Newspaper of Evening Star, June 21, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 21, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. 4 RUMMY ?. SOTES Editor. Raiding MatUr on Every Page Largfsl Circililwi ri the District Washington city: .HAH RDAY Jmm SI, 1H7.T. My SI Mil. Persons leaving the cUy f<* nmm>r, or anj poi tion of it, can bare Tax Star mtilol to then address for suc-h time as they desire, at the rate of fifty cento p?r month. Or4cn, accom panied by the mo~ey, should he sent to thefcufi ner* office of the paper. A lirrat Railway Eatcrprt?e. Baltimore i* naturally exultant over the ac complishment of the great engineering TeM b? which four important railroad* hare been brought to a common terminus ?t Iter wharves by an *xten?ir* system af tanneling. The Bal timore American to-day g1 ve* a large-ap|de uieniary ?Ueet to the illuatr tUon of this import ant work. Thl* enterprise is In two division*, though they are sufficiently nuit.-d to make or ? great whole. They are the Baltimore and Po tomac tunnel, and the Union railway tunnel. The Baltimore and Potomac tunnel (enabling the Northern Centra! and Pennsylvania rail road to make sonth* rn connection* through Baltimore ia one of the ni >?t extensive enter prise* of the kind ever undertaken. With the exception of the Hiswac taaael, it is the longest on tin? -ide of the Atlantic. The Hoosac tunnel i? about :our and three-? quarter uilw long, and has been in progress lor more than a quarter of accntuiy. The Baltimore and Potomac tun nel i? about one and one-half mile* long, and althoagh of the mo*t solid and durable eon stiuctiou. hi*been built in two years, and the tunnel will l>e ready for the passage of trains by the frst of July, exactly two years and one month trom the time when ground *?j lirst broken. The t'nion tunnel, though not ?o long, and tbereiore not so costly as the Baltimore and Potomac tunnel, Is a work of great magnitude, and as it is the connecting link binding togetlier j the whole system of through connection, is of bign importance. The Union railroad, via this ? tunnel, connect* together the Baltimore and Potomac, Western Maryland, Northern Cen tral, and Philadelphia, Wilmington and Balti more railroads, and brings them all to tide water at Canton, Baltimore. The Maryland Central railroad, is also projected to connect with the 1 nion railroad. The Union railroad id mostly doubled tracked; the grade in no place t\ceeos eighty feet to the mile, and is very easy over the greater portion of the roate. The length of the road is three and four-hfth miles from the junction near Charles street to the Jw net ion a ith the Philadelphia. Wilmington and Baltimore road; and from the junction near Charles street to tidewater >i\ miles. The cost of the road and tunnel has been #_?. As the Union railroad is a toll-road it wilt not hare any rolling stock, except one engine tor shift ing purposes. The charter <>r the railroad pro. vide* against any discrimination In rates or toll, ar.,1 the charges are limited to live cent'* per ton per mile, and ten ceuts per passenger l?r m>le. Baltimore naturally expects to reap consider able advantage from the Union tunnel, by which the Urge amount of business of four or live railroad* will Re brought directly to her wharves without any interruption to street business or injury to eity property, but Wash, ington is more immediately interested in the completion of the Baltimore and Potomac tun. nel. by which the break In the connection through Baltimore, so annoying to travelers or freigbteis by the Northern Central railroad, will be avoided. In a recently published call by the chairman or the republican state committee ot Texas for a convention to he held on the l'Jth of August nest to place in the Held candidates for the different state offices, the last legislature (democratic) is sharply arraigned as beiug the m? st extravagant and corrupt of any of its predccessois. The call charges the democrats with having added half a million to the state debt; with having destroyed the credit of the i state, with giving away to some thirty railroad companies about W>,on?,AW aeres of land; with squandering in useless investigations, and with having struck a blow at popular edit- t cation by tb? repeal of the school law from which the state wttl not recover tor years. Cor. I>uvi* and many other prominent republi- , cans have aUo issued as address in which they say that the last legislature devoted must of its time to spoetal legislation, that it Increased local taxation and angmented the public debt; ; and that by an unjust and unconstitutional j landlord and tenant law which was vetoed by * the executive, it sought to place honest poverty on a par with crime. The DaClg State Journal, of Austin, says that after sucking the state treasury dry the legislature passed a general appropriation bill and adjourned. A large number of warrant* were issued to the ?tato creditor* who bavs been compelled to dispose of them Tor little or nothiril as they are depre ciating from day U>-day. The Journal an- , uounccs that Gov. Davis is about to proceed to New York to endeavor to negotiate the state I'Ouds. and aalvises holders of warrants to retain , them until the result of the governor's negotia- | ttons arc kuown. A case having all the indication* of Asiatic w holer* is reported in this city to-day. Whether ?>r wot it is of the genuine type of that disease, the fact that a case has occurred having its nipu>ins should admonish all, both otkcials and private citisens to do everything in their l>owtr to prevent the awful scourge from gaining a toot hold in our midst. To this end cleanliness. U mj>eranco, and cheerful spirits will prove to be most efficient agents. Everv body is interested in this labor, and not an hour should be lost in taking every step that can be taken to seenre us from a disease . so general ai.d so fatal iu its visitations. - ' At the prevailing rate of the increase of crime it would seem to be a possibility to be seriously contemplated that the murderers may be able at nodistant day tooutvote the uiiuurdered and abolish capital punishment. iy-S? rut NDKY tBCKCU, Urn AN 0 (J ?tr.ets-8eoice? TO StORKOW at 11 a in , ?ii?l S p. m , by the pisu-r, R-v. H. A. Clkvs US*. It- I ft-^Tw .M oH M K ? BIRCH-Pr. arhlog to MOKROW ,at 11a m , an<1 S p m. by ttie Pts J t<>r. B?-v. Kh'ikih Noat's At 8 p. m. fourth ser i.<oa t?> >? wt nut.. Pswhn fill.9. It* I If^asClTt KTB OP TBR UTRaSORRS, *puu>- I pal ? R?