Newspaper of Evening Star, May 1, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 1, 1876 Page 1
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L OL 47-NS. 7.2PS. WASHINGTON, 1). C., MONDAY, MAY I, 187?. TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR u prBLISIlF.I) BlILY. ?aiHay? eirept?4, AT the STAR buildings, BT TheEfemnff Star Newspaper Oomparsy, M b h aufpmaxx, Pre*'t~ TBI Kvr^uio stab ii trrvf'l camsri to mu',%rn> j u Ten Cant* |*r wffk, or Fortj fi nr (>i i? p*r mo"'h. Ojxw* ?f tfi* cowt. Two Oct* t?wa. y?'.v ntatl - yntfaqg ptepani? Bl.ity a mor.Ui; oce ?t*r **. ThiWi r ki.t Star- j>'*u*s^j on _ $; a year, pottaytpre)yivt m/~ .ui ?nb*crip'ii?t$ imariabty in niraitrt. SPECIAL NOTICES. lbl(l;tUaOkSOK J.J. riSK Will _ Li< rt it r>Lr i ffcoa l hL'HMmV. 4th, _ S3' -!(<bci liA nun m * HiViLTON, n;?. jt | Balt.Bnn.tnA wed.] Ai?i|a? B'cV* THE J A r BON PBMO04ATI0 A*PO ?(r/ ? MTION ?|H iU"?t U Brrk ? Ul!l< ta^a i>> ? ar b-iween ft h at. 1 >11 itr*?t?, >>u TL'Ki llAi IVlM.Nu May M, It 7'-? o'clock. BykZi* Jt'UN K. SUHBJJ. Prrfaideiit. f55? THK MoRTULT Ml *>!*?? ?f th- Mab pprreof the WOIAH tM HK18TIAN A930 f i "Tii'* *il ? - b .1 ?l ihf H.??'>?? 1Mb atr* et KirdSrtr^'' TTBSDAY Maj'J it 1 p Bi Dett/tionai me-ting *t n o~> _M Mm. THOMAS WILSON Bacretnry. ? _j jj? fU?lli -AII iLen.ber- of WiBRf J LnTGB Nil ?? Fim tt4 Aeoeptrd Imam a - ??ruil) il to b? trp??n nt the r?x l-i Ut f.?ir ri util< allot. W Ei.ji ESI) A ? EV* ? SJ ?? .11, I?"6,?? t'l ion^'l Tit*l icp jrt ai?? c rna acda yoar a'*? ntt n C?crt*r fABDT BBICB. J*.. W M. 7JI.VAS P IF! L rxrtt?ry. nul 2i |T.=t? * >Ci ? I. Mfc?.Tl\;i ??K CHUWAMI U^/ >ViT N 'IT* Hl"t KN (AN B?NEYO I - T ei 'ItT i . N.. 1. Tflltt) M nday EVEN ING. M?? l-t. 1.-.... at 7?? ?? clock lh?mt><t<i>DC(' ?-t ? ? r> n.'i.a~r tarifl'r re-joeated Iia<iiiNi ??f n (ni'litt (n lw li.i'wtil H< n?d?r of the Pre : ||it| 8. M MOMIGLK, Se. y. I IK1BN1A3 t<? BEVOLKBT A-BOCIA Tl< N OF V Afb INGTON, I? t).? Men ln? i f 'In *^01 ?? A?? rla'.*-!. nre ti r-by nmilwt to a '? t a* th< ir i? i!l . ii il \ V, fcPN Ell) A Y MORN 1NO Mpy:V1 at ?* n dock ?b.t-p. in lu'l nil if-riD. to a'teidtlo* tri 'el .> ? ;r l*Tn liri'ihir M:- HAIL kit IP > **ld. Br crirr i" ibo Pr?>?i'!*<nt Dj I 'av H'HS H'l,<A N. K r F?c lit NOTl~S Ail r*r?-t.? b Mfn* < ? j?p'i ""n'trv ti. k ?:??? M Go Cum ? MiAid tt^ttiioR of "Th? lifik*- * knlti', ?i I I r<t( itirin in fwt rnicmttio'- on May 1st. >? ?: <1 VI. jSTS. Hid rf-c*-!** ore O. 9. M.>?b ''i*Ar ? ad rf?r>e tckat fret? of ch?r?<> at M GOLD f l BUS Calif m uta ??ore. Ml I'cud'i IvaiiiA aTfcue n4rr Metropolitan H t' I. itiyl St ?-jr?a ELC'TIOH nr 1-1 BE' TOKS ?aotlro i? ?/? b i* r.r ?lT?n ? th>- aldia1 mM-tiDg ?.! ??i- ST?>. SIIOI l?EH9 of Ut? ' * PITOL, *OVIH O CTItKlT ANl? ft>UTH WASHING ION kAll/WAY ? OMPANT, f.?r th* o* ?'xtlrg ?*??o airt<-trr?. will l><" beM at th* filice oi the Con pv j, re raer of 3<l an.l B ~trwt? #onth???t. ?B ?* Tl Rl'A V M%n 6 US. bfctwr. n the hotirt of )S?cl<ckiu full 1 o'cU r m <1 -aid day. b<- k* f< r tl>f t??n?W o? ttrrk will remain open BLtii VVEL > S.tsL>A* *YENIN?,\ B?rl l-7? S. K BOMD. President. W J. COV? 1M6. ge<r<-tary. myl 51 fS? T?* FRANKLIN CO 0PEHATIV1 Ikiy Blil.DINO AS- CI ATI1 >N will h Id it* Ptnh Antioal Wtetine MONDAY Ma? 1, 1"7?. At *14 7C* str?et norths ??! The iecretAty will i?iib* aiii bi> ASLcal r?port, the tl-cticn of ' fTicer* for the* I eg \ ?r will be teld. and genera! buslkeex a.ay be ittrodscid atyj acted opon. ai?it JSU JOY kDSON, Secretary. ? E<'B'.KroH N * TENNALLYTUWN K AlLKoAD COB I' AH > . ic >rp iratfii by ar. *f ('.>? creep, approved H iy 10th, KsTS Bo ks ?f *ab*rription ot the capital *tt< k will be open fr< u> May l*t to M*? V'b frotn lu a to. to .? p m , at M)d>lirton m Co ? Kank. F -treet. ne.i.- 13:1, atre^t; ?crrla Addler'p Stoie, 1V3 Bride- atreet, i.oorce tcac.ADd ltiith Sb>?etMAfcer'aPtjre.Tencallytown. A I* v A BI?<?N . (Secretary. ? HAS rit'K EH Preaident,-' apl'' It Board of Incorporator*. PkMMMSUIP AT MU^lMESS COL w^? I.Er; e, certt r of 7tL and L itreete oortkwe*t. The laipe ornr.ter of p? ra-n* 'liiable to propprly ?perform the dntiee o! tl rical ar.d oth ir p ni iwa on a> ct nnt > f thtir poor panatanakip. pad tb j?c ?ho ?ii*??i!l brt deeire to write better. have an cp p< rtnaity of takif.e a c-nri>e of Iwim aJ*pt?l to th?lr ?:>. In in* the ir )titn < ' May. Haintar tory io prj? etrt n' eaatantr. d to th*j a:ti>&ti>e Tu4 tloo. 55. Special difCjQ&t to Cl".b? of 'bree or ? ap: kf TO tl HOPE 13 TOUAISTS. Ibe Amert an Line of Ma'l 5?eair."ra fr<>ni PHila dclpb'a I. r Lire p ? I. 'la ?? ^ee^tr.>?n. f?jrw(iich we pr* ?r ?t?. ? Beta .".a* rtar in n omenta to prrr ?*(>*11111(1 Kurop*.- It:- ri' ? ?ri s?|-*Mpn> ??t.e?- flr?r r|?-? 1 ue. U K ? ILL SILL. TICa?T< HY THIS LINE rikt( T ? KOM WA.-HlN'IT >N AT 9WIE BATE A-? llAKUfcl) FROM PHILADELPHIA Tt e'? 1 ^11 aLipa pre entirely aew ail sjlecdiJIy e?iu;fP*d. U D t?0Kt. Js ,1 CO.. Hnl rt, axil ?l If ?tre?t, uear l"i- *j iry. |T=3? INTEKKST ~T?raora c< !::!?!? M will do wel! to c*11 f-n H P. COOKE. Jh. I CO., BMik'ti. t a:r?-<;, i."*r T><a?nry Cepartmea , who pa; H:kU--: Bii-a for t'?b).<:!>? and Ot Id. ai>24 Jt kr? LINCOLN HALL "tJATl Kl)AY EVLNISG.AT 7 O CLOCK. i j J OX MASS memtjxds. ADl'BE?K9 TO YOl.NG OONVEHT;'. B> l>ra. Banki* and Bites. P2AISE HIKTIBO. Bivc by CORSET ard OBe.AN ap.7 tr wto? HOME Ml'TI AL HCILDINCi AM >CI ATION Orpat.1 'tl Jaranry, 1S76.)? Thiid rtgnlat meetiiiK for payment of Uuea and anb-tcrlp kioa to *to^k. MOBIDA Y M n let, 187C, af 7 o'ckx k p ai.. at Sanfetl and Hall.C4>ru?rr 8tk ?Ld K Ptr-et n<rtb?cat. Entra: 11. 'lb itreft S?:*rea ? 'J?' ?t:?? ?1 p-r m utn on each ahare No prtmium Bntil ftirtker notice ap2S <ls.I IRVING WILLIAMSON 8e;. tOLLEl'TOR 8 OPPICK. I' 1STBif'T nr OOLPMBIA, Wi'HWiy April ?ii.litt. imfbhtaxt TO 7^xpayhks The attention of ail oeBtraof real e-:ate in tha Ifiatrict of Colntrbia 1* hereby calleti to thef?ct tbat a penalty of two per cent, in ad i.a a to the rnaltj a.ready accrued will,on the F;t-i lat of at, be iuipoaeil apoi. all nni aid taxep for the enr r^ai year endl g *, 1<"?: ard alao, that th# < Ile?tor of Tazeawill on the First l*y of M*y prume t^Kio prepare a ^omplete'lUt of all taxop ?n real property in arrearp in -aid lata, to be ad - aerttaed within ten daia thereafter, in auraaacce cf tfce act of Conxre-a, approved March Id K# ayU-M JOHN F COOK, Collector D. C. T H B B B 9 T . Ill Bl'KN S BODA WATIR. If ATI' Ra L SPR1HU U ATE US oa liracght. ICS COLD TEA, COI1 1 EE and CHOCOLATE 1449 ri5*!UVA51A AV1SIB, apll tr near WlUard'a. |^? UBBBY I8B GABNKTT. attorxhr AT LA w. >?. 1 Columbia Law Building, BplS -B S'h atrcet, bet D and E. >*. w WHITaKEH. ?V??-m c.ttim on ' Ci> '-i'tim A- ? Jo. 715 U' i ktraei, r.' tr Tr?*.<-'iry 1 ? p^rtoient Dfatrict VlnlBi, Feaak u BBd B mty CUim< a ppet.aliy. apll TO OAS COKBI MKBS. Botlce !a btrefcy ihat r>n May 1. 1*76. Ike ne: price cf g i" will be rtdaced to ti.ji par 1 OOO Cnbtr Feat. (llAULE-i B It A IL Y, feble<iw)tMl Pec K ukiii|tui. Gwltdit C?. Nat..;. - BXHAUSTION.-A M(?di.-il F??ay . r. in priaiuK a aeriea of lectnrea ?J??liC ered at K*ta a Mu-tuit ? t Anatciiy, New York oa the c?- a:>d cure of P'fn: ttnre Decline, ahow ng it.<! ipput .My b w loet health may be regaiu?d, afFi'rdiag a clear ayn- pti* of the impeditbiii't to *aarria?e, ar. i the ireatmert cf &t-ryon* aid phy.i cai j, b- 1 .