Newspaper of Evening Star, June 24, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 24, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. l'W*DAT .Jwn* ?l, 197*. LOCAL NEWS (MMifaM II Lm?|?. The U. A steamer Fortune has gone into com mission at the t?n yard. The interesting annual exhibition of the Preparatory I>t|>?rt?eiit of Columbian Cut versitv take* place to-nl^ht at Lincoln Hall. The *teamer Ohio arrived ?Wj at Rr*men ?t Sat nr.lay Iwt. with Mr. W. J. T/Owe, of this eity and oilier WMhingtonlane on loard; all VtB. iiornelias Brosnahan, a messenger in the fth a*lit?r>office, filntM In the Treasury build ing this morning, and was rrmordl to his home ir a carriage. Captain W. I^eMotf. commanding company F. Irt regiment S. fi . entertained hii com maud with a banquet at the Imperial Hotel last night. Mount Calvary Ommandery of Knights Templar*, ot thia city, accompanied by the National band, left to-day for Lvnchburg, Ya . to meet the Grand Lodge of Virginia. TLe appropriation for the Criminal Court available for the present fiscal year l.? ex hausted. and ht nee there is no money available to pay juror*. witnesses. Xr., until after the 1st of .Inly, when the new focal vear begin*. The commencement exercises of Columbian Vniversity take? place at Lincoln Hall to-raor eow. an.t those of Georgetown College at that college on Thursday. The commencement ex ercises of the National Peat Mute College will be held at the institution, Kendall Green, at 3 p. m. to-morrow. .Mr. koppitx, leader of the Globe Theater orchestra. Boston, d.ed at tlM Victoria Hotel, 8t. John's, N. B.. last Sunday of diabetes. Ilia deith was quite sudden. "Mr. Koppiti was well-known in this city, having liwn for some tme. leader of the orchestra at the National Th? ater. Mr. J. W. Tarter, of thla city, lately in the employ of Messr*. Bice Bros, photographers, h*? be^n appointed photographer to accompany the expedition to the ar-tic region* in the Tigress. He accompanied I>r. Kane in his re searches to ward* the |>ole. Yesterday, Mr. Ga'chel arretted Tgnat'nc Fletcher on the charge of whipping an old crippled Lors? while being driven it a rapid gait to a cart. The case was taken before Justice riarke. who ini|?o*ed a tine of *5 ami cost*. Mr. Gatchel took charge of the animal. a Couarm Slater has addre?M<1a letter to Mr. Guln-k. of the Council, stating that the report that he (S'ater had statcl that if the tax ease was avoided he could do with half hi* offlco Ibree 1.* incorrect. He has stated that if the business of bis off re was confined slmidy to the collection each year of the taxes levied for that year, and the keeping of the necessary accounts connected therewith, the work would be com paratively easy, and the business of the offieo could be transacted with much less than one half the force employed daring the past year, which t as averaged nine besides himself. He also says that the next four to six months will be employed in the collection ot the next year's taxes, an<l inis* the certificates required by the reeent act of the Legislature, which latter dntv will involve much more labor (quite double than that of preparing and completing the ordinary tax sale by the peculiar construc tion of the act. The receipts of money for lieerse- aud idling certificates of deposit oc cupy tV whole time of one capable clerk dur.og the greater part of the vear. ? lMr??*T\*T TO THE Se:*I>EK? OF TltATt siest Mail Matter ?For the special bene fit of transmitting paper*, book*, pe riodica'*. Ac., thr-mgh the mail* we are agiif i re- ue*-t?d br the city postmaster to state tha' i all transient pijtr-' and periodicals urist bt prepaid at The rate of one c* nt for ev? ry two j ounce*: and th-*t all books and merrh indlse (tho latter b-mg limited to twelve ounces), m ist bo I repaid a* the rate of two cents for every two ounces. All unpaid or underpaid matter of this character placed in any po.?t )*fl -e is not'?nitted to i's destination, the law miking it obligatory upon the postmaster to destroy it. hlany persons are UTider the impression that if tfcev p iv onlv a part of the postage their tran sient r.arter will be forwarded an 1 the differ ence paid by the receiver, but this is a mistake. The above rules do not applv to papers and periodicals regulartv forwarded rrorn the office of publication. In "this case the postage can be paid quarterly by the subscriber at the rates fixe*! by law. ? PREfAFATIOX* FOR Ca*t Mert?xo The executive committee ot the Washington Grove A sociation held a meeting at the Foundry M. E. Church last evening. Dr. F. Howard, pres'.d It was resolved to improve the new camp Meeting ground near Kockville, by digging wells, erecting booths, ?c., in order to be ready for the camp meeting on the 13th proximo. The commit'?* also resolved to call upon the stockholders for one-third of the cash value of ? I sto-'k in their possession in order to defray ?he necessary expenses of paying the first instal ment on the laud and the improvements to be made. Dr. Howard stated that arrangements had been made with the railroad officials to charge onlv seventy-five cento for round trip tickets on important occasions, and in view of this it was agreed to have a grand picnic on the ?th of Julv. and that all the Methodist churches in the District be Invited to join. Sub-o?tumit t**s have been appointed to ascertain the im provements to be made, with the cost of the MM. Prvtic f?rR?>vKHR?iTS.? The suoerinten I ent ot ?treets has been directed to let the pump at the corner of nth and O street* rema n, and the ?>iie on t'th street, between M and N streets northwest, and connect the drainage with the ?ewer. The Board of Public Work* have directed that a wooden foot-bridge be constructed over the water-conn* at P and 1st streets northwest. The board have decided not to park lJth street until next fall, when gas and water will be .ntnd-jred in that street. The superintendent of sewers has been di rected to clean the sewer-traps of all filth, and make a free use of disinfectants. ? The C< vmrrcial Busiix.*s Collnoa Pno JWCT?An adjourned meeting of geutlemen interested in the establishment of a business college was held last night, Mr. O. D. Barrett, chairman. Gen. Howard stated that at the last meeting be had appointed Messrs. Wm. Stick, ?cy. Dr Tiffany, and .Fohn F Cook a commit tee to prepare a plan of operations, to be sub mitted at this meeting. Mr. Stickney bad de clined to serve on the committee, on acoount of basinets engagements, and Dr. Tiffany request ed te be sxensed from serving. Me*sr?. Spen cer ard Sharret* were appointed to till the va ?anci< s. Y. M. C. A?A special meeting of the V. M. C. A. was held last night, when the following were elected delegates to the international con vention to be heUl in Poughkeepsie, NY...Inly L ?' ^?ou?