Newspaper of Evening Star, May 1, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 1, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHING TON: lOMUT I. 1H7R. nmBf (? rotiUm Reading Matter on Everv Page (Ifi< ILAIIOS OF TUB 8TAB. S ft orta NUH^mml Monday, April 2Uh 13.205 Tueaday, ** W.193 Wednaauay," 3CIB ia.<m Thursday, - ?7tli 13,12.". Friday, - 2**h 15,000 Haiaruay, " i&Ut..#. IS Air, Total for th4 Work 9l,ftO* Array Daily Circulation f5,f.?9 \ ca*e *u decided Id Baltimore on Batnr. la} mtlrb will be Interesting to members of ?? ubfi, whose wont It Is to frequent tbeirclub bouses at different timed daring tbe week. Including Sunday, for social parpom Four clubs of this character w?re recently pre sented In Baltimore f.?r violating the Sunday Ikjnor law, the question bef.?re the court fcelcg whether It was a violation of the law for these clubs to supply on their o?j premi ses their members a> d r?*uUr ln*nat?s with wines, ltqnors, and mealson Sundays as well j son oth-r ilaj s Jodge Oilmor took the view "bat the clubs In question hid not violated > ?e law anl consequently gave a verdlet In their favor, sa>lng that the o*?j?"? of the fur la> lax-was to prevent bislnesi traffic on Sun-lay. where a* In the club housa* there are no b?ri?r anl sh!*, no proils h* induce ines ts to m?-nr?b*T^hip, nor sny business yelatici.s. i.nt rather r-tirenient from busi ngs intuits. ? ? ? Corporations are said to *e minus *oti!?, kctl yet the Washington and Georgetown railroad company has voluntarily inert.*isel the pay of their conductors from 92 to #2 25 p*rda>. This Is a deserved rec ignition of the httices of a class of men who are over worked, ai d, as a rule. Inadequately cam ytMahd. I'Iillat'elphia is regarded as a model city so far as dwellings are concerned, and is e.s. peclally prominent for It* comfortable homes for the laboring classes. In almost every large cilv. notably in New York, thousands ol pei?on? are huddled together In flithy and unhealthy tenement houses, and the result la a marked Increase In the death rate as compare! with that of cities like Philadel phia. where li faithful and convenient dwell iDgs are provided for U??* poor. When Rep resentative Piper In an u;.guarded moment the other day stigmatized the Centennial city as "au over populated manufacturing country village on a mud creek," he was at once set right by Mr. O'Neill, who made the statement, which may be slightly exagge rated, that Philadelphia contain; more dwelllrg houses than the cities of New York, ! Brooklyn, and San Francisco com blue i. Victoria baa assumed, per royal proclama tion, the title of Empress of India. Toe L' rd Cnai cellor haa given an assurance that I ie title will not be used in England, but the II lief Is expret-sed that It will creep into use, nncfflcialiy, and the London Tunes takes the t?>uble to adjure Its cotemporarles to set tueir faces a^^iust the attempted imperial innovation. The vote in the House of Commons las; week on woman sutlrage was not soeccour aging for ??the canse" as that of last year, since it showed 1*2 in favor and 21:) against tteprrposed measure. East year the vote stood 152 In favor and but 1*7 against It, but then It Is apparent that there were more absentees than this year. The advocates of ?woman suffrage, while not so demonstra tive in 1- ? gland as here, have a national or ganization, and annually remind Parlia ment by petition of their de-ires. It Is be lieved tnat the cause is feionriy gaining groui.d in England. The papers admit that Brlstow has fully disproved the last luventeJ charge agalust htm. Next. R* M VftL-JOHN BUGLES. Firs anl L'fo li nj'anc* A?? n?. t w removed bta office to Nt. .>11 7th *rrret k 'tkSMt, adjoining Second N* tioiai Pank. myl <>031' IILK k BM.Ba, D COLO at P NILRS. PLAIP and STBIPKD SILKS Jn?t rcrcived froni ?action fort) piece* of 81LK. ? hick we ?re asilibg at gr-*' bargain* wn R RILCY, btI St 711 Hirkot Spr ?. Kim kkOAUTKN sorvo, class fob MOTllKtB, OOYBBBESSES ASP PK1 I'ABATOBY O'.t hSB F"K TBA?HBBS -Tl.s first lesson t Cls?* N J will begin on TUESDAY, at 9:1ft r m . it 10* 11th ?fratt, between O sad U northwt-1 price 2S rsnts cash. Ladleawbo expect ta lf??f th<- city soon. ms\ reman. for th?* lessons of CUms K?. 1, which follows flow 3 13 to 4.13, the ??me aflerrooB, by paying extra for the same at tegalar price*. Diplomas given stter one c uras of 24 lesa. a* lt_ faVPk'l BIU R\PHB?I LINBLetseen t lBlLAPBLIHlA.WaMtlB'ToKAi.SOB'.B TOWS -St??x?ri leave 1'hiladelphia WBQ?B9 DAY sk! -ATIBI>AY st 14 m. _ Laavs '.e.>rgetowa, D C. I^NDAYAuSH! 6 ? m Freight received daily until Tbrorgn bill* of laden ?lven for Bos ton mam Tr<vt Construe** wishing their I si Jed at ?.sor?*town. will order them mert??f'>Tia * ??org* town. ' G ? HTPB. ?a w%ter it nwo. D 0. WM I'.OLYPC A 0<).. 19 J?. Wharves. Pbllsdelpi is msyl ly ?\T1i Qok?. llscanlay's Life acd Lett ra, by Trevelj-c vol. a. ? ? ..91 si> Tba Aga ct Biitabeth. bi M rns. JCpoch -eriei. 1 UO A'ernectati jn, ty tkbotz^nberger. Inter. S:i. sariee. 1 SO Bailws? Appliance, by Barry...___ 1 SO TLePiisonta A no**l P?p?r 75 la a Winter Olty, t; Oai4a 1 M Pfcyslos* snd|K*-lfgi.>n* Knowledge, hy Bixby.. 1 50 Yvth II?zrl by the snthor of "Wide Wida WoiI j' _? .... 1 JO J ust r'-tUit d sad for sale ty IIOHCI BROS.. ?>l-tr Bos>>-elleri aP'l PrsHaner-. |0|3 Ps av. \\'M ABE bELLIBQ DBY U'.HjPS VEUV VV CHEAP H-satifn! Spring Dress Geod< is. 3u, 21.37, 4J SO. Pi'k ard Wool Drees Gocdi 37 His. k Silks. ?!, II U. M SO, ?1 75 Black Csebaers, 75.17-?1 Black Alsaca. 4onble width. IS. 31,37. Black ?Uk?, Mohair Alps'-*, SO, wor.h 75. Black Grenarftns. 26 . 37 SO CABTEBU, 907 Market Sj ace. ExclU-nt, |V. r >tt -n, v* Cott'-n 25. PABA <>L9, PtBASOLS, PABASOLd. Yery Cheep Yn ? Cheap Ifry Ch^sp. Cl>.t ?.< v imerw, |.?r 11 a ?td Boy'? ?ss-, 37, SO, S3 rs Ccoo Ptocklae*, *>. Linec Heridkerchi^f". 6; Litea i T> ??!?. S r.l'eli-i t H>-<t lick. J?. H wv c*mt> i Q ilits. 4 b ^itifwl L**n*. U; ?-f client .in ?11- ; ty White r K 11, (?r7 l&e ?I1 Liujs iab.? Dtnuk 80 Men** Sb'r'a, msde of Wai&'.ctia Cjttoa, Lit en Bo sew,98. myl tr BB KLFlUGIKATOliii. BHmI Yhe Dry, C Id Air, and ot!ier BTlet !!.?kr. ffeied at price* to sail the tiaiej. Aleo, W AI BE COOL BBS On hand, full II * of the Warrta a&d ether ?r?t claw JLABt 18 E r. HI.K PROM, aptt? 7t Stewart S'or?-h u?e. too3 Pe. sve. IJU'i lili LOWEli. Ah E S OF GAKLiC ? BEJsU AEH1V\LS EVEBI MOKMSQ. la Tin*. Psil* at l Tab AT IJtWE&T FRICES. W1B< BESTEB EG'.S, By D E. Dl TROW, Oa C< BSi->:OH, a?3? s* Corter li'iti agd C ?ire??te. TUB > ISEM Af r"TM?JiI CttlMA sc ' \kkt B >HB?1AN and jraWSCH CCT GLA*?S PLATED W a BP HclSB 'CJiISHl JIU QOJ?S. and Cl'TLBKY. A. Ac. ( -ataal low prlcee at UOLMtAD A Vm H, a?? Si* Mb 7;b en ret n >r s?Mt. 5IOTlC?r" Cowpitae- ?srv ttck*** to G>Mstein'* 0 anl Pre BMtstf b cf - 1 B B Dl Kin MOTTO." tj t te ob tained tres o( coat antil Ha> 1st, at the !*llowiag Blarss: Califomte Cigar Htore. 611 Penna are A Saks A Co . Clothier* 31?7ta street ?Brad Adsms Maojnoih Bockalore, Cur. 9th sad J sirsaia W. B. Bortoa, GoTsmssat Priattng Offlcs. rugglet. cor. id st. aaa Pa av , Capttol Bid. M KaaftoHa. ( lotbler, cor. ?ca aad I f!;' Tremont Boaaa; C. Elotz. J,?*8 Q ? a w., Be-taureat J. Blch* Sro^eea nbe.B w-iHsrvev A H jldan, Btesaed Cl?i> Saloon, cor lltb et a?I av mv2i st ty oMast klai"S r^ABD -Old TBiLS a?d~lh. ? *? "-* isrffs rr; r _ _ . , ? ? ? ? Market Spare. C&xasc Mk susst. PHnpn?4LS far prtb DlfoT QrtlTimixTli't OFf-TCI Wi>hik><>j,D U I<I.1ST? EALEP PKOP(?BAL.?. In ilit lcv?, wuhic >py ..t tbta adveriWtn-nt atta< tied. will be r?c a> H ,f Cc*. cut I o'clbck m , Juo* 1. 