Newspaper of Evening Star, June 20, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 20, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. < RIWHI H. S?TM tutor. Beading Matter on E?ery Page Lartrst Cimlatioo in the District WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY iaif 20, 1H71. The Hl?r By Mall. persons leaving the city for the mraraT, or inv |.?rtion of it.can h <?e Tin Star mailed to their ai'.drex* for such time a* they desire, at the rate of fifty ctnts per month. Orders, accom panird by tb?* money. should be sent ts ?hebn"l ncss office ot the paper. The P*to?H? Kipe4Uloa. Secretary Kobeson,1n reporting the results of the investigation upon the Polaris matter very properly gives the testimony of the rescaed par ties, even where it seem* to bear hard upon those who are now absent on the Polaris, and v ho have no chance of defending themselves. The secretary is right in holding that it is better tbu> should be pnb!tshtd as given rather than that it? snpprtseion shonld be made the fonnda t on of *rii!>ationa. and alarming reports. Tbere teem.* no good reason to suppose that the party cn the ice-floe were wantonly deserted t.y Capt. l;uddm?fon, and tWngh the evidence, we re gret to say, does not satisfactorily clear up the suspicion that Capt. Hall was foully tle?it with, there Is nothing to implicate Haddington. to be a Muff, outspoken, impulsive it,an. whose worst fan It is an appetite for drink. It Cspt- ITall was p? isoned, it * is by a cooler I. and than Haddington's. It must have been d >ne by some on* baring a knowledge of chem istry, ard of the action of different poisons npon the human stomach. and of the strength of the do*es to be given with proper interaus sons. so that the death should not be suspi ciously snddm. Capt. Mall told the Ewqui nanx, Joe, that his cortee had been noisoned ? that he felt a ''burning" sen at ion at the stomach after drinking it- This li the well It i os n -ensation t rom the action of poison on the stomach. As Capt. Hall at stages of his sickness seeiueu U? be laboring under halluci 1 ttions of mmd, it would not be right to attach to? much importance to what ha said in this respect. Should the missing crew of the Po laris be found, perhaps the matter may be cleared op. At present the mystery is rather intensified than solved by the discrepant testi uiobv of the part} on the ice-tloe. ? ?????? __ The tax bill as it passed the House of Dele gates levies two dollars on each one hundred dollars of the assessed value of real estate In Washington and Georgetown, and one dollar and fifty cents in the county. The rates last year were one dollar and seventy cents in Vashington, one dollar and forty-five cents in t. org? t wn. (besides, -pecial tax ot twenty-five cents for erecting school building.) and one dollar in the county. The *2 tax on property in the City of Washington is "divided" a? fol lows in the bill now pending: For general fund of the District of Columbia, fory-eight cents: pas tor street-lamps and pnblic buildings, twelve cents, (Ust year Jt> cents); Metropolitan police, twelve cents, (last year 15 cents1; pay E.fnt of salaries of teachers lu the public schools, including colored school.:, twenty cent.-; other expenses of the public schools, including colored schools, thirteen cents, (the aggregate for schools last year ?m33 cent*, same as this provide*); interest on bonds of the District of Colun Via, thirty-two cents; interest on water stock and bonds of the District, four cents; n terest on bond-of the city of Washington, thirty-four cants: sinking fund of the District of Colombia, twenty five cents. The division jroposcd in Georgetown by the bill is: For general tund ot the District of Columbia, forty cents, gas tor the street-larai* and public budd ings, seventeen cents, (la?t year 15 cents); Metropolitan police, seventeen cents, (last year 15 cents); rapport of the public schools, including colored schools, twenty-five cents, (last year 28 cents); school building fund, fifteen cents, (last year 23 cents); interest on londsof the District of Columbia, thirty-two rents: interest on water stock and bonds, four cents; interest on bonds of the city of George town, twenty-tive cents; sinking fund of the District of Columbia, twenty-five cents. The division in the county of Washington proposed 1 y the bill is: For general fund of the District ?f Columbia, thirty-one cents; Metropolitan lolice, twelve ceuts, . last year 10 cents); sup l-ort of the public schools, including colored schools, tlty-cents. <same as last year); interest cn bonds of the District of Columbia, thirty two cents; sinking fund of the District of Co lumbia, twenty-five cents. The pending bill provides that the taxes levied by it shall be collectable from and after July 1st, 1373; and f r all payments that shall be made in advance of the expiration of the fiscal year ending Jnne 3". 1K4, the Collector of Taxes is instructed to allow an abatement of three-fourths of one per centum per month for each, and every month so paid in advance. For toe fiscal year just closing, the abatement wasoue per centum per month. It is rather mngh on the New York World tiiat it gets no credit for its imprisoned corre spondent. Hradlaugk. 1 he public got so used to looking npon the Jf'rahl as having the only genuine, unadulterated stock of incarcerated correspondents that they won't patronise any other shop. The Maryland democratic state central com* mittee met in Baltimore yesterday, and fixed August 1-th as the time for holding the demo cratic state convention, which u to nominate candidates for ofl;ce ?>f controller of the treasu- I r\ ai.dclcta'-' the court of appeals. ^ ews being dull at "the How," the boys are ftgaia sending out rumors that Secretary Uich- . ardson is about to resign and go Into business at Parts. The rumor appears to have no more foundation than tho?t heretofore made and de- 1 ?M. 1 h* Wkeklt Star, now ready, contains a l the n?ws of the past week; proceed ings of the District Legislature; public ??. hoe>l examinations; latest and best tales, !* ems. sketches and fashion items; together With WjUrosUiig local news, Washington news and gossip, agricultural items, household re ceipts, &c., &c. Term*. One dollar and a half per annum, in advance; single copies five cents, m wrappers, ready for mailing. ALAS Til K LObuB Mo. 11, It. of P - The a'f requested to attend the regular ws*tiDf or MOSDaY IH'iHT. June 23. KL P. i? C. A. T Ciii*?UIMf?r>ii>dar*tq 1 he L' ?i*e Mrnib-rs of Meter l<??*? mf- r?.|?e?-ifnl1y il* it, (1 to be irrtfM By order ef ibe b z-, )+* U A. L, SMITH. * ?< B. a B. r^3*MASO!ll?'-A IUd.nI C- awoasMoa ..f E.A UWr IAHITI R. ? IHAPTBB. Bo.4, will is ts'd us SATCRbAY BYES IB<>. ioas SI .at 7 S> o'clock. AU B. A MasvLS in good?landing are (i itiriiitl) invttod. Bv ,>rder ?f the Chaster. j.?,* JuHS BI>\*1* MA80* . SecT. I SI' S, tolHit, KJllQHM OB L.y PY1BIAS ?The mrmVr* ars earnestly re Vurated t^ at lead tne next stated meeting FBI ?AT. >awe 8 adeck f. ? . as b?Taesa of in.portage wHI be traasaeSsd, beatdas the nomioa Jtua uf ?Beera f- r the -ututnn torss jett a- W. BALLACX OBAXT.K of B.a^S. BP It I A b IOT1C r The COBBCB BTOSB or ' BAPTIST CHl'BCB. B st? TBB VSW L1BKBTY ? ? m m ? ? wu l suu ? n.? twtvpft ITth and lAb, n .rthsaat will be laid no MONDAY,the Stt of June, e lo'cl.