Newspaper of Evening Star, May 2, 1876, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 2, 1876 Page 4
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E\ li.MNC STAR Tl l>I??l 2, l<r.A. t*rntHit>ilitu>9 To-iUiy Orrics ???' cwirr hiokai. o?non,t v.'A^uiNWTo*. m*v a. i<ne t In 1h? iow? r lake r-tinu and tne middle St?le* >fj*iior.ary ?.cd falling lMroru?t#r, norther: v l?> easterly winds. alight cb%n*? ll. 'm|i. rr. |i>rrra*tnK Cloudinesa. *ud (rati.a.;y followed by ratny weather. LOCAL NEWS. i jtiamearal*. 4kT?-al(lii Ifm.r Tiuaitr?Ro-e Ky tinge as "Rose MMkfl" Th?<u*r Juba, orWho Wins." ar<! vnrieli?h. MoM-mr Festival for toe benefit et the Itacitli of thf Incarnation. W H?hlDKti>n l)r|>inv Park. X*y.M. Jd,4lb, ai>a 3tfl. itrfctts for nale at ?n:ce .if the National Hotel. vhe imperial llot?l. fc.>v? Sfar,! at *"ilisr?a IL?tel. ?ffice of the New York Avenue Hotel. Office of :? ?? st Milrc. ?.f1" N' WH I "jot, northwest corner of aih ar?l h ?ir<^i?. , Tra.r s !mvf from ?'?th ?tre?t l?pol a! ? : ?.?id3o'tlw>, I unu trip ticke'v, ? m * Dr . I1 ''"tiii,?in ii ?. r..? ? . t i,:k ? m *' W*<b.iigtona?:> -? T"f n: ' '***t M? Namar*, charged by Jc.fcn It l ?.rion w?!b per. ji?v, wt>,c?i w.ts !aal we*lf' "'V? Berber will let: ire in this ti/f. rVy K Vf? K- M-y i:- Hf *'?ogrega JUn anJ Ticket* a, likely to be*n K?* ii' r ?' Joseph"* ball, corner* ?ii. ?mi II street*, for the lw?neiit of St mZtltS CTiarrh will continue eveniB?-when1'w:" ck?~ rT';' SJ?h, 1Vnt of ? 'riiT of i Ji*eLmbittnot North America will hold an anjourred .e?s|0n In M. sire's hall, 3th street, ?fr\t J ue?rtay afternoon, and on tne follow wg i'a\ a public demorsrratlon and recei> Aion will (Kko place in (ifor^town. Tr.e KMi t! jury ye*terday found a tni?? hill if r .n"i? l'CWf'11 a,lH" KdwarJ Collluo, p* t lircfny, isweoml offence*, an 1 nrp tr?!"1 'ollowtnf H^nry William*, alias nair.*. fi r a?Ka-.iit with intent to Ki 1- ' Fpuraim Kurkett. larceny, and Win. Hamil- , uoi'. |i#r inry. Theodore Bame? ymterlajr fouu-l a yo in? ?nun nm^l Turforj, at a ho.Me on .id street, ?ofrenrg from hfmorrna-.'ea aid too* him to police heaJqnartfrx. He ha>l yestorlay a which has untlo<ibte*tly lujur^l s?P!ssr??^ tormC At a meeting of the M.?;lical Mooletc ,,r ?JOr*^owri I nlverMty lH?t evening, I?r. Tb.poJore Mra.l It, theoMairaiKl I)r. K-fnolds JS i 7;" r *??* t'oop* r, L A. Harvev ?> ? M Broa.lrnan w.'re electe,l member* of i>?^ *2 1>r"- Held and L .11L T*.rlt ,TeT no<"!"?te.J for mem- | R ? v.-^T ,a,r"*ll?r. WH* extendeil to Dr. ?r ork- 10 S'7e a lecture ?t te nervoun *ystem. Thk IfrviYAL Mfctino To D*y_T/ii?i w"rDrTli|b,i K^K?sh L,J"uran Cuurrl1 SnV' hmTJ^ J' Noble. / ' r.P1[" Krani"r- Wortblngton, I.ittie and (iraefT beiug present. After the" rr.,C5<*?~S' ,>r Gra.v rf,?JfrDmJnlg(* ?f Ottd whi^Ci or the work ? i uoii. which taKf?s i.iace lu hisowntimA tc'ia'?Vrg|l'rb'"rS*1?Cle'J at;enclP'J Hip ?rt? were called for from the meetings I act nlsrht. 1 ?T * grand meeting at hi * eburrb. K. v u A. Hall reported the meei 11 C at. tt.e vtti street M. ci- urch a? ati ev reports ice WOTS Pti.l in progress at the Lnthoran *2ft<r c1ap,,,oi *"? ??i?tiU1 Va,t .^arg. Ht and the m<w in?er e* In* of the Merlos. Rev. Or. tirav ki>oSo o' l^e meeting at hi* rhorch ^the Nortti Han ti^t) as an exreil^n? or.e. Kuv. >fr. \*vera rt-.erreil to the oul-?ioor as hein r fbr 1ShiInl*,e!,t:''8 The re,rj??u ! Mr 1 u ?' * 'in, Ie numerous were read by Kr* "a"]i?iiiid, wuo oRerel pra\-er. I>r 1 '^2 ,Le rV rreJ 141 a case ? nian endeavor-' 1' g to reform, who la temj.ted to ar -ept em ln,Belllu* 1'inor to obtain ?up, - ? i. r J? ofber ea.sea. and urgei t aometblng should i>? done for this par'v a . i I others similarly .situated. Rev. Mr Worth- ! .D4SL Mr Tuomaa fendeV t ' ZZZXnolZny- A pral?nt?y - remarkable memorizing ind dramau^al U,t!e ,vHo** *bove ran, -d.and la.d right a reporter <?r The .star emoracel ?n opportunity to witness mem. Mr a , i 1 u ShUO" *re Ana. ?atia. 1). i>? v, i'*',non wfs r,orn :n ?x,a''> Und. and A. ra Shannon s .formerly Miss fa,oert? ^irthplace *a? on the old Ta bert eaJaJe known now as ? Morris H:U." M?>i>-r Hairy ahM.i 7ema8ru?r :re- "as no initig remartab.?- in ni> io?nn?r until ??',e addresses him. theu his e llgb, ,"u noficea^e br,K;a:tcy. .ie' .peali wuti the *n; gr^.ceof a culture.) ,,rat. . He ? ^ame on rue sand" an R.y^rt ' . "P^01' 'rom the Green ? i^ti. ? Dublin . aud a i.?ng poem, with apathy, and Skill t,.at wZ,wonderful. alm?!?>y? memorijm, oration or poem almost h? rapidly* a^ jt is read to him He aEd?^i^af iyi^0se not,'J ror ,or,y tbongut *b^ae b^TmiL ''en committing ? n^ae uu little bands move nervously a ,.l Jre?,aently touches his head, as .t to iacll irVrtT8 ' He ls ?tron? Hnd ?ry acm e. JtaL.ei^Tf a?L^em 10 ^ on? of 'aomln ?? ?/ ? precocious mind In a slck'v nr^t^t na-shes for a moment a-,d goes o?it Br*?"ciass -infant prodigy." tV thea nealmanas-rs are alreadj- a.'ter him and ?r*VtVKe "um ?f *-"0'"s) foi au engagernent Tenti rUO* "a" l,eW out tf>Ts pa. ?fT,?>r ?V*Wr of cr,'w"?iu or the statue ??ir r^r*l.?"'a P1*0** a' the lmmacu late toLcep ion church -Sunday even ng in preMraUon for the r*gioning ,,r We immiS ZL^inrhig wan-n special devotions ar. ?blW?? by Catholics. Tne the parochial sCho-?la 1, thflr r(-sI*ctive school build ' cburch. and decorate! the statue '''rrV' 1 '51 WiUl lhe t,"wers which tnev carrie.1. Tlie?rowa was presented by Misa , aly. and the lamp by Mih Pepper. An act of consecration was read in a very solemn manner by M m Nannie Noooan on behalf of ?be children. Then follow^]^ grand v^ JPTJ*' *rJ*r wbicb the reverend j?aa'or a.l- i ?Ke on tne meaning and lit- ? ? "*9f whuh followed, and wfclcb wer? accompanied by kpnronr ate aiuaic i-y Nannie N Jon an Vanne K1 r m"le ^cC!o*k>-? M J. Callahauand , * f '?rlffln. The girU. numbering about oTV h. "r ** una*r tLe charge of Uie Sisters '? ^barity. were tastily dreaseit tn white ' TrTtlra* Tl"! *hlla v'ail?. With w.eatus of cowers. The services vvereclo?''l bv?oier>i,i 5m iisv v- ,,uj' i"?o 5?"r t*a?ber, Mr. P \?u^b*n.of Wav: ??>i,and Mr. P. P. Kerrlek.of Halt'njjre were ntatiy dies?ed a,.d ver- orderly a ? ? A civil SriT fokCojrsptBACV -T> iav >lr. IharltH A. Uayeu.feda suit fur A 1 cUfttQt It. McI?oiia:d as;, mst Charlaa F tL"\^yi-W 11;am P I?ole. tiiibert Moyeri, w. ii. r of'i and 1 bar leu Adolpb. "commonly vailed tne Marquis de Chambiun. for c>n ?piracy to maliciously aggnevt- and impov- 1 eri?h t m and to cause uim to be arrd??ed ? and deprived of h.s property until he should - P*y- without -:s: claim. in ^,->1,1 and In carrying .>,il ?sai 1 purpose on the'i?ui V v*'.,1^.1? v',n lhe c: y of Brooklyn, t m u ? 1iiU'Dl. 10 '?Jure blm u e> cause 1 5 ^ 1 an l taken through the street* in charge of the sherifl w.10 ac?*i .H1*. Jn?tigat;on ??f said defeudaats^ Joa pri\ate dwelling and subsequently to .T2ilc f Ja I. where ne was restraineJ of bv ?^,y untU ^aceti ijjth following. Ac.. iy"a;K,ay"diu""-" , .IKS' bS? 