Newspaper of Evening Star, June 18, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 18, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. %%r.?*END%Y Imc IS 1979. LOCAL NEWS i (Miwird Ural*. .Martin Crotnn. chief eug'neerof the fire de j a it-err of thi? District, ha* received a patent fv- bia compound hone pi]*. The annual commenc< meat exercises of the Wtsfcingten Hun new College Uke place At Lin Coin hail this evening. A horned frog from New Mexico ww re e?.*ed by the form inter General to-.lay from the special s gentof the d< yartment for Texas. The trustees of G rare laud cemetery, near the eastern terminus of H afreet, have donated forty banal sitae to the Protectant orphan a?j. inaa. The arand Jury yesterday presented Michael Kane for the murder of hta brother John, and Frank W. Hen tier for aaaaalt and battery with it.teat to hill MLa* Susie Dank worth. Tho election of off oera of the Young Peopled association ot Foundry M. K. charch took place last evening, aad renal tad as follows:? A. T. Mewart. president: I>r. M. D. Pack, vice pres ident. Misa Mary M. Augur, secretary; Tkoau .1. Reed, traaaurer. The object of thia assecia t ion is to encourage literature and social inter ce~m among the members. ? o Thi Foahk of Health met last ngkt. The *?' nimittee on ordinances, tiirough Mr. Langs t? i.. maoe a partial report regarding the con tereace w.tli the Board ot Public Works in ref ? r? nee to ten* m< nt Louden, at which the Board ?f Put in Works pronoed their co> pera'iou with the Board of Health. Mr. h.ang*ton also r ade a partial rei*?rt w:rh reference to the re ? rgani/.ttion ot the clerical for<*r of the Bo.trd ? ! Health. T?r. Bliss, from the sanitary police committee, to whom * a* referred the petition ? i a rumber of fsn .Jealer*. a?kin< the removal ?i It'd^erNir Luddington, reported tbat he lound upon investigation no for hU re moval. The preeident, l?r. Co*, reported that in accordance wita a resolution passed at the last meeting. h<- bad addressed a letter to the lcard* of health of the cities l>ordering on the Mississippi relative to the cholera, the (full tenor ot which wa* j ublis'ied in yesterday'* The health officer submitted his report for the week ending June 15th, showing that s \ new raMnol -mail pox had been reported, ? l which two had died. He also ottered reaoiu t.oas. which were adopted, declaring the fol lowing premises nuisances injurmis to health, mimI the health officer wa* directed to rapine the nie to be abated according to law and the ord inance* of the Board of Health: The Drick house on Sampson street, between llth and ".th northwest. and three other bricks In the nm? vicinity: the frame *hantv No. 221 Adam*'Ex ires* allev. and the frame shanties No*, -ina, 410, 412. 414 and 41?> N street northwest, knjvu as "Chinch row." ? Th* rPT?rorat Sthdit Scwoot. <TrBittt A ivitii* art?Last evening the charch of the > piphany wa* crowded by an immense throng if people to participate in the Jnbilee anniver sary exercise* of thaSunday schools of the Epi* ropal churches of the District. There were about ?.noo children pre?ent with banner*, illu minated texts, Ac. Iter. C. D. Andrew* led the urging. and on the entrance of the clerjry the I ymn*'On, Christian Soldiers" was sung. Bishop f'n.kney ar.1 Revs. Addison, Holmead, Elliot, Andrews. Watkins, Mcknight, Steele, Wil liam*. McGuire. McKee. Atkins, and Hubbard were present. The psalms were read by Dr. Holmead, alter which tae children i>ang the grand old anthem "Gloria in Excelm.'^ Tho recital of the A|ostlic creed by the congregation and the reading of prayer* by the Kev. J?r. V illiam* followed. The hvmn 4,Hark; Hark ?ny Soul! Ariel* Song* are Hwellini;" was suni 1 y the schools. Dr. A'kins delivere.1 an inter i?nng ad<lres* of ten minutes' length on tlio I s:il ect of Bible study. The hvmn ??Sun ?f my I Thou Saviour Dear, ' was beautifully ?>;i g, at.d Dr. Ll.iot then addressed the little i ?'' i ?' ??" | ron.ptne?? and ol<cdierire in the Si; i?l a j Iik>L i uc h\mn "A 11 Hail the Power Jt?u? Name** wa> next snng, and l>r. Wat- I i i - ^r^ke of the gr.a? work and power of the ' S .nda> ? '-ol. A coi'ection, anionnf n^ to al-ont wv t.ikcn up, after wh ch the ' j.-? ir.b'aSe was dismissed with a blet^ng by the J o Tff* O'tnn Knarri.-The foll?>w:irj l am.d g-r.tVmen wdl com^ ? the ere** for the . oming reg ?t:a, to tuke place on th-s 2uh n .-rant: \ii.?f"a F-*t H'.rlimj R-t't?Sappho? I. S. S.Laei'er, J. A. Doyle. Little Fraod?I. E. M Proctor. Bessie?A. T. Hri,-e, N. J.estor. S.gnal?W. H. Gibson, K. H. F >rs,th. i'W amelea*?S. S. Wheeler, Derrick, F. A Miller. T. L. Cropley. Kest bT. Coughlin, H.S. Traux. ?Vts p t Vw', <1<r i Carpenter, K. H. For >yth. F. T. Dodge, A. B. Cropley. ?ci.r wr<J Married?F. .Tones, IL S. arn0*" t?'.- Vbeatley- w H. Mttmau, F. A. yill*r' Df" ?-oughiin, G. A C. Smith, (coxswain.) ? A H"1',1' Coaghlin, E. l>erricW. B. Bulf, A. B. Cropley, F. T. Dodge, J. H iiordon. (coxswain > >,ar'l l.r'T?W A Gonlon. jr., R W. IV>wn ma?, T. A. Kitehie, Dr. E. M. Schaefter, C, K. S.nims. H. M. Dellart. F V. Robinson, W. i. Patterson, (coxswain.) The course will be from the boat-hon?e to and around the -take bwat anchored near the Sister ro? as. The first race four-oared boatsi to start promptly at 5 p. m. In regard to the coming raee, no definite ar rangements have yet l.een naaie with the At lanta Ciub. of New iork city, the Atlautn wish ing to ro? in New Vork erty, aad the Potomac cctiriEg a race here as well a? there. ?-? Tmk Baltimohk asp Ohio RAti.Eoan Cos MfTi' ?Workha? already been cotuatence<1 I v ei gineeri. on the proposed connection Kite l'rtwrt# tht Baitioiure ami ? ?hio railroad (at or near Hvattsville) and the southern roads re cently leased by the Baltimore and Ohio rnal Irom the Washington Cltv and Point Ixwkont t-empany. The line has alreadv keen run from ?? ar HyattsriHa to the point at which the Bal t.more and Potomac road enters the District, aiid crot?mg said road follows It down a few liUtidrtd \ aid* to the eastward, to near Brivht 9r}i* " ? believed that from Bright, wells place the road will run parallel to the Baltimore am] Potomae road, striking the '-astern Branch about one hundred vardn south ?>f the eastern erel ot the Baltimore ami Potomac ?.n?:ge, and theme running along the shore and ?n: trt?f*!work to Uniontown, where there will probably be a station, then following down tlie shore a short d -tance and crossing Poplar and iMC^ro- Points, striking the Potomac near the Halt Way 1 ree, and then following down tt.? ?hote to a point 0pf0Kt? Alexandria, where rotsnertiom. will h* nuulc with the southern roads t) ferry 1-oats. o Ax fxTKKWTiHO Cask?To-dav, in the ritiiina t-ourt. the order di.smwainjf the appeal In '.e CHse of Char let. Nyce appeal from the I .>h.** ly?art, hi which a fine ?a> imposed for t?kirg earth out of the streets; was stricken out. , n motlor of Mr O. D Barrett. The a?Tl ,t m this ca<* set tortb that U.*- partv owue<l c. rtain pro|>erty on North Carolina avenue, be ta t-en Nt and 2d street* southeast; that the rr-de l- ten leet or more below the gra le. and , fc?,i partly trailed that portion of the street 1-eta.en the building line and th? curb when arreted. Mr Barrett -tated that there were a niiii.,*ro> -.milar cases, and it wa- desirable to il.? opinion of the court au the subject. I- ?7TA r ?< j.i K. T|,,j|?|n accor.l%nce with ih? r... i oS the adjutanr general, a m>>etttit; of it e ? ?'? r? ot the f i-t battalion colored nnliti*) ws- h^id last night at Howen's hall for the pai '*** electing a major and othei ortioir- to complete the battalion; Major C. !*. Fisher in the ch*ir. and Lie it?nant Heor^e W. S'ewart sreretarv Acting Ma,or C. It. Fi-?ier ww i.naiaiuo?islv elected major o- the battaliou. l.ientrnant \ oung. a-ijniant. I.ieotewact Worm ?? v ?luartermastor; Sergeant l.ewi*, ouarter ?? -Urt ??jrv? ant. and Sergeant Barret, sergeant ii ?or? The officers were sub^e-jnently enter tained by Cok>a?l Bowen an.I Lioateaant Casey. ?rr,?*?At the annual conclave 1 ?^*,*T??J?'nmman<teryorMaryland.coore.l, Jf'"""t, the following offieera wero ! / ***? s*ott. R. E. 1- c ? T-A Jockaon, K. E. D. O. 0.; J>hn T. i.*?' ^ ? C- u. w. Stoke lev. E. U. C. K P-; W,Ui* Mitchell, E. *: J nWrK? R ; Joke B. Huteh ? - *? W. > Benjamin NichoU, G. J. W.: S. 