<k Tbe ?ef\tc?w wttl bec"nd?cted aeeord i ? t. ?h- ima< ?lng cersm.^alss m the rites of the Baptist faitb. The'l*dic?Mrr sermaa will be deliv ered b) Um Be*. Joan Jasraai of Bichm->ad T?. jl??* rr^IfOTU B -We, the a^dervteaed dealers In UJy PABC1 aod B1LLINKBT uO^fMi aad BO TTOMS. will dose onr fturw from thisdats uatil fr-pten.Der M, at T o'efnek p. m : B O 1MV?, Ml Market Spaee. LOCBWOOD, HCFTY * TaI LOB, 193 Pens S) l?ao.a aseww? fi UaLLBB.KaristSpace. M SILVBB MRS I UVK,Mll*rytl|?(. C. W rtjlj#? Market Ssae* B B OITTTB88, B#V Market Space, between StbaadMfc*<??l>. _ _ f txulnp i(i cas-<e __ . 'kwooJ, ucftt a taylob. flLYBB. t BKLLBB. C W. COY. Vlt lw . fbs stctsratW aaAanl bs MaMMnf aaAaal'^SSr' ola Hall. rismiiAL ami* rownrkcial. The W?'l street markets continue dull, with ? I ?culative i>l ?rm heavy an?l on the decline. I'uici^u t .cLau^c U dall.nilh the biuiuM* nominal rates. Quite * n|'vn waa oc casioned in the nione\ m ?rket yesterday, arising frimthe innoanctni-ut that secretary Rich a:daon contemplated re<i|iliu. Gorernineut bond* are dull and declining. Cotton still con tinues firm. toteramenl Mrirllin. Jsy Coofce A t' >. fnrn.?h th- f 1 lowing to di?" /;?? t S-W* Buii'c Sei't V S.6V 1*11 ... 21, IlV5?>-Ji..%Jy,\ift 1*\ 19-a i3'\ W1 15* tt\ 5 ??'-Jn.tJ7.M7 ?'? ?>'* IX -,1-4 IS, I.s\|5 Si-JuiJjr.V l.\ 9'^ 5 30>. 1-feS 1<>\ 171?110 W? 12S 13 Nkw Yi??* ? Fib*t Board r 8.6'?. 1*>1 .. ..?Hi* au <,J*aAJtp,l*a. ? f ???., 1><>J IS* KMO's ll\ S-SUa, Wt las \ni"rican <1 >id 15', !*.'? 17 t'nrrwncy 6'? H', 5 >> s. Jan.l Jly, liS 19 !S:w Fites. It, 5 JUS Jai,AJlv."t?T Iw'.l ? TM ??rfctu, Juu- JO ?V rginla sixes, conadida t?d. to. W?t Virginia'*, W, Pid to-day. Bv^T.jaoSk, June 2b ?Uu(l>M eMi?r?low mid dlu g?, l , Fl -ur dull and unchanged. ffb>?t ?inie. Corn?white Southern active and u:g??ei ,72"J 7.1, yellow aonthern<|uiet u4 ?teadyJfrt; mived west ern dull, t>". l??'? dull. Hvi*, Hay an chant'*!. Provision* dnll arid nominal. M-sspork, 917'*?'*?}?*? MW-forH hurni, lifuli),. Lard, v,''U* w?M*ni l>ui:?r lrniM>l tucktiifi. Whisky QitH.BS. Bui'r smelting- 1. Stw York. Juii" Hi?Money ea*y, 4<S>5. Gold *t?adv. .8'jfT15*? 0 ?vernn,?ntedill and steady. Hkw York. Jana ;n ?Fli-ar dnll and h-?avy. V h-ai shade tinner. <">rn <|iiM aud nominally nn (UmiM. Lo>Dos.Jnr>eW,ll 30a. ni -CoMAtu op?n dat9I', for in ??>>?, 12furaco?nnt. B ?ndsof l.%?5, 92\, 1S87. i*?*4, lc fci s, 39, new fives, Erie,30-.. . ? THE WEATHER. War Dep??, (&rt ef Chief Si ma' Q/UtrA W A*Hl*';ro>, June 2u, H73, ll). W a m. \ 8t*.???!!> r?l THE PA?T TWESITT-rorK HOUR* ? T1 e laroaieter has ri?en over the gnlf *tat>-s. where 1" U highest. Tli* I- >weat, which on Thursday niorn i g, * a* t >ei Lake Suaerior, lias moved f??:? ard to tiortherii Men ?? :-l ?u I, followed b> freali and brisk waalerty t> l?ort'ierl> winds over the lake region. Occs*" nal rain area* have b -aii rep .rt.-d fro.nthe S> lawrenre ?all?' an.l northern N-w England, aDd t'r- ii' Borthweatam Loni? :in? to Indian Terrl tor) and Ai kan-i^ Clear n parlly cloudy we\th?r ha? <i?h. rwiae contained. Pr? KAB'LiTin-. ? >->r N?w Kniiland, ri?in^ ha romeler. freah and <>ccaaioTiaIli bii-k w**st?rly to northerly wlie*-, and fl--ar and clearing weather are jfol tl lr. For ti e ntddl* ?tat:*? and lower lake ra gion, ri?n?k; bar' m-ter, oc<-aeioaaHv bri^k wenterly to u 'rthai l> wiaila. and very ijenerallv clear waath mt t-'r the south Atlantic *tat??, clear wea her and liuht to fr> ?h w.-?terl> to nortlf-rly wjnd*. For the upper lake r. Rion, n.-rall> claar weather and licht ta fresh win l?, pr> babljr backinc to westerly ai<l ? ?n'herly. If ni Mnaoiiri and T'-nnesaee to a utherii Ohio, rlear ? r p:,rtl? ci-mly w?atlier, pos ?ibl> accompanied by oocaaional run "cm during the day, with ?>*iitle and fresh wind* For tha gnlf ?tat<'S.ea?t of th- M a-i^-oppi,gen- rally clear weath ?r and Unlit lo freah wiii'a, niuall) froui the south? w-at ai d w. ?t F <r the n -itliweat, ?h<* pressure will and-ably dimii ish. i'h ?onth--rir winda.but njorn ii'g tel"grapbic report* from tha P .eifle aiate*, 1; ?cKj n."fiiit iin->. Dakota, northern M:chna:i aud Kni.-M- are generally miasiug. l-OCAI. RECORD. Tha th rmi meter in the l>u?ln-"?s room of Th* ?t , a ofli e regj.<te?ed to-day aa f ?llow*:?8 a. m., 54, lu a. it. . SC. II in.. S3, 2 p tn .91 V. M. C A, COKNKU ?*rH AN'D D STREETS. [r^lllLBlRS'S POLAR SOD*. Tn KCOl I>K*7 AN ? BEST IN THE *OKLU, w:th pnre Fruit. Cream and other Syrup*. nypoT roi MINKRAL 8PUINU WATERS, Ku. 14Pvi>-vlvama, jeH-tr n? ar Fifteenth atreet. SOTl'.E TO I'HMDfCK DEALERS. 1 per?orn neenpring S ails or S'arf*!* tn tha Nortb< rn Market mu*t depoalt at tha C-dlector's Offlca.oa or bef .re Ih-1?t day or Jilt H73, th ir r. nt for su<-1i Stauda or Stall", a, a??.'a*a<1 by th > Con^misamners and Market Mt*ter, fur the period of * \ ?u>ntha. P'- a?e obaerve thi* notice, a-> all Sta?id-? whero the above is not coniplied with will be closed. ? B> uder of the Cotnnuaaioncrs. jl;-eo2w K. M' FaRLAND. Market M ??ter. [ Republican, J nrnal, eo2%v| KF f tr.rrLATlNO LlbRARY REOPENEO NRaIjLV iiOOO HEW BOoKH JOT ADDED. READING -Ryt'M FREE TO ALL. Dail) rrayr M.-etings 12:15. 6. and 9 p. m. fAUBATU SERVICE? : B !?!? Lessen at i 10. in Liucvlu H.vll.lcd by C <m m-<--i..ner of I'.dian Affairs. 8- rvice at Lincoln Hall at ? p. m jel3*tr jP^>OEOR(>E W HAI'PTMAN, Justiu ?f tk? le^y Htact, attends to all kinds of Claims and L? galbnoiuese, southwest corner of 11th an l O streets aorthweat. nayll-ly B^S?LEMOVaL ?The undersigned have this day r'-nioved from corner of N<-w Jersey avenne aiTT B street south to th?*ir new Btorer >oni and Warehouse,(southeast corner of name ajuare.lcor aer 1st and C streets southeast. Our increased facilities will enable n?to?npply onr customers GRoi ER1 Kb, Ac., promptly, and at prices as low as elsewhere. n.-?yJo 3ni QrUCK A BR(? nra>SCBKHCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS.-Theae pills are composed exclusively of vegetable iiigredient*, and although they entirely supersede the use of mercury,do not leave any of its in.orioua tffect*. They act directly upon the liver, and are a valcatde remedy in all cases of derangement result ing from a diw rdersd state of that organ, Liver r ... -l-i.* n. i 1,1 ? ? ?? "? ? ins :r-m a aia< raerea state of that organ. Liver C' n plaint, Bilious Disorders, Indigestion, Sick H-adache, Typlf-id Fevers, Ac., Ac .all succumb to the free use of Dchenck's Mandrake Pills. For sale hy all LrugglsU and Dealers. ml tr rasDl. A. PRATT, Graduate of Ohio Oollega of Dental 8?rgary,411 Tth street, hatwaan D FaUow^HaM.