Newspaper of Evening Star, April 24, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 24, 1876 Page 4
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EYrXTXr, STAR. ' IO>DAT April ???, 1*7*. Weather rrobiibUities To-day, Offtcf of thtff Rigwat. Of ftcue, > WA?Hi!?8Tn*, April 21, 1K6. \ I'c.rlng the rest of Monday, In tho middle Atlantic ar.d ?on:h Atlantic states. the low est move eastward over Cape Hat tera^ . with northeas* backing fa nort'iweu winds. rising barometer, colder, rainy, fol lowed by clearing weather In the middle Atlantic Hate*. an?1 warmer south west veer ing to cooler rorlhwest wind*, rising barom eter. partly cloudy weather in the soma Atlantic stares LOCAL NEWS. Aaimrnmu. 4f., To-night. J?n/ioruH Thsnt'r.?"Jallus C'^sar'' by the great New York cast. fli'Ci 0/;rra //?'??<???Paul Try" by the Joe JefTersor. Dramatic Club. T"aeo/er (critique?'Tae Octoroon*' and ???arietle.?.'* A. Ain*'* Aw fhnrrS, (1VA ifrft).? concert for thebeneflt of the church. St- Jr-u7>A*? HrCl.? Fair for the beuefit of ft. Jt?e| ii a Church. o fondfnwrt I ocala T1 e street lamps will he lighted at 7 H p. n at ?! extinguished at ^ 1* a. in Pretty rough on Judge Cirtter ? tie Ai'-'t picture of him Oltlcer Crr.nip, of the four?h prrclact. hvl a ki re rap frxrtnrrd las; Thursday nK'it. the result of a tumble whlie puia-iing a tit let F> a provoking error, the nam? of '? Dr. Ctoum* appeatcd i.i the police reports #? ?t onl*' an 1 Hvlng beeu assaulted by one Har riet Kane. The j>ej?o-> asvaulUvl was one Kiau^c, in entirely different party from l)r. Cr?in?e. both in iianieand orctipation. A gentleman, accompanicd by a lady, an I a r.urn wearit.g a white apion and a French cap. ai d cam Ing an ugly Scot-h terrier in b?r arins. visited the Capitol to-day. and at tracted cer?iderahle attention. To day M?*ssr? Birney A Btrney entered Hilt for Robert Hamilton agalnsf John B. Alton, for trespass. in having on the 3Mb of Jnly, been ruu over by defendant's team, ard in beln* inj.ired in limbi and about the head and body, lie claims >3,000 dama gee. Brother Fettelin. president of Bock Hill college, the well-known educational losti tntum at KUicott City, M l , In cbarg" of the Christian Brothers, handed to Commissioner Katoc.of Die Bureau of Fducation, todsiy, Mime excellent drawings of the bulldlugs and grounds by Bro. Octave, of the college, also a history of the Institution, all for exhi bition in the edncatlonal department of the CentecDial exhibit ton. ' be Dlatrlct'ln < ougress, RILL TO AI'I'OINT A W AT IK HOARD. The bill introduced In the House to day fcy Jnd^e Bnckner. to regulate thedlitrlbu iion of Potomac water, provides for the ap j^tntment ?f Hve persons, who shall beresi ? District?two to be practical an Tr^r|"'J>r? l<! ** "JV,1 ?"?ineers- and one J ?hall be known as the Board of Water Commissioners, hold their ? ? vey*"ar"'*,,d !,ave power to make "i? cecessary rules and regulations for lb? distribution of Potomac water Tup created la autnorLTUappolnt "hall be plumbers, to J**1,1 p WOTk: a water engineer and an Inspector and tapper of water maris. !L *!Z aPP;y'"S a license must ne vouched for as a person of responsibility and good reputation, and shall glfe bonds in Uiesumof ?i."00, conditioned that he will indemnify and save harmieMs tlie District irljni*ny an<1 *11 accidents by reason of any opening In any street ma le i,y him. A for MrvJf,,?. i l,cen*? of *ny ptimilMr 1st., operate as u suspension or the license held by any co-partner. BILL KOR Rri.Igr OF M. O. FXERY. A bill was introduced in the House tc>day to pay, In 3 ? District bonds, to M. O. Kmery *i.*(?. on account of damages sustainel by Property through the operat'o^s of the Board of Public Works ? Tbf. Arlington Ti rsfkit Ni xsav< f. ,'I?T Itwo -V4Hr^ 'he r<.a 1 of the Arlington h t . ? ' y- fn>m tbe r,4ual bridge to i ?? *P7V1K-tuis 'n a con I f Vi'm' f' rre,i""nt roentlon ha l^en ma ie ?'t It in the newspapers of Wanhln^ton an-1 Alexandria, ?>u' all withonteffect. Xoguards ?>r protection have been placri klong the road, but large hole3 have bew dug to L^t sand >>nt. ana left open. No less thin three seriou> accidents have occurretl- the tirs^ n CmB h r. Ja,mPS Yo,li:?' ^ ? K, from his buggy and had his ankio ?; .lexr* a horse a d mule ii ?ongiDK to Mrs. Bowen, tell over the ? nitaiikment and were killed; iast.fbiit .?ot least, tue accident to Mr. Benlunia Xus Tpf^tIr5r',an ,'f ol i/nollc,'a elwwhere in J. .--I It is a disgrace to uno-r that an lEcirjoraUd body l:Ke the Arllneton Turnpike company should ?.* allowed to ?painUin such a nuisance witnin two miles elV^o pay to)iCapiUi: anJ yelCM"Ptl trav ? The ladifs wU! find at Mr. Print's \?w ifrV Vni;,',!"' ^D??>lvama aveuK. w I*r? 'JIV ,e*. Just received, in onv* xn i gold, whirii are really exquisite. We ?r>ere panflROrne uerfc cLaiu of rea otivx ? ^aris, in? cross accompanylii-" it being o. onyx on which is piao-d a si-nilar "?T- vet lD Pencil liarnoiids. Tne price of #m<.L \C- ,be articles are -io If. ?-t "? ra(,ntl?n onyx and gold Io?-k et?, set in pearl, at >faite-<e crosses tn onyx, gold and pearl, at ?I0; onyx ear-rln^s in s.lUare block w.ta pearl setting, at Vt SlfJii61! nJ^ ,n crossei. at | ? an<i oWlXPrB no?m?\ul hiiDdreds^of^other l? P,ea3e s l?M?tor of?the*A," " i'waVuune^nM.Te do'b* Sr^r^r^li^a?:S?r*seWtot^ of !r!endR n< nappy <riK>n, "ri,!ea8 " was toihe^?. tarbes of tbe paper, who were ouiy made oX tlie fact a few mintues before the departure of tbe '? ? train for New V?* ,Wb,Uier the riewiy-mateu couple have ' gone to spend the honeymoon. Congratuia i lions and go?d wishes'for a happy fut^e 1 r, !bP roloue 'lu<1 his spo'ise - ; iw ?;y all wuo gnew him, and es 1U wa*Wa*:i!,,?ton- wr"er" he was raise ? I f? i oiuier.y a well-known i'K*ai tici.?n in tlie . th wkm. t?ut when he re, ei\ ci 1 h.s appointment la I*.,ie droPi*d^out,cs ! and strictly observed the rmes o/ the tore, ?.?era! regret is expressed among ui^ofti ' cers and citizens at his death !Ie'"i -L-^ , wile acj |wocbiMre- 4e*veb a ,Si^ ^ 1 -L M A KB 1.1 STATl AR' It tuq vjlit of \! i.?.srv \. l . 1 " -At I lie i sss 'sUI'*? porcelains etc t*a' s i?,'?zxsr0, srttK. ?'?* am' we won Id advNe M,en of O'SS te?ire elegant home oraam?!iiv ?i x paiativtriy small expeusetoattei d tu.s - BriLnixo PtkjtiTs iss ied i.y InsD?