Newspaper of Evening Star, June 20, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 20, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. ri'DAT Jam* ?n. 1W7S. LOCAL NEWS < ?ndf?i il TS' two-story farm hou?e of P. A. Dimtill*, ?near Helt.?ville, *u Jc?U"\ed by lire yesterd ?y ?orataa. Beau Hickman Mv? yon ,?bonM always 'Pay a* vou gr>,"er*D it you Lave to bo.?ow the money to ?lo It. No mail |x x t-Mlar, nor any thine Mke rbolera reported. exe>ept a few ca^js or cholera morbus ar<l cholerie diarrhoea. From .1. Shilling >n v? haTi C<vffay'r L" *j'-> for Ju'.y and the Aim July number of A nbnrr'i Hrmtkiy from D. A. Brosnan we hare the Ca'Jtcln WorUl for .Inly, a superior nnrnkr. The anneal commencement M?rrl?f? of the eolieg\a?e department of the National l>eaf Mute Collet* will rake plve on Wednesday, the -'?th insu, ia ?'ie chapel of the institution. Public HekMl IiuImUmi. WHITE SCHOOL*. Dutri':.?lute. nediste So. J, (male) Wal lack (eilding, M it Vic.oris N nrae, tt* Vr, wm testei Jay by Trustee Scott. Tb.-m.-ial * a? awarded *o Jobn K Ton-*r, ael diplomas to Jobn S. Toghert, Jo* 1 Vferbnchen, William Alk*n, ?n b?Mi?. Ahisk Painter and Wm. Richards for *rh< l?rship. deportment, at.sodam * and penman ahip, to < harles Heiiutger fur atixiid .nee. and Wal ler frunnell for n>nsi< . A s W medal w ar presented i y 'bs t?afk?r to J< In S. Torbert ffor superior <?* r- llen.-s In deportment and scholarship, he ranking \ ith 1 ?e pupils rw'ttiM th? school medal. Tlt? t' arfcrr a'> pieasntoi a handsome book to John P. \ irrl iick*-n for penmanship. Thirty nine pupils are t n tbe r< II,M off wlj.1i: are tu be trauaf< r.?l In ? rm-diste 9o. 1 if? male.) Wall tclt taildlug. Hi- Mr 1 Auk wtrd t-achsr, wa< fiantivil by Tru?t?-e P.ilin. Tne r? ?1 off h ^nor Wan as follows ? M- 'I tl ann.e 8 Kanf .ii*a; a ,?ndance, scholarship hi d deportment, Slla 8 M. h'fresh. Celeatina IV t'?'la. A?'a y> Ober, Edith T?ljinll, Uortrihle V. Tril l >, Gertrude K- Boise 4U; <le?orimeat, Minnie E S -i!p?. e . H tttie H M E.m, Mary E. Btocaell, Pelma E M telei, Margaret I. Sword. anendtnee, J ffkin* A Msl'oy addis C. Wilson. M irgaret E Mi Cathran, Id* K. Cook, Annie M.F-Mvjss, #Iar> A Harrison; pe-imanship. B-rtha Karrfff'nann; ?. cai Kaasir, Etrut* G F rbss Grirud" Trihl.y T ? rivd a c-rtin atr f..r prnntaai>bip in it<taiums ? ll?(re. Ttirre art-fifljr l?o eupiU i>n (lie ruUa,?bd v' ln? nnn ber thirtv-uu" will b* pr 'tnotml. t'c, nk Ih. tnri ? ?"?? male pmnur wh?ol o' the t nr.b di^rict *at?*. >mta> <1 y?etenlav afternoon be f a umch larvrr ai?Nt<>ry tt-an baa eeer before 11 bl J i' h?ar tba exerriwee o* any public wftool t\ ua.i' . tu tiii-c.ty Tb^ e?*iMiuatiun waa held in t*-f? iffkiH" bail of th? J- U*r+ a buildinij. aad the eie e ? * ?e-t uauauall; Intereatiu^ au<l uteri? ? -ri. i?. bnt the ontir.B?>ua ringia^ of bells and I '? ? u oi't ??m *?hl? ' ? attac >e?J to loc<>tnoti>ea ? r?tily nn<ler tfce <| dv| h->use window* rwni^M ab .i?e i^a t<?M el . |? ?.. the examiners t < n tain the a e.itii>a of either pae la or Tiaitora. This rail t?-ad iiiiiaaare. If rontinuMt. will utake wurthlesa an ? ? i*n?i*e srbiol e ructnre, as the teach-r* hire ? ii* redtbe <atnv aaeeyanr- all tbe year that ?u so a Olippicnoua y* atierno?n. Howeyer, the tali *d acreecbiiiire w^re )>ortie wttii much Ro-jd I 1 ati.I tbe largo c<?.panr a>*?tnej deiermlu'-d t urudhrar aa aini h aa they c- uld oi the g.tol ? ff < a"d 1 la ? t*erc1se?. C> ikuiisb. ners Eat >a t. Ii ? M?^ars ('?? k. Cbi-uplin, Wli?<>u, Arl * e. ti? r|?. ?at tart. R*'?1"lrh. and Sup<>rinteD<1 ? nt W.' j, au<l ex-tru?t-e E'lis, repr>-aenre.| the e> ? ? I txwiu. Anii'iic the vi rallsta Misa Bettie Hv >h? r.Mian^.SI - k?!*?. SliwS. Portrr, ainl M iss L ptard re<nv..t;b? plaudit* >>f the c.iiupaii) and of the:r *b"i I rates, while ths rhorja ringing *v.?a j -*'t m>sim?i^H a- far at> ?t?? arernge m^r't ? W hef. I .m Old." r-ad by M>? Alice C. k*?y, sn1 acb* ? I laledicji rv, written an.1 rea>l by Mi? 'l^r) llc.s?Jle, vvtr tuuoug the g ns oftheuoca ti n. tee ("! ? Tsnii-j"d th? c'a-s In n.i*ur*I y .? ofhj.Mr P <i tre. of !*-a'.'fi seh a-id h ip b erdt-ni W lis. u the grammar classes. The 1 -r ntttal the pnpiM ?<h*iwt-*l careful trait. >ag Hy t' ? t? -?.-b-*r a' *1 ?ti? c-s-tul dilifetr* b^ t 1 ? C'lpiN, t?' j ka*i*(this year takea IWcity prtm for En, l'-h Ai the cl m-, Mr. Cuiutpliit pre. ?~i.te.l 11- dipl >n;?t t>> ni'-ri; >ri"ua pupils give? in V * J?hk )-?terUay. Mr. It?rt pre?- nt?d m?-.laN for G. rman, th^ tirst ? ? a: t-ft g to Miks Fannte Hepburn, sod th? ? < :'dt" M.?? Si^iry Aiid-rsoti. Mr. U trt a|s.> pr ? :it?-d. of, tenalf ot Mr ?e|ke,?h ? ten h?r of G- r 1. ?n. ks as marks of merit to Mi-xw-o Curie lUiiii* > ? Clara Si gvl. Flora 11 .tik-r, S -p.tis 11 ivid ?on, >srah King, B rtha Herman, HtgjieCiark ! M iri W il^.n. Vi-s Far me Tatsapaugh. of Jlisa F >wler's pri r arj m h-sl, ami Mi-s Li/zie U-.rc iran. of Mrs i-. - iiitennedM:? art**,I. were pr??-rit?-.l wit?? r e-lxl- by Mr Atl^-e.on Iteltalf off tn s ih-b*?ar 1 of the di*-rh"t. f r unii-nal oteri; durm,'th<- pa-t year ii th'ir respective ac bix-ts. Mi. O. K Uarri* presented <n behalf of the teach ? r. Mis. Martin, a g !?: nmltl to #!>-M:try M Ar ?*.o. for l.-r high st.tcding in s?Uo.ari!hip and de? p. rtii:ei.t fur tbe last three years. C< Ev n presented the Amidon ni^dal t M -? BefV Haliday. she taring the r-cipi at se l?-cte<! by tbe achool M'.Iai nr f.-rr-d tru ifully I 'the ?,?r.?-ticent influence of Mrs. Anrd ?u'?life,e. ;? teacher and at a reflned Christian lah . Til's tri but? a bearlf,!{ response fr ni the Mrs. Aii.i.i< ir# pupiia and .iicnds. uiaiiy of wli m were present. Mr. rroek.oti t-ohatr of the fri?nls off ?:** B ttie Ifsveiiuer, preaen <sl ii-r w ith a g ,LI m-nlal, and ho t ft .< caei-n t" say that nt? honor r.tuferr?l 00 t'ua ? asK-n was more r'cblv m?rued tbau this oat. Tn -atrtn^ cornp' Tient is fully >nataia*sl by Mum llsimner i? :h.j?d record during several yttara. M (iosir Putter, who was the ancceaafui compel i"' 1 f- rtbecit* p-lr-* m-da.' f rg-i:nruar,-ecehe.l It 1 mtie han^a ..ff r-n ?ni?ai'oer Prunm-ind, whna? r> t .,rk'were |na< ditde t<> our rep- rier au<! to al l'i M rv-TJ body ri ?. The ??#r?t honorm-lal wm preteaied to Mua t r.i t Mvckab*eby Tmt'M Wilsi>n. ?.i?fr(n<?tideiit WIV..0 presented tbe ?p-nfer a< h? Tsrahip f.-r tenmana up to Hiss Alice Cvok?-y, a lie beibjr tbe ?o?-cesufa| pupil at the conipetitlTe ex 1.ton f<>r all f?o,m<- gramaiar scheils The aup^- nieitd'Dt alao prea? nt>-d a teachera'cei liflrat-, awar<*e^ by tbe buard of trnste?a to the fo'i. ?rin? Vru*ii 4ea off thia acho d.?Mlaaaa M utha l: ,'ur.. luabetb Core ran, Annie Whit-more, Mary McArdle. Beile Baliday, Juli.t Ke||-y, Ada Willey, h is.e Porter. Katie M.txwell. Mr Wilaon r .ncrat 1 he teacher. Mra Martin, op n the excellent r ?nlt* id ht-r training, as di I moat of the speaker* in rtferencr to this elautinaiion and tbe bigli repo ts* i' n of the school. M- Crook, on behalf of thspnpilaof the achool, F'eaented Mra. Martin with a larg- photographic r-'i? ?f about twenty-B?e pup 1 Is in the achool. M" CrotA paeaing at tbe-am* time daserted enco 1.1 in>s npwn tearh-r and ptiptfs. Trustee ( hamplin ? rieily resp>n<l<sl for Mrs. Marti a, returning her thsnks for thig affrxtiuuate le^timonial trom b*r 9 -Pl!?. POr?T? P'ST*!CT*ALK Gttsttt SCHOOL Tbe Male Gt amtnar School off tbe f-urtb di Uriel, Mr J'b' E ?A <mp?i <? t acher, w?a examineil to day by Tfu?'ss Cbsaivli The number off pupils t-n tb<- rvii U tl, ?