Newspaper of Evening Star, June 23, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 23, 1873 Page 3
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BANKERS. i ?O Tit BIUKLOW, B a n k ? r, ?43 D BTBBET. NEAB SEVENTH, rtn THTBBEST OH DEPOSITS, makee COL LECTIONS. end tmiMeti ail bnataea* connected with Banking. MH> B ? n i i * ? h o i ? t ?V 4. H. SQUISH * CO., 144* PBHNSTLTAHIA AVEHCB, erroerrs wuuii^ Iotu, WASHINGTON. D O. ? wt M*t. itumtu paid n CuWlwi' made ?T?r7?h?r?. IV??rt? patal.le on demand. Par of officer* In the Army cashed tn td^ait*. apltr Jr. BEODHEAO, B r o k ? r ? Ho. ta? Peana. av*., Boom ?, Waahlngtoa, D. 0. Special attention f1,en to investment **earttl*a. Ii'ttw attention to aecnritiee now ?Herod at prloM Wlilch will ft; M to II per cent. In amount* and of ImitkoftnftonltlnTMtnn. Safe, reliable, proflt afcle and srinpt .making them ta t'wj ?Ml HIRST CLAIM PECCElf 1ES. Mm by to L?wia Johaa*u E Oo., Washington P. C.; U vea Kelly, B*J., Cashier Hational Metrnanlitaa Bank, Washington, D. 0.; Joa. J H BreAead, Second Controller, Washing ton, ? C . Edward Clark. E*j , Aratutect 0. 8. Cap It. >1. Washmgtoa, D. 0. mar 17 -9m 'Vhe batIubal bane up the bbfuelio X (Corn* rof 7th aod D street*,) OPEH FROM la A M TO IP. ?. 4ecI7 ly OHA8 BE A D L HT. Cashier^ f'tKMiS AMKRIUJI IAVI1M BANE, O No. aid SlvlMTM STBIKT, Orrotut im f?*> <&f Utnrtmmt. Hank bom: la m to 4 a m. Saturday* open no U19 p. m.,U> receive 4ep~<ot? only. Interest paid on dep. ?ir? Collection* made and ssrtianae furnished. JOB NH1TE. President, A. EBKKLT, ?. Preet, ?.P MATTINOLT.Sec ,C . E PRENTlSS.UaahT kwHl J AT tUOki: k CO., BANKKKS. PPT AND BELL FOREIGN EXCHANGE and tBSCE CIRCULAR LETTERS OP CREDIT for Traveler*. armiMU ?? a?? ?wt a/ lis world. Oar l>r,'t? on JAT COOKE, HrCrLLOCH E OO,, London. ?re Oaabed in aay part of E.i?un, IliunaM cAri'i* maris ASNIKOTON CITT BAVIMOB BANE Conur Ilk iwa mmd Ltmxti w PATS S PEE CENT. INTEREST OH DEPOSIT Interest commences from date of deposit*. Derail* cna be Md? and drawn at will myMtf J A BCPP. RAILROADS. ? {ALT HokE AND OHIO I> RAILROAD. i On And after SI SDAT.Jnne 1.1 1473. tra in will leave H A."LI IN'GTON CITT a* foliowe, ?la: Baltimore and Way Point* _ B OO a m. 21 alt mo re and Way Pointa. 6 46 a. m. Clt-innati Express, via Metropolitan BR...7..10 a. m B' >?toD, New 1 ork and Philadelphia Exp. .d:UU a. m. Baltimore and Way Points 8:40 a. m. Baltimore faet Bipre*, without stops. 9:49 a m. Baltimore And Way p..tut* _.1J:0U rn. New Tork and Philadelphia Exprt-es.__loa p. m Baltimore Ex preen, witbont atopa 3.30 p. m Baltimore and Wav Pouts.?? ?3:W p. Bo, V incbester and Metropolitan Accom. ? 4 90 p. m. Baltimore at.d Way Pelnt" ? ??> p. m. Cincinnati. Celuml-ns and St. Louis E\ ?reae?except Saturday 36 p. m Philadelphia Expreaa. .??(? p. m Baltimore Way Point*. 7:48 p. tn. }' -at on. New T"rk and Philadelphia Exp... 4 Si) p.m. Baltimore ami Way Point* ?-? p. m fct. Lome,Cincinnati and Colutnbn* Exp. .9:40 p. u. FROM BALTIMORE PoR WASHINGTON. Leave nt 4 *1,6 to, 7, *?. "14, 9 18 audi! ISA. m.; aud 1 4S, 3:30. 4 30, 6.4U. a 4? arid p. m FOB ANN APOLIS. At 6:10 A. tn And 8 p ni.:bnt n< t on SandAy. FOB NORFOLK. At 1.C3 B. OH., bat not an !>uw1?v . SUNDAT TRAINS. Fr-ra BAltlmore?The 4I> ?' ppiu? At Relay and Lat rel f nly; the 5 jn ?. m and 4 3t p. m , itopping M Relay ?rly;the S.J0 p.m., withoot st.-pe; th- 1 ?. in 3:3', ind i to i> m.atoppins at All atatioaa. From Waehlartoa?The 8 and 8 a. m., 9.7:45 and ? .r' p tn. tram* ?t< ppine at all atAtio^. tbe I06 and tiie 6 p. ni. At RelA) only; And the ->80 p. m without ifBPOlST or BOCKP AND INTERMEDIATE POINTS. At "A m And 4 90 p tn IHnmln*. 1*ata p lit of V <k? at 7:n6 a m and J If p. m.. arrivine at W?eh ii.iton at SC36 a. m. and 7 16 p.m. No local train* 1st SumIa) . Thr. ngh tlrketn ?n the Weet cah be hAd at the W?>hini(t<<n Station Ticke t Office at all honraof the day; aleo, at the Company '? i lHce, 4*?A P-snneylra uia Avanne. Pae^n?-r? parchaaitut tlcketa at the A^enne olfee. can there arrange to hara their t>a?ga?e railed fc r and check"d at their reaidt-nce, tak-n to the depot, and put into the liagitag- cat. F-->r N<>w T rk, Philadelphia, and B>Mton, tee ad ?erti*-nient of" Tbronifb Line." mr>9 B SHARP Master of TrAnaportation. L. M COLE, U?n< ral Ticket Ae-ut GBO. 8. EOOHTZ, )?1 General Airal, w?BjuBton. THBOCGH LINE BETWFEN WASHINGTON, 1 PHILADELPHIA AND NEW TORK. W*?htiotov, Mar 36.1873? Hoon. Trn'aa between Waebington At'd >Vw Turk Arc n?w run Aa follow*, MOS FOB NFW TOTtfc.?"Wli0ot change of car*. Leav* daily (except Sunday 1 At 8 a. m , 1:06 And ;Wr?* FOB PHILADELPHIA. I'ltf daily (except Sunday ) m 3 a:m., 1.D5 And 6.00 ON Bl'ND%T. Lear* for NewTorfc at p.m., and PhilaJel 7t?iaat6 00p m. SUepiDg cars for Hew Tork on 8:80 train only. Tbroogh ti. k?t? to Pbil.vlelpbla, Hew Tork, or Boat L aaii t? tdB At the StaUou Office at All hour* cf the day. Bee Bainmore And Ohln Btilread AdTertlaainent foraibedule between Washington, Baltimore, Aa itAavlM, and the *Mt TBOS R SH A BP. Master of TraaaportAtioo. L M. COLE, OonerAl Ticket Ag-at. CBO 8. KOONTt, Agent. Washington. mt7 y^LBXAHDRIA^ A WASH IB G A3TO ' ' ALEXANDRIA A FBEDBBICKEBCBQ B. B. t it B aad Sxxih Smmu. T 6Ull'T^Ol*TH?XS?EXmpkESS, tIa BJctuaond. laavea Waablngtoa II no p.m. dally, except Sunday Ttronafc ticket* to ail point* S>>ath and SoatAwM Local TrAias leave for Alexandria as follow*:?4,7, 8. P. 10. II, a. nt , 13 noon, i 3. 3, 4. 8, 6, 7. 8, p. m.: 9 a. m. and 7 p. m. daily. All other traiua daily except Eunday. L cal Train# fr^in Alexandria arrive a* follow*?? 5JS. 7 33,i?J8. ?33, h) 33. 11 33. a. m. 13J3. I St. 19, 3i?. 4 33, 5.33, 6 33. 7.33. < 33 p m.; 8.33 a. m and p m fr.?i AK-iandria daily, all other train* daily except Sunday. 'Train* marked tfcaaoooaeet wttk train* on Waab 3on and Ohio B. B. r ABT1CO AccoMMdattoa leaves WaaUagtoa for *ale at Office*, corner 13th street and Pennaylva ala arr-noe, and comer 9th street and P?onsyIrani* w her* paaseagera *an leave order* for barrage to b* checked at ail bo tela and uddsam* Utroaci to &mO B*t 1' a. E S TOrNO,Q?n1 Pawenger Agent, lyM-tl BALTIMOBB AND POTOMAC) RAILROAD, 1 l>**? cm. fcA mU B ttrttu, n. W: | TRAINS LEA TB FOB 1 TEA INS AKHTTH AT BALTIMORE ! WAbHINGTON. * 4?* m., Niagara Exp., 4J>A. m? WeMera Exp.. daily. dally,except Snadap. f Vi aja., Baltimore Mail. SJB a. m , Mail,daily, ?z daliy, I cept Sunday, M to a. m., W?atera Exp , U to a. m , Woetern Exp.. daily, except Sunday. daily. l:0u p nt. Bammore Aee., 3.(J3 p. m. Cincinnati Ex., daily .except hittdmy. daily,except Sunday. SJH p in.. Ba.timere Ac- S XJ p.m., PactSc Bxpreaa. eon.n Nation,daily, as-1 daily,except San-lay. , cept Sunday 9:08 * m.^Accommodatloa, 6J9 p tn .'"iDCinaatl Ex- dally. pr-ws^iaiiy,except Sun- 10 W p m., Soitthent Ex flay _ | ^rese, dally, except Sua til t K , Western Exp Ml. living at Marlboro' 9:1* a. m and 13:13 and 9:39 p. m. Trales arriving at Waafciactoa *J8 a. m. aad IS ud } <r p. m , connect at Bowie with tralaa leaving ?arltxTo^niO a. m. aad 9:49 and tc3t p. m. ?I.ger* leaving tb?lr order* at Ticket Offioaa. of 13th rtreef aad Pennsylvaala area corner of Utfa ?ree? aad Pennaylvaala avenue aad aortbweat o>smt cf Sixth traet aad Paaaa avenue, caa have tbelr bagr aa* called for aot . ed at t '-is and riSKimw to all pointa Hortb 1 West. Through ticket* to Cincinnati, Oolambaa, Indtanap- u. LottoviUs, St. LmIi, Hew Orlis?, Lblcag .Omaha, San Franctooo, aad aU potato north. "IT'd'Ta B B Tor NO. Owl Paas*r Agent E L DTBA BBT, Geol Supt. lyi-M 1872 PEHH8TL^ANLA BOPTB 18T2 SO THB BOBTHWEST^KICTH, AHD BOOTH Tratn? leave aa follow*: t 4 99 a. m. I Baltimor*? 'B a. JIK3B a. m. I lto p. _ ? 9 39 p. m. I - ? IB p. m 7 99 p. m. I - MB 9. THB GBEAT BUUBLB TRACK ROUTE, WttA elegant Sotowry, Palace State-rooa dag aad Bight car*, with modern improvement*. Two bandroE miiee Mved to Wt ??w Tcrk. _ . .. The lb 39 a. m. dsdly, aaaef* BaadM, apvthweM, tM p. m daily, Aad I d p. m., except Buodap, w*at. Ma aa Ooaaac no a* ThroMh from BALT1MOBB to H LAO ABA aad PITTsB'' EG withe ut thai 1 bf thtoraaB* eaa ut 1MB street awl aomer of 9tb MattowaJ H Blvea at all - ? tlcketa f'OBBiil LOAH OFFICE, rerwsr ^ 1 V ead >ta YerA eesaas. entrance oa Ne Torft aveaae. The meet private loaa office in the city. Money loaned at the lowsat rate _ of interest oo Gold aad Silver Wetches. Diamonds, Plate aad Plated Ware. Oaaa, Pistols, Ladies ami ??