Newspaper of Evening Star, April 28, 1876, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 28, 1876 Page 3
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RAILROADS. yALTI'lOKI ANOJDBIO KAI&IOA0. APBIL 16, 1ST*. A H. LIAVJ W4SIIIIGTOH i OO-Baltimore El Iloott City. acd way itttloai. fc 45?Hal ttaaore. Annep-iis, ar.d way ?tatioa?, P<>lat of Bxksand intermediate stations, M ?: it Biem 7 10?Baltimore and Bladenebnrg P 00?Jt'f Yo*k, Philadelphia and Baton Kx pre*'. Pullman Perl >r Oars. B 15?Cta<>aa?ti, S! /.?*m nu.1 Put^mrt Mr Frederick, !li|tn( ?mu. aaJ Valley ^rM-Polni of Bocks and way statlor.s. *?.'44?Bel 'niore and way stations. 10 13?Btliua t? Cbliaited Iff Start. P I. l'J w*j statins ami Annapolis. 1.3#?J*?ve >??*. Phtiadelphii nnf H>* frlk Br r?" On Sunday, all Way Station* end B.iltimr.r* onlf. 3 30?Ma'timore aao way itatlou. 4 30?Ba'timtwt an t Laerr/ Brp"**. Frederick and Wi) Piatl-en. vie Bela? 4 35? tr-derlck aad Point of Bocks, (Tin Metro politan Branch> 4 43?Baitim' re. Annapolis and war stations. i.l 4 ?fV? ?<-???, Cin null u*4 LxHitri tte B rP'"f' lia*- r-t * n and Wiocbeet'-r SI-"ptng cars to i 1 t.-ago, Cincinnati and Lounnlle. 3 30?&?''timo*e and Philadelphia Brprrss. f red e?ck and Way Slati .us. Tie R?iay 3 30-Bait m<>r?. Bladeasbnrg, Belleville, Lao rcl Annapjli* Junction. 7 OO-Kd/'tinwt Mrprn t. 7 30? Reltim<.re ana war station* O. IO-Baltimore. Way -tetioas U Bltrtensbnrg, B'll?n|l?. Laurel 0 90?Pifstnrg. bnt no connection beyond Mar. tinslmg by train leaviog Sunday night Way Station* or Metre poiitan Branch. 9.30?fli-T >o-* and Pki!a4ilj>na Hi (hi S/prtsi Hwr ni Car* t>> New Tork *? 33? Ba t more arid principal * >7 station*, 10 ^0? Marti -Icrg and way rations, Utropoll t >? Brat ch 1130?Si L hij *t"'. Cbicas >, C'aloaitiaii Pandn-kv Newark 7:1?.n on - 13. 1 n |}a m : 110,3:13 3 30, A.33.7 30.- 10. ? 90,9 30.9 33 a ad 11:30 p. ui. daily. Ail o brr trains daily, except Snntar All train* ? <?a< Balay -xcept ? 30 p ta . which stops when i-'?nal?d for ja.sengers north of Ba'timore. No Cim'r 'in or. Sand ay tor Ha*> ratown. An ra|olia. or Va >? Bianch: nor for N?w Tcrk and Pb-lMflp^ia a' ? a m and 1 .10 p. ra. Leave Csodeo Station, Balt.m>re,for Wa?hinit ton ? Dm ??a | i ? on, ?> 9A a in 4 no. 03, b 14, ? -to. IO 10 p m. i>n'y, rsr pt Sun lay 4 :iO. h 43 - .0. lli 'lium. 19 13.9 43,3 00. 4 10, 11:15 p ui. Sunday? 9:15 a m. aud 1:35 p m Por farther itfo>-ma'ion aprly at Ih? Baltimore an<i Obto Tick't Officea. WaiolDftxii Stttioo. and l?i, brtl a- 1 Pennoyliama aretiut*. wh^re ?.'id? t? wi> t- :at n !<>r tas^aca to be checked and received a: anj point in the city. THU9 K.9HABP. Master of Transportation. L SI.COL". C*' cai Tiiktt Ai?nt. fll? S* I- ? beneral Agent. apU tr J NlVtK' V! K II TICKET OiriCB H4ILBOAP Tl< KATS to or from all ?olnta boaght. exc f |- d r aofcl at n r?diicti i f . i - . a; aB( npon ar y ub. r .fiic?< or depot' In rbis i My. Ticket* gi od till csed. Pat?a?? chfkod tbrongh. Apply to M. l> WH1TK31DI. apl I. 913 Penn. are . Wwhln'ou. P. O. 1876 rn Vsk*^l v a m i a 187 6 K U t T I To th? Hortb, Wr?i, and loathvesta ZMtubi" Trtti it,~Stf rl SiHrnHid Scen ery, V'Ufni/icent E<juif*vnrnt. Train* leace Hashlnctoa, city time, from Depot, dri'r of 6ih and B streets, aa follows : Por Pittsburg and the West, b a. m. daily, with Parlor Cart-- Pittsburg; 7:40 p ra. daily, with Palace ( a; t0 ctii'-ago. aad 11:50 ?. ?*. dally, ?xcept Sncdar BALTlMi uK Aflu PUTOMAU KA ILBOAD. For Oana-.itaifca. E--.hmter, Baffaio, Niagara Falls, at-J th?- North, 6 a. m. daily, except Ban day. and 7 4 0 o m dally, tittnrday. with Palace Car* > Watklna Por Krle, Cananda<i:aa, B( ' alo, ai.l Niagara galls, 11.30 a. m. dally, ex cept Socda Por New Y"rk and the Bast, O.IO a m dally, wltk Palace Car'* attached: Limited Express of Pull man Parlor Car*. * ii a m. daily,except Sanday. Por New Tork. 1 30 p a. dally, except ScnJay, with Parior f ars attached Por Phlladf'.r^ia- 1 30 p. m. ^aily. except Bcaday, and 3 JO ar-i 'i 10 p m dailr. Liiiilted BzpreM, 0:93 a. m dally, except Snaday. AccoHUBodeM.a for fl?l:tni?rf. 7 30 a. n. daily. and 4:90 p n. daily, exept Por Pope's Cr?*ik Lisa 7:30 a m. au'. 4:90 p.m. dally, exoept Scndav Por Annapolis. 6 OO and 11 .".0 B.m aad 4:90 p. DQ ?XC+ftT SondftT. ALEX ANl'h!A a PKKDClilCKSBl BU BAIL WAT AM ALKXAM>U1A A *AS>dlhUTON BAILBOAU. Por A lax a "Irla, #. 7, ? 13, 4,10, 11 a aa., 1,3, 4HO. ?, ??. 7(0. an2 11 40 p. m. Oa Sunday at 9 p. m ? an<l 1 and 1pm Por the B. nth, via Blctmond, 11 ?0 p m. dally, ?inert; and ria Lynchburg, * 00 a. m. a?l 11:40 p m dally. Trams leaxe Alexanuria for Wasilpgtou, 6. 7. S, 9, 10. 1 ? a. m . I. 3,4, ft.*, aad 7 p. m. On Buday at 7 and 10a.m., and 5 p. m. Tickets, l:>f nsiatloa, Sleeping and Pflor Car aocommodatl ns can be procurrd at tho OH.ti: Hortbeast corner ot Thirteenth street ar.d Penn aylxanla areno^. Northeast corner of Sixth street and Pennsylvania avenue, and at the Dapot, where orders can be 1- ft f r the checking of Baggaga to daatlnation fr <m Hotels and B?etdeBcea. D, M B<?TD, Ja.,Oen1 Passenger Agent. PBABK. THOMSON. Qen'l Manager. jauS-ly STEAMER LINFA . * \r\V IllHiBTI Kt-"LTUEi ?ASU 1 N O T <' N . PHiLaDBLPHIA. BOSTON ANI) Ch' Vll'KM E SE?1 WKtBLV STKAMSHIP LINE ?On* ac<1 after vt E l?N A>1>A ? , A piil lihh.the Steamers of the al'cre line, with direct contection with Bos ton at>d Pro< I'Itc*. will sail troan Philadelphia for Wa? r. 1) u., eTery WKUNESDAX and BATl'BDAV H^'urnms.leave Washinitton MON DATBatid P1 from Johnson s wnarf,foot of 14th street s.juthwe<t. inronxh Buls Lading is sned to acd fr -ot the above porta. Freight received and drllv-red fxllv fiotn7 a m. to 6 p. m Orders t<r delixery of frr a lit, AO., received at 1902 P St. and 1119 9tu street northwest. W. p. CLTDB A CO., Ho. 19 S Wharvc. Philadelphia. J U. JOBNbON A OO., aplS 2m As-nts for Washington. TBB STkAMEK UABBIS'JBB W ILL LEAVE the u turf t??ot ltth street ? BVBEY MuLNINti. at 7a m .f r PotOBtac fisheries and Intermediate La-dii.41. Prelcht aud Eaaeen^ers taken at lowest rates. apki-.r M B OBBQO. Captain. f'OR MOK VOLk 1 8TBAMEU LAI>T OP THB LABE Leaves the C. n pac\ s u barf. fo..t of 4th street, >ery MOW 1 A i - : Til L BSl>A V. at S p m Fare. ?4. round trip, ?6 Tickets good antll csed. FOB POTOMAC B1VEB LANDINGS. Btaamer JNO. W THOMPSON leaves Company*! wharf, feet of 6h street, every 7 a. tn , for and int? 1 mediate landings, and every I kll Al at7a.ii , Lr (. an Blver,stopplnB at intermedia?' landings For infomi^tt ?n apply at the rfflcaof the Com pany. nnder the Metropc litan Bank, 15th street, opposite the Treasury, or to the Agent, at the wharf. o.arX7 ly r EOPLEb LINE* FOB JH0M1XI. MATTOX CRBEK. 1FPMR MA CHOUUCANO IMTjiiiMbViAIM LAMU1XUS. Tte sidew heel Steamer '?B MOBB1S," Captain T B Bil'.w:*, Will aomxnicce rnnning to the above landings on Monday, Ka>cii 6th. leaving Tr.rn r ?<> a wbarilov* -treet every M0N-ABj^9HBa DAT mid TBI BrI?AY at 4 a a ??,g ?i'l leave Boml&i every TUE8DAT ?ad 1 klDAT at 1 a m. febte H B FITZBL'QH. Agent. NEW BXPUkSB LINE VIA CANAL, I1TWI1X WH1LAUKLPH1A, A L hXA .7 VF.lA, W ASH lyaTOy A31) ? hORHMT'iWy. ? aiLiMs car?. Proas Pt?r B. N. rtb vtarvas- Phfladsipnia. BATCBDA7, at 19 m. From ft9 Water sire*t,Oacrgetown,JKi?BMy D C , MOHl-a*. at 6 p m Thta Hue connects at Philadelphia Clyde"? tegular 8omi weekly Line of Btoac-.ers (or Provl deace, P -at n and New England States, lis wharf ags ta Boston by this Una. O F HTDB. Agent fry D. Of 0, WM P CLTDB A CO., PniladclpMa. P. A. BEED. Alexandria, Pa. r. b. C M INK, 99 Lavonsblra street, B ">s4on B^Frs-gMsdcllvarxl by Euox s Express. Orders lafi at Genera! Offlee. ?03 P>ansylvsn:? avenoe. or at tAa Btsaatsi-s' w&arT ?1U ti promp::/ ar.ended to sasS-tr ^IRAkll A 1 M ? . ~ I* OTIC a. Wtt^ tie Vsw cf diminishing tns nitanoes ot 001 Uslon.tLs B'.eamara of this Lins taks ? sssrll 1 course for all seasons of the year. On the cat ward passage from via se^etown tc Hew Tork or Boston, erraatng Meridian of K at 4S ia: , o? nothing t .? the north of 43. On the t 2.e , arl ea-aags, orossing the Meridian cf M at 43 lat .or nothlag to the north of g| Tils bkitinh and north am ericaj* royal mail btkamsiiips, BMTWKEX PfMW TORK A XD LJVMH FOOL, CALLIXU AT CORK HARBOR. Paoa B > ?r Tung Pioafliw Tong. Bothnia .. V id., April IS B thnla Wed., May 14 Abyssinia ? eO., April M Abyssinia?Wed , May 31 ' Loasia. Wad , May t * Kn.sia _ .Wed . June 7 Bcytkia. Wet*., May 10 Scvtbia Wad , J .ue 14 * Scotia.? W'd.. May_17-S.vtta.?.. Wed.. Jane J1 Aad evarv fcUowiug WBDNBBDAT aad BATOB DAT fr<? Hew Tork. Hi ?in marked * do not carry steerage paaasa *a!eraoor Passaai.