Newspaper of Evening Star, June 21, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 21, 1873 Page 3
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BAVKEU3. OTIS BieiLOW, U ? n k ? r, I ?43 D 8TBBBT. JfCAE 8IVISTI, Pan IBTBBSST OB DEPOSITS, bUh OOL- j LBCTIOB8, ud all kaslmem cooneoted vltk lukiM. apAly B wtl. MMTIX paid ?? H. NIIIR * CO., !??? PIR9ITLTAIU ATSNUB, orroam vuxus'i botxl, WASHINGTON. D 0. Dwmtti HrtbU OB <??!?<? Pay of o#lc?n ta the Army cmM 1b i4tum. apt-tr J*. BR O DM E AD, ? B r o k ? r | ?o. Ill hiH. it#.9 Boom a, Waahtagtoa, D. 0. 8|mI?i mwi|oa to latlM atteoti' a I wbicti will HT W to U far cent. hi maoants Bad of kMtt of timsto*g|t lav WMI. Safe, reliable, proflt vi^ofijffSikS^fiit" ""Z """* Safer* If perm Melon to Lewis Johnaaa A Oo., Waahingt<-n D. 0.: Moaaa Kelly, Beg., 0?bler BatiooaT M-tropolitao Bank, Washington, P.O.; Ho?. J. H Brooh?i4, Second Controller, Washing ton. B. 0.; Edward Clark, Baq , Arehltect 0.8. Oap ttot, Wa*hirgt< n, D 0. bbtD-Ib '| 'HI BATIOBAL BAB* O* THB BBPUBLI0 A .Cuta* rof 7tta and D itf**4sJ OPS* TBOM IS A. M. TO 3 P. M. dae!7 lv CHA8 BRADLBT, Caehler. A ' ER MA M AMBRICAS IATINM lAftft, VI Mo.tli^iTKitiSiiin, Orrcrui uu fset- QBcs " Baa* boar*: 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. Bator til 9 p. m , to rt>c?Te deposit* only. Internet paid oa depualta. Oollectloaa tsrhao*<? fnraiehed. JOHNHITZ. President, A BBKBLT, ?. Prest, W. r M ATTT?QLT3?e..C. E PBEKTISS.Cash'r KI?H? j AT COOK It * CO., BBT ABD HILL TORSION BXCHANGB and 'SSUB C1BCULAB LETTERS OP CBBDIT for Travel-r< r+it'.abU u amy prnn *f tin world. Oar Draft* <>o JAT COOKE. MoCCLLOCB A BO? a BilVl liUV lOHPOB. ?? Of BKALAirS, IlgLAVPaag (9caTL**T?. >?* VJSL maris W A?HI 5l?TO!l CITT AAV HOB BANE (V?# TiA una Bad Lmnttamm wi. PATS ? PKB 0E3T. INTEREST 0M DBP081T latorMt ??ia?M?a from data of deposits. D?reaa bo Biada aad drawn at will. mylStf J. A. Bl'PP. Tnanm RAILROADS. 1PALT1MOBB ABD OHIOi I) RAILROAD. J On and altar Sl'SDAT, Jane 1." '.<73. will leave \? ASH INGTON CITT a* follow*, viz : Baltimore and Way Pointa_- BUO a. m. Baltimore and Way point* 4:43 a. Bi Cincinnati Kxpr**?, via M?tp poiitaa BR...7 JO a. m Boeton, Si-? T?rk and Philadelphia Bip. 8 HO a. at Baltimore nul Way Point* 8.44 a. m Baltimore Pa*t Bxpre**, withoot stop*.... 9:?4 a an. Baltimore and Waj Point*...- 13.-40 m. New Tork ?ud Philadelphia Kiprtsa 1 06 p. m Baltimore Expr***. without *t?p* 3 .30 p m Baltimore and Wn Poitt* 3:40 p. ir. V incliester and Metr -poHtan Accom. 4 50 p m. Baltimore anil Waj Point* J.U0 p m. Cincinnati. Celanibue and 9t. lionis Ex pr--*f?except Saturday 1'58 p. m Philadelphia Ex pr>-?* S-UO p. tn B?ltim->re W ay P-iuta .7:45 p m. B'>aton.N?w York and Philadelphia Exp...9:90 p.m. Baltimore ?tfi Way Point*.... p m bt Looi?,Cinrinr ati and Coinniba* Exp. .9:40 p. m. kkom Baltimore for washinotom. Lr?? at t ?. 9 >>? 7,1, H15, Mi and 11 14a. m.; and 1 49, 3.3V, 4:30, tit. < KV ? ?n and j:3D p m. POB A.1SAPOL 18. At 6:45 a. m aad 5 p. ni.: bnt not <>o Saoiay. FOR NOkPOLR. At 1 u6 p an., but not *n !?mr1a*. SUN DAT TRV1N9. imb Balr:mor?? The 4.30 r at R?lay and Lanrel only; the 5 *> a. ra. and l W p. in , *t<>ppir.? at Br lay o? l?; Ike 8:.?! p. m., with<?nt ?top?; the 9 a. !ji . 3 20. 5:9?. a;.d S:90 p m stopping at all station* Prvm W??hiD(rton ?The 5 aiui 4 m., 5 . 7 45 and 9 50 p m train* *toppin? at all stati ???; the 1:04 and ? he4 p ni ?: K. !a) only, ar.'l the t SO p. tn wi'hoat <?'{* ruB POINT or ROCK? AND INTERMEDI ATE POINTS. AtSa m and 4 90 p. m Betumirc,l?are p.>iit nf Boek" at 7:<<u a. tu and J.ll n. m.. arriving yt Wwh ? niton at 9:35 a m and 7.16 p. tu. S j local train* on 8uadav Throngh ticket* to tha Wnt can he had at the W aehiu^tob itation Ticket Office at all h >ar*ofthe imj, al*o, at the Coaipany'* office, 494 P?nn*ylva tiia avenn- Paj*<*nfer* pn'chaoing ticket* at the Ajenti* offi.-e, ran there arrange to hare their bacgag* call-.! for and checked at their residence, >afeea to the d>-pot, and put ia*o the baggage car. For New T rk, Philad-lphia, and B'J*toD,*e? ad ?artf?ement if" Th'nuth Line." TIJOS R MJARP. Barter of Tran*portation. L M. COLE, General Ticket Agent GEO. 9. KOOHTZ, h 1 General Ag?-nt, Washington. 1' H B'' l<. 11 LINE BET WEE V W A9BINGTOM. PHILADELPHIA AND NEW TORK _ Wkri.xotoi, May 38,18TJ? N >?0. Train* between Waablaginp aod a i N-w Tork are now ran a* follows,^?B^^SZTe vis: FOR HEW TORK, without ?"hange of cara. L.-ave d?ily <cicept 8niida>; at j a. m , 1 04 *nd 90 p. m POB PHILADELPHIA. Leave daily (oacept Bnn<laj) at 8 a.n?., 1.06anJ 6a? ON8CND4T. Leare f<?r II>-w Tork at 9:90 p. m , and Philadal phia at 4 u0 p ni. Sleeping cara for New Tork on 8:50 train only. Tbr??gh ticket* to Philadelphia, NewTork.ot Bo-t .u sau ba had at the Station Office at all boun jf tha dap. 8ee Baltimore aad Ohio Bailr*ad advertisement 'or achednle between WaahiDgtoti, Baltimore, Aa Baaoti* and the W eat TH?>8 B BHA RP. Master of TranaportatL)n. L M. COLE. G-r.eral Tick-t Ageat UBO 9 KOONTZ. Agent, Washington. mV LBXABDRIA A WA8HIB0 TOB B. B. ABB I A PRBDBBICKHBCBO B. B. if B *4 StxUk A Local Trafa* leave for Alexandria a* follow*-?4,7, %, A, ?. 11. a. m . 15 nooa. 1 3, 3, 4. 4. 4. 7,9. p. m ; -Ja m. and 7 p. m. daily,all other traiu* daily oxcept Banday. L"cal Train* from Alexandria arrive aa follow* 5 J3. 7 tt. H St. 9 33. *? ?. 11 33. a. m. 13 .tl. 1 A3. 3.33 3 33. 4 S3. 7 S. 9.33 p ni.; 8.33 a. m. and (JO p m. fr m Alexandria daily, all other train* daily except 9melay. "Tratna a.ark*d thos connect with train* oa Wash tngton and Ohio B. B. QCABTICO AccoWMdaClo* leavaa Waibingtot fjja. m. daily, exo-pt Snnday. OBBAT H?I THERN EXPBBSS, via Blcbm c4 iaavea WaahlnitU'a 11 oo p. m. daily. except 8oaday Through tick?ta U all potata 8i>atk and Boatkwefl 'or aale at OSce*, ctruer Uth atraat and Pannay Iva ila av-oae, and corner 4tb atreM and PenaayWaal* ? her* paaaeiiger* ui leave ardor* for kaggage to b* obec* ed at all hotels and reetdeace* tArov^B to daaO aatlon. B 9 Torno.owi jyt?-ti IIALTISOIB ABD POTOMAC t> railboad, lhpo* tm 41* mmd B mrmu, &. W.< TBAlBS LIATB POB 1 TBAIBB ABBITB 41 Baltimore wasbinotov. ?iM a. m.. Niagara Brp . 4 49 a. m., Western Bxp dally. daip except Bnsdag. 1:93 a a . Baltimore Mall. 9:3i a. .a.. Mall,dally, am dalty, i cept 8uadM. a 99 a. ?., Western Bxp., ll ?s a. a.,Waatara Bxp. daily, except Sunday. 1:40 p. tn Baitim- re Acc dally,except Pnnday. 3M p. m , BalthrT* Ac srss.T-1"" j 39 p m., Cincinnati Bx daily. 3-IBb m Cincinnati Ex. daily,except Sunday ? ft*- '*?Ss Sxpraaa dally, except Sunday 1*?J'1'P i Anooa*mod ttloa arem^aiiyr.tciM 8^ ? 40 \ m . Sontharr. Ex M p.'m . Waters Bxp., ET' *' lw 'fJly' ix:u aad 433 p <|-.H B M -A a. M northwest ooaoer of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, caa have thai/ baggage ulW ed at hotel* aad reald?nS to all aolnta Ihlcago,Omaha, Saa Prturlss , aad ail potato aartA .ortaw?et. wwt, and g 9 TOCBO.O?1Lp^*iyj'WTO mm ? mm. m W S"V? Vfl 1 rMlT Ageat. JyVtf 1872 PSNBSTLTA^U BOUTS 1872 TO TBS SOSTBWB^^)OTB. UD BOOTH g 'OHESH LOAB OPP1CB, eras #/ TtA Mr*s9 V/ aad firm Teefc naw, atrsacs ea Bew /Ov YorA aretine. The moet private loaa o?ceXwJL ib the cits Money loaaed at tks lews* rate? Q of tntereet oa Gold aad Silver Watches. Diamonds, Plata aad Plated Ware, Guns, Pistols, Ladles and OwOtaiB'? Cloth lag. Carpsts , aad afl artltise^of N S^8^JPSTB,^y?