patent i? n.'<ch relieved, and H happens not on frequently that such thn? ly prove of ir.caleulable service in an r.It taste cure. I <k> not srub lo be underst->M as ei?isiuc not to call in a phy sic laa at tbe earliest possible momt-uk, an such a coar-te is imperatively ti?r>nu); I n< seweuniee a fluraician can nut be bad at a moment's notice, and it !? for ?uch cae-? that w. ,,.w prepare N ATT A N f CHOL E It A SPfcC IT IC, a strong, active, awl efflcient r-m~ir, calcu late f"T such e%*** ae h?re *ated, and which everj ?ti| c itifiictfil have "a hand or im ta?d ??e^y pr'*ure. During li*4, while the ch?lera *a? rsg'ng quite severely iu Brooklyn, N. Y., I w? en ploy d Ibere, and it wae fouud tn?t thii Spoilt' *1i<l crni l>?-ing much Mt-*r llian S jnibU' Motor* and Snn Cbol-ra Cure, both of which were tried. 1* mill al.?o give immediate relief and cnro Clu b ra Jl rl >, Colic, Cramp*. Dvsentsry, lV ?r rhia. and all disorders nsual at tbu ititju. full ?liM?-t ior? :\eccirpany each vial. T be " of ARTHUR HATTANS. Drugg1?t, j'Str Corner < f Jd end D streets north*eat. ON THE BREAKFAST, LUNUHEON, DINNER A If I* SUPPER TABLE, Lea ft Pcrriits" Worcestershire Slice IS KtDIKPKXaABLK. JOHN prSCAlfB SONS, New for*, octV lawly Agents for tbe United State*. Kntchrler's Hair t>jr lathe be*t la the worM, tile only true and perfect ll<tir Dye, uo ridiculous tit>t?, an disappointment, harmless, reliable, m*tao tai.eooe black or brown; at all druggist*', and 10 B'ad street. New York. f 8-oolr festivals. L'KniTAfc IN TNI0NTOWN, FOR THE r betieflt of EMANUEL EPISCOPALCHUR?'H, June 19 and Jl? A tDiii-'-i n 10 cents. All the d?li can,, of tbe m aeon. Tbe public are cordially in Vlfd. jlT*' F- kSTIVgL.?The Ladiea of St. ANDREW'S MlMlON C til R( II ?ill >mid a F?etiv,l on th r entnar .?# TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, tb? )7 li and lefh la-laill, at No. 1419 P ?tr?-ot. ih- ?r l4lt>. j!7 3t THE LADIES' BENEVOLENT SOCIETY are I n-? h-Wiaga STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL in tb"ha-eii,'tit of th? Thnrcb Corner Sth ?nd N street*. Tt>e? wi?h to call at'enti -n t? the elegant supper wi tch will I..- served each evening. The (Miracles <>f theeea?on pruniel. [Rep 1 jelS 4t* ? .-?ISTIVAI-The Ladi-a of the SECOND BAl' r T^T CHURCH will clvt a KLOK\L and ^TBA^ BEHRY FESTIVAL, for tjbs^atieflt of tb? Cburrh, lu tbe new W**hirigt' n H ?il, corner ?>ri <t at.d penB?rIrania ayt-nue ?r.uthe^t. f.'r THREE EVtMNGS, ?.um, nou*; M>bli).>uue U:h. jelfi-Sl* EXCURSIONS, TIC MCS.tfec. 1^ EYPOttT EXCURSIONS. Cn and after FRIDAY. JUNE 13, liT3, tbe el?-s%nt and favoriu- suam-r KfcY- .?*" w PtiRT will Ci mru-ifc b* r regular TUESDAY and FRIDAY EVEN ? ?? 1NU ficurtiioLa dovu tbe Putnuiac, loav'nj wb?rf f<- t of 7th ttreet, at 6 o'ol<>ck p.m.. rvtnrnint at II p.m. During the sumMerut 1?7< to eii-nr si na wer" larg- ly ptWroiiiiiid by many of our be-?t ci i*> as, ? bo !? nnd in th?*n acix>l and plea?ant e< cap- from the heat and Ml of th? city. N<> <'Tt irt ?I all be spared during tht> comiup sniuiuer to make tl -in plea-ant and a^tre- able in riery rt-s^ct. Ix - ;*.tire? will b. Ftati >ned at the boat to preveia tbe a*lnit**i e of any imp*vper chara. t. rs No fut-?xt caf ing liijwrs soUl. Mtiafc, dancing, an^l rofreih tn-i.ts on board. Fare, single tickets. SI; and dtotu niat?, %1 *i. Appl> to \VM. H BVLES, AffUt.M'l PeUD?>lraniaa> >-nc-. tu3!-lm "amusements. TBI I F \LITEKARY AND MUSICAL ENTERTAIN MENT? r the benefit of St MARK'S eilUR' II, ?t W UITHAFT S H \ LL, B street, below 3d street i-outl-eaet, Capitol Hill, ou THCRSDA Y, June 19tb, 1-73 at 8 o'clock P. m. A Jinir-i >c. IS ceuls. Straw I-ernes and Ice Cream at city pric*?. jelS-J:* IE SEVENTH ANNUAL BCHUETZEN FESTIVAL will be held at the OERMANIA M HI ET/EN PARE, tialea W od*,attUe termi nus <?f p st'eet and New Yora artnoe, on July 14th aiid 11th, W73. Price Shooting and Prtxe Bowling and other amusement* See future advertisement. jel7 ?' THE EXEUCTITg CQMM1TTEE_. ONI OF THB FINEST ORCHESTRIONS in the conntij can b- beard at Mr. gCSWART /.ENBERO'S. 469 Pa avenue. TUIa lu-iru iSi m-at was in ported at a Cost or $6.0txi, au.1 rap-7^* rtsenta an bnmense orctaeetra, with Iruiu-, cymbau, and chiin? complete. Cuacorta daily and nightly, and oar properties of the fluent character. The anb Iir are cordially invited, free of charge. jeU lm ".'-Fl -.w 1?W *? ?*'?' uutw '**" 1*. 43? ttk ?r*?VMtwaeb D and Batraeu, eUbt _ dews a**ra odd Fellow'. Han. Oho tee Oil Patu rings, Hngravings, Cbromos. Ac. AN?, largeat atocK Paper H\:.g:rvifs. Window ibades. Pteturee, Franea. Picturo Oorda anu Taa *-'?District S CASH. ber Mama and Number. m It* All RIND* OF CAST-OFF WRAS1H0 AP FAREL can be aold lo the vary beat advantage bj addraaai^ij orcalling on ___ JUSTH, ?wmw D street, between tth and 7th n. sr. ?otea by stall proaspUy attended to. OMh paid. fl| f kU> SOLD, SLLTER, BRASS, OOP FEB, Btc., y tMght at fair prtoaa for a Haw Tark bouae H'<na. ^?ld Faraltare boagat and sold. Notea by mail goe?Uy attended U by ADOBBBTBIH. 14t?? PaanarlTaala attott 411-ly " TEAVELINA BAAS, IN QRKAT VARIETY AT VERY LOW PRICES. HARNESS A lull Mock of Han.en* of onr own make, and f'eriIhlng appertaining to the Saddlery, Harness, and Trunk baajneaa.Fioe Harness and Truuksmade t Titer. S le agents for nillN celebrated CONCORD HAR NESS and COLLARS, which we are selling at Con cord prlcea. Concord Harness rooui ia second story of building. C*~BB SCRE OF THE NAME AND NUMBER. LI TZ ft BR"., 4V7 PENNSYLVANIA AVENGE. jell lm Next to National Hotel. <Ol.\D FEET ^ AND FREQUENT EXEHCIAE in tbe op?n air and sunshine b< ing tb" best pre -? ryatlisa ol t*>th physical and mental bealtb, and Cvuseyuiut uaetnlnesa and LONGEVITY, th< *i?ai:d? ?d pers<^ris come from far and n?ar to visit I K WHITE, the well known Cbiropodtst, No. 4^5 l#tb street, opposite the United States Treas ury, Washington, D. C.< fur relief from Corns, Ban ions, Troublesome Nails, and other diseases .>f the feet, and advise as to suitable fitting ah nsa. Hi treatment generally give* immediate and painlees reli'-f, ar.d even in eatreiae caaee, if none but suita ble .It->es are worB.ofteneOacts a perf-ot cure. Tbe feet t-ftu* used sn constantty need occarlonal at'.en ticn, and as tber? la 4aag*r in tampering with C>>rna < r buni' W !?