*f R- G. Olcutt, Elphon*o Youa'jf*. B. F. Window, Dr. J E. Carpenter, O^n. O. O. Howard. Wm. Stickney, K. S. Crawford. H. E. Woodward, and H. T. Wkie. The above.with Rev. <1. A. Hall, general secretarv, and F. H Smith, president, will represent the associa tion in the convention. v DisrKT*m*o TBI CtTT?Some seven C\KL< have been kept busy last night and to-day carrjingont and distributing slacked lime and Other disinfectants in the northwestern, south eastern and sonth western portions of the citr ami on Capitol Hill and Murder Bay. Every thing that can be done bv the Board of Health is now going on in all its departments to keep the city in a thorough sanitary condition Sot a case of cholera or anvthing resembling it has been rejorted to-day to the Board. BrtLi>m<; Pcrm its have been issued as fo! low*: ?Mr. Sohultz. one-ftory fr:ime,r*>rMr 3th am 1 D -treets sonthea*t; romelius Carty, two atory frame, ^t, Vetween K and L streets north, ea-t: O. Graaes. J three-story bricks, B, be tween 2d and 3d, northwest; F. H. Morgan, 2 two-story frames, 6th street, between M and X, do . I.. >. Gannon, one and-a-half-story frame ?table, corner 15th and L, do.: J. X. flueiler ?wc story frame stable, Kast Capitol, between 3d and 4th street*. Tw* race at Piney*Branch yesterday be tween C. Hopper's horse, Honeet John, and O. gj*11!1*!1" ?orT?1 ??are. Ked Bird, wm for Sleo. hes* three in five, and wm won by Honest John ib three straight heats. Time: 3.12. S O! *. ><?*? After the main race a "scrub" tooa place net ween two roa.1sters of *hls viclaity? Wui J <^!;OWn<^1.b7 VS" Ari??n,*n<l Stock hridge Chief, owned by Shipley. Dick Harris won in two straight heats. Two Ma Imcud bt tbb Pall of a 8caf K>LO.?Yesterday about 3-? p. m , two carpen ters named respectively John Ford and wm. Bb0b, fell from a scaffold of the new Baptist Church, now being erected on Vermont avenue, between 6 and K streets, northwest- Ford's arm wm dislocated, and one of Bafln'e ribs was broken. Drs. Van A mum and Beall rendered the surgical asetstanoa.^ . Bbal Fstatr Sales^As following tales have been made since our last report B* Oreen a Wtllisms, aef^lonewn-A small farm ef vain able trrrk land Ib Washiagtnu coantr. aa tMlowa - Tea scree, at ??* .rr acre, to Hsary Yuaht, sad ihim acrse, wtta impr?esm?ats, to VifTiam HartBiailrr, for ?7 JM. Br^lMjjicaBscB, Oowljag I Ce^aaetie?sib? Foe Tblb Staidiss Tit CUINMU Vimtuu, at Wall's Opera House, made a Mod tmpramtoa last Mght, ? " piAB ecccntriUDee mach betMr than the aver age Several Aatttrwof tha ] psrtkularty g?od. TMH UfteUUn A?Mmbly. COl'HCIL.?Tbe Countil was i with prayer Twttrdtr afteraooa by the rkapiain. Tbr following Huum kiiU w?n read t second time ? ltd referred to 'he appropriate mmittm ?Msk tnt an appropriation for the W m?u'i Christian tmirlaiK u; forth# l*IWnf (). J. Mi?nr and ?thars; , in relation to meaeurera aud ma-kern-I lumber lor the r it lea of W eahtngton and 0' erwetowa, making , an appropriation f->r the erection of a sev wall; for the turrkWuf ? site and the erection of a police : statCn in the 7th polio# precinct, l?th legislative district; for the relief of Hamuli Ceas. for the relief et John Newton Berryman; making an appr. prla- 1 ticnt-- pa) James O Ciephaoe for aervicesfor re port! n* pr -ceedinga before Congressional committee on District of Oolnmbia in regard to harbor im provement*; making an appropriation to pat W. CMirei * Oo.for material furutshed th? l>istri?-t f:ov?Tnm*nt. to anthorize the ?overnor of-the Dt< rlet to appoint an additional number of uetaries public: In relation to tax-sale certificate* io^ or de stroyed; aafl making appropriation to pay for the inrte) of the Potomac > bantj. l. Tbe following Council hills wwy referred: Fixteg the time within which app?al* may be taken from the jn.tirmenta -f justices of the peace; and to amend M art amendatory of "an act relating to justices <n the peace of the District of Columbia;'" also, Onuncil ;oint resolution Wo. J, for tbe appointment of a coin mission in relation to cmnty affairs. Iloaae bills were severally read a first time, aa fol- i Iowa: Anth-.riling the Ooveeao* to open and insti tute proceedings for the < piling of Potomac street to Sri, <??? rget- an; for th< relief of Samuel Herman; niak ing an appropriation for the "ui**n * H npital i and Lying-in Aaylnm; for the relief of Thomas L Cropley; in relation to normal et boois in the District of Colombia; in relation to companiea; to pre-ciibe the metled of collecting fines and ponnl tissfortbe vi lation of law sal irdinancee f the District of Columbia; to reiinbutse pr >perty-b ld?rs . n Pepn-ylvante, Indiana and L .ulsiana aventvs for wiHwVn pavements laid on *id svenne-; to prevent the introduction and sprwa.1 of infectious and conta giou- di-e?ses; fur the better protection of the lives <f tho*? engaged in mechanical pursuit*; for thf relief . f Etnm.irt. Dunbar A C?.; for th" relief of E. r M r?eht*;f r thereii.f .f Robert Strong ?< >.; for the relief of Ardreiv Kl>? *? w-ki; Hn*"' joint resolution rec< Binonding certain chauges in tin organic act of the District of Colombia Mr. UuIick, from the c< mmitfee on public work*, at <1 pioperty, reported bark Council bill N>>. *>S, authorizing the closing and extension of certain al!e * and f**r oiher pnrp ????; pawo d. Mr, Bro k*. from the comm !ttf <>n rlaim?, re ported bai k Council bill making an appropriation t- pav 1 N Bnrritt for ad\<Tti?ing in tlt? Sunday Hnnlil; pa'eed. Mr Biooka, from the conference committee on the dieagrseine *?>te# to Council bi'l 15 (tax bill) re p. it, ; Tlit;I thev had failed to tee, ;?ii<1 a?ktd that th'1 k -nmittee be dUohare>M acl a new committee on the pnrt of the Conncil appointed The chair ap point. ?! Me-cra. Thompson. Galick an J Oedney. Mr. Bro<*a, fr.'tn the committi-e on Washington, G?-< rgettwn. and connty affaira, reported back Conncil bill S > 61, regulating sab-H In rertauranH, eating honaes, bar-room?, munplf-rooma, ice-cream i ?alo. na, and *<*l?-fotintato roons providing for poeiirg up the ordinary prireafor which xaleti eball or may I* made in ?aril efltablialim< nts, requiring all reepectable and well beha\?d pera ?na to be accomo dated in (aid establishment* at said pricee, and pro li.ltng p>BHliiea for a disregard of so? h regulation*, or to f?cnre the enforcement of this act, with slight amendment#, which were agreod to, and the b.ll 1 11" use bill. Ho *9, in relation to th<- aale aixl rent of tlall* in the Eastern market ?as returned from the 1J. u-e with the Conncil amMidtmnts non-con curred in, and waa referred to the committer* on Com cil bill, No. 3. providing f >r the extending of Potomac street, in the city of U'orgetowu. was re turned from the House with an endinnnts. and w as referred to the committee on public work* and pr^p * Mr. Gedney introduced a concurrent resolution, *lth a preamble, in which tin- ueceesity for addi ' tio ial light-housee and bnoya on th? Potomac river is fully aet forth, and instancing the grounding of I the steam frigate rr-dic off Matthias Point, w here she has been lying for the past two weeka. Th? ree | olution request* our Pelegaie In C >ngrea? to urge, i at the earliest opportunity, the importance of so I .nipro?ing the river in the erection of light-h 'Usej and buoys and dredging that ac-idi?nts of a similar | ch >r uter.that have been fremieut, may not again occur. Adjourned. HOUSE OF L>ELEQAT?d.-The II >nse met at S o'clock. Mr. Trimble, fr m the comniittee on laws, ro p it.-J bills to fix the time in *hich aop'-als fr.ra I jnsti< >? d?cl?i ns may be taken; ?n 11 > amend act in I , n laii t . Jisticea of p<ace; r>-ad a second time. Mr. \ermi lion.from tli? comaiittee on Di-trict I ' tiff. ? ra, reported bill reauirir? tla' a confirmation . ?,f offli ers of th" I>i?trict government by the L-gisla tin* A? into> ; |. ad a second 11tu. Mr. Cnmptk-11? Mr. lluiae in the chair) called up H- joint rea dution relenting that certain rhang. ? be made in the organic not so as to enlarge tberikht of suffiage. and addr .