-DUen. u's Clothing. Carpets , aad aU arttolea J ????>?_ OTD'B?That B. 8 JC8TH, BIS kd rth *treet* aurthi 8BCOBD H AHD CLOTHIHO ".iriXM.'s g. UABAAB -Baiaaiaa U LADIES', GBHTB' aa O JC HIU) BBB^CBD K BCLOTHiy c. GROCERS. CHARE * SUM, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCBB8, 181* 7th 8TEERT N0RTHWK8T. {Between M and 5 ate.) HEW BCTTER ! KIW CHEESE! 16 16 16 16 16 IE IE IE HAMS. 81"GAR CURED HAMS 16c. FIR LB. 16 16 IE 16 16 IE DOOLETV YEAST POWDER. GRAHAM FLOCR OAT HBAI*. Becker's Wh?*iMi Grits, Heckar^a Farina, Ir* Floor, Barley Tapioca. Sago, Maui oca, Duryea's Com Stsrca. Wax Candle*, Oram A |lack?rll'i Pickle*, Ool man1* Mnetard, Stickae? A I'nurl MulMt, Oliv* OU, Bancea, Balid Dreming. CINCINNATI OLEINE SOAP. Dtrrt^i Satin Olras Starch, B*kT'? Chocolate, Coco*, and Cocm Bliells, Brains, Pruaa, Carruiti, Raia.ha. MEDICINAL LIQUORS. OW Port Wine, Treneb Bruif. Holland Gin, Blackberry Rraudy, Fiue Old Whisky , California Brandy. C. S. O'HARE * ION, _rc2D tr 1X13 7th at. between M and S, F LODE! K tCkl TM) OIHEC7 from the Mills la VALLEY OP VIRGINIA. Ill aell to familie* SO cent* per barre leaa than usual price*. Price* of SUGARS and TEAS all marked down. CATAWBA WINE, rwt received from Pleasant Valley Wine Company, A* a (alio*. 8. H. BACON, TOO Market Spam, marg brtwwn 7th and Mb street*. STEAMER LINES. A AtUOH Ll>K ITCAMKHS, A Sail from Pier 3u, North Kiver, Ncv York. EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY. The passenger arc> nimodationa on Steamera of thin Hue are unsurpassed for elegance ? ?nJ t' lL^rt. Cabin staterooms are all on tipper deck, tbua securing good light ? and ventilation. RATES OF PASSAGE TO GLASGOW, LIVERPOOL.OB LONDONOEREY. Sat. Htimrrs. Wed. ufammt. _ Gold. Currency. Cabin. f7S and |? ?71 aad |U Cabin return ticket* securing beat accommodation* #130. 8 LSI Steerage, currency, SJU. Certificate* for passage from any aeaportor railway station in Great Britain, Ireland or the Continent at BATt* Aa LOW A* BT A*T "THFB riBsT-CLA** Lift*. For pas*age apple to HENDERSON BROTHERS, 7 Bowline Oreen N. Y.: to C. CAM MACK. 14513 F?t. n w. <or WILLIAMSON A CO., ITU P^on, aveune n.w., Agents. Washington. m< t,th ,* Jn New express link via uanal, BITWIIIV PHILADELPHIA, A LEX ANMEIA.Va., WASH* 1NGTON AND GEORGETOWN, D. O. _ sal Lisa Data. From Pier 1, North Wharv?*,PhIl ??a"t o?rvr.5?AwTnrr?2r;,<f?T''DO'TCW This lioe connects at Philadelphia with "Clyde1* Ir'n Lii,e" of steamers for Providence, B >aton and Sew England Stales. No wharfage In 8oaten by this line O. F. HYDE. Agent for D. of O. WM. P CLYDE A CO , Philadelphia. F A BEID, A'?iandr1a, Ti. WALDO A. PEA ROE, 44 Oongresa Street, Bot :on. ?^"Freigh.s delivered bv Knox's E*pr?aa. Ordera eft at General OiPce, 603 P? unsylvu.Ja avenue. >r at the steamer wharf will be promptly attended ?; ap] ^yASHIHOTON^BFOLK, BOSTOM, AND The line Iron Steamer LADY OF THR LAKE laving reaumed her regular tripe to k S rf Tk, mil leave ber wharf. if (th street, *?ery MONDAY and??"^* J p. m., toacblngat principal River Landing a, at Norfolk wtfh Steamship of ha M- aad M Line for Boston and Provtdeno* Freight should be addreaeed "care of Lady of th* Lake, via Norfolk." Branch ticket office at Knox1! Expreaa Office, 603 Pennsylvania avenue, T. M. CROl'CH, Agent, 4th-street wharf. DORSEY CLAGBTT, General Agent. m!4 Plant's Store, corner ISth at. and Fa. ara. Q C S All) LIME. NOTICE. With the view of diminishing the chance* of colli lion, the Steamers of thie Line will, henceforth, take a specified coarse for all seasons of the year. On the OutwarJ Presage from (Jueenstowu to New Y<>rk or B>stot>, crowing M?ri liau of SO at 43 Lat., or nothing to tbe north of 43. On lb* H"inearAnl Passage, crossing the Meridian of a) at 42 Lat., or nothing to the north of 41. QIKAEO LWB. TH* BRITISH AND NORTH AMRRKJaB ROYAL MAIL STEAMSHIPS, BETWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOOL. CALLING AT CORK HARBOR. FROM NEW YORK. Bat av ia , ? Sat- J one 11 Oalabrta. .Sat JnueU Parthia Mat.... July 8 S tmaria ....Sat July 11 . Abyaeinia._Sat_... July 19 httamera narked Uum * do not carry atoara?a paa i?nger* And a very follewtna WRDNESDAT and SATUR DAY from New York. Rath o* Paaaa?B.-Cabia, ??, #W, aad ?1M r>ld, according to arewnmodatton. ickatato Parte, fB, gold, additional.6 Return ticket* on favorable tarn Steerage, #3U. currency. Steerage tickets from Liverpool and md all parts of Europe, at ioweat ratea. Through Mil* of lading given to Belfaat, Glasgow, Havre, Antwerp and other points on th* Oontinent and for Mediterranean porta. For freight and oabin aaa lage, apply at th* Company'a office, No. 6 Bowling green; for ateerage paaaaja, at Mo. ill Bread way Pnnity Building. CHAS. G. FRANCELTM, Agent, New York. OTIS BIGELOW, Agent, Office, 643 D street nortnwreet, BOvlS-ly Waehington, D. O. Si 'Algeria Wed. June 18 * Russia.? Wad. June 3t *Java^?_.Wed_J'ily 1 *Ci<?.a..?.._Wed...July 9 ?Scotia Wed -July 16 ERCHANTM LINE A?F 0TRAMSH1PE. ntwin WASHINGTON AND NEW YORK. I0HN GLBSON will make regular weekly trips between NEW YORK, ALEXAN-4 RIA, WASHINGTON and GEORUK For fell Information apply to R. P. A. DENHAM, kgent, oftoa aad wbarrtoot ct High aUeet. Oeorg* lown, or at (Aa eornar of 17th atract aad lav York tveaa*. ?^"Frelghta delivered by Kaox'* Ezpreaa. Or lera left at General Office, 603 Pennsylvania ave ine.or at the ateamer wLarf will U promptly at tended to. lall-tf i. W. THOMPSON. PieaM?>; ' INSURANCE COMPANIES. ~ WB. JOKES A CO, ? As. J117lS)lrKl,uri>. P.O Department, Represent the following strong fire Insurance C< r panies; THE GERMAN AMERICAN, OP N Y.. Ca-th Capital. ftl.OOO.OOO. THE MERCHANTS, OF NEWARK. N J , bB tr Caoh Assets, $476.74?. 17. L'KEAT HtSTLRIHK? IM&l'RAMCB I IUHPA.1V. CASH A8SETS ?306,4'J7 6a OFFICE, 603 FIFTEENTH STREET, orrosiTB TEKASCBT DIPlRTVin. ml3 *n B. W. RATES, Age^.. TUB (ORCOKAIi FIR B IMSl'RA.lCB loMPUT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, OrgtMixtd April 1st, U79 capital Bl 00,000. 0FF1CR No. 14SW PENNSYLVANIA AVENUB. IOvia M.L?caa's Dec* StobbJ JOHN T. LENMAN, President. A. H ~ J. T. A. H. H ERR, Vice Preaident. J. T. DYER, Secretary. D:?*ctoas: ? Wm. Orme, H. Cla/ Stewart, Cha*. A. Jaaiea, Jas. L Barboor, Edward Droop, Jehu T. Leuman, Michael Green, Jo ha Bailey, A. H. Herr. a?4-ly rpHB ECltlTABLBJLlFE ASSLRAMCE The bnaineaa of this Company haa for yeara beea the largest of any aimilar inatitntion In th* world. i W, BEYER. OiJiBaAL Aaemv, maygly >03 aaJlO* 7th street. A MB YOU INSUREDT IKCOB roBATlD IT 0O!**BBS* 11 1818. U8e* la th* b'.ildlng of th* National Bank of M CTpol1^.0' ? D,4r*t?0rtl,W*1- *? ^ lHrtetmt.-Dr. Ja*.0. Hall, John Pardy, Dr. J. ?. garii i-vsst.'ff:i-JEmmir 'r SssyiEiFtKr5*-*' CBABLE8 BRADLEY.Secretary. 4 T"*.mViV.?cVN."fo5?rS^T1* OP TIB DISTRICT OF OOLBMB1A. OHVANllXU AOOasT 00, 10T0. CASH CAPITAL BIOO.OOO Office la Shepherd's BntldlnB, No. Pea aania avenn*. MOSES EELLY, Preat3*at. WM. B TODD. Vlc* ~ SAMCBL OBOSI aiB??