Newspaper of Evening Star, April 28, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 28, 1876 Page 2
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firjsninw oxatw WASHINGTON: FBI DAT April JS IW. flOMRT B- HOTEHm Editor. Beading Matter on Every Page April ITtb 11,-rtO Tuesday, ?? i*Ui ?. 19.100 Wednesday,? i?Uu 1A.?? Thursday, - sotb lfl.noo Friday, ? 2lat n.330 Saturday, M ZM ia.6w fttel far tA* Week. 90,7*0 Armtg* Daily drmtaMM 18, Haw ? r?n*Ml Tax Works Hen I nder the personal tax levy for tbe fl?cal year ending Jane 30. K2, sluce wh?u no per sonal tax baa been levied, tbe total vala* Hon, returned by tbe assessors for the twenty-two diatrlcts then comprising the District of Columbia. was an follows: ASSSSSVO VALUATION: Washington City f!>.onn,<*>7 71 Georgetown l on County < 72,533 m Total *11,257,*52 *? npon wbtrb a tax of To cents on the one hun ('r?d dollars wan charged. wblcb. hal It ? e*n coiIeet?d. would bave realized the sum ? f *79 !?4. The al>ove valuation It eluded t>oi.di, >Iwl), pronilivAry nolni, pa'illf an 1 private securities, and all otb^r person*1 property not exempt by law. It appears from tbe n-port of the controller there was Collected as follows: Washington City 121833 90 Georgetown 5.512 M County 2,0*3 02 Total tj;,!!)!) ;>* It will thus be >>ee'i tliat then- was not fifty per cent, of tbe tax collected, whilst the cost of Salaries, printing, and other Incidental expense* attending tbereoi., nearly absorbed tbe amount collected. There was received for licenses during the same fiscal year the sum of ?n> Oil ?l, to wblcb add tbe -'7, collected from per. socal taxes. It will thus be seen that the whole received from this source amounted to tbe sum of *1<1.45! 39. For the next fiscal year, ending June 30, 1*73, there was a de crease in receipts for licences of ?l 1,701.41, and It is evident to every citizen of the Dis trict that business of all classes was decided ly more prosperous than at the present time. Wh?n tfce last personal tax was levied there was no forcible effort to collect tbe tax ether than to render tbe bill, and then only tbe timid taxpayer came forward to pay, and It U very evident that If tbe bill which has passed tbe House should become a law, althocFh a person may return bis bonds, stock-, and mortgages, and eash in hand there is no power to compel him to come for ward and pay. and any effort to force the payment would lead to never ending litiga tion. It seems difficult to make some of the R p. rrafutatlv<>a in Congress understand our sys tem; they maintaining tbat we pay no per sonal tax Tbe difference is that our personal tax la in the nature of a license, to which 1 aa been added In the bill Introduce! by Mr. I?uckner. household furniture and other arti cles not heretofore embraced, and which, i nder Its provisions. w?re It to become tbe aw, would most certainly realize over half a million of dollars, whilst the Neal bill is defective in many particulars, and would prove wholly inoperative. It meets general condemnation from the business men of the District. Already Is Ita Injurious influences beli g felt In the way of making capitalists and people of moderate means, living on the interest of their money, timid about invest ing here Tbo Cincinnati Gazette Brlstow organ) de clare* upon Itr honor that it would afford It tbe almost pleasure ?to be able to accept tbe statement of Mr. Blaine in explanation of tbe t'cion Pacific railroad transaction as satisfactory and conclusive; but," Ac., Ac And then the truly good Deacon Smith, with? A ?illf on his lip. and a tear In bis eye? goes on to tbe length of a column with bla "If*' and *'buta" and vearnlnga for "bottom facta.'' The I>eaeon la v> sorry for Mr. Bialne. you know: Tbe Postmaster General Is determined, should Congress materially re-luce tbe esti mate* tor bis department, aa tbe House Ap propriation Committee propose to do. not to allow hla expenditures to exceed tbe amoant appropriated, even though the postal Inter e*t* of the country Buffer In consequence. In order ? keep within the limits of tbe pro poaed greatly reduced appropriation, the Mat mall tralna, which were established after mocb labor and expense, and bave proved such an accommolation to the pub lie, must t> discontinued; dally service in many instance* must b? cut down to tri weekly; tri-weekly to weekly, Ac ; and, In faet, economy be practiced In every direc tion at tbe inconvenience of tbe public. Half a year of aucb niggardly economy will be certain to raise a bowl of Indignation all over tbe country, and Congress will be forced to restore tbe privileges heretofore enjoyed by tbe people. If there la any one thing It la unaafe to do It la to grant tbe American people certain rights and priv ilege* and subsequently take them away. Tbe people who bave been benefited by the rapid and frequent delivery of the malla will never aabmlt to a return to the olJ alow coach system. There were no leas than fourteen Senators absent from tbeir seats yesterday during the Impeachment trial. Tbia la an Improvement In attendance, since usually about twenty are absent on more Important duties than tboae wblcb devolve upon them aa United States Senator*. Thla la the way Andrew Jackson made reply to the application of an lnveatlgatlng committee during bla admlnlatratlon that wanted to overhaul the department records: "The heads of department* may answer such requests aa they please, provided they do not withhold their own time and that of tbe officers under their direction from public Lualnesa to the injury thereof to that b>'gl i.ess. 1 shall direct them to devote them aelves to their duties in preference to any Illegal and unconstitutional call for informa tion, no matter Xrvcn what wurce It may ?otne, and however anxious tney may be to meet it. For myself, I shall repel all such attempts aa an invasion of the principle* of Jostles as well aa of tbe constitution, and I ?ball esteem It mv sacred duty to the people of the United State* to them as I woukl the establishment of a Spaulah laqul ?ltlon." H The Mat>sachuaetta republicans have Bet a good example In adoptiug a pla'form of leas iban twenty line*. There are no long *'Wberea?ea," In It, but Is aeoaibly confined lo a single resolution,Which expresses every. Iblrg necessary to be aaid. Stab, now ready, contain" au the Investigations of the week, TePro ??ttng? oT Congress: the Belknap impeach U>* HaUet K: I bourn Habeas Cor Mating* In Washington COurt Political Notes; i??