Newspaper of Evening Star, April 25, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 25, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASJllIfOTON: 1I M9AT Ajrll i"), IW-. I CROKBT n KOTCT Editor. Readir-g Matter on Everv Pago CMMl lLATMOS OF TIME HTAR. Sworn Monday, April 17tb 14,"WO Tuewrisy, 44 IS,100 WtdD?Sday." ' >ltl 15,'i?"i0 Thursday, " 20Ul...... 18,000 Friday, M -l?t 1?,?30 Saturday. " 2M 19.610 Total for the Week 90,7*0 A ?-'?mye Daily Circulation tS,i"tn A good deal of Indignation Ik expressed by some of the persons mentioned In tbe testi mony of C. B Purvis before the Freedman's Bank loveftti?ating Committee that tbey were not afforded the opportunity to show the falsity of mai.y of bis statements, and that bis munchausenisms have thus b?en spread all through the country uncontra dicted. Complaints of this character are getting to be <iuit<> general In regard to the manner In which, apparently for political ?nds, House committer have sent out testl- I raony thus tak^n without cross-examim iton or notice to the accused. Ueu. Boyn ton, writing to the Cincinnati Ouztth-, puts the case vrry forcibly, ami says: ??In several notable Instances, the false testimony was allowed to go out after It falsehood Lad been thoroughly exposal to the secret examiners. This. was the case in ihe attempt of CaulflelJ's committee to tix the improper use of public funds in suppress ing election frauds upon President liiant. ar.d also In the circulation of the Barlley gossip regarding Secretary Br is to vr and his aliened purchase ior 940,060. ?'Employes discharged for caus?. disap pointed contractors, unsuccessful claim agents, indicted criminals, blackmailers, bribe-takers, defaulters, disreputable detec tives, perjurers, and lunatics, have graced the stand in the*e democratic cominltb'e rooms, and had their testimony to republi can Inefficiency recorded.. And this is not exaggeration. '?The crazj man who was allowed to tes tify Without lestrnint a^iust (Jen. M* igs before Cl> roer's committee will not be for gotten. Th?- fact ;nat this inquiry was pub lic alone expoM d the baselessness of the tes timony. The regular report gave no inti mation of the man's condition. But for the specials who saw and described it, nothing | would have promptly reached the couutry to d1sc?e?!lt it. Custer's hour after hour of mere hearsay is a case in point.'' Well. Mr. Blaine has made his statement, acd it certainly seems tosupply a complete refutation of the Iadiaua-Jevelope i railroad bor.d story to his discredit. Coupled with Lia apparently conclusive refutation of the story appears a denial from Harrison, of Indiana, the reputed sponsor for the scandal, that he has ever named Mr. B'aine in the rnattei. This would seem to take the last prop from the story and to remit it to tb? long list of exploded canards invented to blow up prominent Presidential can Jilates. lion. L. II. Morgan, who has achieved c:?n r.Jerable distinction a. an ethnologist, at he last mcetir.gof the National Academy ot >ciencc cave a very plausible theory in r*?f ? ce to the mounds lu the Ohio valley, which uave so long engaged the attention of fdentists. He holds that th<?se singular tiiouLds were built by what are known as the Village or Pueblo Indiansof Mexico,and adduce- much evidence tosustiin this view, lie notes the character of the dw-lilngsof the Village Indians of Yucatan and Chiapas, and by a series of comparisons comes to the conclusion that these mounds werr* raised for the purpose of bail ling dwellings upon ! the^r summits: the elevated platform being a feature of the a lobs nouse ot New Mexico. Major Powell, who has io^g male Indian I structures a *tu iy, was inclined to take the same view of the matter, as wa ? also Prof. I Marsh, whose testimony lu corroboration j was very important. In a long series of j comparisons of Indian skulls be had beet; | much struck by the similarity t>ef ween th >?e j c.f tiie Pueblo Indians and of the Mound j Builders. As the shape oi t*;<? \I??tv<d Build- J er's SaIiiI is very peculiar, t! e eulnci leis ctrtainiy a very striking one. ? ? ? As was tbe case in 1h ? rapid transi.s! schtrae in New York, o??Jections are now being made to the bnilJlng of t'ie great bridge over the East river. The objections In this case are that the structure would interfere with oommerce and navigation, since many tall-mastod vessels would not j be able to pass under it. Although some years ago Congress authorized the building of the bridge, and work oa tbe terminal towers has oeen In progress almost ever Since, no reinoustrarcLS have been beard until now. Tue remonstrants have been before the New York boird ui ai ierm^n, but one of the city Journals very properly asserts that questions of couimerc and navigation ; are not for the city, b.;t for the federal gov ernment. and that the latter ha> already con slderedand passed upon t'iat subject. mm CENTENNIAL VlatrOKs will noon be I ioiodii u>< co&inlHii. tbe ALrllAUETl1 iL lil'SINkS-ft t?lbK< T'?K> in th? L'ailj Nm ml ft* put I lean li ??ur card tLeri it* AMU NOTICE I M'LLEOTT Ptb itr>et im prepared to re ceive oider? for PKISSBiK IS'i m all m I rsucbis Lreasee cut ?at ?a 1 til st j ur own rati Cen e spg ?t* TU* MOTH >!t KKTIO* -Th*? WA&HINQ T"N CLE ANf! NO COMPANY gnsraates to tbor?':|ll> drki aud cunt* i U KN IT I' KJ. DA B 1'BTs or any fci'.d of 8 ' Infuted with 5i'ths, i Chinch-s or #"ll*d ?ltk k re?-?> or ink. t?T a new ?xtetit chemical pr< C?v ?tth< Qt rlpaiiiff or sbriuk )og. or in anj way ati ? tic* the work, color or am i ti?1 offic*. 1414 Pa aptVSai H ll'fl.b AND EGQS. J're-t. re. eipt? ?)?ilr. b\ ?-xpre-.* of choice <l*irr btlTEK, l! r?ii* li'idTuk- tai>i f rih? tluest trule. , tree of g?rlic;l fre?t. Wiorh -t?*?- EtJ'JS i> K It I f It II U COSIMlS81(.N M KKl H \NT, spJS St* < truer It'th ?art ?' ?tre^t*. Jsi l.LM. OUUDb i Kim it? no* We csll pitrttcnlsr ?tr?Dti>>n to onr recent pnr ct.a-*-? St Ai tl< o la NVoik, sti ! ti? e m?oy de I - ? r OOOI'S of ?up-ri r ^"*1 ttj .sr I Of I t -i > : - wb:cb wo are pr?-p?rwl to f er n.uch l> (h*o ti. s^lue goods csa be had ?!???* Li re In tk'- city Mit Baa.- Laid me Bpi ng >ILK 8 at IS cts. and I. n c ? u ? i ilk si <1 Wot'l U HEN A Dt N S>. at 90 cL^. IM: pt< cea f a ticbAWjuS cla. !.<? pi,, mi rEBCAl BS i:j* Ihe lar rat *tock of L>tiE?r4 ? 1LK S aal fine Ureas G vd* kipt in thia cit> and M^arait- of ?ierr <cf ipiivD. %r < "it l*ru e ' W. >1 SHl'ITKH h HK?? , It '?!?? PENNSYLVANIA A YEN IE. | aihs: laths : laths: ScLocrer Jerme N b'i>1d?-il i< now ui:lf iiics our ni i ti aid a ,'iarur of fcilME bPBllOl i.ATHS.a' Eiaua" Wharf L W M (iCINAND tpll ft ?>21 L 'Uiaia^a ?enu?. jv i . < /mm 0. Jfsi I ' \t e ti?Te <t. < larsd tbe tec "'1 di?idcnd, p tya tie by ibeik st ih- atorv of E K Kliiri. ? E WU1TI, r i aki si. _ _ WM *. M \T1 ISO LY. s?2i ? Aa?i?iieea. ? ] Mil; BOTTLES ! GKOL'NDS r< H lNVEaTlOATlOK LET COHOBESa tKS TO IT CMCIaV-VATJ LJUKK beer, fl I'kttbv/EN. Tin snverior Ueer.iu atobe jcg?, delivered st at ?>- pnes. Jilt! r?c?-lTSd? _ I OB PON STOCT and POBTBB. >(?! NCEBS SPAKKLIN'O A1.E, liAES ENUL1SU ALE Wl fKERi ap^Str riNB GBOCKB1ES 191* Peuua ?<? HAV I vuu umubellas and caba ft/LS CO> EliSU AND BEPM BED, sti WH BOO E Us' S?J1 Iw* 4'2i Uth St.. abo\a Penua. ara. t >VALL I'AI'ER A WINDOW SHADES. Ihafir.ett aid larffc.t BTOCK, incladiat ail ths r *e:ti?? de ration, sad at arioes lower than ?ay Mora latha city. will be toaad at . TUHBAN-a, 413 ?th atraet. ?w Ths fesst worknea ac-plojad aad sattrfaetioa f .rant<<d aptl lm* _|IL KiUPtOI bintlimim'I ntir iiff A " - no APPABBLcu baaoM totba^i; ??? by addr4?atQa or caUlaa oa JUSTH. #!? . tat ?thaadTtbMr^UaonhWMl ? by maU proapUj ausadad to: Osah frit?ll GEjrTI.E.nEjr>a OVTFiTS. Every Department Well Supplied. 