Newspaper of Evening Star, 19 Haziran 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 19 Haziran 1873 Page 3
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BAKKER& OTIS BIltCLUW, Bkn k?r, 643 D STREET. MAB SEVENTH, Fays interest on Piroyrw. col L?'TIOS?. and UimmIi all baaiaees connected With BiiikiM: '** *F B"" A H 1 Sfl H O C B * J. H. ft?|l IER ft ro., 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVK.MB. orm*ir* willabd's h.itil, WASHINGTON. D. 0. ? fi <--r.t tnter'tt pa'd on Itrosill. Collect oaa mad* everywhere. D*t? ?i?? pa> at>l* on iVmud. Pay of oBlcer? In th- Army ra?hed tn tilnir' a pi tr Jr. u hodhea i>. B r o k ? r i ll?. *-'* Pfnai, ft**. B-? m l,WMhli|MtD.O. B|Klu att-ntlon g! ten to Inveettteat swarltiea. Invitee attention to aecnrttiee bow Bffsred at pricsa which ? ill pay Mlull per cent, in aiaoanta and of lauftbof time to salt Inint ra Safe. reliabl-. pr>llt able an4 ?rrB?li mUiLi then La evecy respect FIR.1T rL.VsS SECURITIES Bffr-i by fTiniMK n to L-w's Jnhnaoii M On., Wseinn?tn D. C.; M-sea Kelly, Ea-j., Oaehier Satmoal M-tr <? litan Bark, Washington, D. O.J 3ui J M Br?Oi?-Kl, S^ Cn?froll?r, Wartim ton.t* 0 . Edward Clark, Esg , Architect 0. 8 Cap It-il, V whtsftot. D O. bi?t17 Ja 'I'Ul N ATIONAL BASK OF THB RSPUBLIO 1 . C rn? f f 7:L and D str??U,l orKK FROM IO A M TO * P M. dwl* 1: CBAS BRADLEY. Oasbfer J -KHMA* iMERIU.1 UTINM BATIK, VI N<> ?li Seventh Stkibt, WWIW IM ton <&ti i^trmni Bank r. .tjra ? ? m. to 4 p m. Saturdays open an Cli 9 p a? . to r?te|i? ilefMiti only. Inter ?t paid <>n dep.* Its. Collect! ins Bade and sxrhei i- firnt?ti"d J'>bS HlTZ,Pr-."1'iit, A BBKRLT.T Prxt, W f V ATTINGLY.S?c .C E PRENTlSS.Uaeh'r ??o*r it J AT COOKK ft tO.~7 BANKUK8, H> f AND SILL FOREIGN BXI'H A NOB and "SSI ?. < I R< I L AB LITTERS OF CREDIT far T??"-> r?, trit.a.^4 m aay ran <t/ iSs wvul. Our Drafts o J A V COOK B, MrlTLLOCH A 00? Lvsdos, a-? ' v--v< tn My aart of E.volajp, IaiLaivrt and Bron ?"i5, ?' ??<*?#? maris \\AMim.TtH CITY SAVIMttS BAMB ' ' I -w 714 itrjji tmtl J nituM ovoum. PATS t> PBB CENT INTEREST OH DEPOSIT Interest commences from date of deposits. Pep - *? can be made and drawn at will. f J_ A RUFF. Treasurer RAILROA P. ?PALT.MOBK AND OHIO ? ? railroad. Ot and ?*t ? r SUNDAY. .Tin# I,' ?? '-73. tr. 4 wiif leave WASHINGTON CITY s? 1 II' ??. vl* : tit,tin : and Way P .inta ? m Baitim r- and W ay Points 4 U a. in ( : r K? pree?, via M -ft' p- lltai. RR ; U> a. in K -toti,New V?ik ati,l Pm'.ad' lpbia Lip. i 'D a. m Baltimore and Way Point* ? & a. m. Baltitii >t* Fart Expretw. ?iti<- ut itopi a6 a m. Baltn r-and Waj P>4tit# _.11U0m. ^*''r T rk and Phllad^lpL:a Expre*a._?_.l it p ro lal'ini r E \ pr'??, ? .i Uont ilipr 3:Jt? p ni Bairin. >re and Way Puitt. 3 w p n.. V ic^'-tter and M-tr p< !itai. Arcoin 4 M p ni. 1 ?? > <i.| W?( p. i til- ? ?.yp m Ctiiciuuat!. C*lMnbnaand St. L dih K\ pr **<? pi Satardav.._ S 1R p. m Philatl-lphia E*?r,-?!, ? ?<? p. in Baitin. i - U ay P-iii!?. . ; u p. m I! r . N? w T"rk ai.,1 PInlad< !ph:a K&p ..* A> p. m B^l?'u *e an<1 Way P >int. ..' p m bt 1 ?..-.Cm m- in lua.' 4 K\p 9 v> p. m. ? K"M BALTIMORE FOR WASHINGTON. Leave ?? 4 5>'.;,v 15,?? 15 andII 13a n:.. and 1 i3. 3 3 t t>, i J1 . 6 u . ? t> ar.d .i. ju p. m FOB ANNAPOLIS. At 5.1! a .hi. and i p. m.; bnt ni>t uu Sunday . F<>B NORFOLK. A? I * p w . I>nt M<?t *n ? nidav M'NI'AT TRAINS f' Baltim.-r.? The 4.2?> a: ppmn at R-lay and l-a'.r I i . ti e J )>? iu. an-l I M p tn , ?t<'ppinc K" L ? ly.tbep.10 p tn . ?illrlt <t"p- tli^Sa. I . I ; 9 1. aiid - 3>i p ni ?t*ppinc at all ?tati n,. P t n \V %.1 inut ii ? The f arid i> %. m.. 5. 7 15 *:?<] ? . r i tratii- ?? pp-i gat all ?iafi"B- *h*- "C ?. 1 < *> p a: R- .a> >nly ; an*) (Ue - Su p. ni without \ . R T' INT OF R0? K? AND INTERMEDIATE POINTS. A - ? ? arid 4 SO r i" R"''irnine. leave P in? of ?? a ?'?an an1 2 U p in., arn? inc at W ??h i'tfto i > js ??. m and 7 i< p m. N - Ijcal traiu* <? Snt ? ?v . Thr ti krt? tr> t!.* We?t can b? had at the V* a-: fc y iii' o (llBce at .'tll.h >nr? jf : i?e day, - u T I? C'lnpany > ? Itlr#, 4??A Pnn?yl?a ii a a?Pa.?-^nti r? pnrrbaeinc tickets at th? Amut Stf. caa tkrrr arrari**- t<> iutv? th>ir ,a?k'i< <I>*1 f t and cfc*-ck*-d at ?heir residence, tak ? I ? .1-p t, ttHl pat Ii.t,? Ilie l a?^ wtr car K r N- ? Y rk. rhila4-lphia. and B ???t->n , ?-e ad \trt:- ?nt . f ?? Thr. nch TH< s R SHARP. Jlft^r of Tranvportation. L M COLE. Oen-ral Tick~t A<^nt OEO S. ROOUTZ. ye5 General \*.-Bt, WaehiriKt'>9. 'B'H i.< <.H LINE BKTW IKS * A~H INGTuN, I I !: . i ADKIPI1IA AND NEW YORK Wa'ii ?soTi v. M ty J4.1?\?? N >on. Tr t ? \V tftu r. ai.d ? i N w 1 ii?u run ae f "iltw.XhtB " "'?'j FoR NR? YORK with^tlf .'hancsof cars. L-avo d?.ly ini. pl Siinday at 8 a m , 1 US a:id FOR PHILADELPHIA. L-a?eda:I\ (except at S a m., 1 05 ?iid 6.UC ?>N SI NDAY. L a-, e ? r V w \ ? rk at s >> p. m . ?'id Philadel Vl. ? ai ? ?. p m ."???? r r ?r? for NY rk f a ? >,i tnin nniv i ' ink.i" t' Pu ..uj 'ipiiia. N"? V .:k. >r B ?? ' ?t. te had at tV Station Office at all h- un f *???? ?* a ? f? 1. ?;ore and Oh,. advertlv>RMBI f t m, < ?? |- Mwi-?i \\ a?-hll.j;t< u, BalUiur-. Aj liar- - " ?? tlie U ^.t 1 H' r? K SH A RP. Master of Tr ynsportati'>n. L V ? I K. G-n^r?l Tit k'l A< :it. ? - KOONTZ. Aihent. V. arhii.ft'in. n.J7 ALBlABiDRIA A WASHIBO TOM R B. AND I ALEXANDRIA A FBBDBRICK3BUB0 B B fo??r a/ ti ' Sizm Sir mi L ? Tra .? lr?T. f.* A 'V?i dr a as f ill >w. 7. 9- lu. 11 a. ca . 12 ti - i,. 1 j. .t. 4, 5. 4. 7. -v p.m.: ' * ? ?*' * " V- lUUl.all ^th<-r traiUsiLuly except I . j? . r i fr> m Al't trdria arrive is f .u ,ws>? 6 CT. . -J. > .1. l.i SI. 11 ii. a ni. 12 .U. 1,11. 2 fl. 1 . ; M.I, kt . - p in. ?, VI a ill all I < O y ri tr ti AI- xaiidria daily , all ether trains daily e*? *Traii.? uarked thus connect with traiux on Wash lafton an l Ohio R R. QCA&TICO Acc. mmodatloB leaves Waahlnctsp ? Jl' a r. lailj, except bn^day. GREAT S<>CTHEuN EXPRESS, via Blrhra.aA. ?*" w te> inc* n 1 ? p re daily, except Sunday Thr nst t . k~t? to all p- hit# Boatb and Soatbw?? for -a e Off ces, corner l*h street and Pennsylva nia av-ice. and cornertth ar>d Pennsylvania * here 1 ?s. ?era sac leave orders f. r ba?ca?> to be cberkwl at a?l bvteie aud ree.dencee thr^aiLi to deed I Oat i r E * VOrjiO.GenT Passenger A rent. Baltimore and potojiao RAILROAD, iJtpot to* %i? ? i.mii, y TBAlNS LBAVR fob "tRAINS ARRIVE at , Baltimore Washington V * ?- N*a^ara Fip . 4 SS a. in., Western Exp. d?ily,?*ctpt Sunday. 3 4' Baltimore Mall, a Hi , M*il,daliy, es -Jal y. cept Snndaj. m Exp . U.itia. m.. Western Bx?? daily. except Sunday. dally. I/, f c Bi.luii.4e Act., ItjSp tn Cincinnati Ex., *??'? ? V 'V? tMriday daily . i-\'ept Sand?y. ? p. tn.. Baltimore Ac 1.13 p m , Panflr Expreaa. Cc?n. !at.-n,daily, ea-( daily, except Sunday eeptSnL'ay B:U8 c m .AccommoitatlaB Slip SB ,< sncirnatl Et daily pr^as^laily, except Bun p.m.. Sootbern Bx fJt p* ?>., Wsatera E*P-.i HT** '* ?ic",San daily | ^ Tralria leaving W astlngr n at 4 33 and 10 S8 as and ? 3*p m . cocaect at B- w>. with tralna for Marlboro' 1 Mild B wi-;? and 11 3 a man.1 ijjpil, rlvtn* at Marlbc ro ? 19 a ai ar.d 12 13 and S o a m Trans arriving at Vkashin*t.,n S:3S a. m and ? *r '. yu- r B> .connect at B.-wie with trains laavlns yiarlK ro'7.v a. m. and ).?; and 4.J3 p. m P ? rs l?a\ iun tnelr orders at Ticket OBesa, cornev of 13th street and Pennsylvania anon* and northwest comer of Sixth street and Pennsylvania ?venae, can have tbeir b?g?a?e called for and cbeck ?4 at t ???is and rw-idencs# w all Horth aad West. Tt-.roaxh tlckeU to Cincinnati, Ooimabtw. Indlacapi'lis. Loauville, St. Leais, Hew Orlearw "hlcad t'oiana, Sai. Franclaco, aod ail points north nortbw-et. Wist, and eoBthw??t. E 8 TOI NO. GeKp ;Lp^l " '**" ' 1^'? PENNSYLVANIA ROCTB 1872 TO TBE BoRIUVkBST. SOUTH. ADD SOUTH * EST Trains leave as follows: A> ascingtoc.. 4 ftl a. n> Kn38 a. m ? M p. ? 7J* Baitlmof* \M a. ? " 141 p. as Mi ?. m , v w , MB f. SB TB B GRE AT Bol'BLB TRACB BOL'TB, ri*h e.? <a: t arsr-sey, Palace State-ro?a day aat ?Bt cars, wttb ? 4era liaprovsmenU. _ wo hundred saved to Wsstsn and Csatni ?ew Tcrt. The kif a ? daily. except Bandar, north rjl p a daily, and ? 