Newspaper of Evening Star, May 2, 1876, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 2, 1876 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. WASHING TON: II 1M?\T *?y J. 1V7?. CROSBY R ROT? AEittlor, Reading Matter on Ejerv Page 1 IRitLATMOX OF THE STAB, Sworn HUlfmfat Monday, April 24th IVJ? Tuesday, " iHto I5.19J Wednesday," 2?th W,0?? Thursday, ** T. Ui Friday, ?? 2*Ui 15.00? Ha l onlay, " -NUj 13.i? Twtml for the Wt*k 9I.OO? JrTflj# Daily Circulation tS,l.?0 The tTlilrnrf offered la the ilefenoe of l>r. ct??:s and bis management of the Gov ernment Insane Asylnm la creating a rapid reaction here In the public mind, and it would not be surprising If the House com mittee conducting tlie investigation were to acaultblmof all the charge against blm. or, at least. of any dishonesty or cruelty to patient*.? [ WW?. O-r. Spn vjjirt Hefmblvtm. The above from a correspondent of repu.a lion for Impartiality, aud who has hereto, fore In bis correspondence given full weight to the testimony against I'r Ntctiols. proV ably represents the views of a large nam >er of candid people who were uaturahy lm tressed unfavorably to t i?t otHsial by the opening testimony. But the utter unreli ability of many of these wltnesies-iu ?? tics, monomonlacs. ail discharge 1 em ployes boa been now so fo!ly established. hs Illustrated by the rate oi the witness Big fcins. that a considerable change of feeling has taken place. I?r Nichols c*me here with a national reputation for skill In the l reatment of the insane. a id tho e who have known him best have always believed that he was specially fitted f.?r his position by evenness of temper and a CJlm, tranquil bearing, calculated to soothe and impress thedisordered minds under his treatment. It has, therefore, been difficult for them to believe ti.V. any charges or cruelty or wrong doing could be brought hoaii to him It i? to be hop*d. bo'h in behalf of I?r. Nichols and of the important Instltu'ion with which he has been Identified from its foundation, that these charges will be fully disproved. Mr. Blaine ?eems to make pretty thorough work with tbe latest accusation set afloat concerning h m, but he neeJn't think that he has closed up the calnmnv mill. This Is the President year, and the doctrine that everything Is fair in politics will be iuliy maintained in the way of tripping up tivai aspirants for the White House. It is a pretty good ?lgn that Bristow and Blame are rather formidably ahead in the race that the main attacks are made upon tiiem. The folly of going to law on frivolous pre texts la well Illustrated by a case lately tried In the Baltimore court of common pleas. Two Baltimore females recently Indulged In eipet sive litigation growing out of the use of a Man; phrase. Some time ajo a Mrs Wilccx and her Bister, while promenading, passed a Mrs. I>ouglas? wearing a hat some what extensively decorated, wnen one of the former females, possible a trifle envious, ex c .aimed derisively, "Oh, shoot that liat, Douglass!" Tnis naturally aroused the ire of Douglass, an l she caused the arre?t of the two women for insulting her, an 1 they were ? ound over to keep the peace. But the mat ter did not rest there. Mrs. Wilcox, who had given the icratultous advice in regari to shooting Mr. Douglass" h^a J covering, then had Mrs. l> arresteion thecjarge of per lury. of which, however, she was acquitted. It wa- now Mrs. Douglass" turn, aud she brongbt suit against Mrs. Wilcox for false and malicious prosecution, laying her dam . ages at a high figure. The case wi? decided on Friday last, the Jury bringing in a ver diet of MM in favor of the plalntitl. This is a moderately large sum to pay for the priv ilege of using a slang expression. . ? ???? ? General Sherman has emphatically de diced a Presidential nomination, and yet several western journals are urging bis se lection. Possibly.after all. the general mlnht oe like Mr- Seymour, who once upon a time, dec'.ariLg that he'd ne'er consent, consented. His prospect of receiving a nomination, however, is several degrees removed from certainty. The New York papers refer to the reoent appointment by Governor Tilden of Mrs. Josephine Suaw Lowell to be a commis sioner of state charities, in commendatory terms, and say that this Is the flrst public office ever conferred upon a woman In New York. The fact that the state senate at once oonflrniid the nomination shows that they concurred with the Governor in believing the nominee eutlrely worthy of the honor Tbus it would seem that the example set by tbe adjolnipg state of Massachusetts in electing female achool officers has not been lost In New York, and henceforth it is to be presumed women in the last named state will occasionally be called upon to fill posi tions far which they may be as well qualified as men. In the case of Mrs. Lowell it is said Khe possesses every qualification necessary to the faltbrul discharge of her duties, having long been a practical worker in many benevolent organisation* Tbe question of Jurisdiction, as applicable in the Belknap impeachment case, which comes up In the senate on Thursday of this week, is an interesting and an Important one. lwubtless much can be said on t>o?h sides of the case, but there are not a few eminent constitutional lawyers who enter tain grave doubts as to the authority of the Senate to impeach any public officer who resigns before articles of Impeachment are adopted by the House. Mr. Hoar, one of the managers on tbe part of the House, just be fore the articles were adopted by the House, expressed tne same doubt, realisg from Kent's commentaries in support of his posi tion. Should the Senate affirm its jurisdic tion a precedent will be established which may hereafter prove troublesome. It is well, however, that the <iuestlon should be defl niteiy settled one way or the other. g .K E T ll<< 18AM U DOLLAES IN ?.OLD will be ' ' glxri. to but person who will d?-n>n-irate s tetter tid cbe?i*r a<lvertt-ids medium tu tbe Dis trict of I r Inmbla tban tbe A cii'-'ivt, />'??/<??? 1} yrraty in lb* Vai * jffattimai Htu> in ts. It* 7 iw111 t ana bkst tovi&tuis isT? l.tMFU ,it*. 18 t? p-r CSC 1 090 out PEACHBS, Urge si/s,20 eti per t?i. C JParrtl FAMILY FLOl B. |v C HITHER. lu ll Gt<> II II, taSTS tr 191 ?? Penai-Usus sveu-.?. 'fUE 1>K2>T !>ODA WATER 19 DBAWB F B O ? B 1 OI B-TI7I LI5IKU STEEL rofSTAlSS. P*akr? vwl i'j ?*U to secure s snpply for tbe *?* St. a frcai SAJI'L C. PALNKR, C EPOT. 57 liUIKNI STKUT. 0B9BQB Tuna. i> c ' B?NBW FOl*llTalN9 D w h<lm rNflftd. COOM I BB APl AKsTl's for m!?, ri?n!. or l^sa. *?97 tr CEMTKNNIAI. BaHUAINS AT UFILBBrXS HHOE STORK, ??? TIB BTBZBT MOBruWBSr. W bite Fboea fcr May Ball* st co?t ?SUM Sfn'i ?Mt< ii?d (i*lt?r* ao'l Tie* |i M Ervacb Bi?l. frost mm. bof?n. |1> kid. Buty n; SI M foinl. Batt a |l. Lm* Oal'iti |T tO Sid* lsc?. shouhirtm HI cents Boakloa. 8! ce Lm ing Front mb, Bsttoa. il M B>'|i >rd IImm Sool Btoas. ? 1 Ou F???4 Bftlmcrftli. ai c^nts Infsnta . It lS Men ? Usltcrs. ? J M Calf Boots. Buckakls. Bid asd Laatina Oalter* ?. B - Look for " Old Womaa wttb M Children.' tavisio*. apSI tr A. BBCTBB. FOBTBB P. WOOD. Gtnt'il httJinrs'iM i /a/oesteftea Q#c?, At-ne* mmi OlVim-. Cffre Tth itmt. te?e tea D and B a. w. ipr< ?! attsnUaa H?*a to Beating Uousas and te obtained, and Bstl?>in npplted r?a ia au uattsn. fit ^ [\ AT TAN S CRYSTAL DISCOVERT FOR THE HATR I OB KBSTOB1WG OBIT OB t *DEt> BAI1 TO ITS N ATI" HAL AND VOL TI1FUL COLO a. It make* brwh, dry sad wiry bau smooth and ??y It tradic*te? Dandruff. anj Its occasional ? rpMc.flon prer'rit* ar>d stop? the UUlag Warranted to r> stor?