Newspaper of Evening Star, May 1, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 1, 1876 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. ? Q>?%T Way MW. Weather ProtMibtlitie* To-daf. Officf. or Cktkf Hiaitat. Orrtr** > Wa?his<.toii. > For the n.lddle ar.d eastern state*. rising k*n in?!?r, iorthw???t wind". increMlnc to fcrisk ard ixrfmibly high, cooler, clear orclear Ug w? .vher. t } LOCAL NEWS. imaifnraii, *?., T?.it?lii Btmtu-?u ThecUcr.? K<*e Ey tinge as " ItnsA Mlrbcl." * .37%.,!;??*-"*><?? <??**<> wiM,? *-<?." e,-n fv#?fcy.>ria,? rfturch I H afreet ?.TU ma2 ?^)_IIaa?orou9 iua'uS: ?>?t.i-reWlii){ by hdlih Meredith. sfiK&b!!2,n'P,iXe''n?rf*?" ??* - Flrsr rif nir Of the Uo ? nMorraea Association, K. of I'.. m J.TL T.IUln ' J'Un!n>rf &**rr1ni icorner 4th km! Jr.- cortheast)?First grand centennial pier. *c. WMhlnctM lirlvinr ??*rU Trotting >?.t Al, 3d, 4tfc, anJ T. -i-f-ts 'i r >>;? e at (>rr.c? of tb?* Natiopsl Ho>l. <>fTjce iif it,# li,>|w r'n Hotel. N?w?Ki*t iUi wifiana ? Motel. ? ft. e or ib<* >>w York Avenue Hotel ??fT.ce of the hi. Marc. ?.iJT ,?i2n.Nf?" northwest corner of ?'b ? h utrretc. <OU<I< IIV< ! ?.?calx '?? ????* Mutual BnlMng \?H1? fo-r !L ?. ?2rt to-day al over to Monday next In*>KrarH prize concert for the ?v? of mLMV i? " Ar*dr m* W!" tak* place Wed ?esday May.:d. Hecad vt. Uie u*r}:r* ? Mothers a. ire * M. t. A. parlors be i?e i>!ea-?ei i<> .< am ?>y our advertisement tr;af a ?rcr?r\l , ?r K,,nu'?-?arlen Normal instttut ,.n !. l^wnrroiir afternoon. r.ig.? I hundred aij<i Rcvcnty persons wen 1 , H' d lodged at the lodging h >uh>) on ?' ti'v avei>uedur:ng ihemonth of April, | ai> iDcrt-Hw ovff the mouth of March <>f o ?? hundred and three. Yesterday roomingabout ;o'c!o."'<,o.'Ti?ers C<llli.s an?i Ben to-) eurpri -e I a thief at w.irk In Use liol t'OQopof JJi Jar I in. on Connecti cut avenae, and spoiled hts jjb, bat the tel- I Jew ininatnl toevajx*. . The fuueral 01 Mr Thomas W. H ark nets *ne oldest letrer carriers n this city. who ?lea o:i_satcr.!ay ru ?^ from paralysis. Jt nt- ' <th year, is in progress this afternoon. -Mr. llarkness deltvereu letter-i in tbo old ?first w*rd" for nearly twenty-five years ' He was UDlvrrsaily respected. The W;tHhlrt;toQ and c?eor({e!own Kiltrna I conn|>any j>ay their conductor* a??t| drivers .'9 per day. commencing this .la'?, and ?e^trve thf conim?n<l?tioa an I warm hid F^rt of the public for fhla act <>f j jvic<- to a ciaas of raen who nave to woitc hard for an>a'i wage^. The approacii lo the \Ya?hlnKtou eud of ? , A<ioeiluct brl.ijfe o\ergl;>ieic ( reek is not oi ly rtt^raccful. bu' damaging to vebicle* ?nft ilar geroas to human hfe. E?en tho h^.e^.efi by taking up theraimof the W. j . .r?tlro*'J ar* "u" uufllle.!, making ??'sicbtiy and dangerous ruts Whose bust- ' seas )a It to abate this nuisance.' _/***" the announcement ot the iestival at ' j?la*??iiic Temple Tuesday, We tnesday and i Tnurkday. for the benefit of tne Cfmr<-h of ' toe Incarnation. The features of the enter- ! Ulninent are exceeding y 11tractive, *u t , ? i, J'" e wlil u" able fo etlJoy thenise! vm wltfcout any hegging Inr.por:unities to tak< cracrea in raffles. ,Vc . A?. At a meeiing <>f tbe Mcdica. S;*iety of the i on Saturday nlgb'. a committee, i t?l ?! K J'rs L;uco!u, Garnetl. Hn.ey. j Kevburn. and I ?r- ^ ord Taompson, w<?re an- i pointed to pre) are e pn>t<*t s^ain>?t ?be bill I ^fore tongre^s incorpor ?tlug the NaMo tai ? Surgical Jntsltute, said protest to tx- pre Fen en to the Ho ise Ii.strtct Committee. A ol eieirant Freurb bronze, marble ! iwentj one tiny clo^'k. flnely-rar^vi mantel . va?ea. statuettes.card receivers, etc., ;u ali i c?jr.?priatiig abont tw^nty-rtve l<?ts,t?eiug the i V?r*r. OI ViU Bfos., dale N it.,, i \ iti A Maps ) of Philadelphia, will take ! jacc ;f tb?- anctioi'. rooms ot Mr. Tn?>ma~ owilng. ?ouiiiw->t, ci.rtier Pe' asylvama ! Ith street, to-morrow morainz at <n>. o clocc. *' i r.xiR.u. ot l;?v. Kraiiklin F. Kuifcb:, |?. i?., Hsnistant minister of s JobuaK K. church, iwuo die^l at his resi- ' ^ Corcoran street. Kriday, .?f Pbeutnonla-. u m pr. trres* a: si John'* liSft-I. K r "r J V. Lewis I bftle.a ji?g. l\je vestry o: ll.e church ind tiie n/l-'Ai V*.?.Kp,sc",,ai I'^Wtute, Oi which ' JL>r Knight formerly ba.l chsrg^, huJ a lar'e af^^r. T i" Tue Pai? bearers Vt J. Towu"?n(l- Harold. Jacitsoo. H ?b ir- i ^ ??* Andnrw*. Th? lntenneiit TV. V*, mat,e Ht Hock t re?-K Cc.ueu-ry. L?r. KUgbt wa? a native of Maine and u years tjfa?;e. lie graduaied in ihe d^ree,i} A B. aud A. 31. at Howdoiu Colie^- a it w,,s ^ ? 'Jeacon in l-d. and , r:e<Mu ' d by Bishop Wtittlingham. H:s flr-' i-a-fowa.ineeciUou, Ml. i.?r about two y^ars, and coming to this <ity he remained in?assistant reciorof j.,?n ?. ! ?j>d la In>, he fooa charge oi Kent Pariah, I Md . aud remaiued in charge ror seven years. Mej*a* af .erwards chapiain to the <>f ew Jersey au-j a missionary la West J*r ?>> *^ere he foundeil the parishes of i Bridgetown. Mld.lleton, Cape Slay ai d lie adeiefate to U.etf?eri1 Pntlon in i*:?. and becaui-? cl ap.aiu or tbej niversity of the South, where he was ' Ul? u.' lacguage and lltera tbi??.iMr he*-eturne,l uj I ibiacity aud was aaaiataut min!siei at the 1 ? tonttM^M1 NP^?ny. where he remaim J After a short iutervai ne ilrifl.^i' atil fnin'fe**r<?f St. Joun'a Kr .. Joue, Is" 1. uait remaiuel t: ??r? ' bl" ,leJ"h- He baa ?^u *" f?eMe health for some > ears. l>?ATH.7\esteM?iy afternoon Mhtojcl it. Fitzgerald, a well known con JI?' i1?'1 v?ry at r.t,e corner of ? ntr;;eu northwest>x b^art disease, while Mr. F. aud his wife ware in the ? unrch of the ; mmaculate ConcepUo i. c >r uer of Sth auu N streets northwest attend 'hejnueral ?erv.ces of * deceased friend. ?ICArria^ecAnie coiiinlou with a buir^y 1-0,1 ?t to such au ex- t m '1 **'? K?t/gerald aad bis ^r<J^P *5^ Plac* "J the funeral pro V ^r" thLDkiug mat the vehicle ?oough to ta<ce them both 'o ;ea.l the hor.*e to his i bouie. Mr a. I- itzgerald being in the bug-v. , aud hey starred nomeward thus. At ihe I eerier m .th a,id KMreets Mr. Fitzgerald f made a halt, aud whea about to eumue bin butxy staggered a.-ij fell. < urtcer mi^u^r n%*Uu?