( 'h- reault of 2U ita'?" -1 p^ri-'ace. Frice, 15 centa Ad<Jre?a !h>? anrhor Dr L J.Kahe. offlte ?nd residence. At la,! 15 h at., }i I tpl $4 li 1) OOOB K J H Jl CO , BABBBBtf. Bpil tr 1?1 F *tr?et. B 1 it A TM1 Kb > KB DA LL, Ba7 < ?w**?r a a*enne, *ai.* 3a. ATTnkmkt AT ha w, 'Lk* 1? JOHNHOM * CO., J? A x A SMS. 0wnr of !0:? lai Aera**, Dealara la GoTern<r?at aid DUtrict Secarirjep Fje?tan Fnrbauge and O 1! a?p.4 ly >bamiel o *oT;t?(j! ~ SOTA li If ri'BLIO, aetlf tf Off' v?Stak Boilsim. OPTICIAN - 7' ?? ''1/' M) newly in'Pnted By b ma-iu'ac Bar* - ?u -mmm%.r Pi ) ' fla-a ? . le w .rId. They can be B'>r ? t? exactly fir the ? ' ?itkonr aai p.iL - mip eaaanl feellag They adeof e ./iliai p>i>l'l* ard tk* apply ti*?n ? >l ? ? > n'am For peatceas and ligbiD?-i 1 e? r ? ? ? . pa?. ..' MfA>ure takua a-.d ' rd?r ? I.C ? l>a?? <Ll . \MjSS 1J-J1) Ppnn 1 at . apt* laip tr I Tri.tvr. i-atri 'e- and Manuiartoier. AMkLII * C?? orriciaxs, r-y^"fc ie UHT Pixnolva . a Aniri B " eo*'ii Brpriitaq Pebble SpectaciAa dec7 ly.litp IAVMRU IAFE KNOT MU Cflrarr 15;* #. aa-f i??>e York artnn*. FIB It AMD BIB'jLA K PBOOF VAULTS. All k>n<ta of valuables taken on d'paalt Bafep for rtiii Office fet ora. * a. bi to 4 a m. ?BO h. PLABT, Prep1d?Bt. GBO. W. BIGGS, Vice Prtpideat. ?M eoly B P 8MYDBB. Bacratar* _ Bt/ATCHBST JBWBLBT, B1LYBB AS D YF rLATIBWikl, AT GBBATLT BB- Jtv DICED FBlCBfl FOB TUB BEXT SO w. a. *AfrA?i, Jeweler, 90k F Ptreet. Baacolc T? uple, j^Mt^fcr Bsc AMauraat 1 Beilabla Pattar l* t H IS EVENING STAR. Washington Newj and Gossip. '*ovijisjubt Receipt* To-day inter nal revenue, 27; customs, <4)0,'>76.13. Dili. Sh.vid?The President signed to day the deficiency appropriation bill. Tnr Attorney (ir\tK.u went to N'cw ? < rk this morning. He lg expected to return next Thursday. 1KEASCRFR N E\v goes to Boston this e^ emrg on official business, to be gone a trout two week". Hors* Appointments.?H. C. Smith, of *'lchl?i?n.iias been appointed journal clerk of He l!ouH' of Representatives. and Walter Frtcch.of Massachusetts. tally clerk. Naval Orpers?Mate Samuel Ge?, de tached from the navy yard at Weshln?ton, D. c., and ordered to the lug Sea Wee J, at League Island, Pa. THEspcclal committee of tire Senafetoin vestfjrate the late Mississippi election will not 1?are for Jackson until after Tm:r<iay of the preseiit week. 31R II" endeavored at 2 o'clock this afttri.oon to have tljp rules suspended a? d the specie resumption act repealed. The resolution to that efTVct was defeated. Tnr Kilijotrn Case. ? A bill was intro duced in the House *o-day to prevent the speaker from certifying to the courts the case of any contumacious witness held in the ens tody o( the sergeant at-Arra< with out an order from the House. HLAINE I>ELt?;ATEH Elected A tele gram rect ived here to-day states that the second district of Georgia has elected dele gates to the Cincinnati convention with In junctions to vote first, las: and all the tune fur .lames (i. Blaine, of Maine. Amon?. those who called upon the Presi dent today were Gov. Kellogg, Senators Sargent. Allison. McCreery, Windom, and Patterson; Hepresen tat Ives Goode, Toorn ?d- d,l <N-Y " Pierce? "a"1. Jaoo->?, ami Piatt (\a.), and a committee of thi national pensioners union. 1'ersonal.?Senator Wright returned to his seat In the Senate this morning after a brief absence. ????Ej-Senator Stockton, of NVw Jersey, occupied a seat on the floor of 11 e senate to-day. ??? Mr. Joseph Macfar land, the well known newspaper correspon d. nt. is quite ill at Iiik residence In this city. The President, his Cabinet, and both Houses of Congress have been officially in. vited to be present at the opeulog exercises at1.1 dar t upon the Centennial exposition in I fuJdi clpbiu on tfif ictn iMst. Tiic 6i|)anfifs ?i"'" <* horr e by the individuals acoepllu* tne invitation. ? i. 8. Naval Vessels Arroad - Toe *<!pply, with articles for the CentennUI from Europe, arrived at Gibraltar. April ? th. aLd April sth wa< getting under way to rHnri. to the United Slates Tii-* Franklin the tlag-sblpon the European sta'iou arrived at \ Hie t rancln- April 12th. i or tiik Centennial ?Workmen wero busily engaged at the War department this r? o'xlng packing the portraits of thedlfTer " 1 ^errelaries of War and prominen' rais 'o be sent to the Centennial exhibitloo < o* spicuous anion- them was the p'ct-ire < i cx-Se* retary Btlkr.ap Si ( SET MiET^g OF C'OMHITT^E-. n.e lIo-ee f0 (jay by yea, j25( navs vIlot f wo-tLliJs), refused to order tha: the several .t vestiga'tng committees conduct their pro with optn dons. Subsequently a ie o'u'ion was passed directing tha: the U* rs be opened when the public interests would not be interfered with by such a '?< i.i e. and allow any one a-cased the , tivi'ef* of being present when witnesses fir examined. An amendment to the legislative bill m?.fosed i?y Mr. G lover, of Missouri, in dorsed by Mr. Randall. and adopted by the House, was intended to prohibit the employ ment of extra clerks and other employes ?* ?ut tnedej a. tments. to he paid out of sur plus aud con: Jr gent funis. whfch, if t.ol ex pended in this way, would be paid back to the Treasury. Mr. Glover, however, male bis amendment so comprehensive that no :ederal office hoider except tho->e specially piovided lor by the legislative, Jjdlcial and executive bill will be able to bold office or draw salaries a Tier theexplratloa of the cur rent fiscal year i; the mistake is not rectified in the Senate. The Weather in April The me teorological summary foj April at this station, prepared by Theodore Mother, jr.. signal service observer, shows:?Hii; ba romcter 30."!i.? . Jd); lowest barometer, - - Hthy, highest temperature, 78 deg owes: temperature, A deg.; prevailing di rection ot wind, northwest; greatest veloo it/?1 wind,32 miles per hour, at 5 35p.:m. of tbe ;th aLd at 4 35 p. m. of ihe >oth; total number or miles. S,.*?'.; number of clear days, V. number of cloudy days. 1; number of days on whjch rain or snow Tell, l.;. number of fair days, <. comparativetemperatures?isTi, s; t; deg : 1*72. 5.; 2; 1*73.?^; 1>C4, 4-.H;p<73, 4S.1.1K76, ?14; comparative preclpiution ? istj. t 54 1.74. 1(C5. 3. lit; 1874. ?-.&>; 1*7 >, Th* Mast Merritt Investigation Assirtant Solicitor Koblnson. of theTrea-i. ury dejartmeut. and Mr. Films, a clerk in the Solicitor's ottlce. testified before ttie Committee on K.xptfuditures in tn-Treasur y department this morning, as to the practice of settlirg disputed cases beiore the depart, meiit The evidence was mainly corrobora te of th# witness l.yman. Secretary Bris tow made a statement that he never had ai ything to do with the Mary Merritt case alter he became Secretary of the Treasury that l.e was absent when It was settled by Mr. t. in New York, but he did n 't nitar. to tmpiv that the remission of ttie tint, si cuid not bave been ordered. He denied in teMralall the allfnations contained in the resolution of Judge Cate, upon w>io?e In stance tLe Investigation was ordered. "Inflation" and Irs acraor ? Mr. Charles <iayler, "dramatist," has a i>onder ous attack In the upon .Manager John T Ford, charging that his GaylerA i play of "Iiiflauoii " came to jjriff In WashiugtOn a:>d Haltlmore because of Ford s failrra to put it upon the stage properly. Mr. Gavler nted not lay that Mattering unction to Ms soul. His play failed from .is own inherent faults, as the stupidest, dullest abortion In the way of dramatic composition e\er in tllcted upon an American audience. The only fault to be found witb Mr. Ford in the matter Is in having allowed himself to be imposed upon to the extent of aMowine such ?n infernal piece of stupidity to go upon his stage, and if. as Gayler alleges, Ford as*ed him to relinquish his engagement after the first night s performance, the public will say that Mr Ford stowed good sense in try ing to net rid of the nuisance at the earliest possible mcmenL The President and the Pensioners I'mon ?The public have been made aware of the organization of a pensioners' union in s city, the objects < w ? , ?ii #? j--1 to imi'e , e lensiouers tbr<. uh< t the eountrv. 