-need tlio II .use at rot e length In ta?orof the bill. Mr M'Kniebt moved that the remarks of ths ?p. alser be jrimed, agi??d to. The r.-aclution was ailopted; veaa, 17: nay*, 0. Mr. IIulse called up bill to extend M street, from N II avenae toUet ftreet, whi< b was p taa.-d. Mr. MKi.ight called up bill f? r the relief of Clias. H Hidden to pav for newer laid at lita own expense. Tlti? bill was debated f..r soma length an 1 pasa-s|, yeas. It; nays, M.-ssra. Clagett, Dyer, Sinoot and | Trin?bl??4. Mr. f 'arro 1 called np bill for the relief of W. H. B'<i hour, to pay for damages to property overflowed, a&d it was paased. Mi Carroll called np bill for the relief of the heir* 1 of Joseph W. Beck and Mary A. Arnold; pas*"d. | Mr. Hnlae offered resolution that the Com<nitte<' ? on charmea be discharged from further considera , tton ? f the petition of . O. D -unison and other* in re'? ion to the laa of cov?r.ure: agre.-d to. The c.'Liideration of tlm bill f rihe relief of D. E. Davenport was re?um.-d, on motion of Mr. Shep herd, wh? appealed to Sir. 8?oot to withdraw bis amendment to the bill providing that the approval of th- engineer be had on each Item of extra charge before tlie money la paid. He uig?d that aa other 11 is of this character had pas---d and were before the Council, il would be unfair it thia bill did not go wi'h th* others. Mr Bnioot remarked that he waa willing to acc-im m<slate his friend, and as he aaw no pr'.sp-.-ct ot tar r> i it his ainendm-tit he with<lrew it. The bill waa then paased. Ye?.s?Mesara. Berry, Brewer. Carroll, Cbaae, Herbert. Hnlae, Hunt, McKnii:ht, Shepherd, Taliafero, Vermillion, and Va I?12 S'ays?Me?rs Clagett, Dyer, Lome, Mur ray, Sinoot, and TrimWe?<. The bill for the relief of R 8. Catapbell (of the ?xnie charxc er aa the preceslicg bill) waa paaao.1, the v. te t? mg the aame aa above, eacept that Mr. la -ng lid not vote. Mr Hubert c*lle>l up bill for tha relief of John M- Ew). and it was pasted. On in tion-of Mr. Shepherd the Conncil ameiid m n' <tut.etitnte)to bill to putchaae a lot and a new engine-houae for Columbia engine company. No. 3, ?v nor.-conrurred io, and a committee! of confer ence tt< ra>iuested; the v ot em the aubatitute Imiuir: Y- a??M'-s-rs. Murray,8m s>t and Wall?3. Na\ Messrs Berry .Brewer, Brown, Chase, Dyer, Hu bert. Hulae, Hunt, Long. McKnigtit, Taliaf- ro, Trimble, and Vermllllen?13. tHI nEFiriE.XCT BILL. Mr. Hnlae called npbill to provide for deficiencies in the appropriation for the ordinary and contin gent expeuave of the government, au<J the amend ment* were considered .xriaJim. While the bill was peadiug Mr. Murray raised the roihttbat the Conncil had adjourned, and having u derstood froaa Dtnil?ra that the Council intended to set but two days more, it was impoasible to Ba?a ttaae bills. He suggested that the appropriations m<ght be aaved if the Conncil bills wers acted on. It wae true that auch bills ought not to ha\e origl t at*-d in the upper >onae, but thert waa Dome excuse because the hills were not reported to the House until a few day a ago. Mr Miephrrd said the members of the House ebocli! d<> their duty, and if the Council defeated the appropriations, the people would know where to place the reeponalbllity. Mr H'.lai- said that there had been an implied nn de-*:and:ng that the Council intenle<l to take a recess, bnt they had adjourned, and it was plain to *ee that they did ao for the purpose of forcing the House to art on their bills. He, for one, would not be driven after having, in committee, apent ao much time .'n the bills?19 houra on one stretch?and hoped the H> ose would consider these bills and let the re ap* naibility rest where it belongs. Several ameadmenta were adopted, among them S appropriating )I.UI0 for the militia, and the was pasted, Mr. Hunt only voting in the nega tive. Mr. Wall, from the committee on laws, reported bill ?intrnluced by Mr. Shepherd) relating to the registration of voters, which waa read a second time. The bill making an appropriation to defray the ordinary and o.ntingeiil expenses was taken Bp aud amend >d. Mr I'rell offered an amendment appropriating #14.0*t0 to conph-t* the market at the corner of 3d and H streets, which was ailopted. Mr. I'rell moved to amend by inserting 98,001) tor the militia; adopted?Teas 13; nays, Messrs. Berry, Clagett, Hunt, and Trimble-4. The Houae took a recess ni.til 10 o'clock this morning. TMaj't PrafeedlBga. The H'-uae reassembled at 10o'clock this morn '"Council bills makiag appropriations to pay th*? ?alariea of offlcera; relating to ri-atauranta;to cancel tax tiileto pnblic alley in square 449; joint resolu tion for purchasing the Washington aud ftockvilla turnpik>-, and prescribing the datiesof certain olll cer?, were severally each read a first time aud re ferred. Mr. Tal!af?ro, from the committee on fire depart ment, reported till* to build a stable for No. 6 en gine company, and for the relief of John W. Walker. Mr. Dyer called np Houae bill to encourage manu facturers by exempting all property and capital uaed in manufacture from general taxation for ten years, wbi< b waa amended by addiag a proviso that the pr petty so employed shall not be valued at lsaa than tVlOO, and passed. THE l,0>n.EASA.vr?IC*s" II1WUS TBI TWO houses Murray said that ke felt impelled to ?rg? that the Hons* appropriation bl'ls be laid aside, and I the Conncil bills be taken up, for reasons hs then tor voauvii wiim iwm iui irHvoi uv mnu gava. He made a motion to taks np the Oouccil ap propriation bills, stating that ha understood that in no eveut would aa extra aeaaioa of the Legislature be called Mr Hulae said that never was a man so bad b?t be had a friend, bnt be waa surprised to lad on the floor aa apologist for tft* Infamous conduct of tha upper houae last night. Tbay had aaea enough last seaslcn, and it seemad that tha Boose had been obliged to viaid so much, until bow the upper hoase treats tha u-i " " i.? er h ' um if lis/ vera obliged to aa dorse what is paased a bore. Aaoat tha only coarte *y they have received froaa the apper house is foand ia the aessagss from that bady, delivered ia such a * ? ?r. Ht 81 ntlemanly way by the clerk. Hia (Mr. Hnlas's) lea waa to perfect thses bills, and wben the Cobb cil till* are taken up to drita oat all after tke en acting claaae. and Insert the body of the House billa. They w ild then have to have a committee of coa fereres,?nd be for one would remain in committee until noon on Thursday before he would give la Mr Mnrrav. with tha understanding that the House wtuld adopt tbe conras indicated, withdrew bis asotton. Mr. Mcknight renewed the motion, and addreaaed the Bouse, saying it was high tram that they as serted their rights hare. SOMI PLAIV TAJ.I. Mr. Smoot rewreped this detato?the attacks upon the Council. He denied that the reap<)nsiblhty was on tbe Council, hat W waaoa tha Hoase. It* aa sham a that tha Council bad to paw tbe appro pria tioa bil's snd a^ad them to.tke House, fte raaaon why the Hoaas had apt perfected those bills was be cause their tine had IMM taken with claim bills. up th* Ceuncil bills, amending them and sending them bark, so they may go into a committee of con ference. Mr. H*1a^ Mid that, after the elnonent defence of the appointing t?v th?< ??'iitU-utan, he ?h'int<l have closed with a Te?.