Newspaper of Evening Star, April 29, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 29, 1876 Page 4
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EVES1X0 STAR. ? ATI KDAT April ???, MW. Weather FroOatnlitie* To-day, OFFtC* OF CHI*F HlORAL OFFICE*, ) Washixotor, April 2>, 1UJ6. \ Fcr the middle and eastern staten. cooler vcrtb ard iwl winds. riting barometer and Ciear wn'h?r. LOCAL NEWS. Amsewevii 4f.,T?-nlfUt matvtuti TVa/T Fair lamb's amateur eptrft company la scenes from ??Faust,'' ??Leoncilo," ana -Trovatore." Theater tofnwte? First-el ass "varieties." Ht. JmtpM't for the benefit of 01. Joseph's Church. T' 'frri"*' ,-e Halt Grand complimentary Milree by Prof. w.tb fall orchestra VnkhlBCtoD lir|\!nK Park. Trotting May lid, 3d, 4tb, and 9tb. Tlrke;s for sale at ? fi.ce of the National Hotel. ? ?fficecf the Imperial Hot**l. News Stard at WMiara's Hotel. Office of the New York Avenue Hotel Office of t*e st. Ma Jm c<ion N>w? Depot, northwest corner of ?,b ar.d F streets. Condenned Local*. Tie street lamp* will tx? Itgh'ed at 1 ? 15 j>. n>. *i?: eitli'Kiiif-hed at S. IS *. ra. See notice of rt>rieai St. Dominic's hall, Motilsv night. J. C Parker sends Frank Leslie's Popular JJ< Jot May and U'trpr- J iitw lOi May 13. Mr A. Y. Lakenanhas r?i snelbn pla~e as c erk la the District DDglD<er's aS:e, to |o ii *o bnsi:.e> . In PhUadtlpb.a. A cumber or youi g laiie* ??f this city have rrfar,t/.-d a temperance club. to b?? k.iowu as tlie Y? iing Laities' Temi erance Clu*. Mr. Robert Hatton. a well known mes ?ei.iter In the office of the Supervisir t: Archi t?n f??r ten years past uas redgued, U> accept a posit'on abioad. Mr. Kichard F. Harvey, the we 1-known wiidc.-tafeer.has pnreha-e-i the ituer^side-ice. No. -JO Grant row, on A, between 2d and '"i stree?s sontheas! In a dirt pile, between 11 and I and ;i I and s , streets southwest, yesterday, a desfl c >1 i-red lrfant, In a state of ilecorup-isition. was cm arthed,ami taken by Officer ilutchLiSvK), of tbe first precinct, to the station. A large invoice of very haudsome summer silks ar 75 cents a*.d t-7 ? cent*; also the rev est piaid grenadines, just opened at Wolford A Sbll berg's, *17 Market Space. Sec adver tisement. Miss Edith Meredith is a la<ly of re Sue ur ect and education, ax.d as an elocutiouist ? as r*?lved favorable mention from critics, fee advertisement of her reading, Monday nig id. The Centennial entertainment of the fe gB?>e grammar school of the third district last night at Odd Fellows' hall, navy yarJ, vw a highly successful one. In which t'a? particlj>ant8'very creditably performed t'.elr parts !n recitations, music, and reading;. Tbe Washington Light Guard are going to attend divine service every Sunday mim ing, commencing tomorrow, wearing Ui?lr uniforms arid marching in a body. Cbrls,. Church In tbelrown section of the city, will ?ro'>aMy receive their lirst call, a^d tbe Metropolitan tbe next. Mr. Daniel Clarke, a prominent citizen of Maryland well Known in this city, wtio was attacked with paralysis at Annr.oil s on Friday, 'Jtst instant, as staled in Tuc Star. t.a* since been extremely ill at bis residence. Ho. :M9St Paul street. Ealtlmore. from brala fever, and last evening was in a critical con dition. The'-Centennial Festival" ror the benefit e>l tbe CLuich of the IncarnatioD. to be betd at Masonic Temple lues lay, Wednesday and Thursday of next week, is to have fea tures of unusnal Inter- -t. it wiil be seen. Parlor entertainments will be given by tne Joe Jefferson Clno. an d there will be sele-t readings by Messrs. Tweedale, Hay. aud ethers. The popular tuncb arrangement ot last year's Incarnation cnureb festival will be repeated, by which depart-nent clerks and others can g? t an excellent Itincb from 1- to p. m. at a trilling cost: the entrance to the fair ro?>ui be;n? free at the lime. One feature of the festivals by this church that tfcs given them great reputation is tbat no rattling is permitted, and visuirs are al lowed to enjoy themselves wltnout being bored by appeals to buy or -laKe thances." As a consequence they are attended by a class of people wuo studiously avoid fair rooms where these beggiug importunities are practised. A m r s- >- \| r?n s ? Th'n'T. ? The amateur opera company api>eared last eveu ii.g in Prof. Falriumn's opera. "Valerie." and isave a very creditable presentation. Miss *>ailie Fiinu won hosts of admirers bv toer 0?;e ret dlfon o? ??Valerie." Miss Kanit ?nan aa "Rasa, Messrs. Morseli as "M i I rice." Keen as "Pierre,"' and Ball an "M. <*aloche."' were all good. Probably the most ei joyable (lerformauce of the engagement wjif fsk.- place to-night, when th? third a?t from - Faust." the la^t act of ??Trovatore." ai d giand seen a Trom ??Leooello" will be pretei fed. Mr. Leo no x Simpso ;, tbe popu lar yonng hantone singer, wuo sustaiae.l the roleof the-Count" so successfully in "The Hibernian t?'.il"on Thursdav evening, wil' lo right apjear as? ??MepbisU>." In "Faust." ar.d a? '?Count di Luna * In "Trovat ire." "tin"<r?;;?> "-Next Monlay afteruoon at ?be Natioral Thea'er. Prof. Sheldon will bold bis annual examination exercises, wlieu tbe rrard fairy spectacular bailet of "Cin derella; or. The Glass .mipper," will be pro? dccrj. The various <-uaracters wlil b.* sus tained by the juTenlle pupils of I'rof. Sliel dou'a dancing academy, and of course with success. Afterwards awards of goiJ aud silver medals win be made for deportment, application, and proficiency. This enter* I tairment is entirely original with Professor j Sheldon, and by this means he hopes to stim ulate in his pupils a desire to excel in the i graceful exercise of dancing. Tickets can on It be obtained at toot F street, as they will not be placed on sale at the Theater, tor will money be received at the door for admission. Thr?uer 0? > 7?".?Tbe first class variety offered here is nightly enjoyed *?y large audiences. Next week an entire change of programme is promised. ? ? Kos* Etrmi at the National?Hose Eytinge appears at the Nation*'. Tn**ater ueit Monday night as "Rose Michel," the brightest and best of recent French trans- j latlons. She has moved steadily upward in ! a career whicb first became remarkable at Wallaek's, some seven vears siuce. la old i and modern comedv. an I in melodrama, she bas equally displayed the possession of iioe ' stag* instincts, remarkable emotional pow- i ers. and a rare tact. It is said by competent ? critics that anytbing more profoundly real* ' istic and natural than her RM M has never been seen on onr stage. This r?