1., ? usrclai ar dprot. - ?? : . m s. rtMeom "1 S>- ! : ?'??<?*?. cousunug <1 Alessis. Keevts, f.--, ?(, Hand (Wav iMilou, Brower, Glenn ai d Howling met al lue executive mansion Ibis moriiing at a few minutes beiore 11 and were personally introduced to tbe I les dent by Mr MscXulty, who briefly stattd the object of their visit, vli that in \itw of the proto?ed reduction of the force U'-iV? several executive departments, the I residn t u?e his lniluenoe f?r the retention of f \s<dlers. espe.Mally those disabled, in '*?? service. The Pr-?ijent said that he nad always favored Such a policy, and would do an5 thing in his power to carry out ?he wishes of the commute*, but added that l.e did not have much influence with the present Honse of Representatives. It was suggested by the chairman (Mr. McNultyi that he use bis Influence with the several heads of detriment* In furtherance of the nbjM ts of the Committee, to which the Pre ?itt?rf repll?d as before, that be would do ??llt he could in that direction. The Public Debt. The recapitulation or the statement of the public debt of the United States for the month of May, 1870, just issued, is as follows: O'll b'tirmt inurtrt in coin. Bund* at 6 percent 9W4.M 660 00 Ik into a; 3 per ceut 7?0 t>S7,stK) 00 ?1.695.041,4*) 00 trarm* in"rnt >it 'awful nt. rtty. Navy pension fond at 3 p< r cent? 14 J0P.000 00 p-l't on which interest has ? nice maturity ??? 4t4 170 26 l)> Kt btartn* no tnttrtrt. Old demand ami l.c.d tender note*... ?370,59; 03.^ 5> ? ? < f deposit 33,*<i5,tKI0 0 1 Fractional (tiwicy WjMJV 4S Coir, certificates 27.975.7C0 IX) ?473,096.777 9a T ?s?l del>? - 2* interest ~ ? 33 :i7 T tal debt, principal and interest *^.^24.V9^73 61 Cd'A in the Trtafwy ? ? '??in S77.en?,4*l 81 Cirmc] t,i: ,:.ij ?i Special <!? p-?it hi Id f.>r rcd>-inpti< a . 1 certificate* of <lepo*it an pro< i<J nl by law 35.6?5,000 00 .?116,4.31,615 n Pefct. If-* cr.-h in tho Treasury ?M?r 1- 1^6 ?2.10* 93*,?s 39 pi I t. less ra'li in the Treasury, ap:il 1,1*76 2.110,719 439 S8 Dscrea?e of debt during the mob'li ?2.781,381 ?9 Decrease ?.f di Lt eincc June 30,1S73... ?tT.7iO.4S7^3 Itend* i?-ned to the Pneiftc Railway Companies, i'ten st payable in lawful money? Principal out ? ii dinp. ?t>l.fc!3.M2.0l): interest serried ana not vet r I, ?1?".'*2.470 24; interest pan! by the Unit'1 S? ?tes, y.Hi.141.613 mi; Interest repaid by tr*n-<p.>.-ta t..-n el' mail", ere.. ?'i,7s7,672 43; balanc" ot interest paid Ij the United States. ?23.353 840 63. The IliMrirt In Congr?*)*. 1STKRFST ON THE 3 05 BOSPS. In the House of Representatives this morn is g. Mr. Barnum offered the following bill, wnich was referred to the Committee Appropriations: That in order to carry out Hie pledge upon the part of the Unite! States in sectu.n 7 of an act of Congress approved IX)th, 1*71, f milled "An act for the gov eri irniit of the District of Columbia, and for ? ther purposes." and in order to prevent default or ilelay In payment of the interest on the bonds authorized by said aet, which interest is, by an act approved February jrah, 1K7-V amending *ald act of June 2Uh, Ih74, made payable at the Trea*-urv of the United States, the Secretary of the Tretsury Is hereby authorized and directed to pay the interest on said bonds when and as th? same shall mature, at the Treasury of the United states and at the oftice of the Ass., tant Treasurer i* Xei York. To reimburse the I nltcd States, the Corninlssloners or the i_Ms trict or their successors In oflice are hereby directed to transfer to the United States Treasury the sums advanced for the pay ment of the semt-annal Interest falllngdue on said bouds, from any revenues of the Dis trict subject to their requisition. A I'ETIT I ON, largely signed, has been presented to tUe Senate praying the removal of the ? l>aa:h 1 ?ep->t' established by the District Hoard of Health, on H street, near the Metropolitan railroad. It vras referre.l to the Coaraiitee on the DU trict of Columbia. THK NEW HOARD OK HEALTH RtLT,. The bill - to abolish the present and to es tablisli a ctw Board ol Health for the Dis trict of Columbia,"' which the House Com mittee on the District has agreed to report favorably, as stated lu Saturday's Star, provides Toat the present Board cf Health f rtiie District of Columbia, together with ell offices created unuer it, be aioltshcl. Jj.cllvn 2 create* a Board of Health ft r the 1 trlet. which siiall be composed of th9 at torney for the District of Columbia, a medi cfil ellicer of the army, an officer q[ itie engi eer corps of the arm*-, aud one citizen of ? e Utetrlct oi ColmnMa, to be appiiut<\i U iiially by the officers above name I; the '? eoicai oliicer to be detaileil by the Sur-'eou General ol the army, au.t the tiill. er of tne pgineer corps by the Sec.i tary of War or foe chiet of that corps. The said citizen ? 1 all be a tax payer in the District of Col umbia, and sbPH not. while a member of the Hoard of Healt.', hold acy oilier office ot iro&t either uncer the governnieut of the I nlted States or of the District of Columbia. Sfc 3. The board shall meet weefcly,a:id e.u-h member shall rfcelve a salary at the ia?e of ?5 p>er week,and this shall be in adiil ;on to the reauiar pay of^ue officers detailed ?or duty 011 sail iwiard, and for each nou ;ittendance at a weekly mpetiriij the m-^mher so failing to attend fchall forfeit that week's salary. 8ec. 4 The board shall appoint annually a l:e?Itiiofficer, who shall be a resident of the District, and learned lu the scleuce of medi cine. He shall be secretary, registrar of vital statistics, and executive officer of the board. He shall not, while holding office the board, en sage In the practice of medicine, but shall devote all his time to the duties of his office, and shall receive a saiary of "0 per annum. Sec. ?