|jPshreea,^>j "Je^Baa 'aSan ^oMtsfnai^m^a^ww mm iszj& tsztsrsi star -ss. GROCER& (J ?. O'HAIK * MM, WBOLUALI AND BETAIL OBOCEB8, ltlirn BTIIIT NOBTH WB8T. II and N ate.) BBW BCTTKB I KIW CHBB8B1 IB 1? 16 IB IB 16 16 IB ' BAMS. 8CGAB CUBED HA MS lBc. PBB LB. IB IB IB IB IS IB DOOLBT* TBA8T POWDBR OBAHAM FlSuB. OAT HBAL. Becker's WbMtM Grlta, Hecker"a Vtrlni, Br* Flour, Barley Tapioca, Itfo.Banlou, Duryea% Corn Starch. Wax Candle*, Oroaa A BJarkwoll'i Pick 1 an, Ool uaD i Muatard, Sticknay A Poor'a Mustard, OUre Oil. Banc**, 6ahd Drwtot. CINCIBBATI OLBINB SOAP. Dory**'! Satin Qloes Starch. Baker's Chocolate, Cocoa, and Cocaa Shell*, Br-rna, Prunes, On Trent*, Ralaiaa. MEDICINAL LIQC0R3. Old Port Wiae, French Brandy, B<>Han<l Gin, blackberry Brandy, Fiue Uld Whiaky, California Brandy. C. S. O' HARE * BON. wW tr 1VI3 7th at. n. w., between M end N. tOtlT F Hk(klVtL) OlkECT from the Milla In VALLEY OF VIRGINIA. Ill Mil to familla* SB cent* per barrs leaa tbae usual prices, Prlcea of SUOABS and TEAS all marked down. CATAWBA WINK, out received from Pleaaant Valley Win* Company, a gallon. 8. H. BACON, 70* Market Spac*, ?narl between 7th and 8th atreeta. STEAMER LINES. A nihor like stba.mkri, Xn. bail from Pier SI), North River .New York. EVEBY WEDNESDAY AND SATUBDAT. The paaarnger accommodation* on Steamer* of this line are unsurpassed for elegance and comfort. Cabin staterooms are all on npper deck, thus securing good light' and vertilation. BATES OF PASSAGE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL. OB LONDONDERRY. Sat. W?d. <!?iiivi. Gold. Corrency. Cabin* f"5 and #71 and 9*? Cabin return ticket* securing beat accooimod atioua_ fl.V 31a) Steerage, currency, 930. Certiflcatee for passage from any seaport or railway at at ion in Great Britain, Ireland or the Continent at BATSS AS LOW as BT AST OTBI1 PI RsT-.'LASS Lit* For passage apple to HKNDKBmiN BKoTIl ICRS, 7 Bowling Green, N. Y.;toC. CAMSACK, 1443 Fat. n. w. ,or WILLIAMSON A CO., 17*4 Penn. avenne n.w.. Agents, Washingt-n. ni6 t.ttaji.trn EW EXP BESS LINE VIA CANAL, brtwik* N PHILADELPHIA, ALEXANDRIA, Va., WASH INGTON AND GEORGETOWN, D O. sailiss days. Prom Pier I, North Wharves. Phil adelphia, WEDNESDAY and SAT-1 UBPAY, at l?m. 1 From Water afreet, Georgetown, D. 0., TCEB DAY and SATCRDAY, at 10 a. m. This line connect* at Philadelphia with " _ yde*i Iron Line" of steamers f'">r Providence, B ??ton and 1 New England States. No wharfage in Boston b> this lino Q. F HYDE. Agent for D. of 0 WM. P. CLYT>E A CO., Philadelphia. F. A KK1D. Alexandria, Vn. Vr ALTO A. PEABCE, ?4 Congress Street, Boa ton. ?X"Preights delivered by Kb^x"a Express. Order* left at General Office, 60.1 Pennsylvania avenue, or at the atesuuer wharf will be promptly attended ' to. spa ^ASHINGTON^NOjKFO^LK. BOSTON AND The flne Iron Steamer LADY OF THB LAKE | having reeumed her regular trips to Norfolk, will leave her wharf, foot.^^C?3B^^ of 4th etreet, every MONDAY TH V BSDA Y, at 1 p. m., touching at principal Blvei Landing*, connecting at Norfolk with Steamship of the M and M. Line for Boston and Providence Freight should be addressed "care of Lady of th* Lake, via Norfolk." Branch ticket office at Knox's Express "ltce.603 Pennsylvania avenne. T M.CBOCCH, Agent,Oth-street wharf. DOBSEY CLAOETT, General Agent. it 14 Plant's Store, corner lath at. and Pa. ava. ^ I <| A Rtt LINE. NOTICE With the view of diminishing the chancea of colli aton, the Steamer* >f this Line will, henceforth, take a specified course for all seasons of the year. On the Ontwarl Passage from yn*enstown to New York or Beaton,crossing Meridian of (0 at 43 L it., or nothing to the north of 43. On the Homeward Passage, crossing th? Meridian of 80 at 42 Lat., or nothing to the north of 41. qihaed line. THB BBITISH AND NOPTQ AMBBIOAB BOTAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW YOBK AND LIVBBPOOL. CALLING AT CORK HABBOB. FROM NEW YORK. "Algeria?.Wed. Jnne IS I Batavia..._Sat.._Jnne 11 * Russia..^_Wed_ June 25 i Calabria. jBat Junejs " Jav*__..Wed July 1 j Parthia._..8at_... July 3 'Cuba ?Wed?July 9 I Samaria Sat July 12 'Scotia Wed .July M I Abyssinia .Sat..... July 1S? Steamer* marked tha* ? <0 not carry (teerag* paa eengeca And *vary following WBDNESDAT and BATOB DAY from New York. Bath op Paju?i.-CbMi?, ?SD.flM, and ?1R Kid, according to accommodation. ckatato Pari*, 014, gold, additional.4 Return tickets oa favorable terms.' Steerage, BIB,currency. Steerageticketsfrom Liverpool and .... and all pari* at Europe, at lowei rata*. Through Mil* of lading given to Belfast Glasgow, Havre, Antwerp and other points on the Continent and for Mediterranean porta. For freight and cabin aaa ?age, apply at the Company *a office, No. 4 Bowling Green; for ateerag* paaaage, at Ho. Ill Bread war Trinity Building. CHAS. ?. FBANCKLYB, Agent, New York. OTIS BIGELOW, Agent, Office, 64 3 D street nortnwest, noviaiy Washington, D. 0. \| EBCHANT'8 L1NB OF 0TBAMSHIP8. 17J BtTWlIX WASHINGTON AND NEW TOBE. Mtmaftw tA* flne Steainahlp* B 0. KB1GST ana JOHN GIBBON will Biak*regular weekly ^j?aa trip* between NEW YOBK, ALBXAN-^H^ft DBIA, WASHINGTON and GEORGE-*"** TOWN, a* follow*;?Leave NBW XOBE fro? Plat ?? Eaat River, every SAT CUD AY at 4 p. ?? Usavt GEOBGETOWN every FRIDAY at T a. a., aiW ALEXANDB1A tha atn* day at IB m. For full Information apply to B. P. A. DBEHAM Agent, oBiea and wharttoot of High atreet, George town, or at tb* acrnsc of 17th atiaat and Bsw Fork ? _ VFreigh** delivered by Knox'k Bxaraa*. Or ders left at General Office, BOS Pennsylvania eve nne, or at the aUsaner wharf will be promptly at tended to. lall-tf J. W. THOMPSON. I PROPOSALS. ^KE^H BEEF AND VEGETABLES. Navy Pat OrncK, / Wa*hi.ngt?*. D. C-, Jnne 17. la7J. f Sc aled Proposals, en.lTmrd " Prop for Frr?li Beef and Vegetables," will be r?ceived et this office un'il a o'clock p. m., on the itiiH bar nr Jots, 1-73. f-r : he supply of 2S^MU (twenty-tive thou->aud) poon'l* 11 Fresh Be*f, and 251<U0(twenty-flve th >u sand I pounds of Freah Vefetaldes, at the Washing ton, D C , Navy Yard and Station, as required. The Beef must be of good quality, and equal to the grade necessary to make the be-t niess b??f, and be deli>ared in equal proportion of fore and hind ijnar tera. The Vegetables must be i f the beet inahty the market affords-and to- Beet aud Vegetables muat be offered for by tne pound B?m da with approved s-carltv, will b*r?>iaired in one-quarter the estimated am unt of the cont fact, aud t?ei,ty par cant, ia addition will b? withheld from the amount of ta^h payment, as collateral ae curitv for th* due pert >raaan?