>* Wer.' nrvavB?; atvrage a.'aj^ancedciing tne yea',S3. The awards were as follows CcbooI Medal. J. Waller Cookgey; i' ? lai ft fi-rmai. Herman Enoch. Diploma* tu t harle? 1 Iienlinger, BeiOoii J ^'ahl. Jam-a Halt, Mil ard F. Tb< mpv n, J uaea B. Taylor. Ihtniel U. B-nitb*<n.G otg>- W. S.rf rd, ?nd J-r-ciiah H p t.urri for runctral a: >n?la"ce; John . T. Tayl -r, U ilhsn. E. Tb? n a?, Kliae B K well, Mark B lay ? r. at d P > G,for scholarship; Levi CU I ab- r, !!? lisrt S- anoef, ar:d John Amsn, dsport nent. Ge''ge Caoper, T..s-al maaic. Danuit F. H-ckey, hperteriau a< h' Iarah:p. Prige ui d lf >r ? seli'i e in c.->?sp..tit|ys examiiation, John B M rrill. Teacher^ gold m dais for spelling and conp ai'ion, E D. Wright. Clarence An ?lrrat? n, 9-mu?J W B *?r. Premium looks f - ?p i'ing puacfa'ty Jsmes K. Pup'ue. T^r r u p -1i1. es were?"Sfsam." W E. Tnomas ?'rn:?i* E??t?s.' E D Wfiglit; **Cruery to ani t>.?|s.' J .'or B Merrill. '?T?aegsea io a Rspnbllc '' > ?t -When exrting fr?'m chil fh wst's h n>s,-' 3 "hprirg/'a *'T:an.pii.g through ;h- woods." Pt blic Igp*ovi*i!tT??The Boar 1 of Pab l'e Works Lave direct. U the eaueriut inlent of m reefs to r< more tbe pump on K. between 13)^ and 14th streets, ami till tbe well up. as the Pu t bbc water H suppli d on that atrcet. Parties r>s din(ia the t-m-thw stern part of the city 1 ave l*rn inlorvl by the board that asstvtu a- the sewerage bill now pending in the legisla tive a>semi,!y t asees. seweraxefaciliti* will l>e aflordt d them. Part e* residing on I. street, between lit anil "th ?ireefs, hare baen notii j tbar they cat have a tall brick foot walk or I srkir g on tbe line of the afreet ntmed asbe>t ruitetbem. In reply to a request of property t'Ktiersand residents that the alley In square No. 1.V4 be ^ra>letl and parrd. the board reply that they find no urgent necessity for it, and re rom men<! that it be not done nnleaatUe work Ik executed at their own expense. ?3TM4M) Damaoid Claimed r?t Allrhko StAM is?Mc; .r?. J. ?. Norris atul J. H. ?l?-? onnell to-day ll'ed a snit for >Ir. Joseph B ? ranter agt. Patrick 4'ulllnw far ilan ler, in which danag. s are laid at The nlan I'l-r alleged Is that deierdant in the months of Way at.d June or thts year ased the following I * He is a for everv ? He r?bi.?-| iae while aiiptrlattidwt," mean ing thereby that be had beea guilty af rec^ir inga large sniaef atoner as a to allow the contractor vthe defendant/ to slight the work. a >' a riow Eaoari pboh Daownsn.?Lest evening, wbita several young men were swim ming in the Potomac, at the foot of U* street, they were suddenly alarmed by a cry ror help, raoeeeding trom some one a great distance out n the water, and throo wHFknown swimtnert started in the direction of the sound, bat were soon left behind by Mr. Oeorge K. Handy, who suc-eeded tn rasenlng bis elier brother, Mr I^evm C. Handy, who was suffering with riolent craape. Srctin Diati.-um of the daughters ol Mr Brannan, an old m?1 mach-r?e|>actad citl * " wttti v UIS\ VI UltF f WSITI I UQ I words ? reference to the plaintiff, " al-tl thief," "1 paid him 93 per day fu w' lie he was aaperintendeat on~4K n. residing on I, street, near 15th, was found pr b?d this atari ?lead in her "bed thia aaerntag. Ska kad keen somewhat indisposed for a day or two, bul 1.0 thing sot to us was apprehended, as she wai apparently:much improved at a late hour last e teiiinj. XSe Braanan wsa talaaa years <M or remarkably jsmUe as< anlsMs <Uepo age, or remarkably u sitw.n, and her death ig greatly deplered bv all who knew her. ? ?? 9 T11 MvrmoroUTAS Pouca CoiorLMSU>* aas mat yesterday attmoes, ard tka rssigna t.on off Private dak a I. Mnrpky was imiied and accepted ,Ub take effect Oitae 26th instant, and Milton T. PMk?r wm at>potato! tn hti place. Prtmle John R. Makoney, charged w Mi violatiag the rules ard regal aliens, wm Med S3 aatf oaattaasd The application ol i dward MeOraw tm dbs approval at Uqaei luei Wasbi*otos CaMF-MHTIAnOCtATlOW, The execative commlttae of thia aasuc atioc hare deefalad la rersmmsnd to the Met'jodiM churches of tbe District that the first eamp meetiDg on the new grounds recently purchased na-ar Oaithersburg, ia Montgomery county, *'<1 . be ptu-mcneed aa Wednesday Augosi aa. Third Ufl^UU-^ 4?niblT rollMtIL.?Ccua< jj ^ ^Eed yest*rlty afternoon with praysr by , Council bill to anfh ? ti' i lv u*" ?u i*f?r tfciiite of Certain e.a *"** far the fusuing of bond* for ediVmP*m>to Hunt * Williams. expend W Islington i Jefferson school building la r?r?vfhiV yi<ii*K tor keeping denu and re the iJSteSrt ^ISfS' ?"***?' alleys aad highway* of !!f '? ^ the i am? completion ' ,j Jte-LmiiiltaDiiWct of Uylumhiaand SJoi f?/the payment thereof; making an ip f , /tetfon for the lease nf ground corner of H ud ?7 jtrvM* mrthwest. ard the erection of a market j?reon; making appropriation for reimbursing the ? artl of Public ft orks for tb? m<>ae> expended for the erection and repair* of piimpe, cleaning and re paritg the streets aid Alley*, uiiderpimiag of if"*" mm "??fk't honses, were severally rood a second time and referred. Mr. Gulick irtwuN a petition from Jann Fits pat k k 10 relation (o work done io graveling 4th strt?g. under a contract with ex-Mayor B'>w>-ii, for whtcli he baa received Do pay, with a bill for hia re!i?f, laid over. Mr. Thompson. fr <m the committee on finance, aak <4 that thr award* of damages to property-hold ftn in the city of Georgetown. *rnt in by the B-urd of lutdic \* ik?, be printed in tbe journal, agreed to Mr. Browne, from the committee on police, re por*ed lack H X*. N??. 131. to pro\ idefor the appoint meit of c< mmitues to take ch irge of the estate of habitual drunkards, and to dntine the duties of such committee*, which was pa?-ed Mr. Browne. from the committee on police, re potted tack H D Ho. 6^. creating the office of ?-team boiler inspector. with amendment* that in *pe< tn i,* sb illd be n ade annually instead of semi annually, and that no charge shcnll be mad- for the inspection of boilers belonging to or in use by the fire department, which were adapted and tlie hi.I was passed. Mr Browne, from the joint committee on p dice, introduced a bill to pnrch*?e the B.*rb >ur law NlUfng for the nse of tne Police C mrt, and appro priating S?' irt for thai purpoe.-, laid over. b ?n?e bill making an appropriation of 91,110) out of the market-hon-e p?or fund for the benefit of the Fen ale Bennuleut Society, of Georgetown, was laid over. Mr Gulick, from the committee on cJsim*, report ? 11'3< k Council bul for the relief of Andrt w K< Ui wel . (afwd. Mr. Riley presented a petition from Dr M*r> Walker. pra> ing that provision be in*.!' f >r a for 'fe?titute worthy women. accompanied b> a ball in a cordance therewith, whi h wm laid over. Mr. Gdd? n iatrodu< rd a bill to protect gutter* in the city of Washington, and providing a ponaitv usrainst jertons dri\11,g in the same; which wat laid i'< ? r. M*. Brown*, from the committee <>n polic*. re torud back Council bill No. 1J, to regulate ?h >w? and exhibition* 10 tin- ?ale au<l di*P'>eal of neat*, aitli the H"U** ameidnients, riiMnimending tbvt the I'dliii il disagree to the amendni-uta. M *. Oulii k moved that th?