>. Tne board shall have authority to establish, at convenient localities in the District of Columbia, public dispensaries for the supply of medicines and medical as sistance. gratuitously, to the stck poor; and may contract with existing medical colleges, lio"pitals, and dispensaries to supply me l lclries ami medic%i aid to the poor: l'rnr>:ided. /io/ ever. That no salary shall be paid to any physician connected with any such college, hospital, or dispensary, nor shall any al lowance be made to any such Institution lor house r< nt. All such expenses incurred by the e>tabllshment of dispensaries, or by con tracts made wlthany Institution for the sup ply of medicines and medical aid to the poor, ^hall be defrayed by the government of the District ot Columbia. Nec. i?. The duties or sanitary Inspection siiall be performed, under sucu rules and regulations as the board may adopt, by the physicians appointed to the public dispen saries established by the ooard. and wnen necessary, the commissioners of police shall detail one patrolman to perform the duties of sanitary inspection, under such rules and r- Kulations as maybe adopted by the cm current action of the board of health and commissioners of police : Provid I Tnls sec tion shall not be construed to authorize an Increase of tne police force of this DiKtrict. Sec 7. All appropriations made by Con gress for the support of any hospital, eiiher in whole or in part, shall be disburse! under trie direction of the Surgeon <?enerai of the (Tnitad States PrmfUk >. IMt tne rales allowed by him siiall not exceed one per day for each patient actually treated In each hospital. Tne Surgeon Gen eral shall prescribe rules and regulations governing 'he admissions to such hospitals, ai d to enable him to discharge ihesea ldi tiot al duties, he is hereby authorized to appoint one clerk of class one. |r Si c. v No salaries shall be paid U) any medical orticer other than the resident physician connected with any hospital sup ported in whole or in part by the govern ment of the United States. Th* Western Union Teliukaj-h Com pany has purchased the franchises of the Southern and Atlantic Telegraph company. This gives the former company a monopoly of all the lines south of Washington. A Boston Conscience.?The Secretary of the Treasury has received ?.">o from Boston, which has been placed to the credit of the conscience fund. There was no communica tion accompanying the money. t The reported death of Captain Harry \\ i it; t, the base bailer, was a hoax. #/-The Centennial commissioners have m ? oi sidered their action of last Friday, and now both the grounds aod buildings are to be cloud on Sundays. ?y-Ralph L. Rollins and B. Johnson have been sentenced at Chambersbnrg, Pa., for robbing the national bank of that place, to solitary confinement Tor ten and eight years respectively. ayThe western German bank at Cincin nati was robi>ed of $1,700on Saturday. Three men entered the bank, and while two en gaged the clerks the third abstracts the money. The Western Union Telegraph Co., havim: been denied at law toe right to set their j^ies iu the streets ol Ph. ladelpbla, are now applying to the common council for permission. e^The Universalis! church at Bridgeport, Ct., is violently at war with respect to tneir iema!? pastor, R?v. Mrs. Olympta Wiflls.oue party desiring to have a man in the pulpit. The Inwnnr Asjlna Inventiffatioii. TIIIC TISTImoxt to day. The Committee on the Expenditures of the Interior department resumed th<>lr lnves'l u'e or the u. 9 Iiialle Asy lum tills niornlog: hJVi' !i * bricklayer, testiSed that he has worked at the insane asylum otr and HeKalJbe knew about the booy that had been testified to as having been buried without a coffin, ana that ha saw the body when if was placed 11 the cof . .^4 r<\se8 1f "uelty to patients were re ported to Dr. N lcbols. Witness never re. porwd a case in all the time ho had been employed there, because none of the attend ants had struck a patient in his presence. J jr. H*. H*. y odd in testified that he resides at Taunton. Mass , where he is superintend ent of the Massachusetts state lu atic hos pttai. Has been there for six ye?.rs. Mas sachusetts has three asylums, and another I now In erection. Has nearly 7o> pa Dents under his charge. Has 1...? acres ! attached to the asylum, abaut one -half of which Is woodland. Before giing there was about seven years at tfis Cuilei States | Insane asylum here, as au assistant physi ! cian. Before going User? bad been turea | years at an asylum In Xcw Hampshire, thinks that he could unqualifiedly endorse t:ie system of Dr. Nichols of treatment of the i it sane. Thinks that Dr. NlcboN ,s admira bly qualified for the position of superintend entof the asylum. Knew Jolin A. Darling, who was employed as clerk at the asylum. : Know that lu ik 6 Darling was employed I nominally as clerk, but really as a copyist. He did not act as steward, except at times, in regard to the irregularity of paying nr employes at the asylum, kjew mat tnere was a delay iu paying otr sometimes, from various reasons. The "back" wardsare those in the rear part of the buildings, wnere , troublesome patients were kept, it was not true, as Darling said, that but little alien I iion was paid to the patients in t*ie 4*ha ; wards Cannot recall any lack of eflort to i keep Those wards clean. Negligent and un faithful employes were dismissed. Do not think the "back" wards were fi!thy. Dr. Mchols wa? supposed to have assistants competent enough to take charge of these patients. Did not think that it was pos sible for Dr. Nichols to make a personal visit to each patient every day. He ? Dr. N generally visited ail of the wards on every Sunday, though he often made visits to some of the patients during the week. Have known of quarreling and lighting among patients to take place at night. It was a common tv,ir.g, Separation always followed. Never Knew a death to occur from inl irv received from one patient to anoLher. Never knew of one patient killing another daring the seven years while he was there. Dj Dot know of any death that wag not recorded. Knew nothing of a patient being killed by another patient by having bis skuIi crushed in by being struck with aa Iron bedstead. There were no midnight burials there; gen. erally buried about dusk. Wit less always read the burial service, and never used a liRot for that purpose. Had then* been any ViV burials iie would havt? heard of It. Witness was not in charge of t'ie vlilent ware's, hut was in charge of the fun ale si Jc ot the asylum. There were three night watchmen up all night, one on male side one on femttle side and one on outside of tae utuiuirg. li fg not an uocoiumoD oev*r rei ce for patients to have vermin npoii lli-m when they come to the asylum; alwavs take particular pains to rid the patients of thtm Do not remember thai Darling ever testified' beiore in relation tj the killing of three pa tients. Darling was a wltmss before the previous investigating committee, but did cides VRiBt.hnf 8 1,1 reg'?\ 1 t } these honii i ?'^btsecrs or unofficial visi'ors a^e ;niy allowed to go through some of ihl \V only those where there are no 5o5 V? .patien,s- Itefnpmber the Ambrose iase; the boy was an imbcclle. He was not under his Immediate c harge. T^e pr; vlous iivcsiisauon of the insane asylum wis ia i>i.y. By Mr. Mutch!er?Don't think tha' pa tunts could have been ki..rd a i t buried without him knowing of it: was confident Hat Dr. N Icbois co r.d attend to all of 1.1s duties as supeilnti nient of the farin of J<*) acres, superintend the construction of buildings, make all the purchases of all things, stores, Ac necessary, attend to his unties as a member or the hoard of police, and aiso attend to the medical treatment of U.e patients at fhe asylum. Dr. Nichols made a practice of going through all of the wards of the hospital on Sunday. He also wei t through with the board of visitors the Him Tuesday of every month. Tne board of Vis J tots arrived some time after oue o'clock 1q the afternoon and remained there several hours. After going through the asylum thev held a meeting iu their own room. Dr Nicl o!s w ex-oiliclo secretary of the hoard of