Newspaper of Evening Star, April 26, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 26, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHING TON: HIDXESD.IT April So. 1*7S. CROSHT S. KOYKN Editor. Reading Matter on Everv Page Cim I LATMOX Of THE STAR. Sworn Mniw"' Monday, April Kth Tueaday, M Wtdna?tay,M 15.3M) Tbcusday, 44 J?th Friday, " 11,830 gaturdsy, ** ?*1 LV6I0 Totml for lA? Week 9Q.:*'> A'-rage Daily Circulation tS.itO Tbf> Kr?l T?x Bill Some of those who voted for Mr. NeBl's I ersonal rax bill seem to have done Bonn ler the Idea that they were acting in behalf of the poor taxpayers of th? District, and against the wealthy men. Tii- exact reverse la the case. Under the provisions of Mr. Heals bill, which taxes bouds. mortgages, dr., the wiAltby m?-n, who generally have country place* outside the city, have only to mair tneir tax returns In Maryland or Virginia to avoid the tax altogether. The penonai tax collated will thus be drained from the poorer class of taxpayer*, thesmail v.iop-keepers and fcuslae^s men and others a to are not able to kp<:p up a country residence. In ar,y event the rich man <at.T.ot be reached. He can at any ikomeM toi.vert h * tasibte bonds and ?? curitits into untax b'.e 1". S. bonds. Moreover Le can, under a recent decision of the court*, deposit tiie^e untaxable bond-* in tat k ami borrow money on them: escaping taxation throughout the esitire operation. Aga.n. the >'eai bill will work most disal vant?Kecusly to the general iiudne-sg Inter est! of lh? city by frightening away people of wealth or culture throughout the country disposi i to Invest their n.tai:s in Washing ton and make their bornes here. The Impol icy of taxing mortgages la the way of driv ing away capital from a state or community was so abundantly demonstrate I In the recent debates in the Maryland legis lature that the provisions in the tax bill taxing mortgages, was stricken out after an exhaustive discussion. The Califor nia courts recently decided that a mortgage tax is unconstitutional; and in various states of the Union steps have been taken against such tax, both as unconstitutional and impolitic. And yet in the usual manner Of grudging a moment's time to the coosli cration of the interests of the rauch-ai>ase 1 tax-payers of this District, the House la elap-dath style and by a large majority pasted Mr. Neal's ill digested and utterly impracticable bill, proposing to tax this very class of securities. It Is charitable to suppose that Mr. Neai really had nothing to do with the preparation of a bill so clumsy, contradictory, and oppressive to our business interests and especially to the business m?-n of moderate means. The bill Is apparently the cunningly de vised scheme of a rirg of suburban lot-hold ers who Lope by its passage toinduceowners of pror? rty atrected by the personal tax to move outside the c'ly to escape its opera tion. This would open up a rich bonanza to the owners of land a Ijaoent to Washington in Mar: land and Virginia, and also to lot owners in the District outside of the city limits, since under Mr. Neal's bill you have only to cross Boundary street to escape the tax of ?1 C-o and get olf with a tax of 73 cents. The poor men who own horses, cars, drays, and other vehicles, or have a little 6hop or restaurant living inside of Boundary street ?r taxed ?1 30per hundred, while the wealthy men living on the he'ghts a few rods beyond that str<et are taxed but 75 cents; and i: they live a little further out in Maryland, they escape altogether or pay a tax so nearly nominal as to be scarce worth estimating. The Neal bill certainly protects ths interests of the poor tax payer with a vengeance! ? Congressional investigations a;e expensive luxuries. A witness from Tacson. Ariz ,na. f guies up his expenses from that poiat to WasbiLgton at S",&j0, and the best or the worst of it is that he says he has nothing in teresting or important to tell the committee which summoned him. The respectable port.on of our citizen* probably noted with satisfaction that Mr. Morton's resolution looking to sutlrage in the District of Columbia was adversely re ported in the Senate yfs'erday. Although the resolution was placed on the calendar it is to be hoped that when it is reachel the Senate will make short work or it by voting It down promptly. Oily political schemers of the "feather-dusier" persuas. on favor its Passage. . A "corner" in blue jean will next be In or der in Indiana. Repress tative Williams, "Abraham Lincoln's counterpart,'* and the democratic nominee for Governor has re ceived Information that "Blue j?an clubs" are rapidly organizing iu his interest throughout the state. APVBBTISBMBHTPcf H KM9HBD BOABI'. Ac . lbS?rt< 1 in the ALPHABKTI CAL BI MMM l?Ifcfc< T ?BY lu ttie lislly R?publican, f?_r ?1 per id uih.dal^>_. If TTsoNs Haviso TBINKS Td KBPsI* OB COVER will ??if ni i.m by leaving thfir ord?T< at Mi M (' KKA V * *Oi M?rld fpv-, Penn. t^nac. vbrrr tlcy will be tine In th* l?e*t man? Mr snd low prices Sent for snd mlI hotn*. SfM-wSs M AS UN A HAMLIN CABINET OKI?AN5. THE RUST. I ?ri? seeortment, of s'l ?t)les,from to #8rt) )>n terms. MOTH At tke \? srerocw? of *" ?" METZEROTT * CO, s?26 lw PenB*)lvsni<t nentte, near 9th ?trt"?t. (j BB*T BAkGAIBS IN PMNO WU1CU UAYB BBSS ISBt'. One 7 Octv. P M Gal id Piano *? 7-Oct* Hal let A l?avi? ...... " 7 Octv Gilbert *' 7 Oct*. B<val's, (apri?bt> " } Octv Pmith Organ *? 4S O'tr Vmui) HkdiIIh'* 0'??u... Severs! Piano* SL'l Oritu f ? m #J0 to S3". up-.n <>imui moatbly luatallniects. st ttie wurrro ins <f WO MBT/BBOTT * CO , Sale A Kent* cf Strlnarse * Pi.?n?e ?nd spV-M Msoon A HbihIIb's C*t>tu?t Or .? - (JlltAi'iJST blUKJS IX T11K cTfV. < O.I^OLLV'I ?>0- 9th Street, C I P091TE TUB F aTKNX OFFICB Ls'i'it. Brest. rh?*peet sto. k >t Cr-.broii^rvs in tb? ill, , saothtr ImniftM ?t- < k jt-t received. TI < KBI? N*5SK>K9 All er Tt( king.sod T ? ked Skiriinc ?t less price 11 sa pls.'b B?setx.k?. Tbi* !? a special bargain, and BftQst t"- ???d le be sppr< i ate-4 #e? lUrk of I BES~ GOOD- lie B<Tl, 8tr|K, Brrrt ,-tr1p?s. Ilei mai 1 i >i.k?. etc my Bargain* In PABAB4 L9sl4 rtN CMBBKL LaB. aplS tr rf?HE BftWrST PtBLICArloBs-1 Back B QmraJ Atlae of tbe Worl.l Mnbracing lat, ?t Sleoo*?rt??, new t...-lt lsries S'd <>'ber e'utnges. $*i. 1 Baser ft ? History of i1? Unit'd Ontn ?BMJOw ?diime 3 Si? 3 O'chard Onltnrs, By B 8. Band. S3 ?? i On Vfrnisitatijn. by P. rcbatz*lb~iger. SI ?' > t bar ?l Orawin*. by Aliosge (frun the frttht. . 6 Physical sod Bstiglons Kn>*ledge bp Btxb*. f I i. 7 Mem> liaa of Baailiar Books, by Pr W B Re*l.sits t*. lihmael. or. In tbe Depth*, by Mr* B -hworth, ? 1.75 ? Leslie Tyrrell, by Oeorgivta M Cralk, Wc. M. Posoy for Hsfjnd Scbx.l. by Anns Bas Ids Bitot, SI * 11 " t*-r and Ids Bitot. SI B. II Attwood's M ?d-rn Aise>icaa Bom- stead*. S3 11 Shsllsved Peril*. > > M A. Avery. SI 2' U Asc*ent Berime l>y Talc*. S? 30. 14. Floresoa Mar:?at ? L icky Di* Srroiataiest.I^s. SdLOMOBS A CHAPMAN. Agent* Lssranee's Pure Lines" Paper*, apjg tr 911 Penae> Ivssts Bveniie j jADIBB gOTieB. " M LLIOTT. "ii HhSr*e' is prepsred to re eeive otd?r. for DBB89M At I ?<; in all It* branch** Lresee* oat sad lit st yuur owe reei " ? spIS ?t ijts! u*us: fkhooser Jssaie ?- H ddell ta sow nnlosdlsc ?i<ti and s Quarter of PB1MB SPBOjB it"' Brass' Wftsrf. ose Lit! . L WM "INAND st-i u (*<13 Lvuiaisss?>*au?. JnH> ? MiTrHEl.t. <*.-11 PBBWfcYLV Mil A AVISUI. < ?fi. rs tb ? <%rf ? niid cb ic at selection of DRK33 GOODS ?