Newspaper of Evening Star, June 20, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 20, 1873 Page 3
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BANKERS. o1 |TII llbELUW, it ? n k ? r, " ?43 D 8TIMT. NlAB SEYENTB, rm 1NTEBBST OB DBPOSITS. Mk? COL LECTIONS, and transacts all basin esa oonneetsd With Bank mg. M>-ly 'U A M I I S ? mo Ell J. H. NIIIR k CO., 144* PBBRSTLTAlIi A VENCI, orr ?it* wiunoN motel, WASHINGTON, D O. tit |*i4 so 4w*iui. iMtloai Mad* n*rr*b*r*. ? fT Coital l>*p.?ita m*M? am ill in sad Pi; of oflesn la tk' ira; (wM ii idiuw. apltr Jr. ituOHEAD, Broken *o. ?*? Phdi. avs., Boo? ?, wi B|mUI ktUDthM flTM to l? I hvltNrilMUOtlOIMWitiMM* which will HJ M to 14 par cant to amounts and of length oftime to salt las sstors. Safe, reliable. proSt nble and prmpt, making tham In srsry r?pss4 B1 RST-CLASS SBCV RITIBS. br ^miaiioD to Lewis Johnson B Co., Wa*biujrt"0 D. C.: Moass Belly, Be*., Cashier Metropolitan Bnak, Washington, 0.0.; H<>n. J H Br?lnead, Second Controller, Washing ton. h C., Edward Clark, Ba^ .Arshitect 0.8 Oap Itol, Washington. P. 0. mar 17-km Til NATlOlil BAKE OB THB RSPCBLLO A i C<-t n* rof 7th and D OPEN FBOM 10 A. M. TO IP. ?. ?ecl7 It CHA8 BRADLEY.Cashier. CAR*AN AMKRIiA.l IATIRW BAIL I *n. 41A Savm^TH HniiTi Orrotu* iAa fstt-Ufka Bank h-tira: ? a m to 4 ? m Saturdays opsa la titat. m , to receive deposits only. lntereet paM on deposits. Collections mada and exchange furnished. Jt>HN HITS. President, A. EBERLT, ?. Pr?st, * r MATTlBOLTjSac .0. B PBEMTISS.Cssh'r no-l-l? J At COO At * tO., BANKERS. Bt T AND SELL FOBBION BACHABOB and tMl'B CIRCULAR LETTERS Of CREDIT lor f raxeTer*. arai^trf an n) N?l a/ tkt war id. Our Drtfli on JAI OOOEB. MrCCLLOCH B CO., Lobdon, a-a Oaehed la any anrt of E^?lamb, Ibblabband Acorta*!-. fr? ?f rLarra. may 18 WJ ^CaaaJrt ji*?u mm I LmnaM ttwM, ^ PAIS ? FEB CENT INTEREST ON DBPOSIT Interest commences from data of deposits.* can be made and drawn at will. ?tBi tf J A. BCrr. Treasurer RAILROADS. u. Ill 4PALTIM0RE AND OHIO l> RAILROAD On and after Sl'NI>AT, June 1 ? 1 " 1 73. tra:i,s mil Isata WASHINGTON CITY aa f I! wa,?k: tUltimcre ar.d W ay Points .4:00 a m. Bait i ni' re and W ay Pinta ? 4:44 a. m. ( !u< mean E t pre*-. *ia Metropolitan BR. 7 Ju a. m 1' -t. ii, N-? York and Philadelphia Exp...8:00 a. m. Baltimore and Way Point* ? ...?AU a tn. Baltimore Pa?t Express. without atopa *?4 a m. Baltimore and Way Pointa lJnW m w York and Philadelphia Kxpr?-*a 1 <14 p m Baltimore E i pr~w. without at p" 3:34 p. m Baltimore and *1) Polite 3 40 p. tr. V :>cl e*t. r and Metropolitan Accom. 4 VI p m Baltimore and Way Point" A:0B p. tn. Citicinriati.CelunibuaandSt. Louis E\ ar. except Saturday....... -4 S6 p tn Philwdelphi?, Expreae p. m I? .itimore Way Pointa. 7:44 P It ?toa.M< w Y rk and Philadelphia Exp .H Bf p. palt-n.ore ai. ! W a) Point* 9 *> p f. Looi*.Cincinnati and O'lnn.t n. Exp 9 a) p. m. M.uM BALTIMORE PUR WASHI.NOTON. a' 4 a>. 8 a*. 7, ?.. ? 14,? 13 and 11 19a m . and 1 45,11'. 4-JU, 8:a?. 4 41). - ami I S) p. m ruB ANNAPOLIS. At 4 48 a. bj and 8 p. m : hat not on Soaday. FOB NokroLK. At ijifi p tn., tnt not *n Sunday . SUNDAY TRAINS. Fr m Baltimore?The 4:3u *'? pptug at Relay and I ? ' 3 ? IU. ami 4 34 p m.?t>ppin* at K-lay oti|y;tke d3u p m., without ?top?, th?8a. t . 3 ii>. 8 >). and * 8u p m ?t. ppir>c at all *tationa. Fr; u. V *?l,nuton ? The 5 and H a. ni . 3.7:45 and Z s r- tram" <t> ppmg at all ?tati'>n<; the 1JJ4 and t 6 p. ii. at Rvlay only , an 1 the ; 40 p m with >nt R POINT OF UO< K!? AND INTERMEDIATE POINTS. At ?a. m and 4 SO r i ' B?-tnminr. I?aTe P lit of R <k??t7:'0? m ai>'12.U p m..arrivine at W.vh ir.irton at &.3i a tn and 7 14 p ui. Nu local trains 9li !*nada> . Ti r t:*h t1? kat< to tha Waat can !>? had at th? V aetiUKt.n ?: at ion Tick-t Office at all h?nra of the ilay, al*o, at the Company a office, 4"*4 Penn?yl?a r.i.? ar-nne Paeaengers parctiaaing tickets at the AtfBne <fflre. can there arrange to hare their I *?sa?e rail*-.) f. rand cherkwi at their reaidence. Ink-n to the depot^and pnt into tha I'MrW car. > t Nr? Y rk. Phila4rlnhia, and Boston,seo ad Terti?-ment of" Tbr?n?b Ljb?." TIIOS R SHARP. Maeter of Transportation. L M COLE. Oen- ral Ticket A??nt GEO. 8. KOONTZ, I't Qenaral Agent, Waahington. 'I'HROl on LINE BETWEEN WASHINGTON, 1 I'HILADEI.PH IA AND MIW YORK W*?hisstos, May M. 1873? Boon. Tr* n, between and N ? ? V rk are new ran as follows,AfiB^j^HEBg FoR NEW YORK , with nr change of cars. L- a\e daily ( except Sunday) at 8 a. ?>., 1:08 and "" *' ^ FOB PHILADELPHIA. L- are daily k?xtept Sunday) at S ajn., l^JSar.l 4:00 P u. ON Sl'ND%T. L ite for X<w York at 8 30 p.m .aod Philadel (1 ia at 4UO p m. SVepit K car* for New Y >rk on 8:90 train only. ThroOgn ti. k t* to Pbilad-lphia, N"w Y -rk, or P -? n can be had at the Station Office at all hoar* i>f the day. Sr- Pal mora and Ohio Railroad advertisement f r *<-li^a|. t>etwt-an Washington, Baltimore, Au li?p. Ii*. and tli- Wret llloji R i>H A BP. Maater of Transportation. L M 4 t>LE. G-neral Ticket Ag- nt. 4.EO S KUONTZ. Ag^nt. Washington. mP Alexandria awashino-i TON B B. AHS ALBAANDB1A k FBBDBBICBBBCBO B. B. CVas tJ B ?md StxU StrttU. Lr'cal Train* leave f >r Alexandria aa follows-?4,7, V 4. 10. 11. a. m , 12 noon. 1 3. 3. 4, 4. 4. 7. 8, p. m.l 3 a. ni. aj,.J 7 p. au. daily. all other trains daily except Bnnday. L<. al Trains fr "tn Alexandria arrive aa feliowa:? f 13.7 33, r 33 , 9 33. 1>J 33.11 33. a. tn. 1J.3S. 1.33. JJS, 3 33. 4 33.: 33 6 33 7 53. - 33 p. m., 4J3 a. m aad ?M p i; fr -n Al. xitijdria daily, ali otb?r trains daily except Sunday 'Trains marked thnsconnect with trains on Wash ington and Ohio B. B. Ur A NT 1 CO Accommodation heaves Washfngtcs I a a. m. daily, except Sunday. GREAT SOUTHERN EXPRESS, via Richmond. Isattis Waebington II p m daily , exoept Sunday Thr n*b tirketa to all pointa SoBtk and Soat&wrst for aale at Offices, corner 13th street and PennsyIva : !a avnne. an<l c<rner4tb street and Pennsylvania * here pae?-r s?ra san leave orders for baggage to b* -tr ked at all hv^els and residences tkroaca to dsatl aatkn. * s TOr NO. Q*b T Pasaenger Agent. IrV-tf |>\LTH1"RE AND POTOMAC i l> RAILROAD. J L'trot W !:? Mi B Itrtttt, PI. IF." TRAINS LEA^B FOR TRAINS ABBIVB AT BALTIMORE. WASHINGTON 4 49 a. m.. Niagara Exp . 4 44 a. m , Western Exp., dlJly ilBilv. 4.w<?*?4 a?r ? -?-? ? ? " wru ?l| daily. daily,except Sunday. 4 43 am , baittmore Mall,'? 38 a tn , Mall,dally, ax daliy, | e-rpt Sunday. 10 a* a ? , Western Bxp . 1108 a. m , W astsrn Bxp., iaiiy . sxo-pt 3noday. | daily. 1 '? p m Baftmi' re Acc.,jS.(J8 p. tn Cincinnati Ex., dtily , exc pt Sunday . ) daily, except S inday. 3 V p. m., Baltimore Ac- S.-B pm.. Pacific Ri press, c. mmodation,daily,e*-| daily,except Sunday, cept Sunday. ?<8 p.m..Accommodation, 8 33 p m . Cincinnati Ex-| daily. J ress,daily, except ban- 19:40 p.m.. Southern Bx ay. | yess, dally, except Sna T ? p m . W-stern Exp . daj. T-ams leartng Washing!>n at 4 48 and 10:38 a.m. and 4 ,i? p m .connect at Bosn- with trains for Marlboro', ieaxtcg B' wis 7 98 and 11J8 a. m.. and 4:43 p m , ar ri - h.s st Marlboro' 4:13 a. m. and 13.13 and 439 p. m. Traias arming at Washiagton 5.38 a. m. and 4 34 at 1 i 0 p. a , connect at Bowie with trains tanvlug Marlboro*7.-08 a. m. and 3:40 aud 4 33 p. m. Pa?ecg?r* I raving Iheir orders at Ticket Offioss. corner of 1Mb street and Pennsylvania a venae and t< rthwsst corner of Sixth street and Penusrlvnnta a? mae. cma bavs their baggag* called for and cheek ?* at botHs and residsnces to all points B orth and ?eet Throoxb tickets to Cincinnati, Ooloaabos, Id lianapt liaTuonlsvllle, St. Lenis, Mam Orleans, Chicago,Omaha, Snn Francisco, and nil points north, t. rthwsst. west, and aoathwem. B L. DUB A RRY. Oenl Snst. B S YOC NO. Oeal Psss*r Agent. Jyl-tf IK72 PENNSYLVANLA BOCTB 18T2 TO THB SOBTHWBST^KXrTM. AMD SOUTH Trains ? ?a?a as fsOowp; m a*Lin?tom- - ?4S n. m. I Balttmor* a. m BU8 a. m i *? 148 p. AJi p. - - rrSZm M ?jfaS'S '* ?- ?* * ? ? - ^ Thronnh FITTSBl ? tolly, 'i*4 m- ?,M" Matt 0"a*sc Tioas BALTIMOBB to BiABABA mt iL BU withont ?'v by this ro ?ornas of lath stn aprner of 4th street b I5SSC'!SS1? tickets at ,W |>* WOBMLBV1 P1CTOEAL 8YEUP, OOCQHB AMD COLDS. ,BOAD MT AAA DBV#0iBfB, If GROCERS. (J ft. O'HARI fc BOS, WHOLESALE A WD BETAIL GBOCEBS, 1MB mi BTBBBT BOBTMYFBST, (MvmludHali.l NEW BUTTBBI XIW CHEESB! 