- the c?4urii three to ten lay*. Contains C0tblo? whatever of an unhealthy or !? !? D"ni i nnrf. Do?s D ?! r^niic shaking: doe* n<t ?< 1' I neo or tbe ftr grT nail* nor. In fact, h?i tt any of the rJ\j.ct1ons eo iu?Ut urged sjalrst ?he f?o!plsur ar d l^?d reetoratWes in th? market*. Ha* been tued f?r n?arlv ergbt years now with jnstan*. ly tnrr?e<=irE <fewian<l. AUTHIK KIATTilS. OrnggUt. . . PBOPKiF.TOB. a>? " M Md D ?tw? d irthw-st. LINCDEMN, FOR TBAVELEBS EX 3UBJ10NI3T8, PIO NIO PiBTlKS. 8P1< ED POTTED M K ATS. < In tins.) ?^"POTTEn HAH ?n1 Bill' it 11 eents *c*n, ? Diojfc f* umliichN tor ?1? p?rva?. AUn. GAME. DICK, CHIJKEN. TUBKE*. H. W. HI RCHKLLi ???r-6^ 1332 r Str<et. KEFRIGXRATORS. The Pry, Cold Air. Bid otberl ! be*t trakt-e at p-ic-?? to suitl the 'ime< Also, W \T KB <'0<>l Kiit) < n ban 1. full li? of the Warren acd ether Sr?t class RABGES. E r. NIHPNOX. *tt) 7t Stewart Storrh u?e, tnui Pa. are. IJUTIM: LOWER. * WEE OF GARLIC I BE?H ABB1V \LS BVEKV MOBNINQ, Id Tics. PaiN an 1 Tub-., AT LOWMBT M/CB WIS< HESTEK EG' -S. By U E Ul'THOff, Op Coafiaie*io>, Cr,rr ?r lOtb and O str??ts. Vjn THE H?I>T ASSORTMENT lH| < U1N\ ?r:i ( BVt HWKV Mj BOHEMIAN audldf K nlNTR <TT OLASS. PLATED V ar. Ht'iss 'CM IS H J NO GOODS, ai,d CCTLBBY. Ac ., Ar. I'tKMl low PticdA Bt Hoi nnit a co*?, St* ""It. 7tb street n T'hwi^t ICE! ICE! ICE! THE INDEPINDEMT I 'K COMPANY Teiire- to inf 'rm Coktran.. ir leg that they ? re now shipping from tb-ir Qoui* on the K?> >>???<- B vkk, to this market, the b?st ?jcality of IrK, which will be tarnished to our at the lowest possible rate*, by the C?' *?>, 7 ? or Fofn I and will insure satisfaction to all wbo favor u* with their patronage. Depot?9th street Whari. Ottico? Iil9 P>cn?vl%at)ia avectie nortbwoat. W U. V KhK fe..- dnprrintendeat. V for ,h,< imdepbndkn r IC Ik O S W AGGNS, up'Jd St rpo v\ HOM IT MAV i-OSlEM. All part if r Indebted to ( B ^ N K H FINLRTare r' j* '"t?dto settle lh?ir accru ?s within th-n?\t t? irtv dais throti^h Mosern Weller A BcpMU, .".01 Pe!iti?)bania avenne. MOSES OrTTENGKB. GEO. II SI MAUBIOTT, j *? ^ AWljBMI. P)A>OS AND OKOAN.i AT GBEAT HAB ti A1 N >. 40 PIANOS froni flAto ?M?. IBHfe :;<? OhGANB and MELoDEOBIS frr-mHIin ?V to ?300 M-w PIANO? fr >m f.*W and up. new OBGANS from $76 atid J F FLLIN ? TO H, f?37 IVnnsvivania avenue, gpl? An<t,ts forChiekermc and Weber Piano- and Ptnlth American Orgars. ap2^ lw H9 tHINA, CKOCKKRY, CUTLERY. I'LATEO-WARB. EOUSKFURXISH1NO <.<>ODS, REFRIGERATORS, ICE CHESTS, COOLERS, &? WEBB A BEVERIDOE, * I tr 1 009 Penn'a ave . near 11th street. FOR THE HARD TIMES. READ THIS. A GOOD FPLL SUIT rOB f*. Actual Valae #l'i. A VEBT <>EfiiTEEL PL'IT KOB ?10 E< tnal Valae |li. yl'ITE A MCI SUIT FOB tU, Actual Value $17. VIM ALL WOOL M'ITi FOE #1 Actual Value $i-j. ELEGANT BUSINESS SUITS FOB $19, Actual Value 9Ji. VEKV 3UPEBIOB SUITS FOB 940, Actual Vain - ^ INE CL3TOM MADE SUITS FOB fit, Actual Value $3i HOTS' CLOTH ISG AT T1IK SAME LOW RATES. HABLI BROS., Merchant Tailors and Fine Olothian, i?l>27-ti Cerner Tth and H streets 'I'AYLOR <k HL'FTY, ? 33 rENMYLVANU iVCICI. HAVE BED ICED TUB PU1CES OF TUEIB CELEBRATED DOUBLE YOKE SHJHTS A3 follows: Quality Bo. 1, ?14 ou, Vormerly $x n " " s, tM.oo. " gsa ye. " " S, ?S9 0C; ?? tu 00 aam tr " 4'#U ?; " A TBI' NT UEORUE. an T,"> K'*f Only K,liable Heating Range la t? market. Hua^rtrdi of th<-se Hing-s have teen p"i up br me In tbi- city, anJ alwais tlva aat Ufacilon. *y For sale only at CM BIB Bl EKNXEB'N, 715 ABD 717 TIB HTBEET NOBTUWEST, y> here will als" be found thr t>e?t selection and the largeet variety of SLATE MlBTELS in tbigcuy, from ?13 onwards Pole ag^at for ths BAD1ANT HOME FUBNArE. This Furnace baa been put to test by competent jmdgee and pr< nout)Ced to Ve the Be?t Furnace of the kind in tbe maiket Parties will tind It gr*atly to their advantage to call and examine thig FUB NACE before making their aeleetlon. I BOB ABD TBBBA COTTA VASBS In large va riety LaTBOBES and GBATE8 of ^very descrip tion at greatly reduced prices. THE SUHMEB QUEEB oil Cook Btove, tbe beet and safest oil ?tove In tbe world. TIN BOOF1BO done by the ?ery beet workmen. All orders promptly executed and good work guaranteed. A fufi supply of WATEB COOLERS, bTABDB, BBFBiTeBA TOBS. CUTLBBT, Plain and Fancy TIN WABB, wholesale and retnll Don't ferget the si ace (HBIN BIE.?tNBEB,N, ITOVE AfO MAMTKL WAHEKOOMS, 715 and T17 7th street northwext. Best 3 ply BUBBEB HOSE ISc p-r foot, apll ly "\JASUN ft HAELI.1 CABINET ORGANS. THE BEST. Large assortment, of all style#, from ?Ua M** P?on eaiytifg, I At IL. \S ari ro u ? . f 1. . METZEBOTT * CO, IM* lw Pennsy isan.a avenue, near S?tb street. yiLB REiST MARBUBO BROS. SEAL OB BOBTU CABOL1BA BIOKIBS TOBACCO. BpU lm 10 ABD BO CEBT PACK APES. /'ABD ?Old VEILS and tbe oldeet bind o v CRAPE made ejaat to oew at DAVIS. 719 Market Space, ?|f * Ooraex of jib sueet. wants. U A' Tt ' -Bv ? ?oiu } 3,at ?, FIT!*\TfON to !? ?ro - ieti fir.'!- f>-i , or cos h e* niic^. AMM P ? ntet . ' Ft?r ..ffir* B|13t* \\" * > T* 1 - A end, UVf M ?. N ? ? J t"i f r ? psor.ted i?r ; le to It M. B! ^?l!4Bl', JS4 F n?a n n ?? m>t It* Ur a nTTd * s * sT.i y. i * .VtVs*-*' - ?. Georgetcwr, DC f car* p?-s ?h* door imit" \lr*ST*' ? Bv * r> spe. t *????? roll i -d tirl, a **1 r. *? CATION ** cues* m d t > <J.> I'iht eha:uf> r ?' tV, _o?d rt ferences Ad ire-s UlliL. tlar of fice my2 2t* IV ^NTin to c ' I L- P- TUN r c.rri< B Bl *? PORTS ( Mo la-|rai>. from '*47 to 1.^68. inclu sive. al?o, several cdd numbers. very cheap, at B?v k?i. re, No. lli?9S 7th st. north* st. myl-2t* \\'ASTFi'-llebt Whit' Girls (Germans p-? vv l-tredi, for Or?t lues hstel in tkls cltj; al*o. ( r.r * bi'e Leunrtreise# Call lmm? I iately at 4 i t Tth <tre? t notthwegt, second fW>r myl tt \Vr ANT E1>?Twenty Oook-< and House Oirls to ? > ?? to Philadelphia; they will k??? t.. he roadr to leave tMs city by Wedc-sday, 3d instant Apply at 4 1& Tth etreet northwest my9 tt \VANTED? l"Or Men for dairy ?ork,t?o Dresa v? ranker*, one ''oaohmai, two Karm Handa.teo W hite Cock* Natloi al Kbployment Ofiice. B >otn <4 , corner Tth at d t ate. Families supplied. m' It* AST *I-A TIM A NT for 1391 Uth atret. ?" between N at d O sta northwest, a house of ?i? ro ms ai/<* mumer kluhen. lar?'9 pleasant ya d Apply on th" piemi*** m?2Jt* \\ABTB -An. imrii-nrtd and comp-tent m!d vv die iskI WHITS WOMAN a? givrn s*, to t -?< ? ? 1ihi ge > f a reoldei ce and the rare < 1 children. Arr'J ?? IV.'51 N st re ft noitliwest, between 11 a. ni. bi d 2o'clock p on my24t \\* A NT*I>? In mediately ? A brisk, active COL ? * OBI I *()M n N to do g?nera! homework, one t >?t t? nrn.^bly understand# her bu?ine.s and ran bri c Br*t cUn r-fer? nee#, no w??t i- g A>p!y 7 17 14 U atie?t northw?Bt, ra'l fi otn 4 to 6 p m. i?" WAN! KT>-T1!.NANTS f, i^orr^bea'itifarP+fr7r t ? and Bf^rx-in or two B?dro tn? ?n -ec^nd tl w>r, >?t 111 2*1 ntrtet ti' rtli?e?t; Jeli_? 11 1u 1 licnioo. ati'l bnif -.j ?re fr- n. Peati a> eone m- d a rett c?' a"! n <de'u in>|,rcveaieiilB; re, t re->S"tiftl>le m i ll* J_D. H('TT >N \V*AN'TKP?By a Pen&P)l> anla tiirl. a??d 16, a " PLACE ft? child * t.nrne; best ot rtf*. '"all >r a^dre?< ,-Carrie," 1 4;,h uohn.bia - r " t, bet 9tliapd 10: h and p Bud if ,?vj < ? A N ri M?A '.IKL to d> ck?mMr? rk >nd ~ ? ^ take care of a child; good re'erei cm tejuix! Ap{Is at th_ 6. mlw ''it corUv r of UL .*uj ft #t-?