Newspaper of Evening Star, 23 Haziran 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 23 Haziran 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR ?<m?AT Jmmm Kt, WW. LOCAL NEW8L In the Circuit Comrt to-day the cm of K*m k>ro tjt the Firrt National Bank was rwnw'l. The *r?du an rig class of *73 of Colombian O'IUm tendered a dinaer to the faculty and ?rali?ri of tke iasututtoaea Saturday last <K>veraoT Cooke has wMtatrf Mr. John BliwU commissioner of deeds tar the District or Columbia la the state of Pennsylvania. A colored boy. named ttiria JIsoMP. drowned in the taiUrn branch. of the Insane A-yinm wharf yesterday n^raing while bathing. Mr. J. C. kondrsp, ViOO Wnsal of the Danish government. Is tory in at b's rooMenee, on jd street southeast, Capitol Hill. Remember that the Ran Franc?MW minstrels term a brief ?ngagemeat at Wall's opera liuuse this evening. The troupe numbers twenty-two artiste ?d>1 Las a fine reputation. A committee rae* at the Schnetzen park on Saturday last to perffet arrangements for a river fleet, and orguintil by thf elertlon of the following officers: Admiral H J. Adler; rear admiral. J- T Yoangs; commander, E. Bailer. Those who have business abo<tt the City Hall v?T,t to know whose duty it U U> keep the pave ments In front clear, anil, also, wuetlior any one has* charge of the I.incoln Monument. The sn.all gr*-** plot aromi.d it ne^li attention. Puring service at St. Aloyslus church yes terdav m< rning the congregation was siartlM by the report of a pistol. On Investigating It was ascertained that one of the altar boys, aimed Michael Cronia. picked up a pistol in the rootn adjoning the auditorium, and *** examining it. a hen it exploded, the load taking ott the top of his Index flr.ger. This morning a number of Wa?hingtonlans left on the * o'clock train for Carlisle, Pa., to attend the annual ??Commencement Exercis of l>iek>-n<-o? College .Among them were Hon. M G. Kiuerv and danebter. Mr. Mucnel N-t l enl, Mr. .Inn. A. Kuff, Mis* Fowler. M ss Tiller, and nveral others. The occasion is n*naflv 010 of great interest and social re-union and ei joymeaC 4 aptu Charles Smith, ooaimandnig Com jfu II. Jd regiment Pennsylvania National tiuard, was entertained with a dinner at the Metropolitan hotel last evening by the officers and men of Company A. W. L. I., of this city. The marine hand enlivened tL*J proceedings with excellent music. This cufnpliment to Captain Smith was given in "retaliation" for the handsome manner in whtei. Company A was treated br his company on the Of the vLit to Philadelphia last May. The Chelrra QncsttM. *? ? AS*S VV *Ftr?tMIC ASIATIC CHni.BBA ? h'Mk sivicaa ca b* or raoiaaa-voRBrs, (?a sroRonic eases ow ckolbra?raa'AC hu.iauy mbasi aits. In a conversation with the medical gentle men e?mi>oeing the Board of Health so to the ca.M s report*d ia this city, the opinioa is given that there are probably no cases of genuine epidemic cholera existing, but severe cases of choleramorbus, resembling. very nearly, the genuine Asiatic cholera, and which, in their peculiar indications, may be truthfully pro Bounced cases of sporadic cholera. The wa??a? are reariy identical? paia in the bowels, followed bv looseness, without much succeeding pain nnlll a ?4l?|we of the entire sv>tem. which sets in very soon, and unless ar retted by mcdicinal agencies, -oon terminates fatallv The'patient, when first attacked, should use renn dies to prevent the relaxation of the l-osr els. avoid excitement, avoid the use of fruits, vegetables, aud all tancy dishes; use the staple and wholesome articles of food, and sond for a phvsieian as soon as possible. With the proper samtar, precautions by the authorities, and an earned co-operation on the t art ot hiwawkr -[ rm in I individuals in keep ing their premises cieanlv and wholesome, there need be ao fear of the disease in this ciiy, is believed to be in a better sauitary con dition generally than ever before. f? p ifn.nmv MEAPfr.ES TO AVERT OlIOL IKJk. Health Officer BHs* this tB'irn'ng called all the sanitary inspectors together In his office and ir.-ued the following orders, with instruc tion? for each to set about putt rig them in force at once, and to spare bo pain* or diligence in doing so: ?? The inspectors will snpp'y th*rn?elves vrlth special rejort blanks and proceed to inspect their several districts, designating on the reports the gutters, alleys and vacant lots wb?re disin fectants should' be distributed, and yards, privies, anddrellings of the poor where disln fe< tants ?bouM be supplied under the law, and r? port the saa.e to the health officer, together with Lames autl localities of all poor persons whose dwellings require whitewashing; without delay. The poor will be supplied by the dis tributor with slacked lime, and directed to whitewash their premises when required. Great rare should be exercised by inspector* and dis tributors to avoid waste of disinfectants, to perform tue work thoroughly and promptly, so as to place the cities In a perfect sanitary oon dition at the ear.ieet powuble moment.'' In addition to the above. Dr. Bliss gave them ?xplicit verbal orders where and how to pro ceed in dealing with nuisaacos, to examine gutters where there is surface drainage from iuaipsor public hvdrants, to enter yards and weliings of the poor, inspect them thoroughly, advise the occupants what to do, leave disin fectants for their u?e. line for whitewashing, and enforce kindly, but firmly, all the rules of (he board, as ufOn this alone dep?B<ls a sani tary condition of the District necessary to pre vent the spread of cholera or any other infec tious or contagious disease. The conduioa of pri\ ies of the poor wa*> particularly dwelt on by the health officer, lie directed the inspectors how to instruct the people In relation to these auiP-iaccsj dry clay pulverized, scattered in the boxe<? freely r?oce, aud then a little each day, is the very best ati?! cheapest disinfectant that can be used, accessible to and coet* nothing but a little pains on the part v" those who are unable to purchase more popular such as carbolic acid. sul|. hate of copper, Ac. Mm* is not so good for privies or other plac-*s whore ?asses from fetid matter is evolved, but Is bet ter for gutters, oj-en lots or alleys, where there is anv Term, ntat.on from decomposing vege tables or other mattera. He enjoined upon the inspector* the im[>ort?nCA of vigilance tnd con stant lal-or, the necexsity of disabusiug the onblic m nd of prejudice towards the Board of Health, and thus obtain the cooperation of every individual, man and woman, in this Dis trict' towarw- as perfect a sanitary condition as p?