-OnBta, ??, B1M aad 111, ? aold.acorn'icstoaccummodatloa Tickets to Paris, pift, gold, additional Betara tlckeu oa lav or able Steerage tickets to and from all UH of Barc^c at very lew ratoa Tbrosgh Mils of lading glvsn fur MM,QIx4?-js, Uav re, Antwerp and othsr porta oa tNaOoatineat.ead for Mediterranean p^rts For freight and pa**?ge apply at the Ooaspaay's offloe, Mo. 4 B- ? - ui^i: or both e*e?rage and oabta. go BMALL'- C'f ? MOBBIBON No. *14 7th s? r-sa-|t ?;ha? O FBABOBLTB. Agoat. OO K B DELIVEP.E1 TO ALL PABTS OP TBB C1TT A1 THB SAMS KATB. New schedule? Pn'l load of 40 bnshets for #3. Smaller toads < cents per basbei; car.age, So cent* AFM.T TO OPP1CB OF WASU1NOTOB GABLIOUT COM P A B Tf 411 lath street aortaweet. 711 1st street northwest or to 11# Brklea alrw?. Oeorsetows. Mrt-I? VBCONU HAND CLOTH I BO, Pl'BSITDBE Oaraete. Bedding, Oilcloths, and g<>od* of ever* deeciiptu n b <ught aat the higheet caeh er'.cea ??" Orders by maii promptly attended to. OcUS-ly COL* AB A OO, straat and Paaa'aa arc. AUCTION SALES. fPTIRB DATA. B. COX A CO., Anctioneera. 639 Q street. (ALIO F TH* CONTENTS Of HOU3B BO. IHT 13tii 8TR??T SOUTH W ECT. IJ? ST BII?"W T HB A' - Rl^TLTU KAL BBFARTM EST,) CON PI ST 1N G OF COTTAOB BITS. HED*TEADS. BUBBAUS.WABB RTaBDS.CABPRTS, MAT TBIBSE8. PIL'.OWS, BOL8TIR8, AND OBOCBBBT; ALSO. COOBIN9 ABD HEAT IBOBTOYE*.TIRING BOOM AND KITCHEN FUBBITURB AND UTKNSILR R1 On TUESDAY MOBBING, Mar ?, at 10 V^^a m.l will Mil for a gentleman declining housrktepint.-the contents of boa,?Bo 937 llJthetrwt iuoUvmI. The ?biv? oolloctloi of furniture is sttrly d?w, bavin.; been In u?e oaly a*hort time. Sale positive. Term* cash. ?pl7 4t B B COX, Anctj vnesr. rpHOMAa DOWL1NG. Auctioneers GUARDIANS BALE OF VALUABLE IM PROVED PROPERTY OB THE WEST BID! OF 14th ftTBERT, BETWEBN T ABO U STREETS NOBTH BH| On TUESDAY. April 'JAth U7?. at 8 30 o'cfk. ?1.1 will offer for aale, at public auction, in frost of the premises, a part of lot ? in aquare Jai. beginning for the Nine At tbe southeast corner of ??Id lot, and running thence north on tbe ?e?t line of 14th ?treet If And 83 Kt feet tbenc ?? west 100 feet, tbence aouth 19 And 83 100 feet. And thence ea? 100 feet to tbe beginning. with the improvements thereon, consi-tlrg of two two-itory frAme dwell inn. Noe. 1936 And 1939. T.-nn? of sale: One fourth sash: the residue In three equal payment*. At 8,13 And 18month* from the dayofswle. with interest Th'? deferred pay meet* to be s?cured by a deed of trust on the property fold. A 1 conveyancing at the coat of the purchas ers. BloO deposit on the accept u??e of eAch bid. MART MUME8, GOArdiAn. WA HREN C. STONB-Attorney. ape euAds THOS. DOWLING, Anct. ?^THB ABOVE 8ALB IS I'NAVOIDABLT postponed until TlESDAY.Msv the tfd. ISt same W&ira STON B* Attorney * * G"rJ'" 'f28 TII09 DOWLINO, Anct. MEDICAL, <jfcc. MBS. ANN ETTA WILSON a ompetsnt F? M * l.h. Pin SIUIaN ajd Ml D# 1KC, can l?e con-nlitd a* heretofore at 7 4.i 6th at. north west. Female complaints a t.pe3ielty. Call or write. < an be ?ecn from 9 a m. to 1 p tn . and frt ni 2 to 7 p. m. ap2S Iw DR. 1/BO^. The Oi'ltst M*'abhske/i ami (fo.'y Reliable La ties' ?* f/i? City, can t>e consulted every Tuesday and Sii'urday at No. bJO H street from 1 to 5 o'clock All Foinal" Complaints Iuickly cured. Office and Residence No. 702 W. ,ombard street, Baltimore. apl9 ltn* &iTr khWALD ir db brothers invig '? ORATING CORDIAL faila to cure any case of seminal weakaesn. loss of power or impo tence Office and Laboratory 9 3h IS street south, opposite Smithsonian. ?p24 2w* "SATISFACTION "?A positive cute. 91 per bot * tie. Prepared according to tbe origin*! form lla by Dr. Darby, at 11* 4)% atreet, cor. ef Penn iylvaDja aye. Consultations free. ap3 Ira* DB K0BEBT80N,/row harm rrt, can be oon aulied at 4Jt Mth atreet no-t i.weit, nearly op poatte the Gi>? Office, every WEDNESDAY and BATCBDAF, from J| to 9 p. m , In all DIs- a-iej of tbe I'ru ary Organs, Gonorrb/eGie^t. Stricture, typbilia. ant! Mperiuat >rrii<>'a. Oanea of Gonuorrbea recently contrai ted cured iu 3 to S daya. Syphilia In ail ita atage* .jcichly c nre-l. and tbe polaon entirety eradicated fr..'tn the a'atem, without the use of mer cury. Spermatorrhoea, brought on by exces-tee and abnae in ytnlb, causing lose of memory and iu*ani t} ft'neral debility, organic weakness, impotency, nervous Irritability, aymptoms of consnmption. in liKeatlon. palpitation of th? heart, pains in back, diniEeia of ?t><bt or ei^dine<>s. evil foreb >dings, aylf diatrnat, Ac . speedily cored by newly discovered remedies. Gentlemen placing thetrselves in Dr. R.'a band can roly opon being scientiticatly and hon orably treated Refers to the high testimonials which be now held- tr m the leading physicians of Baltimore Office 424 10th utreet northwest, from <1 to 9 p m tnar30-ly DR. BUCK LER JONES.?Twenty years' expert ence in Ftiunle l>i?ea<?e4, Irregnlsritlea, Ova (iau Tumors; guarantee- satisfaction, or no charg?a Bn-imss confidential. B"omi for patlenta. 1 '? 4 N . B ?< ard street, Baltimore. niarlH 2m* DR. B. F. JONES. 34 Hot:A Gay street, tialtl mart. Mi. ( Late Reai'ent Pbvalcian and Sar geon to Special Hospital for the Genito?Oilnary Organa. Paris.) Guarantees speedy and certain re lief in all Diaeaaea a ad Irregularities Incident to Women lu Impotency and Stirility, and all Ilia concomitant with abu-? of nature's laws marll-2m* A l'ARl>,?To All who are suffering from the errors and indiscretions of yontti. nervous wtakreas, early decay, loss of Tnaih k*1, Ac.. I will send a recipe that will enro you, FREE OF CHARGE This great remedy was discovered by a mlsrionaty it. S- nth America. Send a self addre?<ed envelope to tbe Rev JoSE PH T. IN MAN, Station D. Bible Hi u-e. New T<rk citT. n:tr3 eojtk,4m PHESOUIPTION FREE FOR THE SPEEDT Cere of trs-iiiAl Weakness, Lost MAabood. and ail diferders Lrci.^bt on by iudiacretions or ax *es. A*iy Ortf gist has the ingredients. A(!dre?ts DAVIDSON A CO.. H>iL!'To.? Bu it jj6 N -w York. \I ADA SIB liEHTBLL m"d..s i'ioron*bIy e7 LjI peiiereed and scientific Lad'.*#' Physician and Midwife of V y*ar?' sractice, Attends ladles at their hosces, or comfortable private rectus, carefni nurs ing. and tt? test medical attendance at the Doctor a private residence. Ltdtea placing themselves under the care of Madame Bests 11 are guaranteed eclcntidc treatment and a ??e#dy core nffice and residence, corner of Bonth SLarp and Dover at*., Baltimore. sepl7-ly* "SATISFACTION," IJ i PER BOTTLE. Con sultatlons free, at Dr. DaBBY'B. 11" ? ^ street,(Colonization Building.) jyl-lom" COAL AND WOOdT II. J. t t(>.V.>, Dealer In WOOD A/ID COAL. Alac.LlHK of beat quality at kiln prices. SAND, HAlB and PL ASTER in qnantitlee to snit. apl ltu* Oor Hth and E streets southwest. (JOAL AM) KINDLING WOUJJ^ Onr stock of COAL Is now complete, embracing til tbe choice lUAllties. and to which we invite tbe attention of consumers. Onr PATBBT BUNDLED B1NDLIBO WOOD, with a fire lighter In every bundle, Is the best In use. For aale by all grocers?try it. No shavings, paper or kerosene oil required. CHSAP. SAhS CLEAN. bTEPHESBOS A HBO , Mill and Depot 7th atreet Wharf, tofe!4-lr Branch Office l'Jlt* Pennsylvania avenue. C?A1. ! COAL. ! WOOD ! WOOD ! CHEAP! CIIEAP' FOR CASH! Tool SANDS OF TONS ORDERED Arm ing daily, cargoes of the best varieties of All kinds ot COAL and WOOD. Now is tbe time to bny ! If you would save money get a too / nrttrit and i**t tr'inkt, 1,240 pounds to the ton, call on tho under signed before you buy. IIav leg two of the largest wbarvea In tbe District, aid all tne facllitl-s Bo-aibl* thereto annexed for the deliver) ct Coal air?ct from our vessels to tbe consumer, we can certainly offer special induce ments. A visit to our W harvee and Depot will con vince one at aglance of onr unacrsataM advantages. Good P1NB WOOD delivered as low as Sft.fO per Cord. Qoc d OAK WOOD delivered as low aa 96 to #7 per Cord. a sir gle trial la all that la necessary to convince the public of the above facts. JOHMfeOS BROTHERS. Main Office and Depot at Jonnroa's Wharves, foot rf iztb and lS'h streets. OH res? i F street northwast. \ 11IV 9th street anglS-eo EDUCATIONAL. WJ EST END INSTITUTE Srncoi fat *? Yiwkm La 'us Mrs. 8 L. Cady, Principal. Sew Haven, Conn. Seud tor circular. mar3 8m THE EPISCOPAL INSTITUTE, lorntr 15'* and J streets. REV. F L KNIGHT. D D , * eat Master; PBOF JOHN L WHY. A M., Ass Mastrr The 8istb Annual S<*aionof tbla church achool for boys will commence or WEDNESDAY, the 8th of September. Kurther Information can be had froiu the Hsv. F. L KNIGHT. D. D? ang27-tt 14 4 -J Corcoran atroet. EENGLISH. FUXBOil, AND CLASSICAL BB J LEC'T Bl'BvJOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. 