>lution Scaring that aa the H"n? of Delegates *v of no u?e it ihould adjourn ?im 4u. As to dereliction of Inly. he thoanht it was abont enual h*t* ?en the .????mwitte*of way- and and toe committee on appropriations. Mr. MrK night moved that the further considera tion of tb? bill be postponed, to retain its place < n the calendar; lo*t. Mr. Brewer moved to strike oat the appropriation of ?#UjiiUU for the bow school bonne in Ge.icgetm? n Mr. Berry that the nchool-honse in that city was a necessity, aad defended the action of the trnftee* |n the matter, as children wore then an-1 are now suffering for want of achool arc mtu >da tl?n?. Mr. Brewer withdrew hi* motion. The bill war farther amended by adding an appro priation of 87.0H0 to purrhaae ground on C street, between 4th and Sth nortbeaut, and idjiniuv th" Creech building, on 12th street, between O and H southeast, for school purpose*, and reducing the appropriation for the Northern market from 93,fWO t< >jtl/??. and pa??'-il. Mr. Hulee called ap bill making appropriation for salaries of the officer* of the District of Columbia. Mr. Hunt moved to strike ont the appropriation of gt./TO for the treaaurer of the Board of Public Works: lo?t? Yeas? Meesrs. Berry. Brewer,Clagett, Hunt, Long, Bmoot, Trimble, aud the Speak er?9. Nays?Messrs. Brown, Carroll, Chase, Dyer, Herbert, Hulae, McKnight, Shepherd, Taliaferro. Vermillion and Wall?U. The salary of Intendant of the Washington asylnm was increased froai SrtWto ?i.2UU per, The aalary of the superintendent of schools of Washing ton and Georgetown we* made payable? #vo-*i*t:is by Washington and <?ne-sixth by Georgetown. The clans* appropriating ?St0 for the secretary and treasurer of county schools was stricken ont. The appropriating ?S0U each for the clerk* of the eastern and western markets was amended to iu clnde the clerk of the northeastern market The bill ?a* passed, Mr. Clagett voting in the neg ative. Mr. Hnlse railed tip bill to supply d-Scienei.-s in t ha salaries of officers, and it was passed. Mr.? h?*e called np bill making nn appropriation for the support of night schools under tne auspices of the Lincoln Industrial Mission: panes). Mr. Crell called tip bill creating the Thorough bred Live Stock Association, which *n- (ussed. Mr. Wall culled up bill forth* protection of parks and lawns. I Mr. Shepherd sfid the bill was very harsh, and it ] struck him that it was impractical Tnder it ns person con Id lend a horse across a grass plat with out obtaining a permit from the Board of Public Works, and the owner of a cat was liable to a lino if Li* ?r her cat walked on such plats. The bH! war laid over informally. Mr. Campbell moT(-d to reconsider the vote by which the bill to provide for deficiency in the bill providing for the ordinary and con'ingeut expenses of the District government was passed; agreed to, as also the third reading. M r. Campbell moved to ins rt an appropriation of $7,700 for the vaccine physicians; adopt-d. M f. Campbell moved to reconsider the vote by whi *h the ordinary and contingent appropriation bill waa passed and amend it so aa toibduet the amount approprlat *1 above from theB??.0 0 voted for ;ontjngent expenses of the B ard of Health. Agr?ed to. Both the billa were then read a third time aud passed. Ti e consideration of bill in relation toparki,to preyent trespassing, was resumed. M-. Dyer moved to amend by making it apply to public parks, which wn agreed to,and several ?*thor amendments were adopted, and the bill was passed. Tie House was still in session when our report closed. THE CATHOLIC SCHOOLH. Annual Distribution of Premiums. 6T. Vincent's. Tie annual distribution of premiums to the scholars of the St. Vincent's school took place this morning at the corner of loth nn<l ti street*, in the presence of a large assembly, comprising the parents an<l friends of the scholars. The exetcises consisted of vocal and instrumental niiuic, rendered in a manner highly creditable to tne pupils and the Sisters of Charity in charge. In addition to a careful training iti all the studies calculated to store the inind with uaefil kiiowl.slge, the pupil* are taught to make many articles of necessity in every household. Tue handiwork of Miss K. Holloran displayed itself in i beautiful piece if workmanship, it being a repre sent ?tion of Chri-t's transfiguration, exquisitely wrought in worsted, the colors bbiidiug in hartnou*, *nd making a picture tit to a lorn any parlor. To silk embroidered chairs were also noticeable,an I a varl ty of ?ilk and other embroidery work. Tnu orpl ana. numbering a>>. als > made a creditable exhibit of their work, in the ua> > f men's shirts a:id ladi?~?' underwear of all kinds. The displav of use ful articles lett no room for d>>nbt that St. Vincent's school isa hive of industry. Tiiere were three pu Si la graduated?Misses M.Drani,V. Dint aud M. [twtoll. I TH? A W A R II OF PREMir*S was as follows: Gold medals and cr m as forexcsl lenee in study and deportment?M. Drain, V. Dant, M.Newton, frown*?1st class?1st honors, M. D"ti ? h? e, M 1J> rue, K. J' >ce, M ( urran, I. Doty, A. | M Philips, M. Crown, K. Holloran, I 0-?rr?ll, E. McCarthy. 2d slaea?1st honors, 8. Maher, K. Mudd, M Carroll, 2d honors, M. Hollohan, M. Fran*, A. McDevitt, L Prarier. K. Waaney. K. MuluBin. 11 clae*? 1st honors, I Griffith, E. Back ley, J. Lin.ieban, J. K-nnedy, N. Br .-tiah in, 1 Fitzgerald.B Uyoes, 2.1 henora, K?ti? Joyce, M. Keidy, E. Sullitau, A. Barrett. J. Espu ta, C. Dawaou, M. Chapman. 4th class?lit hunors, J. Bur kit y, A Maher. A. Newt >i, L. L. Ciark?, ?. Donoh.s . E Wiae, M Snow, K. Krauskeopf, id honors, K . Carroll, L. 8pign? ll J. McNanara, K Huaa*-y, M. Clarke, A. Fitigerald, M. *? illy. H. Morgan. 61 h class? 1st honors, N. sarda, M. B'-r leby.j. Nailor.M. J.Cady. M Joyce, M. ?ea>ta, M. Hjnes, E. Geusta. A. Uarr-dl. J. Malateste, K. ltyau, C. Schutter, A. Driactdl; II honors, Katie Co- i bora. B. Myers, N. McLlnden. E. Philip-, A. Ua niin, M. A. Byau, M. J. AUey. Uti class?1st honors, II. JocrdiM n, J. Schutter, M Philips, K. Prince,8. Oormley,M. A. Oounell, K. Myers, R. Clarke, M. Connor, J. Mndd, ]<] honors, (!. I'ooney M ttillow.I. lerdel, B. t'aiiibell, M. Vandorau, N. Duhainel, B. Th)son,C. McLaughlin. Orphan*? lat honors. T. Collins, K. Lynch, M. Burlc, C. Murray, Martha Couroy,L Hert?ert,M. Bice; 2il honors, K. &<d<ins< n, IS. Calnll, M Mc tilynu, U. Prwsnahan, 8. Viennning. G.Clark, A. Mclntrre, K. Walsh. Mary Lacy, J Loaiciaaua, 1'eiin Walsh. K. Ward Chriatian doctrine?lat claaa? 1st premiums, M Doaoboe, M. By rue, B. Joyce, M. Curraii, A. M. Phillips, K. Holloran, A.Crownen.B. M< Csrtby.J. Carroll. J. Doty, 2>i class?1st aremiu'o, A. McQsv- | i't; >1 premiums. R. McArdl-, K. Button. Divition of the ciaaa?pr? miums of excelb nee, K. Mndd, M. Ellis, M. Carroll, K. Muhjuiu, M Hollohan, 8 Ma her; 1st premiums, K. Wusn-y,M Prank, J. Pra zi'-r, P. wli'pil", 2d premiums. R 8tephenson, K. Smith. Sd claaa? 1st premiuai*. J tiriffltb, B. Back ley, J Leanchan. J. Kennedy, K. Joyce, A. |f ?. ninp, C. Dante, N. Broanatiam, E. Sprightly, M. Reidy, E. Bulllvan, Sd premium-, K.O'Brian, B. Miuki. Division of the claaa 1st premiums of ex cellence, J.Bsr>euta,M. Chapman. 1st premiumit, A. Barrett, L. Herron; >d premium, B. Uynes. 