Newspaper of Evening Star, April 28, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 28, 1876 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. WW April 2ft, 1)171. Weather Probabilities To-day, Cryjcm or Oht*t stowai. Owe** ? . Apm ?>, iw?. \ For middle and east Atlantic coasts, fail ing tarometer. warmer, moist southeast to ?oaths-est wind* possibly increasing to brisk ?r hign, Increasing clomllness, followed by 1MB. LOCAL NEWS. _ *?., T*-al(feL M&KtUntU TKtrtirr Fair lamb'* Amateur SP" company la "Valere, or Treasured 3v?keps." (.tmiupi*.? Kirst-cla^s ^'varieties " ,or ,M ?' ?*"" ""ot? ? .?. Wa?klB(ion l>rl\tn- Parte -U.M, Hb, and 5th. Tir**:? for ?a!e at ?ffie-of the National Hotel. of the Imperial Hot#1). N?;W9 Star.d *t Wtliaro * Hotel. ?llhe N>w York A venae Hotel. Office of th# st. Marc. *?"*? Depot, cortnwfst corner of ?'n at i > street*. Condensed l.oo?u xce street lamp* will be lighted at !? p. ?rf p*tingn kbfil at : is a. rn. ..? *male grammar school of the third ?istrict win tiv?? a Centennial entertain ?vening ,K,il ball, navy yard, tbia Dickinson Council. No. 2. Templars of tfonor and Temp? ranee. ban elects 1 th? fol lowing c nicer*: E. D. ha,ton. C. of C J F P*.*.!'.'Sif C ;J- W V ?n Vleck. J.'ofCn -J? k v'?w?'l: r??'>.rJ,er J- D- Mun i, tre?? 5Tnrr t p n!?.' M of ''- Jnbn Batt, D. M of CT P. cbap.aio. D. V. Yoanc protector: J. H. Oofdwin. watrb. 9 At the Han m?>nd and Bent'ey meetings at Ibartea Uttet M. t Cburcb in Bsltl. F?? J?*1**1'*. Tho* Pendol and J. Wo..e. of thisclfy, ma<te addresses, which y...i*w to "2 bwn vefy affecting and ??? *? ??M- Th** meetings wjii t>e held at Maryland Institute next weefc, com mencing tin Sunday afternoon. District t.ovrrnnirni AAtlra. PAY1RO OfF. ibe Dlitrlct Commissioners, for the pur re?f bringing money in circulation prior tbe last day on which taxes can be paid, nave caused all the officers and employes inrder toe District government to be paid. Tl>e police force and Are department em 10 ***' and t'ie school leacfierft will be paid to-morrow. jt the kinks and cohts collected by the marshal of the Police Court ,^q.?ari?r end,nS March 31. and paid TTZ .? of the Metrlct. was DarlPt the same period the aala ?Fc;r*n(t employes of this court mnuwM . ? ? *be marshal's fees of Po,,ce Court building ?300. other expenses, stanonery. fuel, Ac balance In the treasury of uL ?*?*,??[ g J.w"*rae penlod last year itot S 4trr;rOVrr,? Ul* trf>aaurer of ?l 032 7*. e " lucr?aaae this year, ? ? Th* Horss debated the i<u?tionof taxa tion In the District, yesterday, and the jpolnt at taane was In reganl to the taxation ?r "personal ' property. Tne majority re CSlnV if.? of a large majority of idlng clti/.ens here. Imposed tbe tax> s on imi estate and business in the shape of li ?Bosea nut the House was afraid of lhe dem. ?^yJJf "faTorlc8 ?'? rich." and minority report, which Includes P">P?rt-T; And so the attempt Will Si flit ? ?fak<f prop^ty pay a double Am, on tn? ieal esute. and secon.i, on lb? bonds and mortgages placed on such real tJJ*.4?' Jff:* i* l? ottier citles- probably two Ihlrda of this kind of property will rever be reached. People who have It feH so sure of ibe injustice of the attempt to collect a tax ?J! lhe same piece of property that wKJ?1.1.1 wr'?'* out of it. in many cases JJST"'1,a ?efficientobject.they will have ii!^ . J**W.enc? ?<??>- thf line m Vir ? ? a.r,Ht?UlIWO Affrat and a Pl*a or -Sii.. E ?L*"t night about eleve i oclock the report of two pistol >bots in P"~i?n "??drink,ni{ saloon of >ne w.er8#>y avenue, near the Uai limor? and ? ?hlo railroad depot, caused a erowd to assemble, when a man was dis coTered laying oo tbe sidewalk in front of g<L??"?*,.ri00d? running from two wounds Jn bis nwk officer Byrne at on-e removed rim to the seventh precinct station-house. Where he was recognized as John Swaggart. lZ<?ZT.nm?D **?" cal ed in ar>d succeeded. aTU-r considerable time, in extracting both ?aha f*erKeant Clements started out In ?wen of tbe murd. roua assailant under M Nwaggart was too much in toxicated to srive any information as to who iL. r. l. officer soon afterwards too a the riS,?. u-^prletor of the bar room, named w , abst. into custody, and he ac lhe att*c*- claiming ;t | ?yrna In aeir^lefence, as ne nai bee.i assaulted ^*aggart. Dr. Mernman stated I mat the wounds were not serious, aud .Swtur- 1 (art was removed to his home, No. Ba d pJ?*. u,e,, wa" a ^mith A Wtason. PabsMvas locked up for a hearing, j wS?!AT5rJ^P*mA ~A v*fy large and fa-ti tocabie ardience assembled last evening to effort of the Kairiamb Oj^ra Company, and seemed to thoroughly enj iy the One presentation of tbe'Bohemian Girl " The ore bestra and ctloru, were esp.-cially 1^* young voices and facti M weT? a Phasing contrast u> those i Professionals usually heard aud **^? at ftperaiic performances. The ballet m^nrU'v? ?*' ^u? performance were ??Sb P?1 Mrs. !? airlamb made a verv ?eceptable "Arllne," and Miss Kanffnan^ ??Gip^y maeen ' w. receivS w!Sf ravormbi? lmpres. ion was Sf*1? flD? *?or voice of Mr. Herndon morsel!, who gave a pleasing rendition of *be More of '?Tnaddeus.Mr. W S K^u ln-^dlfflc"lt roIe of "Devllshoof" showed ? food eonception or the part, and his acting ?aaimeritorious. Prof. Hay was capital as rioresUen. The other roles w*re well scs 'Valerie, or Treasured Tokens, will be presented. ? _ Th* mcompoRATORS of tbe tieorg^towa madl Tenaiiytown railroad, lately charter**! toy Congress met at Lang s Hotel, George sown, yesterday, and organized bv electing Charles Becker president and A. P. fardnn i ?eeretary. This road Is to ruu from Brid -e ' atreet, Georgetown. a:ong High street and I 4he turnpike road to Tenallyt< wn. The rou:e is through a very picturesque and rap. Wly improving portion of the District, ai d will furnNh a favorite route for excursion. i?U and pic nic parties, as well as a gr<?'-* ' ^reek. The incorporators are enter Pletle fhTr^id ^ W1U' "? J?Uht 14000 PO!t'* ' Th*Colo*?i> National Hipi bi.ica* * Vp* last night appointetl a committee cd Ore to wait on the I nl?n Congressional es erutlve campaign committee and prea?nt to them the preamble and resolution a lopted I toy them in regard to their proposed action in the coming campaign. This club is rep. lesented by delegates from tUirty-four states and territories. The committee named m as follows Messrs. I?emontl.of New York. J. H. Bntler. of Missouri, J.?hu Kaj >y. of New Jersey. Ward Josephs, of Maine, aid M. E. Jlawiey, of Ma Georg* W 8*ith. a well known ?olored cltlzeD, died at 175.' L street yester- 1 slay, and bis funeral will iase place from St. r-.K street, oo Sunday. ! at o elock. The dec^aaeil was a member of the i oung Men s Social A?