1? 16 16 18 16 1ft 1ft 16 HAMS. 8UGAB CUBED HAMS 16c. PBB LB. lft 16 16 16 16 16 DOOLBYB TKAST POWDBB. OB AH AM FLOUU. OAT MBAL. Becker'* WhottMi Grtta, Hiekw^ Farina, Bye Floor, Barley Tapioca, Saio.laniKk, Doryea's Coin Btirch. Wax Candles, Crota * Black well's Pick lea, Col B*d'? Mustard, Stickaay A Poor's Mnstard, OUve Oil, Sancea, Saiid Dreaaing. CINCINNATI OLBINE BOAP. . Duryea'* Batln Glow Starch, Baker'* Chocolate, ! Coco*, and Cocea Shell*, Brema, Prunes, Currant*, Raising. MEDICINAL LIQUORS. Old Port Wine, French Brandy. Holland Gin, Blackberry Brandy, Vine Old Whisky, California Brandy. C. ft. O'HARI * SON, m2P tr 11113 7th ?t. n . w., between M and N. ptOVR! RECEIVED DIRECT from the Mill* In VALLEY OF VIRGINIA. Ill sell to families AO cent* per barre less than usual prices. Prices of SUGARS and TBAS all marked down. CATAWBA WINE. o*t received from Pleasant Valley Wine Company, ft* a gallon. 8. H BACON.709 Market Bpaoa, trar? between 7th and dth streets. STEAMER LINES. A 1(HUk 1.1 > E STEAMERS, I\. Sail fr<>m Pier 10. North River, New Tork. EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. The pa**ene?r accommodations on Steamers of this line are nn?nrpa*aed for "'"i?r and comfort. Cabin Mate room* are all^^EU^ on npper deck, thus ?ecnring g..od light^^^"^* ami vertilation. KATES OF PASSAGE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL.OR LONDONDERRY. Sal tuamers. Wed. suamtrt. Gold. Currency. Cabins #79 and $U. $7$ and $81 Cabin return tickets securing best accommodations .... $ 130 .?4..?130 Steerage, currency, $30. Certificates for passage from any seaport or railway station in Great Britain, Ireland or the Continent at nATI* A* Ll'HT A* BY A.1T OTHBB FIBkT-CLA** LINK. F<>r passage apple to HENDERSON BROTH ERS, T B >wlin? Green, N. Y.:to C. CAMMACK, 1443 F *t. n. w. <or WILLIAMSON A CO., 17 43 Penn, avenue n.w.. Agent*. Washington. m> j.8m |\T BW EXPRESS LINE VIA CANAL, 1 v BRTWIia PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA, Va., WASH INGTON AND GEORGETOWN, D C. SAILI*S DAT*. From Pier 1, North Wharres, Phil adelphia, WEDNESDAY and BAT-' I'BP A Y, at 111 m. From 39 Water street, Georgetown, D. 0., TUES DAY and BATrRPAY, at 10 a. m This line connects at Philadelphia with "Clyde's Iron Line" of steamers for Providence, Boston and Mew England State*. No wharfage in Boston by this line G. F HYDE, Agent for D. of O. WM. P. CLYDE A CO., Philadelphia. F A. RE1D, Alexanirla, Va. WALDO A. PEARCE, A4 Oongresa Street, Boa ton. ?^Freight* delivered by Knox'* Express Orders left at General Office, 603 P*nn*y|v?nla avenue, or st the steamer wharf will be promptly attended y>: M? \\ ashingtoh^wokfole, boston; and The fine Iron Steamer LADY OF THB LAKE bavins resumed her regular trip* to Norfolk, will leave her wharf. foot.^?^l^s^ of 8th street, every MONDAY and"^*?^*^* THURSDAY. at 1 p. m., touching at principal Rivet Landing*, connect,ng at Norfolk with Steainnhip of the M and M. Line for B>ieton and Provldenoe Freight *hoold be addressed "care of Lady of the Lake, Tia Norfolk." Branch ticket office at Knox*t Express Office, 603 Pennsylvania avenne. T M CROUCH, Agent, 6th-street wharf. DORSET CLAGETT, General Asent. in 14 Plait'* Store, corner lath st. aid Pa. aye. t N A R ? L I N E. " NOTICE. With the view of divuiiishimr the r'i.ince* of colli sion, the Steamer* of this Line will, henceforth, take a specified conrse for all *ea*on* of the year. On the Out war.t P?i?as?> t rom 'jncen^iwri to New York or Boston,enweing Meridian of fio at 43 Lat., or nothing to the north of 43 On the Homeward Passage. crossing th? Meridian of SO at 42 Lat., or nothing to the north of 43. pt.lA&O LINK. THV BBITIBH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW TORE AND LIVERPOOL, CALLING AT CORK HARBOR FROM NEW YORK Algeria_.Wed. June 18 'Russia Wed. June 25 'Java Wad July 2 ?Cuba Wed...July 9 'Scotia Wed...Jul> ]#> Batavia Bat Jane 21 Oalabna. .8at___June St! Parthia Mat_... July 6 Samaria git? July 12 Abyseinia_8at July 19 Steamers marked thua * do not carry tteersgs paa ? -tigers And srary foil swing WBDNESDAF and BATUB DAY from New York. Bans op PaseaaB. Cabin, ftSI, f 16*, MM ft in aold, according to accommodation. Tickets to Paris, ftU, gold, additional. Return tickets on favorable tsrma. Steerage, ft SB, surreaoy. Steerage tickets from Liverpool and ft...y..uw*, and all parts of Europe, at lowest rates. Througk bills of lading given to Belfsat, Glasgow, Havre, Antwerp and otnar points cm the Continent and fog Mediterranean porta. For freight and cabin ?age, apply at the Company's office, Bo. 4 Box. Green; for Meerage passage, at Bo. Ill Braad' Trinity Building CBAB G FRANf'KLYN, Agent. New York. OTIS BIGELOW, Agent, Office, 643 D otreet northwest, novMly Washington, D. 0. MUIUAHTV L1NB OF ?TBAMRH1P8. bbtwib* WASHINGTON AND HBW YORK. Maraaftag the Bnc Bteamahlpa B 0. KBIOBT and JOB B GIBSON will make regular weekly trips between NEW YORK, ALEXAN-<X|^ft I> SI A, WASHINGTON and GEORGE ? TOWN, as follows:?Leave NEW YORK from Plat 39 East River,every SATURDAY at 4 Lear* GEORGETOWN every FRIDAY at T a. a., and ALEXANDRIA the same day at 19 m. For full Information apply to B. P. A. DBNHAM. Agent, ofeoe and whan toot ot High street, George town, or at the earner of Vtk Btraat and Haw York bvenae. WFrelghta delivered by Knox's Bxnreaa. Or ders left at General Office, 603 Pennsylvania are nue, or at the steamer wharf will be promptly at tended to. J. W. THOMPftOM.] INSURANCE COMPANIES. WB. JONES * CO, ? Ao All 7ik P. O Dtfartmtnt, Represent the following strong Fire Insurance C<i panies: 1MB GERMAN AMBRICAN, OF N Y., Ca?h Capital. Al.OOO.OOO. THE MERCHANTS. OF NEWARK. N. J., m22-tr Cash A**ets, $^76,749.17. 1MREAT WESTER* FiRKT.'HSlRAXCB VI COMPANY. CASH ASSETS. #306,497 69 OFFICE, 603 FIFTEENTH STREET. OrrOBlTB TKKA4CRT DKPARTME5T. mlS-3m _B. W. BATES, Agent. THK CORCORAN fTri INllRANCB company OF THB DISTBICT OF OOLUMB1A. Oriaaunl Ami Ul, UTS. Capital yian,ft?M> OFFICE No. 1499 PENNSYLVANIA AVBBDB. (Oveb Mil wait's Dkpo Btorx.I i J. T. DYER, Secretary. *T D'kBCToBs: ? Wta. Orve, HVOlay Stewart, Chaa. A Jan es, Jaa. L. Barbour. Edward Droop, Jshn T. Lenman, Michael Green, John Bailey, A. H. Herr. ap4-ly I'M* Et|CITABLE LIFE AlllRANCC SO< IETY. The business of this Company has for years been the largeat of any similar institution In the world. I. HEYBR, Gxsixal A?m, ?afg-ly ?03 and bOi 7th atreet. A KB YOO IB8UBSD T ~ ISCOl POAATXD BY Co MB BBS IN lSlB. ORm In the building of the National Bank of UM tPfSEJ.JW"-?--. *? - lHrtamt ? Dr. Jaa. O.Ball.Joha Pmrdy.Dr.J. " " V J. Keyworth, Jaa. 0. McOuira, Henrr ioa. H. Bradley, 0. H. Wlltberger, W. / ^A?t. DISTBICT ?OF OOLUMBIA. OK9ABIZMD A fW VST SB, lBTf, 0ABB CAPITAL #!??,??? ?rd*B BulMtnf, Mo. W9K Pa MO8B8 KELLY, President 1UVML *- ^ Wa Office ta Shepherd's ] aaia aveuni AUCTION SALES. BT riTIRE DAYS. GREEN * WILLIAMS. Anotlcmeen, Northwest conur of loth and D streets. VALrADLK Bl II T>IN<; LOTS FRONTING ON ?th AMD 9th STREETS NORTHWEST. AND IN THE ViriHiTT OF NEW M ARK ET HOI bK. AT Al'CTION. 9 On WEDNESDAY, the UAth <inr of Jan*, 1*73, mi ?? 30 o'clock p m., we shall sell on the premise- f?rt? <>f L uuuUr>il ft*", til, Dine and ten, In stjnare Dumb.-rwl fo*r hundred and nine teen, having 30 feet front by 95 feet Jfp on each street. Tlte above l>ts art- near th-new market l n-? ni'l in a rapidly Improving fart of th? rity, and is well worthy the attention of parties wishing a good building site. Terms; One-fourth cash: balance in 1, t and 3 years,for notes, bearing interest and secured by % deed ..f tn?"t on the property ?->ld AII conveyancing at purr-baser** C">?t. $H?) w ill be required on each lot at lit* time of aala. jelSd (Rep) GBEBN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. HT LATIMER A CLEAST. Auctioneers and R-al "-fate Broken, Sxutbweet corner Fennsylv we. and 11th street, Star Office B? jinga. TRUSTEE'S SALE or VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS 1M SQUARE AO3. <re^ By virtue of two deed* of Want to the tinder V3&-isned,bearing date nespectivelv the 12th and ? Jttb of January. A. D 1>C2. and rec>rd?d in IiIh-i tif7, folios 398 and 671, folio *l'l of the land rec ord* of thf* District, and at the reonest of the par. ti*s *? cured thereby,we will sell on WEDNESDAY, they At h day ot Jnn*. A. D-ICS, in front of the Premises, at AS o'clock, Lots Nos. 31,31,34,36 aud r, in SqnareBOS. Lots it. 36 and 37 each front Jp feet on N street, and have a depth of 134 A-12 feet to a 17 foot alley. Lote 31 and 32 each front 53 feet on Union street, and l-a* e a depth of 13U feet toSU foot alley. Lota 34 and 35 art- improved with large brick dwelling houses. Term?: One-fourth cash; residue at 6,11 and 18 n oiitba with interest fr.