>ssible. by looking well to the premises that they occunv. That with such a state of feeling between the citnens and the board, with the anceasmg etforts which the latter promise to exert, he had no fears of cholera, even if it is brought here every dav from other parts of the cc untry. x __ Kxaiiii?ati'?w or tor Hkbrkw School. The examination of the pupils of the Hebrew school attached to the Synagogue of the con gregation Adas Israel, of this citv, took place y?sterday. The examiners ami jurors on this occasion'were Messrs. Abrahams and Hart, of this city. The children exhibited great profi cienc v in the various exercises, which consisted of Hebrew reading, translation of prayers, and benedh tions for various occasions, the Ten Command me tiU, Articles of Katth, Biblical II storv. and Jewish Calender. It is worthy of remark that two of the children of this school that received the medals have distinguished themselves in like manner In our public schools. Prise* were awardeo to the following children: dirls' m^lal for scholarship. KllaOppenbeimer, teacher's medal, Ida Oppenheimer: books to Sarah Peiser. Sarah Ootthelf. Amelia Peiser, and Ko*e Lewis, boys' medal for scholarship, Isaac Boyer; books to Lewis Meyer, Louis <}ot<*atetn, Joseph Goldstein, Herman Held, Keheaiiah Hammerschly, Samuel I<ouis. and Wolf Schloss. This school is under the super intendence of the minister, Kev. J. A. Cohen, who leaves nothing undone to promote the spir itual welfare of his congregation, and he is de serving of great credit tor the succom of the A Jmr rrou a Thkibktoit Wiwdow? About 1 o'clock p. m to-day there was consid ?nl ie excitement ou 7th sueet, between D and B. I'art tee sitting on the west side of the street had noticed a man at an upper window ia Mat ting lv'a block, acting strangely, and about the bour named be came to the window and called oat once or twiee "police." Officer Dysoo Ini tial* It raa into the building, but had not thed the secoad floor before the spectators wore born tied to ese the man Jump from the window. In his dooeeot ho tore away a wiadow awBiag, and ahghttngnn the wide awning over the pavement rolled down to the edge, where, salting a rope, he let himself safoly down Offiesr Dyson not kaowiag who he was or wha was the matter with him. took hiat to headquarters and turned him over to Detaotive McDevitt It was alto* wards ?rmisinstl that ? was John McEvoy, an unit ror Oub-| on M Co., book publishers, aad the room from ? hich he jumped was oooapted as aa office by ilss. It appeared also that he had boea drlnh tiisa. It appeared also that he had boea drink tar, and was at the time probably oat of his aud boa the effeetsof liquor. He was lacked wy at beadqaarters until hie friends can be beard from or uatil be la able to take care o kimself a AioTin WasatBOTOB Paraa It will be seen by the advertisement elsewhere that Mr. l ew s schade will eommemca the publication ut a aew weakly payer la this city ou the 1st troxtmo. The plaa of the aew aspiraat for - jm novel one. and such ae favor Is a will doabtiaa mmmmk u to a large uen?1* f - Bars Bali The mat Philadelphia nine will (lay their sseoad championship match with the Washington club oa the Otyple grounds to-morrow afternoon. We adrtes all ? 1 a does aad exciting coatest will unaouMedly be the result. Mr. H C. McLeaa bMa tlsctsd umpire. See ifcly. CX>C*C4L.?Tbs Council was opened with prajer nsSatvda; ettnlof last by the cU^ltla. C^kH bill* providing twr the refunding of H rnvwo erroneoualy paid; regulating sale* ia ra*taa rutt, -sling houses. bar roomt, sample-room-, ice cmmNri'x HWI soda water rooms. praeMMii for pr?ctns ap the ordinary prices for which sale* shall rr m*y b- n??de in said establishment*. reaainug all peisoas or.g?od behavior to be accomm?dat" 1 la sai.T e?tabllshment at said price*, and providing peua.Viee tor a disregard of *uch regularities a.- to le-mre the enforcement ot this act, WMMdfT ?f an ait entitled *' An act to regulate advertising and j.ili printing tor the executive offices for the District of Colnmbia," approved June*. 1*1, extendiag toe KnvUioae of a* act imposing a Ik*mo on tra)**, ?timi laduofwioM practiced or carried on in the District Columbia, a* approved August B. If71,aad a* an? aderi June 1), IST1, to aa to apply to the rental of staadsor stall* In the *everal market* of tha District of Columbia other tbaa th ??? of batchers; providing for tha iaauing of certificate* in Ilea ?f existing ehllgatlon* of certiteatos of tha laie con?"r*ti<'ti" "f Washington and Georgetown; au therixing the dwiiif anilextension of cxrlaia alleys; ?o amend an act entitled" An act for the prevention of diseases in th-: District of Columbia," were read a secoad time and referred to the appropriate com mittee* A Is?>, IIou?e billa;?To create the office of harbor maatcr for the District of Colombia; providing 6>r tin- of the Central guard-boose on LouUiaiia ami tha property owned by the District government at the intersection of 1Kb and K streets and Mew fork avenue, ami for the erection of a uew station house; to provide far fire-alarm telegraph and pro viding meant, therefor, mak tag an appr. pri*t i .1 for Pay in# the il?l>U wf the schools in the Count) of W ashington and to issue boa<is for the payment of tb? same, for ihe relief of James Huudson; for ihe purcbaM of a steam force pomp for tlie higli ? rvfce reaervo'r in Ce< rgetown, ware read and|r.-ferred. Mt. Broane introduced a bill relating t-? justice <*f tlie peace in the Diatrict of folambia. tl?>,a bill fixinr the time in which appeal* may I- ? taken from judgments ol jiut. ee of tne paaie iu the Dis trict ? f Inmbia. Mr. Buk. r intr.dnced a joint resolution auib-?r iting the Governor to arP?int a commission ofae* en persons, four from the county,two from th-city of Wa*i> melon ^rui one from (Jecrgetown, to examine and deter? inetbe valuation of property in tbacoaa t?. cities of Washington and Georgetown, indih r latx n. liabilities and int? rests to the indebtedness of the District, with the proportionate amount ex paiuW4r>r improvements in the st me, and report to th next session of th? l<egt?latnro. The following House bills were read a first time and laid over: P or th* relief of O. J. Muir awl others; n.akiitjr an appropriation to pay Jamea U Clepitane for service* rendered in reporting pro c. eding* before ihe C4'0gre**i> nal commitiee out be Di-irm of Columbia, in regaal to harbor improve ment*; making ?n appropriation for the Women's Christian Association; in relation to mea-urers and marker* uf lumber for the cities of Washington and Georgetown, for th" purchased a lite and the erec tion of A police *t*tK?a in tt? seventh nol:ce precinct.nineteenth Lapislative district; in relation t?> tax sale ceriHicata* lost or destroyed; for the re lief of Paatoel Ceas. making an app-opriation to pay for the survey of Potomac rhaiiiiel to authorize the .?g'?ver?or the District to appo'ut an additional t>nn.l>er of notaries pnbtk; niak* as; an appropria tion for a Ma-wail, making an appropriation to pay W. P. Cottrell A Co. for inatetUI* furnished the District govaraneut; for tk? relic." cf J. N. Berry ID AO. How concurrent resolution ci.lltrg n??n our Delegate in Congress to nrucure an a-nendment to the Constitution giving the r ime right* ami privi leges to cttiseas of the I>is|rk-t of Colii'Ti?iia as are enjoyed by thecMisen* of the stat-s, wu* read and concurred in. II0U8*.?On r--a.M.6Edding M 5 o'clocA Saturday sfteni' on? Mr. Murray introduced a bill for the relief of John (i Day, which was rtderivd to the comuM.tee on claims. ?h> Spiaker aniv?nc?d |as member* of th* joint committee (on the part of tbe'|Toos?)on maiK fnc tures, Meser*. Dyer, Berry ami t.'lag Ht. Mr Murray offered ;i resointion s*-;p"ndint* the rule reijiilring a call for hills, r. solu .iotj-, pvtiliuas, Ac.; ad- pt?