** J. P Brssvanwili preach at 11 1 a. a? Sunday, at T. M. C. A. Building, 9th and D ?irwtt 8- at* frew. It* I p"3?COLr?PIA TYPOGRAPHICAL USlOJt, N lOI ?A M?lsi Will 0* b*14 lUM ^Urda?) ??clock, in the Hsil, ?uwthwMt corner ot Stb aud D ?tr ?*!*. M L. U. PATTBBRoS.Bee Rac'f. fr3? "WHO THRY ARB WHOM CHRIST KNLIUBTRRRTH. ' Rubjact TO-MORROW ?i111 m , at the t fcri1a.l?4?hian 8roa?.>cue, mrtbeast eorwsr of 71h street aatf B?w TTk av*. aws. by ? brothrr from Hew York. AUinvitad. It* ir^I r o r-ORA!<f> LOlKn^-A sf*ial ?e?M.< will b?M4? TOBRUAY BYI RIwii.Mth last-, at ? o clork.totaksswkaidis actloa ?wtefBtd to th?-mntawi plated vialt of th* Fraternal Memri *?r*from Hew Jersey and ths Coatsuues sf Cdorauaaof Bsltim r?, with tk* Widows and Or i>aaa* of tk* Order. _ _ I Tfl ? P. fW*BT,0r.8*. nrs* KhWUisot cMiiniMte* Wt tk* L^dg*S <>f the District on the Psradr sm p*c|>|u^ g rsu^iTyr- tS* PAY!ju*w5tlf.**rS^^^fr?^t^m?Ro imtl VivilpIcOMB, Chairaan. H.C roWLBB.S*erstary jett-at Br MOAN15I6 ?A isfw ? of Ms intrinsic merit awl rirrulm ???m staods *tea41lv ia I be rorrvtat frwmt of Motro solMaa J*aa sMiaad in ikMrkuf IsImsm It* '?sue TO MORROW* ill *tauw*k>y atwiatam Ma blah fsm* abd 4e**r*sd popularity, sfTar'Lng a nc* ?ad 'art mwSsI treat to its 3?vs*s ssXstsj nvntaia ing t?barp R-litorial*, tgtsi Corrss?r*i|swS?. Revere * riiK issbs. Onelnal Si.-ri** avJ P *frr. Bow Ball ?ad Rf>nn.g Bew*, Livt-fy Local*, Lateac Tel* .?r??s, Ac., ?t. The "OA/ETTR ' sh ul.l b* r? *d ?f e? er> h djr TO-M'JRROW Adveriiaer* may profit ably orco?> space io the Bnsiii?*? Oolnmns of ?he St NPAV OAZXTTR. becaiM* of S*r*?l?r?( B/*Advenlcraseou rsoriv ?d until t?siv* i Hie'elock TO WIOBT. If tzivz OD COUIMXAJL. There is no perceptible cbtn(? ia New York ?i brtf?rfai.e to the ciMof ibtmonejrnkr k>.-t }Tim> mtrrantl'e paper being in demand. The "corner" in cotton ia about over, as th* prut'oct from the south Is pressing forward t* New York tap ?lly. and a very material decline from its highest point .a anticipated. Uarrraneat linrll Js> C-?>ke .1 Cii. furnish the following to daf /;>? ? s>u t B-???. Seirt r S.4 s.1*1... It Its MB>.Jn.*Jy,>>6 1JK I?H RJD's. ISM- 13', 1? .% HVJnAjy.v siH "* a. .. iv>? ias i* s ?v.JukJy.*i 141 aa>?. L?a i?v i7%luMTs MS Niw Ton-ritrr Ho&aa r. s.i*n ??S ? a?'s, I** ? is\ & >'<, ism ia\ s-W laM 17 5 a s. Jan.* Jlv.'SS .... 19 6 2U"s, JauiJlp, 47 M*. 5 ?? -.JankJIy.MM. 10 Ms Am?ri-ao Gold U Currency 4's 13"i Na* Five* llV TM B*LTii?<>Kr, Ji^i^ai.?Virginia sites, consolida te* #?; W~t Virginia' . l?Hj bid Baltimobb, JuneTI ?U-'ttuu nominal aa<1 weak? nudilim^, Flotirdkll and unchanged. ?h"t: ai.(Mi><l. Own? white souihsra ?>l|nw *mih?ni nnll, SIS"4<2. mitsd w-tennuiti.Sr OM"Mutj ardanchitnc-d?south err, ?e.ifru 11 ived, 4do. wbite, ti(Af. Rr?-, unchanged. H?y uncttanrwd. Provisions dull arid nnirinat. *pork, ?t7VdSUH B ift meaJ???i?h< aw?t? 7%; nl> aid*-*, fi.cioar rib sidea, &'<??>. B*ion? ?*?? >ld*rs. rib aid?a,9H. clear rib ?tdee. In. sn??.?r-rured hams, unchanged. I ant unrfcsng d t??,rn b?tt?r Dm, |?id to en ic? lv<t2l v* liti-k>, 93H. St^ir firm, 10'?. Nlw tout, June TL? Stcrfc* firm an I G-??d ?fe?d*, .**, H ?i**j easy. 3**i Eichan^d, It i^.9. -h rt, Id Uiifromeuu dull and steady. Lonros.J'f eil. II .ma. m?Consols open d IT, f?r BvBKt. ?S f >r wmiiM. Bonds of ISit, l!43. OTS. R-Ws. (tP:i>*? hvse, Erie,60S. losm>>, June 21. 2 3U n m.?Consols and Ameri can securities closed unensngrd. Eri?,50*?. 1HE WEATHEbt Wat Dkpabtxs.xt, qf VK\'J Sunn! Q0b*r,l W' AsHINOTOS, June 21, H73, lu.30 a. tn. \ bv>op?i? rm th* ra*T iw?sti rora hobb? ? Tlie bar- meter continues highest over the eaH gait state-, bui baa fallen somewhat It lias risen over ' h- New Fnglnt d and tniddl" st ?ti s, with fresh aa>l brisk northwesterly * iiida, falling temperature aad v> ry generally clear weather Ram area* hare been reported fr?m the St. Lawrence valley, Florida. Teniie?*e- and *a?'eni Indian territory. Tno prei ?nr> haa dimini-hed o*er the northweat withvindt Kliifting to eaat. rly and ?.nith?rly. and incraaaiait rloudrneea, and ?itb rain ftiia niorniii({ in Minno ?ota. Pa< BAB!LtTiE*.?For New England, li?ht to freali witjd*. niop'l) fr. tn ih? u rtlnm-^i andaoulheaat.and qenerally cloar ? ??tt,?r are probable For the mid dle "tatee, clear wember and witida backing to WMt ?rl> ai d aoutherlr F -r the l.?wer lake region, gen tle audfr>"li wind- kackllg to ?ourhwerterly and -? utheaHterlv , an rh ur or partly cloady woathnr. For the aontn Atl in*ic rtat< a, light to fre?h wind*. n> atl. fr ni the m>r!li and we?t,and partly cloudy weatber, w.ih p wiblr nccaalnmJ c<>a*t rains. For the (tiff *tat< ? eaat of tbe Mi?ai*aippi, li?rbt to freth a 'UtLeaatet l? and aontberly ?mda, and partly cb udr w? a'h- r. For the upper lake regioti, falliag baron et'r, i-wterli to aontberly wind?, generally cloudv weather ai.d rain area*. For Tenn*Mee aad K' titiick} , 'i*ht to fre#b wind*, mostly southerly, a> d t art } cloudy weather. From Miasouri to Min n* ?<'ta, southerly to easterly wlud?.c>'uerally cloudy w-atber and rain areas Morning telegraphic ra p?r?< fr<*m w?at gulf at*tea. Michigan, Kansas, Da Inta, Rivkt m.'iiutain* and Paciic Mates are ?su etaily tniseit.g L?CAI. RECORD. The therm tne?er in tne business room of Tbk ^tab olllce registered to-day as follows;?8 a.m., 7.1, lo a. ni.. *??; 12 m.. S2. ? p m..S5. IV^X ALANTIIK LOlHiK No 11, K. of P. UTbe metubera ?-e r>-^aeete<t to attend tit ? regular meet ins on MONDAY NIGHT, Jnne 11. KS. f. (1 C.. A T. 0a* is will deliver a lecture to the L'wfge Mt-mlx-rs of sister h>d?ee ire respectfully mvit d to lie prevent B? order of Ibe Lod??, y ?' 2t A L SMITH. K . ot R. * A. 0^3*51 ASONK'.?A Be-uim-d Convocation of LA WS? FA\ KTTK R. A CHAPTER, No. 4, wih be held on BATL'BDAT EVENING, June 21, at 7:.1n o'clock. All K A Masons in good staudiug ?r fr:<tert.all> in?ited By oriler of the Chapter j 2i 21 JOHN EDWIN MASON, S?.'y. SPECIAL NO Till. ,.ieCORNER 8TONRor THE NEW LIBERTY BaPTIfeT CHl'ROH. E st.. I?eiw.-eu ]7tIt and 18iii ncrtb- a?t. wtl: be laid on ft'NDA Y.the M.| of June, a; 2 o'clock The set*lc?>? will be conducted acc-srd ? UK to the inip<><lng Criettionies of the ritesof the Bsptist faith. The de<ticatery <?rm >n will he deli* ? ered by the Rev. Jomji JasPEB, of Richm >nd Va. ft^3?X')Tl('E -W'e, the und-rsicned dealers in FANCY and MILMNEKY GOHD8 sn i NO 1IOS8, will close our Btoree from this d*te U'atil Spifnibr 1st, at 7 o'c'- ck p. tn : E G PiVIS, ??01 Market p-?ce. l0crwoud, HCFTY k ill LOR. b'J3 Pean s> liania atenne S HILI.ER, Market Space. ? SILVER K> E LOWE. 911 Market Space. G. W rOX.707 Market Spice. P E GITTI.N(JS,S09 Market Mpac-, between Sth and yth streets. N. B ? Batnrday evening" f rr'pfJ iu eases of? M.??rs. LOCK wood, 111'FT Y * TAYLOR M. SILVER. * .HELLER. Q W. cox. ' j*H-lw |V^? A. M. D. G.?Tbe siat*<-nih annual Com itencement of O^mzaga ? oilege, will take place on WEDNESOAY. Jnne 23. l^TS, at So'clock in the evening, at Lincoln Hall. Doors open at 7 o'clock p. m JAMES CLARK,B. J., jW-H President ft^NiLICRK'l rOLAI SODl, Ttt b COLUUS1 AN U B EST IN THB WORLV with pure Fruit. Creaoi and other Syrapa. dbpot rom MINERAL SPRING WATERS. K<>. 