Newspaper of Evening Star, April 27, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 27, 1876 Page 4
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EVEN I NO STAR. TBI KfcDAT ^prll 37, 1W. We^UArr Itobatrilitieg To-day, Orricw of Cht*f urnw at, Otftc*b ? WA?HI?6TO!f, April 7J, Iff*. ( Frr the middle Atlantic state* warmer Muilivxt wlrds stationary barometer and clear ,'o4.owed by cloudy weather. LOCAL NEWS. leata. To-iifkL ? Ttvater?Fairlamb's Amateur Opera company in tne Bohemian Girl." #Vr<f? Of<-ia Hwam.?"Fashion." T**aur cootfgM? The Octoroon" and "T?rl?tif? " St. Jo*epft'? JFiaU.- Fair for the benefit of 81 Joaeph ? Church. Motors. Tr?>plt ? Authors' carnival ?assKfifer-' ,o'"" lishing an Industrial school for co. . xl girls In Wa?biDgton. * l?rl?lng Park. Trotting M-?> Jd. ;id, 4th, and 5ih. Tickets for sale at J'/fce of the National Ho'el. t'fflceof th?? Hotel. J\H7* 8t|lctl at HMlard a Hotel. J "ice of the N'er York Avenue Hotel Cdhceof the St. Marc. Jut er:oi; News I>epot, nortnwcst corner of * b and F streets. m (OBdeuced Lornl*. The street lamp- win be laired at f d ?? ai d extinguished *t 15 a. m. T**"'1* UTtHT'M Wr'kly and Fra..k Lejlie s, JUuMraletl .Yru*jxiy?r /ur May a: 3?-' ifj?' teacher ?f Nchool .\? 1. District ha* ??eeti Interrupted In M?aBDotl?er eaIarmin<f lliaess uf ?V.iay, ?l, y,'?y the P^'rons of IIu?. rf'i /7.?, *be Oxford Orange. Md. win meet 2J1tL r *w bail' *croB" the Has tern branch, frI^purpoBeof beautifying aud improv U>g the ground* adj.,inlug tue hall. It will be a sort of May-day picnic. ^^esteiday a colored girl named M-?ry i. II? if >ears of age, died very suddenly ? . re#idence of Joseph Douglass, on Van aireet, near d. The corner examined the a^ura/ causes. * cert:,iraie oi froru The German Republican Club last night ?oopted a constitution and elected the fol IVr r* ?ltl?2*;T?' Roe~er? Jr ? president; I?r. L. H Schmidt and J. H. Sehaltheisa, LfT pw^r,IU; L- tlslnjer, recording seo aT,I? ?tierlin? corre?|>ondlng secretary l>r. > . W Bog en, treasurer. * BnciDB or a Wm.-Hxow* Karro eiDT?A f-ulal of A -Oiiite Sir. J. A. Thompson commii ted suicide about 3 o'clock tUSVEZL afternooi>. *1 his residence, 1751 ?-.9W?U?w,Dg al ,east a table J"ln8 8 tincture of aconite. iTiiS,T^fLtiy.K r I"*1'1* tiie Poison he called hi* mother and sister and tuide tbem ?wylng that he was going to die. and that be wanted to die. Dr. Blair was wm^u'nr P1 r"medl^ly' aL<1 Portly after i o ^ ^ Tbey wort-*d with botii ^i*l,n2ElaDta- bul tbe young man ?uSirMm!???11 ^"ee" minutes. When l?r. mair came in he found a vial on the table ,jUt *hlch he soon found con^ l^ir^wh^r^1! t?.bul be 00111,1 r?ot s^n w? ^ iii been procure.1. TUomp -I J?*" of age, aud a druggist i>y Mf\*lon- a.n.d *^erally consMer- d an ex ,,e hatl been in depressed spirits .f? oe tlIue ?>iWt fro:n ill-health, whlcl led him to Indulge in drink, and that is th.> 'ri?uds ?saign for the dec 1. He en. ? procure Ndrlts of aconite re< hiii?* di tlerent dt ug stores oil nth ft refusal, and from the fact of the bottle not belLg labele^l, the doctors are MnntL??F''nion ,hal he went behind the ?elf ^rtii. P->areJ Uout hlm ?kJ? if 'bets lo the case were so plain an inijue*?. KOt tboURlil necessary to hoi J Mbjiokial LrTtirRAN CHrRrir.?,\t the n!r!rVa/?r. ?>Dgre?ailou of >fe morlai Lutheran church last evetunsj J w Bterner was elected elder, and W &' ii-Z' '^arauel T. l>avis deacon^w", wuh Oeorge Ryiieal. jr.. W. H. Flncael JamM W Oraham and (.eorge W. Callahan ,h?J amswves,ry ?f iiMi Ryneal. the treasurer, pr-seute.1 his ~financial .statement, showing that, above current expenses, ahout tial been contrlbotetl toward liqal.Uting tiie A*i lfl^rfV?.^iirCb t,urlD? trie nasi year. An effort l.a* been inacgurated to reduce tii? d;;bt ,uring the Centennial^eS?and witb grxxl prospect of ?ucceefi. The M^rno li, hiViCnQr largo8t churches, and claims to ba\e the finest audience chamber in the eity-ampniuieau-lcal, with rising flo!?. H le^ tifanTwrt v?? Ur<^1 an'J tboujn occnpi. J fii >? iU communicants have 'ess than flfty at its origin, to EiJt>r \Z? i!n5e'1, Tne P*stor. Kev. J. (, 11?T ft ^ ^ cnurch. corne. of H and wm, Vfrin't- a 24 ywrs, and no* r^ih?.rin ? 7^^rU'ng l??op!e. IS hopertu <> Sortad. Ke c"n*res?t:oa iu the Mj t>? ?8r*K'* row took piace ;a>t nisht a* ti* ; U? *nd K streets. James <l!rm ? r ? ^toactj participating therein. / on<*' *i?ocame aioug. dispersed 'tie ?o? f.n<' ^ered lbe two 'Irunke^ men^o ?h^; " l!}"y would not h*?M the bint, the officer undertook to arrest Uiem i?,|an<*e was made when Jones callti in th? aid" To lbi8 aPPeal not oae Tl!? fHi?red mau- responded. ^ to be a plucky fellow and rendered the officer good service. T!iey man agedbetween them to tak** the it!, m,? "*** ' ^;'^Uo Wf ar^repre^ 2SS.1 ti,i? Jf*i"ferlng their r.ameTnoIch ?L f tLe colored man a murierous blow *n tbe face. This proveit to feea'jad lnves'm??n? tor b:m_as the colored mar turned to and KV5bln,wltb 'nttreet.and Knach ^ld lVJerferl b?f?re tbe h^s Anders room interfere. The prisoners were locked UlJ[P.r * Rearing. Jn the Police Court this flnei an,? co-ts Vo? ?asaultirg the officer, ao-j for assa nltme JacJuou fippens, the colored man. 3 ? . 1*sc*a!?? K Com i-any?a charter baring been granted by Congress to th? ?]n?aMh'n"f!'00 '?'Ire Insurance eom 'if- district of Columbia," the com organized by Uie election of the ingofllcers, and will be ready m a tew days for business, viz : Hon. Oeorre Tavior Jame.'F; Bal!atit^^ vlce'presid^ i ^ fi t ' *eoreta*y and treasurer: Cnailes h. Peck, esq., attorney. The tras T*vlor' Wm. Baliantyne. ij^c 9 Harkness. C. F Fecit J S wTai^.X,J- ^,bley- A PeiTy? anii N. W. Burchell. I nd^r such managemen' If ^-Tili ?Ver ba'f a ndllion dollars of ^u*r' SlYo?succ^r?' "" t0mp*ny caiJ scarcely RJA?-* L,IC,3r*ts fiave ?>een lssuej : > l'ow:ef ana Nannie E. Hlkk :r Jjf*'? Myers and Josephine King t i V,r-d.K1? Tbom^ JoeCon: ?>u*t v Mi* Vir?' Oeorgrs Thomas and l.oulsa t-.Eo\er. of Lebanon. Pa Tbomas K ioi. s and Annie Jones: Waeinnston tiordoii a j I i.ew.s lame* U. Anderson, of Rockvi'le Moctgonoery county, Md., and .Mary Bowie "'I *" Luke Matthews ?a i Annie lv>, er ( harles Brown and Cora C. Ncott Fra-ik Si.&'zS""1' ,"cu,rJ Br*J ? 1 *??p? ?**IT? issued by Inspector LnM? Iiiiany,a gaicom anu "7uTsti^f-a^f ik ?r H-between -v:th Vmi northwest; ?^i.O?jO. Hirrl 2^th ^re^Mor7 br,cfc J?elUng, ?1 ? H.J. h ro?t, a three-storv T be^Hth'^ ?utb ?R ?14 ?tTS2J2!ii?fnlJi? ,tre*t* northwest; wurSw:.r?r.;'?.betWe*u Ul ?