4;AR*E?Tfe lO ME AM RE A large a??< rtm-iu. ?r jbab! > the la~g<*t to Wf-niofton, of to telec' from Fine Plaid Puttings, Plain an I Tuner W -sted Ooat 11.g? ?nd BuTtiugs, Bine and Black Flannels, Bin*. Black. Plvid and Mixed Cheviat Suit inn; Blue. Black. Br'>wn Olive. Dahlia and Mixed Cloths and Ocaticgs. Baud*???<? Panta loon Patterns, White and Faory VatMngs. GentUmen of <jaitt tastea are partlculatly la Tittd to impact. Bnits made to in *?ur? from ?15 upward Order* promptly tilled *ad la the best mauner BEADY MADE UAIMEXTN Good Polts reliable (ocdi, desirable and new ? t?lee for il>> Black W>rst?d Coa a. with Y est* to match, from ?'7 Mt >.)ts H*nd?oma Pantaloon* from ?5 cpward Spring Over coats. io choice a??orttuent, from SI2 to 9 .5. Bine aid Black Flannvl Salt* Blue Cheviot (?uits. Dr*p d'Bie Coals, Ve?t? and Paula locus. IJIGIRIE P?r?, 1 jr fitting Milrl*. White % .d O.JorM Silk aLd Linen Uat"1kT< btef? Collar .) nil*. Srarf* and Ti m Otnrr, Ijntftner, Merino, Silk, flannel, .lean, Lnet> Thread and other t 1. I?rw?ar of approved n.ak?? and |i:>lities. Kid and otb-r OLivei Fretch aid English t>oependei> at,l Bra ?? fr >m 35 . >nt* to $4. Plain ?t..1 Fancy Half H"?e fr>m 2r> cent* to ?? 1 ?5 per rair Gjm .Mt Shirt?- Tight* and Tr i k? p. I'irgaedVa ti* 1 1 'li'tb M ioy articlre aot p i?ibie to 'iitmi-iate ONE l'RK'E ONLY, IN EVEUY bEVAUTHENT. OEOROE C. HENN1NQ, 410 NETEXTII NTBEE1, aytf-fr BIOM or THE GOLDEN FLEECE. -w rpiE Iil? 't.FvT TII1M. ON UECOllD. We have b ught the EN'IIBE ST0< K OP A BANKBIPT 1 ONCEBN, and will ofler thorn at prlc?s that will not f.iil to c. *e the whole atcck out within 10 day*. NOW IS YOCB TIME. M IK E OSK Off IT. >.<?? yards t-??t PM IF! LAWNS ar 1 Sui \ ard* j?rd widt PA'.UI'l' PEB' ALKS IC-c 3 <? yard* tew bPBING PLAIDS At lti sold at 15C I.* K, STRIFE OB^ANLMES. natural colors, at 12Sc. 2 inu vard*tew lv!eSTBI"K POPLINS at I2"?c. C A I 1 rTTa PL\U,8atm.- : * ?. 1 at XV A Vl< Tn?| 4 l.AW S at 12 r s ,11 a; 2Jc. ? "TTONR 1.' J1. 4. S ? * ai..S ! PLAIN, FLAIL' ?L'l STUirt: DKt~> GOODS ttl'r. 1 pifcee ver? l.?^t ('\LICOr;ifa-t <??>! rn'atSc. Th- gr?ate?t trivi i.i K A' i'A'WS at I Ml'Ha I K?> e^ < r < Tt-.f d in tli't Ctt* A Itiitl Jul 'icub i .el UliOW LiilCK at tc. A BR! LI IANTINK <1 !e w-iffhf ^ 1 docbSe face at 3">?r ;t*?er ( I ^ i. ? ?! ;.>i- 1 baa #2c A nC oi;r & C M Jil A 1 K 1 ai.rol l><- m rcl. d iq tin* Ci'v. MOrr* stjle l*AI. ASf>i.f. all tho late?t likndle*, li:n?l % 1 &'? #2. S! .Vi ? 1 .it- I upv. nr.l< t LOTH.- atid CAS-4IM RKES for Sui aud Bojs' w. ar 1 jV>- .??? it, Sv. 40 '*), tJ 75 C M TOWJlOS A CO., ?>3'< PENNSYLVANIA AVBNCB. ap2# ?-otr N<-ar 9-\< nil; 4tr>?t ^TKU'ED bl'UINU blLK>, AT SEVEN 1 V N1VE JENT3. La '!<M ? Mhlur a I argain In a ci k !'??? li.tld f t 1^.1 ; 1 c>ll 1 '00k a* oi;r prs. im; m ? ks, p Vicli we ar? >-el:iiix at 75cetts. ;?. - 1. f.-r r. i?>? 5 1 1' ? '??' f! *?! ?' CNE ;'MI0K"'NLY. V. . >1 SHI Ml K a RH'I , 1' ni'JPennr i\auiit %venn?. I KLSII llOllliS FOB THE CE2iTEyNl.lL YEAR. I ?A MifE <'K PK KOTr.l r62tfHrg Pr 'sident of U?i- b |.? n Van bAin o -.i: b, D I)., aud Fr< f. Tav.os Livv:- f2 "J it?PEAK LAI/Y Jr?TiM M? i?ar 1HT ? 51 W> ?J-TfcMI'EST TOSSED, l.y Tat-v T1LT0X. fl 76 I ? LEA Li A Woman of Fash'.oii. by Mrs. Ani:k Iuvakt'- ?1 UU 5?III LIFE ON THE PLAINS, by General ( -uh ? inmk I 91 Si 11-OCB POETICAL FAVORITES,by Dr. A. C. K in. . i ? 7 - 1, each S - "0 7-WOBDS AND TUEIB I SES. by H chard Okam Wh:tk..?? ?... . 51 t>J --A HISTORY OF AKC1KHT AND MODKBN I'talLObOPin . by J<>?e;-h Haves ?2 M 9-BOOET> T HESAl'Kl'S OF ENGLISH WOKDS AND PH BASES ir "i'tion... SI (M 10?A NORSEMAN 8 TILGBIMAGE, by Prof II U Bv\ ?! #0 II ?LIN LEY BOCHFOBD. by Jv-T!\ Hi 'Vs im tl w 12-OUGHT WE TO VISIT HEH by Mr* An 11] ABM SI CO 13-PACL Jr-i:s M. 00 Eithfr < J 'ht above smt hy nini! on receijt! 0/ ifie price, SUEI.I>OK A COMPART, at24_2t ?? Ml BBA V STBEET. N Y. 1014 t,VINIH BItlET Jtl TKACTIO.\S ' A ( be ice a-scrluient ot New PABASOLS aridBI N CMBKELLA9 From hOc to gb. .mat rec ived. W >1. BIK 1> YLIE, d^ L Sole Agitt for the "EAGLE SHIBT," rmde 'f Vi an ?t Ha Mmli j ar.d One Linen au.l completely "H' / Prl'W. >1 25 ?p2t ir L'MBHELLAS AND PABASOLS i'OV-^w E BED AND BEPA1BED, AT THE MANLFAOTOBY, ^>1^ ap2i lm^ fell D street corthwt^t.'^^ JVATTaNS VtGETABLE I'ATHABTIO AND ANTI BILLIOUS PILLh. The demand f? r tbe?e Pill* bu arg -iy iucrea?t<l W e tfc rtfore call public attention to th 'lr merito at a ctneral family pb>?lc. Prepared with thf great ???t car* . tLe> present the folijulne 11 >od jaaUtir* Tl ?y are v arraMed wh >ll? vegetable; their action i? p <mi>t certain and eUec'nal, they are baaing to the utomach; tbey start the liver in a healthy aid active ? aeration: tbey .are bi!li>aii?-i-, sick headat be ana costlvenees; tbey are Invaluable for liirii?e?ti< n ar.d df ?p*p?ta. they thor. nghly cleante th' ayatem. tbey <lo not gri?<. or give pain daring their action They are adapted for general u<e. Children and delicate persona can take them a< well hi the otrong aid robust. Horn* milt, they are always frtch , while patent pUla generally are U''t.) aid cutis'.4nenilt uniformly eflectual. Price, 24 tent* pvr box. For sale only by ARTHUR SIATTA5IH, PliarmtrlM, ?piu tr corner Id and D Kreeta nortbweft. |MPOBTANT TO HOPSEKEEPEBS. Feather Beds and Pillows and Hair M attres*e< r?cov?t<d and made buoyant and inodorous by im proved aptltcail. n of at*am. Mattrsase re uphol ttered by J T. H I N'TKB. at same placo. Good city reference* glvtt for work already done. 8 F CHAPMAN, aplA-lm* Wo. 113T Tth street uorthwest. J"AYLOR & HUPTY, t.-3 rBMNEYLVANIA AVEMCB. HAVE BBDLCBD THB PB1CE9 OF TUEIB CELEBRATED DOUBLE YOKE SHIRTS as follows: Qcallty Ho. 1, ?24 00; Tormerly #??. " M ?. an 00. ?? " " S, ?M 00; ?? #43.00. _ " " ?. tan. - 948M. Barll rr C2EM INt nil.WAI EES BCEA ? For Bale at CHB1S MAI Et> HOTEL. ?l* Ir. Corner of lt>th and E streets. eiOKOIBRKITHARTH I Late with Green A Hliiiaiu- ? h ? ww tiuiwa ' . ST. wk'klil FASHION ABLE .*? hiVlhTB BTEIITi odd Fellows'Hftll.) ^CFbotatertnj ? ?>rtl WANTS. \\ atlh ?T*ift Jl'k ^' GIBL tado hjase* >Tk. Appoint js^o^tb street north*ee* It* \Y c^ip-^nt w.n,tai.7iTlT \\ ACN, W* tJtTSi COLOBED WOMAN. to tut first rlu. . .d .?" ,f"r '?*??. Mono nn nr?t class w>t,ted a pt'ly 7 11 2l.t st. aptt 21* OIHb for *-n?ral housework. b.tVe*T^^"dh ffrnC( ?"13ao r ,uw p.,r ? \VVtF*.D~.TToI>,ll>ss,'iKE,i:j ?* N>.??16 appbeiitIuji. " 1 ,,r*?u;v?it*n' \\ Ai???P~LA ANT fur 6 uaturoi<hed room* r. , A f' house, All modern conveniences Part t*t<,p ?' board. & 1 j k street northwest %V 2:* \\ t c,rl ? SITUATION m * Chambermaid and fewmg, or general h.-nse offi-H P '??"/. Please nddre s M.S., Star r aptS It* ?"o. L?fSl oftr si; \VW.H?T* ?!?.. about 16 ve?7. .,,,1,?'^i>?P?t?iit to ?o light tuoMwark and at iVetiS Borthweeit *11' AP"y l3l\l^nt \V*BT*D-A PentiBt, Dressmaker. or Milliner. KnTi^ff .""iP/ thB,">.<>*t d??Irable and l>*rtloc?t~d a^7l/iV...''L l'",*bo*** pnraoaee in tb-.-lty. Arply at a|?. ;<th *>ie?t northwest. apM ;t %% *B1 ? 1>- A r?eat 1 e-p- rt?uifr M'uHAN, (Ger " M h:.u.? Rlrl. to make her.. If ?? city reference*. A rply r a rut north west. ap2? Jt \V 4?7Ef>wH?i8K AHD 'u?aiTrk? w.ii p''.