Newspaper of Evening Star, June 18, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 18, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. t WWT H. MOTKH Mltor. Reading Matter on Evwy Page Largest CircilitioB ii the District WASHINGTON CITY: WKBXEMBjIT I?M in, 1S7.1. Star By ??IL Persons leaving tbe city tor the snmrn^r, or ?ht [?ortkn of It. ran hare Thi Star mailed to their addrrw for such time as they desire, at the rate of fitly c?dU per month. Orders, accom panied by the money, should be sent to tbebusi crw office of the paper. The Rirmptloa of C'hnreh Property. The working of tk? law exempting church property from taxation has beon a matter of so n.uch hardship and injustice to tax-payers.and especially to those owning property on the square* ?here churches are situated, that there ha? aeen a decided expression of opinion that the Legislature should cause the ?itv large pro portion of city property now shielded by this exemption to bear it* fair proportion of the city's burdens. Tbe ground has been taken, however, that ihe exemption having been authorized by act of Congress, the l.egi Mature has no power to abol i.-h it. In *he rase of a claim for refunding of general taxes paid on certain ?ch )ol and college property from which exemption is claimed from taxation under Mid act. the Auditor ha* re jected it on tbe ground that Congress subse quently? in the organic act-delegated to the Legislature full power over the subject, aud that the said Legislature provided what prop erty should be exempt. The same ruling would pply to church property. The act of Congress xemptiag church property from taxation was passed -Iaae 17th, ISO; and the organic act February 21st. Kl. In the opinion of good legal authority there is no question the Legislative assembly acre empowered to legis late on the subject The remarks of Mr. J ?hn H. Brooks in the Council last aight on the color amendment of the Hois: of Delegates to the normal school bid . *re a deserved rebuke to tbe small politicians who drag the question of race into ell sorts of measaree, not because they are so very friendly to the colored people, bnt because without col ored men's votes they would remain in obscur ity. Mm Brooks, himself one of our most intel ligent colored citizens, in his able argument, a brief abstract of which is given in the report of the proceedings in our local columns,elr srly sets forth that Congress having established arvi perpetuated separate schools for the white aud colored children, and provided that the blacks | should have their fair propoition of the school tund according to their ratio of children of a schoolable age. it would be unjust in the Dis trict legislature to place colored children in a school where their education would have to bo I aid lor out of the fund fairly allotted for the schooling of white children. Thk Ebglish Wa* or Doiso It In the estimate* tor the year ending March 31st, 1SI4. recently submitted to the British Parliament occurs an estimate of the sum which will be re quired for the year ei*ling 31ft March, 1874, to defray the expense of rewards for distinguished servic?s and reward.- on discharge for good conduct. The items are as follows Uewards to officers for distinguished services, jlo7,500, re wards to sergeants for distinguished or merito rious services. ?*.'4.s;5; Victoria cro?s pensions. ?4 5fiO; gratuities for long service and ^ood con duct on discharge, *40,gratuities to well conducted soldiers on or after discharge from the army, or from army service, to an amount not excteding the balance in hand on the gen eral fund which Las been formed from the fcnes inflicted uj*>n soldiers for drunkenness, I *1515.00?; making a total of *401,923. The extortions of the hotels in Vienna. Mr. ! Fulton writes to the Baltimore Ameriemm, (and bv the way his letters are among the very best written from there. > have had the effect to keep away numbers who proposed to visit the great fair, and to cause those who do go to make their I stay as short as possible. But for these extor. i tions Vienna would now be crowded, and the money that is being spent among the stores of Dresden. Munich, Berlin and Frankfort would i have gone into the poekets of the Viennese I storekeepers. M -?t of the strangers now at Vienna are North Germans, who refuse to pay ; anvthing bat Berlin and Dresden prices. The ! Kngli.-h, Americans an<l Russians have to sub mit, but they make haste to get through with their sight-seeing and take their departure. ??? ? ? Newark. New Jersey, seems to be suffering like Washington from the dog nuisance, judg ing frtm a long communica'ion in tbe Morning Jitffitter of tbat city, which is headed: "Wanted, i a Dog Pound?Frightful Increase of the Canine Species?The Streets Made Unsafe by Unmuz zled Dog?." We have a pound to be sure, but *v^e worthless curs in Georgetown and some P*rts of Washington still make night hideoa9 with their yelping. A* the meeting of tbe Board of Health last night tbe best mode of disposing of the>e quadrupedal Modoc? after they are caught was discussed, and It was agreed to s-hoot them just behind the ear. Good enough, but then tbe catching is what needs particular i looking alter just now. - The weather is getting so warm and debili- j tatii.g that members of Congress can't make tip their mlnd.o to give up their back pay. Only two members have returned their back pay to the Treasury since tbe middle of last week. Both of these were Senator*, making the total l umber who have contributed to tbeconscience fund from tbe Senate up to date. 14. No other members of the House have returned their pay, { ai.d the number from that body on Treasurer Spinner's list remains at 32. PrsLic Roads m Ikklavd?The cost of maintaining the public roads in Ireland tor tt.e jear ending March, 1<*7_\ was ?2,(49,000, as ap pear- from the return of the engineer in charge if construction. ? * ?? The thermometer was up to tbe nineties yes terday la Baltimore, and yet the Baltimore pa ters continue to disc uiw: ??Who burned Colum bia-."' Tbe Italian Senate ha- passed the bill for the suppression of religious corporations. A. M D. U.?The -istevntk annual C >m UJ/ of U"injtca ? oiler-, will take tlactuB WEDNESDAY. Juur Ul. 1>. J, at do'clvck id the evening, at LiLColn Hall. D or* oo*-n at 1 . clock p m. JAMES CLABK 9 J , ,l? *? Pre*id?nt POLAR IUO.4, Trl * COLDEST AX U BEST IX THE WOKLV. with purr Fruit. ? ream an 1 jlU. r rnpt. DEPOT ?rtm MINERAL SPRING WATERS. Ho. 14** ffvi'TLTiiu Avisrr, Jtttli near Fifteenth atrial. sKOTtCE Tu PKoKL'CE DkALE&fi. HI Hfiw occupying Stall, or Stand. la Mis *s?ee*l ** lbs '^olteetor'a Office, oa or