Newspaper of Evening Star, June 23, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 23, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. n. SOTPI MiUf. ?i ? ? ? ??1 ? ? ? ? ? ? Reading Matter op Every Page Largest Cireilitioi ii the District WASHINGTON CITyT HOUMY JhM l?*r*. Tenons leaving the city tor the rammer, or My portion of it, can hare Tat Stau mailed to their addreae tor such Urn* aa they desire, at the rate Of fifty cent* per month. Order*, accoun ted by the money,should be sent to thebusi i office of the (helera: the Way le Ceatrel It. Though one or more a*es have ooourred here hearing tho marks of Asiatic cho'ei a, they are of the oDa cailcd sporadic or single, and with proper prccaufons it tsqulto certain that the disease can be contro'led so thut it will not a.? snme the epidemic form. We give elsewhere some of the M01U7 precautions pretcnbvd by the American Health Association, by tbe thorough enforcement of which it is claim l the disease can be avctrd. It is aUo well for the public to have in mind some good remedy lor looseness of the bowels, or protective agx net cholera. More than forty years ago, when it was foand thy t prevention lor the Asiatic choU era was easier than care, the leaned doctirsof both hemispheres drew up a pr.-cription, which waj. J uMi.-hed (for working peaple) in the ?w York 81 and l >ok the name of the "Sun elicit ra mixtuie." t-onnd authority, in re|>ublish 1 ujj ttiftrit; tion, declares that it h:tsseen the rtmedy in constant axe for neatly two score ye:?m, aa<1 found it to be the best remedy for looteuet.- of the bowels ever yet devised. It is to be com mended for several reasons. It is not to be mixed with liqnor, and therefore will not be used as an alcoholic beverage; it* ingredients are well known among a'l tbe common poodle aad it will have no prejudice to ovmbM; each of the Materials is in e<|ual proportion to the others, and it may therefore be compounded without professional sk 11, ami, as the dose is so very small, it may be carried in a tiny vial in the waistcoat pocket, and be always at hand. It is:?T'mct. opii, cap^-ci, rhei co., me nth pip., campho. Mix the above in equal parts; dose, ten to thirty drops. in plain terms, take equal part* tincture of opium, red pepper, rhu barb, peppermint and camphor, and m?x them for use. In ca<e of diarrhu-a, a dose of ten to twenty drops in three or four teaspoon fuls of water. No one who has this by him, and takes it in time, will ever have tbe cholera. Even when no cholera is anticipated, it is .in excellent remedy for ordiuary summer com plaint. An experienced western physician. Dr. Heury Cunoweith, writes to tbe Louisville Cwrier Journal, giving the results of blsobservat 011s in the treatment of the rboleraduring the su aimers of 1*49 and '50, and at subsequent periods. One of the first points noted was that there was in many, if not in all,casen an entire suspension of the digestive functions. This evidenced by the fact that patients often threw up articles of food which had been undigested in their stomachs for twenty-1 our or th?-ty-slx hours. Acting upon this idea, he is in the habit of pre scribing a mustard and t,alt emetic as prelimi nary to all other treatment. A teaspooui'ull of each in a tumbler of warm water is the do-e usually employ nI. and fo''ow- J by draught* o.~ warm water, frequently repeated untd vomiting ensues; if this do. s not occur, say in a half hour, the patient is required to thrust a finger down the throat and comj>el the * >mach to eject its contents. Patients are usually found drinking large quanta c* of water and throwing it up almr-t as soon as swal'owed. with litt'e or no relief to the intense thirst which exists. Dr. G. inter dicta its use at once, and auer the act on of the ??otic rcsUieta the patient to small lumps of lee and an occasional teaspoonfulof rice or bar ley water made cold with ice. There is a wide difference between allowing a patient to drink water ad lib.tum and permitting him to have it only in the form of ice. In the former case nothing short of a pint or half pint at a time wilt aatiafy him, and this so distends the etomach and irritates it that it Is promptly re jected, to mak^room for a lreeh supply. The vomiting is thus kept up, and the prostration of the patient goes on. It matten not whether the patient is found vomiting or not, the emetic should bo given the Mas, as It exercises a effect in arousing the stomach from a torpid condition to healthy action; if, after the action of the emetic, the directions as to water, ice, &c-, are rigidty enfbrced, there will rarely be any more vomiting?the thirst rapidly subsides and a long stride has been made in the direc tion of recovery. To control the diarrhea, Dr. Gunowelth usually prescribes some mild altera tive and astringent, say calomel 14 grs., sugar <*( lead 3 gr?-, and opium % gr., to be repeated oaee in two or three houn until the bowels are cheeked. While It is a good thingto know of safe, easily obtained remedies for cholera or similar dis ease*, these should not displace good medical advice, whenever it is obtainable; first to ascer tain the exact form of the disease, and next to deal with its various stages and fluctuatiocs. In several countries there is a disposition to reviae the Jury system, and in Germany the question is about to come to a direct ir?ue. There are two forms of the jury system in u? in Germany?the Schoffengericht and Schwur gericht. The lattei corresponds with our system, hut the former is peculiar to Germany ana German Switzerland. Ir reserves all questions, ho?h <1T taet and law, to judges and jurors, who ?aeet together and return a common verdict. The judges are generally three In number, and tbe jurors not more than six. In the draft for the criminal code, which has been submitted to the Imperial Parliament, the preference is given to the Scbofiengericht. Expenditures from the District treasury thould be strictly guarded, and not a oent ap propriated to pay a claim tnrtee* provision is made for a careful auditing of the same. We have no doubt our local legislates recogiixe the wisdom of this in the abstract, aad hence ?e are somewhat surpri^d at the action of the Hcflse of I>elegates Saturday evening and this morning in voting down safeguards to a claim bill, being amendments ottered by Mr. Murray to have the at count audited and approved. w e suspect that the New York .