-<t. Mr. Trimble intr<~dac<d a bill to amend the *~t relating to the appointment of justice^ u'the peace; referred. Also, biil to fix the :i<ne ?ithiu which ap peal- may be taken from the deCi?on of ,,'iaticen of the peace; refernd. Mr. Mi Ji n ght intri dncfd bill declaring lh' Hel mead burial gr >und a nuis ince, referr-d l-i intro ducing the bill Sir. M'Knight laid th - B arj of Health ha<l C clar- d this trr >nnd a naisaixe and It devolved upon this Leg:slataie t^ take m -jiir. s for it1 ab:itemer!t. Mr W all iiitri*l'*ced Mil to Establish pui?l?c 1 sths in ?h'-District of I'olunibia, referre.1. Also, bill to ex*?jd V street njrtli?eet; referred. Mr. McKnight from the committee on cl:?im? re portid favorably on C> uncit bills for th- ridief of J W.Beck, ana for relief of the Protestant Spis copal Church in tae District of Columbia; read a ?. cond time and laid over. Mr. XcKnight also re ~ rted adversely ou-C uucil bill for trie relief of J. WihoD. The rep.irt was miop?e<i. M r. B-^rry, from ttie same comi.iiiteo, reported bill t" pay c? rtnin parties in Georgefwt f r dannees Caused by unp.oiemeut*, as awar<J?-d bv the B aril of Public W uxk?, with an aaieudnu-nt: rea>l a second time. Mr. Hunt, from the committee on pclire. reported bill to Incorporate fte national ttioro<i$li-bro.| ??*?, ciation; lead a second time. Also, bill in relation to ries in the District of C >luiabia; read a sec ond time. Also, bill to all -w ratlle to grace in cer tain sections; read a second time. Mr Dyer, from the committee on manufactures, reported favorably bill to encourage manufactures in the District of Columbia; read a second time. Mr. Hiilse, from the commi tee on appropriations, rep rted favorably on bill amendatory of an a> t to enforce the Ci llection of taxes; ^ad Second time. Also, bill to frovide for the exteiisioti of M street lurthfrom New Hampshire avenue tJ Slut street; read a sec iid time. The ^peaker laid before th* House bUtJl D lb relation to the sale >f stalls in the Eastern inar K?t, with Council ameivliu-nts; which were non concurred in. Mr. 8moot, from the committee of conference an the tax bill, stated that the committee were utable to agree, and a*k> d to be discharged; a > ordered. The House then pr*ceeded to the consiieration of basineas on ihe Speaker'* table. The bill to discbarge at. erroaeoui assessment against Nicholas and Jacob Acker <v*s rejected Mr MiKtight entered a 111 it'on to rM-onsider the rote on ahichthebill wa* rejected. The bill to reimburse the property-owners on PeLiisv Ivania avenue two-thirds of tho c<>*t of the ao- deii pavement, between 1st and 15th srreets, was wio d?d t-. include Louisiana and Indian* av uues and psjaed. ? r. Wall called up bill to eetabli?li an industrial li me for Wviaen and children; which wa* amended i- a* to make the appropriation .'or th-? pur rliaseof ten acres of land, provided (bat Congress Bake an appropriation for the erection of a suita ble building and paused Teas?Messrs Chase, t>yer, Herbert, Hulse, Hunt, Long. McKnight, 'im ot. Taliafero. Vermillion, Wall and rhe Speak ir-B. Mays? Mesars. Berry, Brewer, Clafett and Trimble. Mr. Hmoot, from the committee on schools, re verted a bul appropriating ?7uu for the -naintenance if night schools, under the aiupices of the Lincoln [cdu-trial Home Mission; also, bill appropriating I'.iJbeo c'ainplete the purchase of a site for a scu"jl , >uiJding lb the third school district; rail second Mr Be itt callcd np tha bill for the relief of Thog. i. Cropley, which Was p?**ed. Mr. Taliafero called np the bill ai-p'Ofriating (S.iObfor the Columbia Lying-in-AsyIn a; pt-'sed. Mr Wall called np the bill to prevent the Jiitro luction and spread of infectious and c .i taginwi dis Mr. Wall urged the neceasity of the paasag* ifa jeasure of this kind, especially in vlear of the fact be cholera was prevailing in seme sections of the ountry, and that one apparently authenticated a-a was reported in this city. Mr. Pyer contended that the bill garothe Board ?f Health too much power He would never consent i'authorise tl'em to tear down a ho isc because it i a* out of repair, and while he would zlvetheui * rood deal of latitude in case of smallpox, yellow ever and cholera, be would not aMow a poor man, uffering from some comparatirelv trifling disease, o be dragged from his home by officers i f the board. The bill was amended and passed. , Sir ?bejl?erd^?al 1 ed np bill granting a speaUJ .cense to jauc * . ..viams, aim .. was passed. Mr Chaae called np bill amending the normal chool act, by providing that there shall be no listinctioa on account of color. Mr Clagett made the p>dnt that nnlfr a mle of he Houae, providing that a<jueation rejected by mietlnite |o*tpouement or otherwise, saall not be Kt'd on during the passion, the bill conld not be >>nsidered. The Speaker submitted the point to tha House u.d It was not sustained. Yeas? Me-wrs. Berry, .'laizstt and Long?3. Say*? Mr*sis. Ctiase, Dyer, Herbert, Hal*e, Hunt, McKuight, Murray, 8hep e rd. Smoot, Taliafero, Trimble, Vermillion and Wall?IS. The bill was debated at considerable length and pas*, d. M r Brewer railed up bill for the relief of Samuel Beiman. aiul it wa* taL>-u up and passed. Mr. Trimble, by unanimous consent, introduced a -? n- nrrent re*?lu'lou adting the President of th* Council and the Speaker or the Houac-to the joint -ommitt'e on maaufactnree, and authorizing the -ommittee to hold aesaiona during the recess, and io rep> rt through the Governor to tne nest regular ses sion of the Legislative Assembly; adopted Mr. Hulae called up till for the relief of B. F. M. Faehti. which was taken up and p?**?-d. Mr. Shepherd called up the bill making an appro priation to reimburse Kmmart, k Co. for aork done on the Mi nek water-main; pa**ed Mr. McKniaht called np bill for the relief of Bob sit Strong A Co., appropriating )17JR.W for work done on the 2U and Su-inch water oialns on Mew Jee tev avenue aad B street northeast; which was passed. Mr. Hulae called ap bill appropriating to reimburse D. I. Davenport for work don* on the M iBch wai*r-main, which wa* taken np. Mr. Murray offered an amendment providing that the bill be approved by General Bal?