14?? P***?TI.VA!?!A aviiui, j? 18-tr ?e?r Fifteenth street. CORNER 9th A?fD D STREETS. cirttlating LIBRARY REOPENRD. nearly aooo new books just added. READING ROOM free TO ALL. I Daily Prayer Meetings 12:li. 6, and 9 p. m. SABBATH SERVICES : Bible Lesson at 4:B, in Lincoln Ball, led by Qua ?tissiooer of Indlaa Affairs. Service at Lincoln Mall at 8 p. m jel>-tr removal.?Tbe nndeesicned bare this day removed from corner of New Jersey avenue _ street sonta to tbeir new Storeroom and Warehonsejsoutheaat corner of same asioare, I cor ner 1st and C streets snntbeaet. Our increased facilities will enable ns to supply our customers groceries, Ac., promptly, and at prices as low aa elsewhere. . may28-3m QFLICK I RRW. ft-^SCHENCK'S MANDRAKE PILLS.-Tbea* 1^ pillB are con.posed exclusively of vegetable ltigredlents, and although they entirely supersede the use of mercury, do n<4 leave any of ita io>arloas effects. They act directly spun tbe Urer( and are a valuable remedy in all caaee of derangement result - from * by all Druggists and Dealers. mS-tr ?odi as tt were, tbe cone oTmaoktBd. So terrible miu.Mii wnwi iar c?n> oi ?HlHiM. OO IVITlDir and lorn beoma had been at some pertoda at tte world'? history that a person knows to be lafeoted with tt w-uld not be allowed to mix with society. Happily tn our day tbe dlaeaee 1s stripped of iu terror by the Dae of Sajiak it Ail's Root a!tt> Hut JtrtcBs. aad tbe victim at t>< r- fQla, Uleera, Sorea, Pimples, Blotches, Tetters, Ac -, can be restored tosotiod health ',n a few weeks. ROOT AND HBBB Jl'lCES, fl.a per battle old by S C. FORD, 1111 Pa ate., and by Drug fsta. DESMOND A CO., Proprietors, 91S RaSs t r eet, Phi lade I pbia. BsayW-ly r? _ .TO LADIES: Byfy How sad it Is to see a yooaa wife, a mother oT/amily who reoulree aU her physical strength to fulfill her household dutiee, and all bar moral ca Ccitiee to accept the reepousibtlity which ftdla upon r, to Bee her prostrated, losing every day her strength, feeling badly without being able to Bay why. bat yet suffering enough to be utterly ndsere ablel This state ot weski " fatal to b?r than a severs spell of drlnm.ferfaUlS ?s*e she will receive the proper care, as L the other she will linger months sifter months, not thinking worth while to see a physician about it. until natare, exhausted, glvee oat, and she la carried to the grave, when a little precaution Is proper time would hare " * To present, to Btrenfthea, to cure, naare with tbe LONG-LIFE BIT cTbERTRAM. xhey are a safe and spared her life. To present, to n<-tbing can cor TKRS of Dr. L. u. mbtkai. They ai &i5S2? and all complaiats secaliar to anmsa. Tbeae of their vlrtae ?BH Ma, are, itMH MLsr^^kia^^daJ for ladtea. ? JA ?T RE< EI YED,direct from tbe mills la Brook 1 lyu.a freak invoice of F. E. Smith 1 Co.'s CRfcSHKD WHITE WHEAT; ? packages for ?1 K.LPBON/.O YOL'NGS A CO., Grocer*, Masonic Temple, 'j'h and F streets. It TBB LATE si mmer term of tbe washington conservatory OF VUB1C at the Parlors of the First Congregational Church cammencee oa MONDAY. June ?|. and con tiauea tea weeks, during the vacation of tbe schools. Pupils received at all times. j?21 sjt* 0. B. BCLLARD. Director, puis FR1MT BPTTER. FRESH the farm o ?ale low by I 'to* Ai ^HrftTEB A kkoWAi iMi ami Li cent coasters, then are eomt goods on thorn worth doable the money g 8 TA B LI SHE D 18*1. JOHN ?. IARTHIIh S1EAM D YAH AND SCOUR MM, Bo. 114 Fotb aj? A iAtf stbbbt, (Ons door South of Ooloaizatlon Ball.) JELLING OFF! GREAT BARGAIN* I* DRV COWS ! to vac at" onr prtrnt plar* of hMioMi In order to cbaage 10 auit t?i- nsw grate, we bow offer (VMrtlrt iloct of FANCY AMD STAPLE DBY GOODS at from lf'? to S par cent. below I >rmer prices. i Our stack i? fall Md c?*Bplete, embracing a full line uf BLACK DBE2M GOODS, ? fall line of all kinds of WRIT! GOODS, aa eleg act luteal firat-claee HAMBURG ? DOINGS AMD IN9ERTINGS ON LINEN, SWISS, CARBBIO and NAINSOOK Abo, TABLB LINKN, NAPKINS, BOSIBBT, and indeed everything usually kept ia onr line of katii W ? luvite a.I in need of GOOD GOODS to give u* a rail, aa our stock In first class, and moat be aold. A. OODOARD, UOS SEVENTH STVEET. j.jl-lm* - A I'ew poors Ahove I Stree' Inudtment Bonds. The Northern Pacific Railroad Compafty bavins determined to cloae its 7 30 fir?t Mortgage Gild Lean at an aggregate not exceeding thirty million dollar*, and thereafter to pay no higher rate of in taieet than 6 per cent, on farther issues of its bonds, ikt hmwd rrmamdrr nf tkt 7 3-10 loan it now beta* 4i*ros*4 of through the usual agencies. As the bonds of this issue are made receivable in pa/ment of the Company's Kinds at I 10, they are inconstant and Increasing demand for this purpose, and will continue to bo after the loan is elos-d?a fact which much enhaucw their value and attract iveneaa as an Investment. The Company has more than S00 miles of Its road lm It and in operation, lacluding the entire Eastern Division, eonnecting Lake Superior and the naviga tion of the Missouri river; It has oarnod title to nearly Ten Rillion acres of its Laud Grant, and sales of lands have thnr far averaged $& 66 per acre. AH mark- table securities are received in exchange for Northern Pacifies. j.21 JAY COOK E * CO, TARASOLS AT f0BT. j?a tr BOG AN It WYLIE IVAVY DEPARTMENT, i v BiaEAt' *>? CossTircTt?5 \*t> Bf.pair, WasH i NaTO!f, June IS, 1873. 8- aled Proposals will be received at this Bureau until 11 (iVwck iioon, Acsuu 1,1K7S, forthscoti atrurtiou, ineiuding materials, of the hull and ma chinery, complete for sea service, of either one or bothof two ir in steam sloops of war, of about 45<J tons measurement. Plans and spec ideations TO de tail for the hulls may l?e seen and examined at this Korean, and at the l'.