1-76. M ?ti'h V*r* ad time they will be o?*ned in the ' (.(??riiteof biddtn to d*!l?er, as reqnired during it fi-eal y? ar r "nmeticlDg Joly I. Iv4. and i?idl >g Jane <'? l?77, at the firi' an c Dice* aid oll'uri' I i' arters in the L>l?trtet of Columbia. and at Kort I V* lopple, V? . about S>0 e< rd? of H?rd W. ol, (i?k, j *a? e1 and *pllt a:d Intheatick; *><> cords of Soft * 4i. I'lif. sawed md split and in th? stick; tud 2 ? tn*<f Atitbr?r ite Co?'.Wb1t? Ash aud B?1 A?h or Lyl en's Valley, of ?f? m may be ctal-'l f r, tree tn iu ?late dust, or dirt. ami to wai--h >J?> p u: d? to tt<" ton.andal> at 10 too* of Bituaito jo* LnmpCnal All the Wi-od and Coal to be of flrit cla?? me? bantable malty Eacbti'i should be ae r ?!? panIt r) ky a goarat. lee, form furni bed by ttin (.?Wee. The lowest mr' 'itc bid for Wocd or Ooal, or both, wilt be entertainel. The right it reserved bv th" govrrnmrnt to reje-t ?t) ai d all hid*. and thane prop aa's are invited under pr Ttao the' appr yiatinn ?ha I be ma/'e f -r the supplies by Oor^raaa. but, it otherwise .the Got erimeLt will not accept any ti4 or enter into con tract A preference will be given t > article of 4 >rn?stlo production and uaoulac'ore, ceeilition* of price and ijoalty btioq *>jnel an I suet pre Terence will be given ta article* of Ani-iiea-i prodac'i >a and itanuftctnre produced on the Pacific coast totb-* extent of the con*un:ptl >n r?inirn1 by the pabli iw?ic- there Pioposals should bema-ked' Propo<aUfor Fuel." ar.<- add*?*i>?d to th?- undarslgoed. Fell iLformati n on applicai >o at thia offlje. A F K'TjvU El.L, Bill 8' Deooi Hinrl?niiv->r ri* o re & a jLb i or fukaiTk aid dTHAW Dif?T >(;? a h >? k v a >t Kt - Office. ? t?l1li(>tv!i. D. O , May lit. 1571 ^KM,EI> r HOP* >? \ L8. In trlpl'cce, ?n bj"Ct to ? ib n-i al c 'liditloD*. *111 be r?ceiv*a at this <lli ?? en ill 12 o clock, n on. Jone 1. 1376, a* ? hn-b ti?. e a. rt plm? they mill be opei el in the pretence o'btddir- for il? IIvery Curlr the fl-c ?1i e?r oom Htencltig Jnlv I, ir-76, and ? mi ne J i i,e 30. IS77, of ail the Corn, t'a ?. Ha? a; d Kye 5:ra < required at tb? Tari- u? c- riaU and oftic- r< qiarter* in tbi? city a'fiG oifcet an.D C boldlfrs' Hume, l?. 0 , aa-1 K?f> >? liirpi . Va The light i?rf? rrcd by the QrmTnment to tp j<ct ac> and all bidt. a: d th'-a" prop ma's are in iit?>d nn<"?-r fovno tbat appropriation ?hall be b kill for'he tuppll'S ty t'ou^re't: but, if o tier wlee. tfce Oovirnu ent will uot accept an) bid or ent?*r li '<? cobtrert. A preference * ;il be it'w to article* of dotn??tIc P'iductkn ?ij n ann'ni "nre, cotdi'iTi-H ot pnc? a: d 1'iatity beir g ?.jnal. a d ?u<-lj prt-'erence ?:11 be fii*?-nio articles ct American production and D:a-u'acluro produced on the Paoibcroaat to ths extent of th? conaumpti >n re j;.ir jj by the public lri\ lc< tfceie. Printed cir> nl?r<, utati'S t!i? kitid and estimated ? inaTitlti"1* rr?airid at etrh ><?*? or place, aud *11 Irs full ii utru- lior" a* io tb?manlier c.f tt-'dlus cot ditiont to be obaerxedby bidd?r<, an 1 tM-m-i ? f c ntra't a: d pa? me it. ?111 be furnhhed on applica tion to tliia < fl:re Pr p' ?al? hb nld be niarlc>d, "Propoaal* for For ?Ce .ii <1 f IraA at Watbingt n. D. n.,' and addr??Med t ? th?-ccdfrtigned, A. F ROCK #ELl<, d.>1 Bt X epo: i.'atmrniMtor. PKUPO?ALS MIH WATER THAN&PUR' TATIOK Df; ot Qi ahtkrva.tiu . Off;ck, W *?h s T it. l>. O.. May 1st, IS74. ^tALII* PKipot?\LS. in Irip'iiate. will be re ' ctm dat tiiia i f!i'e until li o'clock, noon, J ace 1. W? at ?tiled time and plac" they ?r111 be opene.l In ib? prtat-n e of bidder*, lor the performance of the daily tran'p >rtation -ervice* by water between till* city aid Forts Fonte and Wachinxttn. Ml . mbich n.ay be re.juir<-d by till* D?partinent during the fiscal j e?r ending June SO. 1377. Biddi r* will atate the price per man aid the price per poi nd, also the rate per ditui at whi h tb?y ?ii carry tl e pa?aet ?-r* and ^tort*. Bach bid mint be acc' n. raiiied I > a guaranty of t? o reap ti-ib'e p-r ? tbat the contract tobeentfred into will b? dnlv fji^ntnl Tte rlRht ia reserved by the Government to reject ar.v ai'd all bid*, and tbeee propo<*N are invited under pro i?. that appr<>priarKn ahall be mal? for the inn icea by Coner***. but if otherwise, the (iov ??! ment will not accept any bu or enter intjron tract. Prop'.aali?'.hoi.ld be marked," Prop-xia'a f->r Wat^r Traiiaportatlon. a'id ?<idr< ?'fd totne iir.i1en<igi ed. Ai;> luttber Information dtaired will b? faiuiahed on application to this A F BOi'KWILIi. r. vl 6t Depot noartermaa'T ICE! ICE I ICE I 7HB 1MDKPKMDKNT I .'E COMPANY I e?ire- to mlorm C'ofi?-' c-p Icb that they ara now chipping from their U >r-iga on the K?x mhic Bivkr. Mat s, to this market, the beat ji:a!ity of Ice, which ?ill be fnrmtbed t) onr Pn'rens at the lowest p s-uble rate*, by the Ci - >, 7 or Pounl. and will ic?ur- sattsf ic.i-<n to all ? ho favor as with their pa:rouage I>?-pot?3th atr-et Wharf. Office?1410 Ptnn>'|vania avenne northweat. W H TEbKRS Hup?rintendent. Be "ire and look for the INDEPENDENT ICB CO'S WAGONS. apJ9 5t "^O W I10M IT MAY (sONcBHN. All partus inc^btod to ? BANK U FINLET are r?yii?-aUd to settle th?ir acc u-ts within thean*! lMr?ydaj* ?br..nfth Mea>rn. Weller A Bepetti, .'*01 Pentti> b ama avenue. MOSES OETTENGCB, GEO. U M MAttBIOTT, a 125 3t A?ljnee*. PIAM-8 AND OKOANS AT GBIAT BAB UAINS. 40 PIANOS from #15 to *100 |dM 3'? OtaGANU and MBLODEOHS from'nin as- to ?a)f> New Pi * NOS from 030V and up, new OHGANa from %7S and at, a: J r ELLIN * CO 937 Pennsylvania avenne, Sole Agent* forOlilrkerlog and Weber Pianos and Smltb American Organ*. ap]? lw KIGHT 10 TUB FRONT. NET PBICBB Knickerbocker Fuita. B6 and $4. Blae Flannel Suit?. $10. P< *t Bine Flannel Suit*. |U 90 ard #13 Hoy* Jacket* and Pacta #1.50and up. I'heaa Working PanU,7?c and #1. Bty* Cassiaereg, $lto ?'.0 At J. W. BELBY'S. 1914 ard 1916 Pennsylvania avenue, between 1^1 h and Mlh ?tre*tw apS9 tr CHINA, CKOCK1RY, CUTLERY, PLATED-WARE, HOUSEFURMSHINO (iOODS, REFRIGERATORS, ICS CHESTS, COOLERS, Ac. WEBB * BEYEBUIOK, ?>?' tr 1009 Psnn * ave , near 11th *tr*t. rn REFRIGERATORS A!tO WATER UOOLER8. Large stock of goo-i make*, at1 low price*. GEO WATTS fc CO , Hm -? Ft'Rsi.'HiX'i >r11kg, apV ly 314 7tb street, above Penu. avenue. FOR THE HAR9 TIMES. READ THIS. A OOOD FULL SI IT FOB #??, Actual Yalae #12. A \ EBT CENTEEL SLIT EOB #10 A tual Yalae #li. (JUITE A NICK ftOlT FOB %li, Actual Yalue #17. FIN* ALL-WOOL SCIT3 FOB Si Actual Value #3'4. ELEGANT BUSINESS SUITS FOB #l?, Actual Yalae #23. YEIiT SUPEB10B SUITS FOB #40. Actual Yalae #99. FIN I CI BTOM-MADB SUITS FOB #??, Actual Yalae #39. KOY8' CLOTIIISO AT TUB SAMS LOW RATES. HABLI BROS., Merchant Tailor# and Fin# Olothisr#, ?pg tr Cstiti Ttli aad P sir??u. fAYLOR & HUFTY, #33 PENNSYLVANIA ATENCK. BAY# BBDLCBD TBI FBIOES OF TBB1B QELMBRATED DOUBLE YOKE SHIRTS as follow*: Qmltty Ho. 1, #M N; Formerly #?Jg " " ?, $m m, - #MjH. #?M; " M i, #4t J*. - #?. WANTS. \y?BTlD-a SITUATION *s Copyist by a ' I' ?t>g in*11 21 it-am of *g"> after 3*i o'clock p. IP Addr??s W a . N , th's office It* \\A*TM?? * food COOK. WASH Kit '' I BOKKB a* N j. 2 Cooke'* row, Stodlart ?t., (?? ritU'ta. li* U'iMlD-rOlllt'l I ) St V> IN ? done ij good '? itjleatd rt??oi?M? prices. re te'ved A f?'f *t 7 ' V S?*ss*<-hr.*ette eve d e. It* H\?NAH L CH\MPIUH \V'A N T g D? A t 1 - I str.e: northeast, * whit* 11 C.1BL well rec mov ed*! tor oooking, weeh? irger.d ir niog ai,d housework. f*mllr of l'?Kr ? o?. good wag*-*. myl ft* %YTAJ*TED?By * rMixritbl* white Woaaa a 1v SITUATION to cnsk.wash *od iron, gv?l tefsrtuce given Apply at Mo 616 Hew York avenue. It* \V ANTED? By a Pennsylvania Ctrl, aged 16, a 11 PL ACE ss child * nurse, teat of reference*. ? 