> Choice MtnrlM; all uje Poems ?'?* *nuum, in advance; postage I>repaid, single copies Ovwc-uu. i,. wr?p fjjrati ai. wfict. ticksi* to o?Hst?-ia?. Qraa* pr? motto. **ul **> 1st. si ths Miusia* Cifr >tirr. fill Press sts jj?*?*0* < Ck'tMsrs, 310 7ta atosst". r ?s*Biia Bookstore, eor.?:baad f'lrUT01' Gotst?>*t Prlatlag Offl. ? Csailini rn. aaa Pa sr , l'n.,1 ? ? f ft mn ?or. Set %?<l I >?.. 903 'th H n ? J_ fchs 5?" 'e 1 C?* aad U? old mi ^ Q?v !t llft| of |. 7i!. I VI I ATilfir" IUII C LB thtjtg. 8PRINQ AND SUMMER. DIM COATS Oriental Bilk PI d Wonted, ??* Northampton Bilk Bibbed W?nWd $19 Vienna Diagonal Worsted. ?16 M BlKkliftoi Black and Gold Worsted. $12 Cx bridge Fancy Bilk Worated, ?19 limiuim rue; Ml Wanted, ?10 Fine BItaaaf Sprit g Oaaa Bolt, ?89 Fine Delabarre Plaid Oaaa. Bait. ? 19 Bdward Harrta Hair-Una Oaaa. Bait, ?16 40 The Vermllleo Checked Cam. Bait, ?t? The Diagonal Bitbed Oaaa. Bait. ?14 Gen'ne Waahiaxton Mill Bine Flannel Bait, ?12 North Hooaic Block Caaa. Bait, ?19 Here a lea Sootch Oaaa Bait, ?11 English Btripe and Plaid Caaa. Bait, ?10 Knickerbocker Cheek Oaaa Bait ?9 Baals Vary Brocket) Check Cass Bait, ?4 CnloeCaee Bait. Frock and Back, ?8 toiths' inn, Mlllknrg Diagonal Worsted Bait. 914 Ltpptn Bi'k K'bhed Ca?. 8alt. ?13 Maaon'a Hair line Oaaa. Suit, $11 London Plat 1 OaM Bait. ?9 New York Mil a Caaa Bait, ?T BOTH' RriTN Ncrwalk Fancy Worated Bait, ?10 Oamden Plata Cvts. Suit, J* Snow flake Fancy Cans Bait. ?7 Knickerbocker Check Cats Suit SB InionCass Salt, ?8 A. STRAUS, ,011... PENNbTLVABIA AVBBGB 1011 apW ir Flu. ; ?> lQui a:,v 11 th SraEsn. ^1'liCIE Iliblb I'HK E3! RRODHE&I) A CO . ??39 Tes>? A', a , between :<th ano l<>th st?., Of FEB A KI LL LINE OF PUJi?H;X AND DOMESTIC Ok Y (400D9 AT MOST ATTKACTIVE PRICE* ' M<t>IP A'I' lt* hm iH* h-nt ti-h"- I 'it Pr< from I.? to 30 P- ? Oaf. P ack Im Grtnadiaes. 37>4c ; tornser pries80c. I'Ufk Im Grenadines, 6tc ; " "4 75c Plat a Im. Orenadniss, Bl; " ?? $ \ 25 lUkck Fiat V>> sb Grenadines. 75c ;form?r price S7>* IJlbck * I at Mesh Urenadit ej, gl 25; " ?1 4(J. Mrip?d. PUided and Damase Grenadines, also at Mated i ricea Black Li < ua Silks at toe an.l op, inclnling Bonnet, Guliet BUl^ssand Parsons' celebrated makes. B**t ? acific Lawns, < fast c-jlors > li'jc A full line of Lined Leans, in beautiful de-ifus. frcm 25c tip. A f' a 6an-m.>r Silk. reduced from ?1.25to ?1 p?T jard These gooda are pure Uk^uJ ef th*-beat ? akfs Winter chetiand Wool Hbawls, ?1,18, Stock of Domestic - c mplete.asd prices gi aranta?d Laciea' and Gen'-' lied rwear direc from the manufacturers and i*porter-, low^rthun ever. A uirst excellent 3 button Kid, In allolo/s. (late ?bade*,) 91 35 per pair. Wanisutta Hl>>?. he1 Cotton. HXe. per yard Parnate, Plain and Striped Dress Uxnla.chea > B BANC 11 STOKE, ISO* F 8TBBET bet l?th and Hth ;old atat.3. BROBHEAB * CM*. ap28-tr 93* Pa. a*a., bet '?!> and l'?th -ts fjjRR. REFRIGERATORS ffiM WA TER AVOOLER8. * Large stock of good make*.at' low pricaa. OEO WATTS At CO, Horss FlBXI?H!"t3 lr 314 7th street,above I'eon. avenue. IV BITTEN FBOPOS&LB WILL BB KlT I ? cetre.' tip to May 5th by either oi the under signed, for the Re-tauraot and Bar privilege# of the race me*ting, to be given by the Matioeal Jockey Club, on tha 18th, 17th, and ISth of Mar next. B1CBAKD WALLACH, T K. ROBSRLE, apT eoSt J NO. A. BAKES. $100 PAIL)**P *0? IT^?F $1,700 dnrirg the past feir uiontha. und>-r oar improved syatetn of operating in Btock* Kiaka re luctd to (luminal anms anJ profits increaatd Book contain ing lull information aent on application. TCMBKIDOB * 00 , apt- tr Bankers and Brokera. 4 Wall at , N. T. DlUsT SODA WATER 18 dbawn f bo a BLOCK.Tin LIMED > J EEL FOI \\ TA 7 AW. Tealera wnl do well to aecare a anpply fcr the ->sa aon from SAW I. ?. PALMER. DEPOT, 37 0K9ENB PT BEET, GE9BQB TOWB, D O. N B-NEW FOUNTAINS now tuiag received. COl'N IEB APPAB&TCB for ->ale, rent, or loau. a?17-tr J^EEl-6 patent partly-made DBMSS SUlRTf, The Grcateat Invention of the Ags. Six fine Dreaa trhir's for aix < f 6 ) not to be ha-1 in a ay other store li thia city W Weai* Sole Agenta. W. W. Bl'RDETTE A CO., No. 939 7th itreet n. ?. apJ7 tr Bo. T06 K street n. w. 'piiE CENTENNIAL BARGAINS AT HElLBRmS SHOE STORE, 403 Tth BTEEET B0BTHWB8T White (hoea fcr May Balia at coat Bt UO Ken'a atit< bed Gaiter* and Tiea. ?4 SO French Kid, front aeam. bnt*on. fIJSu Kid, Button; ? 1 80 Foxed. Battos. ?1. Lace Gaiters. ?1 80 aide lace. m I 00 Congress: 9U centa Bnskloa. .42 Oil Laa iog Front aeam, Bat'on. 81.00 Boy a' and Htaaea' Fcbool Beoea. ?100 Foxed Baltnorala; So centa Infants'. ? 1.J8 Men a Gaitera: ?2 50 Calf Boota. Buckakln, Kid acd Laating Gaitera. N. B ? Lcok for " Old Woman with 24 Children." In aindow. ap>8 tr QEJrTLE+HE.Y>8 OUTFITS. Every Department Well Supplied. GARMENTS lO BEAM RE. A large aaaortment, probably the largest In Wa-hiDgton, of aooda to select from. Fine Plaid Bultinga; Plain anl Fancy \V .rated Coat ings ami Buitlbga; Blna and Black Flannels; Bine, Black. Flaid and Mixed Cheviot Bnit ings. Blue, Black, Brown. Olive. Dahlia and Mixed Cloths and Coatings. Handsome Panta loon Patterns; White and Fancy Vesting*. Gentlemen cf quitt tastea are particulaily In vited to inspect. Bnita made to iu< a*are from ?28 upward. Orders promptly filled aad in the best manner READY MADE GARMENTS. Good tntts. reliable goods, desirable and new rtylea. for $16 Black Worated Coats, with A eats to match, from ?17 80 to g2S Handsome PanUIoona from $8*npward. Spring Over r. ata. in choice aaaortment, from ?12 to $^5. Blue ard Black FlannM Suits. Blue Cheviot huita. Drap d'Eia Coati, Yeats and Panta Joona. LIS G ERIE Fcrfcctly fitting Shlrta, White and Colored. Silk and Linen Handkerchiefs Collar*. Caffs, !*c*rfs and Ti ? Gau/>-. (i .??mer. Merino. Silk, flannel. Jean, Linen Thread and other Underwear of approved makes and tualltiea. Kid and other Gloves. French and English Su? peuder- aad Bracsa from 35 centa to $4. Plain and Fancy Half Hoaa from 28 centa to * 1 V per pair. Gjmuaat Shirts. Tights and Trucka Boating aad Tachtiag Shirts. Many art idea not possible to enumerate. ONE TRICE ONLY, ??"