b?fere_th? Lr nr o? Jili ikrir ff^iTionth^ Marks* Raster, fur the period rUmm observe thl.ooeic. as all Statsto where the ab-rve is ao? compiled with wlM be ctieed. Br erdsr of th* jW-eotw S McrABLA ND, Rarket Raster. [Republican, JwaraaL, eoJ?] r'fl'-H Tht istirdf it fcan ieii i" B Srwt sooth to their ssw Mo: a-r let aadt? streets sosthsart." Owr lifriisii facllltW will enable as to supply Eorig 1 MB, he., promptly, aif it square,) cer niARClAL *m> ConWEKCl tL. still continue* cvjr an 1 nljun laut in New Yoik, ?i>d prime incrcajit.l* i>apor u in dciv*G>t. The inactivity in the sto k. uiitrKet, in the al-*?nee of any ?pdcui ttion view, M ike* the fluctuations In railroad stocks very slight Government bond* are firm, though foreign banker* have not been buyer* for the put few day* in hopea that price* will go dowm. The talk about repudiation in several of theiwjtfc ern state* is hurting the securities of all of them si out wbich there u any doubt of interest pay ments. (.ovrrnmfat MrsriUm. Jut Cooke A ?'<>. furnish the following to-day' Bu t SfU't. B-j't. Stl!\ V ?.?*. WW n\ SS IS 19 13J( ) 31 ?. I*i 15\ 16* 5 20*. J n A J v. "67 21 J.s i>"<, 1*4?-? Its !??? 5 *?'* l?H w 5 3u ?, l*a.._ W U\ 13'? Niw Yost?Pis.?t B i*R3 I B.CsJdtU .ii5?,6 ju-,J*n*Jiy,l-k?. li, 6 JH -, HM It i-'j/*, m* m ??V, 1*5 17 * 6 3D'*, JauAJh .lis. 19 W VMM'* U American l? Currency ?'*. New Fives..... w-> \& Baltimokk, June M.?Virginia sixes, coosolida tnl.W: W?t Virginia'*, 10 hid to-day. BaltmoSK. J tin** 13?Cotton str>ng sad buoy ant?low middlings. t#% . Fl >ar very gtilet sod uu eI.anred. Y* k< ?i vrtli, price* unchanged. Cura dull. receipt* Iglit?while soutbernftlptti; yellow Southern, mixed western, 61. 0*U wsak ?nd lowtr?eeatfier*, 4<<?&U; western mixed, tVj0M; d- white, I7MMX By* nnch*ng"d. Hsy dull?Pean sy 'v siils, AtnM.?Z-*>. Provisions dnll and nominally ancbanged. tAest.ra bditr m *rc * ia dvuil? ??*! i< i-li??????, 1n<*21. Wlu?ky dull sad nominal, 93N 0*94. ku.'<i turn. IV, Htw York, JuuelH.?Sf?k? steady. G.dd stealv, t"?. M^Bey easier, ^<J4S Exchange, 1 >ag, 9. *h:>rl, X< Governments dnll. Niw York, Jan* M ?Flour dnll srtd h*avy. y> beat qniet sod Inn Cora dull and unchanged. LoKin>,.liiif IS. II a. m.?Consols closed ar 91", ft r n*on?) .92*, fc.r a*?-4?t?nt. Bonds of l?>6, <>11,#j>,? lo67, !*2'?, lU-SU'e,83: ti ?w fives. Erie,M. I.onooj. Juns IS, l.Df. s.-Ire, A"**. Pa*i?, Jnne M? Bentes op-ned ar st franc* 9i) Centime* THE WEAYHRK. Was DKF'STMtfiT, <k0*t 0f ChtrJ Sienal QJb*r,( Wa*him,to>, Jane Id, W.'J, W W a. tn. ( SrxoPsU MI THfc r .sT TW1ITT-MK1 HOCEs? The )>SI( meter c< TittLiies highest ovsr the esst gulf el"*tes It ba? ris n ovrr the K-w Kti?ltnd atstea, but fallen frosi Tenoeaaee t? the lake* and n?rth w> at, beins low?mt over northern Minn-* ta O-n erall) cloudy weaili'-r, with rain, ha* prevaili-d trotn Teun> *ar''and Arkaaaa* in th?- mlf, wis li light to r ?wb ea?f-rly aj.d inutbri iy wind- Partly cloudy w< ather ov?-r the aonth Atlantic etat**, with raiu ar*-ar in Ft'rid? and N >rth Car >tiua. Ilesvy rsio during Tue*dsv is central Y'lrginia Brink aodhi<b *? I'therly wind* over fiakota and Miiine*otstdtniiB ifliint to ligbt and fre?.b dnilus the nieht. PsoSASiMTiB*.?For Mew Br*iSlid, generaUr cU-ar wratn-r and wiod* shifting to aas'nrly and a>'ntherly are frohaldr For the otiddl* ?ta ei.fall ingbarcimeter, ?outhes*t<*rl) to ? utba. it< rly wlada v.d tsrtlr cloud' westh?r, with po**ibly rain sr**? south of N?w J.-rsey and Pennsylvania F'?r the loarr lake regMB, falling haronif-ter, ? ??tharty to w -a?*rI? winds, increaaisg to fteah and brisk, with meres inc clondiatwa to-night. T r the aoutb At lantic stale*, gentle ai d freoli soathessterly sad ?M>uthw??t? rl? winds and paslly closdy westh-r. F' rtbegnlf ?tate? ea?t of tb* Mi**i*?)Bpi anl north ward to tlK* low?*r Ohio valley six! Mf*"?mri, g<*ntle and fre*b sasthesstsrly to southwesterly wind*. g*-n>-rsily aloedy acailier and rain areas. For the upper laka regiuu, fallirg bar 'meter, fresh and hrtok *outh"-lv to wrstrrly winds and in<raa*iiig < lomttneaa, w *? rain area* over the northern p>r ti' ii. Moruln.t tf-lecraahie report* from tha west cnlf aisles, ip,?r Mtrbfgsn, B >cky mouutsiu* sud Pacifit i-tatea are g^aerally mtsaing. locai. ssroKD. The th- nn m?t?r in the bi?sln--?* room of Thi Inlol'.r -sintered to-day as follows:?!] s. tn., 76, 10 ?. m.. "??; It in.. 83, 2 p m..35. Wa-hisi-.tu*. D C., June 17, 1-173. The ut.d. oigned UBOC'KBY DEALKRs of n.' Na?y Yard hereby agree to cl> ee their respective places of bnsin**' at "S o'clock p. m. (SATt'BDA Y8 exrepfd I from thi - date until the l?t of October text. P P. MTYLK .* CO , L. A. WOOD. < B. KILMOK, B K. BM ITU, JAME8 A. HIAM, J J. GBKEN, 11 M COOMBS THOMAS STTTON. GK?' H OADOI3. BVoN * BABNAHAW, TALHBBT ft M< CAULEY.OBO. H. HOBCaN, A Q\DP18. Js.. A CO jl7-tt* f "S*ASY HANDW KITING cau be improved by a conrse of lesaona at the Basis'*** College. U rititig depsrtmeTit open si I summer. jll lw Y. *. C. A, COBWEB I?iH AND D 8TBEETS. CIBCULATINO LIBBARY BEOPENEO neaklv new books jcst added KEADUiG BOOM FBKft TO ALL. Daily Prayer Meetings 12:15. 6, and 9 p m SABBATH 8KB VICES : Bible Lesson st 4'W, in Lincoln H'llt, led by CVm nii?*i"ner of Indisu Affair*. Service at Lincoln Hall st S p. tn jelS-tr ir^aOBOBtiB W HACFTMAN, Juiliit of tU Ptarr, sttends to sll kinds of Claims snd Le gal bUMUsss, southwest corner of Uth and 0 streets northwest. nsyll-ly K9>DB. A. PBATT, OrattmM of OUo OoUscs of y Wibr3sa. arv larsta m. A. Bssno awS It. W. ?. Iww wM .TO LADIBB. .. How sad H Is to see a young wtfe.a mothet orfsmOy who reqsires all her physical strength to fulfill bar hoasebold daties, sad sQ her moral ca Ccities to accept the responsibility which falls upaa r, te see her srostrstad, loaiac every day Let strength, feelin* badly without boing able to say why. hot yet s aSeriag enough to be utterly mi sera able 1 This stats of weakness sad dsbllity Is more fetal te her than a severe spell of steknem. for In thai tuau m orvriv Ifoii V| NVkUUWt I ITT U she will receive the jroyer care, ss In the Ae will linger mooths aftef months, not thinking worth while tssasapkysteMm sbc at It. until nature, exhauatsd, gives oat. sad she is ia?i Ud to tbs gravs, whan a little precaution ia proper time would bars spared her life. To prevent, to strengthen ,to core, tissvs;'s Infallible rimity against smlaiia, tivma, biUoosnsss, hssdachss, nu.wl_ _ and all complalatB aecaliar to woseea. Thee tare, which are sold iy all draagists, are, la qcence of their virtue aad most sgrssatls tasi ?sdictns par irtillmtt for ladles. I IN THE SUPBEMECOL'BT OFTHE D1STBICT OF COLUMBLA, Tke