< tor n.,V^U1^ V'[shut * "fH-K sta'jU" ?orth side aliey between H and i iSl-Ji1 MMilhwest; %'wio. Michael s?2!;? ,*?-*t?'y Ir?me dwelim? we, :?V: Awfn. of KrJJdmmn^ v'iii1?OM* -J,'*tle? tsa't?"<? issi I'raioeaviifo. Kairrax coumt". at F. Devtne, siate itc'iiw? i'.!1'' ^y James charter member a. twenty -OIJ4* the new M. Church souu? a,cov?er:,lou? ?y, Va., will be laid by the r 'ax eoin?. hlty ou the ^Tth of lb s monu? frat?r S3 ATA lCT*ioi,J>-T^**|Y UTl* STRKKT "i.i *u, to-morrow"f?'i0*',10*, ??l tie prtm ses, valuable Imn ,n fro?t tatesituateon uZ w~!?j51pnlred reaI ei between T end !* ???/ ,,Ul?wet. fte adxeii.heufnt. eeu- tor particulars PlOH MAKKKT Ttwn.* . fi.lden A a Other. , by R A t r 9U**19 per bonure? ,^-,?00 lot pet thortand ' W herr/og-. The Revival nrftln^ OCOD-RV* TO HAM5C050 AND EK'TTLFY. Or Sati;r>tav, at The close of U>? Bible meeting at I)r. Sunderland's church. Mr Hammond took leave of bis friends. B ?fore doing so. fcoTovtr. fee feelingly address*! the eon vert* as to t?ie necessity of taking a firm stand and working for the cause. He ativls^d them to onite with some church and *ctM5?1' and referred to long 'ZTSlX-?** aDd r?n?rla,at tlm? very uiilntere^ttng, as calculated to keep ? *V?IroI1U and suggested that it tati^ ?C.?L"dVa.n,Age 11 11 understood r?iowETVJ??'J P?'** meetings that no ?'ir nl2? Si** 1* P?* n,0fe tban lhrPe rv!P ? Mr. and Mr*. Hammond. Mr. of^hwf,T*r^1* NLJ- and Mr J V., of Crilcago. who has been reporting the \ T Washington morning pa J?7TiLi? e 4-?? tr?in on the B A P. R It. iVl? rr.or^- Krf> leaving Mr Coe and Mr. Hammond addressed a large crowd on the north side of the depot, and getting on the train a few minutes before the signal to start was given, a large number gathered on the platform ard sang a number of approprla'e pieces until the train steamed out. iestertfay afternoon the meeting at the ?oung Men's Christian Association rooms *a* largely attended. Tbeje was a select eboir present, led by Mr. BrDtow. aecompa idfd by cornet and organ. M r. A. T. Stewart, the secretary_of the association, preside.!, and B*v. I<r Noble opened with praver, and Key. \\ . h. Hammond read a selection of scripture. Short a ldi-esses were made by Maj r H. A. Hall, Lieutenant Gal braUh, Mr. Nye .son of e* senator Nye>. J 8. Post (late a p?\ waster In the navy), and Kev. I?r. Nun Menard. At the o'clock prayer roeetln< a .-.orr.ber cf the recent converts related their expf rlence. TO DAY'* MErTTVO. ?NotwifliSt .nding the >ii?ngreeable weather ituw morning there was a very fair at'en l utueal Dr. Sunderland's church. The meet | 11.g vas ii rharteof R*v. W. S. Hammond, and alter a service of song, led by Pr<?f Bill iard, several prayers were offered. 1 r. N'oble read rem the 3d chapterof John's first epistle, j commencing at the iHth chapter, on the lower of ( hrlstian love. Reports were made from Dr. Rankin's and Dr.Domer's meetings last night. CoL Andrews . ailed attention to a special ca:-e. and offered prayer. Mr. Stew art made a report from tne Christian As^o j clatIon's meetirg. Mr. Needham related that some conversions had taken place on Ihe frains of the Baltimore and Potomac t railroad. Capt. Hester made a report from the meeting at Dr Gray's church last cven ii g. Kev. Mr. Rnnick called attention to a | special ca?e, and Mr. Munu ottered a prayer. 1 >r. Bar kin referred to many persons having | attracted to the meetings to bear mother Hammond, and the necessity of special efforts to continue the meetings. I d sllore''wassung,arter which Kev. vv . s Hammond read tvie requests for j prayers?51 in number?among them one for | an aeror, one for a doorkeej>er, several for j skeptics, and a number for relatives and frier ds in Baltimore. Mr. Hammond a fervent prayer, and a praise meeting fol lowed. as also an Inquiry meeting. Meetings will be held to night at the Cit.b street M. P. church, Hamllne church. Rev. l>r. Cobles cburch, and the Lutheran [ church, 1st street, uear C southeast. On Tuesday. Wednesday and Friday evenings the meetings will be held at the Congre gational church. ? AMrsFMfN'TS? National Thtafrr ?Sliak epeare's -rand play, "Julius C;>ar," will be performed here to-night under the .supervis ion of Messrs. Jarrettand Palmer, of Booth's Theater. New York, where it had a run of one hundred consecutive nights, ft will be presented bere with all the appropriate scenery and paraphernalia tha. marked Its success In New York. The "great four"? Barrett, Bangs, Davenport and Levlck?will show our citizens some fine acting. Tne en gagement is limited to three nights only. Jf"" * grand matinee on Wednesday. and the National will scarcely have standing room. s V "I*t? ?The Joe Jefferson Dramatic Club, which is <iuite well and fa vorably known In our midst, will give a Centennial entertainment to-wight. present ing "Paul Pry." to assist in paying the ex penses of the Centennial exhibit of the pub lie schools. The worthy object, and Uie abil ity of those participating, should insure a large audience, notwithstanding the other i attractions. , ft. At'r/u*fin*'* xm- Church, (15th street, be- ! iween M and N ?There will be a grand concert here to-night in aid of the church. at which some of the best amateur talent in the city will assist In rendering botli Instru mental and vocal music. M. Joseph'* Hail, .corner "5th aud H streets northwest ?Tnere will be a fair for the ben efit of St Joseph's church (German) every it 1 ULlli commencing this even Ihffitrr'y) vjue _ Milton Nobles still holds the boards here. Tnis week he is to appear In tlie well-known drama, "The octoroon " Many new varieties will also be presented i? a king quite an eiteusive programme. No Medals for TiiKSciiooi.Cinr.nRKv mis ^ far -The District Commissioners l ave declintd to approve the request of th. sebool trustees for i^rmission t? expend S1.'V) in ti e purchase of metials firsi eclal prizes, to be given In the public sciiools of the District. Unr is thf CorsiY- Yesterday, about << anes of w ood laud on the farms of Messrs Conway, Robinson, and V. J. Middleton, In the county, northeast of Soldiers" Horns w?-re ?>u:r ed over, it is supposed that some malicious pe.--son set the woods on fire. Another story Drniko.?The B?"