*oEa: _ _ ^ J.B. Biaka, Wm B. Toad, Wm. Wall, " " * OkarieaJa^, Wm. G Metaeron, Joh'J *? A* V- w GEici5f afCTMIKWWLWIi. AUCTION SALES. rSTOBI BAYS. DT LATIMBB A CLBART. O Auctioneer* and Real Estate Broken, SotMbwes* corti?r Penna. ???dm aad Ulh street, 8Ur Office Building. CHANCBBY BALI PBi KCLi n?A? MMMmmMmmmia oimmmi waoi. Dt rirtne oi a <5scrae )iiii 1 to ean*e N? lill iQaliTtBnfrm Court of the District of ?Coin 1KCBBY BALI OF VALUABLE IM *OTBI> PROPERTY OIMIV YOBK AV*. L'B, MAR THIBTEBlHH STBEET WBST. ^?Columbia, we will aall on THUBBDAY, th M<k da; ?f J?m, A. D., IV). at 6 H o'clock pa., in fr-nt of the premises, the west bait of lot No. ?, !n square *?, according to the public plats of city of Washington. The jroalM froat H f?et New York avenue, aad b MO feet east fr?a 1 the on ? _rl. ? _lAh street, are improved 'with a cwasf irtabla resi dence, being No. iSBT Maw Turk arewus. Terras of sale: One-third caah, residue at ? and 11 months, with intareat fruta da/ of aale. Conveyan cing at purchaser 's cost. BUw d?wa at time of aale. J Ab!V tUSTl/f'1 Traeteea.' Private oflen for tba property are ?elicited, and shuuld a suitable ?? ba made, It may be accepted If none such ia mads the property will ba sold a? above advertiaed. j>17 (Bsp.l LATIMBB A CLBABY, Aucts. GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. Northwest corner of 10th aad D Kraeta. YALUABWB BPMiWWO LOTS FBONTING ON 7th AND Sth &TBUT8 NORTHWEST. MID IN TUB YfrlNITY OF NBW MARKET HOUSE. AT AUCTION. 5m On WEDNESDAY. tha 515 th day of June, 1S73, at 6.30 o'clock p m., we shall soil on the premises parts of Lota number)- ! five, six. nine and ten, tn square numbered four hundred and nine teen, having 30 feet front by 95 feet deep on each atreet. The above lots are near the new market? house and in a rapidly improving part of the city, and ia well Worthy the attention of parties wishing a good bui'diug-ite. Terms: One-fourth caah; balance in 1, I an.l 3 years,for notes, bearing interest an-1 secured hv a deed of trust ontue property a?>id All conveyancing at purchaser'* c->st. $100 will be required on each lot at the Hme of tale. j?*18-d [Bep l GBBBN A WILLIAMS, Ancta. 11Y LATIMBB A CLEABV, 1J Auctioneer* and Beal Estate Brokers, Southwest comer Pennsylvania a-?anae aud Uthst,. Star Office Building. SALE OF A FIN I BUILDING LOT ON S17 nt ITSTBKET. BETWEEN 1 a!?l> K STREKTa NORTHWEST. NBAR TUB BOUNDARY A On MONDAY AFTERNOON. Juae ?0th. MP1873, at 6 o'clock, in front ot the prcilile <s, we ? ' hall sell Lot 9, in S-iuare No.g, having 4 front rf 47H fert ?n the east sid? of 27th street, between I ?no K, aad nm back 13S feet to a 30-foot alley. Term*: One third caah; the residue in one and two years, with 8 per cent interest per annum, payable semi-annually, and to be secured by a deed of tru-tt. In ca?e of non-com pi lance, the property will be re sold, for cash, at the risk ami cost of ths defaulting purchaser, by giving fiv<wdays' notice in ths Eve nil.g Star. Conveyancing at purchaser's coat. #30 down at time of sale. j-20 e<> LATIMBR A CLEARY. Aocts. BY LATIMER A CL1ARY, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers, Southwest corner Pennsylvania ave and 11thstreet, .Star Office Buildings. TRrsTKES'ftLI OF A vAl.l'A IU,K RCn.P mtSwut.' "" "? Bv virtue of a deed of trust, dated the 3d day of October, A- D. 1868, and recorded In Liber T and B, Mo. 3, folie .fll. of the Land Becords of Washington oouuty, the subscribers will sell to the higlest Didder, on the premises, on TUESDAY, the llthday of May, A. D. 1873. at i o'clock p in , Lot numbered 4.(four,) in square numbered 238, (two hundred and thirty-eight,> in the city of Wnlmn on District of Columbia, to pay 91,343, with inter est Irom October 8,1SS8, and expenses. Tin-terms of sale are: One-fourth c?ah,(of which fluimust be paid at the time of the sale,) ami the -?sidne in equal sums in 6,12, U and U months, for * hi h the purchaser must give notes, bearing inter ?t ot seven per cent , per aununi. payable semi-an inally. and secured by a >leej of trust on the pretn ses. All conveyancing at the co*t of the p-ircfii. wr. [f tlie terms are not complied with within five days roit. the day of sale, the Trustees reserve the right 0 resell the property, or any part thereof, to the ?ligliest bidder on the premises, for cash, on ten lays'public notice in the " Evening Star,'' \Va?h ngton city, at the rink and cost of tne purchaser in 1 ?la lit. A NTH. HYDE, _ JAMES W. CORCOR\N, < Trnitwts ?????" " LBY,. all lawAda LATIMER A CLEABY, Aucts. W TnB ABOVE HALE IS POSTPONED until rHCBBDAY, the 36th da? of June, 1874, same lenr and place. By older of the Trustee* n.W law Ada LATIMEB A CLE ARY, Anets. [>Y LATIMBR A CLBART, ? ' Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers. k>Qtl>weat eorner of Pennsy Ivauia avenue and iCIov euth street, Star Office Building. CBI STEES' BALE OF DESIRABLE PROPER TY ON PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE EA??T, BETWEEN tilii AND Ttu STREETS NORTH, No. 6*4. ? By virtue of a deed of trnsi, executed by Richard W. BrnfT and wife to the uiidorait;ned Trustees, July 31, 1871, and recorded in Liber >34. folio 3il, of the land records of Washington ounty. D C., as th- said deed is rectified by adecree ?f thv Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, dtting in special term on the 6th dav o<~ March, 1>C3, iiid by another decree of the aa<d Cour , passed in (>>neral term on the 7th day of June, 187^. and upon be request in writing of the Treasurer oi the S->uth Washington Bnilding Association, as required by 1 j* said deed, we aball offer for sal- upon tne prem -ea,on MONDAY, the 7th day of July, 1873. at 6 I'cloch p. m., the following described prop.-rtv, to wt: All that part of L--t39,of gamuel Lee's snb-li vn-ion of a former suMivisi>>n of original lot 8, in ?-auareg73, beginning on Pennsylvania avenue at the s<-utheast corner of said original lot ?, and running thence northwestwardly along said avttnue eighteen 18) feet, thence north'astwardly at right angles to ?aid avenue elrhty fe?t fotir Ala fl quarter inches 80 4Jtf Mhencedue west to an alley ten (10) feet wide, tlience ab>r>g said alley ten feet ten and a quarter inches (lo Ilk), tkmw parallel with said avenue sltout twenty-eight (18) feet to the northwest corner jf original lot five, and thence by and with the east Hue of original lot sis (S) to the place of beginning, aith the Improvements thereon, consisting of a three-story Frame Hoiiae. Terms of sale: One-third incaeh. of which ?100 must be paid at the time of the aale, and the re mainder in equal instalments of 0, 12, 18 aud 14 months with interest at 9 per cent, per annum, leferred payments to l>e secured by the notes of the purchaser, and a deed of frnrt of the property. If the purchaser does not comply with the terms within five days after the aale tne trustee may ree?tl the property at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. W f|?WlCK,i JrM. ilfi Iter- 3wAds LATIMBB A CLBARY, Ancts. UY LATIMBB A CLEAR*. " ? ) Real Estate Brokers and Auctioneers. Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenne and 11th at., Star Office Building. rRTPTEE'S 8ALB OF DBSTRABLB IMPROV I D PBOPBBTY ON D STREET, BETWEEN 12th AND 13th STS. NORTHWEST. e Under and by virtue of a deed of trust, bear ing date the ffithday of October. A. D Lm2, aud duly recorded in Liner No.#98,folio 453,et sea., >ne of the laud records for Wanhtugton couuty,Dis rict of Columbia, and by direction of_th<- party se rured thereby, I s* B ? ? mm u/ uiirvtii'ii \jt vw* ?/ nw shall sell on SATURDAY, July S. 6)? o'clock p m.. th? following described t>ropL-rtv: Part of Lot 19, in square No. 1x1, more t>artlcularly described as follows: Beginr.lng at a t>- int on the north l:no of said square, at th? end of leventr-nine feet, seven and tive-eighth inches from he n<'rth< ast corner of said square, and ruoning Ihence sontb eighty-three feet four and three-fourth Inches, thence due west to the west-rn line of said <-t 15; thence due north along the wr-stern line of laid lot 15, eighty-three feet four and three fourths nches; thence due east to the place of beginning? < get her with the improvements thereou,couaisliug >f a three-story Brick Dwelling. Terms of sa!e; Amount secured by said fmst ?3.t*l>>,together with expenses of sale, in cash; italsnce in 12 and 14 months. The notes of the pur lha?er bear*ng interest to b< taken for the deferred [>.!>ments. secured by deed of tru-t on th? premis--s ?old. If the terms of sale are not complied with r itliin six days from day of sale the trustee reserves [he right to resell the property at the risk and cost >f ihe defaulting pnrchaser. $hS) down at time of (ale. Conxej anciug at purchaser's cost. , a ^ g BBOWNE, Trustee. jt-eoAds LATIMER A CLEABY. Aucts. Y B^ H. WARNER^ ~ ~ ] M R-al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 1Uy 7th street, between G and H. TRUSTEES' SALE OF TWO THREE-STORY BRICKuWElsLINGS ON TUB SUUTH SIDE 4>F RHODE ISLAND AVENUB, BETWEEN 9th AND 10th BTBBETS, AT AUCTION. B> virtue of adredof trust to us,dated Ju'y p:ii30,1872, and dulv recorded tn liber Ne <8K, folio ?