/? has been ti e culminating point of a brilliant career, conquered step by step through sheer intellect, and the country, to judg* by the excitemen' which ra^es wnerever this gifted | lady appeared, now appreciates at n?r full ] value an sctr< ss who bas not on w . renown, but who has adorned her profession In its most graceful phases. Th? Ftrfs Last Ni'.HT.?Last <>veuin? n 6re was diKCOvert-d at the residence of Mrs. , smith, colored, 713 7th street, causel hy a ccal oil lamp exploding, doing eligbt lam- i age to Ihe furniture. The aiarm about 11 o'clock last night from box l-SV was for ihe discovery ot nrs by Offi cer Miller and Special Officer Hook in the cellar of ti.e store '16 7th street northwest, occupied by J. T- A H. B. Castlem^n as a cbina store. It originated in the ruhblsu in Ibe cellar, and it was some time before it was extinguished. Very little damage was done either to the property or to the stock. Circnmstauces lead to tbe belief that It was the result of an inceDdlary attempt to barn l^e building. ? 1 ? ? Tit* FrxFRAi. of the .ate Mr. 8. M. B. Kervoss, wno died (.1 consumption on Tues day last, took place yesterday from his iate residence on G street, and was largely at tended by the friends of tbe decease,I an J the members of the Masonic fraternity, the latter comprising B B. French Lodg* and 1>* Mo>ay Commandery. No. t,,mounted The religious services were conducted by Kev. Mr. Addison, of Trinity church, and the Interment was made in Oak Hill cemetery. wb?*re tbe Masonic burlat services were real by John P.. Garrison, W M.of B B. French Lodge. Kfat, Kstate Salr. Messrs. Duucanson llroe., auctioneers, sold yesterlay afteruoon, for Jfewn. C Ingle and N. Wilson, trustees, lots jm and Jy, In Klbbey'a subdivision of s?|r ?re ."571. fronting JO feet each on E street. ?ef?een 1st and Jd streets northwest, and vurnlug back l<M feet to an alley. Lot 2s was i nrchancl by J. H McKennev for 7^ . ents per square root, and the adjoluing lot for 7. , cents by A.J. Whittaker. a MARRiAcr Licrrsis have been Issued to He*.ry M imw and Sarah Kllen Clark Thos ?>veruui atd Emily lane Wilson. Thomas ?? (onner and Aunie Klmmell, Joseph Sissou and Auaie Laws. be*1 assorteii stock in tbe m trunks. s?iche|s, traveling oags L' i'- */!;? atu?ef?P'onr of James t*. Topharn. j . lb street, under the big wire P IgR. 4 ? ? l.AKR GKORf.B DlARONOH, iq jet, ?0ld and plate, aural, aaaaaal, Itoman gold silver and garnet Jewelrv, received at Prictc'a ^eweiry store. No. ?T7 Penusj l vania aveuue j.eax street. The ClriHOfld Omrlfrj Tronblf. VKETlHf; OF LOT-HOLDERS LAST JflOHT. A meeting of the Glenwood Cemetery lot holders wa? held last night at the rooms of the Foard of Trade-Dr. Daniel MeFarlan presiding, with Mr William Lord a* secre tary. Judge Bartley, from the commute * for the purpose, reported a draft of a con- ,j. tnt ion and by-laws: which was alopted ?n(1 *ome twenty persons attached their ?[Kna tnres to It as members of the organ1 ??tlon Judge Bartley, from the con1 ml it*1 ary rointed to look after the Interests of lot^ holders before the District 'Jommittees in S,JLle.d lhat toere Won Id nndonbt *n act passed the present session ,V. f," r. '?"'S'slation conkt do It, will "V?"* "*lr rights. Members or ^ expressed astonishment that a of oot,lders should be suffered to ooroe into tbls District to coitrol cemeteries and specn ate on the grave* of oar dead. Mr. E. D. Llapp asked Judge Bartley If be B ) tad not made application to the sup??r inteixteut of the cemetery roi some stoca iu tbe cemetery company. Judge B. said that in February last In a conversation with Mr. Clendeain. the latter remarked that Mr. J. B. Close. oT New York, was the president of the company. He asked f there was any stock for sine and what it was worth. Mr. Ctendenln replied that tie 'lock paid well, that it wan a good invest ment, and that be believe! that it could be rpugbt. and referred bun u. Mr. Close, ot New \or*. for all the information he ^avted. He told Superintendent Clen le iin >iat bis ot j, ct in asktng was to get info<-ma or>. as he nad been laformed that this New ^ork concern pretended to be the owners mi controller* or toe ground, aud dII not jecogT.ize any titles of l??t hollers. H.noniv rnri- se was to gain Ir.fornmtion as to wnat tbe company claimed in the raa'ter. _ ; 'I- Ciapp.vaiu the sir>?-k was for sale to anv lot holders wl o desired it. "Now wny ? *a.d he. ' do yon no' all go in and oi-Thsse :t and control me cemef ry?it is not u pri \ ate corporation as hail bven shown, and IT tiie lot boldt ifl in this Dislrct cti^ose the? can buy it out. There are ov?r six thousand ~T> Ie.fe ,n ,h* "TO^ery, and ir the lot holder-i wish to speculate in t^is property let them purchase the right todo so." Dr Mcfarlan cailcd Mr. W. K. Brown to the chair, and taking the floor said that Mr. Liapp had at tbe last meeting called the I movers in this matter "sore heads"; it he had said "sore heart?" It would navo been more appropriate. Tnere were many sore : hearts anions them. He (the speaker) was ! lbI' c^n&etery were burled nearly Ml or his ra*?e; he Ii?j spent ninch money la making the resting place of bis relatives ap pear creditable. All he want 3d now was his 1 rig.its, and he meant to contend to the end j or them. Jf they fail let them all abandon lilenwood and remove their deal to other grounds. There shonld be no ploughing over the grayri of his friends for a potato ratch. He moved that a committee of Ave be appointed to go and wait on all the lot holdei j and obtain their signatures to the constitution; adopted. The chair appointed Messrs. John McClelland, Oeorge W. Corco Tto0,?pson, D- McFarlan, and L. w? U?7rtbin?ton- Messrs. Worthlngton, Wra. Thompson, and A. M. M-tssy were ces ignatfd as a committee to call upou Mr. Clendeolo for a list of lot bolders. * Tbr. National Bkpubi.icaw book and job prtntlDg office will be conducted h- re ^ Macomb, a typographer who ei>joys a high reputation, and who for VSiP.*!? ??xleeii years bus been with McOHl We mu8t give Mr Mnrtagh the credit of possessing one or tbe most com* r,le.K-^7?k,a,!1!? lob Prinlir>g establishments in the District or < olumbla. and uuder the supervision of Mr. Macomb a success for it is assured. ? Si-it Aoaisst the Distp.ict Govern ment -Messrs. Blddle and Fadgett yesier ^ entered a suit for John Oulnn a^a'nst the District of Columbia, in which damages are laid at *l'yrfK", for Injuries received ny the sides of excavation in which ha was assisting to lower a water main caving In njion bim. in December last, by wolch he *hould<>r and arm crushed, aud was otherwise injured. Mr?PKS. H. D. Cooke. Jr. a Co.. a-ents ror the American lineot steamers ptvlug be fween Philadelphia and Liverpool.'propose tickets to the latter place direct irom wash ngton, as advertised elsewhere, at Philadelphia ratfs, thus really lurumrnot' purcl asers transportation to the ship on wtiicb ibey sail. In taking advantage of this, quite an Item Is saved. THE tOI RTS 4 KIMIKAI. Cocrt?Jvfkft Mar Arthur | i est?