<e j norttoweer 8t" W'ANirP-CCCCI^NTB f t I'.rl r nu-1 Bel *? r. ow on seccnd fl >or front nufnrn'-ned a' o, front K. on. ftirklabed on tl.ird fl kit; lion- ? hat ail n c?1(in in p ovejr.ent*, rem rt'^jotabi'.-. I<? (I -tb -tre?t,o<'rter Lnortbwct nirt _>t* U AM I" '' ? BKit K M \li KBs n.t,t tveutf ti o M'TI,I?ltBS and UKK BE VK".BS L?rs?? lot < f Brick# fur ?ale or tr<*le i.?r impr ivel o* im* lit t to* (d city lot*. A i ply to U. ts. JitrlNS ls?3 retnovKauia avcuu<). rnajl 2t* W'ANfKD?By a gentleman, whose ?if- is ?.i ? ? ti.iahd. a unrsi! K KKCKUcotnparent to t ik.i lull charge i> a ?bi?li family. lief"r??.ee rej li-ed Cull at 117 Marylatid a enu-*, Capitol HHI. after 5 p n>. m- 1 2 * YYrANTII>?Immtoia'elj-?A whito W ?"k|AN, ?" i(.cman preferred.I t > cook, wa?b and Iron for a *n?t 1 family ii fi^or^town; rererenron wi'l be y. qtnre<t; ?o d *82 ? t > u omretent serr-nt Af ply at this t flic? on I'atsiay and WedncM l?r be lore^ p. w. mvl 2t W'AN'TED?*n\ human k?ln? with brains ran y f make |MO a moutn seliiai; onr letter Copy it'C Book ^ Any on<- t'ia' ha- * letter to write will bn> it. No prers or water u#?d, ?end ,%.t f >r ? .m rl .cr stamp for circular KXCEL8IOK CO . l?i ? Ti il nr.e Pni dlng.ChlcHno. Ill mayl lm* 1VASTIP-Immediateh ? so I'OOKS, f'U \M ?? BK MAIDS, WAITKI^KS and NCB318 for the city and Centennial; ?l?o. e :od plveg tn the c uutry f r men and women wi:h good r frrenc-w. A pply at the Koreka Kttiployn.eut Office '<07 I) ? t ni) 1 .it" _ Mm IOD13E C. Bl'TtBS. IT ANTF.D?OCCUPANTS fr?r nicely fnrntHfied " rorm, with or witheut Inard; privat-* f*miST. hott*e n< ar Poet Office. Addr??- Check Boi l?, Post Office. ap?i 3t' W^ANTPD?On I gtrtet, car the Arlington, ?" BOABDES8. marrld or-ine'e. or w.ilr nt ro'tEs Also Table Board. Ad?r<?ssl) G M . Sti?r C-ffite. ap? ^t? ANTF.D?A STA BLK. with hot lena thau thr *e * ? cr lour stalls, r nt noiit be cheap TCCKEB A HUCBMAN. ap29^St* b3.1 Lotilsiaca aveutio. \V'ANTE 1>? Ore whito Coachman, two l>re-? maker-, three hea:<istre-s<-s, and two <Jo..k-. Employment Office. K >om Jl, 7th and K ?'rftt; ft fx d sitnatirn*. Families ut-odins gt .d serva t* please write. ar29lt' V" e hTEU?By a lady of refinement, a HOSl yy TION of honsekeept r In a widower a family, or <tb<rwi-e; wages not *o much aa object a* an agreeable h'me. references ^Iven and rejnire.J Adfrt-fc>i N M O , Star office. ap? 3i* U'ANTEt'?To reut. secocd VLOOH, furnished or ut fnrnisbeel, four room*, to reliable tenant w itLout cliililren: delightful resi l"nce for nn mer. la>#e gronne*, Ac. Addrew n .rihea^t corner ?th and l ajette streot8,a?orget9wn. Alto small Bri k Hot fl entire ap29 3t* WANTED?Kor "??h?A partial or ?? tnplete orHut OUT 1 IT. Address 8. T. X.,8tar office. ap23 6t* ED?Carpets ii teste 1 with Moths to clean ? ? and at the sun e time restore them to th^ir orl r al I rigbtLess, with or without rem >ylt>g from the floor. Ii,k ?Dd grease spots a specialty. Wa-hii.g. ton Carpet Utuotating Co., 1414 PennsyIvmui t avenoe ap2S I m \* AbTKD-BONAN/A B1LLIABDI3TS. Me " troeolltan Hotel faloon, entrance throniih Hot? I offi.-e, bill P-Dnsy lyaiiia avenue PiMau * Be#t Tables, sp'endldly furnished. Daily Graphic and Pictorials on file G?me*. only IS cents; .-ne practice table free. U.H. WaLTKK. ap2( St" W/ ANTED-UuI'NTV L*NI) WitKBANTd' '' WILLIAM H. BE K. ap!9 lm* Cor. Lr uiiiana ave. and t hi reet. \\l ANTED?2Wt MKft ?Preference give i to those " ??x fe?t aud <>\er lo height. Will be reed?d to *?ne as auxiliaries in the grand tragedy,"Julim fu sar." Apply to s> H. DUEHEliD, Btage Nan a?'T aplH tf 1VA5TII)?BOB9I8 to paitnre or f?ed; farm y" on 7th street road, near fellgo P. O., Montg in -- Co . Md. O. H.CLABh. apl7 im* "ANTED?OA 1?PKTB TO CLBAN at Kire'.? Suim B-atmt IVor^.*, 490 Maine avenue, between 4H atd 6th streets soatbwect. Calbd for and delivered without charge. apll ly %jEr ANTKD?Gentlemen to know that WILLIAM MOOBE. Merchant Tailor, 1011 New York avenno, make# a specialty of rnmnc garments to be made at home. novii-iy w w BOARDING. i ' BNl Lf >1 AN AND W 1 EE CAN OBTAIN \I FOABl>, in a family of two persons, at per in nth; more for company than profit. Address, writ real name, J. M. cLABK, Laurel, Md. m2 3i* L^OB BENT?With or w ithout Board?Nicely far I i.ished KO"MS; can alio accomni .'date ten or twelve TABLB B0ABDEB3. 116 C street ti'Tth east. ap2J 3t F't'B BENT?With Board ?Eleg^in tly fur ii. shel BOOMy,on first floor, also, Boonii on third floor, at Mrs. BINES', Nes *0**, *10 .ml *1U 12'b-t northwest ap29 4t* \IETli rMCS TAKE NOT ICE ?B0ABD1NQ i'l can uow be had for 45 per wte-k. In a h.oi e with nil iij<>d ?fmproveuieuti. No. 141 2d struct northwest, near Pa. avenue. ap2;> 3i* 'piftTsr. <>EOB(iE. Mi.vmk T'Wr -, 90?~? st I Board at #2u per month. Call and aee bill of fare ap24 Jw * J. H. TAYLOR, Proprietor. WINULC uonoihu Cents~p.-VnTght, ? or fr' I I #2 to ? 3 per week ; B"A KD < r M K ALS at reaae^naLle rates, at No. 4"5 Pennsylvania ave nue. bpXU-im* (M}l NI BY BO-kBl'lM; ; Boon s lari^e: good wa'er, and shade abua dant. A'dris* JOHN S LUPTOy, ap!2 lm* Winchester, Eredetick Oo . Vi? PLEASANT BOOMH AND GOOD BOABD can ba obtained a; 1009 Maryland avenue, a' mod erate rates, in a private family. mai2i* ow' f.H>B KKNT?Ver> desirable newly furut?tio4 r BOOMS, with first class Board, at low rales, thtrtf J w north of V street. b0!? 13tu st , norvh west. Transient B -ard febK I'Jw* LOST ANI) FOUND. II >T?N* >* Eol NDLAND PUP,8m riths o'.J; a black wl. b w bite p. inti reward. 1 LfcWIS u SJAaiON. 17 11 ItlapJaTfchflA. 'I'AKEN LP THkSPtkSSi N<1?A red ! w&'te I COW Tie o.viier will come forward-? pv. cl arge.aud take her aaay. B. LYONS ?>4 Water s'.reet, OtoigetvWM myl 3i* arge*and take her away. B. LY?!NS CJf ST li A T ED?from Washington Driving Park on the night of April 2SU. ? M \ BE MULE, av ae.rrel c lor. A liberal reward will be paid on retnrn to the stable! of ALBERT ErT OLE ' 8oN, <J street between 7th and Sth. my2 C'.* BKWABD-Loat. a SUM OK MONEY, in a buff envelope, amounting to nearly S'W. The envelope has ow's name on it. 8upp >s -1 to have been loat on 14th street, bet ween U audi, or n Lstreet between 13th aid ltth The ab >ve re waid v ill be paid If left at this office. it* CTBA YBI)?From the stable of the subscriber on r* the night of April 28*.h a full blo>d<d AL- , w DEBNBk BULL A liberal regard will he{7 ?Aid to any one returning him ur famlsbingjEjL. reformation leading to bis recovery. ALdkuT OLEArQN. (J atieet. betw?en 7;h and 8'h m>2-4t* LOST-A lull BLAiik ktWroUMDLAND DOO about one year "id Answers to < Bameef BOLLO. Lift home abont ten: days ago Had on plated link collar maraeo >'Guy P. Harrison. No. 1319 Corcoran street" Was lest seen in eonthwest Washington. A (arable reward will be paid foi Information, per ?' nal or by mail, to abirt adlress that will leal to his recovery. It* I OST? On 23ib ultimo, a gray silk euiuroiderei E-i FAtt' SOL?dropped from a ?a riage between <ib freet depot and A illncton Heights. Bui;?ble rewe.a will be paid on its delivery at 910 l?ta street north we a* mvl 1* It>ST?On but day April 3U, one turtle shell * BbACBI ET, go 11 clasp, between the o rn -rof '"b I street! and Bt. Aloyslu^ Church 1 he finder wi l be rewarded by leaving It at the Aaeri can Tea Store, Corner 7tb at.d I etreets. myl 3:* IOST-A NOTE for B4.600, drawxTbjTJohn's". J Greer, at Washington, It. C., April 9. 1873. ear - able to the oider of The National Saving! Bank, in two years afterdate, with interest at ten p -r centu? per annum, payable eeml-arnnallr. The i.