* "T ?h >wn fnihlsctt*. (i f? I'n't e all wool materials. In shaded s'xfp^s, f, r ? t? tSt- *h ? l ?ni-Hr?s ard<e Good a. In *11 tts new .hasVs /e?bi r'?niiings KM(h<'?ntrl(<. Percale*. Kr nrS J?oon?l? Iir?n Ltvir, Priu ed, Glasgow Check* IT<I Mni?? Si:n i -r Milk* from 75 mb(? ti ?1 p, ??rj cheap, t-rocsde Grenadine*, in block n d color*. 15 ^ca'le Hlk-. Brrca^e Ca-hmer Slik Salt* ?rm $ ii to ?n> Fr?i rh t'snibric, Percale. Linen and Zephyr Cl< ih > ni'? fr? m ?.'? to f >8 l'r?*?ine S?f m Wripfr* t'l ?WTth?ip S?fiji;e? ai d Dot* a *, in Milk,Ca-hnw?? and Drap d'E'e from .*>? to ?5". A la?g stock of Baa UmbrellM *nd Lace Trimmed I H < |S An iBspfcttoa of o?i? ?t >ck will convince pur rl*s?rstha ?f ?r? ottering th- be?t | h?Ii, Id 11 varieties, at l??e price* than ever bef >M sol 1. Ope Pri<? Onlf. JOHN T. MITOHILL. ap?> tr **31 Pennsylvania yy A8HIM.T0N, D 0., ArgiL 1, 1*76. I have thh day disposed of all my ictereet in the Wood atd Oottf l'.u-tn?-s. at la: and H street* n <rth ?N. at I at t he wharf near the f'Otof 6tnsree ront*wf*t,t I C. Sailer Edward K Bair>n?h. :iud ramofl Emery, jr , who will hereafter on 1-ict tlfbc-mm oi dtr the name of "Th-# lm?r, I'oti r<>n>paiiv." Thankful for the east pa'ronsge. I re -p' cftilly a'k a c? ntiau *nce of the same f r m r suc ce-eots In the butiiees All p?rrn? hanif <Ihim in connection *i'h th* abo>-e business will p>e*ent t' fin fi r pa; vent, and all indebted will pl-?<e make pa n en' to "The I mery C jal 1 ? m ?*ny." saicel i?ikv WasBIXgtoji y O.April 1, }-f76 We the undesigned. have this day aax icated our stlvte t' geiter, uuder the cam* and stj le of ? Th * Intri ? oal ? 'Di pany ' for the purpose of cont riu u e O e 0<>al and Wood btisin-ss heretofore carri -d on b? Saniutl Jroery We yspectf illy soiir:t a ( >i limv ce of the pa'ronagr of our friends and ttie ? illii generally. O ^AILKB, w EDWAKUE BtBBOOQH, ai2f 2 .* B A SI I'lL SMKUV Jg. Hi ( EMENMAL BAitttAiNS at lir.ll.BRrH'N Ml OK STORK, 40J Jth eTUKfcT frOBTUWiST. \\ Liu- t bi "s f< r Ma*. Ball* at c -I H iV Mill - -'if - lied Halter* a .<1 Tioa. 94 Su Krrnrb K:d.front v?ni. bnt?n bu. fin* -u, Si r Barton. (1 LatfrQt'*;?rf ?i 10 -id?- lies VI if Cvi ?r?f? iv centr Bn-kine. %i OU Las w.n Trant e-..m Bit on. Slwi ll^)? ?'u Mn?n f a: ors. |! (ti T > e* B t'moriU 3> c> is'? Infants'. ? 1.2S Mm * Gaiters; 9 2 .'iHCilf Boots.'kln. Kid ard La-tii.i? Gnlterr. B ? Lctk for " Old Woman with W Childrr-n " in v tndow. np}o tr f | Ml Is IS lO GINK N"TK'k, Tbat the stib I ban ol^aiued fr.-m the Snprecie Court of the District of Columbia, h ldinu a special t>-rm, bittrs t< sthia? t.tar y on the rer^'nal estate ol JMl'B Mil I IP, |*r? i.f Wa.-thln(t -n c'tr, D. I' . deceased. All p rsors havine claims aeHin^t the si>i<i derea-e<i ar> h^rebv warned to ex hibit the 9'<n)e, wftb the yonchprs thereot, to the sul ecribtr. ot or before the ?.# h day of April ti?-)tt they may otherwise b> law be ejclnJed from all benefit o! the said estate Given hnder my hand this Mtn dav ot April, 1*76 J<>lt ANNAli J1AB1 A MILLER, Esecuiilx. ap!6 w -3f IN TUE SCPHEMIt COCKT OF THE D19 1 TBICT OP COLL M B1A Srrrtnl Trrm. fro^att Juriyltrnrm Am*!' Vtt. 1<!8 In the matter of the will of JOHN W. *.!< LLL LABU Applicatior for letters of almini>tratlon w a , oli th- estate ot John W McC'telland of the Ois trict ot Coinml ia has thi-> day b?en made by I p-'m H Bioei onr All prsone Interested are hereDy noti tied to appear in this eonrt on I0I8DAT tne 2V1 day of May c> *t at 11 o'clock a.m., to show caase w by letters of a-loDiListrafioa w. a., on the Hstate ot the said deceased ahonl^ a it is?ue as prayed. Pro ri d?d a copy of thi* order be pnbl'*hei or*ce a week for three we?*k? in the Evenicg Star previous to th? said day. Test ap2S?*,*??* A WIBSTtR. Register of W|l|w. IN THE 8LPBEMECOOBT or THE UlSTBiOT or COLLMBIA. Sr?r1H 7rrm. Probat* Jnrunirti<m. Apri LVa. 1<76 In the matter of the will of OWtM yCAPK Application tor litter* testamentary on the -sta-e o! O" ei. M-<;nade, of the District of 'Jolumbta, has this dav been made b? AUli?- laie. All p?TBors interested are Dereb* notified to ap p?-ar in this court ?n Tt'E^OA V, the J'51 d ?y of Mm next at 11 o'clock a. ni..t" sh iw cause *liy let *rs tes'anieotarT on the estate of the ui l <1e c< a-ed sb< uld rot !????? a* prayed. Prort1,i. % copy ot tbi* order b* puklisbed once a week, forthn-' weeks, in the Eveuicg Star, prevlo ? t" the sai.l day Test: A W1BSTKR ap?6 W 3? " Begi-iter of W lis. r> l TT> B AND ?GQ-S. I r.-h rf< eip*? <*ily, bi e\pr^s?. of choice il*'ry BlfTKK. In Pails acd Tub->. suited f>r >h? riut?t trade, i f:te cl giriic;) fre*li Winch ?t?r KfJ'Ja n ?: unitoiv. COMMIXSIXN MKBOHaNT, arU-3t* < rner Kith anc ( streets. GEAT I. I.WJ. ?" 8 OlTFiTS. Every Department Well Supplied, GARS I S IS lO MKAM RK A iarte assortment, probably the largest In W ?-tiiagti n, if soods to selec' from Fine Tlaid fuitii-gs. Plain an 1 Fancy Worsted Coat itigs atid SnitiLg*. Bine and Black Flannels; Blue. Black. Tluid and Mixed Cheviot Suit ihk*; Blue, ttlack, Br? wu. olive. Dahlia and Mixed Cloths and Coatings. Hand-e<a>e Panta 1(;< n Patterns; White and Fancy Ves'in?s. Gentlemen of quilt taste* are particularly ln \ it* <1 to irspect. Si its made to ti: a-ure from 826 upward. Otders prompu> filled, a-J ia the best OQaDner 1F.ADV MADE UABHEKT8 Good tmts. rellatle gocds. desirable and new ? tylea. for i l'i Black Worsted Coa's, with \ est- to match, Ironi 3 17 50 to Handsoina Pantaloons from >5 upward Spring Over C'^ats. in choice a ?ortment, from If 12 to $2.1. Blue and ttlack Flannsl Suits Blue Cheviot Suits. Drtp d'Ete Coats, Vuats and Panta loins. IJHUtRIK. Pert* ily fittine Shirt*. White aad Colored Silk and Linen Handkerchiefs. Collar-. Tuffs. Scarfs and Ti'-s Gsu/e, Goipamer, Merluo. Silk. Plannel Jean, Linen Thread and other Underwear of approved niakes and 'iualities. Kid and oth-r Gloves French aud Sngltsh Suspender- and Bra> i? fr.?m 33 cent9 to $4. Plain and Fancy Half Hose tr -m V> c^nts to ;1B per pair G>m^ast Shirt?. Tigh's and 1 rucks B siting and Yachting >hirt?. M ?ay articles net poselble to enumerato. , ONE PRICE <?NLY, IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. OEOROE O. HENNINQ, 410 NEVKXm STBEET, aplt tr SIGN OF THE QuLDEN FLElfOE. rV*OTD'E?To rA- Cr- lirors ot Jin,'* G. Nnvlor ? 1 * W? have <!e< lared the aec nd dividend, p?ya b> b) chtik at the at< reof E K WHITE. E E. WHITE, E CABl'rt I. W M. F. MATT1N0LY, ap24 At Assignees. 1014 SEVENTH STUEET, A 7 TEACT10XS t A Choice assortment of New PABASOLSand BI N UMBHELLAS lo $<>.just received. W M. BIRD W VLie, L Po'e Agcrt fcr the "EAGLE 811IBT," mvle of Wan - t; tr a Musliu and fine Linen, and completely Price. El 25 ap24 tr UMBBELLAS AND PAEAS'JLS CUV-^W EBED AND BEPA1BED, AT THE MAEl FACTOBY, apS4 1m* 81.1 D street northwest. sTl im DOZEN BOTTLES I 1 0BOUNDS FOB INVEST10ATI0N' LET CONGBESS BEE TO If CIXCiyyA TJ LA <JFK BEER, ft PEBDO/EN. This superior Beer, in stone jags, delivered at above price. Just received? I oNDtiN STOPT and POBTEE. YOl'X<;EB'S spabklixu ale, BASS' ENGLISH ALE. C. Wl TSIER _a?a tr FINE GE0CEB1ES l'?l?? Teuna. If. f""atlob a huftt, ? 33 rMRBYLTARIA ATEIVTE. HAVE BEDUCED THE PB1CES OF THE1B LELKBliATED DOUBLE YOKE SHIRTS as follows : Quality So. 1, tM M; Formerly (RE. ****%, ?SS 0?, - I MM. M " i, t?i?; - EU OO 4,9UM. - E?am. DKROYAL OF A PIANO AMD MC81C ETOEE. VICTOR BECKER (Foraerly on 7th street) Has opened at 404 9th street northweet, near E street, P1aE<- E8. OBGAE8, SHEET M0 . 810.cB.iee VIOLIN 8TB1N08. and ul ?seortaentof Musical Mercaandie*tor saU.^ Special attention by V. BECKEE to Tvntac" and Eepalnof Piaaoes, Organs aad snail Musical la of old Pianoes its apU-Iw* WANTS. w \\ A^T,f> -A ?i.'1 WHITK .VO-at, >tM..,^Afa.