-rday. Lemuel Makel, charjre.1 with r?pe. was fourr* not guilty. One of the wit i the deft nee, Wm Hamilton, was ralseTsrear?ng.S^y l? aiJSWer tbe < harge ol , TO DAY. f This mrrnirg. in the case of Pa-rick ki'.'ntwiCOI1VlCtea ?f rape'a "ew trial was fTOXOR A'ICXi, T!!!EVE^ I t" oree IVrry and Alice West alias i>. rrv 'rn^T'.L0! M*0,,n mf,??yRcd ?I00 in bond<J .rom the desk of (>ef>rge 8. Kraft w is ar ia.rued act Colonel Cook, for the'accu^d proiosed that I'erry would plead 211 ity with the umif-rstanding that tne wo should rot be prosecuted, as she wr,? the wife of dfrVc i*r whatever she did wa* under his A TO OUR DETFeriYKS. 1 his arrangement wa? atreed to. and a Pr""' ?f?ng entere.1 as to her, Judge Mae Arthur, in passing sentence, took oc ;i slop to congiatulate the community that it was freer o7 "proieesiocais" than any com krew of-a state ot things due to tbe effectiven<?ss of our de'ective corps. He remarked that the only reason why there should be any mitigation of the penalty was ?n?i,?riSi?ner 8 COD',uct to day-taking the entire blame on himself for the sake of sav ing his wile, to whom he was marriol only ??nrt "enf?nced him to Ik months In this ca^e ard l? months for the larceny or goods from Devlin, making a w? u?w \bre? yeHrs 1,1 the penitentiary. l8rr?n> ? was fori 111 not Stguilty. IIOrace' fal8e Pretences, Folic* Court -Judge &neu. ^ eiterday, alter our report closed, Filen .\nK auU ^'^urd^rly, was fined S i Margaret Ci?sel. Tillman Bivers, same. <?>. Or <? Ho waT *enl 'town for vagrancy, w )? Hany, selling liquor without license at Tenn ally town. Edward Wooaywas^e Thursday on charge or cruel'y shooting ahorse belonging to Mr. Tiiomaa 1^ Morgan, near the Chain bridge, it was testi' thorse w:i? a trespasser on defen dant s premises, and to get rid of it he dts (harged two loads of bird shot into tbe anl. mal, causing lock-jaw. so that It died. Mr ostchel was the prosecuting witness. The ease was further continued until to-day, when defendant s counsel, R. P. Jackson prtiduced an old Maryland act, June 17,1T>"! which makes it lawful, when parties have given notice to the owners of animals tres ?S,,D/- ai^U ",ey ral1 10 strain them, the parties suffering trespass may shoot them. oimsei claimed that tins act had never been repealed, and that tbe owner of the hor^e ha^i been legally noticed. The court reserved its judgment. Ann Carmody, Mary Burns \i?? PifJ Bnrn8' assault and nat'ery on Michael .Shea, who bore the marks or prettv severe treament on his face. Mi"c*rmfyly dismissed, Mr. Burus fined ?.*> anl his wii^ TO DAY. IVJ.'-";ctie,y uaksauU on Bridget, his Wire, ^John l ronln. threats to Mary Jane Cronin, bis divorcetl whe, who told the court that she was afraid he would kill iier or her cbildten. The proof did not iustlfv a u?ViVICUo"?* aijJ tie discharge.I. Henry , Jl2n'?i ** to aa<- BroWD; *100 bonis to keep the i*ace. or six mouth In jail. batti.e ok school rovs. James Dyson and Devuey Baiiey, charge-J with riot and aOray. This took plure list ^edutsday oetween two parties ?r school * "umbex of school boys r^ionging to the Anthony Bowen schcol, South Wash ,5.K. ??' w?res^nt to the Sumner school, on street, to practice music, preparatory to a concert to be given. A crowd of colored boys pupils of the latter school, were In censed at tne preference shown the Island hoys, and determined, a* they said, to "whip the bass out of them." On the day stated they lay in wait for tbe Anthony Bowen ; bojs, and attacked them with sticks and stones at the corner of Jrith and K streets, and a pitched battle ensued, during which a Bowen school boy, named Oeorge L. Jack son, was knocked down and dangerously wounded in the head by a brickbat thrown by one of the defendants, and beaten while down by others of the same mob. Oae of the Bowen school boys, aamed Thomas Jor dan, was a Witness, and gave a remarkably clear statement of the whole afTalr, notwith standing he was subjected to a rigid cross examination by defendsnt's counsel. The court and all theattorneyspresent expressed manrn.atJmIr*i,,?2 al l^e straightforward 22522 *hlch this boy gave his testl mony. The boy Jackson is thought to be r^i,^?8er y ,f not fatally injured Tue 1T1 aud? m^'r,iDe?ner 10 sl* months iu 51ft 'jTOliis:of 520 anu or "by^Xs-ass?? 1D an appeal was taken larceny of W> cigars grand ju?r. K^berV Bawls, threats to Sarah Blackburn eosts. J?na Randall, la^ny ?'. bSSk worth $1 50; K and costs. Charl^ S*ew?t ui'wue; ,io? 0?^ ... . CaiMIWAL KSTK A V. ?JL .ee"i Harris* name was called to an ? *ll larc*ny not an. "ec^nmMr *"? for him aud * eouiu not be fotind, but another colored 5 6 found there who gave hi# name a? ***? -fori, a search was ma<le among ibe J^T^.anta. but nothing could he found asainRt V1 -fl. It was afterwards found that Vincent Harris had been taken by the driver of the black marla to the Criminal Court, and that Hamilton who was wanted at that court tor peTjury had been brought to the Police Court ny mistake. The court remarked that they appeared to be criminal eatraya. and should be returned to their proper owners. John W. Rrannagan forfeited. Joseph Mills for feited collateral. Hattle Smith, same. Geo W. Ptickrey, doing business as auctioneer without licence: forfeited co'lateral. Mary Alb'TS was sent down for vagrancy. Henry Barber was sent down for vagrancy. Mary Barclay, same. John Nelson, profaue and Indecent language. t">. GEORGETOWN. . Tub Revival. The meeting last night was conducted by Rev. Thomas Murray, and much Interest was manifested. The attend atice continues good. Meetings will be con timed during next week at the same church. Thieves About Georgetown seems In fested at the present time with thieves. Last night the house occupied by Mr. E. Gilbert, No. 105 West street, between Congress and Washington streets, was entered by a person or personi unknown, who seem to have taken up their lodging there for the night. Nothing was stolen except, some provisions, ard when the famllv awoke thev foand tbemselves minus anything for break ast. May Festival.? i'tie ladles of toe Union Benevolent Society purpose eivlng. at For rest ball, next Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday, a festival for tue benefit of the Aged Women's Home. l)jnations are so licited. Ukaiv? By canal?r^at Win. Talbott. with 3 wo bushels of wheat eojslgnti to Wm Talhott. Correction.?Both In the Are and hnrs'.a ry items yesterday Frederick street was er roL? ously printed for Jefi't-rson street. ALEXANDRIA. S?i> case ?Meutlon was made In yester day's Oa.ettt of the arrest and detention of a young m?n,Th?odore Batter^on, suspected of lunacy. He was visited at the jail yesterday evening by some members of the Masonic fraternity, who ascertained that he was a Mason, a member of Cohoes L?odge. No. nr., of Cohoes, New York. Members of the fraternity here telegraphed to the members of C'ohoea Lodge, asking instructions as to the disposition to bemvleof the man. and an answer was received this morning from Ills brother, saying: "Teke care of him?will come lor him." Meanwhile everything is being dore for his comfort that Is possible. He is said to be a perfect gentleman and well educated, acd his unfortunate condition has attracted much sympathy. Robheks Captured and Goods Recov ered?