^*474. one of the land records for Washinetou coun ty, District of Cidumbia, and by direction of the sarty thereby secured, we will sell, at public auc tion. In front of tt.e premises, to the highest bidder, ?r. THURSDAY, July 10th, 1873, at ? o'clock p m? til those certain pieces or parcels of ground known as b-ts luf. and 107 of Lancston'a sulslivision of lots l(J0, 101. aud 102, of Joseph F. Kelly's sub-division of West half of squars MS, together with the improve s ents thereon Terms of sale in case of each house: The amount ef tha debt secured by said deed of trust, viz., with interest at 10 per cent . and the expenses of lale in cash, and the balance in 6 aud 11 months, with inters*!, secured By a deed of trust on the property. If tennaof aale are not complied with in leven days after sale, the property will be resold at Ihe rick and cost of the defaulting purchaser. ?1(W d.-p..sit on acceptance of bid. Csnveyaaclng at pur chasers'cost . . _ _._ my The pttrchaaer can obtain a loan of ft/XW on 1 'OOT?'| Trustees. j?eoAds ' J. T. ^OLDVBLL, Salesman EY LaTIMBR * CLEAUT, Auctioneers and Beai 1 ate Brokers, tthw^eoni^af^aed 1Mb itre^, aSDaV^A JVbrNO0?, June #?, " hMlK of G tbm^a * wMBOa ibv gum i' thr6t* equal pay media, at si*, twslTS aud eigkMS* with iutsrest sIV per cent., and secured by a ds?d of trust. Cosivsyaucing si coat of purchaser. 9U on "sfsis Special attsattns psid to 4wHsy?AI B^ate atjw^ lion. retwv... ?? ? Blrwtok Hon. I S?d Joardaa W ? Csasta SHOE BP M BATB, ot m ualtty, twrnish 4 rj^HB IBf BATIOB aLH ?CCTION SALES. % t-MORROW. ? V 'ARY, B* LaA*.,M" ? ?>S ' *?*? Auctioneers and R?w. -J? Wmini and 11th Suutbwwt corner Peenolr^ UtB ?treat. Star Office Bu. new bosewoop rr\aoro*T*.>" MAPE by CHICKERING. HOWE-ite, MATH IKE, WiLKlT -PARLOR Sl'IT* 4* GREEN RiP8. WALSCr ETRGERR. WAar BCT CARI' TABLES, BRUSSELS. THREE ELTABP OTHER TAkPETS; MaNTEL OR NAMENTS. CRROMOS AND ENGRAVINGS. WALNTT EXTENSION TABLE. OAE G\NE 8EAT DIHINoTSaIRS. PLA1 SD GLASS WAKE. PAIBTII JPREAPS,??HEET8.*CU REFRIGERATORS* ditcher REQL'I iU (7a? RI V^'IV ^ l*' ? ft> I PI TEB. AC..AT AUCTION. M , Ou TUESDAY MORNING. June S4tta, fcaS^B- .>!un-iKin? at IB o'cltca. we will sell, at 111 RlTro. 1439 g str?et, between 14lh an<t lS'li street*. the content* thereof, consisting in part of tbe above nawed article*. T rtnsraah. LATIMER A CLRART. Jll-d [Suudsy Herald A Capital. 1 Auctioneer*. OTlii H. WARNER. I) R.-al Estate Broker And A?ctlone?r. Bo. 7US 7th street, between G aii 1 Q lU. CHANCERY SALE OFA TWO STORY BRI 'K E.01SE WITH BACK BUILDING,CoNT \I N ING SIX ROOMS, No. 43W.ON THE NORTH PIPE OP K STREET. RKTW ItN 4th ANl> Ath STREETS NORTHWEST. AT AUCTION. 4^ Hj tIn*" uf t<lnT'* passed on the ISibday MP>t June, 1873. in the Supreme Court of tbe Dis ? trlct cf Columbia, in equity cause No. tM4, Packet 11, the undersigned, will on the 34th Dat or Jrs*; 1373, at 6 o'clock p. m .offer f ?r sale th-> following described real estate, situated in the city of Wa?hinffton, D. C , vix: Lot lettered O, in John B. KibbeyV subdiv ision of original lot 4. in square No. SIS, fronting It feet ou K ?'reei nortliwejt, by a depth of 95 feet. Terns of sale; One hundred dollar* dr>wn on <*ay of half: one-third cash within ten days; balance In six ?nd twelve m-ntb-*, with interest at eight p*r cent pet annum. ?.?cured by d~?d ot trust up >n the premise*. In c*?*tke terms of sale are not c m plied with the n-operty will !"* resoM at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser. All couv?y aucing at tbe cost of the nur.haser. SIDNEY T. THOMAS,{ SAMUEL A. RAPP. < Trustee#. _jlS B. H. WARNER, Auctioneer. BY GREEN a WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, No. 10?1, northw^et ccrter loth and D Mi. COUNTRY RESIDKN<7e~ ANP FARM NEAR LAKHAM STATION, ON BALTIMORE ANP Potomac railroad, nine miles prom W ASHINGTON. P C., AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY, the 84th day of June. IS73, ?Son the pit mi***, at 3 o'clock, wo shall sell the ?~above property. The place contain* ab^ut 171 acre* of land, lm ftroved by dwelling-hunse, two tenement bouses, arp bam. stabling. Ac. A variety of noil adapted to fruit, early gardening, grain, Ac. Timber and meadow Ian t, with good water. Train* on Baltimore and Potomac Railroad pass ?tution within ten minutes' walk of house. Post ofllee, school and church in neighborhood. Standing crops will be sold with the property Stork, implements, Ac., at valuation. Term* : One thin! c?nh; balance in 1,Sand3years, it h Tirt Aa V>/ a ??! rn-mm ? ? ?* 1 * * * * ? .. .????? vwou , i/aiei iv" tu 11 t oini ? > J CRi ^ | wl'h nctes bearing interest and deed of trust ou tb>< property. For further Information *ee A. C. WIPPE COMBE. Office V 1)1 F street, between the bouisuf Q 1 J- : 1 - - 9 and 1 o'clock daily. ? ? r? GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. _ j9 eoAds [Rep, copy June 19.] T RUSTEE'S S*LE OF A VALUABLE KARM ONE MILE FROM ROCKV1LLE. Mm* By virtue of a deed of trust from Hentr nur MWej and wife, dated the d!h of May, P 1485, ?^^-aml r<-c.Tded in Liber E. B. P.. No. S^Uio 1U8. Ac., and ot the land record- uf Montgomery county. I will s-11, at public auction .at the Court-home door in the to* n of RockvUle.on TUESPAY, SI4th lav of June. 1873, at 11 o'cl'ick a. m., th? Farm on which the sai<! Henry Hurley n w resides. Thi* Farm is immediately on the public road lead irg fr, in R ck> ille to Ditrnestown, about oue mile from the former place, it ha* been divided and laid off into two part*, each fruutiog on the road, and wilt be sold separately. Lot No. 1 is in a good state of cultivation, with al? ut 26 acres of good Chestnut and Oak Timber; is well watered, ai.d unproved by a Barn, Stable* and Grauary, and contain* 117Ti ACRES. I.ct No. 5 lie* imiue<liittel> w-atofLotl; is also v eil woix|<-<| and watere<1, and is improved by a good Framed House with six rooms, aud contains 114 ACRES. A favorable opportunity is liure off -red to purrha *rr?, for, with the railroad communication with W aeliington, land in this vicinity uiust euhauce in va'ue very rapidly. Term* of wale: One-third ca*h; balance in one and two year*, with interest fri?tn day of *a!e. For further purticularv. or plat ?howtng the whole preniiKea, call on RICHARD M. WILLIAMS, Attorney at-Law, R-x-kville, M l. j!7 4t* SAMUEL FOWLF.R, Tnistee. ? Y LATIMER A OLEARY,

Auctioneers and Ii -aJ Estate Broker*, utbwoat comer PennavKania ave. aud lltb street. Star Office Buildings. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE BUILDING . LOTS IN SQUARE Z03. By virtue of two deed* of trust to the utidar CJ>-lKned. bearing date respectively the 12th and /,T.J:,"SarJr- A. P 1872. and recorded id liber o67. folio* 398 and *571, foli ? 2u3 of the land rec ords of tbi* Di-trict, and at the request of the par ti.* W cured thereby,we will *ell on WEDNESDAY, the With day ot June. A. D 1873, in front of tbe Sremits, at 6j? o'clock. Lots Nos. 31,3J, 31,36 aud r, in Square #03. Lots 34, 36 and 37 each front 30 feet on N street, ardhave a depth of 1315 12 f.*>t to a 17 foot alley. Lot* 31 and 31 each front S3 feet on Union street, and have ? depth of 120 feet to 30 foot aHey. Lots 31 and 35 are improved with large brick dwelling houses. T>rms: One-fmrth cash; residue at 6,11 and U months, with interest from the day of sale. Deed given and deed of trust taken. Conveyancing at ex pense of purchaser. A suitable deposit will be re quired upon each parcel when knocked off. FRED. W. JONRS, / T??? THOS H CALLAN, \ T?"*** j*17-d LATIMER A CLEABT. A nets. BY B. U. WARNER, ? Real Relate Broker and Auctioneer, Be. 7'JV 7th street, between G and H. TBUSTEE8' SALE OP STX NEW THREE blORY MANSARD ROOF AND BASEMENT PRICK HOUSES ON NORTH 8IDE OF I hTREET, BETWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AND 1?t STREETS EAST, AT AUCTION, BEING Nos 17. 