Newspaper of Evening Star, June 21, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 21, 1873 Page 1
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THE EVENING STAR ftklltM Billy, Iu4a/i ?im|U4, AJ TllK STAR BU1LDLXG&, m rami na 'imrirn worn ft m. FmiMubI. TUB BTSM1NV STAB M an fed by cwiMl to UMr nbw1UnMTl.irun Pit wiu.if f??n F >>1 Ptrn Pit ft<mi. Cowi?a at tk* Two <^v-r? nrk. Bp Bail-tkM ?WIN, S1JB, Ml WOOlBs, Bl W. OBe PMI, II THB WRKKLT STAB? PoM1sh??l Frlday-Sl* ? P*r ITInTiriakli Intdtun, la kott (KM, urf ?at fencer Um paid for. 1 fin of affeerrmtnc furniefceg i s SIMMER RESORTS. I M M E R HOARD. 1 w n? *ivi ?<].! ti< Dal B(HRMW ran now !.? a> <iat>d ?t the LOCDON 158T1 TllK >i n- i ale tern* tiood faie.Vc^My nit tir, ti flu seen. TV F?.r ptxti n UJlU iar*appl> t? TUOS. W. LA KB. _ j.jj if AI<Hp, Co.. ? ABE YIRW HOTCL, \* Wt/AiAS. SKW MORK. Tt '? fr ? r*m i? now o?*?n for the enteitaif r-me<-rar?ly orf. r thB sea P * rrn I ?? rrr ' in ?'l it? tnd handei y '<r fornmn?4 tkranhoat., O'.- ?t? will fiad rt "special!* a.|apee?l for h~*ltb ?? r< n f rt, large Md air> r.wnw at t thorough veoti iB"'? II. F'!..- OrovN, hnitl??p Kalkn. s-xxl Drives, and F*"h.> * nri BobIIfk on th- Sene.-a Lake Toe thn with the farfatiej W?tkin* and Hat ana i lie ai- w fr m the h..n*e it S->ae a Lake an I 1h? ?iirr--n?/Hpar enerv rai?a >t be aiirpuwl. Ti e Ye ie will -wn?li-?| with th* ("Hi 'k? m ir bet k*. r<l?. arxl ?n ifftciMit corps of attenJan.* Caavn ??. waiP ? ?tl Pa-?1e? Vavmr Velii' c?on at 4 'I in th? tn rnittg ariii. ?t'li? H *e at < in th- ?>*<'ninK B ?om?.:.?ii I- f?r - he ?<?M-.ii mi app'l'rtinn l?y mail tn ? HAULk> n BKTOEYRYtR, Pr priet .r of LakeYiew ???'fl.Wrtlaa.H Y jetllaa Kt NtPkO H?TK<> -A delightful an-l healthy ??mB t I ?.ft. I<raltd on the Wf'lT * IraiK >? f tb* ?n>? ritfr, sur-' r> >. * ? -antitnl trv nr.'aio ? < ,, w t*. Sine trotting MM in th* ?i. u?rtTT -77T flkN FOR BoARDERS JCNE 14. Aceom ?M4t ?: h>a? tr?t tIm wu<I i h?ri' r~a.~11.4ble. Traiua karc Philartelptla by the P ntciltan a railroad. fr?? oepot. Thirty mi ,?n?l Market ?tr<?et?, with Pvlla ?n c al?r* aa.l draw in? room car* alt a. be<!. at 7>a m and 12 W and 11 A"> p. tu., arriving at B" B. ?? at 4^5 *P<I 11.IS P ut. au<l II U6 a. m. The rout* t.> Ren.i?-v of th? m.?t attractive and pfctnr fwio" ?nmiii?p trip* that can !>?? enjoyfl. R' nr?i.?ti tii ???? at redored rate- for ?ale at N<?. COl and ?.!*? I'liehtnut ?rwt?, N ? 11? Market afreet, and at iiep. t. Thirty spci ihI and Market atreeti. p.?r rr? 11 ? aiK' i?rr? applv to ' PROPRIETOR RE NOVO'HOTBT., Ren. ?o,Clii.?ob Penn a>l*aaia. el9en3t SEEN A* DO All AL I'M 9 PRIMUS, OP EH FOK BOAK UK US A n O ? >l>e*;e and Snlphnr Ma:.r?;J ?1 aaratn air. anppiy "f >ce. . A d-.- A -I wifF-R?, Orkney Sprmr?. Sh?nan d< at ,r .\a. jjl ??< KBKIIX.K Rial M ITtlMI, VA. orr.N ji ke u-t. 1*7:1. u Tlin favorite M?d ce'.*brat<-d Watering placo will 1 *?< I'l^l a n^uitivt Bill R. -t. fneTlvTWlW Billiard R ?r.% B .wli- g Allev f r I v.11 ? ? for ar-ctl- n?n, en-l a??ip- rh Or ~|iiet 'ir .ni,,l. It ?ii: he kept in a atyle not ?urpa*'e<l anywhere iu % Tlir waters of tbe?p ap rial "'prills'* either ~nre or ? really reliere mi*t iBe.-e of Str..fnli, ioripient C< nat::> ation, Ohr. fclr Br<H.blri', t'Ur. nii: L vrvn fi.?a. t'nr. Bic Pui.eiieinia, < ht wk I?>?p-p*ta, 'h*i ni> I>;arrhi. a. < hronlc D^ ferv. Th?y are a!- a great *a!c? in th'JB* aS.vtioix which art- p^ r .iliar te the f?-'i??lr coua'Ui.:ion, an-l a* an appeii ft,at(i 1.' at..l a central rutcratiTe they %ri*. p- r bar-, ut.ri- .v^ied at.. 1 i*t min* ral waters. The Propr:- '? r l.? p~uvi.!mi f r the I iwu and liall-rve4ii a ut-"-i-l ?-* I?.?i.d of tiiitsic, ar.d :a general all tus h'Stt' t ' l anianeaieiil and tev reatlon usu ally f-mad at 1 ur I -at ?nmtiier r? ? rt* will b-a* tf.e ?umatid oftl ? m'?'- t P.'"'KBUIIi'iE ALl'M Tv"-pia-? ia B-th'i from -leven to thirteen h >nr?of R h b.i 1 <1 V% v?tm>K'"ii-B i.timor- e|r . by rail, all in dai lilit. Paeeenei-ra leave lue Ca aof tlie* h~?a peak- and Oni?- RailroM at <? ?h n I* p *. and new and eUgant ita?? i.mi hr?, paaainc rapid'.y over a ?mot^b ai d level road e?ift!t set down tbe v.?! at the Sprit ft- t l t a J\ME~ A PRA/IER. Propr e?.vr, Dr J. 8. DAVI9. of th. t'ui?er*itT, Reeident Phv ?:< iati A K I100.M, Office M?iiv*t; g. M Ml I.I.KX. t'llii e Mat.aeer Ti e water for aalr by COLKMAN Ji ROG BRS. Baltimore. Dee riMiwe pampbi- la sent free ou application. j?* In* \* ATT05I.? Thi? pi-pnlnr and eery healthy sum 1 mer, near 0aicker's Gap, and B ^ ? A ?nrr-ini d-d by the Bine Bide* moubtain.yCjAV two hour*' rule by rail of Wanhinttoo City, t* now open for tbe roceptioa of cueats, aeaaoM ltC3 ImrroTementa since last year: Pine pia/.xa in fln nt.b*t(i r H'tn, an lce bou-e till m, a piano in the br nae The bmHinra are stone, constating of largo airy rooms. Beantiful moantam scepery. Those wwbiBf taSLjoy the cool breoze* of this elevatod region will addrt-sc, A. O. WRIGHT, B?oad Bill P. O , Lcindoon Co.. V a. References at 1 "J0? F street H. W. ttvSU 'f LADIES' GOODS. * MIBS KciUlNliE, PES5STLTAH1A ATENCB,' Baa cenotantiy 00 hand a fine aaoortm-at of IMPORTED B0N5ET9, BTRAWtf, CHIPS. J LOWERS. RIBBONS. *C. ail tue newest deotKua. LadUa CAPS au4 COIf F( RE> .nat recetTtd. ml tr BAD AMD BATR TOCR MOMRT. R1 Ladies who hare Balr Switches that bays fad ad fro?i as can hare them rest red to thslr natnrai shade in superior manner. We ha?? a rery largs we rttr.eet of Ml Corla:?ery I..BK and haodsotas Switches Tory cheap. Mow Is IBs time to bny at ? ADAIIB B8TBBN 8 Hair Factory,?l? Wh si.. ?ear O street. aSS-tr N OTICE -Bargains are now being MILLINERY FANCY GOODS, By R. LEXZBERG * CO., B-tr TOT Market Space, s1 POT -tr Opposite Patent Ottoo. RLL1NO OFF I SELLING OFF I BT COST. TO DI8B01.TB PARTNERSHIP. th?> utitlrt stock OF TBR MEW YORR BAZAR, ??1 Seventh street, near B. MO HCMBOG. ??L^bmcm STARCH RBAMRb Km beat article la the world for doing op Ltnea or din It lea parts a ksanllfmi gloaalo the fabric sale by all ?r <-ers. RL'RMHAM B OO , ManafacWron IS# Wset Lombard street. iM-ly Baltimore. Maryland ?METROPOLITAN dollar store. ? ?>RR NEW GOODS :t TBEY ARE ALMOST GIVEN AWAT t LOOK AT THIS LIST IbiMren't S*in Botineta and Hats, SOc Marsellleo Hats,very pretty, fl " Laws Bud Lace Bata, f I Plaid Mnalia A proas, coyer eatir? drees, " M bite DreaMB,rroosbaired moalka, 91. " Buff Suits, fl white and colorM Border Apr.iss. Mc. ?? Baffle and Plaid Mnaltn do , sue M Percale and White Lawn Skirt Waists, SI. " Foil tal ked Skirts. Bl. " Paged aad saabroMerad front Chemiaoe, f 1. *? Tucked aad embroidered Drawers, Bl. " Tacked and Lare do.. Slk:. Rope'Calico Waiats.SOr. Ladiee Scotch gmcbam black Sua I'mbrellae, fl. ?? Liale tlueaJ l-bafa half Gail at letUiorea jic. ?? teat her Relta, Me. ?? Morocco aed Im. Raaelan Belts, Bic ?* Olfllisit and Gilt Belt ChaMaa, Mr. ?? Wood. Painted aad Linen Fans, lio, - Faaci. Wood aad Silk do ,?0c. ?? Rlx k, white aad coin Silk aad Ylenna do., rhiMrecs'lae Lines Baadkeirhiefs,3for Mc. Ladies hemstitched Linea do., i for (1. " he Oaajs T?M, |l. its' do Cabins. Bl. ?? Light S - ".:?h and Ltsi ?