'L u ''?'id Stewart. G-St. B.; li H. Freeman. G. c. u; corner of Uth and M *r?,eu ^UwWi"bre^ tut both arma and injuring ha collar boue. vStSJShad^uu^conreyed to tua ho*ej dohn Parker. white aft work on a bidding on ^?orth Capita, bet*eta II and I street*, flsu trom a la^Klef, breaking hia jaw none. Officer Taytor conreved him to hfci home. 1 My OR. nrot Wylle to day made a decree ofdlrorcein the oaeeof Jaa. Patterson agt. Cornelia PaUeeaon. ? ;?aiplaia ant alleges that he married dtfleada.'it in De rtk.Ur, iw,;, and one week thoranfter aha de serte?l him. tbat she went to New York, and bo visited Lar twice and entreated bar to .*etara( but she refnsed. M. Thorn yaw fo* r'-mpiainant. and Mr. Mandcriin? took UieJM timonj. _ f*xas with a iH>caui "a."?A few da)* ago Justice Martin had a civil eaaa before hi or in whiah a painter sued for work done for a . part > -fainting the coat* of arma of the states? and the counsel for defendant raised the point that the work waa not properlv done. Inasmuch as the name Texas waa spelled with bet one ~s." when it ahowtd have two. Judgment waa gives for f lain tiff, and defendant ai pealed. 9 Bt iLOiSt. rcHJtiTa have been issued ae fol lows: L- Chappel, 11 three-story brick dwotl irg?, E street, between ?th and 9th northeast, W F. Hotuman. two-story, between lot aad 2d and C and D streets northeast. Margaret Avery. 3 three-story build Inge, Maryland ave Lue, tereccii ?;a and it* ?ue?a &o4b?Mt TTtim Aw~l.lT, I OVSt.lL.?The Council wa* op-ted yewtar-lay | ?t;ern on, witb rray*r by th* tb* chaplain. _ i C to drfa*. tMv ..,., , t , - ,?a ? --- ^ ^ -? - - ^ , trict of Columbia for the fiscal ye<?r* ending J'tae JU, jars and no, and until Ihe explrntion of the first quarter of th. curreat y ear, maalug an appropria te* t? 'lefmy the ordinary and mj? i? ? of the -e \ eral it?|*r(m(LU of the govei uru> Di of Ui I>.strut of 11 luu.b.n, m4 prescribing the lima* thereof, making an appropriation for the salaries t< I fflceta of the DtMnCt of Colombia, ami H"U?e bill* -x?inp?li g fro? tax ail manufactories tbat ara rii bj steam p w*r in tb*- District of Colaiubia. ana creating tb? oMce ot ?Ma holler inspector for the District *f Columbia, were aaxemlly read aaecond tnr aiMl rel-rreil U> ib* appropriate rommittee*. Mr. Guitck introduced a bill for the iwlief of An I drsw R >tliwe|| f,* an err- neous assessment ol taxoe; r? and laid over. . , Mr. GulKk, from tb> committee on claim*, re ported ha<-k Conu' ll bill So. 47, f r the r lief of J -sseB. Wil? b;?l.di?M read a iLir i t.ine nud MMt. Mr Gcltck.from the wiim ?urmittee, repnrfd tark Cowncil No. 4*. for the relief of the he4r? of Jwira W . Beck and J. C. Brent, trustee* for Mary A Are 'd, which wa* rend a third time and ra*e?sd. Mr Hrooka mtr^ircl a bill for the relief of Saa. i V. Silestr m ?n eiTone^'is ????? aunt,which ?tr read and KW crer. 1MB (.1M6IIOW1 ICHW1I HCCs*. Mr. Riley Introduced a bill to provide additions! ? I facilities 10 Georgetown, n**i aotborizim. a !? an Kr sa..] r*rp'>ae; which was rewl and laid ?*er. J The hill pro* ides that inordseto pr ivide uiean* t efray the evpebser f pvrch?*tng a site or *'tes, and ere. ting thereon <roit*>lebuild:iMr? for public school pnrp? *e? the Governor ?s autborired to i??ne repf* t? red vrc upon T"-n-la. desitoated on their fare** ? b-or^t'. wn Public School St'"-* to an amount r 4 exf > "re ? *!?,(*?? >n ?l-n< miii*ti c? >f -?T??, - f? , aid $1 payable in % yearefr. m the .1 ?;* ? f :h t :,*ne; to 1-ar inrere<t n- n. ee?!m* per e J.innj, p.I) al Je .a thf l?t^ajr o? January an<l J ily in ? a?~h j ear: fv r tbe |.nnrini?l payuiei.t of whi:h in 4.-T? *i. *n?T tl.e r??!enipti"n of *hi<1 bobUe. in 11 ?? u?i (.<1 prv\uW'l f..r Ui tl?e f?ith?r *-ctlou of ttii? act. The faith of tb* jp>Teranvfat cf the i>i*trict <>1 t'Mun'bia i* 'oiejtitih plMi-e.! two ptovi'l'" tliat tbe money rballbeb l?l a* d appn -d i-ai-ia?i\f I , tv th sobject. a&d ton lother porp.^eor purp'-*'H nl.;rt**er. . , h?c. J pro* idea that tlie l>->nd* ?h*;l n t" *.>'l<,r >Ii ht'('4f"rl<M than tl elr par rain-iu c trrei,! fand*. uclena fneb *ale or exchange ^hall Iime b^en prerion?ly authoriT'-d by the liT'lVii"' AwwMf, ae<! when the t>*n<l* *!iall have b-^>n prepare<l for i?me, tber *hall t>~ placed in c'i*r?vty of th? officer )?*? ink < h:?rge of th?- ftnancial affairs "f the g .vern n>ent.?o whom the care ?f *ai'l bond* may been tnj?t- d, who shall H"t permit any one or more to p.j rat of bia po#ee?eW?r, nnle** f?r ihi piirfM* *p1 m accordance wiih the prwvifionn "fthi?.ict Pro' i ii i, Tbat no greater'jnantity of bond* le prepared f>>r le*ne than 1* required to mpply the demand there Jec 4 *et? apart, pledged and approrriated ont of th< Gev rgetown public *cbowl funT. surh a? nay i-e necessary to p^y the interest on said l> nd- for the eiituing vear. and for each Kurciiediug year thereafter until all the bond* ehall hare be-o re d- em??l. and that an amount of nut l?*? than ?JJW aimll be set apart annually for the payment of *ald bond* ly their giadnal redemption, which m^ney ? h.<!l I* applied each and every year to their pnr cha-e in open market. by such means as the O >vcr ncr maj deem meat advantageou* for tbe yulilic in ter e?t. f?ec. 5. That the G"Ternor. Pr. Joahua Bilov, Pe ter Berry, C W B--all, W. W. Curti* aad Wn?. Dnnlop are c- nstitut*^ a committee, emp- wt red t?? purchase a lot or lot*, to make contracts, and in all other liieai * to fulfill the objecta of this act; a-^d furthermore, to ?ell and convey the public s<-b->ol property on MoMgomery street, in G-?.rgetown, n< w made untenantable by the tilling of the f?nr etreete <urroauding tbe equare ocuupicU by c ?i i pr perty |?eeti' n 6 i* an emergency clause.) IHI. rwLI.SWIM(i Uul-K r I.L* were severel y rea<l a tir*t tuiie aud laid over unl?r th<- rulee:?To provlile f->r lh?-apt'intineut of com mittee* to take harje of habitual 'truokard*. ai.'i to detiie wT ?utb C'?uuitteee, regulatitig -ca*euger*'fe??, Ac.; tnaKitia appropriation t'lpay dan.age# octasionedbv ^peniig and ? xtendin^ M u r-?- *tr-et. ai d opetiiig and extending of Allied let ??!??-?, in Georgetown; iud Qiakii g an ipiTopri^tivij for the iiuiiKi.t al Look for tlu* year eiiliu^: Juue Ju, | 1S3. the cofEiTiot or tax** ;n Mr. Tli. mf? n <-.illeil nptlie recuUi order, lining a *ui*lilute to 11 ins.' L il so. rep..! ,ed Iroiii the c iu nuttre Ob Cliatce, "to enforce aiei provide tor the I c. l-?cti >u of all taxes tLat iua> be iu arrears i.i th~ I l?i?*rict "f ColuTibfa on au.1 aft'rr Jul) M. LS7.J, an 1 I ai' l<> iuuib tbe Governor to anticipate tb>- re\euu<id f ii tht ?ame." The bill < published in another column' ?*? ton silvered section l>| s-< tion in CoiiiiiiHU-oof the wh ile. M Gulick tk"Ugh* there wa? one defec'iva p- int, w I ii.h to bis mind as objectionable. The bill |.ro \i?i. ? for the collection (?? th' delinovent ta\-? lue nr-!^ the oM Corp- rations by the Collector J r the l'i-trict of Columbia, and tinder the present law*, which are entirely differeut fromtlie law* n (vertiit.g roileciioD* at that time, he thought th- Leiiislatnio l.a>l no right to increase p- nalti -s or tii- rate of liitere-t. a* it would be is ? ffe, laner prift tart > law Mr. Tnompson expliine.1 that it was riot prep w I to increase the rate ot intere?t on delin iuent taxes, ad-ii' h taxe- are already underten percent intere-t, tie- property heldf- rsnrh tn\e- having (men sold, i-r 'Upposed to have been sold, since whirh time th %t rat* , f interest ha* been a<~< ruins. *'id by a siih*? ?iUeiit law the Controller t- auth?ri/>tl to bid in ?arh j r pertv held for delinquent taxe- at tile rate of ten percent intereet. Mr. Gnlick contended that they hsva no right to charge the law one iota in relation to tk?e taxes, wtiicn ahould be reached under the old law? of \Va*htngton,G"orgetown and the Levy C .urt. The clanse appertaining to Washlugtoa. Georgetown aad tbe Levy Onort sfconld l>e stricken out. He wa? in favor of the bill with this exceytiou. Mr Thompson eaid the only ob, <t was collect the old taxe* and apply thoai to the liabilities ot the ckl corporation*, and the new District gov. rnment I being the -uccessor to the old coryorations, yropose | to carry out tbt old laws iu relation to these aasts i ' nients. Mr. Gnlick as id that waaall very well, bnt the bill propose* to collect these taxes under new laws, which,in hi* opinion, yari?? uiaierialiy fr?MU the old la**, which should i>e reeyected. Mr. Thompaon said be was not wedded to thi? bill. If it was defective. l*-t it t>? ainend-d. N" an>eiidniea?? being offered the bill was re*l a third and passed. 