^t y M Nar*? \V ^.Tr-A *? tT* WOMAN in 41 tb*g-a ? o* rt r "?,k? r n family of tbree rr, b Hd Al?ply to N > 7 ? ?< aj ? D '?<*p O ?L'l i| u< r hw#??t ?p2?> 2r* \V A^T,I)rJk r"l"E |1 *'OB\S a* b*a 1 i p| ? ?"*; ? st?3f? o ifreft D .rihwMi N >r? pViv c a" *"h ?-?? r;pr;j7s kA,K.7L?^-,?? arespeotaMe" *W "IT ? l AT Ofc t'> do ihsmb rwi.rk aud sawing $rr?.-M,,An* ?*???" ?> tr.r.l a1! Lr ___ ? ttarrffioe ap2o 1 * \\' Wifcrpxixxz \\ Aw"u fr*" ifull w"^*nt ? ?*at tidy ? WHITE WOMAN to rook. ?nh ard 'ron "fwJSJ wboc*nnot furnish the b?st ofc|-y \YV!tV'eh71VV,,r!5 cook, ii?tui i r c^.,^r"nIi b?rnolf < ?Derail> raja;sa.V.'.?? a,-? "t." WAv?TiV^",A LA,,T m,,h ?30u?? j?,n ""A.i 1'IrriiT.H ? *" ?>??aaU? furnished 7'' tHouae, situated in the n ut eligible p .r dree.'W b" .C5, **Oreoc(M ex<haiig>-d Ad dress ww.' Staroffics. It* \\ "vT1. V^'jTiT'U V* cU? 1J09' ,'r?,, e *" Oil A* Knn. <? V.*"*.""1 ,0,k* AUu ?id Hon* Girls Pitnailon* s-cti-ed for g ? d ma.e 4 J.wVb .tr^ppm ^rtbiDet0" \V aNTM'-a roAi'H PAtNTKB, oi7"who J.d deretande hit b?i,un* t, ?other netaapp'y Apply to J J. COOK l?t? liriiee - ee. tJeoige., WO Th *e io n-*Y of < .'ri*< ! i* ? ? ?V?'h?? *?1"<l d0 wMlto c?" ^f r^r^rhy \1 ANriili?A LslVb ACOI' AI N IaK ('b. (,v 0 ti * K?i;l!'msn.,*Iih A P^.bl- ?iew to inn ri .VWJSibJt * & a rtc, . .edhelr. for .II kind 0, bous , rK Vi ? i ' <i refe.-tcea I wentofe wb"?Pr? } ? li ? rn aid, mn.t t>? ? " r. ?"!,t* " lo t t !'niUd?>l?"i , ,* , --?*??-r ar.d <r ? er, ? d Inicd ( r ill ,.VD f ",lft Alio, 25 ?!?.? u c- w r - l u r i s k ' o Vutl in kV? "lW a v Ht pt'-jn,, tir ( ffict,907 V tlrcH "mpM **" \\ ^NJkKCOLOIiHO WOMAN, to 1 I > til W*sh(an,(l Iron for *ni>ill fiu.ilT, N "i? bu> fli>trlM.??bt.-d Apply 7 | t 2ut ^ hP" 2r \\ A.N;r*D-T^TDUK. SM ? K Kh8 ?, iT, ?.1(i A 1' P hul^ TICK b^D U a"d 1 'tr"* 3!*"" \\ A,,*,.r^J'"IA TENANT f.r C nfinliM r.- NU r... I ?.,bf ? '"T* U r.,ineui?iir??, p4r liiktii In L(/?id 5 1K K strtt>t uortbwest *25 2i* \\ ^.T?K,n-ltyil 5(>n g tfirl-a SITUATION ai ? ,"i'd Sfwjn^, or eeu?ra| It?n? offi ? P L ]mt y- Pielte ;tddfe 8 M s Sf?r 3WRH# Uw 3t ^TID-A I>r??s,utk -r. or Millin-r K. < n*? f r .Im r ???""' '' ?n?l '? "? l-H- ?i-<i ArL?i ?? Vln 'nV^" 1 rlo til.. , |:y Apply a. ai'l i'tli ?troet n?rthueHt. apM C,t \y* NTKl?- A Ltat Ct*l7ie WOM 7 1j8B pti f>'ire4. i ??> b uat* f,irl. t ' in ?ke b?-iK< ir ffW-?!*****""'/?'city nl?retic<-8 Apply ati7.u If ? rtt-t n<?rth?mt. ap2> it W *1'~.H?';,KA n7?TirhtTlTL KK Will L^nSbl"r [a,L' PJ" at,d '???-? of ?? tJap'KJ HUi. Apply tJ Buoru 10, Na SI9 7thst n II'lWfsi, hp2^ (I * \Y liOU81.,t7cr 8 rocnia, h?vtuTi * '? ?li*d.d Alg , to hire, a H'?h>K f! ? CaEMaOE, for an hmr or?*?.>. on*ur week Adurtw"StAde,"Oitv P.Mt Ulnce ap25 3l* \V?|WlD=Z JJ III TIt OIKL. to do f^n i |" .H" rtcd Ir ?nir.? tor a him t|| irtn-iij A jtotd Kill, wtll rtconini^L^id. Aili fii,(| 4 pernjat-nit Lome and go. d pay Call at N.i. in] str^t tiott' f a-t. ap26 fit* \\ '*.*2 E,c~lJ?rP"u>if-?<l *itn Si h< to cImq . i > 5 !. * '?"'?tlm^ rt'tore ibem to th ir or. la! fcriehiLeag, ?nh nr without r<ra vlng th? 11.' r. I,.k ar,dKr?-a??- Kp, '. * wpPWanbitiif. L^.Ypet ho Htln* Co ' 1414 P?nn?vl ?ui.i ?venue. , n \V AWITLiD|7k ir,t U*8S MILLINKBtJ ar M ww "lll'A? ?? ap2? 6i VV ^ b,,e *?iU a SITU A I I >N , ??ct imlnrinaid or ei-n- ral bunr ?? rk ir . d refer*nco mun Apply :n :> Pa ?\e. ap.','.?' \\ \NT1^ O rUhNfMIBO kooss ,.,d ?' K1TM1EN, Lnfurni-h.d . s;i:t iblo r>r light DOI^I k^r-inc lnu*t brrlmap Ad 1r-BH. g, viiit i> Catioii and term-. S J? No 100 lad. ave .p:T iV? \\ Capitol attest, n compo ?? teutMd ti WOMAN t.. Oo-.k a id a--i,t I?, V ll0r->&gin ? an all family; r.-?er l" '"*<? |Wlt' W A?t?I?-A tUver moll rel BH W OASIC, M 'I iMn '.iT*1 tc C*" r ?' T " 'V'"?' ?cultta*t c^rnir 7th snd H fitr^t^ pen'i?. -t a:2?3t* \V Af^l,r<T bVOM^ OU 2J ll ,0r ' "liable *T ,JLo?8*1" ,'rltH( loca ion weal of 10 h str?*et B A Hr k?!u 't"'1" 1 Bent H?U?t be Acdr^M- K K ,Btnr ? ffirn S|24 Jl* \I AN l JtU?To b rruu 4 1 O00 lor throe .rfive IT *PTr cent ,ou I n ncuiubered k, ?| dr-? O^a'm WT: ?? broker need apply. \i dr. ? Q A. M., U awbinnton Po<t office apt! 3t* \\ ~aPft t?t>l? Voueg C lored l? r. iiv rlt" i* li ^ "1 *it?r iu aprt>atn Iwr.iiy or t iir^iBB b n?. .ora< driver irooTrefer northwe^r' ,t,0H Vercl-"J, ^enue.ndVSt^t \\ Aftl KD-BONAN/\ B1L.LIAHOISTS. Me llnulflK0 Jji d''' Saloon, entrance throng UOUM ft, . ,6^! p, dp?)lvaiii4 tt. uiix p. i?,.' Tn^PW rr.i',p>L<!,;,lT ^1urIJi8,H?,? ?a"? 'iraphic aDQ Plctori*l8 on nl* G^oie.4. only ischi> j... ?r? table free U.S. W ALT KB apjl \\ ',f^u''r* PaBTNUit ac'lie or In fr rn ac(,1L"'s' Bugine?s; ha', fr m US Cttl to aju,U.4lca!tb; ?ecnrit> ?iveu r ?r > v.-r ? I'l. " ""t1 d. -!ipnla'.-d 11 c- in ? iMi-.r?ii>. * ???!, ?ddlt-onal H tere.t ir, the barlne^; ad\ertt?< r ha, p .?? y Addieax MOX t'lij 1 ? I t'flii e W afeblnpt n, li C. ?p.,4 ,t ' \V ANTk.U-MulM I V LANK WMCKAN TS~~ \ io i . ? WILLIAM U. BK K, apl9 In. Cor L< iiHiana ave ?u.i s h i r?et. W'^l^r M KN~;rrHf' ret'r" *>vea toIhoH* ..i o?, r in h- ?sht. Will be cc"d' i t, T 1 "iX 1""" ,nJhR *fat>d trHgedy, "J .iiu A ppl> to > H. I'l K f 1 It L.U, b'ag" Man * I aplH tf \Yr to or fee.1."firm tr. co ? p ? ^.vn;?;r W'ANlltD-rAbPKTS lo OLBaN at tii'. i kI,? VI! 4*?0 Maine avt-oue, r?A^ i'i ,!h ""J?'" ""athwett. r?!M for p.D(Idelivered v ithoot chAr^e apll 1 y ? 0<at tl.e~M Vhtr ,. ., Ceorae'a celetiraied ?? t Cigar* 9JO t g'reet at..H:;? 7th ?tr.-et n >rtu weM marailrn* W'ANTk D-Tbe LADIK8 to ENOW theT ?? have th?ir ikats Hlt-ach -d ar.d Pre???-d ia ??] perior ??,!. at PA UK K U A WOOISTONS 7?>a ' marts l;n ? >VTan^rVon BOARDING. b OB BINT, WITH BO A If l>?La?c^ well-far m?ln d cot l hOt'M."? for <niiiiiier; pri. m .|?r a'e. foot K Hfreet, corner 6th u ? ap25 :it" | fc)fc>7 L t*TBKKT KOHTU A K^ I ? \ gr tl? I tm?m k n an and wif?. i>r two oii>Kl'i K"" lewen c-n be acc D^niiniAted *ith second ?'>' . -i"th front Bo? m nicel> furr.ished, with BiHK'i, for 350 ptr n,onth. A'so, ? nge H'.oE9,vi!h ti a-.j, ?'.S at25 It* rpBB S r. (.l OK JK. .1,,!? /?, 7 ? I '?? ?< "?rvr I Hoard at $2l< per m nth. Call a?d -e, bill cf fate ap24 ?w* J H r\YLOB Pr p-i?'^r. S~ 1NOLK UUHOISO H' OMS.SOc-nl ?? r niglit, or fi iin ?? to #3 pt"-B'?AKD rrfbtLS at reaacna'jle tatt.#, at&o. 4*4 1 ,?-j . . ?.> cuo. k^K-Im' C^OCNIBY BOaBDI H / Boon.4 large; good w?'?r, a?vi abun dant. A. drtss JOHN S LUPTO?, apl2 In-" Winchester, Pred-MCk O ? Vh. Pleasant 'boom4 and oood buaKO en be obtained at I0U9 Nar'.laid ? ecne. a ui a erate rate*, in a private fa ill v. mar27 8 w" tj'Oli KKNT?Very diflirabl'i u^?lj furmih'd I BOOMS, with fir,t cia*? Hoard, at lov r>|ei, tblrd d^r n..rth "f W street, 609 '?th at . r, rth Wi'?. Trbiticnt Biard. fi-tSS 9<r* LOST AND FOUND. 108??A GOLD LO' KKT. containing a Pic t tnre A reward will be paid on Idaving ir at 17 Biid<? street, Qeorgttown. apii It* ? t'ST?V* Tuesday in ruing, 2:ta inst., b>tween I t P< rry A Broth' r'? rtore and t!io corner of m ai d ('?treet< northwest. 'via L ui>i?na avenue,) t Si'k Patagon tran o IMUKILlA, with own-r'n tunie cn Mlver plate A rati fac ory reward will be paid on its return to 1331 K s'r.>-1 n rthwiMt apH_3t riTZUI GH COY 1/It _ Ck)n BK WA BD-l."?t, fatn-dir i.igit. a blai k O ? O ardtan1EKBl*H"tiYl?. ' An-^t J ?were to the t>am? of "Boae.*" The %bov reward will be paid and nc jiie?ti ,L? aaked ? if letnrnei to 1U17 C at reel northwest. ap!