IdI* day of )*n<, MTS Sakah E. Daltos v*. Giirinsi B DaLtom. No. 3<k4U, Equity Ducket 13. On akotion of the plaiatiff. by B. S Davis. Esq., her solicitor, it Is ordered that the defend ant, Gardner *. Da!ton, cause his spaearanee to be entered Uerelft on or before the first rule-day oc curring forty dsyl after this daf; otherwise the canoe will b? proceeded with as In ease of default. ?v the Court: A. WYLIE, Justice, Ac. Yrue copy.?Teat: B.J. MBIG9. Clerk. Ac. ib ?4? By L. P. WILLIAMS, Ass t Clerk. IN THE SUPREME COrBT OF THE DISTRICT OF OOLl'MBIA, Holdm* a Special Term, June 17rA, 1373. In the caae of Hugh Maatereou, eiecutor of JANE EVEBBOBl'. deceased, the executor aforesaid has, with the approbation of the Su preme Court of the District of Columbia afiresald, appointed TUESDAY, the 8th day of July, A. D. Li"3. for the final settlement and di?tnbnti"B of tne personal estate of said deceaaed, and of the assets in band, as far as the same have been collected and turned into money; when and where all the creditors and heirs of said deceased are notified to attend, with their claims properly vouched, or they may otherwise by law be exc uded from all benefit in said deceased's estate- Provided, a copy of this order be pnblished once a week for three weeks ia the Star previous to the said day. jeH-wJt* Tent:?A. WEBSTBB. Bsglsterof Wills. IN JOTICB OF DISSOLUTION. The co-psrtnershis heretofore existing under the *me and stjle of JOSEPH H. A A. FALOOMKB U 1 m ' " ise " s; DkDc tbi? ?In l<ec. nducted b> JOSEPH H FALCONEB, who as sanies all bwdneee of the late firm, and will offer great inducements to partiss purchasing for cash. JOSEPH H. FALCONEB, jlf-lw *M Maasachusett- avenne. | EB.-ON? IN FBEN< H. ProfessfT HBNBI M A8E0N will begin hi* sum nwr course of Lee*'iisou WEDNESDAY, iTth of June. Appl> lo hiln. No. KllJ Pennsylvania avenue, or thrf.ngh the post "fBce. j!6 3t* mgpRACTlCAL TRUNK] manufactory. ENCOUBAGB BOMB MANUFACTUBE! TR UNKS BKPAIBED AND COYEBBD. JAMES I. TOPHAM $t CO., HAKSKSS, SADDLE AMD TRVXg. MAX V FACTOREhS, Bo. ?2? SB TI M TH STKEET. Bert to Odd Ftflowi' Ball, Il.ive a large and choice stack of goods in their line, u?t?t mu viiutvv S4wa vi govua iu lUfil i.uni all of them dor own manufacture, coasisting of all kinds of LADIES' aad OENT8 ta FINE SOLE LBATI LADIES' DBBbS TB LAP BOBES.asnper FINE MOGGY and C BADpLES and BBIt CAEBIAGE aad BID LADIES' and OENTS' SATCHELS, FINE SOLE LEATMBB TBUNB8, LADIES' DBBbS TBCNK8 and VALISES, LAP BOBE8Lasuperierwtsck of all kinds. _ _ ___ m WHIPS, Be. Remember the OM Btaad jelJ 49* 7th strset, next to Odd Fellows' Hall. 1*11 Peoa. are., asar lltk ali p^BW FesIgbs FOB LADIBS' ABDCHIL DBBBB* DBBSBBS AT MBS. O. H. MAUBEBS' STAMPIMO DEPOT, miytT I1T 7th atreer, |||00? WOMBEBFC^jyfBMTIOB^OF THi K, - n 1 ?? CLES, cnas a appel pr?p?rly *><thenti olh-rwi*? lb") m*y fV OTIC* -*to creditor* of wiU MM' lb*We? , n:iit? . l y tto 1st of J%i> beat; toPaciudrC .*?? Jti Vl< L^anian. JOOip" CB*,< * ORANGES, S.OOS fea? OANDTS, 10 casks FBEVCH PRTNR8 Just receW.*1. JNO W.LUM9D0X, j!8 S 3Qt? ?hit.. opposite Centre Market. f ARRIAGBS1 OAUiAUIH' CARRIAOBS' V> In*?ck, ever two knn<lrfd f?*h-> ? r <1 if i af the be?t mak? *? IN finish, embracing ftU A'- * l*rf.< nnml>er of g<x?i serr>nd-h*iid < 'arriagee. R?-^k'.rmg promptly to. I ROBT H ORAHAM-S, K^w Repertory iwl Factory. 419-414 8th street, northnwt, between P to< jg-iT A\oid ths bffeot or the beat. The ALKALINE EFFERVESCENT APERIENT Cools the Ulood, opens the Bowel* Ud tctioti the Kidney* A. BODEHEB, ?h and N ?treet?. ?ol* Mamtfkrturer. CHAS STOTT A CO., Wkoleeale A*?nt?. _Pr1ee, AO cents only Ira JOS*?3v penAttlvahia avenue. Between 9 b and lu.b streets. Oraad Ptrfi'n in all kinds of DBBSS GOODS. Ladies will yltitc callbaforemaking their parrtiajn ei*e-.'kere. We kviuw tl?-n> the b-?t attention and to ,*ive them the choicest style* at the very lowe*t puree. ?#" Lyons' Black Silks (onr own Importation) re duced to ?1 80. fl 7?, St. St M and f? 10 KTBeavy Oil BuiUd Striped Silks rwtaced from #1 80to fl per yard. W"Drees Goods, e*cell*pt styles, re nted to 12'> o ut* and 15 rent* per yard. Linen Lawns, Percales, Piques, Lim-n Suiting*. Batiste Cloth, Japanese Silks, Ac., Ac., splendid aeeortmeirt and all T?-ry greatly rednc-d in price. S^"Qne PriceOnlT. Marked In plain flmire*. jl4 eo3t ^RCTIC SODA WATER, 10th ST. AND MABBLAND AVE VICHY, KISUCSflEN fcc., 10th ST. AND MARYLAND AVE. PERI VIA* OTTAWA BEER, 10th ST. and MARYLAND AVE. jH tr . W. E. KEftSACC.H. COOLUft 99'OHOS. HE COMFORTED?CHEER UP. REAB THIS ASNOUyCEVENT ASD HE 1IAPPY. Summer Clothing IN IMMENSE QUANTITIES. Summer Clothing AT KXCEKIMNO LOW PRICES. *i ti >0 $si 9S.40 ja alpacas, SEBQCS, SEERSUCKERS, LINENS, OA A' DOLLAR TO FJVE DOLLARS. DKAP D'BTES, DUCKS. FLANNELS,' N DNS CLOTHS, STRIPED DIAGONAL .PLAIN. LARGEST STOCK, BEST STYLES, L0WKST PRICES WHITE GOODS WHITE GOODS. WHITl VESTS, WHITE PANTS, WHITB SUITS. TACHT CLOTHS anb LIGHT CASSIMkBES. EIGHT DOLLAB SUITS, TEN DOLLAB SUITS, FIFTEEN DOLLAB SUITS. t* #10 flS.? #18 ?U0 TBKMEND0U8 STOCK. EXTBAOBDINARYINDUCEMENTS BOY'S SUMMER COATS, SUMMER SUITS, OSE DOLLAR TO FIVE DOLLARS. BOY'S WHITE GOODS, BOT'S WOOLEN GOODS. Foreed Sales. Forced Sales. NO RESERVATION. ALL WILL RE SOLD. AT LOW TRICES. COME AT OSCK?MAKE BARGAISS. HA?L? BROTH BBS. FASHIONABLE TAILORS, jeli COBNEB Tth AND D STREETS. DeTlia A Co., NEW YORK MERCHANT CLOTHIERS THE LARGEST VARIETY 0W GOODS FOR GENTLEMEN*S WEAR VX AMERICA. / ^ 1 7 -?*?* t .. ? ;* . "*? , _ >i. J ? ?? ? ? , ti >: -v - ,j ALL THE NEW STYLES. I AT " ' - ?!r ? i ? ? ? ?OAtr HIS PENMSTLTABIA AVENUE. joBN a. BBismeu. ICS CBEAM PAYILIOS SOW OPES. Families pad parties npplied at rpMOUble Urma. ttS-Sm* So. SIS 4H Brmirr Bottki gKWMBAD.g^ |H? W'ANTF.D?A U I RS4-r ? ashiug. trioing anl ww to?m k . ?U1*I. !ar ill Ml* HtAPFOlO, N tlf-l.fcrUrn, 241b a?l SUh. jm. V\* ASlfkl ?A g>< -1 CwUK ; (?r?ii^tTn ? mm-hTIj"' **r*"n' ? H?4 life trrmm clT" ? IKOV " Ilf at tkf Sr* Twrk Ltftadry , Wrutr C aad 4H stra? u .. thw ?*!. It* tt AIM KD^-Imn.edlAly ?^w*> wbllft i?r c. ; ?wd ?* GIB LS. w?"! r "CNBiic ? wok >mj I Ml +te*? lr>l)13H |a ti?na ?wetiue. .H ft U'aNTKH-A fir?t i f??? DRESSMAKER n n ? ww i lhtr Bfnt ipplf. Call at 6U? Maau-hnMt" awenue, bctiwn 6ih and 7th stre-t*. jM 3t* I\'*NTI0-A STEAM fr-fa ??? to ww three b"r?e p..wfr, in ( hm! order. Apply 11ST 7fti street tonhr'tt. If H L HMTTHI A CO. WANTED?l*.me?!iat?h?Twenty HORSES ami " UAkTSMrinMDTUNIWiOON Applr to CLCRB A Itl'RNSlDB. Contractors, 60S I >tr<s?t t> Ttbw?