Newspaper of Evening Star, April 27, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 27, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. IV A8H1NG TON: THrRND&T April *7. 1*76. CBOfsBT B I#IB- BMl?or. Beading Matter on Every Page CMBITLATIOX OF THE HTAtL Sworn NUtMnfnt Monday- April Tuesday, ? JJ-J2 Wednesday," W,2M) Thursday, " -?th J?'?*? '1st 1S.6W Friday, 8atorday, Total fvr the Week ..90,7*0 Average Daily Circulation 15,t*Q Judge Thurman made some particularly sensible remarks In the Senate yesterday on the subject of suffrage in the District of Col umbia. Without having reference to the general principle* of suffrage. he thought It a little singular that If the people of the Dis trict feel themselves so much oppressed as one w>uld Infer from Mr. Morton's state ment, they have not manifested a sense of tbelr oppression. He very rightly thinks that the American people are the last people in the world to live quiet under grievance*, and that when any portion of them think they are oppressed they generally make themselves heard by petitions to tho law making power for redress. The Senat >r hit the dmiI square on the bead. Oar people don't backer in the least for a repetition ot Murder Bay suffrage rule, a ad when they want it will lo?e no time In letting Congress know. In answer to the objection tbat Com missioners from the states are uot likely to ful'.y understand the wants of the people of the District of Columbia. Mr. Ttiurman sug gests a remedy to the effect that the Com missioners be "able-bodied. OoJ-fearing" residents of the District of Columbia; and this is a remedy Congress can apply a: any time It plea?e?. _ The demand ef a Congres?ioral committer for the bank account of General Ingtlls from 1872 to 1*11, made yesterday, is the natural and legitimate result of such high handed acts as the Imprisonment by either House of Congress of men charged with no CTime, simplv because they refuse to reveal the details of their business transactions. The readiness with which Ueneral Ing*lls agreed to accede to the demand shows that behasnotblng he cares to conceal, but he would have been justified In refusing to com-, ply with It, In view of the fact that he is charged with no crime, and that ttie demand of the committee was an improper one. The whipping of a colored girl in Alexan dria. Virginia, a day or two ago as a pun ishment for theft will be likely to elicit ad verse comment. Delaware. Virginia, and California, are, we believe, the only states in the union where the whipping post is a egallzed institution. Tne a ivocates of the iash claim that experience has demonstrated Its effectiveness In preventing and assert that this degrading puntsnn:ent Is very rarely Inflicted on the same Individual a second time. lu California an act has lately been passed by the legislature providing tbat all wife beaters bo puoiicly whipped. It has excited considerable disgust among a certain class of tender ; <?art?d luiiviiuals, but the majority of the peopie douotle>s think that the class of offenders !i question richly deserve the laxb rrelI laid oi. Tills sort of punishment for ?rlfo-beaters woull seem to be retributive justice, out public sentiment will hardly tolerate the use of the j lash for any other offence. The member of the numerous Smith fam ily who formerly occupied the position of journal clerk of the House did not, it seems, cocflne bis efforts to secure business as a bcunty-ciaim agent to his native state. New Hampshire. It is now kt.owi. that he als*? flooded New York hi#soliciting clrcu lars. This leaves thirty-five states yet to bear from. The Your.g Men's Christian Association o New York propose to let Mr. B.'rgi 1 after the welfare of the lower orlerof ani* mais while they direct their attention to tne female clerks In stores, wno are require! to stand twelve or foarteeu hours In ths performance of their dally duties. A circu lar has been addressed to the shop-keepers making a \ urgent appeal in beoalf of the girls, stating tbat continuous standing Is detrimental to the beaith of women always, and sometimes that it is even fatal, and ad ding that hereafter In making their purchases the members of the association will give a preference to those nouses where their female employes are allowed to sit when not re quired by their duties to stand. This is a piece of philanthropic effort which ought to be pushed in this city . The House Appropriations Committee, In pursuing the policy of retrenchment, pro roses to cutoff the letter-carrier system from all towns having less than forty thousand Inhabitants. Towui having twenty thou sand and upwards now share the benefits of system, and will be exceedingly loth to dispense with it. The present Congress may deem it best to deprive all cities with a popu lation of less than forty thousand of th"se advantages, but the expressions of dissatis faction will be so loud an t general that the privilege will undoubtedly be restore!, sooner or later. ^ The speech of Senator Jones, of Nevada, on the legal tender of silver, appears In the {.\myreesumcU Hecwi to-d*y, and covers thirty-two pages. It leaves but little unsaid on the subject, and as a source of reference will doubtless be valuable. CARD -?'M VEILS and lb* oldest kial of CKAPE made <?, an1 to new at 1>AVU?'. 719 M*rknt Space, ipf St* Corner of sth street. C' \bi>b or mi hamcs, tuf. thaujv ' toserVM in the ALPHABET" *L BUSINESS lJlBECT'BY in tb? Pally National Republican, fc,r |l per ni .nth. d*ily. H* SBaLED PROPOSALS wilt I* r-c?-i*ed at tb? Tr-munt Uoo.e op to THURSDAY NUIHT, April 17, forth.- Bar priTilefes at ihe WASHING TON DklN 1BO PABK for the Spring meeting, comment mi May 3 It QEPB'.E n. DYKK. S^cret^ry. JJfllNNEfcOTA FLOUR. WaehkcrD Mill*. Micnesot i FLOCK not e-iuall'-J oreso-lied by any in the couoti y. 1> ia our tnten tion to keep a supply of this celebrated Flour alw,p ? n kar <1 All ?? a?k Is a trial to satisfy the w ,at taatidiooa. For sale by J. B BUY AN A B BO , tpT Ir 60* P^DBaylranis ?vnn. j^|A?un k HA ML 1.1 CABINET ORGANS. tub nrsr. Lar? ? ?