? ? * IB ;r^r department. OEOROE O. HENNINGt 919 BETEHTfl STRUT, ap28 tr B1QB OF THE OOLDBB TKKCB. fAYLOR A HUFTY, 933 PRSMSTLTARIA ATESCR. HATE EEDLCED TBB PEIOEB OB THUS CELEBRATED DOUBLE YOKE SHIRTS aa roLLowa: Qnaiity Bo. 1, ?M ??: Formerly ??M. - t, ?SS 01. - ?MJ>. - 44 ?. 9?J?; ? ?42JV. " M 4, ?41JS; - ?48 Ji. ?Aftt'tV ?>A9TUEAGE?PABTCKA9E FOtt COWB aad 1 HOEBAB. Ap? y U E. LYOH8, 99 Water atreet, Gvorgetowa. faiattit required |? ad va&ee. apUlm* WAATO. w w \V4ITID-For r>??h?A partial or ?"taplets ?? OFFR K OCTFIT. Addrra* f. T. X.,#t*r Office. apM 6i* \\'A?T*D-A aloe white WOlit who under .V. - Jiff Dining room work. Also, a $^od EIABSTHM. n3l6Crw?lB w. ft* W&ITID-& Irat cVi GIRL to do graeral *? touaework; references required. 0*11 aay tim* after ? o'clock a mat 111* Pennsylvania avenne. apis St* WTbTiinr ? resp rtable young whit* Girl a SIT! AT (OH n nurse or chambermaid; no cl>j?ctlon to go out of Ike city Please call ttHo. I ?1 a N ?tr?*t. bet li b mad IStb o w. >p? k' j WANTBD?Twnor three unfurnished communi cating BOOMS. ?*rm bath Indispensable tad >rms m*?t be raseocabls Address M A. F . City P?*t Office apS8 St* II AD1IC-& l?? experienced OANV&S9IB4: FY tbe beet of tefeteacee r?;uir*l. Apply tt DOBSBY 8 Boom Agency, 9J0 F atreet north West. ?ti ?t? \V'ANTKI>-At 30<< O street northwe*t TBN t' ANT* for Kdobi on Erst end second floor*, furniahtd or unfurnished, with or with at B>nrd Family private, location quiet and beautiful, neigh borhood excellent, term* moderate. ap21 St* WANTU-A steady end reliable white MAM to ?? drive and take care of a boree and wagoa; inait be well acquainted with the city and the graoerie* and restaurants; none other need apply ID Al BEB.491 Pth street northweet. apM it* ANTED?1>HB98M A EBBS, at Mme L\B MIBB, 1907 Pa ave. apT7 2t* IVABIBD-Five CABPBNTBRB aid aevral ? L AT 11 EES Apply at the TBEMONT HOCSE. sp27-St ANTED?Three eipen?co d t'ABVARSIB?. Apt1) betw?en 7 an?i s oVlock,to 716 7th "t. nw ACGI8T LEIFH"LTZ ap17 St* WABTIC-Two GEBTLBMBN or Geatlemm " and Wife to occupy nice room*, with or with out board, chesp In a private family at No dil'i I street nortbwwt. ap!7-3t* W'ANTH)-To F.fty shar^eorlees ?.f v* STOCK In either the Colnmhi* or Metro *ill tar btreet Car Bailroad Co. Address ??CAPITAt. 1ST. ' Star c ffice. at27 3l* ANTED?Three steftnutreeses, one white Coach vr man. three white Cooks. Farm Hinds, Ac ; >ood Mtratioi* National Bd ol >yruont Offioe, B m 24, F aid 7th attests. Families *Tpp ied with h^ p. apif i<.' \V:AKTED-A COLOBBI) WOB\N as Lam " dr?-- at No iJOtltj G street northwest Njlo tut a first c'a-s laundress with (cod referencj* need ?rPljT- ?PU Si* VE/ANTED?Ftve two horse TEAMS t > go ab at v v fit y wiles in the c<>untrv to hail rnilroal ties Apply to Al-?TIN P BROWN, corner New York avfrbcft Abd 15th at. apt} 3t* W'ANTKD-A COACH PAINTER, o?rTho " ? tborough)-. undtrs'and* his business; other tttd apply. Arply to .1 J. COOK, 1??> Bridge s,r5".V. Georgetown Th^ae in n?ed of C?rrU?ee ate n urns would do wtll to call before to cIijm log e'eewh?-re. * apW 3t* \v ANTED?IiroA?d:atrly ?Frtini ies to call ?nl ?? ae'fct fri m f??er?e rart >ty of first cU<? wblt* a d coloied helpjor all kind ot housow.rk. Ail hs- e ((4 d r?-f?teLces 1 want onr white Pr jtostant C hanib< rniaid; nmtt to ago<>d wa*h?r and ir > er, to e<. to I'biladclpliia. S In family Also. 2*> white aLd c? Inied.for all kinds of w >rk.?o K > away at occe Mrs LOUISE O. BI TLER 8 Eureka K-n ployineut Office,907 D street. a#25 ?t* \YrANTEP?A Dentist, l>reaam deer, or Milliner. ?? to occupy the most desirab!- and li3stloc?t-d K<<nis f.?r eith'T of the above purposej lu tbeiity. Apply at AI0 9thatieet n..rthwe?t. apJS-ct \y Ahl EI??HOI SK AND FI KHITI KS wTll vv pay cash for furniture and lea?e of hows-ou Capitoi Hill. Apply to Boom 10, No 51?7tlist lT'itt.we-tt. ap2> 6.* W'AHl KD?Carpets iLf-ste.l wltu Moths to clean vv aLd at tbe sane time restore th-rn to th rori nal trichtLeaa. with or without removing from the 11 or. luk and grease ap<jts a specialty. Washing* ton Carpst Btno>atlnf Co., 1414 PeEnnlvanlt avenue. apSBlm WANTED-Flrat class M1LL1NEBS at M 7? WILL.IASCS ap2!6t tVABTED-BONAN/A B1LL1ABDISTS, Me vT tropolitan Hotel haloon, entrance tbron^h Hotd Office. 6*1 P'nnaylvania avenue Pnelan's Beat Table#, splendidly furnished. Daily Craphic and Pictoti*.8 on file G*mes. only IScents; ??ua pranlc table free. U. 8. WALTCB. ap2? ft' WANTED-BOCHTY LAND WAKBANTd. " WILLIAM H. BE K, apl9 In,* Cor. Louisiana are and 8:h a roet. %V'ANTBD?JW MK6-Pr-?f-renc? giveato those v w tix fe?t and o?er tn ln-ight. Will be nt ?d*d to a?r\e a* auxiliaries in the grand tragedy,"Ji:lun Ce sar.'' Apply^ to S H. Dl'FF IE1>D. Stage Mau aier ap!3tf lVAMilt-HOKSig to pa?ture or feed; farm vv on 7th atre<t road, near fcllgo P. O , *>ntg m en Co , Md. O.H.CLAKh. apl7 lm* \V ABTED?t.'AltPF.TB TO CLEAN at v* Svim H-hih* H'iwAs, 4^0 Maine avenue, between 4H and Bth stieets sonthweet. Call<d for and delivered wlthnnt charge. apll ly WANTED-Everybody t, knnw thv the Mighty ' ollar will buy a box of Georne's celebrated B?C Cigars '930 F atreet and 4 30 7th street north west mar Jl ? lm* WANTED?Gentlemen to know that WILLIAM VV MOOKE. Merchant Tailor, 1011 New York avenue, make* a apecia'ly of cutting garment* tc be made at home. novis-1? BOARDING. ^CCTH FROST BOOMS, Furni^h^d or Unfur nl?b< d, with or without Board; *09 K street n rthweet. ap2-< Si* F'UK KENT WI1H MOaKD?Two Haa-1* .meiy Fnrt iahtd Coamuulc atiug BOOM", with b*tn. 191? Vtrmont avenge. ne*< cjtier luth aud T t-treet* northwest. p'e#-ant *iim> er location: 9th steet cars pasd w i nin one sguareof hon*e. a? 2>' I/OH BKhT.?Hiuiitin House, 14ili and K at* Will be vacated br May 1st. several de*tr?l>1e SUITES and bin?le KO"MS with hoard ap2i 5t* 'THE 8T. 1'IOKOE. Mfomr T'inp-, 900 Fat I Beard at per month. Call and aee biU of fare. ap24 2w* J. H. TAYLOB, Proprietor. SINGLE LODGING BOOMS, W) cents per night. ^7 or from BS to ?3 per week; BOARD or ME 1LS at reasonable rates, at No. 4*3 Pennsylvania avj nue. apSO 2oi* C^Ot NTRY BOARUI Mi / Booms large; good water, and shade abnn dant. Andreas JOHN 8 LUPTON, apll lm* Winchester, Frederick Oj ? Va. PLEASANT BOOMS AND GOOD BOABD can be obtained a* '009 Maryland avenue, a* mod erate rate*, in a private family. mar27 5w* l/OB BENT?Very deelrable newly furnlshisl r BOOMS, with flrat claaa Board, at low rates, third door north of W atreet, 609 12th at .north west. Trarsient B >ard. febSfi Jg* LOST AND FOUND. LOST-A GOLD MEDAL, with tie name of - W. I> Maxwell, byland Ohapel Sutday School." A Mutable reward will be puidif left at A M 1100 \ ER'S Cisar Store, Pa. ave , near 10th *t. n w. It* B? WABD ?Lost, a Better PUPPY, brown V*-' and white face and fore legs, mottled wl.h dark bpo** Beturn to F. B. OC1BE. 614 E *treet. It' IOBT-A small Black and Tan DOG. answer* to J name of ??Jeff.' small white mark on *^1-?