* wb de tub^ect be pnet poiod Indefinitely; luat. Tie ariendnienta of tbe House of Delegate* were th?T ncn-con? arred in. Mr. Gu ick preeentrd the petition of Ueorge W. Liniille aiid other*, arking the 1 lixiiug of an alley in ajnare 725; referred to the lommittee en public reads and propeny . THE HMtAl ArrKoPRIATIo.f BILL. Mr. Thompson, from thu comiuUtee on finance, reporti d Council bill Mo.flu. making an appropria tion to defray the ordinary .ind contingent exp~o??e of the ?everal departnaetito of tin* government of the D atrict of C'dambia, aul preM-ribing the limit* ther o.~; which ?a* read xection by section and ?me :ded. Among the amendment* were the fol I wing Incrnaaing the an.ount for office of the Go\. rriorfr> m 93.*0tn .?1,2SU; for office of Coroner ft 'tt 07.V t? .??*?: forofficeof attorney,(n?w item.) 8*Jl. for jtMiieiel purpoeea, to be e^pende<I in th* pr ? cn ton of cae> -v including Hitneee fee* an I all emp< n?e? of that office, increased .)2.uuo to 9Sj?M, striking out claue- appropriating $ I^ uiki for a>iveni*ing the next tax ?al?, in accordance ?ith tr vl?i. us f existln* !aw?; f,,r support of *ni.tll pox 1 ati? lit*,(new item.) $15,UV reducing the am uut for niainter,anc< of the Western niarke' from <9<Uto J*"*!. in?r aeing the amount f>r Georget >wn market fiom #Nx? to t?78; appropriating 990.'?J0 for the i-re, I 1,0' le buil-Iiiig for n?e of the govern ireat of tbe Di?trict of Columbia on the mtrket hoo>' lot '-a L 'nlaiana aid Pejnsylvania aTenu-'*, N !?? t> 7th and 9 h "tresis, nr-ivid-sl thit 97fl,i?W be paid b t !?e Treaeurer or the Cnited ^tate, in acr ird aecewith the a t of C 'tigress authorising the sale .f tbe City ltal>; f.r the purcbaee of a lot and erntien of a new enit tie-h -nso fvr the C> luinl la tire engine compai.y, .?]ii.oiso increasing tie an.' unt t r insurance of m;Ii-ioI property from |3o; te ?7on, f r printing blanks and journal* f"t ?? li o.?, fioin .*i'oto *Si??: fir printit g annual 1 r- p -t o| *cli ?U, from AlJWOto *1Jui); for d plo n ?" 11 I medals, fr.m 1) t<> ?**" for tt-'o- in tures a lid fuel f-.r first district *c hool, from jfl.i wto ?9' furni?l,uig go.-ds for *aine dietiKt, from ?||?>to 9 ISO, compensation of janitor in th Fr*:ik hn b iildlsg, from 91.K10?* 1 carpenter*' w >rk it. -a i?e ,li?trict.from ??j Juu to 9*ju; plastering, from flu to 91flu, other repaint, froui 91**? to 9??J, stove tix'ures and fuel in *e< ond d'strict, fruiu AU10 to ?1,M?; furtiiabirg goo,ls, frem 91'Wto91Sn; 1 .it p nt>rs'?ork. 9>?>to94ui, platter.r 1. ft >.11 9l<4it< ^ Lflu for *to?e hxtuies and fu-.-l in third dia tr et fr. in S 1 Jt*.1 to 91X0; bwoks for indigent pu pil-, fr 111 Mw to 9Ut>, reducing the am iimt for t<?eep*, Jtc., from 97*t?to .?Mu, for permanent impr ?v ?*, iucludiLg *? .io<-l furniture and filing atd repairing heating apparatus at W allach build irf, from SliJU) to f .r stove fi\ture* arid fu. I in fourth dietrict, from 9'JM) to 91,J8u; bjoks fur iiiiligent pupil*, from 91Amo %ttt' THl ruLLOWIIS Hoi SE bill* ware ?everallt rea?l a fir* tune and laid 'iver :?(tre ating drainage ami aeaera^e *ecti-ns in tb? citie: f'f arhii'tton and Ge,>rg-t> wn, in the Distri<'t of Coin ut'ia, and p oviding for the payment of tb" c. netmction < 1 -wers and drains therein bv ax :.-ss ment*. and ise> ng certficatea therefor; for the boildingof a fire-ladder and escape, known at th? L\le fire ladder and escape; appropria'irg ?3jK0 for a compound pipe and combination ladder, and direc Jng 1 he payment of the >ui ?; for tbe relisf of the ??"x.ia. on fJr destitute cob-red women and cMldrm; for tbe f pairintt of Anaco'tia school bnihlirg, makiag an appropriation to fill a certain ?chotllotin the county; makit'g an appropriation fort! e Female I'bion Benevolent Society of George, town. 1>. C. HOCS*.?Tee bill making an appropriation for tbe F. male Union Benevolent Bocie.y of George ban was prtfed. Mr HuLe iffered a resolution requesting t ie Bo .r l of Public Works to info, ui the Uouae by what authority G street, be,wren 14.h and lUa, 1* closed to travel; ad< pte.1. Mr. ( hr wintroduced till providing for the ap pointment of a *uperiutendent of garb.gemen atd M-av< rers. U a salary of 91^J0 per a.-au a, a Inch uae adoptt 1. TUB COLO* i<rMT10S KEDlVIVt*. Mr. Chase sa'd tbat on looking over the journal ?>f Tii?-day be f?urd that tbe Honae be I receded from it* amendment to the normal tcbool bill pro viding that there should be 110distinction ou account of rao ,col ir or previous condition oX aervitude. He had no recollection cf tbe acti?n,and deeir: 1 to know bow it waa done. He did not think the white reput-Jicans bad acted >uuar?ly on tbi*, and he desired if it to possible that tbe vote be reconsid er' d ?? that the yeaa and uays will appear, ajj be made a motion to that effect. The speaker ruled that tbe motion was too late, and at the wtu? time explained that tbe bill nine regularly before the Houae.and waa acted on in the same manner that other bill* w-re act "don. If mem ber* were aba?.nt or not ?>ay ing attention *0 in- bus ine**the> were reaaouaibie. He suggeat J that th?i beat way to rea< h toe Waller would be to introduce aa aiiieudatory bill. Mr. < baee introduced a b;ll| to atnend the ti 'ijjml ?choul ?act, by providing that iu it* inanacemcft my durti-it tioa shall be ma<le on account of race, color, or pre\ iou* condition of servitude; which was read a first tipie and referred to tbe committee on laws at.4 judiciary. KT.W Bl?TT?E?*. Mr Berry presented petiiiotfof J. D. M. Gill for damiigea, referred. Mi. Brewer intrinluced bills for the relief of J. p. Clarx 1 to refund taxts), J. B. and H. B. < 'rupley (to pay liauiagesto property I, B. MarcusCropley (do ), Ti Cluaa Dowling (do I, and A. Kbeksetrski. RBPoKTs B HOW COM M TTBBs. Mt. MrKnigbT, frnm the committee on natir>m>l relation*, reported resolutiou* itHtuoittiiig the Dele gate id Toncreasto urge such amtudtuent of the o - gani act a# win extend the right of suffrag-. Al ?. to *c _ure such legislation as will give the ? itizeus 1 f tbe Irtstrict tbe mm rights ae are granted to c.J xens of thentatss. roa<l a second time. Mr. Wall, from the co mmittee ou laxrs, reported bills prescribing tbe mode of collecting tines and pens'liea; exempting from attachment the ?ag-s od clerks, ntrcbanics and laborers t?