914 &ew Y' rk avenue n w.?Mrs. ANGELO JACK SON. Principal ?The eighth annua! session begfna on th? 14th of September. 1"75. angI4-ly HOTELS. UNITED STATES HOT?!., FORTY SECOND STREET, AND COLUMBIA AND ELM AVENUES, OPPOSITE MAIN EXHIBITION BUILDING CENTENNIAL GttOUNDd. This elegant fire-proof Hotel la new open for tbe reception of guests. It contains 328 rooms, replete with all modern Unprovementa. Visitors to Phila delphia will tow here meet with better accommoda tion a or more reasonable rates. bbl tn.lfJa P. B BOOTHBV, Manager. HORSE FOOD. ?ORl>OBi'8 FOOD BOB B >Rtt AND CATTLE. mcojiom l.rieoR.sreBu, unm avfmam ANCi, SOUND HEALTH, SE CURED BY ITS USE 1NGBED1ENTS ALL VEGETABLB Baaaple 100 P*a4a far S'J 00. Depot tn Waablnfton, 609 Louisiana arenna. OCl0-?o6in ft F. LABBEMBOS 4k OO. IVJATTANS V ? GFTA BLB OATHaBTIO ABD 1' ANTI BILLIOUS PILLS The demand U r il.e*? Pills has srg-ij Increased. V e lb. refore call vublic attention to their merita at a general family ph; a:c. Prepared with the great est care, tbej pr>N?Dt the f .11 iwlng food Qualities: Ttey are warranted ?h ll? vegetable; th?tr action ia p ompt certain and effectnal; thej are hea Ing to the stomach, tbey start tbe liver in a healthy and active operation, they cure btlli ;usnasa. sick beada< be and costlveueee; they am Invaluable for Ind gesth n ard dy?p>-p*la; tbey thoroughly cleanae the system; they do not griae or glv? pain daring their action Tbey are adapted for general ase. Children and delleate p-rsons caa take them aa well aathe strong a d robust. Horn? sivin, ihey are always frssh. ( while patent pills aeaeraily ye not,) and eonarqnentl* uniformly ?H?etual. Prioe, It cents per k?i. For aale nnlr by ARTHI R "ATTAW*. Pharmacist, apiu tr corner Sd and D streets northwest. AUCTION 8ALE3. TB.MUKBQW. 'J'1 HO MAS DOWLINU.Acriion?.r FOBPE, BUOOT AND HAR5IW AT AUCTION. ?usatcrdat. a?m at, vat. at 13 /O* o clock m , in front of my auctioa rooms, I wiii hell an excellent lf? year oW iron gray Mars; will drive dtuble or single. nod sound la erery re sr-c'. Alio, a no top new Baggy and Harness. T?im a*h ? yn-Sf THOMA? DOWLIHO. Auction-'r. rJ1 JtOM Ab DOW LING. Auctioneer. BAY MARE~AT AUCTION H\ _ On 8\TUBD\Y, April 29 1 T?, at la o'clock m.,in front of my auction ro >?ns, I ? r* will sell a Bay Hare, about 14* hand* high; is perfectly sound. kind, and c*ntle. will work in sirgle <>r double barnes- or under the ?%d<tl?, will be sold because the owner ban no furtber dm (or her THOMAS DOW LI NO. apX7 It AnrtiNW, qpHOMAS DOWLIHO, Auctioneer. FRENCH PLATE II IK ROB. SUPERIOR HOUSEHOLD rrBMTDBt IN ORBaT VA RIETY. orrivi FURNITURE. in CRAVINGS AND ()UROM"S. LARGE LOT GBOCBBIE8, ? OUNTEBB, SHBLVISG. AND BOW WINDOWS, OHB JUMP SEAT OAB BlAtiB, ONE BAT MABI, Ac.. ATAOOTION. R\ On BATUBDAY MOBBING. April 29, VA. 1-C6. at 10 o'clock a m . In front of m? auc IVIti^n room* I aball sell the abjve artielaa. Ill Teim- cash. WILL BB ADDED: A Lot of Bosee end Geraninms tn pota. ap?7 2r IB 'Mam DOWLIHO. Au-tlowsr. Auction sale OF UNREDEEMED PLBD318 AT ROBERT FULTON A OO.'S, 314 NINTH STREET N. W. BOP.KRT FULTON A f*0. will sell,commencing SATU BD A V, April 29. K5. fiom dt) to da< ?t In o'clock a. m. aid <5 p m,. all th*-ir Unreloen?d PI,di:f?. RuBERT FULTON A OO.. 314 Ninth street uoitSw st, ap27 5i" JA*lKS GUILD, Auctioneer. ? JN1TED STATES MARSHAL'S SALB. In virtue of two writ* of fieri facias. issued ont of the Clerk's office of the Supreme Court of the Du trict of Columbia a- <1 to bm directed, I will st 11, at pnblic sale, for ca-h, In front <f the oonrt-hou e dcor ef said District, on SATURDAY,the 29th day cf April. 1.17K, at 14 o'clock m , all V. Mtri m Hurdle's right. title, claim and interest in a id to the telle* it g described property. viz:?Tbe west half of lot No. iy. i:. squire flo. 254, In the city of Washington, D. C . together with all and siu.nlar the iniproTtn.i nts thereon. sai/M and levied up in ai the property of Victor M . Bnrche. and will be add b> satisfy execution- No. IMS. In favor of Owens and al.,nseof F. E Alexander, and 15-138 in favor of F. E. Alexander. ALEX. SHARP, U S. Marshal D O. April 8th. 187?. apj dtds VcTlNG A MIDDLETON. 1 Real Estate Auctioneers, TBI BTEK 8FAI.E OF VALUABLE IMPROVED REAL ESTATCON O STKICE1 NORTH WE?T, BETWEEN 9th AND 10th SIREET8. >B By virtue ot a de. d of trust, dated on the 5th fclj day cf Jannary. A D. 1374. and recorit-d in Liber No. 734 folio 443, of the land records for the Tistrict of Colon bia, and at the request of the bolder of the notes thereby secured, the undersigned u ill sell. at public auction, in froutoi the premises, cm SATURDAY, the 29th da* of April, A D lflJ, nt 4 l? o'clock p m., the following >l?icribed r^al i ?t?te ai;d premises, situated in the city of Wa?h Iteton, In the District of Colambi.t, to wit: Lot liimli^ret one hundred aid five i l'J5). in Horau s re corded subdi' isioti of suuare nuiuberej three hun dred iwid seventy live (37^1, together with the im provements bel >ig No. 4i 1 G street n*rthwest. T? rms: On? third in cash; and the balance In one ntid two fear*, in equal payments. for which the {u.*Msaory notes of the purchaser will be required, i arii'g ittereit at eight per cent, per annum, and to bear date on the day of sale, sejured by a de*d ci trust on the premises and a satisfactory policy of insurance; or the purchaser may pay all cash at hii option. A deposit of (SUB will be require I at the time cf sale. All conveyancing to ba a'tho cost of the purchase* If the tornn of sal-are not i. niplifd with withiu ten < 10> daya thereafter, the Tru?t?e reserves the right to resell the prop-rty at the risk ind cost of the defaulting purchaser. apl7jeoJkda MARTIN F. MORUH, Trustee. DUNCANSON BROS , Auctioneers, Coiner 9th and D ktreets northwest. THBF.B 3TOKY AND ATTIO PRE*S BKD'K HOt SE AND LOT. No. 9,'U M STKKKT, I1IC TWEKN HH AND 10th NORTHWEST.. ;ET On SATURDAY AFTKkNOON. Aprlf '29, ? j o'c-ock. we wiil s?ll, in frontof the pruu i?t?, all of L ?' No. I, in Davidson's si;t>dtvi?i jn of ftinare 36". fr^ ntiag T4 tec' 1 inch on north 31 street, and running back tnat width 120 leet to a 30 foot &ll< v, and containing abuiit 2.SS0 Hijuare feet of trctnd. improved by a three gtiry and attic press bilolt front Hons", con'atnlng nine rooms. c?s, va'- r stirt bath ro<'tn: stabling and larce y ?r<i i-.i rear Ttis property is hi one ot the best I Cition) in the city, and suitable f.<r a private residence, !.a< li g tu- dern conveniecc>-s. Term*: One flfih cash; th? balance in one. two atd three jt-ar Dotes, bearing 7 per cent, interest, an 1 secured by a dead of trust upon the premises, interest payable setol annually. Conveyancing at purchaser 's A deposit of will be rejuitdd as Mt?to as the property is so'.d s ;2g DCNCANSON BHOS . A net i onoors. E DWIN J. SWEET, Auctioneer. Till fiTEE'.* SALE OF A FINE, LARGE STOCK OF DRU(.8, TOGETHER WITH THX GOOD WILL AND F1XTURBS AND LEA^E OF I'RL'O STORE AT THE SOUTHW?8T HOR NER OF TthASDN STREETS NORTHWEST. ff By virtue ol a deed of trust to n?e, .lated De fQWcnitii r 1, A D ls78, aid duly recorded in lW Liher No. H14. folio *<7. one of tke land records for the Di'trlct of ColnuihLa, I will sell at public auction, on >he premises, on SATURDAY, April 29ih, lt'6. at 4 o'clock p m , iilirge aud flue lot of l'rugs. P<rlun.ery. Toilet Articles. Ac . Ac., Ac , being i hs entire st< ck of Di '<g Score No. 1232, on the southwest corner of 7th and N streets north west. Terms of sa'e cash. A dep-sit of *1 ?80 required of the purchaser at tim<? of sale. If the terms ot sslearenot complied with ia two daysn'ter sile, the trustee reseive* t^e r'gh* foretell the property at the risk ftud cost of the defaulting purchaser. GKORGK J BOND,Trustee. apJ2 td E.J S %'EE r. Auctioneer. DTTwnmana GBEKN. Real Estate Anctloaeers. TBI'STEES' SALE of IMPROVED PROPEBTY ON L M'RBKT. BETWEEN BSs AND 23d hT REITS NORTHWEST. By virtue of a deed of tru^t to us, dated ">n tbe Bits 9ih day of May. A. D. 1874, aid recorded ia Lil't-r No 752. fo'i? 191, of the land records for the Dt-'rlrt of C< Inmbla.and at the request of ths holder of the notes thereby secured, we will sell at public auction, in front of the premises, on TUBSDAY, the 2d day of May, A. D. 1374 at A o'clock p.m., th'' following deecrihsd real estate and premises, to wit Part of lot numbeied four 14.) ia square number ed fitty-one (61), bf ginning for the same at a p tint on the lite of L street northwe-t thirty six (3G) feet eight i?) inches from the southwest cotter of said lot numbered four (4>; thence rnnnlng eastward!