^ casta for furniture ?nd >ea~e of house on Apply to Boom |0, No 3 I 9 7th ft n ?p2s 6. \V 'JDC8E of 7 or h robins, htvi.ig a WW > aid that K sbsd.d alu .to hire, a H'JKSE and two seated CaBHIAGE, for an h ur ortw.7. ?7M week Adcrees "Shade,' . ity Port ap25 It* \\ ANTED? By a a-ntlemtn and wife, two or J .VLri" tPr^? b?.i ROOMS for heu eke-piug ?. "'i,?.1'.!0 * 11 tdtttbn bo K>eo J ? ? a ??n 1 b. eonihot U etrcet northwest AdJro* J. U u . s ar c ft ce. j \\ HN1 .*I>_ ? v " !TK oTKL. to d , <;?n<~ral f?n if ? hi} a-h?n? nrd Ironln* ror a fuitll n? t f'M Fl WPn-nietM!.-!}. m ill t , 9Tr.St iK.rt -f a?? ana 80 d P#> t ;t" Ht N'J- I ? ' Ap2A 0! \\ wltf M ?1m I J clem . 1 l ; sAne nriie rtM>re icm !h )r..r! ta'^,i*htt?M. Hi-b or with, ,u rem "lu? from the ('? iT; I'k and grease spots a ^p?r|#]tv vV,??)iimc. Lrm?rptt UlL" U? . 1414 PeL^S -?' ap25 1111 \\ mP.TV^ W Si'"" \\ ,>nian to 1 .?t)K. WASII _Md 1KUM. ittao f -[retti. ? #)v>i jt' yvvxzrwfliss m \VANT>.d_a \\ htte Girl ? arts a 8ITL" \TI tN wW a, ttnabfr? aid or ?fn> rnl hon- w< rk ? > d reference, gnen Apply M;, ra Bve ^J, , ' d \\ VimSD,7B.-W* Pr^'fe8*iOQal Nur^e ? slTC \ C'?re of an Invalid or B?l>r ap2^*,g Vtn AddrPf,Mr''A. P . Foitt offlce! ; r!!o?,<T ',trally Ua ?<-r ni ? ? jj>r ,1*ht bou-.-keerme fjr?t or rbr? r' AJ,Jre^ UOISKKKEI'INU Star ?"'re Bp;>l 2t* HVit^hTL^Vt f-' *airtH?l> K'.JM?"a;d ?, JUTtutfc, Unfuruishtd , suitable for lisht bo Mekrf |.iiig. mnit be cheap AddrUi, ,n J 1 , , cation a?,d terai?,S J.,No 100 |B I ive' ipn 3t* ' ! Wteljtt-*. til?er mounted 8B(HV~o*>i MOLIRU I' /h61 .lo6tr' C*" "r '-'''r-M I T nonhw?S* 80",b,a<t eornar ,'tb auj H ?- a(24 3t* \\ A*Lri*t?\?UMS.onAl !l tor. xnltaMe T ' tvOMfki-fping; loia'ion west of 10 h ?tr ?. t atd nrrth of Pent *j lvauH avenue Bent u.."t te l.w Addri n< B B .Star office ar2?V* %!' ANTID-T., b ituw f 1.000 for thri*,rfi ? ie L,2 1?? \Kr '9ljt 'OIJ L'nencumberiHl ?. ?1 dr ? 0 V m #u'T:nV br^k^?n?Ml ?pt|y. Ad dr. ?.Q A. M,. Uaehingtcn Poit <.fflce ufli .It* \\ ARTKi -TWO UIU.MHakEBS a Td~T^ WW Apprentice T?o V. I,it,. . ? k,. Ut, White CcMlnian.fcr the country. O .1 p^og \?.j irikvf.?irih J1*1*- N?TIONAL KMPL<"v ~ ??yPI< K. Ito.ini -Jl.7ih ?.;d K >tn .pi? 2t* \\ V' *Voune Coi'ir.-d fun in or I* *110^ Waiter in ttpriia:^ viTLiiy or Diuirvitiff lionspt or driver? ca<?^ uo?tb'?.CtPP l'>0<' V't'rniJUt "venue ai,d'/ str.-t u 'I: apii 3' \\ ^?I!~B,uN <lN/v Ull. 1<1AHDISTS. Me Hot' l iiWr f'ii p'.,1 taluon, thr-,a u r j[ p,c,; ,7, ;p ';invly <f1ur,'uh' j-1' raPbic ricii.rn.M , n til,. only licei.iK . , Pracilt tat>ie freo. U.S. WaLIKK. api! if \\ A.?T,KIrJl P^TNJB, active or oi ent. 11', th<* l>6il ar.d L<??ir5 niun hAv?> tr m ??l?l to t.*iMWca.b.aecarlt? d.JlAr NtionUt'Hi n>c< m* h hjiSiifti^ 1* iu ti,fc taflnen# <4: ert I ,T??i ^^ear."^'srt'^"D^', AiMteas MO\.(;ny i Bt t Oim , a?i.lLgt,,n. I> C. ap24 3t ww fnriiiture. ?n ugh t., 1 ir^Mh a ix i?o-n f ouf . ?toT? b and ever* thing complete f..r Ii u ^ i.",o,tIJ*i?'. fhl?' al out ne b'.udrej doll .r-; ? ,o^t t*that njm a t. u month-since. 'ihi<i? h i'V IP Ttlia,'r'r *~>r ote wfco desirei ?o begin * ?'??''?"'l A<!dre?* at ,mce A L? C offico ai.] full pniti.nlnrn will b -gl en apii 2t* \\ ViV-'^n rvivp- t^f*-nc.-.i< > .oRTT) ww I* t Kr E. nilddle-aeed woman pr?f?rr. d er ccesrt^uired. Apply at 17.t:< O itrt^r north * \\ *""?/ * ? ""K " an of ?on, eip-ri4|?-? ATI (Ii ^ Dg bunnss a Si I - p 11 Ad-lreea, lur one week, O. W . Oity r' u'? ap22 ?t* \V * who can cut 1 "t. lor a diyi; iUt-' prite per d?r i ha\H a Jarge and email I'nfarniebed U ,,.u for ier,t 1 ,w ?* >aid?l A ldie^B J I NO, Star offic?. ap{2 , ? ' \\ AN 1 All?A lady in one ?>f tb** d?p-irtm.*nM BOOMTn'i.'o.Tif' H tiu""y Kart?l*h?'l KH 1ST n o th u 1 1 \ ^ ^ K"at n,jt tu e*ce- 'l 912 p?r t^"Bant K' / t* P"rm?u,.nt and prompt ?a> fni? TI*BB v - eD Addren. ? a iTvk h : ? ?p22 3t* W ^1*0-A,t 1 Cook-, Ch?ml -rniaidT Pi^11.^?^??re^ae* and Nuraes, who want HuMKS Pbl'adelpbia now or by the lot of May, to call and S^uie , In: J* ?upflie*l at once at the Eurika Employm-nt Office, 1107 1? street. a,,t2 u MliS LOUIPK <1 BL'TLKtt \% ANTED?BuCKTV LAND WAltBANTd " aolllm* I- r 1 W,,.LI'1AM II BE JK, ap'-' lm Cor. LrnHiana ave aad S h s'reet. \V AN I E!) ii*? ? Pref'-renr* civeato tho-ri VI,ix and ?,er height. W ill b?l,ed-d t". B^r\e a- auxillari, ? in the errand tragedy, "J,ili,;i a.,."rl'r APP'>to> H LTKIIELO Slag- M,n "*"! apl8 tl W7r,M)TU!,BS^ S 10 p:4 t'1"' ?r '""d. '"rm ZcWirxvskssi"*' 4>i ?t'<l.?th stleets son'.Uwegt. Call-d f^r and delivered without charge. apll ly \V Ai N^rku-Everybody t ku-.w I hat tli?M tVriTy H C rl? tr ? ?' G,'''r*e'g celebrated m7.t CtW J<i0 * str?^t * 30 7th Hreet nor'h w<"8,_ niarSl-lm* \yANTII'?The LADIES to KNOW they can WW ba\e their Hat? liieathtd ar.d Pre??^d in ?!: penoriityle at PAhKEH at W00L8TON s 7<?5i ? M reet niarMIm* \\'AN'I ED?Gentlemen to know thnt WILLIAM ww KIOOBE. Merchant Tali,r, lot 1 n*-v V vk ? tpeclaltr of catting ga.-u.ente to be ui?u at nonie. no 13 ly boarding. ~ FV?.!L*WT.' :V:? SOaIid?La. . wui-tVr 1 n^b-dcwl BOOMt1 lor ?; pn, - ?!? e? *'*? *?? 1 street, corner 6th n ? apa I *>'27 L ?TBEET N0BT11 W KST ?A K-utU. *?* ' and wife. ?,r two sicgl" gen leoipu frii mnmdated aith aeend sio-y. - !ath ? i? n^ ? 'urnlphtfd, with B<>\hd, f r 25a Also, -ihg e Boomg, with B ard, ap25 St* TlwJJ;JF.VR(il!" T-mp , noiT r 5t fare ,)er 1,1011,11' c'a!1 aud at'? bi" Of _ap^2*- J U tavlok, Pronrietoe WINOLE bOllUINU BOOMS, SU cents aer ^iiHT " or ft' "J #2 to 83 per week : B'>AKD or M K ? 1 >j a reaaonaLle rates, at No. 4 -ap^nsylva,^^ apaj 2in" ihvcnTIFv a ,arj5e; *ooA *f>r? *nd sh?d? al iq dant. A' JOHN 8 LIIPTiin apl2 lm* Winchester, Frederick Oo . Va. PLEASANT BOOM8 AND GOoITboaBD can te obtained at 10(19 MarylaLd avenue a erale rates, in a private fa.nilV n,Lr27 5 w* b"UK(10M ST? (Thrfi ? 2JW,? furnlahed Booas, with first class Board, at low ratea thlnldoor norths r street. hOH Uth rt rT^fh' west. Trarsi.-nt Biard. MILLIKEN'8 HOTEL, Corntr Ijtn mj K~u* mortkwtst, Wafhmtton, l>. C., oae avenue, r. 8th *td Uth itrMt o?r?! ** ? ' analont Board Slper day. Ho t?r. ?A*^mtiillM, Fr?|rtltot. LOST aND fouNd. l/torrAAOOLU,L^' KkT- containiwx a Pic Budge Btrett'oeoVj^oVn* Pa"1 011 S 7 1/^t^wj^t'stssfs^ a d( s'reeu n^rthwe-t. rt, l , avenge , Sua k aragun fran-e t M BBfcLu A, with own'r'a l3\n^e^tV^r11 bb 4_i! riTzmoH oqtle if to I 'J I 7 t street corthyeet. spli c* b^^akd will be p\id to w s *? LI .'h r\t? ?iarc b",*.d a"cld " > 1 ? M ?hf??a / U,,,.. anc;l >n l on*, of Oreeo Jt U ilium*, U th and t> streets April ltf. 1^73. or any i. .o,m?u n leadingtj its dla;overy. Addr^D v. W., Mar cn.ce ?pi4 3f | OST? A NOTK for (4,000,drawn by JohTa". .1 t /*!?' at ?'!> n<to?. l?. C . April 9, l,C3. p#y. able to the o.der ot In* Natl'Xal Saviug, Bank, in two years after data, ?iih intertst at ten p^r c-n'nm P't ?li t cc, psyetie ^enii-tcnnaMy. The l-d"bte.1 t'fas evicctM-.o by said tote having been laiiy paid it'th*?g?d atid satisfied the sot? i< rf do value 1 be nrder will please refuro to Wtl STICK N lev or CEO. B. PLANT, Trustee.. W.fhTagton"^D, ?* cj^rt6-e^4rt,tma>4* i FOR RENT AND SALE. F,OB KFST-H?iii)-nie Sti'UND FtiOOH. vn forfilsfced All ?trert nortbK'^t a?2f> Si * |70B BENT?PAbL'<tf *u<l BtCl?i?u>M. fu. I I ish'd e r unfurnished. li i 2 9th stree*. opposite Pa'ett Office.btatec F a d G streets ap'.^S:* It'OK BlST-Ui'l^K 4'29 (Ibitmt togihw >|, 1 between D m.d E, six rooms and kiteh-ti la ijQIle 4 1 3 6 h Mtwt ?p25 Si* '' "r ,wa Convenient OI* /1'' K KOOMS. Apjly at becond National Bank. apt5 6t 1/ OB BI ST- 4 o I P ?? r??'t. f ." ITT 7 Vh ?tr ?.f. #*', 4 4 1 P street. all irnpr a> .fit, Fir?t Floor 146 P street. S? 4J4 Erauklic stree-t. ? 