*em>>ly. He was Jpreman of the book and ladder company Mayor Bowen. was once a member of tbe Board of Fire Commissioners, and sub- : eetjuent.y a trustee of the oolored public * 10^? time be was a messen- I trerin the Attorney Generals offlce, but since f ftf t4-m? of hla Jeat)l (>as seen aa employe in the Treasury department. | WOIJRTHIWO I*PO?TA!?T TO PllKXTi AMD GfARDIA!s??The only bovs and ^iii ^ Dutrict wnwe you can bring your boys and have them ittttl out with clotlung and furnishing g,s>js without any trouble or bother. No Shop worn or soiled gocds. Every garment this aeasoc's production. We onlyotTer the most ?wi^ct styles, and those we can coin lentlv weommerid. B. Rob.uson A Co.. the Boys' Vr w.Tf" ^?aeylvaala aveuue next to ' >i. Wlllian s. - v<</if. ,t.-'^_r.:*I>KK:TA?D Ibat Mr B. H. Warner, Mlate broker, has aadtnat 7 w,ur<5 10 bl" business. time h^n rlf .MK^ WU? for a loa* lrg in ibe War^n.^I^L . ?ure*u o{ ^rlnt of Lbat dL, ardepartment, has taaen charge taneTwltb vfTi* lOU? bu#taess acqaain Vst7d^erv.e',r ?5 '*r*" That collections wiilT. '?? and returns pnmi BrUItIKO I'KRMirs Issue. 1 l,v I Plowman John H uewis two frame dwellings on the ea-t suieof li^lilrv ?treet, between ll'lh and l.Un su. norini>f?t7 ?'f**- R. E-Sinclair, a iw^w^' the west stdeof ivtn street. b*> ween Coifne? limt avecne ai.u J?ui si.j ?j <i. I he !????* A*j|Dm IitmIImIIM. TH1 TE8TIM0NT TO-DAY. The Committee on Expenditure! In the Interior I epartment returned their Investi gation of Uie a train of tbe U. 8. lnfane asylum to-day at 11 o'clock: . ?ia m w DB" ** CHASE testified that he ?m an assistant physician at the asylum; graduated id 1869; has been ISTJL'JL.. *!S y'ar" and a faalf. He corrob U5? evidence given by Dr*. Ham - JE??*11. yesterday. In addition he ??the of Mrs. Taylor treatment of her brother, ?^9"",P^bHe, that Mrs Taylor com Dr-Nichols Of bis treatment, and of his bed, and the nnfitne** of the room, and y ?r.Pe v?nUlatlon of the rmm. toe condition of tbe patient might have been misrepresented, and on her statement he wan pnt with another claws of patients. and in another ward. '*'r- Mutcbier:? Made an examnatlon oi the mental condition of the patient, white, when he entered the asylum. He was represented to be violent. Permitted him to associate with other patients about the corridors during tbe day. There was no chair in his room. Jt wonld be dangerous to have a chair In the ward His bed was perfectly clean. Mrs. Taylor's description of the bed is not correct. After Mrs. Taylor's representations that that he was not violent placed the patient in other quarters, and with a class of refrac'ory patient?. The board of visitors visit tee asylum the first Tu> sdav of every month. They arrive tiere oneo'clocf and remain tbe-eduring the afternoon. Tney go through each ward at every visit, though the witness could not say they looked into epch room. Tae pa tients are drawn up in line in the corridors. The i!r?>r? of all tne b> 1 rooms arc op*n. Never knew of patient.? standing up inline tor hours waiting for the board of visitors. Mr. Vcorbeea. on the part of Or. Nichols, then est nded an invitation to the commit tee to visit tbe asylum at auy tlm? aud in spect it thoroughly. DR. r * TOJfFR to'tififd ths' Mrs. Taylor ca>led upon him. as she testified to. and spoke of what she heard, and asked tbat some Investigation bo that she thought that some of the at ter dents there whipped the patients. Wit ness was one of the board of visitors. She felt It her duty to report the facts toblm. He said to her. "You have done right in re porting this," and in another part of their conversation he said to her that her state ments could not be relied she hai already broken cue promise. 8te said th'.t ? he might be violating confidence in speak ing to him about the matter, bat that st-e bad not promised Dr. Morrell that she would not speak of the whipping. Witness asked her to make affidavit to the facts, but she declined to do so She did not seem to be able to judpe between a fact an 1 the crea tions ot her own imagination. Mr Voorheee said he would recall Dr Toner at another time, and examine him in rela tion to the duties of the board of visitors aad the general management of the asylum. i>r morrell was recalled, and testified that Mr(. Taylor said to him "Being as yon satisfy me that such did not occur, I will say nothing more about It." ?V"Pr?. ?** no arrangement that the thing should be covered up or kept concealed. ? ^ *ICH0I-s was Recalled, atd testified that the patient, White, had bten given other quarters at tbe request of Mrs. Taylor; but be was not snch a patient as could be trusted; at her request he was allowtd the liberty of the grounds. Told her that he didn't think that the patient was able to ke>ep his won!. Soon after that, after be had promised that he would not leave, be walked away; do not think that Mrs. Tayior was able to judge between imagination and facts, never sat under a tree as she stated have never sat under a tree there since he has been there. Have no doubt but that Mrs. Taylor thought so when she said so. A lf.tter w as read from the Soldier s Home at Nor folk, \ a., dated March 3,1875, setting forth that the witness, George M. l>ow, Is lncorri Rihle. and had exhausted the clemency of the governor of that home, and that he wa? discharged from there. Mr. Voorbees said this closed the evidence In the case of White, and then called wit nesses in relation to THE CASE Of f.ES. LOOM IS. /?'?- Morrill was recalled and tesilfled that Dow was frequently under the Influence of liquor and was discharged. He had been employed as an attendant. Dow expressed regret over his conduct for giving away to his appetite, and for being turned away from there. He stated that his habit of drinking was the cause of his losing sev eral places. Dr Nichols was recalled and testified that fn l^d' he visited the Soldiers' Home at Mil waukee, and was told that General Loomls, who was there, was in a very bad condition and was insane. In the following moatb he was trought to the Insane Asylum here. There were many sores upon bis skin, and his condition was very emaciatel. There were only two persons who took an interest Hi him. Learned that he had been ?. very gal ant soldier. Wrote to a relative in Mich igan that he would not livelong. He soon began to run down and died September 4. having been in the asylum two months and o.e day. Had the idea that bis remains would be sent west. SeDt atter Mr. Barker ar>d had them embalmed. He received the most careful and kind attention, and had no vermin on him. He was put in Beech ward; a short time tie was in Wnite Ash ward. His age was about fifty. General Loom's raised what was known as Loom is battery and did good service during the