>m the day of sale. Deed given and deed of trust taken. Conveyancing at ex pense (.f purchaser A suitable deposit will be re quired upon each parcel when knocked off FRED. W. JONES, I Trll,tw> THOS. H ( ALLAN, < j?17d LATIB1KB A CLEABY. Aucts. >Y U. C'OLMAN. Auctioneer, ' Cur. Will and Pa. avenue, south side, No. 936 I will aell to the highest bidder, f?rc?sh, ft tie whole entire stock con'ignetT to m-;con __ listing of Show Case,silver plated. Dry O hhIs, iotli ne, Watches, Cutlery, Silver Plated Ware, Crockery, Tinware, Glassware, B-friserat. ?!-*, Water Coolera, Dauin-k Curtains and Cornices, Whitewash and other Brushes, Sewing Machines, Cooking and Healing Stove*. Blartke's, Comfort*, Sheets, Pillows and Pillow Cases, a lot of ttovern m cut FlJRft, new ai d second-hand Matting and Oil cloth, 2.UI0 yards Brussels, Three-ply and other Carpet*: Table Oilcloth, of different patterns; a lot of Fi.rnitnre, consisting of Tables, Chairs, B-d steads, Statins. Desks, Wardrobe*, B'trenus, new andsecond hand Mattresses, Looking-glasses. Also, 1 one-horse Carriage, 1 two horse Carriage, 1 Hi'k, 2, D >uMe Harness,librae Blankets. B-ibb r Blankets, Ac. We will c>nitn?nce the sale of the above article* on Mt NDAY, the *J3d day of June, and continue frem day to day until the entire stock is sold. Also, the F xtures for sale, and the Store lor rent. We would o*ll especial attention of dealers and <>?h^rs, as t lie giMtds will be sold in lots to suit purchasers. 8ale positive. |il9-.S'*l IT C0LMAN,Auct. BY LUTTBELL A DUNNINGTON, Auctioneers, 017 Louisiana are ,l>et.9tb and lOtbsts N. W. VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE: ONE TWO STORY FRAME AND STABLE AND TW O TW O - STOBY NEW BRIDE DWELLINGS, AND THREE VALHABLE BI ILD1NG LOTS', FRONTING F STREET AND MASSACHUSETTS A VENAE. AT IN TKBSECTION OF NOBTH CAPIT?)LSTREET. (ON SUB LOT 1. SQUABE ?i-Jt>.) jfa On THUR8DAY, July 3d, 18T3, at 6 30 ?sio'clock p in ., in front uf the premises, we sli til ?^sell, at public auction, all of Lot on* (1) in sub dn talon of square ?2fi. with the improvements mea tioned :?bove thereon. Parti ;n!ar attention is called to the above sale, as the corner lot is a sp|endi<Uocat ion for busine-s pnr rsiM's. si.d rare chances wiil bo offered lor prutiiabie t * estniert. The II uses and T. 'ts will be sold separately. Ternw of sale: One-f'Urth cash,(of which ?JV* on each House and *25 on each L >t must be paid down ,) balance in 6.12,18 and 24 month-from dav of sal--, with eight per cent. interest until paid, to he secured by deed of trust on prop'-rty sold. Conteyancing and rec rding at purcfia?rs' cost. WM F. HOLT7M *N, Attorcev. ?ilO-d LI'TTRELL A DUNNINGTON, AiKts. HY GREEN a WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 1001, north*oat corner lytb aud D ?*?. COI NTRY RESLDFNnir AND FARM NEAR l.ANHAM STATION, ON BALTIMORE AND POTOMAC RAILROAD,NINE MILES FB0M WASHINGTON, D C., AT AUCTION. OnTl ESDAY, the ^4tli day ot Jnne, 1573, J.]3 "n the premise?, at 3 o'clock, we shall sell the ? tb"<e property. The place contains about 172 acres of f?ro\ed by dwelling h use, tw ? tenement tKMseee. arc.-barn, st tbling. >Vc. Avari< tyof soil aditp'ej to trult, early gardening, grain, Ac. Timber and meadow land, with good water. Trains on Baltimore and Potomac Railroad puss station within ten minutes' walk of house. Post oRice,school andchrrch in neighborhood. Standing crops will be eold with the property St'-ck, implements, Ac., at valuation. Terms : One third cash; balance In 1,2 and 3years, with notes tearing interest aud deed of trast on the property. For further information see A. O. WIDDE COM PE. office 91 "J F street, betwee n the hours of 9 and 1 o'clock daily. GREEN A WILLIAMS, AucU. j9-eoAds [Bep. copy June la J RUSTEE'S SALE OF A VALUABLE FARM ONE MILE FBOM HOCKV1LLE. s T By virtne of a deed of trust fr r? Henry Hur iley ami wife, ilatet the S'h "f May, A D. l-?>4, ?and recorded in Lil>*r E. B.P.,No.2, folio liw? Ac., and ot the land records of Montgomery county, I will sell, at publie the Court-bonse door in the town of Rockville, on TUESDAY. 'J4th lay of June, H"), at 11 o'clock a. m., the Karu on which thesaio Henry Hurley n ? residts. 1 his F?tm is immediately on the public road lead it t fr. m Rockville to Daruestown, abont one mile front the f. ruier place; it has been divided and laid off into two parts, each fronting on the road, aud ? ill l>?- sold separately. Lot No. 1 is in a good state of cnitlvatlon, with ab"i!? 28 acres ofgo<s| Chestnut and Oak Timb?r; is ?ell watered, ai.d in*proved by a Barn . Stables and Granary, aud contains 117^ ACRES. T.ot No. I lies imme<liately w st of Lot 1; is also ? ell wotted aud watered, and is improved by m g<>od Ftamed House with six rooms, and contains 114 ACRES. A favorable opportunity Is here offered to purcha sers, for, with the railroad communication with asldnirton. land in this vicinity must enhance in value very rapidly. Terms of sale: One-third cash; balance in one and two years, with Interest frooi day of sale. For further particulars, or plat showing the whole p emises, call on RICHARD M. WILLIAMS, Attorney-at-Law, R ckville, M l. j 17 ?*' SAMUEL FOWLER, Trustee. PROPOSALS. |,-RKsH BEEF AND VSGBTABLES. Navt Pat Office, / WasHINGIos, D. C., June 17, le73. S Sealed Proposals, endor-cd "Prop >aals for Fresh B* ef and Vegetables," will be received at this effico until 2 o'clock p. m , on the S5th pat of Jc.xe, 1T3, for the supply of 2A.'??i itwenty-flve thonsand) pounds of Fresti Be?f, and ZftJMM tw-nty-rtve thou sand I pounds of Fresh Vegetable*, at the Washing ton^ C.,Navy Yard and Station, as required. The Beef must be of Rood quality, and eg'ial to the grade necessary to make the kept aaaas b >ef,and b< aeliv ere<l In eijual proportion of fort; aud hind iuar t"ts. The Vegetables mnst be of the b?t quality the market affords, and the Beel and Vvgetabies must be offer.-d f -r by the pound. lioisl* with approved security, will bereqnired in one-quarter the estimafod amount of tb* contract, and twenty per cent. In addition will be withheld troni the am'tint uf each paymeut, asoollateral se curity for the due performance of the contract, which reservation will not paid until tlM?-contract Is fully complied with. eiy otter mn?t be accompanied by a written guaranty, signed by one or m.ire responsible psr sts, that the bidder or bidders w'll, lr his or their bid be accepted, enter into an obligation within Ave d?>s. with good and sufficient sureties, to furnish the articles proposed. No proposal will be considered unless accompanied by such guaranty, ami the Dvpartmeut re*ei \esthe right to reject any proposal unless the responsibility of the guarantois is certified to by the Collector of Internal Revenue for the district in which th^y re side, and unlesa satisfactory evidence that the bidder is a regular dealer in the articles he offers to supply is furnished with the prop-siai, as well as to reject any proposal not considered advantageous to the Government. It is to be understood that the contract will expire atthechste of the fiscal year eudiug June9u,1874, without regard to the quautities which may have bean delivered, and, in case the stipulated .juantlty of either article shall be delivered before that date, leaving a balance due on the other article, the con tract may he considered as completed in full, at the option of tlie Department. 