> a knife, rasor, erother unsnit alde app!,aa**-s.tbe majority of tbe intelligent por tion of the C' tMB-umty visit the practically e\ peri ence<l Chlrnp<?liet in order to bMter insure safety, ecc n? my of time, eotnfort. and health. jeT L'KUT 1AR?. I- FRUIT JARS. A large MsortHKbt of tbe :uoet approved km Is. WEBB A BKVBRIDGE, jit 3t Odd Fellowg' Hall,7th street. gXAMUB THB ?OLD BPB0TA0LB, OlH.7 H. H. HKMPLBR, Optlslaa, | 1MB! L|Bf: UXII BEST WOOD BUBBT LIMB at ?1 for barrel, delivered to all parts of tbe cttT. THOMAS FAHBT, lOtb street, bS -4m mrli.a??i. aortbweet. ianM-tr INATOBIa m?ed. For aale by B. D. G1LMAN, UT Pwmiylvaala ava., and J E SAV 4(iE. Pennsylvania aw., betaceu lwth and llih Uara. ~ a!4 lm* |f??UJS*oytlcu Mi 0 wrMitynlfciw. |^>?1 'I'Si ELLIPTIC TPBB SBIRT ta acs I by iboaeaads of ? A Uon of elegance aad comfort. Tbe system otJHm cattiaa eaahlee me to El any Ibrm.or defocmltf wit b sAeolnte precialo*. la the matter of tenals and msnoTarture. experience eaablea^B me to guarantee entireWtwarti?a. l ? W. BBIBBT WELL.?>,.*S??tkm., WMhlhgttm.P.O. ml?-tr ?yj C. LUTTBBLL. 0. ft. DCBBLNOTOB 'jUTTBIU m ODRRimOR. AitttiBttn u< CiHBlidsa Mere I VIT La. Ass.,bat. Mk and Mtb ttreaU aorl ?ale of ] DLASTBB AND CBMBBT.-Jaet landing from 1 sehooaer Bad Jacket S00 barrels Newt ir?h PLASTBB and ?V barrels Boeeadale CEMENT, and for sale b| WM- (il'lN AND, b'JJ Loui-iana avenue. J'W EVENING STAR. Washington News and 9otiip. Intern al Revest* The receipt* from this scarce to-day were >2?w,10ti.9g. Prrpidrnt Grant will return to Washington to-morrow morning General Whipple has partially recovered from bio illne*s, and was at his desk in the War depa: tment to day. FIRST LlErTENANT H EN uy R. ANDEB"05 has been transferred from battery B to battery A, 4th artillery,and First Lieutenant Siduey W. Taylor to battery R J. W. Ei.ston. acting a*.??i9t%nt snrgeon, V. S. N., was to-day detailed by the Secretary of the Navy a? mcdical officer of the Tigress, and ordered to report at New York city forthwith. Comwoikire C. R. P. Rouoers, who, for seme time since, has been inspecting the docks and other work* on Mare Island, Califor nia, returned to Washington this morning and resumed his duties at the Navy department. Secrtttart Kobksi'5 arrived at the Navy department at 2 o'clock this afternoon, having completed his reTlew of the testimony of the survivors of the Polaris. It will be laid before the President to-morrow, and will not be made public until alter he has reviewed his report. I.ifeSattno Stations.?Capt. Howgate.of the signal service, and Mr. Kimball, chief of the bureau of revenue marine, leave Washington to-night for New Jersey, to'make arrangements for connecting life-saving stations with the storm signal service, under the provisions of an act of the last Congress. It Is expected ?rae of the stations on the coast of Nev England will be connected this year. Mr. A. B. Msac hem, the peace commis sioner, who was wounded at the Uanby massa ere. will probably attend the forthcoming trial of Captain Jack and his confederates. He Is still a tirm believer in the present |>oliey of the Ifovernment towards the Indians, and says tliit there arv white men In California and Oregon more responsible for the blood of Gen. Canby than Captain .lack himself, lie is at prosent engaged in preparing his report of his attempts u, i acilicate the Mouoes. TheNew Meeting?The Attorney General has not been officially advised of the action of the coumlttee of white and col??re<! citizens in Louisiana with reference to the res olution* telegraphed Irom New Orleans and jTinted in the morning papers. He state* he is hardly able to form any opinion concerning them.* as there may be h'i ulterior object which otlicial intelligence will develop. He thinks thd people of the state had better attend to business, and tor the puseiit l.-ave politics aUne. Pardon of Rev. John S.Eseli.?The Pre ? ident has dircctert tbat a pardon be isstied to the Rev. .John S. Ksell, ol South Carolina, sentenced to the AH>aiiy penitentiary for al h ?ed connivance witb kn-klux outrages. He had long t>een known in South Carolina a* a baptist clergyman ol character and intelli gence. The connection he had with the so called ku-klui organization was, he asserted, merely nominal, designed to restrain rattier tlian encourage exces*. Ju.ige Bond awarded h ni a term of several years in the penitentiary, nearly two of which he has already served. Promotion* I* the Patent Office?The following promotions, based on a competitive examination, havejust been made in the Patent Office: First assistant examiners?Charles Til dent, to rank from July 1st nest, and W. B. Hall, from August 1st next; second asMstaut examiners promoted trom examiners'clerks? F. F. Freeman, D. K. Holston, W. H. Chadsey, W. H. Babcock, to rank from July 1st next, and S. Brashears, from August lot next: also, the follow ing to the nositutn of third assistant examiners, to rank from Julv 1st next; H.C. Townsend, R. B. Catlin, L. B. Wvnne, E. T. Hodges, W. H. Doherty, L. M. K. Cood. Anna R. G. Nichols. W. II. Bladgett. H. G. Under wood, T. C. Tipton, H M. Gurley, I>. P. Galla tin, C. L>. Ireland, and H. Blandy. Personal Judge J.J. Martin, sixth audi tor, has gone to Winchester. Va., with his fam ily, where they will remain during the summer The Judge will return in a few days. ??? The Postmaster General, who went to Elkton, Md., a few days since, will return th.s evening. ????Juuge J. M. Thacher. deputy commissioner of patents, who goes to attend the international patent congress at Vienna, In August next.will be accompanied by Mr. T. C. Brectat, who goes out as bis private secretary. Mr. H. T. Mun non, a principal examiner in the Patent office, and Mr. J. W. Boteler, the well-known mer chant of this city, go out In the same vessel (Julv 5) to attend the exposition. Gen. J. J. Reynolds, commanding in Nebraska, called on the Commissioner of Indian Affairs to-day. The Transit or Yemls.?Professor Henrj. Admiral Sands and Prof. Neweomb were at the Navy department to-day with a view tt? arrange details for making an ch-iervation of the forthcoming transit ot Venus. Th?jy de*lre that a vessel of war be placed at the <tin><om of a scientific con*, to be composed ol lo. - dif ft rent parties, numbering six in each. The w< stern party to stop at Hobartown, In Van Pieman's Island; a second party at Kergufelau's I .and. in the South Irnliau ocean; a third party at Vladivostok, on the Asiatic coast of Russia, nearly south of east of the Island of Vesso; and the fourth on souie island mljacent to Austra lia to be herealter determined. It is desired by tbe scientific corps that all arraRgemonts be fully perfected to admit of the vessel leaving one year hence. Another story of I?eo Hudson is that while lving ill at St. i/oubt ?he called a favorite pet rfog to her. It attempted to jump upon the bed, as usual, but fell back upon the floor and broke its neck. This, in connection with the death of her beautitul horse, -'Iflack Base," was be lieved by her to be an ouien of fatality, and paitly from the e fleets of this melaucUoly im. pi tssion she died. Fifteen new indictments na?c boen found by the oyer and terminer grand jury of New York against the late Tammany ring. Of these six are against Tweed. We observe that Tweed isstiil happv and free, nevertheless, and appa rently able to stand up under six thousand New Y ork grand jury indictments tor all the harm they do. Mt'RDIK IN THE First HlKiRKt.?The Jury in tl:e cast of Charles J. Cloak, tried at Phila delphia for the murderof his wife on the 15'h of March last, brouglit in a verdict last night of murder in the first degree, With a rscommenda tien to the mercy of the court. ' Cleaning Ott the Sixes.?The ianlt^ry jolice of New York commenccd clearing out the inhabitants of the cellars in the 4th ward of that ioity yesterday. The women were indig nant, but the authorities are Inexorable. The graves of confederate soldiers at Lon don park oemeterv, Baltimore, were profusely decked witb flowers yesterday and ex-Senator Wigfnll, of TeEM, delivered s characteristic address. _________________ Worse thae thi Chul?a.-A French steamer, with wae Ave hundred Chinamen on board, arrived at Havana yesterday. There were ubc hundred end seventy-live deaths din. ing the voyage Family Feoliokieo?Husband Hawoiwo. V. 8chnell, aged So, a hardware merchant on Brown street, Philadelphia, committed suicide anBa&aSJfc A Suit worn the Area*baa CoVebnob (iBir.~Hen. Joseph Brooks has e*mmencM suit In t*e circuit eourt of Pulaski county, Arkansi I, kgE'iust Got. Baxter, for the office or governot. ______ Charge or RoEWEtt the Mail?Win. M Smith, a mail axe at between Jackson, Miss, and Humboldt, Tea*., has been W?W#n the charge ef robWEgth* United 8tetes mail. VThe lady admirars of Pere Hyacinth# have presented him with a silwer chalice. ?7-The Resolute*. of Elizabeth, N. J., were detested vesterday by the Baltimore base ball club, in a score ?r 1? to 4. ft/Mamas Howard, a horse thief, wai hung 1 mim of lynchers in Pacific city, Mo., on llonaay night. ?9-The "Girl with the Saffron Hair" U the title of E new son2 which wiU soon flood the musical BUUkct. ?7*When the clothe* of a Sarwnnah bather aw stolen he makes a tnnic of s cou?>? sack and re ports at police headquarters. ^ VCompetition baa brought New Ywk soda <h>wn to a cent a glass. Competition is a good thing. THE inrR?VEMC*TN DAV.I6E AW4RM. List of AnraiU Allowed u? Uforge town Properly ?wirn, Tht following awards hare been made by the Pomunssion appointed to mm damages for improvement* in the city of Georgetown, which have been approved by the Board of Public Works and forwarded to the Legislative As sembly to-day for appropriation* : Peter Mclntyre, f 1,000; Frederick Sehafer, #1,250-, Margaret Rremna, Margaret Mo* ran, *.}?>; Jane <irocs *2,">a0; Alice Moran, $1,500; Benry Schmertz, #500; Richard Cruit, ?t..?800; do., #500; Margaret A. Giles, f 1,000; Thomas i >owtmg. ?*<o: John Gibbon*, *2,<<00; Car. line l>. Giescking, f 1.000; William H. Lee, $150; Mary LintLicum. #2,u00; George and Sa rah O'lJounell. #l,0n0; Mary I.inthieum, ?2,000, Hew amount expended t.y the board;) A. <?*ig ler, #3u0; Kuckey & Mar bury, 51,000; M. Julia Rarrett. #500; Lewis W. Ritchie, *500; H. Oet tinger, 51,130; John I. Cook, #.V*i; Maria Eiu ericb, #500; Georgetown Masonic Hall Associa tion, *2,500; J. G. Smoot, #1,130; S. M. Waters, #i00; Potomac Insurance company. #500; A. R . Fra*er, #.V>0; J. C. Nichols, ?r*>5; Jane A. Godey, #l.O(iO; William A. Cunningham, #trvi; Jenkm Thomas, #ei0; Robert E. Talbot, *875; Anton Eberly. *#75; Richard Petit. *1,600; J. M. May, *!,?*?; Frederick ?Stohlman, #750; John Drill, #?75; Jane E. Reily, *600; P. A. Lntx, #750; Ann M. Chamberlain, ?200; F. I I>aw, ?200; J. L. Brooks, #2J?no; F. T. Milburn, 91,250; Jacob Ramsburg. #2,000; C. A. Utn>er man, #750; Marv H. Dorsey, #1,500; S. D. Linn, ?3,750: Mary Clark, #900; M. J alia Barrett, ?'W- Lucy S. Stone, #6*5; Geo. Bauer, #600; I>. W. Edmonston, #500: Mary H. Forrest, 9 $,000; do., #1.750; John II. 8is, agent, #150; J. V. Buckey, #150; F. II. Rainev, #1,357; T. Q. Locker man. #1^00; James S. Welch, #500; Ann E. Thomas. #1,30* Clara E. Orme, #150; John Marbury, jr., *175; Thomas Jackson, #3.050; W. P. Pomeroy, #350; C. H. Demar, trustee, I #450; Elizabeth Ray, executrix, #1,300; F. W. Jones, #150; Robert T. McPherson, *2,250; ex ecutors of M. Adler, #1,500; Charles A. Stoebeaand, #1,ono; Riley a. Shinn, #750: James O. Staliings, *450, David Edeft executor, S600; R. P. Jackson. *?*?; John T. Lee, #J50; l/twls Cartwright, #250: John Walsh, *:?<>: Isaiah Lemon, *<>0n; John It. Fcrgerson, S150; M. L. Jones, #100; Emily A. Moxley, executrix, #300; Francis C<ngar.*75; Frank Haneke, *S??0: Wm Wheeler,*loO; FUza b"th Cunningham. *}^00;Win. H. Chappelier, *!W)i Samuel Uuvall *250; Marv A. Pratlier, #300;Ftank Scheer, #l,wiO; u. Oertly,*4,?<?>; F. A. Jones, #100;do.. #50; Mary A. Dyer, *i?; Sandy Alexander, ^?O; Johanna Ilro'wn, S.'W; estate of Robert Getty. #l,2ii0; F. S. Saiuson, ^I.imi; John W. Ferguson, E/ekiel Hughes, #300; Artolpu Butler, #.Vv( Bev erly Pryor, *.Jfm; Lucy Berry, #200; John II. Murray, #jo0; George ArmWted, #2'>0; J-inies 1 ?avuport, Nathaniel Turner, #-75; Moses Wood, *150; Helen Hatt-on, #2"?0; A. H. lltrr. #1,500; Otlio Z. Muucaster, #150; Cha*. H. Cragin, trustee, #750; Peter Mclntvre, i 1 foil; Michtt I Oalligher. <**m; John Clearv, #."W; Bob. m B. White, *4W); Richard Crult.