* ?o his aasj8ta?e. when tu<?y round him ?euseless and life alntost ex'inc:: He was Immediately-1ak-i to a on K. between . th aud ;tu'stree*s atte>!i,u,1(* inmnnoaM. but breatu had departed ere a pliysiciaa arrived W*s procure! from Messrs. Hn?i**/_*_Boweu. Bud ".fleers tiulnlan. ? BrJa*n t'*>a ihe remalun in f e i*te o, tne d-.-<-ea-ed. No 1,> i street nortueasr. wuere I>7 Pattert.n th' coroner, viewed : he bol> acd itavea cerUH- ' T^i'e HHier e?lh Tf,uileU fr',in heart dia< i<e. c.M^ V *tene701?u A^oclation a,e ! called togf t ier oy notice e.sewt.ere to attend the fuiierai W ednesdav moruiH^. HO!f. r.IC*AR? M. CORUIXE. a W(. . at own member of the of this Uiatrict resiJt' Ce- So,?t* Place, Mitur ivJJu, in tho loUl year of his age Mr. torwiue was a native of M*aou county. K v aLd lu early li.e he edited aud published a M'*,!,f,1PP1' ?*t t:ie same time re<*d 'I law under il<m. \v. j,. .Shirkev From alid%^i,>l"l.^f ??v*d to Terre Haute lu.i* practice? i^ni?,Kl??Cll,clil"atl? he U w:th llon- c. K. SmiUi and I'ubi'Sn'i^^?.' ,*rtDer'1 He was a re i. politic^ aud a member oi the ?JS^.CTv"'!10? <" Wiiia horn' &uto!?Ji!?0'?a:,22 RU?pyrwi .. . SfSSiS j cssrs ! With the Farn^u, ^ it*2*tion is direction to the a.iv??M ? ireutof Waaii. B. WMlliams aucti^r L * 1 rouneing or sale, on the d day o"vTay ai 1 ? o c.ock p. m . vaiuai ie real estate froiwin? w*t*t7Ti: ut-,,r rorm-rof I. th s'reet n.,r ^ TrTii.L ., Pr?l*rty ?llfloly ioeate.1, . Juduaenienta lo partl.-a desiring >? obtain a beautiful residence. at,iriu<* I ot persons wanting nl -e ! iH eaa-1 ^ <>' sale by ! JkaStit ,auctione?-r. at ^ "|i> j Tuesday) mocuin^. at j Ihr*<.ng"i/DI^"!J^ have your Trunks factory o/jam^^Vo^mat l"< east aide. Qualitv nr Oram.jss . tb street, fiicew reduce*}. ?f Worl1 "P. but ? - FlS* XAIttr TO-Uar w .. fiolden A B-t.Uior, n* L^c5^ *? A. ** f: ?asis ptr uund^>T^-hl,>:J *'la*, per thousand herrtnga, for I.apirK Chif Hit* refl;d>t,ed to look .. Tke Revival Ifrtlaic To day. Tt e morning meetings this we. li W!re com mer,r?d today a! St. Punt's English T,-i ttfrsn church. and there w?>re pr<??ent K*r. Prv Noble. Rankin atxi Gray. R*v. W 8. Hammord. Rev. O. A. Hall, and other mlu Ister*. Tne meeiing was in charge of R?v NV N Hammond. and after th* service of ?one Pr SoMf read a selection of 8 jrip-."ir?>. a^d spoke of the love Of Christ s uniting Christians of at! creeds. Reports being called for, Rev. Mr. Hammond spoke of the meet ings at bli church a? very lnt<>r<?tiag. a number of persons giving eviience of a change of heart. Mr. Mtewart reports from the meetings at Lincoln ball. Or. lUnkln fn-m his chnrch. Rev. Pp. Noble and R>v. O. A. Hall from the meeting at the Sn'h Presbyterian chnrch. and Mr. Little from the Assembly's chnrch. A report was also nrade from the North t 'arolina avenne M P. chnrch. Or. Oomer reported from bis church that they had a flue meeting. Mr Oubii* spoke of the meeting at l>r. Sunderland's church. Rev. Mr. Graef reported from the Lutheran chapel on Capitol Hill that they l ad a very Interesting mating, fourteen per sons having been converted during the week. Mr. Hammond read the reqneats for prayer, numbering a^out forty, and offered a prayer for the subjects. A praise meeting followed, during which praise was given for the in version of a you? g man who had come In fr >m the open-air meeting, and an lnterest li v Inquiry meeting followed. The morrtr-g meetings wilt b.? held at th? Lnfberan church th's To-nl^h' m ?> tr? will l>e held at Or. (iray'M church. R^v. W. S Hammond's, pr. Noble's, an i tne Lit. ? 1 ? ran chapel on Capitol nil!. ??u 1 rial for Murder. 7??V Will.ISM* LrCKETT HONiriDIC. morning, In the Crrah>4l C nrl I 1'idye MacArthur, the ca?e of Ja k Wi sh v. altos Richard Williams, char<ed with ? >" mi inter of Francis Luckett on the rtot h of April. P71, by assaulting hi n with a shovel and fracturing his skull, was called?M^sr*. liagner ai d Blair for the acm^ed and Pis trJct Attorney Wells for the government. The following jurors were selected and ?worn Samuel V. Noyes, James Foy Henry W., Pavi?' Jackson, P. J. Buck'-y. Fid. F. Mimpson, Samuel tjueen, John Thomp son. I G. Coomhs. Jas. a. Butler, Washing ton Tllley and Fdward P Welch. The affnlr took place on the fishing shire m Gelsboro', and Williams having bee.i dis charged it is claimed that some wor Is |H<.?ed and Williams seized a shovel an 1 struck Lackett, Inflicting a wound from which he died about thre<* weeks ?unse ? iPf-i.Jly. defcr.ce cIMm tha* the wound was In hered in, self defence ? Thk SlTAD AND H FRKIN.. Fisitkriis in (tie Potomac have proved to be a failure this ^""on. Many of the gillers have quit. Some of the large seine haulers Uio have cut out ard left for their homes. At the Stonv Point landing, fished this year by Mr H. A. Clarke, executor for the Gibson estate, there are em ployed 75 men. under Capt. Wm. Kvaus, with a ?.-horse p*>wer steam engine for haul ing, ar.d yesterday, with a % mile seine, the haul brought but ?00 shad and very few Oer rii.g. At High Point landing, two miles lower down, are employed 63 men. under 1 rapt. M. Cramp, and at the neul yesterday were captured about .'too shad and aVxjt the i same number of herring. The prices for fl-h rai ge much higher than usual, which makes up to some extent the deficiency, but not withstanding this, heavy losses will b9 sus tained by all engaged in this pursuit. All agree that the business of fishing is over done. and that no remedy can be experienced without the enactment and enforcement of adeonate laws by the states of Maryland and Virginia, for the protection of the fish. ? A *rsr ments.?'? Rose Michel." the play which ha? achieved such great success, with 1U* e Fytinge in the title role, will l?e pro uuced at the National theater to-night fur the first time. The presentation will lie under the direct supervision of Meg rs. Miook and Palmer, with essentially the same scenery and cast as when run at the l i.ion square theater, in New York, over a hundred ard thirty nights. Jjiiif "! Jhi!/.?The celebrated Orpheus club r.f Phlladeluhla will give a c3ncert here to right, to raise lunds for the decoration of the women's centennial piviltou. Tiilsclub has recently given . oncerts in the northern i c.ties. and met with great suec ?"> A choice programme is selected for to night. 7V?.'?r'ywe?increased at tractions are announced ror this week at the Com'.que. j Mr. Fd. P. Wllks is to an near nightly in the I new drama. " Juba. or wno Wins."' A long ; sj of varieties completes the programme. II/.,'/?