Newspaper of Evening Star, June 21, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 21, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR MATl BOAT Irm> 21, 1*71. LOCAL^NEWS ( UMl?. TL? tile tioer.rgof the north front of the i ttmar> debarment is umltrgong repairs. From.l. C- r^rVer we hare GoJfg't Laity't In* tor Jdv. Mr*. I?r. Verdi, who ha* been verv HI, 1* now ?? ns.tiertU out ol' danger by her physician, Dr. C. C. Com. Tkc five m.e trotting rare at P.rev branch (?vn vk Mat. day ?U1 be nodoulit an txclting ?M The Snmlay for to-morrow ia to be en* of the spicieat issues of that excellent Jour nal. I he in the Executive Mansion are to dit bemg taken up, to be replaced with straw matting. The manv friends of Mr. Richard Harrii^on will regret to learn that hi* interesting little child died quite suddetdy at hi* resi'',once. on T. street. last evening. From Brad Asanas we have -d'vut?n't Jour nal tor .lune 21; the ScientiK >? aH for june j>. Dady tfrwphec tor J a wo jo, j,.u? Joker for ?!*!*'? f'oe ? for J*>'.??Ac.. Ac. The tame of hasehai', between the Atlantic*, ?t Bro??l>n,&nd t<? e Washington nine on the ground" ot the. Olympic club, yesterday, rt?*iiteti in i tds, each club scoring 1* mw. Tbe caee e,t ?ne Board of Health agt. Samuel Gormen' fcr whitewashing a hoi * after the remevS'Orf small pox rase*, ruled before lu*tioe K .oflfc-r. was settled jesterdav liefore it came to triWi. Seme of the prisoner* in the jail confined in *n "iron rlni" cell aw the Hrst floor were dis ef.veTed a day or t* o a^n making preparation* to leave Thev h.vd broken *ff the iron plating ami worked a hole about half through the wall. Mr. Elijah Onrand. who tor nearlv in year* has Wen .n the employ of the Treasurv depart, i?. we regret to state. lving ill of paraly sis ,iiav;ng been attacked Thiirsdav night) at his residence, on l.'th street, above K. Tie corner *tcne of the new gatehouse at Project li ;11 Cemetery will be laid to-morrow afttmoon at 4 o'l'Kn k p. m. The gatehouse and t.U.i r improvements were planned ami -nt*-r ii.temled by the well known architect Via. The new organ built by M>w< llntehing*, Plai*ted *V Co., of Boston, for the New York A venne Presbyterian church, arrived on the ateamer l.ady of the Lake thi* morning. It will be pnt r.p by workmen, urnfe*- the direction of IIr. Plai*ted, who cam* with it, some time next week. Mr .?. Weed Covev, president of the Yhginia republican association of the District of Colom bia fca* aj pointed Hon. Joseph Segar. J. Cromwell. W I?. Pemberton O. B. Anderson, B. Man-field. F R. Tarlor, E. W. Moore, Wvatt Archer, and Edgar Snowden. Jr., on the eamf aign political contest in Virginia. There was filed yesterday at the Citv Hall a ?'r*!ftra*e of incorporation of *he "Oerman A merican Club" the object of which is the im provement of the social feeling* of it* members. The cor| orator* are E.L Scbnrdt, M. Pfeilt'er. P Lfpnold, George Otto. Andrew Bischotf, William Fendner. C. T.efevre. C. Ebel. .fohn ??"iriger, Fred. Ilugle, R. Hines,.ind Conrad I nrm.T ??*?:? t* i* SrvrxH W\*tti??To*? Mr. F. A. Boswell ha* had plan* prepared for a *nl-t*a?ial edtflce, to be erected on the north we?; corner of ami F streets, to be ?*d ad a ho.ise tor the firm of Bnxweil .v Co., ?tBiI for other prrpose*. The building will front twenty feet oa 4 , street, running back ?e\e?t> feet eu K street. It will be three stories l.'.gh.of |.rvsse?! brick, with hrowns'one trim ii. i^*aiMl Mm. The tirnt tjix?r. with ante t?M>m> and vault*, v.11 be used for the banking and real CM ?'<? l? .*ine*sof the firm. It will be titled ui> with counter;- aud desk.- of un:form ?*v'e and 'ear design. The vault and safe will be of modern make, fire and bnrg^ar proof. The t.ooT will be of hard wood, and a full sup idy ot ga* and water fixtures are provided for. The stcoiid sr?rv will be divided into three tine olt.-?*. One of them will be nse<1 as the office ?f the SoMh Washington Fire Insurance o>m pai.v. n* w being organiz>-d. The third story i* iut a single hall, and will be used tor meetings *1 ? ttiwna. A telegraph -"??tinn for the a ? ?*dation of the|>eopieof the section will be seated in the building. Tax Lit> CBRTtFicaTt*.?The "'.vllector of Taxes has ) re| ared the necessary blank form* lor certili' ate?, t? i^ isttietl immediately after ?he fir?t day of .lulv next, for ail taxes due and unpa.d.or whatever and nature, upon all propertv. in compliance with the provuuons of *fce act just pa??ed by the Legislature. These certificate*, bearing interest at the rate of ten jer cent, per annrm irom July 1st. are to be deposited with the treasurer of the Diatrict as fast a* thev can he prepared ami issued, and the eortmller will then negotiate for their sale. At the expiration of one year from date of issue the holder of Mich certificate* will be entitled to demand -ale or the property to satisfy the ?ax lie it*. Thi* will defer the advertisements in the newspapers until one year after the issue cf the cert.ficavr*. and do away with the cas ta mary tax sale in it* n*ual forai. Tsi Board or Firb CoMvisstoae** met a?t evening, and *pecial order No. 3 of Chief Kngineer Cronin was approved, which directs that whenever the president or any member of the Beard of Fire rommi?sioner?, the chief en gia*er. assistant chief, or any prominent mam be r of th* District government shall vtait any ef the engine or book and ladder houses of this department, the member* of said companies shall awnae their respective stations along*ide ?f the apparatn*, ami *tand at attention until the visitor* retire, or until they are di*m.*aed by the officfr in charge. The ni *n will be in isif( rm from f? a. ns. until 3 r m. <>n motion of Mr. roll-.ns, it was resolved to hold a special meetii g of the board on Friday evening next, ter the purpose of acting upon a new set of rate* for the government of the department. ? Wet* <--r the S. P. C. A?During the past merth Mr. ?'atchel. president of tbe S. P. C. A., kas caused to be killed of horses. 2 on ac ?ennt < f g'.ander*. and the other* on account of He has a!*o turned out of harness 23 h?r*e? on acrsHin* of nntltiteae for labor. Sam'l tvai s. F Hall, dohn Wilkinson. S. Denmson, Mrs. Howes, and a man by the name of Robe v. living -,n t'niontown. haveearh been lined from V u? for cruel treatment to animals. Mr. li bas four horses at the present time in his easUslv that were found working on the streets when "nr.lit for lal<wr, being dr>ven bv small bo" ats were soppoeed to He too young to be ke',?i aeeowijtaide for the offen??. The animals will U until demanded V?v owners, when the '.aw will be enforced. i'ia? ra?'M m a Inuraia* - Mr*. Mary R. Chichester, relic* of the late ?'apt. licvrge"Chi ebaater. or Fairiax. died at her roaiden ? in thi.t countv last night, from iniuries re'-*ive<l aeiera". months ago in Washington, bv be<ug ran over b? a wagon. Mr*. Chic beater was a rs.atve of (Sen. M I>. Corse, a*i?1 after her ae vere accident wu i>rouglit to his re-.den ? in tki* city, where she remaine>l nntil a few weeks ago. when she was taken to her hum'. She ?ever rallied from the shock, and gradually mi k. her death being undoubtedly caused bv the criminal carelessiiese of the driver of the wagor. bv whi 'h she was Injured.? Vu-ginia S- a Sm.