> r.t* Libabal bewaud will be p\id to Ibe aarty who porchaaed au old stylo M ?b<;g?nr WABPBOBK at th * auc'lon I i?n?i of Oreen k William*, loth and 1> streets April lit, 1*73. or any In.oimation leading to iu diacovery. Address D. O W ., Star i.flice ap24 Jt PERSONAL. pLANEtKKADK MX!} L'H ELLIS will retnaiti bnt two weeki k>fger. AP Who wish to learn the troth ? f Past, Prtaeut and Future should call and cocanlt the Doctor Immediately. Bhe gives informatton un a'l anb.ccta of Hie. 1000 V north we t; entrance luth a'reet. Bee circular* n artloJm b T B O L O Q * . MADAME ROW. Thl* celebrated Lady Aatrologlat and Healing Me dium can be consulted at No 401 D street, oorcer o? Id north wee t. Bhe baa no anperlor in dellueating the Past, Preeent and Patnre. In lore or bu?ineae h?r advice la inTAlaable. deacrfbiag your frien '.a, polntiog ont yonr enemiee, and Informing yoa of tbe tare way to ancseee In all nndertaktnga. 'Jon aultation strictly oonfldential. Ladies, 01; g-atle mep. 01 to ae?I ly rKHINE MIlTWAIKEK BIEE VI Tor Bala at CUB1S KAL ES' HOTEL. ??17 1m Corner of lOtb aud E atreeta. FOR RENT AND SALE. 1/OK hkNT-Tbr?e PS FI LMS'! gp E10MJ r o? fir?t floor. A pr1! ?! 4^1 M issoori aTta?? M? ?' F'I'i 11IST-A n?a'l? tur.l'ljri Hi/" H So titl M'h street tunna at, c< ar the Ag'icu'tur el _ T 1. L <!? - ap2ri I- * 1/7.k K? ST-T*.. I ?> r'RV]saftL> B0J18 on 1 ll ird fl ?< r wi'h 'r wrh 'iiUM Inquire at titf"* I Mieet, b? t? ten 6t?. at d Tib ?ta m>rt awest aM It* L'l'li h> NT-Vp > pit s-ai.t K'Otl second r floor fuuisn<drr a fiirtt-h-Hl, iu nsw b n-e, 31 0 9'h s*ri et mrthats'. Hp it L'(> 1J RENT? Neatly furnished ROOMS, at 1314 * O street north, ai o, Bootn-i suitable 1 >r hooe keeping If desired. ap2o J:" L'OK RKNT-Thr-e ron(.irtaW? rr?n r<v>n ' BHK'K HOrPKS, ba-i.g modern imim^ nfins tent 9*< par nuntb THOS K WAfiOv ? AN 3t9 7th at. aa? It L'dB RlhT-Mo HO* U ?ir*l northwest ]1 r ri < in ant* c< liar; ba? modern itiiprovMni?nts, and ?<> a | r< tenant the rent will bi>r>kr a ?bb>. key a' s'ote, '?r??it?l ?;j| St* L'l'BK?NT- \ P WKLLl N?4,S ' O&E. bake oven r at >1 fixtures all complete, and a line location; on 7th ?treet #"Utb?wt fall o ? THO* \?J F \H ny tON.or H iTM. near lOtb, northwest a?U ti* l/OK BENT?* reat PWKLL1NU, cmtain ng"7 r noin- and bath room ?x?el?ntl> located,on II tb itnet, neai M. Po. 114 1. *Pplyt W J. WAiKKtt, 1Q**7 K street iinih?m ap26 If L^OB hF^T ? Hauiiit >ti U use, 14r)? and K s?s r Will be v c*'>-d b Ms? Int. several d.eir.b'e grP KS *nd -1NOLK ROOMS ?pS$ 5l* 1/OB hKNT? ** Hh ttosid?Ope nicely farriavd I Ft: ?N 1 B' OH, hoa?e f -nting < u;h. hat ?ll modern C'.n*t>jtei.cea. \ppl> 709 t suet -lot li mes t ?p?6 2t * h'OB BkNT-l N ri'RMMUKD ROHMS.snitab'e lot b u-?k*-epi. g.t man and wife,or sma'l f.?ra ill < n > . 3t?3 Stb atr>> t north *est, corner Market J^ace. Space." apij 3' |/oR HUNT? By May 1-t, a d.'drable suite of I M liMeHKl' ROOMS. cool an i airy, with sonthtin txpomre. Apply a* Ho. 14 lo 1 -treet n<'T'b??Ft. after t o'cl ch p m ap'Jii S'* ?, OB BKNT?T?o Kl IIMSBIH ROOMS u 2i ? ll^or, it l*aTl' r and U^ln- >ui 'n 1 t floor. ? lit ab'e wl-?o fcr r< lit ni-derate. W?j. fiO* K n r liwcsl afW 3t t,'OB BIST- U?nda nel> -forui*h?'<1 P\KLOR :?? d ifl'KOOM . tir t tl ior ?u onif r pric-'. tu-t CM Hull ? .Ati. iuthecit* * (.ply .it 7 Hi ?'h ?t noitbwft. M doer fr.>n? H >t. Li11!?!. BtKT?S i?l;K ?i: 1 DWKLLINJ, norlli F we t ciprner 9th ?i;il N st* norlhwwt; a q 1 lo , ?). ;. r ? n ii., ??. ?3U p< t ni 'i:th. in 8'4v*u<;e, \p ply No. 1304_^ih_?t ap.'i St" J, lilt M N f ?l>t?irab!?- l. io.Mi f r i.mii. . or dweilii.K, very d<?i>abie I ? t'ion. all u. ?lorn c<Ti\?-nietiCi?; r-lit low, at lwj'? Penan |\ tun aveiiti'- tiontjwi -it ap2-> 1t* B jtn l> HINT ? A <ie>lral>le HOI' ? K of HI' V ei I rooms* r nnlie d con* eni?nce?; po-.i.-nn est li>' atl-> i in the cit . liuuire < ii tke pnum, It UMSitnei north* e?t ap.'5 n* I^OI! KKN ?Two nit ? y lu i.inli-il ctnin:nn4 ?t ins li?H?MS In a p i?at? t.iuily.aon li Ir^nt cool tor si::ui!ier; term- n-a-o: ?liIo, references ia HUired 9.15 N>' ^ rte avcnn ? n w. ap2I 3t* Bf N ? Eight room BKIi'K IIOI'SK. in I gO"d cril-r; cas and water N> 90*? 20th atreor, betw?.n I hii,l K I. nt Jj.'iO. Iliiniie N *21 171li street, betw?en II ?!id I .1 A Kll - KM a26 .'$t* I; PA Lit- One uf tn .-?? p-e t> 2 s'ory and C"lnr ? ithli'K I>W1".I LINi'Hou s street, be: w? *n lltli ?nl Itth atretta N* 14 49 a pp y n premne*. or toU ILLI M M( NEi B. .">09 7;b sr ii w ?p? 3t? L'nK lilST-7 0.1 II* ii ? two comtniitiicat 1 i g ROOMS, nor'li ?>.d sourb froti', newly p? P'-ti ii. pniiiteil and fnrnisb< d, )i and cold - a >r; r? lit lo? to p< rn ai,>'nt tenai.t? gentl^m^n only; rei er, n ea rtgnind apit t " L'OK BKNT?1? sir^ble ibree-story I1K10K. No ? ail* II ittett nortbwi^st, uiD" rojais, wa'er, w I er clotet. gas. and l.ntr >be St'?ie. SW p'r m-L ti Apply to WM M< NKlB,A0i) 7iTi street nurtbwe. t. ap25 4t* h Kl NT?Tbree uriturinsljfil BOOMS, 8 u U em cipi.-iaro, water, gas, bathroom in h ???. ; ar>? yard. ?nt*( family To p^rlien aithlMChil arei. 9? ptr month in advance ISO-1) Mirvia d avet lie. corner I3'b ?lrwt ap.'! 3t" 1/1 rft BENT-Two L^KGn HALLS, iiiititbta f.,r l> i'k's. SO' ieties ^r pnblic nieetings Tina; a ?l s fa* e :i ? entral In at Ion. a'.d aie arc* a?i'!e I., e>,T? ii'ie i,| cars Inquire northwest corner of lt)th ar:>l l> -t? apJi :n t^OH ll?ST-TI:re I K? I'ltMJHK HHUii >1?, Miitat-la tcr housekeeping, u eter and gas; lu:a ti n rtMral; terms mod?-:ate to h g od tenant *p pi ii Kii 1 -J : 0 Oth et'eet, betweea M an 1 N af-eem i ? r'hwtst ap26 It* i^'t'H KK>T-iLrtK Ui e|> farLlshed BJOSl>, roiiMiin g of front p?rlor, b<*dr oru an ! diniu< r > di, 'ojMnr.ui ttlcg; Dish ro>oi. .%c . with > v?i y eel ii' - lr-r kMMStwpisi tj ptrtkt with nt mil re cbbri >t* ta?sthej or. ^ppl at 43'i K >t. between 4 h and 5*h street-i northwest It* i,-< ' i;HNT-ri>K%N1 an 1 ooti Ui Kofi FOR 'I 11K SI HHKB. furnishid init nnfur ti b d. ? ii suite; ?? utbe* n ex p, snre avenue an i K str< ? ! cars nod th" chariots pass, fa an I'toit ! ParK; No 13 i-st. northeast, ?p>|.3t* L'Ol: BKNT?T? o suits c ?mtn i.icaing K'tuMi, I ? n -Ulte of sit gl. . witli board; bands in-ly f ir li'l -j aU . tw<> "i' tie K (ins. I,icily fumi-h d. N.i 1 li (itfcct noiihwiat Al-o,transient "i?ittr? luriitlet. w ith board and l.otcing ap2>3 .it ti'Oa BUNT T AT LOW PB1CKS In Co eress Hall lid.ding, "jipo-ite Kast OapPol Park, oti 1st st. eas-, one largo ? onble HOI'SK l? wI> rf Stud, co.-tamfrg twebtv five rooms, suil al l<- t r a ti - cla-s In r ding h .n-e. AI o, In s?n e bui r*.ne. three single HOI'SKB, c. nt' ltitg ?*etve large rooms each, ail newly re lit ? >? ?No. i*'o large KO''M". fronting on East Capi t ?.: -'net in th?-low building on the. jrneof Sist ' at it'jl ai I i?t st. < a?t a ? t? ? tie ? ? i nsn-H 11 all BO 'ATL1N<? ind dI L Ll HP K' oM^, on B-.uth A -it . rear 1st st. east. 1 iinir. of JOHN .1 EVANS. -i2< eo.'*t 3?0 l'. nn av . Oapitol Hill h'OB HKN I?H ttidsou.e Hn i'NI) I'LOOK, U'i furnlsbid All 3d treet northwest ap25 6t* L'OB KENT?P s liL >ti au<l BKPtiUOM. fut ? i ish d i r nnlur'ilth^d; ti 12 9th street. oppo?t!e Pafett Office. b-t?eei: F a d Q ttreem apts St* I^O.v BKNT?H"USE 439 6th street southw st, I between Paid K, six roomi and kit(b?n In ? iuite41> 6'h street ap2V.1t.* L OH BKN1?Oie or two Convmleut ol /l'JS F BOOMS Apply at Second National Batik. ap26 St L'OK BKNT- 4 ?? I P sTeet. ?.'5; I 4 I 7 5'b stroet. * $S'. 4 4 S P a'reet. all irnprui urn- nts, .?J U, Kir-t Floor 446 P str'-et. ,$2b. 434 franklin str??t #15. liniuire 4.7 I' ?tr?et northwe.-t. ap.'i 3t* I/OH BENT No 14'J3 Pennsylvania aveaan; 1 has kll modern imp o/ementt 13 rjoms. in in go<d teiair; rent. ? 