-debtod ness evidenced by said cote having been fully patd, dircbarged and satisfied, the note is of no value. The flcder will please return to WE 3TIPKNEY or GEO. B. PLANT, Trustees. Warhi igt -n. DJ C. m?rU-eo40'.tmay4* IiEFRlGEHATORS T* WATER Ac^OOLETtH. Large stock of good makes,at* low price*. GEO WATTS * CO , Hols* ECB.IISHtXU STOBI, >pl( 1/ 314 7tB ?uwt, Ab?T? Porb. arrau*. K K RtNT A>D SALE. Ji'OR RIBT?A -Tr-II m lii-? ah ? \f,,\w.y;z??- tL>rntM*. *r;'y >f i-*a *- Mr- ? ,r * I'l'B bKfT T?.?|,g.-cv fcti rH<?iMS. I ?a ? 311 n s* e.t. tetw**n M >'re-'s f. u h Wa-tier n tnyJV* I.'1 S lifN - r: - r ( \ hr*<iM BOOV1 m I * cot.d f! . r wnb <T?|!h ?? (ja.- at 1933 Mav snf i AMt.ct- r rhf^t li* B?N I y?' veil Txirr^h 1 li*D wi h ii.i wnt- r t it #<5 snrt ?7. to t tie " ? ?PP > >? 9i| 13'h - r"?thS..rt " * if it! JxJ'JJ!j'~ B?'?.a|? in ?i| purtioi < of tbecfty rn^TBW ? 7i,%n c,r,t' ^fP'* to R f. FOSTEh r,orth?wtr;rn.r 7th and <> ?U ni| ; ?:* K'rvr'.^u7 " *20* a atrortTxthwe. T?? M THIMBU. 614 13th ilwt. F'fcn^MH T?TJwo ',?r' ? <" 'n' r "blf V-r i-h.l niyl 3t I^OB BANT?KO? M ??, c nip! te for h n*i>kwa ?or h5^t ?UbwI ?<*"??* la''t is ?yl St* F'iSiS-'UL^Lsr "*?m "stoK to A V CA T woo dTi* qlV'P^ "1,n,h4 2 to A P ( ATW> OP, H'jQ l|>h ntfftet n w myl 1 ? ?w v.^,, sass^ P0JHKK*\~"1i' .nr Ct-f'TPl-h- .1 It .I'M". ..lit 4*1 H* month *h 'tr<^ n.jVir " FaW ' T.? rnr hbH Kh ? M"*!- orensutf.; t? g.-tlemen; bvv h ,, ?' C I I W4W. *c Min t 9 h at re tot w".f. 1 door torth of Mount Yern n P ?o ? m,2 .V* P'?iB WENT?On C*?tM Ui I ?ir>, .,r * |, ? Board one nicely Furni?k?1 It ><?M w th 2n^r? ?irr"v\ndAppiy?tii? 4ti i - -t aon'heast. Kefeiences re ;tilr<t. myi 1 * I^1' WST-I'arir* mi i m?r hi i th? No I"TTs * IH ttrot hv <?*rw. I) fnnii-I.e i. ?h m <Wt ni pro\< rtf-iu n si> p-j U-n: ?75 p?r 31 n h. p n>nnt> .Ini.i' Ut "?>' 3J THO" K ^j?. 314 7th -t. I/C'B UK NT? P'i <J<i?'j:r.i'tB'>tt't ?*?, s<l| >in I lr? M.-'r. poT|f?n M Cmr h; < |..rpn u ri L i "t,'r Apply |> M > H>b80> Att, ib?; R- l??. 30? 1) ,tr<?ot " ' ' 'x in, I J? ha. S'! -?? t,r .? , S,f r .il.'v tiir i h i " ??, ? n nilrtt-.,, HO?JMS. fc-i^ froD', ?t \: j. | ~ h?tre<-r. Arply at tli1 ini < l.iOtftrf I t il f """' iwy?-3t' Kit NT- BRItJK ?1(?U>K, N 317 '"l? n"r'h-?? r .tt ai ii^iT ro m a?d ?.niall liar# Hni .ltrg of taro-r -o wvf- a il d t,.w. r?$e iu t|,H lioas<>. Aptly a; 3|J p,.'4' warp ay. r?;e. lIITj jt? p>K U,?.. p! M.|V?I _? ^ uri"-h?d L<?OM_3, ?i'h urn lit H iaril el, M*? fl y; 2? ? ? ? ? - ? " ? it">ii i) I) ^r.^T d N" <U"J K b-?- ' ?l 91 b ami irth pfirotd. 0;v.n- ? I^i'h It tt t> T? I hr?-? iiiocU Kuruiiroil 15 >?) m s ?' t n piivaf.^ fan.ilj-, cn tirat .?r ^ko .d il .r. ta'-|i r ni od ?iiiio flo T; ?itli or vi'h nt R .1-4 ,< dn> m* mud mor v?ry low. cortlnrf-f. i near .i>1 )t? ' i ^U Hf NT ?liOl BK ^o H ?<ireet r rTli . *#jt. t?n >o .in- <? >r|ii.( e ,f pi.trvail batU !'cn'; d? rn miproif m?nt?; in ( h?| orii>r. ?r:i i ft* finf Brick 8iHbie iir r^ar, K ??? v?ri low n.y2-3t TH08 K WAOO ? M AN. 51 ?? 7th at. F" '4 KF S < ?''nri.lab i| or iiufurni-li->1. ? n? r I*'1 very nice Rf)0 M ?. wiih all the ni d. - i iti rrnv?-Tn?-lit?. In a qni?t roao-' tablo 'x-ishl. >r1i -d. ? i l.iu t> n minnf<??'?r:tlk of tb'^ Arlinuton. Call r ad'<res? O M O., lila L strftt. ^fferenr?< -x ?"N- myt.1i* F'Olt BFNT- A B 4 K h tY, Ott K LI M) . d hT"U< with an frad? o'tw ? Rtai.dn c; all the c .nvenlenc?a of a tir-t rl ,m |..i ?j neaa. ()il4 H a*r^"t n r h i*at For terTu, {r arp|y t. * II C'OTTBKLL, corner 21 ? r~>t an! JtiiiiaPK ave? tie. pir'J 2.v I^t>R RKNT?Thri-e tilc?-Iy KnrnMbeii r.?t slaitDK of front parlor. b(<l room hui "ioi' ?? r. tn c<'D>nmnicaiii'cr; ba h ro'.m. ,Vc . wi.'h ?v?rv e'D^enienc. f.^r hoii <k<?pi? g, fi parti?< wirh ? it rhildrep. T<-i in? modera'*'. Apply at 4 .V2 K atr <?? I < twp?n 4tb a'd tth rire?<t? norttiw -at ir>J :;t* RKNT? Now eight rootn I -J I 4 ? Pepnulvania ?vecu? ?ontbe?at wi?h ha I, ha? window, niarMx nian'ela. rront, sid> and lare? ^>ark yard, very pretty, and pVi-an?ly I r*(ed Will be r' nt?'d to a good teuant at .? 2S per month K-r next door myi e^Jt KENT?A Htna.l 1^ a KM ca t?p rented Cheap ix ."?'r 9 fr'? ^"hf'e's-tati ii on the t and l> K R . htxteon mil t*H from Wa^h n^toTi. Itr-?ri t*lr a ?hont 4*^ acre*, with **K) p*?%r}i ?< other frolt. ( rr? ^pewt for peaches th'i sfium'T 1^ lit .? It ha? ? ftn-> T)wrll1t e. ? at.-r C'Hiveui nt, anl for otl" r information refrr to W. j. URi y <?,? tte'e tat i?n; or, JAM ICS NEW KAN US, ('hairmai of .'nte-f>iet r-a at the fa'wit ' mr; 4 * l^'OK KKNT? Three en Mii'en of B'?-?M"-, wit'i ? B?verat l^l.'J Kra iklin Row. K *tr?<?-. T lie li ca ion of thia bonae tor a ?nm rer residence ba? hot few njnaV, lirins eituated in an H|.-v:?t?d p-atii. n. ? d la tn Sl?h? ? f KranKltn 8<inar? T!i ? cbariota pa-^ip^ the do r j?ive? ape>-dy ac ?<a to til part* of the city. F'Ttbe nuniar tr.ontha th'aa rom-.a wi 1 be let at an nupr cedented low tiij-ire Thecni'.ine of the house la In the handa >f an tiipn tiercel eaten r, with co;.ka and a-aia? i?'a that ii ?nre? a t.*ble 'ltifciirpaased bv any bo.*rdikit-boit<*^ intheclty. Talle Board. 825 per month, ?' pi-r dav for tranaieiit. niyj 2t* I^Oh KE NT-Two story PKKSS BKI''K Holi;> K. ? No 14<>"* S a'reet, 7 ro,,ni-?n1 l ath r> m. ni il ero improv(-iL(?Di8. lri iuirf on pr'uitsej. iiifi .It L'^R RENT?Three OTttnnnlrating R toMi in I second floor, wisb water and uaa, 122 ll?h ht- t n'^rt l.*p.t myl -t- * l/J'R BFNT?Hiefimt Uiyii ROOMS ?anlaom -ly I fnrnl hM; ni .derate price?, at 1417 (1 ?treat, ail mi iiern i otiven'ence!i. myl St* |<,"l' RKNT?HOl'bK fn. IOiO loth a're^t , orth 1 '*e?t; all inoiein Inipr .veaient*. Apply *i 10 loth "r(tr__ _m> 1 3t F'eSnJF.NJ* *? "'2H 12th a'reet northwest, a few el BN laH KI> Ii0(i M S; i<?cftt ion coiivoniofit ftiil pleasant, and rent vtrv reaaoBable. myl .^t* IVOR RENT?A ftlinUb* d PINOl.K R'luM. fora Si iitj? man, baa large cloaet at d south fr tt?: rerv c"^'P'ea-ent r>r nmnier. 43.T K at myl St* |' UK BINT HOYS! of ei?ht roooip, wiTn a l I m-1 era convenj. not a, No I '??J'J K atreet uor h we t. Apply at l^ao K atreet n. w Bti V Rk NT?PRA t H<MT?a with ?t ,r? r.orn 1 et'fuh^d,,No '21 yihFtreet nor r. Hr I?>t CEO K UAKBiN. 3;{.{ p?"n ""*1 mi 1 st* f^UR BBBT-Two Kooms .n fir-t !) ?>, , witFTTa ot aomaer kl'cheu; water In y?rd; I0206t> ?? nor.hwtat, near Corcoran market, n-ot ten dollara per mor th mvHt* LHIII liENT-Bli r'liii HOf^a. n<, 479 "mj7 ? ?<'?irl avenue brtwei n 4H atd ?-b at re^t, A?i>'y ?o James KELEdra, 00. 4i5 8th ?trett noribwent myl 3t* l<TRKlr KNmu^?? iSI1 Col,,,TU,,i* atrwet 2 -tory #?ii / . 51 j /?*m" hail, water, Ran. and cHlnr, front, nide atd buck yards. AddIv t? I> i y QHblBONt Wo. 101A L at. northwest myl 3i* K?fK<tirVinr 'u?/,'Jfin?-t aait? * 1' OFrlCK ROOMS In tbeclty; h3i it r,.?. tu rlhweet; biillillaf formerly occupied by th.< ?er Kei. 1Jank- fTBVENSOia bOSERrS. Keal Eiitate, Loans and Inantance. myl 6: F Vf? 5 HO F*1 * ."J K H 0 U8K. .t. ro,ma No'. ? 1333 JOt 11 ?t n< rthweat, ? et? efn Nanl O ?t* ? Ut U feet 1 iD-.h tront, r>v 1? te.t de. n to a Vj foot . *11'*' Ih'li're of JOHN H. 8TKWAR1*, No *'ih "* ni> 1 3:.* l^OU HKST?Hul'sl S31 itt^j atrnet, e*t to * cf rr erofla rnet. 1] rooms, all modern improv ? n ent*; very deaiiab'e location; r?nt r'-Monane ^vt-GE,> W corner Pebt.a a.ef.ue ?>4 at myl 3t* Fr,Kf.!^,NtT". Kir,t,k h?.N r fnrnlihed or iV.. A ' i1"1 <W?;with ut board, fin^ }'? . 1 ."PP""'te the Botanical G?rd'-n, f?cin<r th? < ap tol. immediate poaaeBsioQ. l??