<?ni (Me.) Wbig makes a broad denial of a story LriUD,'i,??P1C,democratic papers, tuat Mr. hiaine and Mr. Hale, on their return from a visit to the British Provinces last aP,"P3ll? smuggled goods to theamountof -l.LW, princi|>ally laces and velvet. Tne Hhig says that there Is not the slightest truth in the assertion, and it adds "The traveling party referred to consisted of five persons, three of them ladles, and their en tire baggage was two ordinary trunks and one small valise-rather a moderate allow ance for a tour of some weeks through the Provinces of New Brunswick and Nova scotia. They brought no more baggage hume than they took away. Th* Methodist i amp-meeting kstar hv^flro svilif' Pa, were destroyed y nlJ8ht- The Tarentum grounds lia>e been owned by the Methodists of Pitts burg and vicinity for many years and the ?'Stages belonged to tne members of the mnrTtnl^i Put*burg. Th<? ground probably contained one hundred and fifty frame cot tsges. which were generally of four and ^ve roomr. of neat architectual design, and many e?mj>!etely furnished, except with bed elolh lfg. The only buildings saved were the ten ant house occupied by the superintendent, and the rmp hotel. I,oss *.io,ooi). The national camp-meeting was announced to be held there in August. Capt. Jack's Body?A correspondent of U1? ? Oregon) Mercury, writing from Fort Klamath, says: "The fact tuat C*pt Jaeks grave sunk down las; summer created considerable discussion, aud, to out a.I speculation at rest, the grave was opened !'?!LdVB ag?' 8tran?e to say, nothing but an emptyr rude pine box was found in the rPVo*-.,!^ 18 now tha' 'he holies of Jack and tlie other Indians hanged with ',reserved in alcohol ??ffere.l death, and i ' 1 wi.l he heard of atrain as nium m ^ on exhibition at the Centennial display Id the city of PhiladelbUia. uiupia> Gotbsmith Maid.?The Han Pranc *co \ii, *1 ??J ,be lDstaat ?ays "Oold.-oiitu Maid, the world-renowned trottine marp Will returu east in charge Of Bud"|? : ! ^<'rou Tiietnr-ris behevol ' to e ended. si,e is now nineteen years old wverihtlfM, in her contest with fiolden (.ate oh Satrrdavlasr.on the Bay District In ?f. ^>M course, she trot:e.l a mile the weather* blustering condition of > rrniNTs Dcel.?a long staniin'' ie*id Pa rwiiVlo in??rf 8\ud?Mt^ of Bethlehem. / a., resulted in a duel v68tpriido The weapons were swords, and the me^tfng took place in the driving parit tersvllle. at about 5 a m Bef^reanyb;S>i was shed, however,a special officer annnaw^i eansing principal,, and second* to 5^amp' >o arrests and nobody hurt. A Lawyer?Kdward J. Wil son, a prominent lawyer In New York e^m mIIted suicide a week ago by throwing him self in the l ast river" The fa? wa5 onTv" made known Saturday. He was reportn, be worth and the cause of R'llci ie N reported to have been unfortuwe sta tions In real estate. ^!1'a A Tragedt.-Two weens ago Krank Car' ag;d eleven years, fell from a window ofhta rather s hoce. on Seventh street Hmoer" I olnt. and was inatantly kllletl. Tne chiidk mother witnessed the accident, and was ^ prostrate,! at the sight that she"aT t" ZZTJuFr ,Tr. "rKU " "" fSHSS Wjiiuip. g during n*# iifiurr^pllon'or wit didn't take IJom Palro lon2 to fan jAJo Am.ri.-an customs. He isave^his wT.i &td* W!:,U ht> l*kt" ' ,rl^, acro" th? CO ' THE COURTS CRI^JKAL Cotrt-Jwige Mar Arthur. On Saturday John Omstead, alia* Ham *t? ad, charged with bigamy. was fot.nd not gniltv- Edward Butler and Wm. Walla*, burglary ar.d larceny. two cases. pl<?ad entity; sentenced to one year In tbe peniten tiary In one caoe, and sentence suspended In i the oiber. Robert Smith, grand larceny. I plead guilty and was sentence t to l* mouths In the penitentiary. Louis Waymau and Isaiah Weaver, grand larceny, werf coa- , v!cted and sentence! to 15 months in the renltentliry. Charles Greer, assault with intent to rape; jury failed to agree and were discharged. TO BAT. Charles E Bruce, charged with presenting a forged check purporting to be signed by W. J. Murtagb. was placed on trial, but after a few witDeeges had been examined tbe pita of not milty was withdrawn, and a verdict of guilty of uttering forged papers entered. Kev. W. M. Addison, of Trinity church, testified to the good character of the accused; that he was a man of remarkable attair.ments and considerable mind, who f?ad been engaged in the Sunday school work in the southern section of the city. The court sentenced him to one year in the Al bany penitentiary?the lowest term under i the law. John Thomas, charged with bur I glary and larcenv at the dwelling-house of | 8. 8. Smoot, pleaded "guilty to the first of fer se, because I ain't got any lawyer, but I'm not guilty of the crime." The court di rected thata plea of not guilty be entered, I ai:d ass'g-.ed Mr. Llgh Kobinson to the de fense. He was coavictel ard sentenced to three years at Albany. James Payne, chmged with assault with intent to kill Samuel Btuce. was convicted of assault and sentenced to six months in jail. Rtchar l Thorn, larceny of carpenter's tools, plea-led guilty, and was sentenced to six mouths In jail. "Benjamin Anthony, alias John R >b, do ; sentenced to reform school during minority. ComT IS CiENERAT, TK4M. To day. Wellach agt. Van KiswicS an i Eutteriield agt. Usher, mandates of the Su preme Court of the United States filed. Stanton, receiver, agt. M^rsell et al.; decree in pursuance of order of United States Su preme Court signed. Tne bond of J T. C. Clark, justice of the peace, was approved. Adjourned to Monday next. EQriTY COCRT?Judgf. Wljli*? To day. decrees and orders were passed In twenty-seven cases, and the court adjourned to May 2. POLICE COtTBT?Jud<04 frtfO. To tiay. Mllly Harrison, threats to Marga ret Jackson, bonds to keep the peace. Moses f.unimux, larceny of a pair of shoe* from Geo. Cohen; todays in jail. Charles Allen, larceny of a dozen apples, pleaded guilty; *2 Cooper, assault on George Moore; *1 aEd costs. Humphrey Foster, assault on \ irglnia Foster, who testified that her hus band commenced beating her, and she threw a handfull of pepper in his eyes; bonds to keep the peace. John H. Taylor, assault on Harriet Ford; S5 and costs. Tillman John son. assault on Dan'i Reardon; *5 and costs. Thomas Stewart, threats to Anna Stewart, his stepdaughter; -I0O bonds, or 30 days. TGK COURT'S I.KCTI RE S OR THE BENEFIT OF THE TOO CONFIDING. George W. Emerson, charged with obtain ing