<** must keep the "addition, division, aad silence" letter of W. 11. Kembi-t standing. Irom the readiness with which it is produced on short notice. M*MO OAK M I* w2c a?2J W J?,** I' wl Bum rT~ ^w ritii.g par:nii ut o#?u aU nu S: jeHAt P"^??01:QitTov N? uLlidt: -Ta? e? ifesE'isss HEALY, 8. J., Pw^deat. '? h ? r ? m Hnj Bj n, LlMbi \ ?MoP, Ho. I, B o. C. ^ r vi|l km iramtrt Xu >fUMKOW KV1>. i aad wish ? ?ur kJ r M BA?nT, fce y. ? COLVMBIaS csivtlgiri^ Jajfcaal yikltW"! of ?h? Pi' T? tr*tory S< hool 2 f* CColter .ill be h M m Lincoln TCBUPAT ?* *?thof The Anneal C<<aamcnc<tmeuS of tor r.>lmnbiaa Culk-MwUI be brld at Lincoln Halloa Wit. *8 PATMORSIMG.thr Sth of Juu?, at U. uhMfe. Pkr poblic ^>w|?ctftilly iavitrd to attfE'l. jh-ll fK^rioTlCE TO PftODCCB DBALgRS. AU feraoas occupy ma Stall* or Stands in the ? rifciri Market mast deposit at the Coilflrtor1* OMee,eaeebefore th* 1st dat or Jult hm.iheir >mt for sorb 8tan<ls or Stall*, as asusssi by the roinssisasiu aad Market Master, for the puried of at* month* Pb-aee observe taia nutice, as all Staads where the lifSsbaMenailM with will b* cloead. ?r4?r of tbr Comniissioarre. jlS-eeOw 0. McPaBLASD, Market Master. jlsTMlteun, J?wraa?,?si|wl h. M. D. O.?The ?txternth aaaaal Com Imaoci ?iat of O- naa*a t ?tln*? -?>> ?-'? ?enc?^arnt of Oonaa?a t . whi ,^k ' riWAiiriAl. AW? WHlKltCUt. L*?t ?rc*. uot<d m? nu(KKt?ia el?aag? in u?p New V' rk bio?:?*t market, and the indications arr, caifcg to the favorable weekly bank stitr n??iit. that tbe smic copJttiM of h alth ai'l rule through the present waek. ? iovernwent bonds dull ?ml itenly, ?Wt bn? trifling tru?aftiuni are not-U in r-iilrjad *. ct;r.tie*. The ~4?eral tune of the stock taar kct friMntK no tr|*tUI fftturn. (iOTframfnl |?f HWf* Jay Co-.k- * C fiirni-bth-'f ll-?Wtn*tO 4?y Kril So .Vs. tf'D't Stirt r 8 ?>, 1M.... B JJHi*-Si's.Jr?ftJy,'-i6.MP4 ttjs 1 ? ?. l?f IS*. I? [*?>'?? Jn*J) .'<TJDL? *>\ Sai'i i.<4 us w jnftJy.StlA 6 JU ldtt 17SjpMi'? u rut Bhid r. s 6'-. mi. 8 3? -, |v?J frJB ? 3I -, Jan.tJl> ? S in, JantJI) ,"S7 **, 5 3U -,j*nxj!y.l*? w l?-*i's 11X Aiiutku UuU 16 s ?'nrre-wy d's l*'l N?? Fite*... 14^ TIm ?arfcM*. BaLT.MuEE, J lilt# 24.?Virginia sixes, oi l, 3d: <*o, ciwolkUud, MS, West Virginia'*. IOV bid lu ll ?'. Haiti*"**. Jnne 13 ?C<""ttin nomlnat?low mid rilii.gB, I Floar quiet aod steady, price# uti Ciisng'd. W h at quiet and st-ndv, price# Ur. chai g d. C"rt.?whif ?"i,berr> rj#r? ; yellow south eri:,Kt, mixxil vnitnt r.n"P.H't 0?tiiull, Bye. Ut) urn ii*n?-<i. PrmuvatilttU and n ai lial. M i>? p r?, S K'g.tl7U- 8u?er cured ban.", HHftlMa. Said. 8*5*** Western butter nuc banged. W lii-ky iiumifcai.SU8"a* Arm, lft1, New Tori, Jmwli -H'mi am?i. * heat unlet >d steady. Corn qniet ai d unchanged. KEW ToKKt Julie n.-St cksdu1. Gold steady, .5*. Mom e*?y ,-44h)S. Exchange, long, J; shirt, lo Govtnuneut* >er> quiet. Li'M'OM, June 13, U a. m.?Consols open dat9T( f. r n.- ji-> ,Jti.S f rwc'iuiit. B iid?uf 1866. ilJ.WH; l-?7. SI1*; lo-W-.sO; new fives, ??* Erie, M.1*. Fraj.efi?*i, J?;ue 23.?B iuls, 96. for issue of Paris. Jui" 2T! ?Rente* St franc* 15 <-?ntim?s. Los; os. JnneXI, 1 >i p ni ? Erie. 4'.?V THE WKAl'HER. War Department, tufco of Ca\*J Sitrnil O&crrA V ashi^gtos. Juue Zl, li'3, lu.JO a. m. f Sysopsi" fob the past twkstt-focr hoc**-? Tli?*>m<-t?T h?? riwii o**r tke A'lantic "tatM. ^?iig li^yhf?t CT?r N?-?' Eti?l?nd. It tian fallen aitd It-wt* otbt tb? latter. Pariit~cro?dy leather, a Hh ruiti urea# and fr? ?h and bruk auutberly to ? a?.erl> , w:n*l?. ha? prevaiU-d froui Mimoori ao-1 Kanitaa(a the Inkr*. L'^bt rain hi* fallen lu borth erti Fl -rttl;*. and i? now rep-Tted fr.>tn *r>nth<?m Ala b" nis. ?> d troBi ConD?ctirnt U' nor.hern Mew J-?r -f> . frerh to bri?k a utheMy wiodx and pat .1)' c!o?dy ? < nther we?t of the low it Mlwiinippi. Pti'BiB.L Tiri ? For Mew Kngiand, ?md?v<?(w ins 'o efc?i?r!y and iootherljr, and partly cloiilr wt-ath^r, with raiu an'a* over the s ui'hern and ae?tern F' rtion* ar?> p'obable. Kor th*" mid'lle tta'e? ai d lever lafc* rn'no, ft?^h to kri4 wind*. n.o?tlr fr'to the ea?t and ?.>ii(h, g-iH-rallr cloudy v ?-ath> r aiK* ra n aia*?. F r the no-itharn ?tatae, e.aet of tb* 51if-i eippi. P'rtljr clondjr WMttr, with jr< bAblr occasional raiu ar-*a* iu th>' gulf atiJ ?onth Atlaiti<- Slated fr -tu Miooari to Ohio and the npi>?r lake region, wind* reerinf to freeh and brisk ? ontlieanttrljr to HOUthwMtertjr, e'-nerally cljud> Ler at.-! ? jhii i ? from K _ I>(k"ta. Eock* nv nntiiui ?u.l Pacific alateii, bare waatber ab f rain areai. Momina t.dw^rtphic re i>ti? from Kaifu*. ofper Michigan. Mintia-ota, rot yet been recalved. LOCAL SBTORO. Tl;e th' rtnrmeter in the buwln -a* room of Th* Ft a* oflice r??i*tere<l to-day a* follow*:? i a. in., 76, lu a. m? 7<; II m., 77; 2 p. Pi , 80. ir3?I o. O. r.-GRAND LODOB-A ?*eci?l meeting will be hel4 on TUESDAY IVK KTNG.Z.ih iu*t.,at 8 o'clock, to take *uitabla action in regard to th<- contemplated visit of the Vr|lernal Me?e^r|jer*froni Nea Jor?ey and the Committee af Education of Baltimore, with the Widows and Or 1'paue of the Order. jeSl-2t P B 8VrEET.Or.Ser. jvs? K MoBI Sof PYT1I1A9.?The ' Uriy ?pp<int<il bj the Lodgn* of the District .>n the f'aiade and Picnic on the 4th of Jnlv are r??iunt?l ?o n e?-t at Grand L "i-re c->nim.ttee r "?ni on TUES DAY, June 24th, a! 7 3U o'clock p. in ,to make bual airai>?tments. By order: W. H. LIPsCOMB, Chairman. H. C. FOWLEB.J^rretaiy. je]l-2t ft^3?NUl|( E -H?, tli? nmi-pii<iinl dealer* in Uviy FANCY and MIL LINE RT GO^DS and NO TIONS, will clnee onr Stores from thid date uutil S? pten.l?*r l?t, at 7 o'cioek p. m : K G DAVIS, ^01 Market Sp*ee. LOCkWOOD, IIL'FTY ft TAIL0B.683 Pehn ?yhai ia av<-mie. S. H> LLEB, Market Space. M SILVER MRS E LOWE. Si 1 Market Spac >. G. W COX.707 Market Spa'-e. B E GITTINGS, 90S? Market Space, between itl. and th street*. N. B ?Baturdsy evening* trrrpwi in ca??? < f? ?I?*?rs. LO< KWOOD, 11 LETY ft TAYLOB. M SILVER. ? HRLLER. G. W. COX. jeW-lw rOLAR ftoOl Th t COLDEST AV D BEST IN THE WORLD, with pure Fruit, Cream and other Syrups. depot rot MINERAL SPRING WATERS. Ko. Pfs>-tlvama Avimi, j'19-tr near Fifteenth street. I?-1 CORNER ?rH A!^D D 8TBEETS. CIRrrLATINO LIBBABY BEOPENED. NEARLY Si OOO NEW BOOKS JTST ADDED. BEADING BOOM FBEE TO ALL. Daily Prayei M -?ting? 12:15, 6, and 9 p. m. SABBATH SERVICES: Bit le L*?eon at ?:W. in Lincoln Hall, led by Com missi'iner of Indian Affairs. Service at Lincoln Hall at 8 p. m jelS-tr irs? removal. ?The under?i8tkefl have this day removed from corner of Mew Jersey avenue aiiu B street sooth to their new Storeroom and Warebow, (southeast corner of same aQtiare,)cor ner 1st and C streets sontheant. Our increaaed facilities will enable as to supply onr customers GROCEBIES, ft?? promptly, aod at price* as low a* elsewhere. may*-3m GTLICK ft BB?. Ms Le __ t streets northwest. mayll-ly eMCK'8 MANDBAKE PILLS.