41 p ?., except Butdap, Dili C?s*?CTlo!ti Tnmagc rr sr BALTIMORE to MIAQABA ao4 PITTSIM. RO srttb <nt change. Tickets bp this route caa be psuoarsd at M oflosa. corner of UU stresd and Peaneylanla aveans, aad corner sfPk srre?t and Pennsylvania aveans, a ad at ?aOoaaiJlxri.j'Aara rsUaOle gSagg will be Psaaeacsrs pn-rarlttf tkrk?4a at thts . ?? amm assure ac?uaawdatk>i( ?a Palaas Can for pttiv t*rB BB B. TOCBG, I ?arM ly |^B. WOBMLBY-B P1CTOBAL SYEUP, I4B OOLGBS AND OOUM. mi*OLil til ALL DM Btf WifiTB. A'l UEFOBE GOING BLSBVBBRE sxanine the ? Diaaronal Drw but for B17,,aap?^ yj OJJ, a ** a? ft. It*AbA 1*11 Ts^ 'LJr, GROCERS. C. A. OH ARE A AO 51, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL OBOCKBS, 1413 7th STREET NORTHWEST. (BrltKa M and h st* l MEW BITTER! NEW CHEESEI 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 UAMS. SUGAR Cl'RED HAMS 16c. PER LB 16 16 16 16 16 16 DOOLE V D YEAST POWDER GRAHAM FLOUR OAT MEAL Becker's Wh<>ate,n Orits, Hecker's Farina, Rye Floor, Barley Tapioca, 9w?i Maui >ce, Dnrjea s Corn Starch. Wat Candles, Croat ft Bia^kwell's Pickles, Col man's M'urtarJ. ntirkuej A P'>or's Mustard, Olive Oil, Sauces, Sal id Dressing. CINCINNATI OLEINE 80AP. Durvea'* Satin Gloes Starch, Bnk?r's Chocolate, Cocoa, and C<* ?? Shellit, Br-ma, Prunes, Currants, Raisins. MEDICINAL LIQUORS OM Port Wine. Wrench Brandy, H Hand Gin, Blackberry Brande, Fine Old Whisky, California Brandy. ? . 9. O HARE ft SO 51. mil jt 11113 7th st. n. w., b?t w?en M and N. p L O I R : HtlblVkU UlHtiT from the Mills In VALLEY OF VIRGINIA. Ill sell to families AO cents per barre lew that usual prices Puces of SUGARS and TEAS all marked down I ATA W BA WINK, nst received from Pleasant Valley Wipe Company. fe 2 a Kalian. * b 11 BACON, 709 Market Bpaoe, mar* between 7tb aud 9th street?. STEAMER LINES. Am HOH I.I >E STEAMERS, Sail trurii Pier 2m. North River, New York. EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. The pa*?eneer accommodations on Steamers of this line are unsiu pa?*.-.t for elegance and comfort. Cabin staterooms are all on iipp?-r deck, thus aecnrin* *<>od light' and ventilation. KATES OF PASSAGE TO GLASGOW , LIVERPOOL.OR LONDONDERRY Hat wamrrs. W"i. .KMmrJ .. Gold Currency. - ?*3atidS68 #78 aud tat in r- turn ticket? securing beet acti mmodations ,$ 1.10 ? 9ijf Steerage, currency, .?30. C> rtiticetee f.>rpassage from any seaport or railway station in Great Britain, Ireland or the Cont inent at BATK- A? LOW A' BY A*T OTHRK FIRsT-CLASS L:S8 F r passage apple to HENDERSON BROTHERS. 7 B w ling Green, N. V , to C. CAMMACK, 14*23 F ?t n w. />r W ILLIAMSON A CO., 1755 P.-nn, av. n ne u w.. Agents. W as hi n gton. m< t ,t b ,s .Sin IV EW EXPRESS LINE VIA CANAL^ I".. trtwitf.i PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA, V*., WASH INGTON ANt) GEORGETOWN, D. O. SA'LISH DATs. From Pier 1, North Wharves. Phil WEDNESDAY and SAT I RDAT , at 1-2 m. From if Water street,Georgetown, D C .TIES DAY and SATURDAY, at 10 a m This line connects at Philadelphia with "Clyde* Iron Line" of steamers for Providence, B'Wton and New England States. No wharfage in B by this line q f HYDE. Agent for D of 0. W M P CTLTDE A CO., Philadelphia. F A. RE1D, Alexandria, Va. WALDO a PEARCE,?4 Congress Street, Bj? tor.. ?V F'eiehts delivered by Knoj s Express Order* left at General Office, bO,'l Penns> Ivaoia avenne, or at the ?teatu< r wharf will be promptly attended tr> _ a i>2 \y ASHISGTON^NORFOLK. BOSTON. AND The fine Iron Steamer LADY OF TUB LARB having reenmed ber regular trips to Norfolk,will leave ber wharf, foot ? ' ?th street, every MONDAY atid1 Til RSDA Y, at 1pm., touching at principal Rivet Lai. lings, connect,ng at Norfolk with Steamship of the M and M Line for B -ston and Providence Freight should be addressed "care of Lady of the Lr?^e. via Norfolk." Branch ticket office at Knox's Express Office, 603 Pennsylvania avenue. T M. CROUCH, Agent,<?h strm-t wharf. DORSET CLAGKTT. General AgeM. ml4 Plant's 8?i re, coroer 13rh st. and Pa ave. ( ( !l A I V LIME. NOT!' E W ith tbc v iew of diminishing th>- of eolli s ? n, the Steamers of this Liue will, henceforth, take a sp**c iti d course for all seasons of the > ear. On the Outward Pa?s*ge*r >m ijneenatown t? ?f"w V rk or Boston, crowing Meridian nf 5?j at *.'i Lat., .?r nothing to the north of t] ? >n the Homeward Pn<sa?-, to*- ,? the Meridian of 3u at 42 L ?t.,or nothing to the n -riU of 4i. ^JUIARD LI9IE, THK BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAS ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW TOKR AND LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT GORR HARBOR. FROM NEW TORE. "Alt- rit?.Wed. Juu?- 1J Batavia..__Sat_....Jnie 21 * tvnsaia W ed. Jnne 2? ! Oalabna. .Sat Dine K ' Java?.._...Wed Inly J Partlua .Bat July S a..?.._W-d...Jul> ? 1 Samaria SatJuly 12 "Si tia... W d .1 lr I iliiniinla fll |b|| u St> marked tbtu * do not carry ateerage pat ssngers \nd every following WEDNESDAY and BATCH DAY from New York. Karms ow PaseasK.?Cabin. #*. flOO, and ?M fold, accord lug to accemmodation. ? Tickets to Paris, #U, gold, additional.< Retcrn tickets on favorable terms1 Steerage. ? Jo. currency Meerage tickets from Liverpool and Queenstown. and ail parts ot Europe, at lowest rat?e. Through bills of lading given to B-lfast, Glaagow, Havre, Antwerp and other points on the Continent and foi Mediterranean ports. For freight and cabin sae sage, apply at the Company's office, N j. 4 Bowling Green, f' r peerage passage, at No. Ill Rreadway Trinity Buildius. CHAS G FRANf'KLYN. Agent. New York. OTIS BIGELOW, Agent, Uth.t.-, )>U l> street nortnw - st, novia ly Washington, D. 0. \| EbLHANTS LINE OF oTEAMSHlPS I'l IITWIH WASHINGTON AND NEW YORK. Hereafter the fine Steamships ? 0. KHIGSIT aoa JOHN GIBSON will make regular weekly trips between NEW YORK, ALEXAN DRIA. WASHINGTON and GEORGE TOW N, as follows:?Leave NEW YORK from Pies S*4 Iwt River, every BAT CRD AY at I*, m., Leavs GEORGETOWN every FRIDAY at T I. m , ani ALEXANDRIA the same day at 111 m. For full Information apply to R. F. A. DENHAH, Agent, office and whan toot ot High street, George town. or at tbe corner of 17th street aad Now York avenue. Ereighfs delivered by Kom'i Eiprees. Or ders left at General Office, b03 Pennsylvania ave uu-. or at Vbe steamer wbarf will be promptly at tended to. )ell-tf J. W. THOMPSON. ! INSURANCE COMPANIES. Ur' 0. JONES ft tO. ? Ao. 51 l 7'* ftTrft, op? P. It Represent tbe following strong Eire Insurance Companies: 1HE GERMAN AMERICAN, OF N V., Caeh Capital. > 1,0O? 000 THE MERt HANTS, OF NEW ARK. N J . m22 tr Cwli A'sfti, j>7b,71!? 17. f U EAT VS ESTE R MIRE I!NS1 RAME ll COV1PANV LASH AS>ETS b'2 OFFICE, ban FIFTEENTH STREET, orrosiTK lKtAlLKI DgPARTMBNT. ml5 3ni R. W BATES, Agent. THE (ORIOHAM FIRR iVltftANCB CoMPAill OF THE DISTRICT OF 00LCMB1A, Or?isit?l Apr** 1U, U73. Capital *100,000. OFFICE No. 14UV PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, lOvia Maackx's Date Stokk.) JOHN T. LEN MAN, President. A. H HERR, Vice President. J T. DYER, Secretary. Dt**cto?s: ?Wm. Orme, H Clay Stewart, Chas. A Jau.ea.Ja* L. Barbour. Edward Droop, JahnT. Lennian, Michael Greea, John Bailey, A. H. Herr. ap*ly 'I HE E?|l ITABLE LIFE ASSlWA.Vtl 1 sot IETY. The business of this Company has for year* been tbe largest of any stanlsr institution in the world. W. HEYER. Grmkral Agist, mil 23 ly *0;? and >05 7ih street. A KB TOD INSURED? R A ?l K AV' l\ SIV A*ciH c o?n? A H1, OF WASHINGTON. D. 0. * IlscoSroBaTin it Oo>e*ass in 1S19. Office In the boildlng of tbe National Bank of tM iMrieUrM.~Vt.3ta. C. Ball, John Purdy, Dr J M. Brndbead, J. Kerwottfc, Jsa O McGwire, Bern Bradley, Joe. H Bradley, 0. H Wtkbecaer, W. / McDonald, V F McGulre, Dr. D B Clarke, M. 9. Emer, * " HENRY BRADLEY, President. CHARLES BRADLEY. Becretary 4sc? eof T"ValVrf&Vts. OF TBI DISTRICT OV COLUMBIA. OHVAniZXV A uu VST B*. 187# OABH CAPITAL ?SlOO.tM Office la Shepherd's Building. Mo. MS*JPwWl SAMUEL CROSS. Secretary. J B Blake. Wm B. ToBd, ? ^oeu-u UB?o KUBBL^JJPTILir ^aLCB". TOOTM jtom PIANOS, Aa A LARGE LOT or NKARI.T NEW AND SECONDBAUD PIANOS. from different firtoriM, now on html tul. far *al* or rent oa Ka.?t Ts.K*?.to make* room at RKICBIN BACH* PIANO WARKBOOBS, ? 