< >fficer James Smith, who has beet on the lookout for se\eral days, succeede'l yesterday evening iu capturing John Penn.a white youth, and Charles Contee. a colored one, charged with robbing the flsh house of John Beck ley, about a week ago. Penn and Contee were examined last evening by Jus tice May, and sentenced to work in the chain gang for thirty days each Win. Mor gan was fined for buying the stolen lish. County Items?The county of Alexan dria claiming to be entitled to furnish a suc cessor to Capt. Fowle in the o<>u9e of dele gates, the republicans of the city and county will probably nominate a countv man for that office when their convention meets in this city on the 15th of May [?Qtizette, 2Slh. Receipts and Prices of Fish at Fjshtown To-day. ? Receipts of 10,?0 shad. *l">al7.50 per hundred; 100,000 herring, at ?13al9.80 per thousand; rock and perch, very few arriving, are In great demand, with prices high. The receipts of shad and herring are on the increase, with prices about the same as yesterday?[Sen'inel, 2*th. Dom Pedro.?It is reported in San Fran cisco that Dom Pedro will start for the east direct to-day, Instead of visiting the Virginia i City mines, as he originally intended. It is difficult. however, to predict his movements, as he keeps his own councils very closely, Ills own attendant* being often ignoraut of : his intentions. J^PltlAt XOTICK. i Complimentary ticket* t?>?; >l.letein'4 Grand Pre ?> ntati. n cf ? THE 111 KK H MOTTO. C4n De ob tained tree of cost until Siayl?t,at the fallowiuc i place*: California Oi*ar, ?>11 P^nna. ave. A Saks V Co Clothiers .'i I 5 7th atreet Brad Adam? Mammoth Bookstore, cor. 9ih aad F "'re^ts W H. Norton, Government Pi iDtlng Otli e. i K I) Fermi^m. I n;2*i?r. roi. 2d st. ana Pa a'. . Capitol Hi'l: M <"lothi?r, cor. S ii and 1 sta..# e : K. P Hill, Treruout House; C. Klotz, 1 7 r<. and 110** G at n v. , Ue~tanr*r,t J Blcln I Bro., 903 7th at. n. w . Iltrrrr \ Hidden, Steimed | Oyster Saloon cor 11th ?t an 1 Pa ax . apJj .'It (* A KD ?Old VEILS and th? oldest kind ol ./ CB \ PK n?ade c jaa'to new at DAMS', 719 Market Space, *p27 St* Corner of Sth itreet, Fo 11 ion V 1. O T il 1 . V G . SPRING AND SUMMER. IIRESfl COATS ARM TESTS. Oriental Silk Pl'd Worsted, #J0 Nor lb?.ptou Bilk Bibl-ed Worated. 419 Vienna Di agora! Worsted, #10 AO Blact Ington Black and Gold Wonted. ?15 Uibrldge Fajcy Bilk Worsted, # li I.arragansett Faacy B1 k Worsted. #10 B1BIXKSS Sl'ITS. fine Elboent Sprttg Caaa. Salt, #110 fine Del at arre Plaid Cass. Snit, g 1 * Ed*ard Harris Hair line Caaa. Suit, ? lb SO The V rsallies Checked Caar Bait, #15 The Diagonal BiObeO Caaa. Salt #14 Gen'ne Washington 111 Biae flannel Salt, 912 North iloosic Block Caaa. Salt. #111 Hercnles Scotch Cass Bnlt,#ll ?nelitii Stripe and Plaid Caaa. Suit, 910 Knickerbocker Cbeck Casa. Bait,#9 Sealsbury Brocken Check Casa. Suit, 1"* Union Caaa. Bait, Frock and Sack, f ft TOTTHS' SI'ITS. MlllLnrg Diagonal Worsted Suit, 91* Lippln Bilk Klbbed Caaa. Bait. #13 Maaon * Hah line Cass Bait, *11 London Plaid Caw Salt. #9 New York Milia Caaa. Suit, #T BOYS' Sl'ITB. Norwalk Fancy Worsted Bolt, #10 Camden Plata Cass. Suit, 9 * Snow Hike Fancy Caaa. Bait, #7 Knickerbocker Check Caaa Salt. #6 Union Caas. Sclt, #1 A. STRAUS, toil PENNSTLTASIA 1TIIDI 1011 ap2H tr Betwkbn 10th anl> 1 1th Street*. M ASOS A HAML1S CABINET ORGANS. THE REST. Large assortment, of all styles, from #Sf sy terms. u* of MErZEROTT A CO , to 9100 L'pon easy terms. At the Wareroom* of m in j?, at24 lw Pennsylvania avenue, uear 'Jth street. ft 1 T'EK dozejj bottles] A GUOl'NDS FOB INVESTIGATION' LET CONGBKSS SEE TO IT ClItCIMXA 77 LAG MR BEER, 91 PER DO/ EN. This pnperUr Beer, in stone jogs, delivered at above price. Just received? LONDON STOCT and POKTEB, YOUNGER* SPARKLING ALE, BA83 ENGLISH ALE 42* lyi'yuiKR, ap.i tr FINK GB0CEB1ES. 19iy Penna. av. ?VEliYBODY SHOULD KNOW That two or three swallows of Prof. COOK'S BALM OF LIFE will atop "bad feeling" after ?teals. Bo Injury or debility reanlta from it. Used externally stop* headache, neuralgia, and vitalizes the tired brain and body. Aa a dentifrice it parlflaa the breath and preeervee the taeth in their pearly whiteness, makes the face 'sir aa a Itlly, ana rea ders the tody tewUvw. My reputation la ata*** for the troth of the above. T. A. COOK, Dteoovsrer a'jd Uanofactnrar. Corner 9th and H street*. Bold In qpart battlea only. ag< d*klm Ar ^ Uadlea' IK tall TEA VEL1EG TBUEKB, wttk BeMarray 's Faint Trnak Buy atlttM. LADIES' TRAVELING SATCHELS. ?BAWL STBAFB and POCKET BOOKS. DOUBLE aad SINGLE H ABB ESS. LAP ROBES and BOKSE BLAEKETB SADDLES. BB1DLE6 and WHIP#. Trvaka Oovered aad Ba pair ad, aad aaada to ardar an Ktpairs to Haraaaa. P McHDEHATi Hali-tt 90S Market Spaaa. OPTICIAN NOTICE?Having dUpaaaed with aU salesmen, apprentices, Ac.. I attend to bnshuas prr*o*atly. My anon ledge of optica enables me to ??? "? "* ?a%'?rH,?5?iriR. MANVFACTORING OPTICIAN. apl tr 403 Pa, ave , carter tX rtieet. CIT VJTEMS. For aud an increase of vital Ity, us* tue Hnlift Lift, at 925 Pa ave. 4 1) .. , Bwpm#e r?rc Trn?e Frofesror lUtut)ow's KloTe-dttin^ Tm?*? bo metallic ur rnt?toer spring*. no bar>l pads; gives relief and comfort; does not Inlfrf-re ?!l?,',ab?r- P,pas,,re, or sleep. At the Health Lift Parlors, f?25 Pa. ave. 4.29 Freeh ftupplire Received this Week. Elegant 811* Hate, best quality, 5?5, *5.30, Large stock Gent* light, medium and dark colored Soft and Silll Ham, *1 .V) to *3 50. t ^ of B?y* and Children's Light Felti. White and Brown Straws, for school and dress, at popular prices, at "Lewis' O**-Price Stork, ^ 7th street northwest. I)r. Dixow. editor of the Hrai/^el, New ^ or It. says: '-The Lift Cure Is the most com prehensive treatment of the body, and as an equalizer of the circulation is the most phy siological remedy yet discovered by ttie wit of man/' Parlors, 9?5 Pa ave. 4.29 Trt Marburg BrosTseafof North Carolina Bmoklng Tobacco. 10 and 20 cent pack a*es- 4,13,1: ? Thk National Savings Bank, corner of >tw\ork avenue and 13th street, pays 3 per cent, per annum on deposits for each cal endar month. Banking hours, 9 to 4 Sat urdays, 9 to 4 and 6 to 8. 