-1 _ pill* are composed axclasively of ssgtaMe ingredients, and although they entirely supersede the use of ?erc*ry. do sot lea re any of its fn.aiioa* eflecta. Tbey act directly npon the Itrer, and are a valuable remedy in all caaea of derangement reeult iti| from a diaordered Mate of that organ, Liver Complaint, Bilious Disorders, Indigestion, Sick Headache, Typhoid Fevers, ftc., ftc .all succumb to t be free use or 8c henck's Mandrake Pills. for sale by all Druggists and Dealers. mS-tr ra'IBMi THE EAELIKIT ft 8KB TO IKS' the prsaent day, Scrofula has been tbe baae, aiTT. as ft were, tho curse of wank lad. Bo terrible arid loatbaone aadbeeo at some periods of the world's history that a person know* to be Infected with It weald nut be allowed to mix with eoclety. Happily in onr day tbe dieeaee le stripped of Ha terror by the use of RaMAKlTaM'a Boor ahd H**a Jvteas, and the victim of Scrofula, Uleera, Sorea, Pimples, Blotches, Tstters, ftc., can be restored te so and health |q g ' BOOT aMD HEEB J rICES, flJi par battle old by S. 0. FORD, 110ft Pa are., aod by Drug tsts. DESMOND * OO., Proprietor*, Sift Baos treat, Philadelphia. nayff-ly pacftie* to accept the responsibility which EffUo* her, ta see her prostrated, loddg every day her strength, feeling oadly without being able to say why, but yet suffering enough to be utterly mleera fctle l This state of weakness and debility la nor* fatal ta her th?n a severe spell of siakneee.for In that csae she win receive the proper aare, aa fa the other sbe will linger months after not thinking worth waile ta see a physician about It. until nature, sxhanated, gives oat, and sbe is carried to tbe grave, shts a little precaution In proper tine would have ?pared her life. To preveat, ta strengthen, to ear*, D' thing can compare with the LOEG-LIFB BIT TERJBof Dr. L. GJBEBT RAM. They are a sab and InfalHbls remedy against malarU, dyspapsU, eoe tiveaeaa, blNousness, headaohee, morning slcknsaa and all ootaplaints peculiar to women. ~ These Bit ters, which are sold by all druggtata, qaenoa of their virtue and moat agre< medicine pm txttllmct far lartlas. ^ I COST. FoREICSacd DOMESTIC PAPER HANGINGS. W INDOW SIUDErfand FIXTURES t HROMOS. EMGRAVI1TGS. PICTURE FRAMES. CORDS, ftc. In ecnseuaeace of improt events now in progress on 7th street, rather than bold ui) stock over, I offcr it at COST for CASH. L. 3. BOTH BOCK, j? 83 1m ftl!3 7th street, opposite P. Q. LTBESH PRINT BUTTEB. /RESH PB1MT BUTTER re the farm of S T.?'n*rt.L u 1oun county, Va. tor 1BYAN BB08..SSS Pa. FRESH PB1MT BUTTEB received weekly froos .hetarmofS T. S'n*rt,L<'B'1oun county, Va. Ft sal> low by BBYAM BB08., 0?S Pa. ava , j*2D 3t l Rep.) Opposite Metropolitan Hotel Look at sHrsTEB ft RBoTHkB*8 1 ?* a?d cent coaaters; there are some goods on them wbrth double the aioaey. _ jel?-3t SfTl! LTs H ED 19?I. ionn O. BftRTHEL, STEAM DYER AXD SCOURER, No. 114 F?CK-A*D-A-ttALr 8TKIKT, (Ona door 8 uth of Ooloaiaatiou Mail.) troi i ? enl Est i caulsta la all ha equaled by few and surpassed by aoae, I sai l ? to perform ia the very beat manner aad at tfte abort sat ootics all work intrusted to my care, and I ra whleb will be very moderaU. " ' t being take* red without < >r22tS3tt^jrtfty C&MMV. KIMARKHITKR, \TrAR NO 439 7th STRUT. B't. it tut A St', 8 4oor.\ abnv Iht t ?''?"/ H* "S*s bow id ?tore the LARGEST ASSORTMENT GHOIORST 'siLIGTIOll ef 'k?follo?iti| Good* in the District* PAPER* AMOINr.s, niljrtdN end pn?M WINDOW Mf A DE 8. kill* rent color* ?n4 KCTCRE FM*MK!?. all ?n?* and styles. CTURE CARD AND TASsRLS, diShr-nt col or* s?d litM. Fit Ti ll KA 118. Porcelain and plain Holds. FRENCH FIRR BOARDS. Black sad Oi.t an I |U? VELVET AND GILT FRAMES. ltr?Ml sasort ortit in tWnivict. DOX (>V AI. FRAMES FOR W RE ATMS Ht cost to rliati iheni out. GOLD PLATKD. TINNED and WIRE CENTER PICTTRK C??RD, siie-rior go, J*. __ PA I N TINGS, ENGRAVINGS and CHROMOS, ? limited ?election of ch'iice subjects. ?VA1I orders (or Pap?rbanging. Window Shades or fictitf* f 'tuirt punctually Blle-I in city or coua tr>, and sat infe.cti- n guaranteed. Terms caen. j<a ?? " THE KEKTIKEL" Ii the name of a new weekly ?n the English lm suae*-, tli* first ncmber of which will app-ar <>n th" 4th of Jaly next. It will I*" devoted to the d- f?ine ? f civil and religious liberty, contend against II: ? it.trodoction of a social aod religions dup-.ti?!n <? 11"* threatened by the Puritanical element*; conibat oligarchies, monopolies and corruption, ami d-fend the liberties of the people in general. It will aNo brirg extracts from the Irish-Amertcae Pre -.aid translations from the leading German, French and g< andina* ian papers, without regard to political div Mor*, tl us * fieri- g to the Engllsn sp- akini; citi zens avery much n. ed?*d opportitnin to aroo lint themselves with the opinion* and wishes ot that laree and in portant el'-ment of our population tub criptioa .S3 p?r annnni. Mr. JOHN WALTER, hr . ha* kindly offered hi? service* as solicitor "i ad\erti?enieni?. Office n >rth?*ast c ?rner lift Ii and E streets. Wa?hirg-on, D U. LOCIS SCIIADR. Eu itor and PnblieUer. j?"i 2 ' TP E COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EX is'ing between GEORGE W EMERSON V SON has this day dissolved The business will here after be carried ?n by t'ue surviving pvrtner. All perrons bavins hills. Ac., ajaicst acd due said l\nn will pltasw send th' in to 8wccera< r OK. AMIWRMERSOM. June 3d. 1873. jrt 3f WCPRRME COURT OF THE I'NITEDSTATES. N^. 31ia, f>"cemb?r Term. 18T2 Susan L. Wallach, Execotrix of Charles 8 Wallash, deceased. and others, appellant*, vs. Wm Dong lues W attach ?Appeal from the Supreme Court ol tbe District of Columbia. The counsel fnr tbe appellant having sugg"stei tin death of William Dou?la-s Wallach, the appel lee in this cause, mortd the Couit for an order, un der the fifteenth rule of Court, to make the proper representatives parties. On consideration wneraof it is now here ordered by this Court, that unless the proper representatives of the said William Douglas* W-ulach, deceased, as aforesaid, ah til voluntarily b- rome parties within tbe first ten days of the pu sh ngtetm of this Conrt the appellant shall be en tit est to open the r?cord in said cause, and to have the same bearc, and the decree therein rendered re vemed if ?rroneons. Provided that acopyof this order shall be printed in some newspaper at the sent ofGovernment, in which tbe laws of the United States shall be printed by authority. for three suc cessive weeks at least sixty days before the begin nit g of the term of the Supreme Court next ensuing. Truecopy. Test: D. W. MIDDLETON. Clerk Supreme Court U. 8. A 0. Bi" liM ConlwM ^Appellants. ]VAVY DKPA1.TM ENT, i" BlKKAL Of COSSTRI CTION A XT) REPAIR, W,tox..I line SI, 1873. Seal.