-*l. lwt*i?nAhaai1 7th itrMti. jlJ-fe* \\*ANTED?A MtCATION to travel. HtheFft* lad> '? mai'' i to i*k? oure of children 0 r?ct JOANNA (jAlt I.,', J.VJ r^CuUoh street. Bvltl fejore, ? ?). jlS Jt* \tTAkm-A GIRL, |i?4ntb?trork " of fe small faiittv: g->?4 wait"*. Call at No. I ?>13 C street southwest, b?twe?n LStb aod lfh streets jH-Jt* \VTV1 Kf-t-n rt<Jt\?E5. Itrfr ai'j ?iutll, fur ww tenants, to mi puiy pes-ent d^mmnd A I LLIA M TYLER. . Lr At Re* I t^'alr Br. k> i . 7 1 ?? 15 h ttrH. WANTKl'-Tl.ree en r*etic L *DY AC. E NTS; ?? ariic>? entirely ?<-?; ik> cm petition; Imr psyli k UiiSFit in the citr; exclnsive territory, $5 per daj easily mide. Call at 1739 G str?jt uor h ? wt.HfnrJp B1 jlA-lf* IV'AMIII-A UIBL,*liit? or col >r*d, to travel v? with a single ladv. Apply immediately, until tt> morrow evening.(Thttrroav,) at No. 3 Jfi Penn ?)l'*ni? tvnar lu the same house, ROOXS f >r rent. It* WANTFl -A r--t WHITE SERVANT , t" CO^k, wash and iron fi+ two In family: must coni? well recommend* <1. Apply at Mr Kl'SISKf S. V,<. I OS 4*? street, between Pennsylvania aud Mi*- >uri avenue*. jW St tVANTED-Br ? widow, ? SITUATION ft* "w housekeeper for a gentleman; a wid >wer witti J children preferred, or as child'* nurse with a ial g' ing traveling, no wbjecti >n to the. country Ad 3r.jj> Mrs. CHARLES McQl'AlD, OeornUwu, D 0. jH-tt* \\7ANTED?B> a y 'ling man. with a thorough wt ktiowlt ii^p of * L >Io?alp and r?>t*U dry good*, grocery and liuior trade, (lia*al?n a good Conner tlotj di'wo *omb,> ? SITUATION In anw of th? above brai.clK'A. Addrmc B. 7. , Star otflro, for three daj *. j!8 li* %17 ANTBI>?Bv ? Jtentleman and wife, with one " child, ''lie larce FRONT BVOM, or 3UITB of BOOMt*. wt ll furulnhed, in boima with miMlern mu v?-BleDce?; firat floor preferred; rent for the aumnier nii>ntl>p ti"t to exceed $26 p r month. Addrraa K>otn 3. third floor, Si?tb Auditor'* ofllro. jlj VVABTED-Three resectable OIRL9. at PAB WW KlliSON liOl'bE, bU'J P?aBH)lt?iiia av? nu?. jel7-if W^ANTED-By a Latly, Furnialie,! BOOMS, wiih ww Board; a pri>nte tamily n refer red AddreM, with terius, Ac., F. O., 8t?r Offlcc. jel7 3' * W ANTED-A yonnK WHITE GIRL to take care of children; Catholic preferred. Apply to No. I.?aO It h street uorthweet. jel7-$t* \VANTtI>?A PABTNEB ?ith #ltiO. in an P4 " tabi^htd paying bn^iutss. Apply at 310 afreet northwest. je!7-t* WANTED?A respectable middle aged WHITE WOMAN, in asniatl family, to a<Mt*t in honse work and in the care ofcliildrtai. AddreaaM., R.>t 10, Star Ofllce je!7 St* | \\rAl?TED? A tirft-cla?>s >IaLE COOK: also WW W(iMaN ti>do general li<>uxew >rk, waohinii and iroi ii.g; German -ir Irl-li preferre?l Apply im mediately at CENTRAL HOTEL, 474 Pciinsvl- ' \ aria awenti^ J--17 3t* \VAITKV-A rewpectubie WHITE GIRL wulies ww a kittiation in ? nice family as chatwlerniaid or light l ?u*?(irk . Can !??? ??*<-n T>r three days in th? Store, between 24tli and Utli streets, and between M and N street*. je!7 5t* ilTANTED?A CLERGTM \N at present without ww a cliatge. or a Uentleman of like attaintrents, to take an agency f<>r the sale >f a superb Illustrated Bible, telling from #4 to $3u. Territory given in Vuginia, or Caroliba and this city. Address WATTS, BEATTY A CO., Baltimore. jel7-3t* WANTED?A PIE BAKEB , oih who under stands ir>-t>armg fruit nr. f-rreti. Applw No. 2'JO Ea-t Capital street, LAMB'S Bakery. jelO 3i* YVANTED-A WOMAN can c-me well re ww commended, to do eiMiking. w?shiii( and iron iDg for a small family. < all at 6 01 I ~t.u.w jelo 3t* WANTED-A COLORED MAN aa waiter ia a WW privat- family; good relertuces required. Ap ply at 614 E Street. jelo-Jl* \\'ANTED? Imm-dlatefj-?Two WHITE ?2IELS, vv at No. s/0 I street, oppositn St. Ab>ysius Cburcli; must come well reeonuiieuded. ji K-3t* WANTED? B> a Toiing MAN, a sitnation in the drug business; has hail live year* experience; It'od rtc< mnieiidatious. Address HUDSON, north west cor. 6th ami II sts.. Washington, D C. jel>>-3t* ANTED?A YOt'TH tliat has experience in ww the grocery business, to drive wagon and at tend in afore. Apply with good references, 4i<H jth street north wet. ji-ll 31* WANTED?A YOUTH, from 16 to su year* old, for help in a first-class gr eery. None but those hating experience, satisfactory reference, ?neaking German and Eng'.Uh, and willing tn make th* m*el\e? generally tut-ful, need Apply. 1344 5th street northweat. jel6-3t* WANTBD?In exchange for CITY LOTS in the suburb* ef Chicago, 2t\I2S. horses, cattle, sheep, or any kind of farm stock or implem>nt?; also, a good Piano,Carriage, and Wagon. JTAM BOY Lit A CO . jell-eolm f>0A 1Mb atreet. W'ANTED-WET Nl'RSI. Apply at *0? L ww street nol tliwesf, bet ween 8th and 9tn streele. Also, n GIKL from the country not over IS, for gen eral hou?ework. j9-Jw* \V* ANTED-A TENANT for part of House No. ww j|S7 K atreet northwe*', within five tiiioiilea' walk of Government Printing OSb-e. It has gas and water, summer kitchen. Ret.t m *l?rate. je4 WANTED-HorfE PAINTERS at FBN WICK'i Painting Establishment, No. 46 Jef ferson street, Georgetown, D. C. None but food workmen need apply. jej WARTED?All peraons who hawe not yet seen the imnroTed WHEELER A WILSON SEW ING MACHINE to call aud examine it before buy ing anyotber. It is simple, noiseleee, swift?making 1 juustltches ft minute. No shuttle used, ftnd there fore but one tension required. Will laat a life time, ?old on monthly payment*. P. J. STEEB A SON. *?enta, 461 PennajlTftnift avenue, near 4.S rtrect niyJl ltn" TACLE ' in the connfr* !#_BSc?!;HtA,y.*?U'<1 t<J b' I eyesight by H H. HEMPu5B>th*'0??tlc'*n'cp?" j ?*?? street and Pennaylvania P?^. *or Thermometers of all kinds. *> WANTED?A GIRL that can come wei.' recom meuded; can cftll at 933 New York ftwenae, '0 do the cooking, washing aud lroniug of a small fam ily. Apply from 8 ft. n. to 3 p. m..or 6 to 8 o'clock p. m. mlA-tf WAKTED-tvary one to Know mat the "YIC'TOB ww SEWING MACHINE ha* lu ntdU uLfnt t???:the most perfect shuttle In use, rafting in ft cradle; needle bar ftnd work* of steel. Agency, 46V Pennsylvania avenfte. Alao, Branch of Mme. Detn oreat's Pattern Bmporiam. angju ly T. W. SPICEB. Agent. PERSONAL. WILL THE LADY WHO STOOD NEARLY ww opposite Ty son's Hotel. 7th street, last Satur day , wben the steamer passed, at noon, please son J liar address to E. G., cftre of Star office. It* ALL PERSONS ABE CAUTIONED AGAINST negotiating ? Note executed to Elizabeth Bangs by Marv in Eastwood, under date February loth, l^Stfor tlie sum of payable with interest In one year from date. Haid note has been lot. ,'18-6t* (VOTH'B.?I hereby forwarn all peraons not to 1 w purchase or negotiate for any Promissory Notes dftted Washington.D. C., August SI, 1371, giwen by B 0. Davf* AD. W. How land to my ordor. and pay ? able a, 28 and SI mouths after date, with interest. It* A. KLOCZEWSKI. INFORMATION WANTED OP JOHN ANDER SON , colored, six year-- old; had on blue jack<t aid gray pants, bare foot; left home on the lvth of