* on the line cf said L sfreet northwe.t eighteen < t8> feet, th -tice northwardly seventy three ;73> feet; tbesce westwardlv eighteen (13) foot, theaca south wardly -event?-three <73> feet with the right to the free and unobstructed use of the alley in the rear of said I >t numbered four (4.) with all tbe eaweneats. Ac . together with tbe improve-ments. consisting of a sub-raotial two story Frame House, with back fcnilrii'g Terms of sale: ?1.C00, with IrtereO at ten (10) p'r ceit frcm tbe 9th day of May, 1875. and the ex l< nf th:s ?a! ?, In cash, aud the balance to one year, fc r wbich the note of the purcbaser will be re quired, bearing interest atelght<4) p^rceat p?r an ruTP,ar'd dattJ on the day of sale. &dep?itof S2*w will be required at the time of rale All con T, yar ring at the purcbaser s cost. If ths terms are not ct aiplied wi'li in Soveu days, tbe trns>e?-s will ic eii tte propetty at the risk and c^st ofthede faulticg purcbssor. AUGUSTUS E PERB Y,r / Tm,tee. sp!7 aoAds E.J. M1DDLETON, Jb ,S ^EOBGK W. ST1CKNEI, Auctioneer. TRI ST? ER BALE Or A MC^IRABLE THREE BTORY BRICK DWELLING. WITH BACK BUILDING No. 1220 12th STREET, aND STABLE. BETWEEN M AND N STREETS NORTHWEST. S By virtue of a deed of trust date-t March 11, A . D. 1S7S, duly recorded In Lil?>r No. 77.l>, to'.io I'.-1 jne of the land records for the District of Colum bia, at the request of the party secured thereby, v e will ?*-ll at public auction, in front of the premi ses, on WEDNESDAY, May 3.18'6. at 3 o clock p. m , a 1 that piece or p*ieel of ground situate In the city ci Washington, District of Colombia, known and deslgnat d ? n the plat or plan of s kid city as lot lettered -ti," of the subdivision of lots flftet0(19l and tlxteeD,(16,> in square nurn^ersd two hundred and eighty-one. (M,) said lot having a front ot twenty throe feet by a dep'h of oni nnndred arid fifty five feet one and one half Inched, together with the Improvements, 4c. Te?n s: Ott third cash: balance at lix. twelre aud eighteen months, with lntere-? at 8 porcent. psr an nnm. secured by a deed of tru?t on the prop?rty iio^.d.Or all cash, at the op'ion of thepnrchtsir A depo-it ot WlU!?* re<imr^d at tlni^ of sale, and ail convej ancing at expen?? til Purchaaer. Terms to be complied with iu seven days, ?r FToperty ti be rrrold, at tbe risk and cost of the d,fan!!lri4 P3'* cbuser, after Ave days' atlvertisemeat. BRAINARD H WARNBR./ MARTIN M. BOHBEB, { Truitees. ?pl7 m ,w,f Y'OCNG * Ml DDLETON. A- Real Estate Anctioneen. TRUSTEES BALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY ON Til* NORTH SIDE OF NEW YORK AVK M K. BETWEEN 6th AND TlH STREETS, NOBTHWBST. a By virtue of a deed of trust to us, datel on tbe first day of D'crobsr, A. D. WO, and re ed Id Liber Ho. 618. folio 337 et seq , of the Lai d Records for the District of Columbia, and at toe request of the bolder of the note therebr se cured. we will sell, at ptMIc auction, in front of tbe premises, on WEDNESDAY, ths 3d day of May, A. D. i87 6. at 3 p. m , the following described r al estate and premises, situated in the city of WashlEftoD. Id tbe District of Columbia,to wit: the east halt of lot numbered four <4), la squsre tumbered four hucdred and fifty (450), tofsther with the improvements thereon. Terms: Oae third ia cash, and the balance ia three (3) e insl payments, at 13, 18 and 21 snuths, f r witch tb? notes of tbe purchaser will be re quired. tearing Interest at eight (8) percent, ptr aubom and dated on the day of sale, soeurel by a deed of trust on the premises; or ths purchaser may pay all cash at his option A deposit of 9100 will be r< quired at the time of sale. All conveyancing at the purchaser's cost. If th? terms are not com died wi'h In ten days thereafter, the Trusters reserve the right to resell tbe property at the risk and coat Ot the defaulting purchaser. BEBECCA B MKLLEK. J . MABT B. HA IB MATTI8 J Trustees, apll eoAds (nee H*i.v>,\ d I will sell at public auction, tn front of the premises, at i o'clock a. m , on MONDAY, Mm l,a two-story frame HOD8B No. 1020 New Jersey avenue; also, on TUBSDAY, Mar the same hour on tbe premises, one frame HOUBB and BACB BUILDING, northeast corner of K and lat streets southeast. Terns liberal, GEO COWIE. Hecretary M O. B. R. Association. D0WBMAN * GBBBB. AocUoneers. ap!7 eo4 M. 0. LuTTBBLL, Saleaaaa. Atrcrnoy SALES. THIS AFTMNOOH. T p H. W1UIK. Owner Tth and ? itfWU. TRC8TEE8 SALE Of DBMBABLB CBIM PBOVBD BKAL E8TATB ON THE COISM OF MABBACBrSBTTS AVENUE ABD I9IM 8TBBBT BOCTHEA8T. SBy virtue of ? deed of trnst, dated April 14th, 1371, and duly rec >rded In Liber So. 7SS, f >lio 167. et *?i.. one of the Ltod Becor4*of the Dis trict of Oolumbi*. and by the written re-iu?et of tbe party secured thereby, we will ?ell at public euc tiun on tbe premiere, on MOBDAY. April Jllih, 1"76 at i o'clock p m . al. thoee pieeee or parceli of land situated and being in the city of Washing ton. District of Columbia. am known And deeigna ted a* origin*' lot* numbered M(tM>(B),IHM (IS), acd etzteen (IS), in square numbered eleven handred <1100>, containing IS.736 ^am fe*t of ground. more or le*e Terms: One fourth cash; balance tn 6,11. And 13 month*, for which the notee of the pnrchaeer, bear It k interest at - percent per auaum from day of ?al*. and secured by a deed of trost n the p operty sold, will he taken. A depositor $50 on each lot will be required at the time of sale. All convey ancing at the expense of tbe purchaser. If tbe terms of sale are n-1 complied with in n) days from day of sale, tbe Trustee* reserve the tight to resell the property at the risk and coet of the defaulting purchaser, after ? days advertisement. CHA8 B. FBASEB.t JNO JOT BDBON, { Tro???* ?VTBE ABOVE BALE IB POSTPONED OB account of tbe rain n til FRIDaY.Apiil BStb, W6, -ame bomr and place. CHA8 B. FBA8BB,/Xr_.fMM J HO JOT BD8)lMT^n*t'y,,? apJ5-d J. T. COLD WELL, Salesman. B t? ABNEB, corner F and 7th afreet*. i bVstke'8 bale of imp boy ed pbopbbtt J*b?et avbncb. between k ANDLST8 NOBTH WEST. ? Uy virtue of a de?d of trust, dated March JW. 1P75, recorded in Liber 789, folio 424. of the land records for the District of OotnmSia, and by direc tion of the partv seen red thereby, I wfll offer at r'ibHc auction, ia front of the premise**, on SATTB >AY, April the sliJd. 1874. at 5 o'clock p tn., part* of Lots r and D. In square No. Af-9. frouting about 17 feet 1LJ itches on Nc? Jersey avenu*. and extend ing back the depth of the lot to an 13 fe-?t alley The property is improved by a xewbrick dwelling, con taining nine rooms bay window, and tpoderu im provements. Terns ofsale: One third cash; residue In ft 12. and H mouths, inferred payments to be sec a re. I by a deed ot trust on th? property sold. and to bear lr,t?r Mt at the rate of 8 p-r cent per autmm from day of salo #200 down at tiuid of sale. All conveyauctug at cost of purchaser KATB'L CAItrSI, .!? , Trusts?. apll dAds K D. CLE ABi", Halojtnan ny TBI AB^VK S \LE 19 POSTPONED nr.til FK1DA Y, April 2*tn, at (i p. m.,satue Bj order of True tee. ap24 dAds F. D. CLEABY. Salesmen. T* HI' 8T K EB* HALF '(IK V A LI A B L E~rN 1 * 1 PROVED PROPKKTY ON K 8THKEC NOKTIl BErWrEN F1BST ANDSECOSiD bTREETB WEST SBy virtue of a decree of the Bnpreme Court of tbe District of Columbia passed in equity cause No. J.709. we shall s II a' public auction, in front of the prt wigs*.< n FRIDAY(Iks Ifihtef of April. 18."6. at 5 o'clock p m., lots numbered t?enty eixlit 12K> twenty nine (291 and thirty t SO!, in Kirbey's subdivision of square num *red live hundred and seventy one <671), in the city of Wash ington. D. C Terms of s?le: One tbirl cash; the balance in three equal Instalments, In six. twelve and eighteen n onths from the ('ay of sale: ih- deferred pa?m''Uts to l>e securid by tbe rotes ot the purchaser, bearirig interest at the rste of 8 per cent p?r annum, and iu d. r?'d to the satis'sction of the trustees a dep >-it of 4 W on each lot ? ill be re<mir<Hl at tli ? timeof sale. All" cot.vto atcltif a* purchastr's c >?t. If the t< im? of sale are not coniplUnl with in seven days from the day of s?i> tbetroste-s ree'-rve the right t" rcs?!l the property at ?he risk and cost of tfcd d f~witi: e pi.rrhtaer. alter Ave days' public uotiCc. DtiOMM B ' s , C INCLE, ? Auctioneers. No nTrtUteMf ap'5 Ko.635 r.t.n. w. ' THIS KVK5HHU. J5ANKRL11CY WASD. B. WILLIAMS, Auctioneer. THE?' Tf)TK OF A NEW YOHK WHOLESALE IMPORT I HO tiOl'SE AT AUCTION. LA HOE BANK Bl'PT BALE OF DUY GOODS, t'orfistlng in part of the Stock, of the l*le firm ul K 21 A II J Co.,of 9iew Ycrk. IMPORTANT T THE TiiADE AND PCBLIO. OVER 8173,000 WORTH (JF I'OliLlliN ASU UotiKTU UKV UO^US aT aCOTION. At their I.arg.. a: d Sparh ns Store, CORNER 1 Oth AND D DTd., Wafbiifion. D O , t'oumienclng Tl'ESD* Y. April 1 ?