^jU. r^rRVM THE EARL1EIT A8U TO the present day, Scrofula has been the bans, a~, as It were, tha carse of manklad. Bo terrible and loathsome had been at some periods of the world's history that a person known to ha infected with It wauld not ha allowed to mix with society. Happily In our dap tha dtoeaae is stripped of Its terror hp tha ? ?? wauaeu ? sinppea oi iis terror Dy tns w of SaManiTAW's Root am Him Jtncu, and ^ 8cri<ala, Uleers, Sorsa, Pimples, ? mother strength moral oa .H.?.a ? m vwwvhvm UNtMl ?11 OTT nioru OS' Ccities to accept the reaponaibilitp which Calls anon r, to aea her aroatrated, losing sverv dap her ?treugth. feeling ladlp without heiog able to say why, but yet suffering enough to be utterly misera al la I This state of weakness and debility is mora fatal ta her than a severs spell of sicknsaa. f_>r tn that caae she will receive the proper care, aa in tha other ?be will linger months after months, not thtnhtng worth while to ses a physician about It. nntll nature, exhausted, givea out, and she Is carried to the erase, when a little precaution in proper time would bare spared her Ufe. To present, to cure, nothing can compare with ths LONU-LIFB BIT TERS of Dr. L. (//BERTRAM. Thar are a safe and Infallible remedy against malaria, dysnepeia, liveneaa, bihonaness, headaches, morning sick coe ssr lew, nnonra, neauacnea, morning sick to women. These ters, which are sold by all druggists, ars. to ac qnenca of their virtue and wi it ssi sssl ls taste, th medicine par trttllmt* for ladies. jS-tr CRE VERMONT MArLE Bl GAR, Six Pounds f*r ?i. v i/\ mr d ? ?- /-s a P ^ ELPHONZO TOCSGS X C0..G-ocer*, It Masonic Temple,cor. 9>h and F streets. J/REMI PRINT BITTER. FRESH PRINT BUTTER received w ekly from the l?rm of 8 T. Btnart,Loud<iun county, Va. For ?:?]? low by BRYAN BROS., 60* Pa. ave., ji-SU Jt I Rep.) Oppvieite Metropolitan Hotel. WOK AT 81IU8TKR * RROTIIER'8 lilSanl 'ii cent conntera; there are som- goods on tli-m worth donbleth*-money. jel9 St j^AAOJIlC REGALTZ Wear* prepared to furnish Maaonic Equipments for all Commanderies at FACTOR! PRICEd. CHAFEAIX. SWORDS AND BELTS. CCFFb, caps, tad every article pertaining to the Order. We guarantee all nits sold to be regulation. WILLETT A Rl'OFF, ma)S> lm >0> Peansylvania avenue. ESTABLISHED 1 Si 1 . JOHN O BakTUEL, STtAM MMK AND SCOURER, No. 114 Foe* AiO A Hur Stiekt, (One door South vf OoloBAtatiuu Mall.) I take this method of laformlng my frleads,pa tri-tia, aud the public ia geweral that, having recettt I) enlarged and refitted my STORE and DTEIMO EbTABLIPIlMENT with all the ajodern lmprove meats. thereby making It complete In all lu details, Vjiialed hy few audsurr lo perform in the very! rat notice all work intrusted ipecifaiiy solicit a call from i ~ perfermed in mp line, and ,at ia(action both In regard to the sops which nil ~ ' which wl. Ladkaa* and gresae spots i ing the whole gwi GantleMn%cMhaa cleansed withewt shrinking. Rid Gloves cleaneed at the shortest aotice. jelS-lp practical i&cm] ?ANUTACftftT. BNCOCRAGE HOME MANUFACTURE I TRUNKS REPAIRED AMP OOTUED. JAMES ft. TOrHAM * CO., HAKNhSS, SADDLE A9D TR0KM. MAN0 FACT V ILK HS, ?o. ?M BITIHT1 ITSRIT, ?est to OM FsUowi'BaU, Bare a large and choice staak ofganda ta their liaa, all at them our vmu maaafactme, f^diwlag af all .jBl SOLM LEA fissa.-a) Rememhs Jell ?M 7th street, ?11 |a i i ?> - '!"? i ?> JOSrPH J. MAY'S Pari* Kid <?lo?e Depot, V3? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE JT fr IN THE81 PRBMEUOURTOF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Holdtnt a Trrm. ,7?n? 17?a, 1*3. Intbeeaaavt Jofcn Rhgh,*<mii,i?trat -r of JAMES READY, d"Ct??<1. tli- tdinini.trator atormaid bne, with the approbation of lb* Supreme Court of tba IiiMnct of r IniiiMa aforesaid, appointed TUESDAY, Jul? H*tt, A. D ISM, for th* flnal aettl?aant aari distribution of the p*r?onal-mat- of ??id Aaoewd. ml of th> MWt> in band, a? far aa the ninr k?Tr bin collected and turned into m >ney; wh?n and *Vr? all tb? creditor* and heir* of ?ai<1 d-fffd are notiflxd to attend, with their claim* pr?p?Hy mocked. or th?"? mar otb-rwiae by It* b? ?xrinded fro* all baneflt iu aaid itw- a*>-d'. entate; ProvMad, a copy of thi* ard?r be ptiMi*bed once ? weak far threa twtl In The Star pi eTions to tba 0nj,^ * j-?fjf 'A. WEBSTER, Re?i*ter of Willa. ^WXISGI, FOB PRIVATB RESIDENCES. H0TBL9, PUBLIC BUILDINGS, MAN UFA CT i'H E It BT M 0. CVPBLANB, 643 LOUISIANA AYENUB. CAMP MEETING TBNTS aud 0LAGS for *ale or rant. jH-tr LO?iK AT SHUSTEB ? BROTHER S 1IIS and ?J* rent com t<r?; th?r<' are noma g>>oda o> them worth double the money. j?l>-lt 200loox.." CH',.,C" OKANOli, a ooo San Ri*? rorOANUTS. lO caakn FRENCH PKIJNEM. Juil rmit,<l. JN ) W LUMSDON, jl* .It aOH 9tli *t., opposite Centre Market. ^\OlD THE EFFECT OF THE HEAT. The ALE ALINE EFFERVESCENT APERIENT Cool* the Blood, open* the B>weM and act* ou the Kidney* A. 150DEMEB, 6th and N street?. Sole Manufacturer. CIIAS. STOTT A CO., Wholeoal* A?-ut?. Price, AO cent* only. jeie lm J OSEPH J. MAY. 939 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Between 9 b and 10th rtreet*. Grand Bargain* in all kind* of DRESS GOODS. Ladie* will pleaae call taforemaking their purchatea el*where. We promiae th?m tht best attention aiul to giva them the choK-e?t style* at the very low??t price* ?TLtoh' Black 8ilka (oar own Importation) re dace.] to (1 SO, 81 Ti. 92. tl S? and tt.M ?^"Heary Oil Boiled Striped Silk* reduced from $1 ft) to $1 p. r > ard WDre** Goods, excellent style*, rednaed to IX', c? nt* and 30 rents per yard. Linen Lawn*, Percale*. Pique*. Linen Stlltinr*. Batl*te C.oth, Japaneae Silk*, Ac., Ac., .plendid assortment and all very area, ly r<-dured in price. ??"On*' P-ice Only. Marked in plain Sen res jl<e<>3t ^RtTIC SODA WATER, 10th ST. AND MARYLAND AVE VICHY* KISSENGEM Ac., 10th ST. AND MARYLAND AVB. PERUVIAN OTTAWA BEER, 10th ST. AND MARYLAND AVB. jU tr W. E. KENXAUGH. COOUJTG WORDS. BE COMFORTED?CHEER UP. HEAD TI1IS ANNOUNCEMENT AND BB HAPPY. Summer Clothing IN IMMENSE QUANTITIES. Summer Clothing AT EXCEEDING LOW PRICES. $1..~ Sl.SO $.* 53 iO ,.|3 ALPACAS, I SERGES. SEERSUCKERS, LINENS, OAS DOLLAR TO FIVE DOLLARS. DBAP D'KTES, DUCKS, FLANNELS, HUNS CLOTHS, STRIPED DIAOONAL PLAIN. LARGEST STOCK, BE8T STYLES, LOWEST PRICIS. WHITE GOODS WHITE GOODS. WHITE VESTS. WHITE PANTS, WHITE SUITS. YACHT CLOTHS AND LIGHT CASSIMKBES. K1GHT DOLLAR SUITS, TEN DOLLAR SUITS, riVTBEN DOLLAR SUITS. ?9. ?10 fid 919 %*? TREMENDOUS STOCK. EXTRAORDINABY INDUCEMENTS BOY'S SUMMER COATS, SUMMER SUITS, ONE DOLLAR TO FiVE DOLLARS. BOY'S WHITE GOODS. BOY'S WOOLEN GOODS. Foreed Sales. Forced Sales. NO RESERVATION. ALL WILL BE SOLD. AT LOW PRICES. COME AT OXCE-MAKE BARGAINS. HABLS BROTKBBS. FASHIONABLE TAILORS, jell OOEMBB Trw A HP P STREETS. d?tiib * e#*, I. * ? * , . V IEW TOM MBHCBANV CLOTUIKHB THE LARGEST VARIETY OF J - ? : i * GOODS FOE GENT LB MEN'S WEAR IN AMERICA. ALL THE HEW STYLES At f I t(*Ml li'l. . HIS FSB?ILTASIA ATMTO. , a J ?'> * ?I'Jil A oi m I in o?l ?m I 9dl 4' . 13 I >. ?*(?>'< 4 . . . *n a i., WANTS. \V?KT?^. r*M.\LE f*uoK Di k? n TfrtBii^i L Hth *T , nb^'f P + ivenge. it* l\'AN^K|)-V an triau riil.a PLA^it tocnik, .."J*"?,,*"" 'r.w?, ?.r g nerai b.nsew.irk, in a small family Ad Ire.., 1010 19 b *? , R , K.. K l* 1VANTED-A SKKVWT or a small fam !r; ?i n? ? * S?>od and ironer. Apply t> "" 113 P? <*vt?w,r?pit..| Hill jS'lf \X1 PLL'M BBB AppK ,m .7 JL'.? !*? *' c A ? co a, no* i w iofiitiert. jji, n* \\\AKT*?>-A *OBaM. with reference. pl* at No. *12 1 rt., I?