Newspaper of Evening Star, April 26, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 26, 1876 Page 3
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MEDICAL, ?c. r\?KS ANVi.TT V? Il.S(?N ? c .:np--*-.t FI 1*1 M<1<FKYSI<I S a.d *lt> XIVX. can If COB-Sll"1 ?? b?-r*mf re at tjj s'b it north ww F lr ? >p<"i?lir. ''all or writ#. I ai, f- w>co fr?>iu 9 m n til p m . and from S to7 t. m. 'P-'! I?* U*. E.MONr"7V O.Z-.j .<v/ ml Onli K*.ii' ? L-t* Pss'iti* >a tk* Ci.'p, can b? fOBSOlted e\? y Ti.e?.la? end Sa'nrda? at No. 6*0 11 Kr?*t from it* ? c' <* All Complaint# quickly cur-d *nd tt-aileac So TM W, IilBtMl sitfe-.-t. I!*:lni >f?. *pl9 la* tEWAKD ir DB BBOTHtKS 1MVIG V*') ('KVTINO COBi IAL fail* t> cure tap cms* of ? *eaki.e*?. loe* "f power or impo tence. V:' ? ??"> Lab. nturp 90S B street s-vntb, oppoeiie Mii't>i- rttmr. ap>4 2w* tT a t l .* ? " ili'N -a (Mttittem. (I per t?>t ^ tie Pi p?i~i according to tbe original form alibr Pr l)?rl'i.?i ll"4H street, cor. ef Penn nl<ui|*iTf. O i *nl atlons free. ap3 Ira* UK BOlifBTSON, fro* Uttltim tt?, can b# con sulted at *Jt Uiih ?tr*-et eortuwe*t, nearly op p. -wit* the liv ofllre, every WIDNK^UAI and u.!it? 9 p m.. In all Di*em?e? of tbel"riii?r> Orgac> Gonorrbo-a. Uie t. Stricture, fr>pbll>s ami t>p-rmat .rh<k*. Dtwi of Gonorrhea r'-centlv contracted cured Ij 3 to S days. Syphilis In mil It* *t*<c ? luicfelp cored, mod tbe p >l?>n entirety trmdlcmted fr-m the *? without the me of mer rnry Spernit'i -rr. . a. t r n?bt on by e*ces*e# and abaaa In yantb. causing I ?** of memory and Insani ty. K-neral d?bilit) , orgaiitc weakness, lm potency, tcr?oa?1rri'al iiirv. svmpt m< of conamnptlon, in-' -Jigeotb'n. pmlpMrn^iOi f the bemri pain* In back, dir.. nee# of si?.ri? or gldd-ue*#. evil foreb sling*, aelf. dl*tn?t. Ar . *p>?-d-ly cured by newly discovered r> mediae. U-r>?!.n? n placing tti ra*?h??ln Dr. K '? band can r?!v ip r, bing *<-ien'ific?tly and b>n orably treat?d Ke'er* to the high te^ti-nnnial* which be io? bold* tr m th? leading p*?y*icl?ns of Baltimore Office 4'14 Mi!' xtreet n -r'.hwtii'. from ? to * P m marSMy_ DB BI( KLFBJONiS ?Twenty year* eip?rl ?rce 1 . Fer .It l?i-ee-.-i. Irir(.iliritiej, (h? rlan Turner- (narMtm NtMhctloa, to" rtiar*^ Ho in*s# ci i : leotial B uj* for patient*. t<>4 I? Howard meet Halliui re marl'* Co/ii. riNfi W(3(>n. 11. J. WK.U.\t%. Dealer In won AND COAL. AlfC.LlVK orb -? ?t kiln ptic??. bAM D. MAI d all ! I'L. \M'E It IL iHai.Mtl-s to snit. ap In' Co, t,th nod B ?ir-?t? nculliweei. (JUAL ANr> K ?vT>TT\<rWCX >J. Onr ttcrk f COAl> la now c >Tr;p>te. etnbrac!it *>1 the cL ? ?- a- 1 towbicnwe lnylt? tbe Mtetition f c* r*'''nie*? t?nr FATKSiT BISDL.BD K1NDL1SU WOOD, witb a fire ligbt.r in ??ery bundle. Is the b<'9t In ??te F.rMkl- ^3 ?!? CT r?r?-try ?t. Ho ?bAvln(l' paper or fcer ?if ^<i r^mr-d CHEAP. SAtK CLEA.l. Mi.FIU;>MiM A BKO., *; i!i and Depot 7*.h ttreet W Larf, VebM ly F- . ? t 41 *? Pec?;?,Ivania avenna. ('OAL : toil.! WOOD! WOOD! VIIFA F ? C n FA r ? FI >It CASH ! Tool ^ \NT'S ro>s OBD>:BSi> Arrlvinpd, ?.< i-e -? ? the beat van-tie# of all Bllida of i I * A I i.;. 1 W'tf) 1? Bo* i? Ibr- t tr.e ! . t.O If )|'G woe i Ciotiey | tl ?>>' ' tr'trft and ' ???f tr- ?<*:, 144<| p O- d? O the ;. i jul oil tilJ Uud r tiriHl be! re 1 Dj ti a% It 2 t? . ? . Lit tare-ot w h.irvrg In th3 Dia'rlct, ?'<'l - . ? - p i ?? i ? t > ?u3- \--d f-.r tbe d< live ) i! < < al dir-c' lr cur ye-*e:* to the roosaiuer ?c ?n cerran it "0 r ?p-<-iai itiiati DfLt< A in" i our W h ir*e* and D*po? will con Viacerneat a 1 <?. . f ur ijn? i?p? alxai.tagea. Good l'|>i W<|I>1> Mliwl a* if v he #.'? i<> p^r Cord Oi-d OAK WtiOD deli t tred ?* low as 3 i> to S T Z*t Cord. A ali al- tn *1 i* all tbat 1* necessary to conwnee the public of ibt- at ove fur*, JOK.IMI5I KKOrilCKV MalnOfrc and I>*? p t at J, nuKj.m A'bartea, toot of i3tb at.d lVh -? ?en ne < 1*1*4 F street northwest. wc-cea? ^ iii2 }?n street ?? aneCVeo INSURANCE JOUN 1 AbMt* 0. W IBTOHAX ARM* A la ETC HAM, G EX EhA L IJISUHAXrK A'SEMb A.VU hKOKMRS, hM Deott Br.L! ><6. wrii-'t of F and Sth rtreeti 1NSVBAN' C 1 1VC.T l?BS?'BI PTION WB1T mari tr T? N ON TH* Bh.PTTs.HMS KAMi VAL ttb^ LV i>MiNO F1BX lNSl'B ANOICOKrAM ba? been retucved to Bo"m No. 30. LeDroli M'.r in ?. c?.iner of F and Hth stnvta T' i? *tann<h old company naa t een In operation for tblrtj-five j < Nt t %--et*. *5JCi "O'. apJ tr J BU?Se1l BABU, Agent. 3JAXE YOUR FORTUNE! kN.t.Mt iioi i?:\ dk\4I.\u OF TUB LOUISIANA I T A T * h O T ft" il r liut'oryorHied 1M",?J) I All FN FLUE APKIL C9, 1N7B, AT SEW ORLEANS. POM71 J ELY AO FOBT.'POSR3&I-.Si7. FlhlTlYELY Jl? SCALMd. Prise, 111 !>,?M)0! 3.59.'- Pk ze-, ??ai.iTi!ie to ?iO'J.iOO. ALL PAID IN GOLD. 0>i< Prue to Every Su Ti> k*U ' ?Ml t?ri lief Wouk-o I r y Afi^ bUriliiVf And^r^UU conr> rcltant ?t'b at i-e .,f utore* li<?> marll 2rn* Al \HI),?To all who are suffering from tbe erroi? h 1 I' li-cr-t- n* of jonih. nerTou* -woakneae. ?arl. h ai . |mb -.f B.?' h >><1. Ac.. 1 will aet.d a^ rt> tbat win enrt you, FttIK OF CHAKGK Tui" gr>-at ren?ed? w*h di*c >,..r?d by a r.l-w!< r.a-. I w ? lb A:nerle?. Sead ;? ??elf sdtr-a-cd en??b aet. 'be R ?* JySKPH T. INM AN. Station D. Bible li n e New V* rl ci*?. mtr* eUk/m PBB8C!iI <*T!?.;*? rBBB ? i?B TUB 8PBKDV MT Cure > : - ? ??* "*'* i.,r?t M ?urio -1 and mil dl??r t jht .n b? l-. li?rrti na o? ra ces*. AC) It ( ? *>ae ?tw lufrodieo> AtJdreas I'AVIDP<>N A CO.. ?eplS m.* .f.ii *? > B?? TorK, i\1APAMt tf-. ?: *? t> ? -h. roiiahiy e\ I?1 pcr1e-.ce.t ar-2 *c1outl#c Ladle#'Physician and Midwife of 10 r'.''*1 aractlc# attend# ?adi<? et th?tr i.' met, or o?: '? rtabt* private, careful niri ta|. and tbe be?? meft'cal atteria-.c.-1 at th? Doctor ? private r*--dd* -. ? ' plac'r.g tb^-naelv<? nr.der tbe care of Ma-N - I a*-- gi iw'entific ?re#tic-tit a: 1 - " ur* -ee-dence, ooixer . f Sl.arp ami Dover st# , Bailimore aep!7 ly* ??^ATIFrAfTI??X," 91 I'KH B'lTTLK Con O aviltatl i - fr.-e. *i |ik 1MB' 1 9. II - i% ?treet. f.lo i/H'ioi, Hnii.ung > )>1 iOni* OJLT U0.090 TICKETS, AT ft" EACM, I'Li ted 8*.-'e# Currency itMl asi li tsi itH tutp?i>- i> ?EorctT:o.i. LIST OF PRIZES. Dm Ctrir* f? 2E .... 110' ?oo 9riwm 1 I (III 1 Pi!z^.., ?.. uu.?oo 1 Prlael I0.0O0 !l Frizes at ?5 .00t, 1?.000 4 Frizes at J PCO ? - 10.000 10 Pri es at l.OOO - ? 5JO.OOO 10 Frimat ioo . J5,0rt0 ) BOO Friz-# at IOO . ,, ,, UO.Oilu ii.OUO fr'..? ?* at AO 100,000 APPROXIMATION PR1ZB3. IOO Apt: ximmttnn Prl*?e at t-0.000 IOO Approximation Prize* at 100._ 10 000 IOO Apprc\:manon PrUaa at 1 i... 7.200 3i?U Frl2 ? is .ill. am,.anting U) (? IJ B^Wi.iOO Ticket* for ?ai? by mil regular!/ appointed age jU. m4 By tbe LOriSlANA STATE U3TTIKY CO. r.O. Bo* ? ?J4.B.O. marll dAKtApff OOKB DELIVERED TO ALL PA BT9 OF TUI C1TT Al THE SAME KATK. Hew peh-.!u!e?r til load of B) bonhe:# fr.r fl. ??taller iu?o? i ceD*# per baahel; car.ags, Su c?ct?. trrn TO (/fFK'l OF WASUINOTOB OASLIQUT COM PAST, 413 Mtb atre. t aortmweat, 111 l*t *tre?t northwest or to 11 ft > ' r -et. Georgetown mart-1# tiiOOSl ? ? ? irHTMTio, Fl'RBlTOKB Cmrp< ta. P ' <Lg. Oilcl< tb>, and g >d* of every deeenpdot t .aht act tbe highest cm ti prlc?a paid Ordars by m^il promptly a-tended tc. H COL MAN A CO., ?etlS-1* eorser 10th ?treet and Penn'a a?a. |?* J. BB1BERGBB, r . i? o?.-. r io 11 F. London A Co ?) CITIZENS, ARM I AND ?A*Y MEHCHtXT TAILOR, Metropolitan Hotel, (lata Brown'a.1 )yl 1* Rn 3Kil Penm'a aee.. Waahincton (m>h In* To a n of ficb, a*rm<v tr in *?r? ? / an H$? Tor* ??osim. entrance on N<? ? AUCTION SALES. H Tt KE r|'UOM aH 1 wW UiO. .\Qctiuutfr CAT U C?.l - CALK OK A VBBY !,\RQK AND 'Hi am.e c<>Lt.E! ?-|nsi of im<?ks. Amon* i i h ar ibe Library of 13* late Ex Gyv-?r ,"'r Frarr - TJ mM.of *5?r l%nd.s>Mbv ord<>r of the Adi'nistrator;. Also.two ether Private LOrari?, c?ct?i-iiig nuny S:.irce ana Va'tj ?|!