1 UUO per auuuoa. TU S. E W AGO A MAN. 319 7th stro-t ao'ii St L'OH BENT?Two t.icelv lurnishei communlca I ting BOOHS, sontti front, reut low; ?i h or witbont l aid; ne>.i- 9ib str?et cars s?:i9 Hn -d 1?! itid 8vence apiS Si* l^-t H 111 NT?V'llh Ixia-d. one la-g.-. nicely fur P :.i-h>d s?Coiil story KB'JNT ROOM. BNM tr i' tit n south; has ail m duru c mveuie^c"t k p I i. "ft ( O street ap?5-3 1,'OH HENT?A comfortable OWfKLLlSG, c-n trolU locatcd, 934 ? troet; terms moderate to a ri llatle tenant. Appl> to J T OIVEN, ? ? *d ya;d, lU'b, r ear E f-tfet. ap'B St* "|,-OB BVNT-UOl'fK No 9UI 9 b stre t oirth S wifct, above I, and Kurnl:u e for sa'e *erv | .w. Uou?e l as ten r'Mitiis, water, gi?, i-tu and vntei clotits. Afplrontli prfm.s ? ap.? 2 * [/OK BKNT?O^i-or two commtinica mg w-i.l fur s t ih'd BliOUt1 on mcaiw ami third li mrs, to geto'e ui only. Price #'5. N ?. 433 iC street PO t; lost sp2> 3i* I/O it HkNT?I ri It *"?d BOOMS, front and b ?ck m'Co: d stiirv. a itr b >\rd o? f ?r hor.s -k ? plug, n^ueiii Ceuxeni.ii eg I'll same fl .r 10)3 stli I c-t %fV> tt* |, OH BKNT?Fumith-d at.d qtifurnish.'d com ? mculcatiiig FRONT H' >OMS. sec .bd an."1 thi d I' ft; tn dern itnpioveui?uts. Be. t reas uable. 1031 Stb - r?-tt. corLer of L northw -st api.i 2:* Ij OK SALE?A two MOT* and bai k bn HH!' K Il'M'SK of e'ght ro.i'ii<; ?lo bath r wis b- -old at a j-'ieat bargain, ai m;?r w: In - to leave iheclty a: once A / . nt 419 2J ?tri tt no thwest. uplt-lt* I/OH BtNT?1 wo i r three nicely furuts. ? d cos i'<niiicat'. g HOO >1S jn a private rHn.j|y t ou Ht>c. iti'l'"or.v. .b ua-? w- ^tvr. at.d b ?t hrooai; wul rent ? i ?rat';ly or? together. H nt ?;?> p.-r mouth each ?iVl ^1 lirctf pvr'.uw st. F tl'C'l tjirs ??>S I he i r apli :r |/Cii B!".NT?On< new thr*-e st ry HrlcK I10CSK, " cotitatiiingrootos. bsthri oti. blJ *'! ihodjrn impioTetii'-Ltt No. tA3 . 'tn 221 street n ?tir* b?:wt<-u V and U Ip.julre at th? cr rner, or N . ?if'.'! 7rn i tteet ni.rthwe-t. The cannot line is r.iB* lii.'.g to I be pr' nilses. apU 2 * I/Oli t.l N t?a tbree st. ry llOCS-C. ue.Ty pa tired a.d paint'-I. with It) rooms. Including batbrour. ia one ot the ?o?t beaotKul I cations in thfdry. fai ivg sontli to a pal a<-d res ,r\atioa, o:? M???cbnsett? avenue, betwet-n l'th ai d 12ih stt., ?ear th*B*W OharchM A?ceu?i. ll li nuir'- on tha priuiise.-. altir Pi o'clock p. ni. To a r?*pou-i.<I? tatty ,i . ? ar21 1." L^' K BEHT?A pb tisant fl*cjRd story B'XtM, r turtii-b'd. l.ltb street n. a. artist* VI K BKNT?"I May?PAHL.OH and BKD K BOOM rte ritd 11 or. N.. 7 1 7 9'.h st apSl lw ' k/OB HkN T?HOOMS suitable for h"us,keep'ng. r with uo chi'.ilr'n. at t 11th st n. w. apll 31* t^tiH KENT Tw i or nijre desirable unfurnished HOC'MH; secoid flior; modern conveniences; lertii-t ili d> ra.e 134 1> street n. w. apt4 St* L'l'K Ul-NT?At New Yor* avenue?A M. large deligbtfal [urnl-htd BOOM at r>-du'?l rates, with or with ut b >ard. aplt 3.* I/OB HLNT? Kirsi and aecond FLOORS, newly X fi.misLtd cr unfurnished; oth-r ROOMS in suites or single; with or witbout board. el4 17th, betwt-n H acd In w. ap?l St* F'OB UENT?Threecomuinnicating BOOMS; sec oi d tlo. r: balcony in front |<plendid for msr ct act ta lsr, off,r-s. or clult rooD ( Cheap t>31 Pa. ave ? tip stair-. . ap2? St* 1/OB KALL?Two srory Brick UO0SE No. ??09 K 4th street iiOrth*e?t. containing sevea rooms, wstirand ga- back and side alley. For particu lars apply m the prsmlt!^. aatt lm t'OR RENT?A furnished UuL'SE of nine rooms; A mcdern conrtnienc.a; nfar street cars; in west ctd; south frcat. house a id f.irclture nearly new; r'tit low. For terms and ail particulars address WELI.S ElarolTcs. apH 3t* 1,"OB BKNT?First clars BK I uKNi'K, with all n.odirn improver-ei t?. on Roni* Island are.. No. 1 j 13; ?ill b." vacant some tims tin ing tlx nt nth of May. Apply to J J. ttHEOD, 140* lt:h street ap?4 ltn F'Oti BKNT?Out- of those de-irable new Brink UOLbKS, No 3c3 Jd street northwest; con taius all modem impru\ wn-nii; P 'ss??ion given May 1st. liniuire at _ _ JAMES T. DAVIS' SONS. nt>;i lm S3! Pa. ave . under Metropolitan Hotel. L'OK Balk?New U<?lttsR,hTe rooms, water and r ctber cor-seeiencts. No 1C18 4th street, near Boctdary. Lotig time given Pric? *2iiW. Apply to V1LLBT k LIBBET. ilS lB Cor. Ssw York n*. Md Ilk street. FOR RENT AND SALE. t?('R S?LK-Iwo ysloat I- L'?TS *? b? I 'lf' l, t r. ?>h atreet. tet B*e? P a- d % H" :??h. s??I itff i fi? . ears at s x pr r c-.nt tjteres* !i nn r? at ?i-i7 Ttr. ?t>eet n-rt wn *rVJ " |^'?B UlM-k^ iTii" K5 itlMt n itawrat. I I ro 'Q ?. Blvdsiu COl? ? Di-tjC ??*. -IS.-'J F W MILLER A CO. apt* 61 41 j F ?lr?l c nlhwest. h'OR KENT?At v hit<%ip. ? l*i ii . centrally lv? cet->d at d well li*? tet K<>"M ? ? '"t J >b I'tit-tn g ffice, Bil i*:d B -oi >r Meeting Hall Arpijto cril KB. Mttfp?l't?n Itiwilug Alley, ip!} (t |> *tr.~et, n*ar 11th. V7< oT bINT-'HI W 11 k? S~H OlT9 ?7 N Tn* r Capitol atiee', 39 ma, loran ">n deltghtfn ; *ltbb a ft* siep? of toe t'?p'tol To a l>*p 'usible patty ?8U) per annum. Apply to Nat!- n?l -a ims Bat k apil e<>2w I/OR ?aLI-UOrSI 10V*< B street aorthweet, the most desirable bouse tn that neighborhood d drrn cotitcfiiii"')>; will (?> aula at asac.i fee Apply to W1LLET A LIB8EV. Lumbar Merchants, ?I1!! lm Corner 8th st. and New Vork aye. E,M'R BENT-Throf story a ad ba <em*nt BB10B r D? KuLlNO. t.Ot. Ma?*?eiiuse?te areuue. La trobe ??rive. ) a b room. closet. Ac. E?u"tro of NOAH W ALKKU A CO , 6d* Peunsylv aaia a** one. ' apliSt l/OB BENT-BOUSE No 40** New Jersey ?>?? 1 titie tctt'tcant, 9 room*, prt^twl brick front, with eeery modern convenience. Ifdesir.d Fural tn; e will be cold on monthly pay ments \\ \V METCALF. spll St Correr 15th rtrwi and N Y . avenne. 1/OR BaLE?Or exchange for 'tbsr pri'i?Tty?A I Sn* BICMDINi'I ot?tl i>kir? the cny, and with a view of 3) mile* down the Potomac. All modern convet'iei ces. 15 00U feet of land Cheap and on food terms. K J 8*IIT. apll 2?r ail 7th street. I/OH BENT?Tbe de-irable three st ?ry and ba?" ? meot BRICK H-H'3ft. No. 11 ?J 11 str ? t northwest, c. ntainii g nine rooms. Also, No 10*2'2 8th street northwest, ccntaming nine rooms. Ala >, No ??!i4 10th street n<rtb*e?t, containing sf\en nxnn These houses . t-tam all thsmadein ini pr' 11 ra*iits. Irqutre of JAMEaW liABKIK, II Ob H street u<>ithweat. apll Iw L'OB KKN I ? \ new seven room UOC9B on Q ? street nrrthwegt. No ^33. very convenient, an ? "iprlied with Potomac ? ?;er Eninire at N >. ?J 17 'J street, corner 3d street. Possession i ne? diatc ly ?:>) 6;* |>OB SALK A thre jory BR1JK KK-t r dKN'. 9 k ?tf ? t Berthweet, * ?? and all modern coovet,i-tc*- ptj0, k,,';' terais ?'f . M ILL Eli .V CO , ap^O *w 9 i .'> 1 n'^i't n tth^rjt. ?/OB IkENT?A IIOl'SS with ab >nt IS roon:e, tot ir.clr.dtp* w.i<h, (otl ant bath r> I'm. ri centlT p it in th'-roogh repair, with ever/ c n rnlrl . 1st u4 tsM ? a'er, ? I'<?et at -1 ba'h tci m, Situvt"l ? ii c. m?T 17th aud ?' .treats n 'tth I *? st. opposite "White Lo'." To a sood aU'l p-r!?i.t tumiit will be rer.tej at a I- w rat- In ,niie<t G. L tlillllKF, 1114 Pean--! 1 van:* ' a1-flinc, t oal ofll.-e, api-1 M I/OB I'.KNT?t'ne ot tli <s? ?oaoiitul Hull?* > i i Le i roit Park, nnw occnple?l by Hon tf. 8 Burrtett. for rent frrm May Int. 1H1.1 F striet, n-w BB1< S, e>oth fr-ut, 10 r< cma, fl< ctntiy finished a: 1 l.a- all the mjdern coDTenieDO-a. A s're^t sonthet't. new brick.9 rootn?. son'h flout aid h11 UiiHjfrn coivei,ience-; v.