1 1 H * I.KMAL SCHOOL BILL AJ?I TH % < OT.O* Ct.S t ?K 4 nU' li bill to provide for the establishing >f a iioiaa' *ch?ol tor the ctty ot Washington was re turned from the Hou?e of Delegate* with an amend di< nt "tfcat Do dwtinction l>e made on account of race, color, or pre* lone c ttdttion '' Mr Brtaiks raid that favorable as lie was well ki.oan to he to the abolishing of ail di*tiucti<Hi on acconat of color, and the ?*taibli*hing <>f "S"c ias?na -chool *v*tem, he nevertbelsas was e.|naily anxioaa for fair piny. It ia well-h?r.wn that Congres* ha* established th>-two scho d ?>\ stems, and so late a* Mar' h. 1-73. increase the aumb?r of trustee* ?f colored whoold, antborlred the apyintment <>f a superinten?lent, secretary and treasurer, and di rected aa e.inal dtvisiou of all money* appropriated for <ducati< nal puryo-es. The Legislature tH-re fore had no power to repeal or ain-n-l the act* ?f C- ngresa on the subject by directing ai?De>* pail for the atipport of the white schools to be u*-d f r th-- e.lucatTon of the colored youth; if an attempt was niade to appropriate any part of the portion of m. tiev doe the colored schools for other pnrpo-e- lis w. tild feel it his duty to object; and, a* by law a portion of ?I1 moneys expoa<l"d for educational pnr poH-d mn*t be paid to the tru*tees of col >red sch oic i a bo have tbe authority to establish a normal wcbooli, he felt it his duty to op#"*< the amend ment. as Congre** alone ha* the power to make the change. Tbe amerdment appeared to him u> be agoinst law and equity. Mr Hukei said be was oppose-] to ereatli g two norms! schxd* in the Di?tnct when tljey lia\eno n:ean* to establish and upport one yroperly. 1I? did not want it to go abroad tbat a normal school had been established in the DisUkt of Columbia for tl>e white schools. The amendmert was di**gr*edto and the bill was returb'-d totlie House of Heleaates. M:. Tle mp-'^j, f r in the committee on finance, re p? rte<l I a?k C- uncil bill M?. -M, to prom 'te the pu ri'y of election, which was read a third time and t a**ed. The title of th* bill was arnende?l to rea<l a* f.,1 lows: "A Llll recommending the Miret n ballot b t."' HOC^K.- Mr Sheyh.-rd !?? ved to yroceed to con sider the business on the Speaker's table; agreed to. T lie by< akar laid before tk e H u?e a message of the GoAeruA.rltratisn.itting a communication of the B ard of Public Works in answer to a resolution t> ating to tlia Washington Turnpike ?dating that the way to obtain po*se*4ton of any por tion f the road will be by 1*Kislati-?n. Thalettercf the TrsaMirer in also encI<?ed,stating tbat under the charter the directors ha?e no power to ?e|i the r< ad; ref-rrert to the comwrttee n public wotks. Ac. Also, c< mmubH atU'b of clerk of the Bortiiern rr.trket ?tating, in aimwer to resolution, that th. re are in the market butcher*1 stall*, 17 bac.m cut ter*,.^ butter dealer* and bakers, 15 fi'li deal-ts, t- hucksters, 3 cook-?h<>ps. and fi tonic beer stands. tHt tax ntLL ra-~*t>. Mr. Huioot ui nil ts take up the tax bill; agreed |p Th > hill aa* read n third time,when Mrllfirn aek'xl if it ?as too lata to amend tiie bill. The Si" aker ruled that it was too late unlet* the third reading wae reconsidered. Alter n long del>ate bt> tween Messrs. Wall and fcheyherd,the third reading ? as rseomtdered. Mr Itrown otlere.1 amendments reducing the it' ms of tax lu th* county, wbicb were rejected. A loi.g debate took place on theae amendment*, In which Messrs. Wall nnd Brown urged that tbe tax yroyoaed for the county was oat of yiaportion and W mid vield more than tha amount re<|uirad, and a?i that tMcounty hat not had Mi proportion of improvements. ?? Mr. Orell ol . ctad to taxing a porttao of the Dis trict. which had no* been benefitted, aad ho charged that while the improvements had prngreMaed in the Western portion of tb* city his (the Jpth district* had bad nn lmpro\ *sn*sts. Mr. bmaot defended tbe bill an reported aad urged flat there coald bono redaction by whtoti asufli ci?-oc-> <>f re veaae coald be rail it. Mr. Bunt B0T?d to make the total tax flJU to I Hka t? koa? hew it M pro poeed u> make up tbe sam re?uir*d by Uis guiorn *Sn Bnnt ?By retrenchment. Th* gvtttoman knowa that the expense* of th* government can b* re-lm ed at least M per cent. Mr. Wmwot iMiaid thng rattaach?t ahaakl b* lr*t made. The amendment was rejected: Teas?Msssia. Beww, Br >a.i. Garroll, Cl *e, Herbert, Hunt Tihnl.l*. t'rell. and WnU-?. Bava-Meaara. Berry Clagett. C<?. Dyer, Balsa, McKnight, bhspherd , Tatlafsr .. ami Vsmullioa?II. Tbe bill wae then pasaed; Ism la. Mays? Htm. Brew* aad Wall?*. | Th* till pro*toe* there shall b* levied on ail taa* able real eatag* tn th* cities of Waabington and VoufMs** aiat of two dollars *o each B1M of th* w*-ed value of said property; .nt liks property in Ui* Scanty WasbiDgton, outaid?ta* liaaits of said gtrMa, a tax *? *ne dalfar mid nfty cents oa *anh #M0 pr I he naseyeed value of said proy?rtr, which *aai* Sl all l>* ditvted a*t?tte*'s, ntmmtj : On pron*rty il tl * city of WsahinCtos^-For general find of tk* |i let i let of Columbia. ?eebt*, for gas for th*str**t bms* and puMig b?ildi?gs? ll*nat?; for the Metro, polirar p. lice, 1J cea**j fcr panne at *? sainrta* of fachers in tie pofctW school!, tnctadia* eolond arho. !*,? cents, for oth*T e*?ei ses nf the public wl o. Is, Including celoiad ?eho*U, M ee?ts: for I, Vere*t on bonds of th* DiMHct of ^^l**>hla, at cs nts. for interest on water gefk nnd boods of the Bi.trifl.4ceafs, tor totartst oa hogde of U 4?button.3? cents; for sinking fhnd of the Dis trict "?f Cotumbla.Mcstitt. <Jhi property in tb^ clty 8e< r get own?for genera) fund of th* Di*rte? of C rami? cetrta; Tor gas f.-r street lamp* MWl mblic l .tildings, It cents: for Metropolitan noMen, IT cents 'or tbe *npnort of the public sehnah, in cli dir go*. ?red arhnSlp. 28certs; for *11001 tuildinj f?' d aceti "a: for rnt*re*t oa bon-Ss of the District tf C'llcaikia, cwit'f to* l?ta*?t enwstax stock at d b> nds, 4 rer>4s; for infer'st oo b-wi* nf tb'city i f Georgetown.3 etus, for sinking f ind of tbe Dis Ul t Of O'lHBtbi*, 2i Cent*. 0d property IB tit* cer.uty of Washington?Per general fi?1 of the Dis t ri'-t of OclumMa. 31 cent.*; for tbe Metropolitan f lit*, n cent*; forlh??'ip?- rt "f the publicechoes, ^?'?-?'?"rcoloTW *cV"rd*.fn the county,? cetrtu; f>r internet on bond* of the District of C* lambia, J> refor the tinku.g fond nfthe District of C?lnm ti?,Uc?t?.] ? . At AM*or*TATtei? uiiu. Bill utaXinc un appropriation to B- *rd of PnVTir Works for ni'?i?y e*P??ded forthe e* ceedtag ft tV limmfAdand '^r^Kthwto^?Vat flnJl * m cfiiiu^ <1 i? coBunittiPt #f tbe ?JiW|i)(ttM?J | | ** 1 "thi m'ariit Hor*? *rr*OPl!ATv^??. Or motion of Mr. McMiiMt the Houee h?s .g went into ceamitlee of the whole on the bill rJ-ir. in g i?rpr< pe'.stioci for the ci natniction r.-Ua?le : tl -a 01 public buildings *uth^ Di*r?ct o* <^o|?v^t>ia. Thtiut^titnt?t^ponwiby the c-immi provide* for ? public biilhlipg on Louisiana e ^ Pw?n?vlv*. 1 Dia avenues, and appropriate* J>f &*) for the "par* yee, In addition to th? ?78**?. received from the sa'.e of the C?v hall- ? nd f>ir the traction 01 the 7th-stre. twine of the Northern market, ap propriating JJWOjWU there'or. Sr. Dyer sabl that if the District bfilMitig wm rut n? and th? agreement mart* by the Gotct nor and l'..*rd of Public Works wHh the Center Market roe.pufiv wai ratified, it would be usel?as to build tbe Northern market-houae, for W?e stall* coo Id not be rrnltd on th" terms fixed by th?t a^reem^nt. He therefore moTni ao emend?nen? striking f"tt tbe ap propriation for the District building on tbe Center 11 at ket grounds. I he amendment ww agreed to. r. f'arroll said if the agreement r *r? rred to w?a t< lie made binding, the o? net Miction of market' h-id better be stopp'-d, for they wonld not l>e occupied, lie thT.gbt that before anything more ??< done uith markets they hvl better stop and ?e what wa? g li e to be done with the agreement tr ad" by tbe raor ar>d B ardofPuollt Works anil theC-ntre Ma'ket coU'panT. y.r. Campbell advocated tbe appropriation for the northern matket hon*e, and sain the delay in the r-i- of the ?lGt>,0t*J sppr pria?H for this market ln*i-e had be< ti uwiti*to trie difficultv ?