*:. 2**a intf Tnr C?Lomn S< mool*.?Sunerin'en lent Vts-k's rejort of the ooaditiou of the colored .actool* for the month of May last, shows the tollow'ng Percentage of attendance?1st dls tok't, S? s; jO.sSl?; 3d, as *; 4th, 91.4, Mh. 91J3. Cases of tanlinesa 1st district, 10K, 2d. 22; 3d, Xi. 4th. !.?; *<th, 3. Suspensions?1st district, II. .d. 6: .id, ?;4th. 2; ^th, 2. Case* or orporal fsiittiuent?1st district, 41: Ud, II; 3d, 2: 4th. C iifk.l. Total ;<er -ent*ge of attendance. ^4.^ of 'ardinese, 2^: su*|>en>ions, 2?'; cases of Nl^VIki p?Mfc?t, Mh A I ?sikaf.; ? Plack?Person* desiring a pleasant summer renort can bard It do l?etter ?kan to visit the Lakeview house at Wathins, X T . advertised ia anothar column. Itissit ua'ee within live minute* walk of the famous W*thioa Glen, baa a moat beautiful outlook ?ver Seaec* lahe ami the surrounding country, awa the atmosphere is singularly pure and cool. In asioition to these attractions, the houae ia *aew ami ha* Isomsly furnished, aad will be kept ia the best style. ? V'aw Bn?iciAL 8o< ibtt.?On Thursday evemrg a number of gentlemen met in the baae. ?seat of St. lH>m:nic's church and took prelim issrv actios tawards the organisation ef a m?tsal rel.ef or beneficial aaaociation, theob jss? ef which shaU he te aaslat the members ia lime ef sickness, and in case of death to ap propriate a certain sam te defray funeral ex pense*, and to giro to the heirs or a deceeeed mem bar as many dollars a* there be members ef theaaciety. Taa Aua-ir assaclt bt tu PomD?*. ?s. hlia aad Mr. Browne, attorney ef the ?aard ef Mealth, after saamining the case ef the pan mime n charged wtth the aaaaalt oa Dr. Barker or Wednesday night laet. eenHode.1 to ha i three ef the party, aad aacertaoiing that Mi.iex. liawhiM and Braoha were not ia the Mist, hail wi* lurniahed for them. Tiler. ? eats and ? arter were cwmmittad far trial, but ??bee*nently Tyler and Carter fare bail te ap pear when wauvrd. ' Paarop Cat-i an.?The eaagregntam of the Asaembiy** Prea)>?terian ehurch, corner of <th aid I nreet*. held a meeting en Thursday eve ntaf laet for the( pur pose of choettag a pastor, ?.ce K' v. Itr Boynton, reigned on account or id-health. The oi.gregatioa voted aaani waaslv 'j? extern! a caC te the Rev (i-orga o. 1 .f?e.*oi l>^n>er?v He. I mi.ana. It U not defl n rely known whether he will aeoept tbe call mrm&L Cnrai. .-BaniTs have been issued as fo'. k.s? r:a^e oua last ? Alex Duehay, t*w-su>ry toric^, iMk street, between N and ?> northweet; Mars Baidwa. rwo-stary fraase. corner at Maeam L.^ers avenue and iOtb street aoutbaaat. rl??s? xlv*(?v,ev between 4th blu y.h ?em Witt. Tkirf LfftoUliic ImbM;. COCBCIL-The Ceaacil wa* opened ye*t*rday afternoon ?ilk frtjfr by tlwCkoltiB. Tt.? f< llowir.g Council hdle were severally ntd * second ami referred To ?rorld? for worthy wo* ec ts temporary distriss to protect gutters in the county. and prov i.lirg a penalty against persons dm ilk in <k? Mure; f?r the relief of Jii*" Patrick; autbcririrg thj Governor, with tkycuiii mittte ? b police of tnt Council and Honif of IV gatit of the Pifltrkt of Columbia. to porch- > suital le building for the Police tlourt of f f* ? trict of Colombia. ?'*" Tb. following Houae bill* were also r ferred: Making an appropriation To- and r? t nu n Benevolent Society of Geor ? lh* i ?? I i? f of the association of dest itr yp,*wn\ said children; rreatinfdreiDa#' tiot.s in the cities of ? sehln ? *J?t<?a|? se is th- District of Golumbi eton and Th? pe> m<-ot of the constre -? and ?r<>Tiding for th> .11 hit f it (?]!(? atui la^' of ?ew#r* th?wu by sr *?: zssssr^s&fg ?rhT-ol le* -<* nn appropr alien to All a certain JJjr,h, .te ibs count): mikinc an appropriation | ,0v - repairing of ths AnaconiFe school balMta*. . Browne introduce* a bill providing tlm re .usdtn* nf iif?r:??? whirh fcave been or shall haer roneously or illegally paid, which was rend aflrig "llr Brooks introduced a bill regulating sate* in restaurants, eating hnn-ed, bar rooms, sample n on.*. Ice eream ealoons, and soda fountain rooms, providing for pasting np I ho ordinary prices fo? which sales ehsil or may l>o made la said estab lishments. requiring all persons of good behavior to l>e accomim dated in said establishmsnts at said pri< e*. .in.l providing penalties for a disregard m Mich regulaut ns or to ?ecure the snforcement of i hi# set which was read a tirst lime. M t Brooks raid he regretted t ho ueoesslty of sucli a l?w. I nt ii bad c nie to his knowledge that it ?a* high!) iMTcscary, In consequence of the law p??*-o at the last session cf the b-^islature being defective. slid consequently inoperstive. Mr I'.io. lis, from the oasmittee on claims, report ed a hill inakii k an appropriation lor the pa> moot . t Mr I. N. Iturrit for advertwii g in the Hhhi/i* H-ra'd. which was read a first time. Mr Rih< introduced a bill am*iid*tory of an act entitled "an art to regulat" advertising and job punting for the executive offices of th<- District,'' approved Jntie Jo, 1572. which was read a first til' e. Mr. Gnlick. from the committee one! tnis, repart ee I srk C? vr< il bill No.jS.antboriTinethe r-xlemp ti> n i.f a portion 'f lot No. 17, in s-,n.ire4i9, and n ling an Hpprxpriation therefor; paKae<l. Mr Gn'xk. from the romiijittee on claims, to s h- n: bsd b* ? n referred sundry petitions. rep->rted the Mine oark wiibont r?M-(nmiendation,and askeil to be aiiH barg-.-d froin th'ir further consideration; so ordered. Mi Gul'ck introduced a bill extending tho pro Ti.un* of an ai-t imp .ting a license on trades, busi ners apd pri fessions practitedor c. rried ou in the District of Columbia; laid over. House bill an'borinnj the erection of a new nro alarin Ul' graph in the District of Columbia,?nl ap inaliig $75 1U) for the sanr.e.was r<*ad a first time, laid over,and ordered to be printed in bill form. Mr Th? nipson introduced a bill authoriifng the issuiog of ceriiticat^a of indebtedness in Hen ot the txiatiiig obligatUns and certificates <>r th" late <-or poiaii<>ns of Washington aid Georgetown, which waslaidtver. . . Tb>- President, in compliance with a request of tbe House of Delegates for a C"ininittoe of cob tor ei? nn the disagreeing votes of the two honses on the tax bill, appointed the follow ing committee:? Sl'-srs. Thon psoD, Golden, and Bro<>ks. Mr Cr< so, from the committee on lire departtaeut, reptn t? d ba< k H .D.No 2?,for the pur. hase of a lot aLd erection of a new '-ngiue-h- u*- for the Oo lun.bia '-ngiiie; read, amended and passed. Mr. CniS k introducwl a U'" authorizing the ex teisi n .ind closing of certain alios, and Tor other purp'?es: read a first time. H'>u?e creating ?he office of Uarb<?r master for th' P sirj< t of Columbia; pro>iding for tbe sale of the i?