June. Any information will be thankfully received by %i* mother, EMMA GBKEN, Fayette street, near 3d, Georgetown. jM-St* ',sT"sr.Lo%cAv;^D*,^t'iV0M'' o-M 0? THE WORLD. By It Ml disease* are cured. No medicloea mad, ??* D?J?rtMonof hands. Taught by Mr*. J. B. EL IOT, 4Ti 0 atreet northwect. ftp7-tr BOARDING. FS&aK"-*0*.*1!"0 With BOABD; c<>mmuuicating rooms frontutg the Mptb; also, fwo back room*, communicating, at No 1837 0 street, between 13th and 14th sts. je!6-3t*' DOARD WANTED?By ft young lftdy of nnag Ex ceptionable *haracUr, Ift ft private family, no male boarder*, in a healthy part of the citw. The age of a ftiftno dealrabla. fSSper month will be p^d for good board, including lodging. Addrnaa for three d*ya, A. BkucB, Cl& Poat OffloeT jlAAl* ttUMMEB BOABDtNO AT lt*D WOOb.A DE p lightfol country aeat; 1H mile* fro. fa?orge 1IUOt vanla avenue, arriving at 9 'i??3Jk?ixli?X& f IRC voiKi; I -? T ; VIM CHEAP AT NICHOLS' LITTLE WORLD, via*. i . t ... a??, ? j . I ' Tth stree*, between g aafl T etrwts. LkLLING t)Fr AT AND BE P fine aasortment of ftll deacriptlu LOW COST^ cool Baltimore LAGEB.rtoy at ttoa tea Tirtfvaat corner 71b and IT *treefs fiorthweat ;??!?? JOHN fi ONI BIO H, Pi^nrialbr, * _ F0R_R1?KT and^ale. I? L '.Si''*' '? corner of 4th ac1 O po*KLi-T. ?wirTtgcAkesT.f ground. ? ???* M.H Ri'BKKK. ?I 3 TlkMreei.^ j*mn 2??" mnJ cellar, BRICK m* .i2f ?'iVi *3* waiac, and all improvem l2o?i~7l .l1 ? *a?raa?, M?,fn lith and 12 h. U 1 I1** ?tw^.?n>?? nth *nd N J-JS V* F'i/lSfci'f1! desirable nine room brick n.l. ?i ?SSl'V W*r,>* fr'"rn atr??t car-; THOfc I. WAUOAMA.V, 419 Tth IITL- KM F?'Li5!lT7Thi!? i*"** BOOMS. f'irni-hed I nmi?EEH?}? for housekeeping, in ? verv pleasant n igbhorhood Renr moderate to a g?l t nant ApRy^t once at 81 >1 17th street jeH?*" for ' ? FURN~ ? A i ?B?D?B,w1th ?|| conveniences; verj fr*''?bU- Addresa *'C. Y.."at thisofflce. lmme.ii | >fU4l* I F KITCHRH mM I * floor, fnrei4te4 f?r hattaekaeping. Tk>?rMt>i< ??J r+Ty jk+irsb|e fur the mwn-r wun: front at I * * rp*' ,ow* Mo- 51013 G *'?"* north ' Hi ?f F1i*?f?fc*-'**'?1 ??? two at >ry BRIt'K. N>. . , ? . "treot, two Holies, back building, 7 r r.?onu, wat?r and ii?; yard fn front and rear K?t Term- K.jtm.W R H. WARNER T4?7th I '"*? J?We<St ?' . ^tV1'"p r*,BR' beaut>iuily i ? 1 r?t?l !?ii.U rivw, I?,yards. #W. fjifti , #17, SCO, and ?? m.mthlv. wiOi lu B- H WARNER. 744 7:h I * - ? r*H St I/t'R, KENT?On WwhiDgK* street, k?t?<wti Qtr Hr(/-k IIf.r"J'? rt on "'rests, fii">uHo?n, Iwm at ? -> brick H0F8C, c?ntain? ^ room-, with alt th? n'nlern improvements WILLIAM TYLER. K?a. I ff state Brnkfr,71** 15th rthvt. j,.|s ?( J*ALE IM'BU RB AN REStpENCE on ? (jeorcetown H-ights H"IW I,a# 10 ro w., kitchen. pantry. hath room, cellar, and attic story. ?TiJi " hr'c.k ?taW* *?d caritae? bouse, with Zvr SfnKrEV? *J2V2 ftK*< ???>*? Apply r<> ^ " IH'UQAL, l'i3 Britlge M. jrlg * L OK SALI-Oiic i?ii room I nek HOl'ftE sou h a front, bay window. A party with two or thr?H STM."??CM f ,'n' BRICK , v?-rv ??kcHVbi I?ci*?i..n; S2AWca-?li, ljalaiKet.ti tiun- Six room FRAME, with water) ar.dl.a:h, Carriage wa\ patH witli wood, will - ? LOT on 13th, near Jf. a' r?nt? p-r 2^_L T' 1B,P^?T'?"*'n*?P??M.oiil? 41 AW r*jaired ?"*n- 8*Ieral l.oildin* LOTH, fr-'tn $.iw to $?.i each.on eaey terms Oa long time without any ca?h nofVl ?,n* Alao, a nincnnm HOlbE on IHi, near M. lot il f -et front, IV, f t deep, with atlkl'le and carriage hon-e The hooae t? ?er> rootBy. A?i?d (.ayen room HODSR ,.a "? ti near Bvoodary. j M pnpar d a.el tain* -d, very Chenp f.T cash In mire ofL. 8 CH APMAN.rariien trr ami Bmldor. 11th it., Ix-twe^n K <nd ?> i?h y F'OR SALE-That elrgant three ?tory BRICk, i' 150feet, on 31?treet, between ft'rity ' lL* n,"<t reaidetj.'-e# iu Also, that fine ba.lnesa LOT at tho intora.-ctjon o 1,1 ,B4l"ni* ?*et.ue hiiJ c ?tl?et, Zl'i b> ill with 40 f?-^tfront on %\ street. Lot on C, bKtw^ %i AT*\ M. 14 by 16?? Lot cor cor K and ?ht 1IM by HM) Lot on 11th street cist, bet we-n il %nl C ? >rtl. 21 D> 1)6. eaVt'V'hy l?HC*P<t01 ,,rew' be,w*en ?>-J !9 b Lot OH J. fferaon street, G. , .r^et >wn, t?-twe*n Wa ter street and caria', 26 by 1(B. Splendid lot corner Ma?-aclin?etta a?etine an<i nth iiUbj I4?. E K WIUJ4)N, j? 18 lt>t 511 7th !>tr??*t. IVOR BERT ? Very doeitable bTOHK on Mi ?t7, I ?\e,iu"' ou1' *?" tuos! *? " AGGAMAN, A|9 7th MrK. jf?17 it F-'OR RENT-A two atory brick IIOCSET^iTTi back baildins, fiaa and water. ?u O street, be iween 4thland 5tb atreeti northwest. Apply corner of O and 13th ?treeta northweet. Jel7 3t ? KOR SALE?The commodious and eligibly situ r ated I?WELLINO. So. 1 \ w TnSt a'enlie occnpied by I?r. A.\. P. Oarnett. Apply totflll P> imsylvatiia xvenne ?el7 .H* OR RIS T?Three of those fine ?ew a. liUICRhan il street, between l*enu??lvai<>a avet ueatid B street. The houses cntaiti 8 rooms and moderu coDvenieticea.wi'h lot J' 6t E K. WILSON. 411 7t*i street. t^OR RENT-A Bl'SlNESS rTAND at a verv 1 cheap rent,N i. 419 nth ?tteet. near P-nn^rl. Particulars apply to LATIMER a. V Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Stai Othce Building - Jel7 tf F'irr *lan' <"N * Fl RNISHED. &i5, ?$50? ^5(j, 4.5. A25. Aii f ??, f 10, S7; ?T()kKSf ^4 ', or K(< K8.#50,' |15, ?25. TUOS. K. WAOUAM.AN, 51? 7th jf!7 3t VOR SALE?Sen-ral fine impr.o?J PROPER~ * TIES on the bills north of the city, and on th Heights of Ueotgeto^u. witli from two to six acres of itionnd. E. K. WILSON. jel. -61 All 7tU atreet. F^.i?^1'?-.* V?** ~'"r> pressed brick BOUSE, A with back building, l>aaenient and cellar, slate n ai te.s, gas all throngfa; hot and cold wa'er in kitchen, dining rootr, and l ath room. Lot Miitio Tetins easy to suit the purchaser. No. 931 Rhode Island avenue, between ?th and loth streets. Iu ijuire of J | JH'G je!7-lm 915 Rhode Island avenge. I*'''? SAtk-Oneof tliose beautiful bOl'SE^in * ^ *,J?IlkLi'.' R^. north ?lds of K. between 12'h fCj J*b- The house has eyery modern convenience and iasuperbly located. Two rtory brick HOUSE, with largo back bull J ?nd k>ti on Jfh, between K ?nd L, a most dt'^ir* able >ropfr? v. Two aew brict HOUSES on O street, between loth and list.(now read> foroc.npa i ? n.> These hnM^m ?*Y'fvrfy cotiTtnience, and are located in a tin aelahborhood. E. K WILSON. ^ 511 7th street. F,(i?^n?4u T7TA ?TORE, with or without Kooas; all mod rn impiovements: a aplendid biisliiesa stand, especially for millinery aud fancy go<v!s,tii D street, between 6tb atd 7(h sts., aorth Apply IVti Slh street. jel?