visitors. By Mr. Woodwortb.?The only way ho hai to ascertain what took place iu other parts of the asylum, except the female side, was to go through the other wards every Sunday wiih Dr. Nichols: aud besides that all cases or importance (violence, or anything unus ual,) was reported to him, he being th- tlrst assistant, physician. ursi By Mr. Mutchler?Do not remember of ?Mrs. Ambrose calling upon him and asking to ?ee her son. or of having refused her that privilege, or ol saying the boy was so violent he would kill her. Dr. Eathnan, superintendent of the insane asy ium at Worcester, Mass., will be exam ined to-morrow. In answer to a question irora the chairman of the committee,counsel for Dr Nichols said that they would require this and next, week to submit all iheir evidence. Th9y wante to answer all tbe charges thathad been rnado against tlie asylum. The comml; tee then adjonruued uutil to row morning. AfiA1 v?The Wilming ton vN. c.) Post priiits a letter, dated April 13, aD.i signed S. Trlvett, which ?av* -o i my way from Marion, N C., to He'naerso i ville on last Saturday, about 5 p. m, while parsing the base of Bald Mountain, near the McDowell ai d Henderson County liae> i heard a rumbling like unto heavy bla?un" or The report ot heavy c*nnonat a mile s o?f *P.we.- insisting ot three different reports ail within one half minute's time. I felt no shock, and upon inquiry mala of persons a?ot % the load I was inform* I that the i? ]H?rt waa generally beard, and by some at twenty milts distance, while some wao live near ssy It was the loudest report that they ever heard from old Baldy. and tha' tti. v felt the earth tremble distinctly, and tn<it a;ey have heard :t several times tbisSprinif Now. whatever may be said of the rumblin? in the mountain heretofore. I know nothing" but I am certain I am not mistake*! in what I here -tate."' How It Wii.l Hr? People who receive psper small notes are inclined to hold them in order to get enough to chang.- for coin lho*e who have obtained coin are so pleased with the novelty that they retain n inn'ead of putting it to Its only useful purpose as currency. If this state of things were to con tinue for a long time it would occasion great Inconvenience, no doubU But it will not continue. There is a supply of sll ,-er in the sub treasuries sufficient for all the demands that can possibly be made tipoa them in many months, and, meantime, tlie miut? fJe.tu/R?n* oul coiu al a rate faster than that of the issue by the government. Not a very large proportion of the people can af ford to keep a haudful of silver merely as a curiosity tor any long time. As soon a* the novelty has worn off it will be found that the coin will circulate as rapidly and easily as paper has circulated in the past [Uotfon Advertiser Shall Women Hold Ofkicf??The Board of Freeholders in Jersey city has once more decided to remove Mrs. Jones the present keeper of the Hudson County Jail, and Michael Nathan has been appoint ed in her place. If Director Halsted ap r roves the appointment then will commence the ?reat struggle. Mrs Jones stated yester day that she will not surrender the office till the court of last resort decides the a uestion whether she hold- the office legally A'torey General Vanatta has given an opinion in writing to the board of Freeholder* that a woman cannot legally hold the office of Jailer In the State. Director Halsted will sin ounce bis decision ia the case at the meeting of the Board on Monday.? Y Herald, 29th. 1 A Lady of Nibvk?Ab English lady w*s sitting on a lawn with her threa young children playing around her, when there came Into the enclosure a rabid dog. pursued by men who were determined to kill him Instead of screeching and wildly grasping her children, the lady rushed forward and seized the dog's head in the folds of her dress holding him until relieved by the men, and so all escaped unhurt. WA Chinese governor has set his face against official corruption, aud threat?us that any of his subordinates who may be de tected taking bribe* shall be decapitated. i> on Ir-FO UK TH COSG H E W Montiav. May 1. SENATE?Mr. Withers printed a m*? rocrlalof Ricbinov J Chamber of Commerce in favor of the metric system of weights and measures. Ktfcrnd to the Commlltw on Commerce. Mr Hitchcock presented memorial of citi zen* ot Nebraska In favor of the release of K O M- Condon. Referred to Committee >J Foreign Relatlnna Mr. Stevenson presented he sal 1 th?hu n Me fctll'on of several hundred citizens of Kentuckv against the importation, sale and ii a?ufaciurr of apiriteons liquor*. Riferred to Commit tee on District of Columbia. A'?o petition of citizens of Keutucky asking The rep*al of the special resumption act. Fi lial ce Committee. M r. Hamlin c-tlled up hi* motion to amend ti.e rules of practice of the .Senate when kit tirg in IMITA? HMFST rRorFfDlSO*. so r? to provide t mt all questions which may arise shall be considered with open Ooors. a:.d also permitting of limited debate on the questions on which debate is not no* In order. Mr. H. said his object wastogue to the rublic the reasons why the Senate ar rived at its conclusion*. He knew of no rule tow which prohibited Senators from statu g what took piace in the private con sultatiors. bTit it was very poss'ble that Sen ators might misconstrue theremarks of each other. It w.ts therefore thought best that the eonsu!?ations should be open. He loofc??d upon the^privateeonsultatious as too much like star chambeF deliberations, line Sena tor had remarked by him that It was the tirst time he had ever heard of a proposition to make deliberations of a jury public, but he (Mr II.) did not regard the Senate in the light of a jury. He saw nothing at a' 1 to be gained by continuirg these private consul tat ions. Mr. Edmurds said he shou'.d re?m very much to see this motion adopted. He hud never heard in a civilized country ol Judges deilbe rating pibl'c. He thought it would lead to very b*d results. Another objection was that human nature was such that It was much harder for a man to change an opinion which lie had spoken in public ihan If had uttered it In private. It would be a grievous error in a great mauy respects to adopt this mottou of the Senator from Maine. He won Id be very loth to enter the debate'and harangues with his brother i(idg??s iur the amusement ol the galleries and the countfl. Opinions that Senators*expressed would be taken hold of and distorted, and conclusions would be drawn as to the results which would Dot be justified. Mr Conkllng pointed on? what he regaitKi as inconsistencies in the rules as they now stand. He alluded to the fact that on Fri day the managers and the counsel were pnr mitted to discuss an order adopted bv the Serate in the private consultation. If the order had been adopted in public no such thing as this would, of course, have bean peimitted. As now advised, he felt Inclined to vote for the motion of the Senator from Maice, for he did not see any reason what ever for the senate returning to liscussiu terlocutory questions. l ending discussion. Mr. Sherman submit ted a communication from the commission er of internal revenue, stating that certain special taxes due on the tirst of May I cnuId rot be collected unless the Senate passed House joint resolution concerning rpecial tix stamps. The House resolution | afousald was then taken up and passed. i