-?ck. Mr. Brewer made the point of order that the House could not impose upon General Babcock the duty of sxsmining the bill. The Speaker sustained the point of order. Pending an appeal, the House, on m Xion of Mr Clagett, at B?, took t recees till 11 o'clock on Ponday This mora Ing the House Mr' Balsa, from the committee on appropriations, reported bills: To eapply deSeleaey (a approprta gons Md* In bill to pay the salary of officers of tha District of Columbia for deficiency; nuking appro priatioaa for the ordinary and contingent expenset sf the government; making appropriations for mtarlss of oMceiSof the District; makiag appropri atloB to pay the ordiaary and contingent expi ef tha Dwkl, which were read a second time. T1IB WATII aim CLAIMS. Mr Marray withdraw hie amendment offered to the biU for tha relief ef D. B. Da-en port, aad eflsrea an addltioaai section, providing that nana of the mover appropriated or heretofore appropriated to pay for extra work on the mains, shall be paid until all sack charges have been approved by the untna Jb ?Bll"c Works, who are regaeeted to ex Mr. Shepherd *aid ha could not sea why this duty should he imgaed oa tne Board of Public Works The action <4 Mr. Murray wae simply captioue They might wtth ? he same propriety refer tha mat tar to tha Board at Health. Mr Murray replied that ha made bo captions ap poettion. but wished ta see the proper guard* placed around these bUle; and, referring to tha evidence, *aM it waa what might ha called ?? non-committal tfidflTS M ?r. Vermillioa said that the teatliaoay of Col Baao waa sot la favor ef the elaim. ?r. Brown referred to tha evidence of the govern eat laspertor aa edataiamg tha claim. Mr Marray said his .Ajeet waa that all meat laspectoc aa sastaiaing ciaiiu. Mr. Hurray said his object waa that all thie of < latma shoald he aro^arty Investigated, aiu Boerd ef Public Works had the reualsite foroe it. He wae B<t praeent when tha Mils of the rla*e w*rnmMMd,aad had he bean prenant he should bave vot4Tegsiaet each ene of them. Mr. Shiphi rd ??' Where were yant" Mr. Marray.-' I waa oataida, engaged is coaver satun.'f II* urged that-each bill* ?h aid nut b? HmM wiih. nl th?- proper guant*; the District ??* net able MMHM It* 4eht.< H? ?ak* that be trvii )(?***> k* ?b"iM hav* again*! in the bill* allowing tho*> cl?im? io full for *stra wort. nnw favor pacing * dollar nor* than tiro amounts allowed in the report of Qeu. BabeocK. Anoibar fact h* would call th* *ttwtlo< <f the H?!>??> to. Thi? bill, and all tl? otiwi. ap|W(ria tedtbl?wooey out of the gsaeral ftu>4.Mly {?era all know tba appropriation bill* had b**n in troduced by the corthmtt** on appropriaf t?o* which disposed *f all th* mowep that emiM be realised from n?'it ye?r'i taxation. TbW appropriation ahoald be mad* from the waMi fuaV and by ?eans of bond*, la the same way that (!* ?*? main baa been built. The tarWh of IM* btiw UOWM to over #100^0. wbll* Ceo. Babcock report* that h? And* It neee-aryfor the Legislature to appropri ate but #36,000. lie felt consolation la knowing that they never could pas* tkM>wll. Th* amendment wasr*J*cfd.kT*aa-Myy-Car roll. Claggett, Dyer, Murray, tooot, and Vermil lion?*; na?e-Me*er?. Biewet, Hula*, McKnight, SherberdTTallafero, and the Spseksr-T. Mr. Saoot moved an amendment. providing that th? engineer who had cljtrgeof Iha work ?hall ap prove rark and all the Item* of extra charge. Jlr. Sm- <* addrewwd the House, stating that Q*a. Bab cock had informed him that n? cttfM for *?tra work had been made by Davenport; and in hi*(Oen. B.VIrepon the total extra charge* ara footed np SSS^WO. while the total bills for extra work present ed here in near f 100^ W. He farther ursed that the cendition of the District finaucesi* such aa to war rant the greatest car*. Their constituent would hold thein r*>poa*ible when they ftod ont that their monies were appropriated and tt?i know not where the mean* were to com* from. He was glad te ?ay be voted agaii>?t a similar bill on Saturday night, although he was *olitary and alone. Mr. Vermillion?"I waawith yon." Mr. Smoot further said the oonimtttee had not had time tocooaider the claim*.for they W*r* brought in at the tail end of the session. , . Mr. Shepherd desired to state that ho know Eothinz whatever of these claims except what he kadgnthend from General Babcock ? report, and the evidence taken by th* committee. He begged leave to correct Mr. Smoot, by Mating that the reiH-rt of Oen. Babcock caaM In dating the early part of th H*>iok, and the day following th* claim ant* presented their memorial* According to the evidence > xtra work had been dotie, and this work wan done becaas'-of hangea of the plaux. At cord ing to the evidence taken, ti e partiea were entitled to compensation for this work. He would like to say after hi* friend (Col. Snoot) bad preeent-d such a deplorable picture of the District fluaare* that he would have b?>en pleas,-d to bare honrd nuch a speech a month seo when the heavy liiili **re pend ing?the ?*0 iwg bill and other*. ... Mr. Mcfir.ient said that the smmnlttM la examln inc these > laiai* ascertained that th* contract was broken in every particular, a* to depth and line*. In this c**e the contractor wa* directed to com mence work ?rt the wroug end of the lia?, and the pipe had to be taker, np. The joints w*re required to be connected by flnst joluts, but the c.>?rtract<>rs were roqnirad to make the joints bevel, and thereby more l?-ad wasoeed. ... Mr Dyer, while according to tbe eomsaitiee on claims, industry and intetlfrence, did not Uke the Kianner in wbiaii they repotted their business. On Saturdty tbey reported bills, but were unable to ?oate whether tbe District was liable. and, in face of tb4s, tl e Ileuee passed the bill*. In this ca** bs had asked f >r the ron ra t, tut It bad not been produced. It may be that, und. r* DiatrWt is not liabl*. Be further argued lhat, uadertbeor gaoic act,the L^islature could not p?*sablllfpr extrac >nip"n?atfcu. He hoped that if these true becaaie law*, public spirited cltlMM enongh wowid be fonnd to so totheciairt* and a*k an injunction t.> restrain the paynieate _ Tlielill was laid aeideinfermally. ... ? Mr. Shepherd introduced .?bill to b*'lid a suitable stsble f ?x nre engine company Mo. ft,in Georgetown, r'$1rrShepherd callad npthebill to better protect tbe live* a.'id liml>s of pusons ? ncage<V:n mechani cal punuite, (imposing a fine on master mechanics | and others in charge of werk on baildin^' if Ihey fail to furnish saf"? *caBo!diag, Ac., foe the work men, ) which was passed. . . Mr Sneph. rd intr??lu?edbill relating tethe regis tration of v.rers, provicing tiiat the reaiatration list of 1HT3 (ball stand sub,eel t- correct!.>u? by the I"'ard, sitting in a central part ?f tb<- District for 15 days prior to the day of election ;referred. Mr Shepherd said that hs introduced the b:ll?s a ?keletor, nnd that his object w?* to save several 'l".n?ani dollar* in the expeaaes of the registcation. Mr.Cttfiipbell intr-dneed bill pro*idingthat heae ift'-rtht appolntm-nt to otti ne sli?ll be suhjact to ?ontiiiiMdion by the Legislath* At^'iiibly, iu j -int ie?sion. ? At 11:45 a. m the Hon?e adjourned. The f'oitmbias I'hivbkhitt M^vkmhwt? 7 a v Xndou-ment. <t<?Tbe Kev. Dr. Wilwon, on^ id<>ntiti?xl with the Colu.jibitn College, >Va?tiiriton, addressed the member- ol tlie -'rauklin Square Baptist Cburcli, Oallionn, war lutxiuKtou street, yesterday uioriiiiig, in x halfef the Columbian College, uov. the Co timoiat University. I>r. Wilaon saivl tiiat the Tolumb an College, which baa heeu fomi'led ifty year? ago by Dr. Luther Kioe,? fc^.