'all <r addre**' CaTi*," 1 438 Oolusbia s'reet, |,?t 9th and Kith and I' apd Q myl 3:* YVANTED-OOCCI'ANTS fir I'arlor and Bad TV room oo second floor front, uufornisbed; al-o, front Boom furnlabed oo third fl >or, house has all modern improvements, rent reasonable. 10 Jl 8th 4re?t, Oorper L northwest myl ti' VVrANTKlT-A MAN with FTuOO t> take the ?? agency of a new Article; three hundred per rent progt Call or add tee* r> C., Boom 35 8t. James Hotel. It WANT* 1--A i< I Rl> tu d> cbamberwork and tak? care of h dull, good reference* i ei n ired Apth at the southwest corner of ?th ana ? streets nor t t myl-It* %VAN7r? ? BB1CK MAK KB<* nnd twenty ti e ?> M 1 LlUBf aud ort' BI\KEBS Large lot of Bricks for sale or tr vie f-?r impr ,v*1 n- nn ln?r?-'ed ciiy lots. A inly to H B. JO^NST'N, 4">3 l'emsvlvnnianTeoti^. m?yl It* \\TAN ' RO?I'y a g*ntl?m*n, wbo?e w|f> is a. it ii valid, a bdl SiK ti K I'K It competent t > t ?k < fit I charge I. a em?ll family Beferwnc* rajni.-ed Call at 117 A?airland aveuu*, Capitol Hill, after 5 1> m. m, 1.' * \VaMIH?Imtneoia'ely?A white *' 'MAS, " I GelIIn p eoried.i t? ri>^k. wash and tr.-u for a snis I fanal> in Georgetown: r*-iereii<-?<? <vi'I b< f quired: >o d *i>e s t ? h cmtutt1#* serv nt Apply a' thin ofiice r.u rat. slay Wo^ne<loir hj ft r?*, tuvl 2t \* ANT?D?*n? human b?i*ig with brain* '-an 11 nnke B-'iOO * month seLitig >ir 1 ette: <1 py it.g It. . k Any on" tt?*' ha- ?? t-r to write wi I bri; it. Ni> pret? or water U'^d; send !f3 for *-?m tl-.f>r Hnmptof circular. KXCKLSIOIt CO . !?> Tiitnne Imi ding. Cbicsgo, 1*1 nityl Irn* \l AM BD-Immcdiat?l>-JlO COOK?7~CH \ >1 - 11 BK MAIL'S. WA1TBI -4ES and NIK3H.8 for the city and Centennial, also, g >od pl?c?? iu the r rutrj f->r men and women with good r-f rences. Apply at tbr Knrekft tinployr'ent Ofli-e. <107 f>.t. my 1 3t" Mb> lOUlSE < . I'LTuIS. U ANTKD-A go d ('OLOBKD WOMAN toco k ?? ai d assiet iu washing and ir-ialcg App'y at ?202* G otreet northweet. ap23 2t* YVANTKD-m tX'PANTS tpr nicrly fnrai*li;d loini, with or withe nt board, prirat" f?nti.y. house mar Post OSice. Address Check Box 10, Port Office^ >pfcl-St* W'ANTrP?On 1 atreet, n<-ar the Arlington. v? BOA BPkBH. marri-d or *iog>. or will r nt ro ks Also Table Board. AdtJremD G SI .Star office. * pi' it' WANTKlJ ?A careful and re<pon?ible pa-ty wli-he* to hire a LIGUT BUG'i If for a coitelo of troiitl s, or will hny If a bargain is rftored A t <ir< a* "Driver." Lock ll-? ^t>. Poet Office, apl.t 2' aNTI I)? A 81 A BLE, with not la*a than three v? cr lour ?t*llu, r-nt mn*t be cheap TUCK EB A BilEBM AN. ap29 3t* 633 Lonleiana innu'. \ITA>Tin-0"? white Coacliman. two I?r??* ?" maktro, three heain?tresi?e?, *nd two Oook*. Natiot ?! Emp'oymtut Oflire. B- m 1. 7th anil K ?T'>?n. goid *itnatioua. Families needing g?. -d seria-1* pleare write. apVJ It \Y'aNTED?By a lady of refinement, a POMI " TIOH j>f hone^ketper in a widower's fatni'y. or ctberwl^: wage* not so mnt h an object a* an agreeable home; references given and re mired Ad<ire*s H M. O . Star office. ap29 3'.* WA NTB1)?By ft Jiang laoy i Kngli-<b), a 81TU AT10N as ladv's maid, or to take charge of en* or two grown children; is a good *eatnstre?ii. the hisheit reference* in Washington gif<.n. Address "Mips E B.," Star office, city. aplO It* \V*ANTEC?To reiit. secoid KLOOK. fnrntshud v * or onfnrni-bed. fonr rooms, to reliable tenant witL"iit children: delightful resid?nce for son mer; la *e gronnrs, Ac. Addre** northeast corner I h st.r Kajette streets,Otorgetewn. Alsosuiall Brick HOL't E entire ap29 3t* WANTKI)?Kor A partial or e.'mplete OKKicK OUT! IT. Addr^s* 8. T. X..Htar offi re. ap2j 6t* \\/ANTKI??At 309 C street northwest TEN vT ANTt for Boonn on (lr?t and second fl.ior*. furzilshid ?r nnfurntsbed. with or with nt i". >ard Faniily private, location <iuiet and beautiful, neigh bi rtio<d excelleLt. term^ moderate. apjj 3t* \lrAM Kl ? A stead) and reliable white M AN to 11 drireaadtake care of a horse and wag in; mint t ?? w?-ll ar jnainted with the citv and the groceries atid rest*urants; none other need apply. ED. a ti J> KB, 421 9th -treet northwest. apt8 3t* WANTED?A Dentist, Dressmaker.or Milliner, to occupy the most desirabb- and bast loc tt^-d Booms for eltb'-r of the above purposes In the city. Apply at AlO 9th street northwest. aplSr.t WAB1BD?HOC8E AND FUBBITI'BE WlFl pay cash for fnrtiitnre and lea?e of hous** on Capitol Hill. Apply to Boom 10, No ?19 7t)ist. n rawest. ap2^ 6t* VV'ANl KD-oarpets ibfeated wttn Mothi to clean 1* ant! at the same time restore them to th - ir orl Irigbttess. with or without removing from the floor IiA aLd grease spots a specialty. Washing ton Carpet Btuoiating Co., 1414 Pennsylvania avenne. a plS-1 m W'ABTFD-BONAN/.A B1LL1ABDI9T8, Me 11 tropoliUn Botel fcaloon, entrance throUn'ti Hotel Office. ti2l Pennsylvania avenue Pbelan's Best Table*, splendidly furnished, Daily Graphic and Pictorials on tile Games, only IS cents; one pranlci table free. H. 8. WALTEB. ap2l tit" \VANTED-ButNTV LAND WAKBANTtJ. 11 WILLIAM U. BE K, ap!9 1m* Oor. Louisiana ave. and 8th s-re?t. IJEf ANTED?2U0 MkN? Preference given to thono " rix feet and over in height. Will be nc-ed*d to ?erve a? auxiliaries in the grand tragedy,"Julius C? **r ' Apply to & H. DUFflELD. Stag* Man at?r apl8tf W'ANTtD?HOBSkS to pasture or feed; farm 11 on 7th street road, near elUo P. O., Montg >m er> Co . Md. O. BOLABK. ap!7 im* %VANTED?('AbPKT8 TO CLEAN at hirt's vv Stfnm B'tttnt Worhi, 490 Malr.e avenue, between 4H ?nd <th streets soutbwrst. Calbd for and delivered without charge. apll ly WANTED?Oentlemen to know that WILLIAM MOOBE. Merchant Tailor, 1011 New Tork aveaue, make* a rpecialtv of nutting garments to be made at home. novlS-ly BOARDING. I^C'B BENT?^With or without Board?Nic*ly fur i.isbid BOOM8; can al*o acconuusdate ten or twelve TABLE B0ABDEB8. 116 C street n^rth taat. ap24 3t t^l'B BENT?With Board?Elegantly-furnished r BOOMS, on first H >or al^o. Booms on third floor, at Mrs BINEb', N*a. ?03, S10 atil 912 ltibst to rtbwe->t ap89 4t* Mechanics take notice -boabdinq caii tiow l"-had for 8S per week, In n Irm-e vith all ni<.dern liuprovenienta No. 121 2d str'et n rtbwe^t, near Pa. avenue. ft p.1 3t* SuLTH fBONT BOOMS, Furnished or Unfur nt?lud, with or without Board, 909 E street n rtbwest. apts Si* L'OK BK8T ? Hamilton House, 14th and K s's I Will bev*ckted bv May 1st. several de*irat<l? 8UITES and binsle BOOMS with board apM 5l* I'Bk 8f GEOBOE, Mitotic TtmrU, >>09 rst I Board at per mouth. Call and see bill of fa'? ap24lw* J. H. TATLOB. Proprietor. SINGLE LODGING BOOMS, 50 c?-nts per night, or fr.m 92 to 93 per week ; B'lABD or M K ALS at reasonable rates, at No. 4?3 Pennsylvania av? nne. ap'AJ-2 ji ' VOIN1B* B0ABI?I>G Booms large; good wa'er, and shade abttn dant. Addrtaa JOHN 8 LUPTO>, aplZ lm" Winchester, Frederick Co . > a. PLEASANT BOOMS-AND~GOOD BOABD can be obtaiued at 1009 Mar; laud avenue, at mod erate rate*. In a private famil* mar27 tiw* r,*OB BfcNT?Very desirable ne?ly furnished r BOOMS, with first class Board, at low rates, third door north of V street. 609 11th st , north west. Transient B^ard. KbM 10* c LOST AND FOUND. I06T?On Mih nltiiflft,? jfTkT ?!'