27t3,I4tl6 No rsTABiisHMtM in the city more prompt In attending to all orders for Sewer \\ ork, Plumbing and tias Kitting thau Ham lltfln^A Pearson, Y. M. C. A. Building. :uh and P streets. They employ none bat the nest workmen, and consequently give satis faction In all their work.' They k?>ep the largest stock of Plumbers' and Gas Fitters' supplies of Rny hovse in the city, and are therefore enabled todoall work at the mo?t reasonable prices. They give low estimates on all contract work, and guarantee satis faction in every instance. Give them a call. They are good responsible men and deserve encouragement. 3,18,w&s,3: CoroH.s and I'oliih?Tnose who are suf foricg from Coughs. Colds, Hoarseness, s >re Throat. Ac., should try "Broict't Bronchial Trvch'.s." Dr. C. W. Benson's Cki.krt asd Cham omii.k Pi lls are prepared expressly to cure Sick Headache, Nervons Headache, nyspep tic Headache, Neuralgia, Nervousness and Sleeplessness, and will cure any ca*e. Price. 60 cents. Sold by all Druggists iu Washing ton, Georgetown and Alexandria. 2,24,eo Nothing Nkw Ukdkr thk srv? But Stimulating Liniment cures Neuralgia. 4; Removal. riMMAMSCQ-uBISO ANT) IJTtlNO.^niarged his esUbllahmest by ?IL# .1* to.b,fi new b!,lldl"K. G st. north west, three doors west of 9tb street, very near P'fi"?ler P,ace- B>" promptly adopting the latest Improvements, whether of American or European Invention, he Is enabled to do any work In a manner not to be equaled by those not possessing these facilities. Ladles Dresses cleaned and dyed with out being taken apart. mr Crape Veils reflnlshed nice and cheap. Grease stains removed effectually. garments cleaning and dyeing a B JK?C 1H1 iy? . ?^,p"ces lower than ever before, to snit loe times. Cams fcc ? "The Wise far Health ' on dally walks denend," and tnousands from I far and near visit Dr. White's establishment. I 1416 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Wll I ,r?,8 hotel, for relief from, and avoidance i ' Corns, Bunions, Troublesome Nails, Vas cular Lxcresences.etc. Established In Wanh j lngton in 1861. Fee, fl per visit. BAZAR PATTERNS, HAZ.AU PATTEIlNi, a?.ency at C. itAlsrs, 4?m Tin street. AGENCY OK THE MEW AUTOMATIC WILCOX & GI1]B6 SB HINC MACHINE-. LADIES UNDJEliGARMENTS i T AbToSISHIN'G PK13E3, M aje of lli? best Cottosa a-^d best wcrkmac^blp. C. BAUWS SANITARY CORSET Oli 4MJ 8TVLE MAI>K TO OKDEK. ?. KA1 n, lu*? Sevemli street. _ap?6 I MBBELLA8 ABD PAKASOLS COV " EBKD AND BKPA1BKD. AT THE 11A fit' FACTO HY, SI/* ap24 lm* ft|3 D street northw^t thk ST. ?EOR?K. <?1 The Hext and Onh/ !{,liable Heating Itimgc - In the market. Hundreds 0f these Bsngss h?ve been put up by me in this city, and alweya giveaat letection. a^Por aale only at C'HRlN KIEIMXER'S. T15 AND 717 7th 8TBEBT NOBTBW18T. V* here will si no be found the beat selection ana the (argent variety of 8LATE M&BTEL8 in this city froai flS upwarde. Hole for the y' TM BADIABT HOME FUBNACE. This Furnace has been put to test by competent J.EdV? IP-* ?co??oni"-ed to le the B??t Puri.ioe "| the kind in the market P^rtlex will find It greatly toK?t?can and examine this /UB N^?J?;J>er?.r? ,hn,r aeleeilon. IBOB ABD TEBBA COTTA VASES In large va riety. LATBOBBS and OBATE8 of every deecrlp tioD at greatly reduced prices. THI ck OCBEB oil (fook Btoye. tbe best wd store tn tbe world. TIB BOO KINQ done by the ??ry beet workmen. AH orders promptly executed and good work guaranteed. A full ?naely or WATEK COOLEB8, 8TABD8, BEFBI(*KK? TOB8. CUTLKBY, Plaio and Fancy TIN WAB1 wholt-sale aud retail. Don^t f *rgt>t tb* alace. trors ABffiSSrff ZkVWMS. I^EMOVAL OF A PIANO ABD MDMIC BTOBB. VICTOR BECKER (Formerly on 7th street) Haaopeneri at 502 9th street northwest, near E rtreet, P1AB-E8. OBGAB8, SLIEST SIO, choice VIOLIN 8TBING8. ai,d anlflft assortment or Musical Merc nandlee for sale bpeclal attention by V. BECKEB to Tanlngs and Beraira of Pianoes, Organs and small Musical In- ' Jk UChindtOD?ofol<1 P'auoes im -1 proved, and charges moderate. apl5-lw* i PHILADELPHIA EXHIBITION. ^ROSSEaBLACU *? ELl^B P' RE PICKLES in Malt Vinegar, |^ICH SAlCEl 1 ir Fish, Meat k Game, pOTTED MEATS and Flail (jEJII I3E All 8TAH1), ^IFERIVR MALT Y1.1EGAR, JAMS. JELLIES. >1\ H >1ALAUES and oilier TABLE VELICAHES are displayed A In the A.-rlrultural Ball, where inspection is invited, and are sold by ell dealer* in claiM grorerie? in the United htstes end Can ada. Every genuine article is labelled. t'ROS&E Ac BLACK WELL. ' Purveyors to the ijueen. SDUO 8QUAKE, LONDON. apJJwAs/im ^ I 00 FAlI>*fcpBo"lT^)* ? 1,700 during the past few months. und? r oar improved system of operating in Stoc ks. Bisk* redace.1 to nominal snms and profiu Increased. Book contain iog full Information eent on application. ap28 tr Baakera and B^okenf/aw*!*,! ^ T. J. HB1BEBOEB, (^noceeeor to H V. Louden k Co ,) UlTlZEBB, ABEX AND BAVY MEKCHAiVT TAILOR. . ,, Metropolitan Hotel, date Brown V J?l ly Bo.3(>'J Penn'aave., WaahlDgto pf A. DARSE1LLE. (Latt Dodtt 4- Uarntillt,) Rcml Estate bb4 Stock Broker, Comer Tth street and Loolalana avenue. M0BBT LOABED IB BUMS TO SUIT. .HOUSES ABD LOTS FOB SALB. narSI-lm |MPQBTABT TO HOUSEKEBPtfliB Feather Beds and Pillows and Balr Mattreaaes renovated and made buoyant and inodorona by Im IHwad ap?ijc^tlon of eteam. Mattreeat re nphol riSIr? iT" RL'NIKB, at eaaie place. Good city reCarencea given for work already clone. apU-lm" Bo. 1137 fth^tr^tmhw^t. ?/1Hs1 LA1HB: LATHS! Schooner Jaonie B. Buddell is now nnloailns ?n?*?2lillo,,-*,1<l ? Quarter of PB1ME SPBDOB LATHS, at Bvaas' wharf. .... L. WM. GDIBABD. apH-ft 643 Louisiana avenne. HAVB TOUB UMBBBI.LAS AND PABA HOLS COVBBBD AND BEPAlliEDTat ? . . WM BOOEKV apll lw* 4115 11th at, above Penna. sve. GEORGETOWN ADVER'M^ r\-3? ANNUAL MEETlNO or TH* STOiK holders of llw hlBIKNU ?' *LL A?9rt riXTlUB WUI be v' IVINI May T>? pfI,tk- ?? * -?ty Hill. Hleh ai<: Pro?p*ct stiver*. Get r^a?r-<rtt By ordw of B^ard ot ^js eetors ?p^ ft t"=3? Tub third annii'AL mikunc or 0^ tbe CtBERBI* 1IVLL ASS>CIBTI"fl ?H be held MONDAY IV CM 1 N3. M ?v 1st, at ? ' '3t ? m , at st*1 HALL pf ihl UiMrsil Brsfro i lent Scciety Fanctoa) attendance i* earnestly re ' qwstrd, ?- bntites* of inipor an?-e w>ll be In : b?> i fore the meeting. B? order of ( Directors ep? It IAS A. BlILl. iwrtUrr oPFicr obohoilTowi oas iuqut ?wp* COM PA NT, PEHHl" AB V !?,l*74. KOTICK -Th<> oft prlc? of 6>> iflrr Mar 1st, I?76, will b? redoc<-d to BB.7B per thousand I fMl, By order of tbe Board. 0. W CBOPLET. feblP-eawtMl Secretary. \&WM'Ki N<i AN D Si* M M KK GUU AT ATTRACTIVE PRICES JKO II MWOOT * MOM , NO 111 BRIDGE ST., GBOB'iE TOW N. D.C , Have itceivtd fro n New Tort and are uttering a! PiT?