-?ortmeat. cf a>l styles fr m to tM. t'pen euy terms. MM At the Wwervc*< of MTbTi MErZKBOTT * CO, aaJ6 tw Pennsylvania near nh str-et. T?-SOTM"^DC WT!OV.-TIm~WA>HI HO' TON ('LBAN81BO OOMPANV snirm-ite* to ?hM?ii|kly d??r and parity F 0 KNI tTHC. OAB fBTS or any kind of infested with Moths, CkiKh*i or ?' lied wrs ? !<??-.? or ink, by ? new ?teat c hen.leal process with, rt rip?. ,g or shirk I'?* taan* way aff~cti.j? tu?wurk,c lor or o>a 111 1414 P? ???<? ttis jin L" ayB-ta Ml U1H?: LATHS : Sthoosef JMinis H. H uldell is bow nnlos'liiii ene mMlsa and a quarter of PB1XB SPRU j\ LATHS, at Iiaas vkarf. L Wl. GCINABD. apX4 ft fi'2.1 LoOlflsii* bi0au?. BB! OK MA A BBS ?KICK SI?V?S. BB1CK PLANES, AKF.Bi CAN ^UOYBLS AND SPA PES. Great rvduct.on en last ?? ???>n's pneea. _ J. W KBNNBDY M CO . BViLDKHS' HAKDWAKB, SpB 6l'i Pn ?TS .opp. Msifopohtsn Hotel. ^?VOVAL Of A PIANO AND MUSIC BTOBB TICTOB BECK KB I Formerly os 7ta street) ope'-M it 30J 9ik street Mnk*Nt, , NcBS. OHUABS, BUEBT MU-a ri VIOLIN ST BIN OB. and sal Ms ' Musical MrrcoAiidtee tor sale.' St ? *t V- SBC EBB to Tuntass and Me j'laaoes, organs ?nd small M usical la ?*. TBetoesBaad tone of Piaaws lm -idcBarges moderate. spU-tw* "Jt B.1L.W" FOR THE HARD TIMES. READ THIS. A GOOD FULL SUIT FOE #9, Actual Value #14 A VEST -ENTEBL SUIT AOS #!?. i lotl Yaiue tit. ?-IU1TE A MICB iUIT rOK ?1?, Actual Value #17. VIKI ALL WOOl, SUITS FOB #1$, Aotual Value f 44. ELEGANT B031NE? 8UIT8 BOB #19, Aotual Value #4*. * BUT SrPKBIOK 80ITS FOB #40, Actual Value #49. 1 INB GUSTO!? M M>B 8UIT9 FOB #4*. Actual V-tlue #.14. HOYS* CLOTH NG AT THE bAME LOW KATES. HABLI BROS., Merchant Tailors and Fins Olothien, J ftrnM Tth and l> straeta. r]TJE LEbT SODA WATEIt 18 I) Ha W N FROI BLO( a.TIN LIN to *TEEL ForyTAiys. realera m l do well to aecure a stpplv fir the -da eon fti m SAM'l. 4' I'ALXKR. I' 1.POT, .>7 OKRKNI STHCKT. GE>RGB TOWS, D O. N B ?NEW COI'DTaINS now bdng receiyed. COCN i KB APPARATUS for tale, rent, or loan. a?X7-tr i'ATENT 1ARTLY-MADE DhESS SHIRT'"1. The Greatest I-iventioB of the A??. Bit fine Dreaa Shir's for six dollars. (?6 ) not to he had in aujr other ?-or? ti. this city V Vknif Pole Ageuta W. W. Bl'RDETTE A ?0, No. 949 7tu street n. w. at27 tr Mo 70ft K street n. w. fil IS 18 TO U1VK NOTICE. Tnat the sub 1 .-criber basobtained fr m the Supreme Oourt of tbe District of Colombia, holdtug a Special Term, letters < t aamtnls'ration on the p-r*onal estate of .MMtS w. HOOVBB, late ot Wa<bmgtoo citT. I> C . deceased. All persons navius claims agaust the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit tbe sane wi'h the voucher* thereof, to the nWriher. on or before the 25th lav of April next. tl??-y e ity otherwise by law be excluded from all b-iefit of the said estate. Given under my band, fr l 24th day o1 April. H7?* .IAMBS K WAUOH. Admlniatra'or xx 7 ASlilNGTON, D. C.. Ai ail 1, 1S76. 1 have this d*v dispo-ed of all my interest in the V o..d ai.d ('"ai r.u-inr-R at la- and B street- n rtli *e-t.aid at th wharf near the f' ot of ?tn street tout (] C bailer Edward E Buirjugh, ?nd i*ariiu<! Emery, jr , who will hereafter c ?n 1 net tte bn-iuex under the name of ?'The Emery Coal Con.pan*.'" Thankful for tbe ?aat pa'ronage, I re -pclullv a*k a continuance of the same toriuysnc ce'eor* In tbe busii.e?" All pen rn having rlkim* in ccnnectlon ?iib the above business will present tben; for payment. and all in lebted will pl?ase make r t n.ent to "The Em-ry Coal' emp?ny." SAMUEL BMBBY. Wa-h:*gton. I) C., April 1,1S7H. We. the undersiened.havetbis<la> aasKiatnd our stlv ea t' g-lher, under tbe name and style of "The En ery Coal Company.'' for the purp jee of continu it g tte Coal and Wood bn-inns heretofore tarried on tv Samuel Fmery We respectfully solicit a coLlinu-?T ce of the p?<ronag: of onr frieuda and the pnt>Lc generally. C r. sAILKB, lUWAKUt BUBBOUOU, ap2fi It* MAVUEL EMERY. Jr. m CENTENNIAL BARGAINS AT HE1LBRCH8 SHOE STORE, 404 7th STREET NORTHWEST W h?te f hoes ftr May Balls, at cost ms IW flt'U s *?!?( hed Oaiaers and Tl*?. #4 SU Frt-crh Bid, froat seam, hnt'nn. s. M Kid. Bution; # ? Se Foxed, Butt a # I. La. e Oni'er-. #T SO side lace H'l'Cit gre*s fiii cents Bu?klas. 5 2 Ou Lao ing Front aoam But "on. M.Kj Boys' aed Hisoes' frn<K>l Broes. #1 00 F 'it"! Balmorals: 2) cents Infanta'. ? l.WMeu's Gaiters; #2 50 Calf Boota. Bnck'kfn. Kid atd Lasting Oaltera. f . B -Lwik for '* Old Woman with S4 Children.' in w <t?dow. aplS tr B UTTEB AND EGOS. Fresh receipts gaily, by express, of choice dairy BUTTER, In Paila and Tuh?. soiled for th? flue-it trade,(free of garlic;) freeh Winch'-ster EOOS O K IIIHROW, COMMISSION MERCHANT, ap25-3t* < orner loth and C streets. GEJTTLE.ytE^S OUTFITS. Every Department Well Supplied. UARME&1S lO MEiM RE A large aesortment, probably tbe largest In W?^hic|!ton, of loodt to selec' from. Klne Plaid Pollings, Plain an1 Fancy W.irsteg Coat ings and Suiting". Blue and Black Flannels; Blue. Black. M >id an l Mixed Cheviot Suit ing"; Blue. Black, Br. wu Olive. Dahlia and Mixed Clotbs and CoAticgs. Hand'oae Panta loon Patterns; White and Fancy Vesiiogs. Gentlemen ,1 <iui?t tastea are particulaily In viud to ir.sp?xt. Suits made to im a?nre from #J5 itpwa'd Orders prompt!) tilled -t&d ia the best manner BEADY MADE l.ABHEXrM Good Suitf. reliable goods, desirable and new ttylea. for * 1'i Black Wor*t"d Coats, with \ est- to match, from $ 17 60 to 25 Handsoma I'anttlooLs fr<-m $5 upward. Spring Over coats. in cLoice assortment, Iron. #12 to #25. Blue ard BUck Flannel Baits .Blue Cheviot bults. Drsp d Ete Coats, Veats and Panta locna. 1.ISU1 R1E. Perftctljr fitting Shirts. White and Colored. Silk ai d Lin? u Handkerchiefs Collar-, CuQs, Scarfs aud 1 i?-s. Gsnze, Gossamer, Merino. Silk, flannel, Jean. Linen Tnread and otb-^r l"L'li-r?