<> n?f 'tmti"? tiie liondu. und t?ecau?e tbe ere< ti*>n of ouu wing of the murkei wo"!4 not acc .mtr.odate th* rtealer<. and wonld l* aj 10 o utentioiiB *.?? t? who slioald occupy the ?tails. After a long d."b?<e. and a nnmber of dilito?y ni > tioi.e. tbe ti>i wart pa--r*i?Mc-^ri. 0<uTi>il, Crell luting 00?auil ttie?title was amt'ul dto C.rrc?pond. Bills antbori7fngfbc payment of any snout f-innd ?!ue the t> a< <^f colored school*, mid ni& an appeorrirf'ioii for tbe erection of a market at tho c< rr>er of *1 sr:d II "treets Borth'asf, w-re c nsid ere.l Id committee of tbe whol^, reported ami Uieu prwsed. n.tAMiUM ant) T.'nm ttors* LABOR. The toil (H. D 43) making an appropriation of $* uio for k-? pine clean and repairing tbo avpna m, n?reels, alleys, ana highways"! the District of Co Inn.Ida. ws? considered in committee of the whole. The amendment of the committee of way? and mia' ? to strike ont the pri'Tision that th? wages ? liall be per day for each man.atid J.I for ew.n liorse, cart and driver emplojed, was non-con ciwrefl In. Ilr. I'rell moyrd ihjt eight liuurs shall constitute a day's lale.r; carried. The bill ?a? reported to the ff rjse and passed. THBFIRE ALARM TELEGRAPH. On motion of Mr. Shepherd, the House resolved it?. If into c< mmittee of the wh?le on the bill to pro t (1^ for a fire-alarm telegraph, und appropriating ?7f-4X0 for tbe porixwe. Mr Shepherd a-ldre??ed the H ">nae In iqpp..rt of tt?e measure, xhowlng the worn-ont conditio u of tbe pre-ent arraratn? and tbe r!?ce?nity for a new tele erapb, and argued that tbat the u*'W system w >nld save i a entire 0. >?t in a *en sliort time l>j the speedy ?iii>tre*hion of (Israeli. Mr Sm.? t oflered an amendment mklncr the yim &9L. W to be made available only wlien Uoimreas appropriate* a like sum. He contended that v?itti the larir* amount of property owned b>tlie6ultel Htat> s 111 thin city it ? as the duly of Cuuaree* to as sist in Ibe i nslruction of the tslMgrapli, in l he li>l no donbt il a ? n!.' do so. Mr. Sfterh' rd ?aid tbitt while waltiilgfor ('eis ( iH-hslfot the < ity might burnd -wu llebeUevcO ttiat ?\b?u C"lifrets it would aid tbe Oistri>A,as ii lm-? done before, if it ?hu?vd n -11 - l> -it ion to !p i!*lf. The amctidnient wan rei- cted. Mr. Ti inibo- 1.1 d to etrilte out .iK-i iu eert r- jtcted. Tbi i. rose aud rep- rted tbe bill to tli ? llCl!?e Jlr. Smoot rnn- ? e>l bis amend.nen'; r. j. cte,|. A fter - rue d< I air tbe courideration of tbe bill wa pnetpened. On motion of Mr Hnlte.the II in?^ acain went ii t" commit t-e ? f tlie w h. le ou the bill < II. L> ISuito r? |-ubni?e tb- It ard of I'nr : .? Worka, and 'ii* coti I itiee in.Liediately aroae and 1? port.-d the bi.l tw the II sine. Ou the ca?-ac" ef 'he bill the Tote was?yeas,H; navs.3 Not two-thirds voting I >r the bill it wai I del I: i i-.-t. * I M'. Hulse. ? bo h*J change J hi' v te for tli" pur p ee. ? nt* r?a a inotiou to reconsid r tae vui j a^t I taken. Ti. II n-e,at 15 10 p jn., adj nrned. An Iiu|>ortMUt Bill. I cLLH T I ON or Taxes is akkrars. Mr. J >tiu \V. Tb-.uips u r(-p.>rte<l from tbe cjin. ii>ttt? e ? ii finance in the Council on Monday last a substitute biil t<> enforce and provide for the coII'm - tion of all taxe? tbat may l-e in arrears in the District of Columbia on aiKl after July 1st, ls?a, and aatiioi i/|iig theBiisisdHsiwltlysls IMitws?ftofc I the same. The bill was ptissed by tb-- Conueil ye? ti-rtle ? . Tbe preamble seta forth thai a lar?re amount I of taxes tpi ?r to be in arrears apoii the tax n- ? oftio Diati 111 "t I'olunbia and o| th<- late corpora tn>iis of Washington. Uevirfetowu and Levy t'otirt, I a??uwii d nnder the tax lev les and aseea^nieut^ made I I V th< ?e several corporation*; by the act of ibe L'n I irtkitive Assembly, approved Aiu'U?t 13, lfJTl, certain I of the propertlte l ?\?l v*ere ailvertised and offered I for sale b> tbe collector and were pnrchased by the I cuttiptrolier of the District, as repaired by law; that I * no- provision by law is required to miforcethe I pa| :..< i.t of said arrt-ani of tax acainat the pr i ? 1 ? :? - I as?.-s?ed. in f rder that tlie btinltn of taxati n shall I bo ? (ually di-tribut.-d, that the 1 roaipt tax payer I ins- not be taxed for tbe d dla'j'ient tax-payer, and I tliitliit revenuesfr"m said taxes iu arrears arere I paired by the lustrict of Columbia to discharge the | '?oi igstiouA of the District and tbe late corporations I thrir various cteditoia. I tectiMi 1 provides that all taxea up ; real estate I heretofore levied ur assessed by tie-laj* -.rp lauou f V. i-t^:.K't ii, ti? -? 1 *? t"? i., Levy Court, ami by I tbp-District of Columbia, that may be due and un | paid oil and after July 1-t, 1873, slitil bear interest I ti*rea1ter at tbe rate of t^n p<*r ceniuiu per annum I on tbe amount tbeieuf, ihciutling costs and penaitie? I heietofore iucurred in attempu to co.lect the saiue, I aid all taxes thai shall hereafter l? legally assose.l I upon r>-al estate by the District of Columbia, which I inay be dU' and unpaid at the ?'!<?*-of the Dm al >e?r I t.? ? hi< Ii they were asseseed, shall, from and after I lie expirati"n of that year, boar inter*- t at the rate I of ten per centum per annum on tbeane.uftt tMvreol. | Km "l That it shali be tbsdiity of tiie collator o( I ticves of the 1 > 1st net of Columbia,, hi or ab^ut tbe I bfst day of July, i&3, to taunt <ertiticau-s of all I t4>-e on real estate whh h sbnlt th.-n be unpaid an 1 I in arrearr, and in like mann-.r, on or about the tir.t I 'fjaly in each sneceetfing year, to is^ne certiticates I of all taxes ou real estate that may be unpaid and in [ atn ar- 011 tie as~?uients and tax l>-vies of th"om I n?lhitelv preie mg > ear, whi. Ii certificate la ?> u I cs?e of deiiu'iuency kliall net forth the ataouut >4 I taxee iu arrears, including the amount of penalties I ap.l n -t incurred, and shall state llr-lot or partW I lot and Miuare. or >tb?r description of tlie pr-iperty I in arrears, tbe date of tbe act and corporate aatlxirl I tae bv whom the tax waa l.-visd, aud for what pur I n > , Ik* u.tine in whom the saaie was assessed: and I that the amount thereof bear* latere-1 at tne rale ot I ten per centaiu p r annum (r m the first day of I July, immediately preceding th" date of the certiti I ca'e, bee. 3 contains iiistructions for the financial otti I csrnof the District gov eminent. SsC 1 anthoniea the Oovarnor to antlctpa'e the I colUclicn of the taxes repreeenu.l in tue cettibcatus I h? rein provided for, by aa.e of tbe same, or by a I ten p. rarv loan bated upon sail certificates, as m^y I be deemed most advantage, os for t he interest wf the I l)i-it let, ind tbe proeeeut thereof hnall be pa.ol Into I the treasury of the District of C >!nmbia, acd be av plod to the payment of legal obligations of th: sai 1 I llirtilct or of the ute corp.>ratloi s. in prop >r:io? to I the arrears of taxes due respect ively to the iatecor I im.rations or the District C< liimbla: i'rectrfe' | Thai th-Di.'portion app (cableto the late corpora I tl. ne ?hail be placed to the credit el the coiumi I sloners of tbe sinking fund. , &ec 6 That the owner of any of th? property in I arrears I -r taxes, against wuicb certificates may be I iSfiH d under tlie provisions of thi-> act, may redeem I tbe same by pajment of the aniouut tli r of, togeth I ef wttb all costs, p< naltn aud Interest at tho iato I <4 ten per ccutum p r annum, at any tim ? tefure tbe I same may have b?en sold, a.? hereinafter provided >* c. f Ttiat'p cf the liv-ne of i ertiflcates I as hiTein i-rovidtxl^ n ohall be tbe nriv il> ge of tbe I VMiera . f anv certificate, from and alter the expira I Hon ol .he year from the d^a>-thereof, to de*n%nd in writing, by Uidorseineiit on tbe >ame. thai I fie Col I lt< tc r shall enforce the pay meut of the lien, an I It I shall be tbe duty ? f said ottif-r lo .advertise ior ten I days in some one daily new-paper published in the I Di-tnct of ColnniMa, and ".-Il at public MCtkm,for I Cash, lo the b?||ti?aSt bidd'-r, ah7 at.d all |>i )Ces .f I property against mbichcertificaiMi may have been I iseu. d and loi the ?a> t' which demand shall hate I been mad' , ?i.a ?i tue proceeds of naid sale pay, I flr-r. expense* ,.f the sal.- au.1 a commission of five I perceotnui on the amount thereof, (to be deposited I il the treasury of the District of C -luiubia tor ser I vices and ixp.