41 h claas?1st premium, B. Donohoe, B. Wlae, M. Snow, K.Carroll, A. Cromsham.G. Millar.L. Spegtieil, 8 Morgan, 8. Cook, B sessford; 2.1 premium, J. McNamara. Division of the claes?1st premltiuis, A. Maker. B. Duh?oi?l, J. Buckl -y, L.Clarke, A. Neaton, K. Hnaaey, K. Kranakeopf, A Pitxgeral I, M. Clalke, J. Philip*, M. Murphr.8. CoumII; 21 Seminar, M. Shields, M. Beilly. L. Johnston, J. atlock.B M raa, J. Savage, 8. Savage. Sl' lass? 1st premiums, L Carr, K. Coburn, H. Sar.l >. M. Herlihy, J Bailor, B. Myrea.N. MLindn, M. J. Cady, M. Joyce, M. Geuata, B. P'lilips, M. Hyoes, L. Byrnes, M. O. Day; Jd prem um, M P-euey. Division of the class?1st premiums, K. Geutta, A. Carroll, J. Malatesta, A. Haunon, B. Kyau, M. R? an.S. Daniel, M. Harrington, M. Alvey.A. Dris coll, A. Sauter; Sd premiums, K Reidv, B McAr dle, L. MrArdlc, Ottle Williams ( h class? l?t pre minms. M. Philips, K Prince, 8 Gonuley, J. Sar do, M. Venetta. B. Hart.C Cooney, M. A Conu. ll, B. Jourdison, M.Connor, K. Mr res, R. Clarke, M. Coatello. M. Noonan, J. Mudd, B. Campbell, N. Duhainel. M. Vandorau; 2d premiuoas, M Gilloa, A. McGuire, M lLckshaw. M Lawlor, L. Eilis. Rhetoric, grammar, composition, writing, read ing, ard dictatien?1st class?nremiuins of egeel lence, M. Donohoe, M Byrne, G. Joyce. M.Curritu; division of the class, Ida Dotr, A. M Phil ips; 1st premiums, A. Cronin. K. Holloran, I. Carroll, G. McCarthy j*l claaa? premiums of excellence to Mary Holloran,K. Mul<isin; 1st prenoiuus to M Ellis, K Warney. M. Prank. I. Kra/ier, arid 8. Maher; 2d premiums to K . Mudd, P. Whipple; 3d class?1st division premiums of excellence, I. Griffith, G. Buckley,!. Lenchan,l. Kennedy. A.Hanninn, L. Goldsboro, N Brosnahan,Q.8uliivan:lst premiums to K. Joyce, O Sprightly, A. Biibry, I Pit/.ger ad;*l premiums, 0. > ant, M R-idy, B Nutiki, I. Howard; dn isiop oi the class?1st premium".A. Bar rett, J F p i's.I. 11 rnn,C Daws .11, B H^nes, M. Clup. ..i! ; : 1.?1st premiums to B. D 'no hoe, G. W i*e, ^ . a..wu , K. Carroll, A. Crom?lian 1, B. Bopaiee; 2d premiums to I. McNamara, E I Miller,L. 8p:gnall, 8. Morgan, 8. Cook;division of I the cla-?, 1st premiums to A. Maher, B. Duham.-I. J. Buckley, L. Clarke. A. Newton, K Huss.-y, K Kran?keopf, 2d premium* to A. Filzgerald, >1. Murrhy. Botany, aatronomy, philosophy, mythology, and algebra? premium of excellence, M. Donohoe; 1st premium. M H 11 e, E. Joyce, and M. t'urran;di vislo.. . k>rea.iuiu of o\c?lleuce, J. Doty, A W. PLii?.^-, l?t premium*, A. Cronia.K. Hol loran , J. Carroll, aud G. McCarthy. Geography, Mapa.History,Intellectual and Prac tical Arithmetic a?d Book-keeping?lat class?Pre mium of excellence, M. Donohoe: 1st premiums, M Byrne, 0. Joyce. M. Carran, division of the claw? Prtmiam of excellence, I. Doty; 1st premium*, A. M Phillip*, A. Cronac, K. Holloran, B. McCarthy. Uclaaa?Modern Geography, Histt.ry, Intel'ectnal and Practical Arithmetic, Algebra aud Pamillar Science?1st premiums, K. McArdle, A. McDevitt; M prmnium, K. Sutton; division of the class-nre nilunia of excallence?M. Ellis, K. Nnbiuin, M. Hollohan, M. Prank, J. Praaier, P. Whipple; 1st premiums, K. Waancy, K. Mudd; 2d premiums, C. Harvey, K. Stntlh, B. Stephenson.

3il claaa?premium* of excellence?I. Griffith. K. Buckley, J.Leunehan, J.Kennedy; lat premi ums, K.Joyce, A. Bammln, Lucy Goldaboro, N. Broanahan, M. Keidy, G. Sullivan; Sd premiums, G. Sprightly, K. 0'Briaa. A. Brnbrys J. Pitagerhid, B. Mark Id, I, Howard;.dlvUion of theclasa-M pre mium*, A. Barrett, Loulie Herron, Clara Dawson, B. Hyues, Mary OoaneU. 4th claas?1st premiums, f. Wiae, Mary Stow, H. Cromellan; Sd premiums, McNamara. Q. Miller,L. SpigiaaU; divlaion af the claan Lena Clark, A? Bawton: Sd preatlnma, B. ia*a geography, atsto ? jetic-1st division?1st premiuma, Loulie Carr, M. Herlihy, J. Nailor, B. Myers; Si ?remium, Katie Coburn, K. Sardo, M. Geaata, K. Philipa, M. Hynea, Lucy Byrne, M O'Dey, M. Paaaey, M J<??ce. 1. J. Cady. Division of the claaa?1st premium*?B. Geusta. A. t'aaaell, J. Malatesta, B. B>an, C. 81 hotter, M. A. Byan, A. Saatar. Sd prrmiioa*. K. McArdle. A. Hamin.M. J. Alvay. Georgie Warren, K. Schwiag; ?th claaa?lat pre mtnsa?M. PhllMpa, K. Priaee, J. Sardo, M. bbiiub?a* jrttnp^ am? rriDEv, j. nani 1? VenetteVB. Hart, (\ Cooney, J. dchutter, M A OswieH. B. Jirdonson, M. Connor, K. Myeri, B. f'lark, M. Lawlor. M. Caateilo, M. Boo nan, Ida Iredal, I. M?dd, Ball Caaatwll, N Duhamel, M Vaadoraa.Sd premium*, S. Gormley, A. McGuire. M. Oi lion, Levey BUia. Diriaion of the claaa-lst prtminma?M. Phillipa, M. Hurst, K. Honrigan; M pramhune. M. C- atl i?D. M. Plavln, M K.lly.' B. Thiaea. J Bpbinaon, M. Planaagan. B. Price 1. Vandalher, B- O'Dey, A. Callen, Clara Mc ugldin, A. Price, A. Mcthey. Premium to thi elm 1-t premium*, M I'irru. L. Carroll. K. Midi). SI A. N Phillipa, M Kl'i*, t. UtrtFF, B. H ?n?*. K. 8muh. J. Un'wh*! . Jl >r? imnn * B. R. Btepbensoa. K t*ntton, K. E Jojrr, M Carroll, M Hidloban, ?t. l'?nt.ll Hr?:?iitg,J Bawday, B. U'Brtu, C. Dawscn, J. Howard, B. Long, & Mnt H?in. Pr?mmm? to the orphans in gr?mii]?r,K*Aini, writing and arithmetic?l*t pr-mium*, t. Coitions, K. Lynch, K. Bobtnaoa, B. Othill, M B-oe-iahan. A. BiunfltMii S Flawing, Georgia Clvk, M fr*ninm>. M tjn>M?rd, I. Bwtlasoa, L. Be* el, L. Peitrlca, A. M Int?r-, K Sullivan. %\ t\%w?1st premium". V. Wolf, M A M irpliv. B Baiiv, F. 8"*p?r, M Low*, M * Hugh?K ? l<t< n, M. Carl in, Cora Garish, B. 8ullivan, Maggie D< U'boe. Sewing and embroidery? Premium* to K. K.?? ling, K. Wal?h, C. Donnelly, A McBntyr*, M Howard, G. Clark, L. Herbert. R. ?nlli??r. H. Ooddarrt, M. FitnreraM. !?d premiums, M Perkins, M. Carlin, J. L"t:i*eianna, Marr M?bny,J. Win-, L Ward. B. Snlliran. B Anderson, 0. Clark, V Soaper, M. B. Hathii, M. Low?, B. LjdcIi, 1 Conoor. i Mnrphy. Premitmi* to the Hon*li?i"'ni?B Morgan, M A. Carroll, K B.iley, M. Talty, B. Mo?re, M A. Buckley, M. J. Farrell.M. Barn*. B Mah>n-f, B Carroll, K . Lynch, B. W, M. Bagby, M. * -an-. K. Keeling. M. Howard. M. Pugni, K. Dolan, M. MrGlynn, H Krosaahaa. M. Bnrk. The ?ood little girl* for learning to st?ell-M Ras ter. Maiy Folk.*. T. P->ol, jwc FitzgeraU. K Gervtn.ll. Callahan, L. Stewart, Aggie Oorbin. B. Allen, 8. A. Higgins, B Burgdorf, M_^ *? Bice, M. Ill* J?n"S, Blla WaUh,F. Daltrich. Ila Ma^nanl, &. Ward, Delia Walsh, Lena Dy.-r.C. Talty. , f?T. P*TBR'S. The closing exercises of St. Peter's Parochial Schools (tor bors and girls) took place this afternoon at the hall of the school, K street. be tween 3d an<1 4th (freely, Capitol Hill. This school, which Is in charge of the Sister* of the Holy Cross, ha* long had the reputation at being one of the verv best of the kind in the I?i>trict of Columbia. The attendance i* very large and is increasing vearlv. The recent ex immition <f tho pupils in their studies reflected th" hi^h-st credit on th? givd sister* in cliarae. Thu after noon the boj * ami girls were dres^-d in h<>lM if at tire ami pre-ent'd ft very pleawinj appearance The hall was tastefully decorated, an I hm.dre.ib of the friend* of the school were present ami ninnl fes'nl gr -at iuter> ft and pleasure in the eye-cHca. winch consisted of piHT*o *o|o?,ch >rn?e? a drama in f.xir act*, entitled, ?'The R. veno- ->f the Medal," and the award of premium*. Tin- prologue of the drama w a- ?poken very credtiably by Mi<* K. Sage, and the rtrnmalt-t p*>?nnl were ?<n<imed hy Miveii K. McCaffrey, J. Craven, H. Hennety. B Motirath, A. Dunn, K. driven and K. Sino t. Tli* plav was rendered very intere-tmg hy th- natural manner in which llie character* wer.