one dollar from Frank T. Baldwin, who testified that he deposited one dollar with Emerson for the purpose of getting employ ment as a copj 1st, as per published adver tisement of Emerson. He was sent by the latter to one Hoover, somewhere on oth St., whom it was represented wished a copyist. He hunted up Hoover, who told him that he never had authorized Emerson to procure a copyist for him. He returned to Emerson's ( ffice, and found some half dozen women and as many men there who had been sent on the same wild-goose chase. He had been swindled. The court told him that there was no law to meet the case; law was not tr ade to protect fools. He should learn bet ter than to suffer himself to be taken in and done for in that way. When a man pays a dollar to such a concern as this for employ ment, and he fails to obtain it, he has no remedy under the statutes. The court would be very glad to enforce any penalty, but there is rone. This should serve as a good lesson; case dismissed. Emerson walked nut of the court ^ith a smile childlike and bland. A MIXED T.OT. Mary Brown alias Julia Banks, disorder ly; 85. F.ugene Boston, profane; S5. Jerry tjuack, a vagrant, was seut down for nirety days. Wesley Williams, drunk and diso r derly; $5. Wm. Jones, Daniel Breoks and Cnarles Smith were sent down as vagrants. Wesley Johnson, carryiBg a sword cane; 52(?. Wm. I'arker, larceny oi a pocket book containing ?1" from George Green; ?K) days in jail. Kiel ard Williams, larceny of two straw hats, CO days. Edward Johnson, lar cenyofa harness saddle; continued. ? ? Gen. Shefman Attending a FuserAL in New York.-The funeral of M rs. Fitch, mother of Lieut. Fitch, who is a son-in-law to Gen. Sherman, took place thl- morning i'roin St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church at Greenpoint. A solemn requiem ma-s was offered for the repose of the soul of the de ceased. Gen. Sherman and Lieut. Fitch and wife were present. The floral decorations *~ere the most magnificent ever witnessed in Greenpoint. The body was luterred in Cal vary cemetery?[A*. K. F.xprrsx, 22<(. Fractional Ccrhekcv at a Pre mium.?The amount of sliver paid out in the sub Treasury yestery yesterday was a'wut ?!7.fi00. Arrangements are being made with the authorities in Washington to receive Mrger amounts of fractional currency. Theiv is already a slight premium on fractional notes.?>'? Sun, 22<f. Mr. McDonalds Six Cents?William McDonald sued New York city for *20,000 damages, having fallen into the 4th avenue improvement at 5,.<tb street. He was trying to take home two intoxicated friends. The jury, alter a week's trial, gave him six cents damages. Prairie Fires. ? Reports from various points in Western Iowa, in Nebraska and Southern Dakota represent destructive prai rie tires raging the past two days, lnvolviug great loss of property. No lives have been lost yet, though in some instances peoplees caped with only their night clothes. C7*The population of Ireland decreased u.;523 In 1p75, leaving the total at about .",,300,000. SECOND GRAND SALS or HAMBURG S, EMBROIDERIES, AND TRIMMINGS, TO LAST UNTIL APRIL. TUE CHEAPEST GOODS EVER OFFERED 1 il?0 NEW STYLES OK hosier r, FOB LADIES,C.EN'1'LEllEN AMD CHlLDBESf. %J~ TH E G R EAT EST BARGAINS IX HAL VttltiANS AfiV HOSIhtiY. AT 1 11 AS H U M 'S, mftrM Sin,4thp 40!? Tth STREET All niHi'B or gentlemen's oast-oik WKAKINQ APPABEL can be told to tbe rery beat advantage by addreaslag or calling on J U8TU, 619 D street, b<rt ?tb sad Tth streets northwest. W Notes by mall promptly attended to: Cash pad. jan!7ly HORbE FOOD. eoKDOsrs food fob HORSES AND CATTLE. MCOtlOM T. JWOR,SPERD, HIS R A f t EAR axle, SOUXU HEALiH, Sh CU KEV BV ITS USE. 1BQBED1ENT8 ALL VEGETABLE Sample 100 reads far 94.00. Da pot in Washington, 609 Louisiana arenas, ?clO-eogm C. F. LillEEMgQM 41 CO. ArrUTON'l AMERICAN C1CLOFI 01A Approaches completion. It is bavins a very large ?ale. Parties in Waablngton or vicinity desiring this great work will be supplied, in monthly Install ments or np to press, frost the agency, 414 7th street, where all stylaa of binding may be seen. Specimen pagea sent gratis on applica tion. asart-dtf E WISH ALL FOND Of GOOD EATING to know tijat " A V I Jl A . " 01, OATEN OR1TS, Is superior to ANY OAT MBA L, either foreign or domestic. Wor sale by all Brat class Orooers Ask for free sample package. febl-eoto ^BC'OND-llAND CLOTHING, El'BNlTDBE H Carpets, Bedding, Oilcloths, and goods of every description bought and the hlgheat cash prices paid. Orders by mail promptly attended to. H. COLMAN A CO., octlo-ly corner 10th street and Pennaave. nOBHI LOAN OFFICE, Corner ?/ Jtk nrtt Vy and .Vii? fork srmm. entrance on New York avenne. Tbe rsoat prtvats Loan UfflceJ In the city Money leaned at the lowest ratef, of intermit on Gold and 811 ?r Watches, Diamonds, Plata and Plated Waro, Onns, Plutois. Ladles and Oentlsmsn's Clothing, Carpet*, and ail articles of Talcs. 'axJlly GEORGETOWN. The Revival?A daily prayer meeting will be belli at 11 a. in. attbe Congress street M. K cbnrch durlrg this week, e juiucte.1 by Revs. Murray, Norris, and Howe. I'snal right meeting also held there tbl* week. Services conducted by same ministers. Thkobaxd corcbrt for the benefit of Chrl-t Church wilt take place to-morrow evenlrr at the Curtis school building. An array of talent, whine equal has never been beard In Georgetown, will appear. Mf?r?. Kohr. Read and Young, and Mr). Camp arc among the vocal soloists. A crowded boose will doubtless be present. Grain -Ry canal- Roat H. M. Talbott, with 3 000 bushels of wheat and 1.000 husbels of corn, consigned to H. M. Talbott;also, 300 bushels of roro to T. C. Wheeler. ALEXANDRIA. RriT Agaist thk Montpklier Asso ciation.?In the corporation court, yester day, was tried the case of Douchy A Co. vs. The Montpelier Female Humane Associa tion. a suit brought by the plaintiffs to re cover of the defendant the sum off for advertising the institution throughout the United State?. The court instructed the Jury that if the evidence disclosed that the plaintiffs were not advised of the true char acter of the scheme advertised as a gift con cert. the verutct should be for them, and upon this question of fact the jury were un able to nyree. This is the first suit that has been tried In a Virginia court against the association, although others are peniing. Fish RrroRT.