Newspaper of Evening Star, June 20, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 20, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR. P?fcH<fc?4 tiM^?4) AT TflF 6TAB BUILDING.% ffan*7lfinala ArtSM, Mr. Iltk ft, ni itow mi imnm eimn. * m- MWMJJWr, rrMMwi, TH E n n IK O BTA B u asreed by carriers to l"?"tr srtcrlbers at TiiCt^n rtl foitf V >*? C**r* rt* Onptm at the o T?o Cww each B> tnaT-thre* sooths, ?ijo. ft? tenth*, |] at; one imt, $1 THE WEBXLT STAB-PnMfsheil Prriay-flJt ? y-ar "????'?"r '- r.1n '.otb oasee.aul ?o MK? asot kisf r thai paid tor. I of ?itTTrMfriB ftlmhhM em ?wlh<ttn?. SIMMER RESORTS. p C T L I 1 HOTEL, S* TT+'JtteV' J-fTI** Cnmn'9, Wtu Virginia, Ik* ^nlbtn bank of the P .tomae, o#? t nr. iMr fr< ? K?-ruey s'iile, <>n the B?l B ?? A 1.3 re ant) Ohio Railr wt, ?n*re a TrBi ?.-t. the tran ? Fin* scenery, h?.?iih? 11--IK I r ?te. a (WllfUfiil -umturr res. rt Up"ii for tlie ? <- n m. latiaf b aider*. T- 'Bi* w ?lera?e A ?? EDM IN BOWES, Proprietor. j!3 7t J ? ? ? KBKIIH.C A LI >1 SPRINGS, VA. open jrsE i t, i+iz. Tlii-* fari rite B'd (t|rkrkl?1 Watering pla<*e will < "? ? * dtli. ?l't ha ti< r.? (hit ?-*?? d. l! A m. , A I ....... ^ nacBiVr-nt K in. I i ard h ??? >, It mlmi Afley for laii'i^^U m I f r g?:itl-Men .?n.l a-.prb Cr juet r ? ? ?i i..?. I* ? .1; I- kept ib a itjic n< t -urp.i?a?-d anywhere in > irmni*. The of the*- ?p-rtml Spring* either rnre or I rMlj relirte b:-*t ca-es of Scrofula, Incipient <"? ptioL, UrochitiB. CtiMiiir L?ryn * ?!-. iT.r.-i.-r Pnn-mou.a, Chronic pvs^ paia, ? .'n u. IHarrku *, I'krualt Djsentery. Tii"? are al- a ?r?at raluc in thoee arf-ct">ns which are p ? f fc?1> WMlfllWi ?< aa an app-ti in.atiTi' 4i .111 n?r?l r-st<?ra?i*e they ar-, per fcap?. nnri*aUed itru>>t :g"t mineral water*. Th I ? i ru ( r ha* proTvl^i f r the lawr.* and tall ro .m .'i?? land if mu?tr. and in general all the ? I.- ? f arri:iw-m? l.t and rsereatioa usually f'liud a' r I 'et ?.:mmer r-?rt. will l.e at the r .tnrtiand ' R 'i KIII.IIk.E ALU The place i? * tl.'n from eleien t<> tbirteeu h< ura of Bi.h n i d \Va?hii)itt. n. Baltimore, etc., by rail, all in ill .lit r*e-*i K>*r* l-avethe Carsi.f the Chesa I <k- and Olii" Railroad at <? >?hen l?p..l. and new ? d rlrfant ?ta?e. a.hee, pa*?inK rapidly inert ? ?! ai d level '???ad <f only eight milt-a, set down tl.r ' at tt>e Spring* to tea J*Mr* A. fRiZlEH, Proprietor. Pr J H. I>A\ l!*. of the Cr>i?eraity, K^Ment I >-?? an; A R Offlc* Miiimt, S. M. (I. I.I KN.Manner ? Tuf wat>r fir ult by CuLIXAii A BOG EK? rif.iit p. i.p!.l-i? i?a free on applicati jn. ,'1 lui % ' ATTO^.-T'ih p?pnlar Ml *?ry h-alttiy mm 1 ii ? r ri? rt, near Si.i. k-r'? Oap, auilB A e -r i I>y' tb>- f!ar H'-lf ni ui.ta:n.J t? ? If tl H ? W ?! i ? . p..II f. r the re<-ep-: of.-'- v. M l-Tj I^ipr->'??-ni?"itn firice M f*?r: Fine pia/./a in tr 1'. Mb ri" n . *n lci--ki>iiM Mini, k (Imi> la tk* I ?!- The t n'llit c are ?t"n-,cua?i-nng of lar#a ?in r >ome. B-antif'jl m. antain ?c. n> ry. Th? **> ? i?fciif tft ?,??> tlie Covl br?*i'-a uf thi* elevated ?< mi- l will klilfik, * O WRIflllT, B i:nd H- 'P. O., Uxkl'i'in 0*., K -fer* - ? ? ? I JO** F -tr , t N W in.k?-if \\*i>T END HOTEL, AT ItlXi BRAM II. !%. JM U ILL EF. OPLXEI? t.N THE IVru OF Jl"?E * r , - * r r m i , v;e t ? i !? ? hiLI'hLTi:. X ? ia lir..a.t?a),1 N - \ r - HRF"<hT HT _ ? lir I'M, I'r ; ?, L k B: Jl. t|. GK' 6 PKK.-Bl Kt, V M HILUKFTH. B.iia tJan lJ LADIES1 GOODS. MIBS actVH.niL K, ??OJ PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Ol II an c- n'tabtly on band a Sne a-Murtai -at of ian urt.i' h< nnets, BTBAWB, ClilPd, FLOW EH?. RIBBONS, Ac , a. . f the cfwut de*l;n#. Lvlitrfl CAP3 aud C01F FI KES ,nrt recei, ? <1 oil ir |J EA? and SAVE TOrB MONET. Ladi'? who ta?e Heir Swttrh-e that hare faded f- n. na rfn h .%e th'-m reet.ired to their aataral ?ti ail- in an pernor m iuti-r. We have a rery large a-- rtnie't of ?1 Carl": ?ery I ug and handaooie hor.che* *er> ch-ap. Jl w i* the time to boy at HAI'AME LaXBBN s liair Factory,610 13th at., >i?t U street aB-lr %OTICB ? Bargains are an* bciag ofjer?d tB MILLINEBT ?ad FASCT UOOD8. Bt B. LEXZBEBO * GO., aO-ti- 707 Market Space, WTAMPLBO DBPOT ~ letll-tr Oppoette Patent Office SELLISO OFF I SSL!. I NO OFF I AT COST, TO PISBOLT* P ABTNEBaillP. the entire rtock OF THE NEW TOBB BAZAB, 441 hrventh atreet, near B. fcarT tr NO HLMBI O. AVIES-' 1 j FRENCH FTABCH ENAMEL la the t/??t article In the wcrld for d-da? op Lln?n of Moalli It tmp?rta a beaatKal gloea te tbe fabric. F^r a*i? by all On--eTa. BCUIBAM A ro , Manafarttirera, 160 Wnt Lontbard atreet, 'aria it Bahim-ire. Maryland. ^JETKOrOUTAN DOLLAR STORK. M< HE NEW GOODS 11 TL'ET ABE ALMOST GIVEN AWAT I LOOK AT THIS LIST r 1 Uiklrtn> Pnn B- nnet* and H?ta, ?<c. ?? Maraeille* llatnoery i?rrttf,?l. M L^wt atd Lac.- Hat*. ?1 " plaid M jaiiii Aprons, cover entire drees, ?Mr. " W b t- Dree?ae,cr jaebarred ruu*Uu. 41. '? Bnff Sn:t?, Jl. Ladiee' white and c I.-red B^vder Apr na. Uc. *? BnW? and Plaid Ma-iln do , Sue Pi-iial- ai d White U*S&irt WaiitS, 31. " Full tn< h>4 Bkirta. #1 ?' P-.ffed and e?nt>rotdered front Chemises, 51. ?? T icked and embroidered Drawers, 81. *? Tn<-ke. 1 and Lace do .4UC. p..js"l"alico Wai>ta,S0c. Lsdit*' S- <ch aiwvtiaui black Sun rmhrella?, j)l. " Li*'*-threail 2-liot'ti ball" GauutletUlores Jbc. " Leather B-lt?, 59c. " awl In. Bn?i?n B-lta, SOr, " OiydiZHd ?U Gilt B> it Cbaiua. Be. ?? W .<!, P?i?iti-d aiid Linen Kan*.13c ** F ifiej , W.ical and Silk do..4o> . " wlute and ivl'd Siik aad Vienna do , ?"l.:Mrena' fin- L-i.ea Hundk-rchi-f..3 for Uc. L?i>? betr.iiti:. hed Linen .1 j? I (ji j,. ftne Cinre V?fe, Jl. l> 11- d- I shirti. 41 " Lfght Br tieb and LHIe Socks. ?? 8trip-d S? ? ke,3 pair for 81 " Black a;id Fai c* Silk B -ws,? and 30 I. id ? - Biae Bi'h and Fringed Scarf., 5Ur. t \p'- a?and ? lher styles BnIB:cg for the ceck, 23 ai.d Silr. p.-r ? ard. Fura large a-.d fine Nm*?k T"?wela,S for tp'-rdi.! Bathing Towel*.3 and?for 81 ,Ac.,.*c.,Ac. If > i? haee anr r-n'tderBtta* for your p.>cket 1' I'ks. JOB aiil b.'t fail to call OB B BILVURBURO'8 WtTHOPOLITAS DOLLAR (TORE. SIM SEVENTH 8TBBBT, sear Penafjtfaiua arsaaa. P !? ?I hare t"w on hind my osaal full stock of < h. <jl kTat flit!. tJAu, ?t ill, J#and fS. Cone ai?i 1- ? k at ib?ai y-4-tr ^"AlBBANBb LETTBB SCALES, Every stze aud style, at very 1 w rates. w TBE IMVIRSAL FAMILY (M ALE Pt< TUB POCKET BETTKB SCALES. a r base an hand and always readT to snpplr any at ! e??ry style and hind of LBTTEB SCALB at the n.a? ufa> tnrer 's lowest rates *f alk 1 full line of ('"tnaaamal and Bankers' fciai.f tery , Blank B vki, Cash aad Deed Bogaa. kichabd b. hobcb b CO , n.". t 1616 Penaa a?ea?s,sorawliu?. ^rLEE B WBABF,feet V fca aad t urssu. TO CCHTBACTOBS AMD MEBCBABT8. Cargvea of 8T0BB, COAL. ????__? , _ HAT. LCMBEB, Ac.. discharged from si?is aad stored or delivered at U^horte^^Ucsand.oa^^ y BEIBEBGBB, IB, ABUT Ibdbat? A Peaaa1a ass.. WaA?>s BAMr.Aia- a DIS8OLCTI0B f *si> >vr*.SB ti ,hALNS'wtD *ANCT GOODS ?r?e?.. >.. r , 'Mr9 fork Basar, 441 rtb ysB-te*1 *? ^ a?tUa !bs oM Orm 1. B. I0CB0 >718 ly |\0TIcE V5S. 4I-N2. 