-e of tbe aoatract, which raaari atloe will not be paid aaiil the contract is fully complied with. Kvery offer must be accompanist by a written guaranty, aigned br one or more responsible per e.'t>e. that tb* bidder or bidder* will, ir hi a or ttieir hid be accepted, enter into an obligation within five days, with good and sufficient sureties, to famish the articles propoaej. Bo proposal will be considered unleea accompanied by such guaranty, and th* Department reserves the right to rejett any prupoeal unless the responsibility of the guarantoia ia c?rtlfled to by tha Collector of Internal Bevenue for the district in which they re side, and unlaaa satisfactory evidaac* that the bidder is a regular dualer In the art idea he offer* to anpply ia furniabed with the propi?al, aa well aa to rgject any propoeai not considered advantageoua to the It i* to be nnderatood that the contract will expire 1 tks cIom of the fiscal year ending JnueS0,l?4. wit&?Tg?d ?o the ?jaantlties which may have a. a -* ? ' been delivered, and, in caa* the Mipolated ouaatitT of either WMNaBall bad*Uvared Before that K leaving a balance doe on tb* other article, the coo tract may be considered a* completed ia fall, at the optima of tb* Department. .0- THOBHTON, jU-44 Par Inapaotar U. 8. Navy. [ N THB bOPBBMB COUBT OF THB DISTBICT L __Tf COLUMBIA, ~ " Twm,Jum4U,im?. aph Jack-on, executor of ?wo, ?aee_aaad. the exaratar afore baaafrohMtaa aftbaSapemneCourt and diatri batten of the personal estate of said de c-aa-d, and ot the aaaeta in hand, aa far aa th* 1 have been collected and turned into money; whaa and a here all the creditor* and heirs of aaid deceased are notified to attend, with tbeir clalma property vouched, or they mar otherwise by law be excluded from all l>enefRla aald deceased's estate: Provided. a copy of this order be published once a week for three weeks in the Star previous to the aaid day. _ Teat; A. WEB8TKR, jtg-eJt* Befiater of Wills. rfererair.frfigk. !i"?? STOE-rwinarje! uu AUCTION 8ALES. mm dat?. I?T TU1)8. I. WiOOAlAN, U btate Aact.aneer, ?1? 7th streat. SAL* or A VALUABLE AMD ELEGANT RESIDENCE, RECENTLY BI'ILT WITH ALL MODERN CON V BNIBNCES, ON 13th 8TBEET, BBTWKBB K. AMD L STBEBTS NORTBWEST. Cwl?t uid by virtna of a d??d of trut dated Ka November I, A . D ISTI. and r>-coctisd Februarr Mli.A.D 1*73. la Liber 70S. folio Ull?r*l{MdtrMtNi?iU, mIMU mt off Jt'LT, A D. ItvJ, at 4:30 o'clock p. m..set1 at public auc tion. In front c4 the premise*, lot numbered forty four, (44.) in square numberwl twe hundred and forty-night, <348,)in the city of Washington, D. 0., aa aaid lot and square are and described on the ground plat or plan of said city. This property la situated on 13th atraet, between K and L northwest, and la improved by a vary vale able and aWast mxUtio*. It will be aold subject to a deed of trust made to Wm. S Ickney and George H Plant, to secure (10.000 and Interest, which deed ia recordad In Liber 703. f jlio 22, on the 14th day of November. A.D.U71. The principal <>f thU ?10,000 will fall due in November, A D 137l; thera are fSO of interest dae and unpaid on thi< mm. The terms of sale are: One-half rash, and the residue In six and twelve month*, th- deferred pay ments to bear C per cent, interest, and to be ?ecar>*d on the aroperty sold; |UU of the cash payment to be made at time of aale. All conveyancing at purchaser's cost. If the terms of sale are not compiled within si* day* from day of sale, the Trustees reserve the right to re-ell trie property at the coat and risk ol defaultn* purchaser GBO. F. APPLBBT, I r?.?^ VM E EDMONDSTON.< Trustees. jeU-eo TMOS. g. WAQUAMIN, Aact. ?FT LATIMER A CLEARY, l? Auctioneers and K?-al Estate Brokers, Southwest corner P. nna. avenne and lltta street, ' Star Office Building. CHANCERY SALE OP VALUABLE IM PROVED PROPERTY ON NEW YORK AVc NUE, NEAR TH1BTEBN1H STREET WEST. C By virtue ol a dt cre* passe-1 in cam? N - 3,211 Equity, Supreme Court of the Dirtrict of Columbia, we will sell on THURSDAY, th> 46th day of June, A. D., 1S73. at 6H o'clock p m., in fr nt of the premise*, t he west half of lot No. 0 in sqnare 2rtH. according to the public plats of tk<> city ot Washington. The premises front 2S feet on New York avenue, and is IA) feet es*t fr?m 1.1 h street, are inipro-ed 'with a comfortable re-i dsnce, being No. 1 'J'J7 New York areou#. Tt<rm* of sale: One-third cash, residue nt 4 and 11 nonths.with interest from day <>f sale. Conveyan cing at purchaser's cost. JltX) down at time ot sale. PREP. W JONES,I JAS. P TUSTIN, i Trustees Prlvata offers for tha property are solicited, and should a suitable one bs mivlo, it may l>e accepted, lr'none such is made the property will be sold at above advertised. jt-17 (Rep I LATIMER .* CLEARY, Ancts. BY B. H. WARNER. Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 789 7th street, between O and H sts. 8 AI E OF VERY DESIRABLE PROPERTY AT TUB SOUTHWEST CORNER OF 8 STREET AND VERMONT a V B N U BN. W. ?I will sell,on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 4Atb, W3, at half pant 6 o'clock, in front of the preniitex. Lot 3, in Clark's subdivision of yuarc ?<7, fronting 40 M on Vermont av<>nne and feet 7K Inches on 8 street, containing 1 JMrqtiare fe?t. Term*: One-third cash; balance 6 and 12 months, w th interest. ASQdown day of sab*. .l?-d B. H. WARNBR, Anct. r~ IT LATIMER* CLEARY, * Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers. Scuthwest corner Pennsylvania sv?nne and Elev enth street, Btar Office Buildings. TWELVE PASES OFW1NE AT AUCTION. On THI'RSDAY, July 10th, at 14 o'clock Cffijm.. ve w ill sell, at th* Freight D?p->? ?f th? B???lltaitimore and Potomac railroad, corner of ^^^?"Mar>land avenue and 9'h str?et sonthwfst, twelve cases of Wine, on account of freight and charges. All parties concerned pleas* tak<- uotice. Terms cash. E. L- DU BARRY. Supetfntendent of B. A P. R. U. Co. jelO-eoAds LATIMER A CLEARY. Ancts. INSURANCE COMPANIES. WB. JO.IEl * CO., ? A'o. 511 7ik utreei, opp. P. ft. Dffartment, H?--present the following strong Fire lusurance Ccmpanii-s: THE GERMAN AMERICAN, OT N Y., Canh Capital, A 1 ,000 .000. THE MERCHANTS, (TV NEWARK, N. j , n 22 tr Caeh Assets, ?576.74?. 17. ip R EAT WESTER!* FIREIJISlR A > C E VI COMPANY. CASH ASSETS ?306,447 6il OFFICE, 603 FIFTEENTH STREET, OPPOSITE THEASLKT ItKPAHTMkNT. nilS 3in R. W BATES, Agent. fH* CORCORAN FIRE INSURANCE 1 COMPANY OF TI1E DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Onaaittd April lit, 1K73. capital Si oo, ooo. OFFICE No. 1449 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE (Ovie Milbgbs's Decs Stoke.I JOHN T. LENMAN, President. A. H HERB, Vice President. J. T. DYER, Secretary. Dieictobs:? Wm. Unne, H. Clay Stewart, Chas A. James, Jas. L. Barbour. Bdward Droop, Jsbn T., Michael Oraen, John Bailey, A. H. Herr. _ap4-ly TUE EQl (TABLE LIFE ASSURANCE 1 SOCIETY. The business <-f this Company has for years been the largest of any similar institution in the world. F. HEYER, OtvtiAL Aqest, may23-ly 503 and Itt 7th street. INSURANCE. HEYER ft BMHOP, lilirilte Agents, No. iOi SEVENTH STREET. Was Hi.1&Tax, D. C. LONDON ASSUBANCE CORPORATION, (Or ganised 1720?the oldest Insnrauce Com pany in the world.) Ca?h Assets, Gold f 13.434.14* CONNECTICUT FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. Of HAETPOKU, Cash AssiTa...... #6*4 00t? NATIONAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. or Haeteoed, Ca*h A?srr* 9643.000 TRADERS' FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. or Chicago. Ca?H Assets,(Inv'td U. 8. r?g.bonds,) 1|600.000 NATIONAL KIRE AND MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY, Philadelphia, Cash Asset*.? ? 9493,000 ALSO. AGENTS FOR EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY op New Yoee, Ca*h Assets 9'^0,000 000 JscB-sJf op the DISTRICT OF 00LCMB1A. OhUAXlZ&U A UU OST 40, 187? JAHH CAPITAL. B100,??? Office In Shepherd's Building, Bo. V09H Pennapi iania avenue. MOSES E ElLY, President. WM ?- TODD, Vioe President bAMUEL CROSS, Secretary. IIIMTOU : J. B. Blake, Wm B. Todd, Wm. Wall, Charles J oat, Wm. G. Metaarott, John T. Leumaa, O?o. F Gnlick, Moses KsUy. A. R. Shepherd, ocl4-tl BOOKS, STATIONERY, Ac. WORK; A STORY OF EXPERIENCE. B? v v Louisa M. Alcott, author of "Little Women," QUESTIONS OF THB DAY. By Dr. Jeha Hall. MAY. By Mrs. Oliphant. PROTECTION AGAINST FIRE. By Joa. Bird. Li-isure H"ur Seriea?Hero Carthaw. Under the Greenwood Tree. At BALLANTYNE'8, jll-tr 449 7th street HTHE AMERICAN OOD FELLOW," for June M. price 16 cents, received and for sale by STOCKMAN A SON, Ag?uts for District of Co lumbia, 848 9th street northwest, corner of I. Also all the new B<v-ks, Periodicals, Ac., and a full as sortment ?f Stationary, Pictures, Picture Fraraaa, Ac. m?