-J 1* 11 fore leg. A reward of ?S will be aaid if rttnrnea to 804 E atrtet nerthweat. ap*s LO&T?About two weeka ags, a BLACK 8ETTBB. A libeial reward will be paid by returning to 1404 Pennsylvania ave nu^ apii M. fj'OCND?In Lafayette Siaare, on the lt:h <>f April, a POBTMOMA1E. containing a small ?un <f money. Tbe owner can have the same by appli leg at 1407 New York avenue ap?7 St* CtOfk BEWABD? Loat, Satmdav night, a bin- k andtanTEKBIBB"GYP." An swers to tbe name of ''Rose." Ibeabovq reward will l>e paid and no questions a#ked if returned to ItllT C stnet northwest, aplt *>'* PERSONAL. TPE CAKPENTaR WHO BECAlVI.D A BE I VOLVER of driver of car 34 of the F street liue on Thursday ?veiling, the SU;h of Aprlljw ill plt-a ? return it to 4 04 9tb street certhwest. apts at DBAI'GHTSM AN . FOB BIGHT YBaRS t tnployed in tbe Super* islug Architect'* Office, pro* id a witli good rel<-rence by his farmer em floyer, Hon A. B Mullet:, haying lost his po-iiton * the want cf political friendi and protection, lately for a while engaged at tbe Navy Department, ar.d peimltted to refcr to B Frledrich,e*>i.. Bureau of Yards and Docks, wishes gettirg through with lnaj?l. to find ancther place < f IMPLOYMBNT, where the? want a steady, pober and industrious man, looking Bore for ateady employ msut than high pay. Any oce in need of *nch help. plea*e address, l.y postal card. A G., Washington, B. 0.. N?. *>09 2?ihatr?etnorthwest. ap27 St* n^AUI RIADBB. MBS DR ELLl^ will remain bnt two Weeka longer. All who wish to loarn the truth of Paat, Pnsent and Future should call and oonault the Doctor imciediatflv Bhe give* information on a!I *ut> ecu of life. 1000 F *tr<.?t northwest; entrance 10th *treet. Bee circular* marSl eo3m A STBOLOGY. This celebrated Lady Astrologlat and Healing Me dium can be consulted at No *J01 D atreet, corner ot 3d northwest. Bhe ha* no superior in delineating th* Paat, Preaent and Futare. In love or butlne** her edvic* 1* invaluable, describing pour friends, pointing ont your enemlss, and Informing yon of tbe sure way to sncoess in all undertakings. Con jultation strictly confldentlaJ. Ladle*, 01; gentle n BMOYAL OF A P1AB0 AID MC81C BTOBB. YICTOB BUKEK (Formerly oa Tth s?rt) 2^,*p^?V."t,Q,iIKBSSTVo'J5^ Bi?cb iS* F10L1B ST BIN OS, and anfHp Laortaient of Musical Mercaandtsstor sa?. * , atteition by V. BECKBB to Tuning* and r fTirs of Pianoea, Organ* and small Musical In* - 'um.ats Th* touch and tons of old t.m" *. ?ed, and chargse modsrata. "!*->? ? B ABD BTATB BOBDS. R^,5,Tii 000.000of DtfrnuUtH 1? Mmttw ? \ Imdsaf ?1.000 earh from ?9 w*r Bond Gold b Th* bonds are all regularly lMU*d by va spMrll oads and 6tate*. atd ma* jr of th*m will rlon* Balh <u*ly profitably LIsU and prices wUl nfbf* onorm ivift, ^ H. Wllmoi BiuoTt Seeh*ertuily k ^XATB "aad?^0 UN T V " B O N DB w'aVt^^' ' ||Bl<nJLAUBSI. .CK rli|U, AMEBI BBICK 8IEVBB PB> CAN SHOTEU wVAy^ OO Great redaction oa lart *e *9hARO WAM K. B V LOMh S? T*tro poll tan Hotel ?pU?t* 6i3Pa av*,op|.i FOB B1BT?A large. wdl Furnls'ied BOOB, at *6 P- r moitfc. Mo. 3*J7 JJ ?t.? t north *e? l?* EX>B *AL?-Well located HOUSES. at r %% Nu. f 4A> ar.d ?S ;<? ?[. J Jt E K WIL80E, All 7th str-M fjH?B BENT-Thr-e Unfumlsh-d BOOBS. oe n trally Iocs. *-d snitetle for bousekteping 63t Massacbuset's a< i>?n? D' rtbwx ap?? St* f'OB BENT?I'aluralshed K OMS, central l.via tija. Inquire it So. til K ilrMt n>rlh?i!. bflwrfi ttb ud 7tb ttrefip K* L>OB BEN T?Ceforolshtd K'-> ?MS No 7 14 r 12tb-itrtet n. rthwest. between U se t U M?1 rn ll* BENT? HOlUB.stiroan*. w?h>r ami tti N >. 4f)?* H ?tre-t aor-inrest. 8?*blU oat m. Owner. Bo 1 K stre^ygflmA*. ? . apt* St* OB BIMT-Uii^EZ ii)) (ikrjltkd itf iis ?ostii*H(. eoniatfUii-eight rooms, m <Ter iu tb-? yard. Inqnir* at N? -frrt lfci land avenue It" TX?"1"" trsu'Ais ?p?8st ? r ? i? .. . ? f' ??ll 7th ttiwt sflss M-Ji*SX5^2V? * r^Lor'tb ^t"^" '""WTeaMnta. ?*'??.* f?? .ftKJnwjrss!: ?j,?5 room at I cellar Itqni-e oa the , ? Z\? ' batL'" west corner of ntli a. d N -troen ' 2,ih" FJVSSlr ^ :>"> "-.d K0. 7V# TlVh ftrK? d' w V? -n'i ? - ! *? 0, W. between 0 and U. ?;s j,? sga^u^.'is"'^'' ??? vihr FwnhV,?'r7A twe,Te r?"' BlilOK H<?UiE * With all nikd> rn couvecien t-?; No 1 <!?? i<Vin eylvaala arcme northwest, a pp.rat to- L 1. I -oa:L'?;t "rr/ ?i 17, is ttre<-t F^a^iuTaT???M9 near YV*shi u^ton"-l/> 2*0, 7L ' "?pa 1.0 acr??*. Alao.CL'liTIV , i'EI> 1 '?i? 1^ (iK J\ N,<?a ie ?t yry BHI( K !>\\ Kit . \x* . modern improvement a in s nrh 5rce,?*,0n- B'-" ,?. APppl> "t "i7 MaT^ - Abl<: ;it l^OB KESlT?T1 ireo comniflnicinhm?T~ ? SOCn^d floor. "TiltaOii- for h "!?. kklr>i?'J 1 on taatju&s* ? pz.;}i*sS WifMHssffe pmmsm$h w*ra&iKs:?fi-v J apfj 3j t nis**?<? *econd?tory K ttOMT -c^ib'if,:. a^r'.M, asA'srass:--Ss-^52 ? L^OK KENT ?A One three story BklCK ll<>l'<iK ^S^p'y t0 Dr F * ?tre?t ttortbwtat .xlx t;U %M bMb rt" ?"c??ea. s^eL0,1*111^v-'?d apl>-3t* HKflT?Two very d^Hiiable UU0M4 om the * lirut floor, fiiruiture new R??nt to & *, ?* ij&sr apTS 2t* pHU!K:rifs?Hir^s2tsw,,:r a w"M? imlfa^nara. Ben. 9&?? ^ '.? .pi, 3!? ?1 '-?No. ?JO^ 5 !i, bdiw^eu p ? ,^ ~? s. F,rft.??IKJoMi'rm ^iCol?' furB'4?> J. commaai iffS-StS' ?;r,:ir;rVi'. Hv:H< b twet? 41 > and Sth ?reM< norttav " aSwfgT1' BKVT-glOUl; iiu] "M'iiiLlNIl H iilflV a nkous*Ua^nT:fnr: ~ ?b."2Ssf ? cSS?;f? "??a.w.tJSJrSvi A b&iuiiful thrt*j Ntorv If')IT4?' K5?U U'r-JS'^.SS' 's?>;A.|? SWA^yaffj-st.aiss'? F?^B1KT~bT0Bi 13i<3 7t?? north ? *pt7 U? F ?^olLVfl!~rA ^u'll-r^';^01" o? F ^iuth *rST^uK ?ir FIU''JI fornUhed bOOXS, Ffi* B*BT"-Tbr.-e KUOMrt, neatly tcrnUl.^l^; chi.dh,?erkWP'ng< "t7U ?th\trelVno" hw^.^0r l/Ob BENT?Kea?>Dabl7. at No 7 11 litL .,, ?HlU.OrUlWM,,tW0 new1^ fnrnUbeJ PAUL^*K9 Tn 1^?? RBNT? FurninUMl B(?OMS wlilTorwfth JT, ont board. lClluir, ,t 1334 Uth street ii'rth I< Ml? IIKT-Tbrwi furniahed BOOMS ?og-tea'f conv*'*1?" to * venue car., 9tfo il .tr-et ?? *pi7 3i* FOR KENT?A neat ait room Brirk HOPS* ? SO ID ad> tnce DYEB& DAVIDSON. 