19, 511, U3, 84 AND H7. By virtue of six deed* of trust from John N. Hubbard to ns, all bearing date November lith, A D. 1872, and duly recorded in Liber No. 70U, folio* 312,215,218,321,224, and 227, of the land records for Washington county, District of Columbia, we will sell, at public auction, to thehlghett bidder or bidders, in front of the premise*,on WEDNESDAY, July 9th. 1873, commencing at 6 o'clock p. m.. Lots 116,117,118,119,120,12'. and 112, in B. F. Gilbert's recoided subdivision of Squire 675, together with the improvement* thereon, consisting of six (6) three ?toi y and Manaard roof Brick Dwelling*. E vch of these houses has a lot of 21 feet front, with a depth of au leet. A full description at the office of the auc tioneer, and will be given nu day ol sale. Terms; $6,UOO, with 10 per cent, interest from Kov<nd>er llth, 1(2, and expense of sale on each house in ca*h: balance in 6,11, and 18 months, for which notes of the purchaser or purchaser*, bearing ititer< st from day of sale, will be required, secured by a deed of trust on tbe property. R2U0 down at time of sale on each house. If terms uf sale are pot complied with w itbiu teu days after ?ale, the prop erty will be resold at the riik an>' co-t of thedetaalt iinf purchaser or purchasers. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser of purchasers. ?^The purchaser or purchasers can obtain a loan on the above property. EPWARP W. PARSONS,/ ROBERT E. PAY, < Trustee*, jelu-d J. T. COLuWELL, Salesman. BY B. H. WARNER, Real E-tate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 789 7th street, betwoec G aud H ats. TRUSTEE S SALE OF A PEblRABLE TWO hTORY BRICK PWELLING, No. 80?? 7t? MR?KT. BETWEEN B AND O STREETS SOUTHEAST. B) virtueofadeedoftrusttoDaniel L.Batoa, floated S- 29, 1871, and duly recorded in ?K*L't? r No. 668,follo 401. one of the land records for Washiiigton, P. C , aud also by a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, Equity No. 3.177, Docket 12, substituting the undersigned Trustee in place of Daniel L. Eaton, deceased, I will sell, at public itucliou, in fron' of tbe premises, to tin- highest bidder, on THUR8DAY. July 3d, 18i3, at ti o'clock p. m.. Lots sixteen ana seventeen! in Prout'* ?ubdivision of sunare numbered nine hendred <90u>. bounded a* follows: Beginning at a point one hundred and eight feet three inches south Iron the point of intersection of 7th street east with N< ttb Cat "luia avenue; theuce north forty feet to an alley: thence east one hundred and nineteen feet to an alley ten feet two inches wide; thence along said alley south forty feet; thence west alongthe dividing line of lot* fifteen and sixteen one hundred and nine teen feet to the place of beginning, together with tli" ?niproveoients thereon. Term>>: One-fourth cash; balance in six, twelve and eighteen month*, with 10 per ceot. interest, ae< ur<dby a deed of trust on tbe property. Stamps and convey ancing at the coat of tbe purcuaser. R10U down when the property 1? struck off. In ca? the t?-rms are not complied with within seven days after the sale, the property will be resold at the risk and cost of tbe defaulting purchase'. JOHN H. COOK, Trustee. jell-eoAds B. H. WARNER, Auct. By e. j. sweet. Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. ?11 7th street, opposite U. S. Poat Office. TRUSTEE'S BALL <>P VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATE ON NEW JERSEY AVENUE, BETWEEN D AND R STREETS BORTH. ?j*. By virtue of a deed of trust, bearing date ?a Bathe 30ih day of llarch, A. D. 13M, and daly r? ?*. rded in liber T. A R , No. 10, folio 199, Ac., one of the land records for the District of Columbia, I shall sell a? pnb ic auction, in front of the prea Im-*, r.nTHURSDAY, tho 3d day of July, A. D. 1873. at ft o'clock p. m., all that certain piece -r parcel ef ground situate and lying in tbe citv of Wash tag ton, and known and described aa lot numbered twelve.(11,) in Hoffman's recorded sabdivtsi vi of original lot numbered twe,(3.) in square uumb-nsd ?ix hundred and twenty-nine, (619,) with the im provements thereon, consisting of a two story frame dwelling bouse. Terms of sale; One-fourth tn cash; balance ln>, 12, and 18 months, for notes bearing interest from day of sale, to be secured by deed of trust on sold. SHia at time of sale to be deposited. If terms of sale are not complied with the property to be resold at risk and cost of defaulting purchaser. All conveyancing at purchaser's cost. WILLIAM B. TODD, jR.jTrnatee, jtlO-eoAds E. J. SWEET, Auct. B * B. B. WARNER. In! Rotate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T99 7th street, between G and H sts. _____ ? SA1 B OF VERY DESIRABLB PBCPEBTT A1 THE SOUTHWEST CORNER OP 8 STREET AND VERMOBT sVEWUE h. W. A 1 will sell, on WEDNESDAY AFTERNOOB, Mjune SAtb, 1873, at half-past ? o'clock, in tNai ? A the preniisvs. Lot 3, iu Clark's subdiviaionot Snare 207,fronting 40 feet on Yennout avenae and feet 7H Inches ou 8 street, containing 1 JMrqnars et. Terms: One-thlni ca-h; bai'mce I and 11 mouths. With Interest, f 50down d* y of -ale. ;W-d *i. H WARSER, Anct, AUCTION THIS irTMHOOW. GREEN A WILLIAM*. Aactioaeers, 1001 I> street aoftb-,,*, owner of Mthst. to iftnce oZr??cZ2?? lat3r?j?5sgBJSr& IioIjAdM a pia oak tr**, m tlf south ?M? of tbe BMi>ut>':r? and Washington road, sad muring th?uc? *, sth S degrees mm MS Kflw- thn soatb M 4??rw ??? 82 (wltw to tbf butitcl line. and wita said hue north 43\_degre -* ?NlV [*rcM to the Blad< a? bur* andWashington road.taea with said n?.l an rib 77 degreos east lu 110 prrtfc**tt>tk?'b? taining M arr?a mora or less, b.iag tb? mu* pc-m i~~* conveyed bj Thomas Aadvraoe aud wit* to fh? said Lacej , a* per deed recorded i?Ub?r f 8. S 3. folio 131 This laad adjoin* J >ba W. Clark an! B >oiv*?, and Klug ne*r the WaAtngtcn market renders It desirable property. Ou the pr?ni<M I* a good d?riling.ft fart by tu. walk a cellar; a bam 10c feet aouara. with sheds, cor a Bouse, m<-at house vvl other buildings Ths pr 'p^ny will be ?g*t alto gether or In lot* af 10 to an a?se*. \ Tenia of sale: Ow-lbW oaeb, tkt residue (nl !. and 3 years, the purchaser giviag bi? notea heartn* interest fr-m? the 1a> of *al?;a tieed irlreo and a d -1 of trust taken to secure the deferred i'?yni-?c;?. All conveyancing at the cost of the ?"Tb ?aer B ? JACKSON. Tru?!ee. a.30-to* 'GREEN * yiLinMy, An<-t? BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, HurtkwMl corner loth aad L? street* PALI OF SIXTY TWO VALUABLE BTIl DING LOTS IK SOP A BK I7? OS 16th AND 17 rH AMD H AND B 31 REET3 N W SBy virtue of the authority conts-n*.! In ad?ed executed on the 11th ay of June, H7J. and >luly recorded, the undersigned will off-r. at p <Mi ??ale,npon tba premises, on H?NDA Y, th? 'J31 da) of Jane, M73, at i a'clock p m , lot* numb-red ir >m lto 43, inclusive, and from <1 to SO. iaclu-dve, of John B. Tot-ton's subdivision of square IT}. T-*se Ms are very desirable for building purp.tee?, being locat>d in a rapidly improving section of th? city, and the ground being high and well I cat ad and the lot* of convenient sixe, a* will he wen from the plat. The property will be sold la qaantitiea to suit purchasers. Tertnaof rale; One-half In cash, of which a deposit of .?26 on each lot will ba required at tb?tlmeef sale, the remainder in cinal instalments at # and 12 months: the deferred payment* to be secured by note* of the purchaser, bearing interest at 6 per cant., and deed of trust on the pr ?perty. If the pnr chaaers fail to comply with the terms within ten days after sale, tlta trustees reserve tba right to re sell tha property at tba risk and coat of such default ing purchaser. All conveyancing at the ooat of the purchaser. JOHN HIGGLES,/ GEO W. EVANS.( ~rn?teea. JlS-d (ttep.l OBKKS A WILLIAMS, \ncts. Ill b. H. WARBIBi ^ _ 1> Heal K*tate Broker and Anctfonaar Mo. TV9 7tb street, between G aud H streets. CHANCERY 8ALE OF~VaLUABLE IMPHOYED FHOPEHTY ON THE POTTH BIDE OF K hi BEET. BETWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AMD F1BST 8TBEIT EAST. AT AUCTION. By rlrtne of a decree of the Supremo Court of ^3 the District of Colnmbia. passed in th- can*- ot ?