'u r,u>"i ^?eeTUfJ*a 'f'? ? baaln "^ichTs''ove? three feet deep. Dr. H?rrv w-m. 1: r thirty feet ofTatthe 11 m->, and HeaTmeV?r? ascertained the cause and rescuJsi 7 wto. although in the wateT^u^few6? f' ctes. was brought out unconscious n ret, si red eooaideraole erhjrt to ^?suJr? him Tb?Va!iin?rmeV ,U?UlJ pUce a nU;m* around Kle< tion Or Ofmi irs.?The Knights or ***? Augustine Command* rv. No 2 nave V?sr XV* fo.lowing offlcers for the ensuing ? Km^ df i ?ml'h. commander. Willis R flr?t deputy commander. L. B H Mrna /*co."a ?i?puty cornman ier Wm. kl._?ai.'#ro?.^I, recording scribe George L r?or?ling scrlbe John H. .f<a>^ali John Mitchell. T-^.. A. u 'tdFiirf? r;i? ?"ij ,,orM Ma rriagi Lirxxsrs have i?cn a/,:?i Huichea and Henrietta Dixon i'u'iin * Hay aud Liable A. Jfer^iing. Foll,p Trial for Child Knrdrr. A BAIiV U.rf IJf A ttUAR. Today, In the Criminal C ?urt. Juice Ms? Arthur, the ra?e of Krnm* Wlitam*. .. i' i"! rbar-ced wl'ti mnr.ler, ?n having, on ti e MD. f January last, given birth to an ln ?nl. she took to a rallar. nicealgil :.rd d( ?f rfe?l to (!!(> Of ll?gW?, WAR Cfllled! '''".'J,1?' ?"r'?r,T^^ Well* f?.r the government, !'i to'- *? J) PrtU.of Alexandria, for ttiede fence. Ti e following juror? wer?- empunnelied ' T'fj r, Jinii* A. Loveless A M soinru?mn. TW a bbott. Jos. F l^nea*. Jao'. W Prmn' 8 John Tbomp r'"ZXl JO*? "? 1 b?- government, In opening, said they pro r?**d to prove that the acnsed gave birth to a child at the time namM, and placed it in an ash heap in a cellar of a house on I2*h street, near Pennsylvania avimue, and there lelt it to die. Tbe defence claimed that the act belrg one committed through Ignorance vat an act of excusable homicide. The first witness was /?na? Tnlhert, a col ored boy. who testified that he and another I arty were called to clean out a cellar, and while there the cries of a child were h?ard t y hm companion, and they round the babe b? hind a pile of lumber, with nothing on it bnt a piece of rap. Sergeant Ihrvtmore 'entitled that he went to tue house after semtc the child, and found the woman in the atti.* or<11 l_>th s're*>t. and oi.i- g fier a* to wliy sh< had pla-* -d the child tnere. she said she thought it ?a? dead, r - Child wax alive when witness left th? ? J; tiu;i at an o'c|o< k. <>? cross-examination witness said the woman suted that if the c 111 was as i ve and w .* brought bacu she would tal<e enreof it. I r McBiair ait 'nded the child atthe s'atio . i"h)fr Kn,u ur testified that th'> child was sent to its mother that evening, but about 11 o'c oefc it was dead and was brough buck to t?:e station. Ti.e woman's m >th r. XI iry W illiams, took the Child back to the mother. Alcr.i ,\ |i ijiuinn testlfh-d that she was the mother of the accused, and llveu *d Alexan dria. and was sent for because her daughter was sick; heard that thechild hart been found, and weyt down to the station, wiit-re she at tended to the child. m.idlrg t soma catnip tea. l)n cross examination witness said that the accused told her that she went to tfce ct liar to set a bucket of coal, ami there the i child was born, and she thought If was dead, j Witness furthtr testified that the aecasel ; did not l avi r*al bard sense,and was flighty In Iff mind, ai.d whs now only r.* ve irs 1 of ag?*. i r. Ifarhgan testified that he exam:ned 'ha body on The day following, and fo iud some marks of violence on if; death was c nisei by loss oi biood aud possibly expos are-the result of reelect.. Dr. J. II. Mc*:Utir testifier! that the Imme diate cause of ??eath was exposure. For the defence, Mr*. y. H\ King testified that the acc iaed had lived with tier about thrte years, an I was an honesr, kind heart ed girl, very devoted to her mother; recol Ucts t.;at the day before the occurrence Emma had a fall. Air. y. w. Kmg testified to the good char acter <>f the accused. The case was argued by counsel, and the jury having been charged, retired about 12 o clock, and returned in abou an hour with a yerdh t of manslaughter, with a reeommea atlou to the mercy of the court. * I'rof Sheldon h Entertainment. The National Theater was crowded yester day afternoon to witness the examination exercises of Prof. Sheldon's dancing acade my. The beautiful fairy ballet of "Cinder ella. or, th? Glass Slipper," was produced in pleasing style, while the various characters by Prof. Sheldon's ... ?Dl'e pupils. The following was the cast: ?Jnuerella, the neglected daughter of the Popollno, Ml.-s Lou I)urant; Thlsoe and ?, her proud sisters. Misses Ida Pumpbrey and Nellie Acker; Pedro, servant to the Baron and faithful friend of Cinder ella. Master Moor S. Kails; Baron Pompoll ro. Master Arthur Hooe. the Good Fairy, Cinderella s godmother. Ml-s Mamie Man ger. Coachman. Master Willie?>tlman; Foot .MaMers ??eorge Manger and K leline *?inij Kalry, Belle Hunt; Second Fairy, Miss Corcie Denver; Third fatrv. Miss Inez King; Fairies, Misses Bes sie Markrlter, Ada Drummond. May Stott ihida Henri mes, Emma McNeir, Minnie Hook. Mary Hooe, May Hamilton. May Wnson, May Hnyck, Lillie Baker. Kstelle { < n Laura Brook, Alida Henrio'iea. i' - Morun, May T. Duell, ilclen Moore, Mav Wililtms, Lucy Lilley, Marguerita .Spald ir*8' -v!^-v I>uncanson and Alice Burdette Felix. Prince of Salert.o, M'.ss EUa Gray Alladora, tutor to the Prince, Mis8 Minerva Sheldon; I>andlnl. vale' to the Prince, ^'ss May l>eerlng: Count Bonettl, Master Albert Aegcr. Count Delanci. Thomas I mrant. I.oid Muiti. tharies Kalbfus, Count Appolita, Master J Barry Adams Duke Hererri, Mas ter >\ill:e Burdette; Prince Enrico, Ma?tor Harr-. .Moor*: Lord Alfonso, Mister DureM derson, Marquis of Aronl, Master E Iwm Mu' -ock Bcron Etori, Master A B. Morri '?: . Ma.von. Master E.Drummoud; Armoa tiu Master \\ B. Keyser; Patrlua. Master ?Sc. "j.ler ^tokes Orlando, Masier N,<-tjolas a.' inu'?- Master A. H. S< mmes, | ^ sltti. Master Alexander llamiltoD: Tomasi. Master I . 8. Gunion; I'omp?si. Master Lrooke Baker; Leonitl, Master Willie It >ose Irince Mahssl, Master Lucian C Higslns; Count Ai'j.'jlini, Master Ge?jrge Hofrb'; Laron I ? rini, Master Thomas Durant; LaJy Majora. Miss Nina GhdIoo; Duchess Cla risM, Miss Helen Morris; I rjchess of Salerno. Miss Gracie Acker: Lady Beatrice, MtsS Do.t.e Marknter; Princess Mallssl. Miss MainlePumphreys;Counltss Appolina, Misa a.lie f ross; Marchioness Elmora. t orenee Croghau, Lady Susini, Miss Sailh Pumpbreys: Countess Angelica. Miss Flor erceDetriDg. Princess Haldee, Miss Lizzie Ruff, Countess Alicia Miss Lula K dd. Numerous rancy dances were then baauti fuliy performed, after which prizes were awarded as follows: Gold Medals-Misses Lou Durant, May Deerlng, Nellie Acker and Ida Pumpbreys. Silver Medals?Masters Phillip 8. Gunloa, Lucius c. Higgias, George Hobos, Brooke Baker, Misse6 Iuez Jvinx. Helen Morris, Horence Croghan, Lulie Redd, Nina Gun '9?