> s.1 arre-t north ' myl n* I^-UK RiNT-Th m HITNKY HOl'S-t ^Tfih i aide ot the ? ipitol furm-hed; the bar ro.vti i^ in P -rlict Tder; will rent to a d-?lra.??!? p- r?,n .n ty tr,f*????'?ble feims Aptly at \\ HITNKK IIOUSK Jl? De aware artritie northeast. myl St FJ" K'NT-N!<?-'> f?'ni'he.l BOOMS. wTTh ? niBt-cTi-a Board, en it able ?ent enian anJ Wife t,rt?" Mctle ri nllemen, in private f*n.ll> tni .l tn convei.lenria; cool f ?r "iioittier; tine atable reh rebces reauirefl. Apply at 9 4 1 J1 Btreet north -fL! tnyl 31* I4 OR RENT? HOI rK 40** N-w Jersey avenue m soar beast, pteaaed brick front. 1 h era" bath ricm aLil exery cunventer ce; a feli^htfui c ailrea l.ince |3J per month, it deaired, I he fnrnituri ri* 1 ? oc monthly paymenta W. W MKT 1 Air. myl 3t fTOH BENT? Fnrtished FTONT ROOMS on k *tcvi<* atorv. bouae 1 )J 1 J8th street northwest, oppo-ite ^ orroley '? Hotel fl >ird jf wanted h.'J jt * li^OR RENT-7"" <>.r th.ea uuturm-h.-d tniid 1 floor ROOMS, aonio rcct: h' nse . cr.trally lo cattd. Address Cluck Bo* lo p,)'l Oil! e.apfj 3t* L^OR RENT?Two furpi?htd ROOMS each with eas. h it atd cold water at kg ajd MW per rof,nth; No 10.5 3d street northwest. ap23 3t* whoJeor part of HOU-K~V\~3 ? H'b nr. et, faruiaued or partly furnbhad; mrKf em coBvenleLcr p. #ll29 3.? ASNT-W Ith or without Board, two hand T *ffiely fnrniab. .1 FRONT BOOMS Terms,"e. T30 la,b s'ree' botw,H"?O and H stre U ? e*t. ap29 3t * FOB RENT-PARLOBund BED BOOM, farn ? lsbtd or unfnmirbed. No. 613 9ib street <.n P'-Mtt Patent CIBce, beta een F at d Q streets R. St moderate. ,pW st. FSa*. *4N1T-f??I?W?9,,'r,c'> BOOM8 in the ? Witlonil baf? l>ep??Hlt coinpariy*s hulldinff coiner 16.h a r. et and ?. w York aVO ue Ap2fy at_the coatpany a ? flics. a#Jg eo2w F^.tf*.41 W~A rur?''? * HOUS' Of Dine reoms kA..!- M P'ar' for hansa Ke*rln?, furnli bed complett, conveuient to market and cara A pp y 4 .TO >1 atieet. t|>ff F'I',h c."n;rr, part (<? rooms) of a r.J?I5e?5J'C8A,b?ant,fal^y ?i'aated acr as the Faattrn hra; rh. A a?|* No. 3. St Olond Bui d Dg. JOJIH B1IEBM AN Real JEata!.Vent.a29 3* BENT? A comfortable DWEL.LINO. ceo lTa J) l"CiMd, E ?ir?t t; terms moderate to "l,anl? A?t'yt"J T Q1VEB. wood Ta.d.Jlhb, sear E street Bent flu. apV lm POB KENT- A BRICK HOl'gK. rtFTooms. gaa * and watur. and cl eeta thronftn?at. Inn aire at the cerner of K and 18th. Ko. 1 000 "?J01"' *?w 3'~ J. H KNOTT K('B BENT?Tw< large unfurnished ROOMS on ? a?coD<? floor, private family 1 rati n genreel. jnrt atote Franklin park: hhade.I yard K^ut low to aigcod ter.ant. References exekang d Addra-a 1^. p.. Ptir (ifflca. a*29 St* BKKT OB HALE?A niodern ?ev^u room H,at?nTeT.*?*: V:b h"'d,om*.*Toni?da, at OoUega Btatlon, car fare 13 cents per day. Apply on the tumtsea, or to WM. H. FCL? EB. D o U o corter Uth street and PeanayWanla aye. aaM St* ?i*."T?A small HODAK. thoroaghly farn la the Weet Ked, from the flratof Jane tl1 the firatof October. Beat moderate to a de<lra ble tenant Good references regaind. Address 'furnished AOUfKt" 8l?f Office? Imp'o ii I Q FOR RKXT AND SALE. LTK RFNT-So lv 1 f. Mrh .rPee? n>rtk?ea'. ? three ?*Ty HhlTK HOl 'K ?:t ^otir* *ntrt>h " *.L''??' *T'r_D1 tlli la^n re b?*I Ihii cr )??!>? rtore 1 lit 7 E i.irr(. ??>*?-' 3t* W BCTI! UKrugP l^OB It E NT? R01 ?* J> > K froft. e'a* *'*?*''E'"lr,,Hrg bath ro r fron<i nor h a??t *?utb. ftli m? ?!? rn iirj *?* m~T>t*: c n^?Lien? t? market *l<1 car route beet 5 * p*r n*oDth Apr!# ?'? ?Pa ir'1? Rk NT?0# tfi- l*t of M?v ? ^ rM*thtn(?-> ? A jart f a n<cly furn-.t. d HOCSB f r h-rnn ?'"t" iDadIi?H'nll lily n 'h<> line of liih atteet raliwat , half '<jnar<- fr m ,-ar?; -II ?h* mod rrr In provepienta. fiie cellar and yard R?'- exctatgM. 1481 y ?tr.-1 apU ltn Ii''1" BKBT?No 1 Mirtl.> ?tr?tt noithwMt 6 * r' otrt; all m^nn Itrpr vement*. 013 No to Mrtle street northweat. 8 room*; all m l-rn o*? meats. ? ? O rtifr New J*r?ey ivfoa? Q i>*t nortbw#it 6 ro< , nr>d<?rn imprcT* w* lit-. #? lhO* 4th Bo'tkiwt. ( r* m* Mid ba??m??rt. ? a or and m?r; |1) 10:10 7th street roitharst. IV ro m*. all n odern inpr to ni-B'c. ?1) Btor? ??>1 Dwelling l?t and N tt ?*u ?<?>! thwest good loivitiess stand. CM CI irn-r N> w ?>i'i hp and N stroot n rthw-st, f- ro a-id P*eUing mo4?rn improvement*. |K lit strest. between I and canal southeast. 4 rIH.aie: #s 1704 at d 17 04 6th stn et riorthwe.t. 9 >n<>m? and side alley . 9It 44.10 O ?tr>ot narlhwa*. ? rami.ii. k.l?hi-n,*l<!o allt > arid water ?13 911 1st street 0"ttl oast. 6 rooma. fir till VI stree. northwest. 4 rt* ms. ?1S Q street, betwnen in i nd N orth Cepi'.'l street nor'hwe?t now, Sro n< %l? A I'O. lot of sr.) hi I Houk* from to (It by PIIaBi 1H fl SH HI VK. R at Estate and U?u ral Collecting A e> t)C> . 1 1 -Ji 7lh at ti ? ap79 .It I/OK KKNT-llurOB M < Q-Jtf, oo r street. be~ l?"tiS h and IP'li.containingseventeen r> ni? ar.d ba'hr .m with modern improreinoBt?; see .d tl r containing five largo r "ms -in table t r ?.ffl >e. lugilhrNu 4 O.'t 7th street nor Ii west a(!vi* ?s'OR RKNT?No. J0?> 5th, between K ant r I ta nonhwf?t. c ntai ing oloro"* room?. ft-l l?r?: all irodorn Inip'ovoment-. apl-ndil I c* ion, ori>o?it?> J<idi< iar> ?-,|mr? Apply to ANDRK W It. I'l Va LL, corner 4^ and 1* itrM#. ap> (it I^OK RKNT?A b^aitlfnl Ihrei atorT lllll'i*!, <? niaiding tMrt?-?n ro-ma. batli to 'Bi#, w%*or rli??t. Lutrohx. h .t a d c.? d *4!?r. tc. ptaMa. ran ttco boii.o. c e \ard?; t?on rail n? ?i Oihri le copi' 0. f iti tain, Ac ; o-?o ^ ji*ti? rr.?m ?'r. t. c?ra. ttx?" t Cot cif? t. tt-nt f r all. to a * > I ten ? t por moaih, in a4v i:u O Ma' ioci l -^r ri*kf t ;i?. . h l? r*t. >>d Ii i 'r? i,' b . ? "1 ?v Ns m lJth-troet - .qtSi > t L'fZ F'OK HKNT-N i, ?,7 UrMgo "'r't't, Nr mr ot ?P Bi I- n, **' h niiKSor n c.y . veni nr.. ii i 6ru- ? h!..i f*n?- i i <ii ' l r rh?-ap !.. a g nd k*a i Aikljrto Dr.0Hi?lli l '.'4 l*rml arti n >lr>-fi ar2^ <>j>t L"' K bV N T? A largi a- ? i??? t . 1 -t ? MtMt iiOitlieast. Im i>c<*ia*<-lf n r h . f tn- ' *r itf.l cr at its. ?ltl? ?t?t i? a* ii ?id? lota a'ta'tod ? Will low to a g ?>.l t? ua ii H >>i>- up i fr. n. 3 t'- <i . VI.. k p Q|. | tii ire of T <) ?LI,t tiAN..")((*? 11th a're-t mnhae-t a;i27 .*> * I^'OR SALK-Two atory Hri. k II I 'SE No 4th street tiorili?e?t, i nLttiai-.g r- <? , ro mt, wat* r in' ga- kiack and old* alley 1 >r ?t- api ly . i. tli pr. dm* an.4 I in L'OU KEhT-Kirst tla-4 BE'iUBMt'C, w| h a<l ? II "I ri. in rr. >??? ei t- . u Ril 'l? are. * ?. 1'<13; will be vacant aoTit" tim*< dn i< n the m nthuf May. Appivt >.l J nUKDII, I40j ? h t*1, **' ap.'l-1 -n KENT?tine ..f tl. ??? de ir?l>le tie* Bri-k II* I No M ?'r?*t narihwr--t. . in t^i o all modem itnpr vein n *; p ??'*?i u c.^eu May 1st liijiiireat JAM KS Y DAVIS' SONS. ai?l 'r.' J 1 Pa >m . o..d?r M tn p h a t il..t? l I '? !i S s LK ? I w . . nl cai I" L' ?TS at t>^ Ion to t, ? . n >-tii street tietw en I" a .d (J; fluirwli; f> >1 h' c- i>: five j ears ai an pi r cmt In teres!. Ii j ure at ti-J 7 7tti ?t reet nurti-w ' ?t ?pij i,n Ij'Oit S* I k ? Niw (t *t >H,tiv.- r.i rtiJ. water and . iber co. vei.iet "?a, N.? i h l ?> 4tb atreet, tM>ar It Gl.dary L' l.t; time given Pric ?2.000 Aorly to *llo ET A LllthKY. *p22 im Cur I ew York ave and 6th street. I^OR SaLI-HOl'8K 10?M> H ntre?t northwest 1 ttie moot denirahle ho.i-e in that neighUorh . > ?' ery in dern Couveniei re. will tm a Id at a iacri ?ce. Apply to U 11.1.K r A MBiiKY. _ . Lun.l.rr Mrr- litiita, ai'22 lm ( orner 6th gt. ana New York ave. 1<'"R S*LE?Or eichBngo f>r other pr p*rty?