6.3I!?. WASHINGTON, I). C., FRIDAY, JUNE 20, 1873. SPECIAL NOTICES. Kuarri against Cholera. It i* w* II hti' *r that if a prnp-r remedy Is ln???*n tai e- ot-l* taken in ?r?"f n| Asiati Cholera, or ev pn < bol.-r,, Mi rbnsnr kindred complaint",th patient i* n.acl relieved. and it happen* n->t unfre?jn>-ntly that such timely d-4f, prove i f iirilciil*ble?ervice in an ultmate cir?. I do not wwhto be understood *s ?<1* i*in? net t<> call in a physician at the earliest P- ~il l ni n nt. ;ui -ach a c.>ar*e is imperatively nr(i'imar) ; I u? K-ut-tiCi-" a phyaiciau can not b- had at a n .onientV nmiff, and it fa for snch raae* that w. a< w prepare NAtTAN'S CHOLERA SPKi'IF IT, a strong, active, and efficient remedy, calcu lated for aiirh fa-rti a- h?r?* *tated, and which every wall c ndncttd family ?bou'd have on band or im mediately pricure. During 1**4, w hile ?h~ ch?li ra was raging i|iiite severely in Brooklyn, N. Y., I was employ ed tb-re, and it vanf^iid Inat tlii-> Sp* -1ri? did great service. being much better than S.juibhs' M ? xture and S?m Cholera Cure. I?ith of which were tiled p will al?o g:ve imniedi ate relief aud otl-e Cholera X< rl n>, Colic, Cranip?. P> aentary , piar rh.a and all ilinor.lcni Dun il at thi? hh n. F ill dir< ctiens accompany each vial. To be bad oniv of ARTHI'R NATTANS.Prnggi-f, J? 9-tr Ci.mer of %\ and D streets northwest. Batchelsr's Hair Dye ta tha l?t in the world, the only true and perfect Hair 1>> ?; no ri-liculm* tint*, no disappointment, harmle-w, reliable, iostau tan- ii? bla. k or br urn; at all druggists', and 10 B 'nd street. Now York. fS-eoly AMUSEMENTS. |)1NLY BRANCH RACE COlRS?. Grand TROTTINC. MATCH for f luO a aide will cowe off on the l|?t? ? MM HON- t# . DAY. Jane 20.1. C H..efT-r name* a. h Honest John t > waijon; C. Chamberlain nam * * m. Ree?t Bird to harne** The trot to b? mil? h"at?, t>- et three in five. The race to conum-ncw at 4 o'clo W p m . good d ?v and trsck; il aot, the next fair day. Admission JO cents. It' AMOS fOX, Proprietor ALL* >?W OPfcKA HuISB. THE RENOWNED 5.1% FRA.1C1MO MINvrRELS, Formerly of California, At.d for the last S?-vei> Y?ars The Standard Companv in New Y >rk. A 40 MPAN Y OF TWENTY TWUfiB.-T JLA^S PERFORM KRS, Under the management of BILLV BIB< H. PAVE WAMIIOLP, ASP CIlARI KY BACKI S, Will appear M"NPAY at The Opera II>U*-?, Will appear MOMMY at Tiie Opera H.?u."-*, V ill app? ar MoNPAY at The Opera H HH| W11 H A PhtHi RAM M H Of THK h\ti?ST HOM h MUSIC AMU THK tilCH BS1 i\ AT I * E hl.S. After a S w York ?< a*on of fnrty coti-^cnllve ??ek?, the Frisco Minatr-'U will appear for oue ? ?-?-k In WiM>hingtnn. A-'.?i<?ioB 75,90, and 25 Cent*, b ats seenred at til" t?pera 11 nine jlj 3t ON E< > K T HE KIN EST UK'H EST K IONS inTh" ronnlry can b- hear. 1 at Mr. SCIl W ART /.V.> 15LKG> P.? aveune. Tlii* murui tii- r.* was in p-.rttd at a c ?t . f vMi.and rep Tai* t-* nt? ati tj aieu-.- orchestra, with drams.onibaW, ai.d chim-? < mpl -t'- C"ncert? daily and nightly. ami properties . f the ftueat chararlsr. Th- p.ib li- are c< rdialiy luvitcd, free i.f charge. lm Oil So l On Exhlbitisa iNiwN j and Salt j 43^ *TH Bt.\ ^ ? at (ljH 87 _ ? MARhRlTKH'S, ir. 43^ street, b-.tu-n, p aud R (treets. -Ight do<.r?'aboveOdd Fellow's Hall. Cttolcs Oi! Palutiiiga, R'>graving?, ChrotBos, ?c. Al?u, largeat st >ek Paper Hanjrug't, Wi:el/i? <had'-s. Picture*, Frame*. Picture Cord* arvi T?" ?elB, U:ijp?, Nail*, Ac., is the Diatnct WTKKM# CAf(i Fie we- reniemN-r Name and Hnit !?*?. Jcl ly* ALL RiNPa OF CAST-OFF VtEABlSttAP PAKELcan be sold to tLe very beet aa.autage by addreseinp or calling on JLHTH, 619 0Mre?t, between 6th and 7th n. w N. tes by mall promptly attended to. Caab paid. Oa OLD GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, COPPER, Rtt , botgbt at fair prices for a flew Y?rk hoaae. Sonsebald Furniture boog'ot anda^ Id N'des by mail promptly attended to t?y AUOENHTRIN, 14?? PenL?y Ivania avenne ffl lr" EXCURSIONsTpIC NIC.S, tfcer EYPORT RXCCROiONS. I n and after FR1PAY. JUNE 13, 1373, the elegant ai.d favt rite steam, r KEY- -Kmmm w PURT will cumaiebce her "-y fc*^ TCRSPAt and FRIDAY KVXN "?aiWi IKO exc?rvl->ns down the Potomac, leavug wharf foot of 7th street, at 6 o'clock p.m., returuiug at lip m. During the suininer ot 1872 tbo*e excur ?i ns w ere largely patroniz>-d by many of our beat citir- na, who found in them a cool and pi?aaant e cape from the heat and dust of the rity. No; effort shall be spared during the coining iiammer to' mike them pi* aaant and agreeable in every reepect. De tective* will be -tattooed at the M>at to prevent the admi?*ion of an> improper charartera. No intoxl ca'icg lienors sold. Mimic, dancing, and refresh ments on board. Fare, single ticket*. * 1, lady and genthnisn. 51 5o Apply to W3f. H. BYLES, Agent, 609 Pennsylvania avenae. m.11-lm Uffs. THl.>K?,SATlMCL8 ^ TRAYELI5IQ BAGS. ^ IN GREAT YAR1RTY AT VERY LOW PRICES. HARNESS. A tall stock of H ariiess of our own make, and etery thing appertaining to the Saddlery. Harue**, ami Trunk btisiues* Fi&e Harnesn and Tt4nk<<made to order. h- |e agent, for H II - celebrated CONCORD HAR NESS *>*1 COLLAR, which we are selling at Con cord price*. Concord Harness room in eecond story of l.niiding. RVBR il'KE OF THE NAME AND Nl'MBER. LtTt * BRA., 4'J7 PENNSYLVANIA A YEN (I, jrll-lTn Next to National Hotel. s OI ID HIT AND FKEQTENT EXERCI-?K id the opto air and sunshine beiug the t,e*t pre *etvative* of both physical and mental health, aud con>e^uent uavialneg* and LONGEVITY, tboc?ards of ?er?on* come from far an<l near to fiiit I'R W HITk, the w. ll known Cuiropodi*t< N >, jjj ltth atreet, oppoaite the I'ulted States Treas ury, Washitigton. P C , for relief from Corns, B'.n i?.r*. Troubles-?m.- Nails, and other disease* of the feet, and ail vise aa to suitable fitting she-*. Qh trea-ment generally gives immediate and painless relief, ana e%eu in extreme ca*??, if ni>u? bnt suita ble shoe* are worn,often effect* a perf?ct cure. The feet being u*sd so constantly Be -d occasional atten tion. at d a* there is danger in tampering with Corns or Buiiiojiaby n?ing a kuife, razor, or other unsuit* able arpliance*. the majority of the intelligent p >r ti. n of the cononnnity visit the practically ex peri enceil < hiropn .li-rt In order to better insure safety, eccnimy of tiir.e, comf 'rt, stid health. je7 ?1AHI2iE TMR GOLD SPECTACLE, owlt ?e, a H. URMPLRR, Optician, ?*? U 4* | iNk! LIMES LIME! BEST WOOD BCRNT LIME at 91 per barrel, delivered to ail p*rt? of the city. THOMAS FAHEY, 10th street, n\S aoar Ua avann-. northwest. ^ O T l C ' WILLIAM T. Mi CUIN.Coanty Constabls. Debts Collected. Prompt Returns. Collection of claims of all kinds reepectfnlly solicited. Othce with jus tice George Mr. Hacpcman, southwest Corner 11th and G streets northwest. ( Rep ) mlK ly 1873 ?**??"* ?*??'-so |873 ot SUMMER STYLES OP BLACK ALPACA COATS, DRAB D ET* COATS. DIAGONAL HOBAIB COATS, FRENCH SRRGB COATS, LIGHT COLORED 8TB1FED ALPACA COATS A. STKAl'S, the tUlkitr, 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, ? 