- ^fi^e Pumpiirevs, Alida Henriuue?, \ allie Cross, I lottle Markrlter. Mamie Pum pbreys. Belle Hunt, Mamie Manger, Kior g"??'l'lra",'s i,^r1T??""' Mow ? yaUvtutl Theater n|!rwu eftvHSst US nrV ?erfornaa,ice in this cit> last evening, and Miss Lose Eytlnife s admirers here, who had In former years mm* and appreciated her spirited acting in such mies as "Kate Gaunt" and "Lady Gav spanker,' were astonished at her power ami pathos in a character so different from her former roles as this of "Lose Michel." She carries the sympathy of the audience with her throughout the play, which Is decidedly one of the most interesting of the season. Of ber supportMr. J. B. Studley, as the miser. "Pierre Michel," was particularly grod, and Mr. Seymour, though not such a "Moullnet' as Stuart Kobson, is pietty fair The scenery is fine, particularly The- view of the Seine and Notre Dame cathedral in the fighUn'^elasTa^.1"0" aUd 1>an" by m0?n Matontc Tui'pte.?Th* festival lor the bene fit or the ( durch of tiie Incarnation Hill J Commence to-night and continue for three plghta only. In addition to the pleasure at tendant upon a festival well gotten up *he Joe Jefferson club will to night give a nar lor entertainment entitled The Silent Wo man." There Is no admittance feedurln" lunch time each day. The ladies ha\in^ riiarge of the arrangements have determined to make this festival a success. Theater Ow/?v/??e?"Juba. or. Who Wins " the female minstrels, an.l the gem ballet are the leading attractions this week, and arc all well prodnced. ? ? - Hon. Daniel Clark, of Prince George's county. Md.. and a well known member of the bar of Baltimore city, the court of appear or Maryland, and the District of Co lumbia, died yesterday morning at I"> ^0 la,1? ",lden? ia Baltimore. In the year of his age. lie had served in the senate and house of delegate* of Marv ^and. and was twice a candidate fo. the at torney generalship of the state before the democratic conventions. He was a promin ent member of the Protestant Eplscora' church, and churcb advocate of the court of inquiry instituted to inquire into the alleaa. lions against Bishop Whittlnghara, growing out of the Mount Calvary cburcn di.ficutty. He was attending the circuit oourt of Anne Arundel eounty in the Interest of the Balti more and Potomac railroad company when be was seized with illness. Mr Clark .eaves a wde and five children. His funeral t?te? place to morrow Dicrkkok Divorc*.-To day, Judge Wy Ue. in tfie E?iulty Court. ma<ie a dec ree of divorce in the case of Lydla Dockery aat SIT??1 IV)ckery The petition set forU that they were married at *an Francisco, lu L*'3, *nU charges that since Feh defendant has been frequentlv 1 V ?aad treataJ With great cruef wl'th ^m?ifi*nCe8,of,*uch ,re?l?ent, and KHirf.^^i. J* illt?ry with one Alice ? I. ?cto(>er. 1874. The decree jfives mains f **** rnonta sh- re r g i restores to her the name of ber former husband Ward) Mr w * ? Rial Estate Sal*:*._m?. Thomas e W aggamaB has sold lot 224, square CTv with """bouw'1 Messrs. Young A Mlddletown sold yester ff PUhDc auction, for Messrs. Samuel L Philips, trustee, and R Boss Perry, at u.riiey, the tr ick farm known a* Blue Mains.oppnaiu Alexandria, Vs., coutatu %A?^iere.Cre"' '? Mr W W ^r PccmriRF! ? Wfav.iTn* Garb of PlRTY TO L'MKaT I'oNKIDtSO Psoi'I.E? Oteday Unwtcli tw? men, toe *ldest not ovir thirty-five yearn of hr^, aud bolb In aricress, manner ud general api>?aracoe in- \ dlcatlng, ? bat tbej repre?erte<l themselves to be, Christian Brothers, cil'**l a coupleof t1u>?Kattr.e store of Mr. J??. Beltew, book s'lier. on 7 tb s* reet. and madesoiie trifling purchases. Soou after their tirst visit tne proprietor thought he missed some books , frt m the counter, but never dreame l thai h's j c)? rlcal looking customers were the thieves till late !n the afternoon of Friday, when i tj f j called again, and while one of the ras- J csi* engaged the attention of the clerk, who wns alore at the time, theother succeeded in storing ln'.o lils evidently rapacious pockets several small and large volumes?principal ly of a religious character?of the value of perbajs ?i?tor 812. Mr. Bellew being absent returned about the time they took their de parture, ai:d having discovered h'.s addi tional loss. sent his clerk in pursuit and no tified the defectives. ? Ho far, however, no trace of them has been discovered, and it is supfx setl they roust have left tne city on the Mime evening. Further inquiry reveals the : fact that for two weeks or so they have beeu balling on servant girls, especially in the ' suburbs of the city, to whom they oflered for ' sale religious b?.oks. representing themselves 1 someilmes as priests collecting"for charita ble objects, anu again as canvassers. They ! tell a very plausible story, well calculated to disarm suspicion. We feel It our duty to warn the people against them, If they have . not already transierred their operations to some neighboring town or city. The May ijryotioas at Ht. Dominic's cburcti were formally opened last evening by the pleasing ceremony of crowning the 1 statue of the Blessed Virgin M*ry, which was recently brought to this city from 'he studio of a northern artist, by whom It was sculptured. The boys of the Sunday school, fifty in number, under Ml-s Maniple, teach er. proceeded to the Academy of the Sacred j Heart of Mary, on Virginia avenue and 81h street, and escorted the pupils of that Insti tution. one hat dred and forty In number, all dressed In pure white, bearing boquetu oi j fl wers. to the church, where they tiled in, headed by the Sisters, who bore the crown ' composed of the rarest exotics, which was hanoed to Father Fortune, and after appro priate remarks, In which he explained that the ceremony was an old one. and intended to show their reverence to the yueen of ! Heaven.s>mbollzed by the statue,hedepos ! lted the crown on the head of the statue. The pi .jcesslon then passed around, and the chil dren deposited their boquets in baskets sur rounding (he altar. The chuich and streets leading thereto were crowded wltti specta tcis to witness the ceremony. List of Patknts issued to residents of the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Vir ginia. for the week ending May Jd,1IST'i: Jjis rit fti/ (UumNs.?Thomas B. Bishop, of Washington, Improvement in elastic soles and hoi8-shoes; Samcei W. Lloyd, of Wash ii Kton, Improvement in combined levels, squares and levels; Cyrus W. Haladee, of Wasl lD(.ton. assignor to Charles K. L. Holmes, of New York, N. Y.f improvement in curry combs (3 cases ) Mrrijlaml ? Lewis C. Curran, of Baltimore, iroprovemect in buttons; Simon Falrmau, oi Baltimore. Improvement iu hot air de flectors and water evaporators; John K. Hare, of Baltimore. Improvement in bas ket*; Wm. D. Wright, of Baltimore, Improve ment In burglar alarms; James M. M. Con rad, of Baltimore, design for a bas relief. i'trtjima? Granville T. Owens ol Owens vine,Improvement in horse detachers; Na than O. Bond, of Fairfax, Improvement In portable washstands; Crockett J. Saunders, oi Gogginsville, Improvement In andirons; Wltcher Jones, of ! 