*Tucker and Sherman v* Janiea M. Ormc*, No. Ij&t. Equity docket 12, I will sell at public auc'ioa, in front of tha premises, on THIRSDAY, June 1)1, 1<CJ. at ? o'clock p. tn . L ?ts Nas. 22.". 22S, t?. 2W. 231, 232, SO, 234. and 23B, in B. T. Gil tort's recorded subdivision of square (76. together with the improvemeuts thereon, cons'stlng of ele Kant three-story presa brick front dwellings. This property is sold to satisfy a mechanic's H?n of ah jut ?23*)and subject to certain incnmbranocs which a ill he n.ade known on the day of sale. Term* for the amount reatiz<-d above aaid incnm 'trghcea cash. If terms of sale are not complied with sit bia Ave days after sal?* the property will t?e re*old ?t the risk and coat of the default! ng pumhaser. ftl'K) low ti on each accepted bid. X/onveyanciLg at pur .baser e cast. fBARK Q pAyfT|P|j9 Trnst?e. m21 eoAds BH.HAHNEK.Auct. ?y-THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until M<?NI'AY, June t!3. K3, same hour and place. Bv order of the Trustee. j 12 B H. WARNER. Anet. BY J. H MATTINGLY, Auctioneer, (Late of ihe tirni <>f Mattiu^lv A Wheeler,) No. At)3 9th street northuast. S'KUY DESIRABLE IMPBOVED PROPERTY ON THE CORNER ON ?n< AND G dTHkEIS POUTHWEST, ISLAND. FOR SALE ?On MONDAY, Juns "J3d, W73, at 6 o'clock p m., iu front of the premires, we will sell at public anctiou Lots numbera-l 14. IS and 'id. In I 1 fciuare 49T. coulaiiiing ia all about 11.US square feet, 1 < .njToved by a substantia Brick Dwelling. I i Terms: One-tlilid cash, the haUuceon time, with ntere*-t. A deprwit of one hundred dollars will be ?equired at the time of sale " : baser's coat. at I i Jlot I ?. ? . i?. n ? 11| l>? ? of sale Conveyancing at our n. r. cleahy,/ Tr ** W. P. BELL. < Trustees. J. H. MATT1NGLY, Arict. H. COLMAN, Auctioneer, Cor. IUih and Pa. avenue, suUth side, No. 936. I will sell to the highest bidder, for cash, he whole eutire stock ?. onsigned t > m , con isistlng of Show Ca?c, silver plated, Dry G ? >d?, mg. Watches, Cutlery, Silver PlUed Ware, Jr<.ckery, Tinware, Glassware, Hefrigerat.irs. Water Coolers, Damask Curtains aud Cornice*, Whitewash and other Brushes, Sewing Mvhin-s. booking and Heating Stoves. Blankets, Comforts, Sheuts, Pillows and Pillow Cases, a lot <?f tfoveru nent FImts, new ard second-band Matting and Oll loth, 2.0U0 yards Brussels, Three-ply aud other L/arpets; Table Oilcloth, of different pattern*; a lot of Furniture, consisting of Table*. Chairs, B~i iteads, Standr, Deaks, Wardrobes, Bureaus, new ind second hand Mattresses, Looking-glasses. Also, one-horse Carriage, 1 two horse Carriage, 1 Hack, ! Horses, Diuble Harness, U ^rse BlaukeU, Huhber I ? Blankets, Ac. We will commimce the sale of the abore articles 1 in MONDAY, the SI3d day of June, *nd continue reui day to day until the entire stock is sold. Also, lbs Fixtures for sale, and th? Store tor reut. We vonld call especial attention of dealers and others, t* the goods will be sold in loftto?ult purchasers Sale positive. |;19-8f| H COLMAN, Auct. Y DDNCANSOH, HOWLING~ A CO., Aucts., Southeaat corner of Mb and D streets northwest. TRUSTEES' 8ALE OfImPEOVED PROPERTY ON 3d STREET EAST. NEAR PENNSYLVA NIA AVENUE. AT PUBLIC AUCTION. ? By virtue of a deed of tmst, dated September Sd.MM, and duly recorded in Liber T and B No. 17, folios 216, Ac., one of the land records of Washinctosi count?, iath? District of Columbia, and )y direction of tbe parties secured thereby, we wil tell st public acutlon, to tbe highest bidder, in front >f the premises, on MOMDAY AFTEBNOON, June IOth,ld73, at 6)6 o'clock, psrts of lot numbered lft*en,tM,> in square numbered seven hundred and risky-two, (7<2.) ae said lot and square are laid d?wn tod distinguished on the plat or plan of said city. Brgiuolng for said part of lot at the southeast cor ier of said lot and tltence west eight Ove. h61feet, thence north twenty-seven<27?feet,thence last etghtT-flve (SB) fret, and thence siuth twsnty ??ven (27) feet, to the beginning, together with the inproveneBts, a two-story brick boose. Tinas of sale: One third cash; the balance in two ftiual instalments of six and twelve mouth* with Merest. The purchaser to give notes secured br a leed of trust on the premises sold. All convevanHng it the cost of the purchaser. One hutidred dollars lown as soon as the property is sold, and if tbe terms of the sale are not eemplied with within ten lays after the day of sals, tbe trustees reserve the l?bt to reeell tbe property at the risk and coat of ? , lie defaulting purchaser, after ten days public I t* tice. B. I. WHITE. I TmitMa I ' JNO. H. 8EMME8.< Trurt*"#- | te!3-d DUNCANSOH, DOWL1NG A OO., An ts, BY GREEN * WILLIAMS, Aoctlvoeers, Soatheast corner 7th aod D streets. ijrABBIAN SALE o"F"A FIR!?T CLASS PRI VA1B RESIDENCE FRONTING ON K bTREKT NORTH, BETWEEN ?th AND 3th bTREKTS WEeT. By virtue uf a decree ef the Supreme Court ff!|of the District of Ctdutnbia, holdiug a ?p- ial *^term, passed on the 23J uay of July. A. D. Ii7l, npon tbe petition ot Vlrgluia M' Bifresh, guardian lo tbs minor children of Henry McEtfr*sh,d?c***ed. I shall sell at public auction, on WEDNESDAY, tb* SI Alb day or June, A. D. 1:C3, at 8 o'clock p. n^, >n the preflaises, being part ef Lot numbered twen ty-two, tn Square numbered fl?e huudred and six teen, having 1U feet front by U2 feet 7 Inches deep to a 30-foot paved alley, with a fine preeeed-brick front Houie and basement,with all modern Im provements; water, Ac., In the yard, making aflrst class private residence. Terms: One-thitd cash; balance 8 aad II months, deferred payments to be secured by not js of purcha ser and a lien retained upon tbe premises, or the purchaser may pay all eash at his or her option. Conveyancing and stamps at the cost of tbe surcha ser. 0100 deposit on tbe day of sale. And if the terms of sals are not c> nipliaA with within flvedays after tbeday of sale the Guardian reserves th-ru-ht to resell tbe ]>roperty at tlie risk and cost of the de faulting purchaser by advertising three times in some newspaper published in Washington city. VIRGINIA MrELFREfH,Guaniian. j?13-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Anets. BY GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Northwest corner loth and D streets. TRUSTEE'S BALE OF VALUABLB IM PROVED P&OPBRTY AT ADOTION ON VERk HAST I TEttMS BRICK DWELL1MQ ON H STREET Nortbwe?t, Ho. 434 By rime of a deed of trust dated Jane 13. 01871 recorded la Hoar ?4S, folio W, of the land HHrecordsof Wasaiugten connty. District of Oo lumbia, aad by direst Ion of the party securt ri there i?i . i>ln?ii -? ? ?1? ? ?' *? fbr said part of s<*id lot f ,22 feet west of the east line of said lot, aad riianlag tbeaoe soath MO feet, theooe Vest 22 feet, thence north 100, to fl street, thence "ast 22 feet, to tlis beginaiag, improved by a three ?ory and baseaiwnt brick dwelling of about 10 "rSnsofssle: A1JD00cash, balance in H, 18, aad M months,on interest alii per oea*. peraanaa,pay able asa?-aamallp, sosn.ed bp Botes aad deed of | trust oa the prewsnp. ft AW down when the pnperty J> struck off. All wavsysxlf at purrhaoeHs cost, f the terms of sals are not complied ?Hh within ve days from ths day of sale, the trust y* reserves the right te reeell the pro]?rty at the : tsk aul cost ofthedtfanhin,,tU^,rfto I jW-d GREEN ft WILLIAM*, Ana's. f)Y LATTMER A CLEARYT D Aactioaeers aad Rea4 Mstate Broken ?oothwMt comer Praagylvania.aveaas aad lUkat, :* ? y.a*"* mm mm ?wwi a? wvi uj mm% ???! U-?p; U tmproved vttb a cuowxlloee IHnUbg. 4h - ^ at cost | ACCTION* SALES. I UTJilUQCn^ U l? !??? , I . . - .? 41 &A.LB FLOWEBIWG PLAhT*. BOBB*. BEBA- I ^biumo, ac. . _ | mA - Ob MONDAY Md Tl" KID A Y, Joae ? ??FtPd *4,Ul It |.? Jhw section Bl )>B> JAMES GCILD. Aa?. j BY JAMES ttl'ILD. Aiftt.wT, K? 1??? PnuitflnaliirriM. sale or fecit jiw.ougsfiu and cbocbERT. B. 0? TUESDAY, J in. *?, ?? will sell.)