-?:> | I'OR BENT-A desirable REMIUENCE near 1 Rock Creek Church and the Metropolitan Rail | road -i8 about fite minute*' ride to the city by rail, at,d if agreeable the ?wner de*ir*s board whta th Cerwn renting, *c. Ii unire at No. 1446 12th at., ttween M and N northwest. jelo 3t* frQB SALE?Three beautifully located suburban LOTS on Merldlaa IT ill. in close proxtaiity to 16th street extended. Theae lots are choice and very desirable building site*, and will be sold on terms to an it. Appljr at once at 1341 7tb atreet north je!4-3t* LHtR HALK?SOl'ARE No. P3?, between JflT^d *. if?.*1??1 arH' A HO.I B streets northeast, Cam ,lw ?t'^le or in lots. Apply to JNO. HOW AKU,t?.>4 Center Market, corner of B an i 9tb streets northeMt.ur C1I.M. BECKERT, 443 fa street northwest. j- IS l;n* I^'OR RENT? Fine large ROOMS, furnished or ^ M street uortliwoat; als>, pTABLE for rent. j!4 9t* F HnrsrLin\. weH.bnUt tw.storr" BRirR nvl 8fc, on I> street, V?efween ?JtSi and 7th streets ?oriliicjf. Will be s?>M low uponan l|) ^8 to DL ^CA^oNiVO^LUiQ x CO.?corner >th ?nd D streets northwest. j?l# POR SALE-Allor part of8<irARE No. M, on A. Aast Capitol and lCb streets east, adjoining Lincoln Park, one square ftoS ih'street cars: also, other LOTS jjjraale. in s.^uarea 985 au;l JW. 4"nly to M. BALDWIN) coimrr East Capitol 4tt<I"iii.t sireetP eset. jl4-5t* K^OB SALE OB CEKT?A Ro< ruy COTTAGE in 1 genteel order, 8 r .,7iu?, at Mt. Pleasant, near wooda; good stabie, water, lawn t .*< acre?, omnibus to city; al?<>, n-ar horse cars. Prise, ?3.f5n In .juire of Dr. BREED, at Mt. Pleasant, or 818 F street northwest. jH-tft* lTO? **KT?A tliree-atory BRU K HOfSE. 411 G street, between 2<1 and 3d streets northwest containing 8 rooms, cellar, kitchen, water, gas. and lutth room. Inquire next door, or at 643 G street between6th and 7th, of T. W. MURPHY. 1 BLACKSMITH WintEL'wBICHT and PAINT tdlOP. with hoisting machine, on G street, betw.-n 6th and 7tb streets, near Patent Office. A irst-class tmsiBess stand, and w ill be rented to a good tenant ? reasonable rent. Apply, on premises, to T. W. MURPHY I^OR SALE A" AT PRIVATE SALE ?'PROSPECT HILL," the residence of ths late <il,e* ?oltc''i 'n Alexandria county, Virginia This place coutains about 224 acres and lies near the end of tbe Long Bridge, on south side of Arling ton Turnpike, at Ua intersection with the Alexan una cstial. All the land la <f the beat Quality for agricultural pur pores; and the Bottom Land, on the canal c..m ^cri^ttonnt 124 "Cre*' " K OLA Y of the beat The jmprovements are ? large and sulmtantial Brick Mansion Hoiwe aud Out-buildinga, Farm Houae. Barna, Stables, Ac. ' The land bas been laid off in parcela. and w ill be aold In lots to anit pnrctiaa<-rs. For farther lsformatlon inuulre of CHAbLES E. STUART, . . <" ?. FERGUSON BEAC'd, jel41m AkMsWs, Virginia. f,0,L?5NJ~L'%r?'a!,d wry furniahed ROOMS, with stationary waahstands, bath-roomt hot and celd watari; toeation cool, delightfol trees. mL li ? .. .^v^,.wu vwifuniguiini ?rw?, KTMS IB Ea -"gay Stat* Department; preaaed briafe.atx roona, 'oelW, -Vo~"KJvS fcVofre; For key and teraa, apply at viiiv iiuruuKi corner llth and 8 streetsf niU-lm ?i?i?5ii'*r7-hr<**tmWtDW,,IjLIK? Ro?o7 13th street, facing Franklin Square, with nine <=?<?et?. ?as li rooms.bitn-room .linen tad waler clotiti. ns fli tores throw^host, L^trob# stoT?, largs rear rani, Ac. Immediate poaaaMien. A rare oaaortunftyu offered to nevre one of the handaomeaf locations in - [KU^l R. W. DOWMMAM. 414 7th^t |?OB SALE?A few aelact CITT LOT8 t. th. ^ ^ Jf"j?ylm JUAN BOTLR A 00., ? Uth t. ?1 Mo. 464 Washington street, bet wee a 4th ind Mh. jell-tw* |TOR SALE OR kXCHANGC toraltyMqparty? Fo.VlTfn^^. W.^W^KTeS: B?,wcss It^QR SALM CHI A P?Desirable building LOTS J!r? J#-eo?w 1i*?"R SALE OR mEWT-U?US?,^Ti?~ai "Tfet; price MMht, rent per month, poaaea on given June 1st; haa modern con\?miebcea and mriiace; key may be had nt Nr. 7IT. For riirther particulars apply to GEO. S. PARKER, SIS lath F?r"< |0-lm 11 OR RENT?A new seven roetn HO^ftl on lath street,one half aquare from tba TOE RENT AND 8ALE. F'OK :?ALE??tie Rt'UMHI, LOT m V -? m mt ?>rnBf, l4t?r>-n L ?*>l M ISvlU, fro?t. Ou? EaNd!i:g L* (Ml K mrr~i n -rtii-> ??t. Mli aa>! K ? ?t!i troat.wii: be at a bar gaia A if-, ?"?r?l PniMiag Lot* on 1?b Hrn?, I ?tw? - i O ati<1 B Five pre?--l Irtck HH front, i oftl v it II-T1 part of the riff, wnbs*na-r' impr - ve ? o* 101* Uni>-. ?***!! aaah pal menl -. t>alau< .? luoMlly. _ Al? . ? p'eaawl frvk HOVfll', f? ?or? and hwtii >?l H rooatu, wa'.i and 0t*. lair .bo and fWif. aarttea* rrn ptn ot c*yi*?i.U ca*h pa> - ??tit. n4 i"?l?ao monthly. ?l|W. *J_?* t.H"' >E. 7 and hall. lot o li'l C?k| ; uoitl l'\ 116. fSJMi. ft .'?*:? wh. t>si?i.< ?? ps? p. ? III nth at tli?'?t' rf pttt ul cf) MOILTON ft BKMNARP. ?V3 1Mb stre-t, O^vHi* D. 8 fr???irf. KLk-t*u 11-11 and pretty, fHv.ated .n UwrMif?ifrf?t, M. U.k and 19th aud k ai.d 6 ftrivU, one square from *tr??< c*r?, tn ? growing rHffctxrh x<4; ran k? b??>?gfit m longtime. Appli to *11 LET A kllBIT, Lun l? l MrriLt:,U,Ci ri?r ot ftk DM *?1 No* * or* KtrtlW. ft lw I^OR KENT ?R hA LK-OdfiiT tbe a*??~fnt? I >U (MiiviuU* Uul'bKs in the 1 i?triri,cuti talking *1) i (i with ltt|? lot,cor ner 4th twl (i t B. Beut ASu p*r m?nfb. In i'ari <4 J AS A. TAlT, P?tiD>)liui4 wvm***. N" brKrw 11 ??1 ?k rirtf^ 8. I ji-f Iji* l/OK SALE-Vert ,t~lri^le BCiCmIiU LOT far I aale.oti VNtaMrof Ulh atre?4, , rr.?H<. grott Sjuare. JR t?v bk' feet Apply I*** ? rtr~r*. b? t??ti lWh Mid mh Hrwx notthweat. je> ?w* L'Uk SaLE -T?~0 *SW~BUCK UVLSES, I No. JO'i D dnoi ?uutbrM*. 7 r?"iM, l>mb uv?i aid collar*. also, TVkU FRAME UorSE.s ?? C street aitbrait; 7 rvunw, lull: rvmi tuJ cellars, $ <iUi,f?rBtick B"ti*r,rui tmK.Mb1) to 44b I i>ti?r(M>t1l?Nl. mnia* L>??KTXLT^n?irT^ng-nroe7irtrh *Ball raab pay - I mini: 8nb I <*?tl ittiil *.a<|ii*re M, I4tli and V Part L ' tt. MOT **?, IS: . -t. . r ? ? M H llu. Mil' L"l> 10, ar 1 w>*tH tf- a.|nare MS. lKh utrwt aio M'-rth Carolina aretm". h'll L t 36, * juare Ml, lax till*. If.II by HU feet of isjnare iCf, tax title. I.<4 9. agnate <K, tat title. Mrt Iive-r<>?m KK^M>' HOrbFt*. I<*? J? u*i. ?r lit)ris i-aKt od 7th atrvoi ?-aat, l??t??et. A an. B n(<rtti, ocr ouiiare from Raat t'afitol atrr?< raiir.-ad n r. lm J NO t k CM1 ALL L'(iK f SI and LOT. Mo. ?(?!??? at. a iHintvmt; thr?--?ior> Bnck. comparatn oly u?-w. Lot Ip fwt fn*ut l?f tt) f'-?t d<wp. Prio* im low; all tax?? paiti uj>. ln.;uir - of L F CLARK. Paporliai cmg* Su>rr, No. 1HI3 IVuus) 1> aina ava nw. n.?< lm t'Uk HkNT?A loin-?tur) yrm brKk DWEL LING ,hn?ly l<wiU?d ?i aotitb fc>, bfl??