* embroidered JfAU SOL?dropped from a ? a li*ge between 6 b street depot and Arlington Heigh's. 8u! ?b|. reward will be paid on iu delivery at 910 11th stnet northw?st myl 2.' IOST?Oo h.tcday April .10, Oue turtle sh>'tl ? BBACEI KT, gold clasp, between the o -rc r ot "h *Ld I -trrets and Bt. Aloysius Church 1 he finder wi.l be rewarded by leaving It at the Ao_eri cati tea Sure.corner 7tb ai.d 1 street- myl 3i* BEWaBO? Lost, Thursday noon, b* twt-en Wiil?rd's hotfl and the Oaidtol.ONB Hl'MiBlD DOLLAB8?Ave 9*) greenbacks. Above reward will k* paid by leaving ft At 134 4 bb< de Island avenue. ^lt^ LOt^X?Yesterday (Sun4av) morning, on Eaat '-'Mi'yi 9'rtet. Mtweea 31 and 11th streets, a GoMBBa BTPIN, (letter "O" In black enamel,) alth coral cr s? pendant. a'tach*d to blue silk b >w. Tb>-fnd?r wilt be Sao abir rewarded by leaving It at 11 ?* 1 Itb street southeast It* PERSONAL. IOfcT?A JKT CBOS8, set with pearl Th^ ^ finder will b* liberally rewarded by r?tar-lu* the ??me to VloLuT ?HI l'E- 13*3 D st. mvl-lt* pLANKT R BAPB B. MPS DB ELLIS will rem*!* but two w-ek? lot g>-r. A1 who wish to le*rn th# troth of P?*t, Pr>Heut and future should call and C0u*ult the Docor in k ediatdv. 8h? gives iuf irma'iou u? ?" sub t< t* of life 1000 r *tr. et northwest; entr%*.'? inihs're??t. BeeclrcuUrs mar3l> ? 8 T B O L O Q T . MABA1E BOM. Tills celebrated Lady Astrologlat and Healing Me dium cun be consulted at N? 201 D street, corner o* V northweet 8be ha* no superior In de!laeatlng the Paat, Preeent *nd Future In love or bn<iae?* her advice Is Invaluable, drecrlblng your friends, pointing cut your enemiee, and Informing yon of the sure way to sacoses in all nnderteklng* ton sultatlon strictly oonfldentlal. Ladle*. 91; gentle ? ,?l so Uai tr w t BITTEN PB'JPOSAI.B WILL BE BE ceived r p to May lih fev either of tbe nnser sigitert, for tbe B^tsnraat and Bar privilng*- of tbe race ijesting, to be given b> the ttatl Jial J jckey Clob, on th* l?h, 17th, acd 14th of May next B1CB*BT> WILLACH, T B. BOES'LB, aplS scat JNO. A. BAKBB. ? FOR RENT AND SALE 1/OB BINT-Taostorr PBES3 RKI 'R HOP?E. ? No 14 0*? 8 rre?i, 7 r<? -.m-? ?nl i.ath ro-tts. m '1 frt 'ffipfoim Ir juireon ptdii'JM. ?iH St Fs?>r BIST- Tiree c i g H ?,>m o ?ecoiid floor, ?i b waUr auj cm; 4 i4 lit* ?*'?*? northwest. m> I 3. L'OH bEfcT ? Mt(T-nt l?c? R )0M!< hants<-m-lr r frisI'M; m >deri?,?> at 1417 O street, all mtolern contente^ce* mil 1'* I'OB BEWT-HUl>B *o 10 i ft 10th orth I west, ell iuo4ern in pr esents. Ap>ly 610 1'tfh streo mj 1 l! 1/PRIiEHT- ???>??? t2 h street n -rthwtst. a f?"? r Fl BNIsHUi l!Oo5l 8; luc* c^oTf Dl?"i * I pleasant. ?nd rent verv rc?n.n>|i|?. myl tt* |^OB BENT-A furLish. J SINGLE R'>uM. fo a r gentleman; tu tare? elueet ar.d a..uth fr? n?; rorr cool and plea-ant for umraer. >13.1 K ?( myl St* L^OB KENT?A three ?tor* BBlTk; hat I, wat?r, r cm, 7 03 Bb?1e Island ?<fnu < n?rtti? ?<-t rout 92S. Apply 1106 L street northwn mrl.1t fj^OB BENT?BOP9B of riilit robins, wiri ?I on dore convenience*. No I*s44 R street aoi h we t. Applr at l**ao R street n.m p.yi Jt* Ij'oH KENT?PBA&lfl Ui)CBi With st ors r ?^ni r attached; No. 41 ?-h??re?t nor b*??t. n-?r E?-t Cap' ol st. 010 r. UiKBiN. 331 Peun arexi? aoutb.'ast. myl St* OB BENT?T? i ROt'MS -m fir,t fl >oi, ?rltb ii a of NEM>kitchen. water in y?rd. i at. nonh?f*l, near Corcoran market, ten Jol'srs p*?r month m?l 2t* fpOB hENI-ft* r ui HOP'S. N . oVmi, acurt avenue k-tfuBtS itoiil'hiitr?'< a ??> MaMe with 2>? ?<al's. At ply to J AMES RKLEH ?H, ?o. 444 8th Mre.t Borthwp't ruyl 3.* IfOB KENT?DWELLING 1640 Uth st noet -, r ??t, It ro ms iatr-be; comp'e'e rsns* w:t*> h'-a' |r k attschnneuts; hot ?nd cold *?>?r a'l in ?i em impr>v*ments. Inquire In st<-re adj .inlng. H" R HINT-NoT 1511C. lnml.ia ?tr^>t 2~Ttor? BHICR Hnf!S?.6r^m? hnl.wt(?r. (tt an I f eil?r, front, side *? d bsrfc vard* Apply t- P L W < ?K*1?0N, No I01S Lit northwest myl J:* F'Ol! KIN f1?"At n diced prices," lli- fln?-i ?ni'? . f OFKl??R KOOMS in -he city; r sir -t i.citli?f>t; b-ul-'lng form?tl? oectip'ed by 'h-> oL'l National Ha\k. fcTBVkNsoN A l(Hf lirS. iteal Estate, L.;?u< en.1 lnsnance myl 6 h^t'K T* u^fiumc HOI 8K el* r ? ma N?. 1 333 lUtii * n- rt*.?>??. ^t?o.nN*nl ?> ?i* ; ltfis (?--t 1 Irch lront, i>t 1J1 t-t to t ,*J r?\ f d a ley Id ia ro of J uli N II. 8TK W A 1C ?. N > 9:16 " rt. n-* 1 }?.' 14'OK uTtlf-H -rsK - ?l li'tt e*t t . c?>rtar of I a r???. It rimm*. all njod?*rn Impr -* rents; ve-r? d??i ah t> lyoall.n, r-nt r-**- ..a . ?? Apply to GK :. VV LUIVKU coitiur Penn* a ?i n and at myl St* fM)R I KNT-VFTfrON r aooSfsTfarnV.hed >t ni.fattiirh. <1; l-?th?[i<l ???: with ut t?o*r.l. fin |. c <tlon "pr -it?* the Botanical O ?rd"n, f?cin< th? Cap'tol; inn."<liate possetiBion 106 JJ s r?-t r.orth mvi n l/OH I.KM-TIi wllH.VKi HOC -V i")7tb ? sl.le of the t'ap'.t >1 furi.t-h<Hl. i b? bar too n i? ia P?rl?'Ct '?rtier. will rent to adreirable p- r?on >fiv-ry r???oLhblo terms Apriyat VvHITNKt H'?USR. ii 1 7 Pe awaie avenue northeast. my 1-31 ? K~RENT?Nicely firiii-thed BOJMj. wTTh r fir?t da.-1* Bjard anitahle for gent-eman hu.1 wife or t?<> >in?le g< ntlt-nim, in private family. mo.ltto con*ei.lencea; c?w?l for mnnmsr; fine mable; rtler<fpceb req .red. Apply at 911 Matre-tn^rth wet m > r 3' * L'OK KKNT? HOl'-K 40"* Ni-w Jeraay avenno A cut beast piessi-d l.rici front, with c?^. bath rtrtn ar.<l every c -nventence: :i celt^htfu1 r >ol res idence g.SJ p?r n> >ntli. If de?ired,tlie furiiitor ? ill be Hold on monthly paymen'a W. W. MKT CALF. myl St FM'B RENT FUR B.X luONTHfl. or L<a*ef>r Ihrte yt-a i.?nh Furniture H-.rse a-.d .'arrin^e, Ac . or witl out Fu'nlur- ? a j!i:i<'K MANSION of 11 to ma: 10 acres of tan- . lino lawn . ti ?? view of river: few mi Mr >? fi .?n ?le?ot; Iraln* .-very houi t. nil fi m PhllH.lelplna. Apply to R M GKIK EITH. -u prrnilat.o, Belp'-r Place, Wi'mi^gtoa, Del. myl --jit h^OK K f. NT? Furniiili.-d KHONI K00af* on tecotd storv. hou?e 7W1 I5tb (>treet north west oppt -ite Worinle. '? B-.ard if wante.l,a2J St* f^OR RENT?Tw> or unfurnished tnird floor BOOMS, south front, h^o^s rentrtliy lo cated. Addres? Tbfck Bo* lO, Post Ofli>?? ap2f .it* I^ttB KENT?Two furrii-he.l KOuJlS. e*?-h with eas. hot aid rold water, at *3 and ?!<) per month. No 1 OA 2d strret northwest. apW 3t* LhiK REN1 ?The wn.'le or pirt of HOlr?K ?< fTt V 16*b street, furniitned or partly turuishel; mod ern coavenleice. ati' 3 * l/OR KEN1?Newly Ftirnlebed, lar?<e front r RO(iM . aecond floor; north lront, 9 1** K str -at northwest apZ9-2t* ^t'lt b*NT?Ifc 1thor w ibout It >aril. two band P scmely fnrisish- .1 FKONT K<?'>M."t Terms moderate. 730 Uth s'tee!. bet ween Q and II streets n rthweat. ap20-St* Ij^OR RKNT?PARLOR and KKl? K'HiM fr.rn r ieh^d or uofnrni?he.l flo. liltf !':h street ? op posire Fatent Cftice, between F ai d O streets K-nt moderate. apW 3i* LMB RfcNT-DeslrabU OKr H E ROUMH in 'h r Natb>nal Pafe I eposit contpany'a buiiding. coiner IStb ? r<et and N w York avei.ue Apply at the coil pant'?< flice. ap?!> e<.2? I.^UK K?.N I?A Furnish -d HOUSE or nine r oms or'.hree Booms* 2d tl ?or, suitable f,.r h .tise ke?? ln?, fu>nit-bed c< .mpiete, convenient t<> msrknt and . ars App y 4.">0 M stu^t. ap2;? 3l* l/M' R KF.NT ?Inline r.u'ry, p irt , H rooiii' of a s l*rce HOPSK, b.-tt'itifiiiiy ?>i'?ated ?cr ss the Eastern Brai ch. Arply No. 3. St Cloud It it d 'Dg. JOHN SHERMAN. K.-H E?;a:e A %? 3* F'OB KENT-A ronifi7rtable 1PWYT.'LIVO can tia:l> l->cate?i. 94A Esire^t; t-rTT.- iu<der?teto a reliable tei.ant Apjly to J T OIVKN. y.tid 10'h, near ? street. ap? 3t I^i>R BKN T?Four Unfumisli"d BOi>XS. pleas antly located, with all m-dtrn c>nvealeoc-?s; n.whence A pi>l at Oriws'ore oorner of New .1 r se- a^erme and H street no'thwest. ap29 2t* F'ub bF.NT?A BK1< R H'?l!SK sit rooms, eaa aLd water, and il -?ets tbrouKi>oiit. Io-iUlre at the c rti'-r ol R and 16th No. 1.000 ap2? I'* J_H_KM)TT_ L'UB RENT?New lllil sl No. 501 Rhod- Island r av enne; built for coinfoit with mKlra im provemet to; 7 rooms, bath room, ball and side alley. bel t 930 ap2j 2t* F'OR RENT?Two large .mfurnished ROOM 8 on second floor, private family I-catijn genteel, juht aoove Franklin park, shade.1 yard. R?nt low to a g.