'anvllle, design for man ufactured tobacco. A. G. Fuller & Co., of Danville, trade man for plug tobacco. Ei*ildin<. Permits issued by Inspector Plowman Mrs. 8. J. Morgan, two two story j brick dwellings, north side Pierce, between North Capitol and 1st streets northwest; | ? K. Daw, a twe-story brick dwelling, \ west side Montgomery, between Wi s and St< ldard streets, Georgetown; ?xoo. James Towles, repair two frame dwellings, east side of !?th, between H and I streets north west; SM)0. FISH MARKET To-DAT.?Sold by R. A. Golden A Brother, flsh agents .r>,On?i shad, j for ?lta?i? per hundred; 4ij,000 herrings, for %lla*12per thousand. ? . . TIIK COI KTN Criminal Court?Jwt<ie Mac Arthur. Yeste rday. 8fter our report closed, THE MTRDIR TRIAI, ? the case of Jack Williams, alias Uich ar 1 Williams, for the murder of Francis Luck* tt, on the iOth ol April, l>7t?was con- i eluded, with a verdict of manslaughter, the i District Attorney abandoning the charge of murder, ai d the court sentenced Williams to four years in the penitentiary. Kl?hard Jones, alias John Johnson, bur I glary and grand larceny, in entering ami rob bing ihe residence of Emriek W. Hansel on i 1 the loth of April last, was found guilty, and j sentenced to tour years in the penitentiary. Patrick Doyle, assault on Mary Curtain, an appeal case ' plead guilty, and was flue! *H? aud costs. A >ecoad case against Iiicb d Jones, alias Johnsou, was nolle prose jute I. TO-DAY, Lmma Williams, murder; verdict guilty. Janus Adams. Fielding Gray, and DeWitt Frazler. robbing Rachel Fort of his pocket book, containing ?7.10, pieal guilty, aivl wire sentenced each to six mouths In jail. Je?hn Wolf, assault (appeal); not guilty. The grand jury to <<ay found an indict ment against George Johuson for larceny. Equity Cojrt?Judge Wylie. The Mav term was convened to-day-Cool idge a^t. Blunt; decree authorizing trustee to borrow. Lace et al agt. Lane et al.; de cree authorizing the receipt of nayments of i notes. Mary H. Eastman agt. Henrietta Andrews et al.; decree vesting title in the plaintiff. A number of routine orders were made. GEORGETOWN. i The Revival meeting last night was ! opened as usual by singing and prayer, alter which Rev. Mr. Beall, of the Baptist church, spoke from the text, "Choose ye this day i whom ye will serve."' His remarks were j very earnest and eflectlve. Cpon Invitation many came forward for prayers, some of whom professed conversion. Grain?By canal?Boat Wheeler A Bar- I ron, with 3,000 bushels cf corn consigned to ! i Hartley A Bro. Also, 500 bushels of corn to ! H. M. Talbott. Building association?At the regular monthly meeting (lt;th month) of the loth Building Association last night, 23 shares were sold at an average of 120 per share. 1011 "S,u 1011 CLOT HIJTG . SPRING AND SUMMER DRBNN CO A IN AND TESTS. Oriental 8il\ Fi d Worsted. g JO Horthsmpton Bilk Blbbod Worsted, $ l<? j Ylfcua Diagonal Worsted, #1?> 50 Black ington Black sad Gold Worsted, ?? 1 o I'? bridge >'ancy Bilk Wonted. |U harragannstt Faacy Ulk Wonted- 110 RrSINDM SOTS. Fine llbcrnt Spring Cum Salt, fJU Flue Delat arre Plaid Casi Suit. $ 1 *? ??ivard Harrl* Hairline Cass.Suit, gib.SO Ttie \ > r?allles Checked Cum. Bait, ?13 The Diagonal Bibbed Cass. Suit til Oeo'ne Washington Hill Bine flannel Salt, 913 Worth iloc?ic Block Case. Bolt. 9111 Hercnles Scotch Ca;s 8nlt $ 11 ?ngliah Biripe and Plaid Cass. Buit, $10 Knickerbocker Check Cms Bait.f 9 Ssniibnri Broeken Check Cas?. Suit, S9 Union Cms. Salt, Frock and Sack 96 TOFTHS' RriTS. MlUWnrg Diagonal Wort ed Salt, $1* Llppln Bilk Bibbed Cass Salt 913 Mason s Hair llo* Cms Snlt, 411 London Plaid Cast Suit. 99 Mew York Milis Cms. 8uit, 97 BOYS* SriTS. Norwalk Fancr Worsted Salt, 910 OaiBdm Plalu C*M.Smt,$* Snow Bake Faacy Csm. Salt, 97 knlcktrbocker Check Ca*? Salt 96 i Colon Cass Silt, 91 ? A. STRAUS, j .011 riBBITLTUU ATUDI 1011 ap28 tr BlTwitx 10th a^id 11th Stbbkt*. j |S1P0BTA&T TO UOUSKKIBpIbsT Feather Beds and Tillowa and Hair HattresMn retOTated and made hanyant aDd inodoroaa by im proved application of atram. HartrsaetM re up hoi tiered by J. T. 111 NT KB. at sam? place. Good city references given for work already done. b. r. cuaphah, ap!5-lm* Wo. 1137 7th street nurtbwert. iV| i<U K UHHBBLLA8 AMD PABA-^^ SOLS COVBBBD AND^BK PACKED, a A apil iw* 483 11th St., above Pmpa. avs. ^ f LOAM OFF1CB, tbnur ?/ Tut mti V> mmd fork ifinw. sntrauce on Bew /Oi Fork avenoe. The Most private Loan offloeXwA In the city. Money loaned at the lowest rateV ? ot intsreat on Gold ai d Silver Watches, Diamond*. PUts and Plated Wars, eons, Pistols, Ladle* and ' Gentlemen's Clothing, Csrpeu, Slid all articles of rata*. jaall-lF C IT Y ITEMS. How to Makk Mdsit.?We will >tii# ' !HnMinit "Iul "PWdieat wny to iuuilj|?ij arid Inrroape'1 U to e*ll at V?> li Wall ?tr*et New York, and consult Willi ALIX FROTHIN*,'HaM CO TvPho have lone hern --Vf- l,le history and affair* of ?re unusually skill.*! In mo >e tary affairs, and lc everything appertaining to rp?culBtloD, are unexcelled Jor ability fJPI proficiency. It may also be ?*ld ttiat of the many broken In that city they are rot only the most nopular. hot also the moat successful, best patronized, and most widely known In or near the viclulty of Wall street. of ,rie hon?e or A.ex rrotbingham A Co. are some of nnr leadlrc and representative citizens, who are SniS. the !abors this firm for much of the wealth they now enjoy. I >uring the long and suooessfal experience Alex- Froth Irgbam <* Co. in this city they have earned for themselves an en viable reputation for honesty, lnteerltv and good faith, and enjoy a business almost col ossal In its proportion8. In fact, the amount of business done by this house In the course of a year is something wonderful, and often forms the subjcct of commit. It neeiN but a visit to their spacious offices In Wall street to prove the truth of the above statement. How they manage to convert ?10 to *20 t v li tn *40. ?4(> Into ffO, and so on is a "se cret w.'ilch they alone can explain; bat that tbey succeed in doing so is a fa.'i too well known to admit of doubt. If yo-i would safety and profitably invest yot;r "money, d.> not hesitate to favor this firm with your cash and confidence. That by so doing you will reap an abundant re war 1, ihe experience of thousands of our best citizen* at tests. The necessity of taking sncn a ("our^eln these tint's of tottering bankx and iiiauctal strin gency must be apparent to th. most iudnler t*r?t and rar^l^f.K observer? Messrs. Aiex Frothing bam J- Co. are pre j^arcd to invest mon?*y to any a nount In the best: securities. ?nd ln e^erv transaction in wlilch they may he engaged gu>'rant<*? en n fo those who "^ior t!ie.n with their pafronnge. .??e,l*J fo,r their Explanatory Circular and ? etkly Kepor.s, which they mail fr^e to all who desire them.