late war. Saw him ?juite often, two or three times a week. It is the duty of his assistant physicians to report all cases to him. Have dally consultations with his assistant physicians and thu-> know of the. condition of the pa tients. Loomls may have rolled ofl bis mat tress on the floor. There is no way to pre vent it except to tie the patients, in such cases they place two mattresses on the floor, so that if patients roll from one they will roll on another. Do not think that there was any bare bones, or that he wore the flesh off bis bones by rolling on the floor; am confident that be was not entirely nude at any time. Such patients frequently tear their clothing off. Think that Dow was one of the attendants upon the ward in which he was in. Think that General O. O. Howard took a special interest in him. Had be asked to see him he would not be refused. General Howard was at that time one of the board JJL. ?al<1 personal attention to bis h!' .A. 1 K,ere u a P?rtlcleof truth toe^tatement of Dow that the special diet ordered was not furnished him. Dr. Nichols was cross-examined at some length, and contradicted all the important points in Dow's evidence. Dr. Morrell was again recalled and corrob orated Dr. Nichols, as did also Patrick Rea gan. an attendant. Keagan further testified that be had been employed at the asylum since i*T2. Did not know Gen Howard, but heard that lie called to see Gen. Loomls. Tae sores on Gen. Loomis' hack were not caused by rolling on tbe floor. Dr. Morrell (recalled) testified that Gen Loomis was moved from Beech to White Ash ward, so that he would be more conve nient. and so 'hat they could give him more attention. L. H Bi'imon testified that fej was a Ullor at ti e insane Asyjum; nave ueen tliere Tor nine years: am employed by tbe government to mend and Issue clothing; have hoarded lu Beech ward for seven years; the food was very good, and the attendants kind. Have witnessed acts of cruelty on part of atteud ants. but they were discharged In every in stance. Remember of seeing Gen. Loomls don't know of any lack of attention or care towards him. There were two mat trasses in bis room. His shoulder-blales did not protrude through the skla, though there were large sores about his shoulders. Dow was an lntendant in I'.eecb ward. I>o not think that Dow ever -aw Gen. Loomis before he came in Beech wait). Tbe room that witness occupies was four doors from that In which Gen. Loomls deceived <4o per month as a ta'.lor. l.y Mr. Aadersoti ?Have now and then seen tainted meat there. Do not eat with the patieats now. though did so for a lose time. Clothing that comes in for repair is always w ashed before it is sent to him. He has never seen any vermin there. Have never known of any patients to injure each other. He never saw any vermin in the in stitution. The committee then adjourned until to morrow morning. Marriage licenses have been issued to Cbaa. G. Waters and Harriet Dobson. Fran cis Williams and Martha Ann Carter; Rob ert Wheeler and Sarah F.lliabeth Hall George M. Fyle, of Prince George county! Md. and Eliza A. Dorsey, Frederick couuty Md.. Major Howard and Alice Bjyd. FIS* MARKET TO-DAT?Sold by R. a Sold to 6 Brother, fish agents-s.oio shad for fl.?#is per hundred; 30,000 herrings, for S12M13 per thousand. 'wt*?*?t.-H. D. Cooke. Jr., A Co P*y highest price? for M *y interest coupons 8ee advertisement elsewhere. ; , Conrad Brand, aged 34. a orpen wor* oa the roof of a house in Haiti more yesterday afternoou, slipped a*id and waif1*filed a distance of forty feet, of Maas?chu*etta, ha* yetted the bill to legalite tbe marriage or James Parton, on tne ground that the act is not within the constitutional power of the legislature. ?STForty persons have been killed and wounded and five hundred prisoners taken in Barbadoes. Rioting Is suspended, but the losltion Is threatening. A circular offering employment to youiig girls at tbe Centennial is denounced pk i f .^omen's Christian Association of Philadelphia as a ???||? scheme to entrap the U>Loeent into ruin." " COVKTS. CBIVI9AL COCRT?fudge Alar Arthur. "Yesterday. Edward Simmons plead guilty to larceviy and was sentenced to twenty days Id jail. Michael Campbell, larceny of a t<ubk; not guilty. To-day, Lemuel Makel, charged with rape 011 Mary E.Btowe. jury out. Wm. H. Baium, fal?e preterses, pleaded guilty, and the sen tence was suspended, and defeodant dls cba;ged on giving bia personal recogni zance. James Thompson, alias Frank C. Howard, alias Black Jim, assault on Birdie Johnson, (appeal ) guilty; four months in jail. George Johnson, larceny of harness; guilty; two years In penitentiary. rOLIC* COUBTWudO* ?*S0. To-day, Charles Buzzard forfeited collat eral. Charles Juenemann, selling liquor without Ucec^e; *150. Appeal taken. Henry Bmlth forfeited collateral. John Murphy, do. Lewis Ely. trespass on street parking; *5. Joseph Magruder forfeited collateral. Andrew Glbaon, do. Cornelius Maditla, charged with an Indecent assault on Robert C. Head. This occurred in an auction store corner of I' and loth streets. After witnesses for the prosecution had been heard, the further bearing was continued. 8i<;*8 of the Com 1 so Change Famis*. There is a continual complaint of the scar city of fractional currency, and inach Incon venience is experienced at some of the banks in the transaction of business. At>out s?y0,000 of new coin have been distributed from the Treasury, vet scarcely any or It is seen at the fen ies or on the street cars, aud the in ference is that most of the new Issue is eitner hoarded or kept In reserve as curiosities The coin now commands a premium, aud bullion dealers will not part with it for less than three or four per cent. ? [.V. >'? Cor. PhiUi. Lt<iy*r. A Heavy Contract Lost ?How thecnal trade of this region is bein<r ruined by the action of the Com oil dated Coal Company is ainrmir gly exempl tled by an occurrence on Wedne-dav. The Hamburg steamship com-4 pany, which has always heretofore obtained Its supply of coal from this re^ioD, on Wed nesday contracted with a company in the Clearfield region for the delivery of fifty thou-and tons of bituminous coal. The Clear field company was enabled, by reason of lower freights, Ac., to deliver coal at the seaboard sixty cents per ton cheaper than the companies In this region, and of course obtained the contract.?[Cumberland Timts. stahvir', Indians?A dispatch received at Chicago by Uen. Sheridan from General < rook says tbe Indians at Red Cloud agency are on the verge of starvation, owing to neglect in forwarding supplies; that uuless immediate steps are taken to supply them they will all leave the reservation, and that fears are entertained, considering their pres ent temper, that they will make a raid on the whites. The new raii.road between. Philadel phia and New York was formally opened yesterday, and an excursion train carrying a number of prominent Pbliadelphlans left the former place for New York. The dis tance by this road between the two cities is 88 4 l(t miles; the track Is double, and or steel rails. 