^^?treeu ?Tenue, (Market Hpacej t ^'*^ bave tbem done in Uie tx?i styie in?, fA ?nanlike manner at a fair price. All kin,i? ^fiJTD? an? narnes? made to order. Trunk* bomewithont any ata. of1 the ^el'ZZSfvJlhJL'T*9 r??a:nt ig lots Tases statuarv, impdrt*?i by M^i?r vir^11051 c]nc*%- ??c , i-bfirJIcd A^A"* ;.of Pbl,a'1-1 Mr. Ti.rrr.a* lSfi^iini ^?auction roams of llth at^Vnd Pennfv ^aUr?.We8t COrn?rof be cloaeo oir v^,a aw>ne, will o'clock. Positivel> this evenlcg at 7 , children's^ioihic"' at *bom<P wV*make y?ur boy roch nice, 'rlinh V?; *b?a you can from ns for about wirnt sulu p?y for tbe cloth, ana ..I? WouW i?*ve to of mlwcettlng^mise-nitma^ZS1^ trouble sob A Co. the Rov?' Ci^th)*',B? *t>bln. ?aslaavenne, next to il WuhwfcSlS?" THE FIFE *LIB* TELE6MPH BHJSS. In iBTMllgatlM kjr th? Fir* Com nil*?l?B*rt-home "Mfxktjr Inter* nllsi'1 DcvelaynckU. The Boanl of Fire Commissioners held a special meeting Tuesday evening for the purpose of giving a to Mr. Louis F. Seibold. late operator In the fire alarm tele graph office, who charged certain persons wtth cor,spiring to have him dismissed. Tbere were present Messrs. Morgan, (presi dei.t,;'Thomas, (acting secretary,) Tait, Col lins. Hume and Bacon also, Superintendent Miles, of the Are alarm telegraph. Chief Ergineer Cronln, Assistant Engineer Drew, Mr. Seibold, with his attorney, Mr. F. P. Closs, and his witnesses. The proceedings were opened with the read ing of the papers In the case, the first beiog Reibold"8 letter to the Fire Commissioners, dated February 16, l?7t". asking a reconslder ationoftbe action by which he had been 0Ismissed on the charge of tampering with the machinery of the o31ce, saying the charge wax the result of A CONSPIRACY by H. R. Miles and Chief Cronln. Tbe en dorsement* upon :he communication showed that It bad been referred to the District Com missloners, as Urn loanl h<vJ no kaowledge of the matter nor authority la the premises, and refeired back by tbe District Commis sioners, rritn instruction" to make such in vestigation into the matter as they (the Fire P.oaro) might deem advisable. Thereupon Hie president of the board wa- rfquest^d to obtain from the District Commissioners, for Information ol the Fire Board, THE l-APERS ON WH1CI THE DISMISSAL WAS BASED. These papers were next read as follows: h irst, a communication from Superinten dent Miles to the District Commissioners, dated lwvemoer JO, 1*73, statin* mat certain irregularities bad occurred In the working of tte fire-alarm telegraph, and that certain facts anu circumstances led him to believe that the Irregularities were caused bv Sel hoUl's tampering with the machinery. It, further stated that Selbold had numerous creditors calling on him at the office, and he had bee-: credibly Informed was addicted to gambling. This communication bore iudorse ? merits from Chief Engineer Cronin and As sistant Engineer Drew that irregularit'es 1 iia<l occur ml in the worhlngof the fire-alarm ! telegraph, the cause of which irregularity they did not Enow; also, ao Indorsement of l Piesident Morgan recommending 8eibold's removal. Discussion took place in regard to the manner of conducting the examination, an 1 It was ficallv determined to hear Mr. Sel bold's statement unde? oath, and any wit nesses he might desire to have examined. 8EI BOI.D'9 STATEMEKT. Louis P. seibold being sworn, stated that on the "1st of last Decernber he received his discharge from Miles, who, In giving it, s^oke of it as a disagreeable duty ue regret ted he was com pell ed to perform. Witness then read the letter of dismissal, and said 'hat Miles assured bim at the time that be knew of no cause for his removal, and could not for the life of him tell why he wis re moved. A day or two afterwards Miles re E?ateu this denial. Witness questioned Chief n^iceer Cronln as to his removal and the cau>e, and the chief informed him that be knew nothirg of It until he saw It In tbe I apers. witness himself did not know the nature of the charge until Monday last. In reply to questions from Mr. Closs witness stated that the first battery put into the new office by tbe contractors was a failure, on account of imperfect zincs; after the procur Irg of new zincs they got better result*. Mr. Miles never accused witness of tampering with the instruments. Witness never did tamper with them; don't know that weak batteries would account for all the irregu larities: shifting the switch would cause the alarm to be irregular, there were two or tbree irregularities while he was on duty; had no reason to misplace the switches, and did not do it. Of the twenty-five alarms which were transmitted during witness' hours of duty by the new apparatus two or three were wrong; of Richards' nineteen alarms one or two were wrong. Witness s?w nobody fool around tbe automatic re peater except Mr. Richards (brother In-law of Mr. Miles. Saw bim dusting underneath it; tbe least jar t? tbe magnets wo"ld do more damage than anybody else could do. "MIGHTY INTERESTING READISf.." Had one or two spats with Mr. Miles; the last fuss wa? eighteen months ago; knew no reason why Mr. Miles wanted bim discharg ed, except some letters to Miles from Game well A co Mr. Morgan.?How did jou jet possession i of ihe letter*.' Witness?1 picked tbem up in the old of fice, and thought them rnlguty leading. Mr. Hume.- Were they written about you.' Witness.?No. Mr. Hume ?Private, I suppose? Witness.?Well, they were addressed to Mr. Miles; witness got them out of the desk 1 the old office; had not tbe letters with him; tajro business with tbe letters; got thein out < f 'h?- desk. there were tWo side*; one key fit ed both sides; thinks Miles wanted to f t bin out of the way on account of the let ters, think they would show M'lci was ir, er?-.ted in the contract for tae new firc a arm telegraph, have other charges to make asainst Mr. Miles, but prefer to make them ai acother time and place. ijueston by Mr. Miles.-At the time J gave you your notice of dismissal did at Isay fa 1 ure to pay your debts was Lhe cause? Ai.sw er.?Not thea, bnt you Old the next t rue. J would have paid my debts If 1 had got as much as you did from Gamewell*?: Co When you disclosed to the public that jou had these letters?was It before or aiter your dismissal.' A. After my dismissal. >!R. -MILES I.RAVE CHARGE* A(. AIN-T sJI I.OLD. Mr. M lies was sworn and read a long state ment. He repeated what he had told the District Commissioners, that although he Lad many convincing reasons to believe that Seibold bad been tampering with tbe instru ments, yet he had no direct proof of It. He described several displacements of parts of the automatic repeater, causing irregular transmission of Uie aiaxms, and said It was evident to bis mind tbat tbe displacement of parts of tbe apparatus was ?