-t-iat ui^-ionarv, alU>r hbreturu from Burtaab. after <?Mdng tbrougli a severe ordeal, now proH^acd ? attain a ^rmanent atnl prominent petition .niong the college* of the country In It* law lej.artment it ba* 103 students gathered from wtntv-Blx different sUtec. Appreciating the mix stance of having a great educational centre .t Washington, tbe seat of the general govern Qent.the Hon. W. W. Corcoran, a member of he Kpipcopal Church, has agreed to donate to ti<a uniTer?ity the stun of S'JUO.OOO on condition hat ?100,000 more be raised outside, his oti'er emaining open nntil January 1st, 1*74, up to rbicli time snbscriptlons will be received. )r. Wilson stated that he hoped at last 0,000 would be subscribed, a member of he Presbyterian Church alone giving &5,000 a that tbe work is not regarded as a aerely sectional, but as a national one. >r. James A. Welling, president of tbe college, tate* that educational appliance* In tbe city of Washington, worth #10,000,000, have been ffered the college at a nominal coet, Including b e Smithsonian Institute, with Its rare advan ces to the student of natural history;the Con ressional library, having 200,000 volumes; the at tonal Observatory, having one of tha largest >let copes In the word; the Agricultural and lorticultural Gardens, the United States Coast urvey department, tbe Medieal Museum, the orcoran Gallery of Fine Arts, and other instl itlons. Washington, Jefferson, Monroe, Mad on and John Quincy Adams advocated tbe ee. iblishment of a national university at Wasb igton city. It was not proposed. Dr. Wilson ltd, to expend tbe money received for the ool ge in the building of fine edifices, but In the mployment of tne ablest professors In tbe >untry. He concluded his remarks by saying iat any one who contributed 91,000 to the col ge subscription fund would be entitled to a holarshlp to the value of ??0 per annum, and tat he hoped th* Baptist denomination would tke a deep and faithful interest in the under iking?Baltimore Sun. 23d. ? The Gbaxd Timplb or Hovob akd Th erahcb of Maryland and the District of ulumbia, organized 22d March, 1872, held its c^nd annual session at Frederick city, Mary nd dn the 19th, 20th and 21st instants. The Uowing is a complete list of the offloeta ected i The Supreme Council of the order meets at rovidenoe, B. I-, August 21,1873. Bepre ntati ves?Past Grand Worthy Templars B. F. aw ken 6* Washington, and F. T. Leillch, of iilti more, aivTp asv^; caud Worth y V IceTemplar , P. Held, of Washington* . Tbe Grand Lodge of Mary. *nd Columbia meets at Washington, u* , 1?74. Past Grand Worthy TemplkT*-^??1 in ions Hawkes and LelUcfi; Grand %vfV,? tmrlar Hon. D. P. Holloway, of Wa*4ilugtou, ? W. \lo? Templar A. R. Yeakle, offred \it, h. W. Recorder E. ? aton; G. W. Treasurer J. H 'a?bington; G. W. Usher J. R. Ruae, of Fwd* ick; (?. W. Guardian L. Kuesmaitl, of Haiti ore; G.W. Chaplain Rev. 4. C. Hummer, of rederick. . , ? , _ . ,A The Inner Temple of the Grand Temple to eet at the same time and j>lace of Grand emple: Sister Past Grand Worthy Templar I. A. Darnall, of Washington; Sister Grand forthv Templar M. K. Pearson, of Wasbln* ,n; Sister Gisml Waithy Vice Templs* M. E. rgel, Of Wa?hlTifton; 8l!?ter Grand Worthy ther Mary Lilts, or Washington. Representatives Delegates to the_National onvention at Saratoga 8prings, N. Y., on 21st ugust, Wi: Past G. W. Templars B. F. awkes and F. Leillcb; Past G. W. yiee emplars T. P. Reld; Grand Wortlij Templar '. P. llolloway; Grand Worthy Vice Templar .. R. Yeakle; Grand Worthy Recorder J?. H. tarsnr; l>a?t G. W. Templar James Van leek. ? TBB An?VAL UOHMBBCBMBBT OT EMBB80S s an tut i attracted a large and highly culti sted audience to Lincoln Hall Friday, at 10 . m. The programme was a good one, lnter persed with choice musto. The original salu itory of Jennings W. Garnett was a very cred ible performance. The programme was too >ng to be noticed In detail, but It Is sufficient a say that everv boy did honor to himself and be teacher. The valedictory of 8. C. Wilson ras much commended. At the close of th* peaking the following medals and prise* wore warded:?Gold medal for speaking to Harry t. Wlllard (son of Mr. Henry A. WlUard); Urn liver medal to Willie Strong; ssoond to Yelvar on P. Garnett. These modal* were awarded j the judg**, who were HOT. Dr. Eliot, of th* fnnrch of tbe Asceasion; Boa. Mr. Come, ex Isststant Attorney General, and Samuel Lewis, r*rVoung then awarded tho following med Js and prises: First Plnkwey medal to J. W. iarnett; seoond Pinknoy medal to Samuel ITItson. Theee medals, msmlve and magnii cnt, were the gift of Blahnp Pinkney, who rv preeent, and bstowed thein apoa tho boy* rltb appropriate ramarka. Gold asadals war* awarded to H. K. Wlllard. P. Mm, Edward lurrbell. Frank Hartley, TkoMiBhafir, Hall V?sa \ u?i?? a ??"?Ma ?? ?' V * ?w*^ HUWVB | UBI1 ^ewis, Herman Bergmaan, Frank Ford, Emll (chafer, Win. Tipton, Thomas Bomcrrtlle, Charles Frank, John Kibble. A. Brawner, 'retton Jones, Charles Peaaobacker. Silver net Lais to Walter Gait. Douglas Moor*, Tho*. Joyd, and Charles Ridenoar. Prise* to A. Fowler, B. Ridd'*,J. Ooahraa, J. Marbury, H. >avne, B. Zevaly, Willie Maxwell, H. Morsell, n omas Howard, Oeorg* Stewart, William FVyvlll, Edward Hame, Horace Upper man, iichsrd Middle ton, Gustavo Stevene, aad H. Jocbraae. Accompanying tbe distrlbation of prise* ? al bestowal ~ i liberal bestowal of boquota, aftar which >xercises cloaed. ? Tbb Covibo Reoatta?The Potomac Boat Club has selected the crows far their regatta, ahich takes place on (be 36th Inst. (Thursday.) rhe course will bo from tho boat-boa** to and tround the stake-boat aaohored near the Three Sister rocks. Tho first race (four-oared boat to start promply at ftp. m. Modotnttaarraag inei.u have yat boea made with tbe Atalanta :iub, of Mew Yotk dty, tn regard to the pro posed race with them. _ HekMli EmmiMllonH. The examination* of the county schools will take place this week, according to the follow ing program lie: ?lilS! ?Cbonl.N*. t. #th district, to be natnln?d bv U<~m Mitch-I! aat .th district, by' Foflioct *04 Garter; June Bfnjamin's School, No. i' bi Measitf FofHatt and Slick; J.ins *4, moreir.g, Mr. P.*** school, Mn j. i?t Ji?ric;. by <??f,fr?-*n4 flick; Jane t(. moraine, Mr?. Ill ?*i?j00i * ^ district, by M ?*??!?*. |r >wn !***** a. M^Tt", ,raUi?? and B irr; *2^ ?J*?ni?oa. Miss Steel>'a achool, No. i.rta ta??)?!?*, V* Burr: Junitt-r luE.v'JS b"2> *hool-H?. 1,?1 iiat.,by k m >rn Vfy.v11'*??,! 1:T*? school. Ho. I,?l di?.,b> fce?r?". rrkrnf^fn morning. Miss Br<v*s'? ..H.?. f.*n dirt., bv Meesrs. Brown aad Burr: S!?!!i^!? j aehool, No. 1, 4th dmtrkt, bv nfhSiSliJ"! C!ft,r: *!? 'pltJ*? sch"ot, No. 1, <tb district. by M???r?. V tlfott and Miller: Mias ?rr r,r..!-TcSy>*'i<0:h** ?'*t,rt?l?b7 *""ri imwn? Mm.? M'iffiSftrin "ho?L*#J.??> S T^dulrir^K^ M^r'?ii Si"? H?" ? ochool. Mo. and Pelta. Juns tHcT h? M^L ?I^L*rf*h' Vo.l, ?l<ll in^)l Wn CV?rr; Mr Jaansv a Y.Tm?- m, w'^? dlitrict, b. MuHri. Brown ant X'r^' *Cl, ? ghool. Wo.?, 4th district, by nkTrZ . !l av *?"* wJa?f *? "online. Mr/. ?2"&r^SkfJl- S ifci'JS-roV? ???;&.Jl"?,wi??b?r*?E> No. i. ?HT!? district, by M mn. Bnrr and Pniwia#. rlatrtif'R0*? "fefcJoerhWfchoel. No*. *th fifl L' 'k??*?1 Mlll?r ami Fountain: Him Pal sar-srisaif-ii 7,vist'ict'b> ^ ?*oi nott aM Bishop Jnne V, morula*. Mr Liz-ti <&??&??!?&M*sr"Shekel MmLn' lfh district. by Mn^ itK h-T." . J Xi'1*'; ? n.'Drflaa^ wh'?<)(, No. 1,4th district, by Mtwn Mitchell an.l K*eie: Bnr, .27 V50?1, No?2? Mh dl',rirf- ?>T M svr-; rrr^fi. ?'*r-Simmon*'arh.Mj!, N" 'cti M*l*sr? rolliott and Miliar: M-[ Earmark s *cho<?|, fco J. Kt .lirtrirt. bv M ?* ! '"I'l'u Slick: Mr. VidalV wlio<d. N-> 2. )| ,ij?' Irict, ty M'K?r?, Brown andMitrholl; Mr Mir. ? ? r.'L ,?'i'r4? dlatrict, by M?