0. K. THORNTON, jl7-lt Pay Inspector U. S. Nary. UNITED STATES PATENT OFriCX, W AsHi.ieTon. D. C., Ma> 17th, 1871. On the petition of FERDINAND PHILLIPPK EPol'ARD CARRE, of St. Pierre, Les Nemours, France, praying for the extemuoa of a patent grauled to him on the Sd day of Octolmr. I860, aud reissued in two divisMns on the 13th day of February, U73, for an improvement in Apparatus for Freeaing Liiui'ls. patented in France ?q the t4th day of August, 18(0. It is orderedihat the testimony In tbe case b? closed on th? 2Mb day of July next; that the time for Alln? artrumeavs and the Examiner's report be limited to the ,-cfc day of August r.exi, and that said petition be heard on the 13th a ay of Aagaet next Ant person may oppose this exteaaton. >?/.* M 5. LEGGETT, Cenia /''OHEN'S LOAN GFFIOB, csrwsr amd Htm York ar#n??, entrance on if 7'A ?rssl Yorkaeenne. The most private In the city. Money loaned at the lowest ? _ _ of interest on Gold and Sileer W Me bee, Diamonds Plate and Plated Ware. Gens, Pistols, Ladiee and G-ntlsmsn*s Olthlin, Carpets , and all arttetes ot 0*^iSfK.TSf^%RW.!,,KSr.K; On THE MARYLAND FREESTOVE l.H.OO IS NOW HEADY TO MSCEJTM ORDERS FOR STONE, EITHER SAWED OM ROUGH DIMENSION. Apply At Company's office, CORN KB K AND SSth STBBVfi, Reek Greek. a?tf C. W. HATDEIV, President. N ttws2fah^2i faViMMm y'Ji "SSjj'gS. AUCTION SALES. Tu-MORRO w. BT LATIMER A ( LIART, Real E?tat* Brok- r- and Auctioneer*. SoithvMt corner P?niw>l??iit? ????on* and lltb it. Star OWce Building. BAT HOBSE AT AUCTION. JTV "u SATURDAY HOhNlKfi. Jin* ?U, TS| K.?, *t 1J oY!?ck, in fr-.ut of oar Auction ? ? * R<>-<ms, we Shall ?ell? Out' Bay Boras. six vears old, kiad, g?nlle, ?t*nd *?> *hrr?, suitabta for n isdy. Tern ? cash. jell 2t LATIME.'i A CLKARY. AH#. B Y UREEN * WILLIAMS. AMMwn, Konh*"?l corner lOrh and D streeta. TRCHTEF'SSALE or valuable improved PROPERTY AT ArOTIOM OK v|cr\ EaST TKhMS BRICK DWKLLINtt ON H STREET Northwest, N<v ?3? jft* By Time ?f i deed of trust <1*ted June 11, Q lfCl. recorded In liner 648. folio &>>. of the luxt ^?records of Wa* c< unty, District of Co lombia, and bv direction of tbe part) secur? d there? <1> , 1 will aell at public anc' Ion, on the premises, on THURSDAY, th* S6*h day of Jane. UTS. at S o'clock, p ?>., all that piece or parcel of around in W ashn.gton city, District of Columbia. known and described as part of lot 6, in ?juere 6)8, beginning for sail! part of said lot 6. 21 feel went of the east line of ?aid lot, and running thence south lu) fe?>t, th?nc? west n feet, thence north 19u, to U street, thence e act 12 feet. to the beginning, improved bra three story and basement brick dwelling of about 10 to imp. ? T- mis of sale: $14n0cnsh, balance in IV, 16, an1 It lronth?,on interest at 10 per cent per annum, pay - aid' aemi aunually, secured by note* and deed of trust on the yrnwrtf. $100 down when the property is struck off. All conveyancins at pu'cha-'r'* c>?t. if tbe terni* of sale ar? not complied with withi-i v? day* from the dav of sale, the trust.?* reeerres the right to resell the pr perty at th? risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, R r DODGE, Trustee. _jl6-d GREEN A WlLl.lAM*. A net's. By latimkr a cleary. Auctioneer* and Real Estate Br k?r*, Southwest corner of Pennsylvania avenue aud EI?t etith street, Star Office Building. TRl STEEV SALE OF DESIRABLE PROPER TY ON PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE E \*T. BETWEEN Out AND 7th STREETS NORTH No. 624. ?By Tirtn* of a d<w! of trust. executed by Richard W Bruff and wife to the undersigned Trustee*, July 31, 1871. and recorded in Liber 634. folio Stl, of the land records of Washington connty. D C., as tlie said d- ?m1 is rectified by n dec re* of the Supreme Court if the District of Columbia, fitting in special term on tbe Ctli d ty of March, Ii73, aiid bj another decree 1.f th" said Court, pa--ed in general term on the 7th day of Jane, H73. and up >n tlie request iii writing of the Treasurer of the S -n*h Washington Building Association, ai required by the said deed, we shall offer f..r sale upon the prem ises, oil MONDAY, the 7:h day of July, 1873, at 6 o'clock p.m., the rdiowing described jr party, to wit: All that part of L"4SV,of S ininel Lee's subdi vision of a former snlslivision of original lot 6, in s juare 873. beginning on P>'nn?ylvania avenue at the southeast corner of said original lot 4. and running thern e northwestwardly along said avenue eighteen (18) feet. thence northeastwardly at right angb-s to said arena** eight) foot four aad a?juart?*r luchea (XO 4\? ?. thence due west to an alley ten< 10) feet wide, thence along said alley ten feet ten and a quarter inches (10 thence parallel with said avenue abont twenty-eight (18) feet to tbe northwest corner of original lot live, and thence by and with the east line i>r original lot six (6) to the place of beginning, with the Improvements thereon, conristing of a three ntory Frame House. Terms of sale: One-third in ca?h, of which $100 must be pnid at the time of the sale, and the re mainder in e.|iial instalments of C, 12, 18 and 21 no nths with interest at 8 per cent, per annum: deferred payments to be secured by the notes of the pun baser, and h deed of trust of the property If the purchaser does n?d comply with the terms within five days after the si.' lie trnstee may resell the prt perty at the risk and coat of the defanltinc pun baser. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser W A. FKS'WIl'K,/Trl1.,?.. W T W ALKER i Trustees. jir. Ctsw :twAd? ? I.aTIMER A CLEARY. Ancts. Y U. U. WARNEK. Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer. Ho. T'J!) 7th street,between O anl H sts. CHANCERY SALE OF A TWO STORY' BRD'K IiOl SR 1TII IIACK BUILDING < *>N TA 1N 1NG -IX ROOMS No. 4:UJ.OH 1 II F NORTH M I'E < 'F K STRELT. BETWEEN 4tii AND it 111 STRKETS NORTHWEST. AT AUCTION. ?Hy virtue of a d-i ree passed on the 12th day ?'f June, 1873, in the Mipreno Court of the Dis trict of Columbia, in equity cause N". 1581, D'cket U. tbe urdersign?xl, will on the !24rtt D*v of Jum, 1873, at 6 o'clock p.m.,offer for sale the following described real estate, situated in the city ot Washington, D. C., v iz: Lot lettered C, in John B. K il bey's subdiv ision of original lot 6. in square No. 815,fronting 2i m K otreet northwest, by a depth of 9T> feet. Terms of sale: One hundred dollars down on <*ay of sale: one-third ra-h within ten dav; balanc" in six and twelve month", with interest at eiuht p?r cent per aimuui, secured by de.-d ot trust np>n tbe premises In case tbe terms of sale are not com plied with the property will be resold at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser. All convey ancing at the ciwt of the Dur?haser. SIDNEY T. THOMAS,} TrTlsf(>M SAMUEL A. RAPP. ^ irnstees j!3 B. H. WARNER, Auctioneer. BY LATIMER 4 CLEAR*, Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneers. Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue and lltb ?t., Star Office Building. TRl'STEE'S sale of desirable improv KD PROPERTY ON D STRKET, BETWEEN Uth AND 13th STS. NORTHWEST. Under and by virtue of a deed of trust, bear kS iiiK date the 28thday of October. A. D 1872, aud ?*daly recorded in Lib. 1 No. 6M, fdio 453, et s?u.. B tru-t of Columbia, and by direction of tl cured thereby, I snail sill on SATURD.l 1S73, at 6S o'clock p m., the foliowiiii

pr< perty: Part of Lot 15, in square N one of the land records for Washiugt >n county, Dis trict of Columbia, and bv direction of the party se SATURDAY. July S. iwitig described . . # H". 293, more particularly described as follows: Beginning at a point on the north line of said square, at the end of seventy nine feet,seven and five-eighth inches from the northeast corner of said square, and running thence sonth eighty-three feet four and three-f >urth in<h?a; thence due west to the we?t'*rn liae of said b>] 15; thence due north along the western line of said lot 15, eighty-three feet four and three fourths inches; thei.ce due ea?t to the place of beginning together with the improvements thereon, consisting of a three-story Brick Dwelling. Terms of sale : Amount secured by said trust 1 f .1.1(101,together with expenses of sale, in cash; balance in 12 and 24 months. Tlie notea of the pur chaser bearing interest to b* taken for the deferred payments, secured by deedoftrtist on the premises sold. If the terms of sale a*e not complied with within six days from day of sale the trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of tbe defaulting purchaser. $100 down at time of sale. Convej anciag at purchaser's cost. A. K BROWNE, Trustee, j4-eoAds LATIMER A CLEARY. Ancts. BY LATIMKR A CLEARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers. Bouthweet corner Pennsylvania avenuo and E'.ev euth street, Star Office Buildings. TWELVE CASES OF WINK AT AUCTION. On THl RSDAY, July 1U o'clock .we will sell, at the Freight Depot of the llimore and Potomac railroad, corner of 'Maryland avenue and 9th street southwest, twelve cases of Wine, on account of freight aud charges All parties concerned elea?? take n >tice. Tortus caeh. B. L. DU BARRY, Superintendent of B. <S P. R. R. Co. jolO-oo&ds LATIMER A CLKARY, Aucti. B H. WARNER, R-al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 729 7tli street, l-etweec (J and H sts. TRUSTEE S SALE OF A DEi-IRABLK TWO I hTORY BRICK DWELLING, No. -2??h 7th PTREET, BETWEEN 15 AND C STREETS tOUTHEAST. By virtue of a deed of trust to D tnlel L. Ea.