-by direct human agency for the purpe>se of mischief." He finally on investigation "became quite well satisfied that Mr. Seibold hal been tampering with the Instruments, and suffer ing the batteries to run down for the purpose of injuring the contractors In the event of failing, as he was likely to do. in extorting money trom them.'* Mr. Miles goes onto state that trough bis influence Gamewell A Co. employed seibold in bis own Urn*') to assist tbem about tbe construction of the telegrapn, and paid bim for bis services lib erally, nut tbat Seibold never seemed to be satisfied, and adds tuat be (Miles) was In formed upon tbe moat reliable authority that an Intimate friend of Mr. Seibold's. with the full knowledge of the latter, bad made a bold but unsuccessful ATTEMPT *'TO BLACKMAIL MESSRS. QAMK WELL A CO. out of five hundred dollars" by a severe threat. The elder Gamewell, November sent fo witness a copy of a letter which he had received from .Seibold, stating that Mr. Sto\ er had promised he should be "hand somely rewarded." on which promise he had a!lr;wed himself to run In debt about S190 for I clothes for biroself and children, etc. Mr. Miles In bis statement says: "This I letter contains a request (in substance) to Mr. Uamewell for about two hundred dol lars. but sets up no moral, legal, or equitable demand for the tame-on the contrary, h.ow | ever, be Intimates that unless the money l? ! paid he will tell tales out of school or d> something at any rate that will sUr up a muss.'' Miles goes cm to say tbat his theory wa?, and Is, that s??iboid tampered with tho ma cbmerv to Injure the contractors If tney re fused his demands for money. Before re que*llng the Distrtct Commissioners to re move Heibold. witness called unon ttie presi dent of the board for advice and gave him the whole statement. By his advice aad at his request, witness went to the Distrtct Commissioners and stated the suspicious circumstances. At the request of the Dis trict Commissioners tbe statement was re duced to writing. Seibold's failure to pay his debts was one great reason for his dis missal by the Commissioners. ANOTHER QCBIR LETTER IN THE CAS*. Mr. M ilea goes on to say that subsequent developments fully confirmed his theory in regard to the scheme for blackmailing; that January 4th, 1*76, witness wrote a letter to P. T. Gamewell and referred to Seibold'* dis missal. Mr. Gamewell replied January it, congratulating witoess upon his great de liveiance, and saying: '-I only wonder that yon did not ship tbe blackguard long ago. ' Gamewell in the same letter enclosed the following LETTER FROM washington: Jaw. 10. 1ST6?John A. UamrueU a lb Gen tlemen: We hold in our hands certa n lett >rs written by you to Henry R. Miles, of the tire alarm of this District, bearing dates 17th or Mai eh, 1873, April 8th, 1873, and one of a later date of the same month. It will be greatly to our advantage to use satd letters before the Congressional Committee oa Dis trict affairs, and if you will kindly allow their use you will greatly oblige yours, AC-, . T ? F. P. Closs, Attorney for L P. Siebold, late operator F I>. D C., o t* o- , . 222 4* street northwest. S.?Reply at your earliest convenience. F P C A SPICY LETTER ON CHEIK.' Mr. Gamewell. In his letter to Mr. Miles, says of this: "For cheek and consummate impudence, 'hat fellow beats the devil-yes a aozeu of them. I suppose hereafer life Is to be kept in his miserable careas by -black mailing through the means of stolen letters Who Is this fellow? SOME SCALLAW'AG LAWYER, ISCrPOSE." TUs letter Irona Mr. Gamewell, with its lnclreure of copy of Closs' letter, was ra c*lvtd by Miles 011 the 12th of Janu ary. atd on the same day he wrote to Mr. O. I a*Vlng lor a copy of any letters ts.elr firm had written him on the dates mentioned bj Mr. Closs. the attorney. On the l!5th Mr Gamewell replied <a fol lows: "I am lorry to say ws have no copies j of the letters referred to by the gen lie ma 1 of jour city, as we do cot keep a copy Ing book, making it a rule not to r>rlte a letter that we are afraid to have shown. Father says that fce does not think he shall answer the letter of Mr- Selbold's attorney at all, hot if he does It will be to the effect that after a letter leaves our hands, whether It be to Mr. II. K. Miles or anybody else. It passes from under our control, and that we never heard of a letter addressed to a certain oe. - son being In the possession of another honest perron, without the consent or the party to wtem It was written. We look upon It a* a bold attempt to blackmail, and WE AM NOT SCARED WORTH A CEST." February 19 last. Stover wrote to witness that cerrtaln articles appeared in newsna pers referring to Game well's contracts, and stalirc that a certain ex employe in the tel. egrapb office had letters In his possession which would show that money had been I aid to certain officials In otder to get the coi tr8Ct. Stover had 110 doubt that the fig ures were furnished by Seibold. Witness did not know or care whether Gamewell <Jr Oo. sent him letters of the date mentioned; did know that he never received letter* irom G?mewell A Co., or any one else, profTVring any pecuniary reward foroffielal influence. SISCE SEIJiOLD'd REMOVAL there had been uo trouble with the repeater or battery, and no disappointed cre'iiturs cm me clamoring about the office, se.ooll stated immediately after his removal teat unless he was reinstated be would make ? uch an expose that Congress would never make an appropriation to reimburse the District for the expense of erecting the tele graph. Seibold, when 011 the police force, hau been reduced from the ia: k of >ergeaT to that of a private. There was no unkind feeling on wituess' part before the dismiss*!, and lie had persistently tijus far declined t.? make knowu the .several causes of Soitiold's removal. CROSS IX A MI NATION OF MILES. Mr. Miles, under cross examination by Mr. Closs, explained again the manner in which the Irregularities in the machinery had occurred. Hail no direct evidence mat Mr. Seibold had ever tampered with the in strument. Seibold was employed by Mr. Gamewell to