-ntral guard-h"ti#e >n Louisiana avenue, and the propertN owned by the District government at tbe uiieis. <ti' n of 9th and R streets; for the relief of Jam- ??!! ldeoLiandmaklagan appropriation for pay ing ttie ikbts of the schools <>f thecouutyof Wash ii gtoti, and to issue b< n<ls for the payment of tbe same, were a first time and laid over. Mi Gulick, from the committeo on public w. rks ? i d pri p? rty, reporteI back H1 use j' int ree"lur.on naktrglhe Geo rgetown and Bock>ille turnpike a i lreecounty road: pi's-<d. Mr Samuel Gt.Inev.tbe newly-appomt?d repre senta-ive from the ll?h district, appear~d in the Cout.cilarid presented bis credentials, after which he wus introduced to the President kad members by 5Ir. Cr> e*, and took his seat. THE SALARY S'Lt. Mr. Thcmps'-n, from the i onmnttee on finance,re p<>rt-il t a-k Conncil bil< No 61. making an appr . I prialbn for salaries of the officwracf the District 1 of Colon.l ia; which wau considered in committee of I tbe whole. Mr.G lden moved to strike ont the twy> gaiLage m%-ters for the county, provided for in the hill, suv it:g that they had lio Beeil for sin h officers there. Mr. Thompson said it could not b" done under ths 1 ex i-ting law, which establi-hes tw- nty-two fur the | Distri-'t?one for ?ach legislative district. Tliis was oneofthe e\i|s sought to be Corrected in bis bill, C< uncil bill No. 1,) ? hich tiad been defeated in the ower House. The motion was agreed to. Mr. Buker moved t-? strik<* <"mt the proportionate aaiount of be county f< r salary of the superintend I ent of public schools, stouitig that it was a needless ? expiree to tbe county, without a corresponding b?-nefit in return. It was iBipossiblefor the super : intend?-nt to give bis attention to th* cuuty schools ! and ibe schools in the cities of Washington and I Georgetown, lie did rot wish to r<-dwce the salary I ..f that officer, wbicb be thought little enough, and tliocght ths schools within the city limits needed all ? his attention, and the latter should pa> this expense. ! Under tbe present state of tbe cmnty school fund, I tb~? were not able to pay anything for such ser I vices. Mr Brooks calW attention to the statement made by the luen.ber i Mr. Baker!a few -lay4 since when the appropriation bill was l>efore the Council, to the effect that some <>f the county school teachers were remiss in th-ir duty, and that the schools were suf fering by reason of it. This was an argument in favor of having a supervisory power to correct such evils. Mr. Buker gave a statement of the troubles iu the c< unty. and tbe large expenditures for sch ol houree.and stated in ? onclusion that the chairman of th. count) scbeol trustees had given much super visor attention to the schools, and was willing to do so in future until tbey are relieved of their finan cial ? a,i arrastnimt. lie was a man of ability, aud srcot d to very (s? in capacity for this duty. The superiiib-ndsnt for Washington ana Georgetown has as n.uch as he can do without going over a range of twenty miles. tr< m the Little Falls to beyond 'he Ks?tern branch to visit schools. Mr Th. mpson thought it rather bad business to make the change promised. Mr. Guiick opposed the amendment. Mr l>il"y thought it inexpedient tetuake any ck? ge iii the law. Mr. Golden hoped tbe member would ivltb'lraw the anenCment, as tbe trustees In the county, in bis jedfmept, need'd a supervisory power over them n.ore than did tbe teachers or schools. Ml Buker withdrew the motion. Jit. further amendments being offered, the bill was put ob its passage, wben Mr Brooks stated that he desired to nave it go anon record that he voted very ? eliictaatly for this bill, starting out,astne> did, on the retrenchment eystem, he felt constrained to ssy r*>at it wsa w ith pain and reluctance he voted for this most extraordinary bill,in order to keep the machinery of the government running. Mr. Tli" nips on made remark* of the same purport, hut said, in view of the opposition to economv 1b i other .luarters, the bill would have to be passed in I its pressLt sbape to preveat the clogging of the i wheels of the government. The hill was passed. Mr. Br. wne introduced a bill amendatory of an set for tbe prevention of dlseass In the District of 1 Colnmbia, read tbe first time. H. use bill authorising the purchase of a steam | for.e pimp for tbe highservice reservoir in George ! town, was read and laid over. Mr. Thow. peon, from the committee on finance, ? reported back unfavorably Oouacil bill No. S4, "to explain an art making an appeopriation to pay the outstanding indebtedness of the late corporations of Washington. Garget own and the Levy Court," ard the Mil was rejected. | Mr. Tlo iiipeon^fri'm the committee on flnance, i reported back U D No ? in relation to the sale ar.d rent of stalls and stands in the Eastern market, w .th aaieDdn.ents, which were adopted, and the bill was pa?s*-d Bt'OE ? Mr. Wail presented the petition of W. O. Dennlsoa and others asking the passage of a law granting married women the right of coverture in<U-1er.dent of the hushan-l; referred. M r. cbase Introtluceu bill for the relief of the Na tional Theological Institute; referred. Mr Berry presented the petition of F. Coleman for damages; referred. Mr. I'rell introduced bill to incorporate the Thor ongn Br^ Live block association of tbe Diatrist of Columl'ia; referred. Mr Herbert, from tbe cca mittee on pnblic parks, report'd bill to protect parks, lawns, Ac.; read a second time. Mr Herbert offered resolution calling for ade> tailed statement of rvcelpte and expenditures of the colored school trustees from Jnly 1st, 1371, to April 1st last: adopted. Mr. Hulse introduced bill to extend M street, from 21st street to New Hampshire avenue; referred Mt Brewer, fr^m the committee on claims, re ported bills t? pnv Kmmart. Dunbar A Co.. (for work en the M inch water main . and to pay claim* of 8 W . Owens, k. G. Campbell, D. B. Davenport B Fsrdon, and M. Pabet; read a second time. Mr Wall, fr< m the committee on judiclarv, re ported bill providing for taxing dogs; read a second time Mr. 8m?ot called up bill to preveat aulawful km.ting; which was passed. Mr. Kant,from the i>oUce committee, reported bills granting a special ficeaeete Jase F. Adams, snd bill for tbe better protection of the Itves and llmbeof perwaae engaged te mechanical pursuits, resd a second thne. Biil ex piaiaiag act ef July 19th. 1872, Br ov id lug that the evmmissionera of the sinking raad'shall pay re nam mdsMsrtnees. was taken up, on motion of Mr. shepherd, and passed. Mr. Campbell introduced