* l?s7t!> A l.trge cocsigtmetir ?.f f?r?ln a?d Domes'ic Dr> (?> < is, consis'tng of Wtitiif Kriglaud. French ai,d German liroed sud IVarrja W ,t^n Cloths, or all *h'?deH un4 colors: French, tnglish a.jd ^cc tch Vanc> Tweeda and Oa>sijieret, Furoa'ik. Mosc-.? a* d Et-'.cinmux Keav*rs. <;nin bi.'lad. Vi-<tiiivs, C'oHkm^s. Ac Also, Bcotch, Kteoih and Ow i*n l'?ttd> I'ar-hinTf-, y.ic-bS'14,.1, (Mlotuan Lv?, unl other fat-hi. nalde and de.iirabie bhauls, bvln i+"t tinsham Larps, .^c. IiBKSS GOODS in great variety, srch as heavy lUdck atd <> lor-d Hilks, Siatins, Irish aud Lyons Poplins, AII W ol Merii.o*. DrUines. lateen nioths, Perc-?, elegant imported Plaids Alp teas, B<apress Cloths. Ac , Ac A ver/ rich and rarr u*M>rt:iient of Ljols Mlk Velvets, Velveteens a?d tine Plush Snlt Itigs. Prints, Bleached and I'nbleachod Cottons from on< to three yards wide, a large In, j of Knglish Aineri-An lilackets. Kl-mels. Ladies'. Oeut's aod Children's lioslety, G1 >vea. Ac., togetbir with a very choice ai,d well selected stock of Velvet. Brus sels, Axmir-ter. Tapestry and Ingrain OAHPST ^ GS, BL'GS. Ac., Ac., from medinta to flne^t im ported Mai -*!lit-? and Turkish Quilti- and a variety of ? tfcer g'Xids too nnrntrons to mention. U-iT Sales to continue frotu day to day until th? eiiiire stock Is ci-p>?od of. The whole to be sold wi'h'.ut ret,erve, in I<.ta to suit, ail for cash. halt s commence dally at 10 a. m., 2 p. m , And 7'i p. m apl4 lm YOUiiQ A H1DDLBTON. Real E-datc Aocttoneera. ArCTION BALB OF VALUABLE TBDnR KAHM, KNOWN A8 '-BLUE PLAINS.'' IN TBE DlSTKlOT OF OOLCMBIA, AND 0PP0 B1TE ALEXaNDBIA. SBy virtue of a deed of trust, dated on the 13th day of July. A D. 1371, aud recorded iu Liber No. 724, folio XO. et se<i.. one of the land reo ords of tbe District of Columbia, And at the ?ritteo request cf the party stcured toareby, I will, on MONDAY, tho 1st dav ot May. A. D. 1476, at .4 o'clock p. m., offer for stle, at public auction, to the highest bidder, on the premuea. alllhat\?lu able truck farm known ai ''Bi te Plains,' sltnsted in the District ot Columbia, opposite Alexand-ia, and described as follow s: All that part of tne whole tract <f Bine Plains which was devised to Thomas \V . Berry by his father, Waahingt >n his bis will dated July 'Uh 1S52. and conveyed by said Xbonas Berry to William W Bays, by deed duly rtordtd Novemter 12:h, 13&i. iu Liber 571. of the lantJ records of s?*d District, and contained within the followit't: metea and b mn Is: Beginniog for tbe ? ame at a stake on tbe ed>{3 of tbe I ank of tne Poto mac river, from which a small locust trep. blazed aud notched, bears south SI H," degro-w, west 1? links, atd from which stake the northeast coraer of tbe farm house on the tract hereby described b -ars rciitb ISV degrees, ea-t?<cbalns and 24 links; and mDiiii'K thence in a straight line tor a stoue, an orig iuai correr of a tract of land called ?' B-'llevue," not to ?S decrees, east 12 chains and 8 link* to A stake; tteuce south 6 d"greet, east 19 chain* an i -VJ links to a stake on the north side of the oil Ferry r<>ad; tberce sjaih 7iJ< degrees, west lt> chains and lick* to ? stale at b'ph water mark; atd thence with the river bank, a* follows, viz:?North, 70?^ degrees ?e?t, 1 chain and 81 links, to a big elm tree at high tire u ark. thence n'Tth 14 de>gr?. s east. 8 chains and HI lints: thence uorth 3^ digre?ee wit, 1 cbai^ and Hi links, thence north J degrees west, 3 chains and 2 litks; thence nortb 17Ai degre. s east, 2 ( hat. s ati i 8' litks, thence north 1*, dogrre* eai<t, 3 chain* and 00 Inks; thence north S'jX deareoj east, 2 chat..* hnd 70 links: thence torth 25 d-grees etat, 2 chain* it d HO link* to th> let-In- lag, the ?h<de cootatuing .11 acres iuo:e or less; cxcep'iur. h ,waver, th^re troni all pirt of ?aiJ tract heretofore conveyed hy said Bays to th ' Wa.-h ngton City aud Point Lctkont Bailroad Company as a right of war on for the said iifcht of way ?Lvut 5 aud $3 103 ????* more cr l*?s This tract contilr,R tbe m vst valuable land for market gardening in the District of Oolumola, and U uncnrpas?ed as a truck larm. The Washington City and P. L. Batln-ad p?-se* thr- nch the pl?ce. The terms of sale are: tiue third of the purshase C't r."> in irtfb, and the ba'aace la two equal pay it ents, at one a\d two years resp ctively from date of ?ale, bearing interest at the rate of 8 per cent, and secured by a deed of trost upon tbe premise*. All ccnvcyancin? n' purchaser's cost. A deposit of #2.'0<tUI be required at titne of sale 11 tho terms of ?ale are not complied with f u lo day* from tim,- of purchase, a resale will bo made at the risk aad c.-st ?r d?.ui?.. t FBIUi| TnWi< at19 tdba B. KoSS I'ICRBY, Attorney. |> B. YVAHNEB, corner 7th aad F gtrcets. rALE OF VALITABLB GBOUND AT 811118 KAST CObHKK OF S1XTB AND 88TBCET8 NOhTB WEST. SI will ,ffcr s?le at public auction, on S\T CRDAY, the Mh d*y of May, 1-Td, at 5 o'clock r> m., lot froDting 100 feet on 6th street, coraer of P street rorthwest. by a depth of feet Tejmv One ionrth csgb; balance in 6,12.18,2?, atu 20 mC~"'"-At 7 p^r cent, intewst. Tltl*p?r feet Conveyancing >> pu7-,ik*''r a c*4: ap26 eoAds J. T. OOLDWBLL. S?le<nnAl>. J^l'NCANbON BROS., Auction*crs. 1BISTEE8 SALB OF BB1CK DWELLING AND HTOBE. COKNEB 7th AN0 S BlBEETS NtKTBH?ST, AT Al'OTlON flly virtue cf a deed of trait t ?> me, dated tbe 21 Rt <"a> of March, 1374, and recorded In Liber 7*9, folio 75, one of tbe land iecnri*of tbe Dis trict of Columbia. I shall, on TBI'BSD AY, the 4tb day of Mat, 1876, at A o'clock p m, in front of tbe (remises, sell at public auction, part of lot No. 1. in square No. 417. Beginning tor the same at the ?ontbeast corner ot said lot 1, running thence north 36 feet ale ng 7tb street ? est. tbence west 95 feet to a public alley ]<j feet wide, thence south al *aid alley 36 feet to north 8 meet; tbence east along sa'd S street 96 feet, to the beginning; Unproved by a fine brick house, with store room. Teim*; #1 500 cash, and the balanoeln two e?ual payments at 6 and 12 months, from day of sale, fjr which tbe note* of the purchaser, bearing interest at tbe rate of 8 per oect. per anuum. and secured by a deed of trost on tbe property, shall be given A deposit et #200 will be required of the purehaaer at tbe time ot sale. All conveyancing at the expense of tbe purchaser. If the terms of sale are not com plied with within one week from the day of sale the trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and coet of tbe defaulting purchaear, ipon giving seven day*' notice ia the Bvenlng Star. apjp-foAd* CBA8 MAPEB, Trustee. I WILL PELL, AT P0BL1C Al'OTIOB, OH MONDAY, at A o'clock p a Apail 94, In front of tbe premise*, two three-story Brick Bouses, No*. 1D4 and 186 Sd street southeast. Terms mad* kaowa on day of sale. GBOBOE OOWIB, Secretary B. C. B. B. Association. DOWN?AS * GBBBN, Anuto. M. 0. LCITBELL. Salesman. apM-Maw tar THB ABOYB BALB 18 POSTPONED until HOBDAY, the *3d day of May, same hour and place. - GEO BOB OOWIB. Secretary B.O B B. Association ap24 M. 0, LDITLBLL, * AUCTION bALES. I^HOf. DOWilllO, iocrioBW. oas riRB'xicpi. or lowloh man urACTrmE at auction. , aq TO (Saturday ?. 4V""' *9? 'STi. at li o'clock. In fro .1 of n?? ??" ?2K=3*^ti.'0 r,~oms. 1 shall aril on* tut 1W C Lpe. o' London manatee in. trimmed with R? ?It m< r<-ceo. Id p?ilMt SntdiUAD end m M ti?v. Md b?<-?use the o?o?r i? g< 1 jg abroad an-l has no farther ase for it. Tertn?caeh. It THUS 1WW UNO. And \rOlNG A MIDDLETO*. Kh?u Estate Auctioneer*. tbubtbe-s bile or improved pbopebtt ON l*Tn STREET. BITWII1 PE?N*TL TARU&VIICI ANOB STREET BOOTH uifT mH* virtoe of* deed of trait to me, dated Oc tober I-t. A. P li<7?. and recorded in Liber Ho. olio a?7, one of the land record* for Washtog t n county, District of Colombia. I will offcr for sale at labile taction, oa M )NDif, ths 44th day of Aprtl, IS ?. at i o'clock p ?? fr <nt of toe pre i ises, and to the highest bidder. Lot six.(g.l la rqoare one thonaat d aad nineteen.< I0I9J to**'her with the improvement* th reoa, consist In f of fire (?