> tbe amount of 9?. and in reference to tbe building regulations (prescribing tbe mode of enforcing tbeml, read a second time. Also, without recommenlatioii, bill authorizing the appointmeut of additional notaries lublic, read a second time. Mt. Trimble, from tbe same comnntte*, reported bill to prevent unlawful hunting, lead a second time ? Mi Chase,from tbe committee on Indebtedness, reported bill explanatory cf the act to paj the iu debletluesa of the District; read a second time. [The bill provides that all debts under tbe act of January I'jtb. 1-C1, sha'l be paid by the commissi ju?ra uf tbe aink:af fund.I Mr. Herbert, from tbe committee on public work*, reported bill* authoi mng tbe trustee* of Louise lb ins to close part of alley 111 miuare SM, and to ex tend Potomac street. In Georgetown, read a second time Also, adversely on tbe bill to extend Olive strvet Georgetown;laid on tbe table Mr. Brewer, from tbe committee on claim*, re pt ried bills for the relief of Tboa. Lucas, J. &. Paler, agent. Daniel Delanej, and T. C. B >yie, read a recond time. Adversely on petitions of J. B. Cook ?eyj Bvl-y ami others. J. M. McDonald. James Dale). VI Baalist Caurch; bills for relief of D. 1 te nau. and J. B. Callan; laid on table. Peutlou of D. W.lliils; referred tu board of public works. Ad vesat-ly on petition of property boklers In suuars 6aJ. Also, reported bill to pay Robert StroM A Co. for work dune on the S and 90-inch water main*; read a second time and evi,le?ee ordered te be prtatea. Bill to rtfenburse D B Davenport fir work done ou 36 Inch water wain, do.; bill tofreimbursa Immart, Duntmr A Co.;do. The speaker appointed Messrs. Shepherd, Clai*it, and Taltafaro as th* committes of confereaoe on bill relating to District offices known as ths retrench ment bul. Mr. Shepherd introduced hill to grant a special ttceiee to Jaae F. Adaasa, referred. Also, bill for the better protection of the livee nod limbe of per sons eutptojed in mechanical pursuits, which re ?lulren sslir mechsntcs to furnish proper acavold ing, boist stays, Ac.; referred. Mr. Hulae, frees the committee en appropriations, reported a hill (H. D. Ml to enable the hoard of re gents <'f the American Printing House for the Blind I., ptevide builCiagfor the said Inetitution; referred to tie committer of the whole. Mr. Campbell presented a petition aak Ing the nae ?age jf a bill giving marrked women equal rights; Mr*'Herbert. fr? the committee on nubile w, rks. isfortw bill u> changed the name off Pierce y m.**d ?* "treats, to SMn? Place; rsad a second time. 7Aleo,"pi?tU^' re eisuoe tw aa alley in aoware MS, aid nshul it r<F-rer?e to the Board of Public Works; so ordered Mr. Taliafaru introduced a bill to authorise the putiawof Bartn ur's Law Building for the Me ol the iVItca- Court; referred. Mr, CrelT introduced a bill prohibiting the blow ing whistle* on 1 ail toad sncisis within the llmiu 01 tke city ? f wssbiagton; 1 ufssrad. Mr. Wall, from tbe coatminee on health, reported Oowiscil bill to prohibit Incompetent psgimn from engaginf In the drag business; read a sec ind Ums. Mr. Wall, from the committee on laws aad Jt.didvxy. reported Council in relation to tbe gale oi intoxl< sting liquors; ruMassooodttanc. Mr. Trimble offered a rseolution authoiixing the f pester to havs printed two hundred copies of tta Issi and journal of the prseent session, ad >pteA. Jo at reeolu'lm transferriag the balance of Chicago retted fund to tb* sinking rand, was reaii a hiond time. The bill ti create aetteragt and drainage sections, aid o provide for the construction of sewers, Ac., a as taken up aid passed after a few verbal had b^wi Briwtr Brown, Csrrr.ll. Chsse.Cox, Dtt, H-rbert, Malm-, ff^i'v"* 9ffTr''Wfc,?*?ri.? Talisfero. -frinuble. Orrtl, Vermillion, Wall sod the 8p sfeer?17. Bays? MfjsrsJJerrjr, Uli|?tt, Long and gonnt-4. Mr. Wsll.from the c mmittee on law*. reported UnMkanSe10 * ?ormal school, providing that ?o bisT)actios o* account or color. Mr Hslse raised the point that the bill having been introduced this ds> it c?uld not liavs a wcouu readme on the seme day. The Speaker ruled that the paint was well tak*n, ar.d it waa laid on the taMa for iw second read in* APriuipRiATi ?!?*, ire. ? r. Berry introduced Mil for the payment or's to certain parties in Georgetown. sward -d by the Board of Public Works, sppr gristing fl#, I #001 herefor; referred to the committee on clainii. ? 0D *r- Shepherd, bill appropriating i il a compound how pipe aud combination 1 ftwO or % w ft? , ? ??? i1?0''k *\iai Mr? bi" kppropriating |3,UJU for build' n ? lirr ladder and knuvu **d^a 'i?.?*'. ' *P(I escspe, was passed. ?. n L a school lot in Anacoetia wa> pa<*ed *y. Herbert, from the committee on public works ar.d property,reported bills to reimburse the own ers of property ?>n PenneyIvania avenue for ths ex P*;>?ei incnrrr?l in the laying of a wood pavement; bill to extend an alley in square M, aud bill to aa thorike ths opeuing of an alley in square 419: all of "hick were read a second time and laid OTer. On motion of Mr. Vermillion, the House went into committee of the whole on the bill (II D. 84) appro printing fljuj for the repair of the Anacouia school house, and it was Considertd, reported U tli j Houar.and ? Bill prov iding for the sale of the central iruard h' nre was amended so as to give authority to pell the property belonging to the government at the corner of snii and K str< ets, and parsed, in.. . * site for a police station in the I 19tli lttiMnthe district was amended by niakint tli" appropriation of the aioonat payable from money to be derived fr- m the sale of the central guard Ii mh* aod tpe pro perty corner of JthandKMreelj, and was th* I? pAHOCd. 11.11 In relation to Insurance companies was con ?idersd and panned. | It makes the Si Cetary of the District ex officio insurance murotiionT, who shall examine and determine the solvency of companies, ac | Bill appropriating f*2,?00 to pay th' debt of th? county schools, authorizing the Governor to i<sne bond* bearing 8 per ceut. inferest therefor, was passed. T1 E tVOKP "COI.ORETl" Ar.AIX. Bill ii:aku g an appropriation to aid the a?f>scia ti n for destitute colered wotnes and children was taken up Mr. Herb< rt objected to the word "colored" bulng used. ? Mr Clage't m?ved an amendment that no distinc tion snail l?e made on account of race, color or pre vious condition of servitude. [Laughter ] H nrged that s? the colored people wished t* crowd into white institutions, the ? Mies should have the same rights Mr. Ohase?Mr. Speaker, the white people got into otir machines Orst. (] After ?< ii e debate tlu> snieud:ueut* were with drawn and the bill passed. MISCILLSXIofs Blsi>g?s. Conncil W.I authorizing the commissioners of tho (inking func to issue certificates to nay for laviuii water mains, was passed. BiM for tko protection of licensed hirse markets, prohibiting sales within 200 >ard? of such markets onit heir sale days, was rejected-yeas 7, nayB7. M r. Berry entered a motion to reconsider. Mr Murray moved that the House recede from it* amendments to the bill in relation to the sale of re served teats: agreed to. Mr. Trimble moved that the committee of the whole be discharged from the c .nsid-rati n of the ? i ? ?-'fithe relief of James Hudson, agreed to, aud the bill sas pa***?d. Bill to pur chase a steam force pump and to lay a new water nain in Georgetown, a as passed. Council bill to reduce the expenses of the govern ment (1? av it g retrenchment to the Governor) was laid betor* the ||.iu-e, Mr Trimble in the ch?:r. Mr bheph>trd -aid that comment on such a bill was unneors <ar> , aud moved to lay it nn i he table, but. on the request of Mr. Csmpbtll, withdrew the Mr Campt ell ?aid that the lanimsiro of Mr Shep L?rdj**conin ent ix nnneceewylie endorsed fully. The bill w IS a great piece of bun combe, and ifpu?d ?11 P'Wer a c. u Id b? taken out oftln- handsof tti< p >p ular l.rar.rh of the government, and th ? G .ver.ior ?as given unlimited poaer. It smack<d toomndi of tjnet n > ictcria for him, and he seconded the im> li^n. Mr Brown said if th-y pV.