tolll exempting manu facturers from taxatlw for five vsarx; referred. r. W all called up hill prescribing the method of 11ns fines and penalties, aad it was passed. caller*ing taes and l Bill for ths erection of a sea wall at the foot ef (snal street southeast was taken up, on motion of Mr. Carroll, and passed. On m<?ioa ?d Mr. Brewer the ruin were suspended and i h. bill regulating the ruaaing of railroad train* and engines od ths "treefs takea ap; smsaded to prei eat the r lacing ?f v ISs cr bKrwing of whistles, ami re.,siring the coastraettow ef a fence along each stale of the road. wrthsUdiag gates at street crues togs. and limiting the saevtanaai speed to six miles per fu ur, and was then passed. Mr <Vr?lllnirod?Mi{ a bill for the relief of J. T *t< ckbridge; referred. (in nosion of Mr. Shephetd, it wns ordered that when the Mouse adjourn it bete meet at U aws to m. rr< w (t odey ) Tbe >peaker announced aa mtnaksrs ef the confer ence c mm it tee on t^e tax bill, Messrs Hmsst, D/er aad Wall. _ . Oa motion of Mr. Smaot, Oa motion of Mr. 9aaot, tin autheriziag the <e vern?r to appoint additional aetariee was takea up under a sti?|ynsi< n of the rules. and amended SO ss to limtt the nddittoaal number to twsaty, aad Tr" Hnat called up bill making it lawful for la epectors ,*>eaearera and markers of lumber to per f ra. the dr.ties ef the same at large for the entire Distilct of Coluiribla and It was passed. TBI egvv CODS. Mr Over railed ap th* resotatloa appointing a c >n. mission. toserve wit hoot e?-s?psnsatlon to revtns the w. rb ef the codiiers of th* laws of the OtstrM. Mr M>epherd opposed the sdoatioa of there tion. and said it as peered To Mb that the eftect W ubi he te take the code eat oft ha hands of tha L'g'slaiuri. It is true that th* resolution provide* t hat t he remmtasieeers shail seree without compey satioe. but tbe << iest?on with him was whetbdr tne work of tbe . omjiiesi. ners would n<it entail other ex pei T.'ie rode had ccme near slipping through their iu tb* lac* of the cigua* ia th* act r?<jniring the rer latnre The O ??*??"? to be r?fortfd to the LegW the plea that ftriff had sent it to Congress, on to Im Diet' <t would then k? printed without c?t vantage < wt fo??rnarat He coald eee no ad to anc e referring the work of uMMtof hiwyrri Lfi Xr Ml. TM code ?*? impecfect, tat the **? mature could veriest it. Mid he would not dete j* the powers oi the Legislature to other ?*rtiw ? r. T>yer nit be bad examined the code Mil ha 1 . caused copies to he aent to numbers of members of I the bar. and it was found d?rfactive. He had called on tbe (governor and suggested an extra aeaaion i without compensation, but ha had declined to call one. Reclaimed that theenssmiaaion aamol in tbe I re.c.lunuD waa c<Mnp<?ed of geatteueu?Messrs. W. P. Daxidge.W. 8. <>x W. XTCook .John J. John ?on, Enoch Totten, J O. Payne and I. L. Stanton? peculiarly ,in*lifi?.l f.?r the work, and he daintd that the result of rejecting the reaoletlua would b? to ieav* tba code iaCulifitw where possibly it woo Id he paaaed throagh with ameadaieats which 1w< uld not aatiafjr the people. Mr. Shepherd aaid the legislature ha-1 been shamefully treated in regard ta this code. It should have been reported to th' second aeaaion, bat, in - i mead, it went to the Governor, and wae br him re farm! to Congress, and an attempt waa Bade to smuggle it through. Congress having failed to art oa it. then it ia aent to the legislature He had no objection to any member of the commission named, bat there waa no guarantee that the* would serve, and probably hot one or two might be able to act; and then, Instead of the suggest! ma of all, tb-?y would have only thoae of two or three members. Mr. Murray moved to insert the name of George W. Dyer as one ef the commission; carried. Mr. Shepherd moved that Mr^Dyer'siomgrasa tion be 92.000 per annua; loat?Messrs. Bhepheid, Wall, and Brown only voting in the affirmative. The rea >lution waa then rejected bj a tie vote, as follows. Teas ? Messrs. Berry, Carroll, Olag-tt. Chase, Co*. Dyer, Herbert, Hmoot, and Trimble?9. Says?Messrs. Brewer, Brown, Hulse, Hani, Mur ray , Shepherd, Taliafero, Wall, and the Spcnk-T?9 SubM qiicMly, on motion of Mr. Shepherd, the vote waa recensiuered. Mr. Dyer offered amendment* providingf>r the submission of the report to a special session -'f tin' Legislature, which the Governoris requested to c*ll before the meeting of Congress; which waa al >?{? .1. The resolution waa then adopted. Yeas?Me* rs Berry, Brewer. Csrroll, Claggetf, Chase, Cox. D, r, Herb* rt, Hunt, Murray, Shepherd, Talial. ro, Un-H, Vermillion, Wall and the Sneaker?lt>. Nay?Mr. Srocot. The latter explained that whil- h ? wished' that the cede ahould be perfected, he could not v ote for any measure looking toward* an extra session. Al I'kOT'RlATION liILL*. Mr. Halve, from the committee on appropriation*, reported bills making appropi iations to pay the sal aries ol officers of the District; making appropris ti ns fc supply deficitncies in the general expen?es of the government of the District for the Ureal years ending June 30,1S72 and 1873; amendatory of the act to enforce the collection of taxes in arreari. Mr. ttnioot introduced a bill appropria<ing S7.UU0 for tbe pnrchai-e of aaitefor a school building on C ?tie- t, fronting Stanton s<iuare. In the third school district; referred. Mr. Wall, from III* committee .>n laws and judi cial?, -'ported a bill* im?Hilatiiry of th ? uoriual achiKd act, which provides that there sball he no distinction on acccuut of color; read a second time and laid over. Mr. Brewer, from the committee on claim*, re ported hi IU for the relief of the follow iug individu als. vir.: E. Morris Cropley, A. B. Cropley, R B. Oropley, Thomas L. Cropley, Thomas Dowling, and John b Clark; read a second time. On m H ion of Mr. Smoot, the joint resolution trans ferring the balance of the Chicago relief fund to the sinkingfuud was taken up and parsed. (in motion of Mr Hrewer, the bill f ir the relief of Samuel t'eas, assignee, waa taken from the commit tee of tbe whole and pa-sed Mr. liulse introduced a bill to supply deticiein Ies in the (impropriations to pay salaries of officers and employe*-s of the I>iett u t of Columbia; referred. Mr. Wall,from the committee on laws and judici ary, reported a bill confirming the building regula tiocs of the Board of Poblic Works, and providing for the enactment thereof; read a second time and laid ov t. Mr. Hunt, from the committee on police, reportisl a bill sutuoiiring the rurchase of a fnildiny f r a rolice tonrt, with an amendment striking out liar b' ur's sw building; laid otit. Mr. T?l!afero iutrewiuceii a bill appropriating $700 for the support of a night school under tli ? au spices of the Lincoln Industrial Mission; rtltrred to Conmittee on schols. BILLS l'*?sEO. On motion of Mr. Herbert,the bill to evtend and widen Pot. mac ?treet, Georgeto* n, w?? t iken up, and Mr. llerry offered a substitute for the bill, which w an adopted. On motion of Mr. Hnlse. the bill for the relief of Jnn e* O. Clephane was taken up anl pas*>*<l On m dion of Mr. Hulne, th>- bill to pay W P. CottrellACo. for material furnished for an exten sion of tbe small pox h >?pital wa? tak?n up and pa-se.1 Bill for ti.e relief of Tli ??. Lucas wart passed. The following bills were, under a suspensi >a of the rules, successively taken up aud pae-.