-! Mv.,i A. Y. Metropolis, April 16. ]?,C. 0 ? Valfable asd )!iuaii!,e ?'Firo ? n'x Biorrtnal Troches" are invaluable to tho?e Pxpot- ti to sudden changes, atlordlng pronint relief ln coughs, colds, etc. ? For he a i,th and an Increase of v:tai Ity, uf>e the Health Lirt, at <jx? Pa. ave. 4.:y , Brijuui e Cure Truss. I roresfor Itambow's glove-titting Truss? no metallic or rubber springs; no hard pa is; ^ comfort; d?>es not Interfere !v}H1,'ab?r- P'^asnre. or sleep. At 'he Health Lift Parlors, tosp^ftve. 4^ artJj?'r* BrOB- ot North Carolina Smoking Tobacco. 10 and 20 cent p-?ck a?eB* 4,13,1: . ? Thk National Havings Bank, corner or New \ork avenue and 15th street, pays 5 f er cent, per annum on deposits for each cal endar month. Banking hours, 9 to 4. Hat urtlays, 9 to 4 and 6 to h. /Jt3,14116 Dr. Dixon, editor*of the fralitel. New i ork. says: "The Lift Cure Is thf most com prehensive treatment of the body, and as an equalizer of the circulation is the most phy siological remedy yet disco,ered by the wit of man." Parlors, ai'. Pa ave. 4 _>y Longfellow andHabry Bassktt Ed wards A Hutchison's Rtimul atli.? I.lnlmeut Is the best thing for Injuries luHoreea. 4; CY^" Hw*80n-" Cilirt and Cham ??'J fiilnV'S ar?,pr,'pared expressly to cure Hick Headache. Nervons Heatlache, Dyspep LfL? f ' ^enra'g'a, Nervousness and HleeplessDess, and will cure anv case. Price. 50 cents. Sold by all Druggists ln Washing ton, Georgetown and Alexandria. 2,24,eo Firbt-class and Dtkino. A. * lscher enlarged his estaolisbmest hv removing to his new building, 9i?-i (1 st. north west, three doors west of uth street, very near rJL .'n?3er P,ace- Ky promptly adopting the latest improvements, whether of Am rlcan r>r Lnropean Invention, he is enabled to do any work in a manner not to be equaled bv tnose nr>t ixrssesslng these facilities. ,fl , ?i,re(,f,es cleaood and dyod with outbeing taKen apart. -C }.ral>e Veils re finished nice and cheap. wr Urease stains removed effectually. specialty1'* t*arments cleaning and dyeing a the^iruea*8 lower lbaaever befoie, to salt Corn* ire.?"The Wise for Health on dally walks dei>end,'' and thousands from ,?f.Rod nt,ar visit l?r. White s establishment. I4ib Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Wll lard s hotel, for relief from, and avoidance or, tarns, Bunions, Trouuiesome Nails, Vas cular Lxcresences. etc. Established ln Wash lngton In 1861. Fee, Si per visit. IJazaii patterns, HAZAIi I'ATTERNS, A(.EKCY AT HAl JI N, 4<?N Till Street. AGENCY OF THE NEW AUTOMATIC WILCOX A CIDBb SR ?l ING MA CHINEs. LADIES LNDEROARMEXTS AT ABTDH18HISQ PlilCES Made of tlie beet Octtooe tid beat workQiac*hip C. BAUWS SANITARY CORSET 0U ANT STYLE MAI>E TO OUDEU. C. BAl'M, 408 Seventh Street. apJ6 I MBBELLAB AMD PAHASOLS onv. * EbgD AMI) BEPA1BED. ^3^ AT THE MAHl rACTOBY, lm* 813 D street nortbwMt. l'Eli DOZE** BOTTLES.' 0 KOL'N 1)8 FOB IN VEST 10 AT ION' LET CoNUBEBtt BEE TO IT C1MCIXXA T1 LAGKR BE EH, . El PEK DO/EN. ?lX?e?r?c? ' U<*r,in 8tone delivered st Just received? LONDON ST0CT and POBTEB, TOUNGEB'S SP\BKLING ALE, UA8S ENGLISH ALK U' U I'M |> a>=2 tr FINE CJB0CEB1E8. I9ly p"u. It. \VALL TAPER A WINDOW SHADES. The flnect and largest BTOOK, including all the n"veitie? in dtcoraiTon?, and at prices lower than *iiy (tore in tlie city, will be toned at w TUBMAN'S. 413 9th street. mrThe beet woikiLen employed and ??ti*fact)0B gii?rantee<l apll lm * (;t.M lit inil.WAt KKE BECK " * For 8ale at CHBIB. MADEB' HOTEL. ?PL lm Corner of 10th anj E etreer*. ?VfiliYBODr SUOL'LD KNOW That two or three ewallowe nf Prof. COOK "8 BALM or LIKE will etop "btwl feeling" aftKr meals. No Injury or drbility results from it. Used "t.op'' headache, neuralgia, and vftaltzea thtf tired bralu and b.xly. As a dentifrice it purities thr breath and preserves the teeth in their pearly whiteness, make* the face fm r as a lilly, acdren a?r? the body Inodorous. M/ reputation li staked for the troth of the above. T. A. C OOK, Dieccrerer and Manufacturer, D ,,, Corner >th and H streets. Bold In inart bettlee only. apt dAKlm AT -AE^mtEB.. ^ Ladles'kad Oeatl TBAVELIHG TBUNE8, wttb McMarray 's Patent Trunk Btay attached. LADIES' TBAVELIHG SATCHELS SHAWL BTBAP8 and POCKET BOOKS. DOUBLE aad SINGLE HABB ESS LAP BOBEB and HOBSE BLAEKET9 SADDLES, BB1DLM and WH1PE. Trunks Oorerad aad Be paired, aad Bade to erder All Boaln to BaraMi. m. hchorraTi fUl-tt Ml Market Spaae. OPTICIAN NOTICE?Having dispensed with all salesmen, apprentices, Ac . I ^ ^ ?*?-? alten4 to business monaily. M j knowladge of uptice enablee me to procure only the beat goods for the moaer. aeltr Pa avs . corner *% street. HORSE FOOD. SOBDOrN FOOD FOB E0R81C8 AND CATTLE. mcoifOMr. rie oh.spemv, unm APtMAM. AAC'A", SOOIiD HKAL-1H, SM CVRSD BY ITS OSM. INGBEDIBNTE ALL VBOBTABLB. Eaapie 100 Feeda far E'i 00. Depot In Washington, 609 Louisiana avenue, ?clO-eoCa C. r. UVEEMOI ? CO. GEORGETOWN AhVKR' M'TS MaT o? t sipn BsNBYwLFRT fcO 'IB ? V will h id a .'-wi ts! *1 r, fr?t H ? I -pIUEBPaY *Kt>N?>0*Y >i.d Till BI'I'aV N l\ T. >l?i : J, ??4 4 f r the bet ? fit < f Uie ARed W ?.tuen * Hon.* C>>uti n* Sulitlt* _ Bf 1 it T\?\Y SFI1KG .W DSUXmft64 ?OL>^ AT ATthArTirK PHU SS jno ia Nitoor * *?s . ro us HtmiGK ST., oiuBdtrown.n r , Ut*M(i?i?td [ruu K*w V<>rK and tit tH<rib| ?t P?pui*r Ck*lk LADIES' DBapS O'H'PS io n? d**lgns of Plaids. f ? ri? at <1 Plain material*, bouat mak?? Black *nk froa flto mi M. Bl'a and Wti u Striped and ?'h?ck Milk: (jreuadin-** from Vk to 01 13 looriiBl Goods of all th? tort nikM au3 fast Rlack) * specialty; Cotton G'*ls and Sheeting" at ;*-.* lowtst reduced prices; White Dress Psbrfcs frcm Kit cents up; House Knrri*hlce Gicjs ot the beet makes; G-nt's ?Ml Pot* wear. Ladle#' and Gent * I'oderwear. Kid GIot??, I tntt. n, at $1 aril 41 M. yo<l?r? io great variety: Ptrv ?* and Uro*re|!a? Prints 8 and 6C , best 8 j : Percales US< ., with a fntl I lie (4other g.>^de, t<> which we are addirg dailv ?applies at low pi ice*. G >odssent to *0* part ot the city. spiS lm JM) II SM??OT * ?OS IV E W ?PH M(1 HUU l f?~ ~ 1 ' La<1ie?' Dress G.^xj*. i-? Plain. Plaid and Btrip*d Goods, at l?H. 15. 3U.IS, ?, ? 4U.45 and & C Black Silk*. Tutu- ?e and ''a?ha?eiea. A large stock Silk ft> t?h>d A1 pa. m and Moha'rs. HM jard* OtttCM at S.6V- and the b*?t at d cts. ? Percale*, Piquew and White Die** Goods, very ?kttl A beaoti*c! assortment Parasols aod Bun in trellas. Gotten Go<de at !-???t prices BENJAMIN HILLKK, apl tr 10.1 Hri Ige ?tree*. ?LL~Ol Rl?d TH PtHi'KOl'B^EKIEHUB THB BUBh IS OVEB Thanks to onr kind fr1?cds for their tnds!?ece* during the psst Kail, when such was the rush of Work from all sections a* to make It Impossible to fill orders a* promptly jwwwlsfc.d Being assured that the work when finished gave entire aatisfac tit n. we solicit a continuance of your eatr.uage, *n<1 premise food work at fair prices In from rue tc sight d.i*e Work *e tit for or deliver ed In any part ?line District; received and retrrned to and fros I sty part of tLs n^nutr by msll or express ?M M WHIaTI.II 8 fcV am Dtru and Scouring E-iiatllshroer t. 4'> Jeff-irson street, fler rjeu-wm, D. 0. B*rabli*hed 1S3I jar.6 0 (^KIIRAKTOW^ U ? ?1H1GH8TBKCT Bank hoars, a m t< 4 p m , and on 8atcrdan ltd receive depositji 1 nrtil h p m Interest paid (>a deposlrs. G> neral lii?nkin? Bu?lne?? don?. and cot lections tr.vle on all acce*?ib)e points. Plsronal days, MoLdav*. H. POLKiaiHOBJH, Pi?aMmt, H. W. Baheitt. CanMer. Urtrfm n Pclklnborc, | Thos Iiowlli.