-tr |^1ST of NEW Books at SHILLINOTON'S BOOKSTORE, Goimib 4H St beet bud Pes* a. Avehub Old EsMlngtoa. Bp Mias Thackeray. The Old wnnteas. A sequel to "Lord Hope's Choice.'' By Mr*. Ann 8. St-ph-i.s. Antiquities of Sonthern Indiana. Above Tempest and Ttd?. Paacarel. By tba author of "Strathmore" nag Mr*. Whitney, author " Wa Girls." A Fair Saxoa. By Juatla McCarthy. Ing and lnatrwaliva literature. B ys of Engiaad. A yonng gentleman'* journal -A^^hC^IL,Di3r?.. A large Mock of BLAME BOOEs' PAS -OOKS very tossaal priaa?. gjjl OfI ATTOTTON SALES. jruruRK days. UT LATIXXI A CLEAR*. 3 .^ A"rti"B?tmnd R~al fitate Broken. oorTLT^CSd22*'od n* TBUSTEE'S 8ALBOF VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS IN SQUARE i03. ?f tw.? dw<>? of trout to the under ;tTerlne JV ?Tw,JE?tlT'lI the ISthand r^,iLh,n' J?"2?nr- A. D f<TJ. and r?".H?d la "jrj ?P??"* ?71. folio S0.1 or the land m orde of this DiMrii'l, ud at the nuwat of the ??' iwTSiVi."? thereby, we T'".?-" "uWBDNESDAY, nr!mi^ i*Vw A, D io 'ro?t ? the rs'sjn." S#ctoci-Lou Lot* S(,? M(l I f?rh front ? feet on N street. ?D^ ? J*** "? 134 5M feet to ? |7 f. Kit alley! Lota 31 Mid St wrh front U feet i?n Daion street, icd hiav e adept h of Ik) feet to? foK alley Lots M and .M are improved with large brick dwelling houses ?7e.*Zn,; One-fourth cash; residue at ?, IS ant 18 n onth* with interest frcm tlie day of sale Denl given and deed of trust taken. OoJJey ai?ng fT?. perse of pnrchaeer A suitable deposit will b? re. gmred apod each parcel when knocked off FRED. W. JONES, 1 _ ' TH01. H ('ALLAN, < Tranter. je!7-d LATIMER A CL^ARY. A.kU, IIY B. H WARNER, " No ,oU^,"t",B,x*,r lrHl Auctioneer, N*. 74V 7th street, between G and H. TRUSTEES' SALE OI1 SIX NEW THREK 8T0BY MANSARD R00F ANI> BASEMENT BRHK HOUSES ON NORTH SIDE OF I TTt ?tkckfT^ah? WIS <!APITOL AND & ?Va bkin0 ~ nfJW" of ?l^'le"ftrii?tfrom J >hn N. Hubbard to us, all bearing date November Urh, A P. 1872. and duly recorded in Lib?r No. Too. f. I10. MS, S18. SSI, 224. and S27, of th* land record for? * bhinetoD county, District ..f G^nmh.*, we will aril at public auction, to the highest bidder or 1" 1 ? L !z?ut "f tlle premium, .11 WEDNE3D V V July 9th, 1873, commencing at 6 o'clock p m . Lots 116,117,118,119, IS), 121, and 122, iQ B F Gilbert's recoided subdivision "f Sjuare 875, together irlth the Improren)#- ts thereon, c >n?i?tin* or tlx (6) thre-* rtory and Mansard roof Brick Dwellings. Ea h >f of 80 leet. A full description at t!ie office of th - aiic tiomer,ami will bo giren on d?y of wale. Terms: $15,000, with 10 per cent interest front 11*h, 1ST., and e*p. nxe <>f ?ni? ?-.n e?, li bonne in Ci?*h; bnlance in 6, l?, and 18 months, fir which note# of thw pfin^hM^r r*r rQrcha?er4, hearing interest froni day of nale, will be requirtAl, wecar-il by a de. d of trust on the property. ft'JOU djwn at time of sale on each house. If terms of sale are n >t complied with w ithin ten days after sale, th* prop erty will be resold at the rirk and co-t'of thedeftiult ing purchaser or pnrchaser*. All conveyancing at cost nf purchaser of purchasers. ?^"The purchaser or purchasers can obtain a loan on lue above property. EDWARD'W. PARSONS,/- . ROBERT E. DAY, < Trust-m. }<?*>?* J. T. (,'OLDWELL. Silesman BY THOMAS B. WAOGAMAN, Real Estate Auctioneer, 419 7th street. CH ANCERY SALE OF A VERY COM FORT A BI.K DHELL1NQ ON *>tii STREET BE TWEEN P AND y STRKETS NORTHWEST Lixler and by virtueof adecreeof the8oprefn< Court of the District of Colmiihia, dated J.tuua ?^ry Wth. A. D. Is73, and of a further dscre.- of said court,dated June 10th, A. D. 187a, ?.,1 passe.1 in a certain ranse In said c. nrt. In which Frari-is Btohnn and others are complainants and f'harles W. Perkins and others are defendants, numbered J..H91 Equity Docket IS, the mwiersign.-d Trustee in said cao.e ap^,jrt..d w,n, on the 87th ti*y or June. A. 1>. at A.30 p. iii.9 a? II. at public auctiou, i t front of the premises. Lot biuuber.4 < HI thirteen, In Thomas Young s and Samuel Fow ler V subdivision /,isiJ!'',,!*r,'.in"n<1Jjl'r",rf':llr ,nln'lr'''1 ??"> twentv imobia City ot Washing! in, District of Co The property is situate.) on 8th street, between P ?lid U?treet?nonhwtr. and is improved liy a very c< Bif<?rtabl*a brick dw(i,.u^, thret? dtorien in an?l kale* by front. * 1 The t# rtiip of sale an prencrfbH by laid^: One-tlilro cath, an<l th?* r^ian?' In two ??oual in^tal nients of U and 18 nioi.ths; the deferred paymeri*^ t"? bear interest from day of sale, (6 per centum pei annum), ai .1 to be liens on th?* property sold. A2.'si of cash payment to be given at t!i? timo of sale. Vu.| t he residue of cash payment to be ni;ul? within Ave days, otherwise the property will be resold at the and ri?k <>f th< defaulting ptirciia-'er. C ?nve> ancing at purchaser's cost. ,, ? , GEOKOK r. APPLEBY. Trnst-e. jl2 e?2w [Rep.] THOS. B. WAOUAMAN. Auet. BY LI TTKELL A DUNNINQTO*. Anctl ?ne^s" 917 Louisiana ave ,bet. 9th and lothsts N. W. vALDABI.E IMPROVED real estate - ONE TWO STORY FRAME AND STABLE AND TWO TWO ? STORY NEW BRICK DWFLLINOS, ASH THREE VAl"abLE ?L1 1!^? LOTS, FRONTIN'O f STREET AND MASSACHI'SETTS AVENCB AT I\ TERSF< TION OF NORTH <'A PITOL S CUt'ET (ON SUB Lot 1. SyCARE ) 1 r, rfSl^0in THURSDAY, July 3J, 1873, at ?> 31 _mO clock p. m., in front uf the premise*, w-e slnll ??se||t at public auction, all of Lot on-*(l) in ?ub di'iBli'n of Square 636, with the iiiiproyenienti men iioned Hi?ove therein. PurticuUr attention is called to the above sile as the corner lot is a s|>I ndi.U.nation for hnaine-s nnr pos?s. at.d rare chances will be offered for profltalde it * .-"tnient. The Hooves and Lots will be sold separately Teni.s ?f sal*: One-fourth cash,( of which *50 or. each House atid >2o on each Lot must be paid down I balance in 6, IS, 18 artd 24 month-, from day of sale, with eight per cent. i'iWe?t until paid, to be s-^urH by de.d of trust on i>i..p rty sold. Conveyancing and recording at purchaoi-rs'cost. . , WlL F. HOLTZM AN. Attorney Jl3-d LLTTRELL A DCXN tNC.TON. Auct?. WY B. H. WARNER, ~ w Br<.ker and Auctioneer, No. 7519 .th street, between G and H.