19 V Between 10?b and 11th streets. Pallas Bo. ISST p?y?Tj.TAinA_Af?m Quatat BrmziLiAD LLTTRRLL. O. A. HVIIUttTUS AactisBrera and CaasasIsalaB B#refci?tt| ?17 La. At*., k?t. tth an4 10th atrwta aorthw WTSpectal aad p*rsonal attention fiv*o to ill* of Rsal Eataf. IN AToR It used For aale by E D. GILMAB, IW Pennsylvania avs., and J. B. SAVAGE, Pannaylvama ave., bsgwaaa Mh aid 11th Hard Wl'HILT WOBDRRS BEVBB CBASB.-AB 0 wool Men% Suits la three different shades for th# tryia^wM^y, at A. STRAUS', 1911 Pa. I L" BflCR TO ALL, partiality to bobs, isatwar* J th* motto a4 BTBAUS'i Glothisr, 1S11 P?mm. EVENING STAR. , Washington News and Gossip. Internal Kevknte?The receipts from this source to-day were ??3.19,748.04. President (Ibaxt returuB to Long Branch to-night. Commander Rkaink, of tho Juniata, lef Washington last night tor New York. It 18 prora nLK that, the amended civil ser vice rule? will be promulgated to-morrow. Thi frkk vniviRT (letter) system is about to be established at Des Moines and Daven port, Iowa. Tin Vacahcy in the District Council Filled?The President to-day appointed 1 Samuel Gcdney a member of the Territorial Council, vice Daniel Smith, resigned. A competitive examination to fill one va- ' cancy of class 4, ten vacancies of class 3. and nine of cla?? 2, group A, in the Sixth Auditor's oftue. will beheld by the Treasury examining board on Thursday next. Naval Orders?Ordered?Wm. B. Cashing, to command the Wyoming; Lieutenants K. McBerry and Uriel Sebrce to the Tigress. De tached?As istant Paym? ter Geo. K. Baujh ham frou the receiving ship New Hampshire, and ordered to the tigr Presidential Nominations The Presi dent to-day appointed George P. Sanger, Uni ted States attorney for the district of Massa chusetts and Wm. Gurney.a commissioner to the centennial reinitiation to be held iu Phila delphia, for the state of South Carolina. Mr. S. B. Morehouse, special agent of the Poet office Department at Little Hock, Ark., has resigned, and his resignation has boen ac cepted, to take effect on the 1st pro\imo. Mr. Warren P. Kdgarton has been appoint'<1 sp rial agent in his stead, with headquarters i at Little Bock. A SKFfloa ov the Cabinet was held to-day, at which all the heads of the executive depart ment were present. The report of the Secre tary of the Navy regarding the Polaris was fully, and the recommendations of the Navy Department relative to a search for the mi: ing ve *l were endorsed. Pariwn Becommended The Attorney General to-day recommended tho pardon of Wm. Mclntvre, who was convictcl and sentenced in September, 1>71. as being con nected with the Ku Klux Klam in North Carol i ua. He las served marly three-fourth s of a two year's term in the Albany penitentiary. At the White Horse.?The French Minis ter, accompanied by Secretary Fish, had an in. ? terview with Pr.mdent in the Bluo Uoom of tho exi catlve mansion this morning. Among those who called on the President to-day were .|<idge Bingham, ot Ohio, Gen. Sherman and ex-Gov. einor Par.ons, of Alabama. The Bi'RHAr of Kdccatiob is in receipt of Inquiries from the commissioners of the Phila eljbia centennial exhibition iu regard to the best manner of representing our educational progress during the century ending 1K7H. G -n. Kan.n, the commissioner, is eug ig-.-d m lur warding the requisite data. The Hot What her.?The following state ment, prepared at the Signal Office of the War Department, shows the range of the thermom eter in this city during the pa^t four days: June lilth, maximum V- . minimum ?,7 J; Ktli, maximum 9i!?, minimum 73 ; l&th, maximum '*-? , minimum o7 ; 19th, maximum 'Ji 5, niiui num 72?. (?en. Sherman to-day issued an order to the ?fleet that in all orders and communications the word "company''will be used to desciibe tbat unit of organization in all arms of the .ser vice?artillery, cavalry and infantry. Tho term "battery" will be Used only when a com pany of artillery Is provided with guns and horse*. To I'.E Bemoted?The Secretary of War has decided that the United .States will transfer tho remains ot such Union soldiers as are now buried in the Evergreen cemetery, at Gettys burg, Pa., to the National cemetery in the same place, upon the application of friend* of the deceased, who have the right to m ike the request. The Kickapoor?Information has been re ceived at the War Department that the legisla- ' ture of Texas has passed resolutions commen datory of Col. Macken lie's late pursuit and chastisement of the Kicka |*x> Indians. Presi dent Grant, after consulting with the Secretary ot War, ha* decidcd that the Kicka poo women and children e?ptured by Col. Mackeuaie mast not be surrendered up to the tribe. Bear Admiral James aldbn, late com manding the naval force on the European sta tion, under date of June 2d, report* that he transferred on that day to Boar Admiral A. Ludlow Case the command of the naval force on that station, and shifted his tiag from the Wabash to the Brooklyn, tnd that he will sail for the United States on the eveniug of Juue 2d in the Brooklyn. The programme for the open air concert at the President's grounds to-morrow afternoon by the Marine band, Prof. Fries, leader, is as follows: I. t^uiek March, Sansa; 2. Overtime "Slave," Sir Henry Bishop (first time); 3. Sounds from Home, Guugel (by request); 4. Se lections from "Somnambula, Belliui. 5. In. traduction and Waltzes, ?? Ashuelot,'' Howard, K. Potpourri from "Maritana," Wallace; 7. Galop, "Good Evening," Godfrey; Finale. Octkaos bt Settlers The Indian office is in receipt of information through Superin tendent tideneal, at the Klamath (Oregon) agency, to the ettect that a short time sinco the settler's in Summer Lake and Chewakan val leys arrested three Snake Indians under the impression that they were spies, and on their attempting to escape shot and ktlled thrm. Agent Dyar re|>orts to Superintendent Odeneal that he apprehends no trouble from the att'air, but that the Indians expect that the perpetra tors of the outrage will be punished. Superin tendent Odeneal has directed Agent Dyar to liavp the whole matter investigated. Th* Arctic Trip or the Tiuresa Com mander Greer leaves Annapolis to-night lor New York, to take command of the Tigress, on her anticipated a 'rival In that city on Tuesday next. The full detail tOr the vessel was com pleted vestereay. In selecting officers for the hasardons service, Commodore Am men was f ovtmed entirely m to their physique to stand be brant of the service, and their general intelligence and aptitude, as displayed by thetr record as officers of the United States nary. He has personally notified Commander Greer that If he finds fault with any of his subordinates, he will make such changes as are agreeable to him. Pebsanal?Wm. D.Todd, the late prH rate secretary of Vice President Colfax, has opened a law office In Denver, Colorado. ????Senator Wm. B. Allison, of Iowa, and Mr*. Atltnon sailed for Europe on the Algeria from Now York Wednesday. ???? Gen. 8. W. Crawford, U. S. A., baring obtained a six month*1 lea re of absence from tie War Department, left New York Wednesday for Europe. Re go** to re cruit his health, which