-nsea ol exoevting the enforcement of I tie tax lien and the trust horetuafier provided.) I st-vond, the amount of s?i<l tax cartificM* with inb-r I eat there..*; tbiru, the remainder, if any. sliall lie I depueited in the treaeory of the District, aud held in I trust sublet to the draft of the owner or owners of I tlie prcpertv soil, or returned to the purchaser in I raae tlie ??ner red'-eum the property. as hereinafter | provided. And it sbaU !>? the duty of tbe Collector I when advertising prepeity for sale,a* herein di I reeled, to embody in lbs sane adv ortaaeroent as I many distinct casta, glaring in each sass a deacrip tl.iaof tlae property, etc.. aaat the taiae ef prapariag I Btk adverfisemeuthe asay have bain required to dettle by sale of tbe property under lien. Bee 7. That thecoUeotMr of UuaAsH dstlverto the purchasers,at any aad all saleaaf prepsrty here ib aaihoriaed, a receipt for tbe pagmeot of tie pur- - <fiaaa saotiey. which will isi twelveOMsithaftraa that tiiue entitle the purchaser to a deed in fee, signed by tho Oevvraor and Secretary of the District, of Ilia yopertv auld; whioh dssds, iasuad under tbe ptv> I ?dons at this act,shall convey a good aud perfect title to tbe property aold, and shall be conclusive r\ ideace of the same in any court of law or equity 111 the Diarrict at Colambia: Prm'tiltJ. kottmjtr, "flim minors and mortgageeaahall have tba right to 1 redeem the property for the peri >d of six months after obtaining aaajorlty, or maturity of mortgage, ifir paryaient of purchase money, aoat * improve ihents, and Intsrest at the rata of tan pet cautdnt -per ?mnm thereon, aa m*f ho determined by preoe.?l I i|ige iu e.|uitv: Jm4 f?vvltd fnrtk*r, TUst other I <+? tiers of property aold nay ydssm (be same, I w tliMi twelve months after datwof saM sate, by de dr'striag w ith the DiMrtet of Go I am bite, lor aoato ra i rnption, tbe amount id the ptwrhase monsqr, with qfteea prt- oentam per aunam from ?ay of eale, lass ' sbeh surplus aa may hues been deposited Iu thatraa stirref the Diet riot to tbe ere** of tbe tatUhmuro cP-ads of tbe eale, which aum shall be returned to tbe ? jurthsisr of th? property. .11 Hoc. 8. That tbe provision*Of tbt ue? tw hereby declared to be twlita>ii te all taxes aam due and Unpaid,whlcbtaut- ha?e M?u u*i<m d by tny proper authority, including thoea fot srMck ths taxed pro* perty may haea been-or tsav be hid In bf or eeld to any offit^r for euM District, butwxt luoMidlng taxua tr special mints made dt t*-ve ?ideby the oardof Public Worte becrlon teemaluaarepeafiag elaii|Ui aud sectiea Kan emergeueyJohkuae._ 1 : - ? A Dhoibms Wotm?^-?litmrdar tfttr uoon Joseph CMdr trtUto, gnd Bo but t Llnoota, Slore<!?both t>OT??got lotah SiTOate, when e utt?t ?t?nck ftiauon tlw hu^VUh u jtone, XiB.rcr Colwaj ufMM iibuttu. T Ti vya .Hosza. 1:1 h . i Public School Em

? Hlfi ?.? Firt IHtrirt ? Mate It Aiier tfrc^, teach-r, ?? JO a ad late N->.J. M's" Trustee Rarris. Th*re e^ailned this morning bv of #h>tu were in utft 64 pup'ls on the roll, 41 ferrv.l to advanced r wfs%ce, and 31 will be t r?a? to Edwsid K,;*?r. The ottdal IM ?w*r l>*d Hewitt, Albert r . se?'? di e^io ?s as follows: Wa t<-r Walter Frentir Wm Pale, Wn. M-Gill, Harry fllenc1 Finch. James Mi<Ml*ton, Albert B<nr .. Wa, Crutmse, Wm. Robinson. and Tk>r4 V #. the Wal' jJfi'l.-Th# Fernet* Grammar Sch >ol in or.wa ?""**' building, Mia* Mary A. Mirick. tench Fi t* <"*amlned yesterday afternoon, by Truste*e full ? and M?, The ach>?l room wee beaut i e- /'"'coreted aith Qewen. flags and mottoes. The 4** nation waa very rigid, Tut the ouna?r in *f?*>h the pupil* stood the teat showed that they I liw,-e improve their time daring fh* year, am that i *be teacher haa faithfully done her dety. These* .1 ? art were examined Id m nol and practical arithme tic, music, algebra, rhetoric, physical ge-igriphv ?ad philo&.phy. The exercaee *?w Interaperaed with vocal HiU?ic, excellently rendered by lha pn S'l* and arvaral original -eaays. The opening e-l jess, an original composite n lr.wn tho pen elMis* rkirtnw illnton, was delivered by the young lady herself In eliHjuont stylo, and the different rea-liug bv Miseoe Kate O'Brien, Rveljn Van l?oreB, Mary Footer. Florence MMinnis.aud Mary McKuu are u-eerviDg of especial n? ntion. fUa school model v *? presented to Miw Stum* Li'tle, and diploma* u> the ftdlowiag yonng ladies. For kclularship, to Alice gimpeou, Aiiuie Evely, Mary Footer. Kn. tuft uarrie< n; for attendance, deportmeut and ?. holar-hlp, to ni<w Ida Lord, for attendant* aid scholarship, to Miss Kiehu Van Doren: f?r attend ance, to Misses Martha Garges and Mary M\ors; f./r attendance an<l deportraent. to Miss Mary McKtfri: f<>r penmanship, io Mm* Mary B tirer; (,r vocal Initsic, lo Mim Vl<.iei* ? Mfut?a, fi?r deportment, t'> Misses Minue Buf*rton, St Hie I>yet, M.n > l>/sr, . u Maria I-iloll.S.trali llornlitk. >au PI* Martin, Emma Young. The priiefur ship, preseuUd by Profosor H*ar> O Spviuier, a*i consisting of a thro> months' c- ur?e in poiimjbship la the WaetiiiiKton 15u?lne*- w w won by Maria I"deil. Mm?t>? FlorenC" ll'pk!':??, M ?? gi?- F.'i!.??? Kat?- O'Brien w-re prutcuti-d with coi^ilicat^n of the B> ard ot Tru*te<* of Ful?lic Sr liu< l*,en*!/hns tin m, in ti*? of baring p .? ? ?ire^sful < x.tiuiiiaiiou lor teacher?liip?, to l>e^p p ii.tirl bk ti-HClier*. Mr A. Hart then p nt- >l t ? Mis? Kite O Bri< n a goldnie<l>il a< firxt n'>n'?r ot tli-claas in Geiman. ai.<l reniarked that h'- hiul uaich grMtihf<l when eaaniinuix ttie cl>w?, ?1> ?.t thi.e ??ii* *4?, ai th?- wonut-rlul proi{ieK iiihi)". Mr. D. L. Svike, the ifiM tier ol Gernian lu thin dis trict, prcpeiited to Miu Annie En rly a giilrt or. v(, a r> ?ar<l ft<r iuiproVHOie:it during the y<?ar. Hi1 aU<> pf* d ??>ine fcaialM'lne book* to the foilowing young ladici) for thoir pr 'grean in the atu ly of G -r wuiii: Evelyn Van Doien. Kiiima Little, Ali< e Siuiffc.n, Kvelvn SaiidiTnou, and G>*ue? a Arnold. The pupil* aul th< ir te?> h?r were highly li.t tit< d by Trustee Frem h. tcurth District ? Male Intermediate No. 1. Mr. E. 11. Thomp*<<u, tca> her, w a* e\aniim-d >e?t-rday l y Mr. Chanipliu.aided by Mesors. Atbe<- and Wil ?<in of the school bu*< d, and Mr. J. E Tbumpaon. tflather of the Male Grainaiar acho<d. TIhtb iw>- u papila in thi* ?rhool, all of whom ar- ready fir i.-Wbufer, and ae Mr. Thonipoon ha* had charge ..f the ?c1h>o1 for only tlire? month*, the reault of the exaniiuation >esterday i? regardt-,1 a- highly flatter ing to hi? ability a* a teacher. The examination waa very thoroogh, the mite^ llaneoui <inestlona ?jaite varied, covering the entire range. 4 Htuaie*, \ Ot there aeeme?| to l?e H<> kwilaiicy on the part of the pupil*, w ho appeared eager to annwer promiillv and correctly. Tne roll of merit wan a? follow* Medal to John Bre<lekanip; dlplxmaa teOharleo 01 inon, B< hert U indoor, \\ illian < iamp:oD, Koh-rt Sillier, Frank Law, Athert Herman, Charlo* Mn<l din an, Samuel Milton, Frank Lan .>mbe, Willnir All'-n, Luther Cornwall, Michael BiirgaiMi, John Uaily. Willam Pumphrev, I?a-lore Bieu, and Frank M.ignite. 1Uie teacher ai?o provei.fd a h<M>k nt h to U ill nr Allen and Samuel Miltoti, and a modal to r tank LariMi l?e for wholar*htp. One of the .?>|d i"i'l*!? tor spelling ?l*o fell to thla *ohool, >| yor Herman being the *nrc<(!?fal e??i ip- tilor. Thirty HipilM have already h'-en transferred dnrfni? th?-p ??t t'Tin to the Oraminar ?ch<-ol Mr. Thnni|?<>n r?i?l< fair 10 become a chip of the?ldbl(.H t un a sueoe-slul tuicher. titt.oHT.D ?rnoof?. bevoral 8ch>'"la were examined in the Sum'ie? I nn.' iig. comer of 17th and M ptr>'et?, ye<ter<Jav. Tru-' <?- J lu. on, A L wi-.Bvde-. I* (??. Murili ill. an.I \ a-hon rifltefl tli* b'lildi?ig the i| iv and fp- tit sotnetiuie in tin- u hoof, a*n>i ing iu tin. ? v Hii n.Hii u.',? hVh in th? luaiu ?ere ver\ cre<lft if>i.' to pnpif* and fa. Iit*. Intermediate Nu. 1, MiM C. Patter-on, teac'jer, *?' r tamin.'d by her in the pr^^euce of Miveral of ttw txi.*ueaand many frlenda f ihi*vh -< l. 01 the f.irij-foi.r pr.piia on the rr.Il. forty one w. ro pr. sent and dieplayed gieat j-rofleicucy in th ir t>'t;.li?s, e p?cially iu ailthmetic. The eanfcUl y 1 ii ritoli' u* | upil? hh? (Jharle* J -ne?, K lu inl All bii'h, I> Stewart, Sarah Tyler, B uie Br- \\n,aiid Mary Chanip. K cretary N". 