<ar of approve-l makes and <|tialities. kid and o'h-r Gloves. French aud English Su?p'nri> r- and Bra ?? from 35 cents to 54. Plain aiol Fancy Half Hosa tr >m 25 Cfnts to SI 15 pel pair G>m .ast Shirts. Tights and *1 rucks B ating aid Yachting Shirts Miny article* act possible tv enumerate. ONE i'RICE ONLY, IN E VEIl Y VEPAK TMEXT. OEOROE O. HENNINO, 410 SEVENTH HTHEfeT, a?26 tr B1QN OF THE GOLDEN FLBECB. ft | 1EK l>OZEN BOTTLES I GliOl'NDS FOB INYB8TIQATION' LET CONGBESS BEE TO IT CISCIlfXATI LAGER BEEH, #1 PER DO/EN. Tins superior Beer, in suae jug*, dalirered at abo>e price. Just recoiitd- _ LONDON STOUT ard PORTEB, IOI NGEB 8 8PaBliLING ALE, BA8S' ENGL10B A.-K 4 WirMER# apy; tr riNE GBOCER1ES 1 '11 ?? Pecna. ?v. ^aylor & hufty, ? 39 PINNBTLVANIA AYENCE HAV1 BEL tCED TUB PRICES OF THB1B LELKFRATED DOUULK YOKE SHIRTS as Follows : yua-t'T Mo. 1 9*<M; r^nnerty #? *. - " ?. SM.CC. ?* #38.00. *? " S, #?W; " #41 98. " - I, #U CO. - #?Ji. tv WANTS. \yVi?v7??t*rvf"" " "-:.,ss8 \Y?i^T-VtTm? ? wnitn ?ooi?b, ? '! ,I1 * T'OR In s prlrate family to c?-.k, ?r?ih and Iron Address B ?? 4 ? 8?ar office. if WVJAS- ? first cl?.? COOK; also. ft <Ai J7.A'T*B? to good hands a permanent pU-s. *09 9th street aorthw??t. rlt. \\wf21,mZlir* U*BPE>T?RS ad -vr.l ? p*7 3t A?p1jK? tbeTBfcMONT HOUSE. WANT1D-A flr?t c>as? Cook, Wash- r as 1 vv ironer, beet ret -renews required. Apply, t jt twojlays, at 1117 G str'et. corner llth. Ii* \\ANTBD-Tbree siperi-ncd ? ABVAf>8?*;i. " A??l? between 7 an<l 4 T16 7th st n w. APBI 8T LEIFHotTZ apr-3t? \\* ANTED?i Bmtrt rumi M?N iu Iriinm >n ... r **rrs8l to dellvsr book* from 9 to 04 m , at 6.1^, ?if rtriet. oppoeite Patent Office. JAS. SHULTZ |(? \YA?J?H~TW0 <l*?TLE?EN or lieatlem ta '* "d Wife to occupy nice rooms.withor with out board, chess la a private family at No 49* I itrwt northwest apT7-3t* W422?p7ToP?'ehV*";>!,f,J "baresor less of "TOOK In either the Columbia or Metros-Mi laWS"1 ?*i Ballroed Co. Address ' CAPITA 1ST. wtrcgw. t|]7 WANTBD-A WOMAN to cook and do the gen eral tousewcrk for a until family. a g >od home and go? <1 wag?s to one well ree? m aieadt d. Cell in mediafaly. 1334 Corooreu street. It* WANTIP-To B0t ? Oue tundred round trip rkllrntd TICK rT' to K<l lm ire. Apply ?? ?tcetoC.M II \i BI "B TO> 489 9th street n ;rth w ?? J If gJ to FMI*ielptala-A first rltst J COOK end No 1 Dining room mao, uone 0'bersn<en apply. beet of reterenres re.j ulrt?i Ap ply at ?ia E street n. w. It* \ItANTIu-TO SELL, ?t alow price, the lnr>ii . t"1* of a thirteen room bouse l?**t Hi * Bbbi I onlv th ?e i?|i ii ; buMnes* tiee<1 nniftr, giving r>nl i an t ftud addiess AiMiess HOl'SE. Star of it N ? *.l>? 1'liitii ?. urn-or ???, one ? biM men ttree eb??e Cooke, Ka.m II luifs, ,t? ? ?ood nil? '?: ? Nat>ouai Empl yaieat Offioe, ??tnL *" *l(* Ot>**tr, Families sipo -<i with h p WAN TEL-A WII.TE WHAN to dv the ^n vY .rations-wotk for afamily of three persons Uoon relet ercee resulted. Apply to No 7I? JV1 >treet. b> Uwn O bdi! H nrrth?(Mt. apii 2?' W\KtE1>-a COLOR11) WOM\N si beat hTiT ? e^""? ."?"J 11 street nort'.i *e?l N -ne ; Ii"?<!* p ly laundress with iuod references ? r?*P<*t?ble White Girl ? SIT | <? ATION to do cbanib rwr.rk and s?wir>?" 'Aln*n<l'lJ?1" w Wii:i"? tJ travel a5 J " * i Star office. ;ip26 2.* \V TICP ? Fit e t?? borne TK\MsTo go ab Tit ?? fil.y m los in th?c mtrv ti bail railnad ties Apply to A I ^TIN P BKOWN. corner New Vork avHi.ce ard 151b et. apW 3t" \VANTID-A LAI'Y w|rh #3U0;to join tb"T\T- ' u Z"U!?T 10 !<kk,,1? *n *le?antly furnlshod lioiri'.n g Monsr. eitrated in the nust eligible p >r lion in w a.-biL?lon References exi baag'-d. Ad drt-es-'V^ 8,"&taroffics. aP2; 2t* j W ^fA^Pr.^' ,b*ci,r? f"'ir first c a^s CH AM- | .Z* i,AIDS, twogx>d uo< ks. Also, Norse, ana Uonse Girls Hitnailon* &cn?--d for g >od male jtl-V'i8'. Apply at Washington Intelligence ?'ffice. , 4w.? 7lh -treet northwest. apt6 2t \V^?XtI1T.* H PAIMTKB, oke whi ? ? tborniigbly ucdersfands his business: no other nwd applp. Apply to J J. COOK, 1?? Bridge J'i: Georgetown Those in n?ed of < arri-wrs atid W ag' tis would 'io well to call before pu -clias ipg e'sewhero. WAN rKll?A LaI-Y S ACijCAINTANCE by ' a gentleman, with a possible view to nia'ri nion?. Address in cocfi^eoce with, wber?. anil W?U*? n,.ftT l"' had, MASK M. DH IGHT, City P< wt Office. Washington ap< It* \VA?T?I)-In,n1?d.ateIy-ranjiiie. to call <*ul J I ??,t?t'rr.? alsrife Tanety ofllrst class white a .a colored help, for all kio<l of housework. \ll have go* d reforetces I want odo white Pr jt.-stant ( hitmix rn aid. must t>> a good washer and tr-> er, tocoto Puladelphla. 3 In family Also. 15 white aLa colored, f* r all kirds of w? rk. to go awav at once Mrs LOUISE O. BUTLBK 8 Bureta Kb ployment Office, 90? D street, ap2i 4t* VVA.KTBD_TwoDRF:'?MAKi;BS~irN.?: Ml, ?VoD?2.5Ji?Tl between U and 1 atreets; al?o. one APPRENTICE. ap25 3t* U'-ANTBD-A NVHITK^GIBLTIibout 18 vears old, competetit to d" light housework and at tend to two small cbiidten. Apply 13I3 Vermont avetne northwest. ap?.' 3f WANTED?A Dentist. Dressmaker, or Milliner, to occupy the most desirable and lust located Booms for eitfc'-r of the above pnrpoaes In the city Apply at AjO :nh street n< rthwest. ap28 r.t ^ A N T IT V- A neat respectable WOMAN, (Ger man preferred.' as bouse girl, ti make herself geti.rally nseful Ben of city references. Apply atl731 F s reet northwest. ap2) WANTEl>-HOt S>k"AND FUBNITUHE Will ? . P?X cash for fnrtutnte and lea-e of home on Capitol Hill Apply to Boom 10, No 5t9 7ih?t " tt'.west. ap29 6;* U'ANTBl?A HOUSE >f 7 or * rooms, having a ) ard that is fhsil.d Alsi. to hire, a HOBSK and two e< at<d CaIIBIaGK, for an hour ortvr,.. orre or tw Ice a week AdCtess "Shade," City Post Office. ap23 3f \\'AN'I KD?Usrpets ltfeste.1 with M >lhs ?o clean .. ?n? ?t the same tlmn restore them to th irori ral LrigbtLess. with or aitliont rem vim from the floor li.k and grease spolH a specialty. Waiting, ton Carpet Beno.ating Co., 1414, avenue. ap28_lm mTllINEBS a? M w ILLlAa a ap2t 6t \V'AM KD-BON ANZ A BiLiilAHOISTS. Me" .7 tropolitan B?W taloon, entrance ihroa^h Hott I < (tire, #> Jl P. ansylrania avenue Poelari's Hest Tables splendidly furnished, Daily GrapbK and Pictoria.s on tile OuniM, only it cents, ore practice t?U? free U.B.WaLTEK. apJI it" 'ANTtD-BuLHIV LAND W MlKAHTd .. , . ? WILLIAM H BE 'K, P'" Cor. L<iuislaua ave aud 3 b s r?et. \\' ANTED?100 MKN ? Prefi-renca giveato tho-.