/ , C'l'rrh ? Miss Eli til Meredith will give a humorous and dramatic 1 reading to ni^ht. ? 'I tr* St nniN Peatu of s B. Khi.itt , ??ur attention has been called toa piragrapu which appeared among the telegraphic It nis in our e.iiHon of Katurdttv lasi cont ernlng tt. sU,i(|eu death in New York of Samuel B F!l ott. formerly of the navy. That, para t-rHpn n, hi error so far as it throws doubt uio i the cause of Mr. Elliott s death, and Is i . o*her respects calculate 1 to mislead per sons as to his condition. We are In'orrnej hvrneof nls relatives in this city that Mr. KUmtibad ior wveral years t??en subject to ? ilstaf-eof the iieart, and thai this was found upon n post mortem examination to have canst- i ins sudden death. < >n the evening of h s d<-:;th he was apparently well an 1 was in excellent spirits. At a late hour he parted wl h a friend to go to bis lodgings and was not again seen a!ive by any one who knew h ii. Me had beeu for a long t ime nn.*ac ce-s'ui > ?e?-kiiig employment iu New York, ami wm tie his circumstances were depressed h? was the ]<ara^rapli stales desti tute. With the fre. b spring cost nines that now ? egin toenl.ven our promenades, and t;iede for suitable ornaments to match thena, we car. cot Jdo better than advise our lady readers to call and examine the large and e! gant assortment at Mr. Prigg's famous i ?awelry store, 4... Pennsylvania avenue. His | odvx and goid seta are very ciioice. and bis I.s<ke George diamonds in solltare rings and ?-eta so brilliant and full of luster that ihey are worn by macy of the ladies of fash ion in place of the real gems. We observe among the novelties & necklace in sliver, ' With cross and ear-rings to match, at #1: a 1 magmiicert sapphire set in heavy gold, for --??. and tlie Paris cross of diamonds set on I jfct Is one of the most rechcrcht of all the ex ?lulsite designs of jewelry Mr. PrUfg has pre sented. As he receives new goods every day it Is Impossible to keep pace with the superb designs in jewelry that characterise his es- I tabiishment. and ladies of taste are always gratified to witness thehandsoov selections that are so admirably adapted to the com pleteness of graceful and becoming toilets. yorneii * Si tula i Lhronirtr. Thrke Mork Dfad Babies Adea l col. ! ored lctant was found Saturday nigbt by 1 id icemen Pierce and Luskev on South Cap itol street, between D and F "southeast. Yes terday an Inquest was held and a verdict rendered that the infant came to its death a" some place and at the hands of some p?r son or |>ersoiis unknown to the jury. Abou' l o'clock yesterday aiternoou TPolice. man Lyddane found a dead co'ored female in:ant on a vacant lot betwe?en 17tb and l>th and M and N streets northwest, and convey ed it to the 4th precinct station, where the c?> viewed the body, and, considering an lrq.iest unnecessary, issued a certificate Af burial. About 3, O'clock this morn ing Officer .McN'tal found a -*ead female iu rant on M street, betweeu 13th auJ lltb s?,?. northwest, and t<sik it to the t.fh precinct station, where Coroner Patterson af ?r v.ewiEg it. irave a lertiflc Ate that it wass'iii boru. MARfsr- M *y Ball-Profeisor Mirinl ani.ouiice^ liis i, tn annual tloral May bail to take place ou the iota inst., at the aca I emy, on F ?treet. The animal recurrence of this ever.t is always anticipated with much pleasure by the older people as well as by the Uttle folks, for the professor never fails to make a success of it. He is makim* every effort to have his May ball this year surpass all the others and we doubt not he will suc ceed. and the scholars and man v friends of the school can look forward without any fear toa most delightful time on the even ing of the loth. His superb hall, enlarged aid improved, with additional dressing rooms, a fire supper room, Ac., win enable visitor* to enjoy themselves to the fullest. Tickets can be procured at the music stores or at the hall. ? The soi'th Washington Sp.vday ^?'HOOL I'siOB held its monthiv session at Ryland Chapel yesterday afternoon. Mr. B. Pearson presided, and the exercises were opened with singing, followed by prayer by l>v. W. 8. Hammond, of the M. P. Church Addresses followed by Rev. Pr. Wills, R?v. Or. Sunderland and Rev. Mr. Hammond. Inter?per?ed with singing by the schools of the \\ estmlnlster Presbyterian Churcj, Mr Blttinger s.i Byland Chapel,(Mr. Ow Q<"?rt*tte by Miss Rebecca Bird, ? i 0arr*'l. Frauk 7,. Magulre and ,?un,wWlw chorus an t ihe Finn irtrJl tv r* Meador's.) The exercises Meador W beu?lic;lon by Mr *i *ACL* *-ir*?fSE9 have been issued to Jotm W H^wkint^Wv K,,/a P Shannon J oi) n \V .'I HWk.Ds Acd N ftuLlo M. Pros1 rti m tioth of Baltimore county, Maryland Thos A. M.ore and l^ura A^Tenniwn, boL, m wfm*ndrif ;?^'fred anJ I'ora Meiiord; William H Sterne and A licec. Fague; Star f? rd Robinson and Matida Watklns. F tw I Bas..fl?;,i and Fdna Brunsick Edward Mor ris and Maggie Mayer. We recommend our friends to g* to kli avenue Mar Baes^i wn0 Trunks, rravelin< wLrln^ai*"d doiuK *H *ihd? of re pamuf at v ery i?w prices. GEORGETOWN. Istbrfstihg Work on the Potomac? The work of cie-aritig the channel of the river of a t>*si of rock opposite* the foot of Potomac atreet. which has bee-n in progress for some time untie r the direotlou of government offi cer*, continues, ami large quantities of roc* nre dally brought up. Tae modus operandi is a very interesting one. A hole is drilled in !he t eart of the nwl under water by a dla trord drill; into the hole thus made a tin tube filled with nltro glyceriue is Inserted hv h diver. Tlie nltro glycerine Is then ex ploded by means of electricity aud the blasted rocks afterwards are removed. Revival Meetings ?Tne usual meetings will be held at the Congress street church during this w?ek, conducted by Revs. Howe, Norris, Beail, Murray, and Xlxdorff. Dally prmyer meetings at 11 o'clock at the Baptist church. Nf ed8 Attention?The canal bridge at Jefferson str? > t is in grttU nee<l of repair, there being Urge holes to Its floor, which rrake travel over it very dangerous. I)on t fohokt the feMtival at Forrest hall, beginning to morrow night, for the benefit of the Aged Women's Home. The ladies of the I nlon Benevolent Society, who have it In charge, ask that coutrtbuMons raav be sent to the hall either upon Tuesday, Wed nesday or Thursday mornings. Okain? Boat Loudoun, with 2,0(10 bushels of wheat co-it-iit.Ki t-o H. M. falb ?tt. also, l,f<0? busbels of to Hartley & Br<>. H? at J R. Welch, who 215 bales of hty and 20 barrels of ear corn, to T. C. Wheeler. Fish? Herring are bringing to-day from *14 f<? $15 per 1,? rtt? ahad ?i : per 1"0. GEJT7LF.T1E+Y'S OUTFMT8. Every Department Weil Supplied. j;.?R.