work, there being, as witness be'leved, a teclt agreement between the par ties. Btllt'ved that Seibold was paid ^<>5 for the three or four weeks that he worked for Gamewell. (Seibold says he only received $40 50.) Remembered having flrtO collected for Gamewell A Co., and wrote them, say ii.g that lie would give the money to Seibol J if they (G. A Co ) said so. Was not acting as Gam< well's agent. Seibold wanted more money, and w.tness wrote to Gamewell A Co. for that reason, lie (Miles) never re ceiveel a cent of reward or pay from Game well A Co. in any shape. STATEMENT I1Y MR CRONTN. Mr. Mart in Cronln, chief of tne fire depart ment, stated that he knew nothing of the caiues of the Irregularities in the alarms: nad simply complained of the irregularities. Seibold had done him an injustice instating that he (Witness) had conspired againsthim. Mr. Miles asked witness to Indorse the charges as to the matter of irregularities, and witness did so. Mr. Seibold then stated that he withdrew all statements connecting Mr. Cronin with the conspiracy to remove him. Assistant Cnlef Drew made a similar state ment to that of Chief Cronln. A WITNISS WHO D1I> <.ET MONEY BUT WON'T SAY HOW MUCH. Mr Joshua K. Rogers, one of the clerks of the Bouse at the last Congress, was sworn, and testified that he was a resident of Syra cuse, N. Y-; was formerly connected with the , House of Representatives, and is now a clerk in the Patent Office. When Seibold told witness that he (S ) was discharged witness was surprised. Mr. Miles gave as the rea 1 son that the Commissioners did not like it because Seibold was in debt. Mr. Miles told witness of the Sino, and that Seitoold said that he did not think that he (S.) had been properly remunerated. Witness acted as an agent for Gamewell A Co. in getting the pas sage of the law making tne appropriation for the cowtract. Mr. Miles, Mr. Williams, and Mr. Crooiu took a great deal of interest In getting the bill passed. Witness does not know whether Mr. Miles was paid anything; understood that he was. If witness was told so by any or.e It was by Stove.. Witness said lie had been paid by Game well A Co. lor his services In helping to get the bill thiougb, but declined to state how much he was paid. MR "E1HOI.D WAS RECALLED, and testified that Miles had told him he would be me>st handsomely remembered. Miles' brother In-law, Richards, was getting two a month forthe same work he did; he got *40.50 altogether; he saw the Horner letter, hutdidr>ot furnish the data on which it was based. Stover told witness that it had cost Siri <00 to get the telegraph appropriation of ?75,WK? through Congress, and yet the con tractors cleared $20,000. This, Mr. Clo>s said, closed the testimony. Mr. Colllrs made a motion, w.dch wi? adopt d, that the secretary be directed to prepare a record of the proceedings, with ac company papers, for transmission to tne District Commissioners Adjourned. ^ 0>hl jnrllom' Hall.?St. Dominic's Fair will close to morrow ni^ht. All the ar icles will "<? ? ild or rattled this and to morrow even iDgS. ? Fish Market to-day.?Sold by R. A. ! Golden A Brother, flsh agents- .>,000 shad. for *na?i8 per hundred; 40,000 bei rings, for ( ?lla&l2 per thousand. The last night KxHiRiTioxthls season at the Corcoran Gallery of Art will be hel l e>n Thursday night, April 2T, from 8 to 10 o'clock. Admission free. ? ? Kishoi-dui anlocp on Freemasonry at , Beliew's. St. Dominic's Fair?The cluster dia mond pin will be rattled te>-morrow evening THK COURT?*. Criminal Court?fudge Mar Arthur. Yesterday, Charles Tippel, convicted of an I assault with Intent to commit a rape, was l sentenced to twelve years In the peniten tiary. Arthur Chase, colored, obtaining money under false pretences, by falsely pre tending to J. W. Smith, Charles Stewart, Henry H. Dudley and Dodge A Dameille that he was agent for Catharine Jeihnson, and through those representations improp erly obtaining $500 on a deed of trust, was found not guilty. Samuel Benjamin, In dicted for obtaining from Kiseman Brothers an ulster ce>at, valued at *10, under an order purported to have been signed by Mr. J Young, plead guilty, and was sentenced to one j ear in the penitentiary. To-day, Lewis Chisman, receiving stoleu property; guilty; fined *50 or sixty days In jail. Thomas Williams alias T. W. Keat. j ley, burglary, was convicted. roi.iCE Court?Judo? ffnM. To-day, H. A. Galligher, for iudecett ex posure. "was fined#5. G -orgeHudsou,sime. *5. Hartley Williams, throwing stones iu >he , street. -2. Morris Roach, disorderly; *5. William Derrick forfeited. Charles M. Gal ligher l'orfeitesl. Morris Roach, drunk and dier rd?rly; *5. Bevetly Bailey, cursing; S5. James Harvey was sent down as a tramp and loaier. I'billp Luuwlg, selling gin and lager beer without license; S105. Isaac Snow den (colored) pleaded guilty to stealing a txicketbcok and about <.20 In cash. William Stewart, larceny of a coat; *20 and costs. Howl . 1 J Holmes, idle ar.d incorrigible: re form school. Derney Bailey, assault on George L Jackson. This is a bad case, an attacx by an organized mob of half grown boys upon seime colored school 'soys whoare reetuirtd to go from the Authonv Bowen I *chex>l to practice music In the city. The boy Jackson was ve, y seriously injured, aud the court suspended the hearing until fur ther facts are made known. Wra. l^ooney, assault aud battery on Bridget Loonev by throwing her down a steep bank, a distance : of about forty feet. Looney told the judge that Bridget was drunk and fell down; bonds j to keep the peace. Henry Kdmonson. as sault on Henrietta Edmonson. B5 and costs. Henry Williams, assault on Charles Gross, with intent to kill, pleaded guilty, and sent ! to grand jury. Phillip Rollett, threats to Weston Rodgers; bonds to keep the peace. Thomas Mcl'herson, forfeited collateral. Have yocb and faba- ^ SOLS COVERED AND REPAIRED, atflfe W*. BOGBKV apil Iw* 4il."> 11th St., above Penna are. The cheapest shoes in the city ros BALE THIS week at J. W. SELBY'S. 9> pair* Child's, < to 10. fl. ?u " W.memV 3 to 7, f 1 tt and np. 4" " M?n's Oi tigrtM. il II and up V, omen s Foxed, 91M sad #1 JO upwards " Bosk ins, 00 and 71c. Flippers, It, 97 and El. " Newport*, $1 IS and %\.K. Button. $1 80. f 1.75 and up With a full stock bPBIBO CLOTHING. apH tr 1414 and 1916 Pa. ST .bet. l?tb A ?l>) ?t?. ?VKKYBODY SHOULD KNOW That two 0' three swallows of Prof. COOK s BALM OF LIFE will stop "bad feeling ' aftei meal* So Injury or debility result* from it. Used externally stops headache, neuralgia, and vitalizes tbe tired brain and body. A? a dentifrice It purifies the breath and preeervee the teeth in their pearly whlteneea; makes tbe face tmr m a iilty, ana ren der! the body inodoroa*. Ely reputation is staked for the troth of the above. T. A. COOK, Discoverer and Maanfacrnrer. Tomer Jtti and H streata. 