> two-story rrHM. one nsed aa a Store. Tt-rms of nale. flJOO. and the expenses of the ?ale. la eaab; balance in all (gi and twelve i IS mot ths. secured by a deed of traat oa the premt??a aad the notes of th* purchaser bsartng eight l par cent Internet ?100 to b* paid down at ibe tlma of ?ale. OoDTeyaorlnt at purchaser'? ooet If the terms are not complied with within seven |7? da>?. the Tro'tee reeervee the right to reeell th* property on ten <10' day* public notice at the risk aad coat of defaulting purchaser JOHN A HAEEB. Trustee apl2-*oidi YOCNG k M1dpleton. AucU. %r TH1 ABOVE HMiK 13 POSTPONED tintil TBIKM'iY. April 27th. 1S7C. same time an * place. By order of the Trustee ap?4 d YOl'NG* MIBLLETOH. Aucta. W TH K ABOVE BM K 18 PC RTH E H POST rONKl' until BATIRDA Y . Aptil 2*th, 1876, same tiice and place B' order of the Trn-te It YOl'fiG A MIDDLETON. Aorta. I) UHCANSON BBOS., Anctloneors, southeast oorner of 0th and P ?t? . u. nnweti BAL* OK riSIWAI NUT ANr>OTHKB ITK MTI Bf.LACKOM.AlSS LAMBUEOCIN^. TlRKl^n ANPOTliKK I HilR.1 91 Mi 1LS ToP * Al.* I T $' l>kB'1 A K i>, U piL, LAKEX hNsl< N TMSLE. HLl'C KKPPAI LOR Si ITK LlllXUIS. HU'k A N |t GOLD Sl>PY iBKUSt-ELK CARPET TaPESTrY JtIKPETB. UALNCT B EI 8TE A DS. BU REACS, WA8HST4ND-. UAl a. ASP OPBiNa m itresmis, PAessoi; and stair <ab PKTING. K AMI L EXTENSION CUAM>E Lll.K, WALNUT Table. <11 MR*. cut GLASSWARE CB'CKEKY. KICUI^EKv TO! S, I IL1 ERH.M ARRLt. TOP H aT BACK. CHANDELIERS AND OA8 riXlUtttS. Ac., PI.1NG THIC AN11KK CONTENT* OK Mo. 5i?aO? 8THKK.T. BKTWKKM TWENTIETH AMI TWKMTY HU8T bTttEKTa NoaTU WEST #7% On MONPAY MOBNINQ. May 1 com UV n'ercing at Iffl o'clock. ?e will "-llat the Wliibotr l.oti*e. the gims mentioned, with uuui / K 'an us them. ap2S 2t DUNCANSON BBOS- Aorta. I liOMAS POWLIftG, Aoctlonear rBENCH PLATE MIHBORS. PARLOB 8CITB, (in rr?msoD and Ian Hep.) VS H *T NOT, M Mi LBE TOP T A KLK8, WALNCT M a RBLE TOP t H AM BEK tSflTEC .OAK CHAMBER SUITaS. wahikobes hair and ucsk mat THK8SK8. kPUINO CNDEUBEDB PILLOWS AND liOLMERS, BRI-BE5.8. THREE PLY ANP in c R A t N CAhPfcT">. oiLULoriis. MATTIKGB. WALNUT EXTENSION P1NINQ T? BLES, W ALEUT MARIS- E Top Hlt?* BOAM', PINING ANP OTH E R CI1A I R?5 SIL YE I. PLATEDWABE. CHINA ANP GLaBS WABE, KEKR'GEBATOR AN|l WATER C .OLI B.COCKING ANP llEATlNt. 8TJVES. KITCHEN KE1 ?C 181TES, ETC., ETC., AT AUCTION f?V On TC*8l)AY MORNING. M?y 2d, 1S74, UV. at to o'clock, ut No 210 tS *tr>?et north VJJJvi-m. near PeunsylTania avanne th* r?ai ? 1 tdenceol a party d-cliolng h>asekeeping, I -hall s< l the alx'\<'excellent and well kept tore. Terni? c?eh THOMAS liOWLIKG, Auctioneer. I HUB DOWLING, Aactlonear. 1 BUSTEE'S BALE OE VALCABLE PBOPERTT <>N M hPAKTON AND BEALL STREETS. IN GEORCkTOWN. By vlrtne of t?o d-eds cf trust, bearing date TSJ 'he 1st at d 3d dat s of Kebroar), IW4 and r> c<<ni?din Liber N C.T. No 26, at folloa lAi and 1 ?4 the abderFigmd will sell on HON PAY, tbe -i^thda) of May, A. P. 1871 in front of ths pre mi-e*, ' n Dnnbarton street, at 5 "'clock a m .the e-??t half parts of L t? No. 78 aud 87, iu Beall a ad dition ti Georgetown, tbe same f'onttng 'birn i So f< et on Pcnharton a'raet and extending l>a:k of U-Ht ? idth rorthwardl> one hun<lred and twenty f? ?, iuipro*?d with a comfortable dweMing h at '1 oth'T out buildings th- pr? mt?e- h-iog No. *42 Pui.hatf'ii street atid th^-otberpar elb'l"ga%-a can' ,of fronting Sll ftet on Ueali -treet aud having a d< ptb of I'JO 'eet lern-R of rale: One third cash ie?idue m two < iOal pa>ment? at six aL<l twelve nunth*. with ia 'i"? ^t to be an urtd b> dred ? >f trust deposit ? hen the property i^ struck < ft. which Is to be for fcited If ILe tt'inja a'e bot complied with ? ithin fo e Uavs after sale. All conve> ancibg and recording at purchaser's expense E8AU PICK BELL. 8n? * iTing Trustee. ap28 e< d | Cmr. I 1 HOH. I o\\ LING. Aoct. Pawnbroker s bale. By JAMES GUILP Aocti>ncw. On MONI'A Y. May 1. a'. 7 o'clock p m , I will sell at 1232 Pennsylvania avenoe, lot 11. K Kai toli,alIof tlsfortciud Pledges t < date, embracing a lart,e ht u v>laahte co'l-ctioti. Hi d co tiuie stio ? ale EVERY EVENING fullowine until all are d ipo,rd "f ??"fpoclal tales of Clothing Ma; 21 and 3 J,', t 10 o'clock a m Ladies are int ited. ap28 3.* TRCBTEEB' BALE AT AUCTION OK AN ELEGANT DWELl.ING ON I STREET bETWEEN VERMONT AVENLE AND 16TB BTBEET. By virtue of a deed of trust to oa, dated Mnrrh M. 1S74 aud r^cord?d iu Liber No 747. loliu 117, one of the land recorda of the District of Columbia, we will, on thursday, the 27th day of April, 1876, at & o clock p. m , io Iroot ?? the fin tuisrs.aell at public aortioa, L<>. So IS. in J . G. Serrrt'a sobdl>i?iun of original L >t No. 6. to S ,uar N<i H9, taid subdiviaic n being rtcorded 1j Liber H P C., folio 144 In the office of the fcurveyor of tbe Pistrlct of Columbia. This lot fronts on I street north, and rons back to a SO toot alley; ts iaproTed bv an tlegant three story Brick Pu?lung. (No. 1337 I sirjet njrth wfst,) with basement, attic aud ba:k building, aud has excellent furnace and range Tents: One third of the purchase money In cash, aud balacce in three e jual payments at C. 12 and IS montba from day cl sale, f >- which the iwtoi of tbe purchaser, bearing tn'e'est at the rato of 8 per cent, per annum, and seoured by a deed <>f trust oa tbe proi?tty. shall be gi^en. A deposit of E1M0 ? ill be required of tbe porcbaser at the tinoe of *a!e. All coltc) ancing at tbe expense of the purchaa?r. If the tern.* of sale are not complied ?1th withinom week from the day of sale, the trostees rew>t re the right to resell tbe property at tbe risk and co<t of i the defaulting purchaser, opoo giving 'ereo days' notloe In the National B*-publictn and Eveiing Btar. GEOBGE W RIGG8, lTr-???. ABTHUK EENPaLL. <Tr*4WM a?U [Bep ] DUNC ANSON BBOS . AocU. WTUI ABOVE BALE 18 POSTPONED until Tl EKPA Y. the 9th day o! May, A D 1876 Et the sane hotir any piece By order of GtOBCE W. BIGOS. I Trnt.^,, apI7 | Rep] ARTHUR rENDALL.? T'HOB. E WAGGAMAN, 1 Real Estate Auctioneer, *19 7th street. On MONPAY. Ma\ 1st. at i o'clock p. m , I 1 v> ill off" f, r sale, in front t the preuiines a two fctory Krame H use. No ltill ? h street, be tiers 0 and K stroet northwest. Lot 18 by 91. 1 eriii* day of sale. apM dHi THOS. E W AQ3AM AN, Aact. T HUMA3 DOWLING, Auctioneer. VALUABLE BCSINESS TBOPEBTT 05 TH* I*OBTH tlDE OK PENNSYLVANIA AVE Nl'E. BETWEEN 1 7 rH ANP 1??TH STREETS t- OBTU A EST, AT AUCTION AH 0t MONDAY. Ha. ?ih. 187?, at AHo'c'ock SS P ni , In front of tbe premises, I will aell tbat v-rv valuable borlfces! property on the north side i-f Pennsylvania av<?nnc, between 17th aid 18.h urtets northwest (No. 17 43 ), being Ljt No. 7, iu hatare 166. having a front of 30 leet b? a depth of 112 11 IS fret to a *16 12 f ot alley, and Improve 1 by a two story Brick Dwellitg knjwn as the Btar and Garter Rewtaarant. Ten,.- One tt ird cash; balance io I, 12 and IS moi tbi, notes bearing interes at 8 p*rc*nt per ai'iiiu, and secoinl by deed of trust qq tbe prop erty. A deposit of ? IU) ratlin*1 Et tim^ of sale. All conveyancing at tU; r%t 0f tne vurchaser. at26 d TH ?B. IHJWLING Anct T'BChtees' sale cr cnimpbov^p prop 1 ERTY ON BuUlII BIDE OP VIRGINIA AVENUE.NEaR T* ENTY K1RSTSTREET WEJ*T, AND ON WEST BIL E OE roOBTH BTRtET EAST, uKTWEEN A AND B 81'1'TH. Ma Br virtue of a<*ecr?eof the Supreme Court Voftte iuw ?: li Cifl4 4 C09, we wilier'I at a&ctioa, in front of the rrom:ses,on THCfiBDA Y. toe 4th day of tt*y,l8'?, at 6 o'clock p. m . w^Etht r petniitting, lots sii ;<i to eighteen (18.) both inclnsive, oor subdlvlsl >n of criarpal lot one.d lia sjoareeifhty three, (83,1 lo the cltv of Washington, P. 0., as recorded in book fcf tubdl visions B^L Hat page 18^. Virginia ave tfli 1> graded, knd tht curbstone set along rquareKS On k?lDA Y.nelt day, iu Irontof ths premises, at 6 o'clock p. m., W6a,ber pepmlttiog, lots in oor subdivision of the oast half of square aeven hundred and e'ghty < i^ht.(788.) in the cltr of Washington. P. C , ae recorded In bock of sobdivlsion R L H at page 184. The streets bordering tald part square 788 are completely Improved Tcrmaof sa'e: One f^nr h cash; balance in three equal iistallnienta. In fii. twelve and ligbtoen m^Lthsfr m the day of sale, witb interest; or the wbol" purchase mouey may bs pai l io cash within ter da> s after sale. A d-p.oslt of #26 on each lot will be rtqtiir*d at the time of sale. All onrey nnciog at pnrcha^rs' cost. Nodeedglvan onttl the all' In of the purchae* money is paid If the terms of sa eare n t cotcpMed w'lh withio tea dajsfr.m the day of sale, ?e Teeerv.