- impersonated by the young misses, who were frequently applauded by t?e andieoce. . ? Th<- premium scholars were? Boy?? F ranci* Slar ceron. Frederick 8t. John, John Devote, James Marceron, Wm. Devaraux, Jacob iIntcliln*"D, Arthur McDennott. Albert Cheseldine.Wm. O'C in ner, Wm Arnold, Henry 8a?re, Blward Sullivan, Th> nia? Daily, Robert Toy, <'barles B?rue, Rich srd Barry, JomesClarke, J lin Kilafoyle, Bdward Lwey, Herat io Browning, Bdward Hu.Non, George Hud*on, John Bnow, Grant Thoinpt-on, Wm McAllister, Alex. Mosher, Henry Hume, Fran' i* Ob >ld. Wm Bayley, Alt>ert Beers, Charles Hoiil-y, Michael Barr, James O'C.Inner, J;une* B>rne, Joseph Mitchell, Edward R .ckett. Albert hn.ith, Hugh McCaffrey, J lin Byrne, Francis Wht alley, Albert Marceron, ?<lwar<l Flefuhell Au drew McG?rraBh>, Walter Br\ an, Edwanl McAllis ter, Francis McDcrmott, Francis Snioot, John Wh' Atlv. Lee Masher. John Ryan, Charles B**-rs. R.ibi Fi zgibboa*, Henry Bi hn, Daniel Callihat, J ?eph Hart.Wa'ter Barnes, James Martin, Fran-is Bajie, Francis Cob man, Win. Hick?, Mark Kil bourn, John O'Conner. John N.>oue, Charl"s Hunt, John K< rh>, Francis Clark*', Bdward Marceron, Ah ysius Fojf, Michael Mal-n?? and George .lai'fiVis. The following girls drew preoiiaMi*. Mary Marce ron, Hannah Foley, Hannah H ''iue<sy, M^ry O Conner, Emma CravD, Bri<l?et M<-<]rath, K^ite face, Slarv Dunn. Hannah Shine, Kate Graney, Annie Dunn, Annie Kernau, Kate *1 Caffrey, Uai. nah Barrett, Mary Eva B irns, Mary Greenwell, Jane Craven, Johanuah Ntdan. R"s?' Sni-xit, Julia Br< ok*, Sarah Sweeney, Kate Tu ihey, Mary C n ii'?r. Kate Smith, C,.ra Ch-.-seldine, Lurle J. in,-r-, Staeia Toele, AniMe Shoemaker, Mar* Chiunb r*, Cecilia Pistorio, Mary Abman, Jl irj Ma Griffith, Mary Sh ??. M.irv Clark'. Mary H'-alev, Sarah McNanit, J hauinh Shea. Julia y llgtev, M?l -lite Devote, Ella Ban.s. B-tti- P'tis, Liz/.ie Kioidas. Julia Wtight, Ai n-tte St. J. hn, Lizzie M< Cattery, Mary Tnohey, Hannah Brovn, Dora Rick", J<hannsi? Barrett. N'-l lie Connor. Fm nie Sefton, Johannali O'Br'en, Kate Hugh"*, EllaConnely. Sopiiia Devote, (? r trmi,' Choat. Laura Flynn, l\at>- ')lx.l I, Jos. phii.' Pi-t' r . Margaret L iva/./.ie. Annie Groeiiw<-ll, Mmry Den p-ey. Kate Byrne, Ka'e c n-y,. M trgar. t T> " bv, Kate Den p?ey. Kate Fhtin, Christina Biirclmi l R e> K'-rn- n. Einiea M irreron, M n y Jane ti-r?i am I.'/sb <?'l>orn, Mary O'C-onn-'r. Mar garet C'rav p. I hanrah McGraMi, Mary Cotiuor, A'ice I'av'H. A ? <??? C rc<.r?n. Ma' y C n tin. Hannah McMeuiman, E'l v H irkii.-*, Ella Tie ruton, Kate Flalerty, Mar,- Clvnu, R -e Mere, vr^ar- t Pelkeiu?t"ii Kate Kilburr, *' rv K. rnan, D-'lia Iliichee. Nora Flanagan, Ellen lirv;ni, Rost^Mar cerop, Mnrcar?? O'C-tinor. Mary Byrne, Ka'e Brown. Iii- la 1J irr, Alic1 Maljiie, anil Mar_aret Dcl.ire'l. The gold cni-s f?r superior ercell-'nc- "f dep. rt merit * a a ard-d t" >li-s B'-lget McGratn, <>f the 1st rlji-s. The foil'.wilie le-ys being equally tn. rit- rions for superior excel|e|tei> nf d-portiiien', <trew lots f.>r a gold cr. s-: Jacob llutchinsin, Francis Minor"". H'-nry Sa?e, and II ratio Browning. The fi<Il<wing girls being equally de serving of credit for good conduct,drew f?r a g"ld to** in the ?oeond cla*s : Ana-'asia Toole, Ella B&rues, Mai v Claike,and Julia Quigley. PT. Ji?8KPIl'f". The tentli annual distribution of awards to the pupils ot St. .Joseph's male orphan asylum and pnpil* of the day school, on H street, be tween ?Jth and 10th street*, took place yesterday. Songs and declamations preceded the distribu tion. The nu dals and premiums were then pre sented by Rev. Father Walter, president of the board of trustees of the as> lam. who took occa sion to congratulate the little ones and the gnod Sisters of the Holy Cross in charge. Gold medals were awarded" to the following named day scholar*: Llo>?' Eddie Joyce, Bernard 8im?, CbarU- * r *e Bart. Ernest Harvey, George McLhi> H illie 8ietz and Harry Cook. Silver medal- were presented toi'larence Miller, Aloysitis Griffith, Frank Byrne, J.din Pi-ttlbone, Charles Daly, Bainnel Drnry, Alfnd Sclmiidt, J ami s Lackey, Eugene Stevens, and Thomas Latimer. Medals were also aw arded to the following named orphans: Michael McAuliff, John Gir?in, J"hn M'Maniara,and Joseph Flanagan. A large number of handsome premiums were awarded to the nwrita rions pupils among both the day scholars and the orphan*. County Reboot ExamlnatioBs. The examination of the count v schools com menced yesterday. The was a full attendance of nnpils, and a large number of their parents ana friends were present. Si.rth UiftTirt.?n^lf school No. I, (colore,!,) near Benning's Bridge, Davbl I. Miller teacher, was examined byTiuetees M. chell and Brown. There are thirty pupils on the roll, all of whom were present. The examination was verv satisfactory. S'Vrntk lMstrirl.?Male and female No. 4, Miss Cynthia D. Rockwell teacher, was examined by Trustee* Folllott and Slick. This school, which is located near the Natioual Race Coarse, numbers fifty pupil*, most of whom were ?re?ent. The trus tees complimented Miss Rockwell on her success; after w hich she prmented the premiums In books to Annie Anderson and Samuel Anderson f r punc tuality; Ellen Anderson, f'-r perf ct lessons; C. Anderson, for deportment; L. B' rpcr aud E. Roland, for penmanship Primary No. 2. < w hite nnd color. .1,) located in a fine school building on the Hamilton r.-ud, about one-half mile above Good Hop*. Mi?sMary T Ben jamin teacher, was exatiiued by Tinstves F< liiott aud Slh'k. Thare are forty palm s on the roll*, and all of the pupils were present, the examination was In mental and practical arithmetic, reading, spelling and geography, and resulted very crtditahl. to the teacher and pnpil*. Of tb? latter a ho deserve especial mention are Mary Bruce, for attendance: Amanda House, Willie Joice, Charles Walters, aud Frauk Simms, for deportment. ? 8*all-pox Casks Ubi-ortku To-day.?One at 718 4w street southwest; one on A, between 4th and fctli streets southwest; one in alley be tween 2d and 3d aud K and F streets southwest, one at 710 4w street southwest: one between 4 ^ and 6th and O and II streets southwest; one at 312 Georgia avenue southeast. GEORGETOWN. School Examinations Tho female gram mar school taught by Miss Laura Kecd, was ex amined to-day at 1 o'clock, in tha Prospect school baiULng, by Mr. Anthony Hyde, trus tee. The penmanship by Miss Alwilda Brooke was equal to the most beautiful Spencerian specimens, and tho drawing ot maps by Misses Angle Houghton, Lyda Hunter, and Lucy Stevens, was exceedingly welldone. The medal for music was awarded'to Mise Cecilia Clem ent*; for spelling, to Sarah Sullivan, and the highest honor was given to Miss Alice Watkin*. The four contestants for this liooor were Sarah Sullivan, Angle Houghton, Kate Blundon, and Alice Watkins. General premiums were award ed to Sarah Sjiarlu. Lyda Hunter, KUa Cun ningham, Emily McNalley, Nannie Brown, Sarah Sullivan, Kate Blundon, Alwilda Brooke. Angle Houghton, Florence Gibson. Ella Mor ton. Julia Kobertson. Minnie FeHows, Mollie Collins, Anna Wllaon, Lucy 8tevens, Khoda Brennerman, Mar)- Lawrence, Sarah Sullivan, Cecilia ClemenU, and Jennie Coomea. Pre miums were were also awarded to Liter Stevens for neatness, and to Anna Wilson for figures. .? aw* u^UlCS. Killed by a Mcli?YotcrUay moruiug, a young man PMfttti Wm. Sebastian was kicked In tbft groin by a mole while near the Chain bridge. He did not complain much at first, and went on to the Nary Yard, where he was sud denly taken worse, and notwithstanding all efforts to save bin, died this morning about 9 