-Ttie receipts of fish at Fisbtown have fallen off so much that the agents aDd dealers are becoming despond ent. Since yesterday's report there have beeu received there only 4,w>osbal and i>,0<)0 herring. The small quantity of rock and perch which are OMgtit are eaton on the shores, and scarcely any come to market. Shad sold to <lay from 511 to ?ll", 50 per hun dred, and herring from fll 5u to$i.!.50 per thonsard. TheFishermi n's TBOCBLn The Port Tobacco 1 net says ?"It is rumored abr>ut. town that there will be a meeting of the state board of oyster and fishery police at Annapolis on the 27th lnstart, at which time, it is said, the action of Capt. Oeo. W. Carpenter in the recent tillers' w:ir on the Potomac will be inquired lnto.-[Geu< 'te,ZUL CITY ITEMS. We f.f< ommend to the public Mr. Isaac Alexander's new invention, dated 14th March, is76. it supersedes all other eye glasses. See advertisement. Fortify andTonh the FcebleCouoh Torn LuNOMwith Hale s Honey of Hotehornnt ctjul T<ir, and tbey will soon assume their bealthy and regular tone and action. It is an absolute safeguard against consumption. Pike's Toothache Drops cure in one minute. In spite of prostration, night sweats, snit tii.g of blood, hectic fever, and the most ills, tresslng cough, Consumptive patients have been saved and restored by the regular u?e of Hater's Cotl Liter Oil antt Phosphite of I.line. In this form It is a pleasant medicine, and should be early resorted to. John C. Raker & Co., Philadelphia. Wilbor'* Cod Liver Oil and Lime? The gn at popularity of this safe and effi *a cious preparation is alone attributable to Its intrinsic worth. In the cure of Coughs Colds. Asthma, Bronchitis, Whooping Cough, Scroluloii8 Humors, and all Consumptive Symptoms, It has no superior, If equal. no ore neglect the early symptoms of dis ease,when an agent Is thus at hand which will alleviate all complaints of the Chest, Lung > or Throat. Manufactured only by A. R. Wilbor, Chemist, Roston. Sold by all drug gists. ea; Fron? a Ctimaije M<utufnclurer. Meyerstown, Lebanon Co., Pa., ) November in, 1873. S Messrs Sc'h W. Fou le A Sons, Bo*ton: Gentlemen:?I have been afflicted for two years with what I supposed to be consum p tion. I have suffered from a severe pain in my left side, the pain being but slight at first, but increasing In severity every day until it was almost Impossible for me to fol low my avocation without great suffering a>ul the most excruciating pain. 1 have tried almost every known remedy without receiving the least relief. My brother hav ing been attllctcd with spitting of blood and ail ihe tendencies of consumption, and bav in" been cured by Dr. W'ixtar's Jiatxain of Wil l C/i'ttj/. recommended It to me, and I at once commenced using It with the most satisfac tory results. My pain Is gradually growing less, and I feel much better than I have for some time past. As long as the Balsam does as much to restore my health as It has done thus far. so long shall I continue using it, and 1 would advise all attlicted with lunu diseases to give It a trial. 1 remain yours truly, Daniel R. Haki kr. rj0 cents ar,d ?1 a bottle. Sold by all drug gists. Fine French cloi h Dress Suits ma le to order, ?40, at Moore's, Kill N. Y. ave. 4,1*,6 Try Marburg Bros. Seal of North Carolina Smoking Tobacco. 10 and 20 cent paek a|ts. 4,13,1: ? Nothtno New Under the Sun?But Stimulating Liniment cures Neuralgia. 4; ? Saratoga Springs fa Winter. Reasons for going to Ore. Strong s Reme dial Institute in winter, with circular de scribing its Turkish, Russian, Sulphur, Hy. dropathlc and Electro-Thermal Raths, the Vacuum Treatment, Galvanic and Faradalc Electricity, Ac., will be sent on application. Nervous, Lnng, Female and Chronic dis eases a specialty. 12,24,m,w,f,8: ? ? Removal. First-class Scouring and Dyeino. A. Fischer enlarged his establishment by removiDg tohls new building, 906G st. north west, three doors we6t of 9th street, very near his former place. Ry promptly adopting the latest Improvements, whether of American qr European Invention, be Is enabled to do any work in a manner not to be equaled by those not possessing these facilities. ay Ladies Dresses cleaned and dyed with out being taken apart. ? Crape Veils refinlshed nice and cheap. ? Grease stains removed effectually. ' Gent's garments cleaning and dyeing a specialty. ay Prices lower than ever before, to suit the times. Corns. fct,-"Th *Wii? for Health on daily walks depend," and uiousands from far and near visit Dr. White's establishment, 1416 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Wll lard's hotel, for relief from, and avoidance of, Corns, Runlons, Troublesome Nails, Vas cular Excresencen.etc. Established in Wash ington In 186L Fee, ?1 per visit. pABTLES ABOUT TO BUILD (JAB BAY! MONET BT OOHTBAOTING WITH ua. A* we krf) in regular stock, sod ?rs prepare tc erect In moet approved maiicer, everj description of HOUSE AXD OKyAMSMTAL PLUMB 1XU, SEWERAGE, GAS-P1P1XQ, <*e. Tin HOOFING, Tim B0T A1B PIPKt) to b? fcullt In wall*. 5LAT1 and HABHLE MANTELS, In excellence ?I ?ttie* suil color# cueau<?l?U. BANOBS, flBSAOBS ?nJ FIBS PLAO STOVES? giving a larger ontflt than any other boose la the city, and euabltug m to make favora ble propositions to capttalUta and contractors. ?ATWARD k HUTCHINSON, anlg-tr 31T tth atreet ncrtbwwt ca M H Iji en. We are Mlling, at greatly reduced prices, LAKDAl'S, LAHDAl'LETO, (XARESCEN, COACHES, IOIPIS and COL'PELETS. Our Patent Counter-balanced Front FIVE LIGHT LANDAUS, and FALLING FRONT BERLIN COACHES are the UatV Vouriagee oj the day, and Jar beauty o] cte ngn, mmplidty and thoroughness in construction, ere unsurpassed. The Falling Promts to both art nicely counterbalanced by a Spring, (which or. rangement it patented,*) and can teith ease be lowered and railed with the finger. We guarantee our work to be FIRST CLASS, and to please in every particuiar. ?tfo infringement oj our right*, under the above Patent, will be allowed. H. KILLAM 8b OO,, CHESTNUT STREET, dec* tAthlv HEW UAYIH.CONN. RATIONAL SAFE DEPOSIT CO., Corntr Uth st. ami fftw York aren't*. FIBE amd BCBGLAK I'BOOK VAULTS. All kiodn of Talaablee taken on deposit. Bai'ea for rent. Office boor*. ? a. m to 4 pm. UEu. H PliAAT, PrteiJont. GBO. W. Blur--, Vice PretldSDt. jel? ecly It P. BMIDKEi Becittar/ GEORGETOWN APYER'MTS \ 0(iL AND l?TRi MK3PAL COM ? C KKT. F.