*tweeu lit and 3d sts north jlu V" \Vh.,LT.*?~vA ?<?'?*? BO Y?one ?(kj i?wil <? it ! ??efiil?to le?ra hatting. ??ilV- il".'? ?????**** IU. Factory 1?11 F St., ut?wn loth mid 11th sts U* ; \V* **7,1,I)_A *'H'd HOUSE SERVANT. iu~? *1/2*1' f*?"il> . one that can come ?.)! re. ,ni m*jM*l d.smai. Apid> at*lB 1*1. ??., b*twe..,, I *nd K jiu 3t Y\7ANTED-To Par-ha-*?a MODERN HOUSE, a ii.k 1 '* room*. h?i???n H *t?1 M J ?*"? I'a' ? "? Address. giving term* aad dea*rippon, "Pnrrha?*r." tkar office. j20-3t ANIIP-A reapectabe WHITE GIRL, to co-ok. waak eod irm, f..r a f.mllv of tw ? > p?r I w - ? ? """I ? i aim i? UI IW'I p?r ?"H.* i i t* suitable person, 4 )t) ? month and a . >m tollable Apply 611 23d et., between F and G, uorthweat. jt? \Y ANTED?a WiiMaR tit cook, vuh and lr <n ' ' ln?inin- ai N<i *16 B atreet. il9 *?t I U ^TiP?T<> dealer* *n.I nianafactiiror* of ?v Ixx'ta and sli-M-a?a SITU 4TION l>v a prac . man aacutt.r ora*le,.mau. Address H C ll.S'ar oH"f' I \\ ANTED?A W OM AN to d ? th"C.?okiug, wash v? it>? and ironing f..r a -mall family. B?-fer ?nces requited Appl) at No. 11*1 loih street Lorthwewt, l?t??fii L an.! M. jel9 2t* \\*AHTED?A capable OAN'V \fMICK t- ~*Tfl ?* Memberahlp Ticket* in the Washington Itn naainm A<ldr?sa by letter, with reference#, ?? W??h mxtoii U\nuiWKiuni," La. av., m*ar 9th nt. jl9-3<* \\ ANTKI>?A WuMAN to co .k, wash ati l iron ?? and do b >n?>work f< r a umali faanlv liviii* in th<- coiintr) a nnlc fnmi th~ city; al?o. a M \N to work on a antiill farm:1German* pr^rrtHi: lib**ri| ?id Addr.-n tapt. 6.G CAI1ELL, Ni tional B. tfl. jl9 3t* \\T ANT El>?Imm?diaii-ly ? F ami I ten or p-r*on? in ?? tv *d of flrnt-claart *BBV ANTS of?v,-rv d-a. rip Hod, n?ftlf unrt to call imd get fuppli**d ?t onrf?. 8^r\ nntP nlxo run g*i ? ), ,men and of ? a|j"P by apph inif ?t Hi* K?ir?*k?i Fn?? lo\ ni * tit Of Mrs LullfK C. Bl'TLEB, j07 Hi h .tr^t, ln-*r E. jeW lm w ANTED?A (ilRL f >r *??hiiiK, ironing an<l " .. ' iroinnif an I b<>ti>ew<?k; small family. Ura. BBAllKORO N itrwt, botweon 24tli ami 26th. jla 3t* WANTED-A flrafclaa-. DRBSSM AEEB. nona <>lh?-r n?-ed apply. r?ll at ?*M l|a~?a-'h(ia?tiH | atenO'', tx-twt^n 6th and 7ih *tie"ta. jl8-3t* I %\r ANTED?In wed'atMl*? Twenty HOB^KS and ^V,.<'ARTS and on- STONE WA<50N Apply to CLLBB A HUBNS1DC, Contractora, 60.> I atro?t northweat, between 6th and 7th *tr?-ete. jlS-tt* WABTED-A SITUATION to trmvM.Hth^Ti to"ST? of r?"l'1r?D. Direct JOANNA OAK.IN. |3*^ McCull* h street, H.ilti tiion*, Md. .jH 3t* r AKTBD A rottable GIRL, t<*do the work \V loT,,0!. H/m*? fainUy; ifo.Kl wa?tia. Call at N >. C toutftiwett, b<*tweeu ljth an?l i:i*h 1 "*??? jW 3f WANTED?Ten HOOKS, laree and amail, for teutkQU, to aupply pre.ent ^ihhii ! WILLIAM TYLER, jl8 6t Beal Estate Broker, 7 1?* 15th atreet. \V ANTED?A go?d W II1TB SKKV ANT.tocook, ? ??"*> aud iron for two in family ? tnnat com*, yr'' recommetjd.d. ApplvatMr Kl'MSKV S N .. 1U9 t ? street, bet we. U Peiinay I vania aud Mt?*?nri a\eiiufd. jI8 31 W A "TED- By ? widow, a 8ITCATH1M a< liouaekeeper for a gentleman; a wid .wer with children preferred; or a- child atiurae with a going traveling, no object 1 >n to (lie country. Ad If*? Mri. C&AULLSs HiQlAll), Georgetown, p c- jH .lt* a genllenian Tiid *ife, with on. Ror.M? i' Vf r ^ K.RONJ BOOM, or 81" ITE of KtiUinJ?, >???1] tnritinh< ?1, in honne with m Ml?*rn oou ?emencea; flrat floor preferred; rent for the ?uinmer ni.inth- not to exceed ?25 p r month. Addreaa R.,,n, d.thinl floor, ><i?th Auditor'a office jl8Si* WANJKIl-In exchange for HtT LOTS in th? J* cubtirba ?t Chicago. 25\128, h.r???, Cattle, sheep, or an\ kind of farm gfo<-k or implement^' aUo, a good Piano, Carriage, and Wagon. ? . JUAN BOYLE A CO , jell eolm til>? 15! h *tre?.t. %Y'ANTED-WET Ni 1!8E. Applv at ifOynL a I /wt1Jli"l,,,we"f' 8'li and l?rn atreela Aiai? , IUIUL from tii?-country n> t over li, f..r ?ral houiiework. j9-2w* \\ KD?A TENANT for part of H >uae No. V/ K street north weal, within Ave minnu-g' walk of Government Printing Office. It ha* gas and uatert Bummer kitchen. Hi*nt Dindfr^a, je4 J'aTn teBS at FEN ?? W KB a Painting Eatabliahnient, No. 46 Jef ferson street, Georgetown, D. C. Kone but f-od workmen net*d apply. je2 %\r ANTED-All r?*rai?n? who have not yet" *"*n ,11 ih;^?^'iH?,N*"IE.LKK4 WILWB 8EW 1?G MACHINE to call and examine it before buy ;nK.a'1)otter. It is simple, noigeleaa,swift?making 1 JWt Htttches a minute. So shuttU- uaed. and there fore but ot e tension re-introd. Will last a lifetime Hold on monthly pa) menta. P. J. 8TEEB t SON' Agents, 461 Penns>tv?nia avenue, near '"***? mySI lro* \1ANTED?A" those who valnn their sight to TarfiT,,h.^ tfl* "OK* DOLLAR SPIC TACLE .'"??'e country is accurately auitod to the eveeight by H. H. fiEMPLER,theOptician, comer ?-? street aud Penus) Ivania avouua. Depot for Themiometera of all kinds. Biylily" WaNTBD?A GIBL that can coma well recom nieudad, can call at *33 New York ao in# cooking, washing and ironing of asmallfam Hy. Appl} from a a. m. to 3 p. m., or ? to 8 o'clock Li nilA-tf W WWlViTcM H.%58?bfrl^w?'Sf1?w- aTu^.^S onM V Paner^Emporium!?r*nc'1 ?' %n*m l* T. W. OTOM, Agent. ~ PERSONAL. A LL PKB80NS ABB CAUTIONED AGAINST R^JTk. i "f V K^ta executed to Elizabeth , "?r*> Eastwood, nnder date February loth, IMS, for the ?Iim of #300. payable with iut?r-at IU ope year from dato. 8ai<l note hai* beep lost. j!8-6t* ' JVjOTIC*?The creditors of CHAS, A API*EL A present their accounts, properly authenti- I be*excluded* lstof Ju^y next; otherwise they may MICHAEL GREEN./ . A.H.HEBK, "'{Assignees, jelfl-at No. *16 Loaiaiana avenue. I KF0BMATION WAITED 0T JOHN ANDEB m. BOB,colored.atx yaara old: had on bine jacket ar.dgra) pants, bare foot; left h .me on the ivih of June. Any infonnation will be thankfully received bf hi? mother, EMMA GBEBN, Fayette street, near 3d, Georgetown. jlS St* 1 ?statuvolence,"ob THi Will cubI o THE GBBATE8T DI8COVBBT _ _ MJ1 OF THE WORLD. By ft all diseases are cored. No msdfcfneg nted, and ?o on of hands. Taught by Mrs. J. B. EL 10T, 47* C street northweet. ap7-tr BOARDING. GENTLEMAN AND W IFE OR TWO GEN tlemeu can have Fl'kNIKH'D BOOM and BOA BI),( very reas?.nable,) at 19*t> Pennsylvania avenue; north front, balcony, water, gai, and bath loom. j2u-3t* GENTLEMAN CAN HAVB FURNISHED BOOM and BOARD for B6 a w?ek at 1303 15th street lurthweat Private family. jl9-3t*