o'clock. His parents live near Rock ville, and have been sent for. Mr. Birch, the under taker, has taken his remains for burial. Thi Millzks and tbi Casal?Y*ster<lay afternoon the mills were oidered to shut down, again at 8 o'clock last night, and at 9 o'clock this morning, making t'ree times within 34 hours. They were not running at noou to-day. Stoppage* have never occurred so earlv as J une be fore .and if not caused by a defect in dam No. 1, iour miles from town, and by a neglect to clean the Georgetown level, the miliars would not complain; but as the trouble could be so easily remedied, they have determined to bold a meeting on Friday next to consider what ?top to take In the premises. Tbi mw voimTAin at the lower end ot Bridge street looks verv nice, but it doesn't play. What good Is a fountain that doesn't play? Kivkh Nrws.?The at-amer E. 0. Knight arrived to-day w'th a lull eargo of general merchandise, and the steamers George H. Stoat and Oolnmbta cleared.the Stout for Phil adelphia and the Colombia for Baltimore, with miscellaneous ear goes. AM. tfaa Georalanaa cleared far BalUsaore, Th* adhMMr Isabel Alberto arrirod to-dav from Mew York, with lumber to.Joe- and CITY ITEMS. AlaMla 1M a *<>*?*. Cut Opals. Coltwado Ssphire*, Set in go.d. Received at Prigg's Jewelry Store, No. 457 , penusyIrani* aveuue. _ Thi* Wool** Srrre for *r. miner. Thin Urer?OAti fo: excursions. Thin I'mkrwenr. Mob air Backs In large rtrirtt of color* and patterns. Gko. C. Hmwi, 410 7 th meet. Mawt *r**KR ratti*r than take ntsmu medicine; and this Is not to be wondered at, a* the remedv U often worse :hau the diseaaH. Sufferer* ft im cou^h*. old*, infloenxa, acre throat, or ttmlency to consumption, will Anil in IH. Wit tar'i Halta m of Wxld Cktrm a remedy ar arreeaMe to the palate a* effectual in removing disease. ti Scrr****s r*o* Conns. Brwiows. Bad Nail*, etc., find immediate relief at I>r. White's establishment. No. 53ft 15th street, opposite V. 8. Treasury. The treatment often iffrctx a perfect cure, eren in extreme earn, if none but ?citable ikow are worn. tr Pobd's Rztbact is tor tale at wboleonle b* Cbas. 8tott % Co., 4W Pennsylvania avenue, and by druggist* everywhere. t,w,f,tf Cbilpbk* cbt for"*Pitcber's Oastoria. It regulate* the stomach, cure* wind colic and causes natural Bleep. It u a substitute lor castor oiL 4,29.e?3: TrBco-RraaiAB Hath*; am, Medicated Va por Baths, for all skin disease, at l>r. She-M's, JW3 E street. 8,30,6: WrLLco* A Qibb's Hbwibo Machiw*. The oelebrated Banar Patterns. Agency at Ch:k*. Banm's hoopekirt and corset factory, 7tb street, Intelligencer Building.^ 10.28 Tr* ooinnrsiTT at large appreciate the use fulness or Singer's Sewing Machine. 1,3 Tstbhwokbtbrs and Barometers are repaired and made to order by Hempler. near 4* strict* COOLIJTG H'OMlOS. BE COMFORTED?LTiEEK LT. BEAD THIS ANNOUNCEMENT AND BE 1IAVPT. Summer Clothing IS IMMENSE QUANTITIES. Summer Clothing AT EXCEEDIXO LOW PRICES. SI ..$140 *'J AO ... f3 ALPACAS, SERGES, SrEKRS iCHEltS, LINENS, OAE DOLLAR TO hi fk DOLLARS. DRAP DETES, DICKS. VLANNELj), NUNS CLOTHS, STtilPLD OJAU 'JSAL PLAIN. LARGEST STOCK, BEST STYLES, LOWEST PRICED WlilTE GOODS WHITE. GOODS. WHITE VESTS, WHITE PASTS, WHITE SUITS. YACHT CLOTHS AMD LKtHT CASS1MBUES. EIGHT DOLLAR SUITS, TEN DOLLAR SUITS, FIFTEEN DOLLAR SUITS t? S13 $ 19 $'A9 TREMENDOUS STOCK. EXTRAORDINARY INDUCEMENTS BOY'S SUMMER COATS, SUMMER BCtrS, (AYA DOLLAR TO FJWE DOLLARS. BOY'S WMITE GOODS, ROT'S W00L1H GOODS. Forced Sales. Forced Sales. NO RESERVATION. ALL WILL BE SOLD. AT LOW PKICES COME AT ONCE?MAKE BARGAINS. FASHIONABLE TA1LUHS, J?13 CORNER 7tm AND D STREETS. [PRACTICAL TRUNK] MANUFACTORY. ENCOURAGE BOMB MANUFACTURE I TRUNK* REPAIRED AMD OOVBRBD. JAMES S. TOPHAM fc CO.. HARNESS, SADDLE Ay I) TKOMK MAMV FACT O KEtiS, No. AH SEVENTH STRELT, Next to Odd Fellow*' Hall, Hare a large and choice stock of goods in their line, all of them our own manufacture, consisting of all Binds of _ LADIES'and OBNTS' SATCHEL8, F1NB SOLE LEATHER TRUNKS, uADIES' DKEfcS TRUNKS and VALISBS, LA P ROBES, ? superior stock of all kind*. FINE BUGGY and CARRIAGE HARNESS, 8ADDLB8 and BR1DLBS, CARRIAGE Bad RIDING WHIPS, Ac. Remember the Old Staad jell 4SA 7th rtrMt, next to Odd Fall own' Hall. fj*OR MOTH PATCHES FRECKLES ANO TAN, USE PERRY'S MOTH AND FRECKLE LOTION, JT IS RELIABLE AND HARMLESS. PIMPLES OM THE FACE, BLACKHEADS AMD FLESHW0EMS, USE PERRY'S IMPROVED C0MED0NE AMD PIMPLE REMEDY, THE OR EAT SKIM MEDICINE. ?Prejered only by Da. B.C. PERRY. Dermatol , 4t Bond street, Mew York. Sold by all Ora(. mV-t, pAlEBANKB' LETTBB SCALES, Every aise and style, at very low rates. ay IBB UNIYEESAL FAMILY SCALE. #%? THE POCKET SETTEE SCALES. ffsrasftsware StASfr"**""' ttESBSETOW* AEVEBTISEMISTS, | ?T THOMAS POWUM, A?fl.; Georgetown ixiriToii?' Ftii or T*trABtt i* PKoVEl' FKOPERTY OH B*lt?<.S JT?R?r. KIAR THE M.UKKT HOUSE, AND ON I.t ?TBEET. AT At'CTlON Oil FKIPAY, June ?m,ili*VUk,l?lU lTf nfer at rablic aale..?? ttie y part of L<-' ^llo.IS,m'Btiif ? ? f'ft on th* ?.nth ?'^ "i Bridge *t?as?. I>t a depth o* ? feet. l?pf"*?d b? a *iil? tbr?f-rtiTJ brick dweilin*. containing I*?l*r rwni* anri ftorf. iKaiedlao It illw ll?Iki**.Ih*P?IIIm H--n? ILilM cow oecwated by Mn . OTKta <tau . sita ?tod . n tbe*< utbanie i4l?istreet. op^?tt* the t'at ti die church. Thi* <1wellm? contain- f >urteea m m*, mid u **ry dnirifel* ?r>>i?rty. The lottos fw front, by a <!eptli of 19c T?et Tertiia: Oi.e-K urth <?k I alalia tr ?i\ .* wely e and eighteen month*. the pnrchaaer* ri? inc their n< te?, I - milk' Interest fr. m lit- d1) .4 ?ale P-.~'a fci vn and deed of tni?t taken to ???curt" tk*4rf>'rr?4 pa? ?rtl. All conveyancing and r?>n?? ?Umn at the r?l ? f jpitI: vi r If the term* of ?ale 1-e not r tt> ptitd with within fiflll days from ttaie rt ?al-. the property *111 h*?Mlt the risk aM <^??t of the le. faulting purcKa>-er?. A deposit of ? H*'a* sooi. a? the iicmI) i* *tra< k <>f PkTE R O PONOGIIUB.t *T*rn r* U St | R. r 1 TOOM At* IKIWIINrt. A00f_ THOS. DOW LINO Anrtloneer, Ge.rget. <tn TBrbTSEB'SAI EOF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AC? TION, SITCATED OK FIRST STREET. GEORGETOWN A B> ?inu?ii( aji*|i'( trite'. tWt>d Nvfr*h?t KS >th. I!C1. rec> rded hi Liber Mt, f ?Hr? VI. n? o! ^?the land record* ef Waabtacton Comity, P. 1'., and by dirt-ctta-n < f the party iwaril tharetir. we ? ill sell at put l?c anctioo on the (rnoiim. ?m UKP XK.M'AT, Jot" I*?th, 1ST3. at 6 o'clock p. m , ali that piece or r*ri"el of gr.mid and praiuiwa iti Ceorgetow n. IV O . known ? n the pnl'Mc plat orp an tl? reof. aiel it* ant ition*. a* and bein* t?ar+* of I fa nrmbered one bnndred and a? ren. < lflC I, one hnn dreil ai< I ei?M. 1 MB). one himlre-1 an<1 niae anl om hundred end ten.< Hot. in B'-etty * H-t* kins addition to Oeorg?t<w n. coiiia'ti?d within the following d'-ecriptt-.n, tiaini'ly: H-jrinniitf on Eirit ?tre?-t, nin.'t} , 1*11 f?et ea?t ft ? til P r-d-i i.-k ?lr-<et. and rut.nine tMC<> ea?t twenty a^\"n (17' f?^t, thence ncrth one hnndr^d and Mfll f *at to alley le?<1iti|r to Fr?d< rlck ??!"????, th? w w -?t on ?aMafirt t* < nty aeven (?7 ? f'-wt. inl th- no^ mh ope hunilrnl "lit] 'Uhl fe^t to th? t- <111:11 nt on Eirat atpeet; alao, the at able, on th? north'ido ? aid a'ley iu tbt- rear of ?ai4 pr. 'itiat--, h. ?he eaati rnnit at bnt one of the rabK<* of brick -^alTe* ?>l th' north sldecf *aid alley. T'-rni*, a-- preaci ih?sl by aaid deod: ? ?