^r the Benefit of the OB*. AN FIBD OF CHRIST CHUB' H. Georgetown, At the JfKn* SCHOOL BVILDIXti, Vwnd and PutrniM 8irwli, TCB9DAT BTBNlsG, Astil 'i Ath, at S o'clock. Ttckm. 91 Tn b* tad tt th? door. Ball open 7.19 o'clock apll St New ftPRino noom Ladle*' Dtm OooDh. in Plata. PlaM ard Bt rip. d Good*. X MM. U. W, ?, ?. *. 40.46 and 10c. Black Bilk*. Tameee and Oaahneree. A large stock ?ilk flushed Alp*. aa and Mobatre. 1I.W0 yard* Calico* at t. Sv. and the heat at * ct*. Percale*, Pi<ju** acd Whit* Dree* Good*. Terr cbtai. A beautiful aeecrtmeut Paranoia ard Bun Um brella*. Cotton Goods at loweet prtoa* BENJAMIN ? ILLKK, hp! tr 10 J Bridge street. ^TILL BT EI JiU TO FLBA8B OUB F BI KB 1)6 0 TBB BUBH 19 OVCB Thank* tc cur kind (rMdi for their IW?l|*?w daring the past Fall, when anch vaa the m*h of work from all section* a* to mak* tt tmpo*?Ibl* to fill order* a* promptly t swewieAed. Being a?or*d that the work when ftnlshed gav* entire satisfac tion, vre solicit a oontlanaaoe of yoor aatrcaage. and premise ?oM work at fair price* In from one to etcht da?s Work cent for or deliver ed In anr part of ibe District, received and retained to and frum any part of tba conutr tr mall or expreae. WM B WHBaTLETB Steam Dyeing and Booming Betabliahmeut, 49 Jeferaon street. Georgetown, D.O. Batabllsbed 1831 langtr "From Gaj to GrjTf, fraa Lively to Severe." R**ai!j-Matle Department. CO ATM AKI> TEXTS Double br??st?d or P'lrce Albert. wor*W Coa'a with Feet* to mMcli, In reliable <jaallti?* from to %V>- alapted to the retirements if tti- season These Coat a and Vesta will give as nitKh satisfaction a? any eoed*. no matter h.'W hieh the price Htndsome w rated C .at* acd W*t* tor ?17 M tJla- k Cloth Frock Coat* from to BSD, s me of tbam my own c?r?'ci?l manufacture. Drap d ete Coats aad Yeats of extra quality. I?I SIMSN M ITN Tasufnl Suit*. latest deigns in materlxl Mid cut, for the extrem ly low price of 111. Bine Flannel Smts, fast cjl<>r, from (it 60 upward. Puil^ left from last eewKn, about on^-half th* former price*. acd b*r?ains majr be .-ip-fted. B<~ > s'at.d Touths'School ai.d Dr-ss* In pleasing variety, at moderate price*. PATIAl.OOXS. limits at variety of pi aids. check*. stripes, n ixtnres, black rib*, Ac. Plain black, blue, fr?y, Ac. NPRI\n OTERfOATN A tine aasoitment of desirable patterns from $13 to $26. MKDRIE8 Fine white Shlrls. none better. (160 Under shirt* and Drawers, in merino, angola, gau/.e, jean.jaconet, silk, lisle, Ac. A larire selec tion, about # I t>r ea^h garment. Parts 8a* n?ncers, extra quainter from $1 to .*4. J :> lot ot Precch Suspender* for 60 and 75 cent*, much under value Rrplish and German half bose, Irish linen handkerchief*. One linen and all linen Collar* and Cuff*, and black neck wear of good ?jualitieaand of unusual lengths. NOTE. Bvery article warranted a* represented, and ep< cial effort lias been made to severe only eoch articles as will fnlly secure the appronation of purchaser*. All ready made good*, cot woru or soiled. may be returned in two weeks, and tbe purchase mobey will be relctded. ONE PB1CE ONLY. QEORQE C. HENNINQ, 410 NET EXT H NTBEET. ap!2 tT MGH OP THIOOLPBS PLBICB. 1S7G 8pm t jv o t 1876 trice list op BESTS, TOl'THS' AND BOTH CLOTHING! OP A. STRAUS, 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVBBUB ItRESN COATS AMD TESTS. Oriental Bilk PI d Worsted Coat* A Vcwts f iO 00 Iilorthiimpton bilk Kibi-ed Worsted do. do ... I* 00 Vienna Diagonal Worsted Coata A Vest* ..... lb AO Blackington Black and Oold Wonted do. do 1 & 00 Uxbridge Fancy Silk Worsted Coat* A Vests 14 00 harraganaeit Fancy Bl k Wuratoddo. da..M 10 00 BimXEKN SFITS. Fine Blbceuf Bprirg Ca*a. Salt^ ?40 00 Fine Delabarre Plaid Cass. Suit 1* OO Bdward Harris Hair-line Cass. Suit lb SO The Versatile* Checked Casa. Buit 12 00 The Diagonal Bibbed Cass. Suit 14 00 Oen'ne Washlagton Mill Bine Flannel Suit- 13 OO North Hoosic Block Caa*. Salt l'i 00 Hercnle* Scotch Cas* Buit 11 00 BnglUli Stripe acd Plaid C&aa. Bait. 10 00 Knickerbocker Check Cass. Bnlt 9 00 Banlsbnry Brocken Check Caas. 8uit - 00 Union Cass. Suit, Frock and Sack. b 00 YOrTIIK' SITTS. Hillburg Diagonal Worsted Suit 91A 00 Llppln Bilk Bibbed Caaa. Buit... 1.1 OO Mason's Hair line Cans Suit...... 11 00 London Plaid Cass. Buit - - *4 00 New York Mills Casa. Suit. 7 00 BOW SriTS. Norwalk Fancy Worsted Suit BIO 00 Oamden Plaia Cass Suit * 00 Snow flake Fancy Cast . Suit ? 00 Knickerbocker Cbeck Caas. Suit........... 6 00 tnlonOaas. Suit Htasms?*ssHi?w?*??4??sn44sii??*^*?was ? 00 mar te-tr A.1U STILL THEV COME. TH1BD AKKIVAL OP CENTENNIAL BARGAINS AT L. HEILBB1.VS CHEAP SHOE STOKE, No. 404 7th Street northwest. !S 00 Men's One hand sewed Calters and Ties, 4 MJ Ladies' French Kid,front seam. button, 2 00 front seam Lasting Button. 2.40 " " aide Lace Gaiters, 1 to Bacdal Slippers. ?1 Congress. 2 U) t rench Kid Toilet. #1 Lasting Balmoral*. 11.78 Foxed Balmorals, 60 ceots Bn<kics. 11.00 School Shoe*. 90 cents lnfauta', 11.28 Men s Gaiter*. #1 Men'* ?uoea, K2 60 Calf Boots, ?2 O. K Boots, buckskin. Kid. acd Lasting Gaiter*. N. B ?" Lock for the old woman in tlie window." sp7 tn ^PIOIAL MOTIQl. VALIAST Ac OGUE^I, CEALCgS IX CHINA, GLASS AND HOCSIFUBK13H1NG GOODS, 440 9th street n w., Washington, D.O Oocds delivered tw any part of the Dfbtrict. tn27 1m b T h 1 N U STYLES ft* NOW READY. I BBOADWAT acd FIFTH AVKNUB 8TYLB ' GENTLEMXN'S DKESS HATS. ?A and ?b Also, flue Soft and Stiff FBL.T HATS of tbe most approved patterns. Bnglisb and American SILK CMBBILLAS Lad'.ea' BUN OMBBBLLAB. I'M BKELLAS and PABASOLS recovered. HER * UREKJV, 1419 PBNNSFLVABIA AVKBL'B, mart ly Above Willard a Hotel ICE KING REFlilGEUATOflS. Hiring the agency fer the sale of this BEriltlKATOK, we Are prepared to farnlah all aizea, from f JO cp. WATER FILTERS AT PACTCBT PBICBS. apa-tr 1009 PetiB. are., ne>r lltk street. pOBTNER S VIENNA BEER, FOR FAMILY ISR 151 THE CITY. The ceneral demand for BOTTLBD BBBB has Induced me te build a Lager Beer Bottling Bstnb iishment, on Virginia avenue, near 7th stm t, tAk- 1 ing advantage of Ail the latest improvementa. Tbe Beer la especially brewed for that purpose, and bottled wit* the greateet care, for faally nee And shipping. All order* sent to the office here or to AlezAndtia will be promptly attended to. The Beer wiU be de " ?' "WViifcT PORTXER. OBoe and Depot 644-6BB Virginia ave. pbicTlist. Id Boxee. containing 1 dozen Onarts, ?1J0, Allow* leg 78 cent* for Bottle*. And Box returned In Boxes, containing > doien Pints, Bl to per do7*n, allowing av cent* per djeea for Bottle* and Box returned. Per Sblppin*. In Hove* containing I dozen Qnarts, or S dozen Pinta. at *ame price per dozen, allow In* the same for Bottle* and Boxee retmrned free cf charge ApJlm ROBERT PORT3ER j AMUSEMENTS. ^ATIU^AL THEATER rorB pi*roB*?s^wosiT ICKPAT. tfe9 4tb tey*nt and ?n Tl C'*"M Bid VIPM<<1<AI fVEBlBGS. ant ?