* Li*bt British "and LMe Socks. LatfVTS BiiP ftld BfiMgy w??jBjt. Rot pleat aad other gfUiMHai for IB* , yoa WUJ act fn^TS^S^ ?oeEt MtTROPOLIYAS BSLLiS STORK. SIB I _P P -1 have now on baad bi aaaai fhlfMaekof CBJH4CET H(1B S3 AO, St All, flaad R|. Oomb ?d look at tkea jed-M '?'BR ELLIPTIC YORR SHIRT M pro ae a ace t*n <J eUaaaaaaad to^NTtbe caaibgeaahteemotoSt aar I with abeo!ale prectain*. In the I ?artala aad maaafart?re, ex peri __ ^ mo le roaraotee enure aatisfact loa. J.W. BRIGl WILL. Mo. 4B9 Mh st , Waahiagtoa, D. O. ml TEO-S WHAR#T7es? tf SU mU f rniH7 TO OOMTRAOTORS AND MBRCHARTS. omml'umQ f. atLRR. WSREkY WONRRRS RRYER CRASB.-A11 s Suika ia three diFereat shedee far 41-N2. 6.320. WASHINGTON, D. C., SATURDAY, JUNE 21. 1873. TWO CENTS. SPECIAL NOTICES. (Saard agaiaat Cholera. Ti la h known that if a proper reaieij tf inafan lai wtuslv taken in a ca?e ot Aaiatic Cholera, or **en Ch* lera Mt.rbc* or kindred coinplainta, th patient ia Mfk relieved, and it happens not nnfrevi-ntly tti ?t a?ich timely ilm< pi,i\i> of incalculable eerv ice ia an ultimate care. 1 do not wi<h to be understood a* advising net to call in a physician at the ear p< "cililf moment, a* >c.k a ?HirM ia imperatively n?c.mary ; I n; fowetitnr* a phj lidan an notl-e kaid at a moment V notice, and it i? f?r anch ca*-* that we aow prepare NATTAN^ CHOLERA SPtCOF If, a atrong. actire, and efficient remedy, calcu lated for such rw? s? h< rr stated, ai.d which every well c >ndacted family ?h<wi'd tiave on hand ?? im aHiairl} prnrvrf. DiirirnlHil, while t1i-> ch?lera was raging <|i.ite eeverely in Brooklyn. N. T ,1 was employed th?re, and it wasfnatid that this Sp-eifti' ffiil great service, bcingrrnch betterthan Senibl.*' Mixture and Sn?i taHoleraCw?, both ?ff w>,ich Wftf tried It will al?o give immediate relief and cnre Cholera Moil.,,*, folic,Cramp*. FN*?-niary, Di?r rhea. and ail disordera n?u ?l at this it-as u. Full directions accompany each vial. To he only of ARTHCR NATTANS. DrwMist, Je9tr Comer of M and D streets nc rthwent. ON THE BREAKF VST. LUNCHBOX, DINNER AND Sl'PPKR TABLE, Lea A Perrina' W orceeterahire Sam e ?a l*P!?PKN?aWLK. JOHN DUNCANS SONS, New fork, Oct 15 h?ly A*-tit? for tbe Unite,! State*. AMUSEMENTS. |)INEY BRANCH RA< K COURSE. Grand TROTTING MATCH fee- *140 a aide will com* off on the above courae BUS DAY, June Z3d. C. U<pp- r name* a. h H n>'?t John^; to wa^on; C. fhamberla n names a. m. . - Reed Bird to harne-w Tiv trot t-> be mile livts, beet three in five. The rice to ootatu-nc* at 4 o'clock p m., g< od dav and track; jt not. the next fair day. Admiaaiou JO cent*. If AMOS TOX, Pmprl?tar ALL S >E\? OPEttA MOl ?f?. THE RERuWNID SAN FRANCISCO MISlTRELs, Formerly of California, And f^r the la?t Seven Team The S'ai.dard C'v.tpnn) in New Y rk. A fc'OM PAN Y OF TWKSTT TU O V I RiT OLASs PERFORMER*. Cnder the niaoaneine'it of BILLY B1K? H, DAVE \V A SI BOLD, ANI> CHARLEY Bm <?i 3, Will appe r MoNDAY at TUe 0|?-ra H"n?e, Will ap;, ar MONDAY at Tli t p r? Hon*e. U ill appear MONDAY at Th? Opera II-"l?<, WITH A PHOUKaMMS oh TMS KAKSST MOMS MUSIC A y II TH S MClt SS1 ATI V'fe' hi*. After a N w York a-aauti of f^r'y c ?'?.-??cnti*? weeke, the Fri?co Minstrels will for one week in Washington A lmiee.oe 75. Si, and '?> Cftit". S- it* aecure I at the Opera UntiM. j 19 it ONE^JfTHE r IN ESI OKfHKf TUI'NSui t)T^ cruntrv ran t>e |.?:ird :tt Mr. S< IIU AKT Vt/j /ENBKKO'S 4t>*? !*.?. avenue. Tm* iti'trn-li^l ne nt *a? imported at :i c. -t . f aud ref r-eent" an im*n?#n"? orchestra, * ith dram?, ?-ymii?l?, ai?d chiin?*> < 'mpl-tr Conn rte daily aLd ni*h'!>. atiri proper tie* .. f ilie finrei cli^ra-ter. Th- n:ii> lit are cordially luvit d. free of cliar^e. j-tu lni (T-aNo 1 Oa Ktklhitiaa iNkwN ??? } aad Mala I ?3? "* "'j, HARkKITKK'ft. ? a. 439 Ttk Kreet, between D aod R atr*^ta, elcht doora above Odd Feilow'a Hall. Oholoo Oil Pilctinn, Enfrravtuea.Chrjuioa, If. Also, largcwt atock Paper Haneinc^. W icduw ifcadet. Piciniaa, Frames. Picttire Cord* and Taa ? * 'u P'.faee remember Name and NnFiber l?l-Iy" A LL KINDS OF OA8T-OFF WBARINOAP PAKE Lear be aoid to the very beat advantage by addraaaitif or calling on JISTH. 119 D atreat, betvaaa *ta and 7th n. w. Rotea by mall promptly aturded to. Caah paid. fU f kLD GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, COPPER, ETC., U bonght at fair pricee for a New York booae. Honaehald Farnitora bought and arid Notea by mall promptly attends! to by ADGEN8TBIN, 1?#? Pennay lvanla aventia dU ly * EXCURSIONS, PiclNICsTAcT G iRASD family festival * FOB THF. BKXFF.T OV ST DOMINI* K> NEW <_ Ul KtU I leler the aa?pi<-ea of tbe BlILDING ASSOCIATION, On MONDAY. JUNK 30. KJ, AT THE BCHf ET/EN PAKE. An nceilent Band of Muaic haa been ??<?(*>>? The C mmittee of Arrangement* have been OR preeeated with a beantifr.l Diamond Ring, JS valued at flUV, alao, a Sewing Machine. Tbe Ring win be given to the gentleman. WM^ and tbe Sewing M vcbiue to t be lady, who do.p>aea of The largest of tirketg. TICRETS, FIFTY CRNTS Children accompanied by tbeir parent* or <tiw diaua will be ada?ltted free m!7-lawtt* |T>TfP?T IXCUBHCa^ On and after FRIDAT-. J IMC 1 J, If 3, th^ elegant and favorite ft-an. r KEt - PORT will C0aa(r.e?ce her remlar TI BSD A X and FRIDAY EVES ..BSDA * and FRIDa"t' RVKN ?? 1NG excuraioaa down the Potocutc, leaving wharf foot af 7th atreet, at 0 o'clock p.m., retiming at 11 9. m. During the anmmerot 13T2 tbeae exenr aioaa were laraely patronized by m.-tny of our beat citizeaa, who round in th-m a cool and pleasant es cape from the heat and duat of the city. N<>! effort ?ball be apar*4 dutmg the ? oiinug iuruni?r to" m ike them pleasant and agreeable in every re?pert. De tectivea will be stati^n"d at the b<"'at to prevent the admia?ioB of anv improper cbaractera. No intoxi cating l'quora aold. Muaic, danciuir, and refreih meiita on board. Far-, single tirV-ti. J ], 1*1, a-nl gentleman. ?110. Apply to KM H BYLCS, Agent, 60S Pen^sylvaniaaveaiie. naSI l n TRi'.MKV SATCHELS ?N!> Bai TRAVELING BIGS, ~ IN GREAT VARIETY AT V EK? LOW PRICKS. HARNESS A tall stock of Hari eas ot our own make, and everything appeitaining lo the Saddlery, Ham***, and Trunk buaineas F.ue Harnea* and Trunks made to order. S< le amenta for Hill's celebrated CONCORD I1AR NESS and COLLA R>. which we an selling at f ou cord prices. Concord Harness r >0111 in second at >ry of buildiug. VBR SIRE OF THE NAME AND Nl'MBEU. LI T* * BR".. 497 PENNSTLYa NIA AVENI E. jell 1m Next to National Hotel. SOl.VU FEET AND FRCvtl ENT EXERCISE in the op*n air and aiinshine being the beat pte eervatives of b >tli phraical and mental health, and coQae^umt uat-fulneaa and LONGEYITT, tboaaand? of aeraona come from tar and near to viait I'R. WHITE, tbe well kn>wn Chiropodist, No. A3i ltth street, opposite ttie I'mted State* Troaa ary,Wai>hingt n D C , for relief from Corn*, Bun i-?oa, Troubleeotns Naila, and other diaeaaesof tn? f-et. am" adviae as to suitable fitting ih >ea, H"> treatment generally giv*? Immediate and pxlnb-s* relief, and even in extreme ca?ea, if none but suita ble ?hoea are worn,often effects s p^rfrct cure. The feet being uaed ao constantly need occasional atten tion. and a* there ia danger in tampering with C >rna or Buni"Mby oaing a knife, razor, or other unsuit able aapliancea, the majority of tbe intelligent por tioa of tbe comnmn it y viait the prartically experi ....A iOl{ ?: -? 