- B k<. rMbrvi :? Early enlSats Hi?t r? cf Aru-rica. Illustrated Works, Kmc rapby P etrt Travels it,.l o?n?T*l Lit^rafire to be so'd at a* Atleti >n R one. s mthvest C'trirr Pen'svlvaHa H?r,aK tail llth I'rwt 0? MONT AY EVBH1NO. Mar 1st. l-'T*, ?B1 'oJ loalng *-enln??. c mmm ing at 7* o clock pre Clwlj Tuci- ta-b "atf THOMAS HOWLING. Atlct. railroads. |?ALT01URE ash OHIO KAItRUAP. APRIL lb, IBTf. WASHINGTON 5.00?Baltimore. Elllctt |ty. and way stations. t> 4???Baltimore Anrap ilk, aud way stations. Point of R cks and intermediate stations, Mam Stem ^ 1 0?Baltixm-re and Rl .dfiiibarg 8? 00? Nftr i'o-L, Phi'.Hdtlp im and Koston M' prt*? PnKrua-i p<rl<r uiii. S I J-ri?'in*ri, fift Lnttti nnt Ptltf^urt g.r rr-<* ? roderick, Hacerst *n. and Valley Koad. 'JO? P iiut of R< ck? and wav stations. ?s:45 ? t.alMmore na 1 wiy ?tattocs. 10 irf?llAltiiDotc Unlimited txpte-.i. fcxpre-s No Stars r m 15/15 Palrimo-e. way ??aMon? and Annai?oMs 1 3U?;???? \ork, Phi ni, p:,;t ntt I Norfolk Br rr<y On Siiu?i?>, ?U Hay Stations and H Inn irr nit .1 30 ? Ha i iutore and way stations 4 110?Ifi'timarf tin ! Lnw-. &rpr jj, Frederick and W?y >i?ti<>i fl, via Re la 4 35? Freilerlek aud Point ? f K'cks. (Ti<i Metro p<> it an liiancb*. 4 4 5? HKitiiiK r- A'-nap^U* atid way s?atlong. it. lit ?t ntrnto, I'tn-rnnn i m t Lukia-tlie h rpr'*% Da- r t >wn and Wi-cbeeter. SI epmgcars t ' liicu .Oi rinnati and LitttlsriU 5 30 ?hn nmortimtPh' att'pkta lirp- ss. Fred erick and W?v Si at! i?s. va It lay it 35- 1! i.titri"re. Bla' en*b'i-e, Belts, i'le, Lr?n rel Annap lis JukCitou 7 OO ? fin tirlo b.rprrgt 7 NO? ?l in ? r n"- ?av **??|-it,? ?.l?i ?Iialtim re. W ay stations to Bta.l-njbure, l< i ll- L*nrel f? JO? Pit sl>nr^. tut no c mi- ctlo". boyond Ma tibabu ? by train 1-avit K ^cn<'ay nigbt V S*?-n. t.? ?>ii Hc?r p -litan l!r ?ncti. !? .TO? A-"? Vort ini Phi/a'l- pin t Nnht EspreSS Mei-i nf Cir? t N?w ><itk " i!it>r?- ai d p-inci^ol w.?y a'atlon*. 10 3#- Marti' -? org anJ way n-a'ior.*, M tropoll t >e li MT C'l 11 30?i>/ L ' T' Ctica-', Cotnmbns, tarKlii'k Newark 7:10 - 0?> - 15. IO 15 a ni ; 1:30,S:15 5:30, >.35.7 .J0,' 10,* 'JO, 9:30,9:35 aud 11:30 i>. it , ?.ail- . A ? i b' r 'rain* daily. except ^nn .ay Alltr*im i p a'Kelay fxcept O.jn p ni , wbich stops wh*?n ><iui<|ed ti r ra-oentK-rM n^rtli of B?'timore. c lu? i> n on Sunday lor Hau-rstow j. An ihj..!i- i r Va'lf* 1! ancb. nor for Now York and Pb I idi 11' ia a ** a n. ainl 1 :<.( p ni L-are O^ti den Station. B^ltim re, for Wa-hin tr : I.:?l>n>'y?it 15 ?i OO.h a. Ul ; 4 00.5 05( S 15. ?? .{?? 10 to p ni Vi> v, e.r pt S->n ini ? I O ? l."V ? .0 If 30* m I . 15.-J 4... 3 ?>?. I 10,li l5p m. Suwii'j? 9 15a tn. aud l o-> j. ni F r fnrtl-'-r informa-ion arply at the Baltimore ?rv* Oblo Tick?-t Off,ce? W ashington tjtati >n, and 1*5, ftOI ard 003 Pennsylvania avrrno. wh"re >idcrs will be iak< n tor b:iEeag- to be checked aud received at any point in the city. THUS E. SH A BP, Ma-ter f Transportation. 1- M. HOLK. Genetal Ticket A?< ut c:m? S hOONTZ General A?ent apl5 tr KiUhHAL R H TICKET OF PIC* I U* ILBOA I' TM'RETS to or from all points x<nsht. exchange d or s .id a" ? i rtducttoc ?.f oik I'ui.L*?I>c t jp- n any other o&ice or depoi'tc-,*^m:* in this city. Hck'-ts good till Gsed Baggagecneckfd through. Aiply to M L? W HITESIDE. apl ly *?15 Penn are.. \\ asbi 'gion. I>. O. IH /1) pro > v a n i a J &7 (5 rodti To ih? flvitn, U'r?i, ano Soatuve^t* 'iouMc Irui'a, S rrl Se>ltrnitidL ScrHm fry. M'lyntfimU E'juijftwnt. i : ? r%:n? !???? V, ?.nDingtuia, city time, fioia Depcti ' I soraer of 6 b a\d B striata, as fi-llows : 1 \ f, t tMttsbiirjr tin1 tb? W?*<? H a m. dally, with s Car t Pl*:sbTi'f, 7 40 9 ni. daily, wl*b r Pklact ?'ar ?c " ?'??jo ai <1 II'50 a ?a dahr, c tin pt Sm <1ay ' a K AI?|? . UXt'?Au lv.Altilt<JAD ! 1 *. x Caua ?? a b -m.-ur. BcSslc biagara a ra'la, r t : N <r'K, h ?* C! flaiiy, <?xr-pt Snn a la; . a- tJ 7 40 i r. '.all) ^x.-^pt ?atnrr!ay, wi*h j t i'?'ac8< ?r- ? Watklna For Er.e, Caaauilai^aa, f |i lUla, a IB .ak<>' a I ails, 11:50 a a., daily ? ax- 1 t i*|t buc'a f i N-v ^ .tk md 'he Ea?t. "10 p ni dati>,w?tn t Pa'aow rap. n la.-fcfd. Limit, d ?Jxi?r?sii cf P'ill- t D'.i Par r Or*-a m d*ily ,e*?.**pt Snptfay. r For Krw K?rk. 1 .(O p oi lally. ?xr?pt Holiday, (' with far ?' ' - at'ached I ? r^r Fbiian Ipfc'.a I 30 p m any, except Stind%y, t an; 5 to and '< I o p m daily. LimiUid lxpr;-*s, i V ~i3a. t. dally, excoat Sunday. Accr.u.niisls'jf n f?ir PalMr>?re 7.50 a. m. dally. ati<i 4:W0 p. tn dally, exempt bandar. Fwr Pope's Creek Liue 7 *0 ? ta aud 4:510 p.m. daily, exoept Snrday f ..r Aunapolia. fc 00 and 11.50 ? m aci 4 ?0 p. m -ic. pi Sunday. _ _ I ALEXAM'UiA a FKHiOEhlCRSBrRO BAIL I W AV ANO ALEXANDRIA A WAtSHlNQTOfl RAILROAD. tor Alexandria. ?. 7, ? 05. 9, 10, 11 a.m., 1,3, ft, *> T OO. and 11 4 0 p. as. Ou Sunday at ^a. ie .audi and 7 P tn F. r the Srnth, xia Rlcmuond. 11 40 ? m. dxliy, except Snriday; and xia Lynchburg. * 00 a. Bi. < and 11 *0 p ni daily. . friiirs leave Alexandria lor Wasniugton, o. 7. 9, ",10.11a m . I 3, 4, 5, ft. and 7 p. m. On Ennday at 7 and 10 a m.,and 5 p. m. Tickrt., lofi raation, Sleeping and Fariji U*r ?cconiinod?tlona ?au be procured at the OfB; ?a: ? Sortheaet corner ol Thfrteenth itreet and Penn lyivania axenue, Mortheaat corner of Sixth atrcet and Pen:."} I ar ia avenne, and at the Depot, '?here crdera can t>e left for the checking of Baggaga to le?ttnati'<n fr' tn Hotela and R^i l'-ncefl. D, M BoYD. Jx.,Oenl Passenaer Ag-nt. fkANK THOMSON. Oen'l Manager. jaa3-ly STEAMER LINES. \m i?*.pak n it fc - uvl?es wash 1^ INGTON. PU.LaDELPHIA, hO-K-N AND PROVIDKBC* SEA! < WKfKLY Si E A MS H IP LI N E ? On-^?" \ and after W X I NKSDAV,Apiil Wih.the Steamers ( of the el jvt in.e. with dirto* connection with Bo? t n ai d Pro> iil'Lce. will sail Irom Phlladelptila for W a-1 iMtoi'. D t)., e*ery WEDNESDAV and SATt'BDA Y It 1 umiDe.leave Wellington MON DAYS slid FRIDAYS, Irom Johnson a whart.foot cflrth street aouthweet. 'inrongh Bills Lading H sn?d t an.l fr nc ihe ab< ve ports. Freight received and dellxered <?hiI. fion. 7 a m. to 6 p m Ordera l. rd ilvery olIr.ight, do.,received at li^O* F si. and 111* Vth ?,rtet ^tnwe.t.clyde ^ Bo. ia S W harv<s. I'blladelphla. J. H. JOHNSON A OO., ' I aplB tm Ag'-ntstor Vfathington. ?1 'D fc - T K A K n I! A It HI N O KB W ILL L fc A V E ! tdi* Ki?h Vk tiHi f i !?i?'t 1-;a ?tr?x>t) E\ELY Mof.MNG at 7 a di . fur JhdB* l'l.' K'-b? rii - and lntt r.M' di.ite Lacdn^f. F" li-ht and cst'sengers taken at lowest raies. . uplU-j M E GKEQO, Captain. LTOH >?>H Mith T STEAMER LADY OF THE LAKE Lcav<f tie n pa: , * whsrf. fm of 6th sfreet, every MONDAY anl THIRSDAY, at 3 p in Ftr> 14 ronnd trip, ( Ticke:? good uctil uso<l. FOR rOTOSlAO RIVER LAHD1N09. S'e?:i rJN'i W THOMPSON leaxes Company's wLail,! tit! street, every I I'ESDA Y, at 7 a tn ,t i < uiii .t: and tnt-xm?sliaie lauding*, and ?.cry Kbll'A k a'7 a tn , f.r Coau River,stopplcf at lat. rmediwte landings , ,, ? F r infoxn ?ti n apply at the oTlce of the Com pa"y. nniier ihe >'? tru#< litaa Mack, 15th street, >rpositr ti.e Tr<??ury, or to the the wbarf tuarr ly ti JVEOi'Lii" LINR'' * yo* yOMini AM IT'-'J CHS? ft, P PPBR MA CHOUOC AN U 1NTHRM&D1AIM mm LA.y VINOS. The li '{H'Liti ttejuer ?K MORRIS.' DDI MINK Levon^h.K' rreeg, BOWCM. FrMgi t* ?iiver*d bv R oox - Px^reea. ^rdai ,er ?. Q. 0*'.| .'IF.-V ??3 Pe'.nsyl' a^a avenae.j SVhtSLnSmLVv- WHarf.wlU be t> ?ptlx at'^ndj ? i|Mi T E BiLiwii, W it c*trj. n'.'" running to tL-.- ab: ,e landings oa Monday, Slarct: ?th, leevlcg frota ? "an t ot <H'i stroet ewery M0N-| EI andTHI B l'iYa';i,m. Kr!i r :. util leave iiotti.a every TUESDAY ,"faj5''UAi 4 ' 1 V B. FITZHL'GH. Ag nt. jV EW EiPbEbS LINE VIA CABAL, rhlLAOF F/ilA^'jULBXANDltlA, WASH lavioy ANO VbOHb KT'jWH. ?AILIM DATS. ?/-TB Fl*r ?. Mirth fiinei. PhU?>;*^??? BaTI KDAY, at 18 m. r From *? W?*>! rfnaMAK DC, MORDA* . at ti p ni. This line Mifi'.ects at Pnila-.eipnta with Oiyde ? ?Uxular betuf-we- kly Lloe -f St- Micrs tor Proxl Bo-t' : a-:d N?:w Eagiaal Staf?w. Mo whart ??e in -i H>i* line. *?*'"*? G F HTDE. Asent fcr D ol 0. WM F OLIDli A CO , P'oilaofclpi*la. F A AlexXoSriS, D^._ D D C MINK riw.. Borto*. - - - " ?' ' '-rem. Orders venae, or attendod a o7 tr to / Vb n a n i? t1 " K ^ NOTICM. m ith (b* c. dtiulLlshiDji cbAttdi ol ocl' iq( tT*? ?z-.-'aere of this Line take a speciBed oonrse t?x wsons of tbe year nrthe Ol ard wmm+*e ;r-in Cine*, s?own to Sew Y'rit or Bosi'iu. cr.