<vi this bill fiey had b?Mfer sell thejr de-ic>, lock the do >r?. an1 en h >m<* The lull ?4? laid on the table. Y at? B- rry, Brewer, Brown, Clagett. Clowe, t' .x.Dy. ri Hunt, Long. M Kio -lit, Shepherd, TalUfero. Trimble, \ermilliou. Wall, and the Speak r, li. pa -Mr. fcmoot.l. If I'ainpbell moved to reconsider and to lay the motion to reconsider on the table: carried b. t o taine vote. Mr. Brewer introduced a bill approprHtinir ft" y*? to rehnbnrse h. bert G Cample I f-r laiiug wa?-r main* iri Geo get u r. r? ferr*?l. f n motion ef Mr. Brewer, bill creating the o^ce of harbor-master for the port of Washington. ? ? passeil. * On m tion cT Mr. Bmoot, the Honae Iflstei up'm ?H amendments to the tax bill, and a.?k< J for a Coui a .tee ? f conference. Mr. Hunt, from the committee on whvves and harbor-, reported bills appropriating ?7fJ for ?? ?iir Vev of the Potomac channel by the Ooast Survey, and f?r the erection of a sea wall at the foot of Canal street south' ut: read a second time. On motion c.f Mr. Wall, the rules were snap"nded and tl? bill foi filling vacant lots injurious t ? h aitli tsken up. H Mr Trimble moved to postpone its consideration Agreed to. Adjourned at ll,'a o'clock p.m. Bf?l Estate Tmasfer*. The following tratisivrs of real e??tate have been flled tn the office of the Recorder of Deeds Bincfe our last rejiort: Maya.? W. 0. Haliday, trustee, to Geo. Bargees* ?Bbs 16 to>tu, square<75 $UMM; L. A. Menuerset iU'Haney, part lot M), suutre ? ?? Olinstsad to nm. I). Hoon-, subf. jj toil,sinart !t2. tli.lM; W N. Bosrh, trnstee, to same,tot*. F,aunareanu, ;W 8 BooaetoUlmrtead. trimtuA H/v A Is: ?>" a u ..s ??? _ ' : - t " w umuqc iu V/llliilriyi . trustee, do., $li jtg)- W. A. Me toy to Wm. Tboinp son.sab 4. square #il, ?4/.JU; A.Hyde, trustee, to Han?p Kennedy, sab*. 74 to Kl.sajuare Ju<J, m Carroll and Fitzhogh, executors, tn S. Webb, lots luto lt,cMUare?6. $4,471; W.M. Tumphrey to L ?ob- W.sonare 447; flrffcO; A. II Leo v, O ? ? Retfro, part lets 9 and lo, square 477; A??l Msr 24 ? Barret to Ciiarh-s heodlev. lot 2. ?iuare;a?. *1.004,8. B Bowl U> ft H.Lepold. ??? H.1 AO; W f. Mattingly. trustee, m V"? ?iuwe 614. .*IJ80, Da ile j McCtfthy to P. J. Lanrit e*i, mbd. 4 ind A. nonary 112. H.T. Lipoid t'o 8. B. B?d,J2b C, square .?(>. ?4iU0; 0. A. McCuen tv> E. M Dari,' l"1' -t44W>; heirs of Isaac Clark to Wm J. Bhtes part J, Miuare 428. ; J. G Bigelow to Grorrt Ma-tingly. sub. S?, square 204. f *-*?; I-aac Banney to Juan Boyle, lot ?. square M, *1? 9W; W. u'm P?rt I, square 413, #4.*V; in. M'MithiH to I. L. 8t?Dtoiiv subs. 78 to 96. square M. (nndiv Med half. ' May V.?Catherine Taloert et al. to C, C- Magrn der, trustee, t>qnan? 317,$?--HensoD Jackson to Eil,.'? iS ' TH. and. " ? Biuare 638. ?34O: Ueqson Jackson, same pr.iper )?. #a>i, H. hiltourn, Ira-tae, to Mary A D ibv, lot 4, tquare 167. 98.A?; Jnmee Miller to 0. B. But 194t iC , Wiu. Gun ton, trustee, ij ^gersoll. sqnare las, ??I^W0; L. A. Meiners *t A B. Lee, parts ?-J ;; ^;%re<77. \ ?isi*** W^t^' ?0,?- fquare 5*. tr0",e4*'H. Bradley, lot U ,r Jonathan 8 Pront et al. to l>. F. Pront, lots devised by Martha H. McKnight, ? i Middletonto Wm. L. R-uohert, lot 6, ",|Uare.95JU' S'-785;W.B. Evans toJ.une?H. Harrow! ^ #14,UU0; Elizabeth W. Patterson to Ca.b. r ne Wagl-r, lot 61, ajuare 2u5, *711, Catherine ? agierto D Smith, same, #76d, D. Smith to J. II. Darr<iw, pxrt lot 51, do., *135. Msy V.?A. Bailor to Cathrine Connally.iu trust, part 31, square231, ; W. L Wall to ThomssWil son. part sqitsreaw, ??? ; Wm. Holmes et al.,tms tees to B. F. Tunis part 14, square 42 #5o6; W.C. Fi /hugh et al to W. Both*ell lot 17, wjulire 7J2, ? A' ? Hutchinson to Botbwell same, ftS.SoC ; K. Kcthweil to Siuma Bothwell parts, ^iuire$43. ? *? 8. Calvert, guardian, to M Clary lot 1. *mare 4|'. F 8. Calvert, gnardian, to M Clary lot 1. ?.mare 4l'. #15->, P. H Rheinbart to Beb>-cca V M tuuirig Pert let 2 suua^ 67J?, *SjO; James Whilefoni et a* ? w ,TDlBeudaffer part ? square S4P, fts.niki; T. Madison to A. Thomas lot 11, square 1*?, 4c'jo, mi?*V College to M. Ali? square (ii), ? \J B T dd. jr., trn-tee, to W. W. R .s.?ubs,9l

mitno t0 1 8-u. *Va> 23 ? Jos'. 8operto J S. MofTntt, lots Wand Jl, K,uar.796, fJAJO, W. H Ward, et al , tr usteos Jo J B. Kendall, lot itt, and sunt half lot l?. s-iuare 943 ?Ml; Barsh A. Elliot et si. toj. J. tientxier. I t 14 square S23, 8*JH6j J. J. Fowler to J. K. Powler part M7. ^ptarvtiif, 55^; Heir?ofw. B T4dtoD. McFarlan- square 1029. ?21.<ttft;l>. ?cFar.itno r. 11. 1-tid e:M. part subs 10ami 11, S'lBareStfl, G Barber to Hannah Turner, E14.11 Tu. !? wjuare ?Sf. f.W; *?rsh A. B- ?d to Elizabeth B iuni part subs. 4 aud 8. sanare 8lrt, . Kirkland, lot 17, square 23?, #29^J0, Hftmh A, Rodney to D Perry, part \vh O2,5;Ln*r" J r Olmstes.1, trn?toe^to . N' 2,2? 99.773; same May Ut ?gliz ibefb J Martin to Joslsh P. Hnn toon, M 4.:. ? i-w." ', <?: SOU; Janes A. Tslt et al., to B L Simpson, lot '3, s.,uare S73, ?J.Sno; A.Clark to Elizabeth C Baft, part lels L and M, s-mare ?20.%280. I. G. Ashby to heirs of W. B. Todd, ?<iuare W0, 01,180; A. C Carroll et al. to A.H ( ragm.lot G.sqnare 731, ?410; W.B.Todd, to j Stanley Joaea, lot M. souare 575. ?2^00; David Carroll to J. H. Whiteiow, part lots 4sd.I ?. sqasreCn, ???; B W. Barnaclo to Maria E. Harvey . part M fa, sqaare <?? AJjEJ. Bridget y Albert B. Yenug, sast half lot 3, square 'May 31.?F. T. Fenwiek to H . W Baker, lit 7, ?qnare 1 0?. ?1 JMO; A. M. Smith to John B. Ha-n JM^.lot U2.-iuys 83,i)V), H. BL Ray toll. n. BInm, lota 84 aad K, square M, #wiw. B. Todd, mm"! *^i' * L*n*IP"P',?*s * sndiB, square #16, to H. A F'oner. lot 4 Mnar* 1^?d west hilf 3, square 1 _<HB #aoO; p| ni ^X.?1!. 0 w1r'- P*fJl;*<jesrs4H0. ??; J. B. ?art *,Nuars4tf, John A^rasorto vSSJS&X4b m^SBBrS 2n?eoTtYj^' 10 Alberti.^ertless, lotBl Bkal Est at* 8aL?fc_Th? following sales have been made since our last report: By Green A Williams auctlonser: -Lot IP, in square 417, on 7th,between MandT streets north ?est. Improved br a Wo itoryframshouse, te Mrs Clsrn Beck for Bijuo. Also, tot 1ft, Inbsrld snd Fishet ? subdivision sqnsre Ml. improved by a two-story brick houxe.on Bsw Jersey avanns, bs "'?ft ?f Columbia above G^gWown; Lot Ir'ng 10 scree, to Dr. A. P. Fardon fur ?? ere: lot 2S, containtna 7 seres and ? reeds?to M mcJ*i1,1 eontaiiSc U acrss, 8 few Jsrsey avenos, bs ?'T Alao.the fo?W>JlB?XtS0lo?j!tStTnJSe ColumhU above G^riWiWn: L?4 * contslr'nc 10 acres, to Dr. A. P. Fardon fur *59 24, coqtaintna 7 seres sud 2 reeds; to 8 B. H??iitSaffFES?u& Bdwssd Clarke, far Js ^Tai per JnarTfo M To'rf ' snd conta'slag?J? sonars feet, to H. V8^isjsftSasSB?ft. _ 0m AKIZATtOS or TV* FlRST Hkoimbrt S. th* different militia .'ompii ^ k? ." ! of Columbia ?wmblH last m,rht, in accordance with general order No. 12. Phi,'"? fr?? headquarters, to organic S.(i c*#- W O- Moore, ?!' rSVJint 'i c*Ued 10 th??hair, and Lieut J. S. Miller, of the Corcoran Zoo STiffS! 