*r.MS TO NKiSI Rr.. A larte ?-?*. rtm?*nt, probably the largest In V* ? -tiington, uf foods to ?elec' from. Fine Plaid Pollings; Plain ?n 1 Fsnry Worsted Ceat ings ard ?ui iu??. Bine and Black Flannels: Blue. Black, f I.iid an.i Mixed Cneviot Suit inps; Blue, rtl.irfc Hr wn. Olive. Dahlia ai 1 Mi*e<1 <;ioths and 'Vjutirgs. Handsome Panta loon Patterns. White and Fancy Ves'iugs. Cei.ilnnen cf iinitt tastes are particularly id vit?d to itiptci. Units in-i4? ni? i?nre from 911 epward. Orders promptly filled, aad is the beat manner BEADY MARK UARMEXTN. Good Pu ts rellible goids. deslrabl* and row styles, f<T .%lf> Black Worsted Coats, with \ est* to watch, from .?17 50 to ?26 Handsome ions from $5 upward. Spring Over r. era. in choice a-nortuient. from ?12 to Blue at d Black Flannel*. Blue Cheviot hnits. i'rup U'K:e Coats, Vests and Panta locus. LIKCKR1E. Perfectly fitting Shirts, White sod Colored Silk and Linen Handkerchiefs. Collars, Cnffs, Scarfs and Ties. Oan/e, (ioKsamer, Merino, Silk. flannel, Jean, Linen Thread and other Underwear of approved makes and <ju.?lities. hid and other Gloves. Frefich aad English Hnspetiders ami Brae** from 35 cents to ?4. Plain and Fancy Half Hose from 25 rents to M 25 per pair Gymnast Shirt*. Tights and Trunks. Beating and Yachting Shirts Many si tides Est p- asible to enumerate. ONE PRICE ONLY, IN S VXR Y DEPAK TM ENT. QEORQE C. HENNINQ, 41? NETEXTH NTREKT, sp25 tr SIGN OF THE GULDEN FLEKCB. ^liE LEST .SODA WATER 18 DRAWN FROM BLOI K-T1JI 1.1 > 11) S TKKL FOI \Y TA1 .VS. Dealers wnl do well to secure s snpply for the wes son from SAM'1< C. PALMER, DKPOT, 57 OKtENC STREET, GEJRGB TOWN, D. ?. N B?SEW FOUNTAINS now bring received. CO UN I KB APPARATUS for title, rent, or loan. apj/-tr m CENTENNIAL BARGAINS AT IIF.U.RRCXN MI or. STORE, 40* 7th STREET NORTHWEST. W lute tboes tor Msy Ball# at ecst t: UU Wen's sMt> bed Uilteis and Ti*S. 04 SO French Kid, front seam, button. *2 S' Kid, Button. ?1 50 Foxed, Button. SI. Lace Gaiter* #1 to side lace. ? t OV Congrecr. 50 cents Bn*klns. $ - OV Lasting Front seam, Button. 41 00 Boys' and Misses' ? aool BCoes. 9' 00 Foxed Balmorals; aio nts Infants'. *1.25 Men s Gaiters' $2 .'41 Calf Boots. Buckskin, Kid and Laeting Gaiters. >. B.?Lcok for " Old Wcman with 24 Ohiidren." In window. ap>; tr P A. BEBTKB. FOSTER P. WOOD. Utneral Jnttllirtnri emd Information Htntral A*-iicv and VoUtttton*. Office, 4 25 7th street, between t) and K n. w. Spe> ,al attention given to Renting Houses and Rooms, Servants obtained, and Employers supplied Inlurn.aliun given in ail matters ap7 lm a SPRING STYLES NOW RFADY. BROATWAT and FIFTH AVENUE STTLB GENTLEMEN'S DKES8 HATS. ?? and ftt> Also. One Soft and Btlff FELT HATS of the most approved patterns. English and American SILK UMBBBLLAS. Ladies' SUN UMBRELLAS. UMBRELLAS and PARASOLS recovered. HKB * ? RE K.N, 141V FENNSTLVANIA AVEHLB, tart ly Above Willard s Hot*!. 0EOEHI HKtlTBARTH. (Late with Green A Hlllliuns.? DEALER IN F AS HI ON A BLB FL BMTIRE AT FACTORY P B11I8 No. 417 SBVENTH STBBET, ( Near Odd Fellows' Hall.) ?^Upholstering a specialty. Ei perlenced workmen. tasrSl lis WALL TArER & WINDOW SHADES. The finest and largest STOCK, inclading all the novelties in decorations, and at prices lower than any store in the city, will be fonad at TUBMAN'S. 413 9th street. ?/"Tee best workmen employed and sattsfactioa gnsranteed. aptl-Im* /"ENl 1*E MILWAI klC BI1IK ' I Kcr Sale at C'HHIS 11 ALBS' HOTEL. Spl7 lm Corner of 10th and E streets 'f llE LE-5T MARBURG RROS. SEAL OF NOBTH CAROLINA fcMOKIKtt TORACl'O. spl.l lm 10 AND HO CENT PACKAGF.9 IV OTIOB- Parties win desire to dispose of all 1^ KlfiDSO* \VhAHh\0 APPAREL can sell them for a higher cash price than any place in the city, br calling or addressing HERZOG, 9 17 D street, between 9th and 10th aorthwsst. Prompt at tention will be glvea. avli-tr Ws ars tslllBg, at n LAS 1)A I N, LASDArLETS, tLAREMEH, COACHES, CO CP EN ?Ltd CO C PEL E IS. Our Patent Vnutdtr-lxuinctd Front K1VK LIGHT L A N D A D 8, end FALLING FRONT BKKL1N COACHK8 are iM lead Cttrriojrcs o] the day, and Jar beauty oj de ngn, simplicity attd thorougfines* in construction, are \cnntrjxused. The Falling FroriU to both art nicely counterbalanced by a Spring, {which ar rangement it patented,*) andean uHUi tan U lowered and ranted uith the finger. We guarantee our work to be FIK3T CLASS, and to piceue ui every particular. * No in/iingement oj our rightt, under the abot$ Patent, will be allowed. H. KILLAM 8c OO,, D9 CHEST* UT STtitST. decg mAthly HEW HAVEN,CONN. OPTICIAN NOTICE?Having dispensed with aU talesmen apprentices. Ac., 1 ^ s /^\ atterd to bnalnesa srr <eaa..'? M) UJf knos ledge of optics euaWes Lje to * ptocura only the beat goods for the mcney. H tf HEMPLKK HAXVhArTORlXV OPTICUS. Mi tt iij Pa. ays., jf.eet CIT V ITEMS. Thii i?ktn ard Poy?'ClothinK re^?'5l"i lust recfivHl nt A. mraib', 1011 Feunsj. vanla avttne. * Of the thoc^awps of victim* of eon rnmpU?n aii't UlJtlred d:aea?ea i:i our c 11 n a Iftrir (importton wnoM h? sa*-e?t bv nslt c Baktr't fW Liver CU an-1 P\o*phate o/ Livif whlcti, as we pr*r*re it, i? a decidedly plta'ant medicine. Try It $e<"> thai the lanel hn? cor Mnuature?J>?hn C. Baker Js Co , Philadelphia. To the toner* pti vis let tlirwe whn lan guish nnder the fatal severity of our climate throngb any palmonary complaint, or even tfcof e who are in decided consumption, by no means despair. There la a safe and snre rem edy at han<l. and one ea?ily tried. "IViibor's Co*npoundof (W Liver Oti awl Lii'te." without possessing the very nauseatiDg tlavor of the Oil as heretofore used, is endowed by the phosphate of lime with a healing property which renders the oil doubly efficaclon*. Re markable testimonials of its efflracv can be exhibited to those who desire to see them. Bold l?y A.B. Wllbor, Chemist, Boston. BrookLY5, N. Y., August 1?