>mniandaut's office at th? Navy Yards at Philadelphia, Brooklyn and Charles towti; and plans ami speetflcati'-ns for the steam machinery may be seen and examined at the Bureau of Steam Engineering, and at the Naiy Yards above stated, on and after the 1st of Jnly next. Proposals will also be received at the same time, and nnder the same conditions,for the construction, Including materials, of the hnlla, complete for sea service, of either or both of the iron vessew men - tiorrd above, separate from the steam machinery. The vessels must be completed in all respects ac cording to the contract and specifications; the mate rials mn?tb? of the beet quality, and the work must be done in the best manner, and the vessel or vessels be delivered at such Navy Yard on the AtUntic coaat as the Department may direct in seven mouths from the date and signing of the contract. Payments will be made aa the work progresses in proportionate amounts,reserving th? usual percent age until the final completion and at cvptance of tlie The bids must be accompanied with the guarantee required by law. that if the contract is awarded, it will be promptly executed, aud the name#of the parties, who are to become the sureties to the aip"uut of Ilia face of the coutract, will also bo itnted. . The Pciartment reserves the right to accept either form of proposal, or to reject any or all of tbeat, as In Ita opinion the public interest requires. Bids will only he accepted from parties who are known to be ship builders, and to have the neaessary facilities for doing the work. jelf-lawtw JOSEPH J. MAY'S Paria KM Glsve Depot, ?3? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE jJi-R A w ft i w ? i, FOB PE1YATE EESIDENCES. HOTELS, PUBLIC BUILDINGS, MANUFACTURED BY M. O. COriLAMB, ?43 LOUISIANA AVENUE, CAMP MEETING TENTS and FLAGS for sale or rent. jl>-tr Look AT SHCSTEE a BROTHER* IS* and StA cent coulters; there are some goods on them worth double the money. jeH-tt OA A BOXES CHOICE LEMON*, iUll i0 ?' OKANGES, 2,000 San BlaaCOCOANUTS, 10 cask. FRENCH PRUNES. Juat received. JNO W.HJMSDON, j18 .It aoat 9th st., opposite Ontre Market. ^\0ID THE EFFECT OF THE HEAT. The ALKALINE EFFERVESCENT APERIENT Cools the Blood, opens the Bowels andactaoathe .Kidneys. A. B0DEMEB, ?th and N streets, Sole Manufacturer. CIIAS. STOTT A CO., Wholesale Agents. Price, SO centa only. j*16 lm A RCTIC SODA WATER, 10th ST. AND MABYLAND AVE. VICHY, EISSE3GEJI Ac., 10tH ST. AND MABYLAND AVE. PERUVIAN OTTAWA BEER, IOth ST. AND MABYLAND AVE. jll-tr W. E. EENNAtGH. Devlin It Co., HEW YORK MERCHANT CLOTHIERS THE LAKOEST VAHIETY OF GOODS FOB GENTLEMEN'S WEAR IN AMERICA. ALL THE MEW 8TYLES At ?IS-tf >tl? PEBB1TLVAEIA AVEEPB. GHMl NOTH PATCHES FRECKLES. r AITS TAB, USE PEBRY'8 MOTH AND FRECKLE LOTION, IT 18 RELIABLE AM HARMLESS. \ PIMPLES OE THE FACE, BLACEHEADS ABB FLE8BW0EM8, USB FERRY'S IMPROVED GOMKDONE AMD PIMPLE REMEDY, THE UK EAT SKIM MEDICINE. . WANTS. 4A' ANTED?A steady GIRL or WUMAllto " lit Pwn?yl'?Bt? It'W. " IVAR1IU-A lw flMi TIN HOOFER. In H quire at 6'4> P*onsylva?i^av^n?? so<rhe*st. W do coeAinif, waahing, M<i iroalng fo* ? " Mir. Apply at ?4?? 8<rwt ? rthwast. j?l ** w ANTiD-BOARD by a y .>nng led? T? fa rail) or ??>*11 boding h?us-. R"?f exctiarcrd. Address M. A-G . City P O. JB > WANTED?A healthy tnda*r|.??? Asi?ricaa that ?nd?rstands letiH,!" fem-d. at 610 Q etr-e' ?JTib?'-M. lt ttl ANTED-\ i> liable Competent white ?<**?' ? ? to take charge of a bmby. Apply ?* urett. W WANTED?HOD CARRIERS. at "he Reform ?. ) Scbn-I. Brin* your hod, and apply ?t*** Bni'dmg. Monday morning. 11 Cff^ANTBD?A well dre^e-i BOY m ??r*ant ah vat >V l^'oute* ANe.a CBA*BBRJIAIP. O*. vho it t (oixl wMhrr tnd ironer. lil? 11 atreet, IMitrM*. 1L W'ANTBD-A PURCHASER to buy two .mall frame H-wee on H ?"*??. between 13"h aad U h ttreou iiorthe??t? on long time.AU?s two nice It ip n*ar the Iron ?inrk*?t, between 3d and 4tn,a?<l frill bfiikl to fnift the ptirehaeer Apply to J AMIS Plt'HLY, Builder, corner 14th au<l H ?trr?4? northeast. *' 117 ANTED?Three gentlemen and their wi??? to W up) a large CufurniiliM HOUSE, n*r Al. nandi la. daring the summer. Bvery convenience for houfekeeping. Apartments separate; cool, large j ard ai d garden of renelablM and flowers; CM?ni?'< w a t-r near the door prevents cholera; living will not exceed ? ?. including real; cars for Washington e? ery hour t, r 1? oents. Tor particulars, address P O. box *.?76, Alexandria. J*' ^ II'TXTED?A SERVANT 'or a small family; If p.ii?t t?e a good wan her and iron*?r. Apply to No. 113 Pa. avenue, Capitol HilL ^ \VANt?i?-A tlrei-4 la- PLUMBER. A?j? )m m mediately, at C. A. ERICH 4 CO 8, UO J 1 *t. northwest. J*' ?" \\TiNT El>?A MOHAN, with g<od r-feren< es, v? to cook. w a?h sud iron; white pref-rred. Ai - plv at No. ill ? Est., b,-twe.n 2d and 3d sl? north west. J? * WANTED?A K?od HOUSE SERVANT, io a vv tuiali faniil>; one that can come well rec ?in mended detiired. Apply at V18 19th at., between 1 and K. J*) ** WANTED-To Purchase?a MODERN HOUSE, H containing about 14 rooms, between U and M And 14th and *l?t ?ts. n.w. Address, giving term* and deeariptlon," Purchaser,'' Star office. j? St V17ANTED-A WOMAN to cook, waeli and inn. TT Inquire at No. i!16 B street. jl9-*?t NTBD?A capabln CAN V IPSBR t.? aell f? Memberaliip Ticki-ta in the Waabington Ovni naaiiim. Addr? i>a by letter, with references," Wwh ington Uymiiitaiuni," La. ave., near 9th *t. j!9 3t* WHH ANT1D-A WOMAN to co..fc, wanb andiron and do housework for a small family livinsf in the country a mile from the city; ?l?o, #MtN to work on a sin all farm, Germans pr-ferrnd; lib?ral wages paid. Address Capt. 8. O. CABELL, Na tional Motel. j!9 3t* w ANTEI>? Inimediatoly? families or p?r*ona in n"ed of flrst-clans rtERV ANTSofeyery deacrlp tion.male and ft-male, to call and ?et supplied at once. Servants al- > can get goo4 homes an?l b"*t of a> ages by appl\ing at the Eureka Employment Of tire, to Mrs. LOUIt E C. BUTLER, 507 Uth tlre^t, near E. jqU-lm *Vt~ANTED?ImmeiligVelv?Tweuty HORSES and CARTS and on> STONB WA<?0N Apply to CLCBB 4 BURNSIDB, Contractors, 60A I street uorthweat, between itli aud 7th streets. jl3-lt* %Vr ANT ED?^Ten HOUSES, laige aud small, for If teuiints, to supply present demand. WILLIAM TYLER, jH St R?-al Ewtate Br"k?-r, 7 l* l.'.'b street. BBr ANTED?Barkeep ra to know that they can ?? aa?e twenty per cent, hv u?ing our New ALE C0? K. WM II. DOUGLAS 4 CO., 1006 C street uortliwest. jul/e* 3t* %*/ANTED?WET Nl'USE. Apply aT^Oy L "t street nortliaeBt, between 3th and.9*n atri-efi". Also.a GIRL from thy country not oyer 18. f^r gen eral honsewerkj j9-2?* \v ANTED?A TENANT for putt of House No " sC27 K street;, within five minnUm' walk of Government Printing Office. It has gas and water, sntnmer kitchrn. Rent mod-rate. j?4 W'.K NTeIn^HOUSE PAIN TYbS at KEN " WK'K V P.tinting E-tat>!i*!