-d Proposals will be received at the Bureau otitll 1 'J o'clock soot, Acgc?t ?. 187i, f.?r th coi struction, including all thu materials except th" liv.t-oak tinil>er, of the hnll of a steam sloop of-war of about *40 ton* measurement, complete f?.r sea service. Plans and specifications In detail Urthe hull, showing the work to be done, may be seen and examined at this Bureau, and at the Commandant's Office at the Navy Yatd* at Philadelphia, llr *>U\ d. Churlestown aud KitU-ry, on and aft<.-riht> 6th of Jnly next. The hull must be completed In all respects accird ing to the contract and specification*; th - mat'-ri ils mnid be of the tiest quality, and the work must be dote in th>- l?*st id inner, and the vess<>l be <ie|ivere<l at such Navy Tard on the Atlantic coast as the i>e par-ment may direct in eight mouths from tbe date and signing of the contract. Piyments will be made as the work progresses in proportionate amounts, reserving the usual per reirage until tbe final completion and acceptance of tbe vessel. T le bids must be acc >mp:iiii.-d with the guarantee reouired by law. that if the contract Is ^warded, it will l>e primiptfy execnted, aud tiie names ,,f the panies who are to become the sureties to the amount of the face of the contract will also t,e stated. The Department reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids which, in its opinion,?die not to the public interest. B.dswill only be accepted from parties who are kuo? n to be shipbnlld'-rs, and to have the iiece**ary fffejHttes for doing tbe work. Je23-ni 7t Investment Bond*. Tbe Northern Pacific Batlroad Company bavins determined to close its 7-30 First Mortgage Gold Loan at an aggregate not exceeding thirty million dollars, and thereafter to pay no higher rate of in terest than 6 yr cent, on farther issues of its bonds, (A* limited rem*inder of th* 7 3-10 loan it now betas Ottrostd of through the usual agencies. As the bonds of this issue are made receivable in payment of tbe Company's lands at 1 1-0, they are in constant and Increasing demand for this purpose, and will continue to be after tbe loan is slosed?a fact which much enhances their value and attract iveneas as an Investment. The Company has.more than 500 miles of its road built and in operation, including the entire Eastern Division, soanecting Lake Superior and the naviga* tion of tbe Missouri river; it has earned title to nearly Ten Million acres of its Land Grant, and sale* of lands have thur far averaged $& (6 per acre. All mark? table securities are received in exchange for Horthern Pacifies. J AT COOKE fc CO. jell <Jj5i PARASOLS djb AT POST. jell tr BOGAN * WYLIE. ^OID THE EFFECT OF TIIE HEAT. The ALKALINE EFFERVESCENT APER1 ENT Cools tbe Blood, opens the Bowels and acts on the Kidneys. A. B0DEMEB, 6th and N streets, Sole Manufacturer. CHAS. STOTT A CO., Wholesale Agents. Price, >0 cents only. je!6-lm ^RCTIC SODA WATER, lOiu ST. AND MABTLAND AVE. VICHY, KISSE5IGEM *c., 10TH ST. AND MABTLAND AVE. PERUVIAX OTTAWA BEER, 10th ST. AND MABTLAND AVE. jH-tr W. E. KEXKAl'GH. ' A Devlin it Co., MEW TORK MERCHANT CLOTHIERS THE LARGEST VARIETY OP GOODS FOB GENTLEMEN'S WEAR IN AMERICA. ALL THE NEW 8TYLES AT HIS PBWSTLTABIA ATEBUB. ?is-tr piRS WORKS; VEST CHEAP AT NICHOLS' W LITTLE WORLD, TUetreet, between SiaiT streets. j?? tr JOHN ?. RBISIHOER. ICB CBBAM PAVILIOH HOW OPEH. Families and parties MppUsd at reasonable terms. Bo. >11 4X Btkkkt Sotmi\ DBBBS' PBESSBS AT MBS. G. H. MAUSERS' I d? ffiKW WIPOT, sirnitst^*. WANTS. | YVANTKD-A WHIILVBWHT: a,T.?T4 tirw L. P^HPAKU It HA NT KI'?*? o fir?l BRl'K MOl'LP >V KB*A*?r -t SANl'IL (V HILLS. 4** 9iU itJeft, h?t?^n P and E. W ANJED^Tw^TNo I CAM DB1VKBS; n^ns Vl el* need apply. C?n at ?????* bftwrrn ?b aadfoh s^we*.' f WAETED-Feur flfrt-rla* IHOWWutt" I? In Turk L*uu<&7, cof?#r C ?nl 4S t northwest JL_ \\" AKTKP?A white GIRL to take c?W ?>r cgi. II Apply WIS I air ?t, bM?wW anA84 kenhmt. * \\-T1Tt BJD-A |r.i cl*? BOfWS HULl II VltKKKft <>n Rne ?htrt?; briDg sample ?>f work. Mrs L A McLEAN.?l6 T St. n.w. jfl tt \v ANT*1>-A giod COOK, WA8HKB,aud '? IKONKK f?r ? prtT?a Ntnlli. none but s? - tied w mat. nM srely F?. 6.1U Penn. ave. |C tt \\r A X TKD?A GIKL, 14 or IS ?e%r?..ld, frOta** I * lioflsewor* ai-4 to attend *0 cmHrei,! '*'? Verm nt >\p., iiear the Mib street Ctrclo. jI3-3t %*r A NTKI>?Tr Vrrtr*n>*?S pew?i?t*nt fhnrm* II cist isdesir -n-. of obtaining a position tu W ash itujt. n. Apply attin- HiiUMm; J""3* |l'tWTIH-Ri an Enctt-kmaa,? 8ITCATI0W II s- il?\i k. understanding bookkeep'of and the French lat>gt:.-<ge. Address "W. S., . "t*e ef Hrt> j?-n ?>? IVTrT 11>?C laret and Bhiiw Win* Bj'TTLES. IT 1 lluJh.S Bl&sELL, I Success T t B.C. Dyer A Co.,) ijj-.V |U13 Pennsylvania ?v>ni??. IV AMTI1)? A Young MAH toassi* in a groenry, II li,|irfF?i>d rro*i?io?? afcwsfc ?? ?*?"* sdmo knowledge of the business anc OatboMc preferred. Apply ai 1321 Dsueet,corner laV %B7aHIa middle sp?d Wblte WOMAN, II a n'tuati- n a* COOK. *illm? t? *0 to the n nr.trj , good c f' rt ncn. Arjly Jl? 21*t ?tr<?t, beiween ? ami F streets h ?rtln"'?t " WANTFD-In ro di .tely?At lOHCstr^t north v *at, froiitinr Iiid!au% mvenu**, a co jo UUUK. W A HI KB and IKONKB also a g >od NUBSB. jr-3. * WASTED-By 'he 1st of July, a Whit,- Gl RL ?s If laundress ' "1 waitress; must ni?il?Ml4B<i l*r I n ii e?s and br,ug ?rood recomiuendati >n. Apply av!l Vermont ave., opposite tb" Arlington. j?21oi \%TANTED? A r-sp < tablr n<iddl< -?ged W OM AN II to co^k, ???>), ami iron, r<-fer?*uc? rw^uirM. '-?--- a.^11 HI lit ?o do general hou?e?ork. Apply a' ill E wrecf Wo, t?.. ???,. mi. mm otn ?t<. \ETANTkD?A steady, competent while Wotnan I? wishes a StTl'ATION to rook. wa->h aud irt?? in * private fnniily. Please call at 113 Mutii lia kett* avenn<-, lN>tween 1st and 2d afreets, wfiern ?oe can be set n for thuf days^ It* "ANTED?Immediately?A smart WOMAS to do cooking, washing, and ironing for a small family. Apply at 14 14 8 atreet north*** j? <t* Wr ANTKD?BOABD l>y a yoni.g l*dy in a private I? family or small boarding h^w?. B"fer*noe? exchanged- Address M. A. G., City P. O. )M I:* WANTED?Three gentlemen and tbslr wives to occupy a large L'lifnrnishe,! HOT7SE, nenr Alexandria, dnringtbe ?imnifr Every conTe?ience for housekeeping. Apartments separate; cool, large > ard ai d g.