-f>m. Burr and B Jann? y, Mr Bl?hop>? school, No. 2, 7th district, by Meawra. folllott and Miller. ' | Comir Sto>Laid.?T! e corner-stnne of the projected New Liberty Baptist chur. fi, on Ksj-eet, between 17th sikI jxth, was lai 1 Vei ttrday afternoou. at 3 o'clock. Kev. K<Iwar?l Jirascr. pastor of the church, having charge <?f Cf!fn"J.l"eav A,,?.ut persons w re on ? t ?. iV* H- <,ra8??n, llenrv ?cott,.. John Ja?|?er, and several oilier cler Emen participated in the ceremonies. After king up a collection, the Her. Mr. Jasper ,i0 an eloquent sermon from the wor?i.?? "And behold I purpose to build an house unto n*"? of Vj? Lord n,y God " At th.- close ot the sermon the corner stone was laid the usual ceremonies. The cwner-stone of the gate-house a? Pro? pect Hill cemetery was laid yester.lay afUrnoon In accordance with the rites of the Gorman Protestant Evangelic church. Soon after 5 Kirche, and l.? Sunday-school children, arrived upon the ?r?nPd' ?reo?ded *?y * detachment of the Ma nrav^r "nlr*"."? Opened Wttll T* P ?'? K,etz- pastor of the German Lutheran church, (1st ward t after which a collection was taken up. and ,uite a 8Uni re?,i7ed. Mr. Kietz. in a brief address, congratulated the board of m-inagers c?e"e^!7f"; their enterprise in providing Mich a beautiful place for the interment of the ^,8tonie' ?hich u,roin Nora Scotia, a,?d bears the simple inscription, "lKT.i " Wittl d i?, position by Mr. Jouvenal, and liito a hple cut iiito it for the purpose wa-- placed ?ndaMatjStAinil'g tL'' U<UaI Jocumcut^coins Sokeiu Shot in IIaltimohk The Baltiiuore Sun ot this fcorningsays: '-(iu-o. A?h von, Cuored, was arretted yesterday on the ^*r??.of footing with a pistol, with intent to Mhl!^ Sorreli, Nc. 8C North IlnUldav ??"L com/nitu-d by Justice iiagertv lor the action ot the gr?uj jurv. It nin>o*r? that ttie atiray bx k place nbout a qn?rter-pa?t nf FlJ?? clocii yesterday niorMing i? t h<?,* of Eliza Brown, colored, wh'jre Sorreli is Hvin ? as her liusli.iiid. Ash ton. wlL is from Wash ington, went to the house vester.iay to see an acqna ntance ;here. Sorrell, as is alleg " thought he had come to see Kli?.a ISrown -?n i ?IT{i?!hT ot .'lini ? urs< d and abided him, ana finally knocked him down tw ice. Ashton tii^n diew a pistol and fired three tia>M at Sor m ia,? l'ouo-rat'"l{ the left side of his haa 1. his left arm ne^r the elbow, atul the right thigh, wit.iout, however, intiicting ai^v seriou woopd. Sorrell. on being shot, prVcuml . i?"Vh.Hh attackfd Ashton again, who ran out ?t th* hou"? '?? his stocking tcct, and was meV V f ^ y a man "anu-d George McGlone who tried to stop him, hearing cries oi murder' a-hti^Sf AB,,ton kn?e*<xl out of the D ra'!.to the middlo district police ?Utton-housc and gnvo hiiuvelf up to Oniccr Waw "u,,dinR ?t the door. He al ssris?" i,ockcj arfnTa rn^ii-* ' ^n?WTI Wa?hingt?iTi rough, and fe a fugitive from justice on a charge now ?S!!fiX ?Vn8.t him toT and battery^ ""/to kill bis wife, who had been Si-' Torcsd. Ashton ia well known as a rery oulet orderly young man, residing In the northern it k-C 'Ka 1^.the f?lice who know him stare that be probably was attacked b^Sorrell ** he was never known to invite an assault. _ *OM E***pti?ks Proposed The bill 5?r" the Legtolature (introduced bv Mr. Peter T^ampbell) to encourage manufac tures provides that aM manufacturing ettab f'ected ?fter the first day ^of July neat, and all such as were then in process of ?b^^^7,1t^0,, Wtthcn completed, and all the machinery and capital used for operating the aaine, together with all such machinery hereafter pot into buildings heretofore erected f/H ^ ? occupied, or not now in condition for occupation, and all the capital used foron 1 same, shall be exempt from taxation froiTthl h pnr^8CS for the term of five years ^h? of commencing to operate the of '???ated shall -n th?n one thousan<l dollars: ProriUd That all propertr exempt from taxation under the provhilons of this act shall be retu^l bj ' .and t^? t,me when such eiemp- , , p^drty shall be noted against said I j nfTi W ?RT tSaLLKur?The board or trustees of the Corcoran Art Gallerv have b^rH ewiett*r8 fr0m Mr- W> T* Walters,"of the T^""thorixed to purchase in Ku forlhe ?allele u *? h? miKht deem suiUble or Suggestions to him as may be deemed proper. The pictures to be purchased in Karope will be forwarded here immediatelv whli,lKC?d V00 the walls with the othera Thi T? fuI'y restored and cleaned! not ^? 'or,ually opened to the R ^ before next fall, and the trustees by that *J?e ^?P?.t? be able to establish a school of de ttnt'^St*"1116 Wh0le in c^?? ot a compe Bu^'"b7. PBKCAUT,OKs._Heaith Officer an order the sanitary ininrctnra *f th* R0?r(i of Heftlfh j|re(,t;n* thelr several districts, designa ting on their reports the gutters, alleys and va cant lots where alslnfec tan te should bedistri botei.and yw-ds,privies and dwellings of the poor where disinfectants should >e supplied w^t?flaw, and reriort the same, together whnU?!iw^?ii* localities of all poor persons 352? dwellings renuire whitewashing without hf.n.T' JFth 1??Lw,in be Put?P?eo by the dlstri butor with slack lime, and directed to white wash their premises where required. Inspec tors are directed to avoid waste of disinfec tontH, and to perform their work thoroughly Mid promptly, so as to place the cities in a per I** sanitary condition at the earliest possible noiMnu turtle m*^^T8,TwB JitspBtTioirs?The re O.Luddlngton, inspector of marine week ending June 21,1W3, 14"^?? crabs, 32,000 Clams and 225 btfahels of oysters, of which con ^?"tiOff M follows :-2?6 bunch fish, an? clams. The inspectors of ?nwhol?som? food have condemned for the L^.??.d,n? J?"? 21st the following :-?6 172 pounds corned beef, 27 fonnds boef, 60 pounds pork, 11 pounds lamb, IB pounds mutton, 36 boxes strawberries, 32 ^ V?xe" wllortl?berries, 2 ?* I"* DaY8 Bikri th* J,18,?Inthe office of the Recorder of Deeds, the foUowlng paper?a relic of T?? Qjd*P time?was found: District of Colum RH^?^0wm?anty'to *tt: I have removed ??u,,ty to the city of Z?ih ??JL^T? man' "f??4 Vln?nt; Js? "VP? m*n 'nave brought for my use hero^nto Mt ?l?k ^ wiSn<'? whereof 1 have *t my hand and affixed my seal, this ?^u,?S?Fr?X7'A "?im? |s,|P"dl ^'ard U not In need ?tnffii^' 1 b?* ,eave to suggest Oe "B? member at least paving a cb0,era ft. ?uthw?.t Tri1* *1 . Hampshire avenue and M street. a,onf L rtreet, south kV??"? to -Mh srr'?t. and alley to rear of last block. a Whtisdh S4?1^ Fr.?J-'* '"till nist aground off 2%iiu>Ft2ZL'Z2lJ???>??? i?tsm7u ?kr.I* J * viuui?c. ana m iikelv Ss roAy'"* timj M the efforts of s in!^.f 'J'#PK>T'<1 futile. The U. wai iJ^f Standiah, from the Norfolk yard wate??L?>M ho'off, but failed. At low 0*:?'^*??* walk aro ind her entire bow WMloied1 air t has been SSW^SJ^KtS; ,52 Streets and D and ? streets souO^wMt- n^li A S,t^^lkbs5#2^ ^ ShtSdD?aS waS^dto'hSSlS mZ*Ai *nd E:5" FOLIC* COURT. Jwi; Sm.U -T? d?r Antfrtw ?^a|t battery, #S, J <hn Atbor*., do , 4 I0mmI tf?? (Win it. today* In latl fiMMl John son. *i , minepenalty; Beaton JMum .Tiaaaalt, three rharg*o, fan and cn?t? to two ra?