11th street, above penu*} I? ama avenue. Agency for Wm. En it-" A 0o.*i and Wis Be Cammoo's PIANOS. (Kont feuid PIANOS taken In part payment for aew fim?. m? tr f^USTAV Kl'HM, PRACTICAL PIAXO VI MAI lit, formerly foreman for P. 0.^^^ Lighle A C<>., tuner for Steiuway A Sons.lMBBB aM lata tuner for Betserott A <>o. Tuner *11 *" and repairer of PIANOS and ORGANS. No. *311 ?ew York avenue. Order* left at karr * Jewelry Store, 649 Pennsylvania avenue; Nairn'* Drug Store,corner Pennsylvania atenueand 9tb street, Rosenthal's, "M>1 7th strwet, corner of H, will m?et with prompt attention, and satisfaction gnaran teed. att-ly JT. LUCAS. 1149 7th street n. w..lVMr?a4 ? Hnnialor of Piano* mnd Ortant. Or-? lers received at Thotnpeun'a corner 1Mb at |Bh| and N. York are. ; Getty Hi. Bridge, near" I mil Congress, Georgetown, and Boses'. cor. 7th aril Pa. av. Pianos aud other instruments packed and moved All work guarantee mhjt-ly ^TIEPF*S PIANOS. iinsufaMed in sweetness of O tone and excellei.ce of huteh; luvinrm^*. and easy terms. Q. L. WILD A BKO .K>SKfl Ageuts, 4V0 Uth str.-et, near northwest 111 111 corner Pennsylvania a\enue, dealer* in Pianos and Btisical Instruments generally. TnniiiK and Repairing. Polishing and Varnishing receive faitbtnl attention. apl7-tr ^CHOBACKKB * CO. b PIANOS. O PUILADKLPiilA ORIAT REDUCTION IN PRICKS These instruments, which, on account of thetr n periorKy over all others, have to afr;v become the moat popular here, as well as alipsHH over the country .can be bad now for the foi-'l I IT lowing low prices SQOARK PIANOS from #379 to f?7l. UPRIGHT PIANOS from #?00to $701 GRAM) PIANO* from 9<? to $ 1 .071 Persons vbo wish to save from glUU to $30C In pgr chasing the boat instronu nt out, are invited to ca! sad compare for tbemaolvea. Pianos for rent. Piano) Mrhanged. Tuning and R'pairinxproperl) attendee" to. CARL RH'htkr, Agent, dlt tr 93ft Pennsylvania aTentM. HOTELS. UNION HOTKL, OBonaKTow.1, O. C. V. SHINN, Proprietor. Tilts Hotel baa been newly refitted and forstihad it contains ail the modern improvement*?hot ast: x>ld baths, bells, and gas. It is ooBvenlently lo sated, being situated on the line of the Washingtoc %im1 Georgetown City Paseeuger railroad, the oar* >f which, from the railroad and steamboat depot*, pass the door every two or three minutes. Th? fiesta of this bouse can reach any ot the public oniMlngs ?f the national capital or any place of amusement, Ac., by a pleasant ride of a few minutes Perretis doing business along the line of the oana *nd ">n the wharvea will Had it to their advantage fa stop at this house. dScfl-ly ^JYbONU HOTKL, No. TU<# G STREET, je? tt BrTwmv 7th ivr dm ttrtim jmi 1BPIR1AL HOTKL. JAMKS 8YKK9, Pr?prui?r, rioKTiX* PgltSfTLVAHIA AVINYI, titiwun lii* as 114ih struts, Wa?Hi*T"?, D. 0. , Thanttoi to the public for generous patronage Is .he jast, the Proprietor asks bis old friends and patrons to teet the accommodations of his present sataUishment, which he promises shall be found at least exjnal to the best in Washington. j an I tf (Rep., ChronTl I^BrIjRYANT HOl'SB, Loruitd an corner 1 u\ urut M i y T SVISM After the Ut of December, 1371, Permanent an* Transit .it Boarders will find this house one ..1 iht nost desirably and most conveniently located hotiart n the city. The rooms are neatly furnished, w?ll ItgV.ed ano ventilated, ai d provided with all modem home ac xin.uiodatiou*. The oharges are low. but th-j wants and the c >m fort of all guests will be carefully prov i led for. The proprietor, Z. RICHARDS, has determined t< provide a good caterer tovll P 0. W1LLARD, KBBITT HODSB, W APH I NOTOH , D. O. PROPOSALS. I/RESI1 BKKF AND YKGKTABLES. Navt Pat Orr'r t , / Wa<hixgto>, D C., June 17, ls7J. < p aled Ptop->ri,ls, end >i>eil " Prop HiaU for Krosli Be, t snd V ? getahles." ? ill be received at thiitefflr.. until U ? I .< k p in , on the IlitH i>ay >>r Jcsf l?r:i, I r the supply of twenty-five tlioiiiaud i p .nil l? of Pr.?li Be? f, arid -^.'t.iss'(t wetity -h v.* tti n ?an?l > p-m.l- ot fre?li V-getslles, at the Washing ton. D C , Na* y Yard and Btati >n, as reijnired Tne Beef niU't be of g ><?l i'i.Vit> . an I ? insl to the sraiie necessary to luake the b'--.t me-, le-ef. and b deluered in e^nal pro port i .n of fore and hi lei-.ji;ar ters. The WgetaLle^ must i>e if the be?t iiiality the market aflord-, and the Beet aud Venetaliles must lie off'-n 1 for by the pound. It"i d? with spproved se. uriti', will he required in one-quarter the i-stimat<-d am nnt f>f th-r ntrait. snd twit) per rent, in addition will tn* withheld tr m th>-ani' iint of ea< h payment, an collateral se. enntv for the due perf<>rman< e of the oontrart, which re?er\all- n w ill not l>e paid nunl the contract i? fully complied * ith. Every of.-r mast be arc--nipanied by a written | guaranty, signed by one or more resa>>usihle per s 'ts, that the bidder ?-r bldd'-rs will, if his or their bid be a- oepti-d. enter into aii ..hligati.m within tile days, with a-sii and sullicientoureti.-, to furui^h the artirlev- prep. se.i. N proposal w ill be considered iin!e?s .?rro!"p ?ni--d l>> fcin It .-uar.tntY, and the Department reserx.-sthe rikht t>- ivject any proposal unle>i> tie- re<,pjn.iibilit> of : to* gusrantois i* rertih-I to (. th- Collector of Internal R- venue for th*-district in which thev re ??ide. and unless - itofartory eviden< e t hat the bidder i- a i ? Miliar d< ab-r in th artn he ott> rs to supply is furiii-be.i w;lli th- pr..p.-sal, an Well as to reject any pr. posal not coli-ud-fd adx antace il- to the G"veriiib-'tit. Itist lie uipierstood that tbe c-iutract vt ill-txpire it the close of the ti-cal y enr - riding Julie SI, m, ?ithouf regard to the ijii istitie* winch may have l>< en d liveted, and, in ease the stipulated luautlty ? f eitl-er srliele shall heileliver?d liefore that dat*. leaving a l>al:?nce due on the other article, tle-CMi tia< ' m-1% l?e considered as completed iu luil, at the ott. II I : he L- p ii tlnelit G E THORNTON, 17-ft Pay Ins|>?< ti-r I .8. Navy, p BO POSTLS~r~(' R KV E L~ DlfAKT.VIIVTeF TII K I NTKR IIP . I W>, May >11 II. ltf] { S- aliil Prijwi?als will b* r.<emd until 14 o'clock tn , FBI 1?AY. Jiiiii WOth,W2, for fnrui-ihniif Puel foi line Depaitwient aiid itka'-veral Buiesim. vi*: K r tiMMMTsd and flft] (MDMomwSJM p wall to the toj.,) be?t iinality of Baltimore (Company N?. I V* liite A-h Antlirifc ite Knrnaee Coal. Also.fonr Iniijiiri-d and fil'y (ISO) f'-n?(2^*J pounds to th- ion) l-eet .jiinlity of Sh-im-ikiii Coal, egi; and ?tove si/.e . The above coal Bin-t b?deli\ered withiu si*tv (Ol) days from the date of the contract , and storni in the vaults) t the Department in a satisfactory tuanner, l?-' r? the part i.-s furni-hine it will l>e paid Also, twenty-live (i'i cords well s-as iniil baker's Pine W ? <ni. ot the t- -t Iiialit v. atid tiftyiSu rurds fe-st <>ak Wo si, well s<-h- ned an<l sound. Tlie above vre. d to I- <-< rdi-d a: the Department but'din?* a desir-d. Tin-whole t<> le- iaspected, weigh'-d,and meusured iuarcordaiice w ith an act of Congress, ap nrwed J 111 v Uth, 187o. Certificates fr-'tn the ?lnp per> must l-e ?h'w u to the Superintendent, certilv iog ?Im'ile coal delivered to them (the contractors) i* the kind r< iiiir-d by the Department. The bi-N will i- H.-.I in the -ttii e of the Siipepintendeut in the i. - ? i . e . f -ut h I uhlet? ae uia> rh-him- t<> at'.- n I. A ?ati-daefory l^>ad w yl b*- r>-.|iiii?l of the suecessful ladders for the faithful performance of the mutracr Th- right t--ai cept or r.