Newspaper of Evening Star, May 2, 1876, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 2, 1876 Page 1
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WASHINGTON, 1). C Tl'ESDAV, MAY 2, I87? THE EVISSIXG-KTAR. FIBLISRF.D Rill.T, Snaday< t\trpUd, AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, r*HMl???>a Air-iw, oracr litb urfct, 11 The E7?n;n? Eta* Newspaper Oomp-cj, * H KAVFKMASX. S*r*+'t m Tm Fvrsiso star is tr?<> fry ctmrim to mlK-nt> ,?? tV T*n Ont* p*?r Korty fciur Cents p*?r aontb. at t/x re Two Onta each. Jiij niul?potlaqt //. <po?.i? Sixty QnilJ a BODtb; one 3 **r. ??'. Thb. Wavkly Star-puUuhnl o?t P>*Uty - ?2 ft 5 Wkr. prrpnui. mjr Ad nJUu-rx^tiora muirft-iij in aihanre. Rninof ruh erii* v] <n% .tj*;"y <Uiem AMUSEMENTS. IS ? 0<irr to Miea K MM" lt?tinges BBw'Esiiga to p?rmit an -iter M.i'.j.we 'Innn* r e?e ???Ti?5', MB i KCM I > GTON f?IKL.AM8 cee the p<->?' p r.en>?*>t. f -TM* Bl)II*VH> - Kb MAT.NEB Tttii WrltBlSDAf, May |0?h at I o'duct, tk n ii ? lib* pte- n'e I, * i*h a-l i?? ? rap>'( ?n ri (i- n? tt J ? lakvrM* ard b?ntlt'il ?rc*Ni?M at. ? ?| p in'nrx-u'* | fl,ri>n . F( p , (''|tk 1 It | 'LA >11) CoNl'tBTi IN H'?NOR OF Xlll Z\I1ISR JOMS V 11 L * Kl> HALL, M?NI>' V EVENING, MAY "III, 1?7?>. V i-? I n*--* will I? hr Mm J P Dill Be 11'-? F?-i<,r ?< Mm ?>. Hi<< Sn-ieJ nnson. I?r. J P ?firlj. Mi. J >)ii Pu*b Mr. \\ . A. Wld ?ft. Tuk't' ! ? 'ate at 1 lis Mnsic "'IjI' tr.d Thnai? M i 1'ri| R r- A<l<ni*?i<i.i. #1. sey- C l\ Til EAT EH. 1, 0:*E ? BF.K ONLY II f|? | ? B A N D F A 1 K . ST. J"S?| H 8 HALL. Cornet #th AiiJ U -treets lorthwest.) For tbe of ST. JOB*! H 8 fEBM AN "HL B'IH, ?1H ntinue mitll THl'RSDA Y ?'? KillN? ?. ?n*ti it will cIo?e with A Scv mile ra>2 St C'EBTENBIAL FESTIVAL, for the benefit of > tb? CUr?< H OF TH( INCABNATION, MASONII TEMPLE, Tl'EBDA V . W BDNBSOAY end T HI Rtl'A ?) BIGHTS 2d. 3d and 4th of Mat Lunch At 13 m. ea h day. Admission fr?e during lanch time PArlor Enter Binment by JOB JSP FBBSON CLCB Tuee.iay Night: piece "Bilent Wodu." Select B id.og* I t M?e?rs. TWII DALE And HAY ThursdayNight. The ladi-scor aecttd with the Women ? Christian Aeeoeiation h??>" kindly content* ! to let the de<-3rAtiin* And wber ?ttiAc'lve teAturwi MMi At thA"Aathor< < ?r BiTAl r?mAiu daring the PeotlTAl. Apt* it MM FTriM.K lu L<-; w.'iiderfnl imv^ 'ut'iua ct l??E nn iii r. f ope rt?d by the < on.piny of S^ntre TbeA tw, /??--w ti rk N?? b ENBUY, < OSTI ME3, APPDINT M ENT8. ??? Mil il EL MATINEE S\TrRP\Y. M* 8. The i l-b; a?? . tOKHtl PAM1LY M*\ li tb?-y<>nr AnK>riFAn Actresi Min MAHT ABDBBSdN. myl-tr 'rut gk\nT>? pki/i cnioiiT r >b rn I BBNKFITOF 81 ? ECILIA S AI AUBMY, A-b?ret< for^ audvcc ?-?I. will tnt* p<Aca At Lis t'OLH HALL, oa WEDNESDAY KVENINQ ? >' 3 Tt.? fAi*Lt (racandtM 'hs? . cc* ?i n >* the flae?t iu the city. Tbe p irih*??rof ? ti'het i? ??Bt't'.ed to ? chanre id flfty beantifiil wtaaa ?n tb *? wUhtrg to b?K ent a* the C?ccert withotit h?nr? aty int?re?t in thf ?'i/ee * An pcrclAae 'iclets a? the iloor for Fifty Cents Th? ?'onc?rt will ca?i e AtSo'.'Kick, sharp. ?yl It* ' J' H E LADY Mi.NAI.LL3 or tit WAgHINUTON I ITY ORPHAN AsYLI M WW L fi VI A HOI PE wabmini. AT THE NEW HOMI, Corner 14th anc 8 itrfeti northwest, V YtBEbl'AY Aft THTBSUAY. May 31 And 4th, ('yetiiug at 7 .*> o'clock. On the first etfUiCB an entert*inm?nt by ths C>r?h*i. Children niAy b? eip?< ted. Ard on >1 ay 4th A Mi *:?.Al ar.4 Li'erarytEr.urtAinrii. Bt by the "JOB JKEKF.B-i'N t LCB ?i!ib? fiv-u iu cjousctuu With the Hcnae Uavieii l' Admiartot . a the 3d 26 ceaf. on ihe 4th of Miy, M rests T ?? fees to be bsd ot the LAdy Managers or At the 4f>*r. a si' 't ULI> THE ro&r, FOB I AM COMINi. " HOD I E I.LOW I HALL. Tth Street V01' & NIGHTS ONLY ? OMMENCIN'i WED NBSliaY- MAY M. E HE HEX A 'H GBANII AM> COLOSSAL PANORAMA OF NILIOTH PAR \DI.HE I.OH r, T ? mi.-' Cai.j*- Vn-.z <nz an't tiorttou* ttcm ?? t\t Wi.r / The ?rre?r ?orAi wuiiderof the nineteenth ces trr),fui?rltl NfUfMof m ? lnu invtm. illn< I.'A'idc * itb in 'uente j? ser that ?rAn.lly snhlitue. s*rsigeiy ?i !. ? Ideii.g, s-.*iI itlfrtn^-. in de?er;b?Me Ht,ii low y inUrestiuK ( ittuof the tk.a >(tAl Miitoti. rAR*riSE LOST. TAinred trrm the r.giBal d?fciens bf the fire' A* ists .f the p'incip.t! rttie? Of whi tl eciBB'ry the pointing r. is be -r .n sxhib:tion. m t><o it h.s r?ci ed thehuro <t sneosi'iisi frcm th. ^re?s. < lenj-y. n< b lity And --niry, Ail pronouncl&ji it th?- b. *t * esntifnl w rk . t rod. ra times. Adn. b. ti ? ? nts.? hildrtn. IS cents. Bo* ?heet it Brad Adsnis', wherereserred ?? *s car. te s> ur?d for Any nieht w itbont ? xtrA t harge I'.. r?(ijn M'lAoiai mo' - it up m. N-B ti'fe prrsr;?n-ni<?a fortfce ladies SATCBUAY MA1INEE ApM St EAT?:B I IIMIIM e Eleventh Street Jyzioic ttHH ?*.. ima Ai ?ui. Of EX THE itAK KOUMD. P.rfonrance EYEBY BIGHT. Ma* I nee for La . di? - it ? hit.!re., V > K BY U LDN l.-L'AY aaJ ! ?aiikday a?tebnoob. Fit ST (V ISS /> MYERY RESFKCT Tsrlety. I'rams Bnrle?jne and Con e^f. IK,V*' If K-" HBlTHf PliHT^KK S *I >I ?IER flAR DIY in AlexAtdriA, is opened sga'n far the ?ea?oB. where the be-t L AGKBwill Alw?ys be on drar.ght. .apg lm'l HENRY BC'HEBB, Bnpt. Old No. 1 On Kxhibitica (Mw No. 4V> / nn<t Ma!4 ) 43? 7ru 8T.S AT 7th 81. KAIRRITER'N, it* <38 7;% >:???:. L> ani E fruit, iw; doir; ator$ O ' t Ftlloies' Hull. Choice Oil Paintir gs. EcgraTincs, Ohrcmos, Be. Also, largest stock cf Paper Hs'igings, Window 8: adea. Plctnree. Frames. Picfnre Oords Bad Tbs aels. Rings. Ba<ls. Ac., la the Dlatilct. WT?i*!< Ca<h. WPIewse rem-citeT Name and Number Jrl-lJ festivals. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. ^JABINI B PLOBAL MAY BALL, tv EDBE9DA Y BYENIBO, May 10. Id7? At MABINIH HALL, B street, between 9: h Bed loth st? Tickets. Adniitttng a c ntlein?n au-i one lBdy.?3. To. rs opr At 7S -" corrasenee At !*?? p m ?X" r ckets to Id had At M aslc Stores or a* the Ball. AfM td LECTURES. | J I V HtSHY W ARB BEEI HER Irii L LUCK RE IX TlllS CITl i HI 1'A i EYKB1BG. May 1-^ih, at tte CONGREGATION A L C11CECU. Tickets ?ill be foe ?A.e at V* t .aker s Bookstore, 94 1 P?-ni,syl> acIa lietue. I Alt particulars in a lew dAys. m>3 ?' SUMMER RESORTS. 1 ^Hfc BALTIMO'4* AND OHIO RAILROAD COMPsBI 4 HOTEL, AT DBIH PAKK. Will be OPEN POK \ 19ITORS .is the 10111 OF JINE anlthel-MtW HulEL At Oak A ? .A lanB OB the l?T UK .'l"LY Applicant' for R<?n.s or InforniBtiou BdJress the nn dersigned. At OB-iland. Garrett oniity. M 1. Bpg t,y!3 JOHB DAILET, MaoAggf. TUB moth BVTIOW.-Th* washing Tub CLEANSING COMPANY g iarajtee to thoroughly :lean and eorify EOKSITD BB. OA B PBTt*. Br Any kiad of g ids Infested with Moths, CBiscbe* or sviled with irsus or ink, by a new watert ch'ti.lcAl prorsss without ripBing or shrink iBg. or in Any way Aff?". ting the witrE, c^ljr or ma Jerial Ujics. 14:4 Pa are. A?U Stn \l .MI Vie.-T J a-? MKT, SI LVB B AS D " PLATE)? * Ai.i AT GBBATLT BE FrV*0 FBI'.. E3 FOB THB HElT 30#% W. I. TAPPA1, J?? ? ?. 'OA P s*r^et. Masonic Temple. Af";' ' IS i? i>-i. uis?t s RauAfelS Pntm.