-'y large jard. Til E<* K OkTCHEL. ap3t 6t Corner llth aid K stroets. I/OK KANT?Kurulr-hed or .mfurnithed, the nw't 1 dealrablt and pl< iiant snberban BK91')EN<'E in 'he Hisirict; 7th si , 4 mile? from ctty ; 5J0 a'ds freni t?ilv> r Pprin* dep.'t. Metropolitan K B : fr'iH, v pyi'tnb'es, ii e and pasture iti ai i.ortaoce.M ro ?ni?. m tiiii not obje?tto rentit' j for summer L .arding tou-e; part of r?nt taken in t'^ard ap!9 lm kTnT-A three ~tory KB1CB HO I: SB, t?n * rooms; fas pas. water, bath room,drimt> waiter Li bai"-n;*nt. kitchen. ;tcil heater. l >cnti >n. tMill f street northwest. Apply next door ap!7 tw' I L'OK SALK ? In the Oonntrv ? A comfortable r !?'*'KLLIN'i of 1.1 rooois, within five minutes w ?lk of ammendale, Baltimore and Ohio r*ilr-^d: also. Cue Building Sites; B dllt,i and B-autiful f'iinntrv ; w,ll watered. Address LiaNIEL AM M1N. BeltsTtHe. Hd. apll lm h"OK SAIuE-HTaNU an1 STONE yCAKRIE? ?t K' rrest Glen. Metropolitan B anch I! .? it B , from 36 ;c 3N) acres A ppl> t.' THOM AS 1 BROWN W h<?)on P O, Montgoirery county, Md . or THOMA* DOWLlNU, Auctioneer, Wt??liius"oa cliy? I) O ap!4 i<* A,'( B KENT ?FOBMEB COl'HTBY SCAT of P Judae Biho. ?.c Metropolitan Branch of B. A O. B. It., tear Q\ither?bure, large hou^e forfair.ily; t-eparnte hon?e f' r servant-; fruit garden a .d dairy. Apply to THOM aB 1 KBOWN, Wtieaton P O, St .'if mer? county. Md . or XHOMAS D'tw LlNli auction'er, Waohlnglou cfry, D^C^ apH-2w I/OK SALE?Tbroe brick HOUSES on Q atreet. lutwwn llth a-.d 15'h northwest, c ?ocali iug eisht roons. *it< r aud ca?. and newly p.perrd ?a?1 p?n;ted tLrough-?*at; will be sold cheat); will pay 12 P r coLt ot- the investn)' nt; street park-J ana paved It ji::re ot JOHN W SI?IMS. Beal Ertate Av nt, aprlt I* '*00 M str e northwest. I/OK BKNT-Hl?L*K No (i|3N?w Jer-ey ave I nae ntiithwist, between f and O fttreet' 9 r oins, gas and water good yard. p?r m ?n:h. A i>i>l> iu tt . C JOHN>?>N. 7 I ? 13*.h street n?rth W>-t. a?13 lm |'(|R BENT?A tine large B4SKMKNT audtao I srovES in the Oubant bnilding.corner of 6th a. d C st' eeta northwest, rear of 51 tr.^p itan and Na'ional Hotels. To good tenants thay ?i!l b? r. ited very low P M DUBANT apt2 :?r ^(.?B UkNT?Three story aid ba-ement BU!<'K r 1 \N RI LING With brick stable. UlM ln:h i sire< t noithwest. For health. architectural ti sign at-d h< ue cvmf' rts is uuxnrpAosed 8MALLWOOD A MOBBISON. i apll lm No. 51A 7th stre-t. |j^OR~BKNT?One of the ? iceat and most conve ? cieLt HOL'SKS in the I'i?ttict. with all rood? rn j ireprov ??roent* and containing twelve ro< ms. situ ?t. d Corner 4th and G stre?ts s ntueast B- nt 8 W i er'h to a carefnl and steady tenant. Apply to L U GLTNANO, 6^3 Loni?i*ra avenn- north , weeL apll-tm ! L'UB KKNT-HODSE 46 G street northwost. 7 r roou-s. water. Ac Large yard: convenieat to ' tbr<e of street cars per month in ad v?nce (DWABl) O CAKBINuTON. Jr., At 1 t icey at Law, 4.?4 Louisiana avcuue opp site City Hall. aplO lm I .-"OR RENT?BOOH4, furnished and nnfurn Uhtd. in all parts < f th< -ity, from ~i to tlis.) r nioLth Apply At l'OKSEV '8 BOU4 AQKM V. M". W'jO F s.reet northwest. ap7 lm' f_,"oBltfeNT?A three st ry IIBI' K HOUSB.con tainlig t< n rooms; m-xlerrj lmarovenienii, sit uated on lithstreet between M and N streets ->orth woht. 'nqulre at 110.1 M street n. w. apt lm* 1/OB BEBT-Furrl-hed BC'-)MS. OFFICE and r STABLE. 609^11 jtreet niar?-lm Ej^OB BALE?8? verafthree-story BBIOK OWEL r LINOS on Q and Oorcoran streets, between 14th and 15th street*, containing tea rooms each, with modern improve mints an^ in complete order. Terms. Moderate cash payment: balance in monthly Ins'al ni-nts. Apply to G W BIGGS, at Biggs A ')o.'? Bank, or to J. W P M VERS, T1 i lith st ma27-lm l/OB BENT? HOUSES N <s. 14 27-14 31 Q -.treet; r also. Nog. I440-I44t> 1449-14*4 Oorcoran street, with mode:n improvements and in p--rfect oider. Or a ill be cold npoii moderate terms Appjy to G. W. BIGG', at Biggs A Oo '? Bank, or to J w. P MVt BS, 715 lath street. tnarJTlm |/Oh SsLE OB EXCHANGE FOB CITY PBOP r EBTT?In Ellaville, Prince Ge^irge's county, Md. SIXTEEN ACRES of LANO. with d nhl? franc House, good water, an al.nnd.ince of fruit tre- e grap-s. Ac ; high and healthy I >catioo; twelve mitir.tes" a?lk to the HyAtUvlilo depot, Baltimore and Ot.lo railroad. A photograph . f the house can b? seen and further Information obtained fr m B H ST IN K M AT /, I '2.17 Pa ave. ni%r27 OK BALE?HOUfKS for ?W.OUO, ffci.tiW, ? i8,utv. t?15 000 tn.OOU. #Hv?W, .I*w,i7>#.i, 86??, #8.OU0. #4,000. S1-W0- ?1MMI W ell located at.d on easy ? rms. J. BW EET, octt-tr ail 7th atreet. L>OB BENT-BOOM^ In all portions of the ciry I pescrip'.iou and terms giveu. Apply to B. r. FOSTER corthweat c >rn< r 7th and G sta. marl im* t(><?B RENT?BOOMS single or en suite, fur r r>i?hed. Bemiuary Building, Georgetown.'il-lm URAL ESTATE BILLKTIJI THOS E. trAtitlAnA.I 419 Yth AL CBANSKS Hi'Jl EVERY W <H\c>! AV A.tD ? Atlg JAT Anc? How* for mi?. Dnddington. with extensive ?roun^t 4!, m d j ^ Continental Hotel. P?. ave n' w., ah xn j<iw - ? 35HOO lit-2i7 Del. it. u.?i,sllmod. impa.. 17 ra. _.sij mo 63ft Pa ave. n w . all mod. imp*., lo rs SS oou HiO M it. n. w., sll mod. imps.. 13 rn if iwi 93v K st ii. w . ail mod. |mps . U rs l?i (wu oxOl-t'hst n w , ail mod. imps , 17 rs 15 mo oV.' 13tii ?t n w , all mod. imps . 11 ra U <ju?i /sloth st. n. W.? mod Imps., S r?. - ? ftsi 19?: 12th ?t n w . mod. Imps.. 8 ra t.s.10 19?4 lvth st n. w , m'd Imps.. 9 "? ? 3.'4.H) 149 3d st. a. w., mod. Imps., 7 r? 1..VXI *-at<rrp Brick am* & ?wai, tftmsM /?? ?<Mc 11(11 ft st.n.w i B 11 \ in .d imp4.,7 rs _|i l<i>j ' i r II ) mod loips 10 rs 3 tj I..111 et s e |F II ) ni d i.nps. 8 ra 3.M0 4,'si N. J . ave. n w.iBH.t, nijd. imp?..7ra. ... 3.500 2U.19 L at d.w.iBH i. mist, imp .. < ra 3 500 l'.iSi Hth st. n w ( V B ). mod. 1UJ pa .a rs.......... 3.HJ0 4.1/g st n w ,(B H.) mod Imaa .? ra... 3,:ju l*H Pa. ay B.e.,(E II ,) tn>d inips.Trs. 3 200 623 Mass. ave. n. e.,< T. H.) mod. impa. 7 ra. s.'JOO 113 tth at s w (FBt. mod laps., 10 ra t.'oo 306 m at. n.e.(F H), mod imps , 11 r? 3 twu 4<jI 10,h ft. a e ( f B ),store, m >d Impa , 10 ra. No'tb Car. aTe^ b<-t. lat A 3d a a., a square... $UJ0'0 17' h at., bet. B and 6 st. n. W- 1.500 Bsl . bet. lat and 3d n. ?' 1 gno 0 st . b't let and tt. Capitol et. 1 <?o 8 h at .bet. Band 8 n. w? &u lot e at , bet V and Mf a.w ? aoo 1'ih st , ket V auc Boundary n. w.. m tri togleu Ski 1 at , bet. 17ih and 18th aU. a w., per ft. 2 75 Vermont a*., bet. L and M att. a.w., p?rfL.?_? tot 10ti> st , bet. H and Orant P.ace, per fL 2.00 Id at., he*. D and ? n. w,. ?r?t 1 JO Br House and Farm au?cros. < per auDum) JO ra. . fito 1715 H si., n w .<ura ,<U1 mod. impa.. IS ra. auo B 6 Dnnhartoa at, G?org?t'n, all m. lm., 18 ra ?> li?3 Vermont aTa. n. w.. all mod imps.. 11 ra? 176 ?0? M at. n. w . all mod. tmpa . U ra 100 1113 K at. n. v.. furu. ail mod imp* . 16 ra I7i 9017 1 at a. w . all mod. impa . SI ra 123 918 I7tb at. a. v., all mod Impa , 13 ra MO 611 litb at n. v., all mod. Imps.. It ra. UO 14JS Pa. ave. n. w .all mod. impa., 13 ra._ .83 33 SB7 B at. 1. v.. all mod. impa., IS re- V.I3 1104 6th at. n. w , all mod. impa., IS ra. 75 SOHi F at. n w.. all mod imps.,M ra. an 6 Sd at. a.a..mod impa.. 14 ra . ? 60 7S7 Pa Ava.'n. w.,<a*ore< m d. Impa.,3 rs *1 SS3 A at a. a., mod. Impa., M re. 00 Sll B at. a. w., mod Impa., 10 ra. 60 417 tth at. a. w., mod tan pa.. 10 rs. ,...^68 S3 S316 ? at. a. w.i BK)d. tmpa.. 10 ra ao 711B at. a.w.,mod Imaa., M ra 49 USS 14th at. a. w.. mod. Imaa., 11 11 K at. a. a., mod tmpa., 10 ra ? MC H at. a. w . mod. imaa., 10 ra USS Nth at. a.v , mod. tmpa., 8 ra... 1314 Pa. are. a*., mod. Impa.. ? ra. 71 Bridge at., Oaorgetowa, mad. tmgp., U cua? BUSINESS CHA-VCB8. LOB 8 \ I T? A btritii! f.?r r?