3, Miaa C. A. Join s, feather, waa < *i:n.'ned by Piipermteudelit ("o.k. Tin- roll ot mi-: it war follow-: OsCtr U bins in,Cordelia Sy |h>,Hat:ie St?\\*rt, Franoiit Greene, Alb-ria Gray, .1 fi*h Ingram, f'olniui.ia l'ag?'. Mary L' gau.John liawkm-.. Frank Joii??, .Iu** 1 h Johns. 11, James J lm- .n, C .rd-lia Walker. Sat .ih H?-ier, Ba. hi 1 Adan?. Willie L -ttie Carroll, Joseph Miller, Ivsiihor jtiand, K h ir.i Pt-fer-. G'-orge ? V.ate*. Can ie Gra>, J.sin Matin. Mnr> T?ylor, Mary K lwards. M ary Whit.-, Ada Pf. ctor. ( ornelia Bal-ly,and I'a* id l.oundii. S-conaary No. 1, Mix* 0. L<-? is, tea. h?r, waa ? by Superintendent f'o.,u. There w-*r? lift)-two pupils, all of whom were pr?s?tit, and a b?T of whom will !?.? transferred. Tn >s* J? aorvir.g *pecial mention were Julia Fnsmti., fai ah I'ai-ter. Jennie Lacy. Tou**?nt Bland, Wal t?j <"airy,and Prank Forr'i^er. Intermediate Ho. 1 wa? evatnlned by the t*arH#r, Mr A F. Spencer, asoisted bf several trn-tee Th-re are tn paplls on the roll, all of whmiWM-e in a?te??lanca and pasaert ? cre<lttable esatnlnation. The particularly meritorious ones were II?l?n I) Bendy, Isal^lla Minor. Amanda Bit Inner, Lull< Chase. Wm InKrabain. Arthur LewH, Johu Line, Wm Tinims, John Barber, John Davia, Ada Hand, Mary Jackson, Addison S pliax. James Browri, J4hn Grey, Martha Jasper, 8arnh Nichols and Mx /m Otyer. Th<_Grarrmar School was examined by the tearh er. Miss |C V. Brcwn, In the presence nf several ! trustees and a number of friends and relatives of the I'tptis. There are 3S pupils upon the roll, all of wlioBi were present. The moot deserving ouee w*re 1 H? nrietta Ba%is, Louisa Simms, Bachel M inn, ! Carrie Taylor, Matilda Wheeler. Eti/a Wil- 'n, Mary Saunders. Anna Blake, Angellne L?-?is,C.r notia Pinkr.ev. Anna Smith, Mary 8inms, L ilie Ford. Governor Morton, Samnel Brvant, John por ker James Wright, Albert Hall, G-orge M t? .n, Ileniy Jarvis, Loraine peters, Martha Brew?r, Noble Harri?, John Taylei, Maria M. Pto r* .n. R? bert Wilkinson, Wm. Thomas, John Asfit m, Alexander Blocks, Lavinia Lemore, Euuna Gibo-.n and W m. G&ines o Thk Bai.timork ank Potomac Kailroak fni Tnursday night next, (26th instant.) the IMiltlmora ami Potomac Kailroail Tunnel will bf put into practical tine, hh the company will at that tfnic commence running trains from tliii cltv Into Calvcrt-frtrcet Station, and m.-tke through connections with trains north, and through trains will be run into the depot here. It in expected that at leant one dor.en trains each day will be iiut on. and the schedule will l?c arranged for the through trains to make the distance from dei>ot to Jopot (42 mileO iu I liu iu and 10 uiautes. o A*>tal Commkkckmknt of Colcmihan IT.mvkrmity?The following degree* will be conferred at the commencement of this univer sity, to be held on the 25th Instant: Master of Arts. J. Hartweil Edwards, of South Carolina; Bachelor of Art*, James H. Cutbbert. fr . of (J.orgla, and Benj. It. 'White, of Maryland; Bachelor of Seience. A. L. Creen, l>i.-trictof Columbia; Kdwin B. Hav, Virginia; Bichrird Hamilton, and Charles F. Rowe, l?i.sf*ict of Columbia; Bachelor of Letters, Henry c. Kui tou, lllinoM. o Thk Health or the City No cases of smallpox have l?een reported to-dnv attlieof fh e ot the Board of Health. While there ;?re no well developed cases of cholera a? yet. there are several ot diarrhn-a, which, if the disease were epidemic, might pass tor cholera, and they are classed bv the attending physicians a* choleraic diarrbiea. Kvery citir.en'shonM be extremely careful about bis diet at this time aiid housekeepers should keep their prcmi:*.# a* cleanly at> possible. o Frfbii Maua/ine Mattkr From Kobert Bt-all and from .Jo*. Sliillington we have liar leer's M<'j/azin' and The (.a I am for.lulv; ami from J. C. Parker and Kervand & Towi-rs we lutve Harper's Mayarine for July: a number of extra interest, by the wav. ^ THE COVHTS. t'BIMTNAL ('OI KT. J.'dn Ma.-Arthvr.-T >-dsv, liinry liaMs. giand larceli); uolje pr..?, * harlea ?ac,,{ fl ?"""I 1 'Appeal ), guilt) , rim-d O25- Alexander Gelger, assault with lut-ut lo kill, verdict n?t guilty. RiebardClearand John Tommy 'appeals froni Police Court); di*Uii??rd. The petit jurors wore diacLargcd unfil thsSSrti ?oat. CIRCUIT COCBT. ./?>/?? UtttKrkrrys?To-day, Mill agt. Orange, Alexandria and Matia-MK railroad oompany; verdict for def. ndant tmtier lnstnv tion* Verham act. Drew?action on acc>uat for atation ?r\?plea or set-ofT for serv ices rendered in the pro 'inrenient of certain contracts with thogororuni ut department* set up; on trial. _ FOLIC? COURT, J wife Smtll? Yesf. rdar. Feter S?Lr,FMA.Bd.w>'d Boooti, Henry Hudson, and FEf* v.lnu,DF a*i. ww* fined for profanity in public. Hannah MoMp, loud and hoiater xi> l?u !"***'? V'_ Wbi' King waa fined #3 for profanity. ???>?"re^a tHi. of 910 waa imp^ Th'-. Horlihy, oharsod with maintaining a nuiaaiice: ?"foiled hia collateral. Mr. Carringtuo apaowretl I'JP*1 ? **? caoa <4 Ooorge Barber, cltargod ** ^ar os Sandwy, and sollTng ?"?V* ft"'"*"- The wer# evorrnlod tout taking 1 ha ground thlftbo. ffcnc waa tb upon c list01 Cotisti Sd. tne the fact JUKit 1 Cil?tOR|ars sale, aud , aro iraoy IO wait UPOII C that It waa really not aseiassry to prove a the jadgmolit mast aUnd. Aa apaoal was taken and bonds given. John Goes, assault rid battery on 1 Timothy O'Coouor: $**>- Anappea. .vaa taken ami I bonds given. Philip Smith, Pat. M.'Mahon, and ' pennls woonan, charged with an affray; ill) dh. Ii, I John H. Davis,charged wRn threats against Wm. Lucas, postponed. Wm. Edmoaston, elmrjod wl:h , Urooay of some beets and otber market pr<Htnce and ?obm> scales; 910 ordered to be restored, and 95 line to posed. An appeal was taken, tlliarles Cnx wm ?barged with the larceny nf a boat frmn John M Price worth 996. The t"at was taken from O'li itreet wharf, ami a number of balsa of bay, a clock and aomo rope from a storehnaee, and the oars and ?all. The boat waa afterwards found la the po#*.-, si. nof accused on the Eastern branch with aomo tooeo bay In the bottom. The flader claims tliat lis advertised the boat and fatfeaed It up, where it still remain*, la the Kaetern branch. There appearing ho larceny on the part or the party accused, the ?otnt orilsrea'the reetoration of the boat ami the ?x^answyf advertising paid by the owner, aad tboa ? ^ TO- DAT. Harriet Button, colored, charged with keeping a bawdy house on Maine aveme. Otie nf the inmates ?f the hoaae aad Officers Lewta and Brelsf ,rd gave ?eatimony for the prosiCT-.ti n .and on the part <*the defence a female Inmate of the house; after whkh the coort impoeed a fine of f Ml; appealed. GEORGETOWN. | Pcblic School F.xa*ifatiof??The exam ination of the public ?chools ?f this Mm me need yesterday* Trunarj ^9.1, (???,) sit uated on Montgomery street. near Rndge I Miss .Jennie Garaner. teacher,) was examined y Trustee W. L. L?uulop. There are on the roll of utia school 48 pspils, 3ft of whom are to be promoted. The examination reflected much credit on teacher and pupils. The honor* were awarded as follow*: Medal to Frederick Dack enhausen, and premium* to Janett Huddleston. Laidler Mackall, Thomas Donaldson, Frank Cogswell, John Logue, Jerome Davis, Charles Walking, Willie Sahiu, Edward Logue, Cbas. Caton, Harry Woodward, Andrew King. Wm. .Mccormick, Samuel Barnard, Wi lie Oolite. Charles Beck, and Robert Lohmao. Singing pleasantly varied the exercises. Primary Xe. 2 .male , same building, Mi*.- L. 11. Dad Ruin, teacher, was examined by Trus tees F.L. Motlatt and tieo. W. iteail, in the presence of a number of ths parent* and frti ndsof the pupils This school has on its roll the names of forty-five pupils, and only one whs absent yesteiila'y. The whole number, with a few e&ceptiv&s. will be transferred to a higher grade. li?e examination was pleasantlv interspersed with Kinging and gvmnastio exer cises. and was Tery creditable. .Fohn Maaklns won the mettal fbr'his general excellence. Pre miums were awarded, freddj 11 arlebau*, Cuas. Walker, dames Appleby, Charles C rouse, I<Onzes Connell, Arthur Sobott, Levin Sboe maker, James Wardell, W?UK- Cogswell. Ben jamin NordMnger, G'T>rge McA lifter, iSeorge BaiiOfbark. LouUSabin. Adolph Boaters, .John Tl.omas. Kilt;worth King, Henry Ash and lH>t:glas Lecman. Primary I?o. 3, Miss Emma Godrv, princi pal, and Miss Adelia Ross, a?istani, wis ex. attuned hy Mr. l>nnlop this morning. Whole manlier ot pupils on the roll, in.;; present, V't. premiums*ere awarded to Delia I A>uis, May Matisthld, E'la Holtimau. Lena Blackford. Klla I >eeb1e, A una Sm ill, Ida Callioun, Clara C. Burdette. Maggie Dyer, Kva Beck, Anna Flo-man, Laura ttluklord, Ida Ossie, I.ul* ltfck, Laura Wwpih. FMaGlllon. Kate Letterel, I.title Burdette, Ann* Nori is, Kate Poor, Emma Fisher, Ida iKiniMsou. Lillie I'phort', Lucy Sfhultz, .lennie Tavlor, Kosa Barnard. Ilattie Cliase, Marv (ioislrich. Elizabeth Barnard, Sarah H?