^r.. * T-e; Rebecca Caitwright, ?i?xj; II. B. Walker, * s2; Theodore Williams. #150, John T. Norr:*, * 75; E. B. Mounts, *'.'50; Elzar Curtis, *IW, Johh F.Lee, #475; A. E. Darncs, ***0; John Warded. *1.700. M ?? Mr. Chit- Edie, the clerk to the commission, ' li:?s been indefatigable In his labors to g*>t the re|K?r<- ready to submit by the Bojrd of Public Works to the Legislative Assembly prior to it* adjournment, TiibkkNegko Mcrdekkrs Hanoid by a >T,m?The tonr negroes who murdered l.anet and Snaire, last Friday night, at their store in New ibena. La., were arrested in that neigh borhood yesterday morning. One of thwm turned state's evidence and related how the atrocious crime was committed, the plot having been over a week before. A tier closing the investigation by Seymour Snaire, brother of one of the murdered men, no doubt remained 01 the guilt of the negroes. By this time the people in large numbers had assembled and clamored for the summary execution of the murderers, but they were saved by the Inter cession of Snaire, who then left the place. The prihoners were then brought to New Iberia, and on their arrival indignant citizens, num bering over one thousand, toek them to the woods on the east side of the bayou and hanged three of them to a tree. Tbey confessed taking part in the crime, but insisted that the one who turned state's evidence cut the throat ofLanet. VNiricATion or thk (Whitk aud Black) I'eoplk of Lot isiana.?A committee com posed of white and colored citixens of the city ot New Orleans, G. T. Beauregard, chairman, held a meeting on Monday night aud passed a aerie# ot resolutions in which they express a de sire to direct their efforts to the unitication of the people of the state of Louisiana: and to re commend that all ille privileges now enjoved by tlie whites l>e extended to all constituents, wituont regard to race or color: the final reso lution closes as follows.- That in view of the numerical relations between white aad colored elements of our population we shall advocate the equal distribution of offices of trust and emolument in our state, demanding as the only condition of suffrage, honesty, diligence, and alii htv, ami we advocate this, not because of the offices themselves, but simply as another earnest proot upon our part that the unieu we desire is an equal union, and not an abusive conjunction brought about for the sole benefit ?f one or the other parties to that union. Pickings run the Latvykhs?The iawver* are having a jolly time over the bankruptcy ease of Bowles. Bros. A Co. With proceeding* going on both in England and America, the as sets of the concern must be enormous Ir the rr- dltors get auything at all. A dispatch from Boston informs us that B. J. 8tevens, the as signee, left for Europe yesterday in the steamer Becla, and that the court allowed him fifty dol lars per day for expenses. In gold. Mr. Stevens is too high-priced a gentleman to be hanging around the United States Circuit Court. Tnere are a great many honest people in the oountrr who happened to deposit money with Bowie" A. Bros, who would be glad if a verv small pro|?or. tlon of Mr. Stevens' fees were appropriated to the liquidation of their claims. A SUOOTIKO AFPAIU II* Sot'TU CAROLINA. Arthur A. Glover shot and killed Wm. Gou lailllon and his father, Lovett Goumillion. *t Edgefield Court-house, S. C., yesterday morn ing. Glover and Lovett Goumillion had soine words a few weeks since, during which Glover cursed him. Yonng Goumillion threatened to kill Glever, and the light had been anticipated. Glover sent for the father and son to meet him at a store in the village. On entering young Goumillion was shot in the head by Glover with a Oerringer pistol and died instantly. His father appearing on the scene was also shot in the head by Glover with another Derringer and ruortallv wounded. Glover surrendered him self. Thei?arties are "well connected. Si-ban B. Anthony on Trial?The case of the United States against Susan B. Anthony, lor violation of law in voting at the general' election at Rochester last November, was callod in the United States circuit court at Canan daigua. K. Y., yesterday. Judge Selden. of the counsel Cur the daleuoe, testified that he had advised Miss Anthony that she hail the sime right to vote as himself. Miss Anthony off :red .hersell as a witness, bat was refused pe'rmtsst >n td testify. Judge Selden opened for the de fence, peenpyiuf three boure, until adjourn ment. Ta* Crolika ir Tenwesskk aki? whibe?There were fifty deaths in Nashville vesterday. thirty-five being from cholera. The disease Is spreading. Dispatches from Gallatin. Lebanen, Greenville and other paint*, report that Ue scourge Is carryUg off a great at those place*. The weather in Memphis ooa tinaesbad, wfctk alssoet ineeesaat rain. Tbsre were flttsen interments yesterday, ten of which were from chelera. A ease or the sadden death of a woman with cholera symptoms was raf<o3?'' cd in Clnciaqaiti yesterday ^ d kkomk Pajuc. B * cm- .At Jerome Park, N. terticap sweepstakes, ?o each, #5M added, lk mile, was von by Sfay lock,4 years old. bea3?g two otters, in2.1fi; the Moo purse, 2 mi lee, wm won by Bom Tweed, over four others, in 3.16: fcha membec> cup,, value #500, entrance feei to goto second "horse, was won by Sanford, beating Stockwood and five others, in 2.