* Etie KKpIDRNi k. ov<-rl > >kn e th- cry, and vithavlew of V) mll<-? d ?n the Potomac. All tn<?!erii convetiieicee, 15 UW to.t of la- d "'h-^n and <>n pood ternii* K J ! _?r21 2w an 7th ?tr?wt. I,'OR IiE NT?t he il" Iral'le three at iry and b*?e tnent KHlUk II I -y . N . 11 i -J || atr t tmrtliweat, Citnainii g nii;e ro. ma Al?*, N >. 1OJJ . Mli hireet n'Tth w< Kt ColtkMlC tilit IMW, AIh Bio h?4 St h street ti- i Laeat. Oustaikiif i ven r'. iii< 1 In--, h. ,.-???? < i tan >|| theni'^d m im pr* lemerta. I-.4r.1r- of J^MK'4W. lUKkli;, 1 l(ih H atreei noitliveat. ap2i *w |/'|R SAl.K-A thre a ->1 r 'tbl h it?C I It KNt'ii.'.''h st-.H-t uortbiree', it r >omi "tih ?t.d all modern convt 1 i-. re?. prior 1 .? . term* 1 e.ia |f W MlLi.BB A <>?., a|J0 tw <1.1 1'otr- ?-l I' lfihui-n. 1^''R R' NT- Kun l-h><l or 11 ifurnl-hef. th- rn -t ?'eaiiali.e aid pl> :i-?-.t HkS|n(N F. Ii. he I'lft'ric'. 7th * 4 nnlea fri incit\ Sit'? a d? ! * jii t*i|\ ? r **pri tic dep..t M-tr P">i'an R in, v?grtat>Vs. i,:? p??tt!r< inkiWidaiie*;Mi ?(; ?? ii Id not objts t to ri'L'Hiu' 'nr -uoimer Ii ardi'ig t on-?; part . f rent -aker. in !? ard ap!9lii 1,-l'U l:BNT?Tfcr'e Hltl Kh, of elsht rouaia I each, at tjlt p.r n.i.nth in advance. VOL'NG A M I HP ET )N. 't'7 ??.10t i llmldtug I, it KKS'i - Li 11 MS, ti ri t?ut d ? 1th ?ti-r tnf a ? t-.r tionaeke* ping at No '<-J4 Penney Ivan 1a av? t.ue, eonthi ast ccrner 4S afreet ap.S e..|m* L.'CR HKN'T-A three ?tory UBICK H0IJ9C. t?n I rmlus, t.aa gas. ?,*er t.a'h'O in d ir.ib tti'ir IJ tia-.'Ueiit, kich.-n, ar.d h -^ter. B^'t S ?8 per m.H.tli A ppi> 5<li>!# r-tree northw^at. apl7 3? * l^'OK SAl.f. ? In tho Oonntry ? A comfortable t l>WKLLIN<i of IS riM.uiH. arhin live miante\ w?lk 1 f voitnetidalo. Iialtimor- an1 Ohio r?ilro?d a?~o. tice bcliding Si?es, R.i|!ti g and B auti'ul ? . w il w,tteted Addr ??> I> \N IICL aM M KN, lellsTillo, M.I ap)4 Ina IVOR HUNT?HO(*K No 611 N *a* Jera^j ave* noe not th wist, between K and G straeta. ? r . nn. g?-ari.l w a'. r. g>? d yard, t*l p?r m nth. Apply to H.O JOHN^ON, 7 ?* t.l h street north a >13 lm ^('R RUNT?Three ??..ry a d banenient BSK'K a I'M KI.LING with brick statde, 1 2 I "4 10 h street poi thwe?t. Kor h?alth architectural design ?(ib n.e rts i? ni.^crpa'aed 8MALL.WOOD A MORRISON, ?t)l 'm No &IA 7th stre t. l^OR RKNT?One of the fceat and moit coove I nieut 1JOUSES in the l?i,nlct, with all t! ,-d-rti in pro-t nient.i. ?i,d containing t?e!ve ro. ma, -itn ated C'irtier 4th and O street* s nt. east Bent |i l Iorn.onth to a rareful aLd st-ady tenant Apply t<) 1 W Gl'INAlIO, 6:13 Ljai-iara *\enno north west. apll-im L'OR RENT-HOU8B4K O street northwest 7 1 rooms, water. Ac Large yard: convenient to thrte licea of street cars *25 per month in ad vance I I>VN ABO C CA RRI Nu (ON, Jr., \t f. mev at Law, Ait Louisiana avenue, opp ??ite City Hall. aplO lm F OR RBNT? ROOMS, furnished atd nnfa'n lsbed.inall parts the -itv, fr..m .^5 to S fer m?Ltb Apply at IKIKSKf H BOOM AOKN CY. Bo. ?4ao r * reet north?xst. ap7 lm* f'Or- S?Lt OR KX0HAN<iE POBCITY PROP KRTY?In EUaville, Prince George s count , Md . SIXTEEN ACRES of LAN", with d ithle tran.e House, good water, an abundance of fruit treas graphs. Ac , high and healthy I ?cation; t *ei\ DiiLUtes'walk to the H>atts\ille depot, Baltimore and Ohio railroad A photograph f the house can be seeu and further Information obtained fr<im B It bTtNkMET7., 1'i.tT Pa ave. nj*rZ7 L^UB B? NT-A three at ri BRICK HOUSE,ciu r tainii.g ten ro< nis; modern impro\. mc-n i, sit uated on lflh street between M and N streets orth west. inquire at 1103 M ?tr> "t n. w ap4 lm* ^ L"OR BALE?11'>^^ES for <*).UUU, ?Jf> >??, r 9|H.?KMI ?!t.jUUn ?12 ?*l. #)1|J*?, JM 0ll0.^7.v> . ?? (*?, ?S.UC. ?4.000, ?S.?t?. 91 UUO W-ll ar.d on easy ? rms. E. J. SWIIT. octi-tr 411 7th street, KAL KSTATR B L LLF.TI M or THOS K ??A4?4i.\ Mtt *14 lit. 41. CHi.Vlib y.AlK SVLKT Wali.NtSUAT AMD S ATtailAT. Itrick liuu.stx Jar Sale 72- L3tI. -t n. w ail mod imp-., llrs. .$12.(Xs) 12" 1st n w , all mod. in-.o- . 14 rs_ II 10 2il A at. * e.. ail mod. Imps . 12 r* 10.9?w 2^0 E st o. w., all mod. imps., 10 re...... ......10i"?i 223 A st s.e., all n.od. imp* , lo re ? o<?l Qui iSth st n. w, all mod. imp* . <0 rs 2142 Penn ave. n w . all m^xt. in p-.. 16 r< 8 ouu s nLd ft Sd Nt. s e . a-l mod. imps 12 rs xjsi., l' <> ic "-*14 E st. u w . all tru-d imps il rs 7.>U W-lil L> st n. i?., all mod. ijbps . 12 r? 7 4>7 K at n w., all m<^. is.?a.. fil rs 6..VU 1226 122- l.'ib s'. 11. v ail mod Imps , 10 r- S Zoj 'l'nci Sf</ry Jiru-k ami frame Hotisea/vr &'< t'e. i726 w .iK H.) mod. imps , 7 ra. 511MJ 237 15th st. s w ,(E H..OW ?<? Imp- . 8 re... . 2?J 4 ti N st o. w.,( r. n.i? id lfflDe.Trt!*? l6i0 17iL ?t. n w. |K H.,>mol imp*. 6 r- 3,:. ? Comer loth a; d B nta. D.w j K A.J i& i . 6 ts... 1 < J 1j Bin tit ;t B ? ? ?' " M ,1 mod. imps .? rs_... 2A'J ;iU fn'V,t n.S..:Hhjif;?l imps 7r. 21 a-?ft Hi ri|o St. n e.., H . PV.J " rol Biggs st n.w ,1 B H ' m d *? 1 , J r " *7 Alley bet. 12'h and Hih A T 1 U, 1 B a * [itintproved I^niyi-rty fur H<Ue. K gt., bet 16'fl and j7th st u w..perf- ?! 2,'. mhst .bet LscdM.n w.,p-rft ? I.'jO Cor. 11th kul U stt. n e . p-ir fL...^ 1 'JO ra ate, bet 34th and Ittb ?U. n.w . per ft l.lfl Bst., bet. IS'h at d 14th sts., n ? . per ft_ ,5 in h at., b-t I >.nd K n w . per ft 7j 26:b st.. bet. K and L ft- n w , pur ft y Let., bet 2itb and Slat sts: u w., per ft hj Houses f<rr Rent. 919 N. Y. are., <furn..>ail mod. lm pa , 13 ra ? iT? 1214 N. 1 ave., <furn .1 all mot> ra Sj 13u M st u. w ,(fnrn.,> all mod imps lO rs 7& *oo N J ave., 1 furu .? all ui a lm^a . # rs . no 911 B at. 11. W . all mod. imps. 10 ta .a j3 221 A st s e trod, iuips , Il rs 76 Cor. 21st and E st* n mjd imp-., 16 rs. M *> C r lltnandl'sia n ? 7 r.? ??> 3 2d st s e., o?od | nips., 14 r ? ho I4fi' Pa a e u w nusl liupt., 11 rs 60 136 Eas Capit'.l ?t . in d iiap< S rs. 4i KvmbM.a w. m ki imp-. so ri 4i? e2' Pa ave n w , m.rfl imps . 3 rs *1 230) 51 -1 n. w u- d Imps . 10 ra. 40 67 High st.. Georgetown, m ?i imps . 12 rs 35 48 1 st. n. e., mod imp" . lo rs 34 4tH b st n. ? wsl. impa..?rs :? Mil P st. n. w , mod Imps , 7 r< 26 fct'1 I ?..n w.. mo<i imps 9 rs..__^? . 37 316 On a. w.. mod tmpa , 7 ra 25 > 9 loo st. s. e . moi imp'. II rs 2ft 40 46 Myrtle St., m.<l tmpa.. 7 ra... %i 9^2 B ?t. n. sr..mod. imp- . 6 rs_ *? lIKiKtfcst n.w . mo' Imps H ra >1 3113 1 at. a. w , mod imps , 8 re ..... to 7701 K st. n.w., mod. imps., 9 rs ao 617 3d st. s w..6rs 16 Cor 3d and B st. s w.,4 rs. - 16 1409 3d st. n. w , 6 r? IS 401 MKh st a. e.. 6 rs. IS 1612-1638 4th st. n. w . 6 ra ?t II Isoaru. ?1/00 la sums to aalt. 2 of ?34100. and > of ?300? I vac cent lor negotiates. Auction Bale. Oa HOBDAY.Hay 1st. at ft o'clock 9. ?? the premises lo. 1611 6tb street, betweca y and Retreat* northweat. Terms at sale. u?? PERSONAL. IpiBri v all riKHiiii riov tfttinf k ? ?>?' J INS IK P AVIS, "a mr a r ,i,t.ale fc?\|: r !??? ? y ti ?? ?r l K ?r<1 ? .'h at otiCT** (lt"| JBtniia OATH A LAl'T. )1. DkM?k<) T<? MkC ?C'ii)lf i?n ?i'b'r ? t?lo*n h r ? - pay * dett ?Kirb p en h?mil ?>( Mar II' V ?nl ? ai^b will r'H> t*t<? ft ? lft ..| Sept 1 -r. i"'*. P Iru* *<*die... f rortifrt.H-i ? B. I' O I* 0.. itatll ? ?b'n tc rai?l j?r? u *1 T It * | C*T-^a J J T CI(MI. Ml with-1 ?*rl Th' mA finderwi I liberally rewar". I it l?t tli* >ame to V I'-'LKT * HI ' E 1 :<*<??>< tv tit* ^ S T B O L 0 0 T . NtltiNK ll??W Tbli c?lfkr?tM Ltdt Aatri.|< at?t and HMllai *1* dititu cat. be cotiai'lted at No Ml Paireet, ?orni* V Berth?)?t Hh? haa po auper'.or in <Setla??tia4 the Pwt, Preaent and Potnre In U.