60 pounds to the yard, aud is ballasted with stone. Cheap Fare* to thb Centennial Wanti p ? At the meeting of United States centennial commissioners at Philadelphia yesterday a committee was appointed to confer with the directors of all the railroads of the I'nited States and to request a reduc tion of the rates of fare. Charged with Poisoning her Hcs hand.?Mrs. A. M. Holderi ess. otherwise known as Madame Lamonte, a fortune tel ler. was committed to jail In Boston yester day on tbe charge of poisoning her husband, who died suddenly last Tr.esday. ?yThe testimony before tlieCalifornla leg islative committee indicates that Chinese vices obtain impunity In San Francisco by stated contributions to police officials. ?y Catharine Dugan, a tramp from Easton, Pa., was run over by a train from New York on Wednesday near Edgewater, N. J., and killed. At Peoria, 111., on Wednesday, John Gobel shot John Lockwood. literally blow irg his head off. Lockwood had beaten oo* bei's wife. e^The Pennsylvania legislature has passed a bill punishing the us^; of unlawful means by trade-unions and other labor mo nopolists to prevent mechanics and others from taking apprentices. K^The court-house at Shoals, Morton county, Ind.,was burned yesterday. The re cords were nearly all saved. L<>ss *??>0,000. It is supposed the fire was the work of an in cet-diary. BjrA youth of Lafayette, Ark., recently undertook to frighten a doctor by the name of Westbrook by presenting a plug of twist tobacco at his head. The doctor thinking that it was a pistol drew his revolver and shot tbe boy dead. 17*At the national board or fire under writers' annual meeting in New York, the committee on incendiarism and arson re jorted that 35 per cent, or the fires in l?75 were iDcendlary, and that 55 per cent, of the total losses by fires was due to the same cause. Have voir umbrellas and PARA SOLS COVERED AND RKPMRKI), at| WM ROGER*' ap21 iw* 433 llth St.. above Penca n\e. jjjjlXXEfcOTA FLOUR. \\ ashbcrn Mill s, Minnesota FLOUR, not equalled < r ricIN by an? id tbe counti y. It 11 onr inten tion to keep h *m pp'y of tbn celebrated Flour al w?ys iDbai.d All we a?k l? a trial to satisfy the most apZ7 tr t>0? Pennsylvania avenus. [aTv.1 a UABLiI.S M CABINET ORGANS. THR BEST. Large assortment, of all styles, from |U. to ?au0 Upon easy terms. At tbe W'areroosoH of METZEROTT A CO, ap26 1 w Pennsylvania avenue, near 9tb street, |JL'TT EBTaN iTEG OsT Fresh receipts daily, by express, of choice dairy Bt 7TEU, In Pails and Tuhs, sniuri for the finest trade,(free of gar'ic;) fresh Winch^.*Jf' 1#. K llii 1 K" ? JOMMIS8K1N MERCHANT, ap26 3t* Corner 10tb andC streets. riim MOTH oIBSTIOH.?Tbe WASHING 1 TON CLEANS1BQ OOMPABY snarantee t< thoroughly clean and purify KOKNItURB. OAR i'BTS. or any kind of goods infested with Moths, Chinches, or soiled with (rease or ink, by a new patent chetnicai prccees. without ripping or shrink ing. or in any war affecting the work, color or ma terlal. Office. 14 14 Pa are. apM-Sm | AiHS: laths: laths Schooner Jennie N. Huddeil is now unloading one Diiilion and a quarter of PRIME SPBUJB LAT11B, at Evans' wharf. L. WM.GDINAND. aplA 6t 633 Louisiana avenue. SI Mill JJOZLH BOTTLES / T1 GROUNDS rOB INVESTIGATION' LET CONGRESS SEE TO IT! CISCINXA T1 LAGER BEER, ?1 PER DO/. EN. This superior Beer, in stone jugs, delivered at abov e price. Just received? LONDON STOUT and PORTER, iocn<;ers sparkling ale. B??S KHOL18U ALt. 1922 tr TINE GB0CER1ES 191* Penua. av. UB CHEAPEST SHOES IN THE ClTT FOB bALE THIS WEEK at J. W. SKLBY'S, 6-) pairs Child's. 6 to 10. 31. 8l) " Women's, 3 to 7, f 115 and up. 4- " Men's Congress, Bi tt and up. \\ omen a Fused. ftl IS aad Blfci upwards ?? Buskins, flu and 76c. ? Slippers, 75. S7 snd Bl " Newport*, 31 to ana #150. Button. 51 60, S1 *76 and up. With a full stock ePBlNG CLOTHING. aplS tr 1914 and 191ft Pa. av.,bet. lath * Mthsts. j^YEKYBODY SHOULD KNOW That two or three ?wallows of Prof. COOK'S BALM OF LIFE will stop "bad feehni" after meals. Bo Injury or debility results from it. t'sed externally stops headache, neuralgia, and vitalizes the tired brain and body. As a dentifrice it purl flee the breath and preserves the teeth in their pearly whiteness; Bakes the face/atr as a lilly, and ren ders tbe body inodorous. My reputation is staked for ths truth of the above. T. A. COOK, Discoverer and Manufacturer, Corner Ith and H streets. Bold In quart betties only. ap4 d.tsim na " ?"iffia.1""' $4 UMs ndtall TBAVBLIHO TBDEEB, wtth ? cMarray "s Pataat Trunk Buy attached. LADIES' TRAVELING SATCHELS. ?BAWL STRAPS and POOKET BOOKS. DOUBLE aad BUGLE HAKE EBB. LAP BO BBS and HORSE BLAEEETB SADDLES, BB1DLBS aad WHIPS. Trunks Oovsred aad Repaired, aad Stads to srdss an to Barasa. I ail mmwrnum w ? g, McMCHRAT, inall-tr B?S Market Spaos PTICIAN NOT ICE-Having dispensed with aU saleemen apprentices, iC i attend to bnslnene ?J 1 cowiedgs of optics enables me to procurs only the beat MAX VEACTOH1NG OPT1CIA.Y. apl tr d4f Pa. av . corner 4H street. Q P E Ol A L B O TT0 E . VALIANT * OGDEN, PEALKas IS _ CHINA. GLASS AND H0C8BFCRH1SH1HG OQOPBi 430 ?th street n w.. Wasblngtoa, D. O Qoods delivered te any part of the Dlra-ict. mZ7-la GEORGETOWN. Fir*.- ! ast evening ar>ont ' t o'clock an alarm wan struck from box 71. for a !amp explosion In tbe boa** occupied by Mr. Yonnf. No. ST Bridge street, between Fred erick and Washington streets. Bat Ultle damage was done. ATTEMPT*? Bl'HOLAlY?Last night, abcut 12 o'clock, an attempt wm made by parties unknown to break ant enter tbe dwelling bouse occupied by Mrs. Gormley, on Frederick street, near the canal. A shut ter of the window of the front room. used as a grocery, was bored tbrougb Jost above the bolt. It la thougbt the parties were scared off. Coal Trade?For the week ending to day: Consolidation coal company, receipts 7,5?1 tons, shipments 7,561 tons. Borden min ing company, receipts 1.000 tons, shipments l.oe? tons; Maryland coal company, ship* nif nts 625 tons. Grain Trad*..-Boat J. N. Thomas, with 3 JOO bushels wheat. 