< the ilgbt to reeelltbe pr -p><rfy at the H?k and ?oet? f thi d?.f iu!ti g por chaser, after flvt days' public notice in th- Kvenicg A plat of each subdivision will be exhibited at each pale. We will pay all taxrs atd assea-aanta that arc levlid due and parable. WM B.* I LANT Y H E 4 29 7th at. B.w , I T . M WIL.lAN.V07 Penna.ave n. w.. np?5 dAkS II. H WaRNEB. Aoctloa?er. rpUOMAB PUWLINO, Aoctloi CAT^LOU<^tTK SALE OK A VBBY L. ABIE AND VALUABLE COLLECTION OE B JORg, Among wfcb b ar? the Lll-rair of the late Ex Oirar nor Erancis Thomas.of Maryland. ?>ll by orAar of the Administrator;. Also, two ethir Private Libraries, containing many Bcaroe aail Valo able Books, ombracinf Early ijocal aad 8-ats Huteri of America. Illustrated Works, Biog rapby. Petn. Travel and General Literal are, to be soid at my Au-ti -n B WBt, southwest corner Pennsylvania Avenue aad 11th street. , Or MONDAY EVENING. May 1st. ISM, aad 'ol io* Ing Evenings, c mmauclng at 7K o cloak pre CIBCU ThI Blti cibb ap? tf TH0MA? DOWLWO, Auct. EVENING STAR "'MT April *N I'OITT IVUTH \rfr4mv, ?After our report closed . Black flowed Mou'.g -mierjr Blair !bi TfPYSZHlJ? l*??Pone the Belknap trial until I'^mbtr next Mr. Biack mm if the Senate will pat una trial off uutll the | rnaaa^ers((^t Uirough wiUi the trial, whicii *?? again* t im oiira be hind bla back. and uutlr there would be no further poliUca. ocoanioo for convicting Mr. i Belknap, wben Uitrt would be notb*r>r but I tbe (tdi of Justice to tie lutMervM. tbeu Un> ' Senate might pronounce a Judgment whteu would.dolt honor, iana would *ave b-tn pointing to Mr. Belknapi from great wr*og. Ex Senator Carpenter argued that the movement wa* simply to Cx political disa bilities on a private citizen of Iowa, and lo MMed on the proposed poatpouemeut of the Senator Edmunds moved that the Senate withdraw for consultation. The motion waa agreed to- yeas ?, nays 21. Before the Senate retire*!. M r. Hoar, one of the manager*, raIle>l lu attention to tbe rule of parliamentary law wblch restrict* tbe Senate in the discuaslou of what hat tak-n place in the Houae of Representatives. He dtalred to know whether that was a ml* governing the proce<Ming? on this trial, ao that the managers of the House might gov ern themselves acoordlngljr. H<? w?? led to allude to the subject from the fact that oae of the counsel had been permitted to state that a scene of disorder t?k pUce in the House on a certain occasion. He did not make any motion oa tb* subj^c'. but merely desired to call the atteutlon of the senate to it, in order that the manager* mlg'it under stand what their rights aud d w.s. the premise*. Vr. Csrpenier said that on the part of the <tef*iRlam counsel wished to be u^ard before that important |Ue?!!ou was tecul-d. The Senate then, at three o'cl??ck. retired for consultation, and retnrne I to tbe Ken ate chamber at half i<a*t four, when tbe pre siding offlcei announced that the motion o-i part of tbe defendant wm dei.led.and that the counsel on the part of the respondent would now be beard on thymol ion ?liemlHll by the managers, which is that the evidence on the question pendingt? the plea of Juris, diction lie given ttefore the arguments rela'- I ing thereto are heard, and that tf such p.??a ) Isoverruled,thedefen lant should l>e re<,uirel to answer the articles of Impeachment In j two daya. and that the tric4 shall procsrl on tbe next uay after Joining isnue. Mr. Blair. counsel for Mr. Belknap. rose to j rpetl the argument, but on motiou of Sena tor Anthony, the Neuate, Pitting a* a court of Impeachment, juijourued until to-morrow at half-past twelve. Tbe Senate then, on mot'on of Mr. Conk- I Hug, at 4 40. went Into executive session. aud after a short time the doors were reopened and Uie Senate aojourued. HOUSE?After our report closed ? The House went Into Committee of the Whole on tbe legislative and executive a im propriation bill, resuming Its consideration w here appropriation are male for survey- 1 cr? general and their clerks. All the items for surveyors generals were, ou motion of Mr. lUudail, struck out of the bill, on the suggestion that the commune ou public lands was Investigating thesub- i J ct, and that provisions com ? be male lor it In the civil appropriation bill. The llems for the Post Cffie? department brought up tbe question of fast malls, Mr. Foster charging that the committee was going back to the old stagecoach system, and Mr. Randall Insisting that the rectm- i mendatlona of tbe committee were fully ap proved by the Postmaster General, an l that the mail service was not to be in the slightest i degree diminished by tho economy lu ex- I pei dltnre provided In this bill. <>n motion of Mr. Caldwell, the salary of ; tbe Commissioner of Agr.culture was raised irom ?2,;no to ft; Oimi. On motion of Mr. additional paragraph was Inserted t-iakiug It the duty of the commissioner to collect agricultural statistics and to compile the sarne and to publish monthly a statement thereof. Mr- Whltehouse offered an amendment to sectiou 2 prohibiting any employe of trie government from giving toorrec- iving fron , any other person, directly or Indirectly, any money or thing of value for political pur poses. Adopted. Mr. Glover moved to Insert an additional sectiou prohibiting executive oillcers of the I government from employlug any clerlv, agent, engineer, draughtsmen, messenger, watchmen, laborer or other employe In any of tbe executive departments lu the city of Washington or elsewhere, except those" for whom specific appropriations are made lu tbe bill. Adopted Tbe committee Uien rose and reported the bill to the House Without aciibg on any of th> amen I n -t i the House men, at?>o'clock, aojourued. The State and the Consolidated Co i. Company?We learn from Auuapitliit iiiat Governor rarroll has Instructed Attor ney General liwlnn to take l<?al proceed ings before the proper court in Allegany count> against the Consolidated coal com p;tny to ascerialn whether It has been guilty of such abuse or misuse of its charter, lu charging rates for the transportation of coal over the Cumberland and Pennsylvania ra Iroad. or otherwise, as would make th^ foifeitu/e of Its charter proper. The suit is hi" tight In order that the court may be ea rn b eu to make such decree as may be neces sary in tbe premise* under the act of 1s<j?, cl apter 471. Mr. Gwlun will preptre the necessary papers, and proceedings will be commenced In tbe circuit court for A'tetany county at an early day? {Bal'. Son, Kah.road Suits Decided.?The case of the National Cnlon Bank of Maryland against tbe Parkersburg Branch Rallroa 1 Company, ^Baltimore and Oaio,) lu the lotted States District Court la Baltimore Wednesday,was decided In favor of the bauk. After the verdict was rendered the Jury was sworn In seven other case* against the com pany, In each of wblch there were verdicts for the plaintiff?the total amount in the eight cases aggregating about Sii5 000. Tuese several suits gr? w out of the transactions of Crawford, treasurer of the Parkerstmrg branch some years ago, who induced P. G Vaa Winkle, then president cf the road, wblle under the influence of liquor, to sign blank shares of stock, which were afterward filled up by Crawford and negotiated. Ctmbkrlani>CoalTrade.?Twen-y one boats laden with coal left Cumberland,' M i , Tuesday. The Phomlx and Franklin mines have resumed work, and will load about 120 cars each working day. For the week ended April 22 there were shipped from Cumber laud 30,201 tons 4 cwt. ot coal, of which I?,<21 tons 10 cwt. were by tbe Baltimore and Olilo railroad, 12,067 tons 17cwt. by theChesapeaka and Ohlocanal. and 714 tons 17 cwt. by tUe Cumberland and Pennsylvania railroad. ^ ? The Committee to Investigate Cii O'Conor.?The New York Bar association, on Cbas. O'Conor s request, has Invited a committee to Investigate recent allegations about his conduct in refereuce to fees bad la tbe Forrest divorce case. Tne committee are, ex-Uox. Dlx, chairman, Rev. War Adams, D D., Wilson G Hunt, Howard Potter, anl ex Judge Porier, wiJ* Dan'l L. Peabody,sec retary, The committee morning. ? JCDGMENT WITH Interest?In the New York supreme court the assignee ?l the M ar ket Savings hank has obtained judgmeuttor 998,40678 against ex-Prleet Van Name and oue Be me*, ex member of the legislature, for balance of an amount, with interest, of bauk fundi they, In conspiracy with Conk lln. secretary of the bank, (now deceased.! applied from the bank funds to cover mar gins on Stock in 18C9. * a. ?