*e or bciaioati beradatoe la UKklntH' jear tbtac toot fri'-n .a. pointing t nt poor enwmiea aid In' *r~r1 Qf pt>? of tbe acre ? ay to ar.coeaa in *11 ctid-r?*kin<a. <'oa puliation atrtctip oooJki*UL?J LaJ.ea. $1. *-??? ? ?>eB. (1 10 aepl If BUSINESS CHANCES. GfOikfl TO LOAN at ? ?>-1 ualacnaibarel heal Eaiat* ap?It u> n >l 2t* ?M KILGOC*.?B?dS? ? .w. nriim - a loabov ?* .no ? *' ?t h prt cent latere*!, <>u cettra'h located B??! l.tate N?? ir?u(?>bratefe. Ap?l; to k I IOJTI H c rner 7 h trd U ?? m?f V KABB~t Tl A?T K. t -?l?. tb' ? > *1 w i;T. (?? K. i .?; ? <.b> i hut ?'i rko\ isi * Mi'KI !o1r.c >|o (i b?iiera. u: ated ? n i ip I 11.11 Mil- *rt. r tit.a tor Miliol A.J drM ll\ ' Steriffo.' m?2ft \\'A KTl'f- T ?* L? ?;p, a ? e >rtr old r?r ft II <' BSE. M lian t i i ? 1 p?t'? eonrd. f.-r ? nMb Pom . fnr bi. difp 'o iM'- '-t dri'.* H r-? ? %.? t>? t.** ti at1 TIIOM^ Ul&lkt S I ' -j ftabla, J uK>.u IIail a I ) Wt?fclD|l I' ? I B SAi E OH T U tUK? t ktt new i. ' m Kram<" "ii H ?.r..t it. rtLt a>', nil modem iniproremeut* T?r*t <r I la-h tola (?? m'l < )f?rt. ot ui Mir No Ir.-a< t it:. ? mbratca Prlc? #9 t.4. or a ?. I -?i h > ?? I |t' ?:u<l l""tw rfO Ta a* iu *.'1 I> ? V? :k ? % : !?t ? U:h ??rr?*i- i.i.rth?*?: 1 j ^ -iW I III Ln nVr i>? .'-r. m* J- o't | Ktr I Rr?r rf k <> B B^' r ' _ ?^OK 8ALB Ott F. V H*N'<?C UKOl N '? fn.ntins Licc< m P uk .???<'? llmt - .p po'tnl III foT a c Bir*"V airhini t'1 Pirc?f.-.'' t t ? Il<l. a i'l ?*?-hai K?* t jr a Kiuae. AJ>lr<?? BI ~"l Hltr i ftira n?l 1,1;K SItt UK I \' II a St;7T-1- : n > p ??' i t t I ?-t In tti? ? nth < 'Vltjlulul u..U> Kl>l PES* K ai d KKl IT P \ BH *? a?hl')?? n It ?r ad>lrr*ri> I 11 .S t UlMlO. A *'<? '?! 4 rthdtft't, mill*' Mol N IOI MU OK L|A^K A NO I'l . "? I II 1.1 !? "K SAl K - Tl(- to.;r ?t. r> HBI' K H< I fimit-d h:i th ? I' T1!iwm) . ifi ?r ?.f ?Vn tl*Mand rtiini'.ajtoii ??r-.i- rg?>:. ?c.r >n' * InliiitiC 18 room ?itb all bi ?'rn .n n -:i ?. w 'I .' it , ' r a lat ?? f.unity wwfitMutoliM I ti c HuTHf l..<t is. f.?t .j . ire. U ii'i*S2 f? t fr .n?, till w I Ii I'fcCll bill' llli?- l.1" f?ft A | P t." II. I'. POriiB. Ho I 1 I** P kt. n-'liliar -t 'in I '".t w I Hill *?(??? TO liOAN <??? UKAl. ISTa'B Apr'* t.. nhs C 1>I'(||'AN??N. apii It l?th and l? -trwtj. nbl Ii t?T( KB F???i - & I.B ? Ca.h or ("OI p?f4T. atll t MT a ui Int.* I?r g M..r? t . d i'td. r AOdirn "l :u>i;i?t. t'r - Oft c^. 3i* Qt I I ? I. A I M S? ? In p*-r.ou> w 1 .til IT" L? 1*1 -top' p?>r?? . c..!tiliii? thr^ngh l>ant 1 I niroll. < f l)nd< ikCtou, I Ji-irf lo a n.-uoc^ thai, a tli?> *(t? nt nt ttf < arri'l: E-t4'?>. i will fn-' 'h# ??nio aitli f*-w cxc?-ni..iial c?m**. at a uniform rat* of t n ; .-r emit, oil th - ??"ta.*d valoation. ?5 HOS a. W \N. at3t il<tfi|i>trM. T^WO N iW IIIOISBU hit f ALB ? M P ? la I Obtirrh, Va , on Ions titu?? r.. a' ilm- b -? ? f ml -clou I. Appl) to Wl I.LJ4 roRII(l). m :ti? rr'-n im-f < r OBO. A. L MBBUlFlBM*. K . >ia I j P?L?ton Office. a pi- lta' w sHTh D- To ?xc?iarK? RBPBI 'iCB* ?? HiLS ?*i:<1 S f'l V BS for Old at IIDt I f K'S. corcor 6th a d K ?tr^'? nintiawK. Aniok* ? bin d<-) r tared, troni f S to 9-S<>r n? ptT tpil ii* |'o PiiOPKttl'Y 0?MK*?v (itrwrn of Kr?i K?ta'e l>A* A'ilfl br tb?t?r",i InipiO' >Uieoia. et-p. 'a ly !?> a ?tianir- ?-i grad.-, ?r || ft in! i t ' iMr ioterMt t?nll aj <ik M r? m?*i ^ tli?ircla.iiis JO'-?N W P. MYVii4. ap2l .'ai Cffif*. 714 IVh utrwt. ?|*0 L'MN?On Hi'al B?!at?-. fr *n I to S pun, I $ ini at fr <pl! . afc?i *S?" * XI MM I uii at K> ceut. UB<> Thl'KM>Ki.L, ap9i lilt 4?(tM -tr "t. \| ANTK^S A f COM, at It I ?'H KOTIIW KLL '9, ?pl*-2ni* I 11 H ?tr<i-i a .uibwt |\|ONBV TO LOAIi? io nni?t -nit oii.iti^tai t* I t'r> a?curitf. JOHN PIIAHM\N, b .*1 k ta A?rn?. npIS 1m* Borm X. Hr OI??4 B tlMinl W ?iOLI*8'i ETm ? Oo". I . loan 4i*u cftMMissi'/n HKnugr.s. OOBNBB 10m AliU D HTBKBTt* Mt'NKV LOaNpD or ADVARi ID HAD! ol vaioabte prr>. ual pro^-rtr to any aa-. 'Qiit, f.r au tin d?air< d. on cry reasonable txrmt Alao. OihkS* a< Id oil Oop'nilkaloD At Pruat?* Hale?Very Cheap A larrr |.>t of t'a redii-m.d a. il '^ 'mnn-ai' u ti .'>d?. n.:* tod ??c- nd htiid K\ery fcrtlrle fiillT warrant-d All bnaineaa atrlctly-cotifidential The oldmt and tbe moat rtMable boa** to trie ott> ma' It tr M N EY TO LOaB. tlA.ono to loan on rhotoe r?al tn actn* o* from Bin to 91 out), at it ai>d IU per cent lour-^m A f?? -TiHia at ? per c*nt In frotii j4^??it . fXIJUU H H WAKNKti. Kb.rll corner 7th and P atreeta v ,'ik T'i 6 4.000 ijTvBtTrBoTiii "ptoi k PU!V1LEUE8 PATS LAB.IE PKOPIT8 V rit?*f< r 72 paee boob ? Men and Idioma at 'all at atd Wall at Beviaw HINT TBIK JMIM H Ii'K Lil NO * CO., ort7 ly Hankera and Brokera, 7-2 Broadway. N V FUR SALE. ^?>"*11 ^ 11-1' "I'Y A FINE II AIMS It V> V I " a*%eu 1' I A NO. Ho<o n?<t. ?iiy titile. Addresa '?PtaDo,'' Star off fee. _ myl 2t* t1 LEO ANT SETS UP H BS I Tl BB-P?tl?r at d a j OliktnU-r a*t-for aale cb-ar. onl> been Inn* a few wteka Call itLn:^diat> ly at 110*? Oat. tn > I Jf |7?cTb 8AL*-OOL'N TBBS. Sulci.V fNuT an 1 K SHOW (1ASI at a bar<aia f<>' .a.h, at No 103 d atreat, between lat atteet at<l New .1 *rafiy avi-on# northweat my!3t* li?b'Bu|rc> or Ladi' a Pba-ton.for aal- f\ or exc'aoiif for a work llorae. A<ldre-sj?2? ' ai \ ? ari aLti^l, for a?:. a? a rac-if,'? No. 7^.1*ib atrtet nei.hw<?8t( briv'tifeBHI aDd 11 atreet" niilti.* ' ' * * ^ SM M-L. IIANI SOME M ?BB. aottable for ? x bt*4 C*lty Poat Office. ro?l 6f ONE FINE NEW <<KAND OPUIOMYIPIaNO. 'si r' * No. 7 -J i.i?Dd H atre^t? myl 6.* I/OB f ALE?Two pair o* very ft.?i |>arale HAY IJoBSES. t6% bani'f high, warran'ed -t^-wa ? "t d ?:ol c.-nt <-In all ? artt-aa T bt ?f?u /Q\ ai Ii C'Hl'lT Jl . Stablea, 1T24 <i air-et aiin 3 ? J i' HIKBT"N J, O i: SALE. ^ r. Detail e yi t-.iii well bred trotter, blord HAY. wi h tiack pointa d -tytisU. aud rt? r\ -p?dv 1 yr AUo. pair shi-rnian Moraan l a'a. irry bftbdaome aud laat; a perfect ? t? am l 1 ia\ery deairalilestock ?B'l ia cuaranteed in <? . i > particular Apply to THOS. M. lOftlbli. a-b!nict. t I rtv:nt Park , or ?d<lr?aa P Sl^l CI Ii B?-? :t-.l. Halttm..r? Pi^iOffioe. apt> 41^ L'OK S.\LL?Ser?icewb'e, fln? toned, at* octave I Chick' riii? Pi ANO; oely #65. um-t be - M; can I - .i-ei at a<ilttiae*t Corner -f 13* h nt:d lia'T'-t nw.N? 13(i.?.tt !?' CrABblAtiEcJ. CA ti -il AO Eh O \ iK I A ?}* S ? . 'I I.. Ui i"rt ai d nio?' railed aaaori cent i t 'iiti*l .l?lei?f I trrlan a. < oiip.a.1 .'; .< t nv.b)a. Jqmr a?ata, Pat* PI a tona. Jn?Bi-ra, T< P and no-Top ItuSKie- a la... ae era! fii^f c, i,.j t (.ud Panel CartUe.-e and Buccie* on t o < at P. I) BOH MITT * OO . n.% 1* t* No 311 12th at., bet and P ,n w t/UtTsALE- NO* IS THE TIME. I I J'ltum band -JO SPRING WAGONS, ouitt I ? tbe li..?t ?t> le. with Ate Sarvln wli?*l.y ? Po t p BIMGIES tor -ale <.t.{ i ? ratu fi ta, at tn* now r?M..r) I Pro*p?-ct at., ('Utrtcco c,n HHofi> M., t ear " n i*k< t.'Ji-o'yet .? t. I? O. Biarfl ;j ? JAMES K. PUOBET. | A<. BS-B WAGONS NEW Sloth. !Ki f AM) SHELLSKEIN .? A Lk 8 C"- A'HOK V. IWO HO BOB, TH t>E r: Uolk5i AM' POCB HOUSE WaGONK He bait ? id iii.Ldr.-ae of tbear v? *# tja. and tbe gi'to rai Cat- tofk i? that they are tbe cbeapeat and i .-at V %<o.. Iq iim O w. Mc.BiVH M>11 Sit Coro?F ma*** ' ?r?>t o W RIGHT 'io TUB FKOX'l. KET PRICEI* K nickcrbocl ?i >aita. 06 and Itin. f annei su!is. >10. K* ?