-od tenant. References exchanged Addra-ta D. 8!. Star Office. ap29 3t* E/Ofl RENT OR SALE?A modern seven room r COTTAOi.; with handsome grouuda, at Oolleae Station, car fai? 13 cents per day. Apply on the prtm'ses.r-r to WH. H. FCLl-EB D.Q. B.O., corner l>ih street and Pennsylvania ate. apW St* L'UR bEBT-A small HOL'^E thoroughly furn F isbed. ia tha W?st End from the first of June till the nrstof October. Rent moderate to ad>'?ira ble*t O'od reference* raqoirtd. Addr.sis '?Furnished BOUBK." Star Ofli. e a?79 6'* I_/OR BENT-No I ill 6 2>'th street n .rth?est three-story BBIOR HOl'eE. six rooms.marble iratiti Is, ,* jo per in nth loqulra next door or paint (.tore 1317 E aireet. apti' St* W RPTIIEBFORP. I/OR hENT-HOPPB No 43** R street, nine 1 rrom? Including bathroom; fronts north aad sonth; all m. dern improvements; oonvrnient t > market and car ronte. Rent 940 per month. Apply next door. ap29 3t* L'OB KENT?On tbo l?t of May?A rarocliicce? r A partof a n'c?ly furnished HOUSE f..r hiuse kc? p'ng in a d- llgbt'ul loc ?lity < n the line of 14th stiett railwa>; ball square from cars; all the mod ern Improvi ments. lite cellar and yard KeSren os ext batgi.l. 1491 t?' street. ap2a lm F*0R RENT-No. 1 Myrtb- streat northwest 8 r< cms; all niudtrn improvements; B23. No. 10 M rtie stre. t northwest, ti room-.; all m ?lern tmp'ovenients; ?? Co rner New Jemey avenue aii.i Q street rortbwest 6 rooms; a <-dern Improve m?nt?; lbO"? 4th street no-thwest, 4 re >nn and ta?.nient; wa er and sewer; 913 7ih street northw??t. 10 io<mH;all tiodetn improve nmnts, ?.1S. Store ar.d Dwelling 1st and N st-??ts soi tbwett: g^od business stand; ?2B C >ru-r New J?reey avorue and N slteet norfhw.-st, 8" >ra aud 1>?'-Iling. modern improvements; #22. 1st street, between 1 aud canal southeast, 4 rooms: ?8. 170*4 and 17 04 tiib uorthwest. 5 toom> aud side alley; 912 4430 0 street nartbw.-st, 4 rsoois. kit?b.-n,slde allt\ and water: 813 931 1st street r.oitleast. 6 ro ms; $17. 1111 S>1 stroe. northwest, 4 ro< ins, 913 Il'.nse O street, between 1st ( nd North Capit-.l street northwest: new; & rooms' 914. AI?o, lot of eniall Hoa-es. from 9t to 912 by C11ARl.ES P. SHREVE. R?al Estalv **en^rai Collecting Ag.ncy. 11 Ji 7th b * ap29 It |TOK SALK-W?U located HOLSES, at 92.4CKJ, I fl.MM. 91^ and 95 too ftr?St E R WILSON. All 7th stre it L'OR RENT-Three Cufti'nished ROOttS, can I trally located; suitat le for housekteping. 634 "^.'aacbuset s aM-nue northwest ap2S 3t* L'l h RENT?llOPSE, six rooms, wat". Nld ga'i a Mo. 40?* H etreet nor. Iiwi st. 8ae hill on ti"ils4, VwvirNo J li street north* an. ap2S 3t* LMiB RAtK-\ three story BK1CR HuD^K on r Capitol Bill, iargs lot attached; Sd ftreet. I>e r eeri Massachusetts avet.ue aud C treet. Price $t'U< TH?'S.E WAGOAM AN. 519 7tQKtal-3t ff(>R BEliT? A'INGIC STORE, la Colonization Buildicg, ccrter Pentay lvai ia avenue a^d -tr.-et northwest. Apply at Rx>m 1, Colon zttion Building. aplj-St* E/PR tAI.K?A mwDOl KLE H0'T8i, baanti A located at the corner o' Now Jersey avenuo and 1 street. M K. WILSON, ap? 3t 511 7th atreet. L^tiK REN -MOPSB No 934 B street north r west. Id good condition; moderate improve ments Apply to WM. OBME 9 SON,,1013 Penn ?ylvanla avenue northweat ap23 3t* FOR RENT-A twelve ro in BBICK HOUSl, with all oiid' ro C9aT?Bl?ces; Mo. 1S14 Penn syhacia aveLue north*est. Apply at #07 0 street tou>h*asi ap?s-3t I/TTk 8A~Le?FsKMS tear V\ ashp,gton-l?, 270, r 110 ar.d ISO acres. Also. CL LT1V ? fEO LAND i in <iuantlties to snit; or will trade for city property, a128 St E.K. WILSON, 911 7th atreet. H'oK REBT-Nicp atjry BRICK BW9LL INO. with modern lmprovementa; in Bonth Washington Bent 933. Apply at 017 Market Bpace apS8 3t l^OB RENT?Will be vacant by May 1st, PAB r LOB and CUAMBEB. well furDlahed, or w thont P s ? i. lrtcatlua the best in the ci'y. a pp'y 4 Ufsyd.t Qiiarc. aaSS Stv l^'OR BENT?HOl'SE 9>.?44. an F strea^.ba- ; I tween 9>b and 10th. containing seventeen rooms and batli r. i m. with modern improvements; aeeo-.d flo- r contaiuii g Ave large rooms, suitable for offlc*a. KuuiieNo 403 71 li street nor.Iiweat. ap2S Iw ffoB BENT? Ftrrthf kmnmrr?tt newly Furnished BOP8E, nine rooms; all modern improvements; northwest To a 'eH.ble party, without chi dren, very reasonable. WM. F. BOLTZMAN, 1391 F stree t t.orthw?wt. aprt St I^OB fcENT? Furnished second-story K BO NT BOOM, new brick, with all Bodern convent enc??: de.ightful summer location. 98 par month. 107 6 h stieot aortbeaM, one sqnare north or Bait Cspltol and F atreet oars a?M St* l/OR BBNT?A noe three story BMICK BOUSB, r in avert desirable location, corner 12'h aad 1 streets northweat Will be lor rent Mav 1. 1874 For tnrtber particulars, apply to Or. VM9W10K. 9o. 1319 1 street northweat. apM-lt* F |/OB K* NT-\ 1>W b .k- orefl _? n ?i fixture? nil c<mp %if l**r%t?????. ??q FOB RENT AND SALE. KSol lif "i^T1 10 B *,'T9** ?' ??? H AM > P^'l^ri di 11:ii room kitch toOK?i^.Vr^ 1C?? r* ** aBl Latrobe vrr.T J",'' *'*** corner afreet ?od I. uii n. > ap?* Jt* IV"* BJNT-49 H ?*r-?t a.> Gn r fun?l?b*a for t >isek~-ptos ?e. id fl <r. water KM. L-c h r- n. ud w'i ik?H?ii5V" tb;-4?nr. gr> ,i market ,| .a wiHd Ulfiigaut BenAiu. tD sdrse.:*. spl< Jt* |< BEN '?No Ifl* S h, t? ?<fo K tod f ? stieet* norili?>? t contai m? .ms l?rh all ifdrrii Improvement-. -pl-ndi t I -cs ioa wyft/n^'sly.r/iy*7, *??<> t<> amikkm n. I ' 'ALL.^riiw 4S %%d D rrMi $t l/OK BKNT-8TOKI a"d P?'| oil BO H >r0|, ? ccrt ?r 8?h street *1 d Bh Kie av-nne AIm>. three story BB1 K HOl^K ".ntiinini ***' ' c<tfwr of f street, will rent the ?b>>!? or ??rt of saiil h n?e il'i*rV,.PAS1,'IL B HOi>Y?B c>ra*r of Vh M>.- N streets HpV ? I/O A BEN r?A beautiful th-e- at >rw H IPjl ? con'ainmy thlrte? o ro- nis h*?h n, wi-er cl-set. range Littr be, h >t ad cod water. Mr sta*U. carriage hon-e, 0 * yard-. I-en rail'ng >1 marble copjr/i, foniiltju( die . 1x19 m 1 %r* ? tr-et cere, stre* t oi' crMM. Beut f >r al' t ? a c ? .1 tenant |U pfr m' Mv?nc? Htabie a j.1 rar r?t, ** ren <n1 In^rire of *?*. V n E>?NS ii'iit l!ibi<f?Wi?onth?in| apH j? L.-or HFNT-PA BLOB -1'ITE and oth<^ ti7 ? mated at d un'urnl-hed B > >MS; best I *-a'l >n In city. care to door M 'l K st n w apt7 4t* l/t'K BENT? * nliif r im uO it. **t?r * .<1 ? Sas, larae y ard. f. tilt tre-a. ?lde , on Lin r*n itre?t bft?>'on l?t km.i PrmiKl, r nt I w. *TP'r l?T Prldf-trm Q?. rn?towp ?p27 ?t* K? J.T-A Ur?* an-" -I-??~t H'Tl"sK. o? l?t rt'tel 110 tS?t, tin edit H( ti r li >fta?''*p IM1 *r"O"!"- ?Mh *??bli. ?<,] -id? lo? will t'r'Mfd low to ? h-mmI trn*oi. U vjSp** p ni ?f t ?? ? Li<t (? A N . ?><>>* liih s'rt* t i >rth ? ? j>?7 * r*m ?S,rtv' 1 ?ll . TTlOM K \H r.V'? FUft.oi n i-rtx-t r??r loth. uhw <i 6 * |r<>H BKNT? " ? AT IOW PBI<'t!4 In r? grrnt H ill Bui .li- ? ( p * F?*t <'*P!f.,i r?rK, en i?i ai. ?.?* ,..?<.oiib1" HmI'>k hr'j r?n?t.d,r.> g ? w?n(t *~r rni?. ?11 **1 f? CUM I 1 ,iir e 11 (|.r. AI-o, lii * tui riiDH, ' br? # JI ?r8k8. *" r', n'" H4ch- *" ?? <ly re AI?a. two |*.c. KO" M *, frontiiie .<r? K.m c,r, I *tJ"? 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JAMES Y DAVIS' SONS at.4 'rn nil P* ?ve . u. d<*> M lr..p..|l *t, tiot>'l I/f'B SALE?two valnat-le L-?TS Hi brii?if,,f, ? 0 mh street. between P A J IJ; ^l<ilr*<li; ????! ?jet-In five jpara at m* p*r cent lnt?-re?t. Ii.umre at hjl 7th titroet iwrthm?t npl; len L'UK 8ALt? Nrw ,ti> " r > u?. Hitter aid ? itner co. ventencefl. No |h|*? 