W south"1!" U"TBVa"" ?T: a'J 't'I? ?TS A, *,jr.T!rtu*> of ? deed of trust to Dani.-I L. Baton ayydated Jute 6,18TS,aisl duly recorded In Liber JN>? folio one of the laud r**cor?U ?f \''aV ';y,d a decree of the 8n prem? Court of the District of Columbia pan^d ju caaae9,198, K^uity D- ck??t ? ?nb?titiitiTigtheund**r eA"^ T- Vr A" "'?cr,.0f L *?'?>". Ie cea?ed, 1 will sell, at public auction. In front of the premise*, to the highest bidder, on W EDNKSDAY io y? -ii ' Bt ? "'cloVk 9 m ? P'rt of lot U. s., ia-e 870, beginning at northwest corner of said lot (15) and running thence east ?j feet. thence soiKh 88 i-et f inches, thence east 16 feet, south 12 f-et 1 SEfTikSES ,rieS.f^gmud thence nort" m Terms; ^?0, with interest from June 8, 1872 and expends of sale in cash balance in ?? ??cured by a deed of trust upon the property. It terms of sale are not complied with within live days after sale, the Trustee reserves the right to r.atll the propertv at the ri-k and ost oftbedefanlt ing purchaser. ?100 down on acceptance of bid Conveyancing at purchaser's port. ? ? O W. 8T1CKNEY, Trustee. jelTeoAds B. H. WARNER, Auct. UY DLXCANfON, DOWLING A CO.. Auct ? *-? corner 9th and D street* northwest. ?F IMPROVED PROPERTY baSt^VaV! TI8o"n?ndstk"ts n0ktu" B?' of a dee.! of trust dste<l Augnst ltth. 186b, and duly recorded in Libor R. M. U. lti, folio ?1, one of the land recoids of Washington O)utity,of the District of ('ulnmbia, and by written request of the parties *,?ured. I will proce.?d to se|| at public auction, on SATURDAY AFTERNOON July 1 Slth, 1873, at 6 o'clock p m , in front of the' premises, all ?f lot 1, of Fieider R. D ?rsett's s'il. it w"D k or,,"V'^ !<1}' ";i??r?723. as laid down in K. W? No. 1, folio 8.1, of the plat <f Washington City, fr<>nrit.g M feet llinch.'-sou 2d street east. 54 ee' on Massachusetts (avenue, hu.I 6 > fe.?t i inches 'tl.'if .north' ' "Proved by a two story fram house with Ave rooms. Tetmsr One-third cash; balance 6, 12, anfj mi ntbs, notes bearing int rest an l secured by a de -d of trust on the pr.-oiises. ?100 deposit will be -OK ? oia(" "!n? *" ""r1 ^ fteriiis are not compli.-d with wtihin todays after sale,the trustee reserves the right to resell at the rKk ?nd .-o?l of defaulting purchaser. FRANCIS B MOil UN, Trusteed ,ei- *piNCANSON. DOW LING A CO , _je!7 Saw Ads Auctioneers. |>Y E J SWEET, MJ Real ?>tate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 3117th St., opposite U. S. Post Offl< e tri'stees* sale of two story frame hoi se in northern part of the city ? nim' 5J *,?r tri,,t lo lis, dateii May 1<, I<v3, record?k! in liber ?a4, fwlio 8, one of the , I*1"! records of Washington county. District "'iP^liyhis, and at request of holder of note, we nT premises, at 64 o'clock p nr. FRIDAY, J.Uv 11 ,-art of l.Tt M.?,,n"rV IV6, ha\ isg afrorit of lSfeetS Inch-s on C .lfsv street, frsme^f'u ? inches, improved by 2-story Tetms , *10)00, with interest at 10 per cent* from J*uv. I7a1I71, and expense of sale, cash; balance in Li!?.'!!11 'a''"h'nterest, secured by deod of trust. $100 down day of sale. (ilOROE W STICKSEY,/- . BRAINABD II WARMER CTri?te?* J? ID-Saw K J. SWEET. Anct. GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, " Northwest comer of loth and D streets. LOTS FRONTING ON lZ *?? *3,1 f ORTHW'BST, AND MV'iiaRs0' K"w M"K?. th* ",h J?y of Jnne, ^P1873?at <> 30 o'clock p m., we shall sell ou the ot k"" ?*mbere<l flvs. six, nine SSL K ' ?? *^^7 four hand red and niue Usn, having Sjj feet front by 96 feet deep on each street. The abore l??u are near the new market i-H ?wrmPld" lm?roT'n< psrt of the city, ^o^dbu"ldtM^J 'tUn,,0n ?' p4rtiM ~Uh"* Tenns: One-r< urth cash; l.vlane^ fn | j an,j 3 aoltm' bearing .nter. *t and secared by a deed of trust on the property sold All conveyancing warr^3VG"*u,b? '? jeld-d | Rep ] QBB1W A WILLIAMS, Aucto ..f'jrag "a and recorded In Liber B. B. P., No S, fjlio 108 fo yf**.!* tbe **co?ds of Montgomerr county! I will sell, at pablk auction JU the Court-house door in tits town of Rockvill*. on TUESDAY. Sldthdav of M * 1 o'clock a. m., the Farm on which the said Henry Hurley a w resides. , Imm^lntely on the public rosd lead Ing from Borkvills to Dames town, about one mile former place, it has b.en divided and laid ?m v1 ^1? Mrt*' fronting on the road, and will he told separately. * -J"0*. .7?' 1 taJ? ? S?0*1 ?f4t' of enltivation. with of good Cbeeinut an.i Oak Timber; is well.watered, and Improved by n Barn, Stables and Granary, and contains . ? 11** AOBB8. Lot No. 2 lies immediately w et of Lot 1: is also well wooded and watered, and is improved by a good Framed House with stx rMmund coutaias A favorable opportunity is here eferod tu purcka sers. for, with the railroad eoeiSMu teat ton with Washington,land in this vicinity must eahaAos in v a I ua easy rsmMtf. Ternis of MkW; One-third cash, balance in ana and two yean, with intoi est tY day of sale. For further partlcnhw.or pint showing the whole pretniase, cati on RiOBA&i) M. WIULIAMS, AUCTION 8AT.RS. fCTtm DATS. BT GREEN A WILLIAMS, Au-tloneera. lortkavt corner 10th D ?m* SALE or SIXTT TWO VALUABLB BCILDING LOTS IN RUCAIR 1TS.OM ICri AND IIti AMD Q AND B S3RBBTS N W. 9* Br vlrtn?? of tb? aath >rity contained in adaed ?IkiI>4 ngltollUi ay of J an*. IfffS. and duly r*r?fM, th? UMinnicw^ will ofw.M tMie Mir,||M the premises, ou MHlf DAT, tk? Kll lu of J**#, ltcs, at ft o'clock ft. m., lot* ?omb-rwd from I to a, inclusive, end froa fti to II, itrWw.of Jobs B Turtoe'ssubdivision of sqnare V?. The** ere very l?lrabl? for biUdiif p?rp<?H, briLf krttH 1b a rt|Ulf improving section of the dtr, and tli* ground Mw high ud well Uit?l and tbe lota of caotmUbI all*, aa will be eeen ftjch ?hc plat. Tba property win ba aoM la ??tititiM to rait purrhesers. Terms of eele: Oi*-ktlf I* ctah, of wktch t l?palt of|S aa rack lot will bo repaired at tbetinie-f sale, tbo rmaiod'r in rqaal instalments a* S and IS month*; tba deferred ptraroti to be eecared by ?oteo of tbo tgrehtaw, bearing internet at ft per cent., and d~ed?f trust on the property. If tba par: cliaoori foil to comply vtth tbo tarma vftbia tea day* after enle, tbo troateea nwna ?- ? days after sale, tbe uuteea reeervethe right to r ?ell tbo property at tho risk and coat of such defaut ln? purchaaar. All conveyancing at the ooat of the ? ???taill. JOHN RIGGLB9.1 GEO W. BVANK,( TTOStaee. ;13-d IBep.j QEEEN A WILLIAMS. A acta. Ill I. H. WAENEB, iuqt,!. Broker and Auctioneer No. 7 *9 yth street, between Q and H streets. CHANCERY BALK OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON THE SOUTH SIDE or it Turtor^id ?n^?.1_'>*>h1*' j^^'tathe caw rf Tucker and Stwrmnu ti. Jtuufn M Orm**? X ? i? U?? L k premises, on TUESDAY, Jane ~J'**?'?? oSf*^ "'ij?*1 Ne?. tr, as, Uu* 231, 233, 233, 234, &nd 235, in R F (TT iL'.ifi0 subdivision of square C75, together with the improvements thereon, consisting (rfel*^ Kant three-etoty pre** brick front dwelling* TUl* a*'K. yi" sold to satisfy a mechanic'* lien >f eb.oit and subject to certain incumbrances wh;ch will be made kt own on the day of sale Term* for the amount reaiirod above said tncnm ?^hf."*aCv*"^ ,f Jrrin* ilf ^ w* n<* complied with w . !h? property will be re*..Id at the rip* and co*t of th* defaultingpnrrh\*t*r ?hi) down on each accepted bid. Couveyaociug at our chaaer'* coat. ?? ?? p _ _ FBANR O. DANIELS. Tmatee. nJl-eoAd* B H. WARNER. A net Mminav ^n?\?*i8,^K IS POSTPONED nitil MONDAY, June ?3,1873, same h inr and plaoe. By order of the Trustee. j" B H WARNER. Auct. H. COLMAN, Auctldiu^r, ? * Cor. 10 th and Pa. avenue, south side, No. 936. I will Mil to the*highest bidder, for cash, fifal1?* whole entire etock consigned to me, c.?n CLAjJp-i?tiiig of Show Cane, silver plat?t Dry Goods, Clothing, Watches, Cutlery, Silver PI .ted Ware, urlT?V7' .T"IW^L<>' Glassware, R-frigerat .r*. Water Cooler*. Dama*k Curtains and C>rni.-e-. Whitewash and other Bru*hea, Sewins Mvhitimt Cookm* and Heatin* Store,. Blauke-., C .mfort*. Sheets, Pillow* and Pillow Caaes. a lot of Oo?ern w?t Flac*, new ar.d *eond-hand Martins aud Oil cloth, SiOOO yardai BrtiaaeU, Ttiree and oth-r Carpets; Table Oilcloth, of different pattern*; a lot cj?n*{?tin? "f Tabiea, Chaira, B?d> steads, StanoH,, Deaks, Wardrobe*, Rtiroam, n?w amlHecond h?nd Mattre*aea, Lookinff-Rla**ea. A 1st, I one-hor*e Carriage. 1 two horae Carrion. 1 Hvk, 2?t,07M>!'' Haraea*.Horao Bl tuket*. Bublx r |lcKC? W'; will commence the sale of the above article* on MONDAY, the H3.1 day of June, continue frem day to day until the entire st<?k is aold. Also the Fixture* f,.r *ale aud the Store tor rent. We would call eepecial nti-nti .n < f dealers and others as the eood* will he sold in lo'sto^uit purrha-ers &ale po-nive. |jl'.l st?