>ment, No. 4tt Jef ferson stre?H, Georgetown, D. C. None but g'Knl Wll?I need apply^ jeJ 11*ANTED- All persons who have not yet 1* the improved WHEELER A WILStr?N SEW 1NG MACHINE to call and examine it before buy ing any other. D i* simple, noiselese, swift?making 14Ui?titches a minute. No shuttje u?ed. ar.d there fore but one tension repaired. Will last a life time, 8 >ld on rnonllily payments. P. ). STEER A SON, Agents, 461 Pennsylvania avenue, near 4>i street. my31 lm* VI,' ANTED? All tb<<e>) who value tbeir siKht to TT know that the beat "ONE DOLLAR SPEC TACLE"' iu the country is accurately suited to the evesight by H .H. HEM PLER,the Optician, corner 4.H ftreet and Pennsrlvauia avenue. Depot for Thermometers of all kinds. tnyH ly* ANTED?A GIRL that can come well recom mended; can call at 933 New York avenue, to do the cooking, washing and Iroaing of asmallfam ily. Apply from 8 a. m. to 3 p. m., or ? to 8 o'clock p. m nilA tf ANTK1>?Every oue to know mat ?-!.<? VICTOb SEWING MACHINE baa Its nttdU uU m tiac: the most perfect shattle In aae, reatvog In a cradle; needle bar and works of ?eel. Agency, ??? Peunsy Ivauia avenue. Also, Braiich of Mme. D?tn "Sa.W? W. BPICKB. PERSONAL. HESSIB, YOUR NOTB, DATBD Till IWth, < il 'ot come to liaiui till the 3Utb, hence tlie rMtonX d itaOtBI'ke my appearance; bat if satts Iwwi) wtii come to same place and hour Tuesday, Hih. Answer as before. B. G. A LL PERSONS ABB CAUTIONED AGAINST xV negotiating a Mote executed to Elisabeth Bangs by Marvin Eastwood, under data February loth, W3, for the sum of fUM. payable with iuterest In oue year from date. Said note has beea loat j!3 <t* (VOTICB -The creditors of UHA8. A. APPBL 1^1 will present their accouuta, properly aqttaeuti cated, by the 1st of July nut; otherwise they may be excluded. __ _ MICHAEL OBEEN,I AM,_n(M A. H. HERB, \ Asa.gneea, jelg-8t No. V16 Louisiana avenue. ' "WTATCVOLBNUB," OB THB WILL CURB. O THB GBEATB8T DISCOVERY 07 THB WORLD. By it all diseases are cored. Mo medict no laytBgonof hands. Taught by Mrs. J. B. BL 1QT, 47? C street northwest. ap7-tr BOARDING. A GENTLEMAN ABD WIPE OB TWO GEN tlemen can have FURNISHED BOOM aud BOARD,(very reasonable,) at I9tl6 Pennsylvania avenue; north front, balcony, water, gas, and bath room. J*>-3t GBNTLBMAN CAN HaVB FURNISHED ROOM and BOARD for B6 a w.<ek at 1303 Ifith street mrthwest. Private family. jI9-3t* PLEASANT HOME.?Gen. Michler'a f.>rmer residence, 530 list street northwest: conve nient to horse cars; large, airj ROOMS, with mod em improvements, with or without BOARD; sum mer-house, large flower garden, shade and foun tain. j19-St* CUMMER BOABDING AT BED WOOD, A DE ?3 lightful coat try seat; IX milaa from George town or Wahlilugton; west aide Bock Creek. There is a pavilion, croquet ground, a varletyof fruit, Ac., and a daily atage to the Treasury, corner 1A< street aud Pennsylvania avenue, arriving at 9 o'clock a. m., leaving at 3:30 p. m. For further particular*, apply to Mrs. BROOK, 911 Uth street northwest. )Mw MEDICAL, <fec. MRS. H. J. FRENCH, OF PHILADELPHIA, the celebrated Reliable Clairvoyant Physician and T'-st Medium, lias located at 1013 New York avenue. Office hours?10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Engage metits can be made for evenings. jell-3a> (CONSULT DB. BBUCE, No. 811 14th atraet, / between H aud 1. A apecialiat ot twenty Ive years practice. j4-3w* CEMALB DISEASES of all treated. De r scribe case ana enclose h?; J^vice and ?n?dl cine will be sent. Address Mrs. Dr. THOMPSON, be sent. Address Mrs. Dr. THOMPSON, Bo. ?48 BdHMStb street, PhHadelphla. iang-ly* BOOTS AND SII0E& nOOTB AND SHOES, IS SELLING AT AHD BELOW COST,^. To close buauiesa on account cf health. VHB T l"lS. JACK.BO 91, ? (Successor to Hoover A Jackson,) 1109 Psnnaylvanla a venae, jel9-lm between Uth and 19th eta. ^elLiKq 6tt aTASD Mlow cost^a p fine aaeortment of all descriptiona of dies'. Blisses* and chiMrcn1*, and also ofa^f ^ BOOTS, BH0B8, GAITBBB. AC , " will be sold at and below e?it in ordw ta clo JOHN niM-lv No. 418 7th |>l WOlKI: VBBT CHEAP AT MIOBOLS' LITTLE WOKLD, Tth street, bst^atn 8 and t atfasU. jeU tr JOHN ?. HllfMK, 101 CBXAM PAYIL10M MOW OPBM. Wtrnmrn and parties supplied at rsasouMe tsm. jeS-Sat* Mo. BIB ?Ji Brim Bonawm. MOST WQilDBBFUL^kTEMflolf^fgi ^JJMosss' Mleetra-Oal vaais BPBOTA ta W? s^a |^BW DB81GB8 FOB LADIIB' AMD C5?C DBBMI' DBBBBBS AT MBS. ?. H MAUBBBB' BTAMPIMO DBPOT, BITTUi rOIl BERT AND SALR. |? i* S.*I.K~A ?hre??'ory BRICK HOU8B. N ? Lr?!!L""*? ?aorgetown. Is juir* on the w miOT*. jeSl-J.? Foe Mnf-T*?ibiMiar> na~?nK h#u*ks OB WniiT ,>f the Oily 11*11 |0' *??" JOHSFUBDr. rfo 314 is .'r^W-h A..ifV alsbed.) daring JhU aui A unaf. L? J?'f I?t, HOUSE N ?. f*ft Prm**>e%U. l^qmire 19*3 T^naijI? JH 1 w^____ j"*l ft* poR RRMT?The eligible STORES SO 1 and ?07 MTlgy?r.* r**'?r*; ^ *?<>" ??..?? F8?cx*mi.L?r7lar?hihr' 'I ** G-orgetow,,; . ii'iRfltfsxii"--- -?? ?? rwr?' . pOB SALE-HotM *o. IJliT fcew Torn a^ FRED*' W*'Ii\ W*a'r7i??**??*?*. Ifniniiv *f I ??hMBS P. Tl STIH, 6U3 14th strM t'lrik j'ti I P?* "NT-HOUSR No. I J4* ? h; nlrT. ' -.r' 0tL"' hattaronm, wairr cl.met. hot au I c Vi | aater, ?c R?rit |45 p^r w >nth, payable in al~ I?V.*T i f WAUQH, corner lMh an 1 F : ,tre U,(lt?oni ft. up stairs > j..|i jt P<>R SALE? FRAME HOUSE .?iv room*. 1,4 u'' I * feet front ?29 feet deep to an allev; A.VuO casl, fW. Apply on t be prrui>*<*?, N? "" *? between 13th and uth streets a >.uh jr216t* F?tiR\A\1'.K. UriP three atnry 10 man. BRIi'K ? m >4'?r* lniprovf-m?!it?. nnf %rvtnKe? for Mable in rmir; corner l<?t. n*i 1 Tr'joil^' JM** !*7MU> l*"~ ? V T-~- JORDAN, 513 7th street, opposite Post Of J^ll eo3t L'OK KEKT-LMue Mid airy ROOMS, anitabl 5.J.#10 pe- month; alio stna!l ? ! t $8; two ttnfnrt'i*h<-<l Ro >m? xiiitalil* for h. ??-??-Piiik; two ?ni'a of la c<> and ple?.ant front jVi d* ."" P'*tio. Rrft rvnce etchtnc ?l 01 ?Te?u<S bftwcen 4S an I 6th Uf<'t*- je21 2t* F0JU"irTTT'"JT"Jlwrt ?5Ick8. 7 mm, * K"*H"d water, uuh s'de ha.U and alloy.; rent 9?, in Kihance. eack; on N ?tr?-el, w.h-h lib *n l wHIAl*?' Brifk D 'Oae,# roonn. nnrtV^V* in r?'?r; on 8?li, I?*twecn P ami <l f?dt*nce. A(?o, one threc-ston ?,n ?d^?nr.v By OHAKhRs o. cHWl E, a re 1 lirtli?.;Jt 1 ? IT OR RKNT? A oplerdid ??o?u>r> BRICK <>n itth ??n * one ?tl""" from cars; aeyen rootiw, >s" j?3> IVOR KENT?ROOMS t> aaniall family 1 without childreu. Apply #0? liKh atreet north ?<?*? j|i>-Jt* b ^0R 8ALK-UU0 CHOICE LOTS in .11 ptru f r P^wtit ai d l?ng ti.n ?. K J. 8H KKT, 611 7th ttreel northwKit. j3*> #. 