-salag Mertdlan ot W at 4 I at , or ^tMkoBtssri aiweage^, crc<?air.a t..e ?.?rUIUD of hi at tt lat.. "f nothiux to the u< r n'.'M XilE BRITISH AHDNOKxH AMKRICAJ ROYA.L MAIL STEAMSHJPa, ! hSrWKF.N N9W TOKK ASH UVEA POOL. I'ALLISU AT fX)KK HAKJiO/*. rxo*?*wliomx Fbom Naw Yoa?. Kctbm*... Wi? . Ari'! 1? BotacU \\ 5:y>S^^'eS:JjT-it And eVerx 1 U *ta? WYDHKSDAY arul SATfB DFtLLers ?ar kedr *' ft rt^erage pae^n rrV,roy pA.jAel-Oefctn.t* a?4 ???. folJ *ccor<llr'g lo at tu**tnodaliott V> ^arig? yff^SrLwtftiPPii. IL -rx* Mck-u W?Lirw?9 tickets to a ad fruw a.l a*r? oj Rqrcpe M ver^5fr*?eA Throng a bilu ofiadiag slxaB for 'Ji.m-W, Ha-re, Antv,^rp a^u otbar?ort? S^tsf^oLiuinl. tor Kcdtleerwneaa p.rU For L'p. . . .^. ^.fc.ags apply at ;he piiy "s offloe W^I x'Bow'irT Gre^n; or bo?h ?:^rag- and pwbla "cktFiTwVor A koRHi^.s Ho ?15?fc* V.^ l^ OllAJe. %1. FKVaOKLTH, Agext. auction sales. rI ti re |? \ y%. tj S? FjMoi,V^w?B"K5SP,IS ?'?? ?.XTfc>SlM? TABLE* MliiHi>T?j TARLFP; PiMHQ K'?UM 6 j S' nr K AND COTTON-TO* i'sT Tkk<'|?' rivr ?. Aih k ? r ? besse?. * * 'Thek pit i'!w i iN fi K A11NA N* n f H'KB ? "p*^B*LLOIL OTHKk 8Tor** fQ .,0?aFRI?AJ* A*ril a*th V-.,<Kk ? ? ? 1 ?h?n ?*?11. at 6 JO Jil l^n ?L k' "*"0 F ?Dd G S*rtK-t* n *!L<ve?2f?crib~<J furniture ???-t. B?I4 .rrvWA?H B WILLIAMS, -i?2 tChron 1 Anctloneer | J' SANSON BBOB., Aucl:on(fr*. 15*?.TJt?E>o-f,At" (>K ?B1CK DWELLING s;Er'jr.vTuuA"??0v,oi"0 - ? ? W. on? of the l?ud wnhtnf the Dia "h?"' on THI B>DAY.the 4 th day <?f Ma< . 137?. *t * o clo. k p tn . in front of I be primlses. s?.|| kt pnMic auction, part of lot No Lmh?."?rr 41f ".p*'n?'i?'* 'or the same at the v f?!?? Ji corner ? fat<l ?"* 1. runuing thence north Inhni .Vi Ji # I"* ?f?M hence went : >5 feet to a n S/i t! ? wide, thence -lath ?j r.i mi ! jll^y *6 fnet to n?-rtb 3 th**Dc* ea*t alor ? *a?d ' ?**??.' ^9 Jee*' 10 the beginalng, Improved by a Bt^ brick hon?. with at re ro. m ?> ? .J"'/'?', ? } *00 caah. and th* bslanceln two ejnal ? * >J?i li!" 1' 141 L . naontha. !Yom day of Dale, f jr tr th* J? r 'f ,h" p" cha-er. bearing in'arest IV. 5i r ?? - p<"" ?*l,t P"r ?nnnm. a- d scored by lei^t. ??? P"?f"?e Propertv, ?bull be given A l.f.iiL .*S?Mri l'b? leiuired of the purchaser at ? he time O' sale All conveyancing ?'tha expense klt!!fl'JV#KC Vil terms of ?ale are not com rn??? V ?'??* fr- m the day of ?*|a th ? t U'f J'?bf to rfM-? tlio property at 1?*' ?- defm'ting pnrcha'nr, np->u nj?2??even daf? notice i? th - Rvei iec f^tar xpJO toAd? CBA3 MAT)K8, Trn?Ue. |{( " K B. comer 7th an l f utreeti. rilE A1 V-Tt*t-EI V Ty.lI L'A 1,1 K tMPHOVKU Vr'wS 8V.Vv NOI 7 hN AH" J1 'V-.fiHINT Wo!?IBO*!)!-' i ? !>'Z THK C(TV. ANt? it|i ivn .fti!*-"??'KS0,V" e ?V 'XZiXlft&XSi tstt rJ'V ?'.'?'?i^'f the Lniid Record J of tL" Pi? .? Colniiil.i.i, and by the writtxu r of i iie J CJIT*"?'"'e^by. wo ?-f|| ,t|| P it.,iC a^c cin. cn tbe pr. nu.t*, on TflUK>0 \? . SUy 4>h. at 5 o cl. ik p ni.. all tli?t pi. ;e or parcel of tLd. aitiiate and brine in the r i;ntvof Waiiitnv ?t Iu,ul '* ft' <1 kuo?n and de iu a.etl h? part of iot liuruhered twenty liiue ( M- if he laid known aa M tn p . U View.'corntne ,dal ?r the game a' i p ii.t ou the east line ..f ?a!.| iji ? * tbir'y (1.141 t. , t ir m th ? ?f.fa'diot- th.e"c,> ? i?h tfle line of ^ J* ^ ?orth twentv ?i:d a half drgr< e-* < > r t?-> l nndre.1 j-o; f5el. ,b?nc^aad a: Hght i,-' i a 1 a *?0^iWtviif?rlF dir^ctiiin onfl nn?.red and eigijf < Insi feet eleven (ID inch.',,' ? erce south wtnt> half degree (2> '. deg, i * !?" Sired i feet, thence and at r|g| t .1 1e* therewith iii a MTThea^twarJly ^ireciiMn 0n? andrtil aid eight, 10^ > feet eleven < !1 inches to the liu e cf beginning, including tb<- rieht ot a r<.-?<1 long the ea-1 front ot ??l ,.,t twenty nine b^J ti<|right ithall ii <t e\tcnd b*yon1 the time tha* the ? t d ?.f Sft,d 'ov^-nty ?-lilne .hall bei?b lirided improvedI l.v a two M.ry dwelling. l l .1'"1, "ne funrth ca?h, balance In fi. U and 1^ ng iiftereii t,'f, P,,rcbas?r b^ar afe *r,l .Vr^I ,i f"T c/"\ P. r annum Irciu day of Id'taViM r i T ?d!e'1 trimt or, tho prop rty i^lfi.?Ill b" taken . A d"po*it ol ailO will J.5? r?. niT'd at time of ?ale. All conveyancing at thecv en?e ct the purchaser. If the term* of ??l? ^ ? .I finiplltd with in ten days fr .m i!a? <,f n?|e ty,'^ ni-teea reserve the right to re*. 11 the property at i? " I0'1 thedefanlting purchaser, alter veda>? aurerlipemept "winutr ? ha> k FRASER,/ JNO JO\ KI>m)M. ^ Trnst6"?. pla-. widi J T. OQLHWfcLL. Stle^nn ^?C'EOE W . 8TI"KNEK, Auctioneer. 'RI'STl IS' SAliE OP A FK^IKahi r tii h it it FrVM^No'S? JELLING. W^T.rUAf K ?TA BV K BUT U B-Vc ? J ? 8 T ll K E r, A M, MJETHWESTN M ANl' ? stkkkts * ?t> W?*ao1, * de"d .of. M rch 12, . . I?. 1 ,l:j!v n. r !? .1 in L't N ? r: .. one of the land rec.rds for th District of (jilum ia. and at the reane-t of the party aecu'ed theretv i' on wii?ifi?nCASvCm'd,4quf th" . '1^ .V ~^>.?*8DATi. May 3. H76. at .1 o'cU? k d t;!? ui.? ^orpScj:l,,f ?itnate In the Lli Ha"h^^toa, District of rolomtia kno^n ??erS,*Mmt"?f'?hVie P i- "T rlV'' ;fs,'Jctr n l.,t ndahTteen' ? ,[^T *"r l",?? "r ??" ?i Ji.kf '' P f iaarw numbered two hundred Cd eighty one. ,1-1,1 said lot having a front ot r x n tlr"f Teet ''v * dep'h of cne hundred a-i ^iu^--i. Tun Ote third ??a-h. balance at ?ig. twe!t ? i . 1 sh een m nth*, with loter.-t ;it8 p?rcent i m -.ii 1 noi( ?f c .ri d by a ,!? of tru-t or. the r- n 7tr 1 id. or all ca-1,, at the option .-r ll," p:-rc l\ " A ' ep. -it of #?? will b<- re.mir -d at tli ,e of sa!?, and . ' l co. ve\ancing at exp. nae of prirciias-r Ter n. 1 ' 0 led mp i. d with ib -even days, c- Proper!, be the risk and coat of tbe*M*uliini( par baher, aUer Ave day?' advertisement.' S P BliMNAKD II WAKNER / ? MaBTIN m BOIibKU s Truitees. Bf .7 ID ,W ,t j r y'OUKO A MlbDLJkTOfr ~ ~ Heal Estate Anctionoers. CK( STEIU BALKOfr VALr^KLK PK-')PEi vv h*r "hfcTU^rVL,)|to/Nl:wyVHK AVK. I 1 KOBTHWE8T M bl" A*U 7TU "UCBIS, 1 < By ?irtu. ..f a deed of tru?t to ua, da: 1 on T"t !""i V K I>" A l>. 1- .Jl.Ue V?<n K'?'?1' N"? f -tio 317 et ae., , ?f jat d Bec.rds for the Iij,'rict of Ooluaibia, an! at ,hr. h?,dw of {he note therebVae nred. we will p>j,ilc front if he pren^eea. on ^ELNKSOAV. the 3d day of *i I tmP' J?" * '' p m ?,h" ,w'ing described Wi? ?, i.eJ4n? *ltn*,ld 'U tne city ?f AaaLiiigton. In the IM-.trict of w r hP f*st bwll of lot numb-red four ' 4), in aousre fonr hnoilred and lifty . iw , tn< th?r hih the ltnproveniettg thereon Terma Oae third iu ci.b. and th balance ia '3? ?,iual paymenta. at 12. 1-and Ji m mtlis, ? th.8 n<:UH ot u"' Pur ba?r will be r - iUir?d, teariDg ltter?at at eight i9, per cent, p r [ntinm and dated on the day ot sale, -^enr-d by a 1 nf trust on the prem'st?a; or ths ptjrch iser rnty !j*"t .K? ^ ?P,'"D A dep.-ait of 51i?0 will be ? noired at the time of aale. All conveyancing at t'i I C"}v. ?.he ,#rni" f4rfl n?l Coin plied h, r,iv,tV,D da51\'h'rtaffer- Trasteea reserve he Property at the ritk a^d cj?t >t iLt; dt'itau 111ug jnn ha^r HE BIC( n B M ELLEN, ) ar21 e.5ABY B UA1N MAI"8 Trnstees. attlf'jds f nee H a ! \ I, \ I JOWNMAN a uuTTx. I R'-ai Estate Auctioneers. rRIi fc I EES' 8AL* OF IMPROVED PKOPKKT? I' feTHIET. BETWEEN 'J '2r) a\m >>< NTKHHTH NOKTHWKST. U ^ ?,KJ ?di-f.l oftrn-t tona.datfMi ->n the ur k jw i 1"*4' Hr-d recorded in k'rr* Sa*: ,l' '* ,92' "f the land idCirda for tho ?J. V Cclnmbia.and at the re jut>t orthe ho'df r nr't! n n" htrftbV"fDrtd ""'I 't public hfoH iJ? /''? '* t*"' premisf-, on TCIC8DAY, (If ?'"ti ' i i'i i ^ ?- ?? ? clock p. ci., ? it ' Pair, f wal '">4 Pien.H-?,io JL* v'* Buttered fonr ij in txiu^re nomber ? , ?H ' '' beginniug for the name at a p ii.t ,n i?t t - fWt n''r,b"t.r thirty -ix ,35) f,-et isht, . iLch?-s from tho aouthwest Conor of aaid II .L? i r Pi" running eastwa-di? i'? o cfsai<l L "'reet nortiiaeit eighteen : it! ett. tli-tice norihw?rdiy *eventy three .73) f.-ef ?aVd'r; u?:r, rd k ; ^ *?*><? ! J: r? n.?Vt!,r,>e.<,""t w,,h ?b? rigut to the ? rJi'red u"e of th" hM<>7 in ,he rear of i*r Ll w:th a!! ,be e -e.nenta. .Ii ! 