has been greatly under, mined from a wound received In the war. ???? Hon. Charles O. Neill, of Philadelphia, is at Wlllard's. ??? Gen. Whipple has gone to Cape Mar. He will return to-morrow. ????Prof. Samuel Porter, of the National Deaf Mute College, leaves for Europe In a few days. Beti-kvsd their Back Pat.?The number of members of the House of Representatives who up to date hare covered their back pay tnte Treasury is 3'A. They are J. Allen Barber, Wis.. S. S. Cox, N. Y.. John M. Grabs, IU.. Joka Coburn, Ind., Avlett K. Cotton, Iowa. William P. Fry*. Me., G. A. Finkelnbarg, Mo., O. B. Farwell, 111., J-A. Garfield, Ohio, John Hill, N. J.. Geo. A. Halsey, If. J., J. B. Hawley, 111., J. B. llawley, Conn., Eugenn H Ue. Me., William 8. Holmen, Iwd., G. W. He ale tan, Wis., M. C. Kerr, lad., John I.vuoh, Me., Geo. W. MeCrarr, Iowa.. James Mon roe, Ohio, Alex. Mitchell. Wis., Ell Perry, N. Y.f J. M. Bush, Wis., Wm. It. Jtobsrts. W. Y., H. A. Starkweather, Conn , W. L. Sessions, N. Y., P- Sawyer, Wis., W. Townsend, Penn., W. H. Upson, Ohio, H. Waldron, Mich., Wm. A. Wheeler. K. Y. Of these i"* are republicans | and 7 democrats. THE POLABIH. Re?M;rt of the KxnmlnMlon of Tyson and Party. The Secretary of the Navy yesterday trans mitted to the President tb? report of the board of inquiry recently engaged in investigating the Polaris disaster. In bis letter transmitting the report the Secretary says relative to TBI CBAKCIS AOAISST CAPT. BCDDISGTOS that lie tee If great reluctance in publishing the testimony against him while he is absent in the discharge of a dangerous and responsible duty, but that he is constrained to believe thai it is better t'er him and will be more satisfactory to his friends, as well as to the friends of those still on board the Polaris, that they should be published as they were given. It must however, be clearly understood that in i>enuitting this publication the department neither make nor declare ami judgment against Mr. Huddington. who is stil absent in the midst of dangers, and has no opportunity lor explanation. The facts show that though'he wis perhaps wanting in enthusiasm for the grand object* of the expedi tion. and at times grossly lax indiscipline, and though he differed in judgment from others as to the possibility, safety and propriety of tak ing the ship further north, yet he is an experi enced and careful navigator, and. when not affected by liquor, of which there remained none on board at the time of the separation, a sate and competent commander. THK SKARCH FOR TIIK PILARIS*. In reference to the proposed expedition to look for the Polaris, he says it will be purely naval, ex|>erience having confirmed him in the conviction that there is little of either success or safety in any trying, dangerous and distant expedition which is not organized, prosecuted and controlled under the sanction of military diecipline. THK RErOItT op THE COMMISSION, which consisted ot the Secretary of the Navy, Prot. S. F. liaird, Commodore Wm. Keynolds, and Acting Signal Officer H. W. Ho'wgate, details the course of the Polaris aud the various difficulties she encourtered before her separa tion trom Tyson's ice-floe party. In regard to the separation the commission say: " It is the uniform opinion of the witnesses, and our uuau inious conclusion from -their testimony and from the circumstances detailed, that this sep aration of the ship from the men, women and children upon the ice floe was purely acci dental." They add, however, that "it'iamost likely the ice-floe party was seen from the Polaris. The hut erecteu on the floe, the ship's boats, the colors, the elevated signal blanket, and the group ot nineteen i>ersons standing In relief against a white back ground, coald scarcely have remained unnoticed." OP THE DEATH OP CAPT. HALL the commission say that his most marked symp toms seem, from the evidence, to have been such as indicated congestion of the bra'.n, ac companied by delirium and partial paralysis of one side. Tlie witnesses all state that the at tack wasralled "apoplexy," and some of them speak of their own knowledge of his paralysis and delirium He recovered, however, after s?>mc days, sufficiently to leave his bed, to move about his cabin a little, and to attei pt to at tend to business, but soon had a reiapse, be come again delirious, and died on the srhof November, 1HJ1. From personal examination of all the witnesses, aud from their testimony a-given, we reach the unanimous conclusion that thedesth of rapt. Hall resulted naturattv fiom disease, witlwur fault on the part of anv one. I luring Ins illness he was under the medi eal eare ot l?r. Bessels, and as none of the |?er sons now here are capable of giving a more par ticular account of the nature and symptom* of this fatal sickness, the return of the Polaris must i?e awaited for precise information. All the persons examined testify tc the uniform kindness and care of Captain Hall, and to the good order and efficient condition of the Polaris w aile under his command. SCIENTIFIC RKSULTH. From the testimony it appears that every r**sibleop|>ortuiiitv was embraced by the mem bers of the seientittc corps of the expedition to carry out the instructions^given, the onlyuirec tion in which there seems to have been a par tial failure being in reference to the use of the photographic apparatus ami the dredge. This, however, was due to the absence of suitable opportunities or to some insurmountable imped iment at the time. While the records of the astronomical, me teorological, magnetical, tidal, and other phys ical departments of the expedition appear"to have been extremely fnlt. and the observations in each apj>ear to have been conducted accord ing to approved methods, the collections of nat ural history are shown to have been not less extensive, the storerooms ot the Pol%ri? being tilled wiih the skins and skeletons ot mask, oxtn, bears, and other animals, different spe cie* of birds and their eges. numerous marine invertebrates, plants, both recent and fossil, minerals, etc. Not the least Interesting of these collections are specimens of drift wood, picked upon or near the shores of Newman's bay and Polaris bay. among which Mr. Meyer thought he reeognized distinctly the walnut, the asU. and the pine. DIP OP THE NEEIT.K. Among the numerous facts that appear to be shown by the testimony elicitod on the exami