A PLEASANT HOME?Gen. Michler's former residence, A30 21at street northweet; conve nient to horaecara; large, air) ROOMS, with mod ern Improvements. with or without BOARD; sum mer-house, large flower garden, shade and foun *???? j!9-3t* CUMMEB BOARDING AT RBD WOOD, A DE C? lightful com try seat; 1>? miles from George town or W ashington: west side Bock Creek. There is a pavilion, cr<Hjoet ground, a variety of fruit, Ac., and a daily stage to the Treasury, corner 14H and Pennsylvania avenue, arriving at 9 o'clock a in., leaving at $ 30 p. m. For further particalara, apply to Mrs. BROOK, 911 16th street northwest. j5-2w* BOOTS AND SHOES. J^OOTSANPKHOEB, o ? je!9-lm between ilth"alid 12th eta. _ , BELLING AT AUD BBLOW COST, To close buainesa on account of health. TEBMsCASH. J. M. JACKION, (Successor to H-^ver A Jackson,) 110* Pennsylvania avenue, m BLLING orr At AMD BBLOW C08T.-A fine assortment of all deecriptiona of la-, e*>, mi wee' and children's, and also of ?tlemen'a ' A MB. ? JOHN angbbmann V son,11*'" Ho. 418 7thet ,opp. Odd Fellows'Hall. gew _ BOOTS, 8H0BS, GAITERS. Ac , wlH be sold at and below cost in order to cloee P 1 K JK WORKS. VBBT CHEAP AT NI0M0LS* LITTLE WORL0, Tth street, between Saad T streets. jelj tr JOMK O. RKIIIN6KB. ICS CBXAM PATILI0H HOW 0PBH. raalliea Md parties rapplied at reaeonabls Urms. W-ta* Me. BIS 4M IrttR lownw. M<WT WOIl)tt?|jLjlT||HloIWn| B*c?r^?hAanic BPBCTA-^^Ol ^*W DBBIHHB FOB laADIBS' AMP f:Hiy DBBB8' DUWI AT MBS. ?. B. MAUBBBS' stampihb dbpot, ?1 FOR RENT AND SALE. I/OK EKNT?A splendid two-story BKit h -n U.h 1 (Uxt, mm Kiuri flam cart; HIU rooms, S'O. J? * I/OR KVNT?K??OMS suiwabl-Tor t small family without thiKin u. Apply *09 huh street n >rh ?est Jbelt ^OK SALE-'JaO CBOIO* LOTS iu til parts J the citI: small cacti pa) metit and long tim". E Jf-WBET, All 7thstivel northwest. j3u* F'OB RENT?Two n* thre- fSH MhHIP B' >OM8, suitable for housekeeping, 4 I ?* U h s'reet, Utween Pen?is>lvania H?iuf and IrtrM. ItrfrMiMMinml K' f^OBRENT-July 1st, BRICK HOUSE. lOlJ B Street son opp-wite Smithsonian. 10 r.?oms, good repair, range, bath. h t and o>IJ water, collar, Ac gnu can DO* b- ????? * f further Information appl) to H t*. It A UK, IH'Jfi K 1'ixi northw, ?t. )>? t( I Volt RKNT?Will b? rented very low until the 15ih of large HOl'SK. near th* Capi tol, partiail) furnished, large gard?n attached c?n taintig some good fruit Applv in th? tn?rnloge only at *J2T Delaware avrnne.b.'tween North H and O streete. J>' J* 1JMiR SALE?Sp-tial offer of nine uew BKI?'K * HOL SES, eight rooate each, northern an J easl ern l-art of the city. Small caeh. and t> P"r month. Alec, other property. Loans on R *al K< tate tTsEATON DnNOIIO. J*? #t ? I 3 7th Street, opposite Post Q<?-a 1?""OR SALE?Fine HOUSE smth side M*?actiu wttii atMiU?<!?!*mi liltli auil llth streets. op posit* tT 8 reservation. I etory and o*wni"iii nm tic front h?>u?e, 12 r<*.ms, store r?ni, bath re >m, wash room, cellar, can, bot and cold wath-r, ?t? tiopsrv marble top basins G?dlot. Cheap. jJB-?t B H WABSIR 7*9 7th ?tr?t. ?/OK SAL*-1 offer mt DWELLING. 144 0 r afreet northeast. The lot is iri\ feet by 1"2.'? feet, to a 30 f<x?t paved alley, lions-* 2t feet front, win hem ejiposure, eix foot hall, large 4 ?bl<- par lore, each IS feet square. 7 room*. besidee bath room, dry cellar with in?i'le entrance, water and gas, front and bark stairs. cl ~<'ts throughout, high gable roof, securing co~l upper chambers. terraced Bower garden in front arid large yart iu gr??s. 1- witliin a ?iuar<' of the afreet car*, and two senates ol Capitol Park first class neigh borhood. Price, ^SS-UtX*; leas than one-fourth cash, ami lialance can be arranged to ?jit the pnr? of almost an) purchaser. T ' a family with children thin is an opportunity to s-*cnre a l>??n? in e\er> way desirable at little inore than th- c<?t ?f rent. Owu-*r can If ?eeli on the premises daily af ?r 3 p. mjiJ 2' I7TTR RENT?Tnrw or TT^T FIRSISH KD BOOMS, suitable housekeeptre. centra! cation. Appl? at 71Si 10th street northwest. j!9 'i* L-HtE UKNT?KL'KN I MUD aud U N F V KN r IrsHED ROOMS, at 319 G street uorthwest. Also, a good STABLE. jl? Jt* ft/OR KKNT?Tine 8TOKE, wim ti\mr-s, c > 1 r cellars, an old estal'liehe.l stand; low rent cor ner 8lli an'l L street* northwest. jl9 Jt* 15oR-RENT-One Ur?> TrRNTSRRP EKONT ROOM and small BEDROOMi?, at 31* P stIvmI ia aveiiiie, between :td and sts. jl* St* |^H)R RENT?HOUSE No. 40? B -tr-et sout. - i east,corner 4th, with 8 rooms, wat-r, ta?, water rloset, and bath room. Inquire on the pr-n? isee. jW-3t" t^OB BENT?Three st?-r> BRICK UOtJftB. W,.. 1 i?4'J 'Jth street northwest, re ni?, ha.I, h ?> and cold water, collar Apply to T1I0M \S W FOWLEE, *?0lt F street northwe-t. jW 3t* L'liH RENT?New and desirable ten-room BU1< K I 1)\V E LL1N G, No. 1W 1 4 Pennsylvania a> enue All turalem convenience-. AM per niontli. THtiS. E WAGOAMAN, 3ia7tn stre-'t. j 1:*-St l^'OR SALE-ONE FOl'KTH (>F ^{ \KK 177, r corner I6th and 8 street*, taiu fee: of ground, will he sold on easy terms. bt> cents a f<io!;a very de sirahle location for handaonie lesiileiiCe- Aprlr to l>r. ART11CR C. ADAMS, 1 lO'l-?thstraet north west jll)-3t* L^OR BENT?BOUfK with 8 r.H.iu^. stabl*. Ac,. ? oti 7th street road, op p. Clagett's gate, about 5 miles frm city boundary Inquire of JOS. F K ELLE Y . Real Estat<- Vi{t ut ,9(i2 a>h str-et n rth west, or of A. C. P. SHOEMAKER, on 7th s*r-et road, near the above premises jl9-3t L'Oli SALK ?L<>T. on corner of ^-h and Q r streets. Inquire 143U H?h ?t northwest, il.vJt" F^OS BALE?TwoWtlre SQUARES. t OROUND'. Also,a fourth of a S|tiar.-. M.M. UOHKKK, 613 7th street. jels !m F7<>R SALE?Eight rooms and cellar. BUCK HOUSE; cas and water, and all impr.ivem wits completed, I 103 N street, betw.-en llth ati'l 12'h. In?inir?i in the store,corner llth and N. j-1^ 5t* I^Oll RENT?Very desirable nine room brick RESIPENt'E, two s (iiar. s fr. in -tr-'t car-; only 525. T1IOS E. WAGOAMAN, Al?? 7tli ?treat. j-lH it I^OR RENT?Three large ROOMS, furtii-hed completely for honsekevping, in a very pleasant neighborhood. Rent m<slerate t<> a ?{ tenant. Apply at once at 81il 17th street. jel?-3t* t^OB BFNT?Very low. for the summer, a Fl'RN I lSHEl* HOUSE, with all conveniences; very desirable. AU'lrese "C. Yat this t ffico. at* ly. . U 3t* i^OR RENT-Two ROOMS ami KITCHEN^mTa fleor. furnished for housekeeping. Tlo-se roams are very de-ir.,h|e f..r the eutnm> r season; fr lit ai d side J aid, leal low. No. 'JOl'J G street north west. jelU 3t* l^'OR SALE?Cheap FR\MF.S, beatififnlly f 1 cale<|, ft aud <i r<e?ni?, larire yards; ??*?. ,?Ji0 dow n, l.alauce ?17, eiu. au<l &'Z5 rii uthlv. witli 10 per cent, interest, B, U. WARNER, 7 U't 7th at reef. jels 5t FHiR KKNT?On Washington street, b-tween Gay and Imiibarton streets, Georgetown, two st'.ry brick HOl'SE, c?ntaius 7 r*.in?. with all the modem improvements. WILLIAM TYLER. U-al Estate BroKer. 7 1 ** 15th street. je|s ftt F'OR SALE?Desirable two story BRD'K, N >. 1V51S T street, two stories, back building, 7 rooms, wa'er and L'aa; yard in front and rear Ea*r Terms Key at uftice. B. H. W ARNER. 