*a. fao aod Ctisrt~a Shipley , profanityjforfaitaK] ?? coBateral; ^L^.br<7rn.' VwmIi. f?r f-tted trilateral gs; /?a?n L??la, do., J?; B >bert Lane, do., }l: Owtfj Fairfax, do., (t; Vllnon Jaeaaon. ?layin* halHn atreet. f 1: Honry Marns. tn , *?rr *^?rs, diaodtsrly ft: Martin , fs; HrnrrBright, do., *5, Mar??r<? J. orrHan_ profanity, BV If ally War*,b<<i?terou*.tS. Ttiomaa B.-jt,failinB t" maintain distance brtar**a carts: $1 Hanwm Johnaoi.dc ;do. 0. W Frr*u ?J*? ?" JLdp? Aloitto Wlllaon: forfeited collateral? ##? WilHain Robinaoa, do.; d?. Benjamin Frank I in. do ; do Shot Ware, hntsrerom; $ 5 Charlea Clark. profjn It; ?Ki Baylor C .urtney, botat-r ua. 5* *?hn WilH?s, throwing at?n?a; 93. Joaesk ------* ' KT'H'if, iniumnK Ppahnr. fallino t maintain t*? V'TDonohne, for feited collat?rah-#y John Boyle, do : do. Arthnr Johnaon., <lo; do. H? nry Iraa. maintalnine hn - i kiwiiiminvnc m* jr< per dMaaoeMwreii carte; ?5; t? d-fwilt. ? rk jai?^0*? Mary Kittor, erooUtnte; 90 days in GEORGETOWN. SonooL Examination.?The mblic school examinations were contilined to-day, at one o'clock, at the Prospect street school building. The fetntile intermediate, taught bv Mr?. M. J. Kdmonston, was examined by Mr. Beall. trustee. The gold medal the highest honor of the school was awv~de<l to Mtas Ida <'un ninnham. Premiums were awarded to Kate Metier, Emma Crawford. Isabella McSally, M. Chase, M. Tobln. M.Milbnm, E. Sebastian. Kltcaliert Huddleston, Laura Wearer. Rebecca Trexler. Matilda Hobertson, Anna Ockershau weti. Marion ftotiinson, Josephine Ash, Klla Wells. Anna Blackburn, Sarah Burke, Caro line llurlbaus, Kmrai Allison, Cotherine Ogle, Harriet Wood, Elite llassar. Marv Oodov. The following will be trans ferred: Anna Blackburn, Catherine ? ?gle May Chase, Mareila Milburn, Ida Cunning ham, Ella Cartwrigbt. Ella Pavne. Eliial?eth Huddleston, .Janet Small, May Ood?v, Kll Sebaftian, Isabella Nalley, and Caroline Hur lehaus. Kivbr Nrws?The steamers Geo. II. Stout from Philadelphia, and the Colombia, from Baltimore, arrived to-day with full cargoes of general merchandise. The Lady of the Lake cleared for Norfolk with a full freight, and left other freight on the wharf. The schr. Sauls bury. from SaulsbucT, Md., arrived with?tf,eno feet of lumber, and the schr. Regular, from Portsmouth, Ta.. with Si,000 feet of lumber both to Wheatlay Bros Thb oittkks' in High street, between the canal and Water street, are In a filthy condi tion, caused by the dumping of cobble-stones *n them, stopp'ing the passage of water. The Board of Health yesterday il^ed the streets and alleys, but here, it seems, something mure is needed. Grain Thai*?The schooner Thomas P Morgan arrived from Alexandria with bnsh els of wheat Hartley St Bro. The sales t>^Uy were 420 bushels prime red wheat at 91.65. ALEXANDRIA. Motck Opposition to tiii Stbbkt Rail ewap?Some complaint was made to the an per inUndent of police this morning of the driving of piles in Ring htreet dock for the use of the street railroad, but that officer declines inter t'ering. saving that the city council had given the railroad company authority to build their road and that he could not interfere witli them as he was certain they would uot go beyond their privilege. l; k uari> Ctk. of New Orleans, who has late ly Iteen discharged from prison in which he has been confined as a convicted kukltix, passed through here last night, stopping at the City Hotel. When arrested he was in prosperous circiMii.tancen. but he expended his whole for tune in his effort to effect his release Uatette, 21c i W. CITY ITEMS. New ax?:>fl In the Ready-made, Furnishing order departments at a considerable reduc tion from opening priccs. One price only. Geo. C. Hkvninu, 410 7th street. PrnoE oft tub horrid htxors or thk blooi? by a dose or two of Ayr's Pitii, and you will have clearer liea?ls as well as bodies. ro,w,f&w Many scppkii rather than take nauseon* R tdicme; iukI this is not to be wondered at, as the remedv Ls often worse than the disea. 3. Surterers from coughs, colds, iufiaenza, sore throat, or tendency t? consumption, will find in Lh-. Wittar't Hnltam oj ITiti Cktrry a remedy as agreeable to the palate as effectual inreinovir^ disease. 0 Likk thb Elbctkio TBtBORAPH? ^enfaur Liniment has been a long time coming,?but what a work it is now dolus. The halt and lame, sore and wounded, are Titerallj throwlne away their crotches. Rheumatism and s.ilf joints ore banished, and damb beasts cry out for Jot. One trial tells the story, and explain* the whole thing. eo5 Take Cabb ow Yoca Valuables?Call and examine the fire and burglar proof yarn its of the Safe Deposit Company, oorner of New York avenue and 15th street, for safe keeping of securities, jewels, silver ware ?r other valu ables. Rents from ten to sixty dollars per an num, according to size. No business man can afford to do without them. Take warning from Uu Chicago tmd Botton JLret. Brmuaa from Co ens, Bunions, Bad Nails, etc., find Immediate relief at Dr. white's establishment, No. 53S 19th street, opposite C. S. Treasury. The treatment often effects a perfect cure, even In extreme cases, if none hot suitable shoes are worn. tr Pond's Extract emres muattn, bans, lies nlMM ? plies, ulcers, toothache, sore throat, sprains, scalds, soreness, okl sores, headache, colic, lameness, bruises, bolls, wounds, neuralgia, hoarseness, diarrhoea, and all heamrrhagee, etc. Pond's Extract differs from all other advertised preparations in the fact that it is a standard medicine, treated of In medical writings, aad known to be a core for these fitnesses m,th,s,tf Tueoo-Russian Baths; aise, Medicated Va C Baths, for all akin disease, at Dr. Shedd's, K street 6,20,* Willoox A Gibb's hbwin* Maosinb. The selebratod Baaaar Patterns. Agency at Chas Baom's hoopskirt and eossst factory, Tth street, [ntalligsncse Bnilding. ^ 10 j| Thb oomruNiTT at targe appreciate the nsa "ulness of ginger's Sewing Machine. 1,0 TmBiMirm aad BarometetN are repaired md made to order by Hemplsr. near 1873 "*"?1873 or 8UMMEB STYLES or BLACK ALFAOA 00AT8, DRAB D'ETB GOATS, ? DIAGONAL MOBAIB COATS, FBBBOH BBBGB COATS, LIGHT 00L0RJED 8TB1PKD ALPACA OOATS A* STRAUS, the Clothier, 1011 PK&NSTLTAN1A AVBNUB, Between 10th and 11th ^PRACTICAL TRUNK] manufactory. KKOOUBAOK BOMB MAMUFAOTUBBI TRUlfKa BBPAIBBD AMD OOYBBBD. JAMBS S. TOPUAM * CO., HARNM8S, SADDLE AND TRUNK MANV FACT OR SUM, Mo. ?8? BITBITB STKBBT, ?ext to Odtf Follows' BaU. Bave a large choice steak of goods la thstr line, -? of all the OM Stead >el? 4B* Tth <rest. neat to Odd FoBows' Ban. paVM..^wJU ? J hk WBAKF, /sst tf fct sU P mnm*. OO0D8 <?1 7th TOCM GEORGETOWN AflTFRTHEMESTH. i "OT TMPS. DOWL1NO. Amtionesr; G?r?<i*wn PI'RIMfTOIT SALE OF TAlT^BLI It PhOVIP 'i>PUTI OX THIRD HTKKKT. NEAR *TT* ?TRr*T. AT *T T|mM ^ OtTUI9PAT,J?if m .I H5? will nil at public ancti u. ?n ?h? premise', tiv ?Hkii W?, front-ng *' f*1 ti ?h- son?h nd? ?' *? street, between Fayette ai?d Lingaa streew.bra deprtiof l?? feet. Ibpw""*! *,r ? trs st.ry brb k dw ellirg houf, w ith rrani ?'*!>!". TVrn? One-third cash: Mtwttal and Ilmn'h*. with interest at a ured b* l ???' ?: un*t ?n th* jropertr 0*?viw?r*ii< in#: %f th- c r,,r rh*?*?r. A df of |Mu ?? Pr r,fcrt* ? > "Im "C* THOM AS DOWLINd, A?cu D1 TH08. DOWL1NG Auctioneer; G- rgiloWw. TBl'hTEES" SALE OfTaLUABIE IMPROVED PBOI'ERTT AT AUCTION, SITCATED ON riRST ST RE ST, GEORGETOWN. IB? <iituf nf ?