<V4){. In the race for all ages, mile beats, Springbok won, distancing two other* in the second heat; time, LiS^, Li4\. Fx*crTio* ir Ri-sskll Coditt, Ya? Archie Johnson, colored, tried and oonvicted at the late term of the Circuit Court of Russell county, Ya., for the murder of Jehn Hurt, a white man, on the 17th of Janory, 187a, was hung at Lebanon, in that state, on Friday last. Be had a speech prepared, but became go weak he oouid not deliver tt. A few daya beforo hi* execution he make a confession, detailing Uie circumstance* of the murder. He killed Hurt with hi*own gun CAjrt>i?ATxs are multiplying for thaeon? vattve nomination for gov?rw* #C Virginia. Stuart, R. M. T. Hunter, Judge Walter Staple* and fteorge Kemper. ?7" A Kansas City mother lately flogged a joung ma& for marrying her daughter. If Trout'rw la Vitlaf. The FirainftM (Ift.) Clrwi'-V, of Jain 12, La*- the following concerning the dojngs of * party of anglers, some of whom are not un known hereabouts: "Several member? of the Oqnossoc Angling Association arrlred In this Tillage,Saturday, en route for their headquarters at R*n*eley Among their names, registered at t?e Forest House, we noticed those of George Staepar.l Fage. esq., of Stanley, New Jersey, presldsut of the aaweiation; Iir. J. G. Holland, (Tim. Titcomb:) Edward Seymour, of 8er.bner St Co.; L. L. Crounse. Washington editor of the New York Times; Tom Muraa, artist of ?Jie Yellowstone, J. T. Pinneo, president Nat*l. Newark Banking Co., Newark. N. J.; ?. G. 1*. Segur, president Segur's Bank, Djtjt, N. J.; W . I>. Carter, treasurer Newark skTing* Hkstt tution, C. L. Eurett, president New York gas company; R. G. Allerton, treasurer Goodyear India rubber company. New York: L. B. Ueed, ol Brooklyn; Hon. K. S. Frost, of Boston, mem ber of Got. Washburn's conncil; A. M. Powell, editor \ati< nal rempfrnnv* A4rf*n1r, New York, Thomas S. Steele. e#<i-, HaruV>rd, Conn.; 11. M Hutchinson, president Alaska Commercial Com pany, Washington, l>. C.| J. II. Kimball, esq., of Bath, and others. The Baltimore "Mi rderkh's Row."?In the jail In this city are now four convicted and two sentenced murderers. The two latter. Joshua Nicholson and llollohan, are to bo hanged on Friday, August 1. for the murder in this city, on the 2d of January last, of Mrs. Lamp lev, an elderlT woman. On Friday morn ing Nicholson's death warrant was read to him. He expressed himself as being resigned to his fate, as he had no hopes of avoiding it, and re quested that his wife and family be permitted to visit him. He said that he hoped Hoilohan, his accomplice in guilt, would pardon him, as he himself forgave Hoilohan. Hoilohan, whs was to have been hanged on Friday, but who was reprieved until the 1st of August, watched from his cell the reading of the death warrant of Nicholson with grave interest. When Nicholson passed his cell, after the read ing, on his way to his own quarters, the two ex ch uiged friendly salutations. The two other occupants of "'Murderers' Kow" are James West, a negro, convicted of murdering his par amour, Anna Gibson, an?l one Palmer. West hopes to escape from the gallows owing to some delay in his case, a* his counsel have tiled a bill for arrest of judgment, which will be argued on Tuesday before the Supreme Bench. In the meantime, Judge Gilmer defers sentence oi. him awaiting the jodgmeut of the bench. Palnn-r appears to bs a prodestinarian and fatalist, and exercises his sou! to patience, be lieving that if Providence wills mat he shall be hanged, or vice versa, no effort in any direction will avert the result whichever it may be? Bait. C< r. S. f. Worid. An Kn<h m Aiii>KN Case Kevek*ed?A letter fron: I?cs Moines, Iow a, to the Chicago Journal givrs the following interesting hit of romance in real life: "George E. Henderson left Ottumwa in tbe spring of le*>7 to cross the plains to Cali fornia. ami was captured by the Snakes and Shoshone Indians. He was tak*n bv them down into New Mexico, and has there been held by them since. He married an Indian worn hi while with the Indians, and elie assisted him in escapii a. and j?er*isted in coming home with birn. He has a wife, to whom he was married but a short tits# before he went aw.iv, a mother, brother, and sister residing Tieai Ottumwa. His lather was killed at Gettysburg. The family had given him up for dead,and the meeting oil his arrival at home, a few days ago was quite affecting. The mother recognized bun as he stepped through the gate at the front door-yard, though bronzed to nearly the color of a savage, and dressed in the Indian costume. He is now forty-two years old, si\ fe?-t one Inch in height, and as straight as an arrow. The Indian wife seems devoted to him. but freely and fully recognizes the just rights of his first fvifie who has so long mourned her hnshand as dead, and surrenders all her claims upon him ia behalf of the white wo man." New York I>ky Goods Maskkt?The Bul letin savs:?The week 0{>ens with a very -4met market] and transactions are on the most lim ited scale. Low grades of cassimeres, jeans, satinets, etc., continue sluggish, and the ruling prices are such as have no margin of profit to the producers; nor can a profitable trade be looked for so long as production is carried on to an extent unwarranted by the consumptive ability of the country. The current demand for brown sheetings and shirtings is chiefly for small parcels of tine browns and wide shueUug# fro?' the jobbers. Prices are nominally steady, btft if large buvers could be tbuad setters would probably meet their views as to price in the shape of disco lint, etc. Medium ami fine me dium shirtings are in moderate request by the retailers, but the fine and low grades move but slowly at irregular prices. Colored cottons are quiet except tor sorting-up selections of deniins and cheviot styles af stripes. Cotton*if* are very dull in first hands, and Inactive with the jobbers at nominal prices for all but a few makes. Japanese strij?es and percales are in fair demand for assortments, but regular goods are quiet. The job lots of fancy and medium grounds are still brisk. The market for fancy goods continues without the least animation, and current transactions are limited in the ex treme. Mori AbottIatcca'B Divorce?Two weeks ago Madame Pauline Lucca, the prima donna, was divorced from her husband, Baron Adolph Yon Khade, a Prussian nobleman, bv order ot Judge Fancher, in Supreme Court, Chambers. The case was sent to B. L. Beamish, esq., as referee, on the 1st of April. The rejiort of the referee being in tavor of Madame Lucca, the court entered a judgment, in which, after set ting forth that the several acts of adultery had been proved as charged, it is ordered "that the marriage between the plaintiff, Maria Pauline Yon Khade, and the defendant, Adolph Yon Rhade, and the same is hereby dissolved ac cordingly. And the said parties are, and each of them' is free from the obligation thereof >rAnd it is further adjudged that it shall be law ful for the said Maria Pauline Yon Khade to marry again, in the same manner, as if the said Adolph Yon Khade.the defendant, was