-tr<ien of vegetables and flowers; calebiam wa-i-r near the doer prevents cholera; living will not excted ?20, incln-'iu* re??; cars for Washington ever> honrfor 1? oents. For particulars, sddresa . P. O. boa U1H, Aletandria. j^l 9t' Y\TA NT 11>? A SKRV ANT ror a small family; II c.nst b?' a gs?4 wasliei and irouer. Apply t) ! No. 113 Pa. arenne, Capitol Hill. J?? >* i XVANTED-A firsi-rla-s PLUMREB. Apply in? ! II mediately, at C. A. ERICH ? CO '8, 110 J I I ?t. northweat. ja>-3t* IVANTED-A g'VKl HOrsK SERVANT, in a II ,inull family; one that <-an fme wall recom mended dteirt-d. Apply at Vie 19th St., between I audit. & \VrANTED?To Purrh*?t?a MODEBN IIOlT8E. 11 < outaining about 14 rooms, between H and &1 and 14'h and *l?t ?ts n.w. Address, aiving terms and deseriplton. " Pun-haw,'" 8tar office. jap-St \\f ANTED?A WoMAS to cook, waah and lr>n II inuuire at No. Wife E ?tr?*t. Jl9-ftt IVANTED-ImmHdiately-F^mili-sor p?rson? in II need of flrst-claas ISEBV A NTS of erery deerrip

tion, male and female, to call and get supplied at once. St-rv nuts also can get g.?>?t h >mos and be?t of wacftby appl ing at the E-ireka Kmployinent Ot f,.7,to Mrs. LOl IfE C.BL TLEB.aOT llthstr-et, n. ar E. jeWJm^ WANTED?'Ten IIOL'&KS, larife and .mall, for " to supply ^-iiAM'TTLER. j18 St R?hI Estate Broker, 7 1H |5ih street. WANTKlt-ln exchange for CITY LOTS in i!ie II suburbs ?t Chicago, ?*\129, horaos. cattle, sheep, or any kind of firm stock or tmplemonts; aiso,a goodfriaiio,Carriage, and Wagon. 8 JUAN BOVUB * CO , j< ll-eolm tt04 ,otti street. \VAKTKD-WCT Nl'R?*. Apply at V09 L II street northwest, b? (we?-n 9th and 9'n streets. Als?i. a GIRL from tl> country uot oyer Id, for gen eral housework. j9-2w* I VAN^i ED-A TENANT for part of House No. II tiUI K ttreet northwest, within five uiinut<*' walk vf Government Printing Office. It has gas and w aier, summer VitcheU. Kel t moderate. )e4 im7^TED=HorSE~P"A I N T E R 8 ?t FilT II Ii'K's Painting Establishment, No. 46 Jef ferson ftr-et, Georgetown, D. C. Hone bat go<id workmen need apply. jei WANTED-All person* who have not yet ?*<? II the improved WHEELKB A WIL8WN SEW 1NG HI ACH1NE to call and examine it before buy ing au>other. It is simple, noiaeleaa, swift?waking 1/W stitches a minute. No shuttle used, and there fore but oue tension required. Will laat a life time. 8 >ld on monthly payments. F. J. 8TEEB A SON, Agents, 461 Pennsylvania avenue, near 4* street. my31 lm* WANTED?All those who value their sifht to II know that the beat "ONE DOLLAR SPEC iCLE"' in the country la accurately smitod to the Might by H. H. HBMPLEB,the Optician, oorner street and Pennsylvania avenue. Depot fot ermometars of all kinds. myliHy WANTED?A OIBL that can come well recom mended, can call at tt33 New York aven?e,t? do the cooking, washing and ironing of a small fam ily. Apply from 8 a. m. to 3 p. ni., or ? to 8 o'clock p. m. mM-tf WANTED?Every one to knov tnat the VICTOB SEWING MACHINE has Ha nmUl* an*;the moat perfect shuttle in use, reeling In | cradle; needle bar and work* of ateel. Agency, 4#t Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mine. Dean oreat's Pattern Emporium. _ aug30-ly T. W. SPIOEE. Agent. LOST AND FOUND. &f TIi OHT?In the northeastern part of the city, oa a the 18th Instant, a COAT and If EMOBANDC* BOOK containing money. A liberal reward will be paid for it? recovery at 4ltf 6U1 street. jel?-3t L_0ST-A YOONO "M ALTBSE" CAT, having i bell tied to Rs neck by a blue ribbon. A libera) reward offered to tinder if returned to 7U4 14th atreet northweet. It* LOST?On Saturday,H*t iuai.,U Um netghbor bood of Smitlisoniau Grounds, 7th street, Ac., a part of a GOLD EA BEING, Diamond shapeLwith a blue stone. The Initer by returning it to MBS. LW'HB'S, IT H street northwest, wiU be liberally rewarded. It* LWBT?Oae black and white settee DOG; an* swers to the name of "Shot."' A lib eral rew ard will be paid, if returned to G 1 F. IIANNEY,corner 3d and F,n.w,jJi r C'AME TO THESE PKEMISIS-On the 19tU 1 inst,,a red and white COW The owner u can haxeher by railing at 13T East Capitolt-Jf* stand paying charges. J31 y* "* C; C KKWARD -Loet, Juue IS. 1873, an IngUsh V ?J 1KLR1EB, answers to the name at, "Jack;" color, tan; ha,) on a Germau nil-t ver collar, marked G, 2d Art'y. The knder ill plttuc return said dog to 1014 11th at. north west. j21-2t* I OFT?A POCKET BOOK, coutaiuing a number J of notes, not endorsed; two Treasury drafts, not endorsed; Mid a small ?iuu of uiouey. Toe Under will be liberally rewarded by leaving the same at the National Metropolitan Bank. jl3 0t* PERSONAL. AH. SAWYER, A1 <i??hk Heamut MeJtw?*, ? can be confident tally consulted upon ail basi nes- matter, past, present and future, at House No. t*13 E street, between 8th and 9;h northwest, back yard, opposite Children's Hospital. j<-j3 2t* All pebsons a be cautioned against negotiating a Note executed to Elixabeth Baurs by Marvin East wo, id, under date February loth, lS7S,for the autn of ?500. payable with iuterest in one year from date. Baid note has beep loft. j!8 6t* (VIOT1CE.?The creditors of OttAS. A. APPEL will present tkeir accounts, propsrly authenti cated, by the 1st of July next; otherwise they may be excluded. MICHAEL GBEEN,t A. H. HEBE, i Assignees, Jel8-8t No. >16 Louisiana avenue. 44^TATUVOLENCE,"OM the will ccbe. W THE GBEATE8T DISCOVERY OF THE WOBLD. By it nil dlas?as are cored. Ho medicines need, and no layintMof hands. Taught by Mrs. J7B.BL I OT, 418 C street northwest. ap7-tr BOARDING. . fOUHTBY BOABD.?Persons desirous of obtain ina BOABD in the the country during the heated term, can find accommodations in a larrs .and pieasan 1 residence nenr the BilbtailMkM Baltimore and Ohio railroad. Apply at office of CHAS. CONS. OALLAH, 834 Xonlslaan nvn BOABD,(very reasonable,) at INC P^nosyfva53? avenue; north front, balcony, water, gas, and bath room. truhlk feoAfcfclau a* Mb ea iy r&*-^to*TB*4isssra3S*'& ?treet and Pennsylvania aveoae, arriving at * o clock a m., leaving at 3 30 p. m. For furtksr Northwest*, *PPl> t0 BBOOE, 811 Mt^strjstl MEDICAL. &e. M f. 5i.