*'? ' i - Terrible Disaster at aTueater ?At the burning or the Theater dea Arts at Rouen, r ranee, on Tuesday night, four soldiers were killed and fifteen wounded wblle endeavor ing to save live*. Fifty persons were lnjared and taken to tbe hospital. Tae number of lives lost is not stated. Another Clerical Scandal Toe Rev. C. A. Keudrlck. paator of the True Baptist church, Columbus, Ga., has been arrested on the charge of seduction of a young girl, and is now held in tbe Jail of that eltjr to protect htm from being mobbed by tbe girl's friends. Keudrlck protests bis Innocence. Another Boy Murder.?Joseph E. Da vtccou, aged 14 years, was sbot aud killed Monday Lear Albany, Gen try county, Ma, by Frank Corley, aged 18 years. ?/"A break has occurred In tbe French At laniic cable two hundred miles from Brest. WA drought prevails throughout the 1 Islaud of Cuba. ?"Mr Louis Summer, of Jackaon county, Iowa, sola bis farm for le?a tban It w*a wortb, and made an end of tbe winter of his discontent with a clothes-line. fcrill luck once fastened to a manaeldotn lei* go, and then only to spit on lu bands Some meu always come across a smoker J act as be la lighting hla last cigar fcrMrs Mary Ann Wiseman, wife of Dr. John Wiseman, Logan City. Utah, while lu the act of rubbing her husband's shoulder, affected with rheumatism, tbe other day dropped at bis feet and expired in a few mln- , utes. j The Woman's Journal clalmi that women are equal In endurance to men, but until a woman ean work bard all day watch ing a game of base ball, and then sit up and play billiards till 2 o'clock In tbe moralng, there doeen't seem to be munb need of argu ing the point.?[ XorwicA Bulletxn. ClliWO FLOOft* WTTH OtAR0t?? Tl At e ?bork?n?. Mot If Hit then u>*7 | I bitf monoruwn than wo 60. for it la .a Jamaica that they mtkf ?tii?tef kraaa? | , oforaage* ar d jou mar bo ai;r* it U ln?, I Kca-iK Mr Qo>aa aaw U>emdo it Tn* floor wa? ?he.i wo.?t a i l t : it* tM family wit out of i?J two or lb re* eotoni 1 i servant* kcrubbrd oror tfco whole of n with I rout orucN, tut la balm Wb?u uk j??? was rubtxvi oat at an* pi coo IbfT wool 1 Lake i ar othor. ao<t an they "ae I rp a bit t rayful at Itbtm A poliab vaa put oa hp fwbbi ug w-i t it oocoar.nt huak.and the floor look Ml ai If U I |hH bw w?i*d - ' Mi I Hk MM1 look liko a dopravel yonai | man he bad mow tb? appoarance of oao at taoar loMtlablr you tbe mi invtrttWy p??| u.e kc^perx of cheap haab houaaa a tali afcill i.? ? '*?? . uMiooiiNa a mMttkUl aa they'pas* by We greeted htm onrdtaltp I aa we ateppea forward with our caoh la-ai [ vance emtio U* learn bla waota. hut whaa he mildtv aaked "BtMl ><>a want a oorrea l por<t?it to go aown to tt>e ceotc^iala^ad proiieLluaBacBUfilMHI _ m ? rw ill*- * T-tl properly represent your loffoeattal wejoet aaid ? Pteoae mnore jroar hat till we gnre upon that DOhle brow " Then wo grat h?t out our braiHttog iron and unraoorod him la.d.? fV'i* Krrt /Vm A l> n.roN won an has an apparatua coa ? B?cted wlUi tbe clock, which, toy pulling a etrtcg thai rest* under ber pillow, d^oot^a the exact time when her huabaod rrawta Into bed, thus doing away with alt pieaiblll ty of hie palming off :i o'clock for ft 45. aad at the name time earea her the trooble of g.M ttng up tn h. r night abirt to rooaalt a ttaao piece. R-.t atill ttiere'a a ahate of aorrow left oa her brow that will nevar be ItfUrt until another improvement la atdod tbai will tell Olnre he s t?*en ! r*ltnn Time*. Moral: I.kt Otmfr Mir<> Wiri4 A i 0*1 In Filial. iph a yc-ierday morning Jo>e| h llarrar. formerly a nolicetnan. ahot and mortally wound?>l ex.Lieut, of P.tilo* William K. Iie*? lo?? a m-nivrof there acrve poll rot, at tna b>ar .lug h>u*e <?| um lattor. lU-ca, it la said asi.ut?d Harrar "a wife wheu ?>!.?? was' d<'-fried, at Miuea. <iy Harrar *'<d this excitAt the jealousy of Uia latter. Harrar la now In cu?U dy. a^Thr Atlanta Ha > Convtttutl'xi. apeak Inn of tlic democratic nomination. ?ay? ??l"nd?T no CircunrntNiiooa. we hope, will the name of any Mtulbern man. for patent rea M>n?, bo pre?eii>t for t ie Vice Vreatdency The nomination of a southern man would In sure the defeat, we tear, of the ticket." %r . n Atioxa. Miun., recently, a >n year old girl waa OT.-rheard telling her piavnia.e tl at ahe had attended a church aociable, tbe ??Tenlrg before. an<t that a llttla hoy xuaed her while tliey were engaged In a play, bat the said "That's no harm, 'cause It w*? oat pteacber'a boy. you know.'' hvTiius ta'.ka an old farmer ahotit Ufa boys Krom 1?> to .V) they know more than I did; at they knew a? much at M they were willing 10 h<*ar what 1 ha-1 to aay at 3r> tliey Hsk* d my advice, aud 1 think whea they get to l>e ???th? y will ackuowlodge thai the OiJ man loea know fco n- tulng. ? !???? BHOU N-8COTT. Oa th- 27'li ot a?iii, l?T M It. E>-i,<t*('hiirth l'i Kn l)i Dwau! Mr '???. Hko - n and Mi?? Cox a O lit. t th o'. <biut tun VHaltLlOB-LOCKK On ?>?l?thof Marek.UTC, ry tb? KfT. John P. 1 on. Ii?r, m P Oln liri.irf Rronkiyn. N V . to U ?? SAi ? A L Kt .jt W P C | PidiadeipUla i>a? n p'.^aa* . I DIUI ABUAHIM On Aril ih u at . Levi A i * a h? ilir ? ib >ear"t bl 1 b<* tuurrai mill tak? plar* on au< dar a't?rno ?a. In niil.* Allau *lr??t Vruaa rua, Me? Vorkoltf. belatl' *? ar a frh-ot* <>f ih? t?milr at.- tnvitaj to at te d IN I Herald aud M1 i.treat .Oauada'Oa tett# pteax rcpt | k' ti&lTUEU On Tbrr?dar Ayril ST 1974, at M M r ni . Mln ET ut G* TI!?B K><latite? antf trl< i>da 4 tb? taaul* are lertted ?? a't'bd her fnn?-ral from ber late re?id?-nee N> ?oa K ^tieet oortbwaat. "b Batuidar. tba Wtb laat. a* ? 9 m GAYtk Ob Tt.nrt.1aT. A?rll *T, IST? at W o rio< k a it MtiK Oa\rx, tb?-balo.*d wl?a of B 'txrt C Oaier.a i wire el Ouimii* tai d. axed 38 ???'?. I month and t daja 1 he tucaral a ill take ?!?'* !??? ber lata raw deuce, bo 4 .'?<) Bid|e arraet hetw>?i M aad fe aad 4:h a d Hi* n Hobday. Ap-ll *nh at ?: .. .-?.*k a. m f > - n<t? aud relatli ca of ibr taailr are re*^?vt1allr in* itcd KN'<;ilT On Frllar. A?ri| S^, ir?,tka Ra? La> iviTf? Km ht. l? t? aMistaat Dilulner oi h Jchn'a Parltb, Wmlmtt. i. D 0., ai*d .*4 year* zlott?.a of luaerai t? morrow. K. UNDERTAKERS. F. II A K \ KT, ? 3 4 r IIBIIT. I ntfrrtakrr. W.M. IIVtkLTT w:ri k P MtkVBY. aartm W. BAR k t K. Cabinet Maker and I ndrrtaker, 6U lira Stkekt Nhth?x~v octl If INSURANCE. Juli? T AbMa P. W hATUUaa AJIHB 41 KE11H4I, UEytKAL lXSVHASrt AithMTb AUD MEOKMtM. Li PXOIT BrtLtttaa, ewrnar of P and ?tb atraatx IP^rKAMCB -f KVBKT PBW'KIPTIOB WBIT DtarB tr TIN OB TUB BKhT TBBM8 Removal 1 be office of tba LTOOMIBO PIBB IHBDB AMOB OOMPABV bai been rnacved to Bo-? Ba. SO LfDr :: Hu:ldir.?. corner of ? aad Stb atraaW. Tbia stanbeb old company baa been in operattoa far tbuty tl\e yaar* b"t a-~ti. flMH^a api tr J m'siiU BaBB. Aaaat. THE TRADES. A LEXAbOEB BALL, WILLIAM BALL, /a t Lmi* tr>:k O. W.Barka.t HALL * CO.. Marntactnrara at d Uealera lu Ponra. Baak aad bilnda. Oiaaa. Hardware and all Ba'.idlng Material. MasaarbuMta a\at.tie, tx-twaaa (ik aad 7th ?treet? L>rtb?c(t. aeU ?^od< Bl per east chiaaar tLaii ?li otbar bons< r*li and etamlae fy (TTITTTT JAMBS F. BKIKR PL I'Mb Eh AMD OAS HT7KR. aiar?7 tr an tTx BT WuBTHWE^T ^ W N I R ? B . JOHN O HOOAll Til Wi'?i fieaea. Manofactnrer of a bealy Patentad Spring Boiler ana N entlla*ti ( Awuiux fur Storaa. Motala. Pablta Br.lldluga aDG l rlrata Pwallinga. Plag* and Taata for aaleor ract B >Ie Sfent for tba oaly gaaalaa Mildtv Proof AvLibg Material. aeptt tr PIANOS, tc. i ' hZ ? T BAbOMKS IK riANUS VJ V U1CM bA\ B KIEV t BSD One 7 Ortr P. M Sulid Piano. I ' T -OctT H allet A l>x? la I " t Oct* Gilbert 1 " ?-*?-!* It. Jfcl V- II nH| I J " ? Ocu bo.ub Wriau . .... " 4S 0 -tT Mason I Hamllb * Orran brier*! Plaaoa atd organ* f. m $W to 9Vi, a I vitj t*i) nonibly installments, at the warerjixua of W O MET/Bk TT A CO., bole Agaats of Stelti?ay '* Piano* and ap?^ 81 A Hamlni'a Cabinet Orsan* I'ttk MIMM1BU BILL* OoLlbBl fiABU Tbe nr.alia*t and tbe cbea?* ^ v uraae. (2. L WILD 4 o BO , Bole Agenta. T S3 7tk atraat. bet? ?? k Q and H atreata nortbweat. Ill If 1 Inatroaaana TIBBD aad BM FAlbEr feb? tr HALwBT DAT1S I COf OBABO. SgCkil and CPBIOHT P1ABOS for aala xii^^, monthly ln*flnnta Celebrated for an ??? rtt) oed aaeetbeae of t?a* Saa Agent. SI inTxTl tub atreet nortbwaat da^4 WM' PI A BOS. (.road, ^ ^ Tbe farorita MeOaamo* Pianoa; BT abrated Organs, new atyle. Alao. a meat? ibort t lioaa I to. at aaaortnient of Pianoa which bar* taenTS^^Ito uae a abort Una. for aala aad rant at raryniln jr Apii lor BA9 ywwrwn mumm rmw?

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