'J lrnprovemeata, conflating of 'niloicg ? Hou-e, with b?ck 7f TB- of aale JIW, with interest at tendO) per rt from the ytb day ot May, li75, and thaex p-nses r| th;-aale, in Ca-h. and the bal ince in one ? ear, ft r wbich the note of the purchaser will be re jnlr?d, Lfani'g interest at eight s oer coat Ltr an QUfP, nod dat<<l ou the day of safe. 4 deposit of -i'W will be required at the t'ma of ?a!e all coa teyaicingiit th? purchaser a cost. If the terms are a. t c> Riplied wi!h in seven davg, the trnstees will I' -e'i tfc. property at the risk aadc^t of the d laulticg purtba-er. ? AUGUSTUS E PIRBY/I _ *r!7 ecAds K. J. MIDDLETON, Ja ,S Tru,'e?!' U, u- WARNER, corner ? aLd 7th streets. ^ P ''I SALE OF IMPROVED PBOPEBTY NEW JCBHICf AVENUC HKTA'rr1* l. ?ANL LSTS H0HTBWM ' K By virtue of a de. d offrust, dat> d M arch 2ld, 1 .5. recorded iq Liber 7e9. folio 421. of the land records for the District of Colombia, and by direc tion of the part* secured thereby, I will offer at P'.lillc auction. In front of the premises, otiSATPB DAY, April the )iiid. ls7o, at .? o'clock p m . pirta of Lota ( and D. In ?juare No. 663. fronting about 17 ju t l , iaches on N.-w Jersey avenue, and extend ing back tb<- depth of the lot to an IS feet alley The property is improved by a n?w brick dwelling, con taining nine rooms, bay window, and mod or a nn proveuent*. Terms of sale One third cash; residue in 6,12, aad y niontha. Deferred payments to be secured by a d? e?i i f trust on the property sold, aad to bear lnter tst at the rate of 8 p-r cent per annum from day of aale Si'*) down at time of aale. All conveyancing at cost of porchaaer ? NATH'LOABCSI, Jb , Trastee. apl2 iltda F D CLEARf, Bale,man. ?'T-.J.M11 ?AB?yK 13 POSTPONED until PRiu.\Y. April i?lb, at 0 p. m., auie place. B> order of Trustee. ?P2i cA Is r_ D CLEABY. b'a'.aeman. \JABBHAL B SALE. 'n. virtue of t writ of venditioni exponas i?ued out of the Clerk'a office of the Su preme Court of the District of Colombia and to nie directed. I will eel I at public sate for Cash, to frobt of the Oourt hou?edoor of said Di* trirt.on PB1D A Y. the ???th day o' April, IS76. at 1 'J o dock n>., the following property, to wit. vir ? All J' hn Ambler Smith's rfght, UtU . clall and ln tereat ID and to Lo' Bo li?, in Soran'a aubdlvMou of Lota N> s. 1, S 3,4 and S, to Joshua P Ti-her s tut-div alon of Square No. 376, together with all and emgnlar the improvements thereon, in the citv of Washington. D. 0 . aeized and levied open as the property of John Ambler Smith, and willbe sold to aatlsfy execution No. 14X30. in favor of Lewia Por ALEX. BHABP. ap7 13t U. 8 Marshal D. O. 1* V m M 1 will sell at public auction, in front of the prtKlnes, at i o clock p m , on MONDAY. a> 1,a two story frame HOC8E N > lO'JONew Jeraey avenue, alao. on Tl'ESD AY, Mar the aame boor on the premises, one frame HOUSE and BACK BUILDING, northeast corner of & and 1st streets rontlieaat. Tern.a liberal, GEO COWIE. Secretary N. C. B. E. Association. DO^BMAN A C RE EN. Anctlotieera. *>L-*od M.C LtiTTKELL, Salesman. (V'O HUMBUG-L. RICE wUl *v a fair cash i s^w'^^a^susvr' ^ri} AUCTION_sa LES. rwia ivmi^ii). IJAXKBL'lTCl* WASH B. WILLlT"u5t Auctioneer. 7//fj*tToiKr?>c ?nrcY*H? trMnLES4LE UIk ****** OI & S AT AVCTtOS. LA KOI BAN K Bl'PT t-AI K <-r L-bY GOODS "" '"'TUflttrw ukv "?"??" ?rarUSfi ? K ^'^ 4o,0 tic* bam Lt< o*. AC? *M,r*t>,e Shawls, Uwlt* Not BUrVand 0,?^ 8UkV'SL?r1*?l 'J"* M ht*T' P? plina All \v <*i ifI?i Irish and Ljonn * rHVeg.n, *??*?' Otoih.. Moths. Ac .Ac At,,;f^ Alpaoas. En.?r<? Li o'? Silk v ir.ti v i .Cb a:Kl rar'' ?"?ortment of .*Buaiil? Mld.-n,., , ? ?, r fcpll in yO'MOKKOW. & 1 I \ v, ItCAK SOK U KU8 . * iict tonwra *oc:h<i*bt corner *;li an J I> at*. n. tr. ^r-Vv". K*l, ^irrfi,N,VD?/l,TBN,T,JRr fV; A y? rr mahoo.ny.Vh* V ? <' kk N FZn 1 V kkAU m ^' jyVA|J,|T K E P t~c i: V T 7 ?? ,K;, MAhBU Tt?p Ta U i< E< ? W'Hiiif l ivf"i?n>'JJA,'t>: BU8KWOOD BOOK (' \ H fc ? IMSO K(?iiM ki f.Niri Kr viV V?- . ? ?iVkKi 1 ENS,OW TAMLK. OININU oh aims' aVFt? ,V-HLK * KO.IKKBV. BUS8**?k 8?LH AM* ,B.\ ,KKfIh??BH*TOR. MRUS ?. A IM l> V^OtiL II ^ Li I j ST A I M A vr\ ?C\dtp."-HECK WAV? AT AU(Tl(IK iV'i*N .r 1 KNITI *?, .v.. BhTWICi* ov JO <;BANT PLAtc! north wi>t 10,11 BTBEETB fa On THI KsDAy MOKNIN0, April -J7M, :e?r,"eHt " cl '*? ??? ?l>?ll -II the nn .? rr:i" '"^".^??r-tK. Ac, c nt?,?! tti . .| Uwol""K ,,ud lo which buyer# are _al?L nr-NrAwaow bro^.. anets. Anctl""W, Ho. 100i nortn.est corner ICtL and 1) gts. 'ARLOR SLIT, UPIIO* STERvn iv n . ? BlV" A*."d *-XT?N.SI,ftt TA ble T<?V C?'TTAGEKOB?riT8HV^.' ,M?? BlAliS^'ANn lJ T * " h|W HATTiNfl HI w ASHsr ANLS, o I Lit; LOTII, kn'I tenI;^\',e mattbessks,1 k"tchk tb?. roaict-tice of g.M,tletll?n d.. iain? , *,1 TmL'S! above* deiCr! bed k!1 ru !'t im- K s,rw9t *pi> 4t WA?-H B. WILLIAMS, An.-;, 'Kl BTEK^' !.E AT AlIPTiiiv ,,i? . .. ILKQANT 1)WILLINQ ON l HTKKKT fcETWtKN VlliMOflT AVINll Aui IMH 8TBIET. AvanLa A > D By virtue of a deed of trust to d%tpd ^iMarch t3, !-<74 Mini ret rded .Q [if,, -4 0110 117, one of Ihe laod rocuroi <.f the iii*tn?t ? ?-. W?",'SV:'S* J HQ8 ' f *'ri#fit,;?l L'>t No 5, 13 $ iiiare ' i? c 1 i ': "ig "wni-i "C b;i>l?,ictof ( dnn1bt?.0lhce 0f tt,P Bnrveyor of Vr ' lWDU on 1 t!^rt 5?rta, and rn;n hvk to no?h* rTilitti' of the p-ircliasi-money lnca?h. !?' V c<* i' ^inai parm?nrs ?t (5, li ?? 4 \a !?>?'Utta f. >m day < f -ai,, , ? ?h? h ,be Bote- !% .?,, mrcliater, bearing in e.ct ?t the r.ity of 3 aer ent. p?*r apuuni. hl'I - cur. d by a d??.l of trus* I.-wore't. ^hft!! be shea. \ deposit of J?i OOJ 111 r^r Fe lUlr'. 1 th>; P111"' bi??or at tbe limeof - iie kll conToj ancliiK at the expe-.'so of lb- p ircb?3-r' ^Lb V rlr!i? JfH Ve ,JOt C'aaplir.I *iiu wi:hi:j ? ^ the <Hy of aile. the tru?tP'"? re?ejre t'i* C" lU ,hOKOHiVK^Ifc|f.G08*a P* . ABtlll K KENDALL. \ Trortee*. -?*n. IB'P-I LUNCANSON BROS An ti. k OCNU 4 ftlil>I>LETON, * B"al Eil ite Anotloneers. TP- t'ST IK "8 8 ale OP I >1 PBOVEO PltOPfc- ht v i etvvkkn Pisis-iyV t-AtT A:<U L BiKKKT 8UU1U etob.Vl'?t0A ?n*{!?<t "fH( ras,i.? ^^ed Oc r n t j t W4,and recorded in Liber No "i. f' if . 2.-, ,or:?of the laud recor.l-i for Washins nc'iouty, l>:<itrict of Columbia, I will ?fT^r ?... L * P"Mic Hii-tlon. on MONDAY tin t'," 1*,T??r Apr,]' ?f 3 ..c, k p a./Jn ix a ) n t p,r,ei V,d to lh'* Wdhw bid lar, L.ot ix. (6. In f'i'iare one th m-cl as i nineteen, < 10'9 I "?L ''"'' Hie impro\eruei t- th re..a,c .oslatlo'g it two ?ory Prame., one u^d lkS ? store. K ?7? ff i' 1 \ aad tb': ""P" ?**' of the ?e,,1a c?st, balance in nix (t?> and twelve ill. 1mL8 d,"e'!of Bthepremw-s ;n,'-ntn;; " iVvpt"r; ^,Tr'r,B' '""" 81 ent. in*?^reBt 0.00 to be p?id down at iho time of a Convexasciui at purcna<er ? soot If the '!rn? a*e not complied with ?lhin eeven ,7) dt \ he Trn?tee resrrvee tue l ight t > r?Hell the ft .p^rty !f de&olilifg purc'h?,lerf0,'Ce *' tb' l HpJ2-soi<J? Y0l'NGHA^ iTtll TIH k*pB*V? 8|^L,^ KIS, POSTPONED util THlWl>ajr, April J7th, 187S. game time iu I piat e. B> crd- r of the Trustee apl4 d YOI'MQ A M I BL LKTOS, A nets. OLNU A MlXlDLETON. l.eal Estate Auctioneera. is ..vBLLuKApi:5,NW5 ?Iatrn*t, datvd on the Itrh k ofjiiif. a I). l?7l, aid recorded in Lib< r . Wo. 724, frlio 100 et Hftij., oue of the land r?r '.'uneit'rf Vh?r'Ct ?'' 0,un,t,la' ?nd at the ?ntien noJjiiav Vk* ! ir,T ?cured thereby, I will, on V i ' be i,! Jay ol May. A. I> 1-76, ,t 1 lis h'?h? t'HwS r?8'Ie' at auctiju. to Aiai.^y I ?a the prerussee, all that Na!n n tb. r!l..r?ni i V "?Blu- PI aim. ' situ ?ted ajpePWrlct Of C Inmtia, opposite Alexand-ia, rart ?V ItVn pi ou \ A" "' t"1- * !>'!? X ili Bine Plains Which wa? de\i,ed to Thomas in ? m iSaJ'/i V''ifa,her. 'VVashinuton l is J is \s ill dated July llft2, aad c<?nvoyed l.y ??aiJ fboMi. Berry to V-.Hiam W Ilav^by deed duly 12 Ku\^xu4er li'h, k)68. 1q Lib?r ?^7l <.t hi f'K?" .''' Olttritt, and coi.talnnl witbln he followltic niete? and bJunN: Bfainninnf r the at a slake on the ed^e ol tne la ok of the Poto fnd^?^hLsrKm whlcb ?*??? locnst tree, blazed ltd f 4 degrees, west 18 links, h "take ,tl8 " ?r?hea-t corner of t tie ?"IV, ^ "n U,e lract her*by described bear* Viriiri <deSree,? ?a.