2X> bushels corn, and SI barrels flour to J. H A J. M. Waters. Fish Market?Herring to-day are bring ing *12 per 1,000 chad si* per loo. ALEXANDRIA. Freaks oe a Lcwatic?The attention of the police was called yesterday evening to tbe strange conduct of a white man at the KiDg-street wharf. He was climbing out on tbe bowsprits of the vessels there, rolling I aving stones up and down the pavements, and engaging In other singular and danger ens antics. He was takeu in charge and carried to the stattou house, where it was ascertained that his name is Theodore B it ttrtcn, sr.d that he Is from Cohoes. N. Y. He were a Masonic emblem,was neatly dressed, and had about #45 on his person. He seons to be a man of refinement, and has a v'^ntlt n anly manner. He is evidently badly de ranged In his intellect. Mayor Kemper had khim sent to jail for the present.for want of a "niore suitable place of security, atul will endeavor to find ont some of h:s relatives or fr:ends, in order that he may be turned over to them. Fish Kfport.?Receipts at Fishtown con tinue to fall off. Since the last report they amount to only K?oo shad and stf.OOO herring. Shad sold at from ?15 to ^17 per hundred and herring from $ 12.50 to ?13 50 per thousand. All connected with tbe fisheries are very much depressed, and tnat of 18T?: is already pronounced a "broken fishery." The shad fisheries on the Eastern shore have not paid well this season. The fl?h are getting scaroe and fishermen are preparing to suspend oper ations. Those from the mouth of the ( hop tank to Cambridge have already done so. Thos* M18CHIEV0CSGILLN*TS?Steam. boat men and fishermen are making great complaint against the u?e of set and gill nets on tne Potomac river. They claim that navi gation is prevented to vessels of light draft, and further they prevent fish from coming up the river.?f UtutUe, T>th. |?AZAR PATTERNS, V.AZAR PATTERNS, AlENCY AT c. BAIM'ID. 10l? 7?li HtrfM. AGENCY OF TUB MEW AUTOMATIC WILCOX & G1DBS SEWING MACHINES. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS AT ASTONISHING PRICES. Made of the best Cotton* and test workmanship. C. BAVM'S SANITARY CORSET C K AN* STY LB MADE TO CBDER. C. RAIH, 10)? Seventh Street. ap26 irhp ?r 1014 SIV,NTH eTcll!:T' ATTRACTIONS! t A Cbtice assortment of New PABASCLS si d SI N UMBRELLAS From 60c. to ft>. .ust received. WM BIRO \V VI.IE, Bob- Agent for the "EAGLE 8HIBT." made of Wan sntta Muslin and One Linen and completely fini'Ht'l Price, Q125 tr f SlbBELLAS AND PABASOLS COV-^V t EBED AND BEPA1BED, AT TUB MAN UFACTOBY, ^1^ ap54 lm* 613 D street north went. 4a THE ST UEORUi; The Kent and OnIt/ Unliable W- Heating Rsinge la tbe market. Hnnrtredtt of these Binges have t.een put np br me in this city, and always give sat isfaction. *y For sale only at CHBIB RIKSSXF.R'S, 71A AND 717 Tth STBEET NOBTHWEST. W here w til alao be fonnd the t>est aeleciioa and tbe largest variety of SLATE MANTELS in this city, from 918 upwards. Bole ag-nt far the RADIANT ROME FUBNACE. This Furnace has been put to tent by competent j Bilges atfd pronounced to be tbe B?<t Furnace of tbe kind in the rnaiket Parties will find It greatly to their advantage to call and examine this FUB N ACE before making their sfieetlon. I BON AND TERRA COTTA VASES in large va riety. LATBOBE8 and ORATES of every descrip tion at greatly reduced prices. TUB SUMMER gl'EEH oil Cook Stove, the best and safest oil stove In tbe world. TIN BUCKING done by the very best workmen. All orders promptly executed and good work guaranteed A full supply of WATBB OOOLEBS, STANDS, BEFBKiEBA TCRS. CUTLERY, Plain and Fsncv TIN WABI. who I- naif and retail. Don't forget the si ace. CHUB RIKSSNER'S. bTOVK AN1> MANTEL WAREROOMS, 7 1.1 and 717 7th street northw??t. Best 3 ply BUBBEB HOBB 18o. per foot. apJlly P A. BEOTEB. FOBTBB P. WOOD. Utntral lnUUxtmr* and Information Vtfct, General Alt' not and Collttttons. OfPcf, 49& Tth street, between D and B n. w. Special attention given to Bsnting Houses and Booms, Bervante obtained, and Employers supplied Information given in all matters. ap7 lm SPRING STYLES NOW READY. t BBOADWAT and FIFTH AVENUE 8TYL1 QENTLBMBN'S DRESS HATS. ?* and ?6 Also, fine Soft and Stiff FBLT HATS of tbe most approved patterns. English and Amertoan SILK UMBRELLAS. Ladles' SUB UMBRELLAS. UMBRELLAS and PABASOLS recovered. HER * GREEN, 1419 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, mart ly Above Willard s Hotel. X UL B. H. BT1XEHKTZ, HATTEB. 1237 Pexxa. Av eni'B, next to corner !3:h st. Now opening for spring and summer sa es, Qen tlemen ? DRESS HATS; tine SOFT and STIFF colors; Yonth* and Childreus IIATS. in ?traw and felt, SILK UMBRELLAS and WALK ING OABES. Lowest market prices. ap2J lw b a?8-tr 1009 f?i. are., near 11th street. 6EURHB BREITBARTH, (Late with Green A Williams.) DEALER IN FASHIONABLE FURNITURE AT FACTORY PR1CBS. Bo. 417 SEVENTH STREET, (Near Odd Fallows' Hall.) ?^"Upholstering a specialty. B^*Exp?rlenoed workmen. martllro WALL TArER &. WINDOW SHADES. The finest and largest 8TC0K, including all the novelties in decorations, and at prices lower than any store in tbe city. will be found at TDBMAN'S, 413 9th street. BfThe best workmen employed and satisfaction guaranteed. apll lm* XHJfi REST MARBURG BROS. SBAL or BORTH CAROLINA SHOK1HO TOBACCO. aplS lm 10 AND 90 CENT PACKAGES. ICE KING REFRIGERATORS. Having the agency for the sale of this KEFR1SBRATOR, we are prepared to rnrnlsh all sizes, from fX) ap. WATER FILTERS AT FACTORY PR1CBS. NOTICE?Parttas who desire to dispose of nil KINDS OF WEARING APPAREL can sell them for a higher cash price than any place in the city, br calling or addressing HBHZOG, 91T O ?treat, between 9th and 10th northwest. Prompt at tention will be tlvea. aylf-tr fOHBN'B LOAN OFFlCBt Corner of Jtk sirs ? \J mmd N?e York mrmui. entrance on Be? >0^ York avenne. Tbe most private Loan oaeelwl In tbe cltr. Meney loaned at the lowest raluQ 0 of interest on Gold and Silver Watches, Diamonds. Plata and Plated Wars, Bans, Pistols. Ladies and Gentlesnen's Clothing, Carpets, and aOartioiss of rains. tantl-lT fEAl'INE niLWAl'lEC BBER U For Sals at CHB1B. MADB8' HOTEL, ?p]7-lm Corner?f 10tb and E itreeti. CIT T ITEMS. CBlirRiR an! Boy?' Cl'rthias. n^w nj!w. Juft received ait A. Straps', lull Pennsylvania avenue. Frfik Stippli"* Rffft*?d this Wffk. Elegant 8i!k Hale, best quality, *5.3 \ large stock <i?nts l'Kb*. medium and c'srk colored Soft and StkT Hats, fl 50 to C3 50. Tbe largest stock of I Joys and Children's Light Felts. White and Brown Straws, for school aid dr?as. at popular prices, at ??Lrwis' Oiii Prick Stori. | &:2 92CJth street northwest. Trt Marburg Bros, seal or North Carolina BmokiLg Tobacco. 10 and 20 cent pack ages. ^ 4,13,1: Th* National Sa vivos Bat*k, corner i of New York avenue and 15lh street, pay* 5 1 per cent, per annum on deposits for each cal endar month. Banking hours, 9 to 4. Sat ! unlays, 9 to 4 and 6 to *. 2713,14116 Fortify andTonkth* KisnLiCorflH tor* Lcngs with Halt's Honey of Horeh"tuui ntifi Tar. and tbey will coon assume their Healthy and regular tone and action. It is an absoiuto safeguard against eousumptioQ. 