< ?v rix feet and o?er in height Will be nexUd to ?erve as auxiliaries in the grand tragedy,"Jnlhn * H sar Apply to S H. DI FV1BLD, 8-ag- M?n ap!9-tf WANTkD?HOBS*8 to pasture or f?ed, farm ?D 7th street road, near fcligoP.O., M ntg .m er> Co ? Md. Q. U.OLABK. apl? im' %\TABTED-UAbPF.T8 TO CLEAN at ???'.? '* St""* fi'itiMt Works, 490 Maine aveune. ?. I"?!** ?' ?treets southwest. Calbd for ana delivered w.'t^' at charge. apll ly W^MT,D"7.?;?r?bod? * ? kn"w that the Mighty p n/y hoy a bo* of George's celebrated 8?COltan. 930 F street and 430 7th ?treet north we,t ?_ mar311m* AHTBD-The LADIE8 to KNOW they can ? a.v*i their Hats Bleached at.d Pressed in ?u riorjtyle at PABKBB A WOOL8TON 8. TO'i ?tr'*t marW lm* \v \\ w WANTED?Gentlemen to know that WILLIAM MOO BE. Merchant TaUor, 1011 Mew York avenue, makes a specialty of cutting garments to be cade at home. novi>-ty BOARDING. F OB BENT, WITH BOABD?Laree well fur ni.hed cool BOoMb for summer; pri< es moder ate. 801 B street, corner 8th a w ap23 3t* I .it>7 L 8TBEBT NOBTHWEST.-A g-ntle ? aal man and wife, or two single gen'leiuen c?n be acc mmodated with second sto.y, south front Boom, nicely furnished, with BOAUD, for Bto per month. Also, sing e Booms, with Board, ?S3 ap2S 3f fT,BE 8T. I^EOKGE. Ma* m' T >?;?-. 909 Est ft Board at (20 per month. Call and see bill cf fare apM In* J. H. TAYLOB, Proprietor. I NGLE bOUGINO BOOMS, 8U cents per night, or from #2 to B3 per week: B'>AKD or MK iLS at reaacnable rates, at No. 4 "*4 P<nnsylvania av? nno. apJU 2ai" C^Ol'NIKir BOABDI>G. / Booms large; good wafer, and shade abua dant. A.'dr ss JOHN 8 LUPTON, apl2 lm* Winchester, Frederick Cj Va. PLBASANT BOOMB AND GOOD BOABD can be obtained at 1009 Maryland avenue, a- mod erate rates, in a private family. tuar27 8w* L/OK BENT?Very desirable newly furnished A BOOMS, with first class Board, at low rates, third d?>r north of F street. 8#* 1Kb st , north west Transient B >ard. feMrt 9m* LOST AND FOUND. LOSI-A NOT* drawn by B. M C <rwice, e& doreeu by John a Gray . aken up this day p ttd. return to 984 Bcott Place. 11" ObT?About two weeks ag*. a BLACK 8BTTBK. A libaial reward will be paid bi ^ O returning to 1404 Pennsylvania ave nu*. apif n' | 0ST?AB8TBM'X.V* TltLK TO ? Lj AND 39-*-*"irkrt. JMi ucteeen the record office 'H^ ^JimirHh J.T. WOKMLIY, it i20 bth street. Le Droit Building. L'i>l'ND-U Lafayette Sonars, on the 16.h of r April, a POBTMONA1E. containing a small sum if money. The owner can have the same by applying at 140? New Tcrk avenue ap17 St* can BEWABD?Lost, t*atn-dav night, a black %??'? fttd tan TBKBIBB "GY P." An-? \ swers to the name of " Bose." The above reward will be paid and no queetions asked m if reiurnei to I JIT C street northwest. apK 6f L08T-A BOTE for P4.000, draw? by John B. ' Greer, at Waehinston. D - C ? April9,1^3. HI alle to the oi der cf The Ma.'?"^J ?B*nk< t*o > ears after date, with inU r'8.tM tgp i1* WJuii per annum, payable cess evitienct d by said note havtuj . I I? discharged and satisfied, the note J V^,,nK ??v Tbe fltder will pleaso return to WM. b. A n! or GEO. B. PLANT, Trustees. Washins on,1.D' marM-eoSPt ,tma. * M PERSONAL. 4 I BAUGHTfiM *N. FOB BIQHT YB B8 ' V'?!o>,d ,u 'teSupervliing Art hitect's Office, ?rovid d with good reference by bis former em l Office, . __ - .? _er em rloyer. Hon A. B. Mnllett, having 1 bis po liion < ihe want t-f political friends and pr>t-<tloa. Istel, for a while engaged at th- Navy Department, ar.d pei rnitttd to reft r to B Kriedrtch.e-q.. Bureau cf la d'and locks, wlsh?s gettli m tbroawh with hf? y b to Bd'4 anc tber plac* - f BMPLOT MBNT, ubtre tbev want a steady, sober and industrious man. IvokiL'C note for steady employm-nt than high pay. Any ore in need of such help, pleaae adiress. I y poral card. A G , Washlcgton, B.C., R". **0*) 23th Sireet northwest. ap*7 St* A 8TBOLOGY MADAME Tlili oeiefcrated Lady Astrologis* and Hsallag Me dium can be consulted at No *J0t D street, corner of 2d north weet. Bbe has no superior In delineating the Past. Present *nd Future la lovs or bmluess her advice Is invaluable, describing your frlesiu. , pointing cut your enstniss, and informing you of tbe sure way to soceass tn all undertakings < 'oo i suliation s'rictly eonfldsntlAl. Ladias, f 1, geatts men.flW. eeplig FOR RENT AND 8 A LB. ""OB BEBT-8TOBE 1343 7th street north treat apS7 3?* ^OB BENT?A neatl famtfhed front BOOH on scona fli> r 7 11 i * rt?i t w. * ap27 2( I/?oR BFNT-PABl,??R FIT IT E arid oth. nisled at>d nn'urui-bed B'H)M9; best 1 F L'OB BKST-1 armor ?ni*'l furnished BOOM!*, ' r with or witb< at board, at bOt? 10th stre-t, abase W B( rtbwest apt7 3t" F"'B BFNT?Tbtee BOOM ??, t>?a?ly fnrntshe* for hou-ekreptng. at 7 11 lJb street northwest do chi'dren. api7 St* L'OB BENT?Bea?->nabl y. at No 7t3 1?h ?tr?et ? northwest,twe> newly furnished PABLOK"S ?n suiie _ ap27 St* FV?B RENT?Furnished BOOMS with or with out beard. Inquire at 1334 14th street north WWt. ap!7 St E'OB BENT ?Wo. 10 Sttnt |tn?l northwest. 10 r r"-oms; modern cotisenlereee; #70 V W. MULKK * t <>. 915 Fftroftn.w apg It L'OB BENT?Three furnished BOOMS, ?coni r floor, conv eiieLt to Arena* car*. 4*20 3d ?tr?*t southeast. ap!7 St* L*OB BENT?Two furm-tacd B'K)E8 on iwcond I flror. trodern conveniences. chwp to dssirab'e pernors No il 3 llth itrwl north?wt. It* L'OB RENT?Three unfurnished BOOMS on first r floor. Ho. 1II1 O street northaest. rent *19 per month A pply at one#. It* F'OB BENT?514 ISth street, handsome suite of RO'>M.S.flr*t floor; very desirable. Al-o. sin gle ROOM. third floor: very low price U* OB BENT?A neat s?? rum trick HUt'SC: #f0adTar.oe DYEB A DAVIDSON. 