THE IJ? 1'EACHMf NT TRI 41.. The hour of 12 30 p. m. having arrived all if gislative business was suspended and the | Senate proceeded to the consideration ol the | articles of Impeachment exhibited by toe House of Representatives against W W Be, knap late Secretary of War. G< n. Belknap and Messrs. Blair and Car penter,ol his counsel, entered the cnanibc-r and took their seats. The secretary was not;tied to inform tde House thai the Senate was ready to proceed. The managers of impeachment were an i oui ted and conducted to their seats. The minutes of the impeachment pro?aed rgs ot Friday last were read. The ( hair then stated the peuding no tion to be of Mr McDonald to reconsider the ? rder permitting the ce>unsel for the respon 1 dent to close the argument on the question of inrisoiction. Mr Edmunds moved that the Senate re lire for consultation, but withdrew his mo tie>n temporarily at the request of Mr. Blair. Mr. Blair said since the region, on Friday last, he ha-! male examination into this iuestlon. He heptd the Senate would not reconsider its order. He referred to the Bar iti:ri! case, which bad been cited by the other -?hie. and maintained that the counsel she,rdd hHve the right to close. Theyclaim^d that throughout the government ha 1 male ! n i case. This was tbe affirmative, and hence j they held they weie en titled to the close In 1 1 reference to English custom, he said the | House of Commons in impeachment pro ceedings wasalwnys considered a< a suitor at the bar of the House of Lords. As an American lawyer he was not very familiar with impeachment proceedings, as we bad not much experience iu that line In this country. Mr. Manager Lord said the managers re quested that four of the managers desired to be heard on the question or jurisd'etion in stead of three. They saw by the order of the Senate that there were five distinct proposi tion to be considered. As to the question of time, they had nothing to add to what tbey had already said. | Mr. Manager Hoar said every court of im I peaebmeut had its own rule* of evidence. its own rules of practice, and its own method of procedure. This was the highest co irt known to the country, composed of seventy sour Senators selected as the first in chara> - | ter. knowledge and understanding of constl ! tutional law in their respective states It takes two thirds of these to convict, and in this fact the accused ban ample complica tion for every other Inconvenience to which he may be subjected. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. - Under the regular Monday morning call for bills and joint resolutions for reference only, the followirg were, among others, Intro duced and r^frrred: By Mr. Tarbo\ Mass.)?To provide for organization of an Indian t.-rritory and the rrotect'on of llie Indians therein. By Mr. Barnnnm ?To prevent default or delay in the payment of interest on the bonds authorized by the act of Congress ol June 'JO. 1ST4 Bv Mr. Hopkins (Pa.)- Relating t ? the punishment of witnesses adjudged to be in contempt of either House of Cougre^s. By Mr. Harris (Va )?To amend section l<d of the Revised Statutes, so that the Speaker shall not certify the refusal of a witness to testify till so ordered by the House. By Mr. White (Ky.)?To lesseu crime and human suffering by limiting alcoholic pro luctions to the requirements for mechanical ai d medicinal purposes. By Mr. Riddle (Team.)?Joint resolution in relat ion to the evidence ol loyalty in r?ds tiou to claimants before the southern claims commission; the quartermaster and co :i missary generals, and the accounting ol fleers of the Treasury department. By Mr. Hoi man <lnd -Keia'ing to liors?s and equipments lost in the military service of the Cuited States. By Mr. Rea (Mo.)-To amend the law granting pensious to widows, orphans and dependent relations. By Mr. Buckner (Mo )-Bl!ls for the relief of sundry citizens of the District of Colum bia. Also, to authorize the executive au thorities of the District of Columbia to fix the building and other regulatiaus of said District. By Mr. Pratt (Iowa)?tor the relief of Ger>rge H Miller, ot Washington, D. C. By Mr. Ainsworth (Iowa)?For the re sumption of specie payments. By Mr. Luttrell (Cal.)-To provide for a beard of navy commissions and for other rrrposee. By Mr. Dunnell? For the relief of certain set tiers on the public lands. By Mr. Magemn (Wis.)-Joint resolution lor the Issue of sliver colu. ?yThe* Dodworth, the originator of the musical band bearing hi* name, died io New York. Saturday, aged e6 years. ?srErnest Clack, aged seventeen, was murdered and robbed of bis watch by un known parties near Altooua, Pa., last week. a/" Com mod ore VanderMlt has so far re covered from his recent Illness that he can attend to business and receive his friends as usual. tTThe San Antonia (Texas Herald says that the rising generation have nearly got through with the measles, and are no* threatened with the spring picnics. B7"Tbe seniors of Darmouth college. Mas sachusetts, who were suspended for publish ing an objectionable article in the college paper have t>een restoml upon signing aa apology for their offense. Telegrams to The Star. ? METHODIST GENERAL CONFERENCE. ' THE OPENING PROCEEDINGS. OHIO MINIM* TKOl ICE AND SNOW IN MAY. t.l.MRAI. ro^l'KUfMK N I ? III K( II. (IprnluK S?'<?>liiu In lUllltnArf HaLTIMoKK. MtV 1 -The MTMtMOlh l? I ?gat<d gei eral ? nfereuce of tb? Meih tdlst Kplwnptl rlii'rt'b ?<?>?? milled this mottling at the Aradi'B>\ or >1 *c. in this cit\ . mij wascalleato order at ? o'clock by Bishop Jane*. H*s|w?p* simpeon, Scott. Ames, Bow in ad , Harris. Foster, Haven. Andrews, M?r rill atd Peck, occupied se?t.s ou the plat form, and the auditorium was filed with ii<-lcgat?s. Dr. Aaron Ww4, of IM Rartfe nest Indiana conference. and l>r. G*rd;ier Bilker, of the Northern New York. were in vited, as Mnlora, to take seat* upon the p'.atiorm. Bishop Him peon road the chapter of Isaiah. ? ommeocing: -The Hplrlt of the I?rd Is upon me." Bl?h ?p Scott rea 1 hymn "Jesus shall reign wheree er ttie sun," which wa* sung by the eut;r*? au li nice, I?h1 by the choir on the j.latf-irm A tervtnt prayer by l?r Aarou wood :ollowi-d, alter which itlbhop Bownman read the 1st chapter of Hebrew**. Bishop Harris ml 73:': **Jet?.ts, tlie conqueror, reign*," which v as sur g *? llie tor:i!-r. and fol lowed by au ? arrest and ?Olemn prayer by I>r. Gardner Baker. Bishop Ja:je? s'ate! that he htld In bib hard A KOI.I. OK DKT.Ko \Tt?* to Hi la coufeience, prepared i?y tieorce W. Woodruff, secretary of the last general con ference, and asked what wa? the pleanire of On notion of I?r. Carry, of tue New York ( ' "tmn A h<ra'<. Mr. Wood ruff procured to call the roll ot dele^at"*. at the codcIumou of which Bishop Janes an nounced a quorum present. Ou motion of I>r. Newman, ot Washington city, the con ference proc?. led to eieel a secretary by ha, lot. A number of gentlemen werep'.ac <1 in nomination. While the ballots were (?eing counted. Bishop Ames, as resident bishop ot Baltimore, read an ad dress of wel come from th< committee of arrangements, which was responded to by Bishop Janes. IN THE ADDKE*S OK the committee state:?"On the l'Ini day of the present month one hundred years wlil have elap?ed sluce the first annual confer > neeasstmbled latbla city Here a'ao, la 1774. Methodism in America aa^umed lta separate and Independent exisK-nee as a church, settled its standards of faith, de termined on the form of governm- ut an 1 oreanized the method of woi-smp. It lb thirty-six years this day sluce the general conference last assembled here, although up to that time more than one-half of ail thr '. ei.nH! cot.fer? Lees ha I held their session* lu Baltimore." An hou* ormore was occupied in selecting si at* by the seveial conferences as they were respectively d:awu by ballot and an nounced. Arte: a ?epond bi'.lot George W. Woolr itl was dtclated elected secretary. r?Rrj(.