-ject au> or all bi ls ts re s-rinl by the Department n J6 jejj.19. C. DKLANO. Secretary I N THKSCPREME COURT OKTHK DISTRICT 1 OP COLUMBIA, Hnhltn* n Sp" >1/ Ttrtr, June 17'A, 1373. In the i ?? of Hugh M i-ters-iii, executor ot JANK KVKRARD, Jeceaneil, the executor storesaid lias, v> itb the approbation of the wi pr- nie Court of the District of Columbia aforesaid, ? ppointed TUK8DAY, the stfi dav of July. A. l?. 1-vS. for the final settlement and dNtnntition of tne personal e?tste of said deceased, aud of the assets in hand. a? far as the same have been col|ect?d and turned luto money; when and where all the creditors and heirs of said deceased are notified to attend, with their claims properly v?u< hed, or they may otherwise by law be e*c uded from all le-nefii in said deceased's estate* Provided, n ropy of thu order he publi?h"d --ni-e a week for three weeks in the Star previous to the said dav iel** l'?t:?A W EBSTEB. Register of Wills ITN1TKD STATES PATKNT OPPICK^ Washincton,D. C.. June l(Kb, 1379. On the petition ot BARGABKTUA MAIDHoF, ot New York, New York, executrix of William Both, Sr.. dr. -ased, praying for the extension of a patent granted to the said William Boch.Sr , on tbe .-.<thda> of November, lSS9,for an improvement in Water Closet Basins : It is ordered that tbe testimony in tbecase bectosed on the ZBth day ?f October next; that the time for filing arguments and the Kxaminer's report bs limi isg to the 7th day of Novsniber next; aud that said petition be heard on tbe lah day sf November asst. Any perwoa mar oppose this extension. jeM-tbJt lirirLKttOKTT. Qoa?tert.tner. PTHK SlTRtMK COURT OP THK BISTBIOT Or COLUMBIA. Holding <t Special Tnm, June lift, 1873. In the case of William A. Gray, administrator of JOHN W GBAY, deceased, tlis administrator afore said ha?. with the approbation of the Supreme Oourt < f the District of Columbia aforesaid, appointed TUESDAY.the.stbday of JuIy^A.D. 137J,for theflual settlement and distribution of tbe persouat estate of saiC deceased, and of the assets In hand, as far a* the same bave been collected aod tnrned luto m ine*' when and where all the creditor* and heirs of *ald It-< eased are notified to attend, with their daima properly vouched, or they may otherwise by law b? ex< luded from all hetiefH in said deo-ased"* estate: PrortiW, a copy of this order be published once a week !->r three weeks in the Star, prericus to the **)'^-<thT3^, T * A WBB8TKR, Rsyistsr of Wills i '"OUKN'B LOAN OIP1CR, torn* 9f 7t* Mtmi v> mnd Ntw Ysr* ?*??, entri entrance on Hew York avenue. The most private loan oi in the city. Money loaned at the lowest _ _ of interest on Gold and Silvsr Watcbss, Diamonds. Plate and Plated Ware, Gen*, Pistols, Ladies and Gentlemen's Clothing, Carpets , aad an articloa o( value. Utly 'I'HK PROBLKB THAT was BASILT SOLVKD I '' 1 say. Ckarlsy, pardon bm, but pray tall r* how la It yon alwaya drs* so*ylUb, apd having Mt a moderate Incomef" "Why simply because ?p*g chasef-o?A. STRAUS, 1011 retina. ?t4 BMr 1KB.' ~ ACCTTQy SALES. TO-MOKRO W. Y GREENJk WILLIAMS,Aactimaen, Ho. 1001, aor*h?t**t corner 10?L %ud D i B PARLOR PURNITUKE Uph Uler-,1 in Hair C. tn atd K. n, MAKBLE TUP ( KNTKH TA BLlS.PAlNTED COTTAGE SET. WALNUT AND PAINTED BUREAUS. PAINTED UED ? TEAPS. WHAT NOT L\CECUBTA1N AND ccBNicrs. w uitk Burr su*i>ks, wal NIT EXTkNSION TABLE. TUBIE OIL PAINTINGS, OAK. CANE SEAT PIN'INU CHAIRS. ONE TRIPLE TLATED SILVER COFrEE CRN, ONE CLOCK, UNION CHAIR, PBUGOET, HUSK ANl> COtTON TOP JUT TRE.-SES, FEATHER PIlLOWm AND ROL STEBS. COMFORTS. BL KNKETS, DINING BOOM CHINA WARE, MORNING GLORY AND OTHER HEATING STOFES. LOT OF KITCHEN UTENSILS. *?:. ALSO, l? DOUBLE SCHOOL DEt*K8.and I SINGLE SCHOOL DESK "" On FRIDAT. the 40'h in?r,, <-mmen.Mr.g at 10 o'clock a. tn , we shall sell th? *rtiol-? "numerated above, at tlie r(*v!fnc? of a g?n tleman declining honnek^Ding, No. 1713 H street northwest, between 17th an?l 18?h Term- cash. GREEN A WILLIAMS. j?M d An tioneera. BY JOHNSON A BARNES. Anfliwi*. No. W4 P nnsylvania avenue. TRC8TF.E S HALE or TWO BUILDING LOTS L Bv i irtue of h d>ed of trust, .lated October Mll'li. I-C1. aud duly recorded in Liber 661, f dio on? of the land n>cords for th conatv of Washington, D. C., arid at th-renu-st of th- partv (???cured thereby, I will orocvnlto *<?ll, at auction. to the highest bidder, in fn-nt of th? premise*, in FRII'AV . June ;<0tn, at 5 o'clock p m . al! of Lot* lettered K <nd L. in C. Stott's ?ublnision of >rigi nal L >t 1, in S-jn ire 6M. These lots h.?? e a of at >tl 36 feet on 1st street i a-t b* a depth of about fit fe.-t. Tortile uiBiie known on day of *.<ie. U WILLIAMS. Trusts j!2-eoA,ls JOHNSON A BAKNR;*. Aiicts. fc GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*, * Northwest corner 10th aad D street#. TRUSTEE'S sale or valuable improved PROPERTY AT AUCTION ON v'KKJ EASY TEhM* BRICK DWELLING ON II STREET Northw f. No 434 By virtue ft a deed of trust dated June 12, liCl, recorded in Ht>er <49. folio 3!>;.of thelanl records of Washington ? unt?, District rf Co lumbia, and by direction f the party secur<d there ?1T. I will sell at public auction, on the premise-., on THI BSDAY, th* ?6lh day of June, 1S73, at 6 o'clock, p m., all that jiiece r parcel of ground In Washington city, District of Columbia, known and lesctiiied as part of lot 6. in square 51S, beginning for said part of said lot 6,22 feet west of th '-a^t fine of said lot, and running thence south 10" f??t,th??<??? ??t 22 f->et, thence crth 101), to H stre?t, thence ' a?t 22 fe' t, to the Iwzitimng. unproved by a three ?tor> and basement brick dwelling of abiut It) r o- tns * T> una .'f sale: ?1 ,(*** cash, lialaie.- it: 11, 19. and 21 months, on interest at 10 p* r cent p?ranuiun, pay iMeiMM-nMnlly,hcwn by Bona and dcoa of rust on the insert) $a?' 1-iwn when the property s struck off. All conveyancing at ptirchas r's c ?t It th" terms of h?l?> are not compli*<d with within lire day s from the day of sale, tli?- trust -e r-?s?rves lie rielit t? resell th" pr< p*'rt> at the risk ?ud ci>st if the defaulting purchaser, R P PODGE. Trusts*. jl?-d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Anct's. V B H V> ARNER. Rial Estate Broker and Auctioneer. No. 7th (,treet,l>?tween Ganlii sts. \\ S JHANCERY SALE OF A T\\?? STORY RRH'K Hill SE WITH HACK BUILDING < oNTAIN 1Ng MX RO'iMS, No. <:<?). ON THE NORTH SIDE OF K STREET BETWEEN 4th ANh irii STRI ET> NORTHWEST. AT AI'CTION. Bj virtm-tif a d' n e parsed "n th<- 12th lay SO? it J i!lit*, K.1. 111 'he Supr ?. ? C' lirt of ' iim Di ? ?ri? t i f Columbia, in ? ,k ;y ans? No. Ji'i). l>ocket 11. the urd<-rs>Bne<l. will on th?- "24rn Da v ? r J l !^K, W7.'i, at 6 o'clock p in . oil.r for sale th> oih'wmg described real i-st.ite, situate<l in the city >f Wa?liii.gti>u, D. C ,vi/: Lot letters! U, iu John ! K I t ? j bSMbdiTiei ii of i ieitial I >t 6. in *|e.arH Mo.M.'i.tri i! t i ii ^ 211 ???: n K -el n irtliwe-t, In :i I. i'i h ? 1 % fi-et. T'-nnsof sale: One hundre.1 dollars down in day ?f sale, .>ne tliinl < a.?h within ten il*>?. balnni ? in i\ and twelve tni nth*, with interest at eivht p?r ? lit p> r annum, sei ured by deed ot trust upon he pre nisea In case the terms of sale ire not Colli ?lieit with the p-operty will be resold at th<* risk hi-' cist ? ' the iVfaulling purchasiT. All convey in itu at the cost of th>- pii' ?ha<er. SIDNEY T THOMAS,/ - 8AMUEL A. RAPP J Trustees, jl.'l B. 11. WARNER, Auctioneer l?Y GREEN 2 WILLIAMS. An n n< i r*. I > Northwest corner loth aud D streets. IALE OF SIXTY TWO VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS in SOU A RE 17 9. ON Iftru AND 17 m \ND U AND R S I REET* N. W By virtui- of the authority contained m ad??d ?*??( it- d "ji the ll?h t; ot June, 1ST3, and Inly recorded, the undeisisui-d will off-r, at public ale, upon the promises, on M'rlN DAY, the iiji day f June. 1-73, at A o'clock p. ni , lots numbered from to 42. inclusive, and fi ni 6i to it). in> lu?i. ??, of '< lili B. Turton's sul?livisi. in if square 179. Those t* are very desirable for building purposes, b- ing ocatiit in a rapidly improving section of the city, >nd the ground being high ami well located ami he lots of i ouvenient si/.e. as will be seen from the ilat. The pr 'pert) will be sold iti quantities to suit mrchasers. T'-rms of sale; One-half in cash, of which a deposit f.*2.'i on each lot will t r quired at thettm.'?f