nation we may mention as one of much interest that the dip of the needle amounted to45de Sees, and its deviation to 96 degrees, being less an at Port Fonlke ami Kensalaer harbor, as given by l>r. Kane and l>r. Hayes. Auroras were frequent but by no means bril liant, generally quite light, and consisting sometimes of one arch and sometimes of several. Streamer* were quite rare. Only in one in stance, in February, 1872, did THK AURORA appear of a distinct rosy red. This was fore boded in the morning from t> to lo o'clock by a very decided disturbance of the magnetic needle. Shooting stars were so constantly seen that although no special shower was observed it was scarcely possible even to look at the star lit sky without noticing them in one direction or another. TIDKS, TKMrERATtTRE, BTC. The rise and tall of the tides were carefully observed, the average being5^ feet. The great est depth of water noted was al?out 106 fatU omi. The existence of a constant current south ward was noticed by the ex|>editl<>n, its rapidi ty varying with the season and locality. The winter temperature was found to be" mich milder than wa? expected, the minimum being 58 deg. In Jannary. although March proved to be the coldest month. The prevailing winds were from the northeast, although there were occasionally violent tempests from the south west. Light was noticed, however, from all points of the compass, liain was occasionally observed, only on the land, however, the preci pitation presenting itself over the Ice in the form ot'snow. I>uring the snmmerthe extent of both lowlands aud elevations were hue of snow aud ice, excepting patches here and there in the shade of the rock. The soil during this period was covered with a more or less dense vegetation of moss, with which several ARCTIC PLANT* were interspersed, some of them ot considerable beauty, but entirely without scent, and rnrny small willows, scarcely reaching the dignity of shrubs. The rocks uoticed were of a schistose or slate nature, and in some instances con tained fossil plants, specimens of which were collected. Distinct evidence of former gl aciers were seen in localities now bare ot ice, the*4 indications consisting in the occurrence of terminal and lateral moraines. ANIMAL Lire IW THK POLAR RKCUQN*. Animal life was fonnd to abound, musk oxen being shot at intervals throughout the winter, their food consisting of the moss aud other vegetation obtained during the season by scrap ing off the snow with their hoofs. Wolves, also bears, foxes, and other animals were repeatedly observed. Geese, ducks, and other water fowl, including plover and other wading birds, abounded during the summer, although the spocies of land birds were comparatively few, including, however, large numbers of ptarni gan or snow partridge. No mention is made by the rescued party of the occurrence of hawks and owls. No ash were seen, although the net and lines were frequently called into play in an attempt to obtain them. The waters, however, were found filled to an extraordinary degree with MABIVI IIVIRTIBIATM. including jelly fish and shrimps, it was be lieved by the party that the seals depended on the latter for their principal subsistence?the seals themselves being very abundant. Nu merous insects were observed alio, especially several species of buttergas, specimens of which were collector-, also, (lies, bees, and In: sects of tike character. The geographical results of the Polaris expe. dltion, so far *0 they can now bo ascertained from the testimony of Messrs. Tyson, Mever and their comrades, may be summed up briefly as follows: ...... TBI SrPPOSBD OFXV POLAR SXA. The open Polar sen laid down- by Ran* and Hays Is found to bo in raaHfva seaad or con siderable extent, formed by the somewhat ab rupt expansion of fPennedv Channel to the northwart, and broken by Lady Franklin's bay on the ??*, aad on tfco east Vy nJaqga Inlet length was not ascertained, and Mr. Myer thinks It may be, in fact, a strait, extending till it communicates with the Franais Joseph sound of the Qermania and Hansa expedition, and with It defining the northern limits of Greenland. This Inlet was called the South ernF.ord. North orit. on the same side, i? the indentation of the shore. eallcd Polar* hny by C ipfain Hall, where the PoUru ?uUr?cl in latitude M degrees 3S north. The northern point of the bay wan ntmM ape Lnpton Its southern point is yet with ?*T * nhme.*From Cape Lupton the laud tren-1* te the northeast, and form* the eastern shore 01 a new ehannel, from 23 to M mils* wide, opening out of the sound above mentioned, to which Capt. Hell, as has already been stated, gave the name of Kobcson straifv The western shore of the* straits, Borta of Orinnell Land. of Cape Lnpton, Han v* ' * inlet, which Capt. Hall called Newman'* bay, naming lt? north ern point < ape Brevoort, and its southern blurt Snmner headland. From Cape Breroort the north erd ot the land continues to Kepulse harbor, in latitude 82? 9' north, THR HWHFST WORTtTKRS POSITION reached by land during thin expedition. From an elevation of 1,700 feet at Repafce harbor, on the east side os Robe on strait*, the land con tinues northeast to the end of these strait-, an 1 thence east and southeast. until lost in the dis tance, its vanishing |<oint bearing south of ea?t from the place or observation. No other land was visible to the northeast, but land wan seen on the west coast, extending north a* far as the P? c? ,d 'each, and apparently terminating in a head land near latitude *4 north. Mr. Meyer also state* that dlr*ctl v to the north he observed, on a bright.lay. from the eleTation mentioned, a line apparently circular in form, which was tl ought by other observers to be the WBt.'r hc suWK*eJ 10 indicate open The report closed by saying of t. -7.H* H*81 LTS Of TBK EXPLORATIONS, that besides ascertaining accurately the condi tion and e*t?nt ot what was before supposed to aTJi ? ?l>fn Pol*r 8ea< discovering the soatbern *?ath?oet and Kohespu straits to the i, er wMe of water be extending by examination and survey coast line on the east to latitude 62 a <fLobservation somewhat further, pro longing the west ooast to the northward, an.l reaching with the Polaris under steam the hig'i latitude of 6:" 1.;'north, a joint far beyond the limits ot all previous navigation towards the pole, errors in the shore line of the west coast, as laid down bv T?r. Haves, and also errors in the shore line oi Greenland, as laid down bv I>r. Kane, were observed and corrected. Of oourec the full scientific results of the Polarii cannot be known until that yessel shall have been found ant brought back with the treasures she has gathered and therecords and details of her An tic explorations. But enough is told bv the witnesses to excite expectation an.l encourage the b<'j?e of large and valuable additions to the domain ot human knowledge. The report is accompaniea by a diagram ot the explorations of the I olaris, executed bv Mr. F. Meyers, one ot the ice-tloe party. ? . * . S.ArT" "ALf.'S LAST DTSrATc TI ' Cape Brevoort, north side entrance to Newman s Bay, I at. *?