8< ld >n iinsrt battle* ouiy. ap4 diulm i SULWAUE* BIEH VI For S?le at CHE1S. MALES' HOTEL. sp!7 l*n Corner <A Ititp aui R ttreeti. GEORGETOWN. a.Ttti5gOffthr Water-All tbeunpor iK rtlon of Georgetown will t* without w*rer next Saturday evening ar.d throughout tse succeeding day. Sunday. because the boiler, tnbf8. itc., of the new Ptetni pump n6*??l eiearirg?a twenty hour." job?and the high service ivsei voir is out of repair, and cannot be n?ed for storing a supply while the work of cleaning la going on. The water 1* now pumped direct into the diatributlng mains, an operation which is likely to result in breakage of mains, etc. Water Registrar Lnbey has called the attention of Lieut. Hoxie ard the District Commissioners to this state of affairs, which causes much 1 n convenietce to residents here by cuttin* off their entire supply of water, an/may ??? t disastrously in case of fire. The Revival?These meetings still con tinue of interest, and attract large congrega *??: teT- ]? ?88l*tknt minister at P,5harcb.conJact?kl the meeting last ntght. The usual exercises were held. Rev. Mr. Norrls takes charge to-night. Bold Thkft.?This morning about it o clock two nnknown colored men entered the store of Mr. J. Henry WiNon. ll? Bridge street, and made off" with a coat valued at about ?30. Grain.?Boat Ellen Brooks, with 3 ow bushels wheat, consigned to J. G. A J M Waters. Wheeler A Barron, with 3tx-o bushels corn and VK> bushels wheat, to Hart ley A Bro.; also, "SOO bushels corn, to II M Talbott. K?tie Ann, with i,.j<m bushels 1 wheat, to Hartley A Bro. Cattle Market-[Keptrieii by j. h k'ngUt .1 rv>.]_ Number of rattle OB^m irket, p<; all sold, prlcos ranging from 4 nu lb. Number of she? p. 3a?; soid fr??m r> 4a>, , e. per lb. Number of lambs, 120; sold at <*> iv r njkd. 20 cows and calves; sold from <20a? 15. Mat feet br'.sk. fJAZAR PATTERNS, HA7.A11 PATTERNS, ACKNCY AT C. BACM'N. 40* -S (la Mreet. AGENCY Or Till HEW AUTOMATIC WILCOX & GIDBb SB WING MACHINES. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS AT ABT0NI8H1NG PKiCES, Made of the bett Octtous aad best workmanship. C. BAUM'S SANITARY CORSET CK 4NI 8TVL1 MADE TO OKDIR. ?. RATH, 408 NeTenth Street. _apJ6 1014 8,IVINTB A 1 TRACTIONS ' tA Choice sfsortnifnt of New a PABAB0L8 and Bl'H UMBKELLAS From tiOc. to ?6,just received. W.M. BIRO WYLIE. Bole Agent for the "EAGLE SHIRT,?' made of waKsntta Muslin and One Linen and completely Prlfe. fl 2t HpM tr I 'MHBELLAB AHD PABASOLS O0V V EHKD AND BE PA t BEL), AT THE MAHl'FACTOBY, apt4 lm* 613 D street northwest. ^ THE ST. UEOR6R, fjj The Heat and Only I?, Iial,lr y?Heating Range in the market. MunHrrds of these (Unt e hive been put up tr mo in this city, and always give .at lataction. k^Kor sale only at s?ob?i tHRIV KIKHMXKR'N. Tia, AHD 717 Tth STBEKT NOBTHWE8T, w htre will aNo be found th? Lest selection und the variety of SLATE MlKTCLS in this t iv trom Sl? upwards Pole ?g?ntfor the * tU> ... BADIANT HOME FUBNA'E. This Fnrnace has been put to test by comaetent jedeee and prr nonnred to te the B*st Furnace of the kind in the market P,.rn<., will tind itTr'stly c*" and examine this FUB N ACE before making thfdr atlectiou. I BON AHI> TEBKA COTTA VASES In large va riety LATBOBES and GBATES of -very d'urlp < i''lr Jia8rei,tJ' prfc-s. THEMCMMKK Ql,EEH oil Cook Stove, the be*t and safest oil atove In the world. TIN BOOKING done I y the v< -y beet workmen. All orders promptly execrteJ and good work snarauteed. A full suddIv or TCB8 rUTLEKVBP. 8TANtD8- bkitbkYba f to ? aSXKWH' If^SSSvs. A- BEDTEB. E08TEB P. WOOD. Utntrnl Intelligent* and Ir fonmntitm CJfi-t, A"*? and VolUrtirms. Office, 444 7th street, between D and E n w attention gjv?n to Benting Houses and Booms, Bervantx oMntnfd. and Emeloyera snDDlitvl Information given in all Matters ' 7 ap^ lm g[ SPRING STYLES NOW READY. '? Q | NTLe'm'eH'B " K eV/Ja T8AyiNandK ? L* .pVro0^M?eRr".,1Btifft'*LT ^ATS ^ English and American BILK CMBBELLAH Ladies' BUN 0HBBELLA8. UMBBELLA8 and PABASOLS rscovtred. HER A DREni, 141? FEHH3YLVABIA AVEHLE, -,c>r8 ly Above Willard a Hotel. Jl ? M. rtinemetz, V" BATTEB. /\ l'J37 Pexxa. Avkm e, next to corner 13th ft. >i ^?^Ii .0,nniirHS,0lili** summer aalea. Gen Uava \ HAT8; line BOKT and STIFF tiAYSi Id colors; Youths And Children ? h \ts m isiv-fs LEALEU IN FASHIONABLE | FUBNiTDBE AT FAOTOKr ? o. 417 SEVENTH 8TBEET Kt-rr ^ , 'HfwOddFellowafHJdL7 ' ?^Opholstering a specialty, E i pertenead workman. h marSi lm \VA'-l paper 4 WINDOW SHADES. SSJSC ".OT auy store in the city, will be found at a ?.Thl,tl) TPliMAN S, 4 13 9th street. *nTr?rtet,i W0Jknlen ?niployed and sntt^factioa guaranteed. apll lm* "J'HE UEST MARHURG BROS. SEAL OF NOBTH 0 A BO LIN A NttOKIXe TOBACCO. apl.Mm io AHD ao CENT PACKAGES ICE KIN'G REFlilGEIlATORS. Having the agency for the sale of this REFRIGERATOR, we are prepared to fnrnlsb all, from $2U np. WATER FIETERN AT FACTOBY PBICEB WERR * BKVERIDGK, sp^-tr 1009 P*nn. aye., near llth street. Wa mr? ?slliEg, Et greatly radacad prices, LMDAIB, LAJTDAILETH, CLASEKCEN, COACH EN, COCPEN IM COVPELCTS. Ow Patent Oountmr-balance Ffvni FIVE LIGHT LANDAUS, and FALLING FRONT BERLIN COACHES are the lead Oarriaga of the day, and far beatify of de *tn, timptieity and thoroughneu in construction, are umurpaued. The FaUing Front* to both art nicely counterbalanced by a 8prino, (which ?. rcmoemerd U patented,*) andean with tan be towered and raited with the finger. We guarantee our work to be FIRST CLASS, tmdtopleaae in every particular. . """.mdertheabo* H. KILLAM 8c OO,, )19 CHESTNUT STKSET. *?<* ?*tklr 11W HAVH.PQHN. A um-orr ?f^*otaa t?j si all promptly at landed to; 0Mb Psid. t*BU-lw CIT Y ITRMS. J. A. HmM i s Hocuckt Holder was introduceel to-aky by the tlorlst. foroas asd Coins -Tnnae who are *nf f? rirt frcm Om|M. Cold*. s >r? Throat, <te.. sbonhl try "Brou-it's lironchutl Trt<h*s.'' Tut Marbarg Bron Seal of North Carolina Bmokli g Tobacco. 10 and 20 cent pi-? aie?. 4,13,1: ? Th* .Natiobal Patiwoh Bank, corner of New York avenne and 15ib street, pay* 3 per c* ut per annum on deposits for each cal endar month. Banking hour*, ? to 4. Hat urdaye, 9 to 4 and 6 to*. 