15 li. juire4?7 P street northwe-t. ap2J-3t* F"OB BENT?A orat DWELLING. with all mod ern ltnprovemen s, excellent neighborhood N i. I:ll9 Vfimont Btennf. Apply to B a *'aBNKK. "lb ai d K streets. It F*OB BKNT Ho I 4 JJ IVun-vl > ants amn*; has *11 modern inp omufDb 13 rooms. I? to jro< d retair. rent. ?) (*? p?r auunai Til 'S. K nA GO A MAM. 519 7tb strwl ao25 tt I70B BKMT?Two kiIcMt faruish**! commiintca I ting BOOMS, south front, rent low; wi h or without Lard. near 9th street car* ?.T? Bb >d Island avenne apts 3i* L'kB BKNT? With board, >ue la (?, nicely far 1. ni?btd second story KBONT BOOM bou?9 fronting ?oath; bat* ail in dern conveniences Ad pi) 903 O street ap2*-1 * |,'0li KIN <?A cnmturialile II* KLLlNG.cen E tral > located, 92?1 K (treet; terms u, ^derate to a reliable tenant Apply to J T GIVEN, w?l yard, loth. ? .-ar K street. apis St* |70B BENT-HOI SK No 9H 9 h atre^Fi^fh ? west, above I, and Komi ure for sa e very 1 >w H use has ten rooms, water, a ?*, bathro -m aid water cloeets Applr on th? pretn's s ap2i-2 * FfOB BEN T?Oue or two commnnics ingwTTfiTF til?btd BOOMS on secoue. an 1 thira tl >,>rs. to geotlen.en only. Price ?15. N . ijJ K -?.? t no tliwi'it. ?p2i 3t* F^OB BINT- rnn. se.d BOOMS, fr ?pt and l> ?ct, | aecoi d stt.rv. ?iti 1. >?rd or for h>n k?.-pj .- ' aiocein c ? lv oni-.u.ts on sitm-} fli^r. 1 ?i 'i am , a?2r. it* ' |70B BENT?Knrtiialied and nnfurni-Iu-l f m 1 C,Ui.icatir.g KBONT B'>OM3. sec ltd an* ih: d fleers; m.dern improvements. Bent ren- 'nablo 1<?31 Mb - reef, corter of L uorthwest upVt 2,* F'OB HEMT?On 2) li street, neir Pen'i^y \ tnfa avenur. two li ?e-ro >m HOfSK* with wate ?15 SO per mnl:. on? at ,fl2 SO. Apply a'? I i nrn barton street, corner of Car grass aad Dumb ;r.on 1 S'tret^. Gf-orgetonn. It* A twn story and back~"l, !l 1 n? BKO K llOHK of eight ro.otn, alt, b ith roini; will be ?o',d ai a crca! bargain, a<i e' vlfh<>!? to leaye the city at once ? ? ut. 4 i'I " 1 ?tre*t no tbwist. ap2s 2i* i^OB BEMT?Twi . r three nir< ly fur td~-.iT E iminicar'rg BOO MS in a priva't, family .on a?c i nd floor with gat-, waier aid b .thro.m; will real *? P?raiel? or toir?ther. Bent .?.<! p,.r moLth each ai- D street n.-rttwiat. K utint ca-s di.h the d<r- ap2J2t* I^CK B^NT-One new three -tory lirlck MOl ilC. ? C(>tjta:rjit!g ' r<H.':i>?. b itbrooni. an.l all modern imrroTea ?-Tit>, No. I.Vin, on i21 <tr<ft riortnwfs:, ?*" "ar*?1 Ci. Io'tulre at the Corner, or M 4<K? <tn tr?-t nrrihw-t. Thecb*rio: lio" it run Ling to Ihe pr< miw* aji?5 2* I/OB lit N r?A tiir^f ?tory H<>C8K. ne?T~p i" pcr<-d and painted, with In room*, inc u lin? I athto^.ir. in one ol the oio't beautiful lo< iM'-.s a tli- < ilv fa< in( sonrli to a park -d r.Mfrvation, ou Ma -iachnhett* avenue, bet?t~-n llth a:,d Urh it... it ar the new Cbti'rh of A"cen?i u. I!i j'lirt* on tti** prtmiaef, after If, o'clock p. m. To a rtspou^iale I arty tent loW; j - I^ftK" BEMT?A p!< i<ant s conl Htory K^o7\l~ flirt,islnd. **13 13th aireet n. ?. ao24 3t* I/? B BKNT?1st of Mav ? Pa ItuOtt dul ItKI) BOOM; secoiid fl or. Mo. T 1 T 9 hat tiM-lw* U^Olt B> N T - ROOMS stiitable for bous kt*epiuc. , 1 with no children, at 4 J'J llth st. n w ?pU Jt" BKMT Two or m >re d 'Hralile ii'ifurnihh< d liOtjMs', second ll >or; in >dern cotixeni'UC*m tetms tn< d. rate. 1-J4 I'eir-^etn w apj?3:* ' l^'OK BEMT-1 wo lar^e BO ?MS iUtl tiai in^TTt I ktlcheii. i-uit able tor hoU'eLeepir south fr ?in, at I'J.'I,') Et a -achUM-tm avenue, n w apit 2 * I I^'OB Bk N I ? At 1.1 .!?* Mew I ot i av eiiut*? V l?rg" delightful furnl-ihtd BOO.<I at r-ii'Koi ratt-c, w I'll or with ut b >ard ap!l .1 * t^OB BKMT?Kirst an-l se^-oud KL i >BS. n ^T> fnrtiinlird cr unfnrnNhe,!., i UOOMm in suite, or hiugle; with or w.tUoat bourl. ??! 4 !Ttn 1 strtu, tetwuE II ai d I n ? at* (^Oll B ENT?Three C 'lniiiniiKtii;ig BO<?M- t-. ond flo, r. balcony in froat. I'a'eudi t for m *r el an. ta 1. r off; ?. or ? <tl> r>.uu a cU- p. ?> 2 1 P> aye m. stair-. i,p>l < ? t^'OB BALK?Two story 1. , k IIo 'jj, ?n i 4th Rtrt 11 noiihuert. ? ontal*uijg ntittj ro us, wat<r an- ga-,ba<k a.jd rijo alloy. K ir jm >ci at- api l> < l the pr> m.-i h H >'* tu L^OK BKMT?A tbtee-?t rv Un a IiiViLl! > 7. I with I . * tri'dlo,' s>i;u .l:,.| on llth 'r.t I, - twten Gaud H nortbaent. N j. -j.jt'.ia ieru 'ri| pr< t ,p eiits. It uni'e i .-..t d ?? r ,t i ; ? j i/Olt BKMT? A three st ,y llri, k HOL'sK, ball wmiei a: d - M > 7 | ainnrii. - Lor bwest, lent, Jj25 Appl> llOb L str n ih apt! 'it |^'"B BKNT?A furntaheu ilOL'SK 'f Iil:,e r . uus I iiuOem c.itifi ni-.n stneitr etreet c ?r<; ? i w. ?t end, ??? litti front, bouse Iittire tietrly ri. ,v; ; rtut low. lor terui.s and ail pir,icul?rs ?d1r?-<s WtL' S Star off. ? apj! | t^Ott BKMT-Kirit (.la-s Bt<IL?KNt K, with a 1 in <l r. MiMDWMt Mlkn4l I-: in a , j Mo. l.?13; will be vacant sr.m^ tiui ? dn i: g ihe in nttiol May. Appl? t>J J ailKUl). i4tO !i u "tr t" ap2l-ln 1^*0 k BKNT?i *,f :n se ft.- ir^t'le neje Brick ' ll?'l t o 2 ?"? i'i s rwrt northw'-t, . n tai^s all niolrru n ?; p.->-tBi'iu giveu Ma; 1st Jn |ii!ri at ? , . JAMES Y DAVIS'SON'S. at2i it., l'Jl Ht e.\e . iii.der M< ti ..p ,|j:a i Hotel ?^'OH BKMT?II ii<bfci w ith five rooms. No. 4*.'{ s^ei) fiidavenab aoattawe-t Also. STXBLK vith twei t> stalls; ii' ? oci ntiei i.y M 'Jiintoco's ? x re. will 1 e f i ra t on May . H76 Apply to J ^ Mis KKLiliili M4 J?> sib -tr"et nortuweit a[ 24 2t* | I h LKMT?New g * r?om BiFT^kTu To^K ?i h ? <<-ltar. No. S.'iO s,h street north ast, above Kau ( apttol street; reut ?li. apt2 3: l^OB htMT?Three ste-ry HBl' K HOrSS.aeveti I roi :i s a; d bathroom all uiodera convent nc-s. t'O. tl I H -.treet northwest ap22 3i' L' Ud SALE?Two filial I liUCtiH.'V Cvntraily lo I cat ,1, for 52.300 cash, raring 12 j> rc->ut K K W II.SON, Oil 7 h-treet. j^'oB BKNT?H ALL in all 7th street. 31 li or; I rent j; J1' per month ap22 3t Til OS K. WAGOASf AN, S19 7th st. F'OB BKNT?Suite ar (1 eingie B?'OAI3, wttti or wnh ut Board Also, Table lija-d. ?t 71 t l'.th street nortbwtst.* 17oi; Sale?se\e?ai tii.e liTTLTTTnTT"i7<jxs, 1 w? ll located. K. K WIL-'Orf, upt2 3t ill 7th street. L OB BENT?Three BOOMS on first floor, iioiiae ' i 40 J t?t ?? free ' l rthwesi. suitable f >r L nae I pi i u lor Mo all family. furnijhc t or unl 'irnuti- 1 water, rac?e, Ac ; rem moderate. aj.21 3 * |70B SALE?I wo \ al nal'le L?)TS 2H b, l77 fe.?, 1 e-bfth itre-et. betwenn p u?.d O; 9H'et *.h; b I anr. j, fivtj >ear^ at six p;-r cent interest. Ii inire at >rJ7 7th ^treet Eorthmst. n?:t tm L'OK hKNT-A two erorjr liBl' K II 1L'>k7n7 ? 1K0*> 7tb strett northwest, containing 4'o ?a?, siin.mer kitchen *ie; all m d^-r^ Improve ii* nts. Bent A pply next door sintli aj-22 Si* l? <!" nlcely-luriiii li -J c mm iai^at '"f B ?OMS. w it h Board, in a private familv; -on; 1, front, co< I foe summer; tfrm? r^as usaMe r.f erer.C' rmulred. 941 M str?*-t n rih?.st ap22 tt* l^'Ob BBMT?Mo. I Sti? Jth street n irtbweat, t n * 101 Es. tLvdeiU Cot?eMei;c8?; - 12 "tl F. W MILLER t CO , _ar*~ "j 9l,"i T strwt u irthwest. 17OB BKM1?A stuail HOI'SR, five rooms, Mo. j<?M?4th ?t'<-et ?onthe%?t, tl ird bou-e from cor ter eii*,yI\ a n avenue; 313 iu ad> jnce Inuuire at 4*23 llth street north',vaet. apll 3t* I7OB BKNT lu Georgetown, a email BUI OK 1 IIOtSK: ?'o, four Bot'MS ml table for house k.ep?1? App , at No 3i Orttc street, bel .w ap22 3.* 170B BIN" T?Nos 3 and 2't street southeast, 1 tewf jurteen room HOI S -.8. b iving all mod ern tmi roTeni t ts. convenient to two lites ot cars; ten' ?.'