>?. with M P<rci nt. Interest fr> ni So?inl fr>*li. I?TI. taaottier with the esnrne>* of thiaaalctn ca?li. balance m( and 1J tnr ntli*. ??^*iir?l br notf* beatlt>j( u.t< r. ?t aud a deed of trnet on the property. *2n> d> *n when the property Is (truck off If the ???rm? of ?*le *t> not comr.liMi ai'ti wittin fir* day*, th- tta?'?-a reserve tne rislitto reaellthe pn.p-T'y at the rtafe ainl c??t of th?- d--fanlting pnr-ha.ser. Oonreyancinf at purthaaern coet. r. p. ih)w;e, P A. DARNELL!,* (Tt,1*,"<* jeM d THi'MAi UOWLISO, Anct. WTIIE AROVK SALE 19 PC>PTP(?NEO nutil SAIL R1>AT. June iI. ?am- honr and place ? P. wnos. <r??^ P. A. P*RVF.II.LE.< Truatw. jeI8d THOtj. l.wWLIN'i, Anct. THE ABOVE SAMC 19 FI'RTHER POST P*N F.I' until T UE^I'A V, Jnn- *i4 , nam" h.>or tud place. By Oldt rof the Tni?te?. R P nOPOK. P A P A RNEILLE.t T .'?"21-d THOMAS POWL1NG. Auct. I/'THI ABOVE SAI.F. 19 FfllSTHEB POST PONEP until II ESPAT. Jalr l?t R. P POP'JE, I Trr,?, P A I?ARS*II.LI.(Tn,",,,N e"4 d THOMAS K)?LI1IH, Anct. |^ V XUCS. POWLINO. Auctieuecr, Uix<rgriown I'ERFMPTOBY SALE OF VALrABLE IM PROVEP l'R<'PKBTY OS TH IBP bTltKKT, HEAR FA \ FTTE STHFET, AT AUCTION. [Jj On Tl*E*I?A Y. July l?t. a- *< o'c! <-k r ni I Swill e> II at piiMir auction, >ti tb? premie ?, lot M!io l(*,frotitine'!<) M n th sontk din ol ftri et, b?tw?-?*n F**ette and Liturtn "troet*. by a d. pth of 160 f<-of, iniproTed by 1 two atory brick da eliinjr b' nae, with frame ctatito. Tern<-: One tbird ca?b; talarre i?i< s:-. l 1! m^nth*, w ith inter?-at at S pep cent., a?r .ired by deed of trq-t ' iie property. ONTCflMM -li Hi-c .?t f anr cba?< r. A dep-iait of ?100 :ia ?o -n aathe pr< p<Tty i a struck off. j'13 THOMAS POWLISO, Aoct. ^JoNKKOUOKEBY ASH H E CREAM. My new OOMPEOTIOMKRY STOBE ANPI E OKI AM I' ARLOUS are now ipi-n. AH are iurlted to icfrect tin m Rtid tr> th? d?li< ioua ?'reain? and Fruit M ater Ice*, with choice Cake; all made trom the ?ery be?t material and tfrtei in tl?? But pant rtyle. Partieaand We?ldtiiff? pr tnpMy fnrni?b"d in all of The latest ?t>lea. J.C Nll'HOtS, je!9-tf 8r.m?'rtn Win B. *?ll?rf. M H flirt. rj'IlE FALMHai I8COMINO. The present lon^,wartu 'lay* i* the beat time fot tt,y work . j>o, |adii-? ai.d K*uta, briuit in your Pall abd W inter G'"?le at ?nce, thtia. by aT iidinc the nn avoidable delay in tha execution <4 order* during ?ucb a rnab of bnaine** a* w? expect to bare thi* fall, your *ood? will be nicely cleaned or re-4yed, and oyefully kept for *i* montbt, if de*ire.i. Ctarge? m??derate. Term* invariably 0. O. D. W. H. VHIATLEt, f REM I EM STEAM DYKIXU AH It SCOUR JXO ESTABLISHMENT, 4V Jefleraon Straet; OeorRetown, D.O. Office open from a m. mitil anuaet. jel'J-tr K^XTKAO&DIMABY BABUA1N8 IN PUT tj eoous. Plain and Striped Grenadine*. Japaneae Silkp. at fine., worth *9c. B* antiful Goo<la for Sultlnra, at IS, V and no. Victoria La* n?, from JOc *ip. Pignen,Bt?tV*. Batiat and Linen Salting, ail ahadt?; very ciM*p Striped and plaid white French Orgaa4i?a. Black Alpaca* and Mohair*, a apecialty A lar*e ?tock of GooAa for Men'a aud Boy 'a waar Lariie?' and Genu' Gauze Tnder Vesta. Call and boy raal barcaia* of BYNJAMIK MILLER, mg-tr !?! Bridge atreet, George<own. BOOKS, STATIONERY, Ae. WOBK: A 8TOBY OF EXPKBIBNCE. By Louiaa M. Aloott, author of "Little Women. ' QUESTIONS Or THB DAT. By Dr. Jabn Halt. MAT. By Mrs. Oliphaat. PROTECTION AGAINST FIBE. By Jo*. Bird. Leiaure Hoar Series?Hero Cartb*w. Under the Greenwood Tree. At BALLANTTME-9, jll tr 4?w 7th street. 4t?T<HE AMERICAN ODD FELLOW,"for Juus 1 price M cents, rec*iTed and for sal* by 8TOCKMAM A SON. Afents for District of Oo lambia, 9tb street northwest, coraer ofl. Alao all the new Books, PerioaicaU, Ac., and a fall as sortment of Stationery, Picture*, Pxtara Pramaa. Ac. ?* ? I^IST or NEW BOOKS m# tr *T IHILLIX6TOX1 BOOk STORM, OOIIII IX SlRKBV AX1 PSStMA. AVHII Old Eenalnatoa. By Mlas Thackeray. The Old O'niiteas A aaqnel to "imrd Hopet Cboic#." By Mra. Ann 8. Stepbena. Antkjnitiea of Southern ludlaaa. Above Tempeat and Tide. Paacarel. ftv the author of "Suathatora" aad 'Under Two rlaca." The Other Glrla. Br Mra. Whitney, author " We Qirla." A Pair Baxon. By Jostln McCarthy. New Remedies, for April, UJTS. Tonng Men af Great Britain. A joaraal of amaa lif and inatructira literature. Boys of England. A young gentlnian's joaraal of a port, fun mad literature. A Day with Charles Dickens. Kenelm Chillinaly. By Balwer. Farm Ballada. B> Will. Oarlaton. (Dloatrat-d A large stock of BLANK BOOES, PAS _OOK? and MEMOBANDl'M BOOKS. NOTE PAPEB. LBTTEB PAPBB, and PLAYING O * *DS, at tb* rery lowaat pricea. i)>-tr ^Ollfl, OPENING OV A MEW STATIONERY 8TOBB AND BLANK BOOK MANDPAOTOBY. Ptrat-claaa toada at '?<? ???? '? ?k 1878 SUMMER STYLES or BLACK ALPACA COATS, DBAB DTTB COATS, DIAGONAL MOMAIB COATS, FRENCH SBBGB OOATB, JilGHT COLOBBD STUPED ALPACA COATS A. STRAUS, the tl at bier, IS 11 PBNVSTLTAX1A AVENUE, NO HCMBUO.-L. BIOS wtn jay a fair cart ?rice tar any kind of Ladlea', Santa' and Chil ^tLKBS IN 0T1CB ' DISSOLUTION I aireet, near E, to aeUle tbe old Ann. JeAtr J. B. TOUNG C^feiHu n tSi 1 FPFFPPFFPMMM ! ri.rc goods AT rom^r f?icr?. Lockmood, lluftjr & Taylor, *1J K1?YLV4MU %\L?i k, Are rereititu lar*e addition of new mi,! deatrat ? Uocfetnearb d<-partni>-at, particularly ?la?t?Jf ? tlx' ?w b, at flirt-* to roll lb* ?Mtf f *11. DBEftS DBPAI Br<oad Floor. 100 BBOWN LINEN SLIT*. at 1UO ?* ? " aL loo " ? ? A low " " ? ST *?o M ? ?? u, loo WHITS LA* N " at 1?0 ?? " ? at., loo '? ? " a' loo " " ? ?t 300 ? ?? lUi) COLORED " ?T OC 9 fie <4 ?tun .*13 %o a? - t*.?J es sa ?6J? u f: ai #U) 9~H 1C ? ? ?? fro*. Si; m AO * U1TE LAWN W BAPrEKf t!SAH? ?? ?? 10V BATBTE POLONAISE and lU DlNUuTti fro*' #10 to 100 WU1TE LAWK POLONAlrtK tr m 9 178 to_ _ ... - ,.?a ?c too BBOWN LIKEN POLONAI>E ?u: BEM* BOTES fr -m fi ? to 51: .v EADV-MADE INDCKUARMt^H lar LADIB* ASD (HILOKBX. liO doi<r. Ladiar Cotton SEIBTS, with til tt>. tt, only. m < m.U 100 M mM with nine tocha, only ?: 91 14 IOO ? MM W|t|l tW?-|V? tack a, ?... 1 so Atid ? full line - f PE 1 BTS, tncked. pU.W-t and em broidered , from fl ttto 928 o*cb, with ? ha* proved ipriui Uud." 100 d ??d Ladiaa Ootton CBEIU?E8. villi io? ? (;?c tOO 14 " wanto* Also a rcn;M?, IIno cf PMi, Jacked ,^PufM, Plaite.1, i>4 haSleoai-iy Bint r idereJ, at pr i< ?? from ? 1 M I* |>B4 IOO dot en Ladle* Ootton DBA WEBS, tnckM, at....? ? ,78 aeuta 100 dotaa m .. M ftj iffM IOO dozen mm m |im| Alao a lar?e variety of ?k?antly trimmed, at price# ranging from 91 m to 98. Owratoehaf FRENCH DBDBBWBAB la r??WI with all the ele*antdaaift? in CHBMISB*. DBAW. BBS, NIGHT DRESSES, art DBBSblStf 8ACWCK9. ? ) FOB IMFANTS. We BKOtion a few of the many dealraI,la QoodJ t? te fuoad In tbia D-partm< at : INFANTS FLANNEL BANDS, FLANNEL SEIBTS. Plain and Embruid -r*d CAMBBIC SKIRTS; Plata, Tucked and Bml'r-.Mrred SL1PI; DBB88B8, In |r?*t variety; CBBISTEBINQ BOBES; SHAWLS, Plain and E?ubrolder?1; SACUUES, LONU COATS, WOOL BOOTS; MBBIBO SHOES and SATIN EMB. BOOTS. MBSBBT BASKETS; PILLOW SLIPS; INITIALED HII!- Nl'BSBBT PINS; POWDBB PTFF BOXES AND PDFFS; DBAW BBS; BCBBBB BAPB1BS, LA OB 0AP9. I FOR ( HILDRE>, sue Year* af SB1BTB; CHEMISES, DBAWEB9; NIGHT DBESSES; Cambric, Pkiue and LI nan DBEStBCk Cotton, Pl-joa and Swtaa APBONS; bACgCBS, in Cloth, Flannel and Pfciwa; SB1BT WAITS; CAPS; BCB BOBBBTS and STBAW HATS; - iatd Pttwa 0TBB DBESSB8. 1 j* ?: * -r tbin ,* ?aaai

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