_? <ieg. 3 min. nort'i, long ?d deg. min. west, October M. 1871. Captain Ha I sajs up to that time everybody was well, aiul all had high hopes of accomplishing their great misfcion. He says rhe country was micli SL.Tw'*L k1"1 expected to find, an 1 Tiiat If with S^aN. \ ^.9P{4(3 ,|..pi musk cattle, rabbits, wolves, luxes, bears, par tridges, lemming, \c. TYSON'8 TESTIMONY. Capt. Tyson was examiued at great length bv the secretarv. He stated that l?efore th - Po laris sailed, Capt. Hall ofter>*d him the losition or sailing-master, bat that subsequently he se cured the services of Buddington, for the rea son that Tyson declined the ap(>oiutment. He heard that Capt. H. was sick about an hoar af c!!t i i? r?turn from a sledge journey. Capt. H. said that he felt sick at the stomach. Tyson suggested an emetic, and Hall said he was bil ious. In less than twenty-four hours he becamc ?Alter he had been sick seven or ?U . J9.' Sot better; he talked rationally, ana went to writing about his business. But he ?still appeared to be thiukingon one subject: he tiiought some one was going to injure him he was very suspicious; he seemed to think some body was going to poison him. In his first de 'Ll.U,m., HafCU8ed about everybody; he accused Cant-Buddington and the doctor of trvina to do film an injury, but when he was up and ai> abouT i hn t"h he dlJ UOt **7 ?nything to me about it, but he was very particular what he U>ok. He had a clerk there, Mauch. I believe he would make him taste all the food or wine or mwt'clne that he took. Capt. Budding on came te film at night and told him , . /. APT*?J' "Af.L WAS DYING. Went in the cabin and found Hall Irlng on hi? ta?>r in the berth insensible. His face apt>eared to be buried in his plltow. and he was breathing heavy, and so be died. He never said a word had no sane moments before his death. Before his death there had been some little difficulty between Captain Buddington and himself, ft was before he started on his journey. Captaiu f?L was about suspending Captain Boddlngton trom duty, but he passed it over. The difficulty waJ Buddington*s foul language about the shin and his taking anything he could lay his hands' Lr0.T ? y^01" alout the ship. ^ i i was ?oinK to Put him ort duty, and asked Tyson what he thought of It. Tyson objected, as he thought it would be stage' "P ship's company at au early ( APTAIl* HALL AXD THE DOCTOR did not get along very well. The dsctor never had any words with him, however. Captain Hall was sometimes a little stern with the dor tor, and d.d not think the doctor was ouahri 'd for his position; he said so, but Tyson think9 the doctor rid not have any words with him. AFTER !U'DIM NO TON TOO R COMMAND ? Aakl i># wovld btj d d if anybudj fhOQld do anything, but he allowed Tvs6n to attempt an exj>edition with the boats. Buddington was frequently drunk onalcohol, which he got f>om l>r. Bessel s stores. The doctor once ,!laid for him and caught him stealing the alcohol, and quite a tussle over it. Us believes Buddington saw them on the ice tloe, and when the Polaris in safety knew they were about to be abandoned by Oie vessel. Before Capt. Hall left the ship for his sledge journey he said to 1 yson, referring to Buddfugton ??! camiot trust that man. I want to go on a sledg ? Journey, ?nd 1 want you to go vitli me. but I don t know how to leave him on the ship, j want to go on this sledge journey, and I want to reach a higher latitude than Perry did before my return. Tyson understood that many of I ?t^PiT.' HALL 8 PAPERS W1KI BTRMRD, but could 1?1 say who did It. He suggested to Bnodington that the papers ought tcMbeboxed iu<d sealed, and Buddington replied, " Iiamn his papers Subsequently Buddington told him that: while Hall was delirious he (B.) cot wo1!! -i?h h'8 Buddington said he was glad they were burned, because they con tained much against him. 6ai>t. Tyson further V re a,t'on,to c*Pt- ^eath, that I r. Bc^el haiit h\? disease wad apoplexy. The doctor gaye him his nedicine, and at times he strongly objected to faking it; at other times he th? riVt 'iT e' 1 y8on thou?ht at the time tpat Capt. Hall came to bii< death naturallv raTt*!^ H' ^ on l,oar,I ,he Bhi? that il foul Capt. Bud<iington rejoiced in his death and ht, (T>son) tKlieved that It relievedsS^eSf the scientific i arty of some anxiety. Cant. Bud diii^ton sa'd that he was rel.eVed oYa great load by the death of Hall. The latter w/uted fUlA "*en ^ d" M he ?id. and they wanted to do as the* pleased. He wanted them to do their worft in hii war and thAv to d? lt '1tbeir own w?.v- It referred^o .Vi ey ,T-*re doi3fc ana not 10 ^Knce from "ot know of anyserious n?i?y between Capt. Hall and any of the TBS TXST1MOSY Or MR. HIY1K8 was mainly corroborative of the evidence of res of the remedies employed ?-ae tima^n^f injections of ouinine. Paring the was partially recovered he had ?t?n!!op. up the command of the h.*p Bnddinsten. That is, he called him into the cabin, and told htan ho would siva ??P?. . command to htm; that be would hire tho>papers made out immediatelT* hot ha aia not do It. Meyers he"rdCapL&.| ]L^th. CapCBuadl^^ ?fltafVSn then ma tin boa. Of Bud dington's drunkennea? Meyors tsetiOM ?? h. BSunhwhen we gotbasK with this tostaoo. I There was only aloohol on board, and ho would bssw beverages out of the alcohol; It was in the hold, and he hat tree access to It I do not know what he made of It; all that I know Is that he used this alcohol: that,1s, I heard of it. i Ik was very common with hliirwhenever there was any danger, that ho would like to drink." W1 but 4>o?i >tal, enough to M done. t JHCTlin ISfce !!?>?* ' r ^*"3 ij I cup wi coiim: in ? Utue While very sfok and vomltiag." He was stok the first time two or three daya. Complained of Man * sad bone-aehe. After ho got | Wm?T#ryaajaaah4hW establish in this city. Mr. iMdmh Bait. Sun, 9tk. nwnpini T?? Maim k*rc?i tio* net (d Fnnsoi Eugene vm elected i lot for Ootmr * number of votes, l,^ Jave*M.BtoiMtssi:: 6. N?1m? DiuW.'l nated. Iki ftttthlifin tr$?*ma*kl??l&t something the matter with he id. Did not know anything. Perhaps crazy. He did not know ... ?;<* continued bin ?? follow* J-apt. Hall callid me u> *tav with him. After he got better I asked him what made him sick He *jys. "I don't know.'' Everybody went t?? breakfast. I staid with h'm. I s.Jd f was very glad he ww better. He mid: ??! hare been *c,?: <"?? t know whetlier 1 will live or not." I asked bim. "Do you know what is the matter "" He says: "I can't tell what is the matter bad STorua.Ji; very kad storna.h." After getting breakfast I wanted to find out what was th" matter with him. A mau came down into the r?*oJ",.a." h2! r*;;' TtJ,1n* to m,> more. After that Hnnnah<1 to him. Erery morning I ? as absent sea! hunting I overheiu-d Captain Haddington talk about Captain Hall. I winted to near, ( upturn Buddington ?at<l he *u tick I>id not know me. Once in a while he called, ''Halloo. Joe;" then did not know me. 1 wo nights bo was very sick Died two nights and one day alter. Once Joe gave bim a glass ot water, but he could not swallow, aiui it came from hi* no?e. Capf. Hall told him the made him sick. He said to doe. "Bad 2LV*S:otrZ< twel " *,ter * while; burn stom iln the niornltig of Capt. Hall's death Buddington told Joe the former was dring Joe went to see him arid found him dead. Joe produced a writing desk containing some of Capt. Had a papers, which he turned over to the cemmisston. HARWAH. .TOE'S \riFK. testified .V Captain Hall said the coffee made him i.ek; that it was too sweet for him. When something was the matter with his head, and he was hallooing and talking, he s|?.keot some body having poisoned him; but onlv wnen he was crary. Wimese did not beneve he ?v poisoned. He told Hannah to take care of his