(! per ln. aih. ap22 3t* THQH I W.AQGAM AN, 519 7th st. 1^*011 SALE?New IIOTSK. hve rooms, water an! ? other convenient-8. No lbl"? 4th street, near 1' juLdary Lct^ time given. Price *2,(*ltt. Apply to WILlKT & LIltBKT. ?r22 mi Cor Kew York ave aud Oth streit. F*(?it BUNT?To a gentltm?n, front"hill ^BKD BOOM en etcond floor, neatl> furbished; also, l:trg*.air.> B00M on third fl -or. suitable lor two IS<ntlemen.- ?-J4 13tb street. Terms reas .nab.e for mmrner. st? t*OB BEM'l ?A nicely-turoiflied PabT7ob and JL connecting BKDBOOM on the first 11 or; a.'so, one nice, cool, pbasant front BKDHOOM with water and g?s. Apply at southwest corner llth and 0 streets northwest ap22-3t* L'Ob BKMT?HOI t*K Mo. liflli u street n >rtb 1 west, containing ten rooms ?xcm3ive of bath room and pantry, and has all modern conveniences' ag no bruk 8'able in the rear; rent very low ' at2/3t TUPS K W AGQAM AN , a 1 9 7th g?. |70B BKMT-At a bargain, a large, centrally^ 1 cate-d ai d well l'gbtel BOOM suitable for Job I rittiig flice, Biliiaid Bo^m or Society Meetiog llall Apply to GEO BALKB. ^ . Metropolitan Bawling Alley, ap22 6t D fctre^t, near llth. |7OB SaLK?HOI'BK 10ub H street northwest, E tbe most oesirable house in that nel?bborhoo1; every m oern coovenier ce; will be aoltfat asacri 0ce. Apply t? Wll.LSr * J IBdEV, , ? . . Lumber Mtrfh?iit?, a; 22 lm Corner ?th st. End New York ?t?. |70ft BENT. HALE OB TBADB? For smaller ? ,4 wellirg-Tbree story BBIOK, (furnished if uetureo, b?y winnow and modern conveniences; li' uis south, and on line of Metropolitan cars For for'Ler ii formation, app'y at 2w7 D street north apt2 3t* L. OB BKMT?Three story and ba :em?nt BB10K DWKi-LINO,6f)li Mae.iachusetts avenue, L a - ttobe ?ove bah roem. c!cs?t Ac. Eaqmrs o! MOaII WALK KB A 00 , 6115 Pennsylvania a*e. ap21-8t I70B BENT?HOUSE No. 40S New Jersey sr?. ? tine s' u'Least. 9 rooms, pressed brlcE front, with every m? <lt rn convenience. If desired Fural to e will be sold ou monthlv pajmenta W W MKTCALF, ep2l 3t Corner 13th slree* and N Y. avenne. f'^?? ? * i" a 11 g e f,.r othir pro party?A fine BKsIpENt. ? over|,i )kirg the City, ?nd with a view of 20 miles down ihe Potomac. All m.idern conveclti cos, liuw teet of laod. Choa# ai.u on food terms. E J owitT, _ap31Jw an 7th street. fi'OR BEN T?^ he ce irable three st >ry artel b sse m.?nt BBlC'K H 'l'SK, No. 11 ij H str^t northwest, niae rooms. Also. Mo Mh street northwest, containing nine rooms. Alai, No &S4 Bllh street nortbweat. containing ??van ro<m? Theeelx Lsea c .ntan all the mod-in im ?7?Kln'n.ta- .I"lu.Lr* ?/ JA**S W. BABKBB, ilOb H atreat uo.threat. apli Sw ? FOR RENT AND SALE. 1/OR VENT?ft*' 2d a ree., M\bK>r, I E r BOX and FIXTUBIS c n.p! -u ?? r Sire k ti ? * d to a Pruaitat. App ' "D t'.e l'i.1 id itt??? north*-t. ??3 ?.3 * L"i'k BENT?T*o n?*lf furriah?d R ? frnm iiu t?lu g or singi. ,nh cl a ta, hot and cold (tirr, waih frot t Aleo, on 1-t of May, ? t-er^s niely fnrrtabeJ ?nit? on a?cnn4 floor. 8e liybtfiil f r Kcmitr, wi h *11*to con<ml*?f*i. Beard In wim block R ?tiwl ap2l l!* I. OR Kfct? 1 ? A new aeveii r kiiji HOI SI on y I atr.-et northwas*. No HS3 very ??nvsnteot, and sr. tpu.-d with P ->t II ?- " I er R:|nir ?l h' . ii.17 y atreet, corner 3d atreet. I* ?>?<???' ?!> i'l.tne* dia'ely ?- ' " |,H>B HALE-A ttire a oty Keil R KE'l ? UKN' B. if h oorth ?ea-. 9 r .onu 64th acd all modern conveLience*. price l<w, teraia kut F W MILLER A OO , ap20 Iw 9|S K str-ei north* ea'. |7c~R RENT-A !%'*? HOUS? with at> nt IS r room*, not iiclnding w#?b. ?oal and ba?h r? om. recettlv put in tb rongh repair, with every cut vet letx*. hot and cold *?trr. < i<>eet and bath i<x>tn, situated n c< rner 17lh and 0 rtfww n>rth ???, opposite "While Lot " To a aood and per maneiit tenant will h- rented at a low rate In nuiie cf O L SHERIFF, 1114 Pen??vl*anla ?.enue, Coal ofBca apJ' ?t |7oirBENT?vnevith-w h?stitifai HOUSES 1 r Le 1 rolt Perk. m>w oc-upted by Hon 8. S Burnett. for rent from May 1st. Xfit3 P, new BRICK, smth U 'Ot, 10 ri?tna, <I?e?ctiy finlshtd. tnd bt* all the nt >d<*'n conwnlnrxi. t>*S A iwt southeaat. bow brick.9room*, s ntb front. atd nil a..>di ru convenience-, v.-m lat^s I ard. THEo K Oi^HIL. apSP <t Corner 11th and F cri^ti ."OB RKNT-A well locat d 11^1 SE. do % w. also, one at ##'. atfl ?J5 E K MIL SOJS. & i 1 7th ?t | Kep| ?pi? 6' BENT?Knri 1-hed or ii'.tiiruifhe-l th?n> >?t I ('?-?lr?bl<- and rl?**ant *nt urban KKS|t>EN''E iu * be Pis'rtct. 7th ? ,?mne? from ctt? . .s?> \ a'd? firm Hlv> r Sprinil Mrtr pdltan It K . frnn, \ < w lablea. ice. Hi,.) p?stnre In h ir (1?i . e,J5 re ?ni<; v. ? id Lot objeifto renlinir f?>r ? b *ril!u(( ? on e; rart "t r- nt t?keti in b ardJ apl? lm 1/I'B fTllNT-A tbrer -t r? r.HtCK Hi?l7^C. t-n I room*, ^al? ?*e. w?ter. bath r -om.d ^nl^ w?i'?r t l?-?'n?rt. kl'chen. ii* J heater, l-catin JIJ! ? n"ttb* >-?t. ApP') ne?td?ot. apl" "\? * L'l K KENT?Thrte VBI''KS, of el?h r >a * I c'cb at 828 p r m<n h in a vance. >Ol'N0 k HIl>U aT >N. apl? f"Mt ? |,etir i li?, li ? I^cb KENT?B OMS, ?ir ;-ti* d with ever. tUi g ti r boiiM-ket pinft at No '<.'>4 PNsnlvmil ST I'Je aonili^asi Q?rner IS street. apis- lifl" L'OB }?Al K - !i? tb>- O.-na-r ? \ c. ni rt? ? liWlLLINi! of iS ri?on ?, w i?h n fi ? m r.r,*f? ?Alkcf 1 mnic: t?le, haltlaior" atil' ht > r^ilr i.l ?l-o. fine H> ilciitig Site*, K ?!;???=? nil H_ aiiT>f>il I'vtiDin; * II witt ?ed Addr'? OvNIKL MfcN. l eltov'.ll.. HI M" i?n a| "1>K SAbE? LAN 1? MdBTOVKjUABRtBSat I K rr<-!<t G1 n. Metropi litn- B > <~'i it v ? K . frnm 36 it 3rV acres Apply t. T1IOM \S 1 BR''AN U I a . ti P O , M> ittgon>< ry c- ULty M ' r TlloM\K IiOALIhG Auctioneer. Waalii i* oi city P O ??W 2? I/OB BENT?KOKMEB 'Ol'NTHY f ,l.idp? Hi^n.oti M?-irop..|lt*ii Hr*nch of B ? t>. B B .Lear O^ltherBb'i'i; la-R?- liou-e forf*nnh; -tuarhte l on-i for ?ervaui-. fi ni t u?r l?ii a>:d dairy. Appiy to THOMAS I BROWN, Wh-at n P ?? . |H<>i't|ti>Birri c<?*tit> . Ml. or TflOM JS POW LING auction*or, Washinirton city, D. C. apli-.'w f^OB SALE-Th re*, brick BOUSES on ?tfe*t, between 11th a jd i&ih uorihw^h* c ?? atnin* eight roon ?. water aiid ???, and n?wly ptpered an<l p* til? d ttiroiigh-?nt; ? ill t?o ? Id . heap, will p?v 12 1 r ot-ut. on the mve?in)"a!. ntrivt ptik> I au i. n \. d ii.ioire of JOHN W SI IMS. K--*l k-'a;e A?*-nt, aprlf !* 900 *1 *tr e n->rthwt.?t. Bk NT?Hi'l'^K N'. (ISStl J r-e* -i\ ? nne noitliwut, betwe?-u K a id O *treet>. 9 r < nu. (taa ? a'er; g<?.d yard ^l"l p?r ni-ti'h. Apply to ?? O JOHN"il?. 7 t ?> 13lb stroet n "-Tli w t. Hall 1 m LTmThTbKNT-A fine large BASEMKSr 77l two I sr<? ES in ?hi l?u? ant buildine.'?-r <?t ii'h ? d r 1-t e? ta northwest, rear f M trop litan a"d Hotel*. T> (I'hmI teDinti they ?itl b? rn t?~l very low P M DOHA NT. ap'i I v I/ttB HlNT?Three ?t..ry a d ban. ;ii?-n B *H R I' W E LLI NO with brick fctat.:.-. 1919 IU:h -tr>*? t iiOltli?? "t. F t htallb arrbi;?.ctara' a - -u a: d h> i-ie c bf' rt? is nu^orpfwd SMALLW'OOD A M >UBISi>N. apH ltn No a?.? 7lh <?r t. h^OK BF NT-t'ne ot the ?c--t ? 1 uioat c >? Ci". ? HOl>r.!* In the Piat.lrt with all n < ' ? in pr \euie it-. atd rontainmn ta- e ro ta?. ???iii at corner 4tb a..d U N?r?l^t^ a ??* a-t U ut je n ?.i'?b t ? ci?re1nl as?d steady ?? iiait. ^p^l^ <o 1 f;C'lN*Ni?. t'a:* Loui^iai h ne-f e ? jt r ?? west. apll- ni l.'Ub^iiKNT-BCinsi-: 4? G afr-t ? t-i ? 'i. 1 F roPM,water,Ac Large y.r. c. i^:.. I t.' thr-?? hi ? of .tr?ot cars ?25 v r m .>ttl; rut* ?1V'.BT> C OARK1KWTON. Jr., M t I be I .i' Lav 4 *) 4 laSaWaM ai'.L" ' M Citv Hal" ai .. . .i ? /?i B BERT?No til Nik atrMt,* Baa v tli ? hC'l ??"F o.i moderatete-ni^ ^lt'?? " M^-ara. TII<,vsC'N A t'O , loth (treat, or B_>* !l**. A' \ trta, Tt. at??