6t FHSh*^?Jr.W''' l," T*rT low listiI the K 16thi of,_a large H0T8E, near tl. ? Oap. tol, partially fnn.iHhed; large garden attache.1 c>n ^IfSSPAS04 fruit. Apply in the niornlui.. ^ .L . 7 I>t'''iw?re Hvune.l.i'twoen North IJ .^-.d jS) 3t * 'for of nine new B KICK HOIBK!), eight room* each, northern and ea.t ?rn part ol the city. Small ca?h. and *ii p?>r month. Alao, other proi^rty. Loana ou R -al K 7- s?aton nosono. Jio 3t *13 7th Ktreet, opposite Post Office. t^OR SAI.E- FineHorSK aoiith ?id- M i?s.?cbiT 1 ^tweei. 10th and Uth stre,.t?, or, polite L 8. reservation.s?t .ry and t??in?ut m i, tic trout house, 1J riKiimi, utore room, hath r? n wa?h room, cellar, ga?. hot and cold watber. a?a-' tK iiar) marble top kaeins. Q <m1 lot Cheao j?-3t B H. WARXER. 7th ? F^oit ^aUe?I oifet^my DWElTUIjiTiT-!<"J 7; st re? t nori heart. The lot ia |sV f,.et t>>, ,(f2. feet, to *30 F<K>t pave.1 alley. Ilonat 22 foet fr.,r,t m ii.hern exposure, ?i\ f.e.t hall, largt-douhl^ pir l"rf. earl. 15 feet wjnare, 7 roonia, beniilea hath j room, dry cellar with in?ide entrance, vi'oi i stid lint, front and hark ataira, cl-.iete t throiii;hont, high catde roof, eecnrinx c > >1 npp< ? chamtera, terraced flower garden In front atid larg.' yard iu gtasa. Is within a ?.|ii*r- of the street cars and two a<joarr? of t'apitoi Park. Firat cl wsn*.*!. horh-.od. Price, S3.*m; leas than one fourth cash, and balance cau l?e arranged to rait th? pnnw of almoet any porciiaaer. To a family with children thia Is an opportULit) to a?-cure a home m e?ery way deeirahle at liltl* more than th" r?t -f rent. Own-r fat. I.e a?.,n on the premiaea daily af er3 p. ii. j*i 2. F1^w.ii5,?iT-T.f!,v.e er f"ur FI RSISIIKD ?- KUC?Ms*, I >r h ?n>>cLt < rt-nir^l |.? cotton. A|>pl> at 73* Uhh?tr?*?*t porthwHt. jl9 *? F'0,UT,.,U,:?T-?yKM,sn*D and l NFl RN I^IIKD ROOMS, at 319 0 street northwe.; AKo, a go.Kl BTABt.E. jia .?* l<'OR KENT?Fine STOKE, with ti\t;ire?, co I * yll*r>i Rii old ftt>li^lit'4 sttudj low petit, oor per 8th and L streou northwr?t. jl9 3t * R RJNT? One larg. TPCRNfgtlED FRONT ROOM and an.all BEDROOMS, :>t 31? Penu nj lvaiiia avenue, h^twe?ii .Id ard 4!* ?t?. jlf-3 * IVOR RENT?HoT'Se"Mo 4Qt H rtr?t j^h". 1 ta?t,corn<-r t;h, with 8 rooms, water, gaa, wau r < t'*et, and bath room. Inqnire on the pr.? jl9-3t" Fro* "KJNJ-Tl're? at..ry BKICK HOUSE. Mo. l?4)t ?th ttreet n >rth?Mt. !? r?'iM, had, h .t 55faC.'Wi^TIi cellar. Apply to TUOll 44 W row LER. hqs F atrw*t northwest. j!9-3t' F^Vr^r-, durable ten room BRIt'k ? w KLL1NQ, Mo. 1V1A Penna) Ivai.ia avenu< wAOOAMAN, 7th atreet. jl9-9t |VOR KENT?Three story PRESS BRICK HOUSE i wnh twelve room*, gaa And water; a waisioii ghrfn 1st Jnly. Inunlra of U0LLIDGE BROS, wood,coal, and feed deaUra, Stb and 0 street, Wf<*- jl9 e<i)t IVOR 8ALB?0MB-FOURTH OF SQUARE 117, riiiiorn''.rJ1*lh ^ 8 ?treeta.M two feat of ground, I will he aold on ea?y terms, M cent* a foot; a vary .|e 4 Zl??.'&'?DJ,'T. rwi^wcea. Apply t j Dr. ARTHUR C. ADAMS, 1109 8Ui *tr*et north- j we" jl?-3t* pOR RKNT-H0UUE with 8 rooms, (table, Ac . j miu2B?!LKtr7ft 1pp- OlMett'agate, about A i???. ?3" ??'*'???"u'UrT Inquire of JOS. F KELLEY. Real f?tate Agent,?OU ?th atrert m.rth waat, orwf A. C. P. BHOBMaKER, on 7th atr.^t road, near the above premlaea. jl? 31 F0i??n5?,t"~*l*!lt r,K>BW ?pd cellar, B4ICK MOUSE. gas aod water, and all improveni<-fita completed, II03 N itrert, between llth and 12-h. Inquire In the store, corner 11th and N jels it* FRAMES, beautifully 1<< * catert, 6 and 8 rooms, large yard*; #S6, mtrn down, balance #17, ?20. and ftt monthly. with It) per cent, interest. B. H. VTARMER, mv 7th "re*'t- jel?-5t PORREMT-Oa Washington street, between day I.r4,fc u^rtlawrt0n f'rews, Georgetown, two at >ry brick HOUSC, enntaina 7 roonn, with all tin nualertilimnroTeHteiiis. WILLIAM TYLER. Real Estate Broker. T1S 18th treat. jeH % I^O* SALE?SUBURBAN RESIDENCE ~n Georgetown Heights. House has lu room-. Kitchen, pantry, bath room, cellar, and attic atory, 5??.! water; brickatal.le and carriage honae.with fciuire fp<H of gronno. Fric?.il6JiU Annlv to W. H DOUQAL. IR3 Bridge .? j>it^aw2>S POR SALR?That elegant three atorv BRICfT, *?* lot, JHIi by 13U feet,on 3d street, between thaclty' ? " "*** residences in A"eJ,'u*1LOT at the Inters.-ctlcn o "?,rirt, ^*11 n<tianaaTef.oe and C street, 21o by 211 *IHi 10 feet front on 3d street. Lot oti C, between Id and VI. U by 1<i). Lot corner K and 28th, UN by 1M). by 98 ?U J1,li ",roet brtweeu B C n jrtli, 21 Lot on Eaat Capito1 street, between Hth and 19;h eaat, K by 128. Lot oa J.ffers-.n street, O-Mirgetown. between Wa ter street and canal, St by IU6. Splendid lot corner Maaaachuwtta avenue and llth *T?S? CS*1' 130 b' U1* *? K WI I.SON. J'M-KR all 7th atreet. FKKi'nK^ OR R*M r?Three of thoM tine new BKICKB on Sd street, between Pennsylvania avenue and B street. The houses contain 8 rooini and modern conveniences, with good lot J"17 *? B. K. WILSON, ft 11 7th street. Fc* KKBT-A BUSINESS bTAMD at M "? ?" ??? a ?a w vas u SOU p ? g m W ^ V*9r V* * cheap rent, N t. 41 * litt. stieet, near Pennevl Ici>a!?y,/af,>'ltlw'1*ri applv to LATIMtR i.Vifsif V Auctioneers and Real Cataie Brok?*rs, Star Ofnce Building jei7-if fln# improved PROPER J , !_??? the hills north of the city, and on the Heights of Georgetown, with from two to sli acixs of nouod. E. K. WILSON, J**17 ?? ftH 7th ?treet. I^0B *ALB?A tbr?e story preiMed brick HOUSE, ifi.-Tii building, baaement and cellar, slate HjHf'Jf*. ?" through- hot and cold wa'er u. kitchen, dining room, and bath room. Lot Mvlut) Tenia eaay to mit th* purchaser. Mo. W31 Rhode I*'*D<1 ?TelJH8' between *th and knh streets, la <inira?' J. E ZUO, je!7-lm 94^ Rhode Island avenue. tf? jav srJ" ?*" in^arM ^?h lay, back build iSU **' K "**!?. ?"x?tde?r aP^^k H0U8K8.? O street, hatween XXh t-k wt |T6i?, with ?r wHti- ut loviii MS 'ST** AppiyfcJ jK) ?thstrs?M^t1haMd,or CH. M.' BEOKERtVjs Osteast aailha?J. jelft-lm m&mm OOTTAOB in ^MilLwjtU1'' M n' niii or%19*r toy TmMk>,alfl Martxtios with th* Alaxaa ^ *"Mrtealtaral g5Kytw m htn, w aaicicou i""Ji,cSS, gSS i^rstru ?w.Asrws Houm. Barns, Stable*. Ac. -,"u? Tot further tafomatloa iaouir* of tesa., >?-?? " ? an FOR RBNT AND SALR F'OB RALE -Twoentitv f?Qt*ARES -f OR >r*T> Also, a fourth of a S-tnare. M M Hon IRK, tnnimww. j?u? un l.'OB kbST-rtw large BOOMS, fwr?(?W ^ ,.r r nnfarNahed; 141 ? street northwaet. *1? > STABLI fur rent at m<?l?rn? r?l*?. . I? !*" i/uTi RALF?A w<*-buiK Iwnlnrt KRK'R I HorM. <>n I> str.**, b*-t<a?e?i ?!h ?i?d 7te a:r*?-t* I northeast L'tfli* Wilt hr a M low np->n *p plytagtolH K< aN?OM. DOWLINO A CO.,oomec ?ta and D alr>.-t? n'.rtbweet )? It LM? UKT-T*ri baii4. <m? DWILLIMO' r Hol'SB. Ho. 148T 8 ?n*l onrUi???