-ss, Xlsu y Warmer, Mary Walker, He- 1 1'tcca Schmexer. Msrv Burk, rannie Robin ton and Sarah Grimes. Special premiums were a* ard? d tor neatness to Laura (>t?? and Vir ginia Waugh- rormiik, to Jennie Taylor. for inures, Lena Blackford; punctuality, Elizabeth Barnard. Clara Blackburn and Mary Walker; No. 'I, Sarah Grime?, Ella Gibboris, Anna Small and Anna Freeman- The silver medats were awarded to Mus Minnie Collins and Carrie A i.-tead. Male Secondary was examined by Mr. MoJTatt this morning. Premiums were awarded to Aiuoa Simmons, Clarence Hess, Wm. Appleby, 1.0nut Taylor, Willie Chase. Albert Fasten. Isaac Tretler, Freddy Friczell, Wm. Ward. Waller Simmon*, Herbert Collins, Perry Brown, George Laner, Charles Co*t, Wm. Hill, Morgan Blackford, rim." TC'Uiau, Wm. Brooks, Cbailes Harp**, David TaiHott. Wm. Btaekey, >. < Ison Smith, Wm. Waters. Wm. Cameron. .lOhii Miller, Joseph Kleihschmidt, Kmmert Posaldson, Lewis Strausberger, John Burke, \ieorge Woodward, Charles lireuimerman, Geo. Warrick, Archie Small, Howard Fisher, Hugh Decker. (Jeo. Doe ring. Colon Schutt. Morgan Iless,Chas. Johnson,Wm Beck, John Harding, tiio. I'pperman. Jas- l>onaldson, Rob t Smith, Willie Bohrer, Henry Gross, Edward Sullivan, Christopher Tall-ott, Rich'd Woodward, Frank l.unsford, Wm. Collins, Thomas Backer, Chas. Cameron, Dan'l Wheatley, John Ocershausen, John Upporman. Chas. Kaiser, Ch is. Gibbons, Sain'l Dixon, David T;ilbott, Win. Hess, John Bitter, Geo. Gudey, Elmer Bnrdt-ite. Charles Welch, Lloyd Simms, and il-.-urv Reynolds. The highest hor?,rs were awarded to Clinton liallenger and Willie Blundon. Isk utASKD Coal Saii'MKMTft?There was a marked increase in the shipments of coal over the Chesu|>eake and Oli.o Canal during the week ending Saturday, June 14th, tfio same being over 2.b?i0 tons'i^ excess ot any other week during t?ie season, and reaching an a^re cate of over Ti.OOii tons. SKHlOt S A( CII>KNT. ? About in o'clock to [1 ay Mr. Cornelius Ufi'utt, while painting on tlie outside of the extension of tb<- Academv of Visitation fell to the pavement below, alx>ut <;o feet, and was badly hurt. He was carried to his tiome. (?uaih Tbat>e?The canal l.oat BradSeM Hartley arrived to-day wiiii3^Ht bushels wheat or Hartiy & Bio., and the boat Medley with 1.bushels corn for Hartiy ?.V Bro., and I.Mhi bushels do. for H. M. Talbott: also, the boat B. fllbott arrived with 1,110 bushels corn for llartlev & Bro., and 2,noO l.usheU do., for H. Nl. Talbott. The canal boat Monocacv also imved to-day with 1,^00 bushels corn and ;a?i IjU.-hcls oats for TT/M. Tall?ott. A L EX AN I> RIA. The STaitrr Railroad?More complaints were made to the mayor to-day of the exteut ot King street, obstructed by the contractor for laying the track of the street railroad; but an 'xamination of the work ami the statements of [he contractor and the president of the railroad company make it evident that no more of the ?treet is obstructed than Is necessary, and that the ?ork is progressing as sjioedilv as [Ktssihle. The superintendent ot the police served notices this afternoon upon the president of the com pany and the contractor to stop work at once, t>ut the noticcs were not observed. >rw Bnit.*R Works Mr. J. L. Pettit, son yf a former old and enterprising resident of this :itv. who afterwards carried on the Virginia Iron Works at Norfolk with great succe9k, is about to open a boiler shop lu this city in the building on Union street, formerly used by the ate Mr. (ierinond. (?i?LY r2."i Ykaks Ot.r?.?There is now living n the village of Falls Chnn.h, Fairfax county, 4 colored woman named Rachel Foote, who is -aid to be l?i years old. She can see to sew and lias the use of all her faculties She belonged to the estate of the lato Cooke Fit/.hugh, esq. >. iwktkk* of a car load of boos that arrived here early this morning from Baltimore had lied on the way. They belonged to Mr. J. R. Kn.oot, were for this market, and the loss is es timated at t-230. Mast of the farmers living around the eiry have their houses filled with the families of ot lice-bolders in Washington who are boarding with them for the summer.?tiazette, last tv.n CITY ITEMS. Tiie Bplerdii^Laukr Bkbr sold at "My Of tice," 7th himI E, Is from the celebrated Lion brewery,Cincinnati, for which Palmer Jt Green ire tole agents. CnAi>P Fine roll plated Test chains, made by Banous & Co., from to *10, in all the gold l>atterns: received at Prigg's jewelry store, No. ll~ Pennsylvania avenue, near 4>, street. Likkx Goons of this season's manufacture, in bleached and brown, for gentlemen, youths and boys. Good articles at low prices. GRO. C. IIicnmmi, 410 7th street N.W. ExccRfttoKR, Church Fairs, and Picnics, can be provided at short notice with Soda Water, Ginger Ale, Tonic Beer, Ac., in founts and bottles, which are loaned free of charge by PalRier & Green, Georgetown. Hats:?Hats! The latest novelty In Straw Hats for yoan<? men jnst rrcelvcd to-day. The neatest, coolest and lightest sUaw hat vet Introduced. Call and see it at Wii.lrtt Jfe Rtopf's, 3 'Mf> Pennsylvania avenue. Dyspepsia is a 11 vdka-hbadei> Mon6tkr, Itom which nearly all '-the ills the human tiesti Is heir to" originate. The Peruvian Svrup. a protected solution of the protoxide of Iron, is a long-tried and well established remedy for this ilistrcssing complalut; it has cured thou->audd ? hen other remedies have failed. C Pokd's Extract is for sale at wholesale by Chas. Stott A Co., 480 Pennsylvania avenue, knd by druggists everywhere. t,wJ,U Mt I.TITVPEfl OF PROI'LK ltRQCIRE AX AL TERATIVE to restore the healthy Ration of their systems and correct the derangements that creep into it- SarsapariUas were used and valued, until several impoeitiuiis were palmed off upon the public voder this name. Acer's Sartc^ui Ma is uo impoaition. m,w,fAw. The Qcestiow Settled?Thoee eminent men, Dr. Jm. 8- Clark, Physician to (jneen Victoria, and Dr. Hoghea Bennett, say that con lumption can be cored. Dr. Wlstar knew this irheu he discovered Ills now widely-known paitaaa of Wild Ckfnry, and experience has proved tie oorrectBeo pf hU optglon. eo? Mr Kirodow for a Hoe*r What the parse ?f King Rlohanl could not then procure, all can bow purchase Cor a song. The Centaur Lini ment will not raisa the dead hone at a king, but It will cure a lame one, and?more than that?It Is the most remarkable thing tot swellings, stiff |olnts, caked breasts, stings and braises, the world has ever seen. A man ought to suffer pith the Rheaniatisa .Wfe? has not tried this liniment. 2?,eo0 The Siroer Bxwifto hfaCHiBBSsaeeorpaT) rere 8219,6?>. ^ 4,u-s,wtf Scrnnu from <$or*s, BtTRtnws. ?Bad 5 ails, etc., find lamedUtereUef at Dr. White's jttablishment, No. 035 1Mb street, opposite U. I. Treasury. The treatment often effects a perfect cure, even In extreme eases, tf none but iuitable shoes are worn. VPtr Tunco-BrssiAR Baths; also, Medicated Va IS? 5*^*' f<r 1111 *** <U*?ee, Rt Dr. Shedd's, 03 E street g 5^0,?: Wnxoo*Jk Giro's Brwiro Maorifr. The ?* * at Chaa. th n.rr goods AT POPCXJII prtces. Lorknooil. Unity & Taylor, tj-13 FLNNkVH % N I \ A \ E Hi E. Are rfceiTin* larjre addlti. t.a cf new ai d denirab! Ucx-t?1n each d? partment. particularly adopted fr?r the -eaecD, a? prlc<* to eult the wants . f all. LADI.EV DUES! DEPARTMENT, Flaor. I0O BROWN- LINES SUITS, at IUO IOO ?' ?? I. 100 44 ?? ?? too ?' ?? ?? IOO WHITE LAWS IOO ?? ? ?? IOO " <? M 100 " tl 4k too '? *4 M IOOCOLOEED ?? ? >o WUI111.4WS wrappers. ?sj-o troo 9 **? ?!?? at at.? 915 to e.m at ?...%???? at *6 m ?? %?jr at ?fatP> from j?Iu t?> *33 .*M fr? #17 A* - j-> ?? *' "*** 1 '??' ? o-v Ml q #' 1* 100 BATBSTK PuLON AIsE an l REDlNOO 1 fr,ini 510 to #>. 