-on, |Tldated S' ptember 21*. 1871, aa 1 duly rec nle<l in '"L'ber No fi?8. folio 4<i]. oue of th-: lan l w^ .rds for Washington, D. C . ami a'so by a decree of the Supreme Codrl of the District "f Columbia. E iuity No. 3,177, Docket 12, substituting th? undersigned Trustee in place of Daniel L. Eaton, deceased, I will srll, at putdir auction, in froti* <if the premises, to BY the hivheat bidder, on THURSDAY', July itil, dxt? OlUH hundred (900), l?ound<-d as follows: Beginning at a on ti lb73, at 6 o'clock p m., Lots sixteen and sevvuteeuc in Prout's mlMlfvision of ?<iuare numbered nine p< n.t one huudrisl and eight fret three inchea South from tbe point of iuteraactiou of 7thstreet east with North Carolina avenue; tlieuce north forty feet to an alley: thence east one hundred and nineteen feut to an alley ten feet two Inches wid?; thence along said alley South forty feet: ttwice west along the dividing lire of lots fifteen and sixteen one hundred and nine teen feet to the place of beginning, together with the improvements thereon. Terms: One-f >unh cash; balance in six, twelve ?nd eighteen months, with 10 per cent, interest, s< crrtd by a deed of trust on the nropertv. Stamps and cOiiveiauciUK at the cost of the purchaser. $1UI di wn w hen the property is struck off. In case the terms are not complied with w ithin seven days after the ?ale, the property will be resold at the risk aud cost of the defaulting purchaser. JOHN H. COOK. Trustee. jell-eokde B. H. WARNER. Anct. BY LATIMER A CLEARY. Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Son'bweat corner Pennsylvania aTe. and 11th street, [Star Office Buildings. TRI 8TEES' SALE OF A VALUABLE BOILD )N0 LOT ON 8 STREET, NEAR 14iu ST. northwest. SBv virtue of a deed of trust, dated the Sd day of October, A. D. 1*54, and recorded in LiberT and R, No. t, folio 322, of the Land Records of Washington county, the subscribers will aell to the hi?!it*t bidder, on the premises, on TUESDAY, the IITth day of May, A. D. 1873. at A o'clock p. m , Lot numivred 4,(four,) iu square numbered 13S, (two bvndred and tbirty-eifht,) in the city af Washing ton, district of Colnuit'ia, to pay $1JU, with inter eat from October 3,1888, and expense*. Tlie terms of sale are: One-fourth cMh,(of which flu must be paid at the time of the sale,) and tbe reetdte ia e>jaal sums in 1,11, 18 and 14 month*, for whii h tbe purchaser must give notes, bearing Inter est st seven peroent. per anonm. payable semi-an nually . and secured by a deed of trust on the prem ise*. All conveyancing at lite cast of tbe porobaser: V the term* are not complied with withia fire day* lxo?i tbe day of sale, tbe Trustees reserve the right to resell tbe property, or any part thereof, to the hlglowt bidder on tbe premises, for caab. on ten I ^ye'public notice in the " Evening Star," Wash ?ton city, at the risk and cost of tn* purchaser in t. ^J^5s ^"CORCORAN,! all 3aw?ds LATIMER A CLEAHT, Anota. mr THE ABOVE BALE IS P0STP09BD nntil Till RbDAT, the ?6:h dav of June, U7i, same beer and place. By older <i th* Trustees mAS lawkds LATIMER A CLEARY, Anct*. Dl B. H. WARNER, D Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T99 7tb street, between Q aad II its. 8A1 E OF VERT DESIRABLE PROPERTY AT THE SOUTHWEST CORNER Of 8 STREET AND VEEMOMT eVBWUE X. W. A I will *eil, on WEDNESDAY A FTEENOO*. Hp June 94th, 1871, at half-paa* ? o'clock, ia front XV tbe nr*inise*7 Lot 1, In Clark's aabdisieioa of square 3(7, fronting 40 feel on Vsnnont avenae and it feet 7M Inchea on 8 Ureal, camtatnlng l^Msauare Ona^hlrd cash; bmaiMaJ an?ia month*, wMi Interest, f M do wndayof eals jlS-d B. H. W/.RJIEE, Auct. AUCTION SALES. TNlft ArTKRIOO*. BTF.A BOSWELLAt\>, Aacuuiii'vrtMKi Rftl Broktn, 8"nth-n?f corner cf (i ?tre*< and Virginia tifun* VALUABLE BUILDING LOT8 ON 1st STREET WEfT. MTWIICH VIRGINIA *Vl?cri ASP D STRFKT SOUTHWEST, IS SQUARES 49* AND ?39. Will be ?"M. WEDNESDAY. June 19. nv UC3. at (>.30 o clock p m. part Lvi 21, S-juare 4sJ: nth half of Lots "E" and'? W,"' in hn?r<- OH Terms: One-halfc*?h; balance in sfx an4 twelve months, with interest at teu ^-r cent. All convey ancing at coat i f (unhMrr. rift] d liars down at time uf sale Iftertn-?of sale are n it ooinpli <d with within five da*? r -sale at defaulting purchaser's cost [jlSStJ BOSW ELL A CO., Aucts. ?/"THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED ur til FRIDAY. Jtrne SO. I??*, same hour and place. jlv ? BO*WELL A CO.. Aucts. JOHNSON A PARSES. Auotione-r,. >' J. #19 P.-nu-) Ivanta *t <nu?. TRUSTEES BALE OF TWO BUILDING LOTS B> virtue of a deed of trust. d ??ed Oct br MPllth, 1971. and dull recorded in Liber Ml. f >lio one of the 1 *.nl r?-c <rds for the county of Waehingtoa, D C., and at the request of th? party secured thereby,I will to nell, at suction, to the highest btdd? r. iu front of the premise*. on ERIPAT. Jons lM?th. at & o'clock p t? . all of L >t? letter*.! K mid L.inC Stott's *utxmisi c of orifi nal Lot 1, in Square 694. Tlie?e lota lu??e a ffronta?? of ah ^ut 3S feet on l*t street ??ft by a depth uf about 61 feet. Terms made know n on day of sal*. W WILLIAMS. Tru*te~. jl2-eoAds JOHNSON * BARNES, Aucts. B V E. J SWEET, K-al K-tate Broker and Auctioneer, All 7th street, opposite U S. P >#t Office. TRUSTEE'S SALE OE VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE ON NEW .IEKSEY AVENUE. BETWEEN P AND E STREETS NORTH By virtue of a deed of trust, bearing .late or. Ith' So li day of March, A. P. 1959 acl duly re corded in liber T AR . Nv M, Mis M, l( . one off the land rscords for th- District of C tluml ia, 1 -hall sell at pub'ic ancti-n. in front f the prem i???. on XIII K3DA Y. the 3dda> of July. A D 1973, ?t i o'clock p. m., all that certaii. piece ? r parcel of ground situate and lying In the Citl uf W'uhiig ton, and known an.l described a? lot nun.berel twelve,(12.' iu Huffman's recorded sul?livi?i.>n off original lot numbered t?a.(2.) in square numb -re<l six hundred and twenty-nine, (?23.) with th" im Srovemente th?reon, coisisting ? a two story frame veiling honaa. Terms of sale; One fourth in cash; l-aSnrt In 6. 12. and li mouths, for note* bearing -utere^t fr >m day of sale, to be seruM-d by deed of trust on prem iirt**old. ,? l'*i at tir>:? of -ale to bedepoalted. If term* of sale are not complied with the property to be resold at ri-k and c< ?t of d'faalting po:chafer. All C<mvej at cin^ at nnrrhaeT'* coat. WILLIAM U. TODD. JR .Trustee, jeto-eoA.ia F. J. SW EET. Aart. Y GREEN * WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Northwest comer loth aud D streets. SALE OF SIXTY TWO VALUABLE BC1I D1N<} LOTS IN S'Jl ARE I7?. <?N 1?th AND I7rn AND y AND RSTREETS S. W' ?Bv virtue of the nuthorlty contained in ad??l execnt.Hl on the nth ay of June, 1S73, and duly recorded, the mid?r?ipr>ed will off>-r, at public fale, upon Hie premieea, on M^NPA Y, th? a.t 1 day of June, 1S7S, at ft o'clock p. m., lota nnniber?^l from 11*> ij, inclusive, and from Si to ?, in'-lu?l*e, of J< Ijn B. Turton's sub.liviai.-n of squar** 179. Th??e [??tsare very d'-slrable f<.r Imildins purp-?^?, b^iug I<h Ht<<! in a rnpidly impriviug aection of th? city, and the gTonnd being high and well boated and the lots of convenient siro. ?? will b" ae<>n from the rlat. The prop<Tt) will be sold iu ijnantitiea to suit purchasers. Terais of sale: One-h ill in cash, of which a deposit of &2S on each lot will be required at ih?tlme?f sale, the remainder in <<jaal instalments at 6 and 12 month-; the ,ieferre?l payments to l,e secured by n 'te* of the purchaser, bearing iutereat at 6 per cent , and de?d of trust on the pr -perty. Itthepnr chasers fail to comply with the terms within ten da- s after sale, the trust'-** reserve the r'ght to re ??