<, >*w ] 8?a4e Peperitn Dt prnwd brMk iit r?>afta. cellar, bath r> +m>, w *1 -r, ga?, 'rwtjt MrrhM-1 j aiM -4 r <~ k?? mhI term*. apply u OLIVER ITFt'lR'S, orwrlKhkulBitiwto. mU la t^oR RENT-^TOBB Aut audoFFliBS ? 1 P"BI<>> Itaiiia ti Mim W?Hrt*rn l t?i T~i? gragvh (tfllcf, corner Ittfa street and P*nn?rlT*nia ?*??? jtS ?nS? |7?'R BEST OB MAwR?n>r>x> m.irj yrnw brltt 1 HOI'RB, containing t ro.ama, I*rg? cellar, ?tirr ?n<l im; rood locution, 104 (' atr?vt, Mwkmi l?t and M. near I nftt"! ami lUltmnn' 4*^4 Iwiott* ' at No. 46V Washington street, M?c*n 4tl. and Mh. je|l ??* 1<'OR SALE OR EXCHANGE f * city weaken y A pi. Mailt rwwlt iiri' u Btad. naburg l< p.4, B AO k B. Inquire of I. W. SCOTt ,?mi tbe |rwn !???, or to the pi pri.-|or Aiuniru II uir, c >ra*r 7th Br?*t Rt.<1 Pa RTctiiif. j|0 ?*? L'O* RALE OR KINT-Hlimi, 71* tl4 1 mree-.iwice ??.ir? r-,rt (M per month, ye**.- * ?lrtfi siffii Jn>f 1m; hiu< RH^frn ? ur??i and fnnnff; k*r l"?! l?k?t?l So 71 T for tnrth-r particulars apply toGEO. 8 PARKER, ?|3 Uil. jf-1i F'ok SAU-4 kf 811 LI?IN?. LOT M VH(| . Mo-w L a:..l M *tmet? tivllS. o?.i 'root. Ot..- Buildm* L t on K *tre.-t r.ortli? ?t.'.i, Jtiii *i;J I6'h, 24x117, a- utti fr >et, will ' *?1.1 at a bargain. AUo, *.-,<Tal BniUug L.Haon I4tIt street, between o Hi>.l K Ki*ppM*il buck HOl'RF.i, ? rooa*a;aowth front, lioilli??*t?rn part of the < il) . ?ttli'ii'Mi^ru :mpi? - Ui"iila on long time, email cmIi p<| tUfUb, t>alau< ?? ui. utlily. Also, 6 prea?J brick HOUSES; tw -story au I b:i??'tti<*ul: S ro<?*, water and c*?. and rtuyr; nortleaa eru part ot city, mu?I1 caali pa> - ni.-nt, ami balarc- monthly. Ot.e FRAMK hook, 7 ronws and hall; lot 23 b) 116. iJJml, SMi cash, IllMM ?-W |wr uioath at 1 6 rer CilI., uoriLw ? ???-rn part of ci- > . MOI'LTOBI A H K AI S A Rl>. btl.1 IMa Jc9-S?* Opp-wlt.-C 8. Tr?-a<m: y. L'liR RENT?A im?? nrrru rovitt on i*h A Mrr?*t,oD< half w^uar* fr<>iu tba I.'?IUI ot'cui . HM-nnt- car*. >Si> p-r month. Icguira at 624 | LoWiiatia av?n?r, j<'7 In L'HK SAL1-V*u ui ? KRAMES, vrry noat and 1 I pr. tty, ?injat?Hl on Lt*r?ui? utrM, l>*t. 1* h am! iiKh m: 1 R arid 9 atnwrta. uo? aguara tr?ui au.^t rnr*. in a growing ????whlx.rh'Xai: can h xiirlM on loi gtimc. Applv to ^ II,LET A LIBIIEY, Lura- , l>-i Mt ichaula,cornar ?>1 <?h atr?K aa.l N>-w ?..rk avruor. j?7 2? L'CU RENT OR t*A 4.E?Onr of th* os *it cwi~-l : * m.J o. mfortahlo BoCHRS in tin- I i?trici,c??ti- ' tkjiiin* all m"d<-i n cm pni?-??re?, with lai n* lot,c.? uer 4th an<1 <? $ K. RhiI ftSO p'r ui 'nth. En.ioir? I of JAS A. TA1T, P?"tiii?>Tv**iia aveuur, M > UK I, between 3d ami 4th atrr^ta 8. K je4-lm* P)i hALE?T?rr4Miabl?. KUILDiaO LOT T?r aal^. on ?e? atd* of IWh mrf*t. oppo?it? 8c.nt S-jnar*; * by li?' f?^4. Apply 144A M at!**!, 1?? t??-?-n 15lh au.t 16th atr^ta northweat. j"I 4w" J I/OR BALE -TWO NEW BRICK H'>rsE?. No. AO!t B ^trrot a<><ith?a?t; 7 r.K>nia; bath-ioata and cliara; alao. IttU KKAMK HO('8E4 >n V atr?-?*t aonth.-aat; 7 rooma; bath mom and o*lUr?, fl fOn, for Bri.-k Hona?*, for tarrna, apply la44# I ; ?tr?**t MtMM, m3l } m * I/t'K bALE-On loug time, with miiall ca-.h p%- - ntr tit: Stilt I ' to 11 and 35. a>|tiar<' 2ot. l4t h and V ?trwta Pait Lot 22. vjoar*- 239, 1Kb atrert, near 5, 2m Ut , 12U. Mil' Lota Id. ami ?<*t of 16. a^uart. M3, liHh ! itiwt ami >.>rtli Carolina ar?oa?. P'lti Lot .V. a.|iiara Ml, tax titlo. 15.11) l>> auf-frt of a^nar*- Uut tit!*. L?'t tf, ?.ii;ai?- iffS. t-\ titl?*. Bti11] five-riKiiu FRAMK HOUSES. lot? U'ln fronting ea?t on 7th ?lr?H t-aat, Im4? wn A and B ; t.uitli, one F<ii.are fr? ui Ea-t t at-.tol f r?-?-t railr ??<!. P'29 lm J NO E. KENP ALL I^H?K 8ALE-H<>l hK and LOT. No. 1*?I9 0 at nortb?"?t; thrt*--?l.>ry Brick, oimpat^liH) | nt-w. Lot f?-?*t fr..nt by ISi fori d?-?*p. Prico *-r I'u, all taxra tai.1 up iiiuuire of L. K. CLARK. : Paporhmugiiiga Store, N ". l'Ji3 Peuua) 1%ania avp ' nne. Bib-lm L'OK KkN'T-A f-oir at. rj pr.-?a tones liWfL ' E 1 IJ?U,Sn<*l> locati-,1 on a .nth ", b*tw~<*? 1-* acd Jd atrecta, Capitol Hill,b?inc th^c-.m^i Uou* cur 2d ?tr??-l, n rth aide, Contaiii.nar l?>lrt rooma wi1U water, cm, L%tr?b-?. rau*-. .iuiub waiter, bail.-ruxm and laundry; with ampl- conl and wo.?l bui k?, and capaci 'in yard ill tha r?ar; a rar chancf fnr awurinf a ??ry aicc euium r lioni". iu the vwj b?st condition. Price ?40 par m >utU. HESTF.R A KYON, K *1 E-tal" Aicnta m<l Brokara, ni)27-tf 1 lO 1-t atrt-ot axutheaa', Capitol Hill. iVUlTBALE-A ti^LARE or GROUND in the northern aectiou ?t the city, with the aidvwalka, ccibiuK, aiMl ^atte'ing all laid and paid for. B ?*? cara paaa it. Wilt aell cti*ai> and on long tn.?? Apply to HTVCK A AIiblSoN, Real Eatai Agtota, No. 1401 New York avenoa, corner of uth street north west. | Rep.AChron.1 mSS-tf I.HiR kBMT-A iM-autiful ibrce-atory PKES4K1> I BRICK HOU>E, containing ten r.?..iu?, b?.?u:? atore and cellar*, hathaud pautry rooaa. with fw bot ami cold water, and all nxa]?ru unj?rova?at>Ui. ?t?i codt- til. tit to caia and market. vTlmlf Imwr ?75, or witb. ua More Atiu. Innaira HOLL1DOE BK08., 5'h ar,d 0, or l?01 6thntr?et. myS4 lta yoB bfnt-fciTnhhbd Horst-HociTE r No bOO. corner F and SUth atr?eU northwt-at' will be rente.I on reaaonable terma. Immediate a m Mvaion gireo. Apply tu 0. B. BITTEN HOI (*E Agent, 14^19 V atre?t. mU-eotf L'OB KENT?FU&N18HBO BOOMS: a back 1 Parlor forniahed aa a Bodrocv, and two pleaa at t room*, bark ar>4 front, on aecoa4 atory. in au eligibly -1-cated Dwelling on 1 street, naar ftk; will be rented on reaaonabla terma to gaotleaaan only. Addreaa "A. J.,"Bational Repoblicac ?8ii. mlt-tf (Bap. I LOST AND FOUND. L?BT-Ona black and wbiu 8BTTEB DOO: an awera to th<-name of "Bbot.'' A lib-, eral reward will be paid, if retained to (la F. HANNEY,corner 3d and F.n.w j21 I* (XAMI TO THK8K PBEM18ES?Oa tba 1Kb / inat.,a ??d and white COW Tb? owner^ can La\ e her by railing at 1ST East CapitolCljP St., and paying chargea JTI it* 3L-U? Cefi REWARD ?Lost, June la. i?C3, aa Bntlieb V" TKSkllB, anawera to tha ' j i **Jack;1'color, tan; batl on a (^ertiiaa sii-^ ?er collar, mat k?d u, Sd Art 'y. The IIimIw will please return said dog to 1#14 11:b at n'?rth wat. i21-2t* I 08T-A PROMISSORY NOTB, drawn by *j Wm B Marcb". payable to Oeorge Collard. for Ot i Hundred Dollar*, bearing date Feb'y Uib, Im'J. All persons are heieb) cautioned against negotiai ir-R tor sa:<l note, as its pa-'meut has been atopp?d . 6BOBGE COLLARD. ?