papers, get them home and give them to the Secretaiy. It anyth>ng had happened to the Secretary to give them to someone else. After his death she told Cant. Haddington of this charge several times. He said he would give them to her by and by. The night the Tyson party lett the ship Hannah asked the dre'm-tn *iV?iV pumping how the ship was, and he sai.l all right. He said. "Tou need not carry any thing more out. you will came aboard alf right to-oigbt. She staid down in cabin a few min utes Capt. Buddington told her to go on ice. and take her things with her. She told him that lineman said ship all nght. He replied ??ever jou miuJ.Ukc little girl ai?l goon ( tefTinionT of the Esquimaux, Hans Christian, was unimportant. Koeial <'h!t-< hat. <>ne of the most peculiar and moat fashionable combination* of color is < suge-grecu and light blue. V> alking in Central Park i? becoming more and more fashionable. Dozens of s*yll?h e.juipagrs can every day be seen Handing on the, while their whilom occupant are strolling about the "Kamble." So many New Torkers have been to Parv late y thai ihey coustantlycompareui.favorably the"Central Park Garden"wttb the M usar le.'' and demand lately an open-air garden on the plan ot that famous Institution. The French fashion of living out of >lw B> enife to be i oming into favor. Our most fash ionable peoj le repslr to their balcon e* imme diately aiiei dinner, there to smoke, chat, re ceive calls, play cheat,, aud what not, as Ion* i* the twilight People are remaining in town unu?ua'ly late this year. The avenue la still throng Ion Sun oay mornings, la<t.e9 are nuni rou* at the *ar uen, and the Central Park drive?* are btill gay with the vehicles which, at this time of the year, are usually to be seen on "V?cean avenue, the ?? Pt'int plain, or the road toSarati >a lakes. A. 1. Mail. Affairs ik St. Mary's Cootv, Md. Tht ConiUmr>' i .Men, J<icit?n?In reply to in quiries which have been made of us as' to the mental aud moral condition of the condemned marderer, Jackson, we have to say that he ha< as yet made no confession or acknowledgment in reference to the crime for which ho is to die on the 11th of July neat. So far as we have been able to find out, neither the nearness tHK the certainty of his death has as yet outwar Jlv impressed his. mental v or morally. He main tains all ot his old self-possession and coolness, and appears still to be unencumbered with anv profound religious impression. Preparations tor tlio hanging ot Jackson hasalreadv been commenced by the sherttt, whose arrangement* now embrace every proper precaution for the safekeeping of the condemned mai until, and thei preservation of order and the enforcement of tne law on. the dav of his execution. _??*"*? Cw*.?The timely seasons of last week enabled our tobacco planters generally to pitch their tobacco crops, to plant at least all the lend they had readv. and the plant* are growing oft finely, though we have beard some comfiiaints of the ground worm. Corn, also has a premising showing, and vegetables of aH Kinds are improving under the favorable effect* ol the late rains. The wheat crop, though in sections taken with rust on the blade. * con urdnj ',,rcd 'being now too far advanced to be seriously affecte d by this blight. Har Lm^'iLg ha* already partially commenced, and will become general in the course of a tew davs ?J*r county. An average yield is antici pated.?Leonardtm,-n (M<t.) i/ea^oa. Arbmtof.a Mimibtbr IK WiLMtnoro*. X. xY? I' ^v*r,*n. formerly or Kali Kiver Vs?s but for some time past a resident ot Wil ; mington, N. C., was arrested in that city Mou day morning, on the charge of attempting to obtain valuable letters trom the post oflloe , ui;der fraudulent pretences. The Wilmington Star says he was taken before a justice, and under solemn nrom'se? to appear for examina tion at 3 o clock p. m., he was releas3d on bail A tew minute* later he took the cars for Gold*-' I boro , aud tailed u> appear tor examination. A telegram was subsequently received from Friday"'11^ 11181 Lt: mou,d ret"rn to the city on IxStrVFICIKMT Pckishmemt Some month* Ago the civilize<i wot Id wn* allocked br the etory ot the emigrant >hip N'orthtield belni ruu Udo and sunk oil the Ki JlUh roast by the gp^u f Muril?l0' bX which over three huu dred lives were lost. The collision wa< alto of the Spaniard, and to his recklessness was added the inhumanity or steaming oil without see ng what damage he bad done or what assista: ce he might render The captain of the Munllo his Unfe beenon Z'fi ? Cadiz, and has e^ape., w th the alt? gether msuthcient punishment of a rep-im ?n<1 and suspei.sion troiu comn ai d for nine mouths. How Thby Masaoi Childkkk's ErrrE SrCe ^.1!^ N*U V"?K?The N. w Vork Tlmoe' nrst children s excurfon or the season will tak-> place on Saturday next, ai.d will embrace over taousarnl children from the six mission and lrid us trial.schools of the children's aid society The supplies for the occasion will consist of tour Frll'h ^Tt"" ?' bread and tiuoen hundred !S v 8lXty !?UOiig Of beef, seventy-fire tounds of ham, thirty pounds of tongue, one W-/ butter, fiitsen hnn-tr.-d pounds of h.fn J ?uear, one box of lemons, four <1Uar 8 m,,k> rhree hundred and fifty ijuarta of ice cream. Thb IlAjiK of Emilakd Fob.;Brs -Mac Dcnnsll and the other Bank Of EiiKland forwri wye?t?rdV betoi4 the i5)ri* t,L? on- 1 he attorney for ?he Crown look occasion to suitabfe acknowledg ment of the services of Min'ster Schenek and *'? W,? "thorities in seenringtheextra ditionof M^cDonneli. All the paters in fh? 10 ""<?iS Thb ecAVON ot the year having arrived when 8uV!;t2'^?? ^ to be looked for, nhysiclail we tuidanc, 'o don't want to be struck. They ars totdtowsal? 8tr%w hits, S?oitgci m tbd head k#i#n in Hi* shade, drink but little, keep off mentaPexclt?? ment. never ran or walk fast, eat llghtlv and rteep In eool rooms. There's only oSe wwd ?** 'M Tout sSiSS?! i of tia gf. 8UTDCl^tuu7T|thAB* to payaftaeer^W ? ?KWand TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB Tbli KUnwil DUMtclWt ASSOCIATED rRISS REPORTS, flew T?rk *? the kiiti mncmnrrt. N?w Tou.Jaw j(?-W?rr*ti?? for h?x i.ot l?fa i?ned ai"lM Km a?'w ring m ai-o Ui? district ttiurrty MpnoiK wdl !?? *er \ t-4 until Monday, on which day the court ot oyer and terminer will be in mmi. SL>Uidv H?mf to regard thrliNlirt?riit? w idt thing more tiias part of a bitter poltliowl fight kv? ou band. tun RriMT voatt icr art*. Tbe I'nited State* marshals ofl<-e r'mplrtM U riknuvMf *ubp<? tias yesterday iti tt?ee-4ui'y ? ait against tbc IniM lVilf railroad sou. l?tit,ii?4il iwkilMr of Amrrioaaad otkwi. S?hu* ot the respondents are la Kurope auJ ?err subfxrnaed through their ooeReal. THmtmor thi laromi ? bo If charged with *r> defraud the ([oifTiwut ot oat a large amount of tiaUea on Mrnun shaw Is is J. H alia. Several cases ot mixed gtv?ds and a .]?*ntitT of Mark lace were taken in Moath (<rert awd elsewhere ye-terday by curton odloem. A heavy sell are ti< *i*,> made in Baltic street Brookfyn. ruDiiu a a trrtAL. in the roit or .lames Held .t Co. to aet Mile a judgment for eT.iW. the T*l?e of a cargt> m ? h)4t entered at the ca?