1*1 ke's Toothache Drop* rare in one minute. I* svitk of prostration, night sweats, spit ting of blood, nectic fever, and the most dls tre^irg cough, Consumptive patients have Ixfn saved and restored by the regular use of Hal rr ? (.tod Liver Oti atni Phosphate of LAnte. In this form it is a plea-ant medicine, and should be early r< sorted to. John C. Baker A Co.. Philadelphia. Wiibor's Cod Liver tut and Limk.? The gt? at popularity of this safe and etti 'a cious preparation isaloue attributable to its intrinsic wortb. In the cure of Coughs, Colds, Asthma. F.roucbitls.Whooping Cough, Scrofulous Humors, ami all ( onsumpti ve Symptoms, it has no superior, if e<iual. Let no ore neglect the early symptoms of dis ease.when an agent Is thus at hand which will alleviate all complaints ot tneChesf. Lanes or Throat. Manufactured only by A. B. Wilbor, Chemist, Boston. Sold by all drug gifts. eoJ Froni a CurrUhj* Manufacturer, Mkverstown, Ivebauon Co..Pa.. { Novemher 10, ik"73. $ Mts*rs. Seth H". Foul? A Sons. Itoxton. Gentlemen ? I have been aftlicted for two years with what I supposed to be consump tion. I have sufl'ereU from a severe paiu m my left side, the pain being but slight at first, but increasing in severity every day until it was almost impossible for ine to fol low my avocation without great suffering and the most excruciating pain. I have tried almost every known remedy without receiving the least relief. My brother bav iiig been aftlicted with spitting of blood and ail the tendencies of consumption, and hav ing been cured by Dr. ICw'arV* Balsam <>/ II'Uil Cherry, recommended it to me, aud I at oace commenced using it with the most satisfac tory results. My pain is gradually growing less, and I feel much better than I have for some time past. As long as tbe Balsam does as much to restore my health as it has done thus far. so long shall I continue using it, and I would advise all aftlicted with lung diseases to give It a trial. I remain yours truly, Daniel B. Harper. 50 cents and $1 a bottle. Sold by all drug gists. ? Saratoga Springs la Wlatav. Reasons for going to Drs. Strong's Reme dial Institute In winter, with circular de scribing ilb Turkish, Russian, Sulphur, Hy dropathic and Electro-Thermal Baths, th? Vacuum Treatment.Galvanl<xand Faradalo Electricity, Ac., will be sent on application. Nervous, Lung, Female and Cnronlodla ea*es a specialty. l2,24,m,w,L8: ? Accident?Edwards A Hutchison's 8tlm clatlng Liniment cures Sprains and Bruises. Removal. First-class Scocrino a*d Dyeiwq. A. Fischer enlarged his establishment by removing to his new building, 90?>O st. north west, three doors west of 9th street, very near his former place. By promptly adopting the latest Improvements, whether of American or European Invention, he Is enabled to do any work in a manner not to be equaled by those not possessing these facilities. Bjr Ladles Dresses cleaned and dyed with out being taKen apart. ?y Crape Veils refinished nice and cheap. tar Grease stains removed effectually. ?V Gent's garments cleaning and dyeing a specialty. Prices lower than ever before, to suit the times. Corns fce. ?"The Wise far Health on dally walks depend." and tnousands from far and near visit Dr. White's establishment, 1416 Peunsylvanla avenue, opposite Wll lard's hotel, for relief from, and avoidance of, Corns, Bunions, TroubHssonie Nails, Vas cu lar Excresences, etc. Establ i shed In Wash ing ton in 1861. Fee, ?1 per visit. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS \aw string and summkkgood.^ A1 ATTRACTIVE PRICES J NO. H. SHOOT A SON NO 119 BBIlUiK ST., GIOBUtfOWN, D I Bave receneil from New York aud are cBeriug at Popular OiJi Prices, LADIKS' DBBl*S UOOUS in new designs of Plaids, Strip** and Plain material!: beat makes Black '-ilk from f 1 to tS 90, Bl'k and White BtripM and Check Silk. Grenadines from 25c to 91 23. Mourning Goods of all tbe best mikes aud fast Blacks a specialty; Cotton Goods and Sheetings at tbe lowest reduced prices, Wbite Drees Fabrics from l-'H centa up; Boose Famishing Goods ot the best makes: Oint's and Boys' wear Ladles' and Gent's Underwear; Kid Glomes, I button, at ?1 an<l ftl So. Hosiery m treat variety: Parasol- and Umbrellas: Prints 5 and Sc., best Sj.: Percales 11H' . with a full line of other foods, to which we are adding daily supplies at low ?rices. Goods sent to any part of the city. ap26 1m J>? H 8MOOT 4 SO\ \EW SPRING eUUl'S. Ladles' Dress Goods, in Plain, Plaid and Btriptd Goods, at 12*. 16. ?, SB,tt, 40, ti and 80c. Black Silks, Tamese and Can h meres. A large stock Silk finished Alpacas and Mohairs. 1J.UUU yards Calicos at S. . and tbe beet at 3 cts. Percales, Pwues and White Dress Goods, very Cheap. A beantifnl assortment Parasols and Ban Um brellas. Cotton Goods at lowest prices. BIN J AM IN M1LLEK, apl tr 103 Bridge street. WTlLii DYKING TO PLKASK OUB F&IKHDS O TUB BUSH IS OVKB Thanks to our kind friends for thslr Indulgence during tbe past Fall, when snch was the rush of work from ail sections as to make it Impossible to fill orders as promptly new* wished. Being assured that tbe work when finished gays satire satisfac tion, we solicits continuance of your natronags, and promise good work at fair prices in from one to eight day*. Work aent for or deliver ed In any part of the District; reoeived and returned to and from any part of the ooontr by mall or expr WH. H WH BAT LEY'S Steam D7?1b| and Bconring BstabUa^ent, g*?r"toW,1'a^btr "for sale. L'UK SALK?Serviceable, flne-toned, six-octa.e 1 Cbickering I'lANO: only 363; mn-t -old; can be seen at southwest corner of 13th aud H stretts n w . No 7 3b.a?3n 2w* FOB SALK?Sty li?h Brown HoK-IC, ii', bands, 6) ears old, drives in single or double AV? harness, good under addle; may be se n at AT5V BtaMes of H KA BL. -11 1 'th st. apl? 3C JfOtt BALK? 10 000 BIRSTINS HKD BASPBBBKIKS, 10 UOO (INK YKAB CONCOBD GBAPKVINKS First-class and cboap, m lots of from one plant up bend orders to B. A. PHILLIPS, apl-lm 693 iStb street northwest. C^ABBIAGKB, CABB1AGK8, CABB1AGBS / The largest and most varied assort-, ment of latest style of Carriagee, Coupee.V Bockaways, Jump-seats. Park Pb*tons.J Jaggera, Top and no-Top Buggies. Al?o,several fine second hand Panel Carriages and Baggies on liandat P. D 8CHMITT A CO., marl.i tr Ho 31? Uth St., bet. O aud D , n.w. IB SALK-NUW IB THK T1MK. I have on hand ttO BPBiNG WAGONS, built In the beat styls, with the Sarvin wheel,f Tepand Bo-top BL'GGIBS for sals onV monthly payments, at my new Factory,J 37 Prospect at., entrance on Brtdsest., near new market, Georgetown, D. 0. mart-am* JAMK8 K. PBOBBT. F?rt j ACK.BOB WAGONS. RKH STOCK 1BON AND SHKLLSKB1H AXLBB. OBB-UOB8B, TWO HOB8B, THbBB-UOBSB