ale, the o-uiaind'T in njnal instalments at 6 aud 12 lout lis; the deferred payments to secured by lotes of the purchas'-r, bearing interest at 6 per eel., aud deed of trust on the prop?trty. II the pur h-'sers fail to comply with the terms within teu a;, s after sale, the trustees reserve the right to re ell the property at the risk and coot of such defaulti ng port !-.aser. AH conveyancing at the cost of the urc Laser. JOHN HIGGLES,/ Trl,,.?_, GEO W. EVANS.{ Trustees. 1 !-d ( R' p.| GREEN .t WILLIAMS. Amu. Y THOMAS E WAGGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, 31V 7th street. ?IMNCERY SALE OF A VERY ? OMFORTA BI,E DWELLING oN <-ti! STREET BE TWF.EM P AND y STREETS NORTHWEST tl i der and by * irtue ..t ad- creeot the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, dat i-i .l.tuua iy lsth, A l> 1S7:, and of a further dscree ?f aid court,dated June lit!i, A. D 1W3, and pass".I iu c?ttain cause in said court. In which Francis lohmi and uthers are complainants and ' 'harles W 'erkins and others are defendants, numberi-l C<i>1 itv I)-? k?*t 12. the und-rsiiin d Trus'e. in said ai ?e appoiut-d will, on thei!7TH DiVOF Juse L !? 1S73, at S-30 p. m , ?.-ll. at public auction, in run i of tb* pr-Miii-e-, Lot Bombered i IS) thliteen, in 'lioinas Young's ami Samuel Fowler's subdivision I ">i|iiare numb'Ted f ur hundred and twenty ne 121), in the City of W:Mhiugt 'n, District ??f Co n w i The prop-rty i? -ituat I on -oh street, between P ml y -tr- --ts nertl w st aud i- mipr .v d by a very i ti f rtal>l< hi ick dw. Iling, three stoti s iu height, rd kale> by front The terms of sal- as p? i~<rlb- I by said decree,are; ? ne third cash, iielth ri-siou. in two i-qnal lustal .' tit- 112 and 18moBtha; thedeferrad payments to ? ar interest from das if -ale. 16 per centum per nnutii), and t<'be liei.s on tie property sold. f <a-li payment to be given at the time of sale, and M reainne of cash payimut to be m:vl>- within five iy- <>t herwise the property will be resold at the ost and risk of tin- <ii-faulting purchaser. Conve> ncing at purchaio-r's ci>st GEORGE r APPLEBY Trnstee. il.'?:? | Rep.J THOS K WAGGAMAN. AnCt. 15 It H. WARN kK, Real Ksfate Broker and Auctioneer, No. HV 7th street, betwreen U aud H. 'UCKTFK'S SALE OF A VALUABLE BI ILH 1NG l.OT ON THE SOUTH SII'E OF "A" STREET. BETWEEN 6tii AND 7ih STREETS SOUTHEAST, AT AU? TION. By *irtne of a deed of trust to Daniel L Etton, dated June 5, I'd, and duly rec r.|-s| In Liber N'l 081, toin>4S0, one of the land records of t'ashirigtou, P. I .and al-oby a dei-ree of the 8u reme<;ourtof the District of Columbia passe<i in nuse 3,1"S. Equity Docket ? sul.stitutingthe under gried Tru-tee iu place of Diuiel L. Eaton, de i-a?ed. I will sell, at public auction. In front of the i ,-m!-**. to the hlgle-st bidder, on WEDNESDAY, ulv '.). 1>:3. at ft o'clock p. m.. part of lot 14. w|iiare ro. hi ginuiiig at northw>st corner of naid lot < 15) nd i turning thence ea-t 4U fe?-t. thence south (W feet ini her, thence east 16 feet, thence south 12 feet t iCbee. thence west 56 feet, and thenco north lou et 1 inche- to the beginning. Terms- $4i0. with interest from June 8. H72, nd e.\ pens. * of sale in cash balance in 12 months, to e secured by a d<"ed of trust upon th" properly, t terms of sale are not complied with within live iiys after sale, the Trustee reserves the right to ?sell the propertv at the ri-k and coat of the default ie purchaser. 910H d?wn on acceptance of bid. onveyancing at pnr? haser's cost. G. W. STICKNEY, Trustee. jel7 eoAds B. H WARNER, Auct. Y J. II MATTINGLY, Auctioneer, 1 Late of th' firm of Mattingly A Wheeler.) No. 403 9th street northwest. 13 KRY DESIRABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON THE CORNER ON ?rn ANf> G STREETS SOUTHWEST ISLAND. FOR SALE BOn MONDAY, Tune i3d, IS73. at 6 o'clock p 111., in front of the premises, we will sell at public auction Lots numbered It, 15 and 16, iu ii.are 497. containing iu all about 11,146 square feet, iirroved by a substantia Brick Dwelling. lernis: One-thud cash, the balance 011 time, with iterest. A deposit of o?e hundred dollars will be i*<iuired at the time of sale. Conveyancing at pur haaerV coat. N. r.CLEABY,lT t W.P.BELL. \ ruatw* j? 18 d J. H. MATTINGLY, Auct. ^ aftat A STOtlEi THE MARYLAND rREESTONE M A M. CO S AOVY kkAUY TO HHVKlfB ORDERS ?OR STOMK. HITHER SAW EL) OR ROCUH )JM EySIOM. Apply at Company's office, !ORNER K AND ?9th STREETS, Back Greek, mat if V. W. HAYDEJI, Preaident. >H lLOR?KTJ HOSPITAL AMD D1SPRNBART u NI E Sirssi. N. tsMaa 81* mmd Mm. ?p ported by tolaaun eontribatlona. Boa pita rae to children under ? years sf ace. Diapeuaan Ki dally (Sunday a excepted) freaa 1 to li. a iclnaa farDlabed rrataltoaaly. Oonsaltlnr phy iciaaa, Dra. J. 0. Hui, Thoataa Millsr.0. HVlek mani, W . P. JobaMM, and Grafton Tyl?r. Xumd'i Pkunrtmm*. IMtmitt. Tiwu of Ssrvtes >r. f. A. Aahford, Surgical, Tnwa'y.Tbwra'y, Sat*Y 0. Bnaay, MedKaJ, Traes'y. Monday, Sat*y B DrinEaid, Mr* * Ear, MonV>Wad'Y,rr'dy. )r. 8. >r.W DOTS' AND YOUTH'S SUITS ? apeciaRy thia D season at A. STRAUS', 1SU Pa. are., tev 1th atreet. pM AtTCTrON SALES. this irmwoow. B BY LATIMER .* CLEART, Ancli<*n?>r? unl Brti wr??f itf P?nr. s< -nr ? *1,4 u;b ? MX. 8u>: Oitc? B'iii4iu| TKI STEE SSALEOF ACOM FO RTA RLE T?*> 8TORT BRItE ON TlIK V* EST SIDE or 13th STRUT, between W AND BOCN DARY STREETS. BEING So tt*04 " ltjil?r t .l t > virtus of acortaiu J *?J f trust, hearing date jo th- ll'.h day of May. A P. Id, diiij uf rwoid io Liber V ). (k*. f.tSiu ii*. oa* of the land records for (kf District of Cfluiuhia, and : > mo directed, I si!) sell, at public au<-tion,to the high st biddot therefor,on THUKSPAT. the 19 th day of Juno, A D 1.C3, a: 6:t ,.'cl*V p. in , oa th? premises. Lot nnmhered seventy-eight ?T$I, iu E k Allsn'fi subdivision of ?*rt of east bait of Square tnuttber*d two huadr,,: a:id thirty-four42341. In th* city rf W??h!f?t. a,iu|rtVr ?iththe iapr h mient*, consisting uf lUu iliny Bnc'? Peeiiiuc, betas Ns K'.'K 13th etieet northwest. Term* of sale: One-third >ub. and the resi.lti? in two equal intt'sItnehU at sis a:ii tw.lve u. nth-. wi?h tnt?r*?t from the day of ?a!e. s*cnre-l to the s*ti-tsct ;m of the Trustee. Oo? hundred d 'liar cuh to be paid *1 the tim* of sale. and if the terms of ?at?- are not complied with within five days th-re vfter, the Tri:st"? reserves the right to r*s?ii upin on# w?ek> notice in some n"w?paper prtn?*1 tod published In tbr city of Washington, at the r.'k an.l coat of the defaulting purchaser. A THOMAS BRADLEY Trust**. m?T *j?? *w LA TIMF R A CLE A RY. Ar- ? * BY B H WARNER, R-al Estate Br >ker and Auefj.y.|??r. M?. Ta* 7tb street, between G aud H CH ANCERY" SAI.E OE IMPROVKD PROPERTY' ok mouth k street, beiyyekn i?ih AM) UiH STREETS V> E~T B\ virtue ot * dpfrc of tt. * Supreme Cou-t. p BC . passed in t! e cause of Riley et *1 vs (J. id* ?*sta] N" 3.24ft, Equity, I will ???II, a" publt. auction. <>n TH I' kMt A Y , June 11,1873. at ?> o clock p m , infropt of the pr?-mi-<-. part* of L>t?S and 10. in f?-iuar> 227. boemnitift for the ?ani?i at tbe north went c mer of I t lu, on the-mth lin< of north E street,thence running iue 1 as! If feet; thence ?onth 69 f* et 7H in'ht-?, tbonce wH IS f'X't; ard th -nc ? north ft'foi l 7'j tncbee to the bo^innsns. impi >v<sl by a two stcrr Etitme P?e|ltn?. Terms of sale. One third cash, the r~>i Ine in t? ti^inl paymeuto at 6 and 12 months from <> ?( ot ?.<>. aith intere?t at h Mt m i*. per atin^hi Tti- ti:i>-1 ? f? r?'trtinf-d until al! if tin puroha*^ mt>ne> . with ir teio?t, i* pnt'l If th<* terms of eai-- <te t?.>t complied w ith ? ithin aeTei da> * f 1 i!*' of -?!? I Him the right to re?oll the property at the ri?k and o?t < f th? defaulting pnriliH?r r All c'ineyanciii' at purcliaeer V ci'i't Slu'dep- -it on accept an, e >>f bid. J A M K.S S. F l>W AKDS. T1 us*ee. j.5-f Idi B H WT VRSKR. A" t I B H WARMER. Rral E'tatc Broker and Auctioneer, T2H Seventh street, between G aui II OTA RP! AN SHALE OK A PE^TRABLE BT'ILP 1 NO I t?T ON THK COKXKK <>r th \NP M STREETS NORTHWEST, AT AUCTION , It> Mriu t 1 dyrcoattteftiwwwOowrt f Pthe l>i?trict of C- Iunihu, I will sell, nt p-ililii. -auction, in fr -nt f the pr mi< -.-n THI RS PAY.June 19, IffJ, at b o'clock p m .Lot A,in suMivision of original !? t 1, s-|iiar, 13. fronting 30 fnt on M street 11 >rthwe?t Wv a rtopth of InS ? -t. T' rms: One-half rash; halanc- in S and * months th<- notes of the purchaser bearine eteht p-r cent iuter-i>t from day of sale. Pee<1 to be withheld until all of the purchase money, with intere-t, paid. C'oTi?eyancirig at purchaser'* cost .jlfri a on aei ep'? nee *.