* a SPECIAL M *T1NRE '% WKl-WrSHAT Brwri JABRETT AFALMKB. Rwtfe^ T>.?* ?er. New York City. i**pecfnlly am.ut ? to the resident* . f Wa*MrgW<A that Ph?ltfir?i G and buKilol Tr?f*H _ Jt MI * C FW4B With lit World rt i. acMl t?'ar ('?N, embracitR tbe Gr?at Tr**r<lleL*, Br. LAWklRci BaRKETT, ?r. > Rank ?\ ?aso?. Blr. M1LN?> LBVICE. a-d ? r B L PAYENFORT. mi Itwrfil dramatic compeiy. aided b? a beat of iuiKwIn the ri irr^utlm of (k? |n>*1 *'?r ?ill coo clodewlth ttw rtiBki'oil V ?. ?ue tl. <trrlt( tl.* UtbIdi?( tbe Lody vl Bratu* cn the riuw of Pblltspi. PI'.Ii ES Brwrrtl SmU. 1180. Geseral k& n'.t ?ion. Bl. ?/"t<nbr Gr*td MiiiBM< n V(OM?4ir ONE DOLLAR to *11 p?tu A?H> 27. Fairlamb Opri c trpar.r M?> 1. low MU btl. t?>4 ?r is ATIOMAL THEATER THE I'AIRLAMB OHEBA rOlPiM. t AoiMecr > THlB?Pi"T BYEN1N:. Afril 9T-"Tb* V t.?oii?u Oirl' ?Mr*. Mra>it.*i.>n t'tiilimV. Ml*? Idd * Rarfftn*t.n. md M?w?r> H M r*ell, L > W R>?ri,and E B. Hav. FR1PAY ITIMRi;. A|MI 9* "Yai-T.e. or Tr*a?ore<l Tok^c* ? M .?? *??! <? fmn. M ?- fc mm* E ?' Rmsnn iirilMfri U Borsell 9 W K"ee, AGO C. A llll BATl'RPAT ITKRINO April-.?<? Thirl a" ' ilbr iit'ilrn mix. icrtu "l,* ?. Iiw, Pou BetMtat"Tr*rMa( . < (to-prtsuB Icw-ll*. "Wli'tlOB T?irl?inb. til* V i Kat ?;,-i'?nr. Mt - LiIiau Bi.e: . atid ,\l??r? >1 >r*elf, 3ln>l*oB. keea And Mikm Full Cboro* And Crcbe*tra. iff.cMve n. ?* ? n ? c?-re. ?l>g?n? COftDUi11 Alii ai .1 the At i fic coicp' ?<* O- r.?ral adnil**ion. ft; '**er\r J *eet*. S I 80. r' VAteb ?l8,c?ll?rv r*?c P'* Sift i< w op*? a* Met croit '? Ma* 1-ROSE F.YTINGE a* ROSE MICHEL, w ith I n'on fgiiare Tbeatt r Co ? N?w Y tI. a-*t tr PROIIAIHK AHKLIKI'A ANMl'AL EXAMINATION EXERCISE*. RATIONAL THEATRE. MAY I Tbf Giand Fairy Sp*~cta. 'ilar Ballet of < INPERELLA. ?t.TIIE COOP FAIRY ANP THE LITTLV. Gl ASS CLIPPER in All it* (triMOM splendor. ? i.b Rtil I'd.iN. Gotten Cbari.'t, Mac-ifti >nt ~.eiierr. Ac Tbevuriu* character* wt.Tle -u* t v t bt> jir ?-l ilc i>nj>il? <>t Pr< t t*UKI.P ' 3i o l?A NClh<; At A l'A Si V, 11)04 K M'<>?t nor;b?Mt 1<uoi* ? p^r At 2 J0\ ti'Umi'tcM it 3 30 > ?r?U ot A^itiiwion. witb m i ar< >1 w^st*. 90 c^ct* Pr.T >bi| i!i n will b? f< uu4 At lb* bAll f?-? IB 10 t.i 1<a ta ADdltoSp m, for tb>-**l* of tli'k>'ta. *iil? it* 4 F ASrtlOM " THCB^DAY EVEN ISO. KORD 8 OFKRA II01 HB. Crci;r ?^At? At Solomon A CIiapbihii ? aplt At An A I TllttKB* ? ARRIVAL ? III tw- tieid at M ASOW It! TEMPLE on tL Kt< niitK* of'2Ath. *Jt>tb and "27th of April, f r tL. benefit "f the WtanY CUrtniAO A**'*!*! ti Frott, Moore, Lontfellov, lrvir*. lili?A-??ar?. I) it kin*. tioruA, Mother Gao?e Ani ? tb?-r? ?tl be ie?r? -ent<-<l. r- A*i>n ticket* f 1; sincle ticket- 90 >-:? ap22 St' Y liR ANl) 4 OM? BKT i l will be given At 5T A (ff LSTlIfE S yg\V VH CHi II, < n l'tb street, between L <i"l M,on MtiNPAY, April tl4 . 1876? In Aid of *aiU Cbnrrb. At wbich the beet i<rofe<?' ria. And amatf-nr tAlent in the rlty wtll i*l?t, anu. op wboci are Prof Pcbceider. of the Marine ItauiT, Prof. Anton Oloetzner. M?edAinee C Y Bnitth, B. K Let/arder ap?I J. S Kimball, M???*r*. Kaoop. Noje*, Bi?chcti, Seifert. Bkar. Ilolar. Miller Oannot. and Lcrec o J"CAttAsliA. ap2t-!t IT O M K K T Bl K M ?. All lover* tsf Bl'RNS Attendin* the ''Antlior* CArnit aI Are ln% itrd to caII at tbe Bl'RNS COTTAGE. MASONIC IBM PLK, April 24th, 26tb,rtb. It will t>e cc>mp!< te in all it* aptiintmeBt*,!batch ed > oof, A c. The Tableau of the Cotter*' SATl'BOAY NliittT w 'II be ciTeti. On ?*!?' will be f ncd An elegant line of S. itch Jewelry, ' airii-. rm Rruocb<? hoi, Tbi<tle*. Scotch Wocdware. akI TJald Good* 1 1 lie le--i*- will terve t rde A. d Whfr Cream AM1 Scotch Cake Tbe proceedn *pe fir tbe benefit of the WOM AN ~ ( HL1STIAN ASSOCIATION. it I CENTENNIAL ENTERTAIN I wT<I I i 4 f ? MENT. I n< l? PATL PRY. by tfc. JOE .? EFFEKSON DHA M \TlCCLCB,At Ford'*OperA Unu?e, MONDAY kVK?lN0. April 24.Ki, at 8 o'clock. Adtui?'L" Co cenf*. R-ecrvrd *eAt< cau le ieein( M Elli* lLO?ic utore for 28 centa e?tra The pr cee?l? will b arr'ied to pay the eiwen-ee of the Centennial E* Libit of the Public School*. Ap.'I-Rt r|MIKATEK ? OA1IMI K Eleventh Street, A Utiote PiHH'vitania Artntit. Ora.\ THE > t'A K KOOMU. Perfortr.Ance EVFEY NIGHT. Ma'ltee f r La die? ai.d Chiiiiren EVKEV W tll.MMAV ?-d &ATIKPAY AkTEUNUON flKST CLASS L<TVER Y KESfhCT Variety. PratnA, Bnrleeqne a^d Comedy. bot22 ly Robert p??rtmeh s*i uir DEM, In Alemidria, i* opeu?nl agaiL t.>r the eea^on, where tLe I e-t L*.GERwi!l Alw?\A be on i draught ?p6 lm* I HENRY S( HERll. ' Old No.) On Kxhihition iNiw So. 4M J sail Nal? { 41?? 7TB 6T.> AT ( 7TH HT. MABHRITKB'B, . A?. 439 7tA ftreel, bttv--n U ?*<i h strut), ?t?? a'ovt O ld h'fl 'ete.t' HnU. j Cbcice Oil Painting*, Engraving*, ChroinoA, Ae Also, largeat *t?k of Pap<i Har clng*. V* id-Jo* i Btide*, Picture*. Framee. Flrtnre Curat AO.' Taa eel*. Ktrg?, Nails. Ac., In tbe L'lrtrict ?^Tbam< Cash. B^PIxaae remember IlAine And Ncmber. tyi l? FESTIVALS. F AIR AT ST. Juehi'li S HALL. t'oraer 8th ac ! II ?treet* northwe*i FOB THE BENEFIT OF ST. JOSEPH S ' HUE' H German i, EVERY EVENING FRtiM MONDAY .April J 4. TO MAY I'T. ap22 Tt LECTURES. DK NEU MAN S SPIRK LBCTl RE.- FB 'M Washington to jerlsala-m-aue??u ing in the Holy City, ~cen?*t. Incident* an I Ob*er vation* In the Holy Land.' Eepecintly lu(ere?tiAk to Arcb.< olegiets. Minuter* And Sao<lAf School T- Acher*. Proceed? for reoair* on the Spire M ? trcpoiitan M E Ohnrcb. TUESDAY EVENlNi., April 28. lt^o'. At - o cl .cE. Tickets ?"?? Oent*. apJ5-3? PROFESSIONAL* DR J. B WALTOB. DENTIST to tbe United State* NavaI Acad-my At AnriAB^'li*.