AND FOUB-HOBSK WAGONS. Ws have sold Hundreds of tbsas Wagons, and the general opinion is that vhsy ars the cheapest aod Mat W agon la nss. D. W. McGBATH, fabSl 3a Corner ot Mass. a vs. and I itreet a. w. pORT5ER'S VIENNA BEER, FOR FAMILY I'SK IN TUB CITY. Ths general demand for BOTTLBD BBBB has Induced me t? build a Lager Beer Bottling Estab lishment, on Virginia avenue, near 7th street, tak Idk advantage of all the latest improvements. The Beer is especially brewed for that purpoee, aid tattled with the greateet care, for family use and ihlniig. AB orders sent to the offloe hers or to Alexandria will be promptly attended to. The Beer will be de livered to any part of the city. ROB BRT PORTNER, Office and Depot 6'U -6H8 Virginia ars. fbicsTlibt. la Boxes, containing 1 dozen Quarts, I1.H, allow. mg 74 cents for Buttles, and Box returned. In Boxes, containing S dozen Pints, Si *4 per dozen, allowing 0a? cents per dozen for Bottles and Box returnee. For SbippiDg. In Boxes containing t dozen Quarts, or 3 dozen Pints, at same price p?r dozen, allow* trig the same for Bottle* and Boxes retarned free of charge. ap3 lm ROBERT FORTNER. AMUSEMENTS. | (Ki?IDl OMPLIMKSUHV lOlRCIV BVEEY SATURDAY IViailC, fr mfr* llc-tlc-k. jivevi fey PBOf PISTOBIO. with FTLL ofv' BKSTHA of 1f#a*o ?Ik?-, at TaLLMAI i.K HALL, ? rtwl Mv??? tb ?d4 BHh tortbwwt mT H" C'OKCEBT HT THE OBrBEl* ' LCU. if - Philadelphia. for the 1-eneflt of the Wl'MISSCISTIVMH PAVILION. will I* |it(t at Lincoln Hall MONDAY MAY 1?t. ?? O'CLOCK P II. Ttckft*. ?1; K>?frfMl ffi'i, f I to Apply at Metierott *mn*ic store, No ?. Pa ???. *?V it' j^ATlOWU THKATtfc" 1 HE I'AI HI.AHH OPEB.% CUll'AXT. I Amtirgr ) THUB'TAT EYKNlSl., April *T-?'Tbe B titBiu Girt'?Mr* a* mingion )'?nltmt Mim Emm* Baofmann, aad Mwr- H Mr?ell, L fcinijupD 8. W. K<-en.and B B. liar PBIDAT EVENIN^ A j Ml il*-"Valerie. or Tre*?tired To*etc M be! I# FUnn. M '?s Emma and Mr??ri. U SI r?<!1 8. W. ktn. tsd O. A Ball SATURDAY KVKSIMl April 'J9?Third Bel of "Fasn,'' warden i ?ceoa ' L?,>ti*ll?. I Don y diiol*^ last act ot "TrovaAor* i the pri?. i. rw-llr- Remington Falrtamb. Mi-* Emu* kautfiraun Mi*- Lt'lan Bilej,ai d Meears M reeli, !-ln. p?n. Been and hteven*. Foil Cbortts and Orchestra. efTcttv* niw ea icrtf. el?**nt Costume* and PnrtrliM. acl the compete. G- neral admission, $1; re?er\? J seat*, f 1 St1. pri vate bo*t?. #15, taller* WV Boi Sheet Bf?or?r at M< I -erott ? Ma* l-BOSE EYTINGE a* HOSE MICIIE!., with t'cl' n Square Ttnti r Co . Sew York a?4-tr PHOKK?84lK tHKLlWIl'* *111 AL EXAMINATION EXERCISES. NATIONAL THEATBK. MAY 1 IteGieiiC Fair) Pp?<-ta i!ar Ballet of CINDERELLA; On. THE GOOP FAIBY ANI? THIt L1TTLK Gl-Abfi r LI PTt B. in all its ? ro m spiudor. *i>b Real Puiiies. (ii'lifD, Mact.ifloeiit ^ec?r*. Ac. Thmari n? characters wLT be -m taine<tbv thetaienito popilsof Prof. SUET.D"9 8 DANCING At AD EM Y , 1004 F ftrfwt ?nrthw?et I'oors ? pen at 2 *i. c< mniinrra it .1 JO 4 ?rds ot ai'miseion. with (retired seats. SO cents. Prof "bal <K d wili be feuiid at the ball laily fr< m 10 to It a m ai d 1 to 8 p ro . for thf aolo of tick, ta. apS4 tit* HKATER 4 4IWIUI K fcleventh Street, bticic i'tnn Miiraa m OF MM THE YEAR KOUXU. Performance EVERY K1GUT Ma'IneeforLa : die* and Children EVEBY WIUMMiAY and 1 teATlRDAY AFTERNOON. FIRST CLASS JM~EVERY REStECT. Variety. Drama. Bntleaqae and Comedy. novll ly T R?BKKT PIIHTNEK'i Al MNERSAt id Al^itDdrift, it ftftm lor the j Ki"H, where tha be-t L AO IB will alwxta be on draught i ap6 lm* | H EH BY SCHEBB. Sopt OLD No.) On Kxhibition lN?w No. > and Halo I ?.i? 7T* 8T. S _ AT ( 7TM ST. W?. 4J9 7U nrert. t>enr"n V mnd E <umII, nit tioon abort O id Ftilow$'1 Hall. ' Choice Oil PaiDtinca, EtyrravinM. Ghromoa, Ac Alao, larjteet (toci cf Paper HanclBM, Wludoa Btiadea, Plctnrea, Frame*, Picture Cord* and Ta* wlfJUBC*, Ball*, Ac., In tha DUtrlot IrTlliii C*?H. VPImm remember Rimr And Number, )yl-Iy FESTIVALS. f|^UE FAI B AT ODD FKLLO*? HALL for the I benefit of BT POM i N 10*8CHI B<1H ?UI con tlnue m til FBIDAT BIGHT, th- ?<th Inm aM St ^ A IB AT ST. JOSEPH^ HALL. (Comer 5tb and H street* northweet.i FOB TUB BBNBHIT OF BT. JOSEPH 8 (HUB' H German , EVF.BY EVENING FBOM MONDAY. April 44, TO MAY 1st. ap22 ft A BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. AB1N1 S FLOBAL MAY BALL, W KDBKSLA V BVEN1BG, May 10. 1S7? At M A BIN 1 B HALL, B street, be'.ween 9th and luiti st?. Ticket*, admitti'ig a _? utle: ?ii acl onet lady.f.l. Door* open a*. 7!<; cammonce at p ai B#"T;ckeu to be had at Maslc Stores or at the Hall. apMtd EXCURSIONS. PIC XICS, Ac. i 'HEAP EXCV Bp ION TO THE CKBTK 3N1AL I EXHIBITION. Tlie fine sailing Yacht LOBLIE can be4 chartered for trips to PHILADELPHIA. < r< for nmrslons do? n the Potemac or Bay. She has ?ood inarters for 10 or 1J per?oi.?. The o*lt r would dUpot-e of iibar's in this boat at very low figure'. Apply at the MORGAN HOI SE, O?o*get<>wa D C. ap2- euju OOK OCT FOB THE L? FIRST GB.AVU VgXTENXUL I3 ICS IC. k AT GEORGE J I EN EM Mi S FLBaSL BE <; ABDEN, * orncr of 4th a id E street* nurtheast. MONDAY, May 1st, 1876. T1CEETB FIFTY CENTV. admittid< a Gentle Ban and Ladies. ap?- St* SUMMER RESORTS. 'I'HE BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD 1 COMPANY A HOTEL, AT DBBB PABtv. W ill be OPEN FOB VISITORS ob the 10TH OF Jf NK and their NFW H( TEL at OaS . I;a,d on the 1st Ol JULY Applicant-' fT B<*n.t or Information address the n . , der?lgned. at Oakland. Garrett count*. ? 1 ap>8 tjfU JOH9 DA1LEY, Manager 1 ?l T II UF tMl PROFESSIONAL. DR. J. B WALTON. DENTIST to the United States Naval Academy at Antiapolia.^ Md , for a number of >ears, reepoctfnliy oilers hi* professional aervice* to the citizen* of WanbingtjB. Office, 93U R *tr?*t nortbweat. be tween 9tb and loth apfti lm* DB J. 01BTI88 SMITH K. Vtniitt. Has removed his oflioa from b8T Penn?ylvanla avenue to 3'ii O street n ^ w., a few doors ea*t from 4* street. apt 1? U BAR 1RV. J. ATTORNEY AT LAW, Northeast cor. La. ave and 7th at . R torn 4, ap3 3m Washington D. O. I I'owio EinneER Li JUSTICE OF TH EPEACE, . oaao^ts Cni**4 ?t*te> VrESCO, DRC0BA.T 1 vB *nd eve^ 1NTl5iQ, ? 