a tutlly dead. But it shall noi be lawful for the said Adolph Yon Rhade to marry again until tiie said Maria Pauline Yon Rhade be actually d?aJ." The custody of the child is given to Madame Lucca. Death or General Oanby'i Brother? Did. at the state lunatic asylum, in this city, on Monday, June 9, 1X73. Mr. C. G. C. Canby. Mr. Canby lived at West Ely, Marion county, Mo., and was a highly respected citizen of that place. It is always a painful duty to the journalist to record the death of any one, and it is doubly painful under the peculiar and distressing cir cumstances which surrounded the subject of this notice. Mr. Canby was a brother of tbe late General Canby, who was murdered bv the Modocs. ai> 1 it is thought that the tragic death of the latt< r led to what WaS hoped would only Erove a teMi>orary spell of insanity. Mr. Can v wa; brought here and placed in the asylum a't-burt tunc ago, where he, on Monday, breath* ed his last, llis remains were taken home for burial?Fulton (#'<.) TeUyrapk. * Some Snake?One day last week, at the residence of Mr. Rudolph Castlebarges, about a mile beyond the corporate limits, Mrs. C., an old lady sixtv-tive years of age, had occasion with two small children, to visit an upper chamber, of tbe house, where spying some thing on the floor, and remarking at the time that "young people were so careless," stooped to pick up what msb supposed to be a coll of false hair, when ttffeer great norror, the article prov ed to be an vormsu black snake. The old . '*? and childsen were so terribly frightened a? tobethrowu toto convu}^M. Th- awpeilt when killed! rueasured eight feet, six inches and a half, and will be turned over to a taxider mist for stuffing and preservation. Richmond (Fa.) Attts. : Barscm'h Fat Womah?Mrs. Hannah Jane Rohm, a delicate young iady, aged 22, who weighed MO iwunds, was in the city this morn tag looking for an attorney to take up her griev ances against tbe proprietor of a shfe Wow at tached to Barnum's cirwta. Ska fu. fatfilna bly attired, and wore a jockey Lat, which some what reminded one of a bwtfc ?? too of a hecs head. It appears that sjj? has a husband firing 1? Ohio, bat our rapQ^ 4M oat ieafnrffce name of the attorney Wuo took up the case?Albany Time* IW. * t,i ?>T T* ~ f This DUMtckm ASSOCIATED PRESS RETORTS. Tk? ?lller*' (MvnuMk Tolxi>o. Jum ik?The millers' oot>Tension yesterday elected u officer" for the en.?ui n^ year: Jacob Barns, of Michigan, president, with one vice j.res dent for each stale, ami F B Merrill, of Michigan, secretary aud treasu rer. The report o( the mmaittMon constitu tive. alter dwcuvios and amendment, rw adopted. The standing committee prvssnted a lengthy report upon the object* and benefits of the biIIot' national association. At the eve ning session a resolution ? *s presented endeav oting to wake it important that each state local a millers' association for the purpose of regulat ing the manufacture of flour, and giving to this association the benefit of their influence and in formation tor the general good of the whol?, an.! requesting each vice president to call a meeting of miller- in his state to perfect sut h organization. After considerablediscussion the r? relation was laid on the table. Messrs. Halts, of Michigan, a rut White, of Ohio, addreiwed the meeting, urging the iui;?ort*n-e of earnest ? r*orts tending to the permanent success of the national association. The convention adjourned to meet in Chicago on the second Wednesday in Janusry, 1*14. The Htranse Adieatare* of Yontr Van Derea. Siw York, June 18.?J. K. Van Dor en, son ot Rev. L. H. Van Dor en, of Boon ton, Nea .Jersey, who has been missing someetght months has turned up. A letter has been received from him. dated Rotterdam, tn which he says he left bis home in Brooklvn for a day's gunning. While (lucking near Fire Island his boat was capsized and nls companion drowned. Clinging to the bottom of the upturned boat he driftexl out to sea. and on the following morning, when a'most exhausted, he was picked up by a Swed ish baik bound for Uueno* Ay res. When fltty tbur days out the Swede boarded a BriUah bark bound from the Pacific for Rotterdam .and all consenting young Van Iioren was transferred and carried to Rotterdam, from whieh ptaee lie proposed to sail at once, to meet his wife anl children in Brooklyn, who have mourned lor bini as dead lor several months. ? Frost* Lurvpe liMlay. ISAKKLLA IM ROM* R^*p, June 1* Fv-i^uecn of Spvin Isabella has- arrived In this city. KALK &IOUM IX ENGLAND. Lokpon, June 1*?A heavy rvn stm-m pre vails in the southern portion of Fngtand tu-Jty. THMAIKSID STRIKE TN LoXDOH. At a meeting of building operative* last night it ? as resolved to adhere to the demini for an advance of ?^d. per hour on their wages, and it tlie master b'nilders refu*; to give the increase a>k<d tor, thin a general strike will be inau gurated TUB SHAH. Most elaborate preparations ?r.> being mad** lVr the reception of the Mhati ot Persia in l..?n don this evening. The Queen will arrive at Windsor for Balmoral in course of the day to be in readiness ?o meet the d!?t'ng'tished visitor. i ? A frsry 'Railroad Fitad." Patterson, N. J., dune 18?Last night pile ot tuul-ers, pieces of iron. etc.. wer<; touu 1 I Iving across the track af the Erie mllaav, near I Olilton. and were removed just before the ar riva'of a l? ng express train eastward bound. Subsequently one Jacob S? von. of Paasaic, was arrested in Patterson for pla* ing the obstruc tions on the track, and this morning wa? fully identified as the guilty person, and wis com mitted to jail. 8*' von was put off tiie train yes terday afternoon for not paying his fare. 