-ll the property a! the risk and cost of mch default ing pun laser. All couveyanclug at tbe cost of the B pi. ri I laser. JOHN RIGOLES.i Trnfltor. W. EVANS.\ Trnstee,. GEO _ __ jl3 1 [Rer l GREEN .* WILLIAMS. Aucts B Y B.H.WARNER, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer No. Tii'J 7th street, betwu?u G and U stroeta. CHASrERT SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF K STRKET, RF.TVV EES' NORTH CAPITOL AND FIRST STREET EAST, AT AUCTION. lly virtue of a decree of the S ipreme Court of rhe District of C >lumhia, passed in the cause of i-Tinkerand Sherman vs James M Orni -s, N >. 2,&i6. Equity docket 12,1 will sell at public auction, in front of the premises, on TBI ESDAY, Juue 1 'J, 1873. at *> o'clock p m.. Lots N-s. 227. 22a, 229. Z?, 231, 232, 2:n, 254. and 235. in B. F. Gil bert's recorded subdivision of square 575. t<'gettier with the Improvements th?reon, conai<ting of ele gant tliree-?tory prees bri k frout dwellings. Tkis pr p>rty is sold to satisfv a m?*chanic's lien T about g-.'Jit) mid srbj-ct to certain IncumbruLces which will be mude known (rn the day id sale. Terms ? r the am >unt realized above said incntn bra'ires cash. If terms of sale are not complied with within live dara after sale the property will be re?"Id at the risk :ind c-*t of thed faulting pnr?'ha?er. SlUO down on each accepted bid. Conveyancing at pur chaser's cost. FRANK O. DANIELS. Trustee. tr.21-eo&ds B. H. WARNER, Auct. J/-TIIE ABOVE SALE IS P0STP0NEP mtil MONDAY, June 23,1S7S, same bour and place. Bv order of the Trustee. _ j 12 B H WARNER. A net. Y DTNCANSON. BOWLING A CO., Aucts., Southeast coi her ot 9th and D streets northwest. TRI STEES'SALE ofTmproved PROPERTY ON aD STREET EAST. NEAR PENNSYLVA NIA AVENUE, AT PUHLIO AUCTION. jj ? ]Jy virtue of a deed of trust, dated September K'Vl.lHAW. and du.y recorded iu Lil>er T and R ?*N". 17. folios 21b, Ac., ona of the land records of W ashington county, intlie District of <'oluinbia, and bv direction of the parties secured tli^ri>by, we wil ??<11 at public acutb-n, to the highast bidder, in front of the premiws, on M< 'M DA Y A FT EKNoOS, June 30th,1973. wt 6H o'clock, parts of lot numbered fifteen. (14.1 in square munis-red seven hundred and sixty -two, (762.) as said lot nnd square are laid down and d 1-tliig>ii-he-i on the plat or plan of said city. Beginning for said part of lot at the sontheaat cor ner of said lot and runing thence wet eight-five, (H51 feet, thence north twenty-seven (27) feet, thence east eighty five<S6)feet,and thenceaonth twenty is-ven <27) feet, to the beginning, together Willi the improvements, a two-story bricK house. Terms of sale: One third cash; the balanca in two equal instalments of six ami twelve months wuh interest. The purchaser to give notes secured by a deed off trust on the premises aold. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaa'-r. One linndred dollars down as soon as the property is sold, and if the term* of the ?ale are not complied with within ten days after the day of sale, the trustees reserve the right to reaell the property at the risk and coat of the defaulting purdiassr. after tea days public notice. E. E. WHITE. (Trn.tAM JNO. H. SEMMES.J Tru,tw* jel t d DUN0ANS0N, DOW'LING 4 CO., Aucts, B B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Southeast coruer 7th and D street*. OUARBIAN SALE OF A FIRST CLA^S PRI VATE RESIDENCE FRONTIN'J "S K bTREET >ORTH, BETWEEN 4ru a>D ftTU STREETS WEST. By virtue of n decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, holding a sp-cinl *^term, passed on the 221 day of July, A. D. K. .. upon the petition ot Virginia McElfre*h, guardian to the minor children of Henry M'-Elfreeh,d"oev?<?d, 1 sl:?ll sell at public auction, on WEDNESDAY, th? iiftth day of June, A. D. 1973, at 6 o'clock p. m , cn the premises, being part ?t Lot number>-d twen ty-two, in Square numbered live hundred and six tecn, having lu feet front by 142 feet 7 inches deep to* jp-foot paved alley, with h fine pr-^ssed-brick front Home and basement,with all ni"dsrn Im provements; water, Ac., in the yard, making alir-t cla?s private residence. Terms: One-third cash: balance 6 and 12 month*. d< furred p yments to l?e secure?l by notes of purcha ser and a lien retained upon the premises, or the purchaser may pay all cash at bin or her option. Couvev a tiring and stamps at tlie cost of the purcha ser. (Mi deponit on the dav of sale. And if the terms of sale are not Complied with within flvedavs alter the day of sale the Guardian reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of the de faulting purchaser by advertising three times In soBie newspaper published in Washington city. VIRGINIA Mc ELFRESH, Guardian. i< 13-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and IMBI Estate Brokers, South* t?t corner Penna. avenue and lUh strest. Star Office Building. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE IM PROVED PROPERTY ON NEW YORE AV?. NI E, NEAR TH1RTEKN1H STREET WEteT. BHy virtue ot a dectee passed to cause N? 3,211 Equity, Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, we will sell on THURSDAY, the iibth day of Jane, A. D., tt'. o'clock p.m., in ff' nt of the premises, the west half of lot No. 6, in square W6, according to the public plats of the city of Washington. The premises frout 29 feet on New York avenue, and is luu leet ea?t from 13'h stree-, are ipiproved 'wl'h a comf >rtable rssi, being No. 1?5IT New Yorkavenus. Tet urn of sale: One-third caeli, residue at ( and 12 months, with interest Iron day off sale. Conveyan cing at purch.tser's cost. & lou dowa at time of aaie. FRED. W JONES.f - J A 8. P. TL'STIN, \ Tr,wt*<>* Private offers for the property are solicited, and should a suitable our be made, it may be accepted. If n< ne such is made the property will he sold as above advertised. je!7 I Rep. 1 LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. 1> Y LATIMER A CLE ART, I> Auctioneers and Real Estate Broken. Southw eat corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th at., Star Office Bulldlnca. TRC8T*E 8 SALE OP VALUABLE IM PROVED PROPERTY OM Q STREET SOUTH. HEARLT OPPOSITE CHRIST CHURCH, NAVY YARD. a By virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date the ^Hllth day of Hovember, A. D. 1973, aad recorded i^Hin Liber MB, folio 194, and at the request off the narty secured thereby. I will sell at aoctlon, in front of the premise#, on FRIDAY, the tITth day of June, A. D 1873, at 6H o'clock p m.. Lot 27, square 378, off Washington, D. C. The Lot Is 80?et front by 104 8-12 deep; la Improved with a cu boss odious Dwslttag Terms: One-third cash; the residue at si* and twelve months, with Interest ft am the day of sale. Deed given an<l deed of trust taken. Conveyancing at cost of purchaser. Title g^d. FRRP. W. JONES. Trustee. jlg-d LATIMER A CLEARY, Aucts. BY J. H. MATT1NGLY, Auctioneer An., Ia front off the premises, we will - HI public auction Lota natbarsd 14, U aad _ ssmjSS Terms: Ons-tbiid caehTthe batanee on tiaM, with Interest. A deposit off oae hwaadrsd dollars Will be mtlrsl at the tins of sale. Conveyancing at pax chaasr's coet. ? atreet northwest. I AUCTION SALES. Ul J AiiEa Gl Aucti.x "* S > l#ll Pitiwlrmit ir^ni* STOCK OF A FANCY STORE BY ArCTTOW on SATlRI'AY MORNING. J.ia. * | ?t . at 10 e clock , we ?i!l wll a large 1 4 of CtlmiM, Lawn*. ^r** Hats, T 'i?t f"?|w, 4f. Mr tkot'i ??* (Itl JAMR? 'iUILD. AM. BY DUKCANSON. Pott LING * CO . A acts , Southeast comer *h and D streets north woof KJJPLATFORM srRISU TOP WAGON, TWO NEW EXTI1IM WAOONS. NEW F*R* *\*P* .TWOSM < ARTS. 8ECONP H ANP < A.?1*IACK and 81 \ SETS HVK.NES? AT AtCTInN , OnSATURDAY MORNING. Jon- *1 . si 1 a , cl"OR m.,ii. front of >ur aucti >u : . va will sail the kb?i a s<~k,whi h ?' *"rthy In- attention of grocers. batcher*, hu k st?Ts ana others, as some iii ti? ?v>ck wasmadeto order. DUKCANSON, DOW LINO A CO , -1*' Aactieaeers B1 LATIMER A CLEARY, " Auctioneers and R-al Estate Brokers, HvittiWMt comer F'tinqlrnla avnoa at J lltfe street. Star Office Building. AI MINISTRATOK 8 SALE OF HOR*R AMD family carriyue Oa SATURDAY. June tllst. at I* .