-c* 61'BINU STY Lib AO IV READY. t BBOADWAT and P1PTH AVENl'B PTTLB GEBTLBMBNS DKES8 HATS. ?t and Jb Also, fine .Scft And Bufl t BLT HATS of the in si Approved pAttertis Bsgltsh and American SILK I M 13BILLA^ LAdiee 81 N CMBBELLAfl L MBRILLAB amd PABABOL8 recorered HEB A GKEB.V nit FENN-'TLVABIA AVEBl B. BAr! ly Above W illArd s Howl ^?COND HAND CLOTHING. Fl'RBITORE ?7 Owrpets, Bedding. Oilcloths, And g. ads of every dearnptu c t . nght An1 the highest cash prices pAid. Orders by Bail promptly Attended to. H ?'OL<i? ? CO., ?ctU-ly eoraer 10U street and Pecs ? are SrECIAL NOTICES. NOTICE ?Ho improper character will be *11 wfi it the meet.ngs cf the Washington Dm* log Park. It r. P. HILL, Proprfctor. ra? TBI MIUTHIBH REPUBLICAN A8BO ClATION ? Begnlsr iiisetlr.g. THIS (Tues <la\ EVEN ISO at7S o clock, at Clark a Hill. No 4 7 9 Pennsi I'ani* avtnue. Busiues*. If LlUfN J BARNES. Secretary. thikb will he a special com Ml NIC\T10H of the M W. O. LODGE OF TEE MbTBlCT OF VOL! Si HI A, WEDNES DAY. May 3, at ti o'clock p in Consideration of Constriction Mr order of the M W. Gr. Master, i! }2 2t ?'H R 8JNGLKTOH.Gr. Screwr. ITi5? NOTICE 1S~ 11IREBV GIVEN THAT w^sX the anr ml meet me of the STOCK H' >Lf?EKS ft the M AN?ON MOTOR COM PAN Y. for elfctf u ? f Tm?tef?. will Le held at Ho. A10 9th street, 'IBIS TUESDAY. the 2d iestant. between the b nraof 7 and ? o clock p m liZ.?l>i^nomluaTna t*e?. OHABE ANDREWS, H* Secretary. _ not 11 E ? \ Public Sleet in* cf PROPER LS^TY OWNERS aid R1CS1DKNTS of th< vi Ity i f 14th ?'re?t northwest will >?? held on th? evei inc of TBCBBDAY next, the 4th in-t%ni. at7?, <1 oil ? h at Clabangh Hall between 0 and b streets, t,. |; angura'e tte establishment of a public Market H,,n?e on -aid tkoionf bfare, n-w rapidly growli.g ir an iirportant bnsiness center. The market d,"?-'trsof theclfyare also in* ifed to be present, as it is Ielieved that this pr ject will be one of the i> -t profitable to that class of bnsinoss men, a* v . I' ?<- a rood in^isliix lit to the projector*. nyJ.U' MANY CITI/ENS. TH" I'NDEBSIG h EH, GitOCCUY Mfc K''HANTS,dc her<by agr*e to clise our rf>|fwtiv? platen of business at se-jen i7> o'clock r. m . en me^cing P!a> 15 and ending Oct A rl 1876. Sfttoiday Lights ex ep?td. KBOWMNU a M1DHLKTPN. IKt.tK HI M K. J. B BRVAN A IIBO. KAKBOI K A HAMILTON, BEaLL A BAkkR, N II SHEA. HALL & HI BE, J C. EBGO!,I> ? 00 . FUL* f>PVALL. It N I. M KT/GE B A BRO. r'es* 1HI CREDITORS OK I J. KIRK will n:e't at enr onice on TH CbHiA Y. Msr 4th, pi 11 o'clock m BARBOUR A HAMILTON, tr.y) 3t | Malt.Bnn,tnAw?d. I At-w' rr--?? tue jaZTkson democratic asso CIATION will meet at Beck ? Hall, Lonis Idi/< t" t:oi . between 0*li and 7th streets, on TUE3 D*Y EVENING May 2d, at 7* o'clock, my) 2s* JOHN E. NOKBIS, President. f MaSOHIC.?All members of WABBEN LODGE. No ??. Kree and Accepted Masons, a-e specially iegne*t?d to b* present at the next regrlar communication. WEDNESDAY EVE hISQ, Ma* 3d. Is76,a? buiin-esof yital import ance tnmands your a'tentit n. By crder HAHDY BBUCB, Jg . W M. THOMAS P. BELL, Becretary. myl at li I bl KH1A H BENEVOLENT A8BOCIA WTtion or Washington, d. o.-Me? bers of the above Association are hereby notified to n e?t af their Hall on next WEDNESDAY MORN ING M *y fd. at 9 o'clock shvrp. in lull nnif <rm, to attend the fnc ral of >>nr late brother. M:> a*Ki Kitzstkald. By order of the President m> 1 2t JOHN HOGAN.Rec gee "SPECIAL NOTICE Ail pers1" rs holding oaipliicentar* tkkets to M Gc-ds?e4n's giatd pre'?ntation ot "Ths Dnk^'s **oito," ?i.l t ring ihem in for redemption on May 1st M at<l 3d. ie*?. a -a receive oce U S bow Cigar nd reserve ?icket free cf char*e at M. GOLD ?T EIN S California Cigar store, til I Pennsylvania aitDVt. rnder Metropolitan Hotel. mvl 3t ELECTION Or DIBE< TOBS-Notice Is \Sr b ri-M given the #ec"r,.l anmal meeting of the STO? KHOLDEK8 of the < APITOL, NORTH O 6'l'Kf tT A.NU 8O0TH WASHING TON RAILWAY t OMPANY, lor ths purpose of e>< tire seyen directors, will be hclil at the ollice ol the ijjp^py, > ?"rrer of !'l ani b >treet* sc/Ulhwe?t. on 8ATI BDAY Ma ? K6. bttwf n the hour* of 12 ii'cli ck in. and 1 o'clt>ck p m. o| said d?y. B < ks for O'e transfer ot stcck will r*msin "pen ni.ti i V, KDNEBDA Y EV EN INC Ma;t.K4 S. B BOND. President. W J. C0W1N9. Secretary. ciyl 5t r--=5? ? BOR'.ETOWN k TENSALuYTOWN US' KAILKOAD COMI ANY . ia orp raf l by ?c;? f Co* giese approved M ?y 10th,1*6 Boi ka of arbscrip'ton the cubital <tc? S will be op-n fri in >iay l?t to Mm S.'tb. from lu a m. to3 p m , at ton JH ? !:*nk.r rtreet, near 13:h street. M"iri* Ad-.llet s >to;e, ltfl Biidg" street, <.-Jorge r ?ii. and i-aiali Stiociioifct-r's Store. Tennailytow n. A I'. K A BDON. t*ecrtt?ry. ? HAS. 1".E? KSB tVesiient.i apS'> St Board of incorporators PRNMANSHIP AT BUSINESS COL I.KiE, corner of 7tli and L streets northwest Tbe large enmber of persons un%ble to prop -rly perform the duties Gl clerical and other p iskiduson accr r.nt of their poor penmanship, and those who -.lite well bat desire to write better, hare an cp p- rtsititV of taking a coarse of levies adapted to -heir wants, ounng tbe month of May. Saiiatac ?cry Improvement enarante 1 to the attentive Tui #&? Special disc ? ant to clubs or th'ee or mote apH> 0;* TO KLBOPKiN TOL'BiSTS. Tbe Atcei i-?o Line of MaH Steaneri from P'.ula ('eipbia l .i Live p<ol.vla Qqeenstown. for which ?e are agents, i ffcrs superior indncetuonts to per ? ts g- ing to Enrope. The ratts are as low as any Y*\^A1Ll"?eLL Tit KET* BY THIS LINE D1BE< T KBOM WAt*H 1NCTON AT SAME BATE AS CHARGED KR0M PHILADELPH(\ These iron sbips are entirely new and splendidly fuuipped. H D tSOKE, Ja .A CO.. Bankers, a|20 f.t r street, near Tieasnry. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT, GEORGE TOWN I'NI \ ERSlTf TL? Course of Lecture* will coinmence TUESDAY, MAY iiP, 1??7?. AT !? P. M Intrcdnctory Lecture by P J Marphy.M. D, at the College Building, corner loth aud Estreats The public are in- Ited to attend. Eac CLTT. Charle? E Hagner.M. D., Lectnrer on DiseMes of Besplratory Organs and Laryng >oc jpr P.J Morphv, M. D., Lecturer on Diseases of the Qer ito-Crlaary Organs. H H.Barkei.M D , Lecturer on the Anatoay and Physiology of the Keinale Pelvic Organs. J S Beslt ,M D., Lecturer qu Saigical Appli ances aLd Minor B irgery. Eormati: alation tickets and information apply to BOBEUT REYBCRN. M. D . !)? an cf Medical Kacult>.717 15th street north weet. Washington. I>. C ap2i *^>4t LINCOLN HALL BATl'KDA I BVr.NlNG.AT 7J, O CLOCK UMJON MASS MKSTlXdS. ADHRESSE8 TO YOUNG CONVERTS I!v Its Rankin ami Blsck. I'BAISK MEKIING. Mssic by CORNET and ORGAN. ap-T tr 5^* TliE B B S f III BURN 8 SODA WATER NATURAL SPRING ^ ATEBS on Dranght ICE COLD TEA, OOKKEE and CHOCOLATE. 142V PsNN-TLVas;a Avent*. aplS tr near Wlliard's. HENR"r~W IsK GABNKTT, ATTORN hV AT I. A W, No. 1 Columbia Law Building, aplS lm 8:h street. b*t D and K. rvTvTu i T a h K b; i^y (i /? - if' ' (\ No 7 15 li!li street, neur Trea-nry l'epartscent. District Claims. Pension anil Bounty Claims, a spe? ia.ty 8plL NERVOUS EXHAUSTION -A Medical E*?ay, com prising a set i<x? of lectures deliv ered at Kahn s Mnseum of Aaatomy, New York on tfce casise and cure ot Premature Decline, show - ng Indisputably bow lost health ruay be regained, ?ff .rdiog a clear synopsis of the imp'Mlizixiiits to marriage, and the treatment of nervous and physi cal debility, being the result of*) years'ex aerlence. Price, 25 cents Address the author, Dr L J. Kahn, office and residence, 61 East 10th st . N Y. apl to >U D COO EE? J ?