{ bid ANN JANE ''HRISTF.NSEN, O iarli tn. GM'KtiE W SALTER. Attorney. j7 eoAd B H W ARNER. Aurt. By r. a. boswei.l & c<>, Auciioti?-er? and B"?l I.-tat" Brokers, ^>uth?e?t corner of 4* street and Virginia avenue VALI ABLK BPILPINO LOT ON E >TKEET. BhTW KKN ?th ANll K?rn STRKk'TS SOUTH V KST. IN SOI ARE :<??? ^1% \v I be ?dd, on Tl'ESPAT, June 17. 1^"( HSat ti ,'iO. "clock p. 111.. L t M. in S iiiarn M T-rm?: One t tilth cash, l alaioe in si* and twelve months, ?itli interest at "leht per cent All live* anci ? g at purchaser s cost Fifty dollars duwn al tiitio of <ale. It terms ar ? n t oonipln-i wi'li withiu five ti?>g, resale at detaultitig t?ur< ba ser 's r"?>t. jelO-St BO8W ELI. .V CO . AtlcU. t/'TII K ABOVE SAI.E IS POSTPONED until TH I' Rt-PA Y , .1 une 11, ls7.H. sunn- h"Ur and pi ^oe. (US B OR WELL \ t u . A nY' JOHMSOS A BARKIS. An t| N'? HZ* Pi-uus> lv auia avenue. HESIRABI.K LOT> AT AC TION OTI'OSITE H??W A Rli UNIV ERslTY 5 On TBI RSPA Y', J une 1 !*? h, at 4 o'cl.?ck p m s'?? ill offer at t*tibli< aucti ?n, in fr??nt ?! tin premises, I. ts loi, lnj. im and 104, o( r >le'? si.l-liv ismn of p;?rt of the tract c.illed M "int Pleas anl.n?i>nM in Liber N C T.N u.l !i k ? ft .0 tins 1'*) feet on 7th street, atid running through lo^th atieet west These L >ts arc on til- gril-, anil le-autifully located, inunediateljr oppmite th n->,ieiice >-f Gen O. O. Howai I Terms: One-fourth cash; l albece in S 12.14 an I 2-1 mouths, with 11 terest at 6 per cent. Onehiiiidro.1 il? llais J..w 11 at tiuie of sal >. JOHNSON u BARNES. je!2 An.itioueers |>Y JAMES GUILP An Moneer, IB Ko 1014 Pei?B.sjivani* aTetme. 13rtt REGULAR SALE OE FLOWERING PLANTS. BOXES, O Eh AN 11 II*. HAN3INU BASK KTS. ii On Till KSPAV. Juue l?fth, at 4 3tl p 111. jelS2t JAMES triLP. Auct. Bf B H. WARNER, Real Estate Broker and Anctloneer No. I'M 7th street, between G and H atreeu. CHANCERY SALE OE VALUABLEIMPROVEP PROPERTY ON THE >OL'TH SIPE OE K ST RKKT. BETWEEN NoRTH ("APITOL ANU FIRST STREET EAST. AT ACTION. lty virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of EH 1 lie District of Colnml ia. passed iu the caus? ol **Tui ker ami Sherman vs James M. (.?riues. No. 2.&SS. Equity d..cket 12. I will sell at public auction, in front of tho premises, on TIIURSDA? . June 1 Si, 1873. at ft o'clock p m.. Lota N'?|. 2X3. 227 . 22S, 2S?, XtU. ill. 232. Zlt, 234. unl ais in B F Gil bert's recorded suh>iivision of ?iuare 675, together w Ith the improvements the "eon, consisting of el* gant thret story press bri< k fr uit tiweilings This 1 r prrty is sold t>> satirf v a merlian: % lies f skoal *2J'?Wand siibj<-ct to certain inciimbranc-s which wilt be nn'l" known <>o theitay of sale. Tertnr tor the amount reaii/"d ateive w. d inenm lirancos cash If terms of ?al ? are not con pit -d Willi ? whin five days after sale the property will l>e resol.l at th- risk and cost of the 1 faulting purchaser. ?l?i dow n <>n each acc'-pte-l bid. Cou\e> ant ing at pur clumer's csst. FRANK G DANIELS Trustee. m21 eoftds B H WARNER, Auct. TlIK ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONEP uitil MONDAY', Juue 23,1{?3. saaue h ur and place. By order of the Trustee j 12 B H WARNER. Auct. I BY DCNCANSoN. BOWLING A CO . A 1 ts., IB Southeast col her ol 9th and D streets ti t thwest. TRUSTEES' SALE OF IMPROVED I'R'?PKRTY ON 3 STRKKT K A>T. NEAR PENNSYLVA NIA AVENUE. AT PUBLIC ACTION. 4i?i By virtue of adeed.>f trust, lated September Ba3d. 1 i>'J. and duly records.1 111 Liber T and R **N" 17. folios21u. Ar , "ii ? ? f til" Isn i re. irAsot NV aehingtoncounty, inth<- Pistrtct of <'olutnbia,and by direction of the parties secured th-r-by, we wil ??ell at public acntion, to the lnghsst bidder, iu front ?f the premises, on HndliAY AKTEUNnON, June 30tli. 1S73. at t>*? i'Vl"<k, ports of lot nnnl-eie>1 tift? en. 11ft. I in square 1111 mle red s- v en haielred and ? iaty t w<.. (762-) as said lot and s inare are laid dwu u <nd distiiiguished on the pint jur p'an of said < W . Beginning for said part of lot a the sonth-a*t cor D'-r of said lot and tut ing thence west ej^ht Die, s.%'feet. tie nee north twenty ?* ?? en , 27 11 , t h ast eijiiity-hve (?4l feet, and th*nee ninth twenty seven (17) feet, ts? the iH-tciiinhig, together with the nipriiyeni'nts, a tW" story bri.k h oise. Terms of sale: One third ca-h; the balance in two equal instalments of six and twelve mouth- with Iiterest The pii'ob'tser to give notes secured bv a deed of trust on the premises Sold. All couveyanciuv at the cost of the purchaser Oue hundred dollars .low 11 ms hooii as the property is sold, and if th ? terms of the-ale are not complied with within tea .lays after theday of sale,tlie trustees reserve :h* right to r?sell the property at the risk an 1 Cost <tf th- d. tanitu g purchaser, after teu lays i.nblic 11. tic . E E. WHITE. ( Tr.i-.? JNO. H. SEMMES.^ Tru-'e?s. jel3 d PI NCANSON. DOWLING V CO . An ts. Y THOS. E. WAGGAMAN, R-al Estate Auctieneer, dl^ 7th street. K SAI.E OF A VALUABLE AND El.EGVNT RES1PKNOE, RECENTLY Bi'ILT WITH ALL BIODKRN < ON\ENIENt ES, ON 13tii STREET. BETWEEN K AND L STREETS NORTHWEST. jM, Untler and bv virtue of a of trn-t dated 1:3 Novetnlx't 8, A . P 1?72, and recorded February ?sKlft.A.P 1S7S, in Liber 70S. folio tW. et seo , the nttilei-sigued trustee will. on ti e 1st day or Ji lt, A I> lv3. at .1 30 o'clock p. m., sell at public auc tion, in front of th* pieniises, Int numbere.1 forty tour, (44.) in si]usre namberel two hnndre.1 and forty-eight, (24S,linthe city of Washington, P. 0., as said lot and square are design <:--d sud described on the ground plat or plan of said city. This pr-'perty is situated on 13lh street, between K and L northwest, and is improved bv a rer# valuable aud elegant resilience. It will be e ?ld subject to a deed of trust nuuiet,- Wiu. S ickuey and George II riant, to secure jilo.taju tud interest, which doed is recorded iD Liber 7U8. f >lio 22, on the l?th day of NoTetnlrf?r. A. P. 1>72. The prinoipal of this $10 (??> will fall dne in November, A. D. Kl; there are Jfituol interest due and unpad on this sum. The terms of sale are; Ooe half cash, and the residue in six and twelve munths, the deferred pay - ments to bear 6 per cent, intercut, and to be Hecnr-d on the property sold, of the rash payment to be made at time of sale. All conveyancing at pit rclmser's cost. If the terms of sal* are not complied within six days from day of sale,the Trnste?? reserve the tight to re-ell the property at the coat and risk ol defaultng purchaser OEO P. APPLEBY'. I Trw.t~. VK. K ED*ONDSTON,\Trn?t, *? je!7-eo THOS. E. WAGQAMAN. A net. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Southeast corner 7th and D street*. GUARB1AN. SALE oVA FIRST CLASS PRI Y ATE R E S 1 Bl N C E FRONTINO ON K STREET ?ORTM, BETWEBN 4th AND Or it STREETS WBST. as By virtue of a decree ef the Sosrene Court of th? District ef Columbia, holding a special torm, passed oa the 2Jd day of ' " upon the petiHaa at T to the minor children I shall ~ the *4 oa the _ t> two, in Bqaare numbered flve hundred and ?is teeu, having a fset front tf 142 feet 7 inches deep to a St-foot pared alley,with a One prewed-brick front Boats and hasetwsot,with all modern im provements;, in the yard,making a first class private residence. Terms: One-third out, halanoe ? aad 11 months, deferred payments to he secured hj notes of yucte ser aad a lira retained upon the premises, or the purchaser mar B*7 all saah at his or har option. Con vet ancieg and stamps at the coat of the a?rcha ser. 9 la 1 deposit on tVe day of sale. Andtf the tarssa of saia ate sot exisspOad with within tveda; niter the day of rale the Guardian to rsaeil the property at the r (fcnUtBi purchassr by advei ei ^ojtimois, holding a spet ial ithe 23d day of July. A. D. 1S71, Y irginia McElfresh, guardian -ji.?7- <>fHenry McBlfrseh.deceased, hall sell at Pwblic auction, on WEDNESDAY, Mitk dav of June, A . D. US, at 6 o'clock p. m th? premises, being part af Lot nnmhared tweu _j t; Mi , sortts newspaper aublfshad la ' Virginia mcEl J?U-d ORE EM * AUCTION" SALES. By ?? A BOSM ELL A CO , A net; nfmi.l K ?. t?'