-*ojA* i,"t e. Kk-Nf?lid-?Y'-. turui-lMHl art n:l i n ikM'I. io a>l part* ? f tb?- ii?, fr >m *3 to * ?'?) ? t '.?b ?toiy at 1'OltSKY h U'JUM MiKN { 1 N . !)-JO ! * reot nnrihae?t. ap? 1j?* 1/UB l?sN I-i three st ry BRICK HOijSIS. c -n ta'l It ? t? ro..Iii?. ni"derri |w*NM ?. "It i; .ted >,u I ft I Mre?-t t.t?.-i, M and N streets ?rth we-t 'itjclrea* ll?:i M atreet n w apt l:j* I .->1.7. I. KNT^Fnriii-lied K'tuSS. OKKK K and 1 &TABLF. ;?>?"? 11 street luar^S-liu I 'ORbALE?Bever*! tbree-?^"ry UK! R OWKL 1 LlNfJS c <J and'"<>rr..ran dtrnits, between H'h Hit l.'.th ?*reet? c ntaiui ? te^ r.?.a,< mcti witli ti ? .1. rn in pi<.\. m* nt- ar.*1 in cocipl' reorder, rertns: M'xlertite Cash payineat, bala-ic- in monthly ins'al U,ei,?d. Appt? b <; w KlUtiS at li gg? A Oo.'s Ba-.k. or tu J. W P MYEliS.7 p.'> 14th ?t ma27-lm h^oB Bt NT?HOUSES N.>?. 14 J7 1431 y ?treet; also. Ni<a I 440-1 44H 14 4*-l i*4 Oorcoran Bueel.wtib mod. in iiuprovmenta and in perfect ..?i)er <'r w ill be eold n p >n mxlerate terms Appv to >J. W. BIGO4. at Kibrs A Co '.1 Bal k, or to J W. P M Y ? BS. 7 I15th street. iuarZ7 lm FVih S ? LK OB EX<!U AN ??K FOB CITY ;'KOP EBT? ?In Klla* ille, Pritce Oe >rge a c^unt , fild.. b'XTEKN ACRES of L^Nl'.with d tble ? ran e House, good water au abundance of fruit trees trap Ac , high and healtay 1 -cation; twe|x mniutta' w?lk to the H?attsx 11 le depot, Baltimore nt.<i Ut?l<. railroad A ph iloerapn f the houae cat be seen and fcnher liifairmati a obtained from U U STIMKMkT/., Ht37 Pa ave. mar27 hTOB BALE?H'U'pKS tot 9*1 ftj. ?/" tsm. ?;8,ot)u. Sis <*? 812 000. 8in.'?*), : - o" -j7jw, 86 IXlO, gs.ouo. 8t.0lW. 82 000. ?1 '.HIO We" lo ?wi and on easy ? rrna. E J . S A P. ?T. octt-tr a 11 7'h ntwx-t. F'T'OB BENT-BOOMS la all portloLa of the city Loecriplion and terms given. Apply to B K. FOSTER, northweat corn' r 7th and 0 -t* marl Jtu* |VOb KENT?ROOMS aiugia or en auha. fur m ni'hed. Seminary Building, Georgetown. n:ar;tl-lm UEAL ESTATE BILLETO TII'W E. RAdliAHtA ?l? Ttfi Vi. CHANuksMA K EVtKT WBDXKSDAf i!tD-ATCI.4T OTIC* ttrr+ars /TOT AtMC S'.l C at 1 e . all mod. :mp .. 10 ra -S'1 '**> 2<! ? ai n. w., all nma. impv, 10 ra . i -?> 114 lltn *t a e , all uio<l. imp*.. 9 ra 6^*?. 124'> i242 N Jer av.. a I ro .d. iuip*., S ?a each 5 .?J 3< Hit u w . all mod. impa . 8 ra ? .... 4-VO l&r.iltith ct. n. w , all uj- d imp" -9 ra 4 St! 3U Jd at. n. e.. all mod imp* 10 ra 4J'? 152% ( .mm! la at. n w.. mod. impa.. S ra.... ... ?jt*w S2? 327 C at. a.e., mcd.impa., 9 ra 4.i?* H-ritjTV HrWk. aril Krumr IfiiaiM *ut .'On 2 is 1 Pa av 11. wi F 11 ,) ni'jrt. impa , 8 rj 2109 H at n w .,1 F. 11 ,1 mol imps , 9 r-. s,n>?J 1011 F rt n. w . B. H . 1 mod iuipa . 4 1a ti. JO 316 A at a e .( B H.) m> 1. ?mps , 4 ra ... ft,0".t SI 1st st ? <>eorgetow n.< F. h .,) mod. ioip? .? ra 5 u?i 1317 7th st. n a , ( F H.,? 111 <1. imja 7 ra. .... 6.>--< ?18 1st st n.w. (B U 1,111.?d. tuipa.? 7 ra 4 ;<w Corner 11th a: d O ats. n e , t B li.iffl i , 7 ra... 4 .Vo 913*ub at n w ,< F H. 1 mod. in;pa., 7 i? 4/00 SSSVa.av. a w.,(B U ,1 m >d. imp* , 6 r? 4.5'ti 1U0S 1107 1011 ?. 0 av ? , F H ,> m l.,6r? each *M l/nitnprove4 Fropnrtu to* ?iia. N Jersey ave , bet P and y a s . n. w . per ft. 40 lltb st ., bet M and N s e.. per ft 3< 10: b ft , bet. Land M 11. w , per ft 3" H at , bet 22d and 231 at* n w . per It 4 J 80th at .bet R and S n w., per rt 2i 1 ?t.. bet. 6th and 7th n e , prr ft it E at . bet lltb and 12th. n. e., per ft >> Ya av a e . bet 6th and S. h-ts , per I 15 22d at , ! et M and N n w . per ft l'i UuivD at . bet. N atd O a. w.. per It W Hmum tor H*nt 919 N. V ar#. n xc. .rjm.^aiimod. i?pa . 13 rs?i75 1214 M. Y a\e. n.w 4furn Jalimot iaifs .It la ? 2<J6 N J ave. n.w ifurn l.all m >o. iu?y.a.. ? r?- i 1$V 931 K at. n. w . < furn. 'all mod. impa.. 10 ra.........^ v? S22 A at a. e., mod. imp.. 11 ra 75 Cor lith aod D at, n e 7 ra 6o 3 21 at a.e.,n.od Imps , 14 ra ?. SO 1212 fenna ave. n. w .mod imps .s ra 40 1410 Fa ave. n w., mod impa., 11 ra SO lift Kasi Capitol nt .mod. iiupa . a ra 45 loo2 26tbst. mod. imp-. . lo ra ? ?. *?> lel3 15'h at. n. w.. imp- , 8 ra W 311 C at. a. e.. miKl imps, i r?... AI 57 Hlsh at . Geo n. 12 ra. 39 lulo N J ave. a e..uiod imps , 10 ra ...?? 30 40s M at n. w., mod. Imp*., 6 ra - 30 2322 G at. n w., m?.d impa . <5 ra? ? 1? 42 Oav at.. Georgetown, mod. tin pa., 8 ra.._ ... Si 311 3d st. n. e , mod impa , 9 ra _ 25 S2oj I >t, n w.. mod imp* . 9 ra J7 2 i btb at a.e.,mod impa.. 11 ra ......... 25 40 M My rtle at. n.?.. m.<l in>pa,7ra Su 2112 I at. ti w.mod iuipi , 8 re So 2701 & at. n w., mod impa., 9 ra 20 952 B st. n. w., mip* . ( ra?? ?> 4 4 H at. a. w.,rood.impa ,8ra .0 4nI loth at a e , mod impa ,6 ra....??.. !-< 1819C<dar-t. n w., ra. U Auction Snlet. On TUESDAY, ^pril'iA at i o'clock p n., va cant lota on the p bmtsea 19th etree:, between L and M northwest. Lmmi, 8540f In antna tn tc!t 2-uaia of J.1 000, cr wonld be mrxlivided 2 rums 'f ?600 each?1 pei cant for negotlailns. ap22 tr personal. 8 T R 0 b O Q T . MtBiME R4?NH. Thla oeibbrattsi La<iy vatroiovlat and Bnllai Me dium can beconaulied a* No 1131 D ?tre?t, corner o 2d northwert hb? baa no superior In de:iaeating the Past. Present >i.d Future la love or ba?iueae her ad' ice Is invaluable, d ac ioh* your tru nds. potntiugcnt your eeeniiea, and Informing you of the sure way to auec*e? in all nn??rtekibgs on auhation strictly ootifldential l.adiaa, 81. g-a'la meu. 81 50 aepl lf bankers. PUT8, CALLf> & ^PKRADS On all the ictiTi stocks at beat market rata* We advise when and how tooPKKATk safblt. Rook ?lviog lull information on Stock Patvilegbs, pent trw. Addraaa order* by mail and telegraph to BAXTEI A CO.. BANKMUS *.pl) HKOKMHb, marS^ARly IT Wall atreet, Ratr York. BUSINESS CHANCES. I?"OR MLs-rn *i r-a *>o4<ievB -rosic r?arM?tket wi.,1 School H >n?? A|^> ? < ?? N >w t i rk a* tcsc ni rtl.w ~n apJVt.* I Ton liTt WchI IH II <1UKI r. ea?T teini" |n4 r*i )?$ iDcrfa*^ Ad i 1'Pf IBK. P,it* I,'* 'R S ? i k -H' ?? and rui'irM .>1 t t" K ?\ I ? Fidsmni '.'i c?t ? d p,f t locality A p-pl at K" jlt| ?'? air ?p?a V sti \ linn ? ;"'s H a i ?t k>'? I N I ERkST 11 A<)? ?< to p [ *?*? ERICD HO.'WK". . ?t?> **V Wo. IQOi r Mrr?X ;. rlh .. t r-.H s*i.b-Th*S~k. IMm". u?':'Jh" PK'TI KF wud KKvM.Vt I '? "?> * I * *ih rtrorl i n'tli * ,1.','* lor u'?. f k>4 tn- -c< s?'? f r?t lot. \\' Wa*1 * P.% h T N 1H 'n ' *** BIS I ?? ^BSS ?tore and | ran .n th- a 1 Ttrtiser thoroughly ac jmint.,1 withib*- ' win. ' ?r*^ ?or???IUl1 |S?t ?MM, ,o old cr ..|d dtbts A d d r*as. with full cam* f r th' a days, B..1 3, Star uflic*. ap s 3 ? M Aba hb pi sinbhb ? iumdi a PaT^rTa HdlM.itDlUK BOOM attached. o-mplM ? for fastness located jn?t n.-rth oT th? i apitol To * ,a: with aa.all capital atHi a knowledge* of tb reataurant b<i?ln?*., th.V i? a rare chanc- f >r a t i..l ?"'t iArply ?o Ko air i? a>? e a>.ou. nortlieatt. ( ipttol Htll apl .' |<"OK *A LE A~PE1>~PL E K * Ll' R V ** gm4 ? until 1S77. Ir.nire at *?3i> L outac* ATenne. { S "? "allll I" "'A^ ?l H?? f <"-'?? int-nat ^ v rri *n.t- Tictl*. d . ooiiioii^i n. vi ( r mBoi ^t, Otti Prtft I frc* ?P]4 \ ? \|Of>Et Ti> I 1 'AN <'N KTaL~?3TaTE sE i?l crr'ty .Hal ? rate ot tut. r?t and tnwleew-. c. nmimoB CAS-IN A LIEtikRMANN. I.VC4 r ?tin-l.urp' h'i- Khtm H o?*. a?t ?? ft^OR PA l k-St m k <; .-mTmi at 1 r.?< .rea7.f~a I lir?l Mm < ON?h TIOMtKv SHIRK I m? ' H a od tu?ti ???. til a ? ? . riei.t .rii .?i. N .. |?i ( H Mwwi) l^t -(reel auc fie* Jt*ra- > a .