~lT OO . BANKERS. apH tr UiK r street. BTBATrOBD K EH DA LL 4l? Louiiiaiia atsnos. 71? to ATTOK.Mh T AT LAW. r^LE\? 18 JOHNSON A CO., BANK BUS, ?????? of 10t4 St't*: nni P.?*?y msis A"isw. Dealers In Oovemw ?ut and District Seeurltieg r 'elgn Exchsns- % G"M. sepi4 ly * JPBAMIAL G 1\i tNG, EOT A BY PUBLIC, octlMf Orr cf.?8ta? Bi'ilo;!*?. OPT101AN ? Tn Public.?My newly minted Bye slas-, which 1 now m*nufac-^s^0^^k tcr# wltn eight workmen. surpasseg^-^~ i^s any Eye glass In the whole wjrid. They can be regulated by tw small screws te fxactly ftt ths noee without any pain <>r unpleasant :?ellng. They are made of Bra/ilian pebble and the newly disco v - ered Busaia rnby slaas Wor neatness and lightness tbep cannot be surpassed. Measure taken and -rli-r filled in fifteen minutes ISAAC ALEX ANDBii. 1J-J9 Penna ar , Inventor. Patentee and Mannfactqrwr. No. 18ST Pennsylvania Avinpe. isine Bracllian Pebble Bpectaclea. de?7 lyOstp V'O HUMBl'G ? L. B1CI will pwy a fair cash In price for any kind of Ladies Gents and Chll drens SECOND HAND CLOTHING, BOOT*, BBOBB, Ac. 623 7 th street, between rand G south ? ot* ky Mkll promptly attsnded to. may My EVENING STAR, Washington News and Gossip. Govkr5mkkt Receipts To-dat?Inter nal revenue, *378.038.30; customs, i317,75t>.30. Thf President and his Cabinet will go to Philadelphia In a body to be piesent at the Centennial opening. May 10. The Attorney Ocnekal was the only member absent from the Cabinet ireetlng to-day. _____ KtroRMizCD The President has recog ogni.ed Severir.o la Rarrera as consul of Spain, at New Orleans. Tee i xctcrks of tho various Postmaster Generals irom Franklin to Jewell, In uu bioken order, were this morning forwardei fr?>m the Post Office department to Puila tUlphlafor exhibition at the Centennial. Speak* k Kerk having ten days' leave of ahftnce left for New York to-day to consult Lr. Hammond, his physician, and will then v Kit Richmond. Ya , with a view to his phy sical iuipiovtmeiit. Amosc those who called upon the Presi dent tiiis morning were Senators Mitchell, Puddock, Sargent and West, and Kepresent aiives White, Page, Piatt, Hoar and Dar rall. _ N aval Orders ?Lieuteuant Commander Allan I>. Brown, ordered to the navy yard, >!a:c Inland, Cal ; Lieutenant George G. I"ay, to the receiving ship Colorado, at New York; Passed Assistant Surgeon 8. A. i iowu, lo tiie receiving ship [ndtpwddlM, a; the navy yard, Mare Isiaud, Cal. The Claims The Depart n f nt of state to day issued a notice that, an ii.stalment of t per centum will be paid on the 15th of May on the certificates of award t<-Mifd by the mixed commission appointel under the provisions of the convention be t? feu the United States of America and the republic of Yeneroela. April 25th, 1)W8. AI.L ycriET ON THE KlO GRANDE.?Tiie latest official advices from the Kio Grande repjesent matters as comparatively quiet. Idaz had made no forward movement, and It was not known when he intended to move towards the interior. The Mexican govern ment, it is understood, Is sending heavy rein forcements from the interior to meet Diaz. The Fast Mail from the North.? Arrangements are now belug made at the Post Office department, and will probably be completed by next week, to have the mails from the north, which are now due here at about 1 30 p. m. arrived by 12 o'clock, end to save delay the malls will be dis tributed on the cars between Baltimore and Washington. TiiE REfORT which has been telegraphed through the country of the ai res? of ex-Com mlssloutr Willis Drummond and ex-Chief Clerk W. W. Curtis, of the Land Office.does tbtm injustice. Tney were simply attached for contempt of court in having falle I to ap pear as wureases in certain cases in Colo rado, the failure b?lng uo fault of theirs. They have been instructed by the United States aflor- ey not to appear unless advised by teleg.aph." Xliey have not been so a d vised. Gesfrai. CCSTRR 'The ^ta'emenf tele graphed from here last night that General Custer had been relieved trom the command or the post at Fort Lincoln is denied by com pet< nt authority. Tne only foundation for s'.ciia ftory is the fact, that the expedition ?>>out to leave Fort Lincoln, and which it v as Intended should r>? commanded by Gen. Caster, has been ordered to proceed uuder the command of General Terry. Tnis ar rangement will give General ('us tar ample t M to ti? lab up ai: of fell busl'ies^ with Congress. To Prevent a currency Famine ? The House Committee on Banking and Cur rency this morning agree t to report a bill authorizing the Secretary of theTreasury to issue ten million dollars of the silver coin I -,w lb the Treasury In exchange far a like amount of legal tend?r notes. The notes so redeemed are to be re-Issued upon tne re tirement of a like sum of fractional cur lency. arat tne fractional currency so sub stifr.teu is to I.e destroyed. Th* effect of t^ie ?>iU is to prevent the threatened currency famine. Nominations?The President sent the following nomination to the Senate today: Wirt Sykes, of New York, to be consul at Florence, Italy;. Wm. B. Snell, of Maine, to be judge of the Police Court ofthe Dis trict of Columbia. Army promotions?2d Lieutenant L> 8. l>enlson,to be 1st lieutenant. 5th artillery; 2d Lieutenant A. II. Russell, 3d artillery, to ne 1st lieutenant ordnance corps; Samuel K. Thompson to be 2d lieutenant 23th Infantry. Alfred James, or California, to l>e register ot the land office at Las An geles, Cal. Taruox after Blaine.?Mr. Tarbox.of Massachusetts, managed to-day to get his resolution adopted by the House to investi tate the transactions of the Union Pacific tail road Company with the Little Hock and Fort Smith road of Arkansas. It is worded In such a way that while It is Intended as a backhanded blow at Mr. Blaine, the latter cannot take cogni/auce of it. Tarbox Is the democratic raem?>er who, by some means unknown, secured a copy of Mr. Blaine's currency speectj. and prepared an answer thereto lo be delivered on the same day Mr. Blaine addieased the House, lie appears to be after Blaine. A Water Haul.?Mr. Clymer's commit tee yesterday summoned irom Baltimore a man named Lewis L>. Harrison. Someone had told Clymer that he could "squeal" and would if he was manipulated properly. To day he was in the committee room. The members went at him as if he knew all about tne Fort Sill post tradership. He wa amazed. He didn't even know where Port Sill was. The committee looked at each other mysteriously, sent him away and paid blm oft. Thi? is the second witness from Buitliuore who has heen summoned to tes tify about matters of which lie knew no thing. Conorf-s \ ESTKRDAY. ? Mr. Blaine's statement in the House oi Representatives jesterday afternoon in reference to the story about Ills having i>ond-< of the Kansa> Pa- ; eiflc railnwid which he had not paid for, with the letters which he submitted show tig the origin and falsify ofthe slander; the 1 'eiterof llallet Kllbouru to the House, of fering to ?liow ins bo >us aud papers to the ??real estate pool" committee and to answer ar.y questions in reference thereto; a brief p port of the proceedings In the Belknap impeachment trial, aud other matters of in- ! terest, are printed under the Congressional head on our third page. The Mary Mkrritt Ihvestigation Bttore the committee investigating the facts concerning the release of the barque Mary Merrltt, yesterday afternoon. C. F. Couant, ! Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, testi fied that he decided the Alary Merrltt case upon his own responsibility: he did not ex ctiaDge a word with the Secretary before the decision, and no money was offered or pr>inl>ed to any officer or the Treasury. Solicitor Wilson also testified a.? 'to the circumstances of the case tendiug, as tne teatlmouy of other witnesses, to exonerate the Secretary from the charge of auy im pioper conduct in the matter. A KiSenfDIHG RESOLUTION PASSED ? Tills afternoon Mr. Lamar made a motion so much of the record as charges John Yourg Brown, of Kentucky, with prevarica tion be re?;uded. It will be remembered i tl at wfceu Brown made his celebrated attack on Butler, the SpeaKer Interrupted him and asked if he Intended to reflect on any mem ber on t lie floor. Brown replied that he men tioned no names, but had an individual in his mind's eye. After the dtnow>nrnt he was censured by the Speaker, upon the erder of the House, for evasion and prevarication, when called to order by the Speaker. It is to retcind so much as charged prevarica tion that Induced Lamar to oiler the resolu tion. After an explanation by Mr. Lamar, and I lie statement by Mr. Blaine that be did not think Brown Intended to prevaricate, the rt solution was adopted. Ibe Ibmib? Asylum lamllodou. THl TESTIMONY TO DAY. t ? ?. c?mm,tte? on Expenditures la the interior Department resumed their luvestl E?Si.'uiiJ^J2S? "?H la,,I,e ' ?l pr('*ont a pbys clan at the MM?aehnBetts Insane adytum, at Worcester. N ir?i? <?rmerly connected with the V. asylum, was examined at length l)arlln^r whn rela,lon to the witness ^ ? eU*gal,,9t the maoage at lil m, niD' Dr. Eastman testified ii^ai i r. PtKhols Always went thrOuch ali U waiffhP 0ll.VeH"yJUm on 8untlay. because and w^a? thTr??ayr .^a general luspectlon, ana was the rule of the army. Dr. Nichols he Lfk^d*'mnftil^n0 VUU any P^ieut when ne asked bimtodoso. Dangerous nailenrs alwaya put in rooms by twelves I lflicultiea sometimes occur between pa tients in the wards, or when two or mS?e were put In the same room: In sued! ?ses tbey were separated. Hedeu'.eu that three soldiers were killed there, or were burifsl a' night time. There wereno deaths caused by violence whilst he was an assistant pnysi ciau there, in ls^or 1m,7. Such a thiii" was not possible. Had auy patients been killed th?re hewouln have heard of it. Darling fi*?.Z!.nWhe "a'"*"< Atkins. Darling testified during the Investigation of 18v r*o burials ever took plac e at midnight It was usual to bury at dark, forobvious rea sons, so patients would not be excited about ; ? Tnere was no part icular preparation for tiie reception or visitors. Ail patients were dressed up a little on Sunday morning, lhe patients were at limes allowed the privileges of the grounds for exercise. The board* were aliowel to ride about the grounds. \ is i tors were not shown me worst nor the best wards, but wore shown through wards where there were no excUri hie patients. Have had fourteen pears cxpe i Jk-'Tt6 in lrhe treatment, of Insane. V'? 1 ? s Insane Asylum for seven year* M- Itness denied (hat there was any abuse of patients there chargnble to the manage ment. Attendants who would strike na nents werfjlmmediately discharged, in re | sard to the food it would o^casioL ally bao | pen that meat untit to eat was furnished, I but Jt was unavoidable. 8unu meat always sent back wneu it was discovered | "?i l" be fcood. Knew Oliver Ambrose, a boy, who was a patient there In 1865. He was a patient there twice, being in the a?d u.?'flve ,,ajs 1110 ti"t t,me Unio T?u?? o a monttl ,lje second time. There was no age given In a-iv Paper8,Ln r*lat*on to him. Estimated that his age then was certainly seventeen. There were sores upon him, but tnere worn no vermin on him. He was as clean when he left the asylum as when he came there. A 'Piter was read from Mrs. Ambrose, dated on the day wnen he was pat In tbeasvlum wherein she says that be hal oeen iu bad health for seven years, and that he had wan dered about in Baltm/ore for a week before !?? . there, and that be must have ? ,'e ,ln disease tiiat he was troubled wilh during the time he was in Baltimore. DrMnhniii testified that he was not at ? he asylum when the patient was at first admitted, r.or did he remember how much o a wardrobe was 8e:,t tnere with him. Have no recollection of telling Mrs. Am brose that her boy tore up his clothing. Pa tents in bis condition frequently destroyed u??r.hi?Jhl?f Never 10:11 Mr* Ambrose that she could not see her son, or tbat he vva so violent that he would kill her: his no re collection of the interview with Mrs. Am brose when she was accompanied by Mr Bakesly. of the Patent Otli e, a:id Mr. Wil Son. ?',,ILtor of ,fie Treasury; do not raco> iect that .,0 conducts! her to the cell where fier Son was confiued. Jie characterized most of her testimony wlil"h whs read re yarding tnis aL'air as fabulous. Tnere was no such place or stairs as she describ^ tier sop s condition was not such as she de scribed. He was thin In flesh, but It was to mm IV ?Rn<.-hal be, fe'l *WHy w!,Ue there i\PI? to *.> pounds. It waa not impossible that his clothing might have been torn as ^be described, but bad no reeoUecUon in re gard to the case. Think she w,^ mistaken id not think that her statement was true that he was covered with vermin. It wis ms ^dibatJUe vermiQ hal holes in lli ^ may have had soras on his ih'o ^.J16 'ia'' a skin disease wheu he came ave .IJ0 ^l8llnct recollection that bine were black, or that his arms were Another portion of Mrs. Ambrose's festi mony was read, showing that it was Dr. ? rankiln. an<i not I>r. Kastaian, wno a<* companled her to the strong room in which her son was confined. Dr. Xiehou was recaHed and testified that ;f^,rffe,ren1c? '"ale to him by Mrs. Ambrose ?at she dashed the dirty, velmin-coverel x' li which ste found on lier son," over I)r Nichols head, saying "I will cover you with the vermin that you put on ray son.' is un rue. W ould not forget suc;\ a thing if it occurred. It Is unquestionably in h!s ru'nd a pure creation. John IV. Wriyhl testified that his son. who was an Inmate of the asylum, was very kindly treated, and that he was allowed to see him every time he called at the asylum for that purpose. The committee then adjourned until to morrow morning. Gin. Reynolds has telegraphed to Chair man Cljmer that upon returning from the field he saw for 1 he first time the testiinouv of ben. Mcl'ook. given before his committee on the 23d ot March. He adds: 'It is abso lutely laise so far as it refers to my bein" in any manner in collusion with contractors, or having received valuable presents from them.'* Great Britain Disheoarding the Kx tradition Treaty?Our government has oflicial notice that the British authorities will release M inslow, the Boston forger, to M.?rR?