-d: Bill for the relief if John Newton B.-rrj man; bill Taking an appropriation for the rurvey of th- Potomac channell; bill in relation to tax-sale certificates; concurrent resolution requesting the Delegate in Congress to urge an amendment to the <'oustttutiou to ae( nte to the citi/.ens of the District the same Tights aDd privilege* as are enjoyed by citizens of the several states. Mr. Hiilse.from the committee on appropriations, reported a bill making appropriations for certain charitable institutions, which was read a second time and laid over. The House, at 9.45 P. in., a<ljourned to noon to day. To-day's Proceedings. The House niet at noon to-day. Mr. Murray introduo-d bill for the relief of James O'Day (erroneous assess* ent.) Mr. Hulse moved, in view of the necessity of the committees preparing business f.?r the House, that a recess be taken until fto'ch^ck; which was agreed to. St. Matthew's InstitnU. ASXIAI. I OV MINI'KM BUT KXKKCII?K<? LAST SIGHT?LIST Or TUB AVAGDH. The urth annual commencement of St. Matthew's Institute, Brother Tofciaa, president, took place at Lincoln hall tast evening in the presence or a large audleuee. Brother Tobias, Hon. F. A. Sawyer, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury; Fathers McDevM*, San Martino Berrotti, and many other clergyn.en of the city occupied seats on tb? stage. The students, 175 in number, occupied seats to the right and a portion of the stage. After an interesting entertainment consisting of declamations and music by tbe excellent archestra present, in the absence of Rev. Charles I. White, D. L> , hon orary president, wfco waa detained by sickness. Brother Tobias conferred the diplomas, and Assistant Secretary Sawyer distributed tbe medals and premiuau. At tbe conclusion of the distribution, Mr. Sawyer delivered a brief address congratulating the teachers and stu dents on the success which has attended their efforts daring the year.* Tbe following is a list of the students receiv ing diplomas, medals, and premiums: First Htparlmwu.?A diploma to Joseph H. Ben son and Francis P. Pic; the Forsyth gold m?dal for surveying and the higher mathematics to Joha D. Coughian; French, geometry and trigon >metry, medals to Xdwin Forrest and James T. Harbin; 1st Latin class, history and French, medal toTb >mas P. Biggins: Sd Latin class and deportment, medal to James J. Carroll; English grammar and comp < sition,medal to Francis P. Pic: phonography, pre mium to John A. Madirnn; rhetoric and French,

premium to (Charles 8. Drury; algebra?2d class, 1st Sreminm to John W.Simms aud 3d to Francis H. I aeon, philosophy and arithmetic, 1st premium to John Guest and 2d to Wm H. Lepl.-y; good cjndix-t and general Improvement, premium to L<>uis P. Shoemaker; German. 1st clam, aod recitation, pre mium to Herman J. Schulties. S*ron<i Vervrt?irnt.? Gold medal for excellence to James F. Duhnmel; algebra?1st class, m-slal to Bernard Vuliamel, 1st premium to Wm D?mielly and same to J< hn W. Dnrnln; arithmetic, 1st pre mium to John Shugrue, Charles Miller and August I>cmonet, and jd premium to Denis P. Callagtian; pboucgraphy, medal to James Bslin, 1st premium to Francis C? - <dy, 3d to Thomas J. Irwin; good c in duct and application,medal to George W. M.uiogue and premium to Dalaney A. Forrest; Bnglish gram mar, 1st premiums to Thomas S. O'Connor and Harry Gav Isr, and 3d to Eugene M airy; jckm! con duct and orthography, medal to tfonaabi 8. Bing ham, reading, 1st premium to Thomas Cavana^h. 3d to All*ert D Mahomey and Van Baren Hillyard; penmanship, 1st premium to John Moylan aud M to JohnF^Smoot; history, 1st premium to Jobu P. Whelan and 2d to Joseph D. Tynan- English com position. 1st premium t? James M. Fegan and 2d to John B. Clark; general improreinent, l?t premiums ta Gostave J. Bornig and James P Oarrity, and to Edward Beedy. Third Utpartm-iK.?Knuli'h grammar and 'v?m position. uieda's to James P. Smith. Mark Ma|?ney, and ^m.H. Fallou;deportment and application, 1st premiums to Wm. P. Corcoran, ('has. H .tireen anaTh.e- f. M I-Ki't., and 3d to Th <s. J. L,ong and Char. ta. ). .i . ; l.; Latin,3d class, premiums to James A. S liui, , practical arithmetic. 1st premiums to Patrick F Shugrue and Michael J Sulli van, and 3d to Frank M. Dant, Patrick F. Madigan, and James V. French: politeness aad attendance. 1st rremiams to James M. Greea, and 3l' to Bernard L. umherlaad; reading aad penmanship, 1st premium* to Francis J. Quirk aad Eugene F. Arnold, and >1 to AlexamierSs Clark: Intellectual arithmetic. 1st premiums to Tho* T. Doyle, Fred*k M. Shultie> and Prosper V ^ ? i .n, 31 to Joseph J. Joyce and 3d to Jaii.i - ii.igan: English grammar. 1st premiums i? J i.i. Crowley, 2d to Edward S Kieekboefer aud 3d to Jamas F. Corridon: hi-dorv and geography, 1st premium to Henry 9. McGran. 3d to Samuel 8. Taylor, aad M to Chas. J. Me Daniel: ortbograahy. 1st presalam to Joeenli P. Fallon XI to John J. Murray, and Id to Wm. J. Gari ity; g<?od conduct, let premiums to John D. Toumy and Edw'd E. Hill aad 3d to Wm. J. Eead. FouriA Urpmrtmmt ?Christiaa doctrine, 1st pre mlam.t? tooft J. Bainey, 3d to William Bareett, aad 3d to John J. Chapman; readiag, 1st premium to Joseph 8. McCoy, 3d to Owen J. Fitxpatrick, and Id tojAm. D. Oyster- penmanship, 1st premium to Joha S-Drury, M to George Jueaenaaa, and 3d to ym. Willis; orthography, 1st premium to Francis J. Biagham, 3d to Joha F. Gormerly, and M to Jebn T. Croggaa; good conduct, 1st premium to EMBtam?l!foaB?fftMmmr>'>lM i*' "to*Ed 'd erttimstfe, 1stprsastsnajo George ItMsMd to liaiirijGorman, aad 3d to Chas. Connolly; ta: JSg??: -T.A?rT>> li'j|l'tlf |twt ?Moe that this gWa all "dSwMtopl} th'irUM^tha'wSto? tor's effioa will be open until 1 o'clock p. ?. ?it th? JSth| 2|(h aad^th iastaat. * BmN *r Health. TUB PUVENTlOll AND CONTROL OF OWOLERA. The regular meeting of the Board of Health was held la?t night. After the approval of sev eral bills, I?r. Cox read a report on the snbjert of hydrophobia. He also submitted a report from the committee on ordinance In regard to the prevention and control of cholera. The fol lowing in the list of preventive suggestions which, in the opinion of the committee, should be rnilvfuolh rednred to practice: t. Personal cleanliness by dally ablation er bathing of the body, and also the frequent change of woolen and liuen underclothes. 