? Br 4 >f?, b ntb-ast corn-r off. urM uil t trgiB.ji avet.'t" vai.c able prtt dini i.hts o* i.t street w e?*t. hriw rsx wk<;ima o ence anp r STREET SOl'THWEtfT. IN SvJCARE? ARP M" tH'iIihe * 'A. .ym WlT5t.?Pa, Jens 1 * at ?t to t r!>ck p m par* >f L M It. *? ;e.are ? Ss2. ,s- ulli ball A L 't* 'E** ?n.l'-W 'in 8 jtiar- 6Jv T'liii- One tiatf ca?h, b^lutv in eta and '?^vf oi 'titln. with at ten p**r r-nt. All Con*e? ar.ctn* at rtnI of prrehaaer. Fifty dollara town at fim-rt*?.a If tenaa at sal" are nr?T .implied W?th ? Minn ftc <1a\? r-sale at iefar.l'm* MTrhw-r ? c ?t fjNXl BOSWELL A CO/. Auou ?VTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED nrrl F RlPAY . Junr f, I'v'J, -ame hoe.r sad plar??. jMl BOSWELL A CO.. At - |f V LATIMER A < LEAST. I' R-ai K-Lal- Brr?k?*r? and A art H->n 8?tlbaM ?>on ?r Penney Ivania a? nine anJ Ilia it. Star Utter Bu:Ulii| BAT HORSE AT Al't'TION OnSATl RPaY MORNING. June 'itat, 1\J. mi 12 'clock, la fr?nt of >ut An 110a R >i>aia, ??- ahull ?~ll - Oiv Ba> H 'tar. an %eara 14. kind, calif.-t net ?tilt aide f >r * lady Tern.? cash j.l?2t LATIMER ? CLEART. An-?e. UY 11 t UI MAN, C 'f Whanl Pa atenu-.south aide. No. ? lb I will sell to the highest bid t?r, f-foaah, fy%]lh" ?licile i ntln1 at k c ? . m ..a ? of Sh >w C*?e, silt ?r plated. Pry <? *1*. t'l ?-thing. \A itch?, Cutlery, Silver Plat?d tA?r". <"ti. kery . Tii.Ulaiaaarf, K fritM^t r?. Water Cooler*. Pa-na?k Curtain* and Corni. e?, Whitew;??h and o!h?r Bruahes. S ? ti| Mi hn:'* Conkif* atiJ Heating s? >t~ Blaake s, C >tuf Yta. Miwl" I'-lle* ? and Pillow Paan. a I-A of B t n nt flap, pew in4 e? mi hand Matting an.l ' M rlntfe, JjUAt yard- If i la, Three pit and Ml (Nrr"'* Tal-le Oilcloth, "1 dite-ent | atteriia. a 1 . 1 Fi rtiitur?-, cf>:isi?tii.c 1 Tnkha. Cliaitw, B -1 -t ..1-. "?tai I*. I>'?k?, MlltTH?. in.' - ond Hmd M ittro^*-^. L <*iki?< A m, 1 onr-hor**Cartiac,I lw? !??>?? t'*rr>*c.l H*"k. j 1> rl l.. H*iU'-? 'r>? Buuk'ta. R"bl>^r H <rk**t". W ? ill C"lunj'Tf'' th? aalr of th?- *1> ?*? atii l?? ? >ii MuKHAY, tlir Jld la> ?>( Jutif. aril c ntit,<; fret;. 1.iy t> d?. utril tli? enttra at.irk taaald Al? . 'he Fiitnrn for ?at* at:d th-t'>r wit. W ?"lil.l call f?ix>< tal HttntiD'f i|#al>'ra an 1 tb**>?. t- th>-(? ??d> w ill b? a.?ld in li?*atn?ait piir< Stir p"MthK H I'OIM AN. A*ct B T Ll'TTKELL A PCNNINGTON. \orti ra< 91? Luuiaiaua art- ,1 ?t feh ?i.,| i^'hsta \ V> 15 VAI.ITABLE 'M PROVE D REAL E1TATK ON K TW(??T<?KT IRAME ASI> STARIk AM> TWO TWii JiToRY* NEW Hill' K PV KI.LINiiS, AXI> THRKF VALTIAltLE pi ILMMi LOTS, FR??N'TI.N<; T STREET AM' MA>?A< HI >ETTS ATEXI E AT IN TKRSFf TIoN OF MIRTH CAPITOL8TBKET. ll)N Sl"B L<>T 1. SQI ARE *>Jb ? ^ On THURSDAY' .l?l> U. la i. at h <0 |S.i\ l <ckp tn., liifroD'wl tl.o p'ruii*'--. >? * r i ?U ll,al jtWicwirtl D, all of bat n ? > '? in ? .t dii iAii'ii ?f ijgiiart i<ti, aitli tli~ jveui -uta tii -a tinned al-.>v? tlirr??'>ii Tart'Ctilar ittrnt i ?? i? r i!l?4 ti t'i* ab->va aal>-. i? th?* Cornar lot la a ?pl>-ii<1i'l l>ioati->ti f"r t pur p . at d i at v cItalicc*a a 111 bf "It? I ft>! pr.*lt it i ?'*tm?iit. Ti.'- Hm?v? an'l I. ??- ? ill b<? sold ??paratfK TflMW ?al? < ?ne f-.iiri li caab., ?I wh!> h *."i ickluaa and A2S iracb but maat ha aaid a I'alam ^ in fi, 12. 1"* and ?? m 'ith< tr >ri d <y .'f ?ai with eiclit i^ r c?-nt ttitfr'-?t until paid,aa. ure-1 bv dw.| ,.f trunt oti dr p-rt> a?Jd. Coti>ffaut .u<< itid rr> rdinic at pur? fia---ra' r..?t W Aj y HOI.T7.M W, *1' rw. U d U TTKKLI. .v l?rXN(Nf.T(>X. A icta V E J 8W KF.T, B>'.tl Catal Bi 'kt-r and A ift'r, X rftll 7th st TBI STEEP" 8AIE <>F T?" HTORY FKVMK HOI SE IX X" 111 HEKX PA KT OF TdK < ITY Rt virttiH of id?-<l >f truant v.- dtio' M ?> 17. 1 -72 r?H- rdatl in |tl?-r ttn, fall ? ?*, ..a" -if th la-i.l rco r I* "f Wa.hiucr <ti cwntT. DMiM f 0-.|iiiiili?a. and at r?-<|n"^t "f boUt itl tiiv.a? will a- ll in front .if tii* | r>'inia"?. it *?'? l"<"k P iu.FltlI>AY .luU II, 1*7^ part of If If. * inar !'?5. lia\ :nc afr lit "f ISf? t S in "li?*a .n <" .f*\ ?t'" t, I V ad- ptli of ;i7 fe-t II ir?-|i a, tnipi 'V d I-y 2 atory Iranif h u- . T mi* S1.IWI. with mt?"-?-at at 1<'t fr n X 17. l?2 .nil \ p n- .f tab, bait < ? i\ 12 m-'iitli*. with intuit, af.iircllj 4-J ?: iru^t. ?l?aj do? n >lav .if ?al<? CEOBCE W STI' KXET.I Trt. , BKA1N A HI' II * \KXrR.< Tr " j.f'Jiw F .1 8W K FT, A act l\\ U. H W AHNKK I> K?**l E?tatr Br. k?*r an.l A'i"tion-^r, N?. 7i)9 7tb atr?jt. b?-twr-<?ti G anil M ^ta. SAl E <-F VERY DESIRABLE PROPERTY AT THE SOl'TllU EM t'oRBKR OF r STREET ANP VERMONT aYENCE X \v I Will aril. .11 \\ Kl'XI SPA v A FTKRNOOM. .1 m>a 1?7J. at half pii-l b V. ? k . in trotit ?f tlir preuti--. Lot J. in (.'lark * ?tMtvi?i..|i .f Hjiiati JUT. frontinn M f-et on Vonu nt a*-*ic an 1 ft"t7H?t? krg on 8 atr -rt.CoMaiDint l.rMi-r'af f . T<-rn -: Oji?-.thir<1 r?-h; haiaur* 6 m d 12 ntoi.t'is, ? itii mt?*ir?t. ? 4)dnwti<la\ t aa! IH B H U AKNER. A Y laUEFN A WILLIAMS, Aorti..i,~ra, Nortiiweat curuer uf lot it au>l D ?tr^?ta. B YALrABLE PI II.DINO LOTS FROVTINO ?>S ?J rH AND Sih STREETS NORTHWEST \M> IX THE Vl< IXITY OF NEW MARKET HOl SE. AT AliCTIOX. On YVEDNESIiAY", the UjiIi iii ?( Jlr.u-, I<71. it S .10 oVItick p in., a t-shall vll "Xi pi. tuiM-a part, "f L'-:s ouuilK-r. I, -i*. uin and tun, in K-jiiar*- riumb-r* 1 four bou.ii-d and iiiut tern, havim 5n ft-rt fr i.t l.y K> frrt dr-p on acb itrert. Tin* above lot* arr n*-ar tli? t?rw inarkrt ln'U?r aii.i iu a rapitlly l!iipi -Ti:iK part ?<the city. an<1 i? writ u rthy tbr at'.anti .n of pa:ti'-a at- n..* a a-'od building ?ite. Trrnif Oil"-fourth raaii. I.aiauc - in l, 2 ar. I 3 v .-am,for notes, lioarin* I'llerrat a:i.l s-cur^d b. a ? leetl ..f trtisl ou tlie pr. prrty - -Id Ai! > iiiv r> a^ iiik at pun limrr'i coat. ?Kaj a lil li ro| i:r I i -a . lot at tit" time of Stle. jel^d (Rep 1 GREEX A WILLIAMS. Ac *a BY LATIMER A CLEART. Auctionem and R. ai Ettat Br >?-r?. Soutlmi-st conjrr P-nnavl. ania avenue aul 11th at ., Star Office Buildiugs. TKl'STEF. Sv\LF OF V ALI'ABLE IVPB'A F'? PliOPI RTY ON ?; STREET m?I TH NEARLY OPPOSITE CHRIST (III RI Il, NAVT TARD B> virtue .1 a d>i-4of trust. In-ariusdit< Hi Utli day of Not .-ml.-?, A-D ICS, aud ir. ?id.^l In Libt-r 62a. t. Ii > 1*4, aud at tk- r jm st f tU p:trt\ -?"CI1I ? 1 thereby . 1 ? ill sell at aiicti >u. in fr? ut d the pr. miaea. <n F R11 > A Y", thr ill ib dat f J jr. A . l> h't o'cl.nk p in . Lot 27. s^uar> Ca. Wa-bii.({ton, P ' The L-1 i?Mflpet trout b. lo,-:i dn*r. i- implored auh a c^moiodi 'iia Da#i,i..s ll-ua... Trrtiir-: Otir third rash; th* residue at a \ a 1 tw ' It e ni'.utb*, w ith interest froai the !aj of ?a. ? lie. .I iriven and -1^ .1 of tru?t tak>-u. C ?u?eyau 'ing at coat i-f i>urclias?t. Title u -si. FRED W .ItiXES Triate. j 13-d LATIMER A CLEARV A : ?. |>Y LATIMER A CLEARV. I* Auctioneers and R?-al E?tate Brokers, St-.utha. atcorii-r Pentisyh ania ave aud lltb str -e:, Star Office Buildiu^a. TBOTEE'S SALE <>F YALCABLE BCILDlKa LOTS IN Sgl'ARE .<03 15 virtue of tuodr-dtof truat tti th" 'iiilcr i-ijin.x', bearing r.-p-ctl>rly th.- 12th a . I It'll "f J.inii;.ry.A P 1<72 ?nd r* i le,l iu lil'i r??7. tollSIS and <571,foil- ju .f tl.a I t'l l rtrc ords of tbi? pi?tri. t, aud it the reiu-st .f tti p.t li.-s ?. mriil tberrbt. wr tt ill ?ell on W E!'XE>P \Y the 5i-itb day ??! .Inne. a P 1-73. in front f t |.r>mise?,at 6S o'clock, L >t? N -s 31.32. W 15 it 37, :n tf.juareSitf. L te 34.39 and 37 each fr..ut feet on X .tr^>t, atd have a depth of 13t12 feet to a 17 f l tj. > L. ts 11 atiil 'Ceat h front A3 f-rt "ti Cui -n str> rt tUd have a depth of 19V feet to 9U fo *t alley L '"s at ii are linpr ved with larg> brick dwelltnt; I. oars. T< rrna One-fourth ca?h, residue at 6,12 ind li months, with interest froiu th^ day of sal. . De?1 Kit ? ti :tnd l" d f trnst t*k< u. < nf at < liense < f pur^hafer A ?uiiable dep -sit will be r ? lUired upon each parcel a lien knocked off FRED. W JONES. ^ THOS H i ALLAN (Tru,,('<. je!7 d LATIMER .t CLEART. A':?t?