{?'ffKs Hid Test Medium, has located at 1813 New Yoak Avenue. Office hoore-10 a. m. to 7 p. m. E nents can be made for evenings. je CONSULT DB. BBDCE, No. 811 14th street. :?Jrxss." '?A I* AY AGE, Pennsylvania between 10th aad 11th Hard 1 I#r mm and pi Mt?Ub all iu-1 ni'-i F iM-?W ?OOTTAOl in ) order, 8 HON, at Mt. riMtat, aw ; good stable, water, ImiKtcr*), oniDlbM ? city; also, near kom can. Prise, #5.7aO. In luire of Dr. BBBBD, at Mt. PiaMaat,or 919 T treat nurtbweat. jU-Sw* ? ^OB 8ALB? , A* PBIVATB 8ALB ?PB08PXCT HILL." the mM*dm of tha tat* f?m?a Boach, la Alexandria eoonty, Virgiaia. .This place contains abaatSU acta* and lies near ?M of t)M Long Bridge, on tooth stde of Arltng raffle*, at Um Intersection with tha Aisxan mS'Tilh?? bW* ?aa?tyfor ?fricmltaral FOR RENT AND SALE. ??dto???' | ' * U'OR IKKT-Tw" lut ni?hed ROOMS, at 1*05 rfuntrwl. IK-A *?ll OFFICE. aalft >ard. Afrl? at 613 L >tiium je_*t Inr ant ROii*" In *lern con? en enc-* ^derate. 112111th Jejv3f /OK Il|t. ? liwoiil and c tnf >rtabla t.jr ? ""h**1 jWiMaicatiog ROOMS, with or wit V _Jt boant, H H durirg tb* fimmer, m ?1 ? ate Ho Ma OlIrM northwA?.t I t-uR w?-Bjtr. K Hurst n^Tj ST, I* aT?-rt?B,^? WT, far .a .u rer m om,, water an 1 ?f**1 Apply to W. C. JOHNSON, T 1 *? 13?li uract uornnreat. j-H tf tO B BENT 5I? new ?t:h m *1--rn ?M?Mi?MW.?t 8 street ?w?rth H-twe^, I7t?, r aw??rt?w-nwm. ceo Brror^s ? * At:ortey.3?l ,t . i-earC ty Hail I and unfurni?be1 . HOOKS "t> tecond and third floor, single ?r I '*? ro- m* lar?e_and a^r? , with board, at 1013 nwii foritur li^ifhnKty aTenii*. je 23 St* ] K?Ji?5ttEr a.^lw B.IMCK ?ocuiT^Tth 5av i?Si ,,<l* 7 and water, in ?<Ma>ani mh| grow Ins part of tbsc'ty Pi-re. at Tornn easy Knaoire on the premise#. 1419 lnii?t>ia#treet, b*tw??en 0 ?pd P. j* 24 1 * ?TR-Rfsvrr TT ?<>l ami pi?Mtitt fnrtnaii xl UOOM f->r rent; north and a nth wnxi ws r?r.j r. oara can b? rented together tf <1 eat red T?o pi"fc?" Office. K utuiodrrae Acplr at 6S6 I street. }l. jj.jta l^Olt RENT? Fnri>l?h>d ?>r cuforniahed, krc< A w,1} KoOMi.*ith itaiionor) VMh-itAiid-, hot i'CcoHl water in b*rb to >nn, locati ?n evil at?I ?t?Uphtfal. will, grit* and tr*** in front* near Li fay# it<* r **?* . t> -aid o*xt door; rent ???rr low f.?r ; he l,,h ??***?. ??*? I and K J- ? It* J/??R 8AI.E-ir APPLIED FOR BRPOKK JILT 1>T ?TTiat SPtKNDII* PRmI'IRTV ?l "treet?, bring N .. * ?. ThiHi^th- mott d^ir?t?!^ pr p rtv hu Ki?t l apitxi itrofl.tnd i? a rare chance. E" iuir>* ou pT' mire*. it FhTu rrnt- V**rx <t?*?irAb!? lTXlTUK L"NKl*R NI8HED BOOMS on aecond H r. ?uitat,l-f r f incea or lfn?ine<? ptirp AI<o otli-r rur-iiah-.1 or ntifiirnl-bed ROOMS Aprlv at .to* litlrh etr el, corner Ppnu?rtvanU areaue, r I>avl? ranry More. 3,? K???LV?NT -^ J?r?eai>d d.-airat.l.. OfFlCE ft>l? ft"or' frou,'ng the art noe, ?nit A'- t^*ROOM8 on ?he't1oJfffcV0,1*r rnen tnini. .tialely. Apply t > It H T?ITVALL l^u Paaa,>Ivanta a>, 1 -j. & umOiVk.U jtt 1 ? I^OB KENT?A pri\at? faotily of tw> ?o^i<l7^TTt BOOMR,V,li.W0.ffAr<",,In'*n * *n,f" "f , a r kuoms, commnnlcatlni; on ?eror>d fl.v>r, with n < ni'innt'ea'a-Vil ' r''*' ti' **11' n?" "' ?o?k.|i; etu, rr"n' |f>^Trea.nry; lo, ^ti ?n?.,r. paMied^trrnx exr. edln-^y low A pely at |,* ?t corner Termont aventn* and L etre?t J(. ^ St * Fw?rairri".h"1 n,ol-'s* ? f'''>ini,?iiqi i A. ' ' donble parlors, gird'-n, \c . At., for t he sitrpiaer. Vrrnlehe^f t?eu tliroa^h'oi*, inc In 2i"l*!'7,dlnr' tn perfect ord r. Will be ren - hi. vJ * oa?ef?1 ten?nt until o.-t?Mr, %n<1 p., tl rttT and le'^than^l? *"d CJ?rfe?t part of the Wi oiXVBh^&T*re> frorn F?> B.. 1 ,10.h street norfh ' Vth ro, ,n' rr'1nt rexr rant, good bay aindow, Ac. ANo. HOUSE No. l'2-J SI V1 ?apit"l llilf, ? rooaa, cellar baiIt erf-Tlin'i^ ?' ?? *nd rpiVr > ard' '"> *>ud.?a . < v - k.'S" u?!."'1' ",h" ?< ?* ?a? r?rS'.t?2JlSlgl. ??JL |ALI-A Ihrt^ atory Ru?CK No. i?r.stroel, Oeorgetowu. Inquire on the prt mines. F(L5 ?E?T-TiWn fo?,r ,t"rr RB1CK HOt'.SKS, on 4H street in ncinlty of the Ciiv Hall la ...ifre ?f JOHN i?UBDY.Mo 314 4>4 ?r" t n.nh ? je21 J? ? tVP^.K^TrC0,l.NTRI "?CSK ii'-ar Mottot h,.a?^r,r.Vi f".rrUh-'? July and Aiigu<t ? VOBB. T^?ury bTii'^' M' "?0n IpOB BENT?Front Jnlr lat, HOUSE No. ia:ti a v street, rontHtnme ten r.xniw; mMern i ti proteni.-uts. Iti'iuire 1933 Penusylranta a\> j-Jl Ji* ^OR RENT?The eligible MnKLS 6(11 and ??07 607^S2l,fi?,a Second Story abo,? App'U-;??? aarasKK ka"Bco 9K p,r je21-2lt T^OK BALE OR RENT-A tw^'aTI.r. .. a ? ? * .^*2* BBH K HOUSK. pleH"antly ?ituated n" m Wi Hlc I?la..d ?Yt.iitte.Beut jau ^'mdno : ire on premise*. Vli-ii* F # h atrvet; nine eater *7' **Ur c,<frt' hot ?n<1 cold "arce' JAlllV5 ^ 5 n?nA'>,,,h' pH> *,,le ,u ^ Htre ta < *? ^AUOH, corner 15ih and r atre. ts,( lUoni a. up stairs.) jejl-jt * I'et rront. J2.I feet deep to an alley ?5ii) ra?h balance on ea,y ?enn. APpp,y on The^eS^fC' !?? ' ?' batwaan 13th aad Uih streets south eMt- jell-dt? B?NT?Large and airy Uu^-lS. suitable M t'op>*' iconth; alsosm^ll T 'tw" ""fwreish'-d Bo'ims suitable for R, tw,,5lliu c f >?'**? ?ud plea?HIlt front 4*8 IW JliS"* ?f p,?" '? Before nee excUansr~i. atr^t. Bt,yl?u *Teuoe, between 4>4 and 6th streett. jeai tf ??leiidid two atorj BRICK on 137h am ' olle *?nare ''? cars; seren r.H>ins, *z!L J3U St F Uth?ef.vB-5,?f0 t'BoW" L^'T?J ta hII paru f J lV(| j ' P^y^ent aiid l?ng time. E. J-lwilT| 811 7th street northwest. ja?-aj6t Will be rented Tery low nnfil the tol H(>C8E, near the Capi tainfnJa # ? attached con aiTri? fruit Apply in the mornings 1 Dataware avenne,between North B and Kj mreela. J? 3f K4m>r\?a~^?TC.,&1 offor ?[ ?J>"? new BlilCK * ^J; . , ;"*V;h' northern and east #rn t?*rt.V ,l* ct|f- 8?uall cash, and $? p<-r nioath. Also, other property. Loans ou R -al E= llU?- _jT?baton DONOHO, J?"* * 7th street. oppo?ite Post Office. l^OB SALE?PlneHOrSE south sidu Maasachu^ * a_?eaae.between llh and Uth strerts, op portta O S.tew.rvatlon.S.tory and oaMment maa ticlront house. 12 ro<j?ui, store, bath r* wash room, cellar, gas, hot and cold wather stT-' Uoaary marble top bastas. O?od lot. Cheap. B. WARJJEB. 739 7th street. Fl'HJ/iniw*"*1*!? r<v,,n? cellar, B&ICK ??<1 water, and all improvements ympleted, 1103 N street, lietweeo 11th and l*rh Inqaire la tbe store,roraer 11th and N. ieis at* ' ?BAMB8, beauttfniirrr m. cat?d. & mod 6 rouim, larire ymrd?: MM down, balance #17, *2u, and fas monthly. with 10 ELf**4, iaUae*' B- WABMBB, 7 39 7th wxreei. w*,w,1?,"??treet, between Oay brick^V?lnk*r^!!S?.,,,!'