1 -a ? ence4 Chlro ecccom hiroaodist in order to better inaure aafet< y of time, comfort, and health m7' ,r. ?XiBUI THB ?OLD SrBOTAOLB, OKLf fS, ^ M H. BEMPLBR, Upt^aa, lime: lime : BEST WOOD BURNT LIMB at |1 par barrel, delivered to all part* of the city. ' THOMAS FAfiET, 10th atreat, near La. avenue, northwest. N 0 T 1 C E ^^^ffijr^asiasrjfiass of all kiada reapertfmlly aolicited. Office with jua 1 'W. Haapoaaa, aontbwaM corner 11th la aortkwaet. (Bap.J aSly 1873 e**"0 1873 op SUMMER STYLES at BLACE ALPACA COATS, DRAB D'ETB COATS, D1ABOBAL MOHAIR COATS, FRRHOH SERGE COATS, LIGHT COLORED STRIPED ALPACA 00ATS A. STRACS, tkr flethier, 1SU PENNSTLYANIA AYINDB, ?yM tr Between Mth aad lUh yEAHEiaHBg^^ ^OTKB! PIBSOLCTIONI BARGAINS, BARGAINS, ia FANCT <K>0D8 AND NOTIONS, at tbe Hew York Basar, 441 ft* Tar- TQM, EVENING STAR. Washington Hew and Gossip, ]r terral RavRsrR.?The receipts from this souree to-day were ttVW,.VT7.'.-'4. Prksidrky Grart left Washington *sr Long Branch last night. He tcconfaukil to New York by Commander Ammcn of the navy. Se< RETARY Rn, HARD**>5 leaver Washing ton to-night to attend the commencement exer cises at Harvard College. Sivsetarv Dblars left for Ohio last night, and will be absent a we^k or tea days. Solicitor Smith is acting Secretary during lit* absence. Tiir farii.y of Secretary K?chard?on go to Long branch ne*t week to remain during the summer aiotitbs. TltK Aero* AT IT TKLfcORATM Com PA NY is al-out to sell out its lines and franchises to the WeitH* l nion Company. Hbj\I* STORKS TOR SoiDIERS' GEAVIil The War department will next week invite pr0]>0Mti? for supplying '/S0.000 head stones for the giaves of the Union dead. Ski kat a ry Robkhon left on this morning's early train for New York, and will be absent about ten days. Ilia visit is in connection with the tilUng out of the Tigress tor her expedition search ot the Polaris. Brimiiio'iii to Time?The Secretary or War to-day tot-ued an order notifying the clerks i b th? various bureaus of the War department, that I ereatter any clerk not promptly at his desk at 9 a. ni. will be considered as having ten dered bis resignation. Tin: latest Ki'MiiR with regard to the filling of the vacancy of Chief Justice of the United States places the Hon. U.K. Hoar, of Massa chusetts, in the foreground. It will be remem bered that Mr. Hoar's name was once sent to the Senate for the posittou of Associate Justice, but ti e Seuatc tailfd to rontiriu the mimuatiou. Th? Postal Uaud Ma mi*pactn rers at Springfield, >Umi .are turning,out about :?00,0o0 cards |kt day, whicb indicates that they aro stead ly incrraMng their facilities, and willsoon i he able to couio fully u|i to the requirements of tl.e Post Office department in rrspect to the numiier produced?1,000,0*ft per diem. Memorial Stat ii?The state of Massachu-. setts, as its contribution to the statue hall at the Capitol in this eity, has selected the his toric Governor Winthrop and Samuel Adams to bo its representatives. Mr. Creenuiigh ia already at work at New|>ort u|k>u the toimer, ami Mis* Anne Whitney ha- recently completed a statuette of the latter, which is an highly c?m n-endtd by art critics that a contract will be made with her to produce it in marble. Both ol these ik ulptors are native* ol Massachusetts. Senator Sherman is out in a letter with reference to the back pay business in which be says: '?! determined I would not receive the back pay, but would leave it where It now ia?in the Treasury of the United States. 1 mo notitiid the disbursing otlicer of the Senate, and winn asked bv anv one about the matter I have an-wercd that f would not receive it. I did not and do not now deem it necessary for mally to receive the money and then i?av it back again." , A Rt"M<>R prevailed on tlie streets to-day that a case of collusiou had come to light in the Treasury department, w herein a clerk was ac cused of transferring a draft for ($30,000 to cer tain parties acting as attorneys in thWcitv who were not entitled to receive it. It wa* aim ru mored that Secretary Richardson had ordered an investigation, but upon applying for infor mation concerning the alleged fraud, the Sec retary stated to a Star reporter that be bad heard nothing of it, and had not ordered any investigation on any such subject. Why Cai-t. Jack W<tli> N'?t Stayer thk a i h Li.-ehv a 11<.r.?Indian Agent Dver, oi the Klamatyi reservation, report* to Super intei.dent Odeneal that although many **rops were planted aronnd his agency almost all of them are a total failure and entirel) insufficient to supply the Indians. It will he remembered that the main reasons given by Capt. Jack tor not remaining on the reservation was that ine | soil v ould not produce enough to support his tribe. Jrtbrratioral Statistical Cororr** Edward Young, chief of the bureau of statis tics. received yesterday from Mr. Semenow, the Russian counsellor of state, an invitation to be present at Ylsnna on the iUd oi August next, to attend a meeting of the permanent commis sion of the international Statistical C ingress, of which commission Mr. Young was designa ted as a member during his attendance as a delegate of the session or the congress held in St. Petersburg in August, ler7i?, Mr. Semenow is chairman ot the commission above-named. Crihiral Statistics The Attorney Gen eral ha.< issued a circular to the wardens of the several penitentiaries, calling upon them in Older to com pi v with the act of Congress re quiring criminal statistics arising under United States laws, and, as tar as practicable under state laws, to fill up aud return to the Depart ment of Justice blanks which hs ha? forwarded to them, including the number of convicts in their respective institutions on the 1st of Janua ry last, the terms of their respective sentences, places of their birth, natnre of their crimes, number of convicts discharged ill K2, and other minor details. The I.a Crosse Railroad Bridob ijrgs TtoR.?Hon. J. M. Itnsk, of WisconsiR, is at the Kbbitt bouse. He comes to Washington in the interest of his constituents in regard to the lo cation of the LaCrosse railroad. There is no doubt that the proposed Union bridge will be location by the Secretary of War, or rather that its location will Ke approved by that officer, at some point on the Mississippi which will accom modate a majority of the conflicting interest*, and that the attempt of the Milwaukee and St. Paul company to efl'ect its location at a |*>lut w here the interests of other roads, as well a* the city, would sutler, will prove unavailing. The Stolbr Records Story.?While the Secretary of War is not disposed to entirely credit the statements telegraphed to newspa pers north that a number of private Jetr?fo ana | telegrams filed in the Wat office bv the late Ed winM. Stanton, relating to frauds, intrigues, ilc., have been stolen or mislaid, he has takea'1 steps to ascertain exactly how much truth, if any, there is in the assertion. It is stated that the information u|K>n which was baaed the news paragraph, came from one who during the war hekWa prominent |*ositlon in the War depart ment, and that a search made by him some few weeks since, developed the fact that papers, he knew should have been on file, were not to be round. In a few days the results of the investi gation will probably throw additional light on what is uow a somewhat dark subject. CarTAiR Jack wartrd to bb Tried by a Jt-RT or Irdiars.?Mr. Meaeham, the peace commissioner, who was wounded at the Canby massacre, went to Fort Klamath in response to a dispatch from Captain Curtis, jidge advocate of the Modoc court martial, requesting to he present ae a witness at the trial. Mr. Meaeham says that la one of his talks with Capt. Jack be advised the latter te surrender himself and sech of his band aa wen accused or murder fur trial, and premised that he would do all la his power te see fall iwstieedone them. With a eyaioal smile Capt. Jack toaehed Mr. Meaeham en the arm and inquired. Would we be tried by a jury ef Indians-."' Mr. Meaeham was aemewhat takea aback at the query and responded in the negative where upen Caat. Jack haughtily rel used to accept the preposition. Mr. Msaeham says that Jaek evi dently understood rhat if they were tried by a jury composed of the settlers thsv would be bung whether proved guilty or aot?