<li-St '-k. ' " ''I. fiitur-* f ? MiAT AM> PEOYlBION 81 <'BE dougag. .l -a-h ^ .r-., ?>??-. n f?r nil it, |>gi'np? ia the c .uulry t . tenet* ac.|re*? ttl IbfKI'l Si?r O ' <? ap24 .?? BINT-% Pi.ACS newly MM Qj-at MM# * Mr?i n rtb?.*?,;tty vj t^i o.vv -1 . ?'?w; mhi? l-!e fvt i'i>r* or ofti,-e Ober r.?>roe. ?a RWWft.H; ?U rn.k- a f 1 dinl?? AIM ?e\.: . : ? , h ? ? ?> , : E ?frt e h1 rt h wwi. dov? stair* K?r?.riLL k.*?~% ' ?J -TvTv n <7uki. %ni *ch^1 ?*?"?? A?P'? 4 7" new 1 Ofk >V enoe H rlli?>.| ,r|j J(? I4 8ALE-a H AI ai.J biTTi SiOKK .m -a?r Ttf2^VtrrItm"SV^m "d J?" |,# ??<**???? AJ urfM { * olQMIh, P ?! ?F23ft* h 'moSN i*TI>?W *?d ?'BOX I . * ^ * UB K d? i ii? t |k) <1 b u*i ?*<?? if a ,? ? i locality. ApplvatSo Wlftl r* a*,. ??U *t* |'(MOD IH 8INKBS r<>K SALE - The 8 Kk ' * T '?>? lr .o! the Pl^TCBK and K K \ M i N ?) R>TAHLIM1MKN*i , No HI9 7ih itr^ft r ?rtb 'or ?ale, eood r?UM given f* selling. WAPJSA1-""* PAKTW** id <. BO' -M* H ri I * NBSS Brst <?]??. atore and I ctujn tb<- a-1 vtrtiser thoroughly HCto?'nt~1 ?ilb tb? tanoN. tut newj. .ore cap.t.! ?.1,uoo wanted. no old at ci cr oM <hbt*. Addt?ns. with fvlS cuik.U th>w Bo* l^Bttr cfltca. tp<) jc ABABB_ PI SIKISU ' H A MOB A E*irut?h 4 HIM >E *itn ItAli ROOM attache.1, eomplet. >prt>nsin<?a I. ca>e* jn?? north of th.- Capi ol To ? ier?? n miih ?n.*1 , ? pital ana a knowleric- of tb rest*' rant L<i?ft>e?<. tbi- i? * rare <?! ?uc- !? r * * .><1 bi>?iiie.* Apply ??> No. iir i> :tvir, northeast. <<pitol HUt. **??.?" 8"> SAO I" ,04N ." >?P-r cnt tnteii st. tj*.???*?<( rrn??'ovi<. U" Cviiim>?i n ?j cr<-f? Box City Post * fticn. , |\|OHBY To LOAM OB R?4l MttTI kj i?I ci.ritf. ?t ? I h r*tft t |-r* <?' Din.i si. c r.ASIM A IIKilKliM ANN. I *, { 4 I'lic-l.iipp n;>* IMiv il , |/"R SAIK-M k a?l Will m4 riiUraut i B lint dm cOMri ri"Nfi:i 8tub? " ?? od I '.iclLeaa, tu a c o ti<-i?i l> r v ? I N km it Mreet, bt ivtfti 1st aL*l New ,l?*ra*-t a T IIM Bvirtl.W ???t .r;4 . jaJFECIAL MOriCB bM iwiM VOTTAOB8 lor at PhtIl, mt ptic^? rnn^i ,? f? ?. iai * ???'??. fa* Ifjpe iiiJvat A brt& " ? Z\[ I"r *!? le and ?<>?plleci wuu all modern c ?nv"" i. *nc(*. Including wi>r,*u anJ ? L Jr\U? T.llruaatt T?\?I I .p rill ?? T?o llu?- ??? itr-etra? f<wjr ^'Mr , <r " M tm. .e ? jaar>Hi '' n. I1 -t i' DON! f AI! TO h\?MIMC T'liCM .r HE Bl \ INii * ion will fiid'hey aie the be?t prop?rt\ I >r th Arp.yto k j tw B!:r. Presi,??n', I ... ,, ? ?'ll ?th ?trwt.ur U M '1ILL. Ai^Lit e\ Mil .<?? L" l?i it Hiii .line. 'I'O LdAh^ - .,n oollaterala. low I 5" ???"? rt da:e? want* U itt ? I I ?rM?L' iL^ 1 ASdL KY ii AC I LtMAh, N. 1 4 -J., I, |v ,| ? rlvn.ia *. mft'l 6t |- H t Ll. - We -.i Vi i n"1'?''aN 1 r ,lj,> l'i' H"' I I' l* ^ ii ii P VT? c ..f ?? Stor* aiiuto . i l. -. '".'i '???7th *tre?<t r ad. * hb '* V*" ? n '1^ (l' P'ijIitWH d S ait.m. .m th- ??. tr 5?L'r.?TT1L-?* r pv,i '"?r" "P.'i't- ^ A M I I'M.K ! t>N. <-? rn-r "-lb >n<> K ?t?. ?c it ;t \V AJ?11LI>-l^I,,ch?, ??' ??? kki ui 7kka iVh20A8. iV8 r r 014 ":i ? ?*!:|,T . K "? CuTt "r Hti M' d K -tre-ts n- rth ?.-?? t>m < m#5t? fJS.rr!. p., apjiju* \V^ i^^'K *ALK Twe tTO' *? ? I? conui ?d in at re c tn-r l-:a ?t-d h ctr?ta tiortbae?t The .f,.re rau be r>?.te,t r.?, tavorat l-UAHIIOIU A HAMILTON, \N b le?al" i.rjor?. M,n j,? ' & S? "k {Mm 1? L1,J?K ~ >'?1* OBNTT" (IOO it 9 p^r c*i[ii . ? Vi.VOU, f 1.500. IL |l OOO at I" p>t cot . .. J 8TANL%1 .I0S4S. ap21!_6t an Ttb -trfM-t bonfrtd choice BI'II.TI . < ~ ^"Tb in ihr oorth?'Ht -wcti ?>? of ti ? ? u ?t ft on! lo ?ontejU> B1 p? r *?? .re K.ot No r-?h . jTtgulr ?,r <nipro?eni-nta irr to b. nivl l> lerrtd p.ym rii# at 7 p'f ent. Pri e? a-* 1 .?? a<> if oft ndlotcaali. J. 6TANL.KY JONKM, _''^1 61 All 7th au?'?. 'l^O PiUHKhlV OVNAU3 rwt.ersof Real K-tVe D A M A (5Bi> i.r I Le rcce-.t 1 t?ip?0? ep.j-nt?. eop.. ? ly bf acharie-1G era.! .. || Hn.l I to Iheir interest t.? rail ,.n n e l??f re m*kiL > Hi. ircK:n.a. JO?*N W. P. MVBifi. _ T;i -? Office. 7 I a 1:. h ?ire?t. KUnMiitiBK-1 l , ^ "51 B T A U K a N T ?.id i #"??r u <. K SALOON Aid. ?s 8 A LOOS. " "? np?' ?t* 'I^O LOAN?On Kitate.froiii i to 5 yeirn 4 & w.i at it p.-r cent ; awi. smm ?.4ai. K4ja 1 wWftrceul- tit? TfclTKS|.*ct. . H ??D.. 7th rtrwt. \ I AN TKLS AT COcT..i? iT,1 . . HOTHWELL-8. Hpl tn. i I 'i B ?trevt F>?nBo, S.&LK OH IX.JHANGV rOK OITV PKOPihri-A II\jC>K ai. 1 GAb'.'EN . ,,., D.-p't. li . o. r?ilr , mile ?'*. ? A?i'? ?? John w ?"uit. Wo. 1 *?<3 81 h Btieft l itr u<8? ij j; ju ? - 1 ?.?> ?'A0??. fOO. *| ?I0 0 a~,~ V low, inmfr.Di &!Ml00t<> ???O.OftO to i>*n on real estate itcurlty tr^m ? i.< tifivn 1 .?*?-?. ?^w in? 11 M K HIBBB. 8P'< )ot No. 31.1 7ih <rM,t. fVfONLl 'iOLOAN?it. autu? t" *nit- .>0 ???.tlilAC* I i?I tory atcutity. JOHN 81IKHM AM. ..?* 1. ? _ B?il K?t?'e A??-nt. ?pI3 lni Eorm S. 81 Oi .nd Bnildluc ALw/..PAKS0Na w>NTIN(i Ti> BtNT H0LSB> or LOOMS, lurtii-h.-d . r nti'arn isind. *re invited to cali and i xm in? our Bafln-aii 1 h?lCti. Iur<'rm?tiuu tree 8%'laf?rll.?i utr rV/-Tlr,.- ppl? fl Lh* *A8H?MOri?N INTEL V?, ? L.E ,hKoa*\uoN orncK. 4n 1 Hi street n^rthwegt ?p7 IAj RB AMD BTATM B<?MD8. " ,? J , ft f.'i 000 000 />'in 1 ? Mwr??cel fr 1 i>>n! s of ?1 000 ?a 1 from 0.% /? />' nl i t> raj ;% Tde bou4* ar?*aU r^^ultrl? tr vA 11? us Hauroadft %nd el<J mar > of ;h- m ?til fec^^x^vin^^'w'r, 4??btf WK,AJ TrnAD' 8TA^ and^JO UN TV* Ko's D8 WANTKP. ipJiMim Wl ENS A BOoKBTh. Beat E?tate, L.*n< and y7 innbtauce 6.j| r itreet northwe-t. ( Bnil liu? formerly occupied It Stcocd Na?ionaI Hank, t inTrS all p^oii* b?\in< B<aI Batate f>r a?le. Owslimc* or H'X'tnr. for rent, to recjrd the aanae *-1-t them frtx or charge, and Mcure the adTanta?e of their adver tiaemena. apl lm ^ 'HEAP HL 1L01NG LOTS FOB BALE. 7 1i?r 'ti' L?Ii8L*1 ?nd ?? ?****? ?' "? ?1 r . Tv.'.,0Iw M ?n'1 N atraet*. at to cents p-r f^nar" , * /*" 0/ Oie city wnere an all b?n.M -n *' ",5'^t'le ^veita^nt. Alan. Lot <1. a. <0. at 88 cte per It., ami Lot 4. a j 70, at U ru ner ft ?nart?lni a WILLIOE.tfwoo p" m ^ S14 gbov*. Cape may point, new ?a . _ JKUolli 1 . ? SeTeral Cottage* to Let or t..r ?ale. rurm?h- 4 or Itifariilsbed, *t t?n? new Sea Side-K.^ort wb'r? tbai.lie* n:ar apend the sununer at at little cop; a.i at own bom<4. Bpiendti hatbitig aad fi*hi g and fine HhaOt. a-d thrt. fir.# boteU Sale of iiiu"r prohltited. Lou foa 4ale low B. K. WIL80X. ri.arg lm fB^yl All 7th <tw*. GOLDBTE1N B OO^ ? LOAN *yu coMMissiny unntBLS. COLiEU 10TH AM) L) 81BLLTS. MOSEY LOANED or APVABC'ES MADB on va.ceLie peratnai property to any aa. .on:, na< f r any' ti&e dt sired, on very reagouable pur at*. Al?o, Goods aold ' n Comniiaaion At Private Sale?Very Cheap?A large lot of i'n redet'imd I'ltds"* and Oonimiitnlrin 0<.?>dv, n-? and 4?ci nd hand Every article fully warrau' -d. All baeitiMw strictly confidential The oldoat and the nivat reliaMa h< n-?? in tr>e c"y marld tr | ^JONKY TO LOAH. ? ?45,000 to loan on choice real estst* tn in.. from BJOi t" Ml OHO. at a and lu p-r ^ ,_t ^ of A few nt d per cut 1^' ? H WABNBB. - 'orn'T Ttb PC4 r ?tree? v "O TO (}UUU '*? VESTEI> IH tv tTx I, [ PHI VILEOES PAYS i I ",,E F^lriTn, ^ wSur.7. -1 ? ^rr ly v Z~~ FOR SALE. I< u{ii'l^,i;,cu^l>pl,u ,oy WEi'L m \ r uao , ^? HOBSBS. of the finest stoefc. r\. l ie aL. ai* nars old. ki jd.Bou.M3, ai. I Vrn% KP,V? if.,'0- ?D? B' u<i* a *1 H A8NCSS Al?\ k onfi Vn .^Si* tj """'-"r I' the value. Apply K onu IP and tfo. Way Building. a?2i ?* ra..5sa iUsniA'-trfraias: "?rr?Jted aouud md 1. 5Xr, 4i4*^ ^HJB KALI- ??-? . 1? 000 HER8TINB RED B\8PURRRICn fint tlil I1*' CONOOBD GB&PKV1NE8 fcSj oiSTr. w the*Pl 111,0U ot tT 31?