(, | J. T. Mitchell, llenry Dickson, I B. L.Cropley, I Fred Vr' title) A SMiir., I I D Hart! f, I Tt Know!* ?tay U-tn HOTELS. UNITED STATES IIOTSL, FORTY S ECO ft U STKEKT, AND COLOMBIA AND ELM AVSNCE*, OPPOBITK MAIN EXHIBITION BLHLL>i>0 CENTENNIAL GHOCN'US. TMs elegant flre-proof Hotel Is now open for the reception of guests. It contains Sit to- tu<. replete with all modern Improvements. Vititcrs to Phila delphia will Lowberem?et wltb better aocomm<^a t;oL? or more revocable rates. fehl tn AtJm P. ? BOOTIIBY, Manajer. w KITniMTIR HOTEL OB THE ECBOPEAB PLAN, orner Jrvlti Place and 18th ?treet, Nrw T .rk. One Block Ircm Union Sq' are and Broadway. The most central, aLd jit acletest looatloc to t':? city. Gonvenleot to the grt tt stores, tboaUrs aid shnrchee. Elevator, and all nodent Imprjvetnects. Easy acoess to all parts of the city ty street ears an? stages. ?epM 0. B. FBBBIB. Proprietor. TROrOSALS. FHOPOSALB FOR I'CEt. DkPOT Q< AKTIH MASTER - Ot KICK Wa-H1> .T<.n,D G May I*t,l!>7?. WEALED PBOPOBAL1. fn trlplicate, with a c >py ? of this advertietni'-nt atta. bed, will he reo?lve.l at this 1 Wee, until iV o'clock m , J'ine 1 ls7<>, at which place and time they will be ooened in the prt-'uce ,,t I : !<lerH. to d' liver, as reanirej d ialog the fiscal year commenclcg July 1, 1*6. and ending Jn:.e 30, 1SV7, at the Tariom cOlcoa acd offic rs <iOartei s in the District ot Columbia, and at l'.>rt tt i.ipple, Va . about eiti c? rds'if Hard Wood, Oak. waved and split and Inthestnk. Soo cords of Soft tt ?<*!, IMce, nawed and spl:t arid in the stick; and 27?<J tons of Anthrarite Coal. White Ash and Bed Ai-h. or Ly?< - N ulley. of si/? as may be call, d for, free from slate dust, or dirt. anJ to wei^h l^to p<. ncds to th> ton: and ao <ut lu tons ot Bitnm n >ns Lump Coal All the Wood and Coal to be of first clius met batitkble quality. Each -d should be ae ? <impani?ii ky a gaarantee,fo:m ftirm-hed by this iffce. The lowest ajrgre: ate bid for Woo l or Coal, cr botb.will lie enteitaint I. Thi r gut .s teservtd bv the governaisiit to reject ai y and all '.ids, and these proprsais are iavit 1 under pv-"vis i that appr pi atfon ifetflki made I .-r the supplies by t'oturess but, if other* i?e,the G.iv ernmeni w; 1 nut accept any I i l or enter iato con tr?<t. A prefer- nee w ill lie given *3 articiesof I inifntic proifuctlon and manufacture, ceu litions of pro-? an>l quality b?:ne e4u?l. anJ such pr. r< r< n< e will : he given to articles 01 Annricao prodac'in. and ? manufacture prod>1 red on the PaciOi- coast to :he extent of the consuuiptioa rejuirel by :he ptibli. tervice there Ptoposals shonlil bema?ked"Pr posal?for Fuel, and addressed to th. undersi?r> J. Full information on application at this -.fflce. A. F BOCKttELL. myl (>t Depot Quartermv'er. I'll (IFUIALN I OK lOKAt.K A >D UTRAW. Dstot Ocarti!rma?te?'- Orrictt. Wahhisgtos, D. O , May 1st. 187* ^EALED I'BOPCiBALS, 111 triplicate, subject to ? the usual condition", will be received at this ofhee until 12 o'clock, neon. June 1, K76. at which time aLd pla. e they will he opened iu the presence of bidders, for delivery durit tr the fl?c*l year com mt-ncing J nly 1, i?C6, and . ndmg June 30,1H77, of all the Oorn. Oats Ha? and Bye Straw required at the Tarlcus corrals and officers'quarters in this ci'y atd Ge. rgetown. D. O., Soldiers' Heme, D O., vn l Kort Whipple, '\ a. The right is reserved by the Gov -i nment to re ject any and all bids, and these proposals are in vited under p?ovi*o that appropriation shall l.e made lor the su,wlies by Congress: but, if other wise, the Go\ eminent will not accept an> bid or enter into contract A preference will b? given to articles of domestic prcdnction and manuta-ture, condition* ot pi Ice and quatity beingequiil, ard snch preference will be given to articles of American production and manufacture produced on tbe Pacific coast to the extent of the consumption ret ired by tbe public service theie. Print'-d circulars, stating the kind and estimated quantities required at e*ch post or place, and giving full instru. tions as t.. tbe manner ot bidding, conditions to be observed by bidders, an1 term* of c.ntra. t and paymsnt. will be furnished on applica tion to this effi. e Proposals should be marked,'? Proposals fnr For age ai d Btrawat Washmgton.D.O ."and addressed to the undersigned, A. F. KOCh WELL, _niy 1 8t Depot uartermaster PROPOS ALS I OR WATER TRANSPOR TATION. Depot Qi ahtpima iir - Off:ce, tt ashiSi t<ix, D.O.. May 1st, 187?. SEALED PHOPOBALS, in triplicate, will be re ceived at this office until 1] o'clock, noon, June 1, ls74, at which time and place they will be opened In the presence of bidders, for the performance of the d uly trant portation -ervices by w ater betwee: this city and rortt. Foote and Washington. M.I which s.t) be required by this D*partiuent during the fiscal y ar ending Jnne3o. 1ST7. Bidders will state the price per man and the price per pound: also tbe rate per die in at wbi. b they will carry the pa*serg*rs and stores. Bach bid must he accompanied by * guaiacty of two responsible per sons that the contract to be entered into will be duly executed. The right is reserved by the Go^ ernment to re.eet any and all bid*, and these proposal* are invited tinder proviso that appropriate n shall be male f,.r the sn \ ices by Congress, but if otherwise, the Gov ernment will not accept any bij or enter into con tract. Proposals ?hop'<i be marked," Proposals for Wat?r Transportation, and addressed toth" timlorsigLej. Any further information desired will ha fui ni?h*d cn application to this office. A. F. BO< Ktt ELL, myl Ft Depot Quartermaeter. pr jTrc hum. ENGL1HH, SWISS AND AMERICAN fTatclies, BY ALL TUB M08T CELEBRATED M aKEBB A Large AMortmeot %i Very Low PrloM. 1. W. SALT, BBO. * CO., Janli-tr JEWLBBB. W1 ABB BBCBIVIBO DAILY FBOM OUB Factory, In Baltimore, fresh auspllsa of those ELEGANT 75 CENT CBF1NIBBED. and #1 FINISHED SHIBTB.nade of the Best Warnsntta Muslin and Twenty-one Bundrsd Linen, at th? BBANCH BALTIMOBB BRUIT FAUTOBT, Bo, IBIS I ?tmt, WMhlnftot. i. W. PA1I, j 17<IHB8T DBBBB BHIBTB MADB TO OBDBB 1 r of the very best material and In the moat elegant I psaasr fer II B, at tbe BBANCH BALTIMOBB BH1BT FACTOB1,101 j *? P. U-tr J. W. DABB. Manager. FJ.HB1P.EBGBB, ? (bncoe-sor to H F. Louden B Co.?) CITIZENS, ABMT AND f ATT^r ^ Metropolitan Hotel, date Brown's.) Jyl ly No.3b'i Penn'a avs . Waahlngton A. IKYRNEILLK, (La't Do'ta f Uarntill*,) Ictl EttBte bb4 Stick Broker, ' orner Ttb ntrset and Louisiana arena*. MONBT LOANED IS Bl MB TO BllT. HOCBBB AND LOTB FOB BALE. msrSl- lm NOTICE?Parties who desire to dispose of all KlliitS Oh WBIK1MG APPAHBL can sell I them for a hlgaer cash pr to* than any plao* tn the i city, by o*lliug or addressing HBBZOQ. ?1T D street, between Kk and Uth northwest. Prompt sf 1 Mnttog will b* fit*#. ayll u PIANOS, Ac. g * KE T IN PUM"' '? W UICll bA> t BEAN I PlU fnT^ On* 7 Oct* P M lulU Piano -.. _.?!