'H-J if believed to l>e in?ane, and has been a year in the state lunatic asylum. Vic* Prtsideal WIIsm's Health. New York, Jane IS? A dispatch from Wash ington says: " Information ha* been received here from Boston to the effect that Vice Presi dent Wilson is in an alarming state of health, and that strong fears are entertained of his complete physical proetration." GETTING BSTTBR. Boston, dune 18?Hon. Henry Wilson's health Is rapidly Improving. He has retired to the seclusion ol the country to rest and recu perate. SulcMa ef ... u?r?n. Alrany, June it*.?Two suicides occurred In St. flohnsvtlle yesterday. It appears that a physician named A. D. Wheelock, a married man, was paying attention to Miss Ruth Smith. The pareut* of the young lady objected to his conduct, ou the ground that he was not di vorced. Yesterday, for some reason unknown, (proceedings for a divorce having been com menced,) Miss Smith took arsenic and died, and the doctor, on learning her fate, took a dose of morphine and also expired. Now York Kocoa. THE NEW YORK SENATE ABOLISHED. New York, June 13?The flkmmes say* that by seme blundering the proposed new co'tistitu tionor this state abolishes the senate. salb or r. e. bond*. The government sold of bonds to-day, at 115.40 to 115.&. OHers lor nearly oue million were made. tracts miTritEKTft to-day *G50,000, in silver bars. o ? ? A Haa| iary, Baltimore, June 16.?In the United Stater district court this morning In the case ot Wui. J. Boyd, late assistant postmaster at Cumber land, charged with emberzling public money to the amount of several thousand dollars, ou trial for several days, the jury came into court alter being oul since yesterday alt?ruo*u, and reported that they acre unable to agree, and were discharged. TIM Judiciary and ihe RlglaU of (be rim Indianapolis, Juue is?At the iustanee ot the couusei for the defense ia the Clem murder uase, the editors of the will be cited before the Supreme Court to day to show cause why they sl.ould not be attai ned for contempt in ooiumeriting pretty severely nnon the de cision of the court In granting Mrs." Clem a new trial. 0 Ramor ef Keereury Klchardion's Resiguatlea SCewived. New York, June 11.? 1'bo rumor is revived in Wall street that J edge Rlehardson is about to resign the position ot Secretary of the Treas ury, in order to be< oine resident partner at Paris of a New York and Par*- banking-house. - o The Bostsi SI tabbing Case. Boston , J iaie la.?The inquest into the re cent stabbing affray resulted ui a verdict that Thomas tiaralian died in confluence of a lemorrhage resulting Horn a stau made by a knife in the hauds of one Andrew Eagan, with shorn he was engaged in a fight. o Too Mack Kalu Down South. Montgomery, Ala., June PC?The plauters ire gloomy over continued rains, which began May 2;, and have continued to date, iflssiug >aly three days. The amount of raiafail in the cast twenty days is twelve Inches. The etqps ire back* ard and work is delayed greatly. Numb E Autheay Sialllr." CanakdaigCa, N. Y., June 18?Under ln truction?from the oourt the jury lu the caw of Susah B. Anthony, indicted ror voting la riolatloii of law. attorned a verdict of guilty. The court refused to poll the jury. ^?vLADnrItL-A Sh>rehouse at ached to Isaac Stead's woolen mtUsTonDia aond street, was MrnM thts morning, with a arge stock SB*. USPSU full J itea in tnese open earrlsfes?the ladies with white drosaes ahd valla, without bonnets, rullv nient on teasj^aee^carrying ^inunwase bo 1 is ?aremony is ove able afternoon drive. Whether ? z&ttissab&'sz ssa pwlloal IT STwai: I TIM T Hi If. a tot no wirr wi anaam or mi nrooawn. Tbe Mr?ff o 1 Kin Oil ton aged It. by ber bc?band, Francis tidier, aged New fork. Sur<??> Ji'.ght. ?44* another t? ii>/ ghaiciv li?4 < rNircrVMrl t*n Hw? m Vmom * theft city. Tbe hiater* at this tarviVle giver W tfc* ?orTfl w TbU?w? "SUtii Oerretf to im ti ?>!>? ? i i W?re??tY. ? f?r*4n indurtrmo* man. She reeetTOd a good hi tlon. and ihtt About mUw pMenro^ Wor? Klttk'lol b. A la#- 4tl? and w??rtld hrrv,!. si?e b?riM ac<toa>ntrd with at ewe ot the abomlual>l? l^klU m the l*th ward. *i?d ? *.? ?mitten bv hi* areutton and kept hta company till last fttU, when ho entrapped her Into a ?e*v?t BanUff, which *t? ramMMM. IJItb'I MTrbto iMlk! Mt (ilUlD'f Ntl (*tnr tcr, aii>l the tamil* w ibockftl that lU g!a?Tv eonarnted to'leave h!m. an. 1 The father, ? lyf'tMiif <ttff mltr. frightened Oillen away from hta bowaa. *?d |*rT*DtMl Ma frMpw aecuting hi* ?laughter 1 jlM. winter <tU.aa cyan I* Uwk op with as abandoned >?au, and tt ? a* believed that he had g?eo up all b^p> ot reeonHUnc hi* wife. but wtHlti ifcr pasf two nantki be baa Mtowed her aeirtr eiwi Iit tn the store abe worked at. a* ankMlade. la (iraad street, and molestnl Let at night ??Sunday night Fllfb was on her way from a viatt to a friend to her father** house, No. 1*T > In atreet. and In "roaafng Itmnnr. near tne corner of Kim. a heavy hano leii u|?n aer shoulder, and ahe found her hnshajid by her aide. He endeavored to induce her U> go with hfm. bat ahe refused. and aH ring her struck h.-r live er al\ timea with a kntf> a the brea?t Tho unfortanate girl put her hand* m her kMrn and shrieked, Oh father, father.' Bki weeaup IHirted bv byatandei>, and gave tier addraaa bur rledlr as" h ahe frit her strength *|f going. an* waa Wlnf hall carrnd, half led tn* nrds her lather's door, ? hen he came rushing along ami claa|ied her In lilt arnta, ahe arre?ni?|. 'Oh father, father*' I am stahbed, I aw d>in*. Frank has done it.* In a few initiate* ahe w*? In her own room, surrounded be her ******, <-upn.other and lather, and tn eight laiawCna trt,ui the time ot the stabbing waaOMsd. l aa of the woutid* went ooBipletelv through her bcart and another through h?rliver Omen on *?eing arrested. aaWI ?! atabbed her because she wouldn't lire with me.' * Srtrtr>* or a R^vavtic OonvicT? The conrlct HenrT Austin. aiiaa Montcrief Wnl Jam*, who evrnnrUrd suicide la*t Twoadayin the penitentiary at Trcntou, had a roaaantie history. tiiii real name la aaid to have hoau addi?ma. and he came of a very wealthy north of Knolatxt family, tile irraduated at Katoa, and att^rwarda. In conae-< uenco of aome aflkam o .i a i *'*- * m~ ~ * i ? 4 ?? in ? wi P'TiJf OTIV109 agaiuat the lawa committed at I<ned*. waa ar reted. bat through tamili inltuenoa he waa in> dated to leave Kngiand. Hr < >m< t<> tia? iwii trj, reaching New York in WI. Hetlien c?n nifnctd a caroer aa l>ouutyJumper. at which he amaaaed aorae ? !?>??. Aliorwarda he paid a brief viait u> fcn.-innd. and returning?tho I LitteU Mate* enterwd npou the avocation ot borae thief, which he aucceaafu^y carried ou until .lune. 1?T2, when he waa arrrate.1 at Ellra hcdl, N.d . with two boraeathat be had atoleu. and fur which oflcmt h?