4 h ureet. near I- ULdar> Lcnx tiii,< given Pr;<-' d?2.i\*> Aotlv to. _ _ ? ?IUUl 1.IHBKT. ?I" '? Cor if? ^ ork ave mid 6ik street. I/OB SaLE?HOI SK looti H titrett north went ? the nioct dtwiraMe hc.Ke in that ,rh .0 * e- eiy m dern coiiTeniei.r?; will be 1 Id at M?acri* Pee. Apply to WILLRT A I IlittKY. _ ... Lumber M. r'hant*. ft| 23 lm Corner Btb it and Me* fork ave. |TOB BENT-tub Wll.KEJ H??U9*. N .?!? aki I r'H Tim, loCAIIoQ d' l fh't i : witLIii ? J?w Hrp* of ine 1 #pito| To n r**-p >. ?ible r%rt> 9^(41 pt-r acLcm. A pplj t?? N*t1uiitl "*' * apJl <to2?r 1S<'R 8^frE~Orfir hang? f .r other propTty-\ ftn? Bk.-lpKN' S overloiKinir the ci'y, aul viih a view of 2ii n4ilen d<>wu ili? Potomac. All incderr. conveuiei cw; 18 you feft of land Ch-an and an pood terms. E j SWK*T. _BAll 7th -trwet. I/OB UENT?fhede-lrable thre< st .ry mdbt?> 1 nieot HBIC7K No. I | . -J H ?tr--t in??!hw;*itt. Con'ainii c nine ro< n.i. Ai? >. No. m >'l_Teo1 northwest. contaimoK nine rie>m? Mi No fc-24 K'th *tr?-?t northwest, contamin<; **\en Ibeeehonaee o ntam ?li the ni?d mi im ?V??*?T,'U- ,"<u,r? of JAMES W. It v Kh ? U, I I 0?? H ni reel no; th west. apil Jw |T' J?. ? *-* tTTre^ToT^ Bit I rC ~tt E^r" I l>r.N? K. yih itre^t northwest. 9 room* ?>*!li at'u all modern tonvei tencea. pri.-e i ,* to, ?.* eA" , . K. W MlLLEU & CO., apt" iw Wii I wir.-et north v. .-at, I^V*. KENT? Kun.lrhid or uufnrni-he-1, th- n?">t ? ce*lrab!e and pUasaot anhurba?i HKSIIiKN' E in the I>u?rict; 7tb a ,,4n>uea from cttv, 5? .a-d-< riom bilv- r Hprinn depot. M<tr p n-aa K K.; fruit, vefietab'ra. Ire atd pmtnre In a"tnid*t..-o,?5 ro .m?: vc '.ilu Lol objevt to r? Dtiiiif for nuuiiijcr b **r<linff 10M~e; part I.f rent 'aken in h ard ap!3 1m 1^'OB KENT? A tbree utory BBtOK HOt'SI t n r??jnig; t?> ^aa. water, bath ro U!.d tnib ?ar.?r la ba-tmeut, ki chen, an.I li"?:e'. Be .t *?B per timiith Appiy j 1 i'l y-tree north Teat. apI7 3?* |t'OK s*l K ? Iii the Oonntry - A comfortaMe _ , l''T *-LLIN<. of M roon,H. wi:bm five miuntea walker \mbiendale, Baltimore and Ohio r?llro?d w-o. fine Unlldins Sites; KI 111? lt an<1 B<aitifn| M"t.??B>lT:.'iu**?r """ Uan??? It'"B BENT?HOW I! No 613 N?w Jersey art nne noithw<at, between t and G streets 9 r omi. Kaa ?imI wa'er. good yard, t*> per ns >n:h. AI p y tu . 0 J UU N ? ON , 7 I * 13: b street n >rtli W("t- _apl3 Im !<HiHi.V'.N.T?Shre'>."J'Tr aL(1 basement UKIC'K E I WELLINU with brick staHe, liifl lo h street notthwest, for h-alth. arrhitectural deaicn a:.u CcBf< rts I* nn>nrp*ssed bM ALL WOOD A MOBBISUN, apll ltn No. aia 7th street. Ei^OK BF^T?One of the ? lc?at and most conve 1 nlent HOUSED lu the Distflct. with all modern improvements, and containing twelve ro> ms, Mtu at?rd o^rner 4th and G streets s otueast. Bent ,1m prfcon?htn a carefnland steady tena-.t Ap.-lv to L * utiHiBD, biJ Lonlsiana avenue north w<mt- spll-im K^OB BENT?HOUSE 46 G street northwest. 1 A "X'nis, water. Ac Large yard, convenient to thr?<- lines of street ears *25 per month la ad vance IDWABD 0 CARBlNuTON. Jr., *t n *' Louisiana avenue, opp >sit? city Mall. apio im BENT?BOOMS, fnrnlshed and nnfu*-n E Istcd. to all parts of the -1??. from ?3 to aino per month, Aj.ply at I'OKPE V B BOOM AGKN C ? ? Ho. 9'iO F s reet northwest. ap7 la' ???EXilillA?N',,: 'OH CITY PBOP mh P.J"11 ^'*? Friace Georges county, Md.. BIX -IEN ACBEB of LAND, with double Frame House, good water, azi abund tnce ?f fruit ; healtuy location; twelve " fSiff w,'k the HtattsTllle depot, Baltimore and Ohio railroad. A < f the ho.iae cau H,KiwSM^5rw^Ln^,,5*Uon ???Ulot4 from B H HTINEMETZ, 1*J37 Pa ave. mar27 L^OB BENT?A three st. ry KB ICR HOUSI.on ? 'alnlDjr ten rooms; moderu imarowmetii*; sit uated on l"th street between M and N .treats .orth west. ipqolre at 1103 M street n. w. apt lrn* ^""OB BENT-BOOMS In ail portl ms of the ctTy". r?.H?^Strll>t,^*lld terms given. Apply to B F. i t'aTKlt northwest rorner 7th and 0 sts. marl 2m* F'OB BALE?H'?l)'-ES for IJUAA. sihiui ? l^.tMI. 913 UO ?13 000, 9-!??i ?7,'iUo' w? 000, ?S.uv. ?4,000, ?2>m, ?1,000. Well located 'nM- *? J - bwiii oct*'tr fill 7th street, |?KAL ESTATE HI LLET1* THOS E. WA?(fT>lA1. ?19 Till (L CHAMSk4 MAliB BVKKT WgKSKsDAT ANb^ATt Al'A y. T-Brick for Sale. '?UtlHt.B.w..?llmod lu>p*..Urs S12AM ? ~ st.n w , all mod. Ulb< . 14 ts 11*0 sn a st. ? all mod. itnr-* ? Urs ..... vju 2*0 K st n. w., all mr>d. tin?*., 10 rs. IjAW tu A st s e., ail mod. lm^a , U rs. w.uoo Out 13'h st. n. w, all moa. imps., 10 rt 9.t?w 2142 Penn. ave. n. w . all mod. imps,. 19 rs " uuu 3 atd 5 2d st. s e . all mod. imps . u rs ? i>?, lofr lb"-1!!? E st. n. w . all m<xi imps n n 7 10J-111 D st n. w., all mod. imps, li A " 7^ 4*7 K st n. w., all mod. imps., lu rs. k simi 1224 122^ llib st. p. w. all mod imps,ior^ S20J rrr? Story lirick and Prame Homes for Su>e. I7M lotu ?t. n w .iF.H.)mod imps ,7 rc.. ? s uoo 237 13m st. I. v?.. ? F^H-.tmud. imps., s ra.._..,. ? mo 4 ?l N st. a. w.,< F. u. '?3'Jd Imps .7 rs , jjim ltiJ) 17ih tt. n w.. (F. H.,) nioi. ipiP" 4 r? ..... * * * Ccrper ltrth aid Bat*, n.w ^ F tf.iui ) 'A r. 57^ 7? rf f'Utl st. n' u ? ?' ?od. Imps .s rs_." iAht 7t D^ficesst n.w ,1 B.H I mod imps 7 rs 1 mi 21 23-5.'i Mj rile at. D.t.jl. U ?B? ?^>s , T rtl ?S 1-01 BlggK st n.w ,<B H ) mod ImpT.^ii Alley bet. 12th and 13ih * T 4 U,< B H 14 rs..'.' Too - Unimproved Pro]terty for Sale. K ct.? b<*t. lorD idI i7tb it u w.a per ft ?i ??< )9tb it., bet L?ndH,D. v.,ferft w? Dor. 11th and H sts n e . per i i? Pa ave,bet 24th and 2tth sU. n.w., >er ft. igm Bat., bet. Uth and 14th sts., n. ? . wr |L ? JOih at., bet I and K n w , p* r ft " " ff 26th ?t., bet. H and L sts. n. w , per fL s.) L at., bet 2ub and list sts. n w . a^r ft jjj ITou&ts for Rent. fJJA(fnrn.,) all mod. imp# , 13 ra fffi J* V?ve., ifurn .lali mod Imps, to is sou lSlAMst n. W ,(t?rn.,) all mod imps, id r? 7# os? 5 J mrt-*,r*rtJ m.<o. Imps..? rs lso J31 K st. n. w . all mod. Imps.. 10 rs...... m ?? A st s ? , n od. idips , 11 -a % C <r. list and F sts n w.. m jd. Imps., 1> rs. *ss Cj 11 tn and D sts n ? . 7 ? SSdst s e., mod | aips., 14 r .. ?! hi"-'* n ? m->.J imps., ii r'j - * ?! 136 Em1. O?pitol gt , rood iuip? 8 r- 1 mod |J"> M,.W' ^ ? ve n-w- "??~ y, Op. . m rs #7 Hlsh st.. Georgeiowo.mod InipsTB W.ZZ ? aist.B.e., muo Imps, lo rt 5 n. ? ?M. imp^., C rs XT 161. P st. n. w , mod lni?s.7r? ?~* 5 *"? w.. T. d e ii ^ P5 ' ?} ' w..Kod Imps , 7 rs ? in ii i. imp<.. u rs....". "?~* ? *0 ? Mtrtlest,. misi .7rs ? ? iil.Vlk - *"' ? !lB?- 4 rs? ij n.? .m'-t Imp* . a ra_.__^ ? ?!?*??? w .mod imps ;s?._!...; ? rmiL St. ? w.. mod. imp?., t rs ZT..:~ ~ ? W7Sde?. a w..? n 7" ?~ ? w.? K ?' s w.. d rs. **" * ' H l?09 9d st. n. w..? r? !? ??| HXh st a. 6 I.~ ? MIS 1428 4th at. a. W-TT^L JJ A. r~.. Loaru. t ZfZL\ On MOMDAT.May^lstl'at^'o'clork p m tSm wa?*2iK?ssr?-'?jtt BI S1NESS CBAXC'r - J'cR s*I.K ?? i oustrisl libfbiiioa B ISP" oC Nr? V :k di| f?t sale si >?.' the 4?' ?f F. i | attloi.le?? eldr?-a ? Bim this oilee I'* Ah > N It K?? K ri'' ttl MS ?r >? ? iV to 9 I cat) roclf a i I' fM* IB ? n ?? ? Hp*i rtirri iw Ailr<? KtttsP\P?S 7.tii Si 11 > et |?. nh? wt '?* k,*i'K C.M.I ??? KVi'Uttol ?JM t*l f r Uk(>( III f i ? ' tin* LlfeC mi> Put n wll-nt ? p aortaiity lor a c e.ja > ai?< l?< par. ???? ? o li>Ud. ?l Utrbt: ("Lii I lw A J J r-?- BC*l H Af 8, Star > ffice ni> I S * L'VK Itbl OK K&< U?Klik-?' rn7?r.r"F r cr In th- ? nth a deltfhtful ? o try KKSi I' KB'K ao<1 F It I 11 r v B ?l ?<?(? It. .ui.e or ad Jre?? LH.S B MMIiH' * CO ?? ' * Ttb HIM ?ill*' HOI SB rOK KBfeT OK L|l??i~\Nl? ri KNI II KB PO* 8ALB Th- lour storv HI! K ii t'SK riiiti'd on th? iortli*r?' tjfMf of ?Va ?!