1449 Per.tsy l' ania avenue northwest ap37 J;* F'OB BC NT?I"ire BOOMS. No 3I>3> 17th lt.e*t northwest, for #17; modera improvement* ap>7 St* F^OB RkNT-Thltd FLoOB of Mouse No Jl-iti PennsyIvar.ia avenue; mod-rn improvements; ref< recces required. a pgr St* I/OB BENT?Three BOOMS nr'Hon'shed; gas aid eater n-aine floor, at 1313 Pennsylva nia avertie. Icqnire on second floor. ap!7 St* ther for _ JocaMoa i In city; car* to door. 719F*t.n w. apl7-"St* I^OB BEBT?At 12th street n< rtbwest, a few fni ni-h?d BO'?Mr>:rent very retsocabl", ard locatior ccnveni?nt and pl-a?ant ap2/St* L*OR HKNT-Tao' I i -tl I i:rtii?h*d BOOMS. I ?itb 1>ath rtK>TO. with ?r without h-ard, with a iriv*te t?mi y <f a widow; uo qaesti n* astel, Icqnite at 8tsr office. ap27 3t* L'OB BKNT? A nine room tlOi'SK. water and I fas: large yard, fruit tree*. ?Me alley. on L;n gan *!reet. between 1st and Prosject; r?nt l->w. Apply 1 97 Bridie street Georgetown ap27 It* L'UR Rk NT? Furnished or usfarnished RoOYlS. ? t)07 New Jersey aventje, betwi en K and (J htretts neribw et, Ltar the Goreruoient t*rin*ine Office; rett low. *pI7-3t' L'( K BENT-A hands, ipety fmnished BOOM >n r lecrnd floor; eolith f'ent; jossesgio* given May 1; reference required. 44J Usi**;ho<etti areLiie itpl7- i BENT?A new 3 ?tory Brie* MOUSE; six r room*, with all modern itnprovenient?; li a Cord 1 catioc; will be rented I -w t>. a good tenant. Apply corner ltth *i.d G stieets n. w. ap27 .tt* t^OB BENT?Handsome furnish- d tt'>OMS,wtth <r without board, 1314 K street; hoas? has be-?, n?wiy p;?prre<l and pa<nt> I rooms large aud aliv: every cunveuunce; stabling if repaired. a|27 3t* P^OB KENT?By May l.firtt ai d s?c <nd KLOOKS of U use .'{4 3 Pennsj Ivania avenne, four rooms on flr*t floor and three on the second, modern con ver ienc s; will rent separate or t getlier. In iuire at the premise*. apff tl* : L'OB SALE ?Three story pressed Ori< k HOUAK: r I as hot atid cold water, and is close t > market and cars Price ?2.800?a siiull ca?h psymett, t.*l anr> in ni'-n'hlv inntalaents THuj E WAO- i QAM AN. at 9 7th street. ap?7 St Ei'i'S BENT?A coBfortably furnished MOTSK, r i brick i. six room*; bath room water a-id g:ts. *c.; on line of Beit railroad 1307 Ith street m iit.webt. Ntte bnt responsible persons need at ply. ipf lt* 1^*OB HIBT-A conveiiient and genteel TEME MINT of sev'n rooms and basrment, on D s:reet between Delaware avenue and M *tre:-t i orti eigt, #16 per month iu a ivance. Inintreat 334 Zdstrett nortbeaat. ap27-:tt* (?('B RENT?No 07 Bridge street, e .ruer ot P Jt flereon: J'J rooms, with modemoonveni '?ee? in ni e ordei and llneTiews: % od * ird and cel'sr; : clear to a f <>d tenant. Apyly to Dr.OBMJIN. ? 134 Dumbarton street. ap27 e tit tj*OB BENT-Two *tory Mrick HOCSB Tight rooms hsll. c?liar, side ailev; front and ba< k yard; scuth front, near new Btate Department, , I 7 1 i New York avenue #30 a month in ad ranee. Inquire at No 17 13 ap27 tf L'OB BENT-Brick DWELLING N >. 7??-? ?th K street northwest, betwu-n and H streets, contains e rooms and has gas. water, bath r ont ard wnter c!< set. Apply a. 1319 8th stree'north west. api7 3t* I^f'B BENT ?A udy ba- ing a large and elegant I 11 n?e in Philadelphia, with C "d and airy rooms aT'd convenient to the C ntenni 'l gronnds, wtl! accwmmoflBte vi-itor during the sta-on Ad dre < A B Star Office. ap27 it* L'liK KENT?Newly and bands >mely turoisned ? BOO M8. en suite or single, on secoiid and th.rd floor*; larre closets and al! modern c ?nvenieoce*. cool a: d deligh.fnl for ?ummer having sonth tr? ?ot ntu.ti.6r price*, board in same block. 933 K street. ap27 3t* L^fB BENT?A fine liE^lDENt K in Ueorge a town, (near bitth lines of hor*eca?s,l ^-t^e, w Hi-1 till toted tii..m?; hantUomrly (ttnuUi III ne dern ronvenit nc-'s; rent nominal to a good anJ can fnl tenant; posse ston given 1st June Addrosj ??(.'ONG BESa." offit e. till May 6th. ap?7 3f L'OB lil NT-Mrick HOL'bK. with water, ga^, * b?tb and water cl >snt 1311 6;h street, lv tvvten M and N northwest In eleg%nt order aud pi? a?at tl> situated Apply to II. W KENWICK, Ute iii 3?. LeDroit Ii?iidii.g, (Jth and F atreets, or I .'{03 N ttieet n rtbwest apJ7 St L'OB BINT?A 'argt an>t eleua'>t HoUSC, on 1st 17 street iiOj tbeast. lm iiedia'ely nor* h of tne Oap it' I Kioui <is. with stable and side lot* attachol. will be tented low to a good teriaut. H open fr to 3 to 6 o'clock p m. Inquire of T. OALM GAN.'tO^ Hth s're* t northwest. ap?7 5.* L'OB Bl1 NT?Two urlornisbed, C'iLmuulrating I BOOMS on 3d floor; bath room and w.tter i -et on ran o floor; also, nicely fnrni hed Front foi m ? n S< floor, south front, snltaale for a gt nt'e ??an and wife or two >ingle gentlem'n. ln/tilre 3 4** B street, near Washington Circle. Terms #16 to a gcod tenant ap27 St* L'OB BENT-Tbree UN Ft.'UN I SHED BOOMS r on first floor. Apply at 491 Missouri avenue ap26 >t* FOk BENT-A neatly furoiibed BOOM No 333 Utb street southwest, near the Agricultural kti und*. aplti 2t* L'OB BB NT?Two U n r H BN I SUED BOUMS.on I tbird floor, with <<r without gas Inquire at 1 street, between 6tb and 7th st*. northwest aS6 2t* L'OB BkINT?Very pit ..ant BOoMS on second r floor, fuinished or ubfu;nisbed, in new h >use, 510 yth atreet northwes*. apJ-i 4t L'OI: BKNT?Neatly-furnifliesi BOOMS, at 1314 ? G street north; alro, Boouis suitable tor hon<e keepiui,' ifdeslre.1. ap20 H" L'OB BENT?Three covfortabln *eveo room r BBI< K HOC8E4, ha<iog modern improve n.<?nts, ient cat per mouth TUOS E. WAOG\ MAN >19 7tb st. ap26 3t L'OB B?NT?No 180* H street northwest 13 E rciin- and cellar, baa modern improvements, and to a |rt nipt tenant the reut will be rcasju .ble; key at S'ote, opposite *jW St* L'OB KiNT?A DWELLING,8 t O&E. bake oven ? ard fixtures all complete, and a fine location; on 7th rtrett southaest. Call on THOM \S F All K Y A fcON.oii B *'re--t. near 10th, northwest apU it' L*Ol; BENT ? K neat DWBLL1HG, ontaining"7 a rooms and t>aih room; *-x<eil?ntlr bested, on ltth street, near M; (to. 1141. Applyt > W J. W Al BEB, 1QQ7 K street t,<irthvvest. ap'M It 14*011 BENT ? Haoiiltjn House, 14th and K ?'