2. Suitable diet, the avoidance of unripe ot decayed fruits or vegetables, regularity of meals and hours of sleep. 3. Pure drinking water Is of. the greatest m<? ment. Pump and well water should be avoid ed, and rain, spring or river water used, being careful to filter all water intended for drinking purposes, from whatever source obtained. A very good filter, which can readily be a<lipted to an ordinary cooler is the patent of a Mr. Henshaw, of this city, who has already intro duced it with favorable results in some of the Kvernment department* and private dwell g* 4. Every dwelling house and public buiidine should be kept scrupulously clean and well ventilated. ^ ardu and cellars must be particu larly cared for, tilth removed wherever discov ered, and the walls of cellars, basements, and outbuildings thoroughly whitewashed. 5. Privies and waterclosets require special attention dally. In the former should be poured, twice a day, one pint of the following solution: Sulphate of iron, (copperas.) 10 lb*.; water, 6 gallons; crude carbolic acid, \ pint. The same solution should be applied to water Closets. After every use of these the valves should be opened for the admission of water, and the seat closed by shutting down the lid. 6. Whenever clothing is defiled by excretnen tatious matter, it should be boiled for an hour, or placed in a covered solution, composed of sulphate ol zinc, 1 lb.; water, 8 gallons; strong carbolic acid, 3 ounces. At the same time all bed clothing or dressing used in sick room*, where cholera exists, should be fumigated by burning sulphur on an iron pan for a number of hours, the room l?eing tightly closed. 7. The large- masses of decayed and ptifresent animal and vegetable matter to be found In yards, alleys, cellars, drains, ?ewers, and ditches, should be thoroughly disinfected. To this end pnbllc authorities and every house holder should be required to keep on band and employ suitable disinfectants, the poorer classes to be furnished bv the board of health free ot charge. l'UEM 1 SEP POT I. A RED TO Bit TCriSANCES. The health officer ottered resolutions, which were all adopted, declaring the following prem ises nuisances injurious to health, and he was directed to abate them:?The frame shanties in Goat alley, between ?Jth and Ttti and L and M streets northwest, as being below grade and in a tilthy and dilapidated condition; a frame house on I, between Half and 1st streets, south east. as having no drainage and beiti^ unfit for human habitation, and the brick shanties in Goat alley, as being below grade, unfit for hu man habitation, and in a bad sanitrtrv condition generally. CHAltfJES OK OFFICERS. Mr. Colclazier was relieved from duty in the smaii-pox service ami placed on inspection duty. Robert T. Padgett and Mr. Parry were discharged the small-pox service, and ?'h:is. O. Hall was placed in charge of the service and telegraph office at the small-pox quarters. An application from Fitch .I. Porter for po sition under the beard was placed on file. The health officer was directed to purchase a sufficient quantity of lime, to be distributed throughout the cities wherever needed. o THE COI KTN. POLICE COURT, Jut/ice Sh'H ?To-Uay. G*-orce Jones, profanity; forfeited #3 collateral. Aiu%uda Stew art, disorderly; tilled 85. Kach-I Thompson, d<>.,do. J,in * Rol>;ii4oi),driving on foot*ay; lined $2 Augu?ii;.t Anii ii, failing to maintain proper distance between carts; filed -\5. <? K lluuiit-a, profanity; tii.e<| ,53. 1, 'iii-u Ami Turner, vagrant; I 1 r.ds or v rklii 11-0. W A. Dyer, profane; tinea S3. Julia \V ashiugton; stealing pants, coRt, vest, arid shirt, ? liich weietorn up si d sold; ail jo day" Josephine Kiiig.lareeny of a p?cket-book and %i. plead giiiky fiy ?swaii."Tence,"? persuasion;) mil*) <.s>s. ?? Pnrk", li-.rcein of tiva-hoe^('.>dd vues} pit au ft >111 r > ; ,.u' 6 luotitli*. TliF 1; ./.? ? c 1.1 c i\ ;E>?nSTOWX. Eduaru K 1V . ?"-tuil ???, .til -infla". and James IVuela". ,.u Kc var.l". I, .th colored men. The latter ~f :?!? I thut 1>" u--ts guilt jt , aud said thai tin t wi i:t out to fight W.>11.-??testified that th?- two Hie, went iuto llai * c. n! > -*r.l to tight; th<-y stripi<ed ? (T. ai:d Edward* k nucke.i Dougfas down, snd held hii.i do*n until he hall >-J ?enough," w hea h>-let hii.i Ui>, and Douglas !b> 11 cut Klwar.l with a razor. Kdwards wi*s sentenced to jail f?r ds da> s, and l?i uglas for 90 days. GEORGETOWN. Coal Trade?The shipments of coal for the week past have lieen limited t'orthewautot vessels, very few having arrived on account of head winds. The receipts have been rather aliove the average, and would have been larger had the canal boats been promptly unloaded. The receipts for the week were; At Rav's docks, 2,437 tons; New Central docks, 6.?? tons; Con solidation docks, 3,*51 tons; Borden Mining Company, 3,400 tons. Total receipts for the week, lo,!*^ tons. The shipments were; From Ray's docks, 2,250 tons; New Central docks, 4,8U6 tons; Consolidation docks, 4,{*W tous; Borden Mining Companv. 1,1*0 tons. Total shipments for the week, 13,703 tons. The Improvement of the Masonic Hjt.l BriLDiso b? ?? 0 eommeaced by the con tractor, Mr. 1, <;..iues, and will be poshed rapidly to completion. The'Gradiko of Vwrsmtr is serioaslv retarded by rocks which have to be blasted out. The Will of the latk G?o. Waters, of this city, dated .Ian. 30, 1*73, was filed In the Probate Court yesterday. He bequeaths to his son. John M. Waters; *4,000 in rash, and di rects that when eighteen months have elapsed after his death his executors, (his brother, closeidi G.f and his son John M.,) as trus tees, shall sell the remainder or bis es tate, and divide the proceeds as follows; one-fourth to his daughter, Mrs. .Marion Chew; one fourth to his daughter, Mrs. Isabella Weisel; and one-fourth each to his sons J jha M. and Walter G. Waters. Nichols' hem- cojiffctiowerv stoke and ice cream parlors, No j:i High street are in op eration, the old building having beeu remodeled under the superintendence of Mr. J. T. Collins, a young architect of Georgetown. The exterior of the building presents a most attractive ap pearance, and so does the Interior, reflecting great credit upon him ami his workmen. When the front receives Its finishing touch of paint it will add very much to the appearance of the whole building. The store and ire aream par lors are fitted up in elegant style, ami are al ready becoming a popular resort for ladies. The ice creams, truit, water ices and cake served by Nichols are equal to any in the Dis trict. River News?The steamer New York cleared to-day for Philadelphia, with 250 bbis. flour for New York via canal. Also, the George anna. from Baltimore, arrived with a miscella neous cargo, and cleared for the same port. ??? ALEXANDRIA. Real Hstate Transfers.?The following were the exchanges of real estate in this city tor the month of May, 1JC3, as reported bv Green & Wise, real estate agents;?Lot and appurtenances on the south side of Franklin street, 56 foet t> inches west of Co! imbus street, 5? feet 6 inches by 70 feet, Thos. Pullman and wife to Paul Pullman, 9-t,000; house and lot on west sideof Alfred street, between Princess and Oueen, 15x70 feet, Kdgar Lyles ?t al. to John H. Soper, W75: lot on east side of Washington ?treet, *8 feet 1 inch north of Prinoess, 78 feet 6 inches by 123 feet 5 inches. K. C. Fletcher et al. to Downham and Green, *1,W4.75: lot south east corner Patrick aud Gibbon streets, 100x123 feet 5 inches deep, A. and W. I). Stuart to H. L. Stuart, *750; lot on east side of Water street, between Prince and Duke, 2G feet 1 inch by 130 feet, Geo. McCleisb to John H. Nowland. 