*. 6MiaMK-It is with feelings of gratitude that I place before you a simple statement of mv sufferings and cure from the use of the Peruvian !*yrvp. 1 am forty years or age, and my occupation Is that of a map eritraver About fifteen years ago I was altaskol with what I suppose was a disease of the spine. I could not walk erect, owing to a great weak ness which I experienced at the sniall of my back. My digest ion became Impaired, and by degrees mv whole system became de ranged. I suffered in this way for seven years, at d then placed myself in the h mds of eminent physicians. They treated me with mercury and many other strong reme dies, hat 1 grew worse instead of l>etter. In the spring of 1K57 there appeared upon my back and side two large abscesses, and at this time 1 was also suffering from a very bad fistula; my whole system became utterly prostTate^, wheu I was advised to try the Pmatmt fljyru/>. I commenced using it. and at once experienced great relief. I have ta ken three bottles of it. and every tra;e of my former complaints have left me. My system has regained its strength, my appe tite has returned, and I feel myself com pletely ret ewed In a^e and vigor. In a word, my health Is now perfect, a-id I can truly ??ay that I was never able to do more work, and with greater ease to myself, than at this time. Yours respectfully, Jakes P. Vox. ?. Fon health and an increase of vital ity, use the HealUiLift^iUM5 Pa. ave. 4 .'J Htipiuir t nrc Truss Professor Rainbow's glove-titting Truss? no metallic or rubber springs; no hard pads; gives relief and'comfort; does not Interfere with labor, pleasure,or sleep. At the Health Lift Parlors, '.*23 Pa. aye. 4.29 Try Marburg Bros. Seal of North Carolina Bmoklng Tobacco. 10 and 20 cent pack ages. 4,13,1: ?. The National Savings Bank, corner of New York avenne and 15th street, pays 5 per cent, per annum on deposits for each cal endar month. Banking hours, 9 to 4. 8at urdays, 9 to 4 and 6 to 8. 27t3,14116 I)R. PiXON. editor of the Seol/ieI, New York, says: "The Lift Cure is the most com prehensive treatment of the body, and as au equalizer of the circulation is the most phy siological remedy yet discovered by the wit of man." Parlors, 925 Pa ave. 4.29 HaltI? Stimulating Liniment cures all Pain. 4; _? Removal. First-class Scochino and dyeing. A. Fischer enlarged his establishment by removing to his new building, 906 G st. north west, three doors west of 9th street, very near his former place. By promptly adopting the la^u^^nprovements, whether of American of4MRK>eau Invention, bo is enab'ed to do aojr work in a manner not to be equaled by 'Oft oat possessing these facilities. NrnR^s Dresses cleaned and dy >i witli OU#Vffic taicen apart. 1&~ Crape Veils refinlshed nice ar.d cheap. $&r Grease stains removed effectually. %r Gent's garments cleaning and dyeing a specialty. *y Prices lower than ever before, to suit the times. Corns Ac.? "The Wise for Health on daily walks depend." and uion sands from far and near visit Dr. Wblte'6 establishment. 1416 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Wll lard's hotel, for relief from, and avoldanoe ol, Corns, Bunions, Troublesome Nails, Vas cular Excresences,etc. Established in Wash ington In 1861. Fee, $1 per visit. 101 I PKNAV KNCt.N ' V ton C L O T II I JV G 8FRING AND CUMMER. DRENN COATS AMD VEN I N. Oriental Bilk Pl'd Worsted, #'JO Hi r thump ton Silk Bibbed Wonted. % I *? Vienna Diagonal Worsted, fife 50 Blackington Black and Odd Worsted, f 15 I'xbridge fancy Silk Worsted, 914 N arragacsett Fancy ill k Worsted 910 BraiXEM SI'ITN. Fine Elboeuf Spring Caas. Salt, 940 Fine Deleti&rre P.aid Class. Suit, 9 it4 Eiward Harris Hair-line Cass Suit, 9lb.i0 The Versailles Checked Cass. Suit, 9 Id The Diagonal HibLed Cass. Suit 914 Gen'ne Washington Mill Bine Flannel Salt, 913 North Uooiio Block Cass. Snlt. 91*4 Heresies Scotch Cass. Salt, 911 ?nglirih Stripe and Plaid Cass. Bait, 910 Knickerbocker Check Cass Beit,99 Baulsbury Brocken Check Cass. Suit, 9* b'nlonCass. Bait, Frock and Sack, 9? TOI'THN' SlIlS. Mlllborg Diagonal Worsted Suit. 91# Lipptn Bilk Bthbed Cass Salt 913 Mason's Hair line Cass. Bait, 911 London Plaid Cass Suit. 99 New York Mills Cass. Suit, 97 BOTH' BriTS. Norwalk Fancy Worsted Snlt, 910 Oamden Plata Cass. Soit. $!? Snow Cake Faacy Casa Bait, 97 Knickerbocker Check Cass. Salt. 86 | Union Cass. Bolt, 9? A. STRAUS, .011 PENNSYLVANIA ATIBl'1 1011 apJ8 tr . Bktweis 10TH AXDllTH St**kt?. M A&OS A MAHLI.M CABINET UKt;AN6. THE RE8T. Lsr^e assortment, oi ail stylos, from 9M ti iftScO. I'p< o easy terms. At the WarerovBi- of 5IKTZF.ROTT A CO , ajk2" lw^ rtriLR) ivatiia avenue, near 9th street, fs 1 I'Ei; DOZEN BOTTLES 1 w ? GB01NDS FOB INVESTIGATION LET CONGHES3 SEE TO IT C1XC1WAT1 LAGER BEER, 91 Pllt IK)/ EN. This ?nperl?r Beer, in stone jngt, delirered at above price J u?t received? _ LONDON STOUT an l P0BTEK, 10DN(iEK 8 SP4BKL1NQ ALE, I BASS' ENGLISH ALE. C- WirXEIt afS; tr FINE GBOCEBlES.'iap* Penua. a?. EVERYBODY bUOCLD KNOW That two er three swallows of Prof. COOED , BALM OF LIFE wlU stop "had feeling" after meal*. No injury or debility results from It. L'sed externally stops headache, nenralgia, and vitalt/.es , the tired brain and body. As a dentifrice it purities I the breath and preserves the teeth in tbeir pearly ; ahltenees; makes the face fair as a lilly, and ren ders ths body inodorous. My reputation la staked I lor the truth of the abore. T- A, COOK, Discoverer and Manufacturer, Corner StU and H streets. Bold In gnart battles only. ap< dasim ?K* ?'ua8ffl??u S4 Ladles'and Qsatl TBAYELI9G TBDHKB, wltH MeMarray's Patent Truak Stay attached. LADIES' TBAVELIHO SATCHELS. 9HAWL STBAPS and POCKET BOOBS. DOUBLE aad BU9GLB HABBESS LAP BOBES and HOBBE BLACKETS SADDLES, BB1DLBS and WHIPS Trunks Oovered aad Bepalred. and Bade to erde? Ail Be pairs to Baraea. B. MeBDBRAT, MUl-tr SOS Market Si LA1 HE! LA1HI! LATHS Schooner Jennie M. Huddell is now unloading one million atd a .juarter of PBIME SPBGUB LATHS, al E\ ans sb>rf. L. W M.GDINAND. aplt #t Louisiana avenue. $100 p'aid*S J'^riT o* 81,700 (Juried the ptst few moctbv und-r our imprnTdd system of op. rvirg In Stoc.n. Ki<ks rc l ,1 to nominal kb? pro tits ii,cr^-a*rd Itok c intaia ips lull Inforniatloa s< i.t on application. TL'MtiBilKJS A CO., apSt-tr BaaEers and Brckers, -4 WaUtt-.B. T GEORGETOWN AOVKR'MTS \ I a Y ? ?8iJV ? b?Th- u?le? tne IS ION .'I B? NEVuLFN'T BO "1ET T will h 14 % f-a i ral or T(JJSD*Y. W T aid THI RSOaY Nk.