7if'.t 7th street. jeU e.ifttfl F*OR SALE?One ten room brick HOL'SC. soil*?" front, bay w indow. A partv with two or three tb' nsand cash can get a great bargain. On* nine room BRICK, ver> excellent location, cash, balatict on time. Six r^.m FRAME, with water, gas. and l a'b; carriage way pa' <-d with wood; ?ill |.e sold low. LOT on 13th, near M. at no cents per loot; street improvements jmid, only 81JJ00required down. Several bnilding LOTS, from $3Sn to S'.KXJ each,on easy t-rnis On longtime without any cash to parties desiring t" build. Also, a nine rrvom HOUSE on 12th. near M, lot 23 feet front, 1M feet deep, w ith stable ami carriage house The house is very roomy. A g< od seven room HOUSE on 9th, near Boundary, j st paper'd and painted; very cheap tore ssh Irwnlre of L. 8. C1IAPM AN,Carp<n ter am: Builder, llth st., between N and O j"H .11 E/OE SALE?That elegant three storv BKD'K, r with side lot,.V) by lfia.i feet,on 31 street, between B and C. One of the nsost desiralde residences in the city. Also, that fine business LOT at the intersection o M street and Indiana aver.ue and C street ,21u b> 211 altli 4<i feet front on 2d street. Lot on C, between 14 and 3d. M by 1(V>. Lot corner K and tiHb, 1M by lun. Lot on llth street east, between 11 and C nyrth, 21 by fi8. Lot on East Capitol street, between lath and 19th fast, |n b> 12a _ Lot on J, fferson street,Georgetown, between Wa ter street and canal, 25 by Un. Splendid lot corner Massachusetts avenue and llth Itreet east, 130 by 141. X. K WILSON, jele lilt All 7th street. F-Hri'SALE OR REN r?Three of thuaehue n< w BRICK8 on lil street, between Pennsylvania tvenue and B street. The honses contains rooms Mid modern conveniences, wi'h g.evd lot. j. 17 6t E. K. W ILSON, All 7th street. l^OR RENT?A BUSINESS bTAND at a very r cheap rent, No. 419 llth stieet, near Penusy! i ania avenue. For particulars ap ply t" LATIMER t CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Star Office Building. je!7 tf F'OB SALE?Several flue improved PR<)PER TIES on the hills north of the city, and on the Heights of Georgetown, with from two to si* acres ofgtouad. E K WILSON, jel7-?t All 7th street. fjH?R SALE?A three story preesed brick HOUSE, ? lib back building, basement aud cellar,slate mantels, ga* all through; hot and cold wa'er in kitchen, dining room, and bath room. Lot lrttKK) Terms easy to suit the purchaser. No. 931 Rhode Island avenne, between 9th and 10th streets. In quire of J. E. ZUG, jel7-lm Vti Bh"de Island avenue. t/OB SALE?One of those beautiful HOUSES in r Franklin Row, north sfde of K. between 12'h and 13th. The house has every modern convenience and is superbly located. Two story brick HOUSE, with large back build ing. and lot, on 9th. between K and L, a iiim desir able property. Two new brick HOUSES onG street, bettveen 20: h and list,(now ready for ocmpa ion ) These ho?s..g bave every convenience, and are located in a fiue neighborhood. E. K. WILSON, jel7-<t 411 7th street. I^OB RENT-A new STORE, with or with<?ot r ROOMS; all modern improvements; a sB|e?<lid business stand, especially f<?r millinery ana fancy zood*,< n D street, between Ctb and 7ih st?., north, apply 3?g 8th str's-t. jel<-6t* I^OR SALE?SOUARE No. 839, between 6th and r 4th streets and A and B streets northeast, Capi tol Hill; either the whole or iu lots. Apply to JNO. HOWARD, 838 Center Market, corner of B and Hh streets northeast, or OH. M. BECKERT.4U3 U street porthweet. jei6 lm* l/OR SALE?All or part of 8<JCABE No. (K,st r East Capitol and loth streets east, adjoining Lincoln Park, on square from the street ears; also, >tber LOTS for sale, in squares 916 and llii. Apply to M. BALDWlXt corner Bast Capitol and loi* it reef east. jlUtt" EVjB SALE OB RENT?A Roomy COTTAGE la r genteel ordsr, ? rooms, at Mt. Pleasant, near woods;Rood stable, water, lawniK acre), omnibus to city; also, near horse cars. Prise, fS,7a0. In inlre of Dr. BRBBD, s* Mt. Pleasant, or 918 F itreet northwest. jl4-lw* M I70B BBNT?A three-story BBICK HOVSE.SIT r G street, between Id and M streets northwest, rotitaining S rooms, osUw, kltebon, wrter, gas, and JStJf HiiPu'r" ^ BLACKSMITH, WHBBt'wBIGBT aad PAIBT SHOP, with hoisting machine, on Q street, b?ween tth ana Tib streets, near Pstent Ofice. A nm-class tiasiness stand, and will be noted M a good tenant Ut, Ismes Roach, la Alexandria county, Virginia. This place contains abeat 94 acres and lies near the end of the Long BrMge, on south side of Arllng Turn jiiks, at ttl Intersection with ths Alexan Iriat land is af ths beat qaalUy for s?ricalt?ral ; and the Bottoss Land, on the canal, coat bout 194 acres, Is BBICK OlAT of t^sbest in .JproTements are a large andsubetaattal Brick Mansion House aad Ont-buildings, Tana BfhaWl fcaa^beesTiaid Wta paresis, aad will be ?old la lets to salt 1 Yorfwthsrf rueto? Jal?l?* Afciandrla, Tlrjlak ES)B SALE?A few selsat ClTT LOTS In the r saAiarbs of Okksio, at low Agmras, very lug *5?jCrr bot lb ft co., math t. FOR RENT AM> SALES. I/O* KMtt-r itii- l.'?s R.-OM?, furuiah'd of unfarnfekt-U, V41 M ?rret *1?j t STATI C f ijreat ?? ?? rat*?. ^11 ?** If??R !? \ I. k? A web t?ait? ?? . HRI' K Hul f<K < i, |<Mrw(,l"^'*'U?iliri4'tli*ir t* n.rh?e.t L ? Z2\3$ W >1 ?? *??WI i:p n ?r r.M ?t I I N< ANS? N . I?OWLISG A Co... rn.r I tt i d I* at r> i-u d ->rth* ??*! ' '' J/t'K RENT?Very ba-elsotue 9 # B t 1. I Si U h<>l Co. I4'<)7 S ?tr-el i?>rti? -*t. n?%r K'ate I>ep*rtni- u?: pr-**?*! bt i< k.stx ro<-m-. cellar, k?ll. root) . watet. ga-, ?r..Dt porrk and > art of r For key and f?rn.a, apply at OLIVER #rr"l'K'S. Corner I4?h and S street-. nils 1m |f?'F B K NT ( 'K BA l. I - Tiiry brltk ? HOCsB, rontaluit c t r?*ti*. large cel'.ar.?%t-r ml im; itiwl ; 104 C betw-en l?t an4 M, i e?r O and Baltimore d*p t In inir* at !!?'. 40V Wa*hiagtob "treat, l>et??et' *h and 5 th. j.-H ?w? If OR 8ALB OR I\("H ANGB fnrrtty prop-rt> A pl> want residence ?' Bl*d"n*bnrg Hep.*. B A 1* K K. It .qtlire ? f I W. SCOTT, outhe Ifiii iae?, or to tlie Moprbt?r AnirlicM H m?. <*? rner 7lli ?iri*i kKid I'll iirnnf. jh'-tw* |Vl?K SALE Hi KENT- ll.'I>E. Ili U?t 1 turt'i Bi ict 4>iU), r( ut |lv |WI I?'lilli, I ???? I >1oii tiifii Julie Ut, liw modem ?ii*t furnace; key noty tw bail at No. 7 1 7 I'.ir turtber particular* at ply to GEO. 8. I'AUkKK, till 1Kb tturt j9 Im t"*OR SALE ? HEAP-DealraMe building LOT* on K ?tn*t northwest. A'.*o, n>? ?uiall frame Hoi SES on Vermont airuat-, le-tw^-n ? and T att,*et*. MAI KV .V l!K<>., Heal E-'iate an t lh<?r Pnlm, 14i)7 F street. j> eoSar If OR SALE?Cne BUILDING" LOT <iti V tin nt avetm>, Mwf?n L and M ?tr?t< 4..\I15. ** t front. One Building L -t on K urM tvrtli?-?t. I't??n l?ih nnd Ifi.h, Sltll7; s??w?h fr- at; aill be ? M at itarmiin ??<rr?l Building L'Hsou 14th Mrwt, li-tawii O arid R Five pres??-d brick ll'H'SKS; 9 r-vmi'^oriffi front, liort hw. -tern part of the dtv. w lth til 4'ni tmpr ?*e n ? nt* on long tlm", mall each raiment*, balance in idbljr. Al?o. 5 |>r>>?*od brick HOUSES; t? ?t?rT and t> <v?nifnt: * nvi!??. waior and ua?, latr >l?e ait I Ui .t; tiortf ear i-rii |>?rl ol city; tiiuall (Mb ptf no nt. nnd Kolaor.- n>on'M\ Otio KKAM K H'U SK, ? r ?<nn? MMl hall; lot TV, I') ll'?. ? m?i < H?ti, halauo.- J JO p-'r ni 'ntt> at 6 wr c? l:t : iivrlnio I'-rn p?rt of ri'jf. M<>1 l,T<>N A BK MNaKD. t>u:i 15th -tr.-et, l? * Opp t l' S Tr-?-n-r. 17U1 i; lm ? a i?hi ii ror*tu "BOCSS n ?nli *tie<t,oio- half ii a re frotti the Ooun Ct'rut ?tm? car-. .;au p r tuuutb. iu^uui- ?t hJt Lotiiriank avenue. l?n L'"K hALt-T?.. new KKA M KS, very n-at and ? pr.?tty, eitnated on 1 Mr?a<? atrMt, bit. IS.h a?'?l 19!li and R and S ?ti ?? t?. ??tie o.^uare froui ?ir?<t car*, in a?<r>>?iiii( iiemlil..?rln??l. ran he h ????{lit on lor a'tii e. Appl> t-. WII.LKT A UBHRY, Ln:n l.? i Mi-rcliautR. corio-r of 6ih ctre.-t ant Sew fork mi'ligr. je7 2<r l/t'R UFNT OR SA I.It?One of th.' m<*t *ent ?l I tadco?ifor1ali|e'SKSin the IMrkt c^.n taiimik all modem convetn?nre?, with lanpe I *.cor ner 4th and UM k R'-nt ft per month. Bn juire of J.