1449 PencajrlTania ?>enue northwest apJ7 3t* Fj>0H KENT?Five BOOMS, No 3 2 17th ?t<eet n< rihwtst, for #17; modern improtementa. *?i7 St* Fft?K RENT?Third ELOOBof Hon-* No Peuotylvania avenue; modern improve?n?r>M: reftrenoee re ^nlred. ap27 St* IPOR BENT?1 Lree BOOMS iififiirn'^btNl; gaq ai d ?ate> ? n rarne floor,at 1413 P?tin-vlva nl% avenue. Itiqnlra "u w?cond II jor. ap27 St* I^OB BENT?PABLOK PUITK ud otherfar 1 tiMted and nn'urnl-hed Ri)<)H3; best location In city; car* to door. (ilOFst.n w. apr 4t* L^OK BBBT? At *iS 12th street north<reat, a A few t ui ul-hi d KO'lMS; rant very row'-nah!- , atd locatl<H' c? nveolynt and pleasant ap'J/ St* ft^OK BENT?Two nictlv turnt-ljed BOOBS, 1 ?ith l>ath room, with or withont hoard, with a ttirate tami'y cf a widuw; no <)aeNtlona auk e l, IiiQPlie at Star offce. ap27 Jt* Ij'DK BENT?A nine r->om UotidE. water a^d a Im; (arte yard, frnlt tree*, side alley, on Lin sun street. l>etw>-sn 1st and Proatect; r^nt low. Apply 197 Bi Idse btrcet Qtorgetown ap27 4t* L^OE RINT? Furnished or uafnrni'hed R J<>Mfl, ? 007 Blew Jersey avenn*. between r and O ctieeta nrvnhwrat, nar the OoTernment Prin,ln^ (.'ffira; rent low. apZ7-St* tH B BBNT? A hand* mely furnished BOOM <>n E second floor; south front; po.aessi.ia given Hay 1; reference reunited. 449 Maita:hn.,-jts avenue. apP St* P)K KENT-A new 3 story Brick HOUSE; six rooms, with all modern ImproTementH; 11 a Sord I- catlop; will b* rented I >w to agocxl tenant. pply ccrner 2nh and 0 atiyeta n. w. a?27 3t* |?0k KbSt-Handsjme furnish- d BOO31H, with r or wiinout board, 1914 K street; honsa has been niwiy tapered and palated; rooms large and aliy; every convenience; atatllng ifieiinirad. ap27 3|? OR RENT?By May l.flnt and sec >nd FLOOKS of B as* 343 Peunai lvanta avenue; four rooma on firat floor and three on the second: modern con venlanos; will rent separataar together. Inquire at the premiaea. apP St* F^OB BALE?Three story brick HODiK; Las hot and cola water, and la cloaa to market and cara Price flAOO-a am all cMkMnmt;liit ance Id nmn'blv icstala.enta THoS. E. WAU OAMAB. >19 7th street a?27 St OB BENT?A co?fortably turni-bed HOCSB, (brick); six rooma; bath room watjjr and gaa. Ac.; on Una of Belt railroad 1807 4th atreet nortbwaat. B??e bnt responsible ptrtons peed apply. *P*7 * P)B BVWT?a c >nvealent and genteel TB3IB MENT of seven roonw and baxment, on D s.reat between Delawi.a avenue an4 ??? street 1 ortLsast; |M per month in advance. Inonlre at 994 Id street northeast. M? ? yard; aonth front; near new State Department, 171 ? New Tork avenca. 991 a month in advance. IcQnire at Ho. 1713. ap27 St* tfOB BENT?Brick DmURO Bj. TOH 8th A street northwe?t, Mt??en 0 and H streets; contains ? rooms, and kaa gas. water, bath rx>m srd water cloaet. A pply 1319 Sth street north wwt. ?? apT7 St* C^OB BEBT ?A l >ly ?a*iac a targe and elegant r H ose In Phltadetphia, wltli cool and airy rooma, .tag convenient to the Centannlnl grounds, will acceanantfate visitorsd viae the season Ad dress A B . Star Ofllcs. apZT 3t"_ IB BBNT?Two nofnrnlshed, cotamnalcatlag BOOHS, oa M floor; Bath rooas and water rK set on same floor; also, aieely tnmi had Front Boom en M floor, south front, snitaale for ag^ntVs maa and wife or two * ingle gaatlemen. Inquire 9 '4* B street, aaar Waaalagton Circle. Ternu f 1C to a good tenant. ?*S7 St * vvm bbn rarirrnnr MB BBNT-A fne RB-IDEW'B to ?*oorgr iwr. itf*r both Hue* of bnnx-ii.l l>r<?, ee-l-?entilatej r<xm?. btul> m-li farnistied, all trrd'rr conveni? nc-^>. r?Bt n -n?i. el to a g ??<! ant careful tenant, po?*e ?i?a gl.en 1st June add oes i "COKOBtSt,' fttfofftf ill Mtyt'b ap?7 At* F'OB BBBT? Biick HOl'Pk . with |?n, b*tk and water cl >??> 124 ? 4th street. b?' j H ftLd B north* est Iq else Ml I ord*r ud pWasently situated Apf f t. K W KSN%?1'K, Bo> in i?, LeProit Rnrdin|, Sth arid f itrw-ti, or j 11 o;( N ?tiMt n rtbweat ifir st fpl'K Rk NT?A large at* t H"l'SB. on l?t street ?Oitbf*?l. Im uedia'ely n. r hoftoeOep ttol from li, with tltbif ted side lot* e'tarbed, willoerepted lo? to * (<wd trn?at. H ?poa ? "'clock p m. l".|nir? of T U?LLI ; <jAB.3fl*< itth street i> ?nbiwi 5 * L'OI "B>T-Newlv aid ba'id*>tt?(y farnlsaed I .? HOOMI. on suite or ?Initio, on eeoond eni th rd Bnori; lirfo clottu nd all ni.xlorn -DTor ionco*. ?ool ?? d delightful fvr ?nmmor hxinc s.ath (mm; tutrmer price*. board is ?eme block 933 K street ?p2" St* FM>R BBBT?Very plfi-ent BOOM3 on eec.>od floor, fainiabrd or aLfurai*h*d,in bow h .u*et 210 9<k etreet northwr*-. ap36 4t la'OR BENT-Beatly furnished BOOMS, et 1*14 I U atrfet north, al<o, auitabie tor h >n?e keeping if deelred. ep2< 3t* L OB RENT? Tbr-e ccwfortable eerea room ? BBK'K HOrBKt, hk'iof modern tmarnve n-et'i., ier.t ?>i t?r ni.uth TttOS B WAtMt BAB >19 7th at. e,? 3t L't'H ReNT?No liO* B wrwt njrtawest 13 1 nt m- nod c?liar he* modern improvements. auJ to e in nipt t*-uent the rent will be r e# b ?bl?; her a'atere, opposite apt* .It* l/OR R*NT-A l>? ILLl.Nx.ti ORE. boko >.on ? ?i d fixture# ell complete, end e fine lncMi?r.; un 7th Mrw southwest t'ello THOV AS F AH BY A tOB.ot B street, neer loth, northw-st e?U &:* F^On BBBT? * reet OWBLLIHO,coaUint?i"T r om- end bath room, ? x-e.leotO I ( Kth rtn?t, mar M. fco. 114 1. *ppl? t W J V Ai KKB, 1 ??<>? K street Lorthwest ap2>'> It" 1, OK RANT-l Nn UM-blCl) BiWM V^TtaMa 1 fot h u*< keepi > g. t man wife, or true I fam 'If "ii f. 3u2 Mb street norib ?est. c<>rn< r M?rket S'pace. ap2o J-* (."'?B K*ST-By Mif 1st, > de.traMe nulto of i fl KNIMILli KOOM3. cool ku I ?ir?. ?t?b ?onthtru ?xpo*ure. Apelrei Bo. 14 li I et'ot-t iK'r'^t wt'er 4 o cl 'c* p m ?p;; j-* Ij'OH KKNT-Too Kl 1IM8MBI' KOOM? n il ? floor, ur Porlor end B<-drooui n 1-t fl >or. ? ii: ! ?b!e el^o for uftice; rent m Cerete No tio* K ?t j ii rib?f?i ?pJdJ? li'OB Bk KT?HendS' mely fcruixh T P AKLOK I d bKl'|{<?OM . Br t !j ^tr. on f n>? r prir ?. tu ?-t r* ntrel Kretu n in the citv A?p!j ?? 7:ii ttb ?i | Dorthwe*t. 2d d<'or from H ?t. ep>> ,t 1 !^OB BIIT-4TOBI MB DWBLLlBa, Mr | I"1 ?e-.' rnr"*'r 9lh MI"1 B ?t? nortli?-<hi; e g ]o i ( *tln (orlilnw!*:MU*M><k<>? Mreoct *p pi) No I 304 '.'th it *P-'< St' K1.NT ?1>>hiroLlo KouMs f r !? iwi:.?-w? or I dwelling; verr <1<*i el>ie I ell i>. Jern conveniencen; nut low, et l'i'Jt eveiiU'- nor'bwfgt. epl'" 3i * 1|'?