\T. It* I S, ?.??? 4 f r the bec? tv if t&e # g< C K uDts'i Hi Br. O otii^Hi >!:? ? _ _ BBjlJt ABICAl MEETING O* TBI STOv K Iviv b<ldor? .? tbr.BiBi.HM* HALL ASSO CIATION. will t?* afld >n M?'NOAV IVKHllti. May l,?t o'click at So.itty Hall, Huh ?Q'l ti*.rptiwii. By crdtr of board ol ap?.1 tt a~S? orriric gh>kgito*? oas Uout t'l'MPANI, riBHUABY ?.W7S. BOTIUE ? The net price of Gae eonsussi after r it fit, lEt, will l* reduced to #1 7? p? r th^u-aod By order of tbe Board. g ^ CB^PLET, Secretary. M'KlNt. AND Si MMKtlUOUDb AT ATTRACTIVE PRHES J ICO. If SHOOT A HON , NO. 119 BKIDGK *T , GBOBCETOW N. D. <' , Uaurtctltid froti N^v York and ire iiCenuj?: Pivnii' GuJk P'xt*. LADIES" DHt?S GOODS in new designs of n?ld?. S?rtp-s and Plato materials; best inakea black Mtk from *lto ?S SO. Blkand WhteBtrlped Hud t'b?ek Mlk. Grenadines Ironi 25c to #123. MotirMBg Geo J* of all tbe beat mike* and (sat Planks a fp cislty; Cotton G. od* and J-heeting? at the lowest reduced prices; White Dress fabrics frcm 1-M cents up; House Forri?h:r?; G.-ods ot the test nrvik ?; G?nt's ar.d Boys' wear. Ladies* and Gent * I n>r*far. K id Qloves, I button, at SI at.l |IM Hosiery in great variety. Parasn'* nod Umnrelia* Prions and Sc.. beat 8 .* ; Pe>r%le* llHr., with a full line of other t < d?. In which ?e ?rc adding dailv supplies at low prices G.od? *ett to an* part of the ettr. *p25 lm J>?> II SMOOT t KOM. iV Ew ftfamo euui iT ivi LimI'm' Drii< Ooo?i?. in Plain, Plaid ard Strip, d Good*, at 12*. 15. 3U.2.VW. ?? 40.45 aod #0C. Black Silks. Tmi ?ear>d Oaelicutres. A targe stock Silk fini?h<d Alra< hs and Mohair*. , 11 OIM yard* Calico* at 5.6V and Hie he?t at 8 ct?. P'rcaies, Piques aad Wute Di"<a Good*, very | cbnii. A bes.nti*rl Mfcrticerit Tarser-It aid finn Cm trciiM. Cott jn Good* at l..w?et rric?-? bi?i JaM IN MILLEK, ?pi tr lrt-l Bridge reft. tiTILL DIEIHGTO PLEASE OCB IfilE? l 6 THB Kt SH 18 OVKB 1 becks toctr k*nd friends fir their 'odclgeres 1 lui'.-g the p-??t Kail, ?l to ?>u the man of wirk Trcm aJI sectioti? at to stake it Impossible to All orders &.<? sum?tly ..?*? .Joed. L'vtag as?nred ik *t th%t the work when fptfl.ed pave entire aat:afac n. *e v ii a contlunance of ycnr oa'rotai# " i In fron feilvered In any pan ?nl prowi:*e * "d ?< rk *tit?lt rti' e* In from ont v* slchf dft's. Work went fortr delivered In any part cltfce l>lstr'ct; reot-ivM aad refnrned to and frets ?cv part of Uit coELty t y mail cr express. WM. B Yi HBATLBY B S'.eaiE Pyelnf *?d Bconrint Jt?taMl*hHient. 49JofferW)n (txeet, #eorfetows,D G. Kstabltsbed 18S1. )aLl tr ---JAyo^ /'EE 1 ll\bGAI?? IN PIANOS Vi uiuca have been used One 7 OftT. P. M Guild PUno flT? ? 7 Octv Ballet A l?avi? IN) " 7 Octv. Gilbert. .... \V< " 7 0> tv. Bovai's, (nprigbt) 16 " A Ocit Smith Wrgnn 65 " 4i-m 0'tv Mason A Hutnlin'* OrK?n 45 Ktteral Piancs atil Or^aus f ? m to #S<), np< n v-rj eaay aonthly installment*, at the warero^ms of W U MET/.EBOTTA CO., Sole Aeents of Steinwa> s Pianos and a|26 ft Klaxon A Hamlin's Cabtuet Ornar.s. '|"b H. b( MSJlhG B1BD (OOLIBBl) hi ABU. The smallest at.d the cbeapsst first class sct?b-o? tate PIANO e\cr tnadf. O. L. WILD 1^4^ BHO , Bole Agents. 7'J3 7th street, t>et?e?B|fe3BM G and H streets northwest. fllmit Plat * and ail Increments TUNED and BB PAIRED f?t? tr HAL LET DAVI8 A ('O ti G BAN D, 6QU ABB and UPK1GHT PIAHOS for sale oi monthly Instalments. Celebrated for pu rity aDd sweetness of tone. See Agent, 811 ?tb street northwest. dec34 il/M hiiABi-: ?* ro.?? >> WOBLD BENOWRBD PIANOS, Grand, tiuuurr (iranrt, .Square a,id LpngtU, THE BE^ MAUI Tb'? favorite McCsmmon Pianos; 8honenger's eel et rat"d stjle. Also, a larfe. m jortinent of Piatios which have been ml cm> a ahort time, for sale and rent at very' lew prices. Tuning and Repairing promptly at teiiued to, at KBICHKftBAf H % PIANO WAH.KKOO MS, octlS ly 4*^3 llth ?t , a few doors above Pia at. *r *i re if i *. CMGLIHH, RWI88 AND AMEKlCAff W alcbei, 8? ALL TBE MOST CELEBBATE1) EAK ELS. A As*ortn.tnt at Very Low Pricti. B If. SALT, HRO. * CO., laclA-tr J EWELEKB. |$AZAU I'AT Tt HNS, HAZ.AII PATTERNS, A'.INCY AT I. FA1.VN, lOh Till Nlr*el. AGENCY OF THE NEW AUTOMATIC WILCOX A: CIDBb SEWING MACHiyjf>. LADIES UNDERGARMENTS AT ASTONISHING PB10BS, MaUe cf lb: beat Octtoas aid test workmanship. C. BA VM S SASITAR T CORBET OB ANY 6TYLB MADE TO OBDEB. V 15AI M, ?OS Nnentb Street. ap26 4tbp tr Lulbellas abd pabasols cov EBED AND BEPA1BED, AT THB MABTfACTOBY, ap2t lm" 613 D street norhwe>t. A THE ST. VEOR6E, The llest and Only lh liable Wc llenting Ranee In tbe market, liuaoied* of these Hinge* have teen put np by me in tbl* city, and always givs sai lafaction. S/*Vor sale only at i'HBIN HIl>N\KB'N. 715 AND 717 Tth 8TBEET NOBTHWEST. Where will also be fennd the best selection and tbe largest variety of SLATE MINI ELS in thiscil} from ?18 npwards. fole ages' for tbe BAD I ANT HOME ELBNACE. This Furnace has been put to test by competent jcilges and prononticed to ?e the Be?t Furnace >f the kind in the maiket^ies will tind It gr?atly to tlieir advantage to call and examiua this FUB NAI.'f before making their stleotion. 1UON AH D TEHBA COT TA VASES In large va riety LATBOBES and G BATES of ery descrip tion at greatly reduced prices. TUB SIMMEH QUEEN oil Cook Stove. th>- best an l safest oil sto>eintbe world. TIN BOOKING done by tbe vry best workmen. All order* promptly eiecuted and good work guaranteed. A full supply of WAT1K CH?OLKBS. BTANTB, BEKBl'! KR A - R TOBS. CCTLEHY, Plair. and Fancy TIN WAUI wbol< sale and retail. Don t f->rget the place, < 11 KIN KIKSKSER'tt, tTOVE AXI> MANTFL WAREKfJOMS, 7 I -V atiil 717 7th street northwest. Best S ply BliBBEB H'>8E ISo. p^r toot, apll-ly EMOVAL OF A PIANO AND MUSIC 8TOBB VICTOR BECKER (Formerly on 7th street> Ha* opened at 40ii 9th street northwest, near E street,PiaNcES OKGANS. SHEET HI' S10, choice VIOLIN 8TBING8. and anSBBH a*sortsaent of Mutical Merenandiae for saie. sV Special attention br V. BECK EB to Tunings and Bepairs of Pianoes, Organs and small Musical In strument*. The toucb and tone of oid Pianoes im proved, and charges moderate. apH-lw* WB ABB BE0BIY1HG DAILY FBOM OUB Factory, In Baltimore, freshjrajc!1es of thoas BLEGANT li CENT USFIHIshED. and fl FINISHED PU1B1S. mads of ths Beat Wamsotta Hnslln and Twecty-ons Hundred Linen, at ths BBANCB BALTIMOBB 8HIBT FAOTOBI, Bo. IBIS W street, Washington. J. W. PABB, Manager CINBST DBES8 8HIBT8 MADE TO OBDBB C of tbe very best material and In the most elegant mannerfer ?! M. at the BBAHCH BALTIMOBB BH1BT FAOTOBT, 10ia _ w mirll-U J. W. DABB. Manager J. HB1BEBGEB, ? (?uoc?