_ HX LA1IMER A CLEARY. Auctiokeers and Real Estate Bro>?"s, houthwi-at corner Penna. aveutie mnd lltb street, Star Office Buildtug. CHANCERY SALE OF YALCABLE IM PROVED.PROPERTY ON X 1*' Y'ORK AVk NIK. NEAR 1 H IRTEEX 1 H STREET WEST By rirtue ot a decree passe 1 in cani* Na 3,211 E'luity, Si.pram. C jurt ? f tli. Pi?tri. t ,?f t oluml-ia, w<- will sell t>u Tnt'RSPAT. th '^bihdat 'f J cue A. P., Is73. at t?'? o'clock p m . in fr.tnt tJthe s, tb- west ball of lot X > 6. in iiuareVw. a. cording to the public plats..f th city ot W ashiuKton. Tlie premises front ft* feet on New York ateniie, aud ia 1UU leet ?>H fr ia Lt'b street, are improved 'with a c.df.rt ible r??i dence. being No. l'.'il New Torkaaenas. Tenns of sale ? Oue-thinl cash, rasldiie at 6 and It month*, with interest from day of aale. C 'oveyan cilig at purchaser's rmt. *100 tlewa at time of saV. FRED. W JONES,#? JAS. P TCSTIN, Private offers for tba pre pert.< ar* anhcited, aid should a suitable one be made. It may he accepted It non? such is niiAe the property w iR be aol.l as above advertise?l. j 17 [Kp| LATIMER A CLEART, A acts. 'RISTEE'S SALE OF A VALUABLE FARM ONE MILE FROM ROCKYILLE. M Bt VLTtieof a deed of trust from Henry H 'ir HQlet and wife. ilate<l the -jth of May .AD !??. rwi?M iu Liber I. B. P., N >. t, foil,. 10-, Ac., and ut Ij* land rec>.?dsof Montgomery cooaty. I will aril, at public aaction at the Conet-bouse l.?or In the tow u ef RockTillr. on TCESPAY . M4th day of Juae, lifS, at 11 o'etooA a. iu., the Farm oo which the aaid Hnry Hurley a_w reaatea. This Tism ta iawmlatrdy oa the. pobllc r >ad I sad - lac fr<<m Rurkvilla M Daraaatovn, al'tNtt oar utile from th? feruier place; it lias been divided aad laid off into two parts, each frcatini on the r. ad, aad willls-aoM separately. . Lot No. 1 Ii it ? good state of cnttivation. with about Sh acres of good Chestnut aad Oak Tint Iter, ta well watered, at.d improved by a Barn. Stabioe aut Oraaary, and contain* 1ITK AO EES. Lot Mo. 2 Mas iaiaiadiately of Lot I; ia alao wall woode.1 aixl watered, aad ia improved by a good > ramed Hoaaa with ids roan*, tnd outaina Ut AOBES. A favorahlr opportnuity ia here offered to parrha ??, for, with th* railroad coauaaaicatma with Waahinnaa, land ia thla victmRy ??? atOia^ In ?aloe very rapidly. Tana* af aaV; Oma-third raah; balance m out and two yaan, witb Interest frota day of sal* r ~t?T^r !S"?rI." ?' S~ifL'u lit Alg^^**WW'SAMDEL' FOWLER, Trpatse 1 ?%d J onrjuf LShjir!*?* KVEN7X0 STAR. ?tr.a.a. ^? -- *" ?*????? ??? m?rk ,1 >,. % UL?if-iTr> ^ ** ?"??'?i'U. for :.* ?h.lru, t? t ? at ?T to m Hfi bnrt *?Tlfe>rZ? rZm . z~z.zz "s ? jfc ?? ???? P^-er ?'VMl^niu ? ?ho fra?e?e<1 ni 4rr ?be f*\r rvt aemr.*. | >'si?et% v lrgr?| h^d to Mmo* mvr Man | *?4V?|??i the aut.toc?. a?frl ,h< Parting Ml%, ? partn.e..!. tti the had been pre, a-ed t^r torn tfc* *ha?. ^ ^ JZZ* Z ~ la? ?d :?i ?ronntr? h. itae w*r M,m?i>? The la* ,r. * I "!* th?? ?*T *"??* ?<?? nitiMr l??dAd Mhj Ml. Wet? ? ae with III* M.n'?*.ra Iliwl''"*?- if**1 ?"" !??*'*? "?????? M r?>w? to i E*o? ir^rJnjL%.,v4tin,ftrT ",r r ?mrai c-s am*?4.c, L? "U n,lkt atter ? ? m?r..n?, ? NKor.,1 vt.It If t(,,. |?\., ,, . to the 1*11 at the het,.f ,?f i^n e f^^wartk^f .? U...H1 that tw M^tWf lotH ,n rCt^ma r. WW VC!JM!7 ?hr? . ' ?lk>WfHl IV) W>m?* ?r>! f to f 1>I! r*m to,'?.y h ??*?*?*. w.e Hh<w, to. Hr,Hl *bem '?aclr. an.]. de.ptf* ?i^r and protection* he adhere* t? futile ?*f miliar hmi. ?o ftiat a f#?r hoiif - h*torr h ? V \ . I, M w ?*"?'?? thr tadlee -tariel br tail* ?r lor Kietan. t w rontf tor Peru* A Ctrtwuc t*i;i*ht in . kkk|i. m t?* ?* u":'U l""0' X,,U"? ? >"??< Utu^r. ,K,<" H"?-Holy \ irgriti (x.?? toM thorn ?J.t ,; r? ^ lm4 k *'f. ?I"I not re?J w?t>Mv ?u-r% i.? KS *" "?" & 0,,ik^ WIT, h aA-'bu rra^r:, U ?>n>UM ,2r-SS?l-"? ?T?W??I b!n?.|,.r. lr |, . l??t rdition. be. auM- vlwii fcc r.>*J the i r mi 5Iu3w? 1'u 4,?...! A ?i*i in Maootiptn rountr. I.:. ?o'.? hm Wr-lir *<mi4 Biarry turn it !?? c mui m :? '7,"T ?*r"V ?*- mh k.?;< t?? J .V *"J ?' ??"* *coounu mm- |>rvium ? uneJI the eve* he ?x?ul(l w.tu tL? .?i ^fttitig ?n.itbfr trial. ' ,?*f2 hZ 01 * -ntT trov- ir??r critT ' m**le hf Uvt Lu'^? < ? t Tfim yf}f? iua?e law vor tfttclr mrgi -<! tut the pU btift ? ???,?. ftUrirm ^ |,Ur' j Jotrndant. mmd c.riU J a mg*. hlla ferKariy aiarri>?K?w*rr aj^.rov.d of m Ka'av ' , ' . ; ,."H J"?< b?*u rrlrl'tit?d ti?-i* ?it (UX O ?'l?H*k 111 lilt* 11*4>1 iii n-?. lohn <'ar |MMitei,??? Michigan |, t> , . ?K>ki.,K. Me k tweked the ?>h?- out o! ?u*', 4.? on a ke^ ot MaMit.g |?w ler 1 1 . ?^yth M?'k Twain in Kurope *n.1 bury V*' mau in California Uri.d ? ? , out ot bunnir. 1 Jl " ft^-lMffe .lotmhon lia?. been api?:i,fe4 i.. i ieut< 4(overB?hu> ot N,^P'?? ,. tl' vacant by tLe de.tL ot tLe Ute Oorerni ?#-TLe WerkU i a new. an. ot lMn..-,., i V; "'. ot Uie r? ient "? i"T ,,,'Sree>?onal caaventio*" at s- 1 ,. . ?i. ?Jy K..iw iiicr? that gatherum ???!, a.n, atHi tiuitie^calaman.j.u, ot mn. Jtn; . , -iuirt> and r?|>M-allti>n> nakkikh. ?POap JONRv <?? m ... , ? W aueli ? i,, Hh c u f, r ?T a <*"*& $*xx & ?.. p,\ ,*'v ?i r.?. Mil''* N On Thgi4dt),||>h iM'atii a' ? a OkoKut. I'HILir.tnfau' ? i. ? ? L K ai ? If a Hr *o. ??? ! : :i,cnth? %i l H ita" ? t TV;.iWBf" 'T1 t 'Mo. at ? :n< ???I *ilfl .1 l||? fni.-l*! || y, 11*? I . ;. , Ifr"'". 4% 7 iiifc-l: ?tr ., I. . , ... ? ?, at? o'cl-cfc BIIM.I J Nh.Mn LK?>S l'KKPLi: *f?* sli?t inr?( her *? 111 "?" Her tni e-al ? Jl t?k. t|*.* fr ,,, , ? * ? \? 1 "" *"***? '???'an*, at n a. JAML>. II tant . I, u. un. .1,1 4 ,rn If lb j' 2 >^?i- an i Io uioutli* "?.?? i Th?- funeral ? ill take pta. i.b Fri lav t b ,n.? v V, r ? from th> r??i 1. , V ? 114* l?|) ?.tr?"<. f>.-ar M -tr-^t ?>o" *?1. API It 1 I Kl v KK. ? . ! ? f T || I, Manch-?|f-r. Knciaiid r'?l Burial ???: Tii^ht. Jut.e M n-it M ? 1 ? ^ 1,11, 5^ 5ufr?vNt4?" \L' ?*? ?? ? *f J :i? IHi.^MN u^SSR'J^r4 14 E li' it?. and ft?eu.u of fi, ? family are , . futl in-, t-i t , af.t,4 I:i? ti ? t.i ? * J-?. eofkia r?rent?. ? ?!.???? . ??Vl< ck p m .>ii t !?.? ?r r, iiMtaur ? KT< NE On *'4?>?lai r?aiQ(. j?, . |j |gt 1AI, inaMrii o .<l of W trieti C 4J| L? a K '?K?ni ffcrt** iiuiithi ? . . . *l K"l'?sT. in ill 4irh . t li a ,u *** ??*j .*?!?.> Fi:;.erai :? lak- plate fr .m tjl* I .te r ?. l. rr. *\ "'?L"1 ?"<* '??li a at -no- . !u?Ji S? cbH* Friday, Jn? r Mh rn- .i. ? ? ii?rmpMtiv?li mtiM totit^ . UNDERTAKERS. [{ ICHARD r. UAHVEV. " UNDkRTAI K iMkfcWMrw tJAKfUT # NiKC.. " *?'* ' SiBkir, betvaeL N.ati a-3 TaaO HL7ALLIL bOKlML CASES AUll CASt Btt aJ ??r>k F\Tl l! KOVUS. KABJTS. | j l? IIAHU %t. H AhkUi CAbi& 1ST MAhth AXD O > b E UTAH MM., fcm ILITkSTB BTfcHT. n?ar V tVtyjTVUh WiUf /*l* MAIIE A 9 B n r /K fc/? a?f-cr \\ 'UIAM UAtkKTT. XJ^T3Di;R.T AK *1?. Bo.TSA Tt*Jtiiit.Bitw??iu a!?2 fa" rum. apfc? It <' >ffln? ar< flMketo of all kh!t BOOKS^STATIONERY, Ac, \\ ';"K \, ^ut K\PK?HNc)t b", L V \ "| v, VlCrSTIUSS OF THI ?AI. B, L?r J?uu MAY. B Mra. Olipbant PEOTICTIOB A0IIK?T FIBK B, J ? B r4. ?f^5SKLfu"ro 1 ?nh *? A; B \ LLANT VNB'S, _jMjI 4Wftk afraat. Vil<,AN < . 7* BTQt K M AS A WH, A*-nt. f.r Datrtct .?f tv> ten.bia, ?r?et a<mbae>t. r?n.or o' I Alao all ti e new B k?. P. rtoei. ?iv *c , a'i4 a fall mm. ?ortment ot Mattosery, Plciuraa. Pictare r ?*?<?, otd u ' Ci? hk* buoKs tt * kHILLISIOTOSt BOOktTOR fc. Cf?*n ?>. Brxirr a*n Ptx-ra Amci ?> *??? Thackeray . CiULtMi^ A a^iiif*! to >?!..?? u a, " B> Anns ^ M?**% Autifjcitiw <>f 8< ut tie re IxiJiaun AI.Mf TettipM mud TM^. "lS"TwV^..M,hur 01 ? ?wT<?j!rr''*ifU Br wh,,n*'' A Fair 8aaoa. By Jnatln HcCarcbt kew fur April, isTj. Tonne Mea of Oreat Britain. A . umal of amia. '?f *?< >?atract?ve llteratnrv. B'>y*aC Bnvlai.d A yooti* CMttWmaii'a K>arntf ?f ?port., ha and literal ura. A I>a| with C bar lea I>ickem. Kt-nelai Ctiilinclr. Bi Balver. *?'* Balladt. By Will. Carl?<^. utraM I fjfmt ^*7T **' ^ fUl"W 0 ? *D?. at taa Tery lowaat pnow. ^yf-jr [^Otlll. 7]M.\ B??1^ia!S5gK.r," M. "r"* ".TiTf ?KIToiF ? G^afsraaKwpiar^ M.? C I t'T THILL 0 A. I'L NM hOTuB a it-lrT*,,U * ?tKKaraCTOtt. ?1T La. Are.,bat. ?th"a^l?u?raauVJrtb*.^ WBMrlal atU Panoaal MMdot ftraa to tha ?al? of Beal lataM. .a w. OOACBBB, BATBar L OILMAN, HT P? and J I BAY AG I Ii Peiinayl?ania ?**-. Wtaeeii Ml, aad lkh Manl SBOOKD BA ?.la'assas^ TO "Ti?t ?o?t>?? o>im a. . ttOOIDIAIBI i af loaty am m ^

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