*<rtV two story Lrick HOU8I, centams 7 room*, with all the modern improvement*. WILLIAM TYLEK R?ai Estate Broker, 713 1Mb street. jeld st 8ALE?De?iral>le two story BKICK. No T street, two stories, back building, 7 rooms, wat?r and gas; yard in front and rear Easr Term-. Key at office. B. H. WABNIB 73*~h .11 jvl-j J6t 1^^^ -fiALK?TTmt elfgaut tlirne utorv rrii^e B and fl "flnr'between' the city.' detlrable residouces in 2.1AJt^ih.VHfl,n* h""'nM? LOT at the intersection o ,"d ?"tr-t'111 Lot on C, between 3d and 3d. M by lfio T ?i COT71T K ar,d 28th, lg? by lmt. by M ?D Wr#et a**t?*>?tweel1" and C nJrth.21 eaat0t?BBbf laGap,t?' ?tre#t' 13th and 19:h te^'^'tr^t atn?'cana^,r26tbpri'i.'!"*LtOTn' bolWW,u W?' Spletidid lot corner Ma*?aoli..setta a?enn? and 11th n7R lim h b' 14i* K. K. WJL80N, -j'.18 10* dl 1 7th street. FnRI8?\LHB ?* BIN r-Three of those fine new^a^d R .'f^L"P??ns* Ivanla ?>eiiu? And is utr^et. Tlw booiei eoiitAin 8 rooxm and modern coaveu.encee, withTod lot 8 W>1"" J CwiL^0S',il I 7th rtreet. F^OR RENT ?A BI SIN1CSS HAND at a verv cheap rent, No. 419 11th sUeet? u. ar P.o.naTl i"< LKA'RYH Anrtl^nirTlla75,) plLto L A Tl M EB atar Ollfce Bufldi^ *"' ?'Utc vvTwfej^5? ailTthrtreM. b wlfh Ki.5~i.A<,i^c*' preaaed brick BOUSE, bailding, baaement and cellar, slate ' throngh; hot and cold wa'er in w?". Lot M(MO rms easy to suit tke parrhaaer. No. 931 Rh< ale Mwoen Kh I? jfU lln 94fl Bhode laUnd^avenue. KfS>ankh5"^e BOUSES in aSS?-- a&tKass andWlwe7aadCrt5?l?B*8 ?n 0 f*1*?*' ??*twaen 30th ?jgrx>%s!s?-<? cu-? iSH^VT?"AASSttr for fort bar F FOB HUNT AND dAJJB. ORSALE-Twoentir 5QP ARKS f Ol^rSD. .a fearth of ? 8ia*r< M ? R>.HKCK. *13T%?? ett. j..k"< I k. b Tory ll.JBMt. f ?tr?et n. ??!>??<. 11K j5 h r-Wy l> W I L L | y t S'a'e gjpartmedt ?i?n 4 t-rffc . all rouan. cellar, t alb r<M. ?atr?. gaa,fr*nt porch ?n-i yarj t raw*. For k*y and ter??. aptly at OLIVEB DIF??CR*. )4th ar>d S *tr<?U r.U lit FOB MLI-jT frw CITT LOTS m <i~? ?tibwrl* (if at 1. ? fic:re?. van lag (Ml t . j. 11 eofcii Jl' As i('TU A CP . fro* l??h t. tJ*OR Itsf OK Hon ?ri*i hMt* T Hut'SB. > "Vtaming 9room*. 'ar*? cellar, water *1*1 aaa; t'-xl 1 raitoa; |#4 J" atr**-*, b?iw~n W and M, TMr I xm*, I an-1 Baltfcn >.e d^w>t 11. 4 l't? of Ma. 46V W aahtngum atf*"*. Mxwn ML m4 t?b. j-lll?* FMiR SA1.* OR BXcn \WOB tnr rtu property? A pbaeant rwNl'Brf at Riadei>?t<urg !?ep.?t. B. I A O K k. iii'joV'tfl W.K'"TT. .? ih? ?ri?i i? f,or U lb'1 i t Atuar kaci Hou*e. r >rot-r | 7th MrW U>d Pa ivaiis*. jU>-2?* t^ok eALR iHRAT- P'?Hfa?M wwtut LOTS I on K itr?rt nortfcwe-at. AM, S<f Kndl fra?i e H?'l f?R* ea l?mio?l a*eti?*. fa) 4 VlP'ti S and T rtrwu. MAt'RY A hHO ? ?*?] ?>Mh'an^ li><? arc* Br.'k?-t>, 1447 F iwr?et. j*f1? 'OB SALE OB~*fWT^WOTS?r ??> *?< ?iic* $4i?V; >*nt f ?? per n*>ntfc; p.? " > Juae r " I _ , >innr1?i|lJllM>lM.hM ?<4iri roltTMII BI -ea atwj^ furnace, ket aa) In- had at Wo. 111 f ir further particular* apply to UEO S PABBBB, 613 1Kb aiteet. (MM i'UB SALE?? u* BllLlilNU LOT V.?ij*t A tteiicr, l-t?i 'ti L at.J M atiM* tfilll, -a?t front. One Building L* ?>ti R airml aorihwoat, Ivtween 14'h and With,JKlli, ?< utli fr>M, vill k* hid ktkl?ifa;t. AU ). ?????r?I Buii.Iikk L<>?? oit Uth street, betaeen Q and R. FittprwMil buck U? U SES, 9 r> >?>??.?"titk front, noiihwaetnrn part,.( the city, with m<>derii impr-ve 11,fill* oil l"U^ time. mi 1 all ca?u |N?) HI"?U, baiau* e 111 til' ly . _ AI*o. S pre?a?d brick HOl>E8. tw? -?tory an' bwioirut: 8 rootua, talrr atd <**. latrobo *nd rai(r; Dortl t-ar < ru |t?rt ul cit> ; auiali faoh pa> ? tut*tit, an.! Miner monthly . One FRAME Ht?l SE, 7 r?o?M and hall; lot MS In 116. SS..1MI. ?y<v 1 aali. halaii' ?? flu prr Ui utb ml 6 ty-r com.; tiurlhwrti ??rt <>T >f) . MOt'LTOJi A BKAIRARD. b?.l 15th ?tr~t, jc91? * Oppcwitr I' 8 Tr?-a?nr>. RIIVT?A ti.-? -? T-n r -m HursK . *rt? ntr?^,oiM* half ?iu%rc fr.?i th# ?V?t?odunt ?(erm? car- >2u p*r mouth. I^mrr at #14 Lou 1 mat a ??enu<-. i*7-l'ii L'Ok^BST ??R fA t.E?Our ul the tu?*? ? oobitortaM*- HulT8Ee lu tb?-ri*Uict.c<iii tiltJui all ni'^tn c->ii>*-ui<-o<'??, ?ith lar*p l?>t,r<?r ii?-t 4tl< and 4? # K M?nt IfW ??r ui Eii'i'iir? ? ?f J AS. A. TAlT. P?hw)I>?iit? ntbK>, S ? t<l, t<itww-ti *1 an<1 4:t. ?trt-Pt* !<. E j<* < IID* L"OR SALE? V?TT dwiirkbl?"BVltl>IWO LO ?' for I aal-, on ?mt Oor uf I4(U atwit. ut^altf Sr itt Sintri-; Rbr M'fM App'f Ii4l I ttrwi, b* t? ' en 14th atxl Mth alr?w?a ia>rtb?r?al. j? l t?" FVR SAI.E -TWO NEW BItlf'K HOCSE8, K?. iOa B?trrM ?<?ulb*-?pt; 7 r-iwna, l^th-itxim aiid cr-llara; al?.>, TWO FRAME HOUSE* on C *tr?-?-l aoutInant; 7 r?"tii<, bath-r-ioni and c^llara, C3 f4*'; l<?r Brick lixuiw, f.>r tarrna. app>r to 4 46 I ntr?i-t Dortharat. mSI I tu * L/OR fALE-Ou long tube , with aaiall caab pa) - r tin nt: . 8ttb L"toBl and 3S. aqnar* >4. Utb aud ? ?tr?*ta. Pait Lot 22. *<4nar>- 2SS. 13:b etr**, D?-ar S. Im 1J* UO. S?ub Lota 10. arid ?'-"t H of 15. atjtiarp MS, Itttli ?*rw-t and Biorth Carolina a\?-uue f-.b L^'t *.(narp >44; ta* tit 1^. If' in l?v ?' f<-i t of a^tiarx SSb, tax title. I.< t 9. ?tjuare fi78. ta* title. S. tet, bte-ro< n, FRAME Uor?ES. |..t* l4xl<t>. frotitiui ritat nn 7fh atr^d ciul, hi^tnwii A an<l B ix'tth, < ur r.iuarr frotu Ea-t Capitol HckH railroad. BiSJin JX?> E KEW1>ALL. I,*OB t?ALE?HOl. BE and L<?T. So. * ti<>rttw??t; tbrt-*' ?t,'rr Buck, c -nit-aratn ?*l> new ; Ltd le feet ft ??nt by 1W fe^t de?*?. Price r> ry l<>tr; all tax>-e paid up. ltiatilr" <4 L. F t'L ARIv. Paperbaugirga Stor*, No. 1<!I3 Peauaylvania ave rne. my lm h'lili KENT?A fi'itr ?wtjf ptxia-brtck DWIL LINU.tioelr l<~ ated <>n leiath betwwa l?t ?t>4 itrcrU, Clfitul Uili,l-eiu? tli? e> :n?r h-m* ti^nr 2d atie?-t, Dcrtb aid?. containing twelve r??oni?, with **'pr. cae, Latrvbe*, rang*, dnmb waiter, Imth-room aud laan'4r> ; with ample coal and wood tiiiikx. aiMl ?".pacliiua jard lu the r?-ar; a rar. cliaiic*? I," mrnricfi a Tory nice aummer home, aud lb lb' vt-rj bint condition. Price per rn >tab. UKt>TEU ft RYON, K-al Eatatf Annu and Br .k-ra, miff tf 1 lo lHt Ktrret a.>aflte?M, Capil'd Illll. mJb" 8ALB?A 0 <4(7 A BE OF UBoL'NU tn the n* rtlo*rti eection of the ctt) , witb iIk aidewalka, ctirbli.r, and guttering all laid and paid for. H'-rac cart p?m it. Will veil c?i-ap and on Ion* tuuf Aipl) to Ul Yt'K A AM'ISOW, B ai E- ?t< Ac* nt*. No. 1401 New y?rg *Ter,ne,corner of Utb ttreet portbwvat. | k^p AOhron ) mit t! I^OB BENT?A beautiful three ator> PBES0KP BBH'K HOlfE, containing tea ru?tui, b??idea ?tore and cellar*, bath aud pantry room*, with gaa, led and cold water, and all m<?li>rti improvement*, ai.<l coBTeno-nt to oart and niarki t. U'h <le b m? ?70, or without *tore A60 Inquire BuLLIUUE R08 , 5th and 0, or 1*01 Wbatreet. my>4 Im FOB BEWT-rrBNISHED BOOMS: ? hack Parlor furmt?