5? *??*?*?- fapt Moore stated the objects of tli? meeting, and read the bill organizing the militia. passed by the legi?l? l?id rw wWAl?2i of ^o*"1 ?? <h?n held. STkZjS: Moore, Capt. D. MeOathran, < ol. 8. s. S moot and J. A. Talt were nominated w' a ,the TOte was taken, Capt. J.:?;.*l00r* w?* declared the choice, but he h w a!,other ballot 8. S. Smoot wax elected- MeMr?. h i. Fleming, of company ?' Ynrf r*?V*M MeOathran, of the W. L. we'r? no??.Vi;?H,ar ne,r.n,an' of Grenadier., Si. iwwiuated for lieutenant colonel. Capt. n 4W.M f1*^- CaPt- r)eMott, of cum party D, TV . L. Ij Capt. Plant, of the Corcoran and \v?' ni of the Governor's staff, .Dlck*>? were nominated for major?. Pifn't WM e1^,(lOTlw major, and Capt. Plant junior major. The staff was elected, as follows: Snrgeon. Dr. J. French Hartigan; as sUtant surgeon, l>r. A. W. Milton; adjutant, W. i:8"11.', quartermaster, .James McNabb, jr. ^ election ot'chaplain aBd of ion.fommij ?n motion of Lieut, carver, the Weld officers were selected to draft IML'. . I tbe fcpverument of the regiment. apt. 1 lant moved that the officers of tne reni ???* organise into an officers' association; adopted Lieut. Hannerman moved that a committee or five be appointed to wait on the Srini- J'r8," Jh? pam*?e ?r ? suitable bill.. adopted, and the chair appointed Lieut. ( ol. PI em tiling, Major Plant, and M*)ur iMckson ?s t'ie committee. A vote of thanks TJiM to Capt. Moore tor tbe indetati E?*mm"t m whk-h he hHa ai<teU ti,e t.- TH1 I'ITTI-* Ikihh KxiGHA?rrs',_^ y,w M,r' Krt,?nan.? )tr. Editor . As the ?***.?' the Inman line, I desire to place be fore tie readers of The Star a few words of explanation regarding " the little Irish emi grants mentioned in yonr edition of yesterday. ' o ,*r lbe Inman line is has ihil-?rj,lerw0r' At ?>y sprcial req.iest they consented to let me issue a prepaid ticket in t*vor or the children on condition that an adult wo aid Uike charge of th^m on their wav tromiiorttn port. The commissioners of etn L^rj? k?!ltook ch?r,r<'of them on their arrival, Ml? mom,y ln the,r possession to transport them by express train to Washington, and tel B1C Rt ti*ST- m ' on i'th, that IhLT. J leave ,n the "-10 P" ?? express train. I had taken every precaution to have w? nut* i?.<2??T,7'a2?" Properly taken care ofjh-iv t!?? m|,,^fr*Jthtd *n<l written to Superin tendent E. IT. Webster about their coming came to ij? dropped at Baltimore is a mjfctery to me. They arrived yesterdav, ami were brought to my office safe and sonnd, and be Tr ?r father. I wish to st.te on , r. ri' of the company that It is strictly for b'd. en t^ book children without an adult leinir on the ticket with them; and as I stated before^ y a ^y.JP'essing request that the company gave me l berty to book ?? tho little Irisliemigranta"?Mr. Hcan being a neighbor . of mine here and in Ireland. I have written to Mr. Da'e, endo'sing the .Van stat j ment, and no doubt he will have the matter brought before the commissioners of emi ra tion, who are the i arties to blame, if anyoodv is to blame in this case. , y Itesi>ectfully. p. a. Da<y??AW. ?,..?r1iFi<JT Jbls afternoon a case isl.eing Heard t.y Justice Klopfer. which is regarde.l a est one. The agento of the Board ot lioalt^ l .n ? remox'^,^^, lhe small jk)x cases from a building owned by Mr. Samuel Norment iu Bitgatcd and whitewasbod the premises, and Tb' s^ u iHtan?ntlPMt0 t;" to Mr. Korment. Tbi* Mil was not paid, as Mr. N. cU'iim that it tVr !La,,t' a1"1 the board enter*. 1 suit to recover the amoui.t. Mr. N. j.roposes ,f the case Is decided against him, tl c^rrv it to a higher court, to obtain a decision a? to the powers ot the bcurd ln the premises BiuniwoFKbMiTs were to-dav issued to A It Shepherd l,v Morsell and Hearing, for 12 three-story and Mansard roof dwellings onCon "crr''.c"J. avenue, between K and L streets nortlj j.cst, H tour-story do. do.. 17th, between K and L streets do.; and ? three-story do. do.. Ver mont avenue, between K and L streets north nwfd?l!^' ?;? vans.fithree-story and Man?ard roor dwelling, ^ crmont aTcnue, between K and M-J p dO? ? ? . THE <OUKTN. tlW 1 IT COL'KT. Judtt -Y?tiT \r,? 1 'h,*r,,,,0f D?rha-n agt. f?Ww w?re ? v !'1' b -ine diihI l?-toserc?. T ?" <? trial1IU il8t" ,h? f'm ^ank watt on T,P-?."CJ hC0LBT.' Jv'"t ?Mff -To-day. J H raihwTi'i'j'r'rd''rl>;?st- A.; %y t altieriiis J Cox. profanity; 55. Clias gchr?!b? keepiug bar open on Sunday and ?*-]Iiuk li.mor wiih 2 l,c"nk':. t"iitinue?l Peter Donneliv! u,7Uw"i-lv keepir? a bar rooni;continu?<l. C. T k. ^n. m* thotyKranh gallery v.ithont license- fined aninnat of Ikeiae and fs. Win Bergman a??? ilt on M. Foster; 9><and coat*. Elizabeth HaVnsN aa cVl* Dini,on; f5- D J" "arrick,threats; Jenny JameH, a>sault >.0 J a non ?c T;&rt- T- assault on J on n t, wamer, 95 and coata. John II T)?via Deate * Fred^Hrlr'1 H n'i !o keep the' ? h?h k H 'PMns, fLrowin* at,.ne? (by h?^L?1f ? Jwt named Harris b; h Thornton? s^'ia^l t^wo *^%qD? t work hnu^e. P,ter SrrcD* FB?ii Oxalic Acid?Yesterdav af ternoon, Frederick Schaumback, a s-x>urer and new at?X-C^^??SV.resWj,g *nd doln? busi min.t h 1^' bouth Howard street, swallowed about h-ir an ounce of oxa'ie acid and ether a preparation mcd ln removing ink spots l'rom cloth In?. While the via' cont!ln?ng the pi^u tnt^v.! ? Iph ?U ?uicid? bis wife attempted to *lt .,rom hint, but, pushing her aside, he 'ID "wallowlnj tbe >atal dose, and in twenty minutes alter wards was acorn-e. l>r Donav.n. coroner, he'd an inquest, thejnry re turnirig a verdict ot death from poison. The previous occasions, while under the hi ?? J. '1"or' fB b? wa8 jwterday had 1m 1 ? i'd t0mn 't ?o?clde. He was 3S years ol?t, and leaves a wile and fire chlldreu.-ff,t v oHW, VJth. <J1HAN *? SUPAItATID KROM ?i?i Louif*i,,?? Jnne IT, a Ciermau girl, agc?l 18, committed suicide by takm? firsenlc. Some months ago % German grocer ot that city, named Weiss, who was a widower wioto tothe girl's mother, then in Belgium, pro^ jiosing marriage. The mother came over. The gtrl refused to come on account of a lover in the Belgian Horse-guards, and the mother Insisted. She tried to jKjison herself, but failed. She was Lro"?ht, over by her mother, and seemingly settled down oufetly with her parents. Tues day evening she kissed them "tood night." and returned to her room. Half an hour alter vards they heard her scream, and, entering her room, found her in convulsions. She said she had rather die than stay away xVom her love. She died in a tew minutes. ,VA WnMAif Hakoed ih Cakada. ? Mrs. Workman was hanged in the jail yard at Sarana, Canada, yesterday, for the murder of her husband in duly last. The woman up to the time of her execution declared that she .lid not intend to kill her husband, and his death w is tb result of a drunken brawl. She ascended oW w.'th * tirm "top. and manifested lorutnde and nerve whicn astonished all present. After the preparations were finished she expressed a hone that her case would lie a warning to wives who have drunken husbands and to husbands who have drunken wlvea. Kev. ^ Thompson then uttered a fervent praver! ow ":e !