* waa aer ring ontt tivo Mara' aeuteuce at i renton when he took hie life. It i? tbouglit that up Ui the time ot hia ar r?at he bad atolen a^>out a hundred hor?**. The canae that led to hia antride wa- not without Ira tinge of romance When he returned front 1 nglaitd, a* u.-t? d above, he brought ha. k with biut a baiidMiuie and accomi>lu>hed wiie. who talthfullv followed hia evil f-irtun-*. At ouc t me abe anffeped a *1* mn?tha* impri?onment In tiie M ulilleawa eoonty jail, in New 'leraey, for atteiri'Uni; to aiuuf*!*- in to him, while lie w.i* in jail, a liuiuIk-i ot aiaall fllea. aawa, <kc., lot the purpoae of aiding tun to canape. For a'.l th^ae r< ar? ahe had l?een faithful and devote.t aa a wife, but roe< ntly he learned that alie ha>l Ct-aard to be ao. Tlie convict bocatnr dea|ioi?d etit. :?nd last Tur?Ia\ cuu? lii-i-arecr by sever ing hia arterna with a buuhet'* kultc. I?rnrrtw<? mi Fawit.T?--Wedwe*iae morn nig a family of ?i* |Kr*)i?, travekinn through XI acoiub oo. nty U>?a;J< l?etr?>it. ?toi>|?- '' ahout thirty m !?* from tlie city and atto-npici to give aw?y a lit'le bny tour v**r? old to a farmer 11 ? did not want the child, and the w*irm drove on; but ItKeiur that tbe little lel'.nw waa aft <lown in the road about halt a mile trmi tho the bouf*'. and m al>out an hour iip|>carod at tl e fartner'f gHte. The farm>t waa highly en r tred at the dodge, and aa<ldling hia lior?e he took the child before him and rode ait<*r the wagou. Ikturi' lie catu? up with it h? fount that the family had giv?-u awav a child .thout a a \ ear and a half old. He m*de theni take the boy baok. and when b?- tlir#aten??d tbe father w itb air-^t tbe It-How onwily replied that he had too many children and waetud to get rid ot aome of them. Th>* (arm-rencountered a team Mer who waa coming to I>efTo!t and a-ked him to keep an oreon the i mint grant* Thuixlaf night they cumiKil bemde tha road about Uf teen milea trom the city, whiia tha teamatei wlioae igime ia .lame* Bruce, came on through. At the city hall market veaterdav noou the im migrant wagon wae diaei?*ered hy Rru^e. who found the man and hi* wife alone, tboy baring diaiKMed of their five chddreci along the road. I. ttle aatiafaction could beobtaioed aa to where tbe little one* had been left, both parent* seem ing to hare no more fire ling than welrea. and alien thero waa talk of ar reeling them ther drove oil a* faat aa piaaihla. it ia belierod tha t they dropped the children here and there on the road and probably moat of them will And their way into I >etroit to I* aent to the eounty houae Dt'-rvit t ree /'ir??, Jtmt 14tA. TnAWfrt *io? or Blood?An operation wa? perfoi med upon a patient at the city hoapital yet-terday by Irra. BranJei* and Wilaon, which ia not often attempted, namely, that of the tratiMuMon of the blood of a aheen into the vein* of a human being. Tbe aubJect of the op eration waa a man named Went it . who waa admitted to the hoapital aome tl meal nee. Hia diaeaae bathed the akiil of tbe beat medical talent ot the city, a* they were totally unable to determine the uature of it. General inani tion waa what tbe reaident graduatr*ot? the hoa pital termed it. A gradual ktaa of atrengtli and Utah, accompanied by a feeble pulae and dif> ficult breathing, were the aymptoma of hia dia eaae. Yesterday the doctor* mentioned deome-t the operation that they had rn-enared to |>er form the onlv chance t*> nave hia life. A vonng lamb waa procured and bled. Tbe blood ??? then defllerinatod by Dr Wilaou. Eigbtoun<<?a ot tbe blood were then Injected into the left arm. An immediate and perceptible change for the better waa noticed, and the beating of the pulae waa eaaily obaerrod. Eight ounce* more waa then injected, and the puTje was ob?^rvcd to beat quite ateadily. The patient wan then replaced In bi* bed and fed upon beef tea. At ten o'elock I AM evtaing, although atill % ery weak, be waa in a mnch bel ter coitdition than ou the morning prevteua 14 the performing of the O|?ration. It ia not ev (?ectid tbat tbe patient will recover, though there ia a strong probability of such an event. St.oniii he regain hia health and atrengtb tbe medical gentlemen wbv perform*! thia opera tion will have cauac to be proud ot their sjc C<?.?Uuitritu Cummerrial. Junr U<A. Maiki Modock?At the recent aeaaion of tb?? Maine medical aaaociation. i?r. Paaketl, ot Stockton, read a pa|?r on criuiinal alaiiuuii, ia which he ma>ie the start line declaration tbat more than two thou*and abortions were procur ed annually in Maine. Tbe statement waa not challenged by any of the eminent enperi enced genLUm?ii !.????? -? a.M eiperi-1 ?fjced Kemi^meii pri sent at the meeting < ?n th< contrary, aeveral luteiiigeut pliyaieiana 1 | in converaauon gave it aa their opinion that it | was an under rather tl an on over-e*timate Of] | the wholeaale murder in Maiue. To be sure tbe laws of the state recognize this kind at murder a* a crime, but. like manvotherlawv 1 it- fin r+mmfA ^ M uiuci h rn me. out. libc manv other laira, it 1a dead ufon tlie atatate books, while the murder of helpleas iunoo nts goea on?aiay we nay it?w ithout aindranac?J' -rtlaml I? t<. ELorKMKKT on l,oxo I BLAH n.?Wading River, lx>ng Island, has bad a sensation. Jos eph Gerard live* there with hi* wife. Up to a tew day* since his brother Buel lived there too, in the mm bouse with doaepb and bis wife, but unmarried. BuH, tt ap|>care. haa beew making love to his brother's wife, and on Pri lar persuaded her to elope with him. which ahe lid. the pair taking with them aome of tlie moat valuable of the houae hold turnttore. Joaeph, nowever, secured the aervicea of Const*(do Woodhull. and gave ohaae to the t agitivea, who sere overtaken at Woodrille. and tbe errant rite was persuaded to retarn to her husband V. F. liati, lftk. Th* iati Capt. Hall wrote aa follow* to Lbe editor of the Nautical Gasette. before e? ?arking In fbe Polaris: ?'! shall bring yoa tid nga which will aatoiueb tbe world, and aeeom KHO BV Mend* for all tbeir labor* in my be lalf, er I will die in tbe 1 will Bromuwi OoWbao^M*?At one of u? own, Friday.ahortttwrMle*wbicir lad been naea to clean machines, m iefl me ? vork boncb, and in Uttle orer an iour after U Or* "intim m i imi ?to New York " sentfon. Tbe 1 lea for bot ^ ?H wm

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