<ImI BoTmiH SHb. k?l, recorded in Liber ???, tV Iin4 records of Washington ( nwitj, D < and by direction of the party seonre?1 thrirbv . w? will ifll u pnblic suction ..n the on W EI? KEM) AT. June IMh.KI.ti * ?%!?** r m . all (kit piece or p?rcfl of groom! tsd it Georgetown. D. C .known xi tJh- public r'?; >r p an thereof, anl its MllltlniM. u and Ix-in* p?rts .>f ! ?t? DwkrM one ha wired aul *???.( WC i, on? h?in dred and eight,<108one hundred and ?in?il<#'. and one hundred at?i ten.< llul. in Beatty A H<w kin' Mtditlui to U*?rf?<<'wn. contwni<d within th? following deecriptw, namely: B ginning on First streot, ninety,(W> fewt tarl ft..n? Fred-rick nr-?t, and running thence w twenty w^??n if' feat. the?f north one hutidr-d and i > <f U> alley leading to Frederick street. theuce ? ?l m< ?aid alley twenty seven < J7 i f?*et, an I tk*w* (Pitt, one hundred sixty-eigbt f?H toth? tx'flnnin* oi First street; also, the stable, on th- north aid- o' ?aid alley In the rear ot said pfiin**, tx-ia? th' ra>l<mn? *t but one of the range of brick stall. ? un th? north side of ?aid alley. Trrno.ta prescribed bv said deed: ?4->". with b' per cent. Interest from SoyemUrBth.liiTl. tog th ? with the *xpent-* of this sale ta ra?h. halan"-?> n * and 12 months, secured by notes bearing iaterw! an a deed of trust on the prop-rty. d wu Wie the property l? ?trwk off If the t- rail of ?al ar not coiubIN with wttbin live daya. th? tru<i* ? re?erv-th<* right to resell ike pr >pert? nt the an'! cost of th? defaulting pur< tia-?r. Co#v?, an ia at pnrchaaerncoat. R P DOTKIE, p. A PABNr.ll,I,E.\Trn ^ j?IO d THOMAS POWLISa. Au t. S^THK ABOVE SM.E IS POSTPONFO nntil BATI KI'AT. Jun<- Ul. ??r ti ?ur an'l place I P.BOMIt, i Triul?M P. A. DARNEILLE.< TrUfcm' jelSd THOS. DO^'LIKO, Aact. Bu^TnE ABOVE SAKE IS FI'BTHER P<'ST Pt?NEI? until TCESPAT. Jnne U4. ?am- h <ur and ylaoc. By order of the T"i"t-e. X.' DAKNEILLE < *r-ul,M j?fl d THOM AS POWLIWO. An?-t ^UMFKCTIOMKST ANH ICK CREAM. My new COMFECTIONERT STORE AND irE OEEAM PARLORS are now open. All are mvit-d to inapect them and try the delicious Croama ai l Fruit Water Ir?a. with choice Cake; all m?le trn th<-very be?t matt-rial and aervod Id the m-wt el' grant style. Parties and Wedding* promptly ftirnis'iM <i all of the latest rty lea J C. NICHOLS. jel9 tf Succ> ascr to Wtu R. Wallace, ?? H ;gb *t. r|vHE FALL BISH IS COM INC. Tha present lon^, warm day* la the b?*t time for my work. So, Ia<llea and Rents, brfne In >*"nr Fall aad Winter Go.-ds at onc?; thus, by a\ >iditig the mi ?voidabla delay in the execution of onlera duritir stirb a rash of busineaa aa wa aspect to Wave this fall, your goods will be nicely cleaned or re-dy-J, and carefully kept for six months, if d?*ired. Charges ntooerate. Term? Invariably C. O. D. W. H. WHIATLIT, FRBM1UM STBAM VYKIMU AND 8COCK J\0 ESTABLISHMENT, A9 Jetteraon Stre-t; 0??org?t >wn, D. C. Office open from a tn. until snusot. j, io-tr I^XTRAOEDINART PAKUAINS IN DKT Plain and 8tripe<l Grenadines. Japanese Silk*, at Mr., worth 7V. Beautiful Goods for r<a<tin^, at ?. ST and 8^. Victoria Lawns, from 2UC. un; Pi.|ties. IS t.> Bxtist and Snitms-. ail shades. \*rj cheap Striped and plaid White Fr< nch Organdie*. Black Alpacas and Mohairs, a specially. A large stock of Go ids for Men's and Boy's wear Ladies' and Gents' Gauze Under Veata. Call and buy real bargaias of . BENJAMIN MILLEB. W.C tr 101 Bridge street, Georgetown COAL AND WOOD. ^jOTKK OF DISSOLUTION. j The co-partnership her-tofore existing titvl^r the name and style of JOSEPH H. A A. FALCONER is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The COAL and WOOD BCSIN ESS will hereafter be conducted by JOSEPH H FALCON KB, wbr as siimes all bnsiness of the late firm, and will oiler great iuducenients to parties purchasing for caab. JOSEPH H. FALCONER, jL-lw WOV Masaachuaett-i aveane. Q L. SHERIFF^ Oh EVEKY DESCRIPTION. Office: 3JIB Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and <S streets. Depot and Mill, Sixth street wharf. Potomac river. Fair price and honorable dealings. *y> lm" COOLIJTG WOHBS. BE COMFORTED?CHEER UP. READ TDIS ANNOUNCE*EXT and be iiArrr. Simmer Clothing IK IM11EXSE QUANTITIES. Summer Clothing ?T EXCEEDING LOW PUICES. |1 fl.dO ?8 (KM ALPACAS, SERGES, SEERSCOKKRS, LINENS, ONM DOLLAR TO FtrA' DOLLARS. DBAP D'ETIS, DUCKS, FLANNELS, NUNS CLOTHS, STRIPED DIAGONAL PLAIN. LASGE8T STOCK, BE8T STYLES, LOWEST PRICES WHITE GOODS WHITE GOODS. WHITS VESTS, WHITE PANTS, WHITE SUITS. TACHT CLOTHS AND LIGHT CABSIMERES. EIGHT DOLLAR SUITS, TEN DOLLAB SUITS, FIFTEEN DOLLAB SUITS. ?a 110 11* ? 18. 9*9 TBBMENDOUf STOCK. BXTBAOBDINABT INDUCEMENTS Bors BUMMBB COATS, loimium, Off ? DOLLAR TO F1TM D9LLAAB. BOX'S WHITE GOODS, BOY'S WOOLEN GOODS. HO BJEBKBYATION. % . ALL WILL BB SOLD. ?T LOW rBICBS. COME Aft ONCE MAKE MAEQAJWM. FAEB1ONAMLM TAILORS, mi Mmmaii PMMMMFMPM trtJTK ?#?'##?* ,4 1 AT ron'i~iR mMCEB Locknood, Huffy 11 TajrUr, 6^3 rEXmmiSU AVKNte, Arc receiving large aAdlnoM of rv?<r mildMirtl k G<~-d? In *arh drpulmrtt, partu niarl) adapted for th? itmoi, at prtc ? to ?uM tbe tub ?4 *11. ? LADIES' DRESS DEPARTMENT, S?<aad Floor. lOO BK(>? N LINKS SUITS, at ?7410 I oo ?? at f ?jao L?0 ? - ' ? aft. ??.U0 100 44 " " at IUJ4 *<?0 " 44 " at. |UI? (?! 1HWBITILAW9 *? at ??.) 100 ?? ?? ?? at $5W io? ? a? t*ay l?? ? 44 ai *?tW <00 44 ?' " fr m ? 10 to PS3 SO 100 COLOKED 44 ?' fr ?n %VM Hi V Hint I A* N WEAPPIIUi l?& MiI LOO I1ATB1K roLOKAISB and BfcltlNOOTES from ... flu to $aj LOO WH1TL LAW fit POLOWAl >K tr m f S 75 to ? ta.oa 100 BBOU N LISKN MLO.NAIMl J BBDIN GOTKS fr m ?f ? i Sls.dC Eady-made I>DEK0ARME*TS far iO dorm L&di*K? CotUw SKIRTS. with nt ttKk*. only. ? .... Ff o?i.i? 0 0 44 4 4 44 with uiti* tuck*, only? f 1 is OO 44 " " Willi l?<'lrt to<k?, ? - 1 M ud a fell IIm of ?Kt BTS, tucked, pla>U-<1 aad no feroltlored. from |l.4i(u #? < arh, ?itb "i?. proved ?print Land " OS d<ren LaAnV OoUun OH Kill SB*. wftB oo ?** * *V?o OO 44 44 Willi faf S# 1* lao ? complete. Una of Plain, Xackwl, buffed, Plaited, and ba(DUovi?lr Embroidered, at pricea from ?1 OS to #3 J*4 00 docen LaJioa Cutloa I>RAMBRB, tacked, at 1 Pic-ota no dozati ? ? m comU DO donen mm m fl rn lee a larye Tartctj of olegantlr trlamxd, at prtaag ranging fr wn (] 2> to S? Car stork of FBEKCH UhPEBWBtB H r-ploU 1 h all the elegant d~?goa In CHKIMHBH, I>BIW K8, MUUI UBEBSB3, a?i BBESSlBli kCQUBS. F0R im fasts. '? mention a few of tbe but daatrabla SooSg tc be f<>nnd In thi* Dpartmat : IFABTS' FLANNEL BANDS. LANNEL SKIBTS; Lain and Baibroid-red CAMBBIC KK1KTS; lata, Tuckel aad Brol>coldered SLIP*; BESSES, Ui great variety; BRISTKNINQ B0BB8; tiAW LB, Plaia and Embroidered; AOQUBS; LOBQ COATS, WOOL BOOTS; BBIBO SHOES and SATIN KMB BOOTS; CBSBBT BASKETS; PILLOW BLIPS; flTLALBD BIBS; NCBSEBY PINS; OWDEB PCPP BOXES AMD PUFFS; KAWEKS, BCBBEB HAPklNB. LA UB CAPS. FOE CULDRIRi SMS Year* at A|e| KIBTS, CHEMISES. D&AWEBS; MET DBBSS KB; u&biic, Piijae and Ltnen DBKS^KS; ottos, PI?M and Swiaa APBONS, ACQUBS, ia Clotk, Fiaaoal ak Pi?M; UIBT WAITS; CAPS; DM BOBBKTS and STBAW HATS; Via MS PfcM OVBB BBESSBS. k ! w fc m OLRAI BOTSL BUNS* a - # ? ?? ^ ' *F? ? ' - * m-w

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