> a.i h. > A. PHILLIPS, apl-In 6B3 Uth street north went. CAA?1l^SS?viiAllJliAQBJ5i OAttBlAOBH "U r,SSC*!?,n(1 B>?*t varied aaott .aKa nant of latent My le of Garriacen. Connea 6sE9t5' Bock a any s, Jnma saita. Park PbatoisJK^^K |4"OB BALB-NOW 18 THB tlMK - ?t^v^t?vp8^ S^,v&rj??&9E " ** JBMBB K. PBOBBT J AOBBl'fl WAGOBe! BBW BTOCB. uwi AVD BUELlaMKBXB AIM 72??aWKff?? '?a?i?i^3HSi. w ? b**? iM a imti i. PHY GOODS. ( ) IINED iU!? 1 ? AV. pi.c<*i of ir>?x's"??> reic-d "Ik wi*?.|. pi ate, a* I atM striped l?B0??S '"'"OPA lit W ?*S- ?*. b ?I d t'l I M t?, M ! r?" :ri ?!?<? a ?*.?=* *?all a-' > ance .-r r -at I lAC K Ml K". Cr.n S* c n?* ta AT ?' A l r-ai?* F1 *? K CAMiKtlK, T*HIM. HKNbllTTA <L01ll.?? I Ml' 1> H I Mi ? OHltllS. Ha d* me ? -id OHIHU'IMO In Hiark. lt< i |i:-v tr.1 *.!?!??'Jri"! I oa a and It u, PI Lh S. *' 01 B Mil 91 M : A l? OUt'ltC at ft o*?.t*, wortu 0 I XU' BI N I M HBRLLA S and P A B A?oL?. earr bM<*NW ?? . I*. ft in fi t. 07, all new good*. BIT Hand SI'M M RU < LOTHAf?rma? an* b ii. Na?) HI<h> Yacht I'U'TH Tal'W I'A M * "? K NArKlhP T<* ? ItL* Linen KHIIT IMi uJ Puh'? LlM*t A oil pri to fl??*r. ^Okl<TI'' (iUOUs at ai?M ? n t i lk? I ?. ati.'B W M. HROWN. a>9 Ir Ko SI ? *ih ?tr-et. new on* ait NEW CilM -I>- LUW rucu. 1<W rif? Parlaoia tr.-m *1 fO to 07 K*> ate, f? Atilptd and > I?ur?l Peicaa* at It^i. ft tac-iBc l.awn*. al Us S' ?? Drta* U -od?. trow 1*. M '<?, tplendid bargain* ta ltia. k Silk, at 0 I, 01 at aid Pliic Hr..?r?i4l?*j , : re', ft k . at |1 Hau4 ? I >' v?t? ch- .i AA bli* and Colored Mat; nf. at IS. M>. and l\j, Ppl*? lid Bla< k ? aebm-r?, at Tkc auO (I pie. k L*C* ft*r.|tl?e ljt|, ?> ftf? Y'.-rk tim-li?d \% tire Pntria, at ft ii Frank Lllir ?Onl P?jrt ? * l?rw ?l? J J??H\*ON A (?, apR no Til *>? > ? 'hw nuch Hitkp. |i.|i.?. |i.i;,|im. i u ? ? ?? ?1 ?*. ?*? 0? ? Itlai A 1 a?he t1 *. * ? t: U ' ?" fl Hla k Al|?*ca 4 nli|r aid'It tft I tT HUrk Silk*. Wo lair Alp* a w<-rih 01 liltck Grenadine ii, Al. ST. k <2. tiki I R'M. 7?7 Murk* H/xtf I'v.rc Silk aud W? ol Spnug 1 roaa <l.?oda, 57. wort I ?4 PlaM Prwa Go >d? Plait. Dr. ?; .J. k Strip*d t'r**? t. ??(!? > roll Dr?-*a d >li IS. JI.J7 3?i. Kir*ii*ki r ?-?. *\ W ?<*f fthwUM 2#. It??t BulTidiii* P M< u ? Ptee? Mi'r ?, ma !? . ' W ?*tj?atta < ?!??-??, I ta an B.?. Bi. Flaeat I immi Tab.* Par * k W l?i la'W'.ill*.'ft I Ciifll'ir". H I It ? ii llati'lkfft hitf<. t. Lltrl tlfktM, ( Ml> It N ..W IK'TW K Tin, On nn-*< thai . - at !h"?* -{ant I'krss siiii:ts. ?ad? of V* vr?ntTa H i? la and l>?-?t iw?-nt? ??na Lu. ilrid ? ii It >~.r ? ai: >raut>-<d to kf <' |ti?l m .t. . b' 11. ..I ? hmI* at ?? Uiak'i (.to ant Bliirt in t*'!' nuukrt t- r 01 f" Oi I) "I cant* for FiU'l'r*?" Clurt-. at IUa Kram b Ualtimora Sblrl fa<'t< rr, 1014 F atrr^-t arls 1m I v .inkl,"ll>ii*??t " J\K\V bllilMi 1>KY UUUDS. J ?*tr, vari'? R. nipatitu <"aiv V . worth M. ** liit? h"d Pr^-a.!*. ?h? - IipJ. aSf. >* 1*1*- hb' ?"??!??. 2.V vortb AV ? Wsat't Si>t ii c I'r -? U .1- l?*? It. fl, I mra F'?i l?an<l s?t <p*- M 'tialr (tiil u:#* I'lark M^.l.air*?niark?-?l d'an?Ir'in llHl t'l*. it ?tk Pilk. ?1. ? I JS 0l.fO.Jll. V- i \ rb?*ap. I>lark At|>?<*a? d< ?| a' W. ?.57. 6??v Fi-dHit I. r>*> < lntdr.-u ? Hi ? . a^1 M>>ar>. cb"ap. Met. trd B")V Oa??ia>? r?-?. \pr? low CAKPfcTS AT C(?ST. To CL'?SE OCT. [toil 11 cram*uiad??. 9 1 It W1" Tar 1 oil for raab. H a* > 11 irmii.a T.V . f>>rmw prioa. 01 l.i Q??rli. n.arl>i4 il. ? u tu turn iuto m ii'T AI?a)(g?u4 value gn-u 'or roar n. n<? T. N NAI IIAIN, a|>14 tr 70<? Market Ppaoa *|OBE NEW J>KBtS <?X)DS AT Kri>l( Bl> rBICEB. WILL OP KM ON MONDAY, la rtali. T'-id ai d >.tip??. at 12* lt.?' ?. J7. aid ?l p?r > ard, Blrh blaca fiik*. 9' 9' ? 91 ?? ?'"! 9t. iK'tikltt t*r.- Hiack Mi lialr* and Aip?ca> id*. 8 Hp- at l;S and 2oc . i li ?i; A ?l I L hTOCB OF Mot KtlH'J. llrinGf^a. fba?l- and ( rapx Vi IU, l?na Fancy II tl ? ano < a?ln.*r*?. IMy a*?. aid S n? Bit* Flar nHf of b*?t aradea. and at l >w d >wn prtt?a ( larpa ? " It?! Ppr>ada. at 9' k'1^ *11* 1 in f* - i ?<?:? t"r (I !? t 91 p? r dor?Mi. bandat-? a Tabla Dai:.ok* and Napul. ?. with ?<???? brand* ?f Ht'wtn t 1'illoa ?'?m. FbirUtx Cofo-na, at lit U??-at u.aikat prlc?a ^ ^ ar' <'b?ap r<irnT. *(>I H*h at WarkH spao*. IV LEY GOODS FBOM AlTCTIO V. IMMJ'XSE R ED UCTIOM9 IN tsI KJ.W ASU 8VMMKR 1 >HESS (iOODft, Fo-lr! a'ar*' lot of a;tgh*lr dania*nd )r->d?. to t- dnad on! at L?fcM IHftN U \lK THEIU VALl B U *ball for Ibo prvM-iii malr tlw-l^itow lii? icducUob lu our prie, a. tl.Hi t'INT HLM'k 4? ASH M ERAS fir MO eta il Til KM' BLACK MUK fot 91 o?QU. 01 CIFT BLA' K Ml K f -r *4 c-nta AOCFN1 K MI'M A or .1 ? * reata. HIS,* ?NT It L Ai K a LP AC A f-rUi Mb 01 <Mt UNV *HIH LIMN for 74 c-nta. ?<-->S?INT PUNTrU I 1NINH far J* H ??. TiTIKT LIMEH.TABLK DAlAtks, f *r iv oenU. 9. C. WINW4LL * UK, a pi tr X1M Ttb at . paar Pa ara |#UOMlNE\T DRY GOODS OPENING NPRING IWTS. OrK NK* ST*'BB if >nr*rlp occtiplad bp Fataa A Witch 'I i la D<~w <pfn?lthan aBtira n?-? ntocC ?:f ?r-rp cb< lw FKV GOODS, of fort-iKQ aod lunia tic fat rlca.for Sprite and SuitiRM-r wiar, to whlcb we lnvtte oar fnenda and tbe public. OCK tSI'ELlALTtKH ARE: JLACK A BID CnL'?BF.I? MLB.8, !? AM'Y liKMM ?i?0D8. 6HU UMNO G<>01 B. k)OL>KHOI.D WAKI. L'L<'THS AND FLANNEL?. Ak UlTE GOODS, LTBTAIN UA' ES, VOMBST1O0, FINE HOSIKKT, BILK i M I'KCLLAS. BID GLU V 0c-, At iuf'f M?'W Katt*. WOLIDKI) ANHILBUQ, PI7 MABKET SPACE, apt tr Tblrd door fr irc fftb atraw _ <IM TM W ASHINHT?> DRV ?0?0< - W bite Oordr-d Pi^ut* a? lJ*e . bwaotlfnl Ool raA Fleurt^d Pluut<aat lie.. <A I it,- Gooda, ancb aa Mar a*lU?"a, Plaid. Stllp*, and Ma?n N\|no,'ka. Vict rla Lawi.a and t ambr?oa. ?? jm V* fc>c., UaBiburg Edai ??; uomi to ?"c p~r ?ard. *a'in? Un-?aGouda. ",ald. Plain, aid Btrip-d. fr>? 1- ?e. ??* ? '> l^-t VK ai d f ^C. BlaaK *"? All r.ninl, ? np I-. 7ac f " b^i tor boreeud ? Mm a D m .real. JO? 0. i'A.M " apl-tr rA ILt I ? C ? 1 1^7fi 1876 .lo/o SPRING. BKUUUKiD A C O^ ?39 P0SKSYLYAK1A AVEHtJB* B. twwn 9:b atid MKb BtratU, luTtta tbe attention of Frl?i>d?. C intomer# az.1 Straiurera tu tb^lr stock ?r NkW SPKlHtt DBBM GOODS, PABASc'LS. II "SIEBY Ac , Ac , vtaiob tbt-T ara ma cprnli-g at lover man rem. Iron ( fi m S7',c tp All-wool Deboae, *??.; former price Pt Black L> on V MIk? from Wc np i lucludiaf Pofl a? t u lt> lion*.Gc net. aud B en*-; ) Beaauful Llt,eu Lawn* lu fine y aalltlaa rrertw KoccMin Frecch Caal'toa In Plata. PlaMI ano Figured, lucludlu? B tile Grxen. Ba r Bine. Ac . Ac. All wool Fbetland aba* la. 01 ?.* and San Umt*r< Ma* from Itc to 08.71. > Button k id*. In ail c -l..i* 01 Jt Wnn.act'a i '?.tu n. I.He v?rd aw d< rft Bnrefca bpu^l tilk ia all abadaa i tbe baat Ii the Untt.-d State* > lu B Iron Frame H'aa, 04 aer doi?i Full line Ladle* aud C'<-:.t- l udmwaar. BRANCH STORE, I BOA r STREET, bet 17th au4 1Mb . old ataaA.? We ofler taerial icduoB-nu la lata atjrla aa< raauufui g.ud*. BEOIIHEA0 * em. r fe>?n*>l*ai.ta ara. J\'EW Sl'liLNG G??OI)S. BeealTlnir new aapplio* daflr FABOT DBESB OOottS arrrlci In all tba aew Ftliriea and ??? I-* Tb'- large*t an; afc??pe?? vtnek of BL ACR SILKS MOliAlLS aad A LFACA8 to Ka fonad >a tba ottp W. W. It I ED EITK A V0, Mo. 0BB 7tb *t**w? ?. w. ?aril tr Ma. T?t R BANKERS. Alb*. rtkuTkiNGMam a to ia*kbrs and Brokira Ma lb IF all atrast. make tur customers deairable lntH?m of lartr* or aaatl aaoanta in rtocla of a l>-gma ate character, wMob fra.,oeatl> pay fro* Ave to twtntp Uaaea tba aa aat littatfd aaerr tbirti dirt. Stock* bongLt and carried as loag as Atalrad or dapoatt of Itc par cent Circulars bad waaklr re ports saat free. a?n wolf A Iiw mes?wa..

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