(0?r *oman was launched into eternity. She died almost instantly. Early to Bkd 1* ViE*itA.?There is a city ordinance(which requires the front doors or all dwelling-houses to be locked by the porters at ik o clock at night. Those returning home after that hour, and rousing the porter, are required to pay him ten groschen. about live cents, and !f*V*r J2 o clock twenty grosehen. As there are faw dwellings in which there are not .rom ten to twenty families, this ordinance has al most universal application; consequently quar ter of 10 o clock there is a general getUng homo, and the caffcs and restaurants are soon vacated. It seems singular that there should be such a VrT with a population of nearly one . be streets are usually very quiet ai t?r W o'clock?C. C. F. in Bait. Am. Sktkrs Fiohtiko m Ckvtral Asia Tbe Russian armies which are marching du Khiva o?7?f?nu ?.W ^*rp oPPoaltion from the forces or the Khan. Two severe battles have been fought just lately. The Khiyes troops were ' beaten, aceerdin j to St. Petersburg war office report, in each instance. General Kauf man has crossed the Amn-Darla river is ari. dently endeavoring to flank the Khivau garri ^P'toJ or the Khanate, so that the TV operations will reach a very im eSrtTiioK^. altilMt* flnikl ta?e4t an BT A Lahd ? ? . walking aatch took place on toom Annprior to Ottawa, in toe Do S-ti^uP^l J!f?or.fll?,y mUe8'?"? ?able, S0** ?? English professional pedes* fcr:- iS miS Ottawa he eaddenly gave out and Sn*.rka to Winner at 1^ p. m., havint: walk within eight* hoars, raee was ^ShSUt aa? Of money . A EaMamKanLa Banrran Krtkrprjsk 1 vwe brothers 1 I business without ?Ate bankin SfSiS-?r i'^28SSl;,iwS25ir*. GEORGETOWN. ScnooL Kxavidatioks.-The public ?cb<ml examinations were continued to-dir, at one o'clock, io the Montgomery street school bnild ing. The mAle intermediate taught ey Mrs. M. E. Turner was examined by Mr. Curtis, trustee. The school numbers 36 scholars, and the gold Biedal. the highest honor of the elar*. and which excludes ail other premiums. wi? awarded to Wm. H Uw?. Premiums were awarded to \Ym. I>. Lyons, .lacob Stansberg'r, Wm. W. Hail, Mauriee Barnard. Benjimiii Baker. Chas. H. Bearers, Decius EJiuon?to.n, Frederick W. Daw, Harry Powell, Kima ?. Yates, Alexander Blnndon, Harry Shoemaker, Richard Powell. Revere (hurley, Augustus Schwartz, Josepn Somen,Theodore Estler, Ar thur Appier, Albert T. Newman, .lohn H. Ballenger, Henry Kraus and Ben.i. Baker. [The name 4,Mary J. Scharti'' in the pre miun list in the notice of the eximiuatlou of Primary No. 4, in yesterday's Star, should hare l>een " Mary J. SrAwartx/'J CmRERiiKD Coal Tradx?The shipments of coal from Cumberland for the week ending ?tune 14th amounted to 61,343 tons 15 cwt., an increase over the corresponding week of last year of 6,!>*4 tons IS cw t. For tne year to that date one million eleven thousand nine hundred and thirty-one tons two cwt. were shipped, showing an increase over the same period In ls72 of 101,157 ton* 1 cwt.. Increase in railroad shipments, 153.A52 tons 1C cwt.: decrease In ca nal shipments, 52,40fi tons 15 cwt. During the week ending Wedncrday evening 242 bOits cleared at Cumberland, carrjiufj .7,173 tons 1 cwt. of coal. This is the heaviest week of canal business this season, being 301 tons 13 cwt. more ban the previous week. Co??p< it nib ,f"N*T.?Mr. Evan Lvors re ceived by mail to-dar a letter addressed to him In block'capltal letters, in wh'ch was enclosed a slip ot newspaper with the words "conscience fund"' printed on it. and two twenty-dollar notes and one ten-dollar note, making titty dol lars. Rivfr Nihh?The steamer New York ar rived to day from Philadelphia, with a full cargo of general merchandise, and the steamer ?Johu Gibson cleared for New York with 372 bbls. four; and the steamer E<pres? arrived from Baltimore with a miscellaneous cargo. Grain Trai?*?The e ?nal boat Ellen ?*11 mver arrived yesterday atteinoon with JOOlons wheat consigned to John M. Waters, which was sold this morning at #100. ALEXANDRIA. Fox Hi st?A colored waiter at St. John's Academy, having posbessed himself of a tox, tied it in the yard till he could carry it home. It gnawed the tiring, however, and escaped in to the house, where a neighbor s dogs got alter It ii d a ioi hunt tbrougu the hou e was the result, to the no small terror of the ladies. Esesp'ng irom the dogs, it hid under a house iu a neighboring alley, inhabited by some colored people, wlicnce it emerged at night fall and made havoc among their young chickens. Am tier buut was the result, all the colored l>eople in the neighborhood Joining in, and the tox, at last, pain the penalty of his depreda tions.bcing killed by a stone thrown by one of the I xrty. There were lively times in that vicinity ?U last evening. Coti't'BA. on ?A co'ored man who Is ac cused of bavng put a spell on one of his own race, who is dying or cor>uinplioii. called upon the physician who lias been attending the sick mail, yesterday, and asked for a paper certify ing that the man wasdvingtrom natural cantos m l not lrom any conjuration practiced u; on him. SVITS TO RECOVER CONFISCATED Pr.OP kktv.?C. W. Wattles, as attorney, ha* insti tuted suits in the corporal ou court for the recovery of certain valuable proper, v in this city beloncmg to W. N. and -J. H. M : Vei^b, but sold at coats ation sales during the wr.r. Si kket Raii.roai>,?King street is now torn up as low down as the middle of the block l>e tween Royal and Fairfax streets, and the track is laid and the streets repaved and pas-tlde irem the Virginia house, at its head, a* tar down a> Patrick stitet. Small P?>.\ Two new cases of small p>x, coloied children named Thorn p. on living in tltc alley between Wilkes and Wolfe stn ?ts. on Washington? were reported tliis morning and sent to the hospital where there arc now live patients. A smali. colore?i boy named Avon O lei liv ing witfi Mr. Jos ph Chauncv, was badly hurt vesteiday evening by a l.idy's shawl pin, up in fhe point of which he trod, and which enteral the sole and protruded an inch beyond the top of the foot Gaz'tte, last ev nitty. CITY ITEMS. PRIOO'S Jewelry Store, rcceiv d some beautiful .let Jewelry to-day; No. 457 Pennsylvania avenue, near 4 ? street. How to Kkxf Cool.?This you can readily do lor the sum of one dollar by going tj ttie C'othing Store of Mr. A. Straus, 1011 Pennsyl vania avenue. He has an Immense assortment of Chinese linen coats, in all sizes, from 32 to 42 inches in buff, gray, pearl,stane, tea. brown, white, blue, and black and white-striped linen. Tboe coats are a specially, well made, and are so'd for only one- dollar?the cheapest coat in Washington. Excursions, Church Fairs, and Picnics, ran be provided at short notice with Soda Water, Ginger Ale, Tonic Beer, &c., in founts and bottles, which are loaned free of charge by Painter & Green. Georgetown. 