\S. A. TAIT, Pemi?yl?auia avenue, N > Sit)I, IpI??h ;tl and tth afreet* 9. K jeR-lm* t'OR SALE-V-"-Td^Tir*T.l7"brIlnIbo LOT t >r sale. ?*! vk?-*t ride of 15'h afreet, opp nite S< .tt Square; at t > Ini feet Appl) 144 4 M *tr?et, be tween l&th and 16th *tre?.|? north?o?t. jel ??r* L^OB SAI.K-- TWO N E W Bltl<"K HOl'SES, 1 N II ftnet ?onthea?t: 7 ro>m*'hath lo.-m and cellar*. al?o. TWO FRAME HOl*SBS -n O I afreet aonfheaat; 7 rooms: hath room an<l c*-llvr?, $.lM0;for Brick ilouse,for t?rms, apply to 44b I : atroet n< rtti???t. in.11 1 ni * I If OR >ALE-On I'-ng tino*. with aruaft ca?h pa> - ; ni? nt: Sul. Lofull and 35. *<<n*re Jim. Ufh aud V afr.?*??*. , Pait L> l 22. '<iiiki^ !>, Utb rtr'-ct, uear S. 2- ljx ' 12tl. t>uh Li fa In, atid S "f M, *jnare lnth street am] North Carolina avennc. Bnl> I. t ;4, *.juare W4, tav title. 15.10 l'> S0fe?-t >>f *^iiar? tB, tax title. 1.' t 'J. ?iji;are tffs. rax title. Btven hve-r<i't?i I'RAMK HOrsKH. lot* 14vMi, fronting ea*t oil 7ih street ea?t, ti^taeen A anl H i.ortti. otie M^nare from Bart Capit<>l atr-ot railroad, j ni29 lm JK" K. kKNI>ALL fOB hALB?HOLSB and LOT. Mo. 1419 at. nortl?<'?t; three *t* rv Riirk, c ?uiparativsl) tjew. Lot le lefct fi ifat bi 126 feet d'-ep. Pric? v. r? ! low; all tax<> paid up. It.ijijire of L F CLARK, j P iperhatigikKs fe.ore, No. l+U-i P?bu?>l>ania ave ! iiue. tnls lm I L'hK KKNT?A foiir *t..ry pre** brick 11\\ SL- I I 1.1KG,kt'iely l"rat.?l on a<>iith t*', t?etw,*n l?t ' ar.4 2d street*, Capital Hill,heuig tbec rnerh Mi-e near 2>1 afreet. north *ide, e ?utainio(t twelve ro una, I with water, *as, L?trol/?-a. rar.<r?-, dutub waiter, tath-r." in and lanrdr) ; with ample c al and wood loiLka, and rapaci< u* yard in the r?ar; a rar chance for securintt ? very'nice summer b <m-. a: I iu the y?sr> beat C'.uditi -n. Price ?60 p?r ?n nth. _ HESTERARYON. R-al Estate Agent* an4 Br kera, rrr 27-tf 110 l?t atreet aociheaat, Capitol Hill. IfoIfSALB-A Syt'ARE OF OBOl'NO in the northern sectioa of the city, with the ailewalka, curhu.g, and (?ntterin< all laid an.l i aid for. H .r*e cars pa?* it. Will sell cheat, ai.a on Ion* time. Apply to HrVCK A AI>I?IS0N. Beat B-tate Agents, No. 1401 New l'ork a*enue, corner of Uth street northwest. ( R--p.ACIiron 1 n >i-tf I IfOR REN1 ? A beautiful ? hree-story PRESSED BRICK f!0l'8B, containing ten rooms, besides | atore and cellai*, 1 atli and pantry r xitns, w ith gf>, iiot and cold w nter, and all nnMern improvements, ai d convenient t- ears and mark-1. Whole h -nae * witb us store .'tin. Inquire liuLLIIHiB SR<>8., 6th arid 0. or 1401 6th street u>24 lm If OB BENT?FURNIbHED ROOMS: a back r Parlor furnished as a Bedro<>ai, aad two plea* ant rcx-ma, bark and front, on second story. In an eligibl)-located Dwelling on I at reel, near fth; wHI be rented on reasonable terms to gentlemen only. Addreaa "A. J National Bepabllcali ?B?e. nilt-tf IBep j LOST AND FOUND. LOfeT?Wednesday, Juue is, 187.1, an ENGLISH TERRIER; answer* to name of, ".lack;" color, fan: had on a German sil ver collar mnrkeil 5,()., 2d A. R. T. Y." The finder will tie liberally rewarded by returni ng thedoK to No. 1Q14 11th stn-et northwest. j!9 2i C;* REWARD ?Lo*t, on the KKh instant, a black '??? and white SETTER DOG; answers^ io tbs nam'-cf "Ciia??." The nnd>-r will please return to GEO.^I. 11ENACLT. M>utheast corner of ?ttli and D atreeis n irth weat. j!9 ?? 08T?A POCKET BOOK , contaiulng a number -J of notes, not end r??-d; two Treasury drafts, n.-t endorse<!; and a small sum of money. Tue ftuder will be liberally rewarded by leailiif the *ame at the National Metropolitan Bank. jt* fit * I OST?A Lady's G' ld Hunting case W ATOII j aal CHAIN, a small gold satchel and an chor attached, in goiag fr in Mew Y"rk ave. t ni.d It'll, st.t 7th, in car d)?n to Mary tan ,?* ??eriie. A reward of 415, with the thakk* of toe owner, will be given if left at thia offiee. j 18 St* FOR SALE~ JfOK SA LE CH BA P?A tiue SAIL BOAT (ca i. ni _ P t< mac Ferry Bestancaat 4"ot> f 7ih al jtt St* riggi-d;| all iu good order, with buoy for aticbora^e, Ac._For particular* Inquire at If OR SALE CHEAI'-A BAY MARB, nitabls t? w. rk in a dirt cart on the str---t; also,? BUILDING LOTS, on rea* terms.1 Apply to liOLLlDGB BRub , 4th and 0' street*. It If OR BALE CHEAP?One new COUNTER, 9 l-et I long. North Carina Pin--, oiltsl. Also, PAR TITION and two fE WING MACHINES, at FUR NITL'RE BlURE, corner 6th and A streeti-. s ?uih i ast. j!9 St* Machinery fob sale-ai a Bargainr.r Oa-h?One to hor*e power STEAM BNQIMB, cy Under, lo\2t: one In-rUontal BoILER, t feat di ameter, 12 feet long; all complete. Also, Shafting, I'ullies, Belting, and other machinery. Inauire of EOWARD LYNCH, southwest corner of ll'h aa<l B streets north. j 19 tit* HORSE Fob SaLB?On Saturday, 21st, I will offer mv HORSE, "Patterson, for r\ (ale, at Wall* Bnur. Patterson is 9 years old, gray, Cohharn breed; Is aomewhat thin, but liaa tnrued the scales, wh?n iu c >od flesh, at 1,370 lbs. Fine, rangy style; kiud and true; sound in uitud and lin>b; very flue sa<ldle horse, and is an ex t' lb'Ht horse lor a heavy tauiily carriage. jiy-2t* H 1>WIGHT SMITH IfOlt SALE?Mew CABTS, manntactured frofis A seasoned material and extra ironed- Will lie sold low for cash, or exchange the same for Brick or Board of Public Works OertiUcatea. Apply at 1*244 4S street southwest jt7-t>t* FOB 8ALB?A pair of dark Iron-grey /TV CARRIAGE HORSES, young and sound. Inquire at 1 lltl 4)>st. jell-lf ^ y B1CB CLA Y FOB BALA. 4Mb ii DO DOB * DABMETLLB, jlT-tf 14DT F street. MEDICAL, Ac. ]\IRS H. J. FRENCH. OF PI11LADBLFHIA, lei. tke celebrated Reliable Clairvoyant Physician and Teat Medium, has located at lBlSMewTork avenue. Office hours? Ml a. m. to 7 p.m. Engage nients caa 1^made for evening*. jell-Sm C'ONBCLT DR BRUCE, Mo. t?ll Uth street, / between H and 1. A specialist of twenty Ave year* practice. Jl Sw" F f BMALB D1BBAEBS of ail kiuda treated. De acribe case aaa encloae^1; ad rice aad medl eta* will be sent. Addreas Mrs. Dr THOMPSON. Mo. *4? Mortb Utb street, Philadelphia >aoS7 ly' [VJADAMB ^ PHYSICIAN AMD IllVItl. i be oonaoltsd on all DIBBABB8 INCIDENTAL TO LADIMS. " w- *??? iHi red witt .j two hows. M> H I la WaakiiftaB. t?iH-T a* ^OTICB OF BBMOTAL. CABO bega lears to Infont hit tke pablic generally that ke kaa res to Bo 7404 P E MB BY LT AMIA AYB BrsixE,^ en ANTES. _ LMKbiLI-Hi TL L a:-d KBfT AI KAN T.4 -. ? ?f fcicKSo* ? r*Tr?m ?v. j* tt* >?>? m> >ii * pi.ifttlKtf oMick r<i?m i T<-b?s. Id, by prital- ?a ->r Fi4?). J?M **. MCl. a l?re ai tit JOB FBlNllH*. I'VMb.' ?r- - I ???! Pn??- ? I ?t><1 It tiler . anil a larv- aaa ftsv-H ,?f Plai" P ? rill Ttf*. ?f) will (? i(W?4 F * 'nil r*n i? alar a aal l< r?, a Idrvaa ??/., ?? d A ' ? ar Office. > ** ft* ?- VIU II ??!? Qi A?i?~uNK M U > m V 4 ?? mw? ^in'?TI?ti w n?r -? >? V at -hman ik iuj vd U' 1' partawea*". A<i+ ? I S.. fliriftrr. jh >* W I fill BILL HI i,IU\ AM ? WM? ^ I If l? ? 11 pr ..iir> mm* a ail Tl 4TION a* L*i ter ? arrive of CapM.J F<4m. Ad-l reaa A H.tttr ? ?ftiov. tit U* llflll -TWO Wlli^lP" WUITU or UiL ft hi 4 TS Nul Ki* f'?r pale, l| iuiim l? >?i| pttrcha>-t la ?HiHv of H<>l 1,11'HIt KRi>S ?Vh and O.I w. j* 3<# L'OB !?