>!?*-% I will M'll at public auctio- , at the an - ? ?? ? tioa rooms of Latimer A Cleary. One superior II rae, t yeais old. One F mii.11y Carnage, belonging to the estate of W illiam H. ce.tsed - Terms cash. C. C L4NOLCY. Adinintatrator. It LATIMER A CLRKRV. A<tc?s BY CREEK A WILL1A1IS. Audi 'iieon. No. 1001 u*rtL*i'<t corner Utb ami D *ta. O** F?NF PARLOR "suite. upholstered '-N '"A? EN..rl.1 SH M * RBI.R TOP CENTER I'?lAKS WALNUT BFD ROOM SUITE ,10 P!lCRS-? PMNTEP BED8TE \P*. R? RK \US * J"'' _ W A >11 ST A N |)S, .'/AN L SKAT. OAK PINING *NP OTHER CHURS. LoUN'-KS. J \NTY CHAIRS ON'I W ALNt'T U Ul I l\.i LA.f?AI KS III -R ASP COTTON Top M JTTKIlSjKS. MATTING, < WHITE AM) CYRPETS BKL'6SEL8 ASJO 1SGRAIN 40 POXES MRDI'-ATED PEARL WBKAT flY On TO MORROW. , Satn'dev.I Jiiue 41, Vj^l<*S.? u.' artt.ii trout oConr auction rmh, tie al i vi aieutioui .l articlns. i 1 1 Terms caah. GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts^ |M ^ M L \\ ALL .v i o , Aacti m???th. ?' Original Horse and t'arnage Baritae, Louisiana ncime, between Kth and lutli Htrt>et?. CARRIAGES'?<-CARRIAGES ' One <l>-ptwn|?r Bret, bnilt by G W.VatMB. One tall '<>p Bnsgv , limit hv Catf ?y. One lit S||?|, Drag, with pole and abaft*. New Y" rk. built, coot Ore i<e? jump-seat R ck*way; on<> Sulkr t?ne K One open t ut paw. i e- r Carnact, ?citato f r nfhinK partiea. Fall top ??. K-w an.l second-hatxl Etpr?<i? ri'ai'ini. One ?ett mk-oii I tia'id I> ? H iru<"4, r Mit ?lSil On SATURDAY M<?RSIN0, iatif ttlat, i?rommenriiiK *t 10 o'cluck, ?e w.U s II ? "* 1 theaboTe DAru<?t utock. Alw, Imtaeiiately aft- r the hale of Carriage*, we will ael t a tmmt>er ? 1 HORSES ANP M \ RES. 8?^fral -nat arri* from Virginia, amng which wi i I lnr fouC'l aotne T?rr fine pr ^na-ins: > "Uiu' II '?>c< It WM. L. WALL * CO , Aurta By latimrr a clkarf Aucti.'uefra and K> al Eatate Broken, Southweat corner F>-nna>i\atua avenaa and Utb at., 6;ar Office Buil<Ln?a. norsiHOLD fcrnTtire, Ac., at auc TION. On 8\TI RDAT, ilo-h tm?,| tt Id [>VK-< k. iu front of our auction rojam, we -hsiil ?el| the foil w iui{ article# One I'piiglit Pianuiort", Rep aii'i Haircloth Parlor Furniture, VS alnut Martile-topCliaiubrr Set-, He i' and Car pet-cove red Rnuu^'ea, PaintedC Furniture, Hair and Huek Mattra*?e>, Feather B'-d'. Bol?tein and Pillow*, Eittiisiot) Pit,lug TaM<v, Cune and Wo"<i aeat t'liairc. Leaf iUid Kitchati TaM- a, K-frigerator*.Cliromoe .tud Ei.graviuga, Loi fine prea- ftlik, Silver Plal,-<1 Tea Set, A h-autiful aaaortinent of Stuffed Birds, uul r gl ??a ?tiai! -, . One sup -rior Side Raddle, S. wng Macliinex, Co. king and Heating Stove, Ac. Terms cacli. It LATIMER A CLEAR?. Atcts. Y LATIMER A CLEARY , Auctioneers arid K-a Estate Brrtker*. 6outh?eat corner Pennsylvania avenue aud lith ?t . bSar Office Buildin* SALE OF A FINE BUILDING LOT ON J7th "STKHET. BETWRRN I ANP K STRKKT0 NOR! HWKST. NEAR TIIR BOUNDARY , On MoNPAY AFTERNOON, Juae 30th. ?1S3. at ti . 'clock, in front of the pr>'ini?-s, we sell I. -t 9. ut Sonar* No I, h?\ m? a fr -it < f <"'t feet on the ,'a-t .ul- Of JTth ?tr-et, between I and K. and mns tetck lii feet to a .V-foot allev T?nu?: Ont third owh; the residue in one and two years, *ith 8 prcent int'-ri-st p?r annum, payaiile serei anDually, and to In- set ure<i b) a d-ed .f tru?t. In case of non compliance, the property ? ill b<- re sold, for caah, at th< risk and c. *t of tlis defaulting purcha-ier, b> giving rive days' notice in thw E?e nir.gStar. <?ouve> aucing at parchaaei's c >st. #50 do? n at time ot aale. J-3' eo LATIMER A CLE A RY. Aw. t?. BY Dt'Nt'ANSOM. POWLING A CO., Aoct'rs, tMulheaat corit?*r Xth aisl D strt ?ta norUiweat. TRUSTEES'SALE OF YALI ABLE IMPROVED LEAL ESTATE OS F STREET. BETWEEN *?th ANP lOtM STRKtCTS NORTHWEST ^6 By virtue of n d*-e,i of trust to the undorMgn< d, Ed*'"t Novell.ber 1, A p.KJ, ami duly r?c ,r l-?l Mm L l#r N. ?99, f- lio on? f tl.a land re cordef. i \\ aahiiigton county, Pisirict of C diuubia, ai u at the rei|U>*nr of the partv ?ecur it th.-relir, w ? Ills II. in froM of the br'-miaer,. on 8ATURPAF, the Ath day ?if July, A P i-CJ. at H oVI k p. m , aU tlia* pau;e| < I laud and prim>i" S situ:u iu the city f Ua-hineton, Pistrict of Odiimhia, kii'-wu and de-crii"Hl np'.n the plat an 1 plan th?ra->f a... and i>ein*, all ot L?t nnmbersd flffen, (15,| in sjuare nunda-r-d three hut'droit und seventy sevin, (SJ7,) e\c? pt th>- north'-a-teru part thereof, fruBtiog t?entj (?o fe+t on north F .-treet with a d"pth of M*t| |6?) feet, the portion of said L"t to he sold being contain -d within th" following descrip tKn, to w it: Beginning at the rmrthw-st corner of smd Lot numbered tift'-eii, (1#,) and running thence east on F street forty-one (41) feet aiid one (11 inch, thence south parallel with the m?t ant west lines of said Lot sintr (6J.1)f?"t, thence eaat twenty (*ofeet to the east line of ^ani L?t: thencesonth with said east lineninety nine<W>fe?-t to the southeast corner of said Lot' thence west with the aouth line forty-six (tft fa?t and I'tie (11 iuch to the southwest corner of said Lot; tliepce north with the we?t ltt?e forty-fonr i?i?fe..{ to the angle of the A> feet alley; thence west with said alley fifteen (Ut fnet to the aonrhwest corner of the ficnt part of said Lot; and th>-nce uitrtkTl* with the west line of said front part of aaid Lot one hnn dnd and sixteen (1 ISi feet t? the place of to-ginning. t*geiher with all and singular the improvements, waj-, ea>. nientr and appurtenances to the same he b ngitig or appertaining. Terms of sale, a- prescribed by said <?eed of trust The amouLt secured thereby, unpaid, < *.T ?ij aiid eipenst of sale, in caah, and the baltnct at six 16,(twelve <121 and sighteen (1S? months, for note* l < ;>r.Bg interest from tiie day of sale, and aertired i>) a d' ed of truet on the property Sold. A dep .ait of Sas will lie re iuire>l at the time of ?ale AJIcon vej ancn.g at tiie cost of tiw purchaa-T. If the ternii of sale are n?>t cmpned aitli within seven dava froni the date ..f sal.-, then the property to be resold at the risk and coat of tbe defauliing purchaaer, and the said deposit shall be forfeited D4NIEL PHILLIPS, (_ . NF.LStiN HOI.LISTER ( Trustes*. j'-2i'-d DUN' ANSON, DOWLING ACQ., A nets Y B B. WARNER, 15" _ R-al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, Ke. 7th street, between G and H. TRUSTEES' SALE (iF SIX NEW THREE STORY MANMARP ROOF AND BASEMKNT BRICK HOUSES ON NORTH 8IPE OF I STREET. BETWEEN NORTH CAPITOL ANP I-t STREETS EAST. AT AUCTION, BEING NVi 17, 19. Ml, 43, -Ji AND 47. jj?! By virtue of six deeds of tru?t from John N. ITS Qubbard to ns, all hearing date N 'vem'. -r llih, **A D. 1KTS. and duly recorded in Liber Ho. 7tM, folio- 112, 215. 319.211,234, and 327, of the land records for YVashlngton cunnty, District of Gotumbia, we will sell, at public auction, to the highest bidder or bidders, in front of the premises,on WEPNESPAY, Julv Vth. 1K79. commencing at 6 nVlnek p m.. Lots 116,117.11$. 119,12U, 121, and 132, in B F Gilbert's recoided subdiv iston of Square <75, ti-gether with the inifrovemerts tliereon, consisting of six (6> three story and Mansard roof Brick Dwellings Ea.-h of these houses haa a lot of 21 feet front, with a depth of 8U feet. A full description at tlw? office of thu aac ti> nt er.and will be given en day Of aale. Tenu?: *6.WW. *ith 10 per cent interest from K miVt ll'h, 18T2, and expense of sale on aa< h house in cash; balance in 6, It, aad 18 months, fir which notes ot the purchaser or purchasers, bearing interest from day of sale, will be required, secured bv a deed of trust on the property. fJW down at time of sale on each honae If terms vf sale are not complied with within ten days after sale, ths prop erty will be resold at the risk and cost of tbed*fa?lt ing puri haser or purchasers. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser of purchasers. VTlie purchaser or purchasers can obtain a loan on ths above property. EDWARD W. PARSONS,/ ? BOBERT R. DAY, < Trustoea. jelu-d J. X COLDWRLL, Salesman DY B. H WARNER. ~ D R-al Estate Broker aad Atuitlaaur, No. T8? 7th street, between G and U. TRUSTEES' BALI OF TWO T11 REE-STORY BRICK DWELLI1IGS OM TBR SuTtH SIDE OF RHODE ISLAND AVENUE. BETWEEN ?th AMP 10th STREETS, AT AUCTION. -**- By virtae of a d*ed of trust to aa,dated July ?931). 