9550; lot 011 east side of Water street, between Princo 26 feet 1 inch by 1.70 feet, George McCleish to Catharine Now laud, #550: house and lot 011 north side of Oueen street, 50 feet Henry. 20,>?> teet,^^?hn H.Sop<r aD(1 Wilson, #500; house and lot on south side of Wolfe street, IOC feet west of Fair fax, 30x92 feetC Inches, L. Gentzberger and wile to 8. A. Churchman, *1,350; house and tot on southwest corner Oronoco ant^ Washington stzeeta, 60x130 foot, G. K. Witmer et al. to Wm. ?e.OOO; tot on east side of Wat^r street, ?2 fcot south of Princess, 25 feet 9 Inches by 13S TSS V?4?'Princess street, 1 55 .*??? of WlLt*r ?troet, C9x?o feet; also, moiety ot lot on southeast corner Princess and Water streets, ttxfio feet, Cacenove G. Leo to C. P. Lee, jr., S2,000; half of tot on southeast corner Prince and Payne streets, 46 feet 10 iockfi by loo ftet, Yeaion and Joiinson, cem missiMiers, to Thos. Hoy. *197 JO; lot on south Sfiff Kingstreal, 48 feet east of Patrick stieet, inches by 100 foot, ?Jssses V. Brooke to C.W.Watties, tras ^ 0,1 ??nt???a?t corner ? Pttaoo and Parse streets, ItixlOO feet. Thoi Hoy and wife to Edw'd Fleming, #225. RcsEHE?lt is understood that ' Ounsel by the an nexationists to prosecute the scheme of annex Mtstuiocs Disar fea rasce? Application c*Pt- Webster, chief of poUce. to *5 ?J,! c?h>red man luu-il ^ had n>vMer ou?ly di?a?? mAa cwrid bo discovered?Gaaettt. Imm wooMrathsr "retract" "??nm? m nMn<>U' *? ??ietod with I CITY ITEMS. Soda Wat**. Kiseewgea. Vichy. Cefreest and K- User, drawn In all their punty jengntaiiu at '"/OUfkllii't, ?th and F rtiw'* Pai.mii & Green, ot ??eorg*town. have the erclnsive agency lor the use of steel fountain* B the District. ? Mrdical rxfrrts declare that pure leni'ly 5. ?ta Watrr can only be drawn from tk-rt 1iu linrrl steel fountains. Trv it, at Coughlln's, KtU and F ttreets. Pnn'i Dollar Jewell y Store, reeei ved nne beautiful styles In French Gilt Jewelry, and Fans and Belts. No. 437 Pennsylvania avenue, near 4 \ street. ForaTH of .Itlt and other excursion* and Sc-nlcs can be supplied with Soda Water, Inger Ale, Tonic Beer, Jfcc., in taunts and b<r ties at short notice fey Palmer Jt Green, (ieerge. town. Fount*, bottles and fixture* to loan free of charge. A KmilR Of capper tt-Ul fountain! are in nse in this city that were sold last winter in Boston at the yncc (J old cvpptr, by a Arm who have adopted the use of itrtl fountains. Pure Soda Water cannot be drawn from such copper foun tains. but yon can obtain it pare from steel fountains at Conghlin'*, 9th and F streets. DrrmstA is a Htdia-biapid Mowstxr, front which nearly all ''the ills the human ile-h is heir to" originate. The Peruvian Syrup, a protected solution of the protoxide of Iron, i* a long-tried and well established remedv for thin distressing complaint; it has cored thou&aiul* when other remedies have failed. C Stfrrrrrs from Corks, BrTctojts, Bad Nails, etc., find Immediate relief at Dr. White's establishment, No. 535 15th street, op]mmite. U. 8. Treasury. The treatment often efleet* a perfect cure, even in extreme cases, if none but suitable shoes are worn. tr Chtldrrw cbt for ^Pitcher's C as tori a. It regulates the stomach, cures wind colic ami causes natural sleep. It is a substitute tor oafctor oil. 4,25,<o3: Pord'b Extract on res rneumatlsra, barns, piles, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains, scalds, soreness, old sores, headache, colic, lameness, bruises, boils, wounds, neuralgia, hoarseness, diarrhoea, and all hemorrhages, etc. Pond's Extract differs from all other advertiaea preparations in the fact that it is a standard medicine, treated of In medical writings, and known to be a cure for these diseases. m,th,s,tf ? ThR SlRORR SRW1R6 M ACHINK sales of ,1^ J were #219,600. 4,12-s,wtl TcRco-RrssiAK Baths; alse, Medicated Va por Baths, for all akin disease, at Dr. Shedd's, 903 E street. 6,20,6: Wnxooz 41 fim's Siwirs Maoeivr. The celebrated Baaaar Patterns. Agency at Chas. Baum's hoopsklrt and oorset factory, 7th street, Intelligencer Building. 10,28 Thr comrtTRitt at larga appreciate the use fulness of Singer's Bowing Machine. 1,5 TiRuonmi and Barometers are repaired find made to order by Hem pier, near 4j{ street* COOLM.rti WORDS. BE COMFORTED?CHEBR UP. READ TillS A NXO USC EM EXT AM) F.K HAPPY. Summer C loth ins IN IMMENSE yrANTITItS. Summer tlothiaf AT EXCEEDING LOW PRICES. $1 ft 1 40 #11 ......#3.60 -#3 ALPACAS, SEBGES, ttEVI^CCkEUS, LIKENS. OA* DOLLAR TO -FlITti DOLLAR*. J)BAP D'ETES, DUCES. FLANNELS, HUNS CLOCHS, SmiPKB UI AO OKU L PLAIN. LABCC8T STOCK, BEST ?CTLBS, LOWEST PBKES WHITE GOODS WHITE GOODS. WHITE VESTS, WHITE PANTS, WB1TE SUITS. YACHT CLOTHS AND LIGHT ?CAS&IMhBES. EIGHT DOLLAB SUITS, TEH DOLLAB SUITS, FIFTEEN DOLLAR SLITS $B ? # hO #14 #<41 #40 TEEMEVD0C8 STOCK. EATEAORDINABY INIK'CEH KNTS BOY'S SUMMER COATS. SIMMER SI*ITS* ONE DOLLAR T FIVE DOLLARS. BOY'S WHITE GOODS, BOY'S WOOLEN G#0DS. Forced Sale#. Forced Sale#. NO RESERVATION. ALL WILL EE SuLD. AT LOW F RICES. COME AT OSCE-MAKE BARGAINS. FASHIONABLE TAILORS, j?U CORNER 7th AND S STREETS. PRACTICAL TtURI MANUFACTORY. ENCOURAGE HOME MANUFACTURE I TRuma BEPAIRED AMD OOYIEED. jambs #. ronua * co., HARNESS, SADDLE AND TRUNK MAN O FACTO MEM, Me. ?#? #EYflMTI ITBEBT, ?ext to OM Fellews' HaU, fl.l'f GOODS AT ropn.ui phkms. Lockwtod, Hufty fc. Taylor. ti3 PEKWLVIXII AVE71 IE, Are re<*iTii,f larpe addition* of ih?w Mid d?-? rttle Goo<le in < a*:h dTMrtawnt, particularly adapted for thf hhoi, at jrti tt to suit the ??ati it all. LADIES' DRFM DEPARTMENT, Ifv*ad Floor. 100 BROWS LINEN 8CIT9, at *7 tx 100 ?? - ? at 5 O.VO loo ?? ?? *? at Slow 100 ?? ?? at ?? il.JO UOO ? ?? ?' at. ?15 to 9*1 100 WHITE LA* N " at ??? 100 4? ?? 44 at *?.*? 19V 44 M f?J7 100 44 44 44 ' at ?4.?j 300 " " " 100 COLORED " 44 frcia $\ 40 WHITE LAWN WRAPPERS fSWto <M 100 BATftTE POLONAISE and RKD1VGOTC" from ? fltf to 100 WHITE LAWN POLONAISE fr m f 3 73 to f2J.Uu 100 BROWN LINEN POLONAISE and REl'IN 60TES frim w< to ? li uc READY-MADE INDtReARME>T? far LADIES A>D CHILDREN. 