-t G rha'ns ?nd 2i links, ?ud rnniir g th' i-ce in a Btraient line tor a ?t^ne. an -ricinal1 ccrLer ot a tract of Ian1 < ailed " B?ll vo?," ? ?? dj ??ee?. eai>t li chains anl 8 links to a ??ks' ,l^n.Cer'i,h "TT1* ' <ilt ly chaiug an I &J t.ks to a ?t?Ae on th" north side of the 5,1. ^trrj r. ad; sjaitj 7degrees h ?k l* , cb*;"\aod ?> links to a stak. water mai>; anl tin nee vib the river jAiRt ah tolk'^s, \ iz ?Norfb, 7ii'^ d^irrit* i we??t 1 halo and 81 llLkn, to a big'elm tra. Yt bigh tiVi .? D' r',P Ut ^ro. s e?at, S ctialna and 31 inks, thecce uoitb . 4 fltgfrew wtit, 1 chain and hj links. th??Lconorib wear. J chatus an 1 2 l; l- th< nee north 17'? degro s east, Ich*l?gand ' J'tks, Ihotci) ii >rth 1*-degreeg east, S chains ami i'.irks; theuce north j.t>4 degree) east. 2 rhatng hinl 7u liLks. lh'nee Mir ti J5 d grees es?', 2 chains ii d *' lints to th? bt ciniiiog. tiie wh- le con?a)uine U acr?stnore or Its', excep io?, however, th?r? roni ail t. a- p*rt of paid tr?. t h^retifore c mveyod l>> said lla?s to tho Wa-hngton City and P ?int Lcokoct Bailroad (J nipatiy as a right ot way. c in taiblng lor th? tatd ri^tit of way about 5 and 61 loo acies more rr !tps Ibis tract cotjt?ins tte m >st va'nable land for market gardening in tha l'mrlcc ol o'oluaoia, and is nnsurpasfed an a trcrkfarm. The Waaliingtoa City and P L Bailioad passes tor ugh the plate. 1 Le tenng of sale arr: One thud of the purchase tt^ney in cash, ar.d the balance in two equal eay n.ents, at one a.-d two years reap ctiiely from date ol sale, bearing ictetest at tho rate of s pur cent ?td secured byadn-d of tra^t upon the premi^g" A.I cc: veyancing at purchaser's cost. A dra sit of ?iW v ill be re<juired at time of sale It the terms of tale are not complied ?ub in 1U days from time ,.f ?*se.' a ress1'* ?L1 be made at tlis risk aid cast of defauliiug purchaser SAM EL L P0ILLIP8, Trustee ap!3 tdbg B. R >jS l'KUUY, Attorney. ^^1)H IN J. SWE'T, Auctioneer. ' TRUSTEE'S SALE OP A PINE, LABOR STO^K ?'P DBOGS, TOOETflEK WITH THE OOOl? ? oHM w??'.S-,riXTi:B*8 ANI> LEASE OP i Bk9.?IOB? AT TUE 8<>uTuw?er oob <?* AND N 8THEET8NOBTH WEST By virtue ol a deed of irugt to me, dated De ?Mcenibfr 1, A D. 1>7?, and duly recorded in 1M i-'^'No. 8U, f?lio s7. one of the Ian 1 record* U> 'or Di'trict of Columbia, I will tell ?t ^oblio ?nclipn. ?n tl?e premises, on 8ATUBDAY. April i9th, lfc76. at 4 o'clock p. m , ? large and fing ^ ?!* Peffumery. Toilet Articles. Ac , Ac Ac , being the entire gtcck of Diu* Btore No. lii.VJ on the gouthwegt corner of 7th and N streets north w est ? Terms of sa'e cash. A deposit or A1A06 required of the purchaeer at time ofsaie. If the terms^ of sale are not complied with iu two dayaarter sale the trustee rejeti eg the right to rssell the protSru at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser M .. GEORGE J. BOB I) Tnutss _apM2? E. J. 8 yEET, Auctioneer. | | M IT ED BTATE8 MABSHAL'B BAlF ..I>Jlrt.y of two writs of fieri facias, issued on* of J2? F 5^ f ??f* of Court of the Dls toict of Columbia aid to Ms directed, I will sell, at MbUc sale, for cash, la front of ths court-hou*e door ot said District, on SATLBDAT, the sl9th day of April, 1876. at li o'clock m., all If. Marion Bnrchep light, title, claim and interest In and to h^Jf 'or^nt'sfL IS*6/11** ??>perty, rlz:-The ?? Waih?li^?n ^ ??.?. "4i to the city of Washington, D. C.. together with all and singular the v.tbereyl,S*<^ *Dd UTie<l n*?a u t?*y?i><rt7 of Victor M Bare be, and will be sold sJ ?Ini'?'C? ?!u 15?* 'lI*!2L0'Owens and "? AltTllklltr. And llifltfl fln f?vnr of aad 110,8 ln Urot ol A.ri, ALEX. 8HABP, U. B, Harshil D. O. April Sth, 1571, ap3 dt* AUCTION Sa l?. mp D I I> milT VHnw. ? Ft* '?uT. f99 ud *{} 7tb KrM't oPtvnt. FAKLOBSUITI?:.CU\M,'rR!.U. rI!( i?i *rp, HO?*? TABU?. UBIIB9. * A T rRsB' FkAVIiAK f I 1>8. Plbi OWM. RCIHMN .. norKi a^i.u kiHM;i'tJi> r?S' VPUv II.1 or STOVE-. EIT.H<N AMU UOjBIN i 1US- i.? ! A On TIU I'DAT. Ap-il ?T. c tamer, n? *? W. lf> drrk a n, I (ha I < II ?' A > I 101 ? h tS0 street. near L n.>rth?e.t. tie a' ?ve .|-?cri-et ? T ' rtimHnre. tte ptofsr.y of M Julia Hall, d ?Mting housekeeping. Term* 1! P. FoLK Y. Anil >L"*r. n~~ USt ANSObTbR'IS., AoctKn^rr rqth?M ooraer of tth and 'i ?ts . ioriBwwi A roLLE'TlON r>r Ooop niMHnH?vn rrnKITTAK. COBSIBTINQ or ?At^l'T (HAIMH fATS. COTTAGK IU KIBE HAIB ?I sTTUSHi*1) ?*aLN('T IIAIKv M *BBl.? TOP TABLBS. %? AMIST AND*, hi KIAfS, M1KBOB9, KITi'HBN rTKNI Tl'BK. ? BOrKKKY. A> . aT AUCTION f7\ On FIIDAY MOBSINU, April a*th. *? VW 10 o'clock. Id conBs?iton with the s?ie of l>ri coiir>. Jr , it ( ur Mo ?. ?? ?>1 " ?II i I ^ I tniacellaD*e?ft collection r>f Household Furcl rtore. PUNCaBS'jn BBoS . M56 It Ancti ip.-?r? ^rHOANbi'N $R08 . Aocu *eers. Southeast corner 9th ai.< D street- n. w. OFUrrBII^ W IB"X!? a 81'? LI .jroBS. TIGAB* < u*r?F mill nn'MrBS. *it? .visa. lOK BOX. ('ANNO FRCITr. Bl ? < orris. : 'IImI, GROCEilspt. tlTLEBY, SMALL 4r . AT aBCTIoN. " KKIPA* MORNING April a*. FT-r f,--oB.metcing at M o'clock within ar mr n ri1* 9:h nr.d l? -tr?e * uorthVMl, we * | Bell BB abo' o. tog?-th- r w it h *1 n - * (?pic. s, ('? mUr Ntix. Bvftl d L'^n ri. final H ?1?, Lump* I'Mii-hIm. f*s? atd''nfl < h < r??t?l Pol -1!. Kla.s in* 4- rit?h?s. Ta"k? /ineg.r Si^up- Oe :.-sl T. mat* C.>rn. Peact.e?. Ac., lisr*.- I >i Pi k ? . wi;*>*a vaii?t' of ot*j~- goods apjtl Jt PI NOATISON HBQ9.. Hiiti, ?HOB a waggaman. B??l E.-ftate Auc'ioneer, 11 s 7th street On MOifftAY. M?* 1st at o'clock p. tn . I W ill ntf ?' \r*?! fn lit ? th" pr> t two Story U ll No 11? I I A tl ?t '?t b,. t*> ? ii Q and B i) ii?wt L'>tl.ibyBJ 1 emi- ?!?> t l ?p2rt,|*.!^ THOjJ r WAOOAM *H. Anct | ^ 11. WARII1B, cori.frltb noi 1' ?tr>^b hALK Or VALI ABLE OBOOWP A"t > )''TII It AST <'OHNV K or SIXTH ANl> B8TBBE1& Ki?bTPN\ I <T fltr *%ie ?? ptillio ?ur*ioa, on BAT UBPAV.theHbd- of Mir. l-r?. ?t i ,. (l k p m . I 1 fi? i.'.iuk U"' !? > t ou Crb ?tn-et. c. ruer of H firnl r rri|i?i?t b> nd-pilot V"1- ' Terni? One l urth c?h; t ?!*uce in 6,12.1" Si, ?_0 :v MODtlm. ?' ' pir ?-enf. int.r>'t Tula p;r fccl CottveyaDcinc nt p rrhn?'r <eoit ?p2>". eoAds J T OOLDWUI.L. S^lHimAJ rpU0HAB POWLlfU. Auct!o"n?f VAl.l'.ABir BUeiNF.BB PRuPKRTV O* TMI NdHTH MUI OK PENNSVl V ANI \ AVK-i M K KEIWUKN 1 7 r i AN I" I-in ST BBS 18 M'UTll >ST. aT AUCTION S0l WON PA Y. Kh ?.h, IS76. ?t 5S|i >k p in .In trobt of ite p-eiiii?ra, I mill ?e|| tint r* vaiiiAbie tU'iBFB- pr. p-rt? on thr nortb-- d? ] I of Pecn?> Ivioitt irenne. t I7tli n J 1- h ; : i at* BortkWMt |N(. lt4ll|Ml| Lit Nn 7 in | i ? jimre IW. IiavIls ? front ot to lect b? i? >leptl'. of 1(2 11 12 Ifet to a Jl) 6 l-'f -t ?l|< v. *riJ l tr ( * two hi' ry Brick I'wellii g Itnjv a n ibe 8ti?r ?r.d ? Garter B<-;?nrant. Ten.i- One ti.lrd ctih; balance in 8. 12 ainl 1 1 ni"itb?. ii"te? be?nn? interei at 1 p t i -tit pwr j and ?erjir? il I'F do?d of tru?t on tbi- pr. p crty A dep. sit t-f ? ll*i re |iiire-i at tune <t ??> All convtj aLdng at tli? c -t of tb" tinr?i*?er. at2< d TH' >t< HOWLING A ncl H WAUIiKB, Corner 7:b and r stro^is TBUBTEE8' SALE or l>E?IBAItLE I NIM I PBOVBP BPAL RSTaTE ON TUK < iBNKB OF MA66ACHr??TT8 AMNlE ANU lvil hTltKBT SOtTUKAST. SBy virlce ol a d?< d of trn*t.dat?d Ap^ll 2lth. 1-76. und duly rec irrt^d in Lilier N ?. 7<l, f >llo 1(57. et of the Land B<KM>t4sof th> l?i< tilct ofOolnnibla. ?nd by th" written re.tu<-?t of 'he part/ tecurnl tner' b/.we will ?f|l at pabilc auc 11. n OB tlie pr MS, ..n MOSIUAtf April J I t. 1.-76. at .*? o'clock p m all those pie^-* or parcel* ol land f.itnat< d aL<l b< itiK in the cit; of Wa~ait a t >n. District of OolnnibU. an t tniwn a-jd de?t<u? t> il a* orifiinal l<it? numbered f mrte^-n 1141, fi teen (lfi.a'd sixteen (16>, in egnare ntitiibered ele\e? linndr.-d din", c>ntaiuing 25.7J3 ?.uare le?t of grmicd. mote or leea Tern:*: One f Mrth <-a'h; biWnce In 5. I?, pp.5 IS tnriiih*, fcr which the n ^te* of th<- pit ch?*?-r, l>?ar lug interest at S percent, p-'- an mm from day of ?al-, and ?*ctired by adeed -f trn?t i the p o?"rty ci Id. will be takt-n. A ilep.