-d at a Badrooi, aad two ploee ant rooBM, bark and front, on aecond atory, lu aa eligibly-lwcated Dwelling on I ttraet, near ftb; wiV be rented on reasonable tomato gaotlranen only. A?Wrwa"A. on?l ml? tf ~ ioniU BepobUoM oflUo. FOR SALE. B^OB .-ALE- \ round-Udtcm 8E1FF, 1?H t a long. suitat>l? foi brbiog or hunting. la guiraofU. M. UENACLT.aontheai't wrtw^^ of 8tb u<l D tlroeta northw?at. jM4t* FOB SALS?Threo new top tpnug WAUOMH Cheap for ca^h. JAMES K.. PBOBEY, 8n* 4 7 Pr^tpec t tt . 0-orgatown. I/UB eALt-A ftra-yeir old BAT HOk^E, 1 tO'linii, trne and fine atepper. Falling top family CABB1AUE in go id condition. jU*^1 rood HABWE88; Hv.?3TC ttxeet north ^CZX eaat. |g-3f L'OB SALE?Nine aecoDd-band BOX WIKLMJW r FBAMES, 2 foet f iocbea by 4 fnet 4 lnche?, with ?ei?lit?, aaah. and batten ahctteracomplete, apply to BALDWIN BBoa jeBHB Ei^OB SALB?Fotir larg? nnnit>er one DBACOBT r HOKSfcS and BABNE80, and StoneCV_ U' lililk] t? ?H * - " WAUON; will eell low to auit:aa good aa In the W?trict fill at Ho. 92V Latreot, I^-tweeu 9th and 10th. j?-ll-t( L^OB SALE?A atuut Bay UOM8B, aeten yeara a old; warranted aouud; workt kind la aln rrv kU or doaWe hameee; antt able for a gentle- 1X1* n.Hu'? carriage. Appl> at the Ca#it?l Hill^"^^ Livery Stable, SIT 3d timt, sttveen C and D scutheaat. jea>t FOB SALE CHEAP?A fino BAIL BOAT (on tigged;! all in good order, with t>noy for enchorave. tc. For particulars in<jaira ?i f"U uiac Fer r> k?-? tap rant JuPtof7th at jliWli** LMiB SALE CUBAP?OnaawwOOUMTMM, 9fret I loi g. North CaroLna Piue, olln-l Alao, PAB Tll ION and twoSEWING M ACHINES, at FUR NXTL'KK bTokE, corner Cth aiid A atreete.a mth caat. jl9 5t* VlACHlNEBY FOB SAkE-At a Bargain far l'l Obli-Ouf W honr power STBAM EHQ1MB. cj linder, 10\M; one h ?ri?ontal BoILBB. 4 f-et 4i aim t?-r, i2 feet long; all complete. Alay. SUafttnc, 1'alliee, Billing, and othar machinery Inquire of KDW ABD LYNCH, aouthweal corner of ll'h and B atre??ta aorth. j 19-41* F^OR BALE?New CABTS, mititaotarad from aeaNoned material and extra Iroiiad. Will be add low for ra*h. or f-xchai.c,a the mom for Brick or Board of Public WorkaOertibcatea. Apply at 1<4> tS at ret aouthwi-al. j|7-4i* |?OB SALE?A pair rf dark Ir-n-grey gy r CAkBiAUE HOBSES, youug au t aonnd. Inquire at l'JUl 4H at. jelt-lm ^* * BFklOB ULAT FOB BALET I> Apply t* DODO, k PROFESSIONAL. Dk. J. H. DAB&EL, DE1T18T, No. 1231 Penn?> lvania avenue, 1 Waahiagtoa, I>. C., Can be found at hia Office between the h-ur* of 9 a. m and 5 p. m. j?-19-4t* Si F BANKS, DENTIST, 413 13th atraat, above Kirk wood He guarantee* aa good ??rk in app aLce, tit,durability, aal parity of aatorial, for l?aa niont-y than any Dan hat tn the city. jet DOCTOk liAklJOAd HAS BBMOYED HIS oiSce to No. 1S10 Fatrret norlbweat. m3l-4w J AMJM O. OLBPHAHB. B. I. BBAILMT. SHOBTHABlfw^lT? B? AuVmpoRTIBB OMce?No. 119 0 mamt, b?twa? lat and ai, facing Indiana avenua. mhBI-lr J?H" BOOTS AND SHOES. B^SELLIN?HATAND bblow cost,^. (Succeaaor to H'xjrar A Jiakaaa,? 1109 1 mai >e!9-lm betwtan llth and 13th au. 1 No. 41B 7th at . OTICB Of MMOTAk "lbSe U karat Ooid ? aold on bm Rouble to ahowgeoda. Wa BUSINESS chances. Of" *""" ? V-Z ? "?? JmtlAB MM P*>X^T'^vrLJw J,,'t.1 |>KiiTiitt or pica fob sai k ? k prfT??? ???*, ?? nr h?f ,,. f r . avx-^hs=rrg ?i'Xiri ?; r v^.'iwk^'si.vikrts ife as,^. cwn?.?"n/-* ris-1? ^ ?? Hfli 4' jh Artris r brhv * 11 ? ???4W0. mkI arfral ulkw r.r?t . * <nwra? .UJ LOTS it, ail ?* low m i w j, u r ??ike?r\5*'H .' * * *TokE.TTiS7o ~5 D4H CHApcT ? Wtf #p\TrVn AfT AI ?a*>ai*-the sm- k ??*HXTl Kt> f ?'< !?'?-< r %ai tuj .yf vti n ,, <)?>? an axcWI*at Ummm lt>4?irr aft r 3 l>. ? . 106 Bri tc* air ft, l.~ r^?.?u. |)4| j? . Ram CHANd P" r At * B?rc%iM-Th? HTOOK \KI? FIXTt KK> * m n ~.T^ '"J? ???*?'? ? ? -"d hi-iri -. >v .?? , rr? .riC.wJ;:7.^ ^ 44<N-' - ? l th? ttMlV <lTt ULAM ?ORK*,,.r?.( 4*? ;,5 V "mT *^7'ht"l r*"*" ?????? f .r .arr n* . ??'???? ?-"> *:jl.\,; |>\KTIKS h.tinc Ut'?t>K? -t LuTm , .. ta aVtl ?^TVl ^ ,?C*,'?ud ?uivhaa..r* a- , + blLi *??incmOKo tki k? m'stj'-si" a *"*" '?' James k w a..i B k#r ""r ?* +*? mrw;'r? jlfOMY TO LV AS <>Ji HK \ L k if A TR ~~ ? . _ MAl'm' A ? ? tf R, ai ?i?4 ItiMiraoi - Br..??ni, 1 I 4tlT P ?!r.*i L'OK SALE- Poor tint < ia?- HU1< A H??l ??* -V *?S P*,k. ^ ? U^Tr??ir^TJ*'?lh'' ?' " Mark<4, rs^nsi i*?1' ?v-uu- ?r-? li r^?rMh ^ UT! huil!. i.s *"1? roM wn. r ai. 1 ?ilt^ry ' I,w*Jr*' tb?? pr?iui?-., Ji? r <Lr^ -****? ?*,:-?!? |? WK>t'D W ILL au4 ?? ^ "?* HiUimrj Miit Fuel m ?> 1 titrsAz-.^ lil*V ***Pt U' **' ?l,<1 OMkvllllUffl., j? ?cr?? ralna)>lr limlwr, btlwi.? aral.? t'Va frDCr1J"'?r u? w. Mat, B P I L *JM1E ? ??? fcP?to?K?*U r<Wt| Va PrK?, o?ir 9ifX^ nmm?? E A ? FHILUW. ^ Iff Wtiit ?trwt, OforfHown, ft, f RVwbS^kS*- 1? Pnrrh,M,t ? "TO UK ar4 SmJ> V l*ia M*T U-? nmrkft. lij ?IW No. 1TI?. Pncf ??*! _?,? ?. v*,esw.s??ffs?t 11"" MLt" lTh? larf?> PorB-STOBT HOCSR, ? tb tbr??. ?"?, *4V?C " f "rw4' ??^?1) ?>?? . taruty *?r.ssLt?*?-2*** ?3 I. i i \ ' -.'f ** ?it?* .Ilk I arc i aril M. ? ,Tl "h l' V/T"* w"V?-ottr f' ID '^*" V r",f*,r' *' *???7 c-nwimut f.ii ? lilli.f**''.'"1"1' or ? l--ai !ir,? h <im- W<U ?? ?M low In^nir* at Pr^iinan. ?rP. .tl^ Tf??a?r> . P?nna> I rati* at?t t? f.. |j ,j? PRY GOODS. s E L L I M. U I' F; cheat bikoaisi i> dkv cvod?: *1 "*CM' ,,,r PrM?'l,, rl4C? '* Is ? lo fh*?*' it to ?u.t iLc u?? ^-raJr ?-. a . <*?* onr ?otlr<" m.kA of * ' B * PAMC \ ABD 8TAPLE DBT U0OI?s I Hi from mi to a per crot b I ,w f^rm^r prjr? liH?!**OCk U fU" *** BLACB goods. ? full line of ?1| kind, of M'IIIT* uOOI'S, ? ?'*C*?t liu* of fir t-claM B AMm KG KDGINOI ABD IN8CUT1 SiGJ ON LUI*W. 8WI>i(l, CAMRBIO Atao< ?**AivaooK. TABLE LIKES. NAPKIN#. HOSICBY. *nd ibd.^d CTorrUuttc ??uallr kfpuovliM f VAteTtetfi ta^j^ooop OOOD8 to *ir? n> ' ** 0Br U Bm rim, aoii nnm U ? A. GODOARD. SEVENTH STBEET, 1*21-lm* A Pew Poor* Abort I St r?M . 1?BEM?HETIE Cr: DRT GOODS DOWN: LAST CIIASCE THIS SKASOy. XZmStrLS. mobLaV1"!^' "?,m ?ii4 mwiik Ulitu Jul) ?h,18rj abi^i lj>l ' DBT GOODS **IM Goo<?,) |n lb" b tice cliall he M seas l?? cppurtmtr of An ^ tL# L^Cf JACKETS. L*CE carke't **f?Ctl?o kiuJ ?tw di?pla>?-l io Ihu CABPEriKO, ? fT*W'T r?daced pric?t, COKpri-ltiC all makna -f furelgu aitd Anariraii manufa< tarc? OIL-CLuTH* A lar^rtock of MATTIBG ?? ?M'wwltk. *kit. Mattiu*. low-AK.^J Cfe^fc, T^ryuWt a,1' mS'VIuFtubEsT'*4* ,toc^ WINDOW SDADES BJTBranlifr tb* Arcade. WOLfORO ft IfllLBEllG, *,T Tth **+*? hotw^tj D an ?I W, M w N ? T 1 ? ? B??' **-* BBLLIMC OPP OP AN EBTIBK BTOCB or DBT AND FANCT GOODS AT COST TO CLOSE BCSIKBkd

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