| H COLM A N, A h t. BY J. H MATTINOLV, Auctioneer, (Late of the lirm of Mattinirly A Wlieelor.l No. 403 9th street northaoxt. VEBY_ DESIRABLE IMPROVED PROPkrty <iN THE CORNER ON #ni ANDli 8TUkKT^ SOUTHWEST. ISLAND. VOK SALE On MONDAY, June 23d, IST3, at 6 o'clock p P,.j[iii , lu front of the premises, we will eell at **| ill 1 r auction Lota numb, red !l,l., \n.l 16 in finare 4Sr. containing in all abutt II,its wilu; f??.t. unproved by u substantia Brick Dwellins. Tom**; One-thiid cash, the bal nice ou time, with interest. A deposit of ._>ne hundred dollars ?vi|| l?? r< <juired at the time of a?le Conveyancing at dut ibaaer'scoei. N. T. CLEABY,/ T" * W. P. BKLL. \ Trustee* ^lg"J J. H. MATT1NOLY, Auct BV DCNCANSON, BOWLING A CO., A Boutheaat cotnerofffh andD street* northwest. TRCSTEES^ALE OV" IMPROVED PROPKRTY ON 3d STRKKT EAST. NEAR I ENMSYLV \ MA AVENUE. AT l*H" LI ( AI i\ION Slw LVr,na"J 1de^ ,f t'O't, dated September E33d,18? and dnly recordod in Liber T and R W?*.i!i?Jl? l"lios2lt>,.Ac., one '.f th" laud rec >rU of w Mhington county, in the District of Columb'a.and tiydir-en. ,n of the partie* secured thereby, we wil sen at public at ution, to the hi*h?*? bidder, in front aoVjT -"Vi" M." ',Nt:A v A rTKKNOON, June . i?" i . o'clock, pi r s of l .t nu'interoi nfleeii,(1ft,) in s-juare nnml>erHd (even hundred anJ ' J ?.r 8aM aD'1 Ware are laid lo? u and distinguished on the plat or plan of said city. Beginning for said part of l< t at the southeast cor nJ'r said lot and tlienee w.-st eight Ave t *5< feet thence north twenty-seven (VI fA, thence east eighty-flve (86 > feet, and thence aiuth seven (17) feet, tot be beginning, toKetl.?r with the improvement*, a two-story brirk house Terms of sale: One third caab; the balance in two fiuel instalments of six and twelve mouths with interest. The pu'ebaser to give note* secured by a deed of trust on the premise* aold. All conveyancing at the coat of the pnrchaaer. One hundred dollars down aa soon aa the property is aold, and if the it?"* arI uo? compiled with within tea . m 7 ? ?*!?, the trustee* reserve th-* tlie P'o^rty at the risk and c.?t of the defaulting p?rc??a*-r. after ten days p iblic mtice. E E. WHITE, I J 1XO H HIIIMIS f Trustee*. jeird^DUNCANSON. POWLING A* CO , Aivts, IJY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, *-* Boittheaat corner 7th aud D streets. ??if s1 v, bid'i sr, i HiUL'SK?' ""T""" '*? 4S D' Jin ? V^?? a decree or the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, hoUiiu* a spa. ial term, passed on the 23d day of July, A D IST1 upon the petition ot Virginia McElfroi^i, guirdisn i .k *n" i,i'r.rhlI'lrrn of H"?nr McElfr??h,decayed. V yJ.rL at PntJ,l'c aucOon. ou WEDNESDAY, lur*> A-? WJ. at 6 o'clock p. m , on the premises, being part of Lot numbered tw. n t J two, tn Square numbered B?e hundred aud *i* teen, havin* M Test front by Ui feet 7 inches d-ep 1 , ',w"h a line preaaod brick front Hoiue and basement, with all in idem im clais'prO ati r^^.',B ^ > ftrd' m^in? ?ar't" Terms; One thitd cwh; balance S and 13 months, averred pavnieuuto be secured by notes of purcha ser and a lien retained upon the premises, or the purchaser n. .> pay all cash at his or her option Conveyancirg and stamp* at tlie cost of the purcha ser. $1UU deposit on the day of ?alc. And If the 1 ff* *1* n,l,t compiled with within flveday* after t he day of sale the Guardian reaerve* the r| .-ht to resell the property at the risk Mid cost of the de faulting purchaser bj advertising three times in I _tUd GREEN A WILLI A ks, An's. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Northwest corner lutb aud D streets. t.NRoC5,DWKLLINO 0N ? STBtKT vir,u? a deed of trust dated Jane 13. .ItCl recorded ia lioer 6l9, folio ??>, of tti ? la--i Records or Wasbingtoii connty, District of Co nls atkil jliw.nii ._ . f * i. a__ _ ? . . ihlB|t'V c,./, vutii ivi fi wiaon, mown atio described as part of lot 6, in square 518, bagiuniug for said part of said lot 6,3 fret went of the ea*t line of said lot, and running tnence south 100 faet, thence west IS feet, thence north 100, to H street, theuce ea?t 23 feet, to the beginning, improved by a throe story and ba*eo.ent brick dwelling of about 10 rooms. ? Terms of sale; ft 1.000 eash, balance in 11,18, *ni 24 n!onths,on interest at 10 per cent, peranoum, pay aid- semi annually, secured by notes and deed of trust on the property ?JOOdown when the property is struck off. All convey ancing at ^urchaner's c.??. If the term* of sale ar* not complied with within rtve days from tha day of sale, the trustee reserve* the right t? reaell the property at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, R. P DODGE, Trusts". jl?-d OBEEN A WILLIAMS, A act's. BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneer* and Real Estate Brokers, Southaest corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th St., Star Office Buildings. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY OH G STREET SOUTH. NBARLY OPPOSITE CHB1ST CHURCH, NAVY YARD ^a By virtue of a deed of trast. hearing date the ^Hlltb day of N?v*inl>er, A. D 187ft. a ad recorded MB in Liber M8, folio 1*4, and at the request of th* party secured thereby. I wiLI sell at anctlon, in front of t be premises, on FB1DAT, the STth day of June, A. D. 1873, at ftS o'clock p ?., Lot M.square .878,of Waahingten, D. C. The Lot is Kfeet froat by KM vlt deep; Is Improved with ? commodious Dwelling Bonae. Terms: One-third cash; the reasdne at six and twelve months, with twterest from tha day of sale. Deed given and deed of trust taken. Conveyancing jlM LAT1UEB ? OLBABT, Avcu. B* ?? M No. 7337th street,between G ant H aU. B^^of June, 1873, tn tba Bnprsne Court of the ? "Irict of Columbia, in ennttT rmmmm ?. ?r'cSSibir in OZrwTm fen?filE^2?3l^ B. EihtM StRv ? onr ,f>Yrd caah"wTthln tra'AayV balwace Ta end twelve Months, with Interest at eight per g?t par aanyi, eecured by dgad ot tnSTnj?n ?"rxAenm ?S on day AUCTION SATjRS. R* L- J ALL * , twtmwfi, " ^ * ? TglWM* paeloesuitm in rkps.tek vm ? m ??? VJ, ' i0T? , TH RE B W A LMOr II* AJMJBEs UIT ? <. WITH 11 'T1IS V AL Kl T CUAMRIK sllTICt 1 O ff^OTTA?? *1T# H>OR ???? 'I???' MPIIK)\H?> HAT i? ff?4iS4I?l-ex tenhion ta r*?i il ^KXR 9PKIK(tS w \I fir* rmi ^UPTAK ? B?: iA F EA;M A RBL B TABLES'BOOK BR* HKt H|?|In.t*P?? TRY AND OTH IK 0\ftPKT?< tu . > ui*w MP .Jil'fr" ?T? APO%f?? MAT a L mo' nvt Isf 2 ? Ei^ J*1 olL Ctora hT*Vv??^.,,2A*T BMtWnon BSD AND srilNH RATTKIi? I 5? "f* PILLOWS. ONIMUIU44 Sftrr*?rSnl'T' "* >*?('tUTH.IKl' L^Vcim*k ?"E *xr*L trJiTiZr?S k,lh *?**? an teles ia th* ?c->?i hand line. the effects ,f a fhmilv declining honor KOfpiDC. In* at lO^Vlock, we will Mil. r |^H*rT*'on the first fl >or wt our titw 1.1,4a., th? f ? lahove MH 4 foods _ _ * ,1. WAUH O , jetl . ( Rep Sunday Her 1 Auctioned*. If V LATIMEE A UMtAEV. ? ** Auctioneers and k?*j Est at' Brokers, Sovtbwsrt cnri#r FnmrIvuu tmnt aad Uth street. ktr OMca B.IUing. EEWBOSEWOOB PI AMOFOBTE. 7 OCT AVIS. M*rHiVrCUJC^MO*?> *** ISu ^ALHIT PAHLOR SUITE IN GREEN KFPs. WaLNUT ETEt.EBB WaL n.u7 rAKl> t*rLBS. RRl'SilI l,S. THKKK PLY * Nl? OTH K K ? AKHKTS, M \ NTEL OK N KUBKW. < HR<>MoS AND BM(1KAV|Ni;? V ALNUT EXTENSION TABlVo Vk C AN J' ^**T IJINIKU SHAIKH, Pl.ATED CHINA GJL'Ar,S WAI"f PAINTED COTTAOE SFT8, HAIK AND HUSK M \TTKIF4^K< ?PHK*r.?,,?u?J,<r?,,,LLO*!i- BLANKET*: !rV?? M.' 'HKETS. *r , K K K Kl ?? K K ATt i K? JlVVs^f^T A.