>|; KlN I -A ce-irnl I- HOI ?f. 7,, nxi'T'' ? moilpi n convert ncen; pl< Iik*u.. , in lite ; city. 1 iij ii j ro onllie prcmU< ?*, No UOb > oir-^t ; northwest ?, js ?? K'-N Two nic- y fu'iilab?-d cumman-< et ? i*K Us e pitetr a h fr..nt cool tor ?<inuiior, l?*rni- ro?'o!i4li|??. referenced re 'jiiired. tllU No* V'?rk avt-nn- n w. ep2>; 3i* I^OR KIN I? Eight rem ISK1< K HOl Slt. in ? teed order, ea* *nd weter. N'i 'JO* 2iith utreo-, hi tmtii 1 nml K K-ntB.W Iii-|t?ire N ??JIITtb tlreet. Iietw?en H Mid I .1 A Bll tl'l eJi .tt* F^il; SALk-Cneof th.i?e p'e ty 2 nt,,r, suit c l?r HKII'K I)W ) l.LI NOS ou < t*tro? t, between ltth ?r (i If th at reft* V. 1449 A pp y ,,D premie*, or to\V ILLI ? ?l MiMIB, i09 7th *t n w jr? l/OK KkNT?TO! II *.. n \ . two fotrmnnicet * ing BOOMS, north ??.d oouth fr(,nt. newly o* poitd. painted and furai^brd: Ii?>? and coM we'er; rm! |i>? to perniaii'-nt teiiaiit*. K ii'. tDin ? hly, ref er> L en re.jniri d api* :{t ? I^OB BENT?1?.eir.Lle three iitory BRIOK. Mo * ail* H etreet northwent. ro>ai?. we'er, wa'er closet. Ka*. and Latr .be 8tove; >tj P9r t?j"ntb. Apply to WM. MtSKlll, 409 Tlh street nottJhvejj; ap2i 4t* KkNT?Thr?e unfurnished K'lOMS, * ,uih ern expo^nre. water, ga?. batbrt>om in b .ti?o large yard ?u:et family To p%rtte- without chil areti per month tn ed\ence 130-> Marvia d a*ei ue. corner 13.b ?tr?et ?p-.S 3i* |/OB~RBHT?T?o LAKGK BALLS, ?.iiuT.lTf7.r ? I 'Ign, to. ieties it public meeting* lr,? rft\e a central Ircatir n, ard aie aecrsMlile I>f erer* lioe of cars Inquire :iurtbwe?t corner of 10th arid 0 ?t? a?2> 3t |(,(>R K?NT-Tbre.- I K r I BM? II E n KcJ iM"*, * suitable tor houselrefpiuK; w etorand gas, loca titn central; tern.* moderate to a g^od tenant ap pli at No. 1210 6th ktient, betweea M an 1 N atr"?ta 1 orthwent ap2<t 3i? l?M?K RKNT-PLB\S\N1 an I ( OOL ROOMS I k OB 111 It SI MM>K furuiihed aad unfur niab> d, (n snile; ?fculte' n eip<snre, avenue an 1 K htreet car* end tho chariot* pa*#; fa. :o_' t'aeit >1 PorK N<>. 12 t> *t. northea?t. ap2 '. :{t" l/OR BENT?Teo ?oit? c mm iiilcatliiK ll'iuns, ; A 'U Miite of nit gU. with board; bau i?*ai"ly fnr M?he<j; also, two single K icnie, nicely furni*b'd. N.. iia .'tbft nonhwist ANo, transient *i-itor? fnriii?ti-d aith Board and Lodging ap2t> it* f^OB 1-KNT?Hand-ioae SkCONO KLOOB. un fr.mihL d a 11 3d street northwewt ap?> 6t* hOB kCtlT?Oi e or two Coiivtnieat itKriOB KOOnS. Apply at Stcotd Natijnal Bank _ap25 6t |/OB SALE?Two story Brick HOUSE No. *09 ? 4th street uortbwest. containing iscea ro >m?, w?t't *di ge?. back and aide alley, k'or partica i*H apply ?the p>?1?. a?24 lin ffOB BKNT?First-claa* BE*\UBNOBT, wtth a I ne.<1.ri. inW'-vercit. on Rhode I*land av? , f1'". 1AI3; will be vacant sonio timo du ing the ni nth of .May. Apply to J. J atlEDD, 140^ llih *tr et ap24-ln I^OR KENT?One of tb"S? de irolde ne* Brick I Iloi skS. No 235 Jd street northwest; >n t*i s all modern impr >Tttn<-nta; pjsieieioa <iven May 1st. ltj-iuire at - JAMBS Y DAVIS' SOXS. arzt im t>21 Pa. a>n . u..der Metropolitan lintel L't'l! SaLA? Ntw Ho IT HE, five room*, water and A i tber coi vtniencta. No ?t>l?? 4tb street, near 1? ULdary Lon? tinje given Price B2.T00 Aaaly to WILlBT A L1HBEY. *l22 .m C^or LewYorkave tad 6tto street. L'OB RENT?No. 142"* 9th street northwest, ten A rooics, modern conveniences: A i2.**i ? F. W MILLER A tO . aP" ?t 91 4 K street nonhwe*t. F'OB BEBT-'HB WILKBS HOUS*.~N^rth < apiiol street, 39 rr><>ms. 1 ,cau >o dellthifu>: withina.few step* of tne Capitol To a re>p >u*ible party 9SOU per attioni. Apply to National Savings Baiji ap21 eo2w F^OB BEBT-A three Ktory BB1CK HOUSE, ten rixilii*; has gas, water, bath room,d:imb waiter la baf.-nitnt, ki'chen, and heater; location. 21 2 '< f stre.-t northwest. Apply neat door. apl7-tw* F'OB KkNT-HOl?I No 6HN<? Jersey ave nue naithwist, between t and Q streets; 9 r. om?. gas and waior; food yard, f)ti nor mmtb. Apply to W.O JOBNhON, 7 I ft 13ih street n>rth apU Im "tor' ?Ld baoem^nt BRIOK E ELLIN0 with brick (taMe, 1219 K?th street northwest. Eur health, architectural d nigu and h n.i! ccmf<rts i< nnrurp?*?ed SMALL WOOD A MOBBISOB, ?pllOlEn No. 41A 7th street. Ej^OB BKNT-A three-story BRICK HOUSE, cm A taiDirjr ten rooms; modern imamTemen.a; ait Hated gd iithstreet bftiein If bdo K strata iorth west, 'nqnlre at 11 03 M street n. w. ap4 lm" j^OB RENT?BOOMS in all portions of thi city 5/^liT?.ri?Uol!.*n<,t*r,n,"r,T,,n Applr to R t. POSTER, northweet earner 7th and Q *ts. mart 2ni* ^OB BBNT?ROOMN aing>e or en suite, fur E|nPi.bed. Seminary Building, Oe irgetoWft. fl'OR BALl^BOPPES for B?,0f?; ijn.000. #;8.t*?. tie fi2 ooo. f io.oiio, ?'.??>,t7^jn, ?? OHO, BP.OUO. f4.0U0, BJJJUU, Bl.tWO. Veil located and on *aey * rms. E.J. SWEET. oct*-tf an 7th at reet. |?KAE ESTATE H L LL.KTIM TIIOS. E. VTAtlGAMAM. *19 Tin ?. ClIANtofci Manx KVKKT WallNUCAT A AD tATCADAT. BrMa float a Jltp Bntg Dnddlngton-with ei.eusi'.ecn und*, all mod imp* 12 rs_..?. (iai4juu Continental Hotel. Pa aye n.w , all ni?o. lints.. U*" re. 3t oon Jt-217 Dei. av. n.e..allmod. imps.. 17 ra ?tJ ui? S2s Pa. ave. n.w.. all ino.: imps, lu re 25 nuu M st. n. w., all uod. imps.. 13 r* 17 ?>J 939 K st n. w.. all mod. imps.. 11 ra ......1? UUU 620 13th st n.w, all mod. loips., 17 r*_.._ 15 010 IX 13th ?t n w , all mod. imps . 12 rs tl 1JV1 729 4th st. n. w., mod. tape., 8 rs 3.6*) 1922 12th st n.w., mod. imp*.. 8 rs Sifl 19)4 iztk st n.w , m d. Imps.. 8 ra. 3.MW 243 3d st. a. w., mod. imps., 7 ra. ljuu H-nerp Briekaad JVaats tf<mi*4 /or Ma 14611-st. n.w. 1 B H.i, ui id. impt.,7 rs (4.liiu 627 O at. a e 1 F II 1 mod imps . 10 ra s.suu 1232 < ft ae (K .H ) in .d Imps.. 8 ra S.aUO 456 N.J. ave. n w.iR.H.i, mod. impi. 7 ra 3.400 2039-L at. n. w , i B H.?. mod. Imp-.. 6 ra S.S?W 19S) 8th st. n.w (EH ). mod impe , 8 ra 3.HO 432 U st n. w., ( B H. > mod. impa ,4 ra.. 3.2?i 1214 Pa.av a e.,(E 11 ,) mod iuipi , 7 rs .... 3.SJ0 623 Maaa. ave. n. e.,( E. 11.) mod. imas. 7 re.... S.MM 313 Iltli at a.w <F H 1. mod Unpt., 10 ra 3,<uo *? H at. n. e. (E H ), mod. impa , 11 re. 3 two 402 lOtIi rt. a e ( E.H ), store, Mod. Impa., 10 ra. 3,600 North Car. ave.. bot 1st A Id a.e., A?iuare...f 40,0*0 17th st.. bet. Band S st. n.w, l.Mo Bat., bet. let and 3d n. w?. ? 1 6>K) ti Ht . bet let and ?. Capitol a. ? 