6,lt>,eo3 Dyspepsia in a Hydba-biadid Mobster, from which nearly all '-the ills the human flesh is heir to" originate. The Peruvian Syrup, a Erotected solution of the protoxide of Iron, is a >ng-tried and well established remedy for this distressing complaint; it has cured thousand* when other remedies have failed. t Takb Cars or Yoib Yalcables Call and examine the fire and burglar proof vamts of the Safe l>eposit Company, corner of New York avenne am! 15th street, for safe keeping of securities, jewels, silver ware or other valu ables. Rents from ten to sixty dollars per an num, according to size. No business m?n can afterd to do without them. Take warning from the Chicago and firet. MriTITt'KBS of Pboplr Kb^cire anAl txbativs to restore tke healthy action of their systems and correct the derangements that creep into it. Sarsaparillas were used and valued, until several impositions were 1*1 mod oft upon the public under this name. Ayrr'i Sarsaj-arilla is no imposition. m,w,f&w. Pobd's Extract is for nto at wholesale by Chas. Stott A Co., 4W Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggists everywhere. t,w,f,tf Tax Qtrstioh Srttlro?Those eminent men, l>r. Jas. 8. Clark, Physician to Queen Victoria, and Dr. Hughes Bennett, say that con sumption can be cured. Dr. Wistar knew this when he discovered his now widely-known Balsam of Wild Cherry, and experience has proved tne correctness of his opinion. eo3 My Rirodom fob a Horsb?What the purse of King Richard could not then procure, ail can now purchase for a song. The Centaur Lini ment will not raise the dead horse of a king, but it will cure a lame one, and?more than th<it?it is the most remarkable thing for swellings, stitf Joints, caked breasts, stings and braises, the world has ever seen. A man ought to suffer with the Rheumatism who has not tried this liniment. 23,eo5 St'FFXRXRS FRO* (ToRBS,BTOIOS*. "bad Nails, etc., find immediate relief at Dr. White's establishment, No. 535 15th street, opposite U. 8. Treasury. The treatment often effects a perfect cure, even in extreme cases, if none but suitable shoes are worn. tr Tvrco-R(tmiar Baths; also, Medicated Va por Baths, for all skin disease, at Dr. Shedd's, 903 E Street. 5,20,6: Wiuoox A Uina's Uwiie Maoanra. The celebrated Basaar Patterns. Agency at Chas. Baam's hoopsklrt and ooreet factory, 7U> street, Intelligencer BttUdlng.^ 10,a ^T^ooinroaiTT m jay^apiyectate the nse rrm PBOBLlH THAT vasBAAILT MUTIS 1 "I sag. Okertay, iiata as. SS mmpmmm |gssttn?griS4W. UllfSm*. avw..nS ar IFPMMMMf PPPPj fW? Koons AT FOPIL^R PRiCES. Lockuood, llultjr & Taylor, bi3 PE5i.\tVLvnit AVIRll, Are receiving large *ddi!ions of n^w and desirable Oix .le In each department, particniarly aditptej for the muci, at price* to suit the wants of all. LADIES' DF.ESs DEPARTMENT, 6eron<l floor* 100 BSOWN LINKS SUITS, at ?7 00 lot " at,, f 9m 100 ? ?? ?' at |M 100 " 44 '? ax |U.Vi tfOO " " " at. #16 to ?3U 100 white lam s ?? ?t ?? w 100 " " " at *6 90 100 '? ?? " at f?x 100 ? " " at. mJttm 300 *? ?' " ffm Jlo tu fa VI 100 COLORED " ?' from. #1. 50 AO V U1TJE LAWN W RAPTE KS. fiJUtu *?> ? 100 BATISTE POLOSAISE and REDINOOTE* from flu to $ij 100 WHITE LA WW POLONAISE fr m J J 75 to ? ja ?u 100 BROWS LINES POLONAISE ?uJ KEMS COTES from {Sgutcih.* READY-MADE UNDERGARMENTS for LADIES AXD CHILDREN. 160 dozen Lutile*,' Cotton SKIKT8, with atx t?rk? oiily. ...?. Mcnit* 100 " ? with nine tuck*, on!r_ 91 IS 100 " " " with twelve tncks,? 1 60 And a full line of 8KIRT8, tucked, plaited andM 1rotdered, froai 01.41 to #Zt each* with "im proved spring baud." 100 dozen LaditV Cotton CUE*ISES, with edge ?? at ceute 100 ?? lou 100 " M With ruf fle? ? 1 15 ALuo m complete, line of^Plaiu, Jacked,bulled, Plaited, and harfflnonWy Embroidered, at prioea from #1 at to 9UB<? 100 dozen Ladiea Cotton DRAWERS, tacked, at ... _ ? ....75 cents 100 dozaa " " " SSct'uto loo doxan M U M 01 oj Also a larfe variety of elegantly trimmed, at price* ranging from f 136 to $9. Onr stock of FBENCH UNl'BRWEAB is replete ?iib all the elegantdesigns in CHEMISES, DRAW ERS, MIGHT DRESSES, and DRESSING BACylES. FOR IX FASTS. We m< nttcn a few of the many detrfrable Goods to be fouad m this Department : INPANTS' FLANNEL BANDS; FLANNEL SKIRTS; Plain and Embroidered CAMBRIC SKIRTS; Plain, Tucked and Embroidered SLIP!; DRESSES, in great variety: CHRISTENING ROBES; SHAWLS, Plain and Embroidered; SACyCES, LONG GOATS; VOOL BOOTS; MERINO SHOES and SATIN KMB. BOOTS. NURSERY BASKETS; PILLOW SLIPS; INITIALED BIBS; NURSEBT PINS; POWDER PUFF BOXES AND PCFFS; DRAWERS, RUBBER NAPKINS; LACE CAPS. ? .t ! ?/ . * <w i f i ;:?# iac ? s FOR (UILOaCfl. ittsS Years ?! Age; SKIRTS; CHEMISES, DRAWERS; NIGHT DRESSE8; Cambric, Pique and Linen DBESSES; Cotton, Pique and Swiss APRONS; SACQUBS, in Clotk, Flannel and Pique; SHUT WAITS; GAPS; SUM BONNET* and STRAW RATS; Swtmaad Pique OVBB-BBKSSES. if.Si. J ' 1 i . Xl j'Pl i ? i fT >. ? ? .i I t . It v ? i ,!?' . i* # I CIS. -- - JATXtAO o a j : u <Wii;| ?>*.7 a s " #**19 s * .. tf ? ? ,S t sr '-i "K Vl ijITi** fJim b" .tu *11 0L1IA3 BOISlg MOCK. MB* 9 GEORGETOWN AIMTRTTSEWENTS, ('oftrECTK*IiEBl tNH I< K CBS AH. ?/-riW.r.nJr,^*(Tr,nW*** "W)B* BSD < KKAM I A RLORt ?r? n<>a. ynti. til tr' iavi'a.1 to '?rcl ?h:m ?->d tr\ ?,? 4*l.ct<xw 0*ra?? ml Fruit ? al-r Iw*. atiOi . U.4o? C^?, all BM4? tTWB the ??ri l*at tn?t rial SO.! a>rr*4 ta Uif m, ?t t>l* VMii ?t> U>. Part ira and W?sldiuA> prvBr>T l*ra?afc-? 1i all ct th* iat-.t *t?i?* _ J ?' Si HOLS. gtt ??. J'lHf Buroa*?r to H"~i R W alia RTTHOS DOWLIVV ?HK?tr VALr *BI R IKPK 'Vl < 4* U> >lrtar W a 4 ^?yib. MTl. r?conl??.| in 1. twr MX? -r ; - ?f : DC .4 ^7?" "**<? ?* W MHiiwrtoa iVwtr. l> O , *r. *w?c?ioa *f Dm fan; MW4 (*M>ra*v , v. * *'1 <tr" *' ?* pnb'ic ?aMNlaa art?}w i aim, an *r R|?. A**1'**-*?? MT3.?? SV^Te* ? ? , an . !*?*? or lanal tf |r><?nd Dr*miw? it ? hat plant or |mi<?I ft *r.tii*J aii-1 piwmim ta n, 1> l.jn.'wt .<? ttw 91. bite pi at or yati th*r*..f, Bid tta a4dlt ?**>?. ax aaxt t?io? a?rt* <>f 1 ? nntntrraB on* )>aa4r ,1 atU ?van,r&fv At,? hnn dr??d au4 ataM.iM. a*a l.a?a4r<M and Biaaifcui, ??>d fMMnl mH B?att? * H.v . ^J?!*^Mtt) l> 3 ???"? c-utaia-l vttl.ii. a... w.<>?>t'a4.a?rr1pM~n, na-n. I? R rtntifn* <>a Ftr* af?rtn?Lli'?tJVw0'f,,'t *** *r??l, ?MM rnmiBt nui tar-ntr a*><m. (JTi f?* * tlH-rrx north >t?. krwlml and ?Ut< jyi (.-?* LltftX "h^- waVoJ mrn?" "it 22 j/V >> u _T.m.., a* pr.-?<-ib~* U aaM .t*r4: A?jhm. ?j,h 10 V font. Iru?r..i fr. 11. S?m Ur Jak.lCl ? I'll1 th* *t?rra.-a of tl U ?al# 10 r??' l.aiani' lut ?M B n,.o,ha. t.y i^uT^r a?1 ? "f trual !>? th<- prcp-^y. |}.y ,1 w? vi^_ lh: pr |wri* U a'rnrk - If ft,. T ?<?? e mplw.l aituib fica data. lh? lrii>f?? ainl ???t <>t th? it'fanltiiii: iur< tiaovr. ?.'.?!..? >? ? ?t rurrhaoTKr<-t k r r<?r?f;r. #_ P * IMKMCILI C < T th-mas i?ou Li a a, k*: t. haSt1u.It TTV.*LB ,S ^"PONtOButa II ?tut* h>??r a, I K P T?nl>OE. 7T P.i OjKMtlLt.F.i Treatara. UJ K)C <t j?-M <1 THOS mm LIK>i. A ,rt. Srri?i^ t*0T.,f DKT uoon? t T ^ ^ASII Ini li hn* t n,?4 ? Ui imaruT.-Mrtit* r - my pt <f nt rt4?r*r?>?>m 1 .1 * iU * u l th^t ?1^-m cfffrihTMitir# ?f ck of PRY G<K*P* .t I. KKDI CKP PBI? K8.V cl'i tb^ om t,,X:? o. Aii*:,nt. c*JI rarlf ati.1 xvamliw r?rt"ir?ivM .UI. V ... 2 Bk ?* *. - J'< *w Bridg* itnaat. K ????. Mii*. 'j'H* ?ALL BISII IlOUUaU. ?Th'Lri ".i;1 ,Ur" f,,? *** tima f^r w/u i-fl!''JL1- **'1 "nt- hr'n* "? ?-?r r.u ?rh . tlT.2 ? #L 1 b* ? "T^rm dir.-,* jnrb a ro-? i.| a* ara np.ft tr ha*.- tl ,, a?iJ*^'!^L *nir*',?' c^?o?d or r? 4j,si, ' Ul*w niofl.?rala. T-rm? m*ari*tf> 0 O. D. 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