2713,Htl6 OrCH! Those Paiwb'?Use Edwards A Hntchlson'a Stimulating Llnimeut for Rheumatism. 4, Dr. C. W. Benson's Celery and CHaw omili Pills are prepared expressly lo cure Rick Headache, Nervous Headache, Dyspep tic Heart actio. Neuralgia. Nervousness and Sleeplessness, and will cure any cape. Price, 80 cent*. Hold by all Druggist* In Washing ton, Georgetown and Alexandria. 2,24,eo ? Rratval. First-class scochino and Dyeing. A.Fischer enlarged bis establishment by removing to his new bnlldlng, 90* Q st. north west, three doors west of tftb street, very n? ar bis former place. By piomptly adopting the latest Improvements, woether of American or European lnveution. be Is enabled to do any work In a manner not to be equalei by those cot possessing these facilities. Bjr Ladfes Dresses cleaned and dyed with out being la Ken apart. Crape Veils rehuished nice and cheap. %jr Grease stains removed effectually. */" Gent's garments cleaning aud dyeing a sj^?o!alty. Prices lower than ever before, to suit the times. Cerns ke ? 'The Wise far Health on dally walks depend," and uiousands from far and near visit Dr. White's establishment. 1416 Pennsylvania avenue, opi>o*lte WU lard's hotel, for relief from, and avoidance of, Corr.g, Bunions, Troublesome Nails. Vas cular Excr**eeuc?*,etc. Established In Wash ington In 1861. Fee, ?l i er visit. GEORGETOWN ADVER'M'TS OFHCK GKOHUKTOM M UA3 LlWllT Bv?' COMPANY, FEBRUARY 9,1871. NOTICE ?The net pries of ()?? c.-i? im?d after to *y 1st, 1876, will be reduced to gi rt per tbensand ImI. By order of the Board. Q W CROPLEY, fcbW-eewfMl Secretary. \ BW si 'HI xG AN D bl* M MKH (.00L)s AT ATTKA< TiVE PRICES JSO II MHOOT <\ 8051 . HO 119 BRIDGE ST., OIOSUEIOWN. P 0 . linereceived tron New York sod are ottering a*. Popu'ar Cask Prictf, LAPIKS' DREhS GOODS in new designs of Plaid*. Strip's and Plain materials; best m*k-s Black Silk from 91 to S3 SO. Bl'k and Wb te Striped and fe'h?ck Silk: Grenadine* trom 2So to #1 29. Mourning Goons of all tbe best miktu and fast Blacks a specialty; Cotton Good* and >beeting* at tbe lowest reduced price*, White Dress Fabric* from 1"M cents up; House Varbisbirg Goods ot the beat make*: G?nt's and Bojs' wear. Ladlea' and Gent's t'nderwf?r. Kid Gloves, I button, at $1 ami 01 to Hosiery in ?reat variety, Parasol* and Crobrelia* Print* 5 and best 8j : Pe-cales 11H ..with a fall line of other goods, te which we are adding dailr st spiles at low prices. Gjodasent to any part of the citT. apZ6 )m JM) II SHOOT k SON N~ ew iraiae goods. Ladle*' Dreaa Goods, in Plain, Plaid and Striped Goods. at 12X, 14. JO, V, 10, 34,40,4i and fc)c. Black Bilks, Tann* and Oashmeree. A large stock Silk finished Alpa aa and Mohairs. 11.MJ0 yards Calico* at 6. <??, and tbe beat at 8 cts. Percales, Piquea and White Diets Uoods, sery cheap. A beantifnl assortment Parasols ar.d 8-n Cm brelias. Cotton Goods at I jw?*t price*. BENJAMIN M ILLKK, ?pi tr 103 Bridge street. ttTILL DYEING TO PLEASE UvB FRIENDS ?9 TUB RCSH IS OVKB Thanks to oar kind friends for their Indalge^cs during the past Fall, when sack was the rush ot work from all sections a* to mt>ke It Impossible to fill order* as promptly .->swe wicked. Being aasnred that the work when finished gate entire *atisfao tton,we solicits continuanre of yonr aatronage. and promise good workatfsir prices In from one tc clgbt dar*. Work a?nt for or deliver ed In anr part of tbe District; received and returned to and fi<m auy part of the ooonty by mall or expresa. *M. M WUBATLEYB Btesir Prelngand Scouring Ks*atM?hmect. 49Jefferaoa street, G?K.rfe?owa,D.0 Bstabllsbed 1431. janl tr FOR SALE. L^Ob SALE?A PA I It OF WELL MtTOUKO r BLACK HOBSSS.of the finest stock . r\ tire tc I six years old, k' id. so-ind. and ventle. Also, fine B1 GUY?"I HABftKSS.^". Will ("11 the above at one fourh the value. Apply Booms 10 ami 20. May Building. ap.-i li' 1/OB SALE?Two pair of th.>ron^hbred M-w a fc-uLdland PUPS. Admire-1* ?'L. V Bt?r ofice. ap25 8t* I/OK SALE?A fine young I10BSK, TOP BCGGY I and HAU&K>S; ever) thin* is In good j en*'r; horse warra ted sonad ud li ue^t; es?ll soon as a b<?ri.'ain cau be had 4 U4 7th ' *tr> e' southwest ar2& tt* j^'OU bA^Lg? 10 000 HERSTINB BCD K\SPBEBKICft, 10 OOO UNE YEAB CONCOBD GBAPEVINES Eirst-clas* and cheap, in lots of from one plant up Send oroers to B A PHILLIPS, spl-lm 603 J#th street northwest. C'ABBIAGEB. CABblAGES, 0ABB1AGES ? ? Tbe largest and moat varied assort - ment of latest st) leof Carriage*. Con pes Kockanay*, Jump seat*. Park Pba?ton*A~ ? ? Jaggers, Toy and no-Top Buggies. Also, seferal fine second hand Panel Carriage* and Buggies on handat P 1? SCUMITTACO. maris tr Ho 319 11th st., bet. C ard D., n w. P,0B BALE-NOW IB THE TIME. 1 have on hand UO SPRING WAGONS, batlt In the best style, with the Sarvin wheel,/ Top and Bo-top BIGGIES for sale out monthly paymenta, at my new factory,J 37 Proapoctat., entrance on Bridge at., near new market. Georgetown, D. 0 mart 3m* JAMES K. PBOKBY. JACESOH WAGONS. HEW STOCK I BON AHD Sli ELLSKE1N AXLES OHI-UOKSE, TWO HO BUB, THBEE U0BS1 AND FOLK HOBSE WAGONS. We have Bold Hundreds of theae Wagons, anl the general opinion is that they are the cheapest and beat Wagon in n*s. D. W. M'GBATH, felJl 3m Corner ot a as*, sve. and 1 street n w. pORTNEIl'S VIENNA BEER, FUR FAMILY I SK IX THE CITT. Tbe general demand for BOTTLED BEEB has Induced me t<* bnild a Lager Beer Bottling Eitab lishn.ent, on Virginia aveuue, near 7m stra>t, tak ing aovantage or all the iateat imcroveiuent*. The Baer Is especially brewed for that pirpoae, aid bottled with the greatest care, fot family u?e and shipping. All oeders sent to the office hers cr to Alexandria will be promptly attended to. The Beer wid be de livered to any part of the city. ROBERTPOKTNLK. Office and Depot t>2 4 O'J? Virginia are. PB1CE LIST. In Boxes, contalniUK 1 d07en Quarts, gl SO, allow ing 79 cents f .r Bottle*, aud Box returned. In Boxes, containing 2 d< 'eu Pints, g 1 fo per Jo/>*n, allowing SO cent* per do^ea for Bottlea and Bos returned. For Shipping, in llox-ss containing 3 dozen Quarts, or 3 dozen P.tits, nt same price p?r do/.en, allow ing tbe same for Buttle* and of charge. ap3 lm ROBtRT PORTSER I^UMiiER! LUMBER! UREAT REDVUTlOy IX F&H.E6. MIST SELL AND WILL SELL. VIRGINIA BOARDS, good. ?!? per M. JOIST and dengtbs aad si sea, ? IS per SI. % WT P. SIDIJIG, #?0 per M. formerly g30. LATH, E'J.tS per tormerly #3. GOOD V1BG1H1A FLOORING, per K. CEDAB POSTS, g? and 30 cents. Allotbar kinds of LI J MB KB. Dressed or Bough, at leas than market pilca. A small lot of OAK, ASH and WALK UT that 1 will ssU at one half the AM^JjUtif CALL WILL bSCUKM bAR (tA JIV o. CEOK6K H. JOHIHOI, fabl-ly Corner 1Mb and E streets north NOTICE?Parties wko daalre to diraoa* ot all KIM OS Of W SARIS G APPARELcan sell them for a higher cash price thaa any place In th* olty, by calling or addreaaing HERZOG. 