1 itu 8'h at , bet. B and 8 n. ? ? (00 loth at., bet. V and W n.w ? ooo 17th at , ket V and Boundary n. w., a triingle. s?> 1 at .bet. 17th and 18th ato.u w.,per ft 3 7* Vermont av.. bet. L and M eti.a.w., per ft..._. l.ot 10th at., bet. H and Grant f lace, per ft 2.00 M at., bet. D and B n. v.. war ft ij* House and Earm Ml acres. (par annum) 10 ra, f tn 1711B at., a. w.fura .all mod. Ian pa.. 13 ra. aw 11* Dunbartoa at., Oeorgofa, ,Un ao 10)3 Vermont ave. n. w.. all mod. Imps.. 11 ra i7? 90S- Mat. a. w., all mod. tmpa ,13ra loo 12J3 K at. n. w? furn all mod lapa. 1* ra t7? *tJT 1 st. a. v., all aod. Impa., a ra 139 918 I7tb at. a. w., all mod Impa., 13 ra mm ?13 Utk at. a. w.,all mod. lapa.. 14 ? 100 1422 Pa. are. m. w., all Mod. tmpa., 19 ra. M a 207 ? at. a. v., all mod. tmpa.. 13 ??*.- - ? __Ji.n 1W4 8tb at. n. w , all nod. tmpa., 0 n...... ...?_ 7> 20M1 E at. n w., all mod tmpa., M ra. m 6 Id at.a.*.,Bod tmpa.. 14 ra M 727 Pa ave. a. w. .(atorei ?<d. lmpa.,3 ra__? M 223 A at. a. a., sod. Impa., B> 60 211 B at. a. w., mod Impa., 10 ra. ao 427 4th rt. a.mod. Impa., M ra ,,.46,11 23U M at. a. w., mod. li^pa.. 10 ra 713 B at. a.w., Mod impa.. M ra, laa 14th at. a. w., mod. tmpa., 8 fuji ngg gg walr. h'OB RENT ? AT LOW PRICE* la Coigra** Hall Boi.din*, .tp Faa? Park, ob l*t m. rui.our itr|> ? oakl. H litli fl?* r..nn. sail iM?f r ? i'?t dioi boo'diM k ??-?. Al-o. Id k?l4ii(, ?hr?* tt^li'irsis. Containing taalva latg* r. oma each. ait a<-*ly re filled Altn, tvr It'M BO^M-, fronting ?>? Iutt n?pi to! ?'reft. la itw n-w bulling on la* -.^rue I : Capitol at I 1*1 at 'Mt A loo ti* f Congr ?* Hall BDWLIS') ?o>1 nil LI ? BP R'>OKS. n South A at f?r lat at. east. It.mrBf JOHN J IV?h?. a pat eoBt 900 P nn av .OaiitolH ill L.M B KENT-1st of Mar?PABliOB aal BCD A BOOM, aeeond floor. Mo. TIT ? h si ?aJ? l? ? V?OB S*LE-lwo v*Inanie L<>T3 *' b> I<" to?t. r ul Mh itrwl. P ar.d Vl. wh; t?l ance io a*? >ear? at six per cent lntereat In.jcrr* at 627 Tth ?ln?( tnrtkwiit apt! la F'OR BENT- At a btrnla. a Itif-. cratrall? lo cat"d end well Itfhtei RkoM mlitt: for J?b rrtLttM "ffica, Bil iud Rc-,m or Meeting HaU Apply to GBO HMEI. Metre politan llimltiil Alley, _?pC ?< I? atreet. na*r lltb FH'B PaLE-HOCBE 10tp?. ? staswt Nrthareel, t b? m.n?t Jwir*Mf house la that nelghboi-b. - ? i. f *tj niOfrn cvtv?aj*i c?, will br tidal asacrt Pc? At?l) to WILI.ET ft LIRttBY, 1 un.lar Mir bai ta, ai 2J lm Corner IUi at. and Br? Tork it*. F'OB SaLE?Or exchange f.?r oth?r property?A fine HkM l>*N''R orerlovking th* city, and *ltk t\tr* ot 9U m'H* d. ?! >he I'.il ma.'. All ni'dern con*eni??cea. IS UUll leet of lat>d ? b--ap tiid 11 i<ibd it-ran E J C* HT. apJl J? Sll Tth>tr>?t. |<H'B b g> T?T be c- it abl- three at ?rv aM btw r n eat l-KICK H"I Jt. Bo 1 I i i It atr^t north we*t. coniainu t Dlito rv ma Alao. Si 11 ? "J J k?l) >irw! northweat ccntaiui? k nine ro,>ma aia . Wo ^'24 :i"h atr?et t" rtbwi-at. containing i??*? rit m? lliw h'i'?i Curtate all the nod'ir in pr-vemett*. Itiinlr* o' JAMES VV IUKHBH, ilOfi H Itrnt in.tb?f?! apll la r,V>B BAI.E-A th -e . ?-y H HI k UK"I P tMU'B.fiii ?tre< t north are*t. 9 ritoma **th and all modern convenances prie* l ? . teruia eas> r W MILLER * CO . ly}' iw M I y ?tr-1 ,*OR BINT-Furckbfdot unfurntahe-i, th" ai t ^eatrah e ai d p'* *-ant ?uhwrban KKMI'EN K in ihe iMa'rict. 7th a ,4 mile*'* M1 ia ^? fumbili ' Ppting dep.t. Mvtr Il'an K n<. \?K '???'?? 1- e aitti pvatnre In a.iitHl?'& ro >.n?, %>?'li!d tot otj<s.t !o reiitira f"r?umn?^ b ?a'-dto* toil-c; part ot retit taken iu b ard apli) Imi I/OK PALE ? In the C< untr* - A .>-t i(..r;?bl? DWELLING of ltr^a<.*lth!l ra'tintet walk of *Dir e-i<l?le. Baltimore tnt uhi i r?ilr >-n1 aUo. fine Bolldins ^tl??. K^'lt' i ant B*aitifnl Conntrr: w ll ?at<-rad. AJ'ir*?? IMMKL M K N ,bel*?ttlie. M l I to L'l'U BKNT?t*ne i'f ttw? ? lew; aod *no?t c of# r Bloat LOl'^Es1 iu t'.f !'?-?!) *i all n.udara ir >r<>i i'D!Mit>. atd containing tv?)r* ru tun, ???tu atid c.?rt ?-r 4th and Q ?tr?-M? a ntu>-a?? b at * " IprBM'n'b to a careful ?nd at>'%d> tentnt Appl to > W UCIKASP, ti'JJ Liju1?iata a\etm<- t.orth wcat. apH-im BkKT- UOC0E 4b 7.~?tree. "onhweat. 7 a ru !ati*l!ft. 1c Larfe tard. t"8t?w'''c' '? thr? e licra <<i ftreet Cara V^i per n:auih la v?nce BliWABI) 0 C'A KUI S'ulON. Jr., \? t iney at Law, lal Louisiana aveoae, er? -itf Cit> Hall aplO im I^'OK BENT?BOOIC. tnroi.\ii?d atd tmfn?n I Utcd . id a'l parta < f th, i v. fr >nt ?5 toBliai p?-r it>otth Arpij at )?OkhEY 8 BOOn 1GK> t'^ . H i. 920 K a reetBortbWf?t. a?* lm* nTk BENT? Purnt-hed ROM Ma. OPF l?' K ?^d 8TABLI. hli* 11 >trc?t mar<9 lm l^.-t hVlboB EXCUANUB POKTITV PK'?p MKTV? In Ellavill*. Prlac?- c>.unt?, Md . SIXTEEN ACBRM of LAWI . -with <S nt.1. ? t au ?? ilotiae. cood wat? r. au al und ine ?f fruit tff ? crap a. Ac . hith ari h'*itti> I ?'?r on. ??. |? luintitta' ? alk to tli" II t at:a? ille depot. Mainmort and Oblo railr. ad. ABh 'tr>eraph f tbe bottae can tie >een and farther Information cttaiatd tr ^i B M STINkMETZ. ia.1T Pa ave. o .rST ? BU^iNESh ClJANOKs \\ll L UK fOLI> < HI * P POB ' A - II -Tie ol ? T> e?tal.n?b<-d COMMISSlOB U"I *E, M ? Ml looi?i n? a*eane; itmrd iu<"iig for c1 mi apf" St* bpT.ENl'ID Bl'?INK'? CHANCE On ?.!t) rub. En^mre ol TUOB J SHEA, 3*0 4^ atr?ft. apt* St Bj^OB f<At E?The Cidj4 a .II S' k at.d I tlnici I of a fi> at eja?a 6 It1 >< K til S l<' a(t n >? d,iini( a * ir I tialneaa Apply at or addi-?l tiB'K KB*. Mo 7o4 7th afreet ?'<utUea?t ?pj? 3 * l/Ok 1 KAI'E-A b'r*, fit-t. I lal. ap'ritc r liol >B. for vttf peu'lc, ai l ataro, and I tip can .Iri.e VM K. HOLT/liAN, 13il Pat n ?r-h west. St I^OK WALK I'HKaP-MLTT^TrTd PB'?TIS!ON I STORE, good li"If lit 'hood Uoife ti?" r ?, wish an'l wu'er In > ard; alal I~, h?w r,-nr f> t>!) Mall b o* I f iliI 1 - Center Slarket. JOIlx M DALY apV 3t* rrwO NEW UOCSES PUB SALE ? ? f KnU I Oburch, Va , on Ion* time; n a'r',u a-a?.d it wi -cLtK la Apply to w t hLS P<>Kr. t V on the pif-u iM-r. cr GEO. A. L UERKIFIEUI*, B mm 4.?. Pmtiiin 0(l.i~?. tpl- Ita* C; ~ Ikllll W ARTtl'-Por fire tin. A i?r? B X 4?afe,? lt> ?.?t. apr .It* Cn IlltO WABTKP?Ott flrat cl??a aocur ty lor five > in, at 8 ptr ceit. p?r *u num. II. H., Sia?-< fHce. apZ7 3 ' K't'B S *Ll-SneraJ ver> de-ir?M ? Biiloirba:. BT 1LP1RO LOT 8. ranainf f'"? 3 i> 2J a e-, witl ilione Dille of ttie I'>p<1ai, H ill |H-w>Mcb*>p. ? 