^an opinion in whii h Mr. Meaeham himself concurred, al though he did not so express himself to CapL Jack. It will take Mr. M. about ten davs to reach Fort Klamath, and the trial will not probably commence until he arrives. Kern Tsrkish Hslslsr Is VMhlngtss CoRSTAXTixori^Vuns* 21*.?Gregory Aris turchi Bey has been appointed Turkish Miais ter at Wasblagtoa In place of Blaqne Bey, who has tendered bis resignation to the Sultan. ?7*Beet murdered a little boy 1a Lake City, Iowa. ? ttrijo Jack they call him now; and his tribe is called Lavabedouins. 0T A Philadelphia barkeeper has contributed fl>,000 of * pri/e won by him in thh Havana lot tery to the funds of an inebriate asylum. Tk? Krw Civil Mrtiee Rales. The modified civil service rules are tew in number. Oae of them declares that while it U not the purpose of the rules and regulation* either to restrict the power of removal or to extend the tenure er service, such power will not be exercised arbitrarily, and no person will he removed for the mere purpose of making a place for any other person. Female clerks, copyists and counters, at fusm a year, being be low the grade ot clerkships of class one, selec tions may be made by the appointing power, at discretion, from the list of tt-ese repoited com petent, being at libertv to give preference; to Mich a? may be justly regarded a* having the highest claim to public consideration. Apf<ti cants lor appointment as cashiers of collectsrs of customs, and other castedians of largj sums <fl public monev. for whose fidelity another offi cer has given official bonds, may be appointed at discretion; but this rule shall not apply to any api>ointmcnt to a position granted Wlow the grade of assistant teller. In cases of defal cation or embextleasewt of public monev, or other emergency calling for immediate action, or when a vacancy happens at a place rem >te and difficult of access, and the method* pre scribed for tilling it can be applied w ithout causing delay injurious to the public sirvice, the ap|>ointment nay be made at discretion, but this rule shall not apply to any place which is provided to be lilted under the rules of com petitive examination. The new rule? provide that the states shall be gronped in rive districts. The President will designate a suitable person to be chief examiner, whose duty it will be,sub ject to the supervision of the civil serviw? com mission, to promote uniformity in preparing for conducting. ro]>orting and grading the exam, inations other than at Washnigton city. The examinations in the first district will l>e held alternately at Boston and New York; in the second, which embraces the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware. Maryland, North Carolifka. Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia, at Washington; in the third at Cincinnati and Detroit; iu the fourth at St. Louis; and in the filth at Savannah and Memphis. 1 he district examinations shall be held not more than twice in any one year in the same district, except in Washington, where an examination may be held in respect ot each "of the departments as frequently as tie head of such department, subj. ct to" the approval of the President, may direct. The commission are convinced (hat the success of civil service reform is to be decided by the intelligent fi lel ity wi'h which its friends shall present its true methods to the popular judgment. They recog nize the right which requires that a victorious party should be able to name the officers so far down the official scale as their principles mav justjy be involved in fair and honest adminis tration, at the same time that they h tve re sisted that pernicious theory which insists that every cleik in a public office shall mingle as a paitbmn in every contest, and go out, as a mat ter 01 course, with a retiring head of a denait mcnt. A I'hlladeliihia Horror. TWO L1TT1-K CH1L1>RKN DISO?VKKKl) LOCKED VP IN A CLOSKT. ^ estcrday afu moon two children were found in an unoccupied house, locked up in a closet, in the ?.>th waid of Philadelphia, one dead, one living. Their numes are Annie ICa^au and Maggie Mulroy, aged five years, Tliev have been missing since last Wednesday, and various rumors were rife as to the cause of the death of Annie .Maggie Mulroy, the living chil l, v*a> slightly. At the .,?> exam ? nation yeste rday aiternoon it was clearlv shown that the dead child had not been ravished; she died ot suffocation. Her stomach revealed the tact that .-he had eaten nothing for n. arlv48 hours. This goes to strengthen the opinion that the 1 ttie ones Lad strayed into the house and accidentally locked themselves up in the closet but the testimony of Officer Dinger and others is to the ertect that they made a search of the house Thursday afternoon, ami thnt the chil uren were not there At thnt time. A physician say* the bruise* on the kn^es, hips, and elbows of Annie liagan are easily accounted for, as they might have been caused by the child's own e-florts to get out of the closet, or inflicted by Msjzgie Mulroy, who, when found, was Kitting on the dead body of her companion. Maggie, when taken Irom the place of confinement, made the remark, "A wrnan took W to the country for a gum doll-baby, and when I got I * mail put me in the closet," The cli'.'d was laboring under great mental excitement, and the statement is not credited. The theory is, that some one, out of pure hatred of th<> Mulroy and Itagan families, hid the children to annoy the parents- or that some boys or idiotic persons caused their imprisonment in thecloaet ami now tear to conies?. I "