*?? nx) I'l.m'att.?u ?treet?. (i*.>r|tt< ?ii,rnit?m l?lulii? 18 roon.s with i I tn a.erii imyr w 'I for a larce ItDiilf or an extensive H >ar.| It a f i'QM t il !?' f-et ^r,tr?, H I->U te-t fr "t, ?nd wi hba.-l butl!'n*? ia> feet ,|wf ttp ? i K I*. POlMiE. Ho III* Pit n r'hwst ni I fit v I I mi ft ?0?. TO L"AM OB KIU CI,nMI, l8T*T| A|>I| lu t II M? . O l?t* BOAB*OS, apfc) St Ptb il I' -treete lothtMl. Ubli< ST?> KB IOH - A I * - ism rati or ?>*> 1 p?Kt. will I'M* a nice lutie Prn* st ?r In K d order Add rest " l> t u**?st( it I' ??< V Ql II ? LAIII> - III p-r?. u? ?? i?m .? ^ I r LaIM' to r frti, ecnlw tbr us h liaot.-l r?ir"tl > f Uvt<l-i? ?ti- , I" tot n-.u. rw tlat, ? tkrU'ntoltlMI'tri ?l! K?tve I will (n tit.h he -utile w fib ft w e\c*-fet|..|.a? caes*. At a umf T.U rate < f )? II per Cent. OD the ed TtlatHaii. lb-?S a. Wat.'.rSI IIS. ? r?? St a?M 7.1, ?treet. \v 'LI HI .'111!" ' 1 I* ?' ? K t ftett T?e I> ?-t .1 IWfee* (flXVIMIOI Riil'll, l? i ?I Loulri uh itn n?: k ? ?1 *? I r ?~| ii,< ,* afpi B*l>||> blwiNk - ?HvN'K ou ? .? I\ r-?li ki.jaiie ?f TUOS .1 l*H fcr. S ?? ??% gin11. ?p:- u r'l i K S AI E ?lb- ?t ? II i?i ? ?'id |f i He* rcfii*il dM 0B IHT Irii ? * * n? ? lair feVteMB tfp'i ti or *tldr?-? tilOl'cil M.< 7M 7th ?tre I *. uttr**( mpi* ? * L'l'H lt4AiTfcT-"A TTk- '.I I l(k-?lrib I HOhh B, f it'ti'l", ki I ?? * >i I. hti'l '? o*? ' %" ?111.* \\ SI Jf. II Oi>T /. *1 A N l.lil t ?? n>rh <m. ? ? ?t I.M K Kill < BBtP-aiif (?! PtilTIIIM I ^<>EB: l' i i. t|l.l . lit II * I Ii k?? tn I ?m>t in ? tr?l ???*>1 - I ? Ml - p llirttilfte I I ?lJ l*> '>Lttr V?rh ? J'?ll * k i??n_ .pi< f TVO lit H<il'0B8 F<iB SAll-M ? l? 1 t'biirrh, T? , ? lout linn n m- rha ti - ? 1 k .xl ?<-! 1" *rp!> to N* >? l,LS ? '?ttKC*. ti '? rr> t< utt. <r (iKO A L MibKiPIti II, N ? ,.i ?1 -i l'? oiIon f (lire. ?pt-i lm" ~ s? % L B l< ?? ;'?" H r M Tr7i ~ Hi I Vk> m ill r? C' r e pr.'f -?l - I r t he pir ? t . t? valval 'e |'r> f rt* , c <f a > >r vnd I * Ii iv H?l'? I" I>cated on'be7thutreet r fl * b i li?l a l i e ( t liricbta. ' <t > - etr p. Iitae '?|| at* K r r* M I. at - 11, t ' \ 'M N'? A V 11?I? I V. t ON o tt. r '?th tt/ K -t- np 7' \\J aM a Ii- T ? v. ? a ? ? K t k" til . i. . \ ? Tots a BO 8 TOVBB for IM N - .t III f tl K S.c.tLM fth *' d K ?lr <??.? u rth?e? -*<n ke I buic<)? itirtd. I m th f.*. to tlb or ?<> p .v ?pi| ; u* 1 ??0 P fc Of K It I V O^MCIi* Owi.?r?of Bftl K't4> PIVtGli In 'Ii* ' Int.-to ntrDtt,Nf< f If b? ach?n*tt mirai ?, (ill I to thi'tr luter ?? l - < a'l o i it e I f re nft.iux ' claims l< W. P. 11 :ij.2l tflit '. 7 15 1" Ii ?tra?t. 'I i? LOAN ? t?o BmI B? .in I to .S ?t I 9 mil at 9 per cttLi ; ??KW. ??n ?ear?. ? and ?Mii> at luptr GBO T M' KfPK i.L. ?(?>' lot 7?h >irwl. \i antkli* a i wisr,?> 1*1 KM KOTIIWlLlt, upt'-Jtli* 11't B lit reel * n r|*t-t MOK K V TO LOA& ?lu tttni* to -?lt on ? ttalac tor> a.curlti. JOHN FH IKM AS. Bull K I* e Ac-nt. ?plS ln>* Ko^nt .1. Ht t'lul U i1tll,:j KB A bSTtIi B Hi Pnos" ' ? ' f-' 9 ?' IMMI (Ittil ' 11 ' t K ' 1 - tl (ili'tl ii'lti/t i\f OOO ftrh ft ittl (3 fi r H n't pi rat it 1 r.e I'. t.dt art- all rettul ?rl? 1-.11 >.1 tip >a tioo* hallrt.a>t? at.d ?"-ate?, aLd n>ai > of th-in will pr tt Miorn ' tiilr prolttbie. 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Id 11 t'otrmiaaton At Pmate falo?Very <;htt??~ A la'*- lot f (' . r?-dt '-n..d llrdi'D t <i t''ttiiMo':->d G 1*. n-? ? .,.1 a* c. rd baud t ? *rj article ft:!l? v^rrant d All l>et>ine?B ?tricti> C"ti8.! nti*l Tae okloat and the D?l re I )?!>{? b(,o?- tc the Ctt> tn-trll tr NkV TO L.OBN. 4 S.OOO to loan on colce real estate 1 - from $StJU to ?] KM. at 9 at,d 10 per cent latere A lew fum? at fc per c.ut Id troo t S4i>mu K H W A KM Kit. titarll Corner 7ih a ad f ?tr.. ? c-.-ii to kA.ot.o iN"?i?iitriN Vro h ?7.IU PI.IVlLt?.K8 PAT8 LABOBTBOfirs Vk rtte for 72 r?ee buck Men and Idiom* ol * all ?t andUaU?t Bevie? 8KNT .'KltP JOHN HI< KLINU * CO., oct7 ly Banker* and Broker*. 7 J Br a]???. N.T FOR SALfc. I^LBGANT 8ETS OF Kl BNITI HE? Pa.lor A Clmmbtr net. {>r >alt cti-ar, onl\ t.?eu Inn* a le* wttki Call lutuieliat' If at 1 ' O* <1 at tn ? 1 3t" L'OB 8AL?.-OOt N rBKS. CUkLXlSG ml r bHCW UASI a: a b?r<faia fa* ca?t>. at N t 10.1 d ftreet. between 1st nltvol at'l New J -r? jr ?Tenne northweat mvl St* liftbt Bugs, or Ladies Phwton.for ?al? or ficuftt for ? ?orK tlor?e. *'?i B\ 691 tMty Paat Office. m>l.jt ^ ri-v* a-k ?7, ^ F ^ BMaLL. HAN b?MI M \RB- ?mtAtle for r ? ioJ ) ? 1 i?od H Btr?x-t?. 111 1 61* L^OK BALI CUlAP-^mall >')AP K <' lOllf, P cotLpletefo- butlnes-. Hone of ( r ><>?< 1 acre o' apcre Call or a.Mra?- l?'i In diana avrnne n ? .. W B NoltTON. It* OB PALI?Two pair of very lire Ilarale HAY HOK8ES. US bands hieh. warrant"*! ^ wa ?mud ai>d cent e In all harntst. To b? tetu Al" at B. CBClT Jr.. Stables 1744 II s:r~?t. ?rW S^ J. <? HIB8TQW. |," O B SAL E ! Promlslre yotinr. well brrd trotter, blood BAT Wilb black polnta, souod slyiisb. and ttry <7V sp?tdT Alt^i pair 8h- rmtn M rtao bajs, ttry hand'oiiie and last; a perfect ladoa team is very desirable stock anil is caaranteel in e\er> particular A rpl) to T UOS. ? ?NVtCL.L. U a*binKton l-ririnc Park or address P M SLI CK B. Boa 3*3. Baltimnro PusiOffi -e. ap2 ' ?t* lI^OH SALE?8<>rvi?,eabte, fne tonr>d, si* o- a e 1 Chlckerlnf PiANO; oiily JW. mo-t be -old; be seen at southwest corner "f Lith and H sireti* n w . No 730.arts 2? L^OB SA L fc? 8t> lirh Br.'wn UOkSR, !!>'? hands. I 6 < ears old; drive* In single or duiib e <V-? ht?rte?s. at.od ut der -addle, may be ke n at v"J.V 8tnl '<? of C H EABL.-ll Ifrti ?. ?pi C'AKBIAGES. CABHIACE8, CAB ? The (?rr<-?t *tid niort v?rt^ : art. r. ment of latent st> In of t:arrfa*ee. Coup-? Kxlawajs, Jnmp ?eats. Park Ph?-t?r-. ? ? Japf;ers, Top and no Top Hnigi-s ?ls>, ?e ?er*l flc< atcotid hand Panel Carri??-s and Bucces on bat'd at P. I? 8CUMtTT*7lO , mat 13 tr No 31H lJtb st.. bet. ai.dO.t'.w Li^OB SALB? NOW 18 HIE TIME. r 1 have en hand till SPUiNG WAGON?, oallt In the best style, with ft>e Sarvin wheel,. T-.<pa*td No t p Bl'OUIES lor aale si. uthl* psymeiits, at 07 new Fa<"toty 37 Pr. spect st., etirance on Brtage St.. m?' ta^ taai Wet. Georgetown D. 0 inarSt-3ai* JA\IJ.".:< B J AnBbOh~*Tg<7n8 HEW STOCB. IBON AND SUELLSBE1B A.U/ 0HE-U0K8E, TWO HOBfB, TH'iM H AND rol'B UOK8B W AOoN.-i H e have sold Hundred* of tb<*e Wa?ot<a. ani tc f^tMral opinion ie that ibey are the cb.vp.-t and .?et A* aeon Id use D. W. IrUBtra, f*b!l Sm Ccrner of Mas*, are. and I n w ^jlXNEiOTA FLOL ii. WMhbcrD Mill*, M'.cctaota FLOCB not ?jaalled cr excelled by any io the conTiti y. 1 Is oar in tlon to keep a supp'y of tI t* celebrated Floor alw ?> on bar d AH we atk I* a trial to **li*1> the m ^?t lae'.idioas. For sale bp J. B BL.YAN * Btt') , ap87 tr B0*l P-.'nasylranla aven*3. 5 PATENT PARTLY-MADE IP BESS SUIRTr, TfceGrtatent Invention of the A *?. Sit flna Ursw fliins for six dollars. < ?<J iiol to be Uai lu aaj other store Ii. this city V W e are Bole Afeoti W. W. Bl'SDETTE A CO, 29. !2? 7u street .1 v, ??J7 tr Ho. TOO K street n. w. ENCOURAGE ?on inrania. U..E., satchel? ,oa 0M1UMl" BAT'JHELS fob mbb. BBAVL BT BA Ph PoB ALL CABB1AGB B ?B*B, UOB8B OOVBBB F1NB WBirS. BABBEBB. BAOTLES, BM Truka of eearr style mad. to order on the preiniaaa IM Tn Stabbt (A?jotetB*Od4 Follow*' Halt,) fey JABB B. TOPBAB, FBAOTIOAL M ABC FACTO BIB BBTABLIMHBI IB 1MB BBFAOU?. TieKKsaa^"?' ?g?.r NO HOBLBUO.?L. BIOS will par a fair oaafe price lor aay kind of Ladies. CienU' and 0BB drfefeV SECOND BABD CLOTBIBG, BOOT*. iioHiZm^HmS&SSbmS+S? PROFESSIONAL. ?p* L" l? IIAKMT. IV M TT>>K **V *T I A m ft rtheaat n r L* ivr ar.d **h *? K -<?a 4 tr< '?? W*.hlag'>n I* i~~4 ki?in?m. I* JUSTH * Of THK / ?