*' Jua* ls' urs- " EMOL1SI1 TEKKlKit; an?wera toAiamt of. LOhT H Th... aaa?i?, ?ur werty fo VUBIBV l? [".lacli." color, tan; had on a German ail ?er collar msrkeal 'HJ., *1 A. B T. Y.' ? The tinder will be liberally reward"! by tetmalng the dog to No. 1014 Hth atre?4 northwest. j19 2f Cr ^ HEW ARD.?Loat, on the loth instant, a black ?7*> and white SETTER DOG; anawers^^^j to the nan.e of "Cliaae." Tlie tinder will please return to GEO M HESAULT,-S-?? southeast corner of stth and D ?tr#et? north weat. Jl9 3t* IOST?A PO( K^T BOOK, containing a minit>--1 J of n<4ea, not endorsed, two Treasury drafts, a>>t endorsed. ai:d a aniall Mini of money. The tinder v ill be liberally rewarded by leaving tba 'an* at tlie National Metropolitan Bank. jl4 6t* FOR SALE. f;OB SALE?Nine aerond-band BOX WINDOW FRAMES, 2 feet 4 Inches by 4 lewt 4 incite*, w ith weights, aaab, and batten shutters c unplete. apply to BALDWIN BBOS. je21-l? I/0B SALE?Four larg" number one DBAUGHT r H0BSES and HARK ESS, ami Stonei M AGON; will sell low to suit, as good as iu the Diatrict. Call at No. VJV L?tr*at,4 between tlh and lutb. ief1-V F'OR SALE?A stout Bay H0BSE, a< ven years ? old; warranted sound, works kiud in sin cv gle or double barueaa. auitabla for a gentle- *1 ?. ^ man's carriage. Apply at the CapUol Hill^ Li?eiy Stable, 317 3d Bireet, between C and D southeast. jo31-3t FOR SALB CHEAP- A fine BAIL BOAT (ca | rigged;! all in good order, with buoy for < mucborage, jtc. For particalara imjaira at, Potomac Ferry Be*tanrant Jootof7th ?t j20 3n L>OB BALE CHBAP?One new COCNTBB.? fe^t r loug. North Carol'na Pine, oiled. Also. PAB TlTltW and two BE WING MACHINES, at FOB N1TUKE STOBE, corner 4th and A street*, south eat. jUAt* ]V| ACH1NEBY FOB 8ALB?At a Bargain for iYl Caeh?One 90 horse power 8TBAM KV01MB, cyllndtr. 141x14: one horwontal BulLBB, 4Tee4di aneter, U feetlonc; aU complete. Alao.tthaAiag. Pultles, Belting, anil other n.acbmery. luuare of Kssto,.*0'- -" jay BALM ? A-LILLIB" 8 a FB; combination *; ta aerfaet roTxHti -r. sir.- 3 IWt ?yflgL~ S feet S Inches Price f ISO. ?4 Water sUwiJHfl Georgetown. jlK w.k.ftw* i L?B BALE?W?w CART*. ?agwt?i<gini fra^i r aea*eor4 bi ate rial ai>4 ettra lr.?a4. WUI be ?oM 4ow for raak^ nckssm MM wum far Brttk er BewB of Pabttc WerkaOwtiBcaWa. AfflyBlMI 4)4 atreet aowtbweet. WSAItst aonnd. Ingatreai H4W1 4H st. jJl-lw EFB10K OUT rOIB&LB. aw """"t&VPiXi, ^ 0T1CB OF BBJIOYAl*. CAiO be?s leave f&srsfg trouble to show goods. Watcbesaad Jewelry naatl*., J, B1 ? - ^ w w?s WMF bc8inr8s chancer. 420# oafc" '*"* a4jr~- ?ir?j?4i/x I h^lhe w5 ?ai.t-th. mwrn .tjt h*i\k ithlbuira <<0il J am .?*4. a * B*ittm?r? 4??-1 *? ?<?'!> ? kaim*. , '? thta my r*m?n i '? "??? j"siaii smrtoa. r..inmu. v> gjv?? ?at.B-wpttl ??.1 , ? ? food f*r ?ml'* ?*>? ? i . i . ;?*? bu'kw* * p4ttkrh ?< pkllfmu orrt^l fok ?/,'y*- ~' k ?s^t.ts;c2tsf arsw ??. isur?""*" *-j? ?i 5<t"? *" ?* *m * fc i owb~%? jl ??# ?r <? ?*, ?mt1 *i|ox ? m*.?...., a i 00 'm '' " t?l vkk A > f okb m h i ? vv;,.'-win i fufl.ti firir-s '1 p?r*-h?-?r |h 4*lr?j<f uollith^I uk - , ,,? x j p2jt??*?, ? I m Z"f 1-? ?*?r. ? ? ?m v IATI kik 4 >>!?? f ||i, h -*i h ...k k..? w<?*' | nfl <1" ** ?u*? i . ?" vt.-f > , ki?ii5r5?^-., k **i-? t.. l-i?r. &?: >o?5,u.v?r^v,1vi;7.;"';r , Hakb manf'k >,<k tv s v i ' ^ r ' ? ?' m ft?-?t i i f* u i ?< a i. ^outt/i'tV^rM^ fo.t ti| w l/ok balk, ' 1 k? atutin p'w n, irlswi ?sr t^trii^r rssr^ni'a:'"- ^ lo*. ,u ? hol8is m4 lots*|uwth?im| .,. :T'^' ? q**r>t KOi ?s ?trv.4 ' mw< b ",u**l . 1 Rmoh agcr ? '- - r o k salk AT 4 hvr??\iv v u ? u? tin] ) 1 V ti hkm j .? i , ' 1 * " r f*T<h k Mai. ?! -? ?n l? ? i r.-?m v ^it. t, ml .^.?.t?tbfik?3. &ss-i-tsft: k?5crs"i?"iV,5i', ta v.vs7 mot* D ?r dollik ? ? --<1 i n.ii! .. h 'rtsxts&irli'-s: HOI ma .w LOTH tor ?..) . *? *r? p5" < ?t* <-?? 0,'i p<irr>itwi? ,-?| to lc AN or rjtal i't^t*-!. illll.* ftlld nn * ih! *-i| m ?um ?ikl o? ttn^-tall. j AMII k * ai u u, k#ti ka)^.. |r.^n Bill i? r , ?<?.*?? nt !? o??r. lufc ia4 y f . r.>"tu t ipitur. %|okcy TO LOAM! oh kbal KSTATB ~~ nfitf i*'" ^ lu.ur.,.c*br..fc.r?. h- ^ hi* r itfnn ok balt-rut hkitk inn*; -p"j,ia;rt?"s: ZViSxisiar m rm? ?ik v h.>a?* ?r* ?hi |.uilt. i. " ?!rt1 c,>m *?*"? ?"?? r i>uu^c5* n^uire^ th? pr?iit^. < ^ u<?ob \AiLL >4 v. ??? i jf??nillunrj mi| Fancr w~,101 T'~k:\spmc-- *2 1* *"^.r .onv? y*b. <"g "j r lkm/.bkitq * ct v F ^ KM i'or !^%i^ <?it y ?' ; uf thii'firv: ..." ' ft (f ^ ~3t ?tm Tfi7 ?? cn - f t,"" 2t?a? ^ ? ??*<?-. tmrrn u^. r?!ki. i Bam, uwtllimr, Tcr.air H nt- ?iid <?? tr"n'id L"1 c l^ *r%pt' '?> ^?.-iun'ti pub vi. m i'"'rr gr!n,,a * >? k ? ? a/ f)hlu>l,,l'? . v* Pr,c, o? ? *"17 jm i oh u - - 8 a? chilli ps ?pi* *" '"?? wot i) - r a"uu?vv;:* 5isx ?; 71 diiutr * hamti tdji a rita^on, ? - w c a Building. |hd %m] p ^ professional. i)1 |r J. U. iiabkll. . 1' l'< nt>?> l< ?iii* av.-i ,. , it ., . , . (' .-- IUI> ? * h" WMr*' th? b iin. . ? t >?*. j?-l> ?>i ? s ' fba^bb, d*wri8t, 113 wk "trm,i)mt<. kihi*0'i4 h'w nt .'iitrkiiir. ? ? i .*1 ?,>rk in ?trf*. ijt, anrml.'jii,. m , pbr?> -- 'f ) citr j tu*? ??> la tb. ^rRTT ' ^ ? j*"4 i jotjtol iiaktiuak ii .id ttkmovil) u|j 1# .?? to k u 1?| ? r 11 i-r" "jil saw jtuwo.clirhaii: rn.x bbailit 8u2l^7"?.v'^*r'j*it^*'* *'*' foKTUk5 IN 119 o mtmt, twro*! 1m bnd m JUKI 9. IAIIA, attpbiil at uw, *? ? i0"1^ bbh4i?c, coaland wooa j'otkb or mwli'tiun Tfc? cc partn?rabib f .r? ?n?- .,,g nr?.? t ? nm b^id rtvu of joseph u ^ \ fal'jmx t i t^rl^u?pr^to m-tqai"in.-; i alyo!,> * 4 thepoal??d woodbosikess win s*^j .r wt"**a^1' jobkph ? pacoonkm. wbn .. ,'f "rbi. biml Will ?n r ' w ""tr?'?ii to pantm put -ttaaii'g f.r .'mii jr iw %s ? taloubkb. - J HI mumi-kttm'i'ii ?mttirp/ i*??vt*'i,DDc XL " ? Cgblr prto m< t..n >r?ll<> 4>*?tinca. my jm apitol hlitl WOOD AKO i OIL VARO a ST., BITH IIS 2ti Atil) }|>, kobtuba^t. th* c!ml?*r?l/tti"<i b?g< |i tr?> to inform ht? rn<t .-n. m?-r?nuebt. uf C?#t??i Hill?tZ - - a !,rt5- ao*1 >^o wmawimr* ru u- i >?ud ii (mid ^?mirtfii. ut ,.f ? *??17 b?rt chmu. 4 both wih wtvfl2 AM ,.r promptlr md fwihfuhi aim a n.8?-e.,im w. h. iia BLOW heal estate agents. jca* b?ilb. *habb ba?kua ??? 1mb ura*t, umwu c. ii. Tr bba. f. B1r,0B SAL*? a batxuotnr HOCSB o? i atrwmr No. !-? vsubbt, HOIBB sthi tjf.ttli^^irrr ?a>^.r?w ?n?y_or ?>< hai,*b r,* cftf i rtton. irf ?55^?s. 5^ if o^opbd "n tariona ?ortlonaot tbscity for ml" tt low ?surra ? h^rt?r mai ,lckm|* fof trooociiw improrrd proprtr fi*? tbtkbdblltoo^ *14 r.h m^z*s'l bbobbbs. ?1? ria mrmt. (u??r owmu a*tk?? baviu _ buk l i?c*trfrn^^r75?.bb?tiko. cwllbct jjj^^atik0 tabjtb h4 bloot1at1.w erfwikf jwrmleekm) ? o?aral ba| alt*rd. FrU<'& i-*"a33>w ?? . THB TBADBBL mimms I^luhbibo a bp ?an-rittuia.

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