-sor to H F. Louden k Co.,) CITIZENS, ABM I AND MAY Y ' MERCHANT TAILOR, Metropolitan Hotel, i late Brown's. I )yl-ly Mo. 3<>'J Psnn'a ave,. Washington p A. BARKEILU, (Lat* Vodft t Oarntilli,) teal Estate an4 SUck Inker, Cormer 7th straat and Louisiana avenue. MONEY LOAVED IN BUMS TO 8UIT. HOUSES ABD LOTS FOB 8ALB. saarSI-lm |MPOBTABT TO UOUSEI^BBPEBS. Feather Beds and Pillows and Hair Mattr?ss ? renovated and made bncyant i.rd Inodorous by im proved apclicstlcn of itum. Mattresses re uphol atered by J. T. BUNTKB, at ta.we alace Good city references gtv? n for work already done B W ? v O a i M % W f aplS-lm* No 113T T'h street p^rthweat. Have TCl'R CJ'.BUSILJS AND PABA- A *UL4 COVE HBO lEP^^BEO, atjEj apll Iw* 4 ti J Iltb st., ?? o> ? Pet t?. aTe. AMUSEMENTS. V ATlUK Ab rilCATEK HAY I. ON X W ?!. K OBLY RO*E BTrKSC * In l?r v iiKlfrfil *>?*ua ?: KO B Hi! III I . Sctf rt?d by the ouir*t< > I rti ? f., ? .r^ T'm !?*. lit* Icrk h^nTs f tosrmiJ. appoint M S^i 5i! "fL f ? ?' P. Tlw celeb-at, \ (iK a* r s % 11 A AIdVkION ' AmKb. actr*.. M - ^ATIOMAL THEATER THE I tlHlAMH OI'irt C'<INP1\T | By feneral reqneet. Grand Matinee of Balfe , lion i:mi A > ?IBL. Ob AAEI>ME>HAT AFTEKNOON. May 3. Slr* ' Beaamgton I alrlamh a< ? "?? lmi?1 K?n4m?i, U|, Mr Her nd,n Mcrwelle. TbU4- Mr L 7o, Nwfloii. (oast Tin Arnheim Mr > \v k??..?? l'.? labcf. Mr Uav t? oraeteia ? Ballet <TP?a(ant IXMm Mi'itir. ComMfi* wt?il *U !k' i ?b?r . :*l# : ? , mL Advf ?tor I,-rtti. and ?l (itkrmrtMiwfi JAci Sbe.| k? t p*i, at Mety-rott A Co . ru? l Ii 'l-MK OBAN O pbi/K C??n Mir\ lKT,, I benefitot CT inu' n'apeVy b< heret. fore auaim ?i. ? m ??k? i , ?! < OLH PALL. - a WCl'NBSPftY kVKNlNU **-\3 . T*L* nn?ica' tel. 11 pn-i ^r?<i t..r <ii;i , ? 5 ? t.i tl - v Th<- M ^ r of , i? ertitle 1 to * <h?nc? m nrt> t*?, ? rf ? -ii ih >?# wiahirg to |.e Pr- ent a thJ Unilfl Vllbcil bill' i; u nt-re?? in tl ?? v,i N >?? |orcUo ii be'* >> iht . out f t f-1\ i t Th* art ?IK C Ui i ?c f It ! o'ekkk, ?!.?[ r Bit I St* II cvoiiot sand pbixatio kbTujs j KniTM MIRKRITH. WESTK8N PBESIIVTEBIAH < HIK' J?, I* ?tret>t. ? -.? ? < i, l- tt? ?' 1 >>t fi ?'?-ee*?, MOBI>A\ kViMIO, Mt) let, IKt, A m. -M I. c M- | Kep I ap?2t* MB LALi T or ibe UAbtliSGTOM < .TV "Hl'dAN A)1U ?1 win aivn * 1101 St WASMIbi. AT 11! E MW ll>SIB. Corr>?r lcb am 8 atroet* ncr:bw, at, * 1 Mttl'AV M.1 TH PbSD A f . M?> J j I'L '?penlt.g ti7au .A lock. ' e'ei,icf *n entertainment S, ??? i fb?n ( liilitrt n it*'t .< up., t?d. ,i .i, Mt, 4? i. ; : " 1' |,T" ? *? ?*** 'a,te3J a ?. CH tl.? 4th of M ?y, I o tr b?4( t tt( l<ijf t%* ihi a<Hr- ??jtm ?'J|OLU TUt KOBT. fOB I A* CO MIS I ELLOmTlALt TtH atrert rOl B NIOUTS OltLT. . OMMKSCIN H KD KB8PAT.MA13. a j] m ^ p ^ ^?m OBANO <N|I COLOSSAL PAKOliAM A OT "IWOS N I'AK ADISi: LMT. Tit mot C'?t?Mr Vn --'<?* an < tiotfti ?> A' ? ??.> Hoi <? Ikt H'or/,1? Tbc crekt moral worderof the mnetAruth r?? tnrf.cowir* lOUUf^tof ni illu ?lTtrr,f. ?W, beviMerf g. ao?l aurrir. imla;ortil Hi*ton'L'en*" 1 ^ ????-,,I,^ , .f ,b? 1'A K A P If K LOST. faintrd trim tb?* original deciKK by tb? flr?t ?r th* principal citin- f w'x, s ronniry the paintlns hi?? bwn n exhibition. <? b?r. it lias rt'cel ni the Inmo st enooiii!am? from tb* ool>i||t? ?"<! -ritry.all pr .nouno.m it the ttoet I eantitnl wnrl ot m .iern tnnen Admif-j. n, U rent*,? hildren. 15 cent*. Boi ibiit at Brad A i*m?', tli<rertve'Tui) ao.-ji hi teat nrtdloranr nitht without evtra cha-re PoonoM at 7. (inrai ao?? > >t ^ p m. i B. Silk pr. grxntmea for the ladle* t*ATVBOAY MATINEE ap2J 5t {MJSCBBT BY THE OBi'BEl S < l! |: 7 " Pl.iln lf Iphia. for the i-en?fit of tbe WOMBMB CEMENMIAL PAMLI'JX, wiil b? rivrc at Liuroln liaM MONDAY Ma* 1 I, ? O'CLOCK P M TickiU. ft; Beaerved Beata, fl 40 Apuly a | Metyeroti aiuaic rtore. No -.Pa a?e. apJ. >:* I'HKATIH roAliqt K EleTe.tb StraVi htlb'T amirn Arume. OPMX THh VHAN. AOt'Ali. Perforn-aTice EVEBTHlORT. MaMneaf ^ La ! *?????* ?? FJHST-CLASS IX A VEKY HESPEVT. Yarif ty. Pra.-ra. Bnrleajne ae.d Oomedy. vcrTi ], ' f I UA%RT tVRTi" tK S MERflAR id Alein driB, ifl < |> m d ' ?r th< aeaM-B.wb.j lbet^-i LAIiEBwill al",,, t 0, draegbt. ap6 1m'| HtWKY B('H K Kit, tin .? I >i*"? No 4 Mi }?} On Klxhitiitioa I l c ( "ud Na,e ] *?? 8t. N at f 7th St. _ , NABB KIT r?'?, 4 3W 7lA Strt*l, irtirrni I) and E ttfi ... niftT'^f* O'/rf Ftlletes' Hall. t oolce 0:1 rAictlag?, Kdkt*\lutft, CUr? mot, be ?t?m cf Paper Htcrtn. W indoa Bbadea, Tictorea. Pramea, Pictcra Oori ud Ta? itiA11*'' Halle. Ao , In the Dtatrict ^Th.*? Cash. *y"Pleaae reaoimber Bunt and Wniahar }Tl ly FESTIVALS. HA SONIC TSMPLK.TI E8DA Y. WEDmVsoAV .LJ1I11 BfcHA \ HlOBTc 2?7m Md 4?h 5r iiay rSrh tltLi "? SSfB??V' Adm,'wir,n frea dorjnt l v rn !0,? utf rtammetit ty Jut J AF H IKhON ?? Tneaday fctclit: piecw Hi|?n1 DA?tDa?rt Hr ?CV|B' ^'T"tr. f'7 TWII "At! and MA A Thcraday Night. Th?* lali. < . kl? k ^ii the W' njeif Christian Aaaociati t fctwe kindly fonaenu.l to let the de< ->rati >n? and oth. r attractive feature, a, tha' Amh' r" . a meal remaiii dnring the Keativai. apt ? 6t BALLS, PARTIEsTac^ j^jABIhl b PLOKA I, MAY BALL, AA EDBE9DAY EVENIHO, May 10. 1ST? 4!? A ?tb'aSVh"* HALL' * be:ween Jad?V?' *daJ',tlc, * c atlmiia auJ on:-( Po^rc . pen at 71,; cotrreenc* HWB.B licbtta to l>e had at Mjalc Store* or at the fH? aplo td EXCI RS10XS. nc XICS.17 piKbT VRAMlf PK SIIC UABMOHY UHIPOBMKD ASSOCIATION _ ^ B op p., hu ai piRiK1M?rvna^,l.,Clt;8 ST. g% FABA. MOSDAI, Ht) l?t, IM H Tfcketi. admittfDc getitleaian and lad.ei, t? eent?1__ apt? 2i U| ?^OOB OLT FOB I HE FJKST GRAM) CEMTEXMAL PICXIC, AT OEOBOE JPBNEMAN 6 PLBaSUNK U ABDEN. i rter of 4;h ar-.i K street* n. rthfa&i MONDAY, May 1?, l?76 & '''? FI KT1 CENT^, adanttiB#: a Gentle nan aud Laciea. ap2> / ' BE A PSXC DK" IC rTO Til ECESTL BM PA L XI- ? *xrf?BillON. ^ja The fine tailing Yacht Lt'HLIE can b chartered fur tripe to PUtLADKLPU IA r^i Ii I r exrarsion* d( ? a the Pateiuac or Bay. She ba? KO>id'iuarteia tor 10 or 12 prraoct. TM owner would a .EVS* V .t ??