1 if toM Ladie* Cott'H SfclKTS, witti aix tack*. Otilf. - M cento BM 44 44 44 with nine tacM. only 91 W lOO " ?' ? with twelve tvcki, 1 Ml And a full Hue of SKIRTS, tucked, plaited and m broidered, from 9141 to 93i-.>acb, with ^ im proved spring band." 109 doren Ladiea' Cotton CEEIUSE9, witli ?iC? ? ,?e ceut* 1OO 44 1?0 too 44 44 a ilk ruf fe IT* Alco ? complete line of Plain, Tack?<t,'9((?l, Plaited, and kaMsomety Embroidered, at pricea from 91M to 914*4 109 docen Ladiea Cotton DRAWEES, lacked, at ..-..wn.Tl cents 100 d&zen 44 44 ?4 W rente l?o teen 44 44 91 mi Aloo a large Tarietj of eieg antly trim mod, at 9* icea raiflii from 91 n 9? 98. Our Mo-k of FBENCM DIBIBWCAI ip repute wiih all the elegant d?-aifna II CIMKII. 1(IAW EES, RIGHT BBKSSES, and DUlfMNG 6ACQCV8. FOR IK FARTS. We meution a fow of the many deair?l.!o G?4i to be foaad in this Department : INFANTS' FLANNEL RANDS; FLANNEL SKIRTS; Plain and Embroidered CAMEBIC SKIRTS, Plain,Tucked and Embroidered 6LlPk; DRESSES, In (real variety; CHRISTENING ROBES; EHAWL8, Plain and Embroidered; SAOSCES; LOSS COATS; WOOL BOOTS; MERUTO SHOES and SATIR F.MB. BOOTS; NURSERY BASKETS; PILLOW SLIPS; INITIALED BIBS; NCRSEBY PINS; POWDEE PUFF BOXES ASD POFFS; DBAWX*/\ BCBBEE NAPKINS; LACK CAPS. FOR CHILDREN, tf ta s Year* al Art GKIBT8; CHEMISES; DEAWEB8; EIGHT DRESSES; Cambric, Piqao and Li&oa DBESSES; Cotton, Plune and Swiaa APBOBS; SACQUES; in Cloth, Flannel aad PUne; SHIBT WAITS; OAFS; BCN BOB RETS and BTBAW HATS; 8wim*ad Pkaa OYEB BBE8SBS. iFtcksl SNu StH'tRH * i J ? 1 4 '' ?! -! 1 ^ .. * I ? . . ^ . J i- ^ ? i ?alky * Taylsr, 9S9 rUMYLTAHU ATUC^ MET VJJTAB BOTH. 1&0CE. M0KMT0W5 APTE?TMElt!tff, gl TBOS. POTLIW in>1lwi>;?wi<ni. th>tbes*?alb cttaix tBi s iMrrovsi> PEoPEIIji AT Al < TU N. sMTl ATa.P 'M F!E?T VfBEkt.ttE .K .tTOWV, . ?> *irtoe of a ilMd -t N raHkee ? fill. 1^1,ndaj iu Lite r tth. f..lio n? f ^?cr.r Iin4 mr<*r4? of Waal?iagt?a ? in. D ???<1 by 4lr*1l?? of lk? pan r (rcvii UtrM? . we I 5i?.Xf K^nfijarrsn-, *c-. I a*? HfCf or paro* < a?'?wa?d in I . tu rret.?? n. I? i . kltova ,?fi tka puMac p . - i ?i thereof. mmd Ita Uiium, ? ?ui fau i .: - ,i | mm haadawd tad a*<aa,<To<v??*a hnn ?l| LBadrtsi au.1 u it.miiJ >aadr**l m taa ,1Itel. H Imiii A li?<r km' iMMIxIl t? li?ar(ftMrt. r??Mwi ? ?t nth* KU viac d?eorMttaa,haa?<4i: ?.? -. r???i aIae?r,itk>r?M mm njh rr*d?n<-a ?tra*t. rtntini th-nr- mm tw-?lt a~r<-n . lhwr? Mrlk 4W kw>U*4 dltr-?i(bl. MM41 t? alley UaAtefte PrwdarMk atrwai. tkane* ?<? 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B) urtrrnf ItirTl'lMi* B P. IHlDOE. t T P A* It A KK BILLR \ T '**?? ?!1 d THOMAS DOWLING. A -t. ( Mj tro CONrECTIoKRKY STOBE A?B I^K CKKAM PAlLOUtr* nu? 'twri. A t *r? htNM to io?c"*t ikm and tr* tha d-ii ?i i? C1 ?? ?n? aal I'rult Wiifrlf??, * ut> rh< l.-r Cak' . a" mada It01 tk*- iui brrtMlrrlkl ud ?tt?4 Id tb* ?? <t rl.- ? * ant ?tTto. Partioaanit Waddiax* rr ? an .f lb* late?: ?t? lea J < XI 111' US, .??I* tf |?<fi?or?(iirm I a >ll? > AttHiftiit. 'I'll! FALL BCPH 19 OOHIMO. Tha ?id HHHBHBiBW m.Hixt'. Irlav ia tk- rixa'iui nt r'l - derlaa ?nrfc a rot* n( bcivna aa *r? M^*(i U? t?a*?- tb n t?IJ. ?ot.r rood* will nto?ly ?>r radftd, aatd causally krpt for aix a?oth>. tf d-<?ii -d. Cfcargta mou- rata T- rn?? Inranabty C. ?? P. W. H. W HKATI FV. FMMi CM STKAM UYSINt* d % n SCUM? "T? fjfii - "k? |>r? aaul lone, warn. 1ar? ta tha beat <<?? for work Bo, ladV* ai.d r. nt*. brine ia > ? Ttr Pall I W intar 6'~?to at Uiu?, by ari-u.r r tk<- on IM9 KSTABLJSHMEMT. II J- flrnxta Ikrarl; t->?rn, P C. OBic< oyan fruaaiT^a a m. antil amta t. ? 10-tr pXTBAOBPIKAUY^ PAUUAISS IN DBB Plain and Striped Grmadiaoa Ja|w??,?>?'" Si'k?. at Wk ., airthTV. B?-?uttf';l (*<? d? for Mtlwp, at ST aa.l t'* Victoria La?n*.fr<>hia> up; P?.|iM*. 16 t< Mr Bntiat ai.d l,ir ?-ti !>nitiiiir?. all ?bad??; ?>-r) t' *p Strfp?*d and plaid Wliit* Fr?-orb ? Bla. k Alpara* and M >kair?jjaap??-iaitv A l?rrf ?t>>rk ?>f 0" ?1* for Slt uV nnd C ?> ?? w? ar Laiko'aiKl Ooit?'(ini?" t'tid.T Vwta. Call ai<4 buy raal barcalua "f PTN J AM IN MILLEB. n.C tr IW| B-ii<e atr?>?^,0 DRY 0(K)PS. tj'HERMOMETER IP! DRY DOWN! LAtiT IIJAXCE THIS -SLi*jy. Onr acrtal ? l->?in* ont a?t* o' fprir.f *nd S ;m ur Swd> will < n m?ti monday, !?? U tn?t , ? r d ciitirur rutil Jnly ??h, |<C|, arbaii ? I 1>BY UOOl>8 (rbirf y Dr<sa? <r<?'da.) iu th* kon?a a'.all I* ?''! a ;tii ut r?a*r?e at a a<.*td>-rful anrri*. a. Ladiaa ? bottld D<>t. aiidrr an> c irruinotaac ?a, miaa tLia, tM l?at c|>pvrtuuiit of th'- neaae>u. Tb? PBE5P C.OOPX. LACE jackets, LA< E POIKTS. PABAXIL9. and-Khf>r r "d* >< a band ara th* m>?t attracti?? kia<i *t?r di*play*d ik thic Diarktt. I* C4?jttnrtioB witk onr atork of Prv G<vd>. ? < <T?-r on tb<- a><i'tid floor <d otir bciid.uc a tataciiiQ c*nt aaa> rtOi> nt af ckuica ca BPETING, at fT+Mlj rador*d price*. ro?pra?iuc all taak?a J foreign and An*ri<au maocifadara. OIL CL#TH8, A Umdatk <>f matting la ad widtna; Whit* Mattihc, loa aa3uc., and Chock, vary lair, at Mr. Oti band a rotnpicte atock of WINDOW SHADES and riXTLBBS. >PIi aaaa-tx-r tha Ar< ada. WOLrOftB * IHILICKS, *+4tT dBTTtkatrat.hafaaaPaMd M.B W. ? T I ? I . POC1T1YELT CELLING OTP BP AK en TIE! STOCK of PET AND PAKCT ?OoD9 AT COST TO CLOSE BCSIXEiS W? call the attention of the cmmnti i' y to t hiaaalat aapacdalty maaitiai d?al>w to nm? . i.raa- k, aa onr aim ta to dtapua* of tha atork moi. ki?. Tha oferwyartlclaeanerali) k-p< ia imt ? .WW U'WD uriri m vaiucaa srVUL CUTTua t St casta p*r dotac. 3WO ponnda of BLACK THEEA.D at S?,? and :i ?par pound. _ A large atork of HOSIEBT, and aU otbar a. t?. .a in projHTfior On hilla over ?kiO acradlt of tkraa m?atba a(aoat approved lat*rnt b*?rta( notaa will l? ajvan ralla?a andaave taonay at the BED FE 'NT, 1? 7th atreet. jaB-la BEHREKP BEOS . Propr *: -ra. |^EY 600DS TO BCIT THE POPCl^AB ILEA OF CHEAP OOODS. A t -artifnl line of DEEBS OOODS at eatreia^r low prtoea. wiaa, Victoria aad ..ucwd Dnlto fmaa Sc. ta SI. LiaraatM ia?r^ chit-fa Tie. dearn. (tcn.i. -r Flann< la ai 1 U.aUd and unhlaachad Oottoaaa at rwdacad prioaa FjC barraina in Dry Oooda call at BMOBT BAXTRE'S, jet tr PHt Pranaylrania a>>an? Bargains in det goods -Aad roac jCfta Cotun, 17e.: Wamantta, Mb.; Mew Turk Milla, |Sc.; Skeatina Cotton ta t-4, ?-4, aad k>4, Takla Linen, Ttc ffoaraia.fl ?aerdoaaa: Black Stlk al B1 Jt, worth BS.7>, ParaaolaTttc. to 4t: Doyttea.fle. Et doaea; Rack Alparaa, Be. ta BL Victoria I awn, Bt ; Uataf Oaatrioa, tee.; priara. tc.i learhed Cottoa, 8c All kinda of draaa goada at tka leweat market artow, at BEODBEAD A OOB. all tr IBM Patrwat. katwaaa Uth aad Utk PIANOS, Ae. A LA BOB LOT OP hbablt NEW ABD second-HAND PIANOS, frcaa diBrraat fkrtorkaa, aoar oa hand and,, fcraaiaor raot oa Etar BE1CHENBACH B PIANO WABBBOOMS, ABB Utk 1 B Co.k aad Waa. He I^SiSUiSSSS!

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