/n' ?V?* Pri,t$, LADIBS' DRESS GOODS in new deslgne of Plaids. Stripes aud Plain material*; lest make* Blark Silk from fllto ?3 CO, Bl'k and White Striped and t.'b'ck Silk (irenadlnrs trom 15, to ?1 X Mouriiing Gcoas of all tbe beat makes atid fa?t Flaiks a ?p<ci*lt>; Cotton Gods and sheeting* at tbe lcw<st reduced pn-ee; White Dress Fairies from 1-H <.ente up, House rnrrishirg G> ode of the beat man; <}mt'? ard Boys wear, Ladies' and Gent's Underwear. Kid Glove*,I button, at $1 an>l HI M. Hosiery in ?reat variety. ParavoK and Umbrella* Prints 5 and b*st S; ; Pe-r ?? n 1JS , with a full line of other K"< ds. te which we are adding dailv snppllse At low prices. G?ode aent to anv part of the city. _?M Im J NO H HiMtHiT * <OV NEW M'HKil ?ooTs Ladle*' Dress Gorxls. in Plain. Plaid and Btrlp'd Good*, at 12*, IS. *>, ?, 30, 34, <0,45 and flt'c. Black Silks, Tam, se ai <d Oaehnaerea. A large stuck Silk fir Isbed Alpnas ard Mr hairs. UN yard* f'alicos at B.B's, and the b**t at 8 t". P' r rales, Piques and White Dies* Goods, very Cb? ap A neanti'ul assorting. Paras, Is atd Bun Cm brellas. Cotton Good* at ,awt st prices. BENJAMIN MILLKK, apl tr 103 Bridge street. STILL 1)Y ftlHU T? PLBASK OCB FRIES! OS TUB RLSH IS OVER Thanks toocr kind frlends lor tbalr lr.ari<?aos durl-A !l e kai.t Fall, wheotoch waa tbe rasa of woik rr, m *11 aectiocs ;?? tc tcake It lu>?(;*?tbie to fill orders at-arcBiptly "u we wyi.xl. Being a? that the work when finished ga\e entire satis'ac t!<>n,we solicit a eontlcuacce of ycur pa" renege, nod premise good work at fair pricea In from one tc a1ghi da?s Work aent forir dellyar ed la acv ??i1 of the District; received and returned to tad fn ? A27 firt of t^a CJLLti by mull ct express WM H WUBaTLET'B Steam l>TelE* and Bootsrlng Bstsblisbtr. nt. 49 Jeffcraon street, Grcrtetowa, D, 0. BttabH*be<11831 ^ jau* tr (T'BORiilTOWS ?AVITl? link, 1) C~ \V *1 UIGHSTUEET Bank hesra,9 a.m. to 4 a.m., and ?& Saterdaya | (to receive deposits' ntitll p. m. Interest paid oa | deposita. General Banking Batilneea dona, sud OOl i lectlone n ado on all accessible r lets. Diaooaat i days, Mondays H. POLKINUOBN. Prartdant. H W. BlK&XTT, CasMcr. illr if tort. B. Polklnborn, * Thoa Oowling, | J. T. Mitchell, Henry Dickson, | H. L.Cropley, Pr?d W. J ones, Blley A. Shlnn, | E. D. Hartley, I Tfcomaa knowla taayll-tw PROFESSIONAL, ,B. J K WALTON. DKNTI-T to the CmW _ 1 (States Naval Academy at AiiiiS?'lii,f c?-^ Hd., for a number of year*, respectfully offer" bis profe*i>ional services to the cttiieus of Wii-hirgt-n. Office, 932 ? street northwest, be tweenPtb and loth apt' lm* DB J. CCBT1SB SM1THE, UtMiM. Has removed his office from t>'J7 Pennsylvania avenue to 3'Jft O street n.-^^r w , a fe w doors east from 4 H street. ap<lm 4^ 1) liAKMV, li. ATTORNEY AT LAW. Northeast cor. La. ave. and 7tb at , K >om 4, ap3 .im Washington D. O. 1)' TBK SET EITHER JAW. ?/* by Dr A N. C WKMJDOBN. Dfil 11.?(.40;> I4tb "treet n. w. Also. Gold Fillings done at reasonable price,and satisfaction given. apl.1 ?<?3n.* IT B. W D. MVEBS, has Hem 'o No. 17 33 Pennsylvania avence. Nitrons Oxide Gas adnilr.uter-d. ap leo.Tm TV fa I COWIO EISlNflER, ~ I a JVSTICK C F 27/ E PMA CS, ho. 609 7th Street n. w., oppoalte United Btaies Patent Office. I Jvn (t* Phit? Kttrtau J^mtcst'.l JpnIO-ly W< HI TTER M BAKlMEAIir ^ it/iXys7V< I 1 KFSCO. DECORATIVE and every de-crlpMon of ORNAMENTAL and PLAIN PAINTING, 7a7 8th street northwest. SPECIMEN ROOM. Tin E atrert northwest, jacZl ly W ASHINGTON. D. O. FEB BET FOB TBBTH, EITHER JAW, e, / by Dm. A. S PliATT, Graduate Ohio College of Deatal bnrgery, and of Ecsh M<xllcal Oollece of Chicago. 4VI 7th s'r?t, e?*t ^""e, corner of E Gas aud chloroform osel In sitracting teeth. aurll-ly FOR SALE. I^OK SALE-T?o pair <>t very tine Papale BAY HORSES 16* hards high, warranted ^V_ ainnd ai.d g<*nt'c in all harness. To ba ?eeu at B. CRClT Jr. Stables 17U4 <? street. Si* J. C HIBSTON. Prcniliirsym'17 well brcil trotter, bloc (BAY, with black points, ?cu&d -lylitli and verr sp.nlv ) . V* Alw? p*!r Sherman Morgan M ARCS. * ? bays, very handsome acd last, a perfect iadies team Tliis is very desirable stock and is s uarantoed in every particular Apply to THOS. M O'lMSKLL Wash.ngton f'riving Park or address P. M. SLl CEB. Bog 3*3, Baltimore Poet Off ne. api'.i u* I^OR SALE?Serviceable, line toned, six octata r Cbick*rlng PIANO; only $66. ma-t i ?, ?old, can be s*-en at ac thwe*t comer ol | Uth and H street* n w . No 7 :ift.aa2* 2m' fj*i R SALJ^St] lisb Brov.n HuKvK, 15', bauds, B ) ears oTd, (frives in single or double ifX?* harness, good nnder -addle: may be ae- n at Btaldeaof H EABL. *> 11 I'Ub at. ap28dt' j^'OB BALE 10 000 HER8TINB RED RASPBERRIES. 10 000 ONE YEAR CONCORD GRAPEVINES Firat claoa acd cheap, in lota of from one plant np Bend orders to R A PHILLIPS, apl-lm ?03 15th street northweat C' ^AHRIAGBB. CARRI AGES, tJARRl \OB8 - ' Tbe largest and moat varied aaaort-,. aima. ment of latest style of Carriages. Coupe*. KjCJHRr Rockaways, Jnnip aeats. Park Phatons WC Jaggers, Top and no-Toa Buggies. Also, aareral One second band Panel Carriacaa and Boggiea on bandat F. D BCHMiTT AGO , mar 13 tT Ho 319 Uth St., bat. O and D.< n w. t^OR SALB-NOW IB TUB TIME. I have on haad 40 SPRING WAGONS, belli In tbe beat style, with the Sarvln whe 1.a.,K1AS. Top and No-tup BIGGIBH for aale odkKmK monthly paymenta, at my new Factory ,Jw " W ? 37 Prospect at., entranoe on Brlageat., near new market. Georgetown, D. 0 mart 3m* JAMES K. PROBBY J m'KSl'H WAGONB. HBW BTOCK. I BON AND SHELLBKE1B AXLES. ONE HORSE, fWO HOUSE, THREE HORSE AND FOUfi HORSB WAGONS. We have aold Hnndreda of tbeae Wagons. an<1 the Cierai opinion ia that they are tbe cheapast and t Wagou in una. D. W. McOBATH, febll 3m Corner of Masa. ave. and 1 street a w. W JiTCUUB. KNGLJSH, SWISS AND AJIKKiCAM Watcbes, Of ALL TUB M08TCELBBUA1ED MARERB k Large Aasortment at Vary bow Ptloaa ? W. CAXT, BBO. * CO, Iknll-U JEWELERS, poRTNFR'? VIENNA BEEB, FOR FAMIf Y USE 151 THE CITY. The general demand for BOTTLBD BEEB has Induced ma to bnild a Lager Beer Bottling Eilab liabmant, on Virginia avenue, near 7tA atraet, tak ing advantage of all the latest improvemeata. 1 be Baar Is eepeclally brewed for that pnryoae. and bottled witk the greataat care, for family use and shipping. All orders aant to the office here or to Alexandria will be promptly attended to. The Bear will b? de livered taany part of the city. ^ ROBERTPORT1ER. Office and Depot 624-6UB Virginia ava. fbicTlibt. 1b Bozea, containing 1 docan On arts, ?