>?i of Q.'aJ > n t-in h lot will be required at the time of sale All Mm r ancinir at tt?i- exp<-nv of th' pnrcha?i>r. If the tetn ?cf calc are n t cotnp!i.>d u ith In iOdav?fr.>n 'tar of ?A!e. the Ti u?t?es rvwne the tigh' t.i riM"ll the property at the risk aim co<i of th ? defaulting ptrcLaan, alt< r ft adv<-rtisi m?T't. filAS B rBASICB.f Tia,t(1M J NO JOV EPSON, < By TUK AliOVK 8.ALK IS P0!?TPONBP <>N ate ;,nt li tfei&.u I! til F Bill.". Y . Apt I 1?76. ???ire toBr ar d a'ac ti. I) CHAS E PBASEB.I x _? J NO -I'?V h.l>8 )N.S " ap?S-d J.T COLPW ALL. SaWnian. UMCAMbOH BBOS , Aactloneer*, Corner ?;h and D afreets norJSiweet. THBEE STOBT A Np ATTIO PKK-8 BRI' K. llOl-'BK AN P LOT, N ..<?:ti n STKKKT, IIS TWA EN Bl H AN It 10ih NOBTUWE8T. flrs On BATUMDAY APTKuSOOS. Ap'll a?. $;a *' ' ? k . we w 1.1 -I 11. in fcOBt I t tb? pr< in '??n. all i f Lot No. 1. lu Pavideon a tti'idtvisi in of f inare 36- ? fronting 24 tee 1 inch on n Tth M -tr^-t, ami rnnniLB ba< k that width 19) teet to a 3>) I ?? alley, and contalnlui; Bbiut 2-.V0 -; inre fi-et 1 srotLd. lnipro\ed by a three at >ry and a??tc pr<>H-? Irlck front House. Oontalnine i ? u- ?.'??? and batb-ro< ai; ?tabIiuK *nd lari:- y tr.1 in TKl- ?r,? -7 ? ? ati r m _ , bmbvubi *uu i?rK ? y ir< rt-ar Tfcis property Is in one ot the best 1 citl-.ns in the city ami nutab'e fir a privato rr>iil^ucf, liBvir g modern con\em<-.. m Ten ;s: t'n<- flfih cash ths baTaccn fn one, tw ? ar d three j ? ar notes, hearing 7 per ceri'. int. r ? anl atenrtd by a deed of tm?t apou the preini?-?. interr^t payable semi annually Oonretannur ai pure I a*, r ac-t A dtp ait <>f iX) w ul be re juiieJ as -oen as the pr..p< rtv i< ni'd i-p2a DUNCVN'SON ItBCS . Anc-'M Ti 'J^HOMAb POW LINO. AacUonc?r. GL'ABPIAN S SALIC OK VALCArtl.E IM PKOVKP PBOI'EBTT ON TUB W t> r S11>E OK 14th BTBKICT, BETWEEN T ANu U HTBKKTB NOBTH. ? On TCEdPAk. April a.?th 1S7I. at ftDo'c'k, I will otl-r for eal'-. a' public aaction, In tiont of the pri nilsen, a patt of lot in square ft?. b< eiBC>itig (or thi- same at the sootheast corner of said lot, and ranting thence north ou ttie w.-st line ? f 14th street 2? and S3 110 feet thenc w??t 100 fcet, tb< nc? south 2S? and 83 100 feet, and t> t nre n*it ino feet to tbe b'-KliiOlng. with the Improretne^ta thereon, consi-ting of two two-atory trains dwell logs, Noa. IM.ib and 1?H? Terms of sale: One fourth cash; th- residue in three eijnal pa\ ni< 6.12 and 1- mouths from th rift? <fnale. with luterest. Tin def.-rred payments to be Ktnred by a di ed of trust on the propsrty fold. A I con>cyancing at the coat of the pnr< has ers. f llW d-po"lt on the acr?ptan e of each hid. MAKY HUMES, Gaardian. WABBKN C. STON E. Attorney. aps euAds TUOd. POWLINO, Auct. I/"TIIE ABOVE BALK IS UNAVOIDABLY poa-poned nntil Tl'ESl" AY. M-vr tlie 'Jd. 1S74 ?am? hour aul elace. MAK^ 111 M K '. n irdiaa. W AUBEN C. STUNE Attorrey ap28 TH08. DOW LiNG. Auct^ 'PBPH1EES SALE OK CMVPEOVKP PBOP 1 EBTY ON BOUT II SIliK ??K VIRGINIA A VENUK.NEAB TW' k N T Y-K 1KST BTBKET WEST. AMP ON WEBi BIDE OF KoUBTH BTBKET EAST, dETWEKN A ANP B SOUTH. ? By\lrtneof Bdtcrce f the Frj>r"m? Court *of thf I?i!?!rlc? nf Columbia, pained in cau*? ?No 4 GC9. we wi'l ee.l at an. i a, in front of th? [remises, on THUASl'AY. tn<- 4th <tay of M*;-, 18'6, at b o'fleck f-m weather peritlt:iiii^. lots six 6> to tiihleen (It?. I both inclusiv e, ocr eabdlvial <n of oricical lot one,(l ) in Mjuare eifhty three. <],) in thectt, of Washington, 1> C , as recorded in book of mbdl* isl'.us B L U. at pit 182. Virginia Are 1.U9 Is grad? d. and th't utbat ne set ?! ,? g ? . mr- -j On rnlPAY.m tt day, lu tront of ths premises, at b o'clock p m , weather p. pinttting lot* in our tubdlTi?ioB of the fast half of square ?eveu hundred and eighty Hfht,(7S?,> in the city of Wa*bicgt n, P C , a* recorded la book of anbdlyision B L U nt piigolSJ. The streets bordering raid pad aiiuaie 7i> are coniputtly improved T< rma of aa'e: One tjurfh ca-h. baUncein three cijual li-tallments. In six, t*<-l'.e a?-il <k'hto?-u ni.'Uhe fr. m the day of sale, with iutorest; or the w bole pr.rrbase money nisy b* p?i-l In cash witiiin ten da- a after sate, a d posit of 923 rn ea h lot will be r>ijnittd at the time of aale All convey ancing at pnrcbas*r?' c. -t. N dt<-l gi? no until the ? holeof the purchsgr morey Is paid If the terms of aa'eare n> t complied with within ten darsfr.'ta the day of asle, we reser\ ? the tight to resell the pr.-p'-rty at tho ri?k and cost ? f tiis defaulting par ci aser, after livt days' pnoiic uotlcj in the E.ei.jig Btar. A plat of each tuLdivisloa will be exhibited at each sale. We will pay ail taxis and assessments that are leyi. d due and pal able. WM BALLA&TY 6E 4a-7that.B.w..(T , M WILLIAM.?07 Penna. avo n. w.. t ^ra^eea apli <5Ada B. H WABNE8, Anctloqeer. Yr OU NO A M1DDLETON, Ueal Estate Atictloneera,. TBTBTKE B8A1.E Or VALUABLE IMPROVED 1. EA L EBTATltON G STliK ET N" BTH W E?T. MLTWBEB 9th AN P 10th ST BEETS. AKj} By virtue ol a dei d cf trust, dated on the 3*h MS liar of Jannary. A D. 1874. and reoordi-d in C7T?r No. 734 folio 443. of the land reoorda tor the l>is?rict of Colombia, and at the request of the hi t ier of the notes thereby at cured, the underaigned wi'l sell, at public auction, ia froBtot the preaiiaea, on BATUBDAY, the U 9th day of A pr il, A D 187ft. at 4.H o'clcck p m., the following described real estate aid premlaea. sltuateB In th-clty i.f W'a*h iLgton. in the liistrlct of Colombia, to wit Lot ni in bet ea one hundred and five , 105'. In Boran s re corded aubdls ision of square nnmbvred three han dted ano aeventy-Bre (375), together with ih? iai provfmtnts. b^l-^g Bo. BUI G street n?rt??wesi. T. rma. One ttird in ca?h; and the balance In >rs acd two year*, in e.jcaJ paymenta. for which, the aromltaory to to* of the pnrchaaer will be retired, b aring ioiereit at eight (8) per ceut. peraBmim, and to bear date on the day of aale. seonrel by a deed i t trrjt on the p'emisea and a saU&!'*:torT policy of itaarance; or the parefcaaer may pay all cash at hit option A deposit of <200 will Ix-require* Bt the time of sale. All conveyanciog to be at the co?tot the purchaser. If the terms of sal-are not complied with within tea (10) daya th'-reafter, the Trustee reserves the right to resell tha prop rtj at tba risk and coat of the defaulting pi.rihaaer. ap!7 to Ads MARTIN T. MORBIA. Trustee 1 WILL SELL, AT PUBLIC AL 'TIUS. jN MONDAY, Bt ft o'clock p m Apbm. ?4, In frant of the premises, two three-story Brick B -u*sa, N OB. 134 and 186 Id atraet southeast. Terms mads kaowa on da> cf sale. GIOBGB OOWIE, Sccrfctary M. C. B E. A .s<>cia'l >n. POWNMAN A GBEEN, An U. M C. LITTBELL, Salesman. ap?-3:aw my THE ABOVE BALE 19 POSTPONED nntil MONDAY, the Bad das of May. sane hjur and place. GEOEOE OOWIS. BeceetAry B. O. B E. A^oclati >o. B?14 H. 0. LUITLELL, SBle?a" EVENING STAR. ?r???jiit iv %ptMi an. r?Kir iuirih n^uR>;s?. t1o?(ug Pr*rrftiiii0i SFKATF -ATer ou r r^ivir! c'^r-l _ Si n* tor Jo cr?nitnurd li;s * j???> ?ii, ri Monday. on lb* bill to atneti-1 I ie Mil reut ;i g tj tbe legal tei.-Ier of aliver c.'?u m* till ??> *i?" discussed by S'niitur* s #>? m?n *? <) !.< ?::?[!, a .d. 0*1 mmiiia ol Mr Kd nun il?. trie oil! and ??nraJuit* *<-rf or <?< r?d U) be printed. The S ? ?r*nt cxecmlve rommltt'*. * id ?tior? Iy afi-< - war>i* a<ijo?rued. H< After our rvpi?r: r;.*M _ ? 1'tbate on the legislative mwi executive apprnpriation Mil w*? ountliiaed a- ?>>tn? let gth Mli.or am^mlBimiU were and tbe bill waw laid over to ?5low th? pre Mutaiow of t!??? ?ur n j <luJ? of "ie Hon?e la the Belknap Impeaehm*nt jT>ie sur re In!ndrr Is printed 9n llio first |'i?,v?I The Htah.J ? -- The ll ?loi Belfry Tragedy I'irER'a ?o* rK?.-ioii Th<mta? W Piper, *b?-eouvlcted mu*r*erer of Mat>el Young. u* (!?!?? a partial piifn ?inn. or rather an exptaiatio ol u>e martter Ii wh!f% Main. You- g met her death tu the Warren avenue church r?'fry.on th- ill d*jr of Mas*, lcr. The cottdcrsited man erpla! -i? St thus There h??l been a >teai of tal k at) >;st the ventilation of 111* rhnnli. ami Piper. ?w the s< Eton, rontelved the Heaof opening tU^ fr*|> ?ioor In the kivrr to create a current of pu c air Amndlngly. on Sun ta> at Lena ton, (l<t 'Ol of Mav,in- H?it lnk> b?