^TI,!1,! K'TCHKN HE^ 1 r 7^ i OnTUESDAT M< *RNIN0. Jnr- V I k rti*rfT?'mT7-11"k' ?' we will ..-ii. ?t ,r? V**" U.?4V*rM. beta "en 14th and ivi. J?'"ontents there... consisting in part ?>f th?- above n*K-il art >.-|?? Trm-cash I.ATIMER A CI EARV. ;21 d (Svtndav Hot al<l A Capital | Auctioneers |>Y LATIMEE A CLEABT, ? ? Auctioneers and Ratat? Br ikera, South*eat corner of Penn. aunm aul Uth street StarOfflce Buildiu*. VALUABLE UNIMPEDED PBOPERTT ON "1rw "s yjSfTO-ssas: ?hali fril Lota A. B. C, D mmd E. iu ??l dtvl*i'>n of ?rtKiual lot i. in a^nar* ??, banne a front racfe of 1.1 |?^?t 8 7-W inch*a, aod rqnniox back 1M fe?-t 8?fc itirliMa, aittiated on the awuth ?U? of ?. ? tr?M t. M*wu 23d and *ld Mr.- ta uortbwat. T?*rm?: On^-fonrtU ca?h; the balance in tbre e.jnal paymeotd. at tit.twelve and eighteen in >n?h?, wii b iLterefl at 7 per cent., and Mfitre.1 hy a d??sl ?>/ truat. C"u? ??yawing at coat of purchaa^r. BSS -u aarh lot at time i f aiale. jU dAda LATIMEE A CLEART. Anrt?. B V OKEEN ? WILLIAMS, An.-ti .na^ri. Mo. IU01 Nortbwart loth and o'ltnwti in wli VALUABLE I NIMPKoYRD PROPERTY i?V?N?iTn!i<" "TEEBT.EBAE RHODE ISLAND AVKNI E. AT AUCTION CB On THURSDAY, tha tifitli matant, at 6 30 "Wf *??*< ?hall a^ll.on the pr>-niia<*a. Builditic -^-Lt>t ? font l.r Ui faat d?ep to an alley, (al joining the reaideuce of John Chapaaaa.) making a durable buildliic lite. Tern<?: One-fnirth c*ah; balance in (, 12. is an I 24 m ibtlia, f .r notea Itearinu int. rt-at at Hp?rc?-ot. P'-r atmutii. and ai-cnred by a deed of trmt >n th' ptv pern a.,Id <'"nv?>aneim;, Ac., at purcha^nr'a co*i. J h?i d<>* n on t h? dav of nal>. J21 d TirfkEN A M ILLIAMS. Auctioneer* IIY TH08. E. WAOOAHAN, 19 R?-ai Estate Auctioneer, A1V 7th atrt? t. CHANCERY SALE Of VALUABLE REAL ES J A;? E, SITC ATED ON THE coRNKll UK ^ AVENUE AND L STREET. ALSu. ON 1HE NORTHEAST ( ORNEK Of |:?t i AND L STREETS, ALSO, ON 20r? STREET BETWEEN L ANf. M STREETS "" ?Br ^virtjn of a d ecree ma<|. br the Sapretn? Court of theDiatrirt of Columbia r>n the ljili J*y ?f June, a D.1CJ. in a cause tii-rein p-ndm*. -hichJ bn H. Daley et al are plaintiffs aul M?r gxretj Dale> et hl are Jeie.idaiitn. No.3^hl. Equity I?"' k*t 12,the unden<ii:iie<t tru-t< > ? apn nnte.1 |iy ?>ih1 decree, will.uu THURSDAY, the'J?rh day f June, A. D. proceed to m-U, at puh'ir Mciioa, t?? the htghoM in froct ??f th?* pr*kUii^et. it tli?* hour- nieiitiouiil bel< ? respectively, the foUoving piece* of real < -ta.e and th?- lnipr iv. in? iit? there.>n ; At A o clock p. tn , all that piece or parr> | of ground known and .l-^ribeil on the plat or plan . f ?aid city a? Li>t nudtorrd ten (l it, in Davidaon'a ^ni tin ipiub of original Lot ten 10), m H-mar. 2>t inipro*ed by twoamall brick baildinjf*. Tine lot b ii * !!<nt ? feet on north L atreot and lOn feet oo ? ?'* rst- A- a tite lor a a rat c fas? roai4eiK'e u i? inferior to no lot in ttii? ciljr. At 4.30 o'clock p in. all that piece or parcel of ground lying and being iu the city of Wa4bit>?tou. V L ., and d-.<nl>. .1 on the plat or plan .f *aid ,-it? aa lot letter..I A and part of lot lettered B.m J ,hn Da.\ V snbdit laion of i-?\ inional lota 1. 2,3 and ? in f?iuare numbered 115, aa the ?.aid ?ul.Ji? i?i n, are' recorded In the Murveyor'a oOice of said city, id '*? *? R- subdivision*, page 24S. < outained within th" following metes and l.oun.1? . ? B-umoing for tli? same at the southwest corner of said ?.nare N i 216. running thence on the line of V riuont avenue northeastwardly one hundred aud sikUmi and one half (lies)feet; thence rnaniug east in a straight line thirteen <13> feet four and one half i 4 ,) in H a: thence aeutliweetward'y parallel with tha line ot \ -rmont aver ne forty seven (47)feet nine and .me ?iiiHrter (9 4 ) ii.rhee. tlieace runuiog south nit> ? * ;Sii teet si> (<l inches. m.<re or Inas. to tha line .f L ?treet nortb; theace west with the lina of aai.l stie-t f irt) (40) feet f>>ar(4) In. hes tolba place of begin .T-!L* pr"p<'r,y ?? improved by a three 4tory brick building, which baa l<e?a occupied f >r many year* as a gro> ery store and r -aid u. e. Tbesitoa ti'nun the corner of Vermont avenne a-id L ?tr>--t north Is one of the mow <t??irabla in thee; ty for la.? h pnrp^f ??*. ' At ti 30 o'clock p m.. lot* A and D In Dxly'a .?i. dirision r.f original lot 29. in square ltw. each im prored by aain.vll Krsm H n-e L .t A liat a Iroa: < f fourteen feet on *)th streef, l.etwe. n L and M northwest, bjadeptb of one hundred fe>^. L >t D haaafrcnt of twelre feel six and one-third inch-a athirty-foot alley in ?aid square, and ade?ih .,f eighty-eight feet nine inchee. TTieae l?ta will be fdd separa'elv. Tb? terms ofsale f..r all of said pr. pertv. as pre ?cntiad by said decree, are: One third of the pur ' base money to be paiJ in caali, the balaoca in three ?Nual tusra! ue uts. in *, u. and 18 months from data if sale, with interest at the rate of seven per cent per annum, the notes of the purchaser tobegivoa for the deferred payments, and a liea to be upon each piece of property until the wh.>le pur < ha*e money due thereon shall have been paid or all the purchase money to be paid in cash, at the op ioti of the purchaser. A deposit of flou upou eath piece ..f property sold, except lots A and D. in p.juare lot), will be repaired from the purchaser at tbe time of tbe :4?le. Upon lot* A and D,ins<iiiare 100, a deposit of .???? will l>? repaired. AM convey ancing at the expense of the purchaser. If the terms of aale are not complied with within Are days fr.?i ihe day ot tlie sale :he trustees reserve the right to resell at thari?k and c.?t of the defaulting pur cLaser. JOHN C. WILSON. I - * BAINBRIDGE 3 WERH.i Trustees. jM-eoAds TUOtf. E. WAOOAMAN. A net. Y GREEN ? WILLIAMS. Anctl. ?neem, 1001 u?rthwfii comer loth and D uti. % pn B SEAT DIN1NO CHAIRS, CoVtaGE SETS ^^W.POANY book CASES; WARDROBES HISK AND COTTON TOP MATTRESSES PAINTED WA8HSTANDS AND TABLES INORAIN CARPETS; ONE mi.DfO mi. HOOANY SIDE TABLE; M T TABIKS W 1NDOW CURTAINS KITCHEN UTEVSl "; _??.? Ac ' On FRIDAY, June 37th, at 10 o'cloek a m., we ?hall sell, at the residence of a lalv de cline hou'ekeeping at No. 1413 Mb street, U-tweeu 0 and P streets northwest. ?rail cash. J?jjj GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ajjcts. |>Y LATIMER A CLEART V . Aucttom^rsand ReaJ Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania aveuue and Utb St., 8tax Office Balldinfs. HK.HLY VALUABLlPlNIM PROVED PROP ERTY AT PUBLIt: AUCTION. KOn PBIDAT AFTERNOON, Jnue 87,1371. comment ing at AX o'clock, ia froat of the ? < .ir?1?*' *? ?h;11 !"*? ?.40 and 47. in aubdivision of square 394, situate oa th? west ?ideof 8tb street, between R an.1 S streets northwest, ' ? ^ro,,, of ? feat, and runaing back abotH 95 feet to an alley. Tbis property is in o?e of ths moat rapidly im proving sections <>f ths city, and should demand the attention of parties aishlag profitable invest OH'tlf. Terms: One-third cash, the residne ia three ?iual payments at A, lj, and 18 m-aths, secured by a .le -,1 of trust with notes bearing Interest. Conveyancing at cost of purchasers. (Wdowa an each lot at time of sale. jeti dAds LATIMEE A CLEARY, Aact?. UY DVHCANSOM, DOWLING A OO., D Southaast corner tth aod D streets A Oct Ys, TSt8aT.1SS*Hyt?V VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE OB V STREET. BETWEEN 9th AND IOtm STEEBT8 NORTHWEST By vjrtae of a deed of trust to thf ander>i?ae.l , . By.vj.rtae of a deed of trust to the undsr>i?aM, Bl^BoTemWr^I. A. D.1871,aaddaly recorded ~7?,LltSr *?