<*a l?l and M ntr**-t?, Capitol llitl,tM*ioc thororaar homm iH-arMnlrfrt.tnrtbn^tmManittc Iw<4t? room, ?tth water. ?h?, Latr-h>?, rtut*, dnnih waiter, l>ath-ro< III and laundrf; ?tth*jnpl? r? al and wood buhkB, and cupact'??? yard iu tho rear, a rara rliai.ce f< r aar?rm* a ??r> ni<*? anrnnvr b?ra? at.d iu the ?er> btxt coudition Price fc6>' per ni ?ir.h. BKSTEK A KYON, Itoal Eatat* Aceat* and Bp4ter?, mjJ7 tf llttM *ttvH ftiuth<?ft, Capit il Hill. pOE BALE-A BgUARE OF OBOUKO Tn the I oorthrrn n^ctu>a ot the rit) . with the ai>l*w-wlka, curbing, and ffvtttrinf all laid and mid f?. II >me ran ptu-k it. Wll aoll c h *? and oci INx tune Apply to Ul'YCK A ADDISON. R-al^t?'ata Amenta, No. 14V1 New York aventie. corner of Itth street iwrthweat. 1 Rop.AChroti | Btt-tf L'OR KENT?A beautiful ihrcw-atarr PRESSED I BRICK HOl'SE, coutairiaa ton roonia. bnakdaa utore and ? ellt*r?. I alh and pantry r ? .rua. with saa, hot and cold water, aud all mo.lein improvement*, aiid ? ..nv. i,|. i.l to aara aixl market. Whole h n?e {?7ft. or withona atore ?t*>. Inquire HOLLIDGE &06 . bth aud 0, or 1601 Mbatreot niyS? lm I^OK BKNT? FURNI8I1ED ROOMS: a back 1 Parlor fumiabtHl a* a Bedroom, and two #ie?a ant room*, bark ai d front, on aecond atory. In an eliitibly ? located Dwellfna on I ?treet,near 9tb; will be rented on reasonable teraiato feutletnea ooiy Addreaa " A. J.," National E>ycblicaa eBae. tuW tf IR p I LOST AND FOUND. 108T?On the evening of the l"tb iuat., a dark * T"rtoi? ->WI1 HAI L arndded with *? Id mar*. 1'ji en k to an ^ar rinK. A ?uitab> rawardwill lie paid for it, if left at 709 lithat.n.w. It* IOST?A Pot KfcT BOOK,contaiuiuK a uamt? r j ot note., not end"ra?<d; two Traa>nr> drnfta, a >t en.U r*<tl; and a ainall nam of money. Tne tiuder ?ill be literally rewarded by leaving the ?ai> e at tlie National Metr poiitan Baiik. jls ?* W r! BEWARD ? Loat, <?n the 17tb iitstaut, about 5 V*' o'clock p. m , in a Navy Yard car, a noall POCKET B?OK, containics about 4JS and aouie I hp. r?. The alK>re reward wfll l>e alTen if returned t?- No. iH* Grant at .between >th and lrh at?. It IOST?On 1 weaday. 17th iaat.,?n I, between (tli i and Mb, or on Sth at., tn th# vicinity of the A* p ml/ly charrh, a ch>M% GOLD MEDAL, with liauie and date. The finder will be auilaMy reward ?i b\ l>a\ins the aame at flV H at. north weat. It* ObT?A Lad> '? Gold D untiiiff caae ff \TfH an.I CHAIN, aamall cold aatchel and an chor attached, in K<>i?g fr ru New T <rk ave. , and lotl. at. to 7th, in car down to Marylanua avenue. A reward of Ais, with tb* thank* ?>l . owner, will be ylren if left at thu offlee. jls 31* f OBt?Last ni(rht, either on G or Mb atraeta Li northwest, a pair of GOLD TACLES. Tba finder will be ?ntt?bly*_J" 15 rewarded l>y leaving tbeaa at 4tf I a*, a. w. jl7 Si* po?sl?l@s22SB^f. Which fell from car At. on 7tb atraat. Panuaylvania avenue and B nreet toutbwaat, ii left *t Star ? rtice. or 613 7tb atreat nortbwaat. jlMi' ?Saturday a Defot cat or on comer 7th xtreet and rennaylvanin arcane, a Ladio*' * D BBACELET Liberal reward by retarning IB TIB'S Drnaat. re, corner Mb and B atraeta ai.atbeaat, Oayttol Hill j!7 3t*^ AKEN CP ASTRAY-Oa tba Mtk iaat .acraacn colored MARK COLT. Tba owner will ??me forward, prove property, pay cbanrea. and take b<-r away. Capitol MlM Liter) ?Siable. 317 3d street aowibaat. j!7 St' ton BtWABD.? Loat, tn tbacara between Kew Vw" York and thi* cIit, on Friday laet, the <th inatMt, a MXMOBABDUX BOOK, with blmk leather cover, contalniug paper* aud carda, with owner'a addr.-aa. Paper* of no value except to tbe ownar. Ti e above reward will ba paid for book ami content*, It' left at tbia office, or at lift Protpect wtreet,Georgetown, and tio <jueation? aaked. jIT X* C-iJ BEW ABD?Loat, on the 1Mb, a YELLOW V* HOUND DOG, with a cut iu ?M eat?auawer* to the name of Leader V., M LAMB'S Bakery. !M0 Xaat Capitol' strwt. jH M1 | OfeT Li 7th i GOLI u/wi T d: |0G LOST?Strayed away fraa oanter of Sixth and F street .Island, a very unall black aud tan &LCT, about tan day* rha*. 11 tlie finder will return tba *ama to B- D HOWARD, Howard Hoaaa, ha will too??r a great favor and lecatre a bandanna rf^atd. jl^St* FOR SALR ? -?OB fAI.E -A 'L1LLIK' SAFE; combination 1' lock, 'o P?rf?ct condiUoe: uze 3 f?*t bifE,. J leet ? inches, f' *C? 9**>? ?? 1* atr^t.ff^H Georjetowu. jlAw^.Aw* FOR SALE I HKAP-A Bt GGY. uearly as good aa new; the owner having no farther use for it. Inquire at the Coach Factory1 of WM. WALTEB, corner 1Mb and V, * rret*. , Price #150. It' F*OR BALK?Hew CAKTS. manulacturad from seasoned material and extra ironed Will be aold low for cnali, ?t exchange the same for Brick or Board of Pnblic w<*k* Oertilicatea. Apply at U4i tS street a? uthwe?t. jl7-m* t'OB SALE?A pair of daik lr n grey , CABBIAGE HORSES, young aud' *ound. Inquire at 1XV1 tH *t. jt ll lui |>ILLLABD TABLES FOB SALB l> Twomiall alzp, Bilt) Tablea, with all the Fixturea, several aet* of Balls, Cnee,Chalk, Ac, ADAM80N*S, 30? 'J?h street. jel2-4t URICK CLAY FOB f ALB. D Apply t* DODGE * DABNEILLB, jir-tf 14HT F MEDICAL, &e. MBS H. J. FRENCH. OF PHILADELPHIA, tbe celebrated Beliable Clairvo) ant Pbyaician uud Teat Medium, baa located at 101J New York nrenue. Office honra?U> a. at. to 7 p.m. Engage nient* can be mad* for evening*. jell-Sm d^oNBl LT DB BBCOE, No. Sll lttb Mreat, V, between H aud I. A specialist at twenty-five year* practice. j4-3w* C* EM ALB DISEASES of all ktndatraatad. Da n acrlbe caae^ana^eocloeead vice MADAM. WI^OJ. physician aTid mtwira can ba consulted on *11 aSSS E STABLISHED 1611 JOUN tt. lABVHEL, STEAM DYMJt AfTD SCOURER, No. 114 Foci tyi i ikU Srnanr. (On* South of 0w*oniaa4lon Mali. I I take thla method of Informing my frlrndi pa-l manta. thereby making It completa ta all tta detalla. equaled by few and anrpaaaad by nooa, I mi prepared beat manner and at tne abort to perform in the very I eat notiaa ail work Intaadii to my anew, and I re ?p< ctfally aolicit a caUfrom all who ? perform<d In ?y Une, and I will f sat isfaction both in which nvw>>rk is p w bieh will be vary Ladiaa* dreaaaa c laankd aMhal Mm taken apart, kdgre>aaaao?a and ataina r?avrl wuhoat without ahriakl akin*. jalliTy ' OTKB OF BEMOTAL. ward*. Oaodt a?ld oa monthly * Wat*' TiSr- ***afcat M OA BO, Panaaylti Hotel. BUSINESS CHANCES. &Kf)f) *^*TKD POIORI YIU l^uni,* t iRr;s.r?^ ?)lnki* atm* 'f*0 LOA K? ? I M *M, iu MMW wl ?!>? Ml . Ft, I <m teal ratal*, for 1, X, ar J <ew?a A4 tra.. Lock B?v ??** | jl * Si * ?/OK SAl.V-A IM-ilMi < N?~IU fi<>Rh?Y r ??;UlUM,M I |ra?M?oM ? ?M. F " r? itcalar? >nI) t ' LAtlMM * ('1i4ABT, l?;'i ?? *^l - *i ? War ? Bice b' ildiint JDIw r?lk ArSTIK P BRO*!f. (Wiifrof ltew Y .et a*amt? Btid K P.