/.'? ,hl" ,'1*t "l *e" low tignre-. Apply at the MOBGAN UOISB. Oec. * t. ma ??I" a.,2? SUMMER RESORTST J?f n* M. formerly ?3? IJlPlA F'LoObVnQ, f it* per M. ITS, 80 and 30 canta ^ da of LUHBKB. Draaaed or leaa TUI WXt?r HA1LKUA0 O...K ??*? PAKli. .?^?liba0.PfN rOK VUITOBSonth.- I Otn OF JI N E and their NEW HOTEL at Oak | . l l*ndo? tl.. J?t OK JLLY Applicant- t for Ib'vD.a or luf?>riii*t!OQ ?d Jrecc tbe no *!*'? * designed, mt OakUnd. G%rrett coquvt. JOMa DAILEY. Hanagor. LDMBEB! LUMBER t VRJtAT REDUCTION JA FHICK*. Hl'ST SELL ABD WILL BBLL. TIBGIB^ BOAKt> <19 per M. SCABTLLBG, ai .lt&gtua aiid altoa. s iTrp. SIDIBG LATH, J9A0 O ?OD VIBOIL. Ck'DAB POSTS, AU c?har klnda of LUHBBB. I)rawed or Boocfe, P'lcaa. A mall lot of OaB, ?re^,ait1 ' ' wAli aali at one half tha ajt IaeLi callow ill secure baa VEORUK M. JOHKSOS, lafcl ly Corner MU and B atraeta aorthvaat. pORTNKK ii VIENNA IiEER, FUR FAMILY I SK 151 THE CIT*. Tha general daanan^ for BOTTLBD BEEH haa liiduoed ma to boilJ a Lager Beer Bottling E?iat liahmant, on Virginia arenna, near 7th at^ t, tak ing advantage of all the lateat improraanar.ta. Tha Beer la especially brewed for that pary^ae. acd bottled with the graaiaat care, for faulL naa and ahlpping. All ordera aent to tha ofBee hera or to Alasandrla will ha promptly attended to. The Boer wOl be da Ltered to any part .if fhe city. ROBERT PORTAtH. 0?r? and btpot 6K4-bilB Vtrginia ara. . _ fbicT~libt. In B? xee. mntaintnic i d /en Uaar*a, 01 W, allow . lTJ C*ct* ' r U' tllea. aod Bm retomea. In Foxee. coT.ta*Me# t d' r*n P.'Lta, 01 H> par <l?i/e?, allowinc at> centa per d? ien for if ttie* arjd It jj fimw F t M.lep!>'?. in B->iea axittlnirg I d^zen Qotrta, Pli H, at ??if price p r dorea. all-w i*n It-' ? ?afcr 6ntt!?# aud B^aea retaraesl fiae apJTia ' ROBERT POH T.AEK LA DIRS IKHIDS. ijj ?** j-tkeet. ,?T clcpd ?ihld!>Tj I ?i!T ail th lataet s H.IM l? < an ??? ",v,uca ^ tod ttdiMf ir? t?? >?* t?. ???! *-H? Milt. ??J4tr * 1*1 i. r. HLHI.K 1& lluirfOmk* of r A BIB BOIIITH and li ats. T? uiawxl ?t l ratrtniiD?d. ta Okii, rHr?? P*>ket ?tlk and RtMxwi Via* 'K*hCH rLO* *?**' t*CES and NOVEL. T I ?' >p*ct*i atUatKo ai>ea u Or.tan MR*. J. r. I'il.MIR, ?rit Hf I III* iniaM lln. |%| WIL.ll*> IH THI KiXI A (If VltK BAHBb W*lUfM???M *VS A ir.VT 115 k**l 'hub beaiob **" ** t. VIIUM1. y\H% M. J. Ml *T Would C.a tbaattention of ?t>. laliaa u a lara? a. arrta rnt .4 " rk'kTB * * A"*IUCA" TATrEkE BUM 1 NTKIHSED HATS. It fraar rtrklf ai??flM * I'l iuu K 1D GLO* EE. *1113. ( tTKAKlK A larae ar>4 MMert aa?1n>tl rf L4tE'\l> H aTS AMU Bi'Mlr.T* t\? .?. . . r,>r I'MMt. a. Ol tt t> lau?i ?(> l?a and n. ?t Mtrac J\r de?Ur.a I 11* aelartloa .1? HAMBrEO IXhkoinikt AND TBIWMINUB lit ANTt LAI'I CAM M<lf ? tt KS SI I.K I R| P|>||lpa ?arv tr _ i 4 *h r *-r ? tKEEILTAE LADIES' SOUIS, " A IE TO OKDE'B AT M? #;? <$.*?<(/, opra*.14 fuu?i as $ '"?* 11 LAU1Ba ? ?; 2J! Wr?-ucb P. l U? ?? _ * JJJ ..V'*** w<?^* are all made at mi eatal.IUba.ent fa? uZa * IT0 V' * *>* to at, 1 . ?rk t?+i ? factured m tba Laitcd Ptataa ???.?. niar.-tr J4E. ? VtMltfE. (jKeUMiHmi M,r HI MAN HA IK H AI K HR 4 | m i u former am 40 1IAIK W B A 11 hV %hTZ ?r.M II y? H AIR MBJL !i?2 *'5*' '?rn" f r',r* ?" *' MA IE iS US 1 !?H at || M. furibrr filer ||. A LARGE AtMORTMIRfbrCHBAP MAM Ul Eo Et'UI NU* a,.?1 iMbKETluBB. A ,toEN,T^LiI', Vr LAI,|B> CMDIWil AV*RKA,K.<TiM:knWr 81 " ' aa ? AliAISl'l*, M-llmr rr(aralr?ii of coal. I .V^?8 AND BCITB. at a r?M r? * i auction I? AM) IMITATION LACES. ** very low. ( )N HAKD AND BK< EIVINO DAILT. a lar?? 1?*?ortni?tl ..f M ILL1N AEV ttOOI'S Th? iAtoat ?l)lwul H ATt*. KIMWUN.*, ri<0?EE8.atc ALBO, Jl'BT KC'EI V ED ISv d if a ? totfr-a Biarkat^fiSVl V*8'*U ?h*d<"' SDd tb' b^*' *? lh* \\'B INVITE THE LAD1EB TO 4JALL aNU "* tiUBlm' ukr at<x-k mirU lj h HEtiUB.ffl HarkttRtiw ^rtiuLTiti. irnuTtiB POt SLAW. ? IB XH ANW r-8T. OkOUO CX)E^ET8 BKIUTB, Bl'UTLEB. EUllNt H LAIN l?BV P<>*PAl?"LKP BkAds HOE1EBT. ladies' OOTTuB AND H ElilBL rPDEBWEAB. E!D?L<.?VE?. ntoci r*f FttiC) Qo..(1b c QitleU. Bov?-U1r? r*wet\ad dally. AB*nry lor Do?p?atlr Baahlona tftott tr BOOKS AND STATIONERY. 1'HK NEWEST PCI!LICATI(?N8 -1 Black ? Uan?ral Atlaa of tba World, antbraclaa iat<- t aiaCovertM. t?-w |. tic<lari?? and othcrctiMflM, Mtt - Barer fl ? Mm. ivot thr tnlu.l Stataa. Oeotai pla'.-ditioc iiiknif 3. $ 2 St S. Orchard Ocltnrv Li. L?!f i*1 4 ?n Hon. ?>? P tcl.nt7?iil^rtrr. fl N" ? I .'barcal Dravlna. t>y Allocs (fr m tie rrancbi, si. 6 P'.ynlcaT ad BaHtfcna Etioalodr" b? But,*. ?1 ?4. 7 a#u r?M of EaniUtar Hcok?, by Dr W. B K^Kglii ? l -i'T i r'r i V" "" tbaorth J /S1#? TfrivlL b? O?ori(i?vi? M Crmi , ^ ^"tri.r< r School t,r Anna Ba> t-r Slid ld? Eliot. |l 21. 11 Att?<K4? MoAarc AmancaL IT.?..te^a fS W u. Bba I >?ad Pet.U Ta,n tl . .7V?' 2 *uct'r* laiL-.BJ.*' 14. Floraoca Harry at a Lick < Dm ? rPolnttiM.nt.Jftc. BOLOHOBS A OMAPMAB ,AtfHU Laa ran Of ? 'Pora Ltnao1' Pan?ra, "* tr IH PaaaaylTa.ta.rTTn, ?\JhS iwitmbokth i hhkateit B WUHli t'ELF MADE: on, OUT VF THE DEPTHS. PI til IBH ED MANY TEAKS BIN'S IB Till NEW VOBK LEDUEK. IB NOW fOS KALE IB BOOK EOEM AT *UlLMKUTOjrft Bookstore. mfU <r Cor. 4 iTraat aod PaBBa ara T?| ANCIENT BEOJMB. Br Tataa X EDitllsb Literature. 3 vols, ht Taiu* Towards the Straifbt Gate V? Burr" PrmKurBd 1U,r ?f Dr Illoatraud Ccmtwutary on tl,e Acu at the Afiiatlea By Lyman A! butt " Proer*" *? Dcc?M Mac Little Priendtat Olenwood By M<a? FOB SAL* 15 Y W M B all A "t vV?^' *?*' U 4^* 7th 1 AlEAS WEAK. SriilXG GOODS. NEW STYLES FINE GOODS, to SUITS TO OltDER, READY-MADE SUITS rttm 914 cp. BEADT HADE SPRIKG OVERCOATS ? IE cp. DBVUN ?B OO. noe r an pAfiTLKa ABOUT TO BULLD CAB SAVE M0BE1 BJ OOETEACTlEk WITH DE, Aa we keay ta racn'ar _ ?net ta Beat ??prtTad of HO USX AXD ORyAMMXTAL PLUMB UfO, BKWMRAUK, 9AB-F1P1N9, 6s. TIB BOOriNO, TIB HOT ALB P1PEE M U bnllt ta waUa. SLATE Mid HAEBLB hahtele, ta ?i ?f at y laa and avion EANOBE, rCEHACHS Bad P1EBPLA rroVBS-clTfcg a larsar outfit than aa boaaa ta Uta city. and enaMtas oa to aaka HAT ward * HCTEHINEOH. ? ElTMi will ly Ahll KaOa-TASTL KAis TOE C v> B"ae." BOB?B8. ?rr'> ?' E. LVoNH. AS WaM atreet, tftorgctoaa. funtnt rt^Sr>4 ta *4

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