iNCEKASKOr CliOLKKA IH TBI SorTIHVE*T. There is considerable excitement in Memphis, Tenn., in regard to cholera,owing to the publi cation of the mortuary report of Thursday, which showed the largest number of deaths in one day since the cholera epidemic of iStJfi. There were '.'4 interments vesterday against 33 Thursday. Of this number 17 died of cholera The cholera is increasing in Nashville. There were 49 deaths of colored j?eople and 21 of whites yesterday. Every sanitary measure is being observed, but the indications are discour aging. Persons from Paducah, Kv., report the appearance of cholcra in that city. Fivedeaths occurred there yesterday. Three death* Thurs day and three yesterday have been reported in Cincinnati as cholera. D*ai>?Mr. John A. Kennedy, who was for some years Superintendent of Police at New York, and became widelv known whilst in that position, died in that city yesterday. He was a distinguished member or the I. O. O. K., having filled the position of Grand Sire. 1-or some months past, wheu his health woald t'eimit, he has been engaged in writing a dstory of the order, having been i ac':ve participant therein tor over forty y. VtnomiA Crops?The Page county (Va.) Courier says: "Corn is now growing finely?the last few rains and the present hot weather giv ing it a rapid start. A large crop was planted this season, and the present Indications are for an abundant yield. The oats crop?last year a total failure in this county?never presented a more flattering pro*|?ect than now. A larger crop of hay will be mown this vear than for several years previous." Thk Shah in London?The city of London gave a grand ball last night for the entertain ment of the Shah ot Persia. Three thousand guests were present, including Princes, noble men, diplomats, and much of the raik and beauty of the Kingdom. The Shah was presented with an addrlfte by the Lord Mayor, which was rendered acceptable by being inclosei in a iro'.d casket. Dkath IN THK Pri.piT Key. A h aprojpiBent. Presbytia W.nister of Orange cotinty, N. C., recently went to a church in that county to I! 11 an afternoon appointment. A large- congregation was present, and shortly after taking his text he sank down in the pulpit sjeechless. When he was waited upon by members of the congregation life was found to be extinct. Thk ?RriT obowirs of Delaware held a meeting at Dover the other dav, at which the estimate of the peach crop of 18?3 was given at 2,183,730 baskets. This estimate is over 10o,ooo baskets more than that of last year, when the yield was 900,000 baskets more than the esti mate. With an equal margin the crop of this year will be very large. Gkn. is said to be about the best wounded man in the army. He has had a bullet through his lungs which has greatly diminished his conversational powers; he has lost the nse of bis finger*; he has been perforated by an Indian arrow ami a large assortment of ballets received daring the rebellion. A Mnvu?oMiEi)S#.-The murder mania has claimed its victim near the town of West minster, in this state, where Hezekiah Jordan on Thursday evening, ended an altercation with Henry Mereer, by plunging a knife into his "frk'.TT5flBF WM"" ????. ??d causing , almost lnstantdeath.?Bellimort Amtriatm. I Ma. Hokack P. Clabk. whose death was an- 1 SI"***4 mf the Lake Shore and Pacife railroad and of the Union , Pacific railroad companies, and a director in many other railroad organizations. He died, it is said, from overwork. VSlx inches of saow fell at Bismarck, D. T., on the dotti of May. , ' WA man at Ualeshurg, 111., has been fined ?10for catting off his wife's hair. Barbs ears threaten to be common on tho Fourth of July in fee rural districts out vest. CTThe Connecticut senate have namil the usary law, Axing the rat* of interest at 7 per cent. j tSTPostmaster Neal O. Nichean, at Meredith village, N. H., is a defaulter to the government to the amount or SI ,060. He has ben removed. VTbo Hon. Charles Praneis Adams will de liver the Phi Beta Kappa oration at Harvardon June 26. well dremed lunatic amused himself by throwing tJO greenbacks to the ragamuffi n? of Newark, N. J., the other day. TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB Till* ineriwi'i Ptipatcfc?? A&SOCIATKD PR ASS REPORTS. tt* (?mmlnlMtr lfMi,. I.^r. REPETITION OF THE STOBT OF TBI HODOC Mi?KACRl OF OBX. CiKBY. Nbw York. June 2I.-A. B. Meacham, chair man or the peace commission to treat with the JWodoca, and who narrowly escaped the rate of Y Ut**' Gen- C*&L l?r. Ttioin v. is In thts city, on his way to Fort Klamath. where the military commission for the trial of the captured members of the band will sit. Meach am has no use of his right hand, the nerves of which were paralysed by a ball through the wrist. The fore-finger of his left hand is twice the natural sise. There still remain- a slight sow 011 his forehead, from a ball, and from the same ?ause a lump is on the right of his ^ .-.Mthe? wounds-received on the ear. in the side, and elsewhere?have entirely healed HIS STORY or TBI TRKArflKHV which resulted in (he death of Canbv and 1 homas is but a reiteration of that alrea.l v told Meachan say. that himself an4 the others had fuU information of the fate in store for them, but as Canbv and Thomas would not accept the warning he could not remain behind while they went Into danger. It was Captain Jack J??0 *V? "'If"*1 ^ the slaughter and shot Gea. Canbv, while old Schonchin attends! to himself with pistol and knife. lutbeiiwue nHhV"i r1"!! UUl be no doubt, SSifS. win's? I"rUc"'?'w '? *? ? _ COBVICTBD AMD BXECCTED. 1 lie effect or a virtual acquittal or pardon niter conviction would be disastrous. With such a rewnlt before their eyes, the turbulence of other ti ibes could not be restrained. The y hite men who murdered the Modoc prisoners should be littif thi. thi,lkM' on tbe same gallows with the Indian murderers. u . Tilt WAR L iiii r>C8 k,lted *nd wounded about three tT?? ?r Try warrlor their force, at one tim numbering not more than sixtv-tive and during the first three days' fight thev not'only held out against eight hundred troops armed w ith e\ery appliance of modern warfare, but kept a passage open for retreat which even the viarm Spring Indian scouts could not close. Meaobam advises that not guilty of par ticipation in the massacre be remanded to their reservation. To distribute them among otuer tribes would be puuishment to some onlv. Hi*, idea "f the best policy for the future is that all tribal lines be abolished, and that the Indians be made answerable to the law*, and be placed o'jii miiTry with other murderers in the ? Xew York .Mote*. THIS is THIS WAY IT WORKS. New \..*k, June 21?Win. H. McXeven* fill?Fdwarl? Hi hiil'?eJ, Ju'y '*??, for ?hoot tenc?l tr?fS,CVomb"fnr anot^rm"^^ ^ a THI RWIDIfM PRIHCB COVIXO TO AXERtCA I wWh Kni?? Vl"'" !u' *0!,nt ?f * recent interview thi. >w<>,'e?i, is published here this morning, w herein the king is represented - S he,bil1 toi " ';>? *ears been desirous of visiting AmericH. | should have gone to -America when I was a prince, and i' was al ways my intention, but many duties devolved a,,<1 111 later years, when my brother s health was improved, 1 could not leave. Sow the best place for a king to be is 111 his own country. I mean to send my son the prince, as soon as his studies are far enough advanced to permit him to travel, a* did the ?? 1? ? ? ales. The Swedish people In the Ai'i thn ? Ti!l bc Kladl 1 kn?*. to see him. j All the accounts we receive show that they are welcomed by the Americans. ?,th a hatchet. ? HeiHy and Catharine Green quarreled ? h/ i'"*?? tenement house yesterday, when hatchet ' brained the former with a THE WEEKLY BANK PTATKVEXT IS M follows: Loans, increase, fl.tsu.-fcuv sPe R&'^T6'*4^005 le*al ^nder*. inc^ ?307,2W, deposits, increase, *2,221.400: circula tion, decrease, *30,700. ' CU i THB trBY IB THB SBABBET TRIAL demMf0bSt1 iin2ierdlct?f munier ?? "?e first degree, but added a recommendation for fflvll J# *rVSTftOBBS. There were seven sunstrpke* JVftfrtfay. TBt STftAKkS Jrai ATA IS expected to sail to-day through Hell Oatt . iT cr.?