^il^e :kl day of May. The action of ^ BrJ J8*1 government in this ease is con sidered by the administration as completely wiping out the Ashburton treaty. The Pre ,UlW1" in a few days send to Congress all the papers and correspondence relating to this case, and will probably accompany thesamewith a special message. It is ex pected that Congress by joint resolution will recognize the abrogation of the treaty. Mr. \\ m.J. Mcrtagh, proprietor of the Anti'mal JtepnUiian, was before the Freel man s Bade Committee this morulnj. He testified that he had borrowed s 1,200 Trom the bank auu had paid it back. Tue main object in summoning fhe witness seemed to be a desire on the part of the chairman to kuow who was responsible for the article in tiie Republican of the 2iith ult., which set forth tbat he .Douglass, chairman 01 thecoi..rnH tee had used the money appropriated for tue committee to reward his constituents a-ui a journalist. Mr. Murta^h said he had not iead the paragraph until after it was printed but that he was making au investigation of the matter. Mr. Douglass then took the stand and under oath went on to mak** a ]<i>M^?xt.,lut,.atlon by wa>' of denial. H? con < hided by stating that either the writer or oi^I? informant was a liar. Ttiat settled it and the committee adjourned. A Lmbuto. Expelled The Penn Qf.^a,Iiial U8w.of representatives yesterday. K 1 p?1? *TS dlseusslon, agreed to expel fAr A??fi,,??'.almeraber from Philadelphia, ?onduct unbecoming a representative It? wnhaV^KW.M.tbat PelrofI negotf a?eu wlib lobbyiAU( wuo were urging the votes in *th p'i r<fn>OODV bi"'10 ob,aln fourteen votes in their favor for ,.">00. Petrofl denied a?y5,?[r"Pl motive, but insisted that hisMie object had been to ascertain whether money masebv1 wh^.r"lbe bU1'and^ mose oj whom it was so employed The evidence proved that he did not receive a ufcotVat ou wi."0'1"8 that Ui? aBa'awauiar*"- ,u"",re The Wi.xslovv Ca-e?Tue British cab inet have determined to adhere to their p> siuon not to return the Boston swindler Winslow, to the United States, as reciuested by our government, preferring to be govern d vfdw thit th. RHt1^?01 of ls7o> wtlicb P^ x iues mat the British government shall in sist upon the insertion in all future extra ditlon treaties of a provision makings id treaues inoperative unless assurance be given that theaccuse^l shall not be tried for auofTence other than that with which he is charged. Winslow, in the meantime, will be unconditionally discharged Cutting Oct Vicksbdrs?a leleerim from V icksburg, April it>, says ?For a ^oug time steamboat men have predicted tha^ sooner or later the river would find its wav through the cut-off on the peninsula lust south of the old site of De Soto, oppceite this cl y- At 2 o'clock to-day the poninsula '11?? the force of the current and quickly an Immense flow of water rushel through the cut, which caved in heavi w at both side*. The new channel will sho'rten river navigation by abont thirty miles and leave \ icksburg out In the cold. lb* DlMr-rt la ( aukithi PROPOSED KAU.K ?AO TO RLADENSBrBO. Mf- Conkllng Introduced a bill la the 8en? ate this mornirg t? Incorporate the With lDgton and Bladen*bi:rg pike railroadcom pany. which was referral to the Dlstrictof Columbia Committer The hill name* a? ' incorporator* Mmn Clark Mills, Wm G t aimer, Wright I iyes. Henry 8. Davis Geo Juei emann.D. D Foley. R K Elliott, j,*,. ; B. Bryan. H*wk!-is Tavlnr. l*wi? Newratb, , ana Jack*nn CoH. ar.d gives them the au th< my toconstnrt elf bor a single or a dou I Me tr^f B horse r>liroHd on said pike, com mercirg<'i<o?|ikeat the terminus of the Zoological I'ark railroad and continuing Mlnnir the pike ;> Flarieusbarg 011 the Dis tii time. rne iill probibim tho company from using ?er n and Axes tbe fare at ti ve cents from end o end. or to aud from tnter I mediate point* The capital sto.-:j ,,f til?, | company is t) ed ki, div.ded into I Suaies of f hh? ?Ach. THE SEN aTE DISTRICT COMMITTEE had a regular w< ekly me -ting to-day. pres ert, Messrs. Spencer (chairman), Ingalls, Hitchcock. Merrimon and Kobertson. House bill 2157, to provide lor building a market nouse on square lb. known a* Corcorau ^^,I?^^,W8^s,rePortw,, f*v?raoly to the com rmttee l>\ Mr^lngalls, of the sub-committee, r^ .. . to incorporate the natiousl ,lio:f'Vjmpany of ti.? ldstrlct ot Colum bia, and House bill 2?..6, to regulate the as. se sment and coi ectlon of taxes for the sup port oi the government of the District of Co lumbia anil for other purposes, were referred ro the District Commissioner* for Informa tion. Senate hill to Incorporate the na tional surgical institute of the District of Colombia, was postpone*! for ihe present, arter hearing arguments for and against the run. j. M Wilson appeared aul ma-lean argument in favor of the bill, and Drs. Gar net!, Bnsey, Triplett and others of the medi cal society of the District of Columbia, ap. pearfd in nppnsitioti-Drs. Garnett aud Bu sey making arguments against it. DR. VERDI AND MR. LANU8TON, of the loan! of heallli, were before the House Committee on the District this morning, aiui made statements in relation to the night soil contradt. They also advocated an appropri ation for the board of health. 'I he Km ma Mine iBmllKSliun THE LETTERS FROM LONDON. The House Committee on Foreign A flairs resumed thtir Investigation of the Emma Mine transaction, this morning. The Dark age of original letters of Schenck and ParRe, which were sen! from London by Mc!>ou"ai I resident of the Knitna Mining company' ruti^ctfon!6 firSt l,me ?ubinUled to public *R- SCHIKlK'8 REsKj^aTION. ,?r* Hewitt, of the committee, presented Geu. Schenck with hlsorlglual letter of res lgnation as a director in the Emma Mine ' anK R|.S? a c?ry Of the same in Mr. larke s hand writing, which heaskrj I ,"n l,?exP'aln. Gen. Schenck proceeded to i ?-o so by saying that the resignation was in ins own composition and without help from anyone He did not know how Mr. Parke come tomak' a copy ,.rit, but was sure he I pTI?' ? e r6M,Ki>atior? from the draft of Mr. Park. Gen. Schenck said he made the a?-tires in the letter, aud Mr. Parke, inter f. ring, said the erasures were in his hand writing. Gen. Scheuck said he wis here shown bis letter of resignation to Mr. Parke bu? did not think that heever sent it to him' Senator Conkin g was theu allow ? 1 to m?ke a statement in relation to a reference to the name of ?'COKKLING, OF NEW YORK.'' ? n rue of the letters presented by ex senator Stewart when before the committee. He I learned that he knew nothing of the matter . and was never retaiued by any partv in con- I nee; ioni with liie Emma mine, though he 1 remembered that a gentleman named Head <ild call npon him at Utica. New Vork, and speak in relation to the mine and some ore but nothing ever follow.**! it. The expiana ; on was entirely satisfactory, aud Senator Conkllng retired. r Mr. Parke was examined, and sa d that Uen. Schenck had shown him his letter of resignation before it was sent In to the com pany. and he made some suggestions to b!?n <8 * about if. but never dictate! a single woid In it. Have no recollection of making the interlineations in the copy iu his P.'s) handwriting now terore him. Gen. Schenck then made a further s^ate statement that he was in doubt, at;?