917 D street, between 9tk and 10th aorthwaat. Prapt at> tantton will be givaa ar 11 tr A* MAHCI^tCTLUKHS' Ladies'and Owl's TEAYELIHG TEtXES. wttk HoMarray s Pateat Truak Stay attacked. LADIES' TRAYELIHO SATCHELS ?BAWL STRAPS aad POCKET BOOKS. DOUBLE aad 81KGLI HA1 LAP ROUES and HOKSE f LAKKET8 SADDLES, BRIDLES aad WHJ Tranks Ooversd aad Repaired, j AU Eepatn to Harasss. ^ t. HeHCRRAY, tr MS Market I O ?OTU g-a.T)n. u, knowledge of optica eaablea me to procure only the beet good* for the money. 8 MAM 0FAl$0RI&K*prAcu V. apl tr 4*3 Pa. are . eorwer ?X street. FECIAL NOTICE YALIAST k OGOE1, DtiLUI IS CHINA, GLASS AND HODSEFL'EHISHIEG GOODS, 4 JO 8th street a w., Wasktnrtoa, D. O Goodi. delivered t* any part of ths District. mZ*-lm AMUSEMENTS. (. H 4*D? OYIPLIMESTAEV BO KEIV EVERY SATUEDAI ENENING. U oYto-k. |i'"? t* PROF PI<T<<EIO. ?nk ftll ob^hestra of fir mm pi??*-. at Ta LL MAT'S HaLU, r ?treet. *? and 101b niffli tortbweet "ft > CM>NCBBT BT THE OBPiEC* 1 LIB. it / Philadelphia. for tbe beneBt of the WUKI11 CENTERS I AL PAVILON. will be |li?l U Lmr.ln Utll MOB DM 1?t, ?? O'CLOCK P * Ticket* ?1. Reeerved 8?aa. ? I *0 4?ilf ?t Inwrotl lEMltBof*, So f? >>?. ?>BM t' LUSHIVE" r THL'BHDAY EVE* ! BO FORD'S OPERA HOrSE ?e*nr? seats at S> I <tnoa A l'hl>n >11 s ?n* TUIKS1UI BY BE IN O. rOErtl OPEBt HI>1 ?E Stem af?titt SolomoB ft # N ATIOSAL THEATIK THE FAIILAXB OPEB.% COMPACT. , A meteor t THTRSDAT BVENIB'S. April ?IT-"Tbe hmlu Oirl"? Mr* feemtogton Mi?? tntii KtilflUDn. ntd Mr??r- H ? rsell, L tiD i*ii S \\ Km.iDi B R. Uev. FRIDA Y EVEN ISO, April J?-"T?lfr f. or Tree-'iteo Tokens ?V ?sb*> te Kaon. M Emma K lufln our *u I II Mcrsell S. VA . E-tn. tLu C A Ball ?4TIRDAY EVENING Aptil J"*-Third ao! f ? r^ort " itbe LtrdrD ?c?-o?.' .ceua "iMiifll#, i Toe yr i*otr/n??t act ol ? ? T> ? ?' r the mri-Mr' Bemin^tan Fairltml. Mi-s Emm* Eecftmaan Ml?? Llllaa Bile? , aLd Messrs. M rtell, Slmpe^a. KMDkCd Btevens. Toll Cboroe and Or?-he?trB. ?ff. ctlve misr ?b Kvr*. rWffhCt Co>tuuies autl PtOparUes, at a tb* N '.tic compVte. . G turel admission. ?1; reeflr\td seats. |1M.|>. : vat? l> x,? JU;ttlli-t> Wc Bo* Sheet r. w op" a? Metreroft ?. Mar l-ROSE EYTINGI as ROSE Ml' H EI., e ith 1'ntoTi''qnare 1 beater Co., New Y>rk. a-? tr "L' " r THURSDAY EVENING. FOBD > "PARA HOTSE Secore seats at B, )? n-n A rhapfai'? a>.^ 't PROF>'?BOK IHILDO?'<l IL EXAMINATION EX?K<ISE? N ATI* N A L THEATRE. MAY I lt> Gland Fair) Ppr'a- ilar Hal let ut CINDERELLA; OS. THE GOOD I A I b V AND THE LITTLK GLASS CLIPPER. iu all its ntc"..n? sf'.-ndor. wiih Real Ponies. Golden Chsrl ?t, Mam ill -ft Si-enery.ftc. Thevatioas characters whl l?e -a* tair.ed r>v the >?venile rnttl* of Pr>-f. BHRLD 1 S tj DANCING A< ADEMY. 1004 F ?ti?*t B< >rt t>w*t Doors < pets at 2 *i. romnieLces <t 3 SO. sCu-ission. with renrtd SO cents Prof --hel don n ill Ih* fonud at the ball ilaily fr> m 10 to II ? ra Ibd 1 to 6 p m , for tb?- aalr of tfofct'ta. a?2? <i' ' viHi?v_' THIRSDftY K\ENIN<:. tORI) S OPERA HOUSE F*cur<? arata at Sol-nj"B ft Cbaptnan^# ?p2< ?' T'HKATIH IiiMKH E llrrritktlrMl, btivic ftnH 'a* .a Acm*t. opes thkTear hoosu. PerfonrBDce EVERY WIGHT. MaimforU die* and ChiIdr?>B EVERY WEDNESDAY aud SATl'RDAI AtTERhOOB FIEST CLASS IX EVER Y KESPECT j Variety. Drama. Borlna-jn* aad (kimady. eo'-fl It Robert pohtner-sbi nnEH ?ar ll'.H, Id Aleiabdria, la opru?-d aga'u tor tha at-a-op. wber< tbe b*-t LaGER will alwava I* on draught. iap?lBi-) HEBBY 8< HEKH. Kopt OLD No.) On Kxhibition iNew No. 4M > Hd Ml? ] 439 7TH 8T.S AT _ c 7TM 8T. I !*?. 43?7t* utrtrt, I) and E Mia doct abort Odd FthMet' Hail. Cbolcc Oil Paltitinea, Bncrarlon. Ghrono*. Ae Alao. largeat ?t< ci of Pap?r Hai giuia, Window Bhadea, Plctnr?<a, Franioa. Ptctnr* Cordi Bad Ta* ?ela, Blnr>. Bails. Ac., la tbe DUtrict ?>"Tf>m? CahH. . _ ^ ... BhfPleMe remainb?r Warn* and Wtmbrr ?rl-lT FESTIVALS. ^I^HK FAIR AT ODD FELLOES HALL I r tlx I benefit of BT. DOM'WIO'SOaCROH will cm tlcr.e 1-. ti. FRIDAY M'iHT. tlo Z-th lrnt a 2* jj |,'A1R AT 6r. J0bRFH% HALL. i< orr-^r 5fli BD'I H atreeu uorthweat.i FOR THE BENEFIT OK bT. JOSEPH S ? Mlb H Gcnuai. . EVERY EVENING K ROM MONDAY. April 'J4, TO MAI I'l. ap22 Tt LECTURES. I EGTI KE BY LEWIS < LARK E th?- Ge 'w? I . Harris of 't tide Toib ? Cabin, to aid lu ??? lNDL^TBIAL ft HOOL EOR COL->RED lilRL? IN W APIIIKOTON. at Asa'eiatioD Hall, <>li? Peuoa btiB' ^.THi li~ DAY EVEN 1RG, A prll >17 tb. I67t, coDUBt-ncicc it "<o'<'Vxk. Adm^srl >b, ?"?O cts. aptt St* BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. M abini b floral may hall. V EDBESDAY EVENING, Mar 10. l'fft At MARINI S HALL, E street, between 9;b bii<1 1(HU ats. Tltkfts. adrii.ttiug a c u\.W. ?n at onei,?.1. Door* open at "SI; coBfmecc* a; i-? p m ft/Ticketa to lie had Bt MqsIc Store* ?r at th< H'll. ap* PROFESSIONAL. I)1 R J. R WALTON, DENT l-T to th?- 1 ^ _ State* N?tbI Acad'my at Annap lis.^j^S Md .. for a Lumber of >ear*, re?pectfu! j ^1110 offer? hia professional services to tbe cttizeux o EWx-hn et ii Offlce, 93^ E ?tre?t northweat. be tween i?tb and I'Hh ap> la>' UR J. Cl'RTlSB SM ITH K. OtnliU. H&s removed his office from ^il7 Penn*ylvBniB Breiiue to .'<'24 0 street #.>c w., b f?<w doow eB*t from 4H street. apf C</; PER SET EITHER JAW. CUby'Dr A B.C. WBIhEIiBOBN. D * 'T" list, 4 0 j 14tb rtreet n. w. Also, Oold Fillings don? at reaM>nable price, aud aatisfBcuon gi\<-n. ap!3 eo3m* |~kR. W D MYEBS, Otn? i'i, baa Beniot-i ?, I f Ho 11M Penns) IvanlB avenne. d. NItrons Ox>deG;is Bdmlbutered apl eoSm^^Tfq E.? UAKli}dHyEYATLAW. Northe?at cor. Lb. Bve. and 7tb at . R >om 4, ap3 3tn WBxbington D O. PlDWIH EISineEB, IJ JUSTICE OF THE PMACB, Ho. 60# 7tb Street n. w., oppoeita United State Patent Office. (Ail 4* PmiT? Btrrtau f??sts?.l B?M ly V" HtTTEK fc RUIWEAS, ARTISTS. FRESCO, DECORATIVE and erery deacrlp'lon ol ORNAMENTAL and PLAIN PAINTING, TX? 9th street eortbwest. SPECIMEB RUOM.T10 E stre-t northwest, jan21 1) WASHINGTON. D.O. PEB BET FOB TEBTH. EITHEK JAW. S7 b> D*. A. B. PRATT, Gradaata of Ohio College of Dental Pnrgery, Bad of Rnsb Medical College of Chicago. 