* b*en r?duoed ffom 31? to ljo. She Ukes 230 tons of coal for the use of the steamer Tigress when the latter reaches Disco. The ''?BI*ta also takes two steam launches. The ligress expects to reach the Brooklyn naw yard on Monday, when the <vork of fitting her J"'1''1 ^ immediately commenced, in oider that she may leave here for her cruise on the 4th or 5th of July. Tho Tigress will be provi sioned .'or two years. Destrariive Flfela PottcTille, Pa. PoTTBTiiL*, Pa.. June 20.?Thi* afternoon a fire broke ont in the planing mill of Charles Martzelin, on 28th street. Tne wind blowing .. i ? ,m the northwest soon spread to the adjoining booses. The entire block, boand*l on the east by 3d street, on the west by Jd street, north by Minersville road, south^ by High street, comprising stores, shope and dwellings, were destroyed. Kopitssch's exten sive soap and tallow chandlery was completely destroyed. Insured for ?100,000. The sparks were blown over the principal portion of the town, and on Center street a number of storm and residences were act on fire. Clor's confec tionarv, six squares off, took tire and was con * y 4J?maged ? but was speedily extin guished. 1 he tire gaining so rapidly in the up i ?f,itheK ^ ? store* taking hrein the business portion, on Center street, and many of the citizens becomin* alarmed and fearing a general destruction of property, telegraphed to tJ.e surrounding towns tor assistance, which was promptly responded 10 V'Lrun,,in8 ?P?cial tra us from Mahonvcitv and Tamaqua. The Min< rsville and St. Clair Hose companies ran four 'idles on foot, hauling .tht!r..reel al,d l?ose, in aix.een minutes. Fortv buildings were consnmad principally tenement bouses. Onechild was L :led and supposed to have beeu burnt; anot' 3r was seriously in jured by jumping trom s ->econd-story window and a gentleman was I, irt severely7 Sevrlf firenen were wounde.1 b the falling of debris and others were severe: / burned. The loJ ii estimated at JJnsu?~ for |f inci|)&lly in bonic cod xidIcs, ' * From Enr?|ie To-day. . . THE SUAH. LobOob, June21?TL-e Shah Of Persia will visit W oolwich to-day Rnd Will make a tour of academy11 d?c* }"ird, arsenal, and royai VtRE A STFA*SH!P. Glasgow, dune 21 ?A tire broke out last evening on the Ounard Marathon, now at this port, and ti>c tiames were not sub dued before the ve -ol had beeu partially burned. thb sr .TAB ILL. lx)B?ow, June 21?a s;>ecal dispatch from Constantinople to a.) Dally Xew? says ti? Sultan u ill. ' PATIBO OT-T TBB CABLE. J"B* 21?1*|? to noon yeater.lay, at which time the (ireat Kastern was in latitude Uen p*W o'uv.tU W'' 740 m'le# 0f cab,e b*d TUB CBITBD STATES OF SPAI*. r"*?.8.1 d, J one 21 -It is reported that Seaor tutelar to engaged in drawing up a eon stituton for tbe V lerai republic, which is to be analogons to that of the United SUtee of America. The. number of rtatea It te understood, will le fi.teen, iueludinT cahl ? Blullfl ?0 s<? reaaln the capital. The President of Ue Pad eral^ RepubMc Is to be elected by aalveraal ~11 be five the ttatM ? - suffrage, and hbt term of (Am will be fire Senators are to be chosen by i sad de^attw wlU be eUoted by udge C.F. Hav .A McI>owell on Mav IImL^ * p>f^ four Americana and three since Deew beard ef the jerty. and It is feared J?2s murdered by the Apache In Dbtboit, J an^^Cte^t^etRayjaw About twenty | fellows die ab, " Joae 21 The gailv "?P? ??> this courSt? ThentttSS^SjjS and a great nortiow of calUvatiOB tatbvvn LOCAL HEW8 A KIM 1J1U* M A* lH<r( ClMH L iTTUrT TO ArrOBPKIATB 973,(M 1>CT OF TBS DISTRICT TRKAS1 KY. Mr. Jobs W. Thoopioii, chtlrBU of the finance committee of the Council, deserve* credit for his report last night exposing the barefaced renewal of the attempt to appropriate ?73.000 from the District treasury to payor Uia claims heretofore shut out by a very excel lent proviso, which it was proposed to repeal. The opening of the report Is as follows : The committee of finance, towhuksu referred Council till No. 24, "to explain an set mckins an ai pr. rnation to ??> Ihf i>MM?iHlin( intM'tcdtin# of "elate corporations of Wa?hiugtoiilj<-or4e?owii, and the Le\y Court, " report the Miui'.aillj a ree emme ndatlon that it do not pw<. .This bill pr<>p<.*** to enact "That sit and -ocular the ^bt* enumerated In the act approval J*;... try 11,1872, entitled an act making an appr. printion to pay the onstanding indebted tiees of the 1 .te corpo latlons Wa*hirgton.Ge,rge|,.wn, an I the L?vy *??!' be,snd-h SMS art- hereby, retired t > ti bsM fcjr the C>>mm:i*:oners of the siukii.g fund of the District, in the amounts and with the intere?t by the raid act mentioned ai d provided, any pp-vi*.. In t?w< *aid act ta the contrary notwitatan.1i g It will be perceived that the purpose ,.f th* bill is to repeal or direct the commtaet oner* ol the nmkiun 'o?ard the proviao to the act of J tnuarr A h ' which proviso i* la tbe words f ll ? iuc Pri rii'.rf Thai no claim be paid that bat n >t heeu acted on by tbe auditing .n?.uiw.i. u and br the committee m fndebtedce** of the Hi?tric*, ,.f the U"?se vf Delegate*, and approved by th?ou The commitiee oh finance *upp >ee that there U no member ol the I.?gt*latiw A*emlilv wh? will n.t lecogniye the propriety and the ju?lice ..f thi* pro viso. Tbe claim* preferred again*! tbe let.' corpo ration* were very iiumemaa, and. ia order that f ull joatice might be done to the varioo* claimant*, the first Legislate e Assembly app .luted an andltiiu; covmiselon to receive and judicially examine .h'?s claims and report tlieir d-. t*i.>u with th* evidence in Pirn cMf to th*1 Lfgi^lati\6 Aw^iublf. Thit (s^fHBii?iion wi* in N>wiub ti*aiiv fix m ba\ tng daring that time advrrtis. m tit* In the difT"ivut newspaper* Inviting all p-r?on? having claim* to rre*eni them for sai judication. Th ? c >iuail?aioa re - p rted to the L"gi*lative A?*emld) l?*t? een ?ve ind ?n hundred claim*, which had recelvd their an proval, and also *isch a* they had reeled. Thi* report waa referred to th? committee on ln>iebt<M wws or the Hows Of Del. gat.*, which *l?. pt.^ed fa* ? rally on the claim* allowed by the audit "is CMhuMad. and on the night of the 17th >f Jann%n , rted said claim* in the f rn .f amend Ti-nt* tb a bill which ban previa?ly been twi.e rea<l md recommitted to thit committ****. The So reported Con?i*ted of nearlt six hundred diatinct Item* t1 appropriation.onetnrear'i cUmaut. wl, '*e ** Ji,T'*n *I,<1 'he amount award d to In,.t ?p* ?I IK*!. Thi* ma** of matter, in the form of appropriations, "L-'fe V*1 "f ,h< ? n< ? "thin forty-eight hour* of the final adj/nrnment There was no time f?r readins or printiuc.or f ?r delibera tion. Every mevber of rh- L- tri,|a?nre |.-?ire.l to do justice to the creditor*.d tb- late corporation*, and no . no iu.-ation.-d the let llig.-nre or integrity iJ. auditingc inniiaeion, which lia.1 been co nl!fv5S?'? i * >ear in examining and making up their .ID theiaiiditt ..f the muliita rresented to them. The L?ci*Utnr* wa* willing t 'Confirm their nward* unleM ?howra to be errone,.,,. by the committee on ind. ht.- ln-a*. but ?a* unwilling to g.