> BO, allow ing 7B oents for Bottlea, and Box rati mad. Ia Boxes, containing S dozen Plata, B1 BO par dozen, allowing BU cents per dozen for Bottlea and Box retnrnta. For Shipping, In Boxaa containing I dozen Quarts, or 3 dozen Pinta, at aame price psr dozen, allow Ibg the aame for Bottlea and Boxea retained free of charge. ?Hla ROBERT fSKTUKK. /VJHEN'S LOAN OFfioB, Ki aar tf TiA ssrs i Vy mnd Ana fork g*?*??, entranoe on flew A Talaa. "TaaP li f Arrui'?n*B americam ctclofi oia Approaches oomv'*tlon. It la having a vary large aaJe. Parties la W aahlngtoa " rJUbe ben all ^y lee of binding maybe aean aaia. ranies in i? aahlngtoa or vicinity desiring this great work will be anpplied. In monthly iBstadT Kenta or np to praae, from the agency, 4IB 7th ? T binding may be i aeat gratia on AMUSEMENTS. f IIM0KO18 ASl> DRAMATIC EElD.N.* FDITH MIKEDITH. VISTIU PKESPTTEIll \S CBCE U. H a-reet. ??.??? lttbli'l 2Ptb ?'r?ats, KC'KTA) EVENING. *?>* r Admlnii n WWW i Bap 1 ap?> ft' r| MK L kb Y ? tkiGIb? OP TDK YASHIN*.TON t'ITT t'RPB AM A3YLIM w lu \ * A BOl ?K WABMlNt. AT Tilt B?W HOME C. - w H'b ana * toribml. V* EDNKM'A> Mi] THCBSPaT. <!a ? 11 and ?tb. > peutng at ? 30 o'clock. On the first ?<futri u entertainment hv th' I'rpbst. Children he rifMn). on aili ? R'lt ;tl an? Literary;Krt? rt?<at b> tti? -><?B JKI EKB*1'N CLt H will I* |l>, tiioIBHtUD with the H< nae W?tn irc Admiatlcn itbeU U c?xt .co 1 M'ho( Mir H rmlt Tickets to be bad of the Lady Menagera .>r a* the do- r. tit) it OLP THB PORT. FOR I AM COMIbTT ODD f E LLOWI' HAL Tth Btrae? FOl B NIGHTS OBLY. < <?MMKN''1N ? W BP NBSDAY. MAI 3. n. K NEIESIi'N GRAND A Nl> OOLOSHAb PANORAMA Of Mll.lOVS PABIBIRR I.OM . T'.i *'?< ?' I'mis'" I'" me ?m I (1 :i ?* 'n ii> W'ot 1' Tfce great m-ra? woad.-rof tbe nineteenth rn tnr > . c>\? r if? W (M fcH af 1.1 \ Ing ' !????? itlua tra in# unh ;initn>f r'?ir lli?' g:a:i.!l> ml.ltaie. -?rsig-ly ?IM. l ?? ildertng. ul atirm . in .!<>-cribrt I* ??l iii;?di" J IbUt eating p *:n the Milt >r>. rAB * PIPE LOST. ya.nt'it trim tb' ? 1 gi"?l <1eatK"e b? ih? Hr?. a* ? f Mto principal cltle* ?! w?r 1 oonu'ry ihe painting bu l?-?n on ashihiti n ?b M liti iforl.ed the hi:? l at eticor.. am train 1 pr- ??. rlrtc*. nob'lity and ntrj . all pr >tH>un> .u* i; 'b Boat '**011111! w< rk . : m <li-r# tmiM Admi--tn fi , erta ? bi'dr. n tS cecta B \ >t irt it Rri'l AUma'. ? h-re re?e-\ ' ? 1 11. te ai tmd tor ary nik-ht althont extra cbarg* Poora oara at 7 ctatai ??< - t - p ? N . B. fitk >n criiiitiii |i<rtb? Ibllif. BP AY " 4 II SATURDAY MATIN BE apJ3 I; I'ONCIBT BY Till OBPBEI '4 ? LI it. tf V Phital. Iphia. f..r the neflt ol the WOMEN* CENTENNI AL PAVILION. *11! be given at L-m-'ln H*U MONDAY MA\ 1 -t. - O'CLOCK P M. Ttck<ta. f|; R.aerred Se%'a. ?l AO Applr *t Melztrott_*m'i?if afore. No ?.Pa a>e vatiosai. TH? \TtK Til E 111 Kl. \M It OI*FH i COVI'INY, . (Amateur.f THIB?DA* EVENING. A?rtl HT-?Tbe P tiiniab Girl"? Mra. t>niit)Kt<ju Kairlamt>. Mm 1'u.n.x K*i:fmasti, asd M???r? H. Morwll. L hinipaou S. W . Ht-eu, *bd E B. H?v. FRIDAY EVKNINi?, Atrll 'Yplerie. or 1 Twamifd Token* ? V ?? ha 1 la Knot ? M -*a Emm* Kkuflmann aul Me^ara U Muraeil. S. VV. h.t-u i a d C A Ball BkTI BDAY EYEN1NU April i??-Thlrd act 1 "F?u?', ' (the L-arden acem?,? rcooa "Laonilk," 1 Don QaisotpJ last aat of "Trovator< ttie ari? a WfDr >? M r?. ?teailfiKtoD Kairlawh. EinHia>aiir Mte? Lilian Bile), aiid Meaar* M^rsell, 81mpaoB. K-t-n abd Stevmi. Fnll Cboraa and Orcbeatra. ttf-rtj?e ttiw en arete, t-kyant Ooatumra ab ' rri>t?r(ia?, ai Mi.aic complete. 0<neral admiaaion. ,fl; re?ar\ed aeata, fl 5?'. pri ?atebox<t flS.calierv #0c. Bo* !?he? t n<? opei. at M- tzerott a. Mir 1 ?ROBE EYT1NUK aa KoSE MICHEL, | * ith Union Square Theater Oo , New York. ail-tr PHOKKHOR IHIIIMI*'* A Y ll lL k\AM INATK'N KXERCI8E.4 NATIONAL TUEATBE. MAY I The Grabd Fairy Ppecta- ilar ttallat of CINDERELLA: Pi. THB GOOD HI RY AND THE LITTLE GluA^H bLlTPEB, in all ita ccrceona apl -til r, 1 ?iib Real Pi'b ea. Gotaen Chari it, MaKtiidcebt j Scenery, Ac. Tli? raricaa charactera wlJ l.e ??a tamed bv the <s\enile papilaot Pr, f RBEI.D'*iiH DANCING ACADEUY, 1004 K H'eet nortbwaa* Doota ipen at i 3i>, coibmencea it S SO. < arita ot a^ibiaaion. ?llb a*cure<l aeata. 90 centa. Prof >he| ' don u ill be foend at the ball <lally fn ni 10 to 11 a m and 1 to 8 p m , for tbe sale of tlcketa. ?p24 ?f* THEATER filMIQI E Elrrrnth AirrtL I Btlow ftnn^y'1 am a itiam. Ol'MM THh ThAK KOUSU. Performance EY'KRY NIGHT Matlneef r La diea aid ( I, Idren RVKRY \VJlDNEM>AY and | SATIRPAY mternoon FIRST-CLASS lsUvBKY KESPbCT. Variety. Drama. Bcrleaine and t-'-omedy. novSJ ly j |>?BERT ruRTEEB^liTnnEK <HH II DEM. In Alexandria, ia opened agiin t >r the 1 aeamn, when tbe te^t L^<>lrK?ill al?a\a !<? oa ? drangbt. tapClfl B EN R Y BCH E Rlt. f npt. Old No.) On Kibibiliou iKiv No. 4l?6 S au*l Sale { 431* 7TB 8T.Y AT ( 7th ?T. NIKHRITEI'R, Aa. 431 T;a riretl. I) ?*4 ? ?*???:!, rt?* rforr* ahort O ld Vtllmet' H*iL 1 Ck)ie* Oil Paintings, Etsravinea. Cbromoa Ac. Alao, largest atoek of Taper Banrlnaa, Window B'-adea, Plctnrea. Frames. Pktcre Ccrdi abd laa aeia. Rlrga. Naila. Ac , m tba District. ?/"Tiimi Ca?H. M^PIeaae remember Name and Nnmbar. )yl ly FESTIVALS. C'BMK"NIAL FESTItTAL, for Hi- tHMielit ol > th-? iHrKCH ?>r THC lN' AKN\TION. MASONIC TIM PLK, TP BSD A Y, V EDNESOAY and 1 III R:PA \ NIGMTr. 21.M and 4rh of May. L-nrh at 12 m ea- U ilay Admiaaim fr?a d'nit'K lnrclitinie Parlor Eu'ortainment by JOE JEE I EKS0N CLI I! TneaiUy .Nicli: r'-ce, "t?il.-nt WiiB at " Sele. t R. tiling* l>y jtea?r^. TWEE DA LB at d u a > TburaMy H|n'.. The !tlincon bectid aith the Wianr ? < h-. A-*oria:l n bare kindly crcaeiiteil to let 'be der ratnn? and o'ti< r '-tractive teaturaa i:~ed i.t tfca" Atl'hoM ? ar pjyal remain daring the Keat ?al. apt' St p AIR AT ST. JOSEPH S tlALL (Corner 6th an1 H ?tre.?t? northwest,* FOR TUB HENEK1TOK 8T. JOSEPH 3 1 II C U H German I, BYERY EVENING FROM MONDAY. April 24, TO MAY !?T. ap2> 7t BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. ^jABINl 0 FMJRAI. MAY BALL, WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 10. Iff. At MARINI S BALL, B atraet, be'.ween *4 9.b and luth ata. Tickets, admittiut a g* utlfinan and one /"S Ul Touts open at 7>?; coo mence at 8. ? p . m B/"Ticketa to be had at Maslc Stores or at the Hall. apM td EXCURSIONS, PIC XICS, <frc. I HST GRA5I0 PIC S It HABMONY UNIFORMED A>SOUlATP>>, K op p.. No HI, To be given at BBYEBB IIVIITU ST. PARR. MONDAY. May lot. 1 t-:i Tickets, admitticg geutleoian and I ad >e?. 90 oebts. ap>^ tl OOK OCT FOB TBB FIRST (iRAXU CMNTMMMIAL PICNIC, a L AT GEORGE JPBNBMAN S PLEAS L RE ABPBN , Corner of 4th ar.d K atreeta n 'itti-av MONDAY, May 1st, !?;?. V TICKETS FIFTY CENT-, admit nog a Gentle ran and Lad it a. ap3 SUMMER RESORTS. '?'HE BALTlMO?K AND OHIO RAIL.liJ.AU 1 COMPANY 3 HOTEL, \T | H PAKh Will be OPEN FOB VlfclTORS on the lOflt O* JINK and tbalr NEW HlTEL at Oak EA ! ?i.d <>b the Pt OK JULY Applicant* fur Ru?n.s or Information address the u n deralgned. at Oakland, Garrett conniy. Md. ap28 t.yia JOHB DAILBT, Manager. pMBDU LUMBER! VKEAT REDUCTION IN FMILES. MUBT BELL AED WILL BELL. VIBGIN1A BOABD8, good. BIS per M. JOIST and SOANTLLEG, al Uangtbs and ataas. ?AW "siDIEG, JUBpar ?. formerly ?30 LATH, jB)i A# per tormerl, |3. GOOD VIRGINIA FLOOSING, |M par M. CEDAE POSTS, HO and 30 Of bta. A11 otbar EIndsof LUMBE1., Jraaaad or Eosfb, at ieaa than market prloaa. 