* Him riar.o I ?u!ti. B12 SO at d BU. Bo)a Jacketa and Hurt*. S7 Mti d ap. ? fceapWctklns Pant.,71c ar.i |1. B' ya Cassin erea, SB to 9U) At S. W. AI.LBY'k fli at'u 1 ill 6 PniDiflTftiiA fttcuu*. baiv 19tb and 2?th atreet* ap29 tr ^JlNNis^O'lA FLUUli. Waalibnra Mill", Mitxeaota VLOL'B not e-inAlled r r excelled b> any in tbe ci a*itiy . I ia ??ur niaa t!on to keep a aapp'y oftMtoe.ebrateil Klmr al<r%ra < n bai d All we a>k la a ttial to aatiaty tbe ni ?t taaiidiosa. For aale by J. R BHY AN A BB I , ap27 tr Ii0*> Peouay ivania av.n?< J^KEl'a I'Alt NT 1' AKTlTv - MADE ~ D ft ESS SHIRT", Tbe Grcateat Inventiob of tbe Ac*. Six flu* p-aaa Fhiria for ai\d .ll ra. ($6 > but to b^ bad in aay other atoteli tbiaclty 1UT We ai* Pole A?enta W. W. Bt'BDETTE * CO, Bo >tl4 fit fffiat ?. V, apg-tt Mo TOb K atreet n. m. AFPLETOH't AMKKICAN CVCLOFB Mi Approarbea ootupletlon It It Urtcj a fary larp ?ale Part lea la Waaktngt"B or 'ictclty oaalr^na this gnat work will be anppli*d. 1% aionltUy Iaatall ??nia or ap to prMa. froa the a|*noTi dtB Ttfe . where all rtylaa of binding Mr be i PROFESSIONAL. I) * ?. J*v * J1.?? * l*T to ik? r ????? Md *'*??' M A?...?? Ii. prJUu.^, ur^-tr,:: "u?, 5?? 2?as-ttr?-?--?:*H.V' n* j ci itih iiitfi: ssrs-???? H*? ?.m.-.e.l hi. ,|t>w (lOM . ? rr?B l.rr-I. ? . ;i(| .? rrj., , __ W . * f ?< - ?^ .. ., t* Ik MtK>M " '? . ^ TT 'Jh y KV aT I AW, R >rthea?t c*-r L* at* au.- 7ih M . K <*? 4 '** ** tAa-hir.*' .1 |i S<> IKK >? 1 ? 'hi!. n > ^ % b? I>r A N < ??l?*ftBo|in, 0,, f ' .IOi ?. AI*..?oJJ ft lta?. d\?. ?' **^?.>aaMe ?IK*.A04 MtlslMilDS ?!.** apU n* * P HI ft*!*. fea. B ?? 17.1 A P.T>11*> l.a'ila ?vritQ*. Mtr m(ikiJi.(J,.t/ ..*1*4 ay! . ^ J' J?***<js or fWk rtAcn. ?e ?Owrrfe UrM ii w . ?ap-ita t'UM ? ataa Pati-at Om ga. 1 /Wl <1 T? KifM* h?awi Malt If S' HI IfiR 4t K ikll \ a JlATi.ST* * i*V* %r,d *"P 4*wrtaM >? of OLNAMkMTAL and I'LAIN r A I N T iK i, 'Hi lik ?lr?fi PPKCIMRB K< M 7|? bar t u.?rtU??. i?? ?r ?APHIM.T*B. I? *7 ??* 9*T '? * "T*M !' . I ? ?!. n ! Km, . * by D? A * PBATT, OniiiKU ?f4 cm. Jfcte << of *^V-r? .7s ^TVlL"- ^'VV "* '>'-?? AVI m ?lit, '? * ?"??""Vt cf t> Oa- ai.4 chl(?rjf..rwi ???? 1 ?. ""v; '> '~'b ?iil|.|, i MEDICAL. ??v. 4 !ME'iBaVVN?IT *llVt,Si r?" 1 1 . 'I'* v'* 1*1 ad *1 I t? ? I f K ,? lT.iti ? .** h,rw"? r" ?' T>l.. K'h .1 * f*ri ., . Ii a. ? a in ulp m II" L??" 7" '? ' o"ujs| *;?.:? vv. .-.v Vki c,rrn4 \r?v w?v ? ? ?*?. l-?k I t'?!t>IU T?. t|>ll In* Sk>hfV.hl) ,r "K I" IMVIO . KATIti'l . >H. MC ... 1 *%"'*?! ? T-itii%t *>.'*k: 1 ?. .f | ,irr ,*r 1 p '<ii.? Cir' f ?i.u I ?t .iti..n ?? >?. |< i<r ?i * ih. . r?? mi uti. ?iUu ? N - A f -!-i.?. uro f| :. 1 . .J' 1 ?? ' - n>? ? ? lh?-. ^ r*> f cl? I > l?r Uail-t , ? I |?. .in.-t. c r M P > ? tJ DM I kit M>Rr?TBO>f ? , tit . #, I ' ?' :? <1 ?? t J | 1 V I, .tt t ?lt*F<|,?l>*rlf ?'* f<?U? Ih* <?%? ?n *. *.? r? V. I'"N h v|i\> . j SATt kD4| ,lr .a,Ki ? r ru., In all t*' I ritifcrj Crr?r?, O. u. rrt . ?. u:?-i. . f-) rliilit ?n<l Pp>-rniat rr> ??? rt??* r?> ntl? ct riim. tfi cn'?t lu X to & 4*r?. (?? ?h.i ? la ail ti.atn*<*? jo ckl> cortd. an-1 IU- 9 t. n rllir. , >raillra'??) fr.^ii lb-- ?i?h Hit th* .1 * T n ?r in* h^ . a. t roti^hi ,.d h- < tbuw le |?nlh, r-au?ttic l. ?* of m< u -r? atd ij c ifml ltt>,o'lfanlc ?i-?kii?a., tai^ itrn< y. i * r\< i:?uri;?l i"ti. ?> n j in* ??f canaa|(i a. ia 1 ?mll.t.. %ilplia i't ,f ;|n> b. ?r<. |>.n- lubaik, lunula , f ?iiht or <n4.linv?i. *tii I r?.?. 4in|>, a-if J>? rn??, tc . ?p.. |ilr run J I? uaarto <11 r.? "di?w o. 'III. ?!?? n |>laf 1 -,g il. n ?? l>.-. ia Ui II a l.awfl can r?l? of u lm* ?rlouildc'lr au? fc .a .nWr tiMii.! t . ttia high totim .mala ? lilrb h< 0: * bo",5 tr rti M.e I a.l| .?f liat.iii t? l' U< C ? r<M4 11 ribwrai. f - mm *?*?>?; D a: W lr I kK RrCKLKK JliN k fgpMfi 1' ajca in r^mal* l<i?|r ^alarllio.. o-, . ^?u Tuiu. r- ifi arant,*- ?ati.Sa. 1 .u. ?r r. ? barc-? t Imm coi.fldauiial I. ni? I -r aatirma |>a ^ II ? ar.l .'rwl, I<altliu r* m.rl- fia* I lK " r.. .JO-> * TV-:* V?a tr*tn, Bt., ?n??. Ml '-?.?? k -l ett Piir.lriaii an4Hu fr?* ^"I'al H--pi'al f. r M , raaa*. I arla.l OuaraiiWs ?*??*.!? acd orrlatn r? I'"T id all l'l^??.? lrr?-t .lari'H-. li,rU?at u? ?turn In lm?o''?cf and IHiiilltr, an?l all ilia ?'"o icitaat ?tta al-n-r ..f uaiurr'. lawa aiarll liu* 1 AHA HI mHIkLi. *1 O a <i'>rot>ahit ?? ? rjrl^oad ai.4 acUatlte LaClea Phrafa-lau a 1 1 1wlt? of ? Jf-ara aratlloa, ailroda lt?2l?. at ib.-,r or coa.b rtalle fr?. al? r. 31a. oarnfni naia at. ana tb? beat BM?1lca.' .ftMian;- at tht D'*rt<>* ? private r*>atd*oc?. r'v ,af tbeowal. ?? ut> l t < rarr of Madapie U-?tr' a?r ?? ara-i ??? ariMnima ????at??.ijt p.n4 a ?aerdr rp-a rtl^, % * ti *r* ii w>r *** ? IXSl RANCE JUliN T ALUs. l? w ktlOUkn AK.ns ? kemm, '?y t HA L IMSCHA \ CK Ah J.'.V IS 4> a bs<>h tms, tk lnU!N, CNraw of P ami ?'h KAN^r? tvinr Mtu'mrrioa wbit afci?l tr TIN OK TI1C HUM TkllM^ u (?OVAL A N OK l*M?P*BV "h r,,t? AWUi ( on I Aa \ bn- b'-i" r* rucvfid to Bo>*oi Mo |?. Lt ltfli1 Uaildi .K,> r .4 r and ?tk atiwi Tnla ataaiirh oM Ounipaur liaa in ?.<rati.>D f ja htlij fivc>eara het awti **>*"? J Kr>HHLL BA UK. Agatit. THE TRA PES. A Lfc\AM?KK ball. Mil Lla^ HALL, ** * i-?:e f. W, hi k?f 1 w . HtlLklll , S.7f!l?m?ar'rimtf P'Al. ri il l? r?, ^ a ai l il+ - Ola*. Iiardaar ao1 all 8uiM:n? M?l*rt. , a* 7 Haraarbua^ta a auup. t>. ?u-??, aatU an i 7 k .Ua^ia tioitbw. it, at li n ..d. p. r c-nt cb*ai?r b?i. an> otbpr boi .* all and -raa.uo ,.31 ir ? H O V 1 B . JA>IKS F. BftlKM. PLLMbBK AMU OAS UTIKX, ?AI"" tr *11 ?th KOBTUmE^T A W N I N o ?. JOHN O BOO AH. T 1S Mt'ku a^,., Baiibfactcr^r of a Wpwly f>at<*ota4 Hprlud Hollar aod \ cntiUtU AwuiLf for ^ti rM H Pni i?? Kullditiirp PfivaU Dw#llitin? hm** Md V, th" COAL AND WOOOT || i. reuAR. D?*let la WOOD Attn COAL. Atao.LlKK of b?at ucalttr at kllc ar.. ? fA K Li, H AI B auJ l'LA*TKB id Mnactttir? 11 aai*. apl.ltn Oor 4?th aad C air??>ta a tamaiai (JOAL AND KIXDLINO WOOi>. Otti *toch of OOAL t* now eomplat*. miWrac'nr all the < bv1c? gaatitiea. ai d tj wlilcb wa lartt? lb att?Ltlon o( oocacDiar* Our PATENT BlJiDLKD B1NDLI90 WOOD, with a firt lithtpr In ?*rrr |. :adl-, l? tt:? be ? ti ne^Toraalebj aB ?ro*ra try u. ttv akaTiu?t, aapar or aernatine oU re>iU!r 4. CHXAf. SAt-B. ILEA* blEPH ?:>M?* * KRO , Mili and Depot 7th atr*ri Wbarl ItitU Ij Branch Qgc* lui- Pf uail.acla atanoa. EDUCATIOXAL. \VfT Ef,U "??T?TCTA tarn' ? f? _ ) ?*? ia/.e! M'a b L. ? *. i. Piurlr.. Bt*? linM'D,(joLD. tf^iid f<?r circjttr. ni^r J im, THI EPISCOPAL INBTITl'TK ~ HtS P L RN.OdT.'rru'.^^rr""' ThrBlxth Annnal Hm-md <>f tkti chnr'-h ? ik?i for Loja will ooinni. rc* on V KI'Mi^Iia V . tb Sth 01 B't'eiLber Kurihi-r IU..n:iatt..n can l>? bad r. L KMGBT.D D.. Wf-f 14 4 < Oc-craa W?-v<. K1! ?V?5i IM!,y,\,1,ID OLASeiCAL f% F L*' T 8< UfOL FOB VOLVO L A Diets ?|* a.VS r.k w ? Mra. AN4ILO JACE BON . Principal -Tb' turh'li annna' a^?.loa b?wlia \\K MAKKUSLY STKICTLY PUttK GOODS. OA TIB, t U AHBLKrt A CO ? ?TKIOTLT PURL WHITE LEAD, riTTSBUKOB, Pa. *?*? teg of our Whlf* Lm1 b?%r? the fUiowlta wa .ruaranua a?r|:Mu| ft^aJ^r^ll W(lit?||il0 QLiurpiiMd. THIS FACKACK C0XTA1HS Par* ? bite Lead.. - Llbaaad OU. Ill %%1 IB Q,^P. -?n b? ?aH to aay oaa flmtlnR tba content, o. k**? different from aaalr? ?ii DAVIS, "BAMBBBS * OO FOB?ALf ?T rBASIlR MILLfS, ?t"T ?K atreaa ?TttlHal KN'MJURA'iK TBUBEB BOB TLlNkl BOB ? IB HATt'UKLb roB^LAOr*^8 *** CM1LPBBB. SAT'iRKl* roB ? Bk , CAKBIAQB B<BRB"&WL ltfUlOB*CB|SfvBBj(' rS?Af?f JSJ/.Vu* tsszxivp Trvuii of #w? it] U? ^iMSh t?> oroer o? ||r pr?a)Mg. . . . tW TTH 0T|||t lAwSaJ*4 H*u" ?? bbaotioal itRur*miis UTAbLlel'Ki IN IMi _____ _ _ BJLPAtB'.tB _TimiaM BaB** BS8 arovaM* - TAOBEBpoTatai. nmum *mA

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