>r ex amination of his original resignation aud 'bf draft in Parke's hand writing. H<* posi :vely denied that he wrote a letter from tue draft furnished by Parke. Tnat in Parke's hacd writing was a copy ot li'.s let'er, though ue did not know who made the lnterllnea tious in it. Any statement that the Parke letter exhibited here M as the original draft, is totally false. Tuk Anthracite Coal Trade continues in the same discouraging conlitlo'i as for the past month. There is a sunerabundance of foal on the market, and yei the supply in creases from week to week. Operators in the Lehigh region have decided to suspend operations for 12 days, beginning on the ^d oi May. This suspension is attributed by th Engineering and Mining Journal to the fact that the Lehigh Valley railroad has exceeded by more than double its allotment of ship ment to tidewater for tne month of April work at Schuylkill mines oontlnues quite slack, though the shipments of coal the pis' week were increased over th.,se of the pre vious week, but the eoai outlook, it cauud he denied,1s at present quite discouraging. IP/nlu. Leiliier, Isf. * 0!< Trial?Mention has been made in a he Star of the arrest in Colu o Bev. C. A. Kendrick, chargM with the seduction of a vounggirl. Tli? Co lumbus Enquirer of Tuesday says Thursday is the day set apart for the investigation o'r the case of the state vs. Bev. C. A. Kendrick. rhe trial will take place at the court hou*e, before thre? Justices of the peace. A lartse number of witnesses have been summoned, and the case promises to be warmly contest ed?Mr. Kendrick declaring his innocence ard the other side his guilt. It is by far the largest case, involving more inquiry and creating more excitement than any case ever before In Columbus, and, we might sir, m Georgia. The New Catholic Cathedral at sa vannah, Georgia, was dedicated Sunday. ILere was an immense attendance from olher cities. Archbishop Bayley ot Balti more, Bishops Qulnlan of Mobile. I.yucU of Chariton, Verot of St. Augustine, Gibbon* of Klcbmond, and ahont thirty clergymen nom all parts of the country were present Excursionists from Charleston, Macon. Au- I gusia. Atlanta, Columbus, Dallas and other points were present The Hocse That I'ncle Daniel L'ves in.?Louise K. Edy. Georglaua Everett, Au- i toinette Cozzens aud Josephine Cozzens have begun a suit against Daniel Drew to for*. ' close four mortgages ou the house and lot at i 1'th street aud Union square. Tne mort gages w^re for ?70,(too each. There is due to Louise R.Eddy Georglana Everett, I ?s-o.OiO, Antoinette Cozzens, *it.;, auj Josephine Co/tens, ??i.g?K> a;.?{.v. Y.bun. A Novelty inthl Way of Marriaqe Uneof the FIJI cannibals that Barnum Im ported four years ago Is to be married shortly to a young German girl, whose 'father keep* a cigar store in tnls city. He is a good look ing fellow of'.'5. with European features and a light yellow complexion. His name is Kin a boo-yac. He speaks English, and bat become Americanized. His show comnaa ions call him simply Jim (.V )*.?>/ ,. The N.O. Whisky Cases _j? the r s Circuit Court at New 0,-leans tne jury iu't'i Tebrenba. k dlstlliery coi^piracy cake ren der eO a verdict of aconittal for C C Miita Jolin MeWhlsnerana Bruce, ail ex-reVenue officials. The jury not having agreed as to the guilt or Innocence or Tehrenback Kart sendUe and Todd were lock? up f? & Pristers' Contest?Tne Baltimore Ty pographical L'nion. No. i ?, have elected Jas A. Kavanagh an?l Augustus A. Hall deid eates to the Iuternational TVpoEranblcai Union, which meets in PhlUdefp^i. inj^y ^ . electlon there was a sharp ri valry between the book printers and the !!;?kPahP?r hands, the latter electing their ticket by ^ very close vote. * r.^ENlw Election?In New ttle democrats elected the mayor and five out of the seven (xjunoll men. The election was botly eontested, and the democrats were successful for the flrst time since l*>8. ' hlJ*? Moody and Sankev meetings have had a very softening influence nere and men go around all day singing. ' We Ei ve un all for heaven," ihotigb we observe that th? v keep on charging fifteen per cent, for hiuse renU-[Ao 'uc/? BulMi.i. or ?>us? rORIT-tOVHTH toyGHESS. TrrviiAT. May 2. VKN ATK ? Mr. fhcrnnii. from tin1 Com mittee 011 Finance, reported wlUi an>a l n:ett? Hor.w bl!l To provide for 'he appoint men: of rece;v? rs of national bants and for oWitr purpose*. Mr. Slfrrituon pwwnt?l a substitute for tlit House bill pronlbiting the solicit*! on of n oi.ey ror political puri?os?a bfolliwn of ttu go\eroment. Ac Referred to Committee on Privileges and riectlons. Mr AlltMM.fhM the Comra:tteeon I;i 1 tan A flairs, repotted House hiu to appropr: tie ?.*ai mo for subsistence of Apacne Indians n tbe lmlian territory, Ac. Passed. Mr. ticmsld< re|?orted a t>t! 1 to Improve llM harl?or of Wasnington lod ti:? aa?(ga llon ?.f tbe Potomac river. Referred t ? Co a nutlif ou Commerce. Mr. Conk ling introduced a bill to lncwjw rate 1 lie Washington and B .i 'enstnir, P, ke Company, and to pr-rtnb.I tne use of sieam on t.'.e Mime. lif.Vm-J ui c.iiiimutw on t:. I'lstrlct of Columbia. Nr. Conkltng mM fieqeeBS laqalrtea had t'ea madeofh:m .n regard to me steamb ?tt bill now before ibeOtnimlttm of The House bill had been before the com mittee some time, it wa? true, but aome def?et had t>een anrerUinal In it. ?i 1 ? cor rected till had t>e< u sen: trom the l?ou?e wnicb had reached the ? ommtttee oaly re cently. In addition to this, a rltl/en repre senting very large Interest* aMected by the bill had asked for perm >ssion tosut.mlt-o n views on It. Even were It not for thla. the ntm??sf diligence would hurdlv have ?uil'i -t?d to report the bill t.y this time. Mr. Edmunds submitted a reflation dl recting tne Committee on Comuwe to lt<iulre wtiat legislation is necessary iu regard to the arrival of immigrants or others at the port*, of the United States, with a vi^w to prevent pauiierism and crimf a-id other evils aidaiKoto attord such aid mnv t? desirable to the sauitarv regulations ol' the states. At the Instance of Mr. Conkllng tbe reso lution was laid over. Mr. Edmunds sunmiilei a resolutio-i di recting the Commissioners or the District or Columbia to Inform the Senate if me stand ard oi qualifications of t?achers, lto<>ks. c., Ac., in the public schools ol tn?> l>i*trat of Columbia are the same, and If any dK rrlmlnatlons exist what are tue ntsons therefore. Adopted. Mr. Hamlin called nphlsmotlou to amend the rule-relative to impeachment pr<>c?ed lugs so as t/> provide that the deliberations of the senate shall be iu public instead o( in pi l rate. Mr. T -man opposed the motion, tuning the same view as Uiat of Mr. Edinuuds \ es terday. Mr. Edmunds moved to indefinitely post pone ibe motion. Mr. Jones (Nev.) made some remarks in favor ol Mr. Hamlin's motion, and at the conclusion of his remarks the matter was laid over, the morning hour expiring. The unfinished business being me Japan ese indemnity bill-came up, when Mr. Sar gent moved to postpone It to take up h s resolution looking to the placing or treat v restrictions upon Chinese emigration. Mr. Sherman thought It was im-m logo on with the pending bill, and Mr. Sargent then wlihdrew his motion. Mr. ??