7 PBB 81 9' by Dm. Onto College A. B. PBATT, Graduate old _ i of Dental Bnrgery, and oK Bosh Medical Oollece of Ohlcago.dOl 7th street, east aide, corner of D. Gas and chloroform need in e?trarting teeth. augll-ly W JL T CM MM. INGL.I8H, SWISS AND AMERICAN ! Hatcbei, fl ALL TUB MUST CELEBRATED MARER8 A Large Aaaortmect at Very Low Price* a. W. CUT, ftSKO. dk CO, iBBli-tr JEWBLBBB. I^UMBEB! LUMBER "j GREAT REDUCTION I If F RICES. MCBT 8BLL ABD WILL BBLL. VIRGINIA BOARDS, good. BIS per M. JOIST and BCANTLLBQ, at Uengtta and *1te*, ?iTp' . SIDIMO, MB wm ?. formerly B 30 LATH, BW.ft? per formerly ?3. GOOD V1BG1BIA FLOOBIF), B'Jft per ~ CEDAR POSTS, SO and 30 c nta. All other kinds of LLMBEB, D re seed or Bo^k, at lea* than market ptlcee. A small lot of ASH and WALNUT that I wUl **11 at oae half tte Dsns 1 erica AH EAEL1 CALL WILL bECVEM BAE BAINS. BEOBGK H. lOBMON, ly Corner lftth and B tiaet* nortbweat. pAKTXSS ABOUT TO BUILD OAS 8AVB MOBBT BT OCBTB ACTING WITH OB, Am v* keep lm regnlar atoefc, and an prepared M erect la moat approved manner, every deecrlpdoa of HOUSE A.IW ORXAMEXTAL FLUMB I AO, EE WERAGE, OAS-FIF1XQ, Sc. TIB BOO FIN G, TIN HOT-A1B PIPES l? ha hnllt in walla. SLATB and MABBLB MANTELS, In *xc?Ura? *f ttyle* and ooiors nuc^naled. BANGBB, B0BBA0B8 and F1BBPLAO STOVES?giving a larger on tit than any other house lb the city, aod enabling os to make favora ble preposition* to OBpltalUt* and ooatractor* ?ATWARD A HI TtHINION, adft-tr ?1T *th *trsa? northwaat ALL E1NDB OF GENTLEMEN'S OABT-OFF M KABIBG APPABEL caa beaold to the ??rr tv> ft ailvar'Asre by addraasin* or csUling oa JU6TH, f 1*1 I street, (?et.Cth a?d Tth street* aortbwaat. ?( ??* ty mail pr<?nptiy attended to: Oaah paid. juV-lf laptfs' GOODS. miii c 4 }JJ -<l TKKBT -T i lim n ?ulti\ r.m *1! it' la?r?t n' trmd la cbip abdbtbaw b^bb ets. hats.lacb* ?L(i?u?.4i . ac>e*of ?mh:n|t>l and vtclaity ?re tavitag to ??11 w l nwm> a#?? *r mrt. j. r. rasik h %* ? rwtmtif %0% 'tweet of fa KIP h'biits and HAT*. Ttimme.1 and Uatrlma*ag. la obtp. Paaama an<4 f traar, bxkrt silk hd ub^? KKBNCH kh.'weki>. lacks aod NOYEL T1K8. %J s^niti attention (!<?? to or<t?i Mil. J. p paijieb, aytt ho 11 f treet mmmim acd 15*B. |\i WILLIAM ib TUB oulb At.ENT F??R 1*1. tbe eel* t, a ted J b i* . oc'RSETB aod tios sah be WATERIrooks A LOT OK RIAL PABISIAN HAIB bbaids all (nod length?wlu u cluaad oat at B par C? ' ? <J1ac? ott. at aph' lm JB W ILL1ABH MRB. M. 4 HI \t wisld f*Ulli? attention of thr ladtaa to a large a> arrtnient <4 rbbpch atia amekuar PATTBKB bob NETS. i ntbimmed tiatp. In great variety aaj*t)l-a. w bi.tton KID ulo\kb. at 01 3. 3 ?? - ai|IN. KSIbBOirBKirS oa plijaa. gmibrlc ?r.d ii i?!la at ttmilt brdirtil P rt ? ? a p." it i if lni:bb ' ' A large and aaaortment of ll< i i AM. HaTS AMI horbbyb. for Infant* acd Children, CI the latewt it. lea aad ao?t attractive de*i*o* kin# selection of uambi ko emmboidebv AMD tkimmlntts id PANTS' LACK CAPS to order, at IK* m i.h t ki PPKBDI. m\ry tt tu tit atreet.opp Patent Oftioa. ^ ukhiltin ladies' shoes, ? A I t TO OKDEK AT 611 >11 sirml, otm<iu <U* ?. ?tu!?k,t,<ck <* l*dibb bcotb R ?o, oil band, a ti e at ttt folio* 1 cc prior a french Kid battened 07 o* rngliah ?? " ___ . ? it French Petbla u ft *0 tlieee Qood* are all made at ay aatabllahment ard are anar*nt~-<i to be a^aal to aay work u.aiio tactured in tba lulled Statea mar'jx-tr J as- tiinlta. Madamr L. P. J A MBB RETT will <pec oc MONDAY and thhiiai . A art i vi and ~ _ 4th, ni. ii0<( Faun avenue, aid at (forth Charle* *tr*et, Baltimore, BATCH , 1>ay, April 8, a cbiica aaaortment of French1? ? tlllrerr. Ac mhS7 lu i 1HEAT sacrifhko0 hi MAI H a i h ii flooiib. haib hbaips at tit. former price 0BT. 40 HAJK BRAIDS at 08.frrmer price (ii. ? 0 HAlB bbaids at b4, former price 08 B* HAIB BBAIDS at f ijpjormar price 04 A LA BOB ASSOBTMBBT OF CHEAP BAM bl Ho BDOlnosaed insebtlorg, A fill li mb OF LAMBS UNDBBG AR RANT* ALABUB STOCK ?*F si N i mhbrllas and fakasolb. aelling regaralea* of coat. i ADIKS CLOAKS AMD bc1tb. at a grant m li d notion R ()" KAL AMD lmltatlub LACKS. v?r? low. HARD AND he< E1Y1BO DAILY, a large aaeortruort of millinery GOODS tt* lataat atylaa of H ATS_k1 BBtjNS, FLO WEBS, ate. Also, just bkckiykd. tso <i, 7e* tbatto* KID OLOYKS.all (badoe, and the beat la tha marha:. for bi. WK INVITB THE LAD 1 KB TO CALL ahD cxamlnt our atock birjijj S het.LKB tia ma het Sp<ce ^fcclaltlkk. b i' kc i alt ibs. dodolabb . BIBTH ABB F-ST. OLOCD 00k8kts, se 1 BTS. BUSTLES, FKKMCH lal'mi'BY f<?bpado0b8 pahs. shocldbk BBA< ks bobibky, LADIES' OOTTOB ABU hkk1bo i'bdekwkak. KID oloyks Stork of Fanrr Oood* complata bottlu^a received daily Agency for hotnaatlc Faahlnna. febtd tv BOOKS ASP STATIONERY. The newest publications -i niack - Oencral Atla* of tbe World, enibracing lat?--t dirc\.?erl?-?. rew i ui lirl"! attd other ctiangae. 0K. 2 Barer ft a Hlat<>r> ot (he taliol stataa Oentei. nla'edition, volume s. #2 bb s. Orchard Culture, by E 8 haud.|]ki ? On Sermaatatioa, by P Set bt7e?bor?er. #1 bu s Charcoal hravtaa, by Allot gf (from the Frencli . S> ( fhyetoat anl Keifs i ot K now ledge, b? Bfxbv. 01 .*ig. 7. hotn >? nee of Familiar Hooka, by dr * . B ba^l. g 1 ss. 8. i?hmael or. In the i>eptha. by Blra soiithaorth. ? 1.76 B LealleTyrrell, by Oe<>rgiaaa M Craik, 5Cc n P?otri for B"ine nqd School, by an&a Rai t--r arid Ida Eliot, $1 28 ii Att?<>oda Modern hs. iuithb "KIM'S bikatiii WORK : w.rva m ?? BU? "tj? b mwrn Ame'ican Bom-ateada. fb v 12. Shallowed Peril*, by M A Avery. s1 Z> 13 ancient b?-kime. i., Taio . st SO. 14. Floreuc* marrtat'a Lorkv i) a ai pol&tmetit, r? SOLOMOBS A CHAPM AN. Agent* laaranoe a "Para Linen Papera. tr w11 Peonaylvaala aeenu* M SELF MADE. on, OUT OF TllE VRnili. PUBLISHED MABY YKAKS SIB' BIN TBE MEW YOKK LEDGEK IS NOW POB BALK ib BOOK FOKM AT sblllikotok h bmkalorc, at 24 tr Cor IS atraet aad Pen pa ave. T~ hc ? ncibmt heqimk B) Talae EcRllah llwatore. S tola. by Talne. Toward" tbe Straight Oate By Barr Prayer and It* kamarwable aaawera By dr Pat ton. lllnatrated Commantary oa tha Acta at the Apoatlea B> Lyman ai>bott The Martnar'a Prograaa. By Dtrnean Mac L,t?7r7.od. at okawood Br Mlaa Mathaw* foksalb by ?m ballAmtvmb. ap!7 tr ?b?7thi i ? books. dia^aae* of the berron* Syatetn By Dr. hi Cloth. 06. aheep, |7. haddbcm>k of Architactoral Btylaa. By koaengar tea. |l. Animal paraaltaa aad maaamataa By yaa Hen* den. International Bci Nertea. #1 m A sb< rt uiatory ot Bat&ra; scieuoa. By backley. l^e of alezaoder Hamilton: i vol*. m4.m Tbe hamtationa of han In All Agea. b) eurenc yiollet-Le due lllaatrated. |S Bancroft a hlatory of tba United State* Con >1 m| tenary edition Volume* 1 and 8. 01 2S per vol. jn*t robllahed and for aal " ?aar34 tr BIOHL'n ? jn*t ynbllahed and for *ale t y rob., ISIS Pa a*. MEN'S WEAR. srxiyG goods. NEW STYLES FINE GOODS, TO UABB to mka8lkb SUITS TO ORDER, fkom 03d CP. READY MADE SUITS, FBOM 014 OP. baadt MADB SPRING OVERCOATS, ? is cp. DfiVUN 1100 v i WB ARB ebcbiyua DAILY FROM our factory. in raltfmora, freahaappltw of tt laa elegant 75 CBBT c4 fibi8be d aud 01 ffltlib kd bh1kts. mad* of tha Boat Waa**ati? bbabPcb"baSu^orb ?hirtfacrfory1. bv'. but? w-.^ uu pibbbt libess shi BTS MADB TO OBDBB ataatler^f* r a"b('balt1m^mit' 6h IBT FACTORY, 1s11 F atraat aaibti jwidarb. Manager

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