^i n* Bu>ik?e?t. ari? l r-(?B SALE^^'Ti ' I UB . RK\ I a <1 rBuVlM-'Ji orOLK. 1 i ?* a r It Mk. ?IniltHl <W Clyilol H>ll Will b-a I'd < h ?p ft a-ti Satint?ct'iry v :i I r ? i ?? A iii>? PROVISION . >'t?r Otiice apli ' KC1AL HOrfCE f . e r.fw anj h*u ln. n.e CCTT ?.QF'S f>r ?a|* ? V' Rf'" ** **"?, A: |rric*a raiia 'c $ ? ll>' t ? * ? ii?, uu-f: *..r.i At 1 f"tir I t r ek. > ? ^*1 >r. ?? |h rt< r eft l? a; t] niirpli* 1 ? ttb (it Bi/ilfri M'jv :? err,? inrluiMtig and ?>?era(* L '? i\i*.A Tail t ? ?nit 1 a\< * 1 v. |>. ! ?l a< *e Tao lit?*? i l **r*et ra* tfiir i jiuf ^ lr 111 i ar In I t ? IiiatM i r. .Qt |* ? t * * ?? D'jfi'r rAii th i \ ? xink id?.w i Ar i;e _ Bl > I Nit I on ? ill flb<J ' l?oy a ?? lb* ^f?^t p l perl f.>r tti It.- II. LiJ U-? lLtl I'tu fc.t Apply to h J tWEKT. Pra'Uen*, ??l I 7tb ?|r?t.or .IAS U M ju L ?r ? ?? ct. _ ??24 ?? jjl! L. I?t it Hi i .tin*. V\ A N I K I ! . - Wi'Ttr. 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VV * NT h D- T.. n.ha'Hi. law REFRI iEKA " H'LS atid > nu ts f..r Old Mi)?a at lll'T I I* R 8. c< rL*f fth a: d K >tr<-*ia ti rth?f - t ' t HI "<?>? <nttd. !r. t.i g.'. t'. f Ji T p y ap?l2ll* %\ It HAVK FOB MLK T E StO? K <?r ?? l.H' ' K bl ES cou< at fd It- at.-re corn r I 'i ai <* K rt i >i t n L'rttiu <?i T'i*?t.r*rau !?* r?* ??kI <aw.ial i- mia HABUjIK .1 liA^IILTON, v> l. i< ?a.e i rio? r?. a*2l ?>." v->* Oflli '" E?aS~n - Pttii ssr.. > ?'.'"I" a - 000 at 9 p r , * J.HIMI 91 SOW at . P I ?OI) at I" t? r?- m J STANLn I .1 ?? ?r-l ?' .*? I I 7;ti .tr?~t >> l1 -Niifral bnwr. J choirs hi l.,i? I Nt; L i S hi tnunt. - ? of ?! > . i j) ??' ' ?" ?' ?? 11 t p p.-r ? . it. ?.,. t .? ? :. . . ..i ?. g ;ir?-d .f ..rto\xtU'->it* tie t. I mvl ? 1ft r? d .yrn -u ? at 7 pef Ht. Pri t? a? I ? ?? if < i-?1 t. t c??li. J hTANttkY JONKf, an 7th wrwi. |". PhOl'kK i > ?? ?* N Alir* of Real K?ta*e T?A ? aUID by he?rt*.,i tl.MO >m< Dli.i- j. a I) l>> acliaok tgr%\ ? ,i| I'trl I. t..ibiii iutt*riiit (..fall n.i t..f r*. niakln ? II.? irclauus J.i^N V. p. WlK.-t<l. -I*' -w t'ffire. 7 1 a l: li -:r??-t. |. < P aLA a b ? B k 8T A C H ^ N I ... 1 * I'RINKINU B A LOOI? Aid -a SMu .\ City P O ^aplo 6t' 'B^O LOAI?Forirnfll f ari. at rea?..'ia t 1 , f .i OA? . r flJ l^kl. ou ? : R??. A? a s, n.ilLCUD ti red. A pph to <\ 0 LKE. Attornry at Law, ? pio ?Ji* 4 l u ? -t . ti"?. crM La a 'I'O LOAN?On R?-al E?Utr.fivm I to i ?e?ra, ? 9 W" at ;i p. r cebt ; 9Mk> ??<: **?i .n-; ??l at lo p. r ci-iit. titu TITIAMi L, ?I * I"* 604 7l|| fitrrft, \lANTElS AT COfcTTv i'l >? M R< -T11 W ALL 'h, ?pl< trti* 11 < B atreei a m'tina^t I^'OK MLK Oli a.X HAftO* ti)K T| V FRUPak rT ? A Hot SB ar I liUIHN at Hla.lei ?|.r.i a Dep.t It A O railr..a I nia ra e tr Ji w n-lniictoti Apply to JolIM * ? 'iiTT. N" Ibib eti?-et D< rtt an-at apl" Ju * S400,?rtOi?, f?0#. ? I .??!? a. . ?' *. ?0Dl fr n, AwOOOtx ft ??().?.110 to I. til on leal estate neurit) from aet.flvei-^ M M R HRBK. ?114-I0t No. .%! 3 7 h -tr^-t ONEi TO LOAN-Il mm-1" -lilt mi ? ti.-tat t< r: ?<curlty. J?-H N Pll t. I:M ? S. B?*l E ta e A. -nt Apis 111" Komi 3. St Cl..ud BiilldlUK All persons ">* >NriNii ' t > ran i IJOISBS or BOO31H, turni'bed ,r u^'ar ii-li'd. are Iij ? 1 tod to call and ex an itie our M.iaiti*#* htLOs Iuv.rmatiuu Iraa S* i?ta tuar an ?e?" Apply at the WaMI'NGiHN I N'T AI. LIOBN:)B ao l INKORHAIION OFKICE I 1'b street nortbwest. ?p~ ? W 1 E\ k NS A HO >ERT8. Beai A^tate. L<?atia and ?- iMint'trice H.'tl r direct n. rtliaeit. - Bull 11 u t"t 11 it ra> oocupie<l ||) Sec. nd NaMonal lla'.k >inut? all i>< rs u- hiMt m l: a' Bwini t 1 nla Owellinca or R. ? uitifor rtut, to rec. rd iL. wuri'- ?Cb tbem free f 1 barge, atid aerurt. tLe advactaA- of ib- tr a 'ter tiseBiert*. apt In ^'11 AM "bl 1L DING L (''IS Villi SALE. 1 oTer f^>r pale L^TS 7 8. And 9. r4 uate 70, ot. ?J 1 atr^et. k ? M a- il N 8tr<-et?. at 10 r<'.,ta per avjuAr loot 'I !:??. i? H pari ot the ct:> arb r> an nil b .ui~< w. uId lie a profliaHe luvtatui^nt A?<i., L-tJt j "0- ai S.'. '"t* per ft.. mu< L'?t 4 7<I. at U ct?. per f> ?uar/9 1m" A >? 1LLIOE.BBOO P.m.a a ?? WEA GRO\ E. CAPE A"l PoTn'T. N EW ^ JRKSEV ?eNtra: Oottaf^s to li?* or tor -ale. Farnt?b"d . r I i.trriilal id. ar thi^ u*tr Sr*i:d- H> -orl wti-r faniiiUiiuii ikiii the suii un-r at a?littl .,.*v ? .t tt.eir i w (1 boiuta. Spi tioitl t.a.bltiK aid iahl' ati'i f ue abadc. Acd tbre? fibd boli-la Sal. .>f li.j,,..r pro! it>i'.ed ix-ts '<*. ?al'. '? w K K WILSON a a'Z7 Itu | Kepi A I | 7?b ?;r-~ IW 11. LFKNP PK. K MAIL for U* rISI!i one dot HaNUREB''BIKFS or napkin niaoe ftor. R. tnie tlark; l.t?iu C ".? SS-. Add ??*-. J W L.AKii P O. It*.a New ai.rk lOt'V-liu M s. GOLl SI AiN * I'O., LOA* AXD COMMISSION l UliMU lJltt AND D 6TBEETS. monet LOANED or ADTAICE& X A DE viJaaL'e ptr*->i>.'4 iiot -rty t-> a-.y i*.u ct. aL ' ?l . tin ? at ?ire,l. <>t Tery retu-ocalil* t- rmt. A!?<>. O.- d- t ! J ?>?! Ooirmiaalon At Prl??te ^!i?? Very Cb^ap? A IMV M ' r. Jr Hi. 'I l'M?"!i a> d (! mUfci?1 ti '? ? .* ' ? c- bd L'.iid E' -ry Article full* All hn- '.i-aa (tl'letlj coi l:-J< i.'.lal Tbv t>lle?t ar.4 th* ttj ?t r*'la>-?* h-n.* _ ti> '"tj 1.. M To' BdjOOO INVBdTBi' - OtHI I'HiVlLEtikt! PAYS LAB >B i'h '? I I V r:t?-1. r 72 pa?fe bock k'nn an.i Idi'tu* <?f * a'1 1 ai>C Wall nt. Btview SEN T I Rf V. Ji HN HICBltlNU A <>0 . ott7 It 1' d' r< ati ' Hn k*rA. ? i 8r T ;? \ F(JR .SALK. t^'i'B SALE?'Iw. (?ir <.f thor i','hhrM N'w fc ui dlaul Pt I'S. AddrepfL \ ,' fciar orico. apIS 8t* ?4*obbale-a >. k|Hour,T< ; ? \ aid MARA ESS; eiertb*n? U In ir? ?1 tv < r er; hi tl- warra ted fi n d aal h u. - . jaJM call ?( on ?s a lar.a.t cab bj ti?l. lit 7tli eti'ei toctLweat at t^ 11' t^HiRSALB?A GRAY 31A KK. A ot ? to d sir.- ai d actt -u - titilJ au(2 zeatl* hV_ Alsi..<be j-imp ?eat CAbRlAut, t-arl- ^OV nt v ; one ??t of Han.eth acd B I t, ih ? wuetl. atli k t'.wn I ti 1 utre at *c IaULEY A PrU W IG > Grocery. si'*^ Peunayl^ania areri iV east. Capitol Hill. a pit ;t* poK tALX 10 000 BERST1NB HEf> R Vhl'HE H Rl f.H. 10 VOO ONE Yk AB CONOOBU GRAPK\1N ;S F rut-clAv and chawp, In iutaof from one pita: up Scud orfkra to B A. PHILLIP*. apl-lci SO^I 15th strat t mrtaeat. CTaRbIaGEU. CAK.vT-.GkS: tTr^iilA-AE' - ^ The largest And niokt vailed ae?vrt . -A ,i.m. MM of l-.te?t sty I* of carrlacss. Couii > ,^ 7[ BockAways, Jnnip teat*. Pa.k Ph*n,r;..3ijd--=^iatS Jafferi, Top and nt-Top Bupgies /?l?j, sifer?l fines.coud hand Fatirl OwTiiac.i at>4 Cuc^isi 09 hand at V. D SOU MITT A CO . maiU tr No 31 * 12tb st , bet. 1 ai d D , o w. KjAOB BALE-NOW IS THE TlM K. A I ha?e on hard WO SPRING WAGONS, built Id ths best style, with th* farila Top and No-top Bl'GOIKS tor sale orjig Bontblt payme&ta, at m. new Factory.* ST Prospect st , entrants oc Btl'if t.s market. Geur?etow n D C mart-to* JAMBS B. PBOttCT. JACB.BUN WAGONS. HEW STOCK. IKON AND SHELLfcBBIN AZLE4. OKK-HORSE, TWO HOBSB, THBEit U0BSX AND rOI & HORSE WaGoNS Wa Bay* acid Hundred* of tbeae Wan-xu. abl Um 1 opinion la tbatthsy are the c: *f?; and D. W. McOKATB. ?flAB.m.M<lBlMll.?. Aeneral Beat Vt PRY GOODS. ( )I'1TNE1? iHlb l1 av. M' piaca* of pric 1 ?? ! k tr.tta (. p?|. tl?i I ai I ?t r. p . I 1.1- ?> I. ? <?!? ?t Jt. ? ?"S. ?* ! tL.i n*f*i.ij, etutr??MM ?i.a.w? - -~r -n- ?' ad< *n<? on o*r l; LAI K 81 L K ". ft ? r. -4 r?r>>? ta ?? A A 'I r ra.Va 1,1 At K ( AMIM?kl T??M| HINKiril iLOlll. ?? IMAI t??lk ?I 1 MOHAIB" Ha-4- tii* r ,-d OniHIMMr la K Bnw(. |a>r ICnr m4 Hiuh ?? I a a ar><1 |I<?|'- 81 Lk 8. at 01 7* ar<i | 1 It I d MrCoK^ITC.II a >rtb ftl MP f( N I M HHILI * > and C?K*? - *?? * I ? : I III b?a > ??? >?? ap ? PCMMkK < LOTH8 * ?' i,?n at.d t> ii, Ka< t Hlu? la. Ii' t'L"'TH Ta' ? I'* v*>l BMKI8V T??