'ti I nc lime A M( LI EBt C"Utbeaat corner 71 h a lid B aU'-eta north* eat apt* ^PLKN1>II> THAK. K ? FOR HA I K - The I < l<. Ali STORE. B" 114 I! iwatr-t.C' rge t wu. known an 'be "l^le ot a nil J.?.ir Boa litcnfMT?f Hlfh't. Thi? i? the tmct stand f r i lie bot-ineas In tbetoa n The present owner ta in other l.i;aln?>?. aiid di ?irc? to -ell tliia ? nt ap2f V Ti l.acto, Piirore. I'utt-r, Bcile, Wei^hU. Ac.; In a *o.?1 neighhorbt'Od, and doing a fair b>'aiL ?*?; um-t l>- aold itiiinediatelr; d Teasina gn on ih-refo . Atfdrees CIUaRS. Ptar o.Tice apt! St" kj'OU 8 A Li ? A great bargain for c*?li?Biix-*. I <;? cd Will, and Pixturea of a MBAT Alii) r BO VISION PliiRB long a f?o4 ranh f>n*iu?-a? R>aaon for aelllpg. bnt'neaa la the country to at tend to. Ad lreM "ENTERPRISE. ' Star Office. at2g St' LMik RENT?A PLACE newli fitted ap at 9 JO ? K street nortbwect, 22 by 32 feet, with oay ?iu iow: cnitable for a'ore or office Other roniM > an I* tad with it; wiil make ? g?<>4 dining ?al mn. Alao. Kteral anftirnlsbeil ROOMS. Apply at 4-iO I htree* B> rtbweat. down stairs. ?p26 3i" Mobet to loan ON rial EHTnTBMC enrity, at a lew rate of interest and m d?'a i> ri ciniiMion. CA8MN A L1EBERMANN, |33<t F street, oppoaite Ebhttt Uou?e art* ti? tJPECIAL aOTlCR. Five new and haodacn.e COTTAGES for aala at Le Droit Park, at prices ranxiug from 04.ig'i co B4,7MI; oio- frame and four of br'M, finished in ay ptrlor stile ard supplied with all tu jdern com r; encee. including water, paa and sewerage L i*s M>\IM. Tein^tosntt. Taxis law? uo -p cial at M^sBerta Two llnaa of gmlaw fonr aqnar-< fror?> .nark't. twe|?e cijoarer troai Poet Offi<-e DUH'T FAIL TO FX a MINE THEM UEFORB BUYING Too will flad ! bey are the beat propertyfor th le^*: o>oo< y n.w in tbe market Apply to B. J. 6W BET, Prealdent, All "th itr*t,or JAS H MrGiLL. Ar.bit'C, ?l!HJ 33 L" Droit W^i'd-ng. 'B'O LOAN ?5 5.U0W to * -5.U.U Uu collatrr.ila. low I ra't-s. Hctea of abort datet warite Witt eea' atiem'acce bought at |.>w rates AS^l'RY G.AP PLkMAN.Ko 14'i-iH PftilinlTa'itaa'" apK 5t LOR SALE-fihiG HfWOotf HILL-We F a ill receive propoeaia for the pu'ena-e f f is ?ainahle Property, co nsisting ->f a Sior ?tid t ?> last- Halls la located on tb*-7th atr?e: r.iw.1, ?i:b in riali a nile of Bright word Satioo. on tbr- etr> politan raili, ad. Vut p^Mi -uiara ip?i< to Y'iCNO A HI l?DL E1 ON, curn-r l"th ami P at* ap ii 71 WaNTKD-To eictau* i.e? KKPttl.BtiA TT TOES and SinVBS for Old ??*< ? HUT LP R'S. coirar fitb ard E strt-eia nortbwoai. Hmak* ('birnncys cured, trom B^ to ?2S or no p ty apll 2 ti* -pO PkOPLBlY 0 * N ERf> Owners of Real Kata*e DAVAOI1) by the ircer; tniMO^rmebts,esp<r'a'ly by achange in grad -. w II find i to their interest to call oo bef re maKin * tlieii claims. JO?N W. P. MY?tt4, ar2l 2w Lfflce, 7t> I5 h atroet TO LOAN?On Real Estate, from } to 5 tears, ? l at 9 per c?nt ? ?4?i. ?9>m f??. ata 91 .InU at 10 per cent. GEO T?r ODEi.L. apA> lot SO5 Tth stnet. \f ANTEL8 AT i?E WM KOTIIW ELL'S, apl8-tei* 113 B street sjii'beaat For salb or exchange por oity PROP*RTF?A HoCSE and GABOBN at Bladenabtirg Depot, B A O. railroad, aia mile* fr ??n Washington. Apply to JOHN W H''uT T, No 1 bih atreet n< rtbweat apl" Sa * (VI ONEY 1 O LOAN?In mm -1<> *ult on s.tialac i?I tory aecorlty. JOHN PH S.KM\B, Baal k ta e Atfent. aplJ lm* Boom 3. St. Olond BniUiiac ^TEVBHS A BOnBBTS. Beat Estate, Loans aad ia Insnranra. 631 F street corthweat (Btillil'.g formerly occupied by Second National llaiik. > ?vit# all per*''bs having Real Batata f r aale. Dwatlints or RiK>B>bfor rent, to t*c die same wi'b them free of charge, and gecare tbe advantage of their adTer tiseaiepts? apl !m ^JHEAP building LOTS FOB SALE. I offer for sale LOTS 7 8, and B, aqaars 70, on 3>d ?treat, b< low M at.?l N straeu, at fclceote per a^uBr? foot. This Is a Dart of tbe city wher* am ail h^ua-x, weald be a profitable inveatment Alao, Lottt. au 7*. at 36 eta. par It., aao Lot Tt. at U eta. pern. BMW lm* A. WILLIGE7>m??0 Penua ave. ^ eOLDBTELN A OO., 'kOAtt 4no commission mkokbas, OORABB 10th and D STREET*. MONET LOANED or ADTAMCEB MADE on Talnabla personal property to any aoiocnt, a ad f. r bdt time deeired, ob vary raaaonabla terms Alao, Gooda aold on Oowouiaion At Prtaate Sale?Vary Cbabp?A large lot of fa redeeaaed fkUN Bod Oomatisaioa Ojodi. new and aaooad hand Every article fully warruii<-d. Ali bosiDeas strictly eonfldantlal Tba oldest and tbe Boat ra!table boaaa in tba Otty. ma'l I tr l^|0?RI to LOAM. III4M to loan oa cbol rom BW0 to #1 MO, at ? ai A tow auaaat 8 par cant la treat |4A?i, A3).uu0 B H WABBitt. rll eoraar 7th aad F streets. oa choice real aatate. to ?n-na of from B*K> to #i ?ao, at ? and 10 par oeat inter-** tor S50 wrttofo (JlIEAl'EST MORI IX THE CITY. nub Ll'jrt, tiM', r hot poot ato k "f t, i. ^ 1 *t> , Molfc? imnw km it4tr| j|.t r~coi? TCCKBI KANsxikf .Aw" c^triT?cklii#.??* T kad PklrtiAA M Im. ?I|M than pi*": kuKk k Thta ?? ? aporial bor.lit^ And Mn.t b- ?*( to bo .p.?, l?M frargala. > ow a?t<k of PEES* U(H>!>|t IV Barao* ?????? Uoi?*n1o* Silk*. ate */*HarrAl?lu P\BAB<>L?at>d?lN I'M It HBl. UB *?M to JOHN r MIUHKLL. ? 31 riXKM LV Mil A At lll l. I t 'florg tho ltMf? ud cbo.rowt aalortt.r. f UBB9I . ? ? ?OW* ***** ia iht. rltf tJSigSJf?1 ?to .A>**.Ufc>f <***? In HI tto? M* h Omtabricm Fnoil^. Prfirh ?iss>irmn' i to^? ?>????? ("??*? Tmin*rM?i fm?i rs eon ? to ?l v < ary < boaa Wlk (cite frna f*> ? 9* n. .7V fmWt, poroalo Ltoan An! /?phrr CI tk toitafmni #5 to BIS r y I'rowing Rack a > rappor- |? I ?kirta r*rTrli^a. 4 " >"k,< ?*?????? "~P A lar*? ?t.<k of Buu I mbr llaa ? ad Lat?- 1 rimmad r?TMc |M An laaaoctlo* of Mr at *k ?tll enarias* hi clao.r, ttoa: ?r ar? tba t-?, tj mil tartfti**, at |r ic?? rKi<i mw tM4?r? w,\ I ^rri. .?oIr, J<mM t. ?irnVki.L. J\E\V GOOD*. LOW I HIVES. ji*i i?? I'wi* !?. frmn gi 5oti ar. .'!" Jj*t?lp?d Ud l nuM Per OA'o* ?t likn to plec-. Pacinc | |,n. a, l>s ?" 1-1*8. K--? l're?a U.*>d?. from tv ?? .Vic W fear (at** id Bia< k bilk. at #1. ?1 IS and PIaiu Brown and l.oad col rod P Ik. at Bl SS aod ? 1 * . >?*r? ch :?B Whtrr and r,.|I>rr.i Malting. at 15, * . a?d r %i Sp ?? .lid Bl?<-k ? aahm?rr. at 7Jc and #1 J'kl'ifh.riiM fit 4*' N>? J .irk fiV M?o Bturta. a- ?: 15 ' rank LhU< a f**tt Papor P ?'tr rn? W:o J JOHNSON A ''*? T!1 M arfc>4 (Ipaaa. ( )1'KNKI? 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