* t?elfry. ia* Ii g 11.?? but *:th him. an t r?t?ta| the trap placed the bat nn?t?r it to support It; tnen mmlng down he met the litre girl M tl? l cntt.n f up the Pr?! flight She ?jx>k<;' to mm pi> H'jnM v . asking If ?he cou' '? Co np Into Ihe tower to see the '-blrdl*' He gav-' the inquired oonsent am? pas-e. <? ~wt>. M *b??i going up. After he .ad reached th? tower luidn g t^tlinugM mruckiiim th* M itvl might |>osslbl> attempt. to go frither up waids than the first lanilng. and haatily re(ia?*e?l Ills st? jis. bounding tip fhe sl.vrs :u I as possible l'.ewc .lug Uiel.?ft low he l>? II >!? ck u sj^tt met ?:? eyet w nc i al-tin^t froze hi- for ihf trap ilo<?r h?i fallen a. <1 tranftflxe-l Ittt lr '-4 *fw '* iie? 1 !>??; w.-- 1 ; t m'd the rrojectleg edtfe of the landing Has tily raising the i! ?or he ^.*titly Ihi 1 tu - IJtt I" *Mrl> b?vJy. *lni: 1. ?r b? "be il<>? l, bmld* Uied'<or on the bci:-clo-i<\t the d?r?r. ran down the step?, threvr the bat tt ie aide, and -pe?l d.twn t ii?* stairs to the g;?' i< ry l^tid* 1' g. I< cklng f he door after bin. To-'n^e ne went across the aurt-torlnrn oi the church, t?M?k the pulpit pitcher and paired <lo?rn to t1 c rwfrv. Hit future in<yve:RC:ita are *etl kr own. Iiavine been fativ t<-veiop<?ii af IiIh two tr! tl*. Ttie n-nson he 3-ve* Vhf lM -li ! r.ot give the alarm or brtni: the clii'ld <1ojt?? who that htt>flr?t thought . -a- that he wouia be Hifu.-<d of tue murder. Mid he therefore tiled t-i cover h!n tracks a-i f^^t he MM. Tbl? Is the anbstaiic-'- of his story an near as ran be iearncd. aisl It ?how? how f<k>1i?h lie a h- . If innocent. Mt to ma'.re a r.. *u kHMt of it ?t ot.ce. or. bi*t<er still. t;> have hrougut the child down Pud lolu hiK imory, tru<Ui>g to Ciod ati<l hi? owi Innor-ence f-?r v|nilte4ti<?i}. What effect these developments will nave iiixtn his execution reinaius U) be seeu. G\'< (m . A/n >1 -J A Wo si a k HrxniKiK nv*n?tw Jrw 11. ry - A N*ron<jt Sfortf.?Til* Ltvndoa Time*. r< ferrlDi: to the tuurJt r of Mr*. Pcirler. -tt !<? Maude Grove. Ciielsea, ou the ' ( l lusta it. Kiippo^ed to have t>een per|K"trate<l by one Wm. Wallace a .d Ins *-if>5, said to he Am-r l?ai wiio, It wu "Mate 1, ha 1 >."t In 11--? glum, tays "Wallace and hu wife were In London us late as April H. Wai.'vceap|K-ar< to l-e bv blrtli a Kust-ian or Tole.and is true i.ame Ik probably Carlo Neslc ivich. lie h.t* !i Mijoi.e by the alias?Hi of Ho A i mi*. John Howe and Charleo Uraudy lie for merly kept a billiard and drinking nto > i t n the c?>ruer of Sixth aveoae and J.-1 ?tre t. New York The woiuan a- Mr? P.?r ter, whom he is ?<us|H-ctet of murderl' g. Is the wife of Joseph B. Chapman - i. ( h?pmau. Joseph l lata Ba < r, with various aliaaee, wer" tried for f<>r gery at Smyrna two years ago. as Amerl runs, befort- the United Mtate?coTisiii^rcoarf an I bentenced to three > ears' 1 m prison tn ?ut e.ich. They were removed to Co atantlao I !e. a'here all except Chtpiocu e<ca|ie1 It is believed that all three lived at Mrs Cbap- | man's expense uutil her myitis were exhaus ted, when the Wallaces inurderad her lor her : ?eirv,of which she wa? knovti to have - s.'iO worth. Photographs of all fo?ir of t?t<> men have long been circulated among ttie pol ice authorities of Kurope, the Hire1 wh ? escaped from Constantinople helnv; want I by Pinkerton'* agency. Toe detectiven are c< irf lent that the Wallaces will 6hortly b?* captuied. Tiie Coal Trade.?Tue atittiratit-1 board board of control, hi a meeting iietd in Peati sylvanta last week, reso'vmt t<? a 1 vance prices five cents per ton f-?r the mouth of May and rtdnce shipments to tile wa'er 110,000 tons, the original allotment lrivi><g be<-n l.MO.inirt". while shipments will be limit ed to i<00,<i00 tons. Although the indications ate that the consumption of anthracite coal will not be so gr?-at as during Wi, yeL a vast uniount of coal will be naalna, and it is <julte (MMslble that If a very largo proportion of ttie trade should postpone purchases till Sate in the season, t'ie companies might be so pr?ssed with w<?rk as to be able to ad vance prices considerably. The present In diralions, however, are that tb* poliey of the companies will be rather towa-d fo-'er lug trade by low prices than bv Insisting <? i Ligh rates'-(Kwviwn'/ia'rt'f Mtn-ixj ./ ? trnal. Wild Bill a?d the Clown's Widow. The widow ot the clown William L%ko, says the Omaha Bee, was rec?*ntly iinrrirti to Wm. Ilickok, better known as ?? Wild Bill of the Plains," with whom she has been living a fhort time at Cheyenne. He first m-d her at Abilene, Kansas, where he was sheriff, in 1*71, when she exhibited there. He fell in love with her at first sight, but did not declare his Intentions until two years after ward, when he met her In New York, pro posed marriage to her. aud was accep'*d, their loves being consummated not loti< asjo by a happy matrimonial union. Wild Biil is going to the Black Hills for the suraio-r, and his wife goes on a visit to Cincinnati, her old home, where she was born In I<5?. AN ALLEGED ABDUCTOR OK CHARLEY Rosh SKRTKKt ED loR KoruERY.?Cnarles Wilson, alias Christy Wistor, who was once arrested in Philadelphia on a charge of hav ing abducted Charley I toss, was sentence! lfi the court of sessions this moralng to five years In the Kings county j>enitentlary. for forgery. It/ Is a well-known fact that he was an acquaintance of Mosher aud Douglass, the two burglars who were shot at Bay Kldge, and he Is believed to kuow some thing concerning the abduction of the boy. He was questioned by Mr. York, the clerk < f the court, as to whether he knew anything ai out Charley Boss, aud he repllei that he old r ot. The prisoner bears a very bad reco/d.?[Br"oklyn Arinu, 22cI. Murdered by hkr Lover?a young woman known as Jo*le Revere was os?lly murdered in a low house at Providence, K I , Friday night, by her lover, a man named M? reliant H. W?eden, at the door of her room. He fired a pistol at her tlirae times, each shot taking enact In the hea 1 or breast, and walked out of the house, escaping ar rest. Mr. Thomas Carlyle has never been counted amoni; the Kngiish almlrers <?f this country, at.d his .admiration has not lin jiroved of late. He Is said to have ma le the follow lug remark within the bearing ol Mr. Conway: "America Is a great country, but no system can last which would give Ja?us and J udas precisely the same vote on public aGalra." Commend us to the SL Louis gamblers fir cheek. The gang known as tue Missouri state lottery was recently raided and brokeo up by the police, and now the members have brought suit against the police commission era, asking for ?100,000 damages by loss of business. We shall doubtless hear next of the whisky codvIcIs proe< -utlng the govern ment for false Imprisonment. A Job ik Silver.?The laaue ot subsidiary silver at the aub-treaai'xy in thla city does not Include the new 20 cent plecea, 60 far at Wa&t as the general public are conceru<*l. Favored persona, however, It appeara. are able to procure the coin, and were Belling t j?m yesterday over the counter at 23 per cent, premium?[A". Y. Jour-Oam , 22JL EjTTramps and horae thieves Infest Heaip atea<i,Texas, to such an extent that a vigil a nee commute* is threatened. ?"Typhoid fever and pneumonia have been making tan funerals a day at Pht* jlx vilie, Pa. ^/?The Chicago Tribune thinks Booth rolls hlseyea too much In Richard III, aud Is too fotd of dwelling In <'th? guttural oourU of horror." tjrTbt Chicago Tribune, after mature de liberation. has come to the conclusion that tn a good many railroad cases the receiver Is as bad as the thief. ?7"Mrs. Van Cott la converting tbe Brook ljnites by tbe soore, but would like especial ty to convert that stray sheep who stole her Jewelry. ?7" Tbe Methodist conference of St. Johns bury, Vermont, have adopted a resolution denouncing tbe sale of intoxicating liquors on tbe Centennial grounds. B7~Father Ryan, "the poet priest," who has been lying dangerously 111 of brain-fever at Mobile, Is Cast recovering. ?7"Compulsory voting will save th * state, we think, but, if that resort should all. hi us insiat upon compulsory mimage.? [puna Jim, , J'> ?? or. Hrn m awi> Kr cn?? (? *r l a I ?r.m l r ?:n Nl L ? uia. April **?' I*.t?. |li? young woman ? ?i li\ \A* C?