\' news. thirty IVoplP Hilled. Ridesheim. May I The boiler ot a steam ferry-boat plying t>etw<-?n this pla.-e and r.ii.ten on the left bank ol the K.i'.ue ex ploded yesterda v. 11 la believed that thirty pet tor s were killed. Wnles Aiming the Port OK neve. Llsiio.v, May 1 ?The Prince of Waies and sul'earrivert here from Madrid by railway lo-day. fc|?eclal excursion trains have been arranged Irom Madrid to Lisbon for tne f?*? t ivals to be 5,'lveu In honor or bis royal high LfcSS. .Vol (he I'lisirne l.OKno?*, Mar t?A special dispatch from Vienna lo the .View*says Lbat a G*rm*n phy sician, I?r. Heck. ha? telegraphed from 15 ig <iaa that the disease prevalent there Is not the plague, but au epidemic fever, c irable i>y quiuice. 1 he New Line TLe steamer Utopia, the pioneer o: the new tortiightly service betweeu tuis port ai d New York, lert here yesterday. A I rcticli Kepnbllean Victory Paris May 1.? M Rollin, republic*'!, was electee yesterday to the Chamber o' depu ties frctn St. Aroand. I III: COLD HAY MOR.MM.. Ice In FrDosjhsala Mltf okD, Pa , May 1?Last night was the coldest lor this season of the year w-lthin the memory of the oldest inhabitant. At 5 o'clock this morclrg the thermometer indi cated 27 degrees, i^e formed to the thick nrs* of half an lDch. A high wind now pre vails. Know In Ken York. Watkktowx, N. Y.. May I.?Haow 'ell here last n;fcht to the 4epth of two inciies The storm extended down the northern part of the state, and lu some places snour Is still falling. THE OHIO MI3IWU TKOI BLM. Troop* Ea Bonte. New York, May 1.?A dispatch from Co lumbus. Ohio April Wtb, says All it ant Geueral Wikoil left here to day for Massil lon, to direct the movement ol the troops which have been ordered to the Mahoning mining region. The civil authorities havi advised Governor Hayes of their inability to protect the property of operators and the livesof miners who desire to work against the mob, who have prevented the workii g of the mines for some time pa-t. It wastho i^ht that work will l*> resumed to-morrow on tne arrival ef the militia. Charlotte Cn*htiinii'H Will. PRovinKicrE, K J , May I.?At Newport ??v<Jay, the will of Charlotte Cu*nm?'i was ;.umiited to prolxte. Mr J. Young Heatn u oil was present aud authenticated tn? <i*u sigfiature. T?*e flsrltrU. e4LT!*oa?. >l*? 1 ? Virginia r?n? 'iJ\t<sl 6t\ W ft Virctuis. 8T? s N >r?h i\-? ? ' Di w - tid tc i?> bnb?r ?(. i. i. J na V t*!"'.. B-iiivosk, y*r L?<*ott?.n dull ?i<l !< *>y ? iiililtl ItiK. 11 ?. Fi urd ill, w?*k tud loiti-i-ll ? t>rd atrrft sr.d wt>-fern *n??r 1 WN. '1o. *xtrs 4 .Ml?5 Nl. ao IsBilly, # <W 5*>. Olt? Mllt? ?"S-r, 3.7614 00,do. HXirs. i 3C? do. Bio tirsud*. 7 Sua 77f do t?milt '."<0 W d'lll ?[. !?<?* r- No 2 ?>itMan*l,l.4!ai.C; P?aa?lruia r*4, 1 4S?: j M-nlacd red, l.lJal Ml. do. aiuU<r. 1 do whitx. i 40*|^(i. Com?sontnerB wliitu f*irljr strive siid rititi, southern dull. 61. ?o<t m n.ix*-d lo?tr, srtikv hii4 brm at <l?clioe. 6i 4 ?pit. 62 , flr?t bslt Msr. i'?ti finn :<ud nt re ? uihtru goc?l to prl^je, 4Ssii, wentt-m ?b're, 45?47, ?*itein ai.ied 4n??4. Hire ivi?t but 'rru - *?*?7. Hsy stesdy. d?m*nd gf>o.| ?Mur l?n ! aad Pencsyl*suts, II UUs2i<'?0. Pri)?l*i>T? lull l>nt ?t>adr Pork 21 tt. Hnlk tnssts?shouldtr*.. cl?*st nbj eld*>? IP. Icoae: 9?ll A packed. U?con? ?hoalaem S*?s.7,:elesr rib sidux. 11 H?m?, l.'?H Lsrtl .jsiet Slid ?? tk-T-tlned. 14'?**?. Butt?-r fillet sLd we-?e.n prim? to choice. 25s2-< d- , eitrs fine. JSM V. Petr.dsutti t nil?erode. r fin'd 14. Coffee .j?il?t sud atesdi-Bio r-Krgjes, U'tslSS. iubbiog. losl ?. W iii.kv dull 1U. MRv 8i*ci.*ir iMrs. Forrest i has de clined to appear belore the C imin >s .. up pointed t<i examine into the a. susation apalust Charles O'Connor in connection w ith her divorce esse, and protests that alio is tiot responsible for the publication. Mr. 8t?iley refused lo testify because the Cm mission was altogether ex parte, and a;?*r examiciug one or two witnesses ou beualf of Mr. O'Conor. the inquiry was closed. On* or Lo'a Little Pleasajstrif:- _ Gov Tbayer. of Wyoming, has arriveu m Omaha to confer with Gen. Crook relative to military protection to the Bl:vck Hills stage line. The Indians have a way of throwing stores down the narrow passes on the stage and killing people. Ir*n*RGs ? The bark EverharJ. from Bre men, which baa arrived at Philadelphia via the northern passage, was surrounded by a field of ice and passed in sight o? a ou aiser of let bergs dunrg the passage. ay A German worna^ lu Meilden. Coco-, laughed herself to death the other day. ?VlneoBformlty with orders tor-xince ex penses sixteen clerks of the Bj?:ou pjsl of- < rice have been discharged. ?y-Gov. Tilden has nominate I and the New York senate ha? oonflrmed Mrs. Jos%- ( ( pbine R. Ix.weli, of New York, as comails- < sloner of the state board of charities. ^"The failure of Uie Col una bus . Ohio ci'y | auihorlUcs to L?r?.vide for U?epaymeutof the . < police has ellctir i an orJe.r from the com mis- I * loners disf>ju j: 1. ' ?. te. LOCAL NEWS. I he PnMIr Srli<Mtl KiMla?lt?M. rMSBANII or BxrBClSSfl Till* Tilt Tbe oral examluatious of the firth, slim ai d seventh trade* of t'ie public scuools of U.e cities or M'aniiDvtiin and >??org*?>wu. by the superintendents and prlnripala. tod Uie county schools by Uie county trust*** ? id ?oper.t'*??.<i. tit. Lave Imipd Mmplrtal I. r till* j'*r. an*' Lb? proframiM I.?r tub ? t aAi?ii*<. ? \ ?*i> *tio*? or Tir TDK ? U1TC B? MHJLI I- a* follow* Way l to U-Oml Kxamtnatlon of the f <|Mti a(Hi Nl*'.Ui OradesoJ Cijy Mchoois. ? 1- xamiliei ? 'U|HTinti'nd?llt anil i.t-i|k*.? Way T1 t ? June Fxemniatiua of the First MHW..I Third, aud Ko.irth Urad ? of City Vmmii h ii:iiiiirr* Huj<erialend. et.t and rr n<.-l|>a s. Mav .w t j, ?a.-KmmlnaUoa In drawing * . ^Ihimuou of l>ra?riog a*t.| I'e.ims i "^'P? To h? iiri'i in the Franklin building. I.xamn er Mr, ?* k. Fuller. May '-I iam nation ..f Candida'ea for T?m-bers P.?nto ,a a id IW.ii'.i,- Kum l^r? nt.<imU,Ut"* "" t**4'u'r" *uJ aapHa . m 1 ??'"'"Atlon of Oaodl date* tor the Vuna; Hrho-tt -To t?.<l.eid In h rkiikiin hot|ilii?c. K\aruiQff? t'oaimiUv on tfarbrrt mu, Juoe.i.i, aod . Written KianlaaUaa of tberiflh. M.xt - Vev? iitii. Kit UUi ant N:uUi 0 i a>: e* of Ci'.j >> bout * 1 xaiiuuer? huptr Mit? rdent and principals. ??uws lo? in Kiidrih lart^r'.r Kti<at nation or toe N.trmai Kci.o >i l.xsiniuer* 1 orninuHe ou |i ii'inT* ami anprriuk tiilmi. Jum <; ?|> in (ir? !uat ug i *?? niaof the N.'iM.a! fr'Mi! I'o t? hr.d lit Lincoln ball. u-Ur U y d'.rtV.ion ol tlie c :>in iiiit.e on icHctK'ri. June 11' <? m K\uil:.x'l<ia for K?4tl| K .lit ?? i. . ?t |hi t.i tie h 'Id la the r rank r I I \ . n M r ?' isrlea M Young. Mr. J.?u W.Hjata u Mi T Mh*<-'i. J tine IS ( lualng !??;.