<!?l>y. from Committee ou P'iblic Land, asked t?> be discharged from the far ther consideration of the bill to compensate states lor land taken up under bounty la:: I warrants, and that the bill be referred to the < 'onmlttee on the Judiciary. He said tti'-re there were legal questions ol luiimrtamv in the bill, Soord<-red. Tbe Japanese indemnity lull was th u pro fit ded with, the question being oa Tne am<uum< nt to strike out the proviso tnat the indemnity fund be paid over to Jat>*n. ?if not incompatible with the relatous i the United States toother powers.*' HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Mr Foster (Ohio), by unanimous consent, in troduced a resolution, which was alopteJ, anthorizii g the Secretary or War to exhibit one of ibe llfe-savirg station* with all the eirplojes. at U.e Centennial exposition. Mr. Leavenworth VX. V offered a resolu t.on requesting the Secretary of Wat to fur nish the House a copy of the reports upou ? he progress of work at (lie mouth of tbe Mississippi river under the Ead-contract. Also, a resolution directing the Committee on Public Buildings and Urouads to inquire into me feasibility. exDf dlency and expense of an elevator in the House of Represeuta lives wing of the Capitol. Adopted. HALLIT KIT.ROrRJT. Mr. Weils iMiss.) offered a resolution di recting me Committee on the Kea Estate Pool to accept the offer or Hallet Kilbouru to apj<ear before said committee and answer any inquiries and give such inror.nation rrom his books as may bear upon the sub ject under Inquiry, and that the committee be directed to examine the said Kllbourn. Mr. Randall moved to lay the resolution on the table, remarking that the pr inosftion was only deserving of contempt, aud shout J be so treated. There was a very general demand from the republican side tor the yeas aad nay- on the motion to table, and they were ordered. The motion to table was carred by?yeas 13s to nays -J; a strict party vote. Mr. I.anders (ind.) asaed leave to oiler a resolution authorizing the appointment of a select committee to consider the siateof gold and sliver coin, domestic and foreign, and to report generally upon ihe net" m- ans to put coin into circulation. Objection was made aud the resolution was not entertained. AFTER *R HI. A TNE AfiAtS. Mr. Tarbox 4Mass.tasked leave to ?>:ler a preamble and resolution reciting that it whs publicly alleged, and not denied by officer of the Union Pacific Railroad, mat the com pany in 1*71 or 1*7:; became the owner of cer tain lands of me Little Kockand FortSmiUi Railroad Company, for which bonds the said Union Pacific Railroad paid a sum largely In excess of the market value of said bonds; mat me Union Pacific Railroad has not in vestigated the matter, and directing the Committee on the Judiciary to investigate and ascertain what me transaction ninaul, vby such a large sum was paid lor th< oonds, and whether there was any corrupt object in the transaction, and that the com mittee be authorized to send for persons and paj>ers. Tnere was no objection aud the resolution was adopted. The House then renewel consider*: on o: the contested election ol Le Moyue v? l ar well trom the ^d Illinois district. More About '?IHM.ATIOJt."?Washy a| Gayler's pla> of "Inflation" was kept ?> l tn< boards ol theNa'ional all last week. >o au diences which grew small by degrees and beautifully l 'ss each nignt. Tuese provin. ciai performances of the pieee are lutended merely as rehearsals tor its app^rance on the New York stage, when tremendous ei forts are to be made to inflate "Inflation'* iu to a big metropolitan hit. alter wb'.c-i the "provincial" harvest is expected to be gleaned. In the slang of the green room the author^ of the play are now "trying it on a dog" before they administer the dose to tne delicate digestive organs of New York. If the canine of me 4,provinces" lives through the ordeal, New York is expected to swallow it with safety. Hu me truth Is that we In me Washington kennel barely survived the first night's performance; we got very sick of Nasby and his uncatehlng catcti-word. "tbe era or prosperity has sot In!" and me verdict of me Monday night's audience was me cause or me bad bnsine?? right through the Easter holiday week - "OUw m ' 111rg./Q J'lnif-x. GlUT. SBERMAS ASD THE KVPRISt. Gen. W. T. Sherman arrived In t-ns city yesterday and registered In me Firm Ave nue Hotel. In me afternoon be visited the Convent of tbe Sacred Heart, in which his daughter is a pupil, and withker he returned to the hotel. In tbe evening he and bis daughter called upon the Empress of Brazil by appointment, and spent an hour or more In ber company. The Empress was much pleased with the General, who was. ane said, me first American me Emperor asked for on arriving In the harbor. Gen. Sher man was in the full areas uniform of bia rai.k. except mat be wore a swallow tail Instead of a regulation frock coat - X.}' Sun, l?f. The ?iw republican reporv clcboT New York has organized with Hon. James E. Mott as president, and a platform favor ing resumption of specie payment#, towards which there should be a certain steady ad vance: a thorough non-partisan civil ser vice: retrenchment and reduction in th. public expenses as near to the ante-war standard as posaiHe.etc. Pcgili&m Tom Allen has covered me ?500 rorreit pot up by Ji?e Cosa. me English pugilist, anil arrangements for the flgut be ween the two wiil s joa be completed. METHODIST EPISCOPAL. The General Conference ^ ? ? DOM PEORO DETAINED. INCENDIARY MINERS. ikk nti in?i?i*r *? i \i.h %i. ( o\ ? ????>? I. FAt.Tiao?r M*\ Tbe < General Confer ct r*" pctct'isll v mi i o'clock, I; ?.!-np -**?-???t pn?Miiiic Toe a?ua' relighwa follow?d. Hi.d the reauitig of yitttr .lav's prorrce11 j?. Be*. F. il. Pri*1". ??t l<>?* eimtor en<> .submitted the follow! .* ? the LIMori of ih* wnri t iu all the aire* o( Uia past detrobatratea the fart 11m: a nation Witbt Ut a K?l> >afh drift* r?i>i lly ck. ori talnlv Into a'<1 b'?rWart?aa; and ? r-a* thin nationclaims to i?e a Christian li?tlon. ai il Ci liuHjnw.t'y to h. I:e*e In the (1irt*<lu Sabbath. ?rid. whereas, |r i? ?tn>< kIi tirrnl in (*ri#tn i)'iartr>r* that the ^rral mttmiiial fxtnaillnii mhii to t?e n|?nAt ?.n 1'htta.lelpltia, shall b" kepi aptuuo the ^aii!itlh(!i!r, tl.erchy bold;i<r Iii c-i itemp' Mm ??<???'* and declar'Mg to (tie world thai *e dtareyafd the lurin* li jmKttuato' kcvp It h??i\ " Tbere'ore, b ? i' resolvtd by t'.l< tetienil riUlferWMN of tb* M I c! ntch. r?pnwiitin| ' of the l?-ople of Hits *-t-?-a i nat ;on. that w<- earnest)y iTt'lMd against s "*'? iliaefrtlW of llw iltf, Mud re-qmsl itit-< iti -era wliiicWrol this cel ebratton ol ti.i eeutennlal ol American In ilri^mlt'K* tn close rhf d???rs luring the h?>.irs of tli** <'tie|?t'an Mabbath, and thus publish to tlx'* world that a? a dm'too we bold the day oktoiI. K-wolved. thai the managers ol IbeOatitmnlal are entitled t.? the |iatllorte of all fcood cttlreoa for proh ih Itlng the ta'.eof Intoxicating Itqnora on the grounds conn. cled ? Ith the e\p *11 ton. Kev s K I .win. of the N?