? Will be vacated bv May 1st, several deair.ible BP It IB and - 1N0LE RQoMS *p26 5r^ L'OB BkNT-Hitb tsoaid?One niceiy lumisied I FIION'i BOOM, huu?e irontine s nth bus all modrrn conveniences. Apply 7 09 1 stiejt nor h? west. ap?6 2t* L'OB BENT-l N? I'BNlSMED BOmMS.smtahla 1 for hoU? k-epi. g, to man and wife, or sma'l fam Hy on y. 3u3 bib street norihsest,corner Market Space. ap2i 3l* h*t'B BENT?By May 1st, a d -slrabl^ ..i,. H 1(N IbHEU ROOMS, cool a ' .lr. ,?th sonthi rn exposure. Apply al ?*41 i I street nortbaest. atter 4 o'clock ?? m ap's St' H Vl BNISHED BOOMS on 'Al ?ki.^ i.. : ?or *'1(1 Bedrooiu on l?t floor; suit able also for Office, tent moderate. No. 60* F st. . ?j_rjiweet * ^pW 3^ Is'O^ Bk NT?Bauds mely furnished PARLOR l?.d HFDROOM. dr-t fljor; sunmer arices;mo*t c? titral kcatit n lu the city. Apply at 735 #th st northwe?t. id door from II st. ap36 S?* l^'Jo BTNT-8't?RE and DWELLING , north E west coroer 9'h ?ud N sts northwest; a g ol lo c?t|oi for bti-Iue**; #51* mouth, in advance. Ap ply No 1304 Kth st up-1 3t* L'OB hENT? Drsirable lltlOMS for bu*iue*sor E dwelling, vorv dc*i<?bie I cation; all modern ct'tivenietices. rent low, at 1339 Pennsvlvanla avei.ue notmwtst. ap26 Si* ftj^o 1; BIN r-A i:e?lraM? MOU 'E of seven roomst r mode- n converi. nces, pleasairest locatloa in the city. Inquire on the premises. Bo 1106 S street north*est ap'J4 4t* fi'OR REN t-Two nicety fu uisbed c nimuu? at tng ROOMS tu a ? irate family; sou h front, cool tor summer; terms reasonable, reference* re quired 93ft Nes Y'ork avenue ti w. ap8t> St* 'OR RAN ?Eight room BKli;K MOl'SE. in _ go d order, gas and water. N > 909 20th street, bet?e<ii I and K B- lit #30. In iniie No. 931 17th street, betw? en II and I. J k. BiliEM a24 31* L't If SALE- One of thoce pee tv 1 story and cellar a BBlt'K 1>V*'?? I LIN08 oq s street, between 14th ard Utb street* No 1449. App j on premise*, or toWiLl.l M McNEIB, *09 7ih*t n w. apM St* LMiR HINT-70S II s n w., two commuuieat a ing ROOMS, north aid south front, newly p? ?no, painted and furnished; hot and cold wa'er; ' h>? 10 nermanent tenants; gentlem?n only; ref InuW ?P-< F F ap24-4t* .'(k BkMT-Thi ** unfurn.*hed! BOOMS, ?oaih - ern exposure, ?at>''t *2*' bathroom In b .n*e; largeyard 'miet family areb #8 p*r month In ad 1304 MarvWod a*ei ne. corner iSth *tr**t apH St L"OB BENT?Two LaBGK ? It ilge*, societies or pnhlic meet) Bain have a central Ircatlrn, aod nre acce,,<,"'^ vJ .9Terir line of car* Inquire northwest corset' *?t". D sts np21 St |s'OB BENT?Three I B rCKNIgHEU FOR RENT AND SALE. F F^OH BENT-PLE V>* MT an I OOL ROOMS F"R TUB SIMMKR fnrni.h-d u< anfar n sh- J, i n nit?, d ?i|i nr*. itniii* u] F Str?--t car# and th? rbtn >t? pu<. ta n< Cap ? Park. bo 13 b st. northeast ??>i V BENT?T*o suits c mm .Llranng K juJ-, I ? n KDltt (f lilflr, *l(li hoard. h?u fsr ?I then, also, two single K oma. dIni? furoi*brd; So 'H9llrt. nortbsxt Al-o, transient visitors fnn i?t ed with Board and Lolging ap96 3t* i'UR RENT? Band-oce 8kt ? SO KL"OR. ni furrbhed ft 11 id ?tr<?l northwest ?|li L'OK klHT?Oi e or 1*0 cuiixttlrut "K'lOi I ROOMS Apply at Second Nati tual Ha^t ap26 St L'OB BENT-451 Priwt, 14 17 5>b>tr?Ft. #3P, 4 4 4 P street, all im^ru' nnntt, *4*). Flr?t Floor 4 4<> P str.-et $> 4 44 Franklin iitr?t 916. Inquire 4 JT P str>ft nortbw??t. ap2) St* fi*OR RENT Ho 1433 Pennsylvania itmbo, has all modern improvements, 13 i <?< tain gix d tesair. rent *1 UU K' anno? Til >8 ? W AGOAMAH. 119 7th stre-i a?? St FOR BIHT-Two I.|r?lv farninh*4 coaraaantca ting BOOKS, aoutb trout, rent lorn . >i h nr without t>oard. near 9th street cars *39 Rti Island avenue __ a pas 3t* RENT? HOUSE 4 39 6th atreet southw-?T. r between D and E, six rooms and kitchen la ?jaire 41 ? Ah atreet ?ris St* L'UR RIHT?With board, -"ne la-ge. nicely far- | r ni?bed second story FRONT ROOM. noise tr ntin? sooth. has all m dern conveniences A p pl> 901 O street ?pH * L'Ob REN1?A comfortable DWELLING. &<n- ' I trail? located, "?'Ji E <treet. term* wide rate to a reliable tenart Apply to J T GIVEN. ??w4 I ard. lQib. t <-ar B street. Kent 9<U apis St* LvOR RENT?Oi.e or two commatnce'ing weil fur I niched ROOMS on we nut, an! third tl >or?, to I centler en only. Price 916 Mo 333 K ?tr?et no thwest ap2S St* f'( R BENT?One new three storv Brtck HOI'fl, containing 9 ruonn. b ittiroom, and all m >dern lmrtoveo.euts No. 1A3", on 221 street nortnw-?st. bi'w.en F and O Irjulre at thsoorner, or No. 40.1 7th rtteet nor'hwest. The cbsriofliae i? run Llrg to the pr-mises *,..'4 ;* t'OR K?NT?a three story HOl'Sti. nesly pa pered and painted, with lo rooms. i-.c ti ling t-athtooir. in one of tbe aio-t beentlful loritimsia th- citv fa. in* sontli to a park>-d reservation, aii Ma?achm-etts avenue. bet???-n llth at,d li:hstv, t>- %r the new Cbti'ch <>t >n. I i?iaire on the pnmiae*. after IS o'clikp -a To a r? sptn-i??> party rent low <?2^ S. ? F'OB SALE?Two story HriV Hot'SK No *?rt-? 4fn street uorthwe?t. ? outaiulug ?eiea ro me, w?t' r ia-1 ga-.baik and s|j? alle,> For pat-tea lars aptly i>*thr pr-notes a:2i lui F"0K RENT-1 ir7Tcla~BE-l uKM E. wi b a"l ni'd r?i lnt?rove? itt- oa Rh> le I-Util ave . No. 1513; will b* vacant -..air tirn? da n* the nintbofM.ty. Apylvt'J J ?tl Kt>D, 140a It h str?e? ap?l-1W |>OR BENT?Oi . tl se ds ir?l.le n?? "rtri k ? HOI ^^S. ^ll J It M strut t. rthwe t; ? n tai.s all modern iiupr > d'j<; p ses<aioa . iitn May 1st Iti.jnire at JAMES T DAVIS-SONS apH 1m 631 Ta a-,e . u.,der Metrcpolitau Hotel h^OB SALk ?N? w U<irai.hTo ro"m?. *???t and ether coi vetiienc*s. No 1 ?? 1 *? 4tb street, nesr II >ULdar> Louk time given Price B2JW0 Apply to WILlET A LIltllKT. ep22 )m Cor Kew York ave aud 6th stre.?t. K'OR Sft LE ?Two val'jat 1? LOTS l"i by li?> fe. t. r en fctb str(-et. between P a-.d Q; 91i>ic?->b; bal ance in five years at six ptr cent Interest. Ii. i'iire at 637 7th street northwi?t. *pl: Iji F'ttR KKNT-Ail 2d street, M MiK ETTl' 'K BOX and UXTCKtM ct'ippl*-te. Al-">,c lrnnr ?trre. a g? cd stand loi a limgrist. App v on tlie prruil.