401 7th str<* t ??st aide, corner of D. Gas and chlorofortn used in extracting teeth. amll-ly EDUCATIONAL. WH EST END INSTITUTE b<im< * SrKoct fm Yotint Lndut. Mra. 8. L. CaDT. Principal Mew Haven, Conn. Send for circular niurJ fcii THIBE EPIflCOFAL 1NST1TCTE, < or?#r 15 t n*< I REV. F L. KNIGHT. D D.,/*???/ Alt'f r; PROP JOHN LOW RY. A M? A > Mi'trr The Sixth Annual Session of tb Is cbnrch sch >ol for boys will commence on W EDN E3DA Y, the ntfc of September. Further Information can !-* had from-tne Re*. F L. KNIGHT. D D.. atJgZ7 tf 14 4 H Oorcoran street EHHNGLifB. FREBOH, AND CLASSICAL SB LECT SCHOOL FOR YOCHG LADIES, md New York arenne n. w.?Mrs. ANOELO JACK SON, Principal ?Tbe eighth Buccal aaaslon b?-gias ob the 14tb of Sept--ml>er. 187?. ang*4 ly W JlTCHMB. KNOLIJSH, 8WI88 A^U AMSBJCAJI fTatcbe*, BV ALL THE MOST CELEBBATED EAKBR8 A Largs Assortment at Tan Low Price* ?. W. SALT, BEO. * ?? lanU-tr JEW ELBE 8. pARTIES about to build <1A? bate MONET BT OOETEAOT1H8 WITH OB, As we keep la regular atock. and ara prepared to erect is moat approved manner, every deecripaoa of HOUbM AltD VRXAMBXTAL FL' MS JIfG, 8KWKRA UK. VA9-F1PIXQ, M. TIB ROOFING, T1H HOT A IE PIFEf to be built In walla. BLATE and MARBLB HAHTEL8, la aacsiUeBM hf styles and colors nnevualed . BAHGEB, Ft'RH A CBS and FIEBPLAO STOVES-giving a larger eatflt thaa any other boose in the city, and enabling as to maAs favora bls propc sltioas to capitalists and EATHAEO B ?I TEH1HBOE, asB-tr SIT MB i PABTI RaGA?PASTt'RAQB FOB COWS and HOHS1R Apply tc E. LYOHB, AA Was*r ftrest, G< ors?towa. Payment required la ad iBMe. SfBla' LADIES GOODS. r i Nrrctairt, (0 a.-* ?tn mhut, , rr clocd iul?ik<..i Daily rfdhiDl >]. tt>. latr?t N..trl lM la CHIP AM 01 KAU H\T? Lit BP P L<> ? I 48. A<- . Me. l*4w?of Waal.lbfl^ ticlaity ?r? ???,?* u, ??11 ??? 1 ? lanme ^ *??. ?. r. ruxcii llaa b recherche ?? rft.#r| ? paris BOBBBT8 ?ad H ATS Ti dd-^ ud Cbtrimaat. la Obi*.,,MHr.. p. plk and (laa T'bV"11 rL?*,ll<' LACKS aid >0?L ?*" >yecjal alien: W? to ()r |?n M. p rw ii.i. . *>B ><? B*>?. tn? < en nth in Urb l\l *"'l'IAI( If till *(*LE A'.tkT r?'H 1 ' I' OOB>E.S and (ion PABBb WATBKPbM ri. M4 UV8 A LOTor ki^i, hui i>i*in? ?sa.,u"'?" ?j-vsrt ^>>0 ^ ? ?iuim r MRB. M. J HI ^ r * Wc?k4 call 'At* a-ten i.v. of the ladiaa to ? iarae a aci'awut i4 '""bTB '** AMmiCAB FATT BLR BOft I KTK1MMBD HA r?. tc ereat ran. ;y attdatii.*. K But ton k ID ULuVlbS, a' 91 3. 1 " M M|1 N. EM mboipkiUF" or ri4w.CBa1l.rfr ul W, . ? at ttri*ilf K' ^ ,r ( krENEU * F A lirtf ?B.f lelect Mvrtvwnt nf L.A< B ? ? l>t?, II aT9 AMI* KiiKBtr*. 01 ik. , . ror ,nN' '? WE Chlldr-a. Of tb* ia.??t itrlN and mo?t attractive a fian? Plot ?electl.ia of **?*<'I?BBI AKD TBlBBlNtf* 1KHNT6 LA( K < A PS mt !# (c rr<i?>r, it __ EElts HI.I.BA hi |>p|||'k J5.V ** *1* E*E etrwet. ,.yp Pa'*t)t OfBr# UKXII.1AN LADIF.S' SnOKS, MATE TO ORDEB AT 610 ? I S??nt, Of p. >il* Pa:.* 1 Qft * . ,.h:^ ;rlrb^# ,u>ck * lai)i" Fren' h K id Btti xtj ? j .J j, Biiiiuh ?? ?? . ?* ?? French ret.f la ^ ?nli'ir*' ?" ?" made at BIT eatablUbMetit ?ud ?r? tMitnlnd to b( ?je?l u >L. (l rk n.?. .. factored iD tb? I niu<i Hmt orm **** JEE H TRB?ILTA. J? ww ?um?rV' ? ci, ,0? ~1JTt~Lt * (|RUT 1A< R 'r'\t mcxae ma IK 'if.?5 ?A*-'?*** ?rw ?? 4 O H AI K li BA I D? M fV.Tr* "r 1. JJ fiJ'S Su? w f4' i"'*"'' r> BE U A1B BBAiDH tl|IH. f,.rater ?rtoa fit prn e 91. ?' l< ? ?? At A BOB IffCKTMIIT OP CHBAP HAM BLBo BI'OINGP and IN0EBTIOBI. A rMB^T^',Il,* ?* LAD1B> fNBOll A L>\B?*JiT(.>OK..*r ? B BBI,I,E 8 ?au "AEA^OLB, X 11)lit r?cTmlw? of f om. IjVHuV L0AKa ASD BllTB? " ? ** U tAL Aft It IMlTATiUB LACKS. ??TIW, ( )H HAND ANU BE< EIV1NO DAILT, ? tor** 1 , -"a.""".*.'. o1 ?ItLlllEBf Uli H?8 Tbf '?t*^ ?l>le? vl UAT8. PLOW EBf. 1c. ALHo, J( BT K t< || V ED. BO *f'1 zee f h?i* .? KID OM)VK8,allilitil?i. tul tbe beet Id im mwU for 91 tn> '* tfc* \V'B IKVITB TUB LAD1BB TO CALL ABC " exanibe uur K<>cE l?rT? ly H HELLIB TIE M> ?t Space jjjrfcllALtlEE lltiMLTlll. DOr?LA8B'. BIHTH AMV p- 8T OLOL'D COBSBTIs 8K1BTS, BL'BTLEB. PBEMl'U L.ACMDBT P"* FADCC KP u,4..?b?A.,,8v/UOL'L1,KI1 BEA( E<? HOB IBBT. LADIES' OOTTUB AMU HBBIBO yiJE'KRWKA*. KID 9LOVBS tfoct of P?dcv Oood* ivunpieta BoveltiM* recelt #0 Agency for Domestic PMhlnna f> bM tf books and station eby. 1-?HE NEWEST rrilLK ATIOBS -| ltl?rk . G?ber*l AtlM of tbe World, fr.. brtju Utr^t EBcortrlee. rlM.ur<farf?? and thwci,?r ee? mm - B?rcrr-ft ? ll.atorv of rtir Unit?tl 8t ulee O^o'eri Pta^eiijtly. |l li S Orchard Onlt r*. tj E lUnd. 0^111 4 Ob t? P 8cl:iit 'el?.er?er. 91 ?" ? Dravfnc. tv E?orr .fron th. freachi, 91. 6 PhyelciT anl Belfglona Knowledce. bf Bixbr. 91 ,v?. 7 He 1 T k Bo<>k?. bf Dr W D Raeri. 9 : ?? - l.tmjel or the DefjU.. b? Mr, 9 h"o'th, ? b? Qaortibna M Oradk. . C-.m' for u ?nd^?iO?'l by 4nna Rn ? i t.r and Ida Allot. 91 ?? II Attwo^da ? Vlera Amr;lcuH;tt,^,.9,.;4 II 8b.ll^1* &L.?!!- " Abdent Bet-is. 1 J 1'.* ' .'4- riorwoa Marr; at '? LucE* D i ai polDtn..nt,r? 8OLOMUB8 A <"b APHAB AEent* Lawrence ? ? Pnre Linen ? Paper',. MMtr Bll P??rl < anla a?et,ue r\|M9 EtM IHWOETH 9 ?REATEIT, SELF MAD*; o/;, OUT OF TI1E DEPTHS. PCBM8HED M Aft V tbak8 8IB< E ib THE ftEU TCBK LEDGER. IB BOW F<JB BALK IB BOOK F iRM AT HHILLlSUTOini Bookklorf. *'u lr <:?r d^treetaad Perca are THf ABCIBM BKUIMB B> TaUe BnitllBb Literature 3 Tola. Uy Talne Toward- the 8tral?ht Oata B? Borr K?t^ 1U B, Dr. Illaatraud rcritnantarr on the trt> ~m Aboetlaa ttr L) mat] Act? *' ^ rss.""'" fr0tnm v' 1)0(1 Bac .... Pr>*titf?atOleBwoo<l Bt Mlae Nut,... lk in MM Balla"rVVi! ?r1' ir 4 *+ ?UJ .tT^t ]\ * w BVUkl.l DifMae of tba Bervoaa Srctaa Bi Dr H Clotb. 96. akwa, 97. ' ^aten"0^?' ^fluKcta!*1 Stjlea. liy Ro*rn?ar AM?a! P. aattea and BeaMnatea R. Vai Hena. . 'bternationtl Bel Sati?a. 91 H 92 Untuty of ftaturai Bcionoa. By Bcikley. t!?1 iif BMlItoa; t Tola. 94 *? tswttljerislj&2 "i?'- *' uters&rvnswi fsJrt, Juat pnbllahefl and f >r aalr by BOMI'H BKOV. 10IE Pb a*. MENS WEAR. SPRING GOODS. NEW STYLES FINE GOODS, TO MAkB TO MKAfelRB. SUITS TO ORDER, PROM 93# vP READY MADE SUITSt ? : ou 9i? cr. bbadt badb SPRING OVERCOATS. ? i? cr. V UN IT WB* ark eece vino daily rrob olr ^"?ora.fraabaayrlt-aol tftoab P1B1P ht D PH1RTE. bad. of tfta Baat Wa>.S< J. W. MIE, FIBB0T DBE88 EH1BT8 BEDK to okdbr of tba rerj heat Material and la tfta Boat Winer far Bt St. at tba brabcb RALTIBORR 1BT BA^rOBT. lOlil P atrMt marli lr J W. DARK, flari?er.

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