-w*r* cot.fer (nee. <ii!er?sl a teu.lert>.g l!iank< of th* general conference to the ?'euteuntai commissioner* lor their act loo In determln It g to close both tlie hull.llria* and ffoiinds andtr UiHr can on the Christian Sai.bath. \K. r discussion ti e propo*ilion and sul>*ti tutc were re I erred to a co.nnnlieeof three to he feOTSBfter appointed. I'nl Wtn Welle of 1'i.ion College, George Mather ot O>ito. and I?. f*. Mather, of central Pennsylvaula <v?n ftrence. were apnolnte.1 ad till >na aaaisiant secretatlea. Bishop Harris aamiuuced the lollOWlbg vOB*ITTKKs n-.PFRm TtltttDAT. <>u Centennial observances F..?? Haven, It. P.. RytMQM Cnlveralty. i,eu-*ral C. B. Klsk, New York J M Trimble. IV P .Ohio, K F. ?Jueal. eaq , Chicago. Rev. L. L). Kar row*, New Hampshire, O. J. Kerry, New ark, C. O. Fisher. Heorgia, M. W fackaon, Pennsylvania, H. C. Benaoii. tal'.tornla t ommlttees oti rulea, Md on lime and place for receiving fraternal delegate*, werealao announced. A reaolution offered by Rev. I. H. Hirgham, that section Sl"> of the dlaef). lice b - amended ao aa to re?i'l: "The generM I 'ei-enoe shall apjwtnt a committee oi httunciariea. oonalatlngof one member from eaci. Hiinual conference, to he nominated by the delegation* respectively, ?ml over which a blaliop shell preside, end ot wbleh one ol the recrel&ries Of the genera: conference shall be secretary, and of which shall be ? iiuortim, are matter* pertaining to confer ence Ine*. shall be referred to this commit tee, and its decision shall be final." led to protracted debate, and was finally adopted. rOREIW* NRWn. John Hull tarrylBt tit* War Arrtra. J-ONDOW. May "i-Thls mornings pai>ers published the following Toe king of I?a nomey'a reported InvitaMnn to Commodore Hewitt to come t-i Aborney and receive pay ment of the fiue imposed u|>ou him for m?i tretellng a Itrl'lsh suhj^ct In powder And bul let* app- ars t > have been accepted. OrJer* have i?e*n given for as^emh'itig a Reet at U'hydah tottke active pr<?e?*Mltnga if the aaooni : of the tii e he no? lorthcomlng. Aa oi | , r ?. t , i y . i ? i wever. witl lie given Uie K'i.jj to charge his present attitude, and will be p'jstpoued until June or later. HON 1*1.URU HBT4IIIKB. A Rallr??Md hinskli I p Nm York, May J?A ai?patcii from Fioniontory Hration. f'tah, May 1st, says; Dom Fedrr> 1? detained In r*- by? singular arc dent A freight train Is oft the tra?-k a half mile west oi PlueCreek. A bull ataod* lug on ihe railroad overturned the engine and eleven cars, winch are completely wrecked. Two tramps who wen riding free were Immediately killed, and the fireman and a hraketnan wte severely liiiured. The Imperial party endure the delay with philo sophical equanimity, and are maki'ig the best of what accommodations u*i? way aide statlou ai!ords. All are well. Flrea Tr>i.*no. G.,May 2. A Ureal Bryan,Olilo. y?">terd*y morning destroyed six business hr uses on the south aide of Court s^uare Their coiitebts were saved. The loaa la not krown. but will be heavy. CntriHKATl. May -A fire at Vemallle*. Ky.. Sunday, deetroyed Harrison Johnston's bonded vHit hoaM' and l.jW barrels of whis ky. valued at tTVOOu, and insured for t33 pet barrel. The tire is attributed to Incendiar ism, asthe building was of iron and stone, ?nd an explosion as of gun powler occurred immediately before the tlamee broke out. laceadlarlam by itinera. Ct BATtUKBi May J ? About two o'clock this a m. about forty masked men appeared at the ooal uiihea north ol Maaallloa, Oblo. seized aod tied the watchmen, arid set \M* cral shafts on fire Willow Bank mine, Moubt Bank roiue. and Hhodee A Co.'s mine are cow burning. The fire department of Mass! 11 oil have gone to the scene The?* were Dot being worked, on acoouot of the atrlke. and no one waa in tbem. The in cendiaries were undoubtedly atrlkers. A Family IU Fort Jeevib, N.V.. May 2.?While Oraiu Hoyd.a well known and wealthy citizen of Ke?d's Creek, was crossing the east bank of the Delaware river at Flaher'a eddy Tester day morning, iu a wagon with bla wife and two children, an accident caused the vehicle to overturn. All of Its occupant* were pre cipitated Into the river and were drowueJ. Aa I.ventral ieyags. Siw YohK.May i ?Tue steamer Baltic, which reached here yesterday from Liver pool. lost one of her seamen overboard, res cued the crew of a sinking bark, and after wards loat one of that veesei a crew over board e Kklpmsai* of Iran. New Y >Kk. May 2?Large quan'ittee or arms are being shipped hence to liavai aan<t Mexico. The HsrketS. Riirmoii >1 ?jr 2 ? Vtrgiaia c^osotidstsd. SI**, West Vircitna. t\ . Korth Cam ius Hsm, r-s l i:t u*r ftog*r a<-i ? sl?1 fira ? altivosf. M?? 2 ? Oottrtu 4ni; and bsavy? adddlice.12 .1 ? <. ',*ni?4. VkM' dull aa ' tea--*. ?? us %rd tt-oOmc* - Blu 1 veaterti red, iisl IS: Fcas'Tlvsaia rat, iJv, Merjlsbd red. l^ul 4o aiutier. I^:i*l S6; 4o. whit*. 1 40*140 i'oni-sonthwra eaatnr, Mkn srttre ar>l !o? er ?srtlrses s h-'e. ssst.'^; Mntbara yelluv S"a61 as-tern m .xeC <1 ..??>!. <1 ? Ms*. 80 bid June. Uat* et?sgy. d.ta?ad moderate ?oatbern *w i to pns<*. ?astern ? h ie, ????' wxstem ni.xfd. 4C*4?. U?e gull and lower, 4>a.'. Hav steatir sad c."-aso?d Proviaioi,* d. i ' ^si-gsd. Fotlv. B.75 L*ed and weak and mi bangei B irtar dull ai.l fc?a< r? wests.u prime to eli de*. 2te21; do . extra 29?;?|. Petr |. i:?n or ?ettl?<l?ernda, T\. r. flu?J,l?. ( oftee Stesj . aud nti< tiaaged AA hiakf doll, IU. K?w T >il, Atay : -blocks actlxs aad ?trnaa. Money. * ti<>td. IS .. Etchaaga, long, is> ?b. rt. 41S a Oo^eruaiaet* aott*e and vtrnng Maw ioK, Mar 2 -Tloar ,niet aoa Mavr. W Heat decln Inc Cera dull aad bea?r. LfONroji. War " *? ?- m ? 0. ? borw.. ae?fls? li*, Erie, 1 .. Tbs ?won it af bolli >a son* ti ? lis k ??! ud balance to ds> la Alrt WO. AT THE OER1RAL Colt KERBS* K Of lto? Methodlat Episcopal church, yaaterdav, iu Baltimore, Rev. Israel C. Pershing, or Pitta, burg, was elected aaaistant secretary, la pursuanee of a resolution adopted at the last conference a "Centennial Adareaa" was read by Blsbop Andrews. The remainder of the session waa taken up by the Rev. W. U. Per rtne, who made a lengthy argument in favor of an amendment to the Book of Discipline, providing for the division of U* conference Into two bodies, a clerical Senate and a house of delegates composed exclusively o* laymen. Mr. Perrines resolution wk| lfU t on the table. tl\000 roa Abt.?Mr. John W.Garret', bee given #i5,ooi to the l'eafeody luatitute At ?. Gallery. In Italtlmore, to purchase casta o duplicate* of the best statuary, and sacu other works aa may be deemed advisabla, so as to be placed In the institute at the time of openingIbe gallery, which It now seems will be wltbiu a reasonable period, as t'ae build ing to that end Is being proaecuted. Th* G I vttttl, COBFKBBItCB Of tt*e Af. - can Methodist t burcb of the L'ulted Htau met at Atlanta. Ga., yeaterday. Six Biaho; < and two hundred and fifty delegates wt.t present. The Conference wtii be in * tiloi two weeks. . The ( hineae quarter In Uie tow a of Antloch, California, was fired on Hunuay ?eenlng by the whites and was completely de-troy Most of the Cbiueee hal previout ly fled frosa the town.

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