-es, ft33 2d street northwr-t ap:'2-ei.3.* L'nR RENT?No. 193** 9th stre?t north??st. t n r rooms, utvdern coQv enlrnc*>s; i2 '0 r. W MILLER A CO , ap?2 6t 9l.i F street northwest. OK KENT?At .t bhrgain. a laig<', centrally lo catid and well lightet BOOM sultabl ? for J b Printirg ffice. Billiard Room >r Society Meetirg liall Apply to tiEO I! M art Mitrcpolltan Hjwiing Alley, ap22 fit D street, niar 11 tb. LHiB S iLK-HOl'SK 100?i H street northwest, I the most desirable hoas? in th?t netghbnrhoot. ei ety m. iiern conveniet ce. will tie sold at asacii fee. Apply to W1LLF.T A LIHffEY, Lumber M>-rrhauts, ap22 lm Corner 0tb st. and New York ive. F(?R RENT?Three story and ha-ement BRl'JR 0^ El.L1NO, <>0*i Ma-sachas >?ts avenue. L.? trob? ?we. bs b room clis?t. Ac. Esquire of hOAll WALKER 4 CO , t>3S Pennsylvania ave. nne. ap?:-8t I^OB 8aLE?Or.nchange f .r ?.;htr propTty?A fine RKMlliNl C overb >kinG the city, and vitbaviea of 20 miles down the Potomac. All modern ennverie; cee; 15 000 feet of land. <'.icap biid i n good firms. E J 8^'KS r, ap"l 2* All 7th streot. l/t'B BENT?"the a>- irable three st irv ana b?-? I nsat BRICK H i -k. No 11 13 H str-t ti Tthwest. C' ntainit g tiine roi,UiS. Also, N >. 1<)33 8th htreet northwest. < i utaining uine ro.inis. Ms . No !?'J4 Htih street n>r:hwest. coutainm^ s-ien ro' tns 1 hear bouses contain all ihemi-d. ni im pr< > einents. I'qnire of JAMES W. BARHElt, 110!i H street northwest. ap2i ?w E/UR SALE ?A thre- story MK1 .'K BK-i r DKN'^E. y*h street t.orthirest, 9 r<JoniS. ri%i!i and all moderu coureiiieiices; price I >w; terms easy F. W MILLER A CO., apJO 2w 9t 3 F street uor'hweat. L^i'R Rk NT?Fnrr ished or Hiifnrnishod. th>< mo<t I t'eslrab.e and pit asant stiliorbau KKSIi>KN'E in the Dts'rict. 7tb s.., 4 miles front ctt\; 5K>} aids frt ni bilvi r Opting depot. M- tr p ll'mi B B : trot', vrgrtab'es. ii'M atxl pnsturc In a..tindai|ce:?S ro ?ti?, would not objeitto renting forsuauier b ardir.g ton-e; part of lent taken in b >ard. apl9 1 n r^'OR KKNT? A three -tory HB10K HOL'SlTT^, rooms; bas gas. water, bath rooTi, d'ltnb wai'er !?> ba" iL?nt. kbchen, ai d beater, location- 3I3H F stre' t northwest. Apply ne?tdoor. apl7 2w ' ^OB In the Oonntrv ? A comfortable r DWELLING of IS roonis, within flveminntes walk cf Mutnendsle, Haltim^r* and ohf ? rstlrosd. aUo. fine Building Sites, Rolling and Beautiful ? 'coot ; ? II wati-red. Address DaNIEL AM MEN. Peltgyille. Md. apl4 lm |7oK SALE?LAND and STONE QUARRIES st I IT' rrest 01?n. Metropolitan B-at:ch B * <? R . fron> 36 10 3H0 acres Apply toTH0M AS 1 BROWN Wb>at>i. P O. Montgomery C'>nn*y. Md . or THOMA" DOWLlAG. Auctioneer, Waahit,g*oi city D O aplt 2w L'UU RENT? FOKMkR COUNTRY SEVt"**! r Judge Biho. on Metropolitan Bi anch oi B AO. B. B.,t.ear Q'ithersbu'tr. U'ge hon*e forfaniil>; separate bouse for servant-*, fmlt garden at.d dairy. Apply toTHOMABI BROWN. Wh?at >n f O. Motitgouiery comity, Md., or TUOMAS DOW LINO, auctioneer, Washington city, D. C. apii-2? l^OR SALE?Three brick HOUSES on Q street, r between 14th at.d lAth nor1 hwest, c mtatning eight roou s. water and ga?, and n><wly papered ana painted tnrougbsat; will he sold < heap; will pay 12 tx-r cent, ou the inveaun>-nt; street parked ano paved Itiulreof JOHN W SIHMB. Real Estate Agent, aprl4 2w 900 M str. e. northwest. L'OH BIMT-UdlfK No 613 New Jersey" ave^ r nne noithwast, between F and O streets; 9 r oms. gas aud water; good yard. #30 per muti'h. Apply to W.C JOHNM>N.T I ?? Ulh street nirth we-tj ag!3 lm f^OR RENT?Three story aud basement BRICK I-WELLING with brick Stable, 13|9 loth street northwest. For hialth. architectural design and hi me com!' rts is nnsnrps?sed 8MALLWOOD A MORRISON, apll lm No. &l.i 7th stre'-t. L'OR BKNT-A thrte st r> BRICK HOUSE, c n I tainit g ten rooms; modern imnrovi-men.s, sit aated on llth street between M aud N streets >orth west. 'nqnlreat 1103 M stri-et n. w. api lm* L OR BALE? Ut'UrKS for tSu.uuo, ?StiJMJO. r 118.UHI. 916 000 912 OIV. fio,uoo, 9-4 0I?,97J(U. 96 OuO, 9S.000. 94,000, 92.1I0U. 91.000 Well located and on easy ? rati E. J. 8W BET, octf-tr ail 7th street, L'OR RENT?BOOMS in all portions of tbe dir. r Description and terms given. Apply to R F. FOHTER. northwest corner 7th and 0 sts marl 2iu* L^OB RENT?ROOMS smgts or en scite. fur r ni?bed. Seminary Building, Gejraet^wu. oi ? mar31-lm |^EAL ESTATE BULLETIM THOS E. *AUUAn\N *?? tin It. CHlNuKS MAPS SVtRT W4#S*?:AT AND "ATl'kPA Y. Or*e? iitnust #tor Ms Daddington. with extensive grounds, all m-d iaipt 12 rr_ Continental Hotel. Pa. ave n w , all mod. imps . Wu rs. .36 Jim tV - Til De>. av. n. e., all mod. imps.. 17 re _.*t> UtO 62n Pa. ave. n w.. all mod. imps. 10 r< 23 000 i?W M st. n. w., all mod. imps.. 13 rs 17 aou Kb K st n. w.. all mod. imps.. 11 rs..16 '*10 620 13'h st n w , all mod. ioips , 17 rs is nt<o '30 13tb st n w , all mod. imps . 13 rs ...^^.,...16 out 7v9 6th st. n. w., mod Imps., 8 rs . 3 <*? 1922 12th st n. w., mod. imps.. 8 rs. 3J?o 19.4 12th st n.w .mod. Imps. 8 rs 3.^ 249 3d st. s- w., mod. imps , 7 rs. l^uo >-?ier? Brink and JWw? gwmi For ?u? 1461 e st. n. w. ( B U >, mid in.p< ,7 rs ?.9i MO 62T G st. s e i F H I. tn.-d iu.p? 10 rs 3 sUu VM ? st s e (F 11 ) in d Imps -8 rs 3.?U 4S6 N.J. ave. n w. i B.H.), mod. impi..7 rs. 3.4U0 1090 Lil.n. w.lBH.i. mod Imp .. 6 rs 3 SHU l.Oii 8th st. n w tF H I. mod imps . 8rs. 3.??< 432 Out n w t(B H.I mod 1 "ti ps , s rs. 3.2JU 1214 Pa. av s. e.,( F H ,1 m-xf i:npi.7rs 3.AW 623 Mass. ave. n e .( F. H.) mod imps. 7 rs. .. s.tmu 313 '9tli st s wjF H >. mod imp* . 10 rs....~... Sjoo 306 R st. n. ?. (r H ), mod imps , 11 rs ?^ 3 o?i 409 10ili st. ? a < F H >, store, mod. Imps , 10 rs. 1AHI Patwpwwd IVopertv Fsr Igli. North Car. ave.. bet 1st i 9d s e., a P'jnarc...f 40.0 0 171h s'.. b?t Kant* 8 st. n. W 1,600 Rst . bet 1st and 3d n. w.._ 1 fr?j G st . bet 1st and a. Capitol ?t. ? 1 mio 8<h st. bet. Band B n. ? 60J 10th gt.? bet V and W n.w <00 17th ?t , bet V aao Boundary n. w. a triasgle. S9n 1 st . bet. 17th and 18th sts. n w., per ft. 3 76 Vermont av.. bet. L and M "U a w , per ft..?