*ct, ?in aa* Ttb tl W , iBp-?Ue U::* aa o? ?u? 4< Pm**? :*nw 1* <? HI ITfcK ? ft?i?lKAK, k 4 ? T; s PHE!*1*). OEft'K Afl> 1 u1 r?*rr of OB*AMkftT\Lai?4 r L A I N I'llMiSi, '*1 ll> Mr?l t.i'lbaraat (?PK IVIk Hv'll 7 10 K 1 r> '? jactlly ?* ^HINoTHS |? 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Uart> . ? I I " ?s ?tr?*<. ?<* *?' r?u? ?1 I>m.l4 ??i <). ? ? ?' 1 in trw a*l Jx* hit BOBEKTcUtN . a? hi ' . ?*', r4? I* M *nli. c at ?lt4 b'.h *t|.-et 1,1 i.a -?t, aearl* 09 p ?lt?- tli* Oa- t (Hre, rt?r> W (1i*K*IHV at.l !? \1 I bl?A t . frmu il t" 4 |> ru., In all l*1? a-e* 4 >? I 1 ? ar> (ii(4ii> Uvjnrrl ? *. tile ? f*t-? Mir-, *)phll 4 at.d Sp* niiat irl ?? ?. ?lava of *Jo|i 'rrhe* rwtiil cti' 1 a< tei < I . S to ft la v ? Kifklli'll til r? 41*4* h ^Qi< kl)' iur>'1, a*iJ tii*- ( *la -ft <nvirt* y radlra1 -<1 Ir hi lb* ?> 4t*ru. a 1 h >11* lb* n m> >>t arr > !*ftm ?i< rrt'i-4. I r ulit "0 t-? ?\i > ?? -a ?? < rtt? i" ? ?11'h. rauMng hwiil imiff a?4 taaam t) ? I ilal 4?*t><lit) ? 4>rr*nlc a faki'^a?. tmP'? . .< rvi-n?irt?a' i'1t\ . null n? nt I <l?aili| ll ? in I ri'fil* *"*' i'l tlif b<*ar> pam- 10 t>?. i , itUiM?a of or Kid<iiii?>aa, *tiI f >r??li xlir (4,|M| 9la iii?i Ir . ay-'i-dily rif?? h* II* >*xr-4 rt-ti.* ?trni?n:?-n r'a" Ti* tli -n-afl'. ? It. I'l H 'a bald can Ht t;p u l-iu* ? ini tfli ailt anl l> iat>l> lr?-%l?d Ki'tirt t.i tlia lil*h Ml4i>*Mi a III' h b?- U"? hohlatr tu ft* I?attti4 i-?< I .Ii4 ?t Molnii' f (ill 04 4 Wit. atrart u>rtha.? . fr ??m <(? *? 9 n ?iar? ;r I |U RI TKLKR JOS??.?T?ant? ?ra?4 aipncl ? ' r|.<-?. iti ki n alr |l|>i-aiHa. lrr>>galaritiM, '??a 1- ? r?r?i aMtatac*, or i?<> rlnrit Hi. til ?? c.>iitli|aL.lial K lua lor patten ? lh( N 11 ?? ar?? ?lrt-al Haltim< r? iw?nn ia* A I IRII.-T ' all who ?r?- ati????i 1 ??? fr ?? tba ??rri ta Mill IndiiWTOi M t nn titi -m arl? a iakiH?-, ? arlt i1>-ca), lo4? of 11 ?? l> . -J. *r la HI ?? nd a iin p- tual anl cora j-u. Kbtl Of 'H^KM Tlil? ?r< at r^piali a ,\a 4 by a mia>i< nary ii.t- i.tb Ant'-rloa. H.-nd a *>-11 ad-1r>-a~>d ?>in?-i..p. 1.. ih*- ii? Joseph t isms. K?auo? l> |:i|i? Hoi-f Nr? Tittrilr. u.?-* ?? >.t k ,*?u PbEN bii-Tioa mil fui na apkbdv Cora of H'?iina: Waaki-aaa. L'?t Mat.|.,?Bl. a?d all litr-rd^ra broacbt oa b> lu4lwr?Uo?a m M ??? *BT linKft ii?itb'iifr*4lKi? Wlinn l>A V I l>H< >M a ?H?., ??? k. i kilHIi ? ??? Irnt. j | > B I JONtS. Mil Anil '? av ifm, fit 1 ? ' mart. Ml . bata Haal Ml Phvatclao and Har ?u U. Cy ctkl bii>|>llal for lb?'0"mIt??l)>tuarr t van*. Pali*.I Onarautroa a^t-ody ai<d cvrtaiu ra i? I in all ln? ?x* aud lrr?-eiilariti?a Inctaaat to ?'?? In Imyo'ancf and fcilrti Itr. and all Ilia r. tiittnnt aim at ?,-? <.f na'urf 4 law* war 11 la' MAI All BMTBLL ? U a komwkifM' rrrlatioad and acl^etllc Ladtaa' Pbrai.iaa and H Uwttr of M r?ar? iraMk1*. attro4a tall44 at tbair li.?iaa.ur roeiT, rtali> ro ma, carrfri n?r? u?. atid tk? M laadtcal ittradanrf at tba Dort--- a ^1 .??*a rraldvDoa Ladtua plac ug tba-usalvtw no l<w b? rara of Vadasx R*at<-ll ara cnarsrt^o! ac1< riltr r?^tnK"iit and ? ?w^t *(?? an-* ra?M?i?r4?, of Sharp atid D-'? er ?t?., Hal 1 tu >rt wftrir* INSl* RAXCK J.H N T AbMS U. W b A TOI1 A ? a run ? ?'kyuhAL lysiHA yes a a by Tb axu t> Mjki A K5. L( UkuIT BriLMSe. corcer of F atid 8tb atrowtt iftM bAN<'Rof BVBKV l?B!"'KI PTIUII W BIT laaiO tr TlMOli TUI BtkTTIUIH KtloltL 11 a vlhra of tba LVUONIMII flkt IHHUK AflOICOMI'AIIV ba* brvc raOM.?ad to Hh.>id Mil. <0 1. in !i Hii'MiuB. curnar ?f P and Atb atiiwta Tina Maoti'b old oomp?u> faa l *?*o lB?pralli*fof 'hlrlf ltf f*tn Bi< a?*i-??. ItAW NU avJtr J. UL' B A Kb. AMI THE THAMES. A lkxhMii 11 ball, wi<Lua hm,l. 1 i.a:< irrrA U. *', Bar km 1 ?ux?ru . Man tit acta rara aid I'ralxra |D 1). ,.ra, raab and 15 I'd* Ula*a. Hard war ?? and all BnlMin? Hatarlal i - 7 Ma**a< ba*4-u avvim*. !>??(a?vii tit< and Ttb *trr< a not tt a. ?t. 4?*ll g-od< X) p?r oaiit cb"apat ?hat ar> >tb?r bona*, 'all aud a 1 anil n* it 1) O B N V V ? ?J JAMII r. 8KIB1, PLVMbSh AMU <1 Ai> HT7KA. ?tar27 t( * 11 7ih IT. NOKTH w r.ST * n ? R ?? ? JOHN <J HOOAH. 7 IS *?*??? arar. Manulactort-r of a ttaaly Patantad Sprl..? t?oilar anil VfUtllatiicAanine fur St^ rwi Hotala. Pa'lie builtiitiit* andTrl?aU Mklk Pla#4 and T*-nM f raaKof ratit bola Affrnt for tba oilt c?muiaa Mild'* P"K.| Hati1t| Wttirlal vail t? GOAL AND | J J. IKtiAN, I?ealar In WOOD AMD COAL. Alao, LIHK of Inat uiialht at klla prv-aa DAM). UAlBatid I'LASTtk in (inaotlttaa to aa t ap. iui* Oor 6tb and E atrxata aoutbwrwi ([HiAL and kindling WiioTT Out ?t.<.A of OOAL t? now cotrplAte, cnt raoln? all til* cbolca ^Ual.tif*. ai?d to wbicti wr laalta tba 41. i*t !: ! 1 I r.1'1*' II.-t* ??i r PATENT BlIftUCBIt KIN DLIBU Wtml*. with a flr? liffbtT In avarr tnndla, la tba la<at la is** E<>r aalf b)'all fTOT*?try I! B? aba*-la^4. -it oil r<''4D'r*i<l ChtAr SAtK CLKAI*. hfl'PH KMMOIV 41 Kko, Will atid [Hfiit 7ib atraat * barf, HMl Brat.rfc (?lflc? Itll* Pa>na?l?aw>a a> m. | UAL ! IOAL ! %l (HHll %% ?H>I? ! CHEA P : cUFA /' ? FOIt CASH.' Ta(?l P\NDB ??r TONS Obl>KKEt? Arr)\iL? uaily, car* >?a of tko ten tatittlw u( til klLdn'"; , 41 1, and W??oD. ft v? 1* th? ttnie to bnf ! If I nu aonld aavt- n,.)Dei f a toc^ *???''?iwrt mm, lain p >ui'da totneton. call on tb ? tiLii t ? isni-d l?-i rr you l>u> I! art- e two of tba larireat a barvaa In the Oiatrlct, aid all tb* (aclHtl ? ao-albla ib?H? au? I'd for tba d. Ittary ?.f <"(?! dir?rt oar vaaaaia to tttc _ cartaiuly <i|ft-r fascial indaca n *ir* A ^l.TToi r * ?. 7 - \trc?rf n* a* aBlai.r* of rr iKCM . mt"._ ?(?d PlftE WuOlt C.iM.raJ lv* ?* ?? aw par I <-rd Go d OAK WOOD d**lirered a? 1 /W an %?> to 11 par C<-rd. A Mr pie trial I# all ? h*' |* n- rsaaary |/i ooarmoa Ibt pi.tiic of tbo atior"far** JOHKMIS KROTHKBIL Van. Office and l)ep^| ki Jotiacoa'4 fFhui -4.lout of i2lt: an-1 n-tt 'hit 11 IIIFn^ < Fitrrtttl. li'Jlt. 2 \ 111 Si 9t b *? r ? i anrSk eo _ EDUCATIONAL. Uik.pT KSu Ihbllll'Tk tumi't krwid fm Vii.ii/ i?i/id Mr. 8 L Cam, Principal. Nev Havtb.liora. Bei<d lor circular. mart tai Tut rpibroPAirTbhtiti tb, 1 (rrrrnrr U;t nmd i U'N>I. BIT. K A. KNIOMT. b D., t?1 Jlfaiwa, Pltor JOHN L WHY. A St.. 4>i M?*~ Ttic Sii*'n Annual ^ Minn of cburcb acU-wf for bfiyi all) ?v;B nianc?- oa WCIiNB*>DAT, Uh- dtfe of B?piea>bar. Furthar InfonnUioa cm be bad frowfW Bxt V L BNIUHT. D D. ati*X7-tf 144H Oorc<raa hl^fttiLlNfi Ibikijn, AMI 1 LtSMCtL SB * Lfct'T 8' U 'OL rt>K >OrBO LAU1BB VIA NiwT.rkaT.noe n. w ?Mr* aMOBLO JACB ? SON. Prti "?>? eirbib aonai " ?a tb' U.L ?? -pt ,.i r. 5"71 Nilaitab? v??bt*blb oata ibtij abb ? AKTl BlLLl1 >1 S ( ILLS Tlo de?t'.d '? r th- ?a PHI* baa arg-ty Increased We therefor* e?M t?blic attanuon to tbelr im-ii- aa a MM pk*w*?* tb* ?' at e*t can , tbey pr*-*etit the ?.IK wIat good aaalitiaa: Tt ey *ra war rati'ad a li II a ? ertabii . tt !' a im lap nni>t certain at .1 ^ITactaai, tft?y ?ra bea tug to the rtomack. they ?tart tba liver h a heal by and a--t:f ip?ra?toi.. tbay < ure bllll;?4?mi. tick ?mAkWam CJ4t|.oti<^4, tbey are tn^aloaM* for ItidiAaatli aard dynp- ??la. tt.ey tbcrooghl) clean** tin *. *te?. thi-? uo not gripe or rive p*lt 4?'to? their ac:ion Tbey ate adapted for ganaral a*a Children and dalioate p*raooa caa take tbaai a* well aatt>* ?trni>c a d robuat Momt r.tdt, th?r ara alaaya fraab.i ablle patent rill* aeaarally ara a t.t atd c naiqaentlt umfotafy effectual Prtoa M c?nu par b 1. I'?r eale onlr hy at* tt ? ' V VMl O ?m* Mrtkiwl ^PPiKTOHB AHtlCAl CTBMrB Appr'wcnaa aoapMba Mia Part la* la Via. tbl* great work will ba aoppttad ar ip to praaa. ft k? Wr* all atria* of

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