*? 7 OCtV b sllet 1 l'*X !? . 7 oct? O it?n ?? . li."1 " 7 ?rtv . uprtaht i ? !?' " I Oct* Smith HiM " 4 s Oft* Mason ? Ham. a * U'i?n Several Piano* Aid orgat.*'. m IWU' 9"*'- ?? n *"y mj a.outhl? leatallme ita at the warero m* of W U ? BT *B< TT * fO . Sole Ag?U? i ( S'-irn*. ? PhtiiK MX X H? nlio'? Cabinet rJ,hlC Hl'MBlBG B1KD OOLIBIil PlAKO Tb? ?malle?1 and tt>e rt*ear??T fir?t e!??* s*r?ni-oe U?* PI ANO f??r n.W ' W L Willi X _ 4^^ PKO .Silt Agent*. 7 Ulftl; street, betw*ea|ka^B| 6 U4l H itmw o< nhw?i 'T11 n Pi?ti ? and all laatrnmenta TIMP ?n<1 KE P A! KIT let hi tr HALLET I'A VI!* A OO * GKANP. SqCAKI and rPHIOUT PIA?CB for s?U . m< ntblr tu-taln.wnt* telet rated for pi HRi rlty tad ?? of tern* 8?? Aimt, * 11 "Hi' P?h atreet D.nli??t V-?4 It n klAHK ? CO.1 77 WOKLP BINOWBID PIANO", Grand, 4*/uarr Orami & > n,mt I Till BIOT MAPK The favorite Mo?'?mr n P ?ii ? *. Shonerger* eel etrnt'd Organ*, w* ?tv1e A!- .a larg aeaortment of Piano* wh eh have I em il c*e asb.rt time,for *a'e an?l rent at ver? low pilcee Tunlci an t ll> patriae promptly tended to, at KCHHRiKOH 1 r l A X n W A h b h O O M s, oetLI-ly 4W.I 11th *t .a few d.>or* ab->*? P* at. STEAMER LINKS. ( i viti? * p. \\ nr<???i.i%? ?? n I'M I.A I'E I I'H I \ U H I V'. T"N \ .M'B ? ToH S.-St'?Dfi' leave Philadelphia l'A\ aid vATl HO A 7 at U n ., /tlTT"" H l.eave i.eorg* town. 0 0.. MONDA I t*t ,.?v3^ aud rtlPAY Jt ?> p in KrrUM i?h iiiTTTTT rr t'l 6 | |r Through I'tlU of la.len cO ?>li f r B ?* t( n arid I r- > ld? i c- < Ytiatfcn.'ea wi?hiut: tbelr g. t? tai ,'.?d at 1 ?*''tp*to* i- - v> ill order then: niar??1" v 1a . rftovi. (. f BTPliM V at*r ?t . <. a i ?? trwn.D f VM I'.CLVOK A Ct? . S V bant. Phf1a.l?l|lil?. mar 1 Ir VKH UK I* AK T I Kt -'M.YPM Vt A911 IKOTliN. PUILaPBLPHIA. HOST' * AND PBi'VIl-KN' E MCMI MkfcnLt M K \ xl S H IP LINK -On ard afier >? IHNIM?A * . A pnl lyth.the 8t?am*r? of tlif lior, * lib Jlrwt o. ni.ertl. n a t'h !!???? t< r. at.<l proxi.trm-c will aail t> m Phtlad^lrhla t r W a>tiii.?ti n. P O, every WKPNKSPAY and SATTBOAV. Ketnrnln':.leave Wa?' iiut,>u M 'N PATt'aiid K BI '? A ?8, Inm ? ha?<n ? ?. aaM. I t i 11lth ?tr<-< t a<nthwe?t loroi.*h Bal? La line i? ati'd to aD.l tro?D tli?'al. '. e p?rta Krt-ubtr* ? t*? ?>*1 aod dfltx. r.-d dallr fu m 7 ? B M ( p Dl Order* for deJJ*?ry ot frt-if t.t. Ac.. re<e|\el at ard 111W 9tb ettaet noritiweat. W P. OLTPCftCO , Ko. 1'JS >A liartta. Cbllaieiprilt J H JOHNA c<?. ? plf Itn A?'-nt? t..r W ?.tiin?t >u '?'HE MCAJIEU U \ BH1NGKU W ILL LK A \ E I tl e F i?h W liar* foot Ittb ati ? ? t *_j^C?aa EVtht MOBMNO. at 7a m .f.'MSifeC Pfoinac V lihrriea aiid I at* r- > .1 ate La?di Er.istit aud pasetu^er* taken at I w??t rate* aplO-.r M E GBEQtj. Captain. I/OK NURVOU r 8TEAMEB LAP* UF THE LAKE Lrarea the Con.pan> a wharf. of 6tb ?tree*, xery MO0PAV arid THUUDAT, it 3 p m Fare. #4 rouud trip. 86 'Ticketa food nntll caed. rOB POTOMAC B1VEB LANDINGS. t"'eanx r J NO. W. TUOMPB<'N !?<?> ?? Cote parr1* wbarf,f?otof 6tb?tre?t, eTerf Tl E^ 7a. m i for Cnrrlcmau and int? rmedlate laLuioe*. and ?very KbIDA Y at 7 a. m , fcr Cvan liixer.atofptnt at int< rniodiat- labdinea For isformatlati apply at the offlc* of the Com pany. nn >r the Metropolitan Hank. 15th atre?t, ? Pf o?lte the Trcaenry, or to th? Ayeut. at ihe wbarf.*7 ly " nSOFLES LIMB" *? FOB NOMIXI. MATTOX CKKF.K. W f'?U MA CHOUUC AXU lNTHKl&hUlA 1 ? LAXU1MUS. Tbe iidewbe*l bteani- r ??I HOBB1S," Captain T. E Baliwii. H II eomm' Dce rnnnitf to tbe ab- >e land, i gr on M'bday. Mauh 6tb. leaxlng fr tn wharf toot of *th street every Muk DAY andTHI BM?AY at 8 a m. B.'nrntii vtil leave fiouiai every TUESDAY and I KID AY at 7 a. m. N R riTZHL'QH. A?enr. c I P A K II LINK X')T1CB WHfc tha *t?*? of dtnilnishln* ecan >as of U?1on, tfca Btcaane.a of tali Lin* tak; a ot c.'?o* oourse fcr ail aeaaon* of tb* yenr. On theenrward paarajc fro? yneecirtcwD Sew York or Uoaton. cr<??lng WcrUiian ct (U at ti la: , or not in l* t< the north of IS. On tbe homeward paaahire. erc?sfai the Uerldlat of fc) at U lat.- or nothtct to tbe north of 41. THE BRITISH AND NORTH AMKMUS ROYAL. MAIL 8TEAM8HIPH, BKTWKEX fiiMW YCUK AXD LJ *'tli FOOL, CALLING A1 IVKh' HAKEOH. r?o* N fxv Ycsi. i '"it,* 6i?w Yob*. Bcthnla.... Wed., April 19 F! t tale . M?v U Ab)?eiLta_ Wed., April 3? At>'A ed . M? 31 'Kns-ia. . .-Wed , Say S I ? ,a?..WeJ.. J .aj 7 !*jttia... .Wej., May 111 f ^!a . . W*4,.l.u?l? Scotia. . .. V ?d.. May T * a ... Wed., .1 ir-.1 Ar.d every following Wk.' I'A* and &4TLK DAY fr m Krw York. Steamer* markM * do nol. arr> rteerai* ?a*s:a gert. BaTH of Pami*i ?Cabin. KSC.KiaB arl #1* fold, aco rdia? to a<-.-/irn.^lBtloa Tick eta to Part* ?U, (old. adiUloua;, ttctarn ttckeU on Uvorabi* term*. Bteeraf ? tlckcti to and froa all part* of Korop* at very low rate*. Through bllla of lading given for B?lfa*t, Oiaagow, Havre, Antwerp aod other port* on tbe Continent, and for Mediterranean port*. Tor Preig^t and paoaage apply at tbe Company "l offlo*, No. 4 B'.wlln* Oroen. or both Vnerage and cabin, to EMALLWOOP A HOBBIBON No *1* 7tb* lanJO ly 0HA8. Q. f BAHCKLY9, Ag*nt s g?:j%*tle.*ie.v>s oitfitb. Every Department Well Supplied. UAKHERTS TO ME.tBI RE A large aaaortmi-nt, probably tbe largest In Wa^biogton, of food* to eeler' froui Klue Plaid StiltiDga. Plain atil Phm y W riited Coat iugs and Bcttinga: Bin* and Black flannel*, Blue. Black Plaid and Mixed Cheviot 8mt iiifa. Bine, Black, Browu. Olive. Dahlia and Mixed Cloth* and Coating*. Hand- ?f Panta loon Pattern*: White and rani y Ve?'in?*. Gentlemen of <<uitt taste* are particularly Id 1 vlted to mapect. Bnitaniade to im-a?tire from 91A >:pw?M. Order* promptly filled and -k the bes manner BEADY MADE UABKEXTN Good 8nlt* reliable good*, deelraide and rew ttylea, for $10 Black W rated Coata, with \ eats to match, from 817 SO to S>6 Handsome Pantaloon* from ?J tipaard. Sprinc 0>ei c< "xt*. in choice a?aortment, from $12 to S'JV Blue ard Black Flanuel Suite Bine Chei lot Huita. Drap d'Kte Coats, Ve?t? and Patta loon*. i ! LISCiKRIE. Perfftly flttine Shirt*, White atd Col. red 811k and Linen Handkerchief*. Collars,Cuff*. Scar 1s and Tie*. Game. Goaaamer, Merino Silk. flannel, .lean. Linen. Thread and other Underwear of approved makes and .|Ualitie?. Kid and other Glove*. Free h and Bngli-b Cntpenders and Bra. ea from V> cent* to V4. Plain ar.d fancy Half H< n from 2S cents to .