*rLA Llaan MIKK lNl. ?l f Pillow I I b k N A Cll K.hI.i' ?r. ? ? ?HaLKil t p'?n*r DOVI'TI1' liUODS a ?f'M ? K< vnl i tba I-ati oa \V M. BROW1. Apn r Kc 114 Ihilf-.' i.a.r I'.t.n* a?* \*EW l.oW 1T.IIKV Itv r ?? Par'aola. Ir. n< ? ! SP t.?< ?T !??'at. f?hti1|?'la'i.1 at lis N' rlw* Canlr l aaa- a: Its N'? I'ma Oo?<la. i ,<m? 1A- ?? -Ac f f>t<cij t argalna in HiA A balk. at ? I t*. Plata Prowr ar 1 load colored 8 k, at ft * a?4 ? IN' i t-r? it.. ? r w ! It. and O.-lorad Mattinf . at 15. Ml. And S' s ? llacki aakin?ra, at *Sc aua f I B ?. I, I < ?? f> ir.|n? a .lt i ? Nt-a V rk f.nfU-d W iil'e Nit I ft*. at f ' S5 PtALk 1.* (lit ? i'iiI P?p?-t P? -r-[>? UMl J JOI1SAIOK * IO, *; <- III teti l|Mi nLA< K Mlk8. ?iVfl ? ?l I t 1 Ml. ? ?l ? I ??. ?i a. ?!.?:? . bla< k 1 a?hu trt, n>r; It* '-" $1 ' NU k Air ib Aoi.l.l ai.1t' IS 1. '* black Silk?. Mohair S p - ? V. a r:li CI lila. k Hianadina 2J, .11. 37. M tt ( AK1IRS. TOT Mmrkft *rme T ?? M'k Abd Wiol Srm t I raaa <i-??d?. IT. wort A riatl I'r?a* tJno4? ria'i I'rwt ti ,.?4a M'k Mrir-'l I rial u ? l?. Drow OooJa TS. si.r. S>. K?r>'lit nt Oalico a\ *? l.< M..'?*tt.i 2i lit-t Ht.lli. k i.< 31 M-'ii ? l't?HH'r!-, tail* . f Vau-rt't ' n.'.a rx, R ? n. *" Flrwt I iiit-tt Tal>>r l>an a I W I'l :.1al Un.l'a. '> k?rrll> i t St-M-fciii??. IJ I IUS II ?lidk'TChlff*. C. LiLt-t Nafk ma. 6 *r ?" 't \; ? V 1^ f (H H T t SI l.. . ? (>D m*rrlia:.- at'n ? I : t ? ant i* -nii.m, M??1f .f Wan :" a ? ? ati4 t>Mt twort .ma bail dr>d L<n ti Ho*- ? ????!? I ? ? i?al i? _ ^ -1 tt b t ?? ?? ofloit 1 in t' ? nittkt l I t flf ??"lf *? c?t?M f r ft i*. I?r*?? H trt?. a* 'lit- Hnatrh lialtimor# M lit l"a<t ri. IOIH f nil '< Tthwrat hi M laa J \v i' MiK M? M EW SniN'tt MT (M KNMk l.i?? ia'.1t H' mnatitu t'al'i ? >aa, V .*?t1li 14 ^ li'ta H>-? ^prt?.|?. ?lict tli ? i:?4. ?< . V *?1? hi), -tin** H. ?<?rtli IV ? '^iLitiit ^prii l*i -??>- lis II,!k ? t *iic a pla.o. and Mri|^?. MoUatr 8aiui<c? lllark Moba r- rtiark?l 4'?ti?Ir .in lis ' ' '* S Hfikhilk* tl A 1 r. .a |'u. 03 *? i > ch-ap bla. k A'pATAa ?-%?? '.f a' lu. <6 S7.MA P I- *?rt lin? (*ln:dro?i ? ^ir' ?ad Ho?t>. cb'-ay. Mri Btid R >v? (VitB rw. vmt In* < Abl'ETti AT TO CL??SK OUT II< ? It'traiii* ti.xlo |l II IK I Art P lof ca-b H>a*? Ii eralua ?.*? , I. riri r pnct" }1 MDiwU tuarkt^ d< vn fit ttiru lutu n. '0*T Ala a) I go.4 va. lit* for j our Bi 'Bar T 1 N II IIAll, nil?tr 19** MartH B<i?n? (\|<?kE NEW I'KK^ HOul)*, AT l'.Il>l?< Kll PUK IlS WML nrtB ON MOBDAV, In r'atr. P'atd A:.1 > -lV'-t, at l-s tf.M'-H.ST, at 4 S' p?-r ) atd. Kit |l?l.M4lt. I ft bit far* lllark M liattn a-i? A ip tca 'i| d?. fe ? p~ fh4 uaa. a: 1 ? S ?' ' 2". . < . A VI I L MtM k <>r Mt'l i ?IINli U (*.? t-haaU and Cra^e VrtU. fito f m * < I tt? and < AMlmrrea. lt|a|iotiAU. A'd >.?'| I lit Flat.i,.^n. ?| ImI gradt?. ar.rt At 1 >w 4o?n pr'Of* ('? I ir(i- ?'?? B*d *pr-a-'a. at fl at.4 |l 2' 'I at-1? lor Al 5f to 0? p?-r dofi la.! r ?* l>al -k? al.J Map?o.-. all I, I m 111 f ; ? ? w rin< * t as kii4lt'ttii| Mk '.a. at tl* I,<?' >t n atkt-t i.ricm. j. w iiit.L?:vn ap* t |. *p P iri.t-r I - at Htrk"l ?fa?a ( jliEA7!7 i;AJu.Ai,?~ in DRY GOODS ruon A I" ( T I C?\. ISfMF.y F nrn ? ' TI JX8 a> ????. <?/ k nttzsx v< "\n lit -!d a AI a t iot * ? ? I'll 4?' ^ ? 1- ' l? r|. ?d ot l *t l.?f i 1 ?t ? N |i \ l ft IMt.l VALI K IV, -liall lor faa p % ut liafca tli- ? It c t taloriiio la crtrifa. ? | .ii* < IN* ML >' i 'MiMBKIS *r??cM i| IK KMT Ml At K vltK ; ? I *? e?t. ? ?i *.t l'l>T BbvKMM.Ir-J' n?a AMt kMTI L*?'K 'LI \'A or '? :OS< iNTni." b ai ?v? f r ii < -ut? || ItlillMI MHI II I t.?? ? a fcil'r ? ItNT PHIS* . : ilMMi|.r :i*s 7?CKKT LIMASI. TAP k V A ? A iK i. ? * i? ctiU j. r ^ AaA tr 8I?? ti 1> at . oaar Pa in |*IX?M!NKVT DllY GOODS OPENING M'KIM. IHTH # Ol I. MA KB (anrttr omiM b? fa'a* A M it< i.t-li > t* ?.< t> i pt ii ?itL at. fiitirt- l a ?i?. a of \t-r> I i -<* PUT OdO|?fi (>f f .rt-ifii. At.d ti !n ? tic falirt tor !?i<r1iiff and Mimatrr ?i?;,tg wbl:b ? a IrTttt ' r fi iftitla ai..l tbr inUle Ol A" SPKCIALTIKS ARE: Ml ACK aKI' ?'<?L' UAi) MLM9. I aM V I Kl^ t..'l?l a. hlOl KNINti tj'tol S. UOl'MKHOM) V A HI CL?,TH- ANU PL A> S BLS, IAU1TP GotiDb. CTETAIB LA' I". POMC*TI<'fl. riMB lln-IK.KV. 6ILk t M t.Kr ..LAC, KID OLO\ tt. /: LrMfkrf K*tet. HOI.IOKII A M'll.KI KU, Ml HAMKkl M'At'B, ap4 tr Third 4^ir from Btb atraaii LOI IH V% A.MII%?tT?tS DRV UUtlllk - w t ita o -rdt-d Pigopa at ; bawnifnl C.?l I icund Pijtiaa a' i:?c . lb I. hin t, a* lar' willaw. Pial.l. Bit ipt-. and I'lalu Nana., k- Vi t.,rH Laana Mail t.'anit'lea. tv to Mk. . I w>'Iarli lian.l ?. k .ii ?? tr.ial to ft i p ' > a ,. ' arin| Vr??*lfi?da. PUla, Plain, A at] ?tr:pfl, tr m I2SC V<c . tlifU-l toe and S'Sc. black Alpa.aa la toa t. all noeb'-ra tip to fie ; fprlnr Ua*al?ir>rt?. lor b- >a a.d _ ota, 15c. t"> |l;?ui'tliat I toltboa* A", klrtt **t-BC? lut Mmv J'?B 8 It AILKV, orp-r 7.b al1 f at# ao jtlita.-*'. a pi ti |S?(> SPRING. 187?* IIROUHtlll A M, 939 rEBKSVLVAMA AVEBCB. I* taiw-o I'L %Lt 10th etr*ft?, lliTi i tb? artM.tlob of Prlfi.da, < i?tou.-ra Ata4 ^7r.vac t? tl.'lr a'lxk "1 NllVk STUlMW l'Hkh?: OOOi !?. PA U \ &? <L>. U "M bl: V Ac , Ac . aul.b llit-T ara n a ? p-ti|i.f a' #>?> -. (artt (asm aM. I- Uranaditi?a fioiai 37^*e. up All-tot'l DrbtiM.Mt fi.rnor p'loe Me P<>rk Lyftlk?rr<>n W< up i IlcIuJ ug P.m ?. rta i;-*ll. c-.Ont?at. And B mn?t ' M-fcC ifnl Lilian Lawui IlilDCgUllrlM f'.-rt Kixctlio Pifbch Caabtka in I' am. Pia 4 aim! i t^craxl InCiudlog Uolila Unas, Na>? Mlc?, lc.. Ar. All v .>1 ^bftiAn'?. CliAala ?1 Sfc. Par-. I- and hnii L.ntT llat troti IV tc p 1 > t'utf'E Kilr. In ail r l.ra Hi jfc H.nnitljt t ott"?B. HSr r?r4 ' Mil c?'Z?*u kur ?la Spool Silk IB ftll ?bft4i* i tkr bMl It tfct-1' nltt^l 8t *w?.) 1" H Ir> it f ranif H as |? p-r 4 tea. Ftiti line l AtJia-'al4 Ofuta Lndprarear RPAKOH 8TOBL, 1*0* r STHEET b?-t lltt> and lltb [ddalADd.l V? t- offt-r apAciftl Indue-mmu la Ifttc *1)1* aal ItlBUdJ HuOda j BBORHEAD 41 Ml uA'Su 1>3tl r??n*>l?anlA at* JOH> T PI I H HELL 931 PEMNbYLVABIA A \ EM tl, __ Ii am joat iKtlwd a Cbotoa MlacUoti of I'MEM 0COU8 In tbf Baa ?l ad- a au4 f.l'rica for Pprtafl waar I rat.cb Drbfim la lr?? o? and Ol*r?. Plain P'a.df And ?tripe* Vaeal Hair and < a?b' Beit I.. tbr kern and ITMB abadna To!la M?a. tor* paitcrua and abadaa. a ltb taoa* t? inatob for cerorearaa Prrti?b < arnbrlc Hfclrta and 8c*t* In cl. 'b c l .ra, tbc la'aat importati?a Poalardaad Pr. n< b Cambricaand Prtmch Jackonata In aotlra?jr L' a thadaa and <li-?Una. diOarant frulu amiblaig ttar ab a r. la tkla a A'kat, cntor* and *'rlaii to ?*? rt?p bd a itb the atl-?ool good* and Bilka. carlafl Mi fa in ( back*. Itripa and Plalda. fr <m Ml to Bit*! Black Cr.Aadlna* at all anoa* PUxl.Oback ai d 8 rip. d Grt-nadlba* la M>a?ka and c>4ora for off rt* r*tat" . abadaa to match Rllk>an4 Drt^t I'toM. A toll lint- of Black Pllk* ol tbt but aakw at W>? prieaa A laritf lot o'Bar I n Lr. lla? juat rao--tra4l all aiea* and ?rtu?; ?*< ? ral *tyl- ? of rttj baodaoa^* ?oid-?otinttd hand It- Ptnall blank Paraa-la an<l Paraaoia in kt r* abaciaa t? ata'.cb acha. W? ara ra cal its taw f od? dally. Aa laa* ctl..a ot ow auxk r. at.Uclbad T|V)UN T MITiiHELL. PiarM' If til Pacaarlaaata tltaa ]\EW bill IN G G<K)DS. Bt*alTlrt|r t>aw ?appllaa daflr fAICT Pill* 60a/l>b arrlalnc la all Lb* baa P ?l rio* a ad rtt I? 11>?largt-rt aadcbaapaiat rttick of BLACK 81 LEI ? UBAlMM and a LI'Atl Ab bo Ma fouiad <a tba cttf Bo ll* Ttb< MkTH &

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