*>! tl a very t< ? tVgare -the *"??>? K. I mill FIXTt IKIiif ntitif ihf R ?! . N'iw paper, and Piri.dlral *ia?tt lullwrtt?, Mr??r ?< l?*n ? i. an'. Pa ? I# Si* I/OB BFNT. Cff^isr K KSlf Truili-f !>? ? -m. a ?pl- n-liil tat *? LOT. I*'v21u feet. with thr rt?4ai?it? rai illni*. ?h>r? a lamln-r t?rl ia ii ucl ne? <t*t!. <?ii 8, n<*%i I 1 ni *vtf? w fll ha .tiered, JOUN Ii. All V M > llOd * s .11- I t!orOi?eat. ?? Jl* HA Kit riiANOB?to* niLS-Th^tf v ??< ?l>i;n- .1 attra* claa- 1>KI'I) ai 1 Pli( -V SCRIPTtOM OTOKR. ?.?a v . >1 h.|? T5f ?eaa >ati-fa.t?n row- na gi,~n |.| a.-IHlig IB AiMrraa p,.at Office H * Aii. H -a. ?> " )-!*??" L'Oli f >1 k A (lr<t '.M ? ulifti ri i\ i.KV I an 7t ti at reet, bet ? . Frerud'a >14 at an.I F ? mi II. ul.if- apt I) t L AT I M kK * (lit IKY. In re r-, Ac., (bar ? biilMtt ( ill I .11 la .'OK 8A LI" BI ACBTIK I* BBC'WV C- r-er ol N ?? V rk?i?iii ?vii't I t h -' r~?t Tb""' l?rff donlile M'M'RKh. r?nirit:? i> rf' * ft ?i *Uji{i'ti u,dvt lal oth^r Ural < laiM U?MI. llu-'? h ? iu tra t<4 <? B< *l'Bi D and L">Tf? in all rart? of tl<?> ril? BtJCM> au4 LOTS a( M nnt P -a?? il j -U ?/OKKALr. A OKOCfcKY HTOUK. ?t?rk..*i> I I Mill aii'l Fulun?.ili|i( at'J l>u?iLe*?. h ^tur< a: litfll ?S?1r?--t. jl] In Ka kk < hiAi?rr KOK 8aLK AT A BVK'iMS TIIK XT<?< k. uixl I I \Tl IliS if an l>? I r?-?a> and < M l - * . I.-I I ? \ >1 aa> I an I ? ? -? ?ai an.i i .1 -r? Unl.xa. doinicaii ?*r*ll?*ni I>ii?*k?m I i?<|>ilr- ?H?r 9 p.m.. IM Bti4(r ilr.ft, Un>r(4d?a. |?ll -|w* RAKT. CHANri F r H?l. a! a B?r?ain-TI?a STOCK AHD PIXTl'KKit fatlrM a*M Si, M'f?- ti? ? dome a *>^vj I u?ih? Sa'i?ta< i r? ' ?- Ma(l?<M f--r ?? Hir.t \ Mi ?- r at Ufi? P ii I'i6 U ?-hlfgtt?a. P tl. j- - I"5ok ULX OB MUIT-TIm WAMlfNut. n ( ITV ULAbM \A < > 1.K t>. r..rn?r >4 t. 1 an] N ?trwia. E\pr>thn t r?yui-it?- f ir rain itigon tb? i*? now ii Ihi- frniMmir. Arply at kn. 31 A ?tk atraat MtlNml. ja?ta??"i IIAHTirs havlnc norMlP oi LOT*I H aal^ i? I any part uf the cm can Aim! |>'ii. haa~r? ai t <4> i? ? a tp. r ar) l >ai: by arpl> to (iCO Titt'BA PKI.L A <"0 . B' al Katati- Br..k. r?, Ttb ur<*l. a 2y Im |Krp (I'lmin I \|i'NKV TO LOAM OK KIVL KXTtTK la i"l Mima and <>n time t<> amt. JAM Kf> B. ? AI OH Keal Katata Br..k*r. mS4 lai <".-r 15'h and F at* , r.-mi S u| a-a'ra \ I ONK?~TO LOAN OKBKAL MTATBT i'l MAl'kY A BKO.. K^al Ki>tat<- and 1 uauran<? Hr.?*?ra, t :23 tf r atrM. I,"0K t^ALK-P" ur Ural-claii"^RICK H'll SK--., I (a. ?.,nar>? ft ?? ( ap:: >1 Park, aiM 1 b. ?ait liintliif tci th? fi?-a Caatarti Market, aiid cl??a to the Petinay Iratiia arena* iltiH AJL veli |.M al?<d, tlieae hi<ua?a are mell-liuflt, Ut riKtia each. fv. hot an 1 eld w?*?f, aid >'??t. T' tTHfUfj UnBirtan thr preu.Ma, )l* O "traat avuth?aat. a? Jrn* L OK KaTk-TIi.' hT?H;kT OOOITvuiLL aad P I1XT1 hKC of the MHlin-ry an 1 Fancy !W.?r?, No. 707 Mxrket ^p?ce,l>et 7th arid Mtti at*, north ML 1*22 ir| K LKKZBKKQ A PO. \* ALI ABLK PA KM roB hVLK OK K& t HANOK FOB PBuPAKTT IN TillsCITT A h Ik t A T b A IHi A IS'?OT acroa very n' l<urtt, e^p. i ially for t-l ac. .; la*ye nea T '' aaor I'.ari,. |iu ? Hi i.e. Tenant H a* aid otsfhr Id tUWlti.lof S>? C"tn .<rd *rape t liiea, in hearittf an4 treiliM^. lia a. tea valualde tui.t-er, t.alaui e aral. a ad.'. ?>ll fence.*.; aear GaitimV Mali n, "ii Kit I' B II , in h* ti-yhai.ia <" nnt), Va Pi ice, onlr B A PHILLIPS, a|l<-3m l#li*e?tlttt.<(0"'rfto?i,D.C RABK f'HANi K ti r^rcbaae a ? ?.*! EToKK and - IV F.LI IS(i cheap, t. ar nei market. Tit alroa^ tie. 1713. Price, IIAD: Uiiw eaay. HAMILTON A PKAIUH>B, n.Kttf V M. C. A. B.nidinc.f h a<el I> |j uTTi FOB A A LB ? The Iarga FOCB 8TOBY H??|'!<B, tkrwn * ry iilrtaiiili, III I. tr?*et. nearly netr, tveotp r ???; (itnaejiaa and aator.allh large yard au4 ?tal.le in rear The wh<4e pr> p^rty Irna Itean re.*ntly fmt in c tnplete repair, and Ii very convenient fur a Kenieal faaiily, <?r f.w a Nnirditij h >oae Will |iea.>ldlow. Ingtiire at FreeA?ab% Batik, i>?p>?H? Treaaary. Pennay Ivania a*etiae. fe II e-rtf PROFESSION AJL Dl J.I. DABKLL, VK VTIST, N . l'JJl PellOPvWanla avenii-, V aaliiiiirtub, l? C.? '.II** Can t?e fonnd at hit Offlce l<el?. en the b nra >f j i.m nidtp ni. j' l? at* J. FKANKb, C. DINTlfT, 413 12th at raet, al?.>ve K irk wood H -na". n- Kimrantee. va g hI ?crk In atp-?t mm.* , bt,durability . an I polity f umiei.? for leea Btubey than any licniut in tli. ^ rx* city. je4 IkOCTOK RABTKiAK HAS KKMOVKU HIS U 1'ftce to till 1 V IO I" atr-et nor hv??ei mSI-t>? jj AM KB OCLIPIAir K C. BKA1LBT. rLKPHlNB * BRAILIT, BHOKTHAkl) W BITCKB A LAW KKPOKTKK0. olif-fcu. HO c Street, beitwaea lat aul ad, fat ln? Indiana avenae. whll If jouv.lil ma, d 4 tf " ' ATTOKBBT AT LAW, ? o. ? Jnonm?? Law Bntldlac, COAL AND WOOD. J^OTlt B OF VISbOLVTloei. The co-partner?hip h^r?<r>fr>re eslattnc md r the r?n and at>le of JOSKPH H. A A. FALOOlliB i* thla day dlaaolred b) Oiutual oonaeut. The COAL and WOOD EUSIN'EPS w ill hereafter liecunlttrted tt JOStPB H FALOONF.B.? b 'a* HMMl bw nan ?f the lata Arm, aad will offer great ibdui.vliit.-bta to |*rtM? purv tia?uic f-.r ( aah JOSEPH H FALcOBKB, j!7 1? 909 Imw liuaett< avenae. LiKcurrT| WU0LK8ALB AND BKTAIL DKALKK 11 4 OIL A*b WOOD OF HVKK Y UESl-HltTlON. Office: ;til? Cennay Ivania atanae, hetawu AI and IS *tfevt?. Depot and Mill, Sixth atraet aUarf, P itcnac ri,Ter. ^JKat^^nce^iH^onrtraMajl^allnjij^^^^S^l^J^ REAL ESTATE AGENTS. J L AM DO ILK FILANK BAliNwM jrAM BOVLB * CO.. REAL ESTATE ANU NOTE BROKERS, ha. <>V* 1Mb arret, opposite C 8. Troaaury. FOB 8ALB-A bandx'rae OOCBK oa I atraet, B*. WIS. A new large d olile HOl'MK, c >rner Hal and H HOC8B io. lfflff Maaaacbuaatu avenoa. HOL UK Ko. 221 AI atraat eaat, for eala or rent, fur bished or nnfnrntahed. A COTTAUB la B'iHard's Ba>w; price. B2AW. Bevaral Mall Hovaas, frua to BtjaO; small cash payments. Wa bava aevrrai very fine FARMS, Itnpr vaff and uaia proved, on different railroads ranalng fr an tha city , I t sale at low Bgures or eschaafs f ?- city property. BB,m feet of UKOCBD Ta vartow P"fti< lis of the city for sale at low Scares, on s tenas, or will sxcbaiiga (or productive (mpro property rov? ' KO. TKL'KSDKLL ICO. REAL MSTATM BROKKRi, 111 7th atraet, <o*sr Oenaaa A men can Sana Bank.) Bpecial attention glean ta IIFTllfO. OOLLBCT I Mi. PAYIKQ TAXKS and tKOOTUTUItt LOAMS. Baler (by permtasloa I to Baa aral BeaJ Alvort, Paymaster Oeaaral U.S.A.; Jan.aa 8. Qrlaasll, Chief Clerk C ? 8. Pataat Ottoa. Joha Fraaar, Arch itect. H'>c. F. P. Blair; Hoa. i. W. D'mfiw,0o? ailsaiiitier Internal Baraaae; Wm- B Maaaa, ft ttire Dealer; C. B Prantlaa. Cashier T can Barings' Bank; Ool. Joha M. Fi Joha Bits, Consul General of THE TRADES. Hwimati, a CONTRACTOR ANt> BOILMBR, 7th mr9" Carolina areaaa. * ill contract fur or (ssanausd tBacawstrwatioa of public orMlvalebnUiliuga. Orders f jr joh wag* aolicited Orders left aa Mora, or at office af B. IK' HIIBTMU AW MB oa i-.'sat a 1^1 W. DOWHMAM, Bo. 8, lot^lig-ncar Uu.ld?a?; will rwcalva prompt attention ill l? pBACTICAL PLCMBIBO. OAK FITTIBtt awd yasnwty&sr<s3;r*ilTi?a PI fl always oa haad. Ml to pWB8i IB IwlHBi: ^tsl allsgytoa; ai^ aa J K. TVBIWB, UlfUHJU MClLtXMJL

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