-?i?th ??? -?t Ttirw l%nr* dolMl ?OI'*W" rviflM in pr> a to? |JUm> to Btm?? Mi w?nl Utter ?m . Mu I iw- ? Our ?k'4r hum* ?( UftDt'KD a?d LOTa ta ail parte . f the cKl . HOtUb> iM LOTS at M dm P;<?aaia. ell \PLRA8*KT HimR AT L??W PW1>*K -W> offer that handa. n>-Iw al- r> . I>b??ii <at au l Kt.t.rh r.-. l BRIOK RESIDKMCB !? *? I ?? i aai Wei, Slietniai. . ant ilie li?u?ia- ar< a> i:? . ' aala ?' a \pm ar'ra. and .>b ami-uallr r?* >ia?>l* lr?i?: $7 jm< |.aval.le ? I ,*?i in caah ?-?'ai ? $ I .SB) a >sar,atg p? r iBteteai.or #*..*? cbbB. TW hi'tt?a la la g??<4 order thr. . i >| h?" all the moalern coa* antence? >4 r??*a L?f-* huti room, two water rl'??B B, h?<si?dr.4l aaMrNlkf chMfefiM4 librari, a? Well a- ' TB?*B; lta-r? irf ten ro e*ilna|ve nf hats r<-n . a cellar Budei the kiU'li'ii w?l *ll*< a: i ?r of l. t alu*-th? r ? ir at da?.rwM>. h.nne Tlte I*'*' arty a ill W ????* i. n# application t?? v>. riTl'H A MX K-al Ratal- R< k'f, J13 eoSt litu Pa l'?Ma,?^ I' > T raa-'? L'OK SALE- A UkOCICBV IMKI.lK.iU>.; I WW awl PivturwB. d?tiuc a x >.<4 lw.aii.e-. |?i i|til<rM KOI iSMiial. it: Hn Kau VRAPI'B MIK HO K AT ? B \ KO.MN Tltt RTiM't aau H\TI HI- iiftn Ifi-i tr?m audi' r? Halooa, doing an e\cell-nt t>iiaiii-ea li^umafl r S f.B.,10tBrWt? U*?f<4ti?ii. jell la* RABE rHAKCI-F^r Pair al a Bargain T?ia I STOCK AM) FIXTlRRSafaAr-t <!?>-. M ? Mora tn>v (loii.It a (<kKl Imaite-aa K?ti?T? |.ir? |iim for a? Ming AiUt * P ?t ??tRre R ?* 7 Vf>. Wiakn(l>i'>. |i O p4 If Parties hating IIOIM? >i Ult>lurMi> n ati> part of thecili rai. Bud pur. haaere a:?1 <41 tain a t.*ijiporar> loan bj apply it.* to GEO TRIE* UEI.L A CO .lrtllatalc Br<tkfri, <14 7lbltrm( ??? laa IB? " ' ? ^ .. v w aaw W/AD ? ??? ?ti" IA of the citi caii Bud pur. Iiaaera and ?4> rarj b> appl> n a* !?> G P1) TRI R? _ _ _ J., Real Batata Br.*kar ? ?df Ub (Rep A< liioa l \fORBT TO LOAN OB BBAL B'TATB-I. 1*1 iMDif and oa t-> ??i|. JAMBS B ? At UH. R?a! Batata ?rotor, mh la 0>>r Ihh mmI f .mail ir?*ln j^|OHET TO LOAV ^Kt*A Vro T" B* al Bat at* awl luaui ???'? R' >kam. BlSS tf I4HT r at?at L^f>R 8AlB-roar InK-rtaa* RttK'B ItPiBh, r t?" a^uaraa from ?'apu <l Park. ati4 Ihr AA a?nia litlucf to thr Baa Baaiarr Markol. PB ai.d cloaa t>' Ike Panaaj iiaula atFeua atraat B"W cara, aril lorala.]. tliaaa b<>ua?a Bra aralt hail', MB rc-u.a tack. fa*. Rot and cold water, and aaaar T? mi? Fa?y. Iu Mdira at< tba pracuaaa, 31V t o?tm. aonthaaal. aRi JiB L OK SALB-Tha 8TOCR. ttO?'I> WILL Ba4 r FIXTl'KBB of lha Milllarrr Bod Pan j Bl -ra. Mo. 711 Barkat Kpa*a, M Ttb and ?h aU. north Waal. |aa trj B. LBMZBRRO A OO \aluarL1 Pa kit K>t hALR OB BX (UANGB POB PROPBBTV IK TIUliClTT A UKMAT BAHHAIX -S? arrxa vary supartir land, Mficitll) for Ubactc, Imrgt BOB T< IiBOOB Bare, I>a?lliBjr, TfobuI U -Baa aud otitbaildio^. rli.FVBrd of Mi OoBCvrd C"?pa alnoa, it. bnuih* at i tr?-lllBFd. Idh a. raa ttlualilr tiaibar, btiaiK' aral ? arid Ball fenced, tiFar Guinea'* Station, on K t X I* K B., in bt"-u> Itaijia ?- ?iiiitv, >'a rm<-f, oi l t-'JM) B. A. PHILLIPS. a(17 Sir lilt) \\ eat Btreet. O?''ri<etoan, D. C RAKB CH A SCR to pr.nhase a food STORE a ad PWELLIKU cheap, n-at ui? aiark-t, 7U ?traot Ko. IT IS, Prira. a&JUO, lertu* eaat HAMlLTdM A I'EAKm'H. n Sntf Y M C A Buildioi fib and I> ?*> HotR? roi -AL, Tha larirF FOrR 8TORI HOI*?:B. wltb tfc'aa Burj exteiiMoc, 9 Id B atreFt, Dearly im, twenty n-oM.ft.rnace, cas aud watFr.aub lar*F yard and ?table in rear. Tne wbola pr p?Tt? liar k*a*o ra.?ully Bt in c? n.plete reaair, aud M ?er> c. u?<f.i?ut f jr a ?|F, (fetitFol faBnly, or for a l? ardit;* h. ua*. W til ha sold low. luynlre at Frewtmaii'? Bauk. ..BB-wtta Treasury. iratiia fell Ml PROFESSIONAL. W J. FBAKES, ?5. DENTIST. 413 ljlh Btraat, abo\< K irkwo^t H ubf He nuarautaao xa good aork iu at>p -ar fit, .tural imy. an 1 pant > of rial.-'' *'? for lea* mour) than aii> l>ruUat iu ibe" ctiy. Doctor haktioar has r>:?o\eu h.-> oBicb to Ko. lw 10 P atroat n<.r liaeat tu.1I tia J AMBS Q. CLBPhVrB~ bTe. BKA1LKT CLEPMARB * BRAILCT, shobthabd writers a la? bepobtbb^ CflioF?Kb. lit C Btreat. batwaas lat aud Id fa tm IiKltaoa arepuF. aihJl ly jou f iiin.iTTOUllT i? uw COAL AND WOOD. q la iHEiirr^ WH0LE8A^AtFD^.LoDDEALEB .1 OF AI'AA Y VkSi tiltTIOX. Ofllra; 3S? PrtitiB) IvBi.ia a?abUF, betaveu A1 aiid 4S atraet*. Depot aud Mill, Sixth atrart ali?-f, PotoiiiBC riTor. Pair price aud bonoraMe dFBlinfa Bk In.* REAL ESTATE AGENTS. J CAM DOYLE PRANK DARRc'B JTaH boylc * CO.. RKAL tSTATt AND NOTE bh OK AH $ Ko. 1Kb ?trBet, oppoaite C > Tnainri POB BALE?A handsome H0C8B oa 1 Btraat. R #. RI3. A new larce double HOI"SB. enraer U<( and H HOUSE ta. 1?1? Manachwatu aretnte. HOUSE Mo. BBS ad street east, for aala or rvat. tur ? ?o- bWW *rw< bbbI, for aala or r.-at, fur or unf^nuahBS A CoTTaoB it. Wiliard . PrtcB. fM*. Sereral Mall H >bbiw, fr?M to aotail caah payaietua. l'a h?i ?SAOU to BAJW; ?aall caah payaietaa. arreral rati fine FARMS. UaproviJ and unim aroved, oa different railroads runntni fmm tna city, for pale a^ low fljurm <& MfeBfiE* tfl ft J property. MO^OU leet of OKOTFl) tn t?ri,ul Brtkoua of the city for aale at low Inm, oa Ba?t ma, or will exchange for prodoetlva Impr. t^d property. apMtr (^E0. TRUEbDELL A CO., E hkAL USTATE BROKERS, M rtt Btreet, (over Oermau Aiubrloau Bavui Bank.) Sa#?1a' attFolion Clren tw REKTINQ OOLLf iVti. r^llKO TAXES and KWoTiATOU LOAMS. frrm'fiSoRt to-General Beaj. Alr^rd, Pa>niBnter Oeaeral U.S.A.; Janie* S. Orinneil. Obict Clerk U S. Patent Offlce. Jobn Praaar, Arct Itect. Hon. F. P Blair; Hoa. J. W Dou?1?bb,C >? miBBioner Inter en. Revenae; wm.B Moaea.Furni tare DeaW; C. E Pretitlm, Cashier Oanaaa Ameri cari Sa*o.g?'Bauk, Col. John M P ssandau, Ho. John H itr. Conanl General of f THE TRADES. WIMGATE, CONTRACTOR and BUILDER, Coraer 7tb street aud South Carolina ateuue. H Will contract for or suBenuteu? rite construcir n of t ublic or private building*. Order* f^r job work aolitited Ord.-ra left as above, or at office of K W DOWMMAM, So. B, Iatallifencer building, will receive prompt attention jli-lui m PV.'?i able I ll ad strsat aortbaaat" Specialty'f T1 K*L 1 S?E 0 PIPM always oa Rand. ?1 tr CouMtry Mniitirrmrri TEMTB and FLAGS for aala or re at. A W KIKGMaTBBIAL of all kinds for aals p^,pAm/yG'jrAT^fr^ pLUMDIMG AMD O AS-F ITT IK Q. ? ?. to hBTs their PI Ftttiac doaa la a oa reaaonabla tenu, skoald laara their 113 PaaasyIraaia I Work warraatad. aiS-dai* WM. BOTHWBLL PBlt Hatsi ^wiuwi, fuse tun. ~ ' OOPELAMD, J. *. fliRfWR, ?ARrBNTBR, B WILD BR., m O* M AM#MIC EE6ALIL I to famish _ lat FACTOR! PR1 AMD BEl a?d evary article pertalniac to th^O^ CAM* We ruarantaa all JI ^ ?ar? BUOfP.

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