*oai bouae by ateari ot alleged fraudulent practices, rrlkrwiM *a? obtained by the govern a^at to 4?tamitM ? bether the" whisky had been entered without intentional fraud At the reanmotion of the relrrf?oe ??4et<lar, (? iiuayft .lohn O Strang testified that a hen" he was in the custom ho ear. Mr..'artw threatene<1 to lock htm upia l.ud>ow street Jail If he refused to sign a certificate paper the content* of- which were not dis allowed, and to earape persecution he did sign it, and subsequently he waa told by Javae tRat be < w itness^ would lose his nlaoe it he c<?ald not remember that Reld A Co had oftered to bribe him to nuderfntfe the wbi*ky In question. puth or a a rx-m. c. Horace F Clark, president ?t the I,aks Shore and I'nioti Pacific railroad companies, awl son in-law of Commodore Vandorbllt. died in this city yesterday ot rheumatism of the heart,In the .V?tb year .?t bia aire. He was a metabor of the C.tb aiMl >th ( unjjn'SM*. and aince bin re. tiremt-nt from politic* Las been identified ?ith bufines" interests In thlscity and railroad pro gre * and development of the west. THI COLOKKD CinZH" 09 IIBO-'KLTf rejoiced laat evening over the adoption of the civil right* bill by the late legislature, and strongly denonnced the exclusion of colored children from the public schools. COL J"H* HAT, of tlie New York ft .(**??. ?a? suddenly calked wept last night by dispatchcs aunoum ;ug the death of hi* younger sister at War?aw, III. thikk ?iu sevrwcasrs or nm?riiottt and more are expected to-day. A cool breeve, however, at thin noon, counteract* t? .suae ex tent tbc effect of the hot sun. A KE.' Ei TXD AM> PE'ft TEP ALLtOATdh. Somel?ody at Louisville forwarded to Pre*l dent tirant'at Kong Branch, for hi* son lease. a live alligator lour teet long. .Icsse declined the prevent, and the I'reaident paid the express charges, Ml, leaving the alligator w th the baggage man. The monster receiving no Pres idential pap. became defected and died. Mini Aalhonj't Arromplim. 1HK PHriCM I or JtlKM. Cakaviiaioi a, N. V., .Inne :M? The luotioti for a new trial In the ca?e of .lone* and other it -|>ei'torH of election. Ac , wai> thm morning d? 1*1 ed. I*pon b? ing a-he.l it he had anything to w?y why Kiitriiot -liould not l>e pronounced, Mr. '.loneV atone acd said. *-Your Honor ha" pMniouno-d me guilty ot a crime The jury taa* had but little to do with It. In the perform ance ot my duty a* uirfirrtur of election, which |?*>itioii I have held lor the laat four year*. 1 acted conscientiously, faithfully, and accord ing to my judgement and ability I did not be ll,-ve that I had a rigid to reject the bal lot of a citizen who ottered to rote, and who t'jok preliminary o^th* aid aiu>wer<sl all qu?tlon? prescribed bv law. Tue instruction* furnished me t>y the Mate authorities declared that 1 had no ancb rig'it. As lar ae the recisterlng of namoe are con cerned. they would uevcr have boen placed u|<on the registry If it had not l?een for Warren, the democratic tmperv-isorof election ap|-oin'e 1 by thm court, who not onlv advised regtwtry, but addream-d us Mty ing: ''^ ouug men, do you know the penalty of tlie law it you reiuae to register tbefe namesand after my dutlea faithfully and honestly and to rhe best of mv abilities, if It is to vindicate the law that 1 am to be imprisoned. 1 willingly submit to the penalty." ?ach of the defend ants appealed to the honesty of their intention* in their actlcn*. Tbey were to pay a fine of fiS cadi and the coat* of proeecution,fJO. ? Wall Ntrret I wan wreet Ia-ttay. New York, dune 20?Gold Opened at 115a, dcclmed to TlSw, and is now lt.t^a\. On go. I loan" the rate# Lave been S to 4 for carry in* It is expected that pre-j>aymeat without rebate ot tLe duly inteieal will begin to a lew <l?y?. Foreign exchange ia firm, with bustiices oti a hasi? of 110a1, for prime demand aterliug, and 1>?9a\ for aixty day*' nominal rate* at l<#4all0* respectivety. " Money on call baa been lent at ta5. and prune mercantile |>aper ia quoted at d^alt. The supply of i?a|?er u> the market is small. Government bonds acre lower than ycaterdav at the first board, but at the s?oond call recovered ?a\ per cent. Bouthern atate bonds at the board were steady on a business ot aUO.dVJ. Tbe stock market has all ruled lower than yes terday, as a result of the death of Horace P. Clark. I'mon Pacific opened at '?i, baring closed yesterday at ^4, an 1 baa aiuce Auctaat* d between 27 and S k. Lake Krie has fluctuated between {?! ^ and 91 and has been compara tively little afiecteu. ? IXla LaM Hwake. "a bio dat roa wa." G*or<*btow*, 1>kl., June 'At.?Joe Burton, a negro, convicted of ra|>e on the person ol a white girl, aged 14 years, was executed at 12.45 to-day. He slept well last night. He was at tended on the gallows by his spiritual advisers. After prayer, in which the condemned joined, he was asked if be had anything to say. He replied: "I am not guilty of "the charge. The drop fell precisely at ill minutes to 1 o'clock, ana in 15 minutes he was pronounced dead. He was com(M>sed tbr<??ghont. Atrer dressing himself he called for a cigar, which he seemed to enjoy, and remamed. ??This is a big day for me." t'nder the state statute* only thirtvapec tators were allowed to be present." He <iied ot suffocation. His body was delivered to his friends. t'roiu hirepr _ ? I'AVIIIU OTT THK CAKLR. I.oxtvis, June ?A dispatch Horn the steamship Great Pastern, dated noon Thurs day. ref>orts that she was then in latitude S3. 35. long. 24. 44. Six hundred and four miles of cable had been paid o?t. RRSIORRTt. A special iii?patch from Madrid to the 7)ai'fy A>r? Lieut.-General Soclav has resigned bis commission In the arm\ in consequence of the ?ipl- inUncnt ot Senor Lstrenex as Minister ot Laeea'i iMvoree. New YoRR.June an.?Judge Ingraham. in the Supreme Court, has granted an af?-rfute divorce in the case of Pauline Lucca aga*nst her husband. Baron \ on lUioda. with leave to marry again. The plaint:It was also award d the custtnly of their child No counsel api?eared tor the Baron. The platmitf*s complaint aet forth that she was married in Berlin. Nov. 2$, 1861; that her husband subsequently bred a profligate lire, aqnandered her earnings aud associated improjierly with women of Berlin. a A BallrMd Harder. Norwich, Conn., June *b? The fireman. George Harvey, who was ao fearf ully braiaa-l aud scalded last Sunday morning at the rail road disaster at Dayavtlle. died to-day. Tbe rascals who caused the death of this young man bare not yet been oonviotod. Tha three tramp* who were at the rntae of the train en Sunday and were confined in Cbe city prison on a?n picien, were uleawd for want of evidence. Three men were also arrested In DajerUie yes terday, bat were released. oSSL Ly.'tki!!y jyi t*r ?de of the 1? ^ tT'nTai s" l?^ a^ahetT?j United sutes fleet < ' ~ " the passes are eh ??d each rear 1mm fA'^A^sr. i&aruyccaa ccaaTuTproaecatlonof^ fcr""0?? Sam P*a?cimoo. Jaae ?n the line ef the Northern Pacific railroad'

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