^1 ***-3 Md., fora number of >eAr?, respectfully ofter- hi* prof??nonal service* to tbe clti/.eu* of WaxbingtoB. Office, 93!l E street nortbwqst. be twetn i?th And H'th Ap2o lm* Ca: PER SET EITHER JAU . C-i * tjOby 'Dr ABC Vk KIxEBBOBN- -I C? usi, 4 OS 14th ?treet u. w. Also. Gold Filling done At reAr-onAble price, And satlsfecuoa gi\en. apli eotoi* K W 1> M V ER>, ha* Rem ?v- ' t< Bo. 1 7 35 Peni:*ylvAKiA Avenue. Nitron*OxideG i? adminiiiter 1 apl-eolm^^ B J. Cl RTISfi SMITHE. Orntr". Has removed hi* oflioe from t>-J7 in'ylvaniA avenne to 394 O street n. _ . w., a few door* eAWtrom 4H *treet. Apglui f? D. BARMBV, J. A TTUKy BY-AT LA IF. Nortfaeaat ccr. La. Ate. And 7th ft , Room 4. Ap3 3m WA?hiug??'ii P O. vh BIO EISI XflKH. JUSTICE OF THE FMA CB. No. 609 7th buect n ?., oapoalte tailed StAte<. Patent Omce. (Juti d? PAtr? Btttta* j*Vawft?.l }AnI0 ly I |B. J. fc. WOLF, EJ DEIIUI. oct? 6m Removed te 1910 F *treet S^L ITER FRESCO. PECORATIYE And everj desctipMon of ORBAMENTAL And PLA1B PAINTING, 797 IWh street corthweet. SPECIMEN ROOM. 7 10 Estreat northweet, jap21 ly WASH1XOTBN, P.O. ? ?y FER BET FOB TEETH. E1THERJAW. 8/ by DR. A. B. PRATT, OraduAt* of^Bft Ohio College of Dental Surgery, and ofWW Bnsb Bedlcal College ot OhHMo.lfl 7th *'reet. eeet aide, corner of B. Gas And chloroform used In extracting teeth. augll-ly X rARA&OLS. PARASOLS. PARASOLS. SUM LMbKEl LAS bUM VMbNMLLAS SUN UMBH BLLAS. New stock, all styles aai eiaee. just received Give me a call And yoa will bav* froaa M ceuta to ? 2 ob every Parasol or Umbrella jon purchase AT TBI CHBAFEST STOBB IN THB CITY. rONXOLLY'N. ApC-tr M? Mb etTeet, opp Peteat Office. (V'O HUBBUO.?L. RICB wtll yay a fair cash 1A price for auy kind of ItMies. Gents aad Ohtl drea* SECONP HAND CLOTHING. BOOT4, SHOES, Ac 693 7thstreet, between Fand G sonth M oie by mail prowiBtlv att?md?id *?. B*rl lr BEST MAIIBUBO BROS. SEAL OF BOBTH CAROLIBA NHOKINU TOBACCO ap!3 1m HI ABP 90 CENT PACK AOK8 OT l''B? Fartles who dMrtre to die* ?e of Ail Il ElNOSOt WEAhJMO AFFAKALcan sell tbem fcr a htgner cash price than Any piAoe la tee city. b> calling or Addressing HBRZoO, 917 D etreft, betweea >tb and Mih aorthweat. Prompt at* teaticB will be give*. ayli ir ^HE LADIES' GOODS. %ire. j. r. riLHEK Has ? wtmh? m* ri?r?nt ?t PA Kill Bomifp ,B' HAT* Trit .??*-. 1 ?? 4 ratrtmwA. ta (%||, r*??iri Fife aa<< Kit Kir Bib# ?BEB<H rLli*IM. LACES at* HOTEL TIE8. Spec'*! attentloa rn to Or.lart *?*. J. P. PAI.VLB. ArJi ?<> ti>< r *wt. >???.??* iim im d,| .?,LHAN THK P('L* *'-"T r . iVmJST^ttSSSfiJrS.">**"' ??> a xrsz Kjstftsvsaa'avR. Mt tftwout.M "* *' ? ?" i?hi? ? WILHEB* mri. yi. j. hinr Ar Woald caH :h? att*atl.>B of tb- l^i.. to a ;^lT aort?M>at n( " BTB *:'4 A"*HCEa r*TT EkB BOS I NTKIMMIP n ATP. |a Braaf varfclB aa.1 atjl* * Bttttcti K ID OLO\ U,? f I jj. Bt 91 M* BMHK' ll'IK't* OB PI )1#. t an >rir an<? ? ?i u.4??d r?i?; m< ( trKMKB A l.rf. Ud ..1^ MBrrtvr t <tf t*< e ? apb. hatb and hobbkt*. n? Ik. I.. i at 4 ( filler- ti. ?!> l?a it d tu.wt attractive daaU tt* T :o? aalaettoa of UAKBCRO rw MKOIDEbV ADD TIIBB1NUH lit i.NW L>A('B OA PM m?<1? to or^tr, M ?r* m i.* a k i rpr irflL ^ ?H 8tb ?u?n. ow F*i"Mo3m ?UUllTA-i fifik LADIES' SHOES, ? Al l TO UkbtK AT *10 9.* Orr-<1* (&..< M ?' LAlM" ?wit ?: 2 Trench Pn tl, .. *?*? -???.. ? an Bi2n?T.?'a"^ Fl**0 ?? ?D<1 ?r? J to toa-.oal Ui tin ?urk ml: u fxtiir<><riB 11.* I Uhd Ha'ra ' ??uo m?r.?-tr jam H UKMIITI 5^ V s I ' M)%??*l *s" Ur . V Metric8, ?cu ""*???*? *ss5_ (iKUT ?%< K't|',},l"'f Mt HAK Maim HAIB HUM PS kt gll. f. r'mrr ?rtr?- tfi AO H A |'k B ifai'r if *? ?rioa |U g, ??j ? L U J !f:2 *' f *? ,up""*r pri'* ?? WA UAIB BLAlDt at * l M.fora??r1<T #4 *? R. "I* Mtnit Inn ?r cheap hah Ml Bu BPOlNGfl uiI IBBEKTI<>M*.at 8 UELLEB9 A m.?^ ?r l*D?BOAB 1 ****?,?? 8. ilELLEK 9. A lABkAV,[?rh,.wr * 1 "BMI LABabC ? ??AEE8OL0, ?el.inB raBaral<H? 8. UBLLBB 8 LiSId8.^04" ABD SL 1TB ?? b pM r?. A J JocU l at 8 ii KLLEB 8 W i.AL A&l' lUiTATiOM LACB8. tunlow: Bl 11 8 HELLEB i. ( )H "A?D AND BK< EI VINO DAILY, A llfM . ' ??? ?ILL1BEBT OOOD8 tK l?te?t?t?U?ol UAT8, LIBBOMi. ru<?WEB8, 1 BKLLlHl AWa^SM'IH: *s*.ai7** ?? *V*A? ULU> kfe.lUI iMll), BOd tb? lx?t IB IB* n. artel, for #1, a; 8 HELLEB!*. T Ia Hartal liarc W'B INVITB TME LEDIE8 TO CALL ill) f-xanuL' our it ^k W ?''^^EB~at 8. HELLBB S TT *l*Marfc?t?B?? mt7i |m lALTitB. ariciuTfik _ _ DOl ?LA88 . HIFTH ABB f~4?T CLOUD OOB^ETb, I KT8, BI'BTLE8, ' JTBENCH LA CMP BY P(' SI PA IX' C KB H081EBT. LADIES' OOTTOB AMI) MEBIBO Mock F? *ID QLOVE8 ' ?. . / rk"c) Oood* coniBiata ?ov?ltio? recclTad daily Agency tor Dotnaatic BaahlotM f?4>M tr BOOKS ANTI> STATIONERY. T?* \NriENT BBO 1MB B? Tata? E E' glt-h Lit. raturr, S v. !?. Br Tat dp Tomard- tb* Strat*ht Oato B> Hnrr. l""?artable Aua?<r? jjr Dr rattoo. l lortraud Cc- mratary on th? Acta ?T tb ? _ AB">?tlaa Ht Lfmaij A 'bott I Progrmm. By Discu Hie WbaUm trAttr * r (g* rtiatrMt \V* f^LHIATIOK!!.- 'Li> bd<I LKftat-Tt bv |i|M hf'Dbf'V If (Ift- Tra r*'? ?11* ill ** ' *4"eo' J?bu Unincr Edam* " ,'-sr ssjttris^^v ".?y "fcTiBES; SfK-' -i"o!a nSSi T" Mra OMphant. 7S (Mi -l rim, i "Z.T V. -' f ? ?? Elaa^r tar, T' ' ? ?A'L, Aiiarvwi, r ?! (19 >'f l^Ar tEr v A.trrnooir tr I Proctor. 75 ceo* ?Th/ jss&am^s ?rtsz&vijsg: &textkjx?,g&. nEvS1 OIB oeat. SOLOMOB ^ A CHA PM AB - p tT Oil P*Bnarl' anla a\?-nna ^ IW BVVfcl. L>1,crrh??t6^r;?;?y'te,n BrDr Hatdbooa of Arcbiuctaral Btjloa. Bf Bjbprrar Aolaiai Ptra^taaand Imbiim, b, van B^o' dfh IhtkPnaliAnal IUI C I At ? < i.S'i tonal 8el s?rlM. at cu ^#2 Hlttorrof Natural 8cieiic?. Br Backlar LIT* or Alfxan ior Baalttoa; t Tola. Mj ?e ?/ ?.*? ??l,'i?,l"na of Man In All Acea T?r Boffar Ttollat La One lllanratad gs * 1 *?**c Bancroft a Hlatorr of tba United Btataa <>c tcnarr tditi^n Voliim<-a 1 and S. $t a per tol J oat BnbUabfd and for aala k>r ^ *01, B^rt4 |r BIOHCW 8R(t?., 1818 P? MENS WE Alt. Sr/iIXG GOODS. NEW STYLES FIXE GOODS, TO HEBE TO UEAtl LE SUITS TO ORDER, rBO* ?3? tr. READY MADE SUITS, rBOM #i? or. BEAD! MADE SPRING OVERCOATS, ai? ur. D?VUN Jfe 1X88 W ?am tr irciii. WtfUBH, 8W1E8 AKU ABKwma? Watches, BT ELL TBE BOAT CELEBEATED MAE EBB E Larc* Amortm^t at Vary Lew JAW BL BEB PTIOIAB BOTICE-Ba?m?d kBBTaatlBBi, AC., I to bwiat*rcMaaiB. Mr B* of uptioa aaablba me to Mir tba " J4A.SU* A Ml tr ?* A A > 5C "KfSZVrZK. Hi Pa. a*? , ooraar Mraat

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