* ?action room*, r 'tnr.' dc)\j M tU eVVvk ? ? Itff MMfMl U1 aas w are and Cr!kM !?'1 JAMES qriLD, Aadl |?f-rf*OA?S?t. ;"'?uy^oo^Ayr D NXHh'aet CVTM Hk ADM IN18TBAT0R"S SAL* 0? on thb watt yard. at av^ti.w* A OaTH riUPlf AFTFBNOO*. M, W, ITS. o ui met) C lag at ? o'clock. 1 will W|<>r4(r of Sopreaie Court. k .Idirg * apeoial | * (term, at R <uee ff v ? K street, bet weea I Ith ? tut 11th* F?rtil?rr c.?a tained therein. betnr the effe<-ta of Killits L?wk, dtCC?*ed. Slid f0?BI"l?0?? IturMM. W?riri?fc??. F-.thers, M ?ttr?i*ee. Table*. Chairs, Btddinf*.Stoves, Ac., Ac. Trrmcwh . _ ILlZABrTH LEWIS, Admiaistreir.T. j?3 St Dl yCABSoS.DOWUNG ACQ . Aac a . It/ LATIMER A OLEABY. I) Km! Estate Brek.-r? oik! Aartioeeer*, ^ Sowthwset corner p?ii?yl?;iit? arenae and IM ?. Star Oflor Building. THB FSTTBE CONTENT* Of THE WILL ( KNOWN HKW AND SECOND HAND FURVl Tl RE AND CARPET ESTABLISHMENT OF ! MRS. R ST. CLAIR. No TtJfc 7? STREET | ?IT? rrs O AVI' H ST BEE rs NOBTB W EST, AT AUCTION. . | ] A On FRIDAY M >BMNO, Jan?fc7ti,c m t XSl nieucirg at 10 o'clock, w. will sell the en'-re |M| ontents of the ?b ??<? ukw^ establishment, | fTlr rmticg in pirl ?>f? ? N<'?rpei?, Oil Cl.>ih an S'raw Ma'toc | I Pep*. Hair Cli th ?ud other Parlor Furui'iire. AAalnnt M.irble-t p B irrau*, Waahitaiid* an.l Tab es. ? - ? If L^>m> ,"?**? IC*ic??t,?ii atj.1 other Tables. Large of tl *?>?? nth" Lii'Cgnitiiil) ' I t.Wi' iiid * (xxl S"?i Rx-!"!* I ' Laig* quofltltf of r ??!#?? and *'0< *"? I'U'rl Large quant ity of Children'* TsMe and >tber 1 hair* j Offce Furniture Feather Pillow*. 1 ' French Plate t*ral Mirror Loocklng Olaaaes. I i Er craxinr*. btovee. Ac , Ac { \ Ttbii: #100 and nnder ca?h; orer that a | f credit ?.f 3>i and 6<t>tav? fur ??' ufaotorf enl >rs?d I ( U"le? U*?nng interea'. , N B Mra. bi. Cialr having aoM the ^ro^ rtr an! . intending to retire from hiKineai, tli? aale wiH tw p. ?itiTe. Dealer*, and |>*rtiva rofarniahing. *b >uid * notfaiI tc attend. I t j.Cd I Iter I LAT1MBB t CHART. \nru. j BT Dt'SCAN SON, DOWLINU A OO., Aucm. j C? i uer 9th aud D atraoU nonhweot. LABCF AND IMPOBTANT SALE or LLAMA ? L*t E ^HAWIS AND JACK FT? ALS0.400! t FINK WooLbilAM L8.0I ALL TUB LATKM , j DEMOS*. ' f W > will ii.11 on TUKSDAT aad WKDNKSDAT ' MoBNISOf. Jnly latand4<i. < MMatiM at 10 , > nYl ck at >ur aaction room*, through M?e*r< ' D a- i ?? -* ? "'!<?? at ui aaction room* through M ???? ? Rurghlara Fri-r<-?, their entire importatiun of this 1 ( *e??.?n. The stock cocai*tM of? lfio Real Llama Points, a.?nj?- rery high c?*t, 75 " Jacket*. I f a?J Bever*it?le M'ool tshanla, j?i W.hiI ami Nltk Shawl.. j ; 7.' Black Cashtnete ao>l Morino 8ha?I*, KV Orenadine Hha? Is, ISO Oroiiadine Dr^aaev, and a few other rare apFi ial- 1 itiaa. I ( A chsnce not often, i??thar? never to occ?r aca'ti. | Tlo g-?d? ti n*t be sold. Buter* should n^t ( >.1 to at'end theaal-'. I ( Good* **b?hition dar prerion* to aale. I ?< DI SCASSOS DOWLIN?? * CO.. Aucta. t J23 |R?publican,Chronicle ) I ; LATIMKR A CLE A RT t bl B A'l'.ti' u<-< n< and B al Estate Broker". Scuthwt-at corner Penn*ylTania avenue auJ 11th St., Stur Office Buildiugs. TRrSTKK'8 SALK OfTaLUARLE PROPERTT ON 1 8TKEKT, BETWEBS 4th ASD dru ?T6. KOBTHWEhT. I ? Under at.d br virtce of a deeree of the So r pr me Court of the District of Columbia, ren fi d-red in Chancery. an?e N<> 9M. the nnder- I tl ? ig'td will, on Tl'ASDA Y. the *?'h day of July. A. I D I>73, at #)? o'clock iu the aP.-rn ?oa. in front of | the prviuiaea. pr<?ee?l to <?ll th - fo|l>iwmg-deacrib-<i i n property, b< tug the e??t half of the weat half < f K"t I o No. 8. in u ire So 5H, commencing at a point 'Hi ~ the north ln.e <-f I *treei north, tw.. Iiuudrid and llf leen , 218? f tt oaat from the *'>nthw'*t c m?-r of aaid ?qunre; thence n^rih nue hnrelrt-l an I f rt>-two 1?) feet *eve?i(7l inchea to an allry; thonce eMt b a'oi g and with the *onth lino of aaid al'ey flfte. ri ri [l&l feet; theuce aouth ane hnndrnl an I forty-two 142) fent *eveti 17) inch.-* to the north line of a^id street; thence al-ng and with -a*l north lino of ?a. i " street to the bMinnifg. tl Tei jih: One-third <'aeh. and balance in si* (?) and tl tw.-l?e month*, with int?re?t from day of aale, 1 l.-terred payment* to be eocnred by deed of tro*t . i'pen th? proi?arty. OonTevancine at pur> ha*er'? 11 o?t. A depf.sit of .* luu will be r"tiuir.<l at time of | > ?ale. I'nleea the tarni* of sale are complied with in live (5) day* from the day of sale, theTniatee re ?ervesthe riglit to resell the property, at the ri*k and cost of the defaulting purcha*er. JOHNS OLIVKR. Trustee. j23-eoAd? LATIMER ACLKART. Au -ta. BY GKEKS a WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Bo.lUOl North wast lwth and D streets YALC.ABLB CHIMPROVKD PBOPKBTY, * RoSTINGOS 14th STREET. N EAR RHODE ISLAND AVKNL'E. AT AUCTION. ? Ou THURSDAY, the ittetl, n.?tant, at b 30 _? It ?? -- vu *uv uovai. iiw aoin m*tant, at b 30 #B| m.,?e *hall aell.on the preuiiae*. Building -?-Lot 2i front by LSu feet doep to an alley, ( a.r |oitiir? the residence of John t'hapmna.) making a iesuable building site. Terms: One-fourth caoh; balance in C. IS, U and U mouths, fori: 4es bearing interest at e porcent. per annnm. and secured by a deed of tru?t on the property aold. Cotiveyaucing, Ac., at purcha*er'* COM. $10C down on the dav of *ale. jlld GrfEEN A VMLH AM j. Auctioneers. a II * b h BY URFEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. No. 1V01 nerthweat coruar IMh and D sta. HAIB CLOTH CHAIR8~ASD ROCKERS. PAR L? R ASD COOKING STOVES. OAK CANE t>BAT DINING CHAlHS, COTTAGE SETS, mahogany bo?ik casks, wardrobks, HUPK AND COTTON TOP MATTRKSSKS; PAINTKD W A8HSTAN I>S ASD TABLES: INGRAIN CARPETS; ONE GILDED MA HOGANY SIDE T.ABI.F: M T. TABLES, WINDOW CURTAINS.BITCHES UTENalLS, Ac.. Ac. fjS On FRIDAY. Jnne SI th, at 10 o'clock a IU. tn.. we shall sell, at the residence of a lai> d< cling housekeeping at Ho. 1413 ith atreet, IJ ll^tween 0 and P streets northwest. Terms caah. _Jil l GEEES A WILLIAMS, Anct*. BY LAT1MEB A CLEARY Auctioneers aud Real Estate Broken, Soatbwest corner Pennaylvania arenas and 11th at.. Star Office Buikliuga. HIGHLY TALC ABLE CSIMPROA'ED PROP ERTY AT PUBLIC AUCTION SOn FBIDAY AFTERNOON, Juur ST, 1373, Commencing at bl? o'clock, in front of th - preunaef. we shall sell L >ts it, AS, 46 and C, In Bipes' rubdivisiou of ?<iuare SH4. situate on the west ?fcteol Stli street, between R and S atreetanorthwest, -ach haMng a front of 9U feet, and running back ali ut 96 feet to an alley. This property is in o?e of the m.wt rapid'y 1m pro* ii n section* "f the city, and *h nld d. mau 1 the attention of partlea wishing profitable mrt-at ai nt*. Term*: One-third cash; th? r??ldne in three eiual paj ment* at 6.13, and 18 month*, secur ed by a deed of trust with notes bearing Interest. Coaieyanciug at coat of purchaser*. 590 down en each lot at time j'ttndAda LATIMER A CLEARY. Aacf. BY LTTTRELL A DCNIOSGTON.Anctlonaera, V17 Louisiana aTe .bet.jrh and Itthata N W. VALUABLE PROVED REAL ESTATB: ? ONE TWO STORY FRAMB AND STABLK / SD TWO TWO - BTOBT NBW BBIOK I'WFLLINCS, AND THREK VALUABLE EUILDING LOTS, FRONTING T STREET AND MASSACHUSETTS AVKNUB, AT IN TERSECTION OF NORTH (5APITOLSTREET, (ON hi B LOT 1. SyUARK ?it6 ) On THURSDAY. Jnly Sd, 18T3, at 6 30 o'clock p.m., in front of the premise-, we shall ?sell, at pnblic anct Jon, all of Loton?(lHn a:ib dh ihioc of Square tJ6, with the improvements men tlored al>oTe thereon. Particular attention If called to Ihe above *al?, as the comer lot is a aplendi<Uocation for buaine^a pur poses. and rare chances will be offered for profitable t?