< an> further, a* is clearly ?h?wn n of t,,e Pr?"'so directing that no nf.?XJ .V* contained iu tlie bill ahouM be paid, utile** the claim foi which itwu lusle had V-. n i both the auditing eommissi >n ?nd the w'th.ut th* proviao tTal ,'ii ha\e hnen pa?'d It was essen Ti I"rprotection of the treasury a* to jn tlty the hastv legi*lation which authorised the disburcement of uearLt a million d llar* of th- poo pl? ? niuu' v BFW The provi*o proved to |.e ?ri*e ant effi-acUn*. for when J he law was put liabed it di*? l.?e,i Ibe fact that nany items or appropriation ha.1 been interpolated for clnina which had never been presented to the auditing commission, and some items f.r claims ^ven '''"n reje<-ted by that commiwi ? now the*" iiema got into the act is a mystery which >oor committee will not attempt toiudve, bat fortn nately the proviao debarred and at ill debar* the payayt of these interpolated ll*m, aev ral ,.f wdiicb are them re remarkable in view of the action or the auditing commission reapectlng tlietn." Some of the item* are then reviewed, amonz thcm the much-talked-of Donovan claim for will be remembered by minr of ?ur citizens. A pretty full hUtorv of it is giren. and the remark made that -It ha* been rejected by the exocutive, judicial and legUlativeauthar ities of the late corporations, as well as bv the aaditlnf commiSMon organized by and acting for the government of the District, but by some unknown agency it has been Included amon* the appropriations in the bill of the 19th of ,Jan fJfZ'Jfli' **** 'f* W?*?ent preTeate.i only by force of the proviso which the pending bill pro ^ * "Otlier itStas inter polated in the act of 1*72 are for the parment of clBims for pretended extra work/' i he report concludes as follows: CCbatrmine.1 to re port against this bill. If the interpolated .Jr. ?'. I'.1* ?nT th* ?"* merltorlou*. the partie* interested have ample menus of redre** hy appeal ing to ths ecurts, or by presenting their respective J*011 it* owa merit*, to the Legislative Assembly. Tour committee cannot advise thMr pay C!T?kJ V m' ,D?.lrtf ? Inanner it i* proponed to b- joae Jet ? r which is n .w a<lrer*e|y reported tip>n ?.i uSf? which wonM be required t?l>>p?i.i if this bill should pass, will amount to about duo ' Public Beheel EiamiaalU WBITB Sl'BOOLS. 1 Kird Pittrici?Intermediate Xo. 1, (ma!e.) Wallach building. Miss Kate Murphy teacher, was examined yesterday by Trustees Mojre, Alias ana French. The premiums were awarded as follows:^Medal, George Smith. Dmlomas?lor deportment, attendance and written examination, Don Twichell: deport ment, Albert Bright, Prank Padgett, William McParland: deportment and written examina uovi, Won. reiser, Win. Davis; written exanii nation, Stephen Richard, Wm. Stearne, Ste phen Stelle; attendance, Kugene Furtner; penman.vhip, Wm. Hinwood; vocal maaic, Geo. Singers, map-drawing, Frank Schneider, Harry Kurtz. There are 40 scholars on the roll, 17 of whom will be promoted. The school-room wa? beautifully decorated, and the examination wa* creditable to the pupils and their teacher. frmrtk District?Maie grammar school (Joha E. Thompson teacher) vef-terday closed the an nual examinations and'the scholastic term for 1*73, this examination btiug also the twenty fitth pad, r tbe same teacher. The exercises were hel?. in the school room, where the classe* werebettT heard, though visitor* were more crowded San in the lar^e hall of the Jefferson. The exer.,.*es were opened about one hour after the time :lxed by tlie trimtees, on account of the boat ?-nd oonse<iu?tit slim attendance of Tho# int< rested in the schools. This leads to the Migge- Jon, which the trustees may be com pelltd to r. Joj't, which is, that the order of time for written and oral examinations be reversed. Instead ol beginning with the written examina tions as at present, they should begin with oral examinati. us, which would, undert hat arrange ment, take i '.acej>eigre the heated term sets in. and tb n the written 6xam!nations should follow in 1'ie last weeks of the term, and the whole wei < should be given to them, so as to render C. m more effective than at present, and at the same time k *ep all the higher school* fully emj oyed until the last or the term, and not as n< .v In a disintegrated and uselewschool keeping sftor the oral examination. The trus tees would thus be relieved of the immense pressure n their time when the most numerous class of 11 imary and secondary school* require the nsua oral examination. The distribution of prize* to meritorious pupils conld follow somowhi. t in the stvle of what the colleges Cat! a ??ccmr-.encementthough really the end of a school t rm. In the examination of the grammar school vesterd. y, the exercises were proloaged to a fate hour, and then someot the leading rlsmrs were omitted for want of time. George V Cowie. esq., of the Treasury depart?at, * ined tl-e second readiag *iwi srsnnfl y~!~i arithm<tle. Jaaws AVThomi^on _ class fr physical geography, oon'xitutien efths Unites States, and reading. Hb.? having been invited by before to give the flnt Grammar clam a verv His of all upon mast aad definitions, 1. handed'tZs cuSTSf^S SS???TerS. flne >EjmA7 OB Criti ? "ibisy KJn5'u?"?SSL-^ ?-a half, and -w . - ? maeh Interested Uat preferred a thorough examination of that AltboEisM* HHLo*Mon and S&EBfiEE?5 wn^Mr. JL M. Witew, who r TiSh ffl was taat ta ?cLool had lest aothing lug and scholarship, J memarSTbr^^,^ )d" ?f -t> work dur eg :his eiamiaaUoai a (in ct tbs ??**t 1*1 *?i*ric Rirorrtb ? WASBIWUVa T*-4?T <?? Of OH IcadlM BbySician* Mft * N to U? Hoard of RnMI i caw of *??' c cholera?a colored tpbui ?it.1 Jail* 9mA'I wood, residing M UV iflth street, boat 1.. Dr. KNM ?M rrflinM by Dr. Bhs? to nuim the (IMi At<d immediately repaired to the kmw, *lli( bf fe?Bd Mr*. Rm?1I?m4 In a comatose lUV, mod evidently slnktag fam The IbhiMiaU prrBiiae? wrr* frond to be ib a good ? kBitary condition. And on tnqmrv b* leari.-t that the vouAn tw very cleanly In her kat-u In the rear ?*" tto koax there i? k>w K*(Ti(ni water. but Bitb this excepttoa the entire neigh borhotd appeared tb be fro# of aavthlns won Id be llkrlv to Invite contagious dtaea-e*. Wr It. Alao ascertained that the vobm ?*? lm taken with rrinpi oa TimAb? wetiiij, after haviuc eatea k>b? cviabat, and an getting over tt eat. supposed Abe fA? oat o? Hanger Thf i!?v following the thought thAt iie vai suffering from a looseness or the bos e > but bad hut llttlt paiBi kit M evening tie ittHkirnib*caa? aa fr*<jB??t tba* she as* ' for a pbve>cian. aud by the Use be rea< Led tba bouAA ABO was Insensible Oa I?r Kreur re porting to the Board of Health the wagon ?Bf sent to the bona*. end tt ?a? 'b >r ciijihly fumigated aad a draia was Uo( to k?<l ofl the ktagnant a Ater. j eta The R?*tlA( lut.-B>?( i p><rt?-r b? ??**.) lNtMr T % ; <1?. virions'*- .:do.<roead?,tor .*?< ,r.>a*i.?? ?? Ufa*. ; do (Corned.I ISWISV . p- r*. ?????? ic*>rti>*i>. aMltV\?ittoe lAaBa . laml-. 1MB?* , ?? ?l. Mfltor., dn5Wfr?#?r i bAn?? t?W4.Tl*ia. ? A,r a|ic?d. *??>? , ?h',nWler i oh I-?. to . i-ts.1i* , sltr~i. USc..??hVUiii?*.Iw .iet.if.o ;???T? *??.* -. totoaa-.eocb. larU.U^UV. Mark If# kM > -v "r',!.- B-x-k-aSr * hsnch; ?* F ?<e? I >A I^AaA ??-'??? *-?' ? * ? "" . ? -. ?? ? ?*** V viU'f. W++* 1 ?<v V sea (>?*?. Ilia ?? >?> . aalai ?a, *c. ee. It, <t. i?- I ? centa, haTlit-it. . >>p?tit-i M ? ? -I, JOr ?a?l ??eeb- anappn* turtle, frt <4?t alt. ratft?h. hr. ? hunch, l U> . V b ? .no a trout, 14c.% Ifc , aalo.?a, ^ h*a.f. ?? pVad. Mr- *?. >*aSr. \ ?