1472, and duly recorded in libas Mo. Ml.foiie 474. one of the land recorAsfor Washlagtuacousi ty, In strict of Colombia, aad bi dsrecuou ef ths party thareby seen red. we will salt, at public aac Clon. iu front of the premises, to the highest bidder, ?n THURSDAY, July loth, 6 JVlock p. m. . all Uioee cert a la pieces or paroels of grsund kwwi as lots UK and ME ot Lanckton's snhliviaion of lets lull, Itn, aud MM, i<f Joseph F. IMIy's sutstiviaion of west half of siinare SS5, to gather w ith the improve n.eit- thareoa Terms of sAla in case at each honae; The amoant of ihe debt secured by aaid deed of trast, via., #2X0. with interest at 10 par cast., mm* ths eapaaaaa of aale in cash; hud the balance la ? aad 13 unkha, with interest, escwfed hy a deed ef trast aa the property. Iftniaol sals are aotoos pllaii with ta ?even dsys after sale, the property will he i?aU at the rt k and cost sf the defaalting parrhaasr. |Mt deposit on accepSaaoe of hid. ~ chasers' coat The purchaser can chtain a K>aa of the above property. j? eoAds J.T. COLDWRLL, " Md JooniMW, Bntt i EVENTXG STAR. A K?? f?ii k) In tli* T<m%< <a |*(?t |'uby Ur nig reisot ti>? H capital Fair at l'ortUa.1, M? . fi MoixUi . ?| |x-?r?lUr following poem by H * lx,ng!< llow. wriitra aaperialt; tor that paper rttimw From the outskirts at the town. Where ot old the aiito mom stood. Now a stranger, look'ng dewa, r cfosra I lirhold the ok Of the dkik an.l kMIMil Is it changed. or am I ehaagwd Ah the oaks are freak MM 1'ut the friends with whom I rat>ged Tfirimrt their tlilrkftf ar* c?tnn|f4 liy the jf?r? that inUt*?M bright Mtm ActMtk'M, Hnrht m fm iktnn Uie aun. but llitT MM to Mr Not the hii (k*t uwil t? be. Not Ur ude* that uffri I* tub ? ttlrl Hrl? Sh* >? Mrftrtly vtllMf to kulp. Mb* Ml* her nu-ther she would ,ia?t a* Itef ?Ut timw a week m not. and iniora?i her tr timphant air. that ehe Mit week tobelpeieMl 1 he r?r|fU arc to be tiktii nt> Aral, and that girl, delicate it reared thcnfli nit bf, l<ra*?l| mi? down tn the middle of the Hoar and read* a paper while bet botkri and the hired flrl lake ort the ta? k? ar.l make frantic efforts in use tlit raair torm ot iMunen prarer that the head ol the hou*e one* ?kHi hi* home doa't coaie on easily tn the nier?r?g I he rari? Is rolled up and taken oat lute the V*. k yard, and hung ou the .'teUiee-llae to ha ducted Now tliat girl eouie* out atroug. aitd rtiowf the latent energy that ia in bet Mie* an old tirooin and starts toward that swingiug carj?et with an air of determination On her w ay she splee her friend K Hla at d i'Ow oft to the sldt fence to talk tUml an hour and a halt al<out? well, about whaterec gir's do talk al?out under the saiue ttrcaa etmcee. Then she gt?e* into the bouse and eate lit i dinner and complains ol l>eia* tired Iw tn? aitcrnoeu ?he t>egtn? dusting and arranging the 1-ookf in the bookcase. she llnila pretty soon one of Oulda's no vela, and eiu down ou the floor to read, while the Ink, trucn a bottle hi ? knocks over when she throw* her dualer m tli.> table, runs all over the parlor eurtain* rtuDiil under the chair near I t. I be mother And* her here, and send* her Into the parioi to gather up bet music ready tor to. morrow'* Cteiupai^u. She get* aloug well enough with h< r finger e?erci?es aud marches, but presently she coMto across "IMfl beAn gT> aitli me. Darling," that Hubert gave her la*t week . and begins to mini It. bhe opetuthe piano to And the key note to be certain she caw take tbe high note nicely, and ltegins to *104. It doeMi't eound well without the accompani ment that Kobert thought wa? so ??k?h, *o she Mb down and l?egtn* to play. While etie to practicing Kobert come* along He hear* her. He Mop*. He enters She*. He want* to hear that sweet soag. Come in onlr for that. ------ She She I* too hoarse. She couldn't think ui auig ing with her hair tied op ia a towel?but *hs doe?. Kobert sigh* a* the song en<ts, and *he proposes a game of croquet. The* go out and plat croquet till tea time?T rrt IT Erj rtts. KfChicago is goirg to increase the pay ot her public school teacher*. ?/".A lady recently applied a? a life insurance compam for a position a* agent. When aekad what her ?|ualiticatiou? were she touched her unblushing cheek. B^" I ton *4 cry for me. I shall die to-night," Mkl putty Mice Jonioia 1 'a(a. ol I'tica. to her other as she sat at the window, a few nigbts ights * tia I ago. and saw the lover go by tor whom she] been pining since last winter, with his bride It ailing on hi* arm. At teu o'clock she was dead. NtKKIED. DOM NINO?CALDWELL. On Tlmr?lar. Jous ltlb. at lb- re*td?nt'e of thr brideV ike h t. I?r. n n Mr. llAMI EI. R. HO? N IN';. < f W ashilMttoii, 1> to MLIZ/.Y h . ? <>f Win N an-t A S <'?U?>-II, ?t Ueorget'?n,D C. | Alexandria Oa/ett*' aud Balti more 8>m pb'itse <-op> ,| * K MIHm 'S-KAY LtlB Ou Tne?<1ay. Jnae Ink, I<CS. St I lie r-?ii1-lu e of tli* briiie'a |>ar?iita, b> lh? H- A!ti-d Holnea.1. P. II., Ol. AN(l.\ r EM IK t?ON m?l SALL1E B N A VLOU. daughter of Mr. Jaiio-e G. Na)lor No cards. * 1BVINO-STEWAET. At Detroit, Mich , Jane Hit., at the rwicli-ncf ot tK'tlliam . Ut lh? K? K- v Kiiiihi<-| \ t(rl i?krt, Mr HAKK 1B\ INU to Mia M AUOIE STEM'A KT. M<iU|| K ?ltUkLE. On Thursdar, Jna< II h, *> tbe rwii'lmce of the bride's roo'her, by tb- Re* Father M Nally. Mr TUOMaH STEW ART 8E? V It'K to Mi?s Ot'EAN A C BOTLE DIES. BLOWN On Thmaday, 19th instant, at (an, OKi'hoI PHILIP, infant *.>n wt L E.auJ U A Br an. ag-d 7 months and It days. Th?- lri?sd< and relative* of the family are invited to attend his funeral fr>m> tbe r?ai<lM>e of his part-nts. No. 7 Uighatreet, Ocrjet-au,to morrow afternoon, at 4 o'clock Si* PARNEILLE In Georgetown, Jane M h, ICS, EMILIE IIARBV, aged Tl months and M days, daughter of Emilf<- M . aud Philip A Daraeill* Tli<- frieud* and relatitea of the family are ia? llai to tfce funcal. at ( ''clock p tn ?o buiaia>, tie hi iooaut. frt^nt 1h>-r-'stdeao of tbs family, on Coa gre*<, above St odd art street. [ Republican. | * DRIXER. Ol eaturdair, Jaa-14. 1871 Mra.AMB BRADLEY DRIVER. akLw of Tkotnaa Dnrer.ot M at cheater Jt uiciatid. Bt.ned on Tueeday . June l' Moant M >nah Cemetery, Philadelphia. k' JEM ITT June hab. UTS, M ARY A daueMer of Lea la T. and A.J.Jewett, Bffed 8 as ath* aui ? days. Pnueral will take place Saturday, at 4 o'clock p ni..frciu Kilt New Jersey aveuue, between M aud N atreets uortbweat. ? LINPyUI'T. Oathehith Instant, at SB) a m , F REBERICK . belwved son of Frwteri k and Emms Linguist, a?'<l H m intlts aud 33 days. The relative* and friends of the family are r>-?p?ct fulljr reijnested to attend tbe fnn-ra', fr?>m his part nta' reaidenca, No. 1 Itti atr<-M, corner of B street aoatbaeat, cn to morrow, < betarda> ,1 Jan* 31st, at 4 o'clock p. m. ? Mi GAM*. On tb< hKh in<tatit, at 4 o'clock a. ia , PllKBY M , youngest dsuxhtcr of Bdward L ana Martha A M< Gaa , a**-d t months and 4 da> s. Reettnc aweetly from all care, Thy aufferlns's at an end. Tbe soul bas winged its flight to Ood, Eternity to spend. IO r fnaeral * ill tak<- (da'-eat 4% o'clock Saturday, fr- in tlie residence of Iter pareatp. Bo. 44X C atreet, ? -t??eii ?th and 5'h str? t? 1 rth??at | Baltimore anti Harford eownty paper* pi-sae cop> | PLOM'MAK. On Tbnr>'tay, I9th infant, at ? p. JESSE PLOM MAN. inth? \Vt year of his ace, 'infer of tbe Association "of thr tt 'Idetrs of taa M ar of 1813 Funeral from the rea|<jence t>f bis son ia-law, Georgf G. M ilson. No M" New York avenue, to morrow, (Saturday,! at 6 p tu. Tlo- friends of tha family art respectfully invited to attend. * TIIAM". Suddenly, at Houston. Texas, on tha evening of tbe 1Mb in?tant. FRANK CLARK THAM . late of the city of M'aabmfton,yuung*?t auii of John and Jane Thaw, atced 16 yeara and T months *'M"ith f'hrist, wbich is tar l^ttes*." * UNDERTAKERS. ||idiARO r. HAEYEYi I ifisnsiMiM HAHVMf * MAKM.,1 ma. V SThkJT, betweM Nmtb and Tl METALLIC bVKlAL CASKS AHV CASK Mit af s**r> dsscrtpttsa. marl ly fHli'lVOS, HAblTS. #?? R1CI CAblMtT MAILER AUII OHMKK TAE MA, ?13 BLBVEBTB STBEVT, aaar t. FOKMTUKK UP ALL KINUM HA DM AMI htPAIHhf aaMr ILL I AM UACBETT, HOTELS. it ooataios all tbs auid hatha, bells,* ** HT#?" Bo in c fTOAiro

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