- folio *38, one of the land ra cordafar Waahinstoa county,Dmuict of Columbia, attistffir?& 'i JJ Lat ?umbsrsd ft has a, < 15,) ia agnars ? ?^a^7^?(377,) be sold Tip thence meat with the aowth line ton, -3gT5) fsi* and oae (1) inch to theaoutbwast corner <5siaM Ljt, thence aorth with the yaat Rtts fartv four (44)f?ei .^fl'^f * feat allay; tbssma wm with -?galley fifteen (15) feet to the southwest corner of the float part of said Lot; aad th?uc? northerly wMh troal part sf said Lot oae nm dred Had sixteen < 1M) feet to the place of beginning. togfWlier with^ aU^awd^yaralar the^ i^provem.aiu, _jttyiiR'M|Mici?iil hp sail dead aC trust; The amount secured thasahy. unpaid, iglT.lli M.| ?m with wtthiu^sevetTdava a tkfignSSTtohT^Id iTi illlij^Mma LIPS. DANIEL PE1LLIPS. 1 _ ^ NELhON HOLLISTER. \ Trus?a?. DUECAEBOE^ DOWUKQ *00., A acts EVENING STAR. lltfvte ?kTrt,I ' of bwt M*wm. w aa f?rri* i '* cooler tftr IMJI mS ?M Of thelPI ? ?BKHpsSttR "8AS8? IE%!y rrv^: *rs or half ItUAg I. front. a. cImm ar a~v^TI, ?m!^k ?5 r'?*d fn>wtbt ? ?**hle row of large bnttom bnMi w>wwl wuh the ma ?* J1' -*?* *?? aquar* pork Mi. aquare cnfly and roadaallar. either of the aanr black ailk. of ?Ui ih< rwlor of the poloaaiae A" P1'1* *??> inch hem Mm It, and it la b?^?d t-ebtnd. and left open hair wav *o?i the rm?i. 11?over* Uraktrt ao twaeb Utl u aM one wtM f "r* kf"rP^ ? ?m< ?m daMW* y not only ronveatenl. teal '? ?>wer*y of mar* ti.aa a.^r,^77..J^T *" "Mr wlifc ? ,w - ' ??<?<???. which ran be dipped ?? tBlak tin. the mnmV!>m vetnent form.* ar in a Iaane, rowa-lihe #araeki f?VMin? Ur ilreaa to within a few m.cMmoi the ??ottom. and provided vttt alaevea tbai <r? ron.dI the hand with an e?a*7^ "" Boa linen roll era and caflb ar* uaed eanaciaitv '* ***/???'. ?"><? <lo not ahoar aaii i?\!?.?o a* U ^ rfitaann4 MPM> ? ca*? and oollOta, are no.^SSTm ,5^ KhatM>l tar^a ^ a . " " M " M ?JTtl-r l4*"~ ,,,d *?? ?-?? ^1>lr re?wtd #w?i , V"rr n**^ l-?k Other, tae than .J2"!L* ??? -"??' ? Mar a , *??*** Fiaa Dir4iT?ikr The Bra d?-pMtniri.t ol \ ienaa la decidedly a oae horwa T *r* all worked by hand i l*rC*'*? ?f them are about Unit U>? mm ol tlioae ae need to bar* aben >vke*? held Th- ^ had ^,,,, con,r?>1 ?f machine lhe department la. liov*r?t. on the paid ?va f*' ?[*' ^ ?rr t1r%frn by ht?r*e? ?m rather by one horae. being two Maall and light to require a ?Uoi.4er team. The hoaaea I^Ver .Vrl*'/"0 hreproor that there i* nerer a Bre of any coii*c*|u?ritoa. Kren tb <a Jl'*r m*\U?ar? nich^a to tao feet thich, aud tkc diviMou walla <M rooa? arc all a kr'ck. A lira la, therefore, geticiailv ronflned to the room In ablch It break.* ant and the atatrnar* bHng ot atone, it oanaot Im comaiutiicated froai one atorv to an.>ther Tha roou are all of tiW or alate.-C. < K ,n J?, wore Amr'i m. a u^?IILrf!If,,n,T# AT YA**A*?*f haeeraeeivad at \ illir1)? fl m*i^.^OU1,," yw* *Uim* u achaal at \ aaaar College, attd aa the epiatla roatama it,formation or a "tartling character It >? hnJlf^ be"\ u ,iu.bltafc ? ftot't After a re ^ ?* J,,WB ? koi#,wft alaU-iM-n ciUatid gum dn.j* to eat. Mia aara ?<Wr 4* have aacS fnn here. All the CirU arc maJM ta JS^Ci^ rV* '?? eeereiw, and ve r?w r?? rl , ' ' turn liaad-eprinjfa. run foot-raeea, and bave bcapa ol tan Hell* liaetiaga rat rliaib a tairty-foot awooth p??le ta two mi?uh> Nail Vlvlaa (yo? NMbrVkal * hand apna? aud not aaahe a wm.kla inherdreaa. I l.uta beautiful bead oa Mar* ^rji!r/.rurua> ^iu? ***"-* K K"* ' ?? ' - who take* e?cep tion to the ruling* of tbi? eoartv 'aaid a Nevada jwat'ca, patting a ni ehootet ou the table ? There waaat oiae. ,e uf![f beaded member of one of the f*ah ionable claba, who ha. been trying all ?>ru of oft^oein1? a*' ll* lTir w"h ,l"' 0"'* of produring lire bri*tb>a on Oic back of hn l2L Ki'a- trd^'1"?* ^ ?rc? 19 b" ii* ,H* ? I'MtWI in hi* father a face at ?b^? ?V * lCT lanirwage. aM then blew hm own hr*lns oat. Won't ?>ia? beneroleiit pernon *tart a w.cWr f?r the pre vent ion of cruelty to i-aienta" I w.?r Kf-/onrwa/. ,, ^ Philadelphia Sunday Mereiry'tt* liffloua editor u mtCmtlv at horn, among theo logical topic* and at. logfc*! an Baron He aara: To be certain of heaven, Inatcad of throw>ng oomentaulta in the blackberry b.j?be? at a ? amji-iueeuiig. or of ujHWtung the More in ret. gioua orgte* in the church in wintor Uui ? in it hbould grit?lnjtlly ^row.'* DIED. ll|Bn!ui5i*X Oj th*SM inatant, M\KQ\KKr IlKlDOKMAh , a^rd It V"ar?, a aatir* of T >ai ho counlir ofLmaerit k^ rroiand -*???. J* will tak* *lac* fw the MMidonc* .rf Thoma* OX<?aur, f atrv.H, between U h arid ^tii but .lar ?ft. rn?.u, at SS ?' Jork. K-lasivxa aai (ViMidaof tb* famil) raaaertfullr t?vlt?d ** rltn ?f J.' I# h '*?>*?? ** ??r~1ra,l. tb? Kaaiaiiu) will be take* to Baltim **, Ml ,f)M. m iMaSTilu* **' *?" Baltiuiur* Mp-r. a^S?5ALt. 1,1 lhiSC,,T''??*?l.? iBT HM NAB, daughter of Tboiuaa aa-1 Malik ti , ?4?it ace II m<>ot he and fl day a. '^aii. Taneral wi liak; plaee Monday renins at twa o clock. from r^id'-nrf, N^v ivaini? ZSJiT4' fn-mta of (be faiailr are iavit?l HA ?;KINGTON 8u-1d^nlf, on thf> ?orniar at the 2l?c, VlftGIKlA kll^KLYidft?arb(4ir of ii o4 ard and Rath Abba Harriugt<?iiv M?*d II m >ut b* ^ 'r^M, J?D^ ?, at I iVI ?cli. W*tiH *aa of J iiiiNf H.aad E<I.<l ? Nirbarda. a??d k> rnoatha and 2* .lar*. ran*ral ?ill take alaor froui tb? r?aiden*e of hi* pareiitr. Mo. Ill* Mea Jena*f arenaa, b*tw*?a L oVI.^k aoutbea*t, on 8uuda>, /uu? M, .t> 4 B?NN*T After a Ina* and painfnl illrvewi whi^h ?he bore with Thrrvtiaa i>?i(Mtion, Mr*. MART ?? '' 'n the fi7th year <?f b*r ac Th* fhneral will taa* place frwm It. Peter a L^wrah,( a?M*l H111, to-m?rr .w, a* ? u'cloek a m Tbr fneuda of do. faawd are rr*aectfally in* Med * UNDERTAKERS. K METALLIC BO RIAL CASES AKU CASK M IB marl ly ^ ^"sHKOVQ~HAHITB. ?. irHARO W. IftARTKT, UNDBRTA] iS+rri? u HAAfUf # MARK.,' ? o. *S4 f 0TkBBT, brtwaaa Mtath aad R CABINET MAE KB AUD VN H KH TAKKA, ? IN I4.1TBBTH MTBSKT. o?mr t. rUKHlTVHK Ot ALL KINuS MA OK AM m KKPAIKKU. latZ ^yiLLUM BACUTT UNDKRTi . Bo. ??? T? Btksxt, Birvnit ans a* M?-ly Oofflna and Oaafciu of all T~ HI MOST MOMDBBFHL PI^ OVBBT Ut THE l?i? CKMTLBT. Or.?. D Howe'* Arabiaa Milk Cora, rOH CONSCMPTIUt?. Cure* ordinary Cougha and Cold* Is a few boar*. Ilk* ma*i<.. al*o? Dr.?. D Howa'a Arabiaa Toaw Blood Which I* purely vegetable, cleaaee* the arntea .4 all lmparnj*a^Mii:daIt rlgkt aguar* ap, aad maka* pore, rich blood. -w. ~ r..r "Ueneral Debility," Vitality broken d??u conautntioM. ?*i CkmUtmat ik* Mmttmmtk fVatwra" _ . ... To And lt? equal. ?very bottle M worth iU wei?M la g .Id Price 91 0*r bottle; or lit bottiea for A A. Sold whol**ale and retail o> iSKJSSlf "? - L OiLliaa, MT PaunayIvaala avenue y ?J'WHn.MrMr Peoa ave. and a J. P. BU.KKR A Co., A. Davia A Co.. 14th aad L e?recta. J B. Maroa, 7th and II atreata. J- I. Broas.ftb and L atreota. D. B. CLaagcA Co., ?* amt aad Peaaa ava J. 8. Jusu, SSd and A atraeta aoutbeaat Ta Ml A CO., MB 7th street aoutbeaat f. r Dowliks, 4Maad O auaat* aoatk waat A. i. ?CB?ra?*T, North Oapitoi aad ? atraaaa & PiHit ,u"*' <awwaylaaaia ava. aad M m 8""' a****. THB MABTLAND VBBBBTOBB ||? ou /? VOW BKADf TO KKCMITM MBIRS *iOB STONE, EiTMMA SAW Bit (Ml I(N7tfB DIMENSION. OORBBB E C. 1? m ALIXKBXI Bcau*t al va. Jaaw Mr neat. A traa cop> ?Teat: 1 J. MflQB. Clath. Mi L. P. WtLMAli.TSA Cl-rk. noBi^ cloaed oa the Btk day *i Jab for filing argMMtp Mi tha Wr*^.TVSURSbkmmm

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