^. 3.uq MMh st , bet. H and Grant Plaoe, per ft 9.00 3d St., bet. D and B n. v., per It ? ? 1 JO Bonee and Farm 60 acres. (per annum) 90 rs,... .94<0 J71ft H st.. m- w..tan? ^it mod. imps.. 19 re...__. *<o It 6 i;nub?rtoa st , Georget a, all m. lm , 18 rs tn> 1093 Vermont ?ve:,B- mod imps., 11 rs. ? 909 M k n. ?'? mod. imps ,13rs 1913 K st. n. w., fom . w ? B>J7 1st. n. w .all mo4. tw.*" ? ? r? ????? ? ?1817tb at. a. sr., all mod irflf W .....??as ???*? 612 Utl st n.w. all mad. 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I','0 v??? * C O., ktih street. or Pi?I **V \'-t?n ' *? ap*-*oJ?* Of lb# Iceet and most c.tT'V "OtOEa In ??,e District. with all n.?d..m ?tt?i r .rTt 2.V Wl^0?nt*,n,n* ,,r*,T? row, ?ItQ t . ?,Str?eta ? "tl.~a?t B Tit ?* I W Til INImd s-V4,mwtf? ?*"??? A?H*to VMt Ui iSAIIU. 6tfJ LoUMkn |vmd?* north ?br.'?ct^ Tr ^ v ,'Mt' *DWABt? o CAKBINuTOM^ Jr ft ci?rwiL,w 444 ^ui? 1^^*,famished >t4 nntn-n 1 isbed . in ?l| parts -f ?h- -It,, fr ,m ?j to 1 7n nr.v"{?v;'^!'n?.yh^,'? poecity ruor f8'ifT1KN V'"** o'1 LA^T;rVi'bT^,I; SHsfev^wsi h ?t?w??. ?tzTi'Jiot,u,nM ? ril ^ I IlilO ' "T < I tor HVK y M|. /\ ?nr ??? . II x i?., 4|.. j. B Li1 n u Ll' fl4lT ,r-- ?? < 9 r <?*>?* r r P' IP. H H., 8ta?- olbce ea-7 S ? t/Ui; SMS?A t.ear y ae. J AG' < b K B> ?. ti Y ? ill be ? i heap. If at pit <1 t k; r? |, at II A? Kibi \ N.-BPl- Ll er\ St-** I - U "((? ? It" K?!!. *frr ? r77' ? Bl I LI 1NO LOTH, r%i ? ,. , , ?it?in ot# n.iie of th.- ( ?iii - i i h.?p. j'i . I'J'T' ' A M K Kb, f >itti.'?-t corner 'ill *i .1 B n rtliv (?t ?pf Jt* &*"? "f iJ'Jrnv? V ? hOK *?* * ~ T'i?* . J? fc fcTOKk, N l?* ? I -C-ltrr t,G- .-C I' ku??n n? tt?* "|?|m lit Cab* ? s ?4 ,t r r,,r. 1 Hlth.t Tm? i? the l??t ?t*' J 1 tbrr h tl'iM**'i < !?*? Tt?? pr<~t<i.t tain ( IDer itllltfM. Mid d* ^trfN to tin* ?i;t %:>2" 1 S: I ')(} VTll-niikbu ?, 1 nn v "|?o . - V*, ? *lll bn. Si * ,111 ^|. or? f ?< I .AR8T< l;? and rA' TOl'r .i.c ?d n? n ..iint- ( M, ? M mo., p m..; 1 Ji * 1 , Wricht* .*<? . j- . ?<? ??a Duel ">rb<4Hl. aoddotag ? uir f.. ,ju AS *r n ? ' ' r ll?gl??*ll n. . -to Art.lrer> i 1?.a K>. Btar a-^T s ? I- 'If* ?V"*rA frc 4-h - sT k p H (l\i *i i^v e fV"r^ "f * MbAT A\l> . l bT<?BE ?J..i ff a cuod ctfh b?iu? i r",r? """" ,n coantry t.? ?| iSh it* rea* et" o',!0,' J'"1'' *' '? B*wly flttml npn <4 JU * _ J nr^t ?orthwf.i.r-tfM f?*t, ? u?, oa> wt? 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TO TdKM J.bK 'KZ ^ oa wili fiad they ate the boot property for the le-it B:uti ) d.? tu tbf mark't Apply to B J. bWBKr, Prealdent, . ? ?ill 7ti? -tr^-t, or . JAS 11 MrQtLL. Aftliit c*. . ftl"4 ?! 3.1 Le Dr. It Hot J P<. T" LOA ji ?$5,'W0 to #.#0.0 on rollateri, U. low ? ra?t? Ncteaol abort dare* wati?t? Wi, ?i ti'iVi'M ~ U|'.h, V- '"w '?"?" A8 of BY U A P ^ Lr 51 AM. Wo Ifj.^ FH.ihflTiihU Are %p?> 61 |< "1V *? b f\ Id HTW Out) H * LL ? *** ?o>.*{ I r<t?<"|ke rropoaala f. r the purchase . f t k . h c "1 ? 8tor- ?od t i J ??? HaiU la |, i at cd ou tb?'7th -tie?t r. ?d, ?ih li halt a iLileof Briirh'wcxd S'Atlon. on th" *?-tr A IS nibHcitii f r P?''i ular? ?pr|, to Ydl'WO 4 ^ll'l L r. i ON. ccrn-r ^th and V ?t? ap 12 ?i W ANTED? To exchange Lit KKKUIiHhC i kh s? . ?u?lfcSt(ivl?8 tor ?'d ?? I!L r corner 6th at d K atreeta n^rthweat -m >kr ' Lin.oeya tared, trom >5to fJior no p>y apll 2n* \V K'" fALB THB STOr* ,,r ~*JUBC CBBIK8 coDtbl ed in cortr Isti bed K atrerta or>rthwe?t The atore can he rer.>M U K.V-2ir " "H" BABBOL'B A BA5IILTON, w b' leaale Orecera. aall 6.* S'ii onn i? Lo*N at " "k oiitir ?".OOO at 9 per ceut , ft *,000, 91,500, ac t ft 1 00? at 10 per cent . ? J. STAN Lk Y JoNKS. _ 'P21 6t ail 7th .tre-t K?t?nSC hnMr'd choice BOIbU * , LOTS in the northw? at aectlori of t he city 1 from J6 rjtjto #1 per a j nitre loot. No ca-h pa? maat requirad if Improtem-nta are to be mad< lairfd pjjB. Dt.MJp.r, ent. Pri. ea a? I !w a. ,f 1 J BTANLlC V J OS BfV l>rM 6> All 7th atrei'. 'I^O PBOPBB1 Y OttNEBs: Owneraof Beal Katate DABtGBD by the tecent fiUJi? b> ?cbanife in gr^.. ?;l! tibd ii to tbeir interest to call 03 tte t>?f r? ui??iqr theircUibm. JOHN W. p. BY??i. apM 2w Office. 7 I a 15-h atreet. E'"1 **rAt"'frum I to 5 year7, 9 p*'r c*?nt i. *??*?. ft9i*i 9??. aud *Ifai? w?M******? 0?O. TRrKt-PBcL, "L^ '!?! <?(>'? 7th str?-?t. \|AN1LLS AT OOiTTat - W* KOT? wEliL"8, ?ft18 *" 11 -i B atro-'t a^.it haa<t -O* bXtjH ANOI rijit ? it Y . HWPIBTI-A tlul'81 and GAUOBN at Bia!er-Ltir? Depot, I) 1 O railr ai. m e. 5*2?" Ap?l,? to 'OttM W H' OTT, "O ' ??V3 Hih rtieet ni ttbweat apl7 1?* \J0NKY TO LOAU?Iu etiina to >uit on a?tialac i-'l tory atcurlty. JOHN SllbUM AH, ... ? B-al K tae A?eut, ?P-3 ll" Hocm 3. 8t Cl.-nd Bnlldlnt 1 S*i\\.kV 4 5P/?"T8, I***1 L< at.- at, i P liisnranc*. 631 r atreet Di rthweat, (B&ilti e f'.rnitrly occupied br Second Na?iouHt Bank.llnv.tS S *V?r ' r **?< DwallltiB* ? *?^0'- *rr rttii, .6 re^'.fu aatn? with them free ?J*rhar*e, aud aecure tbe advantage of their a-Wer r.aouiccta. apl im {^UBAP BUILDING LOTfl FOB SALkT ' cf?7 for ?%le L?T8 T. 8. and ?. aqt-a-e 70. on ?! M ?c<1 K ,,rv",? 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Men and Idiuou of Wall m and WaUrt.i^Tif^r kmhr wmmmT^ oct7 ly Banker. aK^'im.',, BANKERS. pUT8, CALLS A bPRKADS OajaU tbe acTiv* nocn at beat Market rates Ml<1 bow tOOPkkATa ItriLT Book glvinc lull lnforaation on Stoci FatviliSli tn?. Addraas orders fey Mall and tetecrapa ta BAXTEB dk CO., BAHK.MH8 AN It HHOKKKS, MhaAKly lTW>UBrest,IswTorfc. HOTELS. ypfuin OS TBS IDIOPIAI DRY .^OOPS. (mifa:?lst Mc'ii is the ? it\. #? oik lirtft. OrrOMT* TB* htikt wnci, ? - ?#? La'fral twaa*. rha?i ."to k f YmHrrManM | tbr t it) . Mother into ? t : ?t? . k ;?-? rar?tv ?4 11CBBD * I C'ff Tti'ktM ??<l" U plain Baaao- k? la ta ? apactal barawaa. and Wm?t br ?*??! to l? ?? f.r> >???l k t 1 Ktv BOOP# 1>- Uto.gtuM. B' r*<lw,M?-i. H?> *tl>f Ptlba, ata id rAK-..?'l?M4ll'N 1'MHKIL tkt MM tT J OH* V MIT? HK lA., ? 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