>. me> ken I. S? *"1^ <a h ?Alt aalrr ta)lur*. Wf V butuli, cralw. Dor: ? V4?aen. V?eir*?t w?-P"tnl?-a, Irtab. a? f rt !? nea, ttK'icti > pk, onn>n*. Sr >> baiioli, <1 . i tfnm? da) 91 pk, hrana h* . V Pk Th--*l; l -niator*. ( R- rmii ta I ? \ t wk. 1 V peak; a?para?[tM. m4h*" bnn.-lt: r?.M -h, a . 1* hut cli. liHtiH'f. ?*#)!> . !> li. ?.|. p>-a* ? 4? ^p?rk; p*f plant. ?MBr. V h*"' ?<olV P t?u"<-l?.?*TBiltna. ?0r f><t.iaaoirn.-i?nit??r? a<r p t <t . r?rtT?.? Applo*. (-aMM.> tan >p-?, 4-. fre*r, aorir., orABK**. fc^t F^<apii, l*m ... ?'(??<<' T ?'?*->?; pi'"- appl?* a-nt^A-. aa b t>au V <l"A?n. ch?rrta*. ?Ar. > jaart. ro we b*rrt*a, Blr V in Art, oh >rtl*t-?" ?4i . f PctD raitTi ? Asa?-a, te. 9 quart p-< h-. . do . ( <inp*lad I, Mr., b4a<-ab*rri- ?, BvttiaHllAdd>lito print, mr p * Totk, ?achoicr r<dl. a?r.. fair do., m$\ Ktra. The f) <l"Aen. Cho?ar,B>?*fc< r.TLTir ?CMrk*B?. 01 iwil> >ri","priu? cUukru*. f4<4f#f>d->A..fK ?#l> ^patr VKi'ltitll Ma aa it r ic? At th* wh"l>aal* market, a* fnrnlabrd !?? Lu troll a Unnnlnaton. saBoral . .>nuniaain?i n.-i chauia, ft!- Loniaiana A?a., b*t Mb atxl Itdli atrr- ia n rth?*?t :-fli'?r-Flllf, a J sa ?>. mjKt fill*, rI **tra. |*Ml- I: l.-n!v, oa % ,g K<, c. tn, toatrt; wb-ai, fl.7of 1 <W. tx-Aiia * hit*, 9* ?^trr9. ml*?l. lr,.-l tt r aiijira. |39; n*orl?o?. MB; nti?~'M do , *'njt. Mti klwmw, MBT dtt^d rfcwti?a, lMo'?. i Oat i?, f bwbrl, 75rt? at 1. niil'iai. *1 l>n*h : pranmi.Hr.WfiaTV'l b!4*e??ro?n. >?., iir>, i?ali, ianil-?, $3*U a>, Mlna. to?1., h-n-.a d' r... it A,a<, riuck*u?, 4 t ? . *. 1. tit aa*bod. ? 1h. SNato; do. nr? ??lt-T, > 1 t*C<ai. (?utter. h><gc2?, AAcfted, to?aa>; c -niin 11. k .. in; -tic-, 3. tat lac* . B> * 1*1 : i.-w P ??t .. ?Mrf - t-( I ,11** T.eana, ? W>! a ?; V ? 1 _ ( 4i??rM>i. * AUui l?i toua <>fha> arid atraa hi ? '-t.-n ?<|,|, prlroa aa folloara:?Boat qnalit<. t! p w . < I wieead unalffi 7tfr. Straw a< S1 r? .t < - , , at $4<ltt-h>f(barrel. >?' tm?li la ? *t. a? ? ? i Hi Siw Mfmrkr or thk i ..? * ? - TU. ?{>|'uititiD(nt of CAptAiB Kamael ?So<ta?T. t!?e atfil-knowu and |?i>ulBr AU|? t ?uU-ti.1 m of the Potoiaac terry cotu}>Atiy. to nil tli" * a <11 % u tb* Oaancl! rAtaa~d btr tne tffigntt >11 of "Mr. rtHBlei Soiitb. ot the nooenth t'onn<Ml <l'?tr'< t. nin*t> with general laror. <-(>eriA?ltr In Sortb W .?ehiugtou, which |>ortioi. ot the <-ttv h* .? ? ? rej>reaent. (.'Apt. t.nlney la a nativo of ti e ttoimnblng vlllajjeof Coevniati'-. AthAB* c ? .?'*. N. V-: la W reAraold, ' mi- aii'l vijjoi of inAtibood. From bin clii.?Hu?<?| ||>- ?liowe ! ? stroiif taate for engin?erui|;. niiu li kr wmI- . atudv, uihler a thorough inatrix tor?\ii. ?< F. (\>ff ??. of PhilAdelpbiA He can..' to tbia IHrtriet iB 1KV> a* engineer on the Ma*Bier TbuniA* Collyer, which had h?en built nmler tLe auperiutendeBce of Gen. .l<JA?-|ih Ht-lknAfi, a celcbrAted engineer, And lAte cblet *ap? - vising Inapector of ateAmboAta under the gov erning lit. After the at?*Amer tleorge WAAbtng ton wa* built CApt. t.edBey took comaiABd ot ber. And held the |>oeition until the Potoaur ferty coaipAnv pur< haaed Ihia hue of hoalp. aixl con?>lidAU-d the company. Alter winch, be wa* ?ft rod the position a* generAl ?nperintendent at the comiianjr, a Inch be ha* ret*tno?i until tha prcAent time, aiakmg South WaahiB?toB ht* reaidcBOe. and hlentitTiug Limaelf with tba b'Jttneae IntereAta 01 the rtrer. He I,ah bIwavs been in actirc huaineM lite, Aid if a praetiCBl DiAu.ot good judgment And tew word*. He is the owner of one ot the aiaat vBluAblc tar ma oa tbe Hudoon river, which to under the iaabAgo~ mei.t of a reUtlre of the CAptaln a. 11* aba own* much taIuaMc property ib bto aatiia T.llAge aad ia thto city a?d Atoundria. Prob Ablv there ia no ?a?*-*i?? ?? . ? *w anunaru. frolf ably there >? bo steamboat aaa la the obuatry m< re widely and favorably kauwa tkaa Capt. <}? dner. The poAttioa wa* aaaought oa hia part, And he will no doabt prove a raluAbka member of the board. ? Thi Nrw Tk-boat <48amibl 6n>m."? Thin new boat, which haa been built for our river service Arrived here about 3 o'clock yoa terelay from PhiladelphiA. where she was haitt m accordance with apeciftcaUeaa given by tha owner, CaptBiB Joseph Spransey, late ia tha at rrice ot the Potomac ferry oompaay aad u chArge of the fsrryhoet City of AlexAadrtB. The Semuel tied Bey to the largest tugboat ever ob thto river, substantial, power!nl and swift. Captain Spraaeey will cammaad her tusMeli, being a skillful seaatan And well AOiUAiated with tha river channel. Tbe captain la a prac tical Ahipbailder, and saperi&lewded the oon struction of the boat hismelf The laaath ot tbe ctalt to 74 feet, width 16)| feet, and deptb of hold 8 feet. The engine was bnlkt by Needa & Lew. proprietors of the Pennsvl vauIa Kteam Boiler Works of PhilBdalphia. Tbe bailer Is cover*d with a coating of patent cement And felted, which retain* the beat in the boiler, thus saving fuel and protertiog the woodwork. Tba pllot-boam is on the apper deck; the dining room, kitchen and other cabins oapwrioas. and neatly fitted up with every awdern caave Bieace. a A KIT B0TBL ADD CATTLB TAB!) la Aliaul to be established ia the sssasra part of the city. Mr. Wm. H. ClAgett bAS completed plana for the erection of a new hotel, with billlard room and ten-pui Alleys, at the janction of tbe Hlaoem-burg and Benmng's bridge roA<1?, aii 1 opposite the aew cemetery. (<OrBoelBBd " The hotel will ooBtain about tweatyfive roosas. ha three stories high, with mAtiAard roof. aimI will t>e a showy structure, cosUag about twenty thouABDd dollars. Aa I>TA?T W ITH TUB SHALL-FOX W At.Kt tothb Hospital?This naorning a U" l^moBths old .nAmed Fmma Lee, broken out with the sflkBll-pox. walked to tbe bo?pitAl, where she was token la far treatment. It is tbought that the child lived not a great die tance from the bOM.ltal, and had been?bo?n te the bulldiag And directed to go there. Tbia wsa the only case of smell-pei reported to-day. Thebb will be a solema requiem mA?? for the late Rev. A. Grimm next Mondev. the 23d, at :? o'clock a. m . In St. .loaepb'a church, earner C and Jd street north east- f The bacbs at Fleetwood park. X. Y., yester day, were well attended. The first raoe, for * purse of 91.000, for horses that bad aever beat en 2:38, wm won by Constaaee, with Ladr BABker seooad. Tiase, 2 S7. 3*s , % , ai. 1 2:M\. Lady Banker won the third heat. Tbe second race, for boraes that had never beaten 2:29, was won by Vaaag Braao, with George second And Ladv Baaa third. Time. 2:24*, 2:?*, 2Jlh, 2 ? Gearge woe the third heat A FobiudabLb Babd or Optlaw?.-A spe. ctal dispatch report# the arrest at OwiBgav.lle. Ky., yesterday of aa oaUaw named Hagaa, who has oonfessed ths names at stohty members at a hand of desperadoes of valoi he was a mem 'ser. He says tfud toto^Mne of robboea atii , KaBtTcky and Ylrgtota late Kerth ZSOCZ Paid Ft?Tha Warrsa Saattaal glvsa aa ac wha raoentlv wrote eaaat of a fellow la Maine, to Froat Royal tor tha aa wtoeh he len staadlag Ib i the Union armv. The bill tly1 of a heard bill IMS, while sarvtog ht ^ ? Goad Let's all aead ear bills ?54eaaedsaA (Pa.) _a?"Tha Fearth af July artM rwa to ha Ib the rural district* oat vast, Mis year rPatraM efHasbsartri MiKhsnwith aoaosrsnaassal of Mm sy* nf V ? ? ihMS%d

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