< 1 U per pair. Gymaast Shirt*. Tight* and Trunk*. Boatine and Yachting Shirt* Many article* sot pcaaible to escmerate. ONE I'RICE ONLY, IN SVXIiY DEPARTMENT. GEORGE O. MENNINQ, 410 SEVENTH HTBEET, ap22 tr SIGN OP THE SOLPEN PLKKCK. LUMLEK: LUMBER! GREAT REDUCTIOX IN fMILMO. ML8T BKLL ABlF WILL BILL. 71BG IN IA BOA BOB, good, K1 ? per ?. JOIBT and BOAATLLaG. ai lUngth* and *1*??. ! tipper H. . > W.P. SIDUIG, f JO per M. formerly ?3?. LATH, Per ? ? formerly ?3. GOOD VIBG1N1A f LOOKING, per ?. OBDAB POSTB, DO and SO cent*. AH other kind* of LtMBEB, Dr**aed or Koifl, at lew than market pilce*. A amall lot of OAB, ASH and WALMOT tfcat 1 will Mil at om half t*? ! AM HSil CALL WILL b EC CRM BAM 9A1XS. CEO ROB H. lOHRHOI, tetH* Corner l?tb and B ?tmn north w?t pURTNEK'S VIENNA BEER, FOR FAMILY I SB 151 THE C1TT. Th* general demand for BOTTLBD BBEB ha* IndoeM me to bnlld a Lager Beer Bottling B*tab liahment. on Virginia avenue, near 7tk Ftraet, tak ing advantage or all th* latest ?mprovemevt* The Beer I* "specially brewed for that pnrpoea. aid bottled with the greaieet care, for family nae and (hipping. All order* sent to the office here or to Alexandria wiu be promptly attended to. The Beer will be de livered to any part of tbe city. KOBBRT P?RT*ER. Office and Depot t>24 645 Virginia av*. PBICE LIST In Bozea. containing 1 Koran unart*. tin, allow ing 74 cent* f ?r Bottlea. a^d Box retnrwetf In Koxee, containing t do/en Pint*. K1 (0 per docea, allowing flu cent* per dor*a for Bottles and Bag ret n road. Per Shipping, In Box** coii'alnlng I docen Qoarta, or 3 doien Pint*, at *ame price p*r dozaa. allow ing the aamt for Bottle* and Box a* retarned free i t cfcarg?. ap3 1m ROBERT PORT.1ER. ladiks u< h ?ns. MIH K * K. .** ?M> ?TKl?T ST <'UH'P Bt ILPIB4.J r.,tr rrrfiiti>| tli (kr lau.r y u! m ta (TIP *KP?TK** M<?N*MT# BiTI, UCII p LOWKK!>. Bo . Ac. l?m?rf And ?tetany ar* a?i?d to Ml' ae.t e*ai?.i.?e l? mk* i. r. r%? Mtn 11m ? rerFerrhe a?? nanl H f* Riff 14)111 ITU ki d HAT*. Ti mn*-4 and Cntrim?>*d. la Ck> rwir> an.l F traw B-.ket Ntlk ?rd K IN* Btae rKkNt U rLUWlbf. Lk< EJ* a:.d MOTEL TIES k< Or4m MMM. J. r PiLlllB, ? t"l B? 11 it F M?wr 11' h ?r4 Itk \1 W I LLIA > in THI ? 11 EUBBT r?'H i'I. th?. ?u? ?-.-d-i b r ooeseTc aud OOa tAHth o ATtitriUK-rn Aioror KB4L PaM1iM\N HMkriMD* kit a 4<4 length? WiU U ck>w4 out at SI pel flit d?*r* Mk) Ua ? * ILLIIX ? Ml *T HitiJ c?.l I I ktVitlM 4 lit* iiHw ko t !tr(?i? ? rtii.cul ? f FklMCII ad A M tKIt \ SI rAT I ILH BOM N ETM tMKIMMin HAT*. Id ?t*?? variety X Hutu* KID G lUI ES. at $ ? S. 3 M M at B. N ?MHK"IP?liirH <? P'.rf.i M ?Ll M ? n alWr<all> Riiltrid Pii.ea ap' k | kfKKk.U " " A tare* and arlert aa>- rtni?r.t <?* LA? E < * PH. HaTH AMI' HUMBET*. Si r Ir-fatita ard l'WMr?n, VI lb** laleet ?tj l<-? and m wt attractive dealer* k ue orl?rtl<>a ?f H\*HI KO I Ml iBOIttSMk AMU TBIWMlNOf AMk ANTb L Ai E ('A P*? n a.'.e to oetjar. at ? US M l.?( HI I'l'l KPN. irar% tr *? I 4 rh ?tr??i. n r?,fi l ('Wrf \iKHILIAM trt? LADIES' Ml OKS, MAI E TO ORDER AT 110 ?:! 6 tii,Orr?'>M fdMU ? Alao.on hand, a flu* Mock of LAD 1KB BUOTL at lh? lolk>vli'( frli>? Frro. h kid Butu-ntd ._ ft ?? ?' ?k A? r im. b r. l t la ?? ... . A *?? Tbe*e fl <H" ar? all mad* at ui) ^iaMiiba'1,1 a: d are inaiaul^ to b? aiul tv ui| * utk aai.g factnred to tba 1'uiU-d htatea MlMr J Alt- H. TFRKILTA. CHEAT IAI HIKKK Or HI MAR IIAlk a ? mitin* H A 1 K H R AI Pf? at 0 IS. former ?rtc ?ST 40 HAIR U R A I I'M at ?)?.?. ra,or pi Ira 01k AO HAIR Hka I LP at 04. fortn<-r pri,-* |> X* HAIR braids at il H foraar price 04 Alamos acm'ki mint or chkaf hah Bl Bo Et'OIX'i^ and IHhlKTlOMB. Aril.1 LIM or LAD1EB indbbgae MEKTk ALAK'.K stoce wr ?i m i mreillas at PARAMlLf. aelltna re?araleaa of vuat. IADIEB I'U'AKS AM) BC1TB. at a rMl r? t d action Reel eed imitatiob laces, ?er? low I \H HARD AND RK< EIVINQ DA1LT, ? larf " ' a? rtn.eit of MILLIMBRT WOODS. Th. lataat atrlaa uf HATH. KIHBOHa. EL4'WEE J. ate AL?(l, J18T HEI'EIVED. ?S0 dorwi t t<?ttor K ID OLOVEt*. all abad?a. and tb<- r*?t to ta? 111 ark at, fvr 01 \?'E invite THE LEU1AB TO CALL ABI FT tiuiinru?r at" k narTt lr H HEi.LEE TIB B? k? *f?f? WrEllALTIEE _ SPEC I ALT I BE IV i OLABS'. BIBTH A '? f r-8T CL01V. OCIiSETS. fRlET>. M'8TLE?, rhFN? H i AIMIIRI P' MI adocr8 PAI??, J?ll LDBR BRA' K" dOflEhV. LADIK COTTON AMI* MELIB< rnilERW ? B BID QLOVAF Ptock< f Fauc) G- ?ltla. Mo*?-ltt?* r?w-?M*ad >?IIF. A ?? i i ) f r 1> ?i' ?* M ' M MM tT BOOKS A? ) STAT1'g/CRY. JE'EW BOO h B . ^Ix a-ilai ? L I* a.' Lotttra, If Tr?v-l|.w . m Hi S .? ..S*"' Tiit-Ai* of Ei'/atx ' ?? ? rrka. Eyoch lariii. I J K> i&" Ltatiuc. l> f /onb^rn-r. Inter SJ. t*r ea ?... I M Kall?a\ Apy;iai.<t ? , ''- ... ... IB Tli' IMlMnn.a A Pap?r .... '> In a W iitbrOI'r.F mtBa ? . ... 1 ''? Pbvalca' atid|IC*lu' i . K n??lr<1c*. bin ? 1 & W th lla/tT t> t! ? itbor ot " W lilf W da Votlo I * Juat f>utilat>"0 a ?? i a?l? bf MUHI'H BHOLi m;l-tr B <'UI>r ,i,4 ?tatl.w%. HUB I'a a? THE REWEfT ULIOATIOB0.?1 IIlack 1 General Atla- ' ? ti? World, enibractnc tot<-t d ifCtivvrU " ? t >? .rl?a and otberi !i?nc?>-BA' I'atcr It a liiat th<* (Jnltol fftataa Owiti I fata* edition, vol' E2 SS S Orchard Onltcra. ; l.j F S. Rand. B ' ' > 4 Oa r maritaliod, br F ! S< l.nt/-nlx-rs'-r. B. ? # Charcoal Drawlna, by Alli'LCf (froai 'he I -nebl, fl. i Ptiyntoal aotf R?!iki. u? Kn.alod. l? KutiT. |l V). 7 M* rlM ot PaitJillar lu .(.by Pr W. B E*ed,Bl B^ - Ithmael or. 11< t .? (fop'ba. by Mra B< .'bwarfti. ? 1.75 9 LealleTr II. by Georffiana M Oraii . 90c. 10 P<>?try for if ni? %nd School by Abb* Hai < t-r and Ida Eliot j2B. II Etta?od a Madera An.f *. an H m ?tt . . |J V 12 Shan wed Per I la. by M E Atery. 6.25 U Ancient Renaa* Tain'. B-?*?'. >4. i -oca Marry at ? L< eky D>? ai polntment. J.'< tiOMOBS E ohapmab. Aft-Lt" Laa je'? ' Pnra Linen ' Paper*. apMjr 911 Pannaylvaila a**c i? 1VUB AHGIBM? EBttlME IHlaia*. EiKtlab Lite ?< re, S Tola. By Tain*. Toward-tb* l.%i(btB*V. B> Hnrr Prar* * "-id ra i ?o.arkable Annen By |)r Patti*. llln?trat*d C ? ?.ntAry on the Acta af tba A|_>?Tlee. H? l.ytnan Al'bott Tbe Matinai * i . ugreaa By Dnteti Mac ?repor. L.ttl* #r?aud ?. ,BI rOB > A l.E I V M ^ALL^ .\T.K, apl~ tr 4W*rt?i MEN'S V. j<All. SrRi'iG GOODS. :{EW STFLE& FINE <X)0DS. T.? y>EEB TO MBAkl EE A i i? SUITS 'TO ORDER, ?/.( a B3d CP. HEAD ''MADE SUITS m? l Bid cp. )'.E . Vf MADE 8PSINU OVEItCOATS BIO CP. X2?\ J,IN Sm CO.; u <B r i pABTIIb *?E>UT TO BUILD OEM BATE aostBT B* OOBTEACTLBC W1TM CB, Ea va kaap la a*?<tr lUMrt ?t(t. ? HQ MM AHl. VRXAMMHTAL PLUMB IIW, 8EWtf .AG t, QAB-F1F1XQ, to. TIM EOOTL <J. Til HOT EIB PIPEB to M btxllt i& waIIs. BLATB and 1 *U'uB MEMTELB. la as ?(? : ~aqoalad JMBOMM. Pf mmEOMB aad riBBPLAU BTOVBB?rfTl! f ? larfar oatBt than aay otbi bo??? to tba eli y /A a?bltog oa to ?ak* farorw 'fH MAT AID ft HI TtHIMOt SIT I 'v Mid. naif iy T)ABTl EEC C f tBTL raob POB ( OWB ??'* I liOBbBB A/.*? ?<> B LTOMB. B? Wam ?tre^t. Oti.ii f . I a)Bitot required In ** taaM. mBBi

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