- of the First Uraic or City bch??H? June ? t .n?ltig (My of tuc second Urade of t'lty Helm. s June r? ?Vofc|rR 'avoftlie Thirl Urate of City Hcbools Jnt.e n i'io*ing l?ay of the Fourth Urate of City school* Junetl ? .istng Mayor tM Flflk. Nitth, Seventh. 1 igbtlt and Ninth UradesofClty schools ai.d ot tiie t .innty Hdmti* ( OI.UKKD Hui'l.n It! ??>lllllurO!l AJII> ??tOKORTOWI. May 1 to - oral Fxainination* -F\atu. u? r* Ku|v raiteoden' an I Principal!* May .v. t p m Kmitiliion of ('rawing To In* M'til a' the Sumner Hnilding. June and .'. ? Written Kni'iiinatious ? I iam.?er? Suj.eiliiieii<lcnt .in I I'rin -ipala. June ?. T ' p tn. <<ra l.iatlug F\?rcl?e? of 'he Normal ro he held in the ^utnner Mall, uiidir the dlrectlou ol Uie Committee uo Teacher*. June I" ? 'o*.tng Mayof the Srb-toin In u>e First 1'iatiict Kuru-ier, ' a. m . Wieveua, t p in. June W.-Clo-ln* I?ly .if Un' Nrh>?>l? in tli* s^coiid MlKtnct Klnw.o I street,an.I ith aud I., 'a rn , Jolin h . t'ooK, I p. tu. June 1t? Closing Hay or the Meho ?la In the Tl inl lhettlct -1- iv*J iy, ?' a. m , I.iuroln, ! p. tn. June .ft. ?Closing Hay of the K.-honls In th? Kourth I'lstriri? haudali, '? a. m Aulhouy Bowel). I p in. June ?i. C' *lng nay of the Hrhoolalo the Kirth 1 '.strict? Chamtierlaln, # a in , Pre paratory High School, I p m Kuies are given for tne eiarniuailuua In ilrawlng aud petunanMblp. TH* PKI/CB TO KC AWAIRED are Crimea .es follows For Attrmifmr' -To every pupil who shall ht- prrsent and punctual at every acnoul ses sion during the year. for Depart n'-n!. To every pupil who aha I reoeiee no demerit mark lor depottmcot dur ing the yettr. y ' S *Mta) ?'!>/? - To the six pupils m aarli school who snail he nearer periect In Ktudles to tie deterniiiie<t tn the flrat.neeonrt. third and loarrn gradea hj- the average mark lor the 3 ear. and in me fifth, sixth, seventh, hlJ liti.tb _ra<!e?. by the mark* given foi uie written examlnatlous. Fkn I)ran i?s-Tn tiie pupil iu each ahool vrlui?hall make the grrsmi improvement :u ''rawing durir.g Hie year. f\r rnunam*'<ijt?To tbe pttpll In eanlt school whcthall tuaKe the grexteki lmprove ir ent in penmanship during the >ear. /'or I <?vi/ ifi/xi'- ?To Uie pupil tn eaeh school who shall rankethe mo^t Improve ineut in \oesil music during the vea'. THE>? UUVIIIKIMi THK AWARD OF (CsTUiCXIEl arc as follows 1 Pupils wno are transferred from one school to auotiier during the >e*r are enti tled to credit fur their record during me whole >ear. 2 Not more than any one esttiflcate *ha I he given to any one p.ipll, but on eacti shall besfateitall rue a'tove particulars ia srliieh : he excellence of th?- recipient menu a certi ficate. :i The awards shall b? made by the tea^ ers. with tue appro\al of the respeettve prin cip?l?. mi:U sha'i ?? bxst-d upou tli4 wntteu exumiiiai ions aud upon tbe recori made to the end of May. and the prize in?u snail b* made out in duplicate, aud one copy given to the principal as early as pmlblela the m< nth of Jr.tie. and the other taken to the gnperlntendent's office with the annual re |M>rt. Tbe full uatn -a aha!l bi vivea with out nl? ktiamea, pet ntiii-s.or abt?r<-viaiious. ?I Ttse presentation of auy prizes iu the Fctools. except men as are an rhor.&ed by Uie Board, la lositively prohibited. KBHDA I.L AHI> ivl.1i: SCUOI. AI.GH I I'S Ihe K^i..iail fechoiarsulpiu tbe Columbian I'nlveisitv and the King Ocholareblp Id Hlcklnson College, the farmer for at x and the latter lor fouryenrs, wi l he awanled In Uie Male Grammar Kcbools of tbe flrs', second, third, acd fonitli school district* to the pupils lecelvlng tbe highest marks at a "im petluveexau mat Ion. Facu school tball be represented >>y four pupils, and uo teacher shall be excused from aeadlag the required cumber. Tbe candidates shall be examined in Ika vies' Practical Arithmetic, Kerl'a <'omuiou School Grammar. Cornell's Puystcal Gaogn pbv; Camphei.'s History of the 1'oiteJ States, Spelling, tiilrty-lwo words to be given;) Franklin Mtxth Faader, iac;adlog the Introductory Tieatlse. and Penmanship. The marks shall he divided as fo <ws For arlttmetic and grammar, tweuty-iive ea -h; for Keogtapliy and history. Ifteen each, for spelling and reading, eight each, for pen manship, four. In conducting the examination, the candi dates shall be designated by numbers, by which alone they shall be known to the examiner*- Tue examiners ahall report to the superintendent aud forward to htra.ln sealed anvelopes, the cumbers of the caodi dates, with the marks received by tbeu respectively. At the next ineetiug of tbe board the envelopes shall be opene>i by the oomrultteeon ? xamtnatlons and pritea. and the names of the succesafn: candidates sha.ll be annouueed and tbe prices awarded to them. The examination papers shall not he inspected by any person except tbe exam it ers. who. w:th the candidates, aioue shall be present at the ? xamination. 1HK A Winn* MIDIL. Tbe ^midon me<ia will be awardet to the pupil in 'he girls'school of the etgf".h and mnih grades, fourth s< hool distr.ct, who st.all l*e a?'Ji.dged by the concordeot votes of i ei aud selloo1 mates to be mo^t distlrguishe<l lor ? amiability and scholar ship.'' The vote shall '* taken oy ballot, in presence ol U;c sub board, at such time as it may desigt a e. at T?r wKirrPif r.rt. m:watiow* tbe printed 'pie^tious .md m-uuug materials are to lie on tue d? sk at 9 15 a m . and the pupils shall r.ot reevve assistance from any person, nor have '?ook? hi or upon tlicir desks. and duiit g the^ graphy examination tbens shall be no n ?|>s iu view. No pupil shall be dismissed bel?>i ?? I:' o'clock m except in case of sickness,, aid no pupil shall be permitted to coiit icue the examination after 12 o'clock m.. at which tiru? ail the answers must be returned to Uie tea. ber In charge. Tbe prin cipals. uo'er the direcUoo of tbe superin tendents, w.ll make assign men's of taacber* to supervise Ihe written examinations and to examine and mark the worn of the pupils. Ceports ol the marka given, with all papers on which they are based, abai: be sent to the offi<es of u.e superlutendeati, wuere Ui'*r shall be flltd. Ct.OSIWi; T?A VP. Ali the schools will hold u.e regular ses sions required by Uie rules aid re^matkNMt up to ai.d luciudtug the day a**igMd for their close. Ou both satsloug of the days the pateuU and friends of the pupiU are expechd to visit the schools. Each uacher should *i>ecially Invite Uiem to c< me. The exerciaes aie to i cmsist maiolr ol recitations or the claeae* In Uie studies which they have pursued during tbt? year, ai d are to be conducted by or uuder the dl reetlon of the teacher. * Tbe trustees or the principals Wttl arrange for conferring the prices awarded to tho pupils. ??PORTS. Ihe rror.r l book aud reports sha.l include the closing day. Within two davs there after these lorms shall be made out, and wlih a copy of the roll of honor aod the teccid tKHik. >ha!l taken by I He y vVr to ihe efflce of the 6up rlnteodent. l/iiom P 'ro left Han Francisco, Hau* lay momlog. for Chicago direct, wtieuee, n. s understood, he proceeds to OU City, Pa ^Fourvecc in lap? ?fK from ja. ? /hleago yesterday rooming. As far a* lOMsr* mly one has been recaptured. Vlt is prop owed to re establish the whip* >lng-post in NorUi Carolina, for tbe porpoe* >1 relieving the penitentiary, which is ns* lecomtng *o full aa to make He support a i>crden to :he i-tate

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