100 WU11? LAWN POLONAISE tr m 9 J7?", *" - - *a.?i 100 PKo\. N LINKS' POLONAISE and BRDIN UOTfcS from $6 00 to fls.Ou READY-MADE I"NDErsaKMENTA lor I.4DIES AND CHILDREN. I JO do/ei, Ladiat.'Cotton SKIRTS, with ata tnrk., ciiij.,?. ? _? ? o*uu l?? " 44 " with nine tuck-. oniy fl is 100 ?? " ? With twelve tncka, I 6o U.d a full line of PKIHTS. tucked, plaited and em broidered. from f 1.43 to #29 each, with 4-im proved apring band."* 190 df/en Ladiea' Cotton^BEIQSES, with clge ? peutn 00 ?? ?lou w<? M withtuf Llso a complete lip* ofJPiata, Juckwl^uff^l, Plaited, and ha<W?oni' ly EmLr^iiiere-l, at price* from f 1 82 to (3 2SA 100 doeen Ladiea Cotton DRAWERS, tacked, ?t 75 Cents 109 do mm 14 ? 44 j? cent* IOO dozen mm ? g] (>j LIbo a large variety of elegantly trimmed, at pricaa ranging from 91 29 to |i. Onr atock of FRENCH DNl?EEWEAB I* repl-te >1ih all the elecant d?dgna In CHEMISES. DRAW ERS, NIOiiT DRESSES, and DRESSING lAOQUBS. FOR INFANTS. Ae meutioa a few of the many deairabla Goo*!" to be found is this D- pai tuu at : NKANTS FLANNEL BANDS; FLANNEL BK"IRTS; Plain an# Embroidered CAMBRIC SKIRTS. Plain, Tucked aad Embroidered SLIP? ; 3RESHES, hi (Treat variety; CHRISTENING ROBES; sHAWLS, Plain aad Embroidered; IACQUE8; LOMO COATS; WOOL BOOTS; MERINO SHOES aud SATIN EMB. IiOOIs. M BSERT BASKETS; PILLOW SLIPS. INITIALED BIBS; NCRSERT PINS: POWDER PL'FF BOXES AND POKES DRAWERS, RUBBER NAPKINS, LACE CAPS FOR CHILDREN, J ia * Ve?r. al Age; SKIRTS; CHEMISE8, DRAWEES; S10HT DRESSES; Cambric, Pique and Linen DRESSES Cotton, Pique and Swiaa APRONS; IACQUE8, Id Cloth, Flannel and Piaua* SHIRT WAITS; OAFS; JON BONNETS and STRAW HATS; Jwiaa aad Pl<jna OVER DRESSES. LADIES1 DREES Special Br dec ?tparlaaak Wa have vdar.BMd wUI t only the -Iready porchaeed ftetUty far making fUTb JI r: I . , r 1 I i ? Taylor, *" ? * Aa - iler- *.*?./* ii ?' ,'v-^ ' t1' * * ' * ]|l 983 fiinmau atxuk, .ct* Ik ? ' ; I METRO 0LIT4E BbOOK. ' >?My GEOBKETOW* IDTHTtSEIENTS, DI TH(>e.WVU>0 4bact>P?iw;Eaan?jwu. B> virtuaof ado-4 ol ttwfc4?ta4 NoOOBlber ^?Sutti.UT]. roc. rd?3 in LiharBfc. r olio *"1. i &?_ t B|k* )u4 rw.irit v( 1 Mlllt|tM U>lMf. T C .? a a<1 l>y dirocti.-B el thaparlf arcarad tf will ?*>!! m public auction ?>? U* ?r?n:i?<? 01, w 10 - NKM'AT Juiif 1SS.?I 4 ? tocki * . *.1 'h?t piwo or p*rri-l of frond U)l pr+U'lf ia <;*? rgaaoaa. P 0 . ln>*wa ?a tw patdto p!s* or # aa tbrr?>f, ud lUtMttkm as iwi t?4?f urn (Mi namt-rod on* hundred ao4 a. ??a,, kf'? > oa h'o <ir?d and el|tht..ia$\ one h>it>4re<j and Bio* Jov , ?nd oil* hand rod mk) tH.(lkl), n 9 aW> 9 |t? klM* addition IO rOKtHltH wtthla ttwe Iiwlr BPlm ?trort, ninety . , ?> f.*et ?Mt ?? ri*Vrtrl arM, a ad rwnnliir thewr* eaat tr?<j ??tf? 4ffi f>?, fhet?-o B^rth o4e handr*d and iTxll. W't* >-?Blir> leaita* to f^eHc* cr- B'?t an ?ud *il?v taawty aeawat J7>faot.on4 tSa?e* r+**<\ i-B* buudrnl ai vt?-etjfht T-' Ui? tn-fiuntiic q Flrat otraattSa etable.oa ?h? n??th aW f mi4 ?lta| lathe raw-4 mm frw.w?..MM ??? artnmai 4 bm ?? n( Hi? i m| <4 brie a alal ia. a Ik* a. r?t? tM* of ?atd a?Ue. T?rmn, a* peroe- ifc^d b? a? 4 4ae4- 9*-**1 wltfc J9 p?rr.iit Int^r^t ft ir Nw>??Ut>?t.',g|.>nf l'*T ? I >? tie *1 ?4 ?Wlo 'a oa*t< tiaiane* |r 4 Bad It ?????? h0,?a0ur04h? ???? boa?l? a lb*efwai mr*% ? dord .4tr*et ?>? r?K> i ;.n?et< ??r 1 n wh~a t!?? |iiap? Hf n arrack o9 J* lit* ?n?? f >alr ara bm o*?B?wd wtl* wttioa *%? 4m. ?ho UiHtwi ro?orea tV>' rl*Mt? r> eolith* pc .p*r?# at tho rleh ?a * r?| u( tit* J- Taall.u* riutWr C< ki*)b' U| at r n t'tiBai ntfl * F IKHHit. I Tr?oo. p A D*KMtlLT.F \ Tr* **" ."10 a TI1"MA? POPLIN J. A?rt. ? W-TTTT ABOYB SALE 14 POBTPrtKED i. I ^ A II KI'Af, Juiw HI. '??? tx-ur an . R P Pohge, / ~ P. A. I' A US Kt LLC t TrgatOOS. JoWd TB0>. DoU LlN?i. Aact _ ^rrru pnnri i,..r i?kt .;??<.i?- ? r 1 < A>H 1-t. mlitm i m- 1?bi"?ti a*n;a to luf ?rK? t.f atorM^ir thta -<>???>?, t ?tT, wt'b ih%i <l?? <4*?r irit #Bttr? ?t r|| .4 I>RT OOt'l*!* r"'-? .? RFI?l Ck I' PBI< EK. t-ifl.w th?-ni out I (h? 1-t o(AiiKB?t. Call < arlr ?n1 ??aiuin> t r S TIIOMA* pr.' w*. Jl4 Iw Ho I at br -Wr fxr"t. ? "? *i 1* 'J'llk I ALX El'SU M O0MU0. Th* |?r*a*Bt Ion*, warai l?Mia H?? tin* f?r tn? ?t?rk fi?, ladtM a*4 cat". Wtw* ?? yf??r and U ir for ti at i>nr< , Ibvi, by it :1lht I h** ???? umiiUlIf Jrla< In tb? rifruli'ia <4 nrimr* dtriiit ?nrb * rn-h of |.u-ir.-?? aa wr to bur thia fall. T???r f+n4a m ill b? r?l<a-!r ^l?Bra^ ? dyvl, a'?d rar?4'ill? k?pt for ? \ mnnlb*, If ?l??,r?<l. ni 'O' rai* T ? at- ?u?arkai '.> Q. O. D. WT. H. WHKATLKt. PKLM1UM STUM U lki>? AM t bCurt* y\? k<ta ft r rsh m 44 Jelf*Mi| nir? 4, wn P f op?-n fr?wn7H a w. until aim t ???W *T PXTRAOR1M3IABT FARGAI!T| IN I'KIr li ?OUM. Plmr and Strips! Or?ita<liaaa. jM|?a?i H?lk?, at *?*?., ?n-rtb 7ir P'?uliful Uud>fn .Ha I tin*", at M. tT IB< V i< totia La? n?, fr?a.' S' up. PtaB*?,? to *?' Battat and I.ln^ !*??? ii,?? . all alHMt-* *?tt rb?af H'ripr?lan4 plaid WbHa Franeti Plsrb Alr<u aa and M haira. a ap? ct??t? . A larrnrtorl of <*.>.*!? i.t M-n". and ?.f ? war Ladi?a and Orel* Unutr 1'i?4ot V?^i l""-' ~"-ivv;;i.I? .ill.. ?JJ-fr l?l Ii'i4a" airoot. ??< -ir-% ??, DRY GOODS. 'I IIERMOMETEK IP! i>ky (.< ?m.s ixnvs: I-AST CHASCE 'illlS SEASON. Our ui<)iitW' ?f't ?nt ?a|o o' Rpl IS B?or ?. -I- a ill ?- -II Ii-ur M iM'W, -? , *i*l c<-ntii. . ul.1ii J al) 4i h, I?7s, ? btn a.I DRY Oi?OI?K l?-l i. tlf I>po?? G'?4?.i in ?U?? h n?* ?? ?ll ??? ? I ? w ithout re*? rt* at a a Hwl. rful ??< r n. ? l.a<!i?a ?lioalJ n>t, ui,<l-i nut oitcur -a, u<i?a m a, tb? opc rtnunv of do ?. aa u Th. IiRF^S LACK J A' K;;T< ' \ K I ?>1Mp . 1'AkAN'LS. and h-i r ? ri- .1 ? ? *?, I art th. m -.1 altra>'tiit' kuil tier ul'ne Barktt. I?i coii.iurict iab with oar ?"<vt <4 I>rv -1- *? ?ff?-r ? b tb^ Bf* < tid JI.?or of Mr Imitu.ut a u.i^i.t f?lit a^ rtli.' ut of . h'.:?c CARPETING. at trrofttlr radorad pri<*aa. roapri-mr all ?:!?*-? I F- raurn and Aiirri< aftniannfa.-tBr^ Oil. 4 Li'TIM A larxt-at'irk <'f M ATTI N<> in all widt^?: * Mt? Mature, b>?r aa and fhatt, v.-r> fair, at Xbc. 1 (111 hand a <-<>niplrte ?t'?ek uf WINDOW SH ADES and riillUS. %S~ K' BMffi^bor the Ar< ada. WOLF0R U * IHILBEKH, j?*lt tr ItTMiitrMi.tiHwmiDwlE.I W Alarsino exkuctiorh la tbo pHc* ? .f DRESS I4HIM ! lmmatiar atocfc rrdtM to ltfS CRKTf PEE YAED, Atoo, UrSa lot of EEMNAETR AT JT8T HALE PRICK. B^*A.<*lll \ardtfti-al PEECALES rt-dtK-' d t Juv. Barcair.. in WHITE OOOI^bbI LINENS. NEW GO?I>B EYERY DAY. ONI. Y OX ? PKICt. I/"irmrt fat Mm*. iftMMNM n BOGAH * WVLIE. )1S tf 1919 and 1SM 7th att*ot iv rthw~*. N POSITIVELY BELLING OfT OF AN ENTIRE PTOCK or DEY AND FANCY GOODS AT COST TO CLOSE BI -1NH3 U *? call tba attaiition ofUi?* rcniau(ilt> to thiaaalo, t?poci?r.> regu>?tib| .1' al.-ra to ??xari.iot * ur f4"~k. aa our aim i* ?* di???ao of Ut* atock^otrki> . Tho ?t.. k eonMat? of a?*r? artjcl-ir?-ti?-rall> k?-pt ib tr?t laac dry |?<4i Buucc, and an mitt amck iu < Br hoaae ie buafbl h> an *ir*riftic?U aud cl<w l>aj> r tor ca?h, a rrnl nia- y J l I.-d* can !>? tirM up. 1 .ouo d.?ou Gnra A. Dauiui* sPvuL coTTuX at .? e*nta ??-r do?.on. 3UO p..uii.u of BLA< E THREAD at .'0, M aud 70 ceuf par poond. A lirff duck of iiUblEUT ? aid all oth*r arti l<? ic proportion. On bill* ov?-r |Mi aci><dlt of throe iu ntha a?ai&Jt approved inter.?t Im-btIbc uot<? aill ai>ou. ( alla<?n and aave u>.ur) at lite BED FRONT, 7 OB 7tb rtreet. jeR to BEUEEHD BEOS., Prrpri?4 ra_ | JRV COODfe TO BCIT THE POPULAR IDEA Of CHEAP GOODS, A t>eauttf?l line of DREdS GOODS at e&trewelf lo? pricea. Slim, Victoria Bad Bi?hr? Laana, Batiat and Lm hh at low bfnna. Wlilt*- B *d ^prrjwta Imii fl.Sto #4?cheap. Whit*- Duck, -oilaU- I r b- >a' Bear, at Mr per raid * liite, br^at. and flcaroil Lines, and Drills fratn Sc. to #1. Lioeii Hat.dker cbiefa 75c.d"i?-n. Cummer FI?nto-la and kl^aiM and nalibarhd C'dlona at n4uoa4 prlcn*. FoC bargaina in III) Goods call at ?T EMORY BAXTER S, j?8 tr IH'iO P- uuaylvania ateaoe. ?I J?. worth #1 .4, Para?>%,Wc to #8,li j i^a,7?c. ?er di*,;n; Black Alpaca*, me. to 91; Victoria Laan, t2c.; Lu.inf CaJi.l.rica, luc.; trirna, hc Blaacbad Cotton,Ic. All hi'id* ofdrr^s <!? ?t Ut9 1878 """ ?"*?? f?7a or 8UMMEB 8TILE4 49 BLACK ALPACA OOATS, DEAB D*ETB OOATS. D1AOOKAL MOHAIR COATf, FRENCH 8EBGB CO.KTS, LIGHT OOLOEKD BTE1PED ALPACA COATS A E. STEAkS, Uc CloUtler, 1911 PKHNSTLYAXIA EYXNCE, 11th tram. 00^ totoaa lin.lki Yowth* 1m Banal Ooof 1.11 T" """KB A'f TSa ba^aaaa of this Ooaipany hat for reora So 1^1 igrgiit ift tuf liuiUr iiiatitutioi in li?# vurM 9. HEYEB, Otami Aob?t, MT?F *91 S9A 7ta stra* ?:?J?*"*' i?ni?9.

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