<|?r thla inur it<tg, diet ' * a*trn i on ti i v'n ?j*r '? li? the li'XiMUU ? 'r%pn'>iifl4!r ,1 * v it> 1: u. ?f;r".' ' V* f"r h *1?* i ?.? ?i t ?%?!<? u l! '?? I'lHl f >1 Miuix Mmf fc.'l a'e aft* at t? r to ti.fnk with him h?i ?? m,. g ItM lotiKi- ?rrn-?t T-? day f.orwr ;.vi at *' ? I ? ;if ? ,?re V |<? |? | \ %IMi -!|# *? n! out |i ;o !l?e wth tnm. hut at -r ? f? * IliOtlir rsilloy tbr ll11rml k ??rr*n *t <1 ran toward the hour*. < hwn1 a;.l flr?>l Iw.i aliota. both of wliioh n t?n?l tf ? girla' hca t, and atie fell to Um ?r. t;r <1 mortaMy woan>ln1. Cnij? r ihm pm th? |'K t<i! to hi* ovu tMil Mid ??'&( ? bull*! M'touffc hla hrilu. Thp i at* unnrid Hiotrijii ?m al **>' ppb4% lur li?illron }?aj?er. >n<l Other wise a* well ammtlng to ai anao-lo:* In tba n rwilu f>tl?u r. ?tmii hi* railing Track, Jh?* a'ltl u rmccn Iractarmn, In a H>mUm '*?* taiUf *?M eom*Uitng that V "***?;'HmwnNon who i. oootinri tly w^ Ur M, ?*i ' T;>* hyatandar* pro Wrenl. sir. Hrownann promptly n>*dr?bna< w and Mr. Tra*k exroaail him. ? rt*i:rsi-ii,?-?1 o:ir?ortwi<y Mr. Traak *u led to ??>?. -1 forgive >?*>." At laet Hrowa Min N'tmf ?<t,ri<g<*r| a xwrnd time a id n| ??I Imv." ki o kisl \on down and I haveaptl. og;re?t W It. If )on *av anything more *u>ut forglvlt g me, I will ktuN-g jeta dowa ?/?A s:*orkln^ atorr roam from Hyde I'ark. Vermont. wl??r? an Inaaae man h?t t? red oat t.y? hralna of hla ana with an at*, a/ What e woman lack* laakill ?ho mak>? np in rtiUtaataaok wIim *be cut* i?,?r Ini* a i:air. The t.a *k of hm h. ad may look like ?t.u:?1?r hm ffity ?owiop ik a bright vmma of ievoiod x ,TV c Ion to tiM uud'-rat a.iJiii* .a'rtf , !*a -i/ A'-'i- ? MBl nW*EI -Or Tai-Ui. IrrM ?lk. llCd. at 10> A fl? . 51 ? Mi, ? Bit ? * K !*?. ?),' "I ? I at I'tin.' t'lmirb. U -t ? u h^aat. t TL r>?i i . i' I JV | it ? HVBM&K!' *'n . drp?d?T A ?rtl HiN. !<*?, at J ??. "? ? r ?il;,i <!? No I'M Jal>a ?t ? l > n?u ri'v>, il?' .?? , ?c?<g m ? ??r? Tfir t ??*? ? f tti? OU Inhabit?. i* \ ?? CI a !i n ' * .illari ao4 i I hta 1 nl?. ar'- r?-?p> Id*ii..| *. ?i .t..I I.,, faaral >a *ti 'a* ? : f i?i , ?( ?.. r-irh ? baprl.t , ri<9 (, . K'Ufc H ??t .K' 'D | |t?l !if ? li t ?il I'fM) 3n*y | ? Hfc l?> ^ At I lO'l ? ?ti "et north* ???t >n Ta?? do.A|'ir * 1*6 1* M It >kk <( (arlf ? i ?? ? I X V Iniitfal grtilay li luatant ai S y m M ili: ?r t Koctcati-r papwi * ? as* ?r I hMlTH r ? 1?|, ??nl 2?th I8T<. at It .*? , m, of arntv d >1 of lh>' t-laln . Tn - * Jr..ciilv ? ?i T?< * M ai.d carri* Miaitk. ?i"l S f <r? an m >i tii? Kiifi <1? t b- :amiW ar? invito to at*>>n4 tka fiiui iai li r -arain ? ?"?nl?,i>r- N<i <s-i] >!???? cliu??Ua . <i a*. Oaptlot Hill 1 uiu-day. I7ia li 't . ai < >'4?a r in I b" I ti 1 rVDKKTAKKRS. K. F. H'KVEV. kit r b r k c?t, Cndcrtakrr. U >1. HACtKTT vita K V HttVKT. aailtk J? W. li, VabiM 't linker antt T ndsrtakrr, M; IItu Btiut Huitiwm. ?Ctl-lr Tin: TRADKS. AUXA >.)tk UALU, W I' XI AM b ALL. LA It It. I BII.L a to , Mtun'art' ?rt a< ll l??l>-r* In I? . ir?. faab aat H i.ida. t; u.. Hardware and all Builditi* Kaiarlal. >17 Mt>i 1i?.u txniMi M*?wn CiD a*>d Ttk ?tw? ii. i? rMl.Nil K 4i ti p-i r?at cl?aHr iha> ao.i ? .u r buna*' < ail and ?"t ?ml?<* ji M If 1J rH u v a ti 7~ JA>1E? r. HKIBM. P.. .1 EH AS1) UAS HT1KR. r "II 7tm *T. NOKTLWCXT ^ < i > ii ? JOli> U H'lkAl, til Mfkt f*>ae*, M'.iiijfa " i- r i?t a h?wif I'a.-uted Paring Hollar mmI Vectil' g Aanlug fi-r ^torea. I'uMio 1 Prl?aU l)?'Hl UK*. Plar* and Taatl (?raa'.cii r> it b !?? A?rut for ttx oalj g"iaiaa Mild** P- I A?dIii| Mutflal >- |UU PIANOS, Ac. '|? hk ii' ranau uiuu o<lii?hi i iaio. 1 ji u,t - ?t aoC t^? cb?a*Mn 8rat riaa* Mr?a-?a taic L w 1 L P A IlK'J . t-'l * d-ti"7 i.1 Ttta ?Li-*t. i?ela ? ? i kafH G ai-n h r ? ii i.i.aeat. "t "It Hiatioa .. .. all taatroa?ntt TCIBD and KB PAiEKU tct>? tr Mallet iiavih a ou -h <jaAMo. kgcaui ano wlubT PhkWI ,r aaU oa. a.untbl. lr .. V.t-ut? 0*-Ip> ratr4 for pn rlt> aLd a* w MiMia of Ulna Ci* A(?<it.l<ll ?tb ftr^i-t ?. rtua^at \v *1 KMlli: a in.'l \?i?NLI) KKN'iitANBU PIANOS. Urayyt. \;.?r? iirtiml Hqurtrt antl Li-r%g*i, TUI Bl fT MADE TLc fave | ? #c< mnino PiaD w. 8h<io*n(ir'i Ml abratr-d ?' i a'i>.aew atria. Alao,a lar-g* ortnu-n' f Plaooa which bate I _ Q??- a ali ir. i: .p. for aalt- aud rent at very low arlc?w failing and Hrpalrliii f mjtlf at tended to, al KB' H H I * R At'M S t> I A N O WAhkhOOMS, octll I; i ^:t llth at . a fi ? d w>r? a*?>?e Pa ar. KNCOUHAGS MOHI IKDI NTRII 3^? TKUBKb f tBLaDlEB, TKCMKB rUB HKK, TOT TKVH&8 rOB CI11LDUBB SATOUZL4 r<?U LAIMks*. P aTi H It t,? rOB DIR. bBAWL HTHAPA ruB ALL. CAKK1AQ1. It'iBtH. Hokst OOVBB8, fim ^ airs, u a^mess. hadhlbk. bpo. Traok>of<? ri atrlr tnad. to ordac oatb?ar ar * J* TTH (Ad. ibibsOdd t>llow? IIall,) kr ,iABM CL TOPNAE. Pd' TICAL MtNl TA Ti'HEB uTADLCUKI' IN IP?* BBPAIBtNB. TMJf Rt ? al &AB9 W ramr rapatr T HCK KBi ?r~1 fablTW FiHJD. OtlKIMlS'N F<H?D ruB HORSES AND CATTLE. Econom ?.rj?#oit srKho, tinb apfeam AACm. SOO>IU HEALTH. SM CLKklt BY ITS USE XBO>.Ei>lENTe ALL VEGETABLB ?a apla 100 ?>ad* far SH 00. Depot In WuUI&gtaa. BOO L .Ulana ?rUHSdtt. I- P UCEKE?a A ot. VEy'E WIdtl ALL EUBU OF 0UU0 EaT1B0 t ? to ku * t ** A ? K SI A." OK, OATl I 0 BITS, la enpcrlor to Ai?y OAT WEAL. either (oral, mt di?uaat>c lur aalabr ail Brat daa Orc>oara A ? k for tr*? aainala parka?a frtl auki 1 "'HIS IS T?>UIVK NOTIOE.Thal tbeaubaerl bn?e ? 'atbad tr--ni ihe Sopr?me tl Dlatrict of I) limit! > ii Jm| a Spxial TV_-? M tri tratanir ..arr co the p?>raotial r?tat? of I P. OILMAN lat* of WaaliinBtoa cur. P C., de c. B?. c. A li peioone ha? It. claim* aaatnat thr aald dtoawd ar> l.or<4>r warned U> e* hi tilt tlia aaa*, wltb the vol.* 1 ri tberv f. to thi< mhacrlbor. od or beture ibe 1 Hi da? ??! Aptil aeit. tb*r mag ctb- rul-e t> r law Ik exclodxd IruB all ko?4l of tba aald e?t>a.' liln'n u .d> r our baud*, tbia 1Mb day of aprtl IS* KMMAH OILMAN,# ,.~.atr,.m aplt ? J- Jt'LIAOILMAB. ^ B veci tri ???. I K Till bC i'BBM B r"t?l'BT OK THB LlSTLlOr 1 OF COLUMBIA Sptno! f*ro>,alt Jtr" ,-d'Uion. Apr'litK,l3T$. In I'jf a.'.tt<r ot tbr will of WILLIAM BUBD. Appl :attoa fot lett<-ra teat am"i>t air oa the aa of William Bout, of toe Diatrlct of C'o'amtna. tbi> dar hwn made hr bi.lia-d T Bon All peraoD* lutereati^l are hereby uotifled to pear id tlil- court on TL'ESUAk. the M of May Bex at 11 o'clock a m . to ahow a wbr letter* ? atamentary oo the mUU of tbe i Aaoeaaed abo ild not laioe a* prayed. frwUM. acoprof tbi order be publi*h?d ooce a three week* a Jf ?aid dap. _apl? * marl B?gW? < IB THE 81 PBEMEOOt arOP TUB DIBTBIU* OF COLUMBIA. . _ St'tiAl 7Vw . Probmtf Jwntdttttm. Ap*>1 II.A- MM. In the Btl'?r of tbe a III of OWBB LBPPT: .u tba Evening Btar ?r?n?a to U Teat A. V? E1WTBB, irl BMklir of WlUa. A r pl teat loo (? r letter* taatamentarr ob taa af Owen L l), o* the Dietru* of Oolaaibia, baa tbi* day Una made b* Owaa Ledly, jr. Ai! acrW'B* I li letad are hereby cottfied to appear Id tht. rouri .,o TI BBDAT. the Ka dap ./Map next, at L clock a. ?.. to *bow caaae wag letter* taaUvrtary ob tbe emale ot the aald Aa eeaaed *boald out bwae aa a ray ad Provide, a cdPF of tbia order U ti.Lltabad aaoa a week for tbraa ?a;';yK rwasHarsasvwifc 1? ?""l5V?SV.,5L"? ?'?**'?? fiperta/ TVrwt, ptobmU ^artUufioa.iyrif lb*. KN. In the matte 4 tbe will of LEOBA BO B. FEA THER- A ppl atloa for letter* tartuaentary oa ? of I aaaard B Prat bar, of tba Dtatr.i t of t lie eitaA* of I *?aard B F rat bar, of th* Diatr.c t of Oolnr. ! la, k?i tbia dap been aadu by WU 11am A Obat jor. All penoa* inter aatad ara Barety notlBe. to appear in tbU eoart oa TCfM DAT, tba Bt, dap of Mar aext. at U e-aloek a m.A? akoa anae why letter* ?>*ta??atarr oa the aatate of tba aald deoeaa. d rb"U?d *M>? teaaed ao i?C Wi

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