4 mall lot of OAR, ABH aLd WALE DT that I will aail at oM half tRs 7jr"/jEir CALL WILL SMC0RM MAM TM-lt Oornar Bjk and E sUws?nomwaal. pABTUS ABOUT TO BUILD CAE BATE MONET ET OOETB ACTING WITH LB. As wa keep ta racalar Mock, and ara prepared It erect la moat approved maaaar, etary daacrlpUos Of BO USB AND ORNAMENTAL PLUMB 1NU, 8KWMKAUE, GAB-PIPINO, dtt. TIB BOOF1NG. TIN HOT-A LB PIPES lo be bcilt In walls. BLATE and MABBLB MANTELS, la azceUaaaa at at ilea and 0010.1 animated. FANGEB, F I" BRACKS and EIEB-PlaAO BTUVBS-rlTtnc a larger oerflt than ary othag Baaae in tha city, and enatltag as to make fa> ora bis yrcpoaitloas to aapliallats and ooatractors ?ATWARD * MCTBHIMBO*. anV-tr BIT ttfe srraat aorthwsat AHLL. BINDS <>F GENTLKMBNE OABT off ? WBABING APPABELeaa beaold to tha ?sry beat advantage by addraaalng or calling oa JU6TH, ? 19 D street, ? at tth a?d TtS atraato aSrthwaat. ' Botes by maU promptly attended to; Caafe jaalT-ly _lai>ifs goods. iim r 4 mcftlmllt. t7" ? '??; ' !?t ? l i i r \ pailt m?l?(r( all tbr 1?(hi m tililm la t hir 1sp(tr?? R<>n?btb. M AT*. LACK* plomebo. b< . ae. ut'inot ? kh3|v>t Bad *fclb>ty are la?n?B u> m'l ttj aa.t ?* ^ >irb. j. r. falwm m? 'tfiil of r^mf m'lritf ?sd HATt? Tt dibhi ttd l-'btrirasaed. la Chip. plmbu *1. i ttraa rxkh wtlk m4 rlhb.>n pllf PKBMB f luv kk>, lai E* and houl Tin ?#" s|ni(i attentive |l<it t.' ordera num. J. P. imijir. ?o* k? iiw ml w1lliax D Til '"li i'.htimi 1*1. tbn-h-lnwj h ivoubbbltl Bud uo? BAMBB watim ioom A LOT or KB a L p v BIM AN h MB KB ai PS - ?ii t'-txl lenclb?aili v<e cloeed out at ? p. c wet ( aplo in. m wimjak-b MM. n. j. ml >T woald call the a'trnH>n of thr ladlr* to a large a* ?? rmn.t . i FEBMII aid AMKKICAB ratlbkb HON mti intkimmep hat*. in pn' ratte.i nj ? j t?* m Bouoa BID UU>\ bc. at ?! 3. 1 ? " a' bi It). ixrri'll'llkkf ''i r!|n?,la. ? i m ? ?? at ur< atlt kiittc'd pnr<? ?r tr OrBNBB A lara* and hwt aaarrttr?nt c4 LAI B ? APB. HaT8 ASI' h' < n si k. t8. por Infant* aid Children Of the latcat et> i* ? and m.>?t attractive dealaue > im aelwtloa >'f B a j* bi'kg emhboipbkk AND TKlMMlSd? 1ji ANTB LAi'boapt* ma4? to order, at ? ms m;lma hi PPr.BrB, ?tr* tr *>m hb itn?t, <>rr pkmt (??(? ukniliih teel LADIES' shoes, tt A PC TO OBDKB AT *10 0:4 Of (ft, Orr<-"-* /'?.?*? "* ? ?l?r on '.and, a fine tuck of LAD IBB BOOTfc a; tb? folloatnar freti< h kid ttlttut?4. . _ ) 7 oo encliab ** ?? * AW French Pel bla " ... . a bo Theee 0.?<l? ?r? all made at ay e.iahi>hn?iit and ?r?fn?i?btns1 to be *,oal to any ?vd nai u lectured la ttie United m>tn mar->-tr TAN h tcmilfi. \1APAMP .l. P. jannbrett ?th ofn k it| mon . AY a&d tl im'A v. April m and M ?t?i, n i.'iij i'er u n'mif. aid *t ?."! North Charl<<? at net, haltlmor*. batl'B PA Y . April 8, a cboioe a<a rtntul of FrrncB>. be iahj7 tap i ? klat iaiaifircpr hi mar haik vi ?.?><? OB. haik fraips at ?1>. former prfoe (? ??? haik kkaidbat 0Vfr??r price 0 ? AO haik DBA i l t> at ??. former price | B? UAIB bbalpsat #1 ?o^toriber pitc? ?4 ALAROI *?oktmiiit(ir I'htap UAIB BIBU EPQlno*ai.d IN8ekt1qhb. ArrLL line or lapieb tidwoai MEN TV Alarm stock up wis ?. mueellasblj r A KAbOLb. eelhna rtgarale? of coat. IAPIE* CLOAKS AND 611tb. at ? treat r* J ductll u RKAL AMP 1mitatiu* LACKS. ______ I ih hi'BP AMI bb< B1VIB0 paily, ? iprae u imortintt t of dilllmbl 0c.jp8 Tba i i at eat ?tyla.ol UAT8?. kl pleow bb8. ?u. Alpo. ji bt bcrbiybp, w dona tmttna K ip gloves, all efcadee. and ttoe beetle tBe tuar Ac;, (wr #1 _______ \l'l INVITE tub i.API a3 TO CALL All) yy eiaanar uat ?*?*-! ir*rt? ij h HBLLEB. TIB marbpt Ppwa. 1 urfcllaltlci bpb.1iai.TIB8 podblagf. ? 1itu alii p-t*T. CbOL P. c0bset8, hkibth. BCBTLEB, tkkn1 h LACBPBY pompadocbb paps. 8HOULPBB BKA< e? uob1ebv. lapib8' OOTTOB ano mebibu ril'lkwbak. Kill 9lt. v bc Stock of r aficv ooude complete bovelttee wrfttal dally. ag?uc? for doireatic piuhlom (4k tr BOOKS AXP stationery. i'uk newrst pillicatiosb-1 hl?ck - 1 Oeueral Atlaa -.f the World,em!-racial laf ?< di'co*er1<?. r?w i m '?r!*e aid i?therr!i?n*ee. B'' J Hater ft'e of rbe llaltxl statea.jpaataa blal edrt*ot).?olmi?? S, fl m s. Orchard Oaltnre b? E 8 luud. ? ? ?l 4 ob Pertnan'.ati k?. i?r F bcl.ot/etl^-raer i v # Charcoal l avlaa, b? Allor??- fir m 'be fr?"?ch'. ?1. ? pliyeleal ??<< k*licioue K ' at-d?e. ??* Bl\b*. ? 1 5J. 7. > r>e? of paaiiiiar, bf dr b rh,|1.B 9 m'tnael. or. ir fbe iiepthe. b? in b'-wbaprt^. ? 175 9 L?eil- Tyrr?-ll, br oeorciatta x Creu. soc 1u P.?trj for H>>me a-jd School. 1?t Sana hat t r and Ida eli?t. fl ? 11 att?>>od* mode^a A nje?ican b< m eteade. m M. u Bbali .aradpat'la. ij m i Avery. bit' 13 Ancler.t k'l'tae, i > Tain. . #2 9il 14. florenca Marri at'? Lurkr i'? ai polntn fti? S.'>o. solomos8 a oh atsias, ageiiu laareuoe'e 'Pure linen ' Paper. *pm tr *<11 Pm.di) ivanla avrmie \|hb. BO i 1m ?POHl HB ?kcitih .'i WORK SELF MADE: Olt, OUT OF THE DKI'Tlli. pcbl18ued m Aft y YBAKS sih'ein TUB t> V.nn YOKK LEPIiEB. 18 NOW rub BALE in BOOK PoBM AT hbilmautobi'li booknborr. at 24 tr Cor 4 * *r*et aad Paana ave T~~~ he abk1ent KEGIMB A?? Talae bacltab Llu rature; 9 vola> ?J talaa. Toward- the 8trtl|ht ota By Rarr. Ptayer and Its bemarkable alia*era By pi pattob. lllaatraud remtnratary oa ti e Acta af tb< Aaoetlee h* Lyman AI>bott The Mariner ? rrograap. By ptircan Mac littfprivudi atolenvnnd Bf mle* mathea> robkalbhk vt>1 BALLA>r\\e. a?17j* 7th etrea*. \ k w B o o b B. ptaeaam nf the Bervoa* byetea Cloth, #<, eb<f p, 07 Bandbook of Arclutactanl Sty lea. by too. Attmai peraaftee and meaanatee By Vaa B?te den. internatu-nal Bel S?rl?a. fllu. A bbi.rt otatoiy ot Natural bciuuoa. By blcklrf ll^e of Aleiander Baallton: t eola. B? m Tbe Bat uat oa of Man in All A(ee. B> ecren vi llet Le Puc lllnetrated. JBS baiicrt'ft e blatery of tbe United State* oaa unary edition Votumea 1 and 9. |1 A vttoi. J net pnbuahx! aud for Bale bjr tr mohi i broB.. kll Pa a* MEN'S WEAR. SPUING GOODS. NEW STVLES FINE GOODS, TO MAEB TO mftaclbb SUITS TO ORDER, t BOM ?3i OP. READY MADE SUITS, FBOM bid cr. biapy madi SPRING OVERCOATS. ? 10 op. no# r it wbailt rmom ?i p. el?ga%,0tr7it ZfTl l2usb k ? th 1 *3j5jbt.otwb?r2rws2.8i ?.v/, jmssm it' j. w. PaBB, ] ri^bpt DBB8B bbibtb MAPB TO OMDBM

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