*eatnient. The Honse* and Lot* will be sold ?eparately T' rnn of aale : One-fourth caah,(of which tlO on each Honee and on each Lot must be awid down;> balance in ?. IS, IS and S4 tnonthf from flay of aale, with eirbt per cent.interest until be secured by de< n of trust on property aold. Conteyaociag and recc rdlng at purchasers' co^. WM F HOLTZMAN, Attormef. j!9-d LTTTRKLL A DUNNINGTOB, Am*a. RT DUNCAN BON, DOWLIHG A OO., Aocfra, *-? Southeast corner kk aad D streets northweat. d. M ii *? L n ? M A! ? h it tI I TBUSTEFS' BALK OF TALCABLB IMPROVKD REAL ESTATE OB F STREET. BETWEBS 9th AND 1 Oth STREETS NORTHWEST. A ^ By Tlrtne <JT a deed of trwrtto the undersigned, B Boretuher S, A D. 1871. and duly recorded J".0- fo,io 23S. one of the land re cord* for Washington c-nnty. District of Colombia. r^?oeat of the party secured thereby, we will sell. lB Tront of the premise*, on 8ATUBDAT, the ?fh dar of Juir, A. lT IS73. at ? o'd'k p m.Tif that parcel of land and premise* situate In the city ?i*ty |6u> fiat, the ki-ing contained theuM ~. . .? ?JjL*t; ><?*- "-"T AZS99P coraer aiae ?**? feet to tke aowtheam coraer of aaid Ut Iheboe west with the aooth liae forty nix {4s I f*>4 snd i?e(l)lKk te the southwest comer ef aaid Let theare aorth with the waM Itne fsrtyfour 144) feet to the aacle of the Bl feet alley; theaee west with ?aid alley fifteen (U) feet to the'soaihwaat corner ef the float part of said Let: ami Iheaca nurtharly with ilia wsstliwe of said froat part of said Lot owe aua dred aad sixteen < 1MI fset to tts plaoa ag kafiauin, together with ail aad smcalar the Imi ways. < a--rr?nt? and appartsaaaeaato k n*iag oraMartaiahag^^ and*e?peM? of sale,t^eaah'amSTtSa'haifSiSt (4,)twelve (IS) aad elfMeea (18) awatha, for a< bearing iHter at from the day af aalr. and earn by a deed of trtmt aa of BSM wul he repaired t oa the property sok A4 s?a?K5^f^! complied with wBkda sera mle.t heathe property to he ef *air . ram <>*ySi I EVENING STAR Tbb Cuaiu ?? C?um??iA TW H.n lltMHM Aft* CallfMBiaa. bf ? tHef ?%(<? Bkcut of fact*. 4Mmm *11 rear* ?f that *iat? Ml wnnt by ?ik ' bwltm ChlMM - Tue A It* gwe* l?U ? Mrtr*. rit?K) D( l i.i w Tir M tk* MR Aotnu th- Mw Hr BMfcMP?rtM I'klMw prtpilt t.?? TW nil mMr to ?3 <m. aa annual mnrMM M "The whrw pftpu * uon" comiimtbe Alt*. "Urwmi by i?m aratioa by iaad Mi *ea *,9M, ui by UrtWaBMMrb TTT n Mat MnjirpiMi* nf mi boat WIIMK4 IMO a MiU't o:?w at" CM? ta ? WW ?X<wmU| At tfre p?M?wt r*to a# OIwmi IMWMI . to fftiJ the M?ber | nliiiK M MM MWW. mK m'IUom. wi* rr- I ^MnJuiM vmm. by wilch tin* *1'. ear pre JMlMHtkiMI will un fit* Bp Skltr irr, and tar ae?i<aUon wrltrrs an.l editore will h ? ? heroine kttrnuatixl material for uw kupru pciate I afat ta Katare's laboratory. proW r to reappear on earth !? Cblaaae peraoaality. Wbll AaawraaaD?A iuM'Ufwt dtlaa? an' IibEi im !? pnn r 1 chrlatiant'v *hoU?w - tire to tbe m iMMl abnse, rmciu. ng t? nut. p?MMr M^f ?( kiMlcJ iw] otter Mr - t*nc<*, Mf fM' il h'? ntWkrttan at thf tui'K rtren b\ htm a ?h<nt Ur?e a.nor t? a *B*eti?-i be incidental'^ pet M Mr. W H BaUlwtr.tha P??sid? at of tf?e T or* M? n'? CI ri#u*a I e?on. What acriptnral or oth*r motto** have yo? ?? the wall* at yoar ioo?#T' Tbeae'yeci ptaral ? 1 'aw we have U tbe ore uttered by U.ckea*, k>ref the de#k In tb? rMwufina ro-?in. w> ere | everr young man cwa plainly aee awt read it. | i" Bm, Juat 'to all the ?oo.1 you and deu t | make any fuss a boat M?Rv^n TV? I ImnMI or thb Hill <>r Mi Pai r*rt*B ?CofT^'poadeBee treat ?)era?ab>m Ntaf-athat a ;?c?lo?.cal plate ju.t iM?i|>ktr<l i v M < Ti. tital topnjrrapbtcal o>ria. bow rntat xl | in i? aktng mrtftn and aketclite or tbe lifl? 1 ?* | lard*, *hows that the e*po'??d and skall-?tiaf>e? line ot the upper ^ata oi ti e hiiio?im4f iIk1 ?au.aems *???? ?n<1 nMr t,ic north wallet Ml 'ktetn . is strotiglr suggr-tn <? ??t ?.?dg Mha, the r,|?c ot tic si ulla." Thia aa|>port*the tkwrjr pi tliia bill being Calvary. WoMia'a Kiuhtb i? YijtvMA ? All the Moat menial work la Yieana i? dona by womea. each i> cleaning and aweeptng the atreeta. gatherit ^ ip garbage, ca?ryinf water, and paaapuif it rr>m r1nt?*m? to the rearr*oir? In thr upper M Iteo. Mtwlng wont Ar. Witoian ha? th? ? right ' E do a man'* work la Au?tna, an J a* the ?lord* of creation" hare no nghta of tlietr awn. [he ?? on fall equality here. Tbey are tk? ear- | ten for all the newepapera?C. C- F., m i. *1r*ru<m. ? A Fttm ? watTKK, It l? aai<l, propo*',iit'* ?hotograph diapatrln < to n?t?*r<>?N?) .?? m nitu* limI blow then thrvugb a pneawai <- tal>e >nnk it der Uie water, an nnd?*r tbe !N>rer atraiu. it the end ot tlietr ^onrner tbe .li?i ?trhM icnld be rrprodund in thetr r.tar*! ht?? <u 1 kv diepat. Una would thim l?e iran mittft ritb the tame facility aiid ta; ulity Mthc?iuai. Thb Sbau t>r Paaeia 1* |?ruhik<lt<d. hr tlouette. Ironi ever walking up aain. and k* ? therKore rt-dnced to the ne<*esa.iy ot aleap ag ?i rp*-tua:lv an the gronnd floor, jMlKktlb* HHMilfti jourrallata, who eleep on the groun I lour hec^u?e I'iry hare a t>ecali*r tendrury t > Imp out ot wtndowr at al-rut. Tub BkTiRiao bditub ot a paper in Olav toaatv, Kacaav, pnata thia briet vaiedietery . ?To the readers ot the I?u>i>at -It. I woul-t ?*v f I have raid anything through ttie column* hat X am M>rrr for. lam giad of It. Tome lierde, 1 thanl you lor y..!ir 1 l?Tai t\. ? uy cnenit % you c-n 30 t*> tbe d * ^*The body ot a woman wa* fnuml tn tHe ver at New York yefierday with three lai^e tn>?>thing iron* tied to the ? rl>u. ?./"The Buit-Iay? are building. In Stn Fran ii ro. a balloon to l?e n:n*ly feel high am* M| ert it. diajoet t, ?l.1 capable ot carrying up hree persona. VThe Bumphinticated S nilrrlrr* and lliim ey Marah Mae< ar??on? are among t*"1 1 rganiration- which mill cehshrate the glorious 'ourth at th<-UM. Muu. ?^"The Judge* of the?npr?rnf* court ot" r*'not* ?w threaten to tat*i" t:>> supreme beach la a k*dy oa account ol the delcat ot Judge Laa erce. a/"It fald that one ef the elder Cenne* ? aatructions to hm rc|Mirters ?w ??Be?urethe lung has happened, tin-11 write it up with all lie sensation you cau MMMr." Prof Marsh ar?l the Yale college erplf ig party left Fort McPheraoa reeteruav for the iiobrara river, where they will apend tlie nest ve week* in geological inreetigauon*. Two oaipanW of tbe thir<l cavalry. un<lerc >mma"i t ColoiulMi.Ur. aiil accompany the party aa Mtt ay A Panora, Iowa, min l>omywed a baggy, nd when the baggy came btck thrre w?? a idy'a breaatjitn in it. Tbe livery ni ?n aent it ) the residence ot tbe mm who" korroewl the earn. Tbe lady of he house said It did not elong to her, butabe would keep it and a*k her nbaad akaat it iAKkir.11, BEBhLIT?KNOTT Or Tbiir-dav. tlis I9>h v rh-k-v ? B.hbia. DANIKL P. B^KALIV ? BHItlB KHOTT, bo h ofthiicitr. * KirHKRH A8SKY On tb? 1 b (n?tan?. I,? *v ? W C?. ?*r. J PKIOB K K'NEU. fNnt ilvania, to AL'Ul'BTk MiVS^KT, of HaI lore. ? D1CI>. HARRT On tb? ?1 m.? mt, Mr*. SOPIIll AHKI, in tbr???b year of her a H-r (un-ral viU take placs Ir?>m bar lata rrmi ^, 4?y K ?tre? t ?outhwsat, at 4 ??'rlock tbi? l? ndaj cvmli g, Juua t-J, to which her irieod* ar? ivlttd. LAH KBICrK. At Carlisle, Fa , on th-?Mh la ant, ALIEN K..infant t >u of D. M. ami Carrie awrrtice, at'-d IDn< ntb?. Tli* funrnJ will taka p)a< ? at the rhapal at Oak !ill Cemetery oa Tueada) ,M(h lvataut, at half r**t ?. m. MAMIT On the tii inatant. Mr.. MART C IAS8XT. belo?ed wifu ?-f Si. W. Ma-??y,iuthe Id y*T of ber a*s H*r mrain? will he taken t?i Baltimore for Intsr ?-nt in Or?*Dtnoaiit Ornrtsr). 8?ntrn will he sld at V3B L strvrt n<>rthw?et on Tuwlar.tkf I4<h ktant, at II a. tu. Friend* of Uh- famlv ar* in Ited to art cad. * UNDERTAKERS. |ICHABB W. KAftTIT, U N DBRTAJCBX, I SHMMter m If AH TK T t MA HA. Mo. *34 r Btbbbt, hitwiaa Miath and T*aCh iSTALLIC bCHlAL CASKS ABU CAbHBf marl-If ^ mtBHHOVvZ'HABI TS. ti ? IIHARD W. MARKKA, 'CABINHT MAHHH AND C.> hhK TAA il, ? 1? ELBVKSTB 0TBEET, anr F. 'CHMTUHM Ot ALL KlbVS MAl>? AM* K UFA!Mil) aeM ^'lUIAII MACKETT, UNDKETAKKR. Io.TS?Ttb Btbbbt,BbtwbbhM abg faJ T*aa.? apM-ty Ooffina an* Oaskiw at all Btnd* ^aftavA 11 O .1 I . THB MABTLAND EBEB^TONB M A M. OO 5 HOW READY TO HECK1TM OK D ARB ?OH STOKE, EJTMEH SAWED OR HOU9H DIMENSION. Apylr at Compear '* office. WKKBB K ABB 8*ra BTBEBTH, Keck Oreak. I'M IB IB TO 6>YB NOTICE, That the anhacrtber ha* obtained fruoi tbr hurr. nn C 'urt of the Dia rwt of Colambia, holding a Sf>-< lal T?rr, Mtm <4 xlaainiatratiua on tn* arraioai oat at* of VI. ITMAGBB. late of Waahiuet ? *ity, O. C .

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